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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63746

Chapter 63746 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Amarendra, K. Sarma, 2009:
A comparative study of soliton switching in a two- and three-core coupler with TOD and IMD

Huang, X; Zhang, L, 2009:
A comparative study of spatial approaches for urban mapping using hyperspectral ROSIS images over Pavia City, northern Italy

V. Ünal; H. Güçlüsoy; R. Franquesa, 2009:
A comparative study of success and failure of fishery cooperatives in the Aegean, Turkey

Annelies, M.K. Van de Moortel; Diederik, P.L. Rousseau; Filip, M.G. Tack; Niels De Pauw, 2009:
A comparative study of surface and subsurface flow constructed wetlands for treatment of combined sewer overflows: A greenhouse experiment

N. Fang; Q. Wu, 2009:
A comparative study of the cutting forces in high speed machining of Ti6Al4V and Inconel 718 with a round cutting edge tool

Lubomir Vechet; Lenka Burketova; Milada Sindelarova, 2009:
A comparative study of the efficiency of several sources of induced resistance to powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici) in wheat under field conditions

Yue Huang; Roger Bird; Margaret Bell, 2009:
A comparative study of the emissions by road maintenance works and the disrupted traffic using life cycle assessment and micro-simulation

H.A. Gueniche; J. Biet; P.A. Glaude; R. Fournet; F. Battin-Leclerc, 2009:
A comparative study of the formation of aromatics in rich methane flames doped by unsaturated compounds

A. I. Plekhanov; A. I. Gorkovenko; N. A. Orlova; A. E. Simanchuk; V. V. Shelkovnikov, 2009:
A comparative study of the nonlinear optical properties of molecular J- and H-aggregates in thin films

A.P. Serro; C. Completo; R. Colaço; F. dos Santos; C. Lobato da Silva; J.M.S. Cabral; H. Araújo; E. Pires; B. Saramago, 2009:
A comparative study of titanium nitrides, TiN, TiNbN and TiCN, as coatings for biomedical applications

Carlos, A. Ríos R.; Craig, D. Williams; Clive, L. Roberts, 2009:
A comparative study of two methods for the synthesis of fly ash-based sodium and potassium type zeolites

Yew-Mun Hung, 2009:
A comparative study of viscous dissipation effect on entropy generation in single-phase liquid flow in microchannels

B. Su; T.W. Button, 2009:
A comparative study of viscous polymer processed ceramics based on aqueous and non-aqueous binder systems

Arif Sugianto; Michiharu Narazaki; Minoru Kogawara; Atsushi Shirayori, 2009:
A comparative study on determination method of heat transfer coefficient using inverse heat transfer and iterative modification

Liu, Y; Wang, H, 2009:
A comparative study on e-learning technologies and products: from the East to the West

C. Gokceoglu; K. Zorlu; S. Ceryan; H.A. Nefeslioglu, 2009:
A comparative study on indirect determination of degree of weathering of granites from some physical and strength parameters by two soft computing techniques

Yi Luo; Xiao-chun Wu; Hong-bin Wang; Yong-an Min, 2009:
A comparative study on non-quenched and quenched prehardened steel for large section plastic mould

Liting Tian; Yaling He; Yubing Tao; Wenquan Tao, 2009:
A comparative study on the air-side performance of wavy fin-and-tube heat exchanger with punched delta winglets in staggered and in-line arrangements

Persellin, D; Bateman, L, 2009:
A comparative study on the effectiveness of two songteaching methods: holistic vs. phrasebyphrase

Lee Chung Lau; Kok Tat Tan; Keat Teong Lee; Abdul Rahman Mohamed, 2009:
A comparative study on the energy policies in Japan and Malaysia in fulfilling their nations obligations towards the Kyoto Protocol

Burak Felekoglu; Kamile Tosun; Bulent Baradan, 2009:
A comparative study on the flexural performance of plasma treated polypropylene fiber reinforced cementitious composites

I. Eswaramoorthi; A.K. Dalai, 2009:
A comparative study on the performance of mesoporous SBA-15 supported PdZn catalysts in partial oxidation and steam reforming of methanol for hydrogen production

K.A. Ross; T. Beta; S.D. Arntfield, 2009:
A comparative study on the phenolic acids identified and quantified in dry beans using HPLC as affected by different extraction and hydrolysis methods

Şerife Tokalıoğlu; Selen Yıldız, 2009:
A comparative study on the preconcentration of some metal ions in water samples with Cu(II) and Ni(II) salicylaldoxime coprecipitants

Shan Gao; Lihai Wang; Yang Wang, 2009:
A comparative study on the velocities of stress wave propagation in standingFraxinus mandshuricatrees in frozen and non-frozen states

Shwu-Jer Chiu; Yi-Shiuan Wu, 2009:
A comparative study on thermal and catalytic degradation of polybutylene terephthalate

Chanchal Kumar Pandey; A.K. Katiyar, 2009:
A comparative study to estimate daily diffuse solar radiation over India

Teresa Lopes da Silva; Lucie Piekova; João Mileu; José Carlos Roseiro, 2009:
A comparative study using the dual staining flow cytometric protocol applied to Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bacillus licheniformis batch cultures

Saffet Erdogan, 2009:
A comparision of interpolation methods for producing digital elevation models at the field scale

Fabio Orlandi; Carlo Sgromo; Tommaso Bonofiglio; Luigia Ruga; Bruno Romano; Marco Fornaciari, 2009:
A comparison among olive flowering trends in different Mediterranean areas (south-central Italy) in relation to meteorological variations

Bhatti, A M.; Rundquist, D; Schalles, J; Ramirez, L; Nasu, S, 2009:
A comparison between above-water surface and subsurface spectral reflectances collected over inland waters

Woon, D E.; Dunning, T H., 2009:
A comparison between polar covalent bonding and hypervalent recoupled pair bonding in diatomic chalcogen halide species {O,S,Se} {F,Cl,Br}

Meikle, A.W., 2009:
A comparison between rimonabant and metformin in reducing biochemical hyperandrogenaemia and insulin resistance in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): a randomized open-label parallel study

K. Chandra Mouli; V. Sundaramurthy; A.K. Dalai, 2009:
A comparison between ring-opening of decalin on Ir-Pt and Ni-Mo carbide catalysts supported on zeolites

Specziár, Aás; Erős, T; György, Ágnes I.; Tátrai, Ián; Bíró, Péter, 2009:
A comparison between the benthic Nordic gillnet and whole water column gillnet for characterizing fish assemblages in the shallow Lake Balaton

Morrey, B.F., 2009:
A comparison in proximal tibial strain between metal backed and all polyethylene AGC total knee arthroplasty tibial components

Ayman, A. Suleiman; Gerrit Hoogenboom, 2009:
A comparison of ASCE and FAO-56 reference evapotranspiration for a 15-min time step in humid climate conditions

J. Nicholas Penney, 2009:
A comparison of Australian and European evidence-based guidelines for intervention in acute, non-specific low back pain

Thiers, B.H., 2009:
A comparison of CDKN2A mutation detection within the Melanoma Genetics Consortium (GenoMEL)

A. Jafari Dehkordi; I. Karimi; M. Khosravi, 2009:
A comparison of ELISA and histopathology for the detection of paratuberculosis in dairy cattle

Francisco, P. Chavez; Monique Messié, 2009:
A comparison of Eastern Boundary Upwelling Ecosystems

R. Mikalsen; Y.D. Wang; A.P. Roskilly, 2009:
A comparison of Miller and Otto cycle natural gas engines for small scale CHP applications

Woolhouse, I.; Mahon, B., 2009:
A comparison of a new endobronchial ultrasound service with an established endoscopic ultrasound service for mediastinal lymph node sampling

Han, N; Nam, M Jin; Kim, H Joon; Song, Y; Suh, J Hee, 2009:
A comparison of accuracy and computation time of three-dimensional magnetotelluric modelling algorithms

Anthony, C. Whipple; Richard, A. Luettich, 2009:
A comparison of acoustic turbulence profiling techniques in the presence of waves

Lawton, C.A., 2009:
A comparison of acute and chronic toxicity for men with low-risk prostate cancer treated with intensity-modulated radiation therapy or 125I permanent implant

Maosheng Yao; Yan Wu; Shiqi Zhen; Gediminas Mainelis, 2009:
A comparison of airborne and dust-borne allergens and toxins collected from home, office and outdoor environments both in New Haven, United States and Nanjing, China

Dr, I. A. Renfrew; G. N. Petersen; D. A. J. Sproson; G. W. K. Moore; H. Adiwidjaja; S. Zhang; R. North, 2009:
A comparison of aircraft-based surface-layer observations over Denmark Strait and the Irminger Sea with meteorological analyses and QuikSCAT winds

Alison, A. Motsinger-Reif; David, M. Reif; Theresa, J. Fanelli; Marylyn, D. Ritchie, 2009:
A comparison of analytical methods for genetic association studies

Jiřina Száková; Pavel Tlustoš; Walter Goessler; Silvia Findenig; Eva Richtrová; Jiří Balík, 2009:
A comparison of arsenic mobility inPhaseolus vulgaris, Mentha aquatica, andPteris creticarhizosphere

G. N. Abaev; A. V. Dubrovskii; R. G. Abaev, 2009:
A comparison of automatic instruments for oil-product fractional composition determination

Veerle, S; Pataky, T; De Clercq, D, 2009:
A comparison of barefoot walking and running: plantar pressure changes

Stanisław Porada, 2009:
A comparison of basket willow and coal hydrogasification and pyrolysis

O'Connor, M; Abbott, J-Anne; Payne, S; Demmer, C, 2009:
A comparison of bereavement services provided in hospice and palliative care settings in Australia, the UK and the USA

Jason, S. Link; William, T. Stockhausen; Georg Skaret; William Overholtz; Bernard, A. Megrey; Harald Gjøsæter; Sarah Gaichas; Are Dommasnes; Jannike Falk-Petersen; Joseph Kane; Franz, J. Mueter; Kevin, D. Friedland; Jonathan, A. Hare, 2009:
A comparison of biological trends from four marine ecosystems: Synchronies, differences, and commonalities

Rosette, J. A.; North, P. R. J.; Suárez, J. C.; Armston, J. D., 2009:
A comparison of biophysical parameter retrieval for forestry using airborne and satellite LiDAR

Dries, D.J., 2009:
A comparison of central venous and arterial base deficit as a predictor of survival in acute trauma

Grant Benham; Michael, R. Nash; Debora, R. Baldwin, 2009:
A comparison of changes in secretory immunoglobulin A following a stress-inducing and stress-reducing task

S. Colombo; A. Angus; J. Morris; D.J. Parsons; M. Brawn; K. Stacey; N. Hanley, 2009:
A comparison of citizen and expert preferences using an attribute-based approach to choice

Brian Gunter; T. Urban; R. Riva; M. Helsen; R. Harpold; S. Poole; P. Nagel; B. Schutz; B. Tapley, 2009:
A comparison of coincident GRACE and ICESat data over Antarctica

Sarah Gaichas; Georg Skaret; Jannike Falk-Petersen; Jason, S. Link; William Overholtz; Bernard, A. Megrey; Harald Gjøsæter; William, T. Stockhausen; Are Dommasnes; Kevin, D. Friedland; Kerim Aydin, 2009:
A comparison of community and trophic structure in five marine ecosystems based on energy budgets and system metrics

Nicolas Tremblay; Zhijie Wang; Bao-Luo Ma; Carl Belec; Philippe Vigneault, 2009 :
A comparison of crop data measured by two commercial sensors for variable-rate nitrogen application

Nguyen Thong Dang; Monica Tavanti; Ivan Rankin; Matthew Cooper, 2009:
A comparison of different input devices for a 3D environment

Pei-Sheng Lin; Hui-Yun Lee; Murray Clayton, 2009:
A comparison of efficiencies between quasi-likelihood and pseudo-likelihood estimates in non-separable spatialtemporal binary data

Rethabile Melamu; Harro von Blottnitz, 2009:
A comparison of environmental benefits of transport and electricity applications of carbohydrate derived ethanol and hydrogen

Ruud, J. van Lieverloo; Bjorn, F. Schuiling; Willem, F. de Boer; Peter, C. Lent; Christine, B. de Jong; Derek Brown; Herbert, H. T. Prins, 2009:
A comparison of faecal analysis with backtracking to determine the diet composition and species preference of the black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis minor)

A. Alkaya; R. Kaplan; H. Canbolat; S.S. Hegedus, 2009:
A comparison of fill factor and recombination losses in amorphous silicon solar cells on ZnO and SnO2

Georgia, L.D. Murray; Kenneth Kimball; L. Bruce Hill; George, A. Allen; Jack, M. Wolfson; Alex Pszenny; Thomas Seidel; Bruce, G. Doddridge; Alexandra Boris, 2009:
A comparison of fine particle and aerosol strong acidity at the interface zone (1540 m) and within (452 m) the planetary boundary layer of the Great Gulf and Presidential-Dry River Class I Wildernesses on the Presidential Range, New Hampshire USA

Xiangrong Cheng; Mingbin Huang; Mingan Shao; D. N. Warrington, 2009:
A comparison of fine root distribution and water consumption of matureCaragana korshinkiiKom grown in two soils in a semiarid region, China

Katerina Sherstyuk, 2009:
A comparison of first price multi-object auctions

Hollie Ruffles; Ruth, M. Strudwick, 2009:
A comparison of fluoroscopy time and dose area product (DAP) readings for outpatient barium enema examinations

A. Kane; R. Guénette; A. Fortin, 2009:
A comparison of four implementations of the log-conformation formulation for viscoelastic fluid flows

Peter Miehle; Michael Battaglia; Peter, J. Sands; David, I. Forrester; Paul, M. Feikema; Stephen, J. Livesley; Jim, D. Morris; Stefan, K. Arndt, 2009:
A comparison of four process-based models and a statistical regression model to predict growth of Eucalyptus globulus plantations

Sørensen, T Kirk; Thomsen, L Nguyen, 2009:
A comparison of frameworks and objectives for implementation of marine protected areas in Northern Europe and in Southeast Asia

Muhammad, S. Tamimy; Mamoon Rashid; Muhammad, Z. Islam; Saad-ur-Rehman Sarwar; Samina Aman; Ayesha Aslam, 2009:
A comparison of free transfer of radial forearm and anterolateral thigh flaps for head and neck reconstruction

Rodney, A. Bryant, 2009:
A comparison of gas velocity measurements in a full-scale enclosure fire

B. C. Neely; K. D. Steffensen; M. A. Pegg, 2009:
A comparison of gastrically and surgically implanted telemetry transmitters in shovelnose sturgeon

Ronald, L. Johnson, 2009:
A comparison of genetic structuring of Yellowcheek Darters (Etheostoma moorei) using AFLPs and allozymes

K. Norton; G. Iacono, 2009:
A comparison of heart rate and ECG data collected using the jacketed external telemetry and a standard DSI telemetry device

Y. R. McElarney; B. Rippey, 2009:
A comparison of lake classifications based on aquatic macrophytes and physical and chemical water body descriptors

Germán Merino; Eduardo Uribe; Gaspar Soria; Elisabeth von Brand, 2009:
A comparison of larval production of the northern scallop, Argopecten purpuratus, in closed and recirculating culture systems

Palso, N T.; Ivy, M I.; Clemons, J W., 2009:
A comparison of local and non-local visitor information-seeking behavior by visitors to civil war-related US National Park Service sites

Brian Williams; Mark Cummins; José Neira; Paul Newman; Ian Reid; Juan Tardós, 2009:
A comparison of loop closing techniques in monocular SLAM

Rod, P. Blackshaw, 2009:
A comparison of management options for leatherjacket populations in organic crop rotations using mathematical models

Randall, D. Pollak; Anthony, N. Palazotto, 2009:
A comparison of maximum likelihood models for fatigue strength characterization in materials exhibiting a fatigue limit

Aaron, C. Dodd, 2009:
A comparison of mechanochemical methods for the synthesis of nanoparticulate nickel oxide

B. M. C. McCurdy; L. Duggan; S. Howlett; B. G. Clark, 2009:
A comparison of medical physics training and education programs Canada and Australia

Elsa Aristodemou; Tom Bentham; Christopher Pain; Roy Colvile; Alan Robins; Helen ApSimon, 2009:
A comparison of mesh-adaptive LES with wind tunnel data for flow past buildings: Mean flows and velocity fluctuations

E. García-Bustamante; J. F. González-Rouco; P. A. Jiménez; J. Navarro; J. P. Montávez, 2009:
A comparison of methodologies for monthly wind energy estimation

Seth, B. Magle; David, M. Theobald; Kevin, R. Crooks, 2009:
A comparison of metrics predicting landscape connectivity for a highly interactive species along an urban gradient in Colorado, USA

Hunt, T A.; Todd, B.D., 2009:
A comparison of model linear chain molecules with constrained and flexible bond lengths under planar Couette and extensional flows

Seddon, F.; Biasutti, M., 2009:
A comparison of modes of communication between members of a string quartet and a jazz sextet

Daniel Mailly; Mélanie Gaudreault; Geneviève Picher; Isabelle Auger; David Pothier, 2009:
A comparison of mortality rates between top height trees and average site trees

Martyn Kelly; Cathy Bennett; Michel Coste; Cristina Delgado; François Delmas; Luc Denys; Luc Ector; Claude Fauville; Martial Ferréol; Malgorzata Golub; Amelie Jarlman; Maria Kahlert; John Lucey; Bernadette Ní Chatháin; Isabel Pardo; Peter Pfister; Joanna Picinska-Faltynowicz; Juliette Rosebery; Christine Schranz; Jochen Schaumburg; Herman van Dam; Sirje Vilbaste, 2009:
A comparison of national approaches to setting ecological status boundaries in phytobenthos assessment for the European Water Framework Directive: results of an intercalibration exercise

Michael Beckmann; Alexandra Erfmeier; Helge Bruelheide, 2009:
A comparison of native and invasive populations of three clonal plant species in Germany and New Zealand

Raffaele Argiento; Alessandra Guglielmi; Antonio Pievatolo, 2009:
A comparison of nonparametric priors in hierarchical mixture modelling for AFT regression

Leonid, G. Sokoletsky; Olga, V. Nikolaeva; Vladimir, P. Budak; Leonid, P. Bass; Ross, S. Lunetta; Victor, S. Kuznetsov; Alexander, A. Kokhanovsky, 2009:
A comparison of numerical and analytical radiative-transfer solutions for plane albedo of natural waters

O. Marom; E. Momoniat, 2009:
A comparison of numerical solutions of fractional diffusion models in finance

Peng, X.; Li, T.; Xia, E.; Xia, C.; Liu, Y.; Yu, D., 2009:
A comparison of oestrogen receptor and progesterone receptor expression in endometrial polyps and endometrium of premenopausal women

Brian Snyder; Mark, J. Kaiser, 2009:
A comparison of offshore wind power development in europe and the U.S.: Patterns and drivers of development

David, V. Gauvin; Jill, A. Dalton; Theodore, J. Baird, 2009:
A comparison of orally-administered () verapamil and () sotalol on the body temperature, hemodynamics and electrocardiogram of cynomolgus monkeys, beagle dogs, and landrace-duroc pigs

Yingxin Huang; Xueyong Zhao; Hongxuan Zhang; Gang Huang; Yayong Luo; Wisdom Japhet, 2009:
A comparison of phenotypic plasticity between two species occupying different positions in a successional sequence

C. Y. Hung; J. H. Xie, 2009:
A comparison of plants regenerated from a variegatedEpipremnum aureum

Nitya Patanjali; Mira Keyes; W. James Morris; Mitchell Liu; Robert Harrison; Ingrid Spadinger; Veronika Moravan, 2009:
A comparison of post-implant US/CT image fusion and MRI/CT image fusion for 125I prostate brachytherapy post implant dosimetry

Seeger, J.M., 2009:
A comparison of recombinant thrombin to bovine thrombin as a hemostatic ancillary in patients undergoing peripheral arterial bypass and arteriovenous graft procedures

R. Ricotti; M. Delucchi; G. Cerisola, 2009:
A comparison of results from portable and laboratory floor slipperiness testers

Stacey, A. Leicht-Young; Noel, B. Pavlovic; Ralph Grundel; Krystalynn, J. Frohnapple, 2009:
A comparison of seed banks across a sand dune successional gradient at Lake Michigan dunes (Indiana, USA)

Hiroki Itô, 2009:
A comparison of seedling emergence and survival betweenQuercus glaucaandSymplocos prunifolia

Helen Crowley; Miriam Colombi; Barbara Borzi; Marta Faravelli; Mauro Onida; Manuel Lopez; Diego Polli; Fabrizio Meroni; Rui Pinho, 2009:
A comparison of seismic risk maps for Italy

Silvia Mosquera-Machado; Maxx Dilley, 2009:
A comparison of selected global disaster risk assessment results

Killaspy, H; Rambarran, D; Harden, C; Fearon, D; Caren, G; McClinton, K, 2009:
A comparison of service users placed out of their local area and local rehabilitation service users

Vedasto, G. Ndibalema, 2009:
A comparison of sex ratio, birth periods and calf survival among Serengeti wildebeest sub-populations, Tanzania

Stefan Minner, 2009:
A comparison of simple heuristics for multi-product dynamic demand lot-sizing with limited warehouse capacity

Laurie, W. Cuttino; Dorin Todor; Lynn Gilbert; Douglas, W. Arthur, 2009:
A comparison of skin and chest wall dose delivered with multicatheter, Contura Multilumen Balloon, and MammoSite breast brachytherapy

H. Breuning-Madsen; B. Elberling; T. Balstroem; M. Holst; M. Freudenberg, 2009:
A comparison of soil organic carbon stock in ancient and modern land use systems in Denmark

Richard, V. Pouyat; Ian, D. Yesilonis; Nancy, E. Golubiewski, 2009:
A comparison of soil organic carbon stocks between residential turf grass and native soil

I. P. Holman; D. Tascone; T. M. Hess, 2009:
A comparison of stochastic and deterministic downscaling methods for modelling potential groundwater recharge under climate change in East Anglia, UK: implications for groundwater resource management

P.J. Brown; D. Fews; N.J. Bell, 2009:
A comparison of student learning using microscopes and glass slides or digitized images

S.M. Eldridge; K.Y. Chan; I. Barchia; P.K. Pengelly; S. Katupitiya; J.M. Davis, 2009:
A comparison of surface applied granulated biosolids and poultry litter in terms of risk to runoff water quality on turf farms in Western Sydney, Australia

Catherine, A. Fiorello; S. Kenneth Thurman; Jennifer Zavertnik; Robert Sher; Schehera Coleman, 2009:
A comparison of teachers' and school psychologists' perceptions of the importance of CHC abilities in the classroom

Smith, L; Castleberry, S; Farmer, A; Gibbons, J. Whitfield, 2009:
A comparison of techniques for sampling amphibians in isolated wetlands in Georgia, USA

Hassan Radhi, 2009:
A comparison of the accuracy of building energy analysis in Bahrain using data from different weather periods

Robert, J. Markelewicz; Jessica, R. Hiatt; Jaroslaw, T. Hepel; Gene, A. Cardarelli; Edward, S. Sternick; David, E. Wazer; Stephanie, G. MacAusland, 2009:
A comparison of the biological effective dose of 50 KV electronic brachytherapy to 192Ir high-dose-rate brachytherapy for vaginal cuff irradiation

Holub, K; Rušajová, J; Sandev, M, 2009:
A comparison of the features of windstorms Kyrill and Emma based on seismological and meteorological observations

Muzaffer Mustafa Harlıoğlu, 2009:
A comparison of the growth and survival of two freshwater crayfish species,Astacus leptodactylusEschscholtz andPacifastacus leniusculus(Dana), under different temperature and density regimes

N.K. Weale; G.L. Bayley; J. Nolan; S.M. Sale; M.C. White, 2009:
A comparison of the new paediatric Glidescope Cobalt Videolaryngoscope and the conventional laryngoscope in simulated normal and difficult intubation conditions

L.W. Wang; H.S. Bao; R.Z. Wang, 2009:
A comparison of the performances of adsorption and resorption refrigeration systems powered by the low grade heat

Sharon Stanton; Olivier Honnay; Hans Jacquemyn; Isabel Roldán-Ruiz, 2009:
A comparison of the population genetic structure of parasiticViscum albumfrom two landscapes differing in degree of fragmentation

Jamaludin Suhaila; Abdul Aziz Jemain, 2009:
A comparison of the rainfall patterns between stations on the East and the West coasts of Peninsular Malaysia using the smoothing model of rainfall amounts

J.S.J. Hargreaves; D. Mckay, 2009:
A comparison of the reactivity of lattice nitrogen in Co3Mo3N and Ni2Mo3N catalysts

A. Laachachi; M. Ferriol; M. Cochez; J.-M. Lopez Cuesta; D. Ruch, 2009:
A comparison of the role of boehmite (AlOOH) and alumina (Al2O3) in the thermal stability and flammability of poly(methyl methacrylate)

Shibata, H, 2009:
A comparison of the roles and responsibilities of manufacturing engineers in Japan and the United States

Fengchao Liu; Yutao Sun, 2009:
A comparison of the spatial distribution of innovative activities in China and the U.S

Bradford, J B.; Palik, B J., 2009:
A comparison of thinning methods in red pine: consequences for stand-level growth and tree diameter

Cruz-Rodríguez, J Antonio; López-Mata, L; Valverde, T, 2009:
A comparison of traditional elasticity and variance-standardized perturbation analyses: a case study with the tropical tree species Manilkara zapota (Sapotaceae)

Paula Koeler Lira; Fernando Antonio dos Santos Fernandez, 2009:
A comparison of trapping- and radiotelemetry-based estimates of home range of the neotropical opossum Philander frenatus

Vedamanikam, V.J.; Shazilli, N.A.M., 2009:
A comparison of two methods to observe the effects of dual metal exposure to the chironomus larvae

Yichun Xie; Zongyao Sha; Mei Yu; Yongfei Bai; Lei Zhang, 2009:
A comparison of two models with Landsat data for estimating above ground grassland biomass in Inner Mongolia, China

Van de Voorde, T.; De Roeck, T.; Canters, F., 2009:
A comparison of two spectral mixture modelling approaches for impervious surface mapping in urban areas

Andrefouet, S.; Friedman, K.; Gilbert, A.; Remoissenet, G., 2009:
A comparison of two surveys of invertebrates at Pacific Ocean islands: the giant clam at Raivavae Island, Australes Archipelago, French Polynesia

Peng Lu; Hua Zhang; Jiangnan Li, 2009:
A comparison of two-stream DISORT and Eddington radiative transfer schemes in a real atmospheric profile

Peter, D. Blanken; Mark, W. Williams; Sean, P. Burns; Russell, K. Monson; John Knowles; Kurt Chowanski; Todd Ackerman, 2009:
A comparison of water and carbon dioxide exchange at a windy alpine tundra and subalpine forest site near Niwot Ridge, Colorado

Jeremy Bailey, 2009:
A comparison of water vapor line parameters for modeling the Venus deep atmosphere

Daniel Webb; Mary McMurran, 2009:
A comparison of women who continue and discontinue treatment for borderline personality disorder

Conroy, P; Sage, K; Lambon Ralph, M A., 2009:
A comparison of word versus sentence cues as therapy for verb naming in aphasia

Sophie Cheriot; Catherine Billaud; Stephan Pöchtrager; Karl-Heinz Wagner; Jacques Nicolas, 2009:
A comparison study between antioxidant and mutagenic properties of cysteine glucose-derived Maillard reaction products and neoformed products from heated cysteine and hydroxymethylfurfural

Ashraf Youssef, 2009:
A comparison study of technique, limitations and clinical outcome of MammoSite vs. SAVI for partial breast brachytherapy

Zhina Jiang; Mu Mu, 2009:
A comparison study of the methods of conditional nonlinear optimal perturbations and singular vectors in ensemble prediction

Cathy Neill; Tanguy Daufresne; Clive, G. Jones, 2009:
A competitive coexistence principle?

Eric Gaume; Valerie Bain; Pietro Bernardara; Olivier Newinger; Mihai Barbuc; Allen Bateman; Lotta Blaškovičová; Günter Blöschl; Marco Borga; Alexandru Dumitrescu; Ioannis Daliakopoulos; Joachim Garcia; Anisoara Irimescu; Silvia Kohnova; Aristeidis Koutroulis; Lorenzo Marchi; Simona Matreata; Vicente Medina; Emanuele Preciso; Daniel Sempere-Torres; Gheorghe Stancalie; Jan Szolgay; Ioannis Tsanis; David Velasco; Alberto Viglione, 2009 :
A compilation of data on European flash floods

Shanxin Xiong; Jan Ma; Xuehong Lu, 2009:
A complementary electrochromic device based on polyaniline tethered polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly(4-styrene sulfonic acid)

Liying Zhang; Shanxin Xiong; Jan Ma; Xuehong Lu, 2009:
A complementary electrochromic device based on polyaniline-tethered polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and tungsten oxide

He, J; Zhang, L; Zhang, J; Ma, C; Liu, F; Chan, M, 2009:
A complete analytic surface potential-based core model for intrinsic nanowire surrounding-gate MOSFETs

Mazher-Iqbal Mohammed; Graeme, J. Sills; Martin, J. Brodie; Elizabeth. M. Ellis; John. M. Girkin, 2009:
A complete miniaturised genotyping system for the detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms in human DNA samples

Frederik, C. Krebs; Mikkel Jørgensen; Kion Norrman; Ole Hagemann; Jan Alstrup; Torben, D. Nielsen; Jan Fyenbo; Kaj Larsen; Jette Kristensen, 2009:
A complete process for production of flexible large area polymer solar cells entirely using screen printingFirst public demonstration

A. V. Perepelov; S. N. Senchenkova; A. S. Shashkov; Yu. A. Knirel; B. Lu; L. Feng; L. Wang, 2009:
A completed structure of the O-polysaccharide fromShigella dysenteriaetype 10

Huiqun Zhang, 2009:
A complex ansatz method applied to nonlinear equations of Schrödinger type

Van Esterik, P, 2009:
A complex delight: the secularization of the breast, 13501750

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A comprehensive, consistent and systematic mathematical model of PEM fuel cells

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A computerized tool to evaluate the cognitive compatibility of the emergency operational procedures task flow

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A constitutive model for sand based on non-linear elasticity and the state parameter

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A constrained LAMBDA method for GPS attitude determination

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A contribution to the study of diet of formative societies in northwestern Argentina: isotopic and archaeological evidence

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A control design method for a class of switched linear systems

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A control method for inverter used for distributed power supply under voltage sag condition

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A convenient MnIII starting material for the synthesis of homo- and heterometallic manganese carboxylate clusters: Mn9 and Mn10xFex complexes

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A convenient approach for estimating time-dependent structural reliability in the load space

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A conversation with Werner Käss (Germany) about his contributions to tracer hydrogeology and characterisation of mineral waters and spas

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A copper(II) coordination polymer with alternating double EO-azido bridges and mixed EO-azido/alkoxo double bridges

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A copula-based closed-form binary logit choice model for accommodating spatial correlation across observational units

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A correction of the recent air-temperature record at the historical meteorological station of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) due to instrument change

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A correlation model of thermal entrainment factor for air curtain in a vertical open display cabinet

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A correlation of bladder and rectal point doses with 3-d volume-based treatment planning for intracavitary brachytherapy in the treatment of locally advanced cervical cancers

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A cost and expected consequence approach to planning and managing railroad transportation of hazardous materials

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A counseling center psychologist teaches a seminar for freshmen: Life Lessons from the Writings of Alice Walker

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A counterintuitive view of the deductive research process

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A couple with gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)

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A coupled approach of surface hydrological modelling and Wavelet Analysis for understanding the baseflow components of river discharge in karst environments

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A coupled ecologicalhydrodynamic model for the spatial distribution of sessile aquatic species in thermally forced basins

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A coupled non-linear mathematical model of parametric resonance of ships in head seas

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A coupled nonlinear Schrödinger type equation and its explicit solutions

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A coupling algorithm for partitioned solvers applied to bubble and droplet dynamics

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A coupling of three quadratic maps

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A covariance matching approach for identifying errors-in-variables systems

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A covariate-matched estimator of the error variance in nonparametric regression

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A crack closure model of fatigue crack growth in plates of finite thickness under small-scale yielding conditions

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A criminological perspective on the prenatal abuse of substances during pregnancy and the link to child abuse in South Africa

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A criterion for void closure in large ingots during hot forging

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A criterion of minimum of estimation error probability in a problem of nonlinear parametric identification

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A critical analysis of intercultural communication research in crosscultural management

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A critical analysis of the independence of the internal audit function: evidence from Australia

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A critical approach to viscosity index

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A critical assessment of energy accident studies

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A critical assessment of the suitability of phosphite as a source of phosphorus

Andrea Lazzaretto, 2009:
A critical comparison between thermoeconomic and emergy analyses algebra

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A critical comparison between two different ratiometric techniques for optical luminescence sensing

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A critical comparison of frictional stress models applied to the simulation of bubbling fluidized beds

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A critical comparison of stratospheretroposphere coupling indices

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A critical engagement with research into higher education

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A critical evaluation of different methods for the determination of areas of endemism and biotic elements: an Alpine study

Chen Qiao; Zongben Xu, 2009:
A critical global convergence analysis of recurrent neural networks with general projection mappings

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A critical look at reactions in class I and II gas-expanded liquids using CO2 and other gases

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A critical overview of pan evaporation trends over the last 50

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A critical performance pedagogy that matters

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A critical review of groundwater budget myth, safe yield and sustainability

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A critical review of human resource management studies (19782007) in the People's Republic of China

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A critical review of multi-criteria decision making methods with special reference to forest management and planning

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A critical review of patient satisfaction

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A critical study on the efficacy of kinetic sorption modeling to elucidate the effective removal pathways

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A critique of Revonsuo's theory of consciousness

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A critique of offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal policy

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A critique of Preventive control and desert locust plagues

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A crop production ecology (CPE) approach to sustainable production of biomass for food, feed and fuel

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A crop tolerating oxidative stress induced by excess lead: maize

Tzong-Huei Lin, 2009:
A cross model study of corporate financial distress prediction in Taiwan: Multiple discriminant analysis, logit, probit and neural networks models

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A cross-continental test of the Enemy Release Hypothesis: leaf herbivory onAcer

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A cross-country comparative analysis of e-government service delivery among Arab countries

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A cross-cultural comparison of reports by German Shepherd owners in Hungary and the United States of America

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A cross-cultural investigation into a reconceptualization of ethnocentrism

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A cross-cultural study of infant temperament: Predicting preschool effortful control in the United States of America and Russia

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A cross-disciplinary toolkit to assess the risk of faecal indicator loss from grassland farm systems to surface waters

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A cross-ecosystem comparison of spatial and temporal patterns of covariation in the recruitment of functionally analogous fish stocks

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A cross-junction channel valveless-micropump with PZT actuation

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A cross-national validity study of the Severity Indices of Personality Problems (SIPP-118)

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A cross-sectional study of schools for compliance to ventilation rate requirements

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A crystal-chemical investigation of clinozoisite synthesized along the join Ca2Al3Si3O12(OH)-Ca2Al2CrSi3O12(OH)

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A cultivation independent, PCR-based protocol for the direct identification of plant pathogens in infected plant material

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A culturally sensitive community-based obesity prevention program targeting Latino-canadian children: a pilot study

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A current and future state of art development of hybrid energy system using wind and PV-solar: A review

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A current independent method based on synchronized voltage measurement for fault location on transmission lines

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A customized Gabor filter for unsupervised color image segmentation

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A cyclic elastoplastic-viscoplastic constitutive model for soils

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A cyclical model of motivational constructs in web-based courses

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A cytomegalovirus vaccine

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A daily temperature dataset over China and its application in validating a RCM simulation

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A damage accumulation model for complex strain paths: Prediction of ductile failure in metals

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A data archive of GPS navigation messages

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A data assimilation approach to discharge estimation from space

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A data-adaptive hybrid method for dimension reduction

Sander Janssen; Erling Andersen; Ioannis, N. Athanasiadis; Martin, K. van Ittersum, 2009:
A database for integrated assessment of European agricultural systems

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A debris-flow alarm system for the Alpine Illgraben catchment: design and performance

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A decade of belowground reorganization following multiple disturbances in a subtropical wet forest

Andy Hargreaves, 2009:
A decade of educational change and a defining moment of opportunityan introduction

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A decade of improvement for cardiac patients in England

Francesco Frombo; Riccardo Minciardi; Michela Robba; Roberto Sacile, 2009:
A decision support system for planning biomass-based energy production

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A decision support tool for the optimization of compositing parameters

T. Ramayah; Kamel Rouibah; M. Gopi; Gary John Rangel, 2009:
A decomposed theory of reasoned action to explain intention to use Internet stock trading among Malaysian investors

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A decomposition analysis of CO2 emissions from energy use: Turkish case

Widerker, D, 2009:
A defense of Frankfurt-friendly libertarianism

Guerrero-García, P; Santos-Palomo, Ángel, 2009:
A deficient-basis dual counterpart of Paparrizos, Samaras and Stephanides primal-dual simplex-type algorithm

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A deformation based blank design method for formed parts

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A delayed stage-structured Holling II predatorprey model with mutual interference and impulsive perturbations on predator

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A deliberate synthesis of a mononuclear trans-dimethoxide complex of ruthenium(III). X-ray crystal structure, electrochemistry and electron paramagnetic resonance

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A demographic model for small area population projections: an application to the Census Metropolitan Area of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada

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A demonstrative application of the bid-rent network equilibrium model

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A dense water outflow from the Ross Sea, Antarctica: Mixing and the contribution of tides

Rosa Guzmán; Cristobalina Santiago; Mario Sánchez, 2009:
A density functional study of antioxidant properties on anthocyanidins

E.K. Yildirim; Z.B. Güvenç, 2009:
A density functional study of small LiB and LiBH clusters

Xing-hui Zhang; Fu-long Zhang; Ran Fang, 2009:
A density functional theory study of copper-catalyzed aziridination of olefins

Xue-feng Ren; Ai-min Ren; Ji-kang Feng; Chia-chung Sun, 2009:
A density functional theory study on photophysical properties of red light-emitting materials: Meso-substituted porphyrins

Juan Cao; Tian Xia; Jintao Li; Yongdong Zhang; Sheng Tang, 2009:
A density-based method for adaptive LDA model selection

Javadpour, M, 2009:
A dented image: Journeys of recovery from subarachnoid haemorrhage

John, C. Price; Graham Peter Matthews; Kevin Quinlan; John Sexton; Alexander, G. de G. Matthews, 2009:
A depth filtration model of straining within the void networks of stainless steel filters

M. Pastor; T. Blanc; M.J. Pastor, 2009:
A depth-integrated viscoplastic model for dilatant saturated cohesive-frictional fluidized mixtures: Application to fast catastrophic landslides

Jianyi Lin; Sergio Rinaldi, 2009:
A derivation of the statistical characteristics of forest fires

S. G. D’yakonov; A. V. Klinov; G. S. D’yakonov, 2009:
A description of phase equilibria in nonideal systems with the use of integral equation theory

Paul, D. Blanchard, 2009:
A descriptive account of the development of an osteopathic service within a hospital HIV day care centre

Michael, J. Silverman, 2009:
A descriptive analysis of music therapists working with consumers in substance abuse rehabilitation: Current clinical practice to guide future research

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A designer's view: The perspective of form and function

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A detailed investigation of the mechanical properties of polybenzoxazole fibers within soft body armor

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A detection and control method of resin liquidlevel of stereolithography apparatus

V. V. Brailovskii; M. M. Ivanchuk; P. P. Vatamanyuk, 2009:
A detector for the pulsed nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrometer

Gérard C. Nihous; Christopher, K. Kinoshita; Stephen, M. Masutani, 2009:
A determination of the activity of water in wateralcohol mixtures using mobile order thermodynamics

A. Azadeh; S.F. Ghaderi; H. Omrani, 2009:
A deterministic approach for performance assessment and optimization of power distribution units in Iran

Lisa, A. Pufpaff, 2009:
A developmental continuum of phonological sensitivity skills

V. M. Yanko, 2009:
A device for automatic deposition of a lubricant under pressure on a threaded surface

A. I. Gerasimov; V. P. Bubnov, 2009:
A device for continuous remote monitoring of the electric strength of insulating oils

Ramsey Kropp; Dean Tompkins; Timothy Barry; Walter Zeltner; Greg Pepping; Marc Anderson; Terence Barry, 2009:
A device that converts aqueous ammonia into nitrogen gas

Prakash Doraiswamy; Christian Hogrefe; Winston Hao; Robert, F. Henry; Kevin Civerolo; Jia-Yeong Ku; Gopal Sistla; James, J. Schwab; Kenneth, L. Demerjian, 2009:
A diagnostic comparison of measured and model-predicted speciated VOC concentrations

Elizanilda Ramalho do Rêgo; Mailson Monteiro do Rêgo; Fernando Luiz Finger; Cosme Damião Cruz; Vicente Wagner Dias Casali, 2009:
A diallel study of yield components and fruit quality in chilli pepper (Capsicum baccatum)

N. I. Morozova; M. I. Afanasov; R. A. Astashkin; M. V. Korolenko; I. I. Kulakova; P. B. Fabrichnyi, 2009:
A diamagnetic Mossbauer probe method for studying a solid-gas interface and related catalytic processes

Gang Xin; Gengyun Zhang; Jun Won Kang; James, T. Staley; Sharon, L. Doty, 2009:
A diazotrophic, indole-3-acetic acid-producing endophyte from wild cottonwood

Arshad Aijaz; E. Carolina Sañudo; Parimal, K. Bharadwaj, 2009:
A dicarboxylate with asymmetric coordination ability: Characterization of a two dimensional coordination polymer of copper(II) exhibiting spin canting

Anastasia, N. Georgopoulou; Yiannis Sanakis; Catherine, P. Raptopoulou; Vassilis Psycharis; Athanassios, K. Boudalis, 2009:
A diferric complex from metal-assisted methanolysis of di-2,6-(2-pyridylcarbonyl)-pyridine: Structural, magnetic and spectroscopic (Mössbauer, EPR) studies

D.J. Kirby; D.T. Chang; F.P. Stratton; J.J. Zinck, 2009:
A differential capacitive thin film hydrogen sensor

Mabel Tidball; Georges Zaccour, 2009:
A differential environmental game with coupling constraints

Yongnian Ni; Weiqiang Xiao; Serge Kokot, 2009:
A differential kinetic spectrophotometric method for determination of three sulphanilamide artificial sweeteners with the aid of chemometrics

Buckley, P., 2009:
A diffusion tensor imaging study of structural dysconnectivity in never-medicated, first-episode schizophrenia

A. M. Metal’nikov, 2009:
A digital arbitrarily shaped signal synthesizer

Steve Vanlanduit; Joris Vanherzeele; Roberto Longo; Patrick Guillaume, 2009:
A digital image correlation method for fatigue test experiments

Morello, E; Ratti, C, 2009:
A digital image of the city: 3D isovists in Lynchs urban analysis

V. L. Tsymbalenko, 2009:
A digital oscillation-amplitude stabilizer

S. A. Grenkov; N. E. Kol’tsov; E. V. Nosov; L. V. Fedotov, 2009:
A digital signal converter for radio astronomical systems

A. E. Petrova; S. M. Stishov, 2009:
A digital technique for measuring the velocity and attenuation of sound

V. S. Edelman, 2009:
A dilution microcryostat-insert

McDowell, G. R.; Collop, A. C.; Wu, J. W., 2009:
A dimensional analysis of scaling viscosity and velocity in DEM of constant strain rate tests on asphalt

Lian Chen; Fei-Long Jiang; Wei-Ping Su; Cheng-Yang Yue; Da-Qiang Yuan; Mao-Chun Hong, 2009:
A dinuclear vanadium compound with 24-membered macrocycle generated via formation of SC bonds

A. E. Mefed, 2009:
A diode-stabilitron amplitude limiter

Yueqin Cai; Ye Liu, 2009:
A diol-functionalized ionic liquid: an efficient, simple, and recoverable capture and release reagent for aldehydes

Gaëtan Guignard; Yongdong Wang; Qing Ni; Ning Tian; Zikun Jiang, 2009:
A dipteridaceous fern with in situ spores from the Lower Jurassic in Hubei, China

Huiqun Zhang, 2009:
A direct algebraic method applied to obtain complex solutions of some nonlinear partial differential equations

Quincy Teng; Wenlin Huang; Timothy, W. Collette; Drew, R. Ekman; Chalet Tan, 2009:
A direct cell quenching method for cell-culture based metabolomics

Kr⊘jgaard, P, 2009:
A direct comparison of infants' use of featural and spatiotemporal information when individuating objects in a non-occlusion event-monitoring design

Hideaki Nakamura; Ryo Tanaka; Kyota Suzuki; Mitsutoshi Yataka; Yotaro Mogi, 2009:
A direct determination method for ethanol concentrations in alcoholic beverages employing a eukaryote double-mediator system

Fukui Guo; Yufeng Zhang, 2009:
A direct method for producing Hamiltonian structure of nonlinear evolution equations

Basem, S. Attili, 2009:
A direct method for the numerical computation of bifurcation points underlying symmetries

C N Merfield; J G Hampton; S D Wratten, 2009:
A direct-fired steam weeder

M.R. Mohammad Abadi; N. Askari; A. Baghizadeh; A.K. Esmailizadeh, 2009:
A directed search around caprine candidate loci provided evidence for microsatellites linkage to growth and cashmere yield in Rayini goats

Tanasko Tasić, 2009:
A disclaimer regarding article Assessing publically financed metrology expenditure against economic parameters

Qing-Long Han, 2009 :
A discrete delay decomposition approach to stability of linear retarded and neutral systems

Z. G. Feng; K. L. Teo; V. Rehbock, 2009:
A discrete filled function method for the optimal control of switched systems in discrete time

Haiyong Ding; Peng Hua; Junben Zhang; Hongye Chen, 2009:
A discrete iso-spectral problem with positive and negative hierarchies and integrable coupling system

Min-Tsai Lai, 2009:
A discrete replacement model for a two-unit parallel system subject to failure rate interaction

Ma, T; Zhou, C; Xie, Y; Qin, B; Ou, Y, 2009:
A discrete square global grid system based on the parallels plane projection

Pavlo, V. Tymoshchuk, 2009:
A discrete-time dynamic K-winners-take-all neural circuit

Todd Arbogast; Mario San Martin Gomez, 2009:
A discretization and multigrid solver for a DarcyStokes system of three dimensional vuggy porous media

Kreng, V B.; Huang, M-Yao, 2009:
A discussion on international assignments performance and the constructing mechanism of career success development

Roberts, V.; Perryman, M.; Rivers, P. A, 2009:
A discussion paper on the assessment of student learning outcomes for healthcare management

Zhencheng Chen; Cheng Fang; Hongyan Wang; Jishan He; Zhensheng Deng, 2009:
A disposable electrochemical immunofiltration test strip for rapid detection of α-fetoprotein

Martin Steinert, 2009:
A dissensus based online Delphi approach: An explorative research tool

A. B. Shapoval; M. G. Shnirman, 2009:
A dissipative deterministic BTW model with an activation scenario of strong events

Werner Bailer; Felix Lee; Georg Thallinger, 2009:
A distance measure for repeated takes of one scene

Hangzai Luo; Jianping Fan; Xiaodong Lin; Aoying Zhou; Elisa Bertino, 2009:
A distributed approach to enabling privacy-preserving model-based classifier training

Sandra Hirche; Tilemachos Matiakis; Martin Buss, 2009:
A distributed controller approach for delay-independent stability of networked control systems

Yu. P. Kazachkov, 2009:
A distributed fiber-optic position-sensitive detector of an electric arc

Junichiro Takeuchi; Toshihiko Kawachi; Koichi Unami; Shigeya Maeda; Tomoki Izumi, 2009:
A distributed hydro-environmental watershed model with three-zoned cell profiling

Maryam Hamedi; Reza Zanjirani Farahani; Mohammad Moattar Husseini; Gholam Reza Esmaeilian, 2009:
A distribution planning model for natural gas supply chain: A case study

Dongho Oh; Hyungpil Moon; Hyouk Ryeol Choi; Ja Choon Koo, 2009:
A disturbance compensator with enhanced frequency tolerance for the micro-position control of magnetic heads

Yan-ze Peng; Hui Feng; E.V. Krishnan, 2009:
A diversity of localized structures in a (2 + 1)-dimensional KdV equation

Sunohara, H; Kawai, T; Shimizu-Sato, S; Sato, Y; Sato, K; Kitano, H, 2009:
A dominant mutation of TWISTED DWARF 1 encoding an α-tubulin protein causes severe dwarfism and right helical growth in rice

Nunes, J Luiz Silva; Piorski, N Magalhães, 2009:
A dorsal fold in Gymnura micrura (Bloch and Scheneider, 1801) (Chondrichthyes: Gymnuridae)

Azari, K.K., 2009:
A dose-effect relationship of Ginkgo biloba extract to nerve regeneration in a rat model

Shirin Sioshansi; Jessica, R. Hiatt; Mark, J. Rivard; Amanda, A. Hurley; Yoojin Lee; Jaroslaw, T. Hepel; Gene, A. Cardarelli; Sean O'Leary; David, E. Wazer, 2009:
A dosimetric comparison of AccuBoost noninvasive partial breast brachytherapy to electron beam tumor bed boost and 3-D conformal accelerated partial breast irradiation

Mark, J. Rivard, 2009:
A dosimetric comparison of the model 6711 125I source and a new, smaller diameter brachytherapy seed (model 9011) using Monte Carlo methods

Shinichiro Okushima; Makoto Tamura, 2009:
A double calibration approach to the estimation of technological change

K. Hayashi; A. Tomiyama, 2009:
A drag correlation of fluid particles rising through stagnant liquids in vertical pipes at intermediate Reynolds numbers

Esther Stroe-Kunold; Joachim Werner, 2009:
A drunk and her dog: a spurious relation? Cointegration tests as instruments to detect spurious correlations between integrated time series

Pratibha, A. Dabholkar; Willemijn, M. van Dolen; Ko de Ruyter, 2009:
A dual-sequence framework for B2C relationship formation: Moderating effects of employee communication style in online group chat

Behzad Samadi; Luis Rodrigues, 2009:
A duality-based convex optimization approach to L2 -gain control of piecewise affine slab differential inclusions

Gerald Mayr, 2009:
A dwarf species of the Phalacrocoracoidea (cormorants and anhingas) from the early Miocene of Germany

Abigail Millings; Judi Walsh, 2009:
A dyadic exploration of attachment and caregiving in long-term couples

Carolien Beckx; Luc Int Panis; Theo Arentze; Davy Janssens; Rudi Torfs; Steven Broekx; Geert Wets, 2009:
A dynamic activity-based population modelling approach to evaluate exposure to air pollution: Methods and application to a Dutch urban area

Ester Blanco; Javier Lozano; Javier Rey-Maquieira, 2009:
A dynamic approach to voluntary environmental contributions in tourism

Amit Ahuja; Yiu-Kai Ng, 2009:
A dynamic attribute-based data filtering and recovery scheme for web information processing

Xiao-Ping Zeng; Yong-Ming Li; Jian Qin, 2009:
A dynamic chain-like agent genetic algorithm for global numerical optimization and feature selection

A.M. Nobre; J.K. Musango; M.P. de Wit; J.G. Ferreira, 2009:
A dynamic ecologicaleconomic modeling approach for aquaculture management

Bin Jiao; Zhigang Lian; Qunxian Chen, 2009:
A dynamic global and local combined particle swarm optimization algorithm

Sarkar, S; Crews-Meyer, K; Young, K; Kelley, C; Moffett, A, 2009:
A dynamic graph automata approach to modeling landscape change in the Andes and the Amazon

Q.G. Lin; G.H. Huang, 2009:
A dynamic inexact energy systems planning model for supporting greenhouse-gas emission management and sustainable renewable energy development under uncertaintyA case study for the City of Waterloo, Canada

B. V. Goncharov; O. V. Galimnurova; N. B. Gareeva, 2009:
A dynamic method of evaluating the bearing capacity of foundations in tamped pits

Youcef Mahdi; Abdelkader Mouheb; Lounes Oufer, 2009:
A dynamic model for milk fouling in a plate heat exchanger

Z. Salo; R.J. Runciman; J.J. Thomason, 2009:
A dynamic model of a horse hoof at first contact

Yonezawa, T; Fujimori, Y; Shimizu, S; Kimura, N; Miura, T, 2009:
A dynamic model of a towed sampling gear system including a vessel

M. Funke; H.-D. Kühl; S. Faulhaber; J. Pawlik, 2009:
A dynamic model of the fuel processor for a residential PEM fuel cell energy system

Ryuichi Kitamura, 2009:
A dynamic model system of household car ownership, trip generation, and modal split: model development and simulation experiment

Andrea Maiorano; Amedeo Reyneri; Dario Sacco; Aronne Magni; Cesare Ramponi, 2009:
A dynamic risk assessment model (FUMAgrain) of fumonisin synthesis by Fusarium verticillioides in maize grain in Italy

Rongjun Wu; Youfei Zheng; Jianjun Liu , 2009:
A dynamic simulation study of the impacts of enhanced UV-B radiation on winter wheat photosynthetic production and dry matter accumulation

Peter Bjørn Andersen; Mac Gaunaa; Christian Bak; Morten Hartvig Hansen, 2009:
A dynamic stall model for airfoils with deformable trailing edges

Jin-Long Lin; T.-J. Yeh; Wei-Yang Hwang, 2009:
A dynamic switching strategy for air-conditioning systems operated in light-thermal-load conditions

Ido Juran; Joseph, N. Prashker; Shlomo Bekhor; Ilan Ishai, 2009:
A dynamic traffic assignment model for the assessment of moving bottlenecks

Thomas, A. Adams II; Paul, I. Barton, 2009:
A dynamic two-dimensional heterogeneous model for water gas shift reactors

E. Yu. Burenko; V. K. Ignat’ev, 2009:
A dynamic volt-ampere characteristic meter

O. Roy, 2009:
A dynamic-epistemic hybrid logic for intentions and information changes in strategic games

Paul Wiegert; Jeremie Vaubaillon; Margaret Campbell-Brown, 2009:
A dynamical model of the sporadic meteoroid complex

Minshi An; Jong-Dal Hong, 2009:
A fabrication method of ester-functionalized palladium nanoparticle monolayers on amino-terminated silicone surfaces

Zhan-Hui Zhang; Hong-Juan Wang; Xiao-Qian Ren; Yan-Yan Zhang, 2009:
A facile and efficient method for synthesis of xanthone derivatives catalyzed by HBF4/SiO2under solvent-free conditions

Wang-Zhuan Liu; Xiao-Gang Wang; Qing-Sheng Wu; Ya-Ping Ding, 2009:
A facile and fast electrochemical method for the simultaneous determination ofo-dihydroxybenzene andp-dihydroxybenzene using a surfactant

K. Uma; S. Ananthakumar; R. V. Mangalaraja; K. P. O. Mahesh; T. Soga; T. Jimbo, 2009:
A facile approach to hexagonal ZnO nanorod assembly

Yunling Li; Jingzhe Zhao; Xiaodan Su; Yanchao Zhu; Yi Wang; Lanqin Tang; Zichen Wang, 2009:
A facile aqueous phase synthesis of cobalt microspheres at room temperature

Dechao Niu; Yongsheng Li; Wenjie Dong; Wenru Zhao; Liang Li; Jianlin Shi, 2009:
A facile dual templating route to fabricate hierarchically mesostructured materials

In-Sung Hwang; Yoon-Sung Kim; Sun-Jung Kim; Byeong-Kwon Ju; Jong-Heun Lee, 2009:
A facile fabrication of semiconductor nanowires gas sensor using PDMS patterning and solution deposition

Harikrishna Tumma; N. Nagaraju; K. Vijayakumar Reddy, 2009:
A facile method for the N-formylation of primary and secondary amines by liquid phase oxidation of methanol in the presence of hydrogen peroxide over basic copper hydroxyl salts

Yingkui Yang; Shengqiang Qiu; Wei Cui; Qiang Zhao; Xinjian Cheng; Robert Kwok Yiu Li; Xiaolin Xie; Yiu-Wing Mai, 2009:
A facile method to fabricate silica-coated carbon nanotubes and silica nanotubes from carbon nanotubes templates

Ningning Guan; Chao Liu; Dejun Sun; Jian Xu, 2009:
A facile method to synthesize carboxyl-functionalized magnetic polystyrene nanospheres

Daimei Chen; Zhongyi Jiang; Jiaqing Geng; Juhong Zhu; Dong Yang, 2009:
A facile method to synthesize nitrogen and fluorine co-doped TiO2nanoparticles by pyrolysis of (NH4)2TiF6

Xiaopeng Zhang; Huanzhi Jing, 2009:
A facile one-pot phosgene-free synthesis of naphthalen-1-ylcarbamates by selenium-catalyzed carbonylation of 1-nitronaphthalene with carbon monoxide

Zhongjun Wang; Hui Zhu; Wen Yang; Xiaolei Wang; Juan Wang; Xiurong Yang, 2009:
A facile pathway to prepare enzymatically degradable microcapsules with tunable capsule shell properties

Wenzhong Wang; Wei Zhu; Ling Zhang, 2009:
A facile preparation and visible light-induced photocatalysis of indium sulfide superstructure

Sankaraiah Subramani; Sun Jong Lee; Jung Min Lee; Sung Wook Choi; Jung Hyun Kim, 2009:
A facile preparation of microparticles from sulfonated polyester nanoparticles via emulsionaggregation process

Jian Zhu; Shao-Hua Wang; Zhen-Feng Bian; Chen-Ling Cai; He-Xing Li, 2009:
A facile synthesis of hierarchical flower-like TiO2with enhanced photocatalytic activity

G. S. Vorob’ev; A. A. Drozdenko; D. A. Nagornyi, 2009:
A facility for measuring the static characteristics of high-intensity electron beams

Tecer, L Hakan, 2009:
A factor analysis study: Air pollution, meteorology, and hospital admissions for respiratory diseases

Danielle Jayewardene, 2009:
A factorial experiment quantifying the influence of parrotfish density and size on algal reduction on Hawaiian coral reefs

Paul, C. Buckland; Eva Panagiotakopulu; Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir, 2009:
A failed invader in the North Atlantic, the case ofAglenus brunneusGyll. (Col., Colydiidae), a blind flightless beetle from Iceland

Jae-Seong Kim; Dae-Hwan An; Sang-Yul Lee; Bo-Young Lee, 2009:
A failure analysis of fillet joint cracking in an oil storage tank

Mahanty, S; Guernier, J; Yasmi, Y, 2009:
A fair share? Sharing the benefits and costs of collaborative forest management

Ballenger, J.C., 2009:
A family history study of binge-eating disorder

B.N. Mandal; Rajender Parsad; V.K. Gupta; U.C. Sud, 2009:
A family of distance balanced sampling plans

Ting Zhong, 2009:
A family of fractal sets with Hausdorff dimension 0.618

Gonçalves, Jão P.M.; Storer, R H.; Gondzio, J, 2009:
A family of linear programming algorithms based on an algorithm by von Neumann

Theocharis, C. Stamatatos; Eugenia Katsoulakou; Aris Terzis; Catherine, P. Raptopoulou; Richard, E.P. Winpenny; Spyros, P. Perlepes, 2009:
A family of mononuclear CoIII/2-pyridyloximate complexes and their conversion to trinuclear, mixed-valence linear clusters

Gianluca Ambrosi; Mauro Formica; Vieri Fusi; Luca Giorgi; Eleonora Macedi; Mauro Micheloni; Roberto Pontellini, 2009:
A family of polyamino phenolic macrocyclic ligands. Acidbase and coordination properties towards Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) and Pb(II) ions

Toru Chikui; Kenji Tokumori; Ryosuke Zeze; Tomoko Shiraishi; Takahiro Ichihara; Masamitsu Hatakenaka; Kazunori Yoshiura, 2009:
A fast LookLocker method forT1mapping of the head and neck region

Dongliang Zhang; Changjun Jiang; Shu Li , 2009:
A fast adaptive load balancing method for parallel particle-based simulations

Ning Wang; Meng Joo Er; Xianyao Meng, 2009:
A fast and accurate online self-organizing scheme for parsimonious fuzzy neural networks

Krista, A. Shoemaker; Nicholas, E. Leadbeater, 2009:
A fast and easy approach to the synthesis of Zeises salt using microwave heating

A. V. Veselovskii; V. A. Grigor’ev; V. A. Kaplin; T. L. Karavicheva; O. V. Karavichev; A. I. Klimov; N. V. Kondrat’eva; A. B. Kurepin; A. N. Kurepin; V. A. Loginov; A. I. Maevskaya; V. I. Marin; E. A. Meleshko; A. I. Reshetin; W. H. Trzaska, 2009:
A fast electronic system of the T0 start trigger detector for the ALICE experiment

Po-Han Chen; Feng Feng, 2009:
A fast flow control algorithm for real-time emergency evacuation in large indoor areas

Zhijun Tan; K.M. Lim; B.C. Khoo, 2009:
A fast immersed interface method for solving Stokes flows on irregular domains

Takashi Imagire; Henry Johan; Tomoyuki Nishita, 2009:
A fast method for simulating destruction and the generated dust and debris

John, S. Anagnostopoulos, 2009:
A fast numerical method for flow analysis and blade design in centrifugal pump impellers

N. Bouillard; R. Eymard; M. Henry; R. Herbin; D. Hilhorst, 2009:
A fast precipitation and dissolution reaction for a reactiondiffusion system arising in a porous medium

Crossley, M.; Lamb, R.; Waller, S., 2009:
A fast two-dimensional floodplain inundation model

Junya Matsuki; Yasuhiro Hayashi; Toshikazu Nakano; Yoichi Funasaki, 2009:
A fault location method using air-gap fluxes of synchronous generator

Noguera, F A.; Ortega-Huerta, M A.; Zaragoza-Caballero, S; González-Soriano, E; Ramírez-García, E, 2009:
A faunal study of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) from one region with tropical dry forest in Mexico: Sierra de San Javier, Sonora

T. L. Ananina, 2009:
A faunistic review of carabids (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of the Barguzin Mt. Range (Northern Baikal Area)

Ji-Hoon Jeong; Byung-Taek Oh; Jai-Young Lee, 2009:
A feasibility study of thermal hydrolysis by-products as barrier layer materials in the final cover system for a landfill

H.Y. Yu; X.Y. Niu; H.J. Lin; Y.B. Ying; B.B. Li; X.X. Pan, 2009:
A feasibility study on on-line determination of rice wine composition by VisNIR spectroscopy and least-squares support vector machines

Zhen, Z; Qixin, C; Yang, Y; Nianjiong, X, 2009:
A feature extraction method for galvanized steel sheet powdering rates classification

Fadi Dornaika; Angel, D. Sappa, 2009:
A featureless and stochastic approach to on-board stereo vision system pose

Atherton, M, 2009:
A feeling as much as a place: leisure, deaf clubs and the British deaf community

Veeramuthu Stalin Elanchezhian; Muthusamy Kandaswamy, 2009:
A ferrocene-based multi-signaling sensor molecule functions as a molecular switch

Pampa Mukherjee; Michael, G.B. Drew; Vassilis Tangoulis; Marta Estrader; Carmen Diaz; Ashutosh Ghosh, 2009:
A ferromagnetic linear trinuclear Ni(II)-Schiff base complex supported by phenoxo and cinnamato bridges

Post, C; DiTomaso, N; Lowe, S R.; Farris, G F.; Cordero, R, 2009:
A few good women

J. H. Kim; J. W. Hettenhouser; C. K. Moon; G. A. Holmes, 2009:
A fiber placement device and methodology for preparing 2-D and 3-D combinatorial microcomposites

P. Ceresa; L. Petrini; R. Pinho; R. Sousa, 2009:
A fibre flexureshear model for seismic analysis of RC-framed structures

Jian Hao; Tsorng-Whay Pan; Roland Glowinski; Daniel, D. Joseph, 2009:
A fictitious domain/distributed Lagrange multiplier method for the particulate flow of Oldroyd-B fluids: A positive definiteness preserving approach

Kyoungho Ahn; Hesham Rakha, 2009:
A field evaluation case study of the environmental and energy impacts of traffic calming

Johanna Nyquist; Maria Greger, 2009:
A field study of constructed wetlands for preventing and treating acid mine drainage

Michael Workman, 2009:
A field study of corporate employee monitoring: Attitudes, absenteeism, and the moderating influences of procedural justice perceptions

A.S. Tomlin; R.J. Smalley; J.E. Tate; J.F. Barlow; S.E. Belcher; S.J. Arnold; A. Dobre; A. Robins, 2009:
A field study of factors influencing the concentrations of a traffic-related pollutant in the vicinity of a complex urban junction

Sung, H. Hong; Jan Gilbertson; Tadj Oreszczyn; Geoff Green; Ian Ridley, 2009:
A field study of thermal comfort in low-income dwellings in England before and after energy efficient refurbishment

Jin, G; Englande, A.J., 2009:
A field study on costeffectiveness of five erosion control measures

Shuguo Lü; Xuchen Wang; Boping Han, 2009:
A field study on the conversion ratio of phytoplankton biomass carbon to chlorophyll-ain Jiaozhou Bay, China

S. Ennen; H. Hamann; O. Distl; J. Hickford; H. Zhou; M. Ganter, 2009:
A field trial to control ovine footrot via vaccination and genetic markers

A. A. Azbukin; A. Ya. Bogushevich; V. A. Korol’kov; A. A. Tikhomirov; V. D. Shelevoi, 2009:
A field version of the AMK-03 automated ultrasonic meteorological complex

Sonmez, O.; Pierzynski, G.M.; Frees, L.; Davis, B.; Leikam, D.; Sweeney, D.W.; Janssen, K.A., 2009:
A field-based assessment tool for phosphorus losses in runoff in Kansas

Seth, W. Coleman; Zachary, W. Culumber; Ashley Meaders; Jennifer Henson; Gil, G. Rosenthal, 2009:
A field-study of inducible molecular defenses, ultraviolet radiation, and melanomagenesis in naturalXiphophorushybrids

Salman Akhtar, 2009:
A final toast for George Awad

Honglei Wang; Yi Li; Tai-Shung Chung, 2009:
A fine match between the stereoselective ligands and membrane pore size for enhanced chiral separation

E. Bassiri; R. Bryant; M. George; K. Yerion, 2009:
A finite difference method for modeling the formation of animal coat patterns

Shane, K.F. Hattingh; B.D. Reddy, 2009:
A finite element approach for modelling single-phase compressible flow in dual porosity systems

Youyun Li; Shuyao Long, 2009:
A finite element model based on statistical two-scale analysis for equivalent heat transfer parameters of composite material with random grains

S. Ranganath; C. Guo; P. Hegde, 2009:
A finite element modeling approach to predicting white layer formation in nickel superalloys

Ben James Hicks; Glen Mullineux; Daniel Sirkett, 2009:
A finite element-based approach for whole-system simulation of packaging systems for their improved design and operation

W. Kramer; R. Minero; H.J.H. Clercx; R.M.M. Mattheij, 2009:
A finite volume local defect correction method for solving the transport equation

Charles, C.K. Cheng, 2009:
A fire safety study of Hong Kong refuge floor building wall layout design

Dumoulin, F; Zorlu, Y; Menaf Ayhan, M.; Hirel, C; Isci, Ümit; Ahsen, V, 2009:
A first ABAC phthalocyanine

Zachary, J. Bortolot; Philip, E. Prater, 2009:
A first assessment of the use of high spatial resolution hyperspectral imagery in discriminating among animal species, and between animals and their surroundings

Galdies, C.; Donoghue, D. N. M., 2009:
A first attempt at assimilating microwave-derived SST to improve the predictive capability of a coupled, high-resolution Eta-POM forecasting system

Thomas Wiedmann, 2009 :
A first empirical comparison of energy Footprints embodied in trade MRIO versus PLUM

Thomas Wesener; Didier VandenSpiegel, 2009:
A first phylogenetic analysis of Giant Pill-Millipedes (Diplopoda: Sphaerotheriida), a new model Gondwanan taxon, with special emphasis on island gigantism

Maurice Davies, 2009:
A first small step in a long journey

Bayrakci, M.; Colakoglu, K.; Deligoz, E.; Ciftci, Y. O., 2009:
A first-principle study of the structural and lattice dynamical properties of CaX (X=S, Se, and Te)

Peng Zhang; Chung, K. Law, 2009:
A fitting formula for the falloff curves of unimolecular reactions

Lajos Vörös; Andrea Mózes; Boglárka Somogyi, 2009:
A five-year study of autotrophic winter picoplankton in Lake Balaton, Hungary

A. Azadeh; M. Khakestani; M. Saberi, 2009:
A flexible fuzzy regression algorithm for forecasting oil consumption estimation

Nengcheng Chen; Liping Di; Genong Yu; Min Min, 2009:
A flexible geospatial sensor observation service for diverse sensor data based on Web service

Yung-Chia Chang; Wen-Chih Chen; Yung-Nien Yang; Hui-Cheng Chao, 2009:
A flexible web-based simulation game for production and logistics management courses

L. Mortarini; P. Franzese; E. Ferrero, 2009:
A fluctuating plume model for concentration fluctuations in a plant canopy

Jonathan, L. Carrivick; Vern Manville; Shane, J. Cronin, 2009:
A fluid dynamics approach to modelling the 18th March 2007 lahar at Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand

J.D. Goddard; A.K. Didwania, 2009:
A fluid-like model of vibrated granular layers: Linear stability, kinks, and oscillons

Diego Tonolla; Mark, S. Lorang; Kurt Heutschi; Klement Tockner, 2009:
A flume experiment to examine underwater sound generation by flowing water

Weiying Lin; Lin Yuan; Xiaowei Cao; Bingbing Chen; Yanming Feng, 2009:
A fluorescence turn-on probe for iodide based on the redox reaction between cupric and iodide

Hong-Mei Zhang; Yan-Qing Wang; Ma-Li Jiang, 2009:
A fluorimetric study of the interaction of C.I. Solvent Red 24 with haemoglobin

Olivier Gourgue; Richard Comblen; Jonathan Lambrechts; Tuomas Kärnä; Vincent Legat; Eric Deleersnijder, 2009:
A flux-limiting wettingdrying method for finite-element shallow-water models, with application to the Scheldt Estuary

Richard Price, 2009:
A focus on special editions

Estera Szwajcer Dey; Konstantin Mikhailopulo, 2009:
A food grade approach for the isolation of major alkylresorcinols (ARs) from rye bran applying tailored supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) extraction combined with HPLC

Philip McMichael, 2009:
A food regime analysis of the world food crisis

Jianxin Mu; Shahbaz Khan; Munir, A. Hanjra; Hao Wang, 2009 :
A food security approach to analyse irrigation efficiency improvement demands at the country level

Frisoli, A; Salsedo, F; Bergamasco, M; Rossi, B; Carboncini, M C., 2009:
A force-feedback exoskeleton for upper-limb rehabilitation in virtual reality

Imed Zaghbani; Victor Songmene, 2009:
A force-temperature model including a constitutive law for Dry High Speed Milling of aluminium alloys

Fuat Ekiz; Ilhami Yüksel; Zahide Şimşek; Mehmet Akif Teber; Omer Basar; Akif Altınbaş; Osman Yüksel, 2009:
A foreign body in stomach: dental prosthesis

Longtin, L; Mahoney, L; Press, W, 2009:
A foreign recruitment success story

A.J. Shaiju; I.R. Petersen, 2009:
A formula for the optimal cost in the general discrete-time LEQG problem

Nikos Koutsias; Giorgos Mallinis; Michael Karteris, 2009:
A forward/backward principal component analysis of Landsat-7 ETM+ data to enhance the spectral signal of burnt surfaces

Jason, A. Dunlop; Carsten Kamenz; Giovanni Talarico, 2009:
A fossil trigonotarbid arachnid with a ricinuleid-like pedipalpal claw

Frank Riedel; Thomas von Rintelen; Sebastian Erhardt; Annette Kossler, 2009:
A fossilPotadoma(Gastropoda: Pachychilidae) from Pleistocene central Kalahari fluvio-lacustrine sediments

Louis Narens, 2009:
A foundation for support theory based on a non-Boolean event space

Thomas, H; Hatchuel, A, 2009:
A foundationalist perspective for management research: a European trend and experience

Vidhyacharan Bhaskar; Patrick Lallement, 2009:
A four-input three-stage queuing network approach to model an industrial system

Ömer Civalek, 2009:
A four-node discrete singular convolution for geometric transformation and its application to numerical solution of vibration problem of arbitrary straight-sided quadrilateral plates

Lamborn, S. D.; Groh, K., 2009:
A four-part model of autonomy during emerging adulthood: Associations with adjustment

Alberto Carpinteri; Marco Paggi, 2009:
A fractal interpretation of size-scale effects on strength, friction and fracture energy of faults

Hongmin Deng; Tao Li; Qionghua Wang; Hongbin Li, 2009:
A fractional-order hyperchaotic system and its synchronization

Guy Fitzgerald; Miryam Barad; Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou; Ghada Alaa, 2009:
A framework for analyzing flexibility of generic objects

C. Shanahan; B. Kernan; G. Ayalew; K. McDonnell; F. Butler; S. Ward, 2009:
A framework for beef traceability from farm to slaughter using global standards: An Irish perspective

Allen, R. Sanderson; Miriah, D. Meyer; Robert, M. Kirby; Chris, R. Johnson, 2009:
A framework for exploring numerical solutions of advectionreactiondiffusion equations using a GPU-based approach

Trincado, G; Burkhart, H E., 2009 :
A framework for modeling the dynamics of first-order branches and spatial distribution of knots in loblolly pine trees

David, A. Cieslak; Nitesh, V. Chawla, 2009:
A framework for monitoring classifiers performance: when and why failure occurs?

David, A. Morrison, 2009:
A framework for phylogenetic sequence alignment

Jaoua, A.; Riopel, D.; Gamache, M., 2009:
A framework for realistic microscopic modelling of surface mining transportation systems

Nils, P. Wedi; Piotr, K. Smolarkiewicz, 2009:
A framework for testing global non-hydrostatic models

T. Yang; E. R. Westervelt; A. Serrani; J. P. Schmiedeler, 2009:
A framework for the control of stable aperiodic walking in

Yangeng Wang; Guo Wei; William, H. Campbell; Steven Bourquin, 2009:
A framework of induced hyperspace dynamical systems equipped with the hit-or-miss topology

Gillian King, 2009:
A framework of personal and environmental learning-based strategies to foster therapist expertise

Huei-Yung Lin; Wen-Nung Lie; Min-Liang Wang, 2009:
A framework of view-dependent planar scene active camouflage

Neilson, S., 2009:
A frank expression of life with a disability

Kwang Ik Kim; Zhigui Lin, 2009:
A free boundary problem for a parabolic system describing an ecological model

C. Champion; S. Incerti; H. Aouchiche; D. Oubaziz, 2009:
A free-parameter theoretical model for describing the electron elastic scattering in water in the Geant4 toolkit

J.M. Raj; C. Ranganathaiah, 2009:
A free-volume study on the phase modifications brought out by e-beam and microwave irradiations in PP/NBR and PVC/SAN blends

K. Sabri; M. El Badaoui; F. Guillet; A. Adib; D. Aboutajdine, 2009:
A frequency domain-based approach for blind MIMO system identification using second-order cyclic statistics

V. D. Gitelson; A. A. Voevoda; V. A. Zhmud, 2009:
A frequency-selective system for stabilizing the diode-laser radiation power without operating-point shift

P.I. Fierens; L.C. Rêgo; T.L. Fine, 2009:
A frequentist understanding of sets of measures

Hendy, I., 2009:
A fresh perspective on the Cordilleran Ice Sheet

P. Pace-Asciak; E. Chang; J.P. Ludemann, 2009:
A frightening bronchial foreign body

S. McFadden; D.J. Browne, 2009:
A front-tracking model to predict solidification macrostructures and columnar to equiaxed transitions in alloy castings

Wendy, K. Stovall; B. F. Houghton; A. J. L. Harris; D. A. Swanson, 2009:
A frozen record of density-driven crustal overturn in lava lakes: the example of Klauea Iki 1959

M. Ghatrehnaby; B. Arezoo, 2009:
A fully automated nesting and piloting system for progressive dies

Sherman, C.P. Cheung; G.H. Yeoh, 2009:
A fully-coupled simulation of vortical structures in a large-scale buoyant pool fire

G. Fried; B. Chauvel; X. Reboud, 2009:
A functional analysis of large-scale temporal shifts from 1970 to 2000 in weed assemblages of sunflower crops in France

Stefano, A. Gattone; Tonio Di Battista, 2009:
A functional approach to diversity profiles

Bissell, M.G., 2009:
A functional coagulation test to identify anti-β2-glycoprotein I dependent lupus anticoagulants

Andersson, A; Ronquist, G; Karlsson, Törn, 2009:
A further move into electronic publishing

Hosie, P J.; Smith, R C., 2009:
A future for organisational behaviour?

Edward, H. Burtt Jr., 2009:
A future with feather-degrading bacteria

Eleonora Bottani, 2009:
A fuzzy QFD approach to achieve agility

Lu Li; Zhi-Hua Shi; Wei Yin; Dun Zhu; Sai Leung Ng; Chong-Fa Cai; A-Lin Lei, 2009:
A fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) approach to eco-environmental vulnerability assessment for the danjiangkou reservoir area, China

R. Gopakumar; P. P. Mujumdar, 2009:
A fuzzy dynamic flood routing model for natural channels

Rustum Mamlook; Omar Badran; Emad Abdulhadi, 2009:
A fuzzy inference model for short-term load forecasting

Zhi-Ping Fan; Bo Feng; Wei-Lan Suo, 2009:
A fuzzy linguistic method for evaluating collaboration satisfaction of NPD team using mutual-evaluation information

R. Gopakumar; P. P. Mujumdar, 2009:
A fuzzy logic based dynamic wave model inversion algorithm for canal regulation

Y. Eren; O. Erdinc; H. Gorgun; M. Uzunoglu; B. Vural, 2009:
A fuzzy logic based supervisory controller for an FC/UC hybrid vehicular power system

Romano Borchiellini; Vittorio Verda, 2009:
A fuzzy logic procedure for ventilation control in case of fire in long tunnels

Andrea Grassi; Rita Gamberini; Cristina Mora; Bianca Rimini, 2009:
A fuzzy multi-attribute model for risk evaluation in workplaces

Song Hengjie; Miao Chunyan; Shen Zhiqi; Miao Yuan; Bu-Sung Lee, 2009:
A fuzzy neural network with fuzzy impact grades

Chien-Ming Chen, 2009:
A fuzzy-based decision-support model for rebuy procurement

Yantao Feng; Brian, D.O. Anderson; Michael Rotkowitz, 2009:
A game theoretic algorithm to compute local stabilizing solutions to HJBI equations in nonlinear control

Giorgos Stamatopoulos; Abhijit Sengupta; Erin Vogel; Charles Janson, 2009 :
A game-theoretic model of coalition formation among primates

Samuel Rota Bulò; Andrea Torsello; Marcello Pelillo, 2009:
A gametheoretic approach to partial clique enumeration

Sung Wook Park; Rolf, D. Reitz, 2009:
A gas jet superposition model for CFD modeling of group-hole nozzle sprays

J.L. Hall; J.A. Jones; L. Brooke; B. Hennings; R. Van Boeyen; A.H. Yavrouian; J. Mennella; V.V. Kerzhanovich, 2009:
A gas management system for an ultra long duration Titan blimp

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A gateway to nature: Teenagers' narratives on smoking marijuana outdoors

Yu. G. Papulov, 2009:
A geat son of Russia

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A gene for susceptibility to the fungicide azoxystrobin in apple and a tightly linked microsatellite marker

Tsugihiro Watanabe; Takashi Kume, 2009:
A general adaptation strategy for climate change impacts on paddy cultivation: special reference to the Japanese context

Hazim Al-Attar; Sulaiman Al-Zuhair, 2009:
A general approach for deliverability calculations of gas wells

Sandro Bertolino; Luc Wauters; Aleksandar Pizzul; Ambrogio Molinari; Peter Lurz; Guido Tosi, 2009:
A general approach of using hair-tubes to monitor the European red squirrel: A method applicable at regional and national scales

Thomas Rosenau; Antje Potthast; Falk Liebner; Gerald Ebner; A. Hunter, M. Renfrew; Stephan Eichhorn; Eva-Barbara Fürst-Wiesmann, 2009:
A general approach to cellulosic material with controlled slow release of active substances by derivatization of a cellulosic carrier matrix with trifunctional triazines

Y. Thollon; C. Hochard, 2009:
A general damage model for woven fabric composite laminates up to first failure

Yi He; Zhichun Wu; Zai-Sha Mao, 2009:
A general diffusion model for mass transfer in colloidal liquid aphron systems

Blasco, L; Devadoss, S; Stodick, L, 2009:
A general equilibrium analysis of the effects of Doha Round Declaration and African Cotton Initiative on Zambian cotton sector

Thomas Demuynck, 2009:
A general extension result with applications to convexity, homotheticity and monotonicity

J. Philippe Rushton; Paul Irwing, 2009:
A general factor of personality in the Comrey Personality Scales, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, and the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire

R. Feres; A. Cloninger; G.S. Yablonsky; J.T. Gleaves, 2009:
A general formula for reactant conversion over a single catalyst particle in TAP pulse experiments

J.G. Quintiere; Lei Wang, 2009:
A general formula for the prediction of vent flows

Oleg Bondarenko; Iñaki R. Longarela, 2009:
A general framework for the derivation of asset price bounds: an application to stochastic volatility option models

M. Agoras; O. Lopez-Pamies; P. Ponte Castañeda, 2009:
A general hyperelastic model for incompressible fiber-reinforced elastomers

Jennifer, E. Phelps; Sara, B. Frawley; R. Gregory Peters, 2009:
A general method to prepare monodentate phosphane ligands with mixed substituents

X. Ruiz del Portal, 2009:
A general principalagent setting with non-differentiable mechanisms: Some examples

Lars Håkanson, 2009:
A general process-based mass-balance model for phosphorus/eutrophication as a tool to estimate historical reference values for key bioindicators, as exemplified using data for the Gulf of Riga

Kang-He Xie; Meng-Meng Lu; An-Feng Hu; Guo-Hong Chen, 2009:
A general theoretical solution for the consolidation of a composite foundation

K. Katsiabani; N. Adaktilou; C. Cartalis, 2009:
A generalised methodology for estimating land surface temperature for non-urban areas of Greece through the combined use of NOAAAVHRR data and ancillary information

C.O. Horgan; J.G. Murphy, 2009:
A generalization of Henckys strain-energy density to model the large deformations of slightly compressible solid rubbers

Régis Lebrun; Anne Dutfoy, 2009:
A generalization of the Nataf transformation to distributions with elliptical copula

Olcay Arslan; Ali İ. Genç, 2009:
A generalization of the multivariate slash distribution

Rice, J. C., 2009 :
A generalization of the three-stage model for advice using the precautionary approach in fisheries, to apply broadly to ecosystem properties and pressures

Ayşe Nalli; Haci Civciv, 2009:
A generalization of tridiagonal matrix determinants, Fibonacci and Lucas numbers

P.M. Coelho; F.T. Pinho, 2009:
A generalized Brinkman number for non-Newtonian duct flows

James, G. M.; Radchenko, P., 2009:
A generalized Dantzig selector with shrinkage tuning

Zhenbing Liu; JianGuo Liu; Zhong Chen, 2009:
A generalized Gilbert's algorithm for approximating general SVM classifiers

Yen-Chang Chang; Ching-Ti Liu, 2009:
A generalized JM model with applications to imperfect debugging in software reliability

Yu.V. Obnosov, 2009:
A generalized MilneThomson theorem for the case of parabolic inclusion

Fernando de Felice; Giovanni Preti, 2009:
A generalized Principle of Relativity

M. Jamiolahmady; M. Sohrabi; S. Ireland; P. Ghahri, 2009:
A generalized correlation for predicting gascondensate relative permeability at near wellbore conditions

Shengkui Zhao; Zhihong Man; Suiyang Khoo, 2009:
A generalized data windowing scheme for adaptive conjugate gradient algorithms

Vargas-Larreta, B.; Castedo-Dorado, F.; Alvarez-Gonzalez, J. G.; Barrio-Anta, M.; Cruz-Cobos, F., 2009:
A generalized height-diameter model with random coefficients for uneven-aged stands in El Salto, Durango (Mexico)

G.R. Jahanshahloo; F. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi; M. Rostamy Malkhalifeh; M. Ahadzadeh Namin, 2009:
A generalized model for data envelopment analysis with interval data

Daniela Borissova; Ivan Mustakerov, 2009:
A generalized optimization method for night vision devices design considering stochastic external surveillance conditions

Ji-Huan He, 2009:
A generalized poincar-invariant action with possible application in strings and E-infinity theory

Tham, Y.; Muneer, T.; Davison, B., 2009:
A generalized procedure to generate clear-sky radiation data for any location

Tao Liu; Furong Gao, 2009:
A generalized relay identification method for time delay and non-minimum phase processes

Ingmar Posner; Mark Cummins; Paul Newman, 2009:
A generative framework for fast urban labeling using spatial and

Odena, O.; Welch, G., 2009:
A generative model of teachers' thinking on musical creativity

C. Stéger; T. Lukács; E. Rév; M. Meyer; Z. Lelkes, 2009:
A generic feasibility study of batch reactive distillation in hybrid configurations

Oskar Franklin; Kentaro Aoki; Rupert Seidl, 2009:
A generic model of thinning and stand density effects on forest growth, mortality and net increment

Julia Calvarro; Vural Gökmen; Francisco, J. Morales, 2009:
A generic procedure to monitor Maillard-derived fluorescent compounds in cookies by flow-injection analysis

Ioanna, E. Manataki; Konstantinos, G. Zografos, 2009:
A generic system dynamics based tool for airport terminal performance analysis

Kelly Takano; Makoto Arai, 2009:
A genetic algorithm for the hub-and-spoke problem applied to containerized cargo transport

Bazi, Y; Melgani, F; Bruzzone, L; Vernazza, G, 2009:
A genetic expectation-maximization method for unsupervised change detection in multitemporal SAR imagery

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A genetic linkage map of the cultivated strawberry (Fragaria

Mack, A., 2009:
A genetically informative developmental study of the relationship between conduct disorder and peer deviance in males

Cribb, R; Coppel, C A., 2009:
A genocide that never was: explaining the myth of anti-Chinese massacres in Indonesia, 196566

Chen, L; Yang, G, 2009:
A genomic scanning using AFLP to detect candidate loci under selection in the finless porpoise (Neophocaena phocaenoides)

Jonsson, J G.; Sissung, T; Figg, W D., 2009:
A genomic strategy for predicting androgen receptor activity in prostate tumors

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A gentle life

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A geochemical and lead isotopic record from a small pond in a remote equatorial island, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Y. Hashimoto; A. Nikaizo; G. Kimura, 2009:
A geochemical estimation of fluid flux and permeability for a fault zone in Mugi mlange, the Cretaceous Shimanto Belt, SW Japan

Aristides Moustakas; Ioannis Karakassis, 2009:
A geographic analysis of the published aquatic biodiversity research in relation to the ecological footprint of the country where the work was done

Sveinung Eiksund, 2009:
A geographical perspective on driving attitudes and behaviour among young adults in urban and rural Norway

G.F. Ngon Ngon; R. Yongue–Fouateu; D.L. Bitom; P. Bilong, 2009:
A geological study of clayey laterite and clayey hydromorphic material of the region of Yaound (Cameroon): a prerequisite for local material promotion

Ying Zheng; Guangyao Li; Xiehua Sun; Xinmin Zhou, 2009:
A geometric active contour model without re-initialization for color images

Mirko Zadravec; Borut Žalik, 2009:
A geometric and topological system for supporting agricultural subsidies in Slovenia

O. Tournaire; N. Paparoditis, 2009:
A geometric stochastic approach based on marked point processes for road mark detection from high resolution aerial images

Sherriff, B L.; Ferguson, I J.; Gupton, M W.; VanGulck, J F.; Sidenko, N; Priscu, C; Pérez-Flores, M; Gómez-Treviño, E, 2009:
A geophysical and geotechnical study to determine the hydrological regime of the Central Manitoba gold mine tailings deposit

Hernández, J; Emery, X, 2009:
A geostatistical approach to optimize sampling designs for local forest inventories

Vernon, F. Cormier, 2009:
A glassy lowermost outer core

G. Petropoulos; M.J. Wooster; T.N. Carlson; M.C. Kennedy; M. Scholze, 2009:
A global Bayesian sensitivity analysis of the 1d SimSphere soilvegetationatmospheric transfer (SVAT) model using Gaussian model emulation

Rasmus Karlsson, 2009:
A global Fordian compromise?And what it would mean for the transition to sustainability

Seppälä, R, 2009:
A global assessment on adaptation of forests to climate change

Ganley, R J.; Watt, M S.; Manning, L; Iturritxa, E, 2009:
A global climatic risk assessment of pitch canker disease

G. Pantoleontos; P. Basinas; G. Skodras; P. Grammelis; J.D. Pintér; S. Topis; G.P. Sakellaropoulos, 2009:
A global optimization study on the devolatilisation kinetics of coal, biomass and waste fuels

Shin-Hae Park; Si-Sun Choi; David, H. Sherman; Eung-Soo Kim, 2009:
A global positive regulator afsR2 stimulates tautomycetin production via pathway-specific regulatory gene over-expression in Streptomyces sp. CK4412

J. Geoffrey Chase; Steen Andreassen; Ulrike Pielmeier; Christopher, E. Hann; Kirsten, A. McAuley; J.I. Mann, 2009:
A glucose-insulin pharmacodynamic surface modeling validation and comparison of metabolic system models

Johanna Alkan Olsson; Christian Bockstaller; Lee, M. Stapleton; Frank Ewert; Rob Knapen; Olivier Therond; Ghislain Geniaux; Stéphane Bellon; Teresa Pinto Correira; Nadine Turpin; Irina Bezlepkina, 2009:
A goal oriented indicator framework to support integrated assessment of new policies for agri-environmental systems

Xu, W-Li; Zhu, L-Xing, 2009:
A goodness-of-fit test for a varying-coefficients model in longitudinal studies

Yuan Mei; Huaijiang Sun; Deshen Xia, 2009:
A gradient-based combined method for the computation of fingerprints orientation field

Joseph, P. Herbert; JingTao Yao, 2009:
A granular computing framework for self-organizing maps

Vassilis, G. Kaburlasos; S.E. Papadakis, 2009:
A granular extension of the fuzzy-ARTMAP (FAM) neural classifier based on fuzzy lattice reasoning (FLR)

N. Chehata; F. Jung; G. Stamon, 2009:
A graph cut optimization guided by 3D-features for surface height recovery

Faguo Yang; Frithjof Kruggel, 2009:
A graph matching approach for labeling brain sulci using location, orientation, and shape

Chandler, H.W.; Sands, C.M., 2009:
A graphical method for producing yield surfaces for soils

Yong-Li Chen; Xu-Dong Cao; Ke-Qin Zhu, 2009:
A gray lattice Boltzmann model for power-law fluid and its application in the study of slip velocity at porous interface

Jie Wen; Kaili Zhao; Tingyue Gu; Issam, I. Raad, 2009 :
A green biocide enhancer for the treatment of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) biofilms on carbon steel surfaces using glutaraldehyde

Yamaira, I. Gonzalez, 2009:
A green clean curriculum to instruct homeschoolers on the safe handling of chemicals

Anal, K. Jha; Kamlesh Prasad; K. Prasad, 2009:
A green low-cost biosynthesis of Sb2O3 nanoparticles

Jinqiang Liu; Chao Qian; Xinzhi Chen, 2009:
A green synthesis of phenyl vinyl sulfoxide

Psomopoulos, F E.; Mitkas, P A.; Krinas, C S.; Demetropoulos, I N., 2009:
A grid-enabled algorithm yields figure-eight molecular knot

V. G. Asouti; I. C. Kampolis; K. C. Giannakoglou, 2009:
A grid-enabled asynchronous metamodel-assisted evolutionary algorithm for aerodynamic optimization

Baltussen, H, 2009:
A grief observed: Cicero on remembering Tullia

Aslam, M; Jun, C-Hyuck, 2009:
A group acceptance sampling plan for truncated life test having Weibull distribution

Barbara Krahé; Lena Knappert, 2009:
A group-randomized evaluation of a theatre-based sexual abuse prevention programme for primary school children in Germany

Regel, S, 2009:
A guide to psychological debriefing managing emotional decompression and post traumatic stress disorder

Alison Nightingale, 2009 :
A guide to systematic literature reviews

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A guide to the ATSM in Medical Education. Article 1: principles of teaching and learning

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A haiku suite: the importance of music making in the lives of secondary school students

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A highly efficient and ecofriendly procedure for tetrahydropyranylation of alcohols and phenols in the presence of in-situ generated I2under heterogeneous and neutral conditions

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A hybrid model of fuzzy and AHP for handling public assessments on transportation projects

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A kinder, gentler plastic?

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A lead(II)-orotate coordination polymer with a new coordination mode: Synthesis, structure and luminescent property

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A least flexibility first heuristic to coordinate setups in a two- or three-stage supply chain

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A lectin fromSesbania aculeata(Dhaincha) roots and its possible function

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