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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63862

Chapter 63862 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Leslie, M., 2009:
The downside of microtubule stability

Bertolini, L, 2009:
The dream of planning

Bell, S, 2009:
The driest continent and the greediest water company: newspaper reporting of drought in Sydney and London

Conte, C; Cascino, A; Giuliano, S; Fidanza, R; Fiandra, F; Fanelli, F Rossi; Laviano, A, 2009:
The driving brain: the CNS in the pathogenesis and treatment of anorexiacachexia syndrome

Chen, H‐Hsin; Lee, P‐Yen, 2009:
The driving drivers of dynamic competitive capabilities: a new perspective on competition

X. Sun; D. H. Xi; H. Feng; J. B. Du; T. Lei; H. G. Liang; H. H. Lin, 2009:
The dual effects of salicylic acid on dehydrin accumulation in water-stressed barley seedlings

Robert, E. Ulanowicz, 2009:
The dual nature of ecosystem dynamics

Martine Cuillel, 2009:
The dual personality of ionic copper in biology

Jonathan, B. Welch; Anand Venkateswaran, 2009:
The dual sustainability of wind energy

Mattias Johansson; Bo Galle; Yan Zhang; Claudia Rivera; Deliang Chen; Klaus Wyser, 2009:
The dual-beam mini-DOAS techniquemeasurements of volcanic gas emission, plume height and plume speed with a single instrument

Franke, W. A., 2009:
The durability of rocks--Developing a test of rock resistance to chemical weathering

M. Giard; E. Pointecouteau; L. Montier; E. Simmat, 2009:
The dust content of clusters of galaxies

Michael, C. Dunn; Anthony, J. Holland; Isabel, C.H. Clare, 2009:
The duty to safeguard adults from abuse

Scherer, K R., 2009:
The dynamic architecture of emotion: Evidence for the component process model

S. S. Batsanov, 2009:
The dynamic criteria of melting-crystallization

Florence Mihaela Singer, 2009:
The dynamic infrastructure of mindA hypothesis and some of its applications

McKinney, P.W., 2009:
The dynamic rotation of Langers lines on facial expression

Jie Ming; Yunqi Ni; Xinyong Shen, 2009:
The dynamical characteristics and wave structure of typhoon Rananim (2004)

Xiaoqin Wang; Weiming Wang; Yezhi Lin; Xiaolin Lin, 2009:
The dynamical complexity of an impulsive Watt-type preypredator system

Uǧurlu, B; Ergin, A, 2009:
The dynamics and stability of circular cylindrical shells containing and submerged in flowing fluid using a higher order boundary element method

Jixiang Zhang; Qingli Da; Yanhua Wang, 2009:
The dynamics of Bertrand model with bounded rationality

Zielonka, T; Malcher, P, 2009:
The dynamics of a mountain mixed forest under wind disturbances in the Tatra Mountains, central Europe a dendroecological reconstruction

Yongzhen Pei; Shaoying Liu; Changguo Li; Lansun Chen, 2009:
The dynamics of an impulsive delay SI model with variable coefficients

Straubinger, N; Cokely, E T.; Stevens, J R., 2009:
The dynamics of development: Challenges for Bayesian rationality

Ingmar Schumacher, 2009:
The dynamics of environmentalism and the environment

L. Bourrel; L. Phillips; S. Moreau, 2009:
The dynamics of floods in the Bolivian Amazon Basin

Up Lim; George Galster, 2009:
The dynamics of neighborhood property crime rates

Ulf Moslener; Till Requate, 2009:
The dynamics of optimal abatement strategies for multiple pollutantsAn illustration in the Greenhouse

S. A. Bakhvalov; V. V. Martemyanov; T. A. Kukushkina; G. I. Vysochina, 2009:
The dynamics of phenolic compounds and soluble sugars in the leaves of the silver birch (Betula pendulaRoth) after defoliation and their significance in entomological plant resistance

Zaring, O.; Eriksson, C. M., 2009:
The dynamics of rapid industrial growth: evidence from Sweden's information technology industry, 1990-2004

D. V. Konev; T. A. Kravchenko; A. I. Kalinichev; E. S. Kipriyanova, 2009:
The dynamics of reductive sorption of oxygen by a granular bed of electron-ion exchangers with different copper dispersities

Salvador Barrios; Eric Strobl, 2009:
The dynamics of regional inequalities

Fishbach, A; Zhang, Y; Koo, M, 2009:
The dynamics of self-regulation

Rohan Chandralal Wickramasuriya; Arnold, K. Bregt; Hedwig van Delden; Alex Hagen-Zanker, 2009:
The dynamics of shifting cultivation captured in an extended Constrained Cellular Automata land use model

A. V. Mamchenko; T. V. Kushnir, 2009:
The dynamics of sorption of sulfuric acid by weakly basic polyacrylic anion exchangers

E. A. Titlyanov; T. V. Titlyanova, 2009:
The dynamics of the restoration of mechanical damage to colonies of the scleractinian coralPorites luteaunder conditions of competition with algal settlers for substratum

David Birch, 2009:
The dynamics of the stream of behavior

Ervīns Lukševics; Oleg Lebedev; Elga Mark-Kurik; Valentina Karatajūtė-Talimaa, 2009:
The earliest evidence of hostparasite interactions in vertebrates

I. A. Vislobokova; A. V. Lavrov, 2009:
The earliest musk deer of the genusMoschusand their significance in clarifying of evolution and relationships of the family Moschidae

Aaron David Pan; Bonnie, F. Jacobs, 2009:
The earliest record of the genusCola(Malvaceaesensu lato: Sterculioideae) from the Late Oligocene (2827

Widdowson, M, 2009:
The early Christian insurgency in Islamic Spain

Shah, A; Banner, N; Newbigging, K; Heginbotham, C; Fulford, B, 2009:
The early experience of consultant psychiatrists in application of the Mental Capacity Act: issues for black and minority individuals

Jerome Liebman, 2009:
The early repolarization syndrome is a variation of normal

Grant, A N.; Brönnimann, S; Ewen, T; Griesser, T; Stickler, A, 2009:
The early twentieth century warm period in the European Arctic

E. Yu. Rytsk; V. P. Kovach; A. F. Makeev; E. S. Bogomolov; N. G. Rizvanova, 2009:
The eastern boundary of the Baikal collisional belt: Geological, geochronological, and Nd isotopic evidence

Jahani, S; Callot, J-Paul; Letouzey, J; Frizon de Lamotte, D, 2009:
The eastern termination of the Zagros Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Iran: Structures, evolution, and relationships between salt plugs, folding, and faulting

Kirk, C., 2009:
The easy guide to OSCEs for specialties: a step-by-step to OSCE success

Chuanglin Fang; Xueqin Lin, 2009 :
The eco-environmental guarantee for Chinas urbanization process

Gregory Ponthiere, 2009:
The ecological footprint: an exhibit at an intergenerational trial?

V. T. Trofimov, 2009:
The ecological-geological system, its types and position in the structure of an ecosystem

Laura, R. Musacchio, 2009:
The ecology and culture of landscape sustainability: emerging knowledge and innovation in landscape research and practice

Sammy, L. King; Rebecca, R. Sharitz; John, W. Groninger; Loretta, L. Battaglia, 2009:
The ecology, restoration, and management of southeastern floodplain ecosystems: A synthesis

James Dickinson; Tim Jackson; Marcus Matthews; Andrew Cripps, 2009:
The economic and environmental optimisation of integrating ground source energy systems into buildings

Arega, D. Alene; Abebe Menkir; S. O. Ajala; B. Badu-Apraku; A. S. Olanrewaju; V. M. Manyong; Abdou Ndiaye, 2009:
The economic and poverty impacts of maize research in West and Central Africa

Jos Verbeek, 2009:
The economic dimension of occupational safety and health

Christopher, J. Ellis; John Fender, 2009:
The economic evolution of democracy

Habibollah Salami; Naser Shahnooshi; Kenneth, J. Thomson, 2009:
The economic impacts of drought on the economy of Iran: An integration of linear programming and macroeconometric modelling approaches

Jon, T. Biermacher; B. Wade Brorsen; Francis, M. Epplin; John, B. Solie; William, R. Raun, 2009:
The economic potential of precision nitrogen application with wheat based on plant sensing

Moschini, L, 2009:
The economic proposals of Charlotte Perkins Gilman and gender budgeting in Italy

Edward, M.W. Smeets; Iris, M. Lewandowski; André P.C. Faaij, 2009:
The economical and environmental performance of miscanthus and switchgrass production and supply chains in a European setting

Geoffrey Heal, 2009:
The economics of climate change: a post-stern perspective

Arku, G, 2009:
The economics of housing programmes in Ghana, 192966

Nicholas, T. Carlin; Kalyan Annamalai; Wyatte, L. Harman; John, M. Sweeten, 2009:
The economics of reburning with cattle manure-based biomass in existing coal-fired power plants for NOx and CO2 emissions control

Monastiriotis, V; Agiomirgianakis, G, 2009:
The economics of the Fifth Enlargement: Trade, migration and economic synchronicity

Eleanor Denny, 2009:
The economics of tidal energy

María Isabel Blanco, 2009:
The economics of wind energy

Steinhoff, G, 2009:
The economy of the earth: Philosophy, law, and the environment, 2nd ed

Petteri Vihervaara; Matti Kamppinen, 2009:
The ecosystem approach in corporate environmental management expert mental models and environmental drivers in the Finnish forest industry

J. P. Selifonova, 2009:
The ecosystem of the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk under conditions of heavy anthropogenic pollution

Lai-Sheng Meng; Jiang-Ping Song; Shao-Bo Sun; Chong-Ying Wang, 2009:
The ectopic expression ofPttKN1gene causes pleiotropic alternation of morphology in transgenic carnation (Dianthus caryophyllusL.)

Bischof, R.; Zedrosser, A., 2009:
The educated prey: consequences for exploitation and control

Nomura, K; Abe, O, 2009:
The education for sustainable development movement in Japan: a political perspective

Stéphanie Feiereisen; Amanda, J. Broderick; Susan, P. Douglas, 2009:
The effect and moderation of gender identity congruity: Utilizing real women advertising images

Chen Yang; Zhiyu Wang; Yang Yao; Xiaojie Bian; Hui Zhao, 2009:
The effect and side effects of Gemcitabine plus Vinorelbine in patients with triple-negative metastatic breast cancer

Chui Young Yoon, 2009:
The effect factors of end-user task performance in a business environment: Focusing on computing competency

Ates Duman; Seza Apiliogullari; Cemile Oztin Ogun, 2009:
The effect of 45-degree head up tilt on bloody tap during lumbar puncture in children

Lewis, E. Deaton, 2009 :
The effect of 5-hydroxytryptamine and molluscan neuropeptides on the hearts of gastropod molluscs: Mechanical activity and second messengers

Rashid Barakat Abu-Rajab; W. S. Watson; P. Gallacher; B. Walker; R. M. D. Meek, 2009:
The effect of 6

O. N. Biryukova; M. V. Biryukov, 2009:
The effect of Ca-humate preparation on the aggregate composition of soils

Xiaoyu Zhang; Enyan Long; Yile Li; Lijuan Zhang; Jiaxiu Guo; Maochu Gong; Yaoqiang Chen, 2009:
The effect of CeO2 and BaO on Pd catalysts used for lean-burn natural gas vehicles

A. Ramesh Kumar; P. Riyazuddin, 2009:
The effect of Cr(III)-organic complexes on the determination of inorganic chromium species in groundwater by ammonium pyrrolidinedithiocarbamatemethylisobutylketone extraction procedure

Zongqing Ma; Yongchang Liu; Zhizhong Dong; Liming Yu; Zhiming Gao; Qian Zhao, 2009:
The effect of Cu addition on the sintering process and

Vladimir, S. Troynikov; Matthew, T. Koopman, 2009:
The effect of Danish seine selectivity and retention on growth estimates of tiger flatheadPlatycephalus richardsoni

Hilton, B.; Duddy, B., 2009:
The effect of E20 ethanol fuel on vehicle emissions

Tanahoung, C; Chitaree, R; Soankwan, C; Sharma, M D.; Johnston, I D., 2009:
The effect of Interactive Lecture Demonstrations on students understanding of heat and temperature: a study from Thailand

Manuel Iñarrea; Víctor Lanchares; Jesús F. Palacián; Ana, I. Pascual; J. Pablo Salas; Patricia Yanguas, 2009:
The effect of J2 on equatorial and halo orbits around a magnetic planet

Salajpal, K; Dikic, M; Karolyi, D; Janjecic, Z; Juric, I, 2009:
The effect of MC4R polymorphism on carcass composition and meat quality traits in pigs slaughter at different live weights

P.R. Warman; A.V. Rodd; P. Hicklenton, 2009:
The effect of MSW compost and fertilizer on extractable soil elements and the growth of winter squash in Nova Scotia

Mengmeng Yu; Lin Shen; Bei Fan; Danying Zhao; Yang Zheng; Jiping Sheng, 2009:
The effect of MeJA on ethylene biosynthesis and induced disease resistance to Botrytis cinerea in tomato

Federico Rossi; Maria Liria Turco Liveri, 2009:
The effect of N-tetradecyl-N,N-dimethylamine oxide micelles on the kinetics of the electron transfer reaction of Ce(IV) with substituted malonic acids

Alkahby, H; Darwish, A, 2009:
The effect of Newtonian cooling on vertically propagating magneto-acoustic waves in a thermally conducting isothermal atmosphere (II)

Bing-Feng Liu; Nan-Qi Ren; Jie Ding; Guo-Jun Xie; Wan-Qian Guo, 2009:
The effect of Ni2+, Fe2+ and Mg2+ concentration on photo-hydrogen production by Rhodopseudomonas faecalis RLD-53

Rakesh Kumar; A. Arvind; M. Goswami; S. Bhattacharya; V. K. Shrikhande; G. P. Kothiyal, 2009:
The effect of NiO on the phase formation, thermo-physical properties and sealing behaviour of lithium zinc silicate glassceramics

Katsuhide Murata; Mihai Brebu; Yusaku Sakata, 2009:
The effect of PVC on thermal and catalytic degradation of polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene by a continuous flow reactor

S.J. Hong; G.H. Hwang; W.K. Han; S.G. Kang, 2009:
The effect of Pt contents on the surface morphologies of Pt-modified aluminide coating

Sang-Kwon Lee; Chang-Hee Kim; Won-Chul Cho; Kyoung-Soo Kang; Chu-Sik Park; Ki-Kwang Bae, 2009:
The effect of Pt loading amount on SO2 oxidation reaction in an SO2-depolarized electrolyzer used in the hybrid sulfur (HyS) process

Iko Hyppänen; Jorma Hölsä; Jouko Kankare; Mika Lastusaari; Marja Malkamäki; Laura Pihlgren, 2009:
The effect of Y3+ co-doping on the persistent up-conversion luminescence of the ZrO2:Yb3+,Er3+ nanomaterials

Atasoy, B; Akkus, H; Kadayifci, H, 2009:
The effect of a conceptual change approach on understanding of students chemical equilibrium concepts

S.M. Kerstens; N.P. van der Steen; H.J. Gijzen, 2009:
The effect of a duckweed cover on sulphide volatilisation from waste stabilisation ponds

Krisztina Nagy; Gábor Bodó; György Bárdos; Andrea Harnos; Péter Kabai, 2009:
The effect of a feeding stress-test on the behaviour and heart rate variability of control and crib-biting horses (with or without inhibition)

Scolapio, J.S., 2009:
The effect of a low-fat, high-protein or high-carbohydrate ad libitum diet on weight loss maintenance and metabolic risk factors

P. A. Chernavskii; V. I. Zaikovskii; G. V. Pankina; N. S. Perov; A. O. Turakulova, 2009:
The effect of a magnetic field on the thermal destruction of cobalt formate

M. Manders; L. C. P. G. M. De Groot; W. H. L. Hoefnagels; R. A. M. Dhonukshe-Rutten; W. Wouters-Wesseling; A. J. M. J. Mulders; W. A. Van Staveren, 2009:
The effect of a nutrient dense drink on mental and physical function in institutionalized elderly people

Michael, G. Debije; Jean-Pierre Teunissen; Maud, J. Kastelijn; Paul, P.C. Verbunt; Cees, W.M. Bastiaansen, 2009:
The effect of a scattering layer on the edge output of a luminescent solar concentrator

Nicola Therese Munro; Kelli-Jo Kovac; Darren Niejalke; Ross, B. Cunningham, 2009:
The effect of a single burn event on the aquatic invertebrates in artesian springs

Karlijn Massar; Abraham, P. Buunk, 2009:
The effect of a subliminally primed context on intrasexual competition depends on individual differences in sex drive

Dalenberg, S; Vogelaar, A L. W.; Beersma, B, 2009:
The effect of a team strategy discussion on military team performance

Dungan, J.S., 2009:
The effect of a vanishing twin on biochemical and ultrasound first trimester screening markers for Down's syndrome in pregnancies conceived by assisted reproductive technology

Wang, C; Hanly, E; McDonald, K; Newberry, R, 2009:
The effect of a4β7 blockade on T-lymphocyte trafficking to intestinal compartments in the normal and inflamed intestine

A.S. Kaviratna; R. Banerjee, 2009:
The effect of acids on dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine (DPPC) monolayers and liposomes

H.K. Choi; S.H. Lee; S.S. Kim, 2009:
The effect of activated carbon injection rate on the removal of elemental mercury in a particulate collector with fabric filters

Søren Christian Schou, 2009:
The effect of adding Crabtree's catalyst to rhodium black in direct hydrogen isotope exchange reactions

Zheng Xueping; Liu Shenglin; Li Donglin, 2009:
The effect of additives on the hydrogen storage properties of NaAlH4

Liming Liu; Jianbo Jiang, 2009:
The effect of adhesive layer on variable polarity plasma arc weld bonding process of magnesium alloy

Sharon, L. Mason; Timothy, R. Filley; Geoffrey, D. Abbott, 2009:
The effect of afforestation on the soil organic carbon (SOC) of a peaty gley soil using on-line thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation (THM) in the presence of 13C-labelled tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH)

Meng-Jung Chung; Mao-Jiun, J. Wang, 2009:
The effect of age and gender on joint range of motion of worker population in Taiwan

Jiansheng Xiang, 2009:
The effect of air on the packing structure of fine particles

Wayne Doherty; Anthony Reynolds; David Kennedy, 2009:
The effect of air preheating in a biomass CFB gasifier using ASPEN Plus simulation

Valerian Fernandes; Korkonikitas Panagiotis; Christopher, D. Nielsen; Kelly, J. Hunt; William, H. Spencer III, 2009:
The effect of alcohol septal ablation on B-type natriuretic peptide in patients with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy

Chow, I Hau Siu; Liu, S.S., 2009:
The effect of aligning organizational culture and business strategy with HR systems on firm performance in Chinese enterprises

L. T. Rakov, 2009:
The effect of alkali ions on Al and Ti isomorphism in quartz

D. G. Deryabin; N. A. Mikhailenko-(Romanenko); G. I. El’-Registan, 2009:
The effect of alkylhydroxybenzenes on the antigen-binding capacity of antibodies

Y. Yasumura, 2009:
The effect of altered sink-source relations on photosynthetic traits and matter transport during the phase of reproductive growth in the annual herbChenopodium album

B.Y. Kang; Yarlagadda, K.D.V. Prasad; M.J. Kang; H.J. Kim; I.S. Kim, 2009:
The effect of alternate supply of shielding gases in austenite stainless steel GTA welding

Yu. V. Chebotareva; Yu. G. Izyumov; V. V. Krylov, 2009:
The effect of an alternating electromagnetic field upon early development in roach (Rutilus rutilus: Cyprinidae, cypriniformes)

J. Malcolm; K. Moir, 2009:
The effect of an education programme for patients with Type 2 diabetes who were converted to insulin

Beauchamp, C.P., 2009:
The effect of an unplanned excision of a soft-tissue sarcoma on prognosis

Július Hodosy; Peter Celec; Daniela Ostatníková; Marieta Cagánová; Zdeněk Putz; Peter Baláž; Matúš Kúdela, 2009:
The effect of anastrozol on spatial memory in adult rats

Anna Trybała; Lilianna Szyk-Warszyńska; Piotr Warszyński, 2009:
The effect of anchoring PEI layer on the build-up of polyelectrolyte multilayer films at homogeneous and heterogeneous surfaces

Valentina Prigiobbe; Giulia Costa; Renato Baciocchi; Markus Hänchen; Marco Mazzotti, 2009:
The effect of and salinity on olivine dissolution kinetics at

Kersting, U G., 2009:
The effect of ankle braces on touch-down orientation of the foot, muscle pre-activation and joint loading during cutting tasks

K.K. Purushothaman; G. Muralidharan, 2009:
The effect of annealing temperature on the electrochromic properties of nanostructured NiO films

Ng, S.Y.; Manta, A.; Ljubicic, V., 2018:
Exercise biology of neuromuscular disorders

O. B. Perevalova; N. A. Koneva; E. V. Kozlov, 2009:
The effect of antiphase domains on the energy spectra of special boundaries in alloys with theL12superstructure

Lee, T J.; Huang, X; Dateo, C E., 2009:
The effect of approximating some molecular integrals in coupled-cluster calculations: fundamental frequencies and rovibrational spectroscopic constants for isotopologues of cyclopropenylidene

McKinlay, A.; Dalrymple-Alford, J. C.; Grace, R. C.; Roger, D., 2009:
The effect of attentional set-shifting, working memory, and processing speed on pragmatic language functioning in Parkinson's disease

Yu-Hern Chang; Meng-Yuan Liao, 2009:
The effect of aviation safety education on passenger cabin safety awareness

M. Shabani Afrapoli; C. Crescente; S. Alipour; O. Torsaeter, 2009:
The effect of bacterial solution on the wettability index and residual oil saturation in sandstone

Wei, Y; Liu, Y; Fu, W-Jie, 2009:
The effect of badminton footwear on the metatarsophalangeal joint during push-off in critical badminton footwork

Bhupal Reddy; P. Bhattacharya; Bawa Singh; K. Chattopadhyay, 2009:
The effect of ball milling on the melting behavior of SnCuAg eutectic alloy

H. Yari; S. Moradian; B. Ramazanzade; A. Kashani; N. Tahmasebi, 2009:
The effect of basecoat pigmentation on mechanical properties of an automotive basecoat/clearcoat system during weathering

A. S. Emelyanov; S. I. Raevskaya; F. I. Savenko; I. P. Raevski; M. A. Malitskaya; E. I. Sitalo, 2009:
The effect of bias field on the value and temperature dependence of the piezoelectric coefficientd31in (1 x)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3xPbTiO3(x= 0.06, 0.13) single crystals

Bollingmo, G; Wessel, E; Sandvold, Y; Eilertsen, D Erik; Magnussen, S, 2009:
The effect of biased and non-biased information on judgments of witness credibility

Emma Strömberg; Sigbritt Karlsson, 2009:
The effect of biodegradation on surface and bulk property changes of polypropylene, recycled polypropylene and polylactide biocomposites

Luciana, V.R. de Messano; Lucio Sathler; Leila, Y. Reznik; Ricardo Coutinho, 2009:
The effect of biofouling on localized corrosion of the stainless steels N08904 and UNS S32760

Antero Moilanen; Muhammad Nasrullah; Esa Kurkela, 2009:
The effect of biomass feedstock type and process parameters on achieving the total carbon conversion in the large scale fluidized bed gasification of biomass

I. Al-Hinti; M. Samhouri; A. Al-Ghandoor; A. Sakhrieh, 2009:
The effect of boost pressure on the performance characteristics of a diesel engine: A neuro-fuzzy approach

Caroline, E. Burgess-Clifford; Deepa, L. Narayanan; Dirk, T. Van Essendelft; Puja Jain; Apurba Sakti; Angela, D. Lueking, 2009:
The effect of calcination on reactive milling of anthracite as potential precursor for graphite production

Timothy, P. Guinee; Brendan, T. O’Kennedy, 2009:
The effect of calcium content of Cheddar-style cheese on the biochemical and rheological properties of processed cheese

M. Dekker; U. Sass-Klaassen; J. den Ouden; P. W. Goedhart, 2009:
The effect of canopy position on growth and mortality in mixed sapling communities during self-thinning

David, L. Trimm; Irene, O.Y. Liu; Noel, W. Cant, 2009:
The effect of carbon monoxide on the oligomerization of acetylene in hydrogen over a Ni/SiO2 catalyst

M.H. Kharita; S. Yousef; M. AlNassar, 2009:
The effect of carbon powder addition on the properties of hematite radiation shielding concrete

Jianli Kang; Jiajun Li; Naiqin Zhao; Xiwen Du; Chunsheng Shi; Philip Nash, 2009:
The effect of catalyst evolution at various temperatures on carbon nanostructures formed by chemical vapor deposition

Hyoung Jin Kim; Hong-Jin Kim, 2009:
The effect of cell concentration on alpha 2,3-sialyltransferase activity in attachment culture of a human erythropoietin-producing Chinese hamster ovary cell line

T. M. L. Wigley, 2009:
The effect of changing climate on the frequency of absolute extreme events

Firas Shawash; Khalid Moinuddin; Ian Thomas, 2009:
The effect of changing the fuel of the LASTFIRE test

Cheng-Chien Wang; Wei-Ting Yu, 2009:
The effect of chelating copolymer additive on the yttrium iron garnet (YIG) nanoparticle formation

E. Yu. Yakovleva; V. Yu. Belotserkovskaya; V. P. Fadeeva; G. S. Litvak; E. A. Paukshtis; D. E. Babushkin, 2009:
The effect of chemical modification on the chromatographic properties of polymeric adsorbents polysorb-1 and hisep Q and the diatomite carrier chromosorb P NAW

Carolina Acuña-Caro; Kevin Brechtel; Guenter Scheffknecht; Manuel Braß, 2009:
The effect of chlorine and oxygen concentrations on the removal of mercury at an FGD-batch reactor

Barbara Fasolo; Floriana, A. Carmeci; Raffaella Misuraca, 2009:
The effect of choice complexity on perception of time spent choosing: When choice takes longer but feels shorter

Xinjian Wang; Xianping Dong; Chuanhai Jiang; Jiansheng Wu, 2009:
The effect of chromium dopant on the microstructure and mechanical properties of sputter-deposited copper films

Bahar Aliakbarian; Fariba Dehghani; Patrizia Perego, 2009:
The effect of citric acid on the phenolic contents of olive oil

Nunome, H; Shinkai, H; Ikegami, Y, 2009:
The effect of cleat shape on soccer bootssurface interaction during cutting

Christopher Johnson; Nina Orlovskaya; Anthony Coratolo; Caleb Cross; Junwei Wu; Randall Gemmen; Xingbo Liu, 2009:
The effect of coating crystallization and substrate impurities on magnetron sputtered doped LaCrO3 coatings for metallic solid oxide fuel cell interconnects

John, K. Layer; Waldemar Karwowski; Allen Furr, 2009:
The effect of cognitive demands and perceived quality of work life on human performance in manufacturing environments

Monika Woloszyn; Targo Kalamees; Marc Olivier Abadie; Marijke Steeman; Angela Sasic Kalagasidis, 2009:
The effect of combining a relative-humidity-sensitive ventilation system with the moisture-buffering capacity of materials on indoor climate and energy efficiency of buildings

K.H. Pedersen; A.D. Jensen; M. Berg; L.H. Olsen; K. Dam-Johansen, 2009:
The effect of combustion conditions in a full-scale low-NOx coal fired unit on fly ash properties for its application in concrete mixtures

Shu-qing Yan; Jing-pei Xie; Zhong-xia Liu; Ji-wen Li; Wen-yan Wang; Ai-qin Wang, 2009:
The effect of composition segregation on the friction and wear properties of ZA48 alloy in dry sliding condition

Ann, E. Schlosser, 2009:
The effect of computer-mediated communication on conformity vs. nonconformity: An impression management perspective

Huuskonen, A.; Lamminen, P.; Joki-Tokola, E., 2009:
The effect of concentrate level and concentrate composition on the performance of growing dairy heifers reared and finished for beef production

Tamar Kugler; Terry Connolly; Edgar, E. Kausel, 2009:
The effect of consequential thinking on trust game behavior

Gad Saad; John, G. Vongas, 2009:
The effect of conspicuous consumption on mens testosterone levels

A.R. East; X.I. Trejo Araya; M.L.A.T.M. Hertog; S.E. Nicholson; A.J. Mawson, 2009:
The effect of controlled atmospheres on respiration and rate of quality change in Unique feijoa fruit

Beyza Ersoy; Akif Özeren, 2009:
The effect of cooking methods on mineral and vitamin contents of African catfish

O. Modesto Olanya; C. Wayne Honeycutt; Robert, P. Larkin; Timothy, S. Griffin; Zhongqi He; John, M. Halloran, 2009:
The effect of cropping systems and irrigation management on development of potato early blight

A. Ferreira; N. Faria; F. Rocha, 2009:
The effect of crystal surface roughness on impurity adsorption

Ralf Beck; Antti Häkkinen; Didrik Malthe-Sørenssen; Jens-Petter Andreassen, 2009:
The effect of crystallization conditions, crystal morphology and size on pressure filtration of l-glutamic acid and an aromatic amine

Shirli Kopelman, 2009:
The effect of culture and power on cooperation in commons dilemmas: Implications for global resource management

Ting Yu; Zeng’an Deng; Changlong Guan, 2009:
The effect of current and wave on whitecap coverage via relative speed: the Atlantic Ocean case

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The effect of current density and temperature on the degradation of nickel cermet electrodes by carbon monoxide in solid oxide fuel cells

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The effect of cytokinins on growth and sexual organ development in the gametophyte ofBlechnum spicantL

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The effect of darkness on knee-jerk reflexes

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The effect of deaeration on the surface tension of water and some other liquids

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The effect of diaphragm opening time on the feasibility of tuned operation in free piston shock tunnels

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The effect of dietary phytase supplementation on the N-balance of growing pigs

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The effect of difference between neutron and proton density distributions on the nuclei fusion barrier in a double folding model

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The effect of different impact modifiers in halogen-free flame retarded polycarbonate blends I. Pyrolysis

Birgit Perret; Bernhard Schartel, 2009:
The effect of different impact modifiers in halogen-free flame retarded polycarbonate blends II. Fire behaviour

Hussein, A. Mohammed, 2009:
The effect of different inlet geometries on laminar flow combined convection heat transfer inside a horizontal circular pipe

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The effect of different mitigation strategies on international financing of adaptation

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The effect of different tillage and residue management practices on soil characteristics, inorganic N dynamics and emissions of N2O, CO2and CH4in the central highlands of Mexico: a laboratory study

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The effect of direct-current discharge treatment on the surface properties of a poly(1-(trimethylsilyl)-1-propyne) membrane

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The effect of distributed questioning with varied examples on exam performance on inference questions

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The effect of disturbance on the bryophyte flora of Salisbury Plain, western Europe's largest chalk grassland

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The effect of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids in live food on the development of abnormal morphology in hatchery-reared brown solePseudopleuronectes herzensteini

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The effect of donepezil on the reactions of the innate immune system in the peripheral blood leukocytes of healthy young blood donors

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The effect of downstream synthesis gas feeding on FischerTropsch product distributions

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The effect of drought on photosynthesis in two epiphytic and two terrestrial tropical fern species

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The effect of duration of vegetation management on broadleaved woodland creation by direct seeding

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The effect of dynamic worker behavior on flow line performance

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The effect of earthworms on the physiological state of the microbial community at vermicomposting

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The effect of electrode misplacement in the reconstruction of the 12-lead electrocardiogram from EASI leads

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The effect of electrolytes on the sensitivity of the thermal-lens determination in aqueous solutions

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The effect of electromagnetic forces on the penetrator formation during high-frequency electric resistance welding

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The effect of electron irradiation on high-density polyethylene: Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry and X-ray scattering studies

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The effect of emergency breathing systems during helicopter underwater escape training for land force troops

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The effect of environmental and structural factors on indoor air quality of apartments in Korea

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The effect of ethephon and clone on physical characteristics and sensory quality of Crimson Seedless table grapes after 1 month storage

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The effect of ewe size and nutritional regimen beginning in early pregnancy on ewe and lamb performance to weaning

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The effect of excess surfactants on the adsorption of iron oxide nanoparticles during a dip-coating process

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The effect of expansion ratio for creeping expansion flows of UCM fluids

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The effect of experience on the perception and representation of dialect variants

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The effect of extraction, storage, and analysis techniques on the measurement of airborne endotoxin from a large dairy

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The effect of extragent properties on the distribution of carboxylic acids

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The effect of false ceiling on the cooling capacity of passive chilled beams

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The effect of feeding crude glycerol on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in weaned pigs

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The effect of feeding soybean-derived phytoestogens on their concentration in plasma and milk of lactating dairy cows

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The effect of feeding with feedstuff containing microbial and plant phytase additive on performance of young slaughter turkeys

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The effect of financial constraints on the optimal design of public transport services

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The effect of fine particles on the drainage and coarsening of foam

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The effect of food odor background on gustatory preferences and gustatory behavior of carpCyprinus carpioand codGadus morhua

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The effect of free-machining elements on dry machining of B319 aluminum alloy

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The effect of gamma-radiation on polymer composites based on thermoplastic matrices

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The effect of genome size on detailed species traits within closely related species of the same habitat

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The effect of genotype of broiler chickens on carcass quality in extensive rearing system

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The effect of globalization on occupational accidents

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The effect of glycation on foam and structural properties of β-lactoglobulin

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The effect of gradual changes in wind speed or heat load on natural ventilation in a thermally massive building

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The effect of grape vine cultivars onLobesia botrana(Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) population levels

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The effect of gravitational and pressure torques on Titan's length-of-day variations

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The effect of groundwater advection on salinity in pore waters of permeable sediments

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The effect of guided note taking during lectures on Thai university students understanding of electromagnetism

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The effect of heat transfer on the pressure drop through a heat exchanger for aero engine applications

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The effect of heat treatment on mechanical properties of carbon nanofiber reinforced copper matrix composites

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The effect of heel height on static and dynamic balance

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The effect of high pressure on selected properties of yoghurt

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The effect of high-intensity progressive resistance training on adiposity in children: a randomized controlled trial

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The effect of high-voltage electrostatic field (HVEF) on aged rice (Oryza sativa L.) seeds vigor and lipid peroxidation of seedlings

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The effect of host developmental stage at parasitism on sex-related size differentiation in a larval endoparasitoid

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The effect of humidity on the degradation of Nafion membrane

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The effect of humidity on the electrical behavior of a cationic conjugated polyelectrolyte based on poly(phenylene vinylene)

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The effect of hydrophobic surface modification on bulk cohesive strength

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The effect of hypothermia on the ornithine decarboxylase activity in tissues of rats

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The effect of immobilization on some probiotic properties ofStreptococcus thermophilusstrains

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The effect of impregnation strategy on methane dry reforming activity of Ce promoted Pt/ZrO2

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The effect of improved nowcasting of precipitation on air quality modeling

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The effect of inelastic absorption on the elastic scattering of electrons and positrons in amorphous solids

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The effect of inflow conditions on the transition to turbulence in large eddy simulations of spatially developing mixing layers

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The effect of intensity-modulated radiotherapy on radiation-induced second malignancies

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The effect of intravenous administration of dexamethasone on intraocular pressure in clinically normal dogs

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The effect of inulin as a prebiotic on the production of probiotic fibre-enriched fermented milk

Pietro Carlozzi, 2009:
The effect of irradiance growing on hydrogen photoevolution and on the kinetic growth in Rhodopseudomonas palustris, strain 42OL

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The effect of land use on dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen uptake in streams

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The effect of landscape heterogeneity on hostparasite dynamics

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The effect of latent cooling processes in tropical cyclone simulations

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The effect of leader behavior on processes and outcomes in group counseling

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The effect of length to diameter ratio of test specimens on the uniaxial compressive strength of rock

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The effect of light intensity on the availability of walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) to bottom trawl and acoustic surveys

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The effect of locally induced flow structure on global heat transfer for plane laminar shear flow

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The effect of long-term frozen storage on the quality of frozen and thawed mashed potatoes with added cryoprotectant mixtures

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The effect of low-level helium-neon (HeNe) laser radiation on the secretion of cytokines that promote chronic graft rejection An in vitro study

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The effect of low-molecular-weight organic acids and inorganic phosphorus concentration on the determination of soil phosphorus by the molybdenum blue reaction

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The effect of macrophytes on retention times in a constructed wetland for wastewater treatment

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The effect of management of transport and lairage conditions on broiler chicken breast meat quality and DOA (Death on Arrival)

Martinez, E.A., 2009:
The effect of mannitol on renal function after cardiopulmonary bypass in patients with established renal dysfunction

Ofra Korat, 2009:
The effect of maternal teaching talk on children's emergent literacy as a function of type of activity and maternal education level

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The effect of mechanical stimulation on root and shoot development of young containerisedQuercus roburandRobinia pseudoacaciatrees

Christine, D. Lett; John, A. Thiel, 2009:
The effect of menstrual phase and hormonal contraception on successful bilateral placement of the Essure micro-insert tubal coil

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The effect of metal cluster formation on THz range spectroscopy

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The effect of methane dose and post annealing treatment on the formation of nano β-SiC buried layer in the silicon

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The effect of methods of preparation on the performance of cupric chloride-impregnated sorbents for the removal of mercury from flue gases

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The effect of methylamine on the solution structures of human and bovine serum albumins

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The effect of mincing method on the quality of refrigerated whiting burgers

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The effect of molecular composition and heterogeneity on the environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) of propylene impact copolymers

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The effect of multilingualism/multiculturalism on personality: no gain without pain for Third Culture Kids?

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The effect of nano-sized calcium carbonate on thermodynamic parameters of HDPE

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The effect of natural flow of aquifers and associated dispersion on the onset of buoyancy-driven convection in a saturated porous medium

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The effect of neighborhood disadvantage on proactive and reactive aggression

Tom Hertz, 2009:
The effect of nonfarm income on investment in Bulgarian family farming

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The effect of noun phrase type on working memory saturation during sentence comprehension

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The effect of occupant characteristics on crawling speed in evacuation

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The effect of occupational safety legislation in preventing accidents at work: traditional versus advanced manufacturing industries

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The effect of okadaic acid onArabidopsis thalianaroot morphology and microtubule organization in its cells

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The effect of operational slack, diversification, and vertical relatedness on the stock market reaction to supply chain disruptions

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The effect of organic acid on self-assembly process: Syntheses and characterizations of six novel cadmium(II)/zinc(II) complexes derived from mixed ligands

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The effect of organisational change on UK public library efficiency

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The effect of ostensive cues on dogs performance in a manipulative social learning task

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The effect of oxalic and sulfuric ions on the photoluminescence of

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The effect of oxygen content on the temperature dependent tribological behavior of CrON coatings

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The effect of oxygenates on soot formation in rich heptane mixtures: A shock tube study

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The effect of pCO2 on carbon acquisition and intracellular assimilation in four marine diatoms

Ana Lucero Caro; M. Rosario Rodríguez Niño; Juan, M. Rodríguez Patino, 2009:
The effect of pH on structural, topographical, and rheological characteristics of b-caseinDPPC mixed monolayers spread at the airwater interface

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The effect of pH on the adsorption of phenol and chlorophenols onto natural zeolite

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The effect of particle size on the thermal conductivity of alumina nanofluids

Mehdi Rahimian; Naser Ehsani; Nader Parvin; Hamid reza Baharvandi, 2009:
The effect of particle size, sintering temperature and sintering time on the properties of AlAl2O3 composites, made by powder metallurgy

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The effect of perceived environmental background on qualitative assessments of pig behaviour

Ann, E. Schlosser; Sharon Shavitt, 2009:
The effect of perceived message choice on persuasion

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The effect of perceived social support on disease-specific quality of life in patients with knee osteoarthritis (Concurrent)

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The effect of phenyl acetic acid on shoot bud induction, elongation and rooting of chickpea

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The effect of phosphate anions on surface and acidic properties of TiO2 hydrolyzed from titanium ethoxide

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The effect of phosphorus content on the thermal and the burning properties of cotton fabric coated with an ultrathin film of a phosphorus-containing polymer

Piro, J. M.; Ortiz, C., 2009:
The effect of piano lessons on the vocabulary and verbal sequencing skills of primary grade students

Andreas Dubbe, 2009:
The effect of platinum clusters in the zeolite micropores of a zeolite-based potentiometric hydrocarbon gas sensor

L. Joubert; K.J. Esler; S.D.J. Privett, 2009:
The effect of ploughing and augmenting natural vegetation with commercial fynbos species on the biodiversity of Overberg Sandstone fynbos on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa

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The effect of polydispersity on dust lifting behind shock waves

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The effect of porphyrin structure on binding to human serum albumin by fluorescence spectroscopy

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The effect of postnatal symptoms of posttraumatic stress and depression on the couple's relationship and parentbaby bond

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The effect of pre-annealing of sputtered ZnO seed layers on

Grażyna Jaworska; Emilia Bernaś, 2009:
The effect of preliminary processing and period of storage on the quality of frozen Boletus edulis (Bull: Fr.) mushrooms

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The effect of preservation on lizard morphometrics an experimental study

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The effect of pressure boundary rupture rate on spontaneous ignition of pressurized hydrogen release

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The effect of process parameter on the properties of spot welded cold deformed AISI304 grade austenitic stainless steel

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The effect of processing parameters on particle size in ammonia-induced precipitation of zirconyl chloride under industrially relevant conditions

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The effect of processing parameters on pharmaceutical tablet properties

Kenworthy, L., 2009:
The effect of public opinion on social policy generosity

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The effect of quantitative variables of forage vegetation on the structure of ruminant guilds

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The effect of ractopamine supplementation at 5 ppm of swine finishing diets on growth performance, carcass composition and ultimate pork quality

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The effect of radial artery reconstruction on the radial forearm donor site: a prospective study

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The effect of randomly altering the time and location of feeding on the behaviour of captive coyotes (Canis latrans)

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The effect of rapid solidification on the microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of V35Ti25Cr40 hydrogen storage alloy

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The effect of reagent structure and the medium on radical pair recombination in polymers

Marta Recio; F. Javier Rodríguez-Rajo; M. Victoria Jato; M. Mar Trigo; Baltasar Cabezudo, 2009:
The effect of recent climatic trends on Urticaceae pollination in two bioclimatically different areas in the Iberian Peninsula: Malaga and Vigo

Jan Værum Nørgaard; José A. Fernández, 2009:
The effect of reduced amino acid level and increasing levels of lupin on growth performance and meat content in organic reared pigs

B. Levy; H. Dowson; W. J. Fawcett; M. J. P. Scott; J. R. Stoneham; M. Zuleika; T. A. Rockall, 2009:
The effect of regional anaesthesia on haemodynamic changes occurring during laparoscopic colorectal surgery

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The effect of relational age on older Canadian employees' perceptions of human resource practices and sense of worth to their organization

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The effect of repeated annealing temperature on the structural, optical, and electrical properties of TiO2thin films prepared by dip-coating solgel method

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The effect of repeated casting on the biocompatibility of a dental gold alloy

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The effect of repeated follicular aspiration on the onset of puberty and growth rate of winter- or autumn-born lambs

Sarah Krähenbühl; Mark Blades; Christine Eiser, 2009:
The effect of repeated questioning on children's accuracy and consistency in eyewitness testimony

Fang Zhong; Yue Li; Ana María Ibáñez; Moon Hun Oh; Kent, S. McKenzie; Charles Shoemaker, 2009:
The effect of rice variety and starch isolation method on the pasting and rheological properties of rice starch pastes

S. Kahraman; O. Gunaydin, 2009:
The effect of rock classes on the relation between uniaxial compressive strength and point load index

Burggraaf, V. T.; Boom, C. J.; Sheath, G. W.; Brooky, A. R., 2009:
The effect of rotational grazing by either calves, cows, lambs or ewes on the removal of herbage contaminated with gastro-intestinal parasite larvae around cattle faecal pats

C. M. Manjunatha; A. C. Taylor; A. J. Kinloch; S. Sprenger, 2009:
The effect of rubber micro-particles and silica nano-particles on the tensile fatigue behaviour of a glass-fibre epoxy composite

P.H. Fourie; M. du Preez; J.C. Brink; G.C. Schutte, 2009:
The effect of runoff on spray deposition and control of Alternaria brown spot of mandarins

A.M. Rashidi; A. Amadeh, 2009:
The effect of saccharin addition and bath temperature on the grain size of nanocrystalline nickel coatings

Spiridon A Petropoulos; Dimitra Daferera; Moschos G Polissiou; Harold C Passam, 2009:
The effect of salinity on the growth, yield and essential oils of turnip-rooted and leaf parsley cultivated within the Mediterranean region

Grete Helen Meisfjord Jørgensen; Knut Egil Bøe, 2009:
The effect of shape, width and slope of a resting platform on the resting behaviour of and floor cleanliness for housed sheep

Swiontkowski, M.F., 2009:
The effect of shortening and varus collapse of the femoral neck on function after fixation of intracapsular fracture of the hip: a multi-centre cohort study

H.C. Lee; M.A. Saroosh; J.H. Song; Y.T. Im, 2009:
The effect of shrink fitting ratios on tool life in bolt forming processes

Yongchao Guo; Zhenxing Li; Hong Lin, 2009:
The effect of simulated gastrointestinal digestion on shrimpPenaeus vannameiallergenicity

DeRose, R. Justin; Seymour, R S., 2009:
The effect of site quality on growth efficiency of upper crown class Picea rubens and Abies balsamea in Maine, USAPublication 3046 of the Maine Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station

E. Aghion; N. Lulu, 2009:
The effect of skin characteristics on the environmental behavior of die cast AZ91 magnesium alloy

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The effect of sodium benzoate and sodium 4-(phenylamino)benzenesulfonate on the corrosion behavior of low carbon steel

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The effect of soil texture and organic amendment on the hydrological behaviour of coarse-textured soils

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The effect of solids and dispersant loadings on the suspension viscosities and deposition rates of suspension plasma sprayed YSZ coatings

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The effect of stabilizer addition and sonication on nanoparticle agglomeration in a confined impinging jet reactor

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The effect of start-up cycle in ceramic coating used as thermal barrier for a gas turbine bucket

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The effect of steam-flaked and extruded full-fat soybeans on the concentration of conjugated linoleic acid in the milk fat of dairy cows

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The effect of stocking density and repeated handling on the growth of juvenile mulloway,Argyrosomus japonicus(Temminck & Schlegel 1843)

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The effect of structural complexity on large mammal occurrence in revegetation

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The effect of structures on the wave-induced liquefaction potential of seabed sand deposits

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The effect of sub-optimal control and the spectral wave climate on the performance of wave energy converter arrays

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The effect of suggestion on children's recognition memory for seen and unseen details

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The effect of superior pedicle breast reductions on breast sensation

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The effect of surface friction on the development of tropical cyclones

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The effect of surface variability factors on wind-erosion susceptibility: A field study in SW Niger

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The effect of tailpipe friction on pressure and velocity oscillations in a nonlinear, lumped parameter, pulse combustor model

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The effect of taping on plantar fascia strain: A cadaveric ex vivo study

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The effect of target size on α-Fe nanoparticle preparation by

Melissa Hakman; Maureen Sullivan, 2009:
The effect of task and maternal verbosity on compliance in toddlers

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The effect of task characteristics on conceptual conflict and information processing in online discussion

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The effect of temperature and humidity on electrospinning

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The effect of temperature and pressure on the heat conductivity of TlSbC2VI(CVI S, Se, Te)

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The effect of temperature on the coupling between phosphorus and growth in lacustrine bacterioplankton communities

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The effect of temperature on the hydrostatic limit of 4:1 methanolethanol under pressure

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The effect of temporal resolution of PAH emission data on transport and deposition patterns simulated with the Community Multiscale Air Quality modelling system (CMAQ)

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The effect of tennis racket grip size on grip force during a simulated tennis match play

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The effect of text type on the use of so as a discourse particle

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The effect of the German and British environmental taxation reforms: A simple assessment

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The effect of the background color of computer programs on the functional state of preschool children working on a computer

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The effect of the calcination temperature on the activity of CuLaCe composite metal catalysts for the catalytic wet oxidation of ammonia solution

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The effect of the competition between cars and trucks on the evolution of the motorway transport system

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The effect of the curing time and temperature on final properties of flexible PVC with an epoxidized fatty acid ester as natural-based plasticizer

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The effect of the exposure time on the value of a manSievert averted

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The effect of the front contact sheet resistance on solar cell performance

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The effect of the functional attributes of objects within the caged environment on interaction time in laboratory rats

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The effect of the generation and handling in the acquired electrostatic charge in airborne particles

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The effect of the microfluidic diodicity on the efficiency of valve-less rectification micropumps using Lattice Boltzmann Method

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The effect of the molecular weight of chitosan nanoparticles and its application on drug delivery

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The effect of the nature of the stationary phase on the gas chromatographic retention of sorbates in monolithic columns

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The effect of the preservative sorbic acid on the lipid composition of the ascomycete fungusPenicillium roquefortiThom

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The effect of the properties of porous media on light scattering

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The effect of the relative content and accumulation of the competing displacer ion on the efficiency of separation of rare-earth metals in complex formation displacement chromatography with the use of various retaining ions

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The effect of the thunderstorm activity on the tien shan neutron monitor data

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The effect of thermal flow of large power facilities on zooplankton community under subarctic conditions

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The effect of thermal treatment on antibacterial properties of nanostructured TiO2(N) films illuminated with visible light

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The effect of thidiazuron level on in vitro regeneration type and peroxidase profile inEucalyptus microthecaF. Muell

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The effect of total hardness on the coagulation performance of aluminum salts with different Al species

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The effect of total internal reflection of wave beams in nonlinear media

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The effect of traditional wind vents called zarceras on the hygrothermal behaviour of underground wine cellars in Spain

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The effect of training on technique and lower extremity loading

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The effect of training on the quality of HCR-20 violence risk assessments in forensic secure services

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The effect of trehalose, sucrose and maltodextrin addition on physicochemical and sensory aspects of freeze - dried strawberry puree

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The effect of two compost soil amendments, based on municipal green and penicillin production wastes, on plant parasitic nematodes

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The effect of tyres and a rubber track at high axle loads on soil compaction: part 3: comparison of virgin compression line approaches

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The effect of unethical behavior on trust in a buyersupplier relationship: The mediating role of psychological contract violation

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The effect of uniaxial tension on the stability of collagen fibers under the conditions of nonuniform laser heating

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The effect of varying dietary energy on gonad development at first sexual maturity of the Sharptooth catfish (ClariasgariepinusBurchell, 1822)

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The effect of violent and non-violent computer games on cognitive performance

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The effect of viscous dissipation and rarefaction on rectangular microchannel convective heat transfer

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The effect of voice recognition software on comparative error rates in radiology reports

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The effect of voxel size on image reconstruction in cone-beam computed tomography

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The effect of ward-based training on attendance rates and use of the Red Tray System employed to highlight patients requiring assistance with eating: a pilot

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The effect of water and nitrogen availability during grain filling on the timing of dormancy release in malting barley crops

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The effect of water-miscible organic solvents on the substitution reaction of Keggin-type heteropolysilicates and -germanates with vanadium(V) ion

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The effect of wave-reduction engineering on sediment resuspension in a large, shallow, eutrophic lake (Lake Taihu)

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The effect of wealth status on care seeking and health expenditures in Afghanistan

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The effect of β-cyclodextrin on the solubility and dissolution rate of meloxicam and investigation of the driving force for complexation using molecular modeling

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The effect ofLactobacillus rhamnosusHN001 on mineral absorption and bone health in growing male and ovariectomised female rats

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The effective convectivity model for simulation of melt pool heat transfer in a light water reactor pressure vessel lower head. Part I: Physical processes, modeling and model implementation

Chi-Thanh Tran; Truc-Nam Dinh, 2009:
The effective convectivity model for simulation of melt pool heat transfer in a light water reactor pressure vessel lower head. Part II: Model assessment and application

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The effectiveness and costs of speed reductions on emissions from international shipping

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The effectiveness of Tai Chi as a fall prevention intervention for older adults: a systematic review

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The effectiveness of a caring protocol: An evaluation study

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The effectiveness of a granular formulation of dicyandiamide (DCD) in limiting nitrate leaching from a grazed dairy pasture

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The effectiveness of family therapy and systemic interventions for adult-focused problems

Alan Carr, 2009:
The effectiveness of family therapy and systemic interventions for child-focused problems

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The effectiveness of more advanced human resource systems in small firms

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The effectiveness of parental communication in modifying the relation between food advertising and children's consumption behaviour

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The effectiveness of participatory theatre with early adolescents in schoolbased sexuality education

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The effectiveness of passive RFID Tags in the presence of charged particles

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The effectiveness of population health interventions for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, a systematic review

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The effectiveness of selected housing subsidies in the Czech Republic

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The effectiveness of supraglottic airway devices in pre hospital basic life support airway management

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The effectiveness of the Supporting People programme a look at the recent Audit Commission review

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The effects and mechanism of action of Prunella vulgaris l extract on Jurkat human T lymphoma cell proliferation

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The effects and perceived consequences of testing accommodations on math and science performance assessments

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The effects of CIK cells on the treatment of renal cell carcinoma

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The effects of Phytophthora ramorum infection on hydraulic conductivity and tylosis formation in tanoak sapwood

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The effects of Quaternary glaciations in Patagonia as evidenced by chloroplast DNA phylogeography of Southern beechNothofagus obliqua

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The effects of Silymarin on ovarian activity and productivity of laying hens

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The effects of a 30-min nap during night shift following a prophylactic sleep in the afternoon

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The effects of a documentary film on reducing stigmatisation about schizophrenia

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The effects of a motivational general-arousal imagery intervention upon preperformance symptoms in male rugby union players

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The effects of a pre-fitting intervention on hearing aid benefit: A randomized controlled trial

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The effects of a silane coupling agent on properties of rice husk-filled maleic acid anhydride compatibilized natural rubber/low-density polyethylene blend

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The effects of acceleration in jets: kinematics of the near field vortices

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The effects of acetaminophen combined with radiation on the radiosensitivity of irradiated human glioma cell progeny

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The effects of added transportation capacity on travel: a review of theoretical and empirical results

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The effects of age and professional expertise on working memory performance

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The effects of aggregation on the performance of the inverse method and indicators of network analysis

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The effects of air quality regulations on the location decisions of pollution-intensive manufacturing plants

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The effects of ambulance ramping on Emergency Department length of stay and in-patient mortality

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The effects of an emotional intelligence skills training program on the consistent anger levels of Turkish university students

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The effects of annealing temperature on the CO-sensing property of perovskite La0.8Pb0.2Fe0.8Cu0.2O3 nanoparticles

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The effects of antiepileptic drugs on classroom performance

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The effects of appeal on children's comprehension and recall of content in educational television programs

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The effects of applied crop residues on losses of Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn in run-off from a soil prone to crusting

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The effects of art therapy on male and female inmates: Advancing the research base

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The effects of asymmetrical cold rolling on kinetics, grain size and texture in IF steels

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The effects of authentic and contrived dissent on escalation of commitment in group decision making

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The effects of beta amyloid treatment on VDR expression in primary cultured cortical neurons

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The effects of black carbon and sulphate aerosols in China regions on East Asia monsoons

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The effects of boron and silver on the oxygen-free conversion of methane over Mo/H-ZSM-5 catalysts

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The effects of boron toxicity on root antioxidant systems of two chickpea (Cicer arietinumL.) cultivars

Ahmet Ferit Atasoy, 2009:
The effects of carob juice concentrates on the properties of yoghurt

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The effects of central metals and peripheral substituents on the photophysical properties and optical limiting performance of phthalocyanines with axial chloride ligand

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The effects of chain conformation in the microfluidic entry flow of polymersurfactant systems

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The effects of changes in soil moisture on nitrogen cycling in acid wetland types of the New Jersey Pinelands (USA)

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The effects of chronic administration of ghrelin on rat sperm quality and membrane integrity

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The effects of cognitive processing load and collaboration technology on team performance in a simulated command and control environment

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The effects of composition and pulsed biasing on chromium nitride films

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The effects of cropping history on grain sorghum yields and anthracnose severity in Arkansas

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The effects of cryosurgery upon the pulmonary parenchyma with single or double freeze-thaw cycles in rabbits

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The effects of customer benefit and regulation on environmental product innovation.: Empirical evidence from appliance manufacturers in Germany

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The effects of decreasing and increasing cue therapy on improving naming speed and accuracy for verbs and nouns in aphasia

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The effects of developmental lead (Pb) exposure on the expression of the CTGF and TGF-β1 in hippocampus of pups

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The effects of different classification models on error propagation in land cover change detection

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The effects of different paraphrasing styles on the quality of reports from young child witnesses

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The effects of different presentation methods on multi-ethnicity face recognition

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The effects of distance from coral reefs on seagrass nursery use by 5 emperor fishes at the southern Ryukyu Islands, Japan

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The effects of disturbance based management on the dynamics of Mediterranean vegetation: A hierarchical and spatially explicit modeling approach

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The effects of donepezil on apathy in patients with Alzheimer's disease

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The effects of dynamic structural transformations on hydrogenation properties of Mg and MgNi thin films

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The effects of eightweek balance training or weight training

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The effects of elevated carbon dioxide concentrations on the metamorphosis, size, and survival of larval hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria), bay scallops (Argopecten irradians), and Eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica)

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The effects of endowment on the demand for probabilistic information

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The effects of environmental variables and human disturbance on woody species richness and diversity in a bamboodeciduous forest in northeastern Thailand

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The effects of epibenthic communities on reef fishes in the northern Gulf of Mexico

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The effects of ethanolunleaded gasoline blends on engine performance and exhaust emissions in a spark-ignition engine

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The effects of expectations on experiences with psychotherapy

Abigail Barr; Danila Serra, 2009 :
The effects of externalities and framing on bribery in

Tina Iachini; Francesco Ruotolo; Gennaro Ruggiero, 2009:
The effects of familiarity and gender on spatial representation

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The effects of fasting and cold exposure on metabolic rate and mitochondrial proton leak in liver and skeletal muscle of an amphibian, the cane toad Bufo marinus

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The effects of female out-migration on Alaska villages

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The effects of focused attention on inhibition and state regulation in children with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Robert Waschik, 2009:
The effects of free trade areas on non-members: Modelling KempVanek admissibility

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The effects of gamma irradiation on the vitamin E content and sensory qualities of pecan nuts (Carya illinoensis)

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The effects of gender and ethnicity on absolute vs. relative ratings for low-fat school lunch entres

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The effects of group members' personalities on a test taker's L2 group oral discussion test scores

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The effects of gums on macro and micro-structure of breads baked in different ovens

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The effects of habitat complexity on aggression and fecundity in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

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The effects of habitual footwear use: foot shape and function in native barefoot walkers

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The effects of hazardous ions adsorption on the morphological and chemical properties of reactive cloth filter

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The effects of high hematocrit on arterial flowA phenomenological study of the health risk implications

Oliver Thomson; Lesley Haig; Hazel Mansfield, 2009:
The effects of high-velocity low-amplitude thrust manipulation and mobilisation techniques on pressure pain threshold in the lumbar spine

Daniel, C. Hickman, 2009:
The effects of higher education policy on the location decision of individuals: Evidence from Florida's Bright Futures Scholarship Program

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The effects of hydrogen substitution on turbulent premixed methaneair kernels using direct numerical simulation

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The effects of hydrothermal aging on properties and structure of bisphenol A polycarbonate

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The effects of hydroxyapatite and platelet rich plasma on apexogenesis in monkeys

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The effects of innovationcost strategy, knowledge, and action in the supply chain on firm performance

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The effects of integrating management judgement into intermittent demand forecasts

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The effects of interface design and age on children's information processing of Web sites

Weiying Li; Hui Wang; Baitang Lai; Xuehui Yang; Chunyan Zhang, 2009:
The effects of interfering in COX-2 gene expression on malignant proliferation of the human lung adenocarcinoma A2 cell in vitro

Bin Jiang, 2009:
The effects of interorganizational governance on supplier's compliance with SCC: An empirical examination of compliant and non-compliant suppliers

Gravlee, G.P., 2009:
The effects of interrupted or continuous administration of sevoflurane on preconditioning before cardio-pulmonary bypass in coronary artery surgery: comparison with continuous propofol

Carey, M J., 2009:
The effects of investigator disturbance on procellariiform seabirds: A review

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The effects of irradiation cross-linking on the thermal degradation and flame-retardant properties of the HDPE/EVA/magnesium hydroxide composites

Ultan Mc Carthy; Gashaw Ayalew; Francis Butler; Kevin McDonnell; Shane Ward, 2009:
The effects of item composition, tag inlay design, reader antenna polarization, power and transponder orientation on the dynamic coupling efficiency of backscatter ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification

Emin Kahya, 2009:
The effects of job performance on effectiveness

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The effects of labelling, expert testimony, and information processing mode on juror decisions in SVP civil commitment trials

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The effects of leadership style on stress outcomes

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The effects of leaf toughness on feeding preference by two Tasmanian shredders

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The efficacy and immunogenicity of a live transconjugant hybrid strain ofShigella dysenteriaetype 1 in two animal models

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The efficacy of novel treatments for well-known diseases

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The efficiency of the crude oil markets: Evidence from variance ratio tests

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The efficient use of enterprise information for strategic advantage: A data envelopment analysis

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The effortful citizen: Discursive social psychology and welfare reform

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The elastic relaxation of starch tablets during ejection

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The election debate on the NHS

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The electrical and corrosion properties of carbon nanotube coated 304 stainless steel/polymer composite as PEM fuel cell bipolar plates

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The electrocardiogram vector basis for location of the bypass tracts in Wolf-Parkinson-White

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The elephant in the room? Class and creative careers in British advertising agencies

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The embodied self

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The emergence of specialist orthopaedic nurses and nurse-led pre-operative assessment in the 1990s

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The emergence of the Interactive Square as an approach to art therapy with children on the autistic spectrum

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The emotional state of society: History and the timeliness of the problem

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The empathic power of enactments: The link between neuropsychological processes and an expanded definition of empathy

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The empirical analysis of the determinants for environmental technological change: A research agenda

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The employment effects of a central city's source-based wage tax or hybrid wage tax

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The enactment of language: Decades of interactions between linguistic and motor processes

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The end of a chapter

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The end of an 80-million year experiment: a review of evidence describing the impact of introduced rodents on New Zealands mammal-free invertebrate fauna

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The endocrine disruptor screening program: Where are we?

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The endoscopy scheduling problem: A case study with two specialised operating rooms

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The enduring impact of transient emotions on decision making

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The energy crisis in southern South America: the importance of coal deposits

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The energy resources system with parametric perturbations and its hyperchaos control

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The enigma of comet nuclei

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The environmental psychology of research

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The epidemiology of osteoporosis in Asia

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The epidemiology of sports-related fractures of the hand

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The epistemic implications of engineering rhetoric

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The equilibrium of rubble-pile satellites: The Darwin and Roche ellipsoids for gravitationally held granular aggregates

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The equivalence of multifractal measures on cookie-cutter-like sets

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The equivalent dipole potential of water for the electronic structure of threonine

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The essential role of governance in project development

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The establishing of Norwegian child psychiatry: ideas, pioneers and institutions

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The establishment of a quality evaluation system of reference materials

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The estimation of ethers enthalpies of formation

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The estimation of structural component contents in lead silicate glasses

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The ethics and law of returns

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The ethics of clinical trials

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The ethics of forensic psychiatry: moving beyond principles to a relational ethics approach

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The ethno-veterinary utilization of Lonchocarpus capassa Rolfe by the Vhavenda in Vhembe District, Limpopo, South Africa

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The ethyl cation as proton donor for dihydrogen bonds in the (m = 1 or 2 and n = 1 or 2) complex: A theoretical study

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The evaluation of a biodegradable dental chip containing chlorhexidine in chitosan base as a targeted drug delivery in the management of chronic periodontitis in patients

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The evaluation of alternative thermochemical cycles Part II: The down-selection process

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The evaluation of participants perceptions of session impact: do counsellors-in-training, volunteer clients, and extra-credit/class required clients view session impact differently?

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The evaluation of spiritual care in a dementia care setting

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The evaluation of the concentrations of methylprednisolone applied intravenously and by iontophoresis in the pig

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The evaluation of the rejected hematology samples within the scope of accreditation in Dokuz Eylul University Hospital Central Laboratory

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The evaluation of two management strategies for the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock fishery under climate change

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The everyday and the episodic: the spatial and political impacts of urban informality

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The evolution and current status of process safety management metrics

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The evolution of a novel four-dimensional autonomous system: Among 3-torus, limit cycle, 2-torus, chaos and hyperchaos

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The evolution of cultivated plant species: classical plant breeding versus genetic engineering

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The evolution of diastolic dysfunction in the hypertensive disease

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The evolution of flexibility mechanisms for achieving European renewable energy targets 2020ex-ante evaluation of the principle mechanisms

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The evolution of hyssop oil composition in the supercritical extraction curve: Modelling of the oil extraction process

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The evolution of mean conditions of surface meteorological fields during active/break phases of the Indian summer monsoon

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The evolution of metanorms: quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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The evolution of rapid prototyping in dentistry: a review

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The evolution of social inbreeding mating systems in spiders: limited male mating dispersal and lack of pre-copulatory inbreeding avoidance in a subsocial predecessor

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The evolution of the IPCC's emissions scenarios

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The evolution of the World Bank's policy towards forestry: push or pull?

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The evolution of the early precambrian geobiological systems

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The evolution of the guild of large Carnivora of the British Isles during the Middle and Late Pleistocene

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The evolution of the intellectual structure of operations management19802006: A citation/co-citation analysis

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The evolution of theory, the theory of evolution: Towards new rationales for art therapy

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The evolutionary history of a mammal species with a highly fragmented range: the phylogeography of the European snow vole

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The evolutionary history of the SSX family of human C/T-antigens

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The evolutionary mechanism maintaining shell shape and molecular differentiation between two ecotypes of the dogwhelkNucella lapillus

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The evolutionary pattern of early life history in water currents

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The evolving design of RTO ancillary service markets

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The evolving investigation of therapeutic change principles

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The evolving recurrent network of oscillatory neurons organized through the synaptic plasticity

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The evolving self: finding meaning in near-death experiences using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

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The exact solutions and the relevant constraint conditions for two nonlinear Schrödinger equations with variable coefficients

Tong-ke Ning; Weiguo Zhang; Gao Jia, 2009:
The exact solutions for a nonisospectral nonlinear Schrödinger equation

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The examination of migration of primary aromatic amines from laminated plastic food packaging materials into food simulants by spectrophotometric method

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The excited states interaction of safranine-O with PAMAM and DAB dendrimers in methanol

Russell, P, 2009:
The exclusion of Kosovo from the Dayton negotiations

Sjödin, C, 2009:
The exclusion of psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy from the publicly financed medical health sector in Sweden

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The exiles of the Risorgimento: Italian volunteers in the Portuguese Civil War (183234)

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The existence of almost difference families

Yeong-Jeu Sun, 2009:
The existence of the exponentially stable limit cycle for a class of nonlinear systems

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The exogenous factors affecting the cost efficiency of power generation

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The exopolysaccharide (EPS) ultra structure ofStaphylococcus aureus: changes occurring in EPS resulting from exposure to physical and chemical food preservation practises in South Africa

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The expanding role of quantitative methodologists in advancing psychology

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The expansion of electricity generation from renewable energies in Germany: A review based on the Renewable Energy Sources Act Progress Report 2007 and the new German feed-in legislation

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The expected payoff to Internet auctions

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The experience curve, option value, and the energy paradox

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The experience of service users with regard to satisfaction with clinical services

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The experience of therapy supervision within a UK multi-centre randomized controlled trial

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The experiences of children with learning disablilities, their carers and staff during a hospital admission

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The experiences of remarried stepfathers who pay child support

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The experiential basis of speech and writing as different cognitive domains

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The experimental and numerical investigation of a grooved vapor chamber

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The experimental observation and modelling of microdroplet formation within a plastic microcapillary array

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The experimental validation of a simplified PEMFC simulation model for design and optimization purposes

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The explanatory production among fourth-graders to ninth-graders: Impact of institutional and social demands on the development of unstable internal causality

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The exploratory analysis of trade-offs in strategic planning: Lessons from Regional Infrastructure Foresight

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The export of terroron the impact of the Stalinist culture of terror on Soviet foreign policy during and after World War II

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The expression and clinical significance of KAI1 and CD44v6 protein in human osteosarcoma

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The expression and the clinical significance of eukaryotic translation initiation factors 4E and p53 in squamous cell carcinoma

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The expression of HIF-1α and VEGF as well as their correlation with angiogenesis in esophageal squamous cell carcinomas

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The expression of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and p16 in non-Hodgkins lymphomas and its clinical significance

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The expression of parental identifications in lesbian mothers' work and family arrangements

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The expressions and interrelation of p130Cas and PTEN in gastric cancer

Zhong Chen; Xiaodong Zheng; Hongchao Feng, 2009:
The expressions and significance of Hpa and bFGF in oral squamous-cell carcinoma

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The expressions of CD147 and MMP-9 in non-Hodgkins lymphoma cells and the relation to prognosis

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The extended GWMA control chart

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The extended Ritz method for functional optimization: overview and applications to single-person and team optimal decision problems

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The extended mind theory of cognitive distortions in sex offenders

W. Pilarczyk, 2009:
The extent and prevailing shape of spatial relationships in Polish variety testing trials on wheat

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The extent and value of lymphadenectomy in the surgical treatment of gastroesophageal junction carcinoma

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The external water footprint of the Netherlands: Geographically-explicit quantification and impact assessment

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The extracellular Leucine-Rich Repeat superfamily; a comparative survey and analysis of evolutionary relationships and expression patterns

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The extraction and fractionation of specialty lipids using near critical fluids

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The extraction of natural resources: The role of thermodynamic efficiency

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The extremely late freezing of the European Russias rivers in the winter 20062007 and climate warming

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The eyewitness post-identification feedback effect: What is the function of flexible confidence estimates for autobiographical events?

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The fabrication of a MWNTspolymer composite chemoresistive sensor array to discriminate between chemical toxic agents

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The fabrication of nanocrystalline BaTiO3 ceramics under high temperature and high pressure

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The face in the crowd effect: Threat-detection advantage with perceptually intermediate distractors

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The face of fluency: Semantic coherence automatically elicits a specific pattern of facial muscle reactions

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The facework of unfinished turns in French conversation

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The facile synthesis and high efficiency of the red electroluminescent dopant DCINB: A promising alternative to DCJTB

Cheng-Che Tsai; Tsung-Yi Chao; Hsun-Lien Lin; Yue-Hua Liu; Huey-Ling Chang; Ying-Ling Liu; Ru-Jong Jeng, 2009:
The facile synthesis and optical nonlinearity of hyperbranched polyaspartimides with azobenzene dyes

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The facile synthesis of novel phenothiazine derivatives for blue, yellow-green, and red light emission

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The factors affecting the motivation to exit farming evidence from Estonia

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The facts and hypotheses relating to the phenomenological model of cellulose pyrolysis: Interdependence of the steps

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The failure of the localisationist project in mental medicine in nineteenth century France and the emergence of the neurological clinic

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The fascinating spectrum of surgery

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The fast debris evolution model

Peter Strobach, 2009:
The fast recursive row-Householder subspace tracking algorithm

Riina Kokkonen, 2009:
The fat childa sign of bad motherhood? An analysis of explanations for children's fatness on a Finnish website

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The fatal flaw: the media and the Russian invasion of Georgia

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The fate of cell subpopulations during the cultivation of blastocysts of mice carrying the gene for the green fluorescent protein

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The fate of condensed tannins during litter consumption by soil animals

Gavin Rose; Simon Lane; Robert Jordan, 2009:
The fate of fungicide and insecticide residues in Australian wine grape by-products following field application

G. Di Nola; W. de Jong; H. Spliethoff, 2009:
The fate of main gaseous and nitrogen species during fast heating rate devolatilization of coal and secondary fuels using a heated wire mesh reactor

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The fate of medium secure patients discharged to generic or specialised services

Bulent Kabak, 2009:
The fate of mycotoxins during thermal food processing

Daniel, M. Alongi; A. David McKinnon; Richard Brinkman; Lindsay, A. Trott; Muhammad, C. Undu; Muawanah; Rachmansyah, 2009:
The fate of organic matter derived from small-scale fish cage aquaculture in coastal waters of Sulawesi and Sumatra, Indonesia

Passman, M.A., 2009:
The fate of patients with retinal artery occlusion and Hollenhorst plaque

Joris, M. Koene; Kora Montagne-Wajer; Dick Roelofs; Andries Ter Maat, 2009:
The fate of received sperm in the reproductive tract of a hermaphroditic snail and its implications for fertilisation

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The fate of15N-labeled nitrogen inputs to pot cultured beech seedlings

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The faults that appeared near Karymskii Volcano, Kamchatka on January 12, 1996: The geometry and mechanism of generation

O. L. Makarova, 2009:
The fauna of free-living gamasid mites (Parasitiformes, Mesostigmata) in the northern Taiga: an analysis of the zonal specificity

Bianca Freire-Medeiros, 2009:
The favela and its touristic transits

Mike Duke; Deborah Andrews; Timothy Anderson, 2009:
The feasibility of long range battery electric cars in New Zealand

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The feasibility of membrane separations in the HIx processing section of the sulphur iodine thermochemical cycle

Shirley Thompson; Bhanu Duggirala, 2009:
The feasibility of renewable energies at an off-grid community in Canada

Maine Carlsson; Y. Gustafson; L. Haglin; S. Eriksson, 2009:
The feasibility of serving liquid yoghurt supplemented with probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus LB 21, and Lactococcus lactis L1A A pilot study among old people with dementia in a residential care facility

K. T. Avetyan; L. V. Levonyan; M. M. Arakelyan; H. S. Semerjian; P. A. Grigoryan; G. M. Hovhannisyan, 2009:
The features of identifying lines in a diffraction image formed by a widely divergent X-ray beam

Zvonimir Glasnovic; Jure Margeta, 2009:
The features of sustainable Solar Hydroelectric Power Plant

A. V. Mashkina, 2009:
The features of the catalytic synthesis of methanethiol from dimethyl sulfide

P. N. Makkaveev, 2009:
The features of the correlation between the pH values and the dissolved oxygen at the Chistaya Balka test area in the Northern Caspian Sea

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The features of the martensitic transformation in titanium nickelide

Boyes, R; Perrin, M, 2009:
The feeding ecology of Meyer's Parrot Poicephalus meyeri in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

V. M. Tischenko, 2009:
The fibrillar part of the complement factor C1q has a great amount of bound water

Tanya Detto; Patricia, R.Y. Backwell, 2009:
The fiddler crab Uca mjoebergi uses ultraviolet cues in mate choice but not aggressive interactions

Lykke Hindhede, A; Parving, A, 2009:
The field of Danish audiology: A historical perspective

Conti-Ramsden, G., 2009:
The field of language impairment is growing up

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The filter design from data (FD2) problem: Nonlinear Set Membership approach

Gwenn Péron-Pinvidic; Gianreto Manatschal, 2009:
The final rifting evolution at deep magma-poor passive margins from Iberia-Newfoundland: a

A. Michael Spence, 2009:
The financial and economic crisis and the developing world

Faulconbridge, J. R.; Muzio, D., 2009:
The financialization of large law firms: situated discourses and practices of reorganization

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The fine structure of the influenza virus envelope and the concept of transmembrane asymmetry of lateral domains in biomembranes

Yanxun Chang; Giovanni Lo Faro, 2009:
The fine structures of three pairwise distinct Latin squares

Massimiliano Carrara; Pieter, E. Vermaas, 2009:
The fine-grained metaphysics of artifactual and biological functional kinds

Rehman Khan, M, 2009:
The finish line

Changfeng Ma; Desheng Wang; Yu Wang, 2009:
The finite element analysis of a fractional-step method for the time-dependent linear elasticity equations

Max, A. Moritz; Tadashi, J. Moody; Lori, J. Miles; Matthew, M. Smith; Perry de Valpine, 2009:
The fire frequency analysis branch of the pyrostatistics tree: sampling decisions and censoring in fire interval data

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The first 50 patients: A brief report on the initial findings from the Palliative Care in Dementia Project

R. G. Kravtsova; S. I. Dril; Ya. A. Almaz; S. A. Tatarnikov; T. A. Vladimirova, 2009:
The first data on the Rb-Sr age and isotope composition of gold-silver ores from the Dalnee deposit in the Evensk ore district, Northeast Russia

M. P. Davydov; P. A. Aleksandrov; E. N. Perova; T. A. Semkova; V. Yu. Kuznetsov; F. E. Maksimov; Yu. S. Polekhovskii, 2009:
The first find of buried low-temperature hydrothermal deposits in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rift valley

A. S. Vakh; O. V. Avchenko; A. A. Karabtsov; V. A. Stepanov, 2009:
The first find of grothite in gold ore deposits

Currie, K.D.; Floras, J.S.; La Gerche, A.; Goodman, J.M., 2018:
Exercise Blood Pressure Guidelines: Time to Re-evaluate What is Normal and Exaggerated?

Torsten Wappler; Gennady, M. Dlussky; Markus Reuter, 2009:
The first fossil record ofPolyrhachis(Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) from the Upper Miocene of Crete (Greece)

A. S. Bogdanov; A. A. Bannikova; Yu. M. Pirusskii; N. A. Formozov, 2009:
The first genetic evidence of hybridization between West European and Northern white-breasted hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeusandE. roumanicus) in Moscow region

Wenyan Hao; Junchao Sha; Shouri Sheng; Mingzhong Cai, 2009:
The first heterogeneous carbonylative Sonogashira coupling reaction catalyzed by MCM-41-supported bidentate phosphine palladium(0) complex

Brett, R. Riddle; Robert, J. Whittaker, 2009:
The first humans, the second orangutan and the third chimpanzee

Maximilian, N. Kopylovich; Konstantin, V. Luzyanin; Vadim Yu. Kukushkin; Matti Haukka; Armando, J.L. Pombeiro, 2009:
The first metal complexes bearing ligated 3-iminoisoindolin-1-ones

Khodayar Gholivand; Zahra Shariatinia; Sheida Ansar; Seyedeh Mahdieh Mashhadi; Farzaneh Daeepour, 2009:
The first naphthodiazaphosphorinane in the solid phase; syntheses, spectroscopic studies and X-ray crystallography of some new 1,3,2-diheterophosphorus compounds

G. Salamunićcar, 2009:
The first new application of the Mathematical Theory of Stochastic Processes to lunar and planetary science: Topography-Profile Diagrams of Mars

Hoffman, B, 2009:
The first non-state use of a chemical weapon in warfare: the Tamil Tigers' assault on East Kiran

Lars, E. Holmer; Peter Bengtson, 2009:
The first occurrence of a lingulid brachiopod from the Cretaceous of Sergipe, Brazil, with a restudy of LingulabagualensisWilckens, 1905 from southern Patagonia

A. A. Balanov; D. V. Antonenko; P. V. Kalchugin; Kim Sen Tok, 2009:
The first occurrence ofAlectrias gallinus(Lindberg, 1938) (Fam. Stichaeidae) in the Sea of Japan

K. N. Gavrilov; E. A. Rastorguev; A. A. Shiryaev; T. B. Grishina; A. S. Safronov; S. E. Lyubimov; V. A. Davankov, 2009:
The first pincer-type phosphodiamidite ligand containing chiral phosphorus atoms

Peng-peng Zhang; Ai-Xiang Tian; Jun Peng; Hai-Jun Pang; Jing-Quan Sha; Yuan Chen; Min Zhu; Yong-Hui Wang, 2009:
The first polypseudo-rotaxane structure based on the WellsDawson polyoxometalate

Dingemans, D; de Pous, P, 2009:
The first record of Ramphotyphlops braminus from the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

A. F. Kirillov, 2009:
The first record of the species composition and history of formation of the ichthyofauna of the Omoloy River (the Laptev Sea Basin)

I. A. Vislobokova, 2009:
The first record ofChleuastochoerus(Suidae, Artiodactyla) in Russia

Bong-Kyu Byun, 2009:
The first report of the genus Tetramoera Diakonoff (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) with description of a new species from the Korean peninsula

Javad Khoshnegah; Mehrdad Mohri; Ahmad Reza Movassaghi; Hossein Kazemi Mehrjerdi, 2009:
The first report ofHepatozoon canisinfection of a dog in Iran

Radhey, S. Srivastava; Frank, R. Fronczek, 2009:
The first report on specific binding mode of diethylmalonate acting as a bridging ligand between ruthenium (II) ions stabilized by intramolecular hydrogen bonds

B. V. Levin; A. G. Chernov; G. V. Shevchenko; P. D. Kovalev; D. P. Kovalev; A. A. Kurkin; O. N. Likhacheva; A. A. Shishkin, 2009:
The first results of long wave registration in the range of tsunami periods in the region of Kurilsk ridge on a distributed station network corresponding member of the RAS

Aleksei, B. Burdukov; Mikhail, A. Vershinin; Ilya, V. Eltsov; Nataliya, V. Pervukhina; Yan, Z. Voloshin, 2009:
The first ribbed functionalized tris-dioximate clathrochelates with inherent hydroxyl substituents: Synthesis, spectra and X-ray structure

Mingarelli, M; Welch, A; Arthur, M; Wan, H; Riedel, G; Platt, B, 2009:
The first third-generation Alzheimer mouse, PLB1: A 18F-FDG-PET study

Ryan, D; Woodcock, H; Anderson, W G.L.; Wan, H; Reinhart, P; Riedel, G; Platt, B, 2009:
The first third-generation Alzheimer mouse, PLB1: Assessment of spatial learning and memory in the water maze

Y. Zheng; G. Calvez; N. Kerbellec; C. Daiguebonne; O. Guillou, 2009:
The first two lanthanum-containing coordination polymers involving naphthalene-1,4,5,8-tetra-carboxylate as ligand

Bob Prichard, 2009:
The first weekend of spring

Maolin Hu; Zhi-Qiang Wu; Yinlan Liu, 2009:
The fish fauna of mountain streams in the Guanshan National Nature Reserve, Jiangxi, China

Fabio Cop Ferreira; Miguel Petrere, 2009:
The fish zonation of the Itanham river basin in the Atlantic Forest of southeast Brazil

Nishino, M; Ueda, K, 2009:
The fisheries management of Red Snow Crab in Sea of Japan and MEL Japan Certification

Seghezzo, L, 2009:
The five dimensions of sustainability

Jeremy Gibson, 2009:
The five Es of anexcellent teacher

Mullen, P E.; James, D V.; Meloy, J. Reid; Pathé, M T.; Farnham, F R.; Preston, L; Darnley, B; Berman, J, 2009:
The fixated and the pursuit of public figures

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The floristic composition and ecology of periphytic diatoms from the man-made tropical lake Tasik Kenyir, in Malaysia

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The flow of liquid foods in an agitated vessel using PEPT: Implications for the use of TTI to assess thermal treatment

Laurent Jossic; Pauline Lefevre; Clément de Loubens; Albert Magnin; Christophe Corre, 2009 :
The fluid mechanics of shear-thinning tear substitutes

Carole, E. Baddour; Cedric, L. Briens; Serge Bordere; Didier Anglerot; Patrice Gaillard, 2009:
The fluidized bed jet grinding of carbon nanotubes with a nozzle/target configuration

V. Raimondi; G. Cecchi; D. Lognoli; L. Palombi; R. Grönlund; A. Johansson; S. Svanberg; K. Barup; J. Hällström, 2009:
The fluorescence lidar technique for the remote sensing of photoautotrophic biodeteriogens in the outdoor cultural heritage: A decade of in situ experiments

Burcu Meryem Aydın; Murat Acar; Mustafa Arık; Yavuz Onganer, 2009:
The fluorescence resonance energy transfer between dye compounds in micellar media

A. V. Vershinin; A. V. Egorov; A. G. Rozanov, 2009:
The fluxes of dissolved forms of chemical elements in Gdansk bay of the Baltic Sea: Measurements by means of a lander

Erin Krupka; Roberto, A. Weber, 2009:
The focusing and informational effects of norms on pro-social behavior

Dongfeng He; Siheng Ha; Changsheng Wang, 2009:
The follow-up of 34 children with medulloblastoma who received 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy

Marcus Mergenthaler; Katinka Weinberger; Matin Qaim, 2009:
The food system transformation in developing countries: A disaggregate demand analysis for fruits and vegetables in Vietnam

Sunderasan Srinivasan, 2009:
The food v. fuel debate: A nuanced view of incentive structures

I.J. Lu; Charles Lewis; Sue, J. Lin, 2009:
The forecast of motor vehicle, energy demand and CO2 emission from Taiwan's road transportation sector

Cuello A, N L.; Cleef, A M., 2009:
The forest vegetation of Ramal de Guaramacal in the Venezuelan Andes

J.M. Li; C. Liu; L.Y. Zhu, 2009:
The formation and elimination of polymer bulges in CO2 laser microfabrication

Chao Dang; Peng Cui; Zun-lan Cheng, 2009:
The formation and failure of debris flow-dams, background, key factors and model tests: case studies from China

Jing Guan; Gang Yang; Danhong Zhou; Weiping Zhang; Xianchun Liu; Xiuwen Han; Xinhe Bao, 2009:
The formation mechanism of Mo-methylidene species over Mo/HBeta catalysts for heterogeneous olefin metathesis: A density functional theory study

A. Arranz; C. Palacio, 2009:
The formation of VAlN thin films by reactive ion beam mixing of V/Al interfaces

Guaiana, Y, 2009:
The formation of a civil religion in republican Italy (194349)

Melissa Eitzen; Janet Cunningham, 2009:
The formation of a mentoring program as a mechanism to increase the knowledge of SQA members

Walger, E; Mattheß, G; von Seckendorff, V; Liebau, F, 2009:
The formation of agate structures: models for silica transport, agate layer accretion, and for flow patterns and flow regimes in infiltration channels

M. V. Marchuk; L. A. Ivanova; V. Ya. Medvedev, 2009:
The formation of copper-bearing gold in a fluid regime

A. V. Polishchuk; E. T. Karaseva; T. B. Emelina; V. E. Karasev, 2009 :
The formation of nalidixic acid dimers and excimers in aqueous solutions

T. V. Okunova; M. V. Giruts; O. G. Erdnieva; V. N. Koshelev; G. N. Gordadze, 2009:
The formation of petroleum biomarker hydrocarbons from possible oxygen-containing precursors

Gcineka Mbambisa; Nolwazi Nombona; Tebello Nyokong, 2009:
The formation of self-assembled monolayers of thiophthalocyanine complexes of titanium, vanadium and manganese and their use in l-cysteine electrocatalysis

A.I. Chemenda, 2009:
The formation of tabular compaction-band arrays: Theoretical and numerical analysis

Yu. A. Yurakov; S. V. Ryabtsev; O. A. Chuvenkova; E. P. Domashevskaya; A. S. Nikitenko; S. V. Kannykin; S. B. Kushchev, 2009:
The formation of tin oxides in thin-film Sn/C/KCl(100) structures

Talal Ous; C. Arcoumanis, 2009:
The formation of water droplets in an air-breathing PEMFC

Eileen, T. Rodriguez; Catherine, S. Tamis-LeMonda; Mark, E. Spellmann; Barbara, A. Pan; Helen Raikes; Julieta Lugo-Gil; Gayle Luze, 2009:
The formative role of home literacy experiences across the first three years of life in children from low-income families

M.M.R. Williams, 2009:
The forward equation of probability balance for neutrons in a medium with randomly time-varying properties: Space and angle dependence

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The fossil lagerstätte Sandelzhausen (Miocene; southern Germany): history of investigation, geology, fauna, and age

Huder, J; Springman, S; Sharp, J., 2009:
The founders of Gotechnique J. B. BURLAND

Larry Hughes, 2009:
The four R's of energy security

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