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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64780

Chapter 64780 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gori, A; Reynaud, S; Orejas, C; Ferrier-Pagès, C, 2015:
The influence of flow velocity and temperature on zooplankton capture rates by the cold-water coral Dendrophyllia cornigera

Mollema, P N.; Antonellini, M; Dinelli, E; Greggio, N; Stuyfzand, P J., 2015:
The influence of flow-through saline gravel pit lakes on the hydrologic budget and hydrochemistry of a Mediterranean drainage basin

Tuor, K M. F.; Smokorowski, K E.; Cooke, S J., 2015:
The influence of fluctuating ramping rates on the diets of small-bodied fish species of boreal rivers

Emerson, S. E.; Brown, J. S., 2015:
The influence of food chemistry on food-safety tradeoffs in samango monkeys

Chen, Z-Rong; Su, C-Hsun; Chan, S-Yueh; Peng, H-Te, 2015:
The influence of foot arch and heel cup support for tennis movement

Wu, F; Tang, J; Pei, F; Wang, S; Chen, G; Hu, Q; Zhao, L, 2015:
The influence of four drying methods on nonvolatile taste components of WhiteHypsizygus marmoreus

Chaudhuri, S; Pal, J; Guhathakurta, S, 2015:
The influence of galactic cosmic ray on all India annual rainfall and temperature

Bitsika, V; Sharpley, C F.; Mailli, R, 2015:
The influence of gender, age, Psychological resilience and family interaction factors upon anxiety and depression in non-autism spectrum disorder siblings of children with an autism spectrum disorder

Fisher, M; Carr, E R., 2015:
The influence of gendered roles and responsibilities on the adoption of technologies that mitigate drought risk: The case of drought-tolerant maize seed in eastern Uganda

Chakraborty, S, 2015:
The influence of generalist predators in spatially extended predatorprey systems

Zhang, S; Yang, H; Liu, S; Zhang, L; Ru, X; Xu, D, 2015:
The influence of genetics factor on key growth traits and quantitative genetic analysis of sea cucumberApostichopus Japonicus(Selenka) heat-resistant and fast-growing strain

Lürzel, S; Münsch, C; Windschnurer, I; Futschik, A; Palme, R; Waiblinger, S, 2015:
The influence of gentle interactions on avoidance distance towards humans, weight gain and physiological parameters in group-housed dairy calves

Oyeniyi, E A.; Gbaye, O A.; Holloway, G J., 2015:
The influence of geographic origin and food type on the susceptibility of Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius) to Piper guineense (Schum and Thonn)

Qu, Y; Song, G; Gao, B; Quan, Q; Ericson, P G. P.; Lei, F; Riddle, B, 2015:
The influence of geological events on the endemism of East Asian birds studied through comparative phylogeography

Tecchiato, S; Collins, L; Parnum, I; Stevens, A, 2015:
The influence of geomorphology and sedimentary processes on benthic habitat distribution and littoral sediment dynamics: Geraldton, Western Australia

Pęczuła, W; Suchora, M; Żukowska, Gżyna, 2015:
The influence of glucose and peat extract additions on the spring recruitment ofGonyostomum semenfrom the sediments

Lacchini, C; Rüther, R, 2015:
The influence of government strategies on the financial return of capital invested in PV systems located in different climatic zones in Brazil

Storlazzi, C D.; Norris, B K.; Rosenberger, K J., 2015:
The influence of grain size, grain color, and suspended-sediment concentration on light attenuation: Why fine-grained terrestrial sediment is bad for coral reef ecosystems

Bosson, J-Baptiste; Deline, P; Bodin, X; Schoeneich, P; Baron, L; Gardent, M; Lambiel, C, 2015:
The influence of ground ice distribution on geomorphic dynamics since the Little Ice Age in proglacial areas of two cirque glacier systems

Hou, X; Feng, L; Liu, G; Saeed, D Anser; Li, H; Zhang, Y; Ye, Z, 2015:
The influence of growth media pH on ascorbic acid accumulation and biosynthetic gene expression in tomato

van Toor, R. F.; Chng, S. F.; Warren, R. M.; Butler, R. C.; Cromey, M. G., 2015:
The influence of growth stage of different cereal species on host susceptibility toGaeumannomyces graminisvar.triticiand onPseudomonaspopulations in the rhizosphere

Marín-Luna, M; Alkorta, I; Elguero, Jé, 2015:
The influence of halogen bonds on tautomerism: the case of 3-mercapto-1,2-azoles (pyrazoles, isoxazoles, isothiazoles)

Allegra, A.; Sortino, G.; Miciletta, G.; Riotto, M.; Fasciana, T.; Inglese, P., 2015:
The influence of harvest period and fruit ripeness at harvest on minimally processed cactus pears (Opuntia ficus-indica L. Mill.) stored under passive atmosphere

Blomberg, E J., 2015:
The influence of harvest timing on greater sage-grouse survival: A cautionary perspective

Miklavec, K; Pravst, I; Grunert, K G.; Klopčič, M; Pohar, J, 2015:
The influence of health claims and nutritional composition on consumers yoghurt preferences

Villeneuve, L; Trudel, G; Dargis, L; Préville, M; Boyer, R; Bégin, J, 2015:
The influence of health over time on psychological distress among older couples: the moderating role of marital functioning

Karaś, M; Baraniak, B; Rybczyńska, K; Gmiński, J; Gaweł-Bęben, K; Jakubczyk, A, 2015:
The influence of heat treatment of chickpea seeds on antioxidant and fibroblast growth-stimulating activity of peptide fractions obtained from proteins digested under simulated gastrointestinal conditions

Jurič, I; Kašiković, N; Stančić, M; Novaković, D; Vladić, G; Majnarić, I, 2015:
The influence of heat treatment on print mottle of screen printed textile knitted fabrics

Zaccaro, S J.; Connelly, S; Repchick, K M.; Daza, A I.; Young, M C.; Kilcullen, R N.; Gilrane, V L.; Robbins, J M.; Bartholomew, L N., 2015:
The influence of higher order cognitive capacities on leader organizational continuance and retention: The mediating role of developmental experiences

Davis, D J.; Wieman, A C.; Berendzen, P B., 2015:
The influence of historical and contemporary landscape variables on the spatial genetic structure of the rainbow darter (Etheostoma caeruleum) in tributaries of the upper Mississippi River

Yates, M C.; Debes, P V.; Fraser, D J.; Hutchings, J A.; Taylor, E, 2015:
The influence of hybridization with domesticated conspecifics on alternative reproductive phenotypes in male Atlantic salmon in multiple temperature regimes

Wang, Z; Shen, Z; Chen, X; Jia, P; Guan, Y, 2015:
The influence of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on intestinal mucosal barrier function in rats with acute carbon monoxide poisoning

Kelley, S E.; Briner, J P.; Zimmerman, S R. H., 2015:
The influence of ice marginal setting on early Holocene retreat rates in central West Greenland

Juan Carlos Sosa Varela, D; Diallo, M Fall; Burt, S; Sparks, L, 2015:
The influence of image and consumer factors on store brand choice in the Brazilian market

Holt, R D.; Barfield, M, 2015:
The influence of imperfect matching habitat choice on evolution in sourcesink environments

Sieberz, J; Wohlgemuth, K; Schembecker, G, 2015:
The influence of impurity proteins on the precipitation of a monoclonal antibody with an anionic polyelectrolyte

Yan, X; Zhang, Y; Ma, L, 2015:
The influence of in-vehicle speech warning timing on drivers collision avoidance performance at signalized intersections

Stebelová, Kína; Molčan, Ľuboš; Okuliarová, M; Hanuliak, P; Hartman, P; Hraška, J; Zeman, M, 2015:
The influence of indoor lighting with low blue light dose on urine 6-sulphatoxymelatonin concentrations and sleep efficiency of healthy volunteers

Daghooghi, M; Borazjani, I, 2015:
The influence of inertia on the rheology of a periodic suspension of neutrally buoyant rigid ellipsoids

Rozema, J G., 2015:
The influence of institutional design on local environmental interest representation in the national polity

Chmura, D; Tokarska-Guzik, B; Nowak, T; Woźniak, G; Bzdęga, K; Koszela, K; Gancarek, Młgorzata, 2015:
The influence of invasive Fallopia taxa on resident plant species in two river valleys (southern Poland)

Manzari, C; Fosso, B; Marzano, M; Annese, A; Caprioli, R; D’Erchia, A Maria; Gissi, C; Intranuovo, M; Picardi, E; Santamaria, M; Scorrano, S; Sgaramella, G; Stabili, L; Piraino, S; Pesole, G, 2015:
The influence of invasive jellyfish blooms on the aquatic microbiome in a coastal lagoon (Varano, SE Italy) detected by an Illumina-based deep sequencing strategy

Zipori, I; Yermiyahu, U; Erel, R; Presnov, E; Faingold, I; Ben-Gal, A; Dag, A, 2015:
The influence of irrigation level on olive tree nutritional status

Theodoropoulos, C; Aspridis, D; Iliopoulou-Georgudaki, J, 2015:
The influence of land use on freshwater macroinvertebrates in a regulated and temporary Mediterranean river network

Fazlollahi Mohammadi, M; Jalali, S Gholamali; Kooch, Y; Theodose, T A., 2015:
The influence of landform on the understory plant community in a temperate Beech forest in northern Iran

Laidlaw, R A.; Smart, J; Smart, M A.; Gill, J A.; Amar, A, 2015:
The influence of landscape features on nest predation rates of grassland-breeding waders

Murphy, V A.; Macaro, E; Alba, S; Cipolla, C, 2015:
The influence of learning a second language in primary school on developing first language literacy skills

Bart, D; Davenport, T, 2015:
The influence of legacy impacted seed banks on vegetation recovery in a post-agricultural fen complex

Hough, T; Humphry, M; Langley, K; Russell, J; Rose, L, 2015:
The influence of lens design and power on the zonal oxygen transmissibility of silicone hydrogel soft toric contact lenses

Lebedevas, S; Dailydka, S; Jastremskas, V; Rapalis, P, 2015:
The influence of locomotive diesel engine transient operating modes on energy usage

Sousa, A M.M.; Gonçalves, M P., 2015:
The influence of locust bean gum on native and alkali-modified agar gels

Navrátilová Rovenská, Křina; Jiránek, M; Kačmaříková, V, 2015:
The influence of long-term degradation of waterproof membranes on mechanical properties and on the radon diffusion coefficient preliminary results

Lai, Y-Jen; Pogge von Strandmann, P A.E.; Dohmen, R; Takazawa, E; Elliott, T, 2015:
The influence of melt infiltration on the Li and Mg isotopic composition of the Horoman Peridotite Massif

Li, G; Piper, D J.W., 2015:
The influence of meltwater on the Labrador Current in Heinrich event 1 and the Younger Dryas

Robertson, J M.C.; Sieberg, C; Robertson, P K.J., 2015:
The influence of microbial factors on the susceptibility of bacteria to photocatalytic destruction

van Stratum, B J. H.; Stevens, B, 2015:
The influence of misrepresenting the nocturnal boundary layer on idealized daytime convection in large-eddy simulation

Liu, W; Huang, J; Wang, N; Lei, S, 2015:
The influence of moisture content on the interfacial properties of natural palm fibermatrix composite

Liu, J; Zhou, K; Wen, P; Wang, B; Hu, Y; Gui, Z, 2015:
The influence of multiple modified MMT on the thermal and fire behavior of poly (lactic acid) nanocomposites

Saft, M; Western, A W.; Zhang, L; Peel, M C.; Potter, N J., 2015:
The influence of multiyear drought on the annual rainfall-runoff relationship: An Australian perspective

Dingle, G A.; Kelly, P J.; Flynn, L M.; Baker, F A., 2015:
The influence of music on emotions and cravings in clients in addiction treatment: A study of two clinical samples

Olasina, G; Mutula, S, 2015:
The influence of national culture on the performance expectancy of e-parliament adoption

Grangeon, S; Vinsot, Aès; Tournassat, C; Lerouge, C; Giffaut, E; Heck, S; Groschopf, N; Denecke, M A.; Wechner, S; Schäfer, T, 2015:
The influence of natural trace element distribution on the mobility of radionuclides. The exemple of nickel in a clay-rock

Martin, J E.; Ison, S H.; Baxter, E M., 2015:
The influence of neonatal environment on piglet play behaviour and post-weaning social and cognitive development

Qin, X; Cunningham, Pádraig; Salter-Townshend, M, 2015:
The influence of network structures of Wikipedia discussion pages on the efficiency of WikiProjects

Cai, L-xi; Wang, S-sen; Mao, J-ru; Di, J; Feng, Z-ping, 2015:
The influence of nozzle chamber structure and partial-arc admission on the erosion characteristics of solid particles in the control stage of a supercritical steam turbine

M. J. Hansen; T. M. Schaerf; A. J. W. Ward, 2015:
The influence of nutritional state on individual and group movement behaviour in shoals of crimson-spotted rainbowfish (Melanotaenia duboulayi)

Segar, A.; Urban, J.; Fairbank, J.; Judge, A., 2015:
The influence of obesity on back and leg pain in spinal patients: a study of 2,636 patients

Chander, H; Wade, C; Garner, J C., 2015:
The influence of occupational footwear on dynamic balance perturbations

Xi, M; Wu, Y; Tian, W; Su, G.H.; Qiu, S, 2015:
The influence of ocean conditions on thermal-hydraulic characteristics of a passive residual heat removal system

Ksenofontov, B. S.; Antonova, E. S.; Ivanov, M. V.; Kozodaev, A. S.; Taranov, R. A., 2015:
The influence of oil contaminated soil on the quality of surface waste water

Perdochova, M; Derychova, K; Veznikova, H; Bernatik, A; Pitt, M, 2015:
The influence of oxygen concentration on the composition of gaseous products occurring during the self-heating of coal and wood sawdust

Kou, T.J.; Cheng, X.H.; Zhu, J.G.; Xie, Z.B., 2015:
The influence of ozone pollution on CO2, CH4, and N2O emissions from a Chinese subtropical ricewheat rotation system under free-air O3 exposure

Ruiz-Agudo, C; Putnis, C V.; Ruiz-Agudo, Eón; Putnis, A, 2015:
The influence of pH on barite nucleation and growth

Osuch, M; Romanowicz, R J.; Booij, M J., 2015:
The influence of parametric uncertainty on the relationships between HBV model parameters and climatic characteristics

Likitwattanasade, T; Barringer, S A., 2015:
The influence of particle size on separation and dustiness in powder mixtures during nonelectrostatic and electrostatic coating

Jones, P L.; Ryan, M J.; Chittka, L, 2015:
The influence of past experience with flower reward quality on social learning in bumblebees

Kaluza, B; Milczarczyk, A; Franek, E; Durlik, M, 2015:
The influence of patients? metabolic profiles on 30-days mortality after total or subtotal pancreatectomy

Vinauskienė, R.; Morkūnaite, R.; Leskauskaitė, D., 2015:
The influence of pea products on the functional properties of frankfurters

Frobose, H.L.; Fruge, E.D.; Tokach, M.D.; Hansen, E.L.; DeRouchey, J.M.; Dritz, S.S.; Goodband, R.D.; Nelssen, J.L., 2015:
The influence of pelleting and supplementing sodium metabisulfite (Na2S2O5) on nursery pigs fed diets contaminated with deoxynivalenol

Starfelt, L Charlotte; White, K M., 2015:
The influence of perpetrator and victim intoxication on perceivers' ratings of a sexual perpetrator's own awareness of wrongdoing for his sexually aggressive behaviour

Friggens, M; Raish, C; Finch, D; McSweeney, A, 2015:
The influence of personal belief, agency mission and city size on open space decision making processes in three southwestern cities

Ladhari, R; Tchetgna, N Michèle, 2015:
The influence of personal values on Fair Trade consumption

Czaplińska, D; Piazolo, S; Zibra, I, 2015:
The influence of phase and grain size distribution on the dynamics of strain localization in polymineralic rocks

Krishna, L. Rama; Gupta, P.S.V.N.B.; Sundararajan, G., 2015:
The influence of phase gradient within the micro arc oxidation (MAO) coatings on mechanical and tribological behaviors

Smith, L S.; Fellowes, M D. E., 2015:
The influence of plant species number on productivity, ground coverage and floral performance in grass-free lawns

Ritchie, W J.; Young, G; Shahzad, A M.; Kolodinsky, R W.; Melnyk, S A., 2015:
The influence of plural organizational forms on beliefs and outcomes related to new product adoption

Pataro, G; Sinik, M; Capitoli, M Maria; Donsì, G; Ferrari, G, 2015:
The influence of post-harvest UV-C and pulsed light treatments on quality and antioxidant properties of tomato fruits during storage

Fazli Khani, H; Back, S, 2015:
The influence of pre-existing structure on the growth of syn-sedimentary normal faults in a deltaic setting, Niger Delta

Nesmith, J C.B.; Das, A J.; O’Hara, K L.; van Mantgem, P J., 2015:
The influence of prefire tree growth and crown condition on postfire mortality of sugar pine following prescribed fire in Sequoia National Park

Nye, J.V.C.; Orel, E., 2015:
The influence of prenatal hormones on occupational choice: 2D:4D evidence from Moscow

Ó Broin, E; Nässén, J; Johnsson, F, 2015:
The influence of price and non-price effects on demand for heating in the EU residential sector

Smith, S M.; Lee, K D., 2015:
The influence of prolonged flooding on the growth of Spartina alterniflora in Cape Cod (Massachusetts, USA)

Rüppel, F.; Liersch, S; Walter, U., 2015:
The influence of psychological well-being on academic success

Mohajeri, S.; Dolati, A.; Ghorbani, M., 2015:
The influence of pulse plating parameters on the electrocodeposition of Ni-TiO2 nanocomposite single layer and multilayer structures on copper substrates

Sarris, E; Papanastasiou, P, 2015:
The influence of pumping parameters in fluid-driven fractures in weak porous formations

Schooling, J. T.; Carlyle-Moses, D. E., 2015:
The influence of rainfall depth class and deciduous tree traits on stemflow production in an urban park

Gibson, K Ann; Thunell, R C.; Tappa, E J.; Peterson, L C.; McConnell, M, 2015:
The influence of rapid, millennial scale climate change on nitrogen isotope dynamics of the Cariaco Basin during marine isotope stage 3

Nagai, M.; Ito, A.; Tajino, J.; Yamaguchi, S.; Iijima, H.; Zhang, X.; Kiyan, W.; Aoyama, T.; Kuroki, H., 2015:
The influence of re-mobilization on degenerated cartilage induced by joint immobilization pathological process of the cyst formation

Green, J C.; Egdell, R G., 2015:
The influence of relativistic effects on electronic energy levels in metal tetraiodides MI4 (M=Ti, Zr, Hf, Th)

Fletouris, D J; Govari, M A; Botsoglou, E N, 2015:
The influence of retail display storage on the fatty acid composition of modified atmosphere packaged Graviera Agraphon cheese

H. G. Hovhannisyan; A. H. Barseghyan, 2015:
The influence of rifampicin resistant mutations on the biosynthesis of exopolysaccharides by strainEscherichia coli K-12 lon

Sung, M; Hong, H, 2015:
The influence of risk perception on South Korean mothers use of infant formula

Kazlauskienė, Aė; Brukštutė, V, 2015:
The influence of road maintenance substances on the growth of graminaceous plants

Molina, E.; Benavente, D.; Sebastian, E.; Cultrone, G., 2015:
The influence of rock fabric in the durability of two sandstones used in the Andalusian Architectural Heritage (Montoro and Ronda, Spain)

Peikenkamp, K; Stief, T, 2015:
The influence of rocker soles on bending loads acting on the forefoot during walking and slow jogging

Morozova, M; Dytrych, P; Spacilova, L; Solcova, O, 2015 :
The influence of rutile particles on photo-induced activity of the solgel TiO2/ITO photo-anode

Rieken, J.N.; Wagner, S.; Josef, D.; Regel, G., 2015:
The influence of sacroiliacal dysfunction on the plantar load distribution patterns in gait A pedobarographic study

Gromski, P S.; Xu, Y; Hollywood, K A.; Turner, M L.; Goodacre, R, 2015:
The influence of scaling metabolomics data on model classification accuracy

Zhang, J; Ashjian, C; Campbell, R; Spitz, Y H.; Steele, M; Hill, V, 2015:
The influence of sea ice and snow cover and nutrient availability on the formation of massive under-ice phytoplankton blooms in the Chukchi Sea

Gei, M G.; Powers, J S., 2015:
The influence of seasonality and species effects on surface fine roots and nodulation in tropical legume tree plantations

Morrone, L; Dall’Asta, C; Silvanini, A; Cirlini, M; Beghè, D; Fabbri, A; Ganino, T, 2015:
The influence of seasonality on total fat and fatty acids profile, protein and amino acid, and antioxidant properties of traditional Italian flours from different chestnut cultivars

Cardoso, Véria M.; Borelli, B M.; Lara, C A.; Soares, M A.; Pataro, C; Bodevan, E C.; Rosa, C A., 2015:
The influence of seasons and ripening time on yeast communities of a traditional Brazilian cheese

Kan, B; Wang, Q; Wu, W, 2015:
The influence of selective cutting of mixed Korean pine (Pinus koraiensisSieb. et Zucc.) and broad-leaf forest on rare species distribution patterns and spatial correlation in Northeast China

Cho, H; Lee, J-Shin, 2015:
The influence of self-efficacy, subjective norms, and risk perception on behavioral intentions related to the H1N1 flu pandemic: A comparison between Korea and the US

Börjesson, J.; Dejmek, P.; Löfgren, R.; Paulsson, M.; Glantz, M., 2015:
The influence of serum phase on the whipping time of unhomogenised cream

Hamel, R E.G.; Ramakers, I H.G.B.; Oosterveld, S M.; Melis, Ré J.F.; Olde Rikkert, M G.M.; Sistermans, N; van der Flier, W M.; Scheltens, P; Aalten, P; Jansen, W J.; Visser, P Jelle; Verhey, F R.J., 2015:
The influence of severity of total comorbidity on cognitive decline and conversion to dementia in memory clinic visitors

Yücel, M; Whittle, S; Youssef, G J.; Kashyap, H; Simmons, J G.; Schwartz, O; Lubman, D I.; Allen, N B., 2015:
The influence of sex, temperament, risk-taking and mental health on the emergence of gambling: a longitudinal study of young people

Onodera, A Naomi; Roveri, M Isabel; Oliveira, W Rosa; Sacco, I C.N., 2015:
The influence of shoe upper construction on the plantar pressure distribution during running

Ashrafmansouri, S-Saba; Nasr Esfahany, M, 2015:
The influence of silica nanoparticles on hydrodynamics and mass transfer in spray liquidliquid extraction column

L. A. Baranova,E. V. Zhornik,I. D. Volotovski, 2015:
The influence of silver and titanium dioxide nanoparticles on the expression of genes that encode biomarkers of inflammation and apoptosis

Zhao, Z; Gu, H, 2015:
The influence of single neuron dynamics and network topology on time delay-induced multiple synchronous behaviors in inhibitory coupled network

Gatto, S.R.M.A.; Siqueira, E.S.; Martins, T.A.C.; Seguti, L., 2015:
The influence of social factors in learning problems in a cohort of Brazilian children

Kim, S, 2015:
The influence of social relationships on international students' intentions to remain abroad: multi-group analysis by marital status

Chang, Q; Yan, C; Li, X-Nian; Cui, H; Ye, Q; Jiang, J; Yu, J; Chen, J; Liu, W, 2015:
The influence of sodium and barium ions on the structures of iridium (III) acetylacetonate complexes

Samborska, K; Langa, E; Kamińska-Dwórznicka, A; Witrowa-Rajchert, D, 2015:
The influence of sodium caseinate on the physical properties of spray-dried honey

Strunnikova, O K.; Vishnevskaya, N A.; Ruchiy, A S.; Shakhnazarova, V Yu.; Vorobyov, N I.; Chebotar, V K., 2015:
The influence of soils with different textures on development, colonization capacity and interactions betweenFusarium culmorumandPseudomonas fluorescensin soil and on barley roots

Sfîcă, L.; Voiculescu, M.; Huth, R., 2015:
The influence of solar activity on action centres of atmospheric circulation in North Atlantic

Gao, F-Ling; Tao, L-Ren; Cui, G-Min; Xu, J-Liang; Hua, T-Chao, 2015:
The influence of solar spectral variations on global radiative balance

Lan, Y; Zhai, J; Li, D; Yang, R, 2015:
The influence of solution chemistry on the morphology of ammonium dinitramide crystals

Chang, Y-tang; Chou, H-Ling; Chao, H-Ping; Chang, Y-Jie, 2015:
The influence of sorption on polyaromatic hydrocarbon biodegradation in the presence of modified nonionic surfactant organoclays

Zhang, Y; Hu, J; Zhang, E; Wang, G, 2015:
The influence of spatial representation on valence judgements: An event-related potential study

Kough, A S.; Paris, C B., 2015:
The influence of spawning periodicity on population connectivity

Pianta, L.; Scirè, A.; Cau, N.; Galli, M.; Capodaglio, P.; Mauro, A., 2015:
The influence of specific upper limb rehabilitation in a post-stroke patients on the reaching and on the upper limbs movements during gait

Fu, T.L.; Wang, Z.D.; Deng, X.T.; Liu, G.H.; Wang, G.D., 2015:
The influence of spray inclination angle on the ultra fast cooling of steel plate in spray cooling condition

Rutledge, E.C.; Tung, C.S.; Dietrich, J.E.; Muscal, J.; Lopez, M.E.; Sangi-Haghpeykar, H., 2015:
The influence of staging system in pediatric ovarian cancer clinical outcomes

Lung, M; Espira, A, 2015:
The influence of stand variables and human use on biomass and carbon stocks of a transitional African forest: Implications for forest carbon projects

Percival, G C.; Smiley, E. Thomas, 2015:
The influence of stem girdling on survival and long term health of English oak (Quercus robur L.) and silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.)

Menezes, C; Ruiz-Jarabo, I; Martos-Sitcha, J Antonio; Toni, Cândida; Salbego, Jânia; Becker, A; Loro, V Lucia; Martínez-Rodríguez, G; Mancera, J Miguel; Baldisserotto, B, 2015:
The influence of stocking density and food deprivation in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen): A metabolic and endocrine approach

Hellier, P; Ladommatos, N; Yusaf, T, 2015:
The influence of straight vegetable oil fatty acid composition on compression ignition combustion and emissions

Kørnøv, L; Zhang, J; Christensen, P, 2015:
The influence of street level bureaucracy on the implementation of Strategic Environmental Assessment

Nunes, Jé de Anchieta, C. C.; Sampaio, Cáudio L. S.; Barros, F, 2015:
The influence of structural complexity and reef habitat types on flight initiation distance and escape behaviors in labrid fishes

Stovin, V; Poë, S; De-Ville, S; Berretta, C, 2015:
The influence of substrate and vegetation configuration on green roof hydrological performance

Kovářík, O.; Haušild, P.; Siegl, J.; Chráska, T.; Matějíček, J.; Pala, Z.; Boulos, M., 2015:
The influence of substrate temperature on properties of APS and VPS W coatings

Achterkamp, R.; Hermens, H.J.; Vollenbroek-Hutten, M.M.R., 2015:
The influence of success experience on self-efficacy when providing feedback through technology

Kaale, L Daniel; Eikevik, T Magne, 2015:
The influence of superchilling storage methods on the location/distribution of ice crystals during storage of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Chen, Y; Xuan, Y, 2015:
The influence of surface roughness on nanoscale radiative heat flux between two objects

Liang, Y; Xu, Y, 2015:
The influence of surface sorption and air flow rate on phthalate emissions from vinyl flooring: Measurement and modeling

Drnovšek, Až; Panjan, P; Panjan, Mž; Paskvale, Sčko; Buh, Jže; Čekada, M, 2015:
The influence of surrounding atmosphere on tribological properties of hard protective coatings

Stone, D L.; Deadrick, D L.; Lukaszewski, K M.; Johnson, R, 2015:
The influence of technology on the future of human resource management

Lavigne, H J.; Hanson, K G.; Anderson, D R., 2015:
The influence of television coviewing on parent language directed at toddlers

Reznik, S. Ya.; Voinovich, N. D., 2015:
The influence of temperature and photoperiod on the rate of development inTrichogramma principiumSug. et Sor. (Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae)

Moreno-Navarro, F; Rubio-Gámez, Mª Carmen; Miró, R; Pérez-Jiménez, Félix, 2015:
The influence of temperature on the fatigue behaviour of bituminous materials for pavement rehabilitation

Fahrner, S J.; Lelito, J P.; Aukema, B H., 2015:
The influence of temperature on the flight capacity of emerald ash borerAgrilus planipennisand its parasitoid,Tetrastichus planipennisi: implications to biological control

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The influence of tenure status on housing satisfaction and indoor environmental quality in Finnish apartment buildings

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The influence of termites on soil sheeting properties varies depending on the materials on which they feed

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The influence of terrigenous particulate material dissolution on ocean chemistry and global element cycles

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The influence of testosterone on cognitive performance in bonobos and chimpanzees

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The influence of the Chinese sport system and Chinese cultural characteristics on Olympic sport psychology services

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The influence of the Goos–Hänchen effect on seismic data processing and AVO in attenuating media

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The influence of the aeration status (ODR, Eh) of peat soils on their ability to produce methane

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The influence of the composition of eight-atom PtIr clusters on the magnetic properties

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The influence of the condenser cooling seawater salinity changes on the thermal performance of a nuclear power plant

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The influence of the depth of a very shallow cool-pool lake on nocturnal cooling

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The influence of the family educational scenario on internet use of primary and secondary school children / La influencia del escenario educativo familiar en el uso de internet en los nios de primaria y secundaria

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The influence of the foodpredation trade-off on the foraging behaviour of central-place foragers

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The influence of the functional state of brain regulatory systems on the efficiency of voluntary regulation of cognitive activity in children: II. neuropsychological and EEG analysis of brain regulatory functions in 1012-year-old children with learning difficulties

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The influence of the functional state of brain regulatory systems on the programming, selective regulation and control of cognitive activity in children: I. Neuropsychological and EEG analysis of age-related changes in brain regulatory functions in children aged 912 years

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The influence of the geological origin on soil volume change through collapse settlement

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The influence of the grid resolution on the accuracy of the digital terrain model used in seabed modeling

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The influence of the ground coupled heat pump's labor on the ground temperature in the boreholes Study based on experimental data

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The influence of the heating temperature on the yield stress and pour point of waxy crude oils

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The influence of the hydroxy and methoxy functional groups on the energetic and structural properties of naphthaldehyde as evaluated by both experimental and computational methods

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The influence of the interchain coupling on large acoustic polarons in coupled molecular chains: Three coplanar parallel molecular chains

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The influence of the micellar pseudophase of the double-chained cationic surfactant di-n-tetradecyldimethylammonium bromide on the absorption spectra and protolytic equilibrium of indicator dyes

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The influence of the multiplicity of infection upon the dynamics of a crop-pestpathogen model with defence mechanisms

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The influence of the parameters of a ferromagnetic shield on the efficiency of a linear inductiondynamic converter

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The influence of the pyrolysis conditions in a rotary oven on the characteristics of the products

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The influence of the surface roughness on the microstructures and mechanical properties of 6061 aluminium alloy using friction stir welding

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The influence of the type of hook on the capture of groupers and bycatch with bottom longline in the Gulf of Gabs, Tunisia

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The influence of the unsaturated soil zone on 2-D and 3-D slope stability analyses

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The influence of threatening stimuli on the evoked potential component P200 in patients with paranoid schizophrenia

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The influence of time-dependent delay on behavior of stochastic population model with the Allee effect

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The influence of titanium doping on the electric properties of amorphous alumina films prepared by solgel technology

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The influence of topography on vertical velocity of air in relation to severe storms near the Southern Andes Mountains

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The influence of tourism website on tourists' behavior to determine destination selection: A case study of creative economy in Korea

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The influence of trace amount of enrofloxacin in water on the doxycycline residues in chicken tissues experimentally infected by Mycoplasma gallisepticum

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The influence of trait affect and the five-factor personality model on impulse buying

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The influence of tree architecture, forest remnants, and dispersal syndrome on roadside epiphyte diversity in a highly urbanized tropical environment

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The influence of trees on the perception of urban squares

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The influence of uncertainty in the development of a CO2 infrastructure network

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The influence of urban and natural amenities on second home prices

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The influence of using CFRP wraps on performance of buried steel pipelines under permanent ground deformations

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The influence of vagrant hosts and weather patterns on the colonization and persistence of blood parasites in an island bird

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The influence of values on evaluations of energy alternatives

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The influence of variable mediallateral stiffness footwear on frontal plane kinematics and joint moments at the knee and ankle in healthy young males

Nunns, M; Stiles, V, 2015:
The influence of variations in heel and forefoot midsole stiffness on sagittal plane kinematics and joint moments at the knee and ankle

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The influence of various oxygenated functional groups in carbonyl and ether compounds on compression ignition and exhaust gas emissions

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The influence of various potassium compound additions on the plasticity of a high-swelling South African coal under pyrolyzing conditions

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The influence of vent systems on pelagic eukaryotic micro-organism composition in the Nordic Seas

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The influence of video games on executive functions in college students

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The influence of violent video game enjoyment on hostile attributions

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The influence of viscosity of thin fluid films on the frictional interaction mechanism of rock blocks

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The influence of viscosity structure in the lithosphere on predictions from models of glacial isostatic adjustment

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The influence of voltage and air flow velocity of combined convective-electrohydrodynamic drying system on the kinetics and energy consumption of mushroom slices

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The influence of washing and selection processes on the contents of glycoalkaloid and other toxic compounds during industrial chip production

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The influence of water table depth and the free atmospheric state on convective rainfall predisposition

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The influence of water, land, energy and soil-nutrient resource interactions on the food system in Uganda

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The influence of water-table depth and pH on the spatial distribution of diatom species in peatlands of the Boreal Shield and Hudson Plains, Canada

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The influence of weather characteristics variability on individuals travel mode choice in different seasons and regions in Sweden

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The influence of weather parameters on crucifer flea beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) capture heights

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The influence of windfall disturbances on the structure and dynamics of ground beetle populations (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the spruce forests of the Central Forest Nature Reserve

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The influence of wing morphology on the three-dimensional flow patterns of a flapping wing at bird scale

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The influence of winter convection on primary production: A parameterisation using a hydrostatic three-dimensional biogeochemical model

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The influence of winter water on phytoplankton blooms in the Chukchi Sea

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The influence of workload and civility of treatment on the perpetration of email incivility

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The influence ofCorvus frugilegusnesting on soil parameters and plant composition in poor and fertile habitats

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The influences of biotic and abiotic factors on the occurrence and severity of poplar canker disease in Qingfeng County, China and the management implications

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The influences of coagulation conditions and storage proteins on the textural properties of soy-curd (tofu)

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The influences of different organic fractions in refuse on the sorption and bioavailability of dibutyl phthalate

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The influences of drying method and metabisulfite pre-treatment on the color, functional properties and phenolic acids contents and bioaccessibility of pumpkin flour

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The influences of past and present residential locations on vehicle ownership decisions

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The influences of rail vibration absorber on normal wheel-rail contact forces due to multiple wheels

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The influences of the number of the ammonium groups and their arrangement manner on the photophysical properties of the quaternized zinc phthalocyanines

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The influential child: How children affect their environment and influence their own risk and resilience

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The influential factors for the depressive state in patients with knee osteoarthritis

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The informal economy of Rostov Oblast on the eve of the Ukrainian refugee crisis

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The information processing foundations of human capital resources: Leveraging insights from information processing approaches to intelligence

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The information status and discourse anchorage of non-nominal constituents: A case study on Spanish secondary predicates

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The infrapatellar fat pad from diseased joints inhibits chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells

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The infraumbilical region is a safe donor site of free flaps for head & neck reconstruction

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The inheritance of bract pigmentation and fleshy thorns on the globe artichoke capitulum

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The inhibiting effect of dislocation helices on the stress-induced orientation of S' precipitates in AlCuMg alloy

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The inhibition effect of methanol, as a component of crude glycerol, on the growth rate of Cupriavidus necator and other micro-organisms

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The inhibition of NF-kB activation decreases the resistance of acute myeloid leukemia cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis in multicellular aggregates

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The inhibition of exogenous ethylene generated by solid ethylene-releasing agents on sprouting of potato tubers in relation to carbohydrate metabolism

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The inhibitory effects ofCitrus unshiuMarkovich extracts on the receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa-B ligand-mediated osteoclast differentiation and function

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The inhibitory mechanisms by mixtures of two endophytic bacterial strains isolated from Ginkgo biloba against pepper phytophthora blight

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The initial dissolution rates of simulated UK MagnoxThORP blend nuclear waste glass as a function of pH, temperature and waste loading

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The initial effects of sustained glenohumeral postero-lateral glide on shoulder muscle activity: a repeated measures study on asymptomatic shoulders

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The initiation of brittle faults in crystalline rock

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The inner core conundrum

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The inner patient

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The inner workings of my mind

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The innovation process in emerging economies: an effectuation perspective

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The insectivores (Soricidae, Erinaceidae; Eulipotyphla; Mammalia) from Cueva Victoria (Early Pleistocene, Murcia, Spain)

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The insectivores dilemma, and how to take the West out of it

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The instability nature of the VogelEscudier flow

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The installation of underground pipelines: effects on soil properties

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The institutional and economic foundations of regional proto-federations

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The institutional structure of production revisited

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The instructors face in video instruction: Evidence from two large-scale field studies

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The insular shelves of the Faial-Pico Ridge (Azores archipelago): A morphological record of its evolution

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The integrated effects of climate and hydrologic uncertainty on future flood risk assessments

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The integrated urban land model

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The integration of Artificial Night-Time Lights in landscape ecology: A remote sensing approach

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The integration of Chinese and European renewable energy markets: The role of Chinese foreign direct investments

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The integration of science and practice: Unique perspectives from counseling psychology students

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The integration of sequencing and bioinformatics in metagenomics

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The integration of social science information into Great Lakes fishery management: Opportunities and challenges

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The integrative challenge in personality science: Personal projects as units of analysis

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The intelligent woman's guide to the urban question

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The intensity of chemical weathering: Geochemical constraints from marine detrital sediments of Triassic age in South China

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The intensity of male-male interactions declines in highland songbird populations

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The inter-item standard deviation (ISD): An index that discriminates between conscientious and random responders

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The inter-relationship between depressive, anxiety and stress symptoms in fathers during the antenatal period

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The interacting effects of forearm rotation and exertion direction on male and female wrist strength

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The interaction between aging and death anxieties predicts ageism

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The interaction between decreased short-term spatial memory and increased oxidative stress in a scopolamine-induced rat model of Alzheimers disease

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The interaction between genotype and juvenile and adult density environment in shaping multidimensional reaction norms of behaviour

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The interaction between glutamine and the mTOR pathway in ovarian cancer cell proliferation and metabolism

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The interaction between speech intelligibility task and non-auditory tasks

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The interaction of acoustic and orthographic input in the acquisition of Spanish assibilated/fricative rhotics

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The interaction of compositional semantics and event semantics

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The interaction of fissure swarms and monogenetic lava shields in the rift zones of Iceland

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The interaction of prosody and syntax in Samoan focus marking

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The interaction of rarefaction waves of a two-dimensional nonlinear wave system

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The interaction of the membrane and calcium oscillators in cardiac pacemaker cells: Mathematical modeling

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The interaction of tone and vowel quality in Optimality Theory: A study of Moscow Russian vowel reduction

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The interaction triangle as a tool for understanding stakeholder interactions in marine ecosystem based management

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The interactional function of prosody in repair initiation: Pitch height and timing of va what in Helsinki Swedish

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The interactions of probes based on substituted pyrene derivatives in polymer matrices; spectral study

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The interactive animated e-book as a word learning device for kindergartners

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The interactive effect of positive inequity and regulatory focus on work performance

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The interactive effect of team and manager absence on employee absence: A multilevel field study

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The interactive effects of elevated ozone and wheat cultivars on soil microbial community composition and metabolic diversity

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The interactive effects of water flow and reproductive strategies on seed and seedling dispersal along the substrate in two sub-tropical seagrass species

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The interactive influence of temperature and salinity on larval and juvenile growth in the gastropod Crepidula fornicata (L.)

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The interactive roles of nutrient loading and zooplankton grazing in facilitating the expansion of harmful algal blooms caused by the pelagophyte, Aureoumbra lagunensis, to the Indian River Lagoon, FL, USA

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The interactive roles of temperature, nutrients, and zooplankton grazing in controlling the winter-spring phytoplankton bloom in a temperate, coastal ecosystem, Long Island Sound

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The interactive turn in social cognition research: A critique

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The interannual variability of size at maturity of the brown crab Callinectes bellicosus Stimpson, 1859 (Brachyura, Portunidae) in the Gulf of California

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The interface between affirmative action and neoliberalism: The case of Fiji

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The interfacial orientation relationship of oxide nanoparticles in a hafnium-containing oxide dispersion-strengthened austenitic stainless steel

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The interference effect of emotional expressions on facial identity recognition in preschool-aged children

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The interindividual variability in vitamin E bioavailability in healthy male adults is significantly explained by a combination of SNPS in genes involved in vitamin E metabolism

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The interior and orbital evolution of Charon as preserved in its geologic record

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The intermediate sperm type and genitalia ofZorotypus shannoniGurney: evidence supporting infraordinal lineages in Zoraptera (Insecta)

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The intermittency boundary in stratified plane Couette flow

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The internal and external factor on coal ash slag viscosity at high temperatures, Part 1: Effect of cooling rate on slag viscosity, measured continuously

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The internal and external factor on coal ash slag viscosity at high temperatures, Part 2: Effect of residual carbon on slag viscosity

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The internal loads, moments, and stresses in rod-like particles in a low-speed, vertical axis mixer

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The internal wavefield generated by a towed sphere at low Froude number

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The international Metabolomics Society in 2015: the path forward to success

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The international distribution of energy intensities: Some synthetic results

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The international state of research on measurement of competency in higher education

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The international workshop on wave hindcasting and forecasting and the coastal hazards symposium

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The interplay between anisotropy and strain localisation in granular soils: a multiscale insight

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The interplay between renewables penetration, costing and emissions in the sizing of stand-alone hydrogen systems

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The interplay of alleles and environmental influences on development of Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy

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The interplay of birth weight, dopamine receptor D4 gene (DRD4), and early maternal care in the prediction of disorganized attachment at 36 months of age

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The interplay of referential function and character primacy on referring expressions in children's narratives

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The interplay of sediment characteristics, depth, water temperature, and ocean currents shaping the biogeography of lancelets (Subphylum Cephalochordata) in the NW Pacific waters

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The interplay of spatial and climatic landscapes in the genetic distribution of a South American parrot

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The interplay of verbal, vocal, and visual cues in the co-construction of the experience of alterity in exchange students talk

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The interrelation between pollen abnormalities and polymorphism and the increased contents of toxic elements in flowers and flower buds inAconogonon angustifolium(Pall.) Hara. andPapaver nudicauleL

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The involvement of phenazines and cyclic lipopeptide sessilin in biocontrol of Rhizoctonia root rot on bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) byPseudomonassp. CMR12a is influenced by substrate composition

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The iterative transformation method for the Sakiadis problem

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The ivabradine journey: Table 1

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The joint estimation of respondent-reported certainty and acceptability with choice

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The key oceanic regions responsible for the interannual variability of the western North Pacific subtropical high and associated mechanisms

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The knowledge gap: examining the rhetoric and implementation of peer education for HIV prevention in Myanmar

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The laborious tissue

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The landscape of forensic intelligence research

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The laser scanner is a reliable method to estimate the biomass of a Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis) population in a tank

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The last directive

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The last mile in the Brazilian Amazon A potential pathway for universal electricity access

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The latte linguists and other espresso entrepreneurs

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The legacy costs of delivering the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games through regulatory capitalism

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The legacy of 'The Gunfighters' Surgeon'

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The legacy of our CO2emissions: a clash of scientific facts, politics and ethics

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The legitimation crisis of educational change

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The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community online: discussions of bullying and self-disclosure in YouTube videos

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The level of clinical knowledge of cutaneous cancer and reconstructive surgery amongst dentally qualified SHOs

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The level of mRNA NAD-SDH is regulated through RNA splicing by sugars and phytohormones

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The lichen genus Kroswia is a synonym of Fuscopannaria (Pannariaceae)

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The lifespan of the F1 progeny of drosophila females exposed to terahertz radiation of low intensity

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The lightness of management learning

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The limesilicate question

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The location of three dispositions towards ridicule in the five-factor personality model in the population of Slovak adults

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The logic of indexicals

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The logit dynamic for games with continuous strategy sets

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The long-term high-temperature history of the central Namaqua Metamorphic Complex: Evidence for a Mesoproterozoic continental back-arc in southern Africa

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The longitude question

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The magic of the delta bonds: How to modulate electronic communication in pairs-of-pairs containing multiple bonded Mo2 species

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The magical numbers 7 and 4 are resistant to the Flynn effect: No evidence for increases in forward or backward recall across 85 years of data

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The main characteristics of urban socio-ecological trajectories: Paris (France) from the 18th to the 20th century

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The main regularities of butterfly phenology (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) in the Northern Tien Shan Mountains (the Kirghiz Range)

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The major yolk protein in sea urchin egg yolk granules is a glycoprotein complex

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The making of Tara Oceans: funding blue skies research for our Blue Planet

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The management of acute kidney injury

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The management of frontal encephaloceles

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The management of soft tissue injuries and compartment syndrome

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The management of the KCOT

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The many chances of Charles Darwin

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The many shades of vaccine hesitancy

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The market that never was: Turf wars and failed alliances in mobile payments

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The marketisation and privatisation of childrens social work and child protection

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The mate choice mind: studying mate preference, aversion and social cognition in the female poeciliid brain

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The mathematics of sharing / Las matemticas que realizan los nios al compartir

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The mating game

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The matrix pencil nearness problem in structural dynamic model updating

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The matter of media in outer space: Technologies of cosmobiopolitics

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The meaning and interpretation of the Serbian discourse marker BRE

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The meaning of boom calls in a lekking bird: identity or quality information?

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The meaning of concrete for inter-war Nottingham: geography, economy and politics

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The meaning of melanin, carotenoid, and pterin pigments in the bluefin killifish, Lucania goodei

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The meaning of midlithospheric discontinuities: A case study in the northern U.S. craton

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The meanings of concrete: Introduction

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The measure of madness: philosophy of mind, cognitive neuroscience, and delusional thought

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The measurement of the spatial effects of Chinese regional carbon emissions caused by exports

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The mechanical properties of dissimilar resistance spot-welded DP600-DP1000 steel joints for automotive applications

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The mechanical properties of plant cell walls soft material at the subcellular scale: the implications of water and of the intercellular boundaries

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The mechanical properties of snow and ice of an alpine glacier inferred by integrating seismic and GPR methods

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The mechanics of continental extension in Qiongdongnan Basin, northern South China Sea

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The mechanism of bubble generation using a slit elastic tube and an acoustic pressure wave in the gas phase

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The mechanism of ethanol treatment on inhibiting lettuce enzymatic browning and microbial growth

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The mechanism of failure by hydrogen induced cracking in an acidic environment for API 5L X70 pipeline steel

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The mechanism of formation of seismogenic Proval Bay on the eastern coast of Lake Baikal

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The mechanism of human aromatase (CYP 19A1) revisited: DFT and QM/MM calculations support a compoundI-mediated pathway for the aromatization process

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The mechanism of hypolimnion warming induced by internal waves

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The mechanism of infiltration of metamorphic fluids recorded by hydration and carbonation of epidote-amphibolite facies metabasaltic sills in the SW Scottish Highlands

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The mechanism of optimism and pessimism on ones health: Japan vs China

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The mechanism of the deep-focus, Sea of Okhotsk earthquake of May 24, 2013 as inferred from static displacements and broadband seismograms

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The mechanism of the formation of the hemiaminal and Schiff base from the benzaldehyde and triazole studied by means of the topological analysis of electron localisation function and catastrophe theory

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The mechanisms and geotechnical characteristics of slope failures at a mining district, southeast Nigeria

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The mechanisms determining bristle pattern inDrosophila melanogaster

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The mechanisms governing the activation of dislocation sources in aluminum at different strain rates

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The mechanisms of porphyrin complexation in solvents and polymer matrices

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The mechanisms of the infill textures and its implications for the five-floor zonation at the Dajishan vein-type tungsten deposit, China

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The mechanochemical process and properties of Portland cement with the addition of new alkanolamines

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The mediating influence of workfamily conflict and the moderating influence of gender on employee outcomes

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The mediating role of optimism in the relations between sense of coherence, subjective and psychological well-being among late adolescents

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The mediating role of self-esteem in the relationship between big five personality traits and depressive symptoms among Chinese undergraduate medical students

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The mediating role of social relationships in the association of adolescents individual school self-concept and their school engagement, belonging and helplessness in school

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The mediating role of the extensiveness of strategic planning on the relationship between slack resources and organizational performance

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The mediterranean diet and preservation of brain connectivity in older subjects

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The medium is the message: Online learning, communities, and identities

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The megafossil record of early angiosperms in China since 1930s

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The melting potential of various ash components generated from coal combustion: Indicated by the circularity of individual particles using CCSEM technology

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The merit-order effect in the Italian power market: The impact of solar and wind generation on national wholesale electricity prices

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The meroplankton communities from the coastal Ross Sea: a latitudinal study

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The messy processes of evolution through a 40-year lens

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The metaphorical species: Evolution, adaptation and speciation of metaphors

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The minimum number of hubs in networks

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The mirror mechanism and its clinical relevance

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The mission as a master signifier: Documentary film, social change and discourse analysis

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The mitochondrial genomes of Pecten albicans and Pecten maximus (Bivalvia: Pectinidae) reveal a novel gene arrangement with low genetic differentiation

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The morphological expression of plurality and pluractionality in Mandarin

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The mouth, stomach and intestines

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The mt2 receptor stimulates axonogenesis and enhances synaptic transmission by activating akt signaling

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The multifaceted notion of home: Exploring the meaning of home among elderly people living in the Faroe Islands

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The multifractal nature of the Ni geochemical field and implications for potential Ni mineral resources in the HuangshanJing'erquan area, Xinjiang, China

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The multimodal majority? Driving, walking, cycling, and public transportation use among American adults

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The multiplicity of nontrivial solutions for hemivariational inequalities involving nonlocal elliptic operators

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The mushroom extract polysaccharide K (PSK) is a promising adjuvant cancer therapy

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The musings of a forensic scientist retiree

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The mutism of the mind: child and family therapists at work with children and families suffering with selective mutism

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The mystery of the phantom ice-sculptor

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The mystery of should: Procrastination, delay, and reactance in academic settings

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The myth of Kurt Lewin and the rhetoric of collective memory in social psychology textbooks

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The myth of the untroubled therapist: private life, professional practice

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The myths of economic development and the must do's to avoid them

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The nature and nurture of heritage language acquisition

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The nature and the geography of elderly injuries in Sweden

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The nature of Old Spanish verb second reconsidered

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The nature of chemical innovation: new enzymes by evolution

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The nature of philosophy and the philosophy of nature

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The nature of the passive, with an analysis of Vietnamese

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The near-source impacts of diesel backup generators in urban environments

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The neck flattening defensive behaviour in snakes: First record of hooding in the South American colubrid genus Philodryas

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The need for EAP teacher knowledge in assessment

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The need for a novel integrative theory on feedbacks between herbivores, plants and soil nutrient cycling

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The need for even further progress with clinical trial data sharing efforts: patients are waiting

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The need for reporting standards in forensic science

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The need for speed: Timely prevention of the dispersal of noxious weeds in relief fodder using efficient sampling procedures

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The need for sustained, long-term phosphorus modeling in the Great Lakes

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The need to enforce minimum environmental flow requirements in Tanzania to preserve estuaries: case study of mangrove-fringed Wami River estuary

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The need to revise the current methods to measure and assess static recrystallization behavior

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The negative reciprocity process in marital relationships: A literature review

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The nervous system of the neotropical millipede Gymnostreptus olivaceusSchubart, 1944 (Spirostreptida, Spirostreptidae) shows an additional cell layer

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The nervous systems of Pilidiophora (Nemertea)

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The network structure of myrmecophilic interactions

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The neurochemistry of delirium

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The new NbP aplite at Reinhardsrieth: A keystone in the lateral and depth zonations of the HagendorfPleystein Pegmatite Field, SE Germany

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The new effective flocculants Copolymers of N,N-dimethyl-N,N-diallyl-ammonium chloride and N,N-dimethylacrylamide

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The new genus Talacastospongia: insights on the first record of a Devonian sponge from South America

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The new mode of marine planning in the UK: Aspirations and challenges

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The new recreational drugs in the emergency department

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The new special educational needs (SEN) legislation in England and implications for services for children and young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

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The newest materialisms

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The newly developed monoclonal antibody SA7D6 exhibits potential for detection ofStaphylococcus aureus

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The next century of ESA publications

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The nexus between gender, collective action for public goods and agriculture: evidence from Malawi

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The nonverbal environment of self-esteem: Interactive effects of facial-expression and eye-gaze on perceivers' self-evaluations

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The normalization of torment: Producing and managing anguish in Milgram's "Obedience" laboratory

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The northern Egyptian continental margin

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The northern coast of the South Georgia microcontinent as an indicator of the South Ocean Sea level in the Holocene

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The northern coastal forests of Kenya are nationally and globally important for the conservation of Aders duikerCephalophus adersiand other antelope species

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The northernmost Jurassic rudists: A revision of the Diceratidae and Epidiceratidae (Bivalvia: Hippuritida) from the Korallenoolith Formation of northern Germany

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The nosology of catatonia and DSM-5

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The nostalgia industry and Indian film studies

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The novel compact microwave SIW filter based on L-ridged rectangular waveguide

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The novelty of simple and known technologies and the rhythm of farmer-centred innovation in family dairy farming in Brazil

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The number of generations of Heterodera schachtiicompleted on oilseed rape ( Brassica napusL.) during the UK growing season

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The number of moist days determines respiration in drying and rewetting cycles

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The numerical method for the moving boundary problem with space-fractional derivative in drug release devices

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The numerical simulation of low frequency pressure pulsations in the high-head Francis turbine

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The numerical simulation of the wing kinematics effects on near wake topology and aerodynamic performance in hovering Drosophila flight

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The nutrient plasticity of moss-dominated crust in the urbanized Sonoran Desert

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The nutritional value of holothurians

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The object and strategy of the ground: architectural transformation in New York City housing projects

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The observation of large semi-major axis Centaurs: Testing for the signature of a planetary-mass solar companion

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The observation of mental disorder and dangerousness in arsonists: a contemporary appraisal of changes in Dutch forensic mental health cases

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The obstetric care of asylum seekers and refugee women in the UK

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The obtainment of particle shape factor by the combination of experimental data and fluidparticle reaction model

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The occurrence and pathogenicity ofGeosmithiaspp. and common blue-stain fungi associated with pine bark beetles in planted forests in Israel

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The occurrence of anAcanthaster plancioutbreak in Ari Atoll, Maldives

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The occurrence of bark beetles on cut Norway spruce branches left in managed stands relative to the foliage and bark area of the branch

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The occurrence of centralisation of pain after Mckenzie therapy for patients with MRI-verified lumbar disc herniation and long-standing pain

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The occurrence of lines tolerant to the causal agent of bleeding canker,Pseudomonas syringaepv.aesculi, in a natural horse chestnut population in Central Europe

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The occurrence state of vanadium in the black shale-hosted vanadium deposits in Shangling of Guangxi Province, China

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The occurrence, acoustic characteristics, and significance of submerged reefs on the continental shelf edge and upper slope, northern South China Sea

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The oceanic shipboard precipitation measurement network for surface validation OceanRAIN

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The octopus: beauty in simplicity

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The odd couple: interactions between a sloth and a brown jay

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The offset-midpoint travel-time pyramid for P-wave in 2D transversely isotropic media with a tilted symmetry axis

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The offset-midpoint traveltime pyramid in 3D transversely isotropic media with a horizontal symmetry axis

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The oldest metabasites of the north Yenisei Ridge

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The oldest osoriine rove beetle from Cretaceous Burmese amber (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)

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The oldest representative of the genus Gonomyia (Diptera, Limoniidae) from Lebanese amber (Lower Cretaceous): New subgenus and species

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The oldest representatives of the aphid family Ellinaphididae and phylogenetic relationships within the family

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The oldest root-eating beetle from the Middle Jurassic of China (Coleoptera, Monotomidae)

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The on-chip temperature compensation and temperature control research for the silicon micro-gyroscope

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The onion pie as souvenir: The in between of writing as a space of meeting the other

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The onset of a severe summer bora episode near Otarijska Vrata Pass in the Northern Adriatic

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The onset of knee osteoarthritis after anterior cruciate ligament surgery is associated with early unloading followed by an extended period of normal loading

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The onset of particle agglomeration during the dry ultrafine grinding of limestone in a planetary ball mill

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The onset of the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum at Branch Stream, Clarence River valley, New Zealand

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The onset of the barotropic sudden warming in a global model

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The onset, retreat and the length of growing season in the north-eastern region of Sri Lanka

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The ontogeny of leaf spines: progressive versus retrogressive heteroblasty in two New Zealand plant species

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The ontological status of shocks and trends in macroeconomics

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The open agent society: retrospective and prospective views

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The opening address of the President of the IPA to the symposium participants

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The opinions of school counselors on the use of information and communication technologies in school counseling practices: North Cyprus schools

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The opinions of secondary school students in Turkey regarding renewable energy

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The oppeliid, perisphinctid and aspidoceratid ammonite faunas of the 'Corallian' Beds (Upper Jurassic) in Cambridgeshire, England

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The opposition effect in Saturns main rings as seen by Cassini ISS: 2. Constraints on the ring particles and their regolith with analytical radiative transfer models

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The optical theorem for local source excitation of a particle near a plane interface

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The optimal combination of standard metabolic rate and aerobic scope for somatic growth depends on food availability

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The optimal thermo-optical properties and energy saving potential of adaptive glazing technologies