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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64250

Chapter 64250 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Heinze, T; Genco, T; Petzold-Welcke, K; Wondraczek, H, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of aminocellulose sulfates as novel ampholytic polymers

Guangmin Yang; Qiang Xu; Weitao Zheng, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of amorphous hollow carbon spheres

Yong Xiao Bai; Yao Bin Liu; Yan Feng Li; Qi Zhang, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic antibacterial copolymers

Guoshun Liu; Yuming Shang; Xiaofeng Xie; Shubo Wang; Jinhai Wang; Yaowu Wang; Zongqiang Mao, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of anion exchange membranes for alkaline direct methanol fuel cells

Mohamed, R R.; Seoudi, R S.; Sabaa, M. W., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of antibacterial semi-interpenetrating carboxymethyl chitosan/poly (acrylonitrile) hydrogels

Yifu Zhang; Fangfang Zhang; Lei Yu; Meijuan Fan; Yalan Zhong; Xinghai Liu; Yongyun Mao; Chi Huang, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of belt-like VO2(B)@carbon and V2O3@carbon coreshell structured composites

Fuxian Wan, C Li, L Jiang, Y Li, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of binuclear Zn(II)cyclen complexes bridged by a,-bis(4-methylphenoxy) alkanes

Yakai Feng; Haiyang Zhao; Licai Jiao; Jian Lu; Heyun Wang; Jintang Guo, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable, amorphous, soft IPNs with shape-memory effect

A. Kriaa, K. Ben Saad, A. H. Hamzaoui, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of cancrinite-type zeolite, and its ionic conductivity study by AC impedance analysis

Quan Jin; Mingtao Zheng; Yongjian Wu; Chunlin Xie; Yong Xiao; Yingliang Liu, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of carbon hollow microspheres

Kiriaki Kardimi; Theodoros Tsoufis; Aphrodite Tomou; Bart, J. Kooi; Mamas, I. Prodromidis; Dimitrios Gournis, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes decorated with Pt and PtRu nanoparticles and assessment of their electrocatalytic performance

Mphilisi, M. Mahlambi; Ajay, K. Mishra; Shivani, B. Mishra; Rui, W. Krause; Bhekie, B. Mamba; Ashok, M. Raichur, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of carbon-covered alumina (CCA) supported TiO2nanocatalysts with enhanced visible light photodegradation of Rhodamine B

Singh, V; Ahmad, S, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of carboxymethyl cellulose-silver nanoparticle (AgNp)-silica hybrid for amylase immobilization

Hamid Emadi; Masoud Salavati-Niasari; Fatemeh Davar, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt sulfide nanocrystals in the presence of thioglycolic acid via a simple hydrothermal method

Ji-Hoon Kim; Hee Un Kim; Won Suk Shin; Sang-Jin Moon; Sung Cheol Yoon; Do-Hoon Hwang, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of conjugated polymers containing low-bandgap arylenevinylene units

Thomas Rath; Wernfried Haas; Andreas Pein; Robert Saf; Eugen Maier; Birgit Kunert; Ferdinand Hofer; Roland Resel; Gregor Trimmel, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of copper zinc tin chalcogenide nanoparticles: Influence of reactants on the chemical composition

Ruiqin Bai; Teng Qiu; Min Duan; Guiling Ma; Lifan He; Xiaoyu Li, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of coreshell polysilsesquioxane-poly(styrene-butyl acrylate-fluorinated acrylate) hybrid latex particles

Chiu, K-Lok; Ng, D H.L., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of cotton-made activated carbon fiber and its adsorption of methylene blue in water treatment

Ravi Shankar; Atul Pratap Singh; Archana Jain; Gabriele Kociok-Köhn; Kieran, C. Molloy, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of di-/triorgano stannates bearing tin-sulfonate bonds

LiXun Yang; Xin Xu; LuYuan Hao; XiuFang Yang; Simeon Agathopoulos, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of fast-decaying bluish green phosphors of Tb3+-doped CaSi2O2N2 for 2D/3D plasma display panels

M. Masteri-Farahani; M. Sadrinia, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of ferric molybdate nanoparticles in reverse micelles nanoreactors

Limin Zang; Jinshan Guo; Jiahe Luo; Hong Zhang, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of fluorine-containing polyacrylate latex with coreshell structure by UV-initiated seeded emulsion polymerization

Zhu, B-Yong; Zhang, X-Ling; Guo, F; Liu, X-Hua, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of four coordination polymers constructed with d10 metals and mixed flexible ligands under solvothermal conditions

Gabaldon, I.A.; Ochoa, M.; Espinosa, F.; Rosas, A.; Flores, L., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of halloysite nanotubes and polyethylene-dioxitiofene nanocomposites

Ki-Young Choi; In-Taek Lim; Mi-Young Mun, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of hexamethy tetraaza macrocyclic nickel(II) complexes with polycarboxylate ligands

Yun Hwan Jo; Inyu Jung; Na Rae Kim; Hyuck Mo Lee, 2012 :
Synthesis and characterization of highly conductive SnAg bimetallic nanoparticles for printed electronics

Li, W; Zhao, Y; Yuan, S; Shi, L; Wang, Z; Fang, J; Zhang, M, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of highly dispersed TiO2nanocrystal colloids by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method

Ross, S. Fontenot; William, A. Hollerman; Kamala, N. Bhat; Mohan, D. Aggarwal, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of highly triboluminescent doped europium tetrakis compounds

Pieter Samyn; Marlies Deconinck; Gustaaf Schoukens; Dirk Stanssens; Leo Vonck; Henk Van den Abbeele, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of imidized poly(styrene-maleic anhydride) nanoparticles in stable aqueous dispersion

Bellocchi, G.; Franzò, G.; Iacona, F.; Boninelli, S.; Miritello, M.; Priolo, F., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of light emitting Eu2O3 films on Si substrates

Barakat, N A. M., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of maghemite iron oxide (-Fe2O3) nanofibers: novel semiconductor with magnetic feature

Zhai, Q-Zhou; Hu, W-Hua; Huang, B-Liang; Wang, C-Yang, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous SBA-15/propranolol hydrochloride for controlled drug release study

Aliye Aslı Esenpınar; Elif Durmaz; Fatma Karaca; Mustafa Bulut, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of metallo phthalocyanines bearing 7-oxy-3-(4-pyridyl)coumarin substituents and their supramolecular structures with vanadyl bis(acetylacetonate)

Agnes Mrutu; Wilson, N. William; Richard, A. Kemp, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of molybdenum and tungsten complexes containing tris(diphenylphosphino)methane (tdppm)

Tameryn Stringer; Denver, T. Hendricks; Hajira Guzgay; Gregory, S. Smith, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of multimeric salicylaldimine thiosemicarbazones and their Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes

Hosseinian, A; Jabbari, S; Rahimipour, H Reza; Mahjoub, A Reza, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of nano-scale of a new azido Co(II) complex as single and nano-scale crystals: Bithiazole precursor for the preparation of Co3O4 nano-structures

Zaki, T.; Samy, M.; Temraz, M. G., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of nano-silica gel aged under microwave radiation from white sandstone

Jiangkun Xie, N Yan, S Yang, Z Qu, W Chen, W Zhang, K Li, P Liu, J Jia, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized MnTiO2catalysts and their application to removal of gaseous elemental mercury

Jian-Jin Huang; Yu-Jen Hsiao; Te-Hua Fang; Tao-Hsing Chen, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured Ba5Ta4O15by solgel process

Gupta, R. K.; Al-Ghamdi, A. A.; Al-Hartomy, O A.; Al-Hazmi, F; El-Tantawy, F.; Yakuphanoglu, F., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured aluminum borate by solgel method

Hriz, K; Jaballah, N; Fave, J-Louis; Majdoub, M, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of new anthracene-based semi-conducting materials

Halimeh Molaei; Hossein Dehghani, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of new molecular complexation between free base meso-tetraarylporphyrins and nitrosonium ion as -acceptor

Caratto, V.; Setti, L.; Campodonico, S.; Carnasciali, M. M.; Botter, R.; Ferretti, M., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2nanoparticles prepared by solgel method

Deepti Jain; Manish Mishra; Ashu Rani, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of novel aminopropylated fly ash catalyst and its beneficial application in base catalyzed Knoevenagel condensation reaction

Yun-Long Yu; Jun-Hua Zhang, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of novel cholesterol derivatives with or without spacer

Chunbao Xu; Lirong Ma; Jinlai Li; Wei Zhao; Zhongxue Gan, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of novel high-performance composite electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution in solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) water electrolysis

Hakan Kunt; Ergün Gonca, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of novel metal-free and metallo-porphyrazines with eight 3-thiopropylpentafluorobenzoate units

Marco Bortoluzzi; Gino Paolucci; Federica Sartor; Valerio Bertolasi, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of novel pyridineisourea complexes of Pd(II)

Valentina Peruzzo; Cornelia Pretzsch; Francesco Tisato; Marina Porchia; Fiorenzo Refosco; Cristina Marzano; Valentina Gandin; Eik Schiller; Martin Walther; Hans-Jürgen Pietzsch, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of novel tetrahedral copper(I) complexes comprising tridentate PNP-aminodiphosphines and tetradentate PN(X)P-substituted aminodiphosphines (X = O, S)

Min-Gi Shin; Seul Ong Kim; Hyun Tae Park; Sung Jin Park; Han Sung Yu; Yun-Hi Kim; Soon-Ki Kwon, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of ortho-twisted asymmetric anthracene derivatives for blue organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs)

Anis, B.; Fischer, M.; Schreck, M.; Haubner, K.; Dunsch, L.; Kuntscher, C. A., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of peapods and DWCNTs

Balgar Singh; Simpy Mahajan; Haq, N. Sheikh; Mohita Sharma; Bansi, L. Kalsotra, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of peroxo complexes of uranium(VI) with some Mannich base ligands

Po-Chih Yang; Ya-Ling Lu; Chung-Yuan Li, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of photoactive azobenzene-based chromophores containing a bulky cholesteryl moiety

Stefan Oprea; Violeta Otilia Potolinca, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of photoactive polyurethane elastomers with 2,3-dihydroxypyridine in the main chain

Yan, F; Zhao, G; Zhao, N; Song, N; Chen, Y, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of photochemical solgel derived lanthanum doped Bi4Ti3O12film and its micro-patterns

Hongxin Zhou; Cheng Liu; Jinyan Wang; Xigao Jian, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of phthalazinone-based poly(aryl ether ketone) derived from 4,4-dichlorobenzophenone

Fatemeh Rafiemanzelat; Abolfazl Fathollahi Zonouz; Giti Emtiazi, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of poly(ether-urethane)s derived from 3,6-diisobutyl-2,5-diketopiperazine and PTMG and study of their degradability in environment

Tansir Ahamad, S. F. Mapolie, S M. Alshehri, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of polyamide metallodendrimers and their anti-bacterial and anti-tumor activities

Zhaparova, L. Zh.; Tazhbayev, Y. M.; Burkeev, M. Zh.; Kazhmuratova, A. T.; Zhumagaliyeva, T. S.; Ali, S I.; Herk, A M., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of polyethyl cyanoacrylate nanoparticles loaded with capreomycin sulfate

Libo Sun; Yuanchang Shi; Bo Li; Linya Chu; Zhaopin He; Jiurong Liu, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole/Au nanocomposites by microemulsion polymerization

Alsughayer, A; Elassar, A-Zaher, A.; Sagheer, F; Mustafa, S, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of polysulfanilamide and its copolymers: bioactivity and drug release

Felora Heshmatpour; Zahra Khodaiy; Reza Babadi Aghakhanpour, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of pure tetragonal nanocrystalline sulfated 8YSZ powder by solgel route

He-ping Li, L Qin, Z-dong Wang, S Li, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of ramose tetralactosyl-lysyl-chitosan-5-fluorouracil and its in vitro release

Yun-Long Yu; Jun-Wei Bai; Jun-Hua Zhang, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of side-chain cholesterol derivatives based on double bond

Murugan, E; Jebaranjitham, J. Nimita, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles supported on surface-modified poly(N-vinylimidazale) as catalysts for the reduction of 4-nitrophenol

Nilanjana Das; Prasanta Kumar Biswas, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of smoke-like porous solgel indium tin oxide coatings on glass

Woosung Lee; Sim Bum Yuk; Jun Choi; Dong Hyun Jung; Seung-Hoon Choi; Jongseung Park; Jae Pil Kim, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of solubility enhanced metal-free phthalocyanines for liquid crystal display black matrix of low dielectric constant

Shardul Bhatt; Bhavna Trivedi, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of some novel copper(II) complexes with an optically active Betti base

Xavier Le Guével; Eva-Marie Prinz; Robert Müller; Rolf Hempelmann; Marc Schneider, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic nanoparticles coated with fluorescent gold nanoclusters

G. H. Yue; Y. D. Lin; X. Wen; L. S. Wang; Y. Z. Chen; D. L. Peng, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of the SnS nanowires via chemical vapor deposition

Christopher, R. Clough; Jared, S. Silvia; Peter Müller; Christopher, C. Cummins, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of the trimetaphosphate molybdenum tricarbonyl anion as its tris(bis(triphenylphosphine)iminium) salt

Lorena García-Uriostegui; Guillermina Burillo; Emilio Bucio, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of thermosensitive interpenetrating polymer networks based on N-isopropylacrylamide/N-acryloxysuccinimide, crosslinked with polylysine, grafted onto polypropylene

Gnana, S. Siluvai; Babu Vargheese; Narasimha, N. Murthy, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of trivalent tribridged dicobalt complexes incorporating alkoxide, aqua-hydroxide, acetate and phosphate ligating groups

Ksenija Cer-Kerčmar; Elizabeta Tratar Pirc; Barbara Modec; Peter Bukovec, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of two copper(II) compounds with xanthurenic acid

Reza Azadbakht; Hassan Keypour; Hadi Amiri Rudbari; Ali Hossein Mohammad Zaheri; Saeid Menati, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of two new fluorescent macrocycles: A novel fluorescent chemosensor for zinc ion

Kahraman, S.; Bayansal, F.; Çakmak, H. M.; Çetinkara, H. A.; Güder, H. S., 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of undoped and tin-doped ZnO nanostructures

Dan Chen; Xin Hu; Lu Shi; Qun Cui; Haiyan Wang; Huqing Yao, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of zeolite X from lithium slag

Zongying Cai; Jie Song; Junshou Li; Fang Zhao; Xiaohe Luo; Xiangjun Tang, 2012:
Synthesis and characterization of zinc titanate fibers by sol-electrospinning method

Yilin Li; Louis Scudiero; Tianhui Ren; Wen-Ji Dong, 2012:
Synthesis and characterizations of benzothiadiazole-based fluorophores as potential wavelength-shifting materials

Gang Huang; Fengchun Dong; Junhua Wang; Yongtang Jia, 2012:
Synthesis and characterizaton of block tercopolymer and degradation behavior of their nano-structured fibers via electrospinning

V. A. Milyukov, L. R. Shakirova, I. A. Bezkishko…, 2012:
Synthesis and chemical properties of sodium 3,4,5-tris(diethylamino)-1,2-diphosphacyclopentadienide

Reshetova, L. N.; Shevelkov, A. V., 2012:
Synthesis and clathrate-type crystal structure of a solid solution in the Sn-In-P-Br system

James, C. Knight; Ravi Prabaharan; Angelo, J. Amoroso; Peter, G. Edwards; Li-ling Ooi, 2012:
Synthesis and co-ordination chemistry of tris(picolyl-2-carboxyamido-6-pyridyl) methanol: A ligand with a strong preference for trigonal prismatic geometries

H.A. Shindy; M.A. El-Maghraby; Fayez, M. Eissa, 2012:
Synthesis and colour spectrophotometric measurements of some novel merocyanine dyes

Steklov, M. Yu.; Chernysheva, A. N.; Antipin, R. L.; Majouga, A. G.; Beloglazkina, E. K.; Moiseeva, A. A.; Strel’tsova, E. D.; Zyk, N. V., 2012:
Synthesis and coordinating properties of 5-phenyl- and 5-pyridylmethylidene-substituted 2-selenohydantoines and 2-selenoimidazol-4-ones

Tracy, D. Nixon; Aimee, J. Gamble; Robert, J. Thatcher; Adrian, C. Whitwood; Jason, M. Lynam, 2012:
Synthesis and coordination chemistry of pyrimidine-substituted phosphine ligands

Hummer, D. R.; Fei, Y., 2012:
Synthesis and crystal chemistry of Fe3+-bearing (Mg,Fe3+)(Si,Fe3+)O3 perovskite

D. Rambabu; G. Rama Krishna; Srinivas Basavoju; M.V. Basaveswara Rao; C. Malla Reddy; Manojit Pal, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure analysis of substituted 2-(3-(hydroxymethyl)quinolin-2-yl)phenol derivatives

Sergey, V. Shekhovtsov; Irina, V. Omelchenko; Viktoriya, V. Dyakonenko; Oleg, V. Shishkin; Rudolf Allmann; Thomas Libor; Christian Reichardt; Nikolay, O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure determination of 2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-(2,4,6-triphenylpyridinium-1-yl)phenolate and its corresponding perchlorate salt

R.N. Jadeja; Sanjay Parihar; Komal Vyas; Vivek, K. Gupta, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of a series of pyrazolone based Schiff base ligands and DNA binding studies of their copper complexes

Jianzhang Wu; Cong Wang; Yuepiao Cai; Jing Peng; Donglou Liang; Yunjie Zhao; Shulin Yang; Xiaokun Li; Xiaoping Wu; Guang Liang, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of chalcones as well as on cytotoxicity and antibacterial properties

Karaağaç, D; Kürkçüoğlu, Günes Süheyla; Yeşilel, O Zafer; Hokelek, T; Dal, H, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of cyano-bridged three dimensional polyheteronuclear complex

Andrei, S. Potapov; Galina, A. Domina; Tatiana, V. Petrenko; Andrei, I. Khlebnikov, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of discrete complexes and coordination polymers containing 1,3-bis(pyrazol-1-yl)propane ligands

Łasocha, W.; Szymańska, A.; Nitek, W.; Rafalska-Łasocha, A., 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of few new decavanadates

Zhi-Qiang Dong, F-Ming Liu, S-Qin Chen, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of isoxazoline derivatives bearing a 1,2,4-triazole moiety

Dun-Jia Wang, L-Ying Lu, C-Yang Zheng, J Zheng, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of methyl 2-(2,4-dichloro-5-fluorobenzoyl)-3-(pyrimidin-2-ylamino)acrylate

G. G. Sadikov, A. S. Antsyshkina, T. V. Koksharova, V. S. Sergienko, S. V. Kurando, I. S. Gritsenko, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of thiosemicarbazide complexes of nickel(II) and copper(II)

Saugata Sain; Rajat Saha; Golam Mostafa; Michel Fleck; Debasis Bandyopadhyay, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of three new copper(II) complexes with a tridentate amine and its Schiff bases

L. Bartošová; Z. Padělková; E. Rakovský; P. Schwendt, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structure of two copper(II) complexes with coordinated decavanadate ion

Yang Yun-Xia; Li Qi, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structures of 2,4,6-pyridine-tricarboxylic anions/guanidinium and tetraalkylammonium inclusion compounds

Michael, A.G. Berg; Melissa, K. Ritchie; Joseph, S. Merola, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structures of 3-alkyl-2,4-pentanedionates and 3-phenyl-2,4-pentanedionate of palladium

Victor Ch. Kravtsov; Marina, S. Fonari; Мaria Gdaniec; Victor, I. Pavlovsky; Sergei, A. Andronati; Ekaterina, A. Semenishyna, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structures of 7-bromo-5-(2-chloro)phenyl-3-hydroxy-1-methyl-1,2-dihydro-3H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one and 7-bromo-5-(2-chloro)phenyl-1-hexyl-1,2,4,5-tetrahydro-3H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2,3-dione

Qiao-Wen Chang, G-Fang Chen, C-Yi Hu, J-Lin Chen, Q-Song Ye, X-Zhu Chen, J Jiang, W-Ping Liu, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structures of mononuclear iridium (III) acetylacetonate complexes bearing an axial bipyridine ligand

Olesia, V. Moroz; Victor, A. Trush; Kateryna, O. Znovjyak; Irina, S. Konovalova; Iryna, V. Omelchenko; Tetyana Yu. Sliva; Oleg, V. Shishkin; Vladimir, M. Amirkhanov, 2012:
Synthesis and crystal structures of new potential chelating sulfonylamidophosphate ligands

Yan Li; Jasmine Widodo; Sierin Lim; Chui Ping Ooi, 2012 :
Synthesis and cytocompatibility of manganese (II) and iron (III) substituted hydroxyapatite nanoparticles

Tomáš Řezníček; Libor Dostál; Aleš Růžička; Jaromír Vinklárek; Martina Řezáčová; Roman Jambor, 2012:
Synthesis and cytostatic activity of Pt(II) complexes of intramolecularly coordinated phosphine and stibine ligands

Bin Liu; Yong Shen Chua; Guotao Wu; Zhitao Xiong; Ping Chen, 2012:
Synthesis and dehydrogenation of LiCa(NH2)3(BH3)2

Shaekhov, T. R.; Gibadullina, E. M.; Voronina, Y. K.; Burilov, A. R.; Pudovik, M. A., 2012:
Synthesis and dimerization of dibutyl (3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-oxo-2,5-cyclohexadienylidenemethyl)phosphonate

Morteza Ziyaadini; Malek Taher Maghsoodlou; Nourollah Hazeri; Sayyed Mostafa Habibi-Khorassani, 2012:
Synthesis and dynamic 1H NMR study around the carboncarbon double bond in the new stable phosphorus ylides derived from the reaction between hexamethyl phosphorous triamide and dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate in the presence of NH-heterocyclic compounds

Issa Yavari, A Aminkhani, S Arab-Salmanabadi, 2012:
Synthesis and dynamic NMR study of zwitterionic salts obtained fromN,N-dimethylbarbituric acid, benzaldehydes, andN,N,N,N-tetramethylguanidine

Ajaya Kumar Singh, G Sheel Thool, S R. Deo, R. S. Singh, A Gupta, 2012:
Synthesis and effect of post-deposition thermal annealing on morphological and optical properties of ZnO thin film

L.S. Wang; H.F. Lu; R.Y. Hong; W.G. Feng, 2012:
Synthesis and electrical resistivity analysis of ATO-coated talc

Roman Stefak; Nicolas Ratel-Ramond; Gwénaël Rapenne, 2012:
Synthesis and electrochemical characteristics of a donoracceptor porphyrinate rotor mounted on a naphthalocyaninato europium complex

Li Wang; Zonglin Zhang; Guangchuan Liang; Xiuqin Ou; Yingqiu Xu, 2012:
Synthesis and electrochemical performance of Li4Ti5O12/C composite by a starch sol assisted method

Li Liu; Meng Zhou; Xingyan Wang; Zhenhua Yang; Fanghua Tian; Xianyou Wang, 2012:
Synthesis and electrochemical performance of spherical FeF3/ACMB composite as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries

A. N. Chernysheva, T. S. Vorob’eva, E. K. Beloglazkina…, 2012:
Synthesis and electrochemical studies of CoIIcomplex with 3-phenyl-5(Z)-(pyridin-2-ylmethylidene)-2-selenohydantoin

Xiao, J; Deng, Z, 2012:
Synthesis and electroluminescent characterization of a symmetric starburst orange-red light material

Ayfer Kalkan Burat; Zeliha Pınar Öz; Zehra Altuntaş Bayır, 2012:
Synthesis and electronic absorption studies of novel (trifluoromethyl)phenoxy-substituted phthalocyanines

Tamanna, K. Khan; Sunit, K. Jana; M. Rajeswara Rao; Mushtaque, S. Shaikh; M. Ravikanth, 2012:
Synthesis and electronic properties of meso-furyl boron dipyrromethenes

Hasim Yilmaz; Hüseyin Zengin; Halil Ibrahim Unal, 2012:
Synthesis and electrorheological properties of polyaniline/silicon dioxide composites

Wang, T-Shi; Wang, Q-Shan; Zhu, C-Ling; Ouyang, Q-Yun; Qi, L-Hong; Li, C-Yan; Xiao, G; Gao, P; Chen, Y-Jin, 2012:
Synthesis and enhanced H2S gas sensing properties of a-MoO3/CuO pn junction nanocomposite

Tariq Harit, F Malek, B El Bali, A Khan, K Dalvandi, B P. Marasini, S Noreen, R Malik, S Khan, M. Iqbal Choudhary, 2012:
Synthesis and enzyme inhibitory activities of some new pyrazole-based heterocyclic compounds

Neeraj Upmanyu, S Kumar, P Porwal, K Shah, P Mishra, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of 4-(substituted)-acetylamino-3-mercapto-5-(4-substituted) phenyl-1,2,4-triazole derivatives as antimicrobial agents

Kok Wai Lam; Chau Ling Tham; Choi Yi Liew; Ahmad Syahida; Mohd. Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman; Daud, A. Israf; Nordin, H. Lajis, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of DPPH and anti-inflammatory activities of 2,6-bisbenzylidenecyclohexanone and pyrazoline derivatives

Khaled, A. M. Abouzid, N A. Khalil, E M. Ahmed, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of anti-proliferative activity of 1,4-disubstituted phthalazines

P. S. Nagle, Y. A. Pawar, A. E. Sonawane, S. M. Bhosale, D. H. More, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of thymol containing pyridone moieties

Sebastian Andersson; Junichi Yamagishi; Robert, A.J. Clark, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of conversational characteristics in HMM-based speech synthesis

Seekarajapuram Dinakaran Vachala, K Kothari Srinivasan, P Yegneswaran Prakash, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of fused pyrimidine derivatives as anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative and antimicrobial agents

Saurabh, K. Sinha, S K. Shrivastava, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of some new 4-aminopyridine derivatives as a potent antiamnesic and cognition enhancing drugs

Ahmed El-Mekabaty, O M. O. Habib, H M. Hassan, E B. Moawad, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of some new oxazolones and imidazolones as antioxidant additives for Egyptian lubricating oils

Saeed Mozaffari, S Ghasemi, H Baher, H Khademi, M Amini, A Sakhteman, A Foroumadi, A H. Ebrahimabadi, M Sharifzadeh, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of some novel methylene-bridged aryl semicarbazones as potential anticonvulsant agents

Karan Deep Singh Puri, S Sood, A Muthuraman, 2012:
Synthesis and evaluation of substituted 5-(3-chloro-2-oxo-4-phenylazetidin-1-ylamino)pyrimidine-2,4,6(1H,3H,5H)-triones against pentylenetetrazole-induced convulsant in mice

Tianzhi Yu; Shuxia Yang; Yuling Zhao; Peng Zhang; Zhe Lv; Duowang Fan; Zhongrong Geng, 2012:
Synthesis and fluorescence properties of 7-hydroxy-3-(2-pyridyl)coumarin derivatives

Zhenfeng Zhang; Ruiren Tang, 2012:
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Synthesis and fluorescence study of 3-aminoalkylamidonapthalimides

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Synthesis and gas permeation properties of poly(vinyl chloride)-graft-poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) membranes

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Synthesis and hypoglycemic activity evaluation of 7-alkoxyl-rhein

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Synthesis and implementation of gain-scheduling and LPV controllers for an AMB system

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Synthesis and leishmanicidal activity of quinolinetriclosan and quinolineeugenol hybrids

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Synthesis and local anaesthetic activities of 2-aminothiazole/thiadiazole analogues of lidocaine

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Synthesis and luminescence properties of green phosphors Ca6Sr4(Si2O7)3Cl2:Eu2+ for white light emitting diodes

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Synthesis and luminescence study of a highly volatile Sm(III) complex

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Synthesis and mechanical properties of new fibre-reinforced composites of inorganic polymers with natural wool fibres

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Synthesis and mechanical strength of a novel double network nanocomposite hydrogel with core-shell structure

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Synthesis and metal ion binding activity of methyl 12-amino-13-nitro-7-oxo dehydrodeisopropylabietate derivatives

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Synthesis and microstructural characterization of zirconia scandia system

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Synthesis and modification of light-sensitive 3-acyl-2-hetarylchromones containing bromomethyl group in the acyl fragment

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Synthesis and optical properties of SnO2CuO nanocomposite

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Synthesis and optical properties of novel anthracene-based stilbene derivatives containing an 1,3,4-oxadiazole unit

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Synthesis and photoactivity of a Pt(II) complex based on an o-nitrobenzyl-derived ligand

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Synthesis and photocatalytic performance of TiO2nanospheresgraphene nanocomposite under visible and UV light irradiation

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Synthesis and photocatalytic performance of the efficient visible light photocatalyst AgAgCl/BiVO4

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Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of Cr-doped KSr2Nb3O10 for hydrogen production

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Synthesis and photochromic properties of a dithiazolylindole

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Synthesis and photoluminescence of Eu, Mg-alon phosphors by carbothermal reduction

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Synthesis and photoluminescence of LiCaBO3: M (M: Pb2+ and Bi3+) phosphor

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Synthesis and photoluminescence of coreshell structured spherical SiO2@YPO4:Tb3+ phosphors via solgel process

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Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of Dy3+, Sm3+ activated Sr5SiO4Cl6 phosphor

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Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of YVO4:Eu3+, Al3+ phosphor

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Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of the ZnO@SnO2coreshell nanorod arrays

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Synthesis and photoluminescence study of rare earth activated phosphor Na2La2B2O7

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Synthesis and photoluminescent properties of new ceramidine derivatives

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Synthesis and photophysical properties phthalocyaninepyrene dyads

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Synthesis and photophysical studies of back-to-back dinuclear platinum terpyridine complexes with different substituents on the bridging ligand

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Synthesis and photophysicochemical properties of novel zinc phthalocyanines mono substituted with carboxyl containing functional groups

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Synthesis and photophysics of platinum(II) complexes bearing 2-(7-(4-R-phenylethynyl)-9,9-dihexadecyl-fluoren-2-yl)-1,10-phenanthroline ligand

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Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of porphycenes

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Synthesis and physiological evaluation of newN-nitroso-2,6-dicarbethoxy-3,5-diaryltetrahydro-1,4-thiazine-1,1-dioxides

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Synthesis and preliminary evaluation of affinity to retinoic acid receptors for new organosilicon-based retinoids

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Synthesis and preliminary evaluation of difluorinated 1,3-propanediones as potential agents in the treatment of breast cancer

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Synthesis and properties of Mo and W ions co-doped porous nano-structured VO2films by solgel process

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Synthesis and properties of an epoxy resin containing trifluoromethyl side chains and its cross-linking networks with different curing agents

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Synthesis and properties of blue light electroluminescent conjugated copolymer based on fluorene and carbazole with an alkyl functional group at the 9-position

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Synthesis and properties of four transition metal complexes of 5-mercapto-1H-tetrazole-1-acetic acid

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Synthesis and properties of molecular switches based on the opening and closing of oxazine rings

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Synthesis and properties of new triazole methanofullerenes under the click-chemistry conditions

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Synthesis and properties of novel spirobifluorene-cored dendrimers

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Synthesis and properties of oxetane-based polysiloxanes used for cationic UV curing coatings

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Synthesis and properties of phthalonitrile-terminated oligomeric poly(ether imide)s containing phthalazinone moiety

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Synthesis and properties of porous silica obtained by the template method

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Synthesis and properties of triphenylamine-based hydrazones with reactive vinyl groups

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Synthesis and properties of two novel silicon-containing cycloaliphatic epoxy resins for electronic packaging application

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Synthesis and properties of water-soluble fluorescent 2-borylazobenzenes bearing ionic functional groups

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Synthesis and reaction with metal ions of a new thionocarbamate

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Synthesis and reactive oxygen species scavenging activity of halogenated alkaloids from boldine

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Synthesis and reactivity of bis(diphenylphosphino)amine ligands and their application in Suzuki cross-coupling reactions

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Synthesis and reactivity of half-sandwich type cobalt, rhodium and iridium complexes containing trithiocarbonate, dithiocarbonate, N-cyanodithiocarbimate, 1,1-dicyanoethylene-2,2-dithiolate and 1,1-dicyanoethylene-2,2-diselenolate as chelating ligands

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Synthesis and recycling of antifreeze glycoproteins in polar fishes

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Synthesis and regiochemistry of spiro indane-1,3-dione compounds

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Synthesis and self-assembly of a DNA-conjugated poly(propylene glycol) derivative

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Synthesis and sensing properties of spherical flowerlike architectures assembled with SnO2 submicron rods

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Synthesis and size control of ferric oxide nanoparticles via a hydrothermal stripping route

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Synthesis and solution behaviour of stable mono-, di- and trinuclear Pd(II) complexes of 2,5-pyridinedihydroxamic acid: X-ray crystal structure of a novel Pd(II) hydroxamato complex

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Synthesis and spectral characterizations of Fe3+ doped β-BaB2O4 nano crystallite powder

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Synthesis and spectroelectrochemistry of new phthalocyanines with ester functionalities

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Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of Kiton Red-620 dye doped silica gel rods

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Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of gallic acid and some of its azo complexes

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Synthesis and stereochemistry of highly crowded N-benzylpiperidones

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Synthesis and structural characterization of 1-(3-aminopropyl)silatrane and some new derivatives

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Synthesis and structural characterization of a dichloro zinc complex of N,N-bis-(2,6-dichloro-benzyl)-(R,R)-1,2-diaminocyclohexane: Application to ring opening polymerization of rac-lactide

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Synthesis and structural characterization of a magnesium phthalocyanine(3) anion

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Synthesis and structural characterization of aluminum complexes supported by NNO-tridentate ketiminate ligands: Efficient catalysts for ring-opening polymerization of l-lactide

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Synthesis and structural characterization of cobalt(II) and copper(II) complexes with N,N-disubstituted-N-acylthioureas

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Synthesis and structural characterization of new two-dimensional lead(II) coordination polymer: New precursor for preparation of pure phase lead(II) oxide nanoparticles via thermal decomposition

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Synthesis and structural characterization of organotin(IV) carboxylates based on different heterocyclic substituents

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Synthesis and structural characterization of ruthenium(II) carbonyl complexes with a bistriazole N-heterocyclic carbene ligand

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Synthesis and structural characterization of solgel derived titania/poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) nanocomposites

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Synthesis and structural elucidation of a rare example of a tris(amido) potassium magnesiate

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Synthesis and structural study of ethylmethylsilanediol by quantum chemical calculations and IR and Raman spectroscopies

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Synthesis and structure of a Cu4O4 cubane core complex from a carboxylate ligand containing a strong stacking supramolecular synthon

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Synthesis and structure of aryl(hetaryl)spiropyrrolidones

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Synthesis and structure of expanded pyriporphyrins containing a dipyrrylpyridine unit

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Synthesis and structure of novel strontium complexes of unsymmetrically functionalized β-diketimine ligands

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Synthesis and structure of transition metal complexes derived from a novel polynucleating oxaza macrocycle having diazine and phenoxo bridging components

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Synthesis and structures of AlTi nanoparticles by hydrogen plasma-metal reaction

Koppanathi Nagaraju; Raji Raveendran; Satyanarayan Pal; Samudranil Pal, 2012:
Synthesis and structures of ruthenium(III) complexes with 4-R-2-((2-(pyridin-2-yl)hydrazono)methyl)phenol

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Synthesis and structures of two open-framework manganese phosphate-silicates

Wei Shen, Y Fang, A Tong, Q Zhu, 2012:
Synthesis and structureactivity relationship of acylthiourea derivatives as inhibitors of microsomal epoxide hydrolase

Toshiyuki Takahashi, M Miyazawa, 2012:
Synthesis and structureactivity relationships of serotonin derivatives effect on a-glucosidase inhibition

Xin Sui, Y-Chun Quan, Y Chang, R-Peng Zhang, Y-Feng Xu, L-Ping Guan, 2012:
Synthesis and studies on antidepressant activity of 2,4,6-trihydroxychalcone derivatives

Guijiang Wang, X Yi, X Feng, B Jing, J Ouyang, 2012:
Synthesis and study of a new copolymer for polymer flooding in high-temperature, high-salinity reservoirs

A. V. Kutina, A. S. Marina, I. I. Eliseev…, 2012:
Synthesis and study of effect of analogs of conopressin S on excretion of ions and water by rat kidney

Stefka Kaloyanova; Ivo Crnolatac; Nedyalko Lesev; Ivo Piantanida; Todor Deligeorgiev, 2012:
Synthesis and study of nucleic acids interactions of novel monomethine cyanine dyes

E. A. Dikusar, V. I. Potkin, N. G. Kozlov, R. A. Gadzhily, R. T. Tlegenov, A. P. Yuvchenko, R. A. Zheldakova, 2012:
Synthesis and study of the fungicidal activity of amine salts of glycyrrhizic acid

I. S. Raguzin; V. V. Gogol; E. V. Nurieva; V. N. Nuriev; O. N. Zefirova, 2012:
Synthesis and study of the inhibitory activity of adamantylphosphates with respect toMyo-inositolmonophosphatase

Komissarova, L. N.; Ryumin, M. A.; Pukhkaya, V. V., 2012:
Synthesis and study of the properties of the solid solutions K2Y1xTb(Tm)x(MoO4)(PO4) and K2Y1xTmx(MoO4)(PO4)0.95(VO4)0.05

Khakina, E. A.; Peregudov, A. S.; Troyanov, S. I.; Troshin, P. A., 2012:
Synthesis and study of trannulene derivatives of fullerenes

Pelageev, D. N.; Dragan, S. V.; Pushilin, M. A.; Denisenko, V. A.; Berdishev, D. V.; Glasunov, V. P.; Anufriev, V. Ph., 2012:
Synthesis and study on oxidative coupling products of 3-alkyl-2-hydroxynaphthazarins

Silin, M. A.; Ivanova, L. V.; Burov, E. A.; Koshelev, V. N.; Bordubanova, E. G., 2012:
Synthesis and testing of polyalkenyl succinimides as components of detergent additives for motor fuels

Wang, Y-Lei; Zhao, F-Qi; Ji, Y-Ping; Pan, Q; Yi, J-Hua; An, T; Wang, W; Yu, T; Lu, X-Ming, 2012:
Synthesis and thermal behaviors of 4-amino-3,5-dinitro-1H-pyrazole

Alper Biçer; Ahmet Sarı, 2012:
Synthesis and thermal energy storage properties of xylitol pentastearate and xylitol pentapalmitate as novel solidliquid PCMs

Zhi Chen; Feng Shan; Lei Cao; Guiyin Fang, 2012:
Synthesis and thermal properties of shape-stabilized lauric acid/activated carbon composites as phase change materials for thermal energy storage

Nakagawa, A; Kamitakahara, H; Takano, T, 2012:
Synthesis and thermoreversible gelation of diblock methylcellulose analogues via Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition

D’yakonov, V. A.; Makarov, A. A.; Makarova, E. Kh.; Tyumkina, T. V.; Dzhemilev, U. M., 2012:
Synthesis and transformations of metallacycles 39. Zr-Catalyzed cyclomagnesiation of N-containing allenes

V. A. D’yakonov, A. L. Makhamatkhanova, T. V. Tyumkina…, 2012:
Synthesis and transformations of metallacycles 40. Catalytic cycloalumination in the synthesis of 3-substituted phospholanes

V. A. D’yakonov, A. A. Makarov, E. Kh. Makarova…, 2012:
Synthesis and transformations of metallacycles 41. Cyclomagnesiation of O-containing 1,2-dienes with Grignard reagents in the presence of Cp2TiCl2

Susmita Naik; Nallbothula Durganna; Shaik, M. Mobin; Joel, T. Mague; Maravanji, S. Balakrishna, 2012:
Synthesis and transition metal chemistry of new bromo- and alkyl substituted phosphinite ligands

Agnieszka Bogdanowicz; Henryk Foks; Katarzyna Gobis; Ewa Augustynowicz-Kopec, 2012:
Synthesis and tuberculostatic activity of novel N-methyl-4-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)picolinohydrazide and N-methylpyrimidine-2-carbohydrazide derivatives

Yuhua Zheng; Yeju Huang; Mei Yang; Ning Guo; Hui Qiao; Yongchao Jia; Hongpeng You, 2012:
Synthesis and tunable luminescence properties of monodispersed sphere-like CaWO4 and CaWO4:Mo/Eu, Tb

Yuexia Ji; Jiafeng Cao; Zhaojie Zhu; Jianfu Li; Yan Wang; Chaoyang Tu, 2012:
Synthesis and white light emission of Dy3+ ions doped hexagonal structure YAlO3 nanocrystalline

Sham, M. Sondhi, S Kumar, N Kumar, P Roy, 2012:
Synthesis anti-inflammatory and anticancer activity evaluation of some pyrazole and oxadiazole derivatives

K. Nejati, 2012:
Synthesis by precipitation method and investigation of SnO2 nanoparticles

W. Michael Kemp; Walter, R. Boynton, 2012:
Synthesis in Estuarine and Coastal Ecological Research: What Is It, Why Is It Important, and How Do We Teach It?

Bin Sun; Shufeng Li; Hisashi Imai; Junko Umeda; Katsuyoshi Kondoh, 2012:
Synthesis kinetics of Mg2Si and solid-state formation of MgMg2Si composite

M. I. Mazurkov, 2012:
Synthesis method of optimal substitution constructions based on the criterion of zero correlation between the output and input data vectors

Bi, Y; Ren, H; Chen, B; Chen, G; Mei, Y; Zhang, L, 2012:
Synthesis monolithic copper-based aerogel with polyacrylic acid as template

Sabitha, G; Chandrashekhar, G.; Vasudeva Reddy, D.; S. Yadav, J., 2012:
Synthesis of (+)-(4S,5S)-Muricatacin via Pd-Catalyzed Stereospecific Hydroxy Substitution Reaction of ,-epoxy a,b-Unsaturated Ester with B(OH)3

Potapov, V. A.; Musalova, M. V.; Amosova, S. V., 2012:
Synthesis of (E)-2-chlorovinyltellurium trichloride and (E,E)-bis(2-chlorovinyl) ditelluride

Konas, D W.; Seci, D; Tamimi, S, 2012:
Synthesis of (L)-4-Fluorotryptophan

Darpan Kaushik; Suroor Ahmed Khan; Gita Chawla, 2012:
Synthesis of (substituted benzamidostyryl) lH-benzimidazoles and their screening for anti-inflammatory activity

Saito, Y; Takano, T; Sakakibara, K; Kamitakahara, H; Nakatsubo, F, 2012:
Synthesis of (zinc(II) phthalocyanine)-containing cellulose derivative using phthalocyanine-ring formation reaction

Harikrishna, M.; Mohan, H. Rama; Dubey, P. K.; Shankar, M.; Subbaraju, G V., 2012:
Synthesis of ()-Bimatoprost

Katorov, D. V.; Rudakov, G. F.; Katorova, I. N.; Yakushkov, A. V.; Simonov, D. P.; Zhilin, V. F., 2012:
Synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles from heterocyclic α-nitro azides

Nikoo, A; Dilmaghani, K Akbari, 2012:
Synthesis of 1,2,4,5-Tetrakis(1,2,4-Triazolyl) Benzene and 1,2,4,5-Tetrakis(1,3,4-Oxadiazolyl) Benzene Derivatives

Kociolek, M G.; Hoermann, O, 2012:
Synthesis of 1,2-Benzisoxazole 2-Oxides

Ahmad Shaabani, A Sarvary, S Mousavi-Faraz, S Weng Ng, 2012:
Synthesis of 1,2-dihydroquinolin-2-ylphosphonates and 1,2-dihydroisoquinolin-1-ylphosphonates via three-component reactions

L. V. Mel’nik, A. E. Meshechkina, G. V. Rybina, S. S. Srednev…, 2012:
Synthesis of 1,2-epoxycyclopentane and/or 1,2-cyclopentanediol by oxidation of cyclopentene with aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide

Manish Agrawal, P Kumar Sonar, S K. Saraf, 2012 :
Synthesis of 1,3,5-trisubstituted pyrazoline nucleus containing compounds and screening for antimicrobial activity

K. Lim, C; Tho, L-Yeng; M. Lim, Y; A. A. Shah, S; F. Weber, J-Frederic, 2012:
Synthesis of 1,3,6-Trioxygenated Prenylated Xanthone Derivatives as Potential Antitumor Agents

Ogurtsov, V. A.; Karpychev, Y. V.; Rakitin, O. A., 2012:
Synthesis of 1,3-thiazetidin-2-imines from 3H-1,2-dithiol-3-imines

J. R. Patel, B. Z. Dholakiya, 2012:
Synthesis of 1-(4-((E)-3-arylacryloyl) phenyl)-3,4-dibromo-1H-pyrrole-2,5-diones and screening for anti-Candida and antituberculosis activity

Pawan, K. Sharma, S Kumar, P Kumar, P Kaushik, C Sharma, D Kaushik, K R. Aneja, 2012:
Synthesis of 1-(4-aminosulfonylphenyl)-3,5-diarylpyrazoline derivatives as potent antiinflammatory and antimicrobial agents

T. I. Fesenko, I. D. Strelnik, E. I. Musina, A. A. Karasik…, 2012:
Synthesis of 1-(pyridylalkyl)-1-aza-3,6-diphosphacycloheptanes

Zyryanov, G. V.; Kovalev, I. S.; Egorov, I. N.; Rusinov, V. L.; Chupakhin, O. N., 2012:
Synthesis of 1-amino-2,5-di(2-thienyl)benzenes as potential monomers for the preparation of hybrid polythiophene anionic sensors

Liang Zhao; Chao Qian; Ling Gong; Xin-zhi Chen, 2012:
Synthesis of 1-{6-(2-methylbenzoyl)-N-ethylcarbazole-3-yl}-ethane-1-one oximeO-acetate

Sung-Whi Rhee; Jeremiah, P. Malerich; Jung-Joon Lee; Mary, J. Tanga, 2012:
Synthesis of 14C-acanthoic acid

Xinzhi Chen, S Zhou, C Qian, C He, 2012:
Synthesis of 1H-indazole: a combination of experimental and theoretical studies

Haibo Xiao; Hongyao Yin; Lei Wang; Chong Mei; Xiaoying Zhang, 2012:
Synthesis of 2,2-diamino-7-tert-butyl-9,9-spirobifluorene starting from 4,4-di-tert-butylbiphenyl

Olszewska, B; Kryczka, B; Zawisza, A, 2012:
Synthesis of 2,5-Substituted Tetrahydrofurans by Pd(II)-Catalyzed Cyclization

Zhang, T; Sun, L; Liu, X; Cui, X; Piao, H, 2012:
Synthesis of 2-(4-substitutedbenzylpiperazin-1-yl)-N-(2-oxo-2,3-dihydrobenzooxazol- 6-yl)acetamides as Inotropic Agents

Gupta, A; Devi, P; Chaudhary, P; Kishore, D, 2012:
Synthesis of 2-(Triazolyl, Oxadiazolyl, and Pyrazolyl) Substituted 1,5-Benzothiazepin-S,S-Dioxide Derivatives of Potential Medicinal Interest

Aakash Deep, S Jain, P Chander Sharma, P Phogat, M Malhotra, 2012:
Synthesis of 2-(aryl)-5-(arylidene)-4-thiazolidinone derivatives with potential analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity

Zhenghua Li, S Xiao, R Liang, Z Xia, 2012:
Synthesis of 2-(arylamino)nicotinic acids in high-temperature water

Cortez-Maya, S.; Cortes Cortes, E.; Hernández-Ortega, S.; Apan, T. Ramirez; Martínez-García, M., 2012:
Synthesis of 2-Aminobenzophenone Derivatives and Their Anticancer Activity

Yong He, J Xu, H Liu, M Feng, X Wang, R Ding, C Qi, Y Chen, F Li, Z-Hui Zhu, Y-Hong Dang, M Wang, Y Xie, 2012:
Synthesis of 2-R1-2-(4-(2-fluoroethoxy)benzamido)acetate as potential PET imaging agents

Zhi-gang Zeng, L-ying Wang, Y Cao, Y-ping Luo, 2012:
Synthesis of 2-amide-3-carboxylate-4-aryl-4H-chromene derivatives

Türkmen, H, 2012:
Synthesis of 2-aminomethylpiperidine ruthenium(II) phosphine complexes and their applications in transfer hydrogenation of aryl ketones

Barabanov, M. A.; Sevenard, D. V.; Sosnovskikh, V. Ya., 2012:
Synthesis of 2-pyridones, pyrimidines, and pyrazoles from 1,1,1-trifluoro-4,4-bis(methylthio)but-3-en-2-one

Ion Sandu, 2012:
Synthesis of 2D micro-assemblies using the interface of immiscible liquids: boundary control of self-assembled structures

S.P. Rao, H; S. Tangeti, V, 2012:
Synthesis of 3-Aroylcoumarin-Flavone Hybrids

K. C. Majumdar, N De, B Sinha, B. Roy, 2012:
Synthesis of 3-iodopyrrolocoumarins via iodine-induced 5-endo-digelectrophilic cyclization

B. S. Jayashree, A Alam, Y Nayak, D. Vijay Kumar, 2012:
Synthesis of 3-methylflavones and their antioxidant and antibacterial activities

Wen Lin Xie, C Ping Xiao, L Xie, Y Zhou, X Feng Li, X Fu Tang, C Tao Yuan, M Hua Qiu, 2012:
Synthesis of 4,5,6-trisubstituted 2,3-pyridinediones via Mannich reaction and oxidationMichael addition of 3-hydroxy-2(1H)-pyridinones

Wensheng Zhang; Wenjing Xu; Fei Zhang; Jitao Li; Mei Liu; Wei Li, 2012:
Synthesis of 4-(2,2-dibromovinyl)phenol and its one-pot esterification

Gonçalves, M. S. T.; Oliveira-Campos, A. M. F.; Rodrigues, L. M.; Proença, M. F. R. P., 2012:
Synthesis of 4-Amino-3,5-dicyano-arylpyrazoles, Part 2: Isolation and Characterization of By-Products

Bakharev, V. V.; Gidaspov, A. A.; Parfenov, V. E.; Ul’yankina, I. V.; Zavodskaya, A. V.; Selezneva, E. V.; Suponitskii, K. Yu.; Sheremetev, A. B., 2012:
Synthesis of 4-amino-6-chloro-1,3,5-triazin-2(1H)-ones

Giannoccaro, P; Casiello, M; Milella, A; Monopoli, A; Cotugno, P; Nacci, A, 2012:
Synthesis of 5-membered cyclic carbonates by oxidative carbonylation of 1,2-diols promoted by copper halides

Masayori Hagimori; Naoko Mizuyama; Kenichirou Yokota; Yasuhisa Nishimura; Mika Suzuta; Chen-Kuen Tai; Bo-Cheng Wang; San-Lang Wang; Tzenge-Lien Shih; Kuen-Da Wu; Zhi-Shuan Huang; Shih-Chun Tseng; Chieh-Yu Chen; Jian-Wei Lu; Ho-Hsiang Wei; Keisuke Kawashima; Shinich Kawashima; Yoshinori Tominaga, 2012:
Synthesis of 6-(4-diethylamino)phenyl-2-oxo-2H-pyran-3-carbonitorile derivatives and their fluorescence in solid state and in solutions

Anfeng Chen; Kun Zhao; Hankun Zhang; Xianwen Gan; Min Lei; Lihong Hu, 2012:
Synthesis of 8-oxoprotoberberines using acid-mediated cyclization or the Heck reaction

Zhu Chen, X Ye, J Yi, X Chen, X Li, 2012:
Synthesis of 9-O-glycosyl-berberine derivatives and bioavailability evaluation

Grigorios Itskos; Pradeep, K. Rohatgi; Angeliki Moutsatsou; John, D. DeFouw; Nikolaos Koukouzas; Charalampos Vasilatos; Benjamin, F. Schultz, 2012:
Synthesis of A356 Alhigh-Ca fly ash composites by pressure infiltration technique and their characterization

Guillard, Jérôme; Bouclé, Sébastien, 2012:
Synthesis of Analogues of Makaluvamine A

Eirey-Perez, R.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, J. A.; Ares-Pena, F. J., 2012:
Synthesis of Array Radiation Pattern Footprints Using Radial Stretching, Fourier Analysis, and Hankel Transformation

Sartaj Tabassum; Mehtab Parveen; Akhtar Ali; Mahboob Alam; Anis Ahmad; Asad U Khan; Rais Ahmad Khan, 2012:
Synthesis of Aryl-1,2,4,5-tetrazinane-3-thiones, in vitro DNA binding studies, nuclease activity and its antimicrobial activity

Ishida, N; Narumi, M; Murakami, M, 2012:
Synthesis of AzaaromaticBorane Intramolecular Complexes by Palladium-Catalyzed Reaction of Azaaromatic Halides with Alkynyl(triaryl)borates

F. H. Saboor; S. N. Ashrafizadeh; H. Kazemian, 2012:
Synthesis of BZSM-5 Membranes Using Nano-Zeolitic Seeds: Characterization and Separation Performance

Alinezhad, H; Salehian, F; Biparva, P, 2012:
Synthesis of Benzimidazole Derivatives Using Heterogeneous ZnO Nanoparticles

Si, H-Yan; Li, Y-Ting; Liu, H; Chen, J-Sheng; Chow, G-Moog, 2012:
Synthesis of BiFeO3nanoparticles with small size

M. Ghiasi; A. Malekzadeh, 2012:
Synthesis of CaCO3 nanoparticles via citrate method and sequential preparation of CaO and Ca(OH)2 nanoparticles

Zhiming Zhou; Yang Qi; Miaomiao Xie; Zhenmin Cheng; Weikang Yuan, 2012:
Synthesis of CaO-based sorbents through incorporation of alumina/aluminate and their CO2 capture performance

Sethupathy, P; Alnashef, I M.; Monnier, J R.; Matthews, M A.; Weidner, J W., 2012:
Synthesis of Carbonyl Compounds from Alcohols Using Electrochemically Generated Superoxide Ions in RTILs

Guosheng Wu; Min Tian; Aicheng Chen, 2012:
Synthesis of CdS quantum-dot sensitized TiO2 nanowires with high photocatalytic activity for water splitting

Tang, H; Cheng, X; Zhang, Z, 2012:
Synthesis of Chiral Phosphorus Reagents and Their Application in Combination With Lewis Acid as a Cocatalyst in MoritaBaylisHillman Reaction

Khe, C; Aziz, A; Lockman, Z, 2012:
Synthesis of Cobalt/Gold Bimetallic Particles with Porous Flake-Like Nanostructures and Their Magnetic Properties

Larios, E; Calderón, Lán; Guerrero, K; Pinedo, E; Maldonado, A; Tanori, J, 2012:
Synthesis of Core-Shell (Pd-Au) Bimetallic Nanoparticles in Microemulsions

Wang, Z; Shen, L; Zhu, S, 2012:
Synthesis of Core-Shell @@ Microspheres and Their Application as Recyclable Photocatalysts

Köth, A; Tiersch, B; Appelhans, D; Gradzielski, M; Cölfen, H; Koetz, J, 2012:
Synthesis of Core-Shell Gold Nanoparticles with Maltose-Modified Poly(Ethyleneimine)

Chunduru, V Sreenivasa Rao; Vedula, R Rao, 2012:
Synthesis of Coumarin-Substituted 1,3,4-Thiadizine-2-thiones and 1,3-Thiazoline-2-thiones

A. Arranz, 2012:
Synthesis of Cr-based mixed oxides by reactive ion beam mixing of Cr/X interfaces (X=Al or Si)

Palacios-Hernández, T; Hirata-Flores, G A.; Contreras-López, O E.; Mendoza-Sánchez, Mía E.; Valeriano-Arreola, I; González-Vergara, E; Méndez-Rojas, M A., 2012:
Synthesis of Cu and Co metal oxide nanoparticles from thermal decomposition of tartrate complexes

Jiangmei Yan; Juan Yu; Wenjun Zhang; Yanan Li; Xiaoyun Yang; Aimei Li; Xikun Yang; Wei Wang; Jiaqiang Wang, 2012:
Synthesis of Cu3BiS3and AgBiS2crystallites with controlled morphology using hypocrellin template and their catalytic role in the polymerization of alkylsilane

Jiann Der Wu; Ling Ting Wang; Chie Gau, 2012:
Synthesis of CuInGaSe2 nanoparticles by modified polyol route

Bao, R; Pan, M; Zhou, Y; Qiu, J-Jun; Tang, H-Qing; Liu, C-Mei, 2012:
Synthesis of Cyclotriphosphazenes Containing Cyanostilbenes with Different Terminal Substituents

Sekar Ramkumar; Subbaiah Manoharan; Sambandam Anandan, 2012:
Synthesis of D-(-A)2 organic chromophores for dye-sensitized solar cells

Wu, L; Jing, X; Lin, M; Yan, C; Yang, J; Zhu, H, 2012:
Synthesis of Di(6-aminouracil-5-yl)-arylmethane: A New Product of the Reaction of 6-Aminouracil with Aldehyde

Hassanabadi, A; Mosslemin, M H.; Salari, S; Landi, M Momeni, 2012:
Synthesis of Dialkyl 2-(Dialkoxyphosphoryl)-3-(4-oxo-4,5-dihydro-thiazole-2-yl Sulfanyl) Succinates

Zhu, R-Heng; Shi, X-Xin, 2012:
Synthesis of Diaryl Disulfides via Mild Reduction of Arylsulfinates with Hydrazine Monohydrate in DMSO

Qiu, P; Wang, L; Jiang, X; Yang, B, 2012:
Synthesis of Diethyl Carbonate by the Combined Process of Transesterification with Distillation

Wang, D.; Zhang, X.; Wei, W.; Sun, Y., 2012:
Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate from Methyl Carbamate and Methanol Using a Fixed-Bed Reactor

Lou, X; Ding, A; Maeda, N; Wang, S; Kozielski, K; Hartley, P G., 2012:
Synthesis of Effective Kinetic Inhibitors for Natural Gas Hydrates

Qin, X-Yang; Ma, Y; Wang, Q-Feng; Wang, C; Sun, X-Li; Liu, P, 2012:
Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Nitronyl Nitroxide Radicals Through Chiral Pool

Masahiro Kachi; Wataru Sakamoto; Masao Ichida; Tomoo Wada; Hiroaki Ando; Toshinobu Yogo, 2012:
Synthesis of Er-doped ZnO nanoparticle/organic hybrid from metal-organics

Linuan Yin; Jingqun Gao; Jun Wang; Xiaoyu Luan; Pingli Kang; Ying Li; Kai Li; Xiangdong Zhang, 2012:
Synthesis of Er3+:Y3Al5O12and its effects on the solar light photocatalytic activity of TiO2ZrO2composite

Shi, F; Li, Y; Zhang, Q; Wang, H, 2012:
Synthesis of Fe3O4/C/TiO2 Magnetic Photocatalyst via Vapor Phase Hydrolysis

Liu, Q; Yao, W; Shi, Y; Tang, J, 2012:
Synthesis of Fluorene- and Spirobifluorene-Fused Thiophenes

Zhang, Y; Li, S; Wang, R; Chen, L; Xu, C, 2012:
Synthesis of Functionalized 2,3,4,5-Tetraphenylsilole Derivatives Through Hydrosilylation and Their Crystal Structures

Cardenal, C; Vollrath, S B. L.; Schepers, U; Bräse, S, 2012:
Synthesis of Functionalized Glutamine- and Asparagine-Type Peptoids - Scope and Limitations

Verena Specowius; Franziska Bendrath; Marleen Winterberg; Khurshid Ayub; Peter Langer, 2012:
Synthesis of Functionalized Indolizines by Lewis Acid-Mediated Cyclocondensation of 3-(Pyridin-2-yl)-propiolates with Enones

T. V. Yablokova; P. S. Chelushkin; M. Yu. Dorosh; A. M. Efremov; S. V. Orlov; S. V. Burov, 2012:
Synthesis of GnRH analogues and their application in targeted gene delivery systems

Michele Orini; Raquel Bailón; Luca Mainardi; Pablo Laguna, 2012:
Synthesis of HRV signals characterized by predetermined time-frequency structure by means of time-varying ARMA models

Thirumavalavan, M; Lee, J-Fwu, 2012:
Synthesis of Hf(IV) Complex from Cyclam (1,4,8,11-Tetraazacyclotetradecane)-Containing Amino-Amido Groups

H. Liu; H. Gao; Y. Ma; Z. Gao; W. Eli, 2012:
Synthesis of High-Purity Methylal via Extractive Catalytic Distillation

Ghasemi, S; Khoshgoftarmanesh, A H.; Hadadzadeh, H; Jafari, M, 2012:
Synthesis of Iron-Amino Acid Chelates and Evaluation of Their Efficacy as Iron Source and Growth Stimulator for Tomato in Nutrient Solution Culture

Chakraborty, B; Sharma, P Kumar, 2012:
Synthesis of Ketone from Alkyl Halide Using α-Chloro Nitrone as Oxidizing Reagent: A New Approach

Kuvaeva, Z. I.; Lopatik, D. V.; Markovich, M. M.; Vinokurova, L. G.; Popova, O. P., 2012:
Synthesis of L-ornithine L-aspartate from L-arginine

Le Zhang; Hongfa Xiang; Xuefeng Zhu; Weishen Yang; Haihui Wang, 2012:
Synthesis of LiFePO4/C composite as a cathode material for lithium-ion battery by a novel two-step method

Xian-Ming Liu; Wen-Liang Gao; Bao-Ming Ji, 2012:
Synthesis of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2nanoparticles by modified Pechini method and their enhanced rate capability

Uzma, K. H. Bangi; M. S. Kavale; Seungsu Baek; Hyung-Ho Park, 2012:
Synthesis of MWCNTs doped sodium silicate based aerogels by ambient pressure drying

Miyaoka, H; Abe, Y; Kawashima, E, 2012:
Synthesis of Marine Diterpene Isocyanide (^|^#8722;)-Kalihinol Y and Diterpene Isothiocyanate (^|^#8722;)-10-Epi-kalihinol I

Akbari, J; Heydari, A, 2012:
Synthesis of Mn3O4 Nanoparticles with Controlled Morphology Using Ionic Liquid

Edrissi, M; Soleymani, M; Naderi, M, 2012:
Synthesis of MnAl2O4nanocrystallites by Pechini and sequential homogenous precipitation methods: characterization, product comparison, photocatalytic effect, and Taguchi optimization

Mikučionis, Šarūnas, 2012:
Synthesis of Multiconductor Microstrip Lines Operating in Normal Modes; Daugialaids mikrojuostelins linijos, veikianios normalij bang reimu, sintez;

Tago, T; Nakasaka, Y; Masuda, T, 2012:
Synthesis of Nano-crystalline Zeolites and Applications to Zeolite Membranes

Fatiha Guenfoud, A Direm, M Laabassi…, 2012:
Synthesis of New Cyano-Quinoline Derivatives by the BaylisHillman Reaction

Trudeau, M.L.; René, V.; Karim, Z., 2012:
Synthesis of New Electrode Materials for Li-Ions Batteries using an Environmental HRTEM

Mobinikhaledi, A; Foroughifar, N; Mosleh, T; Hamta, A, 2012:
Synthesis of New Pyrimidine, Quinazoline and Diazatricyclo Derivatives by Multicomponent Reaction and Evaluation of Their Biological Activity

S.R. Murty, M.; R. Ram, K; Venkateswara Rao, R; S. Yadav, J.; Venkateswara Rao, J; R. Velatooru, L., 2012:
Synthesis of New S-alkylated-3-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole Derivatives Bearing Cyclic Amine Moiety as Potent Anticancer Agents

Çetin Telli, F; Yüceer, L, 2012:
Synthesis of New Spirodifuranose Derivatives by Reduction of Stable Spiro-Endoperoxides

Romdhani-Younes, M; Gara, I; Mezni, A; Chaabouni, M Moncef, 2012:
Synthesis of New Symmetric Disubstituted Dithioether Dithiols

Bahadir Keskin; Cenk Denktaş; Ahmet Altındal; Ulvi Avcıata; Ahmet Gül, 2012:
Synthesis of Ni(II) porphyrazine peripherally octa-substituted with the 4-tert-butylbenzylthio moiety and electronic properties of the Al/Ni(II)Pz/p-Si Schottky barrier diode

Pan, L; Li, L; Chen, Y, 2012:
Synthesis of NiO nanomaterials with various morphologies and their electrocatalytic performances forp-nitrophenol reduction

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Synthesis of Novel 2-Iminothiazolidin-4-ones

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Synthesis of Novel Azetidinone Derivatives as Antitubercular Agents

Chen, S; Li, X; Wan, S; Jiang, T, 2012:
Synthesis of Novel Benzoxazinone Compounds as Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Miao, C; Tu, X; Xiang, Z; Wu, J, 2012:
Synthesis of Novel Chiral Ionic Liquids Based on ()-Menthyl Isonicotinate

Watabe, M; Kuroda, R; Ushio, M; Ogasawara, M; Nakata, S; Haruyama, T, 2012:
Synthesis of Novel Hybrid Type Porous Materials

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Synthesis of Novel Imidazolium and Benzimidazolium Salts from Halomethyl Derivatives of 4-Pyrones

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Synthesis of Novel Isoxazole Fused Heterocycles

V. Patel, R; K. Patel, J; Kumari, P; H. Chikhalia, K, 2012 :
Synthesis of Novel Quinolone and Coumarin Based 1,3,4-Thiadiazolyl and 1,3,4-Oxadiazolyl N-Mannich Bases as Potential Antimicrobials

Eshghi, H; Zohuri, G Hossein; Damavandi, S, 2012:
Synthesis of Novel Thioamidoalkyl- and Thiocarbamidoalkyl Naphthols via a Three-Component Condensation Reaction Using Heterogeneous Catalyst of Ferric Hydrogensulfate

S. Machakanur, S; R. Patil, B; S. Badiger, D; H. Pathan, A; B. Gudasi, K; W.A. Bligh, S, 2012:
Synthesis of Novel Tri-Arm Star Shaped 1,3,5-triazine Hydrazones from 2,4,6-tris(4-acetylphenoxy)-1,3,5-triazine Core

Nils Schröder; Tatiana Besset; Frank Glorius, 2012:
Synthesis of Olefin-Oxazoline Ligands (OlefOx) by Rhodium(III)-Catalyzed Oxidative Olefination

Teffahi, D; Hocine, S; Li, C-Jun, 2012:
Synthesis of Oxazolidinones, Dioxazolidinone and Polyoxazolidinone (A New Polyurethane) Via A Multi Component-Coupling of Aldehyde, Diamine Dihydrochloride, Terminal Alkyne and CO2

Pengfei LI; Liangrong YANG; Xiuqiong HE; Juan WANG; Peng KONG; Huifang XING; Huizhou LIU, 2012:
Synthesis of PGMA Microspheres with Amino Groups for High-capacity Adsorption of Cr(VI) by Cerium Initiated Graft Polymerization

V. G. Leontyev; L. D. Ivanova; K. Bente; V. F. Gremenok, 2012:
Synthesis of PbTe-SnTe particles by thermal decomposition of salts to create nano-structured thermoelectric materials

Ali Yasin Sonay; Ahmet Burak Çağlayan; Mustafa Çulha, 2012:
Synthesis of Peptide Mediated Au CoreAg Shell Nanoparticles as Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Labels

Ikeda, T; Yaegashi, T; Yamazaki, R; Ueno, S; Hashimoto, S; Sawada, S, 2012:
Synthesis of Phenanthroindolizidine Alkaloids with an Acyloxy Group at the C3 Position and their Antitumor Activities and Toxicities

Aizawa⁎, K.; Nakagawa, H.; Suzuki, T.; Miyata, N., 2012:
Synthesis of Piloty's acid derivatives and evaluation of their HNO and NO releasing activities

Li, Y; Lin, G; Gao, W, 2012:
Synthesis of Polycyclic-fused Heterocycles Combining Both Quinoline Ring and Benzoxepine Framework in A Single Molecule

Baki Hazer, B M. Baysal, Aşe G. Köseoğlu, N Beşirli, E Taşkın, 2012:
Synthesis of Polylactide-b-Poly (Dimethyl Siloxane) Block Copolymers and Their Blends with Pure Polylactide

El-Ashgar, N M.; El-Nahhal, I M.; Chehimi, M M.; Babonneau, F; Livage, J, 2012:
Synthesis of Polysiloxane-Immobilized Monoamine, Diamine, and Triamine Ligand Systems in the Presence of CTAB and Their Applications

Taisuke Nakamura; Masataka Shima; Masahiro Yasukawa; Kazushige Ueda, 2012:
Synthesis of Pr3+doped or Tb3+Mg codoped CaSnO3perovskite phosphor by the polymerized complex method

Katoh, M., 2012:
Synthesis of Procyanidin B1, B2, and B4 and Their Anti-Inflammatory Activity: The Effect of 4-Alkoxy Group of Catechin and/or Epicatechin Electrophiles for Condensation

Reza Loghman-Estarki, M; Shoja Razavi, R; Edris, H, 2012:
Synthesis of Scandia, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (SYSZ) Nanoparticles by New Wet Chemistry Method

Shi, G; Sun, B; Jin, Z; Liu, J; Li, M, 2012:
Synthesis of SiO2/Fe3O4 nanomaterial and its application as cataluminescence gas sensor material for ether

Dhaubhadel, R.; Rieker, T. P.; Chakrabarti, A.; Sorensen, C. M., 2012:
Synthesis of Silica Aerosol Gels via Controlled Detonation

Mohanazadeh, F; A. Zolfigol, M; Sedrpoushan, A; Veisi, H, 2012:
Synthesis of Silica Bromide as Heterogeneous Reagent and its Application to Conversion of Alcohols to Alkyl Bromides

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Synthesis of Some 1-(Flavon-7-yl)-4,5-dihydro-1,2,4-triazin-6(1H)-ones and Related Congeners

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Synthesis of Some Heterocyclic Compounds from Enamines of 3-Acetylfuran-2(5 H)-ones

Ali Fadda, A; Abdel-Latif, E.; E. El-Mekawy, R, 2012:
Synthesis of Some New Arylazothiophene and Arylazopyrazole Derivatives as Antitumor Agents

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Synthesis of Some Novel Antioxidant and Anticorrosive Additives for Egyptian Lubricating Oils

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Synthesis of Some Novel Fused Azole Derivatives

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Synthesis of Sparse Arrays With Focused or Shaped Beampattern via Sequential Convex Optimizations

Cecati, M.; Corradetti, A.; Sartini, D.; Pozzi, V.; Giannubilo, S.R.; Saccucci, F.; Ciavattini, A.; Emanuelli, M., 2018:
Expression of extracellular matrix and adhesion proteins in pelvic organ prolapse

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Synthesis of Star-Shaped Macromolecular Schiff Base Complexes Having Melamine Cores and Their Magnetic and Thermal Behaviors

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Synthesis of Substituted Quinazolines: Application to the Synthesis of Verubulin

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Synthesis of System Dynamics Tools for Holistic Conceptualization of Water Resources Problems

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Synthesis of Thioglycosides from Propargyl Glycosides Exploiting Alkynophilic Gold Catalyst

Zhi, J; Xiao, Y; Hu, A, 2012:
Synthesis of Thiol-Containing Amino Acids Through Alkylation of Glycinate Ketimine

P.J. Dihingia; S. Rai, 2012:
Synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles and spectroscopic upconversion luminescence of Nd3+-doped TiO2SiO2 composite glass

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Synthesis of Unprotected Carboxy Indazoles via Pd-Catalyzed Carbonylation

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Synthesis of Water-Soluble Perylene Dicarboximide Derivatives Containing Pyridine Oxide Groups

Chen, J; Wen, X; Shi, X; Pan, R, 2012:
Synthesis of Zinc Oxide/Activated Carbon Nano-Composites and Photodegradation of Rhodamine B

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Synthesis of ZnO nanorods and their application in quantum dot sensitized solar cells

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Synthesis of ZnTe Nanoparticles by Microwave Irradiation Technique, and Their Characterization

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Synthesis of a Key Intermediate for the Preparation of FTY720 Analogs

Ranju Bansal, P Jain, C Calle, R Carron, K Pemberton, A L. Harvey, 2012:
Synthesis of a New Series of 4-Aryl-1,4-Dihydropyridines with Calcium Channel Blocking and Vasodilatory Activity

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Synthesis of a Novel Series of 1,6-Disubstituted-3-(cyclohexylmethoxy)-β-carboline Derivatives via Minisci Reaction

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Synthesis of a Rosin Gemini Surfactant and Its Properties

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Synthesis of a cofacial chlorin dimer of defined symmetry

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Synthesis of a control system for hoisting devices

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Synthesis of a ligandquencher conjugate for the ligand binding study of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor using a FRET assay

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Synthesis of a mononuclear oxidovanadium(V) complex by bridge-splitting of the corresponding binuclear precursor

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Synthesis of a series of 1,n-disubstituted ferrocene derivatives containing disulfides

Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto; Asep Suhendi; Takashi Ogi; Toru Iwaki; Kikuo Okuyama, 2012:
Synthesis of additive-free cationic polystyrene particles with controllable size for hollow template applications

Gang Li, 2012:
Synthesis of aligned ZnO nanocolumn arrays by a vapor phase transport method

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Synthesis of aliphatic hydrocarbons from the gasification products of oil shale from the Leningrad and Kashpir deposits

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Synthesis of alkaloid-like compounds via the bridging Ritter reaction

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Synthesis of alkylcarbazole aminoderivatives

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Synthesis of amides from imines using Et3SiH/Zn system

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Synthesis of and structureproperty relationships in zinc complexes of bis-metaphenylene semiquinone biradical species

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Synthesis of annulated oligothiophenes

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Synthesis of antihyperglycemic, α-glucosidase inhibitory, and DPPH free radical scavenging furanochalcones

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Synthesis of arylaminotetrazoles by ZnCl2/AlCl3/silica as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst

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Synthesis of aspirin eugenol ester and its biological activity

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Synthesis of benthic flux components in the Patos Lagoon coastal zone, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Synthesis of benzothiazole derivatives and their biological evaluation as anticancer agents

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Synthesis of benzothiazole derivatives having acetamido and carbothioamido pharmacophore as anticonvulsant agents

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Synthesis of betulonic aldehyde derivatives

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Synthesis of bioceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering by rapid prototyping technique

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Synthesis of biocompatible uniform NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+ nanocrystals and their characteristic photoluminescence

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Synthesis of biodiesel from low FFA waste frying oil using calcium oxide derived from Mereterix mereterix as a heterogeneous catalyst

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Synthesis of bis-spirofused thiapyrrolizidinooxindoles by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition

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Synthesis of bis-triethoxysilane endcapped polyurethane/urea and its self-assembly morphologies with the assistance of hydrogen ion

Dechong Ma; Jingzhe Zhao; Yan Zhao; Xinli Hao; Linzhi Li; Li Zhang; Yan Lu; Chengzhong Yu, 2012:
Synthesis of bismuth nanoparticles and self-assembled nanobelts by a simple aqueous route in basic solution

Hiroshi Kamitakahara; Kaoru Murata-Hirai; Yoshimasa Tanaka, 2012:
Synthesis of blockwise alkylated tetrasaccharideorganic quantum dot complexes and their utilization for live cell labeling with low cytotoxicity

Masaki Kakiage; Yusuke Tominaga; Ikuo Yanase; Hidehiko Kobayashi, 2012:
Synthesis of boron carbide powder in relation to composition and structural homogeneity of precursor using condensed boric acidpolyol product

A. A. Abdurakhmanov, M. S. Paizullakhanov, Z. Akhadov, 2012:
Synthesis of calcium aluminates on the big solar furnace

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Synthesis of carbon nanofibres over nanoporous NiMgO catalyst: influence of the bimetallic Ni(Cu, Co, Mo) MgO catalysts

Xia Zhong; Ruo Yuan; Ya-Qin Chai, 2012:
Synthesis of chitosan-Prussian blue-graphene composite nanosheets for electrochemical detection of glucose based on pseudobienzyme channeling

Vypolzov, A. V.; Dar’in, D. V.; Lobanov, P. S., 2012:
Synthesis of cinnoline 1-oxides by the reaction ofortho-fluoronitrobenzenes with enediamines

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Synthesis of cobalt(III) complexes with new oxime-containing Schiff base ligands and metalligand coordination in solution

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Synthesis of combretastatin analogs: evaluation of in vitro anticancer activity and molecular docking studies

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Synthesis of conjugated perylene diimide-based copolymer with 5,5-bis(4-aminophenyl)-2-2-bifuryl moiety as an active material for organic photovoltaics

Yi Huang; Qiong Kang, 2012:
Synthesis of conjugates of β-cyclodextrin with polyamidoamine dendrimers and their molecular inclusion interaction with levofloxacin lactate

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Synthesis of crown-containing and related hetarylphenylacetylenes and acetylenyl dyes

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Synthesis of curcumin and ethylcurcumin bioconjugates as potential antitumor agents

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Synthesis of deoxynivalenol-3-ß-D-O-glucuronide for its use as biomarker for dietary deoxynivalenol exposure

M. A. Prezent, V. A. Dorokhov, 2012:
Synthesis of diaminomethylidene derivatives of tetronic acid

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Synthesis of diarylpyrimidinones (DAPMs) using large pore zeolites

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Synthesis of dithienopyrrole derivatives

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Synthesis of doubly functional nanowhiskers from a colloid solution including a VTi complex precursor

K. Saravanan; Beena Tyagi; H. C. Bajaj, 2012:
Synthesis of dypnone by solvent free self condensation of acetophenone over nano-crystalline sulfated zirconia catalyst

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Synthesis of eperezolid-like molecules and evaluation of their antimicrobial activities

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Synthesis of epoxyoxirano- and epoxydihydroxyisoindolones

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Synthesis of europium-doped silica microspheres using the solgel microencapsulation method

Yanfeng Zhang, 2012:
Synthesis of few-walled carbon nanotubeRh nanoparticles by arc discharge: Effect of selective oxidation

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Synthesis of first representatives of alkaline-earth metal diselenophosphinates

Raghavendra Sakirolla; Marzieh Yaeghoobi; Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman, 2012:
Synthesis of flavanones, azaflavanones, and thioflavanones catalyzed by PMA-SiO2as a mild, efficient, and reusable catalyst

Prabhakar Rai; Yeon-Tae Yu, 2012:
Synthesis of floral assembly with single crystalline ZnO nanorods and its CO sensing property

S. E. Mavundla; G. F. Malgas; D. E. Motaung; E. I. Iwuoha, 2012:
Synthesis of flower-like zinc oxide and polyaniline with worm-like morphology and their applications in hybrid solar cells

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Synthesis of fluorinated methacrylate/epoxy siloxane copolymer coatings applied on glass substrates and analysis of some physical properties

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Synthesis of galactosyl sucralose by β-galactosidase from Lactobacillus bulgaricus L3

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Synthesis of garnet structured Li7+xLa3YxZr2-xO12(x

Qin Li; Hui Xu; Feihu Li; Peiming Li; Lifeng Shen; Jianping Zhai, 2012:
Synthesis of geopolymer composites from blends of CFBC fly and bottom ashes

Meimei Du; Qiuxiao Li; Wantian Dong; Tao Geng; Yajie Jiang, 2012:
Synthesis of glycerol carbonate from glycerol and dimethyl carbonate catalyzed by K2CO3/MgO

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Synthesis of glycosylated metal phthalocyanines and naphthalocyanines

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Synthesis of graphene by surface wave plasma chemical vapor deposition from camphor

Hongjian Yan; Ye Chen; Shimin Xu, 2012:
Synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride by directly heating sulfuric acid treated melamine for enhanced photocatalytic H2 production from water under visible light

Bin Lu; Ping Li; Hui Liu; Li-yan Zhao; Yu Wei, 2012:
Synthesis of hexagonal pyramidal columnar hematite particles by a two-step solution route and their characterization

Li, X; Qu, F; Li, W; Lin, H; Jin, Y, 2012:
Synthesis of hierarchically porous bioactive glasses using natural plants as template for bone tissue regeneration

Tariq Bashir; Mikael Skrifvars; Nils-Krister Persson, 2012:
Synthesis of high performance, conductive PEDOT-coated polyester yarns by OCVD technique

Shiva, K. Rastogi; Benjamin, D. Denn; A. Larry Branen, 2012:
Synthesis of highly fluorescent and thio-linkers stabilize gold quantum dots and nano clusters in DMF for bio-labeling

Zhimin Yuan; Qian Ma; Aiyu Zhang; Yongqiang Cao; Jie Yang; Ping Yang, 2012:
Synthesis of highly luminescent CdTe/ZnO core/shell quantum dots in aqueous solution

Lee, S Jae; Jung, J; Kim, M Ae; Kim, Y-Rok; Park, J Kyu, 2012:
Synthesis of highly stable graphite-encapsulated metal (Fe, Co, and Ni) nanoparticles

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Synthesis of highly stable magnesium fluoride suspensions and their application in the corrosion protection of a Magnesium alloy

Edwin Escalera; Mohamed, A. Ballem; José M. Córdoba; Marta-Lena Antti; Magnus Odén, 2012:
Synthesis of homogeneously dispersed cobalt nanoparticles in the pores of functionalized SBA-15 silica

Wang Jincheng; Zheng Xiaoyu; Hao Wenli; Xu Nan; Pan Xingchen, 2012:
Synthesis of hyper-branched quaternary ammonium salt and its application into montmorillonite

Abd El-Raheem, R. El-Shanshoury, S E. Elsilk, P S. Ateya, E M. Ebeid, 2012:
Synthesis of lead nanoparticles byEnterobactersp. and avirulentBacillus anthracisPS2010

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Synthesis of linear ZnO structures by a thermal decomposition method and their characterisation

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Synthesis of linear and cyclic compounds containing the 3,4-bis(furazan-3-yl)furoxan fragment

Marcos, R. Mauricio; Thiago dos S. Silva; Marcos, H. Kunita; Edvani, C. Muniz; Gizilene, M. de Carvalho; Adley, F. Rubira, 2012:
Synthesis of luminescent polycarbonate grafted with methyl methacrylate/europium complex using supercritical CO2technology as a green chemistry method

Silvo Hribernik; Majda Sfiligoj-Smole; Marjan Bele; Sašo Gyergyek; Janko Jamnik; Karin Stana-Kleinschek, 2012:
Synthesis of magnetic iron oxide particles: Development of an in situ coating procedure for fibrous materials

Hui Li, W Xu, N Wang, X Ma, D Niu, B Jiang…, 2012:
Synthesis of magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer particles for selective adsorption and separation of dibenzothiophene

E. V. Shmendel’, A. A. Timakova, M. A. Maslov, N. G. Morozova…, 2012:
Synthesis of mannose-containing neoglycolipids as a component of targeted delivery system for transfer of nucleic acids into antigen-presenting cells

Jiang-tao Hu; Aijuan Gu; Guozheng Liang; Dongxian Zhuo; Li Yuan, 2012:
Synthesis of mesoporous silica and its modification of bismaleimide/cyanate ester resin with improved thermal and dielectric properties

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Synthesis of mesoporous -alumina by solgel process and its characterization and application for sorption of Pu(IV)

Kryshtal, G. V.; Zhdankina, G. M.; Konoplyannikov, A. G.; Tartakovsky, V. A.; Serebryakov, E. P.; Smirnov, B. B.; Konoplyannikova, O. A.; Agaeva, E. V.; Zlotina, S. G., 2012:
Synthesis of methaprogerol analogs

Raychaudhuri, B, 2012:
Synthesis of mixed pixel hyperspectral signatures

Xiao Mei Zhang; Cheng Song Peng; Guo Cai Xu, 2012:
Synthesis of modified β-cyclodextrin polymers and characterization of their fuchsin adsorption

Majid Soleimani; Serveh Ghaderi; Majid Ghahraman Afshar; Saeed Soleimani, 2012:
Synthesis of molecularly imprinted polymer as a sorbent for solid phase extraction of bovine albumin from whey, milk, urine and serum

Andrey, A. Prishchenko; Mikhail, V. Livantsov; Olga, P. Novikova; Ludmila, I. Livantsova; Valery, S. Petrosyan, 2012:
Synthesis of mono- and bisorganophosphorus substituted amides of unsaturated carboxylic acids with PCHNC(O) and antioxidant fragments

Hamid Golchoubian; Hamid Reza Mardani; Giuseppe Bruno; Hadi Amiri Rudbari, 2012:
Synthesis of mono- and heterodinuclear complexes with unsymmetrical phenol-based dicompartmental ligand containing hexa- and tetradentate coordination sites: An unusual methyl elimination in coordination chemistry

A. A. Rodríguez-Rodríguez; O. S. Rodríguez-Fernández; J. G. Osuna-Alarcón; Sagrario, M. Montemayor, 2012:
Synthesis of multielement ferrites and their silica composites

Pingping Jiang; Huiming Lin; Rong Xing; Jingjie Jiang; Fengyu Qu, 2012:
Synthesis of multifunctional macroporous-mesoporous TiO2-bioglasses for bone tissue engineering

T. Taguchi; S. Shamoto, 2012:
Synthesis of multilayered composite nanotube heterostructure; SiCSiO2, CSiO2, and CSiCSiO2nanotubes

Jiangtao Zhu; Juncai Jia; Fung Luen Kwong; Dickon Hang Leung Ng; Sie Chin Tjong, 2012:
Synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes from bamboo charcoal and the roles of minerals on their growth

Panigrahi, J; Nayak, B B.; Behera, D; Subudhi, U; Acharya, B S., 2012:
Synthesis of nano ZnO thin film on Al foil by rf glow discharge plasma and its effect onE. coliandP. aeruginosa

Yaohui Lv; Wei Zhang; Hong Liu; Yuanhua Sang; Haiming Qin; Jie Tan; Liuniu Tong, 2012:
Synthesis of nano-sized and highly sinterable Nd:YAG powders by the urea homogeneous precipitation method

Sunisa Supakanapitak; Virote Boonamnuayvitaya; Somnuk Jarudilokkul, 2012:
Synthesis of nanocrystalline CeO2 particles by different emulsion methods

C. Doroftei; P.D. Popa; F. Iacomi, 2012:
Synthesis of nanocrystalline LaPbFeO perovskite and methanol-sensing characteristics

Trinadha Raja Pilladi; K. Ananthasivan; S. Anthonysamy; V. Ganesan, 2012:
Synthesis of nanocrystalline boron carbide from boric acidsucrose gel precursor

Manik Gupta; Balwinder, S. Randhawa, 2012:
Synthesis of nanosized rubidium ferrite by thermolysis of ferricarboxylate precursors and combustion method

YuLin Min; Kan Zhang; YouCun Chen; YuanGuang Zhang; Wei Zhao, 2012:
Synthesis of nanostructured ZnO/Bi2WO6 heterojunction for photocatalysis application

D. Sanli; S. E. Bozbag; C. Erkey, 2012:
Synthesis of nanostructured materials using supercritical CO2: Part I. Physical transformations

S. E. Bozbag; D. Sanli; C. Erkey, 2012:
Synthesis of nanostructured materials using supercritical CO2: Part II. Chemical transformations

V. N. Odinokov, 2012:
Synthesis of natural ecdysteroids and structural analogs by chemical transformations of available phytoecdysteroids

Endo, M; Kakizaki, I, 2012:
Synthesis of neoproteoglycans using the transglycosylation reaction as a reverse reaction of endo-glycosidases

Sasnouski, G; Lapanik, V; Dabrowski, R; Dziaduszek, J, 2012:
Synthesis of new LC compounds with high optical anisotropy: pentaphenyl derivatives lateral substituted

Pike, T. W.; Slater, P. R., 2012:
Synthesis of new Mn/Ti containing perovskites and examination of their potential for use as solid oxide fuel cell electrodes

Ping Shen; Xinping Liu; Shenghui Jiang; Ling Wang; Ling Yi; Dandan Ye; Bin Zhao; Songting Tan, 2012:
Synthesis of new N, N-diphenylhydrazone dyes for solar cells: Effects of thiophene-derived -conjugated bridge

Ahmed, T. Al-Masri, H A. Saadeh, I M. Mosleh, M S. Mubarak, 2012:
Synthesis of new compounds derived from metronidazole and amino acids and their esters as antiparasitic agents

Mohamed, A. El-Zahabi; Laila, M. Gad; Faida, H. Bamanie; Zohair Al-Marzooki, 2012:
Synthesis of new cyclic imides derivatives with potential hypolipidemic activity

Andrey, A. Prishchenko; Mikhail, V. Livantsov; Olga, P. Novikova; Ludmila, I. Livantsova; Valery, S. Petrosyan, 2012:
Synthesis of new functionalized mono- and bisorganophosphorus acids and their derivatives with unsaturated and aromatic fragments

Babasaheb, P. Bandgar, S S. Jalde, L K. Adsul, S N. Shringare, S V. Lonikar, R N. Gacche, N A. Dhole, S H. Nile, A L. Shirfule, 2012:
Synthesis of new olefin chalcone derivatives as antitumor, antioxidant and antimicrobial agents

Sebastian Wagner; Muriel Rakotomalala; Yana Bykov; Olaf Walter; Manfred Döring, 2012:
Synthesis of new organophosphorus compounds using the athertontodd reaction as a versatile tool

Waleed, A. Bayoumi, M A. Elsayed, 2012:
Synthesis of new phenylcarbamoylbenzoic acid derivatives and evaluation of their in

Nadeem Siddiqui, M. Faiz Arshad, S A. Khan, W Ahsan, R Ali, M. Shamsher Alam, S Ahmed, 2012:
Synthesis of new piperidyl indanone derivatives as anticonvulsant agents

Caillol, S; Desroches, M; Boutevin, G; Loubat, Cédric; Auvergne, Rémi; Boutevin, B, 2012:
Synthesis of new polyester polyols from epoxidized vegetable oils and biobased acids

Danylo Kaminskyy, B Bednarczyk-Cwynar, O Vasylenko, O Kazakova, B Zimenkovsky, L Zaprutko, R Lesyk, 2012:
Synthesis of new potential anticancer agents based on 4-thiazolidinone and oleanane scaffolds

Fatma, A. Bassyouni, S M. Abu-Bakr, K H. Hegab, W El-Eraky, A A. El Beih, M E. Abdel Rehim, 2012:
Synthesis of new transition metal complexes of 1H-perimidine derivatives having antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities

Canan Uslan; B. Şebnem Sesalan; Mahmut Durmuş, 2012:
Synthesis of new water soluble phthalocyanines and investigation of their photochemical, photophysical and biological properties

Mevlüt Bayrakci, Şeref Ertul, M Yilmaz, 2012:
Synthesis of new water-soluble phosphonate calixazacrowns and their use as drug solubilizing agents

Artemov, A. N.; Sazonova, E. V.; Mavrina, E. A.; Zarovkina, N. Yu., 2012:
Synthesis of new 6-(arene) chromium tricarbonyl complexes of isoxazolidines by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition

Ravi Eluri; Brian Paul, 2012:
Synthesis of nickel nanoparticles by hydrazine reduction: mechanistic study and continuous flow synthesis

M. V. Varaksin, E. V. Tretyakov, I. A. Utepova…, 2012:
Synthesis of nitroxyl radical by direct nucleophilic functionalization of a C-H bond in the azadiene systems

Jialei Liu; Heyan Huang; Xinhou Liu; Zhen Zhen, 2012:
Synthesis of nonlinear optical chromophore and the preparation of attenuated total reflectance modulator

Rahul, V. Patel, A B. Patel, P Kumari, K H. Chikhalia, 2012:
Synthesis of novel 3-(5-sulfanyl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)-2H-chromen-2-one condenseds-triazinyl piperazines and piperidines as antimicrobial agents

Canan Uslan; B. Şebnem Sesalan, 2012:
Synthesis of novel DNA-interacting phthalocyanines

Maurizio Licchelli; Michele Milani; Sergio Pizzo; Antonio Poggi; Donatella Sacchi; Massimo Boiocchi, 2012:
Synthesis of novel diazacyclam copper(II) complexes by template reaction involving sulphonamides as locking fragments

Srivastava, M; Singh, J; Singh, S B.; Tiwari, K; Pathak, V K.; Singh, J, 2012:
Synthesis of novel fused heterocycle-oxa-aza-phenanthrene and anthracene derivatives via sequential one-pot synthesis in aqueous micellar system

Radosław Podsiadły; Jolanta Sokołowska, 2012:
Synthesis of novel oxidizable polymerization sensitizers based on the dithiinoquinoxaline skeleton

Mostafa, M. Ghorab, F A. Ragab, H I. Heiba, H A. Youssef, M G. El-Gazzar, 2012:
Synthesis of novel pyrazole and pyrimidine derivatives bearing sulfonamide moiety as antitumor and radiosensitizing agents

Changzhong Chen; Shanshan Liu; Wenmin Liu; Yiyang Zhao; Youzhi Lu, 2012:
Synthesis of novel solidliquid phase change materials and electrospinning of ultrafine phase change fibers

Maqbool Hussain; Renzo Shamey; David Hinks; Ahmed El-Shafei; Syed Ishrat Ali, 2012:
Synthesis of novel stilbene-alkoxysilane fluorescent brighteners, and their performance on cotton fiber as fluorescent brightening and ultraviolet absorbing agents

Somaieh Salehpour; Christopher, J. Zuliani; Marc, A. Dubé, 2012:
Synthesis of novel stimuli-responsive polyglycerol-based hydrogels

D. V. Belykh, E. V. Buravlev, I. Yu. Chukicheva, I. S. Tarabukina, O. G. Shevchenko, S. N. Plyusnina, A. V. Kutchin, 2012:
Synthesis of novel terpenophenol-chlorin conjugates and evaluation of their membranotropic and membrane-protecting properties

Fujii, S; Duan, Z; Okukawa, T; Yanagi, Y; Yoshida, A; Tanaka, T; Zhao, G; Nishioka, Y; Kataura, H, 2012:
Synthesis of novel thiophene-phenylene oligomer derivatives with a dibenzothiophene-5,5-dioxide core for use in organic solar cells

Lusine Karapetyan, 2012:
Synthesis of novelN-aryl-2,5-dihydro-2-iminofuran-3-carboxamides and their chemical transformations

Rui-Jun Xie; Li-Min Han; Ning Zhu; Hai-Long Hong; Quan-Ling Suo; Peng Fu, 2012:
Synthesis of ortho-diferrocenylbenzene with cobalt clusters as reaction precursors: Crystal structure and electrochemical properties

Fa-Yan Meng; Jin-Mei Zhu; An-Ran Zhao; Sheng-rong Yu; Cui-Wu Lin, 2012:
Synthesis of p-hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives and investigation of fluorescence binding with bovine serum albumin

Sadeghi, M; Soleimani, F, 2012:
Synthesis of pH-Sensitive Hydrogel Based on Starch-Polyacrylate Superabsorbent

Hidenori Tanaka; Yasushi Kawade; Nobuhiro Sato; Tomochika Matsuyama, 2012:
Synthesis of pH-responsive polysilane with polyelectrolyte side chains through -ray-induced graft polymerization

M. V. Musalov, M. V. Musalova, V. A. Potapov, S. V. Amosova, 2012:
Synthesis of pent-1-en-4-yne by the CuI-catalyzed reaction of acetylene with allyl bromide

Ivanenko, M. V.; Khonina, T. G.; Chupakhin, O. N.; Larionov, L. P.; Sakhautdinova, R. R.; Safronov, A. P., 2012:
Synthesis of pharmacologically active hydrogels based on combined silicon and titanium polyolates

Wensheng Zhang; Chunxiang Kuang; Qing Yang, 2012:
Synthesis of phenyl azides bearing (E)-2-halovinyl group

V. Rama Subba Rao; G. Suresh; R. Ranga Rao; K. Suresh Babu; G. Chashoo; A. K. Saxena; J. Madhusudana Rao, 2012:
Synthesis of piperineamino acid ester conjugates and study of their cytotoxic activities against human cancer cell lines

Zhi Zhuang; Hiroaki Yamamoto; Mamoru Aizawa, 2012:
Synthesis of plate-shaped hydroxyapatite via an enzyme reaction of urea with urease and its characterization

L. G. Shagun,I. A. Dorofeev,V. I. Smirnov,I. A. Tokareva…, 2012:
Synthesis of poly(2,2,3,3-indole)

Jérôme Garnier; Pierre-Emmanuel Dufils; Jérôme Vinas; Yves Vanderveken; Alex van Herk; Patrick Lacroix-Desmazes, 2012:
Synthesis of poly(vinylidene chloride)-based composite latexes by emulsion polymerization from epoxy functional seeds for improved thermal stability

Morgalyuk, V. P.; Strelkova, T. V.; Nifant’ev, E. E., 2012:
Synthesis of polyfunctionalized methylphosphine oxides

Sui, Y; Zeng, Y; Zheng, W; Liu, B; Zou, B; Yang, H, 2012:
Synthesis of polyhedron hollow structure Cu2O and their gas-sensing properties

Haldorai, Y; Shim, J-Jin; Lim, K Taek, 2012:
Synthesis of polymerinorganic filler nanocomposites in supercritical CO2

Nie, G; Zhang, L; Cui, Y, 2012:
Synthesis of polyphenol microsphere-supported palladium complex and evaluation of its catalytic performance for Heck reaction

Saman Damavandi, R Sandaroos, M Pashirzad, 2012:
Synthesis of polysubstituted furans via a novel and efficient heterocyclization approach

Jeong-Hoon Jeun; Dai-Hong Kim; Seong-Hyeon Hong, 2012:
Synthesis of porous SnO2 foams on SiO2/Si substrate by electrochemical deposition and their gas sensing properties

Yurong Liu; Jin Zhang; Mingjing Tu, 2012:
Synthesis of porous methylphenylsiloxane/poly(dimethylsiloxane) composite using poly(dimethylsiloxane)-poly(ethylene oxide) (PDMS-PEO) as template

Agathe, C. Fournier; Kathryn, M. McGrath, 2012:
Synthesis of porous oxide ceramics using a soft responsive scaffold

Eun-Young Jeong; Sang-Eon Park, 2012:
Synthesis of porphyrin-bridged periodic mesoporous organosilica and their catalytic applications

Myriam Desroches; Sylvain Caillol; Rémi Auvergne; Bernard Boutevin, 2012:
Synthesis of pseudo-telechelic diols by transesterification and thiol-ene coupling

Priyanka Shrivastava, P Singh, A Kumar Tewari, 2012:
Synthesis of pyrazole-based 1,5-diaryl compounds as potent anti-inflammatory agents

G. N. Al’tshuler, 2012:
Synthesis of pyridinecarboxylic acids by the catalytic oxidation of coal tar components on metal-polymer nanocomposites

Sham, M. Sondhi; Jaiveer Singh; S. K. Agrawal; A. K. Saxena; Partha Roy, 2012:
Synthesis of pyrimidine and condensed pyrimidine derivatives and their evaluation for anti-inflammatory activity

Grigoryan, L. A.; Kaldrikyan, M. A.; Melik-Ogandzhanyan, R. G.; Garibyan, J. V.; Nersesyan, L. E.; Agaronyan, A. S., 2012:
Synthesis of pyrimidylhydrazones and substituted pyrimidyl-aryl- and yclohexylthiosemicarbazides and study of their influence on DNA methylation

Wang, X-Hui; Peng, H-Shang; Chang, Z; Hou, L-Ling; You, F-Tian; Teng, F; Song, H-Wei; Dong, B, 2012:
Synthesis of ratiometric fluorescent nanoparticles for sensing oxygen

Ugalde, M.; Ochoa, M.T.; Espinosa, F.; Chavira, E.; Quintanar, C.; Lopez, R.; Tejeda, A.; Flores, C.; Figueroa, I., 2012:
Synthesis of rhodium nano-particles by sol-gel processing

Pengfei Hu; Yali Cao, 2012:
Synthesis of rod and lath-shaped CuSe and tremella-shaped Cu2xSe nanostructures at room temperature, and their optical properties

Jerzy Choma; Dominik Jamioła; Piotr Nyga; Mietek Jaroniec, 2012:
Synthesis of rod-like silicagold core-shell structures

B. R. Chimitov,K. V. Zherikova,A. N. Mikheev,G. I. Zharkova…, 2012:
Synthesis of ruthenium(iii) and rhodium(iii) tris-acetylacetonates and palladium(ii) bis-ketoiminate using microwave heating

Jian-ping Hao; Qian Guan, 2012:
Synthesis of saikosaponins in adventitious roots ofBupleurum chinenseby semi-continuous culture

Ameneh Sahraneshin; Seiichi Takami; Daisuke Hojo; Kimitaka Minami; Toshihiko Arita; Tadafumi Adschiri, 2012:
Synthesis of shape-controlled and organic-hybridized hafnium oxide nanoparticles under sub- and supercritical hydrothermal conditions

N. O. Yarosh, L. V. Zhilitskaya, M. G. Voronkov, 2012:
Synthesis of silanes and germanes with polyunsaturated aliphatic substituents

Kong, L; Uedono, A; Smith, S V.; Yamashita, Y; Chironi, I, 2012:
Synthesis of silica nanoparticles using oil-in-water emulsion and the porosity analysis

Choi, C-Sol; Yoon, J-Hwan, 2012:
Synthesis of silica nanowires by PECVD at low temperature using Zn as a catalyst

Jintao Yang; Yan Sang; Feng Chen; Zhengdong Fei; Mingqiang Zhong, 2012:
Synthesis of silica particles grafted with poly(ionic liquid) and their nucleation effect on microcellular foaming of polystyrene using supercritical carbon dioxide

Eder José Guidelli; Ana Paula Ramos; Maria Elisabete, D. Zaniquelli; Patricia Nicolucci; Oswaldo Baffa, 2012:
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using dl-alanine for ESR dosimetry applications

Dalal, A. Abou El Ella, M M. Ghorab, H I. Heiba, A M. Soliman, 2012:
Synthesis of some new thiazolopyrane and thiazolopyranopyrimidine derivatives bearing a sulfonamide moiety for evaluation as anticancer and radiosensitizing agents

Mohammed Abdalla Hussein, 2012:
Synthesis of some novel triazoloquinazolines and triazinoquinazolines and their evaluation for anti-inflammatory activity

Mohamed, R. E. Aly, E-Sayed, I. Ibrahim, F A. El Shahed, H A. Soliman, Z S. Ibrahim, S A. M. El-Shazly, 2012:
Synthesis of some quinolinyl chalcone analogues and investigation of their anticancer and synergistic anticancer effect with doxorubicin

Kamrupi, I R.; Dolui, S K., 2012:
Synthesis of stable dispersion of copper nanoparticles in a water-in-supercritical carbon dioxide using polydimethylsiloxane as the stabiliser

Jeffrey, T. Kuethe, 2012:
Synthesis of stable isotope-labeled metabolites of asenapine

Shurygina, M. P.; Markina, O. V.; Druzhkov, N. O.; Kulikova, T. I.; Cherkasov, A. V.; Piskunov, A. V.; Chesnokov, S. A.; Cherkasov, V. K., 2012:
Synthesis of sterically hindered benzoquinone methacrylates

Zhao, J; Zhang, J; Su, Y; Yang, Z; Wei, L; Zhang, Y, 2012:
Synthesis of straight multi-walled carbon nanotubes by arc discharge in air and their field emission properties

G. O. Ismailova, S. M. Mavlyanov, F. G. Kamaev, 2012:
Synthesis of structural fragments of natural 3-phenoxycoumarins

Yan, C; Liu, R; Cao, Y; Zhang, C; Zhang, D, 2012:
Synthesis of submicrometer zirconium carbide formed from inorganicorganic hybrid precursor pyrolysis

Bo Sun; Liqiang Xu; Kaibin Tang; Liancheng Wang; Zhicheng Ju; Yitai Qian, 2012:
Synthesis of superconducting sphere-like Mo2C nanoparticles in an autoclave

Congcong Mi; Huanyu Gao; Feng Li; Shukun Xu, 2012:
Synthesis of surface amino-functionalized NaGdF4:Ce,Tb nanoparticles and their luminescence resonance energy transfer (LRET) with Au nanoparticles

Nitai Debnath; Shouvik Mitra; Sumistha Das; Arunava Goswami, 2012:
Synthesis of surface functionalized silica nanoparticles and their use as entomotoxic nanocides

Simon Drescher, S Sonnenberger, A Meister, A Blume, B Dobner, 2012:
Synthesis of symmetrical, single-chain, phenylene/biphenylene-modified bolaamphiphiles

R. S. Borisov, A. I. Polyakov, L. A. Medvedeva, N. I. Guranova…, 2012:
Synthesis of tetrazolodiazepines by a five-centered four-component azide Ugi reaction. Scope and limitations

Suhee Song; Junkuk Kim; Jooyoung Shim; Junghwan Kim; Byoung Hoon Lee; Youngeup Jin; Il Kim; Kwanghee Lee; Hongsuk Suh, 2012:
Synthesis of the 2H-benzimidazole-based conjugated polymers with various thiophene units and their application in photovoltaic

Labruere, R; Helissey, P; Desbene-Finck, S; Giorgi-Renault, S, 2012:
Synthesis of the 3,4,5-Trimethoxy-2-(3,4-methylenedioxy-6-nitrophenyl) benzaldehyde for Divergent Preparation of Cytotoxic Biaryls

L. A. Baranov, V. A. Grechishnikov, 2012 :
Synthesis of the analog-digital conversion channel in automatic railroad systems

S. A. Kuznetsova, G. P. Skvortsova, Y. N. Malyar, V. A. Sokolenko, B. N. Kuznetsov, 2012:
Synthesis of the betulin dipropionate from the upper birch bark

Lukashov, O. I.; Sokolova, N. A.; Morozov, A. V.; Kazakov, P. V.; Mirzabekova, N. S.; Kuz’mina, N. E., 2012:
Synthesis of the myorelaxant 1,3,5-tris-(2-diethylbenzylammonioethyl)-1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-trione tribromide

Cherkasov, R. A.; Garifzyanov, A. R.; Kurnosova, N. V.; Matveeva, E. V.; Odinets, I. L., 2012:
Synthesis of the novel β-aminophosphoryl compounds and their acid-base properties and membrane-transport abilities towards carboxylic acids

E. K. Ylhäinen; M. R. Nunes; A. J. Silvestre; O. C. Monteiro, 2012:
Synthesis of titanate nanostructures using amorphous precursor material and their adsorption/photocatalytic properties

Mayui Noborisaka; Hideyuki Kodama; So Nagashima; Akira Shirakura; Takahiro Horiuchi; Tetsuya Suzuki, 2012:
Synthesis of transparent and hard SiOC(H) thin films on polycarbonate substrates by PECVD method

Long Chen, W-Hua Xu, Y-Guo Zhao, Y Kang…, 2012:
Synthesis of vaterite and aragonite crystals using biomolecules of tomato and capsicum

Yunfei Ma, J Zhang, B Tian, F Chen, S Bao, M Anpo, 2012:
Synthesis of visible light-driven Eu, N co-doped TiO2and the mechanism of the degradation of salicylic acid

M. V. Solovskii; M. S. Borisenko; M. Yu. Smirnova, 2012:
Synthesis of water-soluble polymeric esters of the antibiotic cefuroxime

R. Ravindra; Badekai Ramachandra Bhat, 2012 :
Synthesis of worm-shaped carbon nanofibers over a sodium chloride support

N. M. Musyoka; L. F. Petrik; G. Balfour; P. Ndungu; W. M. Gitari; E. Hums, 2012:
Synthesis of zeolites from coal fly ash: application of a statistical experimental design

Nicholas, G. Spiropulos; Eric, A. Standley; Ian, R. Shaw; Benjamin, L. Ingalls; Bryan Diebels; Sylvanna, V. Krawczyk; Benjamin, F. Gherman; Atta, M. Arif; Eric, C. Brown, 2012:
Synthesis of zinc and cadmium O-alkyl thiocarbonate and dithiocarbonate complexes and a cationic zinc hydrosulfide complex

Shetty, A; Nanda, K Kar, 2012:
Synthesis of zinc oxide porous structures by anodization with water as an electrolyte

López-Delgado, A; Fillali, L; Jiménez, J A.; López-Andrés, S, 2012:
Synthesis of α-alumina from a less common raw material

G. Rajesh Krishnan; K. Sapna Kajal; Krishnapillai Sreekumar, 2012:
Synthesis of β-amino alcohols catalyzed by poly(vinyl chloride)-supported Schiff base metal complexes

Kuznetsov, A. I.; Senan, I. M.; Serova, T. M., 2012:
Synthesis ofN,N-di(tert-butyl)bispidin-9-ones

János Kerékgyártó; László Kalmár; Zoltán Szurmai; Orsolya Hegyi; Gábor K. Tóth, 2012:
Synthesis ofN-Glycopeptides by Convergent Assembly

L. M. Likhosherstov, O. S. Novikova, I. A. Yamskov…, 2012:
Synthesis ofN-glycyl-β-glycopyranosylamines, human milk fucooligosaccharide derivatives

Qing-Yi Wei, H Jiang, J-Xun Zhang, P-Fei Guo, H Wang, 2012:
Synthesis ofN-hydroxycinnamoyl amino acid ester analogues and their free radical scavenging and antioxidative activities

Mamedov, S. A.; Mamedova, S. I.; Guseinov, I. Sh.; Ladokhina, N. P.; Fatalizade, F. A.; Farzaliev, M. F., 2012:
Synthesis ofN-substituted derivatives of arylsulfonyl hydrazides and their investigation as additives for lubricating oils

N. S. Utkina, L. L. Danilov, V. V. Veselovskii, V. I. Torgov, T. N. Druzhinina, 2012:
Synthesis ofP1-(11-phenoxyundecyl)-P2-(α-D-galactopyranosyl) diphosphate andP1-(11-phenoxyundecyl)-P2-(α-D-glucopyranosyl) diphosphate and investigation on their acceptor properties in the reaction of mannosyl residue transfer catalyzed by mannosyltransferase fromSalmonella newport

Barabanov, M. A.; Sevenard, D. V.; Sosnovskikh, V. Ya., 2012:
Synthesis oftrans-2-(indol-3-yl)-3-nitrothiochroman-4-ones from 3-nitrothiochromone and indoles

K. Mukherjee; S.B. Majumder, 2012:
Synthesis process induced improvement on the gas sensing characteristics of nano-crystalline magnesium zinc ferrite particles

Krzysztof Marciniec; Andrzej Maślankiewicz; Maria, J. Maślankiewicz; Rafał Kurczab, 2012:
Synthesis, 15N NMR spectra and GIAO calculated data of the seven positional isomers of 15N-labeled N,N-dimethylsulfamoylquinoline

Iva Valkova; Alexander Zlatkov; Krystyna Nędza; Irini Doytchinova, 2012:
Synthesis, 5-HT1Aand 5-HT2Areceptor affinity and QSAR study of 1-benzhydryl-piperazine derivatives with xanthine moiety at N4

Salehi, M; Dutkiewicz, G; Rezaei, A; Amoozadeh, A; Rahmani, S; Grivani, G Hossein; Kubicki, M, 2012:
Synthesis, Antibacterial Studies and Crystal Structures of Tridentate Schiff Base Ligand and Its Cobalt(III) Complex

Li, Q; He, W; Zhang, L; Zu, Y; Zhu, Q; Deng, X; Zhao, T; Gao, W; Zhang, B, 2012:
Synthesis, Anticancer Activities, Antimicrobial Activities and Bioavailability of Berberine-Bile Acid Analogues

Taher, A Taher; Helwa, A Atef, 2012:
Synthesis, Antitumor and Antimicrobial Testing of Some New Thiopyrimidine Analogues

Akbarzadeh, M; S. Olusanjo, M; Ahmed, S, 2012:
Synthesis, Biochemical Evaluation and Rationalisation of a Series of (3-O-Sulfonate) Derivatives of Estrone (E1) as Probes of the Active Site of Type 3 of the 17β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase (17β-HSD) Family of Enzymes

S. Olusanjo, M; N. Mashru, S; Cartledge, T; Ahmed, S, 2012:
Synthesis, Biochemical Evaluation and Rationalisation of a Series of 3,5- Dibromo Derivatives of 4-Hydroxyphenyl Ketone-Based Compounds as Probes of the Active Site of Type 3 of 17β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase (17β-HSD3) and the Role of Hydrogen Bonding Interaction in the Inhibition of 17β-HSD3

Ebrahiminezhad, A; Davaran, S; Rasoul-Amini, S; Barar, J; Moghadam, M; Ghasemi, Y, 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-Listeria monocytogenes Effect of Amino Acid Coated Magnetite Nanoparticles

Mohd Abdul Fatah Abdul Manan; M. Ibrahim, M. Tahir; Karen, A. Crouse; Fiona, N.-F. How; David, J. Watkin, 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Schiff Base Derived fromS-Methyldithiocarbazate and Methylisatin

El-Tabl, A S.; Shakdofa, M M. E.; El-Seidy, A M. A.; Al-Hakimi, A N., 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and Antifungal Activity of Metal Complexes of 2-(5-((2-Chlorophenyl)Diazenyl)-2-Hydroxybenzylidene) Hydrazinecarbothioamide

M. Abdel-Fattah, A; A. Attaby, F; A. A. Elneairy, M; N. M. Gouda, M, 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Pyridine-3- Carbonitrile Derivatives

Shariful Islam, M.; Kusumoto, Y; Abdulla-Al-Mamun, M.; Manaka, H; Horie, Y, 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Dumbbell-shaped Magnetic (Fe3O4 and -Fe2O3) Nanoparticles Against HeLa (Cancer) Cells

Patil, S A.; Gonzalez-Flores, D; Medina, P A.; Dever, S; Stentzel, M; Popp, J; Pineda, L W.; Montero, M L.; Ziller, J W.; Fahlman, B D., 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure of (Z)-3-(4-Chlorophenylamino)-1-Phenylbut-2-En-1-One

Xin Zhou, J-Jun Ma, 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structures of 2-Cyano-N-(2-chlorobenzylidene)acetohydrazide and 2-Cyano-N-(4-dimethylaminobenzylidene)acetohydrazide

Devi, R. K. Bindiya; Devi, S. Pramodini; Singh, R. K. Hemakumar, 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and DNA Interaction Study of a New Oxovanadium (IV) Complex Containing Acetylacetone and Dicyandiamide as Ligands

He, G; He, Z; Zheng, X; Li, J; Liu, C; Song, X; Ouyang, L; Wu, F, 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Evaluation of Self-Assembled poly(ethylene glycol)-glycyrrhetinic Acid Conjugates

Sanjay Kapoor; Renu Sachar; Kuldeep Singh; Vivek, K. Gupta; Rajnikant, 2012:
Synthesis, Characterization and X-Ray Structure of Bis(O-propyldithiocarbonato-2S,S)bis(4-cyanopyridine-N)nickel(II)

Qingfu Zhang, A Geng, Z Liu, Y Shi…, 2012:
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Synthesis, characterization and activity of Co and Ni catalysts supported on AlMe (Me

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Synthesis, characterization and catalytic property of rutheniumterpyridyl complexes

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Synthesis, characterization and crystal structures of tetrairon ethanedithiolate complexes containing bridging bidentate phosphine ligands

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Synthesis, characterization and degradation of well-defined crosslinkable aliphatic polyesters end-capped by biomesogenic units

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Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical properties of novel β 7-oxy-4-(4-methoxyphenyl)-8-methylcoumarin substituted metal-free, Zn(II) and Co(II) phthalocyanines

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Synthesis, characterization and hydrogen adsorption properties of metalorganic framework Al-TCBPB

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Synthesis, characterization and hydrogen storage behaviour of AB2 (ZrFe2, Zr(Fe0.75V0.25)2, Zr(Fe0.5V0.5)2 type materials

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Synthesis, characterization and in vitro hydrolysis studies of ester and amide prodrugs of dexibuprofen

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Synthesis, characterization and in vitro antimicrobial study of bioactive polyesters derived from new biobased flame retardant aromatic diacid monomer containing taurine moiety

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Synthesis, characterization and luminescent property of metal-ion-doped terbium complexes of 2,3-Pyrazinedicarboxylate

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Synthesis, characterization and mechanical behaviour of an in situ consolidated nanocrystalline FeCrNi alloy

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Synthesis, characterization and performance of polyanilinepolyoxometalates (XM12, X=P, Si and M=Mo, W) composites as electrocatalysts of bromates

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Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic properties of lithium tantalate

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Synthesis, characterization and properties of a tri(N-heterocyclic carbene) palladium(II) complex

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Synthesis, characterization and properties of a 2:2-carbonato-bridged bis(phosphinoferrocenyl) copper(I) complex from CO2 fixation

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Synthesis, characterization and properties of polyimides derived from a symmetrical diamine containing bis-benzimidazole rings

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Synthesis, crystal stability, and electrical behaviors of La0.7Sr0.3Cr0.4Mn0.6O3XCu0.75Ni0.25for its possible application as SOFC anode

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Synthesis, crystal structure, and atomic interactions in NbGePt

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Synthesis, crystal structure, and protonation behaviour in solution of the recently-discovered drug metabolite, N1,N10-diacetyltriethylenetetramine

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Synthesis, crystal structure, optical properties, DNA-binding and cell imaging of an organic chromophore

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Synthesis, crystal structures, and deprotonation of cis- and trans-octahedral nickel(II) complexes with a 14-membered tetraaza macrocycle bearing two N-phenacyl pendant arms

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Synthesis, evaluation of 6,8-dibromo-2-aryl-2,3-dihydroquinolin-4(1H)-ones in MCF-7 (breast cancer) cell lines and their docking studies

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Synthesis, film morphology and hydrophobicity of novel fluorinated polyacrylate emulsion and solution on silicon wafer

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Synthesis, growth, and characterization of a new NLO material 3-(2,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-1-(pyridin-2-yl)prop-2-en-1-one

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Synthesis, luminescence and NMR studies of lanthanide (III) complexes with hexafluoroacetylacetone and phenanthroline. Part II

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Synthesis, optical properties and self-assembly of gold nanorods

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Synthesis, photoluminescence and intramolecular energy transfer model of a dysprosium complex

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Synthesis, photoluminescent behaviors, and theoretical studies of three novel ketocoumarin derivatives containing an azo moiety

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Synthesis, photophysical and electrochemical properties of 1-aminoperylene bisimides

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Synthesis, photophysics and photochemistry of phthalocyanine--polylysine conjugates in the presence of metal nanoparticles against Staphylococcus aureus

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Synthesis, physical properties and self-assembly of conjugated donoracceptor system based on tetrathiafulvalene and functionalized with binding sites

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