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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64700

Chapter 64700 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Luambano, N D.; Narla, R D.; Wanjohi, W J.; Kimenju, J W.; Kerry, B R., 2015:
Integrated management of root-knot nematodes in a tomato-maize crop system using the biocontrol fungus Pochonia clamydosporia

De Vries, J.W.; Hoogmoed, W.B.; Groenestein, C.M.; Schröder, J.J.; Sukkel, W.; De Boer, I.J.M.; Groot Koerkamp, P.W.G., 2015:
Integrated manure management to reduce environmental impact: I. Structured design of strategies

De Vries, J.W.; Groenestein, C.M.; Schröder, J.J.; Hoogmoed, W.B.; Sukkel, W.; Groot Koerkamp, P.W.G.; De Boer, I.J.M., 2015:
Integrated manure management to reduce environmental impact: II. Environmental impact assessment of strategies

Fonseca, J A.; Schlueter, A, 2015:
Integrated model for characterization of spatiotemporal building energy consumption patterns in neighborhoods and city districts

Talebian, A; Zou, B, 2015:
Integrated modeling of high performance passenger and freight train planning on shared-use corridors in the US

Larocque, G R.; Bhatti, J; Arsenault, Aé, 2015:
Integrated modelling software platform development for effective use of ecosystem models

Lee, S-Hyun; Yang, K-Mo; Cho, S-Bae, 2015:
Integrated modular Bayesian networks with selective inference for context-aware decision making

Waller, U; Buhmann, A K.; Ernst, A; Hanke, V; Kulakowski, A; Wecker, B; Orellana, J; Papenbrock, J, 2015 :
Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture in a zero-exchange recirculation aquaculture system for marine fish and hydroponic halophyte production

Henry-Silva, G.G.; Maia, C.S.P.; Moura, R.S.T.; Bessa Junior, A.P.; Valenti, W.C., 2015:
Integrated multi-trophic culture of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and Amazon river prawn (Macrobrachium amazonicum) in brackish water

Seddighi, A Hossein; Ahmadi-Javid, A, 2015:
Integrated multiperiod power generation and transmission expansion planning with sustainability aspects in a stochastic environment

Lee, A.; Lovecchio, J.L.; Parasmeswaran, J.; Shapira, I.; Oswald, M.; Menzin, A.W.; Whyte, J.S.; Dos Santos, L.; Liang, S.; Bhuiya, T.; Gregersen, P.; Mason, C.; Keogh, M., 2015:
Integrated network analysis of miRNAmRNA interactions in ovarian cancer outcomes

Phonglosa, A; Bhattacharyya, K; Ray, K; Mandal, J; Pari, A; Banerjee, H; Chattopadhyay, A, 2015:
Integrated nutrient management for okra in an inceptisol of eastern India and yield modeling through artificial neural network

Chen, N; Zhang, X; Wang, C, 2015:
Integrated open geospatial web service enabled cyber-physical information infrastructure for precision agriculture monitoring

Zhou, J; Zhang, Y; Zhang, R; Ouyang, S; Wang, X; Liao, X, 2015:
Integrated optimization of hydroelectric energy in the upper and middle Yangtze River

Bosworth, W; Stockli, D F.; Helgeson, D E., 2015:
Integrated outcrop, 3D seismic, and geochronologic interpretation of Red Sea dike-related deformation in the Western Desert, Egypt The role of the 23Ma Cairo mini-plume

Feng, Q-Mei; Cai, M; Shi, C-Guo; Bao, N; Gu, H-Ying, 2015:
Integrated paper-based electroanalytical devices for determination of dopamine extracted from striatum of rat

Mušicki, D; Radosavljević, Z; Song, T Lyul; Kim, W Chan; Kovačević, B, 2015:
Integrated particle filter for target tracking in clutter

Cintra-Socolowski, P.; Malaspina, O.; Cavalcante, R. S.; Mondelli, A. L.; Bueno, O. C., 2015:
Integrated pest management programme in hospital environment

Khojasteh Salkuyeh, Y; Adams, T A., 2015:
Integrated petroleum coke and natural gas polygeneration process with zero carbon emissions

Nabawy, B S.; Shehata, A M., 2015:
Integrated petrophysical and geological characterization for the Sidi Salem-Wakar sandstones, off-shore Nile Delta, Egypt

Wang, C; Huang, R; Wei, Q, 2015:
Integrated pricing and lot-sizing decision in a two-echelon supply chain with a finite production rate

Basu, S; Heuchel, M; Weigel, T; Kratz, K; Lendlein, A, 2015:
Integrated process for preparing porous, surface functionalized polyetherimide microparticles

Silva, A Navarro da; Perez, R; Minim, Véria Paula Rodrigues; Martins, D Dias Sant'Anna; Minim, L Antônio, 2015:
Integrated production of whey protein concentrate and lactose derivatives: What is the best combination?

Baldea, M; Du, J; Park, J; Harjunkoski, I, 2015:
Integrated production scheduling and model predictive control of continuous processes

Ershova, V B.; Prokopiev, A V.; Khudoley, A K., 2015:
Integrated provenance analysis of Carboniferous deposits from Northeastern Siberia: Implication for the late Paleozoic history of the Arctic

Zoleikhaei, Y; Amini, A; Zamanzadeh, S. Mohammad, 2015:
Integrated provenance analysis of Zakeen (Devonian) and Faraghan (early Permian) sandstones in the Zagros belt, SW Iran

Kaveshgar, N; Huynh, N, 2015:
Integrated quay crane and yard truck scheduling for unloading inbound containers

Sidorov, N.V.; Kruk, A.A.; Pikoul, O.Y.; Palatnikov, M.N.; Teplyakova, N.A.; Yanichev, A.A.; Makarova, O.V., 2015:
Integrated research of structural and optical homogeneities of the lithium niobate crystal with low photorefractive effect

Jin, J-Liang; Fu, J; Wei, Y-Ming; Jiang, S-Ming; Zhou, Y-Liang; Liu, L; Wang, Y-Zhen; Wu, C-Guo, 2015:
Integrated risk assessment method of waterlog disaster in Huaihe River Basin of China

Zhou, Y; Liu, Y; Wu, W; Li, N, 2015:
Integrated risk assessment of multi-hazards in China

Vishnevskiy, K; Karasev, O; Meissner, D, 2015:
Integrated roadmaps and corporate foresight as tools of innovation management: The case of Russian companies

Saneifar, M; Conte, R; Valdes, C Chen; Heidari, Z; Pope, M C., 2015:
Integrated rock classification in carbonate formations based on elastic and petrophysical properties estimated from conventional well logs

Lenao, M; Saarinen, J, 2015:
Integrated rural tourism as a tool for community tourism development: exploring culture and heritage projects in the North-East District of Botswana

Sun, X.T.; Chung, S.H.; Chan, F T.S., 2015:
Integrated scheduling of a multi-product multi-factory manufacturing system with maritime transport limits

Abdolshahi, R.; Nazari, M.; Safarian, A.; Sadathossini, T.S.; Salarpour, M.; Amiri, H., 2015:
Integrated selection criteria for drought tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) breeding programs using discriminant analysis

Malheiro, Aé; Castro, P M.; Lima, R M.; Estanqueiro, A, 2015:
Integrated sizing and scheduling of wind/PV/diesel/battery isolated systems

Evans, G; Guo, A W.; Blythe, P; Burden, M, 2015:
Integrated smartcard solutions: do people want one card for all their services?

Jansen, E.; Bello-Ochende, T.; Meyer, J.P., 2015:
Integrated solar thermal Brayton cycles with either one or two regenerative heat exchangers for maximum power output

Zhou, T; McBride, K; Zhang, X; Qi, Z; Sundmacher, K, 2015:
Integrated solvent and process design exemplified for a Diels-Alder reaction

Foudi, S.; Osés-Eraso, N.; Tamayo, I., 2015:
Integrated spatial flood risk assessment: The case of Zaragoza

Karoui-Yaakoub, N; M’Barek-Jemaï, M Ben; Mtimet, M Saïd; Molina, E, 2015:
Integrated stratigraphy of the YpresianLutetian transition in northern Tunisia: Correlation and paleoenvironmental reconstruction

Zhang, H; Shao, S; Xu, H; Zou, H; Tian, C, 2015:
Integrated system of mechanical refrigeration and thermosyphon for free cooling of data centers

Lewis, A.; Hilley, G.E.; Lewicki, J.L., 2015:
Integrated thermal infrared imaging and structure-from-motion photogrammetry to map apparent temperature and radiant hydrothermal heat flux at Mammoth Mountain, CA, USA

Boni, A.; Cantone, C.; Dell’Agnello, S.; Ciocci, E.; Contessa, S.; Delle Monache, G.O.; Lops, C.; Maiello, M.; Martini, M.; Mondaini, C.; Patrizi, G.; Porcelli, L.; Salvatori, L.; Tibuzzi, M.; Tuscano, P.; Vittori, R.; Bianco, G., 2015:
Integrated thermal-optical simulations of a GNSS Retroreflector Array

Mascherini, G; Petri, C; Galanti, G, 2015:
Integrated total body composition and localized fat-free mass assessment

Sinha, R; Kumar, D; Datta, R; Hazra, S; Bhattacharyya, D; Mazumdar, A Bose; Mukhopadhyay, R; Sultana, A; Chattopadhyay, S, 2015:
Integrated transcriptomic and proteomic analysis ofArabidopsis thalianaexposed to glutathione unravels its role in plant defense

Dimaggio, G, 2015:
Integrated treatment for personality disorders: An introduction

Greenwood, S L.; Clason, C C.; Mikko, H; Nyberg, J; Peterson, G; Smith, C A., 2015:
Integrated use of LiDAR and multibeam bathymetry reveals onset of ice streaming in the northern Bothnian Sea

Ibrahim, A; Abaidoo, R Clement; Fatondji, D; Opoku, A, 2015:
Integrated use of fertilizer micro-dosing andAcacia tumidamulching increases millet yield and water use efficiency in Sahelian semi-arid environment

Kim, D.; Choi, S. B.; Choi, M., 2015:
Integrated vehicle mass estimation for vehicle safety control using the recursive least-squares method and adaptation laws

Muller, C.; del Potro, R.; Biggs, J.; Gottsmann, J.; Ebmeier, S. K.; Guillaume, S.; Cattin, P.-H.; Van der Laat, R., 2015:
Integrated velocity field from ground and satellite geodetic techniques: application to Arenal volcano

Li, Y-Hua; Chen, P-Yuan; Lo, W-Hsuan; Tung, C-Pin, 2015:
Integrated water resources system dynamics modeling and indicators for sustainable rural community

Chauhan, B Singh; Ahmed, S; Awan, T Hussain; Jabran, K; Manalil, S, 2015:
Integrated weed management approach to improve weed control efficiencies for sustainable rice production in dry-seeded systems

Xia, Y; Xu, W; Zhang, L; Shi, X; Mao, K, 2015:
Integrating 3D structure into traffic scene understanding with RGB-D data

Araújo, Aé; Portugal, D; Couceiro, M S.; Rocha, R P., 2015:
Integrating Arduino-Based Educational Mobile Robots in ROS

Becker, C-Lynne, J., 2015:
Integrating Art Into Group Treatment for Adults With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder From Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Pilot Study

Wang, J; Sun, W; Shou, W; Wang, X; Wu, C; Chong, H-Yih; Liu, Y; Sun, C, 2015:
Integrating BIM and LiDAR for Real-Time Construction Quality Control

Cohen, D. J.; Davis, M.; Balasubramanian, B. A.; Gunn, R.; Hall, J.; deGruy, F. V.; Peek, C. J.; Green, L. A.; Stange, K. C.; Pallares, C.; Levy, S.; Pollack, D.; Miller, B. F., 2015:
Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Consulting, Coordinating and Collaborating Among Professionals

Goudge, T A.; Mustard, J F.; Head, J W.; Salvatore, M R.; Wiseman, S M., 2015:
Integrating CRISM and TES hyperspectral data to characterize a halloysite-bearing deposit in Kashira crater, Mars

Chuang, C-Ling; Tian, H-Lin; Lin, R-Ho, 2015:
Integrating Certainty Effect and Noninteractive Social Influence Into Impulse Buying

Vu, D.; Short, D.; Karavalakis, G.; Durbin, T. D.; Asa-Awuku, A., 2015:
Integrating Cloud Condensation Nuclei Predictions with Fast Time Resolved Aerosol Instrumentation to Determine the Hygroscopic Properties of Emissions Over Transient Drive Cycles

Prestwich, K. N.; Sheehy, A. M., 2015:
Integrating Concepts in Biology: A Model for More Effective Ways to Introduce Students to Biology

Wiens, J. A.; Hobbs, R. J., 2015:
Integrating Conservation and Restoration in a Changing World

Garvey, S, 2015:
Integrating Energy Storage with Renewable Energy Generation

Porse, E C.; Sandoval-Solis, S; Lane, B A., 2015:
Integrating Environmental Flows into Multi-Objective Reservoir Management for a Transboundary, Water-Scarce River Basin: Rio Grande/Bravo

Leonard, S; Nott, J, 2015:
Integrating Geomorphological Assessments and Oral Histories in Catchment Management: Implications for the Mulgrave River, Northeastern Australia

Ko, M; Murphy, J; Bindman, A B., 2015:
Integrating Health Care for the Most Vulnerable: Bridging the Differences in Organizational Cultures Between US Hospitals and Community Health Centers

Mangold, J.; Orloff, N.; Parkinson, H.; Halstvedt, M., 2015:
Integrating Herbicides and Re-seeding to Restore Rangeland Infested by an Invasive Forb-Annual Grass Complex

Sanyé-Mengual, E; Cerón-Palma, I; Oliver-Solà, J; Montero, J Ignacio; Rieradevall, J, 2015:
Integrating Horticulture into Cities: A Guide for Assessing the Implementation Potential of Rooftop Greenhouses (RTGs) in Industrial and Logistics Parks

Mallam, S C.; Lundh, M; MacKinnon, S N., 2015:
Integrating Human Factors & Ergonomics in large-scale engineering projects: Investigating a practical approach for ship design

Hanson, P C.; Pace, M L.; Carpenter, S R.; Cole, J J.; Stanley, E H., 2015:
Integrating Landscape Carbon Cycling: Research Needs for Resolving Organic Carbon Budgets of Lakes

Forbes, C.; Sabel, J.; Zangori, L., 2015:
Integrating Life Science Content & Instructional Methods in Elementary Teacher Education

Aerila, J-Anna; Rönkkö, M-Leena, 2015:
Integrating Literature with Craft in a Learning Process with Creative Elements

Jevon, T; Shackleton, C M., 2015:
Integrating Local Knowledge and Forest Surveys to AssessLantana camaraImpacts on Indigenous Species Recruitment in Mazeppa Bay, South Africa

Cianetti, L, 2015:
Integrating Minorities in Times of Crisis: Issues of Displacement in the Estonian and Latvian Integration Programs

Ikonomopoulos, J; Smith, R L.; Schmidt, C, 2015:
Integrating Narrative Therapy Within Rehabilitative Programming for Incarcerated Adolescents

Walsworth, T E.; Budy, P, 2015:
Integrating Nonnative Species in Niche Models to Prioritize Native Fish Restoration Activity Locations along a Desert River Corridor

Wilson, A, 2015:
Integrating PCA and Streamline Information for History Matching Channelized Reservoirs

Spiller, M; McIntosh, B S.; Seaton, R A. F.; Jeffrey, P J., 2015:
Integrating Process and Factor Understanding of Environmental Innovation by Water Utilities

Polychronaki, A; Spindler, N; Schmidt, A; Stoinschek, B; Zebisch, M; Renner, K; Sonnenschein, R; Notarnicola, C, 2015:
Integrating RapidEye and ancillary data to map alpine habitats in South Tyrol, Italy

Parr, D; Wang, G; Bjerklie, D, 2015:
Integrating Remote Sensing Data on Evapotranspiration and Leaf Area Index with Hydrological Modeling: Impacts on Model Performance and Future Predictions

Meyer, F.J.; McAlpin, D.B.; Gong, W.; Ajadi, O.; Arko, S.; Webley, P.W.; Dehn, J., 2015:
Integrating SAR and derived products into operational volcano monitoring and decision support systems

Otis-Green, S, 2015:
Integrating Spirituality Into Care at the End of Life: Providing Person-Centered Quality Care

Ferrero-Ferrero, I; Fernández-Izquierdo, Mía Ángeles; Muñoz-Torres, Mía Jesús, 2015:
Integrating Sustainability into Corporate Governance: An Empirical Study on Board Diversity

Erickson, C Ehle; Fauchald, S; Ideker, M, 2015:
Integrating Telehealth Into the Graduate Nursing Curriculum

Butler, J. R. A.; Wise, R. M.; Skewes, T. D.; Bohensky, E. L.; Peterson, N.; Suadnya, W.; Yanuartati, Y.; Handayani, T.; Habibi, P.; Puspadi, K.; Bou, N.; Vaghelo, D.; Rochester, W., 2015:
Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-Up Adaptation Planning to Build Adaptive Capacity: A Structured Learning Approach

Thomas, H J.; Connor, J P.; Scott, J G., 2015:
Integrating Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying: Challenges of Definition and Measurement in Adolescents a Review

Anderson, R L., 2015:
Integrating a complex rotation with no-till improves weed management in organic farming. A review

Li, H; Beldring, S; Xu, C.-Y.; Huss, M; Melvold, K; Jain, S K., 2015:
Integrating a glacier retreat model into a hydrological model Case studies of three glacierised catchments in Norway and Himalayan region

Zhou, X; Tanvir, S; Lei, H; Taylor, J; Liu, B; Rouphail, N M.; Christopher Frey, H., 2015:
Integrating a simplified emission estimation model and mesoscopic dynamic traffic simulator to efficiently evaluate emission impacts of traffic management strategies

Dickson, N E. M.; Comte, J-Christophe; Renard, P; Straubhaar, J A.; McKinley, J M.; Ofterdinger, U, 2015:
Integrating aerial geophysical data in multiple-point statistics simulations to assist groundwater flow models

Demartini, E; Gaviglio, A; Bertoni, D, 2015:
Integrating agricultural sustainability into policy planning: A geo-referenced framework based on Rough Set theory

Eboibi, B E.; Lewis, D M.; Ashman, P J.; Chinnasamy, S, 2015:
Integrating anaerobic digestion and hydrothermal liquefaction for renewable energy production: An experimental investigation

Miyazaki, Y; Murase, A; Shiina, M; Masui, R; Senou, H, 2015:
Integrating and Utilizing Citizen Biodiversity Data on the Web for Science: An Example of a Rare Triggerfish Hybrid Image Provided by a Sport Fisherman

Ng, R; Low, J Sze Choong; Song, B, 2015:
Integrating and implementing Lean and Green practices based on proposition of Carbon-Value Efficiency metric

Lu, S-Ju; Liu, Y-Chieh, 2015:
Integrating augmented reality technology to enhance childrens learning in marine education

Li, X; Zhou, Y; Xue, L; Huang, L, 2015:
Integrating bibliometrics and roadmapping methods: A case of dye-sensitized solar cell technology-based industry in China

Steger, C Elizabeth; Butt, B, 2015:
Integrating citizen science into protected areas: problems and prospects from East Africa

Dennhardt, A J.; Duerr, A E.; Brandes, D; Katzner, T E., 2015:
Integrating citizen-science data with movement models to estimate the size of a migratory golden eagle population

Almeida, C.M.V.B.; Agostinho, F.; Giannetti, B.F.; Huisingh, D., 2015:
Integrating cleaner production into sustainability strategies: an introduction to this special volume

Willis, S.G.; Foden, W.; Baker, D.J.; Belle, E.; Burgess, N.D.; Carr, J.A.; Doswald, N.; Garcia, R.A.; Hartley, A.; Hof, C.; Newbold, T.; Rahbek, C.; Smith, R.J.; Visconti, P.; Young, B.E.; Butchart, S.H.M., 2015:
Integrating climate change vulnerability assessments from species distribution models and trait-based approaches

Hou, H-Tse, 2015:
Integrating cluster and sequential analysis to explore learners flow and behavioral patterns in a simulation game with situated-learning context for science courses: A video-based process exploration

Nzeadibe, T Chidi; Ajaero, C Kelechukwu; Okonkwo, E Emmanuel; Okpoko, P Uche; Akukwe, T Iheoma; Njoku-Tony, R Feechi, 2015:
Integrating community perceptions and cultural diversity in social impact assessment in Nigeria

Fu, C; Gundersen, T, 2015:
Integrating compressors into heat exchanger networks above ambient temperature

Khalid, P; Yasin, Q; Sohail, G; Kashif, J Muhammad, 2015:
Integrating core and wireline log data to evaluate porosity of Jurassic formations of Injra-1 and Nuryal-2 wells, Western Potwar, Pakistan

Bianchi, M; Kearsey, T; Kingdon, A, 2015:
Integrating deterministic lithostratigraphic models in stochastic realizations of subsurface heterogeneity. Impact on predictions of lithology, hydraulic heads and groundwater fluxes

Welch, D J.; Newman, S J.; Buckworth, R C.; Ovenden, J R.; Broderick, D; Lester, R J.G.; Gribble, N A.; Ballagh, A C.; Charters, R A.; Stapley, J; Street, R; Garrett, R N.; Begg, G A., 2015:
Integrating different approaches in the definition of biological stocks: A northern Australian multi-jurisdictional fisheries example using grey mackerel, Scomberomorus semifasciatus

Scott, P A.; Rissler, L J., 2015:
Integrating dynamic occupancy modeling and genetics to infer the status of the imperiled flattened musk turtle

Rey, F; Cécillon, L; Cordonnier, T; Jaunatre, R; Loucougaray, Gégory, 2015:
Integrating ecological engineering and ecological intensification from management practices to ecosystem services into a generic framework: a review

Li, X; Liu, X; Gong, P, 2015:
Integrating ensemble-urban cellular automata model with an uncertainty map to improve the performance of a single model

Shapira, S; Aharonson-Daniel, L; Shohet, I M.; Peek-Asa, C; Bar-Dayan, Y, 2015:
Integrating epidemiological and engineering approaches in the assessment of human casualties in earthquakes

Szeto, G.; Hung, L.K.; So, B.; Tsang, S., 2015:
Integrating ergonomics intervention and motor control training: an innovative approach in managing work-related musculoskeletal disorders

Johnson, G.M.; Godlwana, L.; Jayakaran, P.; Devan, H.; Drum, S., 2015:
Integrating evidence into lower limb prosthetic rehabilitation in today's world

Fu, C; Gundersen, T, 2015:
Integrating expanders into heat exchanger networks above ambient temperature

Williams, B K., 2015:
Integrating external and internal learning in resource management

White, K.; Hopkins, K.; Grossman, D.; Potter, J.E., 2015:
Integrating family planning and primary care at publicly funded organizations in Texas to repair the reproductive health safety net

Dieser, R Blake; Christenson, J; Davis-Gage, D, 2015:
Integrating flow theory and the serious leisure perspective into mental health counseling

Karges, J.; Chaudry, A.; Rojas Serey, A.M.; Chaipinyo, K.; Mothabeng, J., 2015:
Integrating formative assessment mechanisms during student clinical-internships: global perspectives

McKeown, N J.; Arkhipkin, A I.; Shaw, P W., 2015:
Integrating genetic and otolith microchemistry data to understand population structure in the Patagonian Hoki (Macruronus magellanicus)

Vasques, G. M.; Demattê, J. A. M.; Viscarra Rossel, R. A.; Ramírez López, L.; Terra, F. S.; Rizzo, R.; De Souza Filho, C. R., 2015:
Integrating geospatial and multi-depth laboratory spectral data for mapping soil classes in a geologically complex area in southeastern Brazil

Thorp, K. R.; Hunsaker, D. J.; French, A. N.; Bautista, E.; Bronson, K. F., 2015:
Integrating geospatial data and cropping system simulation within a geographic information system to analyze spatial seed cotton yield, water use, and irrigation requirements

Cayla, J-Michel; Maïzi, N, 2015:
Integrating household behavior and heterogeneity into the TIMES-Households model

Charbonnel, Aïs; Buisson, Lëtitia; Biffi, M; D’Amico, F; Besnard, Aélien; Aulagnier, Séphane; Blanc, Fédéric; Gillet, Fçois; Lacaze, V; Michaux, J R.; Némoz, Mélanie; Pagé, C; Sanchez-Perez, Jé Miguel; Sauvage, S; Laffaille, P, 2015:
Integrating hydrological features and genetically validated occurrence data in occupancy modelling of an endemic and endangered semi-aquatic mammal, Galemys pyrenaicus, in a Pyrenean catchment

Jang, C-Shin; Chen, S-Kai, 2015:
Integrating indicator-based geostatistical estimation and aquifer vulnerability of nitrate-N for establishing groundwater protection zones

Jia, X; Li, Z; Wang, F; Foo, D C. Y.; Tan, R R., 2015:
Integrating inputoutput models with pinch technology for enterprise sustainability analysis

Monios, J, 2015:
Integrating intermodal transport with logistics: a case study of the UK retail sector

Springborn, M R.; Keller, R P.; Elwood, S; Romagosa, C M.; Zambrana-Torrelio, C; Daszak, P; Leung, B, 2015:
Integrating invasion and disease in the risk assessment of live bird trade

Liu, R Jin; Sheng, P Ping; Hui, H Bin; Lin, Q; Chen, Y Long, 2015:
Integrating irrigation management for improved grain yield of winter wheat and rhizosphere AM fungal diversity in a semi-arid cropping system

Fossey, M; Rousseau, A N.; Bensalma, F; Savary, Séphane; Royer, A, 2015:
Integrating isolated and riparian wetland modules in the PHYSITEL/HYDROTEL modelling platform: model performance and diagnosis

Defila, R; Di Giulio, A, 2015:
Integrating knowledge: Challenges raised by the Inventory of Synthesis

Stewart-Koster, B; Olden, J D.; Johnson, P T. J.; Arnott, S, 2015:
Integrating landscape connectivity and habitat suitability to guide offensive and defensive invasive species management

Pagliuca, P.; Nolfi, S., 2015:
Integrating learning by experience and demonstration in autonomous robots

Du, J; He, Z; Chen, L; Yang, J; Zhu, X; Zhao, W, 2015:
Integrating lidar with Landsat data for subalpine temperate forest aboveground carbon estimation

Buonocore, E; Vanoli, L; Carotenuto, A; Ulgiati, S, 2015:
Integrating life cycle assessment and emergy synthesis for the evaluation of a dry steam geothermal power plant in Italy

Pavlacky, D C.; Possingham, H P.; Goldizen, A W., 2015:
Integrating life history traits and forest structure to evaluate the vulnerability of rainforest birds along gradients of deforestation and fragmentation in eastern Australia

Moura, M R.; Dixo, M; Feio, R N., 2015:
Integrating life-history traits and amphibian upland habitat use in a Neotropical hotspot

Vázquez, M.A.; de la Varga, D.; Plana, R.; Soto, M., 2015:
Integrating liquid fraction of pig manure in the composting process for nutrient recovery and water re-use

Vásquez, V; Thomsen, A; Iversen, B V.; Jensen, R; Ringgaard, R; Schelde, K, 2015:
Integrating lysimeter drainage and eddy covariance flux measurements in a groundwater recharge model

Raquino, M Edison; Pajaro, M; Watts, P, 2015:
Integrating marine biodiversity through Philippine local development plans

Hattam, C; Böhnke-Henrichs, A; Börger, T; Burdon, D; Hadjimichael, M; Delaney, A; Atkins, J P.; Garrard, S; Austen, M C., 2015:
Integrating methods for ecosystem service assessment and valuation: Mixed methods or mixed messages?

O’Sullivan, M J.; Grigoras, D, 2015:
Integrating mobile and cloud resources management using the cloud personal assistant

Harvey, J A.; Malcicka, M; Ellers, J, 2015:
Integrating more biological and ecological realism into studies of multitrophic interactions

Deng, C, 2015:
Integrating multi-source remotely sensed datasets to examine the impact of tree height and pattern information on crimes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Cinti, F.R.; Pauselli, C.; Livio, F.; Ercoli, M.; Brunori, C.A.; Ferrario, M.F.; Volpe, R.; Civico, R.; Pantosti, D.; Pinzi, S.; De Martini, P.M.; Ventura, G.; Alfonsi, L.; Gambillara, R.; Michetti, A.M., 2015:
Integrating multidisciplinary, multiscale geological and geophysical data to image the Castrovillari fault (Northern Calabria, Italy)

Bennett, D E.; Gosnell, H, 2015:
Integrating multiple perspectives on payments for ecosystem services through a socialecological systems framework

Mahmud, K.; Mariethoz, G.; Baker, A.; Sharma, A., 2015:
Integrating multiple scales of hydraulic conductivity measurements in training image-based stochastic models

Akar, Ö.; Güngör, O., 2015:
Integrating multiple texture methods and NDVI to the Random Forest classification algorithm to detect tea and hazelnut plantation areas in northeast Turkey

Hounslow, R, 2015:
Integrating neuropsychological and psychological evaluations: assessing and helping the whole child

Kelly, J, 2015:
Integrating occupational therapy services playing the long game

Parkinson, S C.; Dragoon, K; Reikard, G; García-Medina, G; Özkan-Haller, H. Tuba; Brekken, T K.A., 2015:
Integrating ocean wave energy at large-scales: A study of the US Pacific Northwest

Stark, R; Pförtner, A, 2015:
Integrating ontology into PLM-tools to improve sustainable product development

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Integrating parenting practices into partial hospital treatment of children: Initial outcomes

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Integrating phytoremediation with biomass valorisation and critical element recovery: A UK contaminated land perspective

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Integrating prediction market and Delphi methodology into a foresight support system Insights from an online game

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Integrating pressure and motion capture to assess deviations from normal in the clubfoot population

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Integrating probabilistic signed digraph and reliability analysis for alarm signal optimization in chemical plant

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Integrating psychological and cultural perspectives on virtue: The hierarchical structure of character strengths

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Integrating quantitative and qualitative data in assessing the cost-effectiveness of biodiversity conservation programmes

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Integrating recreational fisheries data into stock assessment: implications for model performance and subsequent harvest strategies

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Integrating regional-scale connectivity in habitat restoration: An application for amphibian conservation in eastern France

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Integrating risks of climate change into water management

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Integrating rotator disc into ballet classwork: collaboration of physical therapist, somatic specialist, and ballet professor

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Integrating scar tissue into the fascial web

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Integrating sensing, routing and timing for indoor evacuation

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Integrating social and physical sciences in water management

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Integrating social equity into urban transportation planning: A critical evaluation of equity objectives and measures in transportation plans in North America

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Integrating societal concerns into research and development (R&D) on geological disposal at the national level

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Integrating socio-cultural perspectives into ecosystem service valuation: A review of concepts and methods

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Integrating socio-economic and biophysical models: revision of a land-use allocation model

Li, Y; Zhou, J; Wang, H; Li, D; Jin, R; Zhou, Y; Zhou, Q, 2015:
Integrating soil moisture retrieved from L-band microwave radiation into an energy balance model to improve evapotranspiration estimation on the irrigated oases of arid regions in northwest China

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Integrating soil testing phosphorus into environmentally based manure management in peri-urban regions: A case study in the Beijing area

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Integrating solar PV (photovoltaics) in utility system operations: Analytical framework and Arizona case study

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Integrating solar energy into an urban small-scale anaerobic digester for improved performance

Mahour, M; Stein, A; Sharifi, A; Tolpekin, V, 2015:
Integrating super resolution mapping and SEBS modeling for evapotranspiration mapping at the field scale

Sánchez, M Analía, 2015:
Integrating sustainability issues into project management

Ge, W., 2015:
Integrating technology in cultural competence course: engaging doctor of physical therapy students with active learning strategies

Mills, N.; Sheppard, L., 2015:
Integrating technology to enhance the assessment of competence to practice and accreditation of courses in physiotherapy

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Integrating the Differentiated: A Review of the Personal Construct Approach to Cognitive Complexity

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Integrating the Emic (Indigenous) with the Etic (Universal)-A Case of Squaring the Circle or for Adopting a Culture Inclusive Action Theory Perspective

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Integrating the Social Dimension in Remediation Decision-Making: State of the Practice and Way Forward

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Integrating the original and approximate face images to perform collaborative representation based classification

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Integrating topdown and bottomup approaches to design global change adaptation at the river basin scale

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Integrating values and cognitive style in a model of right-wing radicalism

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Integration Processes in European Research and Development: A Comparative Spatial Interaction Approach Using Project Based Research and Development Networks, Co-Patent Networks and Co-Publication Networks

Li, J; Zhao, Z; Hayward, A; Cheng, H; Fu, D, 2015:
Integration analysis of quantitative trait loci for resistance toSclerotinia sclerotioruminBrassica napus

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Integration and offender mental health

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Integration costs revisited An economic framework for wind and solar variability

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Integration der bodenkundlichen Filter- und Pufferfunktion in die hydrogeologische Vulnerabilitätsbewertung

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Integration in urban climate adaptation: Lessons from Rotterdam on integration between scientific disciplines and integration between scientific and stakeholder knowledge

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Integration method of silicon sensors on SU-8-based microfluidic platforms

Eslami, A; Ghaderi, M; Rajendran, S; Pour, A Beiranvand; Hashim, M, 2015:
Integration of ASTER and landsat TM remote sensing data for chromite prospecting and lithological mapping in Neyriz ophiolite zone, south Iran

Marchand, L; Lopez, G; Rosenzweig, S, 2015:
Integration of CAM and Conventional Therapies into the Palliative Care of Patients with Advanced Cancer (FR455)

Xiong, X; Lin, W; Gu, A, 2015:
Integration of CO2 cryogenic removal with a natural gas pressurized liquefaction process using gas expansion refrigeration

Huang, W-Jie; De Valle, S A.; Kana Kana, J B.; Simmons-Potter, K.; Potter, B.G., 2015:
Integration of CdTeZnO nanocomposite thin films into photovoltaic devices

Wischkaemper, K. C.; Coop Gordon, K., 2015:
Integration of Cognitive-Behavioral and Interpersonal Therapies in Treating Depression With Concurrent Relational Distress and Chronic Pain

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Integration of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources - The Czech Story

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Integration of Fire and Explosion Index in 3D Process Plant Design Software

Cheng, L; Ma, L; Cai, W; Tong, L; Li, M; Du, P, 2015:
Integration of Hyperspectral Imagery and Sparse Sonar Data for Shallow Water Bathymetry Mapping

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Integration of Interoceptive Exposure in Eating Disorder Treatment

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Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in future power systems: The role of storage

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Integration of SNG plants with Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies modeling

Ciabatta, L; Brocca, L; Massari, C; Moramarco, T; Puca, S; Rinollo, A; Gabellani, S; Wagner, W, 2015:
Integration of Satellite Soil Moisture and Rainfall Observations over the Italian Territory

Xie, J; Yang, C; Gupta, N; King, M J.; Datta-Gupta, A, 2015:
Integration of Shale-Gas-Production Data and Microseismic for Fracture and Reservoir Properties With the Fast Marching Method

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Integration of WorldView-2 and airborne LiDAR data for tree species level carbon stock mapping in Kayar Khola watershed, Nepal

Miesnik, S R.; Cole, J CM; Jones, T, 2015:
Integration of a Mental Health Professional in a Multidisciplinary Team Caring for the Pregnant Woman after Diagnosis of Fetal Anomaly

Clavel, F; Savary, E; Angays, P; Vieux-Melchior, A, 2015:
Integration of a New Standard: A Network Simulator of IEC 61850 Architectures for Electrical Substations

Zhang, Z; Sun, B; Johnson, B E., 2015:
Integration of a benthic sediment diagenesis module into the two dimensional hydrodynamic and water quality model CE-QUAL-W2

Zhang, Z; Wolshon, B; Dixit, V V., 2015:
Integration of a cell transmission model and macroscopic fundamental diagram: Network aggregation for dynamic traffic models

Atsonios, K.; Grammelis, P.; Antiohos, S.K.; Nikolopoulos, N.; Kakaras, E., 2015:
Integration of calcium looping technology in existing cement plant for CO2 capture: Process modeling and technical considerations

Zhu, S X., 2015:
Integration of capacity, pricing, and lead-time decisions in a decentralized supply chain

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Integration of carbon risks and opportunities in enterprise risk management systems: evidence from Australian firms

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Integration of decentralized energy systems in neighbourhoods using the energy hub approach

Aziz, M; Prawisudha, P; Prabowo, B; Budiman, B Arief, 2015:
Integration of energy-efficient empty fruit bunch drying with gasification/combined cycle systems

Lefèvre, F; Juneau, P; Izquierdo, R, 2015:
Integration of fluorescence sensors using organic optoelectronic components for microfluidic platform

Li, X; Chen, H; Li, H; Liu, L; Lu, Z; Zhang, T; Duan, W Hui, 2015:
Integration of form-stable paraffin/nanosilica phase change material composites into vacuum insulation panels for thermal energy storage

Kuo, R. J.; Hsu, C. W.; Chen, Y. L., 2015:
Integration of fuzzy ANP and fuzzy TOPSIS for evaluating carbon performance of suppliers

Guénard, B; Perrichot, V; Economo, E P., 2015:
Integration of global fossil and modern biodiversity data reveals dynamism and stasis in ant macroecological patterns

Shen, Y; Zheng, C; Jiang, X; Wu, X; Hou, X, 2015:
Integration of hydride generation and photochemical vapor generation for multi-element analysis of traditional Chinese medicine by ICP-OES

Ashraf Vaghefi, S.; Mousavi, S. J.; Abbaspour, K. C.; Srinivasan, R.; Arnold, J. R., 2015:
Integration of hydrologic and water allocation models in basin-scale water resources management considering crop pattern and climate change: Karkheh River Basin in Iran

Prabu, V., 2015:
Integration of in-situ CO2-oxy coal gasification with advanced power generating systems performing in a chemical looping approach of clean combustion

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Integration of interactive whiteboard in Swedish preschool practices

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Integration of laser scanning and thermal imaging in monitoring optimization and assessment of rockfall hazard: a case history in the Carnic Alps (Northeastern Italy)

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Integration of microalgae biomass in biomethanation systems

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Integration of microfluidic sample delivery system on silicon nanowire-based biosensor

Tarrahi, M; Jafarpour, B; Ghassemi, A, 2015:
Integration of microseismic monitoring data into coupled flow and geomechanical models with ensemble Kalman filter

Wu, G; Cunningham, Pádraig, 2015:
Integration of multiple network views in Wikipedia

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Integration of multiscale carbonate reservoir heterogeneities in reservoir simulation

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Integration of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for metal separation and sulfuric acid recovery from gold mining effluent

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Integration of next-generation biofuel production in the Swedish forest industry A geographically explicit approach

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Integration of ontology-based decision support and a cognitive map approach to predict flat-screen TV market trends

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Integration of oxygen membranes for oxygen production in cement plants

Quillet, A; Garneau, M; van Bellen, S; Frolking, S; Tuittila, E-Stiina, 2015:
Integration of palaeohydrological proxies into a peatland model: a new tool for palaeoecological studies

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Integration of parabolic trough and linear Fresnel collectors for optimum design of concentrating solar thermal power plant

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Integration of process safety engineering and fire protection engineering for better safety performance

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Integration of scheduling, design, and control of multiproduct chemical processes under uncertainty

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Integration of several renewable energies for internal combustion engine substitution in a commercial sailboat

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Integration of small-scale canopy dynamics smoothes live-tree structural complexity across development stages in old-growth Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) forests at the multi-gap scale

Li, X; Li, P-Chun; Ji, L; Stender, C; Tatavarti, S Rao; Sablon, K; Yu, E T., 2015:
Integration of subwavelength optical nanostructures for improved antireflection performance of mechanically flexible GaAs solar cells fabricated by epitaxial lift-off

Lale, A.; Tsopela, A.; Civélas, A.; Salvagnac, L.; Launay, J.; Temple-Boyer, P., 2015:
Integration of tungsten layers for the mass fabrication of WO3-based pH-sensitive potentiometric microsensors

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Integration of well data into geostatistical seismic amplitude variation with angle inversion for facies estimation

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Integration strategies of a leaf-cutting ant social parasite

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Integration to Continuous Success

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Integration von Orthofotos in die Abschätzung des Hochwasserschadenspotenzials

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Integration von palliativmedizinischer Betreuung – Ist früher besser?

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Integration, assimilation or transformation: Introducing therapists to qualitative research methods, a focus group study

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Integrative Medicine in the Hospital: Secular or Religious?

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Integrative Radiotranscriptomic Analysis of Breast Carcinoma Identifies Androgen Receptor as a Target for Therapeutic Sensitization

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Integrative algorithm of determining ice conditions in Polar Regions by data of satellite microwave radiometry (VASIA2)

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Integrative analysis of placental transcriptome organization reveals highly conserved regulatory programs and points toward a preeclampsia gene cluster

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Integrative approaches to environmental sustainability at universities: an overview of challenges and priorities

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Integrative capability for successful partnering: a critical dynamic capability

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Integrative conjugative elements (ICEs) of microorganisms

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Integrative detection and verification of QTL for plant traits in two connected RIL populations of high-oil maize

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Integrative effects of soil tillage and straw management on crop yields and greenhouse gas emissions in a ricewheat cropping system

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Integrative network analysis reveals molecular mechanisms of blood pressure regulation

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Integrative neural networks model for prediction of sediment rating curve parameters for ungauged basins

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Integrative processing of verbal and graphical information during re-reading predicts learning from illustrated text: an eye-movement study

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Integrative propositional analysis: A new quantitative method for evaluating theories in psychology

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Integrative psychotherapy and coping with psychopathological syndromes: Dilemmas around the treatment of a patient with resistant trichotillomania

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Integrative re-use systems as innovative business models for devising sustainable productservice-systems

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Integrative reflections on the new conservation science debate

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Integrative representation and inference of qualitative locations about points, lines, and polygons

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Integrative taxonomy of calcareous sponges (subclass Calcinea) from the Peruvian coast: morphology, molecules, and biogeography

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Integrity Verification Scheme of Video Contents in Surveillance Cameras for Digital Forensic Investigations

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Integrity of estimates of the two-fluid model and gender impacts

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Integro quadratic spline interpolation

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Inteligencia emocional y relaciones interpersonales en los estudiantes de enfermera

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Intellectual Development Model for Multi-Robot Systems

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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual disability, personality disorder and offending: a systematic review

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Intellectual paths of Thailands first generation China scholars: a research note on encountering and choices of Khien Theeravit and Sarasin Viraphol

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Intelli-grid: Moving towards automation of electric grid in India

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Intelligence and Creativity Are Pretty Similar After All

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Intelligence and emotional disorders: Is the worrying and ruminating mind a more intelligent mind?

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Intelligence and finance

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Intelligence and intelligence operations in Romanian anti-partisan warfare, 19441958

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Intelligence and shadow economy: A cross-country empirical assessment

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Intelligence and the modern world of work

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Intelligence and the psychological refractory period: A lateralized readiness potential study

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Intelligence control system compensation by DNA coding method in holographic data storage system

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Intelligence in creative processes: An EEG study

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Intelligence is multidimensional: Theoretical review and implications of specific cognitive abilities

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Intelligence, Executive Functions, and Decision Making as Predictors of Antisocial Behavior in an Adolescent Sample of Justice-Involved Youth and a Community Comparison Group

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Intelligence, human capital and HIV/AIDS: Fresh exploration

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Intelligence, religiosity and homosexuality non-acceptance: Empirical evidence

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Intelligence-Led Policing in Honduras: Applying Sleipnir and Social Psychology to Understand Gang Proliferation

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Intelligent Approaches in Locomotion - A Review

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Intelligent Compact Substations for a Smarter Grid

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Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment (ICSEE 2012)

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Intelligent Decision-Making Models for Disaster Management

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Intelligent Decision-Making for Smart Home Energy Management

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Intelligent Motor Control: Innovations in Process Optimization

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Intelligent Recognition of Mixture Control Chart Pattern Based on Quadratic Feature Extraction and SVM with AMPSO

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Intelligent Use of Intelligence Tests: Empirical and Clinical Support for Canadian WAIS-IV Norms

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Intelligent bidirectional rapidly-exploring random trees for optimal motion planning in complex cluttered environments

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Intelligent data analysis of instrumented gait data in stroke patients a systematic review

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Intelligent decoupling PID control for the forced-circulation evaporation system

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Intelligent energy and thermal comfort management in grid-connected microgrids with heterogeneous occupancy schedule

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Intelligent energy based status identification as a platform for improvement of machine tool efficiency and effectiveness

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Intelligent fault diagnosis of rotating machinery using support vector machine with ant colony algorithm for synchronous feature selection and parameter optimization

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Intelligent fuzzy control with imperfect premise matching concept for complex nonlinear multiplicative noised systems

Sa-ngawong, N; Ngamroo, I, 2015:
Intelligent photovoltaic farms for robust frequency stabilization in multi-area interconnected power system based on PSO-based optimal Sugeno fuzzy logic control

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Intelligent proportional-integral (iPI) control of a single link flexible joint manipulator

Wang, S; Lei, G; Qiu, X; Li, C, 2015:
Intelligent thawing household refrigerator

Melander, B; Lattanzi, B; Pannacci, E, 2015:
Intelligent versus non-intelligent mechanical intra-row weed control in transplanted onion and cabbage

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Intelligent video surveillance in crowded scenes

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Intelligibility of time-compressed synthetic speech: Compression method and speaking style

&na;,, 2015:
Intense Physical Activity Over Lifetime May Lower NHL Risk

Hernández-Pérez, E; Duque, R Ramírez; Khawaja, H Abbas, 2015:
Intense Pulsed Light vs Intense Pulsed Light Plus Oral Isotretinoin in Facial Rejuvenation

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Intense Southwest Florida hurricane landfalls over the past 1000 years

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Intense and widespread seismicity during the end-Triassic mass extinction due to emplacement of a large igneous province

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Intense nitrogen cycling in permeable intertidal sediment revealed by a nitrous oxide hot spot

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Intense pulsed light annealed buffer layers for organic photovoltaics

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Intense ranchland management tips the balance of regional and local factors affecting wetland community structure

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Intense spikes formed in a feedback stimulated Brillouin scattering system

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Intensification of Gas-Liquid Processes in Multi-Purpose Rotary-Pulsating Units

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Intensification of Heat and Mass Exchange in the Packed Fractionating Tower of a Low-Output Air Separation Plant Functioning in a High-Pressure Cycle

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Intensification of convective heat transfer in a stator-rotor-stator spinning disc reactor

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Intensification of future severe heat waves in India and their effect on heat stress and mortality

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Intensification of levofloxacin sono-degradation in a US/H2O2 system with Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles

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Intensification of production in Medieval Islamic Jordan and its ecological impact: Towns of the Anthropocene

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Intensifying attachment-related sadness and decreasing anger intensity among individuals suffering from unresolved anger: The role of relational reframe followed by empty-chair interventions

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Intensity Correction of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data by Estimating Laser Transmission Function

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Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy With Cetuximab Versus Platinum Chemotherapy in p16-Positive Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Gastric Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma in the Rituximab Era: Dosimetric Analysis, Clinical Outcome, and Long-term Quality of Life

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Intensity and duration of water deficit on the pathosystem sugarcane x Meloidogyne incognita

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Intensity and spatial pattern of urban land changes in the megacities of Southeast Asia

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Intensity measure selection for vulnerability studies of building classes

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Intensity modulated refractive index sensor based on optical fiber Michelson interferometer

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Intensity normalization in the analysis of functional DaTSCAN SPECT images: The α-stable distribution-based normalization method vs other approaches

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Intensity of low-latitude nighttime F-region ionospheric density irregularities observed by ROCSAT and ground-based GPS receivers in solar maximum

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Intensity profile distortion at the processing image plane of a focused femtosecond laser below the critical power: Analysis and counteraction

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Intensity without Density

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Intensive Care Admissions of HIV Infected Patients: The Effect of HAART on Outcomes in an Inner-City Hospital

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Intensive Intervention in Mathematics

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Intensive Neurorehabilitation bei Älteren ebenso effektiv wie bei Jüngeren

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Intensive Parenting: Does it Have the Desired Impact on Child Outcomes?

mut,, 2015:
Intensive Suche nach neuen Wirkstoffen

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Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programs: A Progressive Way to Successfully Manage Health Care

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Intensive care unit acquired weakness

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Intensive cattle browsing did not prevent fallow recuperation on smallholder grass-capoeira pastures in the NE-Amazon

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Intensive fish ponds as ecological traps for dragonflies: an imminent threat to the endangered species Sympetrum depressiusculum (Odonata: Libellulidae)

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Intensive gait intervention using partial body weight support and treadmill as an adjuvant therapy in non-ambulatory individuals with acute stroke

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Intensive groundwater use and (in)equity: Processes and governance challenges

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Intensive hatchery performance of the Pacific white shrimp in biofloc system

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Intensive land-use and high native fruit availability reduce fruit removal of the invasive Solanum mauritianum in South Africa

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Intensive margin of land use in CGE models Reviving CRESH functional form

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Intensive multi-family therapy for adolescent anorexia nervosa: adolescents and parents day-to-day experiences

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Intensive nighttime ambulatory blood pressure monitoring during polysomnography: Effect of wakefulness, non-REM, and REM sleep on dipping

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Intensive riser cooling of castings after solidification

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Intensive training technique utilizing the dogs olfactory abilities to diagnose prostate cancer in men

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Intensiver Ausdauersport bei Typ-1-Diabetes

Verhoeckx, P; Pluk, C; Grootens-Stekelenburg, J; Schermer, T, 2015:
Intensivering nascholing leidt tot betere spirometrie

Rüssel, J., 2015:
Intensivierte Erstlinientherapie des metastasierten kolorektalen Karzinoms mit FOLFOXIRI plus Bevacizumab

Schreer, I., 2015:
Intensivierte Früherkennung bei Frauen mit genetischer Brustkrebsdisposition

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Intent to Use WIC Smartphone Application to Promote Breastfeeding, Physical Activity, and Healthy Eating in WIC Participants

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Intention to pay taxes or to avoid them: The impact of social value orientation

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Intention to perform CPR: Is peer-education beneficial?

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Intentional Self-Poisonings and Unintentional Poisonings of Adolescents With Nonfatal Outcomes

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Intentional introduction ofArtemia sinica(Anostraca) in the high-altitude Tibetan lake Dangxiong Co: the new population and consequences for the environment and for humans

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Intentional methomyl-poisoning of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) in Switzerland

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Intentions and failures. Fundamental space investigations in Russia of the last twenty years. Twenty years of fruitless efforts

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Intentions and knowledge constructing local safety policies: A framework of analysis

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Intentions to adopt photovoltaic systems depend on homeowners' expected personal gains and behavior of peers

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Inter specific hybridization (Brassica carinata Brassica oleracea) for introgression of black rot resistance genes into Indian cauliflower (B. oleracea var. botrytis L.)

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Inter- and Intraspecific Variation in Native Restoration Plants for Herbicide Tolerance

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Inter- and intra-observer reliability of three movement control tests for the lumbo-pelvic complex

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Inter- and intra-rater reliability of a technique for assessing the length of the latissimus dorsi muscle

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Inter- and intraspecific differentiation of Capsicum annuum and Capsicum pubescens using ISSR and SSR markers

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Inter-Asian (Post-)Neoliberalism?

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Inter-and trans-disciplinary research in shared river basin management

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Inter-annual and seasonal dynamics of amino acid, mineral and vitamin composition of silver belly Leiognathus splendens

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Inter-annual fluctuations in rainfall shift the functional structure of Mediterranean grasslands across gradients of productivity and disturbance

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Inter-annual sea level variability in the southern South China Sea

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Inter-annual trend of the primary contribution of ship emissions to PM2.5 concentrations in Venice (Italy): Efficiency of emissions mitigation strategies

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Inter-annual variability and spatial coherence of net primary productivity across a western Oregon Cascades landscape

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Inter-annual variability in the effects of riparian woodland on micro-climate, energy exchanges and water temperature of an upland Scottish stream

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Inter-annual variability of aerosols and its relationship with regional climate over Indian subcontinent

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Inter-annual variation in the topographic controls on catchment-scale snow distribution in a maritime alpine catchment, New Zealand

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Inter-annual variations in wave spectral characteristics at a location off the central west coast of India

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Inter-annual weather variability can drive the outcome of predator prey match in ponds

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Inter-basin dispersal through irrigation canals explains low genetic structure in Diplomystes cf. chilensis, an endangered freshwater catfish from Central Chile

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Inter-catchment comparison of flow regime between the Hailiutu and Huangfuchuan rivers in the semi-arid Erdos Plateau, Northwest China

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Inter-company matching and the supply of informed capital

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Inter-comparability of solar radiation databases in Indian context

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Inter-comparison of different NOX emission inventories and associated variation in simulated surface ozone in Indian region

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Inter-comparison of network measurements of non-methane organic compounds with model simulations

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Inter-comparison of radar-based nowcasting schemes in the Jianghuai River Basin, China

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Inter-comparison of spatial upscaling methods for evaluation of satellite-based soil moisture

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Inter-comparison of the infrared channels of the meteorological imager onboard COMS and hyperspectral IASI data

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Inter-county virtual water flows of the Hetao irrigation district, China: A new perspective for water scarcity

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Inter-cycle variability of ignition delay in an ethanol fumigated common rail diesel engine

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Inter-daily variability of a strong thermally-driven wind system over the Atacama Desert of South America: synoptic forcing and short-term predictability using the GFS global model

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Inter-ethnic friendship and negative ties in secondary school

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Inter-fraction variation in interstitial high-dose-rate brachytherapy

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Inter-frame constrained coding based on superpixel for tracking

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Inter-generic and inter-habitat variation in the demand for sodium by Neotropical ants

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Inter-imperial Learning and African Health Care in Portuguese Angola in the Interwar Period

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Inter-individual variation partially explains patterns of orientation on steeply sloped substrata in a keystone grazer, the limpetCellana tramoserica

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Inter-island transport in Fiji powered by renewable energy

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Inter-laboratory comparison of UV-light sources for testing of PV-modules

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Inter-laboratory comparison of fission track confined length and etch figure measurements in apatite

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Inter-lake comparisons indicate that fish predation, rather than high temperature, is the major driver of summer decline inDaphniaand other changes among cladoceran zooplankton in subtropical Florida lakes

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Inter-modulation linearity investigation of an optimally designed and optimally biased LNA for wireless LAN

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Inter-national benchmarking of road safety: State of the art

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Inter-observer agreement of thoracolumbar fascia morphology: An exploratory analysis of ultrasound images

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Inter-organizational partnership for children with medical complexity: the integrated complex care model

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Inter-parental Conflict and Rumination

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Inter-populational variations in body color related to growth stage and sex in Gaetice depressus (De Haan, 1835) (Decapoda, Brachyura, Varunidae)

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Inter-primer binding site retrotransposon and inter-simple sequence repeat diversity among wild Lens species

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Inter-professional, high fidelity respiratory simulation training for medical, nursing and physiotherapy postgraduates

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Inter-rater reliabilities of body functions and structures of upper extremity in children with cerebral palsy: a preliminary study

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Inter-rater reliability and validity of the screenassist lumbar questionnaire: a pilot study

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Inter-rater reliability of post-arrest Cerebral Performance Category (CPC) scores

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Inter-recti distance at rest, during abdominal crunch and drawing in exercises during pregnancy and postpartum

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Inter-regional agglomeration effects in tourism in Poland

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Inter-regional mobility of entrepreneurial SMEs

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Inter-regional sequence-stratigraphical synthesis of the Plänerkalk, Elbtal and Danubian Cretaceous groups (Germany): Cenomanian–Turonian correlations around the Mid-European Island

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Inter-regional spillover effects in New Zealand international tourism demand

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Inter-relationships between adaptation and mitigation: a systematic literature review

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Inter-specific and sexual differences in architectural traits of two dioeciousLinderaspecies (Lauraceae)

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Inter-spikes-intervals exponential and gamma distributions study of neuron firing rate for SVITE motor control model on FPGA

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Inter-vesicle polymerization using nonionic oxyethylene-hydrogenated castor oil

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Interacting controls on innate sources of CO2 efflux from a calcareous arid zone soil under experimental acidification and wetting

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Interacting effects of high light and elevated CO2 on the nutraceutical quality of two differently pigmented Lactuca sativa cultivars (Blonde of Paris Batavia and Oak Leaf)

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Interacting innovation investments and environmental performances: a dynamic impure public good model

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Interacting multiple-models, state augmented Particle Filtering for fault diagnostics

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Interacting religious orientations and personal well-being among Australian Church leaders

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Interacting vorticity waves as an instability mechanism for magnetohydrodynamic shear instabilities

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Interacting with bots online: Users reactions to actions of automated programs in Wikipedia

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Interaction Between Amphiphilic Alginate Esters and β-Cyclodextrin in Aqueous Solution

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Interaction Between EPTAC-Modified Gelatin and Surfactants: Surface Tension and Conductivity Methods

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Interaction Between Endocannabinoid and Opioidergic Systems Regulates Food Intake in Neonatal Chicken

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Interaction Between Fine Diamond Particles in Electroless Nickel Solutions

Larocque, C, 2015:
Interaction Between Psychological Well-Being, Therapeutic Alliance and Weight

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Interaction Curves for In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Behaviors of Unreinforced Masonry Walls

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Interaction Of Rare-Metal Minerals With Hydrothermal Fluids: Evidence From QuartzEpidote Metasomatites Of The Haldzan Buragtag Massif, Mongolian Altai

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Interaction among bio-oil model components during oxidative degradation

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Interaction analysis for CO2 geological storage and underground coal mining in Ordos Basin, China

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Interaction and sonodynamic damage activity of acridine red (AD-R) to bovine serum albumin (BSA)

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Interaction and visual performance in stereoscopic displays: A review

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Interaction between Interleukin1-β Gene Polymorphism and Cigarette Smoking on HbA1c in a Japanese General Population

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Interaction between Live Yeast and Dietary Rumen Degradable Protein Level: Effects on Diet Utilization in Early-Lactating Dairy Cows

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Interaction between Rossby and Gravity Waves in a Simple Analytical Model

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Interaction between Tephritidae (Insecta, Diptera) and plants of the family Asteraceae: new host and distribution records for the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Interaction between Typhoon Vicente (1208) and the western Pacific subtropical high during the Beijing extreme rainfall of 21 July 2012

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Interaction between ants and the Mediterranean fruit fly: New insights for biological control

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Interaction between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and vermicompost on copper phytoremediation in a sandy soil

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Interaction between bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and trammel nets in the Archipelago de La Maddalena, Italy

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Interaction between chlorophyll and silver nanoparticles: A close analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence quenching

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Interaction between coal and distillation residues of coal tar during co-pyrolysis

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Interaction between dye and zinc in the dye-dispersing ZnO films prepared by a wet process

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Interaction between extra virgin olive oil phenolic compounds and mucin

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Interaction between ferrihydrite and nitrate respirations by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

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Interaction between groundwater and trees in an arid site: Potential impacts of climate variation and groundwater abstraction on trees

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Interaction between h-current and nicotinic EPSPs in sympathetic neurons serves to modulate synaptic amplification in ganglia

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Interaction between human & building environment

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Interaction between metal ions in waters with humic acids in gley-podzolic soils

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Interaction between microtubule-associated protein tau and RNA binding proteins stimulates tau misfolding and stress granule formation

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Interaction between nanocluster polyoxometallates and low-molecular-weight organic compounds

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Interaction between neighboring asperities during flattening: A discrete dislocation plasticity analysis

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Interaction between nitrification, denitrification and nitrous oxide production in fumigated soils

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Interaction between phase transformations and dislocations at the nanoscale. Part 1. General phase field approach

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Interaction between phase transformations and dislocations at the nanoscale. Part 2: Phase field simulation examples

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Interaction between quaternary ammonium surfactants with coal pitch and analysis surfactants effects on preparing coal pitch water slurry

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Interaction between runoff - bedrock groundwater in a steep headwater catchment underlain by sedimentary bedrock fractured by gravitational deformation

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Interaction between sewage sludge components lignin (phenol) and proteins (alanine) in supercritical water gasification

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Interaction between stocking density and settlement on population dynamics in suspended mussel culture

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Interaction between synoptic gyres and intrathermocline lenses

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Interaction between the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB) and the Siberian craton as recorded by detrital zircon suites from Transbaikalia

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Interaction between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Orleans Levee Board preceding the drainage canal wall failures and catastrophic flooding of New Orleans in 2005

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Interaction between three gaseous molecules in rat pancreatic acinar cells; with special reference to the participation in intracellular Ca2+ dynamics

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Interaction between toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella exposure and disease associated with herpesvirus OsHV-1Var in Pacific oyster spat Crassostrea gigas

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Interaction between trophobiont insects and ants: the effect of mutualism on the associated arthropod community

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Interaction du dabrafnib avec les immunosuppresseurs

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Interaction effects of dual organizational commitment on retention in international assignments: the case of Western expatriates in Vietnam

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Interaction entre organismes et plantes

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Interaction forces between carbon nanospheres: A molecular dynamics simulation study

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Interaction matters: Synergy between vermicompost and PGPR agents improves soil quality, crop quality and crop yield in the field

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Interaction network of tau protein, beta-amyloid protein, and amyloid protein precursor under oxidative stress in Alzheimers disease

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Interaction of 1,3,2,4-Benzodithiadiazines with Aromatic Phosphines and Phosphites

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Interaction of 15 priority substances for water monitoring at ng L1 levels with glass, aluminium and fluorinated polyethylene bottles for the containment of water reference materials

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Interaction of ANS with human serum albumin under confinement: Important insights and relevance

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Interaction of Afobazole with Sigma-1 Receptors in the Mouse Brain

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Interaction of DNA aptamers with the ATP-dependent lon protease fromEscherichia coli

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Interaction of ENSO-driven Flood Variability and Anthropogenic Changes in Driving Channel Evolution: Corryong/Nariel Creek, Australia

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Interaction of Fe(II) with phosphate and sulfate on iron oxide surfaces

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Interaction of MetalDipeptide Complex with Ninhydrin in the Absence and Presence of Conventional CTAB Surfactant

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Interaction of Oxidative Stress and the Clinical Course of Chronic Cerebral Ischemia

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Interaction of PAMAM dendrimers with bovine insulin depends on nanoparticle end-groups

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Interaction of Siberia and Baltica at the final stage of amalgamation of the Eurasian part of Pangea

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Interaction of Thymol with Cell Membranes Models Studied with Tensiometry, Vibrational Spectroscopy and Molecular Simulation

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Interaction of a shock with elliptical gas bubbles

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Interaction of a vortex ring with a single bubble: bubble and vorticity dynamics

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Interaction of aluminum with niobium and scandium in equilibrium and nonequilibrium states

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Interaction of amorphous and crystalline nickel nanoparticles with hydrogen

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Interaction of an Amphiphilic Drug and Sodium Bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate at Low Concentrations in the Absence and Presence of Sodium Chloride

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Interaction of anthocyanins and anthocyanidins with α-hydroxyethyl radicals

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Interaction of antihypertensive drug amiloride with metal ions in micellar medium using fluorescence spectroscopy

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Interaction of ants with aphid enemies: Do inexperienced ants specializing in honeydew collection recognize aphidophages at their first contact?

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Interaction of arenicin-1 with C1q protein

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Interaction of biocompatible natural rosin-based surfactants with human serum albumin: A biophysical study

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Interaction of circular tunnels in anisotropic elastic ground

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Interaction of clay and concrete relevant to the deep disposal of high-level radioactive waste

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Interaction of cobalt nanoparticles with plants: a cytogenetical aspect

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Interaction of corporate and urban systems: accumulation of intangible assets

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Interaction of diacylated ethylenediamine with hydrochloric acid

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Interaction of dietary energy levels and culture density on growth performance and metabolic and oxidative status of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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Interaction of flavokawain B with lysozyme: A photophysical and molecular simulation study

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Interaction of gravity waves with bottom-standing submerged structures having perforated outer-layer placed on a sloping bed

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Interaction of heat generation and material behaviour in sheet metal blanking

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Interaction of high-frequency and low-frequency oscillations in the synchronized oscillator

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Interaction of hydroalcoholic extract of ginger and intracerebroventricular injection of bromocriptine and chlorpromazine on pain sensitivity in male rat

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Interaction of inner and outer layers in plane and radial wall jets

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Interaction of iron carbide and sulfur underPTconditions of the lithospheric mantle

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Interaction of mercury and copper on papain and their combined inhibitive determination

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Interaction of molecular hydrogen with alkali and transition metal-doped acetylene complexes

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Interaction of rhenium(I) complex carrying long alkyl chain with Calf Thymus DNA: Cytotoxic and cell imaging studies

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Interaction of rhizobacterial strains for growth improvement ofCrocus sativusL. under tissue culture conditions

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Interaction of selected volatile flavour compounds and salt-extracted pea proteins: Effect on protein structure and thermal-induced gelation properties

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Interaction of sunflower oil with monensin on milk composition, milk fatty acid profile, digestion, and ruminal fermentation in dairy cows

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Interaction of tetracaine hydrochloride with sodium deoxycholate in aqueous micellar phase and at the surface

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Interaction of the Phage Endolysin PlyC with Model Membranes

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Interaction of the mutant genesB, ogc, hpandtin the coloring of tomato fruit

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Interaction of tryptophan and its derivatives with oxygen- and nitrogen-centered radicals

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Interaction of ultrashort elliptically polarized laser pulses with nonlinear helical photonic metamaterial

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Interaction of uranium (VI) with bacteria: potential applications in bioremediation of U contaminated oxic environments

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Interaction of α-cyperone with human serum albumin: Determination of the binding site by using Discovery Studio and via spectroscopic methods

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Interaction ofRotylenchulus reniformisandMeloidogyne javanicawith mealybug wilt of pineapple, in microplots

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Interaction ofb-lactoglobulin with ()-epigallocatechin-3-gallate under different processing conditions of pH and temperature by the fluorescence quenching method

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Interaction structures between a child and two therapists in the psychodynamic treatment of a child with borderline personality disorder

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Interaction studies between high-density oil and sand particles in oil flotation technology

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Interaction study of paraquat and silver electrode using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy: Application in milk and tomato samples

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Interaction with neuroserpin may be involved in the impairment of protease mediated amyloid β clearance from the brain and retina

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Interaction-type diversity hypothesis and interaction strength: the condition for the positive complexity-stability effect to arise

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Interactionisms and Their Sociological Contribution

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Interactions Between Downslope Flows and a Developing Cold-Air Pool

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Interactions Between Mechanosensory Hair Cells and Support Cells of the Zebrafish Lateral Line During Development, Death, and Regeneration: Is Taking Your Sox(es) Off a Key to Mechanosensory Hair Cell Regeneration?

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Interactions Between Rhizoctonia Root Rot and the Foliar Common Bean Diseases Anthracnose and Rust

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Interactions Between the Lipid Core and the Phospholipid Interface in Emulsions and Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

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Interactions affecting the optimal harvest age of sugarcane in rainfed regions of South Africa

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Interactions among millennial-scale geomorphic processes in different parts of a drainage basin, arid China

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Interactions among roots, mycorrhizas and free-living microbial communities differentially impact soil carbon processes

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Interactions and relationships between kindergarten teachers and English language learners

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Interactions between Camelina sativa (Brassicaceae) and insect pests of canola

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Interactions between Karlodinium veneficum and Prorocentrum donghaiense from the East China Sea

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Interactions between Phaedrotoma scabriventris Nixon (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and Diglyphus isaea Walker (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), parasitoids of Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard) (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

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Interactions between Typhoon Megi (2010) and a Low-Frequency Monsoon Gyre*

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Interactions between a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium and smoke-derived compounds and their effect on okra growth

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Interactions between analysts and managers earnings forecasts

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Interactions between body mass and water temperature cause energetic bottlenecks in juvenile steelhead

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Interactions between cationic surfactants and 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin tetrasodium salt as seen by electric conductometry and spectroscopic techniques

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Interactions between corncob and lignite during temperature-programmed co-pyrolysis

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Interactions between dietary protein levels, growth performance, feed utilization, gene expression and metabolic products in juvenile grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)

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Interactions between different forms of bovine lactoferrin and sodium alginate affect the properties of their mixtures

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Interactions between earthworms and mesofauna has no significant effect on emissions of CO2 and N2O from soil

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Interactions between fungi of standard paint test method BS3900

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Interactions between gravity currents and convective dissolution

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Interactions between invasive herbivores and their long-term impact on New England hemlock forests

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Interactions between lipophilic antioxidants measured by photochemiluminescence assay and α-tocopherol equivalent antioxidant capacity assay as well as the influence of matrix compounds on the lipophilic antioxidant capacity

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Interactions between mammals and pathogens: an introduction

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Interactions between mitochondria and the enigmatic hepatitis b virus x protein provide clues to viral evolution and pro-carcinogenicity

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Interactions between native and non-native cichlid species in a Costa Rican river

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Interactions between plutonism and detachments during metamorphic core complex formation, Serifos Island (Cyclades, Greece)

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Interactions between pollinator and non-pollinator fig wasps: correlations between their numbers can be misleading

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Interactions between seasonality and oceanic forcing drive the phytoplankton variability in the tropical-temperate transition zone (~30S) of Eastern Australia

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Interactions between soy isoflavones and other bioactive compounds: a review of their potentially beneficial health effects

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Interactions between spray drift and sprayer travel speed in two different apple orchard training systems

Zhu, F, 2015:
Interactions between starch and phenolic compound

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Interactions between substrate temperature and humidity in signalling cyclical dormancy in seeds of two perennial tropical species

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Interactions between the invasive European green crab, Carcinus maenas (L.), and juveniles of the soft-shell clam, Mya arenaria L., in eastern Maine, USA

Kiuila, O, 2015:
Interactions between trade and environmental policies in the Czech Republic

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Interactions between transplants of Phragmites australis and Juncus acutus in Mediterranean coastal marshes: The modulating role of environmental gradients

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Interactions between tree and herb layers vegetation along a gradient of tree composition in Hyrcanian forests

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Interactions between trophic levels in upwelling and non-upwelling regions during summer monsoon

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Interactions between two naturalised invasive predators in Australia: are feral cats suppressed by dingoes?

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Interactions between urbanization, heat stress, and climate change

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Interactions between wheat characteristics and feed enzyme supplementation in broiler diets

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Interactions in multicomponent flame-retardant polymers: Solid-state NMR identifying the chemistry behind it

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Interactions of Adhesion Materials and Annealing Environment on Resistance and Stability of MEMS Platinum Heaters and Temperature Sensors

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Interactions of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell cultures with second generation expanded bed adsorbents

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Interactions of Illinois No. 6 Bituminous Coal with Solvents: A Review of Solvent Swelling and Extraction Literature

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Interactions of N-heteroalkylaminomethylenebisphosphonic acids with Cd(II) ions: Electrochemical and spectroscopic investigations

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Interactions of Selected Species of Stink Bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) from Leguminous Crops with Plants in the Neotropics

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Interactions of a streamwise-oriented vortex with a finite wing

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Interactions of aromatic amino acids with heterocyclic ligand: An IR spectroscopic study

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Interactions of arsenic with calcite surfaces revealed by in situ nanoscale imaging

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Interactions of bluff-body obstacles with turbulent airflows affecting evaporative fluxes from porous surfaces

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Interactions of diabetes and postmenopausal hormone therapy on brain volumes: Whims

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Interactions of emission caps and renewable electricity support schemes

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Interactions of fuel treatments, wildfire severity, and carbon dynamics in dry conifer forests

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Interactions of knowledge systems in shiitake mushroom production: a case study on the Noto Peninsula, Japan

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Interactions of native and introduced earthworms with soils and plant rhizospheres in production landscapes of New Zealand

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Interactions of overburden failure zones due to multiple-seam mining using longwall caving

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Interactions of peat and its components with gold and palladium ions in aqueous solutions

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Interactions of rules and routines: re-thinking rules

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Interactions of three municipal solid waste components during co-pyrolysis

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Interactions of α-ionone, β-ionone and vanillin with the primary genetic variants of β-lactoglobulin

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Interactions with infrastructure as windows into social worlds: A method for critical urban studies: Introduction

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Interactive 2-Step Training Strategy for Nurses

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Interactive 3D desktop ship simulator for testing and training offloading manoeuvres

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Interactive Care Model

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Interactive Effects of Anxiety Sensitivity and Emotion Regulation on Anxiety Symptoms

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Interactive Effects of Irrigation and Crop Level on Tempranillo Vines in a Semiarid Climate

Ockenfeld, C, 2015:
Interactive Exoskeleton Robotic Knee System for Stroke Rehabilitation: A Case Report

Corberand, Jël X., 2015:
Interactive Haematology Imagebank with Self Assessment

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Interactive Open-Ended Learning for 3D Object Recognition: An Approach and Experiments

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Interactive Vegetation Phenology, Soil Moisture, and Monthly Temperature Forecasts

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Interactive design of experiments: A priori global versus sequential optimization, revised under changing states of knowledge

Laurent, G; Caumon, G; Jessell, M, 2015:
Interactive editing of 3D geological structures and tectonic history sketching via a rigid element method

Kollah, B.; Dubey, G.; Parasai, P.; Saha, J. K.; Gangil, S.; Mohanty, S. R., 2015:
Interactive effect of biochar size and organic amendments on methane consumption in a tropical vertisol

Yee, K.; Lau, K.; Tseng, C.; Lau, E., 2015:
Interactive effect of depressive symptoms and nap on valence judgment in individuals with insomnia

Baragi, L V.; Anil, A Chandrashekar, 2015:
Interactive effect of elevated pCO2 and temperature on the larval development of an inter-tidal organism, Balanus amphitrite Darwin (Cirripedia: Thoracica)

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Interactive effect of floral abundance and semi-natural habitats on pollinators in field beans (Vicia faba)

Browning, L.C.; Cowieson, A.J., 2015:
Interactive effect of vitamin D and strontium on performance and bone composition in broiler chickens

Fanin, N; Hättenschwiler, S; Schimann, H; Fromin, N; Bailey, J K., 2015:
Interactive effects of C, N and P fertilization on soil microbial community structure and function in an Amazonian rain forest

Okem, A.; Stirk, W.A.; Street, R.A.; Finnie, J.F.; Van Staden, J., 2015:
Interactive effects of Cd and Al on physiology, anatomical changes and biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in Hypoxis hemerocallidea

Shao, J; He, Y; Chen, A; Peng, L; Luo, S; Wu, G; Zou, H; Li, R, 2015:
Interactive effects of algicidal efficiency of Bacillus sp. B50 and bacterial community on susceptibility of Microcystis aeruginosa with different growth rates

Tong, Y; Gabriel-Neumann, E; Krumbein, A; Ngwene, B; George, E; Schreiner, M, 2015:
Interactive effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and intercropping with sesame (Sesamum indicum) on the glucosinolate profile in broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. Italica)

Heitkötter, J; Marschner, B, 2015:
Interactive effects of biochar ageing in soils related to feedstock, pyrolysis temperature, and historic charcoal production

Penman, T.D.; Keith, D.A.; Elith, J.; Mahony, M.J.; Tingley, R.; Baumgartner, J.B.; Regan, T.J., 2015:
Interactive effects of climate change and fire on metapopulation viability of a forest-dependent frog in south-eastern Australia

Dávalos, A; Nuzzo, V; Blossey, B, 2015:
Interactive effects of deer, earthworms and non-native plants on rare forest plant recruitment

Ljubojević, D; Radosavljević, V; Puvača, N; Živkov Baloš, M; Đorđević, V; Jovanović, R; Ćirković, M, 2015:
Interactive effects of dietary protein level and oil source on proximate composition and fatty acid composition in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

dos Santos, A Stival; Saraiva, D Dutra; Müller, S Cristina; Overbeck, G Ernst, 2015:
Interactive effects of environmental filtering predict beta-diversity patterns in a subtropical forest metacommunity

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Interactive effects of fearfulness and geographical location on bird population trends

Flores, A A.V.; Christofoletti, R A.; Peres, A Luisa, F.; Ciotti, A M.; Navarrete, S A., 2015:
Interactive effects of grazing and environmental stress on macroalgal biomass in subtropical rocky shores: Modulation of bottom-up inputs by wave action

Stangler, E S.; Hanson, P E.; Steffan-Dewenter, I, 2015:
Interactive effects of habitat fragmentation and microclimate on trap-nesting Hymenoptera and their trophic interactions in small secondary rainforest remnants

Zhu, H; Wang, D; Guo, Q; Liu, J; Wang, L, 2015:
Interactive effects of large herbivores and plant diversity on insect abundance in a meadow steppe in China

Adil, M; Abbasi, B Haider; Khan, T, 2015:
Interactive effects of melatonin and light on growth parameters and biochemical markers in adventitious roots ofWithania somniferaL

Keppel, E A.; Scrosati, R A.; Courtenay, S C., 2015 :
Interactive effects of ocean acidification and warming on subtidal mussels and sea stars from Atlantic Canada

Abbas, G; Saqib, M; Akhtar, J; Haq, M Anwar ul, 2015:
Interactive effects of salinity and iron deficiency on different rice genotypes

Henneberry, S.; Wilkinson, M. G.; Kilcawley, K. N.; Kelly, P. M.; Guinee, T. P., 2015:
Interactive effects of salt and fat reduction on composition, rheology and functional properties of mozzarella-style cheese

Han, D; Xiong, S; Tu, S; Liu, J; Chen, C, 2015:
Interactive effects of selenium and arsenic on growth, antioxidant system, arsenic and selenium species of Nicotiana tabacum L

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Interactive effects of source and recipient habitats on plant invasions: distribution of exotic species in Chile

Mainali, B P.; Kim, H Ju; Park, C Gyoo; Yoon, Y Nam; Lee, Y Hoon; Park, I Hee; Kang, H Won; Bae, S Do, 2015:
Interactive effects of temperature and relative humidity on oviposition and development of Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) on azuki bean

Peck, N.; Peters, J.; Diekmann, R.; Laakmann, S.; Renz, J., 2015:
Interactive effects of temperature and salinity on population dynamics of the calanoid copepod Acartia tonsa

Kim, Y; Mo, H-ho; Son, J; Lee, Y-Sik; Lee, S-Eun; Cho, K, 2015:
Interactive effects of water pH and hardness levels on the growth and reproduction ofHeterocypris incongruens(Crustacea: Ostracoda)

Pérez, D; Zhang, L; Schaefer, M; Schreck, T; Keim, D; Díaz, I, 2015:
Interactive feature space extension for multidimensional data projection

Jian, M; Jung, C; Shen, Y; Liu, J, 2015:
Interactive image retrieval using constraints

Cao, J; Wang, C; Huang, Y, 2015:
Interactive impacts of earthworms (Eisenia fetida) and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Funneliformis mosseae) on the bioavailability of calcium phosphates

Splechtna, R; Elshehaly, M; Gračanin, D; Ɖuras, M; Bühler, K; Matković, Kšimir, 2015:
Interactive interaction plot

Egbetokun, A A., 2015:
Interactive learning and firm-level capabilities in latecomer settings: The Nigerian manufacturing industry

Winkworth, C L.; Salis, R K.; Matthaei, C D., 2015:
Interactive multiple-stressor effects of the antibiotic monensin, cattle effluent and light on stream periphyton

Martinek, M; Grosso, R; Greiner, Günther, 2015:
Interactive partial 3D shape matching with geometric distance optimization

He, H; Chen, H; Duan, X; He, Z, 2015:
Interactive projection images generation for swept-based 3D display

Audsley, E; Trnka, M; Sabaté, S; Maspons, J; Sanchez, A; Sandars, D; Balek, J; Pearn, K, 2015:
Interactively modelling land profitability to estimate European agricultural and forest land use under future scenarios of climate, socio-economics and adaptation

Brock, A M.; Truillet, P; Oriola, B; Picard, D; Jouffrais, C, 2015:
Interactivity Improves Usability of Geographic Maps for Visually Impaired People

El Gody, A, 2015 :
Interactivity in Egyptian newspapers

Lewis, M.J.; Neill, S.P.; Elliott, A.J., 2015:
Interannual Variability of Two Offshore Sand Banks in a Region of Extreme Tidal Range

Kolodziejczyk, N; Reverdin, G; Lazar, A, 2015:
Interannual Variability of the Mixed Layer Winter Convection and Spice Injection in the Eastern Subtropical North Atlantic

Toyama, K; Iwasaki, A; Suga, T, 2015:
Interannual Variation of Annual Subduction Rate in the North Pacific Estimated from a Gridded Argo Product

Jin, D; Guan, Z; Cai, J; Tang, W, 2015:
Interannual Variations of Regional Summer Precipitation in Mainland China and their Possible Relationships with Different Teleconnections in the Past Five Decades

Grossman, M J.; Zaiki, M; Nagata, R, 2015:
Interannual and interdecadal variations in typhoon tracks around Japan

Calvin, W.M.; James, P.B.; Cantor, B.A.; Dixon, E.M., 2015:
Interannual and seasonal changes in the north polar ice deposits of Mars: Observations from MY 2931 using MARCI

Krylov, A. V., 2015:
Interannual changes in the summer zooplankton in the lakes of the Khopyor River flood plain

Beck, C; Philipp, A; Jacobeit, J, 2015:
Interannual drought index variations in Central Europe related to the large-scale atmospheric circulationapplication and evaluation of statistical downscaling approaches based on circulation type classifications

Davis, A; Di Lorenzo, E, 2015:
Interannual forcing mechanisms of California Current transports I: Meridional Currents

Davis, A; Di Lorenzo, E, 2015:
Interannual forcing mechanisms of California Current transports II: Mesoscale eddies

Cao, Z; Sheng, L; Liu, Q; Yao, X; Wang, W, 2015:
Interannual increase of regional haze-fog in North China Plain in summer by intensified easterly winds and orographic forcing

Doubleday, A. J.; Hopcroft, R. R., 2015:
Interannual patterns during spring and late summer of larvaceans and pteropods in the coastal Gulf of Alaska, and their relationship to pink salmon survival

Li, A; Yu, F; Diao, X, 2015:
Interannual salinity variability of the Northern Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass

Bi, H; Yu, H; Pinchuk, A I.; Rodger Harvey, H., 2015:
Interannual summer variability in euphausiid populations on the eastern Bering Sea shelf during the recent cooling event (20082010)

Stendardo, I; Kieke, D; Rhein, M; Gruber, N; Steinfeldt, R, 2015:
Interannual to decadal oxygen variability in the mid-depth water masses of the eastern North Atlantic

Tran, D V.; Gabric, A; Cropp, R, 2015:
Interannual variability in chlorophyll-a on the southern Queensland continental shelf and its relationship to ENSO

de-Dios-García, J; Pardos, M; Calama, R, 2015:
Interannual variability in competitive effects in mixed and monospecific forests of Mediterranean stone pine

Lebedeva, L. P.; Lukasheva, T. A.; Anokhina, L. L.; Chasovnikov, V. K., 2015:
Interannual variability in the zooplankton community in Golubaya bay (Northeastern part of the Black Sea) in 20022012

Zhang, S; Chen, Y; Long, J; Han, G, 2015:
Interannual variability of sea fog frequency in the Northwestern Pacific in July

Mielck, F.; Holler, P.; Bürk, D.; Hass, H.C., 2015:
Interannual variability of sorted bedforms in the coastal German Bight (SE North Sea)

Dippe, T; Zhai, X; Greatbatch, R J.; Rath, W, 2015:
Interannual variability of wind power input to near-inertial motions in the North Atlantic

Zhang, L; Fraedrich, K; Zhu, X; Sielmann, F; Zhi, X, 2015:
Interannual variability of winter precipitation in Southeast China

Bordi, I; De Bonis, R; Fraedrich, K; Sutera, A, 2015:
Interannual variability patterns of the worlds total column water content: Amazon River basin

Mahardja, B; May, B; Feyrer, F; Coalter, R; Fangue, N; Foin, T; Baerwald, M R., 2015:
Interannual variation in connectivity and comparison of effective population size between two splittail (Pogonichthys macrolepidotus) populations in the San Francisco Estuary

Davies, K T.A.; Taggart, C T.; Smedbol, R. Kent, 2015:
Interannual variation in diapausing copepods and associated water masses in a continental shelf basin, and implications for copepod buoyancy

Zhang, J-Guo; Guan, J-Hong; Shi, W-Yu; Yamanaka, N; Du, S, 2015:
Interannual variation in stand transpiration estimated by sap flow measurement in a semi-arid black locust plantation, Loess Plateau, China

Wesołowski, T; Rowiński, P; Maziarz, M, 2015:
Interannual variation in tree seed production in a primeval temperate forest: does masting prevail?

Yin, B; Li, S; Li, R; Min, Q; Duan, M, 2015:
Interannual variation of cloud optical properties at ACRF Manus and Nauru sites from MFRSR measurements

Choi, K-Seon; Kim, B-Jo; Kang, S-Dae; Kim, H-Dong, 2015:
Interannual variation of the Philippines affecting tropical cyclone intensity and its possible causes

Irannezhad, M.; Chen, D.; Kløve, B., 2015:
Interannual variations and trends in surface air temperature in Finland in relation to atmospheric circulation patterns, 1961-2011

Dvoretsky, V. G.; Dvoretsky, A. G., 2015:
Interannual variations in abundance and biomass of planktonic copepodsOithonain the barents sea

Rodríguez-Valentino, C; Landaeta, M F.; Castillo-Hidalgo, G; Bustos, C A.; Plaza, G; Ojeda, F. Patricio, 2015:
Interannual variations in the hatching pattern, larval growth and otolith size of a sand-dwelling fish from central Chile

Zheng, F; Zhang, R-Hua, 2015:
Interannually varying salinity effects on ENSO in the tropical pacific: a diagnostic analysis from Argo

Zhang, Y; Pan, J; Zhang, G; Zhou, X, 2015:
Intercalation of herbicide propyzamide into DNA using acridine orange as a fluorescence probe

Xu, X-Qian; Zhao, L; Guo, X-Ji; Wang, S-Feng; Yu, T; Liu, S-Min; Liu, H-Huan; Zhang, L-Rui; Li, B-Jun, 2015:
Intercalation of layered HMMoO6 (M=Ta, Nb) with oligomeric polyhydroxyacetato-Cr(III) species and propping up of HMMoO6 with chromium oxide as pillars

Echevarría, F.; Lemus-Santana, A.A.; González, M.; Rodríguez-Hernández, J.; Reguera, E., 2015:
Intercalation of thiazole in layered solids. A 3D framework supported in dipolar and quadrupolar intermolecular interactions

Zhang, S; Liu, Q; Cheng, H; Zhang, Y; Li, X; Frost, R L., 2015:
Intercalation of -aminopropyl triethoxysilane (APTES) into kaolinite interlayer with methanol-grafted kaolinite as intermediate

Moradi, I; Ferraro, R R.; Eriksson, P; Weng, F, 2015:
Intercalibration and Validation of Observations From ATMS and SAPHIR Microwave Sounders

Okuyama, A; Imaoka, K, 2015:
Intercalibration of Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-2 (AMSR2) Brightness Temperature

Hofstetter, L; Arlettaz, Rël; Bollmann, K; Braunisch, V, 2015:
Interchangeable sets of complementary habitat variables allow for flexible, site-adapted wildlife habitat management in forest ecosystems

Bernabe, J Bernal; Perez, G Martinez; Skarmeta Gomez, A F., 2015:
Intercloud Trust and Security Decision Support System: an Ontology-based Approach

Bibi, H; Alam, K; Chishtie, F; Bibi, S; Shahid, I; Blaschke, T, 2015:
Intercomparison of MODIS, MISR, OMI, and CALIPSO aerosol optical depth retrievals for four locations on the Indo-Gangetic plains and validation against AERONET data

Chen, S; Hong, Y; Cao, Q; Tian, Y; Hu, J; Zhang, X; Li, W; Carr, N; Shen, X; Qiao, L, 2015:
Intercomparison of Precipitation Estimates From WSR-88D Radar and TRMM Measurement Over Continental United States

Kern, C; Lübcke, P; Bobrowski, N; Campion, R; Mori, T; Smekens, J-François; Stebel, K; Tamburello, G; Burton, M; Platt, U; Prata, F, 2015:
Intercomparison of SO2 camera systems for imaging volcanic gas plumes

Pisek, J; Govind, A; Arndt, S K.; Hocking, D; Wardlaw, T J.; Fang, H; Matteucci, G; Longdoz, B, 2015:
Intercomparison of clumping index estimates from POLDER, MODIS, and MISR satellite data over reference sites

Fan, D; Tu, J; Cai, G; Shang, S, 2015:
Intercomparison of textural parameters of intertidal sediments generated by different statistical procedures, and implications for a unifying descriptive nomenclature

Schreiner, R; Hencke, E-G.; Ebert, H-Peter, 2015:
Intercomparison of thermal conductivity measurements on an expanded glass granulate in a wide temperature range

Liu, X; Ai, L; Jiang, J, 2015:
Interconnected porous hollow CuS microspheres derived from metal-organic frameworks for efficient adsorption and electrochemical biosensing

Small, J, 2015:
Interconnecting mobilities on tour: tourists with vision impairment partnered with sighted tourists

Schulte-Huxel, H; Blankemeyer, S; Merkle, A; Steckenreiter, V; Kajari-Schröder, S; Brendel, R, 2015:
Interconnection of busbar-free back contacted solar cells by laser welding

Dias, M; Costa, T; Rocha, Oávio; Spinelli, Jé E.; Cheung, Né; Garcia, A, 2015:
Interconnection of thermal parameters, microstructure and mechanical properties in directionally solidified SnSb lead-free solder alloys

Sagarika, S; Kalra, A; Ahmad, S, 2015:
Interconnections between oceanicatmospheric indices and variability in the U.S. streamflow

Goldberg, J; Morgan-Richards, M; Trewick, S A., 2015:
Intercontinental island hopping: Colonization and speciation of the grasshopper genus Phaulacridium (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in Australasia

Selman, P, 2015:
Intercountry adoption of children from Asia in the twenty-first century

Cong, W-Feng; Hoffland, E; Li, L; Janssen, B H.; van der Werf, W, 2015:
Intercropping affects the rate of decomposition of soil organic matter and root litter

Cao, S; Luo, H; Jin, M'an; Jin, S; Duan, X; Zhou, Y; Chen, W; Liu, T; Jia, Q; Zhang, B; Huang, J; Wang, X; Shang, X; Sun, Z, 2015:
Intercropping influenced the occurrence of stripe rust and powdery mildew in wheat

Wang, Z-gang; Bao, X-guo; Li, X-fei; Jin, X; Zhao, J-hua; Sun, J-hao; Christie, P; Li, L, 2015:
Intercropping maintains soil fertility in terms of chemical properties and enzyme activities on a timescale of one decade

Pouryousef, M; Yousefi, A Reza; Oveisi, M; Asadi, F, 2015:
Intercropping of fenugreek as living mulch at different densities for weed suppression in coriander

Khasanah, N’matul; Perdana, A; Rahmanullah, A; Manurung, G; Roshetko, J M.; van Noordwijk, M, 2015:
Intercropping teak (Tectona grandis) and maize (Zea mays): bioeconomic trade-off analysis of agroforestry management practices in Gunungkidul, West Java

Careaga Butter, M; Sepúlveda Valenzuela, E; Badilla Quintana, Mía Graciela, 2015:
Intercultural Talent Management Model: Virtual communities to promote collaborative learning in indigenous contexts. Teachers and students perceptions

Everingham, P., 2015:
Intercultural exchange and mutuality in volunteer tourism: The case of intercambio in Ecuador

Bagguley, P, 2015:
Interculturalism: the new era of cohesion and diversity

Luo, X; Zhang, Y, 2015:
Interdecadal change in the seasonality of rainfall variation in South China

Ye, T; Shen, Q; Wang, K; Zhang, Z; Zhao, J, 2015:
Interdecadal change of the northward jump time of the western Pacific subtropical high in association with the Pacific decadal oscillation

Choi, K-Seon; Cha, Y-Mi; Kang, S-Dae; Kim, H-Dong, 2015:
Interdecadal changes in summer TC activity in East China Sea

Tao, W; Huang, G; Hu, K; Qu, X; Wen, G; Gong, H, 2015:
Interdecadal modulation of ENSO teleconnections to the Indian Ocean Basin Mode and their relationship under global warming in CMIP5 models

Cheung, K K. W.; Jiang, N; Liu, K. S.; Chang, L T.-C., 2015:
Interdecadal shift of intense tropical cyclone activity in the Southern Hemisphere

Zhou, L-Tong; Wu, R, 2015:
Interdecadal variability of winter precipitation in Northwest China and its association with the North Atlantic SST change

Choi, K-Seon; Cha, Y-Mi; Kang, S-Dae; Kim, H-Dong, 2015:
Interdecadal variation of Korea affecting tropical cyclone intensity

Choi, K-Seon; Cha, Y-Mi; Kang, S-Dae; Kim, H-Dong, 2015:
Interdecadal variation of TC frequency in Japan

Zhu, Y; Liu, H; Ding, Y; Zhang, F; Li, W, 2015:
Interdecadal variation of spring snow depth over the Tibetan Plateau and its influence on summer rainfall over East China in the recent 30 years

Wallot, S; Coey, C A.; Richardson, M J., 2015:
Interdependence of Saccadic and Fixational Fluctuations

Hitokoto, H; Uchida, Y, 2015 :
Interdependent Happiness: Theoretical Importance and Measurement Validity

Chen, Y; Li, J; Tang, B; Xu, G; Kou, H; Cui, Y, 2015:
Interdiffusion in FCC Co-Al-Ti Ternary Alloys

Paul, T; Paul, A, 2015:
Interdiffusion in the Ni-Zr System

Cromby, J., 2015:
Interdisciplinarity: Reconciling the irreconcilable?

Coffey, M; Coffey, M; Fry, L; Cardenas, L Arce; Wing, W; Skinner, M, 2015:
Interdisciplinary Approach to Pressure Ulcer Reduction

Innes, J.B., 2015:
Interdisciplinary Archaeological Research Programme Maasvlakte 2

Meyers, A B.; Tobin, Rée M.; Huber, B J.; Conway, D E.; Shelvin, K H., 2015:
Interdisciplinary Collaboration Supporting Social-Emotional Learning in Rural School Systems

Ventsel, A, 2015:
Interdisciplinary Fieldwork in Saidy, Republic of Sakha-Iakutiia, JulyAugust 2014

Ellington, L; Casarett, D; Reblin, M; Clayton, M; Cloyes, K, 2015:
Interdisciplinary Team Care for Home Hospice Patients and Their Families During the Last Week of Life (S729)

Bréthaut, C; Clarvis, M Hill, 2015:
Interdisciplinary approaches for analysing governance challenges across the Rhne basin

Larsson, L; Trinks, I; Söderberg, B; Gabler, M; Dell'unto, N; Neubauer, W; Ahlström, Törn, 2015 :
Interdisciplinary archaeological prospection, excavation and 3D documentation exemplified through the investigation of a burial at the Iron Age settlement site of Uppkra in Sweden

Sharp, E, 2015:
Interdisciplinary experiences: a postgraduate geographer's perspective

Sharma, P K.; Sharma, P, 2015:
Interdisciplinary management of congenitally absent maxillary lateral incisors: Orthodontic/prosthodontic perspectives

Klocke, F.; Zeis, M.; Klink, A., 2015:
Interdisciplinary modelling of the electrochemical machining process for engine blades

Norrick, N; Haugh, M, 2015:
Interdisciplinary perspectives on pragmatics: A festschrift for Jonathan Culpeper

Schulz, A W., 2015:
Interdisciplinary thinking about mechanisms and causes

Hennig, H.; de Groot, B.; Heringhaus, C., 2015:
Interdisziplinäre Notfallmedizin in den Niederlanden

Kubasov, I. V.; Timshina, M. S.; Kiselev, D. A.; Malinkovich, M. D.; Bykov, A. S.; Parkhomenko, Y. N., 2015:
Interdomain region in single-crystal lithium niobate bimorph actuators produced by light annealing

Alt, P. M., 2015:
Interest Groups and Health Care Reform across the United States

Westcott, C; Waghorn, G; McLean, D; Statham, D; Mowry, B, 2015:
Interest in Employment Among People with Schizophrenia

Fayn, K; Tiliopoulos, N; MacCann, C, 2015:
Interest in truth versus beauty: Intellect and Openness reflect different pathways towards interest

Frömmel, M; Kruse, R, 2015:
Interest rate convergence in the EMS prior to European Monetary Union

Fulmer, S M.; D'Mello, S K.; Strain, A; Graesser, A C., 2015:
Interest-based text preference moderates the effect of text difficulty on engagement and learning

Samanthula, B K.; Jiang, W, 2015:
Interest-driven private friend recommendation

Rönnbäck, K, 2015:
Interest-group lobbying for free trade: An empirical case study of international trade policy formation

Nanda, R; Rai, G; Kumar, A, 2015:
Interesting Viscosity Changes in the Aqueous UreaIonic Liquid System: Effect of Alkyl Chain Length Attached to the Cationic Ring of an Ionic Liquid

Pässler, K; Beinicke, A; Hell, B, 2015:
Interests and intelligence: A meta-analysis

Hughes, L; Urpelainen, J, 2015:
Interests, institutions, and climate policy: Explaining the choice of policy instruments for the energy sector

Gaines, S O.; Clark, E M.; Afful, S E., 2015:
Interethnic Marriage in the United States: An Introduction

Henriquez, M A.; Izquierdo, L; Belin, M W., 2015:
Intereye Asymmetry in Eyes With Keratoconus and High Ammetropia

Lin, B; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhu, J; Zhang, H, 2015:
Interface characterization of a CuTi-coated diamond system

Wang, A.Q.; Liu, P.; Xie, J.P.; Wang, W.Y.; Li, J.W.; Sun, H.L.; Hao, S.M., 2015:
Interface characterization, precipitate evolution, and quantitative modeling of the microstructure/strength relationship in SiCp/2024Al composite

Li, X-Fang; Tang, G-Jin; Shen, Z-Bin; Lee, K Yong, 2015:
Interface crack embedded in a bi-material plane under shear and compression

Movla, H; Chavoshi, S Amir; Bargahi, A, 2015:
Interface effects in SWCNT/GaAs heterojunction solar cell: A simulation study

Shebzukhova, I. G.; Apekov, A. M.; Khokonov, K. B., 2015:
Interface energy of faces of manganese and vanadium crystals at boundaries with organic liquids

Cojocaru-Mirédin, O; Fu, Y; Kostka, A; Sáez-Araoz, R; Beyer, A; Knaub, N; Volz, K; Fischer, C-Herbert; Raabe, D, 2015:
Interface engineering and characterization at the atomic-scale of pure and mixed ion layer gas reaction buffer layers in chalcopyrite thin-film solar cells

Kumar, R; Malik, S; Mehta, B.R., 2015:
Interface induced hydrogen sensing in Pd nanoparticle/graphene composite layers

Dogge, M.M.W.; Peerlings, R.H.J.; Geers, M.G.D., 2015:
Interface modeling in continuum dislocation transport

Zhai, H; Liu, X; Cao, Y; Kong, J; Qian, X; Cao, Z; Li, A; Xia, Y; Wu, D, 2015:
Interface modulation and resistive switching evolution in Pt/NiOx/Al2O3/n+Si structure

Kuzyura, A.V.; Litvin, Y.A.; Jeffries, T., 2015:
Interface partition coefficients of trace elements in carbonate-silicate parental media for diamonds and paragenetic inclusions (experiments at 7.0-8.5GPa)

Das, P. S.; Biswas, A, 2015:
Interface properties, physical and electrical characterization of sputtered TaAlOxon silicon-passivated n-GaAs substrates

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Interface reaction in ultrasonic vibration-assisted brazing of aluminum to graphite using SnAgTi solder foil

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Interface structure and deuterium permeation properties of Er2O3/SiC multilayer film prepared by RF magnetron sputtering

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Interface-level thermodynamic stability diagram for in situ internal oxidation of Ag(SnO2)pcomposites

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Interfaces in Two-Dimensional Heterostructures of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

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Interfacial Films of Diluted Heavy OilAqueous Systems at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures: Effect of Reverse Emulsion Breakers

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Interfacial Mass Transport in Porous Media Augmented with Bulk Reactions: Analytical and Numerical Solutions

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Interfacial Structure in Epitaxial Perovskite Oxides on (001) Ge Crystal

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Interfacial and aggregation behavior of aqueous mixtures of imidazolium based surface active ionic liquids and anionic surfactant sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate

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Interfacial and aggregation behavior of dicationic and tricationic ionic liquid-based surfactants in aqueous solution

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Interfacial and electrokinetic properties of asphaltenes and alkali/surfactant/polymer in produced water system

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Interfacial and rheological properties of gelatin based solid emulsions prepared with acid or alkali pretreated gelatins

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Interfacial area concentration in gasliquid bubbly to churn flow regimes in large diameter pipes

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Interfacial area measurements and surface area quantification for spray absorption

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Interfacial carrier dynamics in PbS-ZnO light harvesting assemblies and their potential implication in photovoltaic/ photocatalysis application

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Interfacial characteristics of diamond/aluminum composites with high thermal conductivity fabricated by squeeze-casting method

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Interfacial characterization in carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum matrix composites

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Interfacial characterization of SLM parts in multi-material processing: Intermetallic phase formation between AlSi10Mg and C18400 copper alloy

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Interfacial characterization of nickelyttria-stabilized zirconia cermet anode/interconnect joints with AgPdGa active filler for use in solid-oxide fuel cells

Poltorak, K; Durand, A; Léonard, Mèle; Six, J-Luc; Nouvel, Cécile, 2015:
Interfacial click chemistry for improving both dextran shell density and stability of biocompatible nanocapsules

Kumar, V; Kaur, G; Lu, K.; Pickrell, G., 2015:
Interfacial compatibility of alumino-borosilicate glass sealants with AISI 441 and YSZ for different atmospheres

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Interfacial deposition of an anionic polysaccharide (fucoidan) on protein-coated lipid droplets: Impact on the stability of fish oil-in-water emulsions

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Interfacial interactions of hard polyelectrolyte-stabilized luminescent colloids with substrates

Fayomi, O. S. I.; Tau, V.; Popoola, A. P. I.; Abdulwahab, M.; Madhilabar, R., 2015:
Interfacial investigation and strengthening behaviour of ZnNi multifacial TEA/MEA thin films induced by electrodeposition

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Interfacial kinetics in octane based emulsions. Effects of surfactant concentration on the reaction between 16-ArN2+ and octyl and lauryl gallates

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Interfacial layering and orientation ordering of ionic liquid around single-walled carbon nanotube: a molecular dynamics study

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Interfacial microstructure and properties of copper clad steel produced using friction stir welding versus gas metal arc welding

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Interfacial microstructure of copper/diamond composites fabricated via a powder metallurgical route

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Interfacial peptide partitioning and undiminished antioxidative and emulsifying activity of oxidatively stressed soy protein hydrolysate in an O/W emulsion

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Interfacial properties and transmission electron microscopy revealing damage to the milk fat globule system after pulsed electric field treatment

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Interfacial properties of linear molecules modelled by dimer near a hard wall. A Monte Carlo and a density functional theory investigation

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Interfacial reaction in SiCf/Ti-6Al-4V composite by using transmission electron microscopy

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Interfacial rheological and wetting properties of deamidated barley proteins

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Interfacial tension in adsorption of lysozyme onto a lipid monolayer formed at a water/chloroform interface

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Interfacial tension of CO2 and crude oils under high pressure and temperature

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Interfacially active and magnetically responsive composite nanoparticles with raspberry like structure; synthesis and its applications for heavy crude oil/water separation

Khasnobish, A; Datta, S; Sardar, D; Tibarewala, D.N.; Konar, A, 2015:
Interfacing robotic tactile sensation with human vibrotactile perception for digit recognition

Song, J; Wang, Z-Hua, 2015:
Interfacing the Urban LandAtmosphere System Through Coupled Urban Canopy and Atmospheric Models

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Interference Fracturing: Nonuniform Distributions of Perforation Clusters That Promote Simultaneous Growth of Multiple Hydraulic Fractures

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Interference and management of parthenium: The world's most important invasive weed

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Interference and phase structure of the low-frequency vector-scalar field in shallow water for variable reception or transmission depths

Li, C; Xiao, J; Guo, T; Fan, S; Jin, W, 2015:
Interference characteristics in a FabryPerot cavity with graphene membrane for optical fiber pressure sensors

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Interference from object part relations in spoken word production: Behavioural and fMRI evidence

Kämpf, J, 2015:
Interference of wind-driven and pressure gradient-driven flows in shallow homogeneous water bodies

Wang, W; Liang, J; Wu, R; Du, Q, 2015:
Interference suppression with flat gain constraint for satellite navigation systems

Simmonds, J.; Ninis, N.; Chase, J.; Meadows, N.; Rawat, D.; Watson, T., 2015:
Interferential for slow transit constipation in children with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type: a novel service development

Mingyu Cao, ; Shiqiang Li, ; Wang, R; Ning Li,, 2015:
Interferometric Phase Denoising by Median Patch-Based Locally Optimal Wiener Filter

Hongxing, H; Bioucas-Dias, J M.; Katkovnik, V, 2015:
Interferometric Phase Image Estimation via Sparse Coding in the Complex Domain

Vaezi, Y; Van der Baan, M, 2015:
Interferometric assessment of clamping quality of borehole geophones

Evans, C.J.; Browy, E.C.; Childs, T.H.C.; Paul, E., 2015:
Interferometric measurements of single crystal diamond tool wear

Paul P, K Ernest; Haridas, D.; Srivastava, A, 2015:
Interferometric study of nanofluid-based heat transfer phenomena in compact channels

Nguyen, L Viet; Hill, K; Warren-Smith, S; Monro, T, 2015:
Interferometric-type optical biosensor based on exposed core microstructured optical fiber

Alfonso-Trujillo, I; Cruz León, Y; del Carmen Toledo García, Mía; Puig Pérez, M, 2015:
Interfern alfa-2b humano recombinante en el tratamiento de un hemangioma

Jirata, T Jaleta, 2015:
Intergenerational Continuity and Change in Conceptualization of the Child Among Guji People of Ethiopia

Piraino, P, 2015:
Intergenerational Earnings Mobility and Equality of Opportunity in South Africa

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Intergenerational Explorations: Where Everyone Has a Purpose

Lowenstein, A; Katz, R, 2015:
Intergenerational Family Relations in the Multicultural Society of Israel

Carpenter, S, 2015:
Intergenerational Music Outreach: Institute for Music and Health, Verbank, New York

Halperin, D, 2015:
Intergenerational Relations: The Views of Older Jews and Arabs

Tafere, Y, 2015:
Intergenerational Relationships and the Life Course: Children-Caregivers Relations in Ethiopia

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Intergenerational Religious Mobility in Contemporary China

Borrero, L, 2015:
Intergenerational Service Learning: Bringing Together Undergraduate Students and Older Adult Learners to Engage in Collaborative Research

ChenFeng, J; Knudson-Martin, C; Nelson, T, 2015:
Intergenerational Tension, Connectedness, and Separateness in the Lived Experience of First and Second Generation Chinese American Christians

Poljak Lukek, Sša, 2015:
Intergenerational Transfer of Parenting Styles: Correlations between Experience of Punitive Discipline in Childhood, Opinion Regarding Discipline Methods, and Context of Parenting

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Intergenerational Transmission of Antisocial Behavior and Age at Primiparity

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Intergenerational Trauma Among Substance-Using Native American, Latina, and White Mothers Living in the Southwestern United States

Omwami, E Mukudi, 2015:
Intergenerational comparison of education attainment and implications for empowerment of women in rural Kenya

Jansson, B, 2015:
Intergenerational income mobility in Gothenburg, Sweden, 19251958, before the rise of the welfare state

Williams, L; Godfrey, B, 2015:
Intergenerational offending in Liverpool and the north-west of England, 18501914

Porter, G; Hampshire, K; Abane, A; Munthali, A; Robson, E; Bango, A; de Lannoy, A; Gunguluza, N; Tanle, A; Owusu, S; Milner, J, 2015:
Intergenerational relations and the power of the cell phone: Perspectives on young peoples phone usage in sub-Saharan Africa

Dupoué, Aéaz; Brischoux, Fçois; Angelier, Fédéric; DeNardo, D F.; Wright, C D.; Lourdais, O; Jennifer, G, 2015:
Intergenerational trade-off for water may induce a mother-offspring conflict in favour of embryos in a viviparous snake

Leve, L D.; Khurana, A; Reich, E B., 2015:
Intergenerational transmission of maltreatment: A multilevel examination

Đorđević, M; Savković, Uš; Lazarević, J; Tucić, N; Stojković, B, 2015:
Intergenomic Interactions in Hybrids Between Short-Lived and Long-Lived Lines of a Seed Beetle: Analyses of Life History Traits

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Interglacial analogues of the Holocene and its natural near future

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Interglacial occurrence of cold-water corals off Cape Lookout (NW Atlantic): First evidence of the Gulf Stream influence

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Intergovernmental fiscal relations: the efficiency effect of taxes, transfers, and fiscal illusion

Hickey, R, 2015:
Intergovernmental transfers and re-election concerned politicians

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Intergranular pore space evolution in MX80 bentonite during a long-term experiment

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Intergroup emulation: An improvement strategy for lower status groups

Nadler, A; Shnabel, N, 2015:
Intergroup reconciliation: Instrumental and socio-emotional processes and the needs-based model

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Interhemispheric Propagation of Stationary Rossby Waves in a Horizontally Nonuniform Background Flow

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Interhemispheric Variability of Earths Radiation

Wilson, D J.; Piotrowski, A M.; Galy, A; Banakar, V K., 2015:
Interhemispheric controls on deep ocean circulation and carbon chemistry during the last two glacial cycles

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Interhemispheric dynamics of the African rainbelt during the late Quaternary

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Interictal EEG pattern in West syndrome

Hartl, E, 2015:
Interiktales EEG bei Epilepsie

Bond, S, 2015:
Interim Guidelines Describe Using High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Testing as Alternative for Primary Cervical Cancer Screening

Papell, C P., 2015:
Interim Report on Group Work in Adolescent Pavilion

Lazzarotto, T.; Gabrielli, L.; Cavallo, R.; Piccirilli, G.; Piralla, A.; Chiereghin, A.; Campanini, G.; Furione, M.; Costa, C.; Sidoti, F.; Bianco, G.; Paba, P.; Perno, C.F.; Baldanti, F., 2015:
Interim analysis of study of kinetics of CMV-DNA load in whole blood and plasma samples of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) recipients

Tang, Q, 2015:
Interim partially correlated rationalizability

Rönnlund, M; Sundström, A; Nilsson, L-Göran, 2015:
Interindividual differences in general cognitive ability from age 18 to age 65years are extremely stable and strongly associated with working memory capacity

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Interindividual variability in habitat use: evidence for a risk management syndrome in roe deer?

Walker, B; MacBryer, S; Jones, A; Law, J, 2015:
Interinformant agreement of the dementia questionnaire for people with learning disabilities

Dam, H Huyen; Cantoni, A, 2015:
Interior point method for optimum zero-forcing beamforming with per-antenna power constraints and optimal step size

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Interior structure of the Moon: Constraints from seismic tomography, gravity and topography

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Interlaboratory comparison of magnesium isotopic compositions of 12 felsic to ultramafic igneous rock standards analyzed by MC-ICPMS

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Interlayer interaction in CaFe layered double hydroxides intercalated with nitrate and chloride species

Garrigós, A; Sobrino-Manzanares, F, 2015:
Interleaved multi-phase and multi-switch boost converter for fuel cell applications

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Interleaved practice improves mathematics learning

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Interleukin-1B in the dorsal hippocampus and the conditioned immune effects of heroin

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Interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha in synovial fluid are associated with progression of radiographic osteoarthritis in subjects with previous meniscectomy

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Interleukin-8 is a prognostic biomarker in pancreatic cancer cachexia

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Interleukine-15 : une nouvelle voie thrapeutique potentielle de la fibrose rnale

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Interleukins in Cancer Biology: Their Heterogeneous Role. By ArseniyE. Yuzhalin, AntonG. Kutikhin

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Interlocked aromatic species: Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of the uranyl ion complex of 3-(pyrimidin-2-yl)benzoate with Ni(phen)32+ counter-ions

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Interlocking Directorates and Concentration in the Italian Insurance Market

Martin, G; Gözübüyük, R; Becerra, M, 2015:
Interlocks and firm performance: The role of uncertainty in the directorate interlock-performance relationship

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Interlocutor identity affects language activation in bilinguals

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Intermediality in the Age of Global Media Networks -: Including Eleven Theses on its Provocative Power for the Concepts of "Convergence," "Transmedia Storytelling" and "Actor Network Theory"

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Intermediality: An Introduction to the Arts of Transmission

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Intermediality: Axis of Relevance

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Intermediaries and innovation support in the design for sustainability field: cases from the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom

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Intermediate disturbance promotes invasive ant abundance

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Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer Treated With Hypofractionated External Beam Radiation Therapy Alone: Long-term Outcomes

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Intermediate-depth earthquake generation and shear zone formation caused by grain size reduction and shear heating

Nemati, M, 2015:
Intermediate-term variations in 200 years seismicity at the north of Iran

Agui, A.; Mizumaki, M.; Uozumi, T., 2015:
Intermetallic charge transfer in MTiO3 (M=Mn, Fe, Co, and Ni) by Ti 2p edge resonant inelastic X-ray scattering

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Intermetallic compounds, copper and palladium alloys in AuPd ore of the Skaergaard pluton, Greenland

Galich, N. E., 2015:
Intermittency and Changing Stability of Oxidative Activity of DNA in Chromosomes Inside Living Cells for Medical Diagnostics

V. V. Grubov,E. Yu. Sitnikova…, 2015:
Intermittency of intermittencies in characteristic oscillatory patterns on epileptic electroencephalograms

Yang, J; Trela, J; Zubrowska-Sudol, M; Plaza, E, 2015:
Intermittent aeration in one-stage partial nitritation/anammox process

Takagi, S; Ishiguro, T; Hirooku, M; Kamura, S; Katayama, T, 2015:
Intermittent bottom-water hypoxia caused by diurnal tide in enclosed Kojima Bay

Salek, S; Bahrpeyma, F; Mohajeri-Tehrani, M-Reza, 2015:
Intermittent pneumatic compression therapy improves functional and dynamic balance and neuropathy severity in neuropathic patients with type 2 diabetes

Liu, L; Wei, Y; Shi, F; Liu, C; Liu, X; Ji, S, 2015:
Intermittent warming improves postharvest quality of bell peppers and reduces chilling injury

Moreira, L Felipe Bairos; Knauth, Débora Schuck; Maltchik, L, 2015:
Intermittently Closed Estuaries and Tadpole Communities: Influence of Artificial Breaching

Li, L; Negenborn, R R.; De Schutter, B, 2015:
Intermodal freight transport planning A receding horizon control approach

Silva, C.; Guedes Soares, C.; Signoret, J., 2015:
Intermodal terminal cargo handling simulation using Petri nets with predicates

Zhou, Y; Zhuo, C-Xiang; Gu, Q; You, S-Li, 2015:
Intermolecular Dearomatization Reaction of Pyrroles Promoted by Silica Gel

Cetina, M; Štefanić, Z; Makarević, J; Nura-Lama, Aërdita, 2015:
Intermolecular Interactions in Dihydrothymine Derivatives Form Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Networks

Yildiz, F; Sahin, O; Peksoz, A, 2015:
Intermolecular Magnetic SpinSpin Interactions in Solution State at 1.53 mT

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Intermolecular cyclocondensation of arylchloropyruvates in the synthesis of 2,3-dihydrofuran-3,5-dicarboxylic acid derivatives

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Intermolecular hydrogen bonding-assisted high contrast fluorescent switch in the solid state

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Intermolecular interaction and complex coacervation between bovine serum albumin and gum from whole flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.)

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Intermolecular interaction of thiosemicarbazone derivatives to solvents and a potential Aedes aegypti target

Grigoryan, K. R.; Sargsyan, L. S., 2015:
Intermolecular interactions in aqueous solutions of gallic acid at 296306 K according to spectrofluorimetry and densimetry data

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Intermolecular interactions in rifabutin2-hydroxypropyl-b-cyclodextrinwater solutions

Young, E E.; Burchett, M E.; Cowart, R; Montgomery, C; Turner, P L., 2015:
Intern reflections

Caro, J A.; Dellarole, M; Fossat, M; Schlessman, J L.; Roumestand, C; Royer, C A.; Garcia-Moreno, B E., 2015:
Internal Cavities and their Role as Determinants of Pressure Unfolding of Proteins

Abraham, C.D.; Garsa, A.A.; Badiyan, S.N.; Dryzmala, R.; Yang, D.; DeWees, T.A.; Tsien, C.I.; Robinson, C.G., 2015:
Internal Dose-Escalation Safely Increases Local Control for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Brain Metastases Treated With Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

Neely, A H., 2015:
Internal Ecologies and the Limits of Local Biologies: A Political Ecology of Tuberculosis in the Time of AIDS

Hsieh, A L., 2015:
Internal Family Systems: A Parts Party Intervention

Niemietz, K, 2015:
Internal Markets, Management by Targets, and Quasi-Markets: An Analysis of Health Care Reforms in the English NHS

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Internal Structure and Composition of a Rock Glacier in the Dry Andes, Inferred from Ground-penetrating Radar Data and its Artefacts

Rondeau, K, 2015:
Internal Union Organizing Centered on Building Community

Johansson, Börje; Johansson, S; Wallin, T, 2015:
Internal and External Knowledge and Introduction of Export Varieties

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Internal and external equity in compensation systems, organizational absenteeism and the role of explained inequalities

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Internal and marginal adaptation of bulk-filled composites

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Internal architecture of a till sheet, Tiskilwa Formation, north-central Illinois, USA: Application of architectural element analysis

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Internal connectivity of meandering rivers: Statistical generalization of channel hydraulic geometry

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Internal discoloration of various varieties of Macadamia nuts as influenced by enzymatic browning and Maillard reaction

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Internal erosion in granular media: direct numerical simulations and energy interpretation

Fu, X; Gao, F; Fu, G; Bi, W, 2015:
Internal focus coupling efficiency for optical signal acquisition by using specialty optical taper

Hammad, T.; Fleureau, J.-M.; Hattab, M., 2015:
Internal friction angle variation in a kaolin/montmorillonite clay mix and microstructural identification

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Internal gravity-shear waves in the atmospheric boundary layer from acoustic remote sensing data

Heining, M.; Sutor, A.; Stute, S. C.; Lindenberger, C. P.; Buchholz, R., 2015:
Internal illumination of photobioreactors via wireless light emitters: a proof of concept

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Internal lean practices and performance: The role of technological turbulence

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Internal marine waves and atmospheric depressions

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Internal migration, regional labor markets and the role of agglomeration economies

Whigham, S, 2015:
Internal migration, sport and the Scottish diaspora in England

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Internal multiple adaptive subtraction using Huber norm

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Internal multiple prediction and removal using Marchenko autofocusing and seismic interferometry

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Internal natural convection driven by an orthogonal pair of differentially heated plates

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Internal physiology of live krill revealed using new aquaria techniques and mixed optical microscopy and optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging techniques

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