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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 64811

Chapter 64811 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Pérez-Polo, M F.; Pérez-Molina, M; Varó, E Fernández; Chica, J Gil, 2016:
Analysis of the state equations of a real gas at high pressures with the virial coefficients obtained from controlled chaotic oscillations

Demir, I.E.; Saricaoglu, C.; Friess, H.; Ceyhan, G.O., 2016:
Analysis of the structural and sensory innervation in the mouse pancreas

Bakker, A.J.den; Katgerman, L.; Zwaag, S.van der, 2016:
Analysis of the structure and resulting mechanical properties of aluminium extrusions containing a charge weld interface

Jeon, S Won; Cha, D; Kim, H Soon; Kim, Y, 2016:
Analysis of the system efficiency of an intermediate temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell at elevated temperature and relative humidity conditions

Jo, Y-Heon; Kim, H-Cheol; Son, S; Kim, D, 2016:
Analysis of the timing of phase changes in the chlorophyll concentration in the East/Japan Sea

Pérez Neira, D; Simón Fernández, X; Copena Rodríguez, Dán; Soler Montiel, M; Delgado Cabeza, M, 2016:
Analysis of the transport of imported food in Spain and its contribution to global warming

Kawakita, H; Miyamoto, K; Wada, S; Mitsuhashi, W, 2016:
Analysis of the ultrastructure and formation pattern of the peritrophic membrane in the cupreous chafer,Anomala cuprea(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Rodríguez-Rodríguez, H.; Imanieh, M.H.; Lahoz, F.; Martín, I.R., 2016 :
Analysis of the upconversion process in Tm3+ doped glasses for enhancement of the photocurrent in silicon solar cells

Staroń, A; Kowalski, Z; Staroń, Pł; Banach, M, 2016:
Analysis of the useable properties of coal-water fuel modified with chemical compounds

Roudbaraki, S. J.; Nori-Shargh, D., 2016:
Analysis of the volatile constituents ofFrangula alnusMill. from Iran

I. V. Krasheninnikov,A. V. Popov,I. G. Stakhanova, 2016:
Analysis of the wave field mode structure on the MoscowAkademik Vernadskii Antarctic station superlong path

Katinas, V; Marčiukaitis, M; Tamašauskienė, M, 2016:
Analysis of the wind turbine noise emissions and impact on the environment

Wiranarongkorn, K; Authayanun, S; Assabumrungrat, S; Arpornwichanop, A, 2016:
Analysis of thermally coupling steam and tri-reforming processes for the production of hydrogen from bio-oil

Huang, J; Ding, M, 2016:
Analysis of thorium content and spatial separation influence for seed and blanket fuel blocks in the AHTR

He, Y-X.; Angus, D.A.; Clark, R.A.; Hildyard, M.W., 2016:
Analysis of time-lapse travel-time and amplitude changes to assess reservoir compartmentalization

Baiocchi, A, 2016:
Analysis of timer-based message dissemination protocols for inter-vehicle communications

Klochkova, O A.; Kurenkov, A L.; Namazova-Baranova, L S.; Mamedyarov, A M.; Kuzenkova, L M.; Fal'kovskiy, I'ya V.; Zmanovskaya, V A.; Popkov, D A.; Vladykina, L N.; Kenis, V M.; Krasavina, D A.; Nosko, A S.; Rychkova, L V., 2016:
Analysis of total doses and intervals between repeat abobotulinumtoxinA injections in children with spastic cerebral palsy: A multicenter Russian study

Kelley, C; Carton, G; Tomlinson, M; Gleason, A, 2016:
Analysis of towed camera images to determine the effects of disposed mustard-filled bombs on the deep water benthic community off south Oahu

Svirshchevskaya, E. V.; Zubareva, A. A.; Boyko, A. A.; Shustova, O. A.; Grechikhina, M. V.; Shagdarova, B. Ts.; Varlamov, V. P., 2016:
Analysis of toxicity and biocompatibility of chitosan derivatives with different physico-chemical properties

Li, C; Huang, Y; Lai, K; Rasco, B A.; Fan, Y, 2016:
Analysis of trace methylene blue in fish muscles using ultra-sensitive surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Plevka, Václav; Segaert, P; Tampère, C M. J.; Hubert, M, 2016:
Analysis of travel activity determinants using robust statistics

Crowley, G; Azeem, I; Reynolds, A; Duly, T M.; McBride, P; Winkler, C; Hunton, D, 2016:
Analysis of traveling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs) in GPS TEC launched by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake

Joshi, N; Gupta, D; Suryavanshi, S; Adamowski, J; Madramootoo, C A., 2016:
Analysis of trends and dominant periodicities in drought variables in India: A wavelet transform based approach

Abeysingha, N. S.; Singh, M; Sehgal, V. K.; Khanna, M; Pathak, H, 2016:
Analysis of trends in streamflow and its linkages with rainfall and anthropogenic factors in Gomti River basin of North India

Davis, J R.; Uryasev, S, 2016:
Analysis of tropical storm damage using buffered probability of exceedance

Carcangiu, V.; Giannetto, C.; Luridiana, S.; Mura, M.C.; Congiu, F.; Parmiggiani, A.; Piccione, G., 2016 :
Analysis of trough and peak of plasma melatonin circadian rhythm in ewes

Wang, W; McMechan, G A.; Xie, F, 2016:
Analysis of up/down decomposed acoustic reverse time migration images

Thomas Carr, B.; Lesniauskas, R O., 2016:
Analysis of variance for identifying temporal drivers of liking

Kuzin, V. I.; Lobanov, A. S., 2016:
Analysis of variations in the surface temperature of tropical and Northern Pacific Ocean

Anowar, S; Eluru, N; Miranda-Moreno, L F., 2016:
Analysis of vehicle ownership evolution in Montreal, Canada using pseudo panel analysis

Sun, L F.; Milkereit, B; Tisato, N, 2016:
Analysis of velocity dispersion using full-waveform multichannel sonic logging data: A case study

Li, Y-Ran; Yun, T-Ting; Liu, S; Qi, W-Tao; Zhao, L-Qin; Liu, J-Ren; Li, A-Ke, 2016:
Analysis of water-soluble bioactive compounds in commonly consumed soymilk in China

Veltcheva, A; Guedes Soares, C., 2016:
Analysis of wave groups by wave envelope-phase and the Hilbert Huang transform methods

Josifovski, J, 2016:
Analysis of wave propagation and soilstructure interaction using a perfectly matched layer model

Wu, C-Da; Fang, T-Hua; Hsiao, J-Wei, 2016:
Analysis of welding Au nanowires into T junctions

Elza, M C.; Slover, C; McGraw, J B., 2016 :
Analysis of wood thrush (Hylocichla mustelina) movement patterns to explain the spatial structure of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) populations

Kinoshita, T; Yamazaki, H; Inamoto, K; Yamazaki, H, 2016:
Analysis of yield components and dry matter production in a simplified soilless tomato culture system by using controlled-release fertilizers during summerwinter greenhouse production

Samanta, S. K.; Chaudhry, M. L.; Pacheco, A., 2016:
Analysis ofBMAP/MSP/1 Queue

S. Yu. Chernushyn,L. A. Livshits, 2016:
Analysis ofCYP21A2gene mutations in patients from Ukraine with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

K. S. Lai, 2016:
Analysis ofEXO70C2expression revealed its specific association with late stages of pollen development

Bürgin, D, 2016:
Analysis on Demand

Yang, W; Yan, W, 2016:
Analysis on Function Orientation and Development Countermeasures of New Agricultural Business Entities

Guo, Z; Mou, W; Huang, W; Duan, H, 2016:
Analysis on Roadside Support Method with Constant Resistance Yielding-Supporting Along the Goaf Under Hard Rocks

Boubacar, O; Hui-qiu, Z; Rana, M Abdullah; Ghazanfar, S, 2016:
Analysis on Technical Efficiency of Rice Farms and Its Influencing Factors in South-western of Niger

Guo, M.-L.; Wang, W.; Shen, X.; Chen, J.; Yuan, Z.; Yan, F., 2016:
Analysis on direct medical costs and compensation for whole course of treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Shanghai

Jiang, J; Gong, J; Liu, W; Chen, T; Zhong, C, 2016:
Analysis on filtration characteristic of wall-flow filter for ash deposition in cake

Huang, L; Su, Z; Wu, N; Cheng, J, 2016:
Analysis on geologic conditions affecting the performance of gas production from hydrate deposits

Cao, Z; Shen, L; Liu, L; Zhong, S, 2016:
Analysis on major drivers of cement consumption during the urbanization process in China

Song, Z; Zu, R; Liu, X; He, L; Liu, Q, 2016:
Analysis on stability and consistency of intensity measurement of White Light Emitting Diode phosphors

Li, H; Zhu, L; Dong, M; Lou, X; Guo, Y, 2016:
Analysis on strain transfer of surface-bonding FBG on Al 7075-T6 alloy host

Yang, H; Wang, H; Zhou, X, 2016:
Analysis on the RockCutter Interaction Mechanism During the TBM Tunneling Process

Zhang, F; Li, S, 2016:
Analysis on the Utilization Status of Essential Medicines in Beijing's Community Health Institutions

Roy, A; Kulkarni, G N., 2016:
Analysis on the feasibility of a PV-diesel generator hybrid system without energy storage

Hong, S; Chung, Y; Kim, J; Chun, D, 2016:
Analysis on the level of contribution to the national greenhouse gas reduction target in Korean transportation sector using LEAP model

Fu, F; Zhang, Y; Chang, G; Dai, J, 2016:
Analysis on the physical mechanism of laser cladding crack and its influence factors

Zhu, X-Bing; Fu, B; Du, L-Feng; Xiao, Q-Yi; Zhang, R-Zhu, 2016:
Analysis on the thermal effect of the silicon material induced by laser pulse trains

Di, D-Wei; Wu, L; Luo, P; Zhang, L; Zhang, T-Zi; Sun, X; Wei, S-Dong; An, C-Wei; Guo, G-Qin, 2016:
Analysis the role of arabidopsisCKRC6/ASA1in auxin and cytokinin biosynthesis

Li, J; Suo, Q; Chen, L, 2016:
Analysis to beam quality of partially coherent flat-topped vortex beams propagating through atmospheric turbulence

König, F, 2016:
Analyst Behavior: The Geography of Social Interaction

Wang, C. Y., 2016:
Analytic Solutions for Pulsatile Flow Through Annular, Rectangular and Sector Ducts Filled with a DarcyBrinkman Medium

Hao, Q; Stovas, A, 2016:
Analytic calculation of phase and group velocities of P-waves in orthorhombic media

Algaba, A; Checa, I; García, Cóbal; Giné, J, 2016:
Analytic integrability inside a family of degenerate centers

Angelillo, M.; Babilio, E.; Fortunato, A.; Lippiello, M.; Montanino, A., 2016:
Analytic solutions for the stress field in static sandpiles

Brecher, C; Schmidt, S; Fey, M, 2016:
Analytic tuning of robust multi-mass dampers

Shipkova, M; López, O Millán; Picard, N; Noceti, O; Sommerer, C; Christians, U; Wieland, E, 2016:
Analytical Aspects of the Implementation of Biomarkers in Clinical Transplantation

Kalantari, E; Molan, Y Eshqi, 2016:
Analytical BRDF model for rough surfaces

Sekerka, R. F.; McFadden, G. B.; Boettinger, W. J., 2016:
Analytical Derivation of the Sauer-Freise Flux Equation for Multicomponent Multiphase Diffusion Couples with Variable Partial Molar Volumes

Fatah, A H.; Radhi, R.A.; Abdullah, N R., 2016:
Analytical Derivations of Single-Particle Matrix Elements in Nuclear Shell Model

Kawasak, M; Laokawee, V; Sarakonsri, T; Hashizume, T; Shiojiri, M, 2016:
Analytical Electron Microscopy Study of SiSn/(Reduced Graphene Oxide) Nanocomposite Powder Applicable to Li-Ion Battery Anodes

Couillard, M; Mercier, P H. J., 2016:
Analytical Electron Microscopy of Carbon-Rich Mineral Aggregates in Solvent-Diluted Bitumen Products from Mined Alberta Oil Sands

Iida, M, 2016:
Analytical Estimation of ShortPeriod Ground Motions in Mexico City for Engineering Applications

Deguchi, K; Sumita, S; Enomoto, Y, 2016:
Analytical Method Applying a Mathematical Model for Axial-Gap-Switched Reluctance Motor

Baimeeva, N. V.; Miroshnichenko, I. I., 2016:
Analytical Methods for the Determination of Atypical Neuroleptics (Review)

Meisel, T; Horan, M F., 2016:
Analytical Methods for the Highly Siderophile Elements

Wilson, A, 2016:
Analytical Model Estimates Flow Rate and Total Discharge in Gas-Well Blowouts

Mojarad, M; Dehghanpour, H, 2016:
Analytical Modeling of Emulsion Flow at the Edge of a Steam Chamber During a Steam-Assisted-Gravity-Drainage Process

Shi, J; Sun, Z; Li, X, 2016:
Analytical Models for Liquid Loading in Multifractured Horizontal Gas Wells

Zhang, A-Jun; Mo, H-Hong; Zhang, J-Chao, 2016:
Analytical Prediction for Piles Used for Slope Stabilization

Li, J. C.; Zhao, X. B.; Li, H. B.; Chai, S. B.; Zhao, Q. H., 2016:
Analytical Study for Stress Wave Interaction with Rock Joints Having Unequally CloseOpen Behavior

Chen, H-Long; Wang, C-Chuan, 2016:
Analytical analysis and experimental verification of trapezoidal fin for assessment of heat sink performance and material saving

Moscoso Lembcke, L G.; Roubinet, D; Gidel, F; Irving, J; Pehme, P; Parker, B L., 2016:
Analytical analysis of borehole experiments for the estimation of subsurface thermal properties

Liu, H.W.; Feng, S.; Ng, C.W.W., 2016:
Analytical analysis of hydraulic effect of vegetation on shallow slope stability with different root architectures

Moghadam, A A.; Chalaturnyk, R, 2016:
Analytical and Experimental Investigations of Gas-Flow Regimes in Shales Considering the Influence of Mean Effective Stress

Srinivasa Raju, R.; Jithender Reddy, G.; Anand Rao, J.; Rashidi, M.M.; Subba Reddy Gorla, R, 2016 :
Analytical and Numerical study of unsteady MHD free convection flow over an exponentially moving vertical plate with Heat Absorption

Kong, F. S.; Jin, Y. Z.; Kim, H. D., 2016:
Analytical and computational studies on the vacuum performance of a chevron ejector

Chang, C-Ying; Chou, F N.-F.; Chen, Y-Yih; Hsieh, Y-Chern; Chang, C-Tzu, 2016:
Analytical and experimental investigation of hydrodynamic performance and chamber optimization of oscillating water column system

He, J; Xie, J; He, X; Du, L; Zhou, W; Hu, Z, 2016:
Analytical and high accurate formula for electrostatic force of comb-actuators with ground substrate

Mortazavi, M; Agha-Aligol, D, 2016:
Analytical and microstructural approach to the study of historical ultra-high carbon (UHC) steel plaques belong to the Malek National Library and Museum Institution, Iran

Bartolini, Dée; Carolina, B; Pierangelo, T; Orsola, R; Irene, P; Chiara, R; Gianluca, S-Baroni; Roberta, G; Francesco, G, 2016:
Analytical and molecular insights in the cytochrome P450 metabolism of vitamin E and lipotoxicity mechanisms of non-alcoholic fatty liver

Zhu, Q.Z.; Zhao, L.Y.; Shao, J.F., 2016:
Analytical and numerical analysis of frictional damage in quasi brittle materials

Batôt, G.; Talon, L.; Peysson, Y.; Fleury, M.; Bauer, D., 2016:
Analytical and numerical investigation of the advective and dispersive transport in HerschelBulkley fluids by means of a LatticeBoltzmann Two-Relaxation-Time scheme

Pini, A.; Cammi, A.; Luzzi, L., 2016:
Analytical and numerical investigation of the heat exchange effect on the dynamic behaviour of natural circulation with internally heated fluids

Toledo, F.J.; Blanes, Jé M., 2016:
Analytical and quasi-explicit four arbitrary point method for extraction of solar cell single-diode model parameters

Hahn, M; Weddeling, C; Lueg-Althoff, J; Tekkaya, A. Erman, 2016:
Analytical approach for magnetic pulse welding of sheet connections

Kolar, M; Vyroubal, J; Smolik, J, 2016:
Analytical approach to establishment of predictive models of power consumption of machine tools' auxiliary units

Ma, F; Wu, R; Li, P; Yu, L, 2016:
Analytical approaches for measuring pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals in vegetable oils: A review

Abdurakhmanov, A.; Kuchkarov, A. A.; Mamatkosimov, M. A.; Sobirov, Y. B.; Akhadov, J. Z., 2016:
Analytical approaches of calculation of the density distribution of radiant flux from the sun for paraboliccylindrical mirror-concentrating systems

Dobaria, B; Pandya, M; Aware, M, 2016:
Analytical assessment of 5.05 kWp grid tied photovoltaic plant performance on the system level in a composite climate of western India

Lim, J Han; Nathan, G J.; Hu, E; Dally, B B., 2016:
Analytical assessment of a novel hybrid solar tubular receiver and combustor

Hu, J; Li, J; Xu, L; Huang, F; Ouyang, M, 2016:
Analytical calculation and evaluation of water transport through a proton exchange membrane fuel cell based on a one-dimensional model

Li, B; Dunham, S J.B.; Dong, Y; Yoon, S; Zeng, M; Sweedler, J V., 2016:
Analytical capabilities of mass spectrometry imaging and its potential applications in food science

Babaelahi, M; Sayyaadi, H, 2016:
Analytical closed-form model for predicting the power and efficiency of Stirling engines based on a comprehensive numerical model and the genetic programming

Nassiri, P.; Karimi, E.; Monazzam, M. R.; Abbaspour, M.; Taghavi, L., 2016:
Analytical comparison of traffic noise indices--A case study in District 14 of Tehran City

Xu, H.J.; Zhao, C.Y.; Xu, Z.G., 2016:
Analytical considerations of slip flow and heat transfer through microfoams in mini/microchannels with asymmetric wall heat fluxes

Chachibaia, T.; Pastor, M.M., 2016:
Analytical detection of wine fermentation inhibitors by NMR spectroscopy

Juodis, L; Filistovič, V; Maceika, E; Remeikis, V, 2016:
Analytical dispersion model for the chain of primary and secondary air pollutants released from point source

Volkov, D. P.; Zarichnyak, Y. P.; Ramazanova, A. E.; Emirov, S. N., 2016:
Analytical estimates of permeability and possible convective heat transfer in compact porous fluidsaturated rocks

Anttila, T; Lehtinen, K E.J.; Dal Maso, M, 2016:
Analytical expression for gas-particle equilibration time scale and its numerical evaluation

Navardi, S; Bhattacharya, S; Azese, M, 2016:
Analytical expression for velocity profiles and flow resistance in channels with a general class of noncircular cross sections

Bianchi Janetti, E; Riva, M; Guadagnini, A, 2016:
Analytical expressions for three-phase generalized relative permeabilities in water- and oil-wet capillary tubes

S. S. Volkov,T. I. Kitaeva, 2016:
Analytical features of the SIMS method in studying the composition of quartz concentrates

Naus, H Wilhelmus Léon, 2016:
Analytical geolocation and three-dimensional localisation by time difference of arrival

Ma, W; Liu, W; Li, M, 2016:
Analytical heat transfer model for targeted brain hypothermia

Singh, R Pratap; Nachtnebel, H Peter, 2016:
Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) application for reinforcement of hydropower strategy in Nepal

Akbari, E.; Buntat, Z.; Afroozeh, A.; Zeinalinezhad, A.; Khaledian, M., 2016:
Analytical investigation of CO2sensor based on carbon strand

Yüksel, K; Pala, D, 2016:
Analytical investigation of a novel interrogation approach of fiber Bragg grating sensors using Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry

Azizi, M Ali; Brouwer, J; Dunn-Rankin, D, 2016:
Analytical investigation of high temperature 1kW solid oxide fuel cell system feasibility in methane hydrate recovery and deep ocean power generation

Shabanzadeh-Khoshrody, M; Azadi, H; Khajooeipour, A; Nabavi-Pelesaraei, A, 2016:
Analytical investigation of the effects of dam construction on the productivity and efficiency of farmers

Okazaki, T.; Oshiman, N.; Yoshimura, R., 2016:
Analytical investigations of the magnetotelluric directionality estimation in 1-D anisotropic layered media

Pelz, P.F.; Holl, M.; Platzer, M., 2016 :
Analytical method towards an optimal energetic and economical wind-energy converter

Guerin, F; Laforte, C; Farinas, M-Isabelle; Perron, J, 2016:
Analytical model based on experimental data of centrifuge ice adhesion tests with different substrates

Yang, X; Sotiropoulos, F, 2016:
Analytical model for predicting the performance of arbitrary size and layout wind farms

Rahmanishamsi, E; Soroushian, S; Maragakis, E M., 2016:
Analytical model for the in-plane seismic performance of cold-formed steel-framed gypsum partition walls

Salimi, S; Bahemmat, P; Haghpanahi, M, 2016:
Analytical model for the temperature field around a nonuniform three-dimensional moving heat source: friction stir welding modelling

Leliwa-Kopystyński, J.; Włodarczyk, I.; Burchell, M.J., 2016:
Analytical model of impact disruption of satellites and asteroids

Maia, N Zambroni; Calliari, L Julio; Nicolodi, Jão Luiz, 2016:
Analytical model of sea level elevation during a storm: Support for coastal flood risk assessment associated with cyclone passage

Traylor, J P.; Zlotnik, V A., 2016:
Analytical modeling of irrigation and land use effects on streamflow in semi-arid conditions

Bright, L. Zack; Handley, M; Chien, I; Curi, S; Brownworth, L. Anders; D’hers, S; Bernier, U R.; Gurman, P; Elman, N M., 2016:
Analytical models integrated with satellite images for optimized pest management

Hyland, M F.; Mahmassani, H S.; Bou Mjahed, L, 2016:
Analytical models of rail transportation service in the grain supply chain: Deconstructing the operational and economic advantages of shuttle train service

Kistovich, A. V.; Chashechkin, Y. D., 2016:
Analytical models of stationary nonlinear gravitational waves

Battersby, T.; Chmura, A.; Hao, S.; Huang, H.; Kritikos, G.; Lal, A.; Malhotra, R.; Miller, A.; Monga, D.; Mosner, J.; Patel, A.; Wagner, C., 2016:
Analytical performance and method comparison of the VERSANT Zika RNA 1.0 Assay (kPCR)

Higioka, A Somavilla; Rudolf-Oliveira, R Cristina Messores; Martinello, F; Bazzo, M Luiza, 2016:
Analytical performance of glucometers in a tertiary care hospital

Tao, C; Yen, C-Shu; Liu, J-Tsai; Chen, C-Jung, 2016:
Analytical performance of paper electro-biosensor detection platform for point-of-care diagnosis

Xu, K; Qian, X, 2016:
Analytical prediction of the elastic properties of 3D braided composites based on a new multiunit cell model with consideration of yarn distortion

Diaz-Herraiz, M; Laiz, L; Jurado, V; Miller, A Z.; Gonzalez-Perez, J Antonio; Santos, J Luis; Alonso, E; Saiz-Jimenez, C, 2016:
Analytical pyrolysis evidences the presence of granaticins in the violet stains of a Roman tomb

Indraratna, B; Kan, M E.; Potts, D; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Sloan, S W., 2016:
Analytical solution and numerical simulation of vacuum consolidation by vertical drains beneath circular embankments

Zhan, T.L.T.; Qiu, Q.W.; Xu, W.J., 2016:
Analytical solution for infiltration and deep percolation of rainwater into a monolithic cover subjected to different patterns of rainfall

Norouzi, M., 2016:
Analytical solution for the convection of Phan-Thien-Tanner fluids in isothermal pipes

Deng, B; Zhang, B; Qiu, Y, 2016:
Analytical solution of VOCs emission from wet materials with variable thickness

Belay, T.; Kim, C. I.; Schiavone, P., 2016:
Analytical solution of lipid membrane morphology subjected to boundary forces on the edges of rectangular membranes

Raoofian Naeeni, M; Eskandari-Ghadi, M, 2016:
Analytical solution of the asymmetric transient wave in a transversely isotropic half-space due to both buried and surface impulses

Edjlali, E; Bérubé-Lauzière, Y, 2016:
Analytical solution of the simplified spherical harmonics equations in spherical turbid media

Ho, L; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H, 2016:
Analytical solution to axisymmetric consolidation in unsaturated soils with linearly depth-dependent initial conditions

Hayek, M, 2016:
Analytical solution to transient Richards' equation with realistic water profiles for vertical infiltration and parameter estimation

Zhou, G; Zhou, Y; Zhang, D, 2016:
Analytical solutions for two pile foundation heat exchanger models in a double-layered ground

Lin, S-Muh; Li, C-Yu, 2016:
Analytical solutions of non-Fourier bio-heat conductions for skin subjected to pulsed laser heating

Borazjani, S.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Farajzadeh, R., 2016:
Analytical solutions of oil displacement by a polymer slug with varying salinity

Righolt, B.W.; Kenjereš, S.; Kalter, R.; Tummers, M.J.; Kleijn, C.R., 2016:
Analytical solutions of one-way coupled magnetohydrodynamic free surface flow

Zhu, Y; Zhan, H; Jin, M, 2016:
Analytical solutions of solute transport in a fracturematrix system with different reaction rates for fracture and matrix

Zhao, Y; Zhang, Y-Kuan; Liang, X, 2016:
Analytical solutions of three-dimensional groundwater flow to a well in a leaky sloping fault-zone aquifer

Gao, D Yang, 2016:
Analytical solutions to general anti-plane shear problems in finite elasticity

Rahmani, Y; Ganji, D Domiri; Bandpy, M Gorji, 2016:
Analytical study of thermal spreading resistance in curved-edge heat spreader

Doménech-Carbó, Mía Teresa; Buendía-Ortuño, M; Pasies-Oviedo, T; Osete-Cortina, L, 2016:
Analytical study of waterlogged ivory from the Bajo de la campana site (Murcia, Spain)

Pandey, R.S.; Kaur, R, 2016:
Analytical study of whistler mode waves in presence of parallel DC electric field for relativistic plasma in the magnetosphere of Uranus

Abouridouane, M; Klocke, F; Döbbeler, B, 2016:
Analytical temperature prediction for cutting steel

Li, M; Zhao, B, 2016:
Analytical thermal efficiency of medium-low temperature organic Rankine cycles derived from entropy-generation analysis

Monti, G; Petrone, F, 2016:
Analytical thermo-mechanics 3D model of friction pendulum bearings

Beck, J.; Newburn, E.; Clark, M.; Lefterova, M.; Helman, E.; Alla, R.; Church, D.; Boyle, S.; Luo, S.; Morra, M.; Harris, J.; Leng, N.; Haudenschild, C.; Chen, R.; West, J., 2016:
Analytical validation of comprehensive assays for genomic profiling of cancer from DNA and RNA

Timokha, A, 2016:
Analytically approximate natural sloshing modes and frequencies for an upright circular container with poles

Jacobs, T, 2016:
Analytics Firms Explore Oil and Gas Market

Steff, H; Schröder, T Philipp; Buse, S; Bär, L; Vogel, F; Heller, M; Sommer, K, 2016:
Analytik rund ums Holi-Pulver

Xiang, K-Sheng; Cheng, T-Hai; Gu, X-Fa; Guo, H; Chen, H; Wang, Y; Wei, X; Bao, F-Wen; Kong, F-Ping, 2016:
Analyzed polarized reflectance model of typical surface types over China based on the PARASOL measurements

Ahmadivand, A; Pala, N, 2016:
Analyzing Photothermal Heat Generation Efficiency in a Molecular Plasmonic Silver Nanomatryushka Dimer

Dornheim, T.; Thomsen, H.; Ludwig, P.; Filinov, A.; Bonitz, M., 2016:
Analyzing Quantum Correlations Made Simple

Stewart, C.; Giannini, J., 2016:
Analyzing Tetrahymena Movement with an Inexpensive & Engaging Inquiry Lab

Tamini, L D.; Doyon, M; Simon, R, 2016:
Analyzing Trade Liberalization Effects in the Egg Sector Using a Dynamic Gravity Model

Lucieer, V; Huang, Z; Siwabessy, J, 2016:
Analyzing Uncertainty in Multibeam Bathymetric Data and the Impact on Derived Seafloor Attributes

Lin, M.-H.; Chen, W.-C.; Liu, Y.-L.; Kuo, H.-W.; Wang, J.-K.; Liu, D.-P., 2016:
Analyzing a hepatitis A outbreak by integrating space-time distances and network approach as evidences-based assessment of vaccination policy

Stylianou, F.S.; Pecnik, R.; Kassinos, S.C., 2016:
Analyzing a turbulent pipe flow via the one-point structure tensors: Vorticity crawlers and streak shadows

Mladenović, I; Milovančević, Mš; Sokolov Mladenović, S; Marjanović, V; Petković, B, 2016:
Analyzing and management of health care expenditure and gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate by adaptive neuro-fuzzy technique

Chen, Y, 2016:
Analyzing and visual programming internet of things and autonomous decentralized systems

A. A. Harchenko,V. V. Makarov,A. E. Hramov, 2016:
Analyzing cluster formation in adaptive networks of Kuramoto oscillators by means of integral signals

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Analyzing the effects of emotion management on time and self-management in computer-based learning

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Analyzing the sustainability performance of public transit

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Analyzing the turbulent flow on steep open channels

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Anesthetic Records

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AnestheticReceptor Relationship Status

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Anesthetizing the Self

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Anesthsie du patient pileptique

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Anesthsie pour endoscopie du sommeil

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Angio-neuroBehet : 2 cas exceptionnels datteinte artrielle intracrnienne et thrombose veineuse crbrale associes

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Angiomyolipoma of the Pelvic Retroperitoneum

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Angiosarcoma of the Vulva

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Angiosarcome du pavillon de loreille

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Angiotensin II type 2 receptor (AT2R) in renal and cardiovascular disease

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Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers and the risk of major adverse cardiac events in patients with diabetes and prior stroke

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Angioödeme: an nicht allergische Auslöser denken!

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Angidme bradykinique et mdecine durgence : vers une optimisation des stratgies de prise en charge

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Angidme bradykinique par dficit en C1 inhibiteur acquis : 4 cas

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Angidme rvlateur dune hmopathie maligne : propos dun cas

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Angle gathers from reverse time migration using analytic wavefield propagation and decomposition in the time domain

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Angle klasse II-afwijking: verwijs op tijd!

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Angle of arrival fluctuations of optical waves considering finite turbulence outer scale under anisotropic turbulence

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Angle of arrival-based target localisation with low Earth orbit satellite observer

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Angler Returns of Channel Catfish Stocked in Arkansas Lakes and Streams

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Angoff Method of Setting Cut Scores for High-Stakes Testing

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Angry voters may turn back the clocks

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Angst en hypnose in de stoel

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Angular Effect of Undetected Clouds in Infrared Window Radiance Observations: Aircraft Experimental Analyses

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Angular Stability of Intramedullary Elastic Osteosynthesis

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Angular Superresolution for Scanning Radar With Improved Regularized Iterative Adaptive Approach

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Angular momentum based balance controller for an under-actuated planar robot

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Angular momentum of gaussian light beams

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Anhaltend wirksam im Langzeitverlauf

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Anhedonic symptoms of depression are linked to reduced motivation to obtain a reward

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Anhedonie und soziale Funktion verbessern

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Animal Athletes

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Animal Difference, Sexual Difference, and the Daughter of Jephthah

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Animal Ethics Profiling of Vegetarians, Vegans and Meat-Eaters

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Animal Humanness, Animal Use, and Intention to Become Ethical Vegetarian or Ethical Vegan

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Animal Studies in Spanish Literature

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Animal bites in the Emergency Department: patient, animal and management factors

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Animal or Algal Materials: Food Toughness, Food Concentration, and Competitor Density Influence Food Choice in an Omnivorous Tadpole

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Animals in China: Law and Society

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Animating Place: Exploring Encounters in the Diverse City

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Animating with style: defining expressive semantics of motion

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Anisotropic Inflationary Scenario Via Generalized Chaplygin Gas Model

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Anisotropic rock physics models for interpreting pore structures in carbonate reservoirs

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Anisotropically elasto-plastic solution to undrained cylindrical cavity expansion in K0-consolidated clay

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Anisotropy of Q2loess in the Baijiapo Tunnel on the Lanyu Railway, China

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Anisotropy of the interface energy of IA and IB metals at a boundary with organic liquids

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Ankle and knee joint stiffness in walking; Unpredictable and predictable shoe perturbations

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Ankle brachial index in the prediction of coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetic patients

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Ankyloglossia and the Breastfeeding Infant

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Ann Rodenstedt: Living in the calm and safe part of the city: the socio-spatial reproduction of upper-middle class neighbourhoods in Malmö

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Annie Jump Cannon, stellar astronomer

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Annotate the Web: Four Ways to Mark Up Web Content

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Annotated Gene and Proteome Data Support Recognition of Interconnections Between the Results of Different Experiments in Space Research

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Annotated List of West Virginia Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta)

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Annotated catalogue of types of Hawaiian land and freshwater snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in the Musum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, with lectotype designations

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Announcing the 2016 Progress in Development Studies Best Article Award Winner

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Annual NICHE Conference promotes best practices for caring for older adults

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Anode partial flooding modelling of proton exchange membrane fuel cells: Model development and validation

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Anode supported planar solid oxide fuel cells with the large size of 30 cm 30 cm via tape-casting and co-sintering technique

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Anodic biofilm vitality during operation of microbial fuel cells at various load conditions

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Anodic dissolution of gold in a solution of 1,3-diaminopropane with the formation of a cathodic deposit and a colloidal solution of Au

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Anodic stripping voltammetric measurement of trace cadmium at antimony film modified sodium montmorillonite doped carbon paste electrode

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Anogenital distance as a marker of reproductive toxicity

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Anomalies du bilan hpatique au cours de la maladie de Basedow traite par thiamazole

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Anomalies in broadcast ionospheric coefficients recorded by GPS receivers over the past two solar cycles (19922013)

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Anomalies in the characteristics of electronic structure upon a quantum phase transition to a state with two order parameters and the breaking of time-reversal symmetry

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Anomalies of Northern Hemisphere ozone associated with a tropopause-lower stratosphere teleconnection during summer

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Anomalies of the ozone and nitrogen dioxide contents in the stratosphere over Moscow region as a manifestation of the dynamics of the stratospheric polar vortex

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Anomalies symptomatiques du remodelage osseux autour des implants latraliss. Incidence, facteurs de risque et profil volutif

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Anomalous Chromosomal Behaviour and Chromosomal Data in Some Members of Subclass Gamopetalae from District Hamirpur (H. P.), India

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Anomalous Hammetts plot in the quenching of Ru(bpy)32+ phosphorescence by p-substituted phenols

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Anomalous Left Coronary Artery From the Pulmonary Artery in Infants and Toddlers Misdiagnosed as Myocarditis

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Anomalous SST warming during MIS 13 in the Gulf of Lions (northwestern Mediterranean Sea)

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Anomalous Seismic Velocity Drop in Iron and Biotite Rich Amphibolite to Granulite Facies Transitional Rocks from Deccan Volcanic Covered 1993 Killari Earthquake Region, Maharashtra (India): a Case Study

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Anomalous astronomical time-latitude residuals: a potential earthquake precursor

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Anomalous change of Airy disk with changing size of spherical particles

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Anomalous circulation patterns in association with two types of daily precipitation extremes over southeastern China during boreal summer

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Anomalous diffusion in porous media

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Anomalous diffusion mediated kinetic modelling of surface-stress sensors

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Anomalous drip in the Punkva caves (Moravian Karst): relevant implications for paleoclimatic proxies

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Anomalous extinction independence on the polarization of one dimension metallic ellipsoid nanoparticle chains

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Anomalous germination of dormant dehulled red rice seeds provides a new perspective to study the transition from dormancy to germination and to unravel the role of the caryopsis coat in seed dormancy

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Anomalous male meiosis in an aquarium plant,Echinodorus palaefolius(Alismataceae)

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Anomalous phenomena on HF radio paths during geomagnetic disturbances

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Anomalous propagation of VHF radiowaves behind the horizon in the seismic region

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Anomalous spreading and misidentification of spatial random walk models

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Anomalous temperature dependence of gas chromatographic retention indices of polar compounds on nonpolar phases

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Anomalous thermal hysteresis and the diffuseness of phase transitions in K1x(NH4)xH2PO4solid solutions

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Anomalous western Pacific subtropical high during late summer in weak La Nia years: Contrast between 1981 and 2013

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Anomalously deep convection in the Irminger Sea during the winter of 20142015

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Anomalously heavy monthly and seasonal precipitation in the Polish Carpathian Mountains and their foreland during the years 18812010

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Anomalously high arsenic concentration in a West Antarctic ice core and its relationship to copper mining in Chile

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Anomalously low amplitude of S waves produced by the 3D structures in the lower mantle

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Anomaly detection via a Gaussian Mixture Model for flight operation and safety monitoring

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Anomic suicide: A Durkheimian analysis of European normlessness

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Anonyme Arztbewertungen im Internet; Anonymous online reviews;

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Anonymous social media Understanding the content and context of Yik Yak

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Anordnung von Blutalkoholentnahmen durch die Polizei im Rettungsdienst

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Anorectal Malformations

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Anorexia Nervosa and Sexual Function

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Anorexia nervosa deaths higher than for other eating disorders

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Anosmie: leren leven zonder reuk

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Another Persons Poison: A History of Food Allergy

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Another Piece to the Puzzle

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Another Vasculitis Red Herring

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Another explanation for the cause of heterosis phenomenon

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Another piece of the puzzle: the first report on the Early Miocene lizard fauna from Austria (Ottnangian, MN 4; Oberdorf locality)

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Another plea for standard terminology

Barrett, S, 2016:
Another study finds herbal products adulterated

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Another twinkle in the eye: contemplating another pregnancy after perinatal mental illness

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Another way to think about psychological change: experiential vs. incremental

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Anoxia controlled by relative sea-level changes: An example from the Mississippian Barnett Shale Formation

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Anoxia in the Domanik basin of the TimanPechora region

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Anoxic biodegradation of a surrogate naphthenic acid coupled to reduction of nitrite

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Anoxicaerobic SBR system for nitrate, phosphate and COD removal from high-strength wastewater and diversity study of microbial communities

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Ansellia africana (Leopard orchid): A medicinal orchid species with untapped reserves of important biomoleculesA mini review

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Anspruch der Manualmedizin an medizinische Forschung und ethische Standards

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Ansprüche an die interprofessionelle Zusammenarbeit

Brennicke, A, 2016:
Anstiftung zur Lüge

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Answering questions instead of telling stories: Everyday breaching in a family meal

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Ant Lion Optimization Algorithm for renewable Distributed Generations

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Ant biodiversity and its environmental predictors in the North Kimberley region of Australias seasonal tropics

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Ant-Repelling Pollinators of the MyrmecophyticMacaranga winkleri(Euphorbiaceae)

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AntCounter Software: Counting Leaf-Cutting Ants Was never so Precise, fast and Easy

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Antagonism of syringeal androgen receptors reduces the quality of female-preferred male song in canaries

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Antagonistic effects of the combination of both zinc and cefradine on the growth and morphology of the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas fluorescens YZ2

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Antagonistic indirect interactions between large and small conspecific prey via a heterospecific predator

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Antarctic density stratification and the strength of the circumpolar current during the Last Glacial Maximum

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Antarctic eukaryotic soil diversity of the Prince Charles Mountains revealed by high-throughput sequencing

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Antecedent variables of innovation behaviors in organizations: Differences between men and women

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Antecedents and consequences of game addiction

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Antecedents and consequences of observing workplace sexual behavior

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Antecedents and effects of host country nationals negative stereotyping of corporate expatriates. A social identity analysis

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Antecedents to the Perpetration of Domestic Violence in Curaao

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Antecedents, correlates, and consequences of feeling like you don't matter: Associations with maltreatment, loneliness, social anxiety, and the five-factor model

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Antegrade Cross K-Wire in Distal Radius Fractures

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Anteil erneuerbarer Energien und klimarelevante CO2-Emissionen aus der thermischen Verwertung von Abfällen in Österreich

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Antenarratives of organizational change: The microstoria of Burger Kings storytelling in space, time and strategic context

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Antenatal Corticosteroid Therapy Before 24 Weeks of Gestation

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Antenatal screening and fetal intervention

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Antenna selection in a SIMO architecture for HF radio links

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Antennal Asymmetry in Social Behavior of the Australian Stingless Bee,Tetragonula carbonaria

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Antennal sensilla analyses as useful tools in the revision of the sweat-bee subgenus Corynura (Callistochlora) Michener (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)

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Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) is a Better Surgical Approach in Elderly Patients with C3-4 Level Myelopathy

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Anterior Chamber Air Bubble to Achieve Graft Attachment After DMEK

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Anterior Chamber Angle and Anterior Chamber Volume in a 40- to 64-Year-Old Population

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Anterior Cingulate Implant for Alcohol Dependence

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Anterior Fontanelle Wormian Bone With Exomphalos Major and Dysmorphic Facial Features

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Anterior Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation for Refractory Epilepsy

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Anterior Process Fracture of the Calcaneus

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Anterior cingulate serotonin 1B receptor binding is positively associated with inhibitory control and amygdala reactivity to aversive faces

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Anterior cruciate ligament clinical pathway

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Anterior vs posterior patterns of hip flexion impairment in spastic paresis

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Anteriorly Based Galeo-Pericranial Frontalis Flap

Abd-Al Moktader, M Ahmed, 2016:
Anteriorly based pudendal thigh flap for scrotal reconstruction based on the deep external pudendal artery (DEPA) flap

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Anthelmintic effects of 75ppm hydrogen peroxide treatment on the monogeneans Benedenia seriolae, Neobenedenia girellae, and Zeuxapta japonica infecting the skin and gills of greater amberjack Seriola dumerili

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Anthelmintic resistance in equine helminths and mitigating its effects

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Anthelmintic resistance in sheep gastro-intestinal strongyles in Europe

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Anthocyanin Biosynthesis Regulation in the Fruit ofCitrus sinensiscv. Tarocco

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Anthocyanin biosynthesis during berry development in corvina grape

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Anthocyanin dye conjugated with Hippospongia communis marine demosponge skeleton and its antiradical activity

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Anthocyanin profile of young red wines of Tannat, Syrah and Merlot made using maceration enzymes and cold soak

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Anthony Brabazon, Michael ONeill, Sean McGarraghy: Natural computing algorithms

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Anthony Clive Jermy (1932-2014)

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Anthony Trollopes Narrative Temporalities and the Emergence of the Middle East

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Anthracene Derivatives Containing the Various Heterocyclic Moiety as the Efficient Emitting Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

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Anthracene and pyrene photolysis kinetics in aqueous, organic, and mixed aqueous-organic phases

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Anthracene aquacracking using NiMo/SiO2 catalysts in supercritical water conditions

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Anthracite briquettes with plant byproducts as an ecofriendly fuel for foundries

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Anthracnose of black locust caused byColletotrichum nymphaeae(Passerini) Aa

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Anthracnose of genusMandevillacaused byColletotrichum truncatumandC. siamensein Japan

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Anthracofibrosis Manifesting as False-Positive Iodine Accumulation in a Patient With Recent History of Thyroid Carcinoma

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Anthrax in a horse and post-exposure interventions

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Anthropocene as Political Geology: Current Debates over how to Tell Time

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Anthropocenic culturecide: an epitaph

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Anthropogenic CO2 warming challenged by 60-yearcycle

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Anthropogenic Disturbance and Environmental Associations with Fish Assemblage Structure in Two Nonwadeable Rivers

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Anthropogenic Effects on Fluxes of Ecosystem Respiration and Methane in the Yellow River Estuary, China

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Anthropogenic and Climatic Effects on the Distribution ofEulemurSpecies: An Ecological Niche Modeling Approach

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Anthropogenic and topographic correlates of natural vegetation cover within agricultural landscape mosaics in Turkey

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Anthropogenic change in savannas and associated forest biomes

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Anthropogenic contributions to global carbonyl sulfide, carbon disulfide and organosulfides fluxes

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Anthropogenic emissions and space-borne observations of carbon monoxide over South Asia

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Anthropogenic forcing increases the water-use efficiency of African trees

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Anthropogenic geomorphic change as a potential generator of renewable geologic resources in the humid Pampa of Argentina

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Anthropogenic impacts on nitrogen fixation rates between restored and natural Mediterranean salt marshes

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Anthropogenic impacts on sedimentation in Jiaozhou Bay, China

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Anthropogenic influence on recent evolution of shorelines between the Conero Mt. and the Tronto R. mouth (southern Marche, Central Italy)

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Anthropogenic light is associated with increased vocal activity by nocturnally migrating birds

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Anthropogenic noise impairs owl hunting behavior

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Anthropogenic signature in the incidence and distribution of an emerging pathogen of poplars

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Anthropometry of male agricultural workers of western India for the design of tools and equipments

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Anthropometry-based Obesity Phenotypes and Risk of Colorectal Adenocarcinoma

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Anthroposophy and Integrative Care at the End of Life

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Anti CD163+, Iba1+, and CD68+ Cells in the Adult Human Inner Ear

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Anti-B16 melanoma effects of a STAT3 inhibitor (rR9-GRIM19) are strongly enhanced by co-treatment with recombinant interferons

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Anti-Glypican 3, a Novel Ancillary Maker in the Histological Assessment of Hirschsprungs Disease

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Anti-Militarism and the Critique of Professional Neutrality in the Origins of Science for the People

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Anti-migration enhanced tracheal stent design, rapid manufacturing and experimental tests

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Anti-pendulation analysis of parallel wave compensation systems

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Anti-predator behavior of squid throughout ontogeny

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Anti-racism from below: exploring repertoires of everyday anti-racism

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Anti-swarming and -biofilm activities of rose phenolic extract during simulated in vitro gastrointestinal digestion

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Anti-tumor effect and mechanisms of concurrent targeting EGFR and metabolism in sarcoma cell lines

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Antibacterial effect of peptide conjugates with a quaternized chitosan derivative and its estimation by the method of atomic force microscopy

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Antibacterial effects of 16 formulations and irradiation against Clostridium sporogenes in a sausage model

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Antibacterial screening and the isolation of bioactive compounds from seven South African medicinal plants

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Antibiofilm activity of essential oils and plant extracts against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli biofilms

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Antibiogram for Periprosthetic Infections

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Antibiothrapie chez des sujets obses : enqute de pratique auprs des membres de la SNFMI et de la Spilf

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Antibiotic Stewardship Klinische Infektiologie auf der Intensivstation; Antibiotic stewardship Clinical infectious diseases in the intensive care unit;

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Antibiotic Treatment of Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection In Women: A Comparative Cost-Effectiveness Study

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Antibiotic activity of bacterial endobionts of basidiomycete fruit bodies

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Antibiotic prescribing to the inpatients diagnosed with Malaria and Viral fever in two tertiary care hospitals in Madhya Pradesh India

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Antibiotic properties of the glucosinolates ofBrassica oleraceavar.acephalasimilarly affect generalist and specialist larvae of two lepidopteran pests

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Antibiotics and Mandibular Fracture Update

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Antibiotikahaltiger Zement: mehr Halt für Hüft-Endoprothesen?

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Antiblastic drug-induced cardiotoxicity and cardioprotection

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Antibody modified-silver nanoparticles for colorimetric immuno sensing of Ab(140/142) based on the interaction between b-amyloid and Cu2+

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Antibody-associated autoimmune neurological disease

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Antibody-free colorimetric determination of total aflatoxins by mercury(II)-mediated aggregation of lysine-functionalized gold nanoparticles

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Antibody-induced failure of botulinum toxin therapy: Restart with incobotulinumtoxina offers a new opportunity

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