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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 64981

Chapter 64981 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tong, B; Cheng, C; Khan, M Imran; Wu, Y; Xu, T, 2017:
Double cross-linking PVA-SiO2 hybrid membranes for alkali recovery

Elcoro, L; Bradlyn, B; Wang, Z; Vergniory, M G.; Cano, J; Felser, C; Bernevig, B. Andrei; Orobengoa, D; de la Flor, G; Aroyo, M I., 2017:
Double crystallographic groups and their representations on the Bilbao Crystallographic Server

Lim, J; Loveridge, S; Shupp, R; Skidmore, M, 2017:
Double danger in the double wide: Dimensions of poverty, housing quality and tornado impacts

Guangcai Li,Jiangfei Wu,Caixin Zhao,Yijun Tian, 2017:
Double differencing within GNSS constellations

Antonacci, Ján; Arenas, G F.; Duchowicz, R, 2017:
Double domain wavelength multiplexed Fizeau interferometer with high resolution dynamic sensing and absolute length detection

Woollard, F, 2017:
Double effect, doing and allowing, and the relaxed nonconsequentialist

Pichler, E, 2017:
Double emigration: geographical and cultural? The participation of Italian women in the German labour market

Xiao, J; Lu, X; Huang, Q, 2017:
Double emulsion derived from kafirin nanoparticles stabilized Pickering emulsion: Fabrication, microstructure, stability and in vitro digestion profile

Blume, Y. B., 2017:
Double helix of the journal Cytology and Genetics: 50 years later

Gou, X; Liao, H; Xu, Z; Herrera, F, 2017:
Double hierarchy hesitant fuzzy linguistic term set and MULTIMOORA method: A case of study to evaluate the implementation status of haze controlling measures

Creasey, T.; Lannon, M.; Stocken, D.; Swieton, J.; Cuthbert, G.; Osborne, W., 2017:
Double hit lymphoma in the northern region of England-A retrospective analysis of patient and disease characteristics, treatment delivered and survival

Cruz, R C.D.; Segadães, A M.; Oberacker, R; Hoffmann, M J., 2017:
Double layer electrical conductivity as a stability criterion for concentrated colloidal suspensions

Bazarova, J. G.; Tushinova, Y. L.; Bazarov, B. G.; Dorzhieva, S. G., 2017:
Double molybdates of rare earth elements and zirconium

Ariafar, A.; Faghih, Z.; Zeighami, S.; Sarkarian, M.; Abtahi, S.; Ghaderi, A., 2017:
Double positive IFN/IL17 CD4+ lymphocytes play a pathogenic role in bladder cancer

Varidel, A.; Mahadik, P.; Ngo, Q., 2017:
Double rib serrates anterior osteomyocutaneous free flap in mandibular reconstruction a novel approach

Kato, T; Hino, H; Murata, N, 2017:
Double sparsity for multi-frame super resolution

Włodarczyk, J.; Gil, T.; Warmus, J.; Grochowski, Z.; Gocyk, W.; Kocoń, P.; Talar, P.; Smęder, T.; Kużdżał, J., 2017:
Double stenting for malignant airway and esophageal obstructions

Wang, K-Kang; Wang, Y-Jun; Li, S-Hong; Wu, J-Cheng, 2017:
Double time-delays induced stochastic dynamical characteristics for a metapopulation system subjected to the associated noises and a multiplicative periodic signal

Tesh, A; Kautz, D D., 2017:
Double vision

Van hoorickx, C.; Schevenels, M.; Lombaert, G., 2017:
Double wall barriers for the reduction of ground vibration transmission

Liu, B; Guo, S; Yan, K; Li, L; Wang, X, 2017:
Double weight determination method for experts of complex multi-attribute large-group decision-making in interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environment

Pan, P; Bansal, A; Genshaft, S; Kim, G; Wallace, W; Suh, R; Abtin, F, 2017:
Double- versus modified triple-freeze pulmonary cryoablation protocols: comparison of ablation and hemorrhage volume with different probe types in an in vivo porcine lung model

Dorr, B S.; Fielder, D G., 2017:
Double-Crested Cormorants: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Benvenuti, M; An, T; Amaro, E; Lovejoy, S; Mencio, G; Martus, J; Mignemi, M; Schoenecker, J G., 2017:
Double-Edged Sword

Dubok, A.; Al-Rawi, A.; Tessema, N.; Tangdiongga, E.; Herben, M. H. A. J.; Gerini, G.; Smolders, A. B., 2017:
Double-Reflector Configuration for Optimal Exposure of Wideband Focal-Plane Arrays With Optical Beamforming

Rashed, M; Rashed, E A., 2017:
Double-Sided Sliding-Paraboloid (DSSP): A new tool for preprocessing GPR data

Krupski, M; Kabala, C; Sady, A; Gliński, Rław; Wojcieszak, J, 2017:
Double-and triple-depth digging and Anthrosol formation in a medieval and modern-era city (Wrocaw, SW Poland). Geoarchaeological research on past horticultural practices

Broach, V.; Klein, M.; Hand, L.C.; Jewell, E.; Chi, D.S.; Gardner, G.J.; Zivanovic, O.; Abu-Rustum, N.R.; Leitao, M.M.; Sonoda, Y., 2017:
Double-barrel wet colostomy is an acceptable alternative to separate bowel and urinary diversions in patients undergoing pelvic exenteration for gynecologic malignancies

Amer, S. A.; Smith, J.; Mahran, A.; Fox, P.; Fakis, A., 2017:
Double-blind Randomized Controlled Trial of Letrozole Versus Clomiphenecitrate in Subfertile Women With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Bao, H; Yan, C; Wang, B; Fang, X; Zhao, C.Y.; Ruan, X, 2017:
Double-layer nanoparticle-based coatings for efficient terrestrial radiative cooling

Yu, D-Guang; Li, H-Peng; Yang, C; Li, J-Jiao; Wang, Q; Williams, G R., 2017:
Double-pulsatile release core-shell fibers fabricated using modified tri-axial electrospinning

Nicolodelli, G; Senesi, G S.; Ranulfi, A C.; Marangoni, B S.; Watanabe, A; de Melo Benites, Vícius; de Oliveira, Pícia P.A.; Villas-Boas, P; Milori, Débora M.B.P., 2017:
Double-pulse laser induced breakdown spectroscopy in orthogonal beam geometry to enhance line emission intensity from agricultural samples

Peixoto, R.M.; Seif, M.S.; Vieira, L.C.M., 2017:
Double-shear tests of high-strength structural bolts at elevated temperatures

Chang, N-Wen; Yang, C-Huan; Yang, S-Yeu, 2017:
Double-sided UV roller imprinting of microstructures on transparent plates

Coath, C D.; Elliott, T; Hin, R C., 2017:
Double-spike inversion for three-isotope systems

Arranja, Cáudia T.; Aguiar, Aónio; Encarnação, T; Fonseca, S M.; Justino, Línia L.G.; Castro, R A.E.; Benniston, A; Harriman, A; Burrows, H D.; Sobral, A J.F.N., 2017:
Double-tailed long chain BODIPYs - Synthesis, characterization and preliminary studies on their use as lipid fluorescence probes

Lv, Y; Song, G; Wang, R; Di, L; Wang, J, 2017:
Doublecortin-like kinase 1 is a novel biomarker for prognosis and regulates growth and metastasis in basal-like breast cancer

McDaniel, J; Bass, L; Pate, T; DeValve, M; Miller, S, 2017:
Doubling Pharmacist Coverage in the Intensive Care Unit: Impact on the Pharmacists Clinical Activities and Team Members Satisfaction

Medegga, F.; Aouchiche, H., 2017:
Doubly differential and integral cross sections for electron elastic scattering by hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride

Liu, W; Geroliminis, N, 2017:
Doubly dynamics for multi-modal networks with park-and-ride and adaptive pricing

R. Thayakaran,N. I. Ramesh, 2017:
Doubly stochastic Poisson pulse model for fine-scale rainfall

Jirik, K N., 2017:
Douglas C. Baynton. Defectives in the Land: Disability and Immigration in the Age of Eugenics

Thomas, M-Powel; Ammann, G; Brazier, E; Noyes, P; Maybank, A, 2017:
Doula Services Within a Healthy Start Program: Increasing Access for an Underserved Population

Langlais, T.; Morin, C.; Poumellec, M.A.; Ursu, C.; Leonard, J.C., 2017:
Douleur de hanche fbrile chez un adolescent judoka

Lejus-Bourdeau, C; Bernardon, Rémi; Vissac, C, 2017:
Douleur postopratoire chronique chez lenfant

Misery, L.; Taieb, C., 2017:
Douleurs cutanes au cours du psoriasis

Chanu, B., 2017:
Douleurs musculaires survenant sous un traitement par statines

Tchieche Epse Kamgue, C.; Juergen, N., 2017:
Douze ans de prise en charge programmatique de la tuberculose multirsistante au Cameroun

Guru, S.A.; Bhat, M.A.; Zuberi, M.; Sumi, M.P.; Gupta, N.K.; Saxena, A., 2017:
Down regulation of PDGFRα gene is associated with imatinib induced thrombocytopenia in chronic myeloid leukaemia

Albac, C.; Bartesaghi, R.; Créau, N.; Delabar, J.; Potier, M., 2017:
Down syndrome model characterization: adult and post-natal neurogenesis enhancement with selective α5 GABA-A modulator and recombinant human IGF-1

Abderrezak, B; Bernard, G; Michel, A, 2017:
Down-hole magnetometric resistivity inversion for zinc and lead lenses localization at tobermalug, county Limerick, Ireland

Meroni, M.; Dongiovanni, P.; Rametta, R.; Bassani, G.A.; Badiali, S.; Romeo, S.; Gatti, S.; Valenti, L., 2017:
Down-regulation of hepatic MBOAT7 by hyperinsulinemia favors steatosis development

Esmatabadi, M Javad Dehghan; Motamedrad, M; Sadeghizadeh, M, 2017:
Down-regulation of lncRNA, GAS5 decreases chemotherapeutic effect of dendrosomal curcumin (DNC) in breast cancer cells

Liu, X.Q.; Zhuang, Z.; Hu, J.; Yu, P.; Xie, N.; Wang, C.; Hou, J.S.; Huang, H.Z., 2017:
Down-regulation of long non-coding RNA tissue differentiation-inducing non-protein coding RNA associated with metastasis and serves as a predictor in oral cancer

Zoratto, F.; Romano, E.; Pascale, E.; Pucci, M.; Falconi, A.; Dell’Osso, B.; Maccarrone, M.; Laviola, G.; D’Addario, C.; Adriani, W., 2017:
Down-regulation of serotonin and dopamine transporter genes in gambling-prone rats: a role for epigenetic mechanisms

Dumont, L.; Benzo, P.; Cardin, J.; Yu, I.-S.; Labbé, C.; Marie, P.; Dufour, C.; Zatryb, G.; Podhorodecki, A.; Gourbilleau, F., 2017:
Down-shifting Si-based layer for Si solar applications

Yuan, H; Li, Y, 2017:
Downdrag Force Analysis for Seismic SoilPileStructure Interaction

Potter, J T.; Craddock, P R.; Kleinberg, R L.; Pomerantz, A E., 2017:
Downhole Estimate of the Enthalpy Required To Heat Oil Shale and Heavy Oil Formations

Dullaart, R; Buning, J Werumeus; Dimova, L; Perton, F; Tietge, U; Beek, Aé Van, 2017:
Downregulation of CETP by glucocorticoids: consequences for HDL metabolism in humans as observed in an RCT

Zhao, S.; Zhao, Y.; Guo, J.; Fei, C.; Zheng, Q.; Li, X.; Chang, C., 2017:
Downregulation of MMP1 in MDS-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Reduces the Capacity to Restrict MDS Cell Proliferation

Terashima, K.; Hirata, H.; Wakiyama, H.; Uchi, R.; Masuda, T.; Sakamoto, K.; Hirakawa, M.; Mimori, K.; Honda, H., 2017:
Downregulation of MicroRNA-203 Associated With Radioresistance in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells

Wang, X; Qiu, F; Gao, Z; Shang, M; Liu, M; Yin, L; Pu, Y; Liu, R, 2017:
Downregulation of long noncoding RNA UCA1 is involved in Het-1A cells malignant transformation induced by N-nitrosamines combined microcystin-LR

Zhang, X; Liu, X; Li, Y; Lai, J; Zhang, N; Ming, J; Ma, X; Ji, Q; Xing, Y, 2017:
Downregulation of microRNA-155 ameliorates high glucose-induced endothelial injury by inhibiting NF-B activation and promoting HO-1 and NO production

Retalis, A; Tymvios, F; Katsanos, D; Michaelides, S, 2017:
Downscaling CHIRPS precipitation data: an artificial neural network modelling approach

Bonafoni, S; Tosi, G, 2017:
Downscaling of Land Surface Temperature Using Airborne High-Resolution Data: A Case Study on Aprilia, Italy

Ezzine, H; Bouziane, A; Ouazar, D; Hasnaoui, M Driss, 2017:
Downscaling of TRMM3B43 Product Through Spatial and Statistical Analysis Based on Normalized Difference Water Index, Elevation, and Distance From Sea

Altaf, M. U.; Titi, E. S.; Gebrael, T.; Knio, O. M.; Zhao, L.; McCabe, M. F.; Hoteit, I., 2017:
Downscaling the 2D Bnard convection equations using continuous data assimilation

Lim, H; Jung, D-Hwan; Kwon, G; Lee, Y Jong; Park, J Seo, 2017:
Downsizing an automotive junction box based on large current-carrying printed-circuit board optimization

Sim, K; Lee, K; Keel, S In; Park, J, 2017:
Downstream interaction between SNG Air premixed flames

Jørgensen, M Søgaard; Milanez, B, 2017:
Downstream management practices of transnational companies in institutionally vulnerable countries: Export and use of hazardous products

Havn, T.B; Sæther, S.A; Thorstad, E.B; Teichert, M.A.K.; Heermann, L.; Diserud, O.H.; Borcherding, J.; Tambets, M.; Økland, F., 2017:
Downstream migration of Atlantic salmon smolts past a low head hydropower station equippped with Archimedes screw and Francis turbines

Tran, H Duc; Iida, M; Maeda, K, 2017:
Downstream migration of newly-hatched ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis) in the Tien Yen River of northern Vietnam

Franco, S F., 2017:
Downtown parking supply, work-trip mode choice and urban spatial structure ,

Bui, H-Hai; Nishimoto, E; Yoden, S, 2017:
Downward Influence of QBO-Like Oscillation on Moist Convection in a Two-Dimensional Minimal Model Framework

Siniard, R; Burczyk-Brown, J J.; Godby, K; Erba, H; Marques, M B., 2017:
Downward Platelet Utilization Trends in Acute Leukemia

Monaco, T A.; Mangold, J M.; Mealor, B A.; Mealor, R D.; Brown, C S., 2017:
Downy Brome Control and Impacts on Perennial Grass Abundance: A Systematic Review Spanning 64 Years

Zhu, D; Wu, S; Hu, C; Chen, Z; Qin, Y; Fan, F; Zhang, L, 2017:
Doxorubicin-loaded flower-like polymeric nanoparticles for cancer therapy

Moore, A L.; Murphy, M P.; Irizarry, D M.; Brett, E A.; Wernig, G; Longaker, M T., 2017:
Doxycyline Improves Wound Healing via Nonantibiotic Associated Mechanisms

Waugh, J, 2017:
Dr Mark Roberts

Snozek, C.L.H.; Kaleta, E.J.; Jannetto, P.J.; Linkenmeyer, J.J.; Harnish, T.L.; Stephen, J.; Langman, L.J., 2018:
False-positive amphetamine results on several drug screening platforms due to mexiletine

Dr. Elke Oberhofer,Prof. Dr. Thilo Jakob, 2017:
Dr. Carl Prausnitz: Vater der Allergie-Diagnostik

Graziose, M M., 2017:
Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding

Young, R H.; Black-Schaffer, W. Stephen; Ferry, J A.; Lerwill, M J.; Oliva, E; Pitman, M B.; Roberts, D J.; Tambouret, R H.; Wilbur, D C.; Bell, D A.; Talbert, M L., 2017:
Dr. John Henry Eichhorn, July 12, 1959April 19, 2017

Joseph, A. Rard,W. Earle Waghorne, 2017:
Dr. Robert (Robin) Harold Stokes

Rebecca Stein-Wexler, 2017:
Dr. Sandra L. Wootton-Gorges (Oct. 20, 1958 Jan. 23, 2017)

Konstantinidis, E; Bouris, D, 2017:
Drag and inertia coefficients for a circular cylinder in steady plus low-amplitude oscillatory flows

Habibpour, M; Clark, P E., 2017:
Drag reduction behavior of hydrolyzed polyacrylamide/xanthan gum mixed polymer solutions

Niazi Ardekani, M.; Costa, P.; Breugem, W.-P.; Picano, F.; Brandt, L., 2017:
Drag reduction in turbulent channel flow laden with finite-size oblate spheroids

Klausmann, K; Ruck, B, 2017:
Drag reduction of circular cylinders by porous coating on the leeward side

Kim, J Jae; Lee, S Joon, 2017:
Drag-reducing underbody flow of a heavy vehicle with side skirts

Prokofiev, A. M., 2017:
Dragonets (Callionymidae) of soft bottoms from the coastal zone of southern Central Vietnam

Piche, N; Bouchard, I; Marsh, M, 2017:
Dragonfly SegmentationTrainer - A General and User-Friendly Machine Learning Image Segmentation Solution

Tyagi, A C., 2017:
Drainage and Environmental Sustainability

Yasutaka Tsukamoto,Iwao Kitagawa,Ryuuich Nakamura, 2017:
Drainage and irrigation performance of hybrid ditches in converted paddy fields under winter wheat cultivation in Hokkaido

He, Y; Lehndorff, E; Amelung, W; Wassmann, R; Alberto, M. Carmelita; von Unold, G; Siemens, J, 2017:
Drainage and leaching losses of nitrogen and dissolved organic carbon after introducing maize into a continuous paddy-rice crop rotation

Zykov, I. E., 2017:
Drainage basins in Central Asian deserts as natural traps for terrestrial insects (with Lake Eroyulanduz in Turkmenistan as an example)

Elidrissi, S.; Serhane, H.; Sajiai, H.; Aitbatahar, S.; Amro, L., 2017:
Drainage thoracique au service de pneumologie du CHU Mohamed VI de Marrakech

Schott, L.; Lagzdins, A.; Daigh, A.L.M.; Pederson, C.; Brenneman, G.; Helmers, M.J., 2017:
Drainage water management effect on corn planting date in southeast Iowa

Schott, L.; Lagzdins, A.; Daigh, A.L.M.; Craft, K.; Pederson, C.; Brenneman, G.; Helmers, M.J., 2017:
Drainage water management effects over five years on water tables, drainage, and yields in southeast Iowa

Armijo, P; Chauhan, A; Mcbride, C; Kothari, V; Oleynikov, D, 2017:
Drains use for bariatric surgical procedures is associated with increased complications and prolonged length of stay: a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program analysis

Moore, J; Andersen-Warren, M; Kirk, K, 2017:
Dramatherapy and psychodrama with Looked-After children and young people

Richner, N; Holderegger, R; Linder, H. Peter; Walter, T, 2017:
Dramatic decline in the Swiss arable flora since the 1920s

Maceda-Veiga, A; López, R; Green, A J., 2017:
Dramatic impact of alien carp Cyprinus carpio on globally threatened diving ducks and other waterbirds in Mediterranean shallow lakes

Tamada, K; Hayama, S; Umeki, M; Takada, M; Tomizawa, M, 2017:
Drastic Declines in Brown Shrike and Yellow-Breasted Bunting at the Lake Utonai Bird Sanctuary, Hokkaido

Joiris, C R., 2017:
Drastic decrease in high Arctic gullsivoryPagophila eburneaand RosssRhodostethia roseadensity in the northern Greenland Sea and Fram Strait between 1988 and 2014

Tischew, S; Kommraus, F; Fischer, L K.; Kowarik, I, 2017:
Drastic site-preparation is key for the successful reintroduction of the endangered grassland species Jurinea cyanoides

Li, Y; Wang, G; Liu, S; Yang, J; Yang, C; Zhang, K, 2017:
Drawability and size effects for micro-arrayed deep drawing of Ni-Co/GO nanocomposite foils

Lina Silveira,Horst-Alfred Heinrich, 2017:
Drawing democracy: popular conceptions of democracy in Germany

Vivaldi, R A.; Salsa, Aía M., 2017:
Drawing for others: influence of referential intention in early production of drawings / Dibujar para otros: influencia de la intencionalidad referencial en la produccin temprana de dibujos

Cepedello, S.; Adrian, A.S.; LAura, G.B.; Eduardo, M.T.; Nieves, D.U.V.; Henar, D.L.R.; Aldara, Á.A., 2017:
Drawing in autistic spectrum disorder children

Ferdinand, S, 2017:
Drawing like a state: Maps, modernity and warfare in the art of Gert Jan Kocken

Schwartz, R, 2017:
Drawing the Line at Age 14: Why Adolescents Should Be Able to Consent to Participation in Research

Olstad, T A., 2017:
Drawn to landscape: the pioneering work of J. B. Jackson

Otto, J, 2017:
Drawn to landscape: the pioneering work of J.B. Jackson

Johnson, K; Haque, S; Shaffi, M, 2017:
Dream a little dream: an update on genetics guided therapy for stroke in australia

Kochi, T, 2017:
Dreams and Nightmares of Liberal International Law: Capitalist Accumulation, Natural Rights and State Hegemony

Willock, B, 2017:
Dreams and Self Rebirthing

Marenghi, F; Ashton-Alcox, K; Wong, R; Reynolds, B; Ozbay, G, 2017:
Dredge efficiency on natural oyster grounds in Delaware Bay and its application in monitoring the Eastern oyster (C rassostrea virginica ) stock in Delaware, USA

Merkel, A; Holmgren, J, 2017:
Dredging the depths of knowledge: Efficiency analysis in the maritime port sector

Storch, V, 2017:
Drei Exoten im Widerstreit

Bouhlel, M.; Zaiem, A.; Lakhoua, G.; Aouinti, I.; Ben Salem, F.; El Aidli, S.; Daghfous, R.; Kastalli, S., 2017:
Dress Syndrome Associated with Captopril: A Case Report

Hashemzadeh Segherloo, I.; Abdoli, A.; Eagderi, S.; Esmaeili, H. R.; Sayyadzadeh, G.; Bernatchez, L.; Hallerman, E.; Geiger, M. F.; Özulug, M.; Laroche, J.; Freyhof, J., 2017:
Dressing down: convergent reduction of the mental disc inGarra(Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the Middle East

Drs. J.M. Kreijns, 2017:
Drie vragen van de patint

Sadler, M. J., 2017:
Dried fruit and dental health - how strong is the evidence?

Zidek, R A.E.; Kolmanovsky, I V., 2017:
Drift counteraction optimal control for deterministic systems and enhancing convergence of value iteration

Jo Wellens, 2017:
Driftbuien, grenzen verkennend gedrag bij jonge kinderen

Wilson, A, 2017:
Drill and Learn: A Decision-Making Work Flow To Quantify Value of Learning

Rassenfoss, S, 2017:
Drilling Slowdown Sparks Water Trading

Morishita, T, 2017:
Drilling into deep-seated hard rocks of the oceanic plate formed at the Mid-Ocean Ridge: results and future perspectives: Deep-seated Hard Rock Drilling

Atkinson, S.R.; Way, M.J.; McQuillin, A.; Morgan, M.Y.; Thursz, M.R., 2017:
Drinking behaviour and rs738409:G in PNPLA3 are associated with slower recovery of liver function following severe alcoholic hepatitis

Neufeld, M; Wittchen, H-Ulrich; Rehm, Jürgen, 2017:
Drinking patterns and harm of unrecorded alcohol in Russia: a qualitative interview study

Tay, D Yi Yuan; Fujinuma, R; Wendling, L A., 2017:
Drinking water treatment residual use in urban soils: Balancing metal immobilization and phosphorus availability

Abo-El-Enein, S.A.; Shebl, A; Abo El-Dahab, S.A., 2017:
Drinking water treatment sludge as an efficient adsorbent for heavy metals removal

Uejio, C K.; Christenson, M; Moran, C; Gorelick, M, 2017:
Drinking-water treatment, climate change, and childhood gastrointestinal illness projections for northern Wisconsin (USA) communities drinking untreated groundwater

Feng, D.; Wan, S.; Kang, Y.; Xue, Z.; Zhang, T., 2017:
Drip irrigation scheduling for annual crops in an impermeable saline-sodic soil with an improved method

Beall, A P.; Moresi, L; Stern, T, 2017:
Dripping or delamination? A range of mechanisms for removing the lower crust or lithosphere

Whitfield, S, 2017:
Drive for Innovative Technologies Leads Industry to Unconventional Sources

Luc, J.G.; Martin, B.; MacArthur, R.; Bates, A.R.; Buchholz, H.; Freed, D.H.; Conway, J., 2017:
Driveline Site Is Not a Predictor of Infection Following Ventricular Assist Device Implantation

Botzer, A; Musicant, O; Perry, A, 2017:
Driver behavior with a smartphone collision warning application A field study

Rosey, F.; Aillerie, I.; Espié, S.; Vienne, F., 2017:
Driver behaviour in fog is not only a question of degraded visibility A simulator study

Shao, L; Tian, L; Cai, Z; Cui, J; Zhu, D; Chen, Y; Palcsu, László, 2017:
Driver of the interannual variations of isotope in ice core from the middle of Tibetan Plateau

Wiesmann, B; Snoei, J Ronald; Hilletofth, P; Eriksson, D, 2017:
Drivers and barriers to reshoring: a literature review on offshoring in reverse

Williams, A E.; Worsley-Tonks, K E.L.; Ezenwa, V O., 2017:
Drivers and consequences of variation in individual social connectivity

Darko, A; Chan, A P.C.; Owusu-Manu, D-Graft; Ameyaw, E E., 2017:
Drivers for implementing green building technologies: An international survey of experts

Steinbauer, M J.; Uddin, M B.; Jentsch, A; Beierkuhnlein, C, 2017:
Drivers for plant species diversity in a characteristic tropical forest landscape in Bangladesh

Stephens, B F.; Chotai, S; Sivaganesan, A; Devin, C J., 2017:
Drivers of Cost in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery

Khan, N S.; Ashe, E; Horton, B P.; Dutton, A; Kopp, R E.; Brocard, G; Engelhart, S E.; Hill, D F.; Peltier, W.R.; Vane, C H.; Scatena, F N., 2017:
Drivers of Holocene sea-level change in the Caribbean

Mijiyawa, A' Ganiou, 2017 :
Drivers of Structural Transformation: The Case of the Manufacturing Sector in Africa

Garini, C.S.; Vanwindekens, F.; Scholberg, J.M.S.; Wezel, A.; Groot, J.C.J., 2017:
Drivers of adoption of agroecological practices for winegrowers and influence from policies in the province of Trento, Italy

Aldana, A M.; Villanueva, B; Cano, Ángela; Correa, D F.; Umaña, Mía Natalia; Casas, L Fernanda; Cárdenas, S; Henao-Diaz, L Francisco; Stevenson, P R., 2017:
Drivers of biomass stocks in Northwestern South American forests: Contributing new information on the Neotropics

Kudłak, R, 2017:
Drivers of corporate environmentalism: The case of the Polish economy in transition

Lopus, S; McCord, P; Gower, D; Evans, T, 2017:
Drivers of farmer satisfaction with small-scale irrigation systems

Miguel, E; Grosbois, V; Fritz, Hé; Caron, A; de Garine-Wichatitsky, M; Nicod, F; Loveridge, A J; Stapelkamp, B; Macdonald, D W.; Valeix, M; Regan, H, 2017:
Drivers of foot-and-mouth disease in cattle at wild/domestic interface: Insights from farmers, buffalo and lions

Niskanen, A K.J.; Heikkinen, R K.; Väre, H; Luoto, M, 2017:
Drivers of high-latitude plant diversity hotspots and their congruence

Ghebru, H; Lambrecht, I, 2017:
Drivers of perceived land tenure (in)security: Empirical evidence from Ghana

Carvalho, Aónio, 2017:
Drivers of reported electricity service satisfaction in transition economies

Shenker, R.F.; McTyre, E.; Cramer, C.K.; Munley, M.T.; Ruiz, J.; Watabe, K.; Pasche, B.; Laxton, A.; Tatter, S.B.; Chan, M.D., 2017:
Drivers of the Cost of Management in Patients Treated With Radiosurgery Without Whole Brain Radiation Therapy for Brain Metastases

Mikaelyan, A S.; Shapiro, G I.; Chasovnikov, V K.; Wobus, F; Zanacchi, M, 2017:
Drivers of the autumn phytoplankton development in the open Black Sea

Fu, X; Juan, Z, 2017:
Drivers of transit service loyalty considering heterogeneity between user segments

Charlton, S G.; Starkey, N J., 2017:
Drivers' mental representations of familiar rural roads

Nègre, J; Delhomme, P, 2017:
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Driving forces for low carbon technology innovation in the building industry: A critical review

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Driving is not a game: Video game experience is associated with risk-taking behaviours in the driving simulator

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Droit linformation mdicale et obligation dinformer. Quelle information et pour qui ? Exemple de loncologie au Maroc

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Dronkenmansgang bij tweejarige jongen

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Drop impact on small surfaces: thickness and velocity profiles of the expanding sheet in the air

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Drop spreading and penetrating on micro/nano particle sintering porous with multiscale structure

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Droplet-based microfluidics detector for bioaerosol detection

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Drought Risk Assessment and Management

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Drought and salinity stress alters ROS accumulation, water retention, and osmolyte content in sorghum plants

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Drought characteristics of Henan province in 1961-2013 based on Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index

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Drought class transition analysis through different models: a case study in North China

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Drought forecasting using ANFIS- a case study in drought prone area of Vietnam

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Drought modes in West Africa and how well CORDEX RCMs simulate them

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Drought monitoring using high resolution soil moisture through multi-sensor satellite data fusion over the Korean peninsula

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Drought stress-induced enzyme activity andmdarandapxgene expression in tolerant and susceptible genotypes ofEleusine coracana(L.)

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Drought tolerance depends on the age of the spring wheat seedlings and differentiates patterns of proteinases

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Drought tolerance in four-day-old seedlings of a drought-sensitive cultivar of wheat

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Drought, multi-seasonal climate, and wildfire in northern New Mexico

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Drought-Responsive Gene Expression in Sun and Shade Plants ofHaberlea rhodopensisUnder Controlled Environment

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Droughts augment youth migration in Northern Latin America and the Caribbean

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Droughts, state-citizen relations and support for political violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: A micro-level analysis

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Drug Consumption of Antibiotics and Anticoagulant Agents from Ecological and Longitudinal Perspectives Recent Possibilities and Role of drug Consumption Studies in the Czech Republic

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Drug Cost Containment And Negotiation Power

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Drug Development and Analysis Review

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Drug Utilisation Study of Anti-Obesity Products Dispensed by Pharmacies in South Africa

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Drug release material hosted by natural montmorillonite with proper modification

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Drug-induced Liver Injury Following General Anesthesia Combined with Transversus Abdominis Plane Block Using Ropivacaine

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Drug-induced metabolic acidosis

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Drug-related Mortality in Camden

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Drugtarget interaction prediction with Bipartite Local Models and hubness-aware regression

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Drum-buffer-rope and workload control in High-variety flow and job shops with bottlenecks: An assessment by simulation

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Drumming for Health

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Drumming to a New Beat: A Group Therapeutic Drumming and Talking Intervention to Improve Mental Health and Behaviour of Disadvantaged Adolescent Boys

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Dry Cleaning of Fine Coal Based on Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow: A Review

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Dry and wet partial oxidation in a distributed reactor

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Dry ashing and microwave-induced plasma optical emission spectrometry as a fast and cost-effective strategy for trace element analysis

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Dry deposition and canopy uptake in Mediterranean holm-oak forests estimated with a canopy budget model: A focus on N estimations

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Dry deposition model for a microscale aerosol dispersion solver based on the moment method

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Dry deposition of NO 2 over China inferred from OMI columnar NO 2 and atmospheric chemistry transport model

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Dry deposition velocities of submicron aerosols on water surfaces: Laboratory experimental data and modelling approach

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Dry lake beds as sources of dust in Australia during the Late Quaternary: A volumetric approach based on lake bed and deflated dune volumes

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Dry season characteristics in western Amazonia underlie the divergence of Astrocaryum section Huicungo (Arecaceae) and evaluation of potential anatomical adaptations

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Dry sliding tribological behavior of Cr coatings electrodeposited in trivalent chromium sulphate baths

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Dry-weight energy density of prey fishes from nearshore waters of the upper Niagara River and Buffalo Harbor, New York

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Drying Kinetics of Soft and Hard Lignite and the Surface Characteristics of Products

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Drying kinetics of granulated cork: Effect of air drying stream conditions and granule size

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Drying models to estimate moisture change in switchgrass and corn stover based on weather conditions and swath density

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Drying of biomass for utilising in co-firing with coal and its impact on environment A review

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Drying of colloidal solutions of fluoroalkyl oligomers

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Drying performance analysis of a condensing tumbler clothes dryer with a unique water cooled heat exchanger

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Drying, re-adsorption characteristics, and combustion kinetics of Xilingol lignite in different atmospheres

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Dryland forest management alters fungal community composition and decouples assembly of root- and soil-associated fungal communities

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Du Bois and Weber: a scholarly relationship denied?

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Du mensonge en sant !

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Du nouveau dans le groupe risque lev de cancer colorectal; New data in the high risk group of colorectal cancer;

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Du rapport entre la science et lthique

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Dual Disorders

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Dual EGFR and PI3k/mTOR Targeting of Head and Neck Cancer in Combination With Radiation Therapy

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Dual Energy Fluoroscopy Improves the Accuracy of Template-Based Tracking in Lung Cancer Patients Receiving Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

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Dual Function of Chip Calls Depending on Changing Call Rate Related to Risk Level in Territorial Pairs of White-Eared Ground-Sparrows

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Dual Gold Catalysis: Synthesis of Fluorene Derivatives from Diynes

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Dual adaptive model predictive control

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Dual antimicrobial actions on modified fabric leads to inactivation of drug-resistant bacteria

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Dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) in post-PCI patients beyond one year

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Dual controlled delivery of squalenoyl-gemcitabine and paclitaxel using thermo-responsive polymeric micelles for pancreatic cancer

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Dual decomposition for multi-agent distributed optimization with coupling constraints

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Dual diagnosis and treatment: The experience of a multiprofessional team in mental health

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Dual diagnosis: On the way to an integrated treatment model?

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Dual effectiveness of ascorbic acid and ethanol combined treatment to inhibit browning and inactivate pathogens on fresh-cut apples

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Dual emission and pH based naphthalimide derivative fluorescent sensor for the detection of Bi 3+

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Dual frames for causal induction: the normative and the heuristic

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Dual fuel consumption and efficiency of marine steam generators for the propulsion of LNG carrier

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Dual integral porosity shallow water model for urban flood modelling

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Dual mechanisms ensure a gradient of cortical PAR-1 for C. elegans embryonic polarization

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Dual multi-kernel discriminant analysis for color face recognition

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Dual mycorrhizal symbiosis: an asset for eucalypts out of Australia?

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Dual nature of the orientational effect of ultrasound on liquid crystals

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Dual pH-responsive 5-aminolevulinic acid supramolecular prodrug micelles for enhanced photodynamic ablation of cancer cells

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Dual polarization beamforming algorithm for multipath mitigation in GNSS

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Dual robotic arm production line mass spectrometry assay guided by multiple Arduino-type microcontrollers

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Dual routes from social identity to collective opposition to criminal organisations: Intracultural appropriation theory and the roles of honour codes and social change beliefs

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Dual shockwave and using high-flow oxygen administration by nasal cannula (HFONC) may improve lithotripsy results

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Dual signal amplification coupling dual inhibition effect for fabricating photoelectrochemical chlorpyrifos biosensor

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Dual signal amplification strategy for specific detection of Circulating microRNAs based on Thioflavin T

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Dual signaling of hypochlorite in tap water by selective oxidation of phenylselenylated dichlorofluorescein

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Dual signaling of water contents of biofuel-relevant ethanol and butanol by pyranines

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Dual sourcing under suppliers' capacity investments

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Dual stimuli-responsive lipopolymer vesicular nanosphere for site specific doxorubicin delivery

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Dual wavelength single waveguide laser diode fabricated using selective area quantum well intermixing

Bruhn, C, 2017:
Dual wirkendes Antidepressivum bietet Vorteile

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Dual-Band 4G Eyewear Antenna and SAR Implications

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Dual-Band Electronically Beam-Switched Antenna Using Slot Active Frequency Selective Surface

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Dual-Band Half-Elliptic Hoof Antenna With Mathieu Function for a Femto-Cell Network

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Dual-Band Magnetoelectric Dipole Antenna With Dual-Sense Circularly Polarized Character

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Dual-Band and Dual-Circularly Polarized Single-Layer Microstrip Array Based on Multiresonant Modes

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Dual-Mode Transmissive Metasurface and Its Applications in Multibeam Transmitarray

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Dual-Objective Item Selection Criteria in Cognitive Diagnostic Computerized Adaptive Testing

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Dual-Polarized Narrowband MIMO LMS Channel Measurements in Urban Environments

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Dual-Polarized, Differential Fed Microstrip Patch Antennas With Very High Interport Isolation for Full-Duplex Communication

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Dual-Port Planar Antenna for Implantable Inductively Coupled Sensors

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Dual-band devices based on coupled striplines for different power distribution in the frequency bands

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Dual-band enhanced optical absorptance of graphene with resonant tunneling in total internal reflection regime

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Dual-buck residential photovoltaic inverter with a high-accuracy repetitive current controller

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Dual-channel fluorescent probe based on bisphenol A-rhodamine for Zn2+ and Hg2+ through different signaling mechanisms and its bioimaging studies

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Dual-channel phase-contrast spectral optical coherence tomography for simultaneously measuring axial and normal to B-scan off-axial displacements

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Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry in metabolic surgeryRole in evaluating central obesity and in body mass index correlational analysis

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Dual-fuel RCCI engine combustion modeling with detailed chemistry considering flame propagation in partially premixed combustion

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Dual-functional Fe 3 O 4 @SiO 2 @Ag triple core-shell microparticles as an effective SERS platform for adipokines detection

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Dual-functional recyclable luminescent sensors based on 2D lanthanide-based metal-organic frameworks for highly sensitive detection of Fe 3+ and 2,4-dinitrophenol

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Dual-intelligent windows regulating both solar and long-wave radiations dynamically

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Dual-layered paper-structured catalysts for sequential desulfurization and methane-steam reforming of simulated biogas containing hydrogen sulfide

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Dual-level packaged phase change materials thermal conductivity and mechanical properties

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Dual-mode melamine detection based on gold nanoparticles aggregation-induced fluorescence turn-on and turn-off of CdTe quantum dots

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Dual-point automatic switching intracavity-absorption photonic crystal fiber gas sensor based on mode competition

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Dual-signal amplification strategy for electrochemiluminescence sandwich biosensor for detection of thrombin

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Dual-stimuli responsive amphiphilic chimeric triblock copolymer hybrid micelles for anticancer drug delivery

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Dual-stimuli responsive nanoparticle system for enhanced and targeted cancer therapy

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Dual-stimulus-responsive crosslinking chitosan as a gene vector

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Dual-surface modification of titanium alloy with anodizing treatment and bioceramic particles for enhancing prosthetic devices

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Dual-targeting by CRISPR/Cas9 for precise excision of transgenes from rice genome

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Dual-wavelength generation at the transverse mode locking in a diode-end-pumped passively Q-switched Nd:YLF/Cr4+:YAG laser

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Dual-wavelength laser of heavily Yb 3+ -doped NaGd(WO 4 ) 2 crystals

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Dual-wavelength, passively Q-switched thulium-doped fiber laser with N-doped graphene saturable absorber

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Duale Plättchenhemmung bei Patienten mit Diabetes

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Dualistic distribution coefficients of trace elements in the system mineralhydrothermal solution. IV. Platinum and silver in pyrite

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Dually emissive P,N-co-doped carbon dots for fluorescent and photoacoustic tissue imaging in living mice

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Ducatina umbilicata gen. et sp. nov., a remarkable Trapeliaceae from the subantarctic islands in the Indian Ocean

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Duckweed ( Spirodela polyrhiza ) as green manure for increasing yield and reducing nitrogen loss in rice production

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Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate Gland Treated With Radical Prostatectomy or Radiation Therapy: A Single Institutional Retrospective Review With Long-Term Follow-Up

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Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Has Comparable Prognosis but Different Risk Factors With Ductal Carcinoma In Situ With Micro Invasion

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Ducted fuel injection: A new approach for lowering soot emissions from direct-injection engines

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Ductility demands of MRF structures on soft soils considering soil-structure interaction

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Ductoagathoxylon jimsarensis gen. nov. et sp. nov., a gymnospermous stem from the Wuchiapingian (upper Permian) Wutonggou Formation in the Junggar Basin, northern Bogda Mountains, northwestern China

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Due South: A first assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on Cape vulture occurrence

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Duetting behavior varies with sex, season, and singing role in a tropical oriole (Icterus icterus)

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Duke Treadmill Score Predicts Coronary Artery Disease Status Among Asian Women Patients

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Duloxetine for the management of pain in older adults with knee osteoarthritis: randomised placebo-controlled trial

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Dumortierite- and corundum-bearing quartzfeldsparmica rocks of the Belomorian eclogite province: An example of melting of phengite + quartz

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Dune convergence/divergence controlled by residual current vortices in the Jade tidal channel, south-eastern North Sea

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Dune dynamics safeguard ecosystem services

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Dung Ball Rolling by a Flower Chafer (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae)

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Dungeness Crab Trap Catch Efficiency Related to Escape Ring Location and Size

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Duodenal Eosinophilia and Gastroparesis: Is There a Link?

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Duodenal Low-Grade Inflammation and Tight Junction Proteins in Functional Dyspepsia

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Duodenal trauma

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Duplex PCR for the diagnosis of Brucella melitensis and its differentiation from the REV-1 vaccine strain

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Duplex Ultrasound Scanning Facilities in the Out-Patient Clinic Reduces Waiting Times and Hospital Visits for Patients Undergoing Varicose Vein Surgery

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Duplicated prostate artery central gland blood supply: anatomic subtypes and relevance for prostate artery embolization

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Durability analysis of a single cylinder DI diesel engine operating with a non-petroleum fuel

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Durability and strength of fiber-reinforced compacted gold tailings-cement blends

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Durability investigation and performance study of hydrothermal synthesized platinum-multi walled carbon nanotube nanocomposite catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell

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Durability of different selective solar absorber coatings in environments with different corrosivity

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Durability of fly ash based geopolymer concrete in the presence of silica fume

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Durability of solar absorber coatings and their cost-effectiveness

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Durability of switching behaviour after outdoor exposure for a suspended particle device switchable glazing

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Durability of transparent oleophobic coatings deposited by magnetron PVD

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Durability performance of green concrete composites containing waste carpet fibers and palm oil fuel ash

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Durability properties of non-air entrained roller compacted concrete pavement containing coal waste ash in presence of de-icing salts

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Durability studies of limonite ore for catalytic decomposition of phenol as a model biomass tar in a fluidized bed

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Durable LeftVentricular Assist Device Therapy to Reduce Transpulmonary Gradient in Adult Congenital Heart Disease to Facilitate Heart Transplant

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Durable and self-healing superhydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) composite coating with in-situ gas compensation function

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Dural Puncture Epidural Technique Improves Labor Analgesia Quality With Fewer Side Effects Compared With Epidural and Combined Spinal Epidural Techniques

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Duration of Breast Drain In-Situ and the Incidence of Seroma Does a Drain Play a Role

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Duration of Motor Block With Intrathecal Ropivacaine Versus Bupivacaine for Cesarean Section

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Duration of Soil Activity of Foramsulfuron Plus Thiencarbazone-methyl Applied to Weed Species Typical of Sugar Beet Cultivation

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Duration of antibiotics for acute otitis media in under 2 year olds

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Duration of cambial activity is determined by water availability while cambial stimulus is day-length dependent in a Neotropical evergreen species

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Duration of commute travel changes in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy using accelerated failure time modeling

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Duration of developmental phases, and dynamics of leaf appearance and tillering, as affected by source and doses of photoperiod insensitivity alleles in wheat under field conditions

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Duration of periconceptional folic acid supplementation in women booking for antenatal care

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Duration, causes, and geodynamic significance of the Middle Cenozoic hiatus in sedimentation in the near-polar part of the Lomonosov Ridge (based on IODP-302-ACEX drilling data)

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Durbachites from the Eastern Moldanubicum (Bohemian Massif): erosional relics of large, flat tabular intrusions of ultrapotassic meltsgeophysical and petrological record

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Durchblick dank verschränkter Sinne

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Dury & Andrews Map of Hertfordshire: Society and Landscape in the Eighteenth Century

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Dure optimale de la double antiagrgation plaquettaire aprs angioplastie coronaire percutane complexe

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Dust ablation on the giant planets: Consequences for stratospheric photochemistry

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Dust clouds and plasmoids in Saturns magnetosphere as seen with four Cassini instruments

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Dust in the arcs of Methone and Anthe

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Dutch politicians attitudes towards Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Dutch youth of parents with a mental illness reflect upon their feelings of guilt and shame

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Duty and Role of Perioperative Nurses during Surgery

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Duty cycle of an energy storage system in a renewable energy applications: Construction and analysis

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Duty loads carried by the LA sheriff's department officers

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Duty to Avoid Injury to Oneself and Thereby Psychiatric Injury to Others

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Dwarf Mistletoe Control on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, New Mexico

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Dwarf mongooses use sex and identity cues in isolation calls to discriminate between callers

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Dwarfing genes Rht4 and Rht-B1b affect plant height and key agronomic traits in common wheat under two water regimes

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Dwelling in Asia: translations between dwelling, housing and domesticity

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DyProSD: a dynamic protocol specific defense for high-rate DDoS flooding attacks

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Dyaden steigern die soziale Verbundenheit

Hughes, D, 2017:
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP): An Attachment-focused Family Treatment for Developmental Trauma

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Dyadic Mental State Talk and Sophistication of Symbolic Play between Parents and Children with Behavioral Problems

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Dye sensitizers of polymer using the complex of Cd (II) or Cu (II) with imidazole as auxiliary electron acceptor for dye-sensitized solar cells

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Dye wastewater treatment by vertical-flow constructed wetlands

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Dye-assembled nanocomposites for rapid upconversion luminescence sensing of Cu 2+

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Dye-sensitized solar cells based on TiO 2 particulate gels: Impact of gel formation mechanism on photovoltaic performance

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Dyeing of cotton fabric with reactive disperse dye contain acyl fluoride group in supercritical carbon dioxide

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Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome: A rare complication of DPT vaccination

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Dyke-sill relationships in Karoo dolerites as indicators of propagation and emplacement processes of mafic magmas in the shallow crust

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Dynamic 1H-NMR study of unusually high barrier to rotation about the partial CN double bond in N,N-dimethyl carbamoyl 5-aryloxytetrazoles

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Dynamic 2.5D Green's functions for moving distributed loads acting on an inclined line in a multi-layered TI half-space

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Dynamic Bayesian network for semantic place classification in mobile robotics

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Dynamic CO 2 capture by carbon adsorbents: Kinetics, isotherm and thermodynamic studies

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Dynamic Characteristics of Area Variations of Small and Large Sunspots and Quasi-Biennial Oscillations in Solar Activity

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Dynamic Coupling of Pore Structure Evolution with Carbonation Kinetics of CaO-Based Sorbents: Experiments and Modeling

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Dynamic Determination of Some Optical and Electrical Properties of Galena Natural Mineral: Potassium Ethyl Xanthate Solution Interface

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Dynamic Experimental Investigation on the Volatilization Behavior of Lead and Cadmium in the Simulated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Influenced by Sulfur Compounds during Incineration

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Dynamic Fizeau interferometer based on the lateral displacements of the point sources

He, X; Tong, N; Hu, X, 2017:
Dynamic ISAR imaging of maneuvering targets based on sparse matrix recovery

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Dynamic Investigation of Metal-support Interactions in Heterodimer Nanoparticles by in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy

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Dynamic Loading of Carrara Marble in a Heated State

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Dynamic Matrix Control of a Bubble-Column Reactor for Microbial Synthesis Gas Fermentation

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Dynamic Nanobubbles in Graphene Liquid Cell under Electron Beam Irradiation

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Dynamic Oxidized Phospholipid Composition within the Liver Plays a Role in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Progression

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Dynamic Paths: Towards high frequency direct normal irradiance forecasts

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Dynamic Polarization and Relaxation of75As Nuclei in Silicon at High Magnetic Field and Low Temperature

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Dynamic Policy Impacts on a Technological-Change System of Renewable Energy: An Empirical Analysis

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Dynamic Poverty Decomposition Analysis: An Application to the Philippines

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Dynamic Prediction of Patient Outcomes During Ongoing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

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Dynamic Proofreading in the Bacterial DNA Polymerase

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Dynamic Relative Permeability and Simulation of WAG Injection Processes

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Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) Imaging of Materials for the Nuclear Industry: Historical Perspectives and Recent Advances

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Dynamic Simulation of the Toe-to-Heel Air Injection Heavy Oil Recovery Process

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Dynamic Strains for Earthquake Source Characterization

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Dynamic Strength and Fracturing Behavior of Single-Flawed Prismatic Marble Specimens Under Impact Loading with a Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar

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Dynamic Studies of MutS-MutL-DNA Complexes in Mismatch Repair

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Dynamic Substrate Gating in CaMKII by Autophosphorylation

Lin, S-Yi; Packer, D J., 2017:
Dynamic Tuning of Evaluations: Implicit Racial Attitudes Are Sensitive to Incentives for Intergroup Cooperation

Ueda, K; Hussey, P, 2017:
Dynamic Ultrasound-Guided Short-Axis Needle Tip Navigation Technique for Facilitating Cannulation of Peripheral Veins in Obese Patients

Gaete, Jín; Strong, T; Amundson, J, 2017:
Dynamic accountability in clinical training and supervision: Three orienting ideals

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Dynamic aeroelastic behavior of wind turbine rotors in rapid pitch-control actions

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Dynamic allocation of industrial utilities as an optimal stochastic tracking problem

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Dynamic analysis and open-loop start-up of an integrated radiant syngas cooler and steam methane reformer

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Dynamic analysis of a recirculation system of micro functional fluids for ink-jet applications

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Dynamic analysis of a thermoelectric heating system for space heating in a continuous-occupancy office room

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Dynamic analysis of global warming impact of the household refrigerator sector in Japan from 1952 to 2030

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Dynamic analysis of short and long journal bearings in laminar and turbulent regimes, application in critical shaft stiffness determination

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Dynamic analysis of size-dependent micro-beams with nonlinear elasticity under electrical actuation

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Dynamic analysis of the polar ionosphere using the GPS signal: Toward an optimization of the cutoff scale

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Dynamic analysis on market structure of China's coal industry

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Dynamic and spectroscopic studies of nano-micelles comprising dye in water/ dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate /decane droplet microemulsion at constant water content

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Dynamic and static sensory methods to study the role of aroma on taste and texture: A multisensory approach to apple perception

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Dynamic asset trees in the US stock market: Structure variation and market phenomena

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Dynamic bacterial colonization and microscopic lesions in multiple organs of tilapia infected with low and high pathogenic Streptococcus agalactiae strains

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Dynamic behavior and player types in majoritarian multi-battle contests

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Dynamic behavior and transfer function of collector field in once-through DSG solar trough power plants

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Dynamic behavior of fiber-reinforced soil under freeze-thaw cycles

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Dynamic behavior of perforated parallel-plate actuator under squeeze film damping effect

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Dynamic behaviour of an in-pipe sensor-based platform for soil water monitoring

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Dynamic behaviour of direct spring loaded pressure relief valves connected to inlet piping: IV review and recommendations

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Dynamic benthic megafaunal communities: Assessing temporal variations in structure, composition and diversity at the Arctic deep-sea observatory HAUSGARTEN between 2004 and 2015

Liu, X; Shan, Z; Li, Y, 2017:
Dynamic boundary layer based neural network quasi-sliding mode control for soft touching down on asteroid

Wang, J.; Guo, J.; Yao, X. L.; Zhang, A. M., 2017:
Dynamic buckling of stiffened plates subjected to explosion impact loads

Jaculli, M A.; Mendes, Jé Ricardo, P.; Miura, K, 2017:
Dynamic buckling with friction inside directional wells

Schultz, M, 2017:
Dynamic change of aircraft seat condition for fast boarding

Zhong, K; Zheng, F; Wu, H; Qin, C; Xu, X, 2017:
Dynamic changes in temperature extremes and their association with atmospheric circulation patterns in the Songhua River Basin, China

Ferraioli, M; Miccoli, L; Abruzzese, D; Mandara, A, 2017:
Dynamic characterisation and seismic assessment of medieval masonry towers

Lin, J; Hong, J; Xiao, Y, 2017:
Dynamic characteristics of 100% cold recycled asphalt mixture using asphalt emulsion and cement

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Dynamic characteristics of an equal-thickness screen with a variable amplitude and screening analysis

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Dynamic characteristics of expanded polystyrene composite soil under traffic loadings considering initial consolidation state

An, X; Liu, X; Sun, B, 2017:
Dynamic characteristics of the nozzle opening pressure based on the fluidstructure interaction for a double-solenoid-valve fuel injection system

Senetakis, K; He, H, 2017:
Dynamic characterization of a biogenic sand with a resonant column of fixed-partly fixed boundary conditions

Saeedmanesh, M; Geroliminis, N, 2017:
Dynamic clustering and propagation of congestion in heterogeneously congested urban traffic networks

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Dynamic composition of the nuclear envelope during mouse pre-implantation development

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Dynamic compression: what it is, making metallic H and magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune

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Dynamic conductivity of proppant-filled fractures

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Dynamic connectivity analysis of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor effects, a pharmacological PET/MR study

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Dynamic controlled atmosphere storage suppresses metabolism and enhances volatile concentrations of Galaxy apple harvested at three maturity stages

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Dynamic distribution of thermal effects of an oscillating frost protective fan in a tea field

Ahmad, S; Khan, M Faisal, 2017:
Dynamic elasticity model for inter-subject non-rigid registration of 3D MRI brain scans

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Dynamic electrical behavior of halide perovskite based solar cells

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Dynamic electricity pricing for electric vehicles using stochastic programming

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Dynamic energy management for a novel hybrid electric system based on driving pattern recognition

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Dynamic energy, exergy and market modeling of a High Temperature Heat and Power Storage System

Verhoef, E T.; Silva, H E., 2017:
Dynamic equilibrium at a congestible facility under market power

Wang, L; Chen, W; Zhang, H; Ma, D, 2017:
Dynamic equity carbon permit allocation scheme to limit global warming to two degrees

Xu, S; Wang, J, 2017:
Dynamic extreme learning machine for data stream classification

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Dynamic flow-driven erosion An improved approximate solution

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Dynamic fuzzy cognitive network approach for modelling and control of PEM fuel cell for power electric bicycle system

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Dynamic genetic features of eukaryotic plankton diversity in the Nakdong River estuary of Korea

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Dynamic geotechnical properties evaluation of a candidate nuclear power plant site (NPP): P- and S-waves seismic refraction technique, North Western Coast, Egypt

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Dynamic heterogeneity: a framework to promote ecological integration and hypothesis generation in urban systems

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Dynamic hybrid modelling: Switching between AB and SD designs of a predator-prey model

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Dynamic imaging of urine flow at bladder neck during voiding by wireless capsule endoscopes in vivo

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Dynamic impedance of a pipe pile in layered soils under vertical excitations

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Dynamic implication of biomass energy consumption on economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from panel data analysis

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Dynamic installation, keying and diving of OMNI-Max anchors in clay

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Dynamic inventory rationing: How to allocate stock according to managerial priorities. An empirical study

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Dynamic inversion of the 2015 Jujuy earthquake and similarity with other intraslab events

Zanotti Fragonara, L; Boscato, Gè; Ceravolo, R; Russo, S; Ientile, S; Pecorelli, M Leonarda; Quattrone, A, 2017:
Dynamic investigation on the Mirandola bell tower in post-earthquake scenarios

Huang, L, 2017:
Dynamic kinetic analysis of growth of Listeria monocytogenes in a simulated comminuted, non-cured cooked pork product

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Dynamic landscape changes in Glen Roy and vicinity, west Highland Scotland, during the Younger Dryas and early Holocene: a synthesis

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Dynamic large strain characterization of tantalum using shear-compression and shear-tension testing

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Dynamic lot-sizing models for retailers with online channels

Leclercq, L; Sénécat, Aéria; Mariotte, G, 2017:
Dynamic macroscopic simulation of on-street parking search: A trip-based approach

Sheikhalishahi, M.; Azadeh, A.; Pintelon, L., 2017:
Dynamic maintenance planning approach by considering grouping strategy and human factors

Sun, J; Wang, Y; Gao, X; Wu, S; Yang, L, 2017:
Dynamic measurement of first-order spatial derivatives of deformations by digital shearography

Murray, C A.; Hoult, N A.; Take, W. Andy, 2017:
Dynamic measurements using digital image correlation

Fu, Q; Xie, Y; Long, G; Niu, D; Song, H, 2017:
Dynamic mechanical thermo-analysis of cement and asphalt mortar

Garrett, D F., 2017:
Dynamic mechanism design: Dynamic arrivals and changing values

Zittoun, T, 2017:
Dynamic memories of the collective past

Tao, Y.; Inthavong, K.; Tu, J.Y., 2017:
Dynamic meshing modelling for particle resuspension caused by swinging manikin motion

Zhang, P; Ding, J; Hou, J; Zhao, L; Chen, Y; Ding, L, 2017:
Dynamic microwave assisted extraction coupled with matrix solid phase dispersion for the determination of chlorfenapyr and abamectin in rice by LC-MS/MS

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Dynamic model and experimental validation for the control of emersion manoeuvers of devices for marine currents harnessing

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Dynamic model for 3D motions of a horizontal oilwell BHA with wellbore stick-slip whirl interaction

Sarker, M; Rideout, D. Geoff; Butt, S D., 2017:
Dynamic model for longitudinal and torsional motions of a horizontal oilwell drillstring with wellbore stick-slip friction

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Dynamic model of calcium looping carbonator using alternating bubbling beds with gas switching

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Dynamic modeling and entity validation of a photovoltaic system

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Dynamic modeling and simulation of tethered stratospheric satellite with thermal effects

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Dynamic modeling of a microbial fuel cell considering anodic electron flow and electrical charge storage

Nash, A L.; Badithela, A; Jain, N, 2017:
Dynamic modeling of a sensible thermal energy storage tank with an immersed coil heat exchanger under three operation modes

Mehrpanahi, A; Payganeh, G; Arbabtafti, M, 2017:
Dynamic modeling of an industrial gas turbine in loading and unloading conditions using a gray box method

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Dynamic modeling of bubble growth in vapor-liquid phase change covering a wide range of superheats and pressures

Kang, S; Ahn, K-Young, 2017:
Dynamic modeling of solid oxide fuel cell and engine hybrid system for distributed power generation

Luu, M Tri; Milani, D; McNaughton, R; Abbas, A, 2017:
Dynamic modelling and start-up operation of a solar-assisted recompression supercritical CO 2 Brayton power cycle

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Dynamic modelling of ORC-based solar thermal power plant integrated with multitube shell and tube latent heat thermal storage system

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Dynamic modelling of cut-and-store systems for year-round deliveries of short rotation coppice willow

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Dynamic modelling of fluidisation in gas-solid bubbling fluidised beds

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Dynamic modelling of strategies for the control of acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis outbreaks in schools in Changsha, China (20042015)

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Dynamic modelling of the steering performance of an articulated tracked vehicle using shear stress analysis of the soil

Zheng, H; Xie, W; Wang, S; Wu, Q; Zhou, X; Zhang, Y, 2017:
Dynamic monitoring (B versus Q) and further resistance status of Q-type Bemisia tabaci in China

Duan, T.; Chapman, S.C.; Guo, Y.; Zheng, B., 2017:
Dynamic monitoring of NDVI in wheat agronomy and breeding trials using an unmanned aerial vehicle

Dou, P; Chen, Y, 2017:
Dynamic monitoring of land-use/land-cover change and urban expansion in Shenzhen using Landsat imagery from 1988 to 2015

Liu, F; Xiu, J; Tang, B; Zhao, D; Zhang, S, 2017:
Dynamic monitoring of thermally assisted assembly of colloidal crystals

Zhu, B; Han, D; Chevallier, J; Wei, Y-Ming, 2017:
Dynamic multiscale interactions between European carbon and electricity markets during 20052016

Putera, B.; Wijaya, A.; Yusuf, I.; Choon, A.T., 2017:
Dynamic of circulating stem cells in ischemic stroke patient. Study of Hematopoietic Stem cells (HSCs), Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), Neural Stem Cells (NSCs), Endhotelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs), Very Small Embryonic (VSEL)

Schorpp, Q; Schrader, S, 2017:
Dynamic of nematode communities in energy plant cropping systems

Parvin, N; Beckers, E; Plougonven, E; Léonard, Aélique; Degré, A, 2017:
Dynamic of soil drying close to saturation: What can we learn from a comparison between X-ray computed microtomography and the evaporation method?

Adhvaryyu, P.K.; Chattopadhyay, P.K.; Bhattacharya, A., 2017:
Dynamic optimal power flow of combined heat and power system with Valve-point effect using Krill Herd algorithm

Santibañez-Aguilar, Jé Ezequiel; Flores-Tlacuahuac, A; Rivera-Toledo, Mín; Ponce-Ortega, Jé María, 2017:
Dynamic optimization for the planning of a waste management system involving multiple cities

Girnik, I.S.; Grekova, A.D.; Gordeeva, L.G.; Aristov, Y.I., 2017:
Dynamic optimization of adsorptive chillers: Compact layer vs. bed of loose grains

Ahmadian Behrooz, H; Boozarjomehry, R. Bozorgmehry, 2017:
Dynamic optimization of natural gas networks under customer demand uncertainties

Zhang, X; Lin, W; Lin, Y, 2017:
Dynamic partial state feedback control of cascade systems with time-delay

Soria-Lara, J A.; Banister, D, 2017:
Dynamic participation processes for policy packaging in transport backcasting studies

Yin, J; Yang, L; Tang, T; Gao, Z; Ran, B, 2017:
Dynamic passenger demand oriented metro train scheduling with energy-efficiency and waiting time minimization: Mixed-integer linear programming approaches

Shen, R; Gou, X; Xu, H; Qiu, K, 2017:
Dynamic performance analysis of a cascaded thermoelectric generator

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Dynamic performance of a no-till seeding assembly

Rong, L; Pedersen, P; Jensen, T Ladegaard; Morsing, S; Zhang, G, 2017:
Dynamic performance of an evaporative cooling pad investigated in a wind tunnel for application in hot and arid climate

Nonomura, Y; Sato, K; Kawagoe, K, 2017:
Dynamic phenomena in a ball handling process using a stick

Eremenko, D. O.; Drozdov, V. A.; Paskhalov, A. A.; Platonov, S. Yu.; Fotina, O. V.; Yuminov, O. A., 2017:
Dynamic picture of the formation of spins of induced fission fragments

Anoyatis, G; Laora, R Di; Lemnitzer, A, 2017:
Dynamic pile impedances for fixed-tip piles

Anoyatis, G; Lemnitzer, A, 2017:
Dynamic pile impedances for laterallyloaded piles using improved Tajimi and Winkler formulations

Frey, P H.; Keller, A A.; Simon, V, 2017:
Dynamic population trends observed in the deep-living Pacific flatnose, Antimora microlepis , on the U.S. West Coast

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Dynamic pore-scale network model (PNM) of water imbibition in porous media

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Dynamic power supply by hydrogen bound to a liquid organic hydrogen carrier

Li, Y; Zhang, S; Han, J, 2017:
Dynamic pricing and periodic ordering for a stochastic inventory system with deteriorating items

Lei, C; Ouyang, Y, 2017:
Dynamic pricing and reservation for intelligent urban parking management

Gu, C; Yan, X; Yan, Z; Li, F, 2017:
Dynamic pricing for responsive demand to increase distribution network efficiency

Zhang, H; Xie, J; Zong, B; Lu, W; Sheng, C, 2017:
Dynamic priority scheduling method for the air-defence phased array radar

Zhang, J; Yang, Y; Deng, J; Wang, Y; Hu, Q; Li, C; Liu, S, 2017:
Dynamic profile of the microbiota during coconut water pre-fermentation for nata de coco production

Chen, X.P.; Hewitt, N.; Li, Z.T.; Wu, Q.M.; Yuan, X; Roskilly, T, 2017:
Dynamic programming for optimal operation of a biofuel micro CHP-HES system

Zhen, L; Wang, S; Zhuge, D, 2017:
Dynamic programming for optimal ship refueling decision

Li, H; Senetakis, K, 2017:
Dynamic properties of polypropylene fibre-reinforced silica quarry sand

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Dynamic pull-in and snap-through behavior in micro/nano mechanical memories considering squeeze film damping

Phillips, T; DeLeon, R; Senocak, I, 2017:
Dynamic rating of overhead transmission lines over complex terrain using a large-eddy simulation paradigm

Krol, J; Wynn, A, 2017:
Dynamic reconstruction and data reconstruction for subsampled or irregularly sampled data

Huang, Y; Wang, Y; Meng, X; Wan, L; Cao, J; Zhou, L; Feng, J, 2017:
Dynamic recrystallization and mechanical properties of friction stir processed Mg-Zn-Y-Zr alloys

Le Mercier, K.; Watremez, M.; Puchi-Cabrera, E.S.; Dubar, L.; Guérin, J.D.; Fouilland-Paillé, L., 2017:
Dynamic recrystallization behaviour of spheroidal graphite iron. Application to cutting operations

Yu, S; Liu, C; Gao, Y; Jiang, S; Bao, Z, 2017:
Dynamic recrystallization mechanism of Mg-8.5Gd-2.5Y-0.4Zr alloy during hot ring rolling

Sahraei, M. Hossein; Duchesne, M A.; Hughes, R W.; Ricardez-Sandoval, L A., 2017:
Dynamic reduced order modeling of an entrained-flow slagging gasifier using a new recirculation ratio correlation

Choi, J; Deshmukh, A; Naderpajouh, N; Hastak, M, 2017:
Dynamic relationship between functional stress and strain capacity of post-disaster infrastructure

Yuan, W; Wang, A; Ye, G; Pan, B; Tang, K; Chen, H, 2017:
Dynamic relationship between the CO2 gas bubble behavior and the pressure drop characteristics in the anode flow field of an active liquid-feed direct methanol fuel cell

Huang, Y; Xiong, M, 2017:
Dynamic reliability analysis of slopes based on the probability density evolution method

Menke, H.P.; Bijeljic, B.; Blunt, M.J., 2017:
Dynamic reservoir-condition microtomography of reactive transport in complex carbonates: Effect of initial pore structure and initial brine pH

Pan, Y; Dagli, C, 2017:
Dynamic resolution control in a laser projection-based stereolithography system

Wang, H; Wang, X; Zhang, X, 2017:
Dynamic resource allocation for intermodal freight transportation with network effects: Approximations and algorithms

Král, P.; Blum, W.; Dvořák, J.; Eisenlohr, P.; Petrenec, M.; Sklenička, V., 2017:
Dynamic restoration of severely predeformed, ultrafine-grained pure Cu at 373 K observed in situ

Carbone, M.; Nardi, A.; Ainsworth, H.F.; Heneghan, M.A.; Hirschfield, G.M.; Thorburn, D.; Bathgate, A.; Aldersley, M.; Neuberger, J.M.; Stocken, D.D.; Cordell, H.J.; Alexander, G.J.; Sandford, R.N.; Jones, D.E.J.; Mells, G.F., 2017:
Dynamic risk prediction in Primary Biliary Cholangitis using the UK-PBC cohort

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Dynamic routing for milk-run tours with time windows in stochastic time-dependent networks

Kramer, R; van Schijndel, J; Schellen, H, 2017:
Dynamic setpoint control for museum indoor climate conditioning integrating collection and comfort requirements: Development and energy impact for Europe

Jia, S; Yan, G; Shen, A; Zheng, J, 2017:
Dynamic simulation analysis of a construction and demolition waste management model under penalty and subsidy mechanisms

Naldi, C; Zanchini, E, 2017:
Dynamic simulation during summer of a reversible multi-function heat pump with condensation-heat recovery

Sciacovelli, A; Li, Y; Chen, H; Wu, Y; Wang, J; Garvey, S; Ding, Y, 2017:
Dynamic simulation of Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) plant with integrated thermal storage Link between components performance and plant performance

Allouche, Y; Varga, S; Bouden, C; Oliveira, A C., 2017:
Dynamic simulation of an integrated solar-driven ejector based air conditioning system with PCM cold storage

Muzamal, M; Rasmuson, A, 2017:
Dynamic simulation of disintegration of wood chips caused by impact and collisions during the steam explosion pretreatment

Majidinejad, A.; Zafarani, H.; Vahdani, S., 2017:
Dynamic simulation of ground motions from scenario earthquakes on the North Tehran Fault

Dave, D; Arnold, W; Timothy, S; Reed, M, 2017:
Dynamic simulation studies for boiler draft

Chowdhury, I; Tarafdar, R; Ghosh, A; Dasgupta, S P., 2017:
Dynamic soil structure interaction of bridge piers supported on well foundation

Keyvanrad, M Ali; Homayounpour, M Mehdi, 2017:
Dynamic sparsity control in Deep Belief Networks

Stoykova, E; Berberova, N; Kim, Y; Nazarova, D; Ivanov, B; Gotchev, A; Hong, J; Kang, H, 2017:
Dynamic speckle analysis with smoothed intensity-based activity maps

Wang, P; Xu, J; Fang, X; Wen, M; Zheng, G; Wang, P, 2017:
Dynamic splitting tensile behaviors of red-sandstone subjected to repeated thermal shocks: Deterioration and micro-mechanism

Zhang, W; Zhang, G, 2017:
Dynamic structural color in the nacre of Hyriopsis Cumingii and its cause

Noskov, B A.; Timoshen, K A.; Akentiev, A V.; Charykov, N A.; Loglio, G; Miller, R; Semenov, K N., 2017:
Dynamic surface properties of C 60 -arginine and C 60 - l -lysine aqueous solutions

S. Yu. Zaitsev, 2017:
Dynamic surface tension parameters of proteinlipidsalt solutions as a system simulating blood plasma

Yun, G Young; Lee, J Hyeon; Kim, I, 2017:
Dynamic target high pressure control of a VRF system for heating energy savings

Gan, G, 2017:
Dynamic thermal simulation of horizontal ground heat exchangers for renewable heating and ventilation of buildings

Liu, B; Luan, W; Yu, Y, 2017:
Dynamic time warping based non-intrusive load transient identification

Sierra-Sosa, D; Isaza-Monsalve, M; Angel-Toro, L; Tebaldi, M, 2017:
Dynamic tracking with simultaneous edge enhancement

Chai, H; Zhang, H.M.; Ghosal, D; Chuah, C-Nee, 2017:
Dynamic traffic routing in a network with adaptive signal control

Yang, D; Gu, Y; Jiang, L; Osborn, L; Liu, H, 2017:
Dynamic training protocol improves the robustness of PR-based myoelectric control

Fayyaz, S. Kiavash; Liu, X Cathy; Porter, R J., 2017:
Dynamic transit accessibility and transit gap causality analysis

Xiong, C; Zhang, L, 2017:
Dynamic travel mode searching and switching analysis considering hidden model preference and behavioral decision processes

Lyanguzova, I. V., 2017:
Dynamic trends of heavy metal contents in plants and soil under different industrial air pollution regimes

Lin, C-Horng, 2017:
Dynamic triggering of volcano drumbeat-like seismicity at the Tatun volcano group in Taiwan

Hosseinpourpia, R; Adamopoulos, S; Holstein, N; Mai, C, 2017:
Dynamic vapour sorption and water-related properties of thermally modified Scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) wood pre-treated with proton acid

Paraskeva, T. S.; Dimitrakopoulos, E. G.; Zeng, Q., 2017:
Dynamic vehiclebridge interaction under simultaneous vertical earthquake excitation

Foti, R J.; Hansbrough, T Keller; Epitropaki, O; Coyle, P T., 2017:
Dynamic viewpoints on implicit leadership and followership theories: Approaches, findings, and future directions

Wang, X; Huang, Y; Liu, C; Zhang, S; Wang, Y; Piao, G, 2017:
Dynamic volatilization behavior of Pb and Cd during fixed bed waste incineration: Effect of chlorine and calcium oxide

Niayifar, A; Perona, P, 2017:
Dynamic water allocation policies improve the global efficiency of storage systems

A. V. Frolov,T. Yu. Vyruchalkina, 2017:
Dynamic-stochastical modeling of long-term fluctuations in Lake Baykal levels and Angara River runoff

Zars, E; Schell, J; Delarosa, M A.; Chicone, C; Glaser, R, 2017:
Dynamical Approach to Multi-Equilibria Problems Considering the Debye–Hückel Theory of Electrolyte Solutions: Concentration Quotients as a Function of Ionic Strength

Kar, T Kumar; Jana, S, 2017:
Dynamical Behavior of a Malaria Model with Discrete Delay and Optimal Insecticide Control

Navrátilová, E; Nedéla, Vém; Sun, H; Masin, D, 2017:
Dynamical In Situ Study of Morphological Changes of Bentonite in ESEM

Lin, J-Hsin, 2017:
Dynamical Mechanisms of Allosteric Modulations by Small Molecules on Leukocyte Function-Associated Antigen-1

Gull, U; Peerzada, G Mustafa; Ganaie, N Bashir; Rashid, S, 2017:
Dynamical Regime of the Phloroglucinol-Based Chemical Oscillator in the Presence of Alcohols: Rebirth of Oscillations after an Inhibition Time

Pascal, E; Singh, S; Ben Hourahine, ; Trager-Cowan, C; De Graef, M, 2017:
Dynamical Simulations of Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) Patterns

Park, Y; Hall, C E.; Scalora, A F.; Sabo, R; Simmons, G Lee; Manjili, M; Clark, W B.; McCarty, J M.; Chung, H M.; Roberts, C H.; Toor, A A., 2017:
Dynamical System Interactions between T Cells and Monocytes Shape Alloreactivity Following Stem Cell Transplantation

Abbas, S; Tripathi, J Prakash; Neha, A.A., 2017:
Dynamical analysis of a model of social behavior: Criminal vs non-criminal population

Han, X, 2017:
Dynamical analysis of chemotherapy models with time-dependent infusion

Zhang, G, 2017:
Dynamical analysis of quantum linear systems driven by multi-channel multi-photon states

Sever, Gökhan; Lin, Y-Lang, 2017:
Dynamical and Physical Processes Associated with Orographic Precipitation in a Conditionally Unstable Uniform Flow: Variation in Basic Wind Speed

Delfino, I; Esposito, R; Portaccio, M; Lepore, M, 2017:
Dynamical and structural properties of flavin adenine dinucleotide in aqueous solutions and bound to free and solgel immobilized glucose oxidase

Franke, J G.; Donner, R V., 2017:
Dynamical anomalies in terrestrial proxies of North Atlantic climate variability during the last 2 ka

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Dynamical capacity drop in a nonlinear stochastic traffic model

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Dynamical downscaling and variable resolution in limited-area models

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Dynamical effects of biocontrol on the ecosystem: Benefits or harm?

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Dynamical phenomena at the inner edge of the Keeler gap

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Dynamical stabilization of two-dimensional trapless BoseEinstein condensates by three-body interaction and quantum fluctuations

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Dynamical system classification with diffusion embedding for ECG-based person identification

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Dynamically feasible, energy efficient motion planning for skid-steered vehicles

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Dynamics Within Intimate Relationships and the Causes, Consequences, and Functions of Sexist Attitudes

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Dynamics and Chaos in the Elliptic Isosceles Restricted Three-Body Problem with Collision

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Dynamics and Nutrient Release Pattern of Silica Sources in a Typical Entisol of Tropical Humid Region of Kerala

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Dynamics and Predictability of the Intensification of Hurricane Edouard (2014)

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Dynamics and distribution of public and private research and extension roles for technological innovation and diffusion: Case studies of the implementation and adaptation of precision farming technologies

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Dynamics and stability of three-dimensional ferrofluid films in a magnetic field

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Dynamics of Blood Cytokine Concentrations in Rats with Different Behavioral Characteristics after Acute Stress

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Dynamics of Celtic fields-A geoarchaeological investigation of ster Lem Hede, Western Jutland, Denmark

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Dynamics of Changes in the Fatty Acid Composition of the Auditory Cortex of the Brain in Rats after Single Audiogenic Convulsions

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Dynamics of Formation of Asphalt Microstructure According to Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry Data

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Dynamics of Histological Changes in the Frontal Cortex of the Brain in Rats Subjected to Antenatal Exposure to Alcohol

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Dynamics of Reversed Urban Breeze Circulation

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Dynamics of Various Phospholipase C-B Complexes

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Dynamics of Waste-to-Energy Incineration Innovation NetworksA Social Network Analysis

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Dynamics of a macroscopic elastic fibre in a polymeric cellular flow

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Dynamics of a pendulum driven by a DC motor and magnetically controlled

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Dynamics of a small gap gas lubricated bearing with Navier slip boundary conditions

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Dynamics of a treadmilling microswimmer near a no-slip wall in simple shear

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Dynamics of a tumor-immune model considering targeted chemotherapy

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Dynamics of activity of intracellular cysteine-dependent proteases and some peptidases in embryogenesis of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L

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Dynamics of adolescents life satisfaction and effect of class rank percentile: Evidence from Korean panel data

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Dynamics of an agent-based opinion model with complete social connectivity network

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Dynamics of an air bubble rising in a non-Newtonian liquid in the axisymmetric regime

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Dynamics of an elastic sphere containing a thin creeping region and immersed in an acoustic region for similar viscous-elastic and acoustic time and length scales

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Dynamics of asymmetric conflict: The case of the German Milk Conflict

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Dynamics of avian species and functional diversity in secondary tropical forests

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Dynamics of biological invasions and pathways over time: a case study of a temperate coastal sea

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Dynamics of carbide formation in iron-supported catalysts of the FischerTropsch process promoted by copper and potassium

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Dynamics of cochlear nonlinearity: Automatic gain control or instantaneous damping?

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Dynamics of crude oil and gold price post 2008 global financial crisis New evidence from threshold vector error-correction model

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Dynamics of cytochemical parameters of pseudoeosinophils in the blood of guineafow

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Dynamics of diffusive and convective transport in porous media: A fractal analysis of 3-D images obtained by laser technology

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Dynamics of ferrihydrite-bound organic carbon during microbial Fe reduction

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Dynamics of gasliquid flow in a cylindrical bubble column: Comparison of electrical resistance tomography and voidage probe measurements

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Dynamics of global remittances: A graph-based analysis

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Dynamics of green productivity growth for major Chinese urban agglomerations

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Dynamics of growth and differentiation factor-9 and inhibin B production in macaque developing follicles during 3-dimensional culture

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Dynamics of helicity in homogeneous skew-isotropic turbulence

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Dynamics of inelastic base-isolated structures subjected to recorded ground motions

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Dynamics of large-scale ionospheric inhomogeneities caused by a powerful radio emission of the Sura facility from the data collected onto ground-based GNSS network

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Dynamics of leprosy in nine-banded armadillos: Net reproductive number and effects on host population dynamics

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Dynamics of microelement concentrations in bottom sediments of the marginal filter (Razdolnaya R.Amur Bay)Result of biogeochemical processes

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Dynamics of motorized momentum exchange tether for payloads capture

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Dynamics of myosin heavy chain isoform transition in the longissimus muscle of domestic and wild pigs during growth: a comparative study

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Dynamics of nitrate and methane in shallow groundwater following land use conversion from agricultural grain production to conservation easement

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Dynamics of oil and tocopherol accumulation in sunflower grains and its impact on final oil quality

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Dynamics of phase change in a vertical PCM capsule in the presence of radiation at high temperatures

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Dynamics of phenotypic change: wing length declines in a resident farmland passerine despite survival advantage of longer wings

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Dynamics of phenotypic traits and intrapopulation processes in great tit (Parus majorL.) populations of the Middle Ural

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Dynamics of plant nutrient uptake as affected by biopore-associated root growth in arable subsoil

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Dynamics of prolonged salt movement in the Glückstadt Graben (NW Germany) driven by tectonic and sedimentary processes

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Dynamics of quadruple laser pulses in under-dense plasmas

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Dynamics of reaching imago stage by F1 animals after terahertz irradiation of parentalDrosophila

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Dynamics of relations associated with two core decompositions

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Dynamics of robust structures in turbulent swirling reacting flows

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Dynamics of sediments along with their core properties in the Monastir-Bekalta coastline (Tunisia, Central Mediterranean)

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Dynamics of small particles in electromagnetic radiation fields: A numerical solution

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Dynamics of soil fragment size distribution under successive rainfalls and its implication to size-selective sediment transport and deposition

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Dynamics of soil nitrogen availability indices in a sandy clay loam soil amended with animal manures

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Dynamics of solar wind speed: Cycle 23

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Dynamics of spreading thixotropic droplets

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Dynamics of surface runoff and soil loss from a toposequence under varied land use practices in Rwizi catchment, Lake Victoria Basin

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Dynamics of technological and baking qualities of winter rye grain depending on flour yield and water extract viscosity

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Dynamics of the Abundance and Community Structure of Small Mammals in the Saratov Trans-Volga Region

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Dynamics of the Duration of Gaze Fixation and Event-Related Potentials on Presentation of Fading-In Images and Distractors

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Dynamics of the EEG spectral density in the , a, and b bands in the visual Go/NoGo task

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Dynamics of the H Reflex and Tonic Activity in the Human m.Soleus at a Voluntary Movement of the Upper Limb

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Dynamics of the Photo-Trophic Termination of Reproductive Diapause in Females of the Multicolored Asian Ladybird Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae)

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Dynamics of the abundance and conditions of reproduction of mass species of pacific salmons (Oncorhynchus) on the northwestern coast of Sakhalin

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Dynamics of the horizontal structure of the tree stand in a pristine herbbilberry forest of the subzone of the middle tiaga in the Komi Republic

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Dynamics of the main components of fluxes of sedimentary matter in the White Sea

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Dynamics of the ring currentmagnetotail currents relationships during geomagnetic storms of different intensity

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Dynamics of the sorption of copper(II) and silver(I) by materials based on sulfoethylchitosan with various degrees of crosslinking

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Dynamics of transboundary governance and management of small scale fisheries on Lake Kariba: implications for sustainable use

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Dynamics of unstably stratified free shear flows: an experimental investigation of coupled KelvinHelmholtz and RayleighTaylor instability

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Dynamics of youth access to agricultural land under the customary tenure regime in the Techiman traditional area of Ghana

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Dynamics, Cxtent, and Causes of Underflooding of Populated Localities in the Southern Rostov Oblast

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Dynamische Analyse der biomechanischen Eigenschaften der infrarenalen Aorta; Dynamic analysis of biomechanical properties of the infrarenal aorta;

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Dynamo action in rapidly rotating RayleighBnard convection at infinite Prandtl number

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Dynein/dynactin regulate anterograde Mbp mRNA transport in oligodendrocytes to promote myelination

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Dyrnaesite-(La) a new hyperagpaitic mineral from the Ilmaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland

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Dysbetalipoproteinaemia: Non responsiveness of PCSK9 inhibitors. A case report

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Dysbiosis of the gut microbiota and increased gut permeability characterize secondary sclerosing cholangitis in critically ill patients (SSC-CIP)

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Dysferlinopathie dinstallation tardive imitant une polymyosite rsistante aux traitements

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Dysferlinopathie mimant une polymyosite

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Dysfonction sexuelle chez la femme diabtique

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Dysfonctions thyrodiennes chez les diabtiques type 2 suivis la consultation externe du service dendocrinologie du CHU dOran

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Dysfunction of Starvation-Induced Liver Autophagy is Associated with Disruption of Adaptive Energy Metabolism and Increased Mortality in Aged Mice on Restricted Diet

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Dysfunction of astrocytic Kir4.1 channels induces BDNF expression

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Dysfunctional Attitudes, Learned Helplessness, And Coping Styles Among Men with Substance Use Disorders

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Dysfunctional Personality Beliefs in Relation to Positive and Negative Affect: Support for the Cognitive Model of Personality Disorders

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Dysgenic fertility for intelligence and education in Taiwan

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Dysgerminoma in Swyer Syndrome: A Rare Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Dysmorphology in practice

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Dysphagies neurologiques en soins palliatifs : un rle jouer pour un orthophoniste ?

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Dysphoria, Failure, and Suicide: Level of Depressive Symptoms Moderates Effects of Failure on Implicit Thoughts of Suicide and Death

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Dysplasie du tube digestif : dfinitions et difficults de diagnostic

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Dysplasie et endobrachysophage : les dernires recommandations europennes

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Dysplasie fibreuse osseuse cranio-faciale : propos de 10 cas

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Dyspnoe in präklinischer und klinischer Notfallmedizin; Dyspnea in preclinical and clinical emergency medicine;

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Dyspne aigu du sujet g : utilit du DEP, propos de 60 cas

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Dysprosium doped novel apatite-type white-emitting phosphor Ca9La(PO4)5(GeO4)F2 with satisfactory thermal properties for n-UV w-LEDs

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Dysregulated genes involved in implantation failure in women with endometriosis

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Dysregulated lncRNA-UCA1 contributes to the progression of gastric cancer through regulation of the PI3K-Akt-mTOR signaling pathway

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Dysregulation of T and B cells in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

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Dysregulation of endocannabinoid system in schizophrenia: the potential role of cannabinoid 1 receptor altered gene expression

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Dysregulation of hippocampal and frontocortical JNK signaling in alcohol dependence

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Dystonic Camptocormia: Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis, and Treatment Results

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Dystonie de fonction de lhorloger : une nouvelle entit nosologique ?

Mallan, K, 2017:
Dystopian Fiction for Young People: Instructive Tales of Resilience

Loewenstein, E A., 2017:
Dystopian Narratives: Encounters with the Perverse Sadomasochistic Universe

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Dystopie und Methode: zur fiktionalen Verhandlung moralischer berzeugungen in der Bioethik; Dystopia and method: on the fictional negotiation of moral beliefs in bioethics;

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Dystrophie Musculaire Facio-Scapulo-Humrale (DMFSH) associe au syndrome de dltion du chromosome 18 (18p-)

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Dystrophie de Lisch : un astigmatisme qui rend flou

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Dysuria in a Patient With AIDS and Lymphoma

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Dzieranowskite, CaCu2S2 a new natural thiocuprate from Jabel Harmun, Judean Desert, Palestine Autonomy, Israel

Mackanga, J.R.; Alène, C.; Ehoumba.o, F.; Doumingou, N.; Lacmou, B.; Nzouto, P.; Oliveira.b, G.; Mouendou.m, E.G.; Kombila, U.; Itoudi.b, P.; Ibaba, J.; Moussavou.k, J., 2017:
Dbit de filtration glomrulaire initial prdictif de la survie six ans chez les patients sous traitement antirtroviral pour le VIH

Touche, C., 2017:
Dclaration des effets indsirables via une application par les patients : tat des lieux trois ans aprs

Guyonnet, J.-P., 2017:
Dclarer un vnement indsirable associ aux soins, une responsabilit professionnelle du soignant tiraille entre thique, morale et juridique

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Dcs du professeur Gilbert Lagrue

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Dfaut dinformation pralable : prsomption de la souffrance morale et prjudice dimprparation

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Dficits du cycle de lure : symptmes et circonstances devant faire voquer ce diagnostic chez ladulte, rsultats dune cohorte franaise de 49 patients

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Dfinitions et aspects pidmiologiques des risques psychosociaux

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Dlais de saisie des actes raliss au bloc opratoire aux Hospices Civils de Lyon, une analyse transversale et longitudinale

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Dlire de revendication et qurulence : une revue de la littrature

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Dmarche diagnostique devant un dme labial diffus isol dapparition soudaine

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Dmarche tiologique devant une thrombose veineuse superficielle : par o commencer ?

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Dnigrement de llevage et de la viande, a suffit !

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Dpistage au cabinet du pneumologue du dficit svre en alpha1-antitrypsine : premier bilan

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Dpistage, prvalence et caractristiques du diabte gestationnel, disparits gographiques et socio-conomiques : donnes de 788 494 femmes ayant accouch en France en 2013

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Dterminants dune ngativit du score calcique coronarien chez des patients gs de plus de 40 ans prsentant une hypercholestrolmie familiale htrozygote documente

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Dtermination et spcificit des paramtres dinitiation du pas chez lhomme

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Dveloppement dun sarcome sur foyer ectopique hmatopotique secondaire une sphrocytose hrditaire. Une complication rare suggrant la ncessit dune surveillance de ces foyers

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E&P Notes (July 2017)

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E&P Notes (June 2017)

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E&P Notes (March 2017)

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E&P Notes (May 2017)

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E&P Notes (November 2017)

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E&P Notes (October 2017)

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E&P Notes (September 2017)

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E-Arztbrief: Förderung mit Hindernissen

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E-Health als Bestandteil ganzheitlicher Therapieoptimierung

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E-medicine: a smartphone application to antipsychotic switch

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ED03.02 The Australian Tobacco Control Strategy: Lessons Learned

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ED05.01 Whats New in Lung Cancer Staging?

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ED05.02 Update on the Mesothelioma Staging System

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ED05.03 The Thymic Epithelial Tumor Staging System

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ED05.04 Whats New in Esophageal Cancer Staging?

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ED06.03 Pain Management

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ED08.03 Adjuvant Chemotherapy of Completely Resected

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ED12.02 Tobacco Control: The Turkish Experience

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ED12.05 Tobacco Control Policies in Japan

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ED13.02 Tissue-Based Biomarkers

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ED13.04 Systemic Induction Therapy of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

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ED13.05 Systemic Therapy of Inoperable Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

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ED14.01 Chemotherapy of Small Cell Lung Cancer

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ED14.02 Thoracic Radiotherapy of SCLC

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ED14.03 Update on Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation in SCLC

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ED14.04 Is There a Role for Surgery in SCLC?

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ED14.05 Immunotherapy of Small Cell Lung Cancer

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ED15.03 Surgery of Thymic Malignancies

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EDAX - More Than 50 Years of Influence On Microanalysis

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EDS-Lite, Quantitative Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy of Light Elements

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EDTA chelating agent/seawater solution as enhanced oil recovery fluid for sandstone reservoirs

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EEOC files suit over Volvo's refusal to hire individual on buprenorphine

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EGFR/ MIG-6 signalling in osteoarthritis

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ELFA vs. Genre: A new paradigm war in EAP writing instruction?

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EMDR therapy on trauma-based restrictive eating cases

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EMDR – Entwicklung, Praxis und Veränderung

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EMDR-behandeling bij oorlogsveteranen

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EMG Signal Filtering Based on Independent Component Analysis and Empirical Mode Decomposition for Estimation of Motor Activation Patterns

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EMI shielding effectiveness of graphene decorated with graphene quantum dots and silver nanoparticles reinforced PVDF nanocomposites

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EMS Coverage of a Female-Only Event with 10,000 Attendees: Preparation and Implementation in One Week

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EMS Systems in Lower-Middle Income Countries: A Literature Review

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EMsoft: open source software for electron diffraction/image simulations

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