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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64823

Chapter 64823 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kim, J; Ivanov, V Y.; Fatichi, S, 2016:
Climate change and uncertainty assessment over a hydroclimatic transect of Michigan

Stokes, E C.; Seto, K C., 2016:
Climate change and urban land systems: bridging the gaps between urbanism and land science

Van Beusekom, A E.; Gould, W A.; Terando, A J.; Collazo, J A., 2016:
Climate change and water resources in a tropical island system: propagation of uncertainty from statistically downscaled climate models to hydrologic models

Schoenrock, K M.; Schram, J B.; Amsler, C D.; McClintock, J B.; Angus, R A.; Vohra, Y K., 2016:
Climate change confers a potential advantage to fleshy Antarctic crustose macroalgae over calcified species

Zobeidi, T; Yazdanpanah, M; Forouzani, M; Khosravipour, B, 2016:
Climate change discourse among Iranian farmers

Titeux, N; Henle, K; Mihoub, J-Baptiste; Brotons, Lís, 2016:
Climate change distracts us from other threats to biodiversity

MacLaren, C A., 2016:
Climate change drives decline of Juniperus seravschanica in Oman

Neset, T-Simone; Glaas, E; Ballantyne, A Gammelgaard; Linnér, Börn-Ola; Opach, T; Navarra, C; Johansson, J; Bohman, A; Rød, J Ketil; Goodsite, M, 2016:
Climate change effects at your doorstep: Geographic visualization to support Nordic homeowners in adapting to climate change

Nistor, Mărgărit-Mircea; Dezsi, Ştefan; Cheval, S; Baciu, Mădălina, 2016:
Climate change effects on groundwater resources: a new assessment method through climate indices and effective precipitation in Beli district, Western Carpathians

Thodsen, H; Baattrup-Pedersen, A; Andersen, H Estrup; Jensen, K Marie Brask; Andersen, P Mejlhede; Bolding, K; Ovesen, N Bering, 2016:
Climate change effects on lowland stream flood regimes and riparian rich fen vegetation communities in Denmark

Dieleman, C M.; Lindo, Zë; McLaughlin, J W.; Craig, A E.; Branfireun, B A., 2016:
Climate change effects on peatland decomposition and porewater dissolved organic carbon biogeochemistry

Bachelet, D.; Ferschweiler, K.; Sheehan, T.; Strittholt, J., 2016:
Climate change effects on southern California deserts

Makris, C; Galiatsatou, P; Tolika, K; Anagnostopoulou, C; Kombiadou, K; Prinos, P; Velikou, K; Kapelonis, Z; Tragou, E; Androulidakis, Y; Athanassoulis, G; Vagenas, C; Tegoulias, I; Baltikas, V; Krestenitis, Y; Gerostathis, T; Belibassakis, K; Rusu, E, 2016:
Climate change effects on the marine characteristics of the Aegean and Ionian Seas

Nascimbene, J; Casazza, G; Benesperi, R; Catalano, I; Cataldo, D; Grillo, M; Isocrono, D; Matteucci, E; Ongaro, S; Potenza, G; Puntillo, D; Ravera, S; Zedda, L; Giordani, P, 2016:
Climate change fosters the decline of epiphytic Lobaria species in Italy

Srivastava, A Kumar; Gaiser, T; Ewert, F, 2016:
Climate change impact and potential adaptation strategies under alternate climate scenarios for yam production in the sub-humid savannah zone of West Africa

Loizidou, M; Giannakopoulos, C; Bindi, M; Moustakas, K, 2016:
Climate change impacts and adaptation options in the Mediterranean basin

Boehlert, B; Strzepek, K M.; Gebretsadik, Y; Swanson, R; McCluskey, A; Neumann, J E.; McFarland, J; Martinich, J, 2016:
Climate change impacts and greenhouse gas mitigation effects on U.S. hydropower generation

de Queiroz, A Rodrigo; Marangon Lima, L M.; Marangon Lima, Jé W.; da Silva, B C.; Scianni, L A., 2016:
Climate change impacts in the energy supply of the Brazilian hydro-dominant power system

Suckow, F; Lasch-Born, P; Gerstengarbe, F-Wilhelm; Werner, P C.; Reyer, C P. O., 2016:
Climate change impacts on a pine stand in Central Siberia

Grimm, N B.; Groffman, P; Staudinger, M; Tallis, H, 2016:
Climate change impacts on ecosystems and ecosystem services in the United States: process and prospects for sustained assessment

Allen, J L.; Lendemer, J C., 2016:
Climate change impacts on endemic, high-elevation lichens in a biodiversity hotspot

Schönhart, M; Schauppenlehner, T; Kuttner, M; Kirchner, M; Schmid, E, 2016:
Climate change impacts on farm production, landscape appearance, and the environment: Policy scenario results from an integrated field-farm-landscape model in Austria

Shrestha, S; Bach, T Viet; Pandey, V Prasad, 2016:
Climate change impacts on groundwater resources in Mekong Delta under representative concentration pathways (RCPs) scenarios

Sahoo, G. B.; Forrest, A. L.; Schladow, S. G.; Reuter, J. E.; Coats, R.; Dettinger, M., 2016:
Climate change impacts on lake thermal dynamics and ecosystem vulnerabilities

Dudley, P N.; Bonazza, R; Porter, W P., 2016:
Climate change impacts on nesting and internesting leatherback sea turtles using 3D animated computational fluid dynamics and finite volume heat transfer

Adhikari, A; White, J D., 2016:
Climate change impacts on regenerating shrubland productivity

Ma, W Wu; Rasul, M.G.; Liu, G; Li, M; Tan, X Hui, 2016:
Climate change impacts on techno-economic performance of roof PV solar system in Australia

Althoff, T Diniz; Menezes, Rômulo Simões Cezar; de Carvalho, Aé Luiz; de Siqueira Pinto, A; Santiago, G Ayane Chagas Felipe; Ometto, J Pierre Henry Balbaud; von Randow, C; de Sá Barretto Sampaio, E Valadares, 2016:
Climate change impacts on the sustainability of the firewood harvest and vegetation and soil carbon stocks in a tropical dry forest in Santa Teresinha Municipality, Northeast Brazil

Giannakopoulos, C; Psiloglou, B; Lemesios, G; Xevgenos, D; Papadaskalopoulou, C; Karali, A; Varotsos, K V.; Zachariou-Dodou, M; Moustakas, K; Ioannou, K; Petrakis, M; Loizidou, M, 2016:
Climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptive capacity of the electrical energy sector in Cyprus

Johnson, J E.; Welch, D J., 2016:
Climate change implications for Torres Strait fisheries: assessing vulnerability to inform adaptation

Chourghal, N; Lhomme, J Paul; Huard, Fédéric; Aidaoui, A, 2016:
Climate change in Algeria and its impact on durum wheat

Wang, X; Liu, H; Fan, W; Xu, J; Wu, Z; Dong, W, 2016:
Climate change in Northeast China between 1849 and 2008

Naderi, M; Raeisi, E, 2016:
Climate change in a region with altitude differences and with precipitation from various sources, South-Central Iran

Wagena, M B.; Sommerlot, A; Abiy, A Z.; Collick, A S.; Langan, S; Fuka, D R.; Easton, Z M., 2016:
Climate change in the Blue Nile Basin Ethiopia: implications for water resources and sediment transport

Tataw, J Tabi; Baier, F; Krottenthaler, F; Pachler, B; Schwaiger, E; Wyhlidal, S; Formayer, H; Hösch, J; Baumgarten, A; Zaller, J G., 2016:
Climate change induced rainfall patterns affect wheat productivity and agroecosystem functioning dependent on soil types

Wan, J-Zhong; Wang, C-Jing; Liu, C-Xiang; Li, H-Li, 2016:
Climate change may alter genetic diversity of Duchesnea indica, a clonal plant species

Bezeng, B.S.; Morales-Castilla, I.; Van der Bank, M.; Yessoufou, K.; Daru, B.H.; Davies, T.J., 2016:
Climate change may reduce the spread of non-native and invading species in South Africa

Nanaki, E A.; Koroneos, C J., 2016:
Climate change mitigation and deployment of electric vehicles in urban areas

Ekholm, T; Korhonen, H, 2016:
Climate change mitigation strategy under an uncertain Solar Radiation Management possibility

Bal, P Kumar; Ramachandran, A.; Geetha, R.; Bhaskaran, B.; Thirumurugan, P.; Indumathi, J.; Jayanthi, N., 2016:
Climate change projections for Tamil Nadu, India: deriving high-resolution climate data by a downscaling approach using PRECIS

Frederico, R G.; Olden, J D.; Zuanon, J, 2016:
Climate change sensitivity of threatened, and largely unprotected, Amazonian fishes

Cheddadi, R.; Khater, C., 2016:
Climate change since the last glacial period in Lebanon and the persistence of Mediterranean species

Lesser, M P.; Fiore, C; Slattery, M; Zaneveld, J, 2016:
Climate change stressors destabilize the microbiome of the Caribbean barrel sponge, Xestospongia muta

Galdies, C.; Said, A.; Camilleri, L.; Caruana, M., 2016:
Climate change trends in Malta and related beliefs, concerns and attitudes toward adaptation among Gozitan farmers

Moe, S. Jannicke; Haande, S; Couture, R-Marie, 2016:
Climate change, cyanobacteria blooms and ecological status of lakes: A Bayesian network approach

Connolly-Boutin, L; Smit, B, 2016:
Climate change, food security, and livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa

Räsänen, A; Juhola, S; Nygren, A; Käkönen, M; Kallio, M; Monge Monge, Aán; Kanninen, M, 2016:
Climate change, multiple stressors and human vulnerability: a systematic review

Carraro, C, 2016:
Climate change: scenarios, impacts, policy, and development opportunities

M. K. Sapanov,M. L. Sizemskaya, 2016:
Climate changes and virgin vegetation dynamics in the Northern Caspian lowland

E. V. Gorbarenko, 2016:
Climate changes in atmospheric radiation parameters from the MSU meteorological observatory data

Sánchez Goñi, M.F.; Llave, E.; Oliveira, D.; Naughton, F.; Desprat, S.; Ducassou, E.; Hodell, D.A.; Hernández-Molina, F.J., 2016:
Climate changes in south western Iberia and Mediterranean Outflow variations during two contrasting cycles of the last 1Myrs: MIS 31MIS 30 and MIS 12MIS 11

Hu, Z; Li, Q; Chen, X; Teng, Z; Chen, C; Yin, G; Zhang, Y, 2016:
Climate changes in temperature and precipitation extremes in an alpine grassland of Central Asia

Llano, Mía Paula; Vargas, W, 2016:
Climate characteristics and their relationship with soybean and maize yields in Argentina, Brazil and the United States

Bennett, M; New, M; Marino, J; Sillero-Zubiri, C, 2016:
Climate complexity in the Central Andes: A study case on empirically-based local variations in the Dry Puna

Hill, J; Tajibaeva, L; Polasky, S, 2016:
Climate consequences of low-carbon fuels: The United States Renewable Fuel Standard

Gough, W A.; Sokappadu, S, 2016:
Climate context of the cold summer of 2014 in Toronto, ON, Canada

Martin, J B.; Kurz, M J.; Khadka, M B., 2016:
Climate control of decadal-scale increases in apparent ages of eogenetic karst spring water

Singh, N. Dhirendra; Yadav, R R.; Venugopal, N.; Singh, V; Yadava, A K.; Misra, K G.; Singh, T B.; Sanjita, C, 2016:
Climate control on ring width and intra-annual density fluctuations inPinus kesiyagrowing in a sub-tropical forest of Manipur, Northeast India

Ramachandran, R; Bugbee, K; Tilmes, C; Privette, A Pinheiro, 2016:
Climate data initiative: A geocuration effort to support climate resilience

D. Yu. Vasil’ev,J. T. Sivohip,A. A. Chibilev, 2016:
Climate dynamics and interdecadal discharge fluctuations in the Ural River basin

Yin, X. G.; Olesen, J. E.; Wang, M.; Öztürk, I.; Chen, F., 2016:
Climate effects on crop yields in the Northeast Farming Region of China during 19612010

Ganzedo, U; Polanco-Martínez, Jé M.; Caballero-Alfonso, Ángela M.; Faria, Sérgio H.; Li, J; Castro-Hernández, Jé J., 2016:
Climate effects on historic bluefin tuna captures in the Gibraltar Strait and Western Mediterranean

Panayotov, M; Kulakowski, D; Tsvetanov, N; Krumm, F; Berbeito, I; Bebi, P, 2016:
Climate extremes during high competition contribute to mortality in unmanaged self-thinning Norway spruce stands in Bulgaria

Lassa, J A.; Lai, A Yu-Hung; Goh, T, 2016:
Climate extremes: an observation and projection of its impacts on food production in ASEAN

Zhao, Y; Colin, C; Liu, Z; Bonneau, L; Siani, G, 2016:
Climate forcing of terrigenous sediment input to the central Mediterranean Sea since the early Pleistocene

Schroth, Götz; Jeusset, Aël; Gomes, A da Silva; Florence, C Tavares; Coelho, Núbia Aparecida Pinto; Faria, D; Läderach, P, 2016:
Climate friendliness of cocoa agroforests is compatible with productivity increase

Miao, L; Fraser, R; Sun, Z; Sneath, D; He, B; Cui, X, 2016:
Climate impact on vegetation and animal husbandry on the Mongolian plateau: a comparative analysis

Dokulil, M T., 2016:
Climate impacts on ecohydrological processes in aquatic systems

Flowers, M E.; Smith, M K.; Parsekian, A W.; Boyuk, D S.; McGrath, J K.; Yates, L, 2016:
Climate impacts on the cost of solar energy

Baptiste, A Karen; Rhiney, K, 2016:
Climate justice and the Caribbean: An introduction

Rasiah, R; Al-Amin, A Quasem; Ahmed, A; Filho, W Leal; Calvo, E, 2016:
Climate mitigation roadmap: assessing low carbon scenarios for Malaysia

Jucker, T; Avăcăriței, D; Bărnoaiea, Iț; Duduman, G; Bouriaud, O; Coomes, D A.; Gilliam, F, 2016:
Climate modulates the effects of tree diversity on forest productivity

Geiger, N; Swim, J K., 2016:
Climate of silence: Pluralistic ignorance as a barrier to climate change discussion

V. V. Babich,A. V. Dar’in,I. A. Kalugin…, 2016:
Climate prediction for the extratropical northern hemisphere for the next 500 years based on periodic natural processes

Sánchez-López, G.; Hernández, A.; Pla-Rabes, S.; Trigo, R.M.; Toro, M.; Granados, I.; Sáez, A.; Masqué, P.; Pueyo, J.J.; Rubio-Inglés, M.J.; Giralt, S., 2016:
Climate reconstruction for the last two millennia in central Iberia: The role of East Atlantic (EA), North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and their interplay over the Iberian Peninsula

Li, J; McCarthy, T M.; Wang, H; Weckworth, B V.; Schaller, G B.; Mishra, C; Lu, Z; Beissinger, S R., 2016:
Climate refugia of snow leopards in High Asia

Verdugo, J; Damm, E; Snoeijs, P; Díez, B; Farías, L, 2016:
Climate relevant trace gases (N2O and CH4) in the Eurasian Basin (Arctic Ocean)

Garner, G; Reed, P; Keller, K, 2016:
Climate risk management requires explicit representation of societal trade-offs

Varotsos, C A.; Mazei, Y A.; Burkovsky, I; Efstathiou, M N.; Tzanis, C G., 2016:
Climate scaling behaviour in the dynamics of the marine interstitial ciliate community

Busch, D. Shallin; Griffis, R; Link, J; Abrams, K; Baker, J; Brainard, R E.; Ford, M; Hare, J A.; Himes-Cornell, A; Hollowed, A; Mantua, N J.; McClatchie, S; McClure, M; Nelson, M W.; Osgood, K; Peterson, J O.; Rust, M; Saba, V; Sigler, M F.; Sykora-Bodie, S; Toole, C; Thunberg, E; Waples, R S.; Merrick, R, 2016:
Climate science strategy of the US National Marine Fisheries Service

Papaioannou, K J., 2016:
Climate shocks and conflict: Evidence from colonial Nigeria

Konter, O; Büntgen, U; Carrer, M; Timonen, M; Esper, J, 2016:
Climate signal age effects in boreal tree-rings: Lessons to be learned for paleoclimatic reconstructions

Riechelmann, D F.C.; Greule, M; Treydte, K; Esper, J; Keppler, F, 2016:
Climate signals in 13C of wood lignin methoxyl groups from high-elevation larch trees

Zhang, Z; Song, X; Tao, F; Zhang, S; Shi, W, 2016:
Climate trends and crop production in China at county scale, 1980 to 2008

Shahid, S; Wang, X-Jun; Harun, S Bin; Shamsudin, S Binti; Ismail, T; Minhans, A, 2016:
Climate variability and changes in the major cities of Bangladesh: observations, possible impacts and adaptation

Randell, H; Gray, C, 2016:
Climate variability and educational attainment: Evidence from rural Ethiopia

Sullivan, A R.; Flaspohler, D J.; Froese, R E.; Ford, D, 2016:
Climate variability and the timing of spring raptor migration in eastern North America

Spannl, S; Volland, F; Pucha, D; Peters, T; Cueva, E; Bräuning, A, 2016:
Climate variability, tree increment patterns and ENSO-related carbon sequestration reduction of the tropical dry forest speciesLoxopterygium huasangoof Southern Ecuador

Chapman, D A.; Corner, A; Webster, R; Markowitz, E M., 2016:
Climate visuals: A mixed methods investigation of public perceptions of climate images in three countries

Vandeweerdt, C; Kerremans, B; Cohn, A, 2016:
Climate voting in the US Congress: the power of public concern

Bonatti, M; Sieber, S; Schlindwein, S L.; Lana, M A.; de Vasconcelos, A C.F.; Gentile, E; Boulanger, J-Philippe; Plencovich, M C.; Malheiros, T F., 2016:
Climate vulnerability and contrasting climate perceptions as an element for the development of community adaptation strategies: Case studies in Southern Brazil

Turner, M D., 2016:
Climate vulnerability as a relational concept

Ivory, S J.; Russell, J, 2016:
Climate, herbivory, and fire controls on tropical African forest for the last 60ka

Rhebergen, T; Fairhurst, T; Zingore, S; Fisher, M; Oberthür, T; Whitbread, A, 2016:
Climate, soil and land-use based land suitability evaluation for oil palm production in Ghana

Clarke, C; Moran, J A., 2016:
Climate, soils and vicariance - their roles in shaping the diversity and distribution ofNepenthesin Southeast Asia

Andersen, D C., 2016:
Climate, streamflow, and legacy effects on growth of riparian Populus angustifolia in the arid San Luis Valley, Colorado

Grillakis, M G.; Koutroulis, A G.; Papadimitriou, L V.; Daliakopoulos, I N.; Tsanis, I K., 2016:
Climate-Induced Shifts in Global Soil Temperature Regimes

Mahmood, R; Pielke, R A.; McAlpine, C A., 2016:
Climate-Relevant Land Use and Land Cover Change Policies

He, Q; Zhou, G, 2016 :
Climate-associated distribution of summer maize in China from 1961 to 2010

Laflower, D M.; Hurteau, M D.; Koch, G W.; North, M P.; Hungate, B A., 2016:
Climate-driven changes in forest succession and the influence of management on forest carbon dynamics in the Puget Lowlands of Washington State, USA

Kok, J E.; Graham, N A. J.; Hoogenboom, M O., 2016:
Climate-driven coral reorganisation influences aggressive behaviour in juvenile coral-reef fishes

Warren, R. J.; Chick, L. D.; DeMarco, B.; McMillan, A.; De Stefano, V.; Gibson, R.; Pinzone, P., 2016:
Climate-driven range shift prompts species replacement

Tokumoto, Y; Nakagawa, M, 2016:
Climate-induced abortion and predation: reproductive success of the pioneer shrub Dillenia suffruticosa in Malaysian Borneo

Islam, M. Rezaul; Hasan, M, 2016:
Climate-induced human displacement: a case study of Cyclone Aila in the south-west coastal region of Bangladesh

Zaredar, N; Jozi, S Ali; Khorssani, N; Shariat, S Mahmoud, 2016:
Climate-induced land health risk in farmland systems: A case study of Qarasou sub-basin in Karkheh River Basin

Chiba, T; Sato, S’ichi, 2016:
Climate-mediated changes in predatorprey interactions in the fossil record: a case study using shell-drilling gastropods from the Pleistocene Japan Sea

Samanta, A; Bera, M K.; Sarkar, A; Marzo, M, 2016:
Climate-modulated sequence development in a tropical rift basin during the Late Palaeocene to Early Eocene super greenhouse Earth

Csete, M; Buzasi, A, 2016:
Climate-oriented assessment of main street design and development in Budapest

Urrego, L E.; Galeano, A; Peñuela, C; Sánchez, M; Toro, Eú, 2016:
Climate-related phenology ofMauritia flexuosain the Colombian Amazon

Rempel, A R.; Rempel, A W.; Gates, K R.; Shaw, B, 2016:
Climate-responsive thermal mass design for Pacific Northwest sunspaces

Lei, X; Yu, L; Hong, L, 2016:
Climate-sensitive integrated stand growth model (CS-ISGM) of Changbai larch (Larix olgensis) plantations

Antón-Fernández, C; Mola-Yudego, B; Dalsgaard, L; Astrup, R, 2016:
Climate-sensitive site index models for Norway

Murungweni, C.; Van Wijk, M. T.; Smaling, E. M. A.; Giller, K. E., 2016:
Climate-smart crop production in semi-arid areas through increased knowledge of varieties, environment and management factors

Nield, J M.; Wiggs, G F. S.; King, J; Bryant, R G.; Eckardt, F D.; Thomas, D S. G.; Washington, R, 2016:
Climate-surface-pore-water interactions on a salt crusted playa: implications for crust pattern and surface roughness development measured using terrestrial laser scanning

Gelca, R; Hayhoe, K; Scott-Fleming, I; Crow, C; Dawson, D; Patiño, R, 2016:
Climate-water quality relationships in Texas reservoirs

Locosselli, G Maselli; Schöngart, J; Ceccantini, Gório, 2016:
Climate/growth relations and teleconnections for aHymenaea courbaril(Leguminosae) population inhabiting the dry forest on karst

Engström, G; Gars, J, 2016:
Climatic Tipping Points and Optimal Fossil-Fuel Use

Nabhan, S; Luber, T; Scheffler, F; Heubeck, C, 2016:
Climatic and geochemical implications of Archean pedogenic gypsum in the Moodies Group (3.2Ga), Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa

Ulrich, W; Kusumoto, B; Shiono, T; Kubota, Y; Scheiner, S, 2016:
Climatic and geographic correlates of global forest tree species-abundance distributions and community evenness

Ferrero, Mía Ester; Blanco-Aguiar, J Antonio; Dávila, Jé Antonio, 2016:
Climatic and geographic effects on the spatial genetic pattern of a landbird species (Alectoris rufa) on the Iberian Peninsula

Neves, M C.; Costa, L; Monteiro, Jé P., 2016:
Climatic and geologic controls on the piezometry of the Querena-Silves karst aquifer, Algarve (Portugal)

Xiao, S; Peng, X; Tian, Q, 2016:
Climatic and human drivers of recent lake-level change in East Juyan Lake, China

Liu, H; Xu, X; Lin, Z; Zhang, M; Mi, Y; Huang, C; Yang, H, 2016:
Climatic and human impacts on quasi-periodic and abrupt changes of sedimentation rate at multiple time scales in Lake Taihu, China

Toohey, M; Krüger, K; Sigl, M; Stordal, F; Svensen, H, 2016:
Climatic and societal impacts of a volcanic double event at the dawn of the Middle Ages

Dunbar-Irwin, M; Safford, H, 2016:
Climatic and structural comparison of yellow pine and mixed-conifer forests in northern Baja California (Mxico) and the eastern Sierra Nevada (California, USA)

Hoy, A; Katel, O; Thapa, P; Dendup, N; Matschullat, Jörg, 2016:
Climatic changes and their impact on socio-economic sectors in the Bhutan Himalayas: an implementation strategy

A. V. Khokhlova,A. O. Agurenko, 2016:
Climatic characteristics of air humidity in the Arctic region from upper-air data

Yu, Y; Li, J-lin; Xie, J; Liu, C, 2016:
Climatic characteristics of thunderstorm days and the influence of atmospheric environment in Northwestern China

Ochoa-Hueso, Rúl; Delgado-Baquerizo, M; Gallardo, A; Bowker, M A.; Maestre, F T., 2016:
Climatic conditions, soil fertility and atmospheric nitrogen deposition largely determine the structure and functioning of microbial communities in biocrust-dominated Mediterranean drylands

Joussain, R; Colin, C; Liu, Z; Meynadier, L; Fournier, Léa; Fauquembergue, K; Zaragosi, Sébastien; Schmidt, Fédéric; Rojas, V; Bassinot, F, 2016:
Climatic control of sediment transport from the Himalayas to the proximal NE Bengal Fan during the last glacial-interglacial cycle

Widayat, A Haris; van de Schootbrugge, B; Oschmann, W; Anggayana, K; Püttmann, W, 2016:
Climatic control on primary productivity changes during development of the Late Eocene Kiliran Jao lake, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Campaniço, H; Soares, P M.M.; Hollmuller, P; Cardoso, R M., 2016:
Climatic cooling potential and building cooling demand savings: High resolution spatiotemporal analysis of direct ventilation and evaporative cooling for the Iberian Peninsula

He, M; Yang, B; Wang, Z; Bräuning, A; Pourtahmasi, K; Oladi, R, 2016:
Climatic forcing of xylem formation in Qilian juniper on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau

Philippon, N; Baron, C; Boyard-Micheau, J; Adde, A; Leclerc, C; Mwongera, C; Camberlin, P, 2016:
Climatic gradients along the windward slopes of Mount Kenya and their implication for crop risks. Part 2: crop sensitivity

Mendivelso, H A.; Camarero, J. Julio; Gutiérrez, E; Castaño-Naranjo, A, 2016 :
Climatic influences on leaf phenology, xylogenesis and radial stem changes at hourly to monthly scales in two tropical dry forests

Ghafarpour, A; Khormali, F; Balsam, W; Karimi, A; Ayoubi, S, 2016:
Climatic interpretation of loess-paleosol sequences at Mobarakabad and Aghband, Northern Iran

Mellert, K H.; Ewald, Jörg; Hornstein, D; Dorado-Liñán, I; Jantsch, M; Taeger, S; Zang, C; Menzel, A; Kölling, C, 2016:
Climatic marginality: a new metric for the susceptibility of tree species to warming exemplified byFagus sylvatica(L.) and Ellenbergs quotient

Mourshed, M, 2016:
Climatic parameters for building energy applications: A temporal-geospatial assessment of temperature indicators

Matskovsky, V, 2016:
Climatic signal in tree-ring width chronologies of conifers in European Russia

Fraga, H.; Santos, J. A.; Malheiro, A. C.; Oliveira, A. A.; Moutinho-Pereira, J.; Jones, G. V., 2016:
Climatic suitability of Portuguese grapevine varieties and climate change adaptation

Ju. V. Artamonov,A. V. Fedirko…, 2016:
Climatic variability of transport in the upper layer of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current from hydrological and satellite data

Holmes, J A.; Metcalfe, S E.; Jones, H L.; Marshall, J D., 2016:
Climatic variability over the last 30000 years recorded in La Piscina de Yuriria, a Central Mexican crater lake

Di Capua, A; Vezzoli, G; Groppelli, G, 2016:
Climatic, tectonic and volcanic controls of sediment supply to an Oligocene Foredeep basin: The Val d'Aveto Formation (Northern Italian Apennines)

Schwarz, E; Veiga, G D.; Trentini, Gón Álvarez; Spalletti, L A., 2016 :
Climatically Versus Eustatically Controlled, Sediment-Supply-Driven Cycles: CarbonateSiliciclastic, High-Frequency Sequences In the Valanginian of the Neuqun Basin (Argentina)

Huang, H; Chen, C, 2016:
Climatological aspects of dense fog at Urumqi Diwopu International Airport and its impacts on flight on-time performance

Calbó, J; Badosa, J; González, J-Abel; Dmitrieva, L; Khan, V; Enríquez-Alonso, A; Sanchez-Lorenzo, A, 2016:
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Clinical neurophysiology

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Clinical, Ethical, and Legal Considerations in Pregnant Women With Opioid Abuse

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Clinton MH agenda supports parity, integrated care efforts

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Clipping during distal external iliac lymphadenectomy increases lower leg lymphedema in patients with carcinoma of the cervix

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Clipping frequency but not nutrients affect the architecture and non-structural carbohydrates of a browsing lawn

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Clocks to Computers: A Machine-Based Big Picture of the History of Modern Science

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Clocks to Computers: Some Clarifications

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Clonal characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells able to transfer microenvironment

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Clonal growth architecture and spatial dynamics of 10 species of the genusPotamogetonacross different habitats in Kashmir Valley, India

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Clonal growth of Populus Pruinosa Schrenk and its role in the regeneration of riparian forests

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Clonal integration enhances expansion ability of Ipomoea aquatica in aquaticterrestrial ecotones

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Clonalité lymphocytaire B sur biopsie de glande salivaire accessoire : marqueur pronostic d’hémopathie dans le syndrome de Sjögren ?

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Cloning and functional characterization ofPjCAOgene involved in chlorophyllbbiosynthesis inPseudosasa japonicacv. Akebonosuji

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Cloning and functional characterization ofPjPORB, a member of thePORgene family inPseudosasa japonicacv. Akebonosuji

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Cloning of Phenylalanine Ammonia-lyase and its Role in Enzymatic Browning of Mung Bean Sprout during Cold Storage

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Cloning wild life: zoos, captivity, and the future of endangered animals

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Cloning, tissue expression, and nutritional regulation of the α-amylase gene in the herbivorous marine teleost Siganus canaliculatus

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Close encounters of nearly parabolic comets and planets

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Closed internal decapitation: a rare injury. Can anyone survive?

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Closed loop small bowel obstruction and dehiscence of jejunojejunostomy from blood bezoar after laparoscopic roux-en-y gastric bypass for morbid obesity

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Closed set of the uniqueness conditions and bifurcation criteria in generalized coupled thermoplasticity for small deformations

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Closed-Loop Propofol Administration

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Closed-cycle gas turbine for power generation: A state-of-the-art review

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Closed-form analytical solutions for assessing the consequences of sea-level rise on unconfined sloping island aquifers

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Closed-form pricing formula for exchange option with credit risk

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Closed-form solutions for estimating a rigid motion from plane correspondences extracted from point clouds

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Closed-loop Inventory Routing Problem for returnable transport items

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Closed-loop control of variable layer width for thin-walled parts in wire and arc additive manufacturing

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Closed-loop input design for guaranteed fault diagnosis using set-valued observers

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Closed-loop safety assessment of uncertain roadmaps

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Closed-system behaviour of the ReOs isotope system recorded in primary and secondary platinum-group mineral assemblages: Evidence from a mantle chromitite at Harold's Grave (Shetland Ophiolite omplex, Scotland)

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Closer to the Creator: Temporal Contagion Explains the Preference for Earlier Serial Numbers

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Closing Pandora's box: chemical products should be designed to preserve efficacy of function while reducing toxicity

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Closing matters: Alignment and misalignment in sequence and call closings in institutional interaction

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Closing the Brief Case: A Reactive HIV Rapid Antibody Test in a Pregnant Woman

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Closing the Brief Case: Kingella kingae Septic Arthritis in a 14-Month-Old Child

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Closing the Green Gap: The Impact of Environmental Commitment and Advertising Believability

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Closing the Research-Practice Gap: How, Why, and Whether

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Closing the door on hepatitis B and D virus entry: what are our therapeutic options?

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Closing the gaps on efforts to improve healthcare quality at the end-of-life

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Closing the loop for aluminum cans: Life Cycle Assessment of progression in Cradle-to-Cradle certification levels

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Closing the ultrafine particle number concentration budget at road-to-ambient scale: Implications for particle dynamics

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Clostridium septicum Case Series

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Clostridium tertium Bacteremia in a Patient with Febrile Neutropenia: Potential Benefit of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption IonizationTime of Flight Mass Spectrometry

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Closure conditions for non-equilibrium multi-component models

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Closure of Fracture Due to Cover Stress Re-establishment After Coal Mining

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Closure through Resilience: The Case of Prevent

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Clothing Swaps: An Exploration of Consumer Clothing Exchange Behaviors

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Cloud Holes: Unraveling an Erstwhile Weather Mystery

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Cloud anomalies at midlatitudes of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres: Connection with atmospheric dynamics and variations in cosmic rays

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Cloud clearing in the wake of Saturns Great Storm of 20102011 and suggested new constraints on Saturns He/H2 ratio

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Cloud electrification and lightning activity in a tropical cyclone-like vortex

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Cloud motion in the GOCI/COMS ocean colour data

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Cloud optical depth from total and UV solar irradiance measurements at two sites of the Atacama Desert in Chile

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Cloud overlapping parameter obtained from CloudSat/CALIPSO dataset and its application in AGCM with McICA scheme

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Cloud point thermodynamics of paclitaxel-loaded microemulsion in the presence of glucose and NaCl

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Cloud resource provisioning: survey, status and future research directions

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Cloud-scale simulation study on the evolution of latent heat processes of mesoscale convective system accompanying heavy rainfall: The Hainan case

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Cloud/web mapping and geoprocessing services Intelligently linking geoinformation

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CloudS: A Multi-Cloud Storage System with Multi-Level Security

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Cloudiness over the Black Sea region in 19852009 from satellite data

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Cloudmaps from static ground-view video

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Clouds and hazes vertical structure of a Saturn's giant vortex from Cassini/VIMS-V data analysis

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Cloudy with a chance of sardines: forecasting sardine distributions using regional climate models

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Clozapine and obsessive-compulsive symptoms across major psychotic disorders a review of three cases

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Clozapine physical health and side effects monitoring. Dont just screen intervene

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Clozapine-induced sinus tachycardia in patients treated with a slow titration schedule

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Club convergence and clustering of U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions

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Club francophone dchoendoscopie en 2016

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Clues that decaying leaves enrich Arctic air with ice nucleating particles

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Clues to the evolution of genome size and chromosome number inTabebuiaalliance (Bignoniaceae)

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Clumped isotope composition of marbles from the Backbone Range of Taiwan

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Clumped-isotope signatures at equilibrium of CH4, NH3, H2O, H2S and SO2

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Cluster Analysis of Atmospheric Dynamics and Pollution Transport in a Coastal Area

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Cluster Expansions for Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Multicomponent Alloys

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Factors Influencing Children's Eating Behaviours

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Cluster analysis of fare evasion behaviours in Melbourne, Australia

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Cluster fluctuation in two-dimensional lattices with local interactions

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Cluster structure preserving unsupervised feature selection for multi-view tasks

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Cluster synchronization in community network with hybrid coupling

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Cluster-root formation and carboxylate release inEuplassa cantareirae(Proteaceae) from a neotropical biodiversity hotspot

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Clustering Quantile Regression-Based Drought Trends in Taiwan

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Clustering XML documents by patterns

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Clustering analysis for porous media: An application to a dolomitic limestone

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Clustering household energy-saving behaviours by behavioural attribute

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Clustering in non-parametric multivariate analyses

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Clustering of heterogeneous networks with directional flows based on Snake similarities

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Clustering synchronisation of wireless sensor network based on intersection schedules

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Clusters and exemplars of buildings towards zero carbon

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Clusters of Phospholipid Vesicles as Platforms for Glucose Oxidase-Catalyzed Reaction in a Bubble-Column Bioreactor

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Clutter-Cancellation-Based Channel Phase Bias Estimation Algorithm for Spaceborne Multichannel High-Resolution and Wide-Swath SAR

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Clypeorbis? ultima n. sp. from the uppermost Maastrichtian of Austria: The youngest representative of the Clypeorbinae Sigal, 1952 (calcareous benthic foraminifera)?

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Co nanoparticle decorated magnetic core, polymeric ionic liquid shell composites for H2 production

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Co(II)4Gd(III)6 phosphonate grid and cage as molecular refrigerants

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Co(III) and Ni(II) complexes of an anthracene appended aroyl hydrazone: Synthesis, crystal structures, DNA binding and catecholase activity

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Co-Administration of Chimpanzee Adenoviral Vectors of Different Serotypes, for the Prevention of HCV and HIV Co-Infection

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Co-Evolution of Volcanic and Lacustrine Systems In Pleistocene Long Valley Caldera, California, U.S.A

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Co-Infection with Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HIV and Latent TB Infection among Homeless People in London

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Co-Kriging Estimation of Nitrate-Nitrogen Loads in an Agricultural River

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Co-Location Synergies: Specialised Versus Diverse Logistics Concentration Areas

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Co-Management, Land Rights, and Conflicts Around South Africas Silaka Nature Reserve

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Co-Morbidities Among Persons With Substance Abuse Problems: Factors Influencing the Receipt of Treatment

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Co-Occurring Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD Symptoms, and Alcohol Use in Veterans

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Co-Parent Court: A Problem-Solving, Community-Based Model for Serving Low-Income Unmarried Co-Parents

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Co-Recovery of Mycobacterium avium Complex and Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Patients With Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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Co-Transfer of TALENs Construct Targeted for Chloroplast Genome and Chloroplast Transformation Vector Into Rice Using Particle Bombardment

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Co-administration of the pharmacological chaperone AT2221 with a proprietary recombinant human acid alfa-glucosidase leads to greater plasma exposure and substrate reduction compared to alglucosidase alfa

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Co-administration of vascular-disrupting agent and doxorubicin by PEG-polypeptide nanoparticles for cancer therapy

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Co-benefits of biodiversity and carbon sequestration from regenerating secondary forests in the Philippine uplands: implications for forest landscape restoration

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Co-carbonization effect of asphaltine and heavy oil in mesophase development

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Co-circulation of multiple reassortant influenza viruses in a swine farm

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Co-clickeau, a participatory method for land-use scenarios in water catchments

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Co-clustering of multi-view datasets

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Co-combustion of coal and waste in pulverized coal boiler

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Co-constructing intersubjectivity with artificial conversational agents: People are more likely to initiate repairs of misunderstandings with agents represented as human

Chevrier, M; Berthet, B; Antoine, Cédric, 2016:
Co-construction dune approche de prvention en quipe pluridisciplinaire dans un service de sant au travail du BTP

van den Driessen Mareeuw, F, 2016:
Co-creatie voor betere ondersteuning aan mensen met een verstandelijke beperking

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Co-culture for lipid production: Advances and challenges

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Co-culture of human synovium-derived stem cells and chondrocytes reduces hypertrophy and enhances in vitro chondrogenesis

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Co-design and assessment of cropping systems for developing crop-livestock integration at the territory level

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Co-digestion of poultry manure and residues from enzymatic saccharification and dewatering of sugar beet pulp

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Co-digestion of terrestrial plant biomass with marine macro-algae for biogas production

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Co-estimation of state-of-charge, capacity and resistance for lithium-ion batteries based on a high-fidelity electrochemical model

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Co-ethnics, refuges, or immigrants? Multiple identities of North Koreans in multicultural South Korea

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Co-evolution, neo-cybernetic emergence and phenomenologies of ambiguity: Towards a framework for understanding interactive arts experiences

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Co-expression of silkworm allatostatin-C receptor BNGR-A1 with its cognate G protein subunits enhances the GPCR display on the budding baculovirus

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Co-expression ofMtDREB1CandRcXETEnhances Stress Tolerance of Transgenic China Rose (Rosa chinensisJacq.)

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Co-extrusion of a Mg/Al composite billet: A computational study validated by experiments

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Co-firing: An exergoenvironmental analysis applied to power plants modified for burning coal and rice straw

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Co-gasification of coal and biomass in a fixed bed reactor with separate and mixed bed configurations

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Co-gasification of sub-bituminous coal with palm kernel shell in fluidized bed coupled to a ceramic industry process

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Co-gasification of wastewater sludge and different feedstock: Feasibility study

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Co-hydrotreating of straight-run diesel fraction and vegetable oil on Co(Ni)-PMo/Al2O3catalysts

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Co-hydrotreating of used engine oil and the low-boiling fraction of bio-oil blends for the production of liquid fuel

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Co-immobilization and stabilization of xylanase, β-xylosidase and α-l-arabinofuranosidase from Penicillium janczewskii for arabinoxylan hydrolysis

Thakkar, U. G.; Trivedi, H. L.; Vanikar, A. V.; Dave, S. D., 2016:
Co-infusion of insulin-secreting adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells: novel approach to management of type 1 diabetes mellitus

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Co-inhabiting public spaces: diversity and playful encounters in Darwin, Australia

Bharti, N; Barnawal, D; Wasnik, K; Tewari, S Krishna; Kalra, A, 2016:
Co-inoculation of Dietzia natronolimnaea and Glomus intraradices with vermicompost positively influences Ocimum basilicum growth and resident microbial community structure in salt affected low fertility soils

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Co-localization of Ki67, CD44v adn deltaNp63 in the invasive front of lung squamous cell carcinoma

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Co-located wind and wave energy farms: Uniformly distributed arrays

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Co-nanocasting synthesis of Cu based composite oxide and its promoted catalytic activity for methanol steam reforming

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Co-occurrence and reproductive synchrony do not ensure hybridization between an alien tunicate and its interfertile native congener

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Co-occurrence of sociolinguistic variables and the construction of ethnic identities

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Co-operation between large-scale MPAs: successful experiences from the Pacific Ocean

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Co-ordination of land exploitation, exploitable farmland reserves and national planning in China

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Co-parenting in a Highly Conflicted Separation/Divorce: Learning about Parents and their Experiences of Parenting Coordination, Legal, and Mental Health Interventions

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Co-pelletization of sewage sludge and biomass: Thermogravimetric analysis and ash deposits

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Co-processing potential of HTL bio-crude at petroleum refineries Part 1: Fractional distillation and characterization

Fish, J., 2016:
Co-producing knowledge about lesbian and bisexual women with breast cancer: Messages for nursing professionals from a knowledge exchange project

Liu, H; Yi, L; Zhang, Q; Hu, H; Lu, G; Li, A; Yao, H, 2016:
Co-production of clean syngas and ash adsorbent during sewage sludge gasification: Synergistic effect of Fenton peroxidation and CaO conditioning

Rytteri, T; Peltola, T; Leskinen, L A., 2016:
Co-production of forestry science and society: Evolving interpretations of economic sustainability in Finnish forestry textbooks

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Co-utile P2P ridesharing via decentralization and reputation management

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Co-variation and varieties in modern Dutch ethnolects

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Coaching psychology in schools: enhancing performance, development and wellbeing

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Coaching's continued success

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Coaching, Touching, and False Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Canada

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Coagulation parameters of captive black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus)

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Coal Combustion Product: Nonhazardous Material for Mine Fill

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Coal aquifer contribution to streams in the Powder River Basin, Montana

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Coal briquette carbonization in a slot-type coke oven

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Coal quality characterization and its relationship with geological process of the Early Permian Huainan coal deposits, southern North China

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Coal seam porosity and fracture heterogeneity of macrolithotypes in the Hancheng Block, eastern margin, Ordos Basin, China

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Coal, climate and development: Comparative perspectives

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Coalition of injustice? Bodies, business, and the biosphere in struggles against unwanted land uses

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Coarse woody debris effects on greenhouse gas emission rates depend on cover soil type in oil sands reclamation

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Coasean bargaining in the presence of Pigouvian taxation

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Coast-Wide Nursery Contribution of New Recruits to the Population of Atlantic Menhaden

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Coastal Aquifer Management Based on the Joint use of Density-Dependent and Sharp Interface Models

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Coastal TDRs: A Solution for Shifting Sands on Folly Beach?

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Coastal and marine tourism: A challenging factor in Marine Spatial Planning

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Coastal and offshore counts of migratory sparrows and warblers as revealed by recordings of nocturnal flight calls along the Ohio coast of Lake Erie

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Coastal aquaculture, mangrove deforestation and blue carbon emissions: Is REDD+ a solution?

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Coastal climate change, vulnerability and age friendly communities: Linking planning for climate change to the age friendly communities agenda

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Coastal environmental injustice in Ghana: the activities of coastal sediment miners in the Elmina, Cape Coast and Moree area

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Coastal erosion and loss of wetlands in the middle Ro de la Plata estuary (Argentina)

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Coastal infrastructure vulnerability: an integrated assessment model

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Coastal livelihoods in transition: How are Vietnamese households responding to changes in the fisheries and in the economy?

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Coastal people and mangroves ecosystem resources vis--vis management strategies in Indian Sundarban

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Coastal planning should be based on proven sea level data

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Coastal protected areas and historical sites in North Bulgaria Challenges, mismanagement and future perspectives

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Coastal sediment dynamics: Introduction to the thematic issue

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Coastal zones in integrated river basin management in the West Coast of India: Delineation, boundary issues and implications

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Coasts of the South Georgia microcontinent in the solving questions of the Holocene eustasy

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Cobalt ion pair macroscopic recognition by orthogonal interaction

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Cobalt mediated by desulfurization toward the synthesis of isothiocyanates

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Cobalt phthalocyanine nanowires: Growth, crystal structure, and optical properties

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Cobalt(II) compounds with acetone isonicotinoyl hydrazone tautomers: Syntheses and crystal structures of complexes with free donor atoms

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Cobalt(II), copper(II), and iron(II) tetrasulfophthalocyanines covalently supported on wool: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity

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Cobertura vacunal y factores que motivan la actitud de vacunacin antigripal en colectivos sociales (bomberos, docentes, polica y residencias geritricas) en Navarra

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Cobimtinib associ au vmurafnib dans le traitement du mlanome non rscable ou mtastatique : donnes de lautorisation temporaire dutilisation

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Cobitis sakahoko, a new species of spined loach (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae) from southern Kyushu Island, Japan

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Cocaine Flows and the State in Peru's Amazonian Borderlands

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Cochlear Implant Impedance Fluctuation in Mnires Disease

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Cochlear Implant Surgery in the Elderly

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Cochrane Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

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Cocoi Heron (Ardea cocoi) Connects Estuarine, Coastal, Limnetic and Terrestrial Environments: an Assessment Based on Conventional Dietary and Stable Isotope Analysis

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Coconut oil - a nutty idea?

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Cocultures de cellules pithliales et de fibroblastes issus de patients asthmatiques et BPCO, un modle in vitro dACOS ?

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Coda Attenuation Analysis in the West Bohemia/Vogtland Earthquake Swarm Area

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Code of Ethics and Professionalism in Light of Cultural Competency: A Guideline for Saudi Psychologists, Supervisors, and Trainees

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Code verification of boundary conditions for compressible and incompressible computational fluid dynamics codes

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Code-based record selection methods for seismic performance assessment of buildings

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Code-blending and language control in bimodal bilinguals

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Code-blending of functional heads in Hong Kong Sign Language and Cantonese: A case study

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Codependency in mothers of addicted persons: Cross-cultural differences between Greece and Bulgaria

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Codification and description of phenological growth stages of sapota (Manilkara zapota) according to the extended BBCH scale

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Coefficient Analysis of Soft Soil Consolidation Based on Measurement of Stratified Settlement

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Coercive Interrogation of Eyewitnesses Can Produce False Accusations

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Coesite inclusions in diamonds of Yakutia

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Coevolution can stabilize a mutualistic interaction

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Coevolution in sexually reproducing populations of predators and prey

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Coevolution of physiological systems

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Coevolutionary diversification unfettered

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Coexistence dilemmas in European marine spatial planning practices. The case of marine renewables and marine protected areas

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Coexistence of multiple attractors and crisis route to chaos in a novel memristive diode bidge-based Jerk circuit

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Coexistence of multiple attractors in the coupling of an exploitative and an omnivorous food web

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Coexisting Early Cretaceous High-Mg Andesites and Adakitic Rocks in the North China Craton: the Role of Water in Intraplate Magmatism and Cratonic Destruction

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Coexisting with coyotes (Canis latrans) in an urban environment

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Coffee and Intestinal Permeability in a Mice Model of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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Coffee suppresses the differentiation of Th17 cells by inhibiting interleukin-6-induced phosphorylation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3

Muts, E-Jan, 2016:
Cofferdamtips & tricks

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Cogeneration through bagasse: A renewable strategy to meet the future energy needs

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Cogging torque reduction in axial-flux permanent magnet wind generators with yokeless and segmented armature by radially segmented and peripherally shifted magnet pieces

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Cognate status, syllable position and word length on bilingual Tip-Of-the-Tongue states induction and resolution

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Colitis ulcerosa

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Collaborating for the Common Good

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Collaboration allows social workers to become case managers

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Collaboration between speech and language therapists and school staff when working with graphic symbols

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Collaborative Inhibition and Semantic Recall: Improving Collaboration Through Computer-mediated Communication

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Collaborative e-learning systems using semantic data interoperability

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Collapse of the invasive garden ant,Lasius neglectus, populations in four European countries

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