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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64377

Chapter 64377 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cosman, I; Macavei, B; Sucala, M; David, D, 2013:
Rational and Irrational Beliefs and Coping Strategies Among Transylvanian Holocaust Survivors: An Exploratory Analysis

Hahn, U; Harris, A J.L.; Oaksford, M, 2013:
Rational argument, rational inference

Edvardsson Björnberg, K, 2013:
Rational climate mitigation goals

Wang, C-Feng; Dai, G-Liang; Jin, Z-Neng, 2013:
Rational design of cobalt molecular square complexes with exact coplanar corners by bis-chelating 4,5-imidazoledicarboxylate bridges

Raunio, H; Tani, N; Juvonen, R; Fashe, M; Leppänen, J; Zhao, B; Miksys, S; Tyndale, R; Rahnasto-Rilla, M, 2013:
Rational design of novel CYP2A6 inhibitors

Ciccarone, G; Marchetti, E, 2013:
Rational expectations and loss aversion: Potential output and welfare implications

Berliant, M; Yu, C-Ming, 2013:
Rational expectations in urban economics

Goecke, H; Luhan, W J.; Roos, M W.M., 2013:
Rational inattentiveness in a forecasting experiment

Ganguly, N, 2013:
Rational investigations in a suspected case of dengue

Geffroy, P.-M.; Fouletier, J.; Richet, N.; Chartier, T., 2013:
Rational selection of MIEC materials in energy production processes

Ammirati, E.; Vermi, A. C.; Magnoni, M.; Scotti, I.; Busnardo, E.; Marrocco Trischitta, M.; Anzalone, N.; Falini, A.; Rimoldi, O. E.; Camici, P. G., 2013:
Rationale and preliminary results of the Imaging of the plaque (IMPLAC) study. A multi-modality approach to identify vulnerable carotid plaques in relation to brain damage in asymptomatic patients

Boyer, M; Jänne, P Antero; Mok, T; O’Byrne, K; Paz-Ares, L; Ramalingam, S S; Liang, J; Taylor, I; Campbell, A; O’Connell, J; Letrent, S; Antic, V, 2013:
Rationale and study design of ARCHER: a randomized, double-blind, Phase III study of dacomitinib versus erlotinib for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

Lorenzetti, R; Prantera, C, 2013:
Rationale for the use of rifaximin in inflammatory bowel diseases based on clinical trial results

Hoffmann, K.; Frederiksen, K.S.; Sobol, N.A.; Beyer, N.; Vogel, A.; Simonsen, A.H.; Johannsen, P.; Lolk, A.; Terkelsen, O.; Cotman, C.W.; Hasselbalch, S.G.; Waldemar, G., 2013:
Rationale, design and preliminary baseline data of the ADEX study: The effect of physical exercise in Alzheimer's disease

Xu, Y; Yoshihara, N, 2013:
Rationality and solutions to nonconvex bargaining problems: Rationalizability and Nash solutions

Elqayam, S; Evans, J St. B. T., 2013:
Rationality in the new paradigm: Strict versus soft Bayesian approaches

Ponthiere, G, 2013:
Rationalizability and interactivity in evolutionary OLG models

Murray, A-Marie, 2013 :
Rationalizing CreativityRationalizing Public Service: Is Scheduling Management Fit for the Digital Era?

Helzner, J, 2013:
Rationalizing two-tiered choice functions through conditional choice

Tutino, A, 2013:
Rationally inattentive consumption choices

Zhu, S; Du, L; Zhang, L, 2013:
Rationing and pricing strategies for congestion mitigation: Behavioral theory, econometric model, and application in Beijing

Buchanan, K L., 2013:
Ratites, seeds and biodiversity

Füeßl, H, 2013:
Raumforderung seit fünf Jahren

De Bonis, A; Grifa, C; Cultrone, G; De Vita, P; Langella, A; Morra, V, 2013:
Raw Materials for Archaeological Pottery from the Campania Region of Italy: A Petrophysical Characterization

Romero, C; Ramos, P; Costa, C; Márquez, M. Carmen, 2013:
Raw and digested municipal waste compost leachate as potential fertilizer: comparison with a commercial fertilizer

Claeys, W L.; Cardoen, S; Daube, G; De Block, J; Dewettinck, K; Dierick, K; De Zutter, L; Huyghebaert, Aé; Imberechts, H; Thiange, P; Vandenplas, Y; Herman, L, 2013:
Raw or heated cow milk consumption: Review of risks and benefits

Daphne Patai, 2013:
Ray Bradbury and the Assault on Free Thought

John Gebhart, 2013 :
Ray Lee, 19312012: surgeon, teacher, mentor, friend

Ermakov, A. A.; Balakshy, V. I.; Mantsevich, S. N., 2013:
Ray spectra and structure of acoustic beams in crystals

Scheler, S, 2013:
Ray tracing as a supportive tool for interpretation of FBRM signals from spherical particles

Burinskaya, T. M., 2013:
Ray tracing model of the auroral kilometric radiation generation in the 3-D plasma cavity

Yamaguchi, K.; Matsumuro, T.; Omura, Y.; Nunn, D., 2013:
Ray tracing of whistler-mode chorus elements: implications for generation mechanisms of rising and falling tone emissions

Sterckx, S; Livens, S; Adriaensen, S, 2013:
Rayleigh, Deep Convective Clouds, and Cross-Sensor Desert Vicarious Calibration Validation for the PROBA-V Mission

Pearce, P.; Daou, J., 2013:
RayleighBnard instability generated by a diffusion flame

Sweeney, H.; Kerswell, R. R.; Mullin, T., 2013:
RayleighTaylor instability in a finite cylinder: linear stability analysis and long-time fingering solutions

Thiel, M, 2013:
Raymond T. Bauer, Recipient of the Crustacean Society excellence in research award

Seidelmann, P. K., 2013:
Raynor L Duncombe 1917-2013

Moustafa, P.E.; Abdelkader, N.F.; El Awdan, S.A.; El-Shabrawy, O.A.; Zaki, H.F., 2018 :
Extracellular Matrix Remodeling and Modulation of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress by Sulforaphane in Experimental Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Jiménez-Pulido, S B.; Illán-Cabeza, N A.; Hueso-Ureña, F; Moreno-Carretero, M N., 2013:
Re(I) and Ag(I) complexes containing the polydentate symmetric diazine derived from 6-acetyl-1,3,7-trimethylpteridine-2,4(1H,3H)-dione in two different binuclear modes

Hong, J Sung; Ryan, J P.; Chiu, Y-ling; Sabri, B, 2013:
Re-Arrest Among Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth: An Examination of the Static and Dynamic Risk Factors

Rebecca Pearce, S Dessai, S Barr, 2013:
Re-Framing Environmental Social Science Research for Sustainable Water Management in a Changing Climate

Badham, R J., 2013:
Re-Imagineering the Social

Joseph, A; Kearns, R; Moon, G, 2013:
Re-Imagining Psychiatric Asylum Spaces through Residential Redevelopment: Strategic Forgetting and Selective Remembrance

Kumar, R; Le, Y; Song, D Y., 2013:
Re-Implantation Following Suboptimal Dosimetry in Low-Dose-Rate Prostate Brachytherapy: Technique for Outpatient Source Insertion Using Local Anesthesia

Giordano, G., 2013:
Re-Mean the Healthcare Communications: Balint Groups and Foulkes Groups

Lawley, C.; Selby, D.; Imber, J., 2013:
Re-Os Molybdenite, Pyrite, and Chalcopyrite Geochronology, Lupa Goldfield, Southwestern Tanzania: Tracing Metallogenic Time Scales at Midcrustal Shear Zones Hosting Orogenic Au Deposits

Hennessy, L A., 2013:
Re-Placing Indigenous Territory: Villagization and the Transformation of Amerindian Environments Under Cooperative Socialism in Guyana

Samper, J; Garciandía, J Antonio, 2013:
Re-Storying Incest: Four Women and Three Generations

Johnson, C Denton, 2013:
Re-Thinking the Emergence of the Struggle for South African Liberation in the United States: Max Yergan and the Council on African Affairs, 19221946

Fröhlig, F, 2013:
Re-Visiting the Site of the Former Soviet Prison Camp in Tambov

Pfeiffer, J. M.; Graf, D. L., 2013:
Re-analysis confirms the polyphyly of Lamprotula Simpson, 1900 (Bivalvia: Unionidae)

Down, M J.; Hill, C; Yurchenko, S N.; Tennyson, J; Brown, L R.; Kleiner, I, 2013:
Re-analysis of ammonia spectra: Updating the HITRAN 14NH3 database

Ulenikov, O.N.; Onopenko, G.A.; Gromova, O.V.; Bekhtereva, E.S.; Horneman, V.-M., 2013:
Re-analysis of the (100), (001), and (020) rotational structure of SO2 on the basis of high resolution FTIR spectra

Sergio, A. Villalobos, P L. Oróstegui, F A. Villalobos, 2013:
Re-assessing a soil nailing design in heavily weathered granite after a strong earthquake

Rasmussen, S. J., 2013:
Re-casting the veil: Situated meanings of covering

Hamnett, C; Butler, T, 2013:
Re-classifying London: a growing middle class and increasing inequality

D'Arpino, M.Cecilia.; Fuchs, A.G.; Sánchez, S.S.; Honoré, S.M., 2017:
Extracellular matrix remodeling and TGF-β1/Smad signaling in diabetic colon mucosa

Hazran, Y, 2013:
Re-confessionalising the Shiites and the Druzes: The Failure of Secularism in Lebanon

Urquhart, J; Acott, T G., 2013:
Re-connecting and embedding food in place: Rural development and inshore fisheries in Cornwall, UK

Bazilian, M; Onyeji, I; Liebreich, M; MacGill, I; Chase, J; Shah, J; Gielen, D; Arent, D; Landfear, D; Zhengrong, S, 2013:
Re-considering the economics of photovoltaic power

Ke, C, 2013:
Re-creating Britain through Space, Body, Food and Drink

Swindles, G. T.; Galloway, J.; Outram, Z.; Turner, K.; Schofield, J. E.; Newton, A. J.; Dugmore, A. J.; Church, M. J.; Watson, E. J.; Batt, C.; Bond, J.; Edwards, K. J.; Turner, V.; Bashford, D., 2013:
Re-deposited cryptotephra layers in Holocene peats linked to anthropogenic activity

Verdes, A; Aguado, M. Teresa; San Martín, G, 2013:
Re-description of some poorly known species of the family Syllidae (Annelida)

Kim, S-A., 2013:
Re-discovering voice: Korean immigrant women in group music therapy

Gayatri Sharma, K.; Rajmuhon Singh, N., 2013:
Re-dispersible CaWO4:Tb3+ nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and photoluminescence studies

Ahearn, S C.; Icke, I; Datta, R; DeMers, M N.; Plewe, B; Skupin, Aé, 2013:
Re-engineering the GIS&T Body of Knowledge

Griffiths, A, 2013:
Re-envisioning the local: spatiality, land and law in Botswana

Soratana, K; Khanna, V; Landis, A E., 2013:
Re-envisioning the renewable fuel standard to minimize unintended consequences: A comparison of microalgal diesel with other biodiesels

Bithas, K.; Kalimeris, P., 2013:
Re-estimating the decoupling effect: Is there an actual transition towards a less energy-intensive economy?

Taylor, K W.R.; Huber, M; Hollis, C J.; Hernandez-Sanchez, M T.; Pancost, R D., 2013:
Re-evaluating modern and Palaeogene GDGT distributions: Implications for SST reconstructions

Cheng, K.; Zheng, J.; Nayak, D.; Smith, P.; Pan, G., 2013:
Re-evaluating the biophysical and technologically attainable potential of topsoil carbon sequestration in China's cropland

Partanen, J I.; Makkonen, E K.; Vahteristo, K P., 2013:
Re-evaluation of Activity Coefficients in Dilute Aqueous Hydrobromic and Hydriodic Acid Solutions at Temperatures from 0 to 60

Ferry, J. M.; Winslow, N. W.; Penniston-Dorland, S. C., 2013:
Re-evaluation of Infiltration-driven Regional Metamorphism in Northern New England: New Transport Models with Solid Solution and Cross-layer Equilibration of Fluid Composition

Song, H; Mariño-Pérez, R, 2013:
Re-evaluation of taxonomic utility of male phallic complex in higher-level classification of Acridomorpha (Orthoptera: Caelifera)

Mihara, T.; Tojo, K.; Goto, T., 2013:
Re-evaluation of the effectiveness of ramosetron in preventing post-operative nausea and vomiting: a meta-analysis without Fujii et al.s RCTs

Nilsson, E.J.K.; Joelsson, L.M.T.; Heimdal, J.; Johnson, M.S.; Nielsen, O.J., 2013:
Re-evaluation of the reaction rate coefficient of CH3Br + OH with implications for the atmospheric budget of methyl bromide

Jessica Goodheart, Ángel Valdés, 2013:
Re-evaluation of theDoriopsilla areolataBergh, 1880 (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia) subspecies complex in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and its relationship to South AfricanDoriopsilla miniata(Alder & Hancock, 1864) based on molecular data

Gupta, P; Shinha, T; Pirouz, R; Lin, Y Shia; Gerolemou, L; Sepkowitz, D, 2013:
Re-examination of Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia During a Shortage of Parenteral Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole

Shingo Watari, M Murata, Y Hinoshita, K Mishiro…, 2013:
Re-examination of age and growth of daggertooth pike congerMuraenesox cinereusin the western Seto Inland Sea, Japan

Hyodo, M; Hori, T, 2013:
Re-examination of possible great interplate earthquake scenarios in the Nankai Trough, southwest Japan, based on recent findings and numerical simulations

Kaplan, M L.; Vellore, R K.; Lewis, J M.; Underwood, S. Jeffrey; Pauley, P M.; Martin, J E.; Krishnan, R., 2013:
Re-examination of the I-5 dust storm

Qingqing Li 李青青,Qian Wang 王 皘, 2013:
Re-examination of the potential vorticity metrics for determining extratropical transition onset and completion times using high-resolution data

Alderson, J. C.; Kremmel, B., 2013:
Re-examining the content validation of a grammar test: The (im)possibility of distinguishing vocabulary and structural knowledge

Monica Raileanu Szeles, 2013:
Re-examining the relationship between economic growth and inequality in the New Member States

El-Asir, L; Jabbar, F; Boundouki, G; Griffith, C; Harvey, J, 2013:
Re-excision of anterior margins for breast cancer is associated with a low local recurrence rate

Allweil, Y; Kallus, R, 2013:
Re-forming the political body in the city: The interplay of male bodies and territory in urban public spaces in Tel Aviv

Venkatram, A; Snyder, M G.; Heist, D K.; Perry, S G.; Petersen, W B.; Isakov, V, 2013:
Re-formulation of plume spread for near-surface dispersion

Puig, V I., 2013:
Re-imagining language, culture, and family in foster care

Wilson, W.A.; Lacy, J.; Cleary, R.; Aryal, P.; Meigooni, A.S.; Rowland, R.G.; Crispen, P.; St. Clair, W.H., 2013:
Re-implantation of Prostate Brachytherapy Seeds for Salvage Therapy: A Single Institution Experience

Gosnell, E; Jackson, P; Ogunbiyi, S; Shenoy, M; Davies, B, 2013:
Re-intervention rate post paediatric appendicectomy. Do we meet the mark? (5 year audit data against the new national standard)

Tang, C Foon; Shahbaz, M; Arouri, M, 2013:
Re-investigating the electricity consumption and economic growth nexus in Portugal

Hill, C A.; Meyer, J M.; Ejendal, K F.K.; Echeverry, D F.; Lang, E G.; Avramova, L V.; Conley, J M.; Watts, V J., 2013:
Re-invigorating the insecticide discovery pipeline for vector control: GPCRs as targets for the identification of next gen insecticides

Qiu, S.F.; Lin, S.J.; Tham, I.W.; Xu, L.Y.; Lu, J.; Zheng, W.; Huang, C.B.; Pan, J.J.; Lu, J.J., 2013:
Re-irradiation Treatment in 168 Cases Recurrent T1-2 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Kersh, C.; Sheehan, J.; Gerszten, P.; Flickenger, J.; Sahgal, A.; Letourneau, D.; Grills, I.; Jawad, M.; Mantel, F.; Guckenberger, M., 2013:
Re-irradiation With Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment for Spinal Metastases: Results From an International Multicenter Database

Garg, S.; Kilburn, J.M.; Randolph, D.M.; Lucas, J.T.; Urbanic, J.J.; Porosnicu, M.; Hinson, W.H.; Kearns, W.T.; Greven, K.M., 2013:
Re-irradiation for Second Primary or Recurrent Cancers of the Head and Neck: Composite Dosimetric Measures to Evaluate Dose to the Carotid Arteries

Tay, K.; Loh, K.-S.; Goh, B.-C.; Tham, I. W. K.; Lim, C. M., 2013:
Re-irradiation versus Chemo-reirradiation for Recurrent, Unresectable Head and Neck Cancer

Giampiero Beluffi, 2013:
Re-irradiation: new frontiers

Stringer, M.E.; Madabhushi, S.P.G., 2013:
Re-mobilization of pile shaft friction after an earthquake

Reubi, D, 2013:
Re-moralising medicine: The bioethical thought collective and the regulation of the body in British medical research

Soliman, M.R.; Ushijima, S.; El-Shinawy, I., 2013:
Re-originate Burullus coastal lake's ecosystem using salinity dynamics as a management tool

Garcia Rodriguez, L. A.; Johansson, S.; Nagy, P.; Martin-Merino, E., 2013:
Re-prescription of low-dose acetylsalicylic acid therapy after discontinuation: incidence and predictors

Green, B; Cormack, P; Patterson, A, 2013:
Re-reading the reading lesson: episodes in the history of reading pedagogy

Kaltner, M, 2013:
Re-referral for Complex Child Abuse and Neglect Concerns: The Influence of Family and Child Factors in a 25 Year Data Set

del Olmo, M, 2013:
Re-shaping Migrant Students' Trajectories through Public Policy in Madrid, Spain

Idllalène, S, 2013:
Re-thinking coastal adaptation strategy: from SLR to land risksCan the water policy fill the coastal strategy vacuum? The case of Morocco

Reo, N James; Parker, A K., 2013:
Re-thinking colonialism to prepare for the impacts of rapid environmental change

Fogarty, K.; Augoustinos, M.; Kettler, L., 2013:
Re-thinking rapport through the lens of progressivity in investigative interviews into child sexual abuse

Mehta, A.; Sequiera, G. L.; Ramachandra, C. J. A.; Sudibyo, Y.; Chung, Y. Y.; Wong, Y. W.; Tan, T. H.; Liew, R.; Wong, P.; Shim, W., 2013:
Re-trafficking of hERG reverses Long QT Syndrome 2 phenotype in human pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes

Bell, D; Gray, T; Haggett, C; Swaffield, J, 2013:
Re-visiting the social gap: public opinion and relations of power in the local politics of wind energy

Turner, J, 2013:
Re-homing the ex-offender: constructing a prisoner dyspora'

Evans, A J, 2013:
Re. The management of endometrial polyps in the 21st Century

Al-Humadi, H.; Alhumadi, A.; Al-Saigh, R.; Strilakou, A.; Lazaris, A.C.; Gazouli, M.; Liapi, C., 2018 :
"Extracellular matrix remodelling in the liver of rats subjected to dietary choline deprivation and/or thioacetamide administration"

Cunningham Breede, D, 2013:
ReMembering Mother: Reconstituting Voice and Identity Through Narrative With Alzheimer's Patients

López-Villaescusa, Mía Teresa; Rodríguez Vázquez, Mía; Martínez Martínez, Mía Luisa; García Angel, Rén, 2013:
Reaccin liquenoide en la mucosa oral por dermatitis alrgica de contacto

Miguélez, A.; Martín-Santiago, A.; Bauzá, A.; Gilaberte, Y., 2013:
Reaccin urticariforme secundaria a terapia fotodinmica en 2 pacientes peditricos

Martlew, J; Grogan, D, 2013:
Reach for the Stars! Creative engagement with young children

Gaskin, R; Hill, D J., 2013:
Reach's Puzzle and Mention

Yuan, H, 2013:
Reachable set of open quantum dynamics for a single spin in Markovian environment

Ray, W, 2013:
Reaching Beyond the Classroom: The Center for Global Geography Education's Collaborative Projects

Tonner, R H.; Browne, A P.; Jackson, C E.; Robinson, K M.; Roup, B J.; Nardolillo, J P., 2013:
Reaching Out to Prevent Infections - How the Metropolitan Washington DC Chapter 16 Involved the Community

Borisov, A. B.; McCorkindale, J. C.; Poopalasingam, S.; Longworth, J. W.; Rhodes, C. K., 2013:
Reaching Vacuum Harmonic Generation and Approaching the Schwinger Limit with X-Rays

Rychtarik, R G.; McGillicuddy, N B.; Barrick, C, 2013:
Reaching Women Under Stress from a Partner's Drinking Problem: Assessing Interest in Online Help

Skiba, R J., 2013:
Reaching a Critical Juncture for Our Kids: The Need to Reassess School-Justice Practices

Kassaee, M. Z.; Zandi, H.; Aref Rad, H.; Ghambarian, M., 2013:
Reaching for cyclacenes and short nanotubes through Si substitutions as studied by DFT calculations

Genschow, O; Florack, A; Chib, V S.; Shimojo, S; Scarabis, M; Wänke, M, 2013:
Reaching for the (Product) Stars: Measuring Recognition and Approach Speed to Get Insights Into Consumer Choice

Powell, S R.; Fuchs, L S.; Fuchs, D, 2013:
Reaching the Mountaintop: Addressing the Common Core Standards in Mathematics for Students with Mathematics Difficulties

Meadowcroft, J, 2013:
Reaching the limits? Developed country engagement with sustainable development in a challenging conjuncture

Bessarabova, E; Fink, E L.; Turner, M, 2013:
Reactance, Restoration, and Cognitive Structure: Comparative Statics

Jelto Drenth,Anton Hafkenscheid, 2013:
Reactie op Winkelhorst, Hafkenscheid en De Groot

Ingeborg Visser, E De Haan, 2013:
Reactie op weet je nog hoe miselijk je was?

Jac Maurer,George Westermann, 2013:
Reacties op: Aandacht voor de adviesfase en samenwerkingsrelatie

Visser, I.; Haan, E., 2013:
Reacties op: Mislukte behandeling?

Bieneke Nienhuis, 2013:
Reacties op: Wie is de aanhouder?

prof. dr. Anneloes van Baar,Dr. Elske Sigmond…, 2013:
Reacties op: Zorg over de toekomstige kwaliteit van zorg voor de jeugd

Kees Wensink, 2013:
Reacties van lezers

Rai, Y; Kogame, H; Tatsumi, K; Nakabe, K, 2013:
Reaction Characteristics of Methanol Noncatalytic Partial Oxidation Stabilized by Ceramic Honeycomb

Gao, J; Xu, T; Wang, G; Zhang, A; Xu, C, 2013:
Reaction behavior of oil sand in fluidized-bed pyrolysis

Alphei, L. D.; Grotjahn, R.; Becker, V.; Janhsen, R.; Douvidzon, M.; Becker, J. A., 2013:
Reaction enhanced wetting of quartz by silicon droplets and its instabilities

Schiller, R; Horváth, Ákos, 2013:
Reaction enthalpies along the two channels of geminate electron recombination in liquid-to-supercritical water

Nie, H; Zhang, S; Schoenitz, M; Dreizin, E L., 2013:
Reaction interface between aluminum and water

Atherton, J H.; Page, M I.; Sun, H, 2013:
Reaction kinetics in liquid ammonia up to 120C: techniques and some solvolysis and substitution reactions

Mitroka, S M.; Smiley, T D.; Tanko, J.M.; Dietrich, A M., 2013:
Reaction mechanism for oxidation and degradation of high density polyethylene in chlorinated water

Mark, A. Pearce, N E. Timms…, 2013:
Reaction mechanism for the replacement of calcite by dolomite and siderite: implications for geochemistry, microstructure and porosity evolution during hydrothermal mineralisation

Wei-yi, S; Qing-yuan, W; Sang-lan, D; Shi-jun, S; Wen-ju, J; Er-gang, Z, 2013:
Reaction mechanism of NOx removal from flue gas with pyrolusite slurry

Xing, S-Kai; Wang, G-Chang, 2013:
Reaction mechanism of ethanol decomposition on Mo2C(100) investigated by the first principles study

Morlanés, N., 2013:
Reaction mechanism of naphtha steam reforming on nickel-based catalysts, and FTIR spectroscopy with CO adsorption to elucidate real active sites

Zhu, H; Dong, K; Wang, H; Huang, J; Li, J; Xie, Z, 2013:
Reaction mechanisms of the TiC/Fe composite fabricated by exothermic dispersion from FeTiC element system

Levina, I. S.; Kulikova, L. E.; Kachala, V. V.; Khemchyan, L. L., 2013:
Reaction of 5β,6β-epoxy-16α,17α-cyclohexapregnane with methylmagnesium iodide

Paul, N; Muthusubramanian, S, 2013:
Reaction of Diphenacylanilines with 2-Aminobenzophenone: An Abnormal Friedlander Reaction Yielding Indoles

Sayed, M; Nasr-El-Din, H A.; Nasrabadi, H, 2013:
Reaction of Emulsified Acids With Dolomite

Telvekar, V N.; Takale, B S., 2013:
Reaction of Oximes of α-Diketones with Diphosphorous Tetraiodide for Preparation of Oxadiazoles and Nitriles

Ivanova, S, 2013:
Reaction of Sulfinic Acids with Heteroconjugated Alkenes

Nemtarev, A. V.; Mironov, V. F.; Aniskin, A. S.; Baranov, D. S.; Mironova, E. V.; Krivolapov, D. B.; Musin, R. Z.; Vasilevskii, S. F.; Druzhkov, N. O.; Cherkasov, V. K., 2013:
Reaction of arylenedioxytrihalophosphoranes with acetylenes 11. Electronic effect of the substituent in arylacetylene on the reaction rate

A. O. Chagarovskiy,O. A. Ivanova,E. M. Budynina…, 2013:
Reaction of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes with 1,3-diphenylisobenzofuran. Lewis acid effect on the reaction pathway

Hovhannisyan, A. A.; Mehrabyan, M. M.; Kurtikyan, T. S., 2013:
Reaction of nitrogen dioxide with iron tetraphenylporphyrinate nitro complex containing thetrans-1-methylimidazole ligand

Sokolenko, W. A.; Svirskaya, N. M.; Rubaylo, A. I., 2013:
Reaction of phenols with 1-adamantanol in the presence of 1-bromoadamantane

Metzker, G; Cardoso, D Rodrigues; Franco, D Wagner, 2013:
Reaction of ruthenium nitrosyl complexes with superoxide

Nishikiori, H; Shimamura, S; Fujii, T, 2013:
Reaction of spironaphthoxazine with acid

Seyed Bagher Mahmoudi,Sara Ghashghaie, 2013:
Reaction of sugar beet S1 lines and cultivars to different isolates ofMacrophomina phaseolinaandRhizoctonia solaniAG-2-2IIIB

Barnett, R. P.; Fray, D. J., 2013:
Reaction of tantalum oxide with calcium chloridecalcium oxide melts

Li, X; Xu, C; Liu, C; Zhang, N; You, J; Wu, Q, 2013:
Reaction pathway in vapor-phase synthesis of pyrazinyl compounds from glycerol and 1,2-propanediamine over ZnO-based catalysts

Huelsman, C M.; Savage, P E., 2013:
Reaction pathways and kinetic modeling for phenol gasification in supercritical water

Pinilla, J.L.; Arcelus-Arrillaga, P.; Puron, H.; Millan, M., 2013:
Reaction pathways of anthracene selective catalytic steam cracking using a NiK/Al2O3 catalyst

Slađana Anđelic, N Ivančević, Sžana Bogunović, 2013:
Reaction times as indicators of the quality of expert work of belgrade municipal institutions for emergency medical services

Sónia Simões, F Viana, A. Sofia Ramos…, 2013:
Reaction zone formed during diffusion bonding of TiNi to Ti6Al4V using Ni/Ti nanolayers

Danilewicz, J. C., 2013:
Reactions Involving Iron in Mediating Catechol Oxidation in Model Wine

Shibuya, T; Yoshizaki, M; Masaki, Y; Suzuki, K; Takai, K; Russell, M J., 2013:
Reactions between basalt and CO2-rich seawater at 250 and 350C, 500bars: Implications for the CO2 sequestration into the modern oceanic crust and the composition of hydrothermal vent fluid in the CO2-rich early ocean

I. V. Zavarzin,Ya. S. Antonov,E. I. Chernoburova…, 2013:
Reactions of 17-chloro-16-formylandrosta-5,16-diene with thiohydrazides of oxamic acids

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Reactions of Acid Chlorides/Ketenes with 2-Substituted 4,5-Dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-1,3-thiazoles: Formation of Penam Derivatives

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Reactions of Enaminones with Diazocarbonyl Compounds

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Reactions of a tungsten alkylidyne complex with mono-dentate phosphines: Thermodynamic and theoretical studies

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Reactions of activated organonickel -complexes with elemental (white) phosphorus

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Reactions of acyl azides with secondary amines in the presence of copper(ii) acetate

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Reactions of excess electrons with bridged amidoesters in low-temperature matrices

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Reactions of glutaraldehyde with dipolar ions of amino acids and proteins

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Reactions of hydrogen peroxide with acetylacetone and 2-acetylcyclopentanone

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Reactions of mixed-metal dicobaltiron cluster (3-S)FeCo2(CO)9 with diphosphine ligands

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Reactions of molybdenum pentachloride with oxygen and nitrogen donor ligands

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Reactions of nitrogen nucleophiles with enantiopure cyclohexenyl electrophiles: a stereo- and regio- selective study

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Reactions of phenolic antioxidants with electrogenerated hexacyanoferrate(III) ions and their use in vegetable oils analysis

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Reactions of phenylacetylene and p-tolylacetylene with a five-coordinate RuII complex

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Reactions of rhodium (II) acetate with non-lacunary Keggin and Dawson polyoxoanions and related catalytic studies

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Reactions of substituted tetramethylcyclopentadienes with molybdenum hexacarbonyl

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Reactions to Employer Policies Regarding Prescription Drugs and Medical Marijuana: The Role of Safety Sensitivity

David, G. Allen, J E. Biggane, M Pitts…, 2013:
Reactions to Recruitment Web Sites: Visual and Verbal Attention, Attraction, and Intentions to Pursue Employment

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Reactions to allegations of discrimination

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Reactions to gender egalitarian men: Perceived feminization due to stigma-by-association

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Reactions to the implicit association test as an educational tool: A mixed methods study

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Reactions to threatening critical messages from minority group members with shared or distinct group identities

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Reactions, overreactions and runaway reactions continued

Tian, Y.; Zhao, D., 2013:
Reactivation and mantle dynamics of North China Craton: insight from P-wave anisotropy tomography

Fu, X; Zhang, J, 2013:
Reactivation of gallium nitride photocathode with cesium in a high vacuum system

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Reactive C Protein (RCP) and white blood cells (WBC) as early predictors of postoperative inflammatory complications (PICs) in pancreatic surgery

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Reactive Crystallization of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate from Acidic Wastewater and Lime

Mallik, A.; Dasgupta, R., 2013:
Reactive Infiltration of MORB-Eclogite-Derived Carbonated Silicate Melt into Fertile Peridotite at 3 GPa and Genesis of Alkalic Magmas

Cokar, M.; Ford, B.; Gieg, L. M.; Kallos, M. S.; Gates, I. D., 2013:
Reactive Reservoir Simulation of Biogenic Shallow Shale Gas Systems Enabled by Experimentally Determined Methane Generation Rates

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Reactive adsorption for the selective dehydration of sugars to furans: Modeling and experiments

Saba, B; Khalid, A; Nazir, A; Kanwal, H; Mahmood, T, 2013:
Reactive black-5 azo dye treatment in suspended and attach growth sequencing batch bioreactor using different co-substrates

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Reactive coupling between immiscible polymer chains: Acceleration by compressive flow

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Reactive extraction for separation of KCl and NH4Cl from aqueous solution using tributylamine

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Reactive extraction of after-stripping sterilized palm fruit to biodiesel

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Reactive extraction of picolinic and nicotinic acid by natural non-toxic solvent

Brassart, L; Suo, Z, 2013:
Reactive flow in solids

Yada, K; Watanabe, O, 2013:
Reactive flow simulation of vacuum carburizing by acetylene gas

Detyothin, S; Selke, S E.M.; Narayan, R; Rubino, M; Auras, R, 2013:
Reactive functionalization of poly(lactic acid), PLA: Effects of the reactive modifier, initiator and processing conditions on the final grafted maleic anhydride content and molecular weight of PLA

Yan, G; Zhang, Z; Yan, K, 2013:
Reactive molecular dynamics simulations of the initial stage of brown coal oxidation at high temperatures

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Reactive nitrogen inputs to US lands and waterways: how certain are we about sources and fluxes?

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Reactive oxygen species and zinc mediate BAV aortopathy

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Reactive power management of distribution networks with wind generation for improving voltage stability

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Reactive sputter deposition of metal containing hydrogenated amorphous carbon coatings exhibiting self-assembled alternating nanolayers

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Reactive sputtering of (Co,Fe) nitride thin films on TiN-bufferd Si

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Reactive structural materials consolidated by cold spray: AlCuO thermite

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Reactive transport modeling of an aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) pilot to assess long-term water quality improvements and potential solutions

Soler, J M., 2013:
Reactive transport modeling of concrete-clay interaction during 15 years at the Tournemire Underground Rock Laboratory

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Reactivities of mixed organozinc and mixed organocopper reagents. Part 7. Comparison of the transfer rate of the same group in allylation of mixed and homo diorganozinc reagents

Carballal, S; Valez, V; Batinic-Haberle, I; Ferrer-Sueta, G; Radi, R, 2013 :
Reactivity and Cytoprotective Capacity of the Synthetic Catalytic Antioxidants Mnporphyrins towards Peroxynitrite and Hypochlorite

Ji, R; Yu, K; Lou, L-Lan; Liu, S, 2013:
Reactivity comparison of epoxidation of unfunctionalized olefins with different oxidants catalyzed by mesoporous silica supported unsymmetric chiral Mn(III) salen complexes in heterogeneous condition

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Reactivity in Colloidal Systems and at Interfaces

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Reactivity of (E)-4-aryl-4-oxo-2-butenoic acid arylamides toward 2-mercaptoethanol. A LFER study

He, J; Xu, Z-Guang; Xu, X; Gong, L-Zhen; Mahmood, M HR; Liu, H-Yang, 2013:
Reactivity of (oxo)manganese(V) corroles in one-electron redox state: insights from conceptual DFT and transition state calculations

Le Gal, A; Abanades, Séphane; Bion, N; Le Mercier, T; Harlé, V, 2013:
Reactivity of Doped Ceria-Based Mixed Oxides for Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Generation via Two-Step Water-Splitting Cycles

Martín, P; Cabañas, B; Colmenar, I; Salgado, Mía Sagrario; Villanueva, F; Tapia, A, 2013:
Reactivity of E-butenedial with the major atmospheric oxidants

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Reactivity of O2radical anions on hydrated ZrO2surface

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Reactivity of Salen-Manganese Complexes toward Amino Acid, Peptide and Protein Hydroperoxides

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Reactivity of a model lipophilic ingredient in surfactant-stabilized emulsions: Effect of droplet surface charge and ingredient location

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Reactivity of complex hydrides Mg2FeH6, Mg2CoH5 and Mg2NiH4 with lithium ion: Far from equilibrium electrochemically driven conversion reactions

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Reactivity of functionalised decamethyltitanocenes: Synthesis and structure of chiral monocyclopentadienyl titanium halogenides

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Reactivity of mercury(II) halides with the α-keto stabilized sulfonium ylides: Crystal structures of two new polymer and binuclear complexes and in vitro antibacterial study

Bogdan, 2013:
Reactivity of terminal phenylpentenes in a ruthenium-catalyzed cross-metathesis reaction: construction of linear bifunctional C-8 alkenes

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Reactivity studies of carbon, phosphorus and sulfur-based acyl sites with tertiary oximes in gemini surfactants

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Reactor configurations for biogas plants a model based analysis

Nie, Y; Biegler, L T.; Villa, C M.; Wassick, J M., 2013:
Reactor modeling and recipe optimization of polyether polyol processes: Polypropylene glycol

Calverley, E.M.; Witt, P.M.; Sweeney, J.D., 2013:
Reactor runaway due to statistically driven axial activity variations in graded catalyst beds: Loading from pre-measured single tube aliquots

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Reactor technology options for distributed hydrogen generation via ammonia decomposition: A review

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Read-across approach for hazard assessment of fatty acid esters via investigating the lipase mediated hydrolysis

Sagdeo, P. R.; Sagdeo, A, 2013:
Readdressing the issue of low-temperature resistivity minimum in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3thin films

Carroll, A; Ashman, A; Bower, J; Hemingway, F, 2013:
Readiness for Change: Case Studies of Young People with Challenging and Risky Behaviours

Malberg, N T., 2013:
Reading Anna Freud

Keren Kantarovich, I Tsarfati-BarAd, L A. Gheber, K Haupt…, 2013:
Reading Biochips by Raman and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopies

Worrall, J, 2013:
Reading Booth in Beirut: Is Hizbollah an Emancipatory Actor?

Smith, S, 2013:
Reading Evil In and Out of Milton: A Review Essay

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Reading Gerard Toal and Carl T. Dahlman's Bosnia Remade: Ethnic cleansing and its reversal

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Reading Intervention in Middle and High Schools: Implementation Fidelity, Teacher Efficacy, and Student Achievement

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Reading Marieke de Goedes Speculative Security

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Reading Narrative Fiction Reduces Arab-Muslim Prejudice and Offers a Safe Haven From Intergroup Anxiety

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Reading North Korea: an ethnological inquiry

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Reading Pro-Am theatre through a serious leisure lens: organisational and policy-making implications

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Reading Relationships, But Seeing Betrayal: Impact of Relational Health Schemas on Processing of Interpersonal Conflict

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Reading and knowledge transfer in Ghana: the behaviour, attitudes and self-concepts of first-year students in Bachelor of Education programmes

Balling, L Winther, 2013:
Reading authentic texts: What counts as cognate?

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Reading dual language books: Improving early literacy skills in linguistically diverse classrooms

Xu, S Hong, 2013:
Reading instruction for diverse classrooms: research-based, culturally responsive practice

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Reading motor intention through mental imagery

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Reading performance and visual fatigue when using electronic paper displays in long-duration reading tasks under various lighting conditions

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Reading the Red Ear

Wang, C-Huang; Lin, Y-Jou; Kuo, Y-Chen; Hong, S-Syuan, 2013:
Reading to relieve emotional difficulties

Knight, R, 2013:
Reading with Angels: Improving Literacy among Children in Foster Care

Atkinson, A; Viloria, J, 2013:
Readjusting to reality 2: Transition?

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Readmission After Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Martins, Y.; Ribeiro, H.; Silva, D.; Alves, M., 2013:
Readmission and infection One year study at an internal medicine department

Lo, R C.; Curran, T; Buck, D; Guzman, R J.; Hamdan, A D.; Wyers, M; Chaikof, E L.; Schermerhorn, M L., 2013:
Readmissions and Reinterventions After Revascularization for Mesenteric Ischemia

Lanzetti, M; Pires, K Maria Pereira; Santos, J Cardoso; Ribeiro, M Lima; Borges, R Moreira; da Silva, Aônio Jorge Ribeiro; Porto, Lís Cristóvão; Benjamim, Cáudia Farias; Valenca, S Santos, 2013:
Ready-to-drink Matte tea (diet and regular) increased life span and pulmonary health in aged mice

Bruchhausen, D, 2013:
Reaktion auf COX-1-Hemmer: Wie gut ist die Vorhersage per Anamnese?

Belke, A; Schnabl, G; Zemanek, H, 2013:
Real Convergence, Capital Flows, and Competitiveness in Central and Eastern Europe

Syms, P, 2013:
Real Estate Economics

Kececioglu, S.; Ulus, P.; Cukadar, F.; Ozkan, M.; Urganci, B., 2013:
Real Life Applications of Social Security Institution (SSI) Regulations; A Case Study of DPP4 Inhibitors in Treatment of Diabetes in Turkish Health Care System

Kagan, R; Spinazzola, J, 2013:
Real Life Heroesin Residential Treatment: Implementation of an Integrated Model of Trauma and Resiliency-Focused Treatment for Children and Adolescents with Complex PTSD

Christian, N. Thoroughgood, K B. Sawyer…, 2013:
Real Men Dont Make Mistakes: Investigating the Effects of Leader Gender, Error Type, and the Occupational Context on Leader Error Perceptions

Mao, W.; Kearney, V.; Jiang, L.; Yordy, J.; Solberg, T., 2013:
Real Time 3D Markerless Lung Tumor Tracking

Hope Hubbard,Eric Lawitz, 2013:
Real World Experience in the Era of First Generation Protease Inhibitors in the Treatment of Hepatitis C

Awad, W.; Mathur, A.; Baldock, L.; Oliver, S.; Kennon, S., 2013:
Real World Resource Use Associated with Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation and Conventional Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery

Fautrel, B.; Laurendeau, C.; Joubert, J.M.; Cukierman, G.; Gourmelen, J.; Fagnani, F. , 2013:
Real World Utilization of Biological Agents in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: A French National Claims Database Analysis Over the Period 2009-2011

Zhang, Y; Zhao, Y, 2013:
Real and imaginary modulation spectral subtraction for speech enhancement

Trachtenberg, Z, 2013:
Real green: sustainability after the end of nature

Beyer-Westendorf, J.; Ebertz, F.; Gelbricht, V.; Foerster, K.; Tittl, L.; Werth, S.; Koehler, C., 2013:
Real life efficacy and safety of dabigatran for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: updated results of the prospective NOAC registry (NCT01588119)

Beyer-Westendorf, J.; Ebertz, F.; Gelbricht, V.; Foerster, K.; Tittl, L.; Werth, S.; Koehler, C., 2013:
Real life efficacy and safety of rivaroxaban for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: updated results of the prospective NOAC registry (NCT01588119)

Schloesser, M.; Andresen, D.; Kuck, K.- H.; Willems, S.; Brachmann, J.; Schumacher, B. D.; Tebbenjohanns, J.; Juenger, C.; Senges, J.; Stellbrink, C., 2013:
Real life results of ablation of atrial fibrillation in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Outcome from the German Ablation registry

Rothgerber, H, 2013:
Real men dont eat (vegetable) quiche: Masculinity and the justification of meat consumption

Clapp, J M.; Eichholtz, P; Lindenthal, T, 2013:
Real option value over a housing market cycle

Detert, N; Kotani, K, 2013:
Real options approach to renewable energy investments in Mongolia

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Real options or net present value?

Martínez Ceseña, E.A.; Mutale, J.; Rivas-Dávalos, F., 2013:
Real options theory applied to electricity generation projects: A review

Fuertes, J N.; Gelso, C J.; Owen, J J.; Cheng, D, 2013:
Real relationship, working alliance, transference/countertransference and outcome in time-limited counseling and psychotherapy

Evans, M Jean; Cowell, N, 2013:
Real school improvement: is it in the eye of the beholder?

Gunder, M, 2013:
Real social science. Applied phronesis

Martins, R. P.; Cesari, O.; Behar, N.; Bacquelin, R.; Lacaze-Gadonneix, J.; Behagel, A.; Mabo, P.; Pavin, D., 2013:
Real time assessment of pulmonary vein isolation using the novel Achieve mapping catheter during cryoablation

Beeneken, T.; Erbe, V.; Messmer, A.; Reder, C.; Rohlfing, R.; Scheer, M.; Schuetze, M.; Schumacher, B.; Weilandt, M.; Weyand, M., 2013:
Real time control (RTC) of urban drainage systems A discussion of the additional efforts compared to conventionally operated systems

Zhao, Z; Zhu, Q; Lin, L, 2013:
Real time estimation of slant path tropospheric delay at very low elevation based on singular ground-based global positioning system station

Raheja, J Lal; Ajay, B; Chaudhary, A, 2013:
Real time fabric defect detection system on an embedded DSP platform

Alonso, A A.; Arias-Méndez, A; Balsa-Canto, E; García, Míriam R.; Molina, J I.; Vilas, C; Villafín, M, 2013:
Real time optimization for quality control of batch thermal sterilization of prepackaged foods

Nogita, K; Yasuda, H; Prasad, A; McDonald, S D.; Nagira, T; Nakatsuka, N; Uesugi, K; StJohn, D H., 2013:
Real time synchrotron X-ray observations of solidification in hypoeutectic AlSi alloys

Hilpert, L.; Wain-Hobson, J.; Pellissier, A.; Labombarda, F.; Milliez, P.; Saloux, E., 2013:
Real time three dimensional speckle tracking echography for evaluation of fibrosis in ischemic and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: comparison with late gadolinium enhancement MR

Hien, M.; Graser, B.; Grossgasteiger, M.; Rosendal, C.; Motsch, J.; Rauch, H., 2013:
Real-Time 3D TEE - a tool for experts only? Mitral valve evaluation in a multicenter study

Carpenter, C, 2013:
Real-Time Analysis for Remote Operations Centers

Halyard, M.; Tan, A.; Wong, W.; Patel, S.; Atherton, P.; Sloan, J., 2013:
Real-Time Assessment of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Head-and-Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy

Iván González, S Salazar, J Torres, R Lozano, H Romero, 2013:
Real-Time Attitude Stabilization of a Mini-UAV Quad-rotor Using Motor Speed Feedback

Fausto, R S.; Colgan, W; Langen, P L., 2013:
Real-Time Changes in Arctic Ice Presented in Online Portal

Hoshiba, M., 2013:
Real-Time Correction of Frequency-Dependent Site Amplification Factors for Application to Earthquake Early Warning

Greer, P.; Fuangrod, T.; Woodruff, H.; Rowshanfarzad, P.; van Uytven, E.; McCurdy, B., 2013:
Real-Time EPID-Based Dose Verification System for Detection of Gross Radiation Treatment Delivery Errors

Barberis, A.; Danese, G.; Leporati, F.; Plaza, A.; Torti, E., 2013:
Real-Time Implementation of the Vertex Component Analysis Algorithm on GPUs

Sadeghi-Bagherabadi, A.; Sadeghi, H.; Fatemi Aghda, S. M.; Sinaeian, F.; Mirzaei Alavijeh, H.; Farzanegan, E.; Hosseini, S. K.; Babaei, P., 2013:
Real-Time Mapping of PGA Distribution in Tehran Using TRRNet and peeqMap

Ma, C.; Tong, X.; Xu, Q.; Chen, X.; Lin, M.; Li, J.; Chen, L., 2013:
Real-Time Measurement of Prostate Intrafractional Motion During External Beam Radiation Therapy

Zhang, F; Adachi, D; Tamalampudi, S; Kondo, A; Tominaga, K, 2013:
Real-Time Monitoring of the Transesterification of Soybean Oil and Methanol by Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Denney, D, 2013:
Real-Time Optimization of SAGD Operations

Grzegorczyk, T M.; Barrowes, B E., 2013:
Real-Time Processing of Electromagnetic Induction Dynamic Data Using Kalman Filters for Unexploded Ordnance Detection

Forte, G F.; Querol, J; Camps, A; Vall-llossera, M, 2013:
Real-Time RFI Detection and Mitigation System for Microwave Radiometers

Clark, C H.; Nakao, S; Asa-Awuku, A; Sato, K; Cocker,, D R., 2013:
Real-Time Study of Particle-Phase Products from α-Pinene Ozonolysis and Isoprene Photooxidation Using Particle into Liquid Sampling Directly Coupled to a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (PILS-ToF)

Guo, B; Liu, J, 2013:
Real-Time Tracking with Online Constrained Compressive Learning

Asan Mohideen, K.; Saravanakumar, G.; Valarmathi, K.; Devaraj, D.; Radhakrishnan, T.K., 2013:
Real-coded Genetic Algorithm for system identification and tuning of a modified Model Reference Adaptive Controller for a hybrid tank system

Travis, J.R.; Piccioni Koch, D.; Xiao, J.; Xu, Z., 2013:
Real-gas Equations-of-State for the GASFLOW CFD code

Chen, M; He, L; Lin, H; Zhang, C; Hu, M, 2013:
Real-geographic-scenario-based virtual social environments: integrating geography with social research

Evers, T.; Diamantopoulos, A., 2013:
Real-life treatment persistence with newer oral anticoagulants and potential strokes avoided in patients with atrial fibrillation

Newell, L W.; Swallow, S K., 2013:
Real-payment choice experiments: Valuing forested wetlands and spatial attributes within a landscape context

McDonald, J.; Kaess, M.; Cadena, C.; Neira, J.; Leonard, J.J., 2013:
Real-time 6-DOF multi-session visual SLAM over large-scale environments

Zhang, L; Zhang, W, 2013:
Real-time Internet news browsing: Information vs. experience-related gratifications and behaviors

Andringa, A-Marije; Smits, E C.P.; Klootwijk, J H.; de Leeuw, D M., 2013:
Real-time NO2 detection at ppb level with ZnO field-effect transistors

Talkington, D F., 2013:
Real-time PCR in Food Science: Current Technology and Applications

Xiaohui Dong,Qingping Wu,Kui Wu,Jumei Zhang, 2013 :
Real-time PCR targetingOmpAgene for detection ofCronobacterspp. in powdered infant formula

Vafaei, M; Adnan, A bin; Abd. Rahman, A Baharuddin, 2013:
Real-time Seismic Damage Detection of Concrete Shear Walls Using Artificial Neural Networks

Omar Santos, H Romero, S Salazar, R Lozano, 2013:
Real-time Stabilization of a Quadrotor UAV: Nonlinear Optimal and Suboptimal Control

Yadav, P; Tripathi, B; Rathod, S; Kumar, M, 2013:
Real-time analysis of low-concentration photovoltaic systems: A review towards development of sustainable energy technology

Ureña, R; Morillas, C; Pelayo, F J., 2013:
Real-time bio-inspired contrast enhancement on GPU

Chung, J; Oh, S; Min, K; Sunwoo, M, 2013:
Real-time combustion parameter estimation algorithm for light-duty diesel engines using in-cylinder pressure measurement

Yaseen, S.; Al-Habaibeh, A.; Su, D.; Otham, F., 2013:
Real-time crowd density mapping using a novel sensory fusion model of infrared and visual systems

Le Priol, A.; Simonot, L.; Abadias, G.; Guérin, P.; Renault, P.-O.; Le Bourhis, E., 2013:
Real-time curvature and optical spectroscopy monitoring of magnetron-sputtered WTi alloy thin films

Zhang, Z; Yu, H; Lv, N; Chen, S, 2013:
Real-time defect detection in pulsed GTAW of Al alloys through on-line spectroscopy

Yuksel, K Ali; Yucebilgin, A; Balcisoy, S; Ercil, A, 2013:
Real-time feature-based image morphing for memory-efficient impostor rendering and animation on GPU

Bendoly, E, 2013:
Real-time feedback and booking behavior in the hospitality industry: Moderating the balance between imperfect judgment and imperfect prescription

Stéphane Pelletier, J R. Cooperstock, 2013:
Real-time free viewpoint video from a range sensor and color cameras

Liu, L; Pathak, R; Cheng, L-Jing; Wang, T, 2013:
Real-time frequency-domain terahertz sensing and imaging of isopropyl alcoholwater mixtures on a microfluidic chip

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Real-time generation of personalized home video summaries on mobile devices

Tian, N; Che, A; Feng, J, 2013:
Real-time hoist scheduling for multistage material handling process under uncertainties

Ruya Xiao, X He, 2013:
Real-time landslide monitoring of Pubugou hydropower resettlement zone using continuous GPS

Dorogin, L M.; Vlassov, S; Polyakov, B; Antsov, M; Lõhmus, Rünno; Kink, I; Romanov, A E., 2013:
Real-time manipulation of ZnO nanowires on a flat surface employed for tribological measurements: Experimental methods and modeling

Aristidou, A; Lasenby, J, 2013:
Real-time marker prediction and CoR estimation in optical motion capture

Zheng, S; Xiong, X; Vause, J; Liu, J, 2013:
Real-time measurement of wind environment comfort in urban areas by Environmental Internet of Things

Lee, K-Sik; Lee, S Hwan; Oh, J; Shin, I-Soo; Park, T Hyun; Hong, J-In, 2013 :
Real-time monitoring of S-adenosyl-l-homocysteine hydrolase using a chemodosimetric fluorescence turn-on sensor

Baker, C. Jacyn; Kovalskaya, N Y.; Mock, N M.; Deahl, K L.; Whitaker, B D.; Roberts, D P.; Hammond, R W.; Aver'yanov, A A., 2013:
Real-time monitoring of the extracellular redox potential of cell suspensions during plant/bacterial interactions

Chen, J-Kun; Zhou, G-Yan; Chang, C-Jung, 2013:
Real-time multicolor antigen detection with chemoresponsive diffraction gratings of silicon oxide nanopillar arrays

Osterman, Až; Godeša, T; Hočevar, M; Širok, B; Stopar, M, 2013:
Real-time positioning algorithm for variable-geometry air-assisted orchard sprayer

Salies, E, 2013:
Real-time pricing when some consumers resist in saving electricity

Catal, M; Erler, F; Fulbright, D W.; Adams, G C., 2013:
Real-time quantitative PCR assays for evaluation of soybean varieties for resistance to the stem and root rot pathogenPhytophthora sojae

Ben Cowley, D Charles, M Black…, 2013:
Real-time rule-based classification of player types in computer games

Pizzioli, F; Schelstraete, M-Anne, 2013:
Real-time sentence processing in children with specific language impairment: The contribution of lexicosemantic, syntactic, and world-knowledge information

Rodriguez-Alvarez, H.; Mainz, R.; Caballero, R.; Abou-Ras, D.; Klaus, M.; Gledhill, S.; Weber, A.; Kaufmann, C.A.; Schock, H.-W., 2013:
Real-time study of Ga diffusion processes during the formation of Cu(In,Ga)Se2: The role of Cu and Na content

Gohshi, S; Nakamura, S; Ogasawara, J, 2013 :
Real-time up-converter from HDTV to 4K with super-resolution: Breaking the Nyquist frequency barrier

Javier Molina, M Escudero-Viñolo, A Signoriello, M Pardàs, C Ferrán, Jús Bescós, F Marqués, Jé M. Martínez, 2013:
Real-time user independent hand gesture recognition from time-of-flight camera video using static and dynamic models

Michael Sapienza, M Hansard, R Horaud, 2013:
Real-time visuomotor update of an active binocular head

Zhu, H.; Li, L.; Jin, M.; Li, H.; Song, J., 2013:
Real-time yaw rate prediction based on a non-linear model and feedback compensation for vehicle dynamics control

Park, S. H.; Rha, S. W.; Shin, W. Y.; Choi, B. G.; Choi, S. Y.; Choi, C. U.; Kim, E. J.; Park, C. G.; Seo, H. S.; Oh, D. J., 2013:
Real-world comparison of angiographic and 2-year clinical outcomes between first and second generation drug-eluting stents in patients received overlapping stents

Fu, M; Ding, Y; Ge, Y; Yu, L; Yin, H; Ye, W; Liang, B, 2013:
Real-world emissions of inland ships on the Grand Canal, China

Musso, G M.; Bowie, C R.; DeRosse, P; Burdick, K E.; Malhotra, A K., 2013:
Real-world functioning in schizophrenia: pathways between neurocognition, social cognition, and functional competence

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Real-world management, clinical outcome and predictors of thromboembolism during a one-year follow-up in patients with atrial fibrillation: The ATA-AF study

Stengaard, C.; Sorensen, J. T.; Lassen, J. F.; Christensen, E. F.; Trautner, S.; Botker, H. E.; Terkelsen, C. J., 2013:
Real-world system delay in optimally triaged STEMI-patients - are the guideline recommendations achievable?

Polatajko, H. J.; Craik, J. M.; Davis, J. A., 2013:
Realiser la vision de la RCE : Un nouveau partenariat pour renforcer la revue et faire avancer la recherche, la pratique et la formation en ergotherapie sur la scene internationale

Tulloch, A I.T.; Possingham, H P.; Joseph, L N.; Szabo, J; Martin, T G., 2013:
Realising the full potential of citizen science monitoring programs

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Realism as Critical Theory: The International Thought of E. H. Carr

Keizo Matsubara, 2013:
Realism, underdetermination and string theory dualities

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Realistic Fasting Does Not Affect Stable Isotope Levels of a Metabolically Efficient Salamander

Varela, M.; Colman, M.A.; Zhang, H.; Aslanidi, O.V., 2013:
Realistic heterogeneous and anisotropic canine atrial model for the study of atrial arrhythmias

Srinivasan, K; Dutta, P; Saha, B Baran; Ng, K Choon; Prasad, M, 2013:
Realistic minimum desorption temperatures and compressor sizing for activated carbon + HFC 134a adsorption coolers

Bosch, J. V., 2013:
Reality Versus Soap Opera

Li, M; Zeng, L; Chen, Y; Zhuang, L; Wang, X; Shen, H, 2013:
Realization of Colored Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells with SiO2/SiNx:H Double Layer Antireflection Coatings

Gushchin, A.; Kolman, R.; Gečys, V.; Pilinkovskij, A.; Lysanskiy, I.; Szczepkowski, M.; Stakėnas, S., 2013 :
Realization of the project forAcipenser oxyrhynchus oxyrhynchusrestoration in the basin of the Neman River

Rakhshani, M Reza; Mansouri-Birjandi, M Ali, 2013:
Realization of tunable optical filter by photonic crystal ring resonators

Wang, J; Song, Y; Li, Z-hua; He, A-zhi, 2013:
Realization of volume optical computerized tomography by circular gratings

Petreczky, Mály; Bako, L; van Schuppen, J H., 2013:
Realization theory of discrete-time linear switched systems

Realized Population Change for Long-Term Monitoring: California Spotted Owl Case Study

Schueller, S. M.; Munoz, R. F.; Mohr, D. C., 2013:
Realizing the Potential of Behavioral Intervention Technologies

Mahoney, W P.; O'Sullivan, J M., 2013:
Realizing the Potential of Vehicle-Based Observations

Mackenzie, A, 2013:
Realizing the promise of biotechnology: Infrastructural-icons in synthetic biology

Polatajko, H. J.; Craik, J. M.; Davis, J. A., 2013:
Realizing the vision: A new partnership to strengthen the journal and advance occupational therapy research, practice, and education internationally

Murphy, M; Runco, M A.; Acar, S; Reiter-Palmon, R, 2013:
Reanalysis of Genetic Data and Rethinking Dopamine's Relationship With Creativity

Chen, M; Yuan, J; Long, X; Kang, Z; Li, Y, 2013:
Reanalysis of optical-axis perturbation in nonplanar ring resonators in ray matrix approach with appropriate coordinate systems

Smolen, H.J., 2013:
Reanalyzing Carotid Artery Stenosis Treatment Clinical Trial Results From A Bayesian Perspective

Smolen, H.J., 2013:
Reanalyzing Using Bayesian Methods and Updated Data the Cost-Efectiveness Assumptions of Carotid Artery Stenosis Treatments

Prof. Dr. B. Bouillon,A. Wafaisade,P. Helm,T. Tinschmann…, 2013:
Reanimation nach Trauma

Sander Corsmit, 2013:
Reanimeren: family matters

Thorne, K, 2013:
Reaping What You Sow

Holanda, E Celestino; Ferrero, B Soledad, 2013:
Reappraisal of the GenusTapirus(Perissodactyla, Tapiridae): Systematics and Phylogenetic Affinities of the South American Tapirs

Hellmund, M, 2013:
Reappraisal of the bone inventory of Gastornis geiselensis (Fischer, 1978) from the Eocene “Geiseltal Fossillagerstätte” (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

Barnes, J B.; Vaughan, I P.; Ormerod, S J., 2013:
Reappraising the effects of habitat structure on river macroinvertebrates

Kitajima, H, 2013:
Rearing Larvae of the Fungivorous Moth Diomea cremata on Artificial Diets

Barnes, K M.; Gennard, D E., 2013:
Rearing bacteria and maggots concurrently: a protocol usingLucilia

Lu, J; Deutsch, C, 2013:
Rearrangements of Nascent Peptide Inside the Ribosomal Exit Tunnel

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Reasonable Adjustments in Assessment: Putting Law and Policy into Practice in Australia

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Reasoning about knowledge of unawareness revisited

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Reasoning and Culture in a Historical Perspective

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Reasoning to and from belief: Deduction and induction are still distinct

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Reasons Underlying Low Fish Consumption Where Availability Is Not an Issue. A Case Study in Brazil, One of the World's Largest Fish Producers

Franz Dietrich, C List, 2013:
Reasons for (prior) belief in Bayesian epistemology

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Reasons for Left Ventricular Assist Device Patient Denial: Insights into Possible Misconceptions about Mechanical Circulatory Support

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Reasons for beach choice: European and Caribbean perspectives

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Reasons for gamete donation by brazilian infertile patients

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Reasons for personal therapy given by psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapists and their effects on personal wellbeing and professional development

Lundén, J., 2013:
Reasons for using enforcement measures in food premises in Finland

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Reasons of love: an introduction

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Reasons, Holism And Virtue Theory

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Reassessing Food Safety, Risk and Globalization in China and Japan: An Overview of Emerging Research Trends

Göransson, K, 2013:
Reassessing the Intergenerational Contract

Poropat, S F.; Kear, B P., 2013:
Reassessment of coelurosaurian (Dinosauria, Theropoda) remains from the Upper Cretaceous Wangshi Group of Shandong Province, China

Wrucke, C. T.; Wrucke, R. T.; Sayre, T., 2013:
Reassessment of the 1906 San Andreas Fault Rupture in Portola Valley, California, from Synthesis of Lidar and Historical Data

Rubinstein, R; Clark, T T., 2013:
Reassessment of the classical closures for scalar turbulence

Aboul-Fotouh, H; Baker, L A; Jackson, M Lucero; Cockerell, C J, 2013:
Reassessment of the dysplastic nevus concept in the 21st century: a proposal for a two-tiered system of classification

Diao, Z; Zhao, Y; Chen, B; Duan, C; Song, S, 2013:
ReaxFF reactive force field for molecular dynamics simulations of epoxy resin thermal decomposition with model compound

Mitchell, J E.; Braun, S, 2013:
Rebalancing an investment portfolio in the presence of convex transaction costs, including market impact costs

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Rebalancing urban mobility: a tale of four cities

Miller, I Matthew, 2013:
Rebellion, crime and violence in Qing China, 17221911: A topic modeling approach

Jetten, J.; Schmitt, M. T.; Branscombe, N. R., 2013:
Rebels without a cause: Discrimination appraised as legitimate harms group commitment

Lee, T-tsui; Cho, P, 2013:
Rebound of refractive errors after discontinuation of orthokeratology treatment - a case report

Webber, R; Jones, K, 2013:
Rebuilding Communities After Natural Disasters: The 2009 Bushfires in Southeastern Australia

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Rebuilding EU fish stocks and fisheries, a process under way?

Drewry, A M.; Hotchkiss, R S., 2013:
Rebuttal From Drs Drewry and Hotchkiss

Folch, E; Majid, A, 2013:
Rebuttal From Drs Folch and Majid

Kinsey, C. Matthew; Channick, C L., 2013:
Rebuttal From Drs Kinsey and Channick

Mohr, N M.; Doerschug, K C., 2013:
Rebuttal From Drs Mohr and Doerschug

Gozal, D, 2013:
Rebuttal from David Gozal

Rosenzweig, I; Williams, S C.; Morrell, M J., 2013:
Rebuttal from Ivana Rosenzweig, Steven C. Williams and Mary J. Morrell

Howe, J R., 2013:
Rebuttal from James Howe

Tyberg, J V.; Bouwmeester, J. Christopher; Shrive, N G.; Wang, J-Jr, 2013:
Rebuttal from John V. Tyberg, J. Christopher Bouwmeester, Nigel G. Shrive and Jiun-Jr Wang

Westerhof, N; Westerhof, B E., 2013:
Rebuttal from Nico Westerhof and Berend E. Westerhof

Grumbine, R. Edward; Xu, J, 2013:
Recalibrating Chinas environmental policy: The next 10 years

Q. Z. Wang, H. Fan, X. P. Gou, S. Zhang, 2013:
Recalibration and Clarification of the Formula Applied to the ISRM-Suggested CCNBD Specimens for Testing Rock Fracture Toughness

Small, J A., 2013:
Recall of Event Information Following Memory Training in Alzheimer's Disease

Benjamin Serby, 2013:
Recalling Lewis Feuer

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Recap: Outcomes in patients with intermediate risk prostate cancer

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Recasting subjectivity through the lenses: new forms of environmental mobilisation in China

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Receiver Performance of the Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (SMILES) on the International Space Station

Rowe, C, 2013:
Receiver psychology: a receiver's perspective

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Recensement des actions values destination des enfants exposs la violence conjugale

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Recent (19802009) evidence of climate change in the upper Karakoram, Pakistan

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Recent Advances In The Treatment Of Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer: Impact On Health Related Quality Of Life

&na;,, 2013:
Recent Advances in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Hong, L; Wang, R, 2013:
Recent Advances in Asymmetric Organocatalytic Construction of 3,3-Spirocyclic Oxindoles

Wang, Z-Li, 2013:
Recent Advances in Catalytic Asymmetric Decarboxylative Addition Reactions

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Recent Advances in Claudin-Targeting Technology

Oncken, A, 2013:
Recent Advances in Emergency Medicine

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Recent Advances in Separation of Bioactive Natural Products

Crouch, R. David, 2013:
Recent Advances in Silyl Protection of Alcohols

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Recent Advances in the Chemical Synthesis of Glycosylphosphatidylinositols (GPIs): Expanding Synthetic Versatility for Investigating GPI Biology

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Recent Advances in the Production, Recovery and Applications of Polyhydroxyalkanoates

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Recent Advances in the Study for Eradication Projects of the Sweet Potato Weevil

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Recent Applications of Polymer Blends in Gas Separation Membranes

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Recent British Archaeological Reports (International Series) monographs of interest to the Quaternary scientist

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Recent Development in IR Sensor Technology for Monitoring Subsea Methane Discharge

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Recent Development in Oxy-Combustion Technology and Its Applications to Gas Turbine Combustors and ITM Reactors

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Recent Developments in Asymmetric Hetero-Diels-Alder Reactions of Dithioesters

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Recent Divorce Trend in Iran

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Recent GIS based national assessments of climate change consequences in France: methods, results and lessons learnt

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Recent Kit Fox Detections at Their Northern-Most Extent in Southeastern Oregon

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Recent NMR investigations on molecular dynamics of polymer melts in bulk and in confinement

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Recent Study and Future View of Pest Control in Nara Prefecture

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Recent Trends in Underwater Acoustic Communications

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Recent Work Toward a High-Performance Neural Interface

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Recent advancements in understanding thermotropic liquid crystal structure and dynamics by means of NMR spectroscopy

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Recent advances and trends in subsea technologies and seafloor properties characterization

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Recent advances in MRI-guided biopsy for prostate cancer detection

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Recent advances in RNA interference research in insects: Implications for future insect pest management strategies

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Recent advances in bio-logging science: Technologies and methods for understanding animal behaviour and physiology and their environments

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Recent advances in dry AMD therapeutic development

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Recent advances in equatorial, low- and mid-latitude aeronomy

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Recent advances in feline medicine

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Recent advances in imaging the onset and progression of Huntingtons disease

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Recent advances in interstitial lung diseases

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Recent advances in modeling of well hydraulics

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Recent advances in modelling of metal machining processes

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Recent advances in pollination biology in New Zealand

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Recent advances in recreation ecology and the implications of different relationships between recreation use and ecological impacts

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Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of hand osteoarthritis

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Recent advances in the management of children with familial Mediterranean fever

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Recent advances in the solar water heating systems: A review

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Recent advances in the treatment of Alzheimers: therapeutic strategies

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Recent advances in understanding the anthocyanin modification steps in carnation flowers

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Recent advances on membranes and membrane reactors for hydrogen production

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Recent advances on the beneficial use and health implications of Pu-Erh tea

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Recent and historical range shifts of two canopy-forming seaweeds in North Spain and the link with trends in sea surface temperature

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Recent benthic foraminifera from Twofold Bay, Eden NSW: community structure, biotopes and distribution controls

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Recent changes in Chinese forestry seen through the lens of Forest Transition theory

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Recent changes in reference evapotranspiration in Romania

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Recent changes in the snout position and surface velocity of Gangotri glacier observed from space

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Recent climatic and anthropogenic imprints on lacustrine systems in the Pyrenean Mountains inferred from minerogenic and organic clastic supply (Vicdessos valley, Pyrenees, France)

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Recent crustal movements of northern Vietnam from GPS data

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Recent developments and challenges in mouse models of Chikungunya virus infection

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Recent developments for biodiesel production by ultrasonic assist transesterification using different heterogeneous catalyst: A review

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Recent developments in ceramic multiferroic composites based on core/shell and other heterostructures obtained by solgel routes

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Recent developments in deep eutectic solvents in chemical sciences

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Recent developments in ejector refrigeration technologies

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Recent developments in experimental (PIV) and numerical (DNS) investigation of solidliquid fluidized beds

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Recent developments in groundwater research in India

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Recent developments in microextraction techniques based on crown ethers

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Recent developments in modelling of microhardness saturation during SPD processing of metals and alloys

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Recent developments in national and international freight transport models within Europe

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Recent developments in the theory of HARPES

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Recent developments on umami ingredients of edible mushrooms A review

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Recent distribution changes affect geographic clines in genetic diversity and structure of Pinus densiflora natural populations in Japan

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Recent environmental change and trace metal pollution in World Heritage Bathurst Harbour, southwest Tasmania, Australia

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Recent epidemiologic features of carbon monoxide poisoning in South Korea: A single center retrospective cohort study

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Recent evolution and challenges in the Seismic Hazard Analysis of the Po Plain region, Northern Italy

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Recent evolution of Jiuduansha Shoal in Yangtze Estuary and its corresponding to engineering projects

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Recent four-wave mixing suppression methods

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Recent geodynamics of the faults and paradoxes of the rates of deformation

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Recent hydrodynamic activity of submeridional deep-seated fault zones as an indicator of the petroleum resource potential of sedimentary basins (Northeastern Russia)

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Recent incentives for renewable energy in Turkey

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Recent increase in peatland carbon accumulation in a thermokarst lake basin in southwestern Alaska

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Recent insight into oligosaccharide uptake and metabolism in probiotic bacteria

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Recent insights concerning DCFC development: 19982012

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Recent lake ice-out phenology within and among lake districts of Alaska, U.S.A

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Buck, W R.; Allen, B; Pursell, R A., 2013:
Recent literature on bryophytes116(2)

Buck, W R.; Allen, B; Pursell, R A., 2013:
Recent literature on bryophytes116(3)

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Recent literature on bryophytes116(4)

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Recent literature on lichens228

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Recent literature on lichens229

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Recent literature on lichens230

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Recent literature on lichens231

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Recent multiyear trends in the Baltic Sea level**This work was supported through the SatBatyk project funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fusnd, (contract No. POIG.01.01.02-22-011/09 entitled The Satellite Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Environment)

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Recenzja ksiki

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Rechtsschutz muss auch beim Streit mit Banken beistehen

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Reciprocity in Relationships and Support Between Grandparents and Grandchildren: An Icelandic Example

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Reclaim-proof allocation of indivisible objects

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Reclaiming Community out of Personal Catastrophe: Communal Practices That Build on Naturally Sustaining Webs

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Reclaiming Self

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Reclaiming creativity in the era of impact: exploring ideas about creative research in science and engineering

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Reclaiming the F Word: Feminism Today

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Reclaiming the L-word: Sappho's daughters out in Africa

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Reclaiming the right to the city: Reflections on the urban uprisings in Turkey

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Reclaiming trapped limbs: current and emerging treatment strategies for motor conversion disorder

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Recognising the needs of gender-variant children and their parents

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Recognition and Property in Hegel and the Early Marx

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Recognition and management of intra-abdominal hypertension and the abdominal compartment syndrome

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Recognition and measurement in the flow pattern and void fraction of gasliquid two-phase flow in vertical upward pipes using the gamma densitometer

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Recognition criteria for distinguishing between hemipelagic and pelagic mudrocks in the characterization of deep-water reservoir heterogeneity

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Recognition inCapital

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Recognition of Human G-protein Coupled Receptors Using Compressed Amino Acid Alphabets

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Recognition of Tuberous Sclerosis in Adult Women: Delayed Presentation With Life-Threatening Consequences

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Recognition of indigenous water values in Australia's Northern Territory: current progress and ongoing challenges for social justice in water planning

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Recognition of potential sources of strong earthquakes in the Caucasus region using GIS technologies

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Recognition of the Source Rock Using Biomarkers From Eocene Reservoir Oils

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Recognition, prediction, and planning for assisted teleoperation of freeform tasks

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Recognizing 50 human action categories of web videos

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Recognizing Conscience in Abortion Provision

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Recognizing Ecosystem Services from Wetlands of International Importance: An Example from Sussex, UK

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Extracellular matrix roles in cardiorenal fibrosis: Potential therapeutic targets for CVD and CKD in the elderly

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Recognizing diverse forms of scholarship in the modern medical college

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Recognizing expressions from face and body gesture by temporal normalized motion and appearance features

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Recognizing genetic forms of parkinsonism

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Recognizing hand gestures using the weighted elastic graph matching (WEGM) method

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Recoil leader formation and development

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Recoil of a liquid filament: escape from pinch-off through creation of a vortex ring

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Recombinant Activated Factor VII for Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage

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Recombination in Dense Ion Plasmas

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Recommandation: Prise en charge de lhypertension artrielle de ladulte

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Recommandations de bonne pratique pour la surveillance mdico-professionnelle du risque lombaire pour les travailleurs exposs des manipulations de charges

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Recommandations de la Socit franaise dEndoscopie Digestive pour lorganisation et le fonctionnement dun plateau technique en endoscopie digestive

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Recommendations for Practice: Justifying Claims of Generalizability

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Recommendations for Research on Microprocessor Knees

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Recommendations for rapid sequence induction in Europe - how standardized is the standard of care?

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Recommendations for riparian buffer widths based on field surveys of erosion processes on steep cultivated slopes

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Recommendations for the processing and storage of water samples before polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis

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Recommendations for transition from pediatric to adult diabetes care: patients perspectives

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Recommendations for two-way selections using skyline view queries

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Recommended Practices: Cultivating a Culturally Responsive Learning Environment for Chinese Immigrants and Chinese American Students

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Recommending people to people: the nature of reciprocal recommenders with a case study in online dating

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Recommending treatments that don't work patronises women

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Reconceptualising fieldwork in a netnography of an online community of English language teachers

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Reconceptualising policy integration in road safety management

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Reconceptualising territoriality and spatial planning: insights from the sea

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Reconceptualising the Childs Right to Development: Children and the Capability Approach

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Reconceptualizing plural sourcing

Hanna, P., 2013:
Reconceptualizing subjectivity in critical social psychology: Turning to Foucault

M. L. Butovskaya, V. G. Chalyan, N. V. Meishvili, 2013:
Reconciliation in Hamadryas Baboons (Papio hamadryas): Testing the Relationship Quality Hypothesis

Bilewicz, M; Jaworska, M, 2013:
Reconciliation through the Righteous: The Narratives of Heroic Helpers as a Fulfillment of Emotional Needs in PolishJewish Intergroup Contact

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Reconciling Agency and Structure: A Review of Stigma Revisited

Lofgren, B M.; Gronewold, A D., 2013:
Reconciling Alternative Approaches to Projecting Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change*

John, J. Thrasher, 2013:
Reconciling Justice and Pleasure in Epicurean Contractarianism

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Reconciling NOx emissions reductions and ozone trends in the U.S., 20022006

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Reconciling Observations of Global Temperature Change: 2013

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Reconciling Recycling with Reducing: The Experience of the Door-to-Door Collection Program

Julian Ramirez-Villegas, C K. Khoury, 2013:
Reconciling approaches to climate change adaptation for Colombian agriculture

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Reconciling discrepancies among estimates of small-scale mantle heterogeneity from PKP precursors

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Reconciling main belt asteroid spectral flux density measurements with a self-consistent thermophysical model

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Reconciling self-sufficiency and renewable energy targets in a hydro dominated system: The view from British Columbia

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Reconciling spatial scales and stock structures for fisheries science and management

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Reconciling the Past: Torture's Place in US Policy

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Reconciling the effects of mutual visibility on gesturing: A review

Yang, H.-J.; Hu, L.-J., 2013:
Reconciling the regulations and conservation of the Lhasa River, Tibet

Aghdam, S Abazari, 2013:
Reconfigurable Antenna With a Diversity Filtering Band Feature Utilizing Active Devices for Communication Systems

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Reconfigurable Micro-Camera Array With Panoramic Vision for Surgical Imaging

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Reconfigurable Multi-Resolution Performance Profiling in Android Applications

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Reconfigurable Null Scanning Antenna With Three Dimensional Null Steer

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Reconfigurable SiC Embedded Photonic Structures with Self Optical Bias Control

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Reconfigurable Square-Ring Microstrip Antenna

Poli, L; Rocca, P; Salucci, M; Massa, A, 2013:
Reconfigurable Thinning for the Adaptive Control of Linear Arrays

Donelli, M; Rocca, P; Massa, A; Viani, F; Oliveri, G, 2013:
Reconfigurable sumdifference pattern by means of parasitic elements for forward-looking monopulse radar

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Reconfigurable wideband and narrowband tapered slot Vivaldi antenna with ring slot pairs

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Reconfiguration analysis of photovoltaic arrays based on parameters estimation

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Reconfiguring Agrobiodiversity in the Amazon Estuary: Market Integration, the Aa Trade and Smallholders Management Practices in Amap, Brazil

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Reconfiguring Islamic Tradition: Reform, Rationality and Modernity

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Reconnaissance des psychopathologies par les comits rgionaux de reconnaissance des maladies professionnelles de Lorraine entre 2005 et 2011

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Reconnaissance environmental magnetic study of urban soils, dust and leaves from Bogot, Colombia

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Reconnaissance of Groundwater Quality Impact

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Reconnecting with darkness: gloomy landscapes, lightless places

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Reconsideration of limited resection of the pancreas; is it feasible for pancreatic metastases in renal cell carcinoma?

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Reconsidering Adhesion and Bounce of Submicron Particles Upon High-Velocity Impact

Harold, G, 2013:
Reconsidering sound and the city: asserting the right to the Deaf-friendly city

Bethany, H. Bynum, B J. Hoffman, A W. Meade…, 2013:
Reconsidering the Equivalence of Multisource Performance Ratings: Evidence for the Importance and Meaning of Rater Factors

Garcia, K; Ennis, J M.; Prinyawiwatkul, W, 2013:
Reconsidering the Specified Tetrad Test

Liu, Y; Wang, Y; Li, Q; Sun, J; Song, H; Cai, Q; Zhang, Y; Yuan, Z; Wang, Z, 2013:
Reconstructed MayJuly mean maximum temperature since 1745AD based on tree-ring width of Pinus tabulaeformis in Qianshan Mountain, China

Gatheral, J Alexander, 2013:
Reconstructed arch bridge using a proprietary system

Faulstich, H L.; Woodhouse, C A.; Griffin, D, 2013:
Reconstructed cool- and warm-season precipitation over the tribal lands of northeastern Arizona

Alain Billionnet, F Jarray, G Tlig…, 2013:
Reconstructing Convex Matrices by Integer Programming Approaches

Weijers, S.; Wagner-Cremer, F.; Sass-Klaassen, U.; Broekman, R.; Rozema, J., 2013:
Reconstructing High Arctic growing season intensity from shoot length growth of a dwarf shrub

Kemp, A C.; Telford, R J.; Horton, B P.; Anisfeld, S C.; Sommerfield, C K., 2013:
Reconstructing Holocene sea level using salt-marsh foraminifera and transfer functions: lessons from New Jersey, USA

Wolff, E. W.; Gersonde, R.; de Vernal, A, 2013:
Reconstructing Past Sea Ice

Zwertvaegher, A; Finke, P; De Reu, J; Vandenbohede, A; Lebbe, L; Bats, M; De Clercq, W; De Smedt, P; Gelorini, V; Sergant, J; Antrop, M; Bourgeois, J; De Maeyer, P; Van Meirvenne, M; Verniers, J; Crombé, P, 2013:
Reconstructing Phreatic Palaeogroundwater Levels in a Geoarchaeological Context: A Case Study in Flanders, Belgium

Taylor, K, 2013:
Reconstructing Vernacular Mathematics

Xia, X; Miller, E R., 2013:
Reconstructing gender ideologies of English loanwords in Chinese

Guekie Simo, A Thibaut; Marache, A; Lastennet, R; Breysse, D, 2013:
Reconstructing hydraulic conductivity field for hydrogeological modeling in an urban environment

Smets, M.; Jarzabkowski, P., 2013:
Reconstructing institutional complexity in practice: A relational model of institutional work and complexity

Streeter, R. T.; Dugmore, A. J., 2013:
Reconstructing late-Holocene environmental change in Iceland using high-resolution tephrochronology

Ayres, R, 2013:
Reconstructing medical practice

Toomey, M R.; Donnelly, J P.; Woodruff, J D., 2013:
Reconstructing mid-late Holocene cyclone variability in the Central Pacific using sedimentary records from Tahaa, French Polynesia

Polk, J S.; van Beynen, P; Asmerom, Y; Polyak, V J., 2013:
Reconstructing past climates using carbon isotopes from fulvic acids in cave sediments

de Vernal, A; Rochon, Aé; Fréchette, B; Henry, M; Radi, T; Solignac, S, 2013:
Reconstructing past sea ice cover of the Northern Hemisphere from dinocyst assemblages: status of the approach

Landing, E; Westrop, S R.; Bowring, S A., 2013:
Reconstructing the Avalonia palaeocontinent in the Cambrian: A 519 Ma caliche in South Wales and transcontinental middle Terreneuvian sandstones

Wang, J; Flierl, G R.; LaCasce, J H.; McClean, J L.; Mahadevan, A, 2013:
Reconstructing the Ocean's Interior from Surface Data

De Prospo, M, 2013:
Reconstructing the army of a collapsed nation: the Kingdom of the South of Italy (September 1943March 1944)

Otterloo, J; Cas, R A. F., 2013:
Reconstructing the eruption magnitude and energy budgets for the pre-historic eruption of the monogenetic 5

Gul, P; Korosteliov, A; Caplan, L; Ball, L C.; Bazar, J L.; Rodkey, E N.; Young, J L.; Sheese, K; Rutherford, A, 2013:
Reconstructing the experiences of first generation women in Canadian psychology

Slomp, C. P., 2013:
Reconstructing the history of euxinia in a coastal sea

Turchyn, A V.; Alt, J C.; Brown, S T.; DePaolo, D J.; Coggon, R M.; Chi, G; Bédard, J H.; Skulski, T, 2013:
Reconstructing the oxygen isotope composition of late Cambrian and Cretaceous hydrothermal vent fluid

S. V. Borisov,S. A. Voronov,A. M. Galper…, 2013:
Reconstructing the particle direction in an extended aperture of the PAMELA apparatus using the coordinate-sensitive calorimeter

Cléroux, C; deMenocal, P; Arbuszewski, J; Linsley, B, 2013:
Reconstructing the upper water column thermal structure in the Atlantic Ocean

Kiyomi, M; Saitoh, T; Uehara, R, 2013:
Reconstruction Algorithms for Permutation Graphs and Distance-Hereditary Graphs

Wegrzyn, J; Pibarot, V; Jacquel, A; Carret, J-Paul; Béjui-Hugues, J; Guyen, O, 2013:
Reconstruction actabulaire par croix de Kerboull, allogreffe structurale et cotyle double mobilit ciment dans les reprises de hanche 5ans de recul minimum

Chepeha, D. B.; Hanasono, M. M.; Patel, U.; Genden, E. M.; Rosco, A.; Chanowski, E., 2013:
Reconstruction after Salvage Laryngectomy

Peter Giesen and Christopher, M. Berry, 2013:
Reconstruction and Growth of the Early TreeCalamophyton(Pseudosporochnales, Cladoxylopsida) Based on Exceptionally Complete Specimens from Lindlar, Germany (Mid-Devonian): Organic Connection ofCalamophytonBranches andDuisbergiaTrunks

Li, Y; Feng, J, 2013:
Reconstruction based face occlusion elimination for recognition

Gouron, R.; Deroussen, F.; Plancq, M.C.; Collet, L.M., 2013:
Reconstruction des pertes de substance osseuse chez lenfant par la technique de la membrane induite : tude dune srie de 14 cas

Accadbled, F.; Mazeau, P.; Chotel, F.; Cottalorda, J.; Sales de Gauzy, J.; Kohler, R., 2013:
Reconstruction du fmur, aprs rsection tumorale maligne, par la technique de membrane induite : tudes de trois cas de rsorption massive de greffe chez lenfant

Khiami, F.; Wajsfisz, A.; Meyer, A.; Rolland, E.; Catonné, Y.; Sariali, E., 2013:
Reconstruction du ligament crois antrieur au moyen du fascia lata par une technique de prlvement arthroscopique peu invasive

Canovas, F; Batard, J; Hamoui, M; Faure, P; Munoz, M-Aude; Bisuel, T, 2013:
Reconstruction et synthse premire du volet fmoral, avant rimplantation de la tige fmorale, dans les reprises de prothses totales de hanches : technique du Fit-Complet

Le Clerc, N.; Sarfati, B.; Blancal, J.-P., 2013:
Reconstruction nasale complexe : tude dun cas de rhinopoise totale

Ilango, S Jude Joseph; Sarkar, S; Sameen, A., 2013:
Reconstruction of 2-D porous media using KarhunenLeve expansion

Kanti Hazra, T; Majumder, A; Das, C; Karmakar, M; Paul, D; K Gupta, A, 2013:
Reconstruction of Depressed Dorsum including Tip of Nose by Autogenous Materials: Our Experience

Digerfeldt, G; Björck, S; Hammarlund, D; Persson, T, 2013:
Reconstruction of Holocene lake-level changes in Lake Igelsjön, southern Sweden

Jordan, J. R.; Wayne, I.; Lazor, J. B., 2013:
Reconstruction of MOHS Defects

Zaimy, S. S.; Rasaei, M. R., 2013:
Reconstruction of Porosity Distribution for History Matching Using Genetic Algorithm

Sharif, M.; Jawad, A, 2013:
Reconstruction of Scalar Field Dark Energy Models in KaluzaKlein Universe

Ke, L; Ding, X; Song, C, 2013:
Reconstruction of Time-Series MODIS LST in Central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Using Geostatistical Approach

Yoav Gronovich, I Tuchman, 2013:
Reconstruction of acne keloidalis nuchae using osmotic tissue expandersa case series

Banerjee, R; Srivastava, P K., 2013:
Reconstruction of contested landscape: Detecting land cover transformation hosting cultural heritage sites from Central India using remote sensing

Lockwood, M.; Barnard, L.; Nevanlinna, H.; Owens, M. J.; Harrison, R. G.; Rouillard, A. P.; Davis, C. J., 2013:
Reconstruction of geomagnetic activity and near-Earth interplanetary conditions over the past 167 yr Part 1: A new geomagnetic data composite

Lockwood, M.; Barnard, L.; Nevanlinna, H.; Owens, M. J.; Harrison, R. G.; Rouillard, A. P.; Davis, C. J., 2013:
Reconstruction of geomagnetic activity and near-Earth interplanetary conditions over the past 167 yr Part 2: A new reconstruction of the interplanetary magnetic field

Guangliang, H; Chongyi, E; Xiangjun, L; Fangming, Z, 2013:
Reconstruction of integrated temperature series of the past 2,000

Milan Žukovič, D T. Hristopulos, 2013:
Reconstruction of missing data in remote sensing images using conditional stochastic optimization with global geometric constraints

Wiewiorski, M.; Valderrabano, V., 2013:
Reconstruction of osteochondral lesions of the talus with autologous spongiosa graft and autologous matrix induced chondrogenesis (AMIC)

Schäbitz, F; Wille, M; Francois, J-Pierre; Haberzettl, T; Quintana, F; Mayr, C; Lücke, A; Ohlendorf, C; Mancini, V; Paez, M M.; Prieto, A R.; Zolitschka, B, 2013:
Reconstruction of palaeoprecipitation based on pollen transfer functions the record of the last 16 ka from Laguna Potrok Aike, southern Patagonia

Medvedev, D. A.; Sorokin, P. A.; Vasil’ev, V. P.; Chernova, N. V.; Vasil’eva, E. D., 2013:
Reconstruction of phylogenetic relations of Ponto-Caspian gobies (Gobiidae, Perciformes) based on mitochondrial genome variation and some problems of their taxonomy

Mopuri, N; Karri, V; Patel, N; Niranjan, N, 2013:
Reconstruction of soft tissue defects in the Achilles tendon region with perforator-based fasciocutaneous flaps

Safin, E; Manteuffel, D, 2013:
Reconstruction of the Characteristic Modes on an Antenna Based on the Radiated Far Field

Tibaldi, A M.; Otamendi, J E.; Cristofolini, E A.; Baliani, I; Walker, B A.; Bergantz, G W., 2013:
Reconstruction of the Early Ordovician Famatinian arc through thermobarometry in lower and middle crustal exposures, Sierra de Valle Frtil, Argentina

S. S. Kostrova,H. Meyer,B. Chapligin,E. V. Bezrukova…, 2013:
Reconstruction of the Holocene climate of Transbaikalia: Evidence from the oxygen isotope analysis of fossil diatoms from Kotokel Lake

Bundgaard, T., 2013:
Reconstruction of the Maxilla with Pedicled Temporalis Muscle

Wong, A; Kirk Watson, H.; Carlson, L, 2013:
Reconstruction of the Rheumatoid Wrist: Fibrous Nonunion Arthroplasty

Umeda, Y; Matsumoto, S; Mori, Y; Takiya, H, 2013:
Reconstruction of the Superior Vena Cava and the Bilateral Brachiocephalic Veins for Invasive Thymoma Under Monitoring of Regional Cerebral Saturation of Oxygen

Farnebo, S; Woon, C Y.L.; Kim, M Y.; Chang, J, 2013:
Reconstruction of the TendonBone Insertion Is Stronger With Decellularized TendonBone Composite Grafts Compared to Conventional Pullout RepairsAn Experimental Study in Rats

Liu, Z; Pan, S; Yin, Y; Ma, R; Gao, J; Xia, F; Yang, X, 2013:
Reconstruction of the historical deposition environment from 210Pb and 137Cs records at two tidal flats in China

Xu, Y; Shen, Y, 2013:
Reconstruction of the land surface temperature time series using harmonic analysis

M. M. Pevzner, A. D. Babansky, M. L. Tolstykh, N. N. Kononkova, 2013:
Reconstruction of the magmatic system in the Shiveluch volcanic massif as a result of large-scale collapses of its edifice in the late pleistocene-early holocene

Averianov, A. O., 2013:
Reconstruction of the neck ofAzhdarcho lancicollisand lifestyle of azhdarchids (Pterosauria, Azhdarchidae)

Kinga Dobrowolska, 2013:
Reconstruction of the proximal ends of retiolitid rhabdosomes (Graptolithina) from the Upper Wenlock and the Lower Ludlow

Kolka, V. V.; Korsakova, O. P.; Shelekhova, T. S.; Lavrova, N. B.; Arslanov, K. A., 2013:
Reconstruction of the relative level of the White Sea during the Holocene on the Karelian coast near Engozero settlement, Northern Karelia

Liu, W-Min; Maivelett, J; Kato, G J.; Taylor VI, J G.; Yang, W-Chin; Liu, Y-Chung; Yang, Y-Gang; Gorbach, A M., 2013:
Reconstruction of thermographic signals to map perforator vessels in humans

Davies, I.T.; Cox, S.J.; Lambert, J., 2013:
Reconstruction of tomographic images of dry aqueous foams

Gronovich, Y; Tuchman, I; Binenboym, R; Eizenman, N; Retchkiman, M; Raveh, A; Golan, J, 2013:
Reconstruction with Osmotic Tissue Expander

Cunningham, L. K.; Austin, W. E.; Knudsen, K. L.; Eiriksson, J.; Scourse, J. D.; Wanamaker, A. D.; Butler, P. G.; Cage, A. G.; Richter, T.; Husum, K.; Hald, M.; Andersson, C.; Zorita, E.; Linderholm, H. W.; Gunnarson, B. E.; Sicre, M.-A.; Sejrup, H. P.; Jiang, H.; Wilson, R. J., 2013:
Reconstructions of surface ocean conditions from the northeast Atlantic and Nordic seas during the last millennium

Miller, S.H., 2013:
Reconstructive Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

Foldes, P; Cuzin, B; Andro, A, 2013:
Reconstructive Surgery After Female Genital Mutilation

Jowsey, S., 2013:
Reconstructive transplantation: Where are we in 2013 and what is our role in this emerging field?

Sarrafian, T.L.; Bodine, S.C.; Murphy, B.; Grayson, J.Kevin.; Stover, S.M., 2018:
Extracellular matrix scaffolds for treatment of large volume muscle injuries: A review

Cearreta, A; Mahiques, M; Dias, Jão Alveirinho, 2013:
Record of anthropogenic activities on the coastal environments of Iberoamerica (Antropicosta)

Lea, R N, 2013:
Record of the Kamchatka Flounder, Atheresthes evermanni, in California Waters

Hedlund, F Huess, 2013:
Recorded fatal and permanently disabling injuries in South African manufacturing industry Overview, analysis and reflection

Henderson, C. Y.; Mariotti, V.; Pany-Kucera, D.; Villotte, S.; Wilczak, C., 2013:
Recording Specific Entheseal Changes of Fibrocartilaginous Entheses: Initial Tests Using the Coimbra Method

Oates, R; McPhee, N; Joon, M Lim; Schneider-Kolsky, M; Kron, T, 2013:
Recording a patient diet over the radical course of radiotherapy for prostate cancer using a diet diary: a feasibility study

V. N. Korolyuk,E. N. Nigmatulina, 2013:
Recording lead Mα line in rare-earth phosphates using a JEOL JXA-8100 microanalyser

Siedel, H., 2013:
Recording natural stones on facades as a tool to assess their utilization and functional aspects over time

North, G Joseph, 2013 :
Recording supervision: Educational, therapeutic, and enhances the supervisory working alliance?

Brown, E; Moller, N; Ramsey-Wade, C, 2013:
Recording therapy sessions: What do clients and therapists really think?

Poplavskiy, A. S.; Le Bras, R. J., 2013:
Recordings of Long-Period Fluctuations Associated with the Passage of Three Distinct Tsunamis at Broadband Seismometers Made at the International Monitoring System (IMS) Hydroacoustic T-station H06 (Socorro Island, Mexico)

Psuty, I, 2013:
Records of Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in Fishing Nets During the Interwar Period in Poland: Verification of Archival Materials

Malyshkina, T. P.; González-Barba, G.; Bannikov, A. F., 2013:
Records of elasmobranchian teeth in the Bartonian of the northern Caucasus (Russia) and Crimea (Ukraine)

Erdoğdu, M; Hüseyin, Eşad, 2013:
Records of microfungi associated with plants in the Kemaliye district, Erzincan, Turkey

Fusco-Costa, R; Ingberman, B, 2013:
Records of the bush dog Speothos venaticus in a continuous remnant of coastal Atlantic Forest in southern Brazil

Akyol, O.; Aydın, İ.; Gülşahin, A.; Kara, A., 2013:
Records of three uncommon fishes from Izmir Bay (Aegean Sea, Turkey)

Su, C-Hung, 2013:
Recoverable and reusable hydrochloric acid used as a homogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production

Garola, C; Sozzo, S, 2013:
Recovering Quantum Logic Within an Extended Classical Framework

Lasserre, J B., 2013:
Recovering an Homogeneous Polynomial from Moments of Its Level Set

Abda, A Ben; Saad, I Ben; Hassine, M, 2013:
Recovering boundary data: The Cauchy Stokes system

Crawley, R; Lomax, S; Ayers, S, 2013:
Recovering from stillbirth: the effects of making and sharing memories on maternal mental health

Del Mar, M, 2013:
Recovering legal fictions: an introduction

Yiguang Liu, L Cao, C Liu, Y Pu, H Cheng, 2013:
Recovering shape and motion by a dynamic system for low-rank matrix approximation inL1norm

Glick, J., 2013:
Recovering the organismic: Werner and Kaplan's "symbol formation" 50 years later

Saunders, A, 2013:
Recovering the street: relocalising urban geography

Kirtland Turner, S; Ridgwell, A, 2013:
Recovering the true size of an Eocene hyperthermal from the marine sedimentary record

Fatemi, S. Mobeen; Sohrabi, M, 2013:
Recovery Mechanisms and Relative Permeability for Gas/Oil Systems at Near-Miscible Conditions: Effects of Immobile Water Saturation, Wettability, Hysteresis, and Permeability

Mekonnen, T H.; Mussone, P G.; Stashko, N; Choi, P Y.; Bressler, D C., 2013:
Recovery and characterization of proteinacious material recovered from thermal and alkaline hydrolyzed specified risk materials

Galanakis, C M.; Markouli, E; Gekas, V, 2013:
Recovery and fractionation of different phenolic classes from winery sludge using ultrafiltration

Deale, M; Perissinotto, R; Carrasco, N, 2013:
Recovery dynamics of zooplankton following mouth-breaching in the temporarily open/closed Mdloti Estuary, South Africa

Noh, Y. H.; Kim, J. Y.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, O. H.; Park, J.; Kee, B. -S.; Sohn, D. -S.; Chung, Y. H.; Kim, K. Y.; Lee, W. B.; Kim, S. S., 2013:
Recovery from Parkinsonism with N-acetylcysteine-differentiated neurons

Fuad Mondal, M.; Asaduzzaman, M.; Kobayashi, Y; Ban, T; Asao, T, 2013:
Recovery from autotoxicity in strawberry by supplementation of amino acids

Hätinen, M; Mäkikangas, A; Kinnunen, U; Pekkonen, M, 2013:
Recovery from burnout during a one-year rehabilitation intervention with six-month follow-up: Associations with coping strategies

Will, R E.; Lilly, C J.; Stewart, J; Huff, S; Tauer, C. G., 2013:
Recovery from topkill of shortleaf pine

Zhong, D-Liang; Daraboina, N; Englezos, P, 2013:
Recovery of CH4 from coal mine model gas mixture (CH4/N2) by hydrate crystallization in the presence of cyclopentane

Zheng, H; Chen, J; Wang, B; Zhao, S, 2013:
Recovery of Copper Ions from Wastewater by Hollow Fiber Supported Emulsion Liquid Membrane

Mailybaev, A. A.; Bruining, J.; Marchesin, D., 2013:
Recovery of Light Oil by Medium Temperature Oxidation

Tonchev, S; Parriaux, O, 2013:
Recovery of Lost Photons in Plasmon-Mediated Transmission Through Continuous Metal Film

Yavitt, J B., 2013:
Recovery of Methanogenesis Following Summer Drought in Soils from Two Cool Temperate Peatlands, New York State, USA

Suárez, L; Diez, Mía A.; García, R; Riera, F A., 2013:
Recovery of Na4EDTA from aqueous solutions using nanofiltration

Jan Pana Rabatho,William Tongamp…, 2013:
Recovery of Nd and Dy from rare earth magnetic waste sludge by hydrometallurgical process

Sweet, W E.; Bennett, M K.; Karohl, K L.; Moazami, N; Starling, R C.; Moravec, C S., 2013:
Recovery of SERCA Protein Following LVAD Support: Heartmate vs Heartmate II

Wieszczycka, K, 2013:
Recovery of Zn(II) from multielemental acidic chloride solution with hydrophobic 3-pyridineketoxime

Whitworth, D L.; Carter, H R.; Gress, F, 2013:
Recovery of a threatened seabird after eradication of an introduced predator: Eight years of progress for Scrippss murrelet at Anacapa Island, California

López, Félix A.; Rodríguez, O; Alguacil, F José; García-Díaz, I; Centeno, T A.; García-Fierro, Jé Luis; González, C, 2013:
Recovery of carbon fibres by the thermolysis and gasification of waste prepreg

Kanapathy, S; Mohamed, N, 2013:
Recovery of copper using an electro MP Cell operated in an electrogenerative mode

Cadarso, L; Marín, Ángel; Maróti, Gábor, 2013 :
Recovery of disruptions in rapid transit networks

Tsuyuzaki, S; Narita, K; Sawada, Y; Harada, K, 2013:
Recovery of forest-floor vegetation after a wildfire in aPicea marianaforest

Barker, K.; Newman, M.; Hughes, T.; Kiran, A.; Pandit, H.; Murray, D., 2013:
Recovery of function following hip resurfacing: a randomised controlled trial comparing a tailored versus standard physiotherapy rehabilitation programme

Guido Grause,Tomoyuki Mochizuki…, 2013:
Recovery of glass fibers from glass fiber reinforced plastics by pyrolysis

Lin, Y Kiat; Ooi, C Wei; Tan, J Shun; Show, P Loke; Ariff, A; Ling, T Chuan, 2013:
Recovery of human interferon alpha-2b from recombinant Escherichia coli using alcohol/salt-based aqueous two-phase systems

Spethmann, S.; Baldenhofer, G.; Dreger, H.; Stueer, K.; Mueller, E.; Stangl, V.; Baumann, G.; Stangl, K.; Laule, M.; Knebel, F., 2013:
Recovery of left ventricular systolic function in different entities of aortic stenosis 12 months after TAVI

Show, P Loke; Ooi, C Wei; Anuar, M Shamsul; Ariff, A; Yusof, Y Aniza; Chen, S Kien; Annuar, M Suffian Mohamad; Ling, T Chuan, 2013:
Recovery of lipase derived from Burkholderia cenocepacia ST8 using sustainable aqueous two-phase flotation composed of recycling hydrophilic organic solvent and inorganic salt

Sarmento, V C.; Barreto, A F. S.; Santos, P J. P., 2013:
Recovery of meiofauna following a short-term disturbance on coral reefs

Pinto, I S.S.; Soares, H M.V.M., 2013:
Recovery of molybdates from an alkaline leachate of spent hydrodesulphurisation catalyst proposal of a nearly-closed process

Zeng, F-Kui; Liu, H; Ma, P-Jun; Liu, G, 2013:
Recovery of native protein from potato root water by expanded bed adsorption with amberlite XAD7HP

Mamontov, O. V.; Fedotov, P. F.; Conradi, A. O.; Shlyakhto, E. V., 2013:
Recovery of neurogenic vascular regulation in patients with CHF after heart transplantation

Aukour, F.; Al-Hammouri, A.; Al-Ghzawi, A., 2013:
Recovery of plant species, richness and composition in abandoned grassland in arid region

Zusková, Eška; Máchová, J; Velíšek, J; Stará, Ažběta; Svobodová, Zňka; Kroupová, H Kocour, 2013:
Recovery of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) after subchronic nitrite exposure

Peydro, M.A.; Parres, F.; Crespo, J.E.; Navarro, R., 2013:
Recovery of recycled acrylonitrilebutadienestyrene, through mixing with styreneethylene/butylenestyrene

Wang, W; Pranolo, Y; Cheng, C Yong, 2013:
Recovery of scandium from synthetic red mud leach solutions by solvent extraction with D2EHPA

Yoko, A; Oshima, Y, 2013:
Recovery of silicon from silicon sludge using supercritical water

Liu, S; Huang, K; Zhu, H, 2013:
Recovery of silicon powder from silicon wiresawing slurries by tuning the particle surface potential combined with centrifugation

Clamond, D.; Constantin, A., 2013:
Recovery of steady periodic wave profiles from pressure measurements at the bed

V. Yu. Pivsaev, M. S. Kuznetsova, M. V. Samsonov, V. V. Ermakov…, 2013:
Recovery of the diesel fraction of oil sludge by engaging in the deep hydrotreating process for manufacturing ultraclean diesel fuels

S. D. Vinogradov,V. A. Lutskii, 2013:
Recovery of the form of acoustic signals in experiments with rock samples

Havenstein, N; Fietz, J, 2013:
Recovery of the immune system after hibernation in an obligate hibernator, the edible dormouse

Powell, L L.; Stouffer, P C.; Johnson, E I., 2013:
Recovery of understory bird movement across the interface of primary and secondary Amazon rainforest

Kuzuya, T; Hirai, S; Sokolov, V V., 2013:
Recovery of valuable metals from a spent nickelmetal hydride battery: Selective chlorination roasting of an anodic active material with CCl4 gas

Sale, P.; De Pandis, M.F.; Galli, M.; Cimolin, V.; Stocchi, F.; Ancillao, A.; Albertini, G.; Franceschini, M., 2013:
Recovery of walking performance with robot assisted end effector gait trainer in people with Parkinson disease: Preliminary report

Luo, L; Wang, X; Jia, Y; Wang, Z, 2013:
Recovery performance and characteristics in shape memory effects of aliphatic polyether urethane

Jensen, M A.; Fitzgibbon, Q P.; Carter, C G.; Adams, L R., 2013:
Recovery periods of cultured spiny lobster, Sagmariasus verreauxi juveniles: Effects of handling, force feeding, exercising to exhaustion and anaesthesia on oxygen consumption and ammonia-N excretion rates

Mário Dobner JR., L Nutto, A R. Higa, 2013:
Recovery rate and quality of rotary peeled veneer from 30-year-oldPinus taedaL. logs

Priv.-Doz. Dr. I. Sibitz, 2013:
Recovery-orientierte tagesklinische Therapie

Needham, M D.; Scott, D; Vaske, J J., 2013:
Recreation Specialization and Related Concepts in Leisure Research

Scott Shafer, C.; Scott, D; Baker, J; Winemiller, K, 2013:
Recreation and Amenity Values of Urban Stream Corridors: Implications for Green Infrastructure

McClenachan, L., 2013:
Recreation and the "Right to Fish" Movement: Anglers and Ecological Degradation in the Florida Keys

Chen, J-Long; Chuang, C-Ta; Jan, R-Quen; Liu, L-Chian; Jan, M-Ser, 2013:
Recreational Benefits of Ecosystem Services on and around Artificial Reefs: A Case Study in Penghu, Taiwan

Pessoa, R. M. C.; Pereira, L. C. C.; Sousa, R. C.; Magalhães, A.; da Costa, R. M., 2013:
Recreational carrying capacity of an Amazon macrotidal beach during vacation periods

Krieger, J R.; Chadwick, N E., 2013:
Recreational diving impacts and the use of pre-dive briefings as a management strategy on Florida coral reefs

Castor, C.; Aldabe, B.; Broucas, F.; Bonizec, A.; Rolland, P.; Chemin, F., 2013:
Recrudescence de la gale : valuation partir des donnes de SOS Mdecins et des ventes de scabicides de 2007 2011, Aquitaine, France

Miller, S.H., 2013:
Recruited Minced Skin Grafting for Improving the Skin Appearance of the Donor Site of a Split-Thickness Skin Graft

Van Hoye, G, 2013:
Recruiting Through Employee Referrals: An Examination of Employees Motives

Wilson, C P.; Wilson, S A.; Luthar, H K.; Bridges, M R. , 2013:
Recruiting for Diversity in Law Enforcement: An Evaluation of Practices Used by State and Local Agencies

Janetski, D J.; Ruetz, C R.; Bhagat, Y; Clapp, D F., 2013:
Recruitment Dynamics of Age-0 Yellow Perch in a Drowned River Mouth Lake: Assessing Synchrony with Nearshore Lake Michigan

Corten, A., 2013:
Recruitment depressions in North Sea herring

Carscadden, J E.; Gjøsæter, H; Vilhjálmsson, Hálmar, 2013:
Recruitment in the Barents Sea, Icelandic, and eastern Newfoundland/Labrador capelin (Mallotus villosus) stocks

Payne, S, 2013:
Recruitment into palliative care research studies: a common challenge

Valdés, A; García, D, 2013:
Recruitment limitations in Primula vulgaris in a fragmented landscape

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Recruitment of Seemingly Overeducated Personnel: InsiderOutsider Effects on Fair Employee Selection Practices

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