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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 64848

Chapter 64848 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Daus, Y. V.; Kharchenko, V. V.; Yudaev, I. V., 2016:
Evaluation of solar radiation intensity for the territory of the Southern Federal District of Russia when designing microgrids based on renewable energy sources

Howard, J L.; Orlicki, K M.; LeTarte, S M., 2016:
Evaluation of some proximal sensing methods for mapping soils in urbanized terrain, Detroit, Michigan, USA

He, C-Chun; Hu, C-Yao; Lo, S-Lien, 2016:
Evaluation of sono-electrocoagulation for the removal of Reactive Blue 19 passive film removed by ultrasound

Gómez, A.; Soriano, J.A.; Armas, O., 2016:
Evaluation of sooting tendency of different oxygenated and paraffinic fuels blended with diesel fuel

Pannacci, E; Bartolini, S, 2016:
Evaluation of sorghum hybrids for biomass production in central Italy

Yoon, S; Lee, S-Rae; Kim, M-Jun; Kim, W-Jin; Kim, G-Young; Kim, K, 2016:
Evaluation of stainless steel pipe performance as a ground heat exchanger in ground-source heat-pump system

Hsiao, D-Horng; Phan, V To-Anh, 2016:
Evaluation of static and dynamic properties of sandfines mixtures through the state and equivalent state parameters

Wang, H; Liu, H-jun, 2016:
Evaluation of storm wave-induced silty seabed instability and geo-hazards: A case study in the Yellow River delta

Gil, J.; Labonne, J.; Caudron, A., 2016:
Evaluation of strategies to conserve and restore intraspecific biodiversity of brown trout: outcomes from genetic monitoring in the French Alps

Fan, L.F.; Wu, Z.J., 2016:
Evaluation of stress wave propagation through rock mass using a modified dominate frequency method

Barulich, Néstor Darío; Godoy, L Augusto; Dardati, P Mónica, 2016:
Evaluation of stresses at the macro level based on computational micromechanics under finite strains

Wang, X.; Li, H.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, C.; Qu, W.; Ma, Q., 2016:
Evaluation of submarine groundwater discharge into the northern Bohai Bay, China using 226Ra

Jiménez, J Luis; Perdiguero, J; García, C, 2016:
Evaluation of subsidies programs to sell green cars: Impact on prices, quantities and efficiency

Pan, J; Wen, Y; Cheng, J; Pan, J; Bai, S; Yang, Y, 2016:
Evaluation of substrates for zinc negative electrode in acid PbO2Zn single flow batteries

Rahmani, A; Taiebat, M; Liam Finn, W.D.; Ventura, C E., 2016:
Evaluation of substructuring method for seismic soil-structure interaction analysis of bridges

Cai, G; Chu, Y; Liu, S; Puppala, A J., 2016:
Evaluation of subsurface spatial variability in site characterization based on RCPTU data

Montazeri, R; Shams-Bakhsh, M; Mahmoudi, S Bagher; Rajabi, A, 2016:
Evaluation of sugar beet lines for resistance to beet curly top viruses

Mostafa Aziz, A.; Abou Alla, K.; Saleh, S.; Hegazy, O.; Taha, M.; Hamdy Salem, E.; Zakaria, H., 2016:
Evaluation of surgical complications in 204 live liver donors according to modified Clavien's system: National Liver Institute experience

Leitner, V; Lindorfer, J, 2016:
Evaluation of technology structure based on energy yield from wheat straw for combined bioethanol and biomethane facility

Diego-Ayala, U.; Carrillo, J.G., 2016:
Evaluation of temperature and efficiency in relation to mass flow on a solar flat plate collector in Mexico

Huyskens, M H.; Zink, S; Amelin, Y, 2016:
Evaluation of temperature-time conditions for the chemical abrasion treatment of single zircons for UPb geochronology

Magruder, L; Leigh, H; Neuenschwander, A, 2016:
Evaluation of terrain and canopy height products in central African tropical forests

Lao, M.; Honig, S.C., 2016:
Evaluation of testis sperm extraction (TESE) and testis histology in the gender confirming surgery patient

Sanchez, G; Tomano, S; Umino, T; Wakabayashi, T; Sakai, M, 2016:
Evaluation of the 5 end of the 16S rRNA gene as a DNA barcode marker for the Cephalopoda

Farchione, A; Rufini, V; Brizi, M Gabriella; Iacovazzo, D; Larghi, A; Massara, R Maria; Petrone, G; Poscia, A; Treglia, G; De Marinis, L; Giordano, A; Rindi, G; Bonomo, L, 2016:
Evaluation of the Added Value of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging to Conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors and Comparison With 68Ga-DOTANOC Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography

Wen, T; Jiang, C; Shen, D; Li, C; Lu, Q; Liu, X; Kang, Y; Chen, X; Liu, B; Qin, C; Zeng, X; Zhang, G, 2016:
Evaluation of the Antitumor Activity by Cordycepin with Gold Nanoparticle

Oftadeh, E; Shourian, M; Saghafian, B, 2016:
Evaluation of the Bankruptcy Approach for Water Resources Allocation Conflict Resolution at Basin Scale, Irans Lake Urmia Experience

Dakhlalla, A O.; Parajuli, P B., 2016:
Evaluation of the Best Management Practices at the Watershed Scale to Attenuate Peak Streamflow Under Climate Change Scenarios

Takebe, Y; Takizaki, M; Tanaka, H; Ohta, H; Niidome, T; Morimura, S, 2016:
Evaluation of the Biogenic Amine-production Ability of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Tofu-misozuke

Storto, A; Masina, S; Navarra, A, 2016:
Evaluation of the CMCC eddy-permitting global ocean physical reanalysis system (C-GLORS, 1982-2012) and its assimilation components

Zhang, L; Mao, J; Shi, X; Ricciuto, D; He, H; Thornton, P; Yu, G; Li, P; Liu, M; Ren, X; Han, S; Li, Y; Yan, J; Hao, Y; Wang, H, 2016:
Evaluation of the Community Land Model simulated carbon and water fluxes against observations over ChinaFLUX sites

Dasgupta, S.; Bhargava, V.; Huff, M.; Jiwani, A. K.; Aly, A. M., 2016:
Evaluation of the Cyanotic Newborn: Part 2--A Cardiologists Perspective

Miszczyk, J.; Rawojć, K.; Panek, A.; Prasanna, P.G.S.; Ahmed, M.M.; Gałaś, A.; Swakoń, J.; Malinowski, L.; Kwiatek, W.M., 2016:
Evaluation of the DNA damage induced by 60 MeV proton irradiation by cytogenetic and molecular methods

Richards, E A.; Ogata, N; Cheng, C-Wei, 2016:
Evaluation of the Dogs, Physical Activity, and Walking (Dogs PAW) Intervention

Goujard, L; Roumanet, P-Jean; Barea, B; Raoul, Y; Ziarelli, F; Le Petit, J; Jarroux, N; Ferré, Eée; Guégan, P, 2016:
Evaluation of the Effect of Chemical or Enzymatic Synthesis Methods on Biodegradability of Polyesters

Kalkisim, O; Turan, A; Okcu, Z; Ozdes, D, 2016:
Evaluation of the Effect of Different Harvest Time on the Fruit Quality of Foa Nut

Iida, M; Maeno, T; Wang, J; Fujiwara, O, 2016:
Evaluation of the Effect of Geometrical Configuration on FM-Band Crosstalk Characteristics between Two Parallel Signal Traces Including Their Divided Ground Patterns on Printed Circuit Boards for Vehicles

Quiñonero-Rubio, J Manuel; Nadeu, E; Boix-Fayos, C; de Vente, J, 2016:
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Forest Restoration and Check-Dams to Reduce Catchment Sediment Yield

Dolgunin, V. N.; Ukolov, A. A.; Ivanov, O. O.; Ryabova, E. A., 2016:
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Drum Mixer for Continuous Mixing of Particulate Solids with Batch Micro-Dosing of Components

Ensslin, J; Marsteller, A.; Volpe, S.L., 2016:
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Drexel University Eat.Right.Now. High School Curriculum in Pennsylvania SNAP-Ed

Goodarzi, M; Abedi-Koupai, J; Heidarpour, M; Safavi, H Reza, 2016:
Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge Using a Hybrid Method

Schiller, S; Hellmich, C; Schmid, H-Joachim, 2016:
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Filtration Processes Using Precoat Materials

Obeid, I; Perez-Grueso, F J.; Challier, V; Boissiere, L; Alanay, A; Kleinstuck, F; Mannion, A F.; Larrieu, D; Yilgor, C; Pellise, F, 2016:
Evaluation of the Fluctuation of Health-Related Quality of Life Scores and Radiographic Sagittal Parameters for Follow-Up in Adult Spine Deformity Patients

Nielsen, E L.; Hespel, A-Maxence; Kottwitz, J J.; Cole, R, 2016:
Evaluation of the Follicular Cycle in Ball Pythons (Python regius)

Mengelle, C; Mansuy, J-Michel; Houles, L; Sandres-Saune, K; Izopet, J, 2016:
Evaluation of the H-DiaCMVQ kit for detecting and quantifying CMV-DNA in plasma and in whole blood samples

Rosito, L; Seimetz, B; Affeld, C; Teixeira, A; e Maia, F Zuma; da Costa, S Selaimen, 2016:
Evaluation of the Labyrinthine Operation Function in Ears with Acquired Cholesteatoma

Watkins, C.; Bascetta, T.; Wilson, B.; Dada, M., 2016:
Evaluation of the Life Star STEMI (Streamlined Transfer of ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients) Program

Petrie, J.; Diplas, P., 2016:
Evaluation of the Logarithmic Law of the Wall for River Flows

Wang, X; Ge, H; Wang, J; Wang, D; Chen, H, 2016:
Evaluation of the Micro-cracks in Shale from the Stress Sensitivity of Ultrasonic Velocities

Nasim, W; Ahmad, A; Belhouchette, H; Fahad, S; Hoogenboom, G, 2016:
Evaluation of the OILCROP-SUN model for sunflower hybrids under different agro-meteorological conditions of PunjabPakistan

Powers, J; Bacci, E; Leidy, N; Stringer, S; Kim, K; Memoli, M; Han, A; Fairchok, M; Chen, W; Arnold, J; Danaher, P; Lalani, T; Hansen, E; Ridore, M; Burgess, T; Millar, E; Hernández, A; Rodríguez-Zulueta, P; Ortega-Gallegos, H; Galindo-Fraga, A; Ruiz-Palacios, G; Pett, S; Fischer, W; Gillor, D; Macias, L; DuVal, A; Rothman, R; Dugas, A; Guerrero, M, 2016:
Evaluation of the Performance Properties of the Influenza Patient-Reported Outcomes Instrument (Flu-Pro)

Manapov, R. S.; Shulyakovskaya, D. O.; Dolomatov, M. Yu., 2016:
Evaluation of the Physicochemical Characteristics of Diesel Fractions Using the RGB Color Space Profile

Bienstock, D.; Ayyala, R.; Eisig, S.B.; Perrino, M.A., 2016 :
Evaluation of the Pierre Robin Sequence Mandible Using Computed Tomography

Wang, F-Fei; Tang, T-Zhi; Liu, T-Yan; Zhang, H-Ning, 2016:
Evaluation of the Pore Structure of Reservoirs Based on NMRT2Spectrum Decomposition

Leung, K Man; Chung, P-Kwong; Ransdell, L B.; Gao, Y, 2016:
Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of the Parents Proxy MPAQ-C in Chinese Population

Wu, R Chi; Boushey, R Paul; Scheer, A Sarah; Potter, B; Moloo, H; Auer, R; Tadros, S; Roberts, P; Stacey, D, 2016:
Evaluation of the Rectal Cancer Patient Decision Aid

Kitazawa, H; Hasegawa, N; Tsukakoshi, Y, 2016:
Evaluation of the Relationship Between Shock and Bruise Area of Apple Fruit

Bowlby, J. N.; Hiriart-Baer, V. P.; Blukacz-Richards, E. A.; Yerubandi, R. R.; Doka, S. E.; Long, T. L.; O'Connor, K. M., 2016:
Evaluation of the Remedial Action Plan goal for dissolved oxygen in Hamilton Harbour: A goal based on habitat requirements for Cisco

Macrì, A; Fleres, F; Arcoraci, V; Alibrandi, A; Mandolfino, T; Cucinotta, E; Saladino, E, 2016:
Evaluation of the Short- and Long-Term Outcome Predictors in Patients Undergoing Posterior Pelvic Exenteration: A Single-Center Experience

Koohmishi, M; Palassi, M, 2016:
Evaluation of the Strength of Railway Ballast Using Point Load Test for Various Size Fractions and Particle Shapes

Cawston-Grant, B; Morrison, H; Menon, G; Sloboda, R, 2016:
Evaluation of the Surface Dose around a Multi-Channel Vaginal Cylinder Using Radiochromic Film and ACE Algorithm

Thacker, E T.; Hamm, R L.; Hagen, J; Davis, C A.; Guthery, F, 2016 :
Evaluation of the Surrogator system to increase pheasant and quail abundance

Beser Hugosson, M; Algers, S; Habibi, S; Sundbergh, P, 2016:
Evaluation of the Swedish car fleet model using recent applications

Nastos, P.T.; Kapsomenakis, J.; Philandras, K.M., 2016:
Evaluation of the TRMM 3B43 gridded precipitation estimates over Greece

Saitman, A; Metushi, I G.; Mason, D S.; Fitzgerald, R L., 2016:
Evaluation of the Waters MassTrak LCMS/MS Assay for Tacrolimus and a Comparison to the Abbott Architect Immunoassay

Papurello, D; Tomasi, L; Silvestri, S; Santarelli, M, 2016:
Evaluation of the Wheeler-Jonas parameters for biogas trace compounds removal with activated carbons

Yamada, K; Hayasaka, T, 2016:
Evaluation of the accuracy of downward radiative flux observations at the sea surface

Ojeda, J.J.; Pembleton, K.G.; Islam, M.R.; Agnusdei, M.G.; Garcia, S.C., 2016:
Evaluation of the agricultural production systems simulator simulating Lucerne and annual ryegrass dry matter yield in the Argentine Pampas and south-eastern Australia

Hassan, E Barbary; El-Giar, E M.; Steele, P, 2016:
Evaluation of the antioxidant activities of different bio-oils and their phenolic distilled fractions for wood preservation

Panayiotou, G.P.; Kalogirou, S.A.; Tassou, S.A., 2016:
Evaluation of the application of Phase Change Materials (PCM) on the envelope of a typical dwelling in the Mediterranean region

Ngu Ngwa, V; Cuteri, V; Pacifici, L; Preziuso, S; Moriconi, M; Attili, A-Rita, 2016:
Evaluation of the association between the lactation stage and serum and milk ELISA results in the diagnosis of ovine Paratuberculosis

de Pablos-Martín, A.; Tismer, S.; Naumann, F.; Krause, M.; Lorenz, M.; Grundmann, M.; Höche, T., 2016:
Evaluation of the bond quality of laser-joined sapphire wafers using a fresnoite-glass sealant

Ogwang, B Alex; Chen, H; Li, X; Gao, C, 2016:
Evaluation of the capability of RegCM4.0 in simulating East African climate

Nayak, M A.; Villarini, G, 2016:
Evaluation of the capability of the Lombard test in detecting abrupt changes in variance

Nikahval, B; Nazifi, S; Heidari, F; Khafi, M Saeed Ahrari, 2016:
Evaluation of the changes of P1NP and CTX in synovial fluid and blood serum of dogs with experimental osteoarthritis

Jin, W; Shen, D; Liu, Q; Xiao, R, 2016:
Evaluation of the co-pyrolysis of lignin with plastic polymers by TG-FTIR and Py-GC/MS

Iwata, S; Hirasaki, Y.; Hamada, K.; Kondo, I.; Iwade, M.; Nomura, M.; Ozaki, M., 2016:
Evaluation of the coagulation profiles of stored autologous whole blood using rotation thromboelastometry

Mirmoradi, S.H.; Ehrlich, M.; Dieguez, C., 2016:
Evaluation of the combined effect of toe resistance and facing inclination on the behavior of GRS walls

Yang, H; Huang, Z; Chen, Y; Zhang, C; Ye, M; Wang, L, 2016:
Evaluation of the contributions of polyphenols in Chinese propolis by on-line HPLCABTS method

Oliveira, L M.S.L.; Nunes, R C.P.; Melo, I C.; Ribeiro, Y L.L.; Reis, L G.; Dias, Júlio C.M.; Guimarães, R C.L.; Lucas, E F., 2016:
Evaluation of the correlation between wax type and structure/behavior of the pour point depressant

Maral Mokhtari,Shahram Najafi, 2016:
Evaluation of the correlation of automated and manual results of complete blood count in oncologic patients

Colmenar-Santos, A; Rosales-Asensio, E; Borge-Diez, D; Collado-Fernández, E, 2016:
Evaluation of the cost of using power plant reject heat in low-temperature district heating and cooling networks

Pu, W; Kasai, K; Kabando, E. K.; Huang, B, 2016:
Evaluation of the damping modification factor for structures subjected to near-fault ground motions

Wang, X; Song, Y; Sun, H; Zhu, J, 2016:
Evaluation of the demographic potential ofAphelinus albipodus(Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) withAphis glycines(Homoptera: Aphididae) as alternate host at various temperatures

He, W; Wang, Y; Elyasigomari, V; Shaheed, M Hasan, 2016:
Evaluation of the detrimental effects in osmotic power assisted reverse osmosis (RO) desalination

de Paula Dorigam, J Cesar; Appelt, M Djalma; Maiorka, A; Muramatsu, K; Sens, R Fernando; Rocha, C; Dahlke, F, 2016:
Evaluation of the digestible lysine requirements in female turkeys from 0 to 68days of age

Zeyada, H H.; Ezz, M M.; Nasr, A H.; Shokr, M; Harb, H M., 2016:
Evaluation of the discrimination capability of full polarimetric SAR data for crop classification

Nanjo, Y; Okazaki, K; Sentoku, E; Iwai, Y, 2016:
Evaluation of the distribution of the strength properties in AlCrSiN gradient coating by a micro slurry-jet erosion (MSE) method

Jamshidi, A; Nikudel, M Reza; Khamehchiyan, M, 2016:
Evaluation of the durability of Gerdoee travertine after freezethaw cycles in fresh water and sodium sulfate solution by decay function models

Thompson, B S.; Bladon, A J.; Fahad, Z H.; Mohsanin, S; Koldewey, H J., 2016:
Evaluation of the ecological effectiveness and social appropriateness of fishing regulations in the Bangladesh Sundarbans using a new multi-disciplinary assessment framework

Petheram, C.; McKellar, L.; Holz, L.; Poulton, P.; Podger, S.; Yeates, S., 2016:
Evaluation of the economic feasibility of water harvesting for irrigation in a large semi-arid tropical catchment in northern Australia

Mamur, S.; Yuzbasioglu, D.; Unal, F.; Altok, K.; Deger, S.M., 2016:
Evaluation of the effect of hemoglobin, parathormone and ferritin levels on micronucleus frequency in hemodialysis patients

Yang, X.; Chen, H.; Wang, Y.; Xu, C.-Y., 2016:
Evaluation of the effect of land use/cover change on flood characteristics using an integrated approach coupling land and flood analysis

Mylon, P; Lewis, R; Carré, M J.; Martin, N, 2016:
Evaluation of the effect of medical gloves on dexterity and tactile sensibility using simulated clinical practice tests

Resch, E; Kreth, U; Boesing, T; Hamelmann, E; Teig, N, 2016:
Evaluation of the effect of the Newborn Life Support (NLS)-course in Germany on resuscitation skills and the participants perceived benefit

Matsumoto, S; Kasuga, J; Makino, T; Arao, T, 2016:
Evaluation of the effects of application of iron materials on the accumulation and speciation of arsenic in rice grain grown on uncontaminated soil with relatively high levels of arsenic

Unamba-Oparah, I Chukwuma; Unamba-Oparah, C.; Anaga, A. O., 2016:
Evaluation of the effects of methanol leaf extract ofPalisota hirsutaon the biochemical and hematological parameters of rats

Koocheki, A; Seyyedi, S Mohammad; Gharaei, S, 2016:
Evaluation of the effects of saffroncumin intercropping on growth, quality and land equivalent ratio under semi-arid conditions

Chiaradia, E Antonio; Vergani, C; Bischetti, G Battista, 2016:
Evaluation of the effects of three European forest types on slope stability by field and probabilistic analyses and their implications for forest management

Anderson Maia, K.; Reali, M. A. P.; Pioltine, A., 2016:
Evaluation of the effects of varying the water velocity at the entrance of the contact zone on the performance of a dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit using the image analysis method

Istselemov, D. A.; Lyubimov, E. V., 2016:
Evaluation of the efficiency of an automated system for testing synchronous round rotor machines

Panepinto, D; Fiore, S; Zappone, M; Genon, G; Meucci, L, 2016:
Evaluation of the energy efficiency of a large wastewater treatment plant in Italy

Lidu, S Rahimah; Mohamed, N‘Ain; Klemeš, Jří Jaromír; Varbanov, P Sabev; Yusup, S, 2016:
Evaluation of the energy saving opportunities for palm oil refining process: Sahabat Oil Products (SOP) in Lahad Datu, Malaysia

Kwong, N. Simon; Chopra, A K., 2016:
Evaluation of the exact conditional spectrum and generalized conditional intensity measure methods for ground motion selection

Rodríguez-López, Jé Miguel; Feinberg, M; Durand, D; Cantalapiedra-Hijar, G; Isserty-Thomas, Aès; Ortigues-Marty, I, 2016:
Evaluation of the expanded measurement uncertainty in the determination of the net flux of nutrients and carbon atoms through the liver in ruminants

Abouelnaga, M; Lamas, A; Quintela-Baluja, M; Osman, M; Miranda, Jé Manuel; Cepeda, A; Franco, C Manuel, 2016:
Evaluation of the extent of spreading of virulence factors and antibiotic resistance in Enterococci isolated from fermented and unfermented foods

Jana, B. B.; Rana, S.; Lahiri, S.; Bag, S. K., 2016:
Evaluation of the fertilizer values of stored and fresh human urine in experimental mixed culture of fish and prawn

Shen, W-Bin; Deng, X-Le, 2016:
Evaluation of the fourth-order tesseroid formula and new combination approach to precisely determine gravitational potential

Prokopenko, N, 2016:
Evaluation of the functional health in women of different age on the base of the heart rate variability analysis under the effect of emotions

Soares, M Antônio; Li, H-Yan; Kowalski, K P.; Bergen, M; Torres, Mónica S.; White, J Francis, 2016:
Evaluation of the functional roles of fungal endophytes ofPhragmites australisfrom high saline and low saline habitats

Yoo, C; Yoon, J; Kim, J; Ro, Y, 2016:
Evaluation of the gap filler radar as an implementation of the 1.5km CAPPI data in Korea

Neira, R; García, X; Lhorente, J Paul; Filp, M; Yáñez, Jé Manuel; Cascante, A María, 2016:
Evaluation of the growth and carcass quality of diallel crosses of four strains of Nile tilapia (Oerochromis niloticus)

A. B. Polonsky,P. A. Sukhonos, 2016:
Evaluation of the heat balance constituents of the upper mixed layer in the North Atlantic

Chinaka, O. Nwaehujor,Eridiong, O. Onyenweaku…, 2016:
Evaluation of the hepato-protective potential ofSarcocephalus latifoliusleaf methanol extracts in paracetamol-induced liver damage of mice

Yang, Y; Wu, Q; Yun, H; Jin, H; Zhang, Z, 2016:
Evaluation of the hydrological contributions of permafrost to the thermokarst lakes on the QinghaiTibet Plateau using stable isotopes

Yu. I. Gurfinkel,A. L. Vasin,T. A. Matveeva,M. L. Sasonko, 2016:
Evaluation of the hypomagnetic environment effects on capillary blood circulation, blood pressure, and heart rate

Angelova, P; Pachova, D; Djongova, M; Dzambazova, E; Vladimirov, T, 2016:
Evaluation of the immediate effects of homeopathic remedies using the heart rate variability method

Scaglione, D; Giulietti, D; Morelli, M, 2016:
Evaluation of the impact of atmospheric ozone and aerosols on the horizontal global/diffuse UV Index at Livorno (Italy)

Ponthieu, M; Pourret, O; Marin, Béatrice; Schneider, A R.; Morvan, X; Conreux, A; Cancès, B, 2016:
Evaluation of the impact of organic matter composition on metal speciation in calcareous soil solution: Comparison of Model VI and NICA-Donnan

Poutzalis, S; Anastasiadou, A; Nasopoulou, C; Megalemou, K; Sioriki, E; Zabetakis, I, 2016:
Evaluation of the in vitro anti-atherogenic activities of goat milk and goat dairy products

Beaulieu, L; Sirois, M; Tamigneaux, Éric, 2016:
Evaluation of the in vitro biological activity of protein hydrolysates of the edible red alga,Palmaria palmata(dulse) harvested from the Gaspe coast and cultivated in tanks

Chauhan, O S.; Shukla, A.S., 2016:
Evaluation of the influence of monsoon climatology on dispersal and sequestration of continental flux over the southeastern Arabian Sea

Ridzuan, N.; Adam, F.; Yaacob, Z., 2016:
Evaluation of the inhibitor selection on wax deposition for Malaysian crude oil

Poulain, V.; Bekki, S.; Marchand, M.; Chipperfield, M.P.; Khodri, M.; Lefèvre, F.; Dhomse, S.; Bodeker, G.E.; Toumi, R.; De Maziere, M.; Pommereau, J.-P.; Pazmino, A.; Goutail, F.; Plummer, D.; Rozanov, E.; Mancini, E.; Akiyoshi, H.; Lamarque, J.-F.; Austin, J., 2016:
Evaluation of the inter-annual variability of stratospheric chemical composition in chemistry-climate models using ground-based multi species time series

Roessler, J; Cheng, W; Hayes, J B.; Shou, L; Ferraro, C; Wu, C-Yu; Bergin, M; Townsend, T G., 2016:
Evaluation of the leaching risk posed by the beneficial use of ammoniated coal fly ash

Chasovnikov, V. K.; Chjoo, V. P.; Ocherednik, O. A.; Mar’yasova, E. S., 2016:
Evaluation of the level of technogenic pollution in the coastal zone of the Black Sea near Gelendzhik

B. V. Afonin,E. A. Sedova,G. A. Tikhonova,A. A. Solovieva…, 2016:
Evaluation of the liver functional changes in modeling the hemodynamic effects of microgravity in bed rest studies

Tong, J; Jiang, X; Han, X; Wang, X, 2016:
Evaluation of the macromolecular structure of Huadian oil shale kerogen using molecular modeling

Demirtas, O; Harorli, A, 2016:
Evaluation of the maxillary third molar position and its relationship with the maxillary sinus: a CBCT study

Jae-Hyun Yoon,Jin-Ha Hwang,Areum Han,Yun-Sun Choi…, 2016:
Evaluation of the microbiological quality of jacopevers and plaices in Korea, 2015-2016

Lee, H; Yong, H In; Kim, H-Joo; Choe, W; Yoo, S Jae; Jang, E Jin; Jo, C, 2016:
Evaluation of the microbiological safety, quality changes, and genotoxicity of chicken breast treated with flexible thin-layer dielectric barrier discharge plasma

Narimani, M; Lotfi, B; Sadeghian, Z, 2016:
Evaluation of the microstructure and wear behaviour of AA6063-B4C/TiB2 mono and hybrid composite layers produced by friction stir processing

Vassallo, J.; Besinis, A.; Boden, R.; Handy, R.D., 2016:
Evaluation of the minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) assay for environmental assessment of nanomaterials

Fu-guo, W; Qi-chang, A; Fei, Y, 2016:
Evaluation of the mirror surface figure error based on the SlopeRMS

Batchelor, H; Ernest, T; Flanagan, T; Klein, S; Turner, R; Storey, D, 2016:
Evaluation of the need for and criteria within a paediatric biopharmaceutics classification system: Results of a survey

Akinseye, F. M.; Agele, S. O.; Traore, P. C. S.; Adam, M.; Whitbread, A. M., 2016:
Evaluation of the onset and length of growing season to define planting datea case study for Mali (West Africa)

Nnaji, T; Kene, R, 2016:
Evaluation of the osteogenic potentials of the platelet-rich plasma and autologous cancellous bone grafts on ulna ostectomies of Nigerian local dogs

Yoo, H Young; Yang, X; Kim, D Sup; Lee, S Kweon; Lotrakul, P; Prasongsuk, S; Punnapayak, H; Kim, S Wook, 2016:
Evaluation of the overall process on bioethanol production from miscanthus hydrolysates obtained by dilute acid pretreatment

Zhou, J; Xiong, Y; Xu, S, 2016:
Evaluation of the oxidation stability of biodiesel stabilized with antioxidants using the PetroOXY method

Gomes, R A. B.; Luccas, P O.; de Magalhães, C S.; de Figueiredo, E C., 2016:
Evaluation of the pH influence on protein exclusion by restricted access carbon nanotubes coated with bovine serum albumin

Grosshans, H; Papalexandris, M V., 2016:
Evaluation of the parameters influencing electrostatic charging of powder in a pipe flow

Gonçalves, B-Hur Ramos Ferreira; Silva, G de Jesus; Pontes, S Farias Oliveira; Fontan, R da Costa Ilhéu; Egito, A Silvio do; Ferrão, S Passini Barbosa, 2016:
Evaluation of the peptide profile with a view to authenticating buffalo mozzarella cheese

Ahn, C Hyuk; Lee, S; Song, H Myeon; Bang, K-Woong; Park, J; Joo, J Chul, 2016:
Evaluation of the performance for an artificial deep pool (ADP) as an alternative fish shelter

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Evaluation of the performance of improved biomass cooking stoves with different solid biomass fuel types

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Evaluation of the phenological synchrony between potato crop and Colorado potato beetle under future climate in Europe

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Evaluation of the physical, chemical and microbiological stability of compounded carbimazole suspension

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Evaluation of the potential of high pressure technology as an enological practice for red wines

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Evaluation of the prediction skill of stock assessment using hindcasting

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Evaluation of the presence of streambed vegetation on storage and run-off in hillslope streams in a High Arctic environment

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Evaluation of the presentation skills of the pre-service teachers via fuzzy logic

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Evaluation of the properties of potassium ferrate used for water purification by luminescence bioassay

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Evaluation of the quality of cold meats by computer-assisted image analysis

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Evaluation of the radiometric properties of roofing materials for livestock buildings and their effect on the surface temperature

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Evaluation of the rattle noise of a vehicle seat using the coherence analysis technique

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Evaluation of the relationships between contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance characteristics and joint pain in patients with temporomandibular disorders

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Evaluation of the representativeness of ground-based visibility for analysing the spatial and temporal variability of aerosol optical thickness in China

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Evaluation of the safety and quality of wash water during the batch washing of Pangasius fish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) in chlorinated and non-chlorinated water

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Evaluation of the schlieren effect employing a LED-based photometer with a long-pathlength flow cell for reagentless photometric determination of ethanol in distilled ethanolic beverages

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Evaluation of the short term effect of nursery treatments with phosphite-based products, acibenzolar-S-methyl, pelleted Brassica carinata and biocontrol agents, against lettuce and cultivated rocket fusarium wilt under artificial inoculation and greenhouse conditions

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Evaluation of the socio-environmental problem and of health in the school-age children population exposed to agrochemicals

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Evaluation of the specific radioactivity of 40 elements created by nuclear transmutation of fission products

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Evaluation of the structural damage of high-rise reinforced concrete buildings using ambient vibrations recorded before and after damage

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Evaluation of the suitability of electronic nose based on fast GC for distinguishing between the plum spirits of different geographical origins

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Evaluation of the surface PM2.5 in Version 1 of the NASA MERRA Aerosol Reanalysis over the United States

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Evaluation of the synergistic erosion-corrosion behaviour of HVOF thermal spray coatings

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Evaluation of the thermal map of human placenta as the first step to in vivo application of infrared thermometry

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Evaluation of the thermal performance of an industrialised housing construction system in a warm-temperate climate: Morelia, Mexico

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Evaluation of the tropical variability from the Beijing Climate Centers real-time operational global Ocean Data Assimilation System

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Evaluation of the viscosity of tropical soils for debris flow analysis: a new approach

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Evaluation of the Door-Bell Test, a Test of Frailty and HF Cardiorespiratory Status on Heart Failure Hospital Discharge, and its Relationship to Future Events

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Evaluation of the Early Use of Albumin in Children with Extensive Burns

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Evaluation of theoretical and empirical water vapor sorption isotherm models for soils

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Evaluation of thermal comfort in an historical Italian opera theatre by the calculation of the neutral comfort temperature

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Evaluation of thermal, chemical, and mechanical seed scarification methods for 4 Great Basin lupine species

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Evaluation of thiacloprid and clothianidin (neonicotinoids) as alternative to fenthion (organophosphate) for control of Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) in deciduous fruit orchards

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Evaluation of three BMI criteria performance to diagnose obesity in a Chinese population

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Evaluation of three different sample populations on a new multiplex BioPlex2200 assay for the detection of measles, Mumps, and Varicella-Zoster virus IgM antibodies

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Evaluation of three methods for estimating the weathering rates of base cations in forested catchments

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Evaluation of thresholds for attributing patients to pharmacies using prescription claims

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Evaluation of tillage and crop establishment methods integrated with relay seeding of wheat and mungbean for sustainable intensification of cotton-wheat system in South Asia

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Evaluation of time-shift extraction methods on a synthetic model with 4D geomechanical changes

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Evaluation of toxic potential of particulates emitted from Jatropha biodiesel fuelled engine

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Evaluation of toxicogenetics damages of the putrescine polyamine on HepG2 cell culture

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Evaluation of traditionally circumscribed species in the lichen-forming genusUsnea, sectionUsnea(Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota) using a six-locus dataset

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Evaluation of transitional behavior of wetness/drought regimes in the Poyang Lake Basin, China

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Evaluation of transposition models of solar irradiance over Egypt

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Evaluation of treatment effects on some antioxidant markers in schizophrenia

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Evaluation of two GCMs in simulating rainfall inter-annual variability over Southern Africa

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Evaluation of two algorithms for diagnosis of Epstein-Barr virus infection

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Evaluation of two methods for minimally invasive peripheral body temperature measurement in birds

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Evaluation of two momentum control variable schemes and their impact on the variational assimilation of radarwind data: Case study of a squall line

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Evaluation of ultraviolet disinfection of microalgae by growth modeling: application to ballast water treatment

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Evaluation of uncertainty in the well-to-tank and combustion greenhouse gas emissions of various transportation fuels

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Evaluation of undrained failure envelopes of caisson foundations under combined loading

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Evaluation of universal bonding agent containing MDP on zirconia bonding

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Evaluation of urban industrial ecological transformation in China

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Evaluation of urban scenarios using bid-rents of spatial interaction models as hedonic price estimators: an application to the Terceira Island, Azores

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Evaluation of usage and fuel savings of solar ovens in Nicaragua

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Evaluation of usage three natural extracts applied to three commercial wood species against five common molds

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Evaluation of utility transformers' lifespan with different levels of grid-connected photovoltaic systems penetration

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Evaluation of uvuloglossopharyngeal dimensions in patients with thalassemia intermedia and major

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Evaluation of variability to drought and saline stress through the germination of different ecotypes of carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) using a hydrotime model

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Evaluation of various cottonseed products on the growth and digestibility performance in Florida pompano Trachinotus carolinus

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Evaluation of vascular patency and splenic function after splenic vessel preserving pancreatectomy

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Evaluation of vegetation indices and apparent soil electrical conductivity for site-specific vineyard management in Chile

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Evaluation of viral etiology in central nervous system infections for seven years

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Evaluation of visual saliency analysis algorithms in noisy images

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Evaluation of vitamin A and protein energy malnutrition in patients with chronic pancreatitis-preliminary data

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Evaluation of wall friction models for riser flow

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Evaluation of warm-season grasses nutritive value as alternatives to cool-season grasses under limited irrigation

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Evaluation of waste paper as a source of carbon fuel for hybrid direct carbon fuel cells

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Evaluation of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) as a potential raw material source for briquette production

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Evaluation of water resources comprehensive utilization efficiency in the Yellow River Basin

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Evaluation of water salinity effects on the sea lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis found on farmed Atlantic salmon in Muchalat Inlet, British Columbia, Canada

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Evaluation of wave energy absorption by heaving point absorbers at various hot spots in Iran seas

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Evaluation of weather research and forecasting model parameterizations under sea-breeze conditions in a North Sea coastal environment

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Evaluation of weight-adjusted doses of palonosetron for prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting in day care laparoscopic gynaecological surgery

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Evaluation of wind energy potential in province of Bushehr, Iran

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Evaluation of wind pressure coefficients of single-span greenhouses built on reclaimed coastal land using a large-sized wind tunnel

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Evaluation of wind turbine noise by soft computing methodologies: A comparative study

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Evaluation of Autotune calibration against manual calibration of building energy models

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Evaluation ofDicyphus hesperusfor biological control of sweet potato whitefly and potato psyllid on greenhouse tomato

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Evaluation ofFusarium graminearuminoculation methods in maize ears and hybrid reaction to Gibberella ear rot under southern Brazilian environmental conditions

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Evaluation ofGPx1Pro198Leu polymorphism in idiopathic male infertility

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Evaluation ofSteinernema carpocapsaesurvival and infectivity after cryopreservation

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Evaluation on connectivity of urban waterfront redevelopment under hesitant fuzzy linguistic environment

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Evaluation on the applicability of dry processed bottom ash as lightweight aggregate for construction fields

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Evaluation on the oxy-fuel combustion behavior of dried sewage sludge

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Evaluation par le score HAD Hospital Anxiety and Depressin Scale des patients ayant une lombalgie chronique

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Evaluation study of in-beam PET performances with a Carbon ion linac (CABOTO)

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Evaluation system for management measures of invasive alien species

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Evaluation the deleterious potential and heating characteristics of basic oxygen furnace slag based on laboratory and in-place investigation during large-scale reutilization

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Evaluationof the Dosimetric Impact of Contouring and Reconstruction Uncertainties on US-, CT-, and MRI-based HDR Prostate Brachy Therapy Dose Planning

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Evaluations of AMBER force field parameters by MINA approach for copper-based nucleases

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Evaluations of SGS Combustion, Scalar Flux and Stress Models in a Turbulent Jet Premixed Flame

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Evaluations of different domestic hot water preparing methods with ultra-low-temperature district heating

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Evaluative Conditioning as a Symbolic Phenomenon: On the Relation between Evaluative Conditioning, Evaluative Conditioning via Instructions, and Persuasion

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Evaluative Conditioning is Sensitive to the Encoding of CS-US Contingencies

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Evaluative Conditioning with Simultaneous and Sequential Pairings Under Incidental and Intentional Learning Conditions

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Evaluative concerns perfectionism and coping with failure: Effects on rumination, avoidance, and acceptance

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Evaluative language in discussion sections of doctoral theses: Similarities and differences between L1 Chinese and L1 English writers

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Evaluative polarity words in risky choice framing

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Evanescent wave absorbance based U-bent fiber probe for immunobiosensor with gold nanoparticle labels

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Evanescent wave analysis and experimental realization of refractive index sensor based on D-shaped plastic optical fiber

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Evangelicalism and the Two Pluralisms

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Evaporating flow experimental tests in small square open channels

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Evaporation effects in elastocapillary aggregation

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Evaporation from Sand and Loess Soils: An Experimental Approach

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Evaporation heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of R-600a in horizontal smooth and helically dimpled tubes

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Evaporation of multicomponent liquid fuel droplets: Influences of component composition in droplet and vapor concentration in free stream ambience

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Evaporation of traffic-generated nanoparticles during advection from source

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Evaporation of water: evaporation rate and collective effects

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Evaporation tagging and atmospheric water budget analysis with WRF: A regional precipitation recycling study for West Africa

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Evaporation/boiling heat transfer characteristics in an artery porous structure

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Evaporative Water Loss Rates of Four Species of Aquatic Turtles from the Coastal Plain of the Southeastern United States

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Evaporative and Radiative Cooling in POST Stratocumulus

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Evaporator performance enhancement by pulsation width modulation (PWM)

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Evapotranspiration and crop coefficients of irrigated biomass sorghum for energy production

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Evapotranspiration and quality characteristics of some bermudagrass turf cultivars under deficit irrigation

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Evapotranspiration and water balance of high-elevation grassland on the Tibetan Plateau

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Evapotranspiration as a Criterion to Estimate Nitrogen Requirement of Maize Under Salt Stress

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Evapotranspiration assessment of a mixed temperate forest by four methods: Eddy covariance, soil water budget, analytical and model

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Evapotranspiration between satellite overpasses: methodology and case study in agricultural dominant semi-arid areas

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Evapotranspiration changes with irrigation using saline groundwater and RO concentrate

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Evapotranspiration dynamics and effects on groundwater recharge and discharge at an arid waste disposal site

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Evapotranspiration estimation ofPlatycladus orientalisin Northern China based on various models

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Evapotranspiration from drained wetlands with different hydrologic regimes: Drivers, modeling, and storage functions

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Evapotranspiration of aPopulus euphraticaforest during the growing season in an extremely arid region of northwest China using the ShuttleworthWallace model

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Evapotranspiration of urban lawns in a semi-arid environment: An in situ evaluation of microclimatic conditions and watering recommendations

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Evapotranspiration over artificially planted shrub communities in the shifting sand dune area of the Tengger Desert, north central China

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Evapotranspiration partitioning, stomatal conductance, and components of the water balance: A special case of a desert ecosystem in China

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Evapotranspiration, water use efficiency, and energy partitioning of a mature switchgrass stand

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Even Einstein struggled: Effects of learning about great scientists struggles on high school students motivation to learn science

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Even a low dose of opioids could cause fatal OD after abstinence

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Even a mild spell of cold weather affects feeding in migrating redheaded buntings

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Even short-term smoking can cause lower lung function and bronchial hyperresponsiveness in young adult-onset patients with asthma

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Event Monitors for Intermittent Arrhythmias: Real World Experience

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Event causality extraction based on connectives analysis

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Event detection from traffic tensors: A hybrid model

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Event graph based contradiction recognition from big data collection

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Event triggered trajectory tracking control approach for fully actuated surface vessel

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Event-based consensus control for single-integrator networks with communication time delays

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Event-based control of linear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws

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Event-based state estimation of discrete-state hidden Markov models

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Event-based state estimation of linear dynamic systems with unknown exogenous inputs

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Event-based stormwater management pond runoff temperature model

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Event-based total suspended sediment particle size distribution model

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Event-related potential research on prediction and attention revisited under the predictive coding umbrella

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Event-related potentials in schizotypal personality disorder and schizophrenia

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Event-related telemetry (ERT) technology for study of cognitive functions

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Event-triggered communication for time synchronization in WSNs

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Event-triggered leader-following tracking control for multivariable multi-agent systems

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Event-triggered zero-gradient-sum distributed consensus optimization over directed networks

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Events, narratives and memory

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Everettian quantum mechanics and physical probability: Against the principle of State Supervenience

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Everglades Invasive Species Special Issue: Introduction and Overview

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Everolimus ist auch nach fünf Jahren noch wirksam

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Every Atom has a Story to Tell: Using Single-Atom-Sensitivity Imaging and Spectroscopy to Determine Origins of Cosmic Nanodiamonds

Meehan, C, 2016:
Every child mattered in England: but what matters to children?

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Evidence for gravity wave drag in the boundary layer of a numerical forecast model: a comparison with observations

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Evidence for the Context Dependence of the Side-Effect Effect

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Evidence for the influence of syntax on prosodic parsing

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Evidence for the reliability and validity, but not the practical utility of the two-factor Consideration of Future Consequences Scale-14

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Evidence for variable grounding-zone and shear-margin basal conditions across Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica

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Evidence is insufficient to support fire-needle moxibustion in patients with knee osteoarthritis

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Evidence of primary hemiepiphytism inPleopeltis bradeorum(Polypodiaceae)

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Evidence of trends in rain event size effecting trends in rain fade

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Evidence on immigrants assimilation into recipient labour markets using UK longitudinal data between 1981 and 2006

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Evidence, Significance, and Counterfactuals: Schramm on the New Riddle of Induction

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Evidence, explanation and enhanced indispensability

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Evidence, fidelity, and organisational rationales: multiple uses of Motivational Interviewing in a social services agency

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Evidenzbasierte Medizin in der Herzchirurgie

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Evluation of risk factors that have the potential for the introduction and spread highly pathogenic avian influenza and Newcastle disease into two states of Nigeria

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Evolution characteristics of residual stress in metastable Ni-B alloy coatings identified by nanoindentation

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Evolution mechanisms of the primary α and β phases during α/β deformation of an α/β titanium alloy TC8

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Evolution of Alzheimers disease pathogenesis conception

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Evolution of Coal Permeability with Cleat Deformation and Variable Klinkenberg Effect

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Evolution of Craniodental Correlates of Diet in African Bovidae

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Evolution of Cuphea PSR23 under cultivation

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Evolution of Free Surface in the Formation of Thermo-Solutocapillary Convection Within an Open Cavity

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Evolution of Joint Roughness Degradation from Cyclic Loading and Its Effect on the Elastic Wave Velocity

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Evolution of Lagrangian coherent structures in a cylinder-wake disturbed flat plate boundary layer

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Evolution of Li-enriched oilfield brines in Devonian carbonates of the south-central Alberta Basin, Canada

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Evolution of Living Donor Nephrectomy at a Single Center

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Evolution of Patient-Controlled Analgesia: From Intravenous to Sublingual Treatment

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Evolution of Sex-Biased Dispersal

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Evolution of Strength and Permeability in Stressed Fractures with FluidRock Interactions

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Evolution of Stress Concentration and Energy Release Before Rock Bursts: Two Case Studies from Xingan Coal mine, Hegang, China

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Evolution of Structural Complexity In Boron Minerals

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Evolution of Unit Fraction Conceptions in Two Fifth-Graders with a Learning Disability: An Exploratory Study

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Evolution of bird communities in the Neogene of Central Asia, with a review of the Neogene fossil record of Asian birds

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Evolution of body mass in the Pan-Alcidae (Aves, Charadriiformes): the effects of combining neontological and paleontological data

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Evolution of calcite growth morphology in the presence of magnesium: Implications for the dolomite problem

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Evolution of contributions from components of lattice bendingtorsion to the elastic component of internal stresses during the deformation of a polycrystal

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Evolution of detonation formation initiated by a spatially distributed, transient energy source

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Evolution of dispersal in a multi-trophic community context

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Evolution of dispersal in a spatially periodic integrodifference model

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Evolution of drivers of deforestation and forest degradation in the Congo Basin forests: Exploring possible policy options to address forest loss

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Evolution of drought management policies and practices in the United States

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Evolution of earthquake losses in Portuguese residential building stock

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Evolution of ecological traits and phylogeny of the genus Gazella

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Evolution of extreme high waters along the east coast of India and at the head of the Bay of Bengal

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Evolution of fracture permeability of ultramafic rocks undergoing serpentinization at hydrothermal conditions: An experimental study

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Evolution of functional polymer colloids for coatings and other applications

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Evolution of gait in stroke patients following surgical correction of equinus foot deformity. Longitudinal observational study

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Evolution of geometric and quality features during ultrasonic vibration-assisted continuous wave laser surface drilling

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Evolution of gold nanoparticle clusters in living cells studied by sectional dark-field optical microscopy and chromatic analysis

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Evolution of hyperflexible joints in sticky prey capture appendages of harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones)

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Evolution of increased larval competitive ability inDrosophila melanogasterwithout increased larval feeding rate

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Evolution of instability before and during a torrential rainstorm in North China

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Evolution of key concepts in modern pedology with reference to Italian soil survey history

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Evolution of laparoscopic right hepatectomy. Video

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Evolution of material surfaces in the temporal transition in channel flow

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Evolution of mechanical properties of ultrafine grained 1050 alloy annealing with electric current

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Evolution of melts of the Changbaishan Tianchi volcano (ChinaNorth Korea) as a model of oremagmatic system formation: Data from melt inclusions studies

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Evolution of microalgal biotechnology: a survey of the European Patent Office database

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Evolution of microstructure and grain boundary character distribution of a tin bronze annealed at different temperatures

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Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg3.0Zn0.2Ca0.5Y alloy by extrusion at various temperatures

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Evolution of microstructure and residual stress during annealing of austenitic and ferritic steels

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Evolution of microstructure and texture in commercial pure aluminum subjected to high pressure torsion processing

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Evolution of microstructure in AZ91 alloy processed by high-pressure torsion

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Evolution of ontogeny and nature of heterochronies

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Evolution of phosphorus speciation with depth in an agricultural soil profile

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Evolution of physicochemical, morphological and aromatic characteristics of Italian PDO dry-cured hams during processing

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Evolution of pigments and their relationship with skin color based on ripening in fruits of different Moroccan genotypes of apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.)

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Evolution of polyfunctional mercaptans and their precursors during Merlot alcoholic fermentation

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Evolution of porosity and pore types in organic-rich, calcareous, Lower Toarcian Posidonia Shale

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Evolution of postgonites in frit flies (Diptera, Chloropidae,Meromyza)

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Evolution of rainwater harvesting and use in Crete, Hellas, through the millennia

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Evolution of regional to global paddy rice mapping methods: A review

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Evolution of regulated phenotypic expression during a transition to multicellularity

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Evolution of reproductive traits inCataglyphisdesert ants: mating frequency, queen number, and thelytoky

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Evolution of residual stress and qualitative analysis of Sn whiskers with various microstructures

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Evolution of rough sculpin (Cottus asperrimus) genetic divergence and late Quaternary displacement on the Hat Creek fault, California, USA

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Evolution of size-segregated aerosol mass concentration during the Antarctic summer at Northern Foothills, Victoria Land

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Evolution of soil respiration depends on biological soil crusts across a 50-year chronosequence of desert revegetation

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Evolution of surgical complexity in ovarian cancer: Experience from a developing tertiary referral center in Eastern India

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Evolution of sustained foraging in three-dimensional environments with physics

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Evolution of symbiosis in hermatypic corals: A model of the past, present, and future

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Evolution of tectonic events and topography in southeastern Gorny Altai in the Late MesozoicCenozoic (data from apatite fission track thermochronology)

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Evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula lithosphere: Evidence from Mesozoic mafic rocks

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Evolution of the Bochner Laplacian for magnetograms of solar active regions

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Evolution of the Brazilian residential carbon footprint based on direct energy consumption

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Evolution of the F0F1 ATP synthase complex in light of the patchy distribution of different bioenergetic pathways across prokaryotes

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Evolution of the Late Pleistocene Aspe River (Western Pyrenees, France). Signature of climatic events and active tectonics

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Evolution of the Paleozoic granitoid magmatism in the Kuznetsk Alatau: new geochemical and U-Pb (SHRIMP-II) isotope data

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Factors Related To Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Shelter-Based Abused Women

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Evolution of the Shape of the Raindrop Size Distribution in Simulated Shallow Cumulus

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Evolution of the Svalbard annual snow layer during the melting phase

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Evolution of the Taieri River catchment, East Otago, New Zealand

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Evolution of the Yellow Sea Warm Current and the Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass since the Middle Pleistocene

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Evolution of the amino acid fingerprint in the unsterilized rhizosphere of a legume in relation to plant maturity

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Evolution of the biome of the Middle Siberian Trappean Plateau

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Evolution of the coherent state via a new time evolution operator

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Evolution of the cost and economic profitability of grid-connected PV investments in Spain: Long-term review according to the different regulatory frameworks approved

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Evolution of the dipole geomagnetic field. Observations and models

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Evolution of the exergy flow network embodied in the global fossil energy trade: Based on complex network

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Evolution of the genusBaylea(Gastropoda) in the Kazan Paleobasin (Middle Permian, VolgaUral Region)

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Evolution of the groundwater system under the impacts of human activities in middle reaches of Heihe River Basin (Northwest China) from 1985 to 2013

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Evolution of the lagoon coast in northeastern Sakhalin exemplified by the Nyiskii InletPlastun Spit coastal system

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Evolution of the southwestern Pacific surface waters during the early Pleistocene

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Evolution of the streamwise vortices generated between leading edge tubercles

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Evolution of the structural and superconducting properties of FeSe crystals upon long-term storage

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Evolution of the sublacustrine geothermal system at Lake Rotomahana, New Zealand: Effects of the 1886 Tarawera Rift eruptionAn introduction

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Evolution of the substructure of a novel 12% Cr steel under creep conditions

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Evolution of underground aqueducts in the Hellenic world

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Evolution of volatile compounds, aroma attributes, and sensory perception in bottle-aged red wines and their correlation

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Evolution of what? A network approach for the detection of evolutionary forces

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Evolution or Revolution in EE/SE Research? A Collaborative Dialogue From First-Year PhD Students

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Evolution under Drug Pressure Remodels the Folding Free-Energy Landscape of HIV-1 Protease

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Evolution, turnovers and spatial variation of the gastropod fauna of the late Miocene biodiversity hotspot Lake Pannon

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Evolution-based approach needed for the conservation and silviculture of peripheral forest tree populations

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Evolutionary algorithm based optimum scheduling of processing units in rice industry to reduce peak demand

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Evolutionary algorithms for power generation planning with uncertain renewable energy

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Evolutionary and biogeographical history of the land snail family Urocoptidae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) across the Caribbean region

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Evolutionary and classification methods for local labor markets delineation

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Evolutionary and taxonomic differentiation of shrew species in the araneus group of the genusSorex: 2. Subdivision within the common shrew

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Evolutionary aspects of sleepwake cycle development in vertebrates (Modern state of the I.G. Karmanovas sleep evolution theory)

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Evolutionary changes of weed competitive traits in winter wheat composite cross populations in organic and conventional farming systems

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Evolutionary conservation and variability of the mesoderm development in spiralia: A peculiar pattern of nereid polychaetes

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Evolutionary correlation of heterodichogamy and floral longevity

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Evolutionary design of complex approximate combinational circuits

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Evolutionary diversification of Western AtlanticBathygobiusspecies based on cytogenetic, morphologic and DNA barcode data

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Evolutionary ecological analysis of adaptation strategies of rodent populations under extreme conditions

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Evolutionary gains and losses in Bilateria

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Evolutionary game theoretic demand-side management and control for a class of networked smart grid

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Evolutionary history and controlling factors of the shelf breaks in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea

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Evolutionary history of a secondary terrestrial Australian diving beetle (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae) reveals a lineage of high morphological and ecological plasticity

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Evolutionary history of the subnival flora of the Himalaya-Hengduan Mountains: first insights from comparative phylogeography of four perennial herbs

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Evolutionary history shapes the susceptibility of an island tree flora to an exotic pathogen

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Evolutionary mechanisms maintaining nest construction in avian clades

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Evolutionary plasticity of IL-6 cytokine family

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Evolutionary polynomial regression based modelling of clay compressibility using an enhanced hybrid real-coded genetic algorithm

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Evolutionary process of iwame, a markless form of the red-spotted masu salmonOncorhynchus masou ishikawae, in the no River, Kyushu

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Evolutionary relationships and systematics of Atoposauridae (Crocodylomorpha: Neosuchia): implications for the rise of Eusuchia

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Evolutionary relationships in the genusSecalerevealed by DArTseq DNA polymorphism

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Evolutionary role of phenotypic plasticity

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Evolutionary stagnation of reciprocators

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Evolutionary synthesis of optimum light ends recovery unit with exergy analysis application

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Evolutionary trajectory of Asian EGFR mutation positive lung adenocarcinomas leads to high intratumor heterogeneity

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Evolutionary trends in the geochemistry of steppe soils under long-term agricultural use

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Evolutionizing human nature

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Evolutionäre Psychiatrie

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Evolutions Chimera: Bats and the Marvel of Evolutionary Adaptation

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Evolutive Tendency and Prognostic Value of Galectin-3 Serum Levels After Heart Transplantation

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Evolving Concepts of Keystone Perforator Island Flaps (KPIF)

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Evolving MPA Management in New Zealand: Between Principle and Pragmatism

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Evolving Nature of School Psychology in Alberta: Politics and Practice

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Evolving Pharmacist Productivity Models

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Evolving coastal character of a Baltic Sea inlet during the Holocene shoreline regression: impact on coastal zone hypoxia

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Evolving frontier land markets and the opportunity cost of sparing forests in western Amazonia

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Evolving human landscapes: a virtual laboratory approach

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Evolving influence: Mitigating extreme conflicts of interest in advisory relationships

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Evolving inter-regional co-operation in flood risk management: distances and types of partnership approaches in Austria

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Evolving symbioses between insects and fungi that kill trees in Canada: new threats associated with invasive organisms

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Evolving the online customer experience is there a role for online customer support?

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Evolving trends in plant-based drug discovery

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Evnements de vie dits stressants, un facteur dclenchant dune polyarthrite rhumatode dans lanne : une tude cas-tmoins

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Ewe whole body composition predicted in vivo by real-time ultrasonography and image analysis

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Ewing's sarcoma of the jaws: An institutional study of four cases

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Ex Vivo (Fluorescence) Confocal Microscopy in Surgical Pathology

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Ex Vivo Testing of New Genetical Modifications for Cardiac Xenotransplantation

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Ex Vivo Treatment of Donors with Nebulized N-Acetylcysteine Partially Improved Post-Transplant Lung Function

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Ex post and insurance-based compensation fail to increase tolerance for wolves in semi-agricultural landscapes of central Italy

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Ex situ conservation of the endangered speciesAndrocalva perlaria(Malvaceae) by micropropagation and cryopreservation

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Ex situ thermo-catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapors using a traveling wave microwave reactor

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Ex vivo expansion of human cytomegalovirus specific T cells for adoptive transfer therapy of patients after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Optimization of cultivation conditions

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Ex vivo organ-preserving surgery on kidneys for renal cell carcinoma and renal artery aneurysms

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Ex-Situ Analysis and In-Situ Environmental TEM Studies of Manganite Perovskites for Catalytic Water Splitting

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Ex-ante analysis of opportunities for the sustainable intensification of maize production in Mozambique

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Ex-ante sustainability assessment of cleaner banana production systems

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Ex-post blindness as excuse? The effect of information disclosure on giving

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Ex-post economic analysis of photovoltaic power in the Spanish grid: Alternative scenarios

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Ex-post evaluation of scenarios: the case of nanotechnology societal impacts

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Ex-post identification of geographical extent of benefited area by a transportation project: Functional data analysis method

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Ex-post impact and process evaluation of the Swedish energy audit policy programme for small and medium-sized enterprises

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Ex-situ characterization of synchrotron radiation induced carbon contamination on LiF window

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Ex-situ experimental simulation of hard coal underground gasification at elevated pressure

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Ex-vivo female reproductive tract integration in a 3D microphysiologic system

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Ex-vivo-Herzperfusion zur Steigerung der Organverfügbarkeit

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ExCITE Project: A Review of Forty-Two Months of Robotic Telepresence Technology Evolution

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Exacerbation aigu dune fibrose pulmonaire idiopathique

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Exacerbation of photosynthetic damage through increased heatlight stress resulting from Gargaphia decoris sap-feeding

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Exacerbations inaugurales de la BPCO

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Exact Confidence Intervals of the Extended Orey Index for Gaussian Processes

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Exact Electronic Bands for a Periodic Pöschl—Teller Potential

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Exact Solutions for a Local Fractional DDE Associated with a Nonlinear Transmission Line

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Exact Solutions of Atmospheric (2+1)-Dimensional Nonlinear Incompressible Non-hydrostatic Boussinesq Equations

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Exact Solutions of Schrödinger Equation with Improved Ring-Shaped Non-Spherical Harmonic Oscillator and Coulomb Potential

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Exact and approximate solutions to LQG homing problems in one and two dimensions

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Exact coherent states in channel flow

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Exact coherent structures at extreme Reynolds number

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Exact elastic impedance matrices for transversely isotropic medium

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Exact predictor feedbacks for multi-input LTI systems with distinct input delays

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Exact solution of the MindlinHerrmann model for longitudinal vibration of an isotropic rod

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Exact solutions of magnetohydrodynamics for describing different structural disturbances in solar wind

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Exact solutions of the Linard- and generalized Linard-type ordinary nonlinear differential equations obtained by deforming the phase space coordinates of the linear harmonic oscillator

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Exact solutions to non-classical steady nozzle flows of BetheZeldovichThompson fluids

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Exact stationary solutions to FokkerPlanckKolmogorov equation for oscillators using a new splitting technique and a new class of stochastically equivalent systems

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Exact structures for the KdVmKdV equation with variable coefficients via the functional variable method

Vasmel, M; Robertsson, J O. A., 2016:
Exact wavefield reconstruction on finite-difference grids with minimal memory requirements

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Exaggerated sexual swellings in female nonhuman primates are reliable signals of female fertility and body condition

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Examination Of Nurses And Nursing Students Views On Working Abroad

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Examination of BMI in the Pediatric Spina Bifida Population During Development

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Examination of GPS/EGNOS integrity in north-eastern Poland

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Examination of Measurement Invariance Across Culture and Gender on the RCMAS-2 Short Form Among Singapore and U.S. Adolescents

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Examination of Predation on Early Life Stage Delta Smelt in the San Francisco Estuary Using DNA Diet Analysis

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Examination of Winter Circulation in a Northern Gulf of Mexico Estuary

Shank, M K.; Henning, A M.; Leakey, A S., 2016:
Examination of a Single-Unit, Multiple-Pass Electrofishing Protocol to Reliably Estimate Fish Assemblage Composition in Wadeable Streams of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the USA

Mintken, P.; McDevitt, A.; Michener, L.; Burns, S.; Boyles, R.; Cleland, J., 2016:
Examination of a clinical prediction rule to identify patients with shoulder pain likely to benefit from cervicothoracic manipulation: A multi-center randomized clinical trial

Wosik, M; Guenther, M F., 2016:
Examination of a historic collection of isolated cranial and appendicular hadrosaurid material from the lower Kirtland Formation of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico

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Examination of an isolate ofPotato leaf roll virusthat does not induce visible symptoms in the greenhouse

Ulziibat, B; Ohta, H; Fukushima, A; Shirasawa, S; Kitashiba, H; Nishio, T, 2016:
Examination of candidates for the gene of cold tolerance at the booting stage in a delimited QTL region in rice cultivar Lijiangxintuanheigu

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Examination of changes in the Turkish hydropower development, regulation, and planning

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Factors related to difficult self-expandable metallic stent placement for malignant colonic obstruction: A post-hoc analysis of a multicenter study across Japan

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Examination of entry portal and pathogenesis of Edwardsiella ictaluri infection in striped catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus

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Examination of land use/land cover changes, urban growth dynamics, and environmental sustainability in Chittagong city, Bangladesh

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Examination of long-term postrelease outcomes of juvenile homicide offenders

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Examination of oxygen atom transfer reactivity of heteroscorpionate dioxo-Mo(VI) complexes: Geometric isomers, solvent effect, intermediates, and catalytic oxidation

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Examination of rate-controlling mechanisms for plastic deformation of pearlitic steel at low homologous temperatures

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Examination of snowmelt over Western Himalayas using remote sensing data

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Examination of soil and slope factors as erosion controlling variables under varying climatic conditions

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Examination of structural models and bonding characteristics of coals

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Examination of the Association Among Personality Traits, Anxiety Sensitivity, and Cannabis Use Motives in a Community Sample

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Examination of the Chicago Multiscale Depression Inventory and Initial Validation of a Positive Scale

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Examination of the Factor Structure of a Global Cognitive Function Battery across Race and Time

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Examination of the formation process of pre-solvated and solvated electron in n-alcohol using femtosecond pulse radiolysis

Arnqvist, J; Bergrström, H; Nappo, C, 2016:
Examination of the mechanism behind observed canopy waves

Grzankowski, K.S.; Szender, J.B.; Spring-Robinson, C.L.; Brightwell, R.; Lele, S.B.; Odunsi, K.O.; Frederick, P.J., 2016:
Examination of the time interval between diagnoses in women with metachronous primary endometrial and colorectal cancers supporting universal Lynch testing

Lynch, D E.; Cox, M J.; King, P M.; Smith, G, 2016:
Examination of tryptamine-squaraine complexes as both colorimetric and fluorometric stains in gel electrophoresis

Hsieh, Y. Ping; Bugna, G; Robertson, K, 2016:
Examination of two assumptions commonly used to determine PM2.5 emission factors for wildland fires

Shettles, M; Hilker, T; Temesgen, H, 2016:
Examination of uncertainty in per unit area estimates of aboveground biomass using terrestrial LiDAR and ground data

Tan, H; Xie, L; Wang, Y; Yuce, H; Baser, O, 2016:
Examine the Burden of Illness of US Medicare Patients Diagnosed with Cataract

Jennewein, J. S.; Jones, K. W., 2016:
Examining 'willingness to participate in community-based water resource management in a transboundary conservation area in Central America

Chia, A.-L.; Graves, R., 2016:
Examining Anxiety and Depression Comorbidity Among Chinese and European Canadian University Students

Young, R L.; Nah, Y-Hwee, 2016:
Examining Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC) in the Early Identification of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

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Examining Benefits of and Barriers to Physical Activity Among Meal Replacement Program Participants

Giordano, A; Prosek, E; Hastings, T, 2016:
Examining College Counselors' Integration of Religion and Spirituality Into Substance Abuse Counseling

Ullrich-French, S; Cox, A E.; Rhoades Cooper, B, 2016:
Examining Combinations of Social Physique Anxiety and Motivation Regulations Using Latent Profile Analysis

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Examining Corticosteroid-Induced Type 2 Diabetes In The Copd Medicare Population

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Examining Cross-Age Peer Conversations Relevant to Character: Can a Digital Story About Bullying Promote Students Understanding of Humility?

Branson, S; Boss, L; Cron, S; Kang, D-Hee, 2016:
Examining Differences between Homebound Older Adult Pet Owners and Non-pet Owners in Depression, Systemic Inflammation, and Executive Function

Hu, B Ying; Lim, C-Ing; Boyd, B, 2016:
Examining Engagement and Interaction of Children With Disabilities in Inclusive Kindergartens in China

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Examining Ethicality Judgements of Theft Behavior: The Role of Moral Relativism

Deitloff, J; Floyd, C; Graham, S P., 2016:
Examining Head-shape Differences and Ecology in Morphologically Similar Salamanders at Their Zone of Contact

Soliman, A; Castelli-Haley, J; Snabes, M; Owens, C; Coyne, K, 2016:
Examining Health-Related Productivity Losses due To Uterine Fibroids in the United States Using the Health-Related Productivity Questionnaire

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Examining How Prescription Drugs Are Illegally Obtained: Social and Ecological Predictors

Haney, C.; Weill, J.; Bakhshay, S.; Lockett, T., 2016:
Examining Jail Isolation: What We Dont Know Can Be Profoundly Harmful

Marchand-Reilly, J F., 2016:
Examining Links Among Parents Depressive Symptoms, Attacking Conflict Behaviors, Childrearing Disagreements, and Over-Reactive Discipline

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Examining Literature on Hispanic Student Achievement in the Southeastern United States and North Carolina

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Examining Measurement Invariance Across Gender in Self-defining Autobiographical Memory Characteristics Using a Shortened Version of the Memory Experiences Questionnaire

Ahmad, Z; Jun, M; Khan, I; Abdullah, M; Ghauri, T Ahmad, 2016:
Examining Mediating Role of Customer Loyalty for Influence of Brand Related Attributes on Customer Repurchase Intention

Mehr, K E.; Daltry, R, 2016:
Examining Mental Health Differences between Transfer and Nontransfer University Students Seeking Counseling Services

DiStefano, R J.; Reitz, R A.; Imhoff, E M., 2016:
Examining One State's Regulation Development Process to Manage Alien Crayfish Introductions

Mun, H; Lee, Y, 2016:
Examining Privacy Leakage from Online Used Markets in Korea

Luna, N; Horton, E. Gail; Malloy, T, 2016:
Examining Protective Factors for Dysthymia Among Individuals Attending Substance Abuse Treatment

Skobba, K; Bruin, M J., 2016:
Examining Public Housing Stereotypes and Building Intercultural Competence Through Service-Learning

Pascual, T N.B., 2016:
Examining Quality Management Audits in Nuclear Medicine Practice as a lifelong learning process

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Examining Relationships Between Socioeconomic Factors and Landscape Metrics in the Southern Basin of the Caspian Sea

Fisher, B W.; Tanner-Smith, E E., 2016:
Examining School Security Measures as Moderators of the Association Between Homophobic Victimization and School Avoidance

Ge, Y; Shilts, K; Lin, Y-Hung; Lautscham, L; Fabry, B; Goldmann, W; Naumann, C A., 2016:
Examining Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Cell-Substrate Linkers during Cell Migration using Polymer-Tethered Lipid Multi-Bilayers of Adjustable Stiffness

Marino, J; Ruban, C; Saunders, W; Blanchette, C, 2016:
Examining The Association Between Corticosteroid Exposure and New Onset Type 2 Diabetes Among Commercially Insured Copd Patients In The US

Pandya, S; Du, H; Wang, L; Baser, O, 2016:
Examining The Prevalence And Incidence Rates Among Patients With Drug Dependence In The Us Veteran Population

Jairam, V.; Gross, C.P.; Yu, J.B., 2016:
Examining Trends in the CMS Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Database for Radiation Oncologists

Ng, V.; Woo, S. E.; Tay, L.; Foster, J., 2016:
Examining Variability in Values Attributed to Culture: Using Personality as a Relative Benchmark

Scott, J H.; Thompson, M P.; Gilbertson-Day, J W., 2016:
Examining alternative fuel management strategies and the relative contribution of National Forest System land to wildfire risk to adjacent homes A pilot assessment on the Sierra National Forest, California, USA

Handmer, J; O’Neill, S, 2016:
Examining bushfire policy in action: Preparedness and behaviour in the 2009 Black Saturday fires

Vollmer, D; Ryffel, A Nathalie; Djaja, K; Grêt-Regamey, A, 2016:
Examining demand for urban river rehabilitation in Indonesia: Insights from a spatially explicit discrete choice experiment

Read, G L.; Ballard, M; Emery, L J.; Bazzini, D G., 2016:
Examining desensitization using facial electromyography:Violent videogames, gender, and affective responding

Mares, R; Barnard, H R.; Mao, D; Revil, Aé; Singha, K, 2016:
Examining diel patterns of soil and xylem moisture using electrical resistivity imaging

Hebert, M A.; Powell, S R., 2016:
Examining fourth-grade mathematics writing: features of organization, mathematics vocabulary, and mathematical representations

Testa, F; Grappio, P; Gusmerotti, N M.; Iraldo, F; Frey, M, 2016:
Examining green public procurement using content analysis: existing difficulties for procurers and useful recommendations

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Examining heterogeneity and wildfire management expenditures using spatially and temporally descriptive data

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Examining individual factors and during-program performance to understand drug court completion

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Examining language switching in bilinguals: The role of preparation time

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Examining psychopathy from an attachment perspective: the role of fear of rejection and abandonment

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Examining radial nerve excursion during movements of the wrist using ultrasound imaging

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Examining region-based methods for land cover classification using stochastic distances

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Examining surfaces of oxidized aluminum exposed to 2laser pulses

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Examining the Association Between Epilepsy Seizure Frequency and Health Economic Outcomes Among Caregivers

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Examining the Associations between Dysfunction in Emotion Regulation and Pathological Personality Traits

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Examining the Attributions of Discrimination toward People with Mental Illness among Chinese College Students

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Examining the Behavior, Management Preferences, and Sociodemographics of Artificial Reef Users in the Gulf of Mexico Offshore from Texas

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Examining the Clinical Contexts Where Patients with Heart Failure Access End-of-Life Care: The HF-EOL Study

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Examining the Effects of Functional Assessment-Based Interventions With High School Students

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Examining the Efficacy of ParentChild Interaction Therapy with Children on the Autism Spectrum

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Examining the Efficacy of a Multitiered Intervention for At-Risk Readers in Grade 1

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Examining the Environmental Impact of Demand-Side and Renewable Energy Technologies

Burke, M M.; Mello, M P.; Goldman, S E., 2016:
Examining the Feasibility of a Special Education Advocacy Training Program

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Examining the Focusing Illusion as a Cognitive Mechanism Underlying Catastrophic Perceptions of Social Blunders in Socially Anxious Individuals

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Examining the Global Machine Tool Industry: Transitions or Continuity?

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Examining the Intensity and Frequency of Experience of Discrete Positive Emotions

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Examining the Interplay of Justice Perceptions, Motivation, and School Achievement among Secondary School Students

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Examining the Japanese seaweed market before and after the earthquake using a partial adjustment model of LA-AIDS

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Examining the Latent Structure of Posttraumatic Growth Between Male and Female Survivors in the Immediate Aftermath of a Flash Flood Disaster

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Examining the Mediating Effects of Social Learning on the Low Self-ControlCyberbullying Relationship in a Youth Sample

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Examining the Predictors of Functional Independence and Discharge Destination of Patients with Stroke Post Hospital Discharge

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Examining the Relationship Between Action Video Game Experience and Performance in a Distracted Driving Task

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Examining the Relationship Between Physical Activity Levels and Social Behaviors on Elementary School Recess Yards

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Examining the Relationship between Flower Thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) Spatial Distribution and Blueberry (Ericales: Ericaceae) Flower Density

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Examining the Relationships Between the Justice Facets and Turnover Intent: The Mediating Roles of Overall Justice and Psychological Strain

Ogawa, T.; Takao, M.; Sakai, T.; Sugano, N., 2017:
Factors related to disagreement in implant size between preoperative CT-based planning and the actual implants used intraoperatively for total hip arthroplasty

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Examining the Role of Discordance Between Ideal and Actual Main sex Partners on Contraception Use Among Urban Female Adolescents

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Examining the Role of Perfectionism and Intolerance of Uncertainty in Postevent Processing in Social Anxiety Disorder

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Examining the Status of Supervision Education in Rehabilitation Counsellor Training

Chang, M.-L.; Engelhard, G., 2016:
Examining the Teachers Sense of Efficacy Scale at the Item Level With Rasch Measurement Model

Garbacz, S. Andrew; Cariveau, T; Barrett, E, 2016:
Examining the Treatment Validation Consultation Model

Chen, Y-Chih; Park, S; Hand, B, 2016:
Examining the Use of Talk and Writing for Students' Development of Scientific Conceptual Knowledge Through Constructing and Critiquing Arguments

Gorman, C. A.; Meriac, J. P., 2016:
Examining the Work Ethic of Correctional Officers Using a Short Form of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile

Huang, H-Yi, 2016:
Examining the beneficial effects of individual's self-disclosure on the social network site

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Examining the effects of absorptive capacity and social capital on the adoption of agricultural innovations: A Canadian Prairie case study

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Examining the effects of out-of-home and in-home constraints on leisure activity participation in different seasons of the year

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Examining the effects of utilities and involvement on intentions to engage in digital piracy

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Examining the exobase approximation: DSMC models of Titan's upper atmosphere

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Examining the historical and present energy metabolism of a Rust Belt City: Syracuse, NY 18402005

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Examining the impact of urban biophysical composition and neighboring environment on surface urban heat island effect

Osborne, D; Milojev, P; Sibley, C G., 2016:
Examining the indirect effects of religious orientations on well-being through personal locus of control

Chakour, V; Eluru, N, 2016:
Examining the influence of stop level infrastructure and built environment on bus ridership in Montreal

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Examining the influence of vegetation on slope hydrology in Hong Kong using the capacitive resistivity technique

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Examining the influences of site conditions and disturbance on rainforest structure through tree ring analyses in two Araucariaceae species

Looney, C E.; D’Amato, A W.; Fraver, S; Palik, B J.; Reinikainen, M R., 2016:
Examining the influences of tree-to-tree competition and climate on size-growth relationships in hydric, multi-aged Fraxinus nigra stands

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Examining the link between adult attachment style, employment and academic achievement in first semester higher education

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Examining the links among economic growth, energy consumption, and CO2emission with linear and nonlinear causality tests

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Examining the moral grey zone: The role of moral disengagement, authenticity, and situational strength in predicting unethical managerial behavior

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Examining the multidimensional structure of impulsivity in daily life

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Examining the person X situation interactions of internalized traits, state body affect and upward comparison behaviour

Mahoney, K.J.; Shropshire, C.; Sikkema, P.H., 2016:
Examining the plant-back interval for glyphosate/glufosinate-resistant corn after the application of ACCase inhibitors

Pascale, A; Urmee, T; Whale, J; Kumar, S., 2016:
Examining the potential for developing women-led solar PV enterprises in rural Myanmar

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Examining the predicting effect of mindfulness on psychological well-being among undergraduate students: A structural equation modelling approach

Harley, J M.; Carter, C K.; Papaionnou, N; Bouchet, Fçois; Landis, R S.; Azevedo, R; Karabachian, L, 2016:
Examining the predictive relationship between personality and emotion traits and students agent-directed emotions: towards emotionally-adaptive agent-based learning environments

Pierskalla, C D.; Deng, J; Siniscalchi, J M., 2016:
Examining the product and process of scenic beauty evaluations using moment-to-moment data and GIS: The case of Savannah, GA

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Examining the relationship between athletes' achievement goal orientation and ability to employ imagery

AlAwlaqi, A; Hammadeh, M, 2016:
Examining the relationship between hormone therapy and dry-eye syndrome in postmenopausal women

Horzum, M Barış, 2016:
Examining the relationship to gender and personality on the purpose of Facebook usage of Turkish university students

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Examining the role of psychological inflexibility, perspective taking, and empathic concern in generalized prejudice

Ritchie, A M.; Lo, N; Ho, S Y. W., 2016:
Examining the sensitivity of molecular species delimitations to the choice of mitochondrial marker

Enevoldsen, P; Sovacool, B K., 2016:
Examining the social acceptance of wind energy: Practical guidelines for onshore wind project development in France

Hyland, E G.; Sheldon, N D.; Ariztegui, D, 2016:
Examining the spatial consistency of palaeosol proxies: Implications for palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions in terrestrial sedimentary basins

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Examining the use of fecal pellet morphometry to differentiate age classes in Sonoran pronghorn

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Examining the validity of parental alienation syndrome

Miller, B K.; Gallagher, D G., 2016:
Examining trait entitlement using the self-other knowledge asymmetry model

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Examining urban inequality and vulnerability to enhance resilience: insights from Mumbai, India

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Examining view angle effects on leaf N estimation in wheat using field reflectance spectroscopy

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Examining suicide by cop: A critical review of the literature

Yang, W; Toyoura, M; Xu, J; Ohnuma, F; Mao, X, 2016:
Example-based caricature generation with exaggeration control

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Exaptation as source of creativity, innovation, and diversity: introduction to the Special Section

Ching, K, 2016:
Exaptation dynamics and entrepreneurial performance: evidence from the internet video industry

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Exaptation of pelmatozoan oral surfaces: constructional pathways in tegmen evolution

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Excavatability and the effect of weathering degree on the excavatability of rock masses: An example from Eastern Turkey

Shibaike, Y; Sasaki, T; Ida, S, 2016:
Excavation and melting of the Hadean continental crust by Late Heavy Bombardment

Collins, A.L.; Zhang, Y., 2016:
Exceedance of modern background fine-grained sediment delivery to rivers due to current agricultural land use and uptake of water pollution mitigation options across England and Wales

Han, Z; Yang, M; Li, B; Mu, Z; Niu, S; Zhang, J; Yang, X, 2016:
Excellent Color Sensitivity of Butterfly Wing Scales to Liquid Mediums

Ferris, M.J.; Danish, H.; Switchenko, J.; Deng, C.; Esiashvili, N., 2016:
Excellent Local Control for Consolidative Radiation Therapy Without Dose Escalation in High-Risk Neuroblastoma

Lugt, M Vander; Chen, X; Chong, H Jin; Windreich, R M.; Goyal, R K.; Escolar, M L.; Szabolcs, P, 2016:
Excellent Outcomes Using Reduced-Intensity Conditioning for Patients with Inborn Errors of Immunity, Hematopoiesis, and Metabolism

Banik, B; Tairai, A; Bhattacharyya, P K.; Das, P, 2016:
Excellent Suzuki-Miyauracatalytic activity of a new Pd(II) complex with sulfonamide-Schiff base ligand

King, A.; Hornberger, K.L.; Young, D.O.; Klepacka, D.; Schoolcraft, W.B.; Katz-Jaffe, M., 2016:
Excellent embryo development and IVF outcomes for patients with germline BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations

Gopalakrishnan, A; Binitha, N N.; Yaakob, Z; Akbar, P. Mohammed; Padikkaparambil, S, 2016:
Excellent photocatalytic activity of titaniagraphene nanocomposites prepared by a facile route

Wang, X, 2016:
Excelling in multitasking and enjoying the distraction: Predicting intentions to send or read text messages while driving

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Exceptional Skull of Huayqueriana (Mammalia, Litopterna, Macraucheniidae) From the Late Miocene of Argentina: Anatomy, Systematics, and Paleobiological Implications

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Exceptional Volkovskite Crystals from Zechstein Evaporites at the Boulby Mine, Cleveland, England

Chazette, P, 2016:
Exceptional aerosol pollution plume observed using a new ULA-lidar approach

Lomax, D R.; Robinson, P; Cleal, C J.; Bowden, A; Larkin, N R., 2016:
Exceptional preservation of Upper Carboniferous (lower Westphalian) fossils from Edlington, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

Biswas, D; Maiti, K, 2016:
Exceptional surface states and topological order in Bi2Se3

Yang, F, 2016:
Exceptionalism or Chinamerica: Measuring Religious Change in the Globalizing World Today

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Exceptionally cold and mild winters in Europe (19512010)

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Exceptionally regular tensors and tensor complementarity problems

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Excess Costs of Panic Disorder with or without Agoraphobia in Germany - The Application of Entropy Balancing to Multiple Imputed Datasets

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Excess Gibbs Energy and Local Compositions in the Mixtures C2, C3 Alkane Diols and Triols with Water at Various Pressures

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Excess Returns, Average Returns and the Adjustment Mechanism of the External Position of a Country

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Excess Stormwater Quantification in Ungauged Watersheds Using an Event-Based Modified NRCS Model

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Excess mixing volume, microstrain, and stability of pyrope-grossular garnets

Galanina, L. I.; Zelenskaya, N. S., 2016:
Excess neutron nucleus11Be as a product of reaction (t,p)

Galibina, N. A.; Novitskaya, L. L.; Nikerova, K. M., 2016:
Excess of exogenous nitrates inhibits formation of abnormal wood in the Karelian birch

Chen, X; Wang, K; Guo, A; Dong, Z; Zhao, Q; Qian, J; Zhang, D, 2016:
Excess phosphate loading shifts bacterioplankton community composition in oligotrophic coastal water microcosms over time

Greene, A.; Herrick, J.; Schoolcraft, W.B.; Krisher, R.L., 2016:
Excess provision of nutrients in culture medium reduces blastocyst quality

Adrian, F.-J. H., 2016:
Excess spaces: Movement and ethnoscapes in Brian De Palmas Scarface and Edward James Olmos American Me

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Excessive Gestational Weight Gain Prior To Glucose Screening and the Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Owen, K, 2016:
Excessive Sweating: Are Patients Suffering Unnecessarily?

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Excessive change and coping in the working population

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Excessive use of Twitter among college students in the UK: Validation of the Microblog Excessive Use Scale and relationship to social interaction and loneliness

Zheng, X; Lee, M K.O., 2016:
Excessive use of mobile social networking sites: Negative consequences on individuals

Lee, J-Eun, 2016:
Exchange Rate Dynamics with Foreign Reserves: Revisiting the Dornbusch Overshooting Model

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Exchange between researchers and practitioners in urban planning: achievable objective or a bridge too far?

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Exchange rate and transport cost sensitivities of bilateral freight flows between the US and China

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Exchangeable cations in deep forest soils: Separating climate and chemical controls on spatial and vertical distribution and cycling

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Excilamps and their Applications

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Excimer Formation Promoted by Steric Hindrance in Dual Core Chromophore for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Emitters

Mangieri, A; Jabbour, R J.; Tanaka, A; Aurelio, A; Colombo, A; Latib, A, 2016:
Excimer laser facilitated coronary angioplasty of a heavy calcified lesion treated with bioresorbable scaffolds

Ratanshi, I; Hayakawa, T E.J.; Giuffre, J L., 2016:
Excision With Interpositional Nerve Grafting

Tang, S; Pereira, B; May, J; Reddy, D; Sharma, A, 2016:
Excision margins in breast conservation therapy (BCT) The effect of the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) and American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) consensus on our practice

Bashir, F; Bashir, F; Khawaja, A Rouf, 2016:
Excision of Endocervical Polyps Under Local Anesthesia in Rural Hospitals: A Case Series

Saadat, S; Arden, D, 2016:
Excision of Ureteral Endometriosis

Yang, J; Gong, W; Shi, S; Du, L; Zhu, B; Sun, J; Song, S, 2016:
Excitation Wavelength Analysis of Laser-Induced Fluorescence LiDAR for Identifying Plant Species

Badin, V. I., 2016:
Excitation and absorption of ULF oscillations studied by high-latitude Doppler radar data

Karlstrom, L; Dunham, E M., 2016:
Excitation and resonance of acoustic-gravity waves in a column of stratified, bubbly magma

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Excitation of standing gravity-capillary waves at an interface between two immiscible liquids by a periodic sequence of ultrasound pulses

Sutherland, B R., 2016:
Excitation of superharmonics by internal modes in non-uniformly stratified fluid

Kitaura, M; Tanaka, S; Itoh, M; Ohnishi, A; Kominami, H; Hara, K, 2016:
Excitation process of Ce3+ and Eu2+ ions doped in SrGa2S4 crystals under the condition of multiplication of electronic excitations

Lamarre, N.; Gans, B.; Vieira Mendes, L.A.; Gronowski, M.; Guillemin, J.-C.; De Oliveira, N.; Douin, S.; Chevalier, M.; Crépin, C.; Kołos, R.; Boyé-Péronne, S., 2016:
Excited electronic structure of methylcyanoacetylene probed by VUV Fourier-transform absorption spectroscopy

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Excited state hydrogen bonding fluorescent probe: Role of structure and environment

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Excited state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) of 6-amino-2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)benzoxazole in dichloromethane and methanol: A TD-DFT quantum chemical study

Niedźwiedzki, T.; Ryba-Romanowski, W.; Komar, J.; Głowacki, M.; Berkowski, M., 2016:
Excited state relaxation dynamics and up-conversion phenomena in Gd3(Al,Ga)5O12 single crystals co-doped with erbium and ytterbium

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Excited state relaxation pathways of 4-dimethylamino-b-nitrostyrene: Effect of solvent polarity and donoracceptor conjugation

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Excited states of selected hydrazo-compounds on the example of 5-nitro-2-(2-phenylhydrazinyl)pyridine and its 3-, 4- or 6-methyl isomers

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Excited states of the high-frequency vibrational modes and kinetics of ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer

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Excited-state deactivation of 5-vinyluracil: Effects of - conjugation and intramolecular hydrogen bond CHOC

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Excited-state dynamics of Sirhodamine and its aggregates: versatile fluorophores for NIR absorption

Itoh, T, 2016:
Excited-state energy levels and photophysics of a short polyene 2-(4-phenyl-1,3-butadien-1-yl)thiophene

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Excited-state hydrogen bond strengthening of coumarin 153 in ethanol solvent: a TDDFT study

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Excited-state intramolecular single and double proton transfer emission of 2,5-bis(benzoxazol-2-yl)thiophene-3,4-diol

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Excited-state proton transfer of 4-hydroxyl-1, 8-naphthalimide derivatives: A combined experimental and theoretical investigation

Midness, L Tooker, 2016:
Exciting Times and a Bright Future for Cereal Science and Technology

Lee, C Ryan, 2016:
Excluded Knowledge

Wood, B Elisabeth, 2016:
Excluded citizens? Participatory research with young people from a failing school community

Zheng, Y; Huang, Y; Andersen, R A.; Amaral-Zettler, L A., 2016 :
Excluding the di-unsaturated alkenone in the UK37 index strengthens temperature correlation for the common lacustrine and brackish-water haptophytes

Sileshi, G W., 2016:
Exclusion of soil macrofauna did not affect soil quality: Statistical artefact or true lack of effect?

Kekez, M; Bauer, N; Saric, E; Rokov-Plavec, J, 2016:
Exclusive cytosolic localization and broad tRNASerspecificity ofArabidopsis thalianaseryl-tRNA synthetase

Knopf, A, 2016:
Exclusive: Details of NAATP salary survey, first in four years

Zheng, Z; Zhou, L-An; Sun, Y; Chen, C, 2016:
Executive Compensation and Legal Investor Protection: Evidence from China's Listed Firms

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Executive Compensation in American Unions

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Executive Function Deficits in Patients after Cerebellar Neurosurgery

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Executive Functions Deficits After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Shier, M L.; Handy, F, 2016:
Executive Leadership and Social Innovation in Direct-Service Nonprofits: Shaping the Organizational Culture to Create Social Change

Guest, P M., 2016:
Executive Mobility and Minority Status

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Executive coaching: The age factor

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Executive control in bilinguals: A concise review on fMRI studies

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Executive control in older Welsh monolinguals and bilinguals

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Executive function moderates the association between fearful temperament and dimensions of perfectionism

Rainey, V R.; Davidson, D; Li-Grining, C, 2016:
Executive functions as predictors of syntactic awareness in English monolingual and EnglishSpanish bilingual language brokers and nonbrokers

Holgersson, C.; Tienari, J.; Merila inen, S.; Bendl, R., 2016:
Executive search as ethnosociality: A cross-cultural comparison

Hall, P. A., 2016:
Executive-Control Processes in High-Calorie Food Consumption

Yin, Z; Tang, J; Schaeffer, S W.; Bader, D A., 2016:
Exemplar or matching: modeling DCJ problems with unequal content genome data

Sabol, V K., 2016:
Exemplars in advanced practice gerontological nursing: A GAPNA series

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