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An assessment of potential exposure to bioaerosols among swine farm workers with particular reference to airborne microorganisms in the respirable fraction under various breeding conditions

Małgorzata Sowiak; Karolina Bródka; Alina Buczyńska; Marcin Cyprowski; Anna Kozajda; Wojciech Sobala; Irena Szadkowska-Stańczyk

Aerobiologia 28(2): 121-133


ISSN/ISBN: 0393-5965
DOI: 10.1007/s10453-011-9216-0
Accession: 064165582

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The project was aimed at evaluating the potential occupational exposure of swine farm workers to dust and microorganisms present in piggery bioaerosols (especially in its respirable fraction) under various breeding conditions. Sampling was carried out in 14 buildings located at 13 pig breeding and production farms in Poland. Concentrations of inhalable and respirable dusts in the air of the piggeries were low (means, respectively, 1.76 and 0.23 mg/m3).

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