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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64564

Chapter 64564 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jackson, J M., 2014:
Review of Origins: On the genesis of psychic reality

Ladd, K L., 2014:
Review of Oxford Textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare

Halfon, S, 2014:
Review of Personality and psychopathology: Critical dialogues with David Shapiro

Mohd-Nasir, S. N. F.; Sulaiman, M. Y.; Ahmad-Ludin, N.; Ibrahim, M. A.; Sopian, K.; Mat-Teridi, M. A., 2014:
Review of Polymer, Dye-Sensitized, and Hybrid Solar Cells

Roose, S. P., 2014:
Review of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Research

Auerbach, J S., 2014:
Review of Psychodynamic psychotherapy research: Evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence

Behrens, E L.; Liu, W Ming, 2014:
Review of Qualitative strategies for ethnocultural research

Schulenberg, T; Leung, L K.H.; Oka, Y, 2014:
Review of R&D for supercritical water cooled reactors

Corso, K A., 2014:
Review of Relationship science: Integrating evolutionary, neuroscience, and sociocultural approaches

Adelman, A. J., 2014:
Review of Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges

Katharine Vincent, 2014:
Review of Robbins, M (2011) Crops and carbon: paying farmers to combat climate change. London, Earthscan

Ertok, I; Kurtoglu Celik, G; Otal, Y; Erol, E; Sarikaya, P; Gokhan, S, 2014:
Review of Severe Headache after Sexual Activity with a Case Presentation

Ryan, J B.; Katsiyannis, A; Losinski, M; Reid, R; Ellis, C, 2014:
Review of State Medication Policies/Guidelines Regarding Psychotropic Medications in Public Schools

Patel, K D.; Prajapati, S M.; Panchal, S N.; Patel, H D., 2014:
Review of Synthesis of 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives

Borad, M A.; Bhoi, M N.; Prajapati, N P.; Patel, H D., 2014:
Review of Synthesis of Multispiro Heterocyclic Compounds from Isatin

Borad, M A.; Bhoi, M N.; Prajapati, N P.; Patel, H D., 2014:
Review of Synthesis of Spiro Heterocyclic Compounds from Isatin

Peterson, A, 2014:
Review of Tatjana Viak, Killing Happy Animals: Explorations in Utilitarian Ethics

Vedachalam, N; Ramadass, G Ananada; Atmanand, M Aravindakshan, 2014:
Review of Technological Advancements and HSE-Based Safety Model for Deep-Water Human Occupied Vehicles

Downing, D L., 2014:
Review of The Christopher Bollas reader

Mio, J Scott, 2014:
Review of The Oxford handbook of social class in counseling

Levenson, L. N., 2014:
Review of The Year of Durocher: A Novel

Funderburk, J S.; Fielder, R L., 2014:
Review of The academy: Integrating behavioral health and primary care http://integrationacademy.ahrq.gov

Commerford, M C., 2014:
Review of The defining decade: Why your twenties matterAnd how to make the most of them now

Leary, K, 2014:
Review of The examined life: How we lose and find ourselves

Johnson, E Boshkoff; Downing, D L., 2014:
Review of The how-to book for students of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy

Brown, D L., 2014:
Review of The psychology of prejudice: From attitudes to social action

Rast, M; Johannessen, J; Mauser, W, 2014:
Review of Understanding of Earths Hydrological Cycle: Observations, Theory and Modelling

Heitler, S, 2014:
Review of Unifying psychotherapy: Principles, methods, and evidence from clinical science

Ramey, C H., 2014:
Review of Varieties of presence

Mowafi, S.; Kafafy, H.; Arafa, A.; Haggag, K.; Rehan, M., 2018:
Facile and environmental benign in situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles for multifunctionalization of wool fibers

Sheehy, J, 2014:
Review of Womens bodies in psychoanalysis

Steven Brown, J.; Domanski, P A., 2014:
Review of alternative cooling technologies

Kanaujia, P K.; Sharma, Y.K.; Garg, M.O.; Tripathi, D; Singh, R, 2014:
Review of analytical strategies in the production and upgrading of bio-oils derived from lignocellulosic biomass

Sharma, A K.; Tjell, J Chr.; Sloth, J J.; Holm, P E., 2014:
Review of arsenic contamination, exposure through water and food and low cost mitigation options for rural areas

Li, J; De Luca, R, 2014:
Review of assessment feedback

Fleming, S; Maxwell, E, 2014:
Review of australian laboratory attitudes to maximal surgical blood ordering schedules(MSBOS)

Wolff-Boenisch, D; Evans, K, 2014:
Review of available fluid sampling tools and sample recovery techniques for groundwater and unconventional geothermal research as well as carbon storage in deep sedimentary aquifers

Glisic, S B.; Orlović, A M., 2014:
Review of biodiesel synthesis from waste oil under elevated pressure and temperature: Phase equilibrium, reaction kinetics, process design and techno-economic study

Giri, B Shekher; Kim, K Hyun; Pandey, R.A.; Cho, J; Song, H; Kim, Y Shin, 2014 :
Review of biotreatment techniques for volatile sulfur compounds with an emphasis on dimethyl sulfide

Li, X; Wen, J, 2014:
Review of building energy modeling for control and operation

Lugg, A; Copeland, C, 2014:
Review of cold water pollution in the Murray-Darling Basin and the impacts on fish communities

Rajasekar, E.; Selvi, S., 2014:
Review of combustion characteristics of CI engines fueled with biodiesel

Hahn, H; Krautkremer, B; Hartmann, K; Wachendorf, M, 2014:
Review of concepts for a demand-driven biogas supply for flexible power generation

Karim, M. Rajibul; Gnanendran, C. T., 2014:
Review of constitutive models for describing the time dependent behaviour of soft clays

Gunalan, S.; Mahendran, M., 2014:
Review of current fire design rules for cold-formed steel wall systems

Rodríguez-Muñoz, J.L.; Belman-Flores, J.M., 2014:
Review of diffusionabsorption refrigeration technologies

Deen, N G.; Peters, E.A.J.F.; Padding, J T.; Kuipers, J.A.M., 2014:
Review of direct numerical simulation of fluidparticle mass, momentum and heat transfer in dense gassolid flows

Niu, Z; Jiang, A; Abu Hammad, W; Oladzadabbasabadi, A; Xu, S S.; Mergoum, M; Elias, E M.; Hartl, L., 2014:
Review of doubled haploid production in durum and common wheat through wheat maize hybridization

Berna, C.; Escrivá, A.; Muñoz-Cobo, J.L.; Herranz, L.E., 2014:
Review of droplet entrainment in annular flow: Interfacial waves and onset of entrainment

Shaahid, S.M.; Al-Hadhrami, L.M.; Rahman, M.K., 2014:
Review of economic assessment of hybrid photovoltaic-diesel-battery power systems for residential loads for different provinces of Saudi Arabia

Quan, Z; Quan, L; Zhang, J, 2014:
Review of energy efficient direct pump controlled cylinder electro-hydraulic technology

Olanrewaju, O.A; Jimoh, A.A, 2014:
Review of energy models to the development of an efficient industrial energy model

Dippenaar, M A.; van Rooy, J. Louis, 2014:
Review of engineering, hydrogeological and vadose zone hydrological aspects of the Lanseria Gneiss, Goudplaats-Hout River Gneiss and Nelspruit Suite Granite (South Africa)

Mosaferi, M; Dianat, I; Khatibi, M Shaker; Mansour, S Nemati; Fahiminia, M; Hashemi, A Asl, 2014:
Review of environmental aspects and waste management of stone cutting and fabrication industries

Liew, W Hui; Hassim, M H.; Ng, D K.S., 2014:
Review of evolution, technology and sustainability assessments of biofuel production

Mukherjee, S, 2014:
Review of flanking structures in meso- and micro-scales

Kang, C; Liu, H; Yang, X, 2014:
Review of fluid dynamics aspects of Savonius-rotor-based vertical-axis wind rotors

Lehto, J; Oasmaa, A; Solantausta, Yö; Kytö, M; Chiaramonti, D, 2014 :
Review of fuel oil quality and combustion of fast pyrolysis bio-oils from lignocellulosic biomass

Kuang, M; Li, Z, 2014:
Review of gas/particle flow, coal combustion, and NOx emission characteristics within down-fired boilers

Veena, P.; Indragandhi, V.; Jeyabharath, R.; Subramaniyaswamy, V., 2014:
Review of grid integration schemes for renewable power generation system

Hoeft, T J.; Unutzer, J; Hinton, L, 2014:
Review of health services interventions in late-life depression: opportunities for research and practice change

Wang, S-Hong; Song, M-Lin, 2014:
Review of hidden carbon emissions, trade, and labor income share in China, 20012011

Ho, C K.; Iverson, B D., 2014:
Review of high-temperature central receiver designs for concentrating solar power

Udomsirichakorn, J; Salam, P. Abdul, 2014:
Review of hydrogen-enriched gas production from steam gasification of biomass: The prospect of CaO-based chemical looping gasification

Khan, U Daraz, 2014:
Review of implant sizes in 146 consecutive asymmetrical augmentation mammoplasties

Rodríguez-Soria, B; Domínguez-Hernández, J; Pérez-Bella, Jé M.; del Coz-Díaz, J J., 2014:
Review of international regulations governing the thermal insulation requirements of residential buildings and the harmonization of envelope energy loss

Chang, D; Lee, C.K.M.; Chen, C-Hsien, 2014:
Review of life cycle assessment towards sustainable product development

Havet, A.; Coquil, X.; Fiorelli, J.L.; Gibon, A.; Martel, G.; Roche, B.; Ryschawy, J.; Schaller, N.; Dedieu, B., 2014:
Review of livestock farmer adaptations to increase forages in crop rotations in western France

Igobo, O N.; Davies, P A., 2014:
Review of low-temperature vapour power cycle engines with quasi-isothermal expansion

Vedachalam, N.; Muthukrishna Babu, S.; Ramadass, G.A.; Atmanand, M.A., 2014:
Review of maturing multi-megawatt power electronic converter technologies and reliability modeling in the light of subsea applications

Rodrigo, P.; Fernández, E.F.; Almonacid, F.; Pérez-Higueras, P.J., 2014:
Review of methods for the calculation of cell temperature in high concentration photovoltaic modules for electrical characterization

Stebbing, P.; Longshaw, M.; Scott, A., 2014:
Review of methods for the management of non-indigenous crayfish, with particular reference to Great Britain

Afram, A; Janabi-Sharifi, F, 2014:
Review of modeling methods for HVAC systems

Giechaskiel, B; Maricq, M; Ntziachristos, L; Dardiotis, C; Wang, X; Axmann, H; Bergmann, A; Schindler, W, 2014:
Review of motor vehicle particulate emissions sampling and measurement: From smoke and filter mass to particle number

Aja, O Chikere; Al-Kayiem, H H., 2014:
Review of municipal solid waste management options in Malaysia, with an emphasis on sustainable waste-to-energy options

Johanson, K, 2014:
Review of new segregation tester method by Dr. Kerry Johanson, P.E

Han, X; Kulaots, I; Jiang, X; Suuberg, E M., 2014:
Review of oil shale semicoke and its combustion utilization

Freudenthal, M; García-Alix, A; Rios, Mía; Ruiz-Sánchez, F; Martín-Suárez, E; Delgado Huertas, A, 2014:
Review of paleo-humidity parameters in fossil rodents (Mammalia): Isotopic vs. tooth morphology approach

Phinikarides, A; Kindyni, N; Makrides, G; Georghiou, G E., 2014:
Review of photovoltaic degradation rate methodologies

Schilders, M Renee; Ogloff, J R.P., 2014:
Review of point-of-reception mental health screening outcomes in an Australian Prison

Delfour-Samama, O.; Leboeuf, C., 2014:
Review of potential legal frameworks for effective implementation and enforcement of MPAs in the high seas

Manos, B; Bartocci, P; Partalidou, M; Fantozzi, F; Arampatzis, S, 2014:
Review of publicprivate partnerships in agro-energy districts in Southern Europe: The cases of Greece and Italy

Chan, F Liang; Tanksale, A, 2014:
Review of recent developments in Ni-based catalysts for biomass gasification

Memon, M Usman; Lim, S, 2014:
Review of reconfigurable substrate-integrated-waveguide antennas

Ming, Z; Ximei, L; Yulong, L; Lilin, P, 2014:
Review of renewable energy investment and financing in China: Status, mode, issues and countermeasures

Kenyon, P; Maloney, S; Blache, D, 2014:
Review of sheep body condition score in relation to production characteristics

Sinha, S; Chandel, S.S., 2014:
Review of software tools for hybrid renewable energy systems

Guan, B; Zhan, R; Lin, H; Huang, Z, 2014:
Review of state of the art technologies of selective catalytic reduction of NOx from diesel engine exhaust

Balueva, E N.; Lee, J-Wook, 2014:
Review of subfamily Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from South Korea with six unrecorded genera and a new species

Smithers, J, 2014:
Review of sugarcane trash recovery systems for energy cogeneration in South Africa

Del Rey Fernández, D C.; Hicken, J E.; Zingg, D W., 2014:
Review of summation-by-parts operators with simultaneous approximation terms for the numerical solution of partial differential equations

Rious, V; Perez, Y, 2014:
Review of supporting scheme for island powersystem storage

Di Traglia, F; Nolesini, T; Intrieri, E; Mugnai, F; Leva, D; Rosi, M; Casagli, N, 2014:
Review of ten years of volcano deformations recorded by the ground-based InSAR monitoring system at Stromboli volcano: a tool to mitigate volcano flank dynamics and intense volcanic activity

Benskin, C. McW. H.; Roberts, W. M.; Wang, Y.; Haygarth, P. M., 2014:
Review of the Annual Phosphorus Loss Estimator tool - a new model for estimating phosphorus losses at the field scale

Cook, J L., 2014:
Review of the Biology of Parasitic Insects in the Order Strepsiptera

Dalla Valle, L, 2014:
Review of the BookBayesian Analysis Made Simple: An Excel GUI for WinBUGS, by P. Woodward

Jin, Z, 2014:
Review of the BookConfidence Intervals for Proportions and Related Measures of Effect Sizeby Robert G. Newcombe

Velitzelos, D; Bouchal, J M.; Denk, T, 2014:
Review of the Cenozoic floras and vegetation of Greece

Brown, R E., 2014:
Review of the Dannemiller Foundations Anesthesiology Review CourseApril 27 to May 2, 2013

Caboral-Stevens, M F.; Rosario-Sim, M, 2014:
Review of the Joint National Committee's Recommendations in the Management of Hypertension

Jung, S Woo; Jäch, M A.; Bae, Y Jae, 2014:
Review of the Korean Elmidae (Coleoptera: Dryopoidea) with descriptions of three new species

Simutnik, S. A.; Perkovsky, E. E.; Gumovsky, A. V., 2014:
Review of the Late Eocene Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) with a description of the first fossil genus with filum spinosum

Ringstrom, P A., 2014:
Review of the Movie Amour

Kyle, C, 2014:
Review of the NZ schedule: what tests should be supported?

Fernandez-Triana, J; Whitfield, J; Smith, M. Alex; Braet, Y; Hallwachs, W; Janzen, D, 2014:
Review of the Neotropical genus Prasmodon (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae), with emphasis on species from Area de Conservacin Guanacaste, northwestern Costa Rica

Alfaro, E; Holz, M, 2014:
Review of the chronostratigraphic charts in the Sin-San Jacinto basin based on new seismic stratigraphic interpretations

Moreno-Bedmar, J.A.; Barragán, R.; Delanoy, G.; Company, M.; Salas, R., 2014:
Review of the early Aptian (Early Cretaceous) ammonoid species Deshayesites deshayesi (d'Orbigny, 1841)

Orioli, A; Di Gangi, A, 2014:
Review of the energy and economic parameters involved in the effectiveness of grid-connected PV systems installed in multi-storey buildings

Khalaim, A; Balueva, E; Kim, K-Beom; Lee, J-Wook, 2014:
Review of the genus Tersilochus Holmgren (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Tersilochinae) from South Korea

Shin, S; Menzel, F; Lee, H; Lee, S, 2014:
Review of the genus Zygoneura Meigen (Diptera: Sciaridae) in Korea, with an updated checklist of the World species

Vinokurov, N. N., 2014:
Review of the genusMacrosaldulaSouthwood et Leston, 1959 (Heteroptera, Saldidae) of the fauna of Russia and adjacent countries

Misi, A.; Azmy, K.; Kaufman, A.J.; Oliveira, T.F.; Sanches, A.L.; Oliveira, G.D., 2014:
Review of the geological and geochronological framework of the Vazante sequence, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Implications to metallogenic and phosphogenic models

Sanaieian, H; Tenpierik, M; Linden, K van den; Mehdizadeh Seraj, F; Mofidi Shemrani, S Majid, 2014:
Review of the impact of urban block form on thermal performance, solar access and ventilation

Negm, M W.; Mesbah, A E., 2014:
Review of the mite family Cheyletidae (Acari: Trombidiformes: Cheyletoidea) of Egypt

Clemens, W A.; Martin, T, 2014:
Review of the non-tritylodontid synapsids from bone beds in the Rhaetic Sandstone, southern Germany

Bhoopalam, A Kishore; Sandu, C, 2014:
Review of the state of the art in experimental studies and mathematical modeling of tire performance on ice

Kaur, J; Singh, D; Dubey, V; Suryanarayana, N. S.; Parganiha, Y; Jha, P, 2014:
Review of the synthesis, characterization, and properties of LaAlO3phosphors

D. R. Kasparyan, 2014:
Review of the western palaearctic Ichneumon-flies of the genusRhorusFörster, 1869 (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae: Ctenopelmatinae). II. The species of thepunctus,longicornis,chrysopygus, andsubstitutorgroups, the species with the black metasoma and some others

Romero Gómez, M.; Ferreiro Garcia, R.; Romero Gómez, J.; Carbia Carril, J., 2014:
Review of thermal cycles exploiting the exergy of liquefied natural gas in the regasification process

Andrievski, R. A., 2014:
Review of thermal stability of nanomaterials

Madsen, H.; Lawrence, D.; Lang, M.; Martinkova, M.; Kjeldsen, T.R., 2014:
Review of trend analysis and climate change projections of extreme precipitation and floods in Europe

Khaled, M; Ramadan, M; El-Hage, H; Elmarakbi, A; Harambat, F; Peerhossaini, H, 2014:
Review of underhood aerothermal management: Towards vehicle simplified models

Nagarani, N.; Mayilsamy, K.; Murugesan, A.; Kumar, G. Sathesh, 2014:
Review of utilization of extended surfaces in heat transfer problems

Shapovalov, M. I.; Saprykin, M. A.; Prokin, A. A., 2014:
Review of water bugs of the genusMicronectaKirk. (Heteroptera, Corixidae) of the fauna of the Northwestern Caucasus

Ibrahim, O; Fardoun, F; Younes, R; Louahlia-Gualous, H, 2014:
Review of water-heating systems: General selection approach based on energy and environmental aspects

Green, M O.; Coco, G, 2014:
Review of wave-driven sediment resuspension and transport in estuaries

Hariharan, G.; Kannan, K., 2014:
Review of wavelet methods for the solution of reactiondiffusion problems in science and engineering

Slavkovikj, V; Verstockt, S; Van Hoecke, S; Van de Walle, R, 2014:
Review of wildfire detection using social media

Kwicklis, E. M., 2014:
Review of Too Hot To Touch: The Problem of High-Level Nuclear Waste' by William M. Alley and Rosemarie Alley

Hyman, C H.; Hollier, L H., 2014:
Review of Cheating in Medical School

Ryback, D, 2014:
Review of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy as a Science: An Iconoclastic Perspective, by Luciano L'Abate

Ryback, D, 2014:
Review of Divorced Fathers and Their Families: Legal, Economic, and Emotional Dilemmas, by Florence W. Kaslow

Sepulveda, A; Hollier, L H., 2014:
Review of Does Pay-for-Performance Improve Surgical Outcomes? An Evaluation of Phase 2 of the Premier Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration by Shih T, Nicholas LH, Thumma JR, Birkmeyer JD, Dimick JB in Ann Surg 259

Hollier, L H., 2014:
Review of “Dopamine Restores Reward Prediction Errors in Old Age” by Chowdhury R, Guitart-Masip M, Lambert C, Dayan P, Huys Q, Düzel E, Dolan RJ in Nat Neurosci 16

Watts, A. B., 2014:
Review of Gravity and Magnetic Exploration: Principles, Practices and Applications by W. J. Hinze, R. R. B. Von Frese and A. H. Saad

Donohue, M V., 2014:
Review of Handbook for Healthy Living With a Mood Disorder, by Stephen J. Nawotniak

Mackie, A, 2014:
Review of Introduction to the physical chemistry of foods

Ryback, D, 2014:
Review of Knowing and Not Knowing in Intimate Relationships, by Paul C. Rosenblatt and Elizabeth Wieling

Weeks, G R., 2014:
Review of Models of Psychopathology: Generational Processes and Relational Roles, by Lisa M. Hooper, Luciano L'Abate, Laura G. Sweeney, Giovanna Gianesni, and Peter J. Jankowski

Diao, H.; Li, T.; Zhang, R.; Kang, Y.; Liu, W.; Cui, Y.; Wei, S.; Wang, N.; Li, L.; Wang, H.; Niu, W.; Sun, T., 2018:
Facile and green synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots with tunable emission for sensors and cells imaging

Pal, T.; Mohiyuddin, S.; Packirisamy, G., 2018:
Facile and Green Synthesis of Multicolor Fluorescence Carbon Dots from Curcumin: In Vitro and in Vivo Bioimaging and Other Applications

L'Abate, L, 2014:
Review of The Couple and Family Technology Framework: Intimate Relationships in a Digital Age, by Katherine M. Hertlein and Markie L. C. Blumer

Weisel-Barth, J, 2014:
Review of The Stories We Tell

Ryback, D, 2014:
Review of Therapy in the Real World, by Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Elizabeth N. Cleek, Matt Wofsy, and Brian Mundy

L’Abate, L, 2014:
Review of You Need Help: A Step-by-Step Plan to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling, by Mark S. Komrad

Ritchie, S J., 2014:
Review of: G is for genes (K. Asbury & R. Plomin) and Education, social background, and cognitive ability: The decline of the social (G. N. Marks)

Metcalf, F, 2014:
Review ofChildrens Dreams:Understanding the Most Memorable Dreams and Nightmares of Childhoodby Kelly Bulkeley and Patricia M. Bulkley

Lim, X-Le; Lam, W-Haur, 2014:
Review on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) implementation in Malaysia

Wesley Jeevadason, A.; Kalidasa Murugavel, K.; Neelakantan, M.A., 2014:
Review on Schiff bases and their metal complexes as organic photovoltaic materials

Idrissi, H; Amin-Ahmadi, B; Wang, B; Schryvers, D, 2014:
Review on TEM analysis of growth twins in nanocrystalline palladium thin films: Toward better understanding of twin-related mechanisms in high stacking fault energy metals

Idrissi, H; Amin-Ahmadi, B; Wang, B; Schryvers, D, 2014:
Review on TEM analysis of growth twins in nanocrystalline palladium thin films: Toward better understanding of twin-related mechanisms in high stacking fault energy metals (Phys. Status Solidi B 6/2014)

Hong, Y; Waters, R; Boström, C; Eriksson, M; Engström, J; Leijon, M, 2014:
Review on electrical control strategies for wave energy converting systems

Schuster, G; Huang, Y; Hanafy, S M.; Zhou, M; Yu, J; Alhagan, O; Dai, W, 2014:
Review on improved seismic imaging with closure phase

Konwar, L Jyoti; Boro, J; Deka, D, 2014:
Review on latest developments in biodiesel production using carbon-based catalysts

Cubero-Leon, E; Peñalver, R; Maquet, A, 2014:
Review on metabolomics for food authentication

Falcão, D.S.; Oliveira, V.B.; Rangel, C.M.; Pinto, A.M.F.R., 2014:
Review on micro-direct methanol fuel cells

Torres, A.M.; Barros, G.G.; Palacios, S.A.; Chulze, S.N.; Battilani, P., 2014:
Review on pre- and post-harvest management of peanuts to minimize aflatoxin contamination

Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Wang, X, 2014:
Review on probabilistic forecasting of wind power generation

Ge, T.S.; Dai, Y.J.; Wang, R.Z., 2014:
Review on solar powered rotary desiccant wheel cooling system

Lye, S Yee; Koh, J Hwee Ling, 2014:
Review on teaching and learning of computational thinking through programming: What is next for K-12?

Rahim Pouran, S; Abdul Raman, A Aziz; Wan Daud, W Mohd Ashri, 2014:
Review on the application of modified iron oxides as heterogeneous catalysts in Fenton reactions

Zhao, H-ru; Guo, S; Fu, L-wen, 2014:
Review on the costs and benefits of renewable energy power subsidy in China

Ludin, N A.; Al-Alwani Mahmoud, A.M.; Bakar Mohamad, A; Kadhum, A. Amir, H.; Sopian, K; Abdul Karim, N Shazlinah, 2014:
Review on the development of natural dye photosensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells

Abed, F M.; Al-Douri, Y.; Al-Shahery, G. M.Y., 2014:
Review on the energy and renewable energy status in Iraq: The outlooks

Xu, X.M.; He, R., 2014:
Review on the heat dissipation performance of battery pack with different structures and operation conditions

Bakonyi, P.; Nemestóthy, N.; Simon, V.; Bélafi-Bakó, K., 2014:
Review on the start-up experiences of continuous fermentative hydrogen producing bioreactors

Ling, Z; Zhang, Z; Shi, G; Fang, X; Wang, L; Gao, X; Fang, Y; Xu, T; Wang, S; Liu, X, 2014:
Review on thermal management systems using phase change materials for electronic components, Li-ion batteries and photovoltaic modules

Narita, Y; Inouye, K, 2014:
Review on utilization and composition of coffee silverskin

Gatti, M; Martelli, E; Marechal, Fçois; Consonni, S, 2014:
Review, modeling, Heat Integration, and improved schemes of Rectisol-based processes for CO2 capture

Valdes, M; Ren, X; Sapre, S; Trivette, M; Meiners, S, 2014:
Reviewing Equipment Standards: Differences Between the IEC and IEEE Electrical Equipment Standards

Martinello, E, 2014:
Reviewing Strategies for Risk Reduction of Sexual Abuse of Children with Intellectual Disabilities: A Focus on Early Intervention

Gill, J C.; Malamud, B D., 2014:
Reviewing and visualizing the interactions of natural hazards

Larsson, S; Fantazzini, D; Davidsson, S; Kullander, S; Höök, M, 2014:
Reviewing electricity production cost assessments

Lehmann, A; Giuliani, G; Ray, N; Rahman, K; Abbaspour, K C.; Nativi, S; Craglia, M; Cripe, D; Quevauviller, P; Beniston, M, 2014:
Reviewing innovative Earth observation solutions for filling science-policy gaps in hydrology

Long, J; Hylton, K, 2014:
Reviewing research evidence and the case of participation in sport and physical recreation by black and minority ethnic communities

Wheeler, S.; Loch, A.; Zuo, A.; Bjornlund, H., 2014:
Reviewing the adoption and impact of water markets in the MurrayDarling Basin, Australia

Zhang, C; Su, H; Baeyens, J; Tan, T, 2014:
Reviewing the anaerobic digestion of food waste for biogas production

Saunders, M. J.; Kansiime, F; Jones, M B., 2014:
Reviewing the carbon cycle dynamics and carbon sequestration potential ofCyperus papyrusL. wetlands in tropical Africa

Loya, Y.; Genin, A.; el-Zibdeh, M.; Naumann, M. S.; Wild, C., 2014:
Reviewing the status of coral reef ecology of the Red Sea: key topics and relevant research

Schmid, R, 2014 :
Reviews and Notices of Publications

Sweeney, L G., 2014:
Reviews of "The Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Family Therapy and Collaborative System Approach to Amelioration," by Linda J. Gottlieb and "Parental Alienation Syndrome-Disorder: A Serious Form of Psychological Child Abuse With Case Examples," by Wilfrid von Boch-Galhau

Golightley, M; Koprowska, J; Ruch, G, 2014:
Reviews of Social Work Education, Binary Opposites and Therapeutic Approaches

Retallack, G. J.; Marconato, A.; Osterhout, J. T.; Watts, K. E.; Bindeman, I. N., 2014:
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Revised and extended analysis of Br IV

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Revised and extended analysis of the Zn-like Kr ion

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Revised chronostratigraphy of the Lower Chinle Formation strata in Arizona and New Mexico (USA): High-precision U-Pb geochronological constraints on the Late Triassic evolution of dinosaurs

Yuan, D-xun; Shen, S-zhong; Henderson, C M.; Chen, J; Zhang, H; Feng, H-zhen, 2014:
Revised conodont-based integrated high-resolution timescale for the Changhsingian Stage and end-Permian extinction interval at the Meishan sections, South China

Kononova, L. I.; Nazarova, V. M., 2014:
Revised description of the genusPseudobipennatusKononova et Kim (Conodonta, Middle Devonian)

Larm, T., 2014:
Revised design criteria for stormwater facilities to meet pollution reduction and flow control requirements, also considering predicted climate effects

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Revised estimates for the volume of the Late Bronze Age Minoan eruption, Santorini, Greece

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Revised scientific names of the genus Hemileia (Pucciniales) based on the new ICN

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Revised systematics and higher classification of pierid butterflies (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) based on molecular data

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Revised timing of the South American early Paleogene land mammal ages

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Revising Reasons Reactivity: Weakly and Strongly Sufficient Reasons for Acting

McClelland, H.L.O.; Taylor, P.D.; O'Dea, A.; Okamura, B., 2014:
Revising and refining the bryozoan zs-MART seasonality proxy

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Revising the Emergency Management Requirements for new generation reactors

Shaul, C.; Roland, J. T.; Sichel, J.-Y.; Perez, R., 2014:
Revision Cochlear Implantation Using a Double-Array Device in the Post-meningitis Ossified Cochlea

Oestreicher-Kedem, Y.; Wasserzug, O.; Sagi, B.; Fliss, D. M.; Zikk, D., 2014:
Revision Endoscopic Stapler Zenker's Diverticulotomy

Wu, J; Iwaihara, M, 2014:
Revision Graph Extraction in Wikipedia Based on Supergram Decomposition and Sliding Update

Wagner, E R.; Houdek, M T.; Moran, S L.; Rizzo, M, 2014:
Revision Metacarpophalangeal Arthroplasty: A Longitudinal Study of 128 Cases

Sidell, D. R.; de Alarcon, A.; Manning, P. B.; Hart, C. K.; Balakrishnan, K.; Meinzen-Derr, J.; Rutter, M. J., 2014:
Revision Thoracic Slide Tracheoplasty for Congenital Tracheal Stenosis: Outcomes following Unsuccessful Prior Tracheal Reconstruction

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Revision einer VKB-Plastik

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Revision of North American species of Clistopyga (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae)

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Revision of basal calanoid copepod families, with a description of a new species and genus of Pseudocyclopidae

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Revision of genus Crassostrea (Bivalvia: Ostreidae) of Brazil

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Revision of the Asian species of genus Xyalaspis Hartig, 1843 (Hymenoptera: Figitidae: Anacharitinae)

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Revision of the Cretaceous coral family Agatheliidae

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Revision of the Early-Middle Cambrian Lingulida (Brachiopoda) from the Siberian Platform

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Revision of the Family Embolemidae of Russia and Ukraine (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea), with Description of a New Species

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Revision of the Hesperempis genus group (Diptera: Empidoidea: Empididae)

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Revision of the Late Cretaceous conifer genusMoriconia

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Revision of the corticolous Mazosia species, with a key to Mazosia species with 3-septate ascospores

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Revision of the early tetrapodObruchevichthysVorobyeva, 1977 from the Frasnian (Upper Devonian) of the North-western East European Platform

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Revision of the echinoid genus Micropedina Cotteau, 1866 and description of a new species from the upper Cenomanian of Egypt

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Revision of the family Sphecidae (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) in South Korea

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Revision of the genus Euagathis Szpligeti (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Agathidinae) from Thailand, with description of three new species

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Revision of the genus Megasyllis (Annelida, Syllidae) with descriptions of four new species

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Revision of the genusMelamphaes(Melamphaidae): 1. Oligo-Raker speciesM. laeviceps, M. spinifer, andM. eulepis

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Revision of the neotropical genus Sendaphne Nixon (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae)

Pérez-García, A., 2014:
Revision of the poorly known Dorsetochelys typocardium, a relatively abundant pleurosternid turtle (Paracryptodira) in the Early Cretaceous of Europe

Ivantsov, A. Yu.; Gritsenko, V. P.; Konstantinenko, L. I.; Zakrevskaya, M. A., 2014:
Revision of the problematic Vendian macrofossilBeltanelliformis(=Beltanelloides, Nemiana)

Reyna, D L.; Wall, L G., 2014:
Revision of two colorimetric methods to quantify glomalin-related compounds in soils subjected to different managements

Skrzycka, R, 2014:
Revision of two relic actinopterygians from the Middle or Upper Jurassic Karabastau Formation, Karatau Range, Kazakhstan

Naimark, E. B., 2014:
Revision ofEurudagnostusLermontova (Agnostida, ?Trilobita)

Millard, K, 2014:
Revisioning Obedience: Exploring the Role of Milgram's Skills as a Filmmaker in Bringing His Shocking Narrative to Life

Carr, S M. D., 2014:
Revisioning self-identity: The role of portraits, neuroscience and the art therapist's third hand

Huang, L-Chou; Chang, S-Hwa, 2014 :
Revisit the nexus of trade openness and GDP growth: Does the financial system matter?

Chen, G, 2014:
Revisit to atmospheric oscillations over global oceans: a combined climatology/modality approach

Umathay, R M.; Pophare, A M., 2014:
Revisit to graphite-tungsten deposits of East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh

Ji, J; Shu, S; Wang, F; Liu, J; Yu, Z-Zhen, 2014:
Revisit to the self-assembled hybrid acrylate/silica core-shell structured particles in the presence of unmodified silica particles

Pal, N; Samanta, S; Chattopadhyay, J, 2014:
Revisited Hastings and Powell model with omnivory and predator switching

Ngohang, F.E.; Fontaine, G.; Gay, L.; Bourbigot, S., 2014:
Revisited investigation of fire behavior of ethylene vinyl acetate/aluminum trihydroxide using a combination of mass loss cone, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and electrical low pressure impactor

Mishra, A; Michael, M; Tripathi, S Nand; Béghin, C, 2014:
Revisited modeling of Titans middle atmosphere electrical conductivity

Jordan, A; Rodríguez-Pose, Aés, 2014:
Revisiting ... the most downloaded paper in 201314

Babatunde, O T.; Outlaw, K R.; Forbes, B; Gay, T, 2014:
Revisiting Baby Boomers and Alcohol Use: Emerging Treatment Trends

Martin, M P.; Peters, C M.; Ashton, M S., 2014:
Revisiting Camu-camu (Myrciaria dubia): Twenty-seven Years of Fruit Collection and Flooding at an Oxbow Lake in Peruvian Amazonia

Jiang, L; Haryu, E, 2014:
Revisiting Chinese-speaking children's understanding of argument structure

Powell, E Neff; Tucker, J A., 2014:
Revisiting Electoral Volatility in Post-Communist Countries: New Data, New Results and New Approaches

Wiebe, S A.; McFall, G. Peggy, 2014:
Revisiting Executive Function Measurement: Implications for Lifespan Development

von Hlatky, Séfanie, 2014:
Revisiting France's nuclear exception after its return to NATO

Gaillard, J. C.; McSherry, A, 2014:
Revisiting Geography Field Trips: A Treasure Hunt Experience

Adedoyin, C; Burns, N; Jackson, H M.; Franklin, S, 2014:
Revisiting Holistic Interventions in Substance Abuse Treatment

Bigford, T E., 2014:
Revisiting Hopes for Created and Restored Habitats

Kim, S; Kang, D; Choi, J, 2014:
Revisiting I/O Scheduler for Enhancing I/O Fairness in Virtualization Systems

Amarante, V, 2014:
Revisiting Inequality and Growth: Evidence for Developing Countries

Dillman Carpentier, F R.; Northup, C. Temple; Parrott, M. Scott, 2014:
Revisiting Media Priming Effects of Sexual Depictions: Replication, Extension, and Consideration of Sexual Depiction Strength

Kawabata, T.; Ling, H.; Ling, H.I., 2014:
Revisiting Nigawa landslide of the 1995 Kobe earthquake

Abrol, N.; Kekre, N.S., 2014:
Revisiting Randall's plaque

Mackay, K; Rowden, A; Bostock, H; Tracey, D, 2014:
Revisiting Squires' Coral Coppice, Campbell Plateau, New Zealand

Brum, P, 2014:
Revisiting Urban Guerrillas: Armed Propaganda and the Insurgency of Uruguay's MLN-Tupamaros, 196970

Stapleton, S; Atkinson, S; Hedman, D; Garshelis, D, 2014:
Revisiting Western Hudson Bay: Using aerial surveys to update polar bear abundance in a sentinel population

Suarez, Mía Laura, 2014:
Revisiting a Small Part of the Early Work of Lamarche and Collaborators in South America

Mans, U., 2014:
Revisiting city connectivity

Kim, Y; Khang, H, 2014:
Revisiting civic voluntarism predictors of college students political participation in the context of social media

Stork, N E.; Turton, S M.; Hill, R; Lane, M B., 2014:
Revisiting crisis, change and institutions in the tropical forests: The multifunctional transition in Australia's Wet Tropics

Zeng, L; Xu, M; Liang, S; Zeng, S; Zhang, T, 2014:
Revisiting drivers of energy intensity in China during 19972007: A structural decomposition analysis

Beullens, P, 2014:
Revisiting foundations in lot sizingConnections between Harris, Crowther, Monahan, and Clark

Raman, A; Arellano, A F.; Brost, J J., 2014:
Revisiting haboobs in the southwestern United States: An observational case study of the 5 July 2011 Phoenix dust storm

Dyuba, A V.; Vygodina, T V.; Arutyunyan, A M.; Konstantinov, A A., 2014:
Revisiting individual absorption spectra of reduced hemes a and a3 in bovine-heart cytochrome c oxidase

Yemadje, R H.; Crane, T A.; Mongbo, R L.; Saïdou, A; Azontonde, H Anastase; Kossou, D K.; Kuyper, T W., 2014:
Revisiting land reform: land rights, access, and soil fertility management on the Adja Plateau in Benin

Nishiyama, M; Saito, M; Sanada, Y; Onoue, S; Takasuka, A; Oozeki, Y, 2014:
Revisiting morphological identification of Japanese jack mackerelTrachurus japonicuseggs preserved in formalin

MacLeod, K. J.; Lukas, D., 2014:
Revisiting non-offspring nursing: allonursing evolves when the costs are low

Gürbüz, S; Şahin, F; Köksal, O, 2014:
Revisiting of Theory X and Y

Kraemer, D M., 2014:
Revisiting recent etiological theories of functions

Roth, A S.G.; Scherer, E E.; Maden, C; Mezger, K; Bourdon, B, 2014:
Revisiting the 142Nd deficits in the 1.48Ga Khariar alkaline rocks, India

Ferreira, W Castro; Marcon, D, 2014:
Revisiting the 1879 model for Evolutionary Mimicry by Fritz Müller: New mathematical approaches

Parrish, D, 2014:
Revisiting the AFS Lexicon

Vizcarrondo, F. E., 2014:
Revisiting the Best Interest Standard in Pediatric Decision-Making

Goldner, L, 2014:
Revisiting the Bird's Nest Drawing assessment: Toward a global approach

Shahid, M; Jha, M K., 2014:
Revisiting the Client-Worker Relationship: Biestek Through a Gramscian Gaze

Chorianopoulos, I; Tsetsiou, I; Petracou, E, 2014:
Revisiting the EUs social exclusion discourse: Residential segregation, Greek Roma and the participatory governance lock in

Medina, R Alarcón; Binford, L, 2014:
Revisiting the El Mozote massacre: memory and politics in postwar El Salvador

Sanghavi, S, 2014:
Revisiting the Fourier expansion of Mie scattering matrices in generalized spherical functions

Wilson, J S.; Carril, O Messinger; Sipes, S D., 2014:
Revisiting the Great American Biotic Interchange through analyses of amphitropical bees

Aydin, M G.; Engelder, T, 2014:
Revisiting the HubbertRubey pore pressure model for overthrust faulting: Inferences from bedding-parallel detachment surfaces within Middle Devonian gas shale, the Appalachian Basin, USA

Hildreth, J Angus, D.; Moore, D A.; Blader, S L., 2014 :
Revisiting the Instrumentality of Voice: Having Voice in the Process Makes People Think They Will Get What They Want

Clark, D, 2014:
Revisiting the International Exposition and 83rd Annual Meeting

Kato, M., 2014:
Revisiting the Ishimoto-Iida Law for Strong-Motion Seismograms: A Case Study at CEORKA Network, Japan

Quan, C; Liu, Z; Utescher, T; Jin, J; Shu, J; Li, Y; Liu, Y-Sheng (Christopher), 2014:
Revisiting the Paleogene climate pattern of East Asia: A synthetic review

Kahnemuyipour, A, 2014:
Revisiting the Persian Ezafe construction: A roll-up movement analysis

Bringer, A; Chapron, B; Mouche, A; Guerin, C-Antoine, 2014:
Revisiting the Short-Wave Spectrum of the Sea Surface in the Light of the Weighted Curvature Approximation

Boucher, E M.; Cummings, J A., 2014:
Revisiting the Social Surrogate Hypothesis: Social Anxiety and Recruiting Others for Social Events

Wang, Y; Mu, G Michael, 2014:
Revisiting the Trajectories of Special Teacher Education in China through Policy and Practice

Li, Y; Han, W; Shinoda, T; Wang, C; Ravichandran, M.; Wang, J-Wang, 2014:
Revisiting the Wintertime Intraseasonal SST Variability in the Tropical South Indian Ocean: Impact of the Ocean Interannual Variation*

Guindre-Parker, S; Love, O P., 2014:
Revisiting the condition-dependence of melanin-based plumage

Hannon, B; Daneman, M, 2014:
Revisiting the construct of relational integration and its role in accounting for general intelligence: The importance of knowledge integration

White, T, 2014:
Revisiting the ecological Tower of Babel: should the term density dependence be abandoned?

Díaz, E.; Tomás, R., 2014:
Revisiting the effect of foundation embedment on elastic settlement: A new approach

Coifman, B, 2014:
Revisiting the empirical fundamental relationship

Hanlumyuang, Y; Liu, L; Sharma, P, 2014:
Revisiting the entropic force between fluctuating biological membranes

Carleton, R. Nicholas; Thibodeau, M A.; Osborne, J W.; Taylor, S; Asmundson, G J.G., 2014:
Revisiting the fundamental fears: Towards establishing construct independence

Dorais, M J.; Spencer, C J., 2014:
Revisiting the importance of residual source material (restite) in granite petrogenesis: The Cardigan Pluton, New Hampshire

Dai, S; Luo, Y; Seredin, V V.; Ward, C R.; Hower, J C.; Zhao, L; Liu, S; Zhao, C; Tian, H; Zou, J, 2014:
Revisiting the late Permian coal from the Huayingshan, Sichuan, southwestern China: Enrichment and occurrence modes of minerals and trace elements

Pirozzoli, S, 2014:
Revisiting the mixing-length hypothesis in the outer part of turbulent wall layers: mean flow and wall friction

Ronzani, F.; Trivella, A.; Bordat, P.; Blanc, S.; Lacombe, S., 2014 :
Revisiting the photophysics and photochemistry of methylene violet (MV)

WANG, W; LI, H-Lei; XIANG, X-Guo; CHEN, Z-Duan, 2014:
Revisiting the phylogeny of Ranunculeae: Implications for divergence time estimation and historical biogeography

Zverev, V. P.; Kostikova, I. A., 2014:
Revisiting the possible influence of subsurface water on the Caspian Sea level

Liu, T-Kun; Chen, J-Rong; Huang, C J.; Yang, C-Hai, 2014:
Revisiting the productivity paradox: A semiparametric smooth coefficient approach based on evidence from Taiwan

Haghverdi, A.; Öztürk, H.S.; Cornelis, W.M., 2014:
Revisiting the pseudo continuous pedotransfer function concept: Impact of data quality and data mining method

Maravalhas, J; Vasconcelos, H L.; Driscoll, D, 2014:
Revisiting the pyrodiversity-biodiversity hypothesis: long-term fire regimes and the structure of ant communities in a Neotropical savanna hotspot

Ispas, D; Iliescu, D; Ilie, A; Sulea, C; Askew, K; Rohlfs, J T.; Whalen, K, 2014:
Revisiting the relationship between impression management and job performance

Gutiérrez-Oliva, S; Díaz, S; Toro-Labbé, A; Lane, P; Murray, J S.; Politzer, P, 2014:
Revisiting the seemingly straightforward hydrogen cyanide/hydrogen isocyanide isomerisation

Chen, G Masullo, 2014:
Revisiting the social enhancement hypothesis: Extroversion indirectly predicts number of Facebook friends operating through Facebook usage

Horne, D.S.; Lucey, J.A., 2014:
Revisiting the temperature dependence of the coagulation of renneted bovine casein micelles

Xun, J, 2014:
Revisiting the two-stage choice model: an empirical study of consumer choice on brand website visits

Meenan, K; Kadakia, S; Bernstein, J, 2014:
Revisiting the work of Maurice Goldenharan overview of Goldenhar syndrome

Ranängen, H; Zobel, T, 2014:
Revisiting the how of corporate social responsibility in extractive industries and forestry

Glăveanu, V Petre, 2014:
Revisiting the Art Bias in Lay Conceptions of Creativity

Mollon, P, 2014:
Revisiting Analysis Terminable and InterminableExpressions of Death Instinct by Patients and Analyst

Bulkeley, H, 2014:
Revisiting Discourse coalitions and the Australian climate change policy network

Santelli, Mía B.; Río, C J. Del, 2014:
Revisin de la Subfamilia Crassatellinae (Bivalvia: Crassatellidae) del PalegenoNegeno de Argentina

Urrútia, G; Selva, A; Calaf, J, 2014:
Revisin de la evidencia sobre la eficacia de los probiticos en la prevencin de las infecciones del tracto urinario inferior y las infecciones vaginales

Garrido Sánchez, M.C.; Tello Jiménez, E.; Liberal Vinagre, M.L.; Müller Bravo, A.; Mestanza Garrido, J.A., 2014:
Revisin de la exenteracin plvica en el cncer de crvix. Descripcin de nuestra casustica

Miño-Boilini, Ángel R.; Carlini, A A.; Scillato-Yané, G J., 2014:
Revisin sistemtica y taxonmica del gnero Scelidotherium Owen, 1839 (Xenarthra, Phyllophaga, Mylodontidae)

Miranda, M.J.; Romero, M.; Miralles, R.M.; Flor, M. de la, 2014:
Revisin y comentarios del tratamiento quirrgico del prolapso genital a propsito de una serie de 609 casos clnicos

Heras, M, 2014:
Revista Espaola de Cardiologa en la lite de las revistas mdicas nacionales

Jelusic, M; Vodnik, D; Lestan, D, 2014:
Revitalization of EDTA-remediated soil by fertilization and soil amendments

Beckwith, R, 2014:
Revitalizing Mature-Basin Liquids-Rich Plays: Tactics, Techniques, and Technology

Matsuoka, S M.; Mahon, C. Lisa; Handel, C M.; Sólymos, Péter; Bayne, E M.; Fontaine, P C.; Ralph, C. John, 2014:
Reviving common standards in point-count surveys for broad inference across studies

Fischler, R., 2014:
Reviving critical planning theory: Dealing with pressure,neo-liberalism, and responsibility in communicative planning

Vogel, K M, 2014:
Revolution versus evolution?: Understanding scientific and technological diffusion in synthetic biology and their implications for biosecurity policies

Spacek, M, 2014:
Revolutionary Maoism and the Production of State and Insurgent Space in Eastern and Central India

Rassenfoss, S, 2014:
Revolutionary, Evolutionary Ideas for Lowering the Cost of Gas Separation

Arrondeau, J; Giacchetti, S.; Colle, E; Chibaudel, B., 2014:
Revue de Presse de LAerio / Aerio Press Review

Caron, A.; Beuscart, R.; Ficheur, G., 2014:
Revue de la littrature autour de lencodage automatis des courriers hospitaliers : principales variables dajustement des rsultats

Mickaël, D.; Isabelle, D.; Sébastien, M., 2014:
Revue de littrature sur les techniques dinfluence et de communication appliques la gestion des dchets

Nguyen Van Nhieu, A.; Burdet, C.; Duval, X.; Nougairede, M.; Schwarzinger, M., 2014:
Revue des essais de non-infriorit avec risque de dcs en infectiologie

Kaux, J.-F.; Julia, M.; Chupin, M.; Delvaux, F.; Croisier, J.-L.; Forthomme, B.; Crielaard, J.-M.; Le Goff, C.; Durez, P.; Ernst, P.; Guns, S.; Laly, A., 2014:
Revue pidmiologique des blessures lors de la pratique du rugby XV

Jiang, H; Xu, B, 2014:
Reward enhances backward inhibition in task switching

Barrós-Loscertales, A.; Costumero, V.; Bustamante, J.C.; Ventura-Campos, N.; Fuentes, P.; Ávilla, C., 2014:
Reward sensitivity modulates connectivity among reward brain areas when processing anticipatory reward cues

White, M.J.; Cunningham, L.C.; Pearce, R.; Newnam, S., 2014:
Reward sensitivity predicts attentional bias towards alcohol-related cues in young binge drinkers

Marien, H; Aarts, H; Custers, R, 2014:
Reward-driven modulation of adaptive control: How prospective monetary gains interact with unpredictable control demands

Baumann, O; Stieglitz, N, 2014:
Rewarding value-creating ideas in organizations: The power of low-powered incentives

Taheri, O; Vorobyov, S A., 2014:
Reweighted l1-norm penalized LMS for sparse channel estimation and its analysis

Nada, S.A.; Shoukri, M.; El-Dib, A.F.; Huzayyin, A.S., 2014:
Rewetting of hot vertical tubes by a falling liquid film with different directions of venting the generated steam

Xiong, F.; Ma, C.; Zhang, J.; Liu, B.; Jiang, H., 2014:
Reworking of old continental lithosphere: an important crustal evolution mechanism in orogenic belts, as evidenced by Triassic I-type granitoids in the East Kunlun orogen, Northern Tibetan Plateau

Pouransari, Z; Vervisch, L; Johansson, A V., 2014:
Reynolds Number Effects on Statistics and Structure of an Isothermal Reacting Turbulent Wall-Jet

Chin, C.; Monty, J.P.; Ooi, A., 2014:
Reynolds number effects in DNS of pipe flow and comparison with channels and boundary layers

Chin, C.; Philip, J.; Klewicki, J.; Ooi, A.; Marusic, I., 2014:
Reynolds-number-dependent turbulent inertia and onset of log region in pipe flows

Hüntelmann, A, 2014:

Pflugmacher, I, 2014:
Rezepte nicht an Apotheken faxen!

Ebner, H.; Ebner, J.A., 2014:
Rezidivraten nach Varizenoperation

Petersen, S., 2014:
Rezidivrisiko und Langzeitergebnisse nach Divertikelblutung im Kolon

André-Mayer, A.S.; Ramiandrisoa, N.; Vanderhaeghe, O.; Reisberg, L.; Rabeandrasana, S.; Zimmermann, C., 2014:
ReOs geochronological constraints on the Dabolava mesothermal gold occurence, Madagascar: Implications for the Ikalamavony sub-domain deposition age

Cumming, V M.; Selby, D; Lillis, P G.; Lewan, M D., 2014:
ReOs geochronology and Os isotope fingerprinting of petroleum sourced from a Type I lacustrine kerogen: Insights from the natural Green River petroleum system in the Uinta Basin and hydrous pyrolysis experiments

Zimmerman, A; Stein, H J.; Morgan, J W.; Markey, R J.; Watanabe, Y, 2014:
ReOs geochronology of the El Salvador porphyry CuMo deposit, Chile: Tracking analytical improvements in accuracy and precision over the past decade

Yang, S-Hong; Zhou, M-Fu; Lightfoot, P C.; Xu, J-Feng; Wang, C Yan; Jiang, C-Yi; Qu, W-Jun, 2014:
ReOs isotope and platinum-group element geochemistry of the Pobei NiCu sulfide-bearing maficultramafic complex in the northeastern part of the Tarim Craton

Spry, P G.; Mathur, R D.; Bonsall, T A.; Voudouris, P Ch.; Melfos, V, 2014:
ReOs isotope evidence for mixed source components in carbonate-replacement PbZnAg deposits in the Lavrion district, Attica, Greece

Honda, M; Yabuki, S; Suzuki, K; Ye, W; Tatsumi, Y, 2014:
ReOs isotopic records in Pleistocene loesspaleosol sequences from the Yili Basin, northwestern China

Ying, L; Wang, C; Tang, J; Wang, D; Qu, W; Li, C, 2014:
ReOs systematics of sulfides (chalcopyrite, bornite, pyrite and pyrrhotite) from the Jiama CuMo deposit of Tibet, China

Sakin, A; Celik, K; Sakin, A; Ozturk, S, 2014 :
Rhabdomyolysis Developed Due to Hypothyroidism: Two Case Reports

Irfan-Maqsood, M; Seddiq-Shams, M, 2014:
Rhamnolipids: Well-Characterized Glycolipids with Potential Broad Applicability as Biosurfactants

Giardina, M. A.; Neme, G. A.; Gil, A. F., 2014:
Rheidae Egg Human Exploitation and Stable Isotopes: Trends from West Central Argentina

Grabezhev, A. I.; Gmyra, V. G., 2014:
Rhenium distribution in deformed molybdenite: Evidence from the data of microprobe scanning (Voznesenskoe copper-porphyry deposit, Southern Urals, Russia)

Cheplakova, A. M.; Kovalenko, K. A.; Shestopalov, M. A.; Brylev, K. A.; Fedin, V. P., 2014:
Rhenium octahedral clusters in mesoporous MIL-101: luminescence and sorption properties

Morreale, M.; Mistretta, M. C.; Ceraulo, M.; La Mantia, F. P., 2014:
Rheological Behavior Under Shear and Non-Isothermal Elongational Flow of Biodegradable Polymers for Foam Extrusion

Yang, T; Xu, T; Liu, H; Zhang, C; Wang, S; Rui, Y; Shen, L, 2014:
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Rheological and physical properties of Inulin-containing milk chocolate prepared at different process conditions

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Rheological and physico-chemical properties of gelatin extracted from the skin of a few species of freshwater carp

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Rheological and structural characterization of prepared aqueous Aloe vera dispersions

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Rheological aspects in fabricating pullulan fibers by electro-wet-spinning

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Rheological behavior of avocado (Persea americana Mill, cv. Hass) oleogels considering the combined effect of structuring agents

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Rheological behaviour of selected commercially available baby formulas in simulated human digestive system

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Rheological conditions for emplacement of UralAlaskan-type ultramafic complexes

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Rheological features of the coagulative structure of northern taiga peaty podzolic semi-gley soils of the European Northeast

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Rheological modeling of carbon nanotube suspensions with rod-rod interactions

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Rheological properties and cloud point of aqueous carboxymethyl cellulose dispersions as modified by high or low methoxyl pectin

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Rheological properties of colloidal systems

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Rheological properties of hydrolyzed polyacrylamide/sodium oleate mixed system in the presence of different inorganic salts

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Rheological properties of microgel suspensions: Viscoelastic modelling of microstructural elements from casein micelles to fermented dairy products

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Rheological properties of sodium pyrophosphate modified bentonite suspensions for seepage control

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Rheological properties of the gels of biological surfactant sodium deoxycholate/amino acids/halide salts systems

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Rheological properties of whey protein and dextran conjugates at different reaction times

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Rheological, microscopic, and chemical characterization of the rejuvenating effect on asphalt binders

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Rheological, morphological and mechanical properties of flax fiber polypropylene composites: influence of compatibilizers

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Rheological, physicochemical and authenticity assessment of Minas Frescal cheese

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Rheology and adsorption behaviour of β-casein and β-lactoglobulin mixed layers at the sunflower oil/water interface

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Rheology and structure of mixed kappa-carrageenan/iota-carrageenan gels

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Rheology effects on cross-stream diffusion in a Y-shaped micromixer

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Rheology of bimodal crystals suspensions: Results from analogue experiments and implications for magma ascent

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Rheology of interfacial layers

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Rheology of mineral oil-SiO2 nanofluids at high pressure and high temperatures

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Rhetorics of professional change: assembling the means to act differently?

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Rheumatology in Postgraduate curriculum

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Rheumatology in undergraduate curriculum

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Rheumatology reviews

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Rheumatology reviews: April-June 2014

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Rheumatology reviews: JanuaryMarch 2014

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Rheumatology training in India: Problems and solutions

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Rhinostomy as Surgical Treatment of Odontogenic Rhinitis in Three Pet Rabbits

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Rhizosphere calcareous soil P-extraction at the expense of organic carbon from root-exuded organic acids induced by phosphorus deficiency in several plant species

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Rhodanese distribution in different tissues of rabbits

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Rhodiola roseaL. (Crassulaceae). Rhodiole, Orpin rose

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Rhodium(III)-Catalyzed Regioselective Direct C-2 Alkenylation of Indoles Assisted by the Removable N-(2-Pyrimidyl) Group

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Rhodium-catalyzed hydrothiolation of alkynes with thiols for construction of sulfur-containing -conjugated systems

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Rhodnius respiration depends on multiple factors

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Rhododendron Decline in the Great Smoky Mountains and Surrounding Areas: Intensive Site Study of Biotic and Abiotic Parameters Associated with the Decline

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Rhumatisme psoriasique paradoxal survenu chez un patient atteint dune polyarthrite rhumatode trait par anti-TNFa

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Rhyme and Reason of Practice Paradigms

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Rhynchospora panduranganii(Cyperaceae), a new sedge species from the Western Ghats of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India

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Rhyolitegranite association in the Central Taimyr zone: evidence of accretionary-collisional events in the Neoproterozoic

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Rhythmic Layering Formed by Deposition of Plagioclase Phenocrysts from Influxes of Porphyritic Magma in the Cuillin Centre, Isle of Skye

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Risiko für schwere Unterzuckerungen gezielt senken

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Risikofaktor für PAVK – laufende Nase geht auf die Beine

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Risk analysis on mobile hydrogen refueling stations in Shanghai

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Risk and Benefit of Irradiation for Subventricular Zone in the Treatment of Patients With Glioblastoma

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Risk and Decision-Making: A Workshop for Environmental Professionals

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Risk and Resilience of Immigrant Women in Intimate Partner Violence

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Risk and Social Theory: the legitimacy of risks and risk as a tool of legitimation

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Risk and Tradeoffs

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Risk and Uncertainty Assessment for Natural Hazards

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Risk and irreversibility of transport interventions

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Risk and the Arborist in the Remaking of the Australian Urban Forest

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Risk assessment along the gas pipelines and its application in urban planning

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Risk assessment and countermeasures of gas accidents in the sensitive areas under control during the Olympic Games in Beijing

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Risk assessment and decision analysis with Bayesian networks

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Risk assessment approach for e-cigarette flavours

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Risk assessment at pesticides effect with food-stuff

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Risk assessment for COPD using chronic CAT questionnaire and Vitalograph COPD-6 screening device

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Risk assessment for infectious disease and its impact on voluntary vaccination behavior in social networks

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Risk assessment for transboundary rivers using fuzzy synthetic evaluation technique

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Risk assessment methodology for high-pressure CO2 pipelines incorporating topography

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Risk assessment of an oxygen-enhanced combustor using a structural model based on the FMEA and fuzzy fault tree

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Risk assessment of beauvericin, enniatins and fusaproliferin present in follow-up infant formula by in vitro evaluation of the duodenal and colonic bioaccessibility

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Risk assessment of coastal erosion of Karasu coast in Black Sea

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Risk assessment of earth dam overtopping and its application research

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Risk assessment of elder patients who undergo pancreatico-duodenectomy using abdominal arterial calcification score

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Risk assessment of metal species in sediments of the river Ganga

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Risk assessment of soil erosion in semi-arid mountainous watershed in Saudi Arabia by RUSLE model coupled with remote sensing and GIS

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Risk assessment of space radiation during manned space flights

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Risk assessment of the city water resources system based on Pansystems Observation-Control Model of Periphery

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Risk assessment of the crayfish pet trade based on data from the Czech Republic

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Risk averse optimal operation of a virtual power plant using two stage stochastic programming

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Risk aversion and adaptive management: Insights from a multi-armed bandit model of invasive species risk

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Risk aversion, regret aversion and travel choice inertia: an experimental study

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Risk based decision making. Discussion on two methodological milestones

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Risk calculation for surgeons and patients

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Risk early warning of maize drought disaster in Northwestern Liaoning Province, China

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Risk evaluation of ice-jam disasters using gray systems theory: the case of Ningxia-Inner Mongolia reaches of the Yellow River

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Risk factor analysis in patients with retinal artery occlusion with respect to transesophageal echocardiography

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Risk factors and spatial distribution of urban rat infestations

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Risk factors associated with rural and urban epidemics of leptospirosis in Tiruchirappalli District of Tamilnadu, India

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Risk factors for Lassa fever in endemic communities of Edo State, Nigeria

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Risk factors for bacterial spot on peach in Okayama Prefecture, Japan

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Risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea in non-obese Korean patients: Significance of body weight

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Risk factors for preoperative worrying and fear and patient information source

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Risk factors for suicide in epilepsy patients

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Risk factors in venous thromboembolism in hospitalized patients

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Risk factors of anastomotic leak after colectomy: a nationwide study

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Risk for Invasive Haemophilus influenzae Infection During Pregnancy and Association With Adverse Fetal Outcomes

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Risk for Maternal and Neonatal Complications in a Subsequent Pregnancy After Planned Cesarean Delivery in a First Birth, Compared with Emergency Cesarean Delivery

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Risk for Oophorectomy After Hysterectomy

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Risk hedging in a supply chain: Option vs. price discount

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Risk implications of renewable support instruments: Comparative analysis of feed-in tariffs and premiums using a meanvariance approach

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Risk in Homeopathy: Classification of Adverse Effects and Homeopathic Aggravations - A Cross Sectional Study Among Norwegian Homeopath Patients

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Risk in pregnancy and birth: are we talking to ourselves?

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Risk in the face of retribution: Psychopathic individuals persist in financial misbehavior among the Dark Triad

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Risk management in the hard coal mining industry: Social and environmental aspects of collieries liquidation

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Risk management options elected by women after testing positive for a BRCA1 or BRCA2 variant of unknown significance mutation

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Risk mitigation and the social cost of carbon

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Risk modelling in general insurance from principles to practice

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Risk occurrences of damaging frosts during the growing season of vegetables in the Elbe River lowland, the Czech Republic

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Risk of Acquiring Carpapenem-resistant Klebsiella Pneumoniae from Bed Contact in a Long-term Acute Care Hospital

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Risk of Brain Metastasis in EGFR-Mutant NSCLC Treated With Erlotinib: A Role for Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation?

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Risk of Delayed Lymph Node Metastasis in Cases of Esthesioneuroblastoma With a Clinically N0 Neck

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Risk of Early Onset Substance Use among Students with and without Mild Academic Disabilities: Results of a Discrete-Time Survival Analysis

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Risk of Leakage and Tissue Dissemination with Various in Bag Morcellation (IBM) Techniques: In Vitro Pilot Study

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Risk of Long-period Ground Motion due to the Deep Basement Structure of the Kanto Basin

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Risk of Losing Insurance During the Transition into Adulthood Among Insured Youth with Disabilities

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Risk of Osteoporotic Fracture after Steroid Injections in Medicare Patients

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Risk of Postoperative Infection Following Carpal Tunnel Release in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus: A Review of 658 Surgeries

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Risk of Secondary Surgery after Tonsillotomy versus Tonsillectomy: A Population Study in Sweden 2000-2012

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Risk of Transmission of Bovine Herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1) by Infected Semen to Embryo Recipients and Offspring

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Risk of Urinary Incontinence Following Post-Brachytherapy Transurethral Resection of the Prostate and Correlation with Clinical and Treatment Parameters

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Risk of bias and brand explain the observed inconsistency in trials on glucosamine for osteoarthritis:a meta-analysis of placebo-controlled trials

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Risk of contraceptive failure and ectopic pregnancy in users of levonorgestrel-releasing and copper iuds: final results from the european active surveillance study on intrauterine devices

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Risk of ectopic pregnancy associated with assisted reproductive technology (ART), united states, 2001-2011

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Risk of electrocution during fire suppression activities involving photovoltaic systems

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Risk of hemorrhage during dilation and evacuation for second-trimester intrauterine fetal demise

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Risk of infection with Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes due to consumption of ready-to-eat leafy vegetables in Brazil

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Risk of neck musculoskeletal disorders among males and females in lifting exertions

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Risk of rebleeding and death following bronchial artery embolization among patients with sarcoidosis

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Risk of rheumatoid arthritis development in patients with unclassified arthritis according to the 2010 ACR/EULAR criteria for rheumatoid arthritis

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Risk perception and risk-taking among skateboarders

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Risk perception as mediator in perceptions of neighbourhood disorder and safety about victimisation

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Risk perception, trust and public engagement in nuclear decision-making in Hong Kong

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Risk preferences and purchase of energy-efficient technologies in the residential sector

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Risk profiling of wash waters in vegetable processing industry towards possible allergen carry-over

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Risk rationing and the demand for agricultural credit: a comparative investigation of Mexico and China

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Risk screening of non-native freshwater fishes at the frontier between Asia and Europe: first application in Turkey of the fish invasiveness screening kit

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Risk stratification of women with peripartum cardiomyopathy at initial presentation: A dobutamine stress echocardiography study

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Risk taking of executives under different incentive contracts: Experimental evidence

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Risk versus economic performance in a mixed fishery

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Risk, innovation, electricity infrastructure and construction cost overruns: Testing six hypotheses

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Risk, social protection and trust amidst cuts in welfare spending

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Risk-Based Management of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus in Minnesota

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Risk-Reducing Salpingectomy with Benign Hysterectomy and Permanent Sterilization: A Survey of ObstetricianGynecologists

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Risk-based food safety and quality governance at the international law, EU, USA, Canada and France: Effective system for Lebanon as for the WTO accession

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Risk-based management of occupational safety and health in the construction industry Part 1: Background knowledge

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Risk-based operational performance analysis using loss functions

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Risk-based process plant design considering inherent safety

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Risk-based spatial zone determination problem for stage-based evacuation operations

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Risk-based water resources planning: Incorporating probabilistic nonstationary climate uncertainties

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Risk-reducing surgery for women at high risk of epithelial ovarian cancer

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Risk-sensitive resource defense in a territorial reef fish

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Risk-taking and inhibitory control in behaviourally inhibited and disinhibited preschool children

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Risks Factors for Hospital Readmission for Patients Undergoing Benign Gynecologic Surgery

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Risks and drivers of wild bird feeding in urban areas of New Zealand

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Risks and uncertainties in reservoir yield in highly variable intermittent rivers: case of the Castanho Reservoir in semi-arid Brazil

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Risks associated with tandem release of large and small ladybirds (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in heterospecific aphidophagous guilds

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Risks for larvae mediated by plasticity in hatching

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Risks of financial abuse of older people with dementia: findings from a survey of UK voluntary sector dementia community services staff

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Risks of summertime extreme thermal conditions in buildings as a result of climate change and exacerbation of urban heat islands

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Risks, benefits and the role of stakeholders in pathogen reduction technology

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Risky Time Prospects and Travel Demand

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Risky business: Willingness to be caught in an extra-pair relationship, relationship experience, and the Dark Triad

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Risky edges: temporal variation in brood parasitism of Northern Cardinals

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Risky robbing is a job for short-lived and infected worker honeybees

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Risque cardiovasculaire de la polyarthrite rhumatode

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Risque de noplasie colorectale, comorbidits et facteurs environnementaux. Faut-il revoir les recommandations de dpistage en 2014 ?

Heresbach, D., 2014:
Risque de noplasie rectocolique en cas dantcdent familial de carcinome ou dadnome rectocolique. Faut-il revoir les recommandations de dpistage en 2014 ?

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Risque de progression immunologique et/ou virologique chez les patients HIV controllers : analyse des facteurs cliniques et immunologiques (cohorte ANRS C021 CODEX)

Che, Hélène; Lukas, Cédric; Morel, J; Combe, B, 2014:
Risque de zona au cours des traitements anti-TNF chez les patients atteints de polyarthrite rhumatode : revue systmatique de la littrature et mta-analyse

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Risque fracturaire de lhyperparathyrodie primitive et secondaire

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Risque suicidaire et tentatives de suicide en milieu scolaire marocain, Centre Nord du Maroc

Emile, C, 2014:
Risque thromboembolique de la contraception orale combine chez la femme

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Risques et intermittence en anesthsie : gestion des risques pour soi, pour lorganisation et pour les patients

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Risques psychosociaux dans un service de technologies dinformation et de communication et organisation du travail

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Risques levs de cancer du sein : quels enjeux aujourdhui ?

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Risso's dolphin depredation in the Azorean hand-jig squid fishery: assessing the impacts and evaluating effectiveness of acoustic deterrents

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Rita Salomon, Seeing beyond dementia: A handbook for carers with English as a second language

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Ritodrine inhibits neuronal nitric oxide synthase, a potential link between tocolysis and autism

Gaburri, L, 2014:
Ritual and spontaneity in healthcare and in the organisation of therapeutic communities

Mirjam Verschure, 2014:
Ritueelbegeleider bij afscheid

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Rituximab ameliorates anti-N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor encephalitis by removing short-lived plasmablasts

Witzens-Harig, M., 2014:
Rituximab-Erhaltungstherapie vs. erneute Rituximab-Behandlung im Rezidiv bei Patienten mit follikulärem Lymphom und niedriger Krankheitsmasse

Ali, A; Koehler, K; Shilo, K; Wood, K, 2014:
Rituximab-Induced Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

Hill, A, 2014:
Rivaroxaban more effective, less costly for stroke prevention in AF

Awchi, T A., 2014:
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