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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63742

Chapter 63742 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gao, L; Paterson, N; Dugwell, D; Kandiyoti, R, 2008:
Zero-Emission Carbon Concept (ZECA): Equipment Commissioning and Extents of the Reaction with Hydrogen and Steam

Saman, S. Abeysekera; Yun Ye, 2008:
Zero-based equalizers for single-input single-output and single-input multiple-output channels

Senhua, H; Ling, Q; Lin, S, 2008:
Zero-forcing beamforming with receiver antenna selection in downlink multi-antenna multi-user system

K. Hantke; S. Horst; S. Chatterjee; P. J. Klar; K. Volz; W. Stolz; W. W. Rühle; F. Masia; G. Pettinari; A. Polimeni; M. Capizzi, 2008:
Zero-phonon lines of nitrogen-cluster states in GaNxAs1x: H identified by time-resolved photoluminescence

Graham Harman, 2008:
Zeroing in on Evocative Objects

Hidalgo, Rén A., 2008:
Zeros of semilinear systems with applications to nonlinear partial difference equations on graphs

I.A. Adamietz, 2008:
Zertifizierte Fortbildung in Der Onkologe

Claus-Uwe Hinrichs, 2008:
Zertifizierung nach DIN EN ISO 13485 im Geltungsbereich Aufbereitung wichtige Aspekte aus Sicht einer Zertifizierungsstelle

E. Hoffmann, 2008:
Zertifizierungsverfahren in der Onkologie

C. Mozet; P. Wuttke; J. Bertolini; L.-C. Horn; A. Dietz, 2008:
Zervikale und axillare Metastasen unbekannten Ursprungs

H. Hertel; A. Schneider; C. Altgassen; P. Hillemanns, 2008:

Pei-Qing Yuan; Zhen-Min Cheng; Zhi-Ming Zhou; Wei-Kang Yuan; Raphael Semiat, 2008:
Zeta potential on the anti-scalant modified sub-micro calcite surface

Staffan Müller-Wille, 2008:
Zeugung, Entwicklung, Evolution

Stefano Peruzzi, 2008:
Zhanjiang (John) Liu (ed): Aquaculture Genome Technologies

Leiwen Jiang, 2008:
Zhongwei Zhao and Fei Guo (eds): Transition and Challenge: Chinas Population at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Yury, V. Kissin; Xinsheng Liu; David, J. Pollick; Nancy, L. Brungard; Main Chang, 2008:
Ziegler-Natta catalysts for propylene polymerization: Chemistry of reactions leading to the formation of active centers

E. M. van der Does, 2008:
Zijn btablokkers en diuretica nog steeds middelen van eerste keuze bij hypertensie?

Len van der Rijst, 2008:
Zijn mannen gewelddadiger tegen hun partners dan vrouwen?

Wim Meijer, 2008:
Zijn speciale kinderen beter af op een speciale basisschool?

D. B. Toll, 2008:
Zijn non-inferiority-trials onethisch?

Kriger, N, 2008:
Zimbabwe's Parliamentary Election of 2005: The Myth of New Electoral Laws**

Dubik, M., 2008:
Zinc Lozenges Ameliorate Cold Symptoms

E. A. Fouad, 2008:
Zinc and Copper Separation through an Emulsion Liquid Membrane Containing Di-(2-Ethylhexyl) Phosphoric Acid as a Carrier

Kelvin, K. Shen; Saied Kochesfahani; Frédéric Jouffret, 2008:
Zinc borates as multifunctional polymer additives

L. N. Dem’yanets; V. V. Artemov; L. E. Li; Yu. M. Mininzon; T. G. Uvarova, 2008:
Zinc oxide hollow microstructures and nanostructures formed under hydrothermal conditions

D. Valerini; A. P. Caricato; M. Lomascolo; F. Romano; A. Taurino; T. Tunno; M. Martino, 2008:
Zinc oxide nanostructures grown by pulsed laser deposition

T.A. Reena; E.B. Seena; M.R. Prathapachandra Kurup, 2008:
Zinc(II) complexes derived from di-2-pyridyl ketone N4-phenyl-3-semicarbazone: Crystal structures and spectral studies

Yong Chen; Xi-Juan Zhao; Xin Gan; Wen-Fu Fu, 2008:
Zinc(II) complexes with 1,8-naphthyridine-based ligand: Crystal structures and luminescent properties

O. V. Kotova; S. V. Eliseeva; A. S. Averjushkin; L. S. Lepnev; A. A. Vaschenko; A. Yu. Rogachev; A. G. Vitukhnovskii; N. P. Kuzmina, 2008:
Zinc(II) complexes with Schiff bases derived from ethylenediamine and salicylaldehyde: the synthesis and photoluminescent properties

Manindranath Bera; Ghezai, T. Musie; Douglas, R. Powell, 2008:
Zinc(II) mediated cyclization and complexation of an unsymmetrical dicarboxyamine ligand: Synthesis, spectral and crystal structures characterizations

Byeong Kwon Park; Sun Hwa Lee; Eun Yong Lee; Han Kwak; Young Min Lee; Yu Jin Lee; Je Yeol Jun; Cheal Kim; Sung-Jin Kim; Youngmee Kim, 2008:
Zinc(II) polymeric compounds with a chelating ligand bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amine (bispicam) directed by intermolecular C/N/OHX (X = Cl, Br, I) interactions: Catalytic activities

B. Johnev; K. Fostiropoulos, 2008:
Zinc-phthalocyaninetetraphosphonic acid as a novel transparent-conducting-oxide passivation for organic photovoltaic devices

Richard, E. McCarty, 2008:
Zippora Gromet-Elhanan (19312007), a passionate and a fiercely dedicated scientist

Gutnik, I; Weizman, A, 2008:
Ziprasidone: clinical properties and therapeutic promise

Alembert Alexandre Ganwa; Wolfgang Frisch; Wolfgang Siebel; Cosmas Kongnyuy Shang; Joseph Mvondo Ondoa; Muharrem Satir; Jacqueline Tchakounté Numbem, 2008:
Zircon 207Pb/206Pb evaporation ages of Panafrican metasedimentary rocks in the Komb-II area (Bafia Group, Cameroon): Constraints on protolith age and provenance

Lutz Nasdala; Wolfgang Hofmeister; Nicholas Norberg; James, M. Martinson; Fernando Corfu; Wolfgang Dörr; Sandra, L. Kamo; Allen, K. Kennedy; Andreas Kronz; Peter, W. Reiners; Dirk Frei; Jan Kosler; Yusheng Wan; Jens Götze; Tobias Häger; Alfred Kröner; John, W. Valley, 2008:
Zircon M257 - a Homogeneous Natural Reference Material for the Ion Microprobe U-Pb Analysis of Zircon

S. Köksal; M. Cemal Göncüoglu; F. Toksoy-Köksal; A. Möller; H. Kemnitz, 2008:
Zircon typologies and internal structures as petrogenetic indicators in contrasting granitoid types from central Anatolia, Turkey

Yadav, G D.; Pathre, G S., 2008:
Zirconia-Modified Superacid UDCaT-5: An Efficient and Versatile Catalyst for Alkylation Reactions under Solvent-Free Conditions

Hongying Hou; Gongquan Sun; Zhimou Wu; Wei Jin; Qin Xin, 2008:
Zirconium phosphate/Nafion115 composite membrane for high-concentration DMFC

Marja Vink; Hans Houweling, 2008:
Zit er wel enige samenhang in?

Wiskirska-Woźnica, Bżena; Obrębowski, A, 2008:
Zjazd foniatrw, audiologw i protetykw suchu w Poznaniu (810. V. 2008)

S.I.H. Taqvi; S.M. Hasany; M.I. Bhanger, 2008:
Zn(II) ions removal from aqueous solution by Karachi beach sand, a mixed crystal systems

Ji-Jun Zou; Bin Zhu; Li Wang; Xiangwen Zhang; Zhentao Mi, 2008:
Zn- and La-modified TiO2 photocatalysts for the isomerization of norbornadiene to quadricyclane

Wen-Tong Chen; Dong-Sheng Liu; Shao-Ming Ying; Hua-Long Chen; Ya-Ping Xu, 2008:
ZnCl3(4-methyl-4,4-bipyridinium) with 4-methyl-4,4-bipyridinium generated in situ: synthesis, structure and photoluminescence

Jolanta Wolska; Krystyna Przepiera; Hanna Grabowska; Aleksander Przepiera; Maciej Jabłoński; Roman Klimkiewicz, 2008:
ZnFe2O4as a new catalyst in theC-methylation of phenol

Yu. A. Zagoruiko; N. O. Kovalenko; P. V. Mateychenko; O. A. Fedorenko; A. G. Fedorov, 2008:
ZnO films obtained by photoelectrothermal oxidation, their properties, and possibilities of practical application

Pedro, M. F. J. Costa; Dmitri Golberg; Guozhen Shen; Masanori Mitome; Yoshio Bando, 2008:
ZnO low-dimensional structures: electrical properties measured inside a transmission electron microscope

Y. Li; W. F. Li; G. Xu; X. L. Ma; H. M. Cheng, 2008:
ZnO microcolumns originated from self-assembled nanorods

Ying Hou; Ming Yang; Guangsheng Pang; Shouhua Feng, 2008:
ZnO microrods with etched surface prepared by two-step hydrothermal reaction

Lyudmila Nikolaevna Dem’yanets; Lyudmila Li; Tatiana Uvarova; Yurii Mininzon, 2008:
ZnO ultra-fine powders and films: hydrothermal synthesis, luminescence and UV lasing at room temperature

D.W. Zeng; C.S. Xie; M. Dong; W.L. Song; R. Jiang; J.B. Wang, 2008:
ZnO-coated zinc antimonate nanocables

Hugo van Waarde, 2008:
Zoeken naar de beste zorg

Margot Verkuylen; Yolanda Rutten; Annelies Simons, 2008:
Zoektocht naar verbeteringen bij pijn

David, L. Basi, 2008:
Zoledronic Acid Disrupts VEGFR2 Intracellular Trafficking in Endothelial Cells

Clarke, B.L., 2008:
Zoledronic Acid and Clinical Fractures and Mortality after Hip Fracture

L. Elmans, 2008:
Zoledronic acid and clinical fractures and mortality after hip fracture

Lewiecki, E Michael, 2008:
Zoledronic acid in the management of osteoporosis: the HORIZON trials

Willem de Regt, 2008:
ZonMw als intermediair tussen onderzoek, praktijk en beleid

Daniel Wendling; Gérald Streit; Eric Toussirot; Clément Prati, 2008:
Zona au cours de rhumatismes inflammatoires chroniques traits par anti-TNF-a

Gourdeau, L; Kessler, W S.; Davis, R E.; Sherman, J; Maes, C; Kestenare, E, 2008:
Zonal Jets Entering the Coral Sea

Beron-Vera, F. J.; Brown, M. G.; Olascoaga, M. J.; Rypina, I. I.; Koçak, H.; Udovydchenkov, I. A., 2008:
Zonal Jets as Transport Barriers in Planetary Atmospheres

F. Richez; I. Mary; V. Gleize; C. Basdevant, 2008:
Zonal RANS/LES coupling simulation of a transitional and separated flow around an airfoil near stall

J. M. Kreyns, 2008:
Zonder business geen science

Noëlle Pameijer, 2008:
Zonder diagnostiek geen behandeling?

Primo, C; Vázquez, E, 2008:
Zoogeography of the southern New Zealand, Tasmanian and southern African ascidian fauna

Martinez-Lorenzo, J A.; Garcia-Pino, A; Gonzalez-Valdes, B; Rappaport, C M., 2008:
Zooming and Scanning Gregorian Confocal Dual Reflector Antennas

Abadia, G., 2008:
Zoonoses et sant au travail

Peter, V.Z. Lane; Leopoldo Llinás; Sharon, L. Smith; Dora Pilz, 2008:
Zooplankton distribution in the western Arctic during summer 2002: Hydrographic habitats and implications for food chain dynamics

George Kehayias; Ekaterini Chalkia; Stavroula Chalkia; George Nistikakis; Ierotheos Zacharias; Anastasios Zotos, 2008:
Zooplankton dynamics in the upstream part of Stratos reservoir (Greece)

Florencia Rojas Molina; Susana José de Paggi, 2008:
Zooplankton in the paran river floodplain (South America) before and after the invasion ofLimnoperna fortunei(Bivalvia)

Femke van den Berg, 2008:
Zorgcompetenties opgenomen in proeven van bekwaamheid voor opleidingen Welzijn

Piet van Leeuwen, 2008:
Zorgen van en zorgen voor een ALS-patint

Anne Marie Meijer; Susan, J. E. van Oostveen; Geert Jan, J. M. Stams, 2008:
Zorgen voor een zieke ouder

Femke Vlems; Piet Stam; Aldien Poll, 2008:
Zorginkoop en de CQ-index

Henk-Jan de Winter; Marlene Middelburg, 2008:
Zorgprogrammering leidt tot betere afstemming

Xu, L-Wen; Yang, L; Sun, W; Xia, C-Gu, 2008:
Zr(OTf)4-Catalyzed Direct Three-Component Mannich-Type Reaction of Carbamates: An Efficient One-Step Synthesis of N-Protected β- Aryl-β -Amino Ketones

B. Halfmann; H.-R. Kortmann, 2008:
Zugangsbedingte Osteotomien

Mario Schirmer, 2008:
Zukünftige Grundwasserforschung – Was sind unsere Aufgaben?

Bert Heinrichs, 2008:
Zum Beispiel. ber den methodologischen Stellenwert von Fallbeispielen in der Angewandten Ethik

Jana Burgerová, 2008:
Zum DPG-Kongress „Psychoanalyse und Globalisierung“ in München im Mai 2008Gegen die Wand

Klaus Kallenbach; A. Markewitz; F. A. Schöndube; H. -R. Zerkowski; K. Kallenbach • A. Markewitz • F. A. Schöndube • H.-R. Zerkowskifür die Kommission für Leitlinien der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Thorax-, H- undGefäßchirurgie, 2008:
Zum aktuellen Stand von Leitlinienprojekten des Fachgebietes Thorax-, Herz- und Gefäßchirurgie

K. H. Leitz; J. Neu, 2008:
Zum neurologischorthopädischen Trauma der oberen Extremität nach kardiovaskulären Operationen

Wang, H.; Lau, N.; Gerdes, R.M., 2018:
Examining Cybersecurity of Cyberphysical Systems for Critical Infrastructures Through Work Domain Analysis

R. Sacher, 2008:
Zur Biomechanik der Halswirbelsäule

C. Schäfers; T. Frische; H.-C. Stolzenberg; A. Weyers; S. Zok; Th. Knacker, 2008:
Zur Entwicklung einer Prüfstrategie auf sexual-endokrine Wirksamkeit einer chemischen Substanz bei Fischen

Dietrich Kadolsky, 2008:
Zur Identität und Synonymie der häufigeren „Hydrobien“ der Rüssingen-Formation (Inflata-Schichten) und Wiesbaden-Formation (Hydrobien-Schichten) (Miozän, Mainzer Becken) (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia: Rissooidea)

C. Faschinger, 2008:
Zur Orientierung und was Augen dazu beitragen

K. Ammer, 2008:
Zur Wirksamkeit einer einmaligen Manualtherapie bei chronischem Zervikalsyndrom

G. Hehl, 2008:
Zusammenhangstrennung der Rotatorenmanschette

V. Pavlicek, 2008:
Zusätzliche Insulingabe bei Patienten mit Typ-2-Diabetes: Welche Therapieform ist die richtige?

De Grave, S; Anker, A, 2008:
Zuzalpheus Ros and Duffy, 2007: A Junior Synonym of Synalpheus Bate, 1888 (Decapoda: Alpheidae)

Bibi Becking, 2008:
Zwarte interdentale ruimtes in het bovenfront na orthodontische behandeling van volwassenen

Silke Schicktanz, 2008:
Zwischen Selbst-Deutung und Interpretation durch Dritte:

Stephen Maturo; Manuel, A. Lopez, 2008:
Zygomaticoorbitomaxillary complex fractures

Hisayoshi Nozaki, 2008:
Zygote germination inPleodorina starrii(Volvocaceae, Chlorophyta)

S. Deyle; A. Leiser; M. Binkert; F. Bannwart; B. Lerf, 2008:
Zystische Adventitiadegeneration (CAD) als Ursache einer invalidisierenden Claudicatio intermittens

G. Günther, 2008:
Zystische Fibrose

M. Herbolsheimer, 2008:
Zytostase statt Strahlentherapie in der Adjuvanz des fortgeschrittenen Endometriumkarzinoms?

Cheung, M., 2008:
`Click here': the impact of new media on the encoding of persuasive messages in direct marketing

Sondergaard, M.; Peterson, M. F., 2008:
`Coming of Age Outside of Samoa': Review of the International Conference on the Cross Cultural A Note on the Aarhus Master Class in Developing a Scholarly Background in International Organizational Studies of Management

Stokoe, E.; Edwards, D., 2008:
`Did you have permission to smash your neighbour's door?' Silly questions and their answers in police--suspect interrogations

Berrios, G.E., 2008:
`Essay on a classification of different genera of insanity' by J. Baillarger (1853)

Jeffrey, C., 2008:
`Generation Nowhere': rethinking youth through the lens of unemployed young men

Orgad, S., 2008:
`Have you seen Bloomberg?': Satellite news channels as agents of the new visibility

de Kwaadsteniet, E. W.; van Dijk, E.; Wit, A.; De Cremer, D., 2008:
`How Many of Us Are There?': Group Size Uncertainty and Social Value Orientations in Common Resource Dilemmas

Rudolfsdottir, A. G.; Jolliffe, R., 2008:
`I Don't Think People Really Talk about It That Much': Young Women Discuss Feminism

Cobb-Moore, C.; Danby, S.; Farrell, A., 2008:
`I told you so': justification used in disputes in young children's interactions in an early childhood classroom

Cahill, S. M.; Gibb, M.; Bruce, I.; Headon, M.; Drury, M., 2008:
`I was worried coming in because I don't really know why it was arranged': The subjective experience of new patients and their primary caregivers attending a memory clinic

Gosling, R.; Stanistreet, D.; Swami, V., 2008:
`If Michael Owen drinks it, why can't I?' -- 9 and 10 year olds' perceptions of physical activity and healthy eating

Boonzaier, F., 2008:
`If the Man Says you Must Sit, Then you Must Sit': The Relational Construction of Woman Abuse: Gender, Subjectivity and Violence

Johnson, N.; Dickson-Swift, V., 2008:
`It usually happens in older women': Young women's perceptions about breast cancer

Boag, S., 2008:
`Mind as Feeling' or Affective Relations?: A Contribution to the School of Andersonian Realism

Horner, M. W., 2008:
`Optimal' Accessibility Landscapes? Development of a New Methodology for Simulating and Assessing Jobs--Housing Relationships in Urban Regions

Orr, W. W.F., 2008:
`Prospecting an encounter' as a communicative event

Gone, J. P., 2008:
`So I Can Be Like a Whiteman': The Cultural Psychology of Space and Place in American Indian Mental Health

Gambino, M., 2008:
`These strangers within our gates': race, psychiatry and mental illness among black Americans at St Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC, 1900--40

Riketta, M.; Sacramento, C. A., 2008:
`They Cooperate With Us, So They Are Like Me': Perceived Intergroup Relationship Moderates Projection from Self to Outgroups

Johnson, P., 2008:
`Violence All Around Us': Dilemmas of Global and Local Agendas Addressing Violence against Palestinian Women, an Initial Intervention

Toros, H., 2008:
`We Don't Negotiate with Terrorists!': Legitimacy and Complexity in Terrorist Conflicts

McLaren-Hankin, Y., 2008:
`We expect to report on significant progress in our product pipeline in the coming year': hedging forward-looking statements in corporate press releases

Judd, S., 2008:
`We shape our buildings . . . thereafter they shape us'

von Fraunhofer, N., 2008:
`What's in it For Me?' The Development from Immature to Mature Dependence in Groups

Buchbinder, M. H., 2008:
`You're still sick!' Framing, footing, and participation in children's medical play

Ryan, S., 2008:
action or reaction!: reflecting on Sally Lubeck's wisdom to reinvent the field of early education

T. P. Tourova; T. N. Nazina; E. M. Mikhailova; T. A. Rodionova; A. N. Ekimov; A. V. Mashukova; A. B. Poltaraus, 2008:
alkB homologs in thermophilic bacteria of the genusGeobacillus

Lahman, M. K.E., 2008:
always Othered: ethical research with children

Marco, A.U. Martines; Marian, R. Davolos; Miguel Jafelicci Júnior; Dione, F. de Souza; Luiz, A.O. Nunes, 2008:
and luminescence in glass ceramic silica

Kang, H Woo; Kim, E-Jung; Park, S Bin, 2008:
by Spray Pyrolysis and Evaluation of Apparent Photocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Production from Water

Noureddine Boucif; Eric Favre; Denis Roizard, 2008:
capture in HFMM contactor with typical amine solutions: A numerical analysis

Lili Cao; Qi Li; Ulli Englert, 2008:
catena-Bis(-chloro)-(-O, -N-{2-thenoylhydrazine})-cadmium(II), a Novel Cadmium Coordination Polymer

Jines, E. Contreras; J.M. Delgado; Graciela Díaz de Delgado, 2008:
cistrans Isomerization under hydrothermal conditions. Synthesis and structure of calcium and barium 4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboxylates

Jiuxiang Dong; Guang-Hong Yang, 2008:
control for fast sampling discrete-time singularly perturbed systems

Alexander Jilek; Günther Kreil, 2008:
d-Amino Acids in Animal Peptides

Bissell, M.G., 2008:
d-Dimer Testing to Determine the Duration of Anticoagulation Therapy

O. S. Novikova; A. G. Blinov, 2008:
dUTPase-containing metaviridae LTR retrotransposons from the genome ofPhanerochaete chrysosporium(Fungi: Basidiomycota)

K. A. Balygin; M. D. Karetnikov; E. A. Meleshko; G. V. Yakovlev, 2008:
decrease in the dead time of proportional counters of neutrons after exposure to pulsed fluxes of ionizing radiation

William, E. Allen, 2008:
diFiore's Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations (11th Edition)

Bassok, D.; French, D.; Fuller, B.; Lynn Kagan, S., 2008:
do child care centers benefit poor children after school entry?

Johann Feilacher, 2008:
doppelbuberl, augustin walla

Flicker, S.; Maley, O.; Ridgley, A.; Biscope, S.; Lombardo, C.; Skinner, H. A., 2008:
e-PAR: Using technology and participatory action research to engage youth in health promotion

Matt Luther; Shane Lenson, 2008:
eLearning: 1091 episode of education in 2 months

Gertz, K; Endres, M, 2008:
eNOS and stroke: prevention, treatment and recovery

Donaldson Membranes, 2008:
ePTFE membrane filter media improve plant performance

Aubrey, C., 2008:
early childhood and care in England: when pedagogy is wed to politics

Ross-White, A, 2008:
ebrary Reader and Medical Texts

Misailidi, P.; Bonoti, F., 2008:
emotion in children's art: do young children understand the emotions expressed in other children's drawings?

M. J. H. de Cleen, 2008:

Antes, A.L.; Walsh, H.A.; Strait, M.; Hudson-Vitale, C.R.; DuBois, J.M., 2017:
Examining Data Repository Guidelines for Qualitative Data Sharing

Rubright, J.D.; Jodoin, M.; Barone, M.A., 2018:
Examining Demographics, Prior Academic Performance, and United States Medical Licensing Examination Scores

I. Sommer; C. Slotema; A.D. De Weijer; R.S. Kahn, 2008:
fMRI-guided TMS treatment for medication resistant hallucinations

Pihlajamäki, M; Sperling, R A, 2008:
fMRI: use in early Alzheimers disease and in clinical trials

Tibosch, M., 2008:
family stress in Dutch families with motor impaired toddlers: a survey in a Dutch rehabilitation centre

Ligang Wu; Peng Shi; Huijun Gao; Changhong Wang, 2008:
filtering for 2D Markovian jump systems

Zidong Wang; Yurong Liu; Xiaohui Liu, 2008:
filtering for uncertain stochastic time-delay systems with sector-bounded nonlinearities

Bloch, M. N., 2008:
gender, work, and child care: crossing borders in the life and work of Sally Lubeck

Yang, M; Waterman, M L.; Brachmann, R K., 2008:
hADA2a and hADA3 are required for acetylation, transcriptional activity and proliferative effects of beta-catenin

Lopez, C; Alumkal, J; Van Hook, K, 2008:
hADA2a and hADA3: new players in ß-catenin signaling

Shen, Y; Zhang, Y-Wei; Zhang, Z-Xiang; Miao, Z-Hong; Ding, J, 2008:
hTERT-targeted RNA interference inhibits tumorigenicity and motility of HCT116 cells

David, T., 2008:
how long is a woman's life, finally?

S. Olschwang, 2008:
iCOMET, Inherited COlon cancer METastases

Kometani, N.; Inata, S.; Shimokawa, A.; Yonezawa, Y., 2008:
in High-Temperature and High-Pressure Water

Anke te Heesen, 2008:
in medias res

Prothero, D R, 2008:
in western North America

Zengyou He; Xiaofei Xu; Shengchun Deng, 2008:
k-ANMI: A mutual information based clustering algorithm for categorical data

P. Martínez-Camblor; J. De Uña-Álvarez; N. Corral, 2008:
k-Sample test based on the common area of kernel density estimators

C. J. Oliver; M. J. Davidson; R. I. Nokes, 2008:
k-Predictions of the initial mixing of desalination discharges

R.P. Sukiasyan; H.A. Karapetyan; A.M. Petrosyan, 2008:
l-Lysine dioxalate

Stephen, C.; McPake, J.; Plowman, L.; Berch-Heyman, S., 2008:
learning from the children: exploring preschool children's encounters with ICT at home

Jessup, P. A., 2008:
learning research: insights from Head Start

Jaeschke, G; Wettstein, J G; Nordquist, R E; Spooren, W, 2008:
mGlu5 receptor antagonists and their therapeutic potential

N. E. Galanin; E. V. Kudrik; G. P. Shaposhnikov, 2008:
meso-Aryltetrabenzoporphyrins. Synthesis and properties

Giannakakis, A; Sandaltzopoulos, R; Greshock, J; Liang, S; Huang, J; Hasegawa, K; Li, C; O'Brien-Jenkins, A; Katsaros, D; Weber, B L.; Simon, C; Coukos, G; Zhang, L, 2008:
miR-210 links hypoxia with cell cycle regulation and is deleted in human epithelial ovarian cancer

Simone, N.L.; Soule, B.P.; Sowers, A.; Gius, D.; Mitchell, J.B., 2008:
microRNA Expression is Altered In Vivo by Ionizing Radiation and may be a Target to Prevent Fibrosis

Lixian Zhang; Peng Shi; El-Kébir Boukas; Changhong Wang, 2008:
model reduction for uncertain switched linear discrete-time systems

Goode, E, 2008:
moral panics and disproportionality: the case of LSD use in the sixties

Ashraf Aly Hassan; George, A. Sorial, 2008:
n-Hexane Biodegradation in Trickle Bed Air Biofilters

E. Schmich; H. Lautenschlager; T. Frieß; F. Trenkle; N. Schillinger; S. Reber, 2008:
n-Type emitter epitaxy for crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells

Mihailo, R. Jovanović; Makan Fardad, 2008:
norm of linear time-periodic systems: A perturbation analysis

Wan, J, 2008:
onthejob: Douglas Flemer Winemaker

Marco Ariola; Alfredo Pironti, 2008:
optimal terminal control for linear systems with delayed states and controls

E. Gershon; U. Shaked, 2008:
output-feedback control of discrete-time systems with state-multiplicative noise

Young-Gi Kim; Hermona Christian-Pandya; Nisha Ananthakrishnan; Zukhra, I. Niazimbetova; Barry, C. Thompson; Mary, E. Galvin; John, R. Reynolds, 2008:
p-OXA-X: A new Oligo photosensitizer for organic solar cells

Take-aki Koizumi; Bong-Jin Choi; Takakazu Yamamoto, 2008:
p-Quinquephenyl diamine, C6H5p-C6H4p-C6H2(2,3-NH2)p-C6H4C6H5, and its corresponding diimineRu(II) complex: Crystal structure and electrochemical and optical properties

Sanju Rani; M.C. Bhatnagar; Somnath, C. Roy; N.K. Puri; D. Kanjilal, 2008:
p-Type gas-sensing behaviour of undoped SnO2 thin films irradiated with a high-energy ion beam

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performance of students from the former USSR in Greek schools

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q-Weighted log-concavity and q-product theorem on the normality of posets

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rAdinbitor, a novel disintegrin from Agkistrodon halys brevicaudus stejneger inhibits adhesion and proliferation of SMMC-7721 cells

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regulation performance limitations for SIMO linear time-invariant feedback control systems

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ssessing the wind field over the continental shelf as a resource for electric power

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sProperties and Some Fundamental Issues

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the good, the bad and the pacifier: unsettling accounts of early years practice

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the role of international expert

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trans-3,4-Dimethyl-3-hydroxyflavanone, a Hair Growth Enhancing Active Component, Decreases Active Transforming Growth Factor b2 (TGF-b2) through Control of Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator (uPA) on the Surface of Keratinocytes

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von Krogh Replies

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Ya Basta! The Zapatista struggle for autonomy revisited

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Cent fois sur le mtier tu remettras ton ouvrage

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Tu sais, on est quand mme des survivants...

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Clostridium difficile et pathologie digestive

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Enfants cachs : 19401944 : un vcu traumatique qui se poursuit

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Lettre : de lexpression de soi la libert dexpression

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Lenfer est pav de bonnes intentions Faut-il revoir notre position sur les btabloquants en priopratoire ?

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Superpropagation des staphylocoques rsistants la mthicilline (Sarm) dans un service hospitalier : une tude de modlisation individu-centre

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Vers un pilotage mdicoconomique des hpitaux

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C Dynamics in Benthic Algae: Effects of Light, Phosphorus, and Biomass Development

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N-Nitrate-Labelling Demonstrates a Size Symmetric Competitive Effect on Belowground Resource Uptake

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Por qu las infecciones por el virus del papiloma humano provocan lesiones claramente delimitadas en el crvix?

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Cul debe ser la actitud diagnstica y teraputica ante una lesin qustica pancretica descubierta accidentalmente?

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Cmo facilitar el aprendizaje inicial de la lectoescritura? Papel de las habilidades fonolgicas

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Cmo localizar, elaborar, evaluar y utilizar guas de prctica clnica?

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El infarto agudo de miocardio es un escenario adecuado para los stents farmacoactivos?

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Es el tipo de interfern pegilado importante en la respuesta al tratamiento de la hepatitis crnica C?

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Es til la vacuna de la gripe para los nios asmticos?

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Est justificada la cistectoma radical en pacientes mayores de 75 aos?

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Existe un lugar para levosimendn en los servicios de urgencias hospitalarios?

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Presenta caractersticas diferenciales la hemorragia digestiva alta por lesin de Dieulafoy?

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Puede beneficiarse un hombre de avanzada edad con cncer de prstata Gleason 8-10 de un tratamiento con intencin curativa?

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Quin fue el autor de la frmula de Bazett?

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Revisin por pares annimos? Nones

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Son clnicamente significativas las clulas escamosas atpicas que no pueden excluir lesiones escamosas intraepiteliales de alto grado?

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Son iguales todas las combinaciones de anlogos?

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Tengo que premedicar a todos los pacientes cuando les pongo infliximab para disminuir las reacciones infusionales y/o la inmunogenicidad?

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Una colposcopia no satisfactoria indica la necesidad de aplicar un tratamiento para la neoplasia cervical intraepitelial de grado 1?

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la recherche du moi perdu: memory and mourning in the work of Annie Ernaux

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propos dune hpatomgalie

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quel patient proposer une ablation de fibrillation auriculaire ?

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mbito de actuacin de la cardiologa en los nuevos escenarios clnicos: Documento de consenso de la Sociedad Espaola de Cardiologa

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chographie et seins denses : o en est-on ?

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co-Sant France et co-Sant Rgions & Dpartements

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conomie des changements phontiques. Trait de phonobgie diachroniqueby Andr Martinet

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ducation pour la sant des proches de patients atteints de la maladie dAlzheimer

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ducation thrapeutique de la personne paralyse crbrale

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laboration et mise en place de procdures infirmires dans un service durgence de pdiatrie

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tat de lart, recommandations, expertises et jurisprudence: une opposabilit protiforme!

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tat des lieux et perspectives

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thique ou stucture ? Une hsitation de Jacques Lacan

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valuation de la reactivit du personnel soignant ou non face un plan blanc fictif au sein dun hpital general en 2007

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valuation de la rigidit de la paroi aortique dans la fivre mditerranenne familiale

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valuation de la rptition de lchographie applique aux urgences dans les traumatismes abdominopelviens dits bnins

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valuation de la rserve circulatoire crbrale en IRM dans les stnoses artrielles intracrniennes

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valuation de la vigilance chez les conducteurs professionnels de poids lourds Casablanca

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valuation de la vitesse dcriture dlves de diffrents niveaux scolaires

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valuation de latteinte des structures grises profondes chez les traumatises crniens graves laide dun atlas histologique dformable tridimensionnel

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valuation de lefficacit du recul isol de 12 mm du muscle oblique infrieur dans la paralysie congnitale du muscle oblique suprieur : tude rtrospective de 6 patients

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valuation de lefficacit dun mdicament : de la dcouverte la mise sur le march

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valuation de lefficacit oprationnelle dun programme de lutte antituberculeuse

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valuation de lintelligence sociale chez lenfant prsentant des troubles spcifiques du langage oral: Prsentation dune chelle dvaluation clinique

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valuation de ltat nutritionnel des patients admis aux soins intensifs

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valuation des besoins en soins odontologiques sur un chantillon reprsentatif des diabtiques suivis au centre antidiabtique dAbidjan (Cada) - Cte-dIvoire

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valuation des besoins pharmacothrapeutiques dun service de pdopsychiatrie

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valuation des connaissances des pharmaciens dans la prise en charge de lacn en Tunisie

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valuation des connaissances du personnel du Samu 33 concernant la dmarche qualit au sein du service

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valuation des dlais de prise en charge des syndromes coronariens aigus avec lvation du segment ST

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valuation des effets du counseling dorientation : influence de lalliance de travail et des caractristiques individuelles

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valuation des infiltrations pidurales cervicales sous contrle tomodensitomtrique dans le traitement des nvralgies cervico-brachiales mcaniques

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valuation des pratiques professionnelles en urologie partir du Dossier mdical informatis de spcialit : surveillance dindicateurs de qualit des biopsies prostatiques par matrise statistique des processus

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valuation des pratiques professionnelles pour la slection des candidats potentiels la greffe rnale au sein du rseau de soins NEPHROLOR

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valuation des pratiques professionnelles, travail collectif et pluridisciplinarit en sant au travail

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valuation des pratiques professionnelles : la loi, le dcret, louverture la sant au travail

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valuation des risques de la pollution urbaine sur la sant : analyse des liens court terme entre niveaux de pollution particulaire et morbidit (20032006)

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valuation du PMSI comme source dinformation du Registre national des tumeurs solides de lenfant

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valuation du mode darrive au service daccueil des urgences comme facteur prdictif dune hospitalisation

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valuation du pronostic fonctionnel chez les hmiplgiques par accident vasculaire crbral (AVC)

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valuation du recours au service daccueil des urgences du groupe hospitalier CochinPort Royal, partir de 245 consultations spontanes

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valuation du risque hmorragique chez les patients traits pour maladie thromboembolique veineuse

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valuation du service mdical rendu des mdicaments par la Commission de la Transparence

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valuation du seuil transfusionnel rythrocytaire chez les patients de ranimation

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valuation du traitement des traits perceptifs des concepts vivants et non vivants lors du vieillissement normal et de la maladie d'Alzheimer

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valuation dun enseignement distance via Internet en pidmiologie

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valuation dune aide la prescription pour la posologie de mdicaments chez des patients prsentant une insuffisance rnale

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valuation dune atteinte cornenne dans le cadre dune maladie de Fabry par microscopie confocale

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valuation dune hpatite C chronique

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valuation dune procdure de dpistage des patients dcds en lien avec une infection nosocomiale

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valuation en rsonance magntique des carcinomes pidermodes du col de lutrus

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valuation par limagerie des traitements antiangiogniques

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valuation pragmatique de la communication des personnes ges saines

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valuation prospective de ladmission en structure durgences de 137 personnes ges vivant en institution

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valuation prchirurgicale des fonctions mnsiques dans lpilepsie temporale pharmaco-rsistante par test slectif lamobarbital (test de Wada hyperslectif )

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valuation prcoce des traitements anti-angiogniques par chographie dynamique de contraste

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valuation long terme de limpact psychologique et social des affaissements miniers dAubou sur les sinistrs ou populations dplaces

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valuationin vitrode lactivit antimicrobienne deKalanchoe crenataet deManotes longiflorautilises dans les ophtalmies en Cte dIvoire

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valuer la vivacit des images mentales dans diffrentes populations franaises

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volution dans le domaine de lanalgsie autocontrle

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volution de la morbidit palustre et des traitements antipaludiques prescrits dans les postes de sant, zone dtude de Niakhar, Sngal (19922004)

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volution des fractures ostoporotiques de la ceinture pelvienne : une svrit sous-estime. propos de 60 cas

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volution des ides en psychologie de la sant dans le monde anglo-saxon. De la psychologie de la sant (health psychology) la psychologie critique de la sant (critical health psychology)

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volution des pratiques pour la ralisation des injections intravitrennes

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volution des reprsentations psychiques au cours de la psychothrapie verbale. Apport du rorschach

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volution des ventilateurs de ranimation

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volution dramatique dune malformation artrioveineuse

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volution morphostructurale du plateau volcano-sdimentaire de Gergovie au Miocne infrieur : implications godynamiques sur la phase tardi-tectonique du rift de Limagne (Massif central, France)

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tre, devoir-tre, pouvoir-tre : autour des normes

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leo de citronela no controle do carrapato de bovinos

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konomisierung der Wissenschaft

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konomisierung und Psychotherapie

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Ösophageale und endobronchiale Intubationen durch Notärzte

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Österreichische Patientenumfrage Altersabhängige Makuladegeneration 2008 – Abschlussbericht

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ber Wachstum und Form. Von D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson

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Überdüngung und Versalzung durch Katalysatoren? Nitrophile Moose und Flechten nehmen zu

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berexpression rekombinanter Proteine

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Überlastetes Ökosystem Erde. Wie der Mensch über seine Verhältnisse lebt

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Überlegungen zum analytischen Prozess im zweistündigen Setting

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berleitung vom BAT in den TV-rzte/VKA

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bersehen! Die verhakte hintere Schulterluxation

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bertherapie in der Onkologie: Wann ist weniger mehr?

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berwindung der Blut-Hirn-Schranke

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sophage de Barrett, dysplasie, adnocarcinome: histomorphologie et apport de la biologie molculaire

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sophage de Barrett: rle du pathologiste dans le diagnostic, la surveillance et la prise en charge thrapeutique

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vejkian Geopolitics: Subversive Obedience in Central Europe

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iek's Dialectics of Difference and the Problem of Space

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α and β Diversity of a Tachinid Parasitoid Community Over Space and Time

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a,-Bis(3,6-dimethyl-2,4-dioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidin-1-yl)alkanes and products of their cyclization, pyrimidinophanes: intra- and intermolecular interaction in crystals and in solutions

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α-(N-Benzylamino)benzylphosphonic Acids: Stereoselectivity of Binding to Prostatic Acid Phosphatase

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α-Amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid-mediated neuroprotection requires TRKB receptor activation

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α-Glucosidase inhibitory effect by the flower buds of Tussilago farfara L

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α-Klotho as a Regulator of Calcium Homeostasis

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α-Naphthyltriphenylphosphonium Peroxodisulfate: A Selective and Regenerable Reagent for Oxidation of Organic Compounds

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α-Synuclein Misfolding and Neurodegenerative Diseases

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α-Terpineol reactions with the nitrate radical: Rate constant and gas-phase products

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α-methylacyl-CoA racemase (P504S)/34βE12/p63 triple cocktail stain in prostatic adenocarcinoma after hormonal therapy

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α1β1 integrin is crucial for accumulation of epidermal T cells and the development of psoriasis

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αIIbβ3 Modeling Simulation and Design of Cyclic RGD Peptide

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b- and -Disubstituted Olefins: Substrates for Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Substitution

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β-1,3-Glucanase gene expression as a molecular marker for postharvest physiological disorders in citrus fruit and its hormonal regulation

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β-Adrenomimetic Actions in the Hypotension and Vasodilatation Induced by a Chromatographic Active Fraction from Bidens pilosa L. (Asteraceae) in Mammals

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β-Amino-butyric acid protectsArabidopsisagainst low potassium stress

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b-Aminovinylphosphonium SaltsA Novel Synthesis, Properties, and Structure

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β-Blockers and Coronary Flow Reserve

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β-Blockers and Diuretics in the Treatment of Hypertension

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β-Ecdysterone Induces Osteogenic Differentiation in Mouse Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Relieves Osteoporosis

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β-Hydroxycarboxylic Acids from Simple Ketones by Carboxylation and Asymmetric Hydrogenation

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β-Lactam derivatives as potential anti-cancer compounds

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β-amyloid-induced changes in calcium homeostasis in cultured hippocampal neurons of the rat

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β-cell regeneration to treat Type 1 diabetes mellitus

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β-fibrinogen intron 7 variation in Discoglossus (Anura: Discoglossidae): implications for the taxonomic assessment of morphologically cryptic species

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radiolyzed amorphous silica: A study with 29Si CP-MAS NMR spectroscopy

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-Ray synthesis of starch-stabilized silver nanoparticles with antibacterial activities

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13C and 15N values in reef coralsPorites luteaandP. cylindricaand in their epilithic and endolithic algae

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15N and 13C elucidation of size-structured food webs in a Western Arabian Sea demersal trawl assemblage

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30Si and 29Si Determinations on USGS BHVO-1 and BHVO-2 Reference Materials with a New Configuration on a Nu Plasma Multi-Collector ICP-MS

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C in Pentaclethra macroloba Trees Growing at Forest Edges in North-Eastern Costa Rica

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-STOCK, a powerful tool of thermohydromechanical behaviour and damage modelling of unsaturated porous media

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-XRF/-RS vs. SR -XRD for pigment identification in illuminated manuscripts

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2-Oxalato-bridged tricopper(II) complex derived from 1,4,8,12-tetraazacyclopentadecane: Synthesis, structure and magnetic characterization

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3-ethylidyne-triphenylphosphine-octacarbonyltricobalt: a re-determination from diffractometer data

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Delocalization in iridathiabenzenes

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-Complexation Mesoporous Adsorbents Cu-MCM-48 for Ethylene-Ethane Separation

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-Mode Stopband Characteristics Caused by Asymmetries of Support Rod and Loaded Metal in Helix Structures

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,-Appended nucleo-base derivatives of hypericin

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,-Urea- and -dithioacetal-derivatives of hypericin

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-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and direct renin inhibition2 ways to improve electrical remodeling

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-Di-(trideuteromethyl)-tocotrienols as probes for membrane orientation and dynamics of tocotrienols

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A kaleidoscope of themes: intensive psychotherapy with a girl on the autistic spectrum

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A real rollercoaster of confidence and emotions: learning to be a university student

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A specialist refuge space of my own: black, minority ethnic and refugee women, housing and domestic violence

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A welcome home for identity: a learning network between children's charities and a university

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Accoucheura misnomer?

C. Ashton Drew, 2008:
Age of Complexity offers opportunity for the multidisciplinary perspective of landscape ecologists

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Agitating peoples brains: Noulan Cauchon and the City Scientific in Canadas capital

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Astronaut families: transnational lives of middle-class Taiwanese married women in Canada

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Because she was my first girlfriend, I didn't know any different: making the case for mainstreaming samesex sex/relationship education

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Beyond forgetfulness: How psychoanalytic ideas can help us to understand the experience of patients with dementia

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Both constraint-induced movement therapy and bimanual training lead to improved performance of upper extremity function in children with hemiplegia

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Bouwen aan de Brug

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But They Just Don't Respect Us: young people's experiences of (dis)respected citizenship and the New Labour Respect Agenda

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But everyone else is doing it: a closer look at the occupational taxpaying culture of one business sector

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Cigars on the flightdeck: new lecturers participatory learning within workplace communities of practice

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Coming Out, Again: boundaries, identities and spaces of belonging

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Current and future uses of the Gross Motor Function Classification System

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Cycle to cycle optimizing control of simulated moving beds

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Dat onthouden kan ik wel vergeten

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De samenleving lijkt hard te verschralen

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De verlenging is het spannendste deel van de wedstrijd

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Democratiseer de palliatieve kennis

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Do you feel excluded? The subjective experience of young state benefit recipients in Germany

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Doing Deals on the House in a Post-welfare Society: Evidence of Micro-Market Practices from Britain and the USA

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Explosive meridional migration of cyclones and anticyclones

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Failure to thrive revisited

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Fair trade gold: Antecedents, prospects and challenges

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Fire in the House: Gendered experiences of drunkenness and violence in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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From cricket lover to terror suspect challenging representations of young British Muslim men

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Geography is pregnant and geographys milk is flowing: metaphors for a postcolonial discipline?

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Getting involved means making a difference? Insider views on the impact of a healthy living community intervention

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Globalization and regional(ist) cinema in Western India: Public culture, private media, and the reproduction of a Hindu national(ist) hero, 1930s2000s

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Health and well-being: questioning the use of health concepts in public health policy and practice

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Het gaat niet om perfect ouderschap

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Het grootste probleem is gebrek aan kennis

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Het is gn Alzheimer! zei Thom steeds

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Het klopt heel aardig!

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Het personeel is gast en net andersom!

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High-jinks and minor mischief: a study of undergraduate students as perpetrators of crime

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Home Health Parties Are New Prevention Strategy for Hispanic Farm Workers in Washington State

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Hormone Refractory May Be Misnomer

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Hot bacterial viruses shed more light on genetic instability

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How does your garden grow? Teaching preschool children about the environment

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I didn't violent punch him: parental accounts of punishing children with mental health problems

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I don't say I have a business in Chinatown: Chinese sub-ethnic relations in Toronto's Chinatown West

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If I commit to you, I betray my parents: some negative consequences of the intergenerational cycle of insecure attachment for young adult romantic relationships

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Is my child developing normally?: a critical review of web-based resources for parents

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Isolation and Distress? (Re)thinking the place of emotions in youth research

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It was as useful as a chocolate kettle: sex education in the lives of samesexattracted young people in Australia

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It's a choice, simple as that: youth reasoning for sexual abstinence or activity

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It's gotten a bit old, charity: Young adults in New Zealand talk about poverty, charitable giving and aid appeals

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It's not racist. It's common sense. A critical analysis of political discourse around asylum and immigration in the UK

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Jack of all trades? The negotiation of interdisciplinarity within geography

Loes den Hollander, 2008:
Je groeit mee in de achteruitgang

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Joined up thinking? Unsupported fast-track transitions in the context of parental substance use

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Just duck: the role of vision in the production of prison spaces

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Just looking: domestic workers' consumption practices and a latent geography of Beijing

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Killing waves: surfing, space and gender

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LOSCS Lateral Offset Stacked Channel Simulations: Towards geometrical modelling of turbidite elementary channels

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Lady, Leave My Culture Out of It! An Interview With Nada Miocevic

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Lawaai op de longen geen argument voor antibiotica

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Little Cancer Charity that Could Chugs Away at Supporting Basic Research

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MaketheMostofIt architecture

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Men are leavers alone and women are worriers: Gender differences in discourses of health

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My Mom Makes Me So Angry! Adolescent Perceptions of MotherChild Interactions as Correlates of Adolescent Emotions

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My state is my father: youth unemployment experiences under the weak state welfare provisions of Turkey

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Nature and the environment in Jamaicas primary school curriculum guides

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New Brutalism, Topology and Image: some remarks on the architectural debates in England around 1950

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No cure no pay ook voor medicijnen

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Non-Debate Highlights Drawbacks of High-Dose Dexamethasone in Myeloma

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Non-syndromic encephalocele: a 26-year experience

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None of Us Sets Out To Hurt People: The Ethical Geographer and Geography Curricula in Higher Education1

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Nutritional status of children with cerebral palsy in a Brazilian tertiary-care teaching hospital

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Onheilspellende natale tanden

Adri van Beelen, 2008:
Onnodige transfers in de laatste fase

Richard Smith, 2008:
Out of the frying pan into the firePreparing retrieval teams for the unexpected with pre-hospital simulation training

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Parate kennis verhoogt competentieniveau

Frank Heynick, 2008:
Para tandartsen in Alaska

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Partially provided: geography at the University of Toronto, 18441935

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Piazzadilly!: the reimagining of Piccadilly Circus (195772)

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Place Matters

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Plausible uncertainty: The negotiated indeterminacy of pandemic influenza in the UK

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Play in practice in psychotherapy and education

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Power is not an evil: rethinking power in participatory methods

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Psyche, ideology and the creation of the political subject: a summary

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Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where have you been?An account of intensive psychotherapy with a seven-year-old boy in a special school

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Rearranging the ground:1 public and private space in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Robbery careers: desistance attempts

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Sensory analysis of Chinese vinegars using an electronic nose

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Settling back? A biographical and life-course perspective on Ireland's recent return migration

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Sleep-walking towards segregation? The changing ethnic composition of English schools, 19972003: an entry cohort analysis

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So you are a mestiza: Exploring the consequences of ethnic and racial clumping in the US academy

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Social Movement Unionism in Question: Contribution to a Symposium

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Something in it for dads: getting fathers involved with Sure Start

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Soms loopt iemand bij de tandarts een hartontsteking op

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Splendid rains have fallen: links between El Nio and rainfall variability in the Kalahari, 18401900

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Squier replies

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States of scarcity: water, space, and identity politics in Israel, 1948 59

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Strengths Assertive Outreach: A Review of Seven Practice Development Programmes

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Stunning Results in Chemoprevention Trial

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Sunrise, sunset the transitions faced by the parents of adults with learning disabilities

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Tactical Living: A Situated Study of Teenagers' Negotiations around and Interactions with Living Room Media

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Tail phenomenon and fatigue crack propagation of PC/ABS alloy

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Tandartsen, blijf wakker!

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The Ancient Cult of Madame: when therapists trade curiosity for certainty

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The Rice Steamer: race, desire and affect1 in Sydney's gay scene2

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The Troubles, geographies of mental health in Northern Ireland and re-conceptualizing social capital

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The blighted germs of heterosexual tendencies: reading Freud in (be)hindsight

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The disciplined revolutionary: Garibaldi and his myth a survey of bicentennial publications in Italy

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The experiencing of experience: a Pragmatic reassessment of Rogerian Phenomenology

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The importance of peripheral pulses following cardiac surgery

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The power of being seen: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of how experienced counselling psychologists describe the meaning and significance of personal therapy in clinical practice

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The races and conditions of men: women in nineteenth-century geography school texts in the United States

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Them and us'thinking of the user

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Therapy Doesn't Exist in a Vacuum: An Interview With Max Cornwell

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They should hire the one with the best score: White sensitivity to qualification differences in affirmative action hiring decisions

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Tolling for the luckless, the abandoned and forsaked: Therapeutic jurisprudence and international human rights law as applied to prisoners and detainees by forensic psychologists

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Trash-talk and the production of quotidian geopolitical boundaries in the USAMexico borderlands

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U deugt toch wel een beetje

Deborah Davis; Elizabeth, F. Loftus; Samuel Vanous; Michael Cucciare, 2008:
Unconscious transference can be an instance of change blindness

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Unnatural Causes

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Veertig goede jaren, vier moeilijkere en vier zware

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Violent deaths of children in England and Wales and the major developed countries 19742002: possible evidence of improving child protection?

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Walkin about at night: the background to teenage pregnancy in a remote Aboriginal community

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We Got to Figure it Out: Information-sharing and Siblings' Negotiations of Conflicts of Interests

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We are all equals! Militarism, homogenization and egalitarianism in nationalist state-building (17891945)

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We are managing! Uncertain paths to respectable adulthoods in Accra, Ghana

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Well-being as a focus for public health? A critique and defence

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Were expecting you: Utilising the Emergency Department Patient Admission Predictive Tool (EDPAPT)

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What price democracy and justice? A study of the politics of protest and planning

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When Your Child Dies You Dont Belong in That World Any More Experiences of Mothers Whose Child with an Intellectual Disability has Died

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White excellence

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Who owns my pain? An aspect of the complexity of working with looked after children

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Who wants to feel white? Race, Dutch culture and contested identities

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Who would take whose name? Accounts of naming practices in same-sex relationships

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Examining De Novo Transcriptome Assemblies via a Quality Assessment Pipeline

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Wicked, messy, and clumsy: long-term frameworks for sustainability

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Wij zijn allemaal gelijk

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Woodpushers are Gay: The Role of Provocation in Bullying

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You Have to be Anglo and Not Look Like Me: identity and belonging among young women of Turkish and Latin American backgrounds in Melbourne, Australia

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You Ought to! A Psychoanalytic Study of the Superego and Conscience By Bernard Barnett

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You have to have that in your nature: understanding the trajectories of youth apprentices

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You've got to grow up when you've got a kid: Marginalized young women's accounts of motherhood

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Zeggen dat je kanker hebt, is makkelijker

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A Black Benefit: Racial Prejudice Among White Welfare Recipients in a Low-Income Neighborhood

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A Child Is Being Eaten: Failure, Fear, Fantasy, and Repair in the Lives of Foster Children

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A Failure of Curiosity

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A Thin Line Between Love and Hate? Black Men as Victims and Perpetrators of Dating Violence

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A True Account

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A Workingmans Paradise The Evolution of an Unplanned Suburban Landscape

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A sketch is like a sentence: Curriculum structures that support teaching epistemic practices of science

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A thousand miles of cannibal lands: imagining away genocide in the re-colonization of West Papua

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A very glamorized picture, that:1 images of Scottish female herring workers on romance novel covers

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All Gone Now: The Material, Discursive and Political Erasure of Bank and Building Society Branches in Britain

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Allergic-like/allergic or hypersensitivity reactions? An open debate on ADR terminology

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Always Use Protection: Communication Boys Receive About Sex From Parents, Peers, and the Media

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Amnagement en courbes de niveau, Increasing Rainfall Capture, Storage, and Drainage in Soils of Mali

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An Open Invitation to Empirical Biologists

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Are There Other Kids Like Me? Children With a Parent in Prison

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Artery and Vein together synonymous of benignity in mammary nodules?

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Baptists and Bootleggers, Once Removed: The Politics of Radioactive Waste Internalization in the European Union

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Bats, snakes and spiders, Oh my! How aesthetic and negativistic attitudes, and other concepts predict support for species protection

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Berry Patch As a Kind of Placethe Ethnoecology of Black Huckleberry in Northwestern Canada

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Biospherics approach for studies of natural and artificial ecosystems

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Brachial artery steal following arteriovenous fistula construction

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Bunches of Grapes and Bananas: Unconstruing the Human Body in Life Drawing

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CANDLE burnup regime after LWR regime

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Can you whistle?: The grammar of living through in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy

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Can't Really Trust That, So What Can I Trust?: A Polyvocal, Qualitative Analysis of the Psychology of Mistrust

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Cancer is described as the diagnosis by three times as many patients scheduled for mastectomy compared with breast conserving surgery

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Carboxylatation coating on zinc: A chemical conversion in organized molecular systems containing carboxylic acid

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Change to Renewable Raw Materials

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Circumspectus Medicinae: Texts and Contexts

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Communities isn't just about trees and shops: students from two South African universities engage in dialogue about community and community work

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Cooks are Like Gods: Hierarchies in Methamphetamine-Producing Groups

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“Das Neue geschieht an Grenzflächen”

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Dealing With the Central Limit Theorem

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Did Ronald McDonald Also Tend To Scare You As A Child?: Working to Emplace Consumption, Commodities and Citizen-Students in a Large Classroom Setting

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Dissatisfied, Family-Hating Shrews: Women Readers and Sylvia Plath's Literary Reception

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Do the very best you can: The third-grade class test

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EE in Cyberspace, Why Not? Teaching, Learning and Researching Tertiary Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Environmental Education Online

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Eat your Hamburger!No, I dont Want to! Argumentation and Argumentative Development in the Context of Dinner Conversation in Twenty Swedish Families

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Either that Wallpaper Goes or I Do: Review of Aesthetic Experience by George Hagman

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Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism by Paul F. Cook and W. W. Cleland

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Errors continue to lead a persisting life

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Extra-Ordinary Ergonomics: How to Accommodate Small and Big Persons, the Disabled and Elderly, Expectant Mothers, and Children

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Fathers and Daughters

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Fear of change: Closed Minds and Open Forms in Milton

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Figuring the Self: Unity and Multiplicity in Clinical and Theological Imagination

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Formation of Nanostructures in a Heterojunction with a Deeply Located 2D Electron Gas via the Method of High-Voltage Anodic-Oxidation Lithography Using an Atomic-Force Microscope

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Geomagnetic activity concept in up-to-date solarTerrestrial physics

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Geriatric Bioscience, The Link between aging and Disease by D. Hamerman

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Gestures: a comparison of spoken and signed languages

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Globaler Wandel ist mehr als nur der Treibhauseffekt

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Going down and getting deeper: Physical and metaphorical location and movement in relation to death and spiritual care in a Scottish hospice

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Going east: colonial experiences and practices of violence among female and male Majdanek camp guards (194144)

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Green Ways of Phosphorus Compounds Preparation

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Green path from fossil-based to hydrogen economy: An overview of carbon-neutral technologies

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Grown-Up Words: An Interpersonal/Relational Perspective on Unconscious Fantasy

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Hair-on-end skull induced by long-term G-CSF treatment in severe congenital neutropenia

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Handbook of European freshwater fishes by M. Kottelat and J. Freyhof (2007)

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Happy Birthday to the Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine (formerly Italian Heart Journal!)

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Having it all or doing it all? Perceived trait attributes and behavioral obligations as a function of workload, parenthood, and gender

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Hidden Treasures from Israeli Women's Writing Groups: Exploring an Integrative, Feminist Therapy

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How do you know that I dont understand? A look at the future of intelligent tutoring systems

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I Get So Energetic and Dominating! A study of hypomanic personality and conflicting self-perception during activated states in a co-operative task

Nicholas Bornstein; Philippe Thalmann, 2008:
I Pay Enough Taxes Already! Applying Economic Voting Models to Environmental Referendums

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I dont know why they call it the Lake District they might as well call it the rock district!'' The workings of humour and laughter in research with members of visually impaired walking groups

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I feel your pain: cosmopolitan charity and the public fashioning of the celebrity soul

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I will accept whatever is meant for us. I wait for thatday and night: The search for healing at a Muslim shrine in Pakistan

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I'm Taking Charge of My Arthritis: Designing a Targeted Self-Management Program for Frail Seniors

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If a girl doesn't say no: young men, rape and claims of insufficient knowledge

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In situ observations of carbon nanotube generation in CVD cell coupled to spectrometers

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Intron and Exon Length Variation inArabidopsis, Rice, Nematode, and Human

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Inversion substitution reactions with participation of molecular oxygen: ZH3I + O2 O2ZH3+ I (Z = C, Si). The potential energy surface and rate constants

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It Made Me Feel ConnectedAn Exploratory Study on the Use of Mobile SMS in Follow-Up Care for Substance Abusers

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It Takes a Community

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It makes you feel a bit more free: interpreting students' views of study support

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It's hard to be the child of a fish and a butterfly: Creative genograms: Bridging objective and subjective experiences

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It's the most fun you can have for twenty quid: Motivations, Consequences and Meanings of British Ketamine Use

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Its what weve always been doing. Exploring tensions between school culture and change

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Im Not Really Afraid of Osama Bin Laden! Fear of Terrorism in Dutch Children

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Journey to the West: Fact and Fiction. On the Chronicity-based Grading of IgA Nephropathy Model and Thick GCBM as Marker for a Syndrome

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Kneedle pain: slipped upper femoral epiphysis in disguise

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“Kontakte” – Reflexionen naturwissenschaftlich-technischer Innovationsprozesse in der frühen Elektronischen Musik Karlheinz Stockhausens (1952–1960)

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License to Fail: Goal definition, leader group prototypicality, and perceptions of leadership effectiveness after leader failure

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Little Italian Slaves: Lessons Learned from the Padrone Boys

Abhi Humar, 2008:
Living Donor Liver Transplantation by S. T. Fan

A. Jariwala; S. Haines; G. McLeod, 2008:
Locked posterior dislocation of the shoulder with communition of the lesser tuberosity: a stabilisation technique

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Maggie, Maggie, Maggie . . .

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Man-in-the-Barrel Syndrome Owing to Cervical Spinal Cord Metastases

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Meiotic abnormality in dominant genic male sterileBrassica napus

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Mind the gap: Caves, radiocarbon sequences, and the MesolithicNeolithic transition in Europelessons from the Mala Triglavca rockshelter site

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Mindful helpers: Experiential avoidance, meta-emotions, and emotion regulation in paramedics

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Missing women: Gender, ICTs, and the shaping of the global economy

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Mixing rules for estimating the hydraulic permeability of fiber mixtures

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Modular Biospheres New testbed platforms for public environmental education and research

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Natural Compounds as Drugs; Progress in Drug Research

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Examining Dermatologist Use and Opinions of Ultraviolet Radiation for Cosmetic and Medical Purposes

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Not a little Mickey Mouse thing: How experienced counselling psychologists describe the significance of personal therapy in clinical practice and training. Some results from an interpretative phenomenological analysis

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Objects and characters in psychoanalytical texts/dialogues

Stein, H F., 2008:
Odds and ends

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Of What Might We Speak? Psychotherapy of a Refugee Survivor of Torture Foster Youth

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Oh Yeah, Im Mexican. What Type are You? Changing the Way Preservice Teachers Interpret and Respond to the Literate Identities of Children

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Open mouth face mask position is effective in correcting the inadequate face mask ventilation observed in edentulous patients

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Our England: discourses of race and class in party election leaflets

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a series of articles which are meant to be provocative

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Der Onkologe jetzt zur Listung durch das Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) angenommen!

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"Minimum Knowledge" Essential for Primary Care Physicians - Interpretation of Peripheral Blood Data for Primary Care Doctor

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"Minimum Knowledge" Essential for Primary Care Physicians - Medical Problem and Karte

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"Minimum Knowledge" Essential for Primary Care Physicians - Prevention and Early Detection of Dementia. Significance of Medical Care Network in Community Healthcare

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