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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64083

Chapter 64083 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

T. A. Aliev; A. A. Alizade; G. D. Etirmishli; G. A. Guluev; F. G. Pashaev; A. G. Rzaev, 2011:
Intelligent seismoacoustic system for monitoring the beginning of anomalous seismic process

Celia Romm Livermore, 2011:
Intelligent technologies for bridging the grey digital divide

Fei Chen, 2011:
Intelligibility prediction for distorted sentences by the normalized covariance measure

B.E. Lobdell; J.B. Allen; M.A. Hasegawa-Johnson, 2011:
Intelligibility predictors and neural representation of speech

Wei Lü; Zhendong Hao; Xia Zhang; Yongshi Luo; Xiaojun Wang; Jiahua Zhang, 2011:
Intense green/yellow emission in Ca8Zn(SiO4)4Cl2:Eu2+, Mn2+ through energy transfer for blue-LED lighting

Xvsheng Qiao; Xianping Fan; Zheng Xue; Xuanhe Xu; Qun Luo, 2011:
Intense ultraviolet upconversion luminescence of Yb3+ and Tb3+ co-doped glass ceramics containing SrF2 nanocrystals

Bas Houweling; Hans van Hateren, 2011:
Intensieve behandeling bij DM2

Masahiko Matsuda, 2011:
Intensification level of rice farming in Myanmar: implication for its sustainable development

L. Li; Z. Cai; B. Shen; Z. Xin; H. Ling, 2011:
Intensification of Cyclopentadiene Dimerization by Ultrasound Irradiation

Hubert Monnier; Laurent Falk, 2011:
Intensification of G/L absorption in microstructured falling film. Application to the treatment of chlorinated VOC's - part II: Modeling and geometric optimization

H.G. Gomaa; S. Rao; A.M. Al-Taweel, 2011:
Intensification of membrane microfiltration using oscillatory motion

Dan Liu; Eugène Vorobiev; Raphaëlle Savoire; Jean-Louis Lanoisellé, 2011:
Intensification of polyphenols extraction from grape seeds by high voltage electrical discharges and extract concentration by dead-end ultrafiltration

Neïla Mhiri; Hubert Monnier; Laurent Falk, 2011:
Intensification of the G/L absorption in microstructured falling film application to the treatment of chlorinated VOC's. Part III: Influence of gas thickness channel on mass transfer

Ali Abdel-Rahim; Nagwa Lachine; Mohamed Zeitoun; Wessam El-Gendi, 2011:
Intensified insulin therapy during fasting of Ramadan in type 1 diabetic patients

John Dold; Anna Zinoviev; Eilis Leslie, 2011:
Intensity accumulation in unsteady firelines: A simple model for vegetation engagement

G. N. Uzakov; A. B. Vardiyashvili, 2011:
Intensity influence of solar radiation on shrinkage of goods in fruit and vegetable stores

László Szilágyi; Sándor M. Szilágyi; Balázs Benyó; Zoltán Benyó, 2011:
Intensity inhomogeneity compensation and segmentation of MR brain images using hybrid c-means clustering models

Nese Kavasoglu; A. Sertap Kavasoglu; Ozcan Birgi; Sener Oktik, 2011:
Intensity modulated short circuit current spectroscopy for solar cells

R. P. Kokoulin; A. G. Bogdanov; D. M. Gromushkin; G. Mannocchi; A. A. Petrukhin; O. Saavedra; N. V. Tolkacheva; G. Trinchero; D. V. Chernov; V. V. Shutenko; I. I. Yashin, 2011:
Intensity of muon bundles at large zenith angles and hadron interaction models at energy of 1018eV

F. Ungan, 2011:
Intensity-dependent nonlinear optical properties in a modulation-doped single quantum well

Lawton, C.A., 2011:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy for anal cancer: toxicity versus outcomes

Meir Flancbaum; Lori Rockmore; Martin, E. Franklin, 2011:
Intensive Behavior Therapy for Tics: Implications for Clinical Practice and Overcoming Barriers to Treatment

Elliott, W.J., 2011:
Intensive Blood-Pressure Control in Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease

Jha, P; Rai, A S., 2011:
Intensive Bollywood: Media and nonlinear history in South Asia

Presswala, L. S.; Shubrook, J. H., 2011:
Intensive Insulin Therapy as the Primary Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Ronit Endevelt; J. Lemberger; J. Bregman; G. Kowen; I. Berger-Fecht; H. Lander; T. Karpati; D. R. Shahar, 2011:
Intensive dietary intervention by a dietitian as a case manager among community dwelling older adults: The edit study

Parr, S, 2011:
Intensive family casework with problem families: Past and present

Hemmingsen, B.; Lund, S. S.; Gluud, C.; Vaag, A.; Almdal, T.; Hemmingsen, C.; Wetterslev, J., 2011:
Intensive glycaemic control for patients with type 2 diabetes: systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis of randomised clinical trials

Miyai, I, 2011:
Intensive neurorehabilitation improves motor function in patients with spinocerebellar degeneration

Ruth Laub; Paul Strengers, 2011:
Intensive plasmapheresis donations contain less immunoglobulin and albumin: consequences for donor health

Norikuni Kumano; Takashi Kuriwada; Keiko Shiromoto; Dai Haraguchi; Tsuguo Kohama, 2011:
Intensive resistance by females before copulation induces insemination failure in the West Indian sweet potato weevilEuscepes postfasciatus

L. Schwentner, 2011:
Intensivpflichtige Patientin mit vermeintlicher Hyperemesis gravidarum

M. Schaan; M. Strowitzki, 2011:
Intensivtherapie des Schädel-Hirn-Traumas

Patel, A; Calam, R; Latham, A, 2011:
Intention to attend parenting programmes: does ethnicity make a difference?

Namkee Park; Younbo Jung; Kwan Min Lee, 2011:
Intention to upload video content on the internet: The role of social norms and ego-involvement

John, E. Cunningham; Angus, S. Don; Peter, A. Robertson, 2011:
Intention-to-treat analysis: the parachute revisited

Yong-Hoon Choi, 2011:
Intentional replantation of the maxillary molar via partial osteotomy

de Groot, C; Mulder, C H.; Manting, D, 2011:
Intentions to Move and Actual Moving Behaviour in The Netherlands

Eduardo Parra-López; Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal; Desiderio Gutiérrez-Taño; Ricardo Díaz-Armas, 2011:
Intentions to use social media in organizing and taking vacation trips

Pelligra, V, 2011:
Intentions, Trust and Frames: A Note on Sociality and the Theory of Games

Javier Pérez; Margarita Menéndez; Santiago Larrañaga; Jesús Pozo, 2011:
Inter- and Intra-Regional Variability of Leaf Litter Breakdown in Reference Headwater Streams of Northern Spain: Atlantic versus Mediterranean Streams

Bidau, C J.; Martí, D A.; Baldo, D, 2011:
Inter- and Intraspecific Geographic Variation of Body Size in South American Redbelly Toads of the Genus Melanophryniscus Gallardo, 1961 (Anura: Bufonidae)

Norma Sbarbati Nudelman; Cecilia, E. Silvana Alvaro, 2011:
Inter- and intramolecular hydrogen bonds in polyamines: variable-concentration 1H-NMR studies

Caplan, M.S., 2011:
Inter-Alpha Inhibitor Protein Level in Neonates Predicts Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Anna Maria, C. Menichini, 2011:
Inter-Firm Trade Finance in Times of Crisis

An, L-Ping; Wang, T-Biao; Liu, N-Hua, 2011:
Inter-Well Coupling and Resonant Tunneling Modes of Multiple Graphene Quantum Wells

Garthe, S; Montevecchi, W A.; Davoren, G K., 2011:
Inter-annual changes in prey fields trigger different foraging tactics in a large marine predator

Hänggi, P; Weingartner, R, 2011:
Inter-annual variability of runoff and climate within the Upper Rhine River basin, 18082007

S. Krause; D. M. Hannah; J. H. Fleckenstein; C. M. Heppell; D Kaeser; R. Pickup; G. Pinay; A. L. Robertson; P. J. Wood, 2011:
Inter-disciplinary perspectives on processes in the hyporheic zone

Felix Strebel, 2011:
Inter-governmental institutions as promoters of energy policy diffusion in a federal setting

Siverio, M; Rodríguez, B; Rodríguez, A; Siverio, F, 2011:
Inter-insular variation of the diet of osprey Pandion haliaetus in the Canarian archipelago

Grobler, G.C.; Bastos, A.D.S.; Chimimba, C.T.; Chown, S.L., 2011:
Inter-island dispersal of flightless Bothrometopus huntleyi (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Island archipelago

Michael, B. Lore; Anthony, R. Sambol; Daniel, A. Japuntich; Luke, M. Franklin; Steven, H. Hinrichs, 2011:
Inter-laboratory performance between two nanoparticle air filtration systems using scanning mobility particle analyzers

Rodrigo Lozano; Don Huisingh, 2011:
Inter-linking issues and dimensions in sustainability reporting

Lei Xu, 2011:
Inter-metropolitan migration of the newly landed immigrants in Canada: 19911996 and 19962001

Ilse Kranner; Hongying Chen; Hugh, W. Pritchard; Stephen, R. Pearce; Simona Birtić, 2011:
Inter-nucleosomal DNA fragmentation and loss of RNA integrity during seed ageing

Sweis, R.; Kaufman, E.; Obrecht, S.; Crichton, S.; Anggiansah, A.; Fox, M., 2011:
Inter-observer agreement of water and solid swallows in high resolution manometry

Ljubisavljevic, K; Bulakhova, N A.; Shamgunova, R R.; Orlova, V F.; Zinenko, O I.; Clasen, A; Kuranova, V N.; Fokt, M; Roitberg, E S.; Böhme, W; Carretero, M A., 2011:
Inter-observer and intra-observer differences in measuring body length: a test in the common lizard, Zootoca vivipara

Ali, M; Kurnia, S, 2011:
Inter-organizational systems (IOS) adoption in the Arabian Gulf region: the case of the Bahraini grocery industry

M.A. Rossini; G.A. Maddonni; M.E. Otegui, 2011:
Inter-plant competition for resources in maize crops grown under contrasting nitrogen supply and density: Variability in plant and ear growth

Grenon, M; Laflamme, Aélie-Julie, 2011:
Inter-ramp and bench design of open-pit mines: the Portage pit case study

Gago, E. J.; Etxebarria, S.; Tham, Y.; Aldali, Y.; Muneer, T., 2011:
Inter-relationship between mean-daily irradiation and temperature, and decomposition models for hourly irradiation and temperature

Dong-Mo Koo; Ji-Hoon Lee, 2011:
Inter-relationships among dominance, energetic and tense arousal, and pleasure, and differences in their impacts under online vs. offline environment

Irma Rodríguez-Pérez; Cristina García-Serrano; Carlos Catalán Catalán; Alvaro Mozo García; Patrizia Tavella; Lorenzo Galleani; Francisco Amarillo, 2011:
Inter-satellite links for satellite autonomous integrity monitoring

Francisco Amarillo Fernández, 2011:
Inter-satellite ranging and inter-satellite communication links for enhancing GNSS satellite broadcast navigation data

Tana, E. Wood; Deborah Lawrence; Jessie, A. Wells, 2011:
Inter-specific Variation in Foliar Nutrients and Resorption of Nine Canopy-tree Species in a Secondary Neotropical Rain Forest

Sang, Y; Wang, C; Huo, H, 2011:
Inter-specific and seasonal variations in photosynthetic capacity and water use efficiency of five temperate tree species in Northeastern China

Konstantin Kogan; Charles Tapiero, 2011:
Inter-temporal inventory competition and the effects of capacity constraints

Chuenpagdee, R, 2011:
InteractIve governance for marIne conservatIon: an IllustratIon

David, A. Rubinos; Luz Iglesias; Francisco Díaz-Fierros; María Teresa Barral, 2011:
Interacting Effect of pH, Phosphate and Time on the Release of Arsenic from Polluted River Sediments (Anllns River, Spain)

Khodam-Mohammadi, A; Malekjani, M, 2011:
Interacting Entropy-Corrected Holographic Scalar Field Models in Non-Flat Universe

Bahrami, B; Frith, C D., 2011:
Interacting Minds: A Framework for Combining Process- and Accuracy-Oriented Social Cognitive Research

Trebitz, A S.; Brazner, J C.; Tanner, D K.; Meyer, R, 2011:
Interacting watershed size and landcover influences on habitat and biota of Lake Superior coastal wetlands

W. Towers, 2011:
Interacting with Geospatial Technologies

Robinson, A, 2011:
Interacting with geospatial technologies

Li, L; Xiong, S; Wang, Y; Song, G; Wu, S; Chu, P K.; Xu, Z, 2011:
Interaction Between Fluorinated Amphiphilic Copolymer P(HFMA)-g-P(SPEG) and BSA

Shuang Li; Di Yao; Hedong Bian; Zhenfeng Chen; Jing Yu; Qing Yu; Hong Liang, 2011:
Interaction Between Plumbagin and Human Serum Albumin by Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Zhang, J; Gao, Y; Su, F; Gong, Z; Zhang, Y, 2011:
Interaction Characteristics with Bovine Serum Albumin and Retarded Nitric Oxide Release of ZCVI4-2, a New Nitric Oxide-Releasing Derivative of Oleanolic Acid

Geneviève Piché; Lise Bergeron; Mireille Cyr; Claude Berthiaume, 2011:
Interaction Effects between Maternal Lifetime Depressive/Anxiety Disorders and Correlates of Childrens Externalizing Symptoms

Visseren-Hamakers, I J.; Arts, B; Glasbergen, P, 2011:
Interaction Management by Partnerships: The Case of Biodiversity and Climate Change

Cui, S; Lin, B; Fan, M; Shen, X, 2011:
Interaction Mechanism between Fe3O4 Nanoparticles and Sodium 2-dodecylbenzenesulfonate

Pan, H; Wang, X; Ding, L, 2011:
Interaction Mode Between Methylene Blue-Pr(III) Complex and Herring-Sperm DNA

Chris Hausmann; Amy Jonason; Erika Summers-Effler, 2011:
Interaction Ritual Theory and Structural Symbolic Interactionism

Smith, C; Crook, N; Charlton, D; Boye, J; de la Camara, R Santos; Turunen, M; Benyon, D; Gambäck, Börn; Mival, O; Webb, N; Cavazza, M, 2011:
Interaction Strategies for an Affective Conversational Agent

Mohammad Arabi; Mehdi Faezipour; Mohammad Layeghi; Ali Akbar Enayati, 2011:
Interaction analysis between slenderness ratio and resin content on mechanical properties of particleboard

Dirk vom Lehn; Will Gibson, 2011:
Interaction and Symbolic Interactionism

Tia, R. Northfield; Anna, R. Sheldon; Peter, M. Kopittke; Neal, W. Menzies, 2011:
Interaction between Cu toxicity and P deficiency in soil-grown cowpea (Vigna unguiculata(L.) Walp.)

Estrada-Guel, I; Pérez-Bustamante, R; Carreño-Gallardo, C; Herrera-Ramírez, J; Martínez-Sánchez, R, 2011:
Interaction between Dislocations and Graphite Nanometric Particles in Al-based Composites Prepared by a Solid State Route

Sun, L; Noh, K; Dillon, S, 2011:
Interaction between Ionized Air and Silver Film

Goulart, M Mirmes Paiva; Bueno, A de Freitas; Bueno, R Cristina Oliveira de Freita; Vieira, S Silva, 2011:
Interaction between Telenomus remus and Trichogramma pretiosum in the management of Spodoptera spp

Ming Zhao; Xiaoshuang Yang; Tamara, L. Church; Andrew, T. Harris, 2011:
Interaction between a bimetallic NiCo catalyst and micrometer-sized CaO for enhanced H2 production during cellulose decomposition

Lagerlöf, J; Insunza, V; Lundegårdh, B; Rämert, B, 2011:
Interaction between a fungal plant disease, fungivorous nematodes and compost suppressiveness

Cathy, E. McNamee; Karlheinz Graf; Hans-Jürgen Butt; Ko Higashitani; Michael Kappl, 2011:
Interaction between a silica particle and the underside of a polymer monolayer at the air/water interface in the presence of an anionic surfactant

Ana, C.F. Ribeiro; Marisa, C.F. Barros; Victor, M.M. Lobo; Abílio J.F.N. Sobral; Sonia, I.G. Fangaia; Pedro, M.G. Nicolau; Fernando, A.D.R.A. Guerra; M.A. Esteso, 2011:
Interaction between calcium chloride and some carbohydrates as seen by mutual diffusion at 25 C and 37 C

Nan-Chyuan Tsai; Rong-Mao Lee, 2011:
Interaction between cardiovascular system and respiration

Ballenger, J.C., 2011:
Interaction between genetic polymorphisms and stressful life events in first episode depression

Li Yan; Jinzhen Cao; Wei Gao; Xinyu Zhou; Guangjie Zhao, 2011:
Interaction between glycerin and wood at various temperatures from stress relaxation approach

Wei Wei; Xiao Zhang; Jing Cui; Zhenggui Wei, 2011:
Interaction between low molecular weight organic acids and hydroxyapatite with different degrees of crystallinity

J.J. Blanco; M.A. Hidalgo; J. Rodriguez-Pacheco; J. Medina, 2011:
Interaction between magnetic clouds and the heliospheric current sheet at 1 AU as it is observed by one single observation point

Antonius Indarto, 2011:
Interaction between methyl and hydroxyl radicals: a theoretical study

de Moraes-Pinto, M Isabel, 2011:
Interaction between pediatric HIV infection and measles

Junko HARA; Takeshi SAKURAI, 2011:
Interaction between sleep mechanisms and orexin neurons

Andresen, C. S.; McCarthy, D. J.; Valdemar Dylmer, C.; Seidenkrantz, M.-S.; Kuijpers, A.; Lloyd, J. M., 2011:
Interaction between subsurface ocean waters and calving of the Jakobshavn Isbrae during the late Holocene

U. N. Kavai-ool; O. Yu. Karpenko; T. A. Ezhova, 2011:
Interaction between thePINOID/ABRUPTUSgene with theAGAMOUSgene negatively regulating stem cells proliferetion in theArabidopsis thalianafloral meristem

Hallez, Y; Legendre, D, 2011:
Interaction between two spherical bubbles rising in a viscous liquid

N. N. Nedyalkov; S. Imamova; P. A. Atanasov; Y. Tanaka; M. Obara, 2011:
Interaction between ultrashort laser pulses and gold nanoparticles: nanoheater and nanolens effect

J. Rufat; X. Domingo; A. Arbonés; M. Pascual; J. M. Villar, 2011:
Interaction between water and nitrogen management in peaches for processing

Frédéric Mestdagh; Barbara Kerkaert; Tatiana Cucu; Bruno De Meulenaer, 2011:
Interaction between whey proteins and lipids during light-induced oxidation

Emil Chibowski; Malgorzata Jurak, 2011:
Interaction energy of model lipid membranes with water and diiodomethane

Stepan, A. Lushnikov; Nikolay, A. Bobrov; Dmitriy Yu. Novikov; Victor, N. Verbetsky, 2011:
Interaction in CeCo2.95M0.05H2 (M-Cu, Si) system

Xingzu Wang; Xiang Cheng; Dezhi Sun, 2011 :
Interaction in anaerobic biodecolorization of mixed azo dyes of Acid Red 1 and Reactive Black 5 under batch and continuous conditions

Yue Teng; Fanying Ji; Chao Li; Zehua Yu; Rutao Liu, 2011:
Interaction mechanism between 4-aminoantipyrine and the enzyme lysozyme

Partha Sarathi Guin; Saurabh Das; Parikshit Chandra Mandal, 2011:
Interaction of 1,4-Dihydroxy9,10-Anthraquinone with Calf Thymus DNA: A

Mah, N D.; Ahern, J W.; Terhune, C J.; Alston, W. Kemper, 2011:
Interaction of Age and Levofloxacin Exposure on the Incidence of Clostridium difficile Infection

Gurnev, P A.; DeMoss, P; Schweitzer, K; Petrache, I; Petrache, H I., 2011:
Interaction of Alpha-1 antitrypsin with Model Membranes

A. V. Gets; V. P. Krainov, 2011:
Interaction of Atomic Clusters with Intense Attosecond Pulses

Grzegorzewski, A Sleath; Cialone, M A.; Wamsley, T V., 2011:
Interaction of Barrier Islands and Storms: Implications for Flood Risk Reduction in Louisiana and Mississippi

Adedunni Adeyemo; Gary Hunter; Prabir, K. Dutta, 2011:
Interaction of CO with hydrous ruthenium oxide and development of a chemoresistive ambient CO sensor

Mohd, A; Parwaz Khan, A Aslam; Bano, S; Siddiqi, K. S., 2011:
Interaction of Clofazimine with Divalent Metal Ions: A Fluorescence Quenching Study

N. Sudha; Israel, M. V. Enoch, 2011:
Interaction of Curculigosides and Theirβ-Cyclodextrin Complexes with Bovine Serum Albumin: A Fluorescence Spectroscopic Study

R. Mahesh Kumar; V. Subramanian, 2011:
Interaction of H2 with fragments of MOF-5 and its implications for the design and development of new MOFs: A computational study

Shakil, S; Khan, R; Tabrez, S; Alam, Q; R. Jabir, N; I. Sulaiman, M; H. Greig, N; A. Kamal, M, 2011:
Interaction of Human Brain Acetylcholinesterase with Cyclophosphamide: A Molecular Modeling and Docking Study

Koron, N; Faganeli, J; Falnoga, I; Kovac, N, 2011:
Interaction of Macroaggregates and Hg in Coastal Waters (Gulf of Trieste, Northern Adriatic Sea)

O. V. Belyaeva; T. A. Krasnova; S. A. Semenova; O. S. Gladkova, 2011:
Interaction of O2, O3, and H2O2with an activated carbon

Lambeir, A-Marie, 2011:
Interaction of Prolyl Oligopeptidase with α-Synuclein

B.S. Naidu; M. Pandey; V. Sudarsan; R. Tewari; R.K. Vatsa, 2011:
Interaction of Sb3+ ions with Eu3+ ions during the room temperature synthesis of luminescent Sb2O3 nanorods: Probed through Eu3+ luminescence

N. A. Inogamov; A. Ya. Faenov; V. V. Zhakhovskii; I. Yu. Skobelev; V. A. Khokhlov; Y. Kato; M. Tanaka; T. A. Pikuz; M. Kishimoto; M. Ishino; M. Nishikino; Y. Fukuda; S. V. Bulanov; T. Kawachi; Yu. V. Petrov; S. I. Anisimov; V. E. Fortov, 2011:
Interaction of Short Laser Pulses in Wavelength Range from Infrared to X-ray with Metals, Semiconductors, and Dielectrics

Tavakkoli, E; English, P; Guppy, C N., 2011:
Interaction of Silicon and Phosphorus Mitigate Manganese Toxicity in Rice in a Highly Weathered Soil

A. N. Filippov; R. Kh. Iksanov; A. V. Volkov, 2011:
Interaction of a charged spherical particle with a pore of a charged hydrophobic membrane in an electrolyte solution

Ruchi Gaur; Rais Ahmad Khan; Sartaj Tabassum; Priyanka Shah; Mohammad, I. Siddiqi; Lallan Mishra, 2011:
Interaction of a ruthenium(II)chalcone complex with double stranded DNA: Spectroscopic, molecular docking and nuclease properties

Rydlová, J; Püschel, D; Sudová, R; Gryndler, M; Mikanová, O; Vosátka, M, 2011:
Interaction of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobia: Effects on flax yield in spoil-bank clay

Yong Hyeon Kim; Won-Kye Baek; Jack, J. Yoh, 2011:
Interaction of beam and coated metals at high power continuous irradiation

I. A. Ar’ev; L. G. Chernova, 2011:
Interaction of benzene with water and aqueous solutions of alkali metal chlorides

Zhu, L-Ying; Li, G-Qian; Zheng, F-Yin, 2011:
Interaction of bovine serum albumi with two alkylimidazolium-based ionic liquids investigated by microcalorimetry and circular dichroism

T. F. Sheshko; Yu. M. Serov, 2011:
Interaction of carbon oxides with the surface of catalysts containing iron and nickel nanoparticles

S. Sudheer Khan; Amitava Mukherjee; Natarajan Chandrasekaran, 2011:
Interaction of colloidal silver nanoparticles (SNPs) with exopolysaccharides (EPS) and its adsorption isotherms and kinetics

Thirumanasekaran Dhanalakshmi; Rangasamy Loganathan; Eringathodi Suresh; Helen Stoeckli-Evans; Mallayan Palaniandavar, 2011:
Interaction of copper(II) complexes with bis(p-nitrophenyl)phosphate: Structural and spectral studies

P. V. Mokrushnikov; L. E. Panin; B. N. Zaitsev; N. S. Doronin; A. I. Kozelskaya; A. V. Panin, 2011:
Interaction of corundum and quartz nanocrystals with erythrocyte membranes

Teng Jiang; Long Wang; Sui Zhang; Ping-Chuan Sun; Chuan-Fan Ding; Yan-Qiu Chu; Ping Zhou, 2011:
Interaction of curcumin with Al(III) and its complex structures based on experiments and theoretical calculations

Yan Lu; Meihua Xu; Gongke Wang; Yun Zheng, 2011:
Interaction of diethyl aniline methylphosphonate with DNA: Spectroscopic and isothermal titration calorimetry

Mady, M M.; Elshemey, W M., 2011:
Interaction of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine (DPPC) liposomes and insulin

Ge, Y. S.; Raeder, J.; Angelopoulos, V.; Gilson, M. L.; Runov, A., 2011:
Interaction of dipolarization fronts within multiple bursty bulk flows in global MHD simulations of a substorm on 27 February 2009

Raquel Zorilla; Li Liang; Gabriel Remondetto; Muriel Subirade, 2011:
Interaction of epigallocatechin-3-gallate with β-lactoglobulin: molecular characterization and biological implication

Guihua Xu; Junliang Sun; Yintong Liang; Chao Yang; Zhen-Yu Chen, 2011:
Interaction of fatty acids with oxidation of cholesterol and β-sitosterol

M. B. Belonenko; N. G. Lebedev; E. N. Nelidina, 2011:
Interaction of few-cycle optical pulses in nonmetallic carbon nanotubes

Iulia Matei; Sorana Ionescu; Mihaela Hillebrand, 2011:
Interaction of fisetin with human serum albumin by fluorescence, circular dichroism spectroscopy and DFT calculations: binding parameters and conformational changes

K. Anderson; D. D. Knight, 2011:
Interaction of heated filaments with a blunt cylinder in supersonic flow

J.M. Marchetti; E. González; P. Jasen; G. Brizuela; A. Juan, 2011:
Interaction of hydrogen and platinum over a B2 FeTi (110) Slab

M. Kelm; V. Metz; E. Bohnert; E. Janata; C. Bube, 2011:
Interaction of hydrogen with radiolysis products in NaCl solution comparing pulse radiolysis experiments with simulations

S. N. Gapan’kova; S. D. Brinkevich; I. P. Edimecheva; V. P. Kurchenko; O. I. Shadyro, 2011:
Interaction of hydroxyaryl aldehydes with α-hydroxyethyl radicals

Renata Reisfeld; Viktoria Levchenko; Tsiala Saraidarov, 2011:
Interaction of luminescent dyes with noble metal nanoparticles in organicinorganic glasses for future luminescent materials

Ningning Xin; Yinling Xin; Yu Gao; Juan Xiang, 2011:
Interaction of mercury(II) ions with immobilized apo-metallothioneins studied by scanning electrochemical microscopy combined with surface plasmon resonance

Imed Hasni; Philippe Bourassa; Saber Hamdani; Guy Samson; Robert Carpentier; Heidar-Ali Tajmir-Riahi, 2011:
Interaction of milk α- and β-caseins with tea polyphenols

Schneider, G; Uecker, H; Wand, M, 2011:
Interaction of modulated pulses in nonlinear oscillator chains

Mala Nath; Hitendra Singh; George Eng; Xueqing Song, 2011:
Interaction of organotin(IV) moieties with nucleic acid constituent: Synthesis, structural characterization and anti-inflammatory activity of tri-i-propyltin(IV) and diorganotin(IV) derivatives of guanosine

Shan Lu; Charles Yarish, 2011:
Interaction of photoperiod and temperature in the development of conchocelis ofPorphyra purpurea(Rhodophyta: Bangiales)

Ling Kong; Zhongfang Liu; Xiaoli Hu; Shaopu Liu, 2011:
Interaction of polymyxin B with ds-DNA, and determination of DNA or polymyxin B via resonance Rayleigh scattering and resonance non-linear scattering spectra

Alexander Alexandrovich Gromov; Yulia Igorevna Pautova; Andrey Markovich Lider; Alexander Gennadievich Korotkikh; Ulrich Teipel; Ekaterina Vladimirovna Chaplina; Thorsteinn Ingi Sigfusson, 2011:
Interaction of powdery Al, Zr and Ti with atmospheric nitrogen and subsequent nitride formation under the metal powder combustion in air

G. M. Krasnova, 2011:
Interaction of space-charge waves in an electron beam with electromagnetic waves in a longitudinal magnetic field

G. McBride, M; Brothers, J; Stephens, P; M. Paridon, S, 2011:
Interaction of the Heart and Lungs During Exercise: Physiology and Pathophysiology in Children with Congenital Heart Disease

M. A. Shermeneva, 2011:
Interaction of two sea surface waves over a sloping bottom

Adlane Sayede; Michel Ferreira; Hervé Bricout; Sébastien Tilloy; Eric Monflier, 2011:
Interaction of water-soluble triphenylphosphines with β-cyclodextrin: a quantum chemistry study

Goodman, G; Athey-Lloyd, L, 2011:
Interaction structures between a child and two therapists in the psychodynamic treatment of a child with Asperger's disorder

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Interaction studies of Epirubicin with DNA using spectroscopic techniques

R. Shankar; P. Kolandaivel; L. Senthilkumar, 2011:
Interaction studies of cysteine with Li+, Na+, K+, Be2+, Mg2+, and Ca2+ metal cation complexes

Claudia Bonechi; Silvia Martini; Claudio Rossi, 2011:
Interaction study of indigo carmine with albumin and dextran by NMR relaxation

Xiaogang Su; Karen Meneses; Patrick McNees; Wesley, O. Johnson, 2011:
Interaction trees: exploring the differential effects of an intervention programme for breast cancer survivors

Sergio, C. Gonzalez; Justin, C. Touchon; James, R. Vonesh, 2011:
Interactions Between Competition and Predation Shape Early Growth and Survival of Two Neotropical Hylid Tadpoles

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Interactions Between Double-crested Cormorants and Other Ground-Nesting Species

Kelehear, C; Webb, J K.; Hagman, M; Shine, R, 2011:
Interactions Between Infective Helminth Larvae and Their Anuran Hosts

Lehmann, J.; Nadif, M., 2011:
Interactions Between Metal and Slag Melts: Steel Desulfurization

Harrison, J P.; Sapp, M; Schratzberger, M; Osborn, A. Mark, 2011:
Interactions Between Microorganisms and Marine Microplastics: A Call for Research

Arianna De Marco; Roberto Cozzolino; Francesco Dessì-Fulgheri; Bernard Thierry, 2011:
Interactions Between Third Parties and Consortship Partners in Tonkean Macaques (Macaca tonkeana)

Dawn, R. Norris, 2011:
Interactions That Trigger Self-Labeling: The Case of Older Undergraduates

Akcinar, E N.; Carr, P B.; Walton, G M., 2011 :
Interactions With Men and Whites Matter Too

Angelini, C; Altieri, A H.; Silliman, B R.; Bertness, M D., 2011:
Interactions among Foundation Species and Their Consequences for Community Organization, Biodiversity, and Conservation

Andrea, S. Thorpe; Erik, T. Aschehoug; Daniel, Z. Atwater; Ragan, M. Callaway, 2011:
Interactions among plants and evolution

Wei, L; Pollard, A, 2011:
Interactions among pressure, density, vorticity and their gradients in compressible turbulent channel flows

M. P. Rysakova; I. V. Pavlova, 2011:
Interactions and Firing Patterns of Rabbit Amygdalar Neurons in Unconditioned Fear Manifested as Freezing

Qing Wang; Weizhen Zhao; Hongpeng Liu; Chunxia Jia; Shaohua Li, 2011:
Interactions and kinetic analysis of oil shale semi-coke with cornstalk during co-combustion

Bokulich, P, 2011:
Interactions and the Consistency of Black Hole Complementarity

Glauser, D L; Fraefel, C, 2011:
Interactions between AAV-2 and HSV-1: implications for hybrid vector design

Samanta, A; Ojha, K; Mandal, A, 2011:
Interactions between Acidic Crude Oil and Alkali and Their Effects on Enhanced Oil Recovery

Chun-Hsiung Hung; Chin-Hung Cheng; Di-Wei Guan; Shu-Ting Wang; Shu-Chuan Hsu; Chih-Ming Liang; Chiu-Yue Lin, 2011:
Interactions between Clostridium sp. and other facultative anaerobes in a self-formed granular sludge hydrogen-producing bioreactor

Robinson, A T.; Ward, D L., 2011:
Interactions between Desert Pupfish and Gila Topminnow Can Affect Reintroduction Success

Elwen, S H.; Leeney, R H., 2011:
Interactions between Leatherback Turtles and Killer Whales in Namibian Waters, Including Possible Predation

S. D. Acton; E. M. Baggs, 2011:
Interactions between N application rate, CH4oxidation and N2O production in soil

Sciegienka, J K.; Keren, E N.; Menalled, F D., 2011:
Interactions between Two Biological Control Agents and an Herbicide for Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense) Suppression

Kieren, P. Beaumont; Duncan, A. Mackay; Molly, A. Whalen, 2011:
Interactions between ants and seeds of two myrmecochorous plant species in recently burnt and long-unburnt forest sites

M. Vinceković; J. Katona; M. Bujan; V. Sovilj, 2011:
Interactions between dodecylammonium chloride and carrageenans in the semidilute regime

Morgan Bazilian; Benjamin, F. Hobbs; Will Blyth; Iain MacGill; Mark Howells, 2011:
Interactions between energy security and climate change: A focus on developing countries

Emma Magnusson; Lars Nilsson, 2011:
Interactions between hydrophobically modified starch and egg yolk proteins in solution and emulsions

Buitenwerf, R; Stevens, N; Gosling, C M.; Anderson, T. Michael; Olff, H, 2011:
Interactions between large herbivores and litter removal by termites across a rainfall gradient in a South African savanna

Liming Liu; Minghua Chen, 2011:
Interactions between laser and arc plasma during laserarc hybrid welding of magnesium alloy

Axel Nechwatal; Monika Nicolai, 2011:
Interactions between polypropylene and photochromic dyestuffs

Łukasz Chrzanowski; Mikołaj Owsianiak; Alicja Szulc; Roman Marecik; Agnieszka Piotrowska-Cyplik; Agnieszka, K. Olejnik-Schmidt; Jacek Staniewski; Piotr Lisiecki; Filip Ciesielczyk; Teofil Jesionowski; Hermann, J. Heipieper, 2011:
Interactions between rhamnolipid biosurfactants and toxic chlorinated phenols enhance biodegradation of a model hydrocarbon-rich effluent

D. Yu; S. N. Lane, 2011:
Interactions between subgrid-scale resolution, feature representation and grid-scale resolution in flood inundation modelling

Voigt, F A.; Farwig, N; Johnson, S D., 2011:
Interactions between the invasive tree Melia azedarach (Meliaceae) and native frugivores in South Africa

Larned, S. T.; Packman, A. I.; Plew, D. R.; Vopel, K., 2011:
Interactions between the mat-forming alga Didymosphenia geminata and its hydrodynamic environment

Robin Robertson, 2011:
Interactions between tides and other frequencies in the Indonesian seas

Jierong Yi; Mogens, L. Andersen; Leif, H. Skibsted, 2011:
Interactions between tocopherols, tocotrienols and carotenoids during autoxidation of mixed palm olein and fish oil

Quan, S; Lou, J; Stone, H A., 2011:
Interactions between two deformable droplets in tandem subjected to impulsive acceleration by surrounding flows

Gan Huang; Dingguo Zhang; Jiangjun Meng; Xiangyang Zhu, 2011:
Interactions between two neural populations: A mechanism of chaos and oscillation in neural mass model

Alejandra Rodriguez Celin; Melina Rapacioli; Mélanie Kuntz; Lucie Dehouck; Vincent Bérézowski; Vladimir Flores, 2011:
Interactions between vascular cells and neuron-glial cells in the developing central nervous system under hypoxia in vitro

Rapp, A D.; Kummerow, C D.; Fowler, L, 2011:
Interactions between warm rain clouds and atmospheric preconditioning for deep convection in the tropics

Binbin Mo; Bin Lian, 2011:
Interactions betweenBacillus mucilaginosusand silicate minerals (weathered adamellite and feldspar): Weathering rate, products, and reaction mechanisms

Taillandier, L.; Pallud, J., 2011:
Interactions gliome-grossesse : tude rtrospective intergroupe multi-institutionnelle et perspectives

Alexander Dukalskis, 2011:
Interactions in Transition: How Truth Commissions and Trials Complement or Constrain Each Other

Dutt, M; J. Nayhouse, M; Kuksenok, O; R. Little, S; C. Balazs, A, 2011:
Interactions of End-functionalized Nanotubes with Lipid Vesicles: Spontaneous Insertion and Nanotube Self-Organization

Yuxia Chen; Yan Liu; Rong Guo; Shuyong Xian, 2011:
Interactions of Hemoglobin with Vesicles and Tubes Formed from Mixtures of Histidine-Derived Bolaamphiphile and Conventional Surfactants

Efklides, A, 2011:
Interactions of Metacognition With Motivation and Affect in Self-Regulated Learning: The MASRL Model

Jian Li; Jishan Liu; Michael, G. Trefry; Jungho Park; Keyu Liu; Bashirul Haq; Colin, D. Johnston; Herbert Volk, 2011:
Interactions of Microbial-Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes

Alan, T. Hitch; Kevin, M. Purcell; Shannon, B. Martin; Paul, L. Klerks; Paul, L. Leberg, 2011:
Interactions of Salinity, Marsh Fragmentation and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation on Resident Nekton Assemblages of Coastal Marsh Ponds

Dipjyoti Kalita; Himangshu Deka; Shyam Sundar Samanta; Subrata Guchait; Jubaraj, B. Baruah, 2011:
Interactions of amino acids, carboxylic acids, and mineral acids with different quinoline derivatives

E. Amado; J. Kressler, 2011:
Interactions of amphiphilic block copolymers with lipid model membranes

Karl Bechter, 2011:
Interactions of biological and psychological factors in psychopathology A remaining challenge

Qian Liu; Zhaoping Zhong; Shurong Wang; Zhongyang Luo, 2011:
Interactions of biomass components during pyrolysis: A TG-FTIR study

Sai Liang; Tianzhu Zhang, 2011:
Interactions of energy technology development and new energy exploitation with water technology development in China

Chao Zhu; You Jun; Rajesh Patel; Dawei Wang; Teh, C. Ho, 2011:
Interactions of flow and reaction in fluid catalytic cracking risers

Kay Latham; James, E. Downs; Colin, J. Rix; Jonathan, M. White, 2011:
Interactions of guanidinium with benzene-sulphonic, -phosphonic and -arsonic acids and several of their nitro-derivatives

Petrov, M; Cwiklik, L; Jungwirth, P, 2011:
Interactions of molecular ions with model phospholipid membranes

Ajda Ota; Helena Abramovič; Veronika Abram; Nataša Poklar Ulrih, 2011:
Interactions of p-coumaric, caffeic and ferulic acids and their styrenes with model lipid membranes

Éva Sija; Annalisa Dean; Tamás Jakusch; Valerio, B. Di Marco; Alfonso Venzo; Tamás Kiss, 2011:
Interactions of pyridinecarboxylic acid chelators with brain metal ions: Cu(II), Zn(II), and Al(III)

Jinichiro Nakano; Seetharaman Sridhar; James Bennett; Kyei-Sing Kwong; Tyler Moss, 2011:
Interactions of refractory materials with molten gasifier slags

N.H. Zhang; Z.Q. Tan; J.J. Li; W.L. Meng; L.W. Xu, 2011:
Interactions of single-stranded DNA on microcantilevers

Pooya Azadi; Junichiro Otomo; Hiroyuki Hatano; Yoshito Oshima; Ramin Farnood, 2011:
Interactions of supported nickel and nickel oxide catalysts with methane and steam at high temperatures

Janna Gurfinkel; Abraham Aserin; Nissim Garti, 2011:
Interactions of surfactants in nonionic/anionic reverse hexagonal mesophases and solubilization of α-chymotrypsinogen A

T. Kone; K. Hanna; M. Usman, 2011:
Interactions of synthetic Fe(II)Fe(III) green rusts with pentachlorophenol under various experimental conditions

Leonid, V. Kurepin; Linda, J. Walton; Richard, P. Pharis; R. J. Neil Emery; David, M. Reid, 2011:
Interactions of temperature and light quality on phytohormone-mediated elongation ofHelianthus annuushypocotyls

Maite Uzqueda; Arantza Zornoza; José Ramón Isasi; Carmen Martín; Miguel Sánchez; Itziar Vélaz, 2011:
Interactions of terbinafine with β-cyclodextrin polymers: sorption and release studies

Peterson, J A.; Lundgren, J G.; Harwood, J D., 2011:
Interactions of transgenic Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal crops with spiders (Araneae)

J. Peydecastaing; C. Vaca-Garcia; E. Borredon, 2011:
Interactions with water of mixed acetic-fatty cellulose esters

GUALA, M.; METZGER, M.; McKEON, B. J., 2011:
Interactions within the turbulent boundary layer at high Reynolds number

D. V. Droznin; S. Ya. Droznina, 2011:
Interactive DIMAS program for processing seismic signals

Shellie, K. C., 2011:
Interactive Effects of Deficit Irrigation and Berry Exposure Aspect on Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in an Arid Climate

Interactive Effects of Fire and Nonnative Plants on Small Mammals in Grasslands || Interactive Effects of Fire and Nonnative Plants on Small Mammals in Grasslands

Yang, Y; Yuan, Z; Zheng, N; Liu, Y; Yang, L; Nishio, Y, 2011:
Interactive Facial-Geometric-Feature Animation for Generating Expressions of Novel Faces

Angela Wiseman, 2011:
Interactive Read Alouds: Teachers and Students Constructing Knowledge and Literacy Together

Annefloor Klep; Barbara Wisse; Henk Van der Flier, 2011:
Interactive affective sharing versus non-interactive affective sharing in work groups: Comparative effects of group affect on work group performance and dynamics

Stainbrook, S L., 2011:
Interactive bibliotherapy: A case for implementation in the elementary classroom

Gilles Simon; Marie-Odile Berger, 2011:
Interactive building and augmentation of piecewise planar environments using the intersection lines

Tomasz, M. Rutkowski; Toshihisa Tanaka; Andrzej Cichocki; Donna Erickson; Jianting Cao; Danilo, P. Mandic, 2011:
Interactive component extraction from fEEG, fNIRS and peripheral biosignals for affective brainmachine interfacing paradigms

Daniel Weber; Thomas Kalbe; André Stork; Dieter Fellner; Michael Goesele, 2011:
Interactive deformable models with quadratic bases in BernsteinBzier-form

Ali, S; Zeng, F; Qiu, B; Cai, S; Qiu, L; Wu, F; Zhang, G, 2011:
Interactive effects of aluminum and chromium stresses on the uptake of nutrients and the metals in barley

D. S. Intrigliolo; J. R. Castel, 2011:
Interactive effects of deficit irrigation and shoot and cluster thinning on grapevine cv. Tempranillo. Water relations, vine performance and berry and wine composition

Petra, A. Stiehl-Braun; Adrian, A. Hartmann; Ellen Kandeler; Nina Buchmann; Pascal, A. Niklaus, 2011:
Interactive effects of drought and N fertilization on the spatial distribution of methane assimilation in grassland soils

Andrea, R. Litt; Robert, J. Steidl, 2011:
Interactive effects of fire and nonnative plants on small mammals in Grasslands : Effets Interactifs du Feu et des Plantes Non Indignes sur les Petits Mammifres dans les Prairies

Sunda, W G.; Huntsman, S A., 2011:
Interactive effects of light and temperature on iron limitation in a marine diatom: Implications for marine productivity and carbon cycling

Patrick, G. Hunter; E. Glenn Schellenberg, 2011 :
Interactive effects of personality and frequency of exposure on liking for music

Krey, T; Caus, M; Baum, C; Ruppel, S; Eichler-Löbermann, B, 2011:
Interactive effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and organic fertilization on P nutrition of Zea mays L. and Brassica napus L

M. Simaei; R. A. Khavarinejad; S. Saadatmand; F. Bernard; H. Fahimi, 2011:
Interactive effects of salicylic acid and nitric oxide on soybean plants under NaCl salinity

Jerry, L. Weatherford and Randall, W. Myster, 2011:
Interactive effects of species, simulated grazing, and below-ground resources on competitive outcome among three prairie grasses

Maja, K. Sundqvist; Reiner Giesler; Bente, J. Graae; Håkan Wallander; Elisabeth Fogelberg; David, A. Wardle, 2011:
Interactive effects of vegetation type and elevation on aboveground and belowground properties in a subarctic tundra

Günter Daniel Rey, 2011:
Interactive elements for dynamically linked multiple representations in computer simulations

Akinari Shigetomi; Yuichi Murai; Yuji Tasaka; Yasushi Takeda, 2011:
Interactive flow field around two Savonius turbines

Nakia, S. Gordon; Junaid Merchant; Catherine Zanbaka; Larry, F. Hodges; Paula Goolkasian, 2011:
Interactive gaming reduces experimental pain with or without a head mounted display

Dun-wei Gong; Jie Yuan; Xiao-yan Sun, 2011:
Interactive genetic algorithms with individuals fuzzy fitness

Guy Hoffman; Gil Weinberg, 2011:
Interactive improvisation with a robotic marimba player

M. Szczesna; D.A. Zieba; B. Klocek-Gorka; D.H. Keisler, 2011:
Interactive in vitro effect of prolactin, growth hormone and season on leptin secretion by ovine adipose tissue

Weller, A; Villejoubert, Gëlle; Vallée-Tourangeau, Fédéric, 2011:
Interactive insight problem solving

Hao Deng; Liqiang Zhang; Jingtao Ma; Zhizhong Kang, 2011:
Interactive panoramic map-like views for 3D mountain navigation

Yang, L; Zhang, L; Ma, J; Xie, J; Liu, L, 2011:
Interactive visualization of multi-resolution urban building models considering spatial cognition

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Interannual Changes of Stratospheric Temperature and Ozone: Forcing by Anomalous Wave Driving and the QBO

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Interannual Variability and Trends of Storminess, Perth, 1994-2008

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Interannual Variability and Trends of Storminess, Perth, 19942008

Sogard, S M, 2011:
Interannual Variability in Growth Rates of Early Juvenile Sablefish and the Role of Environmental Factors

Pereira, J B.; Magris, R A.; Loureiro Fernandes, L F., 2011:
Interannual Variability in Tropical Estuarine Copepod Assemblages off Northeastern Brazil

Kae Kuriyama; Masaru Yamamoto, 2011:
Interannual and synoptic-scale features of two types of cold-air outbreaks over the East China Sea during 19882006

S. M. Korotaev; S. P. Gaidash; V. S. Shneer; V. O. Serdyuk; N. M. Budnev; R. R. Mirgazov; V. B. Buzin; A. A. Khalezov; A. I. Panfilov, 2011:
Interannual changeability in the variations of the vertical component of the electric field in Lake Baikal

Alice, M. Grimm, 2011:
Interannual climate variability in South America: impacts on seasonal precipitation, extreme events, and possible effects of climate change

Valsala, V; Maksyutov, S; Murtugudde, R, 2011:
Interannual to Interdecadal Variabilities of the Indonesian Throughflow Source Water Pathways in the Pacific Ocean

Yang Chen; Panmao Zhai, 2011:
Interannual to decadal variability of the winter Aleutian Low intensity during 19002004

Stephen, J. Déry; Theodore, J. Mlynowski; Marco, A. Hernández-Henríquez; Fiammetta Straneo, 2011:
Interannual variability and interdecadal trends in Hudson Bay streamflow

Barbara, M. Johnston; Albert, J. Gabric, 2011:
Interannual variability in estimated biological productivity in the Australian sector of the Southern Ocean in 19972007

Yvette, L. Everingham; C. J. C. Reason, 2011:
Interannual variability in rainfall and wet spell frequency during the New South Wales sugarcane harvest season

Kim, I. Currie; Malcolm, R. Reid; Keith, A. Hunter, 2011:
Interannual variability of carbon dioxide drawdown by subantarctic surface water near New Zealand

Eleftheratos, K.; Zerefos, C. S.; Varotsos, C.; Kapsomenakis, I., 2011:
Interannual variability of cirrus clouds in the tropics in El Nio Southern Oscillation (ENSO) regions based on International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) satellite data

Bansod, S. D., 2011:
Interannual variability of convective activity over the tropical Indian Ocean during the El Nio/La Nia events

Jouandet, M Paule; Blain, S; Metzl, N; Mongin, M, 2011:
Interannual variability of net community production and air-sea CO2 flux in a naturally iron fertilized region of the Southern Ocean (Kerguelen Plateau)

Sara Best; Sarah Lundrigan; Entcho Demirov; Joe Wroblewski, 2011:
Interannual variability of physical oceanographic characteristics of Gilbert Bay: A marine protected area in Labrador, Canada

Kendra, K. McLauchlan; Charles, S. Barnes; Joseph, M. Craine, 2011:
Interannual variability of pollen productivity and transport in mid-North America from 1997 to 2009

Ohde, T; Mohrholz, V, 2011:
Interannual variability of sulphur plumes off the Namibian coast

Natsuko Yoshifuji; Hikaru Komatsu; Tomo'omi Kumagai; Nobuaki Tanaka; Chatchai Tantasirin; Masakazu Suzuki, 2011:
Interannual variation in transpiration onset and its predictive indicator for a tropical deciduous forest in northern Thailand based on 8-year sap-flow records

Robert, C. Balling; Gregory, B. Goodrich, 2011:
Interannual variations in the local spatial autocorrelation of tropospheric temperatures

Jiangyu Mao; Johnny, C. L. Chan; Guoxiong Wu, 2011:
Interannual variations of early summer monsoon rainfall over South China under different PDO backgrounds

V. N. Belokopytov, 2011:
Interannual variations of the renewal of waters of the cold intermediate layer in the Black Sea for the last decades

Sunghyea Park; Peter, C. Chu; Jae-Hak Lee, 2011:
Interannual-to-interdecadal variability of the Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass in 19672008: Characteristics and seasonal forcings

U. Hergenhahn, 2011:
Interatomic and intermolecular coulombic decay: The early years

V. Averbukh; Ph.V. Demekhin; P. Kolorenč; S. Scheit; S.D. Stoychev; A.I. Kuleff; Y.-C. Chiang; K. Gokhberg; S. Kopelke; N. Sisourat; L.S. Cederbaum, 2011:
Interatomic electronic decay processes in singly and multiply ionized clusters

José Geraldo Pena de Andrade; Paulo Sergio Franco Barbosa; Luiz Carlos Alves Souza; Daniel Lucas Makino, 2011:
Interbasin Water Transfers: The Brazilian Experience and International Case Comparisons

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Interbasin isotopic correspondence between upper-ocean bulk DON and subsurface nitrate and its implications for marine nitrogen cycling

Beauchamp, C.P., 2011:
Intercalary Allograft Reconstructions Using a Compressible Intramedullary Nail: A Preliminary Report

Said, M.S., 2011:
Intercalated Duct Lesions of Salivary Gland: A Morphologic Spectrum From Hyperplasia to Adenoma

Carroll, C., 2011:
Intercarpal ligamentous laxity in cadaveric wrists

Hyeyum Hailey Shin; Song-You Hong, 2011:
Intercomparison of Planetary Boundary-Layer Parametrizations in the WRF Model for a Single Day from CASES-99

Jianchun Bian; Hongbin Chen; Holger Vömel; Yunjun Duan; Yuejian Xuan; Daren Lü, 2011:
Intercomparison of humidity and temperature sensors: GTS1, Vaisala RS80, and CFH

Hans-Peter Ebert; Frank Hemberger, 2011:
Intercomparison of thermal conductivity measurements on a calcium silicate insulation material

Araceli Sánchez Jiménez; Mathew, R. Heal; Iain, J. Beverland, 2011:
Intercomparison study of NOx passive diffusion tubes with chemiluminescence analysers and evaluation of bias factors

Kim, S-Woo; Chung, E-Seok; Yoon, S-Chang; Sohn, B-Ju; Sugimoto, N, 2011:
Intercomparisons of cloud-top and cloud-base heights from ground-based Lidar, CloudSat and CALIPSO measurements

Eckardt, N. A., 2011:
Interconnected Metabolism of Host Plants and Obligate Biotrophic Pathogens

Shorey, R I.; Scribner, K T.; Kanefsky, J; Samuel, M D.; Libants, S V., 2011:
Intercontinental Gene Flow among Western Arctic Populations of Lesser Snow Geese

Ashley, D. Lloyd; Terence, M. Sloan, 2011:
Intercontinental Grids: An Infrastructure for Demand-Driven Innovation

Eric, M. Leibensperger; Loretta, J. Mickley; Daniel, J. Jacob; Steven, R.H. Barrett, 2011:
Intercontinental influence of NOx and CO emissions on particulate matter air quality

Begna, S.H.; Fielding, D.J.; Tsegaye, T.; Van Veldhuizen, R.; Angadi, S.; Smith, D.L, 2011:
Intercropping of oat and field pea in Alaska: An alternative approach to quality forage production and weed control

Li, L; Sun, J; Zhang, F, 2011:
Intercropping with wheat leads to greater root weight density and larger below-ground space of irrigated maize at late growth stages

C.M. Fokkema, 2011:
Interculturalisatie van de ouderenzorg: een terugblik en roep om meer onderzoek

Shanshan Zhao; Tianjun Zhou; Xiuqun Yang; Yimin Zhu; Yanke Tan; Xuguang Sun, 2011:
Interdecadal change of the relationship between the tropical Indian ocean dipole mode and the summer climate anomaly in China

Interdecadal declines in flood frequency increase primary production in lakes of a northern river delta

Mi Yan; Yongfu Qian; Jian Liu, 2011:
Interdecadal variations of the western Pacific subtropical high and surface heat flux over East Asia and their relationship

Sullivan, W M., 2011:
Interdependence in American Society and Commitment to the Common Good

N. Nishino; T. Iino; N. Tsuji; K. Kageyama; K. Ueda, 2011:
Interdependent decision-making among stakeholders in electric vehicle development

Man Chow, C.; Buhrmester, D., 2011:
Interdependent patterns of coping and support among close friends

Nobuaki Sekido; Akinori Hoshino; Masahiro Fukuzaki; Tomohiro Maruko; Yoko Yamabe-Mitarai, 2011:
Interdiffusion in the Ir-Rich Solid Solutions of Ir-Pt, Ir-Rh, and Ir-Re Binary Alloys

Nathan Lee; John Cahoon, 2011:
Interdiffusion of Copper and Iron in Liquid Aluminum

Shemer, G; Paz, Y, 2011:
Interdigitated Electrophotocatalytic Cell for Water Purification

A. W. J. van Pelt, 2011:
Interdisciplinaire samenwerking wrkt

Yang, A S, 2011:
Interdisciplinarity as critical Inquiry: Visualizing the Art/Bioscience interface

Andy Reisinger, 2011:
Interdisciplinarity: are we there yet?

Wang, D S., 2011:
Interdisciplinary Methods of Treatment of Depression in Older Adults: A Primer for Practitioners

Mullins, R. L.; DiMarco, S. F.; Walpert, J.; Guinasso, N. L., 2011:
Interdisciplinary Ocean Observing on the Texas Coast

Lele, S; Kurien, A, 2011:
Interdisciplinary analysis of the environment: insights from tropical forest research

Fisher, N S.; Chen, C Y., 2011:
Interdisciplinary approaches for addressing marine contamination issues

Khapova, S. N.; Arthur, M. B., 2011:
Interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary career studies

Freeman, J W.; Stern, M J.; Mortimer, M; Blahna, D J.; Cerveny, L K., 2011:
Interdisciplinary collaboration within project-level NEPA teams in the US Forest Service

Collin Rice; Joshua Smart, 2011:
Interdisciplinary modeling: a case study of evolutionary economics

Abigail Woods, 2011:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of infectious animal and plant diseases || A historical synopsis of farm animal disease and public policy in twentieth century Britain

David Carslake, W Grant, L E. Green, J Cave, J Greaves, M Keeling, J McEldowney, H Weldegebriel and Graham, F. Medley, 2011:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of infectious animal and plant diseases || Endemic cattle diseases: comparative epidemiology and governance

Christopher, P. Quine, J Barnett, A D. M. Dobson, A Marcu, M Marzano, D Moseley, L O'Brien, S E. Randolph, J L. Taylor and David Uzzell, 2011:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of infectious animal and plant diseases || Frameworks for risk communication and disease management: the case of Lyme disease and countryside users

Mark Woolhouse, 2011:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of infectious animal and plant diseases || How to make predictions about future infectious disease risks

Peter Mills, K Dehnen-Schmutz, B Ilbery, M Jeger, G Jones, R Little, A MacLeod, S Parker, M Pautasso, S Pietravalle and Damian Maye, 2011:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of infectious animal and plant diseases || Integrating natural and social science perspectives on plant disease risk, management and policy formulation

Clive Potter, T Harwood, J Knight and Isobel Tomlinson, 2011:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of infectious animal and plant diseases || Learning from history, predicting the future: the UK Dutch elm disease outbreak in relation to contemporary tree disease threats

David Chandler, A S. Bailey, G. Mark Tatchell, G Davidson, J Greaves and Wyn, P. Grant, 2011:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of infectious animal and plant diseases || The development, regulation and use of biopesticides for integrated pest management

Robert Fish, Z Austin, R Christley, P M. Haygarth, L A. Heathwaite, S Latham, W Medd, M Mort, D M. Oliver, R Pickup, J M. Wastling and Brian Wynne, 2011:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of infectious animal and plant diseases || Uncertainties in the governance of animal disease: an interdisciplinary framework for analysis

Pretty, J, 2011:
Interdisciplinary progress in approaches to address social-ecological and ecocultural systems

Acevedo, M F., 2011:
Interdisciplinary progress in food production, food security and environment research

Frodeman, R, 2011:
Interdisciplinary research and academic sustainability: managing knowledge in an age of accountability

Toshiya Kaihara; Yoshihiro Yao; Nobutada Fujii, 2011:
Interdivisional production scheduling with social negotiation mechanism

Lutz, J M.; Lutz, B J., 2011:
Interest Groups and Pro-Animal Rights Legislation

Parshall, J, 2011:
Interest Grows In Asia Pacific Offshore Projects

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Interest of isokinetic forcevelocity relationships during low back pain evaluation

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Interest of video analysis for the lower back pain patient: a premilinary study

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Interest rate setting at the ECB: Individual preferences and collective decision making

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Interest, enjoyment and pride after failure experiences? Predictors of students state-emotions after success and failure during learning in mathematics

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Interface Conditions in Child Language: A View from Mandarin Chinese

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Interface Shear Stress Analysis of Bond FRP Tendon Anchorage under Different Boundary Conditions

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Interface Stability of Microencapsulated-Paraffin Filled Epoxy Composites: Effect of Methylation on MelamineFormaldehyde Shell Material

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Interface Structures and Associated Magnetic Properties of Perovskite Oxide Thin Films Controlled by Substrate Symmetry

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Interface and Defect Structures in Epitaxial Thin Films of LaCuOSe and Related Compounds by HAADF-STEM Observations

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Interface and Structural Characterization of Buried CoSi2/Si(001) Nanoplatelets

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Interface between black-footed ferret research and operational conservation: Fig. 1

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Interface characterizations of diamond-coated tools by scratch testing and simulations

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Interface motion by interface diffusion driven by bulk energy: justification of a diffusive interface model

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Interface reconstruction in the Ga2Se3/GaAs(100) and In2Se3/InAs(100) nanoheterostructures

F.Z. Wang; Q.Z. Wang; B.H. Yu; B.L. Xiao; Z.Y. Ma, 2011:
Interface structure and mechanical properties of Ti(C,N)-based cermet and 17-4PH stainless steel joint brazed with nickel-base filler metal BNi-2

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Interfacial Atomic Structure and Chemistry at Ceria Grain Boundaries

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Interfacial Behavior and Antioxidant Efficiency of Olive Phenolic Compounds in O/W Olive oil Emulsions as Affected by Surface Active Agent Type

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Interfacial Chemistry, Defects, and Strain in Multiferroic Heterostructures

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Interfacial Dilational Properties of Acidic Model Oil and Chemical Flooding Systems

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Interfacial Dilational Properties of Two Different Structure Demulsifiers at OilWater Interfaces

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Interfacial Mass Equations for In Situ Combustion

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Interfacial and wetting behaviour of phase-separating ultrasoft mixtures

V.V. Turov; V.M. Gun’ko; A.A. Turova; L.P. Morozova; E.F. Voronin, 2011:
Interfacial behavior of concentrated HCl solution and water clustered at a surface of nanosilica in weakly polar solvents media

Zhenfeng Cao; Qibin Chen; Chaowei Wang; Yujie Ren; Honglai Liu; Ying Hu, 2011:
Interfacial behaviors and aggregate structure of atropisomers of picket-fence porphyrin at the air/water interface

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Interfacial damage based life model for EB-PVD thermal barrier coating

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Interfacial discontinuity relations for coupled multifield phenomena and their application to the modeling of thin interphases as imperfect interfaces

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Interfacial electron transfer dynamics and photovoltaic performance of TiO2 and ZnO solar cells sensitized with Coumarin 343

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Interfacial indentation test of FeB/Fe2B coatings

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Interfacial instability in electrified plane Couette flow

Michael Cromer; L.Pamela Cook; Gareth, H. McKinley, 2011:
Interfacial instability of pressure-driven channel flow for a two-species model of entangled wormlike micellar solutions

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Interfacial interactions of biomaterials in water decontamination applications

Xiaopeng Cui; Lei Wang; Tao Liu; Xu Liu; Qi Huang; Qing Liu; Wanli He; Guojie Wang; Zhou Yang; Huai Yang, 2011:
Interfacial molecular self-assembled films of amphiphilic disclike molecules induce uniform alignment of nematic liquid crystals

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Interfacial properties of Daqing crude oil-alkaline system

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Interfacial properties of a novel pyrimidine derivative and poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted phospholipid floating monolayers

Hsiu-Min Lin; Jenq-Gong Duh, 2011:
Interfacial reaction between Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu liquid solder and NixZn novel UBM layers

Chao-hong Wang; Chun-yi Kuo, 2011:
Interfacial reactions between eutectic SnPb solder and Co substrate

Anca Laza-Knoerr; Nicolas Huang; Jean-Louis Grossiord; Patrick Couvreur; Ruxandra Gref, 2011:
Interfacial rheology as a tool to study the potential of cyclodextrin polymers to stabilize oilwater interfaces

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Interfacial separation between elastic solids with randomly rough surfaces: Comparison between theory and numerical techniques

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Interfacial stress in non-Newtonian flow through packed bed

Achinta Bera; Keka Ojha; Ajay Mandal; T. Kumar, 2011:
Interfacial tension and phase behavior of surfactant-brineoil system

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Interfacial tension between CO2 and brine (NaCl + CaCl2) at elevated pressures and temperatures: The additive effect of different salts

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Interfacial tension measurements with microfluidic tapered channels

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Interfacial water on crystalline silica: a comparative molecular dynamics simulation study

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Interfacial waves in two-layer exchange flows downslope of a bottom sill

Amanda, C. Paske; Lyndsey, D. Earl; Jodi, L. O’Donnell, 2011:
Interfacially polymerized metalloporphyrin thin films for colorimetric sensing of organic vapors

Ahmed, M. Y.; Rahman, T. A.; Rahim, S. K. A.; Shamsan, Z. A., 2011:
Interference Coupling Loss Between Highaltitude Platform Gateway and Fixed Satellite Service Earth Station at 58507075 MHz

Zhang, S; Xing, M; Guo, R; Zhang, L; Bao, Z, 2011:
Interference Suppression Algorithm for SAR Based on TimeFrequency Transform

Rocca, P; Haupt, R L.; Massa, A, 2011 :
Interference Suppression in Uniform Linear Arrays Through a Dynamic Thinning Strategy

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Interference cancellation in GPS receiver using noise subspace tracking algorithm

Xiaoge Ping; Chunwang Li; Zhigang Jiang; Wuhua Liu; Huanbing Zhu, 2011:
Interference competition and group size effect in sika deer (Cervus nippon) at salt licks

Sarah V Stevenage; Amy Howland; Anna Tippelt, 2011:
Interference in eyewitness and earwitness recognition

Anita Kaliszewicz, 2011:
Interference of asexual and sexual reproduction in the green hydra

Philipp Pirro; Thomas Brächer; Katrin Vogt; Björn Obry; Helmut Schultheiss; Britta Leven; Burkard Hillebrands, 2011:
Interference of coherent spin waves in micron-sized ferromagnetic waveguides

Alexandra Kehl; Gerhard Rambold, 2011:
Interference of host plant morphology and phenology and their correlation with abundance patterns of the leaf galling sawflyPontania proxima

Jianting Zhu; Michael Young; John Healey; Richard Jasoni; John Osterberg, 2011:
Interference of river level changes on riparian zone evapotranspiration estimates from diurnal groundwater level fluctuations

Farifteh, J, 2011:
Interference of salt and moisture on soil reflectance spectra

I. Caprioli; M. O’Sullivan; F.J. Monahan, 2011:
Interference of sodium caseinate in the TBARS assay

Prasun, K. Chatterjee; Arup, K. SenGupta, 2011:
Interference-free detection of trace copper in the presence of EDTA and other metals using two complementary chelating polymers

Ping Qi; Tao Zeng; Zejun Wen; Xiaoyan Liang; Xuewu Zhang, 2011:
Interference-free simultaneous determination of Sudan dyes in chili foods using solid phase extraction coupled with HPLCDAD

A. Sigal; M.I. Rojas; E.P.M. Leiva, 2011:
Interferents for hydrogen storage on a graphene sheet decorated with nickel: A DFT study

Yun Lin; Wen Hong; Weixian Tan; Yanping Wang; Yirong Wu, 2011:
Interferometric Circular SAR Method for Three-Dimensional Imaging

Yong Bian; Mercer, B., 2011:
Interferometric SAR Phase Filtering in the Wavelet Domain Using Simultaneous Detection and Estimation

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Interferometric porous silicon transducers using an enzymatically amplified optical signal

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Interferon beta-1b is effective in relapsing-remitting multiple-sclerosis: II. MRI analysis results of a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

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Interferon release assay (IGRA) testing in mycobacterium tuberculosis screening prior to anti-tnf treatment: experience across 3 medical specialities

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Interferon-gamma (IFNG) and IFNGR1 Gene Variants are Associated with Atopic Dermatitis Complicated by Eczema Herpeticum (ADEH) and IFN Production

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Interferon- Release Assays (IGRA)

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Interferon- Release Assays: Are We Asking Too Much from What We Have Done?

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Interferons overrule the TNF-induced proliferation of rheumatoid fibroblast-like synoviocytes

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Interfractional Reproducibility of Gastro-Esophageal Junction (GEJ) Location for Patients with Esophageal Cancer

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Interfrence du cancer du sein sur la sexualit

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Intergenerational Associations Between Trauma and Dissociation

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Intergenerational Cities: A Framework for Policies and Programs

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Intergenerational Continuity of Taste: Parental and Adolescent Music Preferences

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Intergenerational Learning as an Opportunity to Generate New Educational Models

Pinazo-Hernandis, S, 2011:
Intergenerational Learning: A Way to Share Time, Experiences, and Knowledge. A Field to Develop

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Intergenerational Relationships and Community Computer Training: Overcoming the Digital Divide

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Intergenerational Shared Sites in Hawaii

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Intergenerational Shared Sites: Policy and Practice Developments in the UK

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Intergenerational Solidarity Between Adult Grandchildren and Their Grandparents With Different Levels of Functional Ability

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Intergenerational Solidarity: One of Many Perspectives of Intergenerational Relationships

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Intergenerational equity and dual discounting

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Intergenerational practice for a sustainable future: a case study

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Intergenerational practice in the community: A focused ethnographic evaluation

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Intergenerational transmission of postpartum depression

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Intergenerational transmission of reciprocal role procedures, personality integrity and self-esteem in fathers and sons

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Intergranular strain evolution near fatigue crack tips in polycrystalline metals

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Intergroup Perceptions and Attitudes toward Immigrants in a Culturally Plural Society

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Intergroup Positioning in the Political Sphere: Contesting the Social Meaning of a Peace Agreement

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Intergroup and interindividual resource competition escalating into conflict: The elimination option

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Intergroup contact and reduction of explicit and implicit prejudice toward immigrants: a study with Italian businessmen owning small and medium enterprises

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Interhemispheric comparison of GPS phase scintillation at high latitudes during the magnetic-cloud-induced geomagnetic storm of 57 April 2010

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Interior Design, A Critical Introduction

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Interjurisdictional competition for FDI: The case of China's development zone fever

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Interlaboratory comparison exercise for the determination of As, Cd, Ni and Pb in PM10 in Europe

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Interlaboratory comparison for the determination of pesticide residues in Chinese cabbage

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Interlaboratory comparison for the measurement of particle size and zeta potential of silica nanoparticles in an aqueous suspension

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Interlaboratory comparison of size and surface charge measurements on nanoparticles prior to biological impact assessment

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Interlaced scan CCD image motion deblur for space-variant motion blurs

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Interlacing Ocean Model Simulations and Remotely Sensed Biophysical Parameters to Identify Integrated Potential Fishing Zones

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Interlamellar forces and the thermodynamic characterization of lamellar phospholipid systems

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Interleaving multi-agent systems and social networks for organized adaptation

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Interleukin 33 expression in human arthritis

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Interleukin-1 Controls the Constitutive Expression of the Cyp7a1 Gene by Regulating the Expression of Cyp7a1 Transcriptional Regulators in the Mouse Liver

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Interleukin-11, an IL-6-like cytokine

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Interleukin-23 Drives Intestinal Inflammation through Direct Activity on T Cells

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Interleukin-5 and IL-5 receptor in health and diseases

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Interlimb Coordination Patterns in People with Parkinson's Disease

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Interlocked Village Markets and Trader Idiosyncrasy in Rural India

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Interlocking complementarities and institutional change

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Intermediaries and informal interactions in decentralised environmental management in peri-urban Bangkok

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Intermediaries for Child Witnesses: Old Problems, New Solutions and Judicial Differences in South Africa

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Intermediary metabolism

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Intermediate Care: Lessons from a Demonstrator Project in Fife

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Intermediate Egret Ardea intermedia in the Neretva River Valley (Croatia): evaluation of historical and recent data on its movements

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Intermediate intensity levels during the emission intermittency of single CdSe/ZnS quantum dots

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Intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells using LaGaO3 based oxide film deposited by PLD method

Coplen, D.E., 2011:
Intermediate-Term Follow-Up of Patients Treated With Percutaneous Embolization for Grade 5 Blunt Renal Trauma

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Intermetallic charge transfer and band gap of MTiO3 (M = Mn, Fe, Co, and Ni) studied by O 1s-edge X-ray emission spectroscopy

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Intermetallic coinage metal-catalyzed functionalization of alkanes with ethyl diazoacetate: Gold as a ligand

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Intermetallic phase formation in diffusion-bonded Cu/Al laminates

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Intermittency of Turbulence in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Scaling Exponents and Stratification Influence

Morten, B. Blarke; Erik Dotzauer, 2011:
Intermittency-friendly and high-efficiency cogeneration: Operational optimisation of cogeneration with compression heat pump, flue gas heat recovery, and intermediate cold storage

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Intermittent Drying: Energy Expenditure and Product Quality

Pickar, D B., 2011:
Intermittent Evaluative Mediation With Enduring, Postdivorce Conflict

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Intermittent Intense Turbulent Mixing under Ice in the Laptev Sea Continental Shelf

S.J. Kowalski; A. PawŁowski, 2011:
Intermittent drying of initially saturated porous materials

Irena Milstein; Asher Tishler, 2011:
Intermittently renewable energy, optimal capacity mix and prices in a deregulated electricity market

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Intermolecular Coupling of Alkynes with Acrylates by Recyclable Oxide-Supported Ruthenium Catalysts: Formation of Distorted Ruthenium(IV)-oxo Species on Ceria as a Key Precursor of Active Species

Hai-Ming Guo; Chao Xia; Hong-Ying Niu; Xiao-Ting Zhang; Si-Nan Kong; Dong-Chao Wang; Gui-Rong Qu, 2011:
Intermolecular Hydrogen Abstraction Reaction between Nitrogen Radicals in Purine Rings and Alkyl Ethers: A Highly Selective Method for the Synthesis of N-9 Alkylated Purine Nucleoside Derivatives

Peter Westh; Erik Lumby Rasmussen; Yoshikata Koga, 2011 :
Intermolecular Interactions in Ternary GlycerolSampleH2O: Towards Understanding the

Kilian Muñiz; Jonathan Kirsch; Patricia Chávez, 2011:
Intermolecular Regioselective 1,2-Diamination of Allylic Ethers

Chenglin Liu; Franco Basile, 2011:
Intermolecular condensation products formed during the pyrolysis of peptides

Mohammad Rashidi-Alavijeh; Soheila Javadian; Hussein Gharibi; Morteza Moradi; Ali Reza Tehrani-Bagha; Afshin Asadzadeh Shahir, 2011:
Intermolecular interactions between a dye and cationic surfactants: Effects of alkyl chain, head group, and counterion

S. T. Bashkatova; V. A. Vinokurov; I. N. Grishina; Yu. B. Egorkina, 2011:
Intermolecular interactions in a disperse fuel system and their contribution to the mechanism of action of diesel fuel additives

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Intermolecular repulsivedispersive potentials explain properties of impurity spectra in soft solids

Yunkai Deng; Huifang Zheng; Wang, R.; Jin Feng; Yue Liu, 2011:
Internal Calibration for Stepped-Frequency Chirp SAR Imaging

Fang-Hsien Chu, ; Kin-Lu Wong, 2011:
Internal Coupled-Fed Dual-Loop Antenna Integrated With a USB Connector for WWAN/LTE Mobile Handset

Bachelet, D; Verner, M-André; Charlier, C; Arveux, P; Kerbrat, P; McDougall, R; Charbonneau, M; Haddad, S; Guénel, P, 2011:
Internal Doses of PCB153 Estimated for Different Exposure Windows During Womens Lifetime are Inversely Associated With the Incidence of Breast Cancer

Chow, W. K.; He, Z.; Gao, Y., 2011:
Internal Fire Whirls in a Vertical Shaft

Stepanov, D V.; Novotryasov, V, 2011:
Internal Kelvin wave frontogenesis on the equatorial pycnocline

Fichtner, K-Heinz; Fichtner, L; Inoue, K; Ohya, M, 2011:
Internal Noise Caused by the Memory

Lazhar Belabed; Hacene Benyaghla; Jarir Yahiaoui, 2011:
Internal Stability Analysis of Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls

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Internal Tides in Monterey Submarine Canyon

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Internal Working Models of Attachment and Postdivorce Coparent Relationships

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Internal and External Phosphorus Requirements of Maize Genotypes on Typic Calciargid

Chang, Y‐Ying; Hughes, M; Hotho, S, 2011:
Internal and external antecedents of SMEs' innovation ambidexterity outcomes

Martijn, L. van Emmerik; Sjoerd, C. de Vries; Jelte, E. Bos, 2011:
Internal and external fields of view affect cybersickness

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Internal catchment process simulation in a snow-dominated basin: performance evaluation with spatiotemporally variable runoff generation and groundwater dynamics

Osamu Yamashita, 2011:
Internal cooling efficiency of a junction diode

Laura-Iulia Aniţa; Sebastian Aniţa, 2011:
Internal eradicability of a diffusive epidemic system via feedback control

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Internal eutrophication of restored peatland stream: The role of bed sediments

Bala Neelakandan; Jayanthi, 2011:
Internal mammary artery dissection sans application of ligaclips

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Internal migration and depressive symptoms among migrant factory workers in Shenzhen, China

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Internal migration and employment: macro flows and micro motives

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Internal model control design for input-constrained multivariable processes

Peter Daugbjerg Jensen; Michäel Temmerman; Susanne Westborg, 2011:
Internal particle size distribution of biofuel pellets

Sophia NE Webster; Andrew D Loughney, 2011:
Internal podalic version with breech extraction

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Internal quality determination of fruit with bumpy surface using visible and near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics: A case study with mulberry fruit

M. I. Lipshits, 2011 :
Internal reference frame for the representation and storage of visual information during standing

Simpson, J. H.; Wiles, P. J.; Lincoln, B. J., 2011:
Internal seiche modes and bottom boundary-layer dissipation in a temperate lake from acoustic measurements

T. Kohout; R. Kiuru; M. Montonen; P. Scheirich; D. Britt; R. Macke; G. Consolmagno, 2011:
Internal structure and physical properties of the Asteroid 2008 TC3 inferred from a study of the Almahata Sitta meteorites

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Internal structure investigation of pyrogenic modified silica by fluorescent labeling

G. Castanet; A. Labergue; F. Lemoine, 2011:
Internal temperature distributions of interacting and vaporizing droplets

Richard MacLean, 2011:
Internal transparency

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International Cooperation on Climate-friendly Technologies

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International Environmental NGOs and Conservation Science and Policy: A Case from Brazil

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International Ethics and the Responsibility to Protect

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International Meetings and Symposia

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International Metallographic Society

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International Migration, Housing Demand and Access to Homeownership in the UK

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International Neurology

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International Policy Options for Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Invasive Species

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International R&D Networks

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International Social Work: Experiences and Implications Regarding Substance Abuse

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International Standardization Strategies of Latecomers: The Cases of Korean TPEG, T-DMB, and Binary CDMA

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International Trade, National Treatment, and Domestic Regulation

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International Transformations of the Capitalist State

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International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: Berzelius, Liebig, and the Infrastructure of Chemistry

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, and Damien Hirst's Pharmacy

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: Clinical Chemistry in the 1960s--Life in a Large Hospital Laboratory

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: Laboratory--Its Meaning in Science and Culture

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: Marie Curie--An Unusual Image

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: Photography: The Chemistry of an Image

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: Sustainable Development

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: The Importance of Sequences

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International Year of Chemistry 2011: The Impressionists: Painting at the Time of Change

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International Year of Safe Chemistry

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International development of occupational therapy: what will you contribute?

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International dispute and islands economy in the waters around border

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International investigator-driven clinical trials: challenges and opportunities for USEurope cooperation through the US cooperative group networks

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International migration and nutritional outcomes in Tajikistan

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International principles of social impact assessment: lessons for research?

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International private and public reinforcing dependencies for the innovation of automotive emission control systems in Japan and USA

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International provenance trial of Neem (Azadirachta indica) in the terai region of Nepal

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International student security

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International volunteering and development: global citizenship and neoliberal professionalisation today

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Internationale und nationale Leitlinien für die Indikation zur Bildgebung bei Verdacht auf leichtes Schädel-Hirn-Trauma

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Internationalization of knowledge-intensive SMEs: The case of petroleum-related suppliers

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Internet Resources for Cleft Lip and Palate Patients, Parents, and Health Professionals

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Internet Resources-Selected by the Institute of Industrial Relations Library University of California, Berkeley

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Internet Utilization as a Medium for Training Employees in Multi-Unit Restaurants

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Internet gambling policy in critical comparative perspective: the effectiveness of existing regulatory frameworks

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Internetbasierte Vorbereitung auf eine stationäre psychosomatisch-psychotherapeutische Behandlung

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Internetgestützte Nachsorge bei Bulimia nervosa

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Interobjectivity and Interactivity: Material Objects and Discourse in Class

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Interobserver Reproducibility of EEG Interpretation in Critically Ill Children

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Interorganellar DNA transfer in wheat: dynamics and phylogenetic origin

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Interosseous Talocalcaneal Ligament Reconstruction With Hamstring Autograft Under Subtalar Arthroscopy: Case Report

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Interpartner negotiations in alliances: a strategic framework

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Interpenetrating network-forming sulfonated poly(vinyl alcohol) proton exchange membranes for direct methanol fuel cell applications

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Interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels based on silicone and poly(2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine)

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Interpenetrating polymer network microspheres of hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose/poly (vinyl alcohol) for control release of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride

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Interpenetration of wood with NH2R-functionalized silica xerogels anchoring copper(II) for preservation purposes

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Interpersonal Judgments: Moral Responsibility and Blame

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Interpersonal Moderators of the Effects of Upward Comparisons on Ability Judgments

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Interpersonal Problems as a Mediator between Attachment and Intimate Partner Violence

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Interpersonal Suicide Risk and Ideation: The Influence of Depression and Social Anxiety

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Interpersonal Targets and Types of Workplace Aggression as a Function of Perpetrator Sex

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Interpersonal Violence Screening for Ambulatory Gynecology Patients

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Interpersonal aggression and team effectiveness: The mediating role of team goal commitment

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Interpersonal behaviour styles of primary education teachers during science lessons

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Interpersonal care in complementary and conventional medicine

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Interpersonal influence in the early plug-in hybrid market: Observing social interactions with an exploratory multi-method approach

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Interpersonal perception in cross-group interactions: Challenges and potential solutions

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Interpersonal psychotherapy for depression

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Interpersonal trust and market value moderates the bias in womens preferences away from attractive high-status men

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Interpersonal workplace deviance: Why do offenders act out? A comparative look on personality and organisational variables

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Interphase Transport in a Salicylic Acid Emulsion

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Interphase Transport in an Emulsion: Tartaric Acid

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Interplanetary coronal mass ejections in the near-Earth solar wind during the minimum periods following solar cycles 22 and 23

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Interplanetary drivers of ionospheric prompt penetration electric fields

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Interplanetary fast forward shocks and their geomagnetic effects: CAWSES events

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Interplanetary medium condition effects in the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly: A case study

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Interplanetary shock wave extent in the inner heliosphere as observed by multiple spacecraft

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Interplay Between Abscisic Acid and Jasmonic Acid and its Role in Water-oxidative Stress in Wild-type, ABA-deficient, JA-deficient, and Ascorbate-deficientArabidopsisPlants

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Interplay Between Polarization and Oxygen Stoichiometry at Ferroelectric Domain Boundaries in BiFeO3

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Interplay among culture parameters, light, mixing, and photobioreactor configuration during H2 production by sulfur-deprived Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Interplay between phase formation mechanisms and magnetism in the Sr2FeMoO6 metal-oxide compound

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Interplay of gaze behaviour and facial affectivity in schizophrenia

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Interplay of motivational and cognitive strategies in predicting selfefficacy and anxiety

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Interplay of phosphogenesis and hydrothermalism in the latest Ediacaran rift of the High Atlas, Morocco

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Interplay of thermochemistry andStructural Chemistry, the Journal (volume 22, 2011, issues 13) and the discipline

Maja Ponikvar-Svet; Joel, F. Liebman, 2011:
Interplay of thermochemistry andStructural Chemistry, the journal (volume 21, 2010) and the discipline

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Interpolated eigenfunctions for volumetric shape processing

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Interpolating atmospheric water vapor delay by incorporating terrain elevation information

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Interpolation Flaps for Nasal Reconstruction

Fernando, D. Bianchi; Ricardo, S. Sánchez Peña, 2011:
Interpolation for gain-scheduled control with guarantees

Turlapaty, A.C.; Younan, N.H.; Anantharaj, V.G., 2011:
Interpolation of Missing Values in AMSR-E Soil Moisture Data Using Modified SSA

Zhiling Yang; Yongqian Liu; Chengrong Li, 2011:
Interpolation of missing wind data based on ANFIS

Gonzalez-Ovejero, D; Craeye, C, 2011:
Interpolatory Macro Basis Functions Analysis of Non-Periodic Arrays

R. I. Mustafin, 2011:
Interpolymer combinations of chemically complementary grades of Eudragit copolymers: a new direction in the design of peroral solid dosage forms of drug delivery systems with controlled release (review)

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Interpopulation variation in kairomone use byCyrba algerina, an araneophagic jumping spider from Portugal

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Interpretation and clarification of statistical principles on significant age distribution in a case control study

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Interpretation of Ambiguity in Children: A Prospective Study of Associations With Anxiety and Parental Interpretations

Vrotsou, K.; Nordman, A., 2018:
Exploratory Visual Sequence Mining Based on Pattern-Growth

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Interpretation of GIA and ice-sheet mass trends over Antarctica using GRACE and ICESat data as a constraint to GIA models

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Interpretation of PET scan results at varying degrees of blood glucose in diabetic patients with lymphoma: an experience of 25 cases of Non Hodgkin Lymphomas from southern India

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Interpretation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Diesel Exhaust Photooxidation in an Environmental Chamber

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Interpretation of bevel gear topography measurements

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Interpretation of complex electromagnetic data in seismically active regions: Case study of the Chuya Depression, Mountain Altai

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Interpretation of duplex ultrasound in arteriovenous dialysis access: a review of pathologies

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Interpretation of dynamic retaining wall model tests in light of elastic and plastic solutions

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Interpretation of genotype  environment interactions of sugarcane: Identifying significant environmental factors

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Interpretation of intensity attenuation relation of 1905 Kangra earthquake with epicentral distance and magnitude in the Northwest Himalayan region

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Interpretation of pH, Acidity, and Alkalinity in Aquaculture and Fisheries

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Interpretation of photo-polarimetric observations of comet 17P/Holmes

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Interpretation of the catalytic functionalities of CoMo/ASA FCC-naphtha-HDT catalysts based on its acid properties

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Interpretation of the lime column penetration test

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Interpretation of transport measurements in ZnO-thin films

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Interpretation of viscoelastic behaviour of sweet cherries using rheological models

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Interpreter-mediated interaction in healthcare and legal settings: Talk organization, context and the achievement of intercultural communication

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Interpreting CO2Fluxes Over a Suburban Lawn: The Influence of Traffic Emissions

Smith, M Brent, 2011:
Interpreting Chest X-Rays

Mwitondi, K S., 2011:
Interpreting Economic and Social Data

Christopher Riley; Nancy Ettlinger, 2011:
Interpreting Racial Formation and Multiculturalism in a High School: Towards a Constructive Deployment of Two Approaches to Critical Race Theory

McPhedran, S; Singh, P, 2011:
Interpreting Risk Factors for Violence in Australia

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Interpreting Spatial Patterns: An Inquiry Into Formal and Cognitive Aspects of Tobler's First Law of Geography

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Interpreting and reporting clinical trials with results of borderline significance

Cormican, M.; Murphy, A. W.; Vellinga, A., 2011:
Interpreting asymptomatic bacteriuria

Carrie Jones, 2011:
Interpreting chest X-rays

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Interpreting complex trace element profiles in sediment cores from a multi-basin deep lake: the western branch of Lake Como

Maria Aloni; Floris Roelofsen, 2011:
Interpreting concealed questions

Claire, L. Phillips; Nick Nickerson; David Risk; Barbara, J. Bond, 2011:
Interpreting diel hysteresis between soil respiration and temperature

C. J. Warren; S. C. Sherlock; S. P. Kelley, 2011:
Interpreting high-pressure phengite40Ar/39Ar laserprobe ages: an example from Saih Hatat, NE Oman

Jandy, B. Hanna; Daniel Schmitt, 2011:
Interpreting the Role of Climbing in Primate Locomotor Evolution: Are the Biomechanics of Climbing Influenced by Habitual Substrate Use and Anatomy?

Yue-Jun Zhang, 2011:
Interpreting the dynamic nexus between energy consumption and economic growth: Empirical evidence from Russia

Peter, G. Mason; A. Bruce Broadbent; Jay, W. Whistlecraft; David, R. Gillespie, 2011:
Interpreting the host range of Peristenus digoneutis and Peristenus relictus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) biological control agents of Lygus spp. (Hemiptera: Miridae) in North America

Shephard, S.; Reid, D. G.; Greenstreet, S. P. R., 2011:
Interpreting the large fish indicator for the Celtic Sea

Nunzia Carbonara; Ilaria Giannoccaro, 2011:
Interpreting the role of proximity on Industrial District competitiveness using a complexity science-based view and Systems Dynamics simulation

David, J. Suggett; David, J. Smith, 2011:
Interpreting the sign of coral bleaching as friend vs. foe

Paul Crowley, 2011:
Interpreting dangerous in the United Nations framework convention on climate change and the human rights of Inuit

Ulrich Teucher, 2011:
Interpretive description by S. Thorne

Bogo, M; Paterson, J; Tufford, L; King, R, 2011:
Interprofessional Clinical Supervision in Mental Health and Addiction: Toward Identifying Common Elements

Guile, D, 2011:
Interprofessional Learning: Reasons, Judgement, and Action

Carole Émile, 2011:
Interprtation de la NFS: les piges viter

Mary, J. Fischer, 2011:
Interracial contact and changes in the racial attitudes of white college students

Unsworth, C A; Pallant, J F; Russell, K; Odell, M; Coulson, M, 2011:
Interrater reliability of the Road Law and Road Craft Test as part of the OT-DORA Battery for off-road driver assessment

Wei-Bin Zhang, 2011:
Interregional economic growth with transportation and residential distribution

Thomas Gries; Manfred Kraft; Christina Pieck, 2011:
Interregional migration, self-selection and the returns to education in Brazil

Meidad Kissinger; William, E. Rees; Vanessa Timmer, 2011:
Interregional sustainability: governance and policy in an ecologically interdependent world

Ryan, M. Utz and Robert, H. Hilderbrand, 2011:
Interregional variation in urbanization-induced geomorphic change and macroinvertebrate habitat colonization in headwater streams

A. G. Cherevko; V. A. Khokhlov, 2011:
Interrelation between the capillary and thermal properties of alkali halides

S. V. Kononova; R. V. Kremnev; Yu. G. Baklagina; B. Z. Volchek; E. N. Vlasova; B. M. Shabsels; K. A. Romashkova; D. P. Romanov; S. N. Arkhipov; A. V. Bogomazov; P. Uchytil, 2011:
Interrelation between the structural and transport properties of pervaporation membranes with diffusion layers based on poly--benzyl-L-glutamate

S. I. Kolesnikov; V. A. Lyubimenko; M. Yu. Kil’yanov; I. M. Kolesnikov; V. A. Vinokurov; E.V. Ivanov, 2011:
Interrelation of rectification sharpness and the benzene distribution in gasoline fractions

Phan, H Phuong, 2011:
Interrelations between selfefficacy and learning approaches: a developmental approach

Kewen Li, 2011:
Interrelationship between Resistivity Index, Capillary Pressure and Relative Permeability

Pal, S; Datta, S. C.; Reza, S. K., 2011:
Interrelationship of Organic Acids and Aluminum Concentrations in Rhizosphere and Nonrhizosphere Soil Solution of Rice in Acidic Soil

James, J. Stone; Cindie, M. McCutcheon; Larry, D. Stetler; Steven, R. Chipps, 2011:
Interrelationships between Fish Tissue Mercury Concentrations and Water Quality for South Dakota Natural Lakes and Impoundments

Philip, A. R. Hockey; Clélia Sirami; Amanda, R. Ridley; Guy, F. Midgley; Hassan, A. Babiker, 2011:
Interrogating recent range changes in South African birds: confounding signals from land use and climate change present a challenge for attribution

M. Abdulkadir; D. Zhao; S. Sharaf; L. Abdulkareem; I.S. Lowndes; B.J. Azzopardi, 2011:
Interrogating the effect of 90 bends on airsilicone oil flows using advanced instrumentation

Simpson, R.H., 2011:
Interrupting Duty

Ksenija Bogetic, 2011:
Interruptions and the dyadic co-narration of shared experiences in English and Serbian conversation

Zou, C-Zhi; Wang, W, 2011:
Intersatellite calibration of AMSU-A observations for weather and climate applications

Jen’nan G. Read; David, E. Eagle, 2011:
Intersecting Identities as a Source of Religious Incongruence

Taylor, Y., 2011:
Intersectional dialogues - a politics of possibility?

Williams-Forson, P; Wilkerson, A, 2011:
Intersectionality and Food Studies

Lane, P; Tribe, R; Hui, R, 2011:
Intersectionality and the Mental Health of Elderly Chinese Women Living in the UK

Pink, S; Hogan, S; Bird, J, 2011:
Intersections and inroads: Art therapy's contribution to visual methods

Purves, B A.; Logan, H; Marcella, S, 2011:
Intersections of literal and metaphorical voices in aphasia

Hopson, R K.; Dixson, A D., 2011:
Intersections, theories, and meanings of race, racism, and educational ethnography

Anbarci, N; Ulubaşoğlu, M A., 2011:
Intersectoral size differences and migration: Kuznets revisited

Meier, W.N.; Khalsa, S.J.S.; Savoie, M.H., 2011:
Intersensor Calibration Between F-13 SSM/I and F-17 SSMIS Near-Real-Time Sea Ice Estimates

Vermes, K, 2011:
Intersensory and intersubjective attunement: Philosophical approach to a central element of dance movement psychotherapy

Keating, E; Jarvenpaa, S L., 2011:
Interspatial subjectivities: engineering in virtual environments

Warkentin, T, 2011:
Interspecies Etiquette in Place: Ethical Affordances in Swim-With-Dolphins Programs

Arun Bhardwaj; Gurpreet Kaur; Hittu Gupta; Shilpa Vij; Ravinder, K. Malik, 2011:
Interspecies diversity, safety and probiotic potential of bacteriocinogenicEnterococcus faeciumisolated from dairy food and human faeces

Ferretti, F., 2011:
Interspecific aggression between fallow and roe deer

Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau; Nicolas Feau; Amira Mougou-Hamdane; Cyril Dutech, 2011:
Interspecific and intraspecific diversity in oak powdery mildews in Europe: coevolution history and adaptation to their hosts

Gauslaa, Y; Coxson, D, 2011:
Interspecific and intraspecific variations in water storage in epiphytic old forest foliose lichens

Donald, L. Hagan; Shibu Jose, 2011:
Interspecific competition enhances nitrogen fixation in an actinorhizal shrub

Zavala, M A.; Espelta, J M.; Caspersen, J; Retana, J, 2011:
Interspecific differences in sapling performance with respect to light and aridity gradients in Mediterranean pineoak forests: implications for species coexistence

Juan, C. Troiano; Eduardo, G. Gould, 2011:
Interspecific differences in the haematological reference intervals inTupinambisgenus from Argentina (SauriaTeiidae)

Gao, J; Sha, J; Yuan, F; Zhang, W; Rui, L; Tang, X; Han, H; Shao, Y; Liu, H; Yan, L; Li, Z, 2011:
Interspecific duckchicken chimeras

K-J. Wang; X-H. Li, 2011:
Interspecific gene flow and the origin of semi-wild soybean revealed by capturing the natural occurrence of introgression between wild and cultivated soybean populations

Patrik Mráz; Jindřich Chrtek; Judith Fehrer, 2011:
Interspecific hybridization in the genusHieraciums. str.: evidence for bidirectional gene flow and spontaneous allopolyploidization

Chao, S, 2011:
Interspinous Process Spacer Technology

Rolf Sobottke; Jan Siewe; Thomas Kaulhausen; Christina Otto; Peer Eysel, 2011:
Interspinous Spacers as Treatment for Lumbar Stenosis

Badawy, S Z.A.; Montgomery, S; Karaghouli, B; Seepana, V, 2011:
Interstitial (Cornual) Pregnancy: Advantages of Methotrexate Treatment

Ferreira, M.R.; Bujor, L.; Jesus, C.; Monteiro-Grillo, I., 2011:
Interstitial High-dose Rate Brachytherapy for Inferior Eye-lid Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Feasibility Study

Berastegui, C; Roman, A; Morell, F, 2011:
Interstitial Lung Disease and Lung Transplantation

Simon Zabler, 2011:
Interstitial Oxygen diffusion hardening A practical route for the surface protection of titanium

AnYao Liu; Yang-Chieh Fan; Daniel Macdonald, 2011:
Interstitial iron concentrations across multicrystalline silicon wafers via photoluminescence imaging

Munoz, A.; Martinez, R.; Leon, M.; Gallo, F.; Velloso, M. L.; Rodriguez, S.; Mayordomo, L.; Rejon, E.; Marenco, J. L., 2011:
Interstitial lung disease in patients with scleroderma: treatment with rituximab

Stefan Krause; David, M. Hannah; Theresa Blume, 2011:
Interstitial pore-water temperature dynamics across a pool-riffle-pool sequence

R. Khordad; S. K. Khaneghah, 2011:
Intersubband optical absorption coefficients and refractive index changes in a V-groove quantum wire

Wendy Wiener Katz, 2011:
Intersubjective Processes and the Unconscious: An Integration of Freudian, Kleinian and Bionian Perspectives

Jeremy, I.M. Carpendale; Timothy, P. Racine, 2011:
Intersubjectivity and egocentrism: Insights from the relational perspectives of Piaget, Mead, and Wittgenstein

Shill, M, 2011:
Intersubjectivity and the Ego

Michael Ermann, 2011:
Intersubjektivität und psychoanalytische Identität

Reg Adams, 2011:
Intertechpira blends two conferences on colours in New Jersey

Lars, J. Ravn-Jonsen, 2011:
Intertemporal choice of marine ecosystem exploitation

Sebastien Destercke; Valerie Guillard, 2011:
Interval analysis on non-linear monotonic systems as an efficient tool to optimise fresh food packaging

Kearfott, R Baker, 2011:
Interval computations, rigour and non-rigour in deterministic continuous global optimization

Frédéric Mazenc; Olivier Bernard, 2011:
Interval observers for linear time-invariant systems with disturbances

Golosnoy, V; Liesenfeld, R, 2011:
Interval shrinkage estimators

Saeed Panahian Fard; Zarita Zainuddin, 2011:
Interval type-2 fuzzy neural networks version of the StoneWeierstrass theorem

Han, Y; Huang, Y; Wang, G, 2011:
Interval-Parameter Linear Optimization Model with Stochastic Vertices for Land and Water Resources Allocation Under Dual Uncertainty

Q. G. Lin; G. H. Huang, 2011:
Interval-fuzzy stochastic optimization for regional energy systems planning and greenhouse-gas emission management under uncertaintya case study for the Province of Ontario, Canada

Douglas, K. Snyder; Molly, F. Gasbarrini; Brian, D. Doss; David, M. Scheider, 2011:
Intervening with Military Couples Struggling with Issues of Sexual Infidelity

Begun, A L.; Rose, S J.; LeBel, T P., 2011:
Intervening with Women in Jail around Alcohol and Substance Abuse During Preparation for Community Reentry

Barnett, D; Hawkins, R; Lentz, F. Edward, 2011:
Intervention Adherence for Research and Practice: Necessity or Triage Outcome?

Marcos, O. Prates; Dipak, K. Dey; Michael, R. Willig; Jun Yan, 2011:
Intervention Analysis of Hurricane Effects on

Hobbs, R J.; Hallett, L M.; Ehrlich, P R.; Mooney, H A., 2011:
Intervention Ecology: Applying Ecological Science in the Twenty-first Century

Jennifer, C. H. Min; Christine Lim; Hsien-Hung Kung, 2011:
Intervention analysis of SARS on Japanese tourism demand for Taiwan

Martikainen, A.-L.; Korpilahti, P., 2011:
Intervention for childhood apraxia of speech: A single-case study

Mazurova, Y; Guncova, I; Latr, I; Rudolf, E, 2011 :
Intervention of Proliferation and Differentiation of Endogenous Neural Stem Cells in the Neurodegenerative Process of Huntingtons Disease Phenotype

David Doloreux; Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay; Juan-Luis Klein; Steve Dionne; Tarek Ben Hassen, 2011:
Intervention publique sur le dveloppement de grappes industrielles au Qubec

Jiji Zhang; Peter Spirtes, 2011:
Intervention, determinism, and the causal minimality condition

Samson, K, 2011:
Interventional Options Remain Risky for Brain Arteriovenous Malformations

Smith, A, 2011:
Interventional Radiology (RadCases)

Jones, R. G., 2011:
Interventional radiology in pelvic trauma

Karen, H. Simpson, 2011:
Interventional techniques for pain management in palliative care

Gilinsky, A; Swanson, V; Power, K, 2011:
Interventions delivered during antenatal care to reduce alcohol consumption during pregnancy: A systematic review

John, R. Barner; Michelle Mohr Carney, 2011:
Interventions for Intimate Partner Violence: A Historical Review

Amy Dawel; Kaarin J Anstey, 2011:
Interventions for Midlife Smoking Cessation: A Literature Review

Doyle, S.; Bennett, S.; Fasoli, S.; McKenna, K., 2011:
Interventions for Sensory Impairment in the Upper Limb After Stroke

M Esposito; MG Grusovin; IP Polyzos; P Felice; HV Worthington, 2011:
Interventions for replacing missing teeth: dental implants in fresh extraction sockets (immediate, immediate-delayed and delayed implants)

Lifter, K, 2011:
Interventions in children's play: Video modeling produces positive outcomes in reciprocal pretend play for children who demonstrate abilities in pretend play

M. Milliex; E. Pintaux; A. Guedeney, 2011:
Interventions prventives en prinatalit : illustrations de terrain

Miskovich, L., 2011:
Interventions to Improve the Management of Medically Uninsured Adult Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Primary Care, Community-Based Settings

Mejias, A; Ramilo, O, 2011:
Interventions to Prevent Long-Term Consequences of Bronchiolitis

Stockman, J.A., 2011:
Interventions to Reduce Pain during Vaccination in Infancy

Roberts, D L; Fredrick, M M; Carr, H N; Velligan, D I, 2011:
Interventions to improve oral medication adherence in psychosis: the role of adherence measurement

Shephard, R.J., 2011:
Interventions to promote cycling: systematic review

Min Gong; David Aadland, 2011:
Interview Effects in an Environmental Valuation Telephone Survey

Ans Stalenhoef, 2011 :
Interview met Madeleine Bruins Slot

Ans Stalenhoef, 2011:
Interview met mit Tas: Het is beter om te voorkomen dat functionele beperkingen ontstaan

Thakur, G; Donnelly, J, 2011:
Interview with 2012 SPE President Ganesh Thakur

Clarke, J; Blechner, M, 2011:
Interview with Dr Mark Blechner

Kawakami, A, 2011:
Interview with Grard Mac

Connor, E, 2011:
Interview with Oliver Obst of the Medical Library at the University of Muenster

Connor, E, 2011:
Interview with Paul Pival of the University of Calgary

Connor, E, 2011:
Interview with Ramune K. Kubilius of Northwestern University

Huo, T.; George, T.J.; Guo, Y.; He, Z.; Prosperi, M.; Modave, Fçois.; Bian, J., 2018:
Explore Care Pathways of Colorectal Cancer Patients with Social Network Analysis

Scarpini, E, 2011:
Interview: Alzheimers disease: new paradigms for neurologists

Post, R M, 2011:
Interview: Bipolar disorder treatment research: new initiatives needed

Ricordi, C, 2011:
Interview: Encouraging collaboration in cure-focused research

Alton, E, 2011:
Interview: Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis: future hopes and milestones

Nordberg, A, 2011:
Interview: Imaging in Alzheimers Disease

Lieberman, J A, 2011:
Interview: In search of the pathophysiology and prevention of schizophrenia

David Lindeman, 2011:
Interview: Lessons from a Leader in Telehealth Diffusion: A Conversation with Adam Darkins of the Veterans Health Administration

Barnes, T RE, 2011:
Interview: Pursuing the rational pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia

Zimmet, P, 2011:
Interview: The cause of Type 2 diabetes: a new paradigm

Schwarz, P, 2011:
Interview: The future of diabetes prevention: a look at how the field is developing

Wood, N, 2011:
Interview: The genetics of Parkinsons disease: piecing together the jigsaw

Fisher, R. P.; Milne, R.; Bull, R., 2011:
Interviewing Cooperative Witnesses

Song, F-Jiang.; Fan, B.; Sun, J., 2018:
Explore compatibility mechanism of Xingnaojing injection in treating cerebral infarction based on network pharmacology

Gudjonsson, G; Joyce, T, 2011:
Interviewing adults with intellectual disabilities

Nina, J. Westera; Mark, R. Kebbell; Rebecca Milne, 2011:
Interviewing rape complainants: Police officers' perceptions of interview format and quality of evidence

Haydon-Laurelut, M.; Wilson, J. C., 2011:
Interviewing the Internalized Other: Attending to Voices of the Other

Milne, B; Westera, N J.; Kebbell, M R.; Milne, B, 2011:
Interviewing witnesses: do investigative and evidential requirements concur?

Barrett, R S., 2011:
Interviews with Killers: Six Types of Combatants and Their Motivations for Joining Deadly Groups

Cambra‐Fierro, Jús; Florin, J; Perez, L; Whitelock, J, 2011:
Interfirm market orientation as antecedent of knowledge transfer, innovation and value creation in networks

Carretero, M A.; Roca, V; Larbes, S; Ferrero, A; Jorge, Fátima, 2011:
Intestinal Helminth Parasites of Wall Lizards, Podarcis vaucheri Complex (Sauria: Lacertidae) from Algeria

Talley, N.J., 2011:
Intestinal Serotonin Release, Sensory Neuron Activation, and Abdominal Pain in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Alastair Forbes, 2011:
Intestinal failure and short bowel syndrome

Ehsanollah Sakhaee; Mohammad Hossein Radfar; Ali Shafiee pour, 2011:
Intestinal impaction byParascaris equorumin Caspian miniature horse in Kerman, Iran

James, A. Stephenson; Baljit Singh, 2011:
Intestinal obstruction

Yaning Lu; Jinsong Zhang; Xiaochun Wan; Men Long; Daxiang Li; Pandeng Lei; Zhengzhu Zhang, 2011:
Intestinal transport of pure theanine and theanine in green tea extract: Green tea components inhibit theanine absorption and promote theanine excretion

A. Akhavan; F. Binesh; S. Teimoori; H. R. Soltani, 2011:
Intestinal-type sinonasal adenocarcinoma with bone metastasis: a case report

Shih, T.; Roelke, R., 2011:
Intimate Alliances: Plants and their Microsymbionts

Angela, W. Eke; N. Zoe Hilton; Grant, T. Harris; Marnie, E. Rice; Ruth, E. Houghton, 2011:
Intimate Partner Homicide: Risk Assessment and Prospects for Prediction

Mosfequr Rahman; Md. Aminul Hoque; Satoru Makinoda, 2011:
Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: Is Women Empowerment a Reducing Factor? A Study from a National Bangladeshi Sample

Wilde, J L.; Doherty, W J., 2011:
Intimate Partner Violence Between Unmarried Parents Before and During Participation in a Couple and Relationship Education Program

Linda, K. Bledsoe; Bibhuti, K. Sar, 2011:
Intimate Partner Violence Control Scale: Development and Initial Testing

Dichter, M E.; Rhodes, K V., 2011:
Intimate Partner Violence Survivors Unmet Social Service Needs

Halford, W. Kim; Petch, J; Creedy, D K.; Gamble, J, 2011:
Intimate Partner Violence in Couples Seeking Relationship Education for the Transition to Parenthood

Bradford, K; Skogrand, L; Higginbotham, B J., 2011:
Intimate Partner Violence in a Statewide Couple and Relationship Education Initiative

Thomas, K. A.; Dichter, M. E.; Matejkowski, J., 2011:
Intimate Versus Nonintimate Partner Murder: A Comparison of Offender and Situational Characteristics

Pamela Cooper-White, 2011:
Intimate Violence Against Women: Trajectories for Pastoral Care in a New Millennium

Rodgers, N M., 2011:
Intimate boundaries: Therapists perception and experience of erotic transference within the therapeutic relationship

Lloyd, K; Robinson, G, 2011:
Intimate mixing bridging the gap? Catholic-Protestant relationships in Northern Ireland

Lockie, S, 2011:
Intimate partner abuse and womens health in rural and mining communities

Schmaling, K B.; Blume, A W.; Russell, M L., 2011:
Intimate partner violence and relationship dissolution among reserve soldiers

Edward Oldmeadow; Dora Marinova, 2011:
Into geothermal solutions: The sustainability case for Challenge Stadium in Perth, Western Australia

Hayes, J, 2011:
Into the Furrows

Sullivan, J M; O’Neil, B J, 2011:
Into the age of reanimation: promise and challenge in cardiac arrest care

DiGregorio, M, 2011:
Into the land rush: facing the urban transition in Hanoi's western suburbs

John Field, 2011:
Into the mind of the academic listener

Thomas, A. Fergus; David, P. Valentiner, 2011:
Intolerance of Uncertainty Moderates the Relationship Between Catastrophic Health Appraisals and Health Anxiety

Khawaja, N G; McMahon, J; Strodl, E, 2011:
Intolerance of Uncertainty and Meta-Worry: Relative Importance in Discriminating GAD

Breen, M; Watson, D G.; Gibson, E, 2011:
Intonational phrasing is constrained by meaning, not balance

Mellar Davis; Amy Bauer, 2011:
Intoxicated by My Illness: Artistic Expressions of Terminal Illness and Grief (323)

Dhelens, C; Tichadou, L; Glaizal, M; Hayek, M-Yvonne; De Haro, L, 2011:
Intoxication volontaire pdiatrique au topiramate : propos dun cas

Seema Mangla; Roger, L. Sheley; Jeremy, J. James; Steven, R. Radosevich, 2011:
Intra and interspecific competition among invasive and native species during early stages of plant growth

Smith, D.J., 2011:
Intra- and Inter-Examiner Variability in Performing Tinel's Test

Jakob Bro-Jørgensen, 2011:
Intra- and Intersexual Conflicts and Cooperation in the Evolution of Mating Strategies: Lessons Learnt From Ungulates

R. Yahyaoui; A. Dayaldasani; M. Olea; S. Fernández; R. Zambrana; J.F. Ruiz; V. Pérez, 2011:
Intra- and inter-individual biological variation of 12 amino acids from dried blood spot samples in healthy individuals

Yu. F. Oprunenko; I. P. Gloriozov, 2011:
Intra- and inter-ring haptotropic rearrangements in (naphthalene and anthracene)nickel complexes: a DFT study

X. F. Yi; Y. Q. Yang; Z. B. Zhang, 2011:
Intra- and inter-specific effects of mast seeding on seed fates of two sympatricCorylusspecies

Amit, K. Samanta; Prasenjit Pandey; Biman Bandyopadhyay; Anamika Mukhopadhyay; Tapas Chakraborty, 2011:
Intra- and intermolecular H-bond mediated tautomerization and dimerization of 3-methyl-1,2-cyclopentanedione: Infrared spectroscopy in argon matrix and CCl4 solution

Tess, F. J. van de Voorde; Wim, H. van der Putten; T. Martijn Bezemer, 2011:
Intra- and interspecific plantsoil interactions, soil legacies and priority effects during old-field succession

Sheehan, D P.; Lafave, M R.; Katz, L, 2011:
Intra-Rater and Inter-Rater Reliability of the Balance Error Scoring System in Pre-Adolescent School Children

Ralf, R. Haese; Geertje, J. Pronk, 2011:
Intra-annual Variability in Primary Producer Groups and Nitrogen Dynamics in an Intermittently Closed Estuary Exposed to Mediterranean Climate

Jorge Paz-Ferreiro; Carmen Trasar-Cepeda; Maria del Carmen Leirós; Socorro Seoane; Fernando Gil-Sotres, 2011:
Intra-annual variation in biochemical properties and the biochemical equilibrium of different grassland soils under contrasting management and climate

Buschke, F; Kemp, M; Seaman, M; Louw, S, 2011:
Intra-annual variation of arthropod-plant interactions and arthropod trophic structure in an endangered grassland in the Free State province, South Africa

Magnussen, R A; Brown, C A; Lawrence, J Todd; Toth, A P; Eward, W C; Mayer, S, 2011:
Intra-articular Anakinra for the Treatment of Persistent Inflammation and Arthrofibrosis Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Li, S. C., 2011:
Intra-articular Corticosteroids for JIA

Saule Svediene; Audrius Andrijauskas; Juozas Ivaskevicius, 2011:
Intra-articular morphine or neostigmine does not assure better pain relief

Martha Sofía González-Insuasti; Alejandro Casas; Ignacio Méndez-Ramírez; Carlos Martorell; Javier Caballero, 2011:
Intra-cultural Differences in the Importance of Plant Resources and Their Impact on Management Intensification in the Tehuacn Valley, Mexico

Ladjal, H.; Hanus, J. L.; Ferreira, A., 2011:
Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection simulator using biomechanical models

Sabine Sonnentag; Remus Ilies, 2011:
Intra-individual processes linking work and employee well-being: Introduction into the special issue

Yasuyuki Todo; Weiying Zhang; Lei-An Zhou, 2011:
Intra-industry Knowledge Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment in Research and Development: Evidence from China's Silicon Valley

Eugene Beaulieu; Michael Benarroch; James, D. Gaisford, 2011:
Intra-industry Trade Liberalization: Why Skilled Workers are More Likely to Support Free Trade

Cabral, Ré; Mollick, A Varella, 2011:
Intra-industry trade effects on Mexican manufacturing productivity before and after NAFTA

Vaona, A, 2011:
Intra-national Purchasing Power Parity and BalassaSamuelson Effects in Italy

Marit Reigstad; JoLynn Carroll; Dag Slagstad; Ingrid Ellingsen; Paul Wassmann, 2011:
Intra-regional comparison of productivity, carbon flux and ecosystem composition within the northern Barents Sea

Sungyop Kim, 2011:
Intra-regional residential movement of the elderly: testing a suburban-to-urban migration hypothesis

Brambilla, M; Pedrini, P, 2011:
Intra-seasonal changes in local pattern of Corncrake Crex crex occurrence require adaptive conservation strategies in Alpine meadows

Ben Freireich; William, R. Ketterhagen; Carl Wassgren, 2011:
Intra-tablet coating variability for several pharmaceutical tablet shapes

Behrang Keshavarz; Heiko Hecht; Lisa Zschutschke, 2011:
Intra-visual conflict in visually induced motion sickness

Brancaccio, A; Solimene, R; Prisco, G; Leone, G; Pierri, R, 2011:
Intra-wall diagnostics via a microwave tomographic approach

Rapuano, C.J., 2011:
IntraLase-Enabled Astigmatic Keratotomy for Post-Keratoplasty Astigmatism: On-Axis Vector Analysis

D. Stengel; I. Knof; A. Ekkernkamp; C. Ottersbach; J. Seifert, 2011:
Intraartikuläre Frakturen der distalen Tibia

Dariani, R. S.; Rahmani, N., 2011:
Intraband light absorption in free-standing porous silicon

Dungan, J.S., 2011:
Intracardiac echogenic focus and trisomy 21 in a population previously evaluated by first-trimester combined screening

Petros Toumpaniaris; Ioannis Nikolakopoulos; Anastasia Fotiadi; Stylianos Stavroulakis; Gerasimos Filippatos; Nikolaos Kelekis; Dimitrios Koutsouris, 2011:
Intracardiac volume calculation of right ventricular chamberA theoretical method

Dr. Friedrich Frischknecht, 2011:
Intracellular Niches of Microbes. A Pathogens Guide Through the Host Cell. By Ulrich E Schaible and Albert Haas (Eds.)

M.R., R; P. Sharma, C, 2011:
Intracellular Trafficking Mechanism and Cytosolic Protein Interactions of a Non Viral Gene Delivery Vector: Studies Based on Transferrin Conjugated Pullulan-PEI

Marta, A. Polti; María Julia Amoroso; Carlos, M. Abate, 2011:
Intracellular chromium accumulation byStreptomycessp. MC1

S. A. Konovalova; I. S. Zubatkina; M. V. Savina; A. A. Nikiforov, 2011:
Intracellular pH in hepatocytes of the river lampreyLampetra fluviatilisL. at the period of pre-spawning migration

S. A. Pecheritsyna; O. V. Arkhipova; N. E. Suzina; V. Ya. Lysanskaya; K. S. Laurinavichyus; V. A. Shcherbakova, 2011:
Intracellular polysaccharide of an anaerobic psychrophileClostridium algoriphilum

Salehpour, F; Vahedi, P; Mohajernezhadfard, Z; Haghir, A; Bustani, M; Pak, N, 2011:
Intracerebral Epidermoid Cyst

Sidney, D.S., 2011:
Intracoronary ethanol ablation: A novel technique for ablation of ventricular fibrillation

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