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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64910

Chapter 64910 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Meyer-Aurich, A; Gandorfer, M; Trost, B; Ellmer, F; Baumecker, M, 2016:
Risk efficiency of irrigation to cereals in northeast Germany with respect to nitrogen fertilizer

Liu, D; Zhou, W; Pan, X, 2016:
Risk evaluation for city gas transmission and distribution system based on information revision

Wang, J; Fang, F; Zhang, Q; Wang, J; Yao, Y; Wang, W, 2016:
Risk evaluation of agricultural disaster impacts on food production in southern China by probability density method

Rychlik, M; Lepper, H; Weidner, C; Asam, S, 2016:
Risk evaluation of the Alternaria mycotoxin tenuazonic acid in foods for adults and infants and subsequent risk management

Driban, J.B.; Price, L.L.; Eaton, C.B.; Lynch, J.; Nevitt, M.; Lo, G.H.; McAlindon, T.E., 2016:
Risk factors and characteristics of adults who develop end-stage knee osteoarthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

López Helguera, I.; Behrouzi, A.; Kastelic, J.P.; Colazo, M.G.; Plaizier, J., 2016:
Risk factors associated with dystocia in a tie stall dairy herd

Ossola, P.; Scagnelli, F.; Longhi, A.; De Panfilis, C.; Tonna, M.; Marchesi, C., 2016:
Risk factors for a new cardiac event after a first acute coronary syndrome

Furuya, S.; Yamaguchi, T.; Kagawa, T.; Takahashi, H.; Kubonoya, K.; Kubonoya, K., 2016:
Risk factors for abnormal umbilical cord insertions among term singleton art pregnancies

Tano, S; Takeda, T; Uno, K; Yoshihara, M; Mayama, M; Ukai, M; Harata, T; Kishigami, Y; Oguchi, H, 2016:
Risk factors for cellulitis in patients with secondary lower limb lymphedema associated with gynecological cancer treatment

Kobryń, K.; Gra¸t, M.; Kobryń, K.; Sobańska, E.; Patkowski, W.; Krawczyk, M., 2016:
Risk factors for major blood transfusion during liver transplantation

Cienfuegos, A.V.; Ocampo, A.M.; Higuita, L.F.; Jiménez, N., 2016:
Risk factors for the acquisition of colistin and carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in Medelln-Colombia, an endemic region for carbapenem resistance

Morin-Papunen, L, 2016:
Risk factors in adolescence for the development of polycystic ovary syndrome

Delfim, J-Christophe; Hoesli, M, 2016:
Risk factors of European non-listed real estate fund returns

Tripathee, S; Zhang, J; Xiong, M, 2016:
Risk factors of microtia: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Chooklin, S; Pidhirnyy, B; Osmilovska, I; Usach, O, 2016:
Risk factors of portal vein thrombosis in acute pancreatitis

Roma, A.A.; Barbuto, D.; Euscher, E.; Ali-Fehmi, R.; Djordjevic, B.; Frauenhoffer, E.; Hong, S.R.; Kim, I.; Malpica, A.; Silva, E.G., 2016:
Risk factors to predict vaginal, pelvic/abdominal recurrence or distant metastasis in patients with low-grade endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma: Multi-institutiona

Lundgren, K; Hunnicutt, G; Murray, C; Olson, L; Crowe, A; Klein, R, 2016:
Risk for Traumatic Brain Injury in Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Ning, F, 2016:
Risk for cardiovascular diseases based on relationship between post-load and fasting plasma glucose levels in the normal range

Liaropoulos, A.; Sapountzaki, K.; Nivolianitou, Z., 2016:
Risk governance gap analysis in search and rescue at offshore platforms in the Greek territory

Dobbie, M Frances; Brown, R Ruth; Farrelly, M Anne, 2016:
Risk governance in the water sensitive city: Practitioner perspectives on ownership, management and trust

Yang, X; Haugen, S, 2016:
Risk information for operational decision-making in the offshore oil and gas industry

Damnjanovic, I; Røed, W, 2016:
Risk management in operations of petrochemical plants: Can better planning prevent major accidents and save money at the same time?

Sardas, S, 2016:
Risk management plans for biosimilar drugs

Jia, H; Pan, D; Wang, J-ai; Zhang, W-chang, 2016:
Risk mapping of integrated natural disasters in China

Cosby, A. M.; Falzon, G. A.; Trotter, M. G.; Stanley, J. N.; Powell, K. S.; Lamb, D. W., 2016:
Risk mapping of redheaded cockchafer (Adoryphorus couloni) (Burmeister) infestations using a combination of novel k-means clustering and on-the-go plant and soil sensing technologies

Cobon, D H.; Williams, A A. J.; Power, B; McRae, D; Davis, P, 2016:
Risk matrix approach useful in adapting agriculture to climate change

Al-Ississ, M; Bohnet, I, 2016:
Risk mitigation and trust: Experimental Evidence from Jordan and the United States

Davis, J.; Gould, P.; Hill, J.; Peach, B.; Claughton, A.; Kaye, G., 2016:
Risk of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Associated Venous Stenosis

Loar, R.W.; Denfield, S.W.; Tunuguntla, H.; Cabrera, A.G.; Price, J.F.; Zhang, W.; Hosek, K.; Kim, J.J.; Dreyer, W.J.; Jeewa, A., 2016:
Risk of Death Due to Cardiac Arrest in Pediatric Heart Transplantation: Query of the UNOS Database

Frandsen, J; Orton, A; Shrieve, D; Tward, J, 2016:
Risk of Death from Prostate Cancer with and without Definitive Local Therapy When Primary or Secondary Gleason Pattern 5 Is Present: A Seer Analysis

Bryce, K.; Lanfear, D.E.; Williams, C.T.; Lindenfeld, J.; Allen, L.A.; McIlvennan, C., 2016:
Risk of Death or Rehospitalization After LVAD and Baseline Cognitive Status

Guerra, C; Hua, M; Wunsch, H, 2016:
Risk of Diagnosis of Dementia for Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries After Intensive Care

Wulff, C. B.; Gerds, T. A.; Rode, L.; Ekelund, C. K.; Petersen, O. B.; Tabor, A., 2016:
Risk of Fetal Loss Associated With Invasive Testing Following Combined First-Trimester Screening for Down Syndrome

Hope, V D.; Harris, R; McVeigh, J; Cullen, K J.; Smith, J; Parry, J V.; DeAngelis, D; Ncube, F, 2016:
Risk of HIV and Hepatitis B and C Over Time Among Men Who Inject Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs in England and Wales

Bloom, E.S., 2016:
Risk of Local Recurrence of Benign and Borderline Phyllodes Tumors: A Danish Population-Based Retrospective Study

Ordon, M; Welk, B; McArthur, E; Lam, N N.; Lentine, K L.; Nguan, C; Garg, A X., 2016:
Risk of Nephrectomy in Previous Living Kidney Donors

Reul, N K.; Li, W; Gallagher, L G.; Ray, R M.; Romano, M E.; Gao, D; Thomas, D B.; Vedal, S; Checkoway, H, 2016:
Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Female Textile Workers in Shanghai, China, Exposed to Metals, Solvents, Chemicals, and Endotoxin

Topkara, V.K.; Trinh, P.N.; Masoumi, A.; Garan, A.R.; Yuzefpolskaya, M.; Takeda, K.; Takayama, H.; Haythe, J.; Maurer, M.; Latif, F.; Restaino, S.; Farr, M.A.; Mancini, D.M.; Naka, Y.; Colombo, P.C., 2016:
Risk of Post-Transplant Renal Dysfunction Is Increased in Patients Supported with Continuous-Flow Left Ventricular Assist Devices

Shameem, R.; Hamid, M.S.; Bauman, J.; Galloway, T.J.; Lango, M.; Ridge, J.A.; Mehra, R., 2016:
Risk of Second Oral Cavity Cancer and Survival After a Primary Solid or Hematological Malignancy

Tang, C; Li, Y; Liu, X; Zhao, Y; Zhang, H, 2016:
Risk of Surface Sediment Erosion in the Bohai Sea, North Yellow Sea and Its Indication to Tidal Sand Ridge Occurrence

Smith, D.; Stringer, E.; Vladutiu, C.J.; Zink, A.H.; Strauss, R., 2016:
Risk of Uterine Rupture Among Women Attempting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean With an Unknown Uterine Scar

Gamus, D; Shih, C-C; Lin, J-G; Chen, T-L; Liao, C-C, 2016:
Risk of acute myocardial infarction in stroke patients receiving acupuncture treatment

Lam, Y. W. Francis, 2016:
Risk of antidepressant-associated mortality

Ungprasert, P; Wijarnpreecha, K; Thongprayoon, C, 2016:
Risk of cerebrovascular accident in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

Herzog, M.M.; Driban, J.B.; Cattano, N.M.; Cameron, K.L.; Tourville, T.W.; Marshall, S.W.; Pietrosimone, B., 2016:
Risk of developing knee osteoarthritis over twenty-four months in participants that decrease walking speed during a twelve month period: An analysis of the osteoarthritis initiative

Yoshino, Y; Yoshida, T; Mori, T; Hirota, S; Iga, J; Ueno, S-ichi, 2016:
Risk of idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus in older inpatients with schizophrenia

Muñoz-Mas, R; Vezza, P; Alcaraz-Hernández, J Diego; Martínez-Capel, F, 2016:
Risk of invasion predicted with support vector machines: A case study on northern pike (Esox Lucius, L.) and bleak (Alburnus alburnus, L.)

Nisio, M Di; Ageno, W; Rutjes, A W. S.; Pap, A F.; Büller, H R., 2016:
Risk of major bleeding in patients with venous thromboembolism treated with rivaroxaban or with heparin and vitamin K antagonists

Heinse, L M.; Hardesty, L H.; Harris, R B., 2016:
Risk of pathogen spillover to bighorn sheep from domestic sheep and goat flocks on private land

Prun, E Solima/Allegra Barbasetti di; Prun, A Barbasetti di; Messori, P; Buratti, E; Colombi, R; Alabiso, G; Busacca, M, 2016:
Risk of persistence after electrosurgical excision of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Jacobs, A.; Popovic, D.; Goldberg, S.; Reichenberg, A.; Yoffe, R.; Davidson, M.; Weiser, M., 2016:
Risk of psychiatric disorders in siblings of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia or affective disorders

Xu, J; Rao, R; Dai, J, 2016:
Risk perceptionbased post-seismic relief supply allocation in the Longmen Shan fault area: Case study of the 2013 Lushan earthquake

Petrolia, D R., 2016:
Risk preferences, risk perceptions, and risky food

Mettas, C; Agapiou, A; Themistocleous, K; Neocleous, K; Hadjimitsis, D; Michaelides, S, 2016:
Risk provision using field spectroscopy to identify spectral regions for the detection of defects in flexible pavements

Talebi, H; Sabeti, E Hosseinzadeh; Azadi, M; Emery, X, 2016:
Risk quantification with combined use of lithological and grade simulations: Application to a porphyry copper deposit

Gabernig, E. Rauscher; Kuchling, S.; Oehlinger, R.; Wolf, J.; Fuchs, K., 2016:
Risk ranking of mycotoxins based on exposure and toxicity for the Austrian population

Kucukali, S, 2016:
Risk scorecard concept in wind energy projects: An integrated approach

Piria, M.; Povž, M.; Vilizzi, L.; Zanella, D.; Simonović, P.; Copp, G. H., 2016:
Risk screening of non-native freshwater fishes in Croatia and Slovenia using the Fish Invasiveness Screening Kit

Perdikaris, C.; Koutsikos, N.; Vardakas, L.; Kommatas, D.; Simonović, P.; Paschos, I.; Detsis, V.; Vilizzi, L.; Copp, G. H., 2016:
Risk screening of non-native, translocated and traded aquarium freshwater fishes in Greece using Fish Invasiveness Screening Kit

Ghassemi, K A.; Jensen, D M., 2016:
Risk stratification and definitive hemostasis of nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding with blood flow detection and combination techniques

Ellis, J.; Hodson, J.; Khan, S.; Isaac, J.; Marudanayagam, R.; Mirza, D.; Muiesan, P.; Roberts, K.; Sutcliffe, R., 2016:
Risk stratification in patients undergoing hepatectomy: Is high dependency monitoring necessary for all patients?

Anderson, V Rose; Davidson, W S.; Aalsma, M C., 2016:
Risk to Whom? Gender as an Ecological Context in the Juvenile Justice System

Holding, S; Allen, D M., 2016:
Risk to water security for small islands: an assessment framework and application

Houck, M M., 2016:
Risk, Reward, and Redemption: Root Cause Analysis in Forensic Organizations

Carlson, R H., 2016:
Risk-Adapted Therapy, Doing More with Less, Gaining Increasing Acceptance

Behrouz, M; Alimohammadi, S, 2016:
Risk-Based Design of Flood Control Systems Considering Multiple Dependent Uncertainties

Day, S.; Bevers, T.B., 2016:
Risk-Benefit Profiles of Women Using Tamoxifen for Chemoprevention

Clayton, P A.; Saunders, J R.; McDonald, S P.; Allen, R D.M.; Pilmore, H; Saunder, A; Boudville, N; Chadban, S J., 2016:
Risk-Factor Profile of Living Kidney Donors

Maier, S; Street, A; McKinnon, K, 2016:
Risk-averse portfolio selection of renewable electricity generator investments in Brazil: An optimised multi-market commercialisation strategy

Li, J; Wang, L; Tang, S; Zhang, B; Zhang, Y, 2016:
Risk-based crowd massing early warning approach for public places: A case study in China

Hui, R; Jachens, E; Lund, J, 2016:
Risk-based planning analysis for a single levee

Chamberlain, J Martyn, 2016:
Risk-based regulation and reforms to fitness to practise tribunals in the United Kingdom: Serving the public interest?

Abimbola, M; Khan, F; Khakzad, N, 2016:
Risk-based safety analysis of well integrity operations

Sinković, Nša Lazar; Brozovič, M; Dolšek, Mž, 2016:
Risk-based seismic design for collapse safety

Joyce, B J.; Demers, E E.M.; Chivers, D P.; Ferrari, M C.O.; Brown, G E., 2016:
Risk-induced neophobia is constrained by ontogeny in juvenile convict cichlids

Talarico, L; Reniers, G, 2016:
Risk-informed decision making of safety investments by using the disproportion factor

Craft, B B., 2016:
Risk-sensitive foraging: changes in choice due to reward quality and delay

Mesías, M; Holgado, F; Márquez-Ruiz, G; Morales, F J., 2016:
Risk/benefit considerations of a new formulation of wheat-based biscuit supplemented with different amounts of chia flour

Pries, F; Talebi, A; Schillo, R. Sandra; Lemay, M A., 2016:
Risks affecting the biofuels industry: A US and Canadian company perspective

Gern, B.; Phillipi, C., 2016:
Risks and Benefits of Out-of-Hospital Births

Gatzert, N; Kosub, T, 2016:
Risks and risk management of renewable energy projects: The case of onshore and offshore wind parks

Quezada, G; Walton, A; Sharma, A, 2016:
Risks and tensions in water industry innovation: understanding adoption of decentralised water systems from a socio-technical transitions perspective

Chen, H.; Louie, A.V.; Boldt, G.; Palma, D.A.; Nossent, E.J.; Senan, S., 2016:
Risks of Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy for Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer With Co-Existing Interstitial Lung Disease: A Systematic Review of Literature

Luke, B.; Gopal, D.; Diop, H.; Stern, J.E., 2016:
Risks of adverse perinatal and infant outcomes by plurality and maternal fertility status

Luke, B.; Gopal, D.; Diop, H.; Stern, J.E., 2016:
Risks of adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes by plurality and maternal fertility status

Komljenovic, D; Gaha, M; Abdul-Nour, G; Langheit, C; Bourgeois, M, 2016:
Risks of extreme and rare events in Asset Management

Warshak, R A., 2016:
Risks to Professionals Who Work With Troubled and Alienated Parent-Child Relationships

Gangwar, M; Sharma, S Mohan, 2016:
Risks, determinants, and perspective for creating a railway biodiesel supply chain: case study of India

Clark, D L.; Kizer Zeeff, C; Karson, A; Roberts, J. Andrew; Uetz, G W.; Ebensperger, L., 2016:
Risky Courtship: Background Contrast, Ornamentation, and Display Behavior of Wolf Spiders Affect Visual Detection by Toad Predators

Cevher-Kalburan, Nün; Ivrendi, A, 2016:
Risky Play and Parenting Styles

Herrero-Fernández, D; Macía-Guerrero, P; Silvano-Chaparro, L; Merino, L; Jenchura, E C., 2016:
Risky behavior in young adult pedestrians: Personality determinants, correlates with risk perception, and gender differences

Rasenberg, N, 2016:
Risky business

Leder, J; Betsch, T, 2016:
Risky choice in interpersonal context: Do people dare because they care?

Doane, A N.; Boothe, L G.; Pearson, M R.; Kelley, M L., 2016:
Risky electronic communication behaviors and cyberbullying victimization: An application of Protection Motivation Theory

Leiter, A M.; Rheinberger, C M., 2016:
Risky sports and the value of safety information

Sahpolat, M; Demir, A Kemal, 2016:
Risperidone and Lithium for Pathological Laughing

Gottenberg, J.E.; Seror, R.; Saraux, A.; Devauchelle Pensec, V.; Dernis, E.; Dieudé, P.; Dubost, J.J.; Fauchais, A.L.; Goeb, V.; Larroche, C.; Le Guern, V.; Hachulla, E.; Hatron, P.Y.; Morel, J.; Perdriger, A.; Rist, S.; Sene, D.; Vittecoq, O.; Sibilia, J.; Ravaud, P.; Mariette, X., 2016:
Risque de complications systémiques au cours du syndrome de Sjögren primitif et rôle prédictif de la numération sanguine, de l’EPP, du dosage du complément, et de la recherche d’une cryoglobulinémie: données de la cohorte prospective de la SFR ASSESS

Le Mao, R.; Bazire, A.; Gut-Gobert, C.; Delluc, A.; Barnier, A.; Mottier, D.; Lacut, K.; Leroyer, C.; Couturaud, F.; Tromeur, C., 2016:
Risque de rcidive thromboembolique et bronchopneumopathie chronique obstructive : rsultats de ltude prospective EDITH

Neumann, F, 2016:
Risque de second cancer primitif aprs un premier cancer potentiellement li au papillomavirus humain : une tude populationnelle

Maatouk, I.; Helou, J.; Abdo, K.; Fouere, S., 2016:
Risque de transmission des HPV par la solution de podophylline

Dangers, L.; Mangiapan, G.; Alves, M.; Bigé, N.; Messika, J.; Morawiec, E.; Neuville, M.; Cracco, C.; Beduneau, G.; Terzi, N.; Huet, I.; Dhalluin, X.; Bautin, N.; Quiot, J.; Appere De Vecchi, C.; Similowski, T.; Chenivesse, C., 2016:
Risque hmorragique des gestes pleuraux sous antiagrgants plaquettaires : tude multicentrique et prospective

Chazard, E.; Ficheur, G.; Beuscart, R., 2016:
Risque hmorragique sous anti-vitamines K : quelles sont rellement les interactions prioritaires ?

Guedeney, P.; Silvain, J., 2016:
Risque rsiduel chez le patient aprs un syndrome coronarien aigu : doit-il orienter la dcision thrapeutique ?

Navarre, A; Detcheverry, M; Lanquetuit, D; Cail, C, 2016:
Risques mergents lis aux nanotechnologies : lAssociation de veille et dinformation civique sur les enjeux des nanosciences et des nanotechnologies (AVICENN) propose une information collaborative et mutualise sous la forme dun livre Nanomatriaux et risques pour la sant et lenvironnement soyons vigilants !

Chen, P.Y.; Carballido, M.; Roca, E.; Arroyo, G.; Segovia, R.; Méndez, G.; Cáceres, H., 2016:
Rita HPB: First multi-institutional experience in argentina

Sen, B; Knottnerus, J. David, 2016:
Ritualized ethnic identity: Asian Indian immigrants in the southern plains

Chavarot, N.; Verhelst, D.; Pardon, A.; Caudwell, V.; Mercadal, L.; Sacchi, A.; Dueymes, J.M.; Le-Guern, V.; Karras, A.; Daugas, E., 2016:
Rituximab en monothrapie : traitement potentiel des glomrulonphrites extramembraneuses lupiques

McCorquodale, C.R.; Hanning, L.M.; Parmar, J.S., 2016:
Rituximab for Antibody Mediated Rejection of Uncertain Benefit

Terrier, B.; Pagnoux, C.; Perrodeau, E.; Karras, A.; Khouatra, C.; Aumaître, O.; Maurier, F.; Decaux, O.; Desmurs, H.; Quéméneur, T.; Ravaud, P.; Guillevin, L., 2016:
Rituximab versus azathioprine pour le maintien de la rmission au cours des vascularites associes aux ANCA (essai Mainritsan) : suivi 60 mois

Vilaseca, M.; López-Sanjurjo, C.I.; Lafoz, E.; García-Calderó, H.; García-Irigoyen, O.; Ávila, M.; Reverter, J.C.; Bosch, J.; Hernández-Gea, V.; Gracia-Sancho, J.; Garcia-Pagan, J.C., 2016:
Rivaroxaban Reduces Portal Hypertension in Cirrhotic Rats by Deactivating Hepatic Stellate Cells and Reducing Intrahepatic Microthrombosis

Hofmann-Aßmus, M, 2016:
Rivaroxaban überzeugt auch unter Alltagsbedingungen

Wantzen, K Matthias; Ballouche, A; Longuet, I; Bao, I; Bocoum, H; Cissé, L; Chauhan, M; Girard, P; Gopal, B; Kane, A; Marchese, M Rosa; Nautiyal, P; Teixeira, P; Zalewski, M, 2016:
River Culture: an eco-social approach to mitigate the biological and cultural diversity crisis in riverscapes

Bátori, Zán; Körmöczi, László; Zalatnai, Márta; Erdős, László; Ódor, Péter; Tölgyesi, C; Margóczi, K; Torma, A; Gallé, Róbert; Cseh, Vória; Török, Péter, 2016:
River Dikes in Agricultural Landscapes: The Importance of Secondary Habitats in Maintaining Landscape-Scale Diversity

Seo, Y; Kim, S; Kisi, O; Singh, V P.; Parasuraman, K, 2016:
River Stage Forecasting Using Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Machine Learning Models

Beaufort, A.; Moatar, F.; Curie, F.; Ducharne, A.; Bustillo, V.; Thiéry, D., 2016:
River Temperature Modelling by Strahler Order at the Regional Scale in the Loire River Basin, France

Domínguez, M.T.; Alegre, J.M.; Madejón, P.; Madejón, E.; Burgos, P.; Cabrera, F.; Marañón, T.; Murillo, J.M., 2016:
River banks and channels as hotspots of soil pollution after large-scale remediation of a river basin

Weyand, M.; Kuhlmann, M., 2016:
River continuity under difficult boundary conditions-useful steps and practical hints for designing a fish way

Caissie, D, 2016:
River evaporation, condensation and heat fluxes within a first-order tributary of Catamaran Brook (New Brunswick, Canada)

Kraatz, S.; Khanbilvardi, R.; Romanov, P., 2016:
River ice monitoring with MODIS: Application over Lower Susquehanna River

Yang, L; Xu, Y; Han, L; Song, S; Deng, X; Wang, Y, 2016:
River networks system changes and its impact on storage and flood control capacity under rapid urbanization

Kupilas, B; Friberg, N; McKie, B G.; Jochmann, M A.; Lorenz, A W.; Hering, D, 2016:
River restoration and the trophic structure of benthic invertebrate communities across 16 European restoration projects

Lau, J. T.; Mah, D. Y. S.; Hasan, A., 2016:
River safe yield with the constraint of a contracted rectangular weir for surface water supply

Yousefi, P; Jalab, H. A.; Ibrahim, R. W.; Mohd Noor, N. F.; Ayub, M. N.; Gani, A., 2016:
River segmentation using satellite image contextual information and Bayesian classifier

Zachara, J M.; Chen, X; Murray, C; Hammond, G, 2016:
River stage influences on uranium transport in a hydrologically dynamic groundwater-surface water transition zone

Geisler, K R.; Nichols, M W., 2016:
Riverboat casino gambling impacts on employment and income in host and surrounding counties

de Lecea, A; Smit, A; Fennessy, S, 2016:
Riverine dominance of a nearshore marine demersal food web: evidence from stable isotope and C/N ratio analysis

Scharler, U; Ayers, M; de Lecea, A; Pretorius, M; Fennessy, S; Huggett, J; MacKay, C; Muir, D, 2016:
Riverine influence determines nearshore heterogeneity of nutrient (C, N, P) content and stoichiometry in the KwaZulu-Natal Bight, South Africa

Zhong, Y.; Tian, F.; Hu, H.; Grey, D.; Gilmont, M., 2016:
Rivers and reciprocity: perceptions and policy on international watercourses

Van Cappellen, P; Maavara, T, 2016:
Rivers in the Anthropocene: Global scale modifications of riverine nutrient fluxes by damming

Howell, P. D.; Kim, H.; Popova, M. G.; Stone, H. A., 2016:
Rivulet flow over a flexible beam

Hui, Z; Hu, Y; Jin, S; Yevenyo, Y Ziggah, 2016:
Road centerline extraction from airborne LiDAR point cloud based on hierarchical fusion and optimization

Casselgren, J; Rosendahl, S; Sjödahl, M; Jonsson, P, 2016:
Road condition analysis using NIR illumination and compensating for surrounding light

Hamer, A J.; Harrison, L J.; Stokeld, D, 2016:
Road density and wetland context alter population structure of a freshwater turtle

Xie, X; Wong, K Bing-Yung; Aghajan, H; Veelaert, P; Philips, W, 2016:
Road network inference through multiple track alignment

De Vos, J, 2016:
Road pricing in a polycentric urban region: Analysing a pilot project in Belgium

Denby, B.R.; Ketzel, M.; Ellermann, T.; Stojiljkovic, A.; Kupiainen, K.; Niemi, J.V.; Norman, M.; Johansson, C.; Gustafsson, M.; Blomqvist, G.; Janhäll, S.; Sundvor, I., 2016:
Road salt emissions: A comparison of measurements and modelling using the NORTRIP road dust emission model

Cao, Z; Han, J; Xu, C; Khatri, D K.; Corey, R; Cai, Y, 2016:
Road surface permanent deformations with a shallowly buried steel-reinforced high-density polyethylene pipe under cyclic loading

Carrier, M; Apparicio, P; Séguin, A-Marie, 2016:
Road traffic noise geography during the night in Montreal: An environmental equity assessment

Carrier, M; Apparicio, P; Séguin, A-Marie, 2016:
Road traffic noise in Montreal and environmental equity: What is the situation for the most vulnerable population groups?

Alves, Célia A.; Oliveira, César; Martins, Nércia; Mirante, Fátima; Caseiro, A; Pio, C; Matos, M; Silva, H F.; Oliveira, C; Camões, F, 2016:
Road tunnel, roadside, and urban background measurements of aliphatic compounds in size-segregated particulate matter

Wang, Z-Rui; Xu, J; Huang, Z-Zhen; Zhang, X-Dong; Xia, X-Gen; Long, T, 2016:
Road-Aided Doppler Ambiguity Resolver for SAR Ground Moving Target in the Image Domain

Joewono, T B.; Tarigan, A K.M.; Susilo, Y O., 2016:
Road-based public transportation in urban areas of Indonesia: What policies do users expect to improve the service quality?

Chamberlain, S C.; Walter, M, 2016:
Road-cut Mineral Occurrences of St. Lawrence County, New York, Part 6: The Rock Island Road Cut

Fredman, L, 2016:
Roadmaps for Caregiving for Aging Parents: Two Memoirs by Adult Child Caregivers

Li, Z-lei; Dou, L-ming; Cai, W; Wang, G-feng; Ding, Y-lu; Kong, Y, 2016:
Roadway Stagger Layout for Effective Control of Gob-Side Rock Bursts in the Longwall Mining of a Thick Coal Seam

Sharpe, L L.; Rubow, J; Cherry, M I., 2016:
Robbing rivals: interference foraging competition reflects female reproductive competition in a cooperative mammal

Stephens Richards, B., 2016:
Robert Bruce Winter, MD (June 21, 1932 to June 6, 2014)

Tobin, G R., 2016:
Robert D. Acland, F.R.C.S., 1941 to 2016

Britton, K Cavarra, 2016:
Robert Damora and the mission of American architecture

Madsen, K D.; Ruderman, D.B., 2016:
Robert Frost's ambivalence: Borders and boundaries in poetic and political discourse

Shuter, B; Cyr, Hélène, 2016:
Robert Henry Peters (19461996)

Dobski, B., 2016:
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Roboterchirurgie in der Gynäkologie – Status quo

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Roboterchirurgie in der gynäkologischen Onkologie

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Robotic Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection

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Robotic Transvesical Approach for Vesical-Rectal-Vaginal Fistula, with an Interposition Omental Flap without Intestinal Diversion: A Case of Success

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Robotic Vaginal NOTES Hysterectomy: Two New Surgical Techniques

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Robotic vaginally assisted NOTES hysterectomy: the first case series demonstrating a new surgical technique

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Robotically assisted laparoscopy for the evaluation of nodal status in early-stage cervical and endometrial cancer: The fluorometric and isotopic technique on a face-to-face

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Robotische und laparoskopische totale Mesorektumexzision

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Robson Ten-Group Classification System Applied to Women With Severe Maternal Morbidity

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Robust Change Vector Analysis (RCVA) for multi-sensor very high resolution optical satellite data

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Robust Collaborative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing

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Robust Detection of Single and Double Persistent Scatterers in Urban Built Environments

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Robust EM kernel-based methods for linear system identification

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Robust Estimators for Multipass SAR Interferometry

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Robust Face Alignment with Random Forest: Analysis of Initialization, Landmarks Regression, and Shape Regularization Methods

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Robust Feedback Control for the Subsidy Policy about Plug-In Electric Vehicle Using Sliding Mode Control

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Robust GLRT approaches to signal detection in the presence of spatialtemporal uncertainty

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Robust Hybrid Finger Pattern Identification Using Intersection Enhanced Gabor Based Direction Coding

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Robust Linear Depolarization Ratio Estimation for Dual-Polarization Weather Radar

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Robust Locally Weighted Regression Techniques for Ground Surface Points Filtering in Mobile Laser Scanning Three Dimensional Point Cloud Data

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Robust MRAC augmented baseline LQR for tracking control of 2 DoF helicopter

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Robust Model Predictive Flight Control of Unmanned Rotorcrafts

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Robust Model-Free Control Applied to a Quadrotor UAV

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Robust Object Tracking with Compressive Sensing and Patches Matching

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Robust PCA-based solution to image composition using augmented Lagrange multiplier (ALM)

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Robust PLS models for soluble solids content and firmness determination in low chilling peach using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR)

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Robust Projective Template Matching

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Robust ROV path following considering disturbance and measurement error using data fusion

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Robust Range-Only SLAM for Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Robust SOFC anode materials with La-doped SrTiO3 backbone structure

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Robust Scale Adaptive and Real-Time Visual Tracking with Correlation Filters

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Robust Silver(I) Catalyst for the Carboxylative Cyclization of Propargylic Alcohols with Carbon Dioxide under Ambient Conditions

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Robust Synchronization of Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems at a Pre-Specified Time Using Sliding Mode Controller with Time-Varying Switching Surfaces

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Robust acoustic bird recognition for habitat monitoring with wireless sensor networks

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Robust active sound radiation control of a piezo-laminated composite circular plate of arbitrary thickness based on the exact 3D elasticity model

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Robust adaptive attenuation of unknown periodic disturbances in uncertain multi-input multi-output systems

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Robust adaptive control for dynamic systems with mixed uncertainties

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Robust almost output consensus in networks of nonlinear agents with external disturbances

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Robust analysis for improvement of vowel onset point detection under noisy conditions

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Failures in dual-task obstacle crossing could predict risk of future fall in independent ambulatory individuals with spinal cord injury

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Robust and Defensible MarkRecapture Methodologies for Salmonid Escapement: Modernizing the Use of Data and Resources

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Robust and Recyclable Self-Supported Chiral Nickel Catalyst for the Enantioselective Michael Addition

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Robust and easy-repairable superhydrophobic surfaces with multiple length-scale topography constructed by thermal spray route

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Robust and fast algorithm for estimating fundamental periodicity of jet engine modulation signals

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Robust and precise baseline determination of distributed spacecraft in LEO

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Robust approximation of the Medial Axis Transform of LiDAR point clouds as a tool for visualisation

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Robust chaos in a credit cycle model defined by a one-dimensional piecewise smooth map

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Robust chemometric models for screening mango cultivars to predict their resistance againstFusariuminfection

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Robust climate scenarios for sites with sparse observations: a two-step bias correction approach

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Robust common spatial patterns with sparsity

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Robust control for a class of nonlinear systems with unknown measurement drifts

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Robust controlled invariance for monotone systems: Application to ventilation regulation in buildings

Pan, S; Zhang, J-Hui; Huang, W-Qing, 2016:
Robust controller design of SGCMG driven by hollow USM

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Robust coordinated rendezvous of depth-actuated drifters in ocean internal waves

Datta, S, 2016:
Robust cycles in KolmogorovLotkaVolterra class of models with intraspecific co-operation

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Robust deformable shape reconstruction from monocular video with manifold forests

Qian, W, 2016:
Robust description and recognition of various viewpoint dynamic textures

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Robust design and planning of microalgae biomass-to-biodiesel supply chain: A case study in Iran

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Robust design optimization of electro-thermal microactuator using probabilistic methods

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Robust dynamic positioning of ships with disturbances under input saturation

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Robust economic Model Predictive Control using stochastic information

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Robust economic optimization and environmental policy analysis for microgrid planning: An application to Taichung Industrial Park, Taiwan

Kooperman, G J.; Pritchard, M S.; Burt, M A.; Branson, M D.; Randall, D A., 2016:
Robust effects of cloud superparameterization on simulated daily rainfall intensity statistics across multiple versions of the Community Earth System Model

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Robust energy storage scheduling for imbalance reduction of strategically formed energy balancing groups

Wei, W; Liu, F; Wang, J; Chen, L; Mei, S; Yuan, T, 2016:
Robust environmental-economic dispatch incorporating wind power generation and carbon capture plants

Lombardi, L; Pastore, M, 2016:
Robust evaluation of fit indices to fake-good perturbation of ordinal data

Shin, J; Kim, D, 2016:
Robust face alignment and tracking by combining local search and global fitting

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Robust fine acquisition algorithm for GPS receiver with limited resources

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Robust flood frequency analysis: Performance of EMA with multiple Grubbs-Beck outlier tests

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Robust flood statistics: comparison of peak over threshold approaches based on monthly maxima and TL-moments

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Robust fuzzy clustering using nonsymmetric students t finite mixture model for MR image segmentation

Hasani, A; Khosrojerdi, A, 2016:
Robust global supply chain network design under disruption and uncertainty considering resilience strategies: A parallel memetic algorithm for a real-life case study

An, K; Ouyang, Y, 2016:
Robust grain supply chain design considering post-harvest loss and harvest timing equilibrium

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Robust head pose estimation using Dirichlet-tree distribution enhanced random forests

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Robust indoor speaker recognition in a network of audio and video sensors

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Robust informational entropy-based descriptors of flow in catchment hydrology

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Robust intermodal hub location under polyhedral demand uncertainty

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Robust mesoporous silica compacts: multi-scale characterization of microstructural changes related to physicalmechanical properties

Ng, M; Lo, H K., 2016:
Robust models for transportation service network design

Zhou, X; Derome, D; Carmeliet, J, 2016:
Robust moisture reference year methodology for hygrothermal simulations

Blache, L.; Loscos, C.; Lucas, L., 2016:
Robust motion flow for mesh tracking of freely moving actors

Liu, Y; Wang, J; Wang, H, 2016:
Robust multiple-input multiple-output radar waveform design in the presence of clutter

He, Z; Liu, L, 2016:
Robust multitask learning with three-dimensional empirical mode decomposition-based features for hyperspectral classification

Xu, X; Lo, H K.; Chen, A; Castillo, E, 2016:
Robust network sensor location for complete link flow observability under uncertainty

Cai, H; Lu, P; Dong, J, 2016:
Robust nickelpolymer nanocomposite particles for hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride

Jiang, L; Wang, T, 2016:
Robust non-homogeneity detector based on reweighted adaptive power residue

Tan, M; Hu, Z; Wang, B; Zhao, J; Wang, Y, 2016:
Robust object recognition via weakly supervised metric and template learning

Han, G; Wang, X; Liu, J; Sun, N; Wang, C, 2016:
Robust object tracking based on local region sparse appearance model

Mabaya, G; Unami, K; Yoshioka, H; Takeuchi, J; Fujihara, M, 2016:
Robust optimal diversion of agricultural drainage water from tea plantations to paddy fields during rice growing seasons and non-rice growing seasons

Hong, D; Liu, W; Wu, X; Pan, Z; Su, J, 2016:
Robust palmprint recognition based on the fast variation VeseOsher model

Khwaja, M Kamal; Vikash, P; Arulmozhivarman, P.; Lui, S, 2016:
Robust phoneme classification for automatic speech recognition using hybrid features and an amalgamated learning model

Fischer, A; Nokhart, Håkon; Olsen, H; Fagerholt, K; Rakke, Jørgen Glomvik; Stålhane, M, 2016:
Robust planning and disruption management in roll-on roll-off liner shipping

Liu, M; Xiang, P; Liu, G, 2016:
Robust plant cell tracking using local spatio-temporal context

Du, Y; Liu, X; Zhong, S, 2016:
Robust reliable H control for neural networks with mixed time delays

Lueken, R; Apt, J; Sowell, F, 2016:
Robust resource adequacy planning in the face of coal retirements

Deriche, M, 2016:
Robust salt-dome detection using the ranking of texture-based attributes

Brunner, F David; Heemels, M; Allgöwer, F, 2016:
Robust self-triggered MPC for constrained linear systems: A tube-based approach

Kim, B; Lee, M; Jang, G, 2016:
Robust shaft design to compensate deformation in the hub press-fitting and disk clamping process of 2.5 HDDs

Liu, X; Li, R; Zhao, C; Wang, P, 2016:
Robust signal recognition algorithm based on machine learning in heterogeneous networks

Nilsen, H Møll; Lie, K-Andreas; Andersen, O, 2016:
Robust simulation of sharp-interface models for fast estimation of CO2trapping capacity in large-scale aquifer systems

Zulkifley, M Asyraf, 2016:
Robust single object tracker based on kernelled patch of a fixed RGB camera

Zakeri, E; Farahat, S; Moezi, S Alireza; Zare, A, 2016:
Robust sliding mode control of a mini unmanned underwater vehicle equipped with a new arrangement of water jet propulsions: Simulation and experimental study

Zhang, Q; Zhou, H; Li, Q; Chen, H; Wang, J, 2016:
Robust source-independent elastic full-waveform inversion in the time domain

Yu, L; Sun, X; Huang, Z, 2016:
Robust spatial-temporal deep model for multimedia event detection

Chesi, G; Middleton, R H., 2016:
Robust stability and performance analysis of 2D mixed continuousdiscrete-time systems with uncertainty

Hu, D; Du, X; Li, L; Sun, Y; Zhang, J; Bai, F, 2016:
Robust stability mechanism of an artificial ecosystem based on biological mutations and synergies driven by ecological information

Lješnjanin, M; Nešić, D; Quevedo, D E., 2016:
Robust stability of a class of Networked Control Systems

Delshad, S S.; Johansson, A; Darouach, M; Gustafsson, T, 2016:
Robust state estimation and unknown inputs reconstruction for a class of nonlinear systems: Multiobjective approach

Manjceevan, A; Bandara, J, 2016:
Robust surface passivation of trap sites in PbS q-dots by controlling the thickness of CdS layers in PbS/CdS quantum dot solar cells

Khalil, U; Muraza, O; Kondoh, H; Watanabe, G; Nakasaka, Y; Al-Amer, A; Masuda, T, 2016:
Robust surface-modified Beta zeolite for selective production of lighter fuels by steam-assisted catalytic cracking from heavy oil

Yu, T; Cao, D; Yang, Y; Liu, S; Huang, W, 2016:
Robust synchronization of impulsively coupled complex dynamical network with delayed nonidentical nodes

Wang, S; Pfifer, H; Seiler, P, 2016:
Robust synthesis for linear parameter varying systems using integral quadratic constraints

Liu, J; Su, H; Yi, Y; Hu, W, 2016:
Robust text detection via multi-degree of sharpening and blurring

Shariat, S; Pavlovic, V, 2016:
Robust time-series retrieval using probabilistic adaptive segmental alignment

Dhifaoui, Z, 2016:
Robust to noise and outliers estimator of correlation dimension

Zhu, H; Wang, W; Wang, C, 2016:
Robust track-to-track association in the presence of sensor biases and missed detections

Wang, R; Dong, H; Han, T X.; Mei, L, 2016:
Robust tracking via monocular active vision for an intelligent teaching system

Mor-Yossef, Y., 2016:
Robust turbulent flow simulations using a Reynolds-stress-transport model on unstructured grids

Ganesan, V; Chitre, M; Brekke, E, 2016:
Robust underwater obstacle detection and collision avoidance

Theißen, Günter; Melzer, R, 2016:
Robust views on plasticity and biodiversity

Mehta, S.S.; MacKunis, W.; Burks, T.F., 2016:
Robust visual servo control in the presence of fruit motion for robotic citrus harvesting

Hong Phuc, B. D.; You, S.-S.; Lim, T.-W.; Kim, H.-S., 2016:
Robust water quality controller for a reverse osmosis desalination system

Caan, W, 2016:
Robust wellbeing

Zhu, Y; Yuan, W; Yu, Y; Wang, P, 2016:
Robustly Efficient Superfocusing of Immersion Plasmonic Lenses Based on Coupled Nanoslits

Jornada, D; Leon, V. Jorge, 2016:
Robustness methodology to aid multiobjective decision making in the electricity generation capacity expansion problem to minimize cost and water withdrawal

Wang, Z; Shan, X; Li, W; Chen, H; Zhang, M; Zheng, P, 2016:
Robustness of ANAMMOX granule sludge bed reactor: Effect and mechanism of organic matter interference

Mooney, K E.; Altman, M B.; Edward, S; Garcia-Ramirez, J; Thomas, M A.; Zoberi, I; DeWees, T; Mullen, D F.; Zoberi, J E., 2016 :
Robustness of Plan Evaluation Criteria for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation with the Strut Adjusted Volume Implant (SAVI)

Zhang, Y.; Wu, H.; Jiang, F.; Yue, H.; Deng, J., 2016:
Robustness of a Pretrained Dose-Volume Histogram Estimation Model on Knowledge-Based Planning of Other Types

Huck, C E.; van de Flierdt, T; Jiménez-Espejo, F J.; Bohaty, S M.; Röhl, U; Hammond, S J., 2016:
Robustness of fossil fish teeth for seawater neodymium isotope reconstructions under variable redox conditions in an ancient shallow marine setting

Kafle, G Krishna; Khot, L R.; Jarolmasjed, S; Yongsheng, S; Lewis, K, 2016:
Robustness of near infrared spectroscopy based spectral features for non-destructive bitter pit detection in honeycrisp apples

Zhang, H; Shen, Y; Thai, M T., 2016:
Robustness of power-law networks: its assessment and optimization

Katyal, N; Botet, R; Puri, S, 2016:
Robustness of the fractal regime for the multiple-scattering structure factor

Gorucu, S.E.; Johns, R.T., 2016:
Robustness of three-phase equilibrium calculations

Song, J Yeol; Chung, E-Sung, 2016:
Robustness, Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses of the TOPSIS Method for Quantitative Climate Change Vulnerability: a Case Study of Flood Damage

Beyer, U.; Tucker, K., 2016:
Roche-Genentech oncology trials our experience with data sharing via CSDR

Tavares, M; Santana, W; Pettan, R, 2016:
Rochinia confusa, a junior synonym of R. umbonata (Crustacea: Brachyura: Epialtidae) as revealed by ontogenetic changes

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Rock Burst Monitoring by Integrated Microseismic and Electromagnetic Radiation Methods

Chen, H. M.; Zhao, Z. Y.; Choo, L. Q.; Sun, J. P., 2016:
Rock Cavern Stability Analysis Under Different Hydro-Geological Conditions Using the Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Model

Feng, X-Ting; Hao, X-Jie; Jiang, Q; Li, S-jun; Hudson, J A., 2016:
Rock Cracking Indices for Improved Tunnel Support Design: A Case Study for Columnar Jointed Rock Masses

Oh, T-Min; Cho, G-Chun, 2016:
Rock Cutting Depth Model Based on Kinetic Energy of Abrasive Waterjet

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Rock Drillability Assessment and Lithology Classification Based on the Operating Parameters of a Drifter: Case Study in a Coal Mine in China

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Rock fracture skeleton tracing by image processing and quantitative analysis by geometry features

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Rock slope analysis along NH-44 in Sonapur Area, Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya

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Rock wren transport in railroad boxcars

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Rock-physics and seismic-inversion based reservoir characterization of the Haynesville Shale

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Rock-physics models for heterogeneous creeping rocks and viscous fluids

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Rockfall at the heritage site of the Tatlarin Underground City (Cappadocia, Turkey)

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Rocking vibration of a rigid disc embedded in any depth of a coupled seawater-visco-poro-elastic seabed half-space

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Rockslide and Impulse Wave Modelling in the Vajont Reservoir by DEM-CFD Analyses

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Rockwater interactions and pollution processes in the volcanic aquifer system of Guadalajara, Mexico, using inverse geochemical modeling

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Rod-Shaped-Proppant Fracturing Boosts Production and Adds Reserves

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Rod-shaped NaY(MoO4)2:Sm3+/Yb3+ nanoheaters for photothermal conversion: Influence of doping concentration and excitation power density

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Rode Stier en Dauw uit de Bergen

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Rodent incisor microwear as a proxy for ecological reconstruction

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Rodney Deane Davies Bruce Swinyard

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Roflumilast zur Behandlung von Exazerbationen bei Patienten mit schwerer COPD

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Roger Hanlon

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Rogue events in spatiotemporal numerical simulations of unidirectional waves in basins of different depth

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Rogue waves off the south/southeastern Brazilian coast

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Rolapitant For Prevention Of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea And Vomiting In Patients Receiving Moderately Emetogenic Chemotherapy In The United States: Subgroup Analysis From A Randomized Phase Iii Trial

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Role Played by Strike-Slip Structures in the Development of Highly Curved Orogens: The Transcarpathian Fault System, South Carpathians

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Role and Success of Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care in Supporting Child Welfare Clients: Perspectives from Parents and Professionals

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Role development for nurse practitioners as primary clinician for the initial evaluation for an abnormal newborn screen

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Role for Pediatric Providers in Promotion of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking - Potential Untapped Resource?

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Role for new drugs in ET and PV

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Role hazard between supply chain partners in an institutionally fragmented market

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Role of 1-MCP in regulating Kensington Pride mango fruit softening and ripening

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Role of 20S proteasome in the fate of oxidized and tyrosine nitrated proteins

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Role of 27-hydroxycholesterol and 4-hydroxynonenal in atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability

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Role of Activin B/FSTL3 axis in the control of glucose homeostasis

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Role of Al4C3on the stability of the thermal conductivity of Al/diamond composites subjected to constant or oscillating temperature in a humid environment

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Role of Alphav Integrin-Mediated TGF-Beta Activation in Hepatocarcinogenesis

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Role of Curcuma longa L. essential oil in controlling the growth and zearalenone production of Fusarium graminearum

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Role of Donor Microbiota in the Development of Primary Graft Dysfunction Following Human Lung Transplantation

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Role of EDTA as a chelating agent in canine semen cryopreservation

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Role of EGFR as Prognostic Factor in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Treated With Surgery and Postoperative Radiation Therapy: Proposal of a New Approach Behind the Overexpression

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Role of Exogenous Nitric Oxide in Alleviating Iron Deficiency Stress of Peanut Seedlings (Arachis hypogaeaL.)

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Role of Fe in CoFe particle catalysts for suppressing CH4 production during ethanol steam reforming for hydrogen production

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Role of Functional Status in Health Related Quality of Life in Individuals with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

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Role of G338 of the Second Transmembrane Domain in Gating of the Human P2X7 Receptor

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Role of GLP-2 in the Metabolic Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

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Role of Genetic Variation in Type Repeats of Histidine Rich Protein-2 Gene in Altering the Performance of Malaria Rapid Detection Kit in Global Context

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Role of Heat Generation/Absorption on Mixed Convection Flow in a Vertical Tube Filled with Porous Material Having Time-Periodic Boundary Condition: Steady-Periodic Regime

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Role of Herbivore Impact and Subsequent Timing and Extent of Recovery Periods in Rangelands

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Role of Indian Ocean SST variability on the recent global warming hiatus

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Role of Inhibitory Cognitive Control in Creative Performance: An Event Related Potential Study

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Role of Irrigation in Sustainable Food Production: Second World Irrigation Forum

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Role of Laparoscopically-Assisted Operative Hysteroscopy in the Management of Type II Cesarean Scar Pregnancy

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Role of Metformin in Womens Health

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Role of Metronidazole in Reducing Surgical Site Infections After Hysterectomy

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Role of Minerals in the Evolution of Fine Particulate Matter during Pulverized Coal Combustion

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Role of Mo:Na layer on the formation of MoSe2 phase in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells

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Role of Noninvasive Fibrosis Methods in Management of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus

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Role of Opioid Receptors on Food Choice and Macronutrient Selection in Meat-Type Chick

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Role of PCM addition on stratification behaviour in a thermal storage tank An experimental study

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Role of Paraffinic Hydrocarbons in the Formation of the Dispersed Structure of Petroleum Asphalt

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Role of Polyamide 11 Interaction with Clay and Modifier on Thermal, Rheological and Mechanical Properties in Polymer Clay Nanocomposites

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Role of RadiativeConvective Feedbacks in Spontaneous Tropical Cyclogenesis in Idealized Numerical Simulations

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Role of Recipient CD34 Specific Chimerism (CSC) in the Bone Marrow (BM) to Predict BM Relapse Post Allogeneic (Allo) Stem Cell Transplant (SCT)

Xia, W; Li, Y, 2016:
Role of Roughness Change on Wettability of Taixi Anthracite Coal Surface before and after the Heating Process

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Role of Saudi universities in achieving the solar potential 2030 target

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Role of Soil Moisture Feedback in the Development of Extreme Summer Drought and Flood in the United States

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Role of Specific Phosphorylation Sites ofArabidopsisBrassinosteroid-Insensitive 1 Receptor Kinase in Plant Growth and Development

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Role of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy With Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Technique and FFF Beams for Abdomino-Pelvic Lymph Node Metastases in Oligometastatic Patients

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Role of Sulfites in the Water Splitting Reaction

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Role of Tiered Pricing Policy in Improving Access to Medicines in India

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Role of Vitamin D in Hospitalized Children With Lower Tract Acute Respiratory Infections

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Role of a Multidisciplinary Shock Team in the Management of Cardiogenic Shock

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Role of alkali in catalytic oxidation of p-cresols

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Role of allene oxide cyclase in the regulation of rice phenolic acids synthesis and allelopathic inhibition on barnyardgrass

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Role of alternating redox conditions in the formation of organic-rich interval in the Middle Devonian Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin, USA

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Role of anti-GAD, anti-IA2 antibodies and C-peptide in differentiating latent autoimmune diabetes in adults from type 2 diabetes mellitus

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Role of aphakic rate of refractive growth in predicting long-term postoperative refraction after secondary IOL implantation

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Role of assessment in second language writing research and pedagogy

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Role of benthic habitat distribution data in coastal water wind turbine site selection

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Role of bentonite adsorbent sub-layer in the photocatalytic-adsorptive removal of methylene blue by the immobilized TiO2/bentonite system

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Role of biofuel and their binary (dieselbiodiesel) and ternary (ethanolbiodieseldiesel) blends on internal combustion engines emission reduction

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Role of cannabinoid CB1 receptor in cocaine-induced sensitization and conditioned place preference

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Role of capsule endoscopy in pediatric Crohn's disease: A case report

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Role of cationic polarization in humus-increased soil aggregate stability

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Role of chemotherapy to downstage and improve resectability in carcinoma gall bladder

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Role of chlorine in ultrafine particulate matter formation during the combustion of a blend of high-Cl coal and low-Cl coal

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Role of climate risks and socio-economic factors in influencing the impact of climatic extremes: a normalisation study in the context of Odisha, India

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Role of coenzyme Q and vitamin E on stallion semen motility evaluated both in frozen and cooled-stored semen

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Role of component layers in designing carbon nanotubes-based tandem absorber on metal substrates for solar thermal applications

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Role of compound Danshen dripping pill in early diabetic retinopathy

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Role of contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in evaluation of thermal ablation zone

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Role of critical metals in the future markets of clean energy technologies

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Role of deep convection on anthropogenic CO2 sequestration in the Gulf of Lions (northwestern Mediterranean Sea)

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Role of delayed deep convection in the Madden-Julian oscillation

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Role of deposit feeders in integrated multi-trophic aquaculture A model analysis

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Role of desorption route in a novel single-column continuous solid sorption cooling process

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Role of different sources of dietary PUFA supplementation on sheep welfare under high ambient temperature

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Role of different suction components on swelling behavior of compacted bentonites

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Role of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in the differentiation of parotid gland tumors

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Role of distinct flavours of IOD events on Indian summer monsoon

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Role of economic factors in terrorism in Pakistan

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Role of endoscopic ultrasound in the diagnosis of pancreatic intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms

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Role of endothelin-1 in endochondral ossification and osteoarthritis

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Role of energy irradiation in aiding pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for improving reducing sugar recovery

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Role of epikarst in near-surface hydrological processes in a soil mantled subtropical dolomite karst slope: implications of field rainfall simulation experiments

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Role of ergodicity in the transient Fluctuation Relation and a new relation for a dissipative non-chaotic map

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Role of ethnographic research for assessing behavior of employees during cleaning and sanitation in food preparation areas

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Role of ethylene in biosynthetic pathway of related-aroma volatiles derived from amino acids in oriental sweet melons (Cucumis melo var. makuwa Makino)

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Role of fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols in gastric accommodation and upper gastrointestinal motor activity

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Role of fibroblast growth factor receptors in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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Role of fibronectin in the process of human intestinal cell disruption duringE. histolyticainfection

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Role of fish farm fouling in recolonisation of nearby soft-bottom habitats affected by coastal aquaculture

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Role of flocculation and settling processes in development of the mangrove-colonized, Amazon-influenced mud-bank coast of South America

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Role of genetic background in the introgressive hybridization of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with Westslope cutthroat trout (O. clarkii lewisi)

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Role of glial activation and BBB disruption in the pathophysiology of depression

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Role of grain size in tensile behavior in twinning-induced plasticity β Ti-20V-2Nb-2Zr alloy

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Role of gravity wave seed perturbations in ESF day-to-day variability: A quantitative approach

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Role of groundwater protection planning in groundwater governance: A case study from North India

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Role of habitat heterogeneity and landscape connectivity in shaping gene flow and spatial population structure of a dominant rodent species in a tropical dry forest

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Role of horizontal density advection in seasonal deepening of the mixed layer in the subtropical Southeast Pacific

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Role of hydraulic retention time in enhancing bioenergy generation from petrochemical wastewater

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Role of hydrogen bonding in cellulose deformation: the leverage effect analyzed by molecular modeling

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Role of hydrogen sulfide in critical illness

Shindo, S, 2016:
Role of hydrological scientist to global water crisis

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Role of income diversification in reducing forest reliance: Evidence from 1838 rural households in China

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Role of initial basin width in partitioning total shortening in the Lesser Himalayan fold-thrust belt: Insights from regional balanced cross-sections

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Role of inlet reactant mixedness on the thermodynamic performance of a rotating detonation engine

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Role of insect vectors in epidemiology and invasion risk ofFusarium circinatum, and risk assessment of biological control of invasivePinus contorta

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Role of ion conducting polymeric electrolyte in suppressing deterioration of cathode electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cells

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Role of ionic and nonionic surfactant on the phase formation and morphology of Ba(Ce,Zr)O3solid solution

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Role of laparoscopic approach in colorectal liver metastasis. An international multi-center data analysis using LiverMetSurvey

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Role of large- and fine-scale variables in predicting catch rates of larval Pacific lamprey in the Willamette Basin, Oregon

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Role of lightning phenomenon over surface O3and NOxat a semi-arid tropical site Hyderabad, India: inter-comparison with satellite retrievals

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Role of lymph node dissection in women older than 65 years with early-stage high-grade endometrial cancer

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Role of management devices in enacting strategy case study of Shared Service Centre

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Role of reclamation in the formation of functional structure of beetle communities: A different approach to restoration

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Role of riparian shade on the fish assemblage of a reservoir littoral

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Role of sodium chloride and mineral matrixes in the chlorination and volatilization of lead during waste thermal treatment

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Role of soil associated Exiguobacterium in reducing arsenic toxicity and promoting plant growth in Vigna radiata

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Role of spatial anisotropy in design storm generation: Experiment and interpretation

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Role of stochastic model on GPS integer ambiguity resolution success rate

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Role of surface composition upon the photocatalytic hydrogen production of Cr-doped and La/Cr-codoped SrTiO3

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Role of tectonic inheritance in the instauration of Tunisian Atlassic fold-and-thrust belt: Case of Bouhedma Boudouaou structures

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Role of the GB-France electricity interconnectors in integration of variable renewable generation

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Role of the Remaining Rotator Cuff Following Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

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Role of the electric double layer in the ice nucleation of water droplets under an electric field

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Role of the endocannabinoid system in the altered social behavior observed in the rat valproic acid model of autism

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Role of the estradiol in the development of papillary thyroid carcinoma in women

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Role of the lithogenic basis in the diversity of soddy podburs in Transbaikalia

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Role of the microbial community in formation of speleothem (moonmilk) in the Snezhnaya carst cave (abkhazia)

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Role of the oceanic channel in the relationships between the basin/dipole mode of SST anomalies in the tropical Indian Ocean and ENSO transition

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Role of the third-order elasticity modulus in stabilizing Na crystals at high pressures

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Role of the tissue free amino acids in adaptation of medicinal leechesHirudo medicinalisL., 1758 to extreme climatic conditions

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Role of the vadose zone in mitigating strontium transport at the near-surface disposal facility (NSDF) in Kalpakkam, India

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Role of tolerance in communication with diverse people

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Role of transition metals with water soluble organic carbon in the formation of secondary organic aerosol and metalloorganics in PM1 sampled during post monsoon and pre-winter time

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Role of various nano-particles in prevention of fungal decay, mold growth and termite attack in wood, and their effect on weathering properties and water repellency

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Role of water and fine solids in onset of coke formation during bitumen cracking

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Role to Play by Outpatient Nurses in Supporting Home Care

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Roles of Aldosterone Receptor Antagonists in Heart Failure, Hypertension, and Chronic Kidney Disease

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Roles of Atomic Injection Rate and External Magnetic Field on Optical Properties of Elliptical Polarized Probe Light

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Roles of Cell Compartments in the Variation of Firing Patterns Generated by Reduced Pacemaker Models of the Crustacean Stomatogastric Ganglion

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Roles of Transitional Group Home in Community Care for People with Mental Disorders: Creation of Spaces of Care

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Roles of forests in food security based on case studies in Yunnan, China

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Roles of local and national energy systems in the integration of renewable energy

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Roles of non-native species in large-scale regeneration of moist tropical forests on anthropogenic grassland

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Roll-induced bifurcation in ship maneuvering under model uncertainty

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Rolle des Pathologen in Hinblick auf therapeutische Entscheidungen beim Magenkarzinom

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Roller derby's publicness: toward greater recognition of diverse genders and sexualities in the Bible Belt

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Roller: a novel approach to Web information extraction

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Rolling Contact Motion Generation and Control of Robotic Fingers

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Rolling Horizon Path Planning of an Autonomous System of UAVs for Persistent Cooperative Service: MILP Formulation and Efficient Heuristics

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Rolling ball algorithm as a multitask filter for terrain conductivity measurements

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Rolling off the Tongue into the Top-of-the-Head: Explaining Language Effects on Public Opinion

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Romantic Attachment and Adjustment to Divorce and Separation in a Chilean Adult Sample

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Romantic and dating behaviors among single parents in the United States

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Romiplostim Therapy of Immune Thrombocytopenia

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Room Design for Underground Slate Workings: Analysis of Safety Factors for Keyblocks

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Root biomass in a shifting cultivation system in the eastern periphery of Amazonia, and contribution of the babassu palm

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Root connections affect radial growth of balsam poplar trees

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Root decomposition ofArtemisia halodendronand its effect on soil nitrogen and soil organic carbon in the Horqin Sandy Land, northeastern China

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Root functional parameters predict fine root decomposability at the community level

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Root growth potential, water relations and carbohydrate status of ash alternative species following pre-plant storage

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Root over-production in heterogeneous nutrient environment has no negative effects onZea maysshoot growth in the field

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Rosetta detektiert organische Moleküle

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Rotating detonation in a combustor of trapezoidal cross section for the hydrogenair mixture

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Ruhestand schützt nicht vor Regress

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Ruhestand schützt nicht vor Regressforderungen

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Rumination, Resilience, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptom Severity Among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

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Run-Life Improvement by Implementation of Artificial-Lift-Systems Failure Classification

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Rupture de cathter pridural

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Raction mdicamenteuse inflammatoire multisystmique induite par lassociation anti-BRAF/anti-MEK : implication de lIL6 ?

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Rcidive de dsquilibre antrieur aprs ostotomie transpdiculaire, le rle de la mobilit sacro-iliaque

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Rcidive histologique dune glomrulonphrite dpts de C3 aprs greffe rnale en rapport avec une mutation du facteur I homozygote sans traduction clinique

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Rcidive sur greffon rnal dune gammapathie monoclonale expression rnale type de glomrulonphrite dpts dIgG3 Kappa

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Rcidive tumorale aprs traitement chirurgical curatif

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Rcidives tardives de chordomes sacrs 17 et 19ans dune rsection en bloc

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Rcupration de la cinmatique de la hanche 6mois aprs une prothse totale de hanche. Influence de lindex de masse corporel (IMC)

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Rduction et arthrodse par un temps postrieur unique des spondylolisthsis L5-S1 grand dplacement : rsultats dune srie de 50 patients

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Rflexions sur les recommandations nutritionnelles

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Rforme de la biologie mdicale : des dcrets dapplication sur la sellette

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Rgression dun anvryme de lartre pulmonaire au cours dune maladie de Behet aprs traitement mdical : une nouvelle observation

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Rinsertion ligamentaire dans linstabilit chronique de larticulation mtacarpophalangienne du pouce

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Rmission inattendue dune sarcodose dvolution chronique aprs allogreffe de cellules souches hmatopotiques

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Rorganisation de la connectivit fonctionnelle des rseaux de ltat de repos en fonction de la performance de la mmoire de travail chez des individus gs sains

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Rparation arthroscopique des ruptures postro-suprieures dlamines de la coiffe des rotateurs : intrt des rinsertions lectives des deux feuillets. Revue de 32 patients

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Rplica a la respuesta de Jorge L. Ahumada

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Rponse histologique dissocie la chimiothrapie adjuvante des nodules hpatiques multiples mtastatiques de cancer colorectal et corrlation avec le statut mutationnel

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Rponse posturale du rflexe vestibulospinal lors dun mouvement dynamique actif dans le plan des six canaux semi-circulaires

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Rponse R. Thibault et D. Quilliot : nous sommes tous nutrition clinique

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Rponse la lettre de D. Goutallier

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Rponse la lettre la rdaction Hernie de Petersen aprs mini-bypass gastrique

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Rponses des consommateurs trois systmes dtiquetage nutritionnel face avant

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Rsultats de ltude prospective observationnelle multicentrique internationale PHASE ANGLE PROJECT : langle de phase mesur par bio-impdance ladmission en ranimation est prdictif de la survie 28jours

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Rsultats de lvaluation quadriennale dun programme dducation thrapeutique du patient (ETP) dans la dermatite atopique

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Rsultats des arthrorises entre le deuxime mtatarsien et le cuniforme mdial dans les luxations tarsomtatarsiennes. propos de 15 cas un recul de cinq ans; Outcome after arthrorisis of the second metatarsals base with the medial cuneiform after tarsometatarsal dislocations: about 15 patients in 5 years;

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Rsultats des ballonnets ACT chez les femmes ges de plus de 80ans et sur terrain radique

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Rsultats des reprises de prothse totale de hanche avec armature de Kerboull et reconstruction de la marge infrieure

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Rsultats des sutures mniscales all-inside en pratique pdiatrique

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Rsultats du traitement arthroscopique de lpicondylite latrale : vers une chirurgie plus prcoce ?

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Rsultats defficacit, de tolrance et biomarqueurs prdictifs pour une phase II randomise comparant atezolizumab (MPDL3280A) et docetaxel en 2e et 3e ligne dans le cancer bronchique non petites cellules (POPLAR)

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Rsultats fonctionnels moyen terme et risque de retraitement aprs photovaporisation prostatique au laser Greenlight XPS 180W : peut-on traiter tous les volumes prostatiques ?

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Rsultats mis jour dun essai de phase III sur le nivolumab associ lipilimumab chez des patients atteints de mlanome avanc (CheckMate 067)

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Rsultats oncologiques 5ans de la nphrectomie partielle robot assiste pour carcinome rnal

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Rsultats prcoces de la premire srie franaise dnuclation plasma

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Rsultats prliminaires dun programme de rhabilitation prcoce aprs chirurgie pour les tumorectomies rnales robot assistes pour cancer du rein

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Rsultats priopratoires de la nphro-urtrectomie totale par voie laparoscopique pure versus robot assiste pour le traitement des tumeurs de la voie excrtrice urinaire suprieure

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Rsultats long terme de 25 disjonctions acromioclaviculaires aigus types IV et V de Rockwood traites par un hauban mtallique appuy sur une broche

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Rsultats maturit squelettique dune technique dinstrumentation rachidienne sans greffe. propos dune srie de 33 scolioses volutives de lenfant

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Rsultats moyen terme du Bankart arthroscopique : propos de 31 cas

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Rsum du syndrome dpuisement professionnel li la profession de kinsithrapeute

La rédaction,, 2016:
Rsums douvrages

Lavoué, V; Brassac, A; Gendre, P; Boileau, P, 2016:
Rtention capsulaire arthroscopique avec ou sans Hill Sachs remplissage aprs chec de bute coracodienne

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Rtinopathie due un traitement par interfron bta-1a : propos dun cas

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Rtinopathie ischmique rvlant un diabte de type 2 : propos dun cas

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Rtinodes systmiques et troubles psychiatriques : une revue systmatique de la littrature

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Rvisions de prothse totale du genou par une prothse totale de genou associe des cnes en trabecular metal de tantale. Rsultats prliminaires sur une tude bicentrique rtrospective de 51 patients avec un recul minimum de 2ans

Nuic, D; Vinti, M; Karachi, C; Foulon, P; Van Hamme, A; Welter, M-Laure, 2016:
Rducation par les serious games des troubles de la marche et de lquilibre chez les patients avec maladie de Parkinson : une tude pilote

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Rducation sous hypnose - une solution pour le syndrome douloureux rgional complexe de type 1 touchant la main et le poignet

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Rvaluation des patients en surveillance active par des biopsies cibles avec fusion lastique cho/IRM : vers une amlioration de la slection des patients

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Rve partie

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Rle IDE dans la mise en place et la surveillance de lECCO2R

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Rle de la microscopie confocale de rflectance et de tomographie par cohrence optique pour le diagnostic de la pemphigode bulleuse et du pemphigus

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Rle de la mdecine de prvention pour les missions dans les pays concerns par la maladie virus Ebola

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Rle de la rtention hydrique et du fluid-shift dans la physiopathologie des troubles respiratoires du sommeil

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Rle de lIL-37 dans lasthme de lenfant : lien avec la svrit et effet sur les cytokines pro-inflammatoires

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Rle de lhistone mthyltransfrase EZH2 et de la dmthylase JMJD3 dans les cancers de la prostate

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Rle de lhypoxie dans laggravation de la fibrose pulmonaire

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Rle des neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) dans la maladie de Behet

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Rle des variations du nombre de copies de GSTM1 et GSTT1 dans le risque de cancer diffrenci de la thyrode chez les Europens de France mtropolitaine et les Mlansiens de Nouvelle-Caldonie

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Rle du polymorphisme TLR 2(2258) dans la susceptibilit la tuberculose pulmonaire (TP) chez les patients algriens

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Rle et impact de la situation de prcarit dans lvolution et la prise en charge du diabte de type 1 dans une population du Cap Bon Tunisien

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Rle majeur du flagelle de Pseudomonas aeruginosa dans linvasion et linduction de linflammation cutane

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Rles de lintestin et du foie dans la progression de la statopathie mtabolique et sa modulation par les acides gras polyinsaturs longue chane n-3

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Rles des interfrons sur les ostoclastes et lostoclastogense

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Rles protecteurs des lymphocytes T dans un modle murin de la nphropathie aux acides aristolochiques

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Rücken-WNT für die Primärachse der Tiere

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Rückenschmerzen: Methocarbamol normalisiert den Muskeltonus

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Rückfallprophylaxe bei Alkoholabhängigkeit

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Rückkehr zum Sport nach Eingriffen am Gelenkknorpel im Kniegelenk

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Rückkehr zum Sport nach Kollateralbandläsion am Sprunggelenk

Simon, Rüdiger, 2016:
Rüdiger Simon

Park, S-Hyun; Lee, B-Rye; Lee, J-Hyun; Kim, T-Hwan, 2016:
S nutrition alleviates salt stress by maintaining the assemblage of photosynthetic organelles in Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensisL.)

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SALSA3D: A Tomographic Model of Compressional Wave Slowness in the Earths Mantle for Improved TravelTime Prediction and TravelTime Prediction Uncertainty

Knopf, A, 2016:
SAMHSA adds focus on medicine and medications in high-profile restructuring

Canady, V A., 2016:
SAMHSA announces new chief medical officer in newly created office

Knopf, A, 2016:
SAMHSA launches mobile application for buprenorphine prescribers

Canady, V A., 2016:
SAMHSA recruiting for new CMHS deputy director

Canady, V A., 2016:
SAMHSA releases NSDUH reports to coincide with National Recovery Month

Canady, V A., 2016:
SAMHSA report finds 1 in 13 young adults considered suicide

Knopf, A, 2016:
SAMHSA wants OTPs to use interim maintenance instead of waiting lists

Knopf, A, 2016:
SAMHSA's overseas HIV/AIDS work also treats SUDs

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