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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64179

Chapter 64179 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shuang-Quan Wen, T-Jun Wu, 2012:
Computation for Maximum Stable Grasping in Dynamic Force Distribution

Panagiotis Angelidis, F Maris, N Kotsovinos, V Hrissanthou, 2012:
Computation of Drought Index SPI with Alternative Distribution Functions

Li, K; Chen, Z, 2012:
Computation of Productivity Index With Capillary Pressure Included and Its Application in Interpreting Production Data From Low-Permeability Oil Reservoirs

Mayur Sutaria; Vinesh, H. Gada; Atul Sharma; B. Ravi, 2012:
Computation of feed-paths for casting solidification using level-set-method

David, C. Apperley; Andrei, S. Batsanov; Stewart, J. Clark; Robin, K. Harris; Paul Hodgkinson; Dominik, B. Jochym, 2012:
Computation of magnetic shielding to simultaneously validate a crystal structure and assign a solid-state NMR spectrum

Borre, M.; Flashner, H., 2012:
Computation of periodic solutions and their regions of attraction for flexible structures under nonlinear feedback control

Hans Bruining; Mohamed Darwish; Aiske Rijnks, 2012:
Computation of the Longitudinal and Transverse Dispersion Coefficient in an Adsorbing Porous Medium Using Homogenization

Niels, N. Sørensen; Scott Schreck, 2012:
Computation of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Phase-VI rotor in pitch motion during standstill

Zhu, H; Ghoufi, A; Szymczyk, A; Balannec, Béatrice; Morineau, D, 2012:
Computation of the hindrance factor for the diffusion for nanoconfined ions: molecular dynamics simulations versus continuum-based models

Nan, Z; Hong-cui, S; Yu-kui, T, 2012:
Computation of wall pressure fluctuations and flow induced noise by large eddy simulation

Wei, L; Huang, Y; Qu, Y; Jiang, Y; Zou, Q, 2012:
Computational Analysis of miRNA Target Identification

Xiao-Hong Li; Zhu-Mu Fu; Xian-Zhou Zhang, 2012:
Computational DFT studies on a series of toluene derivatives as potential high energy density compounds

Alshroof, O N.; Forbes, G L.; Sawalhi, N; Randall, R B.; Yeoh, G H., 2012:
Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of a Vibrating Turbine Blade

Ma, J; Zitney, S E., 2012:
Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Entrained-Flow Gasifiers with Improved Physical and Chemical Submodels

Jiang, H.; Lu, L.; Sun, K., 2012:
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling of Particle Deposition in a Two-dimensional Turbulent Channel Air Flow: Study of Influence Factors

Hjärtstam, S; Johansson, R; Andersson, K; Johnsson, F, 2012:
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Oxy-Fuel Flames: The Role of Soot and Gas Radiation

H.-L. Li; Y.-L. Ju; L.-J. Li; D.-G. Xu, 2012:
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of 13CO Distillation in Structured Packing

D’Errico, G; Lucchini, T; Atzler, F; Rotondi, R, 2012:
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Diesel Engines with Sophisticated Injection Strategies for In-Cylinder Pollutant Controls

M. Ko, G; Srinivas Reddy, A.; Garg, R; Kumar, S; R. Hadaegh, A, 2012:
Computational Modeling Methods for QSAR Studies on HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors (2005-2010)

Lee, C-Wook; Ge, H-Wen; Reitz, R D.; Kurtz, E; Willems, W, 2012:
Computational Optimization of a Down-Scaled Diesel Engine Operating in the Conventional Diffusion Combustion Regime Using a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm

Veras, L; Kurnikov, I; Johnson, J W.; Kurnikova, M, 2012:
Computational Studies of the Molecular Mechanisms Responsible for Ca2+ Permeation and Mg2+ Block of NMDA Receptors

Starnes, B.W., 2012:
Computational Study of Haemodynamic Effects of Entry- and Exit-Tear Coverage in a DeBakey Type III Aortic Dissection: Technical Report

Huynh, L K.; Nikolic, A; Pomès, Régis, 2012:
Computational Study of Self-Aggregation and Interaction of Amyloidgenic Peptide Oligomers with a Lipid Bilayer

Gary Bartlett, 2012:
Computational Theories of Conscious Experience: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

O. Yu. Kuleshov,V. M. Sedyolkin, 2012:
Computational analysis of local heat-release rate of water-wall tube in reaction tube furnaces

Chi-Young Jung; Wha-Jung Kim; Sung-Chul Yi, 2012:
Computational analysis of mixed potential effect in proton exchange membrane fuel cells

Hamid Reza Seyf; Morteza Feizbakhshi, 2012:
Computational analysis of nanofluid effects on convective heat transfer enhancement of micro-pin-fin heat sinks

Gongnan Xie; Weihong Zhang; Bengt Sunden, 2012:
Computational analysis of the influences of guide ribs/vanes on enhanced heat transfer of a turbine blade tip-wall

Park, S; Rhee, S Hyung, 2012:
Computational analysis of turbulent super-cavitating flow around a two-dimensional wedge-shaped cavitator geometry

Suraj, S. Deshpande; Mario, F. Trujillo; Xiongjun Wu; Georges Chahine, 2012:
Computational and experimental characterization of a liquid jet plunging into a quiescent pool at shallow inclination

Janchai Yana; Vannajan Sanghiran Lee; Yuttakarn Rattanachai; Prayoon Songsiriritthigul; Min Medhisuwakul; Sornthep Vannarat; Supaporn Dokmaisrijan; Thiraphat Vilaithong; Piyarat Nimmanpipug, 2012:
Computational and experimental study of low energy Ar+ bombardment on Nafion

Henning Henschel; Jan-Peter Klöckner; Ian, A. Nicholls; Marc, H. Prosenc, 2012:
Computational and structural studies on the complexation of cobalt(II) acetate by water and pyridine

Moya, P. S.; Viñas, A. F.; Muñoz, V.; Valdivia, J. A., 2012:
Computational and theoretical study of the wave-particle interaction of protons and waves

Mehrotra, S; Huang, K-Ling, 2012:
Computational experience with a modified potential reduction algorithm for linear programming

Ali Almoli; Adam Thompson; Nikil Kapur; Jonathan Summers; Harvey Thompson; George Hannah, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamic investigation of liquid rack cooling in data centres

M.A. Habib; R. Ben-Mansour; H.M. Badr; S.F. Ahmed; A.F. Ghoniem, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamic simulation of oxyfuel combustion in gas-fired water tube boilers

R. Ben-Mansour; M.A. Habib; A. Khalifa; K. Youcef-Toumi; D. Chatzigeorgiou, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamic simulation of small leaks in water pipelines for direct leak pressure transduction

Hui An; Ang Li; Agus, P. Sasmito; Jundika, C. Kurnia; Sachin, V. Jangam; Arun, S. Mujumdar, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of micro-reactor performance: Effect of various configurations

Zinedine Khatir; Joe Paton; Harvey Thompson; Nik Kapur; Vassili Toropov; Malcolm Lawes; Daniel Kirk, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) investigation of air flow and temperature distribution in a small scale bread-baking oven

F. Einar Kruis; Jianming Wei; Till van der Zwaag; Stefan Haep, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamics based stochastic aerosol modeling: Combination of a cell-based weighted random walk method and a constant-number Monte-Carlo method for aerosol dynamics

Yu Huang; Wuwei Mao; Hu Zheng; Guanghui Li, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamics modeling of post-liquefaction soil flow using the volume of fluid method

McGrattan, K; McDermott, R; Floyd, J; Hostikka, S; Forney, G; Baum, H, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamics modelling of fire

K. McLaren; S. Tullis; S. Ziada, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamics simulation of the aerodynamics of a high solidity, small-scale vertical axis wind turbine

José M. Soria; Mariana, T. Zambon; Germán D. Mazza, 2012:
Computational fluid dynamics simulations of heat transfer between the dense-phase of a high-temperature fluidized bed and an immersed surface

Markus Oeser; Terhi Pellinien, 2012 :
Computational framework for common visco-elastic models in engineering based on the theory of rheology

Sharma, V.; Wikstrom, M., 2012:
Computational investigation of OH and O states in the catalytic mechanism of cytochrome c oxidase

Kang, J.; Tateno, M., 2012:
Computational investigation of the electronic structure of the CuA site in bovine cytochrome c oxidases: the functional role of the axial methionine residue

Rajadurai Chinnasamy Perumal, A Selvaraj, S Ravichandran, G Ramesh Kumar, 2012:
Computational kinetic studies of pyruvate metabolism inCarboxydothermus hydrogenoformansZ-2901 for improved hydrogen production

Iqbal Ahmed; Ahmad Hussain; S.M.F. Hasani; M. Shakaib; Rosli, M. Yunus, 2012:
Computational modeling for visualization of flow patterns in a membrane testing device

Tamburelli, M; Jones, G; Gobet, F; Pine, J M., 2012:
Computational modelling of phonological acquisition: Simulating error patterns in nonword repetition tasks

Aswin Indraprastha; Michihiko Shinozaki, 2012:
Computational models for measuring spatial quality of interior design in virtual environment

Qian Kemao, 2012:
Computational optical measurement

Selivanov, M. F.; Chornoivan, Y. O., 2012:
Computational optimization of characteristics for composites of viscoelastic components

Ilhan Bayraktar, 2012:
Computational simulation methods for vehicle thermal management

Nassima Mallem, D Khatmi, S Azzouz, S Benghodbane, O Attoui Yahia, 2012:
Computational studies of 1:2 complex between retinol propionate and β cyclodextrin

Liu, Y; Chen, B; Wei, J, 2012:
Computational studies of the binding modes of CCR1 antagonists

Mohammad, T. Baei, 2012:
Computational studies on aluminum nitride and aluminum phosphide nanotubes: density functional calculations of27Al electric field gradient tensors

Hassan Sabzyan, B Saed, 2012:
Computational study of aza-adamantanes as multivalent bases

Si, Y; Yang, G, 2012:
Computational study of chiral molecules with high intrinsic hyperpolarizabilities

Q. F. Hou; Z. Y. Zhou; A. B. Yu, 2012:
Computational study of heat transfer in a bubbling fluidized bed with a horizontal tube

N. Ohnishi, M. Tate, Y. Ogino, 2012:
Computational study of shock wave control by pulse energy deposition

El Yacoubi, Açmae; Xu, S; Jane Wang, Z., 2012:
Computational study of the interaction of freely moving particles at intermediate Reynolds numbers

C. Matijssen; G. K. Kinsella; G. W. Watson; I. Rozas, 2012:
Computational study of the proton affinity and basicity of structurally diverse α1-adrenoceptor ligands

Prabha, S K.; Sathian, S P., 2012:
Computational study of thermal dependence of accommodation coefficients in a nano-channel and the prediction of velocity profiles

Vikas, D. Ghule; Dharavath Srinivas; S. Radhakrishnan; Pandurang, M. Jadhav; Surya, P. Tewari, 2012:
Computational study on energetic properties of nitro derivatives of furan substituted azoles

P. Muthukumar; Kishore Singh Patel; Pratik Sachan; Nished Singhal, 2012:
Computational study on metal hydride based three-stage hydrogen compressor

Moein Goodarzi, M Vahedpour, 2012:
Computational study on the multi-channel mechanism of disulfur and ozone reaction

Moein Goodarzi; Morteza Vahedpour; Mohammad Solimannejad, 2012:
Computational study on the reaction mechanism of the gas-phase atom-negative ion of S

Akira Matsugi; Akira Miyoshi, 2012:
Computational study on the recombination reaction between benzyl and propargyl radicals

Zheng, G; Moskal, L. Monika, 2012:
Computational-Geometry-Based Retrieval of Effective Leaf Area Index Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

V. A. Ananievskii; S. V. Lugovskoi; L. V. Kravchuk, 2012:
Computational-experimental method of nondestructive monitoring and diagnosis of technical state of pipeline fittings of nuclear power plants

Liu, Z.-M.; Huang, Z.-T.; Zhou, Y.-Y., 2012:
Computationally efficient direction finding using uniform linear arrays

Krauss, R. W., 2012:
Computationally efficient modeling of flexible robots using the transfer matrix method

Predescu, C; Lippert, R A.; Eastwood, M P.; Ierardi, D; Xu, H; Jensen, M Ø.; Bowers, K J.; Gullingsrud, J; Rendleman, C A.; Dror, R O.; Shaw, D E., 2012:
Computationally efficient molecular dynamics integrators with improved sampling accuracy

Guyenne, P; Pǎrǎu, E I., 2012:
Computations of fully nonlinear hydroelastic solitary waves on deep water

Chen, H-Bin; Tsai, C-Piao, 2012:
Computations of nearshore wave transformation using finite-volume method

Rosado de Christenson, M.L., 2012:
Computed Tomography Findings Predicting Invasiveness of Thymoma

Hagen, G., 2012:
Computed Tomography: Fundamentals, System Technology, Image Quality, Applications

Hendee, W, 2012:
Computed Tomography: Fundamentals, System Technology, Image Quality, Applications, 3rd revised and enlarged Edition

Fischer, N; Raunest, M; Schmidt, T H.; Kandt, C, 2012:
Computer Simulations of the Multi-Drug Efflux Pump AcrAB-TolC

Sansourekidou, P.; Pavord, D.; Stakhursky, V.; Lysiuk, I.; Kriminski, S., 2012:
Computer Vision-based Automation of Verification of Treatment Field Parameters (Field Verification Timeout) Prior to Radiation Therapy

M. G. Lagutkin,G. A. Kardashev,S. V. Isaev, 2012:
Computer analysis of the effect of structural and regime operating parameters of a vortical ejector on the coefficient of injection

V. G. Kohn, M. A. Orlov, 2012:
Computer analysis of two-dimensional images in the Zernike phase contrast method for hard X rays

Vines, M; Lee, W-Sook; Mavriplis, C, 2012:
Computer animation challenges for computational fluid dynamics

E. V. Stepanov; P. V. Zyryanov; S. G. Kasoev; A. V. Koval’; V. A. Milyaev; A. A. Panov; E. A. Tishchenko, 2012:
Computer emulation of the method for comparing the isotopic composition of CO2in gas mixtures based on laser spectral analysis at the 2.05-m line

David Greenblatt; Tzahi Avraham; Maayan Golan, 2012:
Computer fan performance enhancement via acoustic perturbations

Sergey, A. Lashin; Yury, G. Matushkin; Valentin, V. Suslov; Nikolay, A. Kolchanov, 2012:
Computer modeling of genome complexity variation trends in prokaryotic communities under varying habitat conditions

V. I. Baranov; L. A. Gribov; V. E. Dridger, 2012:
Computer modeling of standardless molecular spectral analysis of mixtures

R. A. Fayzrakhmanov, S. V. Smagin, 2012:
Computer modeling of the control of an electric timber dryer

L. S. Nechaeva; E. V. Butyrskaya, 2012:
Computer modeling of the structure of supramolecular systems: An example of ion exchangers

Tzeng, J-Yi; Chen, C-Te, 2012:
Computer praise, attributional orientations, and games: A reexamination of the CASA theory relative to children

Soper, A K., 2012:
Computer simulation as a tool for the interpretation of total scattering data from glasses and liquids

Hu Li; S. Joe Qin; Theodore, T. Tsotsis; Muhammad Sahimi, 2012 :
Computer simulation of gas generation and transport in landfills: VIDynamic updating of the model using the ensemble Kalman filter

R. A. Syunyaev, R. R. Aliev, 2012:
Computer simulation of microreentry in the sinoatrial node

D. K. Belashchenko, 2012:
Computer simulation of the properties of liquid metals: Gallium, lead, and bismuth

Yu. A. Zakharov, O. B. Kokorina, Y. V. Lysogorskii, A. E. Staroverov, 2012:
Computer simulation of two-step atomization in graphite furnaces for analytical atomic spectrometry

Jas, G S.; Kuczera, K, 2012:
Computer simulations of helix folding in homo- and heteropeptides

Omid Abouali; Goodarz Ahmadi, 2012:
Computer simulations of natural convection of single phase nanofluids in simple enclosures: A critical review

Karin Slegers; Martin, P.J. van Boxtel; Jelle Jolles, 2012:
Computer use in older adults: Determinants and the relationship with cognitive change over a 6 year episode

Kore, P P.; Mutha, M M.; Antre, R V.; Oswal, R J.; Kshirsagar, S S., 2012:
Computer-Aided Drug Design: An Innovative Tool for Modeling

Krupnick, J.L., 2012:
Computer-Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Child Anxiety: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial

Lukas, Jé-Francisco; Santiago, K; Etxeberria, J, 2012:
Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and trilingualism in the Basque Country

Mack, A.H., 2012:
Computer-Assisted Management of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

F. Pérez-Arribas; I. Trejo-Vargas, 2012:
Computer-aided design of horizontal axis turbine blades

Andrei Kirilenko; Svetlana Stepchenkova; Rebecca Romsdahl; Kristine Mattis, 2012:
Computer-assisted analysis of public discourse: a case study of the precautionary principle in the US and UK press

Huadong Zheng; Yingjie Yu; Tao Wang; Anand Asundi, 2012:
Computer-generated kinoforms of real-existing full-color 3D objects using pure-phase look-up-table method

Ranney, J D.; Troop-Gordon, W, 2012:
Computer-mediated communication with distant friends: Relations with adjustment during students' first semester in college

Seoyeon Hong; Hee Sun Park, 2012:
Computer-mediated persuasion in online reviews: Statistical versus narrative evidence

Miller, S.H., 2012:
Computerized Objective Measurement of Facial Motion: Normal Variation and Test-Retest Reliability

Gupta, A K; Gupta, B; Gupta, N; Tripathi, N; Gupta, A K, 2012:
Computerized Tomography of Paranasal Sinuses: A Roadmap to Endoscopic Surgery

Latenser, B.A., 2012:
Computerized decision support system improves fluid resuscitation following severe burns: An original study

P. P. Melnikov, V. A. Nascimento…, 2012:
Computerized modeling of intermediate compounds formed during thermal decomposition of gadolinium nitrate hydrate

PD Dr. C.J. Beller…, 2012:
Computermodellierung und multimodale 4D-Bildgebung für Risikostratifizierung und Operationsplanung bei Erkrankungen der thorakalen Aorta

Stewart, T, 2012:
Computers are everywhere

Luc Habert, M Pocchiola, 2012:
Computing Pseudotriangulations via Branched Coverings

Gonzalez-Mejia, A M.; Eason, T; Cabezas, H; Suidan, M T., 2012:
Computing and interpreting Fisher Information as a metric of sustainability: regime changes in the United States air quality

Wang, Z; Fang, X; Liu, J, 2012:
Computing conjugate depths in trapezoidal channels

Viorel Badescu; Christian, A. Gueymard; Sorin Cheval; Cristian Oprea; Madalina Baciu; Alexandru Dumitrescu; Flavius Iacobescu; Ioan Milos; Costel Rada, 2012:
Computing global and diffuse solar hourly irradiation on clear sky. Review and testing of 54 models

Yi-Hsien Wang; Jui-Cheng Hung; Yen-Hsien Lee; Chung-Chu Chuang, 2012:
Computing regression quantiles to analysis the relationship between market behavior and political risk

Klymko, T.; Sluiter, M. H. F., 2012:
Computing solubility products using ab initio methods

Allan Berele, 2012:
Computing super matrix invariants

Garrido, Nás, 2012 :
Computing the cost of traffic congestion: a microsimulation exercise of the City of Antofagasta, Chile

Antonin Macé; Rafael Treibich, 2012:
Computing the optimal weights in a utilitarian model of apportionment

D. V. Zlenko, 2012:
Computing the self-diffusion coefficient for TIP4P water

Zuyi Huang; Yunfei Chu; Juergen Hahn, 2012:
Computing transcription factor distribution profiles from green fluorescent protein reporter data

Gronoff, G; Simon Wedlund, C; Mertens, C J.; Lillis, R J., 2012:
Computing uncertainties in ionosphere-airglow models: I. Electron ux and species production uncertainties for Mars

Bosson, J K.; Weaver, J R.; Prewitt-Freilino, J L., 2012:
Concealing to Belong, Revealing to be Known: Classification Expectations and Self-threats Among Persons with Concealable Stigmas

Knight, T A.; Richert, A J.; Brownfield, C R., 2012:
Conceiving change: Lay accounts of the human change process

E. Reyna; J. Mejia; N. Reyna; D. Torres; J. Santos; J. Perozo, 2012:
Concentraciones de interfern gamma en preeclmpticas y embarazadas normotensas sanas

E. Reyna; J. Mejia; N. Reyna; D. Torres; J. Santos; J. Perozo, 2012:
Concentraciones de interleucina-2 en preeclmpticas y embarazadas normotensas sanas

Reyna, E.; Mejia, J.; Reyna, N.; Torres, D.; Santos, J.; Perozo, J., 2012:
Concentraciones de interleucina-8 en preeclmpticas y embarazadas normotensas sanas

Reyna-Villasmil, E.; Mejia-Montilla, J.; Reyna-Villasmil, N.; Torres-Cepeda, D.; Santos-Bolívar, J.; Perozo-Romero, J., 2012:
Concentraciones del factor de necrosis tumoral alfa en preeclmpticas y embarazadas normotensas sanas

Zhang, L; Jing, D; Zhao, L; Wei, J; Guo, L, 2012:
Concentrating PV/T Hybrid System for Simultaneous Electricity and Usable Heat Generation: A Review

Kirkillis, C G.; Pasias, I N.; Miniadis-Meimaroglou, S; Thomaidis, N S.; Zabetakis, I, 2012:
Concentration Levels of Trace Elements in Carrots, Onions, and Potatoes Cultivated in Asopos Region, Central Greece

Strel’nikova, E. B.; Goncharov, I. V.; Serebrennikova, O. V., 2012:
Concentration and distribution of oxygen-containing compounds in crude oils from the southeastern part of Western Siberia

Chen, C; Li, W Zhong; Song, Y Chen; Weng, L Dong; Zhang, N, 2012:
Concentration dependence of water self-diffusion coefficients in dilute glycerolwater binary and glycerolwatersodium chloride ternary solutions and the insights from hydrogen bonds

K. Maheshvaran; K. Marimuthu, 2012:
Concentration dependent Eu3+ doped boro-tellurite glassesStructural and optical investigations

Lilit Gabrielyan; Armen Trchounian, 2012:
Concentration dependent glycine effect on the photosynthetic growth and bio-hydrogen production by Rhodobacter sphaeroides from mineral springs

A. Miasojedovas; K. Kazlauskas; G. Armonaite; V. Sivamurugan; S. Valiyaveettil; J.V. Grazulevicius; S. Jursenas, 2012:
Concentration effects on emission of bay-substituted perylene diimide derivatives in a polymer matrix

Malin Bergenstråhle-Wohlert; Lars, A. Berglund; John, W. Brady; P. Tomas Larsson; Per-Olof Westlund; Jakob Wohlert, 2012:
Concentration enrichment of urea at cellulose surfaces: results from molecular dynamics simulations and NMR spectroscopy

Simas Sakirzanovas; Artu¯ras Katelnikovas; Danuta Dutczak; Aivaras Kareiva; Thomas Jüstel, 2012:
Concentration influence on temperature-dependent luminescence properties of samarium substituted strontium tetraborate

Ishimaru, K; Koga, S; Takada, M, 2012:
Concentration of Bioactive Compounds, Teadenols A and B, and Catechins in Fermented Teas

Alonso-Villar, O; Del RÍo, C, 2012:
Concentration of Economic Activity: Inequality-Based Measures

Zhao, J; Hopke, P K., 2012:
Concentration of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Mainstream and Sidestream Cigarette Smoke

Zhang, B; Guo, J-Song; Fang, F; Li, Z; Fu, C, 2012:
Concentration of nutrients in the soil in water-level-fluctuating zone of Three Gorges Reservoir

Spodniewska, A; Barski, D; Sokół, R, 2012:
Concentration of selected transition metals in layer hens non-infested and infested with Dermanyssus gallinae

Hamnett, C., 2012:
Concentration or Diffusion? The Changing Geography of Ethnic Minority Pupils in English Secondary Schools, 1999-2009

Young, H. Park; Yongmin Kim; Honglae Sohn; Ki-Seok An, 2012:
Concentration quenching effect of organic light-emitting devices using DCM1-doped tetraphenylgermole

Tsuji, T; Terai, Y; Kamarudin, M Hakim Bin; Yoshida, K; Fujiwara, Y, 2012:
Concentration quenching in Eu-doped ZnO grown by sputtering-assisted metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

Xinguo Zhang; Jilin Zhang; Zhiyue Dong; Jianxin Shi; Menglian Gong, 2012:
Concentration quenching of Eu2+ in a thermal-stable yellow phosphor Ca2BO3Cl:Eu2+ for LED application

Matsumoto, J; Tanimura, S-ichio; Shiragami, T; Yasuda, M, 2012:
Concentration-dependent aggregation of water-soluble phosphorus porphyrin in an aqueous solution

Iwegbue, C M. A.; Arimoro, F O.; Nwajei, G E.; Eguavoen, O I., 2012:
Concentrations and Distribution of Trace Metals in Water and Streambed Sediments of Orogodo River, Southern Nigeria

Liu, W; Zhang, W; Li, S; Meng, C; Tao, F; Li, H; Zhang, B, 2012:
Concentrations and Profiles of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins and Dibenzofurans in Air and Soil Samples in the Proximity of a Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Plant

Kolarik, B.; Gunnarsen, L.; Logadottir, A.; Funch, L. W., 2012:
Concentrations of Formaldehyde in new Danish Residential Buildings in Relation to WHO Recommendations and CEN Requirements

Kazimierz Zalewski, J Falandysz, M Jadacka, D Martysiak-Żurowska, B Nitkiewicz, Z Giżejewski, 2012:
Concentrations of heavy metals and PCBs in the tissues of European beavers (Castor fiber) captured in northeastern Poland

Brandão, J.D.O.; Okonkwo, O.J.; Sehkula, M.; Raseleka, R.M., 2012:
Concentrations of lead in cosmetics commonly used in South Africa

Pinu, F. R.; Jouanneau, S.; Nicolau, L.; Gardner, R. C.; Villas-Boas, S. G., 2012:
Concentrations of the Volatile Thiol 3-Mercaptohexanol in Sauvignon blanc Wines: No Correlation with Juice Precursors

Huang, Y-Hsuan; Montgomery, M T.; Wu, C-Chieh, 2012:
Concentric Eyewall Formation in Typhoon Sinlaku (2008). Part II: Axisymmetric Dynamical Processes

Engeström, Yö; Sannino, A, 2012:
Concept Formation in the Wild

Wehry, S; Monroe-Ossi, H; Cobb, S; Fountain, C, 2012:
Concept Mapping Strategies: Content, Tools and Assessment for Human Geography

Brigitte Burgess; Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, 2012:
Concept Mapping as a Program Assessment Tool: Connecting Course and Program Objectives

May, J. E.; Menzemer, C. C., 2012:
Concept demonstration of modal damping, a nonlinear structural vibration control scheme applied to a small scale vibrating aluminum cantilever model

A. P. Cherepanov, 2012:
Concept of methodological recommendations for estimating service life of industrial equipment based on service-lifesafety studies

Genone, J; Lombrozo, T, 2012:
Concept possession, experimental semantics, and hybrid theories of reference

Bayly, B, 2012:
Concept-matching, link-joy and bipolar disorders

Coatelen, J.; Abergel, A.; Albouy-Kissi, A.; Albouy-Kissi, B.; Coton, J.-P.; Sifre, L.; Dechelotte, P.; Joubert Zakeyh, J., 2012:
Conception et validation dun marqueur morphomtrique de la fibrose hpatique

Braun, H, 2012:
Conceptions of Validity: The Private and the Public

Fischgrund, B N.; Halkitis, P N.; Carroll, R A., 2012:
Conceptions of hypermasculinity and mental health states in gay and bisexual men

Semmo, A; Hildebrandt, D; Trapp, M; Döllner, Jürgen, 2012:
Concepts for Cartography-Oriented Visualization of Virtual 3D City Models

Bergenholtz, H, 2012:
Concepts for monofunctional accounting dictionaries

Racine, T P., 2012:
Conceptual Analysis and Rational Imitation

Michaels, B.D.; Del Rosso, J.Q., 2012:
Conceptual Approach to the Management of Infantile Hemangiomas

Brock, C.; Yi, Y.; Papaluca, T.; Lucas, B.; Angus, P.W.; Taylor, D.; Leung, C., 2018:
Exploring the feasibility of targeted chronic hepatitis B screening in the emergency department: A pilot study

Mary Crandall, 2012:
Conceptual Use Of Self-Determination In Palliative Care (723)

Hylander, I, 2012:
Conceptual change through consultee-centered consultation: A theoretical model

Sara Bortot; Patrizio Console Camprini; Giacomo Grasso; Carlo Artioli, 2012:
Conceptual core design study for a high-flux LFR demonstrator

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Conceptual design and quantification of phosphorus flows and balances at the country scale: The case of France

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Conceptual design of a thermo-electrical energy storage system based on heat integration of thermodynamic cycles Part A: Methodology and base case

Morandin, M; Maréchal, Fçois; Mercangöz, M; Buchter, F, 2012:
Conceptual design of a thermo-electrical energy storage system based on heat integration of thermodynamic cycles Part B: Alternative system configurations

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Conceptual design of binary/multicomponent fluid ejector refrigeration systems

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Conceptual ecology of evolution acceptance among Greek education students: the contribution of knowledge increase

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Conceptualising Social Enterprise in Housing Organisations

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Conceptualising climate change in rural Australia: community perceptions, attitudes and (in)actions

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Conceptualising joint knowledge production in regional climate change adaptation projects: success conditions and levers for action

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Conceptualization and Measurement of Beliefs About Failure; ;

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Conceptualization of autism and autism related phenomena

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Conceptualizing Cultural and Racialized Process in Learning

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Conceptualizing Psychopathy in Triarchic Terms: Implications for Treatment

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Conceptualizing Religious Practices in Psychological Research: Problems and Prospects

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Conceptualizing Sex Offender Denial From a Multifaceted Framework: Investigating the Psychometric Qualities of a New Instrument

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Conceptualizing and Designing Corridors for Climate Change

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Conceptualizing and Measuring Engagement: An Analysis of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale

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Conceptualizing climate change in the context of a climate system: implications for climate and environmental education

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Conceptualizing international art therapy education standards

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Conceptualizing leapfrogging with spatially coupled innovation systems: The case of onsite wastewater treatment in China

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Conceptualizing the Right of Children to Adaptable Education

Stefan Gössling; Kim Philip Schumacher, 2012:
Conceptualizing the Survival Sector in Madagascar

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Concerns regarding 24-h sampling for formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein using 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH)-coated solid sorbents

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Concha Bullosa Mucopyocele Presenting as a Nasal Mass

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Concise Catalytic Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Tropane Alkaloids

DeJONG, S M., 2012:
Concise Guide to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Håkan Eliasson; Sven-Erik Sonesson, 2012:
Concise Guide to Pediatric Arrhythmias

Wang, L; Li, J; Xue, X, 2012:
Concise Synthesis of Ximenynic Acid

Zheng, Z xiang; Du, Y ling; Wang, Z; Zhang, F; Wang, C, 2012:
Concise route to prepared graphene-CNTs nanocomposite supported Pt nanoparticles and used as new electrode material for electrochemical sensing

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Concluding Thoughts on the Internationalization of Test Reviews

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Conclusion: Rural Families, Another Element in the Mosaic of Diversity

García-Serrano, F, 2012:
Conclusion: The Mendicants as a Mediterranean Phenomenon

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Concomitant Carotid Bifurcation and Great Vessel Disease

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Concomitant Hysteroscopic Endometrial Ablation and Essure Procedure: Feasibility, Efficacy and Satisfaction

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Concomitant extraction of bio-oil and value added polysaccharides from Chlorella sorokiniana using a unique sequential hydrothermal extraction technology

Graham, T.P., 2012:
Concomitant stenting of the patent ductus arteriosus and radiofrequency valvotomy in pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum and intermediate right ventricle: Early in-hospital and medium-term outcomes

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Concomitants of order statistics from multivariate elliptical distributions

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Concordance Between Anticardiolipin and Anti-B2-Glycoprotein Antibody Testing in Clinical Practice

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Concordance and Discordance of the Postpartum Depression Screening Scale and Patient Health Questionnaire-9 in an Ethnically Diverse Sample

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Concordance between expert judgment and fish-based multimetric indices in the assessment of estuarine waters ecological quality

Teles, Júlia, 2012:
Concordance coefficients to measure the agreement among several sets of ranks

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Concordance of self-reported memory symptoms, informant-reported symptoms and objective memory performance in a community sample

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Concordance of the Interferon- Release Assay (IGRA) and the Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) for the Screening of Tuberculosis Infection in the Inflammatory Rheumatic Disease (IRD) Population

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Concrete made with used tyre aggregate: durability-related performance

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Exploring the Feasibility of Use of An Online Dietary Assessment Tool (myfood24) in Women with Gestational Diabetes

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Concurrent Chemo-Proton Therapy Using 5-fluorouracil and Cisplatin for Esophageal Cancer

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Concurrent Chemoradiation Therapy for Uterine Cervical Cancer: Correlation of MRI Findings With Histopathologic Results

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Concurrent Transmission Based on Channel Quality in Ad Hoc Networks: A Game Theoretic Approach

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Concurrent analysis: validation of the domains within the Birth Satisfaction Scale

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Concurrent and Longitudinal Patterns and Trends in Performance on Early Numeracy Curriculum-Based Measures in Kindergarten Through Third Grade

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Concurrent models and cross-linguistic analogies in the study of prepositional stranding in French in Canada

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Concussion Symptoms and Recovery in Football Players

Cantu, R.C., 2012:
Concussive symptoms in emergency department patients diagnosed with minor head injury

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Condensation cooling of gases in gas purification systems

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Condensation heat transfer characteristics of CO2 in a horizontal smooth- and microfin-tube at high saturation temperatures

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Condensation heat transfer characteristics of zeotropic refrigerant mixture R407C on single, three-row petal-shaped finned tubes and helically baffled condenser

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Condensation of 5-(4-methylphenyl)-2,4-dihydro-3H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thione with haloacetic acids

R.J. van Benthum; H.P. van Kemenade; J.J.H. Brouwers; M. Golombok, 2012:
Condensed Rotational Separation of CO2

Timothy, J. Barnum; Nicholas Medeiros; Ryan, Z. Hinrichs, 2012:
Condensed-phase versus gas-phase ozonolysis of catechol: A combined experimental and theoretical study

Qun Chen; Karen Finney; Hanning Li; Xiaohui Zhang; Jue Zhou; Vida Sharifi; Jim Swithenbank, 2012:
Condensing boiler applications in the process industry

Fausto Pedro García Márquez; Andrew Mark Tobias; Jesús María Pinar Pérez; Mayorkinos Papaelias, 2012:
Condition monitoring of wind turbines: Techniques and methods

A. P. Korchagin,K. A. Kuznetsov,S. V. Demkin…, 2012:
Condition of petrochemical production equipment at low climatic temperatures

Jun Wang, K Li, H Zhang, Q Wang, Y Wang, C Yang, Q Guo, J Jia, 2012:
Condition optimization of amperometric determination of chemical oxygen demand using boron-doped diamond sensor

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Conditional Moment Closure for Turbulent Premixed Flames

Simon Ayache; Epaminondas Mastorakos, 2012:
Conditional Moment Closure/Large Eddy Simulation of the Delft-III Natural Gas Non-premixed Jet Flame

Mircea Grigoriu, 2012:
Conditional Monte Carlo method for dynamic systems with random properties

Kolen, M J.; Wang, T; Lee, W-Chan, 2012:
Conditional Standard Errors of Measurement for Composite Scores Using IRT

Claire Bouvard; Adèle de Arcangelis; Blandine Dizier; Isabelle Galy-Fauroux; Anne-Marie Fischer; Elisabeth Georges Labouesse; Dominique Helley, 2012:
Conditional ablation of alpha6 integrin subunit in mouse endothelium reduces post-ischemic angiogenesis

Wang, X, 2012 :
Conditional components of Helicobacter pylori induces tau hyperphosphorylation and cognitive impairment

Adom, P Kofi; Bekoe, W, 2012:
Conditional dynamic forecast of electrical energy consumption requirements in Ghana by 2020: A comparison of ARDL and PAM

Péter Sólymos; Subhash Lele; Erin Bayne, 2012:
Conditional likelihood approach for analyzing single visit abundance survey data in the presence of zero inflation and detection error

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Conditional model for sorption in porous media with fractal properties

Sareila, O; Rantakari, P; Poutanen, M; Holmdahl, R, 2012:
Conditional model to study the tissue- and time specific effects of nadph oxidase 2 -derived reactive oxygen species during arthritis

Maria Kateri; Petros Dellaportas, 2012:
Conditional symmetry models for three-way contingency tables

Shephard, R.J., 2012:
Conditioning of the Achilles tendon via ankle exercise improves correlations between sonographic measures of tendon thickness and body anthropometry

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Conditions for Loss Compensation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Propagation on a Metal/Gain Medium Boundary

Austad, T.; Shariatpanahi, S. F.; Strand, S.; Black, C. J. J.; Webb, K. J., 2012:
Conditions for a Low-Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Effect in Carbonate Oil Reservoirs

Densing, M; Turton, H; Bäuml, G, 2012:
Conditions for the successful deployment of electric vehicles A global energy system perspective

Vaselli, L; Cortecci, G; Tonarini, S; Ottria, G; Mussi, M, 2012:
Conditions for veining and origin of mineralizing fluids in the Alpi Apuane (NW Tuscany, Italy): Evidence from structural and geochemical analyses on calcite veins hosted in Carrara marbles

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Conditions of ascending cocurrent flow in variable-diameter tubes

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Conditions of formation of Cr-pyrope and escolaite during mantle metasomatism: Experimental modeling

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Conditions of the feline pelvic region

Sanchis, F; Simón, A, 2012:
Conducta suicida y depresin en adolescentes

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Conducteurs receveurs de transports en commun privs dle-de-France Phase 2

Marcus Lindner; Wendelin Werhahn-Mees; Tommi Suominen; Diana Vötter; Sergey Zudin; Matias Pekkanen; Risto Päivinen; Martina Roubalova; Petr Kneblik; Franka Brüchert; Erik Valinger; Ludovic Guinard; Stefania Pizzirani, 2012:
Conducting sustainability impact assessments of forestry-wood chains: examples of ToSIA applications

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Conduction of Strongly Coupled Electrons Through Narrow Channels on Liquid Helium Surface: Simulation

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Conduction-radiation effects on periodic magnetohydrodynamic natural convection boundary layer flow along a vertical surface

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Conductive carbon black-filled ethylene acrylic elastomer vulcanizates: physico-mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties

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Conductive network formation during annealing of an oriented polyethylene-based composite

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Conductive paper through LbL multilayering with conductive polymer: dominant factors to increase electrical conductivity

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Conductive polymer gas sensor for quantitative detection of methanol in Brazilian sugar-cane spirit

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Conductivity and optical studies of plasticized solid polymer electrolytes doped with carbon nanotube

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Conductivity and superhydrophobic effect on PFPE-modified porous carbonaceous materials

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Conductivity of aqueous solutions of fullerol synthesized by direct oxidation

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Conductivity of narrow fractures filled with a proppant monolayer

S. Ricote; N. Bonanos; A. Manerbino; W.G. Coors, 2012:
Conductivity study of dense BaCexZr(0.9x)Y0.1O(3) prepared by solid state reactive sintering at 1500 C

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Conductivity, Molar Volume, and Rheology of Gadolinium Alkanoates in Mixed Organic Solvents

Yin, J; Xia, X; Zhao, X, 2012:
Conductivity, polarization and electrorheological activity of polyaniline nanotubes during thermo-oxidative treatment

Gholamhossein Rounaghi, M Mohajeri, Z Atashi, R Mohammadzadeh kakhki, 2012:
Conductometric study of complexation reaction between 15-crown-5 and Cr3+, Mn2+and Zn2+metal cations in pure and binary mixed organic solvents

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Conduite automobile et dmence : une tude en hpital de jour griatrique

Savini, H.; Simon, F., 2012:
Conduite tenir devant une hyperosinophilie

Lamendin, H., 2012:
Conduite tenir en cas de luxations dentaires compltes chez des sportifs

Peyrethon, C.; Marande, J.-L., 2012:
Conduite tenir par un service de sant au travail aprs signalement dun cas de tuberculose

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Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Guided Tumor Positioning for Laryngeal Cancer Patients With Large Interfraction Time Trends in Tumor Setup

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Conference Announcement: Engineering Education for Sustainable Development: EESD13 Cambridge, UK. September 2225, 2013

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Conference Report: EuroSoil2012: Soil science for the benefit of mankind and environment

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Conference Report: XIX International Neuro-Ophthalmology Society Meeting, Singapore, 2012

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Conference Review

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Conference Scene: 38th Annual VEITHsymposium

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Conference Scene: A report from the World Congress on Controversies in Neurology

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Conference Scene: ACC/STS Transcatheter Heart Valve Practicum

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Conference Scene: Dementia: bench-top research through to early diagnosis, interventions and clinical practice

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Exploring the features on the OH + SO 2 potential energy surface using theory and testing its accuracy by comparison to experimental data

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Exploring the feelings of Iranian women of reproductive age about health care seeking behavior: a qualitative study

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Exploring the flap dynamics of the South African HIV subtype C protease in presence of FDA-approved inhibitors: MD study

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Conference Scene: State-of-the-art research and clinical updates on mood and anxiety disorders

Sisask, M, 2012:
Conference Scene: Suicidal behaviors: a multidisciplinary issue

Meda, P, 2012:
Conference Scene: Symposium on β-cell imaging at the 2011 EANM meeting

&na;,, 2012:
Conference Targets Professionals in Clinical Nutrition

Obler, L. K., 2012:
Conference interpreting as extreme language use

Gallacher, T., 2012:
Conference report

Wu, H-Zhang.; Zhong, Q-Hua.; Bandaru, S.; Liu, J.; Lau, W.Ming.; Li, L-Li.; Wang, Z., 2018:
Exploring the formation and electronic structure properties of the g-C 3 N 4 nanoribbon with density functional theory

&na;,, 2012:
Conferences & Courses

Smith, S; Stinson, V; Patry, M, 2012:
Confession evidence in Canada: psychological issues and legal landscapes

Siegel, L S., 2012:
Confessions and reflections of the black sheep of the learning disabilities field

Scruton, R, 2012:
Confessions of a Sceptical Francophile

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Confidence Intervals Make a Difference: Effects of Showing Confidence Intervals on Inferential Reasoning

Xin-Bing Kong, 2012:
Confidence interval of the jump activity index based on empirical likelihood using high frequency data

Sedgwick, P., 2012:
Confidence intervals and statistical significance

George, F; Golam Kibria, B. M., 2012:
Confidence intervals for estimating the population signal-to-noise ratio: a simulation study

Yinghua Li; Yongsong Qin; Qingzhu Lei, 2012:
Confidence intervals for probability density functions under associated samples

Andrew, L. Rukhin, 2012:
Confidence intervals for treatment effect from restricted maximum likelihood

Fu-Kwun Wang; H. L. Chern, 2012:
Confidence intervals for two-dimensional data with circular tolerances in a gauge R&R study

Jin, T.; Mak, B.; Zhou, P., 2012:
Confidence scoring of speaking performance: How does fuzziness become exact?

Angela Blanco-Fernández; Ana Colubi; Gil González-Rodríguez, 2012:
Confidence sets in a linear regression model for interval data

Karlos Luna; Beatriz Martín-Luengo, 2012:
ConfidenceAccuracy Calibration with General Knowledge and Eyewitness Memory Cued Recall Questions

Solomon, P; Molinaro, M; Mannion, E; Cantwell, K, 2012:
Confidentiality Policies and Practices in Regard to Family Involvement: Does Training Make a Difference?

Letitia, E. Travaglini, T W. Treadwell and Emily, E. Reisch, 2012:
Confidentiality and Cohesion in Groups: Collaborative Story Building and Telling as a Means of Improving the Therapeutic Experience

Yin, S; Yin, C; Liu, L; Zhu, M; Wei, S, 2012:
Configuration Context Reduction for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture

Kajsheva, N. Sh., 2012:
Configuration of central metals in polyuronates studied by EPR spectroscopy

E. Anisimovas; A. Radzvilavičius, 2012:
Configurational Entropy of Confined Yukawa Clusters

I. Zakosky-Neuberger; I. Shafir; L. Nagli; A. Katzir, 2012:
Configurational coordinate diagram of Ni2+ doped silver halide crystals, as determined by optical and luminescence measurements

Biligiri, K Prapoorna; Kalman, Börn, 2012:
Confined E * testing on poroelastic road surface mixtures

Malani, A; Ayappa, K. G., 2012:
Confined fluids in a Janus pore: influence of surface asymmetry on structure and solvation forces

M. Wójcik; J. Tejchman; G.G. Enstad, 2012:
Confined granular flow in silos with inserts Full-scale experiments

Gacemi, D; Mangeney, J; Blary, K; Lampin, J-Francois; Laurent, T; Akalin, T; Crozat, P; Meng, F, 2012:
Confinement of THz surface waves on the subwavelength size metal waveguide

Zygmunt Dudzicz, 2012:
Confinement of charged dust particles by a hybrid-type electric curtain

Widodo, A; Satrijo, D; Prahasto, T; Lim, G-Min; Choi, B-Keun, 2012:
Confirmation of Thermal Images and Vibration Signals for Intelligent Machine Fault Diagnostics

Y. Al-Douri, 2012:
Confirmation of bulk modulus model of IIIV compounds under pressure effect using tight-binding method

Takahiko, T.; Tomoaki, Y.; Mayuko, H.; Nozomi, O.; Takeshi, Y.; Masataka, Y., 2012:
Confirmation of epidural catheter position by using the epidural Queckenstedt test (E-QST) method

Samson, K, 2012:
Confirmation that Narrow Excision Margins Are Safe for Thicker Melanomas

Lee, D; Trail, G T., 2012:
Confirmatory Analysis of the Athletic Team Merchandise Model

Gauci, M A.; MacDonald, D A., 2012:
Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist

Cress, C. J.; Synhorst, L.; Epstein, M. H.; Allen, E., 2012:
Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Preschool Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale (PreBERS) With Preschool Children With Disabilities

Roberto Conde; David Alejo; Jose Antonio Cobano; Antidio Viguria; Aníbal Ollero, 2012:
Conflict Detection and Resolution Method for Cooperating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Conflict Management, Decentralization and Agropastoralism in Dryland West Africa

Collins, C; Fraenkel, J, 2012:
Conflict Prevention in the Commonwealth: The 2000 Fiji Coup

Berardo, R; Gerlak, A K., 2012:
Conflict and Cooperation along International Rivers: Crafting a Model of Institutional Effectiveness

Paul, G S.; Chow, J, 2012:
Conflict and Cooperation: Tools for Governing Tropical Forests Yale ISTF Conference, March 2009

Plows, V, 2012:
Conflict and coexistence: challenging interactions, expressions of agency and ways of relating in work with young people in the Minority World

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Conflict and error prevention and detection in complex networks

Whayne, J., 2012:
Conflict in the Ozarks: Hill Folk, Industrialists, and Government in Missouri's Courtois Hills

Shulman, L.P., 2012:
Conflict of Interest Disclosure in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ajwani, D; Elbassioni, K; Govindarajan, S; Ray, S, 2012:
Conflict-Free Coloring for Rectangle Ranges UsingO(n.382) Colors

Dr. Muriel van Doorn,Prof. dr. Susan Branje,Dr. Inge van der Valk…, 2012:
Conflictoplossing van adolescenten met ouders en vrienden: is er een verband?

White, J., 2012:
Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Medicine

Gerard Magill, 2012:
Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Medicine: The United States, France, and Japanby Marc A. Rodwin

Fu-Yuan Hsu; Yao-Ming Yang, 2012:
Confluence weld in an aluminum gravity casting

Lekan, T., 2012:
Confluence: The Nature of Technology and the Remaking of the Rhone

Pauline Couper; Richard Yarwood, 2012:
Confluences of human and physical geography research on the outdoors: an introduction to the special section on Exploring the outdoors

Rideout, D., 2012:
Confocal Laser Technology for Industrial Use

Mei, E.; Campion, M., 2012:
Confocal Microscopy Based on Laser Line Scanning Method and CMOS Camera Detection

Yue Zhang; Zi-Qiang Xu; Xiao-Rong Liu; Zu-De Qi; Feng-Lei Jiang; Yi Liu, 2012:
Conformation and Thermodynamic Properties of the Binding of Vitamin C to Human Serum Albumin

Liao, J-Chi, 2012:
Conformational Analysis Reveals Distinct Mechanical Transduction Mechanisms of RecA-Like Molecular Motors

Azarakhshi, F; Nori-Shargh, D; Masnabadi, N; Yahyaei, H; Mousavi, S Negar, 2012:
Conformational Behaviors of 2-Substituted Cyclohexanone Oximes: An AB Initio, Hybrid Dft Study, and NBO Interpretation

Bollmann, S; Burgert, A; Plattner, C; Nagel, L; Sewald, N; Löllmann, M; Sauer, M; Doose, Sören, 2012:
Conformational Flexibility of Glycosylated Unstructured Peptides

Fahrner, M; Muik, M; Lohninger, B; Schindl, R; Romanin, C, 2012:
Conformational Rearrangements of STIM1 Cytosolic Portion Sensed by Altered Coiled-Coil Accessibility

Surpateanu, G; Soulé, J-François; Beau, J-Marie; Norsikian, Séphanie; Iorga, B I., 2012:
Conformational Study of Glycal-Type Neuraminidase Inhibitors

Moradi, M; Enkavi, G; Tajkhorshid, E, 2012:
Conformational Transition Pathway of GlpT Transporter, Characterized by Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations

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Conformational analysis of 2-acetylcyclopentanone by the density functional and MP2 methods

Bagrat, A. Shainyan; Elena, N. Suslova; Erich Kleinpeter, 2012:
Conformational analysis of 4,4-dimethyl-1-(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)-1,4-azasilinane and 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)-1,4,2,6-oxazadisilinane

Ferdinand Groenewald; Jan Dillen, 2012:
Conformational analysis of caprolactam, cycloheptene and caprolactone

Aleksey, B. Ryabitskii; Julia, L. Bricks; Aleksey, D. Kachkovskii; Vladimir, V. Kurdyukov, 2012:
Conformational analysis of polymethine dyes derived from the 2-azaazulene

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Conformational analysis, tautomerization, IR, Raman, and NMR studies of ethyl benzoylacetate

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Conformational and stereoeletronic investigations of muscarinic agonists of acetylcholine by NMR and theoretical calculations

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Conformational change of mitochondrial complex I as a key event in ischaemia/reperfusion damage

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Conformational change of the subunit regulates the ATP hydrolysis activity of cyanobacterial ATP synthase

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Conformational changes in the First Transmembrane Helix of the H+-ATPase, AHA2, during H+ Transport

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Conformational changes ofl-phenylalanine induced by near infrared radiation. ATR-FTIR studies

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Conformational changes to deamidated wheat gliadins and b-casein upon adsorption to oilwater emulsion interfaces

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Conformational diversity of dichromate dianion

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Conformational heterogeneity in pyranose 2-oxidase from Trametes multicolor revealed by ultrafast fluorescence dynamics

Hazlina Husin; Yee-Kwong Leong; Jishan Liu, 2012:
Conformational molecular structuresurface force correlation of ethylenediaminetetracetic, nitrilotriacetic and (S,S)-ethylenediamine-N,N-disuccinic acids in a-Al2O3 dispersions

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Conformational polymorphism in bicalutamide: a quantum chemical study

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Conformational preference of 2,5-disubstituted phosphacymantrenes evidenced by the data of quantum chemical calculations and topology analysis of electron density

Inga, A. Ronova; Maria Bruma; Hans-Werner Schmidt, 2012:
Conformational rigidity and dielectric properties of polyimides

V. Balachandran; A. Lakshmi; A. Janaki, 2012:
Conformational stability, vibrational spectral studies, HOMOLUMO and NBO analyses of 2-hydroxy-4-methyl-3-nitropyridine and 2-hydroxy-4-methyl-5-nitropyridine based on density functional theory

Petko Ivanov, 2012:
Conformations of some lower-size large-ring cyclodextrins derived from conformational search with molecular dynamics and principal component analysis

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Conformity Effect Sizes are Smaller on the Frontier

Rosander, M; Eriksson, O, 2012:
Conformity on the Internet The role of task difficulty and gender differences

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Confrontation cyto-histologique dans le cancer bronchopulmonaire : propos 340 cas. Exprience de lhpital militaire principal dinstruction de Tunis

Mariuzzo, A, 2012:
Confronting America. The Cold War between the United States and the Communists in France and Italy

Van Soest, D, 2012:
Confronting Our Fears and Finding Hope in Difficult Times: Social Work as a Force for Social Justice

Pearce, S, 2012:
Confronting dominant whiteness in the primary classroom: progressive student teachers' dilemmas and constraints

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Confronting the Challenges of Sewerage Management in the Caribbean: A Case Study from the Island of Barbados

Rowlandson, W, 2012:
Confronting the shadow: the hero's journey in Borges' 'El Etngrafo'

David Slutsky, 2012:
Confusion and dependence in uses of history

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Congenital Absence of the Optic Chiasm

Arceci, R.J., 2012:
Congenital Anomalies in the Children of Cancer Survivors: A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

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Congenital Dacryocystocele: A Rare and Benign Nasolacrimal Duct Cyst Condition

Sharma, R; Parwal, N; Kumar, N; Puliyel, J M., 2012:
Congenital Dengue and Myocarditis

Manickavasagam, J.; Thevasagayam, R.; Bateman, N. D., 2012:
Congenital Familial Subglottic Stenosis

Eagle, S; Thompson, A, 2012:
Congenital Heart Disease in the Adult Presenting for Noncardiac Surgery

Teke, Türkan Aydn; Öz, F Nur; Apaydn, S; Yldz, Y Taşç; Tanr, Gönül, 2012:
Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformation and Bronchogenic Cyst With Tuberculosis in an Adolescent

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Congenital Rubella Syndrome

Manish Kumar, R Singh, 2012:
Congenital cutis laxa

Ion, R; Hayman, R; Hyde, J, 2012:
Congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia and pregnancy

Kiron Sukulal, N Namboodiri, 2012:
Congenital lymphedema: Another unique and gender specific stigmata of tuberous sclerosis?

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Congenital megalourethra: prenatal diagnosis and postnatal/autopsy findings in 10 cases

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Congenital myasthenic syndromes

Elena Tudorache; Julien Hogan; Marie-Emilie Dourthe; Béatrice Quinet; Emmanuel Grimprel; Anne-Laure Sellier-Leclerc; Tim Ulinski, 2012:
Congenital nephrotic syndrome with acute renal failure: answers

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Congenital, Meandering Transdiaphragmatic Aortocaval-Right Atrial Arteriovenous Fistula

Graham, T.P., 2012:
Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries: Ventricular Function at the Time of Systemic Atrioventricular Valve Replacement Predicts Long-Term Ventricular Function

Yao, T; Wei, M Mingcheng; Zhang, B; Friesz, T, 2012:
Congestion derivatives for a traffic bottleneck with heterogeneous commuters

MacDonald, K, 2012:
Congestive Heart Failure Secondary to Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease and Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Komatsu, H, 2012:
Congratulations to Professor William L. Holzemer on being awarded the Order of the Rising Sun for his contributions to the advancement of nursing science in Japan

Zeeshan Ahmad; Daniel, J. Prinsloo, 2012:
Congratulationsyou have Poland's syndrome

Walter, G. Joyce; Juliana Sterli, 2012:
Congruence, non-homology, and the phylogeny of basal turtles

B. Daum, 2012:
Congrs annuel de la Socit Franaise de Mdecine et Chirurgie du Pied (S.F.M.C.P.)

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Conic-like subdivision curves on surfaces

Sim, C-Yen-Desmond, 2012:
Conical Beam Array Antenna With Polarization Diversity

Zampighi, G A.; Schietroma, C; Zampighi, L M.; Brecha, N C., 2012:
Conical Tomography of Ribbon Synapses of Light and Dark-Adapted Rod and Cones Photoreceptors

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Conifer Crown Fuel Modeling: Current Limits and Potential for Improvement

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Coning, Symmetry and Spherical Frameworks

Krupnick, J.L., 2012:
Conjoint IPT for Postpartum Depression: Literature Review and Overview of a Treatment Manual

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Conjugate Natural Convection in a Porous Enclosure with Non-Uniform Heat Generation

Kawamorita, S; Yamazaki, K; Ohmiya, H; Iwai, T; Sawamura, M, 2012:
Conjugate Reduction of α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyl and Carboxyl Compounds with Poly(methylhydrosiloxane) Catalyzed by a Silica-Supported Compact Phosphane-Copper Complex

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Conjugated linoleic acid content in selected Mexican beef and dairy products

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Conjugated linoleic acid supplementation for 8weeks does not affect body composition, lipid profile, or safety biomarkers in overweight, hyperlipidemic men

Daisuke Kitazawa; Nobuhiro Watanabe; Shuhei Yamamoto; Jun Tsukamoto, 2012:
Conjugated polymers based on quinoxaline for polymer solar cells

Novakovskaya, Y V., 2012:
Conjugation in hydrogen-bonded systems

Sarka Bidmanova; Antonin Hlavacek; Jiri Damborsky; Zbynek Prokop, 2012:
Conjugation of 5(6)-carboxyfluorescein and 5(6)-carboxynaphthofluorescein with bovine serum albumin and their immobilization for optical pH sensing

Shields, C.L., 2012:
Conjunctival Melanoma: Outcomes Based on Tumor Origin in 382 Consecutive Cases

Malek, J.; Hess, L.; Kurzova, A., 2012:
Conjunctival administration of remifentanil in rabbits

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Conjunctive and Disjunctive Extensions of the Least Squares Distance Model of Cognitive Diagnosis

Shi, F; Zhao, C; Sun, D; Peng, D; Han, M, 2012:
Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater in central Asia area: a case study of the Tailan River Basin

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Connaissances et pratiques des mdecins gnralistes vis- -vis du cancer du sein au Maroc

Hammas-Hlaili, W.; Marzouk-Aissi, W.; Fadhlaoui, A.; Bougatef, S.; Ben Alaya-Bouafif, N.; Ben Romdhane, H., 2012:
Connaissances et pratiques en matire de dpistage du cancer du sein des femmes en Tunisie

Gruzd, A; Staves, K; Wilk, A, 2012:
Connected scholars: Examining the role of social media in research practices of faculty using the UTAUT model

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Connectedness and life skills development for all children

Hallett, J., 2012:
Connecting Communities for Ecological Restoration

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Connecting Content, Context, and Communication in a Sixth-Grade Social Studies Class through Political Cartoons

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Connecting With Community: How Peter Changed One Journalist's Perspective

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Connecting an architectural plant model to a forest stand dynamics modelapplication to Austrian black pine stand visualization

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Connecting generations: developing co-design methods for older adults and children

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Connecting geodesics on smooth surfaces

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Connecting in situ TEM mechanical testing with bulk properties of irradiated materials

Tamara Savelyeva, 2012:
Connecting instructional and cognitive aspects of an LE: A study of the global seminar project

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Connecting regional impacts to global environmental change

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Connecting the terrestrial gamma-ray flash source strength and observed fluence distributions

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Connecting with Rice: Carolina Lowcountry and Africa

Robinson, R, 2012:
Connection Patterns in the Healthy Brain Match Atrophy Patterns in Diseased Brain

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Connection of an elementary class of parametric two-electron reduced-density-matrix methods to the coupled electron-pair approximations

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Connections Can Be Toxic: Terrorist Organizational Factors and the Pursuit of CBRN Weapons

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Connections of Coherent Information, Quantum Discord, and Entanglement

CE Danforn Lim; NCL Cheng, 2012:
Connective tissue reflex massage to improve peripheral circulation in type 2 diabetes mellitus

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Connectivity Restoration in Large Landscapes: Modeling Landscape Condition and Ecological Flows

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Connectivity in Vuggy Carbonates, New Experimental Methods and Applications

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Connectivity of Pore Space as a Control on Two-Phase Flow Properties of Tight-Gas Sandstones

Feng Xiao; Long Wang; Tongwen Chen, 2012:
Connectivity preservation for multi-agent rendezvous with link failure

Pohwat, P W., 2012:
Connoisseur'S choice: Ettringite, N'Chwaning II Mine, Northern Cape Province, Republic of South Africa

Pohwat, P W., 2012:
Connoisseur's Choice: Enargite, Longfellow Mine, Red Mountain District, San Juan County, Colorado

Cook, R B., 2012:
Connoisseur's Choice: Kinoite, Christmas Mine, Gila County, Arizona

Cook, R B., 2012:
Connoisseur's Choice: Olmiite, N'Chwaning II Mine, Kalahari Manganese Field, Republic of South Africa

Clifford, J H., 2012:
Connoisseur's Choice: Rose (Pink) Quartz Lavra da Pitorra, Laranjeiras, Galilia Minas Gerais, Brazil

Pohwat, P W., 2012:
Connoisseur's Choice: Siderite Siete Suyos Mine, Atocha-Quechisla District Sud Chichas Province, Potos Department, Bolivia

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Conquering the Unknown: Exploring the options

Buizard, J-Michel, 2012:
Conscience et perception : contradictions de la thorie freudienne et perte dun hritage philosophique

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Conscience online learning: an efficient approach for robust kernel-based clustering

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Conscientiousness and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Organizational Justice

Paul Glare; Nessa Coyle; Gregory Emili, 2012:
Conscientous Objection To End of Life Care by a Fellow (735)

Sury, M., 2012:
Conscious sedation in children

Tresilian, N, 2012:
Consciousness Reframed 13: TECHNOETIC TELOS Art, Myth and Media, Part one: Scaling Up the Telos

Cédric Joncour; Arnaud Pêcher, 2012:
Consecutive Ones Matrices for Multi-dimensional Orthogonal Packing Problems

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Consecutive intercalation of a cationic porphyrin dimer between the GC base-pairs: a kinetic study

Liu, M; Yu, J; Yang, L; Yao, L; Zhang, Y, 2012:
Consecutive tracking for ballistic missile based on bearings-only during boost phase

Ricardo González-Cámpora, 2012:
Consenso Nacional SEAP-SEOM sobre biomarcadores en el cncer de pulmn no microctico avanzado

Ilias, E Jirjoss, 2012:
Consenso internacional de especialistas em sleeve gstrico baseado na experincia de mais de 12.0000 casos operados

Goldman, S, 2012:
Consensual qualitative research: a practical resource for investigating social science phenomena

Nemanja Ilić; Srdjan, S. Stanković; Miloš S. Stanković; Karl Henrik Johansson, 2012:
Consensus based distributed change detection using Generalized Likelihood Ratio methodology

G. Rahmi, 2012:
Consensus en endoscopie digestive de la SFED : exploration de lintestin grle par entroscopie

Gilles Lesur; Denis Heresbach; Jean-Pierre Arpurt; Bruno Richard-Molard, 2012:
Consensus en endoscopie digestive: hmostase endoscopique des hmorragies digestives hautes

J. Cardey, A. Lachaux, J. -F. Mougenot, M. Bellaiche, D. Heresbach, 2012:
Consensus en endoscopie digestive: la prparation

Lawton, C., 2012:
Consensus guidelines for delineation of clinical target volume for intensity-modulated pelvic radiotherapy for the definitive treatment of cervix cancer

Fenglan Sun; Zhi-Hong Guan; Xi-Sheng Zhan; Fu-Shun Yuan, 2012:
Consensus of second-order and high-order discrete-time multi-agent systems with random networks

Tang, Z-Jun; Huang, T-Zhu; Shao, J-Liang; Hu, J-Ping, 2012:
Consensus of second-order multi-agent systems with nonuniform time-varying delays

Paul, H. Edelman; David, E. Klein; Stefanie, A. Lindquist, 2012:
Consensus, Disorder, and Ideology on the Supreme Court

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Consent and communication: A correlational study

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Consent and information exchange A burden or opportunity?

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Consent in osteopathy: A cross sectional survey of patients' information and process preferences

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Consenting to Sex and Severe Mental Illness:Terra Incognitaand a Priest with AIDS

Robyn, A. LeBoeuf and Michael, I. Norton, 2012:
Consequence-Cause Matching: Looking to the Consequences of Events to Infer Their Causes

Kusch, W; Schmidla, T; Stadler, I, 2012:
Consequences for district heating and natural gas grids when aiming towards 100% electricity supply with renewables

Lane, S, 2012:
Consequences of Assessment and Accountability Systems Are Integral to the Argument-Based Approach to Validity

Johnson, L. I.; Miller, J. D., 2012:
Consequences of Large-scale Production of Marijuana in Residential Buildings

Schreiner, R. P.; Zasada, I. A.; Pinkerton, J. N., 2012:
Consequences of Mesocriconema xenoplax Parasitism on Pinot noir Grapevines Grafted on Rootstocks of Varying Susceptibility

Silva, J S.; Cardoso, A R.; Beluco, A, 2012:
Consequences of Reducing the Cost of PV Modules on a PV Wind Diesel Hybrid System with Limited Sizing Components

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Consequences of Stocking Headwater Impoundments on Native Populations of Brook Trout in Tributaries

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Consequences of change and variability in sea ice on marine ecosystem and biogeochemical processes during the 20072008 Canadian International Polar Year program

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Consequences of criminal court involvement for child victims

Melo, V. S.; Desjardins, T.; Silva Jr, M. L.; Santos, E. R.; Sarrazin, M.; Santos, M. M. L. S., 2012:
Consequences of forest conversion to pasture and fallow on soil microbial biomass and activity in the eastern Amazon

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Consequences of impaired female sexual functioning: Individual differences and associations with sexual distress

Boyd, A; Girard, P-Marie; Lacombe, K, 2012:
Consequences of persistent HBV infection in HIV: the double-edged sword of nucleos(t)ide analogs

Dale Dorsey, 2012:
Consequentialism, Metaphysical Realism and the Argument from Cluelessness

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Conservation Agriculture in Maize- and Wheat-Based Systems in the (Sub)tropics: Lessons from Adaptation Initiatives in South Asia, Mexico, and Southern Africa

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Conservation Agriculture in mixed croplivestock systems: Scoping crop residue trade-offs in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

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Conservation Aquaculture of Northern Leatherside Chub and Effects of Temperature on Egg Survival

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Conservation Land Trust Activities and Potential Impacts on Planning

Xue, B; Wu, C-Ming, 2012:
Conservation Laws and Darboux Transformation for SharmaTassoOlver Equation

Benson, C, 2012:
Conservation NGOs in Madang, Papua New Guinea: Understanding Community and Donor Expectations

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Conservation Outcomes and Social Relations: A Comparative Study of Private Ranchland Conservation Easements

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Conservation Reasoning and Proposed Actions for the Protection of Threatened Plant Species: Insights From a Sample of Rural and Urban Children of Cyprus

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Conservation Status of an Endemic Kinosternid, Kinosternon sonoriense longifemorale, in Arizona

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Conservation Under Occupation: Conflictual Powers and Cultural Heritage Meanings

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Conservation agriculture for small holder rainfed farming: Opportunities and constraints of new mechanized seeding systems

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Conservation agriculture in Laos: Diffusion and determinants for adoption of direct seeding mulch-based cropping systems in smallholder agriculture

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Conservation agriculture in dry areas

Amir Kassam; Theodor Friedrich; Rolf Derpsch; Rabah Lahmar; Rachid Mrabet; Gottlieb Basch; Emilio, J. González-Sánchez; Rachid Serraj, 2012:
Conservation agriculture in the dry Mediterranean climate

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Conservation agriculture, increased organic carbon in the top-soil macro-aggregates and reduced soil CO2emissions

Fisher, B P, 2012:
Conservation and livelihoods: identifying trade-offs and winwins

Inoue, Y; Niizuma, Y, 2012:
Conservation and management of the Great Cormorant in Japan: ecological studies and case studies for applying to other regions

David, M. Richardson, 2012:
Conservation biogeography: what's hot and what's not?

M. S. Zaghloul; J. L. Hamrick; A. A. Moustafa, 2012:
Conservation genetics of Sinais remnant populations ofMoringa peregrina, an economically valuable medicinal plant

Wünsch, Y; Schirmel, J; Fartmann, T, 2012:
Conservation management of coastal dunes for Orthoptera has to consider oviposition and nymphal preferences

Patankar, V; D'souza, E, 2012:
Conservation needs of the coconut crab Birgus latro on the Nicobar Islands, India

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Conservation of Billbergia zebrina genetic resources: AFLP polymorphism of in vitro regenerated genotypes

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Conservation of endemic insular plants: the genus Ribes L. (Grossulariaceae) in Sardinia

López, J. E.; Oliveira, J. A., 2012:
Conservation of genetic diversity in regenerated landraces of Italian ryegrass

Appleton, S D.; Bone, J W. P.; Coughran, J; Leland, J C.; Furse, J M., 2012:
Conservation of imperiled crayfish Euastacus bindal (Decapoda: Parastacidae), a highland crayfish from far north Queensland, Australia

Reid, Zë; van de Wetering, B, 2012:
Conservation of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Chancery pleadings at the National Archives of Ireland

Sara Avila-Forcada; Adán L. Martínez-Cruz; Carlos Muñoz-Piña, 2012:
Conservation of vaquita marina in the Northern Gulf of California

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Conservation on the High Seas: Developing the Concept of the High Seas Marine Protected Areas

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Conservation tillage issues: Cover crop-based organic rotational no-till grain production in the mid-Atlantic region, USA

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Conservation tillage systems for cotton advance in the San Joaquin Valley

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Conservation, ecology, restoration, and management of Mediterranean pines and their ecosystems: challenges under global change

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Conservative Augmentation with Periareolar Mastopexy Reduces Complications and Treats a Variety of Breast Types: A 5-Year Retrospective Review of 100 Consecutive Patients

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Conservative Management in Primary Vaginal Lymphoma: Role of Chemotherapy

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Conservative Management of Atypical Hyperplasia and Grade I Endometrial Carcinoma: Review of the Literature and Presentation of a Series

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Conservative Management of Bomb Shrapnel Injuries to the Brain

Cambeiro, M.; Aristu, J.; Moreno, M.; Arbea, L.; Monge, R. Martinez, 2012:
Conservative Surgery and Intraoperative Radiation Therapy for Locally Recurrent Soft-tissue Sarcomas of the Extremities and the Superficial Trunk

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Conservative Treatment of Penile Cancer: Retrospective Analysis of 1 Cohort of Patients Treated With Brachytherapy

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Conservative Versus Liberal Red Cell Transfusion in Acute Myocardial Infarction (the CRIT Randomized Pilot Study)

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Conservative management of Achilles tendinopathy: A mixed methods study, integrating a systematic review and clinical reasoning

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Conservative management of patellofemoral pain syndrome: Integrating the evidence base with physiotherapists clinical reasoning

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Conserved Domains, Residues, WebLogo and Active Sites of Caspase- Cascades Related to Apoptotic Signaling Pathway

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Conserved cis-regulatory elements of two odorant-binding protein genes, Obp57d and Obp57e, in Drosophila

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Conserving Southern Longleaf: Herbert Stoddard and the Rise of Ecological Land Management

Yuan, Z; Zhu, Y; Wang, Y; Zhang, L, 2012:
Conserving energy by optimizing the heat exchanger networks of glyphosate production with pinch technology

Nicholas Holm, 2012:
Consider the Squirrel: Freaks, Vermin, and Value in the Ruin(s) of Nature

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Consideration about the Intake of Conjugated Linoleic Acid in the Japanese

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Exploring the Framing of Animal Farming and Meat Consumption: On the Diversity of Topics Used and Qualitative Patterns in Selected Demographic Contexts

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Consideration of Gyroscopic Effect in Fault Detection and Isolation for Unbalance Excited Rotor Systems

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Consideration of selflessness and selfinterest in outsourcing decisions

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Considerations For Successful Nanoscopy, Nanometer-Scale Element Mapping and Nanoanalysis

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Considerations in Court-Involved Therapy With Parents

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Considerations in the design of clinical trials for erectile dysfunction

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Considerations in the design of clinical trials for relapsing multiple sclerosis

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Considerations of Design and Implementation of a Paperless Forensic Laboratory

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Considerations of How to Study Learning Processes when Students use GIS as an Instrument for Developing Spatial Thinking Skills

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Considerations of Project Scale and Sustainability of Modern Bioenergy Systems in Uganda

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Considerations of the Actiotope Model of Giftedness

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Considerations of the assessment of autism spectrum disorders in a tertiary level children's mental health service

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Considerations on Double Exponential-Based Cubatures for the Computation of Weakly Singular Galerkin Inner Products

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Considerations on design optimization criteria for windows providing low energy consumption and high visual comfort

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Considerations on the European Standard EN 14157 Test Methods: Abrasion Resistance of Natural Stones Used for Flooring in Buildings

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Considerations on the design of flow cells in by-pass systems for process analytical applications and its influence on the flow profile using NMR and CFD

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Considering Greek Yogurt for Chronic Kidney Disease

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Considering plant phenology for improving the accuracy of urban impervious surface mapping in a subtropical climate regions

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Considering the consequences: Australian country newspapers and news impact on communities

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Considering the oligonucleotide secondary structures in thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of DNA duplex formation

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Considering the safeguarding risks presented by agency or temporary social care staff: research findings and recommendations

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Considering the temporary leader in temporary work arrangements: Sensemaking processes of internal interim leaders

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Considering violence: the dark side of occupation

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Considrations sur le syndrome du canal tarsien postromdial et les formes apparentes (lsions du nerf tibial et de ses branches)

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Consistency and asymptotic normality of FastICA and bootstrap FastICA

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Consistency and robustness of tests and estimators based on depth

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Consistency in multi-vehicle inventory-routing

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Consistency in teachers judgments

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Consistency of Voice Frequency and Perturbation in Children

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Consistency of choice in nonparametric multiple comparisons

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Consistency of ground-motion predictions from the past four decades: peak ground velocity and displacement, Arias intensity and relative significant duration

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Consistency of groundwater flow patterns in mountainous topography: Implications for valley bottom water replenishment and for defining groundwater flow boundaries

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Consistency of subspace methods for signals with almost-periodic components

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Consistency of the Harsanyi NTU configuration value

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Consistency or efficiency? A dilemma for designers

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Consistent Digital Line Segments

Angela Summers; William Vogtmann; Steven Smolen, 2012:
Consistent consequence severity estimation

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Consistent subgrid scale modelling for lattice Boltzmann methods

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Consolidating Governance Principles for Areas beyond National Jurisdiction

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Consolidation behavior of soilcement column improved ground

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Consolidation of a composite foundation with soilcement columns and prefabricated vertical drains

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Consolidation of commercial pure aluminum powder by torsional-equal channel angular pressing (T-ECAP) at room temperature

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Consolidation of composite foundation improved by geosynthetic-encased stone columns

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Consommation de boissons sucres : relation avec la surcharge pondrale et lobsit

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Consommation de complments alimentaires en France : profil des consommateurs et contribution lquilibre nutritionnel

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Conspecificity ofAulopus formosanusandA. diactithrix(Aulopidae) and differences between the populations from Taiwan and Vietnam

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Constance A C Ross

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Constant Approximation Algorithms for Embedding Graph Metrics into Trees and Outerplanar Graphs

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Constant force extensional rheometry of polymer solutions

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Constant thrust collision avoidance maneuver under thruster failure

Qi Yongqiang; Jia Yingmin, 2012:
Constant thrust-V-bar departure under the thruster failure

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Constituents and outcomes of absorptive capacity appropriability regime changing the game

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Constituting objectivity: Transcendental perspectives on modern physics

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Constitutionalizing Party Democracy: The Constitutive Codification of Political Parties in Post-war Europe

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Constitutive Expression of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor in Keratinocytes Causes Inflammatory Skin Lesions

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Constitutive analysis of compressive deformation behavior of ELI-grade Ti6Al4V with different microstructures

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Constitutive and immunoproteasome crystal structures reveal differences in substrate and inhibitor specificity

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Constitutive equations of a tensorial model for ductile damage of metals

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Constitutive expression ofArabidopsis DREB1Bin transgenic potato enhances drought and freezing tolerance

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Constitutive flavonoids deter flea beetle insect feeding in Camelina sativa L

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Constitutive function, residual stress, and state of uniform stress in arteries

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Constitutive intestinal NF- B does not trigger destructive inflammation unless accompanied by MAPK activation

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Constitutive modeling for hot deformation behavior of ZA27 alloy

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Constitutive modeling of artificially cemented sand by considering fabric anisotropy

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Constitutive modelling approach for evaluating the triggering of flow slides

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Constitutive protein content of procaspases in murine tissue

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Constrained Gazelles: High Potentials in West Africas Informal Economy

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Constrained cooperative control design for distributed morphing wing systems

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Constrained full-waveform inversion by model reparameterization1

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Constrained network-based column generation for the multi-activity shift scheduling problem

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Constrained ordination analysis in the presence of zero inflation

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Constrained polymer chain behavior observed in their non-stoichiometric cyclodextrin inclusion complexes

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Constrained total least-squares localisation algorithm using time difference of arrival and frequency difference of arrival measurements with sensor location uncertainties

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Constraining Holocene 10Be production rates in Greenland

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Constraining albedo, diameter and composition of near-Earth asteroids via near-infrared spectroscopy

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Constraining effects of weld and heat-affected zone on deformation behaviors of welded tubes in numerical control bending process

Danišík, M; Štěpančíková, P; Evans, N J., 2012:
Constraining long-term denudation and faulting history in intraplate regions by multisystem thermochronology: An example of the Sudetic Marginal Fault (Bohemian Massif, central Europe)

J.K. Cross; J. Roberge; D.A. Jerram, 2012:
Constraining the degassing processes of Popocatpetl Volcano, Mexico: A vesicle size distribution and glass geochemistry study

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Constraining the mid-crustal channel flow beneath the Tibetan Plateau: data from the Nielaxiongbo gneiss dome, SE Tibet

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Constraint and exploitation of redundant degrees of freedom during walking

Guoqiang Bai; Henning Fernau, 2012:
Constraint bipartite vertex cover: simpler exact algorithms and implementations

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Constraint multi-objective automated synthesis for CMOS operational amplifier

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Constraint on the second functional derivative of the exchange-correlation energy

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Constraint removal for sparse signal recovery

Sébastien Mouthuy; Pascal Van Hentenryck; Yves Deville, 2012:
Constraint-based Very Large-Scale Neighborhood search

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Constraints on Cenozoic regional drainage evolution of SW China from the provenance of the Jianchuan Basin

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Constraints on Colour Category Formation

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Constraints on Implicit Learning of Grammatical Form-Meaning Connections

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Constraints on Salt Marsh Development Following Managed Coastal Realignment: Dispersal Limitation or Environmental Tolerance?

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Constraints on multiple-feature mutation

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Constraints on the Timing of Co-Cu Au Mineralization in the Blackbird District, Idaho, Using SHRIMP U-Pb Ages of Monazite and Xenotime Plus Zircon Ages of Related Mesoproterozoic Orthogneisses and Metasedimentary Rocks

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Constraints on the Venusian crustal thickness variations in the isostatic stagnant lid approximation

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Construct Validity of AnimalAssisted Therapy and Activities: How Important Is the Animal in AAT?

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Construct clarity in human resource management research: Introduction to the special issue

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Construct clarity: Multidisciplinary considerations and an illustration using human capital

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Construct validity and confirmatory factor analysis of the Self-Control and Self-Management Scale

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Construct validity vs. concept validity

Barry Gerhart, 2012:
Construct validity, causality, and policy recommendations: The case of high performance work practices systems

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Constructal design of conducting body cooled by open cavity

Kadlec, R H., 2012:
Constructed Marshes for Nitrate Removal

Yu, R; Wu, Q; Lu, X, 2012:
Constructed Wetland in a Compact Rural Domestic Wastewater Treatment System for Nutrient Removal

Headley, T. R.; Tanner, C. C., 2012:
Constructed Wetlands With Floating Emergent Macrophytes: An Innovative Stormwater Treatment Technology

Peter Stahlschmidt; Achim Pätzold; Lisa Ressl; Ralf Schulz; Carsten, A. Brühl, 2012:
Constructed wetlands support bats in agricultural landscapes

Sudhir Gupta; Luis, B. Morales, 2012:
Constructing -optimal and minimax-optimal k-circulant supersaturated designs via multi-objective tabu search

Rasanen, E; Holma, J; Seikkula, J, 2012:
Constructing Healing Dialogues in Group Treatment for Men Who Have Used Violence Against Their Intimate Partners

Cathy, J. Ridgway; Patrick, A. C. Gane, 2012:
Constructing NFC-pigment composite surface treatment for enhanced paper stiffness and surface properties

Perry, C. Wayne, 2012:
Constructing Professional Identity in an Online Graduate Clinical Training Program: Possibilities for Online Supervision

Zahid, K. M.; Barbeau, D. L., 2012:
Constructing Sandstone Provenance and Classification Ternary Diagrams Using An Electronic Spreadsheet

Amoah, L G. Adu, 2012:
Constructing a New Public Administration in Africa

Mingren Shi,Michael Renton,James Ridsdill-Smith…, 2012:
Constructing a new individual-based model of phosphine resistance in lesser grain borer (Rhyzopertha dominica): do we need to include two loci rather than one?

Jeacle, I; Jacobs, K; Evans, S, 2012:
Constructing accounting in the mirror of popular music

Li, X-Ye; Guo, L-jie, 2012:
Constructing affinity matrix in spectral clustering based on neighbor propagation

Zhi-Hong Sun, 2012:
Constructing for primes

Boschini, A; Muren, A; Persson, M, 2012:
Constructing gender differences in the economics lab

Wen-Che Tsai; Wei-Chu Li; Hsin-Yi Yin; Ming-Chiang Yu; Hsiao-Wei Wen, 2012:
Constructing liposomal nanovesicles of ginseng extract against hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative damage to L929 cells

Ellen D’Haenens; Jan Van Damme; Patrick Onghena, 2012:
Constructing measures for school process variables: the potential of multilevel confirmatory factor analysis

Michael LaBelle, 2012:
Constructing post-carbon institutions: Assessing EU carbon reduction efforts through an institutional risk governance approach

Lynn Seo; Tae-Woong Kim; Minha Choi; Hyun-Han Kwon, 2012:
Constructing rainfall depth-frequency curves considering a linear trend in rainfall observations

Melissa, A. Collier-Meek; Lindsay, M. Fallon; Austin, H. Johnson; Lisa, M. H. Sanetti; Marisa, A. Delcampo, 2012:
Constructing self-modeling videos: Procedures and technology

Wen-Min Lu, S-Fang Lo, 2012:
Constructing stratifications for regions in China with sustainable development concerns

Donald, C. Mattson, 2012:
Constructing the computer-rated Face Stimulus Assessment-Revised (FSA-R) to assess formal elements of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Hongjie Du; Weili Wu; Shan Shan; Donghyun Kim; Wonjun Lee, 2012:
Constructing weakly connected dominating set for

Foxall, A, 2012:
Constructing, Practising, and Narrating Russian (Geo)Political Identity

Morsi, I.; Ebrahim, S.; Soliman, M., 2012:
Construction and Study of Hetreojunction Solar Cell Based on Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid-Doped Polyaniline/n-Si

Amit Jain; Vijay Gupta, 2012:
Construction and characterization of stainless steel/polyurea/E-glass composite joints

Plancoulaine, B.; Herlin, P.; Oger, M.; Elie, N.; Brécin, M.; Marnay, J.; Nasri, A.; Bor-Angelier, C., 2012:
Construction dune lame virtuelle composite partir dchantillons tissulaires jointifs

Xiaofang Guo; Xiaoju Li; Xiulan Weng; Shen Lin, 2012:
Construction of 3D supramolecular networks based on 1D chains from flexible bis(imidazolyl) and 4-hydroxybenzolate

Ema, T; Akihara, K; Obayashi, R; Sakai, T, 2012:
Construction of Contiguous Tetrasubstituted Carbon Stereocenters by Intramolecular Crossed Benzoin Reactions Catalyzed by N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Organocatalyst

Ju Hoon Lee; Hyun Min Park; Seung Pyo Jang; Geun Hee Eom; Jeong Mi Bae; Cheal Kim; Youngmee Kim; Sung-Jin Kim, 2012:
Construction of HgII complexes containing chelating 2,2-dipyridylamine ligands: Anion effect, photoluminescence and catalytic activities

Tsuyoshi Kajiwara; Toru Sasaki; Yasuhiro Takeuchi, 2012:
Construction of Lyapunov functionals for delay differential equations in virology and epidemiology

Torrecilla, J.; Boladeras, A.; Cabeza, M.A.; Jove, J.; Zapatero, A.; Esteban, L.M.; Henriquez, I.; Casaña, M.; González, C.; Mengual, J.L., 2012:
Construction of Nomograms for Predicting the Development of Metastases and Biochemical Failure in Cancer of Prostate Treated With Radiation Therapy From Patients of Spanish Cancer Prostate Register (RECAP)

Richard, G. V.; Zarconi, J.; Savickas, M. L., 2012:
Construction of a Physician Skills Inventory

Sambandam Ravikumar; Irisappan Ganesh; Ik-keun Yoo; Soon Ho Hong, 2012:
Construction of a bacterial biosensor for zinc and copper and its application to the development of multifunctional heavy metal adsorption bacteria

Ryo Minegishi; Atsushi Takashima; Daisuke Kurabayashi; Ryohei Kanzaki, 2012:
Construction of a brainmachine hybrid system to evaluate adaptability of an insect

R. T. Shreiner, A. I. Kalygin, V. K. Krivovyaz, 2012:
Construction of a high-voltage recuperating cascade direct-frequency converter for electric drives

Abbas Afkhami; Tayyebeh Madrakian; Seyyed Javad Sabounchei; Mosayeb Rezaei; Sepideh Samiee; Mahbubeh Pourshahbaz, 2012 :
Construction of a modified carbon paste electrode for the highly selective simultaneous electrochemical determination of trace amounts of mercury(II) and cadmium(II)

Zhiqiang Wei; Shantang Yue; Ning Wang; Wenjing Liu; Yingliang Liu, 2012:
Construction of a porous NaCd mixed metalorganic framework based on biphenyl-4,4-dicarboxylate and benzotriazole

Yoshiro Mano; Fumie Omori; Kazuyoshi Takeda, 2012:
Construction of intraspecific linkage maps, detection of a chromosome inversion, and mapping of QTL for constitutive root aerenchyma formation in the teosinteZea nicaraguensis

Yan Liu; Lingling Gao; Xuyan Lv; Jianfeng Liu; Tuoping Hu, 2012:
Construction of lanthanide/zinc coordination polymers: In situ ligand reactions and templated synthesis

Sourav Chakraborty; Pablo, J. Sanz Miguel; Francisca, M. Albertí; Neeladri Das, 2012:
Construction of preorganized uracil based polytopic tectons for hydrogen-bonded supramolecular architectures

Liu, L; Li, X; Xu, C; Han, G; Zhao, Y; Hou, H; Fan, Y, 2012:
Construction of six coordination networks based on a flexible bis(methylbenzimidazole) ligand and isomeric benzenedicarboxylates

Antoine Saucier; Charles Audet, 2012:
Construction of sparse signal representations with adaptive multiscale orthogonal bases

Tweddell, J S.; Mitchell, M E.; Woods, R K.; Spray, T L.; Quintessenza, J A., 2012:
Construction of the Right Ventricle-to-Pulmonary Artery Conduit in the Norwood: The Dunk Technique

Losilla, S A.; Mehine, M M.; Sundholm, D, 2012:
Construction of the two-electron contribution to the Fock matrix by numerical integration

Wang, K; Xiao, Y; Kim, K, 2012 :
Construction of time-frequency codes based on protograph LDPC codes in OFDM communication systems

Jin Zhang; Hong Zou; Liangfa Wang; Bei Huang; Nan Li; Guitang Wang; Pin Nie, 2012:
Construction of two selectable markers for integrative/conjugative plasmids inFlavobacterium columnare

Quentin Lindsey, D Mellinger, V Kumar, 2012:
Construction with quadrotor teams

Shadpour Mallakpour; Fatemeh Zeraatpisheh; Mohammad, R. Sabzalian, 2012:
Construction, Characterization and Biological Activity of Chiral and Thermally Stable Nanostructured Poly(Ester-Imide)s as Tyrosine-Containing Pseudo-Poly(Amino Acid)s

Osborne, T; Gross, T, 2012:
Constructions are catenae: Construction Grammar meets Dependency Grammar

Tinker, C; Smart, A, 2012:
Constructions of collective Muslim identity by advocates of Muslim schools in Britain

Yang Wang, H Q. Ngo, T-Nhan Nguyen, 2012:
Constructions of given-depth and optimal multirate rearrangeably nonblocking distributors

Towns, A J.; Parker, C; Chase, P, 2012:
Constructions of masculinity in alcohol advertising: Implications for the prevention of domestic violence

John Mumma, 2012:
Constructive geometrical reasoning and diagrams

Liu, D; Li, H; Wang, W; Dong, Y, 2012:
Constructivism scenario evolutionary analysis of zero emission regional planning: A case of Qaidam Circular Economy Pilot Area in China

Markus, K A., 2012:
Constructs and Attributes in Test Validity: Reflections on Newton's Account

Michael Gilead; Nira Liberman; Anat Maril, 2012:
Construing counterfactual worlds: The role of abstraction

Kreber, C; Klampfleitner, M, 2012:
Construing the Meaning of Authenticity in University Teaching: Comparing Explicit to Implicit Theories

Harrity, C; Ahmed, S; O’Reilly, H; Cheah, M; Byrne, B, 2012:
Consultant presence during major obstetric haemorrhage

Bara Passot, C.; Maillard, H.; Beneton, N.; Serre, P.; Celerier, P., 2012:
Consultation de tldermatologie pour les patients en milieu carcral : exprience dun centre rgional

Maryline Bordes-Demolis; Christelle Pellerin; Karine Nouette-Gaulain, 2012:
Consultation dallergo-anesthsie

Weil, G.; Bourgain, J.-L., 2012:
Consultation pranesthsique

Gravois, T A., 2012:
Consultation services in schools: A can of worms worth opening

Leonard, H. Skipton; Freedman, A M.; Hill, C; Ng, C Seng; Warrier, J; Chu, P, 2012:
Consulting in international contexts: Examining and testing assumptions

Rosenfield, S A.; Humphrey, C F., 2012:
Consulting psychology in education: Challenge and change

George, P. Moschis, 2012:
Consumer Behavior in Later Life: Current Knowledge, Issues, and New Directions for Research

Jewell, T C.; Smith, A M.; Hoh, B; Ladd, S; Evinger, J; Lamberti, J. Steven; Joy, D; Johnson, J; Salerno, A J., 2012:
Consumer Centered Family Consultation: New York State's Recent Efforts to Include Families and Consumers as Partners in Recovery

Willemijn, M. van Dolen; David de Cremer; Ko de Ruyter, 2012:
Consumer Cynicism toward Collective Buying: The Interplay of Others Outcomes, Social Value Orientation, and Mood

John Thøgersen; Anne-Katrine Jørgensen; Sara Sandager, 2012:
Consumer Decision Making Regarding a Green Everyday Product

Ulf Lindqvist; Maija Federley; Liisa Hakola; Mikko Laukkanen; Aino Mensonen; Anna Viljakainen, 2012:
Consumer Demand for Information Accessible Through Automatic Identification

Ha, J; Jang, S (Shawn), 2012:
Consumer Dining Value: Does It Vary Across Different Restaurant Segments?

Arch, G. Woodside, 2012:
Consumer Evaluations of Competing Brands: Perceptual versus Predictive Validity

Meyn, A; Durham, K, 2012:
Consumer Perspective on Creating a Resource for the Cure

Sandy Wilbanks, 2012:
Consumer Preference in Primary Care

Holmquist, C.; McCluskey, J.; Ross, C., 2012:
Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Oak Attributes in Washington Chardonnays

Kim, S; Yang, T, 2012:
Consumer Preferences for Mobile Internet: A Comparative Cross-National Mixed Methods Study

Chang, D-Shang; Wang, T-Hsing, 2012:
Consumer Preferences for Service Recovery Options After Delivery Delay When Shopping Online

Simpson, J A.; Griskevicius, V; Rothman, A J., 2012:
Consumer decisions in relationships

Travis Reynolds; Jane Kolodinsky; Byron Murray, 2012:
Consumer preferences and willingness to pay for compact fluorescent lighting: Policy implications for energy efficiency promotion in Saint Lucia

Lee, K-Young, 2012:
Consumer processing of virtual experience in e-commerce: A test of an integrated framework

Clarke, I; Kirkup, M; Oppewal, H, 2012:
Consumer satisfaction with local retail diversity in the UK: effects of supermarket access, brand variety, and social deprivation

Wang, N.; Gong, Z.; Ma, J.; Zhao, J., 2012:
Consumer total ownership cost model of plug-in hybrid vehicle in China

Jae Bong Chang; Wanki Moon; Siva, K. Balasubramanian, 2012:
Consumer valuation of health attributes for soy-based food: A choice modeling approach

Sweeting, H; Hunt, K; Bhaskar, A, 2012:
Consumerism and well-being in early adolescence

Suh, B Won; Eves, A; Lumbers, M, 2012:
Consumers' Attitude and Understanding of Organic Food: The Case of South Korea

Mathur, P; Jain, S P.; Maheswaran, D, 2012:
Consumers' implicit theories about personality influence their brand personality judgments

Patel, H K.; Johnson, M L.; Sansgiry, S S., 2012:
Consumers' intention to use generic-drug discount programmes

Avnet, T; Pham, M Tuan; Stephen, A T., 2012:
Consumers Trust in Feelings as Information

Jorge Tovar, 2012:
Consumers Welfare and Trade Liberalization: Evidence from the Car Industry in Colombia

Stéphan Marette; Antoine Messéan; Guy Millet, 2012:
Consumers willingness to pay for eco-friendly apples under different labels: Evidences from a lab experiment

Gong, Q; Jackson, P, 2012:
Consuming Anxiety?: Parenting Practices in China after the Infant Formula Scandal

Khamis, M; Prakash, N; Siddique, Z, 2012:
Consumption and social identity: Evidence from India

Bentley, R P., 2012:
Consumption driven population dynamics (CDPD): Further explorations

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Consumption of Bt rice pollen expressing Cry2Aa does not cause adverse effects on adult Chrysoperla sinica Tjeder (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

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Consumption of Cloudy Apple Juice Increases Capacity to Protect DNA Against Damage Induced by Iron Ions in Healthy Humans

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Consumption of large, Chlorella-bearing ciliates (Stentor) by Mesocyclops araucanus in North Patagonian lakes

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Consumption, ageing and identity: New Zealander's narratives of gifting, ridding and passing on

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Consumptionomics: Asias Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet

Bouree, P; Pierre, A-Florence, 2012:
Consquence imprvue du canyoning

Vircoulon, M.; Combe, C., 2012:
Consquences cardiaques de linsuffisance rnale chronique

Smith, T.O.; McCabe, C.; Lister, S.; Christie, S.P.; Cross, J., 2012:
Consquences de la mise en place du programme Norwich de rcupration acclre aprs prothse totale de hanche ou de genou

Djeriri, K.; Bailly, P.; Boiteux, M.-C.; Chamoux, A., 2012:
Consquences du dpistage prcoce du risque coronarien chez un chauffeur poids lourd

Thoulouzan, M.; Perrouin-verbe, M.-A.; Coquet, J.-B.; Delage, F.; Papin, G.; Rousseau, B.; Erauso, A.; Fournier, G., 2012:
Consquences sexuelles du traitement de lhyperplasie bnigne de prostate (HBP) par laser greenlight XPS (180w)

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Contact Dermatitis Due To Alternative Treatment Methods: Four Case Reports

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Contact Numbers for Congruent Sphere Packings in Euclidean 3-Space

G. Cardiet,B. Fuzeau,C. Barreau,F. Fleurat-Lessard, 2012:
Contact and fumigant toxicity of some essential oil constituents against a grain insect pestSitophilus oryzaeand two fungi,Aspergillus westerdijkiaeandFusarium graminearum

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Contact and temperature rise of thermal flying height control sliders in hard disk drives

Wenping Song, A Ovcharenko, M Yang, H Zheng, F E. Talke, 2012:
Contact between a thermal flying height control slider and a disk asperity

R. Raoelison; A. Fuentes; Ph. Rogeon; P. Carré; T. Loulou; D. Carron; F. Dechalotte, 2012:
Contact conditions on nugget development during resistance spot welding of Zn coated steel sheets using rounded tip electrodes

Lindell, J, 2012:
Contact lens-based 24-hour continuous IOP monitoring is well tolerated

Dalton, K, 2012:
Contact lenses in winter sports

Park, Y Sung; Liu, P L.-F.; Chan, I-Chi, 2012:
Contact line dynamics and boundary layer flow during reflection of a solitary wave

Olivier Croce; Sabet Hachem; Eric Franchisseur; Serge Marcié; Jean-Pierre Gérard; Jean-Marc Bordy, 2012:
Contact radiotherapy using a 50 kV X-ray system: Evaluation of relative dose distribution with the Monte Carlo code PENELOPE and comparison with measurements

Chua, V, 2012 :
Contacts and contexts

Michael Asteris; Alan Collins; Dylan, F. Jones, 2012:
Container port infrastructure in north-west Europe: Policy-level modeling

Geng, D. L.; Xie, W. J.; Wei, B., 2012:
Containerless solidification of acoustically levitated NiSn eutectic alloy

Pyszora, N, 2012:
Containment in the community: Supportive frameworks for thinking about antisocial behaviour and mental health

Birch, M; Zorrah, Q, 2012:
Containment, Trauma and Coherence: A Case Presentation and Discussion

Anderson, E J.; Schwab, D J., 2012:
Contaminant Transport and Spill Reference Tables for the St. Clair River

Arash Bastani; Fariborz Haghighat; Janusz, A. Kozinski, 2012:
Contaminant source identification within a building: Toward design of immune buildings

Golzar Nirvan; Fariborz Haghighat; Liangzhu (Leon) Wang; Hashem Akbari, 2012:
Contaminant transport through the garage House interface leakage

Jaglal, K, 2012:
Contaminated Aquatic Sediments

Ruiliang Jia; Siming Dong; Takuya Hasegawa; Jiping Ye; Reinhold, H. Dauskardt, 2012:
Contamination and moisture absorption effects on the mechanical properties of catalyst coated membranes in PEM fuel cells

Sergent, A.-P.; Slekovec, C.; Pauchot, J.; Jeunet, L.; Bertrand, X.; Hocquet, D.; Pazart, L.; Talon, D., 2012:
Contamination bactrienne de lenvironnement hospitalier lors du changement de pansements des plaies chroniques

Washington, T.; Gilson, N.; Rachele, J., 2012:
Contemporaneous correlations within individuals in an automated web-based walking program ([email protected]) over a six week period (three phases) of time

Kerrich, R; Manikyamba, C; Williamson, M-Claude, 2012:
Contemporaneous eruption of Nb-enriched basalts K-adakites Na-adakites from the 2.7 Ga Penakacherla terrane: implications for subduction zone processes and crustal growth in the eastern Dharwar craton, India

Walker, M, 2012:
Contemporary Agrarianism: A Reality Check

Ruberg, R.L., 2012:
Contemporary Decision Making and Perception in Patients Undergoing Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

Tillman, J C., 2012:
Contemporary Ethical Applications of Kant

Etaugh, C.; Worell, J., 2012:
Contemporary Feminism for Gender Researchers: Not Just "Our Bodies, Our Cells"

Isaacson, B.; Bojrab, D. I.; Warren, F. M.; Babu, S.; El-Kashlan, H. K.; Lalwani, A. K.; Haynes, D. S., 2012:
Contemporary Management of Cholesteatoma

Sindwani, R., 2012:
Contemporary Management of Sinonasal Cancer

Arthurs, Z.M., 2012:
Contemporary Management of Splanchnic and Renal Artery Aneurysms: Results of Endovascular Compared with Open Surgery from Two European Vascular Centers

Wax, M. K.; Fedok, F. G.; Rosenthal, E. L.; Wang, T. D., 2012:
Contemporary Management of the Patient with Facial Paralysis

Schulte, K; Dulai, M Singh, 2012:
Contemporary Method for Combining Cytochrome Oxidase and Succinic Dehydrogenase Muscle Enzyme Procedures

Gansler, D. A.; Held, Z., 2012:
Contemporary Neurobehavioral Syndromes

Williams, N., 2012:
Contemporary Occupational Health Psychology: Global Perspectives on Research and Practice

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Contemporary US multiple heritage couples, individuals, and families: Issues, concerns, and counseling implications

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Contemporary Western war and the idea of humanity

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Contemporary glacier systems of continental Eurasia

Farley, Y, 2012:
Contemporary issues in couples counselling

Adanu, R M.K.; Boama, V; Guinto, V T.; Sosa, C G., 2012:
Contemporary issues in women's health

Pillai, J B.; Dennick, R, 2012:
Contemporary pedagogy within surgical education websites: a review of the literature

Langlitz, N, 2012:
Contemporary physiology of art

Alanee, S; Nicholson, A; Slaton, J, 2012:
Contemporary treatment of low risk stage I non-seminomatous germ cell testicular tumors: A survey of the Society of Urologic Oncology

Richman, D D, 2012:
Contending with the challenges of HIV: a first-hand account

Bill McCown, I Khambatta Blake, R Keiser, 2012:
Content Analyses of the Beliefs of Academic Procrastinators

Varelas, M; Martin, D B.; Kane, J M., 2012:
Content Learning and Identity Construction: A Framework to Strengthen African American Students Mathematics and Science Learning in Urban Elementary Schools

Griet Lust; Norma, A. Juarez Collazo; Jan Elen; Geraldine Clarebout, 2012:
Content Management Systems: Enriched learning opportunities for all?

Lupo, P.; Neale, A. V.; Bowman, M. A., 2012:
Content Usage and the Most Frequently Read Articles by Issue in 2011

Coraline Claeys MPharm, J Nève, P M. Tulkens, A Spinewine, 2012:
Content Validity and Inter-Rater Reliability of an Instrument to Characterize Unintentional Medication Discrepancies

Rondán‐Cataluña, F Javier; Navarro‐García, A; Gámez‐González, J; Rodríguez‐Rad, C J., 2012:
Content analysis and assessment of international codes of franchising associations

Pamela Zapata-Sepúlveda; Félix López-Sánchez; María Cruz Sánchez-Gómez, 2012:
Content analysis research method with Nvivo-6 software in a PhD thesis: an approach to the long-term psychological effects on Chilean ex-prisoners survivors of experiences of torture and imprisonment

I. B. Ushakov, V. I. Gushin, I. M. Larina, D. M. Shved, I. Kh. Pastushkova, A. G. Vinokhodova, 2012:
Content and structure of crews communicative behavior and gonadal hormone excretion during long-term chamber isolation of all-male international crew

Diderichsen, F.; Andersen, I.; Manuel, C.; Andersen, A.-M. N.; Bach, E.; Baadsgaard, M.; Bronnum-Hansen, H.; Hansen, F. K.; Jeune, B.; Jorgensen, T.; Sogaard, J., 2012:
Content guide

Sakamoto, A; Inoue, H; Nakagawa, M, 2012:
Content of Chemical Constituents of 12 Kinds of Black Tea

Ain Raal; Anne Orav; Tõnu Püssa; Catri Valner; Birgit Malmiste; Elmar Arak, 2012:
Content of essential oil, terpenoids and polyphenols in commercial chamomile (Chamomilla recutita L. Rauschert) teas from different countries

D. I. Peregud, A. A. Yakovlev, M. Yu. Stepanichev, M. V. Onufriev, L. F. Panchenko, N. V. Gulyaeva, 2012:
Content of mRNA for NMDA Glutamate Receptor Subunits in the Frontal Cortex and Striatum of Rats after Morphine Withdrawal Is Related to the Degree of Abstinence

Lingling An; Xinbo Gao; Yuan Yuan; Dacheng Tao; Cheng Deng; Feng Ji, 2012:
Content-adaptive reliable robust lossless data embedding

Bhattacharya, K; Maity, M; Mondal, D; Endo, A; Chaudhury, M, 2012:

Amit Kumar Garg, 2012:
Contention reduction and service differentiation in OBS networks

Aldrich, S; Walker, R; Simmons, C; Caldas, M; Perz, S, 2012:
Contentious Land Change in the Amazon's Arc of Deforestation

Jasmina Djedjibegovic; Thorjørn Larssen; Armin Skrbo; Aleksandra Marjanović; Miroslav Sober, 2012:
Contents of cadmium, copper, mercury and lead in fish from the Neretva river (Bosnia and Herzegovina) determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Cooling, T, 2012:
Contestable beliefs in education: fairness and/or neutrality?

Qviström, M, 2012:
Contested Landscapes of Urban Sprawl: Landscape Protection and Regional Planning in Scania, Sweden, 19321947

Vermilya, J R., 2012:
Contesting Horses: Borders and Shifting Social Meanings in Veterinary Medical Education

Brett, G. Stoudt; Madeline Fox; Michelle Fine, 2012:
Contesting Privilege with Critical Participatory Action Research

Holloway, L; Morris, C, 2012:
Contesting genetic knowledge-practices in livestock breeding: biopower, biosocial collectivities, and heterogeneous resistances

Mukdawijitra, Y., 2012:
Contesting imagined communities: Politics of script and Tai cosmopolitanism in upland Vietnam

Lan, T Ju, 2012:
Contesting the post-colonial legal construction of Chinese Indonesians as foreign subjects

Godwin Masuka, 2012:
Contests and struggle: Cotton farmers and COTTCO in Rushinga district, Zimbabwe, 19992006

Stipek, D, 2012 :
Context Matters

Patricia Camillo; Stuart, B. Goodman; Patricia Thompson; Susanna Nemeth Imrie, 2012:
Context and Consequences of Delaying Hip Replacement Surgery: A Case Study

Choi, J Nam, 2012:
Context and Creativity: The Theory of Planned Behavior as an Alternative Mechanism

Lee, S Yong; Ginty, R Mac, 2012:
Context and Postconflict Referendums

Newman, K, 2012:
Context and Risk: What You Find Depends on What and How You Ask

Niall Hayes; Chris Westrup, 2012:
Context and the processes of ICT for development

Patton, E.; Johns, G., 2012:
Context and the social representation of absenteeism: Absence in the popular press and in academic research

Bruce Edmonds, 2012:
Context in social simulation: why it cant be wished away

Xiaowei Zhao; Xiujuan Chai; Zhiheng Niu; Cherkeng Heng; Shiguang Shan, 2012:
Context modeling for facial landmark detection based on Non-Adjacent Rectangle (NAR) Haar-like feature

YOON, S; PANG, H-Suk; SUNG, K-Mo, 2012:
Context-Adaptive Arithmetic Coding Scheme for Lossless Bit Rate Reduction of MPEG Surround in USAC

Liliana Ardissono; Gianni Bosio, 2012:
Context-dependent awareness support in open collaboration environments

Theo Arentze, T Feng, H Timmermans, J Robroeks, 2012:
Context-dependent influence of road attributes and pricing policies on route choice behavior of truck drivers: results of a conjoint choice experiment

terHorst, C P., 2012:
Context-dependent orientation cues in a supratidal amphipod

Blain-Arcaro, C; Smith, J. David; Cunningham, C E.; Vaillancourt, T; Rimas, H, 2012:
Contextual Attributes of Indirect Bullying Situations That Influence Teachers' Decisions to Intervene

Popescu, A.A.; Gavat, I.; Datcu, M., 2012:
Contextual Descriptors for Scene Classes in Very High Resolution SAR Images

Morasso, S. G., 2012:
Contextual frames and their argumentative implications: A case study in media argumentation

Lähteenmäki, M, 2012:
Contextualising Baxtins Linguistic Ideas: The case of metalinguistics

Federico LUZZI, 2012:
Contextualism and Counter-Closure

Peter Lasersohn, 2012:
Contextualism and compositionality

Jonathan, E. Adler, 2012:
Contextualism and fallibility: pragmatic encroachment, possibility, and strength of epistemic position

Browning, J; Zaheer, Z; Orzechowska, A; Mistri, A, 2012:
Continence aids in the management of urinary incontinence

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Continental Shelf Wave Propagation in the Mid-Atlantic Bight: A General Dispersion Relation

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Continental delamination: Insights from laboratory models

Fersch, B; Kunstmann, H; Bárdossy, Aás; Devaraju, B; Sneeuw, N, 2012:
Continental-Scale Basin Water Storage Variation from Global and Dynamically Downscaled Atmospheric Water Budgets in Comparison with GRACE-Derived Observations

Kennedy, S., 2012:
Contingency Management For Substance Misuse Treatment: A Guide For Implementing This Evidence Based Practice

Lon, R. Hays, 2012:
Contingency Management for Substance Abuse Treatment: A Guide to Implementing This Evidence-Based Practice by Nancy M. Petry

Villy Søgaard, 2012:
Contingent Eclecticism

Smith, A; Bueno De Mesquita, B, 2012:
Contingent Prize Allocation and Pivotal Voting

Chen, W Y.; Jim, C.Y., 2012:
Contingent valuation of ecotourism development in country parks in the urban shadow

Rosenstock, J R.; Peipert, J F.; Madden, T; Zhao, Q; Secura, G M., 2012:
Continuation of Reversible Contraception in Teenagers and Young Women

Brady, R; Mcavin, J; Peter, J.; Pelletier, R., 2012:
Continued Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay Stability Over Time and in a Changing Thermal Environment

Reinold Funke, J Sieger, 2012:
Continued access to syntactic information in reading

Amijima, T, 2012:
Continuing Agglomeration of the Pharmaceutical Trade in the Modern Era: The Case of Dosh-machi Town, Osaka, Japan, 1868-1923

&na;,, 2012:
Continuing Education Instructions and Questions

&na;,, 2012:
Continuing Education for Nursing Contact Hours and CRNI Recertification Units

Pierce, J. Thomas, 2012:
Continuing Education The Action Level

Raquel, E. Davila; Jeffrey, H. Lee; William Ross; Shou-Jiang Tang; G.S. Raju; Glenn, M. Eisen, 2012:
Continuing Medical Education Exam: April 2012

Raquel, E. Davila; Jeffrey, H. Lee; William Ross; Shou-Jiang Tang; G.S. Raju; Glenn, M. Eisen, 2012:
Continuing Medical Education Exam: February 2012

Raquel, E. Davila; Jeffrey, H. Lee; William Ross; Shou-Jiang Tang; G.S. Raju; Glenn, M. Eisen, 2012:
Continuing Medical Education Exam: January 2012

Raquel, E. Davila; Jeffrey, H. Lee; William Ross; Shou-Jiang Tang; G.S. Raju; Glenn, M. Eisen, 2012:
Continuing Medical Education Exam: March 2012

Raquel, E. Davila; Jeffrey, H. Lee; William Ross; Shou-Jiang Tang; G.S. Raju; Glenn, M. Eisen, 2012:
Continuing Medical Education Exam: May 2012

Foster, T L; Roth, M; Contreras, R; Jo Gilmer, M; Gordon, J E, 2012:
Continuing bonds reported by bereaved individuals in Ecuador

Schorer, Jörg; Baker, J, 2012:
Continuing challenges for a systemic theory of gifted education

Rast, W, 2012:
Continuing improvements in lake basin assessment and management, and a new journal feature

D. T. Meshesha; A. Tsunekawa; M. Tsubo, 2012:
Continuing land degradation: Causeeffect in Ethiopia's Central Rift Valley

Westcott, L; Whitcombe, S, 2012:
Continuing professional development: the personal and public interface

Downes, H.; Wall, F.; Demény, A.; Szabó, C., 2012:
Continuing the Carbonatite Controversy

Schwanen, T, 2012:
Continuity and Change in Dutch Transport Geography

Ferriani, S.; Garnsey, E.; Lorenzoni, G., 2012:
Continuity and change in a spin-off venture: the process of reimprinting

Talbott, J.A., 2012:
Continuity of Care After Inpatient Discharge of Patients With Schizophrenia in the Medicaid Program: A Retrospective Longitudinal Cohort Analysis

José M. Arrieta, A N. Carvalho, Jé A. Langa, Aíbal Rodriguez-Bernal, 2012:
Continuity of Dynamical Structures for Nonautonomous Evolution Equations Under Singular Perturbations

Copeland, E.M., 2012:
Continuity of care in a rural critical access hospital: Surgeons as primary care providers

Polakiewicz, Y., 2012:
Continuity of care in child psychiatry services in Israel

Crevier, M G.; Poulin, Fçois; Boislard, P., M-Aude, 2012:
Continuit entre les relations parentales et amicales l'adolescence et les relations amoureuses l'ge adulte mergent

Skladowski, K.A.; Hutnik, M.; Wygoda, A.; Golen, M.; Pilecki, B.; Przeorek, W.; Rutkowski, T.; Maciejewski, B., 2012:
Continuous Accelerated Irradiation 7 Days-per-week (CAIR) has Given the Same Long-term Results as 7 Fractions in 5 Days-per Week Report on Phase III Clinical Trial in Head-and-Neck Cancer Patients

Omer Cetin; Ibrahim Zagli, 2012:
Continuous Airborne Communication Relay Approach Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Carrillo-de-la-Pena, M. T.; Perez, J., 2012:
Continuous Assessment Improved Academic Achievement and Satisfaction of Psychology Students in Spain

Neravetla, S.R.; Thourani, V.H., 2012:
Continuous Flow Left Ventricular Assist Device Outcomes in Commercial Use Compared With the Prior Clinical Trial

Stockman, J.A., 2012:
Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Newborn Babies at Risk of Hypoglycemia

Harmon, K A.; Hernandez, T L.; Gerard, L; Reece, M S.; Jensen, D R.; Barbour, L A.; Kealey, E H.; Bessesen, D H., 2012:
Continuous Glucose Profiles in Obese and Normal-Weight Pregnant Women on a Controlled Diet

Mauro Turrini, 2012:
Continuous Grey Scales Versus Sharp Contrasts: Styles of Representation in Italian Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratories

Jongwook Joo; Paul, A. Durbin, 2012:
Continuous Mode Transition in High-speed Boundary-layers

Daumard, F; Goulas, Y; Champagne, Sébastien; Fournier, A; Ounis, A; Olioso, A; Moya, Iël, 2012:
Continuous Monitoring of Canopy Level Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence During the Growth of a Sorghum Field

Ñamendys-Silva, S; Hernández-Cárdenas, C; Vásquez-Barahona, G; Silva-Medina, M; Baltazar-Torres, Jé; Rivero-Sigarroa, E; Domínguez-Cherít, G, 2012:
Continuous Prone Position in Patients With Primary Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Meier, T.; Hugebeck, B.; Kovacs, T.; Belfi, C.; Suh, J.; Kolar, M.; Chao, S., 2012:
Continuous Quality Improvement in Radiation Oncology is Feasible at a Major Tertiary Teaching Institution

Neggers, R. A. J.; Siebesma, A. P.; Heus, T., 2012:
Continuous Single-Column Model Evaluation at a Permanent Meteorological Supersite

Chestnut, D.H., 2012:
Continuous Spinal Anesthesia and Analgesia in Obstetrics

Chestnut, D.H., 2012:
Continuous Subcutaneous Instillation of Bupivacaine Compared to Saline Reduces Interleukin 10 and Increases Substance P in Surgical Wounds After Cesarean Delivery

Samain, B; Defloor, W; Pauwels, V R. N., 2012:
Continuous Time Series of Catchment-Averaged Sensible Heat Flux from a Large Aperture Scintillometer: Efficient Estimation of Stability Conditions and Importance of Fluxes under Stable Conditions

Kasi, A Khan; Kasi, J Khan; Afzulpurkar, N; Bohez, E; Tuantranont, A, 2012:
Continuous Voltage Detachment and Etching (CVDE) Technique for Fabrication of Nano-Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) Tubular Membrane

Francesca Ceragioli; Paolo Frasca, 2012:
Continuous and discontinuous opinion dynamics with bounded confidence

Toole, J.M., 2012:
Continuous biatrial pacing to prevent early recurrence of atrial fibrillation after the Maze procedure

Tuğba Keskin; Laura Giusti; Nuri Azbar, 2012:
Continuous biohydrogen production in immobilized biofilm system versus suspended cell culture

Chandra Thammina; Mingyang He; Hao Yu; Yongqin Chen; Ying Gai; Kaishuang Cao; Litang Lu; Degang Zhao; Yuejin Wang; Richard McAvoy; Donna Ellis; Yi Li, 2012:
Continuous biosynthesis of abscisic acid (ABA) may be required for maintaining dormancy of isolated embryos and intact seeds ofEuonymus alatus

van den Driesche, S; Rao, V; Puchberger-Enengl, D; Witarski, W; Vellekoop, M J., 2012:
Continuous cell from cell separation by traveling wave dielectrophoresis

Ignacio López-de-Ullibarri; Paul Janssen; Ricardo Cao, 2012:
Continuous covariate frailty models for censored and truncated clustered data

Hayet Djelal; François Larher; Guy Martin; Abdeltif Amrane, 2012:
Continuous culture for the bioproduction of glycerol and ethanol byHansenula anomalagrowing under salt stress conditions

M. Khalaji; B. Roshanzadeh; A. Mansoori; N. Taefi; S.H. Tavassoli, 2012:
Continuous dust monitoring and analysis by spark induced breakdown spectroscopy

Wiles, C; Watts, P, 2012:
Continuous flow reactors: a perspective

Formosa, N.; Matyka, K., 2012:
Continuous glucose monitoring in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus: a literature review

Young Gwan Jin; Hyun Moo Baek; Sun Kwang Hwang; Yong-Taek Im; Byung Cheol Jeon, 2012:
Continuous high strength aluminum bolt manufacturing by the spring-loaded ECAP system

Kaveh Edalati; Seungwon Lee; Zenji Horita, 2012:
Continuous high-pressure torsion using wires

Zhong, M; Zhang, Z; Zhou, Q; Yue, J; Gao, S; Xu, G, 2012:
Continuous high-temperature fluidized bed pyrolysis of coal in complex atmospheres: Product distribution and pyrolysis gas

Magnus Rydén; Mehdi Arjmand, 2012:
Continuous hydrogen production via the steamiron reaction by chemical looping in a circulating fluidized-bed reactor

Myers, J.S., 2012:
Continuous intraocular pressure monitoring with a wireless ocular telemetry sensor: initial clinical experience in patients with open angle glaucoma

Bin Zhou; Chun-Lai Mu; Jun Feng; Wei Wei, 2012:
Continuous level anisotropic diffusion for noise removal

Richard Grayson; Joseph Holden, 2012:
Continuous measurement of spectrophotometric absorbance in peatland streamwater in northern England: implications for understanding fluvial carbon fluxes

Kawanisi, K.; Razaz, M.; Ishikawa, K.; Yano, J.; Soltaniasl, M., 2012 :
Continuous measurements of flow rate in a shallow gravel-bed river by a new acoustic system

Kalén, S; Ponzer, S; Seeberger, A; Kiessling, A; Silén, C, 2012:
Continuous mentoring of medical students provides space for reflection and awareness of their own development

Shikata, T; Miki, T; Takayama, G; Mochihira, J; Inada, H; Watanabe, T, 2012:
Continuous monitoring of catch fluctuation of Japanese common squid Todarodes pacificus using load data of squid jigging machine

Young-Taek Oh; Yong-Joon Kim; Jieun Lee; Myung-Soo Kim; Gershon Elber, 2012:
Continuous point projection to planar freeform curves using spiral curves

Jing Wang; Wenli Zhu; Hongtao Zhang; Chul, B. Park, 2012:
Continuous processing of low-density, microcellular poly(lactic acid) foams with controlled cell morphology and crystallinity

Saqib Sohail Toor; Lasse Rosendahl; Mads Pagh Nielsen; Marianne Glasius; Andreas Rudolf; Steen Brummerstedt Iversen, 2012:
Continuous production of bio-oil by catalytic liquefaction from wet distillers grain with solubles (WDGS) from bio-ethanol production

Sulaiman Al-Zuhair; Ahmedin Hussein; Ali, H. Al-Marzouqi; Isameldin Hashim, 2012:
Continuous production of biodiesel from fat extracted from lamb meat in supercritical CO2 media

Aline Santana; José Maçaira; M. Angeles Larrayoz, 2012:
Continuous production of biodiesel from vegetable oil using supercritical ethanol/carbon dioxide mixtures

Yoshida, A; Hama, S; Tamadani, N; Noda, H; Fukuda, H; Kondo, A, 2012:
Continuous production of biodiesel using whole-cell biocatalysts: Sequential conversion of an aqueous oil emulsion into anhydrous product

A. Velez; G. Soto; P. Hegel; G. Mabe; S. Pereda, 2012:
Continuous production of fatty acid ethyl esters from sunflower oil using supercritical ethanol

Martin Schubert; John Aubert; Johannes, B. Müller; Frédéric Vogel, 2012:
Continuous salt precipitation and separation from supercritical water. Part 3: Interesting effects in processing type 2 salt mixtures

Yebra-Biurrun, M. Carmen; Castro-Romero, Jús M., 2012:
Continuous sonoassisted digestion coupled to flow injection minicolumn separation for the determination of total and labile Cu and Fe in fresh waters by flame atomic absorption spectrometry

Jie Li; Ruth Misener; Christodoulos, A. Floudas, 2012:
Continuous-time modeling and global optimization approach for scheduling of crude oil operations

Vidal-de-Miguel, G; de la Mora, J Fernandez, 2012:
Continuously Converging Multistage Focusing Lenses to Concentrate Aerosols at High Reynolds Numbers

Mustafa Adam; Vincenzo Calemma; Francesca Galimberti; Chiara Gambaro; Johan Heiszwolf; Raffaella Ocone, 2012:
Continuum lumping kinetics of complex reactive systems

H.H. Huang; C.T. Sun, 2012:
Continuum modeling of a composite material with internal resonators

A. A. Uijen, E. W. M. A. Bischoff, H. H. J. Bor, p.dr. W. J. H. M. van den Bosch, J. H. dr. Schers, p.dr. F. G. Schellevis, 2012:
Continuteit van COPD-zorg: effect van POHs en zelfmanagement

Gordon, W B., 2012:
Contour Integral Representation for Near Field Backscatter From a Flat Plate

Orton, M.D.; Weiss, E.; Chang, M.G.; Moghanaki, D.; Roman, N.; Vera, R.; Nedelka, M.; Urdaneta, A.; Schuster, J., 2012:
Contour Variability During Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Treatment Planning and the Effect of Physician Training

Gutowski, K.A., 2012:
Contouring the Gluteal Region With Tumescent Liposculpture

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