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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65008

Chapter 65008 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Leslie, A W.; Wang, K-Hui; Meyer, S L.F.; Marahatta, S; Hooks, C R.R., 2017:
Influence of cover crops on arthropods, free-living nematodes, and yield in a succeeding no-till soybean crop

Joshi, A; Yogesha, K.K.; Jayaganthan, R., 2017:
Influence of cryorolling and followed by annealing on high cycle fatigue behavior of ultrafine grained Al 2014 alloy

Shi, M; Zhang, P; Fan, M; Jiang, P; Dong, Y, 2017:
Influence of crystal of Fe 2 O 3 in magnetism and activity of nanoparticle CaO@Fe 2 O 3 for biodiesel production

Niu, X; Gao, J; Wang, K; Miao, Q; Dong, M; Wang, G; Fan, W; Qin, Z; Wang, J, 2017:
Influence of crystal size on the catalytic performance of H-ZSM-5 and Zn/H-ZSM-5 in the conversion of methanol to aromatics

Mashela, P. W.; Pofu, K. M., 2017:
Influence of cucurbitacin-containing phytonematicides on selected nutrient elements in leaf tissues of green bean under greenhouse conditions

Zhou, Z; Cai, X; Chen, L; Cao, W; Zhao, Y; Xiong, C, 2017:
Influence of cyclic wetting and drying on physical and dynamic compressive properties of sandstone

Hu, J; Liu, S; Ji, Y, 2017:
Influence of decoherence on electromannetically induced transparency in superconducting quantum circuit

Belov, M. V.; Zavertyaev, M. V.; Zagumenniy, A. I.; Kozlov, V. A.; Kondratyuk, V. A.; Kutovoi, S. A.; Pestovskii, N. V.; Savinov, S. Yu., 2017:
Influence of defects on scintillation properties of oxyorthosilicate crystals Ce:Sc:LFS

Polanský, R.; Kadlec, P.; Kolská, Z.; Švorčík, V., 2017:
Influence of dehydration on the dielectric and structural properties of organically modified montmorillonite and halloysite nanotubes

Sommerfeld, J; Buys, L; Mengersen, K; Vine, D, 2017:
Influence of demographic variables on uptake of domestic solar photovoltaic technology

Vicente, C. R.; Cerutti Junior, C.; Fröschl, G.; Romano, C. M.; Cabidelle, A. S. A.; Herbinger, K.-H., 2017:
Influence of demographics on clinical outcome of dengue: a cross-sectional study of 6703 confirmed cases in Vitria, Esprito Santo State, Brazil

Hassan, T; Vinodkumar, M.N.; Vinod, N, 2017:
Influence of demographics on risky driving behaviour among powered two wheeler riders in Kerala, India

Wang, Z; Ma, X; Jiang, Y; Li, Y; Xu, H, 2017:
Influence of deposit on spray behaviour under flash boiling condition with the application of closely coupled split injection strategy

Ravankhah, M; Savaloni, H, 2017:
Influence of deposition angle on the structural, morphological and optical properties of sputtered AlN thin films

Chen, J; Du, H; Zhang, J; Lei, X; Wang, Y; Su, S; Zhang, Z; Zhao, P, 2017:
Influence of deposition temperature on crystalline structure and morphologies of Co 3 O 4 films prepared by a direct liquid injection chemical vapor deposition

Li, C; Yao, Y; Tao, Z; Yang, R; Zhang, H, 2017:
Influence of depressurized environment on the fire behaviour in a dynamic pressure cabin

Polycarp, T N.; M. Yusoff, S; Benjamin, E O.; M. Salisi, S; Bejo, S-Khairani, 2017:
Influence of dexamethasone-induced stress on oxidative stress biomarkers in non-pregnant does experimentally infected withBrucella melitensis

Wiemer, G.; Kopf, A., 2017:
Influence of diatom microfossils on sediment shear strength and slope stability

LeCompte, R.A.; Nielsen, B.D.; Robison, C.I.; Schott, H.C.; Herdt, T.H.; Larson, C.K., 2017:
Influence of dietary cobalt on nutrient digestibility and serum cobalt concentrations in horses

Ramírez-Ojeda, A. M.; Moreno-Rojas, R.; Sevillano-Morales, J.; Cámara-Martos, F., 2017:
Influence of dietary components on minerals and trace elements bioaccessible fraction in organic weaning food: a probabilistic assessment

Qin, D; Yang, X; Gao, S; Yao, J; McClements, D Julian, 2017:
Influence of dietary fibers on lipid digestion: Comparison of single-stage and multiple-stage gastrointestinal models

Parvar, R.; Ghoorchi, T.; Shargh, M. Shams, 2017:
Influence of dietary oils on performance, blood metabolites, purine derivatives, cellulase activity and muscle fatty acid composition in fattening lambs

Lian, Y; Deng, J; Yao, B; Zhuo, Y; Lei, S, 2017:
Influence of different cemented carbides on fabricating periodic micro-nano textures by femtosecond laser processing

Yerzhebayeva, R. S.; Abekova, A. M.; Ainebekova, B. A.; Urazaliyev, K. R.; Bazylova, T. A.; Daniyarova, A. K.; Bersimbayeva, G. Kh., 2017:
Influence of different concentrations of ascorbic and gibberellic acids and pH of medium on embryogenesis and regeneration in anther culture of spring triticale

Liikanen, M; Havukainen, J; Hupponen, M; Horttanainen, M, 2017:
Influence of different factors in the life cycle assessment of mixed municipal solid waste management systems A comparison of case studies in Finland and China

Zoestbergen, E.; van de Langkruis, J; Maalman, T.F.J.; Batyrev, E., 2017:
Influence of diffusion on the coating adhesion of zinc-magnesium thin films onto steel

Tanaka, M Okamoto; dos Santos, B Gonçalves, 2017:
Influence of discharge patterns on temporal variation of macroinvertebrate communities in forested and deforested streams in a tropical agricultural landscape

Jenouvrier, Séphanie; Garnier, J; Patout, F; Desvillettes, L, 2017:
Influence of dispersal processes on the global dynamics of Emperor penguin, a species threatened by climate change

Hohl, L; Knossalla, M; Kraume, M, 2017:
Influence of dispersion conditions on phase separation in liquid multiphase systems

Cai, L; Fan, J; Lin, L; Wang, C, 2017:
Influence of donor and acceptor groups on the S-T energy gap for thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters

Han, G.; Kandel, Y.R.; Leandro, L.F.S.; Helmers, M.J.; Schott, L.R.; Mueller, D.S., 2017:
Influence of drainage on soybean seedling health

Cummins, C.; McLean, B.; Conlan, G.; Coutts, A., 2017:
Influence of drill type and unit fitting on accelerometer derived loads in rugby league training

Sun, J; Kang, Y; Wan, S; Hu, W, 2017:
Influence of drip irrigation level on salt leaching and vegetation growth during reclamation of coastal saline soil having an imbedded gravelsand layer

Keomanivong, F E.; Ruch, M C.; Liu, J-Hung; Kirsch, J D.; Bauer, M L.; Dahlen, C R.; Kapphahn, M; Borhan, M. S.; Rahman, S; Swanson, K C., 2017:
Influence of dry-rolled corn processing and distillers grain inclusion rate on ruminal pH, ammonia and volatile fatty acid concentration, in vitro methane production and enzyme activity

Verardo, V; Riciputi, Y; Messia, M Cristina; Marconi, E; Caboni, M Fiorenza, 2017:
Influence of drying temperatures on the quality of pasta formulated with different egg products

Wang, L; Yao, J; Hu, Y; Zhang, Q; Sun, Z; Liu, R, 2017:
Influence of electric-magnetic compound field on the WC particles distribution in laser melt injection

Shi, H.J.; Sun, Z.J.; Yan, Z.M.; Ren, J.B., 2017:
Influence of electrode distance on heating behaviour associated to radio frequency processing of low moisture foods

Munishwar, S.R.; Pawar, P.P.; Gedam, R.S., 2017:
Influence of electron-hole recombination on optical properties of boro-silicate glasses containing CdS quantum dots

Cysewska, K; Gazda, M; Jasiński, P, 2017:
Influence of electropolymerization temperature on corrosion, morphological and electrical properties of PPy doped with salicylate on iron

Grunwald, D; Kaiser, M; Junker, S; Marhan, S; Piepho, H-Peter; Poll, C; Bamminger, C; Ludwig, B, 2017:
Influence of elevated soil temperature and biochar application on organic matter associated with aggregate-size and density fractions in an arable soil

Gashkina, N. A.; Moiseenko, T. I., 2017:
Influence of emission from coppernickel smelters on the chemical composition of lake water: Acidification forecast

Drapala, K P.; Auty, M A.E.; Mulvihill, D M.; O’Mahony, J A., 2017:
Influence of emulsifier type on the spray-drying properties of model infant formula emulsions

Xu, Q; Feng, J; Zhang, S, 2017:
Influence of end side displacement load on stress and deformation of L-type large-diameter buried pipe network

Zhu, T.; Li, R. R.; Ma, M. F.; Li, X., 2017:
Influence of energy efficiency on VOCs decomposition in non-thermal plasma reactor

Webb, K M.; Delgrosso, S J.; West, M S.; Freeman, C; Brenner, T, 2017:
Influence of environment, crop age and cultivar on the development and severity of Fusarium yellows in field-grown sugar beet

Farias, R Silva; Pereira Silva, Mércia Patrícia; Maciel-Silva, Aíses Simone; Pôrto, Kátia Cavalcanti, 2017:
Influence of environmental factors on the distribution of Calymperes and Syrrhopodon (Calymperaceae, Bryophyta) in the Atlantic Forest of Northeastern Brazil

Krajňák, Táš; Minárik, P; Gubicza, Jő; Máthis, Kán; Kužel, Rír; Janeček, Mš, 2017:
Influence of equal channel angular pressing routes on texture, microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded AX41 magnesium alloy

Wang, X; Feng, G-yu; Ge, M-qiao, 2017:
Influence of ethylene glycol vapor annealing on structure and property of wet-spun PVA/PEDOT:PSS blend fiber

Johnson, H Huang; Johnson, M D., 2017:
Influence of event characteristics on assessing credibility and advice-taking

Jaeger, S R.; Fiszman, S; Reis, F; Chheang, S L.; Kam, K; Pineau, B; Deliza, R; Ares, Gón, 2017:
Influence of evoked contexts on hedonic product discrimination and sensory characterizations using CATA questions

Sachenko, A.V.; Kostylyov, V.P.; Vlasiuk, V.M.; Sokolovskyi, I.O.; Evstigneev, M., 2017:
Influence of excitonic effects on luminescence quantum yield in silicon

Li, J.-H.; Qiu, L.-Q.; Zhu, X.-J.; Cai, C.-X., 2017:
Influence of exercises using different energy metabolism systems on NNMT expression in different types of skeletal muscle fibers

Idumah, C Igwe; Hassan, A; Bourbigot, S, 2017:
Influence of exfoliated graphene nanoplatelets on flame retardancy of kenaf flour polypropylene hybrid nanocomposites

Galley, T H.; Beaumont, A R.; Le Vay, L; King, J W., 2017:
Influence of exogenous chemicals on larval development and survival of the king scallop Pecten maximus (L.)

Du, J; Shu, S; An, Y; Zhou, H; Guo, S; Sun, J, 2017:
Influence of exogenous spermidine on carbonnitrogen metabolism under Ca(NO3)2stress in cucumber root

Ponomarev, V. I.; Klobukov, G. I.; Napalkova, V. V.; Kshnyasev, I. A., 2017:
Influence of experimental conditions on manifestation of the group effect in the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar L

Petrakis, S; Seyfferth, A; Kan, J; Inamdar, S; Vargas, R, 2017:
Influence of experimental extreme water pulses on greenhouse gas emissions from soils

Son, S.J.; Kim, H.; Seeley, M.K.; Hopkins, J.T., 2017:
Influence of experimental knee pain on bilateral loading patterns during walking in healthy individuals

Zhang, Z; Guan, Y; Xia, T; Du, J; Li, T; Sun, Z; Guo, C, 2017:
Influence of exposed magnetic nanoparticles and their application in chemiluminescence immunoassay

Gollnow, C; Griesche, A; Weidemann, J; Kannengiesser, T, 2017:
Influence of external loads on a characteristic angle between grains and solidus line as an indicator for hot cracking susceptibility during GTA welding

Ma, T; Zhu, H; Wang, J; Wang, Q; Yu, L (Lucy); Sun, B, 2017:
Influence of extraction and solubilizing treatments on the molecular structure and functional properties of peanut protein

Aubry, O; Cormier, D; Chouinard, Gérald; Lucas, E, 2017:
Influence of extraguild prey and intraguild predators on the phytophagy of the zoophytophagous bugCampylomma verbasci

González-Seligra, P; Guz, L; Ochoa-Yepes, O; Goyanes, S; Famá, Lía, 2017:
Influence of extrusion process conditions on starch film morphology

Yamanaka, S; Akasaka, T; Yabuhara, Y; Nakamura, F, 2017:
Influence of farmland abandonment on the species composition of wetland ground beetles in Kushiro, Japan

Aziz, M Abbas; Ahmad, H Raza; Corwin, D L.; Sabir, M; Hakeem, K Rehman; Öztürk, Münir, 2017:
Influence of farmyard manure on retention and availability of nickel, zinc and lead in metal-contaminated calcareous loam soils

Chuah, L Fatt; Klemeš, Jří Jaromír; Yusup, S; Bokhari, A; Akbar, M Majeed, 2017:
Influence of fatty acids in waste cooking oil for cleaner biodiesel

Deng, C; Fossen, H; Gawthorpe, R L.; Rotevatn, A; Jackson, C A-L.; FazliKhani, H, 2017:
Influence of fault reactivation during multiphase rifting: The Oseberg area, northern North Sea rift

Nelson, C. S.; Nyman, S. L.; Campbell, K. A.; Rowland, J. R., 2017:
Influence of faulting on the distribution and development of cold seep-related dolomitic conduit concretions at East Cape, New Zealand

Ochonski, P.; Lapinskas, S.L.; Adams, A.A.; Staniar, W.B., 2017:
Influence of feed particle size on inflammation

Bögner, M; Zwicker, S; Bögner, D; Slater, M J., 2017:
Influence of feeding sequence, light and colour on the performance of a self-grading system designed for turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Zhang, L; Liu, J; Pu, C; Jing, C; Zheng, L, 2017:
Influence of ferrous iron on the oxidation of crude oil at a low temperature

A. N. Fesenko,V. I. Mazalov, 2017:
Influence of fertilizers on crop yield of modern buckwheat varieties of various morphotypes

Molina, J Ramón; Moreno, N; Moreno, R, 2017:
Influence of fire regime on forest structure and restoration of a native forest type in the southern Andean Range

Liang, F; Zhang, H; Huang, M, 2017:
Influence of flood-induced scour on dynamic impedances of pile groups considering the stress history of undrained soft clay

Wakabayashi, S; Itoh, S; Takahashi, S, 2017:
Influence of flooding on exchangeability and release of stable and radioactive cesium in contaminated paddy soil

Abusahmin, B Suleman; Karri, R Rao; Maini, B B., 2017:
Influence of fluid and operating parameters on the recovery factors and gas oil ratio in high viscous reservoirs under foamy solution gas drive

Seto, K E.; Churchill, C J.; Panesar, D K., 2017:
Influence of fly ash allocation approaches on the life cycle assessment of cement-based materials

Rafie, M.R.; Khoshgoftarmanesh, A.H.; Shariatmadari, H.; Darabi, A.; Dalir, N., 2017:
Influence of foliar-applied zinc in the form of mineral and complexed with amino acids on yield and nutritional quality of onion under field conditions

Rodrigues, Pícia E. S.; Costa-Schmidt, L Ernesto; Ott, R; Rodrigues, E Nei Lopes, 2017:
Influence of forest structure upon the diversity and composition of edaphic diplopods

Gosselin, M; Fourcin, D; Dumas, Y; Gosselin, Fédéric; Korboulewsky, N; Toïgo, M; Vallet, P, 2017:
Influence of forest tree species composition on bryophytic diversity in mixed and pure pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) and oak ( Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) stands

Beuguel, Q; Ville, J; Crepin-Leblond, Jérôme; Mederic, P; Aubry, T, 2017:
Influence of formulation on morphology and rheology of polypropylene/polyamide blends filled with nanoclay mineral particles

Sadowska, K; Andrzejewska, J; Klóska, Łukasz, 2017:
Influence of freezing, lyophilisation and air-drying on the total monomeric anthocyanins, vitamin C and antioxidant capacity of selected berries

Gao, X; Tang, D; Yue, H; Jiang, S; Deng, Z, 2017:
Influence of friction on sampling disturbance of lunar surface in direct push sampling method based on DEM

Galvis, J.C.; Oliveira, P.H.F.; Hupalo, M.F.; Martins, J.P.; Carvalho, A.L.M., 2017:
Influence of friction surfacing process parameters to deposit AA6351-T6 over AA5052-H32 using conventional milling machine

Hinnant, K M.; Conroy, M W.; Ananth, R, 2017:
Influence of fuel on foam degradation for fluorinated and fluorine-free foams

Torelli, R; Som, S; Pei, Y; Zhang, Y; Traver, M, 2017:
Influence of fuel properties on internal nozzle flow development in a multi-hole diesel injector

Ulagendran, V.; Balu, P.; Kannappan, V.; Kumar, R.; Jayakumar, S., 2017:
Influence of fused aromatic ring on the stability of charge transfer complex between iodine and some five membered heterocyclic molecules through ultrasonic and spectral studies

Xu, C; Wang, D; Wang, H; Zhang, Y; Dou, G; Wang, Q, 2017:
Influence of gas flow rate and sodium carboxymethylcellulose on foam properties of fatty alcohol sodium polyoxyethylene ether sulfate solution

Degterev, A.Kh., 2017:
Influence of gas hydrate formation on methane seeps at the bottom of water reservoirs

Ja'baz, I; Jiao, F; Wu, X; Yu, D; Ninomiya, Y; Zhang, L, 2017:
Influence of gaseous SO 2 and sulphate-bearing ash deposits on the high-temperature corrosion of heat exchanger tube during oxy-fuel combustion

Ragionieri, L; Ivanovska, A; Pendovski, L; Ravanetti, F; Botti, M; Gazza, F; Cacchioli, A, 2017:
Influence of genetic selection on the myofibre type composition of porcine biceps femoris muscle: a comparative study of a purebred (Nero di Parma) and commercial hybrid pigs (Large WhiteLandraceDuroc)

Durawo, C; Zindove, T Jairus; Chimonyo, M, 2017:
Influence of genotype and topography on the goat predation challenge under communal production systems

Kotova, D. S.; Klimenko, M. V.; Klimenko, V. V.; Zakharov, V. E., 2017:
Influence of geomagnetic storms of September 2630, 2011, on the ionosphere and HF radiowave propagation. II. radiowave propagation

Deng, Y; Zheng, W; E, J; Zhang, B; Zhao, X; Zuo, Q; Zhang, Z; Han, D, 2017:
Influence of geometric characteristics of a diesel particulate filter on its behavior in equilibrium state

Miranda, M; Da Costa, A; Castro, J; Sagaseta, César, 2017:
Influence of geotextile encasement on the behaviour of stone columns: Laboratory study

Keleshyan, S. K.; Karapetyan, Z. V.; Chakhalyan, A. Kh.; Hovhannisyan, N. A.; Avetisova, G. Ye.; Chitchyan, M. B.; Oganezova, G. G.; Melkumyan, M. A.; Avetisyan, N. S.; Melkonyan, L. H., 2017:
Influence of glutamate dehydrogenase activity on L-proline synthesis

Lapeire, L.; Martinez Lombardia, E.; De Graeve, I.; Terryn, H.; Verbeken, K., 2017:
Influence of grain size on the electrochemical behavior of pure copper

Min, C; Shen, C; Zeng, M; Nie, P; Song, H-Jie; Li, S, 2017:
Influence of graphene oxide as filler on tribological behaviors of polyimide/graphene oxide nanocomposites under seawater lubrication

Spirito, F; Rowland, M; Nielson, R; Wisdom, M; Tabeni, S, 2017:
Influence of grazing management on resource selection by a small mammal in a temperate desert of South America

Martínez, Fátima; Oliveira, Jé Alberto; Calvete, E Oliveira; Palencia, P, 2017:
Influence of growth medium on yield, quality indexes and SPAD values in strawberry plants

Kandel, T P.; Elsgaard, L; Lærke, P Erik, 2017:
Influence of harvest managements of festulolium and tall fescue on biomass nutrient concentrations and export from a nutrient-rich peatland

Wang, X; Min, Q; Zhang, Z; Duan, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhai, J, 2017:
Influence of head resistance force and viscous friction on dynamic contact angle measurement in Wilhelmy plate method

Vamsi, M.V.N.; Wasekar, N P.; Sundararajan, G., 2017:
Influence of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of pulse electrodeposited Ni-W alloy coatings

Reeb, A.; Weidenmann, K. A., 2017:
Influence of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of the interface in an EN AW-6082/1.4310 composite extrusion

Shim, D-Sik; Baek, G-Yun; Lee, S-Bi; Yu, J-Hyun; Choi, Y-Suk; Park, S-Hu, 2017:
Influence of heat treatment on wear behavior and impact toughness of AISI M4 coated by laser melting deposition

Schwarz, C.; Ebner, K. M.; Furtner, F.; Duller, S.; Wetscherek, W.; Wernert, W.; Kandler, W.; Schedle, K., 2017:
Influence of high inorganic selenium and manganese diets for fattening pigs on oxidative stability and pork quality parameters

Bhuiyan, M S.I.; Raman, A; Hodgkins, D; Mitchell, D; Nicol, H I., 2017:
Influence of high levels of Na+ and Cl on ion concentration, growth, and photosynthetic performance of three salt-tolerant plants

Luo, J; Chang, H; Bakhtiary Davijani, A A.; Liu, H. Clive; Wang, P-Hsiang; Moon, R J.; Kumar, S, 2017:
Influence of high loading of cellulose nanocrystals in polyacrylonitrile composite films

Duarte-Sierra, A; Forney, C F.; Michaud, D; Angers, P; Arul, J, 2017:
Influence of hormetic heat treatment on quality and phytochemical compounds of broccoli florets during storage

Gonzalez-Jimenez, A.; Chen, M.; McEuen, K.; Stephens, C.; Medina-Caliz, I.; Robles-diaz, M.; Slim, M.; Lucena, M.I.; Suzuki, A.; Andrade, R., 2017:
Influence of host characteristics and pharmacological properties on type of liver injury in hepatotoxicity

Queiroz, A Paula de; Bueno, A de Freitas; Pomari-Fernandes, A; Bortolotto, O Ceolin; Mikami, A Yatiem; Olive, L, 2017:
Influence of host preference, mating, and release density on the parasitism of Telenomus remus (Nixon) (Hymenoptera, Platygastridae)

Paredes, J. J.; Shaler, S.; Howell, C.; Jakes, J., 2017:
Influence of hot water extraction on cell wall and OSB strand mechanics

Huang, X; Gao, J; Zheng, N; Li, W; Xue, H; Li, R K.Y., 2017:
Influence of humidity and polymer additives on the morphology of hierarchically porous microspheres prepared from non-solvent assisted electrospraying

Rahman, K Zillur; van Afferden, M; Mosig, P; Müller, R A., 2017 :
Influence of hydraulic loading rate on ion precipitations and performance of a vertical-flow soil filter treating contaminated groundwater under cold climatic conditions

Tran, M-Vu; Scribano, G; Chong, C Tung; Ho, T X., 2017:
Influence of hydrocarbon additions and dilutions on explosion behavior of syngas/air mixtures

Neubert, M.; Treiber, P.; Krier, C.; Hackel, M.; Hellriegel, T.; Dillig, M.; Karl, J., 2017:
Influence of hydrocarbons and thiophene on catalytic fixed bed methanation

Rehman, N M. A.; Kumar, A; Shukla, R K., 2017:
Influence of hydrodynamic slip on convective transport in flow past a circular cylinder

Barrios, C C.; Domínguez-Sáez, A; Hormigo, Dévora, 2017:
Influence of hydrogen addition on combustion characteristics and particle number and size distribution emissions of a TDI diesel engine

Xu, B; Bian, H; Zhang, H, 2017:
Influence of hydrophobic groups on thickening and emulsification properties of hydrophobically modified polyacrylamides

Xiang, F; He, Y; Kumar, S; Wang, Z; Liu, L; Huang, Z; Liu, J; Cen, K, 2017:
Influence of hydrothermal dewatering on trace element transfer in Yimin coal

Golovanova, I. L.; Filippov, A. A.; Chebotareva, Y. V.; Izyumov, Y. G.; Krylov, V. V., 2017:
Influence of hypomagnetic conditions on the activities of glycosidases and kinetic characteristics of carbohydrate hydrolysis in juvenile roach, Rutilus rutilus

Klyuchnik, P. A.; Petukhov, B. V., 2017:
Influence of impurity atmosphere on the deformation of silicon crystals

Qi, X; Li, Y; Li, N; Zhang, W; Xia, W; Li, Y; Zhu, R, 2017 :
Influence of inclined channels on the critical motion of particulate suspensions in a liquid-solid fluidized bed

Karr, U; Schuller, R; Fitzka, M; Schönbauer, B; Tran, D; Pennings, B; Mayer, H, 2017:
Influence of inclusion type on the very high cycle fatigue properties of 18Ni maraging steel

Patra, R Kumar; Mukharjee, B Bhusan, 2017:
Influence of incorporation of granulated blast furnace slag as replacement of fine aggregate on properties of concrete

Tyunin, A. P.; Kiselev, K. V., 2017:
Influence of increased expression of VaMyb1 transcription factor on biosynthesis of resvetralol in the cells of Amur grape (Vitis amurensis)

Jiao, Y; Yu, H; Wang, Z; Wei, Q; Yu, Y, 2017:
Influence of individual factors on thermal satisfaction of the elderly in free running environments

Ashok, B.; Nanthagopal, K.; Thundil Karuppa Raj, R.; Pradeep Bhasker, J.; Sakthi Vignesh, D., 2017:
Influence of injection timing and exhaust gas recirculation of a Calophyllum inophyllum methyl ester fuelled CI engine

Ding, J; Jiang, X; Guan, D; Zhao, B; Ma, M; Zhou, B; Cao, F; Yang, X; Li, L; Li, J, 2017:
Influence of inorganic fertilizer and organic manure application on fungal communities in a long-term field experiment of Chinese Mollisols

Nasrullah, M; Hurme, M; Oinas, P; Hannula, J; Vainikka, P, 2017:
Influence of input waste feedstock on solid recovered fuel production in a mechanical treatment plant

Malott, S; O'Carroll, D M.; Robinson, C E., 2017:
Influence of instantaneous and time-averaged groundwater flows induced by waves on the fate of contaminants in a beach aquifer

Chen, Q; Zhu, R; Ma, L; Zhou, Q; Zhu, J; He, H, 2017:
Influence of interlayer species on the thermal characteristics of montmorillonite

Chunchuzov, I. P.; Perepelkin, V. G.; Kulichkov, S. N.; Gorchakov, G. I.; Kallistratova, M. A.; Dzhola, A. V.; Lyu, J.; Teng, P.; Yang, Y.; Lin, W.; Li, Q.; Sun, Y., 2017:
Influence of internal gravity waves on meteorological fields and gas constituents near Moscow and Beijing

Johra, H; Heiselberg, P, 2017:
Influence of internal thermal mass on the indoor thermal dynamics and integration of phase change materials in furniture for building energy storage: A review

M. B. Kuznetsov,V. V. Gubernov,A. V. Kolobov, 2017:
Influence of interstitial fluid dynamics on growth and therapy of angiogenic tumor. Analysis by mathematical model

Herndon, E; AlBashaireh, A; Singer, D; Roy Chowdhury, T; Gu, B; Graham, D, 2017:
Influence of iron redox cycling on organo-mineral associations in Arctic tundra soil

Huang, Z; Liu, H; Lin, P; Hu, J, 2017:
Influence of island chains on the Kuroshio intrusion in the Luzon Strait

Chammingkwan, P; Yamaguchi, F; Terano, M; Taniike, T, 2017:
Influence of isotacticity and its distribution on degradation behavior of polypropylene

Liu, Y; Liu, Y; Lours, P; Sentenac, T; Vidal, V; Wang, Z; Ding, K, 2017:
Influence of isothermal aging conditions on APS TBC's interfacial fracture toughness

Shi, P; Zhang, Y; Li, Z; Li, P; Xu, G, 2017:
Influence of land use and land cover patterns on seasonal water quality at multi-spatial scales

Gómez-Cifuentes, Aés; Munevar, A; Gimenez, V C.; Gatti, M. Genoveva; Zurita, G. A., 2017 :
Influence of land use on the taxonomic and functional diversity of dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae) in the southern Atlantic forest of Argentina

Deschuyteneer, D.; Petit, F.; Gonon, M.; Cambier, F., 2017:
Influence of large particle size up to 1.2mm and morphology on wear resistance in NiCrBSi/WC laser cladded composite coatings

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Influence of large-scale motions on the frictional drag in a turbulent boundary layer

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Influence of laser surface melting on the characteristics of Stellite 12 plasma transferred arc hardfacing deposit

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Influence of latitudinal variation in environmental gradients and population structure on the demography of a widespread pelagic fish,Arripis trutta(Forster, 1801)

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Influence of levelling technique on the retrieval of canopy structural parameters from digital hemispherical photography

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Influence of limiting throat and flow regime on oxygen bubble saturation of polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzer porous transport layers

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Influence of local drainage on calcaneal fractures surgical treatment complications

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Influence of localised smooth steps on the instability of a boundary layer

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Influence of long-term intracortical microstimulation on the motor cortex

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Influence of long-term successive rotations and stand age of Chinese fir ( Cunninghamia lanceolata ) plantations on soil properties

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Influence of long-term supplementation of tannins on growth performance, dietary net energy and carcass characteristics: Finishing lambs

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Influence of low current auxiliary TIG arc on high speed TIG-MIG hybrid welding

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Influence of low dose gamma-ray irradiation on the performance and degradation of PVDF ultrafiltration membrane

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Influence of low light intensity and soil flooding on cacao physiology

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Influence of low pressure on mercury removal from coals via mild pyrolysis

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Influence of low-altitude meteorological conditions on local infrasound propagation investigated by 3-D full-waveform modeling

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Influence of low-frequency vibrations on the chemical reaction rate in the liquid phase for reagent association

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Influence of magnetic field on microstructure and properties of TiC/cobalt-based composite plasma cladding coating

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Influence of maize kernel state and type on life history of Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Influence of malic acid-heat treatment for protecting sunflower protein against ruminal degradation on in vitro methane production: A comparison with the use of malic acid as an additive

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Influence of mantle flow on the drainage of eastern Australia since the Jurassic Period

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Influence of mathematical and physical background of drought indices on their complementarity and drought recognition ability

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Influence of mealtime habits on the risk of weight gain and obesity in Mexican adults

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Influence of mechanical alloying on the microstructure and mechanical properties of powder metallurgy Ti 2 AlNb-based alloy

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Influence of mechanical treatment on thermophysical processes in illitic clay during firing

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Influence of medium viscosity on photophysical properties of kynurenic acid and kynurenine yellow

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Influence of melt-freeze-cycles on the radionuclide transport in homogeneous laboratory snowpack

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Influence of meshing adaption in convergence performance of deterministic ray launching estimation in indoor scenarios

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Influence of methane content on a LNG heavy-duty engine with high compression ratio

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Influence of microbiological and chemical quality of traditional starter made from cassava on attik produced from four cassava varieties

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Influence of microwave radiation on the magnetic properties of molybdenite and arsenopyrite

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Influence of military-type workload and footwear on muscle exertion during static standing

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Influence of milling intensity and storage temperature on the quality of Catahoula rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Influence of milling parameters on the solid-gas synthesis of TiC x N 1x by mechanically induced self-sustaining reaction

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Influence of mineral filler on the low-temperature cohesive strength of asphalt mortar

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Influence of mixing time on the purity and physical properties of SrFe 0.5 Ti 0.5 O 3- powders produced by solution combustion

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Influence of mode of plastic straining on the microstructure of Ni and Ti deformed through rolling and torsion

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Influence of moisture content on estimating Youngs modulus of full-scale timber using stress wave velocity

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Influence of moisture content on the flow properties of basundi mix

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Influence of molecular diffusion on alignment of vector fields: Eulerian analysis

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Influence of multi-dimensional nanomaterials on the aging behavior of bitumen and SBS modified bitumen

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Influence of multi-interfacial structure on mechanical and tribological properties of TiSiN/Ag multilayer coatings

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Influence of multiple biotic and abiotic factors on the crown die-back of European beech trees at their drought limit

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Influence of nano powder on rheological behavior of bimodal feedstock in powder injection molding

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Influence of nanoscale surface curvature of rutile on fibronectin adsorption by atomistic simulations

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Influence of natural fractures on gas accumulation in the Upper Triassic tight gas sandstones in the northwestern Sichuan Basin, China

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Influence of neighbourhood information on Local Climate Zone mapping in heterogeneous cities

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Influence of net stress on the soil-water retention curves of a natural pyroclastic soil

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Influence of new adsorbents with isotherm Type V on performance of an adsorption heat pump

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Influence of nitrogen fertilization on the net ecosystem carbon budget in a temperate mono-rice paddy

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Influence of nitrogen forms and levels on the growth and nutrition of cacao

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Influence of nitrogen supply on macro- and micronutrient accumulation during growth of winter wheat

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Influence of non-ideal optical factors in actual engineering on the safety and stability of a parabolic trough collector

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Influence of non-uniform heat flux distributions on the secondary flow, convective heat transfer and friction factors for a parabolic trough solar collector type absorber tube

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Influence of normal fault growth and linkage on the evolution of a rift basin: A case from the Gaoyou depression of the Subei Basin, eastern China

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Influence of nutrient supplementation on DOC removal in drinking water biofilters

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Influence of nutritional status of phosphorus on flowering in the olive ( Olea europaea L.)

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Influence of offshore topography on the amplification of infragravity oscillations within a harbor

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Influence of oil-soluble additives on dielectric properties of diesel fuel

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Influence of olive variety on biological parameters ofBactrocera oleae(Diptera: Tephritidae)

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Influence of operational condition on lithium plating for commercial lithium-ion batteries Electrochemical experiments and post-mortem-analysis

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Influence of operational parameters on nutrient removal from eutrophic water in a constructed wetland

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Influence of operational parameters on the performance of gas clean-up technology with a moving granular bed filter

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Influence of organic chemicals on aliphatic crystallites analyzed in whole soils

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Influence of organic fertilizers on the development and quality of cultivated lettuce in without soil system

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Influence of organic ligands on electrodeposition and surface properties of nickel films

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Influence of organic load on the defluoridation efficiency of nano-magnesium oxide in groundwater

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Influence of organic matter inputs and grain size on soft-bottom macrobenthic biodiversity in the upwelling ecosystem of central Chile

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Influence of osmotic dehydration pre-treatment on oven drying and freeze drying performance

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Influence of pH and Xanthan Gum on long-term stability of crayfish-based emulsions

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Influence of pH and cinnamaldehyde on the physical stability and lipolysis of whey protein isolate-stabilized emulsions

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Influence of pH and ionic strength on flocculation of clay suspensions with cationic xylan copolymer

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Influence of pH, temperature, and alternating magnetic field on drug release from Keggin-type heteropoly acid encapsulated in ironcarboxylate nanoscale metalorganic framework

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Influence of packaging attributes on consumer evaluation of fresh cod

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Influence of palaeoweathering on trace metal concentrations and environmental proxies in black shales

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Influence of pancreas-specific Atg5-depletion on zymogen activation and progression of chronic pancreatitis in Caerulein hyperstimulated mice

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Influence of parallel nozzle electroencapsulation parameters on microcapsule properties A case study using the Taguchi robust design method

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Influence of particle size on the mechanism of dry granular run-up on a rigid barrier

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Influence of pearlescent pigments on light-fastness of water-based flexographic inks

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Influence of peers drinking and parental drinking and attitudes on adolescent drinking

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Influence of pellet length on performance of pellet room heaters under real life operation conditions

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Influence of permeability in modeling of reservoir triggered seismicity in Koyna region, western India

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Influence of personal meaning organization and 5-HTTLPR genotype on cortisol stress reactivity in healthy women

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Influence of personality on depression, burden, and health-related quality of life in family caregivers of persons with dementia

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Influence of pheromone emission on the attraction of California red scale males in citrus orchards

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Influence of phosphate glass recrystallization on the stability of a waste matrix to leaching

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Influence of phosphorylated rice flour on the quality of gluten-free bread

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Influence of physico-chemical modification of waxy corn starch on changes in its structure

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Influence of physiological states of Emiliania huxleyi cells on their lipids and associated molecular isotopic compositions during microbial degradation

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Influence of pineapple, apple and melon by-products on cookies: physicochemical and sensory aspects

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Influence of pipeline modeling in stability analysis for severe slugging

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Influence of plant growth regulating substances on transport and degradation of acephate and its metabolite methamidophos in tomato

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Influence of plantation on microbial community in porous concrete treating polluted surface water

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Influence of plasma treatment on the adhesion between a polymeric matrix and natural fibres

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Influence of plastic deformation on the precipitation sequence in an AA6061 alloy

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Influence of pollution control on air pollutants and the mixing state of aerosol particles during the 2nd World Internet Conference in Jiaxing, China

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Influence of poly (dihydroxybiphenyl borate) on the curing behaviour and thermal pyrolysis mechanism of phenolic resin

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Influence of polysaccharide matrices of silver nanocomposites on their optical properties

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Influence of porous media on the performance of hybrid PV/Thermal collector

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Influence of porous structures on O2 flux of BSCF asymmetric membranes

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Influence of post-weaning management system during the finishing phase on grasslands or feedlot on aiming to improvement of the beef cattle production

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Influence of pre-reduction on microstructure homogeneity and electrical properties of APS Mn 1.5 Co 1.5 O 4 coatings for SOFC interconnects

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Influence of precursor solution volume on the properties of tin disulphide (SnS 2 ) thin films prepared by nebulized spray pyrolysis technique

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Influence of preoxidation on high temperature corrosion of a Ni-based alloy under conditions relevant to biomass firing

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Influence of preparation conditions on morphology of in-situ synthesized hollow ruthenium-silica composite spheres for hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane

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Influence of pressure, temperature and vessel volume on explosion characteristics of ethanol/air mixtures in closed spherical vessels

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Influence of pretreatment severity on structural changes, lignin content and enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse samples

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Influence of process parameters of ultrasonic shot peening on surface roughness and hydrophilicity of pure titanium

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Influence of process temperature and salting methods on starter and NSLAB growth and enzymatic activity during the ripening of cheeses produced with Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus helveticus

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Influence of processes of nonlinear transformations of waves in the coastal zone on the height of breaking waves

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Influence of production on the presence of patulin and ochratoxin A in fruit juices and wines of Argentina

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Influence of protein type on Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate replacement in W/O/W (water-in-oil-in-water) double emulsions for food applications

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Influence of provenance and hydrodynamic sorting on the magnetic properties and geochemistry of sediments of the Oujiang River, China

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Influence of pruning waste compost maturity and biochar on carbon dynamics in acid soil: Incubation study

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Influence of psychosocial factors on blood biochemical markers in a healthy Lithuanian male population

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Influence of pumping operational schedule on solute concentrations at a well in randomly heterogeneous aquifers

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Influence of purification method of Na-montmorillonite on textural properties of clay mineral composites with TiO2 nanoparticles

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Influence of radiation damage on titanite He diffusion kinetics

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Influence of radon on the acidification of atmospheric precipitation

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Influence of raw material composition of Mediterranean pinewood on pellet quality

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Influence of raw polysaccharide extract from mushroom stalk waste on growth and pH perturbation induced-stress in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus

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Influence of recycle streams of C 5 /C 6 and C 4 hydrocarbon cuts on the performance of methanol to propylene (PVM) reactors

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Influence of refractory organic matter on source rock hydrocarbon potential: A case study from the Second White Specks and Belle Fourche formations, Alberta, Canada

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Influence of regional nighttime atmospheric regimes on canopy turbulence and gradients at a closed and open forest in mountain-valley terrain

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Influence of relative humidity on heterogeneous reactions of O 3 and O 3 /SO 2 with soot particles: Potential for environmental and health effects

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Influence of relative humidity on the electrostatic charging of lactose powder mixed with salbutamol sulphate

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Influence of relative virulence and latent infections on the development of Monilinia to Greek peach orchards

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Influence of renewable energy sources on transmission networks in Central Europe

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Influence of reproduction cutting methods on structure, growth and regeneration of longleaf pine forests in flatwoods and uplands

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Influence of residual displacements on the design displacement of spherical friction-based isolation systems

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Influence of resins and asphaltenes on the structural and rheological properties of petroleum disperse systems

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Influence of rhinoceros beetle (Trypoxylus dichotomus septentrionalis) larvae and temperature on the soil bacterial community composition under laboratory conditions

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Influence of riser-induced slugs on the downstream separation processes

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Influence of road network and population demand assumptions in evacuation modeling for distant tsunamis

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Influence of roasting characteristics on gas-based direct reduction behavior of Hongge vanadium titanomagnetite pellet with simulated shaft furnace gases

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Influence of rough surface on the ranging distribution of constant fraction discriminator

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Influence of rugby surface type and boot stud length on lower limb biomechanical variables associated with Achilles tendinopathy during Rugby Union specific movements

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Influence of saliva contamination on resin bonding to zirconia

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Influence of seabird colonies and other environmental variables on benthic community structure, Lancaster Sound Region, Canadian Arctic

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Influence of segregation on rheological properties of wax-based feedstocks

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Influence of selenium doping on the properties of Cu 2 Sn(S x Se 1x ) 3 thin-film solar cells fabricated by sputtering

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Influence of sense rotation of circularly polarized laser pulse on the wake-field acceleration in magnetized plasma

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Influence of sexual orientation, population, homogamy, and imprinting-like effect on preferences and choices for female buttock size, breast size and shape, and WHR

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Influence of sheath air humidity on measurement of particle size distribution by scanning mobility particle sizer

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Influence of shoe colour on perceived and actual jumping performance

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Influence of short fibre reinforcement on properties of injection moulded micro parts in dependence of fibre content and part dimensions

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Influence of short-term hydrographic variations during the north-east monsoon on picophytoplankton community structure in the eastern Arabian Sea

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Influence of short-term intensive atorvastatin therapy on lymphocyte and monocyte subpopulations and CCR2, CCR5, CX3CR1 and TLR4 expression in blood of patients with stable angina

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Influence of short-term thermal experience on thermal comfort evaluations: A climate chamber experiment

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Influence of side-chain structure of polycarboxylate dispersant on the performance of coal water slurry

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Influence of silica and alumina (SiO2+Al2O3) on crystallization characteristics of synthetic coal slags

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Influence of silicon on high-temperature (600 C) chlorosilane interactions with iron

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Influence of simulated in-mouth processing (size reduction and alpha-amylase addition) on lipid digestion and β-carotene bioaccessibility in starch-based filled hydrogels

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Influence of simulation assumptions and input parameters on energy balance calculations of residential buildings

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Influence of single and binary transition metal dopants (Mn, Fe, or Co) on the structure, optical, and magnetic properties of SnO2nanoparticles

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Influence of single flaw on the failure process and energy mechanics of rock-like material

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Influence of single rectangular groove on the flow past a circular cylinder

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Influence of site and soil properties on the DRIFT spectra of northern cold-region soils

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Influence of slip on the three-dimensional instability of flow past an elongated superhydrophobic bluff body

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Influence of sludge characteristics on coagulant recovery from water treatment sludge: a preliminary study

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Influence of small difference in structure of polyamide charring agents on their flame-retardant efficiency in EVA

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Influence of smartphone addiction proneness of young children on problematic behaviors and emotional intelligence: Mediating self-assessment effects of parents using smartphones

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Influence of social interactions with nonmother females on the development of call usage in Japanese macaques

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Influence of sociodemographic characteristics on different dimensions of household food insecurity in Montevideo, Uruguay

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Influence of sodium replacement and vacuum pulse on the osmotic dehydration of eggplant slices

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Influence of soil humidity on the thermal impedance, time constant and structure function of underground cables: A laboratory experiment

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Influence of soil properties and burial depth on Persian oak (Quercus brantiiLindl.) establishment in different microhabitats resulting from traditional forest practices

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Influence of soil qualities on intra- and interspecific competition dynamics of Larix kaempferi and L. olgensis

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Influence of solar photovoltaic array on operation of grid-interactive fifteen-level modular multilevel converter with emphasis on power quality

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Influence of solids outlets and the gas inlet design on the generation of a gas-solids rotating fluidized bed in a vortex chamber for different types of particles

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Influence of solvothermal synthesis on the photocatalytic degradation activity of carbon nitride under visible light irradiation

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Influence of solgel derived strontiumcerium co-substitution in fluorohydroxyapatite and its in-vitro bioactivity

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Influence of soot aging on soot production for laminar propane diffusion flames

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Influence of space arrangement of silver nanoparticles in organic photoelectric conversion devices

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Influence of spanwise no-slip boundary conditions on the flow around a cylinder

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Influence of spatial arrangement in maize-soybean intercropping on root growth and water use efficiency

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Influence of spatial variability of soil Young's modulus on tunnel convergence in soft soils

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Influence of spatial variation in land-use patterns and topography on water quality of the rivers inflowing to Fuxian Lake, a large deep lake in the plateau of southwestern China

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Influence of spectral particle properties on radiative heat transfer in optically thin and thick media of fluidized bed combustors

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Influence of speed-related auditory feedback on braking in a 3D-driving simulator

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Influence of spiral pitch on the thermal behaviors of energy piles with spiral-tube heat exchanger

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Influence of spray drying on water solubility index, apparent density, and anthocyanin content of pomegranate juice powder

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Influence of static alternating field demagnetization on anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility: Experiments and implications

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Influence of storage conditions on the stability of asphalt emulsion

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Influence of storm surge on tidal range energy

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Influence of strain rate and temperature on the mechanical behaviour of rubber-modified polypropylene and cross-linked polyethylene

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Influence of strain reversal on dynamic transformation in microalloyed steels deformed above the Ae3 temperature

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Influence of strong sudden stratospheric warmings on ozone in the middle stratosphere according to millimeter wave observations

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Influence of strontium for calcium substitution on the glassceramic network and biomimetic behavior in the ternary system SiO2CaOMgO

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Influence of structural and operating factors on performance degradation of the diesel particulate filter based on composite regeneration

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Influence of structural defect on thermalmechanical properties of phosphorene sheets

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Influence of substitution of sunflower oil by different oils on the growth, survival rate and fatty acid composition of Jamaican field cricket ( Gryllus assimilis )

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Influence of substrate bias on structure and mechanical properties of arc evaporated (Al,Cr) 2 O 3 and (Al,Cr,Fe) 2 O 3 coatings

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Influence of sulfate-reducing bacteria on the corrosion behavior of 5052 aluminum alloy

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Influence of sulfhydryl sites on metal binding by bacteria

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Influence of sulfur vacancy on thiophene hydrodesulfurization mechanism at different MoS 2 edges: A DFT study

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Influence of supplementary cementitious materials on the performance and environmental impacts of reactive magnesia cement concrete

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Influence of supplementation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product to horses on acquired immunity using a novel vaccine challenge

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Influence of surface chemistry on interfacial properties of low to high rank coal seams

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Influence of surface effects on vibration behavior of a rotary functionally graded nanobeam based on Eringens nonlocal elasticity

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Influence of surface morphology and UFG on damping and mechanical properties of composite reinforced with spinel MgAl2O4-SiC core-shell microcomposites

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Influence of surface properties of the titanium dioxide porous films on the characteristics of solar cells

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Influence of surface structure of n-type single-crystalline Si solar cells on potential-induced degradation

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Influence of surface tension on bubble nucleation, formation and onset of sliding

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Influence of surface texturing on scratch/mar visibility for polymeric materials: a review

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Influence of surrounding environment on subcritical crack growth in marble

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Influence of synthesis conditions on the photocatalytic activity of mesoporous Ni doped SrTiO 3 /TiO 2 heterostructure for H 2 production under solar light irradiation

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Influence of temperament and character on online gamer loyalty: Perspectives from personality and flow theories

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Influence of temperature and compressive stress on the UMo/Zry-4 interdiffusion layer

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Influence of temperature and organic matter load on chlorine dioxide efficacy on Escherichia coli inactivation

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Influence of temperature and roughness of surrounding rocks on mechanical behavior of rock bolts

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Influence of temperature and soil nitrogen and phosphorus availabilities on fine-root productivity in tropical rainforests on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

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Influence of temperature on the strainburst characteristics of granite under true triaxial loading conditions

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Influence of temperature on up-conversion luminescence in Er 3+ /Yb 3+ doubly doped lead-free fluorogermanate glasses for optical sensing

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Influence of temperature, pressure, and fluid salinity on the distribution of chlorine into serpentine minerals

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Influence of temporal variation and host condition on helminth abundance in the lizard Tropidurus hispidus from north-eastern Brazil

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Influence of temporal variation and seasonality on population dynamics of three sympatric rodents

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Influence of texture on thermal transport in streamwise-aligned superhydrophobic turbulent channels

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Influence of textures, oxygen-containing functional groups and metal species on SO 2 and NO removal over Ce-Mn/NAC

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Influence of the 18.6-year lunar nodal tidal cycle on tidal flats: Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, France

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Influence of the Angle of Taper of Output Channel of Wedge Gate Valve on the Movement of a Liquid

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Influence of the Bottom Sediment Characteristics on the Bivalve Mollusk Anadara kagoshimensis Histopathologys Variability in the Northeastern Coast of the Black Sea

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Influence of the Crude Oil and Water Compositions on the Quality of Synthetic Produced Water

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Influence of the Duty Cycle of Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtering on ITO Films for Amorphous/Crystalline Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

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Influence of the GLONASS inter-frequency bias on differential code bias estimation and ionospheric modeling

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Influence of the Indian monsoon and the subtropical jet on climate change on the Tibetan Plateau since the late Pleistocene

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Influence of the MELD-XI (Model of End-Stage Liver Disease Excluding INR) on Heart Transplant Outcomes

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Influence of the Oyashio Current and Tsugaru Warm Current on the circulation and water properties of Otsuchi Bay, Japan

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Influence of the Russian wheat aphid Diuraphis noxia (Kurdjumov) (Homoptera, Aphididae) on productive qualities of spring bread wheat and barley grown from the seeds from aphid-infested spikes

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Influence of the Stratospheric Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on the MaddenJulian Oscillation during Austral Summer

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Influence of the Structural Specifics of Synthetic Oils Based on Vicinal Dicarboxylic Acid Esters on Their Thermooxidative Stability

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Influence of the Surf Zone on the Marine Aerosol Concentration in a Coastal Area

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Influence of the Volume Fraction, Size and Surface Coating of Hard Spheres on the Microstructure and Rheological Properties of Model Mozzarella Cheese

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Influence of the West Pacific subtropical high on surface ozone daily variability in summertime over eastern China

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Influence of the White Sea sponge Halichondria panicea (Pallas, 1766) on physiological state of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis (Linnaeus, 1758), as evaluated by heart rate characteristics

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Influence of the additional electron-withdrawing unit in β-functionalized porphyrin sensitizers on the photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cells

Yuri Yamazaki,Toshimi Muneoka,Hiromu Okazawa…, 2017:
Influence of the agricultural land agglomeration to the nutrients of the river water in the Tokachi River basin

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Influence of the auxiliary acceptor and -bridge in carbazole dyes on photovoltaic properties

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Influence of the biomass components on the pore formation of activated carbon

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Influence of the charge of the complex unit on the SCO properties in pyrazolyl-pyridinyl-benzimidazole based Fe(II) complexes

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Influence of the clay type on the strength evolution of lime treated material

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Influence of the colonizing substrate on diatom assemblages and implications for bioassessment: a mesocosm experiment

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Influence of the composition of artificial turf on rotational traction and athlete biomechanics

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Influence of the copper content on the optical properties of CZTSe thin films

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Influence of the critical phase of stem elongation on yield and forage quality of perennial ryegrass genotypes in the first reproductive growth

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Influence of the divider head functioning conditions and geometry on the seed's distribution accuracy of the air-seeder

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Influence of the extrusion operating conditions on the antioxidant, hardness and color properties of extruded mango

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Influence of the finiteness of particle velocity on the energy spectrum of cosmic rays in an anomalous diffusion model with Lvy flights

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Influence of the geometry of protective barriers on the propagation of shock waves

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Influence of the growth method on the photoluminescence spectra and electronic properties of CuInS 2 single crystals

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Influence of the heat transfer fluid in a CSP plant molten salts charging process

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Influence of the heat treatment on the microstructure and machinability of titanium aluminides produced by electron beam melting

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Influence of the inflammatory status of entire male pigs on their pubertal development and fat androstenone

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Influence of the initial loaded state on the stress distribution of a wellbore system

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Influence of the interaction of polymeric chains on thermal transitions of JahnTeller exchange clusters in compounds of "breathing" crystal family

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Influence of the intermediate principal stress and principal stress direction on the mechanical behavior of cohesionless soils using the discrete element method

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Influence of the molar concentration of phosphoric acid solution on the properties of metakaolin-phosphate-based geopolymer cements

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Influence of the natural organic matter in the removal of caffeine from water by fixed-bed column adsorption

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Influence of the nature of solvent and substituents on the oxidation potential of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine 1-oxyl derivatives

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Influence of the neck shape for Helmholtz resonators

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Influence of the non-coordinating alkyl chain type in N -alkylated iminodiacetamides on the stability and structure of their complexes with nickel(II) and cobalt(II)

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Influence of the nonionic surfactants nature on the structures and properties of organo-montmorillonites

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Influence of the nonuniform distribution of electronic defects on the physical properties of garnet crystals

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Influence of the nozzle angle on refrigeration performance of a gas wave refrigerator

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Influence of the nozzle shape on heat transfer uniformity for in-line array of impinging air jets

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Influence of the oscillating electric field on the photodetachment of H ion in a static electric field

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Influence of the particle size of carbonate-siliceous rock on the efficiency of phosphorous removal from domestic wastewater

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Influence of the patency of the plantar arch on the results of the treatment of critical ischemia based on the angiosome concept

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Influence of the polarization effect on the donor properties of 1-phenylsilatrane

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Influence of the power take-off characteristics on the performance of CECO wave energy converter

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Influence of the preceding austral summer Southern Hemisphere annular mode on the amplitude of ENSO decay

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Influence of the properties of resins on the interactions between asphaltenes and resins

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Influence of the scale effect in testing the strength of rock samples

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Influence of the speed on soil-pressure over a plough

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Influence of the strong field in enhancing, electronic magnetic and optical properties of Mn-doped MgO

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Influence of the structural framework on peat bog distribution in the tropical highlands of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Influence of the sun exposure surface area of the solar aggregate stockpiles on the accumulated heat of the stored mineral mixture

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Influence of the thermolysis conditions of heavy cycle oil on the group composition and mesophase content of petroleum pitches

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Influence of the wave climate seasonality on the performance of a wave energy converter: A case study

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Influence of thickness on flexural strength under concentrated load of natural stone in relation to EN 12372

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Influence of topography on glacier changes in the central Himalaya, India

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Influence of topography on soil organic carbon dynamics in a Southern California grassland

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Influence of tunable diameter on the electrochemical behavior and antibacterial activity of titania nanotube arrays for biomedical applications

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Influence of uncertainty in the initial groundwater table on long-term stability of reservoir landslides

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Influence of urinary calcium excretion on urinary symptoms such as nocturia

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Influence of viscoelastic surfactant fracturing fluid on permeability of coal seams

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Influence of volatilization from mainstream tobacco smoke particles on the gas-particle distribution in annular denuders

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Influence of volcanic activity on vegetation succession and growth environment on the hillslope of Sakurajima Volcano in southern Kyushu, Japan

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Influence of volcanic glass on the magnetic signal of different paleosols in Crdoba, Argentina

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Influence of voltage and temperature on electro-osmosis experiments applied on marine clay

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Influence of wall luminance and uniformity on preferred task illuminance

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Influence of war on hunting patterns and pressure in Sierra Leone

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Influence of waste cooking oil biodiesel on combustion, unregulated gaseous emissions and particulate emissions of a direct-injection diesel engine

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Influence of water depth on growth and mortality ofChlamys varia(Linnaeus, 1758): implications for cage culture in Mali Ston Bay, Croatia

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Influence of water restriction and salinity on feed intake and growth performance of Nguni does

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Influence of water salinity on the strontium:calcium ratios in otoliths of the giant mottled eel,Anguilla marmorata

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Influence of water-stressed rice on feeding behavior of brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stl)

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Influence of weathering processes on the shear strength of siltstones from a flysch rock mass along the northern Adriatic coast of Croatia

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Influence of wind-speed on short-duration NO 2 measurements using Palmes and Ogawa passive diffusion samplers

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Influence of withdrawing speed on the porous structures of Gasar ingots fabricated by Bridgman method

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Influence of zinc oxide on the physical, structural and optical band gap of zinc silicate glass system from waste rice husk ash

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Influence of c-Si:H tunnel recombination junction on the performance of a-Si:H/c-Si:H tandem solar cell

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Influence of15N-labeled ammonium sulfate and straw on nitrogen retention and supply in different fertility soils

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Influence on illitic clay addition on the stability of sunflower oil in water emulsion

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Influences of Blasting Sequence on the Vibration Velocity of Surface Particles: A Case Study of Qingdao Metro, China

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Influences of Creative Personality and Working Environment on the Research Productivity of Business School Faculty

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Influences of Leaf-Specular Reflection on Canopy BRF Characteristics: A Case Study of Real Maize Canopies With a 3-D Scene BRDF Model

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Influences of O2 and O3 on the heterogeneous photochemical reaction of NO2 with humic acids

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Influences of Potassium Chloride Fertilization on Mycorrhizal Formation in a Tropical Alfisol

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Influences of aerosol physiochemical properties and new particle formation on CCN activity from observation at a suburban site of China

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Influences of agricultural phenology dynamic on land surface biophysical process and climate feedback

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Influences of built environment characteristics and individual factors on commuting distance: A multilevel mixture hazard modeling approach

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Influences of cloud heterogeneity on cirrus optical properties retrieved from the visible and near-infrared channels of MODIS/SEVIRI for flat and optically thick cirrus clouds

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Influences of corrugation profiles on entropy generation, heat transfer, pressure drop, and performance in a wavy channel

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Influences of different tillage and residue management systems on soil nematode community composition and diversity in the tropics

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Influences of elevated heating effect by the Himalaya on the changes in Asian summer monsoon

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Influences of environmental factors on Si-based photovoltaic modules after longtime outdoor exposure by multiple regression analysis

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Influences of flow direction, temperature and relative humidity on the performance of a representative anion exchange membrane fuel cell: A computational analysis

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Influences of heat treatment on microstructural evolution and tensile behavior of squeeze-cast MgGdYZr alloy

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Influences of heel gradient on functional roles of the support leg muscles in running

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Influences of interfacial adhesion on gas barrier property of functionalized graphene oxide/ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene composites with segregated structure

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Influences of king grass ( Pennisetum sinese Roxb)-enhanced approaches for phytoextraction and microbial communities in multi-metal contaminated soil

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Influences of low-energy input microwave and ultrasonic pretreatments on single-stage and temperature-phased anaerobic digestion (TPAD) of municipal wastewater sludge

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Influences of relative humidities and temperatures on the collection of C2-C5 aliphatic hydrocarbons with multi-bed (Tenax TA, Carbograph 1TD, Carboxen 1003) sorbent tube method

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Influences of salt solutions and salinization-desalinization processes on the volume change of compacted GMZ01 bentonite

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Influences of sampling size and pattern on the uncertainty of correlation estimation between soil water content and its influencing factors

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Influences of several factors on the photolysis of glabridin under UV irradiation

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Influences of sintering temperatures and crystallite sizes on electrochemical properties of LiNiPO4as cathode materials via solgel route for lithium ion batteries

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Influences of strain rate and soil remoulding on initial break-out resistance of deepwater on-bottom pipelines

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Influences of substituting Na + ions in Eu 2+ , Mn 2+ doped Ba 9 Y 2 Si 6 O 24 phosphors

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Influences of the fuel injection parameters on the first-cycle firing and the combustion characteristics during the direct-start process for a gasoline direct-injection engine

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Influences of ultrafine comminution on chemical properties of antibiotic bioferment residue

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Influences of wake-effects on bubble dynamics by utilizing micro-pin-finned surfaces under microgravity

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Influences on energy supply infrastructure: A comparison of different theoretical perspectives

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Influences on the Initial Dietary Pattern Among Children From Birth to 24 Months

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Influencing Commitment to BSN Completion

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Influencing Readiness and Intentions to Offer Tobacco Dependence Treatment Through Training: King Hussein Cancer Center and Global Bridges Promoting an Underutilised Specialty in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

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Influencing factors of eco-efficient urban waste management: Evidence from Spanish municipalities

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Influencing factors of farmers willingness to withdraw from rural homesteads: A survey in zhejiang, China

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Influencing factors of public support for modern coal-fired power plant projects: An empirical study from China

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Influencing factors on carbon emissions in China transport industry. A new evidence from quantile regression analysis

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Influencing mechanism of energy-related carbon emissions in Xinjiang based on the input-output and structural decomposition analysis

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Influencing over people with a social emotional model

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Influencing rural livelihood switching through equipment assets for agroecosystems to alleviate pressure on resources

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Influencing the outcome: Diorganotin(IV) ladder to macrocycle conversion through solvent selection

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Influential factors of gas explosion venting in linked vessels

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Influential nodes ranking in complex networks: An entropy-based approach

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Influenza-associated encephalitis with anti-mog antibody positive

Verhees, R, 2017:
Influenzavaccinatie voorkomt meer dan een griepje

Masja Loogman, 2017:
Influenzavaccinatie; de feiten op een rij

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Influncia Dos Fatores Socioeconmicos Na Incidncia De Cncer De Mama: Reviso Sistemtica

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Beau-Salinas, F.; Bouquet, E.; Vrignaud, L.; Simon, C.; Agier, M.-S.; Jonville-Béra, A.-P., 2017:
Info-mdicaments spcial nonatalogie

Adams, R, 2017:
Informa Perth Conference: Assessing the Need for New Sources of TiO 2 & ZrSiO 4 Raw Materials

Adams, R, 2017:
Informa Perth conference: peering through the mist towards a brighter future for TiO 2 & zircon

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Informal borrowing and home purchase: Evidence from urban China

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Informal norms trump formal constraints: the evolution of fiscal policy institutions in the United States

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Informal settlement classification using point-cloud and image-based features from UAV data

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Informatie zoeken op internet

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Information Sharing within the Networks of Delegated Portfolio Managers: Evidence from Plan Sponsors and Their Subadvisers

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Information Thermodynamic Structure in Evolving and Adapting Systems

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Information analysis of hyperspectral images from the hyperion satellite

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Information and Communication Technology and Ethnic Conflict in Myanmar: Organizing for Violence or Peace?

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Information and Womens Intentions: Experimental Evidence About Child Care

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Information asymmetries and identification bias in P2P social microlending

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Information exchange under uncertainty: The case of unconventional gas development in the United Kingdom

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Information extraction from metamorphic rock textures and compositional zoning of minerals:

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Familial risks in and between stone diseases: sialolithiasis, urolithiasis and cholelithiasis in the population of Sweden

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Information fusion for efficient target detection in large-scale surveillance Wireless Sensor Networks

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Information on the Source

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Information overload, psychological ill-being, and behavioral intention to continue online healthcare information search

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Information revelation through bunching

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Information warfare: a lightweight matrix-based approach for database recovery

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Information-Assisted Density Peak Index for Hyperspectral Band Selection

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Information-Seeking Behavior of Greek Nursing Students

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Information-Seeking Behavior of Medical Professionals in the Digital Age in Kolkata, India

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Information-based Network Environ Analysis for Ecological Risk Assessment of heavy metals in soils

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Information-seeking intentions of residents regarding the risks of nuclear power plant: an empirical study in China

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Information-sharing system supporting onsite work for chemical plants

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Information-theoretic exploration for texture-based visualization

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Information: Fundamental positions and their implications for information systems research, education and practice

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Informational Entropy: a Failure Tolerance and Reliability Surrogate for Water Distribution Networks

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Informational and fictional books: young children's book preferences and teachers' perspectives

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Informational and statistical measures of the self-organization of the heart regulation systems in the analysis of heart rate variability

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InformationMovement Coupling in The Control of Driver Approach to an Intersection

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Informative and Uninformative Variables in the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

Shepherd, L, 2017:
Informed Consent for Comparative Effectiveness Research Should Include Risks of Standard Care

Lantos, J D., 2017:
Informed Consent for Comparative Effectiveness Research Should Not Consider the Risks of the Standard Therapies That Are Being Studied as Risks of the Research

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Informed Consent: Ethical and Legal Considerations for Advanced Practice Nurses

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Informed consent challenges in first-in-human trials to combat serious neurological diseases: Why informed consent processes must account for the ethical salience of unique life circumstances

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Informed consent: Pitfalls in a patriarchal & poorly literate society

de Broca, A., 2017:
Informer nest pas si simple !

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Informing climate adaptation pathways in multi-use woodland landscapes using the values-rules-knowledge framework

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Informing recovery in a human-transformed landscape: Drought-mediated coexistence alters population trends of an imperiled salamander and invasive predators

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Informing the operations of water reservoirs over multiple temporal scales by direct use of hydro-meteorological data

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Informing watershed planning and policy in the Truckee River basin through stakeholder engagement, scenario development, and impact evaluation

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Informing women and improving sanitation: Evidence from rural India

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Infra-Red measurements of an evaporating meniscus with imposed contact angle

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Infra-red spectroscopy reveals chemical interactions driving water availability for enzyme activities in litters of typical Mediterranean tree species

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Infraorbital cutaneous horn

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Infrared Dim and Small Target Detection Based on Stable Multisubspace Learning in Heterogeneous Scene

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Infrared Thermal Imaging: A Practical Educational Tool to Improve Smallholder Farmer Postharvest Practice in Fiji

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Infrared absorption cross sections of propane broadened by hydrogen

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Infrared dim target detection based on total variation regularization and principal component pursuit

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Infrared laser radiation-produced TiO-doped Si/SiOx/SiO2 nanocompositeEntry to TiO-containing materials

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Infrared laser-absorption sensing for combustion gases

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Infrared multiphoton dissociation of tetramethoxygermane

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Infrared spectra of carbonate apatites: Evidence for a connection between bone mineral and body fluids

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Infrared spectral evidence and DFT calculations of hydrogen-bonding and molecular structures of acetogenins

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Infrared spectroscopy of europium borates EuM3(BO3)4(M= Al, Cr, Fe, Ga) with a huntite mineral type of structure

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Infrared thermography as a complementary tool for the evaluation of heat transfer in the freezing of fruit juice model solutions

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Infrared thermography of rock fracture

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Infrastructural expectations: exploring the promise of international large-scale induced pluripotent stem cell banks

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Infrastructure hazard resilience trends: an analysis of 25 years of research

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Infrastructures of insecurity: Housing and language testing in Asia-Australia migration

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Infrastructuring the social: Local community work, urban policy and marginalized residential areas in Denmark

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Infratemporal surgery for oral cancer invaded to masticator space

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Infusing Twenty-First-Century Skills into Engineering Education

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Infusion of Autograft Natural Killer Cells/CD14 + hla-DR DIM Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Ratio Predicts Survival in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Undergoing Autologous Peripheral Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (APHSCT)

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Infusion of hydrogen into nanostructured bainitic steel

Unuma, Y; Watarai, T; Konno, S; Kurosawa, K; Enomoto, C; Sato, M, 2017:
Ingenious Use of Elastic Bandages, Cast Paddings, and Self-Adhesive Bandages to Maintain Compression of Bandages for the Prevention of Deep Venous Thrombosis

Southgate, P C.; Braley, R D.; Militz, T A., 2017:
Ingestion and digestion of micro-algae concentrates by veliger larvae of the giant clam, Tridacna noae

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Ingestion of wheat amylase trypsin inhibitors promotes a proinflammatory liver and adipose tissue phenotype in diet induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice

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Ingredients of Creativity: Originality and More

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Ingress in Geography: Portals to Academic Success?

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Ingrid A. Nelson:Why Afterschool Matters

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Ingroups, outgroups, and the gateway groups between: The potential of dual identities to improve intergroup relations

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Inguinal hernia causes mortality in an adult American black bear

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Inhabiting the impasse: Social exclusion through visible assemblage in neighborhood gentrification

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Inhalable clarithromycin liposomal dry powders using ultrasonic spray freeze drying

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Inhalable nanocomposite particles using amino acids with improved drug content and humidity resistance

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Inhalation accidentelle de corps tranger : exprience du service de pneumologie de Casablanca

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Inhalation de corps trangers chez lenfant : volution de la prise en charge entre 2002 et 2016

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Inhalation exposure and health risk levels to BTEX and carbonyl compounds of traffic policeman working in the inner city of Bangkok, Thailand

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Inhalation intake fraction of particulate matter from localized indoor emissions

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Inhalation therapy for equine lower respiratory tract disease

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Inhaled Milrinone for Pulmonary Hypertension in High-Risk Cardiac Surgery

Xia, Y; Deng, S; Chan, M-Yin, 2017:
Inherent operational characteristics and operational stability of a variable speed direct expansion air conditioning system

Pasha, M; Zaini, D; Mohd Shariff, A, 2017 :
Inherently safer design for heat exchanger network

Liang, Y; Zareei, A; Alam, M-Reza, 2017:
Inherently unstable internal gravity waves due to resonant harmonic generation

Suwor, P; Sanitchon, J; Thummabenjapone, P; Kumar, S; Techawongstien, S, 2017:
Inheritance analysis of anthracnose resistance and marker-assisted selection in introgression populations of chili ( Capsicum annuum L.)

Pedroso, M, 2017:
Inheritance by recruitment

da Costa, S Rodrigues; Santos, C Antonio Fernandes; da Cunha e Castro, J Mauro, 2017:
Inheritance of resistance to Meloidogyne enterolobii inPsidium guajavaxP. guineensehybrid

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Inheritance of resistance toMeloidogyne enterolobiiand individual selection in segregating populations ofPsidiumspp

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Inheritance of the traits of spike and grain color and morphometric parameters of the grain in F1 and F2 hybrids of Triticum spelta L. Triticum aestivum L

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Inheritances and Bequest Planning: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances

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Inherited anaemias: sickle cell and thalassaemia

McDonald, V; Austin, S K., 2017:
Inherited bleeding disorders

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Inhibiteurs de laminopeptidase A comme nouveau traitement potentiel de lhypertension artrielle

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Inhibiting Stat Signaling Pathways as a Possible Therapy to Modulate Synovial Inflammation in Osteoarthritis

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Inhibiting and activating effects of antimicrobial peptides on complement

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Inhibiting effects of epsilon-poly-lysine (-PL) on Pencillium digitatum and its involved mechanism

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Inhibiting effects of nitrogen compounds on deep hydrodesulfurization of straight-run gas oil over a NiW/Al2O3 catalyst

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Inhibiting the corrosion of MNZh 5-1 alloy in neutral solutions of 5-chloro-1,2,3-benzotrialzol

Zhang, Q; Shen, X; Zhou, X; Liang, D, 2017:
Inhibition Effect Study of Carboxyl-Terminated Polyvinyl Caprolactam on Methane Hydrate Formation

Wang, Q; Tian, P; Liu, S; Sun, T, 2017:
Inhibition effects of N deposition on soil organic carbon decomposition was mediated by N types and soil nematode in a temperate forest

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Inhibition efficiency evaluation of lignocellulose-derived compounds for bioethanol production

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Inhibition of Aggregation in B-Sheet Model Peptide by PPII Helix Capping

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Inhibition of Akt phosphorylation is involved in therapeutic synergy between telomerase-specific replication competent oncolytic adenovirus (Telomelysin) and histone deacetylase inhibitor (AR42) in human hepatocellular carcinoma

Meena, V Kumar; Dhayal, Y; Rathore, D Singh; Singh Chandel, C. P.; Gupta, K. S., 2017:
Inhibition of Aquated Sulfur Dioxide Autoxidation by Aliphatic, Acyclic, Aromatic, and Heterocyclic Volatile Organic Compounds

Cock, I.E.; Gu, B.; Sirdaarta, J.; Van Vuuren, S.F., 2017:
Inhibition of Caco-2 and HeLa proliferation by Terminalia sericea Burch. ex DC. (Combretaceae) leaf extracts and identification of volatile components

Foley, T D; Riccardi, J J; Yatsonsky, D; Patel, P M, 2017:
Inhibition of Cellular Proliferation by the Representative Organic Arsenical Phenylarsine Oxide: Possible Selective Targeting of Glycolysis

Ambadapadi, S, 2017:
Inhibition of Complement

Herault, Y.; Nguyen, T.; Duchon, A.; Manousopoulou, A.; Limanton, E.; Carreaux, F.; Bazureau, J.P.; Garbis, S.D.; Meijer, L., 2017:
Inhibition of DYRK1A overdosage restores cognition in Down syndrome models through DYRK1A-interaction with major players of synaptic transmission

Paidimuddala, B; Rathod, A; Gummadi, S N., 2017:
Inhibition of Debaryomyces nepalensis xylose reductase by lignocellulose derived by-products

Suyavaran, A.; Thirunavukkarasu, C., 2017:
Inhibition of NADPH oxidase-2 and P38 mitogen activated protein kinase suppresses acrolein aggravated hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury through neutrophil extracellular traps

Niimi, R; Shimada, H; Yokosawa, K, 2017:
Inhibition of Return Decays Rapidly when Familiar Objects are Used

He, Y; Whiddon, R; Wang, Z; Liu, Y; Zhu, Y; Liu, J; Cen, K, 2017:
Inhibition of Sodium Release from Zhundong Coal via the Addition of Mineral Additives: Online Combustion Measurement with Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

li, Q.; Xiaoning, H.; Xi, L.; Qian, L.; Raymond, C., K.; Jian, W., 2017:
Inhibition of TPA-induced hemorrhagic transformation by adenosine A2b receptor activation after cerebral ischemia

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Inhibition of VEGF receptor signaling attenuates intraplaque angiogenesis and plaque destabilization in a mouse model of advanced atherosclerosis

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Inhibition of complement alternative pathway by ACH-4471, the first clinical investigational orally-administered inhibitor of complement factor D

Zhao, Y; Sun, Y; Gao, B; Wang, Y; Yang, Y, 2017:
Inhibition of disinfection by-product formation in silver nanoparticle-humic acid water treatment

Hwanhlem, N; Ivanova, T; Haertlé, T; Jaffrès, E; Dousset, X, 2017:
Inhibition of food-spoilage and foodborne pathogenic bacteria by a nisin Z-producing Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis KT2W2L

Halvorson, J J.; Belesky, D P.; West, M S., 2017:
Inhibition of forage seed germination by leaf litter extracts of overstory hardwoods used in silvopastoral systems

Deeb, D; Gao, X; Liu, Y Bo; Zhang, Y; Shaw, J; Valeriote, F A.; Gautam, S C., 2017:
Inhibition of hTERT in pancreatic cancer cells by pristimerin involves suppression of epigenetic regulators of gene transcription

Knudtson, J.F.; Tellez Santos, M.; Binkley, P.A.; Tekmal, R.R.; Schenken, R.S., 2017:
Inhibition of hylauronic acid's synthesis decreases endometrial cell attachment

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Inhibition of macrophage infiltrations by thalidomide improves muscle wasting of cirrhotic rats

Mustapha, N Asyifah; Sharuddin, S Suhailah; Mohd Zainudin, M Huzairi; Ramli, N; Shirai, Y; Maeda, T, 2017:
Inhibition of methane production by the palm oil industrial waste phospholine gum in a mimic enteric fermentation

Friedson, A James; Gonzales, E J., 2017:
Inhibition of ordinary and diffusive convection in the water condensation zone of the ice giants and implications for their thermal evolution

Maddineni, A Kumar; Das, D; Damodaran, R Mohan, 2017:
Inhibition of particle bounce and re-entrainment using oil-treated filter media for automotive engine intake air filtration

Jincy, M.; Djanaguiraman, M.; Jeyakumar, P.; Subramanian, K.S.; Jayasankar, S.; Paliyath, G., 2017:
Inhibition of phospholipase D enzyme activity through hexanal leads to delayed mango ( Mangifera indica L.) fruit ripening through changes in oxidants and antioxidant enzymes activity

Yamamoto, A.; Shim, I.-S.; Fujihara, S., 2017:
Inhibition of putrescine biosynthesis enhanced salt stress sensitivity and decreased spermidine content in rice seedlings

Gusev, A. P., 2017:
Inhibition of restorative succession by invasive plant species: Examples from southeastern Belarus

Lyon, C; Medina-Villar, S; Sittel, I; Wasmuth, A; Galan, C; George, S, 2017:
Inhibition of smooth muscle cell proliferation and intimal thickening with small peptide mimetics of soluble N-cadherin

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Inhibition of the BMP Pathway Prevents Development of Barrett's Associated Adenocarcinoma in a Surgical Rat Model

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Inhibition processes are dissociable and lateralized in human prefrontal cortex

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Inhibitor effects on molecular beacon-based mercury assays for tuning of detection range

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Inhibitors of Poly(ADP-Ribose)Polymerase-1 as Agents Providing Correction of Brain Dysfunctions Induced by Experimental Diabetes

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Inhibitors of multidrug efflux pumps ofPseudomonas aeruginosafrom natural sources: An in silico high-throughput virtual screening and in vitro validation

Kaisar, N.; Parvez, M.M.; Lee, Y.J.; Shin, H.J.; Jung, J.A.; Shin, J.-G., 2017:
Inhibitory Interaction Potential of Linezolid on Solute Carrier Family (Slco)-1B1 and-1B3 Transporters Mediated Rifampin Uptake, In Vitro

Samapundo, S.; de Baenst, I.; Eeckhout, M.; Devlieghere, F., 2017:
Inhibitory activity of fermentates towards Zygosaccharomyces bailii and their potential to replace potassium sorbate in dressings

Yang, Y; Liu, S; Li, J; Bian, X; Guo, Z, 2017:
Inhibitory effect of Ni-P coating on thermal expansion of carbon steel

Lee, J; Park, J; Yeom, J; Han, E Hye; Lim, Y-Hee, 2017:
Inhibitory effect of bee venom on blood coagulation via anti-serine protease activity

Shi, W; Feng, B; Xu, S; Shen, X; Zhang, T, 2017:
Inhibitory effect of compound Chuanxiong Kangxian granules on bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in rats

Plavšin, I; Velki, M; Ečimović, S; Vrandečić, K; Ćosić, J, 2017:
Inhibitory effect of earthworm coelomic fluid on growth of the plant parasitic fungus Fusarium oxysporum

Zhang, Y; Ye, X; Xu, Z; Duan, J; Wei, C; Xu, G; Chen, S, 2017:
Inhibitory effect of proanthocyanidins from Chinese bayberry ( Myrica rubra Sieb. et Zucc. ) leaves on the lipid oxidation in an emulsion system

Si, H; Wang, X; Li, L; Song, M; Gong, R, 2017:
Inhibitory effects of 4-chlorocinnamaldehyde on the activity of mushroom tyrosinase

Kim, T Won; Park, S Ra; Jung, J Young, 2017:
Inhibitory effects of Dendrobium nobile on cisplatin induced acute kidney injury

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Inhibitory effects of chitosan combined with nisin on Shewanella spp. isolated from Pseudosciaena crocea

Kwon, J.Y.; Lee, J.M.; Ihm, H.S.; Kim, S.; Kim, S.R., 2017:
Inhibitory effects of natural flavonoids such as eugenol and naringin on granule cell dispersion: A potential therapeutic strategy against temporal lobe epilepsy

Huang, Z; Huang, Q; Wei, J; Ma, L; Wu, D; He, D, 2017:
Inhibitory effects of prefabricated crown on edge crack of rolled AZ31 magnesium alloy plate

Zhou, T; Yang, X; Qiu, D; Zeng, H, 2017:
Inhibitory effects of xenocoumacin 1 on the different stages ofPhytophthora capsiciand its control effect on Phytophthora blight of pepper

Osopale, B Adewunmi; Witthuhn, C Regina; Albertyn, J; Oguntoyinbo, F Anthony, 2017:
Inhibitory spectrum of diverse guaiacol-producing Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris by poly dimethyl ammonium chloride disinfectant

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Initial Clinical Experience with Using an Automated Dose Tracking Tool to Verify Dose Delivery and Trigger Adaptive Replanning

Galovan, A M.; Schramm, D G., 2017:
Initial Coparenting Patterns and Postdivorce Parent Education Programming: A Latent Class Analysis

Simms, J E.; Sigman, J B.; Barrowes, B E.; Bennett, H H.; Yule, D E.; O'Neill, K; Shubitidze, F, 2017:
Initial Development of a High-frequency EMI Sensor for Detection of Subsurface Intermediate Electrically Conductive (IEC) Targets

Barale, K; Bush-Kaufman, A; Walsh, M, 2017:
Initial Development of a Scored Food Pantry Environmental Assessment E-scan

Kelly, D O.; Scott, R J.; Campbell, C E.; Warkentin, I G., 2017:
Initial Dispersal and Breeding Habitat Use of Newly Introduced Mink Frogs in Western Newfoundland, Canada

Saini, A; Sckolnik, S; Kuske, R, 2017:
Initial Evaluation of Multicatheter Brachytherapy Technique for Lumpectomy Cavity Boost

Vijay, S; Richa, S; Suresh, S; Srichand, S, 2017:
Initial Experience With Nitinol Wire Based Highly Flexible Magnetic Device for Endoscopy Assisted Ferromagnetic Foreign Body Removal

Arimura, T.; Ogino, T.; Kondo, N.; Wada, K.; Matsuyama, M.; Hishikawa, Y., 2017:
Initial Experience With the Use of the HyBIS in a Phase 1 Clinical Trial for Early Breast Cancer Using Proton Beams

D. P. Nazarova,M. V. Portnyagin,S. P. Krasheninnikov…, 2017:
Initial H2O content and conditions of parent magma origin for Gorely volcano (Southern Kamchatka) estimated by trace element thermobarometry

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Initial Movements of Re- introduced Elk in the Missouri Ozarks

Liu, X; Li, X; Nie, F; Guo, L, 2017:
Initial Reaction Mechanism of Bio-oil High-Temperature Oxidation Simulated with Reactive Force Field Molecular Dynamics

Thurai, M; Mishra, K Vijay; Bringi, V. N.; Krajewski, W F., 2017:
Initial Results of a New Composite-Weighted Algorithm for Dual-Polarized X-Band Rainfall Estimation

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Initial Results of a Safety and Feasibility Study of Auditory Brainstem Implantation in Congenitally Deaf Children

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Initial Validation of the Physical Education Marginalization and Isolation Survey (PE-MAIS)

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Initial analysis of ion fluxes in the magnetotail of Mars based on simultaneous measurements on Mars Express and Maven

Li, C.H.; Liu, K.; Yang, C.; Wang, Y.; Shi, B., 2017:
Initial application and evaluation of palatally accessed alveolar bone graft

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Initial assessment in the management of adult epistaxis: systematic review

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Initial assessment of clinical feasibility, safety and efficacy of NanoKnife irreversible electroporation (IRE) in the focal treatment of localized renal cell carcinoma (RCC) with delayed interval tumor resection (IRENE trial)

Nanovskaya, T; Fokina, V M.; West, H; Oncken, C; Ahmed, M S.; Hankins, G, 2017:
Initial assessment of smoking status of pregnant women enrolled in a clinical trial for smoking cessation

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Initial biochar effects on plant productivity derive from N fertilization

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Initial desorption characterization of methane and carbon dioxide in coal and its influence on coal and gas outburst risk

Khayat, R E., 2017:
Initial development of a free-surface wall jet at moderate Reynolds number

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Initial diagnosis of alcaptonuria at age 61 with traumatic tendo Achilles rupture

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Initial error-induced optimal perturbations in ENSO predictions, as derived from an intermediate coupled model

Rassin, E, 2017:
Initial evidence for the assimilation hypothesis

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Initial experience and results in kidney transplants in controlled asystolia donors in a single institution

Hanumanthappa, N.; Kumar, A.B.S.; Ramamurthy, S., 2017:
Initial experience of a single cancer care centre in treating left breast cancer using first Helical Tomotherapy-H in India

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Initial generation of sand across climate zones of the Mojave, Sierra Nevada, and Klamath Batholiths in California, U.S.A

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Initial investigations of a combined photo-assisted water cleaner and thermal collector

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Initial low density lipoprotein serum level as a predictor of no-reflow after primary percutaneous coronary intervention

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Initial management of primary central nervous system lymphoma in Spain in the last decade. The experience of the GELTAMO and Spanish neuro-oncology groups

Koshcheeva, N. S.; Lyskova, I. V.; Batalova, G. A.; Kraeva, S. N., 2017:
Initial material for breeding of fiber flax under conditions of the Volga-Vyatka region

Kang, B; Choe, J, 2017:
Initial model selection for efficient history matching of channel reservoirs using Ensemble Smoother

Boon, I S.; Marsden, J E.; Tambe, N S.; Wieczorek, A; El-Mahdawi, N, 2017:
Initial outcome and toxicity of stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR) for early stage lung cancer in a single UK centre

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Initial psychometric testing of the sleep condition indicator in a Swedish context

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Initial stage of plate lifting from a water surface

Mikhailova, I. N., 2017:
Initial stages of recovery of epiphytic lichen communities after reduction of emissions from a copper smelter

Glowinski, J, 2017:
Initial steps of the dopamine story

Liu, K; Zhang, J; Wilde, S A.; Zhou, J; Wang, M; Ge, M; Wang, J; Ling, Y, 2017:
Initial subduction of the Paleo-Pacific Oceanic plate in NE China: Constraints from whole-rock geochemistry and zircon UPb and LuHf isotopes of the Khanka Lake granitoids

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Initial vegetative growth and graft region anatomy of yellow passion fruit on Passiflora spp. rootstocks

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Initial-state detectability of stochastic discrete-event systems with probabilistic sensor failures

Li, X; Wu, Y; Su, L, 2017 :
Initiation and Displacement Analysis of Cohesive Soil Slopes by Discrete Element Modelling

Lee, K.-O.; Flamant, C.; Ducrocq, V.; Duffourg, F.; Fourrié, N.; Delanoë, J.; Bech, J., 2017:
Initiation and development of a mesoscale convective system in the Ebro River Valley and related heavy precipitation over northeastern Spain during HyMeX IOP 15a

Nikolinakou, M A.; Heidari, M; Hudec, M R.; Flemings, P B., 2017:
Initiation and growth of salt diapirs in tectonically stable settings: Upbuilding and megaflaps

Rousseau-Rizzi, Rël; Kirshbaum, D J.; Yau, M Kong, 2017:
Initiation of Deep Convection over an Idealized Mesoscale Convergence Line

Botros, S; Islam, N; Herrmann, S; Pepe, C; Hursh, B, 2017:
Initiation of Insulin Pump Therapy at a Pediatric Tertiary Care Centre

Thompson, M.A.; Jackson, R.C.; Frakes, M.; Hamann, L.T.; John, R.; Cogswell, R.J., 2017:
Initiation of a Standardized International Normalized Ratio Management Protocol Reduces Out of Range Days in an Ambulatory LVAD Population

Maurer, V.; Bischoff-Gauß, I.; Kalthoff, N.; Gantner, L.; Roca, R.; Panitz, H.-J., 2017:
Initiation of deep convection in the Sahel in a convection-permitting climate simulation for northern Africa

Tobita, T; Chammingkwan, P; Terano, M; Taniike, T, 2017:
Initiation of oxidative degradation in polypropylene reactor powder produced by Ziegler-Natta catalyst

Temnikov, A. G.; Chernenskii, L. L.; Orlov, A. V.; Lysov, N. Yu.; Belova, O. S.; Gerastenok, T. K.; Zhuravkova, D. S.; Kalugina, I. E., 2017:
Initiation of spark discharges between an artificial thunderstorm cell and the ground by hydrometeor groups

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Initiatives That Impact Pricing And Reimbursement of Orphan (AND ULTRA ORPHAN) Drugs: Review of European Trends

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Initiatives that Counter Violent Radicalization but are Perceived as Suitable by Targeted Communities

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Inject away: The Harefield experience on delivering the new PCSK9 inhibitors

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Injectable and release-controlled hydrogel based on xanthan gum and silk fibroin

Zhang, G; Wang, C; Ngai, T, 2017:
Injectable hydrogel cross-linked by quadruple hydrogen bonding for drug encapsulation and delivery

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Injectable mineral supplementation to transition period dairy cows and its effects on animal health

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Injection heroin use and methadone maintenance treatment outcomes

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Injection into boundary layers: solutions beyond the classical form

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Injection of 40 kHz-modulated electron beam from the satellite: I. Beam-plasma interaction near the linear stability boundary

Sulaiman, S A.; Biga, B K.; Chala, G T., 2017:
Injection of non-reacting gas into production pipelines to ease restart pumping of waxy crude oil

A. S. Petukhova,I. S. Petukhov…, 2017:
Injection of solar cosmic rays in the ground level event of April 15, 2001

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Injection site reactions as a consequence of long-term subcutaneous administration of drisapersen in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

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Injury And Illness Profiles During The 2014 South African Ironman Ultra-distance Triathlon

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Injury epidemiology of elite tennis players at the 20112016 Australian Open

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Injury location, type and incidence of male and female athletes competing at the world masters games

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Injury rates before and after the implementation of a safe resident handling program in the long-term care sector

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Injury risk and injury prevention in rugby athletes: An investigation of unilateral and bilateral jump asymmetries

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Injury risk in specific body regions is associated with performance in the Army basic fitness assessment in Army staff cadets

Witchalls, J; McDonald, C; Richardson, A; Newman, P, 2017:
Injury risk in staff cadets is associated with performance in the Army basic fitness assessment and with gender

Cunniffe, E; Hayden, S; Rees, H; Walshe, R; McCarthy Persson, U, 2017:
Injury surveillance of male field hockey players

Kubosch, E.J.; Fassbender, K.; Steffen, K.; Südkamp, N.; Hirschmüller, A., 2017:
Injury und Illness Surveillance im paralympischen Leistungssport Longitudinalerhebung gesundheitlicher Beschwerden im deutschen paralympischen Kader in der Vorbereitungsphase auf die paralympischen Spiele in Rio

Khandavalli, S; Rothstein, J P., 2017:
Ink transfer of non-Newtonian fluids from an idealized gravure cell: The effect of shear and extensional deformation

Koivunen, R; Jutila, E; Bollström, R; Gane, P, 2017:
Inkjet printed polyelectrolyte patterns for analyte separation on inherently porous microfluidic analytical designs

Götz, A.; Jall, S.; Tschöp, M. H.; Müller, T. D., 2017:
Inkretinbasierte Medikamente zur Diabetes- und Adipositastherapie; Incretin-based polyagonists for the treatment of diabetes and obesity;

Nauck, M. A.; Seufert, J., 2017:
Inkretinforschung und Inkretin-basierte Diabetestherapie; Incretin research and incretin-based diabetes therapy;

Sass, G G.; Rypel, A L.; Stafford, J D., 2017:
Inland Fisheries Habitat Management: Lessons Learned from Wildlife Ecology and a Proposal for Change

Colgan, P M.; Amidon, W H.; Thurkettle, S A., 2017:
Inland dunes on the abandoned bed of Glacial Lake Chicago indicate eolian activity during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition, southwestern Michigan, USA

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Inland fisheries Invisible but integral to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda for ending poverty by 2030

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Inline UV-Vis spectroscopy to monitor and optimize cleaning-in-place (CIP) of whey filtration plants

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Inline discrete tomography system: Application to agricultural product inspection

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Innate lymphoid cells and allergic disease

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Inner ghosts: Encounters with threatening dream characters in lucid dreams

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Inner-shelf ocean dynamics and seafloor morphologic changes during Hurricane Sandy

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Innocuit des analogues dinsuline chez la femme enceinte diabtique

Mansoor, M; Mariun, N; AbdulWahab, N Izzri, 2017:
Innovating problem solving for sustainable green roofs: Potential usage of TRIZ Theory of inventive problem solving

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Innovating problem solving in power quality devices: A survey based on Dynamic Voltage Restorer case (DVR)

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Innovation and economic growth in the mining industry: Evidence from China's listed companies

Andergassen, R; Nardini, F; Ricottilli, M, 2017:
Innovation diffusion, general purpose technologies and economic growth

Malcolm, M M.; Shellman, J; Rees, C, 2017:
Innovation for geriatric care with an academic-practice model

Peterson, M, 2017:
Innovation in Action: A Fellow's Experience of a Lifetime

Smith-Houskamp, B; Balik, B; Hauser, A, 2017:
Innovation in Action: Community Paramedicine

Weberg, D, 2017:
Innovation in Action: Innovation, Culture, and Leadership Synthesis

Polak, R; Pober, D; Finkelstein, A; Budd, M; Moore, M; Silver, J; Phillips, E, 2017:
Innovation in Nutrition Education: Expanding the Culinary Coaching Tele-Medicine Model

Landoni, M, 2017:
Innovation policy in progress. Institutional intermediation in public procurement of innovation: satellite telecommunications in Italy

Chen, P-Ting; Kuo, S-Chen, 2017:
Innovation resistance and strategic implications of enterprise social media websites in Taiwan through knowledge sharing perspective

Smit, M J., 2017:
Innovation through new blood

Mare Sarr,Joëlle Noailly, 2017:
Innovation, Diffusion, Growth and the Environment: Taking Stock and Charting New Directions

Stubrin, L, 2017:
Innovation, learning and competence building in the mining industry. The case of knowledge intensive mining suppliers (KIMS) in Chile

Rickles, P; Ellul, C, 2017:
Innovations in and the changing landscape of geography education with Geographic Information Systems

Straub, D M.; Bruce, E Enriquez; Washington, B; Rodriguez, C; Emmanuel, P, 2017:
Innovative Approaches to Recruitment of Ymsm of Color for HIV Education and Testing Services

Orhan, O Yuksel; Tankal, H; Kayi, H; Alper, E, 2017:
Innovative Carbon Dioxide-Capturing Organic Solvent: Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics

Privolnev, Y, 2017:
Innovative Contracting: Use Of Complex Managed Entry Agreements

Gupta, S; Goel, A; Agarwal, A; Gupta, A Kumar; Bhagat, T S., 2017:
Innovative Economical Surgical Suture Board

Wang, Y-Lu; Zheng, J-Feng; Yan, S; Ye, Y-Yuan; Li, S-Rong; Wang, D; Liu, Y-Quan, 2017:
Innovative One-Step Liquefying Method with High Conversion of Biomass Using Raney Nickel and NaOH as Combined Catalysts

Macaulay, R; Hettle, R, 2017:
Innovative Pricing and Reimbursement Schemes The What, Why, Which, and How

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Innovative Sphincter Preserving Pull-Through Technique with en Bloc Colon and Small Bowel Transplantation

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Innovative Trend Methodology Applications to Precipitation Records in Turkey

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Innovative additives for chemical desulphurisation in biogas processes: A comparative study on iron compound products

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Innovative and collaborative approach to improve community access to hepatitis C therapy

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Innovative and stable TiO 2 supported catalytic surfaces removing aldehydes under UV-light irradiation

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Innovative behaviourbehavior modification strategies to reduce concussion risk in high school american football athletes

Popov, D; Borissova, A, 2017:
Innovative configuration of a hybrid nuclear-solar tower power plant

Ali, H; Yilbas, B Sami, 2017:
Innovative design of a thermoelectric generator of extended legs with tapering and segmented pin configuration: Thermal performance analysis

Ali, H; Yilbas, B Sami; Al-Sharafi, A, 2017 :
Innovative design of a thermoelectric generator with extended and segmented pin configurations

Zhang, Z; Liu, C; Liu, W; Cui, Y; Du, X; Xu, D; Guo, H; Deng, Y, 2017:
Innovative design of coal utilization A green pathway for direct conversion of coal to electricity through flow fuel cell technology

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Innovative financing for the High Seas

Park, J; Page, G. William, 2017:
Innovative green economy, urban economic performance and urban environments: an empirical analysis of US cities

Soshi, M; Ring, J; Young, C; Oda, Y; Mori, M, 2017:
Innovative grid molding and cooling using an additive and subtractive hybrid CNC machine tool

Afghan, S., 2017:
Innovative home based assertive outreach service for treatment of schizophrenia in Larkano, Pakistan (SOUL): Programme implementation and outcomes at the end of five years

Zepeda, L; Reznickova, A, 2017:
Innovative millennial snails: the story of Slow Food University of Wisconsin

Hayes, H; Barber, J, 2017:
Innovative nurse practitioner ventricular assist device program: A lynch pin in complex care

Kantola, J; Liu, Y; Peura, P; de Leeuw, T; Zhang, Y; Naaranoja, M; Segev, A; Huisingh, D, 2017:
Innovative products and services for sustainable societal development: Current reality, future potential and challenges

Qoaider, L; Thabit, Q; Kiwan, S, 2017:
Innovative sensible heat transfer medium for a moving bed heat exchanger in solar central receiver power plants

Rebehy, P Calil Pongeluppe Wadhy; Costa, Aé Lucirton; Campello, C A.G.B.; de Freitas Espinoza, D; Neto, M João, 2017:
Innovative social business of selective waste collection in Brazil: Cleaner production and poverty reduction

Doni, S; Macci, C; Longo, V; Souid, A; Garcia, C; Masciandaro, G, 2017:
Innovative system for biochemical monitoring of degraded soils restoration

Aoun, H; Memon, F; Baciewicz, F; Alvelo-Rivera, M; Adam, B; Prus, M, 2017:
Innovative technique for CT-guided lung nodule/tumor marking prior to surgery: high efficacy and low complication rates

Kyaw Oo D'Amore, G; Caniato, M; Travan, A; Turco, G; Marsich, L; Ferluga, A; Schmid, C, 2017:
Innovative thermal and acoustic insulation foam from recycled waste glass powder

Cui, L; Wang, L; Lai, Z; Tian, Q; Liu, W; Li, J, 2017:
Innovative trend analysis of annual and seasonal air temperature and rainfall in the Yangtze River Basin, China during 19602015

Şen, Z, 2017:
Innovative trend significance test and applications

Thacoor, A S.; Othman, D, 2017:
Innovative uses of disposable gloves in plastic surgery

Shahzad, R; Khan, A Latif; Bilal, S; Waqas, M; Kang, S-Mo; Lee, I-Jung, 2017:
Inoculation of abscisic acid-producing endophytic bacteria enhances salinity stress tolerance in Oryza sativa

Zhu, Y; Lv, G-Chao; Chen, Y-Long; Gong, X-Fang; Peng, Y-Nan; Wang, Z-Ye; Ren, A-Tian; Xiong, Y-Cai, 2017:
Inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with plastic mulching in rainfed wheat: A promising farming strategy

Szuba, A; Karliński, L; Krzesłowska, M; Hazubska-Przybył, T, 2017:
Inoculation with a Pb-tolerant strain ofPaxillus involutusimproves growth and Pb tolerance ofPopuluscanescensunderin vitroconditions

Gao, Y; Zong, J; Que, H; Zhou, Z; Xiao, M; Chen, S, 2017:
Inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi increases glomalin-related soil protein content and PAH removal in soils planted with Medicago sativa L

Li, H. Q.; Jiang, X. W., 2017:
Inoculation with plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB) improves salt tolerance of maize seedling

D’Angioli, Aé Mouro; Viani, R Augusto Gorne; Lambers, H; Sawaya, A Christine Helena Franklan; Oliveira, R Silva, 2017:
Inoculation withAzospirillum brasilense(Ab-V4, Ab-V5) increasesZea maysroot carboxylate-exudation rates, dependent on soil phosphorus supply

Boano, C; Talocci, G, 2017:
Inoperative design

Larsen, B B.; Miller, E C.; Rhodes, M K.; Wiens, J J., 2017:
Inordinate Fondness Multiplied and Redistributed: the Number of Species on Earth and the New Pie of Life

dos Santos, G Magalhães; Pozebon, D; Cerveira, C; de Moraes, D P., 2017:
Inorganic arsenic speciation in rice products using selective hydride generation and atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS)

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Inorganic gel and liquid crystal based smart window using silica sol-gel process

Schmid, S; Kunzmann, M; Pagès, A, 2017:
Inorganic geochemical evaluation of hydrocarbon source rock potential of Neoproterozoic strata in the Amadeus Basin, Australia

Xu, J; Zhou, S; Sang, P; Li, J; Zhao, L, 2017:
Inorganic graphenylene as a promising novel boron nitrogen membrane for hydrogen purification: a computational study

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Inorganic nitrogen dynamics of throughfall following fertilization in a red pine stand

Haque, M Intesaful; Rathore, M S.; Gupta, H; Jha, B, 2017:
Inorganic solutes contribute more than organic solutes to the osmotic adjustment in Salicornia brachiata (Roxb.) under natural saline conditions

Li, F; Lv, J; Yu, K; Wang, C; Zhang, H; Zhou, B, 2017:
Inorganic-organic hybrid supramolecular material based on the highest connection of a Keggin arsenotungstate with electro-/photo-catalytic properties

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Inotrope Dependent End Stage Heart Failure: Testing the Obesity Paradox

Heiselman, C; Smelcer, P; Shah, K; Cottrell, C; Lavin, J, 2017:
Inpatient Consultation Communication

Brabender, V, 2017:
Inpatient Group Psychotherapy: The Interpersonal Model

Haq, K F.; Solanki, S; Khan, M Ali; Frager, S; Sule, S; Lebovics, E, 2017:
Inpatient Trend Analysis of Mechanical Complication of Gastrostomy

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Inpatient course and factors affecting discharge to home after post-acute inpatient rehabilitation: A 3 years followup survey of stroke survivors in Korea

McDonald, C; Hennedige, A; Henry, A; Dawoud, B; Morrison, R; Kyzas, P.; Gilbert, K; McCaul, J, 2017:
Inpatient management of cervicofacial infection: a multicentre UK-wide snapshot audit of current maxillofacial practice

AONO, Y; HAYASHI, T; PHONG, L Trieu; WANG, L, 2017:
Input and Output Privacy-Preserving Linear Regression

Zhou, B; Liu, Q, 2017:
Input delay compensation for neutral type time-delay systems

Pogodaeva, T.V.; Khodzher, T.V.; Zhuchenko, N.A.; Grigoriev, M.N.; Panov, V.S.; Maksimov, G.T., 2017:
Input of organic matter to the Buor-Khaya Gulf (Laptev Sea)

Prasad, R; Deo, R C.; Li, Y; Maraseni, T, 2017:
Input selection and performance optimization of ANN-based streamflow forecasts in the drought-prone Murray Darling Basin region using IIS and MODWT algorithm

Su, B; Ang, B.W.; Li, Y, 2017:
Input-output and structural decomposition analysis of Singapore's carbon emissions

Cambera, J Carlos; Feliu-Batlle, V, 2017:
Input-state feedback linearization control of a single-link flexible robot arm moving under gravity and joint friction

Yu, H; Hao, F, 2017:
Input-to-state stability of integral-based event-triggered control for linear plants

Fernández, R; Garcia, M H., 2017:
Input-variable sensitivity assessment for sediment transport relations

Dobolyi, Aád, 2017:
Inputs and activational mechanisms of preoptic galanin neurons in mother rats

Melkior, T.; Barthomeuf, C.; Bardet, M., 2017:
Inputs of solid-state NMR to evaluate and compare thermal reactivity of pine and beech woods under torrefaction conditions and modified atmosphere

Shen, J; Lam, J, 2017:
Inputoutput gain analysis for linear systems on cones

Kalsoom, Q; Khanam, A, 2017:
Inquiry into sustainability issues by preservice teachers: A pedagogy to enhance sustainability consciousness

Sauterer, R, 2017:
Inquiry-Based Laboratory Experiences Using Ecosystem Microcosms

Zorn, I; Seelmeyer, U, 2017:
Inquiry-Based Learning about Technologies in Social Work Education

Wang, X; Wang, R; Yang, H; Qi, Y, 2017:
Inscription of sub-wavelength gratings with different periods based on asymmetric metal-cladding dielectric waveguide structure

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Insect Repellants During Pregnancy in the Era of the Zika Virus

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Insect Visitors to the Annual Plant Community in a Xeric Environment in Central Mexico

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Insect biodiversity meets ecosystem function: differential effects of habitat and insects on carrion decomposition

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Insect biodiversity: underutilized bioresource for sustainable applications in life sciences

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Insect ecology and veteran trees

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Insect fatty acids: A comparison of lipids from three Orthopterans and Tenebrio molitor L. larvae

Low, C; Sparks, J P., 2017:
Insect herbivory is associated with microsite quality

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