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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63938

Chapter 63938 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Milka Maravic, 2010:
Impact conomique des biothrapies dans le traitement de la polyarthrite rhumatode (PR) en France

Sho Fukuzaki; Yasuhito Sekine; Hidenori Genda; Seiji Sugita; Toshihiko Kadono; Takafumi Matsui, 2010:
Impact-induced N2 production from ammonium sulfate: Implications for the origin and evolution of N2 in Titans atmosphere

McLean, S G.; Palmer, M L.; Oh, Y; Lucey, S M.; Lucarelli, D D.; Ashton-Miller, J A.; Wojtys, E M., 2010:
Impact-induced Sagittal Plane Tibial Acceleration As A Mechanism For Acl Injury

Edelman, S., 2010:
Impacting Diabetes Care at the Community Level: Making the Connection Between Patient and Provider

Chengli WU; Yan CAO; Zhongbing DONG; Weiping PAN, 2010:
Impacting Factors of Elemental Mercury Re-emission across a Lab-scale Simulated Scrubber

V. F. Belyi, 2010:
Impactite generation in the Elgygytgyn depression, northeast Russia, as a volcanic phenomenon. 2. On the petrography and geochemistry of the impactites

Zhengyong Zhao; Glenn Benoy; Thien Lien Chow; Herb, W. Rees; Jean-Louis Daigle; Fan-Rui Meng, 2010:
Impacts of Accuracy and Resolution of Conventional and LiDAR Based DEMs on Parameters Used in Hydrologic Modeling

Blickley, J; Patricelli, G, 2010:
Impacts of Anthropogenic Noise on Wildlife: Research Priorities for the Development of Standards and Mitigation

Strickland, J T.; Janzen, F J., 2010:
Impacts of Anthropogenic Structures on Predation of Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) Nests

Pouomogne, V; Brummett, R E.; Gatchouko, M., 2010:
Impacts of Aquaculture Development Projects in Western Cameroon

Belay, A Abebe, 2010:
Impacts of Chromium from Tannery Effluent and Evaluation of Alternative Treatment Options

Smith, L M.; Whitehouse, S; Oviatt, C A., 2010:
Impacts of Climate Change on Narragansett Bay

Dias, J; Pauluis, O, 2010:
Impacts of Convective Lifetime on Moist Geostrophic Adjustment

Xiangzheng Deng; Jikun Huang; Fangbin Qiao; Rosamond, L. Naylor; Walter, P. Falcon; Marshall Burke; Scott Rozelle; David Battisti, 2010:
Impacts of El Nino-Southern Oscillation events on Chinas rice production

Feng, H.; Babcock, B. A., 2010:
Impacts of Ethanol on Planted Acreage in Market Equilibrium

Sawada, M; Iwasaki, T, 2010:
Impacts of Evaporation from Raindrops on Tropical Cyclones. Part I: Evolution and Axisymmetric Structure

Sawada, M; Iwasaki, T, 2010:
Impacts of Evaporation from Raindrops on Tropical Cyclones. Part II: Features of Rainbands and Asymmetric Structure

Joni Valkila; Anja Nygren, 2010:
Impacts of Fair Trade certification on coffee farmers, cooperatives, and laborers in Nicaragua

Sun, L.; Reed, M. R., 2010:
Impacts of Free Trade Agreements on Agricultural Trade Creation and Trade Diversion

Caires, A M.; Vinson, M R.; Brasher, A M. D., 2010:
Impacts of Hikers on Aquatic Invertebrates in the North Fork of the Virgin River, Utah

Firn, J; Buckley, Y M., 2010:
Impacts of Invasive Plants on Australian Rangelands

B. Lourino-Cabana; L. Lesven; G. Billon; N. Proix; P. Recourt; B. Ouddane; J. C. Fischer; A. Boughriet, 2010:
Impacts of Metal Contamination in Calcareous Waters of Dele River (France): Water Quality and Thermodynamic Studies on Metallic Mobility

Saitone, T. L.; Sexton, R. J., 2010:
Impacts of Minimum Quality Standards Imposed Through Marketing Orders or Related Producer Organizations

Song, J; Jeon, C-Hwan; Boehman, Á L., 2010:
Impacts of Oxygen Diffusion on the Combustion Rate of In-Bed Soot Particles

Rochelle Plutchak; Kelly Major; Just Cebrian; C. Drew Foster; Mary-Elizabeth, C. Miller; Andrea Anton; Kate, L. Sheehan; Kenneth, L. Heck; Sean, P. Powers, 2010:
Impacts of Oyster Reef Restoration on Primary Productivity and Nutrient Dynamics in Tidal Creeks of the North Central Gulf of Mexico

Nath, T Kumar; Inoue, M, 2010:
Impacts of Participatory Forestry on Livelihoods of Ethnic People: Experience from Bangladesh

Gourley, J J.; Giangrande, S E.; Hong, Y; Flamig, Z L.; Schuur, T; Vrugt, J A., 2010:
Impacts of Polarimetric Radar Observations on Hydrologic Simulation

Ruizhao Wang; Lin Yuan; Liquan Zhang, 2010:
Impacts of Spartina alterniflora invasion on the benthic communities of salt marshes in the Yangtze Estuary, China

H. X. Xu; J. P. Xu; C. X. Li; C. L. Chan; P. T. Lai, 2010:
Impacts of Ti on electrical properties of

Olson, K R., 2010:
Impacts of Tillage, Slope, and Erosion on Soil Organic Carbon Retention

Wanchun Guan; Kunshan Gao, 2010:
Impacts of UV radiation on photosynthesis and growth of the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi (Haptophyceae)

Chen, R K; Miller, E; Seo, W (Sunny); Mendoza, E, 2010:
Impacts of Uncertainty of Progressive Disability on Life Perspectives

C.A. Brittain; M. Vighi; R. Bommarco; J. Settele; S.G. Potts, 2010:
Impacts of a pesticide on pollinator species richness at different spatial scales

Dohzono, I; Yokoyama, J, 2010:
Impacts of alien bees on native plant-pollinator relationships: A review with special emphasis on plant reproduction

Zedda, L.; Cogoni, A.; Flore, F.; Brundu, G., 2010:
Impacts of alien plants and manmade disturbance on soilgrowing bryophyte and lichen diversity in coastal areas of Sardinia (Italy)

Jin-Tai Lin; Michael, B. McElroy, 2010:
Impacts of boundary layer mixing on pollutant vertical profiles in the lower troposphere: Implications to satellite remote sensing

David Ainley; Grant Ballard; Louise, K. Blight; Steve Ackley; Steven, D. Emslie; Amélie Lescroël; Silvia Olmastroni; Susan, E. Townsend; Cynthia, T. Tynan; Peter Wilson; Eric Woehler, 2010:
Impacts of cetaceans on the structure of Southern Ocean food webs

Dedi Liu; Xiaohong Chen; Yanqing Lian; Zhanghua Lou, 2010:
Impacts of climate change and human activities on surface runoff in the Dongjiang River basin of China

Antti Kilpeläinen; Hilppa Gregow; Harri Strandman; Seppo Kellomäki; Ari Venäläinen; Heli Peltola, 2010:
Impacts of climate change on the risk of snow-induced forest damage in Finland

Yujie Liu; Guofu Yuan, 2010:
Impacts of climate change on winter wheat growth in Panzhuang Irrigation District, Shandong Province

Marie-Caroline Badjeck; Edward, H. Allison; Ashley, S. Halls; Nicholas, K. Dulvy, 2010:
Impacts of climate variability and change on fishery-based livelihoods

Pengfei Ji; Yiming Cao; Xingming Jie; Meng Li; Quan Yuan, 2010:
Impacts of coating condition on composite membrane performance for CO2 separation

Timothy, D. Meehan; Michael, S. Crossley; Richard, L. Lindroth, 2010:
Impacts of elevated CO2 and O3 on aspen leaf litter chemistry and earthworm and springtail productivity

Claudine Boyer; Patrick, M. Verhaar; André G. Roy; Pascale, M. Biron; Jean Morin, 2010:
Impacts of environmental changes on the hydrology and sedimentary processes at the confluence of St. Lawrence tributaries: potential effects on fluvial ecosystems

Shingo Kimura; Yoshiki Kato; Takashi Kitagawa; Naoki Yamaoka, 2010:
Impacts of environmental variability and global warming scenario on Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) spawning grounds and recruitment habitat

Daniel, B. Metcalfe; Raquel Lobo-do-Vale; Manuela, M. Chaves; Joao, P. Maroco; Luiz, E. O. C Aragão; Yadvinder Malhi; Antonio, L. Da Costa; Alan, P. Braga; Paulo, L. Gonçalves; Joao De Athaydes; Mauricio Da Costa; Samuel, S. Almeida; Catherine Campbell; Vaughan Hurry; Mathew Williams; Patrick Meir, 2010:
Impacts of experimentally imposed drought on leaf respiration and morphology in an Amazon rain forest

C.A. Marriott; J.M. Fisher; K. Hood; R.J. Pakeman, 2010:
Impacts of extensive grazing and abandonment on grassland soils and productivity

S. Bokhorst; J.W. Bjerke; J. Melillo; T.V. Callaghan; G.K. Phoenix, 2010:
Impacts of extreme winter warming events on litter decomposition in a sub-Arctic heathland

N.I. Huth; P.J. Thorburn; B.J. Radford; C.M. Thornton, 2010:
Impacts of fertilisers and legumes on N2O and CO2 emissions from soils in subtropical agricultural systems: A simulation study

Shengli Guo; Jinshui Wu; Tinghui Dang; Wenzhao Liu; Yong Li; Wenxue Wei; J. Keith Syers, 2010:
Impacts of fertilizer practices on environmental risk of nitrate in semiarid farmlands in the Loess Plateau of China

T. Warren Liao; P.C. Chang, 2010:
Impacts of forecast, inventory policy, and lead time on supply chain inventoryA numerical study

Geli Wang; Peicai Yang; Chuanxi Liu; Yi Liu; Daren Lü, 2010:
Impacts of future NOxand CO emissions on regional chemistry and climate over eastern China

P. Ebanyat; N. de Ridder; A. de Jager; R. J. Delve; M. A. Bekunda; K. E. Giller, 2010:
Impacts of heterogeneity in soil fertility on legume-finger millet productivity, farmers targeting and economic benefits

Dingtian Yang; Haibin Ye; Guifen Wang, 2010:
Impacts of internal waves on chlorophylladistribution in the northern portion of the South China Sea

Elif Sertel; Alan Robock; Cankut Ormeci, 2010:
Impacts of land cover data quality on regional climate simulations

Paul, A. Dirmeyer; Dev Niyogi; Nathalie de Noblet-Ducoudré; Robert, E. Dickinson; Peter, K. Snyder, 2010:
Impacts of land use change on climate

Souleymane Fall; Dev Niyogi; Alexander Gluhovsky; Roger, A. Pielke Sr; Eugenia Kalnay; Gilbert Rochon, 2010:
Impacts of land use land cover on temperature trends over the continental United States: assessment using the North American Regional Reanalysis

Gitau, M. W.; Chaubey, I.; Gbur, E.; Pennington, J. H.; Gorham, B., 2010:
Impacts of land-use change and best management practice implementation in a Conservation Effects Assessment Project watershed: Northwest Arkansas

Tae Sato; Satoshi Ito; Yasushi Mitsuda; Norihisa Soen, 2010:
Impacts of land-use history on the diversity of a riparian forest landscape in warm-temperate Kyushu, southern Japan

She, D.L.; Shao, M.A.; Timm, L.C.; Sentís, I. Pla; Reichardt, K.; Yu, S.E., 2010:
Impacts of land-use pattern on soil water-content variability on the Loess Plateau of China

Paula, J. Fornwalt; Merrill, R. Kaufmann; Thomas, J. Stohlgren, 2010:
Impacts of mixed severity wildfire on exotic plants in a Colorado ponderosa pineDouglas-fir forest

Goulson, D, 2010:
Impacts of non-native bumblebees in Western Europe and North America

M. Treurnicht; K.J. Esler; M. Gaertner, 2010:
Impacts of ploughing and introduction of commercial fynbos species on the diversity of sandstone fynbos on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa

Robert McLeman, 2010:
Impacts of population change on vulnerability and the capacity to adapt to climate change and variability: a typology based on lessons from a hard country

Xueipng Li; Yuerong Chen, 2010:
Impacts of supply disruptions and customer differentiation on a partial-backordering inventory system

Sun, L; Bogdanski, B.E.C; Stennes, B; van Kooten, G. Cornelis, 2010:
Impacts of tariff and non-tariff trade barriers on the global forest products trade: an application of the Global Forest Product Model

Shixiong Cao; Xiuqing Wang; Yuezhen Song; Li Chen; Qi Feng, 2010:
Impacts of the Natural Forest Conservation Program on the livelihoods of residents of Northwestern China: Perceptions of residents affected by the program

Larson, J., 2010:
Impacts of the corn grain ethanol industry on the United States agricultural sector

Constance, E. Hausman; John, F. Jaeger; Oscar, J. Rocha, 2010:
Impacts of the emerald ash borer (EAB) eradication and tree mortality: potential for a secondary spread of invasive plant species

Michelle, E. DePrenger-Levin; Thomas, A. Grant III; Carol Dawson, 2010:
Impacts of the introduced biocontrol agent, Rhinocyllus conicus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), on the seed production and population dynamics of Cirsium ownbeyi (Asteraceae), a rare, native thistle

Anna, G. Aguilera; Peter Alpert; Jeffrey, S. Dukes; Robin Harrington, 2010:
Impacts of the invasive plantFallopia japonica(Houtt.) on plant communities and ecosystem processes

Jianping Tang; Shi Song; Jian Wu, 2010 :
Impacts of the spectral nudging technique on simulation of the East Asian summer monsoon

Thokozani, S. Simelane, 2010:
Impacts of traditional land uses on biodiversity outside conservation areas: effects on dung beetle communities of Vaalbos National Park

Kate Barclay, 2010:
Impacts of tuna industries on coastal communities in Pacific Island countries

Adrian Linnane; Sean Sloan; Richard McGarvey; Tim Ward, 2010:
Impacts of unconstrained effort: Lessons from a rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) fishery decline in the northern zone management region of South Australia

Steve Hankey; Julian, D. Marshall, 2010:
Impacts of urban form on future US passenger-vehicle greenhouse gas emissions

Zijun Li; Xiubin Li; Zhimei Xu, 2010:
Impacts of water conservancy and soil conservation measures on annual runoff in the Chaohe River Basin during 19612005

Sommer Jenkins; Edward, G. Barrett-Lennard; Zed Rengel, 2010:
Impacts of waterlogging and salinity on puccinellia (Puccinellia ciliata) and tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum): zonation on saltland with a shallow water-table, plant growth, and Na+and K+concentrations in the leaves

J. Refugio Lomelí-Flores; Juan, F. Barrera; Julio, S. Bernal, 2010:
Impacts of weather, shade cover and elevation on coffee leafminer Leucoptera coffeella (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae) population dynamics and natural enemies

Hiroaki Nagayama, 2010:
Impacts on investments, and transmission/distribution loss through power sector reforms

Barrera-Lechuga, T Paulina; Guerrero-Hernández, Aín; Antonio Arias-Montaño, Jé; Rueda, Aélica, 2010 :
Impaired Function of Cardiac Ryanodine Receptors in An Experimental Model of Metabolic Syndrome

Georgia Sfyroera; Daniel Ricklin; Hui Chen; Kristina Nilsson-Ekdahl; Bo Nilsson; Emilia, L. Wu; Yiannis, N. Kaznessis; John, D. Lambris, 2010:
Impaired ability of complement activation via the alternative pathway C3 convertase caused by a single-point mutation in the beta chain of C3

Passman, M.A., 2010:
Impaired lymphatic function recovered after great saphenous vein stripping in patients with varicose vein: Venodynamic and lymphodynamic results

Petr Pecina; Alena Pecinova; Nikola Kovarova; Martin Kalous; Ivan Miksik; Josef Houstek, 2010:
Impaired mitochondrial energetic in patients harbouring SURF1 mutations is caused by uncoupling of cytochrome c oxidase

Kok Wei Wee; Mohd Jamil Yaacob; Wan Norhaida Wan Abdullah; Norzila Nakaria; Saxby Pridmore, 2010:
Impaired working memory in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and their siblings

Cong Yi-Yn and Liu Ke-Ming, 2010:
Impatiens oblongipetala (Balsaminaceae), a New Species from Yunnan, China

Hayden, B, 2010:
Impeach the traitors: citizenship, sovereignty and nation in immigration control activism in the United States

B. K. Singh; B. Kumar, 2010:
Impedance analysis and high temperature conduction mechanism of flux grown Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)0.91Ti0.09O3 single crystal

A.M. Fekry, 2010:
Impedance and hydrogen evolution studies on magnesium alloy in oxalic acid solution containing different anions

Ramji, S. Lakshmanan; Sen Xu; Raj Mutharasan, 2010:
Impedance change as an alternate measure of resonant frequency shift of piezoelectric-excited millimeter-sized cantilever (PEMC) sensors

Luísa Andrade; Rui Cruz; Helena Aguilar Ribeiro; Adélio Mendes, 2010:
Impedance characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells in a tandem arrangement for hydrogen production by water splitting

Dev, K. Mahato; A. Dutta; T. P. Sinha, 2010:
Impedance spectroscopy analysis of double perovskite Ho2NiTiO6

V. Ball, 2010:
Impedance spectroscopy and zeta potential titration of dopa-melanin films produced by oxidation of dopamine

Chien-Chang Chao; Sheng-Han Tu; Chih-Ming Wang; Hung-I Huang; Chii-Chang Chen; Jenq-Yang Chang, 2010:
Impedance-Matching Surface Plasmon Absorber for FDTD Simulations

Jai-Young Choi; Eden, S. H. Yu, 2010:
Imperfect Capital Mobility: A General Approach to the Two-Sector Harris Todaro Model

Chifeng Dai, 2010:
Imperfect verification, appeals, and limited liability

Kovel, J, 2010:
Imperial Blues

Wu, S, 2010:
Imperial Masquerade: The Legend of Princess Der Ling

Marshall, A, 2010:
Imperial nostalgia, the liberal lie, and the perils of postmodern counterinsurgency

Jill Graper Hernandez, 2010:
Impermissibility and Kantian Moral Worth

Sabine Wicker, 2010:
Impfen zu Zeiten der Schweinegrippe: Von Panik(mache) bis zur Pandemie

Mancino, C.; Amoruso, M.; Vrespa, G.; Piattelli, A.; Scarano, A., 2010:
Impiego di impianti corti in mandibole atrofiche. Studio retrospettivo a due anni

Marinbach, M G., 2010:
Implant Laboratory Procedures: A Step-by Step Guide

Crismani, A., 2010:
Implant dentistry. A practical approach, 2nd edn. (2010)

Roman, S.; Nicollas, R.; Triglia, J.-M., 2010:
Implant doreille moyenne pour surdit mixte malformative chez un enfant de neuf ans

Curnis, A.; Mascioli, G.; Gasparini, M.; Salerno, J.; Gaita, F.; Puglisi, A.; Marotta, T.; Arcidiacono, D.; Vicini, I., 2010:
Implant feasbility and electrical performance of two different coronary veins leads

Qllitrault, J.; Amblard, A.; Mabo, P.; Grossin, F., 2010:
Implant success rate and electrical performance of a new left ventricular pacing lead: Situs LV UC28D

Reginald Liew, 2010:
Implantable cardioverter defibrillators after acute myocardial infarction: Evidence suggests no overall survival benefit if inserted within 40 days

P. Martínez-Sánchez; B. Fuentes; J. Medina-Báez; M. Grande; C. Llorente; P. Parrilla; A. Fuster; A. Gil; M. Sánchez; C. Olguín; J. García-Caballero; E. Díez-Tejedor, 2010:
Implantacin de una va clnica para la atencin del ictus agudo en un hospital con unidad de ictus

Roman, N.O.; Shepherd, W.; Weiss, E., 2010:
Implantation Experience and Long Term Positional Stability of Gold Coils implanted in Lung Tumors with Navigational Bronchoscopy and Endobronchial Ultrasound-guidance

Lubinski, A.; Kempa, M.; Lewicka-Nowak, E.; Krolak, T.; Swiatecka, G., 2010:
Implantation and follow-up of the new ICD active fixation endocardial lead

S. Vasu; M.H. Hamid; J.T. McCluskey; N. Irwin; P.R. Flatt, 2010:
Implantation of GLP-1 secreting cells fails to recapitulate effects of exogenous GLP-1 mimetics in mice

Graham,, T.P., 2010:
Implantation of the Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve in Patients With a Dysfunctional Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Conduit: Early Results From the U.S. Clinical Trial

Wim van Ouwerkerk, 2010:
Implanteren: indiceren of anticiperen?

De Leon, O. A.; Nolan, E., 2010:
Implausibility and Evidentiality in Schizophrenic Delusions: A Case of High Risk of Suicide

J.A. Sainz; I. Peral; R. Serrano; E. Turmo; A. Moro; V. Caballero; R. Garrido, 2010:
Implementacin universal del consecutive combined test en el rea sur de Sevilla (Hospital Universitario Valme)

Eerste herziening, 2010:
Implementatie van NHG-Standaarden: succes of probleem?

Ellen Mulder, 2010:
Implementatievisie van NISB gellustreerd aan de hand van het project De wijk: een bron van energie

Antonios Triantafyllidis; Epaminondas Mastorakos, 2010 :
Implementation Issues of the Conditional Moment Closure Model in Large Eddy Simulations

Felix Jaegle; Olivier Cabrit; Simon Mendez; Thierry Poinsot, 2010:
Implementation Methods of Wall Functions in Cell-vertex Numerical Solvers

Wald, J.; Taylor, S., 2010:
Implementation and Outcome of Combining Interoceptive Exposure With Trauma-Related Exposure Therapy in a Patient With Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

A.R. Graves; P.J. Burgess; J. Palma; K.J. Keesman; W. van der Werf; C. Dupraz; H. van Keulen; F. Herzog; M. Mayus, 2010:
Implementation and calibration of the parameter-sparse Yield-SAFE model to predict production and land equivalent ratio in mixed tree and crop systems under two contrasting production situations in Europe

Markus Myllylä; Markku Juntti; Joseph, R. Cavallaro, 2010:
Implementation aspects of list sphere decoder algorithms for MIMO-OFDM systems

Wisell, J., 2010:
Implementation of American Society of Clinical Oncology/College of American Pathologists HER2 Guideline Recommendations in a Tertiary Care Facility Increases HER2 Immunohistochemistry and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Concordance and Decreases the Number of Inconclusive Cases

Kobidze, G, 2010:
Implementation of Collocated Surface Impedance Boundary Conditions in FDTD

Wu, H-Zhi; Yang, Z-Biao; Zheng, S-Biao, 2010:
Implementation of Controlled Geometric Phase Gate for Two Trapped Neutral Atoms

Bart Wunderlich; Julie Considine; Robyn Parker; Elspeth Lucas, 2010:
Implementation of Emergency Department clinical instability criteria

Jennings, M J.; Sloss, B L.; Hatzenbeler, G R.; Kampa, J M.; Simonson, T D.; Avelallemant, S P.; Lindenberger, G A.; Underwood, B D., 2010:
Implementation of Genetic Conservation Practices in a Muskellunge Propagation and Stocking Program

M. Díez-Mediavilla; C. Alonso-Tristán; M.C. Rodríguez-Amigo; T. García-Calderón, 2010:
Implementation of PV plants in Spain: A case study

Copeland, E.M., 2010:
Implementation of Resident Work Hour Restrictions is Associated With a Reduction in Mortality and Provider-Related Complications on the Surgical Service: A Concurrent Analysis of 14,610 Patients

Jonas Tölke, 2010:
Implementation of a Lattice Boltzmann kernel using the Compute Unified Device Architecture developed by nVIDIA

Bybee, K, 2010:
Implementation of a Real-Time Drilling-Problem Diagnostic Program

Balk, R.A., 2010:
Implementation of a Real-time Compliance Dashboard to Help Reduce SICU Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia With the Ventilator Bundle

Helmut Haberleitner; Herbert Meyr; Alfred Taudes, 2010:
Implementation of a demand planning system using advance order information

Julie Gawthorne; Susan Welch; Fiona Robertson; Karon McDonell; Andrew Finckh, 2010:
Implementation of a guideline to improve prescription of analgesia for adult trauma patients in an Emergency Department

Jenn Jiang Hwang; Meng Lin Zou; Wei Ru Chang; Ay Su; Fang Bo Weng; Wei Wu, 2010:
Implementation of a heat recovery unit in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell system

James, L. Crandall; Erik, A. Talley, 2010:
Implementation of a laboratory-based drain and trash disposal program

A. Porson; P. A. Clark; I. N. Harman; M. J. Best; S. E. Belcher, 2010:
Implementation of a new urban energy budget scheme in the MetUM. Part I: Description and idealized simulations

A. Porson; P. A. Clark; I. N. Harman; M. J. Best; S. E. Belcher, 2010:
Implementation of a new urban energy budget scheme into MetUM. Part II: Validation against observations and model intercomparison

Inês Hexsel Grochau; Carlos Arthur Ferreira; Jane Zoppas Ferreira; Carla Schwengber ten Caten, 2010:
Implementation of a quality management system in university test laboratories: a brief review and new proposals

C.C. Su; K.C. Tseng; H.M. Cave; J.S. Wu; Y.Y. Lian; T.C. Kuo; M.C. Jermy, 2010:
Implementation of a transient adaptive sub-cell module for the parallel-DSMC code using unstructured grids

Bissell, M.G., 2010:
Implementation of a two-specimen requirement for verification of ABO/Rh for blood transfusion

Huijie Xue; Yi Du, 2010:
Implementation of a wetting-and-drying model in simulating the KennebecAndroscoggin plume and the circulation in Casco Bay

Ulisse, G., 2010:
Implementation of an Inpatient Diabetes Management Team in the University Hospital Setting

Hsiang-Yin Chen; Li-Chia Chen, 2010:
Implementation of innovative pharmacogenetic tests into practice in Taiwan: an institutional perspective

Joris, J.J. Dirckx; Jan, A.N. Buytaert; Sam, A.M. Van der Jeught, 2010:
Implementation of phase-shifting moir profilometry on a low-cost commercial data projector

Rudgalvytė, M; Stančiūtė, D; Bielskienė, K; Jonušienė, V; Kirvelienė, V; Sužiedėlis, Kęstutis; Atkočius, V; Valuckas, K Povilas, 2010:
Implementation of postgenomic technologies for cancer research. Institutional experience; Vio tyrim pogenomini technologij diegimas Lietuvoje;

Nicole Lloyd; Paul Rumpff; Kelly Printannier, 2010:
Implementation of professional development days for emergency nurses: An overwhelming positive outcome

Brabin, L; Kitchener, H C; Stern, P L, 2010:
Implementation of prophylactic HPV vaccination: progress and future challenges

G. M. Safiullin; V. G. Nikiforov; V. S. Lobkov; V. V. Samartsev; A. V. Leontyev, 2010:
Implementation of room temperature femtosecond echo-processing

Asha, M. Brunings; Catalina Moyer; Natalia Peres; Kevin, M. Folta, 2010:
Implementation of simple sequence repeat markers to genotype Florida strawberry varieties

Seungho Lee; Tae Woo Lee; Sung Kwang Cho; Sun Tae Kim; Dong Yong Kang; HaiDoo Kwen; Sung Kwang Lee; Chul Hun Eum, 2010:
Implementation of splitter-less SPLITT fractionation and its application to large scale-fractionation of sea sediment

Jain, P.; Franks, K.N.; Peedell, C.; Lilley, J.; Landau, D.; Faivre-Finn, C.; Hatton, M.Q., 2010:
Implementation of stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for non small cell lung cancers in the UK

Prahalad, V; Kriwoken, L, 2010:
Implementation of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in Tasmania, Australia

Shawna, D. Straub, 2010:
Implementing Best Practice Safety Initiatives to Diminish Patient Harm in a Hospital-based Family Birth Center

McCarthy, B; Davis, S, 2010:
Implementing Best Practice in Dementia Care: the Role of Electronic Learning Resources in Developing Sustainable Practice

Hogne, N. Larsen; Edgar, G. Hertwich, 2010:
Implementing Carbon-Footprint-Based Calculation Tools in Municipal Greenhouse Gas Inventories : The Case of Norway

Xiaofan Zhao; Leonard Ortolano, 2010:
Implementing Chinas national energy conservation policies at state-owned electric power generation plants

Smith, D C.; Hall, J A., 2010:
Implementing Evidence-Based Multiple-Family Groups with Adolescent Substance Abusers

Rhoda Ballinger; Valerie Cummins; Hance Smith, 2010:
Implementing ICZM: The experience of Northwest Europe

A.M. O’Hagan; R.C. Ballinger, 2010:
Implementing Integrated Coastal Zone Management in a national policy vacuum: Local case studies from Ireland

Drake, R E.; Bond, G R., 2010:
Implementing Integrated Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Eric Dion; Monique Brodeur; Catherine Gosselin; Marie-Ève Campeau; Douglas Fuchs, 2010:
Implementing Research-Based Instruction to Prevent Reading Problems Among Low-Income Students: Is Earlier Better?

Foster, B C.; Wang, D; Keeton, W S.; Ashton, M S., 2010:
Implementing Sustainable Forest Management Using Six Concepts in an Adaptive Management Framework

Hume, K; Reynolds, B, 2010:
Implementing Work Systems across the School Day: Increasing Engagement in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Implementing a Batterer's Intervention Program in a Correctional Setting: A Tertiary Prevention Model

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Implementing a Clinically Driven Electronic Medical Record for Radiation Oncology in a Major Medical Center

&na;,, 2010:
Implementing a Relationship-Based Care Model on a Large Orthopaedic/Neurosurgical Hospital Unit

Giovanni Gualtieri, 2010:
Implementing an Operational Ozone Forecasting System Based on WRF/CALMET/CALGRID Models: a 5-Month Case Study over Tuscany, Italy

Wilkinson, R; Bryan, K; Lock, S; Sage, K, 2010:
Implementing and evaluating aphasia therapy targeted at couples' conversations: A single case study

Sandborgh, M; Lindberg, P; Åsenlöf, P; Denison, E, 2010:
Implementing behavioural medicine in physiotherapy treatment. Part I: Clinical trial

Sandborgh, M; Åsenlöf, P; Lindberg, P; Denison, E, 2010:
Implementing behavioural medicine in physiotherapy treatment. Part II: Adherence to treatment protocol

Charles Kunos; Gina Ferris; Steven Waggoner, 2010:
Implementing chemoradiation treatment for patients with cervical cancer in a comprehensive cancer center community oncology practice

Franz Porzsolt, 2010:
Implementing economic principles in medicine while maintaining medical professionalism

Alfred Alumai; Mark Grunkemeyer; Joseph Kovach; David, J. Shetlar; John Cardina; Joseph Rimelspach; Susan Clayton; Parwinder, S. Grewal, 2010:
Implementing integrated pest management in professional lawn care: a case study

Parris, A, 2010:
Implementing interventions for an individual with complex needs through a coordinated approach

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Implementing large-scale and long-term functional biodiversity research: The Biodiversity Exploratories

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Implementing marine reserve networks: A comparison of approaches in New South Wales (Australia) and New Zealand

Andrey, I. Zavalin; H. John Caulfield; Chandra, S. Vikram, 2010:
Implementing minimal clock skew Directed Logic

Hawkins, M T., 2010:
Implementing strategies for an offensive patent portfolio

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Implementing supply chain information integration in China: The role of institutional forces and trust

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Implementing the Model of Human Occupation across a mental health occupational therapy service: communities of practice and a participatory change process

Kurt Schwenk, 2010:
Implementing the Organismal Agenda

Wabwile, M, 2010:
Implementing the Social and Economic Rights of Children in Developing Countries: The Place of International Assistance and Cooperation

Chan, J.; Honest, H., 2010:
Implementing the ten-group-classification-system of caesarean section at Good Hope Hospital (UK) FOR 2008

Christophe Richez; Thomas Barnetche; Corinne Miceli-Richard; Patrick Blanco; Jean-François Moreau; Ian Rifkin; Thierry Schaeverbeke, 2010:
Implication de la famille des facteurs de transcription IRF dans lauto-immunit

Christelle Guillet, 2010:
Implication des produits terminaux de glycation dans les complications lies au diabte

M. A. Çullu; S. Aydemi̇r; M. Qadi̇r; A. Almaca; A. R. Öztürkmen; A. Bi̇lgi̇ç; N. Ağca, 2010:
Implication of groundwater fluctuation on the seasonal salt dynamic in the Harran Plain, south-eastern Turkey

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Implication of risk adjusted discount rates on cycle stock and safety stock in a multi-period inventory model

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Implication of weekly and diurnal 14C calibration on hourly estimates of CO-based fossil fuel CO2 at a moderately polluted site in southwestern Germany

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Implications of 21st century climate change for the hydrology of Washington State

Mascaro, G; Vivoni, E R.; Deidda, R, 2010:
Implications of Ensemble Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Errors on Distributed Streamflow Forecasting

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Implications of Extending the ADHD Age-of-Onset Criterion to Age 12

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Implications of Hepatitis B Virus Genomic Variations on Treatment Outcomes

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Implications of Interdisciplinary Palliative Care when Caring for Older Adults with Advanced Cancer

Claudia Mettke-Hofmann, P H. Sinclair, P B. Hamel, a Russell Greenberg, 2010:
Implications of Prebasic and a Previously Undescribed Prealternate Molt For Aging Rusty Blackbirds (Implicancias de la Muda Prebsica y de la Previamente No Descripta Muda Prealterna para Determinar la Edad deEuphagus carolinus)

Wood, C; Qiao, Y; Li, P; Ding, P; Lu, B; Xi, Y, 2010:
Implications of Rice Agriculture for Wild Birds in China

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Implications of Stakeholder Constellations for the Implementation of Irrigation Rules at Jointly Used WellsCases from the North China Plain, China

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Implications of a predicted shift from upland oaks to red maple on forest hydrology and nutrient availability

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Implications of complex eigenvalues in homogeneous flow: A three-dimensional kinematic analysis

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Implications of faecal removal by dung beetles for scat surveys in a fragmented landscape of the Brazilian Amazon

Peter, A. Abrams, 2010:
Implications of flexible foraging for interspecific interactions: lessons from simple models

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Implications of food patch distribution on social foraging in domestic pigs (Sus scrofa)

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Implications of fuel selection for an SI engine: Results from the first and second laws of thermodynamics

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Implications of future disturbance regimes on the carbon balance of Canada's managed forest (20102100)

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Implications of k-best modular product design solutions to global manufacturing

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Implications of neural reuse for brain injury therapy: Historical note on the work of Kurt Goldstein

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Implications of organizational culture for supply chain disruption and restoration

Sari Siitonen; Mari Tuomaala; Markku Suominen; Pekka Ahtila, 2010:
Implications of process energy efficiency improvements for primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions at the national level

Ann-Maree, J. Lynch; Stephen, G. Sutton; Colin, A. Simpfendorfer, 2010:
Implications of recreational fishing for elasmobranch conservation in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

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Implications of removing or altering the testicles of ram lambs on the financial returns from carcasses

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Implications of sensory ecology for species coexistence: biased perception links predator diversity to prey size distribution

Marcus Sheaves; Ross Johnston, 2010:
Implications of spatial variability of fish assemblages for monitoring of Australia's tropical estuaries

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Implications of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) for Test Development and Use

J. Michael Miller, 2010:
Implications of the One Health Paradigm for Clinical Microbiology

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Implications of the Species-Area Relationship on Sampling Effort for Marsh Birds in Southern Ontario

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Implications of the UK field trial of building mounted horizontal axis micro-wind turbines

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Implications of the impact survey for payors across Europe

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Implications of the proposed Soil Framework Directive on agricultural systems in Atlantic Europe a review

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Implications of twenty-first century climate change on Northeastern United States maple syrup production: impacts and adaptations

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Implications of using clean technologies to power selected ASEAN countries

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Implicit Artificial Grammar and Incidental Natural Second Language Learning: How Comparable Are They?

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Implicit Family Process Rules and Adolescent Psychological Symptoms

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Implicit Measures Reveal Evidence of Personal Discrimination

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Implicit Memory and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

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Implicit Mental Processes in Ethical Management Behavior

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Implicit Person Theories and Change in Teacher Evaluation: A Longitudinal Field Study

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Implicit Positive Emotion Counteracts Ego Depletion

Chris, G. Sibley; James, H. Liu; Sammyh, S. Khan, 2010:
Implicit Representations of Ethnicity and Nationhood in New Zealand: A Function of Symbolic or Resource-Specific Policy Attitudes?

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Implicit Theories of the World and Implicit Theories of the Self as Moderators of Self-Stereotyping

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Implicit Voodoo: Electrodermal Activity Reveals a Susceptibility to Sympathetic Magic

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Implicit and Explicit Dimensions of Oedipal Phenomenology: A Reassessment

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Implicit and explicit object recognition at very large visual eccentricities: No improvement after loss of central vision

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Implicit and self-attributed affiliation motive congruence and depression: The moderating role of perfectionism

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Implicit beliefs about self and nature: Evidence from an IAT game

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Implicit conscientiousness predicts academic performance

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Implicit measures of consumer cognition: A review

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Implicit memory formation in children during anesthesia

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Implicit need for achievement moderates the relationship between competence need satisfaction and subsequent motivation

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Implicit personality theories on the modifiability and stability of the action repertoire as a meaningful framework for individual motivation: a crosscultural study

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Implicit priming of embodied cognition on human motor intention understanding in dyads in love

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Implicit simplicity at low acquaintanceship: Evidence for a g-factor of personality in personality judgments

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Importance and Impact of Antimicrobial Stewardship

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Importance and impacts of intermediary boundary organizations in facilitating payment for environmental services in Vietnam

Vidmar, K, 2010:
Importance of Finding and Defining Energy Conservation Measures

Igor Kelmanson, 2010:
Importance of Growth for Health and Development

Anne, L. Frances; Carrie Reinhardt Adams; Jeffrey, G. Norcini, 2010:
Importance of Seed and Microsite Limitation: Native Wildflower Establishment in Non-native Pasture

Douglas G Manuel, L C Rosella and Thérèse A Stukel, 2010:
Importance of accurately identifying chronic disease in studies using electronic health records

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Importance of benthic production to fish populations in Lake Mead prior to the establishment of quagga mussels

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Importance of contact chemical cues in host recognition and acceptance by the braconid larval endoparasitoids Cotesia sesamiae and Cotesia flavipes

Znachor, P.; Nedoma, J., 2010:
Importance of dissolved organic carbon for phytoplankton nutrition in a eutrophic reservoir

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Importance of health-related quality of life for persons with aphasia, their significant others, and SLPs: Who do we ask?

Nguyen, P; Wu, J C, 2010:
Importance of imaging in studying cardiac stem cells

Peter, D. Lund, 2010:
Importance of integrated strategies and innovations for commercial breakthrough of fuel cells

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Importance of lipoperoxidation monitoring in patients with familiar hypercholesterolemia treated by extracorporeal elimination

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Importance of molecular shape in the adsorption of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane on surfaces and in confined spaces

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Expanding the limit of Pd-catalyzed decarboxylative benzylations

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Importance of no-rain measurements on the comparison of radar and rain gauge rain rate

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Importance of plant extract formulations in managing different pests attacking beans in new reclaimed area and under storage conditions

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Importance of predecessor basin history on sedimentary fill of a retroarc foreland basin: provenance analysis of the Cretaceous Magallanes basin, Chile (5052S)

Fujiwara, S, 2010:
Importance of raising awareness about spontaneous insufficiency fractures in the bedridden elderly

Vinod Kumar Sharma, 2010:
Importance of source apportionment modeling in air pollution abatement policy

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Importance of symptoms in pacemaker patients -- Insights from the magnet stored e-gram study

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Importance of the Conditioning of the Chitosan Support in a Catalyst-Containing Ionic Liquid Phase Immobilised on Chitosan: The Palladium-Catalysed Allylation Reaction Case

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Importance of the Inclusion of Dispersion in the Modeling of Asphaltene Dimers

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Importance of the SRES in projections of climate change impacts on near-surface wind regimes

Manno, C.; Tirelli, V.; Accornero, A.; Fonda Umani, S., 2010:
Importance of the contribution of Limacina helicina faecal pellets to the carbon pump in Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica)

R. Shabani; S. Tariverdilo; H. Salarieh; G. Rezazadeh, 2010:
Importance of the flexural and membrane stiffnesses in large deflection analysis of floating roofs

Meisam Tabatabaei; Raha Abdul Rahim; Norhani Abdullah; André-Denis, G. Wright; Yoshihito Shirai; Kenji Sakai; Alawi Sulaiman; Mohd Ali Hassan, 2010:
Importance of the methanogenic archaea populations in anaerobic wastewater treatments

A.M. Fernández; C. Barriocanal; M.A. Díez; R. Alvarez, 2010:
Importance of the textural characteristics of inert additives in the reduction of coal thermoplastic properties

Viswambharan Sarasan, 2010:
Importance ofin vitrotechnology to future conservation programmes worldwide

Lai, L S.L.; To, W.M., 2010:
Importanceperformance analysis for public management decision making

Sanjosé, V; Fernández, J-José; Vidal-Abarca, E, 2010:
Importancia de las destrezas de procesamiento de la informacin en la comprensin de textos cientficos

Kishimoto, T., 2010:
Important Announcement

DeCarvalho, L T., 2010:
Important Missing Links in the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

Reid, W H., 2010:
Important New Books in Forensic Psychiatry

Kolumban Hutter; Lukas Schneider, 2010:
Important aspects in the formulation of solidfluid debris-flow models. Part I. Thermodynamic implications

Kolumban Hutter; Lukas Schneider, 2010:
Important aspects in the formulation of solidfluid debris-flow models. Part II. Constitutive modelling

S. Condurache-Bota; G. I. Rusu; N. Tigau; L. Leontie, 2010:
Important physical parameters of Bi2O3 thin films found by applying several models for optical data

Hans Lööf; Martin Andersson, 2010:
Imports, Productivity and Origin Markets: The Role of Knowledge-intensive Economies

Peter, D. Craig, 2010:
Imposed and inherent scales in cellular automata models of habitat

Lahbib, Y; Abidli, S; Chiffoleau, J-Francois; Averty, B; Menif, N Trigui El, 2010:
Imposex and butyltin concentrations in snails from the lagoon of Bizerta (Northern Tunisia)

Ferdaus Mohamat-Yusuff; Syaizwan Zahmir Zulkifli; Ahmad Ismail; Hiroya Harino; Mohd Kamil Yusoff; Takaomi Arai, 2010:
Imposex inThais gradataas a Biomarker for TBT Contamination on the Southern Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

İpek Özkal-Sanver, 2010:
Impossibilities for roommate problems

Byung-Hoon Woo; Masato Sone; Akinobu Shibata; Chiemi Ishiyama; Susumu Edo; Masatoshi Tokita; Junji Watanabe; Yakichi Higo, 2010:
Impregnation of NiP metal into polymer substrate via catalyzation in Sc-CO2 and electroless plating in Sc-CO2 emulsion

Arnulf, J Ketil; Tegner, L; Larssen, Øyunn, 2010:
Impression making by rsum layout: Its impact on the probability of being shortlisted

Chiang, C. Y., 2010:
Imprisoned Nature: Toward an Environmental History of the World War II Japanese American Incarceration

Z. Zhou; M.-J. Wang; J.-J. Hu; M.-Z. Lu; J. H. Wang, 2010:
Improve freezing tolerance in transgenic poplar by overexpressing a -3 fatty acid desaturase gene

Ke-Ke Cheng; Qing Liu; Jian-An Zhang; Jin-Ping Li; Jing-Ming Xu; Ge-Hua Wang, 2010:
Improved 2,3-butanediol production from corncob acid hydrolysate by fed-batch fermentation using Klebsiella oxytoca

Paola Morasca; Marco Massa; Enrica Laprocina; Kevin Mayeda; Scott Phillips; Luca Malagnini; Daniele Spallarossa; Giovanni Costa; Paolo Augliera, 2010:
Improved 2-D attenuation analysis for Northern Italy using a merged dataset from selected regional seismic networks

Panigrahi, M; Singh, N K.; Gautam, R K.; Banik, R M.; Maiti, P, 2010:
Improved Biodegradation and Thermal Properties of Poly(lactic acid)/Layered Silicate Nanocomposites

Itoh, T; Suzuki, Y, 2010:
Improved Constructions for Query-Efficient Locally Decodable Codes of Subexponential Length

Lu, C; Mandal, M, 2010:
Improved Demons Technique with Orthogonal Gradient Information for Medical Image Registration

Schuman, T P.; Siddabattuni, S; Cox, O; Dogan, F, 2010:
Improved Dielectric Breakdown Strength of Covalently-Bonded Interface PolymerParticle Nanocomposites

Motahhari, H.R.; Hareland, G.; James, J.A., 2010:
Improved Drilling Efficiency Technique Using Integrated PDM and PDC Bit Parameters

Arceci, R.J., 2010:
Improved Early Event-Free Survival With Imatinib in Philadelphia ChromosomePositive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Children's Oncology Group Study

Statham, P, 2010:
Improved Efficiency Characterisation for Large Solid Angle SDD Detectors

Shahi, N.R.; Agarwal, N.; Sharma, R.; Thapliyal, P.K.; Joshi, P.C.; Sarkar, A., 2010:
Improved Estimation of Shortwave Radiation Over Equatorial Indian Ocean Using Geostationary Satellite Data

Jie Chen; Shaun Quegan, 2010:
Improved Estimators of Faraday Rotation in Spaceborne Polarimetric SAR Data

Roizen, M.F., 2010:
Improved Function From Progressive Strengthening Interventions After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Randomized Clinical Trial With an Imbedded Prospective Cohort

Eleanor Stride, 2010:
Improved Functionality of the Online 2009 Subject Index

Yao, W; Han, M, 2010:
Improved GIHSA for image fusion based on parameter optimization

KUM, J-Mo; CHANG, J-Hyuk, 2010:
Improved Global Soft Decision Incorporating Second-Order Conditional MAP in Speech Enhancement

Li Liu; Chuangchang Guo; Shouchun Li; Lianyuan Wang; Qiongye Dong; Wei Li, 2010:
Improved H2 sensing properties of Co-doped SnO2 nanofibers

Ursula Woelwer-Rieck; Christa Lankes; Andreas Wawrzun; Matthias Wüst, 2010:
Improved HPLC method for the evaluation of the major steviol glycosides in leaves ofStevia rebaudiana

Laupattarakasem, P.; Jones, W.L.; Hennon, C.C.; Allard, J.R.; Harless, A.R.; Black, P.G., 2010:
Improved Hurricane Ocean Vector Winds Using SeaWinds Active/Passive Retrievals

Bellucci, J.P.; Smetek, T.E.; Bauer, K.W., 2010:
Improved Hyperspectral Image Processing Algorithm Testing Using Synthetic Imagery and Factorial Designed Experiments

Moneta, G.L., 2010:
Improved Long-Term Survival After Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Oo, M.M.; Jerg, M.; Hernandez, E.; Picon, A.; Gross, B.M.; Moshary, F.; Ahmed, S.A., 2010:
Improved MODIS Aerosol Retrieval Using Modified VIS/SWIR Surface Albedo Ratio Over Urban Scenes

Murias, J M.; Spencer, M D.; Kowalchuk, J M.; Paterson, D H., 2010:
Improved Matching of Local O2 Delivery to Muscle VO2 is Related to Faster VO2 Kinetics

Xia, J-Feng; You, Z-Hong; Wu, M; Wang, S-Lin; Zhao, X-Ming, 2010:
Improved Method for Predicting -Turns in Proteins Using a Two-Stage Classifier

Hillier, J; Bezzant, T; Fletcher, T H., 2010:
Improved Method for the Determination of Kinetic Parameters from Non-isothermal Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Data

Ellis, D; Johnson, P S.; Nortcliffe, A; Wheeler, S, 2010:
Improved Method for the Preparation of Oxadiazoles from Diacyl Hydrazines

Xiande Wang, ; Werner, D.H., 2010:
Improved Model-Based Parameter Estimation Approach for Accelerated Periodic Method of Moments Solutions With Application to the Analysis of Convoluted Frequency Selected Surfaces and Metamaterials

Rao, C Nageswar; Naresh, T; Satyanarayana, K; Reddy, B Ramachandra; Reddy, G Mahesh, 2010:
Improved One-Pot Synthesis of Telmisartan

Sugg, K B.; Levi, B; Lien, S C.; Kasten, S J.; Muraszko, K M.; Maher, C O.; Buchman, S R., 2010:
Improved Outcomes of Tethered Cord Repair Using a Plastic Surgical Composite Tissue Closure at a High Volume University Hospital

Kimberlee Manning-Maestas; Christina Paap, 2010:
Improved Patient Care and Clinic Productivity in a Large Rural Veteran Vascular Surgery Practice: Lessons Learned From a Systematic Review and Implementation of an Integrated Interdisciplinary Care Coordination Process

Trzeciak, S., 2010:
Improved Patient Survival Using a Modified Resuscitation Protocol for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Bobojonov, I.; Franz, J.; Berg, E.; Lamers, J. P. A.; Martius, C., 2010:
Improved Policy Making for Sustainable Farming: A Case Study on Irrigated Dryland Agriculture in Western Uzbekistan

Carroll, F A.; Lin, C-Yon; Quina, F H., 2010:
Improved Prediction of Hydrocarbon Flash Points from Boiling Point Data

Hansen, B; Dorward, D; Nair, V; Fischer, E, 2010:
Improved Preservation of HeLa Cells by Sequential Chemical Addition During Microwave-assisted Freeze Substitution

Wu, C; Zhao, C; Chen, D, 2010:
Improved Radiometric Based Method for Suppressing Impulse Noise from Corrupted Images

Improved Reference Speaker Weighting Using Aspect Model

Heymsfield, A J.; Schmitt, C; Bansemer, A; Twohy, C H., 2010:
Improved Representation of Ice Particle Masses Based on Observations in Natural Clouds

Nabil, H. Mustafa; Saurabh Ray, 2010:
Improved Results on Geometric Hitting Set Problems

Oba, T; Hori, T; Nakamura, A, 2010:
Improved Sequential Dependency Analysis Integrating Labeling-Based Sentence Boundary Detection

Andreas Lorbach; Christian Reus; Michael Bolte; Hans-Wolfram Lerner; Matthias Wagner, 2010:
Improved Synthesis of 1,2-Bis(trimethylsilyl)benzenes using Rieke-Magnesium or the Entrainment Method

Khripach, V A.; Zhabinskii, V N.; Ermolovich, Y V., 2010:
Improved Synthesis of 28-Norbrassinolide

Hummel, M; Laus, G; Nerdinger, S; Schottenberger, H, 2010:
Improved Synthesis of 3-Nitrosalicylic Acid

Ghosh, S; Kumar, A. Sanjeev; Mehta, G. N.; Soundararajan, R., 2010:
Improved Synthesis of L,L-Cycloisodityrosine Subunit of Antitumor Agents Deoxybouvardin and RA-VII

Sheng Li; Huai-Wu Zhang; Qi-Ye Wen; Yun-Song Xie; Dong-Bing Tian; Yuan-Xun Li, 2010:
Improved TL-RLC model for terahertz circular split-ring resonators

Choi, H I.; Liang, X-Zhong, 2010:
Improved Terrestrial Hydrologic Representation in Mesoscale Land Surface Models

Brian Luzum; Axel Nothnagel, 2010:
Improved UT1 predictions through low-latency VLBI observations

Cornell, S; Downy, C, 2010:
Improved Understanding of the Earth System and Its Implications: Earth System Science 2010: Global Change, Climate and People: Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 10-13 May 2010

Dursun, A. Bulutoglu; David, M. Kaziska, 2010:
Improved WLP and GWP lower bounds based on exact integer programming

Nasim, S; Vartak, A P.; Pierce, W M.; Grant Taylor, K.; Crooks, P A., 2010:
Improved and Scalable Synthetic Route to the Synthon 17-β-(2-Carboxyethyl)-1,3,5(10)-estratriene: An Important Intermediate in the Synthesis of Bone-Targeting Estrogens

Jacob Moresco; Casper, H. Clausen; Winnie Svendsen, 2010:
Improved anti-stiction coating of SU-8 molds

Mohammad Jafari Jozani; Sayed Jamal Mirkamali, 2010:
Improved attribute acceptance sampling plans based on maxima nomination sampling

Anuj Tripathi; Haider Sami; Seema, R. Jain; Maria Viloria-Cols; Natalia Zhuravleva; Göran Nilsson; Hans Jungvid; Ashok Kumar, 2010:
Improved bio-catalytic conversion by novel immobilization process using cryogel beads to increase solvent production

M. Saavedra; F. Acevedo; V. Latorre; B. Ponce; M. Gonzalez; M. Seeger, 2010:
Improved biocatalysts for remediation of pcb-contaminated environments

Meng Zhang; Pratyoosh Shukla; Manimaran Ayyachamy; Kugen Permaul; Suren Singh, 2010:
Improved bioethanol production through simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of lignocellulosic agricultural wastes byKluyveromyces marxianus6556

M. F. Basri; S. Yacob; M. A. Hassan; Y. Shirai; M. Wakisaka; M. R. Zakaria; L. Y. Phang, 2010:
Improved biogas production from palm oil mill effluent by a scaled-down anaerobic treatment process

Chao Xu; Chunhui Yang; Yang Mo; Yijie Wang; Liang Sun; Liangcai Cao; Yuheng Xu, 2010:
Improved blue photorefractive properties of near-stoichiometric LiNbO3:Mn:Fe:Zr crystal

Bennouna, K; Meredith, G G.; Marchant, T, 2010:
Improved capital budgeting decision making: evidence from Canada

Ting Sun; Wei Du; Dehua Liu; Lingmei Dai, 2010:
Improved catalytic performance of GA cross-linking treated Rhizopus oryzae IFO 4697 whole cell for biodiesel production

Rizwan Raza; Xiaodi Wang; Ying Ma; Xiangrong Liu; Bin Zhu, 2010:
Improved ceriacarbonate composite electrolytes

Mithilesh Singh; Rakhi Chaturvedi, 2010:
Improved clonal propagation ofSpilanthesacmellaMurr. for production of scopoletin

Zhu, L; Li, B, 2010:
Improved clustering method based on artificial immune

R.M. Oliveira; J.A.N. Gonçalves; M. Ueda; S. Oswald; S.C. Baldissera, 2010:
Improved corrosion resistance of tool steel H13 by means of cadmium ion implantation and deposition

Gladwin, D; Stewart, P; Stewart, J; Chen, R; Winward, E, 2010:
Improved decision support for engine-in-the-loop experimental design optimization

Jian Sun; G.P. Liu; Jie Chen; D. Rees, 2010:
Improved delay-range-dependent stability criteria for linear systems with time-varying delays

Shigeki Hosoda; Tsuyoshi Ohira; Kanako Sato; Toshio Suga, 2010 :
Improved description of global mixed-layer depth using Argo profiling floats

Beauchamp, C.P., 2010:
Improved diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcoma patients after implementation of national guidelines: A population-based study

Jonas Gustafsson; Jerker Delsing; Jan van Deventer, 2010:
Improved district heating substation efficiency with a new control strategy

S.M. Nazmul Alam; Sakila Jahan Chowdhury, 2010:
Improved earthen stoves in coastal areas in Bangladesh: Economic, ecological and socio-cultural evaluation

G. Mauromicale; A. Lo Monaco; A. M. G. Longo, 2010:
Improved efficiency of soil solarization for growth and yield of greenhouse tomatoes

Bin Li; Xi Wei; Wei Pan, 2010:
Improved electrical conductivity of Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 and Ce0.9Sm0.1O1.95 by co-doping

Y. Jin; H. Yasutake; K. Yamahara; M. Ihara, 2010:
Improved electrochemical properties of Ni/YSZ anodes infiltrated by proton conductor SZY in solid oxide fuel cells with dry methane fuel: Dependence on amount of SZY

Jianzhuo Zhu; Wenlian Li; Bei Chu; Dongfang Yang; Guang Zhang; Fei Yan; Huihui Liu; Junbo Wang; Shuanghong Wu, 2010:
Improved electrophosphorescence efficiency for organic light-emitting diodes using the cohost with stepwise blending profile

J. Hirose; H. Yokoi; T. Yui; H. Fujihara; H. Suenaga; K. Furukawa, 2010:
Improved enantioselectivity of monooxygenation catalyzed by engineered biphenyl dioxygenase

Dyrland, M. E.; Hall, C. M.; Mulligan, F. J.; Tsutsumi, M.; Sigernes, F., 2010:
Improved estimates for neutral air temperatures at 90 km and 78N using satellite and meteor radar data

A.B. Fourie; C.J.F.P. Jones, 2010:
Improved estimates of power consumption during dewatering of mine tailings using electrokinetic geosynthetics (EKGs)

Housila, P. Singh; Sunil Kumar, 2010:
Improved estimation of population mean under two-phase sampling with subsampling the non-respondents

Zixin Liu; Shu Lü; Shouming Zhong; Mao Ye, 2010:
Improved exponential stability criteria for discrete-time neural networks with time-varying delay

Humberto Breves Coda; Rodrigo Ribeiro Paccola, 2010:
Improved finite element for 3D laminate frame analysis including warping for any cross-section

Ji Sun Im; Sung Kyu Lee; Se Jin In; Young-Seak Lee, 2010:
Improved flame retardant properties of epoxy resin by fluorinated MMT/MWCNT additives

C. Pulido; Ó. Esteban, 2010:
Improved fluorescence signal with tapered polymer optical fibers under side-illumination

Murat Ekinci; Murat Aykut, 2010:
Improved gait recognition by multiple-projections normalization

Jung-Gon Kim; Min-Seok Kang; Won-Ho Shin; No-Cheol Park; Hyun-Seok Yang; Young-Pil Park; Jinkyung Lee; Ansik Jeong; Jonghyun Shin; Kyunggeun Lee, 2010:
Improved gap servo system using a brake pulse for a SIL-based near-field recording system

C. Volk; J. Schubert; K. Weis; S. Estévez Hernández; M. Akabori; K. Sladek; H. Hardtdegen; T. Schäpers, 2010:
Improved gate-control in InAs nanowire structures by

Huabing Yan; Chunxiu Liang; Yangrui Li, 2010:
Improved growth and quality ofSiraitia grosvenoriiplantlets using a temporary immersion system

Chang-Zi Chen; Qiang Li; Yong-Xiang Leng; J.Y. Chen; Peng-Cheng Zhang; Bin Bai; Nan Huang, 2010:
Improved hardness and corrosion resistance of iron by Ti/TiN multilayer coating and plasma nitriding duplex treatment

Thomas Dutriez; Marion Courtiade; Didier Thiébaut; Hugues Dulot; Marie-Claire Hennion, 2010:
Improved hydrocarbons analysis of heavy petroleum fractions by high temperature comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography

Chun-zhao Liu; Xi-yu Cheng, 2010:
Improved hydrogen production via thermophilic fermentation of corn stover by microwave-assisted acid pretreatment

Yang-huan Zhang; Bao-wei Li; Zhi-hong Ma; Shi-hai Guo; Yan Qi; Xin-lin Wang, 2010:
Improved hydrogen storage behaviours of nanocrystalline and amorphous Mg2Ni-type alloy by Mn substitution for Ni

Xugang Zhang; Zhinian Li; Fang Lv; Hualing Li; Jing Mi; Shumao Wang; Xiaopeng Liu; Lijun Jiang, 2010:
Improved hydrogen storage performance of the LiNH2MgH2LiBH4 system by addition of ZrCo hydride

Jianglan Qu; Bo Sun; Yang Liu; Rong Yang; Yaoqi Li; Xingguo Li, 2010:
Improved hydrogen storage properties in Mg-based thin films by tailoring structures

Zhan-Zhao Fang; Xiang-Dong Kang; Ping Wang, 2010:
Improved hydrogen storage properties of LiBH4 by mechanical milling with various carbon additives

Johnson, T C.; Versteeg, R J.; Ward, A; Day-Lewis, F D.; Revil, Aé, 2010:
Improved hydrogeophysical characterization and monitoring through parallel modeling and inversion of time-domain resistivity andinduced-polarization data

Chunhua Fu; Bei Zhang; Changshun Ruan; Chengbo Hu; Ya Fu; Yuanliang Wang, 2010:
Improved hydrolytic stability of poly(dl-lactide) with epoxidized soybean oil

Qu Minglu; Xia Liang; Shiming Deng; Jiang Yiqiang, 2010:
Improved indoor thermal comfort during defrost with a novel reverse-cycle defrosting method for air source heat pumps

F. Berthaut; A. Gharbi; J.-P. Kenné; J.-F. Boulet, 2010:
Improved joint preventive maintenance and hedging point policy

W. Hausleitner; G. Kirchner; S. Krauss; J. Weingrill; R. Pail; H. Goiginger; D. Rieser, 2010:
Improved kHz-SLR tracking techniques and orbit quality analysis for LEO missions

D.Y.C. Leung; P. Wong; B.K.H. Cheung; A. Guenther, 2010:
Improved land cover and emission factors for modeling biogenic volatile organic compounds emissions from Hong Kong

Taiyuan Li; Jianping Gong; Jinzhong Duanmu; Haitao Zhang; Xiong Lei, 2010:
Improved laparoscopic transanal pull-through technique for low-rectal cancer resection

J.M. Górriz; J. Ramírez; E.W. Lang; C.G. Puntonet; I. Turias, 2010:
Improved likelihood ratio test based voice activity detector applied to speech recognition

F. Chang; A.C.M. Wong, 2010:
Improved likelihood-based inference for the stationary AR(2) model

Lin, C-Jhe; Wu, C, 2010:
Improved link analysis method for user interface design modified link table and optimisation-based algorithm

K. Jonshagen; M. Genrup, 2010:
Improved load control for a steam cycle combined heat and power plant

Shawna, L. MacKinnon; David Hiltz; Raul Ugarte; Cheryl, A. Craft, 2010:
Improved methods of analysis for betaines inAscophyllum nodosumand its commercial seaweed extracts

Hyoung-Seok Do; Eun-Jin Kim; Seong-Hyeon Hong, 2010:
Improved moisture resistance of SrS:Eu2+ phosphors with nanoscale SiO2 coating

Katsuya Kuwabara; Naoto Yokoi; Takehiro Ohki; Shinya Tsuda, 2010:
Improved multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction to detect and identify five tospovirus species simultaneously

Williams, H; Bahr, D; Peters, P; Mills, R, 2010:
Improved nighttime sleep without increased daytime sedation in patients with Parkinson's disease psychosis treated with pimavanserin, a selective 5-HT2A antagonist

Soon Ok Jeon; Kyoung Soo Yook; Byung Doo Chin; Yong Sup Park; Jun Yeob Lee, 2010:
Improved open-circuit voltage and efficiency in organic solar cells using a phosphine oxide based interlayer material

Schellenberg, D; Willey, B; Grobusch, M P, 2010:
Improved patient care with better malaria diagnosis

Main, S.; Jarman, R. D.; Richards, S.; Connolly, J., 2010:
Improved patient management with point-of-care ultrasound

Tianle Li; Wenlian Li; Xiao Li; Bei Chu; Zisheng Su; Liangliang Han; Yiren Chen; Zhizhi Hu; Zhiqiang Zhang, 2010:
Improved performances of red organic light-emitting devices by co-doping a rubrene derivative and DCJTB into tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum host

Young In Lee; Mina Kim; Yoon Ho Huh; J.S. Lim; Sung Cheol Yoon; Byoungchoo Park, 2010:
Improved photovoltaic effect of polymer solar cells with nanoscale interfacial layers

S. Karak; S.K. Ray; A. Dhar, 2010:
Improved photovoltaic properties of pentacene/N,N-Dioctyl-3,4,9,10-perylenedicarboximide-based organic heterojunctions with thermal annealing

Jan Honzíček; Abhik Mukhopadhyay; Carlos, C. Romão, 2010:
Improved preparation of indenyl molybdenum(II) and tungsten(II) compounds

Kazuo Yamada; Fumiaki Tomonaga; Akio Kamimura, 2010:
Improved preparation of recycled polymers in chemical recycling of fiber-reinforced plastics and molding of test product using recycled polymers

Song, H‐Suck; Wilhelmsson, M, 2010:
Improved price index for condominiums

S. Vigneswari; Lee Ai Nik; M. I. A. Majid; A. A. Amirul, 2010:
Improved production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxbutyrate) copolymer using a combination of 1,4-butanediol and -butyrolactone

G. S. Simmons; D. M. Suckling; J. E. Carpenter; M. F. Addison; V. A. Dyck; M. J. B. Vreysen, 2010:
Improved quality management to enhance the efficacy of the sterile insect technique for lepidopteran pests

Markus Greule; Luisa Dana Tumino; Tatjana Kronewald; Uwe Hener; Jürgen Schleucher; Armin Mosandl; Frank Keppler, 2010:
Improved rapid authentication of vanillin using 13C and 2H values

Conrad Luttropp; Jan Johansson, 2010:
Improved recycling with life cycle information tagged to the product

Enoch, Y. Park; Takashi Sgimoto; Yoko Ito; Lies Dwiarti; Masashi Nariyama, 2010:
Improved riboflavin production using Ashbya gossypii mutant targeting for biorefinery of wasted activated bleaching earth

Hui Zhang; Aryan Saadat Mehr; Yang Shi, 2010:
Improved robust energy-to-peak filtering for uncertain linear systems

Chunmei He; Aifang Yang; Weiwei Zhang; Qiang Gao; Juren Zhang, 2010:
Improved salt tolerance of transgenic wheat by introducingbetAgene for glycine betaine synthesis

A. Zafra-Gómez; Antonio Garballo; L.E. García-Ayuso; Juan, C. Morales, 2010:
Improved sample treatment and chromatographic method for the determination of isoflavones in supplemented foods

Zhao, Y; Sun, J, 2010:
Improved scheme to accelerate sparse least squares support vector regression

S. Mukhopadhyay, 2010:
Improved sol gel spinel (MgAl2O4) coatings on graphite for application in carbon containing high alumina castables

Pamela Tempone; Erling Fjær; Martin Landrø, 2010:
Improved solution of displacements due to a compacting reservoir over a rigid basement

Juliane Posseckardt; Yann Battie; Romain Fleurier; Jean-Sébastien Lauret; Annick Loiseau; Oliver Jost; Michael Mertig, 2010:
Improved sorting of carbon nanotubes according to electronic type by density gradient ultracentrifugation

Xiang Zhou; Ming-Guang Feng, 2010:
Improved sporulation of alginate pellets entrapping Pandora nouryi and millet powder and their potential to induce an aphid epizootic in field cages after release

Magdi, S. Mahmoud, 2010:
Improved stability and stabilization approach to linear interconnected time-delay systems

Tao Li; Xiaoling Ye, 2010:
Improved stability criteria of neural networks with time-varying delays: An augmented LKF approach

Avery, P. Yuen; Ah-Mee Hor; Stephen, M. Jovanovic; John, S. Preston; Richard, A. Klenkler; Nathan, M. Bamsey; Rafik, O. Loutfy, 2010:
Improved stability of solution processed photovoltaic devices using PQT-12

Michael Johnson; Rufus Edwards; Omar Masera, 2010:
Improved stove programs need robust methods to estimate carbon offsets

Yan Wang; Yanyuan Wen; Hanming Ding; Yongkui Shan, 2010:
Improved structural stability of titanium-doped β-Bi2O3during visible-light-activated photocatalytic processes

Rohit Dutt; A. K. Madan, 2010:
Improved superaugmented eccentric connectivity indices for QSAR/QSPR part I: development and evaluation

Pruett, T., 2010:
Improved surveillance for surgical site infections after orthopedic implantation procedures: extending applications for automated data

Karuku Kibugu, J; Ngugi Mwangi, J; Mutegi Kiragu, J; Wanjiku Muchiri, M; Ndung'u, K; Ellie Mdachi, R, 2010:
Improved survival of laboratory-reared tsetse flies Glossina morsitans morsitans (Diptera: Glossinidae) through use of homidium bromide-treated blood diet

Yu. A. Kryukov; M. S. Vasilishin; O. S. Ivanov; A. G. Karpov; I. A. Surmacheva; I. R. Akhmadeev; S. V. Sysolyatin, 2010:
Improved synthesis of 2,7-dihydroxyfluorenone in the manufacture of tilorone with application of a rotorstator system

Kesaven Bhubalan; Devi-Nair Rathi; Hideki Abe; Tadahisa Iwata; Kumar Sudesh, 2010:
Improved synthesis of P(3HB-co-3HV-co-3HHx) terpolymers by mutant Cupriavidus necator using the PHA synthase gene of Chromobacterium sp. USM2 with high affinity towards 3HV

Suleiman Sa'ad, 2010:
Improved technical efficiency and exogenous factors in transportation demand for energy: An application of structural time series analysis to South Korean data

Gahukar, R.T., 2010:
Improved technology for cotton production in central India: an impact assessment

G. Scholz; H. Militz; P. Gascón-Garrido; M.S. Ibiza-Palacios; J.V. Oliver-Villanueva; B.C. Peters; C.J. Fitzgerald, 2010:
Improved termite resistance of wood by wax impregnation

Jianwei Ren; Mario Williams; Mykhaylo Lototskyy; Wafeeq Davids; Øystein Ulleberg, 2010:
Improved tolerance of Pd/Cu-treated metal hydride alloys towards air impurities

P. Kahar; S. Tanaka, 2010:
Improved utilization of xylose by mutated-fused yeast for bioethanol production

M. Feigl; M. Nofz; R. Sojref; A. Kohl, 2010:
Improved wetting of bare and pre-coated steels by aqueous alumina sols for optimum coating success

Andrea Corujo; Luis Yermán; Beatríz Arizaga; Mariana Brusoni; Jorge Castiglioni, 2010:
Improved yield parameters in catalytic steam gasification of forestry residue; optimizing biomass feed rate and catalyst type

Tu, Y-Tsai; Chou, S- Wei; TU, L-Wen; Wang, A May-kuen; Lai, C-Hsiu; Kuo, C-Hua, 2010:
Improvement Of Balance And Neck Fitness After Prolotherapy: Alternative Treatment Of Cervico-cephalic Syndrome

Yeunsook Lee; Soohyun Lim; Gunhyoung Kim, 2010:
Improvement characteristics shown in holistic regeneration of Ballymun toward sustainable community

Khongsay, N.; Laopaiboon, L.; Laopaiboon, P., 2010:
Improvement continuous ethanol production from sweet sorghum juice using a multistage bioreactor

W. Xu; Y.P. Zhang; R.X. Guo, 2010:
Improvement for optical mechanics method of coherent gradient sensing

Behrns, K.E., 2010:
Improvement in Glucose Metabolism After Bariatric Surgery: Comparison of Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Prospective Randomized Trial

J. P. Ortiz de Galisteo; C. Toledano; V. Cachorro; B. Torres, 2010:
Improvement in PWV estimation from GPS due to the absolute calibration of antenna phase center variations

Shindel, A., 2010:
Improvement in Quality of Sexual Life in Female Partners of Men with Erectile Dysfunction Treated with Sildenafil Citrate: Findings of the Index of Sexual Life (ISL) in a Couple Study

Ken Takagi; Jumpei Hotta; Yuto Korogi, 2010:
Improvement in capacity factor and fatigue assessment of VLMOS for wind power generation based on navigation simulation

Jae-Weon Jeong; Anseop Choi; Sang-Tae No, 2010:
Improvement in demand-controlled ventilation simulation on multi-purposed facilities under an occupant based ventilation standard

Ho-Ming Yeh; Kuan-Yu Chen, 2010:
Improvement in deuterium recovery from waterisotopes mixture by thermal diffusion in the concentric-tube device of branch columns

B. Saha; E. Liu; S.B. Tor; D.E. Hardt; J.H. Chun; N.W. Khun, 2010:
Improvement in lifetime and replication quality of Si micromold using N:DLC:Ni coatings for microfluidic devices

Graham,, T.P., 2010:
Improvement in long-term survival after hospital discharge but not in freedom from reoperation after the change from atrial to arterial switch for transposition of the great arteries

Chaoming Liu; Yun Chen; Xiaomei Wang; Jin Huang; Peter, R. Chang; Debbie, P. Anderson, 2010:
Improvement in physical properties and cytocompatibility of zein by incorporation of pea protein isolate

O'Connor, R E.; Swanson, H. Lee; Geraghty, C, 2010:
Improvement in reading rate under independent and difficult text levels: Influences on word and comprehension skills

D. V. N. Prasad; J. Theuerkauf, 2010:
Improvement in the Collision Intensity of Grinding Media in High Energy Impact Mills

Meenu Srivastava; J.N. Balaraju; B. Ravishankar; K.S. Rajam, 2010:
Improvement in the properties of nickel by nano-Cr2O3 incorporation

Daichi Chikazu; Tetsushi Taguchi; Hiroyuki Koyama; Hisako Hikiji; Hisako Fujihara; Hideyuki Suenaga; Hideto Saijo; Yoshiyuki Mori; Ichiro Seto; Mitsuyoshi Iino; Tsuyoshi Takato, 2010:
Improvement in wound healing by a novel synthetic collagen-gel dressing in genetically diabetic mice

Chamnipa, N; Thanonkeo, P; Thanonkeo, S; Siri, N, 2010:
Improvement of 20-hydroxyecdysone production in cell suspension cultures of Vitex glabrata R.Br. by precursor and elicitors feeding

Azhar Muhammad; Quoc Viet Nguyen; Hoon Cheol Park; Do, Y. Hwang; Doyoung Byun; Nam Seo Goo, 2010:
Improvement of Artificial Foldable Wing Models by Mimicking the Unfolding/Folding Mechanism of a Beetle Hind Wing

Bourennane, S.; Fossati, C.; Cailly, A., 2010:
Improvement of Classification for Hyperspectral Images Based on Tensor Modeling

Li, J.; Wang, J.; Jing, F., 2010:
Improvement of Coiling Mode to Suppress Higher-Order-Modes by Considering Mode Coupling for Large-Mode-Area Fiber Laser

Yamazaki, S; Karasawa, H; Ohinata, H, 2010:
Improvement of Estimation of Methods of Mixing Ratio of Buckwheat in Dried Buckwheat Noodles by Amino Acid Patterns

Kabasakal, B V.; Caglar, A, 2010:
Improvement of Immobilized Lipase-Catalyzed Methanolysis of Tributyrin Using Methyl Acetate

Zake, J.; Tenywa, J. S.; Kabi, F., 2010:
Improvement of Manure Management for Crop Production in Central Uganda

Gangsheng Wang; Jun Xia, 2010:
Improvement of SWAT2000 modelling to assess the impact of dams and sluices on streamflow in the Huai River basin of China

Amparo López-Rubio; Jose, M. Lagaron, 2010:
Improvement of UV stability and mechanical properties of biopolyesters through the addition of β-carotene

A. Khuder; M. Ahmad; R. Hasan; G. Saour, 2010:
Improvement of X-ray fluorescence sensitivity by dry ashing method for elemental analysis of bee honey

S. Vinodh, 2010:
Improvement of agility and sustainability: A case study in an Indian rotary switches manufacturing organisation

S. B. Kadam; K. Datta; P. Ghosh; A. B. Kadam; P. W. Khirade; V. Kumar; R. G. Sonkawade; A. B. Gambhire; M. K. Lande; M. D. Shirsat, 2010:
Improvement of ammonia sensing properties of

Derek Juinn Chieh Chan; Abdul Latif Ahmad; Lai Keng Chan, 2010:
Improvement of biomass and juvenile hormone III (JH III) production fromCyperus aromaticuscell suspension culture via in situ membrane filtration technology

Derrien, M.; Le Gléau, H., 2010:
Improvement of cloud detection near sunrise and sunset by temporal-differencing and region-growing techniques with real-time SEVIRI

Mi Sun Ryu; Jin Jang, 2010:
Improvement of conversion efficiency of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells using photo-curable crosslinker

Mu-Jen Lai; Liann-Be Chang; Tzu-Tao Yuan; Ray-Ming Lin, 2010:
Improvement of crystal quality of AlN grown on sapphire substrate by MOCVD

Yuting Tian; Tianli Yue; Yahong Yuan; Pavan, K. Soma; Y. Martin Lo, 2010:
Improvement of cultivation medium for enhanced production of coenzyme Q10 by photosynthetic Rhodospirillum rubrum

M. Lee; J. Lee; C. Park; D. Lee; J. Cho; S. Kim, 2010:
Improvement of enzymatic biodiesel production by controlled substrate feeding using silica gel in a solvent free system

Tetsuo Takayama; Mitsugu Todo, 2010:
Improvement of fracture properties of hydroxyapatite particle filled poly(l-lactide)/poly(-caprolactone) biocomposites using lysine tri-isocyanate

Hem Joshi; Bryan, R. Moser; Shailesh, N. Shah; Anurag Mandalika; Terry Walker, 2010:
Improvement of fuel properties of cottonseed oil methyl esters with commercial additives

María del Mar Yust; Justo Pedroche; María del Carmen Millán-Linares; Juan María Alcaide-Hidalgo; Francisco Millán, 2010:
Improvement of functional properties of chickpea proteins by hydrolysis with immobilised Alcalase

A. Abakarov; A. Barahona; R. Simpson; S. Almonacid, 2010:
Improvement of functional properties of salmon processing protein-rich by-product through hydrolysis and Maillard reaction

Suman, K. Hajra; Tathagata Bhattacharya; J.J. McCarthy, 2010:
Improvement of granular mixing of dissimilar materials in rotating cylinders

J. Mukuka; O. Strauch; C. Hoppe; R.-U. Ehlers, 2010:
Improvement of heat and desiccation tolerance inHeterorhabditis bacteriophorathrough cross-breeding of tolerant strains and successive genetic selection

M. Jimenez; S. Bellayer; S. Duquesne; S. Bourbigot, 2010:
Improvement of heat resistance of high performance fibers using a cold plasma polymerization process

Teo Nozaki; Yuji Hatano; Eriko Yamakawa; Asuka Hachikawa; Kazuyoshi Ichinose, 2010:
Improvement of high temperature stability of Pd coating on Ta by HfN intermediate layer

X. J. Zhang; Y. H. Gao; B. Y. Ren; N. Tsubaki, 2010:
Improvement of high-temperature oxidation resistance of titanium-based alloy by solgel method

Shuangxiu Wu; Guangyu Yan; Lili Xu; Quanxi Wang; Xiaolei Liu, 2010:
Improvement of hydrogen production with expression of lba gene in chloroplast of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Tong Liu; Xinfeng Li; Zhihua Zhou, 2010:
Improvement of hydrogen yield by hupR gene knock-out and nifA gene overexpression in Rhodobacter sphaeroides 6016

Xiaoyan Han; Guofu Hou; Xiaodan Zhang; Changchun Wei; Guijun Li; Jianjun Zhang; Xinliang Chen; Dekun Zhang; Jian Sun; Ying Zhao; Xinhua Geng, 2010:
Improvement of hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon solar cell performance by VHF power profiling technique

Ing-Jye Wang; Shu-Chia Shiu; Ming-Yi Lin; Jing-Shun Huang; Yu-Hong Lin; Ching-Fuh Lin, 2010:
Improvement of inverted-type organic solar cells by mild oxygen plasma etching on polymer thin film

M. García-Gracia; N. El Halabi; H.M. Khodr; Jose Fco Sanz, 2010:
Improvement of large scale solar installation model for ground current analysis

Takehiko Watanabe; Masataka Shiroki; Atsushi Yanagisawa; Tomohiro Sasaki, 2010:
Improvement of mechanical properties of ferritic stainless steel weld metal by ultrasonic vibration

Mi Sun Ryu; Hyuk Jin Cha; Jin Jang, 2010:
Improvement of operation lifetime for conjugated polymer:fullerene organic solar cells by introducing a UV absorbing film

Krampen, Günter, 2010:
Improvement of orthography test performance by relaxation exercises: results of a controlled field experiment in basic secondary education

Sodo Hiraoka; Takashi Okamoto; Eitaro Aiyoshi, 2010:
Improvement of particle swarm optimization based on the repetitive search guideline

Yoshihiro Kawamura; Takashi Yahata; Akira Igarashi, 2010:
Improvement of performance of palladium-based catalyst for small methanol reformer

Jen-Hwan Tsai; Ming-Yue Fu, 2010:
Improvement of photoluminescence mechanism of CTA-treated Si+-implanted SiO2 films by using RTA

M. Shafiei; A.R. Riahi; F.G. Sen; A.T. Alpas, 2010 :
Improvement of platinum adhesion to carbon surfaces using PVD coatings

Wolfgang Tillmann; Evelina Vogli; Siavash Momeni, 2010:
Improvement of press dies used for the production of diamond composites by means of DUPLEX-PVD-coatings

L. Sevillano; M. Benito; M. Diaz; R.I. Santamaria, 2010:
Improvement of protein production in Streptomyces

Kichiro Yamamoto; Katsuji Shinohara; Tatsuya Mori, 2010:
Improvement of pulse pattern for space vector modulated matrix converters

Aalbers, C. J.; Loiler, S. A.; de Vries, I.; Mingozzi, F.; Vervoordeldonk, M. J.; Tak, P. P., 2010:
Improvement of rAAV5 transduction efficiency in fibroblast-like synoviocytes by doxorubicin

Nobuo Sobue; Ian Woodhead, 2010:
Improvement of simple impedance tomography method in RF range for estimating moisture distribution in squared timbers

Young-Chul Lim; Minho Lee; Chung-Hee Lee; Soon Kwon; Jong-hun Lee, 2010:
Improvement of stereo vision-based position and velocity estimation and tracking using a stripe-based disparity estimation and inverse perspective map-based extended Kalman filter

Kristin Hockauf; Lothar, W. Meyer; Matthias Hockauf; Thorsten Halle, 2010:
Improvement of strength and ductility for a 6056 aluminum alloy achieved by a combination of equal-channel angular pressing and aging treatment

Ken-ichiro Mori; Yohei Abe; Yoshio Suzui, 2010:
Improvement of stretch flangeability of ultra high strength steel sheet by smoothing of sheared edge

Ryozo Ooka; Yuriko Minami; Tomonori Sakoi; Kazuyo Tsuzuki; H.B. Rijal, 2010:
Improvement of sweating model in 2-Node Model and its application to thermal safety for hot environments

Xiao-Long Chen; Yu-Hua Xu; Yu-Guo Zheng; Yin-Chu Shen, 2010:
Improvement of tautomycin production inStreptomyces spiroverticillatusby feeding glucose and maleic anhydride

Juan, C. Cigudosa; Francesco Acquadro; Gloria Soler; Sandra Rodríguez Perales; Bibiana, I. Ferreira, 2010:
Improvement of the COPA approach to detect chromosome translocations and gene fusions in bladder tumours

YOON, E-Jun; KHURRAM KHAN, M; YOO, K-Young, 2010:
Improvement of the Efficient Secret Broadcast Scheme

S. Bakardjieva; M. Barrachin; S. Bechta; D. Bottomley; L. Brissoneau; B. Cheynet; E. Fischer; C. Journeau; M. Kiselova; L. Mezentseva; P. Piluso; T. Wiss, 2010:
Improvement of the European thermodynamic database NUCLEA

Raimondo Ciccu; Battista Grosso, 2010:
Improvement of the Excavation Performance of PCD Drag Tools by Water Jet Assistance

D.H. Mesa; C.E. Pinedo; A.P. Tschiptschin, 2010:
Improvement of the cavitation erosion resistance of UNS S31803 stainless steel by duplex treatment

Balageas, D; Chapuis, B; Deban, G; Passilly, Fçoise, 2010:
Improvement of the detection of defects by pulse thermography thanks to the TSR approach in the case of a smart composite repair patch

Alessio Fossati; Martina Di Ferdinando; Alessandro Lavacchi; Ugo Bardi; Carlo Giolli; Andrea Scrivani, 2010:
Improvement of the isothermal oxidation resistance of CoNiCrAlY coating sprayed by High Velocity Oxygen Fuel

Chun Guo; Jiansong Zhou; Jianmin Chen; Jierong Zhao; Youjun Yu; Huidi Zhou, 2010:
Improvement of the oxidation and wear resistance of pure Ti by laser cladding at elevated temperature

I. Bretos; R. Jiménez; R. Sirera; J. Ricote; M. L. Calzada, 2010:
Improvement of the properties of CSD-processed (Pb0.76Ca0.24)TiO3thin films by control of the solution chemistry

O.A. Maltseva; G.A. Zhbankov; T. Trinh Quang, 2010:
Improvement of the real time total electron content based on the International Reference Ionosphere model

S.F. Wu; L.L. Wang, 2010:
Improvement of the stability of a ZrO2-modified Ninano-CaO sorption complex catalyst for ReSER hydrogen production

Ljiljana Kolar-Anić; Željko Čupić; Guy Schmitz; Slobodan Anić, 2010:
Improvement of the stoichiometric network analysis for determination of instability conditions of complex nonlinear reaction systems

Ana, M. Borreguero; Manuel Carmona; M. Luz Sanchez; José Luis Valverde; Juan, F. Rodriguez, 2010:
Improvement of the thermal behaviour of gypsum blocks by the incorporation of microcapsules containing PCMS obtained by suspension polymerization with an optimal core/coating mass ratio

Joonho Lee; Joongchul Park; Yunkyum Kim; Sun-Ho Jeon, 2010:
Improvement of the wettability of SiMn IF-HSS by liquid zinc by controlling the dew point of the annealing gas atmosphere

P.C. Wang; Y.T. Shih; M.C. Lin; H.C. Lin; M.J. Chen; K.M. Lin, 2010:
Improvement of wear and cavitationerosion by ALD-deposited LiAlxOy films on an Mg10Li0.5Zn alloy

Dirk Biermann; Markus Heilmann, 2010:
Improvement of workpiece quality in face milling of aluminum alloys

Hirotsugu Kamahara; Udin Hasanudin; Anugerah Widiyanto; Ryuichi Tachibana; Yoichi Atsuta; Naohiro Goto; Hiroyuki Daimon; Koichi Fujie, 2010 :
Improvement potential for net energy balance of biodiesel derived from palm oil: A case study from Indonesian practice

Viet-Anh Tran; Gérard Bailly; Hélène Lœvenbruck; Tomoki Toda, 2010:
Improvement to a NAM-captured whisper-to-speech system

Santtila, M; Häkkinen, K; Nindl, B C.; Kyröläinen, H, 2010:
Improvements In Physical Performance During 16 Weeks Of Military Training

Davies, W.H.; North, P.R.J.; Grey, W.M.F.; Barnsley, M.J., 2010:
Improvements in Aerosol Optical Depth Estimation Using Multiangle CHRIS/PROBA Images

Shindel, A., 2010:
Improvements in confidence, sexual relationship and satisfaction measures: results of a randomized trial of tadalafil 5mg taken once daily

Khalid Ali Babakri, 2010:
Improvements in flattening test performance in high frequency induction welded steel pipe mill

Katakam, N.; Patel, S.; Tomlinson, A.; Das, S., 2010:
Improvements in patient safety as a result of preparing for a CNST assessment: observation at district general hospital

Shuang Li; Basil Kouvaritakis; Mark Cannon, 2010:
Improvements in the efficiency of linear MPC

Kim, J-H; Reitz, R D; Park, S W, 2010:
Improvements in the performance and pollutant emissions for stoichiometric diesel combustion engines using a two-spray-angle nozzle

Shephard, R.J., 2010:
Improvements in whole muscle and myocellular function are limited with high-intensity resistance training in octogenarian women

Ohtani, Y; Toda, T; Saruwatari, H; Shikano, K, 2010:
Improvements of the One-to-Many Eigenvoice Conversion System

G. Silva; M. Ueda; C. Otani; C.B. Mello; C.M. Lepienski, 2010:
Improvements of the surface properties of Ti6Al4V by plasma based ion implantation at high temperatures

Reid, S B.; Pollard, E K.; Sullivan, D Coe; Shaw, S L., 2010:
Improvements to Lawn and Garden Equipment Emissions Estimates for Baltimore, Maryland

Rense Heath Kelsey; Geoffrey, I. Scott; Dwayne, E. Porter; Thomas, C. Siewicki; Donald, G. Edwards, 2010:
Improvements to Shellfish Harvest Area Closure Decision Making Using GIS, Remote Sensing, and Predictive Models

R. Alba; A. Phillips; S. Mackie; N. Gillikin; C. Maxwell; P. Brune; W. Ridley; J. Fitzpatrick; M. Levine; S. Harris, 2010:
Improvements to the International Life Sciences Institute Crop Composition Database

Blundell, N, 2010:
Improving Access to the Evidence for Integrated Care

&na;,, 2010:
Improving Alarm Performance in the Medical Intensive Care Unit Using Delays and Clinical Context

Ohandja, D.- G.; Gove, L.; Edwards, M.; Callan, J.; Voulvoulis, N., 2010:
Improving Anaerobic Digester Performance: Lessons Learnt from Digester Clean-out Operations

Jonathan Sargent; Anthony Bedford, 2010:
Improving Australian Football League player performance forecasts using optimized nonlinear smoothing

LEE, K-Joo; KIM, J-Eun, 2010 :
Improving Automatic English Writing Assessment Using Regression Trees and Error-Weighting

Dimick, M, 2010:
Improving Care for Patients Who Develop Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery

Cindy Dillard; William Warrington, 2010:
Improving Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness and Early Dialysis Access Placement: A Hospital Initiative

Simic, A.; Chen, J.M.; Freemantle, J.R.; Miller, J.R.; Pisek, J., 2010:
Improving Clumping and LAI Algorithms Based on Multiangle Airborne Imagery and Ground Measurements

Cheng, Y., 2010:
Improving Cognitive Diagnostic Computerized Adaptive Testing by Balancing Attribute Coverage: The Modified Maximum Global Discrimination Index Method

Larter, R D.; Gohl, K; Bentley, M J., 2010:
Improving Constraints on Paleo Ice Sheets in the Amundsen Sea Embayment: Amundsen Sea Embayment: Tectonic and Climatic Evolution; Granada, Spain, 9 September 2009

Massey, C. N.; Appel, S. J.; Buchanan, K. L.; Cherrington, A. L., 2010:
Improving Diabetes Care in Rural Communities: An Overview of Current Initiatives and a Call for Renewed Efforts

KHAN, M Jahan; AWAIS, M Muhammad; SHAMAIL, S, 2010:
Improving Efficiency of Self-Configurable Autonomic Systems Using Clustered CBR Approach

MacRae, R. J.; Lynch, D.; Martin, R. C., 2010:
Improving Energy Efficiency and GHG Mitigation Potentials in Canadian Organic Farming Systems

Dorigato, A.; Pegoretti, A.; Bondioli, F.; Messori, M., 2010:
Improving Epoxy Adhesives with Zirconia Nanoparticles

Cheng, P Yim Kwong, 2010:
Improving Financial Decision Making With Unconscious Thought: A Transcendent Model

Thomas Hobiger; Seiichi Shimada; Shingo Shimizu; Ryuichi Ichikawa; Yasuhiro Koyama; Tetsuro Kondo, 2010:
Improving GPS positioning estimates during extreme weather situations by the help of fine-mesh numerical weather models

Lincoln, D, 2010:
Improving Human Resources Through Benchmarking

Hewitt, D A.; Janney, E C.; Hayes, B S.; Shively, R S., 2010:
Improving Inferences from Fisheries Capture-Recapture Studies through Remote Detection of PIT Tags

Yamamoto, J; Abraham, D; Malatestinic, B, 2010:
Improving Insulin Distribution and Administration Safety Using Lean Six Sigma Methodologies

Seo, M; Tieleman, P, 2010:
Improving Internal Peptide Dynamics in the Coarse-Grained Martini Model: Application to Amyloid Peptides

Ergül, Ö; Gürel, L., 2010:
Improving Iterative Solutions of the Electric-Field Integral Equation Via Transformations Into Normal Equations

Dianika Lestari; Wim Mulder; Johan Sanders, 2010:
Improving Jatropha curcas seed protein recovery by using counter current multistage extraction

Kleynhans, W.; Olivier, J.C.; Wessels, K.J.; van den Bergh, F.; Salmon, B.P.; Steenkamp, K.C., 2010:
Improving Land Cover Class Separation Using an Extended Kalman Filter on MODIS NDVI Time-Series Data

V. D. Tobias, J. A. Nyman, R. D. DeLaune and J. D. Foret, 2010:
Improving Marsh Restoration: Leaf Tissue Chemistry Identifies Factors Limiting Production in Spartina patens

Winne, P H., 2010:
Improving Measurements of Self-Regulated Learning

Javaid, A. Tariq; Muhammad Latif, 2010:
Improving Operational Performance of Farmers Managed Distributary Canal using SIC Hydraulic Model

Long, C O.; Morgan, B M.; Alonzo, T R.; Mitchell, K M.; Bonnell, D K.; Beardsley, M E., 2010:
Improving Pain Management in Long-term Care

Buehring, B; Lund, G; Holland, R; Meyers, D; Elliott, M; Binkley, N; Bridges, A, 2010:
Improving Post Hip Fracture Care in Veterans

Hunt,, E. Raymond; Gillham, J H.; Daughtry, C S. T., 2010:
Improving Potential Geographic Distribution Models for Invasive Plants by Remote Sensing

AHN, C Wook; KIM, Y, 2010:
Improving Proximity and Diversity in Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms

Sawyer, D J., 2010:
Improving Reading Instruction

Kaiya, H; Tanigawa, M; Suzuki, S; Sato, T; Osada, A; Kaijiri, K, 2010:
Improving Reliability of Spectrum Analysis for Software Quality Requirements Using TCM

Denney, D, 2010:
Improving Reserves Systems With Continual Reserves Management

Wang, H.; Flerchinger, G N; Lemke, R.; Brandt, K.; Goddard, T.; Sprout, C., 2010:
Improving SHAW long-term soil moisture prediction for continuous wheat rotations, Alberta, Canada

Suldo, S; Loker, T; Friedrich, A; Sundman, A; Cunningham, J; Saari, B; Schatzberg, T, 2010:
Improving School Psychologists Knowledge and Confidence Pertinent to Suicide Prevention Through Professional Development

Hitchcock, A; Tyliszczak, T; Obst, M; Swerhone, G; Lawrence, J, 2010:
Improving Sensitivity in Soft X-ray STXM Using Low Energy X-ray Fluorescence

Liao, J. G.; Wu, Y; Lin, Y, 2010:
Improving Sheather and Jones bandwidth selector for difficult densities in kernel density estimation

Mohamed Marwan Al Heib; Christophe Didier; Farimeh Masrouri, 2010:
Improving Short- and Long-term Stability of Underground Gypsum Mine Using Partial and Total Backfill

Cha, J; Kammerl, J; El Saddik, A, 2010:
Improving Spatial Perception in Telepresence and Teleaction Systems by Displaying Distance Information through Visual and Vibrotactile Feedback

Christina Puchalski; Betty Ferrell; George Handzo; Shirley Otis-Green, 2010:
Improving Spiritual Care as a Domain of Palliative Care (P6)

Imre Romics; György Siller; Ralf Kohnen; Stelios Mavrogenis; József Varga; Endre Holman, 2010:
Improving Stone Clearance After Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Urolithiasis Patients by a Special Terpene Combination (Rowatinex): Results of a Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Trial

Joan Bech; Tomàs Molina; Eliseu Vilaclara; Jeroni Lorente, 2010:
Improving TV weather broadcasts with technological advancements: two cases from a 20 year perspective

Kiyoun Sohn; Se-Young Ahn, 2010:
Improving WTO Dispute Settlement Rules: Lessons from the KoreaChina Garlic Dispute

Washam, C, 2010:
Improving Well-Being in Adults Survivors of Childhood Cancer

Hislop, C, 2010:
Improving access to information: a key requirement for reducing social exclusion

Tighe, M; Tran, C, 2010:
Improving access to traditional Chinese medicine: lessons in pluralism from a UK Chinese National Healthy Living Centre

Bautista-Arredondo, S.; Wirtz, V. J.; Bertozzi, S. M., 2010:
Improving access to treatment for HIV in sub-Saharan Africa

Sergio Bautista-Arredondo, V J Wirtz and Stefano M Bertozzi, 2010:
Improving access to treatment for HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: Additional funding is important, but using it more efficiently is key

Bullock, K, 2010:
Improving accessibility and accountability neighbourhood policing and the policing pledge

J. Thomas; R. Leary, 2010:
Improving accuracy and effectiveness of forensic ballistics analysis and technology

Suzana Gico Montenegro; Abelardo Montenegro; Ragab Ragab, 2010:
Improving agricultural water management in the semi-arid region of Brazil: experimental and modelling study

Tarcisio Abreu Saurin; Mara Grando Costella; Marcelo Fabiano Costella, 2010:
Improving an algorithm for classifying error types of front-line workers: Insights from a case study in the construction industry

Alycia, W. Crall; Gregory, J. Newman; Catherine, S. Jarnevich; Thomas, J. Stohlgren; Donald, M. Waller; Jim Graham, 2010:
Improving and integrating data on invasive species collected by citizen scientists

Rauch, E; Véron, M, 2010:
Improving angular resolution of the crystal orientation determined with spot diffraction patterns

T. Enomoto; T. Sugihara, 2010:
Improving anti-adhesive properties of cutting tool surfaces by nano-/micro-textures

Joachim Claudet; Paolo Guidetti, 2010:
Improving assessments of marine protected areas

Goldman, M., 2010:
Improving beta-cell function and identification of diagnostic biomarkers for treatment monitoring in diabetes

M. Goldman, 2010:
Improving beta-cell function and identification of diagnosticbiomarkers for treatment monitoring in diabetes

W.M. Mirabella, 2010:
Improving bio-fuels performance through chemistry

Marinellie, S. A., 2010:
Improving children's formal word definitions: A feasibility study

St Clair‐Thompson, H; Stevens, R; Hunt, A; Bolder, E, 2010:
Improving children's working memory and classroom performance

Brown, J L.; Jones, S M.; LaRusso, M D.; Aber, J. Lawrence, 2010 :
Improving classroom quality: Teacher influences and experimental impacts of the 4rs program

Justin, O. Parkhurst; Alexandra Hyde; Annabelle South; Lara Brehmer; Alexandra Miller; James, N. Newell, 2010:
Improving communication of research findings: identifying the sources of information most important to national disease control officers in low- and middle-income countries

P. Yu. Kostenko; K. S. Vasiuta; S. N. Symonenko, 2010:
Improving communication security by complicating chaotic process attractor using linear transform with mandelbrot kernel

K. P. O'Donnell; M. G. Pajaro; A. C. J. Vincent, 2010:
Improving conservation and fishery assessments with local knowledge: future directions

A. R. Griffin; Tran Duc Vuong; J. L. Harbard; C. Y. Wong; C. Brooker; R. E. Vaillancourt, 2010:
Improving controlled pollination methodology for breedingAcacia mangiumWilld

Guangyin Chen; Zheng Zheng; Shiguan Yang; Caixia Fang; Xingxing Zou; Jibiao Zhang, 2010:
Improving conversion of Spartina alterniflora into biogas by co-digestion with cow feces

Chien-Li Lee; Shuhn-Shyurng Hou; Wen-Jhy Lee; Chih-Ju, G. Jou, 2010:
Improving cost-effectiveness for the furnace in a full-scale refinery plant with reuse of waste tail gas fuel

Yuan Huang; Zhilong Bie; Sanpeng He; Bin Hua; Ai Zhen; Zhixiong Liu, 2010:
Improving cucumber tolerance to major nutrients induced salinity by grafting onto Cucurbita ficifolia

Yu, I. Sanaev, 2010:
Improving designs of precipitating electrodes for ug and ega types of electrostatic precipitators

Romero, H R.; Hayden, K M.; Pieper, C F.; Sanders, L; Welsh-Bohmer, K A., 2010 :
Improving detection of prodromal Alzheimer's disease in diverse populations

Y. Zhang; C. L. Zhong; Y. Chen; Z. Chen; Q. B. Jiang; C. Wu; K. Pinyopusarerk, 2010:
Improving drought tolerance ofCasuarina equisetifoliaseedlings by arbuscular mycorrhizas under glasshouse conditions

J. Van Caneghem; C. Block; P. Cramm; R. Mortier; C. Vandecasteele, 2010:
Improving eco-efficiency in the steel industry: The ArcelorMittal Gent case

N.R. Record; A.J. Pershing; J.A. Runge; C.A. Mayo; B.C. Monger; C. Chen, 2010:
Improving ecological forecasts of copepod community dynamics using genetic algorithms

Jerry Jackson, 2010:
Improving energy efficiency and smart grid program analysis with agent-based end-use forecasting models

Hatice Sozer, 2010:
Improving energy efficiency through the design of the building envelope

Jean-Philippe Schütz; Andreas Zingg, 2010:
Improving estimations of maximal stand density by combining Reinekes size-density rule and the yield level, using the example of spruce (Picea abies(L.) Karst.) and European Beech (Fagus sylvaticaL.)

Alexandre You; Ulrike Schneider; Armelle Guillou; Philippe Naveau, 2010:
Improving extreme quantile estimation via a folding procedure

Brown, C G., 2010:
Improving fine motor skills in young children: an intervention study

Lacava, T.; Filizzola, C.; Pergola, N.; Sannazzaro, F.; Tramutoli, V., 2010:
Improving flood monitoring by the Robust AVHRR Technique (RAT) approach: the case of the April 2000 Hungary flood

Brendan Beahan; William Cowley, 2010:
Improving frequency estimation performance for burst transmissions by optimising reference symbol distribution

Viswanathan, U; Desai, S; Ramaiah, S, 2010:
Improving health outcomes for black and minority ethnic communities through shared leadership

Dr Hiroko KOMATSU, 2010:
Improving health through nursing research

Crone, D; Tyson, P; Holley, J, 2010:
Improving health, wellbeing and cognition in schizophrenia: making the case for physical activity

Grissom, W A; Sacolick, L; Vogel, M W, 2010:
Improving high-field MRI using parallel excitation

Fen Li; Jijun Zhao; Börje Johansson; Lixian Sun, 2010:
Improving hydrogen storage properties of covalent organic frameworks by substitutional doping

Wei-Chao Lin; Michael Oakes; John Tait, 2010:
Improving image annotation via representative feature vector selection

Cheramie, R A.; Simmering, M J., 2010:
Improving individual learning for trainees with low conscientiousness

Bertrand Neveu; Gilles Trombettoni; Gilles Chabert, 2010:
Improving inter-block backtracking with interval Newton

W. V. Vaidya; M. Horstmann; V. Ventzke; B. Petrovski; M. Koçak; R. Kocik; G. Tempus, 2010:
Improving interfacial properties of a laser beam welded dissimilar joint of aluminium AA6056 and titanium Ti6Al4V for aeronautical applications

Smedley, A.; Morey, P., 2010:
Improving learning in the clinical nursing environment: perceptions of senior Australian bachelor of nursing students

David Norton; Dan Ventura, 2010:
Improving liquid state machines through iterative refinement of the reservoir

Wondie, A, 2010:
Improving management of shoreline and riparian wetland ecosystems: the case of Lake Tana catchment

O'Brien, A; Rose, J, 2010:
Improving mental health services for people with intellectual disabilities: service users' views

Vettori, L; Russo, A; Felici, C; Fiaschi, G; Morini, S; Toffanin, A, 2010:
Improving micropropagation: effect of Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 on acclimatization of rootstocks of fruit tree

Y.Q. Sheng; L.L. Xu; J. Liu; D. Zhai; Z.G. Zhang, 2010:
Improving monochromaticity of upconversion luminescence by codoping Eu3+ ions in Y2O3:Ho3+, Yb3+ nanocrystals

Kalis, A, 2010:
Improving moral judgments: Philosophical considerations

Ulrich Brose, 2010:
Improving nature conservancy strategies by ecological network theory

Shaobing Peng; Roland, J. Buresh; Jianliang Huang; Xuhua Zhong; Yingbin Zou; Jianchang Yang; Guanghuo Wang; Yuanying Liu; Ruifa Hu; Qiyuan Tang; Kehui Cui; Fusuo Zhang; Achim Dobermann, 2010:
Improving nitrogen fertilization in rice by sitespecific N management. A review

P.H. Cronjé; P.S. Els, 2010:
Improving off-road vehicle handling using an active anti-roll bar

Kisielowski, C, 2010:
Improving on Phase Contrast by Extending the Range of Captured Spatial Frequencies in Transmission Electron Microscopy

Bruce, K. Vaughen; Kelly, J. Lock; Timothy, K. Floyd, 2010:
Improving operating discipline through the successful implementation of a mandated behavior-based safety program

Michael P W Grocott, 2010:
Improving outcomes after surgery

Nanjundappa, A; Mandapaka, S; Dieter, R S, 2010:
Improving outcomes in cardiovascular practice

Yunhee Kim; Joshua, S. Fu; Terry, L. Miller, 2010:
Improving ozone modeling in complex terrain at a fine grid resolution Part II: Influence of schemes in MM5 on daily maximum 8-h ozone concentrations and RRFs (Relative Reduction Factors) for SIPs in the non-attainment areas

Yunhee Kim; Joshua, S. Fu; Terry, L. Miller, 2010:
Improving ozone modeling in complex terrain at a fine grid resolution: Part I examination of analysis nudging and all PBL schemes associated with LSMs in meteorological model

Wang, Y-Jun, 2010:
Improving particle swarm optimization performance with local search for high-dimensional function optimization

Nina Maaß; Lars Kaleschke, 2010:
Improving passive microwave sea ice concentration algorithms for coastal areas: applications to the Baltic Sea

Sohi, D; Milne, C; Westland, O; Charles, T; Watson, M, 2010:
Improving patient care by effective streamlining of general paediatric discharges

Bianchi, C, 2010:
Improving performance and fostering accountability in the public sector through system dynamics modelling: From an external to an internal perspective

Zhiyong Liu; Dawei He; Yongsheng Wang; Hongpeng Wu; Jigang Wang; Haiteng Wang, 2010:
Improving photovoltaic properties by incorporating both SPFGraphene and functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes

Gonzalez, C.; Ahammed, N.; Fisher, R., 2010:
Improving physical health monitoring for out-patients on antipsychotic medication

Miller, S.H., 2010:
Improving postoperative analgesia for transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap breast reconstruction; the use of a local anaesthetic infusion catheter

Jose, M. Pavia, 2010:
Improving predictive accuracy of exit polls

P.C. Beukes; P. Gregorini; A.J. Romera; G. Levy; G.C. Waghorn, 2010:
Improving production efficiency as a strategy to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions on pastoral dairy farms in New Zealand

Albert G Mulley, 2010:
Improving productivity in the NHS: Reducing practice variation through better decision making is key

Sirrine, D; Shennan, C; Snapp, S; Kanyama-Phiri, G; Kamanga, B; Sirrine, J. Robert, 2010:
Improving recommendations resulting from on-farm research: agroforestry, risk, profitability and vulnerability in southern Malawi

V. A. Sysuev; V. L. Andreev; S. L. Demshin; A. N. Voronov, 2010:
Improving seeders for band sowing grass seeds in sod

Chunming Zhang; Ye Lin; Ran Ran; Zongping Shao, 2010:
Improving single-chamber performance of an anode-supported SOFC by impregnating anode with active nickel catalyst

Tom Southorn; Matthew Porteous; Martin Wood, 2010:
Improving surgical precision: The role of continuous surveillance: Tip apex distance measurements in a District General Hospital

D. M. Burner; C. P. West, 2010:
Improving tall fescue shade tolerance: identifying candidate genotypes

Zipora Tietel; Batia Weiss; Efraim Lewinsohn; Elazar Fallik; Ron Porat, 2010:
Improving taste and peel color of early-season Satsuma mandarins by combining high-temperature conditioning and degreening treatments

Angela Aragon-Angel; Manuel Hernandez-Pajares; J. Miguel Juan Zornoza; Jaume Sanz Subirana, 2010:
Improving the Abel transform inversion using bending angles from FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC

Zolina, O; Detemmerman, V; Trenberth, K E., 2010:
Improving the Accuracy of Estimation of Climate Extremes: Workshop on Metrics and Methodologies of Estimation of Extreme Climate Events; Paris, France, 27-29 September 2010

Johnson, E. S.; Jenkins, J. R.; Petscher, Y., 2010:
Improving the Accuracy of a Direct Route Screening Process

Gibbs, M T., 2010:
Improving the Applicability of Quantitative Ecological Risk Assessment ToolsUnderstanding Demand-Side Changes

McGovern, M P.; Lambert-Harris, C; McHugo, G J.; Giard, J; Mangrum, L, 2010:
Improving the Dual Diagnosis Capability of Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Services: Implementation Factors Associated With Program Level Changes

Potter, R Hugh; Akers, T A., 2010:
Improving the Health of Minority Communities through Probation-Public Health Collaborations: An Application of the Epidemiological Criminology Framework

Penumetcha, P; Lau, K; Zhu, X; Davis, K; Eckdahl, T T.; Campbell, A. Malcolm, 2010:
Improving the Lac System for Synthetic Biology

Okada, S; Ohtake, Y; Yanagihara, M, 2010:
Improving the Manners of a Student with Autism: The effects of manipulating perspective holders in Social Stories A pilot study

Kay Sušelj; Abha Sood, 2010:
Improving the MellorYamadaJanji Parameterization for wind conditions in the marine planetary boundary layer

Chen, Y; Yang, K; Zhou, D; Qin, J; Guo, X, 2010:
Improving the Noah Land Surface Model in Arid Regions with an Appropriate Parameterization of the Thermal Roughness Length

Fang, Q; Wang, H; Zhou, H; Lei, L; Duan, X, 2010:
Improving the Performance of a 300 MW Down-Fired Pulverized-Coal Utility Boiler by Inclining Downward the F-Layer Secondary Air

Elyse Boudreau; Barbara D’Entremont, 2010:
Improving the Pretend Play Skills of Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Effects of Video Modeling

Kurabayashi, M; Ohira, A; Toubaru, T; Kato, M; Kato, N, 2010:
Improving the Prognosis of Aortic Dissection and Aortic Aneurysm

Pavkov, T W.; Lourie, I S.; Hug, R W.; Negash, S, 2010:
Improving the Quality of Services in Residential Treatment Facilities: A Strength-based Consultative Review Process

Large, M M.; Nielssen, O, 2010:
Improving the Reliability of the Diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Civil Litigation

Angulo, L. D.; Garcia, S. G.; Pantoja, M. F.; Sanchez, C. C.; Martín, R. G., 2010:
Improving the SAR Distribution in Petri-Dish Cell Cultures

T. Nguyen-Ky; Peng Wen; Yan Li, 2010:
Improving the accuracy of depth of anaesthesia using modified detrended fluctuation analysis method

Fränzi Korner-Nievergelt; Annette Sauter; Philip, W. Atkinson; Jérôme Guélat; Wojciech Kania; Marc Kéry; Ulrich Köppen; Robert, A. Robinson; Michael Schaub; Kasper Thorup; Henk Van Der Jeugd; Arie, J. Van Noordwijk, 2010:
Improving the analysis of movement data from marked individuals through explicit estimation of observer heterogeneity

Tetsuya Takahashi; Yuji Aso; Wakako Kasai; Tetsuo Kondo, 2010:
Improving the antibacterial activity againstStaphylococcus aureusof composite sheets containing wasted tea leaves by roasting

S. Ghaziof; K. Raeissi; M.A. Golozar, 2010:
Improving the corrosion performance of CrC amorphous coatings on steel substrate by modifying the steel surface preparation

Adam, G. Yates; Robert, C. Bailey, 2010:
Improving the description of human activities potentially affecting rural stream ecosystems

Jos Barlow; Julio Louzada; Luke Parry; Malva, I.M. Hernández; Joseph Hawes; Carlos, A. Peres; Fernando, Z. Vaz-de-Mello; Toby, A. Gardner, 2010:
Improving the design and management of forest strips in human-dominated tropical landscapes: a field test on Amazonian dung beetles

Cenk Celik; Fatma Gul Boyaci San; Halil Ibrahim Sarac, 2010:
Improving the direct borohydride fuel cell performance with thiourea as the additive in the sodium borohydride solution

Subal, C. Kumbhakar; Alan, P. Horncastle, 2010:
Improving the econometric precision of regulatory models

M.L.A. Richards; M.J. Aitkenhead; A.J.S. McDonald, 2010:
Improving the effectiveness of angular dispersion in plant neighbourhood models

A. Pordea; M. Creus; C. Letondor; A. Ivanova; T.R. Ward, 2010:
Improving the enantioselectivity of artificial transfer hydrogenases based on the biotinstreptavidin technology by combinations of point mutations

Lihua Yu; Sheng Zhang; Wei Liu; Xinjun Zhu; Xiaoping Chen; Xiaosui Chen, 2010:
Improving the flame retardancy of PET fabric by photo-induced grafting

József Vuts; István Szarukán; Mitko Subchev; Teodora Toshova; Miklós Tóth, 2010:
Improving the floral attractant to lureEpicometis hirtaPoda (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae)

Ulrike Krauss; Eduardo Hidalgo; Roy Bateman; Valex Adonijah; Claudio Arroyo; Johnny García; Jayne Crozier; Neil, A. Brown; G. Martijn ten Hoopen; Keith, A. Holmes, 2010:
Improving the formulation and timing of application of endophytic biocontrol and chemical agents against frosty pod rot (Moniliophthora roreri) in cocoa (Theobroma cacao)

Deng, C; Wu, C; Wang, L, 2010:
Improving the housing-unit method for small-area population estimation using remote-sensing and GIS information

Jian-Yih Wang; Chen-Yang Wu; Jo-Kuang Nieh; Hsin-Chih Lin; K.M. Lin; Hui-Yun Bor, 2010:
Improving the hydrogen absorption properties of commercial MgZnZr alloy

Field, K.; Saadeh, F.; Hewitt, M.; O'Reilly, B.; Keogh, J., 2010:
Improving the maternal experience: watching your baby being delivered during caesarean section

I. Matyasovszky, 2010:
Improving the methodology for spectral analysis of climatic time series

Hacene Mahmoudi; Nawel Spahis; Sabah, A. Abdul-Wahab; Shyam, S. Sablani; Mattheus, F.A. Goosen, 2010:
Improving the performance of a Seawater Greenhouse desalination system by assessment of simulation models for different condensers

Oluwafemi, A. Olaofe; Stephanie, G. Burton; Don, A. Cowan; Susan, T.L. Harrison, 2010:
Improving the production of a thermostable amidase through optimising IPTG induction in a highly dense culture of recombinant Escherichia coli

Lelliott, P; Bleksley, S, 2010:
Improving the quality of acute inpatient care

J. So, 2010:
Improving the quality of oral chemotherapy services using home care

Le Meunier‐FitzHugh, K; Piercy, N F., 2010:
Improving the relationship between sales and marketing

Samoilenko, S V.; Weistroffer, H. Roland, 2010:
Improving the relative efficiency of revenue generation from ICT in transition economies: a product life cycle approach

Eliana Gianolio; Kondareddiar Ramalingam; Bo Song; Ferenc Kalman; Silvio Aime; Rolf Swenson, 2010:
Improving the relaxivity by dimerizing Gd-AAZTA: Insights for enhancing the sensitivity of MRI contrast agents

Koji Kawahara, 2010:
Improving the reliability of distribution networks based on investment scenarios using reference networks

Tomás Norton; Jim Grant; Richard Fallon; Da-Wen Sun, 2010:
Improving the representation of thermal boundary conditions of livestock during CFD modelling of the indoor environment

Hosung Kang; Seokho Lim; Noejung Park; Kyoung-Yong Chun; Seunghyun Baik, 2010:
Improving the sensitivity of carbon nanotube sensors by benzene functionalization

Damien Coyle; T. Martin McGinnity; Girijesh Prasad, 2010:
Improving the separability of multiple EEG features for a BCI by neural-time-series-prediction-preprocessing

T.C.T. Hubble, 2010:
Improving the stream of consciousness: A nomenclature for describing the factor of safety in river bank stability analysis

Ron Wilson, 2010:
Improving the structure and function of clinical handover

R. Krummenauer; M. Cazarotto; A. Lopes; P. Larzabal; P. Forster, 2010:
Improving the threshold performance of maximum likelihood estimation of direction of arrival

Sang-Hyuck Lee; No-Cheol Park; Young-Pil Park; Kyoung-Su Park, 2010:
Improving the tolerance characteristics of smallF/number compact camera module using wavefront coding

A.F. Yetim; A. Celik; A. Alsaran, 2010:
Improving tribological properties of Ti6Al4V alloy with duplex surface treatment

Mahmoud, A. El-Sheikh; Hazem, I. Saleh; Diaa, E. El-Quosy; Abdallah, A. Mahmoud, 2010:
Improving water quality in polluated drains with free water surface constructed wetlands

Guosong Wu; Wei Dai; He Zheng; Aiying Wang, 2010:
Improving wear resistance and corrosion resistance of AZ31 magnesium alloy by DLC/AlN/Al coating

L N Kolb; E R Gallandt; T Molloy, 2010:
Improving weed management in organic spring barley: physical weed control vs. interspecific competition

T. Fuertes-Mendizábal; A. Aizpurua; M.B. González-Moro; J.M. Estavillo, 2010:
Improving wheat breadmaking quality by splitting the N fertilizer rate

G. Crossingham; P. Sice; M. Roberts; T. Gale; H. Lam; I. Anderson; A. Carr; P. Davies; J. Langton, 2010:
Improving work place assessments in anaesthesia

Beebe, L; Walters, A B., 2010:
Impulse Control Disorders: A Clinician's Guide to Understanding and Treating Behavioral Addictions

Gaohang Yu; Liqun Qi; Yimin Sun; Yi Zhou, 2010:
Impulse noise removal by a nonmonotone adaptive gradient method

M.U. Akhmet; E. Yılmaz, 2010:
Impulsive Hopfield-type neural network system with piecewise constant argument

Alan, J. Terry, 2010:
Impulsive adult culling of a tropical pest with a stage-structured life cycle

Yonghui Xia, 2010:
Impulsive effect on the delayed CohenGrossberg-type BAM neural networks

Zhijun Liu; Jianhua Wu; Yiping Chen; Mainul Haque, 2010:
Impulsive perturbations in a periodic delay differential equation model of plankton allelopathy

Yang Tang; S.Y.S. Leung; W.K. Wong; Jian-an Fang, 2010:
Impulsive pinning synchronization of stochastic discrete-time networks

Rosey, F.; Keller, J.; Golomer, E., 2010:
Impulsive-reflective attitude, behavioural inhibition and motor skills: Are they linked?

Quilty, L C.; Mehra, P; Toneatto, T; Bagby, M, 2010:
Impulsivity and pathological gambling across depressive versus bipolar disorders

Matthew, J. Gullo; Chris, J. Jackson; Sharon Dawe, 2010:
Impulsivity and reversal learning in hazardous alcohol use

Daniel, J. Upton, 2010:
Impulsivity: The Behavioural and Neurological Science of Discounting

Saravanan, M; Kumar, K Suresh; Reddy, P Pratap; Satyanarayana, B, 2010:
Impurity Profile Study of Venlafaxine Hydrochloride, an Antipsychotic Drug Substance

Pilkyu Kim; Seung-Jae Moon; Sungho Jeong, 2010:
Impurity effects on the laser-induced crystallization of thin amorphous silicon film on glass substrate

R. P. Gottikh; B. I. Pisotskii, 2010:
Impurity elements as geodynamic indicators of oil accumulation conditions

Talan, J, 2010:
In A Large Clinical Trial, Gamma-Secretase Inhibitor Tarenflurbil is Found Ineffective for Mild Alzheimer Disease

Shane Bateman, 2010:
In Appreciation

Oergel, M, 2010:
In Babel's Shadow: Language, philology and the nation in 19th-century Germany

Ogawa, A, 2010:
In Celebration of NMC's 50th Anniversary

Lonner, W. J., 2010:
In Celebration of our 40th Anniversary: Analyzing the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology's Influence

Femenías, B, 2010:
In Cloth We Trust

Kathleen, E. Jenkins, 2010:
In Concert and Alone: Divorce and Congregational Experience

Andrew Holman, 2010:
In Conversation with Pat Charlesworth

Stephen John, 2010:
In Defence of Bad Science and Irrational Policies: an Alternative Account of the Precautionary Principle

Fabre, Cécile, 2010:
In Defence of Mercenarism

Cunningham, W A., 2010:
In Defense of Brain Mapping in Social and Affective Neuroscience

Daniel, B. Klein, 2010:
In Defense of Dwelling in Great Minds

Magee, M W.; Hardin, C D., 2010:
In Defense of Religion: Shared Reality Moderates the Unconscious Threat of Evolution

Elster, A.D., 2010:
In Emergency Situations, Should Serum Creatinine Be Checked in All Patients Before Performing Second Contrast CT Examinations Within 24 Hours?

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the August 10 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the August 17 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the August 24 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the August 3 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the August 31 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the July 13 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the July 20 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the July 27 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the July 6 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the October 5 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the September 14 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the September 21 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the September 28 Issue

Gross, R. A., 2010:
In Focus: Spotlight on the September 7 Issue

Rabellotti, R, 2010:
In Gold We Trust. Social Capital and Economic Change in the Italian Jewelry Towns

Johnson, R I., 2010:
In Memoriam Arthur Stewart Merrill 19162009

Chaiklin, H; McKnight, K, 2010:
In Memoriam Eugene B. Brody, MD, MA, DSc (Hons)19212010

Kravtsova, E. E., 2010:
In Memoriam Gita L'vovna Vygodskaya (1925-2010)

Davies, T F., 2010:
In Memoriam Nadir R. Farid, MBBS, FRCP, FRCP(C), FACP, 19442010

BSVS (Belgian Society for Vascular Surgery); R. Verhelst; P. Peeters, 2010:
In Memoriam Professor Dr. Andr Nevelsteen

Susanne Binder, 2010:
In Memoriam Univ.-Professor Prim. Dr. Georg Zehetbauer, 19292009

John, W. Rowe, 2010:
In Memoriam of Dr. Robert Butler

Stephen, I. Rothstein, 2010:
In Memoriam: Barbara Blanchard DeWolfe, 19122008

Nelson, C C., 2010:
In Memoriam: Bart R. Frueh, M.D

Merlino, J P., 2010:
In Memoriam: Bertram H. Schaffner

McCoy, T, 2010:
In Memoriam: Brian Harold Mason (19172009)

Jeffrey, S. Marks and Fabian, M. Jaksic′, 2010:
In Memoriam: Carl D. Marti, 19442010

Parish, A; Baghurst, T; Dwelly, P; Lirgg, C, 2010:
In Memoriam: Carl Marti, 19442010

Christopher, R. Jacobs; Farshid Guilak, 2010:
In Memoriam: Charles H. Turner

Guidotti, T L., 2010:
In Memoriam: Clifford Rodney May (19222008)

Muntyan, B L., 2010:
In Memoriam: Harold William Bill Meinert (19222010)

Leicht, D L., 2010:
In Memoriam: Harvey M. Gordon Jr. (19352010)

François Vuilleumier, 2010:
In Memoriam: James Allen Keast, 19222009

Popovic, T, 2010:
In Memoriam: Jocelyn Anne Rankin (19462010)

John, M. Reid, 2010:
In Memoriam: John J. Wild August 11, 1914September 18, 2009

Gibb, B E.; Hankin, B L., 2010:
In Memoriam: John R. Z. Abela

Fred, T. Mackenzie; Alfonso Mucci; George, W. Luther III, 2010:
In Memoriam: John W. Morse (19462009) Texas A&M University

Francis, C A., 2010:
In Memoriam: L. Rex Bannister (19232010)

Wilson, D. W.; Terio, K., 2010:
In Memoriam: Linda Munson, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Heilman, K. M., 2010:
In Memoriam: Melvin Greer (1929-2010)

Wharton, R N., 2010:
In Memoriam: Paul Dince, M.D

Cordua, W S., 2010:
In Memoriam: Peter P. Rodewald (19402010)

Johnsen, S. D., 2010:
In Memoriam: Philip Rogers Dodge (1923-2009)

Michel Broyer; Marie-Claire Gubler; Patrick Niaudet, 2010:
In Memoriam: Professor Rene Habib 19242009

Valle, D; McInerney, J D, 2010:
In Memoriam: Remembrance of Barton Childs, 19162010

Cannings, R, 2010:
In Memoriam: Rex Kenner (19502010)

David, N. Nettleship, 2010:
In Memoriam: Richard George Bolney Brown, 19352010

Joost, M. Tinbergen and Theunis Piersma, 2010:
In Memoriam: Rudolf Herman Drent, 19372008

Gray, M, 2010:
In Memoriam: William C. Bill Forrest (19402009)

H. Worth Boyce, 2010:
In MemoriamEddy Davis Palmer

Kathleen, K. Bucholz; Linda, B. Cottler, 2010:
In MemoriamLee Nelken Robins, PhD

&na;,, 2010:
In Memorium

Klaassen, C., 2010:
In Memorium: Gabriel L. Plaa

Dinan, T., 2010:
In Memory of Dora Kohen

Dwight, L. Evans; Tami, D. Benton, 2010:
In Memory of Dr. Elizabeth B. Weller

Vanessa Hirsch, 2010:
In Memory of Jonathan Sawyer Allan, MSc, DVM

René van der Vlugt, 2010:
In Meroriam Dr Lute Bos (19282010)

Bernat, J L., 2010:
In Neuroimaging Trials, How Do You Handle Controls Who Are Found to Have Incidentally Discovered Abnormalities?

&na;,, 2010:
In Normal Controls, Both Age and Gender Affect Coagulability as Measured by Thromboelastography

Avitzur, O, 2010:
In Practice: How Neurologists are Using the Newest Tablets In and Out of the Clinic

Avitzur, O, 2010:
In Practice: What to Do When Patients Become Violent

McKay, S, 2010:
In Pursuit of Parrhesia: An Investigation into Knowledge Selection in Inquisitorial Planning Practice

Hébert, K, 2010:
In Pursuit of Singular Salmon: Paradoxes of Sustainability and the Quality Commodity

Michael, W. Sill; Gini Fleming, 2010:
In Re: Re: Phase II trial of trastuzumab in women with advanced or recurrent HER2-positive endometrial carcinoma: A Gynecologic Oncology Group Study

Jitao Zou; Wei Wei; Keping Ma, 2010:
In Remembrance: Professor Qian Ying-Qian (19322010)

Weil, A., 2010:
In Search Of A General Theory Of Medicaid

Michael Schwalbe, 2010:
In Search of Craft

White, W L., 2010:
In Search of Recovery

Young, G.; Whitty, M. T., 2010:
In Search of the Cartesian Self: An Examination of Disembodiment within 21st-Century Communication

Kevin, B. Potts, 2010:
In Search of The Real Chimpanzee

Ingale, A.G, 2010:
In Silico Homology Modeling and Epitope Prediction of Nucleocapsid Protein region from Japanese Encephalitis Virus

Raphael Ricon de Oliveira; Antonio Chalfun-Junior; Luciano Vilela Paiva; Alan Carvalho Andrade, 2010:
In Silico and Quantitative Analyses of MADS-Box Genes inCoffea arabica

Ljubojevic, S V.; Walther, S; Pieske, B M.; Kockskämper, J, 2010:
In Situ Calibration of Cytoplasmic and Nucleoplasmic Calcium Concentration in Adult Rat and Mouse Cardiac Myocytes

Pratt, K A.; Heymsfield, A J.; Twohy, C H.; Murphy, S M.; DeMott, P J.; Hudson, J G.; Subramanian, R.; Wang, Z; Seinfeld, J H.; Prather, K A., 2010:
In Situ Chemical Characterization of Aged Biomass-Burning Aerosols Impacting Cold Wave Clouds

Crozier, P; Chenna, S; Banerjee, R, 2010:
In Situ EELS Analysis of Gas Mixtures in the Environmental TEM

Roelofs, K; Xu, S; Poirier, G; Yao, N, 2010:
In Situ Electrical Characterization of Single Nanofibers Using a Nanomanipulator in an FIB/SEM Microscope

Gao, M; Li, C; Li, W; Liu, Z; Peng, L-M, 2010:
In Situ Electron Microscopy Characterization of Optoelectronic Nanostructures and Nanodevices

Chenna, S; Crozier, P, 2010:
In Situ Environmental TEM Study on the Activation of Ni Nanoparticles for Partial Oxidation of Methane

Wang, L; Emmerich, S J.; Persily, A K., 2010:
In Situ Experimental Study of Carbon Monoxide Generation by Gasoline-Powered Electric Generator in an Enclosed Space

Bonifacio, C; Thron, A; Bersuker, G; van Benthem, K, 2010:
In Situ Investigation of Dielectric Breakdown in Field Effect Transistors

Bentley, J; Hoelzer, D, 2010:
In Situ Ion Irradiation of Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys

Sergeev, M; Godin, A G.; Kao, L; Abuladze, N; Kurtz, I; Wiseman, P W., 2010:
In Situ Measurements of Oligomerization State of NBCe1-A in Rat Kidneys Via Spatial Fluorescence Intensity Fluctuation Analysis

Kuwauchi, Y; Yoshida, H; Uchiyama, T; Akita, T; Kohno, H; Takeda, S, 2010:
In Situ Observation of Au/TiO2 Catalysts in Reactant Gases by Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy

Ohnuki, S; Hashimoto, N; Seto, H; Yamaguchi, N; Kinoshita, H; Watanabe, S, 2010 :
In Situ Observation of Damage Structure in Fe-Cr Alloys by Means of HVEM-Ion Accelerator Facility

Oshima, Y; Kurui, Y; Takayanagi, K, 2010:
In Situ Observation of Structure and Conductance Evolution of Gold Contact During Stretching

Asthana, A; Momeni, K; Shahbazian-Yassar, R; Prasad, A; Yap, Y, 2010:
In Situ Probing of Electromechanical Properties of an Individual ZnO Nanobelt

Baeza-Romero, M. Teresa; Wilson, J M.; Fitzpatrick, E M.; Jones, J M.; Williams, A, 2010:
In Situ Study of Soot from the Combustion of a Biomass Pyrolysis IntermediateEugenoland n-Decane Using Aerosol Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry

Eksik, O; Tasdelen, M. Atilla; Erciyes, A. Tuncer; Yagci, Y, 2010:
In Situ Synthesis of Oil-Based Polymer/Silver Nanocomposites by Photoinduced Electron Transfer and Free Radical Polymerization Processes

Espinosa, H; Peng, B; Agrawal, R; Bernal, R, 2010:
In Situ TEM Experiments to Assess the Predictive Capability of Atomistic Models

Winkler, C; Martin, L; Johnson, C; Taheri, M, 2010:
In Situ TEM Observation of Domain Nucleation and Domain Wall-Defect Interactions in Bismuth Ferrite Under Applied DC Bias

Kaoumi, D; Motta, A; Kirk, M; Faney, T; Wirth, B; Bentley, J, 2010:
In Situ TEM Studies of Microstructure Evolution Under Ion Irradiation for Nuclear Engineering Applications

Legros, M; Mompiou, F; Gianola, D; Stedlmayr, A; Caillard, D, 2010:
In Situ TEM Study of Confined Dislocation Nucleation Processes

Kulovits, A; Wiezorek, J; LaGrange, T; Reed, B; Campbell, G, 2010:
In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of Rapidly Solidifying Aluminum

J.R. Mann; N. Vora; I.L. Repins, 2010:
In Situ thickness measurements of chemical bath-deposited CdS

de Castro, E Viveiros, 2010:
In Some Sense

Gregorio, L.Lobato.; Busaba, N.Y.; Miyake, M.M.; Freitag, S.K.; Bleier, B.S., 2018:
Expanding the limits of endoscopic intraorbital tumor resection using 3-dimensional reconstruction

Lucchi, N.W.; Ndiaye, D.; Britton, S.; Udhayakumar, V., 2018:
Expanding the malaria molecular diagnostic options: opportunities and challenges for loop-mediated isothermal amplification tests for malaria control and elimination

Kerrigan, D.; Mantsios, A.; Grant, R.; Markowitz, M.; Defechereux, P.; La Mar, M.; Beckham, S.W.; Hammond, P.; Margolis, D.; Murray, M., 2018:
Expanding the Menu of HIV Prevention Options: A Qualitative Study of Experiences with Long-Acting Injectable Cabotegravir as PrEP in the Context of a Phase II Trial in the United States

Sage, A.P.; Minatel, B.C.; Marshall, E.A.; Martinez, V.D.; Stewart, G.L.; Enfield, K.S.S.; Lam, W.L., 2018:
Expanding the miRNA Transcriptome of Human Kidney and Renal Cell Carcinoma

Schirwani, S.; Wakeling, E.; Smith, K.; Balasubramanian, M., 2018:
Expanding the molecular basis and phenotypic spectrum of ZDHHC9-associated X-linked intellectual disability

Patron, A.M.; Hooker, T.S.; Santavicca, D.F.; Causey, C.P.; Mullen, T.J., 2017:
Expanding the molecular-ruler process through vapor deposition of hexadecanethiol

Lopez, J.; Feldman, M.F., 2018:
Expanding the molecular weaponry of bacterial species

Ruby, K.N.; Perry, A.E.; Linos, K., 2018:
Expanding the Morphologic Heterogeneity of Stromal Changes in Molluscum Contagiosum Infection

Guinote, A, 2010:
In Touch With Your Feelings: Power Increases Reliance on Bodily Information

Al-Anazi, A Rahman, 2010:
In Utero Ventriculo-uterine Shunt Treatment for Fetal Hydrocephalus: Preliminary Study of Al-Anazi Ventriculo-uterine Shunt

Liss, J, 2010:
In Virginia desperately Seeking Spatial Justice

Rukayadi, Y; Han, S; Yong, D; Hwang, J-Kwan, 2010:
In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Panduratin A against Enterococci Clinical Isolates

Yadav, S; Swami, M; Singh, R. V., 2010:
In Vitro Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities of Some Sulfur-Nitrogen-Oxygen and Oxygen-Nitrogen-Oxygen Donor Bifunctional Tridentate Schiff Bases and Their Boron(III) Complexes

Kitamura, A; Someya, K; Okumura, R; Hata, M; Takeshita, H; Nakajima, R, 2010:
In Vitro Antifungal Activities of D11-2040, a β-1,6-Glucan Inhibitor, with or without Currently Available Antifungal Drugs

Kumar, R; Phani, K G.; Chaurasia, O.P., 2010:
In Vitro Antioxidant Activity Of Methanolic Extract Of Rhodiola Imbricata Edgew

Pareek, A; Suthar, M; Rathore, G S.; Bansal, V; Kumawat, T, 2010:
In Vitro Antioxidant Studies of Lagerstroemia speciosa Leaves

Ribeiro, M.M.B.; Castanho, M.A.R.B; Serrano, I., 2010 :
In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Models Latest Advances and Therapeutic Applications in a Chronological Perspective

Franklin, P; Green, J; Limberis, J; Liu, X; Martin, R; Cox, B; Gintant, G; Su, Z, 2010:
In Vitro Cardiac Repolarization Assays: Guinea Pig Papillary Muscles Vs. Canine Purkinje Fibers

Imogen, C. Johns; Jill Beech; Charles, E. Benson; Louise, L. Parente, 2010:
In Vitro Evaluation of the Antibiotic Activity of Combinations of Ophthalmic Drugs Against Common Equine Ocular Pathogens

Schrader, K K.; Bommer, J C.; Jori, G, 2010:
In Vitro Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Agent AquaFrin as a Bactericide and Selective Algicide for Use in Channel Catfish Aquaculture

Faïza Masmoudi-Allouche; Besma Meziou; Walid Kriaâ; Radhia Gargouri-Bouzid; Noureddine Drira, 2010:
In Vitro Flowering Induction in Date Palm (Phoenix dactyliferaL.)

K.H. Tan, J; C. O'Neill, H, 2010:
In Vitro Haematopoiesis of a Novel Dendritic-Like Cell Present in Murine Spleen

Tsukada, Y.-i.; Nakayama, K. I., 2010:
In Vitro Histone Demethylase Assay

Xiang Gao; Dan Yang; Donghui Cao; Man Ao; Xin Sui; Qinmei Wang; J. N. Kimatu; Li Wang, 2010:
In Vitro Micropropagation ofFreesia hybridaand the Assessment of Genetic and Epigenetic Stability in Regenerated Plantlets

Jin-Woo Lee; Jeong-Hwan Kim; Soo-Wan Nam, 2010:
In Vitro NTPase activity and Thermal Protection Effect of Hyperthermophilic Pyrococcus horikoshii Chaperonin

Derek Jones; Ahmet Tezel; Marcos Borrell, 2010:
In Vitro Resistance to Degradation of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers by Ovine Testicular Hyaluronidase

Karasova, J Zdarova; Stodulka, P; Pohanka, M; Kuca, K, 2010:
In Vitro Screening of Blood-Brain Barrier Penetration of Monoquaternary Acetylcholinesterase Reactivators

Anna, M. Olejnik; Roman Marecik; Wojciech Białas; Paweł Cyplik; Włodzimierz Grajek, 2010:
In Vitro Studies on Atrazine Effects on Human Intestinal Cells

Xiaolei Shi; Xuwen Li; Yantao Sun; Wei Wei; Ruijie Yang; Hanqi Zhang; Yongri Jin, 2010:
In Vitro Study of the Binding of Taxifolin to Bovine Serum Albumin and the Influence of Common Ions on

Zague, V; Chorilli, M; Polacow, M Luíza Ozores; Pires-de-Campos, M Sílvia Mariani; Leonardi, G Ricci, 2010:
In Vitro Ultrasound Influence on Cutaneous Permeation of Hyaluronidase

Aastha Sahai, A Shahzad, 2010:
In VitroClonal Propogation ofColeus forskohliivia Direct Shoot Organogenesis from Selected Leaf Explants

McCarty, S.K.; Torres, A., 2010:
In Vivo Confocal Microscopic and Histopathologic Correlations of Dermoscopic Features in 202 Melanocytic Lesions

Zhao, B.; Yang, Y.; Li, T.; Li, X.; Heron, D.E.; Huq, M.S., 2010:
In Vivo Dose Monitoring using an Electronic Portal Imaging Device as a Tool to Reduce the Risk of Protracted Radiation Misadministration

Read, P.W.; Yang, W.; Jones, R.; Chen, Q.; Olivera, G.; Sobering, G.; Larner, J.; Sheng, K., 2010:
In Vivo Dose Verification of Spinal SBRT Treatments on Tomotherapy

Peres, L.; Reisner, M.L.; Maurício, C.L.P.; Salmon, H.; Canary, P.C.V., 2010:
In Vivo Dosimetry Analysis of Thyroid Gland Dose in Breast Cancer Patients with Supraclavicular Lymph Node Irradiation

Rubio, C; Rubio-Osornio, M; Retana-Marquez, S; Lopez, M; Custodio, V; Paz, C, 2010:
In Vivo Experimental Models of Epilepsy

Garaschuk, O.; Konnerth, A., 2010:
In Vivo Two-Photon Calcium Imaging Using Multicell Bolus Loading

Piyali De; Dhurjati Prasad Kumar; Amit Kumar Mondal; Pulak Chandra Mandal; Subrata Mukhopadhyay; Rupendranath Banerjee, 2010:
In alkaline media, Fremys salt oxidizes alkanols by a hydrogen atom transfer mechanism

Jackson, E; Whitehead, J; Wigford, A, 2010:
In an EBD population do Looked After Children have specific needs relating to resilience, selfperception and attainment?

Durward-Akhurst, S., 2010:
In at the deep end

Xiangmei Meng; Wiebren de Jong; Ranadeep Pal; Adrian, H.M. Verkooijen, 2010:
In bed and downstream hot gas desulphurization during solid fuel gasification: A review

Lidestav, G, 2010:
In competition with a brother: Women's inheritance positions in contemporary Swedish family forestry

Andrew Holman, 2010:
In conversation with David Ellis

Andrew Holman, 2010:
In conversation with Keith Smith

Erik, J. Knorth, 2010:
In de media

Kourken Michaelian, 2010:
In defence of gullibility: the epistemology of testimony and the psychology of deception detection

Peters, D, 2010:
In defence of parallel interphalangeal lines

Mark Kaplan, 2010:
In defense of modest probabilism

Marcuse, P, 2010:
In defense of theory in practice

Johann Feilacher, 2010:
In der Mitte

Julian Reiss, 2010:
In favour of a Millian proposal to reform biomedical research

Ans Grotendorst, 2010:
In gesprek met Maurits Barendrecht

Yu-Hui Fang; Chao-Min Chiu, 2010:
In justice we trust: Exploring knowledge-sharing continuance intentions in virtual communities of practice

Farkas, E.; Lücking, R.; Wirth, V., 2010:
In memoriam Antonn Vzda (19202008)

Adriaan Visser; Hans Schilder, 2010:
In memoriam Marco de Vries

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In memoriam Michael Goldman (1936-2010)

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In memoriam Prof. Dr. Karl-Herrmann Neumann (19362009)

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In memoriam Professor Dr. med. Brigitte Krisch

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In memoriam Rene Peslin

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In memoriam Robert B. Barlow, Jr: July 31 1939 - December 24 2009

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In memoriam Wilhelmus Albertus van Heel (19282008)

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In memoriam Zoltn Tuba (19512009)

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In memoriam of a master of neurogastroenterology: Marcello Tonini (19442010)

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In memoriam Ellet Haller Drake, M.D. May 26, 1914July 2, 2010; co-founder of the ASLMS

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In memoriam/En mmoir

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In memoriam: Andrew Spencer

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In memoriam: Dr. Samarthji Lal

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In memoriam: Koichi Hiwatashi (19212009)

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In memoriam: Lawrence Gideon Raisz, 13 November 192525 August 2010

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In memoriam: Leena Peltonen-Palotie (19522010)

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In memoriam: Platon Kostyuk (19242010)

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In memoriam: Prof. Nicola Fabris, MD, PhD

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In memoriam: Prof. Thomas Barrett

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In memoriam: Stefan Thierfelder

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In memoriam: farewell Geoff Maitland

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In memory of Charles Leslie

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In memory of E. A. Kachvoryan (19422008)

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In memory of G. P. Ostroverkhova (19352008)

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In memory of Ilya Sergeevich Darevskii (19242009)

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In memory of Nikolai Grigoryevich Khrushchov: A view from the past

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In memory of Noel Blake

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In memory of Professor Andr Collet

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In memory of Ralph J. Gray

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In or out: efficient inclusion of installations in an emissions trading scheme?

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In patients with type 1 diabetes and new-onset microalbuminuria the development of advanced chronic kidney disease may not require progression to proteinuria

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In plantaPCR-based detection of early infection of plant-parasitic nematodes in the roots: a step towards the understanding of infection and plant defence

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In praise of compassion

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In pursuit of resilient, low carbon communities: An examination of barriers to action in three Canadian cities

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In pursuit of surgery in general

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In remembrance of Julie Graham

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In search of Alcide De Gasperi: innovations in Italian scholarship since 2003

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In search of Confucian HRM: theory and practice in Greater China and beyond

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In search of a simple assessment instrument for identifying dyslexia in university students

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In search of better job satisfaction

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In search of content validity: facet analysis as a qualitative method to improve questionnaire design

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In search of identity: the development process of the National Grand Theatre in Beijing, China

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In search of lost timing