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Biology, Geography & Health: Section 66

Section 66 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vardy, M.; Bonafede, M.M.; Nelson, J.K.; Miller, J.D., 2017:
Healthcare Utilization Patterns among Women with Newly Diagnosed Abnormal Uterine Bleeding by Diagnosis and Intervention

Yakovleva, E. Yu.; Shundrina, I. K.; Gerasimov, E. Yu., 2017:
High-temperature adsorption layers based on fluoridated polyimide and diatomite carrier

Du, Z; Lin, B, 2017:
How oil price changes affect car use and purchase decisions? Survey evidence from Chinese cities

Coronado Mondragon, A E.; Coronado Mondragon, C E.; Coronado, E S., 2017:
ICT adoption in multimodal transport sites: Investigating institutional-related influences in international seaports terminals

Esposito, V.R.; Mulvihill, M.S.; Hartwig, M.G., 2017:
Impact of Diabetes Mellitus and Glycemic Control in Lung Transplant Donors on Recipient Survival

Lindgren, L-Erik; Hao, Q; Wedberg, D, 2017:
Improved and simplified dislocation density based plasticity model for AISI 316 L

Weibel, S.; Neubert, K.; Jelting, Y.; Meissner, W.; Wöckel, A.; Roewer, N.; Kranke, P., 2017:
Incidence and Severity of Chronic Pain After Caesarean Section

Leslie, A W.; Wang, K-Hui; Meyer, S L.F.; Marahatta, S; Hooks, C R.R., 2017:
Influence of cover crops on arthropods, free-living nematodes, and yield in a succeeding no-till soybean crop

Rajamanickam, K; Basu, S, 2017:
Insights into the dynamics of sprayswirl interactions

Hong, J-Chao; Tai, K-Hsin; Hwang, M-Yueh; Kuo, Y-Chun; Chen, J-Siang, 2017:
Internet cognitive failure relevant to users' satisfaction with content and interface design to reflect continuance intention to use a government e-learning system

Zhu, R; Hu, J; Bao, X; He, L; Lai, Y; Zu, L; Li, Y; Su, S, 2017:
Investigation of tailpipe and evaporative emissions from China IV and Tier 2 passenger vehicles with different gasolines

Lin, H-Ling; Li, Z; Wang, D; Zhao, Y, 2017:
Jackknife empirical likelihood for the error variance in linear models

Dangelmayr, M A.; Reimus, P W.; Wasserman, N L.; Punsal, J J.; Johnson, R H.; Clay, J T.; Stone, J J., 2017:
Laboratory column experiments and transport modeling to evaluate retardation of uranium in an aquifer downgradient of a uranium in-situ recovery site

Smyth, L; Mavor, K I.; Platow, M J., 2017:
Learning behaviour and learning outcomes: the roles for social influence and field of study

Guo, Z; Wang, Y; Yang, J; Wei, X, 2017:
Lithium complex of 2-amino-functionalized benzoylpyrrole: Synthesis, structure, and catalytic activity for the cyclotrimerization of isocyanates

Takahashi, Y; Agematsu, S; Rahman, M Niza Abdul; Sashida, K, 2017:
Lowermost Devonian conodonts from the Setul Group, northwestern Peninsular Malaysia

Mytsyk, N. Y.; Olkhovych, N. V.; Gorovenko, N. G., 2017:
Major mutation p.His281Tyr in Gene GLB1 in patients with GM1-gangliosidosis in Ukraine

Yi Hong,Deying Li,Donghyun Kim,Wenping Chen…, 2017:
Maximizing target-temporal coverage of mission-driven camera sensor networks

Wilson, C A.; Calvin, C L., 2017:
Metadata provide insights on patterns of epiparasitism in mistletoes (Santalales), an overlooked topic in forest biology

Feil, S, 2017:
Mikroben oxidieren Methan und reduzieren zugleich Metallkationen

Ondimu, O.M.; Ganesan, V.A.; Gatari, M.J.; Marijnissen, J.C.M.; Agostinho, L.L.F., 2017:
Modeling simple-jet mode electrohydrodynamic-atomization droplets' trajectories and spray pattern for a single nozzle system

Lv, H; Liao, K; Kong, X; Zhao, X; Sun, C, 2017:
Monitoring the residual strain of concrete in a freezing-thawing environment using white light interferometer

Caixeta, R Moniz; Ribeiro, D Tamantini; Costa, Jão Felipe Coimbra Leite; Machado, Péricles Lopes, 2017:
Multiple Random Walk Simulation: A Fast Method to Map Grade Uncertainty with Large Datasets

Assireu, A T.; Dauhut, T; dos Santos, F A.; Lorenzzetti, Jão A., 2017:
Near-inertial motions in the Brazil Current at 24S-36S: Observations by satellite tracked drifters

Ranjith, P.K.; Mary, Y. Sheena; Panicker, C. Yohannan; Anto, P.L.; Armaković, S; Armaković, S J.; Musiol, R; Jampilek, J; Van Alsenoy, C., 2017:
New quinolone derivative: Spectroscopic characterization and reactivity study by DFT and MD approaches

Prins, T W.; van Hoof, R A.; Scholtens, I M. J.; Kok, E J., 2017:
Novel TaqMan PCR screening methods for elementcry3Aand constructgat/T-pinIIto support detection of both known and unknown GMOs

Sozzi, G; Verri, C; Borzi, C; Holscher, T; Dugo, M; Devecchi, A; Drake, K; Sestini, S; Suatoni, P; Romeo, E; Boeri, M; Pastorino, U, 2017 :
OA06.02 Mutational Load Predicts Survival in LDCT Screening-Detected Lung Cancers

Rice, E L.; Fredrickson, B L., 2017:
Of Passions and Positive Spontaneous Thoughts

M, N Prashanth; Paulraj, R; P, R; N, V, 2017:
One step synthesis of tin oxide nanomaterials and their sintering effect in dye degrdation

Shi, F; Zhao, S; Zhou, Z; Wang, P; Bell, M G.H., 2017:
Optimizing train operational plan in an urban rail corridor based on the maximum headway function

Kelly, K, 2017:
PC02.03 Contra Chemotherapy

Goto, K, 2017:
Paleotsunami researches along the Ryukyu Trench

Chekeeva, N., 2017:
Peculiarities of the conditions of vegetative regulation in peracute and acute periods of ischemic stroke in permanent inhabitants of low-mountain area while choosing antihypertensive therapy

Udry, A; Howarth, G H.; Lapen, T J.; Righter, M, 2017:
Petrogenesis of the NWA 7320 enriched martian gabbroic shergottite: Insight into the martian crust

Staiger, D, 2017:
Phytochrom als Thermometer: The heat is on

Yamazaki, Y; Ikeya, K; Goto, K; Chimura, Y, 2017:
Population viability analysis predicts decreasing genetic diversity inex situpopulations of the Itasenpara bitterlingAcheilognathus longipinnisfrom the Kiso River, Japan

Oh, E; Bayer, J K., 2017:
Predicting parents intentions to seek help for young childrens mental health

Deng, Q; Nie, R-Shi; Jia, Y-Lu; Guo, Q; Jiang, K-Jun; Chen, X; Liu, B-Hua; Dong, X-Fang, 2017:
Pressure transient behavior of a fractured well in multi-region composite reservoirs

Carmel, E; Curotta, J H; Cheng, A T, 2017:
Prognostic effect of pre- and post-admission antibiotic treatment in paediatric acute mastoiditis

Paolillo, A; Pasini, M; Silva, S A.; Magnano, P, 2017:
Psychometric properties of the Italian adaptation of the Mor Barak et al. diversity climate scale

Douillard, J. -Y.; Metges, J. -P., 2017:
Quatre questions concernant lESMO 2016

Pokidova, T. S.; Denisov, E. T., 2017:
Reactivity of alkyl iodides in molecular decomposition reactions

Pšenčík, I; Farra, Véronique, 2017:
Reflection moveout approximations for P-waves in a moderately anisotropic homogeneous tilted transverse isotropy layer

Hartmann, Bálint; Talamon, A; Sugár, Vória, 2017:
Renewable Energy Potentials in the Administrative Regions of Hungary

Xiong, D; Yao, N; Zhang, L, 2017:
Reversible cross-linked micelles based on dynamic chemistry bond as potential nanocarriers for pH-triggered anticancer drug release

Singh, A; Kochhar, G; Lopez, R; Ashburn, J; Shen, B, 2017:
Role of Pathogenic Bacteria in Disease Course of Pouchitis

Kroner, P T.; Jirapinyo, P; Abougergi, M S.; Thompson, C C., 2017:
Sa1703 Clostridium Difficile Regional and Divisional Incidence Variations Across the United States: A 10-Year Nationwide Analysis

Battaloglu, C, 2017:
Sectarian Gulf: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Spring that wasnt

Joyce, A M.; Brodkorb, Aé; Kelly, A L.; O’Mahony, J A., 2017:
Separation of the effects of denaturation and aggregation on whey-casein protein interactions during the manufacture of a model infant formula

Singla, R; Parthasarathy, H, 2017:
Simple exclusion model applied to nano-robots

Tsellarius, A. Yu.; Tsellarius, E. Yu.; Galoyan, E. A., 2017:
Social Relationships between Males and Females in Rock Lizard (Darevskia brauneri, Lacertidae). 2. Searching for an Area of Stable Residence, Criteria for Choice of Social Partner, and Factors of Friendly Integration of Dyads

Shawn P. Devlin,Samantha K. Tappenbeck,James A. Craft,Tyler H. Tappenbeck…, 2017:
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Invasive Freshwater Shrimp (Mysis diluviana): Long-Term Effects on Ecosystem Properties in a Large Oligotrophic Lake

Gallego, G; Hakkarainen, M; Almajano, Mía Pilar, 2017:
Stability of O/W emulsions packed with PLA film with incorporated rosemary and thyme

Adachi, N; Asada, Y; Ezaki, Y; Liu, J, 2017:
Stromatolites near the PermianTriassic boundary in Chongyang, Hubei Province, South China: A geobiological window into palaeo-oceanic fluctuations following the end-Permian extinction

Urazbekov, B. A.; Denikin, A. S.; Sakhiev, S. K.; Lukyanov, S. M., 2017:
Studying the reactions of deuteron interaction with 9Be nuclei at low energies

Balestrieri, R; Basile, M; Posillico, M; Altea, T; Matteucci, G, 2017:
Survey Effort Requirements for Bird Community Assessment in Forest Habitats

Rodionov, A N.; Gerasimova, M D.; Osipova, E Yu.; Korlyukov, A A.; Peregudov, A S.; Simenel, A A., 2017:
Synthesis of bis-ferrocenylpyrazoles via ferrocenylalkylation reaction

Wu, J; Guo, W; Wang, Z-Jun; Zhu, Y-Zhun, 2017:
TCTAP A-139 Gp130-mediated STAT3 Activation by S-propargyl-cysteine, an Endogenous Hydrogen Sulfide Initiator, Prevents Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity

Litvyak, V. M.; Cherbunin, R. V.; Onushchenko, A. A., 2017:
Temperature dependence of the optical transitions of PbS quantum dots in silicate glasses

Oksuz, E; Malhan, S; Unal, S, 2017:
The Economic Burden Of Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis And Acute Otitis Media In Turkey: An Epidemiology Based Cost Of Illness Study With Respect To Clinical Practice And Available Guidelines

Abramov, B.N., 2017:
The Noion-Tologoi polymetallic deposit: Formation conditions and petrogeochemical peculiarities of rocks and ores (eastern Transbaikalia)

Campbell, D; Manns, B; Weaver, R; Hemmelgarn, B; King-Shier, K; Sanmartin, C, 2017:
The association between financial barriers and adverse clinical outcomes among patients with cardiovascular-related chronic diseases

Zagrodnik, R.; Łaniecki, M., 2017:
The effect of pH on cooperation between dark- and photo-fermentative bacteria in a co-culture process for hydrogen production from starch

Mokrzyś, M.; Szempliński, S.; Skrzypczyk, M.A.; Rosińska, M.; Piekarska, K.; Parda, N.; Gierczyński, R.; Lewicki, A.; Piotrowicz, S.; Bełch, Ł.; Białek, W.; Bromiński, G.; Krajewski, W.; Purpurowicz, Ł.; Rogowski, G.; Sobkowiak, J.; Stamirowski, R.; Syryło, T.; Szymański, I.; Tworkiewicz, J.; Woroniecki, M.; Dobruch, J., 2017:
The impact of fluoroquinolone-resistant rectal flora on infectious complications and hospital admission rates following transrectal prostate biopsy - PROBIS study

Abelson, M; Erez, J, 2017:
The onset of modern-like Atlantic meridional overturning circulation at the Eocene-Oligocene transition: Evidence, causes, and possible implications for global cooling

Lindsay, K; Chase, M; Landen, K; Nowak, K, 2017:
The shared nature of Africa's elephants

Caramello, M.; Gregorini, M.; Bertani, C.; De Salve, M.; Alemberti, A.; Panella, B., 2017:
Thermal hydraulic analysis of a passively controlled DHR system

Chiang, C-Wen, 2017:
Tips and Tricks of Transesophageal Echocardiographic Guidance During Cardiac Interventions

Evans, J.D.; Oishi, C.M., 2017:
Transient computations using the natural stress formulation for solving sharp corner flows

Thubsuang, U; Laebang, S; Manmuanpom, N; Wongkasemjit, S; Chaisuwan, T, 2017:
Tuning pore characteristics of porous carbon monoliths prepared from rubber wood waste treated with H3PO4or NaOH and their potential as supercapacitor electrode materials

Croft, H A., 2017:
Understanding the Role of Serotonin in Female Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and Treatment Options

Lee, H; Uhm, K Eun; Cheong, I Yae; Yoo, J Sung; Jung, S Hyun; Lee, S Kyung; Nam, S Jin; Lee, J Youl; Hwang, J Hye, 2017:
User Satisfaction with Mobile Health in Breast Cancer Patients

Brenn, G R.; Hansen, S E.; Park, Y, 2017:
Variable thermal loading and flexural uplift along the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

Evelien van Riet,Frans Rutten, 2017:
Vroegdetectie en tijdige behandeling van hartfalen zijn zinvol

Patry, M W.; Connors, C J.; Adams-Quackenbush, N M.; Smith, S M., 2017:
When Both Sides are Mistaken: Layperson and Legal Professionals Misconceptions of Canadian Suspects Legal Rights Upon Arrest

Vavitsara, M Elodie; Sabatier, S; Kang, M; Ranarijaona, H Lisy Tiana; de Reffye, P, 2017:
Yield analysis as a function of stochastic plant architecture: Case of Spilanthes acmella in the wet and dry season

Lafrance, M N.; Stelzl, M; Bullock, K, 2017:
Im Not Gonna Fake It

Demarco, R; Consalvi, J-Louis; Fuentes, Aés, 2018:
A calibrated soot production model for ethylene inverse diffusion flames at different Oxygen Indexes

Shlyakhto, E, 2018:
A new Paediatric Centre in Russia

Arboleda, D Muñetón; Santillán, J M.J.; Arce, V B.; Fernández van Raap, M B.; Muraca, D; Fernández, M A.; Torres Sanchez, R M.; Schinca, D C.; Scaffardi, Lía B., 2018:
A simple and green technique to synthesize long-term stability colloidal Ag nanoparticles: Fs laser ablation in a biocompatible aqueous medium

Ripoll, J G.; Blackshear, J L.; Díaz-Gómez, Jé L., 2018:
Acute Cardiac Complications in Critical Brain Disease

Shukla, R.K.; Gupta, R.; Pant, A.B.; Khanna, V.K., 2018:
Alteration in dopaminergic neurotransmission following exposure to forced swim stress on the neurobehavioral toxicity of lambda-cyhalothrin in rats

Sahebally, S Mohammad; Walsh, S Redmond; Mahmood, W; Aherne, T Michael; Joyce, M Richard, 2018:
Anal advancement flap versus lateral internal sphincterotomy for chronic anal fissure- a systematic review and meta-analysis

Intrieri, E; Gigli, G; Gracchi, T; Nocentini, M; Lombardi, L; Mugnai, F; Frodella, W; Bertolini, G; Carnevale, E; Favalli, M; Fornaciai, A; Marturià Alavedra, J; Mucchi, L; Nannipieri, L; Rodriguez-Lloveras, X; Pizziolo, M; Schina, R; Trippi, F; Casagli, N, 2018:
Application of an ultra-wide band sensor-free wireless network for ground monitoring

Liu, Z; Zhang, F; Zhang, Y; Li, J; Liu, X; Ding, G; Zhang, C; Liu, Q; Jiang, B, 2018:
Association between floods and infectious diarrhea and their effect modifiers in Hunan province, China: A two-stage model

Allen, L A.; Khazanie, P, 2018:
Behind the Scenes in The Real World of Heart Transplantation

Labinaz, P, 2018:
Brandom's deontic scorekeeping model and the assertive family

Zelnick, J R.; Haviland, S; Craft Morgan, J, 2018:
Caring for Care Workers

Li, K; Shahzad, M; Zhang, H; Mehmood, K; Jiang, X; Luo, H; Zhang, L; Dong, X; Li, J, 2018:
Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of Metastrongylus salmi (M. salmi) derived from Tibetan pigs in Tibet, China

Willems, J J.; Busscher, T; Woltjer, J; Arts, J, 2018:
Co-creating value through renewing waterway networks: A transaction-cost perspective

Vargas, A.; Cornejo, N.; Camp, A., 2018:
Comparison of methods for H* (10) calculation from measured LaBr 3 (Ce) detector spectra

Dross, C; Princé, K; Jiguet, Fédéric; Tichit, M, 2018:
Contrasting bird communities along production gradients of crops and livestock in French farmlands

Zhang, K; Wang, L; Si, S; Sun, Y; Pei, W; Ming, Y; Sun, L, 2018:
Crocin improves the proliferation and cytotoxic function of T cells in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Huang, T-Pai James; Ahmed, A; D'Souza, D; Awad, H, 2018:
Delayed diagnosis of contralateral tension pneumothorax during robotic lung wedge resection

Kethineni, C; Choragudi, S.F.; Kokkiligadda, S; Jaswanthi, N; Ronda, S Reddy, 2018:
Development of Sequential Processes for Multiple Product Recovery from Microalgae

Antunes, A; Frasquilho, D; Azeredo-Lopes, S; Neto, D; Silva, M; Cardoso, Gça; Caldas-de-Almeida, Jé Miguel, 2018:
Disability and common mental disorders: Results from the World Mental Health Survey Initiative Portugal

Pati, A.R.; Panda, A.; Lily, ; Munshi, B.; Kumar, A.; Sahoo, A.; Ghosh, S.; Mohapatra, S.S., 2018:
Dropwise evaporative cooling of hot water: A novel methodology to enhance heat transfer rate at very high surface temperatures

Naser, F; Rabiei, V; Razavi, F; Khademi, O, 2018:
Effect of calcium lactate in combination with hot water treatment on the nutritional quality of persimmon fruit during cold storage

Kang, M; Peng, S; Tian, Y; Zhang, H, 2018:
Effects of dissolved oxygen and nutrient loading on phosphorus fluxes at the sedimentwater interface in the Hai River Estuary, China

Sharma, C Mohan; Tiwari, O Prakash; Rana, Y Singh; Krishan, R; Mishra, A Kumar, 2018:
Elevational behaviour on dominancediversity, regeneration, biomass and carbon storage in ridge forests of Garhwal Himalaya, India

Marzocchi, S; Anankanbil, S; Caboni, M Fiorenza; Guo, Z, 2018:
Enzymatic alkylsuccinylation of tyrosol: Synthesis, characterization and property evaluation as a dual-functional antioxidant

Sferlazzo, G; Meloni, D; Lamon, S; Marceddu, M; Mureddu, A; Consolati, S Gianna; Pisanu, M; Virgilio, S, 2018:
Evaluation of short purification cycles in naturally contaminated Mediterranean mussels ( Mytilus galloprovincialis ) harvested in Sardinia (Italy)

Foxe, J J.; Molholm, S; Baudouin, S J.; Wallace, M T., 2018:
Explorations and perspectives on the neurobiological bases of autism spectrum disorder

Höhl, R, 2018:
Faxen Sie noch?

Codjia, Pékès; Ayrignac, X; Carra-Dallière, C; Durand-Dubief, Fçoise; De Seze, Jérôme; Lebrun-Frenay, C; Labauge, P, 2018:
Formes atypiques de sclrose en plaques et autres affections inflammatoires dmylinisantes idiopathiques du systme nerveux central : tude nationale sur 88 cas

Du, Y; Fan, T; Machel, H G.; Gao, Z, 2018:
Genesis of Upper Cambrian-Lower Ordovician dolomites in the Tahe Oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China: Several limitations from petrology, geochemistry, and fluid inclusions

Vinayagam, R; Jayachandran, M; Chung, S Sum Man; Xu, B, 2018:
Guava leaf inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis and increases glycogen synthesis via AMPK/ACC signaling pathways in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Bozekowski, J D.; Graham, A J.; Daugherty, P S., 2018:
High-titer antibody depletion enhances discovery of diverse serum antibody specificities

Gao, Q; Lim, S; Jia, X, 2018:
Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Joint Sparse Model and Discontinuity Preserving Relaxation

Fang, J K.H.; Rooks, C A.; Krogness, C M.; Kutti, T; Hoffmann, F; Bannister, R J., 2018:
Impact of particulate sediment, bentonite and barite (oil-drilling waste) on net fluxes of oxygen and nitrogen in Arctic-boreal sponges

Garg, A.; Papagermanos, V.; Midura, M.; Strunk, A., 2018 :
Incidence of hidradenitis suppurativa among tobacco smokers: a population-based retrospective analysis in the U.S.A

Wang, X; Guan, Z; Dong, Y; Zhu, Z; Wang, J; Niu, B, 2018:
Inhibition of thymidylate synthase affects neural tube development in mice

Yussman, S M.; Urbach, K, 2018:
Introduction of Universal Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Screening in an Urban School-Based Health Center

Agethen, S; Knorr, K-Holger, 2018:
Juncus effusus mono-stands in restored cutover peat bogs Analysis of litter quality, controls of anaerobic decomposition, and the risk of secondary carbon loss

Chardigny, J-Michel, 2018:
Les tats gnraux de lalimentation, et maintenant ?

Xu, Y; Wu, Z; Chanussot, J; Dalla Mura, M; Bertozzi, A L.; Wei, Z, 2018:
Low-Rank Decomposition and Total Variation Regularization of Hyperspectral Video Sequences

Reale, R; Magro, T Cristina; Ribas, L César, 2018:
Measurement and analyses of biodiversity conservation actions of corporations listed in the Brazilian stock exchange's corporate sustainability index

Wackett, L P., 2018:
Microbial chemotaxis in the environment: An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in environmental microbiology

Zhang, H; Li, C; Duan, Y, 2018:
Modified slanted-edge method to measure the modulation transfer function of camera

McKenzie, M; Ha, S Min; Rammohan, A; Radhakrishnan, R; Ramakrishnan, N., 2018:
Multivalent Binding of a Ligand-Coated Particle: Role of Shape, Size, and Ligand Heterogeneity

Popiołek, Łukasz; Piątkowska-Chmiel, I; Gawrońska-Grzywacz, M; Biernasiuk, A; Izdebska, M; Herbet, M; Sysa, M; Malm, A; Dudka, Jław; Wujec, M, 2018:
New hydrazide-hydrazones and 1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones with 3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic moiety: Synthesis, in vitro and in vivo studies

Song, X; Lyu, Z; Li, G; Hu, X; Liu, Y; Shi, Y, 2018:
Numerical study on reaction characteristics under high pressure conditions for thermal spallation drilling

Lei, Y; Shen, Z; Zhang, T; Zhang, Q; Wang, Q; Sun, J; Gong, X; Cao, J; Xu, H; Liu, S; Yang, L, 2018:
Optical source profiles of brown carbon in size-resolved particulate matter from typical domestic biofuel burning over Guanzhong Plain, China

Yilmaz, M Kemal, 2018:
Palladium(II) complexes with new bidentate phosphine-imine ligands for the Suzuki C C coupling reactions in supercritical carbon dioxide

Lazenby, H; Gabriel, I, 2018:
Permissible Secrets

Ingelfinger, J R.; Feller-Kopman, D; Light, R, 2018:
Pleural Disease

Sun, L; Yan, W, 2018:
Prediction of wall temperature and oxide scale thickness of ferriticmartensitic steel superheater tubes

Yang, X; Tian, X; Wu, K; Liu, W; Li, S; Zhang, Z; Zhang, C, 2018:
Prognostic impact of perineural invasion in early stage oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma: Results from a prospective randomized trial

van Oene, M M.; Ha, S; Jager, T; Lee, M; Pedaci, F; Lipfert, J; Dekker, N H., 2018:
Quantifying the Precision of Single-Molecule Torque and Twist Measurements Using Allan Variance

Honein, M A., 2018 :
Recognizing the Global Impact of Zika Virus Infection during Pregnancy

Cramer, L P.; Kay, R R.; Zatulovskiy, E, 2018:
Repellent and Attractant Guidance Cues Initiate Cell Migration by Distinct Rear-Driven and Front-Driven Cytoskeletal Mechanisms

Yang, Y; Chen, W; Wei, L; Chen, X, 2018:
Robust optimization for integrated scrap steel charge considering uncertain metal elements concentrations and production scheduling under time-of-use electricity tariff

Zhemchugova, V. A.; Berbenev, M. O., 2018:
Sedimentation Model of Rocks of the Pokur Formation: Basis for the Prediction of Filtration-Volumetric Characteristics (Upper Cretaceous, West Siberia)

Kemp, J L.; Risberg, M Arna, 2018:
Significant Knowledge Gaps Between Clinical Practice and Research on Femoroacetabular Impingement: Are We on the Same Path?

Berezovsky, A. A., 2018:
Some New Species of Crassatella (Bivalvia) from the Upper Eocene of Ukraine

Wang, Q-long; Wang, C; Dong, R-feng; Pang, Q-qi; Cai, Y-peng, 2018:
Steerable light-driven TiO 2 -Fe Janus micromotor

Heerfordt, I.M.; Philipsen, P.A.; Wulf, H.C., 2018:
Sun behaviour on the beach monitored by webcam photos

Farias, D F.; de Abreu, C M.; Novais, S Maria V.; Macedo, Zélia S., 2018:
Tailoring luminescent colour and life persistence of undoped CdSiO 3

Koppel, S.; Stephens, A.N.; Charlton, J.L.; Di Stefano, M.; Darzins, P.; Odell, M.; Marshall, S., 2018:
The Driver Behaviour Questionnaire for older drivers: Do errors, violations and lapses change over time?

Neves, A H. S.; da Silva, D S.; Siqueira, G M.; Gamaro, G D.; Cunico, W; da Silva, A L., 2018:
The antinociceptive evaluation of 2,3-substituted-1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones through thermal stimulation in mice

Ellison, P T., 2018:
The evolution of physical anthropology

Seo, M-Hyeong; Kim, P M, 2018:
The present and the future of motif-mediated proteinprotein interactions

Wedel, C; Wunsch, A; Wenning, M; Dettling, A; Kayser, K-Heinz; Lehner, W-Dieter; Hinrichs, Jörg, 2018:
Thermal treatment of skim milk concentrates in a novel shear-heating device: Reduction of thermophilic spores and physical properties

Kaiser, D J.; Prieto, L R., 2018:
Trainee estimates of working alliance with upper- and working-class clients

Zhang, M; Su, R; Zhang, Q; Hu, L; Tian, X; Chen, Y; Zhou, H; Wu, J; Tian, Y, 2018:
Ultra-bright intercellular lipids pseudo di-BODIPY probe with low molecular weight, high quantum yield and large two-photon action cross-sections

Mailhot, T; Lavoie, P; Maheu-Cadotte, M-André; Fontaine, G; Cournoyer, A; Côté, Jé; Dupuis, F; Karsenti, T; Cossette, S, 2018:
Using a Wireless Electroencephalography Device to Evaluate E-Health and E-Learning Interventions

Canady, V A., 2018:
WHO's plans to add gaming disorder as mental health condition raise questions

Tuech, J-Jacques; Roman, H, 2018:
Worrying About Postoperative Functional Outcomes in Young Women With Colorectal Endometriosis

Anonymous, 2018:
Fatal Ansthetics: A Case for Inquiry

Wallace, M.; Middelkoop, K.; Smith, P.; Pike, C.; Bennie, T.; Chandia, J.; Churchyard, G.; Gray, G.; Latka, M.H.; Mathebula, M.; Nchabeleng, M.; Roux, S.; Slack, C.; Strode, A.; Bekker, L-G., 2018:
Feasibility and acceptability of conducting HIV vaccine trials in adolescents in South Africa: Going beyond willingness to participate towards implementation

Syal, G.; Kashani, A.; Shih, D.Q., 2018:
Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease- a Primer for the Internists

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Freeze-dried carbon nanotube aerogels for high frequency absorber applications

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Ganglionectomy and Sciatica

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Genito-Urinary Diseases

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Ghost imaging via sparse structured illumination source

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Goals-of-care discussions

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Great East Japan Earthquake: Proactive sharing of lessons learned

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H Consensus for Linear Heterogeneous Discrete-Time Multiagent Systems With Output Feedback Control

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High Platelet Levels Attenuate the Efficacy of Platinum-Based Treatment in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Hip Surveillance in Children with Cerebral Palsy

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History of thoracic stabilization

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Home and Continental Spas : IV. Oeynhausen

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Hydrogel-Encapsulated Enzyme Facilitates Colorimetric Acute Toxicity Assessment of Heavy Metal Ions

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Idiopathic condylar resorption

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IL-1B-31 and IL-1Ra polymorphisms associated with increased host susceptibility to immune thrompocytopenia

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Imaging Of Pigment Epithelial Detachments With Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

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Immune control in chronic myeloid leukemia

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Impact of Naturally Occurring Variation in the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) 58 Capsid Proteins on Recognition by Type-Specific Neutralizing Antibodies

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Impact of specific training in anaphylaxis of the Triage nursing staff in a Tertiary Hospital's Paediatric Emergency Department

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Importance of uniform data collection and reporting in research: A call for a minimum dataset in sepsis

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Improvement in Hyperphosphatemia Using Phosphate Education and Planning Talks

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Incidence of malignant lymphoma in adolescents and young adults in the 58 counties of California with varying synthetic turf field density

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Information about expert decision and post-decision distortion of facts of own decision

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Inner Workings: A new crop of landers and rovers seeks to answer key questions about Venus-and, by extension, Earth

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Insight into the Mode of Action of Celangulin V on the Transmembrane Potential of Midgut Cells in Lepidopteran Larvae

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Interaction of entomopathogenic fungi with the host immune system

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Intersecting vulnerabilities in professionals and patients in intensive care

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In the national epidemiological bulletins - a selection from recent issues

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Intrageneric Variability between the Chloroplast Genomes of Trachelomonas grandis and Trachelomonas volvocina and phylogenomic analysis of phototrophic euglenoids

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Intrapersonal Emotion Regulation Processes Influence What Children Remember About Their Emotional Experiences

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Intrinsic, task-evoked and absolute gamma synchrony during cognitive processing in first onset schizophrenia

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Investigating the effect of G-Bond and Z-PRIME Plus on the bond strength between prefabricated zirconia posts and the root canal wall in vitro

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In Vivo Irradiation of Mice Induces Activation of Dendritic Cells

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Is finding the common biological link(s) between pain and affect an infinity quest?

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Isolated Avulsion of the Tendon of Insertion of the Infraspinatus and Supraspinatus Muscles in Five Juvenile Labrador Retrievers

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Isomalt and its Diastereomer Mixtures as Stabilizing Excipients With Freeze-Dried Lactate Dehydrogenase

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Is the external fixator yet useful for treating fractures of the distal radius?

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Iterative design of diffractive elements made of lossy materials

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Juvenile Delinquents

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Key steps forward for maternal immunization: Policy making in action

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KLF4 Nuclear Export Requires ERK Activation and Initiates Exit from Naive Pluripotency

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Know Your Limitations: Assumptions in the Single Beat Method for Estimating Right Ventricular-Pulmonary Vascular Coupling

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Left-sided Catamenial Pneumothorax: A Rare Clinical Entity

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Lesions of the Cervical Sympathetic Nerves

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Leveraging the Use of Historical Data Gathered During Seed Regeneration of an ex Situ Genebank Collection of Wheat

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Lipodystrophy in a Type 1 Diabetic Woman

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Live-cell imaging of small nucleolar RNA tagged with the broccoli aptamer in yeast

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LncRNA RP11-552M11.4 promotes cells proliferation, migration and invasion by targeting BRCA2 in ovarian cancer

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Long-lasting remission in a case of Cronkhite-Canada syndrome

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Long-term deepened snow promotes tundra evergreen shrub growth and summertime ecosystem net CO2 gain, but reduces soil carbon and nutrient pools

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Looking beyond the checklist: An ethnography of interprofessional operating room safety cultures

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Primary Care Training Must Change

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Pros and Cons of Intensive Systolic Blood Pressure Lowering

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Prudent parenting: murre now or murre later?

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Pulmonary Lymphangitic Carcinomatosis From Renal Cell Carcinoma

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Qualifications for Admission to the Register

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Quinacrine sterilization (QS): Informed consent

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Recent Developments in Intelligent Packaging for Enhancing Food Quality and Safety

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Redefining obesity toward classifying as a disease

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Anonymous, 2018:
Remarkable Surgical Cases

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Restoration of the Patient-Specific Anatomy of the Proximal and Distal Parts of the Humerus: Statistical Shape Modeling Versus Contralateral Registration Method

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Rochester Epidemiology Project Data Exploration Portal

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Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology is indexed in PMC and PUBMED. More to come on the indexing processes soon

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Rumination, Brooding, and Reflection: Prospective Associations with Suicide Ideation and Suicide Attempts

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Safety Versus Tolerability

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Sandwich-Type Nitrogen and Sulfur Codoped Graphene-Backboned Porous Carbon Coated Separator for High Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

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Anonymous, 2018:
Self-Help in Institutional Economy: VI. The Information Bureau

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Shared decision-making in psychiatry of old age

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Should more MDS patients be treated with immune-suppression?

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Small Renal Masses in Close Proximity to the Collecting System and Renal Sinus Are Enriched for Malignancy and High Fuhrman Grade and Should Be Considered for Early Intervention

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Sorghum CCoAOMT and CCoAOMT-like gene evolution, structure, expression and the role of conserved amino acids in protein activity

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Special sample types for urine MDx

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Spontaneous rupture of uterine smooth muscle tumour presenting acute abdominal pain and haemoperitoneum

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Standard values of the upper body posture in male adults

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Statistical Optimization of the Sol-Gel Electrospinning Process Conditions for Preparation of Polyamide 6/66 Nanofiber Bundles

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Anonymous, 2018:
St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington: The Clarence Memorial Wing

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Strategy of transmission interruption of schistosomiasis and its effects in Runzhou District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

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Stroke outcome is associated with baseline renal function: A risk factor that matters!

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