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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64184

Chapter 64184 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Determining Key Model Parameters of Rapidly Intensifying Hurricane Guillermo (1997) Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter
, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 69(11): 3147-3171 (2012)

Determining Multilayer Formation Properties From Transient Temperature and Pressure Measurements
, Petroleum Science and Technology 30(7): 672-684 (2012)

Determining Optimal Voltage Inputs For Exonuclease I Experimentation from Single-Abasic DNA Strands Captured in a Nanopore
, Biophysical Journal 102(3): 204a-205a (2012)

Determining Shale Permeability to Gas by Simultaneous Analysis of Various Pressure Tests
, Spe Journal 17(03): 717-726 (2012)

Determining Vulnerability Importance in Environmental Impact Assessment: The case of Colombia
, Environmental Impact Assessment Review 32(1): 107-117 (2012)

Determining Which Patients with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Should Receive Tamoxifen
, Breast Diseases: A Year Book Quarterly 23(1): 23-25 (2012)

Determining a Rotation of a Tetrahedron from a Projection
, Discrete and Computational Geometry 48(3): 749-765 (2012)

Determining air cell location and embryo development in opaque shelled eggs
, Avian Biology Research 5(2): 99-102 (2012)

Determining an optimal recovery time after exercising to exhaustion in a controlled climatic environment: Application to construction works
, Building and Environment 56: 28-37 (2012)

Determining appropriate wind turbine setback distances: Perspectives from municipal planners in the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec
, Energy Policy 41: 782-789 (2012)

Determining bicycle infrastructure preferences A case study of Dublin
, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 17(5): 413-417 (2012)

Determining environmental determinism
, Progress in Human Geography 36(3): 423-427 (2012)

Determining factor of MoSe2 formation in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar Cells
, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 101: 57-61 (2012)

Determining fast orientation changes of multi-spectral line cameras from the primary images
, Isprs Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 67: 45-51 (2012)

Determining mycotoxins and mycotoxigenic fungi in food and feed
, Acta Alimentaria 41(1): 140-141 (2012)

Determining of threat perceptions affecting direction of the US defense expenditures by using ordinal regression models
, Quality and Quantity 46(4): 1297-1309 (2012)

Determining primary and companion species in a multi-species fishery: Implications for TAC setting
, Marine Policy 36(3): 606-612 (2012)

Determining sample size in national forest inventories by cost-plus-loss analysis: an exploratory case study
, European Journal of Forest Research 131(2): 339-346 (2012)

Determining suitable locations for seed transfer under climate change: a global quantitative method
, New Forests 43(5-6): 581-599 (2012)

Determining the Bulk and Surface Contributions in Electron Energy-loss Spectra from Aggregate Nanostructures
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 402-403 (2012)

Determining the Chemical and Microstructural Distribution of Phases in Real-time Using Tru-Q and Tru-I Technology
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 1226-1227 (2012)

Determining the Hansen Solubility Parameter of Three Corrosion Inhibitors and the Correlation with Mineral Oil
, Energy and Fuels 26(12): 7243-7250 (2012)

Determining the Impact of Consumer Characteristics to Project Sensory Preferences in Commercial White Wines
, American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 63(4): 487-493 (2012)

Determining the Impact of an Intervention to Increase Problem-Solving Skills in Diabetes Self-Management: The Diabetes Problem-Solving Passport Pilot Study
, Canadian Journal of Diabetes 36(4): 199-203 (2012)

Determining the Main Factors in Declining the Urmia Lake Level by Using System Dynamics Modeling
, Water Resources Management 26(1): 129-145 (2012)

Determining the Optimal Approach for Government-Regulated Genetic Testing
, Yearbook of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 2012: 278-279 (2012)

Determining the Optimal Flows in Zero-Time Dynamic Networks
, Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms in Operations Research 11(2): 105-117 (2012)

Determining the Particle Size of Asphaltenes
, Petroleum Science and Technology 30(16): 1639-1646 (2012)

Determining the Relationship between Urban Form and the Costs of Public Services
, Environment and Planning B 39(1): 155-173 (2012)

Determining the accuracy of estimation of the two-dimensional stratospheric temperature field based on satellite measurements of limb radiation in the CO215-m absorption band with high spectral resolution
, Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics 48(9): 909-917 (2012)

Determining the chemical elements present in soybean leaves infected with Asian Soybean Rust employing X-ray fluorescence by SEM
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 1452-1453 (2012)

Determining the clinical utility of the Short Child Occupational Profile (SCOPE)
, British Journal of Occupational Therapy 75(1): 19-28 (2012)

Determining the consistency of thermal habitat segregation within and among Arctic charr morphotypes in Gander Lake, Newfoundland
, Ecology of Freshwater Fish 21(2): 245-254 (2012)

Determining the ecohydrological character of aquatic refugia in a dryland river system: the importance of temporal scale
, Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology 12(1): 21-33 (2012)

Determining the effects of leachates infiltrating crop areas
, Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry 94(2): 327-339 (2012)

Determining the effects of therapeutic clowning on nurses in a children's rehabilitation hospital
, Arts and Health 4(1): 26-38 (2012)

Determining the fire-damage temperature of concrete by inclusion decrepitation
, Fire Safety Journal 47: 40-45 (2012)

Determining the full transformation relations in the transformation method
, Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 109(4): 971-977 (2012)

Determining the hydrodynamic radii of AOT micelles with silver nanoparticles by means of photon correlation spectroscopy
, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Focus on Chemistry 86(6): 999-1003 (2012)

Determining the main thermodynamic parameters of caffeine melting by means of DSC
, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Focus on Chemistry 86(6): 1035-1037 (2012)

Determining the point of origin of bitumen coats on ceramic tableware excavated from ancient settlement at Menteshtepe, Azerbaijan
, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin 67(6): 283-286 (2012)

Determining the protein architecture of macromolecular complexes using live cell fluorescence microscopy
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 136-137 (2012)

Determining the signalling pathways involved in the regulation of immune tolerance during pregnancy
, Journal of Reproductive Immunology 94(1): 88-89 (2012)

Determining the stability of steady two-dimensional flows through imperfect velocity-impulse diagrams
, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 706: 323-350 (2012)

Determining the total amount of NOx in a gas stream Advances in the accumulating gas sensor principle
, Sensors and Actuators B, Chemical 175: 157-162 (2012)

Determining uranium concentration in boreholes using wireline logging techniques: comparison of gamma logging with prompt fission neutron technology (PFN)
, Applied Earth Science Imm Transactions Section B 121(2): 89-95 (2012)

Determinism, predictability and open-ended evolution: lessons from computational emergence
, Synthese 185(2): 195-214 (2012)

Determinism: Did Libet Make the Case?
, Philosophy 87(03): 395-401 (2012)

Deterministic Kalman Filtering on Semi-Infinite Interval
, International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 2012: 1-11 (2012)

Deterministic nature of the underlying dynamics of surface wind fluctuations
, Annales Geophysicae 30(10): 1503-1514 (2012)

Deterministic regression methods for unbiased estimation of time-varying autoregressive parameters from noisy observations
, Signal Processing 92(4): 857-871 (2012)

Deterministic resampling: Unbiased sampling to avoid sample impoverishment in particle filters
, Signal Processing 92(7): 1637-1645 (2012)

Deterrence, expected cost, uncertainty and voting: Experimental evidence
, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 44(1): 73-100 (2012)

Detonation initiation of JP-8oxygen mixtures at different initial temperatures
, Shock Waves 22(5): 477-482 (2012)

Detoxification of G- and V-series nerve agents by the phosphotriesterase OpdA
, Biocatalysis and Biotransformation 30(2): 203-208 (2012)

Detoxification of cyanide using titanium dioxide and hydrocyclone sparger with chlorine dioxide
, Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability 24(3): 176-182 (2012)

Detoxification through phytochelatin synthesis in Oenothera odorata exposed to Cd solutions
, Environmental and Experimental Botany 75: 9-15 (2012)

Detrimental psychological outcomes associated with pubertal timing in adolescent boys
, Developmental Review 32(1): 49-66 (2012)

Detrital zircon ages in Palaeozoic and Mesozoic basement assemblages of the Peninsular Ranges batholith, Baja California, Mexico: constraints for depositional ages and provenance
, International Geology Review 54(1): 93-110 (2012)

Detrital zircon populations in quartzites of the Krkonoe Jizera Massif: implications for pre-collisional history of the Saxothuringian Domain in the Bohemian Massif
, Geological Magazine 149(03): 443-458 (2012)

Deubiquitinase USP9x Confers Radioresistance through Stabilization of Mcl-1
, Neoplasia 14(10): 893-In4 (2012)

Deubiquitinating enzymes in control of MHC class-II transport
, Molecular Immunology 51(1): 8-9 (2012)

Deuterium diffusion in LiOHwater-corroded oxide layer of zirconium alloys
, Progress in Nuclear Energy 57: 93-100 (2012)

Deuterium recovery from HD gas mixture by thermal diffusion in a multi-column device with column heights increased at a constant ratio
, Progress in Nuclear Energy 59: 26-32 (2012)

Deuterium-Labeled Benzyladenine: Synthesis and Application as a Surrogate
, Heterocycles 84(1): 419-0 (2012)

Deuterium-hydrogen exchange in olivine: Implications for point defects and electrical conductivity
, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 13(3): N/A-N/A (2012)

Deutsche rennen nicht zu oft zum Arzt!
, Orthopädie and Rheuma 15(2): 8-8 (2012)

Deutscher Lebensmittelchemikertag in Halle
, Lebensmittelchemie 66(2): 36-40 (2012)

Deux cas atypiques de matricome onychocytique type de xanthonychie
, Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie 139(12): B216-B217 (2012)

Deux cas de mtastases au niveau de los temporal rvlant un cancer pulmonaire
, Annales Françaises D'oto-Rhino-Laryngologie et de Pathologie Cervico-Faciale 129(1): 64-67 (2012)

Deux cas de spondylarthrite ankylosante et de maladie de Wilson chez le mme patient. Seulement une association fortuite ?
, Revue du Rhumatisme 79(4): 374-375 (2012)

Deux cas mortels rcents de rage en Europe : mthodes actuelles de diagnostic
, Option/Bio 23(474): 11-13 (2012)

Deuxime anne de Master : Biologie, physiologie, pharmacologie cardiovasculaire et de la respiration , anne 20102011, parcours respiration : rsums
, Revue des Maladies Respiratoires 29(7): 926-938 (2012)

Devaluing and repairing the internal world
, Psychoanalysis Culture and Society 17(1): 87-91 (2012)

Devascularisation des mtastases rachidiennes hypervasculaires proches de laxe spinal antrieur par ponction directe lOnyx : exprience initiale sur deux cas
, Journal of Neuroradiology 39(1): 29-30 (2012)

Devastating Intracardiac and Aortic Thrombosis
, Survey of Anesthesiology 56(3): 153-154 (2012)

Develop Carefully or Not at All, That is the Question
, Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment 31(4): 5-6 (2012)

Developers choices under varying characteristic time and competition among municipalities
, Annals of Regional Science 49(3): 733-743 (2012)

Developing Courses in English for Specific Purposes
, Journal of English for Academic Purposes 11(2): 170-171 (2012)

Developing DNP/Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Oriented Membranes
, Applied Magnetic Resonance 43(1-2): 91-106 (2012)

Developing Dialogic Learning Space: The Case of Online Undergraduate Research Journals
, Journal of Geography in Higher Education 36(4): 547-562 (2012)

Developing Guidelines for Pediatric Unilateral Hearing Loss
, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 147(2 Suppl): P28-P29 (2012)

Developing High-Quality Field Program Sounding Datasets
, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 93(3): 325-336 (2012)

Developing Historical Thinking through Questions
, Social Studies 103(5): 198-200 (2012)

Developing Hyperpolarized13C Spectroscopy and Imaging for Metabolic Studies in the Isolated Perfused Rat Heart
, Applied Magnetic Resonance 43(1-2): 275-288 (2012)

Developing International Partnerships with Long-Term Impact
, Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine 13(1): 44-48 (2012)

Developing Non-Arbitrary Metrics for Risk Communication: Percentile Ranks for the Static-99/R and Static-2002/R Sexual Offender Risk Tools
, International Journal of Forensic Mental Health 11(1): 9-23 (2012 )

Developing Number Sense in Pre-K with Five-Frames
, Early Childhood Education Journal 40(4): 213-222 (2012)

Developing Nurses Geriatric Expertise Through the Geriatric Resource Nurse Model
, Geriatric Nursing 33(2): 140-149 (2012)

Developing Reading Partnerships Between Parents and Children: A Reflection on the Reading Together Program
, Early Childhood Education Journal 40(2): 115-121 (2012)

Developing Second Graders Creativity Through Literacy-Science Integrated Lessons on Lifecycles
, Early Childhood Education Journal 40(6): 379-385 (2012)

Developing Skin Analogues for a Robotic Octopus
, Journal of Bionic Engineering 9(3): 385-390 (2012)

Developing Standards-Based Geography Curricular Materials from Overseas Field Experiences for K12 Teachers
, Journal of Geography 111(6): 245-253 (2012)

Developing Sustainable Strategies with System Dynamics
, Behavioral Science 29(6): 541-546 (2012)

Developing a Comprehensive Understanding and Model of Hydrate in Multiphase Flow: From Laboratory Measurements to Field Applications
, Energy and Fuels 26(7): 4046-4052 (2012)

Developing a DSR-HNS policy making framework for electric energy systems
, Energy Policy 42: 616-627 (2012)

Developing a Fine-Resolution Digital Elevation Model to Support Hydrological Modeling and Ecological Studies in the Northern Everglades
, Giscience and Remote Sensing 49(5): 664-686 (2012)

Developing a Flow Mapping Module in a GIS Environment
, Cartographic Journal 49(2): 164-175 (2012)

Developing a Framework for Assessing the Socioeconomic Impacts of Museums: The Regional Value of the 'Flexible Museum'
, Urban Studies 49(1): 133-151 (2012)

Developing a Legacy through Mentoring
, Fisheries 37(12): 531-531 (2012)

Developing a Transoral Robotic Surgery Program: How to Summit the Learning Curve
, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 147(2 Suppl): P20-P21 (2012)

Exploring the links between social metabolism and biodiversity distribution across landscape gradients: A regional-scale contribution to the land-sharing versus land-sparing debate
, Science of the Total Environment 619-620: 1272-1285 (2018)

Developing a charismatic leadership model for Chinese organizations: the mediating role of loyalty to supervisors
, International Journal of Human Resource Management  23(19): 4069-4084 (2012)

Developing a clinical presentation curriculum in veterinary education: a cognitive perspective
, Comparative Clinical Pathology 21(6): 1521-1526 (2012)

Developing a comprehensive, empirically based research framework for classroom-based assessment
, Language Testing 29(3): 395-420 (2012)

Developing a diatom monitoring network in an urban river-basin: initial assessment and site selection
, Hydrobiologia 695(1): 137-151 (2012)

Developing a framework for renewable technology portfolio selection: A case study at a R&D center
, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16(6): 4291-4297 (2012)

Developing a grey-based decision-making model for supplier selection
, International Journal of Production Economics 137(2): 191-200 (2012)

Developing a mechanical roadway system for waste energy capture of vehicles and electric generation
, Applied Energy 92: 1-8 (2012)

Developing a modelling tool for density-driven flow in complex hydrogeological structures
, Computing and Visualization in Science 15(4): 163-168 (2012)

Developing a module for estimating climate warming effects on hydropower pricing in California
, Energy Policy 42: 261-271 (2012)

Developing a multidisciplinary network for clinical research on HIV infection: the Euro Coord experience
, Clinical Investigation 2(3): 255-264 (2012)

Developing a national network for clinical research: the NIHR Medicines for Children Research Network
, Clinical Investigation 2(9): 867-871 (2012)

Developing a new alternative risk assessment framework in the work sites by including a stochastic and a deterministic process: A case study for the Greek Public Electric Power Provider
, Safety Science 50(3): 448-462 (2012)

Developing a new format for urban housing: Neave Brown and the design of Camden's Fleet Road estate
, Journal of Architecture 17(6): 973-1007 (2012)

Developing a new mode for observation of ionospheric disturbances by digital ionosonde in ionospheric vertical sounding
, Radio Science 47(3): N/A-N/A (2012)

Developing a patient-led cancer care website, 'CanCare': what do end users want?
, Journal of Research in Nursing 17(6): 519-535 (2012)

Developing a psychological approach: learning from a housing association pilot
, Housing Care and Support 15(2): 63-65 (2012)

Developing a psychological approach: the Wellbeing Service for homeless and vulnerably housed people in Bristol
, Housing Care and Support 15(2): 66-70 (2012)

Developing a science teacher education course that supports student teachers thinking and teaching about the nature of science
, Research in Science and Technological Education 30(1): 29-47 (2012)

Developing a second nearest-neighbor modified embedded atom method interatomic potential for lithium
, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 20(1): 15014-0 (2012)

Developing an Empirical Equation for Modeling Particle Deposition Velocity onto Inclined Surfaces in Indoor Environments
, Aerosol Science and Technology 46(10): 1090-1099 (2012)

Developing an Open Access Croplands Research Database Through Global Collaboration
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Information 13(1): 35-44 (2012)

Developing an ex-vivo model to investigate chorionic villus sampling technique
, Archives of Disease in Childhood - Fetal and Neonatal Edition 97(Suppl 1): A7.3-A8 (2012)

Developing an indoor environment quality tool for assessment of mechanically ventilated office buildings in the UK A preliminary study
, Building and Environment 53: 26-33 (2012)

Developing an integrated scobit-based activity participation and time allocation model to explore influence of childcare on womens time use behaviour
, Transportation 39(1): 125-149 (2012)

Developing an international network for clinical research: the Gynecological Cancer Intergroup experience
, Clinical Investigation 2(1): 29-33 (2012)

Developing and Evaluating NIR Calibration Models for Multi-Species Herbaceous Perennials
, Industrial Biotechnology 8(5): 285-292 (2012)

Developing and Implementing an Appreciative Quality of Care Approach to Child Neglect Practice
, Child Abuse Review 21(2): 81-98 (2012)

Developing and validating a scientific model for exploring safe work practices in interdisciplinary teams
, Safety Science 50(2): 316-325 (2012)

Developing biomonitoring protocols for shallow Arctic lakes using diatoms and artificial substrate samplers
, Hydrobiologia 683(1): 231-248 (2012)

Developing designs for community development in four types of student teacher groups
, Learning Environments Research 15(3): 279-297 (2012)

Developing distance music education in Arctic Scandinavia: electric guitar teaching and master classes
, Music Education Research 14(4): 448-456 (2012)

Developing expertise in military communications planning: do verbal reports change with experience?
, Behaviour and Information Technology 31(6): 617-629 (2012)

Developing high-performance aluminum alloy buckling-restrained braces based on series of low-cycle fatigue tests
, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 41(4): 643-661 (2012)

Developing innovation capability through learning networks
, Journal of Economic Geography 12(5): 1087-1112 (2012)

Developing language and literacy: effective intervention in the early years
, Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties 17(1): 61-62 (2012)

Developing map symbol standards through an iterative collaboration process
, Environment and Planning B 39(6): 1034-1048 (2012)

Developing methods for understanding social behavior in a 3D virtual learning environment
, Computers in Human Behavior 28(2): 405-413 (2012)

Developing musical and educational identities in university music students
, Music Education Research 14(3): 265-284 (2012)

Developing new method for quantifying pindolol by sequential injection analysis
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 67(5): 497-503 (2012)

Developing physical surrogates for benthic biodiversity using co-located samples and regression tree models: a conceptual synthesis for a sandy temperate embayment
, International Journal of Geographical Information Science 26(11): 2141-2160 (2012)

Developing probation staff competency for working with high risk of harm offenders with personality disorder: An evaluation of the Pathways Project
, Personality and Mental Health 6(2): 87-96 (2012)

Developing regional cooperation strategies by multi-criteria decision making approaches
, Annals of Regional Science 49(1): 191-211 (2012)

Developing renewable energy supply in Queensland, Australia: A study of the barriers, targets, policies and actions
, Renewable Energy 44: 119-127 (2012)

Developing ridge estimation method for median regression
, Journal of Applied Statistics 39(12): 2627-2638 (2012)

Developing robust vision modules for microsystems applications
, Machine Vision and Applications 23(1): 25-42 (2012)

Developing self in work and career: concepts, cases, and context
, British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 40(3): 303-305 (2012)

Developing services for a public health approach to child maltreatment
, International Journal of Children's Rights 20(3): 323-342 (2012)

Developing social and emotional skills in the early years
, Educational Psychology in Practice 28(1): 107-108 (2012)

Developing socially inclusive transportation policy: transferring the United Kingdom policy approach to the State of Victoria?
, Transportation 39(1): 151-173 (2012)

Developing structure of two-phase flow in a large diameter pipe at low liquid flow rate
, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 34: 70-84 (2012)

Developing support for mental health clinical research: the Mental Health Research Network experience
, Clinical Investigation 2(5): 459-463 (2012)

Developing systemic theories requires formal methods
, High Ability Studies 23(1): 61-63 (2012)

Developing the Commons: The Contradictions of Growth in Exurban Montana
, Professional Geographer 64(3): 317-331 (2012)

Developing the field
, Arts and Health 4(1): 3-3 (2012)

Developing thin-film-composite forward osmosis membranes on the PES/SPSf substrate through interfacial polymerization
, Aiche Journal 58(3): 770-781 (2012)

Developing training aids for effectiveness across skill levels
, Military Psychology 24(2): 134-147 (2012)

Development Aid to Agriculture and Economic Growth
, Review of Development Economics 16(2): 230-242 (2012)

Development Pathways of Large Housing Estates in Post-socialist Cities: An International Comparison
, Housing Studies 27(3): 324-342 (2012)

Development and Analysis of a Probabilistic Forecasting Game for Meteorology Students
, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 93(12): 1833-1843 (2012)

Development and Analytical Validation of a BT-474 Anti-Proliferation Assay Targeting HER2
, Analytical Letters 45(12): 1590-1603 (2012)

Development and Application of Controller for Transition Flight of Tail-Sitter UAV
, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 65(1-4): 137-152 (2012)

Development and Application of a Watertable Model for the Assessment of Waterlogging in Irrigated Semi-arid Regions
, Water Resources Management 26(15): 4435-4448 (2012)

Development and Characteristics of Dutch Academic Geography
, Journal of Geography 121(5): 750-770 (2012)

Development and Evaluation of Roadside/Obstacle Detection Method Using 3D Scanned Data Processing
, Ieice Transactions on Information and Systems E95-D(2): 540-541 (2012)

Development and Evaluation of a Data Dictionary to Standardize Salmonid Habitat Assessments in the Pacific Northwest
, Fisheries 37(1): 6-18 (2012)

Development and Evaluation of a Modified Hospital Elder Life Program
, Nursing Research 61(2): 111-118 (2012)

Development and Evaluation of the Pediatric Diabetes Routines Questionnaire
, Children's Health Care 41(1): 56-77 (2012)

Development and Evaluation ofa Real-Time Multiplex PCR Approach for Detection of Extended-Spectrum B-Lactamases in Clinical Isolates
, American Journal of Clinical Pathology 138(Suppl 1): A183-A183 (2012)

Development and Implementation of Family Involvement Standards for Behavioral Health Provider Programs
, American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 15(1): 81-96 (2012)

Development and Implementation of Intergenerational Programmes in the European Context: Spain, Scotland, and the United Kingdom
, Journal of Intergenerational Relationships 10(2): 190-194 (2012)

Development and Implementation of an Environmentally Conscious System for Producing Cruciferous Vegetables by Small Farms in a Hilly and Mountainous Area of Western Japan
, Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly Jarq 46(1): 15-25 (2012)

Development and Psychometric Properties of the Homophobic Bullying Scale
, Educational and Psychological Measurement 72(4): 649-664 (2012)

Development and Reproduction of Five Populations of the Foxglove Aphid, Aulacorthum solani (Kaltenbach) (Hemiptera: Aphididae), on Nine Soybean Cultivars
, Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology 56(2): 49-55 (2012)

Development and Testing of Low-Volume Hyperoncotic, Hyperosmotic Spray-Dried Plasma for the Treatment of Trauma-Associated Coagulopathy
, Yearbook of Critical Care Medicine 2012: 191-192 (2012)

Development and Testing of an Interconnected Fluidized-Bed System for Chemical Looping Combustion
, Chemical Engineering and Technology 35(3): 532-538 (2012)

Development and Uses for Monoclonal Antibodies to Chemoattractant Receptors
, Current Immunology Reviews 8(2): 149-153 (2012)

Development and Validation of Real-Time PCR-Based TPMT Genotyping Method for Dose Adjustment of Thiopurine Compounds
, American Journal of Clinical Pathology 138(Suppl 1): A017-A017 (2012)

Development and Validation of a Global Soot Model in Turbulent Jet Flames
, Combustion Science and Technology 184(5): 717-733 (2012)

Development and Validation of a Risk Calculator Predicting Postoperative Respiratory Failure
, Yearbook of Critical Care Medicine 2012: 137-138 (2012)

Development and Validation of a Risk Calculator for Prediction of Cardiac Risk After Surgery
, Yearbook of Anesthesiology and Pain Management 2012: 95-96 (2012)

Development and Validation of a UV-Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Flucloxacillin Sodium in Capsules
, Current Pharmaceutical Analysis 8(1): 101-106 (2012)

Development and Validation of the Calling and Vocation Questionnaire (CVQ) and Brief Calling Scale (BCS)
, Journal of Career Assessment 20(3): 242-263 (2012)

Development and Validation of the German Work-Related Curiosity Scale
, European Journal of Psychological Assessment 28(2): 109-117 (2012)

Development and Validation of the Sports Fan Ethnocentrism Scale
, Social Behavior and Personality An International Journal 40(2): 215-225 (2012)

Development and Verification of a New Site Classification System and Site Coefficients for Regions of Shallow Bedrock in Korea
, Journal of Earthquake Engineering 16(6): 795-819 (2012)

Development and a Practical Synthesis of Nepafenac Intermediate via Modified Gassman Reaction
, Letters in Organic Chemistry 9(7): 461-464 (2012)

Development and analysis of Climate Sensitivity and Climate Adaptation opportunities indices for buildings
, Building and Environment 55: 141-149 (2012)

Development and application of a novel characterization system to quantify grain structures of nickel superalloys in 3D
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 518-519 (2012)

Development and application of a protocol to evaluate impact of duct cleaning on IAQ of office buildings
, Building and Environment 56: 86-94 (2012)

Development and application of a suite of non-pungency markers for thePun1gene in pepper (Capsicumspp.)
, Molecular Breeding 30(3): 1525-1529 (2012)

Development and application of a two-tier multiple-choice diagnostic test for high school students understanding of cell division and reproduction
, Journal of Biological Education 46(4): 214-225 (2012)

Development and application of an atmospheric-hydrologic-hydraulic flood forecasting model driven by TIGGE ensemble forecasts
, Acta Meteorologica Sinica 26(1): 93-102 (2012)

Development and characterisation of a compact light-addressable potentiometric sensor (LAPS) based on the digital light processing (DLP) technology for flexible chemical imaging
, Sensors and Actuators B, Chemical 170: 34-39 (2012)

Development and characterization of a capillary-flow microfluidic device for nucleic acid detection
, Microsystem Technologies 18(6): 731-737 (2012)

Development and characterization of electro deposited Nickel Titanium Carbo Nitride (TiCN) metal matrix nanocomposite deposits
, Surface and Coatings Technology 206(8-9): 2330-2336 (2012)

Development and characterization of plasticized polyamides by fluid and solid plasticizers
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Development and dynamic characteristics of hybrid fuel cell-powered mini-train system
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Development and evaluation of a numerical model for steady state interface and/or free surface groundwater flow
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Development and evaluation of a pilot one-stop workshop for young adult people with type 1 diabetes
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Development and evaluation of empirical equations to predict ruminal fractional passage rate of forages in goats
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Development and evaluation of the Gender Role Conflict Scale Short Form (GRCS-SF)
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Development and evaluation of the carbonnitrogen cycle module for the GPFARM-Range model
, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 83: 1-10 (2012)

Development and experimental investigation of a novel spray cooling system integrated in refrigeration circuit
, Applied Thermal Engineering 33-34: 246-252 (2012)

Development and field testing of a data acquisition system to assess the quality of spraying in fruit orchards
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Development and implementation of a laser safety program
, Journal of Chemical Health and Safety 19(4): 46-47 (2012)

Development and implementation of hydro turbine and governor models in a free and open source software package
, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 24: 84-102 (2012)

Development and investigation of ozone generator for providing conditions for vital activity and protection of socially important facilities
, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering 48(3-4): 173-177 (2012)

Development and launch of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for the Early Years
, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 15: S325-S326 (2012)

Development and optimal design of a HDD spindle motor with pulling magnet to reduce electrical loss
, Microsystem Technologies 18(9-10): 1359-1364 (2012)

Development and optimization of a method for detecting low mercury concentrations in humic-rich natural water samples using a CV-ICP-MS technique
, Microchemical Journal 103: 165-169 (2012)

Development and performance assessment of the new-generation CF fuel injection system for diesel passenger cars
, Applied Energy 91(1): 483-495 (2012)

Development and test of a Stirling engine driven by waste gases for the micro-CHP system
, Applied Thermal Engineering 33-34: 119-123 (2012)

Development and thermo-mechanical behavior of nanocomposite epoxy adhesives
, Polymers for Advanced Technologies 23(3): 660-668 (2012)

Development and use of fuel additives during 2006-2010
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Development and use of molecular diagnostic tools to determine trophic links and interspecific interactions in aphidparasitoid communities in Hawaii
, Biological Control 60(1): 26-38 (2012)

Development and use of rapid reconnaissance soil inventories for reclamation of urban brownfields: A Vancouver, British Columbia, case study
, Canadian Journal of Soil Science 92(1): 191-201 (2012)

Development and utilization of emulsified surimi including high content of fish oil
, Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 78(5): 859-862 (2012)

Development and validation of Childrens Responsible Environmental Behavior Scale
, Environmental Education Research 18(4): 507-540 (2012)

Development and validation of Extract the Base: An English Derivational Morphology Test for third through fifth grade monolingual students and Spanish-speaking English language learners
, Language Testing 29(2): 265-289 (2012)

Development and validation of a 3D numerical model for TBMEPB mechanised excavations
, Computers and Geotechnics 40: 97-113 (2012)

Development and validation of a TLC-densitometry method for quantitative analysis of nefopam hydrochloride beside its degradation products
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 67(8): 733-739 (2012)

Development and validation of a finite element model for water CO2 coaxial gas-coolers
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Development and validation of a formative and a reflective measure for the assessment of online store usability
, Behaviour and Information Technology 31(9): 839-857 (2012)

Development and validation of a methodology to challenge the adaptive comfort model
, Building and Environment 49: 336-347 (2012)

Development and validation of a new method for determining humidification and dehumidification needs
, Applied Thermal Engineering 40: 275-283 (2012)

Development and validation of a novel real-time PCR method for the detection of celery (Apium graveolens) in food
, Food Chemistry 130(1): 189-195 (2012)

Development and validation of a rigid-flexible coupled dynamic valve-train model
, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D Journal of Automobile Engineering 226(1): 94-111 (2012)

Development and validation of a sandwich ELISA for the determination of potentially allergenic lupine in food
, Food Chemistry 130(3): 759-766 (2012)

Development and validation of a stability-indicating LC method for the assay of adapalene in bulk drug and pharmaceutical formulations
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 67(6): 585-590 (2012)

Development and validation of an HPLC-DAD method for the simultaneous determination of most common rice pesticides in paddy water systems
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Development and validation of patient satisfaction instrument
, Leadership in Health Services 25(1): 27-38 (2012)

Development and validation of spectrophotometric methods for determination of some cephalosporin group antibiotic drugs
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 67(2): 144-150 (2012)

Development and validation of the ACSI: measuring students science attitudes, pro-environmental behaviour, climate change attitudes and knowledge
, Environmental Education Research 18(6): 733-749 (2012)

Development and validation of the Place-Based Learning and Constructivist Environment Survey (PLACES)
, Learning Environments Research 15(2): 125-140 (2012)

Development and validation of the Texas Best Management Practice Evaluation Tool (TBET)
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Development and validation of the Vicarious Distress Questionnaire
, Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue Canadienne des Sciences du Comportement 44(2): 138-145 (2012)

Development and validation of the solution-focused inventory
, Journal of Positive Psychology 7(4): 334-348 (2012)

Development as freedom how the Capability Approach can be used in ICT4D research and practice
, Information Technology for Development 18(1): 1-4 (2012)

Development features of volcanic rocks of the Yingcheng Formation and their relationship with fault structure in the Xujiaweizi Fault Depression, Songliao Basin, China
, Petroleum Science 9(4): 436-443 (2012)

Development for a postneoliberal era? Sumak kawsay, living well and the limits to decolonisation in Ecuador
, Geoforum 43(2): 240-249 (2012)

Development of 170Tm-DOTA-cetuximab for radioimmunotherapy
, Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 55(3): 103-107 (2012)

Development of A-scan ultrasound technique for measuring local particle concentration in slurry flows
, Powder Technology 215-216: 174-184 (2012)

Development of Acetabular Component for Endoprosthesis of Hip and Knee Joints
, Biomedical Engineering 46(2): 53-57 (2012)

Development of Al2O3 carrier-Ru composite catalyst for hydrogen generation from alkaline NaBH4 hydrolysis
, Energy 46(1): 242-247 (2012)

Development of Baker's Yeast "Tokachino" through Collaboration of Industry, Academia and Government
, Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi 59(1): 1-5 (2012)

Development of Barkhausen noise calibration blocks for reliable grinding burn detection
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 212(2): 408-416 (2012)

Development of Basal Stem Heating System with Plastic Tunnel and Branch Duct in Forcing Culture of Eggplant
, Horticultural Research 11(4): 531-536 (2012)

Development of Bayesian Network Decision Support Tools to Support River Rehabilitation Works in the Lower Snowy River
, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment An International Journal 18(1): 92-114 (2012)

Development of Biomimetic Squid-Inspired Suckers
, Journal of Bionic Engineering 9(4): 484-493 (2012)

Development of CAPS and dCAPS markers forCYP82E4,CYP82E5v2andCYP82E10gene mutants reducing nicotine to nornicotine conversion in tobacco
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Development of CO2 liquefaction cycles for CO2 sequestration
, Applied Thermal Engineering 33-34: 144-156 (2012)

Development of Cell-Based Olfactory Biosensors
, Analytical Letters 45(2-3): 202-218 (2012)

Development of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles and Its Cytotoxicity in Prostate Cancer Cells
, Advanced Science Letters 6(1): 17-25 (2012)

Development of China homogenized monthly precipitation dataset during 19002009
, Journal of Geographical Sciences 22(4): 579-593 (2012)

Development of Chinese steamed bread enriched in bioactive compounds from barley hull and flaxseed hull extracts
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Development of Community Care for People with Schizophrenia in Chile
, International Journal of Mental Health 41(1): 48-61 (2012)

Development of Cu-based oxygen carriers for Chemical-Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU) process
, Fuel 96: 226-238 (2012)

Development of DDES and IDDES Formulations for the k- Shear Stress Transport Model
, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion 88(3): 431-449 (2012)

Development of Diagnostic Biomarkers for Neurodegenerative Diseases
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Development of Dissolution DNP-MR Substrates for Metabolic Research
, Applied Magnetic Resonance 43(1-2): 223-236 (2012)

Development of ERE/DRE-dual CALUX bioassays system for monitoring estrogen- and dioxin-like persistent organic pollutants
, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 17(3): 634-642 (2012)

Development of Easy-to-Use Drug Information Sheets for Patients
, Canadian Journal of Diabetes 36(5): S26-S27 (2012)

Development of El-Salam Canal Automation System
, Journal of Water Resource and Protection 04(08): 597-604 (2012)

Development of Enteroviral Aseptic Meningitis After Rituximab Treatment of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
, Infectious Disease in Clinical Practice 20(4): 291-293 (2012)

Development of Fingerprinting Methods of Balacaturbhadrika Churna: An Ayurvedic Formulation
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Development of Food Quality Estimation Methods Using Weak Luminescence
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Development of Geography in India and Problems
, Journal of Geography 121(5): 874-890 (2012)

Development of Gluten-Free Bread baked with Yam Flour
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Development of Interferometric Excitation Device for Micro Optical Diffusion Sensor Using Laser-Induced Dielectrophoresis
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Development of Isopentanol Reaction Mechanism Reproducing Autoignition Character at High and Low Temperatures
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Development of Japanese-style Ecotourism Based on School Excursion: A Case Study in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture
, Japanese Journal of Human Geography 64(4): 299-318 (2012)

Development of Microchamber Array Chip-Based Assay System for β-Glucosidase Activity
, Biophysical Journal 102(3): 186a-187a (2012)

Development of New Methods in Scanning Probe Microscopy for Lignocellulosic Biomass Characterization
, Industrial Biotechnology 8(4): 245-249 (2012)

Development of North American Consensus Guidelines for Medical Laboratories That Perform and Interpret Platelet Function Testing Using Light Transmission Aggregometry
, Yearbook of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 2012: 338-339 (2012)

Development of Novel 3-D Cube Antennas for Compact Wireless Sensor Nodes
, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 60(2): 1059-1065 (2012)

Development of Novel Vaccines
, Expert Review of Vaccines 11(11): 1305-1306 (2012)

Development of Optimal Maintenance Strategies for Offshore Wind Turbine by using Artificial Neural Network
, Wind Engineering 36(3): 353-364 (2012)

Development of Oxidation Systems Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Synthesis of Fine Chemicals
, Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute 55(5): 277-286 (2012)

Development of PCM/carbon-based composite materials
, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 107: 205-211 (2012)

Development of PCR-based diagnostic probe to detect begomoviruses infecting chilli in the hot arid region of Rajasthan
, Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 45(3): 301-309 (2012)

Development of Palliative Medicine Consensus Guidelines for Consults in the Emergency Department (787)
, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 43(2): 472-473 (2012)

Development of Perspective Constructions in the Representational Activity of Children
, Journal of Russian and East European Psychology 50(5): 5-23 (2012)

Development of Pharmacognostical Parameters and Estimation of β-sitosterol using HPTLC in Roots of Gmelina arborea Roxb
, Pharmacognosy Journal 4(30): 1-9 (2012)

Development of Phosphatidylethanolamine Liposomes That Efficiently Retain Encapsulated Vinorelbine Bitartrate
, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 33(6): 894-897 (2012)

Development of Piezoelectric Immunosensor for the Detection of Probiotic Bacteria
, Analytical Letters 45(10): 1214-1229 (2012)

Development of Pillared Clays for Wet Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation of Phenol and Its Application in the Posttreatment of Coffee Wastewater
, International Journal of Photoenergy 2012: 1-17 (2012)

Development of Planting Density-Specific Density Management Diagrams for Loblolly Pine
, Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 36(3): 126-129 (2012)

Development of Polymeric Cargo for Delivery of Photosensitizer in Photodynamic Therapy
, International Journal of Photoenergy 2012: 1-14 (2012)

Development of Prediction Models for Hydrodynamic Performance of Semicircular Breakwater
, Marine Technology Society Journal 46(5): 48-54 (2012)

Development of Pt-Carbon catalysts using MCM-41 template for HI decomposition reaction in SI thermochemical cycle
, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37(4): 3602-3611 (2012)

Development of Pt/TiO2 nanohybrids-modified SWCNT electrode for sensitive hydrogen peroxide detection
, Sensors and Actuators B, Chemical 174: 406-413 (2012)

Development of Quantitative Scanner Imaging and Image Analysis for Count and Size of Black Speck Inclusions in Plastic Films
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 1416-1417 (2012)

Development of Rationale and Measures of Noncognitive College Student Potential
, Educational Psychologist 47(1): 18-29 (2012)

Development of Real-Time PCR for in wood-detection ofCeratocystis platani, the agent of canker stain ofPlatanusspp
, European Journal of Plant Pathology 134(1): 61-79 (2012)

Development of Resin Disc Soil Testing in Rice Crop in Relation to Kinetics of Nutrient Adsorption on Resin
, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 43(8): 1109-1120 (2012)

Development of SF6 Gas-Insulated Disconnecting Switch with Spiral Electrodes Using Motor Operating Mechanism
, Electrical Engineering in Japan 179(3): 31-39 (2012)

Development of STEM for the HT7700 TEM and Optimization of Digital-Image Detectors Arrangement
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 1280-1281 (2012)

Development of Sensor Network for Ecology Observation of Seabirds
, Ieice Transactions on Information and Systems E95-D(2): 532-539 (2012)

Development of Simple High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Astaxanthin in Human Plasma
, Food Science and Technology Research 18(1): 107-113 (2012)

Development of Software and Hardware Architecture for Real-Time Dynamic Hybrid Testing and Application to a Base Isolated Structure
, Journal of Earthquake Engineering 16(Sup 1): 65-82 (2012)

Development of Solid State Photomultiplier-Based Electron Imaging Devices
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 1204-1205 (2012)

Development of Studies on Advanced Power Generation Based on Combined Cycle Using a Single High-Pressure Fluidized Bed Boiler and Consuming Sugar Cane Bagasse
, Energy and Fuels 26(3): 1952-1963 (2012)

Development of TACOS code for loss of flow accident analysis of SCWR with mixed spectrum core
, Progress in Nuclear Energy 54(1): 150-161 (2012)

Development of TEDIS, an information system dedicated to patients with pervasive developmental disorder
, Neuropsychiatrie de L'enfance et de L'adolescence 60(5): S219-S220 (2012)

Development of Thermophysical and Transport Properties for the CFD Simulations of In-Cylinder Biodiesel Spray Combustion
, Energy and Fuels 26(8): 4857-4870 (2012)

Development of Three Practical Indices for Mucosal Healing Among Patients With Moderate to Severe Crohns Disease
, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 18: S39-S40 (2012)

Development of Three-dimensional Hydrogeological Model and Its Application to Estimate Hydraulic Conductivity of Aquifer in and around Tsukuba City
, Journal of Geography 121(3): 421-440 (2012)

Development of V2 and V0 neurons in zebrafish spinal cord
, International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 30(8): 629-630 (2012)

Development of Variable Flow Rate Isokinetic Sampling System for 0.515-m Aerodynamic Diameter Particles
, Aerosol Science and Technology 46(12): 1286-1294 (2012)

Development of Visible Light-Responsive Photocatalysts
, International Journal of Photoenergy 2012: 1-4 (2012)

Development of Visible Light-Responsive Sensitized Photocatalysts
, International Journal of Photoenergy 2012: 1-13 (2012)

Development of XFCT Imaging Strategy for Monitoring the Spatial Distribution of Platinum Drugs: Instrumentation and Phantom Validation
, International Journal of Radiation Oncology*biology*physics 84(3): S132-S133 (2012)

Development of a 30 W class direct formic acid fuel cell stack with high stability and durability
, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37(4): 3425-3432 (2012)

Development of a Basic Communication Skills Scale for Junior High School Students; ;
, Japanese Journal of Educational Psychology 60(2): 137-152 (2012)

Development of a CO2 network for industrial emissions
, Applied Energy 91(1): 459-465 (2012)

Development of a Capillary Electrophoresis-Based Enzyme Immunoassay with Electrochemical Detection for the Determination of Okadaic Acid and Dinophysistoxin2 in Shellfish Samples
, Analytical Letters 45(11): 1365-1376 (2012)

Development of a Community Weather Information Network (Co-WIN) in Hong Kong
, Weather 67(2): 48-50 (2012)

Development of a Complex System Dynamic Eutrophication Model: Application to Karkheh Reservoir
, Environmental Engineering Science 29(6): 373-385 (2012)

Development of a Composite Model of Quality of Life: A Case Study in Austin, Texas
, Giscience and Remote Sensing 49(6): 802-821 (2012)

Development of a Comprehensive Naphtha Catalytic Cracking Kinetic Model
, Energy and Fuels 26(2): 801-809 (2012)

Development of a Controller Platform for Force-Based Real-Time Hybrid Simulation
, Journal of Earthquake Engineering 16(2): 274-295 (2012)

Development of a Demand Driven Hydro-climatic Model for Drought Planning
, Water Resources Management 26(2): 329-357 (2012)

Development of a Feed Protease
, Industrial Biotechnology 8(4): 172-175 (2012)

Development of a Flow Injection Manifold for Napropamide Determination by Photo-Induced Chemiluminescence
, Analytical Letters 45(8): 872-882 (2012)

Development of a Force Field Topology Database for Detergents for Molecular Dynamics Simulations with the Amber Force Fields
, Biophysical Journal 102(3): 395a-396a (2012)

Development of a Framework to Determine a Mandatory Safety Baseline for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 65(1-4): 3-26 (2012 )

Development of a Fungal Biosensor for Field Verifying the Surface Disinfection of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Systems for Air Handling Units
, Indoor and Built Environment 21(2): 273-281 (2012)

Development of a Method To Produce Hemoglobin in a Bioreactor Culture of Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) Transformed with a Plasmid Containing Plesiomonas shigelloides Heme Transport Genes and Modified Human Hemoglobin Genes
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78(15): 5471-5471 (2012)

Development of a Microrectification Apparatus for Analytical and Preparative Applications
, Chemical Engineering and Technology 35(1): 58-71 (2012)

Development of a Monoclonal Antibody-Based ELISA for the Detection of Oxytetracycline and 4-Epi-Oxytetracycline Residues in Chicken Tissues
, Analytical Letters 45(4): 386-394 (2012)

Development of a Murine Model for CMV-Induced Hearing Loss
, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 147(2 Suppl): P230-P230 (2012)

Development of a Network-Based Method for Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data
, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 50(3): 839-849 (2012)

Development of a New Educational Tool: Interactive Computer-Based Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Trainer
, Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology 19(6): S128-S129 (2012)

Development of a New Simulation Method of Dose-Distribution Changes for an IMRT Plan by Rotational Setup Error
, International Journal of Radiation Oncology*biology*physics 84(3): S774-S775 (2012)

Development of a New Specimen Holder for Simultaneous Bright Field and Dark Field STEM-IN-SEM Imaging of Polymer Systems
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 1236-1237 (2012)

Development of a Noninvasive Vitamin D Screening Tool
, Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal 40(3): 229-240 (2012)

Development of a Novel Nanoparticle Formulation of Cisplatin to Improve Chemoradiation Therapy
, International Journal of Radiation Oncology*biology*physics 84(3): S690-S691 (2012)

Development of a Novel, Mandatory, Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Curriculum (319-C)
, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 43(2): 354-0 (2012)

Development of a Palladium on Boron Nitride Catalyst and its Application to the Semihydrogenation of Alkynes
, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis 354(7): 1264-1268 (2012)

Development of a Palliative Care Fellows Quality Project Utilizing the PDSA Cycle: The CASH Paradigm for Evaluating Existential Distress (419-B)
, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 43(2): 390-391 (2012)

Development of a Passive Sampler for Monitoring of Carbamate and s-Triazine Pesticides in Surface Waters
, Water, Air and Soil Pollution 223(8): 5071-5085 (2012)

Development of a Pediatric Transfusion Medicine Teaching Curriculum for Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellows to Improve Blood Product Utilization and Patient Safety: A Four-Year Experience
, American Journal of Clinical Pathology 138(Suppl 1): A012-A012 (2012)

Development of a Photographic Scale for Consistency and Guidance in Dermatologic Assessment of Forearm Sun Damage
, Yearbook of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery 2012: 319-321 (2012)

Development of a Physical Education Teaching Efficacy Scale
, Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science 16(4): 284-299 (2012)

Development of a Physics-Based Target Shooting Game to Train Amputee Users of Multijoint Upper Limb Prostheses
, Presence Teleoperators and Virtual Environments 21(1): 85-95 (2012)

Development of a Prognostic Model for 6-month Mortality in Older Adults With Declining Health (316-A)
, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 43(2): 346-347 (2012)

Development of a Relative Source Contribution Factor for Drinking Water Criteria: The Case of Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX)
, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment An International Journal 18(2): 338-354 (2012)

Development of a Scale Measuring Trait Anxiety in Physical Education
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Development of a Sequential Decision-Making Model for Controlling Multiple Air Pollutants Under Stochastic Uncertainty
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Development of a Spherical Underwater Robot Equipped with Multiple Vectored Water-Jet-Based Thrusters
, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 67(3-4): 307-321 (2012)

Development of a Stereo Vision System to Assist the Operation of Agricultural Tractors
, Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly Jarq 46(4): 287-293 (2012)

Development of a Stochastic Individual Path (SIP) Model for Predicting the Deposition of Pharmaceutical Aerosols: Effects of Turbulence, Polydisperse Aerosol Size, and Evaluation of Multiple Lung Lobes
, Aerosol Science and Technology 46(12): 1271-1285 (2012)

Development of a Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based DNA Sensor and Its Application for Screening DNA-Targeted Anticancer Drugs
, Analytical Letters 45(11): 1495-1505 (2012)

Development of a Three-Phase Sequential Turbocharging System with Two Unequal-Size Turbochargers
, International Journal of Rotating Machinery 2012: 1-8 (2012)

Development of a Transient Mechanistic Two-Phase Flow Model for Wellbores
, Spe Journal 17(03): 942-955 (2012)

Development of a Video Guided Real-time Patient Motion Monitoring System for Helical Tomotherapy
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Development of a biofilm technology for the production of 1,3-propanediol (1,3-PDO) from crude glycerol
, Biochemical Engineering Journal 64: 84-90 (2012)

Development of a broad selective molecularly imprinted polymers-based solid phase extraction of contraceptive drug levonorgestrel from water samples
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Development of a calorimeter for determination of the solar factor of architectural glass and fenestrations
, Building and Environment 47: 232-242 (2012)

Development of a carbon paper-supported Pd catalyst for PEMFC application
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Development of a cloud point extraction and preconcentration method for chromium(III) and total chromium prior to flame atomic absorption spectrometry
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 67(2): 131-139 (2012)

Development of a cohesion inventory for children's sport teams
, Group Dynamics 16(1): 68-79 (2012)

Development of a competitive ELISA for the detection of soybean α subunit of β-conglycinin
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Development of a comprehensive and flexible forward dynamic powertrain simulation tool for various hybrid electric vehicle architectures
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Development of a computer game-based framework for cognitive behaviour identification by using Bayesian inference methods
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Development of a control system to anticipate agglomeration in fluidised bed coating
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Development of a database model based on parallel biomolecular computation
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Development of a defatted mustard meal-based composite film and its application to smoked salmon to retard lipid oxidation
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Development of a device for dynamical measurement of the load on casting and the contraction of the casting in a sand mold during cooling
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 212(6): 1399-1405 (2012)

Development of a device for sampling cattle breath
, Biosystems Engineering 112(2): 75-81 (2012)

Development of a fast MECK method for determination of 5-HMF in honey samples
, Food Chemistry 133(4): 1640-1645 (2012)

Development of a fast filtering algorithm via vibration systems approach and application to a class of portable vital signs monitoring systems
, Neurocomputing 97: 1-8 (2012)

Development of a fish-based index of biotic integrity (FIBI) for monitoring riverine ecosystems in the Lake Victoria drainage Basin, Kenya
, River Research and Applications 28(1): 23-38 (2012)

Development of a flexural plate-wave (FPW) immunoglobulin-E (IgE) allergy bio-sensing microsystem
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Development of a food-grade organogel with high bioaccessibility and loading of curcuminoids
, Food Chemistry 131(1): 48-54 (2012)

Development of a free vortex wake method code for offshore floating wind turbines
, Renewable Energy 46: 269-275 (2012)

Development of a function to recognize angry facial expressions in 5- to 11-year-old children
, Human Physiology 38(6): 563-570 (2012)

Development of a galvanostatic analysis technique as an in-situ diagnostic tool for PEMFC single cells and stacks
, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37(7): 5891-5900 (2012)

Development of a gas chromatography mass spectrometry method for the determination of carbon disulfide in the atmosphere
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Development of a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry based metabolomics protocol by means of statistical experimental design
, Metabolomics 8(1): 50-63 (2012)

Development of a gene expression based assay to determine the origin of metastatic carcinomas of unknown primary
, Pathology 44: S71-S72 (2012)

Development of a green extraction procedure with super/subcritical fluids to produce extracts enriched in oleuropein from olive leaves
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Development of a high sensitive automatic setup for screening of microcystins in surface waters by employing a LED-based photometric detector
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Development of a high-efficiency rotary dryer for sewage sludge
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Development of a high-speed two-colour system and its application to in-cylinder diesel combustion temperature and soot measurements with split injections
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Development of a hydrogen catalytic heater for heating metal hydride hydrogen storage systems
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Development of a low-cost geotechnical model testing facility
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Development of a machine learning technique for automatic analysis of seafloor image data: Case example, Pogonophora coverage at mud volcanoes
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Development of a membranecarbon cloth assembly for submerged membrane bioreactors to apply an intermittent electric field for fouling suppression
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Development of a metal magnetic memory method
, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering 47(11-12): 837-839 (2012)

Development of a method for water determination in lactose
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Development of a method of manufacturing surimi from by-product of frozen skipjack tuna loin
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Development of a method to quantify sucrose in soybean grains
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Development of a methodology for quantifying insolation variables in windows and building openings
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Development of a model for the hydrocracking of normal paraffins
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Development of a multidisciplinary model of dementia care for use in primary care networks in Alberta
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Development of a multivariate regression model for overall satisfaction in public buildings based on field studies in Beijing and Shanghai
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Development of a new covering strategy in Indonesian coal mines to control acid mine drainage generation: a laboratory-scale result
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Development of a new hybrid technique for inorganic arsenic speciation analysis by microchip capillary electrophoresis coupled with hydride generation microwave induced plasma spectrometry
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Development of a new method to assess fuel saving using gear shift indicators
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Development of a new model for biodiesel viscosity prediction based on the principle of corresponding state
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Development of a novel bioassay system to assess the effectiveness of entomopathogenic fungi against imported fire ants
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Development of a novel cascading TPV and TE power generation system
, Applied Energy 91(1): 304-308 (2012)

Development of a novel chemical water shut-off method for fractured reservoirs: Laboratory development and verification through core flow experiments
, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 96-97: 176-184 (2012)

Development of a novel common-rail type Dimethyl ether (DME) injector
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Exploring the links between water, sanitation and hygiene and disability; Results from a case-control study in Guatemala
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Development of a novel forward dynamic programming method for weather routing
, Journal of Marine Science and Technology 17(2): 239-251 (2012)

Development of a novel method for monitoring the antioxidative effect of ascorbic acid in rat blood
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Development of a novel molecularly imprinted polymer for the retention of 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene
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Development of a novel radial cathode flow field for PEMFC
, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37(9): 7719-7729 (2012)

Development of a novel refrigeration system for refrigerated trucks incorporating phase change material
, Applied Energy 92: 336-342 (2012)

Development of a novel rotary desiccant cooling cycle with isothermal dehumidification and regenerative evaporative cooling using thermodynamic analysis method
, Energy 44(1): 778-791 (2012)

Development of a novel type of composite cathode material for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells
, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37(7): 5940-5945 (2012)

Development of a novel whole mount immunofluorescence technique to visualize intact human placental architecture
, Journal of Reproductive Immunology 94(1): 29-0 (2012)

Development of a petroleum knowledge tutorial system for university and corporate training
, Petroleum Science 9(1): 110-120 (2012)

Development of a piezosensor-based transducer, gas analyzer, and ammonia detector
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 67(11): 930-937 (2012)

Development of a precise and accurate agedepth model based on 40Ar/39Ar dating of volcanic material in the ANDRILL (1B) drill core, Southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
, Global and Planetary Change 96-97: 118-130 (2012)

Development of a program of financial support on enhancing apartment houses maintenance in Korea Focused on the U.S. and Japanese financial programs for housing maintenance in Korea
, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16(1): 648-659 (2012)

Development of a prototype-based measure of relational boredom
, Personal Relationships 19(1): 162-181 (2012)

Development of a rapid competitive indirect ELISA procedure for the determination of deoxynivalenol in cereals
, Food and Agricultural Immunology 23(1): 41-49 (2012)

Development of a rapid emergency hemorrhage panel
, Yearbook of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 2012: 335-336 (2012)

Development of a rapid isothermal assay to detect Taylorella equigenitalis
, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 32(10): S59-S60 (2012)

Development of a rapid isothermal assay to detect the causative agent of strangles
, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 32(10): S54-S55 (2012)

Development of a regional rain retrieval algorithm for exclusive mesoscale convective systems over peninsular India
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Development of a risk-based maintenance strategy using FMEA for a continuous catalytic reforming plant
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Development of a sensitive monoclonal antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the analysis of cadmium ions in water, soil and rape samples
, Food and Agricultural Immunology 23(1): 27-39 (2012)

Development of a sensitive potentiometric sensor for determination of fumaric acid in powdered food products
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Development of a servo-hydraulic earthquake actuator for the Cambridge Turner beam centrifuge
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Development of a simple 96-well plate method for evaluation of antioxidant activity based on the oxidative haemolysis inhibition assay (OxHLIA)
, Food Chemistry 134(1): 606-610 (2012)

Development of a simple capillary electrophoretic determination of glucosamine in nutritional supplements using in-capillary derivatisation with o-phthalaldehyde
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Development of a simple disposable six minibioreactor system for suspension mammalian cell culture
, Process Biochemistry 47(4): 597-605 (2012)

Development of a simple method for the quantitative determination of fatty acids in milk with special emphasis on long-chain fatty acids
, Cyta - Journal of Food 10(1): 27-35 (2012)

Development of a simulation model for a three-dimensional wind velocity field using Tns Algeria as a case study
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Development of a simulation model of biomass supply chain for biofuel production
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Development of a simultaneous continuum and noncontinuum state estimator with application on a distillation process
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Development of a solid phase extraction method for the multielement determination of trace metals in natural waters including sea-water by FI-ICP-MS
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Development of a soup powder enriched with microencapsulated linseed oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids
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Development of a species specific PCR for the differentiation of Trypanosoma equiperdum and Trypanosoma evansi: application to the 2011 outbreak of dourine in Italy
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Development of a spore-based formulation of microbial pesticides for control of rice sheath blight
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Development of a stochastic optimisation tool for solving the multiple container packing problems
, International Journal of Production Economics 140(2): 737-748 (2012)

Development of a sub-pixel analysis method applied to dynamic monitoring of floods
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 33(7): 2277-2295 (2012)

Development of a sustainable evaluation indicator for livestock farming system on the basis of nitrogen flow: a case study on the material flow in livestock farming along with fodder crop production and grazing on abandoned paddy fields
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Development of a textile-optoelectronic pH meter based on hybrid xerogel doped with Methyl Red
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Development of a thermalhydraulic safety analysis code RETAC for AP1000
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Development of a three-dimensional microfluidic system for long-term tumor spheroid culture
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Development of a tilt control method for a narrow-track three-wheeled vehicle
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Development of a united-atom force field for 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetracyanoborate ionic liquid
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Development of a vehicle stability control strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle equipped with axle motors
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Development of a very sensitive electrochemical magneto immunosensor for the direct determination of ochratoxin A in red wine
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Development of a virosomal malaria vaccine candidate: from synthetic peptide design to clinical concept validation
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Development of a well-of-the-well system-based embryo culture plate with an oxygen sensing photoluminescent probe
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Development of adsorption air-conditioning technology using modified activated carbon A review
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Development of algorithm based on the coupling method with CFD and motor test results to predict performance and efficiency of a fuel cell air fan
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Development of an Ad-Hoc Aberration Auto-tuning Procedure on an Oriented Crystalline Specimen in Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy: the SIAM Method
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Development of an Algorithm for Automatic Image Detection of Biological Particles in Transmission Electron Microscopy Images
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Development of an Algorithm for Interpretation and Release of HPLC Results for Hemoglobinopathies
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Development of an Analytical Time-Dependent Matrix/Fracture Shape Factor for Countercurrent Imbibition in Simulation of Fractured Reservoirs
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Development of an Autonomous Robot for Gas Storage Spheres Inspection
, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 66(1-2): 23-35 (2012)

Development of an Efficient Method for the Removal of Silane Compounds from Exhaust Air
, Chemical Engineering and Technology 35(11): 2023-2029 (2012)

Development of an HPLC Assay Methodology for a Desonide Cream with Chemometrics Assisted Optimization
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Development of an IHC Detection System Comparable to Opti View DAB IHC Detection for Rat Primary Antibodies
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Development of an Instrument to Assess Fourth and Fifth Grade Students' Attitudes Toward Physical Education
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Development of an Interprofessional Diabetes and Oral Hygiene Education Program for Youth with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
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Development of an adaptive surface irrigation system
, Irrigation Science 30(1): 69-81 (2012)

Development of an advanced MEA to use high-concentration methanol fuel in a direct methanol fuel cell system
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Development of an air-injection press for preventing blowout of particleboard (III): effects of pressing temperature on board performance
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Development of an air-injection press for preventing blowout of particleboard IV: effects of air-injection conditions on board performance and formaldehyde emission
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Development of an analog-to-digital converter based on a neural network
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Development of an analytical method to monitor industrial degreasing and rinsing baths
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Development of an assistance environment for tutors based on a co-adaptive design approach
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Development of an auditory implant manipulator for minimally invasive surgical insertion of implantable hearing devices
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Development of an automated approach for identifying convective storm type using reflectivity-derived and near-storm environment data
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Development of an efficient Tissue Culture after Crossing (TCC) system for transgenic improvement of barley as a bioenergy crop
, Applied Energy 91(1): 405-411 (2012)

Development of an efficient bioprocess for turanose production by sucrose isomerisation reaction of amylosucrase
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Development of an efficient solvent free one-pot Heck reaction catalyzed by novel palladium (II) complex-via green approach
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Development of an electrochemical sensor for determination of dissolved oxygen by nickelsalen polymeric film modified electrode
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Development of an enzymeless electroanalytical method for the indirect detection of creatinine in urine samples
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Development of an epidemiologic registry for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy for adolescent athletes
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Development of an equilibrium model for the simulation of thermochemical gasification and application to agricultural residues
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Development of an expression system using the heat shock protein 70 promoter in the red macroalga,Porphyra tenera
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Development of an extremely precise buffer amplifier for AC shunt standards at audio frequencies
, Electrical Engineering in Japan 178(4): 24-31 (2012)

Development of an in-situ High Temperature-High Humidity TEM Observation Technique and Its Application to the Analysis of Catalyst Degradation Mechanism
, Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(S2): 1162-1163 (2012)

Development of an innovative seismic strengthening technique for traditional load-bearing masonry walls
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Development of an integrated methodology for the energy needs of a major urban city: The case study of Athens, Greece
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Development of an overset grid computational fluid dynamics solver on graphical processing units
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Development of approach for reliability assessment of pipeline network systems
, Applied Energy 94: 22-33 (2012)

Development of asphalt pavement fatigue cracking prediction model based on loading mode transfer function
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Development of asymmetric polysulfone hollow fiber membrane contactor for CO2 absorption
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Development of automated systems of scientific research for control and testing of electrical machinery
, Russian Electrical Engineering 83(11): 596-598 (2012)

Development of a 186 C cryogenic preservation chamber based on a dual mixed-gases Joule Thomson refrigeration cycle
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Development of ballistics identificationfrom image comparison to topography measurement in surface metrology
, Measurement Science and Technology 23(5): 54010-0 (2012)

Development of benchmark models for the Egyptian residential buildings sector
, Applied Energy 94: 270-284 (2012)

Development of building vulnerability functions in subsidence regions from analytical methods
, Géotechnique 62(2): 107-120 (2012)

Development of carboxylic acid search prefilters for spectral library matching
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Development of chitosan-based nanoparticles for pulmonary delivery of itraconazole as dry powder formulation
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Development of chromosome 6D-specific markers for α-gliadin genes and their use in assessing dynamic changes at theGli-2loci
, Molecular Breeding 29(1): 199-208 (2012)

Development of cloud detection methods using CFH, GTS1, and RS80 radiosondes
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Development of communication plan for an equine infectious disease outbreak
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Development of complex enzymatic preparations of pactinases and celulases for sugar beet marc digestion
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Development of conditions for the derivatization of phenyl carboxylic acids isolated from blood using gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry
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Development of crop cultivars by honeycomb breeding
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Development of data-driven models for fluidized-bed coal gasification process
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Development of designs for enhancing output and operation efficiency of OAO TAIF-NK catalytic cracking plant
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Development of diffusive solid phase microextraction method for sampling of epichlorohydrin in air
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Development of direct resistive heating method for SO3 decomposition in the SI cycle for hydrogen production
, Applied Energy 93: 59-64 (2012)

Development of ecofriendly/biodegradable lubricants: An overview
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Development of economic forest tree breeding objectives: review of existing methodology and discussion of its application in Swedish conditions
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Development of emissions predictor equations for a light-duty diesel engine using biodiesel fuel properties
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Development of fault point locating system for underground transmission lines using optical fiber current sensors
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Development of field-grown potato plants derived from meristem plants multiplied with different methods
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Development of fire resistant PET fibrous structures based on phosphinate-POSS blends
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Development of flame retarded self-reinforced composites from automotive shredder plastic waste
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Development of fracture-energy based interface bond test for asphalt concrete
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Development of fragility functions as a damage classification/prediction method for steel moment-resisting frames using a wavelet-based damage sensitive feature
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Development of frequency stabilizing scheme for integrating wind power generation into an isolated grid
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Development of gallium gradients in three-stage Cu(In,Ga)Se2 co-evaporation processes
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Development of gas sensors coatings by polyaniline using pressurized fluid
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Development of growth factor-immobilizable material for hepatocyte transplantation
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Development of guidelines for occupational therapy in Huntingtons disease
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Development of high pressure gaseous hydrogen storage technologies
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Development of highly sensitive nitrogen dioxide monitoring device and its application to wide-area ubiquitous network
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Development of in vivo haploid inducers for tropical maize breeding programs
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Development of indirect competitive immunoassay for highly sensitive determination of ractopamine in pork liver samples based on surface plasmon resonance sensor
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Development of integrated water deep cleaning methods based on baromembrane processes and electrochemical technology
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Development of interorganizational trust in virtual organizations
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Development of ion-selective electrodes in Russia in 19912010
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 67(1): 1-5 (2012)

Development of lead-free silver ink for front contact metallization
, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 106: 51-54 (2012)

Development of local and regional forest based bioenergy in Norway Supply networks, financial support and political commitment
, Biomass and Bioenergy 47: 164-176 (2012)

Development of map matching algorithm for low frequency probe data
, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 22: 132-145 (2012)

Development of metrological models for internal standard single-point and multi-point calibrations for the assessment of tear gas weapons compliance with legislation
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Development of microplate-based photoelectrochemical DNA biosensor array for high throughput detection of DNA damage
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Development of microsatellite markers for genetic diversity analysis of Dendrobium loddigesii Rolfe, an endangered orchid in China
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Development of microstructure CO sensor based on hierarchically porous ZnO nanosheet thin films
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Development of molecularly imprinted membranes for selective recognition of primary amines in organic medium
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Development of morphological awareness and vocabulary knowledge in Spanish-speaking language minority learners: A parallel process latent growth curve model
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Development of multiple emulsions based on the repulsive interaction between sodium caseinate and LBG
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Development of natural anti-tumor drugs by microorganisms
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Development of near-isogenic lines for a major QTL on 3BL conferring Fusariumcrown rot resistance in hexaploid wheat
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Development of new elasticoluminescent material SrMg2(PO4)2:Eu
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Development of new footwear sole surface pattern for prevention of slip-related falls
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Development of novel glass-based composite seals for planar intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
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Development of ombrotrophic raised bogs in North-east Germany 17
, Wetlands Ecology and Management 20(6): 503-520 (2012)

Development of optimization procedures for application-specific chemical sensing
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Development of passive heat control system for direct methanol fuel cell using electric double layer capacitor
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Development of pharmacognostical parameters and estimation of quercetin using HPTLC in leaves of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn
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Development of phonological awareness during the preschool year: the influence of gender and socio-economic status
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Development of physiotherapy guidance and treatment-based classifications for people with Huntingtons disease
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Development of polymer-modified magnetic nanoparticles and quantum dots for Escherichia colibinding test
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Development of porous Ti6Al4V samples by microsphere sintering
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Development of progressive failure in sensitive clay slopes
, Canadian Geotechnical Journal 49(7): 782-795 (2012)

Development of reading skills from K-3 in Spanish-speaking English language learners following three programs of instruction
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Development of real-time sensitive chiral analysis technique using quartz crystal analyzer
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Development of self-aligning two-stage co-delivery microchannel network
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Development of simple sequence repeat markers for bermudagrass from its expressed sequence tag sequences and preexisting sorghum SSR markers
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Development of simplified in-situ fan curve measurement method using the manufacturers fan curve
, Building and Environment 48: 77-83 (2012)

Development of software for spectral imaging data acquisition using LabVIEW
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Development of solid desiccant dehumidification using electro-osmosis regeneration method for HVAC application
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Development of solid oxide fuel cell materials for intermediate-to-low temperature operation
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Development of spelling skills in a shallow orthography: the case of Italian language
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Development of spontaneous grandparentinfant imitation across the first year of life
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Development of suitable photobioreactor for algae production A review
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Development of supervisory control strategy for optimized fuel consumption of the compound hybrid excavator
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Development of support vector regression (SVR)-based model for prediction of circulation rate in a vertical tube thermosiphon reboiler
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Development of surface tension-driven microboats and microflotillas
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Development of symmetry and asymmetry in the early evolution of the echinoderms
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Development of tau proteolytic activity as a target for drug discovery
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Development of the Basis for an Analytical Protocol for Feeds and Products of Bio-oil Hydrotreatment
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Development of the Connections of the Primary Visual Cortex with the Movement Analysis Center: the Role of the Visual Environment
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Development of the Coupled Atmosphere and Land Data Assimilation System (CALDAS) and Its Application Over the Tibetan Plateau
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Development of the Earths Field NMR Spectrometer for Liquid Screening
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Development of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission Cloud-Cover Assessment Algorithms
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Development of the Latin America association for palliative care
, Progress in Palliative Care 20(4): 227-229 (2012)

Development of the Northern European Ribes core collection based on a microsatellite (SSR) marker diversity analysis
, Plant Genetic Resources 10(01): 70-73 (2012)

Development of the Ordered Organization of Corticocortical Connections between Field 17 and the Posteromedial Wall of the Lateral Suprasylvian Sulcus in Early Postnatal Ontogeny in Cats
, Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology 42(1): 63-66 (2012)

Development of the Wagyu Beef Industry in Australia
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Development of the carer wellbeing and support (CWS) questionnaire
, Mental Health Review Journal 17(3): 128-138 (2012)

Development of the conceptual model of energy and utility management in textile processing: A soft systems approach
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Development of the high performance magnesium based hydrogen storage alloy
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Development of the preshower detector prototypes for LHCb experiment
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 55(5): 522-531 (2012)

Development of the questionnaire AIDA (Assessment of Identity Development in Adolescence)
, Neuropsychiatrie de L'enfance et de L'adolescence 60(5): S146-S147 (2012)

Development of the size distribution of smoke particles in a compartment fire
, Fire Safety Journal 47: 46-53 (2012)

Development of the spin crossover model for compressible and nonuniform chains of exchange clusters
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Development of the spinel powder reduction technique for solid oxide fuel cell interconnect coating
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Development of the teleomorph ofAscochyta rabieion culture media
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Development of the trailing shear layer in a starting jet during pinch-off
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Development of the unsteady upward fire model to simulate polymer burning under UL94 vertical test conditions
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Development of therapeutic interventions for prion disease
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Development of three-layer intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells with direct stainless steel based anodes
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Development of transfer pipelines and monitoring systems with remote access through internet
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Development of two step carbon dioxide assisted thermal fusion PMMA bonding process
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Development of underground space in large Russian cities
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Development of universal pH sensing electrospun nanofibers
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Development of vibration shear tube method for powder flowability evaluation
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Development of waste gasification and gas reforming system for municipal solid waste (MSW)
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Development of white mustard (Sinapis alba L.) essential oil, a food preservative
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Development of young adults' fine motor skills when learning to play percussion instruments
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Development on a small scale industrial CFB boiler with an evaporating loop seal
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Development policy for non-grid-connected wind power in China: An analysis based on institutional change
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Development program of hot dry rock geothermal resource in the Yangbajing Basin of China
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Development trends in the Azerbaijan oil and gas sector: Achievements and challenges
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Development, Characterization, and Evaluation of Celecoxib Microemulsion for Topical Delivery
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Development, Characterization, and Evaluation of Liposomes and Niosomes of Bacitracin Zinc
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