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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64747

Chapter 64747 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

BAE, S; JUNG, D; KIM, C; LIM, K; LEE, Y-Surk, 2015:
Real-Time Touch Controller with High-Speed Touch Accelerator for Large-Sized Touch Screens

Ajmera, M.R.; Sambamoorthi, U.; Rust, G.; Pan, X.; Tworek, C.; Metzger, A., 2015:
Real-World Observational Study of Association Between Statin Medications and Copd-Specific Outcomes

Watson, C.; Burudpakdee, C.; Noone, J.; Seetasith, A.; Nyandege, A., 2015:
Real-World Outcomes of Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients In The Medicare Population

Sulham, K.; Fan, W.; Plent, S., 2015:
Real-World Practice Patterns For The Treatment Of Complicated Skin And Skin Structure Infections In Europe: A Retrospective Database Analysis

Tziomalos, K.; Giampatzis, V.; Bouziana, S.; Spanou, M.; Papadopoulou, M.; Kazantzidou, P.; Dourliou, V.; Kostaki, S.; Savopoulos, C.; Hatzitolios, A.I., 2015:
Real-life comparative effectiveness of anticoagulant agents in patients with atrial fibrillation discharged after acute ischemic stroke

Huber, K; Zenilman, J; Blanding, R; Reuland, C; Sood, G, 2015:
Real-time Direct Feedback Intervention to Improve and Sustain Hand Hygiene Practices in a Tertiary Care Academic Facility

Brisinda, D; Venuti, A; Cataldi, C; Efremov, K; Intorno, E; Fenici, R, 2015:
Real-time Imaging of Stress-induced Cardiac Autonomic Adaptation During Realistic Force-on-force Police Scenarios

Mizutani, Y, 2015 :
Real-time Observation of the Perutz Mechanism in Hemoglobin Quaternary Revealed by Time-resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy

Yu, S; Su, T; Chen, J; Wang, W; Zhang, F; Yu, Y; Zhang, D; Zhao, X; Lu, G, 2015:
Real-time PCR as a diagnostic tool for evaluating the resistance of Chinese cabbage cultivars to Verticillium wilt

Neef, M; Ecke, M; Hampp, Rüdiger, 2015:
Real-time Recording of Cytosolic Calcium Levels inArabidopsis thalianaCell Cultures during Parabolic Flights

Benjamin, B; Erinc, G; Carpin, S, 2015:
Real-time WiFi localization of heterogeneous robot teams using an online random forest

Reynolds, D. T.; Laycock, S. D.; Day, A. M., 2015:
Real-time accumulation of occlusion-based snow

Adhikarla, V Kiran; Marton, F; Balogh, T; Gobbetti, E, 2015:
Real-time adaptive content retargeting for live multi-view capture and light field display

Kaya, Y; Safak, E, 2015:
Real-time analysis and interpretation of continuous data from structural health monitoring (SHM) systems

Jiménez, J.A.; Sendova, M., 2015:
Real-time analysis of the plasmonic diluent effect: Probing Ag nanoparticle growth rate via Dy3+ photoluminescence quenching

Sun, G; Hu, T; Yang, G; Jia, J, 2015:
Real-time and clock-shared rainfall monitoring with a wireless sensor network

Bi, X; Dai, S; Zhang, G; Qiu, N; Li, M; Wang, X; Chen, D; Peng, P'an; Sheng, G; Fu, J; Zhou, Z, 2015:
Real-time and single-particle volatility of elemental carbon-containing particles in the urban area of Pearl River Delta region, China

Loisa, O.; Kaaria, J.; Saario, J.; Niemi, J.; Laaksonlaita, J.; Sarvala, J., 2015:
Real-time applications in accurate monitoring of harmful cyanobacteria blooms: possibilities and benefits to the management and the public

Auat Cheein, F A.; Guivant, Jé; Sanz, R; Escolà, A; Yandún, F; Torres-Torriti, M; Rosell-Polo, J R., 2015:
Real-time approaches for characterization of fully and partially scanned canopies in groves

Tsai, C-Yi; Liu, T-Yen, 2015:
Real-time automatic multilevel color video thresholding using a novel class-variance criterion

Hans, E; Chiabaut, N; Leclercq, L; Bertini, R L., 2015:
Real-time bus route state forecasting using particle filter and mesoscopic modeling

Viazzi, S; Lambrechts, T; Schrooten, J; Papantoniou, I; Aerts, J-Marie, 2015:
Real-time characterisation of the harvesting process for adherent mesenchymal stem cell cultures based on on-line imaging and model-based monitoring

Barut, O; Haciomeroglu, M, 2015:
Real-time collision-free linear trajectory generation on GPU for crowd simulations

Laval, J A.; Cho, H W.; Muñoz, J C.; Yin, Y, 2015:
Real-time congestion pricing strategies for toll facilities

Shen, J-Cyuan; Chang, C-Hao; Wu, S-Jen; Hsu, C-Tsung; Lien, H-Cheng, 2015:
Real-time correction of water stage forecast using combination of forecasted errors by time series models and Kalman filter method

Wang, L; Abdel-Aty, M; Shi, Q; Park, J, 2015:
Real-time crash prediction for expressway weaving segments

Yashin, I.I.; Astapov, I.I.; Barbashina, N.S.; Borog, V.V.; Chernov, D.V.; Dmitrieva, A.N.; Kokoulin, R.P.; Kompaniets, K.G.; Mishutina, Y.N.; Petrukhin, A.A.; Shutenko, V.V.; Yakovleva, E.I., 2015:
Real-time data of muon hodoscope URAGAN

V. V. Shutenko,I. I. Astapov…, 2015:
Real-time data of the URAGAN muon hodoscope

Zhao, Q; Sun, B; Dai, Z; Hu, Z; Shi, C; Liu, J, 2015:
Real-time detection and repair of cycle slips in triple-frequency GNSS measurements

Wang, Y; Du, X; Long, Y; Tang, X; Chen, Z; Jiang, Y, 2015:
Real-time detection of styrene using SAW sensors based on hexafluoroisopropanol group functionalized hydrogen-bond acidic polymers

Alanis, A Y.; Rios, J D.; Rivera, J; Arana-Daniel, N; Lopez-Franco, C, 2015:
Real-time discrete neural control applied to a Linear Induction Motor

Gong, Z; Li, H; Lao, C; Tang, L; Luo, L, 2015:
Real-time drilling mud gas monitoring records seismic damage zone from the 2008 Mw7.9 Wenchuan earthquake

Ellis, M; Christofides, P D., 2015:
Real-time economic model predictive control of nonlinear process systems

Khan, T M.; Bailey, D.G.; Khan, M A.U.; Kong, Y, 2015:
Real-time edge detection and range finding using FPGAs

Chen, L; Zhang, Y; Zhou, J; Singh, V P.; Guo, S; Zhang, J, 2015:
Real-time error correction method combined with combination flood forecasting technique for improving the accuracy of flood forecasting

Lee, S; Wong, S.C.; Li, Y.C., 2015:
Real-time estimation of lane-based queue lengths at isolated signalized junctions

Zhang, Y; Liu, H; Su, A; Gui, Y; Shang, Y, 2015:
Real-time estimation of ship's horizontal attitude based on horizon tracking

Zheng, L; Wang, Z; Sun, H; Zhang, M; Li, M, 2015:
Real-time evaluation of corn leaf water content based on the electrical property of leaf

Goodlet, A; Koshy, P, 2015:
Real-time evaluation of gap flushing in electrical discharge machining

van der Krogt, M.; van Gelder, L.; van de Port, I.; Buizer, A.; Harlaar, J., 2015:
Real-time feedback to improve gait in children with cerebral palsy

Li, Y; Gong, J; Liu, H; Zhu, J; Song, Y; Liang, J, 2015:
Real-time flood simulations using CA model driven by dynamic observation data

Ghysels, E; Ozkan, N, 2015:
Real-time forecasting of the US federal government budget: A simple mixed frequency data regression approach

Najafi, H; Woodbury, K A.; Beck, J V.; Keltner, N R., 2015:
Real-time heat flux measurement using directional flame thermometer

Li, M; Li, W; Fang, R; Shi, C; Zhao, Q, 2015:
Real-time high-precision earthquake monitoring using single-frequency GPS receivers

Zhan, S; Kroon, L G.; Veelenturf, L P.; Wagenaar, J C., 2015:
Real-time high-speed train rescheduling in case of a complete blockage

Mei, Y; Tang, K; Li, K, 2015:
Real-time identification of probe vehicle trajectories in the mixed traffic corridor

Pemberton, T; Cheng, C-Hao; Lin, D; Liou, L; Mancuso, V; Longbrake, M; Buxa, P, 2015:
Real-time imbalance compensator for wideband receiver applications

Lopez, V G.; Alanis, A Y.; Sanchez, E N.; Rivera, J, 2015:
Real-time implementation of neural optimal control and state estimation for a linear induction motor

Yoon, J; Kim, M; Lee, S; Min Chun, K; Song, S, 2015:
Real-time light transmission spectroscopy (RTLTS): A real-time and in situ particle size distribution measurement for fractal-like diesel exhaust particles

Wu, Y; Song, X; Gong, G, 2015:
Real-time load balancing scheduling algorithm for periodic simulation models

Ki, T; Jeong, S, 2015:
Real-time measurement and analysis of energy flow in Stirling-type pulse tube refrigerator

Rizzo, A.L.; Liuzzo, M.; Ancellin, M.A.; Jost, H.J., 2015:
Real-time measurements of 13C, CO2 concentration, and CO2/SO2 in volcanic plume gases at Mount Etna, Italy, over 5 consecutive days

Hajdukiewicz, M; Byrne, D; Keane, M M.; Goggins, J, 2015:
Real-time monitoring framework to investigate the environmental and structural performance of buildings

Liu, Y; Berná, A; Climent, V; Feliu, J Miguel, 2015:
Real-time monitoring of electrochemically active biofilm developing behavior on bioanode by using EQCM and ATR/FTIR

Kim, S; d′Anjou, M; Lanz, K J.; Evans, C E.; Gibson, E R.; Olesberg, J T.; Mallem, M; Shandil, I; Nylen, A; Koerperick, E J.; Cooley, D W.; Brower, G A.; Small, G W.; Arnold, M A., 2015:
Real-time monitoring of glycerol and methanol to enhance antibody production in industrial Pichia pastoris bioprocesses

Wheeler, J L.; Dreyer, C B.; Poshusta, J; Martin, J L.; Porter, J M., 2015:
Real-time monitoring of room-temperature ionic liquid purity through optical diode-based sensing

Savi-Junior, R; de Freitas, R Alves; Sassaki, G Lanzi; Koop, H Siebert; Silveira, J Léa Meira, 2015:
Real-time monitoring of the change in stiffness of single-strand xanthan gum induced by NaCl

Karakach, T K.; McGinn, P J.; Choi, J; MacQuarrie, S P.; Tartakovsky, B, 2015:
Real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and time-course analysis of microalgaeScenedesmusAMDD cultivation using dual excitation wavelength fluorometry

Katrakazas, C; Quddus, M; Chen, W-Hua; Deka, L, 2015:
Real-time motion planning methods for autonomous on-road driving: State-of-the-art and future research directions

Wu, Y; Jia, N; Sun, J, 2015:
Real-time multi-scale tracking based on compressive sensing

Ganestam, P; Doggett, M, 2015:
Real-time multiply recursive reflections and refractions using hybrid rendering

Yang, I; Jayakrishnan, R., 2015:
Real-time network-wide traffic signal optimization considering long-term green ratios based on expected route flows

Shah, M; Monro, J; Julu, P O.O., 2015:
Real-time neuroimmune excitation of the brainstem in fully conscious human volunteers

Suowei, L; Guo, Y, 2015 :
Real-time non-contact optical detection system for roller deformation based on artificial neural network

Mohan, G M.; Srinivas, C. V.; Naidu, C. V.; Baskaran, R.; Venkatraman, B., 2015:
Real-time numerical simulation of tropical cyclone Nilam with WRF: experiments with different initial conditions, 3D-Var and Ocean Mixed Layer Model

Jia, B; Liu, R; Zhu, M, 2015:
Real-time obstacle detection with motion features using monocular vision

Cong, Y; Gong, H; Tang, Y; Ge, S Sam; Luo, J, 2015:
Real-time one-dimensional motion estimation and its application in computer vision

Jun, Z; Zhi-zhong, M; Run-da, J, 2015:
Real-time optimization based on SCFO for gold cyanidation leaching process

Gautier, N.; Aider, J. L., 2015:
Real-time planar flow velocity measurements using an optical flow algorithm implemented on GPU

Chu, Y; Li, M; Pedro, H T.C.; Coimbra, C F.M., 2015:
Real-time prediction intervals for intra-hour DNI forecasts

Lao, L; Ellis, M; Durand, H; Christofides, P D., 2015:
Real-time preventive sensor maintenance using robust moving horizon estimation and economic model predictive control

Favuzza, S.; Galioto, G.; Ippolito, M.G.; Massaro, F.; Milazzo, F.; Pecoraro, G.; Riva Sanseverino, E.; Telaretti, E., 2015:
Real-time pricing for aggregates energy resources in the Italian energy market

Kim, J-Hwan; Lattimer, B Y., 2015:
Real-time probabilistic classification of fire and smoke using thermal imagery for intelligent firefighting robot

Ali, A; Chalaturnyk, R J.; Movaghati, S, 2015:
Real-time reservoir model updating in thermal recovery: Application of analytical proxies and Kalman filtering

C. Lu; X. Li; T. Nilsson; T. Ning; R. Heinkelmann; M. Ge; S. Glaser; H. Schuh, 2015:
Real-time retrieval of precipitable water vapor from GPS and BeiDou observations

Bolsover, A, 2015:
Real-time risk assessment and decision support

Yang, H-Chung; Su, C-Chiang, 2015:
Real-time river bed scour monitoring and synchronous maximum depth data collected during Typhoon Soulik in 2013

Heldmann, J L.; Colaprete, A; Elphic, R C.; Mattes, G; Ennico, K; Fritzler, E; Marinova, M M.; McMurray, R; Morse, S; Roush, T L.; Stoker, C R., 2015:
Real-time science operations to support a lunar polar volatiles rover mission

Oh, S; Min, K; Sunwoo, M, 2015:
Real-time start of a combustion detection algorithm using initial heat release for direct injection diesel engines

Oron, S; Bar-Hillel, A; Avidan, S, 2015:
Real-time tracking-with-detection for coping with viewpoint change

Wang, Y.; Li, X.; Zheng, B.; Zhang, B.; Wang, J. B., 2015:
Real-time ultrasonic experiments and mechanical properties of soil and rock mixture during triaxial deformation

Spiteri, C; Al-Milli, S; Gao, Y; Sarrionandia de León, A, 2015:
Real-time visual sinkage detection for planetary rovers

Bultreys, T; Boone, M A.; Boone, M N.; De Schryver, T; Masschaele, B; Van Loo, D; Van Hoorebeke, L; Cnudde, V, 2015:
Real-time visualization of Haines jumps in sandstone with laboratory-based microcomputed tomography

Uemura, S; Koike, F; Tsushima, S; Hirai, S, 2015:
Real-time visualization of enhanced oil recovery process by using three-phase refractive index matching

Zhou, G; Wang, Z; Ji, Z; Xie, J; Quan, T, 2015:
Real-valued sparse representation for single snapshot direction-of-arrival estimation in shipborne high-frequency surface wave radar

Meckley, L.M.; Miyasato, G.; Kokkotos, F.; Bailey, R.A., 2015:
Real-world canagliflozin utilization: Impact on glycemic control in Patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Habel, J Christian; Teucher, M; Hornetz, B; Jaetzold, R; Kimatu, J N.; Kasili, S; Mairura, Z; Mulwa, R K.; Eggermont, H; Weisser, W W.; Lens, L, 2015:
Real-world complexity of food security and biodiversity conservation

Wu, X; Zhang, S; Wu, Y; Li, Z; Zhou, Y; Fu, L; Hao, J, 2015:
Real-world emissions and fuel consumption of diesel buses and trucks in Macao: From on-road measurement to policy implications

Mills, M; Weeks, R; Pressey, R L.; Gleason, M G.; Eisma-Osorio, R-Liza; Lombard, A T.; Harris, J M.; Killmer, A B.; White, A; Morrison, T H., 2015:
Real-world progress in overcoming the challenges of adaptive spatial planning in marine protected areas

Castella, E; Béguin, O; Besacier-Monbertrand, A-Laure; Hug Peter, D; Lamouroux, N; Mayor Siméant, Hélène; McCrae, D; Olivier, J-Michel; Paillex, A, 2015:
Realised and predicted changes in the invertebrate benthos after restoration of connectivity to the floodplain of a large river

Anaebo, O. K.; Ekhator, E. O., 2015:
Realising substantive rights to healthy environment in Nigeria: A case for constitutionalisation

Brock, T; Carrigan, M, 2015:
Realism and Contingency

Pennington, M, 2015:
Realistic Idealism and The Project of Political Economy

Táborosi, A; Szilagyi, R K., 2015:
Realistic molecular cluster models for exfoliated kaolinite

Stephan, C; Alexander, M. Joan, 2015:
Realistic simulations of atmospheric gravity waves over the continental U.S. using precipitation radar data

Schmidt, Fédéric; Fernando, J, 2015:
Realistic uncertainties on Hapke model parameters from photometric measurement

Amin, A R.; Laudermith, A L.; Rodgers-Hannan, O; Khatkhate, G, 2015:
Realities of Primary Care Mental Health Integration: Lessons Learned While on the Road

Jones, J. L.; Weber, B. R., 2015:
Reality Moms, Real Monsters: Transmediated Continuity, Reality Celebrity, and the Female Grotesque

Smith, H J.; McKee, S, 2015:
Reality and Perception: Power and Paranoia Within the Political Sphere

Adams, J S., 2015:
Reality therapy for geography Ph.D. programs

Chen, J; Xu, R; Mao, P; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y; Tang, C; Liu, J; Chen, T, 2015:
Realization of Fanolike Resonance Due to Diffraction Coupling of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonances in Embedded Nanoantenna Arrays

Yu, Z; Zhao, Y; Li, L; Li, C; Liu, Y; Tian, B, 2015:
Realization of a micro pressure sensor with high sensitivity and overload by introducing beams and Islands

Menon, S Sivadas; Kuppulingam, B.; Baskar, K.; Sairam, T.N.; Ravindran, T.R.; Gupta, B; Singh, S, 2015:
Realization of high photocatalytic hydrogen generation activity by nanostructured Ga1xZnxO1zNz solid-solution without co-catalyst

Eilola, S; Fagerholm, N; Mäki, S; Khamis, M; Käyhkö, N, 2015:
Realization of participation and spatiality in participatory forest management a policypractice analysis from Zanzibar, Tanzania

Bembenek, E; Poulin, F J.; Waite, M L., 2015:
Realizing Surface-Driven Flows in the Primitive Equations

Habbema, J. Dik, F.; Eijkemans, M J. C.; Leridon, H; te Velde, E R., 2015:
Realizing a Desired Family Size

Seckman, C, 2015:
Realizing the Benefits

McGranahan, G, 2015:
Realizing the Right to Sanitation in Deprived Urban Communities: Meeting the Challenges of Collective Action, Coproduction, Affordability, and Housing Tenure

Ekdi, F Pelin; Çıracı, H, 2015:
Really public? Evaluating the publicness of public spaces in Istanbul by means of fuzzy logic modelling

Eisermann, A S.; Ziv, A; Wust‐Bloch, G H., 2015:
RealTime Back Azimuth for Earthquake Early Warning

Sivec, H J.; Hewit, M; Jia, Z; Montesano, V; Munetz, M R.; Kingdon, D, 2015 :
Reanalyses of Turkington et al. (2014)

Irwin, P.G.J.; Tice, D.S.; Fletcher, L.N.; Barstow, J.K.; Teanby, N.A.; Orton, G.S.; Davis, G.R., 2015:
Reanalysis of Uranus cloud scattering properties from IRTF/SpeX observations using a self-consistent scattering cloud retrieval scheme

Nascimento, Fícia F.; Lazar, A; Seuánez, Héctor N.; Bonvicino, C R., 2015:
Reanalysis of the biogeographical hypothesis of range expansion between robust and gracile capuchin monkeys

Antúnez, M. Gómez; Cobos, C. López González; García, M.V. Villalba; Miguez, A. Muiño, 2015:
Reanimacin cardiopulmonar. Soporte vital bsico y avanzado

Albert, J A.; Olds, A D.; Albert, S; Cruz-Trinidad, A; Schwarz, A-Maree, 2015:
Reaping the reef: Provisioning services from coral reefs in Solomon Islands

Saunders, I.; Fourie, C. J. S., 2015:
Reappraisal of Single-Station Locations Reported by the South African National Seismograph Network during the Period 2000-2005

Nordman, M.; Milne, G.; Tarasov, L., 2015:
Reappraisal of the Angerman River decay time estimate and its application to determine uncertainty in Earth viscosity structure

Jutras, S.; Coulombe, S.; Labbe, D.; Jutras, D., 2015:
Reappropriation de l'espace residentiel des familles ou vit une personne lesee medullaire: Reappropriation of residential space of families with a person with a spinal cord injury

Weizman, M.; Rhein, H.; Bhatti, K.; Duman, R.; Schultz, C.; Schüle, M.; Gabriel, O.; Ring, S.; Kirner, S.; Klimm, C.; Nittel, M.; Gall, S.; Rau, B.; Stannowski, B.; Schlatmann, R.; Fink, F., 2015:
Rear-side All-by-Laser Point-contact Scheme for liquid-phase-crystallized silicon on glass solar cells

Liu, P; Wang, W; Mei, X; Liu, B; Zhao, W, 2015:
Rear-side picosecond laser ablation of indium tin oxide micro-grooves

Wood, S J., 2015:
Rearranging the Puzzle: Working Systemically with Stepfamilies when Parents Re-partner

Linhorst, D M.; Kondrat, D; Dirks-Linhorst, P. Ann, 2015:
Rearrests During Mental Health Court Supervision: Predicting Rearrest and Its Association with Final Court Disposition and Postcourt Rearrests

Kinsella, W J., 2015:
Rearticulating Nuclear Power: Energy Activism and Contested Common Sense

Dryzek, J S.; Lo, A Y., 2015:
Reason and rhetoric in climate communication

Hasaba, Y; Yasuda, C I.; Wada, S, 2015:
Reason for being single: some males do not guard receptive females in the hermit crab Pagurus filholi

Barr, N; Pennycook, G; Stolz, J A.; Fugelsang, J A., 2015:
Reasoned connections: A dual-process perspective on creative thought

Voget-Kleschin, L, 2015:
Reasoning Claims for More Sustainable Food Consumption: A Capabilities Perspective

Fernando, R. Velázquez-Quesada, 2015:
Reasoning Processes as Epistemic Dynamics

Skaczkowski, G.; Sanderson, P.; Shand, M.; Byrne, A.; Wilson, C., 2018:
Factors associated with referral offer and acceptance following supportive care problem identification in a comprehensive cancer service

Bucciarelli, M; Daniele, M, 2015:
Reasoning in moral conflicts

Kuznetsov, K. A.; Korchagin, A. P.; Murashov, A. O., 2015:
Reasons for Brittle Failure of Critical Structural Elements During Operation

Kong, G; Camenga, D R.; Cavallo, D A.; Palmer, A; Morean, M; Krishnan-Sarin, S., 2015:
Reasons for E-cigarette initiation and discontinuation among adolescents and young adults

Verweij, S; van Meerkerk, I; Korthagen, I A., 2015:
Reasons for contract changes in implementing Dutch transportation infrastructure projects: An empirical exploration

Hassaskhah, J; Mahdavi Zafarghandi, A; Fazeli, M, 2015:
Reasons for demotivation across years of study: voices from Iranian English major students

Johnson, T J.; Kaye, B K., 2015:
Reasons to believe: Influence of credibility on motivations for using social networks

Shunyi, Z; Rongyong, H; Zheng, W; Jian, L, 2015:
Reassembling 3D Thin Fragments of Unknown Geometry in Cultural Heritage

Lloro-Bidart, T, 2015:
Reassembling the environment: science, affect, and multispecies educative practice at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Balestra, J.; Delouis, B., 2015:
Reassessing the Rupture Process of the 2009 L'Aquila Earthquake (Mw 6.3) on the Paganica Fault and Investigating the Possibility of Coseismic Motion on Secondary Faults

Lason, Gégoire; Peeters, L; Vandenberghe, K; Byttebier, G; Comhaire, F, 2015 :
Reassessing the accuracy and reproducibility of Diers formetric measurements in healthy volunteers

Filoso, S; Carmo, J Braga do; Mardegan, Sílvia Fernanda; Lins, S Rafaela Machado; Gomes, T Figueiredo; Martinelli, L Antonio, 2015:
Reassessing the environmental impacts of sugarcane ethanol production in Brazil to help meet sustainability goals

Pearce, C R.; Parkinson, I J.; Gaillardet, Jérôme; Charlier, B L.A.; Mokadem, F; Burton, K W., 2015:
Reassessing the stable (88/86Sr) and radiogenic (87Sr/86Sr) strontium isotopic composition of marine inputs

Li, J; Zhao, P-Pei; Liu, J; Wang, X-Ce; Yang, A Yang; Wang, G-Qing; Xu, J-Feng, 2015:
Reassessment of Hydrofluoric Acid Desilicification in the Carius Tube Digestion Technique for Re-Os Isotopic Determination in Geological Samples

Su, X; Viste, M; Hossick-Schott, J; Yang, L; Sheldon, B W., 2015:
Reassessment of degradation mechanisms in anodic tantalum oxide capacitors under high electric fields

Mignan, A.; Danciu, L.; Giardini, D., 2015:
Reassessment of the Maximum Fault Rupture Length of Strike-Slip Earthquakes and Inference on Mmax in the Anatolian Peninsula, Turkey

Mahaney, W.C.; Krinsley, D.H.; Allen, C.C.R.; Ditto, J.; Langworthy, K.; Batchelor, A.D.; Lecompte, M.; Milner, M.W.; Hart, K.; O'Reilly, S. S.; Kelleher, B.P.; Hancock, R.G.V., 2015:
Reassessment of the Microbial Role in Mn-Fe Nodule Genesis in Andean Paleosols

Hjaltadóttir, S; Vogfjörd, Kín S.; Hreinsdóttir, Sún; Slunga, R, 2015:
Reawakening of a volcano: Activity beneath Eyjafjallajökull volcano from 1991 to 2009

Li, G-Yue; Ding, J-Xia; Zhang, H; Hou, C-Xia; Wang, F; Li, Y-Ying; Liang, Y-Hua, 2015:
ReaxFF simulations of hydrothermal treatment of lignite and its impact on chemical structures

Zhao, Y; Li, Y-Peng; Huang, J; Liu, J; Wang, W-Ke, 2015:
Rebound and attachment involving single bubble and particle in the separation of plastics by froth flotation

Li, S; Xie, J; Dong, M; Bai, L, 2015:
Rebound characteristics for the impact of SiO2 particle onto a flat surface at different temperatures

Hernandez, D V.; Handran, D; Mah, S L., 2015:
Rebuilding After a Disaster: Turning a Bad Situation into an Opportunity to Make Electrical Safety Improvements

Welstead, J, 2015:
Rebuilding Britain, Planning for a Better Future

Scott, M, 2015:
Rebuilding Britain: planning for a better future

Sun, Z; Tan, H Yin; Bianco, P; Lyubchenko, Y, 2015:
RecG Interaction with the DNA Replication Fork. The Role of E. coli SSB Protein

Chappell, J H.; Wang, Y; Cohn, M Alan, 2015:
Recalcitrant and orthodox Spartina seeds or isolated embryos exhibit similar leachate patterns immediately following desiccation

Phelan, C; Skrzypacz, A, 2015:
Recall and private monitoring

Longman, C F.; Akhtar, R; Ahmed, H; Davies, J; Tamara, S; O’Keeffe, S; Davies, J, 2015:
Recall rates in surveillance breast MRIs performed in women at high risk of developing breast cancer

Chancellor, J; Layous, K; Lyubomirsky, S, 2015:
Recalling Positive Events at Work Makes Employees Feel Happier, Move More, but Interact Less: A 6-Week Randomized Controlled Intervention at a Japanese Workplace

Aguilar-Perez, M.; Kurre, W.; Martinez, R.; Klötzsch, C.; Bäzner, H.; Henkes, H., 2015:
Recanalization of chronic neurovascular arterial occlusion with acute clinical deterioration: Endovascular treatment and clinical outcome

Weiss, C.R.; Holly, B.; Arepally, A.; Singh, J.; Paudel, K.; Hu, C.; Mao, H.; Wang, J.T.; Kraitchman, D.L., 2015:
Recanalization/collateralization after bariatric embolization in a swine model: potential implications for future bariatric surgery

Rzebik-Kowalska, B; Rekovets, L I., 2015:
Recapitulation of data on Ukrainian fossil insectivore mammals (Eulipotyphla, Insectivora, Mammalia)

Ho, E L.-E.; Boyle, M; Yeoh, B S.A., 2015:
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Recent developments and emerging challenges in international human resource management

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Recent developments in variable-resolution global climate modelling

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Recent investigations for revealing nitrate behavior in variety of aquifers in Kyushu and Okinawa region

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Recent literature on bryophytes118(2)

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Recent literature on lichens237

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Recent literature on lichens238

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Recent literature on lichens239

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Recent progress in low temperature nanoimprint lithography

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Recent progress in predicting structural and electronic properties of organic solids with the van der Waals density functional

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Recent progress in production of fuel range liquid hydrocarbons from biomass-derived furanics via strategic catalytic routes

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Recent progress in the development of biofuel 2,5-dimethylfuran

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Recent progress in the development of the Elliptic Blending Reynolds-stress model

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Recent progress in the direct liquefaction of typical biomass

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Recent progress on supported polyoxometalates for biodiesel synthesis via esterification and transesterification

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Recent research and development on sugi (Japanese cedar) structural glued laminated timber

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Recent research on plant cell culture

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Recent trends in Urgent Antibacterial Threat-Related Hospitalization In the US

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Recent trends on glacier area retreat over the group of Nevados Caullaraju-Pastoruri (Cordillera Blanca, Peru) using Landsat imagery

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Recent trial results in recombinant coagulation factors for the treatment of hemophilia B

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Receptivity of winter flounder larvae to artificial diet from the yolk-sac stage to metamorphosis

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Receptor tyrosine kinase KIT can regulate the expression of genes involved in spontaneous regression of neuroblastoma

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Rechallenge with imatinib in advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumors: clinical implications of the RIGHT trial

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Recharge and pumping hydraulics in a till drumlin above fractured bedrock (Massachusetts, USA)

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Recharge mixing in a complex distributary spring system in the Missouri Ozarks, USA

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Recharge processes on typical karst slopes implied by isotopic and hydrochemical indexes in Xiaoyan Cave, Guilin, China

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Recherche de lischmie myocardique silencieuse chez le diabtique

Bhallil, O.; Benseffaj, N.; Essakalli, M., 2015:
Recherche des anticorps anti-phospholipides chez des patients marocains lupiques avec atteinte rnale

Hayez, A.; Rouvroit, C. Lambert de; Michiels, C.; Poumay, Y., 2015:
Recherche des fonctions de la protine transmembranaire 45A lors de la scrtion des kratinocytes

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Recherche en ranimation : enqute auprs des jeunes ranimateurs

Saunier, A.; Contin-Bordes, C.; Ralazamahaleo, M.; Richez, C.; Morlat, P.; Duffau, P.; De Ledinghen, V.; Doutre, M.S.; Blanco, P.; Pellegrin, J.L.; Jean-François, V.; Estibaliz, L., 2015:
Recherche systmatique danticorps anti-SSA 52 et 60 en labsence danticorps antinuclaires : donnes pidmiologiques et intrt diagnostique. Quand les rechercher et quelle valeur en pratique courante ?

Berg, D., 2015:
Rechtliche Aspekte der Risikokommunikation

Burggraf, H, 2015:
Rechtsophthalmologische Begutachtung in Österreich – Rechtliche Vorgaben und Kausalität

Nebendahl, M., 2015:
Rechtsprobleme der Einwilligung bei polytraumatisierten nicht einwilligungsfähigen Patientinnen

Reicher, M.; Bolovis, D.; Brucker, C., 2015:
Rechtsseitige Unterbauchschmerzen

Villard, E; Védie, C; Lenoir, C; Faure, M, 2015:
Rechutes schizophrniques : corrlation entre vnements de vie et rhospitalisation

Kocher, M, 2015:
Recipes and Research: A Survey of Cookbook Collection Users

Patel, A.; Bock, M.J.; Wollstein, A.; Nguyen, K.; Malerba, S.; Lytrivi, I.D., 2015:
Recipient-Donor Height Ratio and Outcomes in Pediatric Heart Transplantation

Li, H-Min; Li, Y-Qi; Chen, Y, 2015:
Reciprocal Transformations of Two CamassaHolm Type Equations

Boyraz, Güler; Waits, J. Brandon, 2015:
Reciprocal associations among self-focused attention, self-acceptance, and empathy: A two-wave panel study

Skalicka, V.; Stenseng, F.; Wichstrom, L., 2015:
Reciprocal relations between student-teacher conflict, children's social skills and externalizing behavior: A three-wave longitudinal study from preschool to third grade

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Reciprocal relations of loneliness and cognitive function in older u.s. adults

Reis, D; Hoppe, A; Schröder, A, 2015:
Reciprocal relationships between resources, work and study engagement, and mental health: Evidence for gain cycles

Zhang, C; Henke, J W.; Viswanathan, S, 2015:
Reciprocity between buyer cost sharing and supplier technology sharing

Johar, M; Maruyama, S; Nakamura, S, 2015:
Reciprocity in the Formation of Intergenerational Coresidence

Wang, Z; Hu, H; Yang, Y, 2015:
Reciprocity relations for the elastodynamic fields generated by multipole sources in a fluidsolid configuration

Block, P, 2015:
Reciprocity, transitivity, and the mysterious three-cycle

Wen-Yong, W; Yan, H; Hong-Lu, L; Shi-Yang, Y; Yong, N, 2015:
Reclaimed Water Filtration Efficiency and Drip Irrigation Emitter Performance with Different Combinations of Sand and Disc Filters

Pham, N Hoang; Sauzéat, Cédric; Di Benedetto, Hé; González-León, J-A; Barreto, G; Nicolaï, Aélia; Jakubowski, M, 2015:
Reclaimed asphalt pavement and additives influence on 3D linear behaviour of warm mix asphalts

Malkemus, S. A., 2015:
Reclaiming Instinct: Exploring the Phylogenetic Unfolding of Animate Being

Elise, D, 2015:
Reclaiming Lost Loves: Transcending Unrequited Desires. Discussion of Davies Oedipal Complexity

Donovan, B M., 2015:
Reclaiming Race as a Topic of the U.S. Biology Textbook Curriculum

Bodnar, J., 2015:
Reclaiming public space

Ors, S; Sahin, U; Khadra, R, 2015:
Reclamation of Saline Sodic Soils with the Use of Mixed Fly Ash and Sewage Sludge

Audet, P; Pinno, B D.; Thiffault, E, 2015:
Reclamation of boreal forest after oil sands mining: anticipating novel challenges in novel environments

Bu, N-Shun; Qu, J-Feng; Li, G; Zhao, B; Zhang, R-Juan; Fang, C-Ming, 2015:
Reclamation of coastal salt marshes promoted carbon loss from previously-sequestered soil carbon pool

Sanchez-Segado, S.; Makanyire, T.; Escudero-Castejon, L.; Hara, Y.; Jha, A., 2015:
Reclamation of reactive metal oxides from complex minerals using alkali roasting and leaching an improved approach to process engineering

Suchkova, N.; Alifragkis, D.; Ganoulis, J.; Darakas, E.; Sawidis, T.; Stolberg, F., 2015:
Reclamation with phytoremediation of area affected by sewage sludge at the Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sindos (Greece)

Doyle, J A., 2015:
Recognising angiosperm clades in the Early Cretaceous fossil record

Gates, P., 2015:
Recognising brainstem problems in the emergency department using the rule of 4 of the brainstem

Craik, C., 2015:
Recognising occupational therapy in prevention and early intervention

Livins, K A.; Doumas, L A. A., 2015:
Recognising relations: What can be learned from considering complexity

Zwicke, D; Paulus, S; Pinninti, M; Khandheria, B; Bajwa, T; Kramer, C; Thohan, V, 2015:
Recognition and Clinical Importance of a Newly Identified Interatrial Shunt (Tunneled Atrial Septal Defect) in Patients With Pulmonary Hypertension

Dassel, M W.; Adelman, M R.; Sharp, H T., 2015:
Recognition and Management of Urologic Injuries With Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Hong, S; Klein-Gitelman, M; Wainwright, M S., 2015:
Recognition and Treatment of Anti-N-Methyl-d-Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis

Marfil, R; Dias, J; Escolano, F, 2015:
Recognition and action for scene understanding

Li, L; Fan, L; Dai, Y; Kan, X, 2015:
Recognition and determination of bovine hemoglobin using a gold electrode modified with gold nanoparticles and molecularly imprinted self-polymerized dopamine

Hartley, A J.; Owen, A; Swan, A; Weissmann, G S.; Holzweber, B I.; Howell, J; Nichols, G; Scuderi, L, 2015:
Recognition and importance of amalgamated sandy meander belts in the continental rock record

Huang, H., 2015:
Recognition and sources of secondary biogenic gases in the oil sand areas, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Wang, C; Liu, L; Wang, Y-He; He, S-Ping; Li, R-She; Li, M; Yang, W-Qiang; Cao, Y-Ting; Collins, A S.; Shi, C; Wu, Z-Nan, 2015:
Recognition and tectonic implications of an extensive Neoproterozoic volcano-sedimentary rift basin along the southwestern margin of the Tarim Craton, northwestern China

Qin, J-can; Yang, Z-yin; Yang, P, 2015:
Recognition of Al3+ based on a naphthalene-based OffOn chemosensor in near 100% aqueous media

Qin, J-can; Yang, Z-yin; Wang, G-qun, 2015:
Recognition of Mg2+ and Zn2+ based on a naphthalene-based fluorescent probe by regulating solvents

Ilem, A A.; Feliciano, L; LeBlanc, L A., 2015:
Recognition of Self-Referent Stimuli in People With Dementia: Names and Pictures as Prosthetic Memory Aids

Fielding, C. R.; Joeckel, R. M., 2015:
Recognition of Tidal-Bore Deposits In the Rock Record: Towards A Facies Model

Yang, M-Zhen; Fu, J-Jing; Ren, A-Qin, 2015:
Recognition of Yanshanian magmatic-hydrothermal gold and polymetallic gold mineralization in the Laowan gold metallogenic belt, Tongbai Mountains: New evidence from structural controls, geochronology and geochemistry

Zecchin, M.; Gordini, E.; Ramella, R., 2015:
Recognition of a drowned delta in the northern Adriatic Sea, Italy: Stratigraphic characteristics and its significance in the frame of the early Holocene sea-level rise

Moore, A C.; Burch, J B.; Duda, T F., 2015:
Recognition of a highly restricted freshwater snail lineage (Physidae:Physella) in southeastern Oregon: convergent evolution, historical context, and conservation considerations

Choudhary, M; Siwal, S Singh; Taher, A; Mallick, K, 2015:
Recognition of biomolecules using gold-polymer composites: metal nanoparticles play the role of the catalyst

Pahlberg, T; Hagman, O; Thurley, M, 2015:
Recognition of boards using wood fingerprints based on a fusion of feature detection methods

Patel, G M.; Rohit, J V.; Singhal, R Kumar; Kailasa, S Kumar, 2015:
Recognition of carbendazim fungicide in environmental samples by using 4-aminobenzenethiol functionalized silver nanoparticles as a colorimetric sensor

Lengani, D; Simoni, D, 2015:
Recognition of coherent structures in the boundary layer of a low-pressure-turbine blade for different free-stream turbulence intensity levels

Erdős, Gábor; Nakano, T; Horváth, G; Nonaka, Y; Váncza, József, 2015:
Recognition of complex engineering objects from large-scale point clouds

Stanković, Mš; Nešić, M; Obrenović, Jša; Stojanović, D; Milošević, V, 2015:
Recognition of facial expressions of emotions in criminal and non-criminal psychopaths: Valence-specific hypothesis

Zhang, M; Li, J; Wang, N; Gao, X, 2015:
Recognition of facial sketch styles

Font, E.; Carazo, P.; Márquez, R.; Palacios, V., 2015:
Recognition of familiarity on the basis of howls: a playback experiment in a captive group of wolves

Borde, P; Varpe, A; Manza, R; Yannawar, P, 2015:
Recognition of isolated words using Zernike and MFCC features for audio visual speech recognition

Thomas, L.C.; Levi, C.; Attia, J.; Rivett, D., 2015:
Recognition of patients presenting with or at risk of craniocervical arterial dissection: preliminary results of a prospective study

Mori, H; Wallis, S; Fujimoto, K; Shigematsu, N, 2015:
Recognition of shear heating on a long-lived major fault using Raman carbonaceous material thermometry: implications for strength and displacement history of the MTL, SW Japan

Hinshaw, W Banks; Quin, L DuBose, 2015:
Recognition of the Causative Agent of Phossy Jaw and Fragile Femur in Fumes Arising from White Phosphorus

Suzuki, S, 2015:
Recognition of the Sex of the Parents by Young: Effects of Hunger and Biparental Care on the Begging Behavior ofNicrophorus quadripuncatusLarvae

Li, J, 2015:
Recognition of the optical image based on the wavelet space feature spectrum entropy

Bajwa, S Zafar; Lieberzeit, P A., 2015:
Recognition principle of Cu2+-imprinted polymersAssessing interactions by combined spectroscopic and mass-sensitive measurements

Sherrod, L R., 2015:
Recognizing Civic Engagement as a Critical Domain of Human Development

Richard, D Abely; More, W; Joy, S P., 2015:
Recognizing Emotions: Testing an Intervention for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Vig, E; Wocial, L, 2015:
Recognizing and Responding to Moral Distress (FR463)

Swiontkowski, M., 2015:
Recognizing the Foundation of Peer Review

de Souza, R; El-Khoury, S; Santos-Victor, Jé; Billard, A, 2015:
Recognizing the grasp intention from human demonstration

Vaiman, V; Haslberger, A; Vance, C M., 2015:
Recognizing the important role of self-initiated expatriates in effective global talent management

Ram-Bidesi, V, 2015:
Recognizing the role of women in supporting marine stewardship in the Pacific Islands

Liu, J; Mysen, B; Fei, Y; Li, J, 2015:
Recoil-free fractions of iron in aluminous bridgmanite from temperature-dependent Mössbauer spectra

Lapum, J L., 2015:
Recollections of His Death

Gutierrez, A F; Sahly, H El, 2015:
Recombinant hemagglutinin protein vaccine: a new option in immunization against influenza

Mei, X; Shpigelman, A; Verrijssen, T A.J.; Kyomugasho, C; Luo, Y; Van Loey, A M.; Michiels, C; Huang, K; Hendrickx, M E., 2015:
Recombinant kiwi pectin methylesterase inhibitor: Purification and characterization of the interaction with plant pectin methylesterase during thermal and high-pressure processing

Yoo, H Young; Song, Y Hoon; Seo, J Hyun; Cha, H Joon; Hwang, D Soo, 2015:
Recombinant mussel coating protein fused with cell adhesion recognition motif enhanced cell proliferation

Çalık, Pınar; Ata, Özge; Güneş, H; Massahi, A; Boy, E; Keskin, A; Öztürk, S; Zerze, Gül H.; Özdamar, Tçer H., 2015:
Recombinant protein production in Pichia pastoris under glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase promoter: From carbon source metabolism to bioreactor operation parameters

Jago, R; Winzer, T; Malic, E, 2015:
Recombination channels in optically excited graphene

Ibragimova, E.M.; Mussaeva, M.A.; Buzrikov, S.N., 2015:
Recombination gamma-luminescence at the nanometal Li dielectric LiF interfaces

del Campo, M; Plaja, A; Casals, E; Figueras, F; de la Chica, R; Armengol, Lís; Cirigliano, V; Borrell, A, 2015:
Recomendaciones para el uso clnico del microarray genmico en diagnstico prenatal

Borrell, A; Armengol, Lís; Casals, E; Cirigliano, V; del Campo, M; de la Chica, R; Figueres, F; Plaja, A, 2015:
Recomendaciones para la aplicacin clnica de la deteccin de aneuploidas en ADN fetal libre en sangre materna

Deneuve, S.; Babin, E.; Lacau-St-Guily, J.; Baujat, B.; Bensadoun, R.-J.; Bozec, A.; Chevalier, D.; Choussy, O.; Cuny, F.; Fakhry, N.; Guigay, J.; Makeieff, M.; Merol, J.-C.; Mouawad, F.; Pavillet, J.; Rebiere, C.; Righini, C.-A.; Sostras, M.-C.; Tournaille, M.; Vergez, S., 2015:
Recommandation de la SFORL (version courte) sur lorganisation du parcours de soins en ORL : processus de dcision thrapeutique

Cuny, F.; Babin, E.; Lacau Saint Guily, J.; Baujat, B.; Bensadoun, R.; Bozec, A.; Chevalier, D.; Choussy, O.; Deneuve, S.; Fakhry, N.; Guigay, J.; Makeieff, M.; Merol, J.-C.; Mouawad, F.; Pavillet, J.; Rebiere, C.; Righini, C.; Sostras, M.-C.; Tournaille, M.; Vergez, S., 2015:
Recommandation de la SFORL sur lorganisation du parcours de soins en cancrologie des voies aro-digestives suprieures (version courte). Prise en charge prcoce des patients porteurs dun cancer de la tte et du cou

Heresbach, D., 2015:
Recommandations 2014-2015 en endoscopie digestive

Halimi, C.; Barry, B.; De Raucourt, D.; Choussy, O.; Dessard-Diana, B.; Hans, S.; Lafarge, D., 2015:
Recommandations de la SFORL (version courte). Diagnostic des rcidives locales et des localisations mtachrones en cancrologie des voies arodigestives suprieures

de Gabory, L.; Serrano, E.; Lecanu, J.-B.; Ébbo, D.; Coudert, F.; Hanau, M.; Escabasse, V., 2015:
Recommandations de la SFORL sur la chirurgie ambulatoire en rhinologie

Papaioannou, A.; Santesso, N.; Morin, S. N.; Feldman, S.; Adachi, J. D.; Crilly, R.; Giangregorio, L. M.; Jaglal, S.; Josse, R. G.; Kaasalainen, S.; Katz, P.; Moser, A.; Pickard, L.; Weiler, H.; Whiting, S.; Skidmore, C. J.; Cheung, A. M., 2015:
Recommandations en vue de la prevention des fractures dans les etablissements de soins de longue duree

Olivier, P.-Y.; Beloncle, F.; Asfar, P., 2015:
Recommandations hmodynamiques de laSurviving Sepsis Campaign: o en sommes-nous aujourdhui ?

Robert, P., 2015:
Recommandations pour lutilisation des technologiques de linformation et de la communication (TIC) et des serious games dans les pathologies neuropsychiatriques

Elit, L; Reade, C J., 2015:
Recommendations for Follow-up Care for Gynecologic Cancer Survivors

Doak, D. F.; Himes Boor, G. K.; Bakker, V. J.; Morris, W. F.; Louthan, A.; Morrison, S. A.; Stanley, A.; Crowder, L. B., 2015:
Recommendations for Improving Recovery Criteria under the US Endangered Species Act

Warr, L. N.; Mählmann, R. Ferreiro, 2015:
Recommendations for Kübler Index standardization

Collet, P; Hélias, A; Lardon, L; Steyer, J-Philippe; Bernard, O, 2015:
Recommendations for Life Cycle Assessment of algal fuels

Floch, M H.; Walker, W. Allan; Sanders, M Ellen; Nieuwdorp, M; Kim, A S.; Brenner, D A.; Qamar, A A.; Miloh, T A.; Guarino, A; Guslandi, M; Dieleman, L A.; Ringel, Y; Quigley, E M.M.; Brandt, L J., 2015:
Recommendations for Probiotic Use2015 Update

Johnson, B G., 2015:
Recommendations for a system to photograph core segments and create stitched images of complete cores

Sapani, J, 2015:
Recommendations for a Recovery orientated apprenticeships scheme in mental health: a literature review

Henderson, G M.; Marchal, O, 2015:
Recommendations for future measurement and modelling of particles in GEOTRACES and other ocean biogeochemistry programmes

Faubion, S S; Kapoor, E; Kuhle, C L; Sood, R; Thielen, J M; Miller, V M, 2015:
Recommendations for hormone therapy in hysterectomized women: importance of new data in clinical management

Urian, K; Gorgone, A; Read, A; Balmer, B; Wells, R S.; Berggren, P; Durban, J; Eguchi, T; Rayment, W; Hammond, P S., 2015:
Recommendations for photo-identification methods used in capture-recapture models with cetaceans

Dudley, D. A.; Pearson, P.; Okely, A. D.; Cotton, W. G., 2015:
Recommendations for policy and practice of physical education in culturally and linguistically diverse Australian secondary schools based on a two-year prospective cohort study

Henry, M; Cifuentes Jara, M; Réjou-Méchain, M; Piotto, D; Michel Fuentes, Jé María; Wayson, C; Alice Guier, F; Castañeda Lombis, Héctor; Castellanos López, E; Cuenca Lara, R; Cueva Rojas, K; Del Águila Pasquel, J; Duque Montoya, Álvaro; Fernández Vega, J; Jiménez Galo, A; López, O R.; Marklund, L Gunnar; Milla, Fán; de Jesús Návar Cahidez, Jé; Malavassi, E Ortiz; Pérez, J; Ramírez Zea, C; Rangel García, L; Rubilar Pons, R; Sanquetta, C; Scott, C; Westfall, J; Zapata-Cuartas, M, 2015:
Recommendations for the use of tree models to estimate national forest biomass and assess their uncertainty

Ares, Gón; Reis, F; Oliveira, D; Antúnez, Lía; Vidal, L; Giménez, A; Chheang, S L.; Hunter, D C.; Kam, K; Roigard, C M.; Paisley, A G.; Beresford, M K.; Jin, D; Jaeger, S R., 2015:
Recommendations for use of balanced presentation order of terms in CATA questions

Graham, C.; Lein, D.H.; Pearce, T.S.; Freeman, L., 2015:
Recommendations for use of the 2:1 student: clinical instructor model in acute care settings

Cai, J; Taute, T; Schneider, M, 2015:
Recommendations of Controlling Saltwater Intrusion in an Inland Aquifer for Drinking-Water Supply at a Certain Waterworks Site in Berlin (Germany)

Edson, M.A.; Li, J., 2015:
Recommendations on Disease Management for Patients With Advanced Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2Positive Breast Cancer and Brain Metastases: American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinical Practice Guideline

Abdmouleh, Z; Alammari, R A.M.; Gastli, A, 2015:
Recommendations on renewable energy policies for the GCC countries

Duijm, N Jan, 2015:
Recommendations on the use and design of risk matrices

Merrill, B, 2015:
Recommended if You Like: Scenes, Maker Culture, and Music Sociology

Le Roux, V.; Dasgupta, R.; Lee, C.-T. A., 2015:
Recommended mineral-melt partition coefficients for FRTEs (Cu), Ga, and Ge during mantle melting

Li, Y; Song, M; E, H, 2015:
Recommender System Using Implicit Social Information

Chen, L; Chen, G; Wang, F, 2015:
Recommender systems based on user reviews: the state of the art

Carroll, D D.; Stevens, A C.; Sloan, M L.; Fulton, J E.; Brown, D R., 2015:
Recommending Physical Activity to Adults with Disabilities

Wang, J; Zhexue Huang, J; Guo, J; Lan, Y, 2015:
Recommending high-utility search engine queries via a query-recommending model

Kurilovas, E; Zilinskiene, I; Dagiene, V, 2015:
Recommending suitable learning paths according to learners preferences: Experimental research results

Kadi, J, 2015:
Recommodifying Housing in Formerly Red Vienna?

McCaffrey, J, 2015:
Reconceiving conceptual vehicles: Lessons from semantic dementia

Werndl, C; Frigg, R, 2015:
Reconceptualising equilibrium in Boltzmannian statistical mechanics and characterising its existence

Heino, J; Melo, A S.; Bini, L M., 2015:
Reconceptualising the beta diversity-environmental heterogeneity relationship in running water systems

McGarvey, L M.; Jamison, N M., 2015:
Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics Learning, Advances in Mathematics Education, by Lyn D. English and Joanne T. Mulligan (Eds.)

Godfroid, A; Spino, L Anne, 2015:
Reconceptualizing Reactivity of Think-Alouds and Eye Tracking: Absence of Evidence Is Not Evidence of Absence

Toste, J R.; Heath, N L.; McDonald Connor, C; Peng, P, 2015:
Reconceptualizing Teacher-Student Relationships

Fenesi, B; Sana, F; Kim, J A.; Shore, D I., 2015:
Reconceptualizing Working Memory in Educational Research

Huijsmans, R, 2015:
Reconceptualizing children's rights in international development: living rights, social justice, translations

Chen, M-Jer; Miller, D, 2015:
Reconceptualizing competitive dynamics: A multidimensional framework

Jackson, S.; Palmer, L. R., 2015:
Reconceptualizing ecosystem services: Possibilities for cultivating and valuing the ethics and practices of care

Zhao, S, 2015:
Reconceptualizing the Self Phenomenon: Toward an Emic Conception of the Self

Rutt, R.L., 2015:
Reconceptualizing the social contributions of community forestry as citizenship

Linke, A M.; O'Loughlin, J, 2015:
Reconceptualizing, Measuring, and Evaluating Distance and Context in the Study of Conflicts: Using Survey Data from the North Caucasus of Russia

Simonsen, S B.; Barletta, V R.; Forsberg, R; Sandberg Sørensen, L, 2015:
Reconciled freshwater flux into the Godthbsfjord system from satellite and airborne remote sensing

Chambers, L William; Lowi-Young, M; Benczkowski, D, 2015:
Reconciliation of different estimates of dementia prevalence and monetary costs

Dong, J; Shen, C-Chou; Kong, X; Wang, H-Cheng; Jiang, X, 2015:
Reconciliation of hydroclimate sequences from the Chinese Loess Plateau and low-latitude East Asian Summer Monsoon regions over the past 14,500years

García-Nava, Héctor; Ocampo-Torres, F J.; Hwang, P A., 2015:
Reconciling Discrepancies Between Airborne and Buoy-Based Measurements of Wind Stress Over Mixed Seas

Ai, X. S.; Sandoval-Solis, S.; Dahlke, H. E.; Lane, B. A., 2015:
Reconciling Hydropower and Environmental Water Uses in the Leishui River Basin

van Eck, D, 2015:
Reconciling Ontic and Epistemic Constraints on Mechanistic Explanation, Epistemically

Oleksiyenko, A, 2015:
Reconciling Tensions between Excellence, Access and Equity in Multilateral R&D Partnerships: A Canadian Collaborators Perspective

Ghonima, M S.; Norris, J R.; Heus, T; Kleissl, J, 2015:
Reconciling and Validating the Cloud Thickness and Liquid Water Path Tendencies Proposed by R. Wood and J. J. van der Dussen et al

Hobday, A J.; Bell, J D.; Cook, Tée R.; Gasalla, M A.; Weng, K C., 2015:
Reconciling conflicts in pelagic fisheries under climate change

Carbutt, C; Edwards, T J., 2015:
Reconciling ecological and phytogeographical spatial boundaries to clarify the limits of the montane and alpine regions of sub-Sahelian Africa

Shoreman-Ouimet, E; Kopnina, H, 2015:
Reconciling ecological and social justice to promote biodiversity conservation

Aizpurua, O; Cantú-Salazar, L; San Martin, G; Biver, G; Brotons, Lís; Titeux, N; Jones, J, 2015:
Reconciling expert judgement and habitat suitability models as tools for guiding sampling of threatened species

Wilder, B.; Stanley, K., 2015:
Reconciling explanations for the evolution of evolvability

Jones, G; Escalante, C; Rusiana, H, 2015:
Reconciling information gaps in organic farm borrowers dealings with farm lenders

Lassiter, J Mathias, 2015:
Reconciling sexual orientation and Christianity: Black same-gender loving men's experiences

Capitanio, F.A.; Replumaz, A.; Riel, N., 2015:
Reconciling subduction dynamics during Tethys closure with large-scale Asian tectonics: Insights from numerical modeling

Vanhove, A J.; Harms, P D., 2015:
Reconciling the Two Disciplines of Organisational Science: A Comparison of Findings from Lab and Field Research

Ortega, P; Mignot, J; Swingedouw, D; Sévellec, F; Guilyardi, E, 2015:
Reconciling two alternative mechanisms behind bi-decadal variability in the North Atlantic

Gillespie, M; Glenn, V; Doley, D, 2015:
Reconciling waste rock rehabilitation goals and practice for a phosphate mine in a semi-arid environment

Bildik, S; Dieter, S; Fritzsch, C; Menzel, W; Jakoby, R, 2015 :
Reconfigurable Folded Reflectarray Antenna Based Upon Liquid Crystal Technology

Erdil, E; Topalli, K; Esmaeilzad, N S.; Zorlu, O; Kulah, H; Aydin Civi, O, 2015:
Reconfigurable Nested Ring-Split Ring Transmitarray Unit Cell Employing the Element Rotation Method by Microfluidics

Lalas, A X.; Kantartzis, N V.; Tsiboukis, T D., 2015:
Reconfigurable metamaterial components exploiting two-hot-arm electrothermal actuators

Sperandio Giacomin, P André; Hemerly, E Moreira, 2015:
Reconfiguration Between Longitudinal and Circular Formations for Multi-UAV Systems by Using Segments

Acharya, S; Lapidus, L J., 2015:
Reconfiguration of the Alzheimer's Peptide Kinetically Controls Aggregation in Alzheimer's Disease

Tabanjat, A; Becherif, M; Hissel, D, 2015:
Reconfiguration solution for shaded PV panels using switching control

Fall, A, 2015:
Reconnaissance au travail : validation dune chelle de mesure dans le contexte des entreprises

Xiong, F; Xie, L; Ge, Q; Pan, Y; Cheung, M, 2015:
Reconnaissance report on buildings damaged during the Lushan earthquake, April 20, 2013

Ma, Z; Wang, S, 2015:
Reconsider the effect of prey refuge in a predation model

Nakano, T; Koarai, M; Une, H, 2015:
Reconsideration of Hazard Assessment Standard for Land Liquefaction Using Landform Classification Data

Tachibana, K; Takeuchi, M, 2015:
Reconsideration of Respiratory Care during Pediatric Anesthesia

Szlachetko, D L.; Kolanowska, M, 2015:
Reconsideration ofHeteranthocidium(Oncidiinae, Orchidaceae): new species and taxonomic transfers

Mori, A; Kaito, T; Furukawa, H, 2015:
Reconsideration on structural anisotropy of silica hydrogels prepared in magnetic field

Kotchen, M J, 2015:
Reconsidering Donations for Nonmarket Valuation

Wassenaar, T, 2015:
Reconsidering Industrial Metabolism: From Analogy to Denoting Actuality

Casas, F; Sarriera, J C.; Alfaro, J; González, Mònica; Bedin, Lívia; Abs, D; Figuer, C; Valdenegro, B, 2015:
Reconsidering Life Domains that Contribute to Subjective Well-Being Among Adolescents with Data from Three Countries

Edmunds, M W.; Waldrop, J, 2015:
Reconsidering NP Program Requirements for Manuscript Submission

Duarte, C. M.; Fulweiler, R. W.; Lovelock, C. E.; Martinetto, P.; Saunders, M. I.; Pandolfi, J. M.; Gelcich, S.; Nixon, S. W., 2015:
Reconsidering Ocean Calamities

King, C; DeWitt, J; Henriksen, E Karoline, 2015:
Reconsidering Recommendations for Educational Fieldwork in Earth Science: Exploring Students Learning Activities During Preparation, in the Field and Follow-up Work

Winkler, H; Boyd, A; Torres Gunfaus, M; Raubenheimer, S, 2015:
Reconsidering development by reflecting on climate change

Tang, X.; Coffey, J.; Levin, D. M., 2015:
Reconsidering the Use of Scoring Rubrics in Biology Instruction

Hansbrough, T Keller; Lord, R G.; Schyns, B, 2015:
Reconsidering the accuracy of follower leadership ratings

Kosaka, A; Aida, M; Katsumoto, Y, 2015:
Reconsidering the activation entropy for anomerization of glucose and mannose in water studied by NMR spectroscopy

Duflot, Rémi; Aviron, Séphanie; Ernoult, A; Fahrig, L; Burel, Fçoise, 2015:
Reconsidering the role of semi-natural habitat in agricultural landscape biodiversity: a case study

Tei, S; Yonenobu, H; Suzuki, S; Ohyama, M; Gotanda, K; Nakagawa, T; Sugimoto, A, 2015:
Reconstructed July temperatures since AD 1800, based on a tree-ring chronology network in the Northwest Pacific region, and implied large-scale atmosphericoceanic interaction

Orme, L. C.; Davies, S. J.; Duller, G. A. T., 2015:
Reconstructed centennial variability of Late Holocene storminess from Cors Fochno, Wales, UK

Jiao, J Jimmy; Shi, L; Kuang, X; Lee, C Ming; Yim, W W.-S.; Yang, S, 2015:
Reconstructed chloride concentration profiles below the seabed in Hong Kong (China) and their implications for offshore groundwater resources

Patskoski, J; Sankarasubramanian, A.; Wang, H, 2015:
Reconstructed streamflow using SST and tree-ring chronologies over the southeastern United States

Tei, S; Yonenobu, H; Sugimoto, A; Ohta, T; Maximov, T C., 2015:
Reconstructed summer Palmer Drought Severity Index since 1850 AD based on 13C of larch tree rings in eastern Siberia

Kremer, K; Hilbe, M; Simpson, G; Decrouy, L; Wildi, W; Girardclos, S, 2015:
Reconstructing 4000 years of mass movement and tsunami history in a deep peri-Alpine lake (Lake Geneva, France-Switzerland)

Meseth, E; Wang, L-Chi; Chen, S-Hwa; Yu, J C. S.; Buzinny, M, 2015:
Reconstructing Agriculture in Vitcos Inca Settlement, Peru

Kim, S. M., 2015:
Reconstructing Bodies: Biomedicine, Health, and Nation-Building in South Korea since 1945

Veldkamp, A.; Candy, I.; Jongmans, A.G.; Maddy, D.; Demir, T.; Schoorl, J.M.; Schreve, D.; Stemerdink, C.; van der Schriek, T., 2015:
Reconstructing Early Pleistocene (1.3Ma) terrestrial environmental change in western Anatolia: Did it drive fluvial terrace formation?

Pompa-García, Mín; Camarero, J. Julio, 2015:
Reconstructing Evaporation From Pine Tree Rings In Northern Mexico

Blum, H P., 2015:
Reconstructing Freud's prototype reconstructions

Tutić, A; Wiese, H, 2015:
Reconstructing Granovetter's network theory

Wittmeier, H E.; Bakke, J; Vasskog, K; Trachsel, M, 2015:
Reconstructing Holocene glacier activity at Langfjordjkelen, Arctic Norway, using multi-proxy fingerprinting of distal glacier-fed lake sediments

Jia, Y; Feng, Y; Wang, Z, 2015:
Reconstructing Hyperspectral Images from Compressive Sensors via Exploiting Multiple Priors

Zeng, C; Shen, H; Zhong, M; Zhang, L; Wu, P, 2015:
Reconstructing MODIS LST Based on Multitemporal Classification and Robust Regression

Uhlenbruch, F, 2015:
Reconstructing Realities from Biblical Utopias

Kravtsov, S; Rudeva, I.; Gulev, S K., 2015:
Reconstructing Sea Level Pressure Variability via a Feature Tracking Approach

Ulvin, L.Bédos.; Heuser, K.; Olsen, K.Berg.; Taubøll, E., 2018:
Factors associated with refractoriness and outcome in an adult status epilepticus cohort

Sansilvestri, R; Frascaria-Lacoste, N; Fernández-Manjarrés, J F., 2015:
Reconstructing a deconstructed concept: Policy tools for implementing assisted migration for species and ecosystem management

Lamentowicz, M.; Gałka, M.; Lamentowicz, Ł.; Obremska, M.; Kühl, N.; Lücke, A.; Jassey, V.E.J., 2015:
Reconstructing climate change and ombrotrophic bog development during the last 4000years in northern Poland using biotic proxies, stable isotopes and trait-based approach

Buck, D, 2015:
Reconstructing educational psychology reports: an historic opportunity to change educational psychologists advice?

Singh, S Kumar; Sharan, M; Singh, A Kumar, 2015:
Reconstructing height of an unknown point release using least-squares data assimilation

Sette, C.M.; Vredenburg, V.T.; Zink, A.G., 2015:
Reconstructing historical and contemporary disease dynamics: A case study using the California slender salamander

Zhang, F; Yuan, N Jing; Wang, Y; Xie, X, 2015:
Reconstructing individual mobility from smart card transactions: a collaborative space alignment approach

Garrett, E.; Shennan, I.; Woodroffe, S.A.; Cisternas, M.; Hocking, E.P.; Gulliver, P., 2015:
Reconstructing paleoseismic deformation, 2: 1000 years of great earthquakes at Chucaln, south central Chile

Hailu, B T.; Maeda, E Eiji; Heiskanen, J; Pellikka, P, 2015:
Reconstructing pre-agricultural expansion vegetation cover of Ethiopia

Bergonse, R; Reis, Eébio, 2015:
Reconstructing pre-erosion topography using spatial interpolation techniques: A validation-based approach

Handy, M R.; Ustaszewski, K; Kissling, E, 2015:
Reconstructing the AlpsCarpathiansDinarides as a key to understanding switches in subduction polarity, slab gaps and surface motion

Mardhiah, U; Rillig, M C; Gurnell, A, 2015:
Reconstructing the development of sampled sites on fluvial island surfaces of the Tagliamento River, Italy, from historical sources

Warrier, R B.; Clara Castro, M.; Hall, C M.; Kenig, F; Doran, P T., 2015:
Reconstructing the evolution of Lake Bonney, Antarctica using dissolved noble gases

Zieritz, A; Sartori, Aé F.; Bogan, A E.; Aldridge, D C., 2015:
Reconstructing the evolution of umbonal sculptures in the Unionida

Arca, M.; Mougel, F.; Guillemaud, T.; Dupas, S.; Rome, Q.; Perrard, A.; Muller, F.; Fossoud, A.; Capdevielle-Dulac, C.; Torres-Leguizamon, M.; Chen, X. X.; Tan, J. L.; Jung, C.; Villemant, C.; Arnold, G.; Silvain, J.-F., 2015:
Reconstructing the invasion and the demographic history of the yellow-legged hornet,Vespa velutina, in Europe

Darin, A. V.; Kalugin, I. A.; Maksimov, M. A.; Rogozin, D. Y.; Rakshun, Y. V.; Darin, F. A.; Sorokoletov, D. S., 2015:
Reconstructing the levels of Lake Shira over the last 1500 years with an annual time scale based on data from X-Ray fluorescence microanalysis using beams of synchrotron radiation

Khomyakov, V. A.; Bogdanov, A. G.; Kindin, V. V.; Kokoulin, R. P.; Petrukhin, A. A.; Khokhlov, S. S.; Shutenko, V. V.; Yashin, I. I., 2015:
Reconstructing the parameters of high-energy cascade showers generated by muons in water

Fuchs, M; Reverman, R; Owen, L A.; Frankel, K L., 2015:
Reconstructing the timing of flash floods using 10Be surface exposure dating at Leidy Creek alluvial fan and valley, White Mountains, CaliforniaNevada, USA

He, S.; Liu, H.; Wu, T.; Wang, X.; Xiong, X.; Fu, Y., 2015:
Reconstructing upper lip tissue defects utilizing modified Abbe flap

Collins, S.V.; Reinhardt, E.G.; Rissolo, D.; Chatters, J.C.; Nava Blank, A.; Luna Erreguerena, P., 2015:
Reconstructing water level in Hoyo Negro, Quintana Roo, Mexico, implications for early Paleoamerican and faunal access

Massè, A; Aprato, A; Turchetto, L; Rizzi, L; Lasagna, G; Arrigoni, C; Ganz, R, 2015:
Reconstruction With Rib Graft for Acetabular Revision in Pelvic Discontinuity

Tumajer, J; Treml, Václav, 2015:
Reconstruction ability of dendrochronology in dating avalanche events in the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic

Kirkbride, M P.; Mitchell, W A.; Barnes, M, 2015:
Reconstruction and Regional Significance of the Coire Breac Palaeoglacier, Glen Esk, Eastern Grampian Highlands, Scotland

Sakulich, J, 2015:
Reconstruction and spatial analysis of alpine treeline in the Elk Mountains, Colorado, USA

Pallaro, J.; Angelliaume, A.; Dunet, B.; Lavoinne, N.; Tournier, C.; Fabre, T., 2015 :
Reconstruction de pertes de substance osseuse fmorale par fixateur externe monoplan avec transport osseux

Murgier, J.; Boisrenoult, P.; Pujol, N.; Beranger, J.-S.; Tardy, N.; Steltzlen, C.; Beaufils, P., 2015:
Reconstruction des ruptures chroniques de lappareil extenseur du genou par allogreffe totale de lappareil extenseur

Pham, T Thuy Trang; Delclaux, S; Bonnevialle, N; Rongières, M; Mansat, P, 2015:
Reconstruction du ligament collatral latral ulnaire dans linstabilit rotatoire postro-latrale du coude propos de 14 patients au recul moyen de 5ans

Barbier, D.; Bennis, M.; Thevenin Lemoine, C.; Sales de Gauzy, J.; Accadbled, F., 2015:
Reconstruction du ligament crois antrieur en ambulatoire : faisabilit et satisfaction en pdiatrie

Neri, T.; Philippot, R.; Carnesecchi, O.; Boyer, B.; Farizon, F., 2015:
Reconstruction du ligament patello-fmoral mdial : rsultats cliniques et radiographiques sur une srie de 90 ligamentoplasties

Pinheiro, M; Rodriguez-Cassola, M; Prats-Iraola, P; Reigber, A; Krieger, G; Moreira, A, 2015:
Reconstruction of Coherent Pairs of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Acquired in Interrupted Mode

Piroddi, C; Gristina, M; Zylich, K; Greer, K; Ulman, A; Zeller, D; Pauly, D, 2015:
Reconstruction of Italys marine fisheries removals and fishing capacity, 19502010

Li, L; Xie, F; Ma, T; Zhang, Z, 2015:
Reconstruction of Philtrum Using Partial Splitting and Folding of Orbicularis Oris Muscle in Secondary Unilateral Cleft Lip

Gnass, E; Stickle, D, 2015:
Reconstruction of Serum Protein Electrophoresis Densitometry Profiles by Gel Image Analysis

Marchetti, L; Forte, G; Bernardi, M; Wappler, T; Hartkopf-Fröder, C; Krainer, K; Kustatscher, E, 2015:
Reconstruction of a Late Cisuralian (Early Permian) floodplain lake environment: Palaeontology and sedimentology of the Tregiovo Basin (Trentino-Alto Adige, Northern Italy)

Schilirò, L; De Blasio, F V.; Esposito, C; Scarascia Mugnozza, G, 2015:
Reconstruction of a destructive debris-flow event via numerical modeling: the role of valley geometry on flow dynamics

Hong, M; Zhang, R; Wang, D; Feng, M; Wang, Z; Singh, V P., 2015:
Reconstruction of a dynamicalstatistical forecasting model of the ENSO index based on the improved self-memorization principle

Brea, M; Artabe, Aía E.; Franzese, J R.; Zucol, A F.; Spalletti, L A.; Morel, E M.; Veiga, G D.; Ganuza, D G., 2015:
Reconstruction of a fossil forest reveals details of the palaeoecology, palaeoenvironments and climatic conditions in the late Oligocene of South America

Hu, J; Zhou, H; Peng, P'an; Yang, X; Spiro, B; Jia, G; Wei, G; Ouyang, T, 2015:
Reconstruction of a paleotemperature record from 0.33.7ka for subtropical South China using lacustrine branched GDGTs from Huguangyan Maar

Beverly, E J.; Driese, S G.; Peppe, D J.; Arellano, L. Nicole; Blegen, N; Faith, J. Tyler; Tryon, C A., 2015:
Reconstruction of a semi-arid late Pleistocene paleocatena from the Lake Victoria region, Kenya

Lee, J, 2015:
Reconstruction of ancestral drainage patterns in an internally draining region, Fars Province, Iran

Toyserkani, N Mohamadpour; Sørensen, J Ahm, 2015:
Reconstruction of calvarial and scalp defects using anterolateral thigh free flaps: A case series

Calderón, Hán; Silva, J F.; Ortiz, Ján M.; Egaña, A, 2015:
Reconstruction of channelized geological facies based on RIPless compressed sensing

Macias, D. M.; Trakas, A.; Coughlin, M. J., 2015:
Reconstruction of concurrent chronic insertional Achilles tendinosis and chronic midsubstance Achilles tendinosis with Haglund deformity: A case report

Khanna, K; Rajpal, N, 2015:
Reconstruction of curves from point clouds using fuzzy logic and ant colony optimization

Cai, Q; Liu, Y; Liu, H; Ren, J, 2015:
Reconstruction of drought variability in North China and its association with sea surface temperature in the joining area of Asia and IndianPacific Ocean

Wen, H; Fan, H; Zhang, Y; Cloquet, C; Carignan, J, 2015:
Reconstruction of early Cambrian ocean chemistry from Mo isotopes

Sharma, A; Dixit, S; Sharma, M; Lukram, S, 2015:
Reconstruction of esophageal defect by autologous pericardial patch

van der Bilt, W G.M.; Bakke, J; Vasskog, K; D'Andrea, W J.; Bradley, R S.; Ólafsdóttir, Sædis, 2015:
Reconstruction of glacier variability from lake sediments reveals dynamic Holocene climate in Svalbard

Mihindukulasooriya, L N.; Ortiz, J D.; Pompeani, D P.; Steinman, B A.; Abbott, M B., 2015:
Reconstruction of late Quaternary paleohydrologic conditions in southeastern British Columbia using visible derivative spectroscopy of Cleland Lake sediment

Pérez-Burgos, A; Román, R; Bilbao, J; de Miguel, A; Oteiza, P, 2015:
Reconstruction of long-term direct solar irradiance data series using a model based on the Cloud Modification Factor

Guerriero, L; Diodato, N; Fiorillo, F; Revellino, P; Grelle, G; Guadagno, F Maria, 2015:
Reconstruction of long-term earth-flow activity using a hydroclimatological model

Mollo, S.; Giacomoni, P.P.; Coltorti, M.; Ferlito, C.; Iezzi, G.; Scarlato, P., 2015:
Reconstruction of magmatic variables governing recent Etnean eruptions: Constraints from mineral chemistry and PTfO2H2O modeling

Tencaliec, P; Favre, A-Catherine; Prieur, Cémentine; Mathevet, T, 2015:
Reconstruction of missing daily streamflow data using dynamic regression models

Asanuma, H; Okada, Y; Fujisaki, W; Suzuki, K; Sato, T; Sawaki, Y; Sakata, S; Yamamoto, S; Hirata, T; Maruyama, S; Windley, B F., 2015:
Reconstruction of ocean plate stratigraphy in the Gwna Group, NW Wales: Implications for the subductionaccretion process of a latest Proterozoic trench-forearc

Cheng, J.; Ye, J.; Wu, H.; Wan, L.; Tao, Z.; Jiang, H.; Wu, Y., 2015:
Reconstruction of palatomaxillary defects following cancer ablation with temporalis muscle flap in medically compromised patients: a 15-year single institutional experience

Staines-Urías, F; González-Yajimovich, O; Beaufort, L, 2015:
Reconstruction of past climate variability and ENSO-like fluctuations in the southern Gulf of California (Alfonso Basin) since the last glacial maximum

Zhang, T; Du, Y; Huang, T; Li, X, 2015:
Reconstruction of porous media using multiple-point statistics with data conditioning

Schubert, B A.; Timmermann, A, 2015:
Reconstruction of seasonal precipitation in Hawai'i using high-resolution carbon isotope measurements across tree rings

Liu, W; Cao, S; Li, G; He, Y, 2015:
Reconstruction of seismic data with missing traces based on local random sampling and curvelet transform

Zhang, T; Du, Y; Huang, T; Peng, Y, 2015:
Reconstruction of spatial data using isometric mapping and multiple-point statistics

Wu, G; Liu, Z; Fang, E; Yu, H, 2015:
Reconstruction of spectral color information using weighted principal component analysis

Zhang, W; Wang, W-guang; Zheng, J-hai; Wang, H-ge; Wang, G; Zhang, J-sheng, 2015:
Reconstruction of stagedischarge relationships and analysis of hydraulic geometry variations: The case study of the Pearl River Delta, China

Hong, M; Zhang, R; Bai, C Zu; Chen, X; Wang, D; Ge, J, 2015:
Reconstruction of statisticaldynamical model of the Western Pacific subtropical high and East Asian summer monsoon factors and its forecast experiments

Necula, C; Panaiotu, C; Schinteie, G; Palade, P; Kuncser, V, 2015:
Reconstruction of superparamagnetic particle grain size distribution from Romanian loess using frequency dependent magnetic susceptibility and temperature dependent Mössbauer spectroscopy

Xu, W; Ni, S; Gao, Y; Shi, Z, 2015:
Reconstruction of the Cadmium Contamination History of a River Floodplain from Maoniuping Mining Area (China) by Gamma Ray Spectrometry and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Sano, M; Sierra-Castaner, M; Salmeron-Ruiz, T; Hirokawa, J; Ando, M, 2015:
Reconstruction of the Field Distribution on Slot Array Antennas Using the Gerchberg–Papoulis Algorithm

López-García, J Manuel; dalla Valle, C; Cremaschi, M; Peresani, M, 2015:
Reconstruction of the Neanderthal and Modern Human landscape and climate from the Fumane cave sequence (Verona, Italy) using small-mammal assemblages

Fauquette, Séverine; Bertini, A; Manzi, V; Roveri, M; Argnani, A; Menichetti, E, 2015:
Reconstruction of the Northern and Central Apennines (Italy) palaeoaltitudes during the late Neogene from pollen data

Stepanova, O.G.; Trunova, V.A.; Zvereva, V.V.; Mel’gunov, M.S.; Petrovskii, S.K.; Krapivina, S.M.; Fedotov, A.P., 2015:
Reconstruction of the Peretolchin Glacier fluctuation (East Sayan) during the 20th century inferred from the bottom sediments of proglacial Lake Ekhoi

Nakamura, T; Obara, Y; Iwamoto, T; Ochi, K; Sato, K, 2015:
Reconstruction of the Scapholunate Interosseous Ligament Using Bone-capitohamate Ligament-bone

Lucas-Picher, P; Riboust, P; Somot, S; Laprise, Ré, 2015:
Reconstruction of the Spring 2011 Richelieu River Flood by Two Regional Climate Models and a Hydrological Model

Myerson, M S.; Aiyer, A A.; Burger, D, 2015:
Reconstruction of the Tibialis Anterior Tendon With Allograft

K. B. Moiseenko,N. A. Malik, 2015:
Reconstruction of the ashfall at Bezymyanny volcano during the eruption of December 24, 2006 by using a mesoscale model of the atmospheric transport of ash particles

V. A. Burov,O. V. Matveev,D. I. Zotov,O. D. Rumyantseva, 2015:
Reconstruction of the blood flow velocity vector as an additional mode of ultrasonic tomograph

Malinovic-Milicevic, S.; Mihailovic, D. T.; Radovanovic, M. M., 2015:
Reconstruction of the erythemal UV radiation data in Novi Sad (Serbia) using the NEOPLANTA parametric model

Lee, H. F.; Zhang, D. D.; Pei, Q., 2015:
Reconstruction of the geographic extent of drought anomalies in northwestern China over the last 539 years and its teleconnection with the Pacific Ocean

Georgieva, K.; Nagovitsyn, Y.; Kirov, B., 2015:
Reconstruction of the long term variations of the total solar irradiance from geomagnetic data

Ferrari, S.; Lanfranco, D.; Bianchi, B.; Ferri, A.; Sesenna, E., 2015:
Reconstruction of the maxillo-facial region in children: our experience

Nic Bhloscaidh, Méad; McCloskey, J; Naylor, M; Murphy, S; Lindsay, A, 2015:
Reconstruction of the slip distributions in historical earthquakes on the Sunda megathrust, W. Sumatra

Dressel, I; Scheck-Wenderoth, M; Cacace, M; Lewerenz, Börn; Götze, H-Jürgen; Reichert, C, 2015:
Reconstruction of the southwestern African continental margin by backward modeling

Ghanem, W., 2015:
Reconstruction of the tongue defect (T1, T2) by nasolabial pedicle flap

Wang, Z; Sun, M; Yao, G; Tang, D; Xu, K, 2015:
Reconstruction of thermal boundary resistance and intrinsic thermal conductivity of SiO2-GaN-sapphire structure and temperature dependence

Kashuk, S; Iskander, M, 2015:
Reconstruction of three dimensional convex zones using images at model boundaries

Wu, Z; Zhou, Z; Tian, D; Wu, W, 2015:
Reconstruction of three-dimensional flame with color temperature

Weng, J; Pan, Z; Yang, C, 2015:
Reconstruction of three-dimensional sectioning of object by single off-axis Fresnel hologram with compressive sensing

Crenn, V; Gouin, Fçois; Rosset, P; Waast, D; Briand, S; Ropars, M, 2015:
Reconstruction prothtique avec mdaillon viss trochantrien aprs rsection du fmur proximal

Mattei, J-Camille; Rochwerger, A; Anract, P; Biau, D; Curvale, G; Gouin, Fçois; Ferembach, B; Rosset, P, 2015:
Reconstruction prothtique massive du fmur distal pour tumeur avec un recul minimum de 5ans. Analyse multicentrique de 154 cas

Harding, P; Milner, B, 2015:
Reconstruction-based speech enhancement from robust acoustic features

Dao, T Ha; Lantieri, L; Bosc, R; Pigneur, Fédéric; Farras-Roca, J; Lepage, C; Bigorie, Véronique; Meyblum, E; Lampson, A; Beaussart, P; Luciani, A; Rahmouni, A, 2015:
Reconstructions mammaires : le savoir-faire des oncoplasticiens et des radiologues avant et aprs lintervention

Demezhko, D. Yu.; Gornostaeva, A. A., 2015:
Reconstructions of ground surface heat flux variations in the urals from geothermal and meteorological data

Søderberg, A-Marie, 2015:
Recontextualising a strategic concept within a globalising company: a case study on Carlsberg's Winning Behaviours strategy

Cashmore, J S.; Apolloni, M; Braga, A; Caglar, O; Cervetto, V; Fenner, Y; Goldbach-Aschemann, S; Goury, C; Hötzel, J E.; Iwahashi, T; Kalas, J; Kitamura, M; Klindworth, M; Kupich, M; Leu, G-Felix; Lin, J; Lindic, M-Helene; Losio, P A.; Mates, T; Matsunaga, D; Mereu, B; Nguyen, X-Viet; Psimoulis, I; Ristau, S; Roschek, T; Salabas, A; Salabas, E Lorena; Sinicco, I, 2015:
Record 12.34% stabilized conversion efficiency in a large area thin-film silicon tandem (MICROMORPH) module

Kam, J; Knutson, T R.; Zeng, F; Wittenberg, A T., 2015:
Record Annual Mean Warmth Over Europe, the Northeast Pacific, and the Northwest Atlantic During 2014: Assessment of Anthropogenic Influence

Festa-Bianchet, M; Schindler, S; Pelletier, F, 2015:
Record books do not capture population trends in horn length of bighorn sheep

Fischer, S; Favilla, E; Tonelli, M; Goldschmidt, J Christoph, 2015:
Record efficient upconverter solar cell devices with optimized bifacial silicon solar cells and monocrystalline BaY2F8:30% Er3+ upconverter

Navarro-Ramirez, J.P.; Bodin, S.; Heimhofer, U.; Immenhauser, A., 2015:
Record of Albian to early Cenomanian environmental perturbation in the eastern sub-equatorial Pacific

Bhattacharya, B; Banerjee, P Pratim, 2015:
Record of Permian Tethyan transgression in eastern India: A reappraisal of the Barren Measures Formation, West Bokaro Coalfield

Jutras, P.; Leforte, M. J.; Hanley, J. J., 2015:
Record of climatic fluctuations and high pH weathering conditions in a thick Ordovician palaeosol developed in rhyolite of the Dunn Point Formation, Arisaig, Nova Scotia, Canada

Antonenko, D. V.; Balanov, A. A.; Matveichuk, S. P.; Blishak, N. M., 2015:
Record of rare for waters of Russia pelagic stingrayPteroplatytrygon violacea(Dasyatidae) in the South Kuril region

Korotyaev, B. A., 2015:
Record of the second species of the East Asian seed-beetle genusMegabruchidiusBorowiec (Coleoptera, Bruchidae) in theGleditsiaseeds in Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, Russia

Kieneke, A, 2015:
Record of the Arctic marine gastrotrichDiuronotus aspetos(Paucitubulatina) from the southern North Sea

Goda, K, 2015:
Record selection for aftershock incremental dynamic analysis

Yoder, M R.; Rundle, J B., 2015:
Record-Breaking Intervals: Detecting Trends in the Incidence of Self-Similar Earthquake Sequences

de Pater, I; Sromovsky, L.A.; Fry, P.M.; Hammel, H B.; Baranec, C; Sayanagi, K M., 2015:
Record-breaking storm activity on Uranus in 2014

Christie, C D.; Bemister, T B.; Dobson, K S., 2015:
Record-informing and note-taking: A continuation of the debate about their impact on client perceptions

Pope, K S., 2015:
Record-keeping controversies: Ethical, legal, and clinical challenges

Borgstrøm, R; Haugen, M; Madsen, K Eivind; Svenning, M-A., 2015:
Recorded bimodal length frequency distributions of Arctic charr,Salvelinus alpinus(L.), and brown trout,Salmo truttaL.: an effect of both population structure and sampling bias

Lenti, L.; Martino, S.; Paciello, A.; Prestininzi, A.; Rivellino, S., 2015:
Recorded displacements in a landslide slope due to regional and teleseismic earthquakes

Kibby, G, 2015:
Recording fungal collections: making a recording sheet

V. I. Kozlov,V. A. Mullayarov…, 2015:
Recording neutrons with 10-s resolution during a thunderstorm in Yakutsk

Nosov, M. A.; Sementsov, K. A.; Kolesov, S. V.; Matsumoto, H.; Levin, B. W., 2015:
Recording of gravity waves formed in the ocean by surface seismic waves during the earthquake of March 11, 2011, off the coast of Japan

Srivastava, S C.L.; Lakshminarayan, A, 2015:
Records in the classical and quantum standard map

Teves, M Roberto; Rotelli, A Ester; Wendel, G Haydée; Paredes, Jésica Daniela; Giraudo, E; Petenatti, M Elena; Pelzer, L Eugenia, 2015:
Records of Medicinal Plants Utilized as Gastroprotective and for Treatment of Gastrointestinal Ulcers, Gastritis, and Heartburn in Argentina: A Survey of the Literature

Xue, Y; Li, D; Xiao, W; Zhang, Y; Feng, B; Jia, H, 2015:
Records of the dhole (Cuon alpinus) in an arid region of the Altun Mountains in western China

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Records of the poorly known ribbon wormNipponnemertes ogumai(Nemertea: Monostilifera) and its phylogenetic position

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Recover! and Recovery Now

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Recovering Traceability Links between Requirements and Source Code Using the Configuration Management Log

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Recovering Walter Burley Griffin's final American city plan

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Recovering energy from flue gas by using a utilities grid technique

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Recovering from failure by asking for help

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Recovering memories of a murder by a child, or getting away with murder

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Recovering proteins from potato juice by complexation with natural polyelectrolytes

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Recovering the evolutionary history of Africas most diverse viper genus: morphological and molecular phylogeny ofBitis(Reptilia: Squamata: Viperidae)

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Recovery Brands' co-founder on changes in Internet marketing

Knopf, A, 2015:
Recovery Brands, Elements settle lawsuit by Seabrook House

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Recovery Capital and Social Networks Among People in Treatment and Among Those in Recovery in York, England

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Recovery Courts help offenders achieve positive outcomes

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Recovery Residences and Providing Safe and Supportive Housing for Individuals Overcoming Addiction

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Recovery after African Olive invasion: can a bottom-up approach to ecological restoration work?

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Recovery analysis for adaptive learning from non-stationary data streams: Experimental design and case study

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Recovery and adaptation after first-episode psychosis: The relevance of posttraumatic growth

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Recovery and characterization of homozygous lines from two sweet orange cultivars via anther culture

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Recovery and identification of grapevine varieties cultivated in old vineyards from Navarre (Northeastern Spain)

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Recovery and reliable change rates for patients scoring severe on depression, anxiety or impaired functioning in a psychological therapies service: IAPT

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Recovery capacity of the invasive colonial bryozoanMembranipora membranaceafrom damage: effects of temperature, location, and magnitude of damage

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Recovery dynamics and invasibility of herbaceous plant communities after exposure to experimental climate extremes

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Recovery efficiency of nitrogen from liquid and solid fractions of pig slurry obtained using different separation technologies

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Recovery from Depression Through Buddhist Wisdom: An Idiographic Case Study

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Recovery from conflict and revival of intimacy in cohabiting couples

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Recovery from job stress: The stressor-detachment model as an integrative framework

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Recovery limitation of endangeredOttelia acuminataby allelopathic interaction with cyanobacteria

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Recovery of ()-epigallocatechingallate (EGCG) from aqueous solution by selective adsorption onto spent coffee grounds

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Recovery of 15N-labeled Fertilizer by Thompson Seedless Grapevines: Effects of N Fertilizer Type and Irrigation Method

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Recovery of Amphibian and Reptile Assemblages During Old-Field Succession of Tropical Rain Forests

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Recovery of Antarctic stream epilithon from simulated scouring events

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Recovery of Asphaltenic Oil During Nano Fluid Injection

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Recovery of Circulating T-Follicular Helper Cells after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

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Recovery of Gasoline and Diesel Range Hydrocarbons From Waste Vegetable Oils

Demirbas, A.; Taylan, O., 2015:
Recovery of Gasoline-Range Hydrocarbons From Petroleum Basic Plastic Wastes

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Recovery of HMF from aqueous solution by zeolitic imidazolate frameworks

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Recovery of Mercury Using a Trioctylphosphine Oxide-Based Supported Liquid Membrane System

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Recovery of Ni, Co, Mn, and Mg from nickel laterite ores using alkaline oxidation and hydrochloric acid leaching

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Recovery of Ni2+ and pure water from electroplating rinse wastewater by an integrated two-stage electrodeionization process

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Recovery of ReO4 by weakly basic anion exchangers: Modeling of sorption equilibrium and rate

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Recovery of abnormal slow-wave activity during nrem sleep after dopaminergic treatment in patients with restless legs syndrome

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Recovery of aliphatic low-molecular-mass carboxylic acids from hardwood kraft black liquor

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Recovery of balance is impaired and abdominal muscle activity is increased in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Recovery of biomolecules from marinated herring (Clupea harengus) brine using ultrafiltration through ceramic membranes

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Recovery of block sparse signals by a block version of StOMP

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Recovery of caprine whey protein and its application in a food protein formulation

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Recovery of carbon monoxide from flue gases by reactive absorption in ionic liquid imidazolium chlorocuprate(I): Mass transfer coefficients

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Recovery of cytogenetic and physiological characteristics of a population of alfalfa cells after cryogenic storage

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Recovery of elemental sulphur via selective catalytic reduction of SO2 over sulphided CoMo/-Al2O3 catalysts

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Recovery of energetically overexploited urban aquifers using surface water

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Recovery of fluoride as perovskite-like minerals from industrial wastewater

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Recovery of genetic diversity in threatened plants through use of germinated seeds from herbarium specimens

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Recovery of genipin from genipap fruit by high pressure processing

Magura, T; Bogyó, Dávid; Mizser, S; Nagy, Dávid D.; Tóthmérész, Béla, 2015:
Recovery of ground-dwelling assemblages during reforestation with native oak depends on the mobility and feeding habits of the species

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Recovery of indium from TFT and CF glasses of LCD wastes using NaOH-enhanced sub-critical water

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Recovery of iron minerals from Indian iron ore slimes using colloidal magnetic coating

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Recovery of light oil by air injection at medium temperature: Experiments

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Recovery of metals from an acid leachate of spent hydrodesulphurization catalyst using molecular recognition technology

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Recovery of methane from tannery sludge: the effect of inoculum to substrate ratio and solids content

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Recovery of methyl orange and Congo red from aqueous solutions using tri-octyl amine (TOA) in benzene as carrier

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Recovery of omega-3 profiles of cultivated abalone by dietary macroalgae supplementation

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Recovery of paddy soil methanotrophs from long term drought

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Recovery of phenolics from apple peels using CO2+ethanol extraction: Kinetics and antioxidant activity of extracts

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Recovery of phosphate and ammonia nitrogen from the anaerobic digestion supernatant of activated sludge by chemical precipitation

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Recovery of plant diversity in restored semi-natural pastures depends on adjacent land use

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Recovery of potassium from landfill leachate concentrates using a combination of cation-exchange membrane electrolysis and magnesium potassium phosphate crystallization

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Recovery of precious metals from ammoniacal thiosulfate solutions by hybrid mesoporous silica: 2 A prospect of PGM adsorption

Fotoohi, B; Mercier, L, 2015:
Recovery of precious metals from ammoniacal thiosulfate solutions by hybrid mesoporous silica: 3 Effect of contaminants

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Recovery of precious metals from scrap printed circuit boards through pyrolysis

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Recovery of rare earth from ion-adsorption rare earth ores with a compound lixiviant

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Recovery of rural centres and albergo diffuso: A case study in Sardinia, Italy

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Recovery of shale oil condensate from different oil shales using a flow-through apparatus

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Recovery of small pile burn scars in conifer forests of the Colorado Front Range

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Recovery of soil productivity with forest succession on abandoned agricultural land

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Recovery of structurally intact norovirus from food-contact surfaces

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Recovery of sulphur from contaminated air in wastewater treatment plants by biofiltration: a critical review

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Recovery of the wave profile for irrotational periodic water waves from pressure measurements

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Recovery of uranium ions from simulated seawater with palygorskite/amidoxime polyacrylonitrile composite

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Recovery of valuable materials from end-of-life thin-film photovoltaic panels: environmental impact assessment of different management options

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Recovery of valuable metal concentrate from waste printed circuit boards by a physical beneficiation technology

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Recovery of virus-infectedDendrobiumorchids by constitutive expression of the cymbidium mosaic virus coat protein gene

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Recovery of walking ability using a hybrid assistive limb in persons with subacute stroke: a randomized controlled pilot study

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Recovery of zinc(II) from chloride solutions using pseudo-emulsion based hollow fiber strip dispersion (PEHFSD) with 1-(3-pyridyl)undecan-1-one oxime or tributylphosphate

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Recovery pattern of brachiopods after the PermianTriassic crisis in South China

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Recovery strategies of inhibition for mesophilic anaerobic sludge treating the de-oiled grease trap waste

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Recovery through activity - increasing participation in everyday life

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Recovery-Focused Addiction Psychiatry: An Interview with Dr. Marvin Seppala

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Recovery-based error estimation in the dynamic analysis of offshore wind turbine monopile foundations

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Recovery: Twelve Simple Steps to Life Beyond Addiction

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Recrafting Israel

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Recreacin del ndulo sinusal mediante reprogramacin somtica: un sueo hecho realidad?

Browne, N K.; Tay, J; Todd, P A., 2015:
Recreating pulsed turbidity events to determine coralsediment thresholds for active management

Walker, L E.; Marzluff, J M., 2015:
Recreation changes the use of a wild landscape by corvids

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Recreational Fishing Effort, Catch, and Harvest for Murray Cod and Golden Perch in the Murrumbidgee River, Australia

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Recreational Housing and Community Development: A Triple Bottom Line Approach

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Recreational amenities, rural migration patterns, and the Great Recession

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Recreational angling intensity correlates with alteration of vulnerability to fishing in a carnivorous coastal fish species

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Recreational demand for clean water: evidence from geotagged photographs by visitors to lakes

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Recreational diver preferences for reef fish attributes: Economic implications of future change

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Recreational fisheries in the USA: economics, management strategies, and ecological threats

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Recreational horse welfare: The relationships between recreational horse owner attributes and recreational horse welfare

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Recreational trampling negatively impacts vegetation structure of an Australian biodiversity hotspot

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Recreational vessels as a vector for marine non-natives: developing biosecurity measures and managing risk through an in-water encapsulation system

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Recruiting age influences male and female survival and population persistence in a long-lived tropical seabird

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Recruiting for an SMS smoking cessation intervention in Peru: Pilot study results

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Recruiting insulator protein ZIPIC ofDrosophila melanogasterto minor binding sites in vivo depends on other DNA-binding transcription factors

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Recruitment Distance from the Nearest Reproductive Conspecific Increases with Tree Size in Tropical Premontane Wet Forests

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Recruitment Techniques for Alcohol Pharmacotherapy Clinical Trials

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Recruitment and abnormality incidence of a desert frog assemblage at an Australian copper mine

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Recruitment and decay rate of Acacia seedlings in the hyper-arid Arava Valley, Israel

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Recruitment ecology of pelagic-broadcast spawning minnows: paradigms from the ocean advance science and conservation of an imperilled freshwater fauna

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Recruitment of Young Bull Trout into the Metolius River and Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon

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Recruitment of aphidophagous arthropods to sorghum plants infested with Melanaphis sacchari and Schizaphis graminum (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

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Recruitment of endogenous chondrogenic progenitor cells for articular cartilage repair

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Recruitment of juvenile, captive-reared eastern loggerhead shrikes Lanius ludovicianus migrans into the wild population in Canada

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Recruitment patterns in the Mediterranean deep-water algaCystoseira zosteroides

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Recruitment sources of invasive Bighead carp (Hypopthalmichthys nobilis) and Silver carp (H. molitrix) inhabiting the Illinois River

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Recrystallization textures in metals and alloys

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Recrystallization: a method to improve the quality of protein crystals

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Rectal Endometriosis Resection: Repair with Barbed Suture

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Rectale klachten: denkt aan een soa?

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Rectangular dipoles in the discrete dipole approximation

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Rectangular sharp-crested weir calibration for low head and clinging flow regime

Kumar, S. Srinivasa; Rao, G. Sasibhushana; Pillalamarri, R, 2015:
Rectangular slotted microstrip line fed compact printed antenna with etched ground plane for UWB communications

Redactie, T, 2015:

Bouchard, Gérard, 2015:

Corte, H; Maggiori, L; Treton, X; Lefevre, J H.; Ferron, M; Panis, Y, 2015:
Rectovaginal Fistula

Huber, S A.; Northington, G M.; Sullivan, P S.; Karp, D R., 2015:
Rectovaginal Fistula and Uterine Prolapse: A Transvaginal Uterine-Sparing Single-Stage Surgical Approach

Susman, E, 2015:
Rectum-Preserving Watch-and-Wait Approach for Certain Patients Found Safe

Roditis, T.; Devaux, E.; Michault, A., 2015:
Recueil et contrle de linformation dans les dpartements dinformation mdicale des tablissements SSR franciliens

de M. Ventura, C A.; Rowlands, A S., 2015:
Recuperated power cycle analysis model: Investigation and optimisation of low-to-moderate resource temperature Organic Rankine Cycles

Girault, J-Marc, 2015:
Recurrence and symmetry of time series: Application to transition detection

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Recurrence of isolated transitional cell carcinoma in an orthotopic ileal neobladder: A case report

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Recurrence quantification analysis across sleep stages

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Recurrence relations in counting the pattern 13-2 in flattened permutations

Tsaousi, G G.; Kanyamibwa, D; Pourzitaki, C; Vasilakos, D, 2015:
Recurrent Episodes of Asystolia Induced by Carotid Sinus Manipulation During Cervical Spine Surgery Without Preceding Clinical Symptoms

Quaresma, L; Gonçalves, J; Estanqueiro, P; Salgado, M, 2015:
Recurrent Fever, Anemia, Arthralgia, and Genu Varum as Late Manifestations of Congenital Syphilis

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Recurrent Lupus Nephritis After Transplantation: A Case Report

Julian, A., F, 2015:
Recurrent Patellar Instability: Assessment and Decision Making

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Recurrent Primary Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Managed With Intensified Plasma Exchange and Concomitant Monitoring of Soluble Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator ReceptorMediated Podocyte b3-integrin Activation

Zhang, X; Shi, X-en; Qi, X; Qian, H, 2015:
Recurrent Salivary Gland-like Pleomorphic Adenoma in the Suprasellar Region

Lee, H Lyeol; Kim, J Soo, 2015:
Recurrent Tuberculous Fistular Granuloma During Antituberculous Drug Therapy, Managed With Repeated Bronchoscopy

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Recurrent benign paroxysmal positional vertigo: Analysis of 170 patients

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Recurrent focal myositis in a patient on maintenance hemodialysis

Velaoras, D; Krokos, G; Theocharis, A, 2015:
Recurrent intrusions of transitional waters of Eastern Mediterranean origin in the Cretan Sea as a tracer of Aegean Sea dense water formation events

Li, N.; Gao, Y.T.; Zhang, R.; Li, X.G.; Sun, Y.C.; Li, N.; Li, B.; Zhang, W.; Wu, L.Y., 2015:
Recurrent ovarian cancer patients with 36month treatment-free interval or 12 prior chemotherapy regimens might get benefit from tumor chemosensitivity assay directed chemotherapy

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Recurrent phases of drought in the upper Miocene of the Black Sea region

Furtado, R; Beasley, W; Falk, G; Joseph, D, 2015:
Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis

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Recurrent rare earth element mineralization in the northwestern Okcheon Metamorphic Belt, Korea: SHRIMP UThPb geochronology, Nd isotope geochemistry, and tectonic implications

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Recurrent respiratory infections and psychological problems in junior school children

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Recurrent slope failure and submarine channel incision as key factors controlling reservoir potential in the South China Sea (Qiongdongnan Basin, South Hainan Island)

Zhao, F; Alves, T M.; Li, W; Wu, S, 2015:
Recurrent slope failure enhancing source rock burial depth and seal unit competence in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, offshore South China Sea

Liu, Z; Moore, A W.; Owen, S, 2015:
Recurrent slow slip event reveals the interaction with seismic slow earthquakes and disruption from large earthquake

Szewczyk-Taranek, Bżena; Pawłowska, Bżena, 2015:
Recurrent somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from seedlings ofHepatica nobilisSchreb

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Recurrent spring-fed rivers in a Middle to Late Pleistocene semi-arid grassland: Implications for environments of early humans in the Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya

Chein-I Chang, ; Cheng Gao, ; Shi-Yu Chen,, 2015:
Recursive Automatic Target Generation Process in Subpixel Detection

You, K, 2015:
Recursive algorithms for parameter estimation with adaptive quantizer

Wang, S; Fang, H; Tian, X, 2015:
Recursive estimation for nonlinear stochastic systems with multi-step transmission delays, multiple packet dropouts and correlated noises

Cattiaux, P.; León, Jé R.; Prieur, C., 2015:
Recursive estimation for stochastic damping hamiltonian systems

Guo, J; Zhao, Y; Sun, C-Yin; Yu, Y, 2015:
Recursive identification of FIR systems with binary-valued outputs and communication channels

Filipovic, V Z., 2015:
Recursive identification of multivariable ARX models in the presence of a priori information: Robustness and regularization

Zeng, Z-Fa; Chen, X; Li, J; Chen, L-Na; Lu, Q; Liu, F-Shan, 2015:
Recursive impedance inversion of ground-penetrating radar data in stochastic media

Lee, J-Ho; Jeong, S-Hee, 2015:
Recursive implementation of GLRT-based radar target detection

Wang, X; Ding, F, 2015:
Recursive parameter and state estimation for an input nonlinear state space system using the hierarchical identification principle

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Recursive weighted multi-plateau histogram equalization for image enhancement

Ait Maatallah, O; Achuthan, A; Janoyan, K; Marzocca, P, 2015:
Recursive wind speed forecasting based on Hammerstein Auto-Regressive model

Gragne, A S.; Alfredsen, K; Sharma, A; Mehrotra, R, 2015:
Recursively updating the error forecasting scheme of a complementary modelling framework for improved reservoir inflow forecasts

Zhu, J; Li, C; Teng, F; Tian, B; Zhang, J, 2015:
Recyclable Ag@AgBr-gelatin film with superior visible-light photocatalytic activity for organic degradation

Huang, X; Pham, K; Yi, W; Zhang, X; Clamens, Cécilia; Hyatt, J H.; Jasinsk, J P.; Tayvah, U; Zhang, W, 2015:
Recyclable Organocatalyst-Promoted One-Pot Asymmetric Synthesis of Spirooxindoles Bearing Multiple Stereogenic Centers

Bain, J; Cho, P; Voutchkova-Kostal, A, 2015:
Recyclable hydrotalcite catalysts for alcohol imination via acceptorless dehydrogenation

Kim, J-Oh; Kim, S; Chung, J, 2015:
Recycle and disposal of contaminated dredged sediments using the pilot-scale hybrid process in dredger

Seo, Y Hwan; Sung, M; Han, J-In, 2015:
Recycle of algal residue suspension from acid-catalyzed hot-water extraction (AHE) as substrate of oleaginous yeast Cryptococcus sp

Seristatidou, E.; Mavrogiorgou, A.; Konstantinou, I.; Louloudi, M.; Deligiannakis, Y., 2015:
Recycled carbon (RC) materials made functional: An efficient heterogeneous Mn-RC catalyst

Rahman, M. Aminur; Imteaz, M A.; Arulrajah, A; Piratheepan, J; Disfani, M Miri, 2015:
Recycled construction and demolition materials in permeable pavement systems: geotechnical and hydraulic characteristics

Hao, Y-tao; Xia, Q-ke; Dallai, L; Coltorti, M, 2015:
Recycled oceanic crust-derived fluids in the lithospheric mantle of eastern China: Constraints from oxygen isotope compositions of peridotite xenoliths

Dhiman, P; Singh, S, 2015:
Recyclic double pass packed bed solar air heaters

Kim, H Youn; Choi, J Won; Chung, Y-Chan; Chun, B Chul, 2015:
Recycling and surface modification of waste bottom ash from coal power plants for the preparation of polypropylene and polyethylene composites

Diouf, B; Pode, R; Osei, R, 2015:
Recycling mobile phone batteries for lighting

Frihy, O; Deabes, E; Moufaddal, W; El-Shahat, A, 2015:
Recycling of Coastal Dredged Sediments from the Northern Nile Delta, Egypt, for Heavy Minerals Exploitation

Senthil Kumar, K; Baskar, K, 2015:
Recycling of E-plastic waste as a construction material in developing countries

Paredes, Cón; Pérez-Murcia, M Dolores; Pérez-Espinosa, A; Ángeles Bustamante, M.; Moreno-Caselles, Jín, 2015:
Recycling of Two-Phase Olive-Mill Cake Alperujo by Co-composting with Animal Manures

Cucchiella, F; D’Adamo, I; Lenny Koh, S.C.; Rosa, P, 2015:
Recycling of WEEEs: An economic assessment of present and future e-waste streams

Wang, J; Li, Y; Song, J; He, M; Song, J; Xia, K, 2015:
Recycling of acrylonitrilebutadienestyrene (ABS) copolymers from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), through using an epoxy-based chain extender

Huotari, N; Tillman-Sutela, E; Moilanen, M; Laiho, R, 2015:
Recycling of ash For the good of the environment?

Lehner, M; Schlemmer, D; Sängerlaub, S, 2015:
Recycling of blends made of polypropylene and an iron-based oxygen scavenger Influence of multiple extrusions on the polymer stability and the oxygen absorption capacity

Yang, J; Liu, J; Liu, W; Wang, J; Tang, T, 2015:
Recycling of carbon fibre reinforced epoxy resin composites under various oxygen concentrations in nitrogenoxygen atmosphere

Hodge, P, 2015:
Recycling of condensation polymers via ring-chain equilibria

Senthil, R; Hemalatha, T; Kumar, B Santhosh; Uma, T Sivagnanam; Das, B Nath; Sastry, T Parvathaleswara, 2015:
Recycling of finished leather wastes: a novel approach

Navratil, J.; Manas, M.; Mizera, A.; Bednarik, M.; Stanek, M.; Danek, M., 2015:
Recycling of irradiated high-density polyethylene

Enshaeieh, M.; Abdoli, A.; Madani, M.; Bayat, M., 2015:
Recycling of lignocellulosic waste materials to produce high-value products: single cell oil and xylitol

Li, Y-Qing; Ma, C-Qian; Robinson, P T.; Zhou, Q; Liu, M-Liang, 2015:
Recycling of oceanic crust from a stagnant slab in the mantle transition zone: Evidence from Cenozoic continental basalts in Zhejiang Province, SE China

Adebayo, O Suraj; Kabbashi, N A.; Alam, M. Zahangir; Mirghani, M S., 2015:
Recycling of organic wastes using locally isolated lignocellulolytic strains and sustainable technology

Ponsot, Iès; Bernardo, E; Bontempi, E; Depero, L; Detsch, R; Chinnam, R Krishna; Boccaccini, A Roberto, 2015:
Recycling of pre-stabilized municipal waste incinerator fly ash and soda-lime glass into sintered glass-ceramics

Li, C; Yue, M; Liu, W; Zuo, T; Yi, X; Chen, J; Zhou, Z; Wu, Y, 2015:
Recycling of scrap sintered NdFeB magnets as anisotropic bonded magnets via hydrogen decrepitation process

Al-Gheethi, A Ali Saeed, 2015:
Recycling of sewage sludge as production medium for cellulase by aBacillus megateriumstrain

Lu, J; Lu, Z; Li, X; Xu, H; Li, X, 2015:
Recycling of shell wastes into nanosized calcium carbonate powders with different phase compositions

Manca, P Paolo; Orrù, G; Desogus, P, 2015:
Recycling of sludge from ornamental stone processing as resource in civil constructions

Al-Zboon, K; Al-Zou’by, J, 2015:
Recycling of stone cutting slurry in concrete mixes

Moretti, Jão Paulo; Mancini, S Donnini; Antunes, M Lúcia Pereira; de Paiva, J Maria Faulstich, 2015:
Recycling scrap automotive heat shield insulation material

van Bergen, L, 2015:
Recycling the Disabled Army, medicine and modernity in WWI Germany

Nakagawa, T; Goto, M, 2015:
Recycling thermosetting polyester resin into functional polymer using subcritical water

Fernández, A.M.; Barriocanal, C.; Díaz-Faes, E., 2015:
Recycling tyre wastes as additives in industrial coal blends for cokemaking

Donnellan, P; Cronin, K; Byrne, E, 2015:
Recycling waste heat energy using vapour absorption heat transformers: A review

La Gamma, E. F.; Feldman, A.; Mintzer, J.; Lakshminrusimha, S.; Alpan, G., 2015:
Red Blood Cell Storage in Transfusion-Related Acute Gut Injury

Ogunbayo, G; Ravindradas, S; Lobo, D; Soni, D; Jacobson, S, 2015:
Red Herring: Unruptured Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm Presenting as Hepatobiliary Disease

Siccha, M; Biton, E; Gildor, H, 2015:
Red Sea circulation during marine isotope stage 5e

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Red Sea fishes in the Mediterranean Sea: a preliminary investigation of a biological invasion using DNA barcoding

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Red Wine Consumption Is Linked to Clinical Improvement and Delisting From the Heart Transplant Waiting List

Ordines, F; Bauzá, M; Sbert, M; Roca, P; Gianotti, M; Massutí, E, 2015:
Red algal beds increase the condition of nekto-benthic fish

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Red and black spruce provenance growth and allocation under ambient and elevated CO2

Gautam, P; Terfa, M Tesema; Olsen, J Elisabeth; Torre, S, 2015 :
Red and blue light effects on morphology and flowering of Petuniahybrida

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Red cell distribution width predicts long-term mortality in critically ill surgical patients

Mymrin, Vévolod; Klitzke, W; Alekseev, K; Catai, R Eduardo; Nagalli, Aé; Izzo, R Luis dos Santos; Romano, C Augusto, 2015:
Red clay application in the utilization of paper production sludge and scrap glass to fabricate ceramic materials

Fresnillo, Bén; Belliure, J; Cuervo, Jé Javier, 2015:
Red coloration in juvenile spiny-footed lizards, Acanthodactylus erythrurus, reduces adult aggression

Gao, Z; Zhang, X; Chen, Y, 2015:
Red fluorescence thin film based on a strong pushpull dicyanoisophorone system

Yang, X; Zhang, X-Fu; Lu, X; Yu, C; Jiao, L, 2015:
Red fluorescent monobenzo-BODIPY dyes: Solvent effects on spectra and efficient fluorescence quenching by quinones and phenols

Berteaux, D; Gallant, D; Sacks, B N.; Statham, M J., 2015:
Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) at their expanding front in the Canadian Arctic have indigenous maternal ancestry

Derbyshire, E; Ruxton, C, 2015:
Red meat consumption and type 2 diabetes mellitus risk

Mouraviev, F. A.; Arefiev, M. P.; Silantiev, V. V.; Khasanova, N. M.; Nizamutdinov, N. M.; Trifonov, A. A., 2015:
Red paleosols in the key sections of the Middle and Upper Permian of the Kazan Volga region and their paleoclimatic significance

Scala, D J.; Johnson, K M.; Rogers, L T., 2015:
Red rural, blue rural? Presidential voting patterns in a changing rural America

Wilson, D R.; Goble, A R.; Boutin, S; Humphries, M M.; Coltman, D W.; Gorrell, J C.; Shonfield, J; McAdam, A G., 2015:
Red squirrels use territorial vocalizations for kin discrimination

Fresnillo, Bén; Belliure, J; Cuervo, Jé Javier, 2015:
Red tails are effective decoys for avian predators

Akpe, V; Ogunsipe, A; Madu, C; Brismar, H, 2015:
Red-Shift Index Concept in Solvent Effects of Chromophore-Substituted Metallophthalocyanines: A Look at the Empirical Relationship of the Macroscopic Properties of the SoluteSolvent Interactions

Adamczyk, J; Osberger, A, 2015:
Red-edge vegetation indices for detecting and assessing disturbances in Norway spruce dominated mountain forests

McCann, S.; Scott, C.; Jones, T.; Moeri, O.; O’Donnell, S.; Gries, G., 2015:
Red-throated Caracara, a falconid raptor, rivals predatory impact of army ants on social wasps

Wang, X; Wei, Y; Wang, S; Chen, L, 2015:
Red-to-blue colorimetric detection of chromium via Cr (III)-citrate chelating based on Tween 20-stabilized gold nanoparticles

Hughes, N M.; Lev-Yadun, S, 2015:
Red/purple leaf margin coloration: Potential ecological and physiological functions

Berendsen, A J., 2015:
Redactioneel ten geleide

Sharaievska, I; Stodolska, M, 2015:
Redefining Boundaries in Families through Social Networking Leisure

Turkeltaub, P E., 2015:
Redefining Recovery from Aphasia

Jachowski, D S.; Kesler, D C.; Steen, D A.; Walters, J R., 2015:
Redefining baselines in endangered species recovery

Nehring, J H.; Szczesiul, S, 2015:
Redefining high performance in Northern Ireland: Deeper learning and twenty-first century skills meet high stakes accountability

Leap, B, 2015:
Redefining the Refuge: Symbolic Interactionism and the Emergent Meanings of Environmentally Variable Spaces

Buck, J A.; Garvey, S D., 2015:
Redefining the design objectives of large offshore wind turbine rotors

Fang, S-Chi; Hart, C; Clarke, D, 2015:
Redefining the mole: the perspective of teaching and learning

Takeuchi, M; Ohkawa, M; Kawahara, K; Tomita, S; Yokota, H; Tokiwa, T; Furukawa, R, 2015:
Redefinition of the Cretaceous terrigenous strata in the northeastern Toyama Prefecture based on U-Pb ages of zircon

Lozano, Iñigo; Suárez-Cuervo, A; Rondán, J; Avanzas, P; Vegas, Jé M.; Morís, César, 2015:
Redes de atencin al infarto con elevacin del ST: cul es el rea idnea de referencia para angioplastia primaria?

Leardi, J Martín; Fiorelli, L E.; Gasparini, Z, 2015:
Redescription and reevaluation of the taxonomical status of Microsuchus schilleri (Crocodyliformes: Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Upper Cretaceous of Neuqun, Argentina

Voskoboinikova, O. S.; Nazarkin, M. V., 2015:
Redescription of Andriashevs spiny pimpled lumpsuckerEumicrotremus andriasheviand designation of a new subspeciesE. andriashevi aculeatusssp. n. (Cyclopteridae)

Herrera-Bachiller, A; Kvist, S; Giribet, G; Junoy, J, 2015:
Redescription of Micrura dellechiajei (Hubrecht, 1879) (Nemertea, Pilidiophora, Lineidae), a rare Mediterranean species

Parapar, J.; Hutchings, P.A., 2015:
Redescription of Terebellides stroemii (Polychaeta, Trichobranchidae) and designation of a neotype

Mizusawa, N; Takami, M; Fukui, A, 2015:
Redescription of the spookfishDolichopteryx anascopaBrauer 1901 (Argentinoidei: Opisthoproctidae)

Błażewicz-Paszkowycz, M; Kobyłecka, E; Jennings, R N., 2015:
Redescription of wood-associated tanaidacean Protanais birsteini (Kudinova-Pasternak, 1970) and its relationship within the Tanaididae

Sideleva, V. G.; Prirodina, V. P.; Reshetnikov, Y. S.; Zhidkov, Z. V., 2015:
Redescription ofCottus koshewnikowi(Cottidae) and its morphological variability in tributaries of the upper Volga

Jiang, Y; Shang, J; Liu, Y; May, J, 2015:
Redesigning promotion strategy for e-commerce competitiveness through pricing and recommendation

Gupta, A; Hoopes, D G.; Knott, A Marie, 2015:
Redesigning routines for replication

Howe, W J.; Scully, E Potter, 2015:
Redesigning the Family Law System to Promote Healthy Families

Masiero, S, 2015:
Redesigning the Indian Food Security System through E-Governance: The Case of Kerala

Butovskaya, M. L.; Meishvili, N. V.; Chalyan, V. G., 2015 :
Redirection of Aggression and Consolation in Hamadryas Baboons

González, F; Callejas-Posada, R; Pabón-Mora, N, 2015:
Rediscovery and conservation status of the cloud fern,Nephopteris maxonii(Pteridaceae), with notes on its anatomical traits

Kimoto, T; Buck, M, 2015:
Rediscovery of Cerceris fumipennis (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) in British Columbia, Canada, with notes on geographic variation and nesting habits

van der Meij, S E. T., 2015:
Rediscovery of Fizesereneia tholiaKropp, 1994 (Decapoda, Cryptochiridae)

Degawa, Y; Hosoya, T; Hosaka, K; Hirayama, Y; Saito, Y; Zhao, Y-Jie, 2015:
Rediscovery of Roesleria subterranea from Japan with a discussion of its infraspecific relationships detected using molecular analysis

Hume, J.P.; de Louw, P.G.B.; Rijsdijk, K.F., 2015:
Rediscovery of a lost Lagerstätte: a comparative analysis of the historical and recent Mare aux Songes dodo excavations on Mauritius

Barroso-Barcenilla, F; Brandão, Jé Manuel; Callapez, P Miguel; Faria dos Santos, V, 2015:
Rediscovery of the holotypes of the Cenomanian (Upper Cretaceous) ammonites Vascoceras gamai Choffat, 1898, and Vascoceras barcoicense (Choffat, 1898)

Lawrence, J M., 2015:
Rediscovery of the threatened Stoffberg Widow butterfly,Dingana fraterna: the value of citizen scientists for African conservation

Ash, C; Tejnecký, Václav; Šebek, Ořej; Houška, J; Chala, A Teressa; Drahota, P; Drábek, Ořej, 2015:
Redistribution of cadmium and lead fractions in contaminated soil samples due to experimental leaching

Tomeoka, K; Ohnishi, I, 2015:
Redistribution of chondrules in a carbonaceous chondrite parent body: A model

Nanni, A. Sofía; Gasparri, N. Ignacio; Grau, H. Ricardo, 2015:
Redistribution of forest biomass in an heterogeneous environment of subtropical Andes undergoing agriculture adjustment

Sparkes, R B.; Lin, I-Tian; Hovius, N; Galy, A; Liu, J T.; Xu, X; Yang, R, 2015:
Redistribution of multi-phase particulate organic carbon in a marine shelf and canyon system during an exceptional river flood: Effects of Typhoon Morakot on the Gaoping RiverCanyon system

Chen, Y; Singh, S; Matsumoto, A; Manna, S; Abdelmegeed, M; Golla, S; Murphy, R; Dong, H; Song, B-Joon; Gonzalez, F; Thompson, D C.; Vasiliou, V, 2015:
Redox Activation of LKB1/AMPK Pathway Protects Against Alcohol-Induced Steatosis

Chong, S; Pervaiz, S, 2015:
Redox Modification of B56 y Sub-Unit of PP2A Promotes Carcinogenesis

Utsumi, H; Okubo, Y; Masumizu, T; Kajiwara, H; Iikura, A; Kobayasi, R; Tahira, T; Hyodo, F, 2015:
Redox Molecular Imaging Using Human-Applicable DNP-MRI

Sahrawat, K L., 2015:
Redox Potential and pH as Major Drivers of Fertility in Submerged Rice Soils: A Conceptual Framework for Management

Cui, H; Kaufman, A J.; Xiao, S; Zhu, M; Zhou, C; Liu, X-Ming, 2015:
Redox architecture of an Ediacaran ocean margin: Integrated chemostratigraphic (13C34S87Sr/86SrCe/Ce*) correlation of the Doushantuo Formation, South China

Morimoto, Y; Takaichi, J; Hanada, S; Ohkubo, K; Sugimoto, H; Fujieda, N; Fukuzumi, S; Itoh, S, 2015:
Redox behavior of novel nickel and palladium complexes supported by trianionic non-innocent ligand containing β-diketiminate and phenol groups

Wagner, M; Hendy, I L.; McKay, J L.; Pedersen, T F., 2015 :
Redox chemistry of West Antarctic Peninsula margin surface sediments

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Redox condition of the late Neoproterozoic pelagic deep ocean: 57Fe Mössbauer analyses of pelagic mudstones in the Ediacaran accretionary complex, Wales, UK

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Redox conditions in the end-Early Triassic Panthalassa

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Redox controls on NiFePGE mineralization and Re/Os fractionation during serpentinization of abyssal peridotite

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Redox evolution of silicic magmas: Insights from XANES measurements of Ce valence in Bishop Tuff zircons

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Redox gradients at the low oxygen boundary of lakes

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Redox of titanium oxides by methane and water for application to cyclic syngas and hydrogen production systems

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Redox potential and microbial functional gene diversity in wetland sediments under simulated warming conditions: implications for phosphorus mobilization

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Redox processes induced in albumin solution by UV and spark plasma radiation

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Redox properties of a bis-pyridine rhenium carbonyl derived from an anthracene scaffold

McDonagh, B, 2015:
Redox proteomic approaches to understanding age-related changes in redox signalling

Kishore, P V.V.N.; Rasamsetty, A; Carolina Sañudo, E.; Baskar, V, 2015:
Redox shield enfolding a magnetic core

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Redox status of extremophilic yeastYarrowia lipolyticaduring adaptation to pH-stress

Rozanov, A. G., 2015:
Redox system of the bottom sediments of the western Kara Sea

Chandrasekaran, A; Zhang, X; Trebak, M; Andres Melendez, J, 2015:
Redox-Dependent Calcium-Mediated Signaling Networks That Control the Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP)

Watkins, J D.; Siefert, N S.; Zhou, X; Myers, C R.; Kitchin, J R.; Hopkinson, D P.; Nulwala, H B., 2015:
Redox-Mediated Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Flue Gas

Smucker, B W.; Bacsa, J; Bera, J K.; Reinheimer, E W., 2015:
Redox-active TTF carboxylate as an axial bridging ligand for dirhenium metalmetal bonded complexes

Loginova, N.V.; Koval’chuk, T.V.; Gres, A.T.; Osipovich, N.P.; Polozov, G.I.; Halauko, Y.S.; Faletrov, Y.V.; Harbatsevich, H.I.; Hlushko, A.V.; Azarko, I.I.; Bokshits, Y.V., 2015:
Redox-active metal complexes of sterically hindered phenolic ligands: Antibacterial activity and reduction of cytochrome c. Part IV. Silver(I) complexes with hydrazone and thiosemicarbazone derivatives of 4,6-di-tert-butyl-2,3-dihydroxybenzaldehyde

Zhang, D; Zhang, J; Shi, H; Guo, X; Guo, Y; Zhang, R; Yuan, B, 2015 :
Redox-active microsized metal-organic framework for efficient nonenzymatic H2O2 sensing

Tessin, A; Hendy, I; Sheldon, N; Sageman, B, 2015:
Redox-controlled preservation of organic matter during OAE 3 within the Western Interior Seaway

Schuth, S; Hurraß, J; Münker, C; Mansfeldt, T, 2015:
Redox-dependent fractionation of iron isotopes in suspensions of a groundwater-influenced soil

Farrell, N.; Allan, S., 2015:
Redrawing boundaries: WITNESS and the politics of citizen videos

McGill, K, 2015:
Redressing the Emperor: An Implementation Framework in Bridging Cross Youth Service Delivery Planning for Children/Youth With Multiple Systems Involvement in a System of Care

Arkhangelskaja, I. V., 2015:
Redshift distribution of gamma-ray bursts: Evidence for the long GRBs sources population nonuniformity

Ghafourian, K; Kobashigawa, J A., 2015:
Reduccin de frecuencia en la taquicardia sinusal en pacientes con trasplante cardiaco: ha llegado el momento?

Castellanos, E; Almendral, Jús; Peinado, R; Salas, J; Ortiz, M, 2015:
Reduccin de las recurrencias tras crioablacin de taquicardia reentrante nodal con catter de 8mm mediante crioaplicaciones prolongadas

Lee, Y.-Y.; Fisher, B., 2015:
Reduce context-dependent learning in people with Parkinson's disease: a repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) study

Moeller, S.; Buechner, S.; Czarkowska, H.; Koehn, J.; Ayappa, I.; Axelrod, F.B.; Rapoport, D.M.; Hilz, M.J., 2015:
Reduced Arousability during sleep in patients with Familial Dysautonomia

Battoo, A; Demmy, T; Attwood, K; Hennon, M; Nwogu, C; Picone, A; Dexter, E, 2015:
Reduced Benefit of Recent Smoking Cessation for Thoracoscopic Lobectomy

Rasmussen, J Ribergaard; Dromph, K Michael; Göke, C; Krause-Jensen, D, 2015:
Reduced Cover of Drifting Macroalgae Following Nutrient Reduction in Danish Coastal Waters

Shin, S.; Milo, L.; Floreani, E.; Pozzi, A.; Clark, A., 2015:
Reduced EGF receptor signalling aggravates signs of post-traumatic osteoarthritis in the calcified tissues of the knee

Nelson, A S.; Wallace, G; Connelly, B; Davies, S M.; Grimley, M S.; Jodele, S; Danziger-Isakov, L, 2015:
Reduced Incidence of Infections in Very Young Children Undergoing Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Hochberg, J; Miller, R P.; Hanley, P J.; McCormack, S; Harrison, L; Militano, O; Brand, P; Bollard, C M.; Cairo, M S., 2015:
Reduced Intensity Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation Followed By Adoptive Cellular Immunotherapy with Donor Derived LMP Specific-CTLs in Patients with EBV Positive Refractory or Recurrent Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Lymphoma Cell Therapy Consortium (LCTC) Trial

Jain, A; Sahdev, I; Brochstein, J; Werther, N, 2015:
Reduced Intensity Conditioning in Transplants for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease: Effect of Late Alemtuzumab

Galletti, C; Ferrarotti, M; Parente, A; Tognotti, L, 2015:
Reduced NO formation models for CFD simulations of MILD combustion

Screen, J A.; Deser, C; Sun, L, 2015:
Reduced Risk of North American Cold Extremes due to Continued Arctic Sea Ice Loss

Wrammert, K Carlson; Harrell, G; O'Neill, M; Grandhige, A; Binney, Z, 2015:
Reduced Symptom Burden After Visiting an Outpatient Supportive Oncology Clinic (S709)