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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64053

Chapter 64053 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Takao Sasaki; D. Vaughn Becker; Marco, A. Janssen; Rebecca Neel, 2011:
Does greater product information actually inform consumer decisions? The relationship between product information quantity and diversity of consumer decisions

Batáry, Péter; Fischer, J; Báldi, Aás; Crist, T O; Tscharntke, T, 2011:
Does habitat heterogeneity increase farmland biodiversity?

Shabana, M Ibrahim; Shalaby, A Ahmed; Dabbous, A Osman; Emara, A Abd-El-Meneim, 2011:
Does hearing aid experience alter un-aided auditory perception?

Huergo, E.; Moreno, L., 2011:
Does history matter for the relationship between R&D, innovation, and productivity?

Corrado Battisti; Giuliano Fanelli, 2011:
Does human-induced heterogeneity differently affect diversity in vascular plants and breeding birds? Evidences from three Mediterranean forest patches

Marelli, L.; Jackson, L.; Jaboli, F.; Hamilton, M.; Epstein, O., 2011:
Does imaging the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum with the ESO 2 pillcam compare favourably with conventional video-endoscopy in patients with dyspepsia?

Kang, S H. K.; Pashler, H; Cepeda, N J.; Rohrer, D; Carpenter, S K.; Mozer, M C., 2011:
Does incorrect guessing impair fact learning?

Allan Mazur, 2011:
Does increasing energy or electricity consumption improve quality of life in industrial nations?

André Varella Mollick; René Cabral; Francisco, G. Carneiro, 2011:
Does inflation targeting matter for output growth? Evidence from industrial and emerging economies

Yangjian Zhang; Jonathan Adams; Dehai Zhao, 2011:
Does insect folivory vary with latitude among temperate deciduous forests?

Sonia San Martín; Carmen Camarero; Rebeca San José, 2011:
Does involvement matter in online shopping satisfaction and trust?

Golden, T. D.; Fromen, A., 2011:
Does it matter where your manager works? Comparing managerial work mode (traditional, telework, virtual) across subordinate work experiences and outcomes

J. McLellan; S. Plevin, 2011:
Does it matter which platelet-rich plasma we use?

Park, S-Jung; Kim, Y-Hak, 2011:
Does it pay to be indecisive when considering revascularization during percutaneous coronary intervention?

J. A. Prevedello; G. Forero-Medina; M. V. Vieira, 2011:
Does land use affect perceptual range? Evidence from two marsupials of the Atlantic Forest

Jean-Charles Samalens; Jean-Pierre Rossi, 2011:
Does landscape composition alter the spatiotemporal distribution of the pine processionary moth in a pine plantation forest?

Eva Selenko; Bernad Batinic; Karsten Paul, 2011:
Does latent deprivation lead to psychological distress? Investigating Jahoda's model in a four-wave study

Kurinski, E; Sera, M D., 2011:
Does learning Spanish grammatical gender change English-speaking adults' categorization of inanimate objects?

Anu Realo; Henrik Dobewall, 2011:
Does life satisfaction change with age? A comparison of Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Sweden

Dixon, S; Nunns, M; House, C; Fallowfield, J, 2011:
Does limited ankle dorsi-flexion increase forefoot loading during running in military recruits?

Eyraud, D.; Gostian, O.; Gossem, P., 2011:
Does liver transplantation affect platelet function?

P Cohen; S Palacios, 2011:
Does long-term use of soy isoflavones place women at increased risk for endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial cancer?

Vicki Been; Ingrid Gould Ellen; Amy Ellen Schwartz; Leanna Stiefel; Meryle Weinstein, 2011:
Does losing your home mean losing your school?: Effects of foreclosures on the school mobility of children

Yanina, L. Idaszkin and Alejandro Bortolus, 2011:
Does low temperature prevent Spartina alterniflora from expanding toward the austral-most salt marshes?

Nguyen, D.H.A.; Truong, P.T., 2011:
Does lymphovascular invasion predict regional nodal failure in breast cancer patients with zero to three positive lymph nodes treated with conserving surgery and radiotherapy? Implications for regional radiation

Pehrsson, A; Elango, B., 2011:
Does market context impact payoffs to internationalization?

Best, K. E.; Tennant, P. W. G.; Bell, R.; Rankin, J., 2011:
Does maternal body mass index impact on the antenatal detection of congenital anomalies?

Horak, Z.; Kubovy, P.; Horakova, J., 2011:
Does mechanical loading influence development of osteoarthritis in hip joint?

Reid, A.; de Klerk, N.; Berry, G.; Magnani, C.; Ferrante, D.; Musk, W.; Merler, E., 2011:
Does mesothelioma risk decline after 40 years since first exposure? A pooled analysis

Mehta, M.; Cornthwaite, K.; Sau, A., 2011:
Does mode of delivery alters the perinatal outcome in uncomplicated monochorionic diamniotic twin gestation (MCDA) in comparison to dichorionic diamniotic twin gestation (DCDA): 5 year data

Audrey MCKINLAY; Tracey MCLELLAN, 2011:
Does mode of presentation affect performance on the Tower of London task?

Jean Trap; Fabrice Bureau; Alain Brethes; Bernard Jabiol; Jean-François Ponge; Matthieu Chauvat; Thibaud Decaëns; Michaël Aubert, 2011:
Does moder development along a pure beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) chronosequence result from changes in litter production or in decomposition rates?

Clark, K E.; Hartley, S E.; Johnson, S N., 2011:
Does mother know best? The preference-performance hypothesis and parent-offspring conflict in aboveground-belowground herbivore life cycles

Arus, L; Luik, A; Monikainen, M; Kikas, A, 2011:
Does mulching influence potential predators of raspberry beetle?

S Vohra; S Nilsson, 2011:
Does music therapy reduce pain and anxiety in children with cancer undergoing lumbar puncture?

Markin, R, 2011:
Does my group know how I feel? Measuring intellectual empathy in groups using the social relations model

C. Nagel; A. Garcia-Soto; D. Richardson; J. Lea; D. Miller; S. Kehoe, 2011:
Does myometrial invasion confer a poorer prognosis in uterine adenosarcoma?

Bradley, C. Karkkainen, 2011:
Does nanobiotechnology oversight present a uniquely complex challenge to interagency cooperation?

Alper Aslan, 2011:
Does natural gas consumption follow a nonlinear path over time? Evidence from 50 US States

Humberto Blanco-Canqui, 2011:
Does no-till farming induce water repellency to soils?

Bunn, F.; Kendall, S., 2011:
Does nursing research impact on policy? A case study of health visiting research and UK health policy

Quang Nguyen, 2011:
Does nurture matter: Theory and experimental investigation on the effect of working environment on risk and time preferences

Rachel Grieve; Hidee Tania de Groot, 2011:
Does online psychological test administration facilitate faking?

Morris, R. K.; Selman, T. J.; Harbdige, A.; Biau, D. J.; Martin, W. L.; Kilby, M. D., 2011:
Does operator experience influence outcome of fetoscopic laser ablation (FLA) for severe twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)?

Liisa Nevalainen; Kaarina Sarmaja-Korjonen; Tomi, P. Luoto; Seija Kultti, 2011:
Does oxygen availability regulate sexual reproduction in local populations of the littoral cladoceranAlonella nana?

Koster, F; de Grip, A; Fouarge, D, 2011:
Does perceived support in employee development affect personnel turnover?

Nieman, D.C., 2011:
Does physical activity reduce seniors' need for healthcare?: a study of 24 281 Canadians

Shephard, R.J., 2011:
Does physical activity reduce seniors' need for healthcare?: a study of 24281 Canadians

Winterton, R; Warburton, J, 2011:
Does place matter? Reviewing the experience of disadvantage for older people in rural Australia

Sun, J.; Cao, L.; Liu, H.; Sun, W.; Silvestry, S.; Diehl, J., 2011:
Does preoperative aspirin improve outcomes in cardiac surgery patients?

Martin Drechsler; Florian, V. Eppink; Frank Wätzold, 2011:
Does proactive biodiversity conservation save costs?

Vincenzo Cascioli; Andrew, I. Heusch; Peter, W. McCarthy, 2011:
Does prolonged sitting with limited legroom affect the flexibility of a healthy subject and their perception of discomfort?

Vianna, P. T.; Carraretto, A. R.; Vianna, F P.T.G., 2011:
Does propofol or isoflurane protect the kidney against ischemia-reperfusion injury during transient hyperglycemia?

Joshua, D. Miller; Ashley Watts; Shayne, E. Jones, 2011:
Does psychopathy manifest divergent relations with components of its nomological network depending on gender?

Nielsen, J Seested; Kjær, T, 2011:
Does question order influence sensitivity to scope? Empirical findings from a web-based contingent valuation study

Sindwani, R., 2011:
Does reflux have an effect on nasal mucociliary transport?

Matthias, N. Sweet; Mengke Chen, 2011:
Does regional travel time unreliability influence mode choice?

Petr Dostál; Michaela Palečková, 2011:
Does relatedness of natives used for soil conditioning influence plant-soil feedback of exotics?

Okulicz-Kozaryn, A, 2011:
Does religious diversity make us unhappy?

Khan-Mohammadi, Z; Nourbakhsh, F, 2011:
Does salinity enhance Cd toxicity to soil alkaline phosphatase?

Ignjatovic, A.; Thomas-Gibson, S.; Suzuki, N.; Vance, M.; Palmer, N.; Saunders, B. P., 2011:
Does scopeguide improve caecal intubation? a randomised controlled trial

Deniz Özkundakci; Ian, C. Duggan; David, P. Hamilton, 2011:
Does sediment capping have post-application effects on zooplankton and phytoplankton?

Stephen Erdle; J. Philippe Rushton, 2011:
Does self-esteem or social desirability account for a general factor of personality (GFP) in the Big Five?

Tanja Pfeiffer; Anja Klahr; Anika Heinrich; Martin Schnittler, 2011:
Does sex make a difference? Genetic diversity and spatial genetic structure in two co-occurring species ofGagea(Liliaceae) with contrasting reproductive strategies

Francisco, M. Padilla; Juan de Dios Miranda; Rafael Ortega; Manuel Hervás; Joaquín Sánchez; Francisco, I. Pugnaire, 2011:
Does shelter enhance early seedling survival in dry environments? A test with eight Mediterranean species

Dunlop, W L.; Beauchamp, M R., 2011:
Does similarity make a difference? Predicting cohesion and attendance behaviors within exercise group settings

Zimmermann, F; Heino, M; Steinshamn, S Ivar; Hilborn, R, 2011:
Does size matter? A bioeconomic perspective on optimal harvesting when price is size-dependent

Ian MacGregor-Fors; Lorena Morales-Pérez; Jorge, E. Schondube, 2011:
Does size really matter? Speciesarea relationships in human settlements

Keller, J; Ringelhan, S; Blomann, F, 2011:
Does skillsdemands compatibility result in intrinsic motivation? Experimental test of a basic notion proposed in the theory of flow-experiences

Wade, J. Mitchell; Chin-Chang Ho; Himalaya Patel; Karl, F. MacDorman, 2011:
Does social desirability bias favor humans? Explicitimplicit evaluations of synthesized speech support a new HCI model of impression management

Andreas Flohre; Max Rudnick; Gyorgy Traser; Teja Tscharntke; Till Eggers, 2011:
Does soil biota benefit from organic farming in complex vs. simple landscapes?

Benjamin Ho; Elaine Liu, 2011:
Does sorry work? The impact of apology laws on medical malpractice

G. M. Unger; H. Konrad; T. Geburek, 2011:
Does spatial genetic structure increase with altitude? An answer fromPiceaabiesin Tyrol, Austria

Thomas Tscheulin; Theodora Petanidou, 2011:
Does spatial population structure affect seed set in pollen-limitedThymus capitatus?

Ray, T. Alisauskas, 2011:
Does species composition of arctic geese recovered in prairie Canada vary by hunter residency?

Erica Holding; Melissa, A. Bray; Thomas, J. Kehle, 2011:
Does speed matter? A comparison of the effectiveness of fluency and discrete trial training for teaching noun labels to children with autism

Marlon, G. Boarnet; Ralph, B. McLaughlin; John, I. Carruthers, 2011:
Does state growth management change the pattern of urban growth? Evidence from Florida

Silva, E. G.; Teixeira, A. A. C., 2011:
Does structure influence growth? A panel data econometric assessment of "relatively less developed" countries, 1979-2003

Pratt, A. G.; Charles, P. J.; Choudhury, M.; Wilson, G.; Venables, P. J.; Isaacs, J. D., 2011:
Does testing for circulating autoantibodies against disease-relevant citrullinated antigens add value to the CCP2 assay in diagnosing RA among early undifferentiated arthritis patients?

Hendi, E.; Shamseldin, A.Y.; Melville, B.W.; Norris, S.E., 2018:
Experimental investigation of the effect of temperature differentials on hydraulic performance and flow pattern of a sediment retention pond

Seçer, Müzeyyen; Elmaci, Ömer Lütfü; Erdemir, O, 2011:
Does the Ammonium Fixation Capacity of Soils Have a Significant Effect on the Nitrogen Nutrition of Wheat?

Mark, T. Buntaine, 2011:
Does the Asian Development Bank Respond to Past Environmental Performance when Allocating Environmentally Risky Financing?

Blanc, N; Stiegler-Balfour, J J.; O'Brien, E J., 2011:
Does the Certainty of Information Influence the Updating Process? Evidence From the Reading of News Articles

Fergus Bolger; Andrew Stranieri; George Wright; John Yearwood, 2011:
Does the Delphi process lead to increased accuracy in group-based judgmental forecasts or does it simply induce consensus amongst judgmental forecasters?

Chen, T.; Cheng, L.; Chen, S.; Cheng, D., 2011:
Does the Duration of Ofloxacin Otic Drops Matter in Immediate Post-tube Otorrhea?

Solstad, J. T.; Brekke, K. A., 2011:
Does the Existence of a Public Good Enhance Cooperation among Users of Common-Pool Resources?

Seekell, D A., 2011:
Does the Global Trade of Virtual Water Reduce Inequality in Freshwater Resource Allocation?

Moritz, A. Drupp, 2011:
Does the Gold Standard label hold its promise in delivering higher Sustainable Development benefits? A multi-criteria comparison of CDM projects

Christian Bellak; Markus Leibrecht, 2011:
Does the Impact of Employment Protection Legislation on Foreign Direct Investment Differ by the Skill Intensity of Industries? An Empirical Note

Walter, T; Hourizi, R; Moncur, W; Pitsillides, S, 2011:
Does the Internet Change How We Die and Mourn? Overview and Analysis

Gorman, D, 2011:
Does the Life Skills Training program reduce use of marijuana?

Gisela Stuart, 2011:
Does the Market Need to Be Made Social?

Campbell, B. L.; Nayga, R. M.; Park, J. L.; Silva, A., 2011:
Does the National School Lunch Program Improve Children's Dietary Outcomes?

Seekell, D A.; Pace, M L., 2011:
Does the Pareto distribution adequately describe the size-distribution of lakes?

Messina, D S.; Rajaniemi, T K., 2011:
Does the Seed Bank Reflect Plant Distributions in a Coastal Dune?

&na;,, 2011:
Does the Time of Onset of Severe Sepsis in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit Influence Mortality Rates

Youmans, R J., 2011:
Does the adoption of plagiarism-detection software in higher education reduce plagiarism?

S. P. Sah; H. Jungner; M. Oinonen; M. Kukkola; H.-S. Helmisaari, 2011:
Does the age of fine root carbon indicate the age of fine roots in boreal forests?

Nippita, T.; Hezelgrave, N. L.; Seed, P.; Shennan, A. H., 2011:
Does the association of antepartum haemorrhage complicating a pregnancy that resulted in mid-trimester miscarriage or preterm birth affect risk of delivery before term?

Schust, D J; Nagamatsu, T, 2011:
Does the classical M1/M2 dichotomy reflect the functional phenotypes of human decidual macrophages?

Pauline Chivenge; Bernard Vanlauwe; Johan Six, 2011:
Does the combined application of organic and mineral nutrient sources influence maize productivity? A meta-analysis

Lena Stawreberg; Fredrik Wikström, 2011:
Does the energy labelling system for domestic tumble dryers serve its purpose?

Walden, A. P.; Nielsen, N.; Wise, M. P., 2011:
Does the evidence support the use of mild hypothermia after cardiac arrest? No

Nolan, J. P.; Soar, J., 2011:
Does the evidence support the use of mild hypothermia after cardiac arrest? Yes

Hidalgo-Vila, J; Florencio, M; Díaz-Paniagua, C; Pérez-Santigosa, N, 2011:
Does the exotic invader turtle, Trachemys scripta elegans, compete for food with coexisting native turtles?

Burgoon, B.; Raess, D., 2011:
Does the global economy mean more sweat? Trade, investment, migration and working hours in Europe

Graham, J. Edgar, 2011:
Does the global network of marine protected areas provide an adequate safety net for marine biodiversity?

Swart, P. K.; Kennedy, M. J., 2011:
Does the global stratigraphic reproducibility of 13C in Neoproterozoic carbonates require a marine origin? A Pliocene-Pleistocene comparison

Lilford, R. J.; Chilton, P. J., 2011:
Does the internet limit or extend the human mind? Probably both

Whyte, L. A.; Wasala, R.; Iyer, V.; Mayne, A. J., 2011:
Does the introduction of a paediatric specialist coeliac clinic in the district general hospital improve adherence to bspghan guidelines for management of coeliac patients?

Ballenger, J.C., 2011:
Does the judicious use of safety behaviors improve the efficacy and acceptability of exposure therapy for claustrophic fear?

Kidney, E.; Jolly, K.; Kenyon, S., 2011 :
Does the level of evidence underpinning nice recommendations influence adoption into trust maternity guidelines?

Cubukcu, E, 2011:
Does the level of visual detail in virtual environments affect the users spatial knowledge?

Taylor-Phillips, S.; Clarke, A.; Wheaton, M.; Wallis, M.; Duncan, A.; Gale, A., 2011:
Does the performance of mammography readers in the NHSBSP vary? And how much does this matter?

Boersema, J, 2011:
Does the population issue still have a valid place on the environmental agenda?

Scott Huebner, E.; Hills, K J., 2011:
Does the positive psychology movement have legs for children in schools?

Kiplagat Kotut; Lothar Krienitz, 2011:
Does the potentially toxic cyanobacteriumMicrocystisexist in the soda lakes of East Africa?

Khalil, A.; Suff, N.; Blott, M.; O'Brien, P., 2011:
Does the presence of a consultant on the delivery suite reduce the emergency caesarean section rate?

Øivind Hodnebrog; Frode Stordal; Terje, K. Berntsen, 2011:
Does the resolution of megacity emissions impact large scale ozone?

Peter Delille; Ellen Broeckx; Graham, P. Bailey, 2011:
Does the timing of maternal toxicity reflect on the unborn offspring in a developmental toxicity study?

Maguire, A.; O'Reilly, D.; Hughes, C.; Cardwell, C., 2011:
Does the use of psychotropic medications increase on entering a care home? A prospective pharmacoepidemiological study

Ernst, C H.; Laemmerzahl, A F.; Lovich, J E., 2011:
Does the kamaroma-plastron pattern morph occur in both Philippine subspecies of the turtle Cuora amboinensis?

Ulrich Sinsch; Christoph Leskovar, 2011:
Does thermoregulatory behaviour of green toads (Bufo viridis) constrain geographical range in the west? A comparison with the performance of syntopic natterjacks (Bufo calamita)

Levi, P S.; Tank, J L.; Tiegs, S D.; Rüegg, J; Chaloner, D T.; Lamberti, G A.; Richardson, J, 2011:
Does timber harvest influence the dynamics of marine-derived nutrients in Southeast Alaska streams?

Vurma, A.; Raju, M.; Kuuda, A., 2011:
Does timbre affect pitch?: Estimations by musicians and non-musicians

Christian Ammer; Peter Schall; René Wördehoff; Klaus Lamatsch; Martin Bachmann, 2011:
Does tree seedling growth and survival require weeding of Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera)?

Alvin Etang; David Fielding; Stephen Knowles, 2011:
Does trust extend beyond the village? Experimental trust and social distance in Cameroon

Mary Ann Ferrer; Marcela Alexander; Milena Corredig, 2011:
Does ultrafiltration have a lasting effect on the physico-chemical properties of the casein micelles?

Lekhal, R; Zachrisson, H Daae; Wang, M Vaage; Schjølberg, S; von Soest, T, 2011:
Does universally accessible child care protect children from late talking? Results from a Norwegian population-based prospective study

Nicolas Fanin; Stephan Hättenschwiler; Sandra Barantal; Heidy Schimann; Nathalie Fromin, 2011:
Does variability in litter quality determine soil microbial respiration in an Amazonian rainforest?

Jaewon Lim, 2011:
Does wage differential driven migration continue to exist? Tests on the role of regional economic structure in wage differential driven migration

Garrigues, B.; Ferri, S.; Garzando, M.; Leon, I.; de la Asuncion, G J.; Belda, F. J., 2011:
Does xenon anesthesia reduces oxidative stress after ischemia-reperfusion injury?

Stuttmann, R.; Burchardt, M.; Blees, A., 2011:
Does xenon influence the duration of hospital stay?

Scott, G. Davis; Peter, C. Hinze; Olav, R. Hansen; Kees van Wingerden, 2011:
Does your facility have a dust problem: Methods for evaluating dust explosion hazards

Neil Howlett; Elizabeth Kirk; Karen, J. Pine, 2011:
Does Wanting the Best create more stress? The link between baby sign classes and maternal anxiety

B.M. Andersen, 2011:
Does airborne hydrogen peroxide kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis?

Kylie Bailey, 2011:
Dog Ear Cafe: How the Mt Theo Program Beat the Curse of Petrol Sniffing

João Paula; Miguel Costa Leal; Maria João Silva; Ramiro Mascarenhas; Hugo Costa; Miguel Mascarenhas, 2011:
Dogs as a tool to improve bird-strike mortality estimates at wind farms

Koda, N; Yanai, J, 2011:
DogResident Interactions in a Japanese Retirement Home

L. Noël; M. Blancher; S. Facca; P. Liverneaux, 2011:
Doigt en maillet et ducation thrapeutique : lindispensable

Mark Andrews, 2011:
Doing Bayesian Data Analysis: A Tutorial Using R and BUGS by John K. Kruschk

Case, K. A., 2011:
Doing Gender Diversity: Readings in Theory and Real-World Experience

Hans-Johann Glock, 2011:
Doing Good by Splitting Hairs? Analytic Philosophy and Applied Ethics

Ignaas Devisch, 2011:
Doing Justice to Existence: Jean-Luc Nancy and The Size of Humanity

McKether, W L.; Jeter, M, 2011:
Doing More With Less: How a Library Expanded Its Oral History Collection

Susan Roberts, 2011:
Doing Research with Imprisoned Adult Male Child Sexual Abusers: Reflecting on the Challenges

Silvester, A, 2011:
Doing a Doc! The thoughts, experiences and relationships of students undertaking a Professional Doctorate in Counselling

de Beer, J; van Wyk, B-Erik, 2011:
Doing an Ethnobotanical Survey in the Life Sciences Classroom

Heidi, A. Wayment; Bill Wiist; Bruce, M. Sullivan; Meghan, A. Warren, 2011:
Doing and Being: Mindfulness, Health, and Quiet Ego Characteristics Among Buddhist Practitioners

Amy-Chinn, D, 2011:
Doing epistemic (in)justice to Semenya

S N Lane; N Odoni; C Landström; S J Whatmore; N Ward; S Bradley, 2011:
Doing flood risk science differently: an experiment in radical scientific method

Alan Muller; Roman Kräussl, 2011:
Doing good deeds in times of need: a strategic perspective on corporate disaster donations

Cumming, R, 2011:
Doing something different: solution-focused brief therapy practices

Dwyer, R; Fraser, S; Treloar, C, 2011:
Doing things together? Analysis of health education materials to inform hepatitis C prevention among couples

André J. Abath, 2011:
Doing without Concepts Edouard Machery

Brown, C Gerard, 2011:
Doing without the Fez: Greek Language Questions

Halkier, B; Jensen, I, 2011:
Doing healthier food in everyday life? A qualitative study of how Pakistani Danes handle nutritional communication

D. Heresbach, 2011:
Doit-on changer rapidement le paradigme de la prise en charge des sophages de Barrett ?

Jesuvadian, M Karuniah; Wright, S, 2011:
Doll tales: foregrounding children's voices in research

Dichtl, H; Drobetz, W, 2011:
Dollar-Cost Averaging and Prospect Theory Investors: An Explanation for a Popular Investment Strategy

Oguzhan Ilgen, 2011:
Dolomite as a heterogeneous catalyst for transesterification of canola oil

J. de Tomás-Palacios; A. García-Marín; A. Vaquero-Rodríguez; C. Rey-Valcárcel; F. Turégano-Fuentes, 2011:
Dolor abdominal agudo secundario a endometrioma ovrico roto con elevacin de CA 125 y CA 19  9

Baird, I G.; Quastel, N, 2011:
Dolphin-Safe Tuna from California to Thailand: Localisms in Environmental Certification of Global Commodity Networks

G. Bearzi; S. Bonizzoni; J. Gonzalvo, 2011:
Dolphins and coastal fisheries within a marine protected area: mismatch between dolphin occurrence and reported depredation

Su, D; Vaz, C; Segal, Y; Walker, F; Ahn, C; Han, M-G; Sawicki, M; Broadbridge, C, 2011:
Domain Pinning and Valence State Switching in Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3/La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 Heterostructures

Bencan, A; Rojac, T; Drazic, G; Kosec, M; Damjanovic, D, 2011:
Domain Structure of BiFeO3 Ceramics Determined by the Transmission Electron Microscopy

Antil, H.; Heinkenschloss, M.; Hoppe, R. H.W., 2011:
Domain decomposition and balanced truncation model reduction for shape optimization of the Stokes system

Masashi Yamakawa; Yusuke Kita; Kenichi Matsuno, 2011:
Domain decomposition method for unstructured meshes in an OpenMP computing environment

L. Portero; A. Arrarás; J.C. Jorge, 2011:
Domain decomposition operator splitting for mimetic finite difference discretizations of non-stationary problems

Jason, E. Warnick; Justin, L. LaPorte; Allan, V. Kalueff, 2011:
Domain interplay in mice and men: New possibilities for the natural kinds theory of emotion

Musa Mutlu Can; Mustafa Coşkun; Tezer Fırat, 2011:
Domain statedependent magnetic formation of Fe3O4nanoparticles analyzed via magnetic resonance

Macnamara, B N.; Moore, A B.; Kegl, J A.; Conway, A R.A., 2011:
Domain-general cognitive abilities and simultaneous interpreting skill

Wener, S. E.; Archibald, L. M., 2011:
Domain-specific treatment effects in children with language and/or working memory impairments: A pilot study

Mohammad Bozorg; Faezeh Termeh, 2011:
Domains of PID controller coefficients which guarantee stability and performance for LTI time-delay systems

Grusec, J E., 2011:
Domains of Social Knowledge and Socialization Theory

V. I. Velichkin; B. P. Vlasov, 2011:
Domal structures and hydrothermal uranium deposits of the Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany

Shu Yu; Akihiko Ito; Rong Tu; Takashi Goto, 2011:
Dome-like and dense SiC-SiO2 nanocomposite films synthesized by laser chemical vapor deposition using CO2 laser

Jason Roberts, 2011:
Domenico DAmico

George, S; Boulay, S; Galvani, S, 2011:
Domestic Abuse Among Women Who Misuse Psychoactive Substances

Wan-Hsin Liu; Peter Nunnenkamp, 2011:
Domestic Repercussions of Different Types of FDI: Firm-Level Evidence for Taiwanese Manufacturing

Calleman, C, 2011:
Domestic Services in a Land of Equality: The Case of Sweden

Ghosn, F, 2011:
Domestic Unrest and the Initiation of Negotiations

Paula Johnston-McCabe; Micòl Levi-Minzi; Vincent, B. Van Hasselt; August Vanderbeek, 2011:
Domestic Violence and Social Support in a Clinical Sample of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women

Baker, L M., 2011:
Domestic Violence: Every child does matter

McGarry, J; Simpson, C, 2011:
Domestic abuse and older women: exploring the opportunities for service development and care delivery

Zhe Li; Fergal Boyle; Anthony Reynolds, 2011:
Domestic application of solar PV systems in Ireland: The reality of their economic viability

Md.Danesh Miah; Muhammad Abul Foysal; Masao Koike; Hajime Kobayashi, 2011:
Domestic energy-use pattern by the households: A comparison between rural and semi-urban areas of Noakhali in Bangladesh

Sun, Y; Du, D, 2011:
Domestic firm innovation and networking with foreign firms in Chinas ICT industry

Sucheta Nadkarni; Pol Herrmann; Pedro David Perez, 2011:
Domestic mindsets and early international performance: The moderating effect of global industry conditions

Morapakala Srinivas, 2011:
Domestic solar hot water systems: Developments, evaluations and essentials for viability with a special reference to India

Zhang, C; Shen, Y-Min; Zhang, X-Bo; Wang, T-Gui, 2011:
Domesticated cultivation of alkali-tolerant sulfate-reducing bacteria using hydrogen and carbon dioxide as energy and carbon sources

Tockner, K; Pusch, M; Gessner, Jörn; Wolter, C, 2011:
Domesticated ecosystems and novel communities: challenges for the management of large rivers

Berker, T., 2011:
Domesticating Spaces: Sociotechnical Studies and the Built Environment

Wingate, S.; Crawford, L.; Frith, E.; Loprinzi, P.D., 2018:
Experimental investigation of the effects of acute exercise on memory interference

Wei Yuan; Yong Tang; Qinghui Wang; Zhenping Wan, 2011:
Dominance evaluation of structural factors in a passive air-breathing direct methanol fuel cell based on orthogonal array analysis

G. Brezesinski; I. Berndt; B. Dobner; D. Vollhardt, 2011:
Dominance of long-chain N,O-diacylated ethanolamine in mixed amphiphilic acid amide monolayers

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Dominancy of antiferromagnetism in Zn1xCoxO diluted magnetic semiconductors

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Dominant gene for common bean resistance to common bacterial blight caused byXanthomonasaxonopodispv.phaseoli

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Dominant perspectives and the shape of urban stormwater futures

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Dominant species resprout biomass dynamics after cutting in the Sudanian savanna-woodlands of West Africa: long term effects of annual early fire and grazing

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Domination Conditions for Families of Quasinearly Subharmonic Functions

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Domino way toward the synthesis of novel 4-(4-morpholinophenyl)-6-aryl-6H-1,3-thiazin-2-amines under focused microwave irradiation catalyzed by heterogeneous NAHSO4 SIO2and theirin vitromicrobiological evaluation

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Domoic acid production and elemental composition of two Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries strains, from the NW and SW Atlantic Ocean, growing in phosphorus- or nitrogen-limited chemostat cultures

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Don't Dwell on it: The Impact of Rumination on Emotional Sensitivity

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Don't Skate Here: Exclusion of Skateboarders from Urban Civic Spaces in Three Northern Cities in England

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Don't forget HASBLED score

Hewitt, P.; Chapman, C.; Anand, R.; Hewson, N.; Brailsford, S.; Tedder, R., 2011:
Don't forget HIV testing in the over 60s

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Don't forget allergy in eczema

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Don't forget angio-oedema associated with ACE inhibition

Reed, R. V., 2011:
Don't forget bereaved siblings

Godlee, F., 2011:
Don't forget tuberculosis

Godlee, F., 2011:
Don't just swallow, check the evidence first

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Don't strike and keep negotiating, urges NHS Employers

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Don't throw out the Bayes with the bathwater

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Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater: Estimating fertility from subadult skeletons

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Don't blockers still have a role in hypertension?

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Donor Breast Milk for Premature Infants

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Dont Fear the REPEr

Fernando Miguel Garelli, 2011:
Dont Shrink from the Really Hard Ones

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Dont Throw the Hot Plate Out With the Bath Water

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Dood door supplementen

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Doomsday fieldwork, or, how to rescue Gaelic culture? The salvage paradigm in geography, archaeology, and folklore, 1955 62

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Doppler spectral analysis for time-evolving sea surfaces using second-order small slope approximation

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Dopplergesteuerte Hämorrhoidenarterienligatur mit rektoanaler Raffung

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Dori: O Thou Seer, Go, Flee Thee

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Dorothy mass foot measurement campaign

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Dorsale Schulterstabilisierung

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Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Activation Mediates Acute Moderate Exercise Elicits Improves Cognitive Performance with Stroop Test

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Dos Especies Nuevas en la Flora de Hispaniola

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Dos especies nuevas deBorreria(Rubiaceae), un nuevo registro deDeclieuxiay observaciones taxonmicas

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Dosimetric Monitoring of Nonuniform Exposure

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Dosing of oral penicillins in children: is big child=half an adult, small child=half a big child, baby=half a small child still the best we can do?

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Dostojewski wollte Auren nicht missen

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Dostp do otworu szyjnego i jego otoczenia analiza techniki operacyjnej w oparciu o symulacje na zwokach

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Dothistromin biosynthesis genes allow inter- and intraspecific differentiation between Dothistroma pine needle blight fungi

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Dotting the I: The politics of self-less-ness in Indian documentary practice

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Double Auction-based Scheduling of Scientific Applications in Distributed Grid and Cloud Environments

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Double Emulsions Stabilized by Food Biopolymers

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Double Giant Lambls Excrescence of aortic valve causing posterior circulation stroke

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Double Ray Amputation for Tumors of the Hand

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Double balloon enteroscopy in the era of capsule endoscopy: necessity or luxury?

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Double internal combustion piston engine

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Double random-phase encryption based on discrete quaternion fourier-transforms

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Double saloon door tectonics in the Japan Sea, Fossa Magna, and the Japanese Island Arc

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Double sampling to assess the accuracy of ground-based surveys of tree hollows in eucalypt woodlands

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Double trouble: unit specific counselling for mode of delivery of twin pregnancy

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Double-Doyle Intranasal Airway Splint Technique

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Double-Edged Sword of Novel Anti-Cancer Treatment: Proteasome Inhibition in the Growth Plate Causes Impairment of Longitudinal Bone Growth

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Double-Layer Full-Corporate-Feed Hollow-Waveguide Slot Array Antenna in the 60-GHz Band

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Double-Stranded RNA Binding by Human Cytomegalovirus pTRS1

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Double-balloon enteroscopy in children - a tertiary care experience

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Double-clad fiber laser design for particle image velocimetry and material science applications

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Double-crested cormorants and urban wilderness: conflicts and management

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Double-difference Relocation of the Aftershocks of the Tecomn, Colima, Mexico Earthquake of 22 January 2003

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Double-diffusive natural convective boundary layer flow in a porous medium saturated with a nanofluid over a vertical plate: Prescribed surface heat, solute and nanoparticle fluxes

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Double-diffusive natural convective boundary-layer flow of a nanofluid past a vertical plate

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Doublesex expression is regulated by the Hox protein Abdominal-B

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Doubling Model for Lower Permeability Formation with Hydraulic Fracture

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Doubly periodic solutions of a coupled nonlinear telegraph system with weak singularities

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Doubly periodic traveling waves in cellular neural networks with polynomial reactions

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Doubly-Curved Interfaces for Adhesion Strength Testing

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Doubt, Conviction and the Analytic Process: Selected Papers of Michael Feldman

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Douleur abdominale aigu de la rgion pigastrique chez une femme de 50ans

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Douleur aprs arthroscopie dpaule : propos dune srie prospective de 231 cas

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Douleur de la cavit buccale

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Douleur de nuque ictale

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Douleur inguinale

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Douleur lombaire gauche

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Douleur, thique et bientraitance

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Douleurs postopratoires de repos aprs prothse de hanche ou de genou : intensit, particularits sensorielles et retentissement sur le sommeil

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Down-regulation of Rubisco activity under combined increases of CO2and temperature minimized by changes in Rubisco kcatin wheat

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Down-regulation of pin1 induces tau hyperphosphorylation through active GSK3β in rats and HEK293 cell

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Down-scaling of SEBAL derived evapotranspiration maps from MODIS (250 m) to Landsat (30 m) scales

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Downconversion for the Er3+, Yb3+ couple in KPb2Cl5A low-phonon frequency host

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Downdraft gasification of pellets made of wood, palm-oil residues respective bagasse: Experimental study

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Downlink data transmission scheduling algorithms in wireless networks

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Downregulation of oxytocin expression in the supraoptic nucleus of traumatic stress-treated rat

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Downs, Stokes and the Dynamics of Electoral Choice

Downscaling ECMWF seasonal precipitation forecasts in Europe using the RCA model

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Downscaling Ensemble Weather Predictions for Improved Week-2 Hydrologic Forecasting

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Downscaling SMOS-Derived Soil Moisture Using MODIS Visible/Infrared Data

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Downscaling of Land Surface Temperature Maps in the Texas High Plains with the TsHARP Method

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Downscaling projections of Indian monsoon rainfall using a non-homogeneous hidden Markov model

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Downslope soil detachmenttransport on steep slopes via rain splash

Alan Lapworth, 2011:
Downslope winds at Greek coastlines

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Downstream Effects of a Hybrid Forum: The Case of the Site C Hydroelectric Dam in British Columbia, Canada

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Downstream Self-Destruction of Storm Tracks

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Dr. Alten replies

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Dr. Perl replies

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Dr. Robert J. (Bob) Parker

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Dr. Wolfe replies

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Dr. Zotos replies

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Drastic Anomaly Detection in Video Using Motion Direction Statistics

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Drawing as a window to event conceptualisation: Evidence from two people with aphasia

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Drawing new boundaries of participation: experiences and strategies of economic citizenship among skilled migrant women in Switzerland

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Drawing up the official adjustment rules for damage assessment in agricultural insurance: Results of a Delphi survey for fruit crops in Spain

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Dreaming of drams: authenticity in Scottish whisky tourism as an expression of unresolved Habermasian rationalities

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Dreaming the research process: a psychotherapeutic contribution to the culture of healthcare research

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Dreams of Communitas

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Dreams of Pakistani Grill and Vada Pao in Manhattan: Re-Inscribing the Immigrant Body in Metropolitan Discussions of Taste

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Dried Blood Spot Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays to Screen Newborns for Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection

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Drifting and grounding of plastic pipes used in oyster farming in the Seto Inland Sea

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Drillable Mud Motor System Brings Step Change for Running Tubulars

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Drilling Automation: A Catalyst for Change

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Drilling Automation: An Automatic Trajectory-Control System

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Drilling With a Balanced-Activity Invert-Emulsion Fluid in Shale: Is It Sufficient for Maintaining or Enhancing Wellbore Stability?

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Drilling of long fiber reinforced thermoplasticsInfluence of the cutting edge on the machining results

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Drinking and intoxication when the children are around: Conflicting norms and their resolutions

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Drinking patterns and alcohol service provision for different ethnic groups in the UK: a review of the literature

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Drinking water saving potential of dual networks in Kuwait

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Drinking water security and sustainability

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Drive against childhood illness is jeopardised by failure to invest in sanitation, warns charity

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Drive to miniaturization: integrated optical networks on mobile platforms

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Driven to Distraction: The Impact of Distracter Type on Unconscious Decision Making

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Driver Behavior Comparison Between Static and Dynamic Simulation for Advanced Driving Maneuvers

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Drivers and effects of enterprise resource planning post-implementation learning

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Drivers for renewable energy: A comparison among OECD countries

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Drivers for the use of materials across countries

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Drivers of Inequalities in Higher Education and the Unexpected Consequences of Equality Policies

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Driving Project Efficiency and Cost Control in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

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Driving and telephoning: Relative accident risk when using hand-held and hands-free mobile phones

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Driving liquid droplets on microstructured gradient surface by mechanical vibration

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Driving mechanisms of CM-scaled PDMS boats of respective close and open reservoirs

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Drogennotfall: An Ort und Stelle Leben retten

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Droht ein Dekubitus? Erfahrung versus Risikoskala

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Droit thique : quelle comparaison pour quel dialogue ?

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Dronamraju K: Haldane, Mayr, and Beanbag Genetics

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Drop fragmentation on impact

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Droplet Exchange Kinetics in Microemulsions

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Droplet-Phase Synthesis of Nanoparticle Aerosol Lipid Matrices with Controlled Properties

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Dropout From Outpatient Mental Health Care in the United States

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Dropouts in the Analytic Group

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Dropping the torch: Jimmy Carter, the Olympic boycott, and the Cold War

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Drosophila Model Offers Novel Method for Quickly Assessing New Candidate Genes for Alzheimer Disease

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Drought and Associated Cloud Fields over the Canadian Prairie Provinces

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Drought induces opposite changes in the concentration of non-structural carbohydrates of two evergreenNothofagusspecies of differential drought resistance

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Drought prediction using the Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR2) on board ERS2 satellite

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Drought stress tolerance and photoprotection in two varieties of olive tree

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Drought tolerance in two perennial bunchgrasses used for restoration in the Intermountain West, USA

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Droughts, hydraulic redistribution, and their impact on vegetation composition in the Amazon forest

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Drug Management of Prostate Cancer

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Drug Transport Microdevice Mimicking an Idealized Nanoscale Bio-molecular Motor

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Drug addiction. Is it a disease or is it based on choice? A review of Gene Heyman's Addiction: A disorder of choice

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Drug eruptions in dermatology

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Drug synthesis methods and manufacturing technology

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Drug to Combat Muscle Fatigue Looks Promising in ALS

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Drug treatment programmes should focus on recovery, says review

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Drug-Induced Glucose Alterations Part 1: Drug-Induced Hypoglycemia

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Drug-eluting stents and glycoprotein IIbIIIa inhibitors in the pharmacoinvasive management of ST elevation MI

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Drug-induced bradycardia

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Drugs, risk and society: Government, governance or governmentality?

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Drumbeats in Modern Life

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Dry Eyes in Rheumatic Disease

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Dry Gasification Oxy-combustion Power Cycle

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Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Carbon Fabric-Reinforced Epoxy Composite with and without Silicon Carbide

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Dry coating of talc particles with fumed silica: Influence of the silica concentration on the wettability and dispersibility of the composite particles

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Dry land drowning or rip current survival? Haitians without status in the Bahamas

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Dry machining of Inconel 718, workpiece surface integrity

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Dry matter and nitrogen accumulation and partitioning in rice (Oryza sativaL.) exposed to experimental warming with elevated CO2

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Dry matter and qualitative characteristics of alfalfa as affected by harvest times and soil water content

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Dry matter yield, nitrogen content, and competition in peacereal intercropping systems

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Dry particle high coating of biopowders: An energy approach

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Dry sliding wear behavior of extruded titanium matrix composite reinforced by in situ TiB whisker and TiC particle

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Dry sows in dynamic groups: An investigation of social behaviour when introducing new sows

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Dry spells in the River Plata Basin: an approximation of the diagnosis of droughts using daily data

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Dry/wet changes and their standing characteristics in China during the past 531 years

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Drying Experiments in a Hydrophobic Model Porous Medium in the Presence of a Dissolved Salt

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Drying Models, Myths, and Misconceptions

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Drying Rate Measurements in Convection- and Diffusion-Driven Conditions on a Shaly Sandstone Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

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Drying control system for spray booth with optimization of fuel consumption

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Drying in a capped capillary

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Drying of firewood the effect of harvesting time, tree species and shelter of stacked wood

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Drying of plums (Prunus sp, c.v Gulfblaze) treated with KCl in the field and subjected to pulsed vacuum osmotic dehydration

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Drying of tomato slices: changes in drying kinetics, mineral contents, antioxidant activity and color parameters Secado de rodajas de tomate: cambios en cinticos del secado, contenido en minerales, actividad antioxidante y parmetros de color

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Drying the surface soil reduces the nitrogen content of faba bean (Vicia fabaL.) through a reduction in nitrogen fixation

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Drying/rewetting cycles mobilize old C from deep soils from a California annual grassland

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Dryland residue and soil organic matter as influenced by tillage, crop rotation, and cultural practice

Ophélie Marais, 2011:
Du bismuth pour lradication dHelicobacter pylori

Broustet, J.-P., 2011:
Du dlire scuritaire au principe de prcaution raisonn : une heureuse volution

Carole Émile, 2011:
Du gnome la maladie

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Dual Fiber-In-capillary Annular Column with Ternary Stationary Phase for Gas Chromatographic Separation

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Dual Grid Array Antennas in a Thin-Profile Package for Flip-Chip Interconnection to Highly Integrated 60-GHz Radios

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Dual Identities and Their Recognition: Minority Group Members' Perspectives

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Dual Income Taxation: A Promising Path to Tax Reform for Developing Countries

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Dual Inoculation of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal and Phosphate Solubilizing Fungi Contributes in Sustainable Maintenance of Plant Health in Fly Ash Ponds

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Dual Kinetic Hydrate Inhibition and Scale Inhibition by Polyaspartamides

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Dual Metallic Pattern Transfer Based on Metal-Film Contact Imprinting Lithography

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Dual Micropores in Glass Substrates for Ion Channel and Gap Junction Recording

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Dual Mode EPR Studies of a Kramers ion: High-Spin Co(II) in 4-, 5- and 6-Coordination

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Dual Passband Filter Using Hybrid Microstrip Split Ring Resonators and Coplanar Waveguide Quarter Wavelength Resonators

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Dual Time Point Positron Emission Tomography Imaging in the Head and Neck

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Dual arm robot for flexible and cooperative assembly

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Dual benefit from a belowground symbiosis: nitrogen fixing rhizobia promote growth and defense against a specialist herbivore in a cyanogenic plant

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Dual chemosensing properties of new ferrocene-based receptors towards fluoride and copper(II) ions

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Dual diagnosis capability after an AOD workforce initiative

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Dual discounting in cost-benefit analysis for environmental impacts

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Dual effect of free and liposomal forms of phenolic lipids on the activity of GPI-anchor-deprived acetylcholinesterase from erythrocytes

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Dual innervation of adductor magnus

Alison Lyon; Peter Donaldson; Segun Komolafe; Christopher, R. Wilson, 2011:
Dual localisation with ultrasound and technetium (99MTC) sestamibi spect in minimally invasive parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidism

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Dual mode composite right-left-handed unit cells

R.K. Verma; K. Kumar; S.B. Rai, 2011:
Dual mode emission and harmonic generation in ZnOCaOAl2O3: Er3+ nano-composite

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Dual mode roll-up effect in multicomponent non-isothermal adsorption processes with multilayered bed packing

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Dual plasma synthesis and characterization of a stable copperethylene glycol nanofluid

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Dual reciprocity hybrid radial boundary node method for the analysis of Kirchhoff plates

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Dual role of IL-21 in experimental arthritis via SOCS regulation and Th17 differentiation

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Dual role of microalgae: Phycoremediation of domestic wastewater and biomass production for sustainable biofuels production

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Dual role of nitric oxide in Solanum spp.Oidium neolycopersici interactions

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Dual sourcing of a newsvendor with exponential utility of profit

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Dual state-parameter estimation of root zone soil moisture by optimal parameter estimation and extended Kalman filter data assimilation

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Dual systems Competence - Procedural processing: A relational developmental systems approach to reasoning

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Dual-Band Antenna with U-Shaped Open Stub for WLAN/WIMAX Applications

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Dual-Band Circularly-Polarized CPW-Fed Slot Antenna With a Small Frequency Ratio and Wide Bandwidths

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Dual-Band Patch Antennas Based on Short-Circuited Split Ring Resonators

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Dual-Band Plasmonic Enhancement of Ag-NS@SiO2on Gain Mediums Spontaneous Emission

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Dual-Core Side-Hole Fiber for Pressure Sensing Based on Intensity Detection

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Dual-Polarized TerraSAR-X Data for Oil-Spill Observation

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Dual-band microwave duplexer based on spiral resonators (SR) and complementary split ring resonators (CSRR)

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Dual-beam coaxial amplification system of stimulated Brillouin scattering based on polarization control technology

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Dual-excitation-wavelength fluorescence spectra and elastic scattering for differentiation of single airborne pollen and fungal particles

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Dual-injection: The flexible, bi-fuel concept for spark-ignition engines fuelled with various gasoline and biofuel blends

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Dual-ligand approach to synthesize new homochiral coordination polymers: From infinite 1D chain to 2D nanoporous layer and 3D framework network

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Dual-plasma ion process for surface treatment of insulators

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Dual-process theories and cognitive development: Advances and challenges

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Dual-process theories of reasoning: Contemporary issues and developmental applications

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Dual-temperature reagentless concentration of solutions of electrolytes based on the influence of temperature on the sorption of water by ionites

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Dual-type electrochromic device based on polypyrrole and polythiophene derivatives

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Duality Property for Positive Weak Dunford-Pettis Operators

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Dually fluorescent silica nanoparticles

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Dublin II and Eurodac: examining the (un)intended(?) consequences

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Ducks and passerines nesting in northern mixed-grass prairie treated with fire

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Ductile fracture prediction in cold forging process chains

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Ductile-to-brittle transition in cenosphere-filled polypropylene composites

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Ductility of a Structural Wall with Spread Rebars Tested in Full Scale

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Ductus-Dependent Congenital Heart Disease in the Neonate

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Due date assignment in repetitive projects

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Due diligence in mine feasibility studies for the assessment of social risk

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Dugong abundance and distribution in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

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Duloxetine in the Treatment of Depression: An Overview

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Dumb Barter: A Seminal Form of Negotiation

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Dump truck operator vibration control in high-impact shovel loading operations

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Dune Vulnerability in Relation to Tourism Pressure in Central Gulf of Cdiz (SW Spain), a Case study

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Dunes and alternate bars in tidal channels

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Dung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Trapped by a Moving Sand Dune Near Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

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Dung longevity influences the fate of endozoochorically dispersed seeds in forest ecosystems

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Dungeness Crab Mortality Due to Lost Traps and a CostBenefit Analysis of Trap Removal in Washington State Waters of the Salish Sea

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Duodenal stump after duodenal switch procedure confused with subhepatic abscess

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Duplicate Publication: Why Do We Care?

Gozzani, J Lauzi, 2011:
Duplicate publication

P. Alligand-Perrin; S. Barbary; P. Lascombe; G. Dautel, 2011:
Duplication du pouce de stade IV : rsultats dune stratgie de reconstruction combinant raxation squelettique et plastie tendue dtoffage digito-pulpaire par lambeau ax

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Durability characteristics of cement-bonded particleboards manufactured from maize stalk residue

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Durability of Digora Optimeimaging plates

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Durability of Fresnel lenses: A review specific to the concentrating photovoltaic application

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Durability of peace education effects in the shadow of conflict

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Durability study of electrospray deposited Pt film electrode for hydrogen production in PV assisted water electrolysis system

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Durability, safety, ease of use and reliability of a type-3 portable monitor and a sheet-style type-4 portable monitor

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Durable Oncologic Outcomes After Radiofrequency Ablation: Experience From Treating 243 Small Renal Masses Over 7.5Years

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Durable SOC stacks for production of hydrogen and synthesis gas by high temperature electrolysis

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Durable high-performance Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.9 core-shell type composite cathodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells

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Dural cavernous sinus fistulas. Diagnosis and endovascular therapy G. Benndorf

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Duration analysis of adoption of drip irrigation technology in southeastern Spain

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Duration analysis of technology adoption effects of dissemination pathways: A case of pushpull technology for control of Striga weeds and stemborers in Western Kenya

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Duration of Antibiotic Therapy for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Burn Patients

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Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy after Implantation of Drug-Eluting Stents

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Duration of Training affects Retention of Movement Pattern Changes Following an ACL Injury Prevention Program

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Duration of anticoagulation for venous thromboembolism

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Duration of deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis in the surgical patient and its relation to quality issues

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Duration of red blood cell storage and survival of transfused patients

Gerber, D.R., 2011:
Duration of red cell storage before transfusion and in-hospital mortality

Prof. Renée Schroeder, 2011:
Durch Teilen vermehren

Lothar Jaenicke, 2011:
Durch Trifluormethylierung zu lipophileren Wirkstoffen

Sylvia Feil, 2011:
Durch Verzerrung zur Sauerstofftoleranz

W. Lang, 2011:
DurchGEHEND Gefäßmedizin

Laura Ercoli; Leonardo Lulli; Iduna Arduini; Marco Mariotti; Alessandro Masoni , 2011:
Durum wheat grain yield and quality as affected by S rate under Mediterranean conditions

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Dust Acoustic Solitary Waves in Saturn F-ring's Region

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Dust Self-Organized Structures I. Role of Ion Drag and Ion Diffusion on Screened Grains

V. Tsytovich; G. Morfill, 2011:
Dust Self-Organized Structures II. Solutions of Master Equations for Small Diffusion

V. Tsytovich; G. Morfill, 2011:
Dust Self-Organized Structures III. Solutions of Master Equations in Presence of Volume Ionization

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Dust acoustic shock waves in coupled dusty plasmas with nonthermal ions

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Dust and Black Carbon in Seasonal Snow Across Northern China

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Dust charging and density conditions deduced from observations of PMWE modulated by artificial electron heating

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Dust emission by powder handling: Influence of the hopper outlet on the dust plume

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Dust explosions in vented silos: Simulations and comparisons with current standards

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Dust storm detection and monitoring using multi-temporal INSAT-3A-CCD data

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Dust storms over the Arabian Gulf: a possible indicator of climate changes consequences

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Dust/gas mixtures explosion regimes

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Dusty space plasma diagnosis using temporal behavior of polar mesospheric summer echoes during active modification

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Dutasteride May Slow Prostate Cancer Growth among Low-Risk Men

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Dutch Food Safety Policy: From Politics in the Stable to Stable Politics

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Dutch elite athletes and anti-doping policies

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Dutch elm disease has currently a low incidence on wych elm in Norway

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Dutch elm disease revisited: past, present and future management in Great Britain

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Dutch large-scale dementia-care environments: A village within the community

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Duthieeae, a new tribe of grasses (Poaceae) identified among the early diverging lineages of subfamily Pooideae: molecular phylogenetics, morphological delineation, cytogenetics and biogeography

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Duty of care and medical negligence

Augustinavičius, G; Čereška, A, 2011:
Dviej ai precizinio pozicionavimo sistemos skaitinis modeliavimas; Numerical Modeling of a Precise Dual Axis Positioning System;

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Dwell fatigue crack nucleation model based on crystal plasticity finite element simulations of polycrystalline titanium alloys

Mikko Joronen, 2011:
Dwelling in the Sites of Finitude: Resisting the Violence of the Metaphysical Globe

Nansen, B; Arnold, M; Gibbs, M; Davis, H, 2011:
Dwelling with media stuff: latencies and logics of materiality in four Australian homes

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Dy-Mn (Dysprosium-Manganese)

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Dyadic Green's function study of band structures of dispersive photonic crystals

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Dyadic Greens function of a PEMC cylinder

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Dyadic Trauma in Infancy and Early Childhood: Review of the Literature

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Dyadic discord at baseline is associated with lack of remission in the acute treatment of chronic depression

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Dyadic family relationships and adolescent internalizing and externalizing problem behavior: Effects of positive and negative affect

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Dye J-aggregatesemiconductor nanocrystal hybrid nanostructures in reverse micelles: an experimental study

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Dye aggregation and influence of pre-micelles on heterogeneous catalysis: A photophysical approach

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Dye sensitized solar cells on paper substrates

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Dye sensitized solar cells using non-aggregated silicon phthalocyanines

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Dye-Sensitized Nanocrystalline ZnO Solar Cells Based on Ruthenium(II) Phendione Complexes

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Dye-Sensitized Photooxygenation of 2,5-Bis(glycosyl)furans

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Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on

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Dynamic Analysis and Optimization of a Three-phase Control Mode of a Mobile System with an Internal Mass

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Dynamic Compared with Static External Fixation of Unstable Fractures of the Distal Part of the Radius: A Prospective, Randomized Multicenter Study

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Dynamic Compensation for Control of a Rotary wing UAV Using Positive Position Feedback

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Dynamic Contract Breach

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Dynamic Control of Salt Intrusion in the Mark-Vliet River System, The Netherlands

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Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of α-Aminonitriles to Form Chiral α-Amino Acids

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Dynamic Large-Eddy Simulation of Droplet Effects on a Reacting Plume in Countercurrent Configuration

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Dynamic Meniscus Profile Method for determination of the dynamic contact angle in the Wilhelmy geometry

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Dynamic Model for an Oxygen-Staged Slagging Entrained Flow Gasifier

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Dynamic Modeling and Decentralized Control of a 3 PRS Parallel Mechanism Based on Constrained Robotic Analysis

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Dynamic Modeling, Testing, and Stability Analysis of an Ornithoptic Blimp

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Dynamic Quantitative Imaging of Primary Cilium Assembly

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Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of Industrial Purified Terephthalic Acid Solvent Dehydration Process

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Dynamic adjustment of container stacking policy in an automated container terminal

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Dynamic behavior modeling of cigarette smoke particles inside the car cabin with different ventilation scenarios

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Dynamic characteristics of monthly rainfall in the Korean Peninsula under climate change

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Dynamic characterization of EPS geofoam

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Dynamic effects of moving loads on road pavements: A review

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Dynamic effects on the transition between two-dimensional regular and Mach reflection of shock waves in an ideal, steady supersonic free stream

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Dynamic expression pattern of Tbx2 and Tbx3 in the developing and adult mouse pancreas

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Dynamic extension problems concerning asymmetrical mode III crack

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Dynamic feedback regulation of the potential of a microfabricated liquid-junction Ag/AgCl reference electrode

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Dynamic foam behavior in the entrance region of a porous medium

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Dynamic fractionation of mercury species in soils and bottom deposits using rotating coiled columns

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Dynamic grapevine clonesan AFLP-marker study of theVitis viniferacultivar Riesling comprising 86 clones

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Dynamic group instantaneous replacement policies for unreliable Markovian service systems

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Dynamic habitat selection by two wading bird species with divergent foraging strategies in a seasonally fluctuating wetland

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Dynamic height anomaly from Argo profiles and sea-level anomaly from satellite altimetry: a comparative study in the Indian Ocean

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Dynamic impacts of high oil prices on the bioethanol and feedstock markets

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Dynamic influences of nutrients and grazing fish on periphyton during recovery from flood

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Dynamic interactions between vegetation and land use in semi-arid Morocco: Using a Markov process for modeling rangelands under climate change

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Dynamic interfacial tensions of dietary oils

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Dynamic linear models with R

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Dynamic mathematical models of batch experiments and fed-batch cultures for cyclic adenosine monophosphate production byArthrobacterA302

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Dynamic mechanical and ultrasonic properties of polyurea

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Dynamic mechanical characteristics of five elastomeric gasket materials aged in a simulated and an accelerated PEM fuel cell environment

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Dynamic mechanical properties of epoxy cyanate matrix composite under varied temperatures by free vibration method

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Dynamic mechanical properties of oil palm fibre (OPF)-linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) biocomposites and study of fibrematrix interactions

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Dynamic mechanism of interannual sea surface height variability in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

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Dynamic mode decomposition of turbulent cavity flows for self-sustained oscillations

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Dynamic model for AC and DC contactors Simulation and experimental validation

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Dynamic model for a heat exchanger tube rupture discharging a high-pressure flashing liquid into a low-pressure liquid-filled shell

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Dynamic model for market-based capacity investment decision considering stochastic characteristic of wind power

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Dynamic model for multi-compartment indirect cooling household refrigerator using Z-transfer function based cabinet model

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Dynamic model of Lake Chozas (Len, NW Spain)Decrease in eco-exergy from clear to turbid phase due to introduction of exotic crayfish

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Dynamic modeling and experimental validation for the electrical coupling in a 5-cell solid oxide fuel cell stack in the perspective of thermal coupling

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Dynamic modeling and fuzzy logic control of vibrations of a railway vehicle for different track irregularities

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Dynamic modeling and optimal control strategy of waste heat recovery Organic Rankine Cycles

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Dynamic modeling and simulation of a proton exchange membrane electrolyzer for hydrogen production

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Dynamic modeling and simulation of shell gasifier in IGCC

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Dynamic modeling of causal relationship between energy consumption, CO2 emissions and economic growth in India

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Dynamic modeling of fire spread in building

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Dynamic modeling of gas phase propylene homopolymerization in fluidized bed reactors

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Dynamic modeling of submerged nanoparticle pushing based on atomic force microscopy in liquid medium

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Dynamic modelling and control of fully rated converter wind turbines

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Dynamic models applied to giant barnacle culture

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Dynamic models of technology management capability development based on knowledge diffusion

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Dynamic molecular movements and aggregation structures of lipids in a liquid state

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Dynamic nanoindentation of porcine spinal zygapophyseal joint cartilage

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Dynamic niche sharing in dry acidic grasslands -a15N-labeling experiment

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Dynamic output feedback control of switched linear systems

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Dynamic oversight: implementation gaps and challenges

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Dynamic participation of doubly fed induction generator in automatic generation control

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Dynamic passive pressure from c soil backfills

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Dynamic patterns of flow in the workplace: Characterizing within-individual variability using a complexity science approach

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Dynamic performance of a nonlinear non-dimensional two stage electrohydraulic servovalve model

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Dynamic plantar pressure distribution of type 2 diabetic patients native Chinese

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Dynamic postural stability in gaelic football players during a single leg drop-landing, a comparison of ankle tape and lace-up brace

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Dynamic prediction models for alkaloid content using NIR technology for the study and online analysis of parching in Areca Seed

Guojun Zhang; Limin Dai; Shulan Ji, 2011:
Dynamic pressure-driven covalent assembly of inner skin hollow fiber multilayer membrane

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Dynamic pricing of electricity in the mid-Atlantic region: econometric results from the Baltimore gas and electric company experiment

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Dynamic problems of composite mechanics

L. F. Chernogor, 2011:
Dynamic processes in the near-ground atmosphere during the solar eclipse of August 1, 2008

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Dynamic properties of cloudsCumulus humilisandCumulus fractusextracted by solar radiation measurements

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Dynamic properties of open-grown deciduous trees

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Dynamic properties of the fluxional Rh2H(-PPh2)2(PPh3)31 complex

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Dynamic proportional hazard rate and reversed hazard rate models

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Dynamic quadriceps angle: a comparison of female elite volleyball players with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome

Diana Himmelstein, 2011:
Dynamic regulation of Shh multimerization is required for Shh signaling in vivo

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Dynamic rheology of a dilute suspension of elastic capsules: effect of capsule tank-treading, swinging and tumbling

Anderson, W.; Meneveau, C., 2011 :
Dynamic roughness model for large-eddy simulation of turbulent flow over multiscale, fractal-like rough surfaces

Jacobi, I.; McKeon, B. J., 2011:
Dynamic roughness perturbation of a turbulent boundary layer

Nicolas Rougier; Yann Boniface, 2011:
Dynamic self-organising map

Chin-Hsiang Cheng; Ying-Ju Yu, 2011:
Dynamic simulation of a beta-type Stirling engine with cam-drive mechanism via the combination of the thermodynamic and dynamic models

Zhuoqing Yang; Haogang Cai; Guifu Ding; Hong Wang; Xiaolin Zhao, 2011:
Dynamic simulation of a contact-enhanced MEMS inertial switch in Simulink

Uzu-Kuei Hsu; Pong-Jeu Lu, 2011:
Dynamic simulation of a tilting-disc valve with clearance in pulsatile channel flow

Jan Sandberg; Rebei Bel Fdhila; Erik Dahlquist; Anders Avelin, 2011:
Dynamic simulation of fouling in a circulating fluidized biomass-fired boiler

Takashi Katoh; Masahiro Tokumura; Hidemi Yoshikawa; Yoshinori Kawase, 2011:
Dynamic simulation of multicomponent gas separation by hollow-fiber membrane module: Nonideal mixing flows in permeate and residue sides using the tanks-in-series model

Jorge Davila; Alexander Poznyak, 2011:
Dynamic sliding mode control design using attracting ellipsoid method

So, A K.O.; Ng, C W.W., 2011:
Dynamic soil parameters and Case damping for high-capacity long H-piles

Terzi, F; Kaya, H Serdar, 2011:
Dynamic spatial analysis of urban sprawl through fractal geometry: the case of Istanbul

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Dynamic splint for the treatment of stiff elbow

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Dynamic stability and bifurcation in a bundle flow

L.E. Isaeva; D.I. Bazhanov; E.I. Isaev; S.V. Eremeev; S.E. Kulkova; I.A. Abrikosov, 2011:
Dynamic stability of palladium hydride: An ab initio study

Hwang, G.-S.; Ma, C.-C.; Huang, D.-W., 2011:
Dynamic strain measurements of a cantilever using the improved bonding fiber Bragg grating

Mori, T; Kokubo, H; Oiki, S; Okamoto, Y, 2011:
Dynamic structure of the polytheonamide B channel studied by normal mode analysis

Malekan, A.; Abdi, Y.; Arzi, E., 2011:
Dynamic study of a field emission sensor based on carbon nanotubes for acceleration and high frequency vibration sensing

E. Winkler; J. P. Sinnecker; M. A. Novak; R. D. Zysler, 2011:
Dynamic study of the internal magnetic order of Mn3O4nanoparticles

Liya Liu; Qiangzhong Zhao; Tongxun Liu; Mouming Zhao, 2011:
Dynamic surface pressure and dilatational viscoelasticity of sodium caseinate/xanthan gum mixtures at the oilwater interface

Stanislav, E. Shmelev, 2011:
Dynamic sustainability assessment: The case of Russia in the period of transition (19852008)

Fernando Castaños; Leonid Fridman, 2011:
Dynamic switching surfaces for output sliding mode control: An approach

Riichi Nagao; Jen-Yuan Chang, 2011:
Dynamic tape path alternation with novel rotary guider

Gaetano Campi; Augusto Pifferi; Alessandra Mari; Heinz Amenitsch; Carla Cannas; Lorenza Suber, 2011:
Dynamic templating role of polynaphtalene sulphonate in the formation of silver nanocrystals in aqueous solution

Sheng Huang; Kaiwen Xia; Lan Qiao, 2011:
Dynamic tests of cemented paste backfill: effects of strain rate, curing time, and cement content on compressive strength

Dmitry Chetverikov; Sándor Fazekas; Michal Haindl, 2011:
Dynamic texture as foreground and background

E. Kh. Isakaev; V. M. Gusev; V. B. Mordynskii; E. V. Sidorova; A. A. Maksimov, 2011:
Dynamic thermal diffusion galvanizing of components, analysis of the process and features of technology

Ezequiel López-Rubio; Esteban José Palomo-Ferrer; Juan Miguel Ortiz-de-Lazcano-Lobato; María Carmen Vargas-González, 2011:
Dynamic topology learning with the probabilistic self-organizing graph

Yanjun Xie; Callum, A. S. Hill; Zefang Xiao; Carsten Mai; Holger Militz, 2011:
Dynamic water vapour sorption properties of wood treated with glutaraldehyde

Jingjing Wu; Lei Guo; Xingwei Wang; Weigang Hou, 2011:
Dynamic waveband grooming based on hierarchical integrated grooming auxiliary graph in multi-domain mesh optical networks

Cristian, E. Botez; Abdul, W. Bhuiya; Ronald, J. Tackett, 2011:
Dynamic-susceptibility studies of the interplay between the Nel and Brown magnetic relaxation mechanisms

Woollings, T; Pinto, J G.; Santos, Jão A., 2011:
Dynamical Evolution of North Atlantic Ridges and Poleward Jet Stream Displacements

Jianjun Jiao; Kaili Ye; Lansun Chen, 2011:
Dynamical analysis of a five-dimensioned chemostat model with impulsive diffusion and pulse input environmental toxicant

Wenjun Xiong; Daniel, W.C. Ho; Jinde Cao, 2011:
Dynamical analysis of a game network

Zhouchao Wei; Qigui Yang, 2011:
Dynamical analysis of a new autonomous 3-D chaotic system only with stable equilibria

O. Sharomi; A.B. Gumel, 2011:
Dynamical analysis of a sex-structured Chlamydia trachomatis transmission model with time delay

Tsuda, I; Kang, H, 2011:
Dynamical analysis on copying-and-identifying process: Toward the understanding of mirror-neuron systems

Eduardo González-Olivares; Jaime Mena-Lorca; Alejandro Rojas-Palma; José D. Flores, 2011:
Dynamical complexities in the LeslieGower predatorprey model as consequences of the Allee effect on prey

Wittkowski, R; Löwen, H, 2011:
Dynamical density functional theory for colloidal particles with arbitrary shape

Oscar García, 2011:
Dynamical implications of the variability representation in site-index modelling

Ulrich Kirchmaier; Simon Hawe; Klaus Diepold, 2011:
Dynamical information fusion of heterogeneous sensors for 3D tracking using particle swarm optimization

K.W. Smith; D.J. McGillicuddy Jr., 2011:
Dynamical interpolation of surface ocean chlorophyll fields via data assimilation with an iterative ensemble smoother

Suman, S.; Girimaji, S. S., 2011:
Dynamical model for velocity-gradient evolution in compressible turbulence

Diego, F.M. Oliveira; Marko Robnik; Edson, D. Leonel, 2011:
Dynamical properties of a particle in a wave packet: Scaling invariance and boundary crisis

Ricardo Riaza, 2011:
Dynamical properties of electrical circuits with fully nonlinear memristors

Chil-Chyuan Kuo, 2011:
Dynamical resolidification behavior of silicon thin films during frontside and backside excimer laser annealing