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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64013

Chapter 64013 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wagman, J B., 2010:
What is responsible for the emergence of order and pattern in psychological systems?

Stefan Baumgärtner; Martin Quaas, 2010:
What is sustainability economics?

Francois Destandau; Amir Nafi, 2010:
What is the Best Distribution for Pollution Abatement Efforts? Information for Optimizing the WFD Programs of Measures

Fahey, T.J., 2010:
What is the Clinical Significance of an Elevated Parathyroid Hormone Level After Curative Surgery for Primary Hyperparathyroidism?

Damiano Canale; Giovanni Tuzet, 2010:
What is the Reason for This Rule? An Inferential Account of theRatio Legis

Frank, M. Gresham; Frank, R. Vellutino, 2010:
What is the Role of Intelligence in the Identification of Specific Learning Disabilities? Issues and Clarifications

Sindwani, R., 2010:
What is the Role of Long-Term Macrolide Therapy in the Treatment of Recalcitrant Chronic Rhinosinusitis?

Hopcroft, M A.; Nix, W D.; Kenny, T W., 2010:
What is the Young's Modulus of Silicon?

Holmgren, E; Lindström, B; Gosman-Hedström, G; Nyberg, L; Wester, P, 2010:
What is the benefit of a high intensive exercise program? A randomized controlled trial

Conger, J; Hollenbeck, G P., 2010:
What is the character of research on leadership character?

Craddock, N.; Kerr, M.; Thapar, A., 2010:
What is the core expertise of the psychiatrist?

Rafael Notario; Maria Victoria Roux; Joel, F. Liebman, 2010:
What is the enthalpy of formation of acrylonitrile?

Jones, R P, 2010:
What is the financial risk in GP commissioning?

Daniel Verhaegen; Inza Jesus Fofana; Zénor A. Logossa; Daniel Ofori, 2010:
What is the genetic origin of teak (Tectona grandisL.) introduced in Africa and in Indonesia?

MacLeod, A. A. N.; Stoel-Gammon, C., 2010:
What is the impact of age of second language acquisition on the production of consonants and vowels among childhood bilinguals?

V. A. Bolshakov, 2010:
What is the practical importance of the diffusion magnetic viscosity in rocks with single-domain magnetic carriers?

Adel Helmy; Ivan Timofeev; Peter, J. Hutchinson, 2010:
What is the purpose of statistical modelling in traumatic brain injury?

Lynette Cusack; Paul Arbon; Jamie Ranse, 2010:
What is the role of nursing students and schools of nursing during disaster? A discussion paper

Jie He, 2010:
What is the role of openness for China's aggregate industrial SO2 emission?: A structural analysis based on the Divisia decomposition method

Minshull, J, 2010:
What is the significance of Upper Zambezi fish in the Batoka Gorge below Victoria Falls?

Guillemain, M; Devineau, O; Brochet, A-Laure; Fuster, J; Fritz, Hé; Green, A J.; Gauthier-Clerc, M, 2010:
What is the spatial unit for a wintering teal Anas crecca? Weekly day roost fidelity inferred from nasal saddles in the Camargue, southern France

Mech, L. D., 2010:
What is the taxonomic identity of Minnesota wolves?

S.L. Thrower; P.J. Bingley, 2010:
What is type 1 diabetes?

Rocchini, D; Vannini, A, 2010:
What is up? Testing spectral heterogeneity versus NDVI relationship using quantile regression

Gleave, R; Wong, I; Porteus, J; Harding, E, 2010:
What is More Integration between Health and Social Care? Results of a Survey of Primary Care Trusts and Directors of Adult Social Care in England

Mary Buss; Michael Levy; Jeffrey Spiess; MD FAAHPM; Esme Finlay, 2010:
What is Palliative Chemotherapy? Perspectives from Oncology, Palliative Care, and Hospice (324)

Jian Yang; Chengjun Liu; Jing-yu Yang, 2010:
What kind of color spaces is suitable for color face recognition?

Michele Lombardi, 2010:
What kind of preference maximization does the weak axiom of revealed non-inferiority characterize?

Perera, A, 2010:
What made possible the accurate calculations of NMR spinspin coupling constants?

Robert, G. Franklin Jr.; Reginald, B. Adams Jr., 2010:
What makes a face memorable? The relationship between face memory and emotional state reasoning

Sultan, P.; Gilbert, E.; Burdett, E.; Clarke, S., 2010:
What makes a good anaesthetist?

Yuhyung Shin; Jin Nam Choi, 2010:
What makes a group of good citizens? The role of perceived group-level fit and critical psychological states in organizational teams

Somarakis, S.; Nikolioudakis, N., 2010:
What makes a late anchovy larva? The development of the caudal fin seen as a milestone in fish ontogeny

LoBue, V; Larson, C L., 2010:
What makes an angry face look soangry? Examining visual attention to the shape of threat in children and adults

Christian Götz; Thomas Heckelei; Bettina Rudloff, 2010:
What makes countries initiate WTO disputes on food-related issues?

Maria Lewicka, 2010:
What makes neighborhood different from home and city? Effects of place scale on place attachment

Crouch, R B, 2010:
What makes occupational therapy in Africa different?

Jin, B; Park, J Yong; Kim, H-Shin, 2010 :
What makes online community members commit? A social exchange perspective

Kurowska, X, 2010:
What makes the EU viable? European integration in the light of the antebellum US experience

Victor, I. Shrira; Vladimir, V. Geogjaev, 2010:
What makes the Peregrine soliton so special as a prototype of freak waves?

Shin Nagai; Nobuko Saigusa; Hiroyuki Muraoka; Kenlo Nishida Nasahara, 2010:
What makes the satellite-based EVIGPP relationship unclear in a deciduous broad-leaved forest?

Niedomysl, T; Hansen, Høgni Kalsø, 2010:
What matters more for the decision to move: jobs versus amenities

Kenneth, K. Boyer; Peter Pronovost, 2010:
What medicine can teach operations: What operations can teach medicine

Welland, M, 2010:
What microscopy can tell us about Alzheimer's and related diseases

Andreas Jess, 2010:
What might be the energy demand and energy mix to reconcile the worlds pursuit of welfare and happiness with the necessity to preserve the integrity of the biosphere?

Masaaki Hosomi, 2010:
What might the environmental policy of Tokyo Metropolitan Government achieve?

James, J. Lavelle, 2010:
What motivates OCB? Insights from the volunteerism literature

Ulrich Schimmack, 2010 :
What multi-method data tell us about construct validity

Granger, R., 2010:
What now for urban regeneration?

Stephen Finlay, 2010:
What ought probably means, and why you can't detach it

Offiah, A.C., 2010:
What physicians think about the need for informed consent for communicating the risk of cancer from low-dose radiation

Masumi Yamamuro; Jun’ichi Hiratsuka; Yu Ishitobi, 2010:
What preventsMusculista senhousiafrom constructing byssal thread mats in estuarine environments? A case study focusing on Lake Shinji and nearby estuarine waters

Dave Walsh; Ray Bull, 2010:
What really is effective in interviews with suspects? A study comparing interviewing skills against interviewing outcomes

Schulze, P A.; Carlisle, S A., 2010:
What research does and doesnt say about breastfeeding: a critical review

David Varady, 2010:
What should housing vouchers do? A review of the recent literature

Sowerby, D, 2010:
What sort of helping relationships are needed to make personalisation happen and how can organisations be developed to support this?

Field, R I., 2010:
What the Doctor Didn't Say

Rosenfeld, B; Green, D; Pivovarova, E; Dole, T; Zapf, P, 2010:
What to do with Contradictory Data? Approaches to the Integration of Multiple Malingering Measures

Chase, H Hartley, 2010:
What to expect from the independent engineer when financing biotechnology projects

Abdul-Sattar Nizami; Jerry, D. Murphy, 2010:
What type of digester configurations should be employed to produce biomethane from grass silage?

Reeshad, S. Dalal; Silvia Bonaccio, 2010:
What types of advice do decision-makers prefer?

Rothman, J.; Cabrelli Amaro, J., 2010:
What variables condition syntactic transfer? A look at the L3 initial state

Gómez, G M, 2010:
What was the deal for the participants of the Argentine local currency systems, the Redes de Trueque?

Douglas, E. Soltis, R J.A. Buggs, J J. Doyle and Pamela, S. Soltis, 2010:
What we still don't know about polyploidy

Martin Roland, 2010:
What will the white paper mean for GPs?: The NHS needs GP leaders who are driven more by patient centred values than by government targets

Ng, E; Sears, G, 2010:
What women and ethnic minorities want. Work values and labor market confidence: a self-determination perspective

Wheeler, Q, 2010:
What would NASA do? Mission-critical infrastructure for species exploration

Greghka, V, 2010:
What your Executive committee is up to

Salter, C, 2010:
What's Cooking in America's Schoolyard Gardens?

Fogarty, G.B.; Hong, A.; Economides, A.; Guitera, P., 2018:
Experience with Treating Lentigo Maligna with Definitive Radiotherapy

Abel, C. F., 2010:
What's Left of Capitalism and What We Should Do About It

Kokich, V, 2010:
What's New in Dentistry

&na;,, 2010:
What's New in Obstetric Anesthesia

Groeneveld, A. B. Johan, 2010:
What's New in Shock, November 2010?

Patti Tamara Lenard, 2010:
What's Unique About Immigrant Protest?

Walker, M, 2010:
What's a Feminist Therapist to Do? Engaging the Relational Paradox in a Post-Feminist Culture

Ohala, J J., 2010:
What's behind the smile?

Bradford Mills; Joachim Schleich, 2010:
What's driving energy efficient appliance label awareness and purchase propensity?

Sauter, D A.; Levinson, S C., 2010 :
What's embodied in a smile?

Noordewier, M K.; Horen, F van; Ruys, K I.; Stapel, D A., 2010:
What's in a Name? 361.708 Euros: The Effects of Marital Name Change

Mitchel, A D.; Weiss, D J., 2010:
What's in a face? Visual contributions to speech segmentation

Keown, K; Gannon, T A.; Ward, T, 2010:
What's in a measure? A multi-method study of child sexual offenders' beliefs

Beaney, M., 2010:
What's it worth? Assessing the value of an employment package

Bettoli, V.; Sarno, O.; Zauli, S.; Borghi, A.; Minghetti, S.; Ricci, M.; Mantovani, L.; Toni, G.; Virgili, A., 2010:
What's new in acne? New therapeutic approaches

Mary Norval; Neil, K. Gibbs, 2010:
What's new in photoimmunology?

Shaĭdakov, E.V.; Mel'tsova, A.Zh.; Porembskaia, O.Ia.; Kudinova, E.A.; Korzhevskiĭ, D.É.; Kirik, O.V.; Sukhorukova, E.G., 2018:
Experience with using cyanoacrylate glue in endovascular treatment of varicose veins

Pat Wilson, 2010:
What's so Great about Granite? By Jennifer H Carey

LoBue, V, 2010:
What's so scary about needles and knives? Examining the role of experience in threat detection

Rowe, A; Regehr, C, 2010:
Whatever Gets You Through Today: An Examination of Cynical Humor Among Emergency Service Professionals

Jalovec, K Eckstein, 2010:
Whatever It Takes

Gray, A J., 2010:
Whatever happened to the soul? Some theological implications of neuroscience

Li Huang; J. Keith Murnighan, 2010:
Whats in a name? Subliminally activating trusting behavior

Burke, G; Cutter‐Mackenzie, A, 2010:
Whats there, what if, what then, and what can we do? An immersive and embodied experience of environment and place through childrens literature

Miransari, M.; Mackenzie, A. F., 2010:
Wheat Grain Nitrogen Uptake, as Affected by Soil Total and Mineral Nitrogen, for the Determination of Optimum Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates for Wheat Production

Ivanete Tonole Silva; Fabrício Ávila Rodrigues; José Rogério Oliveira; Sandra Cerqueira Pereira; Camila Cristina Lage Andrade; Patrícia Ricardino Silveira; Mariana Maciel Conceição, 2010:
Wheat Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Streak Mediated by Silicon

Gisele Pereira Domiciano; Fabrício Avila Rodrigues; Francisco Xavier Ribeiro Vale; Maria Santina Xavier Filha; Wiler Ribas Moreira; Camila Cristina Lage Andrade; Sandra Cerqueira Pereira, 2010:
Wheat Resistance to Spot Blotch Potentiated by Silicon

Cawthorn, D.M.; Steinman, H.A.; Witthuhn, R.C., 2010:
Wheat and gluten in South African food products

Jing Wang; Baoguo Sun; Yanping Cao; Chengtao Wang, 2010:
Wheat bran feruloyl oligosaccharides enhance the antioxidant activity of rat plasma

Ahmed Elgharably; Petra Marschner; Pichu Rengasamy, 2010:
Wheat growth in a saline sandy loam soil as affected by N form and application rate

A. P. Kravets; T. A. Mousseau; A. V. Litvinchuk; Sh. Ostermiller; G. S. Vengzhen; D. M. Grodzinskiy, 2010:
Wheat plant DNA methylation pattern changes at chronic seed irradiation

K. Latiri; J.P. Lhomme; M. Annabi; T.L. Setter, 2010:
Wheat production in Tunisia: Progress, inter-annual variability and relation to rainfall

A. V. Shelud’ko; A. A. Shirokov; M. K. Sokolova; O. I. Sokolov; L. P. Petrova; L. Yu. Matora; E. I. Katsy, 2010:
Wheat root colonization byAzospirillum brasilensestrains with different motility

Stockman, J.A., 2010:
Wheezing and bronchial hyper-responsiveness in early childhood as predictors of newly diagnosed asthma in early adulthood: a longitudinal birth-cohort study

David Lax, 2010:
When Auctions Met Negotiations

Sherri Lee Simons, 2010:
When Bad Things Happen: Assisting With Investigations

Mattern, K D.; Burrus, J; Shaw, E, 2010:
When Both the Skilled and Unskilled are Unaware: Consequences for Academic Performance

Sharon Bond, 2010:
When Compared With Other Medically-Related Television News, HPV Vaccination Receives a Modest Amount of Coverage

Romero, M. Alejandra; González, Rúl A.; Ocampo-Reinaldo, Mías, 2010:
When Conventional Fisheries Management Fails to Reduce the Catch and Discard of Juvenile Fish: A Case Study of the Argentine Hake Trawl Fishery in San Matas Gulf

Brendan Nyhan; Jason Reifler, 2010:
When Corrections Fail: The Persistence of Political Misperceptions

Bridget, A. Larson; Stanley, L. Brodsky, 2010:
When Cross-Examination Offends: How Men and Women Assess Intrusive Questioning of Male and Female Expert Witnesses

Rose Anne Indelicato; Daniel Pomerantz; Cornelia Fleming, 2010:
When Death Doesn't Come Easily: A Palliative Care Services Experience with Palliative Extubation (721)

Pocheptsova, A; Novemsky, N, 2010:
When Do Incidental Mood Effects Last? Lay Beliefs versus Actual Effects

Kenza Benhima; Olena Havrylchyk, 2010:
When Do Long-term Imbalances Lead to Current Account Reversals?

Young, S G.; Bernstein, M J.; Hugenberg, K, 2010:
When Do Own-Group Biases in Face Recognition Occur? Encoding versus Post-Encoding

Holly, E. Recchia; Nina Howe, 2010:
When Do Siblings Compromise? Associations with Children's Descriptions of Conflict Issues, Culpability, and Emotions

John, W. Budd, 2010:
When Do U.S. Workers First Experience Unionization? Implications for Revitalizing the Labor Movement

Gerardo Marti, 2010:
When Does Religious Racial Integration Count? A Caution About Seeking Ideal Ethnographic Cases

James Griffith, 2010:
When Does Soldier Patriotism or Nationalism Matter? The Role of Transformational Small-Unit Leaders

Hee Yun Lee; Eonju Park; Elizabeth Lightfoot, 2010:
When Does a Battered Woman Seek Help From the Police? The Role of Battered Womens Functionality

Paul, E. Ceruzzi,, 2010:
When Dreams Become Real

Yusheng Peng, 2010:
When Formal Laws and Informal Norms Collide: Lineage Networks versus Birth Control Policy in China

Yang, M-Li; Yang, C-Chin; Chiou, W-Bin, 2010:
When Guilt Leads to Other Orientation and Shame Leads to Egocentric Self-Focus: Effects of Differential Priming of Negative Affects on Perspective Taking

Richard, B. Slatcher, 2010:
When Harry and Sally met Dick and Jane: Creating closeness between couples

Finkelstein, S R.; Fishbach, A, 2010:
When Healthy Food Makes You Hungry

Kent Drescher; David, W. Foy, 2010:
When Horror and Loss Intersect: Traumatic Experiences and Traumatic Bereavement

Cynda Hylton Rushton; Alvin Moss, 2010:
When Integrity is Threatened: Ethical Conflicts at the End-of-life (509)

Annunziato Amendola; Davide, E. Bonasia, 2010:
When Is Ankle Arthroscopy Indicated in Ankle Instability?

Gary Charness; David, I. Levine, 2010:
When Is Employee Retaliation Acceptable at Work? Evidence from Quasi-Experiments

Bradley, T. Conner, 2010:
When Is the Difference Significant? Estimates of Meaningfulness in Clinical Research

Huntsinger, J R.; Sinclair, S, 2010:
When It Feels Right, Go With It: Affective Regulation of Affiliative Social Tuning

Schickli, S, 2010:
When Kids Grow Up: Understanding Learning Disorders In Adulthood

Georges, M, 2010:
When Less Means More: Impact of Myostatin in Animal Breeding

Avitzur, O, 2010:
When Neurologic Illness Hits Home A Blessing and a Curse

Lugo-Ocando, J; Caizalez, A; Lohmeier, C, 2010:
When PSB is delivered by the hand of God: The case of Roman Catholic broadcast networks in Venezuela

McNulty, J. K., 2010:
When Positive Processes Hurt Relationships

Brannelly, T; Matthews, B, 2010:
When Practical Help is Valued so Much by Older People, Why do Professionals Fail to Recognise its Value?

Phil, C. Bryant; Charlotte, A. Davis; Julie, I. Hancock; James, M. Vardaman, 2010:
When Rule Makers Become Rule Breakers: Employee Level Outcomes of Managerial Pro-Social Rule Breaking

Dante Contreras; Paulina Sepúlveda; Sebastián Bustos, 2010:
When Schools Are the Ones that Choose: The Effects of Screening in Chile

Levy, S R.; Freitas, A L.; Mendoza-Denton, R; Kugelmass, H; Rosenthal, L, 2010:
When Sociopolitical Events Strike Cultural Beliefs: Divergent Impact of Hurricane Katrina on African Americans' and European Americans' Endorsement of the Protestant Work Ethic

Donath, R, 2010:
When Something More Is Too Much: The Case of Paul

Haraway, D, 2010:
When Species Meet: staying with the trouble

Bramlett, M D., 2010:
When Stepparents Adopt: Demographic, Health and Health Care Characteristics of Adopted Children, Stepchildren, and Adopted Stepchildren

Sarti, L, 2010:
When Storytelling Reframes Adultery: The Dramatics of Pirandello's 'La paura'

Blackwell, A F, 2010:
When Systemizers Meet Empathizers: Universalism and the Prosthetic Imagination

Toni Petrillo-Albarano; Wendalyn, K. Little, 2010:
When There Are No Inpatient Beds: Providing Pediatric Critical Care for Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department

Gordijn, E H., 2010:
When Thinking That You are Fat Makes You Feel Worthless: Activation and Application of Meta-Stereotypes When Appearance Matters

Davey, G; Kwok-bun, C, 2010:
When Worlds Collide: Scientists Doing Science in the Social World

Malo, M; Cartier-Michaud, A; Fabre-Guillevin, E; Hutzler, G; Delaplace, F; Barlovatz-Meimon, G; Lesne, A, 2010:
When a Collective Outcome Triggers a Rare Individual Event: A Mode of Metastatic Process in a Cell Population

Andrea, D. Plunkett, L Y. Yampolsky, 2010:
When a Fly Has to Fly to Reproduce: Selection against Conditional Recessive Lethals inDrosophila

Voisey, C. J., 2010:
When a Japanese subsidiary is not a Japanese subsidiary: Internationalization as changing organizational identity and capabilities

Marian van der Meulen; Robert, H. Logie; Yvonne Freer; Cindy Sykes; Neil McIntosh; Jim Hunter, 2010:
When a graph is poorer than 100 words: A comparison of computerised natural language generation, human generated descriptions and graphical displays in neonatal intensive care

Eskin, V, 2010:
When a parent is serving in the armed forces: the impact of waiting, knowing and not knowing on maternal functioning

Sulikowski, D; Burke, D, 2010:
When a place is not a place: encoding of spatial information is dependent on reward type

Bonardo, D; Paleari, S; Vismara, S, 2010:
When academia comes to market: does university affiliation reduce the uncertainty of IPOs?

Claudia Townsend; Suzanne, B. Shu, 2010:
When and how aesthetics influences financial decisions

Meysman, F J. R.; Boudreau, B P.; Middelburg, J J., 2010:
When and why does bioturbation lead to diffusive mixing?

Ryan Fehr; Michele, J. Gelfand, 2010:
When apologies work: How matching apology components to victims self-construals facilitates forgiveness

Mary, L. Courage; Alissa, E. Setliff, 2010:
When babies watch television: Attention-getting, attention-holding, and the implications for learning from video material

Bailey, T, 2010:
When commerce meets care: Emotion management in UK funeral directing

Traci, H. Freling; Peter, A. Dacin, 2010:
When consensus counts: Exploring the impact of consensus claims in advertising

Routledge, C; Juhl, J, 2010:
When death thoughts lead to death fears: Mortality salience increases death anxiety for individuals who lack meaning in life

Encarnação, J. A.; Becker, N. I.; Ekschmitt, K., 2010:
When do Daubentons bats (Myotis daubentonii) fly far for dinner?

Gudmundsdottir, G. B., 2010:
When does ICT support education in South Africa? The importance of teachers' capabilities and the relevance of language

An-Chih Wang; Bor-Shiuan Cheng, 2010:
When does benevolent leadership lead to creativity? The moderating role of creative role identity and job autonomy

Russell M Viner, E Roche, S A Maguire and Dasha E Nicholls, 2010:
When does childhood obesity become a child protection issue?

J. F. P. Galvin, 2010:
When does it snow in the desert?

Claude Fernet; Marylène Gagné; Stéphanie Austin, 2010:
When does quality of relationships with coworkers predict burnout over time? The moderating role of work motivation

Erte Xiao; Cristina Bicchieri, 2010:
When equality trumps reciprocity

Natalie Hine; James Oxley, 2010:
When excluding one matroid prevents infinite antichains

Tomás Lejarraga, 2010:
When experience is better than description: Time delays and complexity

Matteo Pizzolon; Eva Giacomello; Laura Marri; Daniela Marchini; Francesco Pascoli; Carlotta Mazzoldi; Maria Berica Rasotto, 2010:
When fathers make the difference: efficacy of male sexually selected antimicrobial glands in enhancing fish hatching success

Heussen, D, 2010:
When functions and causes compete

Gerlotto, F; Jones, E; Bez, N; Reid, D G., 2010:
When good neighbours become good friends: observing small scale structures in fish aggregations using multibeam sonar

Marc, K. H. Chan; Winnifred, R. Louis; Jolanda Jetten, 2010:
When groups are wrong and deviants are right

Harry, J. Elston, 2010:
When household hazardous waste is too hazardous: A case study

Patricia Mateo-Tomás; Pedro, P. Olea, 2010:
When hunting benefits raptors: a case study of game species and vultures

Prabhakar, G Prakash, 2010:
When in India do as the

Martin Hilbert, 2010:
When is Cheap, Cheap Enough to Bridge the Digital Divide? Modeling Income Related Structural Challenges of Technology Diffusion in Latin America

Geraldo Ferrer; Nicholas Dew; Uday Apte, 2010:
When is RFID right for your service?

Suter, G; Cormier, S, 2010:
When is a Formal Assessment Process Worthwhile?

Philip, J. Potts, 2010:
When is a standard not a standard? dilemmas in geoanalytical terminology

Alicia, M. Ellis; Tomáš Václavík; Ross, K. Meentemeyer, 2010:
When is connectivity important? A case study of the spatial pattern of sudden oak death

Derek Pyne, 2010:
When is it efficient to treat juvenile offenders more leniently than adult offenders?

Bryn Ll. Jones; Eric, C. Kerrigan, 2010:
When is the discretization of a spatially distributed system good enough for control?

Nancy, E. Frye; Michele, M. Dornisch, 2010:
When is trust not enough? The role of perceived privacy of communication tools in comfort with self-disclosure

Tomlinson, M T.; Love, B C., 2010:
When learning to classify by relations is easier than by features

Moss-Racusin, C A.; Phelan, J E.; Rudman, L A., 2010:
When men break the gender rules: Status incongruity and backlash against modest men

When molecules and morphology concur: the Gondwanan midges (Diptera: Chironomidae)

Moussa, R, 2010:
When monstrosity can be beautiful while normality can be ugly: assessing the performance of event-based flood models

Pamela Karr-Wisniewski; Ying Lu, 2010:
When more is too much: Operationalizing technology overload and exploring its impact on knowledge worker productivity

Sanchez-Marin, G; Baixauli-Soler, J. Samuel; Lucas-Perez, M. Encarnacion, 2010:
When much is not better? Top management compensation, board structure, and performance in Spanish firms

Lauryn Benedict; Rauri, C. K. Bowie; Jerome Fuchs; Matthew Macmanes, 2010:
When non-coding is non-neutral: the role of CHD1 gene polymorphism in sexing, in phylogenetics and as a correlate of fitness in birds

Houliez, C, 2010:
When non-store meets in-store: mobile communications technology, servicescapes, and the production of servicespace

Meagan, M. Patterson; Rebecca, S. Bigler; William, B. Swann Jr., 2010:
When personal identities confirm versus conflict with group identities: Evidence from an intergroup paradigm

Hojun Song; Nathan, C. Sheffield; Stephen, L. Cameron; Kelly, B. Miller; Michael, F. Whiting, 2010:
When phylogenetic assumptions are violated: base compositional heterogeneity and among-site rate variation in beetle mitochondrial phylogenomics

Marieke, A. Adriaanse; Gabriele Oettingen; Peter, M. Gollwitzer; Erin, P. Hennes; Denise, T. D. de Ridder; John, B. F. de Wit, 2010:
When planning is not enough: Fighting unhealthy snacking habits by mental contrasting with implementation intentions (MCII)

Rosen, D., 2010:
When politics and the law determine psychiatric practice

Hellmuth Margulis, E., 2010:
When program notes don't help: Music descriptions and enjoyment

Steffen Nestler; Boris Egloff, 2010:
When scary messages backfire: Influence of dispositional cognitive avoidance on the effectiveness of threat communications

Selby, H, 2010:
When science comes to court

Michaël Beaulieu; Antoine Dervaux; Anne-Mathilde Thierry; David Lazin; Yvon Le Maho; Yan Ropert-Coudert; Marion Spée; Thierry Raclot; André Ancel, 2010:
When sea-ice clock is ahead of Adlie penguins clock

Sook-Jin Kim; Joel Wainwright, 2010:
When seed fails: The contested nature of neoliberalism in South Korea

Stockman, J.A., 2010:
When should oxygen be given to children at high altitude? A systematic review to define altitude-specific hypoxaemia

Michael Decker; Torsten Fleischer, 2010:
When should there be which kind of technology assessment? A plea for a strictly problem-oriented approach from the very outset

Housee, S, 2010:
When silences are broken: an out of class discussion with Asian female students

James, H. Wirth; Donald, R. Lynam; Kipling, D. Williams, 2010:
When social pain is not automatic: Personality disorder traits buffer ostracisms immediate negative impact

Langer, R, 2010:
When the Patient Does Not Tell the Truth

Klein, O; Clark, A E.; Lyons, A, 2010:
When the Social Becomes Personal: Exploring the Role of Common Ground in Stereotype Communication

Eggerth, D E.; Flynn, M A., 2010:
When the Third World Comes to the First: Ethical Considerations When Working With Hispanic Immigrants

Batty, M, 2010:
When the Web is Woven

Fryberg, S A.; Stephens, N M., 2010:
When the World Is Colorblind, American Indians Are Invisible: A Diversity Science Approach

Boen, F.; Vanbeselaere, N.; Wostyn, P., 2010:
When the best become the rest: The interactive effect of premerger status and relative representation on postmerger identification and ingroup bias

Craig, E. Smith; Diyu. Chen; Paul, L. Harris, 2010:
When the happy victimizer says sorry: Children's understanding of apology and emotion

Luis Oceja; Tamara Ambrona; Belén López-Pérez; Sergio Salgado; Marisol Villegas, 2010:
When the victim is one among others: Empathy, awareness of others and motivational ambivalence

Hussaini, H.M.; Firth, N.A.; Speight, P.M.; Hunter, L.A.; Worthington, J.P.; Rich, A.M., 2010:
When threes a crowd: a case of a hybrid odontogenic tumour with malignant transformation

Bar-Haim, Y; Kerem, A; Lamy, D; Zakay, D, 2010:
When time slows down: The influence of threat on time perception in anxiety

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When to Stop Pushing

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When to Think of Bronchiectasis and the Investigations to Perform

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When to do trial of operative vaginal delivery in theatre and how to improve success rate?

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When to stop pushing: effects of duration of second-stage expulsion efforts on maternal and neonatal outcomes in nulliparous women with epidural analgesia

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When to treat bone fragility, 2010: FRAX and beyond

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When whistle-blowing works: The Norwegian case

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When yielding pieces of the pie is not a piece of cake: Identity-based intergroup effects in negotiations

Clare, J. Rathbone; Chris, J. A. Moulin, 2010:
When's your birthday? The self-reference effect in retrieval of dates

Shephard, R.J., 2010:
When, why and for whom there is a relationship between physical activity and menopause symptoms

Robert, C. Bishop, 2010:
Whence chemistry?

Gimeno, L; Nieto, R; Trigo, R M.; Vicente-Serrano, S M.; López-Moreno, J Ignacio, 2010:
Where Does the Iberian Peninsula Moisture Come From? An Answer Based on a Lagrangian Approach

Balsam, R H., 2010:
Where Has Oedipus Gone? A Turn of The Century Contemplation

—Frank, R. Thompson III, 2010:
Where We're Headed

Richard Frankham, 2010:
Where are we in conservation genetics and where do we need to go?

Tracey Parnell; Clare Wilding, 2010:
Where can an occupation-focussed philosophy take occupational therapy?

Florian, K. Diekert; Anne Maria Eikeset; Nils Chr. Stenseth, 2010:
Where could catch shares prevent stock collapse?

Rodrigo, Mía-José, 2010:
Where developmental psychology and neuroscience meet: A threatening or a felicitous encounter?

Bryant, A; Pollock, G, 2010:
Where do Bunnys come from? From Hamsterdam to hubris

Coplan, R; Findlay, L C.; Schneider, B H., 2010:
Where do anxious children fit best? Childcare and the emergence of anxiety in early childhood

Savic-Jabrow, P Catherine, 2010:
Where do counsellors in private practice receive their support? A pilot study

Gail Davies, 2010:
Where do experiments end?

Guillaume Péron; Jean François Mittaine; Bertrand Le Gallic, 2010:
Where do fishmeal and fish oil products come from? An analysis of the conversion ratios in the global fishmeal industry

Nick Timmins, 2010:
Where do the cuts leave the NHS?

Brooker, A, 2010:
Where do we belong? Keynote talk at the First National Personality Disorder Congress

Atkinson, A, 2010:
Where do we stand? Progress in acknowledging and confronting climate change and peak oil

Françoise Delisle; Richard Shearmur, 2010:
Where does all the talent flow? Migration of young graduates and nongraduates, Canada 19962001

Sören Frappart; Valérie Frède, 2010:
Where does the stone go when we drop it? Development of French schoolchildrens knowledge of gravity

Porter, G; Hampshire, K; Abane, A; Munthali, A; Robson, E; Mashiri, M; Maponya, G, 2010:
Where dogs, ghosts and lions roam: learning from mobile ethnographies on the journey from school

Oliver Busch; Benjamin Weigert, 2010:
Where have all the graduates gone? Internal cross-state migration of graduates in Germany 19842004

Dirk Lehr; Stefan Koch; Andreas Hillert, 2010:
Where is (im)balance? Necessity and construction of evaluated cut-off points for effort-reward imbalance and overcommitment

Rothblum, E., 2010:
Where is the 'Women's Community?' Voices of Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Women and Heterosexual Sisters

Subir Sachdev, 2010:
Where is the quantum critical point in the cuprate superconductors?

William, F. McComas, 2010:
Where is the Origin in theOrigin of Species?

Bilge, A. Reyyan; Taylor, H A., 2010:
Where is Here in Nested Environments? Location Accessibility from Different Sources

Morandini, P, 2010:
Where logic ends, regulation (of agricultural biotechnology) begins

Neil Spratt, 2010:
Where next for stroke?

Sharon Vincent; Brigid Daniel; Sharon Jackson, 2010:
Where now for child protection in Scotland?

Damber Kumar Nirola, 2010:
Where psychiatrists are scarce: Bhutan

Chakkarath, P, 2010:
Where psychology meets religion and culture: remarks on Jacob A. Belzen's Towards cultural psychology of religion: principles, approaches and applications

Worby, G; Rigney, L-Irabinna; Tur, S Ulalka, 2010:
Where salt and fresh waters meet: reconciliation and change in education

Lamont, P; Henderson, J M.; Smith, T J., 2010:
Where science and magic meet: The illusion of a science of magic

Stephen, C. Provost; Greg Hannan; Frances, H. Martin; Gerry Farrell; Ottmar, V. Lipp; Deborah, J. Terry; Denise Chalmers; Debra Bath; Peter, H. Wilson, 2010:
Where should the balance be between scientist and practitioner in Australian undergraduate psychology?

Hinchliffe, S, 2010:
Where species meet

Kohn, E, 2010:
Where the Wild Things Are Now: Domestication Reconsidered

Solli, J⊘ran, 2010:
Where the eagles dare? Enacting resistance to wind farms through hybrid collectives

Barbara Young, 2010:
Where there's a will there's a way, but the way of the will may be blocked

Nuden Erdenetuul, 2010:
Where there's no psychiatrist Mongolia

Arntzen, ; Wielstra, B, 2010:
Where to draw the line? A nuclear genetic perspective on proposed range boundaries of the crested newts Triturus karelinii and T. arntzeni

Andrew Turner, 2010:
Where to see birds in Victoria

J. Neville, 2010:
Whey Processing, Functionality & Health Benefits

Morales, E; Rousseau, J, 2010:
Which Areas of the Home Pose Most Difficulties for Adults with Motor Disabilities?

Rosenthal, E T., 2010:
Which Cancers are Rare? Depends on Where You Are

Richard Reading, 2010:
Which Clinical Features Distinguish Inflicted from Non-Inflicted Brain Injury? A Systematic Review

Bissell, M.G., 2010:
Which Laboratory Tests Do Students in an Internal Medicine Clerkship Need to learn About?

Valeo, T, 2010:
Which MS Patients Benefit from Interferon Therapy? A Mouse Study Provides Potential Clues

Zhang, H; Dong, M; Zhao, S, 2010:
Which One Is More Important in Chemical Flooding for Enhanced Court Heavy Oil Recovery, Lowering Interfacial Tension or Reducing Water Mobility?

Lien, C.A., 2010:
Which Regions of the Operating Gown Should be Considered Most Sterile?

Favretto, I, 2010:
Which Socialism, Whose Dtente? West European Communism and the Czechoslovak crisis of 1968

V. I. Agol, 2010:
Which came first, the virus or the cell?

Helja Laukkanen; Jeffrey Rushen; Anne Marie de Passillé, 2010:
Which dairy calves are cross-sucked?

Rafig Agaev; Pavel Chebotarev, 2010:
Which digraphs with ring structure are essentially cyclic?

Remy Debes, 2010:
Which empathy? Limitations in the mirrored "understanding" of emotion

Ines Nitsche; Rainer Koch; Thomas, W. Kallert, 2010:
Which factors influence the psychological distress among relatives of patients with chronic functional psychoses? An exploratory study in a community mental health care setting

Zenin, S.; Kazarinova, Y.; Kazeka, B.; Kononenko, O., 2010:
Which factors influence the time of AF paroxysm conversion?

Adzo Dzifa Kokutse; Alexia Stokes; Nomessi Kuma Kokutse; Kouami Kokou, 2010:
Which factors most influence heartwood distribution and radial growth in plantation teak?

O'Connor, T G; Kuyler, P; Kirkman, K P; Corcoran, B, 2010:
Which grazing management practices are most appropriate for maintaining biodiversity in South African grassland?

Zengwei Yuan; Ling Zhang; Jun Bi, 2010:
Which is more cost-effective? A comparison of two wastewater treatment models in ChinaSingapore Suzhou Industrial Park, China

J.D. Nixon; P.K. Dey; P.A. Davies, 2010:
Which is the best solar thermal collection technology for electricity generation in north-west India? Evaluation of options using the analytical hierarchy process

J. K. Rowntree; R. S. Cowan; M. Leggett; M. M. Ramsay; M. F. Fay, 2010:
Which moss is which? Identification of the threatened mossOrthodontium gracileusing molecular and morphological techniques

King,, 2010:
Which sex controls the duration of postcopulatory courtship and to what effect in the parasitoid wasp Spalangia endius

Cong, Z; Silverstein, M, 2010:
Which sons live with their older parents in rural China? The role of migration and intergenerational exchanges

Sharon Goldwater; Dan Jurafsky; Christopher, D. Manning, 2010:
Which words are hard to recognize? Prosodic, lexical, and disfluency factors that increase speech recognition error rates

Rahmadi, C; Kojima, J-ichi, 2010:
Whip spiders of the genus Sarax in the Papuan region, with description of two new species (Amblypygi: Charinidae)

Christian Czekalla; Thomas Nobis; Andreas Rahm; Bingqiang Cao; Jesús Zúñiga-Pérez; Chris Sturm; Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund; Michael Lorenz; Marius Grundmann, 2010:
Whispering gallery modes in zinc oxide micro- and nanowires

Adrian O'Dowd, J Hayes and Deborah Cohen, 2010:
Whistle while you work

Grzelinska, J, 2010:
Whistling in the dark: twenty-one queer interviews

Moneta, G.L., 2010:
White Blood Cell Count Predicts All-Cause Mortality in Patients with Suspected Peripheral Arterial Disease

Selnes, P; Fjell, A M.; Gjerstad, L; Bjørnerud, A; Wallin, A; Due-Tønnessen, P; Grambaite, R; Stenset, V; Fladby, T, 2010:
White Matter Diffusion Tensor Imaging Changes in Subjective and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Grangeon, M Conceição; Seixas, C; Quarantini, L C.; Miranda-Scippa, A; Pompili, M; Steffens, D C.; Wenzel, A; Lacerda, A L. T.; de Oliveira, I Reis, 2010:
White Matter Hyperintensities and Their Association With Suicidally in Major Affective Disorders: A Meta-Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies

L. Villalba, L; I. Fonseca, M; Giorgio, M; D. Zapata, P, 2010:
White Rot Fungi Laccases for Biotechnological Applications

Robert Kruszyk; Michał Ciach, 2010:
White Storks,Ciconia ciconia, forage on rubbish dumps in Polanda novel behaviour in population

Malat, J; Clark-Hitt, R; Burgess, D Jill; Friedemann-Sanchez, G; Van Ryn, M, 2010:
White doctors and nurses on racial inequality in health care in the USA: whiteness and colour-blind racial ideology

Torkelson, J; Hartmann, D, 2010:
White ethnicity in twenty-first-century America: findings from a new national survey

Lage Burström, B Järvholm, T Nilsson and Jens Wahlström, 2010:
White fingers, cold environment, and vibration - exposure among Swedish construction workers

Ersin Kayahan, 2010:
White light luminescence from annealed thin ZnO deposited porous silicon

Changyu Shen; Yi Yang; Shongzhong Jin; Jiangzhou Ming; Huajun Feng; Zhihai Xu, 2010:
White light-emitting diodes using blue and yelloworange-emitting phosphors

Spoletini, I; Spalletta, G, 2010:
White matter abnormalities in adolescent-onset and adult-onset schizophrenia: new directions in research

Virendra Kumar Rai; Ritu Srivastava; M.N. Kamalasanan, 2010:
White organic electroluminescence from fluorescent bis (2-(2-hydroxyphenyl) benzoxazolate)zinc doped with phosphorescent material

Amit Kumar; Ritu Srivastava; Sukhwant, S. Bawa; Devender Singh; Kapoor Singh; Gayatri Chauhan; Ishwar Singh; Modeeparampil, N. Kamalasanan, 2010:
White organic light emitting diodes based on DCM dye sandwiched in 2-methyl-8-hydroxyquinolinolatolithium

K.T. Morgan; R.A. Gilbert; Z.A. Helsel; L. Buacum; R. Leon; J. Perret, 2010:
White paper report from working groups attending the international conference on research and educational opportunities in bio-fuel crop production

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White pine blister rust in Korea, Japan and other Asian regions: comparisons and implications for North America

T. M. Saliev; M. S. Saidov, 2010:
White radiation upon breakdown of an nSi pCdiamondheterojunction and upon limiting efficiency of a silicon solar element

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White spotting in Norway rats selected for tame behavior

Kwangwon Park; Jaebum Lee; Jehong Park; Jongsu Kim; Patrick Kung; Seongsin, M. Kim; Gawngchul Kim, 2010:
White-light generation through Ce3+/Mn2+-codoped and Eu2+-doped Ba1.2Ca0.8SiO4 T-phase phosphors

Jung, A ás; Götze, C; Glässer, C, 2010:
White-reference based post-correction method for multi-source spectral libraries

Adrian, H. Nicholas, 2010:
Whitefringed weevilsNaupactus leucoloma(Boheman), (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) damage sub-surface drip irrigation tape

Robert Dekle; Guillaume Vandenbroucke, 2010:
Whither Chinese Growth? A Sectoral Growth Accounting Approach

Rohrman, D F, 2010:
Whither environmental law?

Fernando, H. J. S.; Weil, J. C., 2010:
Whither the Stable Boundary Layer?

Child, C., 2010:
Whither the Turn? The Ambiguous Nature of Nonprofits' Commercial Revenue

Ivan Sondi; Mladen Juračić, 2010:
Whiting events and the formation of aragonite in Mediterranean Karstic Marine Lakes: new evidence on its biologically induced inorganic origin

Carolyn Buppert, 2010:
Who Are Auditors and What Are They Looking For?

Kim, I, 2010:
Who Bears the Lion's Share of a Black Pie of Oil Pollution Costs?

Bob Rijkers; Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi; Francis Teal, 2010:
Who Benefits from Promoting Small Enterprises? Some Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia

Kelly, A C.; Zuroff, D C.; Foa, C L.; Gilbert, P, 2010:
Who Benefits from Training in Self-Compassionate Self-Regulation? A Study of Smoking Reduction

Jason, S. Stoner; Vickie, C. Gallagher, 2010:
Who Cares? The Role of Job Involvement in Psychological Contract Violation

Nancy Fraser, 2010:
Who Counts? Dilemmas of Justice in a Postwestphalian World

Tom Walker, 2010:
Who Do We Treat First When Resources Are Scarce?

Wayment, H A.; Barger, S D.; Tolle, L Woodward; O'Mara, E M., 2010:
Who Gets Blamed After a Collective Tragedy? The Role of Distress, Identification With Victims, and Time

Galster, G.; Andersson, R.; Musterd, S., 2010:
Who Is Affected by Neighbourhood Income Mix? Gender, Age, Family, Employment and Income Differences

Diana Birkett, 2010:
Who Is It That Can Tell Me Who I Am? The Journal of a Psychotherapist By Jane Haynes

Gamino, L. A.; Sewell, K. W.; Hogan, N. S.; Mason, S. L., 2010:
Who Needs Grief Counseling? A Report from the Scott & White Grief Study

Maris, G; Schmittmann, V D.; Borsboom, D, 2010:
Who Needs Linear Equating Under the NEAT Design?

Turner, R, 2010:
Who Needs Research and Development?

Corbett, A. Grainger; Charles, D. Kolstad, 2010:
Who Pays a Price on Carbon?

Johannessen, S; Wilhite, H, 2010:
Who Really Benefits from Fairtrade? An Analysis of Value Distribution in Fairtrade Coffee

Holifield, B, 2010:
Who Sees the Lake?

Rutten, R, 2010:
Who Shall Benefit? Conflicts among the Landless Poor in a Philippine Agrarian Reform Programme

Hasson, Y, 2010:
Who Stands to Lose from Tax Cuts in Israel?

Russett, B.; Arnold, T., 2010:
Who Talks, and Who's Listening? Networks of International Security Studies

Francesco Serti; Chiara Tomasi; Antonello Zanfei, 2010:
Who Trades with Whom? Exploring the Links between Firms' International Activities, Skills, and Wages

Dales, S, 2010:
Who Was Dr. George Palade? Memories of a Fellow Faculty Member

Samuel Pehrson; Eva, G. T. Green, 2010:
Who We Are and Who Can Join Us: National Identity Content and Entry Criteria for New Immigrants

Kinsey, B H., 2010:
Who Went Where and Why: Patterns and Consequences of Displacement in Rural Zimbabwe after February 2000

Gideon, F. Smith, E Figueiredo and Gerry Moore, 2010:
Who amends the International code of botanical nomenclature?

Shalev-Eyni, S, 2010:
Who are the Heirs of the Hebrew Bible? Sephardic Visual Historiography in a Christian Context

Neil Ferguson; Mark Burgess; Ian Hollywood, 2010:
Who are the Victims? Victimhood Experiences in Postagreement Northern Ireland

Harng Luh Sin, 2010:
Who are we responsible to? Locals tales of volunteer tourism

Chunbo Ma, 2010:
Who bears the environmental burden in ChinaAn analysis of the distribution of industrial pollution sources?

Bacal, H; Carlton, L, 2010:
Who can do what, therapeutically, with whom, in what way?

Saxon, D; Ricketts, T; Heywood, J, 2010:
Who drops-out? Do measures of risk to self and to others predict unplanned endings in primary care counselling?

Katrin Uba, 2010:
Who formulates renewable-energy policy? A Swedish example

Monika Figaj, 2010:
Who gets environmental aid? The characteristics of global environmental aid distribution

Teresa Correa; Amber Willard Hinsley; Homero Gil de Zúñiga, 2010:
Who interacts on the Web?: The intersection of users personality and social media use

Nagar, N'ama, 2010:
Who is Afraid of the T-word? Labeling Terror in the Media Coverage of Political Violence Before and After 9/11

Matthew Guller, 2010:
Who is Qualified to Provide Expert Testimony on the Psychological Fitness for Duty of a Police Officer? A Guide for Agencies, Lawyers and Hearing Officers

Åsa Bråmå; Roger Andersson, 2010:
Who leaves rental housing? Examining possible explanations for ethnic housing segmentation in Uppsala, Sweden

Dedrick, J.; Kraemer, K. L.; Linden, G., 2010:
Who profits from innovation in global value chains?: a study of the iPod and notebook PCs

P.H.T. Schimit; L.H.A. Monteiro, 2010:
Who should wear mask against airborne infections? Altering the contact network for controlling the spread of contagious diseases

Monisha, C. Akhtar, 2010:
Who speaks for Islam?: what a billion Muslims really think. By J. L. Esposito and D. Mogahed, New York: Gallup Press, 2007

Bindal, T; Wall, D; Goodyear, H, 2010:
Who wants to be a paediatrician? Medical students' views on considering paediatrics as a career

Hanke Korpershoek; Hans Kuyper; Greetje van der Werf; Roel Bosker, 2010:
Who fits the science and technology profile? Personality differences in secondary education

Steven Brint; Seth Abrutyn, 2010:
Who's Right About the Right? Comparing Competing Explanations of the Link Between White Evangelicals and Conservative Politics in the United States

Tarassoff, P, 2010:
Who's Who in Mineral Names: Luiz Menezes (b. 1950)

Modreski, P J., 2010:
Who's Who in Mineral Names: Patrick E. Haynes (b. 1953)

Ann Hewings; Theresa Lillis; Dimitra Vladimirou, 2010:
Who's citing whose writings? A corpus based study of citations as interpersonal resource in English medium national and English medium international journals

Alexander, J.M.; Sarode, R.; McIntire, D.D.; Burner, J.D.; Leveno, K.J., 2010:
Whole Blood in the Management of Hypovolemia due to Obstetric Hemorrhage

Jixin Wang; Ashley Gustafson; Melody de Laat; Rebecca Carter; Christopher Pollitt; James Orsini; Hannah Galantino-Homer; Bhanu Chowdhary, 2010:
Whole Genome Functional Analysis of Laminar Tissue From Horses With Laminitis Induced by Prolonged Euglycemic-Hyperinsulinemic Clamp

Siddiqui, F.; Mathews, T.; Teh, B.S.; Kalapurakal, J.A.; Butler, E.B.; Chintagumpala, M.; Paulino, A.C., 2010:
Whole Lung Irradiation in Pediatric Patients using Tomotherapy to Minimize Cardiac, Breast and Thyroid Irradiation

Salle, B; Lornage, J, 2010:
Whole Ovarian Vitrification: A Viable Option for Fertility Preservation?

Nanda, A.; Chen, M.; Dosoretz, D.; Salenius, S.; Katin, M.; Ross, R.; D'Amico, A.V., 2010:
Whole Pelvis vs. Prostate Only Irradiation and Mortality in Men with Prostate Cancer Treated with or without Hormonal Therapy

Mingyue Liu; Yun Zhou; Qian Han; Tianhui Gao; Zhifen Luo; Wenyu Wang, 2010:
Whole brain radiotherapy concomitant or sequential Vm26/DDP in treating small cell lung cancer patients with brain metastases

Mats Brännström; Milan Milenkovic, 2010:
Whole ovary cryopreservation with vascular transplantation A future development in female oncofertility

Paul Compston, 2010:
Whole system design: an integrated approach to sustainable engineering by P. Stasinopoulos, M.H. Smith, K. Hargroves, C. Desha, Earthscan, UK 2009

Tajadura-Jiménez, A; Väljamäe, A; Kitagawa, N; Ho, H-N, 2010:
Whole-body vibration influences on sound localization in the median plane

Silva, M.G.; Gomes, F.C.; Saito, E.Y.; Maia, M.A.C.; Salvajoli, J.V., 2010:
Whole-brain Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Brain Metastases: A 12-year Analysis of Prognostic Factors and Survival

Deborah, L. Domingue; Faith Vilas; Gregory, M. Holsclaw; Johan Warell; Noam, R. Izenberg; Scott, L. Murchie; Brett, W. Denevi; David, T. Blewett; William, E. McClintock; Brian, J. Anderson; Menelaos Sarantos, 2010:
Whole-disk spectrophotometric properties of Mercury: Synthesis of MESSENGER and ground-based observations

Suzanne Czech; Anthony, P. Shakeshaft; Courtney Breen; Robert, W. Sanson-Fisher, 2010:
Whole-of-community approaches to reducing alcohol-related harm: What do communities think?

Saarsalmi, A; Tamminen, P; Kukkola, M; Hautajärvi, R, 2010:
Whole-tree harvesting at clear-felling: Impact on soil chemistry, needle nutrient concentrations and growth of Scots pine

Mackowiak, P. A., 2010:
Whom the Gods Love Die Young

Lang, J, 2010:
Whose Control? A Discussion of Henry Kronengold's Hey Toy Man

Cuthbert, A, 2010:
Whose Urban Design?

Nayak, P Kumar; Berkes, F, 2010:
Whose marginalisation? Politics around environmental injustices in India's Chilika lagoon

Marion Glaser; Wasistini Baitoningsih; Sebastian, C.A. Ferse; Muhammad Neil; Rio Deswandi, 2010:
Whose sustainability? Topdown participation and emergent rules in marine protected area management in Indonesia

Atherton, A; Kim, J Yeup; Kim, H, 2010:
Whos driving take-up? An examination of patterns of small business engagement with Business Link

McConnon, P J., 2010:
Whos in Charge? Leadership during Epidemics, Bioterror Attacks, and Other Public Health Crises

Michael Heise, 2010:
Why ADR Programs Aren't More Appealing: An Empirical Perspective

Valeo, T, 2010:
Why Academic Neurologists Seek Greater Control in Pharma-Sponsored CME

Katalien Bollen; Martin Euwema; Patrick Müller, 2010:
Why Are Subordinates Less Satisfied with Mediation? The Role of Uncertainty

Chang, Y-Lin; Oey, L-Yauw; Wu, C-Ron; Lu, H-Fu, 2010:
Why Are There Upwellings on the Northern Shelf of Taiwan under Northeasterly Winds?

Spencer, R. Hall, R Smyth, C R. Becker, M A. Duffy, C J. Knight, S MacIntyre, A J. Tessier, C E. Cáceres, 2010:
Why AreDaphniain Some Lakes Sicker? Disease Ecology, Habitat Structure, and the Plankton

Kuhn, D; Wang, Y; Li, H, 2010:
Why Argue? Developing Understanding of the Purposes and Values of Argumentive Discourse

Christopher Freiman, 2010:
Why Be Immoral?

Chang, Y.-L.; Oey, L.-Y., 2010:
Why Can Wind Delay the Shedding of Loop Current Eddies?

Vincent Demoulin, 2010:
Why Conservation of the Name Boletus applanatus Should Be Rejected

Liu, B; McConnell, J J; Saretto, A, 2010:
Why Did Auction Rate Bond Auctions Fail during 20072008?

Rohlf, V I.; Bennett, P C.; Toukhsati, S; Coleman, G, 2010:
Why Do Even Committed Dog Owners Fail to Comply with Some Responsible Ownership Practices?

Anna, M. Taylor; David Reby; Karen McComb, 2010:
Why Do Large Dogs Sound More Aggressive to Human Listeners: Acoustic Bases of Motivational Misattributions

Tavits, M., 2010:
Why Do People Engage in Corruption? The Case of Estonia

Benjamin Giguère; R. N. Lalonde, 2010:
Why Do Students Strike? Direct and Indirect Determinants of Collective Action Participation

Stockman, J.A., 2010:
Why Do Young Women Continue to Have Sexual Intercourse Despite Pain?

Singh, S.; Tripathi, R. C., 2010:
Why Do the Bonded Fear Freedom?: Some Lessons from the Field

Kevin, G. Cai, 2010:
Why Does China Not Democratize Yet?

Conoley, J Close; Conoley, C Wyatt, 2010:
Why Does Collaboration Work? Linking Positive Psychology and Collaboration

Storper, M., 2010:
Why Does a City Grow? Specialisation, Human Capital or Institutions?

Zharkov, V; Nof, D, 2010:
Why Does the North Brazil Current Regularly Shed Rings but the Brazil Current Does Not?

Petrolia, D R.; Bhattacharjee, S, 2010:
Why Don't Coastal Residents Choose to Evacuate for Hurricanes?

Bertram, E H., 2010:
Why Don't Medicines for Epilepsy Always Work?

Casner, S M., 2010:
Why Don't Pilots Submit More Pilot Weather Reports (PIREPs)?

Kasabov, E, 2010:
Why Every Cluster Cannot be a Successful Community?

Boyer, P, 2010:
Why Evolved Cognition Matters to Understanding Cultural Cognitive Variations

M. Andreína Pacheco, S R. Beissinger and Carlos Bosque, 2010:
Why Grow Slowly in a Dangerous Place? Postnatal Growth, Thermoregulation, and Energetics of Nestling Green-Rumped Parrotlets (Forpus passerinus) (Por qu Crecer Lentamente en un Lugar Peligroso? Crecimiento Postnatal, Termorregulacin y Energtica de los Pichones deForpus passerinus)

Guangjian Xu; Liyuan Dai; Jipeng Zhong, 2010:
Why Has Chinas Final Consumption Rate Declined Since 1978? Causes and Implications

&na;,, 2010:
Why Has Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Become Such a Successful Pathogen in Adults?

Baker, C J., 2010:
Why Has Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Become Such a Successful Pathogen?

Logan, M, 2010:
Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care

Douglas, K M.; Sutton, R M.; Stathi, S, 2010:
Why I am less persuaded than you: People's intuitive understanding of the psychology of persuasion

Donnan, G. A., 2010:
Why I became a neurologist

Slovak, A., 2010:
Why I became a second hand bookseller: part 1

Mark, T. Gibbs, 2010:
Why ITQs on target species are inefficient at achieving ecosystem based fisheries management outcomes

Bornstein, M, 2010:
Why Is It So Difficult to Describe What Actually Goes On in the Minds of the Patient and Analyst?

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, 2010:
Why Is Movement Therapeutic?

Maitra, A., 2010:
Why Isn't Michelle Lopez on Judge Judy? Citizenship and Televisuality in Hima B.'s And I Do Survive

Nicolai, V. Kuminoff; Ada Wossink, 2010:
Why Isnt More US Farmland Organic?

Oppenheimer, D M.; Trail, T E., 2010 :
Why Leaning to the Left Makes You Lean to the Left: Effect of Spatial Orientation on Political Attitudes

Satoshi Kanazawa, 2010:
Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent

Küng, L, 2010:
Why Media Managers Are Not Interested in Media ManagementAnd What We Could Do About It

Johnson, N, 2010:
Why Neurology Residents Need to Get Involved in Health System Reform

Whyte, K Powys, 2010:
Why Not Environmental Injustice?

Gil, S. Epstein; Ira, N. Gang, 2010:
Why Pay Taxes When No One Else Does?

Wiley, E. O., 2010:
Why Philosophy Matters to the Working Biologist

Cayce, K O., 2010:
Why Quaterbacks Wear Red Jerseys

Arnaud Béchet, J-Françis Giroux, G Gauthier, a Marc Bélisle, 2010:
Why Roost at the Same Place? Exploring Short-Term Fidelity in Staging Snow Geese (Por Qu Usar los Mismos Dormideros? Explorando la Fidelidad de Corto Plazo enChen caerulescens)

Tim Rhodes, A Sarang, P Vickerman and Matthew Hickman, 2010:
Why Russia must legalise methadone

Elphick, C S., 2010:
Why Study Birds in Rice Fields?

Simi, P, 2010:
Why Study White Supremacist Terror? A Research Note

Matthias von Davier, 2010:
Why Sum Scores May Not Tell Us All About Test Takers

Dunbrack, T R. E.; Dunbrack, R L., 2010:
Why Take Your Dog on a Picnic: Presence of a Potential Predator (Canis lupus familiaris) Reverses the Outcome of Food Competition Between Northwestern Crows (Corvus caurinus) and Glaucous-Winged Gulls (Larus glaucescens)

Myron Shekelle; Sharon Gursky, 2010:
Why Tarsiers? Why Now? An Introduction to the Special Edition on Tarsiers

Toole, J F., 2010:
Why The Truth About The Health of Our Leaders Matters

Barbara, C. Malt, 2010:
Why We Should Do Without Concepts

Thomas Koellner; Joachim Sell; Guillermo Navarro, 2010:
Why and how much are firms willing to invest in ecosystem services from tropical forests? A comparison of international and Costa Rican firms

Maureen Mweru, 2010:
Why are Kenyan teachers still using corporal punishment eight years after a ban on corporal punishment?

Buchanan, T; Charles, M St.; Rigler, M; Hart, C, 2010:
Why are Older Faculty Members More Accepting of Students with Attentiondeficit Hyperactivity Disorder? A Lifecourse Interpretation

Evan Polman, 2010:
Why are maximizers less happy than satisficers? Because they maximize positive and negative outcomes

J.A. Raven, 2010:
Why are mycorrhizal fungi and symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria not genetically integrated into plants?

Pascal van Griethuysen, 2010:
Why are we growth-addicted? The hard way towards degrowth in the involutionary western development path

Paglieri, F; Castelfranchi, C, 2010:
Why argue? Towards a costbenefit analysis of argumentation

William (Bill) L. Mostia Jr., 2010:
Why bad things happen to good people

R. M. McDowall, 2010:
Why be amphidromous: expatrial dispersal and the place of source and sink population dynamics?

Zalabardo, Jé L., 2010:
Why believe the truth? Shah and Velleman on the aim of belief

Roy, R. Spina; Li-Jun Ji; Michael Ross; Ye Li; Zhiyong Zhang, 2010:
Why best cannot last: Cultural differences in predicting regression toward the mean

Vladimir, D. Kiselev, 2010:
Why can the activation volume of the cycloadduct decomposition in isopolar retro-DielsAlder reactions be negative?

Pitts, P J, 2010:
Why data exclusivity is the new patent protection

Xiaoli Zhao; Chunbo Ma; Dongyue Hong, 2010:
Why did Chinas energy intensity increase during 19982006: Decomposition and policy analysis

Melissa, G. Bublitz; Laura, A. Peracchio; Lauren, G. Block, 2010:
Why did I eat that? Perspectives on food decision making and dietary restraint

Kerrie, L. Unsworth; Chris, W. Clegg, 2010:
Why do employees undertake creative action?

Nielsen, S.; Nielsen, B. B., 2010:
Why do firms employ foreigners on their top management team? An exploration of strategic fit, human capital and attraction-selection-attrition perspectives

Emily, A. Impett; Amie, M. Gordon, 2010:
Why do people sacrifice to approach rewards versus to avoid costs? Insights from attachment theory

Shephard, R.J., 2010:
Why do pregnant women stop exercising in the third trimester?

Gerkey, D; Cronk, L, 2010:
Why do we need to coordinate when classifying kin?

Erol Ozcelik; Ismahan Arslan-Ari; Kursat Cagiltay, 2010:
Why does signaling enhance multimedia learning? Evidence from eye movements

Lie-Yauw Oey; Yi-Chia Hsin; Chau-Ron Wu, 2010:
Why does the Kuroshio northeast of Taiwan shift shelfward in winter?

Ben, H. Warren; Dominique Strasberg; J. Henrich Bruggemann; Robert, P. Prys-Jones; Christophe Thébaud, 2010:
Why does the biota of the Madagascar region have such a strong Asiatic flavour?

Swan, J.; Scarbrough, H.; Newell, S., 2010:
Why don't (or do) organizations learn from projects?

Balfe, M; Brugha, R; O'Connell, E; McGee, H; O'Donovan, D; Vaughan, D, 2010:
Why don't young women go for Chlamydia testing? A qualitative study employing Goffman's stigma framework

Blowers, A, 2010:
Why dump on us? Power, pragmatism and the periphery in the siting of new nuclear reactors in the UK

Roefie Hueting, 2010:
Why environmental sustainability can most probably not be attained with growing production

Adams, C. J., 2010:
Why feminist-vegan now?

Yukl, G; Mahsud, R, 2010:
Why flexible and adaptive leadership is essential

Szabó, Péter, 2010:
Why history matters in ecology: an interdisciplinary perspective

Patrick, G. Cech; Peter, J. Edwards; Harry Olde Venterink, 2010:
Why is Abundance of Herbaceous Legumes Low in African Savanna? A Test with Two Model Species

Yun Zhou, 2010:
Why is China going nuclear?

Wang, J., 2010:
Why is China's Blue Revolution so "Blue"? Conservation tillage adoption in China

Wang, J.; Huang, J.; Zhang, L.; Rozelle, S.; Farnsworth, H.F., 2010:
Why is China's Blue Revolution so "Blue"? The determinants of conservation tillage in China

G. A. B. K. Moraes; A. R. M. Chaves; S. C. V. Martins; R. S. Barros; F. M. DaMatta, 2010:
Why is it better to produce coffee seedlings in full sunlight than in the shade? A morphophysiological approach

Tanco, Mín; Viles, E; Jesus Álvarez, M; Ilzarbe, L, 2010:
Why is not design of experiments widely used by engineers in Europe?

G. W. Luck, 2010:
Why is species richness often higher in more densely populated regions?

Antoine Bouët; David Laborde, 2010:
Why is the Doha Development Agenda Failing? And What Can Be Done? A Computable General EquilibriumGame Theoretical Approach

M.D. Krom; K-C Emeis; P. Van Cappellen, 2010:
Why is the Eastern Mediterranean phosphorus limited?

Lakoff, G, 2010:
Why it Matters How We Frame the Environment

Daniela Niesta Kayser; Tobias Greitemeyer; Peter Fischer; Dieter Frey, 2010:
Why mood affects help giving, but not moral courage: Comparing two types of prosocial behaviour

Jelte, M. Wicherts; Denny Borsboom; Conor, V. Dolan, 2010:
Why national IQs do not support evolutionary theories of intelligence

Nico Blüthgen, 2010:
Why network analysis is often disconnected from community ecology: A critique and an ecologist's guide

Martín Labarca; Olimpia Lombardi, 2010:
Why orbitals do not exist?

T.M. McIntire; O.S. Ryder; P.L. Gassman; Z. Zhu; S. Ghosal; B.J. Finlayson-Pitts, 2010:
Why ozonolysis may not increase the hydrophilicity of particles

W Steven Pray, 2010:
Why pharmacists should not sell homeopathic products

Sergio Picazo-Vela; Shih Yung Chou; Arlyn, J. Melcher; John, M. Pearson, 2010:
Why provide an online review? An extended theory of planned behavior and the role of Big-Five personality traits

Debra Patterson; Rebecca Campbell, 2010:
Why rape survivors participate in the criminal justice system

Isaacson, R J., 2010:
Why read this journal?

Best, R, 2010:
Why retirement housing deserves priority

Bryson, J J., 2010:
Why robot nannies probably wont do much psychological damage

Bartolo, P. A., 2010:
Why school psychology for diversity?

C. Albert Bardi; Michael, F. Brady, 2010:
Why shy people use instant messaging: Loneliness and other motives

Ito, K.; Lechevalier, S., 2010:
Why some firms persistently out-perform others: investigating the interactions between innovation and exporting strategies

Zuzana Štorchová; Eva Landová; Daniel Frynta, 2010:
Why some tits store food and others do not: evaluation of ecological factors

Giorgio Sangiovanni; Olle Gunnarsson, 2010:
Why standard estimates of electronphonon coupling in cuprates do not work

David, H. Funk, B W. Sweeney and John, K. Jackson, 2010:
Why stream mayflies can reproduce without males but remain bisexual: a case of lost genetic variation

Mahadevan, L.; Bendick, R.; Liang, H, 2010:
Why subduction zones are curved

Zurcher, A A.; Sparks, D W.; Bennett, V J., 2010:
Why the Bat Did Not Cross the Road?

Paul Hollander, 2010:
Why the Celebrity Cult?

Robert, A. Campbell, 2010:
Why the Fair Use Doctrine Should be Eliminated

Mark Pendras, 2010:
Why the Garden Club Couldn't Save Youngstown: The Transformation of the Rust Belt By Sean Safford

Ling Qi, 2010:
Why the Lens Condition Cannot Imply Factor Price Equalization

Yair Neuman; Ophir Nave, 2010:
Why the brain needs language in order to be self-conscious

Held, B S., 2010 :
Why there is universality in rationality

Stephen, G. Saunders; Michael Lynn, 2010:
Why tip? An empirical test of motivations for tipping car guards

James Mallet, 2010:
Why was Darwins view of species rejected by twentieth century biologists?

James, T. Lamiell, 2010:
Why was there no place for personalistic thinking in 20th century psychology?

Lee, S. Schwartzberg, 2010:
Why we need a new prognostic test for colon cancer

Lamond, D; Fleck, D L., 2010:
Why we should dare to manage growth responsibly

Mhairi Aitken, 2010:
Why we still dont understand the social aspects of wind power: A critique of key assumptions within the literature

Peterkin, A., 2010:
Why we write (and how we can do it better)

Christoph Eichhorn; Marco Sahm, 2010:
Why were FIFA World Cup tickets so cheap? Monopoly pricing, demand quality and two-sided markets

Suzanne Plater; Garry Egger, 2010:
Why women would not exist if Adam was created today

Bo Hu, 2010:
WiKimantics: interpreting ontologies with WikipediA

Karanasios, S; Allen, D, 2010:
WiMAX for development

Florian Wichlas; J. Hermann Bail; Christian, J. Seebauer; Rene Schilling; Robert Pflugmacher; Jens Pinkernelle; Jens Rump; Florian Streitparth; K.M. Ulf Teichgräber, 2010:
Wichlas F, Bail JH, Seebauer CJ, et al. Development of a signal-inducing bone cement for magnetic resonance imaging. J Magn Reson Imaging 2010;31:636644

Johnson, M, 2010:
Wicksell's Social Philosophy and his Unanimity Rule

Hyun-Ju Kwon; Eun-Woo Lee; Yun-Kyung Hong; Hee-Jung Yun; Byung-Woo Kim, 2010:
Widdrol fromJuniperus chinensisinduces apoptosis in human colon adenocarcinoma HT29 Cells

E. I. Dronkin; O. D. Mrachkovsky, 2010:
Wide-band ambiguity function of finite volume

Emilia Arruda and Gladys Flávia Melo-de-Pinna, 2010:
Wide-band tracheids (WBTs) of photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic stems in species of Cactaceae

J. López-García; C. Maffiotte; C. Guillén, 2010:
Wide-bandgap CuIn1xAlxSe2 thin films deposited on transparent conducting oxides

Clark, F. Olson; Habib Abi-Rached, 2010:
Wide-baseline stereo vision for terrain mapping

Cheng-Chung Peng; Kuei-Chu Hsu; Jin-Jei Wu; Shih-Hung Fan; Hsin-Ta Lee; Yuhren Shen, 2010:
Wide-viewing angle twisted-vertical alignment liquid crystal cells without disclination lines

Yoon, J.; Seo, H.; Choi, I.; Kim, B., 2010:
Wideband LNA Using a Negative gm Cell for Improvement of Linearity and Noise Figure

Rashid, A Khurrum; Shen, Z; Aditya, S, 2010:
Wideband Microwave Absorber Based on a Two-Dimensional Periodic Array of Microstrip Lines

Yang, N; Caloz, C; Wu, K, 2010:
Wideband Phase-Reversal Antenna Using a Novel Bandwidth Enhancement Technique

Lin, S.-C.; Jong, T.-L.; Hsieh, C.-W.; Ho, K.-J., 2010:
Wideband Series-Fed Dipole Antenna with Balun Integrated

Huang, X. D.; Cheng, C. H., 2010:
Wideband Slot Antenna with Matching Resonators

Yan, Y.-L.; Guang, F.; Gong, S.-X.; Chen, X.; Zhang, Z.-Y., 2010:
Wideband Yagi-Uda Antenna Design Using Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm

Qu, S-Wei; Chan, C Hou; Xue, Q, 2010:
Wideband and High-Gain Composite Cavity-Backed Crossed Triangular Bowtie Dipoles for Circularly Polarized Radiation

Bayderkhani, R.; Reza Hassani, H., 2010:
Wideband and Low Sidelobe Slot Antenna Fed by Series-Fed Printed Array

Ng Mou Kehn, M.; Shafai, L., 2010:
Wideband radiation enhancement of waveguide arrays operated as feeds for reflector antennas using patch array covers

Huang, C-yuan; Wang, N; Fujiki, K; Otsuka, Y; Akamatsu, M; Fujimoto, Y; Fukase, K, 2010:
Widely Applicable Deprotection Method of 2,2,2-Trichloroethoxycarbonyl (Troc) Group Using Tetrabutylammonium Fluoride

Cannon, J. , 2010:
Widening access to veterinary school

Bradley, J; Miller, A, 2010:
Widening participation in higher education: constructions of going to university

Thomas Kesselring, 2010:
Widerspruch und Antinomie. Zwei unterschiedliche logische Phänomene mit Bedeutung für die Psychotherapie

Diep, B. A.; Sensabaugh, G. F.; Somboonna, N.; Carleton, H. A.; Perdreau-Remington, F., 2010:
Widespread Skin and Soft-Tissue Infections Due to Two Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains Harboring the Genes for Panton-Valentine Leucocidin

Siwan, M. Davies; Gudrun Larsen; Stefan Wastegård; Chris, S. M. Turney; Valerie, A. Hall; Lisa Coyle; Thor Thordarson, 2010:
Widespread dispersal of Icelandic tephra: how does the Eyjafjöll eruption of 2010 compare to past Icelandic events?

Hwang, J; Druffel, E R. M.; Eglinton, T I., 2010:
Widespread influence of resuspended sediments on oceanic particulate organic carbon: Insights from radiocarbon and aluminum contents in sinking particles

J. Kielgast; D. Rödder; M. Veith; S. Lötters, 2010:
Widespread occurrence of the amphibian chytrid fungus in Kenya

Olwen van der Voort-van der Kleij; Arie Knuistingh Neven; Luisa Méarin Manrique, 2010:
Wie betaalt bepaalt (ten dele)

Mr.dr. C. J. van de Klippe, P.dr. J. A. Knottnerus, 2010:
Wie betaalt, bepaalt?

Stefanie Badhofer, 2010:
Wie die Deutschen die Wirtschaftskrise wahrnehmen

Deike Hatscher, 2010:
Wie entsteht denn dieser Dreck?

Deike Hatscher, 2010:
Wie heißt die Methode?

W. Rathmann; C. Meisinger, 2010:
Wie häufig ist Typ-2-Diabetes in Deutschland?

Bart Cras, 2010:
Wie is meester over het leerplan?

R. Müller, 2010:
Wie lässt sich die Chronifizierung lumbaler Rückenschmerzen verhindern?

Erwin Beck, 2010:
Wie misst man wissenschaftliche Leistung?

M.E. Kreis, 2010:
Wie radikal muss die Chirurgie des Rektumkarzinoms sein?

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bürkert; Sulaiman Al Khanjari; Nadiya, A. Al-Saady; Edmond De Langhe; Dirk Hölscher; Jens Gebauer; Stephan Behrendt; Stefan Happe; Katja Brinkmann; Eva Schlecht, 2010:
Wie sich Oasen-Bananen gegen ihre Feinde wehren. Uralter Toleranzmechanismus im Oman entdeckt

Prof. Dr. Stephan Martin, 2010:
Wie süß darf´s denn sein?

Lanzenberger Rupert; Hackhofer Simon; Kranz Georg; Kasper Siegfried, 2010:
Wie viel Gehirn braucht der Affekt? Bildgebende Verfahren und affektive Symptome bei Schizophrenie

Eimecke, S; Pauschardt, J; Mattejat, F, 2010 :
Wie wirksam ist ein begleitendes Elterntraining in der Prävention von Angst und Depression bei Kindern?

T. Höhn, 2010:
Wiederbelebungsmaßnahmen nach der Geburt eines Kindes mit Fehlbildungen und begrenzter Lebensaussicht

Mario Cirillo; Marco Ferrara, 2010:
Wieslaw L. Nowinski et al. (eds): The Cerefy atlas of cerebral vasculature

Rahman, M; Dulat, S; Kang, L, 2010:
Wigner Function for KleinGordon Landau Problem

Weiqing Pan; Yongjian Zhu, 2010:
Wigner distribution function of Gaussian beam through an apertured and misaligned ABCD optical system

Rogers, N L.; Slimmer, M L.; Amini, S B.; Park, E Young, 2010:
Wii Fit for Olders Adults: Comparison to a Traditional Program

Anneke Eenhoorn, 2010:
Wijze Lesen Vor Kinderen

Anneke Eenhoorn, 2010:
Wijze Lessen Voor Pubers

Georgina Peters, 2010:
Wikinomics: The Sequel

Roderic, D. M. Page, 2010:
Wikipedia as an encyclopaedia of life

Chris, J. Main; Johan, W.S. Vlaeyen, 2010:
Wilbert E. Fordyce (19232009): An appreciation

Gregory, R D.; Strien, A van, 2010:
Wild Bird Indicators: Using Composite Population Trends of Birds as Measures of Environmental Health

Antonio, C. de A. Moura; Phyllis, C. Lee, 2010:
Wild Capuchins Show Male-Biased Feeding Tool Use

Jensen, C X. Jon, 2010:
Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals

Ki-Hyun Kim; Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal; Kwang-Hyun Shin; Jong-Soon Choi; Chul-Soo Park; Hwa-Young Heo; Sun-Hee Woo, 2010:
Wild Relatives of the Wheat Grain Proteome

Connell, J, 2010:
Wild West: Rainforests of Western Solomon Islands

Carlos Braga; Nuno Alexandre; Pedro Fernández-Llario; Pedro Santos, 2010:
Wild boar (Sus scrofa) harvesting using theesperahunting method: side effects and management implications

Markus Gusset; Gavin, B. Stewart; Diana, E. Bowler; Andrew, S. Pullin, 2010:
Wild dog reintroductions in South Africa: A systematic review and cross-validation of an endangered species recovery programme

Margam, V M.; Baoua, I; Ba, N M.; Ishiyaku, M F.; Huesing, J E.; Pittendrigh, B R.; Murdock, L L., 2010:
Wild host plants of legume pod borer Maruca vitrata (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea: Crambidae) in southern Niger and northern Nigeria

Vincent Nijman; Mansour Aliabadian; C.S. (Kees) Roselaar, 2010:
Wild hybrids of Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus)Greater White-fronted Goose (A. albifrons) (Aves: Anseriformes) from the European migratory flyway

Redzic, S, 2010 :
Wild medicinal plants and their usage in traditional human therapy (Southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, W. Balkan)

Mohammad Reza Sabzalian; Ghodratollah Saeidi; Aghafakhr Mirlohi; Bijan Hatami, 2010:
Wild safflower species (Carthamus oxyacanthus): A possible source of resistance to the safflower fly (Acanthiophilus helianthi)

Kristen Glisinski; Barbara Blok; Morgan Valley; Todd Larabee; Dave Christenson; Alison Sheets; Todd, M. Larabee, 2010:
Wilderness Search and Rescue Epidemiology In and Around Boulder County, Colorado, 2002 to 2008

Lawrence Jones-Walters; Kristijan Čivić, 2010:
Wilderness and biodiversity

Baldwin, A, 2010:
Wilderness and tolerance in Flora MacDonald Denison: towards a biopolitics of whiteness

Akihiro Koyama; Kathleen, L. Kavanagh; Kirsten Stephan, 2010:
Wildfire Effects on Soil Gross Nitrogen Transformation Rates in Coniferous Forests of Central Idaho, USA

Schulte, S; Miller, K A., 2010:
Wildfire Risk and Climate Change: The Influence on Homeowner Mitigation Behavior in the WildlandUrban Interface

Rieman, B E.; Hessburg, P F.; Luce, C; Dare, M R., 2010:
Wildfire and Management of Forests and Native Fishes: Conflict or Opportunity for Convergent Solutions?

Gretchen, C. Coffman; Richard, F. Ambrose; Philip, W. Rundel, 2010:
Wildfire promotes dominance of invasive giant reed (Arundo donax) in riparian ecosystems

Hagy, H M.; Linz, G M.; Bleier, W J., 2010:
Wildlife Conservation Sunflower Plots and Croplands as Fall Habitat for Migratory Birds

Kreuter, U; Peel, M; Warner, E, 2010:
Wildlife Conservation and Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Southern Africa's Private Nature Reserves

Wandesforde-Smith, G; Watts, N; Levine, A, 2010:
Wildlife Conservation and Protected Areas: Darwin, Marx, and Modern Science in the Search for Patterns That Connect

Schuman, G E.; Olson, R A.; Partlow, K A.; Belden, S E., 2010:
Wildlife Impacts to Big Sagebrush on Reclaimed Mined Lands

Reid, C T., 2010:
Wildlife Reforms in Scotland

Tumusiime, D Mwesigye; Eilu, G; Tweheyo, M; Babweteera, F, 2010:
Wildlife Snaring in Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda

Rodger, K; Moore, S A.; Newsome, D, 2010:
Wildlife Tourism Science and Scientists: Barriers and Opportunities

Aiyadurai, A; Singh, N J.; Milner-Gulland, E. J., 2010:
Wildlife hunting by indigenous tribes: a case study from Arunachal Pradesh, north-east India

T. G. O'Brien, 2010:
Wildlife picture index and biodiversity monitoring: issues and future directions

Hill, S G.; Cable, T T.; Scott, D, 2010:
Wildlife-Based Recreation as Economic Windfall: A Rhetorical Analysis of Public Discourse on Birding

Zepf, S; Zepf, J N, 2010:
Wilhelm Reich A blind seer?

Siegfried Zepf; Johannes Nicolas Zepf, 2010:
Wilhelm Reich Ein blinder Seher?

Bennett, P W., 2010:
Wilhelm Reich's Early Writings on Work Democracy: A Theoretical Basis for Challenging Fascism Then and Now

Kovel, J, 2010:
Wilhelm Reich: A Harbinger of Ecosocialism? An Introduction to Bennett

Greg Kaza, 2010:
Wilhelm Röpke's Political Economy – By Samuel Gregg

Thomas Meißner, 2010:
Wilhelms Kampf gegen seinen Arm

Sethi, F Nasim, 2010:
Will Bradley lead us to New Horizons?

Daniel, W. Chan, 2010:
Will Cancer Proteomics Suffer from Premature Death?

Thomas Boyden; Melvyn Rubenfire; Barry Franklin, 2010:
Will Increasing Referral to Cardiac Rehabilitation Improve Participation?

David Pimentel; Michele Whitecraft; Zachary, R. Scott; Leixin Zhao; Patricia Satkiewicz; Timothy, J. Scott; Jennifer Phillips; Daniel Szimak; Gurpreet Singh; Daniela, O. Gonzalez; Tun Lin Moe, 2010:
Will Limited Land, Water, and Energy Control Human Population Numbers in the Future?

Smith, S S.; Finley, J C.; Julian, G J. San, 2010:
Will Natural Resources Professionals Volunteer to Teach Youth?

Biró, Tás, 2010:
Will Optimality Theory colonize all of higher cognition?

Reverby, S. M., 2010:
Will This Be An Eternal Challenge?

Hans ter Steege, 2010:
Will Tropical Biodiversity Survive our Approach to Global Change?

Lucca, J; Bala, M, 2010:
Will You Marry Me?

James Gubb, S Smith, N Lawson and Jonathon Tomlinson, 2010:
Will a market deliver quality and efficiency in health care better than central planning ever could?

Chun Sheng Goh; Keat Teong Lee, 2010:
Will biofuel projects in Southeast Asia become white elephants?

Justin Podur; Michael Wotton, 2010:
Will climate change overwhelm fire management capacity?

Frelich, L E; Reich, P B, 2010:
Will environmental changes reinforce the impact of global warming on the prairieforest border of central North America?

Simon Chamaillé-Jammes; William, J. Bond, 2010:
Will global change improve grazing quality of grasslands? A call for a deeper understanding of the effects of shifts from C4 to C3 grasses for large herbivores

Anders Chr. Hansen, 2010:
Will hydrogen be competitive in Europe without tax favours?

Terry, R; Gibson, R, 2010:
Will older homeowners use equity release to improve the quality of their lives?

Gersh, B.J., 2010:
Will the Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction Criteria Results in an Overdiagnosis of Myocardial Infarction?

Kwan Min Lee; Wei Peng; Julian Klein, 2010:
Will the experience of playing a violent role in a video game influence peoples judgments of violent crimes?

M. G. Kozin; I. L. Romashkina, 2010:
Will the iron age of superconductivity become the Mössbauer age?

Franzluebbers, A J, 2010:
Will we allow soil carbon to feed our needs?

Grainger, A., 2010:
Will working in an academic health science centre enhance nursing/midwifery research capacity and capability?

Muller, R, 2010:
Will you Play with Me? Improving Social Skills for Children with Asperger Syndrome

Therese Macan; Janet, M. Gibson; Jennifer Cunningham, 2010:
Will you remember to read this article later when you have time? The relationship between prospective memory and time management

Robert, D. Friedberg, 2010:
Willem Kuyken, Christine A. Padesky, and Robert Dudley: Collaborative Case Conceptualization: Working Effectively with Clients in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Drisko, J W., 2010:
William Borden,Contemporary Psychodynamic Theory and Practice

Joanna Burger, 2010:
William Brewster Memorial Award, 2009

Nitin, K. Ahuja; Christina Crumpecker; Chris Marett, 2010:
William Carlos Williams Poetry Winners

Coulehan, J., 2010:
William Carlos Williams circumcises Ernest Hemingway's first son

Alter, S G., 2010:
William Dwight Whitney and the Social Dimension of Lexical Diffusion

Dunne, T; Dietrich, W E., 2010:
William E. Dietrich Receives 2009 Robert E. Horton Medal

Keller, R. C., 2010:
William Gallois, The Administration of Sickness: Medicine and Ethics in Nineteenth-Century Algeria

Cioc, M.; Miller, C., 2010:
William H. McNeill

Green, C, 2010:
William H. Tucker.The Cattell Controversy: Race, Science, and Ideology

Evans, A., 2010:
William Hare the murderer

Hoffman, L.; Thelen, M., 2010:
William James and the Fight for Science

Taylor, E., 2010:
William James and the Humanistic Implications of the Neuroscience Revolution: An Outrageous Hypothesis

Mendelowitz, E.; Kim, C. Y., 2010:
William James and the Spirit of Complexity: A Pluralistic Reverie

Bevacqua, T.; Hoffman, E., 2010:
William James's "Sick-Minded Soul" and the AA Recovery Paradigm: Time for a Reappraisal

Daniel Yaussy, 2010:
William L. Baker: Fire ecology in rocky mountain landscapes

Nelson, P; Montine, T J., 2010:
William R. Markesbery, MD

Schmitt, F.; Thomason, P., 2010:
William R. Markesbery, MD (1932-2010)

Naomi Lee; Rom Harré, 2010:
William Stern and discursive psychology

Fehr, J.; Sassenberg, K., 2010:
Willing and able: How internal motivation and failure help to overcome prejudice

Alex, Y. Lo; C.Y. Jim, 2010:
Willingness of residents to pay and motives for conservation of urban green spaces in the compact city of Hong Kong

Jian-E Peng; Lindy Woodrow, 2010:
Willingness to Communicate in English: A Model in the Chinese EFL Classroom Context

Darla Hatton MacDonald; Mark, D. Morrison; Mary, B. Barnes, 2010:
Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept Compensation for Changes in Urban Water Customer Service Standards

Rodenburg, C A.; Nijkamp, P; De Groot, H L. F.; Verhoef, E T., 2010:
Willingness to Pay for Multifunctional Megaprojects: A Stated Preference Analysis Among Firms in the Amsterdam Zuidas Area

Baranyai, Z; Takács, Ián, 2010:
Willingness to cooperate among fieldcrop farms: An illustration from Hungary

Se-Ju Ku; Seung-Hoon Yoo, 2010:
Willingness to pay for renewable energy investment in Korea: A choice experiment study

Peters, E. J.; Mohamed, Z., 2010:
Willingness to pay for water on the Guyana east coast

Uta Sauer; Anke Fischer, 2010:
Willingness to pay, attitudes and fundamental values On the cognitive context of public preferences for diversity in agricultural landscapes

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Willingness-to-pay for steelhead trout fishing: Implications of two-step consumer decisions with short-run endowments

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Women, pleasure and the gambling experience

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Womens Empowerment and the Creation of Social Capital in Indian Villages

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Womens knowledge of pelvic floor disorders

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Woorden Vooraf

Vincent Koppelmans; Bert van Dien, 2010:
Woorden vooraf

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Worauf Sie sich verlassen können

Deike Hatscher, 2010:
Worauf wird gerutscht?

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Worin steckt man denn da?

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