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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64585

Chapter 64585 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hampf, B; Krüger, J J., 2014:
Technical efficiency of automobiles A nonparametric approach incorporating carbon dioxide emissions

Ma, T; Yang, H; Lu, L; Peng, J, 2014:
Technical feasibility study on a standalone hybrid solar-wind system with pumped hydro storage for a remote island in Hong Kong

Lin, J; Hung, K-Chen; Julian, P, 2014:
Technical note on inventory model with trapezoidal type demand

Büchel, S; Sundrum, A, 2014:
Technical note: Evaluation of a new system for measuring feeding behavior of dairy cows

Savre, J.; Ekman, A. M. L.; Svensson, G., 2014:
Technical note: Introduction to MIMICA, a large-eddy simulation solver for cloudy planetary boundary layers

Peltoniemi, J I.; Hakala, T; Suomalainen, J; Honkavaara, E; Markelin, L; Gritsevich, M; Eskelinen, J; Jaanson, P; Ikonen, E, 2014:
Technical notes: A detailed study for the provision of measurement uncertainty and traceability for goniospectrometers

Weigel, F K.; Hazen, B T., 2014:
Technical proficiency for IS Success

Sandhouse, M, 2014:
Technical requirements to become an osteopathic physician

Dakin, S. G.; Lam, R.; Rees, E.; Mumby, C.; West, C.; Weller, R., 2014:
Technical set-up and radiation exposure for standing computed tomography of the equine head

Pérez, I; Garfí, M; Cadena, E; Ferrer, I, 2014:
Technical, economic and environmental assessment of household biogas digesters for rural communities

Vilayil, R.; Hodges, D., 2014:
Technicity Index Reveals Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy Practice Change in a Canadian Cosmopolitan Academic Center

Tilscher, H., 2014:
Techniken der klinisch-manualmedizinischen Untersuchungen

Wilson, A, 2014:
Technique Uses Multilateral, Multisegment Wells To Represent Hydraulic Fractures

Haase-Ruby, C; Grognet, A; Duprey, A; Favre, J Pierre; Albertini, J-Noël, 2014:
Technique and Short-term Results of T-stenting in the Treatment of the Occlusive Lesions of the Iliac Bifurcation

Chapuis-Roux, E.; Rebibo, L.; Dhahri, A.; Regimbeau, J.-M., 2014:
Technique chirurgicale clioscopique de reprise pour fistule gastrique aprs sleeve gastrectomie avec vido

Delpont, M.; Romana, M.C.; Rogier, A.; Fitoussi, F., 2014:
Technique dostotomie de la glne humrale dans le traitement des squelles des paralysies obsttricales du plexus brachial (POPB)

Sun, S Zandong; Zhu, X; Sun, X, 2014:
Technique evolvement and improvement for better fracture characterization using prestack P-wave seismic data

Rotts, Y. A.; Musalimov, V. M., 2014 :
Technique for Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Visual Activity Using High-Speed Video of Eye Movement

Kong, W, 2014:
Technique for image fusion based on NSST domain INMF

Baron, T H., 2014:
Technique of colonic stenting

Xu, C; Ma, Y; Chen, H, 2014:
Technique of grafting with Wufanshu (Vaccinium bracteatum Thunb.) and the effects on blueberry plant growth and development, fruit yield and quality

Millet-Barbé, B.; Rabarin, F.; Niéto, H., 2014:
Techniques chirurgicales de ligamentoplasties du ligament crois antrieur

Venara, A.; Carretier, V.; Lebigot, J.; Lermite, E., 2014:
Techniques et indications de la cholcystostomie percutane dans la prise en charge de la cholcystite aigu en 2014

Saxena, P; Zimmet, A D.; Snell, G; Levvey, B; Marasco, S F.; McGiffin, D C., 2014:
Techniques for Lung Procurement for Transplantation Following Donation After Circulatory Death

Jaeblon, T D.; Stavinoha, T J., 2014:
Techniques for Pertrochanteric Fracture Reduction Without a Traction Table

Babu, A, 2014:
Techniques for Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support and Conversion to Temporary Left Ventricular Assist Device

Smith, J B.; Walsh, D P.; Goldstein, E J.; Parsons, Z D.; Karsch, R C.; Stiver, J R.; Iii, J W. Cain; Raedeke, K J.; Jenks, J A., 2014:
Techniques for capturing bighorn sheep lambs

Srivastava, S.K., 2014:
Techniques for developing resources to understand geographic and projected coordinate systems

Weinreich, H M.; Francis, H W.; Niparko, J K.; Chien, W W., 2014:
Techniques in cochlear implantation

Aicher, D.; Schäfers, H.-J., 2014:
Technische Durchführung der Aortenklappenrekonstruktion

Scozzari, R.; Santarelli, M., 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of a small size short range EES (electric energy storage) system for a PV (photovoltaic) plant serving a SME (small and medium enterprise) in a given regulatory context

Andersson, J; Lundgren, J, 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of ammonia production via integrated biomass gasification

Olaleye, A K.; Wang, M, 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of chemical looping combustion with humid air turbine power cycle

Cutz, L.; Santana, D., 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of integrating sweet sorghum into sugar mills: The Central American case

Zhu, Y; Biddy, M J.; Jones, S B.; Elliott, D C.; Schmidt, A J., 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of liquid fuel production from woody biomass via hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) and upgrading

Kusakana, K, 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of off-grid hydrokinetic-based hybrid energy systems for onshore/remote area in South Africa

Do, T Xuan; Lim, Y-il; Yeo, H; Lee, U-do; Choi, Y-tai; Song, J-hun, 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of power plant via circulating fluidized-bed gasification from woodchips

Xiang, D; Qian, Y; Man, Y; Yang, S, 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of the coal-to-olefins process in comparison with the oil-to-olefins process

Rahimi, S; Meratizaman, M; Monadizadeh, S; Amidpour, M, 2014:
Techno-economic analysis of wind turbinePEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cell hybrid system in standalone area

Cormos, C-Cristian, 2014:
Techno-economic and environmental evaluations of large scale gasification-based CCS project in Romania

Capuder, T; Mancarella, P, 2014:
Techno-economic and environmental modelling and optimization of flexible distributed multi-generation options

Shabangu, S; Woolf, D; Fisher, E M.; Angenent, L T.; Lehmann, J, 2014:
Techno-economic assessment of biomass slow pyrolysis into different biochar and methanol concepts

Mansouri Majoumerd, M; Assadi, M, 2014:
Techno-economic assessment of fossil fuel power plants with CO2 capture Results of EU H2-IGCC project

González Palencia, J C.; Furubayashi, T; Nakata, T, 2014:
Techno-economic assessment of lightweight and zero emission vehicles deployment in the passenger car fleet of developing countries

Oboirien, B.O.; North, B.C.; Kleyn, T., 2014:
Techno-economic assessments of oxy-fuel technology for South African coal-fired power stations

Brown, D; Rowe, A; Wild, P, 2014:
Techno-economic comparisons of hydrogen and synthetic fuel production using forest residue feedstock

Koku, O; Perry, S; Kim, J-Kuk, 2014:
Techno-economic evaluation for the heat integration of vaporisation cold energy in natural gas processing

Fischedick, M; Marzinkowski, J; Winzer, P; Weigel, M, 2014:
Techno-economic evaluation of innovative steel production technologies

Uris, Mía; Linares, Jé Ignacio; Arenas, E, 2014:
Techno-economic feasibility assessment of a biomass cogeneration plant based on an Organic Rankine Cycle

Shahzad, A; Hanif, S, 2014:
Techno-economic feasibility of biogas generation in Attari village, Ferozepur road, Lahore

Brown, T R.; Wright, M M., 2014:
Techno-economic impacts of shale gas on cellulosic biofuel pathways

Soni, M.S.; Gakkhar, N, 2014:
Techno-economic parametric assessment of solar power in India: A survey

Teghammar, A; Forgács, G; Sárvári Horváth, I; Taherzadeh, M J., 2014:
Techno-economic study of NMMO pretreatment and biogas production from forest residues

Hebenstreit, B.; Schnetzinger, R.; Ohnmacht, R.; Höftberger, E.; Lundgren, J.; Haslinger, W.; Toffolo, A., 2014:
Techno-economic study of a heat pump enhanced flue gas heat recovery for biomass boilers

Rohani, G; Nour, M, 2014:
Techno-economical analysis of stand-alone hybrid renewable power system for Ras Musherib in United Arab Emirates

Khahro, S Farhan; Tabbassum, K; Mahmood Soomro, A; Liao, X; Alvi, M Bux; Dong, L; Manzoor, M. Farhan, 2014 :
Techno-economical evaluation of wind energy potential and analysis of power generation from wind at Gharo, Sindh Pakistan

Sanchez, V M.; Chavez-Ramirez, A.U.; Duron-Torres, S M.; Hernandez, J.; Arriaga, L.G.; Ramirez, J M., 2014:
Techno-economical optimization based on swarm intelligence algorithm for a stand-alone wind-photovoltaic-hydrogen power system at south-east region of Mexico

ElMekawy, A; Hegab, H M.; Vanbroekhoven, K; Pant, D, 2014:
Techno-productive potential of photosynthetic microbial fuel cells through different configurations

Kim, E-Sung, 2014:
Technocratic precautionary principle: Korean risk governance of genetically modified organisms

Bose, P S., 2014:
Technofetishism and online education: globalizing geography through virtual worlds

Schmid, M; Hammann, F; Winkler, H, 2014:
Technofunctional Properties of Films Made From Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/Whey Protein Isolate Compounds

Connolly, A; Piggott, C O.; FitzGerald, R J., 2014:
Technofunctional properties of a brewers' spent grain protein-enriched isolate and its associated enzymatic hydrolysates

Yordanova, I; Staneva, D; Misheva, L; Bineva, T; Banov, M, 2014:
Technogenic radionuclides in undisturbed Bulgarian soils

Gilbert, B.; Yeo, B. H., 2014:
Technological Change and Managerial Ability: Evidence from a Malaysian Artisanal Fishery

Mishra, V; Smyth, R, 2014:
Technological Change and Wages in China: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data

Bartel, A. P.; Lach, S.; Sicherman, N., 2014:
Technological Change and the Make-or-Buy Decision

Uddin, M. Nasir; Daud, W. M. A. Wan, 2014:
Technological Diversity and Economics: Coupling Effects on Hydrogen Production from Biomass

Graham, G; Greenhill, A; Callaghan, V, 2014:
Technological Forecasting and Social Change Special Section: Creative prototyping

Gu, C; Liu, J; Chen, J; He, C; Lu, Y; Zhao, Y, 2014:
Technological Parameters and Design of Bionic Integrated Honeycomb Plates

Damato, A L.; Cormack, R A.; O'Farrell, D A.; Friesen, S A.; Bhagwat, M S.; Buzurovic, I; Heller, A; Carroll, M; Lee, L J.; Viswanathan, A N.; Devlin, P M.; Hansen, J L., 2014:
Technological Solutions for the Transition to an Electronic Medical Record System in a High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy Practice

Pagnussatt, F Arnhold; Spier, F; Bertolin, T Elita; Costa, J Alberto Vieira; Gutkoski, L Carlos, 2014:
Technological and nutritional assessment of dry pasta with oatmeal and the microalga Spirulina platensis

Capra, Mía L.; Tibaldo, M M.; Vinderola, G; Reinheimer, J A.; Quiberoni, A, 2014:
Technological and probiotic characterisation of Lactobacillus casei/paracasei strains and their phage-resistant mutants

Ruj, B; Ghosh, S, 2014:
Technological aspects for thermal plasma treatment of municipal solid wasteA review

Ho, J C.; Saw, E-Chai; Lu, L Y.Y.; Liu, J S., 2014:
Technological barriers and research trends in fuel cell technologies: A citation network analysis

Corsatea, T Diana, 2014:
Technological capabilities for innovation activities across Europe: Evidence from wind, solar and bioenergy technologies

Luna, D.; Calero, J.; Sancho, E.D.; Luna, C.; Posadillo, A.; Bautista, F.M.; Romero, A.A.; Berbel, J.; Verdugo, C., 2014:
Technological challenges for the production of biodiesel in arid lands

Schäfer, A, 2014:
Technological change, population dynamics, and natural resource depletion

Cordes, C; Schwesinger, G, 2014:
Technological diffusion and preference learning in the world of Homo sustinens: The challenges for politics

Fagerberg, J.; Feldman, M. P.; Srholec, M., 2014:
Technological dynamics and social capability: US states and European nations

De Vito, C; Medeghini, L; Mignardi, S; Orlandi, D; Nigro, L; Spagnoli, F; Lottici, P Paolo; Bersani, D, 2014:
Technological fingerprints of Black-Gloss Ware from Motya (Western Sicily, Italy)

Torres-Preciado, Víctor Hugo; Polanco-Gaytán, Mén; Tinoco-Zermeño, M Á., 2014:
Technological innovation and regional economic growth in Mexico: a spatial perspective

Sears, J; Hoetker, G, 2014:
Technological overlap, technological capabilities, and resource recombination in technological acquisitions

Zeng, X; Xia, W; Wang, J; Jiang, Q; Xu, Y; Qiu, Y; Wang, H, 2014:
Technological properties of Lactobacillus plantarum strains isolated from Chinese traditional low salt fermented whole fish

Rizzi, F; Annunziata, E; Liberati, G; Frey, M, 2014:
Technological trajectories in the automotive industry: are hydrogen technologies still a possibility?

Pei, P; Wang, K; Ma, Z, 2014:
Technologies for extending zincair batterys cyclelife: A review

Gilbert, P; Bows-Larkin, A; Mander, S; Walsh, C, 2014:
Technologies for the high seas: meeting the climate challenge

Kellerman, A, 2014:
Technologies of Choice? ICTs, Development, and the Capabilities ApproachBy Dorothea Kleine Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2013

Chandler, J P., 2014:
Technologists Forum Roundtable Discussion: Doing Great Science on a Tight Budget

Kim, S Eun; Urpelainen, J, 2014:
Technology Competition and International Co-operation: Friends or Foes?

Henni, A, 2014:
Technology Could Cut CO2 Cost Sharply for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Meyer, B, 2014:
Technology Enhanced Hand Hygiene and Increased Patient Satisfaction

Noonan, S, 2014:
Technology Focus: Artificial Lift (July 2014)

McDonough, C, 2014:
Technology Focus: Bit Technology and Bottomhole Assemblies (December 2014)

Crabtree, A, 2014:
Technology Focus: Coiled-Tubing Applications (June 2014)

Clem, N, 2014:
Technology Focus: Completions (September 2014)

Saputelli, L, 2014:
Technology Focus: Data Management and Communication (October 2014)

Thornton, W, 2014:
Technology Focus: Decommissioning and Abandonment (January 2014)

Salies, J Braile, 2014:
Technology Focus: Deepwater Projects (May 2014)

Cunha, J.C., 2014:
Technology Focus: Drilling Management and Automation (September 2014)

Weatherl, M, 2014:
Technology Focus: Drilling Technology (February 2014)

Jan, B Mohamed, 2014:
Technology Focus: Drilling and Completion Fluids (November 2014)

Bonet-Cunha, L, 2014:
Technology Focus: EOR Operations (June 2014)

Gurpinar, O, 2014:
Technology Focus: EOR Performance and Modeling (January 2014)

Rebelo, M Pestana, 2014:
Technology Focus: Field Development Projects (October 2014)

Harrison, B, 2014:
Technology Focus: Formation Evaluation (August 2014)

Wilson, S J., 2014:
Technology Focus: Gas Production Technology (November 2014)

Garland, E, 2014:
Technology Focus: Health, Safety, Environment, and Social Responsibility (August 2014)

Matthews, C, 2014:
Technology Focus: Heavy Oil (March 2014)

Payne, M, 2014:
Technology Focus: High-Pressure/High-Temperature Challenges (April 2014)

Emerick, A, 2014:
Technology Focus: History Matching and Forecasting (April 2014)

Ruszka, J, 2014:
Technology Focus: Horizontal and Complex-Trajectory Wells (November 2014)

Olson, K, 2014:
Technology Focus: Hydraulic Fracturing (March 2014)

Hudson, J, 2014:
Technology Focus: Intelligent Fields Technology (May 2014)

Morgenthaler, L, 2014:
Technology Focus: Matrix Stimulation (June 2014)

Lee, J, 2014:
Technology Focus: Mature Fields and Well Revitalization (January 2014)

Negrao, A Felippe, 2014:
Technology Focus: Multilateral/Extended Reach (May 2014)

Fleming, N, 2014:
Technology Focus: Nanotechnology (February 2014)

Wang, X, 2014:
Technology Focus: Natural Gas Processing and Handling (April 2014)

Rylance, M, 2014:
Technology Focus: Offshore Drilling and Completion (April 2014)

Ball, I G., 2014:
Technology Focus: Offshore Facilities (February 2014)

Thomas, S A., 2014:
Technology Focus: Offshore Production (November 2014)

Wylde, J, 2014:
Technology Focus: Oilfield Chemistry (September 2014)

Alhanati, F J.S., 2014:
Technology Focus: Production Operations (March 2014)

Frankiewicz, T, 2014:
Technology Focus: Production and Facilities (December 2014)

Hinkle, D James, 2014:
Technology Focus: Reserves/Asset Management (December 2014)

Vikane, E, 2014:
Technology Focus: Reservoir Performance and Monitoring (September 2014)

Bailey, W, 2014:
Technology Focus: Reservoir Simulation (July 2014)

Wetzel, R.J., 2014:
Technology Focus: Sand Management and Sand Control (October 2014)

Kleemeyer, G, 2014:
Technology Focus: Seismic Applications (March 2014)

Kelly, T, 2014:
Technology Focus: Subsea Technology (August 2014)

Kalfayan, L, 2014:
Technology Focus: Tight Reservoirs (October 2014)

Chipperfield, S, 2014:
Technology Focus: Unconventional Resources (July 2014)

Ali, S A., 2014:
Technology Focus: Water Management (December 2014)

Carpenter, B, 2014:
Technology Focus: Well Construction (May 2014)

Alcantara Santos, O Luiz, 2014:
Technology Focus: Well Integrity (January 2014)

Guzman-Garcia, A G., 2014:
Technology Focus: Well Testing (February 2014)

York, P, 2014:
Technology Focus: Wellbore Tubulars (June 2014)

Doering, A; Koseoglu, S; Scharber, C; Henrickson, J; Lanegran, D, 2014:
Technology Integration in K12 Geography Education Using TPACK as a Conceptual Model

Wilson, B, 2014:
Technology Tips for Nurses

Tukenov, D, 2014:
Technology Update: Nanochemistry Drives New Method for Removal and Control of Wax

de Vries, R, 2014:
Technology Update: New 3D Ultrasonic System Tests Pipeline Integrity

Gitlow, L, 2014:
Technology Use by Older Adults and Barriers to Using Technology

Turner, W, 2014:
Technology Won't Work Without the People Buy-in

Hay, R; Pearce, P, 2014:
Technology adoption by rural women in Queensland, Australia: Women driving technology from the homestead for the paddock

Wolf, A; Seebauer, S, 2014:
Technology adoption of electric bicycles: A survey among early adopters

Geraili, A.; Sharma, P.; Romagnoli, J.A., 2014:
Technology analysis of integrated biorefineries through process simulation and hybrid optimization

Lawler, P Augustine, 2014:
Technology and Mechanization Today

Baptist, S; Teal, F, 2014:
Technology and Productivity in African Manufacturing Firms

Z. M. Yuldashev,Yu. G. Bibicheva,A. A. Anisimov,Yu. Glazova, 2014:
Technology and System for Noninvasive Spectrophotometric Assessment of Hematocrit Level

Nuttall, W J.; Storey, P, 2014:
Technology and policy issues relating to future developments in research and radioisotope production reactors

Iversen, M D; Connors, M E; Menapace, M R; Samson, A J; Tessitore, E, 2014:
Technology applications to improve health outcomes and self-management in patients with arthritis

Doherty, C; Bristow, T, 2014:
Technology arts education in South Africa: Mutant collaborations

Galusky, W, 2014:
Technology as Responsibility: Failure, Food Animals, and Lab-grown Meat

Sinkinson, M, 2014:
Technology devices and social media as determinants of youth health and well-being: pre-service health education teachers interpret implications for their own practice

Pick, J B.; Gollakota, K; Singh, M, 2014:
Technology for Development: Understanding Influences on use of Rural Telecenters in India

Knapp, M, 2014:
Technology for One-Shot Instruction and Beyond

Zinkin, V. N.; Sheshegoff, P. M., 2014:
Technology for Studies of Sound Absorption Properties of Materials Based on Tone Audiometry

Grachev, V. M.; Esin, V. I.; Polukhina, N. G.; Rassomakhin, S. G., 2014:
Technology for developing databases of information systems

Bacigalupe, G; Camara, M; Buffardi, L E., 2014:
Technology in families and the clinical encounter: results of a cross-national survey

Tian, G; Chu, J; Hu, H; Li, H, 2014:
Technology innovation system and its integrated structure for automotive components remanufacturing industry development in China

Yang, L; Wang, Y; Ma, J; Ng, C To; Cheng, T.C.E., 2014:
Technology investment under flexible capacity strategy with demand uncertainty

Zhao, D; Chen, H; Hong, X; Liu, J, 2014:
Technology licensing contracts with network effects

de Kadt, M, 2014:
Technology of Change/Change of Technology

Zhang, Q; Zhang, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, Z, 2014:
Technology of foam fractionation coupled with crystallization for the enrichment and purification of folic acid

Liu, Z; Fan, J, 2014:
Technology readiness assessment of Small Modular Reactor (SMR) designs

Ikeda, K; Koyama, S-ichi; Kurata, M; Morita, Y; Tsujimoto, K; Minato, K, 2014:
Technology readiness assessment of partitioning and transmutation in Japan and issues toward closed fuel cycle

Hoggett, R, 2014:
Technology scale and supply chains in a secure, affordable and low carbon energy transition

Barnes, S J.; Vidgen, R T., 2014:
Technology socialness and Web site satisfaction

Costantini, V; Liberati, P, 2014:
Technology transfer, institutions and development

Devaiah, A. K.; Batra, P. S.; Moe, K. S.; Artz, G. J.; Wormald, P. J.; Holsinger, C., 2014:
Technology with a Twist: Tools and Techniques to Advance Patient Care and Inspire Innovation

Weldemicael, E, 2014:
Technology, Trade Costs and Export Sophistication

Desouza, K C.; Bhagwatwar, A, 2014:
Technology-Enabled Participatory Platforms for Civic Engagement: The Case of U.S. Cities

Lancioni, G E.; O’Reilly, M F.; Singh, N N.; Sigafoos, J; Alberti, G; Boccasini, A; Oliva, D; Lang, R, 2014:
Technology-aided Programs to Enable Persons with Multiple Disabilities to Move through Sequences of Occupational Activities Independently

Osborn, D S.; Kronholz, J F.; Finklea, J. Tyler; Cantonis, A M., 2014:
Technology-savvy career counselling

Pey, B; Cortet, Jérôme; Capowiez, Y; Nahmani, J; Watteau, Fçoise; Schwartz, C, 2014:
Technosol composition affects Lumbricus terrestris surface cast composition and production

Macía, P.; Fernández-Costas, C.; Rodríguez, E.; Sieiro, P.; Pazos, M.; Sanromán, M.A., 2014:
Technosols as a novel valorization strategy for an ecological management of dredged marine sediments

Corte, G Dalla; Pinto, F Frigo; Stefanello, M Tagliapietra; Gulart, C; Ramos, J Perlin de; Balardin, R Silveiro, 2014:
Tecnologia de aplicao de agrotxicos no controle de fitonematoides em soja

Logan, J. M.; Mihalynuk, M. G., 2014:
Tectonic Controls on Early Mesozoic Paired Alkaline Porphyry Deposit Belts (Cu-Au Ag-Pt-Pd-Mo) Within the Canadian Cordillera

Huston, D. L.; Champion, D. C.; Cassidy, K. F., 2014:
Tectonic Controls on the Endowment of Neoarchean Cratons in Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide Deposits: Evidence from Lead and Neodymium Isotopes

Mizumoto, T; Azuma, T; Tsutsumi, H; Goto, H; Tajikara, M; Nakata, T; Matsuda, T, 2014:
Tectonic Geomorphology and Late Pleistocene Activity of Western Marginal Faults of the Suzuka Mountains, Central Japan

Vanderhaeghe, O.; Grabkowiak, A., 2014:
Tectonic accretion and recycling of the continental lithosphere during the Alpine orogeny along the Pyrenees

Rao, G; Lin, A; Yan, B; Jia, D; Wu, X, 2014:
Tectonic activity and structural features of active intracontinental normal faults in the Weihe Graben, central China

Barcelona, H.; Peri, G.; Tobal, J.; Sagripanti, L.; Favetto, A., 2014:
Tectonic activity revealed by morphostructural analysis: Development of the Sierra de la Candelaria range, northwestern Argentina

Wu, M; Zhao, G; Sun, M; Bao, Z; Tam, P Yuk; He, Y, 2014:
Tectonic affinity and reworking of the Archaean Jiaodong Terrane in the Eastern Block of the North China Craton: evidence from LA-ICP-MS UPb zircon ages

Jones, S J.; Arzani, N; Allen, M B., 2014:
Tectonic and climatic controls on fan systems: The Kohrud mountain belt, Central Iran

Yengkhom, K S.; Lee, B Choon; Oh, C Whan; Yi, K; Kang, J Hoon, 2014:
Tectonic and deformation history of the Gyeonggi Massif in and around the Hongcheon area, and its implications in the tectonic evolution of the North China Craton

Son, J; Pak, S-Joon; Kim, J; Baker, E T.; You, O-Rye; Son, S-Kyu; Moon, J-Woon, 2014:
Tectonic and magmatic control of hydrothermal activity along the slow-spreading Central Indian Ridge, 8S-17S

Carvalho, Jão; Rabeh, T; Dias, R; Dias, R; Pinto, C; Oliveira, Tás; Cunha, T; Borges, Jé, 2014:
Tectonic and neotectonic implications of a new basement map of the Lower Tagus Valley, Portugal

Salehi, M Ali; Moussavi-Harami, S Reza; Mahboubi, A; Wilmsen, M; Heubeck, C, 2014:
Tectonic and palaeogeographic implications of compositional variations within the siliciclastic Ab-Haji Formation (Lower Jurassic, east-central Iran)

Li, S; Deng, C; Paterson, G A.; Yao, H; Huang, S; Liu, C; He, H; Pan, Y; Zhu, R, 2014:
Tectonic and sedimentary evolution of the late MiocenePleistocene Dali Basin in the southeast margin of the Tibetan Plateau: Evidences from anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and rock magnetic data

Kvarven, T; Hjelstuen, B Oline; Mjelde, R, 2014:
Tectonic and sedimentary processes along the ultraslow Knipovich spreading ridge

Idleman, L; Cosca, M A.; Heizler, M T.; Thomson, S N.; Teyssier, C; Whitney, D L., 2014:
Tectonic burial and exhumation cycles tracked by muscovite and K-feldspar 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology in a strike-slip fault zone, central Turkey

Nishio, M; Yoshida, K, 2014:
Tectonic constraints to Cretaceous magmatic arc deduced from detrital heavy minerals in northeastern Japan evidence from detrital garnets, tourmalines and chromian spinels

Karaoğlu, Özgür, 2014:
Tectonic controls on the Yamanlar volcano and Yuntda volcanic region, western Turkey: Implications for an incremental deformation

Galli, C Inés; Coira, B; Alonso, R; Reynolds, J; Matteini, M; Hauser, N, 2014 :
Tectonic controls on the evolution of the Andean Cenozoic foreland basin: Evidence from fluvial system variations in the Payogastilla Group, in the Calchaqu, Tonco and Amblayo Valleys, NW Argentina

Pérez, L F.; Lodolo, E; Maldonado, Aés; Hernández-Molina, F. Javier; Bohoyo, F; Galindo-Zaldívar, Jús; Lobo, F. José; Burca, M, 2014:
Tectonic development, sedimentation and paleoceanography of the Scan Basin (southern Scotia Sea, Antarctica)

Singsoupho, S; Bhongsuwan, T; Elming, S-Åke, 2014:
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ob,, 2014:
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Temperature and salinity: two climate change stressors affecting early development of the New Zealand sea urchinEvechinus chloroticus

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Temperature and size-dependent attack rates of the three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus); are sticklebacks in the Baltic Sea resource-limited?

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Temperature and thermal stress analyses of a ceramic-coated aluminum alloy piston used in a diesel engine

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Temperature and velocity distributions of a ceiling jet along an inclined ceilingPart 2: Approximation based on cubic function and coordinate transformation

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Temperature and wind speed impact on the efficiency of PV installations. Experience obtained from outdoor measurements in Greece

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Temperature changes of copper nanoparticle ink during flash light sintering

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Temperature characterization of flip-chip packaged piezoresistive barometric pressure sensors

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Temperature compensation of QCM sensors in liquid media

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Temperature conditions during cold sheet metal stamping

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Temperature conditions of the formation of frost damages in conifer trees in the high latitudes of Western Siberia

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Temperature control, emission abatement and costs: key EMF 27 results from Environment Canadas Integrated Assessment Model

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Temperature dependant dielectric breakdown of sputter-deposited AlN thin films using a time-zero approach

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Temperature dependence of optical properties in Nd/Cr:YAG materials

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Temperature dependence of the dynamic viscoelasticity of bases of Japanese cypress branches and the trunk close to the branches saturated with water

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Temperature dependence of the luminescence spectra of liquid crystal composites with CdSe quantum dots

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Temperature dependence of the optical properties of ion-beam sputtered ZrN films

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Temperature dependence of the parameters of stop bands of globular photonic crystals

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Temperature dependence of the rate constant for the bimolecular recombination of Cl2 in waterA pulse radiolysis study

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Temperature dependence of the residual stresses and mechanical properties in TiN/CrN nanolayered coatings processed by cathodic arc deposition

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Temperature dependence of the sublimation rate of water ice: Influence of impurities

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Temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of water: a molecular dynamics simulation study using the SPC/E model

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Temperature dependence of thermal resistance at the water/silicon interface

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Temperature dependences of air-broadening, air-narrowing and line-mixing coefficients of the methane 3 R(6) manifold linesApplication to in-situ measurements of atmospheric methane

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Temperature dependent band-gap energy for Cu2ZnSnSe4: A spectroscopic ellipsometric study

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Temperature dependent electronphonon coupling in chlorin-doped impurity glass and in photosynthetic FMO protein containing bacteriochlorophyll a

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Temperature dependent larval occurrence and spat settlement of the invasive brackish water bivalve Mytilopsis leucophaeata (Conrad, 1831) (Dreissenidae)

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Temperature dependent optical properties of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2matrix

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Temperature dependent photoluminescence studies in CsI:Tl films with varying thicknesses

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Temperature development in steel members exposed to localized fire in large enclosure

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Temperature distribution and classical entropy generation analyses in an asymmetric cooling composite hollow cylinder with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity and internal heat generation

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Temperature distribution and heat flow around a crack of arbitrary orientation in a functionally graded medium

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Temperature distribution and performance of ground-coupled multi-heat pump systems for a greenhouse

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Temperature distribution in solder joints of high-temperature superconductors

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Temperature distribution of fluids in a two-section two-phase closed thermosyphon wellbore

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Temperature distribution reconstruction in Czochralski crystal growth process

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Temperature distribution, local and total entropy generation analyses in asymmetric cooling composite geometries with multiple nonlinearities: Effect of imperfect thermal contact

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Temperature effect of rock burst for hard rock in deep-buried tunnel

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Temperature effect on X-ray photoelectron spectra of 3d transition metal ions

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Temperature effect on calcium and phosphorus equilibria in relation to gel formation during acidification of skim milk

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Temperature effect on chromium(VI) removal by Mg/Al mixed metal oxides as adsorbents

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Temperature effect on foamability, foam stability, and foam structure of milk

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Temperature effect on heart rate of jack mackerelTrachurus japonicusduring swimming exercise

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Temperature effect on the microstructural development of AlNi layered binary couples produced by an unconventional method

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Temperature effect on the tenability of an eight-channel demultiplexer

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Temperature effects on aggregation during a spring diatom bloom

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Temperature effects on development and reproduction of copepods in the Humboldt Current: the advantage of rapid growth

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Temperature effects on excitation and deactivation processes of coumarin 102. A comparison with coumarin 153

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Temperature explains variable spread rates of the invasive woodwaspSirex noctilioin the Southern Hemisphere

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Temperature has more effects than soil moisture on biosynthesis of flavonoids in Ginkgo (Ginkgo bilobaL.) leaves

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Temperature induced changes in the heterocyst glycolipid composition of N2 fixing heterocystous cyanobacteria

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Temperature influence and CO2 transport in foaming processes of poly(methyl methacrylate)block copolymer nanocellular and microcellular foams

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Temperature influence on pH-ISFET sensor operating in weak and moderate inversion regime: Model and circuitry

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Temperature is not responsible for left-right reversal in pelagic unicellular zooplanktons

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Temperature limits for preservation of primary calcite clumped isotope paleotemperatures

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Temperature loggers decrease costs of determining bird nest survival

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Temperature management for the quality assurance of a perishable food supply chain

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Temperature measurement during intraabdominal treatment with hypertherm chemotherapy - oesophagus thermometer vs. pulmonary artery catheter measurement

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Temperature measurement of gas explosion flame based on the radiation thermometry

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Temperature mediated structural transformation of new hybrid inorganicorganic Ni(II) complexes

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Temperature modulates the progression of vitellogenesis in the European eel

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Temperature preference and acclimation in the Jonah Crab, Cancer borealis

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Temperature preference of juvenile Arctic charr originating from different thermal environments

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Temperature preferences of hardheadMylopharodon conocephalusand rainbow troutOncorhynchus mykissin an annular chamber

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Temperature profile optimization for microwave sintering of bulk NiAl2O3 functionally graded materials

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Temperature quenching of luminescence emission in Eu3+- and Sm3+-doped YNbO4 powders

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Temperature resistant red and purple ceramic pigments based on the solid solution series BaZn2xNixSi2O7 and BaMg2xNixSi2O7

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Temperature rise and weight loss characteristics of wheat straw under microwave heating

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Temperature sensing with Eu3+ doped TiO2 nanoparticles

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Temperature sensitivity and carbon release in an acidic soil amended with lime and mulch

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Temperature sensitivity of C and N mineralization in temperate forest soils at low temperatures

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Temperature sensitivity of biochar and native carbon mineralisation in biochar-amended soils

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Temperature sensitivity of long period fiber grating in SMF-28 fiber

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Temperature sensitivity of soil and root respiration in contrasting soils

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Temperature sensitivity of soil carbon mineralization and nitrous oxide emission in different ecosystems along a mountain wetland-forest ecotone in the continuous permafrost of Northeast China

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Temperature stress causes different profiles of volatile compounds in two chemotypes of Salvia lavandulifolia Vahl

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Temperature swing adsorption device for oxygen-enriched air

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Temperature trends during the Present and Last Interglacial periods a multi-model-data comparison

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Temperature variations in the mesopause region according to the hydroxyl-emission observations at midlatitudes

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Temperature's optical tomography diagnosis of arc plasma jet flowing into air

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Temperature, Hatch Date, and Prey Availability Influence Age-0 Yellow Perch Growth and Survival

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Temperature, but not submersion or orientation, influences the rate of sulphur hexafluoride release from permeation tubes used for estimation of ruminant methane emissions

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Temperature, food and the seasonal vertical migration of key arctic copepods in the thermally stratified Amundsen Gulf (Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean)

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Temperature, oxygen, and diet modulate gene transcription and metabolic capacities in yellow perch

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Temperature, paternity and asynchronous hatching influence early developmental characteristics of larval Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua

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Temperature- and Moisture-Based Modeling for Prediction of Starch Gelatinization and Crumb Softness during Bread-Baking Process

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Temperature- and latitude-specific individual growth rates shape the vulnerability of damselfly larvae to a widespread pesticide

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Temperature-Dependent Diffusion Coefficients from 1D Raman Spectroscopy

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Temperature-Pressure Phase Behavior of Triglycerides Revealed by Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering Studies

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Temperature-controlled structural diversity of two Cd(II) coordination polymers based on a flexible tripodal multicarboxylate ligand

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Temperature-dependent development of Ascotis selenaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) and its stage emergence models with field validation

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Temperature-dependent development of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guene (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and their validation in semi-field condition

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Temperature-dependent development of Lista haraldusalis (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) on Platycarya strobilacea

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Temperature-dependent development of overwintering Sericinus montela Gray (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) pupae and its validation

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Temperature-dependent dielectric function of germanium in the UVvis spectral range: A first-principles study

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Temperature-dependent electrical property and optical transparency of Al/Ga-doped ZnO double-layer system

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Temperature-dependent luminescence and crystal-field levels of Eu3+ in orthorhombic KGdF4

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Temperature-dependent material properties of the components of magnetorheological fluids

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Temperature-dependent models of Zannichellia palustris seed germination for application in aquatic systems

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Temperature-dependent optical rotatory power in the presence of birefringence of KTA and KTP crystals by the high-accuracy universal polarimeter method at 632.8nm wavelength

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Temperature-dependent performance of the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell using short-side-chain perfluorosulfonic acid ionomer

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Temperature-dependent photoluminescence properties of (Ba,Sr)2SiO4:Eu2+ phosphors for white LEDs applications

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Temperature-dependent photosynthesis in the intertidal alga Fucus gardneri and sensitivity to ongoing climate change

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Temperature-dependent remineralization and carbon cycling in the warm Eocene oceans

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Temperature-dependent thermal conductivities of non-alloyed and high-alloyed heat-treatable steels in the temperature range between 20

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Temperature-dependent thermal stability and dispersibility of SiO2TiO2 nanocomposites via a chemical vapor condensation method

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Temperature-dependent viscosity model of HPAM polymer through high-temperature reservoirs

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Temperature-driven models of Aculops pelekassi (Acari: Eriophyidae) based on its development and fecundity on detached citrus leaves in the laboratory

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Temperature-enhanced synthesis of DMSO-Melanin

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Temperature-independent optical fiber FabryPerot refractive-index sensor based on hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

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Temperature-induced aggregation ionic liquid dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method for separation trace amount of cobalt ion

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Temperature-induced amorphization of Na-zeolite A: A view from multi-nuclear high-resolution solid-state NMR

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Temperature-induced changes in dough elasticity as a useful tool in defining the firmness of cooked pasta

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Temperature-induced optical property and conformational change of BSA-protected gold nanoclusters

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Temperature-induced reversible isostructural phase transition in N-isopropylbenzylammonium trifluoromethanesulfonate

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Temperature-induced variation in the survival of brooded embryos drives patterns of recruitment and abundance in Semibalanus balanoides

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Temperature-insensitive refractive index sensor based on in-fiber Michelson interferometer

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Temperature-resistant high-infrared transmittance indium molybdenum oxide thin films as an intermediate window layer for multi-junction photovoltaics

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Temperature-responsiveness and biocompatibility of DEGMA/OEGMA radiation-grafted onto PP and LDPE films

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Temperature-tunable plasmonic property and SERS activity of the monodisperse thermo-responsive composite microgels with coreshell structure based on gold nanorod as core

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Temperatureparasitism synergy alters intertidal soft-bottom community structure

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Template Matching, Alignment and Averaging of Sub-Tomograms in Electron Cryo-Tomography Reconstructions using Jsubtomo

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Template arrangement of {Ni3(3-OH)(SO4)(R-NO)2}+ fragments around Na+ cations: An unprecedented {Ni12Na} unit linked by oximate and sulfate bridges

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Template growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes using self-assembled monolayers of SiO2particles by LangmuirBlodgett technique

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Template synthesis of graphene/polyaniline hybrid hollow microspheres as electrode materials for high-performance supercapacitor

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Template-Based Hierarchical Building Extraction

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Template-assisted self-assembly method to prepare three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide for dopamine sensing

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Template-directed synthesis of ordered iron pyrite (FeS2) nanowires and nanotubes arrays

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Template-free preparation of mesoporous silica and alumina from natural kaolinite and their application in methylene blue adsorption

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Template-free synthesis of polyaniline nanobelts as a catalytic counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells

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Templated Assembly: Fabrication of Nanoarchitectures Templated by Virus-Based Nanoparticles: Strategies and Applications (Small 2/2014)

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Templated in-situ synthesis of gold nanoclusters conjugated to drug target bacterial enoyl-ACP reductase, and their application to the detection of mercury ions using a test stripe

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Tempo and Temperament: A Music Lesson on the Significance ofTimefor the Art of Pastoral Care

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Tempo and intensity of pre-task music modulate neural activity during reactive task performance

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Temporal Change Analysis Based on Data Characteristics and Nonparametric Test

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Temporal Connectivity of Mature Patches in Forest Planning Models

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Temporal Decorrelation-Robust SAR Tomography

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Temporal Dominance of Sensations of peanuts and peanut products in relation to Hutchings and Lillfords breakdown path

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Temporal Dominance of Sensations: A review

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Temporal Downscaling of Daily Gauged Precipitation by Application of a Satellite Product for Flood Simulation in a Poorly Gauged Basin and Its Evaluation with Multiple Regression Analysis

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Temporal Variation in the Sex Ratio of a Natural Population of a Multivoltine Gall-Inducing Braconid Wasp

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Temporal and spatial variations of global deep cloud systems based on CloudSat and CALIPSO satellite observations

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Temporal behavior of a ventilated claystone at the Tournemire URL: Cross-spectral analyses focused on daily harmonics

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Temporal connections: before and after in reading comprehension / Conexiones de orden temporal: el antes y el despus en la comprensin lectora

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Temporal dynamics of soil oxidative enzyme activity across a simulated gradient of nitrogen deposition in the Gurbantunggut Desert, Northwestern China

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Temporal fluctuations of the phytoplankton community in an isolated floodplain lake (North Mollaköy Lake) of the Sakarya River (Northern Turkey)

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Temporal shifts in the fatty acid profiles of rocky intertidal invertebrates

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Temporal signatures of resistivity in bending of indium tin oxide-coated flexible transparent conductive films for flexible electronics: Influence of coating thickness and bending radius

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Temporal stability of preferences and willingness to pay for natural areas in choice experiments: A testretest

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Temporal trends of predation resistance in Paleozoic crinoid arm branching morphologies

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Temporal variability of PM10and PM2.5inside and outside a residential home during 2014 Chinese Spring Festival in Zhengzhou, China

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Temporal variation in risk factors and prevalence rate of depression in urban population: does the urban environment play a significant role?

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Temporal variation in soil detachment capacity by overland flow under four typical crops in the Loess Plateau of China

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Temporal variation in soil rill erodibility to concentrated flow detachment under four typical croplands in the Loess Plateau of China

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Temporal variation in the relationship between environmental demands and well-being: a panel analysis of developed and less-developed countries

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Temporal variation in winter flounder recruitment at the southern margin of their range: is the decline due to increasing temperatures?

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Temporal variation of soil friedelin and microbial community under different land uses in a long-term agroecosystem

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Temporal variation of soil radon and thoron concentrations in Mizoram (India), associated with earthquakes

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Temporal variation of suspended sediment transport in the Koga catchment, North Western Ethiopia and environmental implications

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Temporal variation of trace compound emission on the working surface of a landfill in Beijing, China

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Temporal variation outweighs effects of biosolids applications in shaping arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi communities on plants grown in pasture and arable soils

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Temporal variations of O3 and NOx in the urban background atmosphere of the coastal city Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Temporally variable diagenetic overgrowth on deep-sea nannofossil carbonates across Palaeogene hyperthermals and implications for isotopic analyses

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Temporary Agency Work and Firm Competitiveness: Evidence from German Manufacturing Firms

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Temporary Help Work: Earnings, Wages, and Multiple Job Holding*

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Temporary Migration and the Flow of Savings to the Source Country

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Temporary Practice Pause Then Resumption Study Design: An Extension of the Withdrawal Study Design to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Mind and Body Interventions

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Temporary and permanent discontinuation of clopidogrel following acute coronary syndromes

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Temporary balloon occlusion of the common hepatic artery during Y90 radioembolization planning and treatment in patients with patent hepatoenteric collaterals

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Temporary ice microalgae community in Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea

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Temporary immersion systems for Amaryllidaceae alkaloids biosynthesis byPancratium maritimumL. shoot culture

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Temps doccupation de salle en ORL pdiatrique ambulatoire : dmarche doptimisation du fonctionnement des blocs opratoires

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Ten Square Miles Surrounded By Reality? Materialising Alternative Economies Using Local Currencies

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Ten years of resident Canada goose damage management in a New Jersey tidal freshwater wetland

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Ten-Year Periodic Diameter Model for Uneven-Aged Ponderosa Pine Stands in the Southwest Reduces Long-Term Error Propagation

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Ten-Year Survival Results of a Randomized Trial of Irradiation of Internal Mammary Nodes After Mastectomy

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Tenancy rent control and credible commitment in maintenance

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Tendinopathy: Setting the Record Straight

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Tendon Cross Sectional Area Is Not Associated With Muscle Volume

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Tendon Surgery of the Hand

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Tensile strain stimulates smad3-dependent CCN2/CTGF expression in human meniscus cells

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Tensor completion via a multi-linear low-n-rank factorization model

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Terapia combinada de criociruga e interfern alfa-2b humano recombinante frente a criociruga en el condiloma acuminado

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Terapia fotodinmica con luz de da

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Terapia fotodinmica con luz de da en la enfermedad de Bowen

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Terapia fotodinmica en el tratamiento de la micosis fungoide. A propsito de un caso

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Terapia fotodinmica en fotoenvejecimiento

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Terapia fotodinmica en indicaciones no aprobadas

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Terapia fotodinmica en pacientes trasplantados

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Teraputica lser de la hiperhidrosis axilar

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Teratodiplogaster variegatae n. sp. (Nematoda: Diplogastridae) isolated from the syconia of Ficus variegata Blume on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan

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Teratosphaeria pseudonubilosasp. nov., a seriousEucalyptusleaf pathogen in theTeratosphaeria nubilosaspecies complex

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Terbium(III) based coordination polymer microparticles as a luminescent probe for ascorbic acid

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Teredolites Leymerie in the Lower Greensand Group (Cretaceous) of the Isle of Wight and the problematic ichnology of reworked clasts

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Terminology Related to the Phenomenon Self-Disproportionation of Enantiomers (SDE)

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Terminology for process safety, security, and risk management

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Termite legs sense super-short time differences

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Termites and ungulates affect arbuscular mycorrhizal richness and infectivity in a semiarid savanna

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Ternary compounds in the magnesiumtitanium hydrogen storage system

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Ternary polymer electrolyte with enhanced ionic conductivity and thermo-mechanical properties for lithium-ion batteries

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Terpene Composited Lipid Nanoparticles for Enhanced Dermal Delivery of All-trans-Retinoic Acids

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Terpene-Containing PEGylated Liposomes as Transdermal Carriers of a Hydrophilic Compound

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Terrestrial Hydrometeorology

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Territorial cohesion impacts of high-speed rail under different zoning systems

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Territorial phantom pains (and other cartographic anxieties)

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Territorial stigmatization in action

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Territorial system and adult dispersal in a cooperative-breeding tanager

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Territoriality and Migration in the E.U. NeighbourhoodSpilling over the Wall

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Territorializing national identity in post-socialist Mongolia: purity, authenticity, and Chinggis Khaan

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Territory Characteristics of Cassin's Sparrows in Northwestern Oklahoma

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Territory quality affects the relative importance of habitat heterogeneity and interference competition in a long-lived territorial songbird

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Terror Management Theory: The Influence of Terrorism Salience on Anxiety and the Buffering of Cultural Worldview and Self-esteem

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Terrorist threat and employees' perceived ability to cope with organizational change

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Terrorists' personal constructs and their roles: A comparison of the three Islamic terrorists

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Terrorists' planning of attacks: a simulated red-team investigation into decision-making

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Tertiary alkaline Roztoky Intrusive Complex, esk stedoho Mts., Czech Republic: petrogenetic characteristics

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Tertiary ground birds from Patagonia (Argentina) in the Tournouer collection of the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris

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Tertiary oils from Upper Assam Basin, India: A geochemical study using terrigenous biomarkers

Marjorie Dijkstal, 2014:
Terug naar jezelf

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Terzaghi's effective stress dependencies in poroelastic parameters of sandstones

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Test Construction of Caregiver Collusion Questionnaire

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Test Scenario Generation for Web Application Based on Past Test Artifacts

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Test Taking

Tian, C; Wang, S; Guan, S; Yang, Q; Xu, X, 2014:
Test and evaluation of a moored microstructure recorder

Zheng, G; Zeng, C-Feng; Diao, Y; Xue, X-Li, 2014:
Test and numerical research on wall deflections induced by pre-excavation dewatering

Biard, L.; Porcher, R.; Resch-Rigon, M., 2014:
Test de permutation pour effets alatoires dans les modles de survie

Nguyen, P.; Cremades, F.; Gatelet, C., 2014:
Test du maintien pelvien (TMP), degr de concordance

Berre, T, 2014:
Test fill on soft plastic marine clay at Onsy, Norway

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Test for Triage: A New Approach to Community-based HIV Testing and Counselling

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Test for the First-Order Stationarity for Spatial Point Processes in Arbitrary Regions

S. V. Chernov,Z. M. Makukha,I. Y. Protsenko,S. A. Nepijko…, 2014:
Test object for emission electron microscope

Mousavi, M.; Zafarani, H.; Rahpeyma, S.; Azarbakht, A., 2014:
Test of Goodness of the NGA Ground-Motion Equations to Predict the Strong Motions of the 2012 Ahar-Varzaghan Dual Earthquakes in Northwestern Iran

Andreasen, Søren Juhl; Ashworth, L; Sahlin, S; Becker Jensen, H-Christian; Kær, Søren Knudsen, 2014:
Test of hybrid power system for electrical vehicles using a lithium-ion battery pack and a reformed methanol fuel cell range extender

Berndmeyer, C; Thiel, V; Blumenberg, M, 2014:
Test of microwave, ultrasound and Bligh & Dyer extraction for quantitative extraction of bacteriohopanepolyols (BHPs) from marine sediments

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Test of sampling sufficiency in palaeontology

He, X; Shang, X-dong; Tong, P, 2014:
Test of the anomalous scaling of passive temperature fluctuations in turbulent RayleighBnard convection with spatial inhomogeneity

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Test pigments in media for tissue culture and transformation

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Test score gaps between private and government sector students at school entry age in India

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Test systems and a method for express detection of synthetic food dyes in drinks

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Test usage in four common types of forensic mental health assessment

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Test utilization review: Focus on testosterone

Roe, R A., 2014:
Test validity from a temporal perspective: Incorporating time in validation research

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Test yourself: MCQ and Extended Matching

Wyatt, M G., 2014:
Test yourself: MCQ and extended matching

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Testability and epistemic shifts in modern cosmology

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Testate amoebae as a proxy for reconstructing Holocene water table dynamics in southern Patagonian peat bogs

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Testicular tuberculosis in an HIV positive patient mimicking malignancy: A case report

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Testing Applicability of Models Of Distributive Fluvial Systems Or Trunk Rivers In Ephemeral Systems: Reconstructing 3-D Fluvial Architecture In the Beaufort Group, South Africa

Lushniak, B D., 2014:
Testing Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Barrett, M A.; Telesco, D J.; Barrett, S E.; Widness, K M.; Leone, E H., 2014:
Testing Bear-Resistant Trash Cans in Residential Areas of Florida

García, Nás; Meerow, A W.; Soltis, D E.; Soltis, P S., 2014:
Testing Deep Reticulate Evolution in Amaryllidaceae Tribe Hippeastreae (Asparagales) with ITS and Chloroplast Sequence Data

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Testing Ecological Tradeoffs of a New Tool for Removing Fine Sediment in a Spring-fed Stream

Kern, G M.; Dunphy, S M., 2014:
Testing Einstein's faux formula: fast computers+slow humans=creative brilliance

Gunther, C; Seger, J.; Kennel, J.; Nurko, I.; Batcho, B., 2014:
Testing Feasibility of a Campus Dairy Campaign Designed to Increase College Students' Awareness of the Importance of Calcium

Caraballo-Arias, N.A.; Conoscenti, C.; Di Stefano, C.; Ferro, V., 2014:
Testing GIS-morphometric analysis of some Sicilian badlands

Colin de Verdière, Éric; Mesmay, A, 2014:
Testing Graph Isotopy on Surfaces

Bagnato, L; De Capitani, L; Punzo, A, 2014:
Testing Serial Independence via Density-Based Measures of Divergence

Lee, E.-J.; Chen, P.; Jordan, T. H., 2014:
Testing Waveform Predictions of 3D Velocity Models against Two Recent Los Angeles Earthquakes

Lagenaur, L; Lee, P; Parks, T, 2014:
Testing a Fast-dissolving Tablet Containing a Recombinant Live Biotherapeutic Product, MucoCept-CVN, in the Non-human Primate Model for Colonization

Hertlein, K M.; Emmers-Sommer, T M.; Kennedy, M. Alexis, 2014:
Testing a Model Predicting Risky Sexual Behavior

Ma, S-min; Ma, S-chun, 2014:
Testing a Structural Model of Psychological Well-Being and Constraints Negotiation in Recreational Sports Participation in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes

Neudorf, C.M.; Roberts, R.G.; Jacobs, Z., 2014:
Testing a model of alluvial deposition in the Middle Son Valley, Madhya Pradesh, India IRSL dating of terraced alluvial sediments and implications for archaeological surveys and palaeoclimatic reconstructions

Palmer, M. V.; Stafne, M. R.; Waters, W. R.; Thacker, T. C.; Phillips, G. E., 2014:
Testing a molasses-based bait for oral vaccination of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) againstMycobacterium bovis

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Testing a post-copulatory pre-zygotic reproductive barrier in a passerine species pair

Wit, L; Rhee, C, 2014:
Testing an Improved Artificial Viscosity Advection Scheme to Minimise Wiggles in Large Eddy Simulation of Buoyant Jet in Crossflow

Xiao, Y; Liu, H; Chen, Y; Jiang, J; Zhang, W, 2014:
Testing and modeling of the state-dependent behaviors of rockfill material

Jeong, J-Hoon; Park, J-Young; Lim, J-Sun; Kim, S-Hee, 2014:
Testing and modelling of friction characteristics between concrete slab and subbase layers

Bruschi, S.; Altan, T.; Banabic, D.; Bariani, P.F.; Brosius, A.; Cao, J.; Ghiotti, A.; Khraisheh, M.; Merklein, M.; Tekkaya, A.E., 2014:
Testing and modelling of material behaviour and formability in sheet metal forming

Stephens, A E.A.; Myers, J H., 2014:
Testing biological control agent compatibility: Cyphocleonus achates and Larinus minutus on diffuse knapweed

Ramírez, D; Schreier, P J.; Vía, J; Santamaría, I, 2014:
Testing blind separability of complex Gaussian mixtures

Yan, F; Fan, B; Hou, X; Wu, F, 2014:
Testing convex hyperbolic mirrors with two or more annuluses by Hindle and stitching methods

Braaten, R Haugli, 2014:
Testing deontological warm glow motivation for carbon abatements

Eickhoff, C, 2014:
Testing difficult substances for aquatic toxicity: Strategies for poorly water soluble test items

Huijgen, T; van Boxtel, C; van de Grift, W; Holthuis, P, 2014:
Testing elementary and secondary school students ability to perform historical perspective taking: the constructing of valid and reliable measure instruments

Wager, G; McHenry, M P.; Whale, J; Bräunl, T, 2014:
Testing energy efficiency and driving range of electric vehicles in relation to gear selection

Rousset, Fçois; Ferdy, J-Baptiste, 2014:
Testing environmental and genetic effects in the presence of spatial autocorrelation

Zhan, D.; Hart, J. D., 2014:
Testing equality of a large number of densities

Assis, L C. S., 2014:
Testing evolutionary hypotheses: from Willi Hennig to Angiosperm Phylogeny Group

Soderstrom, N C.; Bjork, R A., 2014:
Testing facilitates the regulation of subsequent study time

Hughes, A L.; Cauthen, J; Driscoll, C, 2014:
Testing for Behavioral Lateralization in Observational Data: a Monte Carlo Approach Applied to Neck-looping in American Flamingos

Bichraoui, H; Moua, O; Polster, A; Tanabe, T; Papadopoulos, S; Beam, K G., 2014:
Testing for Direct Interactions Between the DHPR and the RyR1 Cytoplasmic Foot

Sims, T T.; Fallen, T J.; Dungan, J S.; Shulman, L P., 2014:
Testing for Familial BRCA12 Mutations

Hassaballa, H, 2014:
Testing for Granger causality between energy use and foreign direct investment Inflows in developing countries

Sekoni, A; Alagbe, S; Odukoya, O; Odeyemi, K, 2014:
Testing for HIV as Individuals or Couples: Preference of MSM in Lagos State Nigeria

Kell, H J.; Motowidlo, S J.; Martin, M P.; Stotts, A L.; Moreno, C A., 2014:
Testing for Independent Effects of Prosocial Knowledge and Technical Knowledge on Skill and Performance

Henry, L A.; Messer, D J.; Nash, G, 2014:
Testing for Near and Far Transfer Effects with a Short, Face-to-Face Adaptive Working Memory Training Intervention in Typical Children

Augustine, D J.; Derner, J D.; Detling, J K., 2014:
Testing for Thresholds in a Semiarid Grassland: The Influence of Prairie Dogs and Plague

Stewart, C; Iverson, S; Field, C, 2014:
Testing for a change in diet using fatty acid signatures

Kluen, E; Siitari, H; Brommer, J E., 2014:
Testing for between individual correlations of personality and physiological traits in a wild bird

Trnka, Aéd; Grim, Táš, 2014:
Testing for correlations between behaviours in a cuckoo host: why do host defences not covary?

Gripenberg, S; Bagchi, R; Gallery, R E.; Freckleton, R P.; Narayan, L; Lewis, O T., 2014:
Testing for enemy-mediated density-dependence in the mortality of seedlings: field experiments with five Neotropical tree species

Bucchia, Béatrice, 2014:
Testing for epidemic changes in the mean of a multiparameter stochastic process

Loomes, G; Pogrebna, G, 2014:
Testing for independence while allowing for probabilistic choice

Fonseca, G.; Maria, T. F.; Kandratavicius, N.; Venekey, V.; Gheller, P. F.; Gallucci, F., 2014:
Testing for nematodegranulometry relationships

Feng, W.; Xu, M.; Fan, M.; Malhi, S. S.; Schoenau, J. J.; Six, J.; Plante, A. F., 2014:
Testing for soil carbon saturation behavior in agricultural soils receiving long-term manure amendments

Bush, A; Nipperess, D A.; Theischinger, G; Turak, E; Hughes, L; Burridge, C, 2014:
Testing for taxonomic bias in the future diversity of Australian Odonata

Huttunen, K-Leena; Mykrä, H; Huusko, A; Mäki-Petäys, A; Vehanen, T; Muotka, T, 2014:
Testing for temporal coherence across spatial extents: the roles of climate and local factors in regulating stream macroinvertebrate community dynamics

Greasley, D; Hanley, N; Kunnas, J; McLaughlin, E; Oxley, L; Warde, P, 2014:
Testing genuine savings as a forward-looking indicator of future well-being over the (very) long-run

Vamanu, E, 2014:
Testing in vitro viability of a thermophilic probiotic bacterial strain in simulated gastrointestinal conditions

Sen, A.; Sen, B., 2014:
Testing independence and goodness-of-fit in linear models

Shuman, J K.; Shugart, H H.; Krankina, O N., 2014:
Testing individual-based models of forest dynamics: Issues and an example from the boreal forests of Russia

Turco, M.; Marcos, R.; Quintana-Seguí, P.; Llasat, M. C., 2014:
Testing instrumental and downscaled reanalysis time series for temperature trends in NE of Spain in the last century

Lee, W; Lee, M-Jin; Bong, M, 2014:
Testing interest and self-efficacy as predictors of academic self-regulation and achievement

Arakaki, S; Tsuchiya, M; Tokeshi, M, 2014:
Testing latitudinal patterns of tidepool fish assemblages: local substrate characteristics affect regional-scale trends

Plotnikoff, R C.; Lubans, D R.; Penfold, C M.; Courneya, K S., 2014:
Testing mediator variables in a physical activity intervention for women with type 2 diabetes

Eaton, M J.; Hughes, P T.; Hines, J E.; Nichols, J D., 2014:
Testing metapopulation concepts: effects of patch characteristics and neighborhood occupancy on the dynamics of an endangered lagomorph

Feiler, L, 2014:
Testing models of information avoidance with binary choice dictator games

Carpenter, C, 2014:
Testing of Distributed-Temperature Sensing in Flexible Risers and Flowlines

Jiang, Y; Cao, S; Bright, D; Sudyam, I T.; Woodrow, K A., 2014:
Testing of Nanoparticle-based ARV Drug Combinations for Inhibiting Cell-free and Cell-cell HIV Transmission

Franklin, B. J.; Young, J. F.; Powell, R., 2014:
Testing of Sydney dimension sandstone for use in the conservation of heritage buildings

San, J-Yang; Tsai, F-Kang, 2014:
Testing of a lab-scale four-bed adsorption heat pump

Khokhlov, A. N.; Klebanov, A. A.; Karmushakov, A. F.; Shilovsky, G. A.; Nasonov, M. M.; Morgunova, G. V., 2014:
Testing of geroprotectors in experiments on cell cultures: Choosing the correct model system

Kuzyšinová, Kína; Mudroňová, D; Toporčák, J; Nemcová, Ríra; Molnár, L; Maďari, Aár; Vaníková, Síra; Kožár, M, 2014:
Testing of inhibition activity of essential oils against Paenibacillus larvae the causative agent of American foulbrood

Six, L; Smolders, E; Merckx, R, 2014:
Testing phosphorus availability for maize with DGT in weathered soils amended with organic materials

Hubbeling, D, 2014 :
Testing possible causal explanations via interventions

Tasan, H.; Beauval, C.; Helmstetter, A.; Sandikkaya, A.; Gueguen, P., 2014:
Testing probabilistic seismic hazard estimates against accelerometric data in two countries: France and Turkey

Horner, J.; Wittenmyer, R. A.; Marshall, J. P.; Hinse, T. C.; Robertson, P., 2014:
Testing proposed planetary systems - to destruction

Riboulleau, A.; Bout-Roumazeilles, V.; Tribovillard, N.; Guillot, F.; Recourt, P., 2014:
Testing provenance diagrams: Lessons from the well-constrained Cariaco Basin

Rruqja, N.; Dejonckere, P.H.; Cantarella, G.; Schoentgen, J.; Orlandi, S.; Barbagallo, S.D.; Manfredi, C., 2014:
Testing software tools with synthesized deviant voices for medicolegal assessment of occupational dysphonia

Niederhauser, J M.; Bowman, R, 2014:
Testing sources of variation in nestling-stage nest success of Florida Scrub-Jays in suburban and wildland habitats

Zhang, Y. Miles; Gates, M W.; Shorthouse, J D., 2014:
Testing species limits of Eurytomidae (Hymenoptera) associated with galls induced by Diplolepis (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) in Canada using an integrative approach

Hillier, J K.; Smith, M J., 2014:
Testing techniques to quantify drumlin height and volume: synthetic DEMs as a diagnostic tool

Tan, J; Tao, R; Su, Y, 2014:
Testing the Cognition of the Forgotten Colobines: A First Look at Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana)

Rivard, J R.; Fisher, R P.; Robertson, B; Hirn Mueller, D, 2014:
Testing the Cognitive Interview with Professional Interviewers: Enhancing Recall of Specific Details of Recurring Events

Umegaki, Y, 2014:
Testing the Effect of Migratory Restlessness on the Occurrence of Vagrant Continental Passerines in Japan

Stocks, J R.; Gray, C A.; Taylor, M D., 2014:
Testing the Effects of Near-Shore Environmental Variables on Acoustic Detections: Implications on Telemetry Array Design and Data Interpretation

Galán, A. B.; Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., 2014:
Testing the Efficiency of Simple Flakes, Retouched Flakes and Small Handaxes During Butchery

Diamond, J. B.; Huguley, J. P., 2014:
Testing the Oppositional Culture Explanation in Desegregated Schools: The Impact of Racial Differences in Academic Orientations on School Performance

Persson, M, 2014:
Testing the Relationship Between Education and Political Participation Using the 1970 British Cohort Study

Stranen Connelly, P, 2014:
Testing the Validity of Old Wives Tales About Fixation of Tissue Cultured Cells

Brenner, P. S., 2014:
Testing the Veracity of Self-Reported Religious Practice in the Muslim World

Chen, S; Welk, G J.; Joens-Matre, R R., 2014:
Testing the Youth Physical Activity Promotion Model: Fatness and Fitness as Enabling Factors

Erickson, B.K.; Dobbin, Z.C.; Kinde, I.; Martin, J.Y.; Wang, Y.; Roden, R.; Huh, W.K.; Vogelstein, B.; Diaz, L.A.; Landen, C.N., 2014:
Testing the accuracy of mutation detection for the prevention of ovarian neoplasia: The TAMPON study

La Russa, M F.; Macchia, A; Ruffolo, S A.; De Leo, F; Barberio, M; Barone, P; Crisci, G M.; Urzì, C, 2014:
Testing the antibacterial activity of doped TiO2 for preventing biodeterioration of cultural heritage building materials

Gari, S R.; Newton, A; Icely, J; Lowe, C D., 2014:
Testing the application of the Systems Approach Framework (SAF) for the management of eutrophication in the Ria Formosa

Nicewicz, J; Michalek, G, 2014:
Testing the asymmetric cone model for halo CMEs using STEREO/SECCHI coronagraphic observations

Vargas, P; Valente, L M.; Blanco-Pastor, Jé Luis; Liberal, I; Guzmán, B; Cano, E; Forrest, A; Fernández-Mazuecos, M; Linder, P, 2014:
Testing the biogeographical congruence of palaeofloras using molecular phylogenetics: snapdragons and the Madrean-Tethyan flora

Messina, A; Callahan, D L.; Walsh, N G.; Hoebee, S E.; Green, P T., 2014:
Testing the boundaries of closely related daisy taxa using metabolomic profiling

Chehri, A; Kendall, C; Ghadimvand, N Kohansal; Samadi, L, 2014:
Testing the controls on the seismic sequence stratigraphy of the EoceneOligocene boundary in Southern Iran with a Wheeler diagram derived from outcrops, seismic and well logs data

Munro, D; Fowler, A, 2014:
Testing the credibility of historical newspaper reporting of extreme climate and weather events

Bodimeade, H; Anderson, E; La Macchia, S; Smith, J R.; Terry, D J.; Louis, W R., 2014:
Testing the direct, indirect, and interactive roles of referent group injunctive and descriptive norms for sun protection in relation to the theory of planned behavior

Stelkens, R B.; Pompini, M; Wedekind, C, 2014:
Testing the effects of genetic crossing distance on embryo survival within a metapopulation of brown trout (Salmo trutta)

Vega, Jé A.; Fernández, C; Fonturbel, T; González-Prieto, Sín; Jiménez, E, 2014:
Testing the effects of straw mulching and herb seeding on soil erosion after fire in a gorse shrubland

Montalto, V; Sarà, G; Ruti, P Michele; Dell’Aquila, A; Helmuth, B, 2014:
Testing the effects of temporal data resolution on predictions of the effects of climate change on bivalves

Zhang, B; Li, X-Ming; He, F, 2014:
Testing the evolution of crude oil market efficiency: Data have the conn

Dunhill, A M.; Benton, M J.; Twitchett, R J.; Newell, A J., 2014:
Testing the fossil record: Sampling proxies and scaling in the British TriassicJurassic

Katircioğlu, S;  Fethi, S; Caner, H, 2014:
Testing the higher education-led growth hypothesis in a small island: an empirical investigation from a new version of the Solow growth model

Isalou, A A.; Litman, T; Shahmoradi, B, 2014:
Testing the housing and transportation affordability index in a developing world context: A sustainability comparison of central and suburban districts in Qom, Iran

Burcu Kiran, 2014:
Testing the impact of educational expenditures on economic growth: new evidence from Latin American countries

Liu, X; Lu, Y; Xue, Y; Zhang, X, 2014:
Testing the importance of native plants in facilitation the restoration of coastal plant communities dominated by exotics

Andrei, F; Mancini, G; Trombini, E; Baldaro, B; Russo, P.M., 2014:
Testing the incremental validity of Trait Emotional Intelligence: Evidence from an Italian sample of adolescents

Sperner, B; Jonckheere, R; Pfänder, Jörg A., 2014:
Testing the influence of high-voltage mineral liberation on grain size, shape and yield, and on fission track and 40Ar/39Ar dating

Desmond, J L.; Rodger, P. Mark; Walsh, T R., 2014:
Testing the inter-operability of the CHARMM and SPC/Fw force fields for conformational sampling

MacKenzie, K. M.; Longmore, C.; Preece, C.; Lucas, C. H.; Trueman, C. N., 2014:
Testing the long-term stability of marine isoscapes in shelf seas using jellyfish tissues

Mostafa, A Mohammed Sayed; Gould-Williams, J Seymour, 2014:
Testing the mediation effect of personorganization fit on the relationship between high performance HR practices and employee outcomes in the Egyptian public sector

Kuznetsov, N. B.; Alekseev, A. S.; Belousova, E. A.; Romanyuk, T. V.; Reimers, A. N.; Tsel’movich, V. A., 2014:
Testing the models of Late Vendian evolution of the Northeastern Periphery of the East European Craton based on the first U/Pb dating of detrital zircons from Upper Vendian sandstones of Southeastern White Sea Region

Cho, H; Park, B, 2014:
Testing the moderating role of need for cognition in smartphone adoption

Wolfe, J M.; Hegna, T A., 2014:
Testing the phylogenetic position of Cambrian pancrustacean larval fossils by coding ontogenetic stages

Glendell, M; Extence, C; Chadd, R; Brazier, R E., 2014:
Testing the pressure-specific invertebrate index (PSI) as a tool for determining ecologically relevant targets for reducing sedimentation in streams

Mamatzakis, E.; Koutsomanoli-Filippaki, A., 2014 :
Testing the rationality of DOE's energy price forecasts under asymmetric loss preferences

Soler, J; Vega, D; Elices, M; Feliu-Soler, A; Soto, Àngel; Martín-Blanco, A; Marco-Pallarés, J; Torrubia, R; Pascual, J C., 2014:
Testing the reinforcement sensitivity theory in borderline personality disorder compared with major depression and healthy controls