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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64548

Chapter 64548 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Doles, J., 2014:
Persistent post urination haemorrhage after partial phallectomy

Eibl, E P.S.; Bean, C J.; Vogfjörd, Kín; Braiden, A, 2014:
Persistent shallow background microseismicity on Hekla volcano, Iceland: A potential monitoring tool

Tsygankov, V. Yu.; Boyarova, M. D.; Lukyanova, O. N., 2014:
Persistent toxic substances in the muscles and liver of the pacific walrusOdobenus rosmarus divergensIlliger, 1815 from the Bering Sea

Remy, D.; Froger, J. L.; Perfettini, H.; Bonvalot, S.; Gabalda, G.; Albino, F.; Cayol, V.; Legrand, D.; Saint Blanquat, M. De, 2014:
Persistent uplift of the Lazufre volcanic complex (Central Andes): New insights from PCAIM inversion of InSAR time series and GPS data

Pernica, P; Wells, M G.; MacIntyre, S, 2014:
Persistent weak thermal stratification inhibits mixing in the epilimnion of north-temperate Lake Opeongo, Canada

Kim, A.; Duke, W. S.; Terris, D. J., 2014:
Persistently Elevated Parathyroid Hormone Despite Successful Parathyroid Surgery

Daniela Matenaar,Linda Bröder,Corinna, S. Bazelet…, 2014:
Persisting in a windy habitat: population ecology and behavioral adaptations of two endemic grasshopper species in the Cape region (South Africa)

Portilho, I Isaac Rosa; Scorza Júnior, Rômulo Penna; Salton, Júlio Cesar; Mendes, I de Carvalho; Mercante, Fábio Martins, 2014:
Persistncia de inseticidas e parmetros microbiolgicos em solo sob sistemas de manejo

Andrich, D.; Marais, I., 2014:
Person Proficiency Estimates in the Dichotomous Rasch Model When Random Guessing Is Removed From Difficulty Estimates of Multiple Choice Items

Li, W; Mukunoki, M; Kuang, Y; Wu, Y; Minoh, M, 2014:
Person Re-Identification by Common-Near-Neighbor Analysis

Mancini, S; Molinaro, N; Davidson, D J.; Avilés, A; Carreiras, M, 2014:
Person and the syntaxdiscourse interface: An eye-tracking study of agreement

Chapman, L; Nelson, D, 2014:
Person-Centered, Community-Based Occupational Therapy for a Man With Parkinsons Disease: A Case Study

Freire, E; Elliott, R; Westwell, G, 2014:
Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy Scale: Development and reliability of an adherence/competence measure for person-centred and experiential psychotherapies

May, K; Strauss, C; Coyle, A; Hayward, M, 2014:
Person-based cognitive therapy groups for distressing voices: a thematic analysis of participant experiences of the therapy

Carrick, L, 2014:
Person-centred counsellors' experiences of working with clients in crisis: A qualitative interview study

Surányi, Z.; Rózsa, S.; Kasek, R.; Aluja, A., 2014:
Person-oriented analyses in the CatalanHungarian comparison of the ZuckermanKuhlmanAluja Personality Questionnaire (ZKA-PQ)

Gu, Y-Feng; Qu, X-liang; Liu, Q-hui; Guo, S-mei; Wang, M-yi, 2014:
Person-to-person transmission of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome bunyavirus through secretion and vomitus contact in one family

Martin, A J.; Durksen, T L.; Williamson, D; Kiss, J; Ginns, P, 2014:
Personal Best (PB) Goal Setting and Students Motivation in Science: A Study of Science Valuing and Aspirations

Trepanier, S; Gooch, P, 2014:
Personal Branding and Nurse Leader Professional Image

Yen, J; LU, I.C.; Yen, S.E.S.; Chien, H.C., 2014:
Personal Cardiovascular Health Risk Assessment And Management In The Work Place: A Pilot Program

Efran, J S.; McNamee, S; Warren, B; Raskin, J D., 2014:
Personal Construct Psychology, Radical Constructivism, and Social Constructionism: A Dialogue

Han, J; Zhang, N; Niu, C; Han, B; Bai, Z, 2014:
Personal Exposure of Children to Particle-Associated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Tianjin, China

Burdick, D C., 2014:
Personal Reflection, Intergenerational Narratives, and Shared Concerns

Cummins, R A.; Wooden, M, 2014:
Personal Resilience in Times of Crisis: The Implications of SWB Homeostasis and Set-Points

Weiss, T., 2014:
Personal Transformation: Posttraumatic Growth and Gerotranscendence

Fergus, T A.; Rowatt, W C., 2014:
Personal Uncertainty Strengthens Associations Between Scrupulosity and Both the Moral Appraisals of Intrusive Thoughts and Beliefs that God is Upset with Sins

Sortheix, F. M.; Lonnqvist, J.-E., 2014:
Personal Value Priorities and Life Satisfaction in Europe: The Moderating Role of Socioeconomic Development

Cox, C, 2014:
Personal and Community Empowerment for Grandparent Caregivers

Thompson, M. N.; Her, P.; Nitzarim, R. S., 2014:
Personal and Contextual Variables Related to Work Hope Among Undergraduate Students From Underrepresented Backgrounds

Bidell, M P., 2014:
Personal and Professional Discord: Examining Religious Conservatism and Lesbian-, Gay-, and Bisexual-Affirmative Counselor Competence

Elisabetta Crocetti, L Avanzi, S T. Hawk…, 2014:
Personal and Social Facets of Job Identity: A Person-Centered Approach

Braun-Lewensohn, O; Mosseri Rubin, M, 2014:
Personal and communal resilience in communities exposed to missile attacks: Does intensity of exposure matter?

Yu, K; Martin, A J., 2014:
Personal best (PB) and classic achievement goals in the Chinese context: their role in predicting academic motivation, engagement and buoyancy

Cila, J.; Lalonde, R. N., 2014:
Personal openness toward interfaith dating and marriage among Muslim young adults: The role of religiosity, cultural identity, and family connectedness

Friese, M; Wänke, M, 2014:
Personal prayer buffers self-control depletion

van Rooij, M; Teppa, F, 2014:
Personal traits and individual choices: Taking action in economic and non-economic decisions

Hayman, J, 2014:
Personal, social, health and economic education: the bridge between public health and education

Kendall, S; Cameron, A, 2014:
Personalisation of adult social care: self-directed support and the choice and control agenda

Huang, J; Barreto, A; Ren, P; Adjouadi, M, 2014:
Personalised and dynamic image precompensation for computer users with ocular aberrations

Hiemke, C, 2014:
Personalised medicine in psychiatry? Yes, but how?

Avineri, E; Bartle, C, 2014:
Personalised travel plans in the workplace: a case study

Bohnert, F; Zukerman, I, 2014:
Personalised viewing-time prediction in museums

King, R E., 2014:
Personality (and Psychopathology) Assessment in the Selection of Pilots

Anaza, N A., 2014:
Personality Antecedents of Customer Citizenship Behaviors in Online Shopping Situations

Lau, K S.L.; Marsee, M A., 2014:
Personality Assessment in Detained Adolescent Males as Predictors of Aggressive and Antisocial Behaviors

Ho, C.-L.; Welbourne, J. L.; Howard, P. J., 2014:
Personality Assessment in the Workplace: Evidence for the Workplace Interpersonal Relatedness Construct Across Cultures

Banerjee, S; Basu, J, 2014:
Personality Factors, Attachment Styles and Coping Strategies in Couples with Good and Poor Marital Quality

Galen, L W.; Williams, T J.; Ver Wey, A L., 2014:
Personality Ratings Are Influenced by Religious Stereotype and Ingroup Bias

Denis Bratko, A Butković, T Vukasović…, 2014:
Personality Resemblance Between Parents and Offspring: Study of Five Factors Across Four Samples and Questionnaires

Brandstätter, H; Opp, K-Dieter, 2014:
Personality Traits (Big Five) and the Propensity to Political Protest: Alternative Models

Debast, I; van Alphen, S P. J. (Bas); Rossi, G; Tummers, J H. A.; Bolwerk, N.; Derksen, J J. L.; Rosowsky, E., 2014:
Personality Traits and Personality Disorders in Late Middle and Old Age: Do They Remain Stable? A Literature Review

Schaffhuser, K; Allemand, M; Martin, M, 2014:
Personality Traits and Relationship Satisfaction in Intimate Couples: Three Perspectives on Personality

Buck, N Maria Leonarda; Leenaars, P Engelina Maria; Emmelkamp, P Maria Gerardus; van Marle, H Johan Carel, 2014:
Personality Traits are Related to Intimate Partner Violence Among Securely Attached Individuals

Trompf, L; Brown, C, 2014:
Personality affects learning and trade-offs between private and social information in guppies, Poecilia reticulata

Mishra, V; Niblock, K; Shansky, C, 2014:
Personality and Facebook Usage as Predictors of Student Participation in Course Blogs

Mark, G; Ganzach, Y, 2014:
Personality and Internet usage: A large-scale representative study of young adults

Marta Bassi, P Steca, D Monzani, A Greco…, 2014:
Personality and Optimal Experience in Adolescence: Implications for Well-Being and Development

Lee, G Leung; Diefendorff, J M.; Kim, T-Yeol; Bian, L, 2014:
Personality and Participative Climate: Antecedents of Distinct Voice Behaviors

Oda, R; Machii, W; Takagi, S; Kato, Y; Takeda, M; Kiyonari, T; Fukukawa, Y; Hiraishi, K, 2014:
Personality and altruism in daily life

Worth, N C.; Book, A S., 2014:
Personality and behavior in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game

Kramer, A; Bhave, D P.; Johnson, T D., 2014:
Personality and group performance: The importance of personality composition and work tasks

Ianni, P A.; Lafreniere, K D., 2014:
Personality and motivational correlates of energy drink consumption and misuse among female undergraduate students

Jonason, P K., 2014:
Personality and politics

Thomson, C J.; Carlson, S R., 2014:
Personality and risky downhill sports: Associations with impulsivity dimensions

Lodi-Smith, J; Shepard, K; Wagner, S, 2014:
Personality and sexually deviant behavior

Bereczkei, T; Czibor, A, 2014:
Personality and situational factors differently influence high Mach and low Mach persons decisions in a social dilemma game

Rees, C S.; Roberts, L D.; van Oppen, P; Eikelenboom, M; Hendriks, A.A. Jolijn; van Balkom, A J.L.M.; van Megen, H, 2014:
Personality and symptom severity in ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder: The mediating role of depression

Shanahan, M. J.; Bauldry, S.; Roberts, B. W.; Macmillan, R.; Russo, R., 2014:
Personality and the Reproduction of Social Class

Del Giudice, M J.; Yanovsky, B; Finn, S E., 2014:
Personality assessment and feedback practices among executive coaches: In search of a paradigm

Falck, R; Nahhas, R.W.; Daniulaityte, R; Carlson, R.G., 2014:
Personality characteristics of young adult, non-medical prescription opioid users in Central Ohio

Anderson, D J.; Grace, J K., 2014:
Personality correlates with contextual plasticity in a free-living, long-lived seabird

Kandler, C, 2014:
Personality development between nature and nurture

G. Long, C; Dolley, O; R. Hollin, C, 2014:
Personality disordered women in secure care: a treatment evaluation

Sung, S Young; Choi, J Nam; Kim-Jo, T, 2014:
Personality dissimilarity and work-related outcomes: Asymmetric effects and moderating role of group tenure

Holden, C J.; Zeigler-Hill, V; Pham, M N.; Shackelford, T K., 2014:
Personality features and mate retention strategies: Honestyhumility and the willingness to manipulate, deceive, and exploit romantic partners

Richter, D; Körtner, J L.; Saßenroth, D, 2014:
Personality has minor effects on panel attrition

Zhang, Y; Kong, F; Zhong, Y; Kou, H, 2014:
Personality manipulations: Do they modulate facial attractiveness ratings?

Lundin, A; Stoetzer, U; Modig, K; Carlsson, A C.; Wändell, P; Theobald, H, 2014:
Personality measured as Murrays psychological needs and all-cause mortality: 41years of follow-up of a population-based sample

Sakakibara, T; Wang, Z; Kasai, Y, 2014:
Personality of Patients with Pain

Furler, K; Gomez, V; Grob, A, 2014:
Personality perceptions and relationship satisfaction in couples

Herborn, K. A.; Heidinger, B. J.; Alexander, L.; Arnold, K. E., 2014:
Personality predicts behavioral flexibility in a fluctuating, natural environment

Cussen, V A.; Mench, J A., 2014:
Personality predicts cognitive bias in captive psittacines, Amazona amazonica

Mitrović, Dšanka; Smederevac, Sžana; Čolović, P; Kodžopeljić, J; Dinić, B, 2014:
Personality prototypes based on dimensions of the revised reinforcement sensitivity theory among prisoners and non-prisoners

Nilsson, A, 2014:
Personality psychology as the integrative study of traits and worldviews

Spanemberg, L; Salum, G Abrahão; Caldieraro, M Antonio; Vares, E Arrua; Tiecher, R Dahmer; da Rocha, N Sica; Parker, G; Fleck, M P., 2014:
Personality styles in depression: Testing reliability and validity of hierarchically organized constructs

Moya, J.; Blanch, A.; Balada, F.; Aluja, A., 2014:
Personality trait disorders predicted by the NEO-FFI-R and the ZKPQ-50-CC: a comparative study

Lee, E; Ahn, J; Kim, Y Jung, 2014:
Personality traits and self-presentation at Facebook

Kugler, T; Neeman, Z; Vulkan, N, 2014:
Personality traits and strategic behavior: Anxiousness and aggressiveness in entry games

Liu, H, 2014:
Personality, Leisure Satisfaction, and Subjective Well-Being of Serious Leisure Participants

Allen, M S.; Greenlees, I; Jones, M V., 2014:
Personality, counterfactual thinking, and negative emotional reactivity

Russo, P.M.; Caponera, E.; Barbaranelli, C., 2014:
Personality, sleep habits and sleep problems in a representative sample of Italian eighth grade students

Pailing, A; Boon, J; Egan, V, 2014:
Personality, the Dark Triad and violence

Karimi, H A.; Zhang, L; Benner, J G., 2014:
Personalized accessibility map (PAM): a novel assisted wayfinding approach for people with disabilities

Desai, J R; Pawloski, P; Sperl-Hillen, J M; O’Connor, P J, 2014:
Personalized and prioritized diabetes treatment recommendations to reduce cardiovascular risk

Veselý, M; Zeiler, W, 2014:
Personalized conditioning and its impact on thermal comfort and energy performance A review

Calvert, S L.; Richards, M N.; Kent, C C., 2014:
Personalized interactive characters for toddlers' learning of seriation from a video presentation

Pamies, D; Bressler, J; Zhang, C; Palma-Lima, M; Christian, K M.; Sminrnova, L; Harris, G; Block, K; Hartung, T; Hogberg, H, 2014:
Personalized microphysiological system of the brain to study gene/environment interactions

Khankan, A.A.; Jazieh, A., 2014:
Personalized oncology: what interventionalists should know

Rigg, J; Promphaking, B; Le Mare, A, 2014:
Personalizing the Middle-Income Trap: An Inter-Generational Migrant View from Rural Thailand

Burns-Lynch, B; Murphy, A A.; Gill, K J.; Brice, G, 2014:
Persons in Recovery, Family Members, and Staff Perspectives of Psychiatric Crisis Needs

Yu, K Yang Trevor, 2014:
Personorganization fit effects on organizational attraction: A test of an expectations-based model

Tromp, N; Koot, H; Wierda, T; Geertjens, L; van Dijk, R, 2014:
Persoonlijkheidspathologie bij adolescenten

de Vries, N; van Oers, H, 2014:
Perspectieven op de volksgezondheid

Maxwell, E., 2014 :

Saillot, I., 2014:
Perspective et actualit de Pierre Janet sur les possessions et les extases mystiques

Nie, Z; Yue, B; Wang, Q; Huang, Q, 2014:
Perspective on Chinas Dioxin Reduction Goal

Cipriani, G; Di Dio, V; Genduso, F; La Cascia, D; Liga, R; Miceli, R; Ricco Galluzzo, G, 2014:
Perspective on hydrogen energy carrier and its automotive applications

Madigand-Tordjman, M.-A.; Egler, P.-J.; Baleyte, J.-M., 2014:
Perspective relationnelle de lhallucination de lenfant et de ladolescent : propos de deux cas

Myers, M W.; Laurent, S M.; Hodges, S D., 2014:
Perspective taking instructions and self-other overlap: Different motives for helping

Rueda, P; Fernández-Berrocal, P; Schonert-Reichl, K A., 2014:
Perspective-Taking and Empathic Concern as Mediators for Happiness and Positive Affect in Adolescents With and Without Asperger Syndrome

Hakesley-Brown CBE, R., 2014:
Perspective: For the record: what price for patient data?

Griffiths, S., 2014:
Perspective: Global challenges for public health: dilemmas for leadership

Sehgal, P; D'Urzo, A, 2014:
Perspectives About Spirometry and Knowledge of Spirometric Diagnostic Criteria Among Primary Care Physicians

Ibarra, D, 2014 :
Perspectives From Hong Kong High School Students

Sharpe, T L.; Jacobson Frey, J; Osteen, P J.; Bernes, S, 2014:
Perspectives and Appropriateness of Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training for MSW Students

Beurlen, H; Thomas, R; da Silva, M R. Rodrigues; Müller, A; Rhede, D; Soares, D Rodrigues, 2014:
Perspectives for Li- and Ta-Mineralization in the Borborema Pegmatite Province, NE-Brazil: A review

Tokgozoglu, L, 2014:
Perspectives from The European Society of Cardiology Congress 2014

Hagemann, S; Blome, T; Saeed, F; Stacke, T, 2014:
Perspectives in Modelling ClimateHydrology Interactions

Dmitry Bobrov, I Kitov, L Zerbo, 2014:
Perspectives of Cross-Correlation in Seismic Monitoring at the International Data Centre

Chu, S-Yin, 2014:
Perspectives of Teachers and Parents of Chinese American Students With Disabilities About Their HomeSchool Communication

Tulay Ortabag,Serpil Ozdemir,Hatice Bebis,Suleyman Ceylan, 2014:
Perspectives of Young Adult Men Regarding Violence against Women: A Cross-sectional Study from Turkey

Nakahara, E, 2014:
Perspectives of a Third-generation Female Anesthesiologist

Ma, P-Cheng; Zhang, Y, 2014:
Perspectives of carbon nanotubes/polymer nanocomposites for wind blade materials

Barbosa, S; Ip, K, 2014:
Perspectives of double skin faades for naturally ventilated buildings: A review

Gelegenis, J.; Diakoulaki, D.; Lampropoulou, H.; Giannakidis, G.; Samarakou, M.; Plytas, N., 2014:
Perspectives of energy efficient technologies penetration in the Greek domestic sector, through the analysis of Energy Performance Certificates

Hossain, M Anwar, 2014:
Perspectives of human factors in designing elderly monitoring system

Michaelides, S, 2014:
Perspectives of precipitation science: Part II

Dillon, W W.; Haas, S E.; Rizzo, D M.; Meentemeyer, R K., 2014:
Perspectives of spatial scale in a wildland forest epidemic

von Schrader, S; Malzer, V; Bruyère, S, 2014:
Perspectives on Disability Disclosure: The Importance of Employer Practices and Workplace Climate

Brinig, M F.; Frederick, L M.; Drozd, L M., 2014:
Perspectives on Joint Custody Presumptions as Applied to Domestic Violence Cases

Spiro, N.; Schober, M. F., 2014:
Perspectives on Music and Communication: An introduction

Trost, J, 2014:
Perspectives on Qualitative Interviews

Andreas, H; Zenker, F, 2014:
Perspectives on Structuralism

Ameyaw, G.A.; Dzahini-Obiatey, H.K.; Domfeh, O., 2014:
Perspectives on cocoa swollen shoot virus disease (CSSVD) management in Ghana

Winkel, G; Jump, A, 2014:
Perspectives on forest conservation: building evidence at the frontier between policy and conservation science

Rogal, J; Divinski, S V.; Finnis, M W.; Glensk, A; Neugebauer, Jörg; Perepezko, J H.; Schuwalow, S; Sluiter, M H. F.; Sundman, B, 2014:
Perspectives on point defect thermodynamics

Huhtinen-Hildén, L, 2014:
Perspectives on professional use of arts and arts-based methods in elderly care

Tang, D, 2014:
Perspectives on same-sex sexualities and self-harm amongst service providers and teachers in Hong Kong

Catalán, P A.; Cienfuegos, R; Villagrán, M, 2014:
Perspectives on the Long-Term Equilibrium of a Wave Dominated Coastal Zone Affected by Tsunamis: The Case of Central Chile

Fritzler, M J, 2014:
Perspectives on the imperatives, opportunities and challenges for point-of-care diagnostics in systemic lupus erythematosus

Durkin, M; McGowan, P; Murray, L, 2014:
Perspectives on the potential for social media to improve communication in small businessbank relationships

Unnikrishnan, M; Parameshwarappa, S Kallappa; Rajendran, S; Siddappa, S; Viswanathan, S; Savlania, A; Agrawal, V; Kapilamoorthy, T Raman, 2014:
Perspectives, personal experiences and personalized threshold for intervention in abdominal aortic aneurysm

Merkus, D.; Duncker, D. J., 2014:
Perspectives: Coronary microvascular dysfunction in post-infarct remodelled myocardium

Santos-Gallego, C. G.; Badimon, L.; Badimon, J. J., 2014:
Perspectives: Direct and specific inhibition of factor Xa: an emerging therapeutic strategy for atherothrombotic disease

Fedele, F.; Mancone, M., 2014:
Perspectives: How to evaluate healthcare systems in primary angioplasty

Pries, A. R., 2014:
Perspectives: Microcirculation in hypertension and cardiovascular disease

Boytsov, S.; Potemkina, R. A., 2014:
Perspectives: Preventive measures for public health in Russian Federation

Bugiardini, R.; Badimon, L.; Manfrini, O.; Boytsov, S.; Bozidarka, K.; Daullxhiu, I.; Dilic, M.; Dorobantu, M.; Erglis, A.; Gafarov, V.; Gale, C. P.; Goncalvesova, E.; Goudev, A.; Gustiene, O.; Hall, A.; Karpova, I.; Kedev, S.; Manak, N.; Milicic, D.; Ostojic, M.; Parkhomenko, A. N.; Popovici, M.; Studenkan, M.; Toth, K.; Trninic, D.; Vasiljevic, Z.; Zakke, I.; Zaliunas, R.; Bugiardini, R.; Vaccarino, V.; Manfrini, O.; Badimon, L.; Manak, N.; Karpova, I.; Dilic, M.; Trninic, D.; Goudev, A.; Mili, 2014:
Perspectives: Rationale and design of the ISACS-TC (International Survey of Acute Coronary Syndromes in Transitional Countries) project

Ambrose, J. A.; Berg, R., 2014:
Perspectives: Technical considerations in performing radial procedures

Windler, R.; de Wit, C., 2014:
Perspectives: The Ca2+-dependent K+-channel KCa3.1 as a therapeutic target in cardiovascular disease

Vilahur, G.; Badimon, J. J.; Bugiardini, R.; Badimon, L., 2014:
Perspectives: The burden of cardiovascular risk factors and coronary heart disease in Europe and worldwide

Orth, U R.; Gal, S, 2014:
Persuasive Mechanisms of Nostalgic Brand Packages

Triezenberg, H A.; Gore, M L.; Riley, S J.; Lapinski, M K., 2014:
Persuasive communication aimed at achieving wildlife-disease management goals

Ayako Taniguchi, S Fujii, T Azami, H Ishida, 2014:
Persuasive communication aimed at public transportation-oriented residential choice and the promotion of public transport

Zhang, J (Mandy); Chock, T. Makana; Chen, G Masullo; Schweisberger, V; Yi, W, 2014:
Persuasiveness of Hiv/aids Public Service Announcements as a Function of Argument Quality, Personal Relevance, and Evidence Form

Yan, S; Hou, C; Hao, C; Ma, X; Orlando, D, 2014:
Persymmetric detectors with enhanced rejection capabilities

Krempel, S.G.; Siebel, A., 2014:
Persönliche Leistungserbringung im Krankenhaus im Rahmen von Privatbehandlung und Ermächtigung

Ermann, M; Körner, Jürgen, 2014:
Persönliche Stile in der Beziehung zur Psychoanalyse

Luse, J.; Sumaili, E.K.; Makulo, J.R.; Mokoli, V.; Bukabau, J.; Mukendi, S.K.; Lepira, F.B.; Nseka, N., 2014:
Perte de la fonction rnale rsiduelle est un puissant facteur indpendant de la mortalit en hmodialyse Kinshasa. tude de cohorte rtrospective de deux centres

Mattioni, S.; Verdet, C.; Gordien, E.; Steichen, O., 2014:
Pertinence clinique des examens cytobactriologiques des urines (ECBU) raliss dans un service de mdecine interne

Wolf, A.; Thefenne, H.; Hance, P.; Garnotel, E.; Roche-Longin, C., 2014:
Pertinence des transfusions de concentrs de globules rouges homologues

Leroy, F.; Lignier, C., 2014:
Pertinence et scurit de la pompe chez le diabtique de plus de 75 ans

Surek, C C.; Beut, J; Stephens, R; Lamb, J; Jelks, G, 2014:
Pertinent Midface Anatomy and Analysis for Volumizing Procedures

Lopez-Martinez, C; Alonso-Gonzalez, A; Fabregas, X, 2014:
Perturbation Analysis of Eigenvector-Based Target Decomposition Theorems in Radar Polarimetry

Dehghan, M; Valipour, M Sadegh; Saedodin, S, 2014:
Perturbation Analysis of the Local Thermal Non-equilibrium Condition in a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium Bounded by an Iso-thermal Channel

Stepanova, L.V.; Igonin, S.A., 2014:
Perturbation method for solving the nonlinear eigenvalue problem arising from fatigue crack growth problem in a damaged medium

 Innanen, K A.; Naghizadeh, M; Kaplan, S T. , 2014:
Perturbation methods for two special cases of the time-lapse seismic inverse problem

Levental, K R.; Levental, I, 2014:
Perturbation of Plasma Membrane Physical Properties by Endogenous and Exogenous Mediators Affects Cell Function

Yelle, R V.; Mahieux, A.; Morrison, S.; Vuitton, V.; Hörst, S.M., 2014:
Perturbation of the Mars atmosphere by the near-collision with Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring)

Velikovich, A. L.; Herrmann, M.; Abarzhi, S. I., 2014:
Perturbation theory and numerical modelling of weakly and moderately nonlinear dynamics of the incompressible RichtmyerMeshkov instability

Sanges, S.; Kavian, N.; Hauspie, C.; Nicco, C.; Guerrier, T.; Dutoit-Lefèvre, V.; Lefèvre, G.; Forestier, A.; Labalette, M.; Batteux, F.; Launay, D.; Dubucquoi, S., 2014:
Perturbations de lhomostasie et des proprits fonctionnelles des lymphocytes B dans un modle murin de sclrodermie systmique

Shmatov, S. I.; Mordvinkin, A. S., 2014:
Perturbing effect of solar radiation on theSpektr-RGspacecraft in operational orbit

Zheng, S; Longmire, E K., 2014:
Perturbing vortex packets in a turbulent boundary layer

ZHAO, Z Tian; ZHAO, X; GAO, W; ZHOU, G Li; ZHANG, L Lu, 2014:
Pertusaria yunnana, a new species from south-west China

Stojković, A; Maslovarić, I; Kosanović, D; Vučetić, Dšan, 2014:
Pertussis vaccine-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice

Riffelmann, M.; Wirsing von König, C.H., 2014:
Pertussis – eine impfpräventable Erkrankung

Koch, K; Górak, A, 2014:
Pervaporation of binary and ternary mixtures of acetone, isopropyl alcohol and water using polymeric membranes: Experimental characterisation and modelling

Dudek, G; Gnus, Młgorzata; Turczyn, R; Strzelewicz, A; Krasowska, M, 2014:
Pervaporation with chitosan membranes containing iron oxide nanoparticles

Ikegami, T; Negishi, H; Nakayama, S; Kobayashi, G; Sakaki, K, 2014:
Pervaporative concentration of biobutanol from ABE fermentation broths by Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum using silicone rubber-coated silicalite-1 membranes

Kujawski, J; Rozicka, A; Bryjak, M; Kujawski, W, 2014:
Pervaporative removal of acetone, butanol and ethanol from binary and multicomponent aqueous mixtures

Corrêa, M Angélica de Almeida; Kahn, J R.; Freitas, C Edwar de Carvalho, 2014:
Perverse incentives in fishery management: The case of the defeso in the Brazilian Amazon

Rizq, R, 2014:
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Petrology: Principles and practice

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Peur de lvaluation ngative en simulation haute-fidlit chez des internes danesthsie-ranimation

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Peut-on amliorer la qualit de vie par une prise en charge nutritionnelle en cancrologie ?

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Peut-on devenir ducateur en ducation thrapeutique en 40 heures ? Controverse

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Peut-on identifier un profil de patiente risque thrombotique veineux pendant la grossesse ?

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Peut-on parler de burnout chez les aides domicile ?

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Peut-on prdire le pronostic des patients prsentant des critres de sepsis ds lappel la rgulation du SAMU ?

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Peut-on prvoir en propratoire la longueur du LCA natif ? Analyse morphomtrique de 50 IRM 3D

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Peut-on prvoir l'atteinte pN2 chez des patients dont les ganglions mdiastinaux ne fixent pas au TEP-scanner?

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Pfaffian Solutions and Resonant Interaction Properties of a Coupled BKP Lattice

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Phage therapy against Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection in the whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) larvae

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Phalangeal Neck Fractures

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Phanerochaete chrysosporium pretreatment of biomass to enhance solvent production in subsequent bacterial solid-substrate cultivation

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Phanerozoic polyorogenic deformation in southern Jiuling Massif, northern South China block: Constraints from structural analysis and geochronology

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Pharma Update Genitalkarzinome

Prof. Dr. C. Thomssen, 2014:
Pharma Update Mammakarzinom

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Pharma Update Schwangerschaft und Geburt

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Pharmacist-Patient Communication about Medication Regimen Adjustment during Ramadan

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Pharmacodynamical and Neuroreceptor Analysis of the Permeability of the Blood-Brain Barrier for Derivatives of 1,4-Benzodiazepine

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Pharmacognostic Study and Physicochemical Analysis of Leaves of Terminalia arjuna

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Pharmacognostical Studies of Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Kurz

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Pharmacognostical and phytochemical standardization of the roots of Potentilla mooniana Wight

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Pharmacognostical studies on stem bark of Canarium strictum Roxb

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Pharmacognostical studies on the fruit of Elaeocarpus oblongus Gaertn

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Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Analysis of Brassica juncea Seeds

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Pharmacogntique des b2-mimtiques de courte dure daction

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Pharmacokinetic Study of the New Diagnostic Radiopharmaceutical99mTc-Pentaphosphonic Acid in Rats with an Experimental Bone-Fracture Model

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Pharmacokinetic analysis

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Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Alterations in the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Recipients

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Pharmacokinetics and Bioequivalance of Five Commercially Available Formulations of Omeprazole: A Preliminary Report

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Pharmacokinetics of Quercetin and Other Flavonols Studied by Liquid Chromatography and LC-MS (a Review)

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Pharmacokinetics of di-phenyl-di-(2,4-dichlorbenzohydroxamato) tin (IV): A new metal-based candidate with promising antitumor activity in rats

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Pharmacokinetics study of bronchial artery infusion chemotherapy in dog lung on the basis of microdialysis technique

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Pharmacologic Intervention for Managing Uterine Atony and Related Maternal Hemorrhage

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Pharmacologic prevention of pancreatitis after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: Present and future

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Pharmacological Activity of Natural Non-glycosylated Triterpenes

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Pharmacological Conscious Sedation Techniques in Endobronchial Ultrasonography: An Observational Analysis of Five Models and Complications Associated

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Pharmacological Evaluation of Cucumber for Cognition Enhancing Effect on Brain of Mice

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Pharmacological Inhibition of Peroxynitrite and Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase during Ex-vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) Markedly Reduces Ischemia-reperfusion Injury in the Explanted Donor Lung

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Pharmacological Preconditioning with Gentamicin (G) Attentuated the Toxicity in LLC-PK1 and Acute Kidney Injury in Rats

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Pharmacological action of phenazepam and caffeine on emotional sphere changes ethanol preference in Wistar male rats

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Pharmacological modulation of behavioral and biochemical effects resembling Huntington's disease utilizing sildenafil and RO-20-1724

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Pharmacologically active hydrogels derived from silicon glycerolates and chitosan

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Pharmacologically active salts and ionic liquids based on 2-hydroxyethylamines, arylchalcogenylacetic acids, and essential metals

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Pharmacology Continuing Education Posttest

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Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia

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Pharmakologisches Update gynäkologische Endokrinologie, Reproduktionsmedizin und Kontrazeption

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Phase Coexistence in Ternary Lipid Mixtures Containing POPC and Phytosterols, Ergosterol or 7-Dehydrocholesterol

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Phase Corrected Substrate Integrated Waveguide H-Plane Horn Antenna With Embedded Metal-Via Arrays

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Phase I Study

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Phase I evaluation of therapeutic HPV16 E7 vaccination before resection of HPV16+ CIN2/3

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Phase II Trial of Reduced Intensity Busulfan / Clofarabine Conditioning with Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Patients with AML, MDS, and ALL

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Phase Identification by EBSD Analysis of Non-Metallic Crystallites

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Phase Transitions, Domains Walls and Defects Dynamics of LaAlO3 via In Situ Heating in the Transmission Electron Microscope

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Phase Type Distributions with Finite Support

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Phase and the Hilbert transform

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Phase assembly-induced transition of three dimensional nanofibril- to sheet-networks in porous cellulose with tunable properties

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Phase associations and potential selective extraction methods for selected high-tech metals from ferromanganese nodules and crusts with siderophores

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Phase behavior and permeability of Alkyl-Methyl-Imidazolium Tricyanomethanide ionic liquids supported in nanoporous membranes

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Phase behavior and phase structure of 1:1 salt-free catanionic surfactant dodecyltrimethylammonium decanoate

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Phase behavior of selected artificial lipids

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Phase behavior of systems containing Genapol X080+technical 1-dodecene+water compared with the phase behavior of pure C12E8+pure 1-dodecene+water

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Phase behavior of the ternary aqueous mixtures of two polydisperse ethoxylated nonionic surfactants

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Phase behaviour, rheological properties, and microstructure of oat β-glucan-milk mixtures

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Phase compensation in non-Kolmogorov atmospheric turbulence

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Phase constitution in the interfacial region of laser penetration brazed magnesiumsteel joints

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Phase control of the group velocity in a quantum-dot molecule

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Phase correction of discrete Fourier transform coefficients to reduce frequency estimation bias of single tone complex sinusoid

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Phase diagram of the eutectic benzoic acid-naphthalene system in the temperature range of 300400 K

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Phase diagrams and interface in inflating balloon

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Phase diagrams in an ultra-thin spin-1 transverse Ising film with bond or site dilution at surfaces

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Phase diversity for calibrating noncommon path aberrations of adaptive optics system under nonideal measurement environment

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Phase dynamics of freely swimming foils

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Phase equilibria description of biodiesels with water and alcohols for the optimal design of the production and purification process

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Phase error analysis and compensation considering ambient light for phase measuring profilometry

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Phase filter design for sharper focus of radially polarized beam

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Phase formation and controlled nanostructuring in amorphous Fe80B20alloy

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Phase formation and transition in a xanthan gum/H2O/H3PO4tertiary system

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Phase profile analysis of transparent objects through the use of a two windows interferometer based on a one beam splitter configuration

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Phase relations between the water-rich sulfuric acid hydrates, potential markers of thermal history on Jupiters icy moons

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Phase relationships and PT path in NCFMASHTO system of the eclogite from the Tighsi area (Egere terrane, Central Hoggar, Algeria)

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Phase retrieval from single frame projection fringe pattern with variational image decomposition

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Phase retrieval through regularization for seismic problems

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Phase sensitivity of light dynamics in PT-symmetric couplers

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Phase separation characteristics of the Bunsen reaction when using HIx solution (HII2H2O) in the sulfuriodine hydrogen production process

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Phase separation of an acetonebutanolethanol (ABE)water mixture in the permeate during pervaporation of a dilute ABE solution

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Phase space reconstruction for improving the classification of single trial EEG

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Phase stability and mechanical properties of niobium dihydride

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Phase stability in a powder-processed AlMnCe alloy

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Phase stability of the penetrable-square-well model: an integral equation approach

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Phase states of water-protein(polypeptide)-salt system and reaction to external environment factors

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Phase transformation and crystalline growth of 4

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Phase transformation and microstructural evolution after heat treatment of a terbium-doped lithiumaluminum phosphate glass

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Phase transformation and microstructure study of nano-structured austenitic and ferritic stainless steel powders prepared by planetary milling

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Phase transformation and spectroscopic adjustment of Gd2O3:Eu3+ synthesized by hydrothermal method

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Phase transformation behavior of spherical tricalcium phosphate micro-granules prepared by a jet wheel impact atomization and calcination process

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Phase transformation behavior of zinc metastannates obtained by aqueous precipitation at different temperatures

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Phase transformation in plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings on 6061 aluminum alloy

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Phase transformation of coal gangue by aluminothermic reduction nitridation: Influence of sintering temperature and aluminum content

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Phase transformations and crystallization kinetics in electrospun TiO2nanofibers in air and argon atmospheres

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Phase transformations during the decomposition of austenite below Ms in a low-carbon steel

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Phase-Contrast Cryo-Electron Tomography of Primary Cultured Neuronal Cells

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Phase-Controlled Transparent Superluminal Light Propagation in a Doppler-Broadened Four-Level N-Type System

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Phase-Locked Loop Using Complex-Coefficient Filters for Grid-Connected Inverter

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Phase-Weighted Stacking Applied to Low-Frequency Earthquakes

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Phase-change-materials as energy source for micro aerial vehicles (MAV)

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Phase-field simulation study on size effect of the microstructure evolution of a single-domain barium titanate 2D lattice square

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Phase-induced switching in fiber nonlinear directional coupler

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Phase-sensitive small-angle neutron scattering

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Phase-space reconstruction and self-exciting threshold modeling approach to forecast lake water levels

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Phase-visibility modulating interferometry by binary non-quadrature amplitude modulation with neutral density filters

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Phased Array Bandwidth Enhancement Using a Novel Sampling Scheme

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Phasing in crystallography: a modern perspective

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Phast validation of discharge and atmospheric dispersion for pressurised carbon dioxide releases

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Phenocryst HeAr isotopic and whole-rock geochemical constraints on the origin of crustal components in the mantle source of Cenozoic continental basalt in eastern China

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Phenolic composition, caffeine content and antioxidant capacity of coffee silverskin

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Phenolic profile and carbohydrate digestibility of durum spaghetti enriched with buckwheat flour and bran

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Phenolic profile, biological activities and fraction analysis of the medicinal halophyte Retama raetam

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Phenolic-rich extracts from Willowherb (Epilobium hirsutumL.) inhibit lipid oxidation but accelerate protein carbonylation and discoloration of beef patties

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Phenological synchrony between a plant and a specialised herbivore

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Phenology and Pollinator-Prey Conflict in the Carnivorous Plant, Sarracenica alata

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Phenology and density-dependent dispersal predict patterns of mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) impact

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Phenology and dispersal of Larinus minutus Gyllenhal and Larinus obtusus Gyllenhal (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), two biological control agents of Centaurea stoebe ssp. micranthos (spotted knapweed) in Michigan

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Phenology and pest status of Agrotis segetum in a changing climate

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Phenology of ixodid ticks of the genusDermacentorin the Central Ciscaucasia

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Phenology of sexual reproduction in the common coral reef sponge,Carteriospongia foliascens

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Phenology, life table analysis and temperature requirements of the invasive brown marmorated stink bug,Halyomorpha halys,in Europe

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Phenology-based temporal mixture analysis for estimating large-scale impervious surface distributions

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Phenomena identification and ranking table for thermal-hydraulic phenomena during a small-break LOCA with loss of high pressure injection

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Phenomenalist dogmatist experientialism and the distinctiveness problem

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Phenomenological Method for Heterogeneity Corrected Eye Plaque Dosimetry Using Line Source TG-43 Functions in Brachyvision TPS. The Mayo Technique?

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Phenomenological Philosophy as the Basis for a Human Scientific Psychology

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Phenomenological theory of phase transitions in solutions of nanotubes in liquid crystal

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Phenomenology and hermeneutic phenomenology: the philosophy, the methodologies, and using hermeneutic phenomenology to investigate lecturers experiences of curriculum design

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Phenomenon of enantiomorphism in marine bryozoans

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Phenotype-dependent mate choice inPropylea dissectaand its fitness consequences

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Phenotypes of Monocytes and Monocyte Derived Dendritic Cells (MODC) in Antiretroviral Nave Chronically Infected HIV Patients

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Phenotypic and transgenerational plasticity promote local adaptation to sun and shade environments

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Phenotypic bistability in Escherichia coli's central carbon metabolism

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Phenotypic classification of mulberry (Morus) species in Taiwan using numerical taxonomic analysis through the characterization of vegetative traits and chilling requirements

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Phenotypic differentiation of Ponto-Caspian gobies during a contemporary invasion of the upper Danube River

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Phenotypic divergence and inter-specific trait correlation in a plant-pollinator/seed predator mutualism

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Phenotypic evaluation and analysis of important agronomic traits in the hybrid and natural populations of Lentinula edodes

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Phenotypic plasticity in nest departure calls: weighing costs and benefits

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Phenotypic plasticity in seed germination relates differentially to overwintering and flowering temperatures

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Phenotypic screening of pecan seedling rootstocks in search of nematode resistance

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Phenotypic selection on the staminal lever mechanism inSalvia digitaloides(Labiaceae)

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Phenotypic trait analysis of diploid and triploid hybrids from female Crassostrea hongkongensismale C. gigas

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Phenotypic variability in larvae of two species of Mediterranean spadefoot toad: an approach using linear and geometric morphometrics

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Phenotypic variation in oronasal perception and the relative effects of PROP and Thermal Taster Status

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Phenotypic variation in resource acquisition influences trade-off between number and mass of offspring in a burying beetle

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Phenotypic variation of 38 EuropeanAmbrosia artemisiifoliapopulations measured in a common garden experiment

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Phenotypic variation ofGymnadenia conopsea(L.) R. Br. (Orchidaceae) in marginal populations on limestones in the northeast of European Russia

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Phenotyping early blight resistance in potato cultivars and breeding clones

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Phenotyping shows improved physiological traits and seed yield of transgenic wheat plants expressing the alfalfa aldose reductase under permanent drought stress

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Phenylene bolaamphiphiles: Influence of the substitution pattern on the aggregation behavior and the miscibility with classical phospholipids

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Phenylephrine Infusion Versus Bolus Regimens During Cesarean Delivery Under Spinal Anesthesia

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Phenylethylamine - Von der Struktur zur Funktion

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Phenylpropanoids from red kohlrabi sprouts inhibits nitric oxide production in RAW 264.7 macrophage cells

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Phenylsulfonic acid functionalized mesoporous SBA-15 silica: A heterogeneous catalyst for removal of free fatty acids in vegetable oil

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Photo Contest Promotes Public Appreciation of Biology

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