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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64952

Chapter 64952 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A procedure for estimating the number of green mature apples in night-time orchard images using light distribution and its application to yield estimation
, Precision Agriculture 18(1): 59-75 (2017)

A procedure for evaluating the most environmentally sound alternative between two on-site small-scale wastewater treatment systems
, Journal of Cleaner Production 164: 124-136 (2017)

A procedure for grouping food consumption data for use in food allergen risk assessment
, Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 59: 111-123 (2017)

A procedure for mapping vulnerability of sea-coastal zones to oil
, Doklady Earth Sciences 475(2): 907-910 (2017)

A procedure to find equivalences among dynamic models of planar biped robots
, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 75: 48-66 (2017)

A process evaluation of a Psychomotor Dance Therapy Intervention (DANCIN) for behavior change in dementia: attitudes and beliefs of participating residents and staff
, International Psychogeriatrics 29(02): 313-322 (2017)

A process for supercoiled plasmid DNA purification based on multimodal chromatography
, Separation and Purification Technology 182: 94-100 (2017)

A process parameters optimization method of multi-pass dry milling for high efficiency, low energy and low carbon emissions
, Journal of Cleaner Production 148: 174-184 (2017)

A process-based emission model of volatile organic compounds from silage sources on farms
, Atmospheric Environment 152: 85-97 (2017)

A process-based water balance model for semi-arid ecosystems: A case study of psammophytic ecosystems in Mu Us Sandland, Inner Mongolia, China
, Ecological Modelling 353: 77-85 (2017)

A process-level water conservation and pollution control performance evaluation tool of cleaner production technology in textile industry
, Journal of Cleaner Production 143: 1137-1143 (2017)

A process-oriented perspective examining the relationships among daily coping, stress, and affect
, Personality and Individual Differences 104: 357-361 (2017)

A production-emission nexus based stochastic-fuzzy model for identification of urban industry-environment policy under uncertainty
, Journal of Cleaner Production 154: 61-82 (2017)

A proficient magnetic nano-platform with covalently assembled methyl red indicator for the dual recognition of pH and Hg2+
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 244: 861-875 (2017)

A projection matrix design method for MSE deduction in adaptive compressive sensing
, Signal Processing 141: 16-27 (2017)

A projection type steepest descent neural network for solving a class of nonsmooth optimization problems
, Neurocomputing 235: 164-181 (2017)

A prolific appearance of Fomitopsis pinicola in Hampshire
, Field Mycology 18(3): 85-86 (2017)

A promising mechanical ball-milling method to synthesize carbon-coated Co9S8 nanoparticles as high-performance electrode for supercapacitor
, Journal of Materials Science 52(23): 13552-13560 (2017)

A promising synergistic effect of nickel ferrite loaded on the layered double hydroxide-derived carrier for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42(2): 867-875 (2017)

A proof-of-principle study for performing enzyme bioassays using substrates immobilized in a leaky optical waveguide
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 244: 549-558 (2017)

A propensity matched survival analysis comparing treatment strategies for stage B and C hepatocellular carcinoma
, Hpb 19: S105-S106 (2017)

A proper study of the discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Methodological implications of a large-scale study of the first Gaza war
, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 44(3): 391-407 (2017)

A proportional-integral extremum-seeking controller design technique
, Automatica 77: 61-67 (2017)

A proposal for a demultiplexer based on plasmonic metalinsulatormetal waveguide-coupled ring resonator operating in near-infrared spectrum
, Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 142: 550-556 (2017)

A proposal for avoiding fresh-weight measurements when reporting the effect of plant growth-promoting (rhizo)bacteria on growth promotion of plants
, Biology and Fertility of Soils 53(1): 1-2 (2017)

A proposal for the theoretical analysis of the interactive coupled effects between urbanization and the eco-environment in mega-urban agglomerations
, Journal of Geographical Sciences 27(12): 1431-1449 (2017)

A proposal for vibration isolation of structures by using a wave generator
, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 100: 573-585 (2017)

A proposed Fast algorithm to construct the system matrices for a reduced-order groundwater model
, Advances in Water Resources 102: 68-83 (2017)

A proposed experiment: to assess the effect of football boot design on agile movement
, Footwear Science 9(Sup 1): S74-S75 (2017)

A proposed family of Unified models for sigmoidal growth
, Ecological Modelling 359: 117-127 (2017)

A proposed lighting-design space: circadian effect versus visual illuminance
, Building and Environment 122: 287-293 (2017)

A prospective comparative study of arthroscopic vs. open latarjet in the treatment of anterior shoulder instability with marked glenoid bone loss
, Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery 26(10): E330-E331 (2017)

A prospective evaluation of predictors of pain after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: psychosocial factors have a stronger association than structural factors
, Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery 26(10): E327-E328 (2017)

A prospective of epidemiological intervention in investigation and management of argulosis in aquaculture
, Aquaculture International 25(1): 303-325 (2017)

A prospective randomized study comparing standard prostate biopsy and a new diagnostic path with MRI and fusion biopsy: Results after two years
, European Urology Suppl.s 16(3): E869-E870 (2017)

A prospective study for the correlation between cognitive function and soy intake in OITA
, Journal of the Neurological Sciences 381: 665-666 (2017)

A prospective study in 506 patients about the safety of omitting AB-prophylaxis in TURP in patients without pre-operative bacteriuria/catheter
, European Urology Suppl.s 16(3): E323-E324 (2017)

A prospective study of immediate and midterm outcome of patients with transcatheter device closure of congenital ventricular septal defect
, Indian Heart Journal 69: S56-S57 (2017)

A prospective study of the safety and outcomes of robotic-assisted laparoscopic ureterolysis in patients with ureteric obstruction from Retroperitoneal Fibrosis
, European Urology Suppl.s 16(6): E2355-E2356 (2017)

A prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled study evaluating the effects of two new IV medications, IV acetaminophen and/or IV ibuprofen, on standard of care pain and antiemetic management in uterine fibroid embolization patients
, Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 28(2): S47-S48 (2017)

A prospective, observational study to investigate change of separate renal function in patients who underwent minimally invasive renal stone surgery according to the preoperative differential renal function
, European Urology Suppl.s 16(3): E591-E592 (2017)

A prospective, randomized trial evaluating the efficacy of two different hemostatic sealant in tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy
, European Urology Suppl.s 16(3): E966-E967 (2017)

A prospective, randomized, open-blinded endpoint (PROBE) trial for safety of oral apixaban vs subcutaneous enoxaparin for thromboprophylaxis in women with a suspected gynecologic malignancy
, Gynecologic Oncology 145: 55-56 (2017)

A protocol for fast electroless Ni-P on Al alloy at medium-low temperature accelerated by hierarchically structured Cu immersion layer
, Surface and Coatings Technology 309: 67-74 (2017)

A protocol for fertility restoration of F1hybrid derived fromLiliumformolongiRaizan 3Oriental hybrid Sorbonne
, Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 129(3): 375-386 (2017)

A protocol for training group-housed rhesus macaques ( Macaca mulatta ) to cooperate with husbandry and research procedures using positive reinforcement
, Applied Animal Behaviour Science 197: 90-100 (2017)

A proton Mr Spectroscopy study of the basal ganglia in Chinese patients with insomnia disorder
, Sleep Medicine 40: E137-E138 (2017)

A prototype DC triboelectric generator for harvesting energy from natural environment
, Journal of Electrostatics 86: 34-40 (2017)

A prototype for horizontal long cuttings planting in Short Rotation Coppice
, Biomass and Bioenergy 107: 214-218 (2017)

A prototype to measure rainbow trout's length using image processing
, Aquacultural Engineering 76: 41-49 (2017)

A pseudo-coupled analytic fluid-structure interaction method for underwater implosion of cylindrical shells
, Applied Ocean Research 66: 156-163 (2017)

A pseudo-quantitative ternary surfactant ion mixing plane phase diagram for a cationic hydroxyethyl cellulose with dodecyl sulfate counterion complex salt
, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 522: 361-367 (2017)

A psychiatric pitfall: Akinetic-mutism due to bilateral mesial frontal lobe infarction simulating catatonia
, Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research 24: 17-19 (2017)

A psychological empowerment approach to online knowledge sharing
, Computers in Human Behavior 74: 175-187 (2017)

A psychospiritual integration frame of reference for occupational therapy. Part 2: Transformative occupations and the change process
, Hong Kong Journal of Occupational Therapy 29: 55-64 (2017)

A pull system inventory model with carbon tax policies and imperfect quality items
, Applied Mathematical Modelling 50: 450-462 (2017)

A pulse method to estimate the efficiency of shielding magnetic fields
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 60(3): 351-355 (2017)

A punctuated Late Ordovician and early Silurian deglaciation and transgression: Evidence from the subsurface of northern Saudi Arabia
, Aapg Bulletin 101(06): 863-886 (2017)

A pure aqueous route to mesoporous silica thin filmsviadip-coating of prefabricated hybrid micelles
, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 81(2): 514-522 (2017)

A pure red organic light-emitting diode based on a luminescent derivative of tris(2,4,6-trichlorotriphenyl)methyl radical
, Dyes and Pigments 139: 644-650 (2017)

A putative plastidial adenine nucleotide transporter, BRITTLE1-3, plays an essential role in regulating chloroplast development in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
, Journal of Plant Biology 60(5): 493-505 (2017)

A py-GC/MS technique for structural elucidation of rubber samples to investigate regional effects on bio-coagulated natural rubber
, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 123: 118-125 (2017)

A pyrenyl-appended organogel for fluorescence sensing of anions
, Dyes and Pigments 139: 681-687 (2017)

A pyridinyl-organoboron complex as dual functional chemosensor for mercury ions and gaseous acid/base
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 243: 642-649 (2017)

A q-enumeration of lozenge tilings of a hexagon with three dents
, Advances in Applied Mathematics 82: 23-57 (2017)

A qualitative and quantitative design of low-carbon development in Cambodia: Energy policy
, Energy Policy 100: 237-251 (2017)

A qualitative correlation between engine exhaust particulate number and mass emissions
, Fuel 202: 241-245 (2017)

A qualitative investigation of staff's practical, personal and philosophical barriers to the implementation of a web-based platform in a child mental health setting
, Counselling and PsychoTherapy Research 17(3): 218-226 (2017)

A qualitative study into parental mediation of adolescents' internet use
, Computers in Human Behavior 73: 423-432 (2017)

A qualitative study of mobile home resident perspectives on tornadoes and tornado protective actions in South Carolina, USA
, Geojournal 82(3): 533-552 (2017)

A quantitative analysis of the prevalence of clinical depression and anxiety in patients with prostate cancer undergoing radical prostatectomy: A prospective multicenter study
, European Urology Suppl.s 16(10): E2681-E2682 (2017)

A quantitative approach to conceptual, procedural and pragmatic meaning: Evidence from inter-annotator agreement
, Journal of Pragmatics 117: 245-263 (2017)

A quantitative approach to evaluate risks of spontaneous combustion in longwall gobs based on CO emissions at upper corner
, Fuel 210: 359-370 (2017)

A quantitative assessment of viscous asymmetric vortex pair interactions
, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 829: 1-30 (2017 )

A quantitative comparison of statistical and deterministic methods on virtual in-situ calibration in building systems
, Building and Environment 115: 54-66 (2017)

A quantitative inference model for conductivity using non-marine ostracode assemblages on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: Paleosalinity records from two lakes
, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 477: 27-39 (2017)

A quantitative insight on preclinical and clinical year medical students towards adverse drug reporting and pharmacovigilance in Malaysia
, Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research 8(1): 67-69 (2017)

A quantitative method for evaluating the complexity of implementing and performing game features in physically-interactive gamified applications
, Computers in Human Behavior 71: 42-58 (2017)

A quantitative model for estimating risk from multiple interacting natural hazards: an application to northeast Zhejiang, China
, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 31(6): 1319-1340 (2017)

A quantitative model for trade pathway analysis of plant pest entry and transfer to a host in European Union territory
, Eppo Bulletin 47(2): 220-226 (2017)

A quantitative study on the mass elevation effect of the Rocky Mountains and its significance for treeline distribution
, Physical Geography 38(3): 231-247 (2017)

A quantitative synthesis of the movement concepts used within species distribution modelling
, Ecological Modelling 356: 91-103 (2017)

A quantitative value chain analysis of policy options for the beef sector in Botswana
, Agricultural Systems 156: 13-24 (2017)

A quantum chemical investigation of the photodissociation of the nitrosyl hematoporphyrin complex
, Biophysics 62(2): 191-197 (2017)

A quantum chemical investigation of the solvatochromism of a phthalocyanine within a lipid bilayer: Comparison between continuum and atomistic models
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 344: 42-48 (2017)

A quantum chemical study of molecular properties and QSPR modeling of oximes, amidoximes and hydroxamic acids with nucleophilic activity against toxic organophosphorus agents
, Journal of Molecular Structure 1133: 338-347 (2017)

A quantum-mechanical analysis of trans-acrolein vibrational spectra in the ground S0 and excited T1 and S1 electronic states
, Journal of Molecular Structure 1135: 15-19 (2017)

A quasi-in-situ EBSD observation of the transformation from rolling texture to recrystallization texture in V-4Cr-4Ti alloy
, Materials Characterization 126: 35-41 (2017)

A quasi-linear relationship between GPS-derived precipitable water vapor and surface vapor pressure observed on dry days in spring and autumn: a case study at Saga Plain in northern Kyushu Island, Japan
, Paddy and Water Environment 15(2): 425-432 (2017)

A quasi-static evolution generated by local energy minimizers for an elastic material with a cohesive interface
, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 38: 271-305 (2017)

A quasistatic viscoplastic contact problem with normal compliance, unilateral constraint, memory term and friction
, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 33: 226-236 (2017)

A queer theory of software studies: software theories, queer studies
, Gender Place and Culture 24(11): 1587-1594 (2017)

A question of capacities? Community resilience and empowerment between assets, abilities and relationships
, Journal of Rural Studies 54: 187-197 (2017)

A question of rank: DNA sequences and radula characters reveal a new genus of cone snails (Gastropoda: Conidae)
, Journal of Molluscan Studies 83(2): 200-210 (2017)

A queueing system with decomposed service and inventoried preliminary services
, Applied Mathematical Modelling 47: 276-293 (2017)

A quick convergent-beam laboratory X-ray reflectometer using a simultaneous multiple-angle dispersive geometry
, Journal of Applied Crystallography 50(2): 570-575 (2017)

A quick-fix design of phase change material by particle blending and spherical agglomeration
, Applied Energy 191: 239-250 (2017)

A quinoline appended naphthalene derivative based AIE active turnon fluorescent probe for the selective recognition of Al3+ and colourimetric sensor for Cu2+: Experimental and computational studies
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 332: 505-514 (2017)

A race against time: habitat alteration by snow geese prunes the seasonal sequence of mosquito emergence in a subarctic brackish landscape
, Polar Biology 40(3): 553-561 (2017)

A radiative transfer model-based method for the estimation of grassland aboveground biomass
, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 54: 159-168 (2017)

A random field model based on nodal integration domain for stochastic analysis of heat transfer problems
, International Journal of Thermal Sciences 122: 231-247 (2017)

A randomised controlled trial evaluating everolimus compared to cyclosporine on left ventricular mass index and arterial stiffness after kidney transplantation
, Internal Medicine Journal 47: 8-8 (2017)

A randomized comparison of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty by the radial and femoral approaches
, Indian Heart Journal 69: S51-S52 (2017)

A randomized controlled trial comparing arthrographic joint injection with and without steroids for the treatment of adhesive capsulitis
, Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery 26(5): E148-E149 (2017)

A randomized controlled trial comparing skin closure in obese gynecologic patients: Staples vs monofilament suture
, Gynecologic Oncology 145: 54-55 (2017)

A randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of perioperative celecoxib versus ketorolac for perioperative pain control
, Gynecologic Oncology 145: 16-17 (2017)

A randomized controlled trial of a preoperative patient education program to improve satisfaction and reduce resource utilization
, Gynecologic Oncology 145: 155-156 (2017)

A randomized controlled trial on the efficacy and safety profile of single oral dose of fosfomycin tromethamine versus cefuroxime axetil in the treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria among pregnant women
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 217(6): 729-730 (2017)

A randomized controlled trial to assess and compare the outcomes of AI-US-CT guided biopsy, transrectal ultrasound guided 12-core systematic biopsy, and mpMRI assisted 12-core systematic biopsy
, European Urology Suppl.s 16(3): E865-E866 (2017)

A randomized single-blind placebo controlled trial of memantine, as addjunctive therapy for treatment of negative symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia
, European Psychiatry 41: S274-S275 (2017)

A randomized, open label study of the efficacy of prophylactic 24-h low-dose landiolol for atrial fibrillation in transthoracic esophagectomy
, Esophagus 14(1): 97-103 (2017)

A randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study to determine the effect and duration of acidform gel (AMPHORA) on vaginal pH
, Fertility and Sterility 108(3): E49-E50 (2017)

A range of possibilities: Assessing geographic variation in climate sensitivity of ponderosa pine using tree rings
, Forest Ecology and Management 402: 223-233 (2017)

A rank-based approach for correcting systematic biases in spatial disaggregation of coarse-scale climate simulations
, Journal of Hydrology 550: 716-725 (2017)

A ranking system for fire safety performance of student housing facilities
, Safety Science 92: 116-127 (2017)

A rapid and effective method for observation of suberized cell layers in potato tuber skin
, Scientia Horticulturae 224: 215-218 (2017)

A rapid and low solvent/silylation agent-consumed synthesis, pore structure and property of silica aerogels from dislodged sludge
, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 81(2): 427-435 (2017)

A rapid and miniaturized system using Alamar blue to assess fungal spore viability: implications for biosecurity
, European Journal of Plant Pathology 148(1): 139-150 (2017)

A rapid and naked-eye visible FRET ratiometric fluorescent chemosensor for sensitive detection of toxic BF3
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 243: 940-945 (2017)

A rapid and sensitive voltammetric determination of sulphur in biodiesel in samples no treated and treated with TMAH
, Fuel 202: 464-469 (2017)

A rapid assessment of landscape biodiversity using diversity profiles of arthropod morphospecies
, Landscape Ecology 32(1): 209-223 (2017)

A rapid biodiversity assessment of myxomycetes from a primary tropical moist forest of the Amazon basin in Ecuador
, Nova Hedwigia 104(1): 293-321 (2017)

A rapid biosensor for highly sensitive protein detection based on G-quadruplex-Thioflavin T complex and terminal protection of small molecule-linked DNA
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 252: 1146-1152 (2017)

A rapid enzyme-catalyzed pretreatment of the acidic oil of macauba (Acrocomia aculeata) for chemoenzymatic biodiesel production
, Process Biochemistry 53: 188-193 (2017)

A rapid field test method for the determination of hydrogen sulfide and sulfides in waters with gas preextraction
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 72(12): 1263-1269 (2017)

A rapid forming, injectable and photo-cleavable hydrogel for controlled drug release
, Journal of Controlled Release 259: E18-E19 (2017)

A rapid method for the quantitative analysis of total acid number in biodiesel based on headspace GC technique
, Fuel 210: 236-240 (2017)

A rapid molecular detection method forAphelenchoides besseyifrom rice tissues
, Australasian Plant Pathology 46(1): 43-48 (2017)

A rapid screening method to assess soil algal toxicity: Non-destructive sampling of algal cells using culture medium extraction
, Applied Soil Ecology 120: 143-152 (2017)

A rapid screening method to determine the susceptibility of bio-based construction and insulation products to mould growth
, International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 116: 124-132 (2017)

A rapid screening of histamine concentration in fish fillet by direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS)
, Food Control 75: 181-186 (2017)

A rapid synthesis of 2-substituted 1,2,3- triazole-1-oxide derivative starting from 4-(methyl)isonitrosoacetophenone and its Ni(II) complex: Characterization, DNA binding and cleavage properties
, Journal of Molecular Structure 1129: 142-151 (2017)

A rapid, semi-quantitative test for detection of raw and cooked horse meat residues
, Food Control 76: 102-107 (2017)

A rare case of FOIX Alajouanine Syndrome with lipomyelocele and tethered cord syndrome
, Journal of the Neurological Sciences 381: 831-832 (2017)

A rare case of csf xanthochromia due to severe disc protrusion resulting in froins syndrome
, Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 88(5): E1.75-E1 (2017)

A rare case of haboob in Tehran: Observational and numerical study
, Atmospheric Research 185: 169-185 (2017)

A rare case of lumbosacral myeloradiculitis in aquaporin-4 antibody positive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder following varicella zoster infection
, Journal of the Neurological Sciences 381: 1056-1057 (2017)

A rare cause of developmental delay and epilepsy in two siblings: Asparagine synthetase deficiency
, European Journal of Paediatric Neurology 21: E126-E127 (2017)

A rare cause of male infertility: 45, X/46, XY Mosaicism
, European Urology Suppl.s 16(13): E2991-E2992 (2017)

A rare type primary central nervous system lymphoma with primarily psychiatric diagnosis- a case report
, European Psychiatry 41: S489-S490 (2017)

A rate and temperature dependent unified creep-plasticity model for high strength steel and solder alloys
, Mechanics of Materials 106: 35-43 (2017)

A ratiometric fluorescence chemodosimeter for detecting Hg 2+ in aqueous solutions and living cells
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 246: 1017-1024 (2017)

A ratiometric fluorescent probe based on the pi-stacked graphene oxide and cyanine dye for sensitive detection of bisulfite
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 247: 823-829 (2017)

A rational design strategy for an extremely deep-blue fluorescent emitter with a small CIE y value for solution processable, high efficiency, organic light-emitting diodes
, Dyes and Pigments 145: 63-71 (2017)

A rational designed fluorescent and colorimetric dual-channel sensor for cyanide anion based on the PET effect in aqueous medium
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 241: 430-437 (2017)

A rational layout of double-row stabilizing piles for large-scale landslide control
, Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 76(1): 309-321 (2017)

A re-analysis of Carancas meteorite seismic and infrasound data based on sonic boom hypothesis
, Geophysical Journal International 209(3): 1913-1923 (2017)

A re-audit of the DVT service at Barts Health should NICE guidelines change to include risk factors?
, Clinical Radiology 72: S22-S23 (2017)

A re-evaluation of dilution for eliminating PCR inhibition in soil DNA samples
, Soil Biology and Biochemistry 106: 109-118 (2017)

A re-evaluation of the taphonomic methodology for the study of small mammal fossil assemblages of South America
, Quaternary Science Reviews 155: 37-49 (2017)

A re-examination of water in agate and its bearing on the agate genesis enigma
, Mineralogical Magazine 81(05): 1223-1244 (2017)

A re-visit of three-stage humor processing with readers' surprise, comprehension, and funniness ratings: An ERP study
, Journal of Neurolinguistics 42: 49-62 (2017)

A reaction based colorimetric chemosensor for the detection of cyanide ion in aqueous solution
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 246: 319-326 (2017)

A reaction mechanism for tar decomposition at moderate temperatures with any coal type
, Fuel 193: 467-476 (2017)

A reaction-based and highly selective fluorescent probe for hydrogen sulfide
, Dyes and Pigments 139: 482-486 (2017)

A reaction-diffusion formulation to simulate EVA polymer degradation in environmental and accelerated ageing conditions
, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 164: 93-106 (2017)

A reactive hydromagnetic heat generating fluid flow with thermal radiation within porous channel with symmetrical convective cooling
, International Journal of Thermal Sciences 122: 248-256 (2017)

A reactive molecular dynamics study of CH 4 combustion in O 2 /CO 2 /H 2 O environments
, Fuel Processing Technology 167: 416-424 (2017)

A reactive primary fluorescence switch-on sensor for Hg 2+ and the generated fluorophore as secondary recognition receptor toward Cu 2+ in aqueous acetonitrile solution
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 343: 7-16 (2017)

A reactive transport simulator for variable porosity problems
, Computational Geosciences 21(1): 95-116 (2017)

A readily-accessible, random perylene diimide copolymer acceptor for all-polymer solar cells
, Dyes and Pigments 146: 20-26 (2017)

A real options approach to analyse wind energy investments under different support schemes
, Applied Energy 188: 83-96 (2017)

A real time forecasting tool for dynamic travel time from clustered time series
, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 80: 216-238 (2017)

A real-time FPGA implementation of a biologically inspired central pattern generator network
, Neurocomputing 244: 63-80 (2017)

A real-time H cubature Kalman filter based on SVD and its application to a small unmanned helicopter
, Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 140: 96-103 (2017)

A real-time airborne terrain aided inertial navigation system and its performance analysis
, Advances in Space Research 60(12): 2751-2762 (2017)

A real-time method for depth enhanced visual odometry
, Autonomous Robots 41(1): 31-43 (2017)

A real-time quality monitoring system for optimal recording of 12-lead resting ECG
, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 34: 126-133 (2017)

A real-time ultrasonic system to measure wild blueberry plant height during harvesting
, Biosystems Engineering 157: 35-44 (2017)

A real-time, rapid emergency control model for sudden water pollution accidents in long-distance water transfer projects
, Water Science and Technology Water Supply 17(1): 73-83 (2017)

A real-world study on time-to-initiation and dose optimization of major depressive disorder treatment in the United States
, European Neuropsychopharmacology 27: S808-S809 (2017)

A reappraisal of the genera Nannopus Brady, 1880 and Ilyophilus Lilljeborg, 1902 (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Nannopodidae) with a description of N. parvipilis sp. nov. from South Korea
, Crustaceana 90(11-12): 1351-1365 (2017)

A reassessment of Angraecopsis, Mystacidium and Sphyrarhynchus (Orchidaceae: Vandeae) based on molecular and morphological evidence
, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 186(1): 1-17 (2017)

A reassessment of the suspended sediment load in the Madeira River basin from the Andes of Peru and Bolivia to the Amazon River in Brazil, based on 10 years of data from the HYBAM monitoring programme
, Journal of Hydrology 553: 35-48 (2017)

A receding horizon D-optimization approach for model identificationoriented input design and application in combustion engines
, Applied Mathematical Modelling 42: 175-187 (2017)

A reciprocal soil exchange experiment highlights tree root colonization effects on soil nitrification
, Soil Use and Management 33(1): 45-53 (2017)

A reconnaissance-scale GIS-based multicriteria decision analysis to support sustainable biochar use: Poland as a case study
, Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management 25(2): 208-222 (2017)

A reconstructed central discontinuous Galerkin method for conservation laws
, Computers and Fluids 153: 76-84 (2017)

A reconstruction of the Eurekan Orogeny incorporating deformation constraints
, Tectonics 36(2): 304-320 (2017)

A reconstruction of the lophophore of Devonian rhynchonellids (Brachiopoda) by using X-Ray micro-CT
, Paleontological Journal 51(2): 143-154 (2017)

A record of Holocene sea-ice variability off West Greenland and its potential forcing factors
, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 475: 115-124 (2017)

A recurrent neural network based health indicator for remaining useful life prediction of bearings
, Neurocomputing 240: 98-109 (2017)

A recurrent neural network based microscopic car following model to predict traffic oscillation
, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 84: 245-264 (2017)

A recurrent stroke stabilization after using novel Oral Anti-Coagulant
, Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases 26(4): 905-906 (2017)

A recursive least square algorithm for online kernel principal component extraction
, Neurocomputing 237: 255-264 (2017)

A recyclable and highly active magnetic solid superbase for hydrocracking C O bridged bonds in sawdust
, Fuel Processing Technology 159: 396-403 (2017)

A recyclable thermochromic elastic phase change oleogel for cold compress therapy
, Applied Thermal Engineering 124: 1224-1232 (2017)

A red-emissive oxadiazol-triphenylamine BODIPY dye: synthesis, aggregation-induced fluorescence enhancement and cell imaging
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 336: 183-190 (2017)

A redox-sensitive nanofluidic diode based on nicotinamide-modified asymmetric nanopores
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 240: 895-902 (2017)

A reduced 3D hydrodynamic model of a shallow, long, and weakly curved stream
, Water Resources 44(2): 237-245 (2017)

A reduced fidelity model for the rotary chemical looping combustion reactor
, Applied Energy 190: 725-739 (2017)

A reduced order model for investigating the dynamics of the Gen-IV LFR coolant pool
, Applied Mathematical Modelling 46: 263-284 (2017)

A reduced order model to analytically infer atmospheric CO 2 concentration from stomatal and climate data
, Advances in Water Resources 104: 145-157 (2017)

A reexamination of the existence of environmental Kuznets curve for CO2emissions: evidence from G20 countries
, Natural Hazards 85(2): 1023-1042 (2017)

A reference electrode-free electrochemical biosensor for detecting MMP-9 using a concentric electrode device
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A skilled workforce is the best solution for the OD epidemic
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A smart market for nutrient credit trading to incentivize wetland construction
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A space for critical quantitative public health research?
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