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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63731

Chapter 63731 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

R.J. Barthelmie; F. Murray; S.C. Pryor, 2008:
The economic benefit of short-term forecasting for wind energy in the UK electricity market

Perez, R, 2008:
The economics of taxes with equivalent effects to tariffs

Robert, S. Erikson; Christopher Wlezien, 2008:
The economy and the presidential vote: What leading indicators reveal well in advance

Djoni Hartono; Budy, P. Resosudarmo, 2008:
The economy-wide impact of controlling energy consumption in Indonesia: An analysis using a Social Accounting Matrix framework

Catherine Matheson, 2008:
The educational value and effectiveness of lectures

Xiong Yin; Weiwei Tan; Jingbo Zhang; Yuxiang Weng; Xurui Xiao; Xiaowen Zhou; Xueping Li; Yuan Lin, 2008:
The effect mechanism of 4-ethoxy-2-methylpyridine as an electrolyte additive on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cell

M. Kazeminezhad; A. Karimi Taheri, 2008:
The effect of 3D and 2D deformations on flattened wires

M. Gökçen; A. Tataroğlu; Ş. Altındal; M.M. Bülbül, 2008:
The effect of 60Co (-ray) irradiation on the electrical characteristics of Au/SnO2/n-Si (MIS) structures

Huaming Xue; Jiong Mei; Yihui Tu; Xuansong Cai; Guang Qian; Mu Hu, 2008:
The effect of AD-VEGF-siRNA on the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in osteosarcoma-bearing nude mice

B. Ersoy; T. Kavas; A. Evcin; S. Başpınar; A. Sarıışık; G. Önce, 2008:
The effect of BaCO3 addition on the sintering behavior of lignite coal fly ash

Xiao Jin; Huang Zhen; Qiao Xinqi; Hou Yuchun, 2008:
The effect of CO2 dissolved in a diesel fuel on the jet flame characteristics

Jin-Hwan Cho; Heeyoun Hwang; Man-Ho Cho; Yong-Kook Kwon; Jong-Seong Jeon; Seong Hee Bhoo; Tae-Ryong Hahn, 2008:
The effect of DTT in protein preparations for proteomic analysis: Removal of a highly abundant plant enzyme, ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase

Etienne Médard; Timothy, L. Grove, 2008:
The effect of H2O on the olivine liquidus of basaltic melts: experiments and thermodynamic models

Illingworth, C. J. R.; Parkes, K. E.; Snell, C. R.; Marti, S.; Moliner, V.; Reynolds, C. A., 2008:
The effect of MM polarization on the QM/MM transition state stabilization: application to chorismate mutase

Luis, H. Blanco; Alexandra Torres, 2008:
The effect of Me4NBr, Et4NBr, Bu4NBr, and

Tao Jiang; Sai Zhang; Xingliang Jiang; Chaofeng Yang; Bo Niu; Yingnan Ning, 2008:
The effect of N-aryl bisphosphineamine ligands on the selective ethylene tetramerization

Feyza Gökaliler; Bayram, A. Göçmen; A. Erhan Aksoylu, 2008:
The effect of Ni:Pt ratio on oxidative steam reforming performance of PtNi/Al2O3 catalyst

Köksal, Gülser; Kantar, B; Ali Ula, T; Caner Testik, M, 2008:
The effect of Phase I sample size on the run length performance of control charts for autocorrelated data

J.A. Haynes; B.A. Pint; Y. Zhang; I.G. Wright, 2008:
The effect of Pt content on NiPtAl coatings

Lori, A. Pretzer; Philip, J. Carlson; Joel, E. Boyd, 2008:
The effect of Pt oxidation state and concentration on the photocatalytic removal of aqueous ammonia with Pt-modified titania

M. K. Kim; J. Namkung; Y. S. Ahn, 2008:
The effect of Si and microstructure evolution on the thermal expansion properties of Fe42NiSi alloy strips

L. Shirazi; E. Jamshidi; M. R. Ghasemi, 2008:
The effect of Si/Al ratio of ZSM-5 zeolite on its morphology, acidity and crystal size

Shusheng Zhang; Kejiang Han; Lin Cheng, 2008:
The effect of SiC particles added in electroless NiP plating solution on the properties of composite coatings

S. Barzilai; N. Argaman; N. Froumin; D. Fuks; N. Frage, 2008:
The effect of Ti on the wetting of CaF2substrate by

Wojciech Baran; Andrzej Makowski; Władysław Wardas, 2008:
The effect of UV radiation absorption of cationic and anionic dye solutions on their photocatalytic degradation in the presence TiO2

N. Sawangwan; J. Barrel; K. MacKenzie; T. Tunkasiri, 2008:
The effect of Zr content on electrical properties of Ba(Ti1-xZrx)O3ceramics

Deborah, A. Connolly; Nathalie, C. Gagnon; Jennifer, A. Lavoie, 2008 :
The effect of a judicial declaration of competence on the perceived credibility of children and defendants

Klatsky, P.C.; Bhagavath, B.; Wheeler, C.A.; Hackett, R.; Carson, S.A.; Robins, J.C., 2008:
The effect of a long GnRH agonist versus GnRH antagonist protocol in donor IVF cycle outcomes

Shulman, L.P., 2008:
The effect of a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor on inflammation-mediated preterm delivery

Forslind, K. Helen, 2008:
The effect of a premium in the Swedish car scrapping scheme: an econometric study

V. V. Troshin; L. A. Sheludyakova; I. V. Mironov, 2008:
The effect of additives of strong inorganic acids on IR-spectroscopic determination of water in organic solutions

Ömer Gül; Osman, M. Atanur; Levent Artok; Oktay Erbatur, 2008:
The effect of additives on hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene over bulk molybdenum sulfide: Increased catalytic activity in the presence of phenol

Sang, D. Choi; Tycho, K. Fredericks, 2008:
The effect of adjustment period on maximum acceptable frequency for a roofing task

Xiaopeng Liu; Yinong Wang; Dazhi Yang; Min Qi, 2008:
The effect of ageing treatment on shape-setting and superelasticity of a nitinol stent

Fang Wang; Bo Fang; Zhiqing Zhang; Saiyu Zhang; Yandong Chen, 2008:
The effect of alkanol chain on the interfacial composition and thermodynamic properties of diesel oil microemulsion

I.A. Barghouthi; N.M. Doudin; A.A. Saleh; V. Pierrard, 2008:
The effect of altitude- and velocity-dependent waveparticle interactions on the H+ and O+ outflows in the auroral region

P. Álvarez; R. Menéndez; M. Granda, 2008:
The effect of alumina surface activity on the properties of lignocellulose/pitch-Al2O3 composites

Jia-Hong Kuo; Ming-Yen Wey; Chiou-Liang Lin; Han-Min Chiu, 2008:
The effect of aluminum inhibition on the defluidization behavior and generation of pollutants in fluidized bed incineration

E. Kothmann; A. J. Turley; S. Owen; A. Baterham; K. Rome; G. Danjoux, 2008:
The effect of an exercise prescription on fitness of patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms

D. Demir; Y. Şahin, 2008:
The effect of an external magnetic field on the L subshell X-ray fluorescence cross sections and L subshell fluorescence yields in elements 73  Z  92 by 59.54 keV photons

Pierrynowski, M.R., 2008:
The effect of an inclined landing surface on biomechanical variables during a jumping task

Andrew, D. Vassil; Erin, S. Murphy; Chandana, A. Reddy; Andrew Altman; Nabil Chehade; James Ulchaker; Kenneth, W. Angermeier; Eric, A. Klein; Jay, P. Ciezki, 2008:
The effect of androgen deprivation in patients with intermediate-risk prostate cancer

M. Eddahbi; P. Pérez, 2008:
The effect of annealing on the deformation behaviour and microstructure of crystallized Mg23.5Ni (wt.%) alloy

Won Seok Choi; Byungyou Hong, 2008:
The effect of annealing on the properties of diamond-like carbon protective antireflection coatings

L. P. Dai; H. Deng; J. D. Zang; F. Y. Mao; J. J. Chen; M. Wei, 2008:
The effect of annealing temperature on the properties of ZnO films with preferential nonpolar plane orientation by SSCVD

Karci, A.; Kara, H.; Gumustekin, M.; Ormen, M.; Tasdogen, A., 2008:
The effect of antinociceptive dose of tramadol on blood glucose levels in rats

Dempsey, D.T., 2008:
The effect of antireflux surgery on esophageal carcinogenesis in patients with Barrett esophagus: a systematic review

Amit Chopra; Chris Christodoulou, 2008:
The effect of aortic infrarenal clamping and unclamping on intraocular pressure during elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Guangan Zhang; Pengxun Yan; Peng Wang; Youming Chen; Junying Zhang; Liping Wang; Junyan Zhang, 2008:
The effect of applied substrate negative bias voltage on the structure and properties of Al-containing a-C:H thin films

Ron Friedman; Andrew, J. Elliot, 2008:
The effect of arm crossing on persistence and performance

Roberto Galiasso Tailleur; Juan Ravigli Nascar, 2008:
The effect of aromatics on paraffin mild hydrocracking reactions (WNiPd/CeYAl2O3)

Kevin Wise; Kimberlee Pepple, 2008:
The effect of available choice on the cognitive processing of pictures

H. Yamagata; W. Kasprzak; M. Aniolek; H. Kurita; J.H. Sokolowski, 2008:
The effect of average cooling rates on the microstructure of the Al20% Si high pressure die casting alloy used for monolithic cylinder blocks

Aleiferis, P G; Charalambides, A G; Hardalupas, Y; Taylor, A M K P; Urata, Y, 2008:
The effect of axial charge stratification and exhaust gases on combustion development in a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine

V. V. Adushkin; D. N. Loktev; A. A. Spivak, 2008:
The effect of baric disturbances in the atmosphere on microseismic processes in the crust

Burton, C. M.; Iversen, M.; Carlsen, J.; Andersen, C.; Mortensen, J., 2008:
The effect of baseline lung function on the determination of time to bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome

T. M. Vasil’eva; D. G. Chukhchin, 2008:
The effect of beam-plasma modification of fibrin monomer on its biological properties

Xianfeng Fan; David, J. Parker; Zhufang Yang; Jonathan, P.K. Seville; Jan Baeyens, 2008:
The effect of bed materials on the solid/bubble motion in a fluidised bed

King, E. B., 2008:
The effect of bias on the advancement of working mothers: Disentangling legitimate concerns from inaccurate stereotypes as predictors of advancement in academe

E. De Azambuja; W. McCaskill-Stevens; E. Quinaux; M. Buyse; J. Crown; P. Francis; R. Gelber; M. Piccart-Gebhart, 2008:
The effect of body mass index (BMI) on disease-free and overall survival in node-positive breast cancer treated with docetaxel and doxorubicin-containing adjuvant chemotherapy: the experience of the BIG 02-98 trial

Turker Dundar; Nusret As; Suleyman Korkut; Oner Unsal, 2008:
The effect of boiling time on the surface roughness of rotary-cut veneers from oriental beech (Fagus orientalis L.)

X.J. Chen; L.G.Yu; K.A. Khor; G. Sundararajan, 2008:
The effect of boron-pack refreshment on the boriding of mild steel by the spark plasma sintering (SPS) process

Outi Karppanen; Martti Venäläinen; Anni, M. Harju; Tapio Laakso, 2008:
The effect of brown-rot decay on water adsorption and chemical composition of Scots pine heartwood

Nan-Qi Ren; Bing-Feng Liu; Jie Ding; Wan-Qian Guo; Guang-Li Cao; Guo-Jun Xie, 2008:
The effect of butyrate concentration on photo-hydrogen production from acetate by Rhodopseudomonas faecalis RLD-53

Melike Sınırkaya; Hatice Bayrakçeken; A. Kadir Özer; M. Sahin Gülaboglu, 2008:
The effect of carbon dioxide during the desulfurization of flue gas with MardinMazdag phosphate rock

P. Jasen; E. González; G. González; L. Moro; A. Juan, 2008:
The effect of carbon on the electronic structure of FeNi alloys with a stacking fault

K. L. Allen; R. G. Norman; R. V. Katz, 2008:
The effect of chewing gum on learning as measured by test performance

N. Kh. Ibraev; V. I. Alekseeva; L. E. Marinina; L. P. Savvina, 2008:
The effect of chromophore-chromophore interaction on the spectral luminescent properties of oxazine dye dimers

Dorman, J Paul, 2008:
The effect of clustering on statistical tests: an illustration using classroom environment data

Stuart, A. Tross; Todd, J. Maurer, 2008:
The effect of coaching interviewees on subsequent interview performance in structured experience-based interviews

M. Milad; N. Zreiba; F. Elhalouani; C. Baradai, 2008:
The effect of cold work on structure and properties of AISI 304 stainless steel

Mathru, M., 2008:
The effect of combining intermittent hemodiafiltration with forced alkaline diuresis on plasma myoglobin in rhabdomyolysis

Arman Sedghi; Reza Eslami Farsani; Ali Shokuhfar, 2008:
The effect of commercial polyacrylonitrile fibers characterizations on the produced carbon fibers properties

Simon Peter Shepherd, 2008:
The effect of complex models of externalities on estimated optimal tolls

Avishalom Sharon; Irina Hirsh; Yuval Kaufman; Ludmila Ostrovski; Orly Brandes-Klein; Doron Spiegel; Alexander Shenderey; Arie Lissak, 2008:
The effect of continuous intraabdominal nebulization of lidocaine during gynecological laparoscopic procedures- a pilot study

E. Orbán; Z. Miklán; G. Schlosser; F. Hudecz, 2008:
The effect of covalent linkage and the number of Arg residues on the in vitro cytostatic effect and cellular uptake of daunomycin- conjugates on HepG2 and HL-60 tumour cells

P. B. Prangnell; Y. Huang, 2008:
The effect of cryogenic deformation on the limiting grain size in an SMG Al-alloy

M. J. Jenkins; K. L. Harrison, 2008:
The effect of crystalline morphology on the degradation of polycaprolactone in a solution of phosphate buffer and lipase

A.M. Rashidi; A. Amadeh, 2008:
The effect of current density on the grain size of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel coatings

Reiko Ando; Akira Sakamoto, 2008:
The effect of cyber-friends on loneliness and social anxiety: Differences between high and low self-evaluated physical attractiveness groups

Mark, S. Mizruchi; Eric, J. Neuman, 2008:
The effect of density on the level of bias in the network autocorrelation model

Gel, Y. R.; Miao, W.; Gastwirth, J. L., 2008:
The effect of dependence between observations on the proper interpretation of statistical evidence

Sushil, K. Gupta; Peter, B. Hitchcock; Ganpat, S. Argal, 2008:
The effect of diamine chain length on the formation of CoIII Schiff base complexes: The unexpected formation of a neutral complex containing a tetradentate ligand

A. S. Vaughan; I. L. Hosier, 2008:
The effect of dibenzylidene sorbitol on the crystallization behaviour of polyethylene

Armas, O; Ballesteros, R; Gómez, A, 2008:
The effect of diesel engine operating conditions on exhaust particle size distributions

Sibel Tunç; Osman Duman, 2008:
The effect of different molecular weight of poly(ethylene glycol) on the electrokinetic and rheological properties of Na-bentonite suspensions

Jae Dong Chung; Sung Hwan Cho; Choon Seob Tae; Hoseon Yoo, 2008:
The effect of diffuser configuration on thermal stratification in a rectangular storage tank

Kim, J.; Lee, K.; Park, Y.; Kwak, H., 2008:
The effect of diltiazem infusion on renal function during laparoscopic surgery

Rui Xu; Zhien Ma, 2008:
The effect of dispersal on the permanence of a predatorprey system with time delay

McGrath, A, 2008:
The effect of diversion from court: A review of the evidence

Atle Mysterud; Gunnar Austrheim, 2008:
The effect of domestic sheep on forage plants of wild reindeer; a landscape scale experiment

T. Sun; C.K. Huang; H. Wang; L.X. Sun; M. Zhu, 2008:
The effect of doping NiCl2 on the dehydrogenation properties of LiAlH4

T. Sun; B. Zhou; H. Wang; M. Zhu, 2008:
The effect of doping rare-earth chloride dopant on the dehydrogenation properties of NaAlH4 and its catalytic mechanism

Terry, A. Egerton; Liwei Wang, 2008:
The effect of drying on dispersions of nano-particulate titanium dioxide in ethylene glycol

Iwan Wopereis; Saskia Brand-Gruwel; Yvonne Vermetten, 2008:
The effect of embedded instruction on solving information problems

Wenshan He; Tao Huang; Jinghua Ren; Jinghui Zhang, 2008:
The effect of erythropoietin to the proliferation of cancer cell lines

Balk, R.A., 2008:
The effect of exogenous surfactant in patients with lung contusions and acute lung injury

Hung-Jen Su; Lucette, B. Comer; Sanghyun Lee, 2008:
The effect of expertise on consumers' satisfaction with the use of interactive recommendation agents

Shrier, I., 2008:
The effect of extrinsic motivation on cycle time trial performance

Alkhamisi, M A.; Khalaf, G; Shukur, G, 2008:
The effect of fat-tailed error terms on the properties of systemwise RESET test

O. Gaidai; A. Naess; K. Sobczyk, 2008 :
The effect of fatigue-induced crack propagation on the stochastic dynamics of a nonlinear structure

Hu, C; Chen, L; Jiang, Y; Li, Y; Wang, S, 2008:
The effect of fatty acid-CoA ligase 4 on the growth of hepatic cancer cells

Arlindo Kamimura; Ildo, L. Sauer, 2008:
The effect of flex fuel vehicles in the Brazilian light road transportation

Shpuza, E; Peponis, J, 2008:
The effect of floorplate shape upon office layout integration

Raquel, Y. Miura; Flavio, C.C. Galeazzo; Carmen, C. Tadini; Jorge, A.W. Gut, 2008:
The effect of flow arrangement on the pressure drop of plate heat exchangers

M.F. Koseoglu; S. Baskaya, 2008:
The effect of flow field and turbulence on heat transfer characteristics of confined circular and elliptic impinging jets

Berta Košmrlj; Hassen Boudebous; Boris Šket, 2008:
The effect of fluorine as leaving group in the photolysis of 2-fluoro-1,2-diphenylethanone: Preparative and mechanistic investigation

O. A. Suvorov; I. V. Yudin, 2008:
The effect of freeze-thaw cycling on the chemical composition of aqueous solutions of organic substances

Cher Hon Lau; Raoul Cervini; Stephen, R. Clarke; Milena Ginic Markovic; Janis, G. Matisons; Stephen, C. Hawkins; Chi, P. Huynh; George, P. Simon, 2008:
The effect of functionalization on structure and electrical conductivity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

H. Aoki; S. Demura, 2008:
The effect of gender and lateral dominance on gripping muscle power in young adults

Tellier, M, 2008:
The effect of gestures on second language memorisation by young children

K. Navaneetha Pandiyaraj; V. Selvarajan; R.R. Deshmukh; Mosto Bousmina, 2008:
The effect of glow discharge plasma on the surface properties of Poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) film

Keisuke Yoshikiyo; Masatoshi Sugimoto; Yuji Aso; Tetsuya Takahashi; Yoshihisa Matsui; Tatsuyuki Yamamoto, 2008:
The effect of glucosyl-b-cyclodextrin on the hydrogendeuterium exchange rate constant of the peptide bonds of chicken egg white lysozyme in a D2O solution

Mansoor, A. Ansari; Frantisek Stepanek, 2008:
The effect of granule microstructure on dissolution rate

A. Méndez; R. Santamaría; M. Granda; R. Menéndez, 2008:
The effect of graphite addition on the mechanical and tribological properties of pitch-based granular carbon composites

G.C. Hocking; J.-M. Vanden-Broeck, 2008:
The effect of gravity on flow past a semi-circular cylinder with a constant pressure wake

H. Deshmukh; R. Zhang; X. Yu; J.Y. Shin; K. Osann; A. Mariani; D.S. Kapp; A. Husain; L. Chen; J.K. Chan, 2008:
The effect of gynecologic oncologists on the survival of endometrial cancer patients

Bita Baghchehsaraee; George Nakhla; Dimitre Karamanev; Argyrios Margaritis; Gregor Reid, 2008:
The effect of heat pretreatment temperature on fermentative hydrogen production using mixed cultures

G.R. Ebrahimi; A. Zarei-Hanzaki; M. Haghshenas; H. Arabshahi, 2008:
The effect of heat treatment on hot deformation behaviour of Al 2024

K. Balkis Ameen; K. Rajasekar; T. Rajasekharan; M. V. Rajasekharan, 2008:
The effect of heat-treatment on the physico-chemical properties of silica aerogel prepared by sub-critical drying technique

L. Ceschini; A. Morri; G. Sambogna, 2008:
The effect of hot isostatic pressing on the fatigue behaviour of sand-cast A356-T6 and A204-T6 aluminum alloys

C.W. Su; J.W. Lee; C.S. Wang; C.G. Chao; T.F. Liu, 2008:
The effect of hot-dipped aluminum coatings on Fe-8Al-30Mn-0.8C alloy

Vlachos, I, 2008:
The effect of human resource practices on organizational performance: evidence from Greece

W.M. Sears, 2008:
The effect of humidity on the electrical conductivity of mesoporous polythiophene

Willemijn, M. van Dolen; Ko de Ruyter; Sandra Streukens, 2008:
The effect of humor in electronic service encounters

T. Leung; I. Wierzba, 2008:
The effect of hydrogen addition on biogas non-premixed jet flame stability in a co-flowing air stream

Jasmina Sabolović; Branko Kaitner, 2008:
The effect of hydrogen bonding in two crystal modifications of aquabis(N,N-dimethylglycinato-N,O)copper(II): Experimental and theoretical study

Hagenaars, M A.; van Minnen, A; Holmes, E A.; Brewin, C R.; Hoogduin, K A. L., 2008:
The effect of hypnotically induced somatoform dissociation on the development of intrusions after an aversive film

Dungan, J.S., 2008 :
The effect of hysterectomy or levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system on sexual functioning among women with menorrhagia: a 5-year randomised controlled trial

Lee, H‐Ryeon; Choi, J‐Hyeok; Lee, N; Kim, S Hyun; Kim, Y Choong; Kaang, B‐Kiun, 2008:
The effect of idesolide on hippocampusdependent recognition memory

Eddie Harmon-Jones; Todor Gerdjikov; Cindy Harmon-Jones, 2008:
The effect of induced compliance on relative left frontal cortical activity: a test of the action-based model of dissonance

David, A. Lishner; Luis, V. Oceja; E. L. Stocks; Kirstin Zaspel, 2008:
The effect of infant-like characteristics on empathic concern for adults in need

Yanni Xiao; Sanyi Tang, 2008:
The effect of initial density and parasitoid intergenerational survival rate on classical biological control

Chestnut, D.H., 2008:
The effect of injection of two vs 10 mL saline on the subsequent spread and quality of epidural analgesia in parturients

Ángel Herrero Crespo; Ignacio Rodríguez del Bosque, 2008:
The effect of innovativeness on the adoption of B2C e-commerce: A model based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Seeger, J.M., 2008:
The effect of intensified lipid-lowering therapy on long-term prognosis in patients with peripheral arterial disease

Jin-Gyu Park; Jae-Hun Kim; Jae-Nam Park; Young-Duk Kim; Wang-Geun Kim; Ju-Woon Lee; Han-Joon Hwang; Myung-Woo Byun, 2008:
The effect of irradiation temperature on the quality improvement of Kimchi, Korean fermented vegetables, for its shelf stability

Long, A; Ingram, M; John Pugh, W.; Bowes, P.; Haigh, S. J.; Moss, G, 2008 :
The effect of language background on teaching and learning in the master of pharmacy degree

Curt, A. Lavender; Sung-Tae Hong; Mark, T. Smith; Robert, T. Johnson; David Lahrman, 2008:
The effect of laser shock peening on the life and failure mode of a cold pilger die

Yi Wan; Dang-Sheng Xiong, 2008:
The effect of laser surface texturing on frictional performance of face seal

Li, F; Sa, R; Wu, K, 2008:
The effect of ligands on the first hyperpolarizabilities of rich d electron molecular system: iridium clusters, a TDDFT study

R. Fahmi; A.V. Bridgwater; I. Donnison; N. Yates; J.M. Jones, 2008:
The effect of lignin and inorganic species in biomass on pyrolysis oil yields, quality and stability

Ruberg, R.L., 2008:
The effect of local anaesthetic cream (EMLA) applied with an occlusive dressing on skin thickness. Does it matter?

Ziv, N.; Sagi, G.; Basserman, K., 2008:
The effect of looks and musical preference on trait inference

Caroline Lee; Andrew, D. Fisher; Matt, T. Reed; John, M. Henshall, 2008:
The effect of low energy electric shock on cortisol, β-endorphin, heart rate and behaviour of cattle

Tomasz, T. Wałek; Fumio Saito; Qiwu Zhang, 2008:
The effect of low solid/liquid ratio on hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites from fly ash

V. Ohanyan; A. Sarkisyan; A. Tadevosyan; A. Trchounian, 2008:
The effect of low-intensity coherent extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation on growth parameters forEnterococcus hiraebacteria

T. V. Machneva; D. M. Protopopov; Yu. A. Vladimirov; A. N. Osipov, 2008:
The effect of low-intensity laser irradiation in the blue, green, and red spectral ranges on healing of experimental skin wounds in rats

S.S.M. Nor; M.M. Rahman; F. Tarlochan; B. Shahida; A.K. Ariffin, 2008:
The effect of lubrication in reducing net friction in warm powder compaction process

S.J. Allen; S.M. Mahdavian, 2008:
The effect of lubrication on die expansion during the deep drawing of axisymmetrical steel cups

C. Biland; J. Py; J. Allione; S. Demarchi; J.-C. Abric, 2008:
The effect of lying on intentional versus unintentional facial expressions

P.J. Arrazola; I. Arriola; M.A. Davies; A.L. Cooke; B.S. Dutterer, 2008:
The effect of machinability on thermal fields in orthogonal cutting of AISI 4140 steel

N. I. Pushkina, 2008:
The effect of magnetization motion on sound absorption in He3He4superfluid solutions

Bulent Kocer; Gultekin Gulbahar; Erkan Yildirim; Mahmut Kocakel; Mustafa Neemi Ilhan; Koray Dural; Unal Sakinci, 2008:
The effect of malignancy on morbidity rates in thoracotomy patients

Y. Tamura; Y. Kida; H. Tamehiro; N. Kono; H. Soda; A. McLean, 2008:
The effect of manganese on the precipitation of Mg17Al12phase in magnesium alloy AZ 91

Kerwath, S; Götz, A; Attwood, C; Sauer, W, 2008:
The effect of marine protected areas on an exploited population of sex-changing temperate reef fish: an individual-based model

Shao-Tao Sun; Lai-Lin Ji; Zheng-Ping Wang; Ming-Xia Xu; Xiao-Liang Liang; Bing Liu; Xiao-Ming Mu; Xun Sun; Xin-Guang Xu, 2008:
The effect of material, thermal and laser conditioning on the damage threshold of type II tripler-cut DKDP crystals

Davis, A.S., 2008:
The effect of maturation and sedation on amplitude-integrated electroencephalogram of the preterm neonate: Results of a prospective study

M.W. Bairu; W.A. Stirk; K. Dolezal; J. Van Staden, 2008:
The effect of meta-topolins on micropropagation of Williams banana (Musa AAA sub group Cavendish)

Gurevich, G. M.; Erzinkyan, A. L.; Eversheim, P. -D.; Filimonov, V. T.; Golovko, V. V.; Herzog, P.; Kraev, I. S.; Lukhanin, A. A.; Belyaev, A. A.; Parfenova, V. P.; Phalet, T.; Rusakov, A. V.; Severijns, N.; Toporov, Y. G.; Tramm, C.; Vyachin, V. N.; Zakoucky, D.; Zotov, E., 2008:
The effect of metallic environment and low temperature on the253Es α decay rate

Marek Polanski; Jerzy Bystrzycki; Tomasz Plocinski, 2008:
The effect of milling conditions on microstructure and hydrogen absorption/desorption properties of magnesium hydride (MgH2) without and with Cr2O3 nanoparticles

Kourosh Nozari; A.S. Sefidgar, 2008:
The effect of modified dispersion relations on the thermodynamics of black-body radiation

C.F.J. den Doelder; R.J. Koopmans, 2008:
The effect of molar mass distribution on extrudate swell of linear polymers

Atsuhiro Nabei; Takayoshi Kuroda-Sowa; Takashi Okubo; Masahiko Maekawa; Megumu Munakata, 2008:
The effect of molecular packing on the occurrence of spin crossover phenomena in one-dimensional Fe(II)-bis-Schiff base complexes

J. P. Quast; C. J. Boehlert, 2008:
The effect of molybdenum on the microstructure and creep behavior of Ti24Al17NbxMo alloys and Ti24Al17NbxMo SiC-fiber composites

N. I. Pal’shin; T. V. Efremova; M. S. Potakhin, 2008:
The effect of morphometric characteristics and geographic zonality on thermal stratification of lakes

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The effect of object consistency in a spatial contextual cueing paradigm

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The effect of organic multi-layer periodic structure on carrier balance based on OLEDs

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The effect of organizational psychological contract violation on managers' exit, voice, loyalty and neglect in the Chinese context

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The effect of oxygen vacancies and aluminium substitution on the high-pressure properties of brownmillerite-structured Ca2Fe2xAlxO5

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The effect of ozone on rice seedlings

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The effect of pH, sucrose and ammonium sulphate concentrations on the production of bacterial cellulose (Nata-de-coco) byAcetobacter xylinum

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The effect of page layout on mental workload: A dual-task experiment

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The effect of parameters on the formation of ZnO nanoparticles by statistical experimental design method in vibrating milling process

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The effect of parentchild attachment relationships on child biopsychosocial outcomes: a review

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The effect of polypropylene fibers on asphalt performance

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The effect of polysiloxane on the properties of Al2O3-NbC composite material produced by pyrolysis process

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The effect of powder size on induction behaviour and binder distribution during high shear melt agglomeration of calcium carbonate

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The effect of pre-oxidation atmosphere on the durability of EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings with CoNiCrAlY bond coats

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The effect of preferred music listening on stress levels of air traffic controllers

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The effect of proteinmembrane interactions on filtration behavior in forced-flow electrophoresis of protein solutions

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The effect of pulsed bipolar dc on the simultaneous extraction of glucose and lactate by reverse iontophoresis

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The effect of quenching medium on the wear behaviour of a Ti6Al4V alloy

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The effect of relationship characteristics on relationship quality and performance

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The effect of relative thinking on firm strategy and market outcomes: A location differentiation model with endogenous transportation costs

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The effect of renewable energy on employment. The case of Asturias (Spain)

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The effect of safe experience on a warnings impact: Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll

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The effect of screening on current distribution and conductance quantisation in narrow quantum Hall systems

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The effect of sediment conditions on the growth rate of mangroves

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The effect of semi-permanent eddies on the distribution of mesozooplankton in the central Bay of Bengal

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The effect of serum and follicular insulin resistance parameters and homocystein levels of non-obese, non-hyperandrogenemic polycystic ovary syndrome patients on in-vitro fertilization outcome

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The effect of ship rocking on the dropout of neon flying squid Ommastrephes bartramii in jigging fishery

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The effect of sodium chloride on the formation of W/O microemulsions in soy bean oil/surfactant/water systems and the solubilization of small hydrophilic molecules

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The effect of solid concentration on the secondary air-jetting penetration in a bubbling fluidized bed

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The effect of solvents on the rate of catalytic hydrogenation of 6-ethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroanthracene-9,10-dione

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The effect of sperm separation on sperm chromatin decondensation and motility at 0 and 24 hours of culture

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The effect of steepness of soft-core square-well potential model on some fluid properties

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The effect of steric hindrance on the Fe(II) complexes of triazine-containing ligands

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The effect of sugar decomposed on the ethanol fermentation and decomposition reactions of sugars

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The effect of sulfur content on density of the liquid FeS at high pressure

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The effect of surface treatment of carbon fiber on the flexural property of thermoplastic polyimide composite

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The effect of surgery on the sleep architecture A pilot study

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The effect of symmetry-breaking on the parameterically excited pendulum

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The effect of taping on the proprioception of the ankle in a non-weight bearing position, amongst injured athletes

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The effect of temperature and electric current on the phase state of Bi + 69 at % in alloy

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The effect of temperature and humidity fluctuations on the liquid water path of non-precipitating closed-cell stratocumulus clouds

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The effect of temperature and pressure on the physicochemical properties of petroleum diesel oil and biodiesel fuel

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The effect of temperature of operation on the turn-on time delay of semiconductor lasers: full analytical and exact expression form

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The effect of temperature on bougies a manikin-based study

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The effect of temperature on the charge transport and transient absorption properties of K27 sensitized DSSC

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The effect of temperature on the interfacial tension between crude oil and gemini surfactant solution

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The effect of tempering temperature on the mechanical properties and fracture morphology of a NiCrMoV steel

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The effect of temporary devaluation on foreign investment: A trade-theoretic analysis and an application to Mexico

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The effect of the 7-valent conjugate vaccine (PCV7) on the incidence of pneumococcal infections world-wide

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The effect of the London congestion charge on road casualties: an intervention analysis

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The effect of the addition of chemical materials on the sintering of biomass ash

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The effect of the background risk in a simple chance improving decision model

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The effect of the cspA 5-untranslated region on recombinant protein production at low temperature

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The effect of the cutting direction, number of blades and grain size of the abrasives on surface roughness of Taurus cedar (Cedrus Libani A. Rich.) woods

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The effect of the hysteresis band on power management strategies in a stand-alone power system

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The effect of the inclusion of guest molecules on the solid-state fluorescence of naphthooxazole-type fluorophores

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The effect of the ionic strength on the rheological behavior of hydrophobically modified polyacrylamide aqueous solutions mixed with sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) or cetyltrimethylammonium p-toluenesulfonate (CTAT)

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The effect of the length of cryopreservation on clinical outcome of frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles

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The effect of the number of syllables on handwriting production

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The effect of the particulate phase on coal biosolubilisation mediated by Trichoderma atroviride in a slurry bioreactor

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The effect of the pore size and volume of activated carbon on adsorption efficiency of vapor phase compounds in cigarette smoke

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The effect of the timing of instructional support in a computer-supported problem-solving program for students in secondary physics education

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The effect of time and temperature on the precipitation behavior and hardness of Al4 wt%Cu alloy using design of experiments

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The effect of tiotropium on exacerbations and airflow in patients with COPD

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The effect of tool vibrations on the flank surface created by peripheral milling

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The effect of trade between China and the UK on national and global carbon dioxide emissions

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The effect of trunk stability training on vertical takeoff velocity

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The effect of tungsten coating on the properties of diamond thick films

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The effect of turbulence intensity of ambient air flow on NOx emissions in H2/air nonpremixed jet flames

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The effect of ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy of incompetent perforator veins on venous clinical severity and disability scores

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The effect of ultraviolet (UV) light postcuring on resin hardness and interlaminar shear strength of a glass-fibre/vinylester composite

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The effect of undermatching on crack tip constraint in a welded structure of nodular irons

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The effect of using a sprung stripper in sheet metal cutting

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The effect of ventilation system design on hydrogen dispersion in a sedan

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The effect of verbal description and processing type on face identification

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The effect of verification bias on the comparison of predictive values of two binary diagnostic tests

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The effect of vibratory milling on the powder properties of zinc oxide varistors

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The effect of warmed irrigation fluid on core body temperature in arthroscopic shoulder surgery

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The effect of welding conditions according to mechanical properties of pure titanium

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The effect of working memory, semantic access, and listening abilities on the comprehension of conversational implicatures in L2 English

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The effect of yttrium incorporation on the oxidation resistance of CrAlN coatings

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The effect of the commitment to observe speed limits during rehabilitation training courses for traffic regulation offenders in France

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The effect on residual stresses of porosity and surface roughness in high temperature insulation coatings on Ag tape for magnet technologies

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The effective Hamiltonian for copper oxides

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The effective oxidation pressure of indiumoxygen system

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The effective properties of smart composites with linear coupling behaviors

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The effectiveness of FERCs transmission policy: is transmission used efficiently and when is it scarce?

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The effectiveness of Talking Mats with people with intellectual disability

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The effectiveness of UK student counselling services: an analysis using the CORE System

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The effectiveness of a partnership-centered approach in conjoint behavioral consultation

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The effectiveness of a single intraperitoneal infusion of a neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist in reducing postoperative adhesion formation is time dependent

Anonymous, 2018:
Examination Paper-Scientific Department

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The effectiveness of retinoic acid treatment in bladder cancer: Impact on recurrence, survival and TGFα and VEGF as end-point biomarkers

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The effectiveness of road-safety crossing guards: Knowledge and behavioral intentions

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The effectiveness of soft transport policy measures: A critical assessment and meta-analysis of empirical evidence

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The effectiveness of storage and relocation options in renewable energy systems

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The effectiveness of undergraduate and dental therapy students in treating children under local anaesthetic in a dental school setting

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The effects of IAA and tetcyclacis on tuberization in potato (Solanum tuberosumL.) shoot cultures in

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The effects of Need for Cognition on Internet use revisited

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The effects of SiC whiskers and an SiC film coating deposited by chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) on a porous cordierite substrate

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The effects of a sound awareness pre-fitting intervention: A randomized controlled trial

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The effects of acellular dermal allograft (AlloDerm) interface on silicone-related capsule formationexperimental study

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The effects of acetate ions on electrochemical behaviour of brass in chloride solutions

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The effects of affective states on the formation of performance expectancies

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The effects of ageing biases on stock assessment and management advice: a case study on Namibian horse mackerel

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The effects of an apparent breach of therapeutic regulations on consumers: the Pan Pharmaceuticals recall

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The effects of an experimental programme to support students autonomy on the overt behaviours of physical education teachers

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The effects of angled positions of computer display screen on muscle activities of the neckshoulder stabilizers

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The effects of animations on verbal interaction in computer supported collaborative learning

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The effects of betonicine, floridoside, and isethionic acid from the red algaAhnfeltiopsis flabelliformison quorum-sensing activity

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The effects of binder components in wax/oil systems for metal injection molding

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The effects of carbon nanotubes on the hydrogen storage performance of the alloy electrode for high-power NiMH batteries

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The effects of combined horizontal and vertical heterogeneity on the onset of convection in a porous medium: double diffusive case

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The effects of content and audience awareness goals for revision on the persuasive essays of fifth- and eighth-grade students

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The effects of curvature and surface heterogeneity on the adsorption of water in finite length carbon nanopores: a computer simulation study

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The effects of deposition parameters on the structure and properties of titanium-containing DLC films synthesized by cathodic arc plasma evaporation

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The effects of deviations from LorentzBerthelot rules on the properties of a simple mixture

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The effects of dilution and mixed layer depth on deliberate ocean iron fertilization: 1-D simulations of the southern ocean iron experiment (SOFeX)

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The effects of disappointment on hindsight bias for real-world outcomes

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The effects of discontinuing pioglitazone in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

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The effects of electrodeposition current density on properties of NiCNTs composite coatings

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The effects of elevated process temperature on the protein carbonyls in the filamentous fungus, Aspergillus niger B1-D

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The effects of emissivity on the performance of steel in furnace tests

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The effects of explanatory conversations on children's emotion understanding

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The effects of facial hair manipulation on female perceptions of attractiveness, masculinity, and dominance in male faces

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The effects of food irradiation on quality of pine nut kernels

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The effects of frequency and neighbourhood density on adult speakers productivity with Polish case inflections: An empirical test of usage-based approaches to morphology

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The effects of frost thickness on the heat transfer of finned tube heat exchanger subject to the combined influence of fan types

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The effects of grant policy on technology investment in Italy

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The effects of interaction range, porosity and molecular association on the phase equilibrium of a fluid confined in a disordered porous media

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The effects of learning goal difficulty level and cognitive ability on performance

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The effects of location and economic cluster development on Native American entrepreneurship

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The effects of metoclopramide premedication on the neuromuscular blockage of vecuronium and mivacurium

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The effects of orography on convection in the Stavropol Territory

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The effects of oxygen on the yields of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons formed during the pyrolysis and fuel-rich oxidation of catechol

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The effects of particle concentration and charge exchange on fly ash beneficiation with pneumatic triboelectrostatic separation

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The effects of policy incentives in the adoption of willow short rotation coppice for bioenergy in Sweden

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The effects of posture on seat-to-head Whole-body vibration transmission

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The effects of preheated cottonseed oil methyl ester on the performance and exhaust emissions of a diesel engine

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The effects of private equity and buy-outs on HRM in the UK and the Netherlands

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The effects of process variables on the hardness of nitrided 3% chromium steel

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The effects of retirement expectations and social support on postretirement adjustment

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The effects of saline or albumin resuscitation on acid-base status and serum electrolytes

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The effects of semantic and gesture treatments on verb retrieval and verb use in aphasia

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The effects of short-term hormone replacement therapy on long-term bone mineral density

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The effects of sodium chloride-salinity upon growth, nodulation, and root nodule structure of pea (Pisum sativumL.) plants

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The effects of surface roughness and nanostructure on the properties of indium tin oxide (ITO) designated for novel optoelectronic devices fabrication

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The effects of swell on turbulence over wavy walls

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The effects of synthesis temperature on the structure and visible-light-induced catalytic activity of FN-codoped and SN-codoped titania

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The effects of tasks on integrating information from multiple documents

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Examination Questions for Red Cross Students

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The effects of the feed rate on the cutting tool stresses in machining of Inconel 718

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The effects of the type of anesthesia on outcomes of lower extremity infrainguinal bypass

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The effects of water level fluctuations and some physical and chemical variables on the macrophyte density in Lake Ikl, Turkey

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The effects of β-blockers in patients with stable chronic heart failure. Predictors of left ventricular ejection fraction improvement and impact on prognosis

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The efficacy of a naphthalene and sulfur formulation to repelthe venomous snake Vipera palaestinae in Israel

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The efficacy of low dose recominant factor VIIa in the prophylaxis of bleeding during orthotropic liver transplantation

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The efficacy of the dual wavelength Gemini laser on resistant port wine stains: a pilot study

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The efficacy of treatments for depression used in the management of tinnitus

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The efficiency of detecting an image of object moving in the unknown direction

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The efficiency of detecting images with unknown coordinates and area

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The electrifying atmosphere

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The electrochemistry of a surface modified, cationic, tetra-(N-methyl)pyridiniumporphyrazinocopper electrode

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The electronic journal as reflectiononaction: a qualitative analysis of communication and learning in a peermentoring program

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The electronic structure of C.I. Pigment Red 209

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The elephant in the room: Modernising Medical Careers an educational critique

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The elusive pot of gold: Contextual treatment for aphasic word-finding deficits

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The elusiveness of spiritual wisdom in the art and science of nursing practice

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The emergence and troubled growth of a biopower innovation system in Sweden

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The emergence of sub-syllabic representations

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The emergent cricothyrotomy

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The emergent enterprise union? A conceptual and comparative analysis

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The emotional feeling as a combination of two qualia: A neurophilosophical-based emotion theory

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The emotionally engaged analyst I: Theories of affect and their influence on therapeutic action

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The enabling role of information technology in the global war for talent: Accenture's industrialized approach

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The encryption theory of humor: A knowledge-based mechanism of honest signaling

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The end of cheap oil: Current status and prospects

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The end of the adaptive landscape metaphor?

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The endurance of the unstable

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The energetics of inorganic nanotubes

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The energy benefit of stainless steel recycling

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The energy expenditure of using a "walk-and-work" desk for office workers with obesity

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The enigmatic mechanism of the flame ionization detector: Its overlooked implications for fossil fuel combustion modeling

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The enthalpy of solution of DL-α-alanyl-DL-α-valine depending on the composition of water-alcohol binary solvents at 298.15 K

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The entropy of a constrained signal: A maximum entropy approach with applications

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The environmental manager's guide to environmental liability insurance

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The epidemiology of depression in diabetes

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The equivalent potential of water molecules for electronic structure of alanine

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The errors in our ways

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Examinations by Teachers

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The essential order of approximation for Suzuki's neural networks

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The esterification in cyclohexane/DBSA/water microemulsion system

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The estimation of simultaneous approximation order for neural networks

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The ether war: hostile intelligence activities directed against Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and the migr community in Munich during the Cold War

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The ethical violence of celebrity chat: Russell Crowe and David Gulpilil

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The ethics of emergence

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The ethics of governance projects: ethics in personal and public lives

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The euro: Did the markets cheer or jeer?

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The evaluation of waste tyre pulverised fuel for NOx reduction by reburning

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The evening wind

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The evidenced-based care behind the early management of head injured children

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The evolution of coaching: an Interview with Sir John Whitmore

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The evolution of hydrogeophysics

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The evolution of mental disorder as a legal category in England and Wales

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The evolution of mirror type magnetic fluctuations in the magnetosheath based on multipoint observations

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The evolution of multiple isotypic IgM H chain genes in the shark

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The evolution of palliative care and the relevance to residential aged care: Understanding the past to inform the future

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The evolution of the ENERGY STAR energy performance indicator for benchmarking industrial plant manufacturing energy use

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The evolution of the central component in SN 1986J

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The evolution of the network structure in the ICT sector

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The evolution of video surveillance: an overview

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The evolving design of 20th-century apartments in Ankara

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The evolving landscape of banking

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The evolving quality of trade between Canada and the United States

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The evolving relationship of erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms

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The evolving science of atherothrombotic disease

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The evolving theory of quality management: The role of Six Sigma

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The ex-files: Trajectories, turning points, and adjustment in the development of post-dissolutional relationships

Sonali Roy, 2008:
The exact lower bound for the Coleman index of the power of a collectivity for a special class of simple majority games

L. Marek-Crnjac, 2008:
The exact number of elementary particles of a super symmetric standard model is (2)(137) = 274

Moneta, G.L., 2008:
The examination assessment of technical competence in vascular surgery

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The exceptional E-infinity theory holographic boundary, F-theory and the number of particles in the standard model

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The exceptional eightfold way to a possible Higgs field

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The excess characteristics of binary Lennard-Jones systems calculated by integral equation theory for partial distribution functions

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The excess thermodynamic functions of three-component Lennard-Jones systems based on binary distribution functions

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The exchange economy of peer review

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The exchangeability of IQs: Implications for professional psychology

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The existence and attractivity of time periodic solutions for evolution equations with delays

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The existence of perfect -triple systems

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The existence theorems for fixed and periodic points of nonexpansive mappings in intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces

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The expanding role of intangible assets of the brand

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The expatriate family: an international perspective

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The expected impact of new vaccines and vaccination policies

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The experience and expression of anger, guilt, and sadness in marriage: An equity theory explanation

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The experience of creative activity as a treatment medium

Karen Theobald; Fiona Coyer, 2008:
The experience of forging new emergency nursing curriculum development, through a course advisory network

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The experience of men suffering acute myocardial infarction in the prime of their life

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The experience of middle aged men following sudden cardiac arrest and resuscitation

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The experience of primary PCI: A patients' perspectives

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The experiences of English as second language radiation therapy students in the undergraduate clinical program: Perceptions of staff and students

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The experiences of counselling for persons with ME

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The experiences of fathers with psychosis

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The experiment initial stages of biological damage and deterioration in space

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The experimental investigation on thermal performance of a flat two-phase thermosyphon

Chao-Chyun An; Ren-Haw Chen, 2008:
The experimental study on the defects occurrence of SL mold in injection molding

Diana Falkenbach; Norman Poythress; Caysyn Creevy, 2008:
The exploration of subclinical psychopathic subtypes and the relationship with types of aggression

Lynn, L. Bergeson, 2008:
The explosion of green marketing claims: FTC jumps into the fray

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The exposuredamage approach in the quantification of occupational risk in workplaces involving dangerous substances

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The expression and clinical significance of new suppressor gene RASSF1 in gastric-carcinoma

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The expression and significance of multi-drug resistance genes in breast cancer stem cells

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The expression of TGF-β1, ADAM12 and HB-EGF in primary hepatic carcinoma

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The expression of ovine placental lactogen, StAR and progesterone-associated steroidogenic enzymes in placentae of overnourished growing adolescent ewes

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The expression of p53 and p16 in the course of microcystin-LR inducing of liver tumor

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The expression significance and associativity of ILK and PTEN in gastric cancer tissue

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The expressions and clinical significance of P53, C-erbB-2 and VEGF in non-small cell lung cancer

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The expressions and significance of α-, β-catenins and cyclin D1 in breast cancers

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The expressions of Bcl-2 and Bax in gastric carcinoma and precancerous lesions

Jian Liu; Jun Zhao; Jianming Yang, 2008:
The expressions of Pin1, β-catenin and cyclin D1 in elderly lung carcinomas and their significance

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The expressions of the Rb pathway in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; predictive and prognostic significance

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The extended Fan sub-equation method and its applications for a class of nonlinear evolution equations

Delin Chu; Roger, C.E. Tan, 2008:
The extended J-spectral factorization for descriptor systems

Yadong Shang, 2008:
The extended hyperbolic function method and exact solutions of the longshort wave resonance equations

Abdul-Majid Wazwaz, 2008:
The extended tanh method for new compact and noncompact solutions for the KPBBM and the ZKBBM equations

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The extent and nature of family alcohol and drug use: findings from the belfast youth development study

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The extra-atmospheric mass of small meteoroids of the Prairie and Canada bolide camera networks

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The extraction of citric acid from fermentation broth using a solution of a tertiary amine

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The extraordinary career of Gilbert White

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The extrapolation problem and how population modeling can help

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The extreme dependency score: a non-vanishing measure for forecasts of rare events

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The extrinsic affective Simon task as an instrument for indirect assessment of prejudice

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The eye caught in the Net: A study on attention and motivation in virtual environment exploration

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The fabrication and gas-sensing characteristics of the formaldehyde gas sensors with high sensitivity

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The fabrication and performance of a poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS)-based microreformer for application to electronics

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The fabrication of 2D Cf/SiC composite by a modified PIP process using active Al powders as active filler

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The face wins: Stronger automatic processing of affect in facial expressions than words in a modified Stroop task

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The facile synthesis and characterization of tetraimido-substituted zinc phthalocyanines

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The factor of suppression of Cherenkov radiation from electron-positron pairs produced by a hard photon

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The factorial validity of emotional intelligence: An unresolved issue

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The factors affecting outcome after non-vascular bone grafting and internal fixation for nonunion of the scaphoid

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The factors during protein crystallization: A review

C. D. Westbrook, 2008:
The fall speeds of sub-100 m ice crystals

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The false Basel earthquake of May 12, 1021

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The family and HRM in North America: how demographic and social changes are shifting the way workfamily issues are managed by organizations and employees

Debra Lieberman; Robert Oum; Robert Kurzban, 2008:
The family of fundamental social categories includes kinship: evidence from the memory confusion paradigm

Juan José Serrano-Pérez; Remedios González-Luque; Manuela Merchán; Luis Serrano-Andrés, 2008:
The family of furocoumarins: Looking for the best photosensitizer for phototherapy

Wei Lu; Liren Liu; Jianfeng Sun; Dashan Li, 2008:
The far-field spatial coherence of Gaussian Schell-model beam in turbulence in terms of position vectors

Peter Strobach, 2008:
The fast householder Bi-SVD subspace tracking algorithm

Doreen Fraser, 2008:
The fate of particles in quantum field theories with interactions

Iztok Banič; Janez Žerovnik, 2008:
The fault-diameter of Cartesian products

Chacko Cyriac; Vipul Nanda; Atul Parashar; Ramesh, K. Sharma, 2008:
The faun tail and the plastic surgeon

Guanghui Xu; Qiang Zhang; Weiping Zhou; Jiaqi Huang; Fei Wei, 2008:
The feasibility of producing MWCNT paper and strong MWCNT film from VACNT array

Eleanor Jupp, 2008:
The feeling of participation: Everyday spaces and urban change

I. Kardys; R. Vliegenthart; M. Oudkerk, 2008:
The female advantage in cardiovascular disease: Do vascular beds contribute equally?

Tischler, V, 2008:
The female brain

Mellins, M, 2008:
The female vampire community and online social networks: Virtual celebrity and mini communities: Initial thoughts

Sara Goldstein; Joseph Rabani, 2008:
The ferrioxalate and iodideiodate actinometers in the UV region

Cook, V, 2008:
The field as a pedagogical resource? A critical analysis of students affective engagement with the field environment

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The field of subliminal mind and the nature of being

Sundaresh Ramnath; Steve Rock; Philip Shane, 2008:
The financial analyst forecasting literature: A taxonomy with suggestions for further research

Stephen, J. McGuire; David, M. Dilts, 2008:
The financial impact of standard stringency: An event study of successive generations of the ISO 9000 standard

David, J. Collison; George Cobb; David, M. Power; Lorna, A. Stevenson, 2008:
The financial performance of the FTSE4Good indices

Handong Yin; Jichun Cui; Yanling Qiao, 2008:
The first 1D tetranuclear organotin(IV) complex with N-acylsalicylhydrazide: Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure

Carla Brutico, 2008:
The first FDA-approved treatment for anthracycline extravasation: bringing Totect onboard, and paying for it

Aminzadeh, F, 2008:
The first SEG General Assembly

O. Kaynakli, 2008:
The first and second law analysis of a lithium bromide/water coil absorber

Chu-Chen Shi; Chi-Shian Chen; Sodio, C.N. Hsu; Wen-Yann Yeh; Michael, Y. Chiang; Ting-Shen Kuo, 2008:
The first anion template cubic cyanometallate cage and its 3,5-dimethyltris(pyrazolyl)methane iron(II, III) tricyanide building blocks

Sigrist, Ré; Bungener, P, 2008:
The first botanical gardens in Geneva (c. 17501830): private initiative leading science

S. N. Khadzhiev; L. A. Vytnova, 2008:
The first commercial Fischer-Tropsch processes in Germany

Edwin, C. Constable; Catherine, E. Housecroft; Elaine Medlycott; Markus Neuburger; Federica Reinders; Sébastien Reymann; Silvia Schaffner, 2008:
The first complex of 4-(4-methylthiophenyl)-2,2:6,2-terpyridine A model for terpylated self-assembled monolayers

Iida, T, 2008:
The first confirmation of the non-breeding habitat of Japanese Murrelets Synthliboramphus wumizusume

Eric, W. Ainscough; Andrew, M. Brodie; Ross, J. Davidson; Carl, A. Otter, 2008:
The first coordination polymer containing a chiral cyclotriphosphazene ligand

Okan Zafer Yeşilel; Aylin Mutlu; Cemil Öğretir; Orhan Büyükgüngör, 2008:
The first dinuclear orotate complex: Syntheses, spectral, thermal and structural characterization of supramolecular orotate complexes of nickel(II) and copper(II) with 2-hydroxyethylpyridine

Anatoly, V. Khripun; Nadezhda, A. Bokach; Stanislav, I. Selivanov; Matti Haukka; Mikhail, D. Revenco; Vadim Yu. Kukushkin, 2008:
The first example of linkage isomerism for pyrazole ligands in platinum complexes

Xia Li; Chun-Yan Wang; Huai-Ming Hu, 2008:
The first example of tetranuclear lanthanide complexes with 2-sulfobenzoate and 1,10-phenanthroline

M. A. Vershinin; A. B. Burdukov; N. V. Pervukhina; I. V. Eltsov; O. A. Varzatskii; Y. Z. Voloshin, 2008:
The first example of the alkoxy-containing iron(ii) tris-dioximate clathrochelate: synthesis, structure, and properties

T. P. Maiorova; V. N. Filippov, 2008:
The first find of Pd-telluride (Merenskyite) in placer gold of the Subpolar Urals and its forecasting significance

Duriancik, L. F.; Bucks, D.; Dobrowolski, J. P.; Drewes, T.; Eckles, S. D.; Jolley, L.; Kellogg, R. L.; Lund, D.; Makuch, J. R.; O'Neill, M. P.; Rewa, C. A.; Walbridge, M. R.; Parry, R.; Weltz, M. A., 2008:
The first five years of the Conservation Effects Assessment Project

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The first heterometallic Cu(II)/Cr(III) complex with an open-chain Schiff-base ligand self-assembled from copper powder, Reineckes salt, ethylendiamine and acetone

J.-M. Flaud; W.J. Lafferty; A. Perrin; Y.S. Kim; H. Beckers; H. Willner, 2008:
The first high-resolution analysis of the 10-m absorption of thioformaldehyde

Juan Yang; Ning Lu; Gong Zhang; Lin Cheng; Shao-Hua Gou, 2008:
The first hybrid organicinorganic frameworks based on lanthanide(III) sulfate chains, in situ generated oxalate and organic pillars of 1,4-piperazinediacetic acid

reeves, C, 2008:
The first magnetic anolmaly map of the world

Lu, L-Yu; Wei, D-Qing; Chen, X-Rong; Lian, D; Ji, G-Fu; Zhang, Q-Ming; Gong, Z-Zheng, 2008:
The first principle studies of the structural and vibrational properties of solid β-HMX under compression

E. A. Bondarenko; A. V. Selikhovkin, 2008:
The first readings in memory of O. A. Kataev

Benton, C; Roy, A, 2008:
The first three years of a community forensic service for people with a learning disability

Jean-Pierre Mazat, 2008:
The first time I met Reinhart Heinrich

Sirikhansaeng, P; Vichitphan, K; Vichitphan, S, 2008:
The flavonoid content and antibacterial activity from Kaempferia parviflora Wall. Ex Baker in Krachai-Dum herbal wine

Pietro Bernardara; Daniel Schertzer; Eric Sauquet; Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia; Michel Lang, 2008:
The flood probability distribution tail: how heavy is it?

A. Lozano; F. Barreras; N. Fueyo; S. Santodomingo, 2008:
The flow in an oil/water plate heat exchanger for the automotive industry

S. Ichikawa; O. Mochizuki, 2008:
The flow induced by a jellyfish

B. Formisani; R. Girimonte; T. Longo, 2008:
The fluidization process of binary mixtures of solids: Development of the approach based on the fluidization velocity interval

I. V. Kalinovskaya; A. N. Zadorozhnaya; Yu. M. Nikolenko; V. E. Karasev, 2008:
The fluorescent properties of heteroligand europium cinnamates

Cajus, G. Diedrich, 2008:
The food of the miosirenAnomotherium langenwieschei(Siegfried) — indirect proof of seaweed or seagrass by xenomorphic oyster fixation structures in the Upper Oligocene (Neogene) of the Doberg, Bünde (NW Germany) and comparisons to modernDugong dugon(Müller) feeding strategies

Chih-Peng Chu; Jin-Gu Pan, 2008:
The forecasting of the mobile Internet in Taiwan by diffusion model

Soothill, K; Harney, K; Maggs, A; Chilvers, C, 2008:
The forensic mental health tribes: identifying a research community

Niamh Nic Daeid, 2008:
The forensic science society scholarship call for applications

Miah, D; Shin, M Yong; Koike, M, 2008:
The forestry research in Bangladesh: A bibliometric analysis of the journals published from Chittagong University, Bangladesh

Jing Bai; Baoxue Zhou; Longhai Li; Yanbiao Liu; Qing Zheng; Jiahui Shao; Xinyuan Zhu; Weimin Cai; Junsheng Liao; Lexi Zou, 2008:
The formation mechanism of titania nanotube arrays in hydrofluoric acid electrolyte

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The formation of CuInSe2 thin-film solar cell absorbers by laser annealing of electrodeposited precursors

Xiangsong Hou; Hai Zhang; Malgorzata Pilawska; Junfu Lu; Guangxi Yue, 2008:
The formation of N2O during the reduction of NO by NH3

M. N. Efimov; E. L. Dzidziguri; E. N. Sidorova; K. O. Chuprunov; L. M. Zemtsov; G. P. Karpacheva, 2008:
The formation of Pt-Ru alloy nanoparticles in a carbon matrix under IR pyrolysis conditions

B. G. Ershov, 2008:
The formation of a nickel cluster upon -irradiation of nickel(II) perchlorate aqueous solutions

V.V. Uglov; V.M. Anishchik; N.N. Cherenda; Yu.V. Sveshnikov; V.M. Astashynski; E.A. Kostyukevich; A.M. Kuzmitski; V.V. Askerko, 2008:
The formation of a tungsten containing surface layer in a carbon steel by compression plasma flow

I. V. Krylova, 2008:
The formation of alumina surface active in methanol decomposition and exoemission in thermocycling experiments

I. M. Piskarev; V. A. Ushkanov; V. D. Selemir; G. M. Spirov; I. A. Malevannaya Pikar’; E. A. Zuimach, 2008:
The formation of ozone and UV radiation from high-power pulsed electric discharges

N. M. Ganzherli; S. N. Gulyaev; I. A. Maurer, 2008:
The formation of phase relief structures during holographic diffuser recording on silver halide emulsions

Noritsugu Kometani; Masaki Kaneko; Takanori Morita; Yoshiro Yonezawa, 2008:
The formation of photolytic silver clusters in water/supercritical CO2 microemulsions

Claire, W. Armstrong; Sybille van den Hove, 2008:
The formation of policy for protection of cold-water coral off the coast of Norway

T. I. Izaak; O. V. Babkina; G. V. Lyamina; V. A. Svetlichnyi, 2008:
The formation of porous nickel-containing polyacrylate nanocomposites

L. M. Ramenskaya, 2008:
The formation of protonated copper(II)-8-oxyquinoline complexes in aqueous solution

Nathan, A. Kaib; Thomas Quinn, 2008:
The formation of the Oort cloud in open cluster environments

L. M. Petrova; G. V. Romanov; T. R. Foss; N. A. Abbakumova, 2008:
The formation of the composition of unrecovered oils in producing oil fields of Tatarstan

Qiao-Xing Li; Si-Feng Liu, 2008:
The foundation of the grey matrix and the grey inputoutput analysis

Burland, J. B., 2008:
The founders of Gotechnique

K. Yao; Y.S. Liang; J.X. Fang, 2008:
The fractal dimensions of graphs of the Weyl-Marchaud fractional derivative of the Weierstrass-type function

A. J. Kinloch; K. Masania; A. C. Taylor; S. Sprenger; D. Egan, 2008:
The fracture of glass-fibre-reinforced epoxy composites using nanoparticle-modified matrices

S. Odinaev; K. Komilov; A. Zaripov, 2008:
The frequency dispersion of dynamic transfer coefficients and elastic moduli of magnetic liquids

Thiers, B.H., 2008:
The frequency of nasal carriage in chronic urticaria patients

Zhenhong Lin; Joan Ogden; Yueyue Fan; Chien-Wei Chen, 2008:
The fuel-travel-back approach to hydrogen station siting

Zawidzki, T W., 2008:
The function of folk psychology: mind reading or mind shaping?

Piovano, B, 2008:
The function of the analyst's boundaries in the psychoanalytic relationship

V.G. Baldovino-Medrano; Sonia, A. Giraldo; Aristóbulo Centeno, 2008:
The functionalities of Pt/-Al2O3 catalysts in simultaneous HDS and HDA reactions

Stacey, M. Conchie; Ian, J. Donald, 2008:
The functions and development of safety-specific trust and distrust

M.S. El Naschie, 2008:
The fundamental algebraic equations of the constants of nature

Padilla, A; Pérez, J, 2008:
The fundamental vibrational shift of HCl diluted in dense Ar and Kr

Loreta Stankeviciute; Alban Kitous; Patrick Criqui, 2008:
The fundamentals of the future international emissions trading system

Marc Silvester; Mohi Ahmed; Tom Brown, 2008:
The future belongs to us all

Lars Engebretsen, 2008:
The future is ours!

Jonathan Weinert; Joan Ogden; Dan Sperling; Andrew Burke, 2008:
The future of electric two-wheelers and electric vehicles in China

Logsdon, G S, 2008:
The future of environmental engineering education / Lavenir de lenseignement en gnie de lenvironnement

Aoki, T; Tsukamoto, K, 2008:
The future of fisheries science and the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science Part-III: Action plans for the future of the society

Markus Vinnari, 2008:
The future of meat consumption Expert views from Finland

BinBin Jiang; Chen Wenying; Yu Yuefeng; Zeng Lemin; David Victor, 2008:
The future of natural gas consumption in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai: An assessment utilizing MARKAL

Saldaa, M Muoz, 2008:
The future of public service broadcasting in Community law

Malcolm, J. Moseley; Stephen Owen, 2008:
The future of services in rural England: The drivers of change and a scenario for 2015

Twine, F Winddance; Gallagher, C, 2008:
The future of whiteness: a map of the third wave

Birgit Verworn; Cornelius Herstatt; Akio Nagahira, 2008:
The fuzzy front end of Japanese new product development projects: impact on success and differences between incremental and radical projects

Anderson-Wilk, M., 2008:
The gap between cover crop knowledge and practice

Sanders, K; van Riemsdijk, M; Groen, B, 2008:
The gap between research and practice: a replication study on the HR professionals' beliefs about effective human resource practices

Klaus, G. Troitzsch, 2008:
The garbage can model of organisational behaviour: A theoretical reconstruction of some of its variants

Guido Fioretti; Alessandro Lomi, 2008:
The garbage can model of organizational choice: An agent-based reconstruction

U. Koch; K. Bräuer; J. Heinicke; H. Kämpf, 2008:
The gas flow at mineral springs and mofettes in the Vogtland/NW Bohemia: an enduring long-term increase

Thu Hong Tran; Jin-Woo Lee; Kyongsoo Lee; Yang Doo Lee; Byeong-Kwon Ju, 2008:
The gas sensing properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes deposited on an aminosilane monolayer

Hu Guoxin; Huang Hao; Li Yanhong, 2008:
The gasification of wet biomass using Ca(OH)2 as CO2 absorbent: The microstructure of char and absorbent

Pini Gurfil; Sofia Belyanin, 2008:
The gauge-generalized GyldnMeshcherskii Problem

Yimin Qin, 2008:
The gel swelling properties of alginate fibers and their applications in wound management

Wanjie Wang; Yanxia Cao; Jingwu Wang; Qiang Zheng, 2008:
The gelation behaviors of the reactive blends of nylon1212 and functional elastomer

Adams, P C.; Skop, E, 2008:
The gendering of Asian Indian transnationalism on the Internet

Koukouras, A; Türkay, M; Mavidis, M, 2008:
The genera Atergatis, Microcassiope, Monodaeus, Paractea,Paragalene, and Xantho (Decapoda, Xanthidae) in the Mediterranean Sea

María Capa, 2008:
The generaBispiraKryer, 1856 andStylommaKnight-Jones, 1997 (Polychaeta, Sabellidae): systematic revision, relationships with close related taxa and new species from Australia

Crewell, S; Mech, M; Reinhardt, T; Selbach, C; Betz, H-Dieter; Brocard, E; Dick, G; O'Connor, E; Fischer, Jürgen; Hanisch, T; Hauf, T; Hünerbein, A; Delobbe, L; Mathes, A; Peters, G; Wernli, H; Wiegner, M; Wulfmeyer, V, 2008:
The general observation period 2007 within the priority program on quantitative precipitation forecasting: Concept and first results

M. De la Sen, 2008:
The generalized BevertonHolt equation and the control of populations

Meng-Yu Lee; Fang-Bo Yeh; An-Pin Chen, 2008:
The generalized sequential compound options pricing and sensitivity analysis

Zheng-Ming Ge; Cheng-Hsiung Yang, 2008:
The generalized synchronization of a Quantum-CNN chaotic oscillator with different order systems

Shun-dong Zhu, 2008:
The generalizing Riccati equation mapping method in non-linear evolution equation: application to (2 + 1)-dimensional BoitiLeonPempinelle equation

Rafiei, B; Mollai, H; Ghorbani, M, 2008:
The genesis of Late Triassic allochthonous karst-type bauxite deposits of the Kisejin area, Ab-e-Garm district, Iran

Lyn Littlefield; Jill Giese, 2008:
The genesis, implementation and impact of the Better Access mental health initiative introducing Medicare-funded psychology services

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The genetics and evolution of the general factor of personality

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The genomeits as simple as that!

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The genusAshinagaMatsumura, 1929 and its position in the classification of the gelechioid moths (Lepidoptera, Gelechiiformes)

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The geochemical characteristics and oil-source rock correlation of oilshow from the Majiashan profile, Chaoxian County, South of Anhui Province

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The geochemistry of the Sorvik granitea TIB-1 granite

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The geomorphology of the Great Barrier Reef: Development, diversity and change

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The ghost in the city and a landscape of life: a reading of difference in Shirow and Oshiis Ghost in the Shell

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The ghosts of Kashmir

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The ghosts of the past: Latin literature, the dead, and Rome's transition to a Principate

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The gibbs energy, chemical potential, and state parameters of the surface of an ionic micelle in the form of an ellipsoid of revolution

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The gilded bronze panels of the Porta del Paradiso by Lorenzo Ghiberti: non-destructive analyses using X-ray fluorescence

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The global construction of development models: the US, Japan and the East Asian miracle

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The global thermohaline circulation in box and spectral low-order models. Part 1: single basin models

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The glorification of gout in 16th- to 18th-century literature

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The good architect and the bad parent: on the formation and disruption of a canonical image

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The good, the bad, and the hopeful

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The governance challenge for implementing effective market-based climate policies: A case study of The New South Wales Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme

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The governance of sustainable development: taking stock and looking forwards

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The government's new 10year drug strategy a strategic tool or yet more spin?

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The government's terrorism strategy: implications for partnerships

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The gravitational effect of ocean tide loading at high latitude coastal stations in Norway

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The gray area between palliative care and active shortening of the dying process

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The great 1787 Mexican tsunami

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The greatest emergency of all

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The group SO(4) and generalized function

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The growth and management of R&D outsourcing: evidence from UK pharmaceuticals

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The growth impact of the metropolitan statistical area designation

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The growth inhibitory effect of mesenchymal stem cells on tumor cells in vitro and in vivo

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The growth mechanism of ZnO single-crystal nanorods synthesized by polymer complexing with zinc salts

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The hardenability of austenite with different alloy content and dispersion in dual-phase steels

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The hazardous priority substances in Italy: National rules and environmental quality standard in marine environment

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The health of grandmothers raising grandchildren: Does the quality of family relationships matter?

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The health of populations: general theories and particular realities. Stephen J. Kunitz

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The heart of leadership

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The heart-shaped supernova remnant 3C 391 viewed in multi-bands

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The heat capacity of solid antimony telluride Sb2Te3

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The hexachiral prismatic wingbox concept

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The hidden neurons selection of the wavelet networks using support vector machines and ridge regression

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The hierarchical model for load balancing on two machines

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The high pressure crystal structures of tin sulphate: a case study for maximal information recovery from 2D powder diffraction data

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The high-latitude thermospheric mass density anomaly: A historical review and a semi-empirical model

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The high-pressureC2/cP21/cphase transition along the LiAlSi2O6LiGaSi2O6solid solution

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The highly invasive algaCaulerpa racemosavar.cylindraceaposes a new threat to the banks of the coralCladocora caespitosain the Adriatic Sea

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The historical construction of correlation as a conceptual and operative instrument for empirical research

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The historical turf farms of Iceland: Architecture, building technology and the indoor environment

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The history of JOV of 10 years

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The history of MASW

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The history of expansion of the genusBursaphelenchus(Nematoda: Aphelenchida: Parasitaphelenchidae)

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The history of the International Paediatric Association by Thomas Stapleton

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The holotype of the trigonotarbid arachnid Maiocercus orbicularis Gill, 1911, a junior synonym of M. celticus (Pocock, 1902)

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The homevisiting process for older people in the inpatient intermediate care services

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The homicide phenomenon: The role of mental ilness

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The horn flap as a versatile technique to treat basal cell carcinoma on the lower eyelid

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The hotel and the city

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The house keys: an innovative approach to supported housing in Rome

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The household energy transition in India and China

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The human dynamics of migrant transnationalism

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The hybrid structures of international new ventures: A social capital approach and research agenda

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The hydration of MG-1 weakly basic anion exchanger in the basic and citrate forms

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The hydrochemical characteristics and evolution of groundwater and surface water in the Heihe River Basin, northwest China

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The hydrological impact of low-flow alleviation measures

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The hydrolysis and recrystallisation of lyocell and comparative cellulosic fibres in solutions of mineral acid

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The hydrolysis of xylan by Cellulomonas preparations

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The hydrolytic route to Co-porphyrin-doped SnO2 gas-sensing materials: Chemical study of Co-porphyrin versus Sn(IV) oxide interactions

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The hydrophobicity of non-aqueous liquids and their dispersion in water under degassed conditions

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The hydrothermal analogy role of ionic liquid in transforming amorphous TiO2to anatase TiO2: elucidating effects of ionic liquids and heating method

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The hyperfine structure in the rotational spectra of bromofluoromethane: Lamb-dip technique and quantum-chemical calculations

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The iPhone in Medical Libraries

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The identity intrusion effect: Attentional capture or perceptual load?

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The identity of psychoanalysis and psychoanalysts

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The illusion of scholastic incompetence and peer acceptance in primary school

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The imagination effect increases with an increased intrinsic cognitive load

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The impact of "training the trainers" course for helping tsunami-survivor children on Sri Lankan disaster volunteer workers

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The impact of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean sea surface temperature anomalies on the North Atlantic multidecadal variability

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The impact of Bispectral Index monitoring on sedation administration in mechanically ventilated patients

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The impact of EFL testing on EFL education in Korea

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The impact of EU policies on energy use in and the evolution of the UK built environment

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The impact of Hurricane Ivan on the primary productivity and metabolism of marsh tidal creeks in the NorthCentral Gulf of Mexico

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The impact of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 on standardisation of social responsibilityan inside perspective

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The impact of Katrina: Shedding light on things forgotten

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The impact of a boost dose on the local recurrence rate in high risk patients after breast conserving therapy results from the EORTC boost-no boost trial

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The impact of a cooperative learning experience on pupils popularity, noncooperativeness, and interethnic bias in multiethnic elementary schools

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The impact of a leadership development course for junior academic medical faculty

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The impact of adolescent concerns on their academic stress

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The impact of aerosols on non-precipitating marine stratocumulus. I: Model description and prediction of the indirect effect

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The impact of aerosols on non-precipitating marine stratocumulus. II: The semi-direct effect

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The impact of age on long-term outcome in patients with endometrial cancer treated with postoperative radiation

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The impact of air-sea fluxes on the thermohaline circulation

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The impact of an electronic prescribing and administration system on the safety and quality of medication administration

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The impact of angle-of-arrival fluctuations of electromagnetic wave on the direction of maximum radiation of aperture antennas

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The impact of branch chain amino acid supplementation on body composition in cirrhosis

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The impact of branding on low-income adolescents: A vicious cycle?

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The impact of bundles of strategic human resource management practices on the performance of European firms

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The impact of cardiac surgery on cognition

Rasika Jayasekara, 2008:
The impact of care pathway technologies on service integration in stroke care

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The impact of color combinations on the legibility of a Web page text presented on CRT displays

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The impact of competition and uncertainty on the adoption of target costing

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The impact of computer versus paperpencil survey, and individual versus group administration, on self-reports of sensitive behaviors

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The impact of context on discourse marker use in two conversational genres

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The impact of continuous positive airway pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter

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The impact of customer interface quality, satisfaction and switching costs on e-loyalty: Internet experience as a moderator

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The impact of deformation strain on the formation of banded clouds in idealized modelling experiments

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The impact of diabetes on outcome in traumatically injured patients: an analysis of the National Trauma Data Bank

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The impact of different teaching methods on students arithmetic and selfregulated learning skills

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The impact of downward social information on

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The impact of drugs in syringes on bacterial growth if contaminated on ICU

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The impact of early dementia on outdoor life: A `shrinking world'?

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The impact of emotionality and self-disclosure on online dating versus traditional dating

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The impact of employee satisfaction on quality and profitability in high-contact service industries

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The impact of employment equity regulations on psychological contracts in South Africa

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The impact of energy efficiency programs on the growth of electricity sales

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The impact of equity markets and corporate governance on labour market flexibility

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The impact of erectile dysfunction on female partners: a qualitative investigation

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The impact of errors in polar motion and nutation on UT1 determinations from VLBI Intensive observations

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The impact of extratropical transition on the downstream flow: An idealized modelling study with a straight jet

Mark, J. Kaiser, 2008:
The impact of extreme weather on offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico

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The impact of fish farming and bank construction on Ostracoda in Uranouchi Bay on the Pacific coast of southwest Japan-Faunal changes between 1954 and 2002/2005

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The impact of food inflation on urban poverty and its monetary cost: some back-of-the-envelope calculations

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The impact of government budgets on prices: Evidence from macroeconometric models

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The impact of hidden loss

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The impact of high-speed technology on railway demand

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The impact of imagined audiences on self-appraisals

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The impact of individual and organizational characteristics on workfamily conflict and career outcomes

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The impact of information sharing in a multiple-echelon supply chain

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The impact of instability appearance on the quadratic law for flow through porous media

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The impact of interpersonal style on aggression and treatment non-completion in patients with personality disorder admitted to a medium secure psychiatric unit

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The impact of low secure unit care on patient outcomes

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The impact of mergers and acquisitions on corporate performance in India

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The impact of monetary policy on stock prices

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The impact of mountain wakes on the drag exerted on downstream mountains

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The impact of nematode parasites on the behaviour of an Australian lizard, the gidgee skinkEgernia stokesii

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The impact of nuisance bleeding on clopidogrel compliance in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stents

Kerri Holzhauser; Julia Crilly, 2008:
The impact of nurse researcher positions on patient care in the Emergency Department

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The impact of obesity in children with congenital and acquired heart disease

Shao-kang Lo, 2008:
The impact of online game characters outward attractiveness and social status on interpersonal attraction

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The impact of peer support schemes on pupils' perceptions of bullying, aggression and safety at school

Oshagbemi, T, 2008:
The impact of personal and organisational variables on the leadership styles of managers

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The impact of physical activity on the risk of development an acute coronary syndrome, in hypertensive subjects

Patrick, F. Conforti; Manish Prasad; Barbara, J. Garrison, 2008:
The impact of point thermal absorbers in ablation of

Andrzej Jerzy Kostrzewski; Soraya Dhillon; Danë Goodsman; Kevin, M. G. Taylor, 2008:
The impact of portfolios on health professionals' practice: a literature review

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The impact of power and relationship commitment on the integration between manufacturers and customers in a supply chain

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The impact of presentation format on causal inferences

Pablo Arocena; Imanol Núñez; Mikel Villanueva, 2008:
The impact of prevention measures and organisational factors on occupational injuries

Jia-Chi Tsou; Wen-Jinn Chen, 2008:
The impact of preventive activities on the economics of production systems: Modeling and application

James, W. Hamister; Nallan, C. Suresh, 2008:
The impact of pricing policy on sales variability in a supermarket retail context

Graham, T.P., 2008:
The impact of pulmonary valve replacement after tetralogy of Fallot repair: a matched comparison

Ulrich Hauptmanns, 2008:
The impact of reliability data on probabilistic safety calculations

Joong, Y. Son; Chwen Sheu, 2008:
The impact of replenishment policy deviations in a decentralized supply chain

Elvira Cicognani; Cinzia Albanesi; Bruna Zani, 2008:
The impact of residential context on adolescents' Subjective Well being

Vladimir Hlasny, 2008:
The impact of restructuring and deregulation on gas rates

Andrew Mills; Ryan Wiser; Galen Barbose; William Golove, 2008:
The impact of retail rate structures on the economics of commercial photovoltaic systems in California

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The impact of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) on the organizational health of elementary schools

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The impact of simulated super pressure balloon data on regional weather analyses and forecasts

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The impact of spatial wind variations on freshwater transport by the Alaska Coastal Current

Y.B. Guo; A.W. Warren, 2008:
The impact of surface integrity by hard turning vs. grinding on fatigue damage mechanisms in rolling contact

N. Arslan; H. Demirel, 2008:
The impact of temporal ionospheric gradients in Northern Europe on relative GPS positioning

G. Zängl; A. Gohm; F. Obleitner, 2008:
The impact of the PBL scheme and the vertical distribution of model layers on simulations of Alpine foehn

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The impact of therapeutical intervention on lipid metabolism of end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients

Thiers, B.H., 2008:
The impact of total body photography on biopsy rate in patients from a pigmented lesion clinic

Ewing, R; Rong, F, 2008:
The impact of urban form on U.S. residential energy use

Yin-Chun Liang; Zheng Zhou; Min Shao; Jiao Geng; You-Ting Wu; Zhi-Bing Zhang, 2008:
The impact of valve tray geometry on the interfacial area of mass transfer

Eja Pedersen; Pernilla Larsman, 2008:
The impact of visual factors on noise annoyance among people living in the vicinity of wind turbines

Sónia M. Pedroso Gonçalves; Silvia Agostinho da Silva; Maria Luísa Lima; Josep, L. Meliá, 2008:
The impact of work accidents experience on causal attributions and worker behaviour

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The impact of work on morbidity-related early retirement

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The impact of work/family demand on workfamily conflict

J. Rogé; S. Otmani; T. Pébayle; A. Muzet, 2008:
The impact of age on useful visual field deterioration and risk evaluation in a simulated driving task

Yuan-Chieh Chang; Phil, Y. Yang, 2008:
The impacts of academic patenting and licensing on knowledge production and diffusion: a test of the anti-commons effect in Taiwan

Fethi Calisir; Demet Karaali, 2008:
The impacts of banner location, banner content and navigation style on banner recognition

Shen, J; Dicker, B, 2008:
The impacts of shiftwork on employees

G. Lipari; E. Napoli, 2008:
The impacts of the ALE and hydrostatic-pressure approaches on the energy budget of unsteady free-surface flows

Ian, T. Jolliffe, 2008:
The impenetrable hedge: a note on propriety, equitability and consistency

Frutkin, M., 2008:
The impetus to cure

Young, S, 2008:
The implementation of single-sludge step-feed anoxicaerobic process in a domestic wastewater treatment plant

B. B. Paudyal; K. R. McIntosh; D. H. Macdonald; B. S. Richards; R. A. Sinton, 2008:
The implementation of temperature control to an inductive-coil photoconductance instrument for the range of 0230C

Laurence, A. G. Marshman; A. Robert Aspoas; Manjit, S. Rai; Sanjiv, J. Chawda, 2008:
The implications of ISAT and ISUIA for the management of cerebral aneurysms during pregnancy

Philip Wolfe, 2008:
The implications of an increasingly decentralised energy system

Alexander Brown; Mabel, C. Chou; Christopher, S. Tang, 2008:
The implications of pooled returns policies

Steven, E. Clark, 2008:
The importance (necessity) of computational modelling for eyewitness identification research

Adriano, P.; Silva, A. Santos; Veiga, M.R.; Mirão, J.; Candeias, A.E, 2008:
The importance of SEM-EDS analysis in the study of old mortars

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The importance of being Earnest

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