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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64853

Chapter 64853 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mettler, L; Abdusattarova, K, 2016:
Fibroid Morcellation and Sarcoma Thread

Janda, A M.; As-Sanie, S; Rajala, B; Tsodikov, A; Moser, S E.; Clauw, D J.; Brummet, C M., 2016:
Fibromyalgia Survey Criteria Are Associated With Increased Postoperative Opioid Consumption in Women Undergoing Hysterectomy

Bennis, A; Benhsain, T; El Moutawakil, B; Rafai, M; El Otmani, H; Slassi, I, 2016:
Fibromyalgie chez les infirmiers de lhpital Ibn Rochd de Casablanca : enqute de prvalence et comorbidits

Azoulay, D.; Perrot, S.; Costes, J.; Guerin, J.; Laroche, F., 2016:
Fibromyalgie et travail. Facteurs associs aux arrts de travail chez 1 870 femmes souffrant de fibromyalgie interroges en ligne

Chen, S.-J.; Zheng, X.-W.; Lin, X.; Liu, H., 2016:
Fibroodontosarcome amloblastique de la mandibule chez lenfant

Corpechot, C.; Gaouar, F.; Lemoinne, S.; Kemkang, A.; Poupon, R.; Chrétien, Y.; Housset, C.; Chazouillères, O., 2016:
Fibroscan Improves the Ability of the New Prognostic Scoring Systems to Predict Outcomes of Pbc

Bouvry, D., 2016:
Fibrose pulmonaire et auto-immunit : des associations nuances

Dacosta-Noble, P.; Valeyre, D., 2016:
Fibrose pulmonaire idiopathique : les comorbidits

Thépault, F; Lamy, T; Le Guen, Y; Meunier, C; Delaval, P; Jouneau, Séphane, 2016:
Fibrose pulmonaire idiopathique et syndrome mylodysplasique : soins palliatifs ?

Zaghbi, N.; Ben Ariba, Y.; Chargui, S.; Boussetta, N.; Louzir, B.; Laabidi, J.; Othmani, S., 2016:
Fibroses rtropritonales : profil pidmiologique, clinique, tiologique, thrapeutique et volutif

Dutrow, B L.; Henry, D J., 2016:
Fibrous Tourmaline: A Sensitive Probe of Fluid Compositions and Petrologic Environments

Shahbaz, A.; Quintela, A.; Terroso, D.; Ribeiro, J.; Rocha, F., 2016:
Fibrous clay minerals as lithostratigraphic markers in a Cenozoic continental basin (Sado Basin, Portugal)

Rossi, M; Nestola, F; Ghiara, M R.; Capitelli, F, 2016:
Fibrous minerals from Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex

Goyard, C.; Bonniaud, P., 2016:
Fibrolastose pleuro-parenchymateuse

Torino, D; Mehta, S, 2016:
Fibular Fixation in Distal Tibia Fractures

Kenney, E, 2016:
Fictional space and taxonomies of race in the Bahamas: mapping American identity in the early Republic

Murray, W E.; Overton, J, 2016:
Fictive clusters: Crafty strategies in the New Zealand beer industry

Ahmad, R.; Rahman, T.; Kasim, N.A. Mohd; Froemming, G.A.; Muid, S.; Ismail, N.H.; Ali, A.M.; Nawawi, H., 2016:
Ficus deltoidea enhances expression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and reduces endothelin-1 on stimulated human coronary artery endothelial cells

Chen, C; Peng, X; Zeng, R; Chen, M; Wan, C; Chen, J, 2016:
Ficus hirta fruits extract incorporated into an alginate-based edible coating for Nanfeng mandarin preservation

Adali, S; Priebe, C E., 2016:
Fidelity-Commensurability Tradeoff in Joint Embedding of Disparate Dissimilarities

Goff, P.H.; Harrison, L.B.; Furhang, E.E.; Trichter, F.; Ennis, R.D., 2016:
Fiducial MarkerBased 2-Dimensional kV Orthogonal Imaging Is More Reliable for Adjusting Interfractional Shifts Than Soft TissueBased Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Image Guided IMRT for Prostate Cancer

Krishnamoorthy, K; Wang, X, 2016:
Fiducial confidence limits and prediction limits for a gamma distribution: Censored and uncensored cases

Dr. med. A. Devide, 2016:
Fieber aus mikrobiologischer Sicht

F. Böhmer,A. Altiner, 2016:
Fieber bei Erwachsenen aus Sicht der Allgemeinmedizin

Day, E., 2016:
Field Attunement for a Strong Therapeutic Alliance: A Perspective From Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy

Carlone, H B.; Benavides, A; Huffling, L D.; Matthews, C E.; Journell, W; Tomasek, T, 2016:
Field Ecology: A Modest, but Imaginable, Contestation of Neoliberal Science Education

Clark, S. G.; Nie, Z. N.; Culvenor, R. A.; Harris, C. A.; Hayes, R. C.; Li, G. D.; Norton, M. R.; Partington, D. L., 2016:
Field Evaluation of Cocksfoot, Tall Fescue and Phalaris for Dry Marginal Environments of South-Eastern Australia. 1. Establishment and Herbage Production

Seidel, S J.; Werisch, S; Barfus, K; Wagner, M; Schütze, N; Laber, H, 2016:
Field Evaluation of Irrigation Scheduling Strategies using a Mechanistic Crop Growth Model

Shao, Q; Baumgartl, T, 2016:
Field Evaluation of Three Modified Infiltration Models for the Simulation of Rainfall Sequences

Kuznetsova, A. M.; Baidakov, G. A.; Papko, V. V.; Kandaurov, A. A.; Vdovin, M. I.; Sergeev, D. A.; Troitskaya, Y. I., 2016:
Field Experiments and Numerical Modeling of Wind Speed and Surface Waves in Medium-size Inland Reservoirs

Barroo, Cédric; de Bocarmé, T Visart, 2016:
Field Ion Microscopy and Pulsed Field Desorption Mass Spectrometry: Unique Tools for Surface and Subsurface Analysis

Gaafar, N; El-Wakeil, N; Abdel-Moniem, A; Volkmar, C, 2016:
Field Monitoring and Efficacy of Entomopathogenic Nematodes Against Chamomile Stem WeevilMicroplontus rugulosusand Chamomile Smooth BeetleOlibrus aeneusUnder Greenhouse Conditions

Brambilla, W; van Rooijen, A; Simeone, S; Ibba, A; DeMuro, S, 2016:
Field Observations, Video Monitoring and Numerical Modeling at Poetto Beach, Italy

Contreras-López, M; Winckler, P; Sepúlveda, I; Andaur-Álvarez, A; Cortés-Molina, F; Guerrero, C J.; Mizobe, C E.; Igualt, F; Breuer, W; Beyá, Jé F.; Vergara, Hán; Figueroa-Sterquel, R, 2016:
Field Survey of the 2015 Chile Tsunami with Emphasis on Coastal Wetland and Conservation Areas

Park, J Gun; Kim, H Won; Ko, J Hee; Park, T Sup, 2016:
Field Tests and Behaviour Analysis of Saemangeum Inner Dike Construction with Geotextile Tube Method Applied

Matthews, J W.; Skultety, D; Zercher, B; Ward, M P.; Benson, T J., 2016:
Field Verification of Original and Updated National Wetlands Inventory Maps in three Metropolitan Areas in Illinois, USA

Murby, A. L.; Haney, J. F., 2016:
Field and laboratory methods to monitor lake aerosols for cyanobacteria and microcystins

Ramaiah, B.J.; Ramana, G.V.; Bansal, B.K., 2016:
Field and large scale laboratory studies on dynamic properties of emplaced municipal solid waste from two dump sites at Delhi, India

Wheeler, T A.; Woodward, J E., 2016:
Field assessment of commercial cotton cultivars for Verticillium wilt resistance and yield

Hester, M W.; Willis, J M.; Sloey, T M., 2016:
Field assessment of environmental factors constraining the development and expansion ofSchoenoplectus californicusmarsh at a California tidal freshwater restoration site

Welber, M; Le Coz, Jérôme; Laronne, J B.; Zolezzi, G; Zamler, D; Dramais, G; Hauet, A; Salvaro, M, 2016:
Field assessment of noncontact stream gauging using portable surface velocity radars (SVR)

Sánchez-Osorio, I; López-Pantoja, G; Paramio, A M.; Lencina, Jé L.; Gallego, D; Domínguez, L, 2016:
Field attraction ofCerambyx welensiito fermentation odors and host monoterpenes

Patel, A.; Wang, Y.; Moore, J.; Tripathi, G.; Williams, N.; Arasaradnam, R., 2016:
Field cancerisation in colorectal cancer: Characterisation of the gene expression profile of the mucosal field around colorectal cancers and polyps

Luengos Vidal, E M.; Castillo, D F.; Caruso, N C.; Casanave, E B.; Lucherini, M, 2016:
Field capture, chemical immobilization, and morphometrics of a little-studied South American carnivore, the lesser grison

Dowd, P F.; Funnell-Harris, D L.; Sattler, S E., 2016 :
Field damage of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) with reduced lignin levels by naturally occurring insect pests and pathogens

Lu, X; Guo, W, 2016:
Field dependence of state populations in pump-probe pulses

Nirmal, H.K.; Anjum, S.G.; Lal, P; Rathi, A; Dalela, S.; Siddiqui, M.J.; Alvi, P.A., 2016:
Field effective band alignment and optical gain in type-I Al0.45Ga0.55As/GaAs0.84P0.16 nano-heterostructures

Perego, A.; Wu, L.; Gerosa, G.; Finco, A.; Chiazzese, M.; Amaducci, S., 2016:
Field evaluation combined with modelling analysis to study fertilizer and tillage as factors affecting N2O emissions: A case study in the Po valley (Northern Italy)

Gupta, R.K.; Gani, M; Kaul, V.; Bhagat, R.M.; Bali, K.; Samnotra, R.K., 2016:
Field evaluation of Lymantria obfuscata multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus for the management of Indian gypsy moth in Jammu & Kashmir, India

Awala, S K.; Yamane, K; Izumi, Y; Fujioka, Y; Watanabe, Y; Wada, K C.; Kawato, Y; Mwandemele, O D.; Iijima, M, 2016:
Field evaluation of mixed-seedlings with rice to alleviate flood stress for semi-arid cereals

Nakashima, Y; Ida, T Y.; Powell, W; Pickett, J A.; Birkett, M A.; Taki, H; Takabayashi, J, 2016:
Field evaluation of synthetic aphid sex pheromone in enhancing suppression of aphid abundance by their natural enemies

Bergh, J. Christopher; Stallings, J W., 2016:
Field evaluations of the contribution of predators and the parasitoid,Aphelinus mali, to biological control of woolly apple aphid,Eriosoma lanigerum,in Virginia, USA

Sous, D; Petitjean, L; Bouchette, Fédéric; Rey, V; Meulé, S; Sabatier, F; Martins, Kévin, 2016:
Field evidence of swash groundwater circulation in the microtidal rousty beach, France

Chatterji, A K.; Findley, M; Jensen, N M.; Meier, S; Nielson, D, 2016:
Field experiments in strategy research

Murphy, G; Doherty, P; Cadogan, D; Gavin, K, 2016:
Field experiments on instrumented winged monopiles

Criss, J, 2016:
Field experiments with digital sensors

Alahakoon, U.; Adamson, J.; Grenkow, L.; Soroka, J.; Bonham-Smith, P.; Gruber, M., 2016:
Field growth traits and insect-host plant interactions of two transgenic canola (Brassicaceae) lines with elevated trichome numbers

Huang, S; Gruber, S; Claupein, W, 2016:
Field history of imidazolinone-tolerant oilseed rape (Brassica napus) volunteers in following crops under six long-term tillage systems

Ping, X; Chen, M; Xiao, Y; Wang, Q, 2016:
Field intensity factors around inclusion corners in 03 and 13 composites subjected to thermo-mechanical loads

Krezo, S; Mirza, O; He, Y; Makim, P; Kaewunruen, S, 2016:
Field investigation and parametric study of greenhouse gas emissions from railway plain-line renewals

Chen, Y; Shen, G; Liu, W; Du, W; Su, S; Duan, Y; Lin, N; Zhuo, S; Wang, X; Xing, B; Tao, S, 2016:
Field measurement and estimate of gaseous and particle pollutant emissions from cooking and space heating processes in rural households, northern China

Hong, G; Kim, B Sean, 2016:
Field measurements of infiltration rate in high rise residential buildings using the constant concentration method

Jackson, D W. T.; Cooper, J. Andrew, G.; O'Connor, M; Guisado-Pintado, E; Loureiro, C; Anfuso, G, 2016:
Field measurements of intertidal bar evolution on a high-energy beach system

Shukunami, R; Iwamoto, Y; Sugiura, S; Ikeda, K; Nakayashiki, H; Ikeda, K, 2016:
Field method to monitor the mycoparasitic fungusConiothyrium minitans

Meirelles, S; Vinzon, S B., 2016:
Field observation of wave damping by fluid mud

Gassenmeier, M.; Sens-Schönfelder, C.; Eulenfeld, T.; Bartsch, M.; Victor, P.; Tilmann, F.; Korn, M., 2016:
Field observations of seismic velocity changes caused by shaking-induced damage and healing due to mesoscopic nonlinearity

Ventre-Lespiaucq, A B.; Escribano-Rocafort, Aán G.; Delgado, J Antonio; Jiménez, Mía Dolores; de Casas, R Rubio; Granado-Yela, C; Balaguer, L, 2016:
Field patterns of temporal variations in the light environment within the crowns of a Mediterranean evergreen tree (Olea europaea)

Limmanee, A; Udomdachanut, N; Songtrai, S; Kaewniyompanit, S; Sato, Y; Nakaishi, M; Kittisontirak, S; Sriprapha, K; Sakamoto, Y, 2016:
Field performance and degradation rates of different types of photovoltaic modules: A case study in Thailand

Young, L-Hao; Li, C-Hsin; Lin, M-Yeng; Hwang, B-Fang; Hsu, H-Tsung; Chen, Y-Cheng; Jung, C-Ren; Chen, K-Chi; Cheng, D-Hung; Wang, V-Shing; Chiang, H-Che; Tsai, P-Jy, 2016:
Field performance of a semi-continuous monitor for ambient PM2.5 water-soluble inorganic ions and gases at a suburban site

Busse, J.; Paillet, F.L.; Hossack, A.; Bringemeier, D.; Scheuermann, A.; Li, L., 2016:
Field performance of the heat pulse flow meter: Experiences and recommendations

Gómez-Candón, D; Virlet, N; Labbé, S; Jolivot, A; Regnard, J-Luc, 2016:
Field phenotyping of water stress at tree scale by UAV-sensed imagery: new insights for thermal acquisition and calibration

Sugiura, R; Tsuda, S; Tamiya, S; Itoh, A; Nishiwaki, K; Murakami, N; Shibuya, Y; Hirafuji, M; Nuske, S, 2016:
Field phenotyping system for the assessment of potato late blight resistance using RGB imagery from an unmanned aerial vehicle

Bourgeon, M-Aure; Paoli, J-Noël; Jones, G; Villette, S; Gée, C, 2016:
Field radiometric calibration of a multispectral on-the-go sensor dedicated to the characterization of vineyard foliage

Canady, V A., 2016:
Field ready to work with incoming administration on MH policies, reform

B, K Gandhi; Patil, R.H.; Y, S, 2016:
Field resistance of Spodoptera litura (Fab.) to conventional insecticides in India

Costanzo, A; Bàrberi, P, 2016:
Field scale functional agrobiodiversity in organic wheat: Effects on weed reduction, disease susceptibility and yield

Shokri, A. Rangriz; Babadagli, T., 2016:
Field scale modeling of CHOPS and solvent/thermal based post CHOPS EOR applications considering non-equilibrium foamy oil behavior and realistic representation of wormholes

Manu, S; Shukla, Y; Rawal, R; Thomas, L E.; de Dear, R, 2016:
Field studies of thermal comfort across multiple climate zones for the subcontinent: India Model for Adaptive Comfort (IMAC)

Xie, M; Zhang, Y-Jun; Peng, D-Liang; Wu, G; Xu, P; Zhao, J-Jin; Zhang, Z-Rong, 2016:
Field studies show no significant effect of a Cry1Ab/Ac producing transgenic cotton on the fungal community structure in rhizosphere soil

Mutzner, Rël; Tarolli, P; Sofia, G; Parlange, M B.; Rinaldo, A, 2016:
Field study on drainage densities and rescaled width functions in a high-altitude alpine catchment

Rodríguez, R; Encina, P; Espinosa, M; Tanaka, N, 2016:
Field study on planted forest structures and their role in protecting communities against tsunamis: experiences along the coast of the Biobo Region, Chile

Langmans, J; Desta, T Z.; Alderweireldt, L; Roels, S, 2016:
Field study on the air change rate behind residential rainscreen cladding systems: A parameter analysis

Liu, G; Cen, C; Zhang, Q; Liu, K; Dang, R, 2016:
Field study on thermal comfort of passenger at high-speed railway station in transition season

E, J; Zhao, X; Liu, H; Chen, J; Zuo, W; Peng, Q, 2016:
Field synergy analysis for enhancing heat transfer capability of a novel narrow-tube closed oscillating heat pipe

E, J; Zuo, W; Liu, H; Peng, Q, 2016:
Field synergy analysis of the micro-cylindrical combustor with a step

Hu, M; Pei, G; Wang, Q; Li, J; Wang, Y; Ji, J, 2016:
Field test and preliminary analysis of a combined diurnal solar heating and nocturnal radiative cooling system

Tichý, Lír; Collins, B, 2016:
Field test of canopy cover estimation by hemispherical photographs taken with a smartphone

Zierath, János; Rachholz, R; Woernle, C, 2016:
Field test validation of Flex5, MSC.Adams, alaska/Wind and SIMPACK for load calculations on wind turbines

Jeffcoate, P; Whittaker, T; Boake, C; Elsaesser, B, 2016:
Field tests of multiple 1/10 scale tidal turbines in steady flows

Teegalapalli, K; Datta, A, 2016:
Field to a forest: Patterns of forest recovery following shifting cultivation in the Eastern Himalaya

Lo, Y-Hung; Sun, J-Tang; Chang, H-Sheng; Hu, G-Zhong; Wang, H-Zhi; Chiang, W-Chu; Ma, H-Ming, 2016:
Field triage education of trauma among emergency medical technicians in Taiwan

Hakala, K; Heikkinen, J; Sinkko, T; Pahkala, K, 2016:
Field trial results of straw yield with different harvesting methods, and modelled effects on soil organic carbon. A case study from Southern Finland

Hemming, K, 2016:
Field trials of health interventions: a tool box

Anderson, O F.; Guinotte, J M.; Rowden, A A.; Clark, M R.; Mormede, S; Davies, A J.; Bowden, D A., 2016:
Field validation of habitat suitability models for vulnerable marine ecosystems in the South Pacific Ocean: Implications for the use of broad-scale models in fisheries management

Graziose, M.M.; Ang, I.Yi.Han., 2018:
Factors Related to Fruit and Vegetable Consumption at Lunch Among Elementary Students: A Scoping Review

Costello, M J.; Beard, K H.; Corlett, R T.; Cumming, G S.; Devictor, V; Loyola, R; Maas, B; Miller-Rushing, A J.; Pakeman, R; Primack, R B., 2016:
Field work ethics in biological research

Canady, V A., 2016:
Field's 2016 wish list: Comprehensive MH reform, parity enforcement

Ruhl, P J; Chapman, R N; Dunning, J B., 2016:
Field-Testing a Standard Metabolic Rate Estimation Technique for Eastern Red-Backed Salamanders

Vos, C; Don, A; Prietz, R; Heidkamp, A; Freibauer, A, 2016:
Field-based soil-texture estimates could replace laboratory analysis

Kross, S M.; Kelsey, T. Rodd; McColl, C J.; Townsend, J M., 2016:
Field-scale habitat complexity enhances avian conservation and avian-mediated pest-control services in an intensive agricultural crop

Luedeling, E; Smethurst, P J.; Baudron, Fédéric; Bayala, J; Huth, N I.; van Noordwijk, M; Ong, C K.; Mulia, R; Lusiana, B; Muthuri, C; Sinclair, F L., 2016:
Field-scale modeling of treecrop interactions: Challenges and development needs

Liu, L; Xue, Q; Zeng, G; Ma, J; Liang, B, 2016:
Field-scale monitoring test of aeration for enhancing biodegradation in an old landfill in China

Benamram, Z.; Tarakanov, A.; Nasrabadi, H.; Gildin, E., 2016:
Field-wide flow simulation in fractured porous media within lattice Boltzmann framework

Canady, V A., 2016:
Field: Passage of mental health reform legislation an important first step

Rahim, T; Xu, J, 2016:
Fields around the focal region of a dielectric spherical lens embedded in chiral medium

Wong, T, 2016:
Fields of Desire: Poverty and Policy in Laos, written by Holly High

Cook, A L.; Krell, M M.; Hayden, L A.; Gracia, R; Denitzio, K, 2016:
Fieldwork Using the Professional Development Schools Model: Developing a Social Justice Orientation and Multicultural Competency

Robinsin, R, 2016:
Fifteen Years of Publication

Black, J M; Wampole, E; Mayer, J E, 2016:
Fifteen Years of River Otter Monitoring by Citizen-Science Volunteers in Northern California: Litter Size

Zhang, T; Zeng, C-Xia; Yang, J-Bo; Li, H-Tao; Li, D-Zhu, 2016:
Fifteen novel universal primer pairs for sequencing whole chloroplast genomes and a primer pair for nuclear ribosomal DNAs

Jeong, J.H.; Lee, K.H.; Jon, D.I., 2016:
Fifteen-month follow-up of an assertive community treatment program for chronic patients with mental illness

Underwood, P W.; Kilanowski, J; Connor, S B.; Rice, M, 2016:
Fifteenth anniversary (20002015): Past, present, and future

Lewis, A; Jones, N E., 2016:
Fifty Shades of Grey

Willey, R J., 2016:
Fifty Years of LPS and What Do We Have to Show for It?

Salvati, L; Zitti, M; Perini, L, 2016:
Fifty Years on: Long-term Patterns of Land Sensitivity to Desertification in Italy

Scotti, I; González-Martínez, S C.; Budde, K B.; Lalagüe, H, 2016:
Fifty years of genetic studies: what to make of the large amounts of variation found within populations?

Kneer, J; Elson, M; Knapp, F, 2016:
Fight fire with rainbows: The effects of displayed violence, difficulty, and performance in digital games on affect, aggression, and physiological arousal

Xu, G; Xu, X; Tang, W; Liu, W; Shi, J; Liu, M; Wang, K, 2016:
Fighting against water crisis in ChinaA glimpse of water regime shift at county level

Capano, F, 2016:
Fighting for Trieste: nationalism and political violence at the edge of the Iron Curtain

Muramatsu, D; Koga, T, 2016:
Fighting with an unreliable weapon: opponent choice and risk avoidance in fiddler crab contests

Ruiz De Mendoza-Ibáñez, F; Luzondo-Oyón, A, 2016:
Figurative and non-figurative motion in the expression of result in English

Lewis, E.S.; Jones, M.; DeMasi, R.; Tabor, N.; Howley, A., 2016:
Figure-of-eight Measurements Show High Reliability in A Clinical Setting in Assessing Edema in Patients With Hand Injuries

Yee, T Li; Tajuddin, R; Mohamed Nor, N Mohd Izham; Mohd, M Hawa; Zakaria, L, 2016:
Filamentous ascomycete and basidiomycete fungi from beach sand

Ruparelia, A.; Oorschott, V.; Ramm, G.; Bryson-Richardson, R., 2016:
Filamin C myofibrillar myopathy: Changes in autophagy both cause and can treat the disease

Bandoli, J H., 2016:
Filial cannibalism in spottail darters (Etheostoma squamiceps) includes the targeted removal of infected eggs

Alessio, D, 2016:
Filibustering from Africa to the Americas: non-state actors and empire

Blum, C Sartini, 2016:
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti: the artist and his politics

Marini, M.; Patacci, M.; Felletti, F.; McCaffrey, W.D., 2016 :
Fill to spill stratigraphic evolution of a confined turbidite mini-basin succession, and its likely well bore expression: The Castagnola Fm, NW Italy

Sahu, C K.; Flynn, M. R., 2016:
Filling Box Flows in an Axisymmetric Porous Medium

Belhabib, D.; Hellebrandt Da Silva, D.; Allison, E. H.; Zeller, D.; Pauly, D., 2016:
Filling a blank on the map: 60 years of fisheries in Equatorial Guinea

Brinkman, L C.; Ray, J M.; Mathis, A; Greene, B D., 2016:
Filling in the Gaps: Natural History and Conservation of Bolitoglossine Salamanders in Central Panama

Matsumoto, R; Kanatani, S; Utsunomiya, H, 2016:
Filling of surface pores of aluminum foam with polyamide by selective laser melting for improvement in mechanical properties

Walker, D; Forsythe, N; Parkin, G; Gowing, J, 2016:
Filling the observational void: Scientific value and quantitative validation of hydrometeorological data from a community-based monitoring programme

Gao, P; Li, L; Feng, J J.; Ding, H; Lu, X-Yun, 2016:
Film deposition and transition on a partially wetting plate in dip coating

Noyon-Seymour, I, 2016:
Film pdagogique : les bonnes pratiques transfusionnelles travers quelques heures de la vie dune patiente

Skordaris, G.; Bouzakis, K.-D.; Kotsanis, T.; Charalampous, P.; Bouzakis, E.; Lemmer, O.; Bolz, S., 2016:
Film thickness effect on mechanical properties and milling performance of nano-structured multilayer PVD coated tools

Liu, X; You, J; Xiao, Y; Wang, S; Gao, W; Peng, J; Li, X, 2016:
Film-forming hole transporting materials for high brightness flexible organic light-emitting diodes

Smets, K; Van Bauwel, S; Meers, P; Vande Winkel, R, 2016:
Film-viewing in Turkish and Moroccan diasporic families: a gender and place perspective

Jacobs, J, 2016:
Filmic geographies: the rise of digital film as a research method and output

Owen, H, 2016:
Filming ethnographic Portugal: Miguel Gomes and the last taboo

Fernández-de Castro, L; Mengíbar, M; Sánchez, Ángela; Arroyo, L; Villarán, M Carmen; Díaz de Apodaca, E; Heras, Ángeles, 2016:
Films of chitosan and chitosan-oligosaccharide neutralized and thermally treated: Effects on its antibacterial and other activities

Hardeman, E M., 2016:
Filosofie van de Neurowetenschappen Een interview met professor dr. Gerrit Glas

Bälz, G; Feuchter, C; Handel, R; Renz, B, 2016:
Filter Media Pore Space Analysis Based on Geometrical Characteristics

Stickland, A D.; Irvin, E H.; Skinner, S J.; Scales, P J.; Hawkey, A; Kaswalder, F, 2016:
Filter Press Performance for Fast-Filtering Compressible Suspensions

Mattera, D; Tanda, M; Bellanger, M, 2016:
Filter bank multicarrier with PAM modulation for future wireless systems

Koch, M; Krammer, G, 2016:
Filter performance with non-uniformly distributed concentration of dust-evidence from experiments and models

Xu, P; Xu, H, 2016:
Filter selection based on representative training samples for multispectral imaging

Wu, Y-Cun; Du, H; Mei, W, 2016:
Filter-based compressed sensing MRI reconstruction

Gao, S; Zhang, Z; He, L, 2016:
Filter-based surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for rapid and sensitive detection of the fungicide ferbam in water

Zhu, L-Tao; Xie, L; Xiao, J; Luo, Z-Hong, 2016:
Filtered model for the cold-model gassolid flow in a large-scale MTO fluidized bed reactor

Sarkar, A; Milioli, F E.; Ozarkar, S; Li, T; Sun, X; Sundaresan, S, 2016:
Filtered sub-grid constitutive models for fluidized gas-particle flows constructed from 3-D simulations

Koenig, D; Marx, Bît; Varrier, Sébastien, 2016:
Filtering and fault estimation of descriptor switched systems

Boulanger, Jérémie; Said, S; Le Bihan, N; Manton, J H., 2016:
Filtering from observations on Stiefel manifolds

Sánchez-Úbeda, J Pedro; Calvache, Mía Luisa; Duque, C; López-Chicano, M, 2016:
Filtering methods in tidal-affected groundwater head measurements: Application of harmonic analysis and continuous wavelet transform

Wilson, A, 2016:
Filtrate and Mudcake Characterization: Implications for Formation-Damage Control

Bourcier, D; Kong, Y Siong; Feraud, J-Pierre; Ode, D; Colson, D; Puel, Fçois, 2016:
Filtration Process Optimization: Rheological Behavior of a Filter Cake at Different Moisture Contents

Feng, Z; Long, Z; Yu, T, 2016:
Filtration characteristics of fibrous filter following an electrostatic precipitator

Karczmarczyk, A; Bus, A; Baryła, A, 2016:
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Final rule increases buprenorphine cap to 275

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Finally! A Developmental Science that Privileges Development

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Financial Impact of Intraviteal Ranibizumab or Aflibercepte for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration and for Macular Edema Secondary to Central Retinal Vein Occlusion Coverage for a Health Care System of Public Employees Located in Northeast Brazil Between July 2015 and December 2015

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Financial and Ecological Evaluation of Hydrogen Production Processes on Large Scale

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Financial and economic values of bushmeat in rural and urban livelihoods in Cameroon: Inputs to the development of public policy

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Financial literacy, confidence and financial advice seeking

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Financial property rights under colonialism: some counterfactual possibilities

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Financial risk taking in banking workers

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Financial security evaluation of the electric power industry in China based on a back propagation neural network optimized by genetic algorithm

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Financial shortfall for electric vehicles: Economic impacts of Transmission System Operators market designs

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Financial sustainability for a lignocellulosic biorefinery under carbon constraints and price downside risk

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Financialisation, the valuation of investment property and the urban built environment in the UK

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Financiering versus keurmerk

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Financing War or Facilitating Peace? The Impact of Rebel Drug Trafficking on Peace Negotiations in Colombia and Myanmar

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Financing for Industrial Biotechnology Innovation in Brazil: Market Structure Features and the Need for Funding Instrument Diversification

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Financing risks involved in distributed PV power generation in China and analysis of countermeasures

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Financing sustainable forest management in developing countries: the case for a holistic approach

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Find it fast: Extracting expert information from social networks, big data, tweets, and more, by Robert I. Berkman

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Find of anisotropic carbonic matter on a curve-faced diamond crystal

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Finding Fit between Work and Family Responsibilities when Caring for Children with ADHD Diagnoses

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Finding Optimal Actuation Configuration for Magnetically Driven Capsule Endoscopy Based on Genetic Algorithm

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Finding Partisanship Where We Least Expect it: Evidence of Partisan Bias in a New African Democracy

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Finding Safe Passage through a Wave of Extinctions: Israel's Endangered Mountain Gazelle

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Finding Sanity: John Cade. Lithium and the Taming of Bipolar Disorder, by Greg De Moore and Ann Westmore

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Finding Space for Criminal Prosecutions Post-Conflict

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Finding a contra-risk path between two nodes in undirected graphs

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Finding a needle by removing the haystack: A spatio-temporal normalization method for geophysical data

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Finding a way into (feminist) economic geography

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Finding balance between fire hazard reduction and erosion control in the Lake Tahoe Basin, CaliforniaNevada

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Finding cost-effective nutrient solutions and evaluating environmental conditions for biogasifying bituminous coal to methane ex situ

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Finding desirable objects under group categorical preferences

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Finding forced trends in oceanic oxygen

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Finding key vulnerable areas by a climate change vulnerability assessment

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Finding local leaf vein patterns for legume characterization and classification

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Finding mobility: women negotiating fear and violence in Mexico Citys public transit system

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Finding of corundum-bearing rocks in the Lapland granulite belt

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Finding one's footing on foreign soil: A composite vignette of elite athlete acculturation

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Finding optimal solutions for vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery services with time windows: A dynamic programming approach based on statespacetime network representations

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Finding patients who do not have a sense of urgency to improve hyperglycemia

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Finding potential high-yield areas for Mexican maize under current and climate change conditions

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Finding regulation among seemingly unregulated populations: a practical framework for analyzing multivariate population time series for their interactions

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Finding relevant features for zero-resource query-by-example search on speech

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Finding roles in sparse economic hierarchies: Going beyond regular equivalence

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Finding sperm in men after failed microdissection tese procedures

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Finding the Right Balance Between Clinical Efficacy gHg and Side Effects in Second Generation Antipsychotics

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Finding the best locations for establishment of solar-wind power stations in Middle-East using GIS: A review

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Finding the k reliable shortest paths under travel time uncertainty

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Finding the right focus: Improving the link between risk/needs assessment and case management in probation

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Finding your way with your baby: the emotional life of parents and babies

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Findings From the National Machine Guarding Program

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Findings From the National Machine Guarding ProgramA Small Business Intervention

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Findings of Long-Term Overall Survival With Nivolumab

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Findings of sturgeon fish (Acipenseridae) in the water bodies of Kamchatka in the end of the 20th and the early 21st centuries

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Finds of economic platinum in ores from the South Khingan Mn deposit

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Fine Scale Movements of the ButterflyPlebejus argusin a Heterogeneous Natural Landscape as Revealed by GPS Tracking

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Fine Structural Particularities of the Plasmodia and Myxospores of an Ortholinea sp. Infecting the Urinary Bladder of Teleost Fish in the Amazon River

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Fine carbonaceous aerosol characteristics at a megacity during the Chinese Spring Festival as given by OC/EC online measurements

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Fine electronic state tuning of cobaltadithiolene complexes by substituent groups on the benzene ring

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Fine energy consumption allowance of workpieces in the mechanical manufacturing industry

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Fine mapping ofqKW7, a major QTL for kernel weight and kernel width in maize, confirmed by the combined analytic approaches of linkage and association analysis

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Fine motor performance, micro-positron emission tomography imaging and brain histopathological evaluation of hemiparkinsonian rats after dopamine supply restitution through a nano-engineered titanium dioxide reservoir placed in the striatum

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Fine particle sorting and classification in the cyclonic centrifugal field

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Fine particulate matter emission and size distribution characteristics in an ultra-low emission power plant

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Fine root distributions of shelterbelt trees and their water sources in an oasis of arid northwestern China

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Fine root dry matter relative to mango (Mangifera indica) tree scion size grafted on size-controlling rootstocks, is negatively related to scion growth rate

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Fine root dynamics in Slovenian beech forests in relation to soil temperature and water availability

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Fine root dynamics in organic and mineral soil layers ofCryptomeria japonicaD. Don plantation

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Fine root growth and contribution to soil carbon in a mixed maturePinus koraiensisforest

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Fine root production in three zones of secondary mangrove forest in eastern Thailand

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Fine root traits inChamaecyparis obtusaforest soils with different acid buffering capacities

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Fine root turnover of Japanese white birch (Betula platyphyllavar.japonica) grown under elevated CO2in northern Japan

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Fine scale spatio-temporal life history shifts in an invasive species at its expansion front

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Fine scale temporal variations of surface moisture in topographically controlled Muhly grass seeps

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Fine sediment deposition and interstitial flow effects on macroinvertebrate community composition within riffle heads and tails

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Fine spatial structure of flows on satellite radar image of the Baltic Sea

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Fine structure of gold nanoparticles stabilized by buthyldithiol: Species identified by Mössbauer spectroscopy

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Fine-grain spatial patterning and dynamics of land use and agrobiodiversity amid global changes in the Bolivian Andes

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Fine-grained detection of land use and water table changes on organic soils over the period 1992–2012 using multiple data sources in the Drömling nature park, Germany

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Fine-root distribution, production, decomposition, and effect on soil organic carbon of three revegetation shrub species in northwest China

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Fine-scale characterization of bird habitat using airborne LiDAR in an urban park in Japan

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Fine-scale estimations of bioclimatic change in the Valencia region, Spain

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Fine-scale patch mosaic of developmental stages in Northeast American secondary temperate forests: the European perspective

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Fine-scale patterns in the day, night and crepuscular composition of a temperate reef fish assemblage

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Fine-scale spatial genetic structure analysis in two Argentine populations ofProsopis alba(Mimosoideae) with different levels of ecological disturbance

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Fine-scale spatial variability of throughfall amount and isotopic composition under a hardwood forest canopy

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Fine-scale spatial variation in ice cover and surface temperature trends across the surface of the Laurentian Great Lakes

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Fine-scale spruce mortality dynamics driven by bark beetle disturbance in Babia Gra National Park, Poland

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Fine-scale structure and mixing across the front between the Tsugaru Warm and Oyashio Currents in summer along the Sanriku Coast, east of Japan

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Fine-scale variation in topography and seasonality determine radial growth of an endangered tree in Brazilian Atlantic forest

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Fine-scale wetland features mediate vector and climate-dependent macroscale patterns in human West Nile virus incidence

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Fine-tuning heuristic methods for combinatorial optimization in forest planning

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Fine-tuning of surface properties of dual-size TiO2 nanoparticle coatings

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Fine-tuning the assembly of highly stable oppositely charged cerium oxide nanoparticles in solution and at interfaces

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Finely dispersed brown carbon in a smoggy atmosphere

Schneider, W. A.; Docherty, P. C., 2016:
Finely sampled 3D angle gathers from sparse OBN data

Marin-Cudraz, T; Greenfield, M D., 2016:
Finely tuned choruses: bush crickets adjust attention to neighboring singers in relation to the acoustic environment they create

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Finescale parameterizations of energy dissipation in a region of strong internal tides and sheared flow, the Lucky-Strike segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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Finger-vein authentication based on deformation-tolerant feature-point matching

Pereira, A Bescrovaine; Krieger, N; Mitchell, D Alexander, 2016:
Fingerprinting of oligosaccharide-hydrolyzing enzymes that catalyze branched reaction schemes

William, B M.; Askew, D; Vatsayan, A; Eid, S; de Lima, M; Yee-Chen Huang, A, 2016:
Fingolimod (FTY720), in Clinically-Safe Doses, Ameliorates Graft-Versus-Host Disease (GVHD) in Murine Model of Haploidentical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Zajic, T; Mraz, J; Sampels, S; Pickova, J, 2016:
Finishing feeding strategy as an instrument for modification of fatty acid composition of brook char (Salvelinus fontinalis)

Karakaya, E, 2016:
Finite Element Method for forecasting the diffusion of photovoltaic systems: Why and how?

Michael, S; Melnykov, V, 2016:
Finite Mixture Modeling of Gaussian Regression Time Series with Application to Dendrochronology

Zhang, Z; Wang, W; Yeh, T-chyi Jim; Chen, L; Wang, Z; Duan, L; An, K; Gong, C, 2016:
Finite analytic method based on mixed-form Richards equation for simulating water flow in vadose zone

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Finite cylinder-source model for energy pile heat exchangers: Effect of buried depth and heat load cyclic variations

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Finite element analysis of laminated composite plates using zeroth-order shear deformation theory

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Finite element analysis of thermal behavior of metal powder during selective laser melting

Ozaki, S; Kondo, W, 2016:
Finite element analysis of tire traveling performance using anisotropic frictional interaction model

Drücker, S.; Steglich, D.; Merckelbach, L.; Werner, A.; Bargmann, S., 2016:
Finite element damage analysis of an underwater glidership collision

Keawsawasvong, S; Ukritchon, B, 2016:
Finite element limit analysis of pullout capacity of planar caissons in clay

Zhang, X; Wang, K; Zhou, Q; Yang, W; Liang, H, 2016:
Finite element method and bed test to torque analysis of kelly cock valve in gas drilling

Wang, R; Fu, P; Zhang, J-Min, 2016:
Finite element model for piles in liquefiable ground

Sezen, S; Karakas, E; Yilmaz, K; Ayaz, M, 2016:
Finite element modeling and control of a high-power SRM for hybrid electric vehicle

Shi, X; Ronsse, F; Pieters, J G., 2016 :
Finite element modeling of intraparticle heterogeneous tar conversion during pyrolysis of woody biomass particles

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Finite element modeling of proximal tibial stiffness in normal and osteoarthritic knees: in vivo precision and preliminary comparisons

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Finite element modelling of dual-phase polycrystalline Nickel-base alloys

Thi, V.D.; Khelifa, M.; El Ganaoui, M.; Rogaume, Y., 2016:
Finite element modelling of the pyrolysis of wet wood subjected to fire

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Finite element numerical simulation of 2.5D direct current method based on mesh refinement and recoarsement

Mohammadi, S; Taiebat, H, 2016:
Finite element simulation of an excavation-triggered landslide using large deformation theory

Nayebpashaee, N.; Seyedein, S.H.; Aboutalebi, M.R.; Sarpoolaky, H.; Hadavi, S.M.M., 2016:
Finite element simulation of residual stress and failure mechanism in plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings using actual microstructure as the representative volume

Slámečka, K.; Skalka, P.; Pokluda, J.; Čelko, L., 2016:
Finite element simulation of stresses in a plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating with an irregular top-coat/bond-coat interface

Wang, Y; Zhou, J; Qi, D, 2016:
Finite element simulation on Cu/CuZr crystalline/amorphous laminate under three point bending test with a stationary notch

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Finite element simulations of wave propagation in soils using a Viscoelastic model

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Finite gradient elasticity and plasticity: a constitutive thermodynamical framework

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Finite gyroradius corrections in the theory of perpendicular diffusion 2. Strong velocity diffusion

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Finite sample weighting of recursive forecast errors

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Finite thermal convection of non-Fourier fluids

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Finite time convergence cooperative guidance law based on graph theory

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Finite volume approach for finite strain consolidation

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Finite-Time Quasi-Synchronization of Two Nonidentical Chaotic Systems via Intermittent Control

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Finite-difference strategy for elastic wave modelling on curved staggered grids

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Finite-element analysis and experimental validation of thermal residual stress and distortion in electron beam additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V build plates

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Finite-element analysis of a deep excavation case history

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Finite-element analysis of a piled embankment with reinforcement and subsoil

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Finite-element modelling of physics-based hillslope hydrology, Keith Beven, and beyond

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Finite-frequency model reduction of discrete-time TS fuzzy state-delay systems

Wu, J; Ren, X; Han, D; Shi, D; Shi, L, 2016:
Finite-horizon Gaussianity-preserving event-based sensor scheduling in Kalman filter applications

Dong, J-Gang, 2016:
Finite-time connectivity preservation rendezvous with disturbance rejection

Yang, P-fei; Fang, Y-wang; Wu, Y-li; Yong, X-ju, 2016:
Finite-time convergent terminal guidance law design based on stochastic fast smooth second-order sliding mode

Gui, H; Vukovich, G, 2016:
Finite-time output-feedback position and attitude tracking of a rigid body

Miao, P; Shen, Y; Li, Y; Bao, L, 2016:
Finite-time recurrent neural networks for solving nonlinear optimization problems and their application

Song, J; Niu, Y; Zou, Y, 2016:
Finite-time sliding mode control synthesis under explicit output constraint

Tan, F; Zhou, B; Duan, G-Ren, 2016:
Finite-time stabilization of linear time-varying systems by piecewise constant feedback

Huang, S; Xiang, Z, 2016:
Finite-time stabilization of switched stochastic nonlinear systems with mixed odd and even powers

Xie, Q; Si, G; Zhang, Y; Yuan, Y; Yao, R, 2016:
Finite-time synchronization and identification of complex delayed networks with Markovian jumping parameters and stochastic perturbations

Galicki, Mław, 2016:
Finite-time trajectory tracking control in a task space of robotic manipulators

Lokatt, M; Eller, D, 2016:
Finite-volume scheme for the solution of integral boundary layer equations

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FinnPRIO: a model for ranking invasive plant pests based on risk

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Finnish parents attitudes toward entrepreneurship education

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Finnish reform of the funding and provision of special education: the views of principals and municipal education administrators

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Fiorella Battaglia and Nathalie Weidenfeld (eds.):Roboethics in Film

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Fire Elicits an Adaptive Reproductive Strategy Shift from Host Plant Quantity to Quality in a Capital Breeding Species

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Fire and explosion hazard analysis during surface transport of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG): A case study of LPG truck tanker accident in Kannur, Kerala, India

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Fire as mediator of pine invasion: evidence from Patagonia, Argentina

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Fire behavior of polyamide 12 nanocomposites containing POSS and CNT

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Fire effects in the molecular structure of soil organic matter fractions under Quercus suber cover

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Fire effects on acorn production are consistent with the stored resource hypothesis for masting behavior

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Fire effects on the seed bank of three Mediterranean shrubs: implications for fire management

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Fire exit signs: The use of neurological activity analysis for quantitative evaluations on their perceptiveness in a virtual environment

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Fire form and function: evidence for exaptive flammability in the New Zealand flora

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Fire history and management of Pinuscanariensis forests on the western Canary Islands Archipelago, Spain

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Fire history and moisture influences on historical forest age structure in the sky islands of southern Arizona, USA

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Fire in a Weichselia-dominated coastal ecosystem from the Lower Cretaceous (Barremian) of the Kurnub Group in NW Jordan

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Fire indirectly benefits fitness in two invasive species

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Fire legacies impact conifer regeneration across environmental gradients in the U.S. northern Rockies

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Fire management business in Australia's tropical savannas: Lighting the way for a new ecosystem services model for the north?

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Fire protection as the underpinning of good process safety programs

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Fire regime, soil fertility and growth form interact to shape fire and growth traits in two co-occurringBanksiaspecies

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Fire resilience of shear connections in a composite floor: Numerical investigation

Jatheeshan, V; Mahendran, M, 2016 :
Fire resistance of LSF floors made of hollow flange channels

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Fire resistance of stainless steel beams with rectangular hollow section: Experimental investigation

Fan, S; Chen, G; Xia, X; Ding, Z; Liu, M, 2016:
Fire resistance of stainless steel beams with rectangular hollow section: Numerical investigation and design

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Fire retardancy of ethylene-vinyl acetate composites Evaluation of synergistic effects between ATH and diatomite fillers

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Fire retardancy of polypropylene/kaolinite composites

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Fire retardant benefits of combining aluminum hydroxide and silica in ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)

Wang, L-Huan; Ren, Y-Lin; Wang, X-Li; Zhao, J-Yun; Zhang, Y; Zeng, Q; Gu, Y-Tong, 2016:
Fire retardant viscose fiber fabric produced by graft polymerization of phosphorus and nitrogen-containing monomer

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Fire risk perception and building evacuation by vulnerable persons: Points of view of laypersons, fire victims and experts

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Fire safety regulation: Prescription, performance, and professionalism

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Fire severity and cumulative disturbance effects in the post-mountain pine beetle lodgepole pine forests of the Pole Creek Fire

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Fire severity mediates seedling recruitment patterns in slender mulga (Acacia aptaneura), a fire-sensitive Australian desert shrub with heat-stimulated germination

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Fire tests at reduced scale as powerful tool to fasten the development of flame-retarded material: Application to cables

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Fire-Free Fallow Management by Mechanized Chopping of Biomass for Sustainable Agriculture in Eastern Amazon: Effects on Soil Compactness, Porosity, and Water Retention and Availability

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Fire-stimulated reproduction in the resprouting, non-serotinous coniferPodocarpus drouynianus(Podocarpaceae): the impact of a changing fire regime

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Fire-thermomechanical interface model for performance-based analysis of structures exposed to fire

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Firearm Legislation and Firearm Mortality in the USA

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Fires in the Altai-Sayan region: Landscape and ecological confinement

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Fires of differing intensities rapidly select distinct soil fungal communities in a Northwest US ponderosa pine forest ecosystem

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Fires, statistics, ignition sources, and passive fire protection measures

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Firewall configuration: An application of multiagent metalevel argumentation

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Fireworks in the sky

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Fireworks induced particle pollution: A spatio-temporal analysis

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Firm Heterogeneity, Endogenous Quality, and Traded Goods Prices

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Firm Profitability and Agglomeration Economies: An Elusive Relationship

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Firm behavior under quantity controls: The theory of virtual quantities

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Firm entry modes and Chinese business networks: Malaysian investments in Vietnam

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Firm-Level Determinants of the Financing Decisions of Small and Medium Enterprises: Evidence from Argentina

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Firm-Level Monopsony and the Gender Pay Gap

Balkan, B; Tumen, S, 2016:
Firm-Size Wage Gaps along the Formal-Informal Divide: Theory and Evidence

Whelsky, A.N.; Albert, M.R., 2016:
Firn permeability impacts on pressure loss associated with rapid air movement drilling

Boddington, D; Cicovic, S, 2016:
First 100 Cryoablation Procedures for AF by an AF Ablation Novice Operator

Matesanz, A I.; Tapia, S; Souza, P, 2016:
First 3,5-diacetyl-1,2,4-triazol derived mono(thiosemicarbazone) and its palladium and platinum complexes: Synthesis, structure and biological properties

Ponce, O; Prats-Iraola, P; Scheiber, R; Reigber, A; Moreira, A, 2016:
First Airborne Demonstration of Holographic SAR Tomography With Fully Polarimetric Multicircular Acquisitions at L-Band

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First Australian record of Aleiodes (Hemigyroneuron) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Rogadinae) with the description of a new species from Tasmania

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First Bistatic Demonstration of Digital Beamforming in Elevation With TerraSAR-X as an Illuminator

Mir, M; Kerr, C M.; Tahhan, S; Petrusic, D; Lampitoc, M Q.; Small, L N.; Sarabia, A; Jackson-Lee, A, 2016:
First Clinical Cases of OXA-48 Like Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacteriaceae at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Ontario, Canada

Garcia Ruiz, A; Coll, E Espinet; Lopez-Nava, G; Duran, J Nebreda; Neto, M Galvao; Gebelli, J Pujol, 2016:
First Comparative Study Between Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication and Endoscopic Plicated Gastroplasty

Wild, T J.; Stilwell, J D., 2016:
First Cretaceous (Albian) invertebrate fossil assemblage from Batavia Knoll, Perth Abyssal Plain, eastern Indian Ocean: taxonomy and paleoecological significance

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First Demonstration of Airborne SAR With Nonlinear FM Chirp Waveforms

Dozo, Mía Teresa; Martínez, Gón, 2016:
First Digital Cranial Endocasts of late Oligocene Notohippidae (Notoungulata): Implications for Endemic South American Ungulates Brain Evolution

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First Documented Case of Snake Fungal Disease in a Free-Ranging Wild Snake in Louisiana

Bar-Am, S, 2016:
First Episode Psychosis: A Magical Realist Guide Through Liminal Terrain

Trofimov, B A.; Gusarova, N K.; Volkov, P А.; Ivanova, N I.; Khrapova, K O., 2016:
First Examples of the Atherton-Todd-Like Reaction in the Absence of Bases

Priya, A Mano; Lakshmipathi, S; Chakir, A; El Dib, Gèle, 2016:
First Experimental and Theoretical Kinetic Study of the Reaction of 4-Hydroxy-4-methyl 2-pentanone as a Function of Temperature

Ramírez, L C.; Carrara, R; Silvestro, V A.; Flores, G E., 2016:
First Fossil Assemblage of Darkling Beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) from Buenos Aires, Argentina: Evidence of Dry Climate During the Late Pleistocene in the Humid Pampas

Ramírez, L C.; Michat, M C., 2016:
First Fossil Predaceous Diving Beetle from the Late Pleistocene of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ramírez, L C.; Corsolini, Ján; Di Iorio, O, 2016:
First Fossil Record of Parasitic Flat-Bark Beetle (Coleoptera: Passandridae) from the Eocene of Patagonia, Argentina

Massini, J García; Escapa, I H.; Guido, D M.; Channing, A, 2016:
First Glimpse of the Silicified Hot Spring Biota from a New Jurassic Chert Deposit in the Deseado Massif, Patagonia, Argentina

Drolen, C S., 2016:
First Impressions: Stopping by a Marijuana Shop

Jeoung, H-Young; Lee, K-Eun; Yang, S-Joo; Park, T; Lee, S Kyu; Lee, J-Hye; Kim, S-Hee; Kim, B; Kim, Y-Joo; Park, J-Yong, 2016:
First Isolation of Taylorella equigenitalis From Thoroughbred Horses in South Korea

Loewy, E M.; Clare, M P., 2016:
First MTP Joint Distraction Arthrodesis With Cancellous Autograft and Bridge Plating

Maxwell, E E., 2016:
First Middle Jurassic record of Saurichthyidae (Actinopterygii)

Cai, C-Yang; Lü, L; Caron, E; Bortoluzzi, S; Newton, A F.; Thayer, M K.; Huang, D-Ying, 2016:
First Piestine Rove Beetle in Eocene Baltic Amber (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Piestinae)

Erum, N; Iqbal, M Azhar, 2016:
First Principles Investigation of Fluorine Based Strontium Series of Perovskites

Kaprealian, T.B.; Tran, A.; Yu, V.Y.; Rwigema, J.C.; Nguyen, D.; Woods, K.; Cao, M.; Low, D.; Steinberg, M.L.; Kupelian, P.A.; Sheng, K., 2016:
First Prospective Trial in Linear AcceleratorBased 4 Radiation Therapy: Initial Results in Patients With Recurrent Glioblastoma

Drohojowska, J; Węgierek, P; Solórzano Kraemer, Mónica M., 2016:
First Psylloidea (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha) in Miocene Mexican amber

Coelho, A. M.; Silva, F. S.; Baptista, C., 2016:
First Ray Stabilization With Mini-Tightrope in the Treatment of Trapeziometacarpal Arthritis

Hanslowe, E B.; Falk, B G.; Collier, M A.M.; Josimovich, J M.; Rahill, T A.; Reed, R N., 2016:
First Record of Invasive Burmese Python Oviposition and Brooding Inside an Anthropogenic Structure

Gutiérrez, P Raul; Balarino, M. lucía; Mazurczak, F, 2016:
First Record of Microforaminiferal Linings of the Early Pennsylvanian from the Chacoparan Basin, Argentina

Schweigert, Günter; Maxwell, E; Dietl, G, 2016:
First Record of a True Mortichnium Produced by a Fish

Kateeb, E.; Momany, E., 2018:
Factors related to high dental caries experience in Palestinian pregnant women in the Jerusalem governorate: a cross-sectional study

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Factors related to HIV infection among unmarried youth in rural areas of Southwest China

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First Report of a Maastrichtian Palynoflora from the Golfo San Jorge Basin, Central Patagonia, Argentina

Wright, A; Fadok, V; Amodie, D, 2016:
First Treatment Success With Injectable Cefovecin Sodium In Dogs For Superficial Pyoderma, Wounds, And Abscesses In Different Dog Populations

Abiola, J; Ahad, S; Maranzano, M; Abu-Serriah, M; Blackburn, T, 2016:
First UK Experience with Proplan-Designed 3D Printed Jigs in Scapula Flap Facial Reconstruction

Bourdel, N; Collins, T; Pizarro, D; Chauvet, P; Debize, C; Bartoli, A; Canis, M, 2016:
First Use of Augmented Reality in Gynecology

Schwarz, E; Spalletti, L A.; Veiga, G D.; Fanning, C. Mark, 2016:
First UPb SHRIMP age for the Pilmatu Member (Agrio Formation) of the Neuqun Basin, Argentina: Implications for the Hauterivian lower boundary

Ronkin, Y. L.; Pritchin, M. E.; Soroka, E. I.; Gerdes, A.; Puchkov, V. N.; Busharina, S. V., 2016:
First UPb isotopic data on zircon from andesite of the Safyanovka Cu-bearing massive sulfide deposit (Middle Urals)

Spruijt, B; Rijken, B F. M.; den Ottelander, B K.; Joosten, K F. M.; Lequin, M H.; Loudon, S E.; van Veelen, M-Lise, C.; Mathijssen, I M. J., 2016:
First Vault Expansion in Apert and Crouzon-Pfeiffer Syndromes

Sweeney, M; Lebersfeld, J B., 2016:
First Words for Nonverbal Children and Adults With Autism

Puljak, T; Mamić, M; Mitić, Bžena; Hrga, I; Hruševar, D, 2016:
First aerobiological study in Mediterranean part of Croatia (Dalmatia): pollen spectrum and seasonal dynamics in the air of Split

Valle-Aguirre, G; Velázquez-del Valle, M G.; Corona-Rangel, Mía L.; Amora-Lazcano, E; Hernández-Lauzardo, A N., 2016:
First aeromycological study in an avocado agroecosystem in Mexico

Calderón-Ezquerro, M. C.; Guerrero-Guerra, C.; Martínez-López, B.; Fuentes-Rojas, F.; Téllez-Unzueta, F.; López-Espinoza, E. D.; Calderón-Segura, M. E.; Martínez-Arroyo, A.; Trigo-Pérez, M. M., 2016:
First airborne pollen calendar for Mexico City and its relationship with bioclimatic factors

Souche, R.; Addeo, P.; Oussoultzoglou, E.; Herrero, A.; Rosso, E.; Navarro, F.; Fabre, J.-M.; Bachellier, P., 2016:
First and Repeat Liver Resection for Primary and Recurrent Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Bergström, K; Klatte, M; Steinbrink, C; Lachmann, T, 2016:
First and Second Language Acquisition in German Children Attending a Kindergarten Immersion Program: A Combined Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Study

Dickson, C; Torabi, M; Karimi, N, 2016:
First and second law analyses of nanofluid forced convection in a partially-filled porous channel The effects of local thermal non-equilibrium and internal heat sources

Askari-Paykani, M; Shahverdi, H Reza; Miresmaeili, R, 2016:
First and third generations of advanced high-strength steels in a FeCrNiBSi system

Aghmich, A; Taboada, S; Toll, L; Ballesteros, M, 2016:
First assessment of the rocky intertidal communities of Fildes Bay, King George Island (South Shetland Islands, Antarctica)

Martinez-cengotitabengoa, M.; Bermudez-ampudia, C.; Lopez, M.P.; Garcia-alocen, A.; Gonzalez-ortega, I.; Zorrilla, I.; Gonzalez-pinto, A., 2016:
First bipolar episode and functionality: Relation with depressive symptoms and inflammation levels

Roche, P; Saunders, S; Naunheim, M; Kovach, A; Herrington, H; Robson, C D.; Whittemore, K R., 2016:
First branchial cleft anomaly presenting with a complete duplication of the external auditory canalA photo anatomic review

Bläßle, A.; Tyson, R.C., 2016:
First capture success in two dimensions: The search for prey by a random walk predator in a comprehensive space of random walks

Elderfield, H, 2016:
First citation for presentation of the 2015 Goldschmidt Medal to Miriam Kastner

Richter, C.; Pausch, G.; Barczyk, S.; Priegnitz, M.; Keitz, I.; Thiele, J.; Smeets, J.; Vander Stappen, F.; Bombelli, L.; Fiorini, C.; Hotoiu, L.; Perali, I.; Prieels, D.; Enghardt, W.; Baumann, M., 2016:
First clinical application of a prompt gamma based in vivo proton range verification using a knife-edge slit camera

Tan, M Hua; Gan, H Ming; Gan, H You; Lee, Y Peng; Croft, L J.; Schultz, M B.; Miller, A D.; Austin, C M., 2016:
First comprehensive multi-tissue transcriptome ofCherax quadricarinatus(Decapoda: Parastacidae) reveals unexpected diversity of endogenous cellulase

Metlushka, K E.; Sadkova, D N.; Shaimardanova, L N.; Nikitina, K A.; Ivshin, K A.; Islamov, D R.; Kataeva, O N.; Alfonsov, A V.; Kataev, V E.; Voloshina, A D.; Punegova, L N.; Alfonsov, V A., 2016:
First coordination polymers on the bases of chiral thiophosphorylated thioureas

Anzala, O.; Mutua, G.; Nyaoke, B.; Robinson, C.; Luhn, K.; Callendret, B.; Thiebaut, R.; Snape, M.; Watson-Jones, D.; Douoguih, M., 2016:
First data in African subjects for the monovalent Janssen Ebola Zaire heterologous prime-boost vaccines, combining Ad26.ZEBOV and MVA-BN-Filo

Vedishcheva, E. V.; Orlov, A. M.; Orlova, S. Yu.; Trofimova, A. O., 2016:
First data on the age, growth processes, and otoliths of snub-nosed spiny eelNotacanthus chemnitzii(Notacanthidae)

E. A. Poezzhalova-Chegodaeva, 2016:
First data on the biology ofHadropareia middendorffii(Perciformes, Zoarcidae) in the Tauysk Bay, the Sea of Okhotsk

Kovalev, S. G.; Puchkov, V. N.; Vysotsky, S. I.; Kovalev, S. S., 2016:
First data on the concentrations and distribution of noble metals in Riphean magmatic complexes of the Bashkir meganticlinorium and eastern margin of the East European Platform

E. V. Bezrukova,A. A. Shchetnikov,M. I. Kuzmin,O. G. Sharova…, 2016:
First data on the environment and climate change within the Zhom-Bolok volcanic field (Eastern Sayan Mountains) in the MiddleLate Holocene

Nosova, N; Yakovleva, O; Ivanova, A; Kiritchkova, A, 2016:
First data on the ultrastructure of the leaf cuticle of a Mesozoic conifer, Mirovia Reymanwna (Miroviaceae)

Peiró, D Fernando; Almerão, M P.; Delaunay, C; Jussila, J; Makkonen, J; Bouchon, D; Araujo, P B.; Souty-Grosset, C, 2016:
First detection of the crayfish plague pathogenAphanomyces astaciin South America: a high potential risk to native crayfish

Embke, H S.; Kocovsky, P M.; Richter, C A.; Pritt, J J.; Mayer, C M.; Qian, S S., 2016:
First direct confirmation of grass carp spawning in a Great Lakes tributary

Scherr, S; Reinemann, C, 2016:
First do no harm: Cross-sectional and longitudinal evidence for the impact of individual suicidality on the use of online health forums and support groups

Szpila, K; Sinha, S Kanti; Pape, T, 2016:
First documentation of early preimaginal stages of the blowfly Bengalia (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Muniz Magalhaes, E.; Gois Campos, R.; Sarin, L.M.; Del Porto, J.A., 2016:
First episode of bipolar depression and suicide attempt after bariatric surgery in a 45-year-old woman

Palter, S.F.; Meseguer, M.; de los Santos, J.; Romero, J.; Pellicer, A., 2016:
First ever 5k ultra-HD highest resolution video imaging of gametes and embryos: pilot study for morphological assessment

Tereshatov, E. E.; Boltoeva, M. Yu.; Folden, C. M., 2016:
First evidence of metal transfer into hydrophobic deep eutectic and low-transition-temperature mixtures: indium extraction from hydrochloric and oxalic acids

Risch, A C.; Zimmermann, S; Ohashi, M; Finér, L; Kho, L Khoon; Schütz, M, 2016:
First evidence that the sodium ecosystem respiration (SER) hypothesis may also hold for a coastal tropical rainforest

He, Y; Fu, G; Liu, L; Li, H; Li, B; Guan, J; Lü, X; Wong, W-Kwok; Jones, R A., 2016:
First example of PMMA-supported and highly luminous color-purity red-light metallopolymer based on a tris-β-diketonate Zn2+-Eu3+-complex

D’yachihin, D. I.; Dolgushin, F. M.; Godovikov, I. A.; Satrawala, N. K.; Joshi, R. K.; Chizhevsky, I. T., 2016:
First example of a metallacarborane complex with the cyclobutenylidene ligand

Kurbangalieva, A. R.; Hoang, L. T.; Lodochnikova, O. A.; Kuzmicheva, M. Yu.; Pradipta, A. R.; Tanaka, K.; Chmutova, G. A., 2016:
First example of the synthesis ofS,O-macroheterocycle based on 2(5H)-furanone and 2,2-oxydiethanethiol

Wilson, N.; Sothinathan, C., 2016:
First experiences of implementing and delivering screening for modifiable psychological factors in an NHS musculoskeletal physiotherapy outpatient setting

Daane, K M.; Wang, X-Geng; Biondi, A; Miller, B; Miller, J C.; Riedl, H; Shearer, P W.; Guerrieri, E; Giorgini, M; Buffington, M; van Achterberg, K; Song, Y; Kang, T; Yi, H; Jung, C; Lee, D Woon; Chung, B-Keun; Hoelmer, K A.; Walton, V M., 2016:
First exploration of parasitoids ofDrosophila suzukiiin South Korea as potential classical biological agents

de Foy, B; Tong, Y; Yin, X; Zhang, W; Kang, S; Zhang, Q; Zhang, G; Wang, X; Schauer, J J., 2016:
First field-based atmospheric observation of the reduction of reactive mercury driven by sunlight

Korinevsky, V. G.; Blinov, I. A., 2016:
First find of srilankite in the Urals

Prokofiev, A. M.; Sychevskaya, E. K., 2016:
First finding of loach (Cobitidae:Misgurnus) in the lower Miocene deposits of Western Siberia

Kotlyar, A. N., 2016:
First finding ofMelamphaes pachystomus(Melamphaidae) in the northeastern part of the Pacific Ocean

Kuzmina, O. B.; Shurygin, B. N., 2016:
First findings of dinocysts in the upper Oligocene Turtas formation in Southern Tyumen oblast (West Siberia)

Reyes, Eía Sánchez; de la Cruz, D Rodríguez; Sánchez, Jé Sánchez, 2016:
First fungal spore calendar of the middle-west of the Iberian Peninsula

Z. A. Fedotova,E. E. Perkovsky, 2016:
First gall midges (Diptera, Cecidomyioidea) from Late Cretaceous amber of the Taimyr Peninsula

Xu, D; Dong, G; Wang, G; Li, H; Jiang, W, 2016:
First geodetic VLBI sessions with the Chinese Deep Space Stations Jiamusi and Kashi

van Bemmelen, R S. A.; Hungar, J; Tulp, I; Klaassen, R H. G., 2016:
First geolocator tracks of Swedish red-necked phalaropes reveal the Scandinavia-Arabian Sea connection

Mertaoja, A; Mascher, G; Henriques, A O.; Korkeala, H; Lindström, M, 2016:
First glance into single-cell-level neurotoxin production suggests heterogeneity in neurotoxin production in Clostridium botulinum cultures

Ulenikov, O.N.; Gromova, O.V.; Bekhtereva, E.S.; Raspopova, N.I.; Fomchenko, A.L.; Sennikov, P.G.; Koshelev, M.A.; Velmuzhova, I.A.; Velmuzhov, A.P., 2016:
First high resolution ro-vibrational study of the (0200), (0101) and (0002) vibrational states of MGeH4 (M=76,74)

Pasquet, A; Sebastian, A; Begout, M Laure; LeDore, Y; Teletchea, F; Fontaine, P, 2016:
First insight into personality traits in Northern pike (Esox lucius) larvae: a basis for behavioural studies of early life stages

Klauber, T, 2016:
First international conference on work discussion Vienna from 10 to 12th June 2016

Atkins, M, 2016:
First international research conference on the arts and dementia: theory, methodology and evidence

da Silva Cáceres, M Eugenia; Aptroot, Aé, 2016:
First inventory of lichens from the Brazilian Amazon in Amap State

Ree, L H.S.; Kelland, M A.; Roth, P J.; Batchelor, R, 2016:
First investigation of modified poly(2-vinyl-4,4-dimethylazlactone)s as kinetic hydrate inhibitors

Kämper, A; Warrelmann, S Jenny; Reiswich, K; Kuhlmann, Ré; Franke, R; Behr, A, 2016:
First iridium-catalyzed hydroformylation in a continuously operated miniplant

Småge, S Bang; Frisch, K; Brevik, Øyvind Jakobsen; Watanabe, K; Nylund, A, 2016:
First isolation, identification and characterisation of Tenacibaculum maritimum in Norway, isolated from diseased farmed sea lice cleaner fish Cyclopterus lumpus L

Evans, M N.; Guerrero-Sanchez, S; Bakar, M Soffian Abu; Kille, P; Goossens, B, 2016:
First known satellite collaring of a viverrid species: preliminary performance and implications of GPS tracking Malay civets (Viverra tangalunga)

Nuñez, J.D.; Sbragaglia, V.; García, J.A.; Company, J.B.; Aguzzi, J., 2016:
First laboratory insight on the behavioral rhythms of the bathyal crab Geryon longipes

Michat, M C.; Alvarenga, T Marinho; Silva, M Souza; Alarie, Y, 2016:
First larval description and chaetotaxic analysis of the neotropical whirligig beetle genus Enhydrus Laporte (Coleoptera, Gyrinidae)

Es-sebbar, E-touhami; Mantzaras, J; Benilan, Y; Farooq, A, 2016:
First line shape analysis and spectroscopic parameters for the 11 band of 12C2H4

Zhang, J.; Liu, H.; Luo, S.; Chavez-Badiola, A.; Liu, Z.; yang, m.; Munne, S.; Konstantinidis, M.; Wells, D.; Huang, T., 2016:
First live birth using human oocytes reconstituted by spindle nuclear transfer for mitochondrial DNA mutation causing Leigh syndrome

Oliveira, M Emilia Franco; Zanetti, E dos Santos; Cursino, M Suzuki; de Fátima Carvalho Peroni, E; Rola, L Diniz; Feliciano, M Antonio Rossi; Canola, Júlio Carlos; Duarte, Jé Maurício Barbanti, 2016:
First live offspring of Amazonian brown brocket deer (Mazama nemorivaga) born by artificial insemination

Queirós, M.; Caseiro, J., 2016:
First manic episode in a patient with a frontal meningioma

Maesano, M.; Lasserre, B.; Masiero, M.; Tonti, D.; Marchetti, M., 2016:
First mapping of the main high conservation value forests (HCVFs) at national scale: The case of Italy

Xie, S; Li, B; Zhang, S; Shao, Y; Wu, J; Sun, B, 2016:
First megafossil record ofNeolepisorus(Polypodiaceae) from the late Miocene of Yunnan, Southwest China

Vineeth, C.; Mridula, N.; Muralikrishna, P.; Kumar, K.K.; Pant, T.K., 2016:
First observational evidence for the connection between the meteoric activity and occurrence of equatorial counter electrojet

Friis, H, 2016:
First occurrence of moskvinite-(Y) in the Ilmaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland implications for rare-earth element mobility

Horn, B Ludovico Dihl; Melo Ferrer de Morais, Débora, 2016:
First occurrence of the Salvador Formation in the Jatob Basin (Pernambuco, Northeast Brazil): Facies characterization and depositional systems

Srdic, A; Duffin, C J.; Martill, D M., 2016 :
First occurrence of the orectolobiform shark Akaimia in the Oxford Clay Formation (Jurassic, Callovian) of England

Shimwela, M M.; Narouei-Khandan, H A.; Halbert, S E.; Keremane, M L.; Minsavage, G V.; Timilsina, S; Massawe, D Protas; Jones, J B.; van Bruggen, A H. C., 2016:
First occurrence ofDiaphorina citriin East Africa, characterization of theCa. Liberibacter species causing huanglongbing (HLB) in Tanzania, and potential further spread ofD. citriand HLB in Africa and Europe

Cheek, M.D.; Semple, J.C., 2016:
First official record of naturalised populations of Solidago altissima L. var. pluricephala M.C. Johnst. (Asteraceae: Astereae) in Africa

Kaplan, S; Galletti, C S.; Chow, W T.L.; Myint, S W., 2016:
First order approximation of Broadband Directional Albedo with High Resolution Quickbird Imagery: a case study for arid urban areas

Ghosh, A; Norton, B; Duffy, A, 2016:
First outdoor characterisation of a PV powered suspended particle device switchable glazing

Deb, J; Bhattacharya, B; Singh, N Bedamani; Sarkar, U, 2016:
First principle study of adsorption of boron-halogenated system on pristine graphyne

Afshar, M.; Hoseini, S. S.; Sargolzaei, M., 2016:
First principle study of magnetic and electronic properties of single X (X = Al, Si) atom added to small carbon clusters (CnX,n= 210)

Erikat, I A., 2016:
First principle study on alkali metals promotion of CO oxidation over Ir(100)

Liu, C; Wang, N; Huang, S, 2016:
First principles study of AlH3 vacancy mediated mechanism in dehydriding of NaAlH4

Guerrero, C.; González, C.; Iglesias, R.; Perlado, J. M.; González-Arrabal, R., 2016 :
First principles study of the behavior of hydrogen atoms in a W monovacancy

Rivals, F; Sanz, M; Daura, J, 2016:
First reconstruction of the dietary traits of the Mediterranean deer (Haploidoceros mediterraneus) from the Cova del Rinoceront (NE Iberian Peninsula)

Petrescu, I.; Petrescu, A.-M.; Popescu-Mirceni, R., 2016:
First record of Eurypanopeus depressus (Smith, 1869) (Brachyura, Panopeidae) from the Black Sea

Echegaray, E.R.; Stougaard, R.N.; Bohannon, B., 2016:
First record of Euxestonotus error (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) in the Pacific Northwest, United States of America

Ali, M.; Diatta, Y.; Alkusairy, H.; Saad, A.; Capapé, C., 2016:
First record of Red Sea goatfishParupeneus forsskali(Osteichthyes: Mullidae) from the Syrian coast (Eastern Mediterranean)

K. S., S; J, V; M. P., R; Cubelio, S. S.; M., H; V. N., S; M., S, 2016:
First record of Solitary duckbill eel,Nettastoma solitariumCastle & Smith, 1981 (Anguilliformes: Nettastomatidae) from the Andaman Sea

Ducrocq, Séphane; Soe, A Naing; Sein, C; Lazzari, V; Chaimanee, Y; Valentin, X; Jaeger, J-Jacques, 2016:
First record of a diacodexeid artiodactyl in the middle Eocene Pondaung Formation (Myanmar)

Günter Schweigert,Dirk Fuchs,Hans Michael Salomon, 2016:
First record of a xiphoteuthidid coleoid (Cephalopoda: Aulacoceratida) from the Germanic Triassic (Erfurt Formation, Ladinian)

Muto, N; Takayama, K; Kai, Y, 2016:
First record of abnormal body coloration in a rockfishSebastes trivittatus(Scorpaenoidei: Sebastidae)

Macêdo, T Pereira; Cortez, P Andressa; do Bomfim Costa, L Corrêa, 2016 :
First record of colleters in Zanthoxylum Linn. species (Rutaceae Juss., Sapindales): structural, functional and taxonomic considerations

Vinu, J; Rajeesh Kumar, M. P.; Sumod, K. S.; Deepa, K. P.; Hashim, M.; Sanjeevan, V. N.; Sudhakar, M., 2016:
First record of deep-sea gigantic pycnogonidColossendeis colosseaWilson, 1881 from the Western Indian Ocean

Chang, H; Nabozhenko, M; Pu, H; Xu, L; Jia, S; Li, T, 2016:
First record of fossil comb-clawed beetles of the tribe Cteniopodini (Insecta: Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) from the Jehol Biota (Yixian formation of China), Lower Cretaceous

Niebuhr, B; Taherpour Khalil Abad, M; Wilmsen, M; Razmi, J Noorbakhsh; Aryaei, A Asghar; Ashouri, A, 2016:
First record of late Campanian ammonites from the Abderaz Formation of the Koppeh Dagh, northeastern Iran

Piazza, P; Alvaro, M Chiara; Bowden, D A.; Clark, M R.; Conci, N; Ghiglione, C; Schiaparelli, S, 2016:
First record of livingAcesta(Mollusca: Bivalvia) from an Antarctic seamount

Kwun, H Joon; Park, J; Kim, H Seon, 2016:
First record of partial albinism in the pricklebackDictyosoma rubrimaculatum(Perciformes: Stichaeidae)

Hidalgo, P.; Pino-Pinuer, P.; Fierro, P. A.; Marchant, M., 2016:
First record of the copepod Neomormonilla minor (Giesbrecht, 1891) (Mormonilloida, Mormonillidae) for the Humboldt Current System off the Chilean coast

Baptie, M Charles; Foster, R Jayne; Cook, K Barbara, 2016:
First record of the copepodEurytemora herdmaniin the Firth of Forth, Scotland

Ros, M; Guerra-García, Jé M.; Hoffman, R, 2016:
First record of the exotic caprellid amphipodParacaprella pusillaMayer, 1890 in the eastern Mediterranean

Gregorová, Růžena; Micklich, N; Pikryl, Táš, 2016:
First record of the family Moronidae (Perciformes) in the Menilitic Formation of the Liten&ice locality (Oligocene, Rupelian; Moravia, Czech Republic)

Cockx, P F.D.; McKellar, R C., 2016:
First record of the family Scolebythidae (Hymenoptera) in mid-Cretaceous amber from Myanmar

Jiří Kolibáč,Benjamin Adroit,Elke Gröning,Carsten Brauckmann,Torsten Wappler, 2016:
First record of the family Trogossitidae (Insecta, Coleoptera) in the Late Pliocene deposits of Willershausen (Germany)

Totakura, V. R.; Ranga Reddy, Y., 2016:
First record of the genus Nitocrella Chappuis, 1923 (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Ameiridae) from India, with a new phreatic species

Nogueira Júnior, M; Brandini, F Pereira; Haddad, M Angélica, 2016:
First record of the hydromedusaAequorea macrodactyla(Leptothecata: Aequoreidae) in Brazilian waters

Gewing, M-Tal; Bronstein, O; Nagar, L Raijman; Granot, I; Frid, O; Shenkar, N, 2016:
First record of the non-indigenous ascidianMicrocosmus exasperatus, Heller 1878, in Cyprus

Markert, A; Matsuyama, K; Rohde, S; Schupp, P; Wehrmann, A, 2016:
First record of the non-native Pacific bryozoanSmittoidea prolificaOsburn, 1952 at the German North Sea coast

Emeljanov, A. F., 2016:
First record of the planthopper family Kinnaridae (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea) in Chile

Monterroso, Óscar; González, Jé A.; Triay-Portella, Rül, 2016:
First record of three brachyuran decapods (Inachidae, Polybiidae, Thiidae) from the Canary Islands (NE Atlantic)

Nimptsch, J; Woelfl, S; Osorio, S; Valenzuela, J; Moreira, C; Ramos, V; Castelo-Branco, R; Leão, P Nuno; Vasconcelos, V, 2016:
First record of toxins associated with cyanobacterial blooms in oligotrophic North Patagonian lakes of Chile-a genomic approach

Silva, Jão Pedro; Pola, M; Cervera, J Lucas; Calado, Gçalo, 2016:
First record ofAlgarvia albaGarca-Gmez and Cervera, 1989 (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) outside the type locality

Blain, H-Alexandre; Delfino, M; Berto, C; Arzarello, M, 2016:
First record ofPelobates syriacus(Anura, Amphibia) in the early Pleistocene of Italy

Adams, J; van Wyk, E; Riddin, T, 2016:
First record ofSpartina alterniflorain southern Africa indicates adaptive potential of this saline grass

Petrunenko, Y K.; Polkovnikov, I L.; Gilbert, M; Miquelle, D G., 2016:
First recorded case of tiger killing Eurasian lynx

Korotyaev, B. A., 2016:
First records of an East Asian seed beetleMegabruchidius dorsalisFhraeus (Coleoptera, Bruchidae) from Germany and the Black Sea Coast of Crimea and Caucasus

Bahia, J, 2016:
First records of polyclads (Platyhelminthes, Polycladida) associated withNodipecten nodosus(Linnaeus 1758) aquaculture

Gapon, D. A., 2016:
First records of the brown marmorated stink bugHalyomorpha halys(Stl, 1855) (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae) in Russia, Abkhazia, and Georgia

Cockx, P F.D.; McKellar, R C.; Perrichot, V, 2016:
First records of the subfamilies Bethylinae (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) and Cleptinae (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae) in Upper Cretaceous amber from France

Sautkin, F. V.; Meleshko, J. Ye., 2016:
First records of the weevilOtiorhynchus smreczynskiiCmoluch, 1968 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae: Entiminae) in the Republic of Belarus

Oh, J Yeon; Mannaa, M; Han, G Deok; Chun, S-Chul; Kim, K Deok, 2016:
First report of Aspergillus awamori as a fungal pathogen of garlic (Allium sativum L.)

Yan, M; Wan, M; He, X; Hou, X; Wang, J, 2016:
First report of Cisuralian (early Permian) charcoal layers within a coal bed from Baode, North China with reference to global wildfire distribution

Celli, M G.; Perotto, M C.; Merino, M C.; Nome, C F.D.; Flores, C R.; Conci, V C., 2016:
First report of Cowpea mild mottle virus in chia (Salvia hispanica)

Gryzenhout, M.; Khooa, B.; Landman, L., 2016:
First report of Fusarium boothii from pecan (Carya illinoinensis) and camel thorn (Vachellia erioloba) trees in South Africa

Nakaune, R; Tatsuki, M; Matsumoto, H; Ikoma, Y, 2016:
First report of a new postharvest disease of grape caused byCadophora luteo-olivacea

Saraihom, S; Kobayashi, D Y.; Lotrakul, P; Prasongsuk, S; Eveleigh, D E.; Punnapayak, H, 2016:
First report of a tropicalLysobacter enzymogenesproducing bifunctional endoglucanase activity towards carboxymethylcellulose and chitosan

Hara, S; Kitazawa, Y; Neriya, Y; Nishida, S; Yusa, A; Nijo, T; Hashimoto, M; Maejima, K; Yamaji, Y; Namba, S, 2016:
First report of aNeofusicoccumsp. causing stem-end rot of mango

Zhang, L-ping; Li, X-hong; Xue, W-cheng; Meng, D-ya, 2016:
First report of an extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Raoultella ornithinolytica and a porin deficiency (OmpK35 absence) which was misidentified as Klebsiella oxytoca by an automated microbial identification system

Tomomitsu, T; Kitazawa, Y; Netsu, O; Nijo, T; Koinuma, H; Iwabuchi, N; Okano, Y; Hirata, H; Maejima, K; Yamaji, Y; Namba, S, 2016:
First report of bacterial black spot on calanthe (Calanthespp.) caused byBurkholderia andropogonisin Japan

Barr, C B.; Brown, H P., 2016:
First report of diurnal flight by North American riffle beetles (Coleoptera: Byrrhoidea: Elmidae)

Shirai, K; Nishiwaki, Y; Kobayashi, S; Satou, M, 2016:
First report of downy mildew of statice caused byPeronospora staticesin Japan

Chedid, M.F.; Grezzana-Filho, T.J.M.; Montenegro, R.M.; Leipnitz, I.; Gressler, J.B.; Hadi, R.; Kruel, C.R.P.; Kruel, C.D.P.; Denicol, D.N.T.; Chedid, A.D.; Manfro, R.C., 2016:
First report of human pancreas transplantation using Institut Georges Lopez-1 (IGL-1) preservation solution

Singh, Y; Viswanathan, R.; Mundra, K. L.; Jagadeesan, P.; Sharma, A. K., 2016:
First report of metamict alluaudite (A sodium iron manganese phosphate mineral) from Pisangan, Ajmer district, Rajasthan

Suwannarach, N; Kumla, J; Nitiyon, S; Limtong, S; Lumyong, S, 2016:
First report of sour rot on tomato caused byGalactomyces reessiiin Thailand

Ota, Y; Kimura, M K.; Hattori, T; Miyuki, Y; Endo, R, 2016:
First report of trunk rot caused byFomitiporia torreyaein Kyoto prefecture on cultivars of Japanese cedar with no relatedness to Sanbu-sugi

Case, S B.; Edworthy, A B.; Downs, C, 2016:
First report of mining as a feeding behaviour among Australian manna-feeding birds

Shen, Y-Min; Liu, H-Lung; Huang, T-Chin; Pai, K-Fang, 2016:
First report ofAurifilummarmelostomacausing cankers onTerminaliamantalyin Taiwan

Jin, X; Li, C, 2016:
First report ofPlatystethyniumwith description of a new species and two other new records from China (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae)

Ohshima, K; Muraoka, S; Yasaka, R; Adachi, S; Tokuda, M, 2016:
First report ofScallion mosaic viruson wild Japanese garlic (Allium macrostemon) in Japan

Jadwiszczak, P; Mörs, T, 2016:
First report on quill pits in early penguins

Faria, J Miguel Silva; Sena, Iês; Ribeiro, B; Rodrigues, A Margarida; Maleita, C Maria Nobre; Abrantes, I; Bennett, R; Mota, M; Figueiredo, A Cristina da Silva, 2016:
First report onMeloidogyne chitwoodihatching inhibition activity of essential oils and essential oils fractions

Kania, I; Krzemiński, Wław; Arillo, A, 2016:
First representative of the genus Helius Lepeletier and Serville, 1828 (Diptera, Limoniidae) from the Lower Cretaceous lava amber (Spain)

N. B. Kuznetsov,E. A. Belousova,K. E. Degtyarev,E. S. Pyzhova…, 2016:
First results of UPb dating of detrital zircons from the Upper Ordovician sandstones of the Bashkir uplift (Southern Urals)

Paepke, S; Jäger, A; Klein, E; Kiechle, M; Ohlinger, R; Ankel, C; Faridi, A; Meir, A; Blohmer, J; Gerber-Schäfer, C; Mau, C; Thill, M, 2016:
First results of a pre-planned interim analysis of a national multicentre Patient Reported Outcome Study (PRO-Bra) in breast reconstruction following mastectomy with titaniferously coated polypropylene mesh (TiloopBra)

Kravchishina, M. D.; Lisitzin, A. P.; Lein, A. Yu.; Lukashin, V. N.; Novigatsky, A. N.; Klyuvitkin, A. A., 2016:
First results on determination of chlorophillAand its derivatives in the system of trapped sedimentary materialfluffy layerbottom sediment of the Caspian Sea

Cruz, J.; Figueiredo, E.; Corregidor, V.; Girginova, P.I.; Alves, L.C.; Cruz, C.; Silva, R.J.C.; Liritzis, I., 2016:
First results on radiometric dating of metals by alpha spectrometry

Spagnoli, G; Jahn, A; Halbach, P, 2016:
First results regarding the influence of mineralogy on the mechanical properties of seafloor massive sulfide samples

Hewes, C D.; Hewes, S O., 2016:
First steps toward standardizing dynamic light regimes for the quantitative study of light-controlled growth in shade-limiting water columns

Hampf, D.; Sproll, F.; Wagner, P.; Humbert, L.; Hasenohr, T.; Riede, W., 2016:
First successful satellite laser ranging with a fibre-based transmitter

Dipasquale, G.; Miralbell, R.; Starkov, P.; Ratib, O., 2016:
First tests to implement an in-house 3d-printed photon bolus procedure using clinical treatment planning system data

Malatras, J Weil; Israel, A C.; Sokolowski, K L.; Ryan, J, 2016:
First things first: Family activities and routines, time management and attention

Weigelt, R; Lippert, H; Borges, L M.S.; Appelqvist, C; Karsten, U; Bastrop, R, 2016:
First time DNA barcoding of the common shipworm Teredo navalis Linnaeus 1758 (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Teredinidae): Molecular-taxonomic investigation and identification of a widespread wood-borer

Tramontana, A.; Dieplinger, B.; Stangl, G.; Hafner, E.; Dieplinger, H., 2016:
First trimester serum concentrations of afamin are associated with the development of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnant women

Martínez Blanco, X; Tejera, L; Beri, Ángeles, 2016:
First volumetric record of fungal spores in the atmosphere of Montevideo City, Uruguay: a 2-year survey

De Rooij, T.; Steen, M.; Busch, O.; Gerhards, M.; Karsten, T.; Van Santvoort, H.; Festen, S.; Besselink, M., 2016:
First year of laparoscopic pancreatic surgery in two collaborating pancreatic units

Aziz, M F.; Abrons, R O.; Cattano, D; Bayman, E O.; Swanson, D E.; Hagberg, C A.; Todd, M M.; Brambrink, A M., 2016:
First-Attempt Intubation Success of Video Laryngoscopy in Patients With Anticipated Difficult Direct Laryngoscopy

Aziz, M F.; Abrons, R O.; Cattano, D; Bayman, E O.; Swanson, D E.; Hagberg, C A.; Todd, M M.; Brambrink, A M., 2016:
First-Attempt Intubation Success of Video Laryngoscopy in Patients with Anticipated Difficult Direct Laryngoscopy

Zaker, M; Soltani, H, 2016:
First-Fit colorings of graphs with no cycles of a prescribed even length

Chen, S; Huang, W; Gill, E W., 2016:
First-Order Bistatic High-Frequency Radar Power for Mixed-Path Ionosphere-Ocean Propagation

Liu, J; Kong, L; Yang, X; Liu, Q Huo, 2016:
First-Order Multipath Ghosts' Characteristics and Suppression in MIMO Through-Wall Imaging

Knapp, J.; Wenzel, V.; Greif, R.; Hossfeld, B.; Bernhard, M., 2016:
First-Pass Intubation Success

Yassine, C; Loutfi, B Mohammed, 2016:
First-Principles Calculations of the Dynamical and Thermodynamic Properties of Yttrium Compounds YX (X = N, P, As and Sb)

Li, G; Zhou, S; Zhao, J, 2016:
First-Principles Study of Lithium Adsorption, Storage and Diffusion Properties for Graphite Oxides

VanDeValk, A J.; Forney, J L.; Brooking, T E.; Jackson, J R.; Rudstam, L G., 2016:
First-Year Density and Growth as They Relate to Recruitment of White Perch to the Adult Stock in Oneida Lake, New York, 19682011

Mozaffari, E; Stern, L; Lee, Y-Chien; Patel, V; Casciano, R, 2016:
First-Year Incidence of Adenovirus Infections Following Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplants in a Pediatric Population

Waheed, U bin; Flagg, G; Yarman, C Evren, 2016:
First-arrival traveltime tomography for anisotropic media using the adjoint-state method

Canady, V A., 2016:
First-ever summit to reduce number of people with MI in jails convenes in D.C

Butts, I Anthony Ernest; Sørensen, S Riis; Politis, S Nikitas; Tomkiewicz, J, 2016:
First-feeding by European eel larvae: A step towards closing the life cycle in captivity

Matusse, Nédia R.D.; Pita, A; Peréz, M; Inés Trucco, M.; Peleteiro, Jé Benito; Presa, P, 2016:
First-generation genetic drift and inbreeding risk in hatchery stocks of the wreckfish Polyprion americanus

Bui, L; Farrington, D P, 2016:
First-generation immigrants feel socially excluded and have greater pro-violence attitudes than the native population in England and Wales

Friedland, B A.; Hoesley, C J.; Plagianos, M; Hoskin, E; Zhang, S; Teleshova, N; Alami, M; Novak, L; Kleinbeck, K R.; Katzen, L L.; Zydowsky, T M.; Fernández-Romero, Jé A.; Creasy, G W., 2016:
First-in-Human Trial of MIV-150 and Zinc Acetate Coformulated in a Carrageenan Gel

Maguire, P.J.; Cardonna, C.E.; De La Pena, C.; Hinojosa, M.A.; Assad, J.L.; Azpiri, J.; Gardner, E.; Wong, D.; Zei, P., 2016:
First-in-Man Cardiac Radiosurgery for Atrial Arrhythmia

Thiolloy, S.; Desmet, J.; Baatz, F.; Loverix, S.; Vandenbroucke, K.; Lorent, E.; Henderikx, P.; Lemmens, I.; Alard, P.; Deroo, S.; Lasters, I.; McGrath, Y., 2016:
First-in-class cell penetrating proteins targeting Mcl-1 induce tumor cell apoptosis and inhibition of tumor growth in vivo

Hidalgo, M.; Gil, M.; Garcia-Carbonero, R.; Alvarez, R.; Laquente, B.; Moreno, R.; De Martino, A.; Alemany, R.; Capella, G.; Blasi, E.; Viaplana, I.; Cascallo, M.; Salazar, R., 2016:
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First-principles search for efficient activators for LaI3

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First-principles study of hydrogen incorporation into the MAX phase Ti3AlC2

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First-priniciple study of electrical and optical properties of (Al,Sn) co-doped ZnO

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Fiscal Uncertainty and Currency Crises

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Fische ködert man mit Würmern, mRNA mit Oligo-dT

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FischerTropsch synthesis on cobalt catalysts with alkaline earth metal additives

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Fischertropsch diesel production and evaluation as alternative automotive fuel in pilot-scale integrated biomass-to-liquid process

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Fish Assemblage Associations with Floodplain Connectivity Following Restoration to Benefit an Endangered Catostomid

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Fish Associations among Un-notched, Notched and L-head Dikes in the Middle Mississippi River

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Fish Inner Ear Otolith Growth Under Real Microgravity (Spaceflight) and Clinorotation

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Fish Lipids and Peptides in Nutrition

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Fish Movement Through an Estuary Mouth Is Related to Tidal Flow

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Fish Movements and Passage Through a Water Control Structure: River Stage and Floodplain Connectivity

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Fish bone versus fish demineralized bone matrix (vertebra) effects on healing of experimental radial defect in rat model

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Fish density increases from the upper to lower parts of the Pearl River Delta, China, and is influenced by tide, chlorophyll-a, water transparency, and water depth

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Fish hearts get O2 boost from carbonic anhydrase

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Fish histopathology as a tool for use in marine environment monitoring: a review

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Fish metacommunity dynamics in the patchy heterogeneous habitats ofvarzealakes, turbid river channels and transparent clear and black water bodies in the Amazonian Lowlands of Bolivia

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Fish nutrition research: past, present and future

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Fish oil extracted from fish-fillet by-products is weakly linked to the extraction temperatures but strongly linked to the omega-3 content of the raw material

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Fish otolith assemblages from Recent NE Atlantic sea bottoms: A comparative study of palaeoecology

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Fish otoliths from the Rupelian (Early Oligocene) of Bad Freienwalde (NE Germany)

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Fish processing in Portugal: An industry in expansion

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Fish production in estuaries of Primorye

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Fish reduce anuran abundance and decrease herpetofaunal species richness in wetlands

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Fish scale derived hydroxyapatite scaffold for bone tissue engineering

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Fish, Macroinvertebrate and Epifaunal Communities in Shallow Coastal Lagoons with Varying Seagrass Cover of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

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Fish-hood: Environmental assessment, critical Indigenous studies, and posthumanism at Fish Lake (Teztan Biny), Tsilhqotin territory

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Fish-hook bifurcation branch in a spatial heterogeneous epidemic model with cross-diffusion

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Fisher Information and Complexity Measure of Generalized Morse Potential Model

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Fisheries Down Under

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Fisheries annual fixed cost data collection and estimation methodology: An application in the Northeast, U.S

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Fisheries subsidies in China: Quantitative and qualitative assessment of policy coherence and effectiveness

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Fisheries, invasive species, and the formation and fracturing of the Great Lakes system

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Fishermen Cavalry

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Fishermen, pirates, and the politics of aid: An analysis of the Somali Fishermen Registration Programme

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Fishers sharing real-time information about bad fishing locations. A tool for quota optimisation under a regime of landing obligations

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Fishers' perceptions about the EU discards policy and its economic impact on small-scale fisheries in Galicia (North West Spain)

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Fishers knowledge indicates short-term temporal changes in the amount and composition of catches in the southwestern Atlantic

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Fishers perceptions of climate change, impacts on their livelihoods and adaptation strategies in environmental change hotspots: a case of Lake Wamala, Uganda

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Fishers perceptions of the performance of hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) sanctuaries in Bangladesh

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Fishery, biology, aquaculture and conservation of the threatened Asian Sun catfish

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Fishes in Paleochannels of the Lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley: A National Treasure

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Fishes that rule the world: circumtropical distributions revisited

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Fisheye lens camera based surveillance system for wide field of view monitoring

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Fishing for Interpretation: The ITLOS Advisory Opinion on Flag State Responsibility for Illegal Fishing in the EEZ

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Fishing gear transitions: lessons from the Dutch flatfish pulse trawl

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Fishing is not wrestling: Neural underpinnings of the verb instrumentality effect

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Fishing livelihoods as key to marine protected areas: insights from the World Parks Congress

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Fishing selectivity as an instrument to reach management objectives in an ecosystem approach to fisheries

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Fishing, reproductive volume and regulation: population dynamics and exploitation of the eastern Baltic cod

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Fishlike rheotaxis

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Fishway approach behaviour and passage of three redhorse species (Moxostoma anisurum, M. carinatum, and M. macrolepidotum) in the Richelieu River, Quebec

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Fission gas bubble identification using MATLAB's image processing toolbox

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Fission-fusion dynamics in black-and-white ruffed lemurs may facilitate both feeding strategies and communal care of infants in a spatially and temporally variable environment

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Fissure swarms and fracture systems within the Western Volcanic Zone, Iceland Effects of spreading rates

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Fistelreifung: Vorhersage durch intraoperative Flussmessung

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Fistule congnitale du philtrum rvlant un kyste pidermode : cas inhabituel

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Fistules cervicales bilatrales

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Fit für die Rettung?

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Fit mit 20: Das Herz dankt es noch mit 50

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Fit older adult's aerobic fitness levels and its relation to the physical activity guidelines

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Fit-for-Purpose Treatment of Produced Water for Hydraulic Fracturing in the Permian Basin

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Fit-risk in development projects: role of demonstration in technology adoption

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Fitness benefits of serotiny in fire- and drought-prone environments

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Fitness costs associated with 1781 and 2041 ACCase-mutant alleles conferring resistance to herbicides in Hordeum glaucum Steud

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Fitness of Job Type and Management by Objectives: Mediating Effects of Perception of Effectiveness and Goal Commitment and Moderating Effects of Supervisor's Behavior

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Fitness to Plead: The Impact of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Fitting performance of artificial neural networks and empirical correlations to estimate higher heating values of biomass

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Fitting superparamagnetic and distributed Cole-Cole parameters to airborne electromagnetic data: A case history from Quebec

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Fitting the truncated negative binomial distribution to count data

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Five Centuries of South African Popular History

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Five Great Truths of Medicine

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Five Minutes a Day to Improve Comprehension Monitoring in Oral Language Contexts

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Five Tips for Turning Your Landscape into a Sculptural Garden

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Five Years of Sustained Success. Small Changes Can Make Huge Difference in Pneumothorax Prevention

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Five factors of impulsivity: Unique pathways to borderline and antisocial personality features and subsequent alcohol problems

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Five new species and one new record of Astrothelium (Trypetheliaceae, Ascomycota) from Thailand

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Five new species of Pelargonium, section Hoarea (Geraniaceae), from the Western and Northern Cape Provinces of South Africa

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Five new species of flat moths (Lepidoptera, Depressariidae) from Russia and neighboring countries

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Five new species, a new genus and a new record of cicadas from French Guiana with four new combinations and three new synonymies (Insecta, Hemiptera, Cicadoidea, Cicadidae)

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Five novel dinuclear copper(II) complexes: Crystal structures, properties, Hirshfeld surface analysis and vitro antitumor activity study

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Five reasons why it is difficult to talk to Australian farmers about the impacts of, and their adaptation to, climate change

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Five reinforcement sensitivity theory (RST) of personality questionnaires: Comparison, validity and generalization

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Five species of passerine bird differ in their ability to detect Batesian mimics

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Five times lower risk of DNA fragmentation in sperm with slightly narrow heads than the normal sized heads

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Five topologies of cantilever-based MEMS piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters: a numerical and experimental comparison

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Five year review of an enhanced recovery program following knee arthroplasty at a UK general district hospital

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Five year survival surgical outcome for clinic stage I cervical cancer: Comparison of robotic vs. laparoscopic or laparotomy radical hysterectomy

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Five years follow up on aluminium occupational exposure

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Five years left How are the EU member states contributing to the 20% target for EU's renewable energy consumption; the role of woody biomass

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Five-Month-old Infants' Discrimination of Visual-Tactile Synchronous Facial Stimulation

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Five-Year Outcome of Telbivudine versus Entecavir in Treating High Viral Load Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

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Five-Year on-Treatment Systematically Monitoring of Dynamic Changes of Liver Stiffness Measurement with Transient Elastography Compared with Paired Liver Biopsies in a Randomized Controlled Trial in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

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Five-factor personality traits in priests

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Five-year evaluation of habitat remediation in Thunder Bay, Lake Huron: Comparison of constructed reef characteristics that attract spawning lake trout

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Five-years-long effects of the Italian policies for photovoltaics on the energy demand coverage of grid-connected PV systems installed in urban contexts

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Fixation au TEP-scan dune pneumopathie interstitielle diffuse associe la sclrodermie systmique

Villemaire, M.; Pinel, N.; Col, E.; Malvezzi, P., 2016:
Fixation du rituximab sur les biopsies rnales de glomrulopathies idiopathiques : hyalinose segmentaire et focale et glomrulonphrite extramembraneuse

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Fixation of the Disturbing Ryanodine Receptor by Dantrolene Restores Cardiac Dysfunction and Suppreses Ventricular Arrhythmia in Mice Myocardial Infarction Model

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Fixation stability of first metatarsal osteotomy in rheumatoid patients

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Fixational eye movements in strabismus

Stahl, J M.; Kim, J J.; Geneser, S; Carlson, D J.; Damast, S, 2016:
Fixed Cylinder Diameter for High-Dose-Rate Intravaginal Brachytherapy in Endometrial Cancer: One Size Does Not Fit All

M. L. Holding; E. H. Kern; R. D. Denton; H. L. Gibbs, 2016:
Fixed prey cue preferences among Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnakes (Sistrurus miliarius barbouri) raised on different long-term diets

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Fixing greenhouse gas accounting at the city scale

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Fixing the root node: Efficient tracking and detection of 3D human pose through local solutions

Melenotte, C.; Nappez, C.; Terras, J.; Raoult, D.; Brégeon, F.; Terras, J., 2016:
Fivre Q avec atteinte respiratoire : utilit dun modle exprimental dinfection par voie arosolise

Rahal, L.; Hadj Mahammed, M., 2016:
Fivre de Malte en transplantation rnale : a propos dun cas

Geiger, D.; Moulis, G.; Piel-Julian, M.; Dupont, R.; Faurie, T.; Astudillo, L.; Pugnet, G.; Sailler, L., 2016:
Fivre isole rcidivante aprs perfusion de cyclophosphamide : propos dune observation

Cosson, J., 2016:
Flagella parameters used as descriptors of fish spermatozoa motility

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Flame Spread and Extinction Over a Thick Solid Fuel in Low-Velocity Opposed and Concurrent Flows

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Flame Structure and Propagation in Turbulent Flame-Droplet Interaction: A Direct Numerical Simulation Analysis

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Flame acceleration in pipes containing bends of different angles

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Flame aerosol synthesis of WO3/CeO2 from aqueous solution: Two distinct pathways and structure design

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Flame aerosol synthesis of nanostructured materials and functional devices: Processing, modeling, and diagnostics

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Flame aerosol synthesis of tungsten trioxide powder: Particle morphology control and photodegradation activity under visible light irradiation

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Flame base drag of pool fires with different side wall height in cross flows: A laboratory-scale experimental study and a new correlation

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Flame characteristics and burning rate of small pool fires under downslope and upslope oblique winds

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Flame four-dimensional deflection tomography with compressed-sensing-revision reconstruction

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Flame precession of fire whirls: A further experimental study

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Flame propagation and heat transfer characteristics of a hydrogenair premixed flame in a constant volume vessel

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Flame propagation behaviors of nano- and micro-scale PMMA dust explosions

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Flame volume and radiant fraction of jet diffusion methane flame at sub-atmospheric pressures

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Flame-retardant behavior of bi-group molecule derived from phosphaphenanthrene and triazine groups on polylactic acid

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Flap within a first dorsal metacarpal artery flap for recurrent thumb injury

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Flash flooding prediction in regions of northern Vietnam using the KINEROS2 model

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Flash point prediction of tailor-made green diesel blends containing B5 palm oil biodiesel and alcohol

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Flash synthesis of Al-doping macro-/nanoporous ZnO from self-sustained decomposition of Zn-based complex for superior gas-sensing application to n-butanol

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Flat Optics for Leaky-Waves on Modulated Metasurfaces: Adiabatic Floquet-Wave Analysis

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Flat earth economics and site-specific crop management: how flat is flat?

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Flat surface versus present-day topography for cylindrical and spherical sources in temperature field simulation models: The Cerritos Colorados geothermal field, Jalisco, Mexico

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Flat-gain wide-band erbium doped fiber amplifier with hybrid gain medium

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Flatness-based feedforward control of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell gas conditioning system

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Flavobacteria Isolated from the Milt of Feral Chinook Salmon of the Great Lakes

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Flavor lexicon and characteristics of artisan goat cheese from the United States

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Flavor release from spray-dried amorphous matrix: Effect of lactose content and water plasticization

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Fleas (Siphonaptera) associated with mammals and birds in the Ciscaucasia

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Fleas, Lice, and Epifaunistic Pseudoscorpions of Some Native Mammals in Northwestern Costa Rica

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Fledgling survival increases with development time and adult survival across north and south temperate zones

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Fleet design optimisation from historical data using constraint programming and large neighbourhood search

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Fleischallergie durch Zeckenbiss?

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Flex fuel polygeneration: Integrating renewable natural gas into FischerTropsch synthesis

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Flexibility and Stringency in Greenhouse Gas Regulations

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Flexibility of ephemeral wetland crustaceans: environmental constraints and anthropogenic impacts

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Flexibility on storage-release based distributed hydrologic modeling with object-oriented approach

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Flexible Electronics: Highly Flexible Hybrid CMOS Inverter Based on Si Nanomembrane and Molybdenum Disulfide (Small 41/2016)

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Flexible Encapsulation Materials Based on Silica Aerogels for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

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Flexible Intramedullary Nailing of Pediatric Humeral Fractures

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Flexible Manualized Treatment for Pediatric ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder: A Case Study

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Flexible Robotics With Electromagnetic Tracking Improve Safety and Efficiency During In Vitro Endovascular Navigation

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Flexible X-ray Detector for Automatic Exposure Control in Digital Radiography

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Flexible acrylate-grafted silica aerogels for insulation purposes: comparison of reinforcement strategies

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Flexible and efficient ITO-free semitransparent perovskite solar cells

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Flexible and stable heat energy recovery from municipal wastewater treatment plants using a fixed-inverter hybrid heat pump system

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Flexible bronchoscopy

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Flexible foraging: Post-nesting flatback turtles on the Australian continental shelf

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Flexible fuel cell using stiffness-controlled endplate

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Flexible graphene electrothermal films made from electrochemically exfoliated graphite

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Flexible habitat selection paves the way for a recovery of otter populations in the European Alps

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Flexible identities and cross-border knowledge networking

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Flexible interaction of plug-in electric vehicle parking lots for efficient wind integration

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Flexible membranes anchored to the ground for slope stabilisation: Numerical modelling of soil slopes using SPH

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Flexible multi-task learning with latent task grouping

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Flexible parasitoid behaviour overcomes constraint resulting from position of host and nonhost herbivores

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Flexible polyurethane foam nanocomposites with modified layered double hydroxides

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Flexible prey handling, preference and a novel capture technique in invasive, sub-adult Chinese mitten crabs

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Flexible pyroelectric generators for scavenging ambient thermal energy and as self-powered thermosensors

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Flexible rolling of aluminium alloy sheetProcess optimization and control of materials properties

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Flexible solid oxide fuel cells supported on thin and porous metal

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Flexible sorption enhanced gasification (SEG) of biomass for the production of synthetic natural gas (SNG) and liquid biofuels: Process assessment of stand-alone and power-to-gas plant schemes for SNG production

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Flexible three-dimensional modeling of plants using low- resolution cameras and visual odometry

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Flexible timing of reproductive effort as an alternative mating tactic in black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix) males

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Flexible ureteroscopy for lower calyceal stones in a horseshoe kidney Is it the new treatment of choice?

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Flexibly preconditioned extended least-squares migration in shot-record domain

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Flexion Crease and Web Space Reconstruction for Aesthetic and Functional Correction of Congenital Syndactyly: Results in 116 Consecutive Patients

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Flexographic printing towards an advanced front side metallization approach with high throughput and low silver consumption

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Flexor hallucis longus on posterior ankle arthroscopy. What is abnormal vs normal?

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Flexural creep behavior of bamboo culm (Phyllostachys pubescens) in its radial direction

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Flexural strength and contrast ratio comparison for translucent zirconia

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Flexural strength of dual-cured provisional resin with and without visible-light

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Flexure and gravity anomalies of the oceanic lithosphere beneath the Louisville seamount

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Flibanserin: Novel Treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in Women

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Flicker Noise Spectroscopy of Electrocardiographic Signals

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Flight Ability and Dispersal of European Grapevine Moth Gamma-Irradiated Males (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Flight deck heat spreader

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Flight initiation distances in relation to sexual dichromatism and body size in birds from three continents

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Flight test evaluation of ILS and GBAS performance at Gimpo International Airport

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Flint, Environmental Racism, and Racial Capitalism

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Floating Aquatic Macrophytes Can Substantially Offset Open Water CO2Emissions from Tropical Floodplain Lake Ecosystems

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Floating Gold Grains and Nanophase Particles Produced from the Biogeochemical Weathering of a Gold-Bearing Ore

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Floating photovoltaic arrays to power the mining industry: A case study for the McFaulds lake (Ring of Fire)

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Floating photovoltaic power plant: A review

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Flocculation and mechanism of self-flocculating lipid producer microalga Scenedesmus quadricauda for biomass harvesting

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Flocculation kinetics of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) with sterically stabilized nanocrystalline cellulose (SNCC)

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Flocculation kinetics of precipitated calcium carbonate induced by electrosterically stabilized nanocrystalline cellulose

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Flocculation of harmful algal cells using modified clay: effects of the properties of the clay suspension

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Flocculation ofMicrocystis aeruginosaby steel slag and its safety evaluation

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Flood exposure for vertebrates in China's terrestrial priority areas for biodiversity conservation: Identifying internal refugia

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Flood forecasting that considers the impact of hydraulic projects by an improved TOPMODEL model in the Wudaogou basin, Northeast China

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Flood frequency matters: Why climate change degrades deep-water quality of peri-alpine lakes

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Flood hazard assessment for extreme flood events

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Flood hazard mapping using synthesis hydraulic and geomorphic properties at watershed scale

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Flood hazards impact on neighborhood house prices: A spatial quantile regression analysis

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Flood inundation uncertainty: The case of a 0.5% annual probability flood event

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Flood recovery and property acquisition in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Flood regime as a driver of the distribution of mangrove and salt marsh species in a subtropical estuary

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Flood risk forecast for Chinas Poyang Lake region

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Flood risk perception in flood-affected communities in Lagos, Nigeria

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Flood, drought and the inter-annual variation to the number and size of ponds and small wetlands in an English lowland landscape over three years of weather extremes

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Flood-event based metal distribution patterns in water as approach for source apportionment of pollution on catchment scale: Examples from the River Elbe

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Flood-induced agricultural loss across China and impacts from climate indices

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Flood-prone area delimitation using UAV technology, in the areas hard-to-reach for classic aircrafts: case study in the north-east of Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania

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Flood-routing modeling with neural network optimized by social-based algorithm

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Flooding and media storms controversies over farming and upland land-use in the UK

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Flooding hydrology and peak discharge attenuation along the middle Araguaia River in central Brazil

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Flooding risk assessment of coastal tourist attractions affected by sea level rise and storm surge: a case study in Zhejiang Province, China

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Flooding risks and housing markets: a spatial hedonic analysis for La Plata City

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Flooding the sanitary city

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Floodplain Price Impacts by Property Type in Boulder County, Colorado: Condominiums Versus Standalone Properties

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Floodplain forests of the Iberian Peninsula: Vegetation classification and climatic features

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Floods and Flood-mindedness in Early Colonial Australia

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Floods and armed conflict

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Floods and associated socioeconomic damages in China over the last century

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Floods and famine: climate-induced collapse of a tropical predator-prey community

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Floods and happiness: Empirical evidence from Bulgaria

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Floods of the world: Quantitative analysis of natural characteristics and parameters of social-economic damages

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Floods, cyclones, drought and climate change in Bangladesh: a reality check

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Floodwater ammonium, nitrogen use efficiency and rice yields with fertilizer deep placement and alternate wetting and drying under triple rice cropping systems

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Flora and Threatened and Endangered Plants of Canaveral National Seashore, Florida

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Floral biology ofSchismatoglottis baangongensis(Araceae) in West Sarawak, Borneo

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Floral constraint resulting from intersexual mimicry in a gynodioecious fig tree

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Floral micromorphology of the genus Restrepia (Orchidaceae) and the potential consequences for pollination

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Floral structure in the Asian palmEugeissona tristisGriff. (Arecaceae: Calamoideae), and description of a new nectary type in the family

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Flore microbienne sur les smartphones dans un bloc opratoire de chirurgie orthopdique : tude avant et aprs dcontamination

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Florida Medication Burden Assessment RatingExploratory Validation Study

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Florida center elicits breakthroughs with expanded art therapy for youth

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Florida incorporating data to improve BH service delivery

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Factors related to improved clinical outcomes associated with adrenalectomy for metachronous adrenal metastases from solid primary carcinomas

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