Section 65
Chapter 64,199

Free Convection Heat Transfer over a Vertical Cylinder in a Saturated Porous Medium Using a Local Thermal Non-equilibrium Model

Shakeri, E.N.M.K.M.H.

Transport in Porous Media 93(3): 453-460


ISSN/ISBN: 0169-3913
DOI: 10.1007/s11242-012-9962-7
Accession: 064198295

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In this article, free convection heat transfer over a vertical cylinder with variable surface temperature distributions in a porous medium is analyzed. It is assumed that the fluid and solid phases are not in local thermal equilibrium and, therefore, a two-temperature model of heat transfer is applied. The coupled momentum and energy equations are presented and then they are transformed into ordinary differential equations. The similarity equations are solved numerically.

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