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Genetic admixing of two evergreen oaks,Quercus acutaandQ. sessilifolia (subgenus Cyclobalanopsis) , is the result of interspecific introgressive hybridization

Tamaki, I; Okada, M

Tree Genetics and Genomes 10(4): 989-999


ISSN/ISBN: 1614-2942
DOI: 10.1007/s11295-014-0737-x
Accession: 064494390

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In forests worldwide, Quercus is a major genus; however, the boundaries between the constituent species are relatively weak, and hybridization is reported frequently. In this study, we examined Quercus acuta and Quercus sessilifolia (subgenus Cyclobalanopsis), which have a putative hybrid- Q. x takaoyamensis. We investigated leaf morphological traits and microsatellites of Q. acuta and Q. sessilifolia in the area where the two species are both found.

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