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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64936

Chapter 64936 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Warwick, M E.A.; Ridley, I; Binions, R, 2016:
Thermochromic vanadium dioxide thin films prepared by electric field assisted atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition for intelligent glazing application and their energy demand reduction properties

Yang, L-Qiang; Deng, J; Wang, Z-Liang; Zhang, L; Goldfarb, R J.; Yuan, W-Ming; Weinberg, R F.; Zhang, R-Zhong, 2016:
Thermochronologic constraints on evolution of the Linglong Metamorphic Core Complex and implications for gold mineralization: A case study from the Xiadian gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern China

Zattin, M.; Andreucci, B.; de Toffoli, B.; Grigo, D.; Tsikalas, F., 2016:
Thermochronological constraints to late Cenozoic exhumation of the Barents Sea Shelf

Warren-Smith, E; Lamb, S; Seward, D; Smith, E; Herman, Fédéric; Stern, T, 2016:
Thermochronological evidence of a low-angle, mid-crustal detachment plane beneath the central South Island, New Zealand

Travin, A.V., 2016:
Thermochronology of Early Paleozoic collisional and subduction-collisional structures of Central Asia

Chen, S; Polton, J A.; Hu, J; Xing, J, 2016:
Thermocline bulk shear analysis in the northern North Sea

E. Lapeira,M. M. Bou-Ali,J. A. Madariaga…, 2016:
Thermodiffusion Coefficients of Water/Ethanol Mixtures for Low Water Mass Fractions

Long, Z; Gong, J; Ding, J; Tang, C; Li, Z; Yin, F, 2016 :
Thermodynamic Assessment of Zn-Fe-Nb Ternary System

Bao, X; Liu, L; Jiang, Y; Jiang, Y; Mao, C; Li, X; Zhang, L, 2016:
Thermodynamic Assessment of the Al-Ba System

Dilner, D; Kjellqvist, L; Selleby, M, 2016:
Thermodynamic Assessment of the Fe-Ca-S, Fe-Mg-O and Fe-Mg-S Systems

Wang, S. L.; Li, J. L.; Qiu, L. L.; Zhou, L. J.; Li, Y. H.; Ren, C. Q.; Fu, C. Y.; Lin, Y. H.; Wang, C. P.; Liu, X. J., 2016:
Thermodynamic Assessments of the Au-Tb and Au-Lu Systems

Miettinen, J; Vassilev-Urumov, G, 2016:
Thermodynamic Description of Ternary Fe-X-P Systems. Part 8: Fe-Si-P

Couto, N Dinis; Silva, V Bruno; Rouboa, A, 2016:
Thermodynamic Evaluation of Portuguese municipal solid waste gasification

Sapir, L; Harries, D, 2016:
Thermodynamic Mechanism of Protein Stabilization: Crowders vs. Osmolytes

Jin, Z; Firoozabadi, A, 2016:
Thermodynamic Modeling of Phase Behavior in Shale Media

Zhang, C; Peng, Y; Zhou, P; Du, Y, 2016:
Thermodynamic Modeling of the C-Co-Mo and C-Mo-Ni Ternary Systems

Wang, H; Li, Z; Chen, Z; Yang, B, 2016:
Thermodynamic Optimization of the Ni-Al-Ce Ternary System

Shevchenko, M. A.; Ivanov, M. I.; Berezutski, V. V.; Sudavtsova, V. S., 2016:
Thermodynamic Properties of Alloys of the Binary BiYb System

Arblaster, J. W., 2016:
Thermodynamic Properties of Beryllium

Arblaster, J. W., 2016:
Thermodynamic Properties of Gold

Gryaznov, V. K.; Iosilevskiy, I. L., 2016:
Thermodynamic Properties of Hydrogen Plasma to Megabars

Brebrick, R F., 2016:
Thermodynamic Properties of Se-Te(l) Described by an Extension of the Two Domain Model

Jacob, K. T.; Gupta, P; Han, D; Uda, T, 2016:
Thermodynamic Properties of YbRhO3and Phase Relations in the System Yb-Rh-O

Kasenov, B. K.; Kasenova, S. B.; Sagintaeva, Z. I.; Seisenova, A. A.; Turtubaeva, M. O.; Kuanyshbekov, E. E.; Ermaganbetov, K. T., 2016:
Thermodynamic Properties of Zincate-Manganites of LaM2IIZnMnO6(II= Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) Composition

Soleimani, F; Karimi, R; Gharib, F, 2016:
Thermodynamic Studies on Protonation Constant of Acyclovir at Different Ionic Strengths

Yazdanshenas, R; Gharib, F, 2016:
Thermodynamic Studies on Protonation Constant of Quercetin at Different Ionic Strengths

Sadeghi, M; Nemati, A; ghavimi, A; Yari, M, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis and multi-objective optimization of various ORC (organic Rankine cycle) configurations using zeotropic mixtures

Scaccabarozzi, R; Gatti, M; Martelli, E, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis and numerical optimization of the NET Power oxy-combustion cycle

Saffari, H; Sadeghi, S; Khoshzat, M; Mehregan, P, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of a geothermal Kalina cycle system using Artificial Bee Colony algorithm

Wu, C; Wang, S-sen; Bai, K-lun; Li, J, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis and parametric optimization of CDTPC-ARC based on cascade use of waste heat of heavy-duty internal combustion engines (ICEs)

Zhang, X; Ni, M; Dong, F; He, W; Chen, B; Xu, H, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis and performance optimization of solid oxide fuel cell and refrigerator hybrid system based on H2 and CO

Dong, G; Morgan, R.E.; Heikal, M.R., 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis and system design of a novel split cycle engine concept

Kuo, P-Chih; Wu, W, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of a combined heat and power system with CO2 utilization based on co-gasification of biomass and coal

Hürdoğan, Eç, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of a diesel engine fueled with diesel and peanut biodiesel

Chowdhury, A.S.M. Arifur; Bugarin, L; Badhan, A; Choudhuri, A; Love, N, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of a directly heated oxyfuel supercritical power system

Zhang, Y; Yang, K; Hong, H; Zhong, X; Xu, J, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of a novel energy storage system with carbon dioxide as working fluid

Ismailova, Z. R.; Pirieva, K. B.; Kasimov, A. A.; Dzhamalova, S. A.; Gadzhizade, S. M.; Nuriev, S. A.; Zeinalova, S. Kh.; Dzhafarov, R. P., 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of a process for producing high-octane gasoline components from catalytic cracking gas

Choi, B Chul, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of a transcritical CO2 heat recovery system with 2-stage reheat applied to cooling water of internal combustion engine for propulsion of the 6800 TEU container ship

Peng, H; Yang, Y; Li, R; Ling, X, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of an improved adiabatic compressed air energy storage system

Bartnik, R; Buryn, Z; Hnydiuk-Stefan, A, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of annual operation of a 370MW power unit operating in CHP-mode

F. A. Letnikov, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of endogeneous fluid systems: The paradigm shift of the 21st century

Alklaibi, A.M.; Khan, M.N.; Khan, W.A., 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of gas turbine with air bottoming cycle

Yu, H-Yan; Zhang, H-Chun; Guo, Y-Yu; Tan, H-Ping; Li, Y; Xie, G-Nan, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of shark skin texture surfaces for microchannel flow

Duan, W; Yu, Q; Xie, H; Liu, J; Wang, K; Qin, Q; Han, Z, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of synergistic coal gasification using blast furnace slag as heat carrier

Horng, R-Fang; Lai, M-Pin; Chiu, W-Cheng; Huang, W-Chih, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of syngas production and carbon formation on oxidative steam reforming of butanol

Yucer, C Tahsin, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of the part load performance for a small scale gas turbine jet engine by using exergy analysis method

Yalçınkaya, B Hazal; Erikli, Şükrü; Özilgen, B Arda; Olcay, A Bahadır; Sorgüven, E; Özilgen, M, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of the squid mantle muscles and giant axon during slow swimming and jet escape propulsion

Yan, G; Bai, T; Yu, J, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis on a modified ejector expansion refrigeration cycle with zeotropic mixture (R290/R600a) for freezers

Thu, K; Saha, B Baran; Chua, K Jon; Bui, T Duc, 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis on the part-load performance of a microturbine system for micro/mini-CHP applications

Mohan, A.; Malathi, M.; Shaikh, S. S.; Kumbharkhane, A. C., 2016:
Thermodynamic and Molecular Dielectric Relaxation Studies of PolarPolar Binary Mixtures Using Time Domain Reflectometry Technique

Saini, B; Kumar, A; Rani, R; Bamezai, R K., 2016:
Thermodynamic and acoustical properties of mixturesp-anisaldehydealkanols (C1C4)2-methyl-1-propanol at 303.15 K

Samah, A Abu; Babu, C.A.; Varikoden, H; Jayakrishnan, P.R.; Hai, O See, 2016:
Thermodynamic and dynamic structure of atmosphere over the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia during the passage of a cold surge

Kotowicz, J; Michalski, S, 2016:
Thermodynamic and economic analysis of a supercritical and an ultracritical oxy-type power plant without and with waste heat recovery

Reyhani, H Akbarpour; Meratizaman, M; Ebrahimi, A; Pourali, O; Amidpour, M, 2016:
Thermodynamic and economic optimization of SOFC-GT and its cogeneration opportunities using generated syngas from heavy fuel oil gasification

Ferreira, A C.; Nunes, M L.; Teixeira, Jé C.F.; Martins, Lís A.S.B.; Teixeira, S F.C.F., 2016:
Thermodynamic and economic optimization of a solar-powered Stirling engine for micro-cogeneration purposes

Beiginejad, H; Nematollahi, D, 2016:
Thermodynamic and electrochemical study of some dihydroxybenzenes in the presence of different nucleophiles

Zhao, Z; Wang, S; Zhang, S; Zhang, F, 2016:
Thermodynamic and energy saving benefits of hydraulic free-piston engines

Colmenar-Santos, A; Zarzuelo-Puch, G; Borge-Diez, D; García-Diéguez, Cón, 2016:
Thermodynamic and exergoeconomic analysis of energy recovery system of biogas from a wastewater treatment plant and use in a Stirling engine

Ahmadi, M H.; Mehrpooya, M; Pourfayaz, F, 2016:
Thermodynamic and exergy analysis and optimization of a transcritical CO2 power cycle driven by geothermal energy with liquefied natural gas as its heat sink

Lazrag, M; Mejia-Mendez, D Lizeth; Lemaitre, Cécile; Stafford, P Hugh Emmanuel; Hreiz, R; Privat, R; Hannachi, A; Barth, D, 2016:
Thermodynamic and hydrodynamic study of a gas-liquid flow in a cyclone separator downstream supercritical drying

Csapó, E.; Juhász, Á.; Varga, N.; Sebők, D.; Hornok, V.; Janovák, L.; Dékány, I., 2016:
Thermodynamic and kinetic characterization of pH-dependent interactions between bovine serum albumin and ibuprofen in 2D and 3D systems

Cai, Q; Guo, Q; Liu, Y; Ma, Z; Li, H, 2016:
Thermodynamic and kinetic evidence for MgO formation and pinning behavior in glycine-doped MgB2bulks

Li, Z. X.; Zhao, W. W.; Gou, X. X.; Pu, X. H., 2016:
Thermodynamic and kinetic properties ofcis-diammineglycolatoplatinum in different water solvents

Víctor-Ortega, M.D.; Ochando-Pulido, J.M.; Martínez-Ferez, A., 2016:
Thermodynamic and kinetic studies on iron removal by means of a novel strong-acid cation exchange resin for olive mill effluent reclamation

Tamm, K; Uibu, M; Kallas, J; Kallaste, P; Velts-Jänes, O; Kuusik, R, 2016:
Thermodynamic and kinetic study of CaS in aqueous systems

Sherman, B J.; Ciftja, A F.; Rochelle, G T., 2016:
Thermodynamic and mass transfer modeling of carbon dioxide absorption into aqueous 2-piperidineethanol

Hao, C; Liu, Q; Li, Q; Zhang, J; Sun, R, 2016:
Thermodynamic and structural studies of DMPC and DSPC with DOTAP mixed monolayers at the airwater interface

Chen, W-Hsin; Hsu, C-Liang; Wang, X-Dong, 2016:
Thermodynamic approach and comparison of two-step and single step DME (dimethyl ether) syntheses with carbon dioxide utilization

Lebedeva, N Sh.; Gubarev, Y A.; Mamardashvili, N Zh.; Mamardashvili, G M.; Koifman, O I., 2016:
Thermodynamic aspects of interaction zinc(II)tetraphenylporphyrin with bidentate ligands in dilute solutions

Li, M; Jiang, X Zhuo; Zheng, D; Zeng, G; Shi, L, 2016:
Thermodynamic boundaries of energy saving in conventional CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) systems

Zhang, B; Li, C; Shan, S, 2016:
Thermodynamic calculation of self-diffusion in sodium chloride

Zhu, Z; Guo, C; Xu, J, 2016:
Thermodynamic characteristics and bifurcation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes impacted by hydrogen atoms using Nonlocal continuum theory

Pham Thi, L.; Usacheva, T. R.; Sharnin, V. A., 2016:
Thermodynamic characteristics of acidbase equilibria of glycyl-glycyl-glycine in waterethanol solutions at 298 K

Gridchin, S. N., 2016:
Thermodynamic characteristics of protolytic equilibria in aqueous solutions of glycyl peptides

Cheremisina, O. V.; Ponomareva, M. A.; Sagdiev, V. N., 2016:
Thermodynamic characteristics of sorption extraction and chromatographic separation of anionic complexes of erbium and cerium with Trilon B on weakly basic anionite

Gridchin, S. N., 2016:
Thermodynamic characteristics of the formation of complexes of nickel(II) with L-homoserine

Ji, X; Li, S; Gao, L; Jin, H, 2016:
Thermodynamic comparison and efficiency enhancement mechanism of coal to alternative fuel systems

Cărbunaru, D; Burcea, S, 2016:
Thermodynamic configurations associated with heavy rainfall in Eastern Romania

Shestov, A.S.; Marchenko, A.V., 2016:
Thermodynamic consolidation of ice ridge keels in water at varying freezing points

Trupej, N; Škerget, M; Knez, Željko, 2016:
Thermodynamic data for processing polyethylene glycol with non-conventional fluids

Akinfiev, N N.; Majer, V; Shvarov, Y V., 2016:
Thermodynamic description of H2SH2ONaCl solutions at temperatures to 573K and pressures to 40MPa

Li, Y; Jia, M; Chang, Y; Kokjohn, S L.; Reitz, R D., 2016:
Thermodynamic energy and exergy analysis of three different engine combustion regimes

Moradian, F; Tchoffor, P A.; Davidsson, K O.; Pettersson, A; Backman, R, 2016:
Thermodynamic equilibrium prediction of bed agglomeration tendency in dual fluidized-bed gasification of forest residues

Khaleghi, M Sajjad Barzegar; Markadeh, R Shahsavan; Ghassemi, H, 2016:
Thermodynamic evaluation of mazut gasification for using in power generation

Padilla, R Vasquez; Too, Y Chean Soo; Benito, R; McNaughton, R; Stein, W, 2016:
Thermodynamic feasibility of alternative supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles integrated with an ejector

Turovtsev, V. V.; Emel’yanenko, V. N.; Orlov, Y. D., 2016:
Thermodynamic functions of lactones in the gaseous state

Zhao, H; Zhang, K; Wang, L; Han, J, 2016:
Thermodynamic investigation of a booster-assisted ejector refrigeration system

Kumar, A; Bhosale, R R.; Malik, S S.; Abusrafa, A E.; Saleh, M Ali, H.; Ghosh, U Kumar; Al-Marri, M J.; Almomani, F A.; Khader, M M.; Abu-Reesh, I M., 2016:
Thermodynamic investigation of hydrogen enrichment and carbon suppression using chemical additives in ethanol dry reforming

He, W.F.; Xu, L.N.; Han, D.; Gao, L.; Yue, C.; Pu, W.H., 2016:
Thermodynamic investigation of waste heat driven desalination unit based on humidification dehumidification (HDH) processes

Arslan, H; Dogan, A, 2016:
Thermodynamic investigations on the component dependences of high-entropy alloys

Santhanam, S.; Schilt, C.; Turker, B.; Woudstra, T.; Aravind, P.V., 2016:
Thermodynamic modeling and evaluation of high efficiency heat pipe integrated biomass GasifierSolid Oxide Fuel CellsGas Turbine systems

Arora, R; Kaushik, S.C.; Arora, R, 2016:
Thermodynamic modeling and multi-objective optimization of two stage thermoelectric generator in electrically series and parallel configuration

G. P. Shironosova,G. R. Kolonin,A. A. Borovikov…, 2016:
Thermodynamic modeling of REE behavior in oxidized hydrothermal fluids of high sulfate sulfur concentrations

Mao, S; Shi, L; Peng, Q; Lü, M, 2016:
Thermodynamic modeling of binary CH4CO2 fluid inclusions

Chudnenko, K V.; Palyanova, G A., 2016:
Thermodynamic modeling of native formation of AuAgCuHg solid solutions

Banik, S; Ray, S; De, S, 2016:
Thermodynamic modelling of a recompression CO2 power cycle for low temperature waste heat recovery

Li, Y; Liu, G; Liu, X; Liao, S, 2016:
Thermodynamic multi-objective optimization of a solar-dish Brayton system based on maximum power output, thermal efficiency and ecological performance

Bi, Y; Chen, J; Miao, Z, 2016:
Thermodynamic optimization for dissociation process of gas hydrates

Szczȩśniak, R.; Durajski, A. P.; Szczȩśniak, D., 2016:
Thermodynamic parameters of Zr superconductor at -b structural phase transition

Wang, J; Lu, Y; Yang, Y; Mao, T, 2016:
Thermodynamic performance analysis and optimization of a solar-assisted combined cooling, heating and power system

Yamankaradeniz, N, 2016:
Thermodynamic performance assessments of a district heating system with geothermal by using advanced exergy analysis

Wibisono, A Feri; Shwageraus, E, 2016:
Thermodynamic performance of Pressurized Water Reactor power conversion cycle combined with fossil-fuel superheater

Zhang, H; Hong, H; Gao, J; Deng, Y’nan; Jin, H, 2016:
Thermodynamic performance of a mid-temperature solar fuel system for cooling, heating and power generation

Richardson, E.S., 2016:
Thermodynamic performance of new thermofluidic feed pumps for Organic Rankine Cycle applications

Zhang, H; Zhao, H; Li, Z, 2016:
Thermodynamic performance study on solar-assisted absorption heat pump cogeneration system in the coal-fired power plant

Darvish, S; Asadikiya, M; Hu, B; Singh, P; Zhong, Y, 2016:
Thermodynamic prediction of the effect of CO2 to the stability of (La0.8Sr0.2)0.98MnO3 system

Arutyunyan, N. A.; Zaitsev, A. I.; Dunaev, S. F.; Shaposhnikov, N. G., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties and amorphization of ZrSi melts

Di Nezza, F.; Guerra, G.; Costagliola, C.; Zeppa, L.; Ambrosone, L., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties and photodegradation kinetics of indocyanine green in aqueous solution

Samosudova, Y. S.; Markin, A. V.; Smirnova, N. N.; Ogurtsov, T. G.; Boiko, N. I.; Shibaev, V. P., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of a liquid crystal carbosilane dendrimer

Smirnova, N. N.; Markin, A. V.; Kuchkina, N. V.; Yuzik-Klimova, E. Yu.; Shushunov, A. N.; Shifrina, Z. B., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of a second-generation poly(phenylene-pyridyl) dendron with a dodecyl-decorated periphery

Shevchenko, M. A.; Ivanov, M. I.; Berezutski, V. V.; Sudavtsova, V. S., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of alloys of the binary GdIn system

Shevchenko, M. A.; Ivanov, M. I.; Berezutski, V. V.; Sudavtsova, V. S., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of alloys of the binary InLa system

Shevchenko, M. A.; Ivanov, M. I.; Berezutski, V. V.; Sudavtsova, V. S., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of alloys of the binary InYb system

Ivaniš, G R.; Radović, I R.; Veljković, V B.; Kijevčanin, M Lj., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of biodiesel and petro-diesel blends at high pressures and temperatures. Experimental and modeling

Suponitskiy, Y. L.; Proshina, O. P.; Dyunin, A. G.; Liashenko, S. E., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of lanthanum molybdates

van Swol, F; Zhou, X W.; Challa, S R.; Martin, J E., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of model CdTe/CdSe mixtures

Leonidov, I. A.; Konstantinova, E. I.; Patrakeev, M. V.; Kozhevnikov, V. L., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of nonstoichiometric oxygen in manganite Ca0.9Pr0.1MnO3

Sh. B. Kasenova,G. A. Atazhanova…, 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of sesquiterpene lactone grossheimin

Kurdakova, S. V.; Kovalenko, N. A.; Uspenskaya, I. A., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of solutions in the systemo-xylenedi-2(ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid

Ovchinnikov, V. V.; Lapteva, L. I.; Kulakov, A. A., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of some phosphate-carbohydrates and their strengths of bonds

Frizzo, C P.; Bender, C R.; Salbego, P R.S.; Black, G; Villetti, M A.; Martins, M A.P., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of the aggregation behavior of a dicationic ionic liquid determined by different methods

Majzlan, J; Dachs, E; Benisek, A; Koch, C Bender; Bolanz, R; Göttlicher, Jörg; Steininger, R, 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of tooeleite, Fe63+(As3+O3)4(SO4)(OH)44H2O

Markin, A. V.; Smirnova, N. N.; Lyakaev, D. V.; Klimova, M. N.; Sharutin, V. V.; Sharutina, O. K., 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of triphenylantimony dibenzoate

S. V. Titov,Yu. K. Tovbin, 2016:
Thermodynamic properties of water in the lattice gas model with onsideration of the vibrational motions of molecules

Abe, M; Hirata, S; Komatsu, H; Yamagiwa, K; Tajima, H, 2016:
Thermodynamic selection of effective additives to improve the cloud point of biodiesel fuels

Sharifironizi, M; Szymanowski, J E.S.; Sigmon, G E.; Navrotsky, A; Fein, J B.; Burns, P C., 2016:
Thermodynamic studies of zippeite, a uranyl sulfate common in mine wastes

Boroujeni, H Chahiyan; Gharib, F, 2016:
Thermodynamic study on solubility of deferiprone at different ionic strengths and various temperatures

Chakraborty, A, 2016:
Thermodynamic trends for the adsorption of non polar gases on activated carbons employing a new adsorption isotherm modelling

Khordad, R., 2016:
Thermodynamical properties of triangular quantum wires: entropy, specific heat, and internal energy

Albrecht, K J.; Jackson, G S.; Braun, R J., 2016:
Thermodynamically consistent modeling of redox-stable perovskite oxides for thermochemical energy conversion and storage

Bui, T. A.; Wong, H.; Deleruyelle, F., 2016:
Thermodynamically consistent modelling of viscoplasticity and damage coupling in saturated rocks

Economou, I G.; Kontogeorgis, G, 2016:
Thermodynamics 2015 Conference Copenhagen, Denmark, 1518 September 2015

Xu, Z; Zhang, L; Zhang, W; Ji, L, 2016:
Thermodynamics analysis of indium iodide polycrystal synthesis

Baima, J; Ferrabone, M; Orlando, R; Erba, A; Dovesi, R, 2016:
Thermodynamics and phonon dispersion of pyrope and grossular silicate garnets from ab initio simulations

Zuo, C; Li, Y; Li, C; Cao, S; Yao, H; Zhang, S, 2016:
Thermodynamics and separation process for quaternary acrylic systems

Mondal, S.; Ghosh, S.; Hossain, A.; Mahali, K.; Roy, S.; Dolui, B. K., 2016:
Thermodynamics of DL-a-aminobutyric acid induced solvation mechanism in aqueous KCl solutions at 288.15308.15 K

Zou, F; Wei, K; Peng, X, 2016:
Thermodynamics of Micellization and Sustained Release of Folate Targeted Capecitabine Loaded Nanomicelles

Hua, L; Jiao, X; Chen, W, 2016:
Thermodynamics of SO2Dissolution inN,N-Dimethylformamide, Dimethylsulfoxide,N,N-Dimethylacetamide, and Tributyl Phosphate at 295.15323.15 K

Smirnova, N. N.; Markin, A. V.; Tsvetkova, L. Ya.; Kuchkina, N. V.; Yuzik-Klimova, E. Yu.; Shifrina, Z. B., 2016:
Thermodynamics of a third-generation poly(phenylene-pyridyl) dendron decorated with dodecyl groups in the range ofT 0 to 480 K

M. V. Charykova,A. V. Vishnevsky,V. G. Krivovichev…, 2016:
Thermodynamics of arsenates, selenites and sulfates in the oxidation zone of sulfide ores: XII. Mineral equilibria in the CdSeH2O system at 25C

Shivaramaiah, R; Anderko, A; Riman, R E.; Navrotsky, A, 2016:
Thermodynamics of bastnaesite: A major rare earth ore mineral

N. M. Barbin,T. M. Barbina, 2016:
Thermodynamics of dissolution of lead oxide in NaOHNa2CO3melts

Li, H; Chen, W, 2016:
Thermodynamics of dissolution of thiourea in triethylene glycol

Xue, Z; Zhao, S; Zhao, Z; Li, P; Gao, J, 2016:
Thermodynamics of dye adsorption on electrochemically exfoliated graphene

Shilova, S. V.; Tret’yakova, A. Ya.; Barabanov, V. P., 2016:
Thermodynamics of micelle formation in a wateralcohol solution of sodium tetradecyl sulfate

Liu, X; Vinograd, V L.; Lu, X; Leonenko, E V.; Eremin, N N.; Wang, R; Winkler, Börn, 2016:
Thermodynamics of mixing in an isostructural solid solution: Simulation methodologies and application to the rutile-cassiterite system

Mizerovsky, L. N.; Smirnov, P. R., 2016:
Thermodynamics of saturation of liquids with noble gases: the H2OHe and H2ONe systems

Gus’kov, V. Yu.; Ivanov, S. P.; Shaikhitdinova, Y. F.; Kudasheva, F. Kh., 2016:
Thermodynamics of the adsorption of organic molecules on graphitized carbon black modified with a monolayer of 5-hydroxy-6-methyluracil

Mudarisova, R. Kh.; Badykova, L. A., 2016:
Thermodynamics of the complexation of arabinogalactan with salicylic andp-aminobenzoic acids in aqueous solutions

Shkol’nikov, E. V., 2016:
Thermodynamics of the dissolution of amorphous and polymorphic TiO2modifications in acid and alkaline media

Lytkin, A. I.; Chernikov, V. V.; Krutova, O. N.; Damrina, K. V.; Skvortsov, I. A., 2016:
Thermodynamics of the dissolution of crystalline L-methionine in water

Pham Thi, L.; Usacheva, T. R.; Tukumova, N. V.; Koryshev, N. E.; Khrenova, T. M.; Sharnin, V. A., 2016:
Thermodynamics of the formation of Cu2+glycyl-glycyl-glycine complex in waterethanol solutions at 298 K

Kuraeva, Y. G.; Onuchak, L. A.; Evdokimova, M. A., 2016:
Thermodynamics of the sorption of organic compounds on polyethylene glycol 400permethylated b-cyclodextrin stationary phase and its enantioselectivity in gas chromatography

Smirnova, N. N.; Golodkov, O. N.; Markin, A. V.; Tsvetkova, L. Ya.; Afonin, P. D.; Smirnova, O. N.; Zakharychev, E. A.; Belov, G. P., 2016:
Thermodynamics of the terpolymer of carbon monoxide, ethylene, and 1-butene

Jiao, X; Chen, X; Li, H, 2016:
Thermodynamics of thiourea dissolution in methanolwater mixtures

Sangi, R; Martín, P Martínez; Müller, D, 2016:
Thermoeconomic analysis of a building heating system

Jung, J-Yeul; Lee, H Saeng; Kim, H-Ju; Yoo, Y; Choi, W-Young; Kwak, H-Young, 2016:
Thermoeconomic analysis of an ocean thermal energy conversion plant

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Thermomechanical evolution of the high-grade core in the nappe zone of Variscan Sardinia, Italy: the role of shear deformation and granite emplacement

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Thermomechanical properties and long-term behavior evaluation of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) exposed to bioethanol fuel under heating

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Thermophoretic capture of submicron particles by a droplet

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Thermoplastic-Composite-Pipe Flowline Helps Reduce Project and Life-Cycle Costs

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Thermoreversible gelation and scaling behavior of Ca2+-induced -carrageenan hydrogels

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Thermosensitivity of the sex differentiation process in the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus: Determination of the thermosensitive period

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These Eyes: A Rejoinder to Panagopoulos on Eyespots and Voter Mobilization

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Thin Porous Media

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Thin film YSZ-based limiting current-type oxygen and humidity sensor on thermally oxidized silicon substrates

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Thin film nanoporous electrodes for the selective catalysis of oxygen in abiotically catalysed micro glucose fuel cells

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Think globally and act locally: Voices of Chinese human geographers in the international arena

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Think tank: water relations of Bromeliaceae in their evolutionary context

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Think twice before calling the police on your misbehaving teen

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Thinking About Change: Discussion of Margy Sperrys From Theory to Clinical Practice: Psychoanalytic Complexity Theory and the Lived Experience of Complexity

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Thinking About the Lifecourse: A Psychosocial Introduction / Gender, Work and Community after De-Industrialisation: A Psychosocial Approach to Affect

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Thinking Past Henri Lefebvre: Introducing The Theory of Ground Rent and Rural Sociology

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Thinking Relationships Through Water

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Thinking about Cats or Dogs Provides Relief from Social Rejection

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Thinking against the sovereignty of the concept

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Thinking like a Mall: Environmental Philosophy after the End of Nature

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Thinking of oneself as the thinker: the concept of self and the phenomenology of intellection

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Thinking yourself fat: The perceived relationship between thoughts and body shape

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Thinned crustal structure and tectonic boundary of the Nansha Block, southern South China Sea

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Thirty-Five Years of Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Italy

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Faith Lessons from Colleagues and Patients

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This changes everything? Canadian climate policy and the 2015 election

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This land can sustain us: cooperative land use planning on the Oneida Reservation

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This one doesn't count

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Thomas Dresselhaus

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Three New (2+1)-dimensional Integrable Systems and Some Related Darboux Transformations

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Three New Genera in the Tribe Euclidieae (Brassicaceae)

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Three Patients

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Three Things to Think About Before Signing an Employment Contract

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Three Trends in the History of Life: An Evolutionary Syndrome

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Three Wishes

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Three Wishes for Point-of-Care Testing

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Three Wishes for the Future of Point-of-Care Testing

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Three Wishes for the Future of Point-of-Care Testing That Really Should Be Deliverable Right Now

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Three Years After Bariatric Surgery in Obese Adolescents

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Three accidents in European dynamite production plants: An attempt to improve the external lessons learning

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Three dimensional (3D) microstructure-based finite element modeling of Al-SiC nanolaminates using focused ion beam (FIB) tomography

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Three dimensional analysis of unconfined seepage in earth dams by the weak form quadrature element method

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Three dimensional characteristics of precipitating cloud systems observed during Indian summer monsoon

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Three dimensional flow of liquid transfer between a cavity and a moving roll

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Three dimensional modified theory of physical optics

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Three dimensional numerical study of the effect of large Grashof number on HEM crystal growth

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Three dimensional seismic studies of deep-water hazard-related features on the northern slope of South China Sea

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Three dimensional visualization of solvent chamber growth during the VAPEX processes: An experimental approach using laser

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Three distinct reversing modes in the geodynamo

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Three ecological factors influencing riverine fish diversity in the Shubuto River system, Japan: habitat capacity, habitat heterogeneity and immigration

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Three effective metaheuristics to solve the multi-depot multi-trip heterogeneous dial-a-ride problem

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Three experiments: The exploration of unknown unknowns in foresight

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Three foliicolous taxa of Lejeuneaceae (Marchantiophyta) new to India from Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Three gemini cationic surfactants as biodegradable corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel in HCl solution

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Three generalizations of theFOCUSconstraint

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Three interesting coordination compounds based on metalloligand and alkaline-earth ions: Syntheses, structures, thermal behaviors and magnetic property

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Three interval thixotropy test to determine structural regeneration of a glucomannan based hydrocolloid film at air/water interface: Interfacial, molecular, thermal and surface characterization

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Three magnitude 7 earthquakes on a single fault in central Italy in 1400 years, evidenced by new palaeoseismic results

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Three new combinations in Rhizochaete (Agaricomycetes, Fungi) a validation

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Three new records of rare deep-sea Anglerfishes (Lophiiformes: Ceratioidei) from the Northern Indian Ocean

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Three new shuttle vectors for heterologous expression in Zymomonas mobilis

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Three new species of the Weevil GenusOtiorhynchusGerm. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae: Entiminae) from the Caucasus

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Three new species ofPsammisias.l. (Ericaceae: Vaccinieae), blueberry relatives endemic to Colombia

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Three new species ofTovomita(Clusiaceae) from the Amazon River basin and first record of papillae forTovomita

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Three new techniques for improving DBS therapy: What are we waiting for?

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Three notions of dynamicness in language

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Three novel 3D pillared-layer molybdenum-oxide-based inorganicorganic hybrids constructed by tetranuclear Zn4/Co4/Mo4 metal clusters

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Three poems and reflections

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Three port laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: One surgeons experience over two years

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Three powerful nature-inspired algorithms to optimize power flow in Algeria's Adrar power system

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Three rare LnNa heterometallic 3D polymers based on sulfate anion: Syntheses, structures, and luminescence properties

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Three remarkable fossil Helicoidea species (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora)

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Three routes forward for biofuels: Incremental, leapfrog, and transitional

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Three speeds of gene repositioning

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Three times a week and five times a week walking exercise frequencies are equally effective in improving walking capacity in experimental peripheral artery disease

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Three way symbiosis between a goby, a shrimp, and a crab

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Three whole-wood isotopic reference materials, USGS54, USGS55, and USGS56, for 2H, 18O, 13C, and 15N measurements

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Three-Corner Fusion for Management of SNAC and SLAC Wrists: Does It Result in a Better Range of Wrist Motion?

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Three-Dimensional Back-Analysis of an Instrumented Shallow Tunnel Excavated by a Conventional Method

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Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy for Portal Vein Tumor Thrombosis in Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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Three-Dimensional Determination of the Coordinates of Individual Atoms in Materials

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Three-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography to Monitor Unsaturated Moisture Ingress in Cement-Based Materials

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Three-Dimensional Hybrid Tin Oxide/Carbon Nanowire Arrays for High-Performance Li Ion Battery Electrodes

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Three-Dimensional Manipulations of Surface Plasmon Polariton Wave Propagation

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Three-Dimensional Modeling, Rapid Prototypes, and Additive Manufacturing

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Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Eustatic Control On Continental-Margin Sand Distribution

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Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Bubble Dynamics in Microgravity under the Influence of Nonuniform Electric Fields

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Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Internal Waves in the St. Lawrence Estuary, Canada

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Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Pure Solutocapillary Flow in a Shallow Annular Pool for Mixture Fluid with High Schmidt Number

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Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of a Rotating Detonation Engine: Effects of the Throat of a Converging-Diverging Nozzle on Engine Performance

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Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation on Triaxial Failure Mechanical Behavior of Rock-Like Specimen Containing Two Unparallel Fissures

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Three-Dimensional Structure of Innexin GAP Junction Channels Studied by Electron Crystallography

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Three-Dimensional Structures Associated with Photoreceptor Cilia by Cryo-Electron Tomography

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Three-Dimensional Super-Resolution Imaging of the RNA Degradation Machinery in Caulobacter Crescentus

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Three-Dimensional Thermal Model of the Costa Rica-Nicaragua Subduction Zone

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Three-Dimensional Variational Assimilation of InSAR PWV Using the WRFDA Model

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Three-Dimensional Virtual Planning for Corrective Osteotomies Made a Difference

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Three-Dimensional Wavemapping of Human Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

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Three-Fold Increase in Bleeding Rate in LVAD Patients Bridged with Enoxaparin for Sub-Therapeutic INR

Tedouri, F; Denee, T; Malfait, B; Van Impe, K, 2016:
Three-Monthly Long-Acting Antipsychotic Therapy Results in A Better Treatment Continuity Compared to A One-Monthly or Bi-Weekly Treatment In Schizophrenia

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Three-Phase Heterogeneously Catalyzed Oxidative Esterification - Relevance of Oxygen Mass Transport

Kianinejad, A; DiCarlo, D A., 2016:
Three-Phase Oil Relative Permeability in Water-Wet Media: A Comprehensive Study

Mizutani, R; Koizumi, H; Hirose, K; Ishibashi, K, 2016:
Three-Phase to Single-Phase Matrix Converter for Improvement of Three-Phase Voltage Unbalance in Distribution System

Dunford, G; Philip, S; Kole, K, 2016:
Three-Port Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Zainal Abidin, M; Rusli, R; Mohd Shariff, A; Khan, F Irshad, 2016:
Three-Stage ISD Matrix (TIM) Tool to Review the Impact of Inherently Safer Design Implementation

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Three-axis pneumatic tactile display with integrated capacitive sensors for feedback control

Kumar, A; Panigrahi, R Kumar; Das, A, 2016:
Three-component decomposition technique for hybrid-pol SAR data

Wolf, D; Lubk, A; Lichte, H, 2016:
Three-dimensional Induction Mapping of Magnetic Nanoscale Materials by Electron Holographic Tomography

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Three-dimensional P- and S-wave velocity profiling of geotechnical sites using full-waveform inversion driven by field data

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Three-dimensional Sn rich Cu6Sn5 negative electrodes for Li ion batteries

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Three-dimensional active earth pressure coefficients by upper bound numerical limit analysis

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Three-dimensional analysis of the microstructure and bio-corrosion of MgZn and MgZnCa alloys

Yang, B; Zhang, A; Zhang, S; Liu, Y; Zhang, S; Li, Y; Xu, Y; Wang, Q, 2016:
Three-dimensional audio-frequency magnetotelluric imaging of Akebasitao granitic intrusions in Western Junggar, NW China

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Three-dimensional beam-truss model for reinforced concrete walls and slabs - part 1: modeling approach, validation, and parametric study for individual reinforced concrete walls

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Three-dimensional coverage path planning via viewpoint resampling and tour optimization for aerial robots

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Three-dimensional cut-cell modelling for high-resolution atmospheric simulations

Li, Y; Dai, D; Xing, S; Xiao, S; Zhang, J, 2016:
Three-dimensional deceptive scene generation against single-pass InSAR based on coherent transponders

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Three-dimensional dense distributed temperature sensing for measuring layered thermohaline systems

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Three-dimensional density structures of Taiwan and tectonic implications based on the analysis of gravity data

Jiang, H; Cheng, L; Draper, S; An, H; Tong, F, 2016:
Three-dimensional direct numerical simulation of wake transitions of a circular cylinder

Hadidi, N.; Bennacer, R., 2016:
Three-dimensional double diffusive natural convection across a cubical enclosure partially filled by vertical porous layer

Hsiung, B-Chen Benson; Yang, K-Hsin; Aila, W; Hung, C, 2016:
Three-dimensional effects of a deep excavation on wall deflections in loose to medium dense sands

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Three-dimensional electrode coatings for hydrogen production manufactured by combined atmospheric and suspension plasma spray

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Three-dimensional evolution of salt-controlled minibasins: Interactions, folding and megaflap development

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Three-dimensional experiment and numerical simulation of the discharge performance of sluice passageway for tidal power plant

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Three-dimensional flow characterization of a square array of multiple circular impinging jets using stereoscopic PIV and heat transfer relation

Engel, F L.; Rhoads, B L., 2016:
Three-dimensional flow structure and patterns of bed shear stress in an evolving compound meander bend

Bai, Z; Tan, M-Jin; Zhang, F-Lai, 2016:
Three-dimensional forward modeling and inversion of borehole-to-surface electrical imaging with different power sources

Guan, Y; Chang, J; Zhang, K; Wang, B; Sun, Q; Wen, D, 2016:
Three-dimensional full loop simulation of solids circulation in an interconnected fluidized bed

Brus, D.J.; Yang, R-Min; Zhang, G-Lin, 2016:
Three-dimensional geostatistical modeling of soil organic carbon: A case study in the Qilian Mountains, China

Wang, C; Ding, J; Shu, C-Wang; Li, T, 2016:
Three-dimensional ghost-fluid large-scale numerical investigation on air explosion

Lu, Y; Ye, W; Yang, Q; Yu, J; Wang, Q; Zhou, P; Wang, C; Xue, D; Zhao, S, 2016:
Three-dimensional hierarchical porous PtCu dendrites: A highly efficient peroxidase nanozyme for colorimetric detection of H2O2

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Three-dimensional hydrogen bonding network in the structures of (dimethylcyanamide)cobalt(II) complexes

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Three-dimensional hydrogeological reconstruction based on geological depositional model: A case study from the coastal plain of Arborea (Sardinia, Italy)

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Three-dimensional instabilities and inertial waves in a rapidly rotating split-cylinder flow

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Three-dimensional instabilities in oscillatory flow past elliptic cylinders

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Three-dimensional integral imaging display system via off-axially distributed image sensing

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Three-dimensional inverse modelling of magnetic anomaly sources based on a genetic algorithm

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Three-dimensional macroporous cellulose-based bioadsorbents for efficient removal of nickel ions from aqueous solution

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Three-dimensional microwave broadband metamaterial absorber with broad transmission window based on the coupled symmetric split ring resonators

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Three-dimensional model of biomatrix as a method of studying blood vessels and nerve growth in tissue engineering structures

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Three-dimensional model of electrostatic precipitators for the estimation of their particle collection efficiency

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Three-dimensional modeling of high-latitude scintillation observations

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Three-dimensional modeling of pulsed soundings using a fast Fourier transform

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Three-dimensional morphological analysis method for geologic bodies and its parallel implementation

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Three-dimensional motion of particles in a shear flow near a rough wall

Di, H; Zhou, S; He, C; Zhang, X; Luo, Z, 2016:
Three-dimensional multilayer cylindrical tunnel model for calculating train-induced dynamic stress in saturated soils

Chokri, R; Brahim, B-Beya, 2016:
Three-dimensional natural convection of molten Lithium in a differentially heated rotating cubic cavity about a vertical ridge

Jamsawang, P; Yoobanpot, N; Thanasisathit, N; Voottipruex, P; Jongpradist, P, 2016:
Three-dimensional numerical analysis of a DCM column-supported highway embankment

Liu, S; Jiao, W; Wang, H, 2016:
Three-dimensional numerical analysis of the coupled heat transfer performance of LNG ambient air vaporizer

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Three-dimensional numerical modeling of land subsidence in Shanghai, China

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Three-dimensional numerical modelling of flow field in shallow reservoirs

Liu, Y; Dai, T; Qiu, L; Xia, S, 2016:
Three-dimensional numerical simulation of ore-forming processes of the Fushan skarn iron deposit in Handan-Xingtai ore cluster, North China: Implication for tectonic effects on skarn-iron mineralization

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Three-dimensional numerical simulations of vortex-induced vibrations of tapered circular cylinders

Li, Z-Yao; Huang, Z; Tao, W-Quan, 2016:
Three-dimensional numerical study on fully-developed mixed laminar convection in parabolic trough solar receiver tube

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Three-dimensional off-lattice AB model protein with the 89-residue Fibonacci sequence

Serpieri, J; Kotsonis, M, 2016:
Three-dimensional organisation of primary and secondary crossflow instability

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Three-dimensional personalised scaffolds for head and neck reconstruction. Software versatility and a new pathway for soft tissue construct design

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Three-dimensional phase-shifting electronic speckle pattern interferometry based on a non-cube beam-splitter

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Three-dimensional physical simulation and optimization of water injection of a multi-well fractured-vuggy unit

Takahashi, M.; Kato, M.; Lin, W.; Sato, M., 2016:
Three-dimensional pore geometry and permeability anisotropy of Berea sandstone under hydrostatic pressure: connecting path and tortuosity data obtained by microfocus X-ray CT

Yu, X.; Wu, C.; Fu, Y.; Brookes, P. C.; Lu, S., 2016:
Three-dimensional pore structure and carbon distribution of macroaggregates in biochar-amended soil

Epelboym, Y.; Shyn, P.; Kelil, T.; Chick, J.; Chauhan, N.; Ripley, B.; Hosny, A.; Scholz, F., 2016:
Three-dimensional printing of an abdominal compression device to facilitate CT-fluoroscopy-guided interventional procedures

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Three-dimensional printing of biocompatible scaffolds for tissue engineered constructs

Zhu, M; Zhang, J; Zhao, S; Zhu, Y, 2016:
Three-dimensional printing of cerium-incorporated mesoporous calcium-silicate scaffolds for bone repair

da Silva, B Togoro Ferreira; Cesar, P Francisco; de Freitas, Pícia Moreira; Palma-Dibb, R Guenka; Matos, A Bona, 2016:
Three-dimensional profilometric assessment of Er:YAG laser irradiated unsintered zirconia

Wang, G; Cheng, J, 2016:
Three-dimensional reconstruction of hybrid surfaces using perspective shape from shading

Gao, Y; Yang, S; Zhang, F; Leshchinsky, B, 2016:
Three-dimensional reinforced slopes: Evaluation of required reinforcement strength and embedment length using limit analysis

Zhu, J; Liu, L; Tang, G; Bao, W, 2016:
Three-dimensional robust diving guidance for hypersonic vehicle

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Three-dimensional semi-idealized model for tidal motion in tidal estuaries

Khatchatourian, O A.; Binelo, M O.; Faoro, V; Toniazzo, N A., 2016:
Three-dimensional simulation and performance evaluation of air distribution in horizontal storage bins

Tan, H, 2016:
Three-dimensional simulation of micrometer-sized droplet impact and penetration into the powder bed

Iliuta, I; Larachi, Fïçal, 2016:
Three-dimensional simulations of gas-liquid cocurrent downflow in vertical, inclined, and oscillating packed beds

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Three-dimensional slope reliability and risk assessment using auxiliary random finite element method

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Three-dimensional smoothed-particle hydrodynamics simulation of deformation characteristics in slope failure

Wu, Y; Li, Y; Fu, X; Liu, X; Shen, J; Wang, Y; Wu, J, 2016 :
Three-dimensional spatial variability in soil microorganisms of nitrification and denitrification at a row-transect scale in a tea field

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Three-dimensional spectral analysis of compositional heterogeneity at Arruntia crater on (4) Vesta using Dawn FC

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Three-dimensional stability of slurry-supported trenches: End effects

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Three-dimensional structure of a pH-dependent fluorescent protein WasCFP with a tryptophan based deprotonated chromophore

Collin, A; Etienne, S; Jeanson, M, 2016:
Three-dimensional structure of coral reef boulders transported by stormy waves using the very high resolution WorldView-2 satellite

Xing, L; Hsiao, M-Siao; Kuang, Z-Feng; Ngo, Y; Kim, S; Lawrence, F., 2016:
Three-dimensional structure of neuropeptide Y pre-pro-peptide to reveal its interaction with lipid membrane

Timofeev, V. I.; Abramchik, Y. A.; Zhukhlistova, N. E.; Muravieva, T. I.; Esipov, R. S.; Kuranova, I. P., 2016:
Three-dimensional structure of phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthetase fromE. coliat 2.71 resolution

Timofeev, V. I.; Abramchik, Y. A.; Zhukhlistova, N. E.; Muravieva, T. I.; Esipov, R. S.; Kuranova, I. P., 2016:
Three-dimensional structure ofE. Colipurine nucleoside phosphorylase at 0.99 resolution

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Three-dimensional temperature uniformity assessment based on gray level co-occurrence matrix

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Three-dimensional textural and quantitative analyses of orogenic gold at the nanoscale

Seitz, K-Franziska; Grabe, Jürgen, 2016:
Three-dimensional topology optimization for geotechnical foundations in granular soil

Varandas, J.N.; Hölscher, P.; Silva, M.A.G., 2016:
Three-dimensional track-ballast interaction model for the study of a culvert transition

Bohlen, T; Wittkamp, F, 2016:
Three-dimensional viscoelastic time-domain finite-difference seismic modelling using the staggered AdamsBashforth time integrator

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Three-dimensional vorticity, momentum and heat transport in a turbulent cylinder wake

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Three-dimensional α-Mg dendritic morphology and branching structure transition in Mg-Zn alloys

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Three-dimensional, numerical investigation of reactant injection variation in a H2/air rotating detonation engine

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Three-echelon supply chain coordination with a loss-averse retailer and revenue sharing contracts

Xu, Y; Wang, Y; Ji, Y; Han, H; Jin, W, 2016:
Three-frame generalized phase-shifting interferometry by a Euclidean matrix norm algorithm

Ye, L; Zhang, X; Zhang, Y; Li, Y; Zheng, W; Jiang, B, 2016:
Three-layer tri-wavelength broadband antireflective coatings built from refractive indices controlled silica thin films

Jou, H-Liahng; Chen, G-Ru; Wu, J-Chang; Wu, K-Der; Jhang, J-Ming, 2016:
Three-port single-phase three-wire power converter interface for micro grid

Song, W; Tong, X; Zhang, J; Meng, P, 2016:
Three-source partitioning of soil respiration by13C natural abundance and its variation with soil depth in a plantation

Zhou, Z; Ouyang, J; Yang, H; Tang, A, 2016:
Three-way catalytic performances of Pd loaded halloysite-Ce0.5Zr0.5O2 hybrid materials

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Three-year continuation of long-acting reversible contraceptive methods in a mixed-payer health care setting: a retrospective review

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ThreeP5CSgenes including a novel one fromLilium regaleplay distinct roles in osmotic, drought and salt stress tolerance

Poláčik, P., 2016:
Threshold Behavior and Non-quasiconvergent Solutions with Localized Initial Data for Bistable ReactionDiffusion Equations

Carmichael, J D.; Hartse, H, 2016:
Threshold Magnitudes for a Multichannel Correlation Detector in Background Seismicity

Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh, N, 2016:
Threshold analysis of genetic effects for secondary sex ratio in domestic sheep using Bayesian approach via Gibbs sampling

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Threshold detection for the generalized Pareto distribution: Review of representative methods and application to the NOAA NCDC daily rainfall database

Schrenk, D., 2016:
Threshold of toxicological concern

Recknagel, F; Adrian, R; Köhler, J; Cao, H, 2016:
Threshold quantification and short-term forecasting ofAnabaena,AphanizomenonandMicrocystisin the polymictic eutrophic Lake Müggelsee (Germany) by inferential modelling using the hybrid evolutionary algorithm HEA

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Threshold temperatures for seed germination in nine species of Verbascum (Scrophulariaceae)

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Threshold velocity to initiate particle motion in horizontal and near-horizontal conduits

Udomlamlert, K; Hara, T; Nishio, S, 2016:
Threshold-Based Distributed Continuous Top-k Query Processing for Minimizing Communication Overhead

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Threshold-Level Public Goods Provision with Multiple Units: Experimental Effects of Disaggregated Groups with Rebates

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Thresholds in decoupled soil-plant elements under changing climatic conditions

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Thresholds of Body Mass Index as a Predictor of Morbidity in Lumbar Spinal Surgery Based on Surgical Invasiveness

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Thrifty metabolism helps butterflies go the distance

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Thrips Species (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in Brazilian Papaya (Brassicales: Caricaceae) Orchards as Potential Virus Vectors

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Thriving in Adversity

Snower, D J., 2016:
Thriving through balance

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Thrombectomie et prise en charge de laccident vasculaire crbral ischmique : une rvolution mdicale

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Thrombectomie mcanique dans les accidents ischmiques score NIHSS 7

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Thrombectomie mcaniques par stent-retrievers des occlusions en tandem de la circulation antrieure : mta-analyse

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Thrombectomie mcanique : quel avenir, quelles solutions (prise en charge, formation) : exemple de la grande rgion Aquitaine, Limousin, Poitou-Charentes

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Thrombectomie sous anticoagulant : quel pronostic ?

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Thromboelastography: useful and underutilized

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Thromboelastometry analysis of immobilized plasminogen activator for target thrombolysis

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Thromboembolic Disease in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery: Incidence and Risk Factors in 737 Patients

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Thrombophlbite crbrale compliquant un syndrome de cushing propos dun cas

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Thromboprophylaxis in critically ill patients

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Thrombose et cancer

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Thrombose portale au cours de la cirrhose : profil volutif et facteurs prdictifs de morbi-mortalit

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Thrombose veineuse profonde : le parcours de soins idal de j0 m12

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Thrombosed Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm and Acute Coronary Syndrome

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Thrombosis Model in Mouse Carotid Induced by Guidewire

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Thrombotic risk factors in nonmalignant and noncirrhotic patients with portal vein thrombosis

Savvaidis, A.; Schuett, K., 2016:

Firn, S.; Revuz, S.; Mohamed, S.; Deibener-Kaminsky, J.; Heymonet, M.; Jaussaud, R., 2016:
Thrombus intracardiaque dans la granulomatose osinophilique avec polyangite : nappelez pas le chirurgien !

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Through The HermitRediscovering Antnio Dacosta's lost painting

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Through the 'Scope: The Year in Micromounting2015 Was a Year of Reflection

Saidel, E, 2016:
Through the looking glass, and what we (dont) find there

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Through the tunnel, to the light: Why sense of coherence covers and exceeds resilience, optimism, and self-compassion

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Through the Scope: Micromounters Hall of Fame Revisited

Wolfsried, S, 2016:
Through the Scope: Baby BluesSpecimens for the Micromounter

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Through-thickness thermal conduction in glass fiber polymermatrix composites and its enhancement by composite modification

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Throughfall enrichment and stream nutrient chemistry in small headwater catchments with different land cover in southern Chile

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Throughfall patterns in sugarcane and riparian forest: understanding the effect of sugarcane age and land use conversion

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Throughput and delay analysis of an opportunistic tree algorithm

Verma, P; Singh, B, 2016:
Throughput maximization by alternative use of single and double thresholds based energy detection method

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Thrust and Swimming Speed Analysis of Fish Robot with Non-uniform Flexible Tail

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Thrust fault nucleation due to heterogeneous bedding plane slip: Evidence from an Ohio coal mine

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Thruster direction controlling of assembled spacecraft based on gimbal suspension

Brenda van Dam, 2016:
Thuiszorg Dichtbij Groningen

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Thulium (tm:yag) laser in the upper urinary tract: Does the heat generation in the irrigation fluid pose a risk? Evidence from an in vivo experimental study

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Thulium diketonate as NMR paramagnetic probe for moderately fast molecular dynamics and supersensitive reagent for in situ control of temperature

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Thunderbird heavy mineral sand deposit, Western Australia

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Thundersnow in Brazil: a case study of 22 July 2013

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Thunderstorms Do Not Get Butterflies

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Thus do all. Social interactions in inappropriate behavior for childbirth services in a highly decentralized healthcare system

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Thymoglobulin after Matched Unrelated Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HCT) in AML/MDS Results in Improved Outcomes Comparable to Matched Related HCT

Cakir, M.; Sakalar, C.; Sezen, S.; Aksu, H.; Kurt, B.; Canatan, H., 2016:
Thymoquinone confers higher cytotoxicity against triple negative breast cancer compared to estrogen receptor positive breast cancer through modulation of TNF receptor superfamily genes and P65 activity

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Thymoquinone, a biologically active component ofNigella sativa, induces mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species and programmed death of tumor cells

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Thyroglossal Duct Cyst Surgery in a Regional Maxillofacial Unit

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Thyroid Cells Exposed to Simulated Microgravity Conditions Comparison of the Fast Rotating Clinostat and the Random Positioning Machine

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Thyroid Function Disorders Caused by Genetic Mutation

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Thyroid hormone supplementation following open-heart surgery in children

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Thyrode ectopique basi-linguale

Emile, C, 2016:
Thyrode et grossesse

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Thyrodite auto-immune secondaire un traitement par pembrolizumab : une observation

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Thrapeutiques cibles dans les tumeurs de los et des tissus mous : vers une prise en charge individualise

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Thrapeutiques cibles dans les tumeurs solides de lenfant et de ladolescent

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Thrapies cibles dans le cancer du rein : identification des voies/marqueurs de rsistance

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Ti, Zr and V complexes with N-allyl functionalized heterocyclic ligands as catalysts for ethylene polymerization

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Ti-modified hierarchical mordenite as highly active catalyst for oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene

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Ti-salalen mediated asymmetric epoxidation of olefins with H2O2: Effect of ligand on the catalytic performance, and insight into the oxidation mechanism

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Ti3+ states induced band gap reduction and enhanced visible light absorption of TiO2 nanotube arrays: Effect of the surface solid fraction factor

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Ti3AlC2 coatings deposited by liquid plasma spraying

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TiB2(-TiB)/Cu in-situ composites prepared by hot-press with the sintering temperature just beneath the melting point of copper

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TiO2 alterations with natural aging: Unveiling the role of nitric acid on NIR reflectance

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TiO2 modification by gold (Au) for photocatalytic hydrogen (H2) production

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TiO2 nanoparticles optimized for photoanodes tested in large area Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC)

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TiO2/BiOX (X=Cl, Br, I) hybrid microspheres for artificial waste water and real sample treatment under visible light irradiation

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TiO2/g-C3N4nanosheets hybrid photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation

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TiO2/graphene oxide immobilized in P(VDF-TrFE) electrospun membranes with enhanced visible-light-induced photocatalytic performance

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Tibial Plateau Fracture Subluxation

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Tibiofemoral contact forces 23 years following anterior crucuate ligament reconstruction: A comparison with healthy individuals

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Tibiofemoral joint loading during therapeutic exercises and activities of daily living: Implications for rehabilitation in osteoarthritis and cartilage repair surgery

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Tibioperoneal Occlusive Disease: A Review of Below the Knee Endovascular Therapies In Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia

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Ticagrelor Found Not Superior to Aspirin for Secondary Stroke Prevention

Wang, H-Hsuan; Grant, W.E.; Teel, P.D.; Hamer, S.A., 2016:
Tick-borne infectious agents in nature: Simulated effects of changes in host density on spatial-temporal prevalence of infected ticks

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Ticks on small mammals at two localities in southern Saskatchewan, Canada and the detection of Rickettsia peacockii (Rickettsiaceae) in Dermacentor andersoni (Acari: Ixodidae) nymphs

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Time-of-day preference mediates the relationship between personality and breakfast attitudes

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Time-restricted orientation of green turtles

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Time-scales for the redistribution of stress in the course of pressuremeter creep tests in permafrost

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Time-sensitive Arabic multiword expressions extraction from social networks

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Time-space rhythms of the city--The industrial and postindustrial Brno

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Time-trend analysis of the impact of universal rotavirus vaccination in Brazil

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Time-valued net energy analysis of solar kilns for wood drying: A solar thermal application

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Time-varying analysis of CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and economic growth nexus: Statistical experience in next 11 countries

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Time-varying longitudinal prognostic factors of survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated with chemoembolization

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Time-varying nonstationary multivariate risk analysis using a dynamic Bayesian copula

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Time-zero efficiency of European power derivatives markets

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Time: A Philosophical Introduction

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Time: The Biggest Pattern in Natural History Research

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Timeline of the evolution of eelpouts from the suborder Zoarcoidei (Perciformes) based on DNA variability

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Timeline review of coupling analyses on groundwater from multifaceted perspective

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Timely autism diagnosis - before 4 years of age - improves treatment

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Timely geographies: New directions in cultural geography revisited

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Timescale of asteroid resurfacing by regolith convection resulting from the impact-induced global seismic shaking

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Timescales of magma storage and migration recorded by olivine crystals in basalts of the March–April 2010 eruption at Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland

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TimeSpace Effect of Stress Field and Damage Evolution Law of Compressed Coal-Rock

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Timefrequency analysis based on Vold-Kalman filter and higher order energy separation for fault diagnosis of wind turbine planetary gearbox under nonstationary conditions

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Timefrequency characterization of sub-divisional scale seasonal rainfall in India using the HilbertHuang transform

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Timefrequency image-based carrier tracking method for Global Navigation Satellite System signal with ultra-high dynamics

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Times arrow in the trees of life and minerals

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Timing and Imaging Evidence in Sport

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Timing and Impact of Hearing Healthcare in Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients

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Timing and conditions of regional metamorphism and crustal shearing in the granulite facies basement of south Namibia: Implications for the crustal evolution of the Namaqualand metamorphic basement in the Mesoproterozoic

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Timing and metal sources for carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb mineralization in the Franklinian Basin (North Greenland): Constraints from Rb-Sr and Pb isotopes

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Timing and nature of the XinlinXiguitu Ocean: constraints from ophiolitic gabbros in the northern Great Xingan Range, eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt

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Timing and origin of migmatitic gneisses in south Karakoram: Insights from UPb, Hf and O isotopic record of zircons

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Timing deviations in jazz performance: The relationships of selected musical variables on horizontal and vertical timing relations: A case study

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Timing is crucial for consequences of migratory connectivity

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Timing is everything: optimizing crop yield forThalassiosira pseudonana(Bacillariophyceae) with semi-continuous culture

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Timing of Handover of Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Responsibilities in Children and Youth with Type 1 Diabetes

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Timing of Holocene paleo-earthquakes along the Langshan Piedmont Fault in the western Hetao Graben, North China: Implications for seismic risk

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Timing of Insecticide Application for Cabbage Maggot Control in Seeded Turnip on the Central Coast of California

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Timing of Salvage Therapy and Autologous Hematopoietic Cell Transplant in Relapsed Hodgkin and Non Hodgkin Lymphoma

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Timing of Songbird Nest Predation as Revealed by Video Surveillance

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Timing of Visual Bodily Behavior in Repair Sequences: Evidence From Three Languages

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Timing of amalgamation of the Alxa Block and the North China Block: Constraints based on detrital zircon UPb ages and sedimentologic and structural evidence

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Timing of attacks by a predator at a prey hotspot

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Timing of deformation in the Sarand del Y Shear Zone, Uruguay: Implications for the amalgamation of western Gondwana during the Neoproterozoic Brasiliano-Pan-African Orogeny

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Timing of early warning stages in a multi stage collision warning system: Drivers evaluation depending on situational influences

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Timing of extreme drought modifies reproductive output in semi-natural grassland

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Timing of formation and tectonic nature of the purportedly Neoproterozoic Jiageda Formation of the Erguna Massif, NE China: Constraints from field geology and UPb geochronology of detrital and magmatic zircons

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Timing of invasive pollen deposition influences pollen tube growth and seed set in a native plant

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Timing of mowing influences genetic diversity and reproductive success in endangered semi-natural grassland plants

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Timing of referral to inpatient palliative care services for advanced cancer patients and earlier referral predictors in mainland China

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Timing of reproduction and paternal cares in the crested porcupine

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Timing of rice maturity in China is affected more by transplanting date than by climate change

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Timing of the Late Cretaceous ignimbrite flare-up at the eastern margin of the Eurasian Plate: New zircon UPb ages from the AioiArimaKoto region of SW Japan

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Timing of the hunting season as a tool to redistribute harvest of migratory deer across the landscape

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Timing of the orthopaedic surgical intervention in patients with poly-trauma: A systematic review

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Timing of the treatment with oak chips: the case of Nero di Troia wine

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Timing of treatment for Pompe disease

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Timing of wet episodes in Atacama Desert over the last 15 ka. The Groundwater Discharge Deposits (GWD) from Domeyko Range at 25S

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Timing the bloom season: a novel approach to evaluating reproductive phenology across distinct regional flora

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Timing within the reproduction cycle modulates the efficiency of village-based crown-of-thorns starfish removal

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Timing zur Shunt-Anlage

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Timing-based business models for flexibility creation in the electric power sector

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Timor-Leste's demographic challenges for environment, peace and nation building

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Timothy Aubry and Trysh Travis (eds): Rethinking Therapeutic Culture

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Tin partition behavior and implications for the Furong tin ore formation associated with peralkaline intrusive granite in Hunan Province, China

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Tin-Catalyzed Selective Reductive Hydroamination of Alkynes for the Synthesis of Tertiary Amines

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Tin-porphyrin-assisted formation of coordination frameworks

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Tin-silica-silver composite nanoparticles for medium-to-high temperature volumetric absorption solar collectors

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Tiny Land Features in Recent Maritime Delimitation Case Law

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Tip MotionSensor Signal Relation for a Composite SPM/SPL Cantilever

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Tip Toe Walker idiopathique. Comparaison de lanalyse cinmatique et cintique avec un groupe de sujet sain marchant volontairement en quin

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Tipologa y estndares de calidad de las unidades de insuficiencia cardiaca: consenso cientfico de la Sociedad Espaola de Cardiologa

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Tipping the Epigenetic Balance: Drug-Induced Histone Modification Affects Breast Cancer Cell Migration

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Tipps und Tricks beim Zentrifugieren

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Tips & Tricks: Vaginal Knife Morcellation in Alexis Bag (After Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for 18 Weeks Size Uterus) Made Easier with Titiz Utero-Vaginal Manipulator

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Tips versus Endoscopy plus Propranolol and Anticoagulation For Variceal Rebleeding in Cirrhotic Patients with Portal Vein Thrombosis: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial

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Tire compaction capacity rating on non-standard soil

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Tiroir antrieur spontan lIRM aprs rupture complte du LCA, quantification et reproductibilit des mesures

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Tissue Dynamics

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Tissue biochemical diversity of 20 gooseberry cultivars and the effect of ethylene supplementation on postharvest life

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Tissue culture ofMuscarispecies: present achievements and future perspectives

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Tit-for-tat in trade policies: nothing but a fest for vested interests?

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Titanium dioxide nanoparticles as efficient catalyst for the synthesis of pyrans annulated heterocyclic systems via three-component reaction

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Titanium tetrachloride as novel working fluid for high temperature Rankine Cycles: Thermodynamic analysis and experimental assessment of the thermal stability

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Titanium(IV) Chloride-Mediated Stereoselective α-Alkylidenation to Efficiently Assemble Multisubstituted 1,3-Dienes

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Titans with Feet of Clay

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Titans meridional wind profile and Huygens orientation and swing inferred from the geometry of DISR imaging

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Titans missing ethane: From the atmosphere to the subsurface

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Title IX: Role of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners in Campus Sexual Assault Proceedings

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TiVNi with graphene-mixing icosahedral quasicrystalline composites: Preparation, structure and its application in NiMH rechargeable batteries

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Tl(I) to Po(IV) 6s2 lone pairs in tetrahedral, triangular bipyramidal, square pyramidal, octahedral and hexahedral geometries: Crystal chemistry and ab initio visualizations and analyses

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Tnt1retrotransposon as an efficient tool for development of an insertional mutant collection ofLotus japonicus

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To 3D or Not to 3D: Is Practicality the Question?

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To Adapt or Not to Adapt: Sex-Specific and Age-Dependent Adaptation of the Mitochondrial Lon Protease in D. Melanogaster

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To Assess the Changes of Volume and Spatial Location of Target Area During Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Cervical Cancer

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To Be or Not to Be? The Essentialist Paradigm in Spanish and Catalan Televisions Depiction of Sexuality

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To Behave Like a Liar: Nonverbal Cues to Deception in an Asian Sample

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To Buy or not to Buy? Perceptions of Bottled Drinking Water in Australia and New Zealand

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To Choose (Not) to Eat Healthy: Social Norms, Self-affirmation, and Food Choice

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FAK- and YAP/TAZ dependent mechanotransduction pathways are required for enhanced immunomodulatory properties of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells induced by aligned fibrous scaffolds

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To Compress or Not to Compress: Revisiting the Use of Chest Compressions in LVAD Patients

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To Dream, Perchance to Think: Discussion of Papers by Noelle Burton and Christopher Bonovitz

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To Eat or Not to Eat: Managing Dysphagia at End of Life (FR435)

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To Evolve, or Not To Evolve?That Is the Question

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To FAD or not to FAD: A challenge to the marine stewardship council and its conformity assessment bodies on the use of units of assessment and units of certification for industrial purse seine tuna fisheries

Şengel, E, 2016:
To FLIP or not to FLIP: Comparative case study in higher education in Turkey

Sodhi, R, 2016:
To Investigate the Reliability of Physical Tests of Lumbar Spine Range of Movement, Endurance, and Motor Control in Healthy Adults

Zettler, J. A.; Mateer, S. C.; Link-Perez, M.; Bailey, J. B.; DeMars, G.; Ness, T., 2016:
To Key or Not to Key: A New Key to Simplify & Improve the Accuracy of Insect Identification

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To Know Another Inside and Out: Linking Psychic and Somatic Experience in Eating Disorders

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To Link or Not to Link? Agenda Change in International Bargaining

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To Lobby or to Partner? Investigating the Shifting Political Strategies of Biopharmaceutical Industry Associations in Innovation Systems of South Africa and India

Ang, F; Kerstens, P Jan, 2016:
To Mix or Specialise? A Coordination Productivity Indicator for English and Welsh farms

Olivetti, K; Watsky, P, 2016:
To Our Readers

Defagó, Mía Teresa; Videla, Mín; Valladares, G, 2016:
To Smell you Better: Prior Food Deprivation Increases Herbivore Insect Responsiveness to Host Plant Odor Cues

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