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He Paid, She Paid: Exploiting Israeli Courts' Rulings on Litigation Costs to Explore Gender Biases

Fisher, T; Kricheli-Katz, T; Rosen-Zvi, I; Eisenberg, T

Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 13(3): 536-561


ISSN/ISBN: 1740-1453
DOI: 10.1111/jels.12124
Accession: 064858502

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This study documents gender disparities in litigation-cost rulings in Israel. It expands on the existing literature on judicial bias in at least two important ways: by controlling for the merits of the cases and by focusing on civil litigation. The first improvement is methodological. The unique Israeli regime of litigation costs allows us to control for the merit of the cases, as well as for other typically unobservable variables, and thus to isolate and observe judicial bias.

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