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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64287

Chapter 64287 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rassouli, A.; Desrosiers, M. Y.; Ryan, A. F.; Hamid, Q.; Tewfik, M. A., 2013:
Baseline Characteristics of the Sinonasal Tract in Wild-Type and Innate Immunity Knockout Mice

Hünük, B; Çağaç, Özgür; Erdoğan, O; Kepez, A; Mutlu, Bülent; Değertekin, M; Erol, Çetin, 2013:
Baseline ECG Parameters in Turkish Population: Results from the HAPPY Study

Karabay, C. Y.; Oduncu, V.; Guler, A.; Akgun, T.; Kalayci, A.; Tasar, O.; Erkol, A.; Kalkan, S.; Izgi, A.; Kirma, C., 2013:
Baseline SYNTAX score and long term outcomes in patients treated with primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Skabelund, A; Morris, M, 2013:
Baseline Symptoms and Pulmonary Function of Military Personnel Prior to Deployment

Plag, J; Schumacher, S; Schmid, U; Ströhle, A, 2013:
Baseline and acute changes in the HPA system in patients with anxiety disorders: the current state of research

Oduncu, V.; Akgun, T.; Erkol, A.; Karabay, C. Y.; Cimen, A. O.; Can, M. M.; Bitigen, A., 2013:
Baseline anemia and long term clinical outcomes in patients treated with primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Driban, J.B.; Price, L.L.; Lo, G.H.; Pang, J.; Hunter, D.J.; Miller, E.L.; Ward, R.J.; Eaton, C.B.; Lynch, J.A.; McAlindon, T.E., 2013:
Baseline bone marrow lesion volume and bone marrow lesion regression are associated with knee osteoarthritis progression: data from the osteoarthritis initiative

Grundeken, M. J. D.; Beijk, M. A.; Vis, M. M.; Koch, K. T.; Tijssen, J. G. P.; De Mol, B. A. J. M.; Henriques, J. P. S.; Piek, J. J.; Wykrzykowska, J. J.; De Winter, R. J., 2013:
Baseline electrocardiographic characteristics on the presenting ECG of patients presenting with an unprotected left main coronary artery related acute myocardial infarction

Patel, S.; Wikholm, E.; Boucher, L.N., 2013:
Baseline left portal vein and left liver lobe size predicts hypertrophy of the left liver lobe after right portal vein embolization

Dodge, H; Zhau, J; Harvey, D; Silbert, L; Kaye, J; Albin, R, 2013:
Baseline or progression? Biomarkers predictive of memory decline

Akgun, T.; Oduncu, V.; Karabay, C. Y.; Erkol, A.; Guler, A.; Tasar, O.; Kalayci, A.; Ozveren, O.; Akcakoyun, M.; Kirma, C., 2013:
Baseline red cell distribution width and long term clinical outcomes in patients treated with primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Josep Mas-Pla, A Menció, A Marsiñach, 2013:
Basement Groundwater as a Complementary Resource for Overexploited Stream-Connected Alluvial Aquifers

Banks, C. J.; Peters, D. P.; Winchester, J. A.; Noble, S. R.; Horstwood, M. S. A., 2013:
Basement palaeogeography of late Neoproterozoic Scotland: constraints from exotic clasts within the lower Dalradian Supergroup

Vincelet, Y.; Journeau, P.; Popkov, D.; Haumont, T.; Lascombes, P., 2013:
Bases anatomiques de la paralysie du nerf interosseux antrieur dans les fractures supracondyliennes de lhumrus chez lenfant

Moviglia, G.A.; Moviglia-Brandolino, M.; Albanese, G.; Blasetti, N.; Mellisi, V.; Piccone, S.; Gaeta, C., 2013:
Bases for a combined cellular therapy to improve chronic spinal cord injury outcome

Marcellán, F; Mendes, A; Pijeira, Héctor, 2013:
Bases of the space of solutions of some fourth-order linear difference equations: applications in rational approximation

Li, C-Guang; Lin, Z; Guo, J, 2013:
Bases sorting: Generalizing the concept of frequency for over-complete dictionaries

Fukuda, T.; Sawada, M.; Maki, T.; Mae, K., 2013:
Basic Design Concept of a Microreactor for Isothermal Operation Including Heat Conductivity

Monni, G; Angelica Zoppi, M; Iuculano, A; Kurjak, A; Chervenak, F, 2013:
Basic Diploma in International Ultrasound for Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy

Ngu, J.M.; Teng, G.; Lipon, B.D.; Mewhort, H.E.; Seneviratne, C.K.; Fedak, P.W., 2013:
Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Suppresses Transforming Growth Factor-β1-Mediated Human Cardiac Fibroblast Differentiation Into Myofibroblasts

Lisle, R. J.; Brabham, P.; Barnes, J., 2013:
Basic Geologic Mapping, Fifth Edition

Banfai, B; Betlehem, J; Marton, J; Pek, E; Radnai, B; Deutsch, K, 2013:
Basic Life Saving Activities can be learnt by kindergarten children

van Iersel, L., 2013:
Basic Phylogenetic Combinatorics.-- Andreas Dress, Katharina T. Huber, Jacobus Koolen, Vincent Moulton, and Andreas Spillner

Wang, B-Guo; Zhao, X-Qiang, 2013:
Basic Reproduction Ratios for Almost Periodic Compartmental Epidemic Models

Karrar, S.; Shiwen, X.; Nikotorowicz-Buniak, J.; Abraham, D. J.; Denton, C.; Stratton, R.; Bayley, R.; Kite, K. A.; Clay, E.; Smith, J. P.; Kitas, G. D.; Buckley, C.; Young, S. P.; Ye, L.; Zhang, L.; Goodall, J.; Gaston, H.; Xu, H.; Lutalo, P. M.; Zhao, Y.; Meng Choong, L.; Sangle, S.; Spencer, J.; D'Cruz, D.; Rysnik, O. J.; McHugh, K.; Bowness, P.; Rump-Goodrich, L.; Mattey, D.; Kehoe, O.; Middleton, J.; Cartwright, A.; Schmutz, C.; Askari, A.; Middleton, J.; Gardner, D. H.; Jeffery, L. E., 2013:
Basic Science * 208. Stem Cell Factor Expression is Increased in the Skin of Patients with Systemic Sclerosis and Promotes Proliferation and Migration of Fibroblasts in vitro

Emmanuel, L. Ndetto, A Matzarakis, 2013:
Basic analysis of climate and urban bioclimate of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Yomtovian, R., 2013:
Basic and Applied Concepts of Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices (3rd Edn.)

Leszczynski, J S., 2013:
Basic boiler cumulative distributions (fly ash, circulating material, bottom ash) oxy-fuel and classical combustion conditions

Rubbo, M, 2013:
Basic concepts in crystal growth

Morillas-Sendin, P; Ortega-Romero, A; del-Olmo, Cón, 2013:
Basic considerations before injections and scanning techniques

Cogley, Z, 2013:
Basic desert of reactive emotions

Elzein, N, 2013:
Basic desert, conceptual revision, and moral justification

Aaberg, A Marie Roust; Larsen, C Brenner; Rasmussen, B Steen; Larsen, J Moesgaard, 2013:
Basic life support knowledge, skills and fears in Danish high school students and effect of a single training session run by junior doctors

Yamazaki, K; Nishioka, K; Nakahara, A; Furukawa, Y; Takahashi, K; Yabumoto, M, 2013:
Basic study of loss reduction effect by Stator-Tooth slits in turbine generators. comparison between calculated results of generators and basic experiments

Inomata, T, 2013:
Basic study on grip designing of trail running shoe

Harwood, E, 2013:
Basil Spence Buildings and Projects

Galushkin, Y. I.; Sitar, K. А.; Frolov, S. V., 2013:
Basin Modelling of Temperature and Heat Flow Distributions and Permafrost Evolution, Urengoy and Kuyumbinskaya Areas, Siberia

Kovac, P; Lowe, S; Rudge, T; Cevallos, C; Feijth, J; Brett, L, 2013:
Basin architecture from high-resolution gravity gradient, magnetic, and seismic data, King Sound, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Kaller, M D.; Murphy, C E.; Kelso, W E.; Stead, M R., 2013:
Basins for Fish and Ecoregions for Macroinvertebrates: Different Spatial Scales Are Needed to Assess Louisiana Wadeable Streams

Tuite, M. L.; Macko, S. A., 2013:
Basinward nitrogen limitation demonstrates role of terrestrial nitrogen and redox control of 15N in a Late Devonian black shale

Stefanie Talento, R Terra, 2013:
Basis for a streamflow forecasting system to Rincn del Bonete and Salto Grande (Uruguay)

Zhao, D; Wu, F; Wang, B-Zhong; Jin, Y, 2013:
Basis function selection for compressed sensing and sparse representations of pulsed radar echoes

Rui Zhang, F Zhong, L Lin, G Xing, Q Peng…, 2013:
Basis image decomposition of outdoor time-lapse videos

Nakashima, C; Otsuka, A; Egawa, G; Tanizaki, H; Kabashima, K; Miyachi, Y, 2013:
Basophils promote eosinophil infiltration and activation during skin inflammation

Manterola, I.; Almgren, M.; Idiazabal, I., 2013:
Basque L2 development in immersion school settings

Guijarro-Fuentes, P.; Larranaga, P., 2013:
Basque bilingualism: A tale of many stories

Kauffman, G B., 2013:
Bassam Z. Shakhashiri: Chemical demonstrations: a handbook for teachers of chemistry, Volume 5

J. Doležel, 2013:
Bassler, B.L., Lichten, M., Schüpbach, G. (ed):Annual Review of Genetics. Vol. 45

Miyawaki, R; Yokoyama, K; Husdal, T A., 2013:
Bastnäsite-(Nd), a new Nd-dominant member of the bastnäsite group from the Stetind pegmatite, Tysfjord, Nordland, Norway

Biondi, K M.; Belant, J L.; Devault, T L.; Martin, J A.; Wang, G, 2013:
Bat Incidents with U.S. Civil Aircraft

Mills, S C.; Adams, A M.; Phoenix, R. Dean, 2013:
Bat Species Diversity in the Boreal Forest of Northeastern Ontario, Canada

Luo, J; Jiang, T; Lu, G; Wang, L; Wang, J; Feng, J, 2013:
Bat conservation in China: should protection of subterranean habitats be a priority?

Beyazit, N, 2013:
Batch and column studies on zinc removal from industrial wastewater using natural clinoptilolite: factors affecting sorption capacities and kinetics

De Martini Soares, F Andreia Schafer; Osório, Nália M.; da Silva, R Claro; Gioielli, L Antonio; Ferreira-Dias, S, 2013:
Batch and continuous lipase-catalyzed interesterification of blends containing olive oil for trans-free margarines

Mittal, J; Thakur, V; Mittal, A, 2013:
Batch removal of hazardous azo dye Bismark Brown R using waste material hen feather

Azarudeen, R S.; Subha, R.; Jeyakumar, D.; Burkanudeen, A R., 2013:
Batch separation studies for the removal of heavy metal ions using a chelating terpolymer: Synthesis, characterization and isotherm models

Cousins, N J.; Shields, M A.; Crockard, D; Priede, I G., 2013:
Bathyal demersal fishes of Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone region (4954N) of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, I: Results from trawl surveys

Cousins, N J.; Linley, T D.; Jamieson, A J.; Bagley, P M.; Blades, H; Box, T; Chambers, R; Ford, A; Shields, M A.; Priede, I G., 2013:
Bathyal demersal fishes of Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone region (4954N) of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: II. Baited camera lander observations

Linley, T D.; Alt, C H.S.; Jones, D O.B.; Priede, I G., 2013:
Bathyal demersal fishes of the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone region (4954N) of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: III. Results from remotely operated vehicle (ROV) video transects

Liu, Z, 2013:
Bathymetry and bottom albedo retrieval using Hyperion: a case study of Thitu Island and reef

Gessese, A; Wa, K Mawanzi; Sellier, M, 2013:
Bathymetry reconstruction based on the zero-inertia shallow water approximation

Arias, E; Arce, Rón; Vilariño, M, 2013:
Batterer intervention programmes: A meta-analytic review of effectiveness

Álvarez Antón, J.C.; García Nieto, P.J.; de Cos Juez, F.J.; Sánchez Lasheras, F.; González Vega, M.; Roqueñí Gutiérrez, M.N., 2013:
Battery state-of-charge estimator using the SVM technique

Yin, S; Shi, R; Liu, L; Wei, S, 2013:
Battery-Aware Task Mapping for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture

Falkenheimer, S, 2013:
Battle Ready: Memoir of a Seal Warrior Medic

Papalexiou, S Michael; Koutsoyiannis, D, 2013:
Battle of extreme value distributions: A global survey on extreme daily rainfall

Glenn Guntenspergen, 2013:
Batzer, D.P. and A.H. Baldwin (eds). 2012. Wetland Habitats of North America: Ecology and Conservation Concerns

Navysany, S; Daigeler, A; Dippel, E; Löser, C, 2013:
Bauchnabel-Rekonstruktion nach malignem Melanom

Rao, A.D.; Sinha, M; Basu, S, 2013:
Bay of Bengal wave forecast based on genetic algorithm: A comparison of univariate and multivariate approaches

Neine, M.; Briquet, B.; Mokdad, C.E.; Vataire, A.L.; Aballea, S., 2013:
Bayesian Calibration Method to Estimate Transition Probabilities for a Markov Model Based on a Continuous Outcome Measure: Application in Parkinsons Disease

Poli, L; Oliveri, G; Rocca, P; Massa, A, 2013:
Bayesian Compressive Sensing Approaches for the Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Sparse Scatterers Under TE Illuminations

Doll, J C.; Lauer, T E., 2013:
Bayesian Estimation of Age and Length at 50% Maturity

Jakob Gulddahl Rasmussen, 2013:
Bayesian Inference for Hawkes Processes

Camacho, R A.; Martin, J L., 2013:
Bayesian Monte Carlo for evaluation of uncertainty in hydrodynamic models of coastal systems

Jaeger, J.; Lambert, P., 2013:
Bayesian P-spline estimation in hierarchical models specified by systems of affine differential equations

Assunção, R, 2013:
Bayesian Smoothing and Regression for Longitudinal, Spatial and Event History Data by FAHRMEIR, L. and KNEIB, T

Post, M.; Gildea, D., 2013:
Bayesian Tree Substitution Grammars as a Usage-based Approach

Li, H-Chao; Hong, W; Wu, Y-Rong; Fan, P-Zhi, 2013:
Bayesian Wavelet Shrinkage With Heterogeneity-Adaptive Threshold for SAR Image Despeckling Based on Generalized Gamma Distribution

Li, Z; Ikeda, H; Fukumoto, J, 2013:
Bayesian Word Alignment and Phrase Table Training for Statistical Machine Translation

Kundu, D, 2013:
Bayesian analysis for partially complete time and type of failure data

Koskinen, J H.; Robins, G L.; Wang, P; Pattison, P E., 2013:
Bayesian analysis for partially observed network data, missing ties, attributes and actors

Hui Wang, K W. Harrison, 2013:
Bayesian approach to contaminant source characterization in water distribution systems: adaptive sampling framework

Han, X; Lee, L-fei, 2013:
Bayesian estimation and model selection for spatial Durbin error model with finite distributed lags

Danish, M Yameen; Aslam, M, 2013:
Bayesian estimation for randomly censored generalized exponential distribution under asymmetric loss functions

Demirhan, H, 2013:
Bayesian estimation of log odds ratios over two-way contingency tables with intraclass correlated cells

Singh, S Kumar; Singh, U; Kumar, D, 2013:
Bayesian estimation of parameters of inverse Weibull distribution

Sun, Z; Gong, E; Li, Z; Jiang, Y; Xie, H, 2013:
Bayesian estimator of human error probability based on human performance data

Zhu, S-Peng; Huang, H-Zhong; Smith, R; Ontiveros, V; He, L-Ping; Modarres, M, 2013:
Bayesian framework for probabilistic low cycle fatigue life prediction and uncertainty modeling of aircraft turbine disk alloys

Zhang, Z, 2013:
Bayesian growth curve models with the generalized error distribution

Ge, Z; Song, Z, 2013:
Bayesian inference and joint probability analysis for batch process monitoring

Parry, K; Hazelton, M L., 2013:
Bayesian inference for day-to-day dynamic traffic models

Noor, F; Aslam, M, 2013:
Bayesian inference of the inverse Weibull mixture distribution using type-I censoring

Walker, S G., 2013:
Bayesian inference with misspecified models

O'Hagan, A, 2013:
Bayesian inference with misspecified models: Inference about what?

Fernández-Ponce, J. M.; Palacios-Rodríguez, F.; Rodríguez-Griñolo, M. R., 2013:
Bayesian influence diagnostics in radiocarbon dating

Lee, J.; Kitanidis, P. K., 2013:
Bayesian inversion with total variation prior for discrete geologic structure identification

Li, A; Bo, Y; Chen, L, 2013:
Bayesian maximum entropy data fusion of field-observed leaf area index (LAI) and Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus-derived LAI

Morrone, D.; Horne, A.; Malebranche, L.; Kolm, P.; Aguiar, R.; Riesenberg, L.; Jurkovitz, C.; Weintraub, W. S., 2013:
Bayesian meta-analysis of percutaneous coronary intervention compared to optimal medical therapy in stable ischemic heart disease patients

Qianqian, Z; Qingming, G, 2013:
Bayesian methods for outliers detection in GNSS time series

Malcolm, W.A.; Uthman, O.A., 2013:
Bayesian mixed treatment comparison (MTC): A novel method to demonstrate equivalence and non-inferiority

Wei, X; Li, C, 2013:
Bayesian mixtures of common factor analyzers: Model, variational inference, and applications

Sabourin, A; Naveau, P; Fougères, A-Laure, 2013:
Bayesian model averaging for multivariate extremes

Zhou, Y; Aston, J A.D.; Johansen, A M., 2013:
Bayesian model comparison for compartmental models with applications in positron emission tomography

Caimo, A.; Friel, N., 2013:
Bayesian model selection for exponential random graph models

Ferreira, G; Castro, L M.; Lachos, V H.; Dias, R, 2013:
Bayesian modeling of autoregressive partial linear models with scale mixture of normal errors

Soliman, A.M.; Macehose, L.RF; Carlson, A., 2013:
Bayesian models with a weakly informative prior: a useful alternative for solving sparse data problems

Stahlschmidt, S; Tausendteufel, H; Härdle, W K., 2013:
Bayesian networks for sex-related homicides: structure learning and prediction

Pasman, H; Rogers, W, 2013:
Bayesian networks make LOPA more effective, QRA more transparent and flexible, and thus safety more definable!

Yue, Y Ryan; Loh, J Meng, 2013:
Bayesian nonparametric estimation of pair correlation function for inhomogeneous spatial point processes

Kastner, C A.; Braumann, A; Man, P L.W.; Mosbach, S; Brownbridge, G P.E.; Akroyd, J; Kraft, M; Himawan, C, 2013:
Bayesian parameter estimation for a jet-milling model using MetropolisHastings and WangLandau sampling

Liu, P; Au, S-Kui, 2013:
Bayesian parameter identification of hysteretic behavior of composite walls

Tian, Y-Kun; Zhou, H; Chen, H-Ming; Zou, Y-Ming; Guan, S-Jun, 2013:
Bayesian prestack seismic inversion with a self-adaptive Huber-Markov random-field edge protection scheme

Hoff, P; Wakefield, J, 2013:
Bayesian sandwich posteriors for pseudo-true parameters

Lindsten, F; Schön, T B.; Jordan, M I., 2013:
Bayesian semiparametric Wiener system identification

Waldmann, E.; Kneib, T.; Yue, Y. R.; Lang, S.; Flexeder, C., 2013:
Bayesian semiparametric additive quantile regression

Kalaylioglu, Z. I.; Ozturk, O., 2013:
Bayesian semiparametric models for nonignorable missing mechanisms in generalized linear models

Zhang, Q; Gui, Z; Chen, Y; Li, Y; Luo, L, 2013:
Bayesian sinogram smoothing with an anisotropic diffusion weighted prior for low-dose X-ray computed tomography

Webster, M, 2013:
Bayesian statistics

Yanuar, F; Ibrahim, K; Jemain, A Aziz, 2013:
Bayesian structural equation modeling for the health index

Harper, P S., 2013:
Bayes rule, medical genetics and the wider world. A review of: the theory that would not die. How Bayes rule cracked the Enigma code, hunted down Russian submarines, and emerged triumphant from two centuries of controversy: by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne

Schumacher, E, 2013:
Baylab plastics - ein ganz besonderes Schülerlabor

Taira, K.; Une, Y.; Šnábel, V.; Sugiyama, H., 2013:
Baylisascarissp. infection in a pet kinkajouPotos flavus

Harvey-Jones, E.; Cook, W.; Cartwright, C.; Richardson, C., 2013:
Baynes and Dominiczak's medical biochemistry flash cards

Miklavič, Štefko; Terwilliger, P, 2013:
Bazedoxifene won't break the bank in Spain

Larissa Arrais Guimarães, D Maria de A. Dusi…, 2013:
BbrizAGL6Is Differentially Expressed During Embryo Sac Formation of Apomictic and SexualBrachiaria brizanthaPlants

Silva, S Ferreira; Ferreira, Jé Carlos, 2013:
Beach Carrying Capacity: The physical and social analysis at Costa de Caparica, Portugal

Bryan, K R; Foster, R; MacDonald, I, 2013:
Beach Rotation at Two Adjacent Headland-Enclosed Beaches

Ciavola, P; Contestabile, P; Aristodemo, F; Vicinanza, D, 2013:
Beach sediment mixing under drained and undrained conditions

Roig-Munar, F X.; Mir-Gual, M; Rodríguez-Perea, A; Pons, G X.; Martín-Prieto, Jé Ángel; Gelabert, Bí; Blázquez-Salom, Mà, 2013:
Beaches of Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands): a classification based on their environmental features, tourism use and management

Keizi Kiritani, H Yamashita, K Yamamura, 2013:
Beak marks on butterfly wings with special reference to Japanese black swallowtail

Hadiseh Nasari, M Sadegh Abrishamian, 2013:
Beam Manipulating via an Array of Nanoslits Modified by Perpendicular Cuts and Bumps

Danru Yu, ; Chonghui Zhao, ; Wei Xiang,, 2013:
Beam Position Agility in VPRF for Spaceborne Precipitation Radar

Kim, D-Jin; Lee, J-Hae, 2013:
Beam Scanning Leaky-Wave Slot Antenna Using Balanced CRLH Waveguide Operating Above the Cutoff Frequency

Sun, G-Cai; Xing, M; Xia, X-Gen; Wu, Y; Bao, Z, 2013:
Beam Steering SAR Data Processing by a Generalized PFA

Li, J; Zhao, H-Chuan; Chen, Z-Lun; Xu, X-Jun, 2013:
Beam cleanup of a multimode fiber seeded by an off-center single-mode laser source

Xu, Y; Fan, Q; Wang, S, 2013:
Beam quality of array beam from axisymmetric folded-combined CO2 laser

Li, Z; Zhou, J; He, B; Lou, Q; Xue, D, 2013:
Beam quality of multimode fiber lasers using coiling technique

Lock, J A., 2013:
Beam shape coefficients of the most general focused Gaussian laser beam for light scattering applications

Faghihi, F.; Khalili, S., 2013:
Beam shaping assembly of a DT neutron source for BNCT and its dosimetry simulation in deeply-seated tumor

Si, C; Zhang, Y, 2013:
Beam wander of quantization beam in a non-Kolmogorov turbulent atmosphere

Zheng, G; Xu, L; Wu, Y; Su, W; Liu, Y, 2013:
Beam-Scanning Planar Lens Based on MetalDielectricMetal Waveguide Arrays

Jalali Mazlouman, S; Chang, B Che-Ming; Mahanfar, A; Vaughan, R G.; Menon, C, 2013:
Beam-Steering Antenna using Bending Fluidic Actuators

Brady, J; Behdad, N; Sayeed, A M., 2013:
Beamspace MIMO for Millimeter-Wave Communications: System Architecture, Modeling, Analysis, and Measurements

Dzagov, A. M.; Razvodovskii, D. E., 2013:
Bearing Capacity of Driven Piles Supported on Slightly Compressible Soils

Chakraborty, D; Kumar, J, 2013:
Bearing capacity of foundations on slopes

Ghazavi, M; Nazari Afshar, J, 2013:
Bearing capacity of geosynthetic encased stone columns

Bai, X-Hong; Huang, X-Zhi; Zhang, W, 2013:
Bearing capacity of square footing supported by a geobelt-reinforced crushed stone cushion on soft soil

Kumar, J; Sahoo, J Prasad, 2013:
Bearing capacity of strip foundations reinforced with geogrid sheets by using upper bound finite-element limit analysis

Lee, K.K.; Randolph, M.F.; Cassidy, M.J., 2013:
Bearing capacity on sand overlying clay soils: a simplified conceptual model

Randolph, M.F.; Lee, K.K.; Cassidy, M.J., 2013:
Bearing capacity on sand overlying clay soils: experimental and finite-element investigation of potential punch-through failure

Burke, R; Kao, G, 2013 :
Bearing the burden of whiteness: the implications of racial self-identification for multiracial adolescents' school belonging and academic achievement

Gentile, K, 2013:
Bearing the cultural in order to engage in a process of witnessing

Rajnikant Sharma, S Quebe…, 2013:
Bearing-only Cooperative Localization

del Rio, C; Ueyama, Y; Kloepfer, P; Youngblood, B; Pedraza-Toscano, A; Vargas-Pinto, P; Muir, W; Hamlin, R, 2013:
Beat-to-beat cardiac-output assessment in a canine model of controlled hemorrhagic shock: Impedance cardiography versus conductance-based left-ventricular volumes

Valverde, E R.; Bertrán, G C.; Arini, P D., 2013:
Beat-to-beat ventricular repolarization variability evaluated during acute myocardial ischemia

Marney, L.; Ip, S.; Iyer, A.; Yadav, S., 2013:
Beating Heart Aortic Valve Replacement in the Presence of Patent Internal Thoracic Artery Grafts

Kozberg, S, 2013:
Beatrice Beebe, Phyllis Cohen, K. Mark Sossin, and Sara Markese:Mothers, Infants and Young Children of September 11, 2001: A Primary Prevention Project

Bell, J., 2013:
Beatrix Hoffman, Health Care for Some: Rights and Rationing in the United States since 1930

Dreber, A; Gerdes, C; Gränsmark, P, 2013:
Beauty queens and battling knights: Risk taking and attractiveness in chess

Scott, B A.; Judge, T A., 2013:
Beauty, Personality, and Affect as Antecedents of Counterproductive Work Behavior Receipt

Joshua May, 2013:
Because I Believe Its the Right Thing to Do

Cushman, P, 2013:
Because the Rock Will not Read the Article: A Discussion of Jeremy D. Safran's Critique of Irwin Z. Hoffman's Doublethinking our way to Scientific Legitimacy

Zuidhof, N. T.; de Croon, M. H. J. M.; Schouten, J. C.; Tinge, J. T., 2013:
Beckmann Rearrangement of Cyclohexanone Oxime in a Microreactor Setup with Internal Recirculation

Bednarczyk-Cwynar, B; Zaprutko, L; Froelich, A, 2013:
Beckmann rearrangement of oxime obtained from oleanolic acid. Structure elucidation of the initial oxime

Delahaye, C, 2013:
Becoming Americans in Paris: transatlantic politics and culture between the world wars

Smigelsky, M, 2013:
Becoming Fully Human: The Promotion of Meaning and Spirituality in Professional Relationships and Contexts

Carpendale, J I.M.; Kettner, V, 2013:
Becoming Human: The Development of Language, Self, and Self-Consciousness

Koning, Börn B.; Schoot, M, 2013:
Becoming Part of the Story! Refueling the Interest in Visualization Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Boesch, K, 2013:
Becoming Real Together: The Parallel Discovery of Authenticity in a Traumatized Child and First-Time Therapist

Feldman, A; Divoll, K A.; Rogan-Klyve, A, 2013:
Becoming Researchers: The Participation of Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Scientific Research Groups

Gallagher, K; Wessels, A; Ntelioglou, B Yaman, 2013:
Becoming a networked public: digital ethnography, youth and global research collectives

Pandey, P; Sadashiva, N; Sastry, S; Bhat, D, 2013:
Becoming an EMPOWERED Biology Educator

Weierstall, R.; Haer, R.; Banholzer, L.; Elbert, T., 2013:
Becoming cruel: Appetitive aggression released by detrimental socialisation in former Congolese soldiers

Pes, A, 2013:
Becoming imperialist: Italian colonies in Fascist textbooks for primary schools

Kelly, K. R.; Bailey, A. L., 2013:
Becoming independent storytellers: Modeling children's development of narrative macrostructure

Winegar, R D.; Rick, S; Johnson, A, 2013:
Bed Bugs and Beyond: A Call to Action for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Boase, C, 2013:
Bed Bugs in the Uk Before the Upsurge

Vepsäläinen, A; Shah, S; Ritvanen, J; Hyppänen, T, 2013:
Bed Sherwood number in fluidised bed combustion by Eulerian CFD modelling

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Bedeutung der In-vitro-Diagnostik bei der Beurteilung berufsbedingter allergischer Erkrankungen

Dr. rer. nat. Tilman Hensch, 2013:
Bedeutung des Neurocan-Gens für manische Symptomatik

Dr. B. Ramsauer, 2013:
Bedeutung des hohen Frauenanteils für die Organisation des Klinikalltags und Bereitschaftsdiensts

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Bedforms: views and new perspectives from the third international workshop on Marine and River Dune Dynamics (MARID3)

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Bedload sediment and nutrient losses in agro-ecosystems of the Brazilian semiarid region

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Bedouin children's experience of growing up in illegal villages, versus in townships in Israel: Implications of social context for understanding stress, and resilience in children's drawings

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Bedside Handoff: Enhancing the Patient Experience

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Bedside Sonographic Assessment of Intravascular Volume Status in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit: Is Subclavian Vein Collapsibility Equivalent to Inferior Vena Cava Collapsibility?

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Bedside Ultrasonography in Clinical Education and Practice Survey: Evaluation of a Pilot Educational Intervention for Medical Students

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Bedside Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Pediatric Clavicle Fractures

dr. A.M. Courtens, 2013:
Bedside consultatie

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Bedside index for severity in acute pancreatitis: comparison with other scoring systems in predicting severity and organ failure

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Bedside theatre performance and its effects on hospitalised children's well-being

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Bee (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) diversity within apple orchards and old fields in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Beef cattle identification based on muzzle pattern using a matching refinement technique in the SIFT method

Ludolph, A C., 2013:
Beeinflusst die Lithiumgabe den Verlauf?

Prof. Dr. K. Ammer PhD, 2013:
Beeinflusst eine osteopathische Manualtherapie die Gefäßfunktion der unteren Extremität von Gonarthrosepatienten?

Peter Bakens, 2013:

Iimure, T; Sato, K, 2013:
Beer proteomics analysis for beer quality control and malting barley breeding

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Bees and Neonicotinoids: The Story Continues

mut,, 2013:
Beethoven gegen Intensiv-Schmerz

Gazzoletti, E.; Reggianini, C.; Ferrari, S., 2013:
Before and after acceding to A&E departments by migrants: Data from a 1-year observation

Kumar, S; Havey, T, 2013:
Before and after disaster strikes: A relief supply chain decision support framework

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Before and after: A mother and infant painting group

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Before and after: The impact of a real bubble crash on investors trading behavior in the lab

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Before chemotherapy, cancer patients have lower serum AMH than age-matched healthy controls

Hacker, P. M. S., 2013:
Before the Mereological Fallacy: A Rejoinder to Rom Harr

Kronberg, I, 2013:
Begegnung in der Nanowelt

Platz, A.R., 2013:

Prof. Dr. H. Hempfling,Prof. Dr. K. Weise, 2013:
Begutachtung osteochondraler Schäden am Sprunggelenk

jn,, 2013:
Begünstigen Antibiotika Morbus Crohn?

mut,, 2013 :
Begünstigen Schlafmittel die Stürze?

Dr. H.J.E.M. Janssens, 2013:
Behalve reumatische artritis ook jicht cardiovasculair riskant

Claudia Bruijns, 2013:
Behandeling acuut getromboseerde anale randvenen

Prof. dr. L. Abraham-Inpijn, 2013:
Behandeling na recent hartinfarct

DR. Suzette Boon, 2013:
Behandeling van clinten die (ritueel) misbruik door georganiseerde dadernetwerken rapporteren

Jonkers, S; Knuistingh Neven, A, 2013:
Behandeling van vaginale atrofie

Mw. drs. Iris Overwater,drs. Thijs van der Vaart…, 2013:
Behandelingen voor genetische neurocognitieve aandoeningen

Drs. Adriaan Klitsie,Dr. Hans Hamburger, 2013:
Behandelmogelijkheden van OSAS

Kamminga, M; Körsmeier, K., 2013:
Behandlung acetabulärer Knorpelschäden mittels arthroskopisch durchgeführter autologer matrixgestützter Knorpelzelltransplantation in Sphäroidtechnik. Operationstechnik und klinische 2-Jahres-Ergebnisse

Dr. Andrea Ertle, 2013:
Behandlung der Zwangsstörung bei Kindern und Jugendlichen

Thünker, J; Pietrowsky, R, 2013:
Behandlung eines Oneiroids in Alpträumen mit einer standardisierten Alptraumtherapie

Dr. C. von Hagens, 2013:
Behandlung klimakterischer Beschwerden mit Komplementärmedizin

Dr. D. Koychev, F. Honecker, C. Bokemeyer, P. Albers, 2013:
Behandlung von Patienten mit cisplatinrefraktären Keimzelltumoren

Dr. R. Ruppert, 2013:
Behandlung von Rektozelen durch transanale Raffung bei Entleerungsstörungen

Rüger, U, 2013:
Behandlung von Traumafolgestörungen im Rahmen der Richtlinien-Psychotherapie

Farke, S., 2013:
Behandlung von analen Crohn-Manifestationen

PD Dr. S. Buchholz, O. Ortmann, 2013:
Behandlung von klimakterischen Symptomen bei Frauen mit gynäkologischen Malignomen und Mammakarzinom

PD Dr. S.-E. Al-Batran, M. Eble, S.P. Mönig, 2013:
Behandlungsalgorithmen für Adenokarzinome des Magens oder ösophagogastralen Übergangs

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Behandlungsfehler durch medizinische Laien bei Laser- und IPL-Anwendungen: Ergebnisse einer bundesweiten Erhebung

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Behavior Change Strategies Underutilized by Alcohol Use Disorder Sufferers

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Behavior Problems in Individuals with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: Population-Specific Validation of the Behavior Problem Inventory-01

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Behavior Webs of Piscivores at Subtropical Live-Bottom Reefs

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Behavior analysis of air bubbles in the oil lubricant of FDBs at low speed operating conditions

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Behavior as information: If I avoid, then there must be a danger

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Behavior of Cellulose Reinforced Cross-Linked Starch Composite Films Made with Tartaric Acid Modified Starch Microparticles

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Behavior of DLC coated low-alloy steel under tribological and corrosive load: Effect of top layer and interlayer variation

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Behavior of Inorganic Matter in a Dual Fluidized Steam Gasification Plant

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Behavior of Montandoniola confusa Streito & Matocq (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) preying upon gall-forming thrips Gynaikothrips ficorum Marchal (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae)

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Behavior of Nitroxide Biradicals with Acetylene Bridges in Organic Solvents and Ionic Liquids

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Behavior of PCDD/Fs during open burning of municipal solid waste in open dumping sites

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Behavior of a Pile Expanded by Electrical Shock Wave

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Behavior of gold in a magma at sulfide-sulfate transition: Revisited

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Behavior of malachite green with different adsorption matrices

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Behavior of males in a reproductive aggregation of the banded demoiselleCalopteryx splendens(Insecta, Odonata)

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Behavior of methanogens during start-up of farm-scale anaerobic digester treating swine wastewater

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Behavior of nursery-box-applied fipronil and its sulfone metabolite in rice paddy fields

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Behavior of sandy slopes remediated by EPS-block geofoam under seepage flow

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Behavior of thermoelectric generators exposed to transient heat sources

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Behavior of thermopower of graphene in Bloch-Grüneisen regime

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Behavior of unbonded prestressed continuous concrete slabs with the middle and edge span subjected to fire in sequence

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Behavior of zircon in the upper-amphibolite to granulite facies schist/migmatite transition, Ryoke metamorphic belt, SW Japan: constraints from the melt inclusions in zircon

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Behavior therapy for a 75-year-old woman with chronic motor tic disorder

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Behavior, Growth and Habitat Selection of Hatchery Esocids Reared with Artificial Vegetation

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Behavioral Assessment of Aquatic Pollutants

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Behavioral Case Conference: A Program to Better Assess and Manage Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

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Behavioral Correlates and Welfare Implications of Informal Interactions With Staff in Zoo-Housed Chimpanzees and Gorillas

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Behavioral Management of Inappropriate Masturbation in an 8-Year-Old Girl

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Behavioral Modeling of a CMOSMEMS Nonlinear Parametric Resonator

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Behavioral Parent Training Skills and Child Behavior: The Utility of Behavioral Descriptions and Reflections

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Behavioral Problems and Reading Difficulties Among Language Minority and Monolingual Urban Elementary School Students

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Behavioral and Attitudinal Factors Differentiating Male Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators With and Without a History of Childhood Family Violence

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Behavioral and Electrophysiological Study of Thermal and Mechanical Pain Modulation by TRP Channel Agonists

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Behavioral and electrophysiological studies of A2NTX and A1LL

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Behavioral and neural mechanisms underlying cognitive vulnerability models of depression

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Behavioral and physiological correlates of the geographic distributions of amphibious sea kraits (Laticauda spp.)

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Behavioral biases in endogenous-timing herding games: An experimental study

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Behavioral biology of marine mammal deterrents: A review and prospectus

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Behavioral changes associated with complement C3-deficiency in aged Alzheimer's disease-like Tg mice

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Behavioral epigenetics in ecological context

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Behavioral health in federally qualified health centers: What practitioners and researchers need to know

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Behavioral impairment in Parkinson's Disease in the Siberian region

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Behavioral lateralization and otolith asymmetry

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Behavioral operations: The state of the field

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Behavioral reactions relate to adrenal activity and temperament in male clouded leopards (Neofelis nebulosa)

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Behavioral syndromes as evolutionary constraints

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Behavioral, biochemical and imaging characterization of an Alzheimer's disease CVN mouse

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Behaviors associated with postpartum contraceptive use in women who experienced a live birth, 20042010

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Behaviour analysis in Ireland

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Behaviour change theory and evidence: a presentation to Government

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Behaviour of Belgian consumers, related to the consumption, storage and preparation of cooked chilled foods

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Behaviour of a geogrid reinforced wall built with recycled construction and demolition waste backfill on a collapsible foundation

Liu, H.; Zhou, M.; Hu, Y.; Hossain, M.S., 2013:
Behaviour of ball penetrometer in uniform single- and double-layer clays

Rujikiatkamjorn, C.; Indraratna, B.; Nimbalkar, S.; Tennakoon, N., 2013:
Behaviour of clay-fouled ballast under drained triaxial testing

Srikant, S; Muralidharan, S S.; Natarajan, U, 2013:
Behaviour of hydrogen bonding and structure of poly(acrylic acid) in waterethanol solution investigated by explicit ion molecular dynamics simulations

Smelt, J.P.; Stringer, S.C.; Brul, S., 2013:
Behaviour of individual spores of non proteolytic Clostridium botulinum as an element in quantitative risk assessment

Srinarayana, N.; Armfield, S.W.; Lin, W, 2013:
Behaviour of laminar plane fountains with a parabolic inlet velocity profile in a homogeneous fluid

Karim, M.R., 2013:
Behaviour of piles subjected to passive subsoil movement due to embankment construction A simplified 3D analysis

Jurevičienė, D; Ivanova, O, 2013:
Behavioural Finance: Theory and Survey; Finansin elgsena: teorija ir tyrimas;

Krupnick, J.L., 2013:
Behavioural activation: history, evidence and promise

Patt, A; Gygax, L; Wechsler, B; Hillmann, E; Palme, R; Keil, N M., 2013:
Behavioural and physiological reactions of goats confronted with an unfamiliar group either when alone or with two peers

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Behavioural changes in drivers experiencing highly-automated vehicle control in varying traffic conditions

Dixit, V V., 2013:
Behavioural foundations of two-fluid model for urban traffic

Zheng Li, D A. Hensher, 2013:
Behavioural implications of preferences, risk attitudes and beliefs in modelling risky travel choice with travel time variability

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Behavioural reactivity, social and cognitive abilities of Vietnamese and PitmanMoore weaned piglets

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Behavioural research data analysis with R

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Behavioural testing to determine differences between coping styles in Grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus erithacus) with and without feather damaging behaviour

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Behcet's disease and neurological impairment: Common or uncommon presentation?

Wolf, L E., 2013:
Behind Closed Doors: IRBs and the Making of Ethical Research

Adolfo Cristobal-Campoamor, O Jorge Parcero, 2013:
Behind the EasternWestern European convergence path: the role of geography and trade liberalization

Gore, R, 2013:
Behind the beautiful forevers: Life, death and hope in a Mumbai undercity

Bray, M; Kwo, O, 2013:
Behind the faade of fee-free education: shadow education and its implications for social justice

Dix, R, 2013:
Behind the locked doors

Parkyn, N, 2013:
Behind the scenes: The politics of planning Adelaide

Dr. med. Christina Stößel, 2013:
Bei Absetzen des Antipsychotikums droht ein Rückfall

Bf,, 2013:
Bei Autoimmunhepatitis Budesonid nutzen — Vorteil vor allem bei der Verträglichkeit

Bf,, 2013:
Bei CED Vitamin D im Blick behalten!

Hirschmann, H, 2013:
Bei Kontamination zuerst Händewaschen, dann Händedesinfektion – oder umgekehrt?

Bublak, R, 2013:
Bei Lumbalschmerz nicht gleich ins MRT

mut,, 2013:
Bei MS: Finger weg von Chips und Fritten!

Bf,, 2013:
Bei Proktitis auch an Chlamydien und Gonokokken denken!

Klein, F, 2013:
Bei Psoriasis vulgaris die Entzündungstreiber abstellen

Dr. med. Michael Strassmair, 2013:
Bei Radiusfrakturen an Begleitverletzungen denken

Oberhofer, E, 2013:
Bei Schlafapnoe nur mit CPAP hinters Steuer!

Hüll, M, 2013:
Bei Verhaltensproblemem die Angehörigen schulen

rh,, 2013:
Bei digitalen Buchungsbelegen nicht in die Steuerfalle tappen

hub,, 2013:
Bei rheumatoider Arthritis TSH-Wert bestimmen

Tsai, T; Lu, S; Liu, G; Liu, S, 2013:
Beijing Tianyu Communications: Winning in the 3G Era

Ke Wang, L Wang, Y-Ming Wei, M Ye, 2013:
Beijing storm of July 21, 2012: observations and reflections

Prof. Dr. Dr. S.-D. Costa, K. Possinger, W. Budach, K. Höffken, 2013:
Beim Brustkrebs nichts Neues

eb,, 2013:
Beim HWI gehts auch mal ohne Antibiose

Rishabh Rai, A Prakash, 2013:
Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism. Rajiv Malhotra

Greenwood, M, 2013:
Being Indigenous

Polson, E C.; Kim, Y-Il; Jang, S Joon; Johnson, B R.; Smith, B, 2013:
Being Prepared and Staying Connected: Scouting's Influence on Social Capital and Community Involvement

Paulus, C; Nevels, M, 2013:
Being a CONFIDENT Advocate for Teaching Evolution

Khong, B Siew Luan, 2013:
Being a Therapist: Contributions of Heidegger's Philosophy and the Buddha's Teachings to Psychotherapy

Friedberg, R D., 2013:
Being an Oracle Is a Tough Job: Reflections on the Special Issue

Guralnik, O, 2013:
Being and Having an Identity: Catherine Opie

Cioffi, J, 2013:
Being inclusive of diversity in nursing care: A discussion paper

Jones, B. V., 2013:
Being involved in history

Rautio, P, 2013:
Being nature: interspecies articulation as a species-specific practice of relating to environment

Friedland, J. F., 2013:
Being our own sponsors

Magagna, J, 2013:
Being present for each other: long-distance video-linked seminars

Buber-Ennser, I; Fliegenschnee, K, 2013:
Being ready for a child: A mixed-methods investigation of fertility intentions

Rabiee, F; Smith, P, 2013:
Being understood, being respected: an evaluation of mental health service provision from service providers and users' perspectives in Birmingham, UK

Habron, J; Butterly, F; Gordon, I; Roebuck, A, 2013:
Being well, being musical: music composition as a resource and occupation for older people

Hordijk, M, 2013:
Being young and urban: changing patterns of youth involvement in local environmental action in Lima, Peru

Utzt, M-Jasmin, 2013:
Beinwellsalbe lindert Muskelschmerzen schnell und effektiv

Reinhard Amler, 2013:
Beitrag zum Sortentyp und Merkmalskennung der Reifedynamik durch den phänologischen Indikator, dem Silomais-Reifeindex

Grienitz, V; Hausicke, M; Schmidt, Aé-Marcel, 2013:
Bekanntmachung zum Aufnahmeverfahren für Desinfektionsmittel und -verfahren in die vom Robert Koch-Institut gemäß §18 Infektionsschutzgesetz aufzustellende Liste geprüfter und anerkannter Desinfektionsmittel und -verfahren

DI Dr. Manfred Clara, D Georg Windhofer, 2013:
Belastung österreichischer Gewässer mit Spurenstoffen und Vergleich unterschiedlicher Eintragspfade

Dr. Claudia Emck, 2013:
Beleving in beweging

Beresford, D, 2013:
Belfast international conference Count down is fast approaching

Blankoff, I; Goethal, M; Mairesse, G H., 2013:
Belgian Society of Cardiology Belgian Heart Rhythm Association (BeHRA)

Verbruggen, A, 2013:
Belgian nuclear power life extension and fuss about nuclear rents

Karolina Krzyżanowska, 2013:
Belief ascription and the Ramsey test

Peels, R, 2013:
Belief-Policies Cannot Ground Doxastic Responsibility

Randolph, K A.; Archuleta, A; Smith, T; Teasley, M, 2013:
Beliefs About Alcohol Use Among Youths During Early Adolescence

De Castella, K; Goldin, P; Jazaieri, H; Ziv, M; Dweck, C S.; Gross, J J., 2013:
Beliefs About Emotion: Links to Emotion Regulation, Well-Being, and Psychological Distress

Hagai, E Ben; Zurbriggen, E L.; Hammack, P L.; Ziman, M, 2013:
Beliefs Predicting Peace, Beliefs Predicting War: Jewish Americans and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Murray, R A.; Aberson, C L.; Blankenship, K L.; Barry Highfield, J J., 2013:
Beliefs That Sexual Orientation Is a Choice and Motivation to Control Prejudice Moderates Method of Disease Transmission and Sexual Orientation Effects on Reactions to HIV-Positive Men

Mirandola, C.; Ferruzza, E.; Cornoldi, C.; Magnussen, S., 2013:
Beliefs about memory among psychology students and their professors in psychodynamic clinical and experimental study programs

Liu, C-Hsuan; Meeuwesen, L; van Wesel, F; Ingleby, D, 2013:
Beliefs about mental illness among Chinese in the west

Kimmel, A J., 2013:
Beliefs about word of mouth among business students and practitioners

Skamp, K; Boyes, E; Stanisstreet, M, 2013:
Beliefs and Willingness to Act About Global Warming: Where to Focus Science Pedagogy?

Moore, A R., 2013:
Beliefs and correlates of knowledge of cancer risk factors among people in Lom, Togo (West Africa)

Gurney, D J.; McKeown, S; Churchyard, J; Howlett, N, 2013:
Believe it or not: Exploring the relationship between dogmatism and openness within non-religious samples

van Zomeren, M.; Saguy, T.; Schellhaas, F. M. H., 2013:
Believing in "making a difference" to collective efforts: Participative efficacy beliefs as a unique predictor of collective action

Reilly, K. H.; Neaigus, A.; Jenness, S. M.; Wendel, T.; Marshall, D. M.; Hagan, H., 2013:
Belimumab improves QOL in SLE

Hofer-Szabó, Gábor; Vecsernyés, Péter, 2013:
Bell inequality and common causal explanation in algebraic quantum field theory

Barrett, A M., 2013:
Bellevue Drowning

Yano, J.-I.; Machulskaya, E.; Bechtold, P.; Plant, R. S., 2013:
Bells and Whistles of Convection Parameterization

Fritzsche, P, 2013:
Belonging and genocide: Hitler's community, 19181945

Ward, S; van Vuuren, K, 2013:
Belonging to the Rainbow Region: Place, Local Media, and the Construction of Civil and Moral Identities Strategic to Climate Change Adaptability

Haukanes, H., 2013:
Belonging, Mobility and the Future: Representations of Space in the Life Narratives of Young Rural Czechs

Hill, A; Rewald, B; Rachmilevitch, S, 2013:
Belowground dynamics in two olive varieties as affected by saline irrigation

Cooke, D T., 2013:
Belsey Mark IV Repair

Austin, W G.; Fieldstone, L; Pruett, M Kline, 2013:
Bench Book for Assessing Parental Gatekeeping in Parenting Disputes: Understanding the Dynamics of Gate Closing and Opening for the Best Interests of Children

Konieczny, J; Kowal, J; Raczka, W; Sibielak, M, 2013:
Bench Tests of Slow and Full Active Suspensions in Terms of Energy Consumption

Thompson, D.; McLennan, G.; Bennett, S.L.; Obuchowski, N.; Setser, R.M., 2013:
Bench top model for comparing flow rate measurements from a thermodilution catheter to a novel software based method of flow quantification using digital subtraction angiography

Nelson, A J.; Page, M A.; Ginsberg, M D.; Rood, M J., 2013:
Bench-Scale Aerosol Filtration Test System and Evaluation of an Acoustic Bioaerosol Removal Device for Indoor Air Streams

Joshi, S J.; Desai, A J., 2013:
Bench-Scale Production of Biosurfactants and their Potential in Ex-Situ MEOR Application

Wilson, A, 2013:
Benchmark Helps Select Best Technique for Sand Control in Field Development

Rolland, S.A.; Thatcher, M.; Newton, W.; Williams, A.J.; Croft, T.N.; Gethin, D.T.; Cross, M., 2013:
Benchmark experiments for simulations of a vertical axis wind turbine

Hoang, D A.; van Steijn, V; Portela, L M.; Kreutzer, M T.; Kleijn, C R., 2013:
Benchmark numerical simulations of segmented two-phase flows in microchannels using the Volume of Fluid method

Clérouin, J., 2013:
Benchmark of Simplified Formulations for the Electrical Conductivity of Non-Ideal Plasmas

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Benchmark of a patient based prostate atlas for automated contouring

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Benchmark solutions for natural convection flows in vertical channels submitted to different open boundary conditions

Russell, M B.; Weiskittel, A R.; Kershaw, J A., 2013:
Benchmarking and Calibration of Forest Vegetation Simulator Individual Tree Attribute Predictions Across the Northeastern United States

Mellor-Clark, J; Twigg, E; Farrell, E; Kinder, A, 2013:
Benchmarking key service quality indicators in UK Employee Assistance Programme Counselling: A CORE System data profile

Bell, W. R.; Datta, G. S.; Ghosh, M., 2013:
Benchmarking small area estimators

Barros-Bailey, M.; Saunders, J. L., 2013:
Benchmarking the Importance and Use of Labor Market Surveys by Certified Rehabilitation Counselors

Keirstead, J, 2013:
Benchmarking urban energy efficiency in the UK

Wilson-Doenges, G; Gurung, R A R., 2013:
Benchmarks for scholarly investigations of teaching and learning

Kaupper, M; Merklein, M, 2013:
Bendability of advanced high strength steelsA new evaluation procedure

Ritter, M.; Mußhoff, O.; Odening, M., 2013:
Bendamustine a worthy contender for CLL and NHL in Latin America

Edwards, A; Jones, J; Hankollari, E; Saleem, S; Naina, H, 2013:
Bendamustine-Induced Eosinophilic Pneumonitis

Mercado, V; El-Sekelly, W; El-Ganainy, H; Abdoun, T; Zeghal, M, 2013:
Bender elements and system identification for estimation of V s

Zenkour, A. M.; Allam, M. N. M.; Radwan, A. F., 2013:
Bending of cross-ply laminated plates resting on elastic foundations under thermo-mechanical loading

Wexler, J S.; Trinh, P H.; Berthet, H; Quennouz, N; du Roure, O; Huppert, H E.; Linder, A; Stone, H A., 2013:
Bending of elastic fibres in viscous flows: the influence of confinement

Li, S-Rong; Cao, D-Fu; Wan, Z-Qing, 2013:
Bending solutions of FGM Timoshenko beams from those of the homogenous EulerBernoulli beams

Thomas Hatch, 2013:
Beneath the surface of accountability: Answerability, responsibility and capacity-building in recent education reforms in Norway

Larkin, E, 2013:
Benedetta and the creation of Second Futurism

Vitiello, D.; Neagoe, P.; Sirois, M.G.; White, M., 2013:
Beneficial Effect of Mtor Inhibitors on Inflammation in Human Neutrophils

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Beneficial early effects of statin treatment on coronary microvascular dysfunction and left ventricular remodeling in patients with acute anterior myocardial infarctions

Kosmala, W.; Holland, D.; Rojek, A.; Przewlocka-Kosmala, M.; Wright, L.; Mysiak, A.; Marwick, T. H., 2013:
Beneficial effect of If-channel inhibition on exercise tolerance in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Mei, B; Byford, H; Bledowski, M; Wang, L; Strunk, J; Muhler, M; Beranek, R, 2013:
Beneficial effect of Nb doping on the photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2 and TiO2-polyheptazine hybrids

Miyazaki, H.; Miyanaga, S.; Shibayama, K.; Nakajima, M.; Ashikaga, K.; Nakano, E.; Sasaki, T.; Mizuno, K.; Harada, T.; Miyake, F., 2013:
Beneficial effect of alternative site pacing from right atrial mid-septum in patients with bradycardia-tachycardia syndrome

Ábel, T.; Blázovics, A.; Wimmer, A.; Bekő, G.; Gaál, B.; Blazics, B.; Eldin, M.; Fehér, J.; Szabolcs, I.; Lengyel, G., 2013:
Beneficial effect of moderate white wine consumption on insulin sensitivity in patients with metabolic syndrome

Dawwam, G.E.; Elbeltagy, A.; Emara, H.M.; Abbas, I.H.; Hassan, M.M., 2013:
Beneficial effect of plant growth promoting bacteria isolated from the roots of potato plant

Zhou, X; Shen, Y, 2013:
Beneficial effects of CeO2 addition on microstructure and corrosion behavior of electrodeposited Ni nanocrystalline coatings

Sato, T.; Kameyama, T.; Inoue, H., 2013:
Beneficial effects of atorvastatin on renal function in chronic kidney disease patients after primary percutaneous coronary intervention who were on rosuvastatin

Houben, D; Evrard, L; Sonnet, P, 2013:
Beneficial effects of biochar application to contaminated soils on the bioavailability of Cd, Pb and Zn and the biomass production of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Yun, G-Nam; Lee, Y-Kul, 2013:
Beneficial effects of polycyclic aromatics on oxidative desulfurization of light cycle oil over phosphotungstic acid (PTA) catalyst

Monica Gallo, G Esposito, R Ferracane…, 2013:
Beneficial effects ofTrichodermagenus microbes on qualitative parameters ofBrassica rapaL. subsp.sylvestrisL. Janch.var. esculentaHort

Watanabe, M.; Kompa, A.; Wang, B.; Krum, H., 2013:
Beneficial haemodynamic effects of renal sympathetic denervation in diabetic Ren-2 transgenic (mREN2) 27 rats

Anavi, S; Madar, Z; Tirosh, O, 2013:
Beneficial role of nitric oxide in cholesterol-induced steatohepatitis and LPS-induced endotoxemia

Silveira, T M.; Frazão Santos, C; Andrade, F, 2013:
Beneficial use of dredged sand for beach nourishment and coastal landform enhancementthe case study of Tria, Portugal

van Riessen, A; Chen-Tan, N, 2013:
Beneficiation of Collie fly ash for synthesis of geopolymer Part 2 Geopolymers

van Riessen, A; Chen-Tan, N, 2013:
Beneficiation of Collie fly ash for synthesis of geopolymer: Part 1 Beneficiation

Krause, T; Loft, L, 2013:
Benefit Distribution and Equity in Ecuador's Socio Bosque Program

Ning, S-Kuang; Hung, M-Chien; Chang, Y-Hsi; Wan, H-Peng; Lee, H-Ti; Shih, R-Fu, 2013:
Benefit assessment of cost, energy, and environment for biomass pyrolysis oil

Lee, F.-Y.; Lu, H.-I.; Zhen, Y.-Y.; Leu, S.; Chen, Y.-L.; Tsai, T.-H.; Chung, S.-Y.; Chua, S.; Sheu, J.-J.; Hsu, S.-Y.; Yen, C.-H.; Chang, H.-W.; Sun, C.-K.; Yip, H.-K., 2013:
Benefit of Combined Therapy with Nicorandil and Colchicine in Reversing Monocrotaline-Induced Rat Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Lee, H. W.; Choi, J. H.; Jang, H. Y.; Ahn, J. H.; Kim, J. H.; Park, J. S.; Oh, J. H.; Cha, K. S.; Hong, T. J.; Lee, H. C., 2013:
Benefit of IVUS-guided PCI in diabetic patients presented with acute myocardial infarction- from Korea acute myocardial infarction registry

Cadogan, K-Ann; Donath, E; Tadi, R; Rodriguez, E; Sussman, D, 2013 :
Benefit of Route and Dose of Administration of Proton Pump Inhibitor in Acute Nonvariceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding-A Network Meta-Analysis

Herscovici, R.; Moss, A. J.; Kutyifa, V.; Barsheshet, A.; Mcnitt, S.; Zareba, W.; Goldenberg, I., 2013:
Benefit of cardiac resynchronization therapy in patients without a history of advanced heart failure symptoms enrolled in MADIT-CRT

Grewal, G; Walthers, M; Lee-Eng, J; Lou Bareither, M; Najafi, B, 2013:
Benefit of footwear in knee joint stabilisation during overground running

Khosla, S; Bilezikian, J P.; Dempster, D W.; Lewiecki, E. Michael; Miller, P D.; Neer, R M.; Recker, R R.; Shane, E; Shoback, D; Potts, J T., 2013:
Benefits and Risks of Bisphosphonate Therapy for Osteoporosis

Toledo-Aceves, T; Mehltreter, K; García-Franco, Jé G.; Hernández-Rojas, A; Sosa, V J., 2013:
Benefits and costs of epiphyte management in shade coffee plantations

Hunt, C, 2013:
Benefits and opportunity costs of Australia's Coral Sea marine protected area: A precautionary tale

Hotter, G.; Vinas, J. L.; Ventayol, M.; Mastora, C.; Rosello-Catafau, J.; Sola, A.; Tetta, C.; Herrera, M. B.; Bruno, S.; Camussi, G., 2013:
Benefits and risks when pushing renal regeneration

Bochtis, D D.; Sørensen, C G.; Busato, P; Berruto, R, 2013:
Benefits from optimal route planning based on B-patterns

Gaggioli, A; Morganti, L; Mondoni, M; Antonietti, A, 2013:
Benefits of Combined Mental and Physical Training in Learning a Complex Motor Skill in Basketball

Sha, J Chih Mun; Kabilan, B; Alagappasamy, S; Guha, B, 2013 :
Benefits of Naturalistic FreeRanging Primate Displays and Implications for Increased HumanPrimate Interactions

Wilson, A, 2013:
Benefits of Single Platform Lifting Lead to Design, Construction of New Giant Ship

Stockman, J.A., 2013:
Benefits of a Pediatric Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at a Children's Hospital

Broly, P.; Deneubourg, J.-L.; Devigne, C., 2013:
Benefits of aggregation in woodlice: a factor in the terrestrialization process?

Godfrey, E; Haythorne, D, 2013:
Benefits of dramatherapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder: a qualitative analysis of feedback from parents and teachers of clients attending Roundabout dramatherapy sessions in schools

Jantke, K; Schleupner, C; Schneider, U A., 2013:
Benefits of earth observation data for conservation planning in the case of European wetland biodiversity

Mesa-Arango, R; Ukkusuri, S V., 2013:
Benefits of in-vehicle consolidation in less than truckload freight transportation operations

Salhofer-Polanyi, S.; Windt, J.; Sumper, H.; Grill, H.; Diermayr, G.; Zebenholzer, K.; Leutmezer, F.; Zulehner, G.; Vass, K.; Asenbaum-Nan, S., 2013:
Benefits of inpatient multidisciplinary rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis

Ferrazzano, S; Williamson, P S., 2013:
Benefits of mycorrhizal inoculation in reintroduction of endangered plant species under drought conditions

Vaucher, P, 2013:
Benefits of osteopathic manual treatment on chronic low back pain At last, a large high quality clinical trial!

Barnham, K; Knorr, K; Mazzer, M, 2013:
Benefits of photovoltaic power in supplying national electricity demand

Douka, V.; Patrubani, A. G.; Schmitt, Z.; Vandenbroeck, V.; Deraemaecker, R.; Kapessidou, P., 2013:
Benefits of postoperative analgesia using a continuous transversus abdominis plane (TAP) infusion over a singleinjection TAP block in patients undergoing post-bariatric abdominoplasty

Savarese, G.; Paolillo, S.; D'Amore, C.; Losco, T.; Musella, F.; Scala, O.; Rengo, G.; Leosco, D.; Trimarco, B.; Perrone Filardi, P., 2013:
Benefits of statins in elderly subjects without established cardiovascular disease. a meta-analysis

Stewart, S.; Carrington, M. J.; Swemmer, C. H.; Kurstjens, N. P.; Jennings, G. J., 2013:
Benefits of strict adherence to an intensive structured care approach to blood pressure management in primary care within the intervention arm of a multicentre randomized controlled trial

Gulec, T Cakin; Yoruk, O; Gulec, M; Selvi, Y; Boysan, M; Oral, E; Yucel, A; Mazlumoglu, M R, 2013:
Benefits of submucous resection on sleep quality, daytime and dream anxiety in patients with nasal septal deviation

Hampwaye, G, 2013:
Benefits of urban agriculture: Reality or illusion?

Lindsey, P. A.; Havemann, C. P.; Lines, R. M.; Price, A. E.; Retief, T. A.; Rhebergen, T.; Van der Waal, C.; Romañach, S. S., 2013:
Benefits of wildlife-based land uses on private lands in Namibia and limitations affecting their development

Ortega, L S.; Pascual, B A.M.; Martínez, U J.; Arazo, I I.; Gil, B J.; Muñoz, R L., 2013:
Benefits to use rocuronium in micro laryngeal surgery. A study of 30 patients

van Geenhuizen, M; Soetanto, D P., 2013:
Benefitting from Learning Networks in Open Innovation: Spin-off Firms in Contrasting City Regions

Jeon, E.-J.; Park, Y.-S.; Chang, K.-H., 2013:
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Is More Commonly Associated with Orthostatic Dizziness than Orthostatic Hypotension

Barradas-Pires, A.; Alvarez-Garcia, J.; Donate, M.; Puig, T.; Cinca, J.; Serra-Grima, R., 2013:
Benign long-term prognosis of early repolarization in elite athletes

Kumar, D; Das, A; Gharami, R Chandra, 2013:
Benign migratory glossitis

Rofe, G; Auslender, R; Dirnfeld, M, 2013:
Benign ovarian cysts in reproductive-age women undergoing assisted reproductive technology treatment

Leiner, P, 2013:
Benigne Merkmale erschweren die Melanomdiagnostik

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Benot Frydman and Michel Meyer (eds):Cham Perelman(19122012)De la Nouvelle Rhtorique

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Bent CNN bond of diazo compounds, RR(CN+N)

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Benthic diversity and assemblage structure of a north Patagonian rocky shore: a monitoring legacy of the NaGISA project

Alegret, L; Thomas, E, 2013:
Benthic foraminifera across the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in the Southern Ocean (ODP Site 690): Diversity, food and carbonate saturation

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Benthic polychaetes from the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge between the Azores and the Reykjanes Ridge

Yamamoto, K; Nagasawa, K, 2013:
Benthic shrimp assemblages associated with water masses in the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea

Woodland, R J.; Secor, D H., 2013:
Benthic-pelagic coupling in a temperate inner continental shelf fish assemblage

Gebruk, A V.; Priede, I G., 2013:
Benthos of the Sub-Polar Front Area on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Results of the ECOMAR Project

Gebruk, A V.; Priede, I G.; Fenchel, T; Uiblein, F, 2013:
Benthos of the sub-polar front area on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Results of the ECOMAR project

T. A. Sokolova,I. I. Tolpeshta,I. V. Topunova, 2013:
Bentonite variations in a peaty-podzolic-gleyish soil under the field model experiment conditions

Frerk, C., 2013:
Benumof and Hagberg's Airway Management

Wright, L B.; Freeman, C L.; Walsh, T R., 2013:
Benzene adsorption at the aqueous (0 1 1) α-quartz interface: is surface flexibility important?

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Benzene and xylene detection by absorbance in the range of 10100ppb application: Quality of indoor air

Shaukat, A; Mirza, H M.; Ansari, A H.; Yasinzai, M; Zaidi, S Z.; Dilshad, S; Ansari, F L., 2013 :
Benzimidazole derivatives: synthesis, leishmanicidal effectiveness, and molecular docking studies

Shah, K; Chhabra, S; Shrivastava, S K.; Mishra, P, 2013:
Benzimidazole: a promising pharmacophore

Ghosh, K; Saha, I, 2013:
Benzimidazolium-based receptors: Case of iodidewater cluster induced supramolecular chain and improved fluorometric binding of iodide involving alcoholic group

Kociolek, M George; Casbohm, J S., 2013:
Benzisoxazole 2-oxides as novel UV absorbers and photooxidation inhibitors

Weih, M, 2013:
Benzodiazepine erhöhen das Demenzrisiko

Bourin, M; Thibaut, F, 2013:
Benzodiazepines: tackling the symptoms of withdrawal

Gan, C; Zhou, L; Zhao, Z; Wang, H, 2013:
Benzothiazole Schiff-bases as potential imaging agents for b-amyloid plaques in Alzheimers disease

Cigdem Kaplan-Ozen, B Tekiner-Gulbas, E Foto…, 2013:
Benzothiazole derivatives as human DNA topoisomerase IIα inhibitors

Mazuryk, O; Niemiec, Eżbieta; Stochel, Gżyna; Gillaizeau, I; Brindell, Młgorzata, 2013:
Benzothiophen-pyrazine scaffold as a potential membrane targeting drug carrier

Kim, J-Hoon; Kim, H Un; Song, C Eun; Kang, I-Nam; Lee, J-Kyun; Shin, W Suk; Hwang, D-Hoon, 2013:
Benzotriazole-based donoracceptor type semiconducting polymers with different alkyl side chains for photovoltaic devices

Azarifar, D; Soleimanei, F; Aliani, F, 2013:
Benzylation of arylcyanamides catalyzed by acidic zeolites

Ling, Y; Wang, Z-Qiang; Xiao, Y-An; Zhu, C; Shen, L; Wang, X-Min; Hui, Y; Wang, X-Yang, 2013:
Benzylidene 2-Aminoimidazolones Derivatives: Synthesis and in Vitro Evaluation of Anti-tumor Carcinoma Activity

Garnier, R., 2013:
Benzne et leucmie aigu lymphoblastique

Dr. I. Seifert, 2013:
Beobachtung bestätigt

Marloes Oldenkamp,Mirjam de Klerk…, 2013:
Beperkt contact?

V. Poovazhagi, S. Shanthi, S. Jahnavi…, 2013:
Berardinelli Seip congenital lipodystrophy presenting with neonatal diabetes mellitus due to a mutation in the AGPAT2 gene

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Bereavement Services Offered by Pediatric Hospitals: A Survey of Pediatric Hospital Chaplains (S760)

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Bereavement and Religion Online: Stillbirth, Neonatal Loss, and Parental Religiosity

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Bereavement and divorce: Does the death of a child affect parents marital stability?

Oyebode, J R; Owens, R Glynn, 2013:
Bereavement and the role of religious and cultural factors

Jalland, P, 2013:
Bereavement in the English family 18501980: Exploring change over time

Fluegeman, J E; Schrauben, A R; Cleghorn, S M, 2013:
Bereavement support for children: Effectiveness of Camp Erin from an occupational therapy perspective

Walsh, F; McGoldrick, M, 2013:
Bereavement: A family life cycle perspective

Stöcker, B; Lange, L, 2013:
Bereit sein für den Notfall

J. Toet,D.G. Uitenbroek,E.J.C. van Ameijden, 2013:
Berekening van de Gezonde Levensverwachting in kleine geografische eenheden

Paulus Hochgatterer,Anna Katharina Purtscher-Penz,Andreas Karwautz, 2013:
Bericht aus dem Vorstand

Monique Buitenhuis, 2013:
Berisping na behandelen kind zonder toestemming van vader en een advies over de omgangsregeling

Richards, J., 2013:
Berlin Alexanderplatz's Serial Women

Pierre Henri Kehr, 2013:
Bernard George, Michal Bruneau, Robert F. Spetzler (eds.): Pathology and surgery around the vertebral artery

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Bernard J. Paris:A General Drama of Pain: Character and Fate in Hardy's Major Novels

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Bernard Verdcourt (1925 2011)

Michael Cohen, M., 2013:
Bernarda Strauss, MD, 1964-2013: a remembrance

Petrov, R; Egorov, V, 2013:
Berne or Beger? Whats better for CP?

Dede, O; Ward, W. Timothy, 2013:
Bernese Periacetabular Osteotomy in the Surgical Management of Adolescent Acetabular Dysplasia

Sherrah, J; Ristic, B, 2013:
Bernoulli filter for joint detection and tracking of an extended object in clutter

Rivard, C.; Pelletier, M.; Michau, N.; Razafitianamaharavo, A.; Bihannic, I.; Abdelmoula, M.; Ghanbaja, J.; Villieras, F., 2013:
Berthierine-like mineral formation and stability during the interaction of kaolinite with metallic iron at 90 C under anoxic and oxic conditions

Schiff, B; Hammack, P L., 2013:
Bertram Joseph Cohler (19382012)

Klein, F, 2013:
Beruflicher Hautschutz muss vorankommen

Drs. M. G. Güldner,Prof. dr. G. T. M. Stegge, 2013:
Beschermt een gezonde zelfwaardering tegen de negatieve gevolgen van falen en kritiek?

rb,, 2013:
Beschneiden kostet Spaß am Sex

Fischer, A, 2013:
Beschränkte Therapieoptionen für eine häufige Erkrankung

Sonnet, M, 2013:
Beschwerde-Mix vom Bauernhof

Nicholls, C McNaughton, 2013:
Beside One's Self: Homelessness Felt and Lived

Menguy, C.; Crenn-Hebert, C.; Lebreton, E., 2013:
Besoins en lits de nonatalogie pour le nouveau schma rgional dorganisation des soins (SROS) dle-de-France (IDF)

Cailhol, L; Ragonnet, C, 2013:
Besoins ressentis des patients et des soignants quant la prise en charge des troubles de personnalit limite

Simpson, S.H.; Phillips, D.B.; Carberry, D.M.; Hanna, S., 2013:
Bespoke optical springs and passive force clamps from shaped dielectric particles

Almirall,, 2013:
Bessere Ergebnise bei MRT-Kontrolle?

Reichenberger, F; Voswinckel, R, 2013:
Bessere Prognose bei Lungenhochdruck

Lin, L.; Li, H.; Zhu, Y.; He, S.; Ge, H., 2018:
Expression of metastasis-associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1 long non-coding RNA in vitro and in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Thompson, A; Boxall, D; Hodgins, G; Patrick, K, 2013:
Best Lessons for Well-being From Psychologists: Implications for the Public and for Psychology

Shaw, D R.; Norsworthy, J K.; Ward, S M., 2013:
Best Management Practices to Prevent, Delay, or Manage Herbicide Resistance

Andrew, P G.; Weimer, K H., 2013:
Best Paper of the Year Award for Volume 8

Fleming, A. R.; Del Valle, R.; Kim, M.; Leahy, M. J., 2013:
Best Practice Models of Effective Vocational Rehabilitation Service Delivery in the Public Rehabilitation Program: A Review and Synthesis of the Empirical Literature

Diemer, M A.; Mistry, R S.; Wadsworth, M E.; López, I; Reimers, F, 2013:
Best Practices in Conceptualizing and Measuring Social Class in Psychological Research

Ratcliffe, B C., 2013:
Best Writing and Curatorial Practices for Describing a New Species of Beetle: a Primer

Shafik, R.E.; Abd El Wahab, N.; Senoun, S.A.; Ebeid, E.; El Taweel, M.A., 2018:
Expression of Micro-RNA 128 and Let-7b in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cases

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Best of Motor Primer: Specification and Maintenance of Motors

Molerón, R.; Boceta, J.; Gálvez, R.; Armenta, F. Gómez; Virizuela, J.; Barón, F.; Garzón, C.; Mañas, A.; Sanmartín, J.; Rodríguez, D.; Casas, A.; Galdós, P.; Pérez, C.; Centeno, C.; Batista, N.; Calvo, N.; Martínez, P.; Blasco, A.; Ramos, M.; Santamaría, J.; Torres, L.; del Barco, E.; Hebrero, M.; Mogollo, A.; Nabal, M.; García, J.; Bayo, E., 2013:
Best oral presentation: Fentanyl buccal tablets (FBT) titration and treatment: Spain's preliminary results

Harris, S, 2013:
Best papers selected from the 2012 SEG Annual Meeting

Jacobs, S.; Falk, V., 2013:
Best practice in hybrid coronary revascularization

Wright, G, 2013:
Best research and review paper - 2013

Zhao, H; Dong, Y; Zhang, H; Liu, N; Zhu, H, 2013:
Best-retransmission count selection for environment optimization over wireless heterogeneous networks

Mark van der Wel, 2013:
Beste tijdstip inname antihypertensivum onduidelijk

Bergner, M, 2013:
Besteht ein Zusammenhang mit Gastritis?

Hugo van Waarde, 2013:
Bestemming: huisarts

Dipl.-Geol. Kathrin Menberg, D. Hagen Steger, D. Roman Zorn…, 2013:
Bestimmung der Wärmeleitfähigkeit im Untergrund durch Labor- und Feldversuche und anhand theoretischer Modelle

Dammer, K-Heinz; Ustyuzhanin, A; Hoffmann, M; Hamdorf, Aé; Tackenberg, M; Garz, A, 2013:
Bestimmung von Pflanzenparametern mit Hilfe von digitalen Farbbildern für eine sensorgesteuerte Applikation von Fungiziden in Getreide

Adamyan, K. G.; Chilingaryan, A. L.; Tumasyan, L. R.; Tunyan, L. G., 2013:
Beta blockers or combination of beta blocker with ivabradine better alters the course of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction when the target heart rate is achieved

Andreu-Cayuelas, J. M.; Lopez-Cuenca, A. A.; Marin, F.; Mateo-Martinez, A.; Sanchez-Martinez, M.; Quintana-Giner, M.; Romero-Aniorte, A. I.; Vilchez, J. A.; Valdes, M.; Manzano Fernandez, S., 2013:
Beta trace protein and Cystatin C add complementary information to CRUSADE bleeding score for predicting bleeding risk in non ST segment elevation acute coronary syndromes

Kamiya, M.; Asai, K.; Noma, S.; Komiyama, H.; Shirakabe, A.; Sato, N.; Mizuno, K., 2013:
Beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonist prevents diastolic dysfunction in angiotensin2-induced cardiomyopathy mouse model

Garcia-Alvarez, A.; Pereda, D.; Nuno-Ayala, M.; Fernandez-Jimenez, R.; Sanz-Rosa, D.; Garcia-Prieto, J.; Fernandez-Friera, L.; Garcia-Ruiz, J. M.; Fuster, V.; Ibanez, B., 2013:
Beta-3 adrenoreceptor stimulation reduces pulmonary vascular resistance in experimental models of acute and chronic pulmonary hypertension in pigs

Fischer-Rasokat, U.; Honold, J.; Lochmann, D.; Liebetrau, C.; Leick, J.; Hamm, C. W.; Fichtlscherer, S.; Moellmann, H.; Spyridopoulos, I., 2013:
Beta-Blockade does not exert heart rate-independent effects on pulse wave reflection in men with high cardiovascular risk

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Beta-amyloid peptide in the plasma of individuals undergoing plasmapheresis: Effect of age and donation frequency

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Beta-amyloidassociated differential effects of APOE-4 on brain metabolism in healthy elderly

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Beta-amyloidinduced cell cycle re-entry in Alzheimer's disease is controlled by the Rac1-mTOR pathway

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Between the covers may, 2013 issue

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Between the covers november, 2013 issue

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Beyond the Bedside

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Beyond the Label: A Guide to Unlocking a Child's Educational Potential

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Beyond the Legacy of Mackinder

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Beyond the Regional Cradle and Policy Trap: Proximity and Embedding as Development Potentialities

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Beyond the Repository: A Mixed Method Approach to Providing Access to Collections Online

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Beyond the computer: Changing medium from digital to physical

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Bicultural self-defense in consumer contexts: Self-protection motives are the basis for contrast versus assimilation to cultural cues

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Bicuspid aortic valve and aneurysm formation: immaturity of the aortic wall

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Bicuspid aortic valve and aortic disease. The role of family screening

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Bicuspid aortic valve morphology may have prognostic value in fetal Turner syndrome

Kaya, R.; Baydar, O.; Sinan, U. Y.; Canbolat, I. P.; Kocas, C.; Abaci, O.; Uner, S.; Kucukoglu, M. S., 2013:
Bicuspid aortic valve phenotype relationship with aortic root morphology and elasticity

Carré, F., 2013:
Bicuspidie aortique et pratique du sport

Li, Z; Wang, W; Yang, C; Ragland, D R., 2013:
Bicycle commuting market analysis using attitudinal market segmentation approach

Lei Kang, J D. Fricker, 2013:
Bicyclist commuters choice of on-street versus off-street route segments

Wang, H; Zhao, Y-Long; Li, L; Zhang, Z-Wei; Liu, Q, 2013:
Bicyclization of Diazomethanes: A Synthetic Strategy for Fused Pyrazoles

McGee, P, 2013:
Bidding in private-value auctions with uncertain values

Yucekaya, A, 2013:
Bidding of price taker power generators in the deregulated Turkish power market

Chen, X; Zhao, J, 2013:
Bidding to drive: Car license auction policy in Shanghai and its public acceptance

Guo, Z; Wang, S; Tong, H; Chao, J; Wei, X, 2013:
Bidentate pyrrolyl lithium complexes: Synthesis, crystal structure and catalytic activity for the cyclotrimerization of isocyanates

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Bidimensional evaluation of right ventricular function using fractional area change in the prognostic stratification of heart failure patients

Welsh, K J.; Actor, J K.; Dasgupta, A, 2013:
Bidirectional (Negative/Positive) Interference of Oleandrin and Oleander Extract on a Relatively New LOCI Digoxin Assay

Rik Pieters, 2013:
Bidirectional Dynamics of Materialism and Loneliness: Not Just a Vicious Cycle

Mittermayer, J; Wollstadt, S; Prats-Iraola, P; Lopez-Dekker, P; Krieger, G; Moreira, A, 2013:
Bidirectional SAR Imaging Mode

Besnard, Térèse; Verlaan, P; Davidson, M; Vitaro, F; Poulin, Fçois; Capuano, F, 2013:
Bidirectional influences between maternal and paternal parenting and children's disruptive behaviour from kindergarten to grade 2

Dang, J; Aoki, T, 2013:
Bidirectional loading hybrid tests of square cross-sections of steel bridge piers

Pappert, S; Pechmann, T, 2013:
Bidirectional structural priming across alternations: Evidence from the generation of dative and benefactive alternation structures in German

nz,, 2013:
Bienen- und Wespengift simultan testen

Barie, P S., 2013:
Bienvenidos a la Asociacin Latinoamericana de Infeccin Quirrgica

Dr. A. Ommer, 2013:
Bietet ein erneuter endorektaler Advancementflap eine Option nach Flapversagen und bei Rezidivfisteln?

Moody, G; Singh, R; Li, H; Akimov, I A.; Bayer, M; Reuter, D; Wieck, A D.; Bracker, A S.; Gammon, D; Cundiff, S T., 2013:
Biexcitons in semiconductor quantum dot ensembles

Copenhaver, E; Mulhearn, N; Kureshi, S; Maupin, K, 2013:
Bifid Epiglottis as a Cause of Recurrent Pneumonia in a Patient With Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, A Ciliopathy

Nayeri, P; Yang, F; Elsherbeni, A Z., 2013:
Bifocal Design and Aperture Phase Optimizations of Reflectarray Antennas for Wide-Angle Beam Scanning Performance

Summerfield, N S.; Dror, M, 2013:
Biform game: Reflection as a stochastic programming problem

Ji, N; Yao, L; He, W; Li, Y, 2013:
Bifunctional Schiff base/Ti(IV) catalysts for enantioselective cyanoformylation of aldehydes with ethyl cyanoformate

Roik, N. V.; Belyakova, L. A., 2013:
Bifunctional mesoporous silicas with clearly distinguished localization of grafted groups

G. S. Zakharova, N. V. Podval’naya, 2013:
Bifunctional potentiometric sensor based on MoO3nanorods

Ivanov, I K.; Parushev, I D.; Christov, V Ch., 2013:
Bifunctionalized Allenes, Part IX: An Efficient Method for Regioselective Synthesis of 4-Heteroatom-Functionalized Allenecarboxylates

Ivanov, I K.; Ch. Christov, V, 2013:
Bifunctionalized Allenes. Part VIII. An Efficient and Varied Method for the Synthesis of 2-Sulfonylated Alka-2,3-Dienoates

Molaeezadeh, S Fatemeh; Moradi, M Hassan, 2013:
Bifurcating fuzzy sets: Theory and application

Kolokolov, Y. V.; Monovskaya, A. V., 2013:
Bifurcation analysis and the margin of stability

Li, Y, 2013:
Bifurcation analysis of a non-standard finite difference scheme for a time-delayed model of asset prices

Ma, Z-Ping; Li, W-Tong, 2013:
Bifurcation analysis on a diffusive HollingTanner predatorprey model

Cheng-Chi Wang, C-Neng Huang, H-Terng Yau, S-Xiang Hsu, 2013:
Bifurcation and chaos analysis of atomic force microscope system

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Bifurcation in a T-channel junction: Effects of aspect ratio and shear-thinning

Katkar, H H.; Davis, J M., 2013:
Bifurcation in a thin liquid film flowing over a locally heated surface

Shutyi, A. M.; Sementsov, D. I., 2013:
Bifurcation magnetic resonance in films with differently oriented crystallographic axes

Anand, P, 2013:
Big Data Is a Big Deal

Cooper, J; Noon, M; Jones, C; Kahn, E; Arbuckle, P, 2013:
Big Data in Life Cycle Assessment

Skinner, M. L.; Wohl, D. L., 2013:
Big Patients, Big Worries

Ritchie, H; Hardy, Míosa; Lloyd, M. Greg; McGreal, S, 2013:
Big Pylons: Mixed signals for transmission. Spatial planning for energy distribution

Dreiss, A. N.; Ruppli, C. A.; Faller, C.; Roulin, A., 2013:
Big brother is watching you: eavesdropping to resolve family conflicts

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Big data and the future of ecology

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Big data visual analytics for exploratory earth system simulation analysis

Ifejika Speranza, C; Scholz, I, 2013:
Big variation in performance of UK NHS systems since devolution

Davies, G; Frow, E; Leonelli, S, 2013:
Bigger, faster, better? Rhetorics and practices of large-scale research in contemporary bioscience

Westermann, D.; Becher, P. M.; Lindner, D.; Fischer, J. W.; Tschoepe, C., 2013:
Biglcan is beneficial in angiotensin II induced heart failure by preventing cardiac inflammation and remodeling improving LV function and mortality by preventing transdifferentiation of myofibroblasts

Bernardi, O; Morales, A H., 2013:
Bijections and symmetries for the factorizations of the long cycle

Gong, K; Wang, P; Xiao, Z, 2013:
Bijective soft set decision system based parameters reduction under fuzzy environments

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Bilan 20082012 des rsultats de contrle qualit des PSL ltablissement franais du sang

Bade, C.; Keita, M.; Manoliu, C., 2013:
Bilan de deux annes de gestion rgionalise des stocks de produits sanguins labiles lEFS Guadeloupe Guyane

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Bilan des incidents graves (IG) de la chane transfusionnelle sur la priode 20092012

Alezrah, C., 2013:
Bilan des quipes mobiles psychiatrie prcarit 8ans aprs la circulaire du 23 novembre 2005

de Monès, E.; Bertolus, C.; Salaun, P.-Y.; Dubrulle, F.; Ferrié, J.-C.; Temam, S.; Chevalier, D.; Vergez, S.; Lagarde, F.; Schultz, P.; Lapeyre, M.; Barry, B.; Tronche, S.; de Raucourt, D.; Morinière, S., 2013:
Bilan initial des carcinomes pidermode de la cavit buccale, du larynx et du pharynx (cavum exclu). Partie 2 : bilan dextension distance et recherche de secondes localisations synchrones hors voies arodigestives suprieures. Recommandations de la SFORL 2012

de Monès, E.; Vergez, S.; Barry, B.; Righini, C.; Rolland, F.; Raoul, G.; Langeard, M.; Chassagne, J.-F.; Badoual, C.; Morinière, S.; de Raucourt, D., 2013:
Bilan initial des carcinomes pidermode de la cavit buccale, du larynx et du pharynx (nasopharynx exclu). Partie 3 : bilan gnral. Recommandations SFORL 2012

Vergez, S.; Morinière, S.; Dubrulle, F.; Salaun, P.-Y.; De Monès, E.; Bertolus, C.; Temam, S.; Chevalier, D.; Lagarde, F.; Schultz, P.; Ferrié, J.-C.; Badoual, C.; Lapeyre, M.; Righini, C.; Barry, B.; Tronche, S.; De Raucourt, D., 2013:
Bilan initial des carcinomes pidermodes de la cavit buccale, du larynx et du pharynx (cavum exclu). Partie I : bilan dextension locorgional, recommandations de la SFORL 2012

Souquet, P.-J., 2013:
Bilan pr-thrapeutique des cancers bronchiques

Fiore, F.; Michel, P., 2013:
Bilan prthrapeutique des cancers de la jonction oesogastrique

Robard, L.; Moreau, S.; Hitier, M., 2013:
Bilan vestibulaire et implant cochlaire

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Bilateral Adductor Palsy: A Rare Complication during Routine Surgery

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Bilateral BIS-monitoring for early detection of delirium after cardiac surgery

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Bilateral Dorsal Subluxation of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint of the Hind Limb in a Mare: Case Report

Iskender, A; Aykanat, O; Kandis, H, 2013:
Bilateral Intracranial Subdural Haematoma Occurring after Spinal Anaesthesia: A Case Report

Wolfson, A.; Lee, A.J.; Wong, R.P.; Arheart, K.L.; Penning, D.H., 2013:
Bilateral Multi-injection IliohypogastricIlioinguinal Nerve Block in Conjunction With Neuraxial Morphine Is Superior to Neuraxial Morphine Alone for Postcesarean Analgesia

Gupta, N, 2013:
Bilateral Ovarian SertoliLeydig Cell Tumors Associated with a Unilateral Dermoid Cyst: An Exceptionally Rare Association

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Bilateral Putaminal Hemorrhage - A Late Sequelae of Methanol Intoxication

Zumrut, M; Marcil, E, 2013:
Bilateral Shoulder Injury Caused By Electric Shock

Jagelka, Táš, 2013:
Bilateral Trade and the Eurozone: Evidence from New Member Countries

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Bilateral Well-Differentiated Papillary Mesothelioma of the Ovariesa Diagnostic and Therapeutic Enigma

Oliveira, E.; Coelho, I.; Manuel, P.; Girão, F., 2013:
Bilateral brain calcifications

Aracil, R.; Azorin, J.M.; Ferre, M.; Peña, C., 2013:
Bilateral control by state convergence based on transparency for systems with time delay

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Bilateral inflammatory activation in human carotid arteries in patients with coronary artery disease: insights from microwave radiometry

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Bilateral keratocystic odontogenic tumor of mandible A unique pediatric lesion: Case report and review

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Bilateral lower extremity stiffness during transition from stair descent to level walking in unilateral total hip arthroplasty patients and controls

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Bilateral retrograde radial approach in stenting of occluded subclavian artery

McNeer, K W.; Tucker, M G., 2013:
Bilateral simultaneous lateral rectus botox injection in infant and childhood intermittent exotropia

Ong, C.L.; Broeke, R.H.M., 2013:
Bilaterale monteggia-fractuur

Butet, Y., 2013:
Bilatralit des carcinomes cellules rnales tubulo-papillaires : y-a-t-il un intrt la nphrectomie controlatrale prventive dans une population dinsuffisants rnaux chroniques et transplants ?

Durani, B; Durani, H, 2013:
Bilddokumente hautnah

Attenberger, U.I.; Schoenberg, S.O.; Weidner, A.; Niyazi, M.; Bittencourt, L.K.; Buergy, D.; Sertdemir, M.; Hausmann, D., 2013:
Bildgebung beim Prostatakarzinom

Sigrid Reuter,PD Dr. med. Thorsten Bartsch, 2013:
Bildgebung und klinische Syndrome bei akuten Hippocampusläsionen

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Biliary ascariasis as a cause of acute cholangitis: A case report

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Biliary tract tumors: past, present and future

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Biliary-colonic fistula caused by cholecystectomy bile duct injury

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Bilingual and second language interactions: Views from Scandinavia

Luk, J, 2013:
Bilingual language play and local creativity in Hong Kong

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Bilingual serial verb constructions: A comparative study of Ewe-English and Ewe-French codeswitching

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Bilingual strategies from the perspective of a processing model

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Bilingualism in Sardinia and Scotland: Exploring the cognitive benefits of speaking a 'minority' language

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Bilingualism, not immigration status, is associated with maintained cognitive level in Alzheimer's disease

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Bilinguals reading in their second language do not predict upcoming words as native readers do

Li, C.; Yin, S., 2013:
Bilirubin enhances neuronal excitability by increasing glutamatergic transmission in the rat lateral superior olive

Butterfield, D. Allan; Head, E; Barone, E, 2013:
Biliverdin reductase-A: A novel drug target for atorvastatin and relevance to statin-mediated reduced risk of developing Alzheimers disease

Sanandaji, T.; Leeson, P. T., 2013:

Janyasupab, M; Liu, C-Wei; Zhang, Y; Wang, K-Wen; Liu, C-Chiun, 2013:
Bimetallic PtM (M=Cu, Ni, Pd, and Rh) nanoporous for H2O2 based amperometric biosensors

Koushick Sen, S Das, B K. Mukherjee…, 2013:
Bimodal stable isotope signatures of Zildat Ophiolitic Mlange, Indus Suture Zone, Himalaya: implications for emplacement of an ophiolitic mlange in a convergent setup

Konar, T.; Ghosh, A., 2013:
Bimodal vibration control of seismically excited structures by the liquid column vibration absorber

Masumoto, Y; Goto, K; Tomimoto, S; Mohan, P; Motohisa, J; Fukui, T, 2013:
Bimolecular interlayer scattering of electrons in InP/InAs/InP coremultishell nanowires

Peng, B, 2013:
Bin Peng, DDS, PHD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Faculty & Hospital of Stomatology, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

Gyorgy Dosa, Z Tuza, D Ye, 2013:
Bin packing with Largest In Bottom constraint: tighter bounds and generalizations

Fan, C; Do, D.D.; Nicholson, D., 2013:
Bin-Monte Carlo simulation of ethylene coexistence and of ethylene adsorption on graphite

Farthing, S., 2013:
Binary Flutter as an Oscillating Windmill - Scaling & Linear Analysis

Arikan, T.; Kannan, A.M.; Kadirgan, F., 2013:
Binary PtPd and ternary PtPdRu nanoelectrocatalysts for direct methanol fuel cells

Lo Nigro, R; Fiorenza, P; Catalano, M R.; Fisichella, G; Roccaforte, F; Malandrino, G, 2013:
Binary and complex oxide thin films for microelectronic applications: An insight into their growth and advanced nanoscopic investigation

Hartono, A; Saleem, F; Arshad, M Waseem; Usman, M; Svendsen, H F., 2013:
Binary and ternary VLE of the 2-(diethylamino)-ethanol (DEEA)/3-(methylamino)-propylamine (MAPA)/water system

Hartono, A; Saeed, M; Ciftja, A F.; Svendsen, H F., 2013:
Binary and ternary VLE of the 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (AMP)/piperazine (Pz)/water system

Tsokaros, A; Uryū, Kōji, 2013:
Binary black hole circular orbits computed withcocal

Liu, B; Zhou, M; Liu, H; Wang, X; Yang, X, 2013:
Binary colloidal hetero-coagulation for raspberry-like particles through azidealkyne click reaction

Sinha, P; Kumar, L, 2013:
Binary images in seasonal land-cover change identification: a comparative study in parts of New South Wales, Australia

Che, X; Li, G, 2013:
Binary sources of loess on the Chinese Loess Plateau revealed by UPb ages of zircon

Praetorius, M.; Khabas, R.; Hoth, S., 2013:
Binaural Interlevel Differences and Alternate Binaural Loudness Balance in Cochlear Implant Recipients

Bertolini, L; Carsana, M; Gastaldi, M; Lollini, F; Redaelli, E, 2013:
Binder characterisation of mortars used at different ages in the San Lorenzo church in Milan

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Binding effect of cellulose nanofibers in wood flour board

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Binding mechanism of Cu(II) at the claywater interface by powder and polarized EXAFS spectroscopy

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Binding mechanism of Orange G to human serum albumin: Saturation transfer difference-NMR, spectroscopic and computational techniques

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Binding of DNA with Rhodamine B: Spectroscopic and molecular modeling studies

Balakrishnan, S; Jaldappagari, S, 2013 :
Binding of an anticancer Rutaceae plant flavonoid glycoside with calf thymus DNA: Biophysical and electrochemical studies

Chatterjee, D; Bose K, J C.; Mukhopadhyay, S, 2013:
Binding of aquo-ethylenediaminetetraacetatoruthenium(III) to apo-transferrin. Fluorescence, antiproliferative and in silico studies

Pouw, R.B.; Brouwer, M.C.; Tang, C.M.; Wouters, D.; Kuijpers, T.W., 2013:
Binding of recombinant factor H-related proteins to meningococcal factor H-binding protein

Naveenraj, S; Anandan, S, 2013:
Binding of serum albumins with bioactive substances Nanoparticles to drugs

Kitamura, M; Murakami, K; Yamada, K; Kawai, K; Kunishima, M, 2013:
Binding of sulforhodamine B to human serum albumin: A spectroscopic study

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Binding receptors of botulinum neurotoxins

Sportiche, D, 2013:
Binding theoryStructure sensitivity of referential dependencies

Frances, R.J., 2013:
Binge Drinking and Axis I Psychiatric Disorders in Community-Dwelling Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Results From the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC)

Golub, M; Hogrefe, C; Vandevoort, C, 2013:
Binge drinking prior to pregnancy detection in a nonhuman primate: Behavioral evaluation of offspring

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Binswanger-type vascular cognitive impairment no dementia (VCIND) and vascular dementia (VaD)

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Binuclear Orthometalated N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine Complexes of Palladium(II): Synthesis, Structures and Thermal Behavior

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Binuclear butadiene chromium carbonyls: Comparison with their trimethylenemethane isomers

Zhang, S; Zhang, X; Li, Q-shu; King, R. Bruce, 2013:
Binuclear cyclopentadienylrhodium halides and cyanides in the +2 to +3 oxidation states

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Binuclear iron complexes with acyclic Schiff bases based on 4-tert-butyl-2,6-diformylphenol: synthesis, properties, and use in catalytic partial oxidation of isobutane

Adhikary, S Das; Seth, S Kumar; Senapati, M Ranjan; Dinda, J, 2013:
Binuclear luminescent silver(I) N-heterocyclic carbene complex derived from 1-picolyl-3-pyrimidylbenzimidazoliumhexaflurophosphate

Sabounchei, S Javad; Bagherjeri, F Akhlaghi; Boskovic, C; Gable, R W.; Karamian, R; Asadbegy, M, 2013:
Binuclear mercury(II) complexes of sulfonium ylides: Synthesis, structural characterization and anti-bacterial activity

Wu, Y; Luo, Q; Wang, C; Li, Q-shu; Xie, Y; Bruce King, R., 2013:
Binuclear methylene and difluoromethylene iron carbonyls: A density functional theory study

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Binuclear samarium(III) pivalates with chelating N-donors: Synthesis, structure, thermal behavior, magnetic and luminescent properties

Liu, K; Wu, Q; Mu, X; Gao, W; Mu, Y, 2013 :
Binuclear zirconium complexes with bidentate N-(ortho-dimethylaminobenzyl)anilide ligands: Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic properties for ethylene polymerization and copolymerization with 1-hexene

Adamatzky, A; Martinez, G J, 2013:
Bio-Imitation of Mexican Migration Routes to the USA with Slime Mould on 3D Terrains

A. A. Nuhu, 2013:
Bio-catalytic desulfurization of fossil fuels: a mini review

Barthel, S; Crumley, C; Svedin, U, 2013:
Bio-cultural refugiaSafeguarding diversity of practices for food security and biodiversity

Subramaniam, D.; Murugesan, A.; Avinash, A.; Kumaravel, A., 2013:
Bio-diesel production and its engine characteristicsAn expatiate view

Garcia, D; Urtizberea, A; Diez, G; Gil, J; Marchal, P, 2013:
Bio-economic management strategy evaluation of deepwater stocks using the FLBEIA model

Yu, F; Gao, L; Wang, W; Zhang, G; Ji, J, 2013:
Bio-fuel production from the catalytic pyrolysis of soybean oil over Me-Al-MCM-41 (Me=La, Ni or Fe) mesoporous materials

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Bio-fuel reformation for solid oxide fuel cell applications. Part 1: Fuel vaporization and reactant mixing

Wang, S; Cai, Q; Wang, X; Guo, Z; Luo, Z, 2013:
Bio-gasoline production from co-cracking of hydroxypropanone and ethanol

Tapia-Venegas, E; Ramirez, J Esteban; Donoso-Bravo, Aés; Jorquera, L; Steyer, J-Phillipe; Ruiz-Filippi, G, 2013:
Bio-hydrogen production during acidogenic fermentation in a multistage stirred tank reactor

Reungsang, A; Sittijunda, S; O-thong, S, 2013:
Bio-hydrogen production from glycerol by immobilized Enterobacter aerogenes ATCC 13048 on heat-treated UASB granules as affected by organic loading rate

Shi, Y; Feng, X; Wang, Y; Yue, G; Yang, W, 2013:
Bio-inspired fabrication of well-oriented ZnO nanorod arrays film and its superhydrophobicity and superhydrophilicity

Malshe, A; Rajurkar, K; Samant, A; Hansen, H Nørgaard; Bapat, S; Jiang, W, 2013:
Bio-inspired functional surfaces for advanced applications

Zapp, E; Nascimento, V; Dambrowski, D; Braga, A Luiz; Cruz Vieira, I, 2013:
Bio-inspired sensor based on glutathione peroxidase mimetic for hydrogen peroxide detection

Shi, J-Yuan; Wang, Y-Ying; Yao, Q-Zhi; Zhou, G-Tao; Fu, S-Quan, 2013:
Bio-inspired synthesis of silica ribbons with through-holes

Herbort, M; Hoser, C; Lenschow, S; Schliemann, B; Koesters, C; Raschke, M Johannes; Fink, C, 2013:
Bio-mechanical Properties of a New MPFL Reconstruction Technique Using Quadriceps Tendon in Comparison to the Intact MPFL. A Human Cadaveric Study

Görling, M; Larsson, Mårten; Alvfors, P, 2013:
Bio-methane via fast pyrolysis of biomass

Magdalini Laskou, M Economou-Eliopoulos, 2013:
Bio-mineralization and potential biogeochemical processes in bauxite deposits: genetic and ore quality significance

J. I. Morán, A. Vázquez, V. P. Cyras, 2013:
Bio-nanocomposites based on derivatized potato starch and cellulose, preparation and characterization

Wang, S; Li, X; Zhang, F; Cai, Q; Wang, Y; Luo, Z, 2013:
Bio-oil catalytic reforming without steam addition: Application to hydrogen production and studies on its mechanism

Salehi, E; Abedi, J; Harding, T G.; Seyedeyn-Azad, F, 2013:
Bio-oil from Sawdust: Design, Operation, and Performance of a Bench-Scale Fluidized-Bed Pyrolysis Plant

Kim, S Won; Koo, B Seok; Ryu, J Wook; Lee, J Sik; Kim, C Joong; Lee, D Hyun; Kim, G Rok; Choi, S, 2013:
Bio-oil from the pyrolysis of palm and Jatropha wastes in a fluidized bed

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