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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63976

Chapter 63976 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Morales-Fusco, P.; Saurí, S.; Spuch, B., 2010:
Quality indicators and capacity calculation for RoRo terminals

Stevens, D. P, 2010:
Quality lines

Thomas, J. Kull; John, G. Wacker, 2010:
Quality management effectiveness in Asia: The influence of culture

Stockman, J.A., 2010:
Quality of Care of Children in the Emergency Department: Association with Hospital Setting and Physician Training

Anne Walling; Steven Asch; Karl Lorenz; Carol Roth; Tod Barry; Neil Wenger, 2010:
Quality of End-of-Life Care in the Hospital

Boavida, Tânia; Aguiar, Cília; McWilliam, R. A.; Pimentel, Júlia Serpa, 2010:
Quality of Individualized Education Program Goals of Preschoolers With Disabilities

Behrns, K.E., 2010:
Quality of Life After Iatrogenic Bile Duct Injury: A Case Control Study

Murphy, K R.; Meltzer, E O.; Nolte, H; Nathan, R A., 2010:
Quality of Life Is Improved in Persistent Asthma Subjects Treated With Mometasone Furoate/Formoterol: A New Inhaled Corticosteroid/Long-Acting Beta2-Agonist Combination

Bhaskar, K. Somani; Sara Jane MacLennan; James N’Dow, 2010:
Quality of Life With Urinary Diversion

Hickey, A; O’Hanlon, A; McGee, H, 2010:
Quality of Life in Community-dwelling Older People in Ireland

Yogita Rai; Tanusree Dutta; Anil, K. Gulati, 2010:
Quality of Life of HIV-Infected People Across Different Stages of Infection

Kutlu, Aşe; Başaran, Şehnaz; Altun, N Saadet; Ünalan, H; Komsuoğlu, S Şener, 2010:
Quality of Life, Depression and Anxiety in Patients With Epilepsy: Controlled Study With Short Form 36 Questionnaire, Beck Depression Inventory, and Hamilton Anxiety Scale

Ron Amundson, 2010:
Quality of Life, Disability, and Hedonic Psychology

Anne Walling; Karl Lorenz; Steven Asch; Jennifer Malin; Carol Roth; Tod Barry; Neil Wenger, 2010:
Quality of Supportive Care among Inpatients Dying with Advanced Cancer

A. Dąbrowska; E. Wałecka; J. Bania; M. Żelazko; M. Szołtysik; J. Chrzanowska, 2010:
Quality of UHT goat's milk in Poland evaluated by real-time PCR

Margaret, A. Cliff; Peter, M.A. Toivonen; Charles, F. Forney; Patty (Pei-Yi) Liu; Changwen Lu, 2010:
Quality of fresh-cut apple slices stored in solid and micro-perforated film packages having contrasting O2 headspace atmospheres

Sharon Dea; Jeffrey, K. Brecht; M. Cecilia, N. Nunes; Elizabeth, A. Baldwin, 2010:
Quality of fresh-cut Kent mango slices prepared from hot water or non-hot water-treated fruit

Orang Estegamet, 2010:
Quality of hides obtained from cattle-zebu hybrids

Siriwat Soontaranon; Joewono Widjaja, 2010:
Quality of images decrypted from in-line holographic encryption of images

Bartels, S AL, 2010:
Quality of life after laparoscopic and open colorectal surgery: A systematic review

Cleaver, L., 2010:
Quality of life and psychological distress in patients with cutaneous lymphoma

Moreno, Tás Sánchez-Araña; Ruiz-Doblado, S; Hernández-Fleta, Jé Luis; Touriño-Gonzalez, R; León-Pérez, P, 2010:
Quality of life in a sample of schizophrenic patients with and without metabolic syndrome

Stockman, J.A., 2010:
Quality of life in adolescents with treated coeliac disease: influence of compliance and age at diagnosis

Zielińska-Więczkowska, H; Betłakowski, J, 2010:
Quality of life in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

John, K. Ramage, 2010:
Quality of life in gut and pancreasrelated neuroendocrine tumours

Kim, G.K.; Del Rosso, J.Q., 2010:
Quality of life in the actinic neoplasia syndrome: The VA Topical Tretinoin Chemoprevention (VATTC) Trial

Wei-Chu Chie; Chia-Ying Lan; Chieh Chiang; Chi-An Chen, 2010:
Quality of life of patients with ovarian cancer in Taiwan: validation and application of the Taiwan Chinese version of the EORTC QLQ-OV28

Ruberg, R.L., 2010:
Quality of life, patient satisfaction and cosmetic outcome after breast reconstruction using DIEP flap or expandable breast implant

Silmara Bispo Santos; Marcio Arêdes Martins; Lêda Rita D’Antonino Faroni; Valfrido Rodrigues Junior; Onkar Dev Dhingra, 2010:
Quality of maize grains treated with allyl isothiocyanate stored in hermetic bags

Oliveira Filho, P Roberto Campagnoli de; Fávaro-Trindade, C Sílvia; Trindade, M Antônio; Balieiro, Júlio Cesar de Carvalho; Viegas, E Maria Macedo, 2010:
Quality of sausage elaborated using minced Nile Tilapia submmitted to cold storage

Benjamin Weiss; Christine Kühnel; Ina Wechsung; Sascha Fagel; Sebastian Möller, 2010:
Quality of talking heads in different interaction and media contexts

Raab, S.S., 2010:
Quality of teaching in chemical pathology: ability of interns to order and interpret laboratory tests

A. V. Evchenko; I. D. Kobyakov, 2010:
Quality of tilling soil with disk tillers

G. N. Gil’deeva; V. V. Chistyakov; E. Yu. Demchenkova, 2010:
Quality of verapamil crystalline parent substance studied using IR spectroscopy and thermal analysis

Sachin, N. Hajare; Sudhanshu Saxena; Sanjeev Kumar; Surbhi Wadhawan; Varsha More; B.B. Mishra; Madan Narayan Parte; Satyendra Gautam; Arun Sharma, 2010:
Quality profile of litchi (Litchi chinensis) cultivars from India and effect of radiation processing

De Groote, H; Nyanamba, T; Wahome, R, 2010:
Quality protein maize for the feed industry in Kenya

Ni Yao; Koushik Seetharaman, 2010:
Quality variations in flours used for pretzel manufacturing

G. Assefa; M. Glaumann; T. Malmqvist; O. Eriksson, 2010:
Quality versus impact: Comparing the environmental efficiency of building properties using the EcoEffect tool

Rantala, J; Saarinen, V-Matti; Hallongren, H, 2010:
Quality, productivity and costs of spot mounding after slash and stump removal

T. Mikami; I. Hirasawa, 2010:
Quality-Controlled Reactive Crystallization of SrSO4 To Produce High-Valued Chemicals

Paul, F. Worthington, 2010:
Quality-assured evaluation of effective porosity using fit-for-purpose estimates of clay-mineral volume fraction

W. Kemlein, 2010:
Qualitätszirkel Manuelle Medizin bei Kindern

Ben Salah Frih, Z.; Boudoukhane, S.; Jellad, A.; Salah, S.; Rejeb, N., 2010:
Qualit de vie des parents denfant atteint de paralysie crbrale

Felts, E.; Parratte, S.; Pauly, V.; Aubaniac, J.-M.; Argenson, J.-N., 2010:
Qualit de vie et fonction aprs prothse unicompartimentale (PUC) mediale de genou chez les sujets de moins de 60ans

Chapellier, C; Marcotte-Bloch, Cécile; Marcy, P-Yves; Benzaken, T; Balu-Maestro, C, 2010:
Quand classer une lsion BI-RADS 3 en IRM mammaire ?

Pierru, F., 2010:
Quand dire la solidarit, ce nest pas la faire

Tombal, B, 2010:
Quand est-ce que je propose un blocage andrognique complet ?

Sitbon, O.; Mussot, S., 2010:
Quand la stnose tue le moral de la pharmacienne

J.-M. Guilé, 2010:
Quand pour un enfant la violence se fait jeu

Philit, F.; Houssière, A., 2010:
Quand proposer la transplantation (hors mucoviscidose) ?

Baujard, C; Mazoit, J-Xavier, 2010:
Quand rcuser un enfant pour une intervention chirurgicale ?

Garcia-Masso, X; Colado, J C.; Gonzalez, L M.; Tella, V; Moya-Najera, D; Lucas, A G., 2010:
Quantification Of The Plyometric Push-ups Intensity Through The Pectoralis Major Myoelectric Activity

Lucile Jeanne, 2010:
Quantification de lantigne HBs

Yasui, H; Wakamura, S; Tanaka, S; Harano, K-ichi; Mochizuki, F; Nagayama, A; Hokama, Y; Arakaki, N, 2010:
Quantification of 2-butanol as a sex attractant pheromone and related alcohols emitted by individual white grub beetle, Dasylepida ishigakiensis (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Zachary, H. Reed; Jae, W. Park, 2010:
Quantification of Alaska pollock surimi in prepared crabstick by competitive ELISA using a myosin light chain 1 specific peptide

S.P. Kamath; S. Anuradha; H.S. Vidya; K.S. Mohan; Yelena Dudin, 2010:
Quantification of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab protein in tissues of YieldGard (MON810) corn hybrids tested at multiple field locations in India

Kirkham, A.; Evans, G., 2010:
Quantification of Carbonate Ramp Sedimentation and Progradation Rates for the Late Holocene Abu Dhabi Shoreline--Discussion

Forster, K.M.; Opp, D.; Zhang, G.; Latifi, K.; Pritz, J.; Shridhar, R.; Dilling, T.; Hoffe, S.; Feygelman, V., 2010:
Quantification of Delivered IMRT Dose Distributions for Mobile Targets

Tikuisis, T.; Taylor, G.; Sonnenberg, K.; Cavanagh, J., 2010:
Quantification of Emission Compounds Generated During Commercial-Scale Processing of Advanced Sclairtech TM Polyethylene

O'Brien, C; Cadarette, B S., 2010:
Quantification of Head Sweating in Desert and Tropic Conditions

Jose Antonio Grande; Antonio Jiménez; Sixto Romero; María Luisa de la Torre; Tamara Gómez-Olivera, 2010:
Quantification of Heavy Metals from A.M.D. Discharged into a Public Water Supply Dam in the Iberian Pyrite Belt (SW Spain) Using Centered Moving Average

Girotti, S; Maiolini, E; Ghini, S; Eremin, S; Mañes, J, 2010:
Quantification of Imidacloprid in Honeybees: Development of a Chemiluminescent ELISA

Nascimento, R S.; Froes, R E. S.; e Silva, N O. C.; Naveira, R L. P.; Mendes, D B. C.; Neto, W B.; Silva, Jé Bento, B., 2010:
Quantification of Inorganic Constituents in Brazilian Human Milk by ICP OES

Schippers, A; Köweker, G; Höft, C; Teichert, B M. A., 2010:
Quantification of Microbial Communities in Forearc Sediment Basins off Sumatra

Chien, F-Tso; Kruithof, M; Routh, A; Rhodes, D; van Noort, J, 2010:
Quantification of Nucleosome Stacking in Single 30 nm Chromatin Fibers

Kumagai, M.; Mori, S.; Okada, T.; Asakura, H.; Kandatsu, S.; Tsuji, H.; Kamada, T., 2010:
Quantification of Respiratory Induced Dose Variation in Heavy Charged Particle Prostate Therapy Using Four-dimensional CT

A. Pederzoli; M. Mircea; S. Finardi; A. di Sarra; G. Zanini, 2010:
Quantification of Saharan dust contribution to PM10 concentrations over Italy during 20032005

Sijing Huang; Yijie Wang; Shutian Ge; Qingyun Cai; Craig, A. Grimes, 2010:
Quantification of Staphylococcus epidermidis using a wireless, mass-responsive sensor

Barreto, W José; Giancoli Barreto, S Regina; Scarminio, I Spacino; Inoue, F, 2010:
Quantification of Textile Dyes in Industrial Effluent Using UV-Vis Spectrophotometry Combined with Principal Components Regression

Horrocks, A. R.; Smart, G.; Nazare, S.; Kandola, B.; Price, D., 2010:
Quantification of Zinc Hydroxystannate** and Stannate** Synergies in Halogen-containing Flame-retardant Polymeric Formulations

Huddleston, P.M., 2010:
Quantification of a Meaningful Change in Low Back Functional Impairment

Amélie Darracq; Georgia Destouni; Klas Persson; Carmen Prieto; Jerker Jarsjö, 2010:
Quantification of advective solute travel times and mass transport through hydrological catchments

Fernandez, M. R.; Clarke, F. R.; Knox, R. E.; Clarke, J. M.; Singh, A. K., 2010:
Quantification of effects of leaf spotting diseases on grain yield and market quality of durum wheat using near-isogenic lines

Axel Gerik; Jörn H. Kruhl; Alfredo Caggianelli, 2010:
Quantification of flow patterns in sheared tonalite crystal-melt mush: Application of fractal-geometry methods

Dmitry, A. Ruban, 2010:
Quantification of geodiversity and its loss

A. V. Saprygin; V. M. Golik; V. A. Kalashnikov; O. V. Elistratov; M. V. Kazantsev, 2010:
Quantification of heavy perfluorinated organics by mass spectrometry

Jesper Lebæk; Syed Talat Ali; Per Møller; Claus Mathiasen; Lars Pleth Nielsen; Søren Knudsen Kær, 2010:
Quantification of in situ temperature measurements on a PBI-based high temperature PEMFC unit cell

M.L. Zeraik; J.H. Yariwake, 2010:
Quantification of isoorientin and total flavonoids in Passiflora edulis fruit pulp by HPLC-UV/DAD

Ming Ye; Philip, D. Meyer; Yu-Feng Lin; Shlomo, P. Neuman, 2010:
Quantification of model uncertainty in environmental modeling

Christine Stumpp; Piotr Maloszewski, 2010:
Quantification of preferential flow and flow heterogeneities in an unsaturated soil planted with different crops using the environmental isotope 18O

M. R. Morad; A. Khalili; A. Roskosch; J. Lewandowski, 2010:
Quantification of pumping rate ofChironomus plumosuslarvae in natural burrows

Mitsutoshi Nagase; Ruirong Yi; Fuminori Hidaka; Kazuhiko Maeta; Tadanori Aimi; Takeshi Yamaguchi; Katsuaki Suginaka; Tsutomu Morinaga, 2010:
Quantification of relative flying fish paste content in the processed seafoodago-noyakiusing real-time PCR

Ian, T. Riley; Sue Wiebkin; Diana Hartley; Alan, C. McKay, 2010:
Quantification of roots and seeds in soil with real-time PCR

A. Guillotin; G. Guiglionda; C. Maurice; J.H. Driver, 2010:
Quantification of roping intensity on aluminium sheets by Areal Power Spectral Density analysis

David, R. Burnett; Naira, H. Campbell-Kyureghyan, 2010:
Quantification of scan-specific ergonomic risk-factors in medical sonography

D. Djumaeva; J. P. A. Lamers; C. Martius; A. Khamzina; N. Ibragimov; P. L. G. Vlek, 2010:
Quantification of symbiotic nitrogen fixation byElaeagnus angustifoliaL. on salt-affected irrigated croplands using two15N isotopic methods

Vyacheslav, M. Zobin; Alicia Martínez, 2010:
Quantification of the 19981999 explosion sequence at Popocatpetl volcano, Mexico

Sales, J, 2010:
Quantification of the Differences in Flesh Fatty Acid Components between Farmed and Wild Fish

Seth, N; Chakravarty, P; Khandeparker, L; Anil, A Chandrashekar; Pandit, A B., 2010:
Quantification of the energy required for the destruction of Balanus amphitrite larva by ultrasonic treatment

Taketo Ashizawa; Mami Takahashi; Jouji Moriwaki; Kazuyuki Hirayae, 2010:
Quantification of the rice false smut pathogenUstilaginoidea virensfrom soil in Japan using real-time PCR

Spicer, R A.; Yang, J, 2010:
Quantification of uncertainties in fossil leaf paleoaltimetry: Does leaf size matter?

S.G. Goh; Karina, Y.H. Gin, 2010:
Quantification of viable Enterococcus faecalis in recreational water by propidium monoazide quantitative PCR

Antoine Bacciochini; Fadhel Ben-Ettouil; Elodie Brousse; Jan Ilavsky; Ghislain Montavon; Alain Denoirjean; Stéphane Valette; Pierre Fauchais, 2010:
Quantification of void networks of as-sprayed and annealed nanostructured yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) deposits manufactured by suspension plasma spraying

Janilson, G. Rocha; Laércio Zambolim; Eunize, M. Zambolim; Francisco, X. Ribeiro do Vale; Waldir, C.J. Junior; Armando Bergamin Filho, 2010:
Quantification of yield loss due to coffee leaf scorch

Davis, J; Fairley, D; McCarthy, A; Coyle, P; Christie, S; Shields, M; Tubman, R, 2010:
Quantification of bacterial load in late-onset neonatal sepsis using molecular techniques

Couto, M Aparecida Luzia; Canniatti-Brazaca, S Guidolin, 2010:
Quantificao de vitamina C e capacidade antioxidante de variedades ctricas

Walter, H. Smith; Leslie, J. Rissler, 2010:
Quantifying Disturbance in Terrestrial Communities: AbundanceBiomass Comparisons of Herpetofauna Closely Track Forest Succession

Verdon-Kidd, D C.; Kiem, A S., 2010:
Quantifying Drought Risk in a Nonstationary Climate

Mauduit, C; Hammoum, F; Piau, J-Michel; Mauduit, Véry; Ludwig, Séphane; Hamon, D, 2010:
Quantifying Expansion Effects Induced by Freeze-Thaw Cycles in Partially Water Saturated Bituminous Mix

Dick van Oevelen; Karel Van den Meersche; Filip, J. R. Meysman; Karline Soetaert; Jack, J. Middelburg; Alain, F. Vézina, 2010:
Quantifying Food Web Flows Using Linear Inverse Models

Timothy, E. Essington; Caroline, E. Paulsen, 2010:
Quantifying Hypoxia Impacts on an Estuarine Demersal Community Using a Hierarchical Ensemble Approach

Sakagami, M; Ohno, T; Tanaka, T, 2010:
Quantifying Japanese Residents Preferences for Public Meetings in Watershed Decision-Making Process

Johnston, J. W.; Koster, D.; Wolfe, B. B.; Hall, R. I.; Edwards, T. W. D.; Endres, A. L.; Martin, M. E.; Wiklund, J. A.; Light, C., 2010:
Quantifying Lake Athabasca (Canada) water level during the 'Little Ice Age' highstand from palaeolimnological and geophysical analyses of a transgressive barrier-beach complex

Alexandre, R. Cabral; Marlon, A. Capanema; Julia Gebert; Joao, F. Moreira; Louis, B. Jugnia, 2010:
Quantifying Microbial Methane Oxidation Efficiencies in Two Experimental Landfill Biocovers Using Stable Isotopes

Scruggs, P W.; Mungen, J D.; Oh, Y, 2010:
Quantifying Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity in High School Physical Education: A Pedometer Steps/Minute Standard

René Van Berkel, 2010:
Quantifying Sustainability Benefits of Industrial Symbioses

Roussel, N P.; Sharma, M M., 2010:
Quantifying Transient Effects in Altered-Stress Refracturing of Vertical Wells

Colin, A. McMillan; Michael, R. Moore; Gregory, A. Keoleian; Jonathan, W. Bulkley, 2010:
Quantifying U.S. aluminum in-use stocks and their relationship with economic output

Yadav, V; Schmiedeler, J P.; McDowell, S; Worthen-Chaudhari, L, 2010:
Quantifying age-related differences in human reaching while interacting with a rehabilitation robotic device

Brett, A. Bryan; Agnès Grandgirard; John, R. Ward, 2010:
Quantifying and Exploring Strategic Regional Priorities for Managing Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Given Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives

Armstrong, P. I.; Fouad, N. A.; Rounds, J.; Hubert, L., 2010:
Quantifying and Interpreting Group Differences in Interest Profiles

Bailey Jacobson; Pedro, R. Peres-Neto, 2010:
Quantifying and disentangling dispersal in metacommunities: how close have we come? How far is there to go?

C. de Jager; S. Duhau; B. van Geel, 2010:
Quantifying and specifying the solar influence on terrestrial surface temperature

L.M. Cardenas; R. Thorman; N. Ashlee; M. Butler; D. Chadwick; B. Chambers; S. Cuttle; N. Donovan; H. Kingston; S. Lane; M.S. Dhanoa; D. Scholefield, 2010:
Quantifying annual N2O emission fluxes from grazed grassland under a range of inorganic fertiliser nitrogen inputs

S. Khan; A. Ahmad; L. Zhaoqing; T. Rana; J. Mu; J. Blackwell; N. Jayawardane, 2010:
Quantifying aquifer water balance and salinity dynamics to minimise environmental impacts of a land-based effluent treatment system in China

Bandaru, V; Hansen, D J.; Codling, E E.; Daughtry, C S.; White-Hansen, S; Green, C E., 2010:
Quantifying arsenic-induced morphological changes in spinach leaves: implications for remote sensing

Stelzenmüller, V; Lee, J; South, A; Rogers, S, 2010:
Quantifying cumulative impacts of human pressures on the marine environment: a geospatial modelling framework

Kirschner, J P.; Kominz, M A.; Mwakanyamale, K E., 2010:
Quantifying extension of passive margins: Implications for sea level change

Jessica, L. Morgan; Sarah, E. Gergel, 2010:
Quantifying historic landscape heterogeneity from aerial photographs using object-based analysis

Ho-Young Kwon; Robert, J.M. Hudson, 2010:
Quantifying management-driven changes in organic matter turnover in an agricultural soil: An inverse modeling approach using historical data and a surrogate CENTURY-type model

Yann Vitasse; Caroline, C. Bresson; Antoine Kremer; Richard Michalet; Sylvain Delzon, 2010:
Quantifying phenological plasticity to temperature in two temperate tree species

Bradbury, G. J.; Potts, B. M.; Beadle, C. L., 2010:
Quantifying phenotypic variation in wood colour in Acacia melanoxylon R.Br

Matthew Hodge; John Ochsendorf; John Fernández, 2010:
Quantifying potential profit from material recycling: a case study in brick manufacturing

Grégory Sonnier; Bill Shipley; Marie-Laure Navas, 2010:
Quantifying relationships between traits and explicitly measured gradients of stress and disturbance in early successional plant communities

A. V. Vollsnes; C. M. Futsaether; A. G. Bengough, 2010:
Quantifying rhizosphere particle movement around mutant maize roots using time-lapse imaging and particle image velocimetry

Rolita Louise Bruce; Christine M Moffitt, 2010:
Quantifying risks of volitional consumption of New Zealand Mudsnails by Steelhead and Rainbow Trout

Xuejun Dong; Bob, D. Patton; Anne, C. Nyren; Paul, E. Nyren; Lyle, D. Prunty, 2010:
Quantifying root water extraction by rangeland plants through soil water modeling

Dean, A. Croshaw, 2010:
Quantifying sexual selection: a comparison of competing indices with mating system data from a terrestrially breeding salamander

D. Alta; C. Ertekin; F. Evrendilek, 2010:
Quantifying spatio-temporal dynamics of solar radiation exergy over Turkey

Carruthers, T R.; McAllister, M K., 2010:
Quantifying tag reporting rates for Atlantic tuna fleets using coincidental tag returns

Kate, O. Poropatich, C L. Fischer Walker and Robert, E. Black, 2010:
Quantifying the Association between Campylobacter Infection and Guillain-Barr Syndrome: A Systematic Review

Klocker, A; McDougall, T J., 2010:
Quantifying the Consequences of the Ill-Defined Nature of Neutral Surfaces

Burchard, H; Hetland, R D., 2010:
Quantifying the Contributions of Tidal Straining and Gravitational Circulation to Residual Circulation in Periodically Stratified Tidal Estuaries

Xanthos, A.; Gillis, S., 2010:
Quantifying the Development of Inflectional Diversity

Grundstein, A; Dowd, J; Meentemeyer, V, 2010:
Quantifying the Heat-Related Hazard for Children in Motor Vehicles

Freitas, S.C.; Trigo, I.F.; Bioucas-Dias, J.M.; Gottsche, F.-M., 2010:
Quantifying the Uncertainty of Land Surface Temperature Retrievals From SEVIRI/Meteosat

T. Kaminski; M. Scholze; S. Houweling, 2010:
Quantifying the benefit of A-SCOPE data for reducing uncertainties in terrestrial carbon fluxes in CCDAS

Gilbert, J D. J.; Thomas, L K.; Manica, A, 2010:
Quantifying the benefits and costs of parental care in assassin bugs

Ehrlich, D; Zeug, G; Gallego, J; Gerhardinger, A; Caravaggi, I; Pesaresi, M, 2010:
Quantifying the building stock from optical high-resolution satellite imagery for assessing disaster risk

Peter Millard; Andrew, J. Midwood; John, E. Hunt; Margaret, M. Barbour; David Whitehead, 2010:
Quantifying the contribution of soil organic matter turnover to forest soil respiration, using natural abundance 13C

J.K. Kaldellis; A. Kokala, 2010:
Quantifying the decrease of the photovoltaic panels energy yield due to phenomena of natural air pollution disposal

F. Christien; Y. Borjon-Piron; R. Le Gall; S. Saillet, 2010:
Quantifying the effect of fracture surface topography on the scattering of grain boundary segregation measurement by Auger electron spectroscopy

P. M. Berry; D. R. Kindred; J. E. Olesen; L. N. Jorgensen; N. D. Paveley, 2010:
Quantifying the effect of interactions between disease control, nitrogen supply and land use change on the greenhouse gas emissions associated with wheat production

Keith, E. Schilling; Kung-Sik Chan; Hai Liu; You-Kuan Zhang, 2010:
Quantifying the effect of land use land cover change on increasing discharge in the Upper Mississippi River

Chao Chen; Enli Wang; Qiang Yu; Yongqiang Zhang, 2010:
Quantifying the effects of climate trends in the past 43

Ehsan Abdi; Baris Majnounian; Maria Genet; Hassan Rahimi, 2010:
Quantifying the effects of root reinforcement of Persian Ironwood (Parrotia persica) on slope stability; a case study: Hillslope of Hyrcanian forests, northern Iran

Procter, J.; Cronin, S. J.; Fuller, I. C.; Lube, G.; Manville, V., 2010:
Quantifying the geomorphic impacts of a lake-breakout lahar, Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

C. Bowe; N. Haq, 2010 :
Quantifying the global environmental niche of an underutilised tropical fruit tree (Tamarindus indica) using herbarium records

Mark, D. Wahl; Larry, C. Brown; Alfred, O. Soboyejo; Jay Martin; Bin Dong, 2010:
Quantifying the hydraulic performance of treatment wetlands using the moment index

David, C. Broadstock; Lester, C. Hunt, 2010:
Quantifying the impact of exogenous non-economic factors on UK transport oil demand

S.J. Butler; L. Boccaccio; R.D. Gregory; P. Vorisek; K. Norris, 2010:
Quantifying the impact of land-use change to European farmland bird populations

Chisa Umemiya; Ewald Rametsteiner; Florian Kraxner, 2010:
Quantifying the impacts of the quality of governance on deforestation

Laura, C. Jesse; John, D. Nason; John, J. Obrycki; Kirk, A. Moloney, 2010:
Quantifying the levels of sexual reproduction and clonal spread in the invasive plant,Rosa multiflora

Justin, D. K. Bishop; Gehan, A. J. Amaratunga; Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez, 2010:
Quantifying the limits of HANPP and carbon emissions which prolong total species well-being

Copenhaver, C; Wu, Y; Mortimer, J A., 2010:
Quantifying the predictive value of idea density for dementia and neuropathological outcomes using ROC curves

Liu, J.; Barker, D; Sulc, R; Jang, J; Wang, G, 2010:
Quantifying the proportion of perennial ryegrass cultivars in intra-species mixtures using simple sequence repeat (SSR) and inter-SSR (ISSR) markers and discriminant analysis

Klenk, N L.; Dabros, A; Hickey, G M., 2010:
Quantifying the research impact of the Sustainable Forest Management Network in the social sciences: a bibliometric study

Kengo Suzuki; Yohji Uchiyama, 2010:
Quantifying the risk of an increase in the prices of non-energy products by combining the portfolio and inputoutput approaches

Christopher, J. Ellis; Simon, C. Ellis, 2010:
Quantifying the role of deterministic assembly and stochastic drift in a natural community of Arctic mosses

Md. Firoz Khan; Koichiro Hirano; Shigeki Masunaga, 2010:
Quantifying the sources of hazardous elements of suspended particulate matter aerosol collected in Yokohama, Japan

Samuel, L. Manzello; Yoshihiko Hayashi; Takefumi Yoneki; Yu Yamamoto, 2010:
Quantifying the vulnerabilities of ceramic tile roofing assemblies to ignition during a firebrand attack

S. Alfieri; U. Amato; M.F. Carfora; M. Esposito; V. Magliulo, 2010:
Quantifying trace gas emissions from composite landscapes: A mass-budget approach with aircraft measurements

Ferguson, C R.; Sheffield, J; Wood, E F.; Gao, H, 2010:
Quantifying uncertainty in a remote sensing-based estimate of evapotranspiration over continental USA

Hsin-Hung Wu; Jiunn-I Shieh, 2010:
Quantifying uncertainty in applying importance-performance analysis

Ben Staley; Egor Zindy; Alain Pluen, 2010:
Quantifying uptake and distribution of arginine rich peptides at therapeutic concentrations using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and image correlation spectroscopy techniques

Ingrid Öborn; Anthony, C. Edwards; Stephen Hillier, 2010:
Quantifying uptake rate of potassium from soil in a long-term grass rotation experiment

Yonkee, A; Weil, A Brandon, 2010:
Quantifying vertical axis rotation in curved orogens: Correlating multiple data sets with a refined weighted least squares strike test

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Quantifying walking and standing behaviour of dairy cows using a moving average based on output from an accelerometer

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Quantifying humics in freshwaters: purpose and methods

Mak, S.; Choy, L.; Ho, W., 2010:
Quantile Regression Estimates of Hong Kong Real Estate Prices

Chen, J; Lazar, N A., 2010:
Quantile estimation for discrete data via empirical likelihood

Furno, M., 2010:
Quantile regression analysis of the Italian school system

Susil Francis Fernando; Brad William Woonton, 2010:
Quantitation of N-acetylneuraminic (sialic) acid in bovine glycomacropeptide (GMP)

Müller, E; Volkenandt, T; Hu, D; Schaadt, D; Gerthsen, D, 2010:
Quantitative Analysis by Electron Transmission Measurements in a Scanning Electron Microscope

Koch, C, 2010:
Quantitative Analysis of Crystal Defects: Towards 3-Dimensional Imaging of Charge Densities and Atomic Structure by Inline Electron Holography

Friedrich, H; Gommes, C; de Jongh, P; de Jong, K, 2010:
Quantitative Analysis of Electron Tomograms Using Auto- and Cross-Correlations

Zhang, J; Xiao, J; Meng, X; Monroe, C; Huang, Y; Zuo, J, 2010:
Quantitative Analysis of Graphene Folded Edges Using Electron Diffraction

Liu, J; Qiao, B, 2010:
Quantitative Analysis of Lead Ores Using Sepharose for Sample Preparation by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Alastair Harborne, 2010:
Quantitative Analysis of Marine Biological Communities: Field Biology and Environment By Gerald J Bakus

Schladitz, K; Godehardt, M; Kübel, C, 2010:
Quantitative Analysis of Materials Structures Based on 3D Image Data

Altunbas, C.; Diot, Q.; Kavanagh, B.; Chen, C.; Miften, M., 2010:
Quantitative Analysis of Vertebral Bone Density Change following Spine Radiosurgery

Mohieldin, A H. A.; Chidambaram, A; Sabapathivinayagam, R; Al Busairi, W, 2010:
Quantitative Assessment of Postural Stability and Balance Between Persons with Lower Limb Amputation and Normal Subjects by using Dynamic Posturography

Parsons, A L.; Skalski, J R., 2010:
Quantitative Assessment of Salmonid Escapement Techniques

Salzer, R; Graff, A; Simon, M; Altmann, F, 2010:
Quantitative Assessment of TEM-Sample Warping Caused by FIB Preparation

Jinschek, J; Yucelen, E; Calderon, H; Freitag, B, 2010:
Quantitative Atomic 3-D Imaging of Single/Double Sheet Graphene Structure by Exit-Wave Reconstruction Using a Titan G2 at 80kV Acceleration Voltage

Acevedo, A L.; Zuckier, L S., 2010:
Quantitative CT (QCT) can Survey Bone Density During PET-CT Studies of Oncology Patients - The First 100 Studies

Chen, X; Li, B-Lian, 2010:
Quantitative Classification of Plant Functional Types Based on Photosynthesis

Sang, X; Kulovits, A; Wiezorek, J, 2010:
Quantitative Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction for Simultaneous Structure Factor and Debye Waller Factor Determination - Fitting Method Optimization

Jing, M; Cai, W; Shao, X, 2010:
Quantitative Determination of the Components in Corn and Tobacco Samples by Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Multiblock Partial Least Squares

Leapman, R; Sousa, A; Aronova, M, 2010:
Quantitative EFTEM and STEM Tomography of Soft Materials

Ruberg, R.L., 2010:
Quantitative Effects of Tumescent Infiltration and Bupivicaine Injection in Decreasing Postoperative Pain in Submuscular Breast Augmentation

Yoshida, K; Gai, P; Sueda, S; Tanaka, N, 2010:
Quantitative Electron Tomography of Size-Controlled Metallic Nanodots on Sintered Titania Photocatalysts

Hiradate, S; Ohse, K; Furubayashi, A; Fujii, Y, 2010:
Quantitative Evaluation of Allelopathic Potentials in Soils: Total Activity Approach

Frédéric Pailloux; Marie-Laure David; Laurent Pizzagalli, 2010:
Quantitative HRTEM investigation of nanoplatelets

Huffman, S W.; Salido, A L.; Evanoff, D D., 2010 :
Quantitative Infrared Spectroscopy in the Undergraduate Laboratory Via Multivariate Mixture Analysis of a Simulated Analgesic

Jan, J. Verspoor; Douglas, C. Braun; John, D. Reynolds, 2010:
Quantitative Links Between Pacific Salmon and Stream Periphyton

Craft, J.M.; Oh, J.; Ju, M.; Bradley, J.; Deasy, J.; El Naqa, I., 2010:
Quantitative Mass Spectroscopy and the Identification of Alpha2macroglobulin as a Potential Biomarker for Radiation Pneumonitis

Yuan, B; Heinrich, H; Yao, B; Dutta, A, 2010:
Quantitative Measurement of Volumes for Nanoparticles by High-Angle Annular Dark-Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

Sarabipour, S; Hristova, K, 2010:
Quantitative Measurements of Receptor Interactions in Mammalian Cells: Implications for Human Pathologies

Cervellati, C.; Paetz, C.; Dondini, L.; Masia, A.; Schneider, B., 2010:
Quantitative NMR and Secondary Metabolites: a New Frontier of Phenotyping

Miet Boonen; Jelle Mertens; Jan Michiels; Erik Smolders, 2010:
Quantitative PCR assays to enumerate Rhizobium leguminosarum strains in soil also target non viable cells and overestimate those detected by the plant infection method

Vicenzi, E; Velbel, M, 2010:
Quantitative Phase Analysis of Martian Meteorite Alteration

Hüe, F; Maiden, A; Rodenburg, J; Midgley, P, 2010:
Quantitative Phase Retrieval by Ptychography in TEM

Možina, H; Vukan, V; Lenart, K; Skitek, M; Osredkar, Jško, 2010:
Quantitative Point-of-Care Troponin I in Emergency Department in Comparison With Troponin I in Central Laboratory

Guo, R.; Chen, Z.; Chen, N.; Chen, Y., 2010:
Quantitative Real-Time PCR Analysis of Intestinal Regular Fungal Species in Fecal Samples From Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Lihshing Leigh Wang, 2010:
Quantitative Research Methodology: Common Pitfalls and Recommended Solutions

Geng, C; Luo, Q; Chen, M; Li, Z; Zhang, C, 2010:
Quantitative Risk Assessment of Trichloroethylene for a Former Chemical Works in Shanghai, China

Ade, H, 2010:
Quantitative Soft X-ray Microscopy of Soft Matter

Fatemi, M H.; Ghorbanzad'e, M; Baher, E, 2010:
Quantitative Structure Retention Relationship Modeling of Retention Time for Some Organic Pollutants

Endesfelder, U; Finan, K; Cook, P; Kapanidis, A; Heilemann, M, 2010:
Quantitative Studies of Transcription in E.coli With Subdiffraction Fluorescence Microscopy

H. H. Liu; N. Pryds; J. Schou; X. Huang, 2010:
Quantitative TEM analysis of Al/Cu multilayer systems prepared by pulsed laser deposition

Gauvin, R; Michaud, P; Trudeau, M, 2010:
Quantitative X-Ray Microanalysis of Real Materials in Electron Microscopy with Monte Carlo Simulations

Schmid, M. S.; Dusseldorp, E., 2010:
Quantitative analyses in a multivariate study of language attrition: the impact of extralinguistic factors

Rabie Khattab; Erin Goldberg; Lin Lin; Usha Thiyam, 2010 :
Quantitative analysis and free-radical-scavenging activity of chlorophyll, phytic acid, and condensed tannins in canola

Danielle Cleveland; Robert, G. Michel, 2010:
Quantitative analysis by resonant laser ablation with optical emission detection: Resonant laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Yunlong Gu; Peter Sanders; Harry, J. Ploehn, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of PtPAMAM ligand exchange reactions: Time and concentration effects

L.M. Galantucci; F. Lavecchia; G. Percoco, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of a chemical treatment to reduce roughness of parts fabricated using fused deposition modeling

Wu, H-Zhen; Fu, L-Yun; Ge, H-Kui, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of basin-scale heterogeneities using sonic-log data in the Yanchang Basin

Macaire, J.-J.; Fourmont, A.; Argant, J.; Breheret, J.-G.; Hinschberger, F.; Trement, F., 2010:
Quantitative analysis of climate versus human impact on sediment yield since the Lateglacial: The Sarlieve palaeolake catchment (France)

Beak Seok Seong; Eunjoo Shin; Shi-Hoon Choi; Yong Choi; Young Soo Han; Kye Hong Lee; Yo Tomota, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of fine nano-sized precipitates in low-carbon steels by small angle neutron scattering

Elif Turabi; Gulum Sumnu; Serpil Sahin, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of macro and micro-structure of gluten-free rice cakes containing different types of gums baked in different ovens

Yinjing Lin; Hongqing Wang; Lei Han; Yongguang Zheng; Yu Wang, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of meso-β-scale convective cells and anvil clouds over North China

Tomonaga Ueno; Erika Nakashima; Kunihiko Takeda, 2010 :
Quantitative analysis of random scission and chain-end scission in the thermal degradation of polyethylene

Li Zhenxing; Zhang Yiqun; Lin Hong; Samee Haider; Jiang Jie, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of shrimp allergen in food matrices using a protein chip based on sandwich immunoassay

Li Zhidong, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of sustainable energy strategies in China

I. G. Nidekker; O. O. Kupriyanova, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of the balanced state of neurogenic influences on the heart rate

K. E. Jones; A. Goswami, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of the influences of phylogeny and ecology on phocid and otariid pinniped (Mammalia; Carnivora) cranial morphology

N. M. Datsenko; N. N. Ivashchenko; D. M. Sonechkin; B. Yang, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of the tree-ring width record features essential for paleoclimatic reconstructions

Adedotun Adebowale; Tuan Phan, 2010:
Quantitative analysis of toxic halogenated contaminants in Oluyoro stream of Nigeria

Delia, B. Rodriguez-Amaya, 2010:
Quantitative analysis, in vitro assessment of bioavailability and antioxidant activity of food carotenoidsA review

Caceres, M M.; Acuña, I; Bernhardt, J N.; Premolo, P; Scabuzzo, F; Tillard, S, 2010:
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Intrusions, False Positives and Perseverations in a Memory Test in Patients with Memory Complaints

E. Escarnot; R. Agneessens; B. Wathelet; M. Paquot, 2010:
Quantitative and qualitative study of spelt and wheat fibres in varying milling fractions

Yang Yanli; Zhang Peidong; Zhang Wenlong; Tian Yongsheng; Zheng Yonghong; Wang Lisheng, 2010:
Quantitative appraisal and potential analysis for primary biomass resources for energy utilization in China

van Aardt, W, 2010:
Quantitative aspects of oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange through the lungs in Ocypode ceratophthalmus (Crustacea: Decapoda) during rest and exercise in water and air

Liu, W; Guan, M; Su, B; Ye, C; Li, J; Zhang, X; Liu, C; Li, M; Lin, Y; Lu, Y, 2010:
Quantitative assessment of AKAP12 promoter methylation in colorectal cancer using methylation-sensitive high resolution melting: Correlation with Duke's stage

Mohamed, A. Mahmoud; Ali, F. Alajmi, 2010:
Quantitative assessment of energy conservation due to public awareness campaigns using neural networks

Achudume, A Cosmas; Owoeye, D, 2010:
Quantitative assessment of heavy metals in some tea marketed in Nigeria Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in tea

Hass, R. W.; Weisberg, R. W.; Choi, J., 2010:
Quantitative case-studies in musical composition: the development of creativity in popular-songwriting teams

Fang Chen; Min Wang; Yu Zheng; Jianmei Luo; Xiurong Yang; Xuelian Wang, 2010:
Quantitative changes of plant defense enzymes and phytohormone in biocontrol of cucumber Fusarium wilt byBacillus subtilisB579

T. G. Trochinskaya; T. F. Blankovskaya; V. N. Totskii, 2010:
Quantitative characters of male generative structure cells of wheat, rye, and wheat-rye hybrids during microsporogenesis

Kim, B Chae; Park, S-Joon; Choi, S Min; Yoon, W; Seo, S Won; Na, D L., 2010:
Quantitative comparison of 3T and 1.5T MRI in the evaluation of cortical thickness and subcortical volume using FreeSurfer

Yuqing Zhang; Xungang Tan; Peng Xu; Wei Sun; Yongli Xu; Peijun Zhang, 2010:
Quantitative comparison of the expression of myogenic regulatory factors in flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) embryos and adult tissues

Joseph, A. Tobias; Nathalie Seddon; Claire, N. Spottiswoode; John, D. Pilgrim; Lincoln, D. C. Fishpool; Nigel, J. Collar, 2010:
Quantitative criteria for species delimitation

J. Pisonero; L. Lobo; N. Bordel; A. Tempez; A. Bensaoula; N. Badi; A. Sanz-Medel, 2010:
Quantitative depth profile analysis of boron implanted silicon by pulsed radiofrequency glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Jonas Westberg; Lemthong Lathdavong; Claude, M. Dion; Jie Shao; Pawel Kluczynski; Stefan Lundqvist; Ove Axner, 2010:
Quantitative description of Faraday modulation spectrometry in terms of the integrated linestrength and 1st Fourier coefficients of the modulated lineshape function

Xuezhong Wang; Jianyong Wang; Chuanfei Wang; Liufang Zeng; Xuewei Liu, 2010:
Quantitative description of characteristics of high-capacity channels in unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs using in situ production data

E. Ciecierska; A. Boczkowska; K. J. Kurzydlowski, 2010:
Quantitative description of the spatial dispersion of carbon nanotubes in polymeric matrix

Peter, A. Abrams, 2010:
Quantitative descriptions of resource choice in ecological models

Gha-Young Kim; Ahjeong Son, 2010:
Quantitative detection ofE. coliO157:H7eaeAgene using quantum dots and magnetic particles

N. K. Chirikova; D. N. Olennikov; L. M. Tankhaeva, 2010:
Quantitative determination of flavonoid content in the aerial part of Baical scullcap (Scutellaria baicalensisGeorgi)

J.-I. Weon; S.-Y. Song; K.-Y. Choi; S.-G. Lee; J. H. Lee, 2010:
Quantitative determination of scratch-induced damage visibility on polymer surfaces

Chao-Wen Hsueh; Shih-Shen Lin; Chun-Hsiu Lin; Shang-Tao Chien; Wen-Sheng Liu; Fu-Gong Lin; Hsiu-Ting Tsai; Chien-Fu Huang; Chi-Chiang Yang, 2010:
Quantitative diagnosis and analysis of mutations affecting drug resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid of clinicalMycobacterium tuberculosisisolates in Taiwan

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Quantitative ecology, 2nd edn

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Quantitative electroluminescence analysis of resistive losses in Cu(In, Ga)Se2 thin-film modules

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Quantitative estimation and forecast of biomasses of hydrobionts ecological groups with use of determination analysis

Ohara, K; Kageyama, T; Kuwada, T; Umino, T; Furusawa, S, 2010:
Quantitative estimation of Flavobacterium psychrophilum discharged from infected ayu Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis by real-time PCR

Yuko Tsunetsugu; Mario Tonosaki, 2010:
Quantitative estimation of carbon removal effects due to wood utilization up to 2050 in Japan: effects from carbon storage and substitution of fossil fuels by harvested wood products

Harunao Nibe; Naoki Suzuki; Kazutaka Sakiyama; Shinsuke Morioka; Atsushi Ohno, 2010:
Quantitative estimation of the predation of marine ranched striped jackPseudocaranx dentexby herons

Fengqi Tan; Hongqi Li; Changfu Xu; Qingyuan Li; Shouchang Peng, 2010 :
Quantitative evaluation methods for water-flooded layers of conglomerate reservoir based on well logging data

Hyonchol Kim; Hiroyuki Takei; Kenji Yasuda, 2010:
Quantitative evaluation of a gold-nanoparticle labeling method for detecting target DNAs on DNA microarrays

A. Soula; D. Locq; D. Boivin; Y. Renollet; P. Caron; Y. Bréchet, 2010:
Quantitative evaluation of high temperature deformation mechanisms: a specific microgrid extensometry technique coupled with EBSD analysis

Juan Ramon Raposo; Jorge Molinero; Jorge Dafonte, 2010:
Quantitative evaluation of hydrogeological impact produced by tunnel construction using water balance models

Sekino, H, 2010:
Quantitative evaluation of non-linear optical property

Nobuhiko Yasuda; Yan Wang; Takayuki Tsukegi; Yoshihito Shirai; Haruo Nishida, 2010:
Quantitative evaluation of photodegradation and racemization of poly(l-lactic acid) under UV-C irradiation

V. A. Antonets; V. V. Kazakov; N. M. Anishkina, 2010:
Quantitative evaluation of tonal sound frequency perception by a man

Schimel, A. C. G.; Healy, T. R.; Johnson, D.; Immenga, D., 2010:
Quantitative experimental comparison of single-beam, sidescan, and multibeam benthic habitat maps

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Quantitative genetic analysis of growth traits and Kleiber ratios in Sanjabi sheep

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Quantitative genetics and plant genomics: an overview

Prem Narain, 2010:
Quantitative genetics: past and present

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Quantitative genotyping to estimate genetic contributions to pooled samples and genetic merit of the contributing entities

Anyarath Kitwiwattanachai; Doug Nelson; Geoffrey Reed, 2010:
Quantitative impacts of alternative East Asia Free Trade Areas: A Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) assessment

Shaohua Li; Xingchang Li; Jianping Zhang; Yakun Zhang; Jianhua Han; Long Jiang, 2010:
Quantitative investigation of the influence of gold nanoparticles on the dynamics of DNA hybridization using a programmed multi-channel quartz crystal microbalance system

Pankaj Jaiswal; Cees, J. van Westen; Victor Jetten, 2010:
Quantitative landslide hazard assessment along a transportation corridor in southern India

C. Simbrunner; G. Hernandez-Sosa; H. Sitter, 2010:
Quantitative luminous efficiency determination for large-area light-emitting devices

Pei-Chun Lee; Hsin-Ning Su; Feng-Shang Wu, 2010:
Quantitative mapping of patented technology The case of electrical conducting polymer nanocomposite

P. C. Moharana; Amal Kar, 2010:
Quantitative measurement of arid fluvial processes: Results from an upland catchment in Thar Desert

C.M. Hu; C.M. Lai; P.W. Kao; N.J. Ho; J.C. Huang, 2010:
Quantitative measurements of small scaled grain sliding in ultra-fine grained AlZn alloys produced by friction stir processing

W.G. Cui; Q.B. Lai; L. Zhang; F.M. Wang, 2010:
Quantitative measurements of sp3 content in DLC films with Raman spectroscopy

K. Rasilainen; P. Eilu; T. Halkoaho; M. Iljina; T. Karinen, 2010:
Quantitative mineral resource assessment of undiscovered PGE resources in Finland

Rachel Walcott, 2010:
Quantitative modeling of earth surface processes By Jon Pelletier

Tong, X; Xie, H; Qiu, Y; Zhang, H; Song, L; Zhang, Y; Zhao, J, 2010:
Quantitative monitoring of inland water using remote sensing of the upper reaches of the Huangpu River, China

Adrian Leip, 2010:
Quantitative quality assessment of the greenhouse gas inventory for agriculture in Europe

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Quantitative relation between PMSE and ice mass density

Thomas Onfroy; Vanessa Lebarbier; Guillaume Clet; Marwan Houalla, 2010:
Quantitative relationship between the nature of surface species and the catalytic activity of tungsten oxides supported on crystallized titania

R. Wayne Garland, 2010:
Quantitative risk assessment case study for organic acid processes

Li Zhiyong; Pan Xiangmin; Ma Jianxin, 2010:
Quantitative risk assessment on a gaseous hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai

Krumova, E K; Westermann, A; Maier, C, 2010:
Quantitative sensory testing: a diagnostic tool for painful neuropathy

Hauben, M; Madigan, D; Patadia, V; Sakaguchi, M; van Puijenbroek, E, 2010:
Quantitative signal detection for vaccines

V. Yu. Vachnadze; E. Z. Dzhakeli; I. A. Dadeshidze; L. G. Kintsurashvili, 2010:
Quantitative spectrophotometric determination of alkaloids in roots of Vinca herbacea

Sarvesh Kumar Paliwal; Mahima Pal; Anees, A. Siddiqui, 2010:
Quantitative structure activity relationship analysis of angiotensin II AT1receptor antagonists

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Quantitative structureactivity relationship modeling of bioconcentration factors of polychlorinated biphenyls

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Quantitative structureactivity relationship study of nonpeptide antagonists of CXCR2 using stepwise multiple linear regression analysis

Sierra Rayne; Charles, D. Goss; Kaya Forest; Ken, J. Friesen, 2010:
Quantitative structureactivity relationships for estimating the aryl hydrocarbon receptor binding affinities of resveratrol derivatives and the antioxidant activities of hydroxystilbenes

Wei-min Shi; Qi Shen; Bao-xian Ye; Jing-chao Tao, 2010:
Quantitative structureactivity relationships study of photocytotoxicity of miscellaneous porphyrins with amino acid and uracil by gene expression programming

Huitao Liu; Ping Han; Yingying Wen; Feng Luan; Yuan Gao; Xiuyong Li, 2010:
Quantitative structureelectrochemistry relationship for variously-substituted 9, 10-anthraquinones using both an heuristic method and a radial basis function neural network

Hassan Golmohammadi; Majid Safdari, 2010:
Quantitative structureproperty relationship prediction of gas-to-chloroform partition coefficient using artificial neural network

Hassan Golmohammadi; Zahra Dashtbozorgi, 2010:
Quantitative structureproperty relationship studies of gas-to-wet butyl acetate partition coefficient of some organic compounds using genetic algorithm and artificial neural network

Zhiqing Wang; Zongqing Bai; Wen Li; Haokan Chen; Baoqing Li, 2010:
Quantitative study on cross-linking reactions of oxygen groups during liquefaction of lignite by a new model system

Wuest, L J.; Betts, M G., 2010:
Quantitative tracking of the vegetative integrity and distinctness of forested ecological communities: a case study of plantation impacts

Petra Pilařová; Grégoire Marandel; Véronique Decroocq; Jaroslav Salava; Boris Krška; Albert, G. Abbott, 2010:
Quantitative trait analysis of resistance to plum pox virus in the apricot F1 progeny Harlayne Vestar

D. Zhang; C. Liu; H. Cheng; G. Kan; S. Cui; Q. Meng; J. Gai; D. Yu, 2010:
Quantitative trait loci associated with soybean tolerance to low phosphorus stress based on flower and pod abscission

Hussein Abdel-Haleem; Jan, G. P. Bowman; Vladimir Kanazin; Lisa Surber; Hope Talbert; Patrick, M. Hayes; Tom Blake, 2010:
Quantitative trait loci for dry matter digestibility and particle size traits in two-rowed

U. Kumar; A. K. Joshi; S. Kumar; R. Chand; M. S. Röder, 2010:
Quantitative trait loci for resistance to spot blotch caused byBipolarissorokinianain wheat (T.aestivumL.) lines Ning 8201 and Chirya 3

Ma. Rebecca, C. Laza; Motohiko Kondo; Osamu Ideta; Edward Barlaan; Tokio Imbe, 2010:
Quantitative trait loci for stomatal density and size in lowland rice

Kuan-Hung Lin; Wei-Lung Yeh; Huei-Mei Chen; Hsiao-Feng Lo, 2010:
Quantitative trait loci influencing fruit-related characteristics of tomato grown in high-temperature conditions

Caixia Lan; Xiaowen Ni; Jun Yan; Yong Zhang; Xianchun Xia; Xinmin Chen; Zhonghu He, 2010:
Quantitative trait loci mapping of adult-plant resistance to powdery mildew in Chinese wheat cultivar Lumai 21

Hussein Abdel-Haleem; Jan Bowman; Mike Giroux; Vladimir Kanazin; Hope Talbert; Lisa Surber; Tom Blake, 2010:
Quantitative trait loci of acid detergent fiber and grain chemical composition in hulled

Bala, R. Thumma; Brian, S. Baltunis; John, C. Bell; Livinus, C. Emebiri; Gavin, F. Moran; Simon, G. Southerton, 2010:
Quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of growth and vegetative propagation traits inEucalyptus nitensfull-sib families

Bala, R. Thumma; Simon, G. Southerton; John, C. Bell; John, V. Owen; Martin, L. Henery; Gavin, F. Moran, 2010:
Quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of wood quality traits inEucalyptus nitens

J.J. McCarthy; V. Jasti; M. Marinack; C.F. Higgs, 2010:
Quantitative validation of the discrete element method using an annular shear cell

Sang-Joon Lee; Seung-Gon Kim; Gu-Gon Park; Chang-Soo Kim, 2010:
Quantitative visualization of temporal water evolution in an operating polymer electrolyte fuel cell

Shan, Z, 2010:
Quantitatively Probing the Mechanical Behavior of Submicron-sized Metal Pillars in the TEM

Ana Hernando; Rosario Tejera; Javier Velázquez; María Victoria Núñez, 2010:
Quantitatively defining the conservation status of Natura 2000 forest habitats and improving management options for enhancing biodiversity

L. V. Lysak; E. V. Lapygina; I. A. Konova; D. G. Zvyagintsev, 2010:
Quantity and taxonomic composition of ultramicrobacteria in soils

Jiang, C; Zou, D; Zhang, Q; Guo, S, 2010:
Quantized dynamic output feedback control for networked control systems

Ai, Q; Liao, J-Qiao, 2010:
Quantum Anti-Zeno Effect in Artificial Quantum Systems

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Quantum Chemical Scaling and Its Importance: The Infrared and Raman Spectra of 5-Bromouracil

Xiang, H; Shi-Qun, Z, 2010:
Quantum Communication in Spin Chain with Multiple Spin Exchange Interaction

Long-Bao, Y, 2010:
Quantum Computation with Two-Level Systems in Current-Biased Josephson Junction

You-Bang, Z; Ling-Ling, Z; Yu-Wu, W; Qun-Yong, Z, 2010:
Quantum Dialogue by Using Non-Symmetric Quantum Channel

Rong-Hua, S; Ying, W; Ying, G; Gui-Hua, Z, 2010:
Quantum Distributed Ballot Scheme Based on GreenbergerHomeZeilinger State

Winter, P W.; Roess, D A.; Barisas, B. George, 2010:
Quantum Dot Probes for Single-Molecule Rotation of Cell Surface Proteins

Jin-Jun, L; Emary, C; Brandes, T, 2010:
Quantum Impurity Models with Coupled Cluster Method

Jian, L; Jian, Z; Bin, S, 2010:
Quantum Information Processing in An Array of Fiber Coupled Cavities

Qing-Shou, T; Yong, D; Le-Man, K, 2010:
Quantum Information Transfer from a Double Quantum Dot System to a Cavity Field

M. Bonitz; D. Hochstuhl; S. Bauch; K. Balzer, 2010:
Quantum Kinetic Approach to Time-Resolved Photoionization of Atoms

Fichtner, K-Heinz; Fichtner, L; Freudenberg, W; Ohya, M, 2010:
Quantum Models of the Recognition Process On a Convergence Theorem

Hong-Yi, Y, 2010:
Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Frustrated Spin Chain under External Field

Luo, H; Hackbusch, W; Flad, H-Jürgen, 2010:
Quantum Monte Carlo study of the transcorrelated method for correlation factors

Kai Ji; Kaoru Iwano; Keiichiro Nasu, 2010:
Quantum Monte Carlo study on electronphonon coupling in monolayer graphene

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Quantum Monty Hall Problem under Decoherence

Lapo Bogani, 2010:
Quantum NanoelectronicsAn Introduction to Electronic Nanotechnology and Quantum Computing. By E. L. Wolf

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Quantum Secret Sharing Using GHZ-Like State

Wang, Z-Yin, 2010:
Quantum Secure Direct Communication and Quantum Sealed-Bid Auction with EPR Pairs

Yang, J; Wang, C; Zhang, R, 2010:
Quantum Secure Direct Communication with Authentication Expansion Using Single Photons

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Quantum Theory: A Philosophers Overview

Calderon, H; Hernandez Calderon, I, 2010:
Quantum Wells in Zn1-xCdxSe by High Resolution Electron Microscopy

T. Tanengtang; K. Paithoonwattanakij; P.P. Yupapin; S. Suchat, 2010:
Quantum bits generation using correlated photons: Fidelity and error corrections

A. G. Starikov; R. M. Minyaev; K. A. Kozhanov; M. P. Bubnov; V. K. Cherkasov; G. A. Abakumovc, 2010:
Quantum chemical calculations for the geometry and intramolecular rearrangements of a model nickel(ii)o-semiquinone complex with a PCP pincer ligand

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Quantum chemical interpretation of different types of exchange magnetic interactions in dinuclear copper azomethine chelates

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Quantum chemical predictions of IR spectra and thermodynamic properties of tetrazole derivates

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Quantum collisionless damping of Langmuir waves in degenerate plasma

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Quantum criticality and global phase diagram of magnetic heavy fermions

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Quantum criticality and novel phases: A panel discussion

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Quantum dots (CdSe) modified by glutathione and their localization of tobacco BY-2 cells

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Quantum effect in a generalized N-atom Dicke model

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Quantum interference through parallel-coupled double quantum dots with Rashba spin-orbit interaction

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Quantum key distribution protocol of mesh network structure based on n + 1 EPR pairs

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Quantum key distribution using the localized soliton pulses via a wavelength router in the optical network

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Quantum key distribution via fiber optic, fidelity and error corrections

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Quantum mechanical aspects of the effects of weak magnetic fields on biological objects

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Quantum mechanical study of the structure and spectroscopic characterisation of the novel trisilylsilylcyanide and trigermylgermylcyanide in the gas phase

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Quantum noise generated by four-wave mixing process within a fiber ring resonator

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Quantum packet switching generation using correlated photons in a microring resonator system

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Quantum phase transition between antiferromagnetic and charge order in the HubbardHolstein model

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Quantum relativistic investigation about the coordination and bonding effects of different ligands on uranyl complexes

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Quantum scheme for an optimal attack on quantum key distribution protocol BB84

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Quantum size and dielectric effects of polar optical phonon spectra in wurtzite nitride quantum dots

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Quantum skyrmions and the stability of an SO(3) quantum spin-glass

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Quantum spins in Mackay icosahedral gold nanoparticles

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Quantum to Classical Transition by a Classically Small Interaction

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Quantum well infrared photodetector simultaneously working in

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Quantum wells based on Si/SiOx stacks for nanostructured absorbers

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Quantum yield of non-regulated energy dissipation in PSII (Y(NO)) for early detection of leaf rust (Puccinia triticina) infection in susceptible and resistant wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) cultivars

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Quantum-Dot Spin-Based Secret Sharing in an Optical Microcavity

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Quantum-Mechanical Study on Surrounding-Gate Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors

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Quantum-chemical calculation of BornOppenheimer breakdown parameters to rotational constants

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Quantum-chemical calculations, tautomeric, thermodynamic, spectroscopic and X-ray studies of 3-(4-fluorophenylhydrazone)pentane-2,4-dione

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Quantum-chemical simulation of solid-state NMR spectra: the example of a molecular tweezer hostguest complex

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Quantum-chemical simulation of the adsorption and catalytic processes in a pore of the NaX-type zeolite

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Quantum-chemical study of interaction between hydrogen sulfide and sulfides of iron, titanium, and tungsten

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Quantum-chemical study of the interaction between Au(0), Pt(0), Ag(0) and Fragments of graphenes modeling graphite structure

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Quantum-chemical study of the photoisomerization and photocyclization reactions of styrylquinolines: Potential energy surfaces

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Quantum-chemical, spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction studies on nickel complex of 2-hydroxyacetophenone thiosemicarbazone with triphenylphospine

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Quartet Pair and Radical Quartet Pair Mechanisms of Electron Spin Polarization Developed within Nonbonded Dimers

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Quartz Crystal Microbalance Biosensor for Saxitoxin Based on Immobilized Sodium Channel Receptors

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Quartz crystal microbalance biochip with ultrasonic standing wave enhancement

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Quartz crystal microbalance sensor for detection of aliphatic amines vapours

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Quartz crystal microbalance with β-cyclodextrin/TiO2 composite films coupled with chemometrics for the simultaneous determination of urinary 1- and 2-naphthol

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Quartz crystal tuning fork photoacoustic point sensing

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Quartz grain surface textures of soils and sediments from Canberra, Australia: A forensic reconstruction tool

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Quartz-albite-microcline metasomatic rocks in the Main Sayan Fault Zone: Evolution of metasomatism and composition of accessory minerals

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Quartzc-axis texture mapping of mylonitic metapelite with rod structures (Calabria, southern Italy): Clues for hidden shear flow direction

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Quasi in situ: a bridge between ex situ and in situ conservation of plants

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Quasi one-dimensional chains and excitonphonon interactions in TiSe2

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Quasi-1D and 3D TPOX porous media diffuser reformer model

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Quasi-2D Monte Carlo simulations of phase transitions and internal aggregate structures in a highly dense suspension composed of magnetic plate-like particles

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Quasi-Birth-and-Death Processes with Rational Arrival Process Components

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Quasi-Periodic Waves and Asymptotic Property for BoitiLeonMannaPempinelli Equation

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Quasi-biennial oscillation signals in outgoing long-wave radiation of the equator

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Quasi-classical trajectory calculation of the isotopic effect on integral cross sections and alignments of O(3P) + HD  OH + D and OD + H at Erel = 0.21.0 eV

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Quasi-continuous HOSM control for systems with unmatched perturbations

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Quasi-elastic electron scattering from atoms and molecules

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Quasi-one-dimensional photonic lattices and superlattices in lithium niobate: Linear and nonlinear discrete diffraction of light

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Quasi-stationary striations in basin-scale oceanic circulation: vorticity balance from observations and eddy-resolving model

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Quasi-two-dimensional properties of a single shallow-water vortex with high initial Reynolds numbers

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Quasigeostrophic Dynamics of a Finite-Thickness Tropopause

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Quasigeostrophic Transient Wave Activity Flux: Updated Climatology and Its Role in Polar Vortex Anomalies

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Quasiparticle Fock-space coupled-cluster theory

Fábry, J, 2010:
Quasiperiodic symmetry in a Baroque church in the Czech Republic

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Quaternary Intertidal Deposits Intercalated with Volcanic Rocks on Isla Sombrero Chino in the Galpagos Islands (Ecuador)

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Quaternary Murid Rodents of Timor Part I: New Material of Coryphomys buehleri Schaub, 1937, and Description of a Second Species of the Genus

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Quaternary climates: a perspective for global warming

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Quaternary compound incised valleys of the Roussillon coast (SE France): correlation of seismic data with core data

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Quaternion polynomial matrix diagonalization for the separation of polarized convolutive mixture

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Quaterthiophene-based multipods as promising materials for solution-processible organic solar cells and field effect transistors

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Quatorzime leon

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Qubit Dynamics in a q-Deformed Oscillators Environment

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Que faire devant un papillome oesophagien isol ?

E. Samaha; C. Cellier, 2010:
Que faire devant une tumeur superficielle tendue du rectum ?

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Que penser de la polmique sur les nouvelles recommandations pour le dpistage systmatique du cancer du sein, aux tats-Unis ?

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Que peut-on attendre des pratiques dlevage pour amliorer la qualit nutritionnelle des matires grasses du lait bovin et caprin

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Que peut-on faire pour amliorer le pronostic des syndromes coronariens aigus ?

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Queens of Heart: Community Therapists in Drag

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Queer decisions? Gay male students university choices

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Queer visibilities: space, identity and interaction in Cape Town

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Queer(y)ing the Straight Researcher: The Relationship(?) between Researcher Identity and Anti-Normative Knowledge

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Queerly situated? Exploring negotiations of trans queer subjectivities at work and within community spaces in the UK

Obréja, D.; Thuillez, C., 2010:
Quel avenir pour les btabloquants ?

Moësan, I., 2010:
Quel devenir pour le couple confront au traumatisme cumulatif de la maladie dAlzheimer ?

Girault, C., 2010:
Quel dlai pour pratiquer la trachotomie en ranimation ?

M. Salihoun; L. Sulpice; N. Rioux; P.-N. d’Halluin; S. Manfredi; D. Heresbach; N. Amrani; J.-F. Bretagne, 2010 :
Quel est le rle de la radiothrapie dans la survenue dun liomyosarcome ilal ?

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Quel est le rle de linhibition des mono-amines oxydases dans le tabagisme ?

Le Moigne, F.; Vitry, T.; Lamboley, J.L.; Le Berre, J.; Dubourg, P., 2010:
Quel est votre diagnostic ?

Schortgen, Fédérique, 2010:
Quel solut de remplissage au cours du choc septique ?

Valette, X.; Terzi, N.; du Cheyron, D., 2010:
Quelle dfinition pour linsuffisance rnale aigu en ranimation ?

D. Heresbach, 2010:
Quelle endoscopie demain ? Quelle formation aujourdhui ?

P. Mazet; L. Rachidi, 2010:
Quelle est la place des troubles du narcissisme et de lestime de soi dans les troubles des conduites de lenfant et de ladolescent ?

Bréhaux, K., 2010:
Quelle place pour les droits individuels et les liberts publiques ? France et Belgique, lavortement et leuthanasie en dbat

Durand-Gasselin, J., 2010:
Quelle place pour les familles en ranimation ?

Rose-Marie Leblanc, 2010:
Quelle place pour les marqueurs pronostiques de la leucmie lymphode chronique en 2010 ?

Carole Émile, 2010:
Quelle vaccination en prinatalit ?

C. Ollier, 2010:
Quelles allgations pour les complments alimentaires

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Quelles pathologies myocardiques non ischmiques ont un rehaussement tardif et avec quelles caractristiques ?

Corinne Laplace-Builhé; Muriel Abbaci, 2010:
Quelles perspectives pour limagerie photonique in vivo en pratique clinique ?

Lorek, C.; Houssière, A., 2010:
Quelles sont les particularits de la rhabilitation aprs la greffe ?

Jérôme Goffette, 2010:
Quelques pas thoriques vers une psychogense du corps

Geneviève Demonet, 2010:
Quels examens utiliser pour apprcier le contrle de lasthme ?

Scherpereel, A., 2010:
Quels sujets sont vraiment risque de cancer pulmonaire ? Au-del de la notion de paquets-anne. Implications pour la chimioprvention

Pr Jacques Morel, 2010:
Quels tests biologiques pour le diagnostic et le pronostic de PR et de connectivite ?

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Quenching dynamics study on photoinduced excited triplet duroquinone by TEMPO in 1,2-propandiol

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Quenching of porous silicon photoluminescence by molecular oxygen and dependence of this phenomenon on storing media and method of preparation of pSi photosensitizer

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Quenching of the Electrochemiluminescence of Tris(2,2-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) by Caffeic Acid

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Queratoacantoma sobre tatuaje

Verónica López; Isabel Pinazo; Esperanza Jordá, 2010:
Queratodermia palmoplantar en un paciente con periodontitis

Verónica López; Isabel Pinazo; Esperanza Jordá, 2010:
Queratodermia palmoplantar en un paciente con periodontitis. Diagnstico y comentario

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Queratodermia palmoplantar punctata en 3 generaciones de una familia

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Queratosis actnica atrfica sobre vacunacin de viruela

Anastasia Karioti; Anna Rita Bilia; Helen Skaltsa, 2010:
Quercus ilex L.: A rich source of polyacylated flavonoid glucosides

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Querschnittlähmung: Psychologischer Forschungsstand

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Query Processing in a Traceable P2P Record Exchange Framework

Ilaria Bartolini; Paolo Ciaccia; Marco Patella, 2010:
Query processing issues in region-based image databases

Yoshida, Y; Ito, H, 2010:
Query-Number Preserving Reductions and Linear Lower Bounds for Testing

Hisamori, T; Arikawa, T; Ohashi, G, 2010:
Query-by-Sketch Image Retrieval Using Similarity in Stroke Order

Beake Rm Ma Research Associate, S.; Chang Ba MPhil PhD Lecturer, Y-Shing.; Cheyne Rm Rgn MSc PhD Professor Of Midwifery, H.; Spiby MPhil Rn Rm Professor Of Midwifery, H.; Sandall Rm MSc PhD Professor Of Social Science And Women's Health, J.; Bick, D., 2017:
Experiences of early labour management from perspectives of women, labour companions and health professionals: A systematic review of qualitative evidence

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Questioning Chase and Simon's (1973) Perception in Chess: The experience recognition hypothesis

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Questioning Collapse: Human Resilience, Ecological Vulnerability, and the Aftermath of Empire

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Questioning Liberal Security

Bodkin-Andrews, G H; Seaton, M; Nelson, G F; Craven, R G; Yeung, A S, 2010:
Questioning the General Self-Esteem Vaccine: General Self-Esteem, Racial Discrimination, and Standardised Achievement Across Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Students

Victorian, B, 2010:
Questioning the Role of CA125 as a Biomarker in Ovarian Cancer

Roberts, R; Gott, R, 2010:
Questioning the evidence for a claim in a socioscientific issue: an aspect of scientific literacy

Guglielmo, S, 2010:
Questioning the influence of moral judgment

Thornton, W; Dhorajiwala, T; Bose-Haider, B; Puttha, R, 2010:
Questionnaire survey looking at current practice, satisfaction and barriers faced by primary and secondary care health professionals involved in managing children with obesity

Gordon, M; Akobeng, A, 2010:
Questionnaire survey of general paediatricians to examine current practice in the management of constipation in the North West of England

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Questionnement thique dans la clinique de lveil de coma : un cheminement ncessaire au processus de subjectivation du patient et du soignant

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Questions Concerning Technoculture

Chokkanathan, S., 2018:
Experiences of Elder Mistreatment: A Latent Profile Analysis

P. Atienza, 2010:
Questions au docteur Patrick Atienza

Ben-Yedidia, T, 2010:
Questions for Biotechs: BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Radspinner, P, 2010:
Questions for Biotechs:FluGen Inc

Bettina Hoser; Tanja Nitschke, 2010:
Questions on ethics for research in the virtually connected world

Kahl, J; Busscher, N; Ploeger, A, 2010:
Questions on the Validation of Holistic Methods of Testing Organic Food Quality

Frank, G., 2010:
Questions to Keep in Mind When Reading New Contributions to Qualitative Research

Paul, M. Bardunias; Nan-Yao Su, 2010:
Queue Size Determines the Width of Tunnels in the Formosan Subterranean Termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Kuo-Hwa Chang; Yang-Shu Lu, 2010:
Queueing analysis on a single-station make-to-stock/make-to-order inventory-production system

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Queuing analysis for outpatient and inpatient services: a case study

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Qui croire ? Quels experts ? Que choisir ?

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Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas, 3rd Edition

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Quick-E-scan: A methodology for the energy scan of SMEs

W. C. Bausch; R. Khosla, 2010:
QuickBird satellite versus ground-based multi-spectral data for estimating nitrogen status of irrigated maize

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Quiet Cascade: Measuring QCL Intrinsic Linewidth

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Quinolin-2(1H)-one-triazole derived Schiff bases and their Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes: Possible new therapeutic agents

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Quinone binding and catalysis

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Quinone/Hydroquinone Sesquiterpenes

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Quirks of Human Anatomy: An Evo-devo Look at the Human Body

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Quiste triquilemal proliferante. Una lesin que inquieta

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Quistes gingivales y palatinos del recin nacido

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Quistes miliares del recin nacido

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Quistes mltiples de pelo terminal pigmentado

Puente, G. Susana De La, 2010:
Quitinozoos del Floiano (Ordovcico Inferior) del rea de Santa Victoria, Cordillera Oriental, noroeste argentino. Parte 2: Implicancias Bioestratigrficas, Paleobiogeogrficas y Paleoambientales

Puente, G. Susana De La, 2010:
Quitinozoos del Floiano (Ordovcico Inferior) del rea de Santa Victoria, Cordillera Oriental, noroeste argentino. Sistemtica

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Quitting Smoking and Professionalism

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Quo vadis neoliberalism? The remaking of global capitalist governance after the Washington Consensus

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Quorum sensing effects on Pseudomonas corrugata plant interaction and antagonistic activity

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Quorum sensing: implications on Rhamnolipid biosurfactant production

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Quorum systems for intrusion-tolerance based on trusted timely computing base

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Quotas, Spillovers, and the Transfer Paradox in an Economy with Tourism

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Quotidian geographies: placing feminism

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Quotient vs. difference: Comparison between the two discriminant criteria

Heale, E, 2010:
Quoting death in early modern England. The poetics of epitaphs beyond the tomb

Chantal Bertholom, 2010:
Quen est-il de la vaccination antimningococcique C ?

Le Métayer, M., 2010:
Quen est-il de lexamen clinique en infirmit motrice crbrale (paralysie crbrale) Quelles perspectives rducatives ?

Abraham Yogev, 2010:
Qvo Vadis Magister Artium? Policy Implications of Executive Master's Programmes in an Israeli Research University

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R&D Investment Trends and the Rise of NOCs

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R&D spending and sources of funding of private US biopharmaceutical firms seeking to go public

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R&D tax credit and operating performance: implications for managers

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R-()-a-Methylhistamine, a Histamine H3 Receptor Agonist, Induces Endothelium-Dependent Vasodilation in Rat Mesenteric Resistance Arteries

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R-R variability analysis before and after PM implantation in carotid sinus syndrome patients

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R-band light curve of Comet 9P/Tempel 1 during the Deep Impact event

Rahman Emamzadeh; Saman Hosseinkhani; Rohollah Hemati; Majid Sadeghizadeh, 2010:
RACE-based amplification of cDNA and expression of a luciferin-regenerating enzyme (LRE): An attempt towards persistent bioluminescent signal

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RADAR Radiation damage and resistance in patients with lung cancer

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RALT doubles down on EGFR

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RANKing bone resorption versus inflammation: Infection makes the decision

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RANS modeling of a particulate turbulent round jet

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RANS-based numerical simulation and visualization of the horseshoe vortex system in the leading edge endwall region of a symmetric body

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RAPD based genetic diversity among different isolates ofFusarium oxysporumf. sp. lycopersiciand their comparative biocontrol

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RATIONAL IMAGING: Acute lower gastrointestinal haemorrhage

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RATIONAL IMAGING: Imaging transient ischaemic attack with diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging

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RATIONAL IMAGING: Investigating suspected bone infection in the diabetic foot

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RATIONAL TESTING: Investigating easy bruising in a child

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RATIONAL TESTING: Investigating fatigue in primary care

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RATIONAL TESTING: Investigating mildly abnormal serum aminotransferase values

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RATIONAL TESTING: Investigating secondary hyperhidrosis

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RATIONAL TESTING: Investigating symmetrical polyarthritis of recent origin

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RCOG recommendations for trainee obstetricians and gynaecologists

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RCP's wishful lead in stroke

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RCRA The first 30 years of hazardous waste regulation

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RCVS survey

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RDA derivedOryza minuta-specific clones to probe genomic conservation acrossOryzaand introgression into rice (O. sativaL.)

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RE: Stage 1, Grade 3 endometrioid adenocarcinoma of the endometrium: An analysis of clinical outcomes and patterns of recurrence

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REACH: The need for a truly multidisciplinary approach towards the integration of toxicological, epidemiological and environmental sciences with socio-economic analysis

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REALISTIC STANDARDS FOR DECISIONS || Social norms and the traditional deterrence game

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REALISTIC STANDARDS FOR DECISIONS || The medium or the message? Communication relevance and richness in trust games

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REALIZATION, EXPLANATION AND THE MIND-BODY RELATION || Reconsidering 'spatial memory' and the Morris water maze

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REDUCTION AND THE SPECIAL SCIENCES || Special Sciences, Conspiracy and the Better Best System Account of Lawhood

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REDUCTION AND THE SPECIAL SCIENCES || The Downs and Ups of Mechanistic Research: Circadian Rhythm Research as an Exemplar

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REDUCTION AND THE SPECIAL SCIENCES || Who's Afraid of Nagelian Reduction?

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REE characteristics and Nd isotopic compositions of Lunar pristine rocks: Implications for petrogenesis of pristine rocks and source regions

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REIMBURSEMENT NOTES: Seeking Changes to CMS Meaningful-Use Criteria

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REM sleep is related to the transfer of implicit procedural knowledge following metacognitive learning

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RETRACTED 'But you might be damaging your baby': Constructing choice and risk in labour and childbirth

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RETRACTED ARTICLE: A simulation approach: Miscible carbon dioxide injection in a carbonate reservoir

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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Considering the Relationship Between Language, Culture and Cognition to Scrutinize the Lexical Influences on Cognition

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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Foxp3 rs2294021 polymorphism contributes to the susceptibility to breast carcinoma

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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Inverse Method for Simultaneous Determination of Soil Water Flux and Thermal Properties with a Penta-Needle Heat Pulse Probe

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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Physically-based modeling and animation of tree branch patterns

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RETRACTED ARTICLE:ASYMMETRIC LEAVES2-LIKE16gene, a member of AS2/LOB family, is required for lateral root formation of Arabidopsis

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RETRACTED Postcolonial interventions and disruptions: Contesting cultural practices

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RETRACTED: Extreme oceanographic events recorded in the southwest coast of India during the 19981999 summer season

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RETRACTED: Real component substitute mixture in simulation of petrochemical processes

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RETRACTED: The Development of Half-circle Fuzzy Numbers and Application in Fuzzy Control

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REVIEW: An overview of the role of potatoes in the UK diet

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RF MEMS Integrated Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Slot Antenna

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RF Tomography for Below-Ground Imaging of Extended Areas and Close-in Sensing

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RFID Terminology and Technology: Preparing to Evaluate RFID for Your Library

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RFLP analysis of mitochondrial DNA in two cytoplasmic male sterility systems (CMS-D2 and CMS-D8) of cotton

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RFDC power conversion of Schottky diode fabricated on AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure for on-chip rectenna device application in nanosystems

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RGA-ILP, a new type of functional molecular markers in bread wheat

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RIG-I Helicase-Independent Pathway in Sendai Virus-Activated Dendritic Cells Is Critical for Preventing Lung Metastasis of AT6.3 Prostate Cancer

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RIM: A Random Item Mixture Model to Detect Differential Item Functioning

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RISQUE CHIMIQUE DANS LE BATIMENT. Troisieme session : Risque chimique

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RIXS approach to local environment around impurity atoms in diluted magnetic semiconductors and dielectrics

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RMS voltage sensor based on a variable parallel-plate capacitor made of electroplated copper

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RN Residency: Transitioning to Geropalliative Care (526)

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RNA Interference and Viruses: Current Innovations and Future Trends

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RNA Interference-Based Transgenic Maize Resistant to Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus

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RNA Isolation from Adipose Tissue: An Optimized Procedure for High RNA Yield and Integrity

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RNA Looping By PTB: Evidence Using Fret and NMR Spectroscopy and For a Role in Splicing Repression

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RNA as a Drug Target: Recent Patents on the Catalytic Activity of Trans- Splicing Ribozymes Derived from Group I Intron RNA

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RNA as the substrate for epigenome-environment interactions

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RNA interference against hypoxia inducible factor-1α inhibited growth of cervical cancer by limiting vascularization

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RNA-editing frequency of serotonin 2C receptor is increased by chronic alcohol exposure

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RNA-mediated Disease Mechanism of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 10

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RNA/DNA ratio as an indicator of the impact of long-term accumulative contamination for the assessment of river degradation a pilot study

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RNAi-mediated crop improvement for sustainable resistance to Globodera pallida

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RNN based MIMO channel prediction

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RNP positive antibodies and paediatric-onset mixed connective tissue disease

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ROC analysis of CT hemodynamic in the diagnosis of breast cancer

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ROS mediate selenite-induced apoptosis in colon cancer cells

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ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Job creation and market opportunities for biobased chemicals and products

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RP-HPLC Method for Determination of Oseltamivir Phosphate in Capsules and Spiked Plasma

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RP-HPLC analysis of furosine and acid-soluble β-lactoglobulin to assess the heat load of extended shelf life milk samples in Austria

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RP-HPLC and NMR study of antioxidant flavonoids in extract fromGentiana piasezkii

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RPB2 sequences reveal a close phylogenetic relationship between tetraploid Hordelymus and diploid Hordeum species in Triticeae (Poaceae)

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RS-1748, a Novel CC Chemokine Receptor 4 Antagonist, Inhibits Ovalbumin-Induced Airway Inflammation in Guinea Pigs

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RT-PCR and quantitative real-time RT-PCR detection ofSugarcane Yellow Leaf Virus(SCYLV) in symptomatic and asymptomatic plants of Hawaiian sugarcane cultivars and the correlation of SCYLV titre to yield

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RTI Tier Structures and Instructional Intensity

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RTOG GU Radiation oncology specialists reach consensus on pelvic lymph node volumes for high-risk prostate cancer

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RXRA introne polymorphism and ABO blood groups in chronic heart failure

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Ra-partitioning between phlogopite and silicate melt and 226Ra/Ba230Th/Ba isochrons

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Rabbit as a distraction modelpitfalls

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Rabbit feeding in depth

mole,, 2010:
Rabbits' feet and four-leaf clovers

Mole,, 2010:
Rabbits' feet and four-leaf clovers II

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Rabies of wild mammals in Russia at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries

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Rac-(2R*,3R*)-S-Ethyl-4-Chloro-3-Hydroxy-2-Phenylbuthanethioate and Rac-(2R*,3R*)-S-Ethyl-2-Phenyl-3-(tosyloxy)buthanethioate: Dichotomy of the Stereoselectivity of the Mukaiyama Reaction

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Race Differences in Union Transitions among Cohabitors: The Role of Relationship Features

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Race and Exercise Therapy Effects on Energy Expenditure and Oxygen Consumption in Pediatric Obesity Patients

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Race and the Relevance of Citizen Complaints Against the Police

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Race specific resistance to powdery mildew in Scandinavian wheat cultivars, breeding lines and introduced genotypes with partial resistance

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Race, Crime, and General Strain Theory

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Race, Culture and Civil Society: Peacebuilding Discourse and the Understanding of Difference

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Race, Religion, and Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage

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Race, Risk, and Fiction in the War on Terror: Laila Halaby, Gayle Brandeis, and Michael Cunningham

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Race, affect, and emotion: young people, racism, and graffiti in the postcolonial English suburbs

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Race, neighborhood disadvantage, and antisocial behavior among female juvenile offenders

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Race-Ethnicity, Education, and Employment After Spinal Cord Injury

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Race/Ethnicity Differences in the Inpatient Management of Acute Asthma in the United States

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Race/Ethnicity Has No Impact on Outcome for Patients with Triple-Receptor Negative Breast Cancer

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Race/ethnic differences in nursing home placement and mortality as a function of significant cognitive decline

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Race: a social destruction of a biological concept

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Races to consume: revisiting South Africa's history of race, consumption and the struggle for freedom

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Rachianesthsie chez l'adulte (obsttrique et pdiatrie exclues)

Dufeu, N; Gentili, M, 2010:
Rachianesthsie en selle

Biboulet, P; Moline, O; Massonne, A; Bouic, N, 2010:
Rachianesthsie titre

Aaron Gullickson, 2010:
Racial Boundary Formation at the Dawn of Jim Crow: The Determinants and Effects of Black/Mulatto Occupational Differences in the United States, 1880

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Racial Bullying and Victimization in Canadian School-Aged Children: Individual and School Level Effects

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Racial Contact and Change in South Africa

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Racial Desegregation and Schooling in South Africa: Contested Geographies of Class Formation

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Racial Differences in Body Composition and Physical Activity Levels in College-Age Females

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Racial Differences in Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

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Racial Differences in Treatment Modalities Among Female Residents of Florida Diagnosed with Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

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Experiences of Fathers with Inpatient Premature Neonates: Phenomenological Interpretative Analysis

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Racial Group Identification and Its Relations to Individualism/ Interdependence and Race-Related Stress in African Americans

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Racial Identity as a Moderator of Daily Exposure and Reactivity to Racial Discrimination

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Racial Identity, Racial Context, and Ingroup Status: Implications for Attributions to Discrimination Among Black Canadians

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Racial Ideology and Western Hegemony

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Racial Microaggressions and Psychological Functioning Among Highly Achieving African-Americans: A Mixed-Methods Approach

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Racial Mismatch: The Divergence Between Form and Function in Data for Monitoring Racial Discrimination of Hispanics

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Racial Reconciliation in South Africa:Interracial Contact and Changes over Time

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Radiologic Progression of Pulmonary Infiltrates Predicts a Worse Prognosis in Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia Than Bacteremia

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Radiologic manifestation of hepatic pseudolesions and pseudotumors in the third inflow area

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