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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64980

Chapter 64980 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Chen, Q; Wang, W; Yin, C; Jin, X; Zhou, J, 2017:
Distributed cubature information filtering based on weighted average consensus

Liang, Y; Liu, F; Wang, C; Mei, S, 2017:
Distributed demand-side energy management scheme in residential smart grids: An ordinal state-based potential game approach

Ciuonzo, D.; Salvo Rossi, P., 2017:
Distributed detection of a non-cooperative target via generalized locally-optimum approaches

Babacan, O; Ratnam, E L.; Disfani, V R.; Kleissl, J, 2017:
Distributed energy storage system scheduling considering tariff structure, energy arbitrage and solar PV penetration

Liu, T; Cao, M; De Persis, C; Hendrickx, J M., 2017:
Distributed event-triggered control for asymptotic synchronization of dynamical networks

Pelecanos, L.; Soga, K.; Chunge, M. P. M.; Ouyang, Y.; Kwan, V.; Kechavarzi, C.; Nicholson, D., 2017:
Distributed fibre-optic monitoring of an Osterberg-cell pile test in London

Ma, J; Sun, S, 2017:
Distributed fusion filter for networked stochastic uncertain systems with transmission delays and packet dropouts

Caballero-Águila, R.; Hermoso-Carazo, A.; Linares-Pérez, J., 2017:
Distributed fusion filters from uncertain measured outputs in sensor networks with random packet losses

Jain, S; Kalambe, S; Agnihotri, G; Mishra, A, 2017:
Distributed generation deployment: State-of-the-art of distribution system planning in sustainable era

Kotel’nikov, A. V.; Shevlyugin, M. V.; Zhumatova, A. A., 2017:
Distributed generation of electric energy in traction power-supply systems of railways based on wind-power plants

Ji, H; Lewis, F L.; Hou, Z; Mikulski, D, 2017:
Distributed information-weighted Kalman consensus filter for sensor networks

Lin, Z; Han, T; Zheng, R; Yu, C, 2017:
Distributed localization with mixed measurements under switching topologies

Thunberg, J; Bernard, F; Goncalves, J, 2017:
Distributed methods for synchronization of orthogonal matrices over graphs

Yin, X; Liu, J, 2017:
Distributed moving horizon state estimation of two-time-scale nonlinear systems

Yi, W; Jiang, M; Hoseinnezhad, R; Wang, B, 2017:
Distributed multi-sensor fusion using generalised multi-Bernoulli densities

Farinelli, A; Iocchi, L; Nardi, D, 2017:
Distributed on-line dynamic task assignment for multi-robot patrolling

Zhang, Y; Deng, Z; Hong, Y, 2017:
Distributed optimal coordination for multiple heterogeneous EulerLagrangian systems

Lü, Q; Li, H; Xia, D, 2017:
Distributed optimization of first-order discrete-time multi-agent systems with event-triggered communication

Hancevic, P I.; Nuñez, H M.; Rosellon, J, 2017:
Distributed photovoltaic power generation: Possibilities, benefits, and challenges for a widespread application in the Mexican residential sector

Trodden, P A.; Maestre, J.M., 2017:
Distributed predictive control with minimization of mutual disturbances

Hosseinzadeh Yamchi, M; Mahboobi Esfanjani, R, 2017:
Distributed predictive formation control of networked mobile robots subject to communication delay

Khoshfetrat Pakazad, S; Hansson, A; Andersen, M S.; Nielsen, I, 2017:
Distributed primaldual interior-point methods for solving tree-structured coupled convex problems using message-passing

Xu, S; Doğançay, Kıl; Hmam, H, 2017:
Distributed pseudolinear estimation and UAV path optimization for 3D AOA target tracking

Ding, D; Wang, Z; Ho, D W.C.; Wei, G, 2017:
Distributed recursive filtering for stochastic systems under uniform quantizations and deception attacks through sensor networks

Liu, Z; Wang, L; Wang, J; Dong, D; Hu, X, 2017:
Distributed sampled-data control of nonholonomic multi-robot systems with proximity networks

Su, Y; Datta-Barua, S; Bust, G S.; Deshpande, K B., 2017:
Distributed sensing of ionospheric irregularities with a GNSS receiver array

Orihuela, L; Roshany-Yamchi, S; García, Rón A.; Millán, P, 2017:
Distributed set-membership observers for interconnected multi-rate systems

Sun, Z; Park, M-Chul; Anderson, B D.O.; Ahn, H-Sung, 2017:
Distributed stabilization control of rigid formations with prescribed orientation

Li, Z; Chung, P-Jung; Mulgrew, B, 2017:
Distributed target localization using quantized received signal strength

Butt, W H., 2017:
Distributing destruction

Li, Y; Cui, R; Yang, T; Zhai, Z; Li, R, 2017:
Distribution Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Different Size Fly Ash from a Sewage Sludge Circulating Fluidized Bed Incinerator

Gryaznova, A. N.; Savchenko, A. P., 2017:
Distribution Peculiarities of the Sand (Riparia riparia Linnaeus 1758) Martin and the Pale Sand (Riparia diluta Sharpe et Wyatt 1893) Martin (Passeriformes, Hirundinidae) in the Sympatry Zone in Southern Central Siberia

Scheerer, P D; Peterson, J T; Clements, S, 2017:
Distribution and Abundance of Millicoma Dace In the Coos River Basin, Oregon

Eisenman, S T.; Mazzone, A; Strege, P R.; Bianco, F; Gibbons, S J.; Farrugia, G, 2017:
Distribution and Characterization of ANO10 in Mouse Small Intestine

Long, A. Lexine; Kettenring, K M.; Hawkins, C P.; Neale, C M. U., 2017:
Distribution and Drivers of a Widespread, Invasive Wetland Grass,Phragmites australis, in Wetlands of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Drits, A.V.; Pasternak, A.F.; Flint, M.V., 2017:
Distribution and Grazing of Dominant Zooplankton Species in the Ob Estuary: Influence of the Runoff Regime

Ma, R; Zhu, J; Wu, B; Hu, J; Li, X, 2017:
Distribution and Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Chlorides in Distillates of Shengli Crude Oil

Nowara, G.B.; Burch, P.; Gasco, N.; Welsford, D.C.; Lamb, T.D.; Chazeau, C.; Duhamel, G.; Pruvost, P.; Wotherspoon, S.; Candy, S.G., 2017:
Distribution and abundance of skates (Bathyraja spp.) on the Kerguelen Plateau through the lens of the toothfish fisheries

Ondrušková, E.; Hečková, Z.; Horáková, M. Kádasi; Koltay, A.; Ostrovský, R.; Pažitný, J.; Adamčíková, K., 2017:
Distribution and characterization of Dothistroma needle blight pathogens onPinus mugoin Slovakia

Kitagami, Y; Kanzaki, N; Matsuda, Y, 2017:
Distribution and community structure of soil nematodes in coastal Japanese pine forests were shaped by harsh environmental conditions

Rebbeck, J; Hutchinson, T; Iverson, L; Yaussy, D; Fox, T, 2017:
Distribution and demographics of Ailanthus altissima in an oak forest landscape managed with timber harvesting and prescribed fire

Szabolcs, Márton; Mizsei, Eárd; Jablonski, D; Vági, Bázs; Mester, Béla; Végvári, Z; Lengyel, S, 2017:
Distribution and diversity of amphibians in Albania: new data and foundations of a comprehensive database

Li, Q; Zhang, B; Wang, L; Ge, Q, 2017:
Distribution and diversity of bacteria and fungi colonizing ancient Buddhist statues analyzed by high-throughput sequencing

Nour, H E.; El-Sorogy, A S., 2017:
Distribution and enrichment of heavy metals in Sabratha coastal sediments, Mediterranean Sea, Libya

Zastepa, A; Pick, F R.; Blais, J M., 2017:
Distribution and flux of microcystin congeners in lake sediments

Leasure, D R.; Hoback, W. Wyatt, 2017:
Distribution and habitat of endangered American burying beetle in northern and southern regions

Vandegehuchte, M L.; Wermelinger, B; Fraefel, M; Baltensweiler, A; Düggelin, C; Brändli, U-Beat; Freitag, A; Bernasconi, C; Cherix, D; Risch, A C., 2017:
Distribution and habitat requirements of red wood ants in Switzerland: Implications for conservation

Liu, W; Hu, L; Lin, T; Li, Y; Guo, Z, 2017:
Distribution and mass inventory of mercury in sediment from the Yangtze River estuarine-inner shelf of the East China Sea

Palomar-Abesamis, N.; Abesamis, R. A.; Juinio-Meñez, M. A., 2017:
Distribution and microhabitat associations of the juveniles of a high-value sea cucumber,Stichopuscf.horrens,in northern Philippines

Fronczak, D L.; Andersen, D E.; Hanna, E E.; Cooper, T R., 2017:
Distribution and migration chronology of Eastern population sandhill cranes

Wei, X; Wang, X; Ma, T; Huang, L; Pu, Q; Hao, M; Zhang, X, 2017:
Distribution and mineralization of organic carbon and nitrogen in forest soils of the southern Tibetan Plateau

Zhou, Y; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y; Chen, H; Li, T; Zhou, C, 2017:
Distribution and molecular characterization of citrus chlorotic dwarf-associated virus in China

Lapalme, C; Lacelle, D; Pollard, W; Fisher, D; Davila, A; Mckay, C P., 2017:
Distribution and origin of ground ice in University Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Yan Zhou,Yinjie Liu,Kehong Liu,Fangyun Yang…, 2017:
Distribution and population structure ofCitrus tristeza virusinPoncirus trifoliata

Hu, Y; Dong, Z; Liu, G, 2017:
Distribution and potential ecological risk of heavy metals accumulated in subsidence lakes formed in the Huainan Coalfield, China

Piccin, Rério; Kaminski, Jão; Ceretta, C Alberto; Tiecher, T; Gatiboni, L Colpo; Bellinaso, R Junior Sartori; Marchezan, C; Souza, R Otávio Schneider de; Brunetto, G, 2017:
Distribution and redistribution of phosphorus forms in grapevines

Wang, L; Du, F; Wang, X; Li, Y; Ning, J, 2017:
Distribution and role of the genus Oithona (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) in the South China Sea

Panchenko, V. V.; Pushchina, O. I.; Boiko, M. I.; Kalchugin, P. V., 2017:
Distribution and some biological features of bottom skate Bathyraja bergi in the Russian waters of the Sea of Japan

Wang, Y; Ling, M; Liu, R-hai; Yu, P; Tang, A-kun; Luo, X-xiang; Ma, Q, 2017:
Distribution and source identification of trace metals in the sediment of Yellow River Estuary and the adjacent Laizhou Bay

Kumar, K. S. Sanil; Nair, S. M.; Salas, P. M.; Cheriyan, E, 2017:
Distribution and sources of sedimentary organic matter in Chitrapuzha, a tropical tidal river, southwest coast of India

Tang, C; Li, X; Li, J; Dai, C; Deng, L; Wei, H, 2017:
Distribution and trends of the cold-point tropopause over China from 1979 to 2014 based on radiosonde dataset

Karkon Varnosfaderani, M; Kharazmi, R; Nazari Samani, A; Rahdari, M Reza; Matinkhah, S Hamid; Aslinezhad, N, 2017:
Distribution changes of woody plants in Western Iran as monitored by remote sensing and geographical information system: a case study of Zagros forest

Moro, A, 2017:
Distribution dynamics of property crime rates in the United States

Jin, H; Zhou, J, 2017:
Distribution effects of secondary twin lamellae on the global and local behavior of hierarchically nanotwinned metals

Askarzadeh, A, 2017:
Distribution generation by photovoltaic and diesel generator systems: Energy management and size optimization by a new approach for a stand-alone application

Duan, P; Wang, W; Liu, X; Qian, F; Sang, S; Xu, S, 2017:
Distribution of As, Hg and other trace elements in different size and density fractions of the Reshuihe high-sulfur coal, Yunnan Province, China

Mariaselvam, C.M.; Sundaresh, A.; Bennabi, M.; Manier, C.; Krishnamoorthy, R.; Leboyer, M.; Negi, V.S.; Tamouza, R., 2017:
Distribution of C4 copy number variations in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and systemic lupus erythematosus

Ipekchyan, N. M.; Badalyan, S. A., 2017:
Distribution of Corticothalamic Projections from Various Somatotopic Representation Areas of the Primary Motor and Sensory Cortex

Kurt-Sahin, Güley; Çinar, M Ertan, 2017:
Distribution of Eunicidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) along the Levantine coast of Turkey, with special emphasis on alien species

Khozhai, L. I.; Otellin, V. A., 2017:
Distribution of GAD67-expressing neurons and morphological changes in hippocampal structures during pubertal period after acute perinatal hypoxia in rats

Kalashnikov, A. E.; Udina, I. G., 2017:
Distribution of RNA-containing bee viruses in honey bee (Apis mellifera) in several regions of Russia

Uchimura, H; Nishi, H; Takashima, R; Kuroyanagi, A; Yamamoto, Y; Kutterolf, S, 2017:
Distribution of Recent Benthic Foraminifera off Western Costa Rica in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean

Strachan, K L.; Hill, T R.; Finch, J M.; Barnett, R L.; Frenzel, P, 2017:
Distribution of Salt-Marsh Foraminifera in Two South African Estuaries and the Application as Sea-Level Indicators

Shevchenko, V. P.; Maslov, A. V.; Stein, R., 2017:
Distribution of Some Rare and Trace Elements in Ice-Rafted Sediments in the Yermak Plateau Area, the Arctic Ocean

Jannett, F J.; Christian, D P., 2017:
Distribution of a Boreal Rodent Linked to a Lobe of the Wisconsinan Glaciation

Karczmarski, L; Huang, S-Lin; Wong, W-Ho; Chang, W-Lun; Chan, S C.Y.; Keith, M, 2017:
Distribution of a Coastal Delphinid Under the Impact of Long-Term Habitat Loss: Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins off Taiwans West Coast

D. V. Yevgrafov, 2017:
Distribution of absolute maximum of mean square differentiable Gaussian stationery process

I. V. Mosharova,S. A. Mosharov,V. V. Ilinskiy, 2017:
Distribution of bacterioplankton with active metabolism in waters of the St. Anna Trough, Kara Sea, in autumn 2011

N. B. Kenigfest,M. G. Belekhova…, 2017:
Distribution of calcium-binding proteins parvalbumin and calbindin in the pigeon telencephalic auditory center

Vijaykumar, P.; Abhilash, S.; Santhosh, K.R.; Mapes, B.E.; Suvarchal Kumar, C.; Hu, I-Kuan, 2017:
Distribution of cloudiness and categorization of rainfall types based on INSAT IR brightness temperatures over Indian subcontinent and adjoining oceanic region during south west monsoon season

Duangprom, S; Kornthong, N; Suwansa-ard, S; Srikawnawan, W; Chotwiwatthanakun, C; Sobhon, P, 2017:
Distribution of crustacean hyperglycemic hormones (CHH) in the mud crab (Scylla olivacea) and their differential expression following serotonin stimulation

N. B. Keller,N. S. Oskina,T. A. Savilova, 2017:
Distribution of deep-water Scleractinian corals in the Atlantic Ocean

Varsányi, Ién; Ó.Kovács, L, 2017:
Distribution of dissolved arsenic in a sedimentary environment from the near-surface to a depth of 2500 m, and factors controlling distribution

Purcell, S W.; Crona, B I.; Lalavanua, W; Eriksson, H, 2017:
Distribution of economic returns in small-scale fisheries for international markets: A value-chain analysis

Roy, S; Debnath, K; Mazumder, B S., 2017:
Distribution of eddy scales for wave current combined flow

Emelyanenko, K, 2017:
Distribution of electric potential in oil film on water surface induced by charged disc in water

Pedroso, M.; Almeida, A.C.; Aily, J.; Santos, J.M.; Mattiello, S., 2017:
Distribution of fat mass in abdominal and thigh measured by computed tomography in normal weight, overweight, and obese people with knee osteoarthritis

Nemirovskaya, I. A.; Lisitzin, A. P.; Ostrovskaya, E. V., 2017:
Distribution of hydrocarbons in water and bottom sediments of the Northern and Middle Caspian Sea

Li, L; Fan, H; Hu, H, 2017:
Distribution of hydroxyl group in coal structure: A theoretical investigation

Gaskov, I. V.; Vladimirov, A. G.; Khanchuk, A. I.; Pavlova, G. A.; Gvozdev, V. I., 2017:
Distribution of indium in ores of some base metal and tinsulfide deposits in Siberia and the Russian Far East

Štajerová, Křina; Šmilauer, P; Brůna, J; Pyšek, P, 2017:
Distribution of invasive plants in urban environment is strongly spatially structured

Mitusov, A.V.; Burian, L.; Khrisanov, V.R., 2017:
Distribution of local landforms at head and end points of gullies on different grid spacing

Castillo, L G.; Carrillo, Jé M.; Bombardelli, Fán A., 2017:
Distribution of mean flow and turbulence statistics in plunge pools

Wang, S; Li, T; Zheng, Z, 2017:
Distribution of microbial biomass and activity within soil aggregates as affected by tea plantation age

Sato, M; Shiozaki, T; Hashihama, F, 2017:
Distribution of mixotrophic nanoflagellates along the latitudinal transect of the central North Pacific

Shulga, N. A., 2017:
Distribution of n-alkanes in the ferromanganese nodulesedimentpore water system (ClarionClipperton Fracture Zone)

Merson, C; Statham, M J.; Janecka, J E.; Lopez, R R.; Silvy, N J.; Sacks, B N., 2017:
Distribution of native and nonnative ancestry in red foxes along an elevational gradient in central Colorado

Bao, H; Kao, S-Ji; Lee, T-Yu; Zehetner, F; Huang, J-Chuan; Chang, Y-Pin; Lu, J-Tai; Lee, J-Yi, 2017:
Distribution of organic carbon and lignin in soils in a subtropical small mountainous river basin

Ershov, S.V.; Kim, N.S.; Rodchenko, A.P., 2017:
Distribution of organic matter in Callovian-Lower Berriasian deposits of the western part of the Yenisei-Khatanga regional trough and adjacent areas of the West Siberian geosyneclise

D’Ambrosio, D. Sabina; García, A; Díaz, Aía R.; Chivas, A R.; Claps, Mía C., 2017:
Distribution of ostracods in west-central Argentina related to host-water chemistry and climate: implications for paleolimnology

Latasa, M; Cabello, A María; Morán, Xé Anxelu, G.; Massana, R; Scharek, R, 2017:
Distribution of phytoplankton groups within the deep chlorophyll maximum

Gilerovich, E. G.; Grigorev, I. P.; Alekseeva, O. S.; Kirik, O. V.; Korzhevskii, D. E., 2017:
Distribution of polyglutamine proteins in Purkinje cells of the human and rat cerebellum

Shen, Y; Guo, Y; Li, Z; Wei, X; Xue, L; Liu, J, 2017:
Distribution of radioactive elements (U, Th) in the upper Paleozoic coal-bearing strata of the eastern Ordos basin

Kiselev, G. P.; Yakovlev, E. Yu.; Druzhinin, S. V.; Galkin, A. S., 2017:
Distribution of radioactive isotopes in rock and ore of Arkhangelskaya pipe from the Arkhangelsk diamond province

Borzenko, S. V.; Zamana, L. V.; Zarubina, O. V., 2017:
Distribution of rare earth elements in waters and bottom sediments of mineralized lakes in the eastern Transbaikal region (Russia)

S. F. Vinokurov,V. N. Golubev,A. N. Trunova,S. V. Yudintsev, 2017:
Distribution of rare earths in uranium oxides of the main types of uranium deposits: Causes and genetic meaning

Mikhailik, P.E.; Mikhailik, E.V.; Zarubina, N.V.; Blokhin, M.G., 2017:
Distribution of rare-earth elements and yttrium in hydrothermal sedimentary ferromanganese crusts of the Sea of Japan (from phase analysis results)

Lysenko, V. N.; Zharikov, V. V.; Lebedev, A. M.; Sokolenko, D. A., 2017:
Distribution of the Yesso Scallop, Mizuhopecten yessoensis (Jay, 1857) (Bivalvia: Pectinidae) in the southern part of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve

Shaitan, K. V., 2017:
Distribution of the energy dissipation rates among degrees of freedom during conformational movements and folding of a macromolecular chain in a viscous medium

Nevalenny, A. N.; Bednyakov, D. A., 2017:
Distribution of the enzyme activity in the intestine of belugaHuso husoand Russian sturgeonAcipenser gueldenstaedtii(Acipenseridae)

E. V. Khamenkova,V. A. Teslenko,T. M. Tiunova, 2017:
Distribution of the macrobenthos fauna in the Ola River basin, northern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk

Sakami, T; Sakamoto, S; Takagi, S; Inaba, N; Imai, I, 2017:
Distribution of three algicidalAlteromonassp. strains in seagrass beds and surrounding areas in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan

Muritala, I Kolawole; Compart, F; Seifert, P; Meyer, B, 2017:
Distribution of trace components downstream of autothermal gas reforming processes

Potra, A; Dodd, J W.; Ruhl, L S., 2017:
Distribution of trace elements and Pb isotopes in stream sediments of the Tri-State mining district (Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri), USA

Ogasawara, J.; Omoto, M.; Kanda, T., 2017:
Distribution of weakness in dermatomyositis -weakness of cervical flexor muscle and major pectoral muscle-

Seppey, C V.W.; Singer, D; Dumack, K; Fournier, B; Belbahri, Lâd; Mitchell, E A.D.; Lara, E, 2017:
Distribution patterns of soil microbial eukaryotes suggests widespread algivory by phagotrophic protists as an alternative pathway for nutrient cycling

Biella, P; Bogliani, G; Cornalba, M; Manino, A; Neumayer, J; Porporato, M; Rasmont, P; Milanesi, P, 2017 :
Distribution patterns of the cold adapted bumblebeeBombus alpinusin the Alps and hints of an uphill shift (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Ridgway, J L.; Bettoli, P W., 2017:
Distribution, Age Structure, and Growth of Bigheaded Carps in the Lower Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers

Tabor, R A.; Waterstrat, F T.; Lantz, D W.; Berge, H B.; Liermann, M C., 2017:
Distribution, Density, and Size of Migratory and Fluvial Sculpins in Relation to Barriers in Puget Sound Lowland Streams

Tian, J; Hao, F; Zhou, X; Zou, H, 2017:
Distribution, controlling factors, and oil-source correlation of biodegraded oils in the Bohai offshore area, Bohai Bay basin, China

Gurarie, E; Bengtson, J L.; Bester, Mán N.; Blix, A Schytte; Cameron, M; Bornemann, H; Nordøy, E S.; Plötz, J; Steinhage, D; Boveng, P, 2017:
Distribution, density and abundance of Antarctic ice seals off Queen Maud Land and the eastern Weddell Sea

Qu, L; Xie, Y; Lu, G; Yang, C; Zhou, J; Yi, X; Dang, Z, 2017:
Distribution, fractionation, and contamination assessment of heavy metals in paddy soil related to acid mine drainage

Zhu, C; Qu, S; Zhang, J; Wang, Y; Zhang, Y, 2017:
Distribution, occurrence and leaching dynamic behavior of sodium in Zhundong coal

Sikirou, R; Beed, F; Ezin, V; Hoteigni, J; Miller, S A., 2017:
Distribution, pathological and biochemical characterization of Ralstonia solanacearum in Benin

Burukovsky, R. N., 2017:
Distribution, reproduction, and feeding of West African shrimp Plesionika carinata Holthuis, 1951 (Decapoda, Pandalidae)

Rastegari Mehr, M; Keshavarzi, B; Moore, F; Sharifi, R; Lahijanzadeh, A; Kermani, M, 2017 :
Distribution, source identification and health risk assessment of soil heavy metals in urban areas of Isfahan province, Iran

Islam, M Nazrul; Park, M; Jo, Y-Tae; Nguyen, X Phuc; Park, S-Shik; Chung, S-Yong; Park, J-Hun, 2017:
Distribution, sources, and toxicity assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface soils of the Gwangju City, Korea

Almanzar, M; Torero, M, 2017:
Distributional Effects of Growth and Public Expenditures in Africa: Estimates for Tanzania and Rwanda

Yurrita, C L.; Ortega-Huerta, M A.; Ayala, R, 2017:
Distributional analysis ofMeliponastingless bees (Apidae: Meliponini) in Central America and Mexico: setting baseline information for their conservation

Orlov, A, 2017:
Distributional effects of higher natural gas prices in Russia

Athukorala, W; Wilson, C, 2017:
Distributional impacts of irrigation-induced agricultural development in a semi-subsistence economy: new evidence

Liljenfeldt, J; Pettersson, Örjan, 2017:
Distributional justice in Swedish wind power development An odds ratio analysis of windmill localization and local residents socio-economic characteristics

Reeder, P A.; Newport, E L.; Aslin, R N., 2017:
Distributional learning of subcategories in an artificial grammar: Category generalization and subcategory restrictions

Villanueva-Poot, Rúl; Seijo, J Carlos; Headley, M; Arce, A Minerva; Sosa-Cordero, E; Lluch-Cota, D Bernardo, 2017:
Distributional performance of a territorial use rights and co-managed small-scale fishery

Hoffmann, M; Kolmar, M, 2017:
Distributional preferences in probabilistic and share contests

Tan, T-Ting; Wu, X; Liu, C-Ying; Yang, G-Peng, 2017:
Distributions of dimethylsulfide and its related compounds in the Yangtze (Changjiang) River Estuary and its adjacent waters in early summer

Cui, Q; Feng, Z; Yang, X, 2017:
Distributions of fine and coarse tree roots in a semi-arid mountain region and their relationships with soil properties

Siletti, C E.; Zeiner, C A.; Bhatnagar, J M., 2017:
Distributions of fungal melanin across species and soils

Avnaim-Katav, S; Roland Gehrels, W.; Brown, L N.; Fard, E; MacDonald, G M., 2017:
Distributions of salt-marsh foraminifera along the coast of SW California, USA: Implications for sea-level reconstructions

Smik, L; Belt, S T., 2017:
Distributions of the Arctic sea ice biomarker proxy IP 25 and two phytoplanktonic biomarkers in surface sediments from West Svalbard

Verbist, G; Grabka, M M., 2017:
Distributive and poverty-reducing effects of in-kind housing benefits in Europe: with a case study for Germany

Werner, S, 2017:
District heating and cooling in Sweden

Li, Y; Rezgui, Y; Zhu, H, 2017:
District heating and cooling optimization and enhancement Towards integration of renewables, storage and smart grid

De Pasquale, A.M.; Giostri, A.; Romano, M.C.; Chiesa, P.; Demeco, T.; Tani, S., 2017:
District heating by drinking water heat pump: Modelling and energy analysis of a case study in the city of Milan

Song, J; Wallin, F; Li, H, 2017:
District heating cost fluctuation caused by price model shift

Lizana, Jús; Ortiz, C; Soltero, Víctor M.; Chacartegui, R, 2017:
District heating systems based on low-carbon energy technologies in Mediterranean areas

Berger, T, 2017:
Disturbance decoupling by behavioral feedback for linear differentialalgebraic systems

Biswas, S R.; MacDonald, R L.; Chen, H Y. H., 2017:
Disturbance increases negative spatial autocorrelation in species diversity

Klimešová, J; Herben, Táš; Martínková, J, 2017:
Disturbance is an important factor in the evolution and distribution of root-sprouting species

Yan, W; Pang, C Khiang; Du, C, 2017:
Disturbance observer-based multirate control for rejecting periodic disturbances to the Nyquist frequency and beyond

Chen, C.M.; Tang, H.Y.; Cheng, M.L.; Chiu, D.T.Y., 2017:
Disturbance of plasma lipid metabolism in Guillain-Barre syndrome

Ning, J; Yan, F, 2017:
Disturbance rejection in DOC-out temperature control for DPF regeneration

Anfinsen, H; Aamo, O Morten, 2017:
Disturbance rejection in general heterodirectional 1-D linear hyperbolic systems using collocated sensing and control

Herman, I; Knorn, S; Ahlén, A, 2017:
Disturbance scaling in bidirectional vehicle platoons with different asymmetry in position and velocity coupling

Peringer, A; Buttler, A; Gillet, Fçois; Pătru-Stupariu, I; Schulze, K A.; Stupariu, M-Sorin; Rosenthal, G, 2017:
Disturbance-grazer-vegetation interactions maintain habitat diversity in mountain pasture-woodlands

Lahmiri, S; Bekiros, S, 2017:
Disturbances and complexity in volatility time series

Kruk, A.; Ciepłucha, M.; Zięba, G.; Błońska, D.; Marszał, L.; Tybulczuk, S.; Tszydel, M.; Penczak, T., 2017:
Disturbed fish fauna zonation as an indicator of large-scale human impact: A case study (2011-2012) of the large, lowland Warta River, Poland

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Diversity Regularized Latent Semantic Match for Hashing

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Diversity and the Ecology of AFS

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Diversity indices or floristic quality index: Which one is more appropriate for comparison of forest integrity in different land uses?

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Diversity of As Metabolism Functional Genes in Pb-Zn Mine Tailings

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Diversity of threshold phenomena in geophysical media

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Diversit des formes de rapport lorientation chez des collgien(e)s orient(e)s prcocement vers les dispositifs dinitiation aux mtiers en alternance (DIMA) et 3 e prparatoire aux formations professionnelles (3 e PFP). Le rle de la personnalisation dans la construction du sens de lorientation

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Diversit gnotypique de Pneumocystis jirovecii la Runion

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Divide and conquer approach for semi-supervised multi-category classification through localized kernel spectral clustering

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Divide-and-conquer architecture based collaborative sensing for target monitoring in wireless sensor networks

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Diving beneath the surface: long-term studies of dolphins and whales

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Division of the Patient Selection Committee (PSC) Process into Two Segments Has Improved the Rigor, Efficiency and Satisfaction in the Selection Process

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Divison of Labor and Plasticity in a Phenotypically Diverse Intratumoral Ecosystem Promotes Therapeutic Resistance in Small Cell Lung Carcinoma

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Divorce Stress, Stepfamily Stress, and Depression among Emerging Adult Stepchildren

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Dizziness in older adults

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Diätintervention bei Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Typ-2-Diabetes

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Dna Methylation Mediates the Effect of Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy on Birthweight

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Dna methylation of manufactured red blood cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells

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Do Alluvial Sand Dunes Create Energetic Refugia for Benthic Fishes? An Experimental Test with the Endangered Pallid Sturgeon

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Do Anti-Immigrant Laws Shape Public Sentiment? A Study of Arizonas SB 1070 Using Twitter Data

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Do Body Wall Vibrations Over the Lungs Aid Aerial Hearing in Salamanders? An Investigation into Extratympanic Hearing Mechanisms

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Do Changes in Regulation Affect Temporary Agency Workers Job Satisfaction?

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Do Convection-Permitting Regional Climate Models Improve Projections of Future Precipitation Change?

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Do Countries With Similar GDPS And Health Expenditures Reimburse The Same Cancer Drugs?

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Do Credit-Based Insurance Scores Proxy for Income in Predicting Auto Claim Risk?

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Do Cyber Pornography Use Inventory-9 Scores Reflect Actual Compulsivity in Internet Pornography Use? Exploring the Role of Abstinence Effort

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Do Democracies Provide Better Education? Revisiting the DemocracyHuman Capital Link

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Do Different Emotional States Affect the Horse Grimace Scale Score? A Pilot Study

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Do Different Implementing Partnerships Lead to Different Project Outcomes? Evidence from the World Bank Project-Level Evaluation Data

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Do EU5 Countries with Favourable Healthcare Expenditure and Reimbursement Indicators Have Better Patient-Reported Access to Treatments for Rare Diseases?

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Do European reforms increase modal shares of railways?

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Do Fe-Ti-oxide magmas exist? Probably not!

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Do Feeding Styles Moderate the Relationship Between Food Parenting Practices and Preschool Age Children's Food Preferences?

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Do Fibroids Reduce the Likelihood of Unanticipated Malignancy?

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Do Fish Drive Recreational Fishing License Sales?

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Do HIP Effusions Detected at Ultrasound and MRI Correlate to Each Other and to Clinical Parameters in HIP OA?

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Do Heart Transplant Centers Have a Multidisciplinary Team as Indicated by ISHLT Guidelines? Findings from the International BRIGHT Study

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Do High-Skill Immigrants trigger High-Quality Trade?

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Do Indirect Measures of Biases Measure Traits or Situations?

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Do Innovative Work Practices and Use of Information and Communication Technologies Motivate Employees?

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Do Kenyas climate change mitigation ambitions necessitate large-scale renewable energy deployment and dedicated low-carbon energy policy?

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Do Local Intraoperative Corticosteroids Delivered in a Hemostatic-Matrix Minimize Dysphagia Following Anterior Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)? A Preliminary Analysis of a Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial

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Do Male Cook Strait Giant Weta Prudently Allocate Sperm?

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Do Mental Health First Aid courses enhance knowledge?

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Do Moderate Voters Weigh Candidates Ideologies? Voters Decision Rules in the 2010 Congressional Elections

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Do Motivational Incentives Facilitate Drug Addiction Therapy?

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Do NH 3 and chemical oxygen demand induce continuous release of phosphorus from sediment in heavily polluted rivers?

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Do Natural Disasters Affect the Poor Disproportionately? Price Change and Welfare Impact in the Aftermath of Typhoon Milenyo in the Rural Philippines

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Do Natural Disasters Decrease the Gender Gap in Schooling?

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Do Natural Resources Breed Corruption? Evidence from China

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Do No Harm, Except Unto Thyself

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Do Occupational Regulations Increase Earnings? Evidence from China

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Do Patient Characteristics Impact the Relationship Between Anatomic Prolapse and Vaginal Bulge Symptoms?

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Do Patients Feel the Difference; Relationship with Patella Femoral Kinematics and Patient Reported Outcome Measures After Total Knee Arthroplasty

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Do Patients Who Receive Medium Chain Trigyceride Enteral Tube Feeds Post Intestinal/Liver and Intestinal Transplant Demonstrate Better Weight Gain and Growth than Those Changed to a Standard Tube Feed?

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Do Plants Decrease Pollution Reduction Efforts During a Recession? Evidence from Upstate New York Chemical Plants During the US Great Recession

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Do Predators and Thermoregulation Influence Choice of Sleeping Sites and Sleeping Behavior in Azaras Owl Monkeys (Aotus azarae azarae) in Northern Argentina?

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Do Prior Spinal Fusions Affect Physical Activity following Total Hip Arthroplasty? Results from a National Spine and Hip Registry

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Do Research Findings Apply to My Students? Examining Study Samples and Sampling

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Do River Drainage Boundaries Coincide with Phylogeographic Breaks in the Redband Darter?

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Do SSRIs cause an initial increase in anxiety in depressed patients participating in placebo-controlled trials?

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Do Sectoral Employment Programs Work? New Evidence from New York City's Sector-Focused Career Centers

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Do Shallow Cumulus Clouds have the Potential to Trigger Secondary Circulations Via Shading?

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Do South African medicinal plants used traditionally to treat infections respond differently to resistant microbial strains?

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Do Statins Decrease the Severity of Clostridium Difficile Infection: A Retrospective Cohort Study in a Tertiary Medical Center?

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Do Stormwater Basins Generate co-Benefits? Evidence from Baltimore County, Maryland

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Do Students Develop Towards More Deep Approaches to Learning During Studies? A Systematic Review on the Development of Students Deep and Surface Approaches to Learning in Higher Education

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Do Surgical Complications Affect Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Outcomes?

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Do United States manufacturing companies benefit from climate change mitigation technologies?

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Do We Advocate?

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Do We Feel the Same Way If We Think the Same Way? Shared Attitudes and the Social Induction of Affect

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Do We Have the Knowledge to Address Homelessness?

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Do We Need to Dose-Escalate Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Resected Brain Metastases?

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Do Women Express Regret After Hysterectomy?

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Do You Do What I Do? Cardiac Anesthesia Surveys From Around the Globe

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Do You Really Know What Palliative Care Is? Developing an Electronic Palliative Care Information Card (S784)

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Do abiotic and ontogenetic factors influence the diet of a generalist predator? Feeding ecology of the Pacific spiny dogfish (Squalus suckleyi) in the northeast Pacific Ocean

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Do academic preschools yield stronger benefits? Cognitive emphasis, dosage, and early learning

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Do acquisitions by electric utility companies create value? Evidence from deregulated markets

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Do acting out verbs with dolls and comparison learning between scenes boost toddlers verb comprehension?

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Do adolescent gamers make friends offline? Identity and friendship formation in school

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Do agricultural zones on Santa Cruz Island, Galpagos, host native and endemic arthropods?

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Do all Patients with Suspected Extraesophageal Reflux Need pH Testing?

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Do all raters value task, citizenship, and counterproductive behaviors equally: An investigation of cultural values and performance evaluations

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Do all transport modes impact on industrial employment? Empirical evidence from the Spanish regions

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Do all zygomaticomaxillary complex fractures require internal orbital reconstruction?

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Do arcs of integration differ across industries? Methodology extension and empirical evidence from Thailand

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Do armed field-rangers deter rhino poachers? An empirical analysis

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Do associations between depression and unintended pregnancy among adolescent and young adult women differ by race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status?

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Do attitudes cause behavior or vice versa? An alternative conceptualization of the attitude-behavior relationship in travel behavior modeling

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Do biomass indices from Icelandic groundfish surveys reflect changes in the population of female lumpfish ( Cyclopterus lumpus )?

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Do blood transfusions make a difference when you are dying?

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Do business cycles affect patenting? Evidence from European Patent Office filings

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Do climate factors matter for producers irrigation practices decisions?

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Do clinical guidelines for whole body computerised tomography in trauma improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce unnecessary investigations? A systematic review and narrative synthesis

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Do cloud forest tree species differ in their suitability as a substrate for epiphytic bromeliads?

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Do computer skills affect worker employment? An empirical study from CPS surveys

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Do computer-mediated communication skill, knowledge and motivation mediate the relationships between personality traits and attitude toward Facebook?

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Do cover crops change the lability of phosphorus in a clayey subtropical soil under different phosphate fertilizers?

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Do credit constraints favor dirty production? Theory and plant-level evidence

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Do dams also stop frogs? Assessing population connectivity of coastal tailed frogs (Ascaphus truei) in the North Cascades National Park Service Complex

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Do deformation bands matter for flow? Insights from permeability measurements and flow simulations in porous carbonate rocks

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Do demographics and tumour-related factors affect nodal yield at neck dissection? A retrospective cohort study

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Do depressive symptoms moderate social buffering of the HPA and oxytocin systems in children and adolescents? A comparison of parent vs. peer buffering

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Do differences in herbivore resistance contribute to elevational niches of species and hybrids in the central European Senecio nemorensis (Compositae, Senecioneae) syngameon?

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Do different dimensions of ethnic identity reduce the risk of violence among Asian American and Pacific Islander adolescents in Hawaii?

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Do dormancy-breaking temperature thresholds change as seeds age in the soil seed bank?

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Do early noun and verb production predict later verb and noun production? Theoretical implications

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Do educational affordances and gratifications drive intensive Facebook use among adolescents?

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Do elevated liver values necessarily indicate a health problem or could poorly defined upper limits of normal be an issue? Alanine aminotransferase and gamma-glutamyltransferase depend strongly on age

Drejza, M.A.; Kort, J.D.; Behr, B., 2017:
Do embryo time-lapse parameters predict euploid embryo transfer outcomes?

Van Mol, C, 2017:
Do employers value international study and internships? A comparative analysis of 31 countries

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Do episodic counterfactual thoughts focus on controllable action?: The role of self-initiation

Chen, J; Fu, Q, 2017:
Do exclusivity arrangements harm consumers?

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Do exogenous shocks better leverage the benefits of technological change in the staged elimination of differential environmental regulations? Evidence from Chinas cement industry before and after the 2008 Great Sichuan Earthquake

Ehrenfeucht, R, 2017:
Do food trucks and pedestrians conflict on urban streets?

Meyer, K; Botsch, K, 2017:
Do forest and health professionals presume that forests offer health benefits, and is cross-sectional cooperation conceivable?

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Do forest soil microbes have the potential to resist plant invasion? A case study in Dinghushan Biosphere Reserve (South China)

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Do freshwater aquaculture facilities provide an invasion risk for zooplankton hitchhikers?

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Do generation and regulation of emotions interact? Examination of their relationships in young adults

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Do genome size differences withinBrachionus asplanchnoidis(Rotifera, Monogononta) cause reproductive barriers among geographic populations?

Alm, J; Enami, A, 2017:
Do government subsidies to low-income individuals affect interstate migration? Evidence from the Massachusetts Health Care Reform

Willard-Kyle, C, 2017:
Do great minds really think alike?

Peter, C; Helming, K; Nendel, C, 2017:
Do greenhouse gas emission calculations from energy crop cultivation reflect actual agricultural management practices? A review of carbon footprint calculators

Vázquez, A; Gómez, Ángel; Swann, W B., 2017:
Do historic threats to the group diminish identity fusion and its correlates?

Haddad, L B; Wall, K M, 2017:
Do hormonal contraceptives affect women's susceptibility to HIV?

Sleep, C E.; Lavner, J A.; Miller, J D., 2017:
Do individuals with maladaptive personality traits find these same traits desirable in potential romantic partners?

Reboredo, J C.; Quintela, M; Otero, L A., 2017:
Do investors pay a premium for going green? Evidence from alternative energy mutual funds

Su, C-Wei; Wang, K-Hua; Chang, H-Ling; Dumitrescu–Peculea, A, 2017:
Do iron ore price bubbles occur?

Liu, C; Li, Z; Dong, Y; Nie, X; Liu, L; Xiao, H; Zeng, G, 2017:
Do land use change and check-dam construction affect a real estimate of soil carbon and nitrogen stocks on the Loess Plateau of China?

Phoebus, I; Segelbacher, G; Stenhouse, G B., 2017:
Do large carnivores use riparian zones? Ecological implications for forest management

Moroń, D; Przybyłowicz, Łukasz; Nobis, M; Nobis, A; Klichowska, E; Lenda, M; Skórka, P; Tryjanowski, P, 2017 :
Do levees support diversity and affect spatial turnover of communities in plant-herbivore systems in an urban landscape?

Pateraki, E; Macmahon, K, 2017:
Do levels of evidence affect breadth of service? A study on the use of clinical guidance in a learning disability service

Twongyirwe, R; Bithell, M; Richards, K S.; Rees, W.G., 2017:
Do livelihood typologies influence local perceptions of forest cover change? Evidence from a tropical forested and non-forested rural landscape in western Uganda

Ojanen, P; Mäkiranta, Päivi; Penttilä, T; Minkkinen, K, 2017:
Do logging residue piles trigger extra decomposition of soil organic matter?

Chen, Q-Lin; An, X-Li; Li, H; Zhu, Y-Guan; Su, J-Qiang; Cui, L, 2017:
Do manure-borne or indigenous soil microorganisms influence the spread of antibiotic resistance genes in manured soil?

Brown, M E.; Carr, E R.; Grace, K L.; Wiebe, K; Funk, C C.; Attavanich, W; Backlund, P; Buja, L, 2017:
Do markets and trade help or hurt the global food system adapt to climate change?

Schneider, K J; Palacios-Derflingher, L; Shi, Q; Meeuwisse, W H; Emery, C A, 2017:
Do measures of cervical, vestibulo-ocular function, balance and divided attention change over a year in youth ice hockey players?

Raman, M.; Lawson, A.K.; Klock, S.; Confino, R.; Hirshfeld-Cytron, J.E.; Pavone, M., 2017:
Do mental health assessments of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) patients differ by infertility diagnosis? A prospective study

Thibodeau, A M.; Bergquist, B A., 2017:
Do mercury isotopes record the signature of massive volcanism in marine sedimentary records?

Zacharzewska-Gondek, A.; Gondek, T.M.; Pokryszko-Dragan, A.; Sąsiadek, M.; Bladowska, J., 2017:
Do metabolic parameters of posterior cingulate gyrus in multiple sclerosis correlate with the duration of the disease?

Franklin, S; Grey, M J.; Li, F-Xavier, 2017:
Do minimalist shoes improve balance and foot strength in older adults?

Fankhauser, C.; Wilson, K.; Rider, J.; Penney, K.; Peisch, S.; Fiorentino, M.; Kantoff, P.; Moch, H.; Mucci, L.; Gerke, T., 2017:
Do more granular Gleason categorizations lead to better prognostic accuracy over time?

Khalil, U, 2017:
Do more guns lead to more crime? Understanding the role of illegal firearms

Peyser, A.; Bristow, S.L.; Puig, O.; Pollock, A.; Mills, A.; Niknazar, M.; Hershlag, A., 2017:
Do mutations in CHD5 cause male infertility?

Tortoriello, G K.; Hart, W; Richardson, K; Tullett, A M., 2017:
Do narcissists try to make romantic partners jealous on purpose? An examination of motives for deliberate jealousy-induction among subtypes of narcissism

Dong, K; Sun, R; Hochman, G, 2017:
Do natural gas and renewable energy consumption lead to less CO 2 emission? Empirical evidence from a panel of BRICS countries

Weiler, R; Van Mechelen, W; Fuller, C; Ahmed, O; Verhagen, E, 2017:
Do neurocognitive scat3 test scores differ between non-concussed national footballers living with and without disability? a cross-sectional study

Plaza-Bonilla, D; Cantero-Martínez, C; Bareche, J; Arrúe, J Luis; Lampurlanés, J; Álvaro-Fuentes, J, 2017:
Do no-till and pig slurry application improve barley yield and water and nitrogen use efficiencies in rainfed Mediterranean conditions?

Xian, H; Colson, G; Karali, B; Wetzstein, M, 2017:
Do nonrenewable-energy prices affect renewable-energy volatility? The case of wood pellets

Silva, D.B.; Bueno, V.H.P.; Calvo, F.J.; van Lenteren, J.C., 2017:
Do nymphs and adults of three Neotropical zoophytophagous mirids damage leaves and fruits of tomato?

Parsons, A Waldstein; Forrester, T; McShea, W J; Baker-Whatton, M C; Millspaugh, J J; Kays, R, 2017:
Do occupancy or detection rates from camera traps reflect deer density?

Martin-Wintle, M S.; Shepherdson, D; Zhang, G; Huang, Y; Luo, B; Swaisgood, R R., 2017:
Do opposites attract? Effects of personality matching in breeding pairs of captive giant pandas on reproductive success

Hijbeek, R.; van Ittersum, M.K.; ten Berge, H.F.M.; Gort, G.; Spiegel, H.; Whitmore, A.P., 2017:
Do organic inputs matter a meta-analysis of additional yield effects for arable crops in Europe

Cotter, E.; Frank, R.M.; Poland, S.; Meyer, M.A.; Wang, K.C.; Cole, B.J., 2017:
Do outcomes differ for osteochondral allografts of the knee for osteochondritis dissecans based on patient age?

Vennerød, F Felicia Fry; Almli, Vérie Lengard; Berget, I; Lien, N, 2017:
Do parents form their childrens sweet preference? The role of parents and taste sensitivity on preferences for sweetness in pre-schoolers

Vecchio, R, 2017:
Do participants discount products in experimental auctions?

Bradley, T.R.; Ramondetta, L.M.; Nugent, E.K.; Noriega, M.L., 2017:
Do patients with a history of endometrial hyperplasia (EH) or early typeI endometrial cancer (EC) desire to make aggressive lifestyle changes including bariatric surgery (BS) to lose weight and improve health outcomes?

Beavan, V; de Jager, A; dos Santos, B, 2017:
Do peer-support groups for voice-hearers work? A small scale study of Hearing Voices Network support groups in Australia

Cravo, J.; Santos, L.M.; Matos, M.J.; Catarino, A., 2017:
Do people who believe they have sleep apnea have the most symptoms?

Whitehouse, M E.A.; Cross, D; Mansfield, S; Harden, S; Johnson, A L.; Harris, D J.; Tan, W; Downes, S J., 2017:
Do pigeon pea refuges in Bt cotton pull their weight as genetic diluters to counter Bt resistance in Helicoverpa moths?

Chatzistamoulou, N; Diagourtas, G; Kounetas, K, 2017:
Do pollution abatement expenditures lead to higher productivity growth? Evidence from Greek manufacturing industries

Rahman, M Mafizur, 2017:
Do population density, economic growth, energy use and exports adversely affect environmental quality in Asian populous countries?

Akinsal, E.C.; Baydilli, N.; Ekmekcioglu, O.; Demirtas, A., 2017:
Do positional variations of epididymis affect infertility?

Ellouze, A; Jesson, D; Ben Cheikh, R, 2017:
Do production processes influence the mechanical properties of bleached alfa pulpboard?

Wang, X; Fagerlund, S; Massera, J; Södergård, B; Hupa, L, 2017:
Do properties of bioactive glasses exhibit mixed alkali behavior?

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Do psychosocial attributes of well-being drive intensive Facebook use?

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Do relativistic elementary particles originate in the lightning discharges?

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Do religious beliefs respond to evidence?

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Do remediation experts have what it takes to explain empirical uncertainty?

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Do renewable energy policies reduce carbon emissions? On caps and inter-industry leakage

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Do shelter dogs engage in social referencing with their caregiver in an approach paradigm? An exploratory study

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Do spatially homogenising and heterogenising processes affect transitions between alternative stable states?

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Do the CAP subsidies increase employment in Sweden? estimating the effects of government transfers using an exogenous change in the CAP

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Do the Characteristics and Outcomes of Pediatric Patients with Restrictive Cardiomyopathy Differ from Those with Dilated Cardiomyopathy?A UNOS Database Analysis

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Do the Virtues Matter? Ethical Thinking and Modern Economics

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Do the amount of sex pheromone and frequency of calling behavior in females affect the mate-searching behavior of males inDasylepida ishigakiensis(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)?

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Do the dietary ingredients of low-protein formulated diet provide a sufficient selenium source in Australian snapper Pagrus auratus diet (Bloch & Schneider 1801)?

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Do we Practice what we Preach? Barriers to Screening Colonoscopy in Health Care Professionals

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Do we all mean the same thing by incomplete excision margins in Non Melanoma Skin Cancer Surgery? Reflections from the literature and analysis of results from one service in a district hospital in south west England

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Do we have a car for you? Encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles at point of sale

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Do we need to change the way we measure change? Developments in SCORE-15

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Do web-based competitions promote physical activity? Randomized controlled trial

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Do women know when their hospital is Catholic and how this affects their care? Findings from the Patient Awareness of Religious Restrictions in Catholic Hospitals (PARRCH) national survey

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Do words matter? health care providers use of the term prediabetes

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Do you need a hand? The detrimental effects of rumination on helping behaviours after psychosocial stress

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Do you prefer, Pinterest or Instagram? The role of image-sharing SNSs and self-monitoring in enhancing ad effectiveness

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Do you want to talk about it? When word of mouth alleviates the psychological discomfort of self-threat

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Do foreigners pay more? The effects of investor type and nationality on office transaction prices in New York City

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Doble injerto como opcin de reconstruccin en defectos quirrgicos del antebrazo

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Docteur jai un problme dysfonctions rectiles et SEP, propos de 50 cas

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Doctor of Nursing Practice Curricula Redesign: Challenge, Change and Collaboration

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Doctor who supported tax reforms removed from board of Doctors Nova Scotia

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Doctoral students experiences leading to completion or attrition: a matter of sense, progress and distress

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Doctors identify teachable moments that could facilitate alcohol treatment

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Doctors without weapons

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Doctorpatient communication issues for international medical graduates and medical graduates of foreign origin in Ireland

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Documentary review: The Internet AgeChina Central Television (2014) The Internet Age

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Documentation of Crucial Medical Information in Critically Ill Patients (S756)

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Documentation of Driving Recommendations for Patients Receiving Whole Brain Radiation Therapy

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Documentation of Menstrual History for Adolescent Patients in the Inpatient Setting

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Documentation of Overwintering Bat Species Presence and Hibernacula Use In the Badlands of North Dakota

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Documentation of atmospheric constants over Niamey, Niger: a theoretical aid for measuring instruments

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Documenting Art Therapy Clinical Knowledge Using Interviews

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Documenting a contested memory: Symbols in the changing city space of Cairo

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Documenting presence: A descriptive study of chaplain notes in the intensive care unit

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Documento de consenso. Deterioro cognitivo leve. Deteccin y manejo. Un reto de salud pblica

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Dodging the moon: The moon effect on activity allocation of prey in the presence of predators

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Does Aging Have a Purpose?

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Does Aid Effectiveness Depend on the Quality of Donors?

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Does Alexandromys evoronensis Inhabit the Northeastern Part of Verkhnezeiskaya Plain?

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Does Bariatric Surgery Benefit Night-Shift Workers?

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Does Beginning of Spring Represent a Critical Period in Annual Cycle of Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus, Tetronidae, Galliformes)?

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Does Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Accurately Estimate the Physiological Condition of Threatened and Endangered Desert Fish Species?

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Does CWD mediate microclimate for epixylic vegetation in boreal forest understories? A test of the moisture-capacitor hypothesis

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Does California's CO 2 price affect wholesale electricity prices in the Western U.S.A.?

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Does Cedrela always form annual rings? Testing ring periodicity across South America using radiocarbon dating

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Does Compact Development Make People Drive Less?

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Does Concomitant Biceps Surgery Affect the Outcome of Rotator Cuff Repair?

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Does Concomitant Organ Resection Compromise Elective Herniorrhaphy Results? An American Hernia Society Quality Collaborative Analysis

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Does Concurrent Diabetic Acidosis Affect Clinical Course in Patients with Hypertriglyceridemia Pancreatitis?

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Does Consumer Demand Reproduce Inequality? High-Income Consumers, Vertical Differentiation, and the Wage Structure

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Does Contextual Change Affect Basic Human Values? A Dynamic Comparative Multilevel Analysis Across 32 European Countries

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Does Craigslist Reduce Waste? Evidence from California and Florida

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Does Culture Matter? A Qualitative Inquiry of Helicopter Parenting in Korean American College Students

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Does Delay From Prostate Cancer Diagnosis to Treatment With Permanent Seed Implantation Increase the Risk of Disease Recurrence in Men With Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer?

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Does Distance Matter in Pediatric Heart Transplantation?

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Does Distance from Donor Hospital Impact Survival in Heart Transplant Recipients?

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Does EMG-audio feedback from the ankle muscles affect the degree of activity of lower limb muscles?

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Does EU rural expenditure correspond to regional development needs?

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Does Engagement in Advocacy Hurt the Credibility of Scientists? Results from a Randomized National Survey Experiment

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Does Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) Correlate with Measures of Hip OA?

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Does Hands-On Cooking Instruction Before Adulthood Support Healthy Food Behaviors to Become Lifestyle Choices?

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Does Health Care Technology Work for or Against Older Adults?

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Does Holistic Planned Grazing work on native rangelands?

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Does HumanAnimal Similarity Lower the Need to Affirm Humans Superiority Relative to Animals? A Social Psychological Viewpoint

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Does Impulsivity Influence the Operation of Long-Term and Working Memory in Rats?

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Does Increased Crown-to-Implant Ratio Predispose Towards Implant or Implant Supported Prosthesis Failure in Mandibular Reconstruction with Fibula Free Flaps?

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Does Insight Mediate Treatment and Enhance Outcome?

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Does Intraoperative Frozen Section Diagnosis Correlate with Final Pathology in Borderline Ovarian Tumors

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Does Local Development Influence Outmigration Decisions? Evidence from Indonesia

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Does March Madness lead to irrational exuberance in the NBA draft? High-value employee selection decisions and decision-making bias

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Does Mental Illness Impact the Incidence of Crime and Victimisation among Young People?

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Does Minimally Invasive Surgery for Renal Resections Guarantee Minimal Length of Stay? A Review of Current Practice

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Does Obesity Affect Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Circumferential Minimally Invasive Surgical (CMIS) Correction of Adults Spinal Deformity (ASD)?

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Does P deficiency affect nodule bacterial composition and N source utilization in a legume from nutrient-poor Mediterranean-type ecosystems?

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Does PBSC Product Platelet Content Affect Outcomes of Autologous Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant?

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Does PGD3 at 0-48 Hours After Lung Transplantation Matter?

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Does Part D abet advantageous selection in Medicare Advantage?

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Does Patient Health Empowerment Go Hand in Hand with Privacy Empowerment?

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Does Perceptual Consciousness Overflow Cognitive Access? The Challenge from Probabilistic, Hierarchical Processes

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Does Positive Mental Health in Adolescence Longitudinally Predict Healthy Transitions in Young Adulthood?

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Does Practice Make Perfect? Sexual Experience and Psychomotor Stimulants Influence Female Sexual Motivation Through Medial Preoptic Area Dopamine

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False-positive Activations in STEMI Networks: An Unavoidable Toll

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Does Prevalence of Small Size Acetabular Bone Marrow Edema or Cystic Lesion on 3 Tesla MRI Correlate With Poor Clinical Outcomes After Hip Arthroscopy? An Analysis of 2 to 6 Year Follow-Up

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Does Pricing Nature Reduce Monetary Support for Conservation?: Evidence From Donation Behavior in an Online Experiment

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Does Prior Shoulder Surgery Negatively Impact Shoulder Arthroplasty Outcomes?

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Does Proton Conduction in the Voltage-Gated Proton Channel hH V 1 Involve Grotthus Hopping via Acidic Residues?

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Does Quality of Radiation Therapy Predict Outcomes of Pediatric Multicenter Cooperative Group Trials? A Systematic Review

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Does Raising Family Income Cause Better Child Health? Evidence from China

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Does Resource Availability Affect the Diet and Behavior of the Vulnerable Squirrel Monkey,Saimiri vanzolinii?

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Does Rifaximin Prior to Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Improve Clinical Outcomes Compared to Microbiome Restoration Alone in Ulcerative Colitis? a Cohort Study Evaluating the Impact of Non-Absorbable Antibiotic Pretreatment

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Does Sagittal Root Position Affect Buccal or Palatal Bone Thickness in the Anterior Esthetic Zone?

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Does Sex Impact Outcomes Following Shoulder Arthroplasty?

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Does Size Matter? Animal Units and Animal Unit Months

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Does Socioeconomic Status Impact Outcome Following Mechanical Circulatory Support Device Implantation?

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Does Staging Laparoscopy Affect Management of Upper GI cancers?

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Does Subchondral Bone Marrow Edema Have Effect on Outcome of Medial Open Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy?

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Does Surgical Approach Affect Lifestyle or Restoration of Function following Surgical Management of Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy?

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Does The Study Population And The Use Of Proxy Respondent Have An Effect On The Latent Quality Of Life Constructs Measured By The CHU9D And The Pedsqltm 4.0? An Exploratory Factor Analysis

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Does Truancy Beget Truancy? Evidence from Elementary School

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Does Tungsten Availability Control the Presence of Tungsten In Turbidite-Hosted Orogenic Gold Mineralization? Evidence From the Meguma and Bendigo-Ballarat Terranes

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Does Using Factor Analysis to Select Covariates in Mapping Algorithms Improve Predictive Accuracy? A Case of Mapping the Core 23-Item Womens Health Questionnaire Onto the EQ-5D-5L and SF-6D

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Does Variable 192 Ir Dose Rate Affect Vaginal Toxicity in High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy?

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Does a Doctorate of Nursing Practice Make a Difference in Patient Care?

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Does a Major Earthquake Change Job Preferences and Human Values?

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Does a Mandatory Reduction of Standard Working Hours Improve Employees' Health Status?

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Does a Religious Transformation Buffer the Effects of Lifetime Trauma on Happiness?

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Does a Resident Educational Intervention Increase the Number of Referrals for Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) in a Resident-Predominant Inner-City Pediatric Clinic?

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Does a battery-electric truck make a difference? Life cycle emissions, costs, and externality analysis of alternative fuel-powered Class 8 heavy-duty trucks in the United States

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Does a foliar endophyte improve plant fitness under flooding?

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Does a less torsionally stiff cycling shoe reduce knee moments during cycling?

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Does a new rail rapid transit line announcement affect various commercial property prices differently?

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Does a reduction in the price of rhino horn prevent poaching?

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Does a state of alcohol hangover impair event based prospective memory?

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Does a universal sleep education programme improve the sleep habits of primary school children?

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Does a yoga-strengthening program for women with knee osteoarthritis have an effect on gait patterns? An investigation with principal components analysis

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Does absence of evidence mean evidence of absence? Managing the issue of partner surveillance in infidelity treatment

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Does acidification increase the nitrogen fertilizer replacement value of bio-based fertilizers?

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Does adolescent obesity affect surgical presentation and radiographic outcome for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis?

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Does air pollution drive away tourists? A case study of the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, Taiwan

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Does ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) play any role in assessing and predicting cardiovascular risks and events?

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Does an Overdraft Facility Influence the Customer Costs of Using a Personal Current Account?

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Does an earthworm species acclimatize and/or adapt to soil calcium conditions? The consequences of soil nitrogen mineralization in forest soil

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Does an upper limit to river water temperature apply in all places?

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Does artificial drawdown affect zooplankton structure in shallow lakes? A short-term study in a tropical reservoir

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Does biological endowment matter for demand for financial services? Evidence from 2D:4D ratio in the Russian household survey

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Does blindness influence trust? A comparative study on social trust among blind and sighted adults

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Does brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy allow the detection of metabolite changes during immunomodulatory therapy in multiple sclerosis?

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Does carbon finance make a sustainable difference? Hydropower expansion and livelihood trade-offs in the Red River valley, Yunnan Province, China

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Does cardiotoxicity management represent a rare bird for cancer nursing care delivery? An Italian study on nurses self-efficacy

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Does cardiovascular risk vary according to the criteria for the diagnosis of PCOS?

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Does chemotherapy increase the pelvic toxicity of vaginal brachytherapy for endometrial cancer patients?

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Does clinical diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis agree with gait mechanics?

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Does coffee production reduce poverty? Evidence from Uganda

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Does collectivism act as a protective factor for depression in Russia?

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Does communal forest intervention management enhance forest benefits of smallholder farmers? Evidence from Hugumbirda forest, Tigray, Ethiopia

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Does competition matter in measures of job accessibility? Explaining employment in Los Angeles

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Does concussion history and post-injury sleep quantity influence neurocognitive scores following concussion in collegiate athletes?

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Does cone-beam computed tomography imaging have an impact on treatment planning for ectopic maxillary canines?

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Does conflict matter? Spatial distribution of disposal sites in Japan

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Does congestion negatively affect income growth and employment growth? Empirical evidence from US metropolitan regions

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Does conservative treatment represents the best choice in women with adenocarcinoma in situ of the uterine cervix? A single-institutional study

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Does continued participation in STEM enrichment and enhancement activities affect school maths attainment?

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Does copper tolerance provide a competitive advantage for degrading copper treated wood by soft rot fungi?

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Does cribbing behavior in horses vary with dietary taste or direct gastric stimuli?

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Does decision error decrease with risk aversion?

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Does decision making transfer across similar and dissimilar sports?

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Does detection of DDX4 mRNA in cell free seminal plasma represents a reliable non-invasive germ cell marker in patients with non-obstructive azoospermia?

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Does dispersal capacity matter for freshwater biodiversity under climate change?

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Does dollar-pegging matter? A closer look at US trade deficits with China and Germany

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Does economic growth in Malaysia depend on disaggregate energy?

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Does education influence wildlife friendly landscaping preferences?

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Does effectiveness of kinesio taping changed with different verbal inputs on rotator cuff pathologies?

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Does energy efficiency affect financial performance? Evidence from Chinese energy-intensive firms

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Does energy-price regulation benefit China's economy and environment? Evidence from energy-price distortions

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Does environmental regulation create merger incentives?

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Does fire affect the temporal pattern of trophic resource supply to pollinators and seed-dispersing frugivores in a Brazilian savanna community?

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Does fire alter soil water repellency in subtropical coastal sandy environments?

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Does fiscal responsibility matter? Evidence from public and private forecasters in Italy

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Does flooding mitigation measures affect cladoceran and copepod communities in floodplain water bodies?

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Does flower and fruit conspicuousness affect plant fitness? Contrast, color coupling and the interplay of pollination and seed dispersal in twoVacciniumspecies

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Does forest biomass harvesting for energy reduce fire hazard in the Mediterranean basin? a case study in the Caroig Massif (Eastern Spain)

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Does forest certification in developing countries have environmental benefits? Insights from Mexican corrective action requests

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Does forest fragmentation cause an increase in forest temperature?

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Does formal training in translation/interpreting affect translation strategy? Evidence from idiom translation

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Does fuel efficiency pay? Empirical evidence from the drybulk timecharter market revisited

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Does gender selection in donor-recipient cycles affect IVF cycle outcomes?

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Does genetics of obesity overlap with pharmacogenetics of antipsychotic induced weight gain? A molecular pathway analysis

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Does gentrification increase employment opportunities in low-income neighborhoods?

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Does gold act as a hedge against inflation in the UK? Evidence from a fractional cointegration approach over 1257 to 2016

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Does government transparency contribute to improved eco-efficiency performance? An empirical study of 262 cities in China

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Does gratitude promote recovery from substance misuse?

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Does having the right visitor mix do the job? Applying an econometric shift-share model to regional tourism developments

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Does heel offset alter tensile load in the Achilles tendon during treadmill walking?

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Does heterogeneity in crop canopy microclimates matter for pests? Evidence from aerial high-resolution thermography

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Does historical harvesting affect colony size distribution and genetic diversity inCorallium rubrum(Linnaeus, 1758)? Evidences from the Southern Mediterranean commercial banks

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Does host quality dictate the outcome of interference competition between sympatric parasitoids? Effects on their coexistence

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Does human education reduce conflicts between humans and bears? An agent-based modelling approach

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Does human infrastructure shape scent marking in a solitary felid?

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Does hunger matter in consumer purchase decisions? An empirical investigation of processed food products

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Does ibuprofen treatment in patent ductus arteriosus alter oxygen free radicals in premature infants?

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Does improving the physical street environment create satisfactory and active streets? Evidence from Seouls Design Street Project

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Does increased compliance of the Back-to-Fitness class to the NICE guidelines improve outcomes for pain and disability? A clinical audit

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Does increasing intrinsic water use efficiency (iWUE) stimulate tree growth at natural alpine timberline on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau?

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Does industrial agglomeration promote the increase of energy efficiency in China?

Tanimoto, J, 2017:
Does information of how good or bad your neighbors are enhance cooperation in spatial Prisoner's games?

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Does infraspecific taxonomy match species evolutionary history? A phylogeographic study of Arundo formosana (Poaceae)

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Does initial body condition affect wether kid feed intake and performance when fed alfalfa or Lespedeza cuneata L.?

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Does intellectual capital promote the shift of healthcare organizations towards sustainable development? Evidence from Italy

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Does intensification result in higher efficiency and sustainability? An emergy analysis of Mediterranean sheep-crop farming systems

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Does intercropping enhance yield stability in arable crop production? A meta-analysis

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Does introduction of clover in an agricultural grassland affect the food base and functional diversity of Collembola?

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Does it matter how Molly does it? Person-presentation of strategies and transfer in mathematics

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Does it matter which name you choose; duodenal dystrophy, groove, or paraduodenal pancreatitis? Lessons of 75 cases

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Does ketamine-midazolam combination act as a routine and safe chemical restraint in cats? Clinical and hemato-biochemical evaluation

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Does knowledge of modern contraceptives and sexually transmitted infections affect contraceptive use and sexual behaviour? Evidence from senior high school girls in the Akuapem North Municipality, Ghana

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Does learning the alphabet in kindergarten give children a head start in the first year of school? A comparison of childrens reading progress in two first grade classes in state and Montessori schools in Switzerland

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Does life stress moderate/mediate the relationship between finger length ratio (2D4D), depression and physical health?

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Does long-term plastic film mulching really decrease sequestration of organic carbon in soil in the Loess Plateau?

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Does long-term warming affect C and N allocation in a Mediterranean shrubland ecosystem? Evidence from a 13 C and 15 N labeling field study

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Does magnetic storm generation depend on the solar wind type?

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Does maize hybrid intercropping increase yield due to border effects?

Knopf, A, 2017:
Does marijuana legalization increase teen use?

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Does maternal sleep apnoea affect childhood health and educational outcomes? A longitudinal study using population record linkage

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Does membership matter? Individual influences in natural resource management decision making

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Does micro-drop size matter? vitrified oocyte survival is affected by the volume of warming media droplets

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Does microfinance reduce poverty? New evidence from Northeastern Mindanao, the Philippines

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Does micropattern (sharklet) on urinary catheter surface reduce urinary tract infections? Results from phase I randomized open label interventional trial

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Does mindfulness meditation increase empathy? An experiment

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Does morphologic grading of embryonic trophectoderm correlate with quality of placentation and perinatal outcome?

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Does nadir testosterone at the end of long term androgen deprivation therapy predict outcomes in high risk prostate cancer? Data from a phase III trial

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Does nest box use reduce the fitness of a tree-cavity dependent mammal?

Kearns, L J; Rodewald, A D, 2017:
Does nest predator activity predict the location and survival of songbird nests in urbanizing landscapes?

Park, Y, 2017:
Does new urbanist neighborhood design affect neighborhood turnover?

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Does nighttime renal graft increases the risk of post-operative complications?

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Does obesity increase the risk of failure of CPAP therapy?

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Does obstructive sleep apnea correlate with Epworth Sleepiness Scale in an Indian population?

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Does offering immediate breast reconstruction after MRI to women with breast cancer increase the chance of breaching NHS cancer time-to-treatment targets?

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Does oil predict gold? A nonparametric causality-in-quantiles approach

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Does organic farming accumulate carbon in deeper soil profiles in the long term?

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Does organizational creativity always drive market performance?

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Does parental support moderate the effect of children's motivation and self-efficacy on physical activity and sedentary behaviour?

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Does perceived stress mediate the relationship between commuting and health-related quality of life?

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Does periodontal inflammation affect glycosylated haemoglobin level in otherwise systemically healthy individuals? A hospital based study

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Does physical therapy care provided within 24 hours improve outcomes compared with physical therapy provided within 18 hours in trauma intensive care unit? A cohort study

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Does physiotherapy reduce absenteeism and presenteeism due to lower back pain in an automotive industrial setting? A retrospective cohort study

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Does plant richness alter multitrophic soil food web and promote plant-parasitic nematode regulation in banana agroecosystems?

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Does preoperative oral carbohydrate intake improve postoperative outcomes in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafts?

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Does previous stone surgery affect the outcome of SWL treatment in adults with kidney stones?

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Does private investment in the transport sector mitigate the environmental impact of urbanisation? Evidence from Asia

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Does prosody make the difference? A meta-analysis on relations between prosodic aspects of infant-directed speech and infant outcomes

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Does prostate cancer represent the main cause of death in all node positive prostate cancer patients? The impact of competing causes of mortality according to tumor characteristics and recurrence status

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Does realized volatility help bond yield density prediction?

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Does religious priming increase the prosocial behaviour of a Japanese sample in an anonymous economic game?

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Does renewable energy concentration increase the variance/uncertainty in electricity prices in Africa?

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Does repeatable behaviour in the laboratory represent behaviour under natural conditions? A formal comparison in sea anemones

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Does rhetorical competence moderate the effect of rhetorical devices on the comprehension of expository texts beyond general comprehension skills?

Liford, A.N.; Cecala, K.K., 2017:
Does riparian disturbance alter stream amphibian antipredator behaviors?

Rundmo, Tørn; Nordfjærn, T, 2017:
Does risk perception really exist?

Schrøder, S A; Homøe, P; Wagner, N; Bardow, A, 2017:
Does saliva composition affect the formation of sialolithiasis?

Milestad, R; Kummer, S; Hirner, P, 2017:
Does scale matter? Investigating the growth of a local organic box scheme in Austria

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Does screening, treatment and prevention for infectious diseases by attending 4 antenatal care visits decrease the risk of stillbirth and poor birth outcomes in rural uganda?

Ingram, L J.; Adams, M A., 2017:
Does season and grazing influence the 13C and 15N of C4 native grasses in semi-arid rangelands of the Pilbara region of NW Australia?

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Does severe vitamin D deficiency predict significant coronary artery disease?

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Does shade tree diversity increase soil fertility in cocoa plantations?

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Does sheep grazing affect burrow choice of the pygmy bluetongue lizard ( Tiliqua adelaidensis )?

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Does shockwave lithotripsy impair urine pH? Results of the prospective Swiss Kidney Stone Cohort register

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Does short-term litter input manipulation affect soil respiration and its carbon-isotopic signature in a coniferous forest ecosystem of central China?

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Does social disadvantage explain the higher risk of psychosis in immigrants? results from the eugei study in london

van Ingen, E; Rains, S A.; Wright, K B., 2017:
Does social network site use buffer against well-being loss when older adults face reduced functional ability?

Hwaidi, M I.; Collins, P J.; Sissons, M, 2017:
Does sorption of sulfuryl fluoride by wheat reduce its efficacy against adults and eggs of Rhyzopertha dominica?

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Does species richness of subtropical tree leaf litter affect decomposition, nutrient release, transfer and subsequent uptake by plants?

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Does specific demographic education change young peoples opinions about reproduction? The case of Serbia

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Does stiffness impair or enhance healing post rotator cuff repair? A study in 1533 consecutive arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs

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Does strategic interaction affect demand for school places? A conditional efficiency approach

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Does study duration have opposite effects on recognition and repetition priming?

H. T. G. Van den Hurk,A. A. M. Houtveen,W. J. C. M. Van de Grift, 2017:
Does teachers pedagogical content knowledge affect their fluency instruction?

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Does technology diffusion help to reduce emission intensity? Evidence from organized manufacturing and agriculture in India

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Does temperature nudging overwhelm aerosol radiative effects in regional integrated climate models?

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Does the Addition of Valproic Acid to Concurrent Radiation Therapy and Temozolomide Improve Patient Outcome? Correlative Analysis of RTOG 0525, SEER, and a Phase 2 NCI Trial

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Does the Assessment of DCD Donor Hearts on the Organ Care System Using Lactate Need Redefining?

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Does the Choice of Chemotherapeutic Agent, Mitomycin C vs Oxaliplatin, Matter in Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthemic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy?

Nosworthy, M. G.; Tulbek, M. C.; House, J. D., 2017:
Does the Concentration, Isolation, or Deflavoring of Pea, Lentil, and Faba Bean Protein Alter Protein Quality?

Kharkhurin, A V., 2017:
Does the Eye of the Beholder Construct Beauty? Contributions of Self-Efficacy Factors to Divergent Thinking Traits

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Does the Liver Hold the Answer? Elevated Liver Stiffness Predicts Need for Heart Transplant, LVAD or Mortality in Patients with Heart Failure Exacerbation

Pulver, J. R., 2017:
Does the Lunar Cycle Affect Reef Fish Catch Rates?

Stretesky, P B.; Lynch, M J.; Long, M A.; Barrett, K L., 2017 :
Does the Modernization of Environmental Enforcement Reduce Toxic Releases? An Examination of Self-policing, Criminal Prosecutions, and Toxic Releases in the United States, 19882014

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Does the Practice of Silviculture Build Resilience to the Spruce Beetle? A Case Study of Treated and Untreated Spruce-Fir Stands in Northern Utah

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Does the acting with awareness trait of mindfulness buffer the predictive association between stressors and psychological symptoms in adolescents?

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Does the end-tidal concentration of inhalational anaesthetics accurately estimate blood concentration during one-lung ventilation?

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Does the female cycle matter? Looking at aggressive intentions after social exclusion

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Does the inclusion of non-index lesions at biopsy improve our ability to predict adverse pathologic outcomes at radical prostatectomy? Implications for targeted plus systematic biopsy schemes

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Does the intra-individual structure of values exist in young children?

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Does the modality of measures influence the relationship among working memory, learning and fluid intelligence?

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Does the recycling of waste streams from drinking water treatment plants worsen the quality of finished water? A case assessment in China

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Does the social context help with understanding and predicting the choice of activity type and duration? An application of the Multiple Discrete-Continuous Nested Extreme Value model to activity diary data

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Does the strength of cross-ecosystem trophic cascades vary with ecosystem size? A test using a natural microcosm

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Does the time between delivery and insertion of the IUD have clinical significance in the provision of postpartum IUDS?

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Does the upwelling phenomenon influence the population dynamics and management of the seabob shrimpXiphopenaeus kroyeri(Heller, 1862) (Crustacea, Penaeidae)?

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Does the use of psychotropic medication go up during focused efforts to bring coercion and restraint down?

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Does the value-belief-norm theory predict acceptance of disincentives to driving and active mode choice preferences for children's school travels among Chinese parents?

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Does the world have low-carbon bioenergy potential from the dedicated use of land?

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Does timeliness of care in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer impact on survival?

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Does tongue base obstruction and circumferential velar collapse on sleep endoscopy affect the outcome of advanced palatopharyngoplasty performed alone for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea?

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Does tourism degrade environmental quality? A comparative study of Eastern and Western European Union

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Does trade openness contribute to food security? A dynamic panel analysis

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Does training change practice? A survey of clinicians and managers one year after training in trauma-informed care

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Does ultrasound improve the activity of alpha amylase? A comparative study towards a tailor-made enzymatic hydrolysis of starch

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Does uncertainty cause inertia in decision making? An experimental study of the role of regret aversion and indecisiveness

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Does urbanization cause increasing energy demand in Pakistan? Empirical evidence from STIRPAT model

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Does urbanization lead to less energy use on road transport? Evidence from municipalities in Norway

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Does videourodynamic classification depend on patient positioning in patients with stress urinary incontinence?

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Does visualization affect monitoring accuracy, restudy choice, and comprehension scores of students in primary education?

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Does waiving preventive food control inspections in Finland weaken the prerequisites for safe food handling in restaurants?

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Does white blood cell count predict diabetes incidence in the general Chinese population over time?

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Does working memory have a single capacity limit?

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Does your face fit? Facial morphology as a predictor of success in UK & US general elections

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Does your rsum photograph tell who you are?

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Dofetilide exposure during pregnancy is associated with high blood pressure in the adult offspring

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Dog assisted therapy for teenagers with emotional and behavioural issues: A multicentre study

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Dog worrying and attacks increasing

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Dog Meat Consumption in China

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Dogma before diversity: the contradictory rhetoric of controversy and diversity in the politicisation of Australian queer-affirming learning materials

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Dogs Sniff Out an Elusive Cactus

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Dogs should look like dogs

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Doing Diagnosis: Autism, Interaction Order, and the Use of Narrative in Clinical Talk

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Doing Good and Different! The Mediation Effect of Innovation and Investment on the Influence of CSR on Competitiveness

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Doing Special Things to Special People in Special Places: Psychologists in the CIA Torture Program

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Doing Without: Jump Performance After Tail Autotomy in Three Species of Plethodontid Salamanders

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Doing business in a green way: A systematic review of the ecological sustainability entrepreneurship literature and future research directions

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Doing emotions: The role of culture in everyday emotions

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Doing formulating: Writing Aloud Voice sequences as an interactional method

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Doing homework together: The relation between parenting strategies, child engagement, and achievement

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Doing mutual understanding. Calibrating with micro-sequences in face-to-face dialogue

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Doing relationships and sexuality education with young people in state care

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Doing research drawing on the philosophy of existential hermeneutic phenomenology

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Doing the Just City: Social Impact Assessment and the Planning of Beersheba, Israel

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Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

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Doing the job in surgery 2017: you and your theories

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Doit-on explorer les garons 45,X/46,XY phnotypiquement normaux ? Une tude longitudinale, rtrospective de 35 patients

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Dolomite dissolution in aqueous solutions in the presence of nucleotides and their structural components at 25 C and pCO 2 ~ 1 atm

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Dolomitization of felsic volcaniclastic rocks in continental strata: A study from the Lower Cretaceous of the A'nan Sag in Er'lian Basin, China

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Domain Specific Role of S4 for Stepping into and Recovering from the Inactivated State as Obtained from Omega- and R4H Mutants in Nav1.2

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Domain adaptation from RGB-D to RGB images

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Domain of Unknown Function 143 is required for the functioning of PEP-associated protein DG238 in the chloroplast

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Domain reduction techniques for global NLP and MINLP optimization

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Domain-agnostic discovery of similarities and concepts at scale

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Domain-specific daily hassles, anxiety, and delinquent behaviors among low-income, urban youth

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Domains and ferroelectricity

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Domains, competencies, EPAs, and training guidelines: A primer on developments in pediatric cardiology education

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Domestic Dog Exposure at Birth Reduces the Incidence of Atopic Dermatitis

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Domestic Effects of Offshoring High-skilled Jobs: Complementarities in Knowledge Production

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Domestic abuse and older people: factors influencing help-seeking

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Domestic hospitality, gender, and impression management among Danish women

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Domestic politics and the formation of international environmental agreements

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Domestic regulation, import penetration and firm-level productivity growth

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Domesticating water supplies through rainwater harvesting in Mumbai

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Dominant achievement goals and academic outcomes across tracks in high school

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Dominant effects of organic carbon chemistry on decomposition dynamics of crop residues in a Mollisol

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Dominant structure of word meanings moderates ageing-related decline in visual figure discrimination

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Dominating aquatic macrophytes for the removal of nutrients from waterways of the Indian River Lagoon basin, South Florida, USA

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Dominating complex networks by identifying minimum skeletons

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Dominierende Prozesse bei der thermischen In-situ-Sanierung (TISS) kontaminierter Geringleiter; Dominating Processes of the In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) of low permeable soils;

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Domino effect in chemical process industries triggered by overpressureFormulation of equipment-specific probits

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Don't be so hard on yourself! Changes in self-compassion during the first year of university are associated with changes in well-being

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Don't ignore the floor: Exploring multisensory atmospheric congruence between music and flooring in a retail environment

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Don't tell, don't ask, don't listen: The trinity of ignoring childhood sexual abuse

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Don't you wish your partner was hot like me?: The effectiveness of mate poaching across relationship types considering the relative mate-values of the poacher and the partner of the poached

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Donald Trump and the Politics of Anxiety and Resentment

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Donald Trump: The unanticipated apotheosis of neoliberalism

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Donald and Winston at the Ministry of Alternative Facts

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Donors with Bacterial Meningitis: Outcomes in Lung Transplant Recipients

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Dont believe the hype: a grounded exploratory six country wine purchasing study

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Doors labeled as times: Frames of observing and understanding

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Dopamine hydrochloride relative nanoparticles in the treatment of prostate cancer

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Dopamine sensing with fluorescence strategy based on low temperature co-fired ceramic technology modified with conducting polymers

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Dopamine-modified poly(amino acid): an efficient near-infrared photothermal therapeutic agent for cancer therapy

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Doping effect on self-assembled films of polyaniline and carbon nanotube applied as ammonia gas sensor

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Doppler spectra of airborne sound backscattered by the free surface of a shallow turbulent water flow

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Doppler spectra of airborne ultrasound forward scattered by the rough surface of open channel turbulent water flows

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Dormancy and Cold Hardiness Transitions in Winegrape Cultivars Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon

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