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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65040

Chapter 65040 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Paolillo, A; Pasini, M; Silva, S A.; Magnano, P, 2017:
Psychometric properties of the Italian adaptation of the Mor Barak et al. diversity climate scale

Proctor, S L.; Kopak, A M.; Hoffmann, N G., 2017:
Psychometric properties of the UNCOPE: Screening for DSM-5 substance use disorder among a state juvenile justice population

Simon, E; Bos, A E.R.; Verboon, P; Smeekens, S; Muris, P, 2017:
Psychometric properties of the Youth Anxiety Measure for DSM-5 (YAM-5) in a community sample

Tang, W-Ru; Kao, C-Yi, 2017:
Psychometric testing of the Spiritual Well-Being ScaleMandarin version in Taiwanese cancer patients

Johnson, C; Williamson, N; Solingen, G Janssen-van; Arbuckle, R; Johnson, C; Simpson, S; Staab, D; Dominguez-Munoz, E; Levy, P; Connett, G; Lerch, M, 2017:
Psychometric validation of a Patient-Reported Outcome questionnaire in patients with Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency

Chhabria, K.S.; Carnaby, G.D., 2017:
Psychometric validation of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale in Head and Neck Cancer patients

Hefner, J; Csef, H, 2017:
Psychoneuroimmunologie und Krebs; Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and cancer;

Ackermann, U, 2017:
Psychoonkologische Probleme nach Krebserkrankungen der Frau

Schumacher, A, 2017:
Psychoonkologische Versorgung von Patienten mit akuter Leukämie

Anestis, J C.; Harrop, T M.; Green, B A.; Anestis, M D., 2017:
Psychopathic Personality Traits as Protective Factors against the Development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in a Sample of National Guard Combat Veterans

Delk, L A.; Bobadilla, L; Lima, E N., 2017:
Psychopathic Traits Associate Differentially to Anger, Disgust and Fear Recognition among Men and Women

Salihovic, S; Stattin, Håkan, 2017:
Psychopathic Traits and Delinquency Trajectories in Adolescence

Cigna, M-Hélène; Guay, J-Pierre; Renaud, P, 2017:
Psychopathic traits and their relation to facial affect recognition

Watts, A L.; Bowes, S M.; Latzman, R D.; Lilienfeld, S O., 2017:
Psychopathic traits predict harsh attitudes toward rape victims among undergraduates

Khaustova, O.; Kovalenko, N., 2017:
Psychopathological features of mental disorders in IDPs

Henry, M.; Henry-González, A.A.; Morera-Fumero, A.; Díaz-Mesa, E.; Fernández-López, L.; Monzón-Díaz, J.; Yelmo-Cruz, S., 2017:
Psychopathology variables in neck-pain patients

Guerra, R C.; White, B A., 2017:
Psychopathy and Functions of Aggression in Emerging Adulthood: Moderation by Anger Rumination and Gender

Weidacker, K; O'Farrell, K R.; Gray, N S.; Johnston, S J.; Snowden, R J., 2017:
Psychopathy and impulsivity: The relationship of the triarchic model of psychopathy to different forms of impulsivity in offenders and community participants

Issa, M-Anne; Falkenbach, D M.; Trupp, G F.; Campregher, J G.; Lap, J, 2017:
Psychopathy in Lebanese college students: The PPI-R considered in the context of borderline features and aggressive attitudes across sex and culture

Kiire, S, 2017:
Psychopathy rather than Machiavellianism or narcissism facilitates intimate partner violence via fast life strategy

Dr. med. Knut Hoffmann, 2017:
Psychopharmaka bei Menschen mit Intelligenzminderung

Breuninger, C; Sláma, D M.; Krämer, M; Schmitz, J; Tuschen-Caffier, B, 2017:
Psychophysiological Reactivity, Interoception and Emotion Regulation in Patients with Agoraphobia During Virtual Reality Anxiety Induction

Polito, L.F.T.; Figueira, A.J.; Miranda, M.L.J.; Chtourou, H.; Miranda, J.M.; Brandão, M.R.F., 2017:
Psychophysiological indicators of fatigue in soccer players: A systematic review

Mainwaring, L; Senthinathan, A; Hutchison, M; Thomas, S; Richards, D; Churchill, N, 2017:
Psychophysiological stress in athletes across concussion recovery milestones

Shelton, A; Tromans, S Joseph; Bhaumik, S; Kiani, R, 2017:
Psychosis and epilepsy in ring chromosome 20 syndrome

Peixoto, M.J.; Timóteo, S.; Moreira, I.; Cochat, C.; Silva, A.; Bastos-Leite, A.; Silveira, C., 2017:
Psychosis and/or Lyme disease: There is more than meets the eye

Brown, K, 2017:
Psychosis from an Attachment Perspective

Ciampa, L.; Gucci, F., 2017:
Psychosis in adolescence: A prognosis or a diagnosis? Integrated treatment with psychodynamic peer support

Shirazipour, C H.; Latimer-Cheung, A E., 2017:
Psychosocial Determinants of Parental Support Behaviours Enabling Sport Participation among Children with a Physical Impairment: A literature review and research agenda

Steiner, V; Shlonsky, A; Joubert, L, 2017:
Psychosocial Interventions for Parents with Incurable End-Stage Cancer: A Rapid Evidence Assessment

Tripathi, R. C.; Singh, S, 2017:
Psychosocial Pathways Towards a Sustainable Society

Oliveira, Cátia; Nobre, P, 2017:
Psychosocial Predictors of Sexual Self-Esteem and Sexual Satisfaction in Women With Sexual Pain

Young, I; Reimer, D; Greig, J; Turgeon, P; Meldrum, R; Waddell, L, 2017:
Psychosocial and health-status determinants of safe food handling among consumers: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Bargeron, A H.; Hormes, J M., 2017:
Psychosocial correlates of internet gaming disorder: Psychopathology, life satisfaction, and impulsivity

Sydorenko, A., 2017:
Psychosocial determinants of poor quality of life of children with congenital heart disease

Yoo, J Hye; Jeong, E Jun, 2017:
Psychosocial effects of SNS use: A longitudinal study focused on the moderation effect of social capital

Champion, K Elizabeth; Barrett, E Louise; Slade, T; Teesson, M; Newton, N Clare, 2017 :
Psychosocial factors associated with adolescent substance use: a longitudinal investigation

Gorini, A.; Simonelli, N.; Vigo, L.; Giroli, M.; Amato, M.; Veglia, F.; Bonomi, A.; Tremoli, E.; Werba, J.P., 2017:
Psychosocial factors in ProSALUTE, an ongoing cardiovascular health program in a multiethnic community in North Italy

Lawal, A Musbau; Olley, B Oladapo, 2017:
Psychosocial factors predicting risky sexual behaviour among long distance truck drivers in Lagos, Nigeria

Dickinson, C; Dow, J; Gibson, G; Hayes, L; Robalino, S; Robinson, L, 2017:
Psychosocial intervention for carers of people with dementia: What components are most effective and when? A systematic review of systematic reviews

Qiu, S.; Linghui, D., 2017:
Psychosocial interventions to improve the quality of life for men with prostate cancer: A network meta-analysis of 31 randomized controlled trials

Sakaite, I; Sudnickaite, U; Doscuraite, J; Vaicenaviciene, G; Jonaite, G; Juodisiene, G; Kucinskiene, Z Ausrele, 2017:
Psychosocial stress level changes among lithuanian men during 20 years period

Leitão, S; Greiner, B A., 2017:
Psychosocial, Health Promotion and Safety Culture management Are Health and Safety Practitioners involved?

van der Weele, G, 2017:
Psychosociale zorg in de oncologie

Sosin, I.; Chuev, Y.; Goncharova, O.; Misko, G.; Volkov, A., 2017:
Psychosomatic and psychopathological paradigms of alcoholic anorexia

Axenov, M.; Perchatkina, O.; Kostin, A.; Nikitina, V., 2017:
Psychosomatic process in patients with dissociative mental disorders

Storck, T; Färber, S; Izat, Y, 2017:
Psychosomatik des Kindes- und des Jugendalters; Psychosomatics of childhood and adolescence;

…, 2017:
Psychotherapeut(in) in der Herzchirurgie

Rodin, G M., 2017:
Psychotherapeutic Interventions Near the End of Life: Theory, Evidence, and Future Directions

Brendler, J, 2017:
Psychotherapeutic Techniques to Increase Sexual Desire in Women

Potter, K; Coyle, A, 2017:
Psychotherapeutic practitioners views of the efficacy of mindfulness for the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder: A qualitative key informant analysis

Schladitz, S; Drüge, M, 2017:
Psychotherapeutische Ausbildung

Wild, B; Hünnemeyer, K; Sauer, H; Teufel, M, 2017:
Psychotherapeutische Interventionen nach Adipositaschirurgie

Dr. Susanne Frei, 2017:
Psychotherapie in der Psychoonkologie

Anton Hafkenscheid, 2017:
Psychotherapie in tijden van dreiging. Dag van de psychotherapie 2016. Beurs van Berlage te Amsterdam, 16 december 2016

Kealy, D; Goodman, G; Ogrodniczuk, J S., 2017:
Psychotherapists' ideals in the treatment of panic disorder: An exploratory study

Ng, R M. K.; Lee, C Kin; Liu, J; Luo, J; Zu, S; Mi, S; Li, Z, 2017:
Psychotherapy Services in China: Current Provisions and Future Development

Meissner, K; Schweizer-Arau, A; Limmer, A; Preibisch, C; Popovici, R M.; Lange, I; de Oriol, B; Beissner, F, 2017:
Psychotherapy With Somatosensory Stimulation for Endometriosis-Associated Pain

Algahtani, H; Buraik, Y; Ad-Dab’bagh, Y, 2017:
Psychotherapy in Saudi Arabia: Its History and Cultural Context

Contreras, P Michelle; Kallivayalil, D; Herman, J Lewis, 2017:
Psychotherapy in the Aftermath of Human Trafficking: Working Through the Consequences of Psychological Coercion

Montes Reula, L.; Portilla Fernández, A.; Saiz García, H., 2017:
Psychotic and obsessive symptoms: A case report

Sánchez Blanco, L.; Juncal Ruíz, M.; Pardo de Santayana Jenaro, G.; Gómez Revuelta, M.; Landera Rodríguez, R.; Porta Olivares, O.; López García, E.; Pérez Herrera, M.; Núñez Morales, N.I., 2017:
Psychotic disorder of organic etiology, in the context of sarcoidosis. A case report

Brockhaus-Dumke, A, 2017:
Psychotische Störungen früh erkennen und früh behandeln

Poinsat, T.; Lachuer, C.; Batista, R., 2017:
Psychotropic drugs prescriptions in patients older than 65

Lee, C; Wang, Y-Jen, 2017:
Psychrometer based on a contactless infrared thermometer with a predictive model for water evaporation

Rajagopal, R; Bellavance, D; Rahaman, M. Saifur, 2017:
Psychrophilic anaerobic digestion of semi-dry mixed municipal food waste: For North American context

McRorie, J W.; Gibb, R D.; Womack, J B.; Pambianco, D J., 2017:
Psyllium Is Superior to Wheat Dextrin for Lowering Elevated Serum Cholesterol

Melnikov, A. V.; Strikha, V. E.; Moiseenko, V. G., 2017:
Pt content of CuNi deposits and ore occurrences in the Stanovoi Ni-bearing province (Far East, Russia)

Yang, Z; Luo, F, 2017:
Pt nanoparticles deposited on dihydroxy-polybenzimidazole wrapped carbon nanotubes shows a remarkable durability in methanol electro-oxidation

Xu, D; Cui, Z; Yang, J; Yuan, M; Cui, X; Zhang, X; Dong, Z, 2017:
Pt nanoparticles immobilized in mesoporous silica-coated magnetic nanocapsules: A non-leaching catalyst for hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of ammonia borane

Jun Xiao,Zhanchang Pan,Wuyi Li,Xiaoxiang Chen…, 2017:
Pt nanoparticles supported on one-dimensional (1D) titanium silicon nitride with high performance and stability for methanol electrooxidation

Baghayeri, M, 2017:
Pt nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide nanosheets as a sensing platform: Application to determination of droxidopa in presence of phenobarbital

Shi, Z; Wang, T; Zhao, J; Qiu, R; Duan, D; Lin, C; Wang, P, 2017:
Pt nanostructure from electrodeposition: Electrocatalyst to generate chlorine for marine biofouling inhibition

Lasri, J; Pedras, B; Haukka, M; Berberan-Santos, Mário N., 2017:
Pt(II) and Pd(II)-assisted coupling of nitriles and 1,3-diiminoisoindoline: Synthesis and luminescence properties of (1,3,5,7,9-pentaazanona-1,3,6,8-tetraenato)Pt(II) and Pd(II) complexes

Liu, R; Zhu, S; Lu, J; Shi, H; Zhu, H, 2017:
Pt(II) diimine complexes bearing difluoro-boron-dipyrromethene acetylide ligands: Synthesis, photophysics, aggregation included emission and optical power limiting properties

Ensafi, A A.; Zandi-Atashbar, N.; Mohamadi, Z.; Abdolmaleki, A.; Rezaei, B., 2017:
Pt-Pd nanoparticles decorated sulfonated graphene-poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) nanocomposite, An efficient HER electrocatalyst

Huang, L; Hou, Y; Yu, Z; Peng, Z; Wang, L; Huang, J; Zhang, B; Qian, L; Wu, L; Li, Z, 2017:
Pt/Fe-NF electrode with high double-layer capacitance for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media

Xu, J; Song, Y; Liu, J, 2017:
Pt1/CeO2-ZnO Nanowire Single-Atom Catalysts for Water-Gas Shift Reaction

Tripathi, S; Ravishankar, N, 2017:
PtBi Alloy Nanoparticles on Reduced Graphitic Oxide Support for Electrocatalysis

Lima, Détrius W.; Fiegenbaum, F; Trombetta, F; de Souza, Mèle O.; Martini, E M.A., 2017:
PtNi and PtMo nanoparticles as efficient catalysts using TEA-PS.BF 4 ionic liquid as electrolyte towards HER

Li, B; He, Z; Wang, M; Wang, X, 2017:
PtSnP/C and PtSn/C as efficient cathode catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cells

Breisjøberget, J Inge; Storaas, T; Odden, M, 2017:
Ptarmigan hunting restrictions: Effects on hunters opinions and harvest

Dzhanokmen, K. A., 2017:
Pteromalids (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae) of the Karatau Ridge and adjacent territories of the Talas Alatau Ridge in Western Tien Shan

Janssen, A W.; Hellyar, L L., 2017:
Pteropoda (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Euthecosomata) from the Miocene Taumarunui Formation of New Zealand

Niedbała, W; Roszkowska, M, 2017:
Ptyctimous mites (Acari, Oribatida) of Ecuador (South America)

Leilei Guo,Long Mao,Kaixun Huang,Hongmei Liu, 2017:
PtSe nanostructures with oxidase-like activity and their application in a selective colorimetric assay for mercury(II)

Song, C; Wu, G; Sun, B; Xiong, Y; Zhu, S; Hu, Y; Gu, H; Wang, Y; Chen, W, 2017:
PtWO 3 porous composite ceramics outstanding for sensing low concentrations of hydrogen in air at room temperature

Nitsche, E M., 2017:
Pubertätsstörungen beim Mädchen; Disorders of puberty in young girls;

Clootens, N, 2017:
Public Debt, Life Expectancy, and the Environment

Rybnikov, S R.; Rybnikova, N A.; Portnov, B A., 2017:
Public Fears in Ukrainian Society

Caleffi, M; Turbay, T; Venturella, P; Cecagno, Lícia; Corte, G; Gomes, A Lucia, 2017:
Public Hearings and Debate Cycles for Parliamentarians on Breast Cancer

Triulzi, I; Antonel, A; Rossi, E; Turchetti, G, 2017:
Public Hospital Supply Chain: Current View And Critical Issues In Italy

Tach, L; Emory, A Dwyer, 2017:
Public Housing Redevelopment, Neighborhood Change, and the Restructuring of Urban Inequality

Zhang, W; Liu, Y; Shi, X; Jing, X; Chen, J; Li, C; Cui, Z; Ma, J, 2017 :
Public Knowledge and Attitude Toward Organ Donation in Tianjin, China

McCullough, C, 2017:
Public Opinion Regarding Whether Speaking With Patients About Firearms Is Appropriate: Results of a National Survey

Ruiz-Villaverde, A; García-Rubio, M A., 2017:
Public Participation in European Water Management: from Theory to Practice

Viktória Blanka,Zsuzsanna Ladányi,Péter Szilassi…, 2017:
Public Perception on Hydro-Climatic Extremes and Water Management Related to Environmental Exposure, SE Hungary

Yang, F; Gannon, B; Weightman, A, 2017:
Public Perceptions, Attitudes And Willingness To Pay Towards A Medical Device For Detecting Foot Ulceration In People with Diabetes

Rouvière, E; Royer, A, 2017:
Public Private Partnerships in food industries: A road to success?

Polis, H Jacqueline; Dreyer, S Jeanne; Jenkins, L Danielle, 2017:
Public Willingness to Pay and Policy Preferences for Tidal Energy Research and Development: A Study of Households in Washington State

Yeghiazaryan, V.; Voiculescu, I., 2018:
Family of boundary overlap metrics for the evaluation of medical image segmentation

Tan, R; Heerink, N, 2017:
Public and self-organized land readjustment in rural China A comparison

Wei, J; Zhan, W; Guo, X; Marinova, D, 2017:
Public attention to the great smog event: a case study of the 2013 smog event in Harbin, China

Walker, R; Berdahl, L; Lashta, E; Newhouse, D; Belanger, Y, 2017:
Public attitudes towards Indigeneity in Canadian prairie urbanism

Lee, M Jin; Choe, M Sung Pil; Park, S Jin; Seo, H Il, 2017:
Public awareness and Internet search patterns on automated external defibrillator using web-search traffics and nationwide surveys

Caponi, V, 2017:
Public employment policies and regional unemployment differences

Puig-Pey, A; Bolea, Y; Grau, A; Casanovas, J, 2017:
Public entities driven robotic innovation in urban areas

Shen, Y; Sun, F; Che, Y, 2017:
Public green spaces and human wellbeing: Mapping the spatial inequity and mismatching status of public green space in the Central City of Shanghai

Emmanuel Janagan Johnson,Seetharaman Hariharan, 2017:
Public health awareness: knowledge, attitude and behaviour of the general public on health risks during the H1N1 influenza pandemic

Filip, I; Tidman, M; Saheba, N; Bennett, H; Wick, B; Rouse, N; Patriche, D; Radfar, A, 2017:
Public health burden of sleep disorders: underreported problem

Malkhazova, S. M.; Pestina, P. V.; Shartova, N. V., 2017:
Public health in the regions of Russia at the beginning of the twenty-first century: Medicalgeographical assessment

Janssen, B; Nonnenmann, M W., 2017:
Public health science in agriculture: Farmers' perspectives on respiratory protection research

Allemani, C; Coleman, M P., 2017 :
Public health surveillance of cancer survival in the United States and worldwide: The contribution of the CONCORD programme

Elburz, Z; Nijkamp, P; Pels, E, 2017:
Public infrastructure and regional growth: Lessons from meta-analysis

Ashton, J, 2017:
Public involvement in public health research

Mahendran, K, 2017:
Public narratives on human mobility: Countering technocratic and humanitarian refugee narratives with a one-world solidarity narrative

Latré, E; Perko, T; Thijssen, P, 2017:
Public opinion change after the Fukushima nuclear accident: The role of national context revisited

Garcia, X; Benages-Albert, M; Pavón, D; Ribas, A; Garcia-Aymerich, J; Vall-Casas, P, 2017:
Public participation GIS for assessing landscape values and improvement preferences in urban stream corridors

Chen, S; Pearson, S; Wang, X Hua; Ma, Y, 2017:
Public participation in coastal development applications: A comparison between Australia and China

van Ast, J A.; Gerrits, L, 2017:
Public participation, experts and expert knowledge in water management in the Netherlands

Girolomoni, G., 2017:
Public perception of dermatology and dermatologists: a very relevant but untapped issue

Cantuaria, M Lech; Brandt, Jørgen; Løfstrøm, P; Blanes-Vidal, V, 2017:
Public perception of rural environmental quality: Moving towards a multi-pollutant approach

Itaoka, K; Saito, A; Sasaki, K, 2017:
Public perception on hydrogen infrastructure in Japan: Influence of rollout of commercial fuel cell vehicles

Tvinnereim, E; Liu, X; Jamelske, E M., 2017:
Public perceptions of air pollution and climate change: different manifestations, similar causes, and concerns

Bellamy, R; Lezaun, J; Palmer, J, 2017:
Public perceptions of geoengineering research governance: An experimental deliberative approach

Green, K; Kukan, Z; Tully, R J., 2017:
Public perceptions of negging: lowering womens self-esteem to increase the males attractiveness and achieve sexual conquest

Farrugia, M Theresa, 2017:
Public perceptions on coastal erosion in the Maltese Islands: a case study of St Georges Bay (St Julians) and Pretty Bay (Birebbua)

Elola, A; Valdaliso, J M.; Franco, S; López, S M., 2017:
Public policies and cluster life cycles: insights from the Basque Country experience

Pinto-Correia, T; Azeda, C, 2017:
Public policies creating tensions in Montado management models: Insights from farmers representations

Potoglou, D; Dunkerley, F; Patil, S; Robinson, N, 2017:
Public preferences for internet surveillance, data retention and privacy enhancing services: Evidence from a pan-European study

Taufen Wessells, A, 2017:
Public reason and the planning academic

Sheikh, O.; Logan, G.; Azizi, M.; Sheikh, S.; Vempaty, S.; Hilmi, S.; Rahim, I.; Shorafa, M., 2017 :
Public recognition of oral and maxillofacial surgery: are the public missing out

Ngoran, S Derrick; Xue, X, 2017:
Public sector governance in Cameroon: A valuable opportunity or fatal aberration from the Kribi Campo integrated coastal management?

Steemers, J, 2017:
Public service broadcasting, childrens television, and market failure: The case of the United Kingdom

Ward, L; Anderson, M B.; Gilbertz, S J.; McEvoy, J; Hall, D M., 2017:
Public stealth and boundary objects: Coping with integrated water resource management and the post-political condition in Montanas portion of the Yellowstone River watershed

Rissman, A R.; Kohl, P A.; Wardropper, C B., 2017:
Public support for carrot, stick, and no-government water quality policies

Verbich, D; El-Geneidy, A, 2017:
Public transit fare structure and social vulnerability in Montreal, Canada

Rose, K M.; Toman, E; Olsen, C S., 2017:
Public use of information about smoke emissions: application of the risk information seeking and processing (RISP) model

Kim, J; Lim, S-Ye; Yoo, S-Hoon, 2017:
Public willingness to pay for restoring destroyed tidal flats and utilizing them as ecological resources in Korea

Lim, S-Ye; Kim, H-Jin; Yoo, S-Hoon, 2017:
Public's willingness to pay a premium for bioethanol in Korea: A contingent valuation study

Caldeira, P; Amaral, T; Santos, N, 2017:
Public-access defibrillation programs and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Portugal

Weill, A.; Rudant, J.; Coste, J., 2017:
Publications scientifiques utilisant les donnes de lAssurance maladie franaise (priode 2007 septembre 2016) : quel usage des bases de donnes mdico-administratives ?

Heckler, N, 2017:
Publicly Desired Color-Blindness: Whiteness as a Realized Public Value

Giaccari, A, 2017:
Publish and perish

Ferretti, F, 2017:
Publishing anarchism: Pyotr Kropotkin and British print cultures, 18761917

Johnson, A, 2017:
Pudricin del Cogollo and the (post-)neoliberal ecological fix in Ecuador's palm oil industry

Wu, A-Ping; Zhao, Y-Xuan; He, F-Fei; Wang, Y-Hong; Zhong, W, 2017:
Pueraria lobatais expanding and endangering in China ecosystems

Rodríguez-Guzmán, V Marie, 2017:
Puerto Rico se levanta: Resilience in times of disaster

Rao, D. Chaitanya Kumar; Karmakar, S; Som, S. K., 2017:
Puffing and Micro-Explosion Behavior in Combustion of Butanol/Jet A-1 and Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (A-B-E)/Jet A-1 Fuel Droplets

Yahaya Khan, M; Abdul Karim, Z. A.; Aziz, A. Rashid, A.; Heikal, M R.; Crua, C, 2017:
Puffing and Microexplosion Behavior of Water in Pure Diesel Emulsion Droplets During Leidenfrost Effect

Beduschi, T; Garcia, J; Sola, J; Tekin, A; Selvaggi, G; Fan, J; Nishida, S; Vianna, R, 2017:
Pull-Through of Transplanted Sigmoid as Part of Multivisceral Transplantation with Preservation of the Donor Inferior Mesenteric Artery for Hirschprungs Disease

Tavakolian, F; Farrokhabadi, A; Mirzaei, M, 2017:
Pull-in instability of double clamped microbeams under dispersion forces in the presence of thermal and residual stress effects using nonlocal elasticity theory

O’Flynn, I, 2017:
Pulling Together: Shared Intentions, Deliberative Democracy and Deeply Divided Societies

Foris, V.; Kovacs, G.; Olschewski, H., 2017:
Pulmonale Hypertonie

Zivanovic, S; Pushparajah, K; Calvert, S; Marlow, N; Razavi, R; Peacock, J L.; Greenough, A, 2017:
Pulmonary Artery Pressures in School-Age Children Born Prematurely

Myziuk, N.K.; Guerrero, T.M.; Castillo, E.; Solis, D.; Zhang, J.; Sakthivel, G.; Guerra, R., 2017:
Pulmonary Blood Mass Dynamics During Tidal Breathing Measured from 4DCT

Guihaire, J.; Deuse, T.; Wang, D.; Fadel, E.; Reichenspurner, H.; Robbins, R.C.; Schrepfer, S., 2017:
Pulmonary Hypertension: Macrophage Infiltration Corelates with Right Ventricular Remodeling in an Experimental Model of Pulmonary Hypertension

Gastaldi, R; Sicaud, Aélie; Gaudin, P; Baillet, A, 2017:
Pulmonary Pasteurellosis in a Patient Treated With Tocilizumab for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Evans, R A.; Steiner, M C., 2017:
Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Andrews, S M.; Deoghare, H V.; Mills, P K.; Van Gundy, K; Vempilly, J J.; Jain, V V., 2017:
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Maintenance Program May Prevent Accelerated FEV1 Decline in Patients With COPD

Ayin, C; Ayetey, J, 2017:
Pulmonary Tuberculosis Trends and Treatment Outcomes In The Gomoa West District,Ghana

Kooijman, E; Boddington, D; Webber, M; Swampillai, J; Heald, S; Allan, R; Gray, I; Stiles, M K, 2017:
Pulmonary Vein Isolation for AF in Patients Over 65 Years of Age Using the 2nd Generation Cryoballoon

Anita Tulshiramji Anokar…, 2017:
Pulmonary actinomycosis in a postlobectomy patientrare sequelae

Islam, M S.; Saha, S C.; Sauret, E; Gemci, T; Gu, Y.T., 2017:
Pulmonary aerosol transport and deposition analysis in upper 17 generations of the human respiratory tract

Glass, A; McCall, P; Arthur, A; Kinsella, J; Shelley, B, 2017:
Pulmonary artery wave intensity analysis following lung resection

Loth, D W.; Lahousse, L; Leening, M J.G.; Krijthe, B P.; Felix, J F.; Gall, H; Hofman, A; Ghofrani, H. Ardeschir; Franco, O H.; Stricker, B H.; Brusselle, G G., 2017:
Pulmonary function and diffusion capacity are associated with pulmonary arterial systolic pressure in the general population: The Rotterdam Study

Mii, S; Yasuda, K; Murayama, H, 2017:
Pulmonary haemodynamics in Fontan physiology after lobectomy in a patient with a single ventricle associated with pulmonary sequestration

Wang, Y; Zheng, W; Zhang, D; Zhang, L, 2017:
Pulsar profile denoising using kernel regression based on maximum correntropy criterion

Werner, R; Bollwein, B; Petersen, R; Tippmann, J; Becker, T, 2017:
Pulsatile Jet Cleaning of Filter Cloths Contaminated with Yeast Cells

Smyth, W. D.; Pham, H. T.; Moum, J. N.; Sarkar, S., 2017:
Pulsating turbulence in a marginally unstable stratified shear flow

Evseev, M. N.; Trubitsyn, V. P., 2017:
Pulsations and breaks of tails of thermal mantle plumes

Salim, A Aqeel; Bidin, N, 2017:
Pulse Q-switched Nd:YAG laser ablation grown cinnamon nanomorphologies: Influence of different liquid medium

Sivasakthi, P.; Premlatha, S.; Bapu, G.N.K. Ramesh; Chandrasekaran, M, 2017:
Pulse electrodeposited Ni-CeO 2 Gd doped nanocomposite on copper foam as an electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction

Zègre-Hemsey, J; Warner, R A., 2017:
Pulse oximetry parameters to augment detection of myocardial ischemia A feasibility study

Xin, S; Zeng, W; Wang, Y, 2017:
Pulse template establishment with the consideration of the directional error of pulsar

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Pulse trawling: Evaluating its impact on prey detection by small-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula)

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Pulse versus continuous peracetic acid applications: Effects on rainbow trout performance, biofilm formation and water quality

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Pulsed Acoustic Hydrogen Analyzers

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Pulsed TEA CO2 Laser Irradiation of Titanium in Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide Gases

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Pulsed dc Sputtered Nanocrystalline VN Coatings for Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors

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Pulsed field evaporation of ions from polar solutions

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Pulsed jets driven by two interacting cavitation bubbles produced at different times

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Pulsed laser deposition of PbTe under monopulse and multipulse regime

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Pulsed laser-deposited composite carbonglassceramic films with improved hardness

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Pulsed laser-induced liquid jet: evolution from shock/bubble interaction to neurosurgical application

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Pulsed light destruction kinetics of L. monocytogenes

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Pulsed shortwave therapy (PSWT) for acute bleed management in people with haemophilia. Semi-structured interviews to explore patient's views

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Pulsed shortwave therapy for patients with haemophilia a systematic review of the literature and national survey of physiotherapy departments

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Pulsed ultraviolet light decontamination of virus-laden airstreams

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Pulsed vacuum drying of rhizoma dioscoreae slices

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Pulsometric Analysis of the Functional State of Cardiovascular System in Humans

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Pumice attrition in an air-jet

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Pump, boiler, cell or turbine? Six mixed scenarios of energy futures in farms

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Pump-Downloaded Insulin Usage For The First 12 Months In A Cohort of Children Newly-Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)

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Pumped Thermal Energy Storage and Bottoming System Part B: Sensitivity analysis and baseline performance

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Pumped hydroelectric energy storage: Analysing global development and assessing potential applications in Turkey based on Vision 2023 hydroelectricity wind and solar energy targets

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Pumped storage power stations in China: The past, the present, and the future

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Pumpkin rootstock improves nitrogen use efficiency of watermelon scion by enhancing nutrient uptake, cytokinin content, and expression of nitrate reductase genes

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Pumpless Extracorporeal Support of the Preterm Infant: Bridging Fetal and Postnatal Physiology

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Punctate enhancement in a patient with neurosarcoidosis: a challenging radiological pattern

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Punctuated progradation of the Seven Mile Beach Holocene barrier system, southeastern Tasmania

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Punica granatumpeel: an organocatalyst for green and rapid synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2 (1H)-ones/thiones under solvent-free condition

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Punishing or subsidizing? Regulation analysis of sustainable fashion procurement strategies

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Punitive White Welfare Bureaucracies: Examining the Link between White Presence within Welfare Bureaucracies and Sanction Exits in the United States

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Pup-Associated Conditioned Place Preference Reaction and Maternal Care in Depressive WAG/Rij Rats

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Pupation behavior and larval and pupal biocontrol of Drosophila suzukii in the field

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Pupil dilation is sensitive to the cognate status of words: further evidence for non-selectivity in bilingual lexical access

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Pupil influence on the quality of vision in rotationally asymmetric multifocal IOLs with surface-embedded near segment

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Pupil participation and playground design: listening and responding to childrens views

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Pupillary block glaucoma secondary to central port occlusion following insertion of a phakic implantable copolymer lens

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Pure akinesia with gait freezing-postmortem pathological study and pet for two patients

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Pure and mixed litters of Sphagnum and Carex exhibit a home-field advantage in Boreal peatlands

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Pure carbon-number components to characterize the hydrocarbon mixture for kinetic modeling of hydrogenation process

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Pure endmember extraction using robust kernel archetypoid analysis for hyperspectral imagery

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Pure hydrogen from lighter fractions of bio-oil by steam-iron process: Effect of composition of bio-oil, temperature and number of cycles

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Pure oxygen fixed-bed gasification of wood under high temperature (>1000C) freeboard conditions

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Pure quasi-P wave equation and numerical solution in 3D TTI media

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Pure red upconversion emission from CaF2:Yb3+/Eu3+

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Pure space steric hindrance effect on intramolecular proton transfer in excited state and photophysics of conjugated new dyes under near-IR laser irradiation

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Pure white organic light-emitting devices with excellent color stability using a non-doped 4-aryloxy-1,8-naphthalimide derivative

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Purification and assembling a fused capsid protein as an enterovirus 71 vaccine candidate from inclusion bodies to pentamer-based nanoparticles

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Purification and characterisation of soluble acid invertase from mango fruits

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Purification and characterization of an antiviral protein from prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Miller) cladode

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Purification and characterization of chalcone isomerase from fresh-cut Chinese water-chestnut

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Purification and characterization of dextransucrase from Weissella cibaria RBA12 and its application in in vitro synthesis of prebiotic oligosaccharides in mango and pineapple juices

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Purification and characterization of two novel angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides derived from R-phycoerythrin of red algae (Bangia fusco-purpurea)

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Purification and concentration of RNA polymerase on Ni-lipid monolayers

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Purification and identification of an angiotensin I-converting enzyme-inhibitory peptide fromArgopecten irradiansmantle enzymatic hydrolysate

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Purification and molecular docking study of angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides from hydrolysates of marine sponge Stylotella aurantium

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Purification of juices obtained with innovative pulsed electric field and alkaline pressing of sugar beet tissue

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Purification of liquid xenon with the spark discharge technique for use in two-phase emission detectors

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Purification of metallurgical-grade silicon using zirconium as an impurity getter

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Purification of proteinDNA complexes by native gel electrophoresis for electron microscopy study

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Purification of sclareol by supercritical CO2 fractionation process

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Purification of urinary extracellular vesicles for uro-oncological biomarker studies using an iodixanol (Optiprep) density gradient

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Purification, characterization and bioactivity determination of a novel polysaccharide from pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) seeds

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Purification, characterization and gene analysis of a new α-glucosidase fromshiraiasp. SUPER-H168

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Purification, characterization, and complement fixation activity of acidic polysaccharides from Tuber sinoaestivum

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Purification, isolation, crystallization, and preliminary X-ray diffraction study of the BTB domain of the centrosomal protein 190 from Drosophila melanogaster

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Purification, modification and inhibition mechanism of angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptide from silkworm pupa (Bombyx mori) protein hydrolysate

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Purifying a Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Stream by Removing Rainbow Trout and Hybrids via Electrofishing

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Purported latest bone of a plated dinosaur (Ornithischia: Stegosauria), a "dermal plate" from the Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) of southern India

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Purpose, policy, and practice: Intent and reality for on-ground management and outcomes of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

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Purpose, preferences and fuel value index of trees used for firewood in El Ocote Biosphere Reserve, Chiapas, Mexico

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Purpura pigmentosa progressiva

Bigford, T E., 2017:
Pursuing Opportunities as an AFS Liaison

de Boer, J; Aiking, H, 2017:
Pursuing a Low Meat Diet to Improve Both Health and Sustainability: How Can We Use the Frames that Shape Our Meals?

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Pursuing an evader through cooperative relaying in multi-agent surveillance networks

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Pursuing complete and stable steam reforming of n-dodecane over nickel catalysts at low temperature and high LHSV

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Pursuit-Evasion Games of High Speed Evader

Orilski, J; Wohnlich, S, 2017:
Push-Pull-Tests in einer isolierten Einzelkluft – Geländeversuche und numerische Modellierung; Push-pull tests in an isolated single fracture – field tests and numerical modeling;

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Push-off apparent time delay based on COP trajectory of gait

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Pushed and pulled fronts in a discrete reactiondiffusion equation

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Pushed to the margins of the city: The urban night as a timespace of protest at Nuit Debout, Paris

Bethany Cooper,Lin Crase,Darryl Maybery, 2017:
Pushing the Governance Boundaries: Making Transparent the Role of Water Utilities in Managing Urban Waterways

Chance, L, 2017:
Pushing the Limits with Cacti and Succulents in Cold Climates #24

Chance, L, 2017:
Pushing the Limits with Cacti and Succulents in Cold Climates #25

Chance, L, 2017:
Pushing the Limits with Cacti and Succulents in Cold Climates #26

Chance, L, 2017:
Pushing the Limits with Cacti and Succulents in Cold Climates #27

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Pushpull isomeric chromophores with vinyl- and divinylquinoxaline-2-one units as -electron bridge: Synthesis, photophysical, thermal and electro-chemical properties

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Pushpull type manganese(III)corroles: Synthesis, electronic structures and tunable interactions with ctDNA

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Pustulose du cuir chevelu avec alopcie induite par les anti-EGFR (afatinib), un effet indsirable rare

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Put down that smartphone and read to me!

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Put down the phone, pick up your feet: The importance of physical activity for young people

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Putative 3-nitrotyrosine detoxifying genes identified in the yeast Debaryomyces hansenii : In silico search of regulatory sequences responsive to salt and nitrogen stress

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Putative Host Volatiles Used byHabrobracon hebetor(Hymenoptera: Braconidae) to Locate Larvae ofPlodia interpunctella(Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Putative orthologs ofUstilago maydiseffectors screened from the genome of sugarcane smut fungus -Sporisorium scitamineum

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Putative pathogenicity genes ofPhytophthora cinnamomiidentified via RNA-Seq analysis of pre-infection structures

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Putative pheromone biosynthesis pathway in Maruca vitrata by transcriptomic analysis

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Putting It Into Context: Creating a Self-Report Measure of Big Picture Appraisal

Thomas, S P., 2017:
Putting Mental Health Above AllLiterally

Han, J; Long, H; Pang, W, 2017:
Putting Raters in Ratees Shoes: Perspective Taking and Assessment of Creative Products

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Putting Words to the Experience: An Italian Group Intervention for Children of Separated Parents

Violand, M, 2017:
Putting a Healthy Foot Forward

Nordvik, V; Osland, L, 2017:
Putting a price on your neighbour

Heintz, S, 2017:
Putting a spotlight on daily humor behaviors: Dimensionality and relationships with personality, subjective well-being, and humor styles

Lanyado, M, 2017:
Putting down roots: the significance of technical adaptations in the therapeutic process with fostered and adopted children

Hans Volkert, 2017:
Putting faces to names: Snapshots of two committee meetings, 95 years apart, emphasize continuous international cooperation in the atmospheric sciences

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Putting flesh on the bones

Gregory, K J., 2017:
Putting physical environments in their place: The next chapter?

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Putting social license to operate on the map: A social, actuarial and political risk and licensing model (SAP Model)

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Putting sustainability theory into roadway design practice: Implementation of LCA and LCCA analysis for pavement type selection in real world decision making

Davies, C, 2017:
Putting technology in the hands of learners: perspectives on formal educations initiatives around one-to-one digital technologies

O'Riordan, T; McGowan, A, 2017:
Putting the Paris Agreement to the Test

Fellowes, S, 2017:
Putting the Present in the History of Autism

Papaoikonomou, E; Ginieis, Mías, 2017:
Putting the farmers face on food: governance and the producerconsumer relationship in local food systems

van Bergen, G; Flecken, M, 2017:
Putting things in new places: Linguistic experience modulates the predictive power of placement verb semantics

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Puzzle of the role for the MTHFR C. 677C>T variant and C. 1298A>C in cardiovascular diseases

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Pycnogonida (Arthropoda) from the Abrolhos Archipelago, Brazil, including a new species ofCallipalleneFlynn, 1929

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Pycroscopy - An Open Source Approach to Microscopy and Microanalysis in the Age of Big Data and Open Science

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Pyoderma Gangrnosum : propos de 14 cas

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Pyoderma gangrenosum after breast reconstruction surgery

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Pyoderma gangrenosum granulomateux mutilant du pnis. Attention la pathergie !

Vaysse-vic, M.; Mathieu, P.-A.; Charissoux, A.; Charissoux, J.-L.; Marcheix, P.-S., 2017:
Pyoderma gangrenosum ou fasciite ncrosante ? propos dun cas derrance diagnostique et thrapeutique

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Pyoderma gangrenosum-like Scedosporium apiospermum

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Pyogenic Liver Abscess

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Pyramid Screening: Combining Three Genetic Screens into One Efficient Screen for Shoot Regeneration Mutants inArabidopsis thaliana

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Pyramiding of three C4specific genes towards yield enhancement in rice

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Pyrazinium iodoargentate with versatile photo- and thermo-chromism

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Pyrazole cleavage of tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)borate with Ruthenium(II) complexes: Synthesis, structural characterization and DFT studies

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Pyrene derivatives as broadband nonlinear optical material: Magnitude and mechanism of transient refraction

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Pyrenyl benzimidazole-isoquinolinones: Aggregation-induced emission enhancement property and application as TNT fluorescent sensor

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Pyrethrin accumulation in elicited hairy root cultures ofChrysanthemum cinerariaefolium

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Pyrethroids levels in paddy field water under Mediterranean conditions: measurements and distribution modelling

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Pyridineimdamide derivatives - Efficient zinc(II) extractants

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Pyridoxine dependent epilepsy with aldh7a1 mutation: A case report with rare homozygous pathogenic variant in a 21-year old Hong Kong patient

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Pyridoxine dependent seizures in a hypoxic ischemic neonate caused by birth trauma

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Pyridylthioether-hydroxycoumarin Schiff base as selective Zn 2+ fluorescence sensor, application in life cell imaging and uses of resulting complex as secondary probe for ATP sensing

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Pyrimidine-bridged organoalkoxysilane membrane for high-efficiency CO2 transport via mild affinity

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Pyriproxyfen inhibits the suppressive effect of inflammatory signal on TR4 activity

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Pyrite Re-Os isotope systematics at the Zijinshan deposit of SW Fujian, China: Constraints on the timing and source of Cu-Au mineralization

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Pyrite in a sulfate-poor Paleoarchean basin was derived predominantly from elemental sulfur: Evidence from 3.2 Ga sediments in the Barberton Greenstone Belt, Kaapvaal Craton

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Pyrite oxidation in air-equilibrated solutions: An electrochemical study

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Pyrite-Pyrrhotite Stability in a Metamorphic Aureole: Implications for Orogenic Gold Genesis

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Pyritization of dinoflagellate cysts: A case study from the Polish Middle Jurassic (Bathonian)

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Pyrogenic carbon distribution in mineral topsoils of the northeastern United States

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Pyrogenic dynamics of vegetation cover and bird population in a mountain taiga landscape (A case study at the Bureya mountains)

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Pyrogenic temperature affects the particle size of biochar-supported nanoscaled zero valent iron (nZVI) and its silver removal capacity

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Pyrogenic transformation of tundra soils: Laboratory simulation

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Pyrolysis Behavior of the Black Liquor Derived from SodaAnthraquinone and SodaOxygen Pulping of Rice Straw at Different Reaction End Points

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Pyrolysis Characteristic and kinetics of Polyvinylidene fluoride with and without Pine Sawdust

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Pyrolysis Model for Predicting the Heat Release Rate of Birch Wood

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Pyrolysis behavior of thermally thick wood particles: Time-resolved characterization with laser based in-situ diagnostics

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Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of microalgal Aurantiochytrium sp. KRS101

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Pyrolysis in auger reactors for biochar and bio-oil production: A review

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Pyrolysis mechanisms of typical seaweed polysaccharides

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Pyrolysis model for a carbon fiber/epoxy structural aerospace composite

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Pyrolysis of Asphaltenes in Subcritical and Supercritical Water: Influence of H-Donation from Hydrocarbon Surroundings

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Pyrolysis of commingled waste textile fibers in a batch reactor: Analysis of the pyrolysis gases and solid product

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Pyrolysis process using a bench scale high pressure thermobalance

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Pyrolysis, combustion and gasification studies of different sized coal particles using TGA-MS

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Pyrolytic degradation of polyethylene in autoclave under high pressure to obtain fuel

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Pyrolytic toluene conversion to benzene and coke over activated carbon in a fixed-bed reactor

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Pyrometallurgical recycling of electric arc furnace dust

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Pyrosequencing reveals bacterial communities and enzyme activities differences after application of novel chiral insecticide Paichongding in aerobic soils

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Pyroxenite veins in spinel peridotites of the Unnavayam sheet, Kuyul ophiolite terrane (Koryak Upland): Origin and setting of formation

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Pyrrhic victory for bark beetles: Successful standing tree colonization triggers strong intraspecific competition for offspring of Ips sexdentatus

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Pythium leak control in potato using aqueous and organic extracts from the brown alga Sargassum vulgare (C. Agardh, 1820)

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Ppulas agrupadas en un brazo

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Ppulas agrupadas en un brazo. Diagnstico y comentario

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Ppulas brillantes en la pared abdominal

Lobos, P; Cullen, R; Sázunic, I, 2017:
Ppulas brillantes en la pared abdominal. Diagnstico y comentario

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Ppulas hiperqueratsicas hereditarias

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Ppulas umbilicadas en un varn adulto joven: cul es su diagnstico? Diagnstico y comentario

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Pnurie vaccinale nationale et impact ngatif sur le 3 e rappel anti-coquelucheux de ladolescent

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Priartrite noueuse cutane du sujet jeune : penser la gntique

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Pritonite Candida utilis : une pathologie sous-estime due une levure non pathogne

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PTtime-isotopic evolution of coesite-bearing eclogites: Implications for exhumation processes in SW Tianshan

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Q&A Ashley Spindler

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Q&A Marek Kukula

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Q&A Stacey Habergham

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Q&A with Photographer Paul Vecsei

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Q&A: An Interview With Ecuador's Minister of Hydrocarbons Carlos Perez Garcia

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Q&A: Colin Black: A Passion for Energy Education

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Q-compensated beam migration with multiscale Gabor transform

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Q-switched mode-locking and continuous-wave mode-locking operation in a short-cavity erbium-doped fiber laser

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Qfactor enhancement of Si resonator by nonlinear damping

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Qibai Pingfei capsule medicated serum inhibits the proliferation of hypoxia-induced pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells via the Ca 2+ /calcineurin/nuclear factor of activated T-cells 3 pathway

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QoS constrained power minimization in the MISO broadcast channel with imperfect CSI

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Quadratic Electro-Optic Effect and Electro Absorption Process of Multi-layer Spherical Quantum Dot Enhanced by Metal Nanoparticle

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Quadratic grating apodized photon sieves for simultaneous multiplane microscopy

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Quadratic recursive convolution (QRC) in dispersive media simulation of finite-difference time-domain (FDTD)

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Quadratus Lumborum Block Versus Transversus Abdominis Plane Block for Postoperative Pain After Cesarean Delivery

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Quadriceps Muscle Strength Recovers Faster Than Hamstring Strength After Acl Reconstruction With Hamstring Tendon Autograft

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Quadriceps/Hamstrings co-activation during gait in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

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Quadrotor Sensor Fault Diagnosis with Experimental Results

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Quadruple Repair Technique for Acromioclavicular Dislocation

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Qualification dautomates de laboratoire pour le contrle physico-chimique des poches de nutrition parentrale pdiatrique

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Qualified voting systems

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Qualitative Comparative Analysis of cities that introduced compressed natural gas to their urban bus fleet

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Qualitative Evaluation of the Composition of Refluxate by 24-Hour Multichannel Esophageal Intraluminal Impedance and pH-Monitoring and its Relationship to Extraesophageal Reflux Disease

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Qualitative Research on Observations of a Middle School Students Conceptual Understanding of Algebraic Expressions :; ;

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Qualitative Study of Spirituality in End-of-Life Care for Elderly Men Living Alone: Perspective of Care Managers

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Qualitative analysis of coping strategies of cyclone disaster in coastal area of Bangladesh

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Qualitative analysis of the minimum flow rate of a cone-jet of a very polar liquid

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Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence on the True Local Welfare Costs of Forest Conservation in Madagascar: Are Discrete Choice Experiments a Valid ex ante Tool?

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Qualitative and quantitative analysis of peanut adulteration in almond powder samples using multi-elemental fingerprinting combined with multivariate data analysis methods

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Qualitative and quantitative characterization of a transitional shale reservoir: A case study from the Upper Carboniferous Taiyuan shale in the eastern uplift of Liaohe Depression, China

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Qualitative approach to determine user experience of e-government services

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Qualitative assessment of PMIP3 rainfall simulations across the eastern African monsoon domains during the mid-Holocene and the Last Glacial Maximum

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Qualitative determination of energy potential and methane generation from municipal solid waste (MSW) in Dhanbad (India)

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Qualitative evaluation of home therapy administration of enzymatic treatment for patients with Gaucher and Fabry disease in the Comunitat Valenciana in Spain: point of view of patients and health care professionals

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Qualitative methods and public policy

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Qualitative methods for VOC detection in condensed hookah tobacco and steam stone smoke

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Qualitative modelling of functional relationships in marine benthic communities

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Qualitative participatory evaluation of a psychosocial rehabilitation program for individuals with severe mental illness

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Qualitative study of welcome houses: a recent initiative designed to improve retention in therapeutic communities

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Qualitative systematic literature review: the experience of being in seclusion for adults with mental health difficulties

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Quality Assurance Tests for 3D Printed Bolus Used in Radiation Therapy

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Quality Improvement Initiatives in Colorectal Surgery

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Quality Improvement Project: Workflow, Standardization and Data Validation of Comorbidity Index at a Small to Medium Volume Transplant Center

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Quality Improvement and Safety in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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Quality Improvement in Clinical Nutrition

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Quality Improvement in University Counseling Centers

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Quality Information and Procurement Auction Outcomes: Evidence from a Payment for Ecosystem Services Laboratory Experiment

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Quality Upgrades of EU Agri-Food Exports

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Quality analysis and microencapsulation of chili seed oil by spray drying with starch sodium octenylsuccinate and maltodextrin

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Quality and biochemical changes of Hindi-Besennara mangoes during shelf life as affected by chitosan, trans -resveratrol and glycine betaine postharvest dipping

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Quality and quantity in the innovation process of firms: a statistical approach

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Quality and safety of Sterculia murex, a scientifically unknown nut from Southern Africa

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Quality assessment and forecast sensitivity of global remote sensing observations

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Quality assurance for next generation sequencing

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Quality attributes of set-style skimmed yoghurt affected by the addition of a cross-linked bovine gelatin

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Quality attributes of whole-wheat flour tortillas with sprouted whole-wheat flour substitution

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Quality carbon fibers from fractionated lignin

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Quality changes in high pressure processed cod, salmon and mackerel during storage

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Quality changes of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) in syrup due to thermal and high pressure processes

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Quality characteristics of common wheat fresh noodle with insoluble dietary fiber from kimchi by-product

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Quality competition and hospital mergers-An experiment

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Quality control for coal combustion products in South Korea through assessed pozzolanic-activity index with long-term property tests

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Quality control of cashew apple and guava nectar by near infrared spectroscopy

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Quality evaluation of mutton nuggets incorporated with optimized level of flaxseed flour

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Quality evaluation of watermelon using laser-induced backscattering imaging during storage

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Quality improvement for critical care: improving staff engagement in the provision and completion of patient diaries to assist psychological recovery

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Quality improvement of rainbow trout fillets by whey protein isolate coatings containing electrospun poly(-caprolactone) nanofibers with Urtica dioica L. extract during storage

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Quality improvement of recycled aggregates using the acid treatment method and the strength characteristics of the resulting mortar

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Quality of Bowel Preparation does not Affect Outcome of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for the Therapy Clostridium Difficile Infection

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Quality of Erections After Completing A 5 Sessions of Li-ESWT

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Quality of Intraoperative Transfusions: Blood Salvage vs Allogeneic Transfusions

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Quality of Life After I-125 Seeds Implantation in Patients with Advanced Malignant Tumor

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Quality of Life Among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus at King Abdulaziz University Hospital in Saudi Arabia

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Quality of Life Assessment Following Adult Maxillomandibular Advancement for Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Long Term Follow-up

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Quality of Life after Resection of Benign Neoplasm: Comparison of Interim and Longitudinal Experiences

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Quality of Life and Functional Capacity Assessment in the Multicenter Study of Maglev Technology in Patients Undergoing Mechanical Circulatory Support Therapy with Heartmate 3(Momentum 3) Pivotal Trial

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Quality of Life in Patients Who Underwent Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy, 125 I Brachytherapy, and Combined 125 I Brachytherapy Plus Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

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Quality of Life in Patients with Kidney Transplantation in Czech Republic

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Quality of Relationship with Parents and Emotional Autonomy as Predictors of Self Concept and Loneliness in Adolescents with Learning Disabilities: The Moderating Role of the Relationship with Teachers

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Quality of Reporting of Radiation Therapy in Randomized Controlled Trials in Prostate Cancer

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Quality of Sleep in Caregivers of Service Members and Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury

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Quality of Systematic Reviews of Word Retrieval Treatments in Aphasia

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Quality of care of children with symptomatic epilepsy with lissencephaly

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Quality of citizen science data and its consequences for the conservation of skipper butterflies (Hesperiidae) in Flanders (northern Belgium)

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Quality of family planning counseling and the ability to realize fertility intentions in Tanzania

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Quality of life among U.S. Army spouses during the Iraq war

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Quality of life among young women with breast cancer: evidence from India

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Quality of life and depression in polycystic ovary syndrome

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Quality of life and oncological outcomes 4 years after salvage brachytherapy for locally recurrent prostate cancer after external beam radiotherapy in Lithuania (National Cancer Institute data)

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Quality of life and related factors in elderly people who live alone

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Family of origin and educational inequalities in mortality: Results from 1.7 million Swedish siblings

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Quality of life improvement in a heart failure clinical program vs. Conventional management in a specialized clinic in colombia

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Quality of life in head and neck cancer survivors treated with radiotherapy

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Quality of life in healthy siblings of patients with first episode of psychotic illness and its predictors

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Quand demander une VO2 max ?

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Quantification of Uncertainty in Creep Failure of RF-MEMS Switches

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Quantification of gold(III) in solution and with a test stripe via the quenching of the fluorescence of molybdenum disulfide quantum dots

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Quantification of landscape transformation due to the Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLRP) in Zimbabwe using remotely sensed data

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Quantification of table olives' acid, bitter and salty tastes using potentiometric electronic tongue fingerprints

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Quantification of the Attenuation of Storm Surge Components by a Coastal Wetland of the US Mid Atlantic

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Quantification of the influence of parameters determining radiative heat transfer in an oxy-fuel operated boiler

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Quantification of the influence of particle diameter on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) formation in fluidized bed biomass pyrolysis

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Quantification of the specific yield in a two-layer hard-rock aquifer model

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Quantification of the spectral coupling of atmosphere and photovoltaic system performance: Indexes, methods and impact on energy harvesting

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Quantification of the torrefaction effects on the grindability and the hygroscopicity of wood chips

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Quantification system of Parkinsons disease

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Quantification the impacts of climate change and crop management on phenology of maize-based cropping system in Punjab, Pakistan

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Quantifying Economic Dependency

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Quantifying Elements in Arctic Grayling and Bull Trout in the South Nahanni River Watershed, Northwest Territories, Using Nonlethal Tissue Samples

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Quantifying Local Structure of Complex Oxides Using Accurate and Precise Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

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Quantifying Market and Non-market Benefits and Costs of Hydraulic Fracturing in the United States: A Summary of the Literature

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Quantifying Potential Radiation Exposure in Real Life Endovascular Cases Implications for Practice

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Quantifying Protein and Lipid Accumulation at Sites of Membrane Curvature

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Quantifying Regional Body Wave Attenuation in a Seismic Prone Zone of Northeast India

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Quantifying Spatial Variation in Ecosystem Services Demand: A Global Mapping Approach

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Quantifying Whitewater Recreation Opportunities in Cataract Canyon of the Colorado River, Utah: Aggregating Acceptable Flows and Hydrologic Data to Identify Boatable Days

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Quantifying and Predicting Benefit from Pediatric Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Severe Constipation and Fecal Incontinence

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Quantifying and correcting the effects of anisotropy in XANES measurements of chromium valence in olivine: Implications for a new olivine oxybarometer

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Quantifying and mapping embodied environmental requirements of urban building stocks

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Quantifying and reducing the differences in forest CO 2 -fluxes estimated by eddy covariance, biometric and chamber methods: A global synthesis

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Quantifying climatic variability in monsoonal northern China over the last 2200 years and its role in driving Chinese dynastic changes

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Quantifying cosmetic results after breast-conserving therapy. Were talking about the same thing?

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Quantifying demand flexibility based on structural thermal storage and comfort management of non-residential buildings: A comparison between hot and cold climate zones

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Quantifying economic risk in photovoltaic power projects

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Quantifying food web interactions in the North Pacific a data-based approach

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Quantifying frazil production, transport and deposition in a gravel-bed river: Case study of the St. Raymond hanging dam

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Quantifying habitat benefits of channel reconfigurations on a highly regulated river system, Lower Missouri River, USA

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Quantifying how acquired interactions with native and invasive insects influence population growth rates of a non-indigenous plant

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Quantifying impact reduction due to avoidance, minimization and restoration for a natural gas pipeline in the Peruvian Andes

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Quantifying indirect groundwater-mediated effects of urbanization on agroecosystem productivity using MODFLOW-AgroIBIS (MAGI), a complete critical zone model

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Quantifying interference of krypton produced from neutron irradiation of inclusion-hosted and lattice-coordinated bromine with 40 Ar/ 39 Ar geochronology

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Quantifying land-use change impacts on the dynamic evolution of flood vulnerability

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Quantifying mental arousal levels in daily living using additional heart rate

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Quantifying post-fire fallen trees using multi-temporal lidar

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Quantifying predation on Baltic cod early life stages

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Quantifying primary and secondary source contributions to ultrafine particles in the UK urban background

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Quantifying rapid spatial and temporal variations of CO2fluxes from small, lowland freshwater ponds

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Quantifying remaining oil saturation using time-lapse seismic amplitude changes at fluid contacts

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Quantifying representative elementary volume of connectivity for translucent granular materials by light transmission micro-tomography

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Quantifying right atrial filling and emptying: A 4D-flow MRI study

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Quantifying risk to agriculture from volcanic ashfall: a case study from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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Quantifying sensitive soil quality indicators across contrasting long-term land management systems: Crop rotations and nutrient regimes

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Quantifying social complexity

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Quantifying solvation energies at solid/liquid interfaces using continuum solvation methods

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Quantifying spatial groundwater dependence in peatlands through a distributed isotope mass balance approach

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Quantifying stand structural complexity and its relationship with forest management, tree species diversity and microclimate

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Quantifying streambed advection and conduction heat fluxes

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Quantifying suspended sediment concentration in subglacial sediment plumes discharging from two Svalbard tidewater glaciers using Landsat-8 and in situ measurements

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Quantifying sustainable strategies for the construction of highway pavements in Illinois

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Quantifying temporal variation in heterobranch (Mollusca: Gastropoda) sea slug assemblages: tests of alternate models

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Quantifying the Accuracy of Heart Failure Decompensation Classification Using Wearable Seismocardiography and Graph Mining Algorithms

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Quantifying the EddyJet Feedback Strength of the Annular Mode in an Idealized GCM and Reanalysis Data

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Quantifying the Impact of Additional Laboratory Tests on the Quality of a Geomechanical Model

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Quantifying the Relationship between Monovalent Cation Size and Lipid Domain Formation in Anionic-Zwitterionic Mixed Lipid Bilayers

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Quantifying the Snowfall Detection Performance of the GPM Microwave Imager Channels over Land

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Quantifying the Trade-off Between Improved Glycemic Control and Severe Hypoglycemia Risk in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes: A Health Economic Analysis in the Uk

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Quantifying the benefits of continuous replenishment program for partner evaluation

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Quantifying the bias in density estimated from distance sampling and camera trapping of unmarked individuals

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Quantifying the co-impacts of energy sector decarbonisation on outdoor air pollution in the United Kingdom

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Quantifying the consistency and rheology of liquid foods using fractional calculus

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Quantifying the cool island effects of urban green spaces using remote sensing Data

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Quantifying the distribution of tracer discharge from boreal catchments under transient flow using the kinematic pathway approach

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Quantifying the economic cost of children: a note on intertemporal equivalence scales

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Quantifying the economic efficiency impact of inaccurate renewable energy price forecasts

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Quantifying the effect of diagenetic recrystallization on the Mg isotopic composition of marine carbonates

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Quantifying the effect of elevation and aspect on fire return intervals in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

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Quantifying the effect of vessel interference on catch rates: A theoretical approach

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Quantifying the effect of vortex generator installation on wind power production: An academia-industry case study

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Quantifying the effectiveness of ecological restoration projects on long-term vegetation dynamics in the karst regions of Southwest China

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Quantifying the effectiveness of impaction by using physical objects as a method for mitigating accidental releases of liquid ammonia and sulfur dioxide

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Quantifying the effects of an invasive thief ant on the reproductive success of rare Hawaiian picture-winged flies

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Quantifying the effects of land use and climate on Holocene vegetation in Europe

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Quantifying the environmental impacts of increasing high occupancy vehicle lanes in the United States

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Quantifying the expected value of uncertain management choices for over-abundant Greylag Geese

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Quantifying the extent of niche areas in the global fleet of commercial ships: the potential for super-hot spots of biofouling

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Quantifying the extent to which farmers can influence biodiversity on their farms

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Quantifying the extremity of windstorms for regions featuring infrequent events

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Quantifying the impact of a succession of freezing-thawing cycles on the pore network of a silty clay loam and a loamy sand topsoil using X-ray tomography

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Quantifying the impact of crop protection practices on pesticide use in wine-growing systems

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Quantifying the impact of early calcite cementation on the reservoir quality of carbonate rocks: A 3D process-based model

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Quantifying the impact of urban wind sheltering on the building energy consumption

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Quantifying the impacts of vegetation changes on catchment storage-discharge dynamics using paired-catchment data

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Quantifying the increase in lateral capacity of monopiles in sand due to cyclic loading

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Quantifying the local influence at a tall tower site in nocturnal conditions

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Quantifying the measurement uncertainty of the nopaline synthase terminator in mixed samples of genetically modified rice using a bottom-up approach

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Quantifying the mediating effect of body mass index on the association between hysterectomy status and incident diabetes in a mid-aged cohort of Australian women

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Quantifying the need and potential of assisted migration

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Quantifying the net cost of a carbon price floor in Germany

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Quantifying the potential for recoverable resources of gallium, germanium and antimony as companion metals in Australia

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Quantifying the predatory effect of round goby on Saginaw Bay dreissenids

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Quantifying the relative availability of high-tech by-product metals The cases of gallium, germanium and indium

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Quantifying the rise of the Himalaya orogen and implications for the South Asian monsoon

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Quantifying the social costs of nuclear energy: Perceived risk of accident at nuclear power plants

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Quantifying the spatial and temporal relationship between air and land surface temperatures of different land-cover types in Southeastern China

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Quantifying the stability of planktic foraminiferal physical niches between the Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum

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Quantifying the supplier-portfolio diversity of embodied energy: Strategic implications for strengthening energy resilience

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Quantifying the sustainability of urban growth and form through time: An algorithmic analysis of a city's development

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Quantifying the uncertainties of China's emission inventory for industrial sources: From national to provincial and city scales

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Quantifying the water-power linkage on hydrothermal power systems: A Greek case study

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Quantifying time-series of leaf morphology using 2D and 3D photogrammetry methods for high-throughput plant phenotyping

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Quantifying uncertainties from additional nitrogen data and processes in a terrestrial ecosystem model with Bayesian probabilistic inversion

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Quantifying uncertainties in fault slip distribution during the Thoku tsunami using polynomial chaos

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Quantifying uncertainty about forest recovery 32-years after selective logging in Suriname

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Quantifying uncertainty of a reacting multiphase flow in a bench-scale fluidized bed gasifier: A Bayesian approach

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Quantifying variation in intramuscular fat infiltration in patients with rotator cuff tears

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Quantifying wall turbulence via a symmetry approach: a Lie group theory

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Quantile causality between gold commodity and gold stock prices

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Quantile house price indices in Beijing

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Quantile regression forecasts of inflation under model uncertainty

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Quantitation of Malarial parasitemia in Giemsa stained thin blood smears using Six Sigma threshold as preprocessor

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Quantitation of ascorbic acid inArabidopsis thalianareveals distinct differences between organs and growth phases

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Quantitation of capsaicinoids in different chilies from Austria by a novel UHPLC method

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Quantitation of β-galactosidase and E. coli through electrochemical oxidation of glucose on CuO/Cu 2 O/Ppy paper electrode

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Quantitative 3D Information of Supported Pd/CMK-3 Catalysts at the Nanoscale

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Quantitative 3D spatial characterization and flow simulation of coal macropores based on CT technology

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Quantitative Analysis and Development of the Fore Feet of Arabian Foals from Birth to 1 Year of Age

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Quantitative Analysis and Modeling of Translation using Ribosome Profiling Data: How Biophysical Properties of the Ribosome Exit Tunnel and the Nascent Polypeptide Modulate the Elongation Rate

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Quantitative Analysis of Flavonoids in Chamomile Flowers (Matricaria chamomilla L.) by Microcolumn HPLC-UV

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Quantitative Analysis of Hydrogen Site and Occupancy in a Deep-Earth Hydrous Mineral by Time-of-Flight Single Crystal Laue Neutron Diffraction

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Quantitative Analysis of Membrane Protein Clustering from Live-Cell, Single-Molecule Super-Resolution Microscopy Data

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Quantitative Analysis of Seismicity in Iran

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Quantitative Analysis of X-ray Fluorescence Absorption and Emission for Thickness Determination of ALD-Grown Metal and Oxide Nanoscaled Films

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Quantitative Analysis of the Microbiota of Periodontal Pockets and Saliva by Real-Time PCR before and after Treatment of Periodontitis

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Quantitative Aspects of 3D Chemical Tomography in the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

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Quantitative Assessment of the Degree of Degenerative Change in Intervertebral Disks Using Diffusion-weighted Images

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Quantitative Cartilage Thickness Change Preceding Surgical and Virtual Knee Replacement Status Comparative Analysis Using Data From the OAI

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Quantitative Characteristics of Nanoscale Pores in Gas-Bearing Volcanic Rocks of the Yingcheng Formation in the Songnan Gas Field

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Quantitative Combinatorial Geometry for Continuous Parameters

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Quantitative Detection of SPARC Gene Promoter Methylation in Pancreatic Cancer

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Quantitative Determination of Mycophenolic Acid in Human Blood Plasma by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass-Spectrometric Detection

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Quantitative Determination of Total Anthraquinone Glycosides in Cassia Syrup Preparation

Kopytko, Y. F., 2017:
Quantitative Determination of Total Carbohydrates (Recalculated for Fructose After Conversion to Furans) in Burdock Juice

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Quantitative EEG may help differentiating bipolar disorder at old age from frontotemporal dementia

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Quantitative Effect of Magnetic Field Strength on PEGylated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

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Quantitative Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) Analysis of Flowable CVD Oxide for Shallow Trench Isolation of finFET Integration

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Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis of Fe at Low Accelerating Voltage Using the Lα and Lβ X-ray Lines

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Quantitative Estimates of Normalized Transmissivity and the Onset of Nonlinear Fluid Flow Through Rough Rock Fractures

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Quantitative GTPase Affinity Purification Identifies Rho Family Protein Interaction Partners

Silouanos Brazitikos, 2017:
Quantitative Helly-Type Theorem for the Diameter of Convex Sets

Barnaby, R J., 2017:
Quantitative Image Analysis For Geologic Core Description

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Quantitative Mapping of Strain, Polarization, and Octahedral Distortion at unit cell resolution by Scanning Electron Diffraction

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Quantitative Measurement of Atomic Potassium in Plumes over Burning Solid Fuels Using Infrared-Diode Laser Spectroscopy

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Quantitative Measurement of Cartilage Volume is Possible Using Two-Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Sets

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Quantitative NMR Analysis of Concurrent Phosphorylation Events and Phosphorylation-Related Structural Changes in Unstructured Cytoplasmic Domain of T-Cell Receptor CD3 Subunit

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Quantitative OH measurements and numerical investigation of H2/CO kinetics in syngas-air counterflow diffusion flames

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Quantitative PCR analysis of the spatiotemporal dynamics ofAureococcus anophagefferensandMinutocellus polymorphusand the relationship between brown tides and nutrients in the coastal waters of Qinhuangdao, China

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Quantitative Prediction of Radon Concentration at Wellhead in Shale Gas Development

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Quantitative Processing of EDS Maps: A Presentation of Solutions to Mapping Artifacts and Applications in Cosmochemistry

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Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Core-Needle Biopsy of Lung Cancer

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Quantitative Relation Between Differential Phase Contrast Images Obtained by Segmented and Pixelated Detectors

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Quantitative Relief Models of Rock Surfaces on Mars at Sub-millimeter Scales from Mars Curiosity Rover Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) Observations: Geologic Implications

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Quantitative STEM of Catalyst Nanoparticles using ADF Imaging with Simultaneous EDS and EELS Spectroscopy

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Quantitative STEM: Comparative Studies of Composition and Optical Properties of Semiconductor Quantum Structures

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Quantitative Specimen Electric Potential Maps Using Segmented and Pixel Detectors in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

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Quantitative Surface Antigen and E Antigen in Children with Chronic Hepatitis B: Results from the Pediatric Cohort Study of the Niddk-Sponsored Hepatitis B Research Network (HBRN)

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Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping of the Substantia Nigra in Parkinsons Disease

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Quantitative Trend, Sensitivity and Contribution Analyses of Reference Evapotranspiration in some Arid Environments under Climate Change

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Quantitative X-ray analysis for CrFe binary ferroalloys by using EDXRFWDXRF techniques

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Quantitative allochem compositional analysis of Lochkovian-Pragian boundary sections in the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)

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Quantitative analyses of highway franchising under build-operate-transfer scheme: Critical review and future research directions

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Quantitative analyses of porosity evolution in tight grainstones: A case study of the Triassic Feixianguan formation in the Jiannan gas field, Sichuan Basin, China

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Quantitative analysis for maritime delimitation: Reassessing the Bay of Bengal delimitation between Bangladesh and Myanmar

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Quantitative analysis of Campylobacter spp. contamination in chicken slaughtering lines by label tracking method in eastern China

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Quantitative analysis of Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) ceramics by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) in combination with multivariate calibration

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Quantitative analysis of MYD88 L265P mutations by digital PCR is an independent prognostic factor for CNS relapse as well as systemic relapse and poor outcome

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Quantitative analysis of a multicomponent system for liquid chromatographymass spectrometry determination of diosgenin, dioscin and protodioscin in plant extracts of Tribulus terrestris

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Quantitative analysis of antimicrobial use on British dairy farms

Chiralt, C; Ferragut, A; Gasull, A; Vindel, P, 2017:
Quantitative analysis of competition models

Jahanandish, A; Nirupama, N., 2017:
Quantitative analysis of earthquake fatalities: case of Iran

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Quantitative analysis of exposed grain surface area for multiphase particles using X-ray microtomography

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Quantitative analysis of modern fuels derived from middle distillates The impact of diverse compositions on standard methods evaluated by an offline hyphenation of HPLC-refractive index detection with GCGC-TOFMS

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Quantitative analysis of muscle resonance imaging of fatty infiltration of the pelvic and lower limb muscles in Duchenne muscular dystrophy using excel based auto calculation program

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Quantitative analysis of radiocesium retention onto birnessite and todorokite

Su, J; Duan, A; Xu, H, 2017:
Quantitative analysis of surface warming amplification over the Tibetan Plateau after the late 1990s using surface energy balance equation

Belwanshi, V; Topkar, A, 2017:
Quantitative analysis of temperature effect on SOI piezoresistive pressure sensors

Zhang, Y; Jiang, Q; Li, Y; Han, P; Fang, Z; Zhao, P, 2017:
Quantitative analysis of the 1st and 3rd order dispersion based on the one -dimensional oscillator with quantized impedance damping

Arbab, S; Zeinolebadi, A, 2017:
Quantitative analysis of the effects of comonomers and heating conditions on the stabilization reactions of polyacrylonitrile fibers as carbon fiber precursors

Melbourne, A; Pratt, R; Hutchinson, C; Arthurs, O; Sebire, N J.; Vercauteren, T; David, A L.; Ourselin, S, 2017:
Quantitative analysis of the three dimensional fetoplacental vascular tree in normal, term placenta

Behroozi, P.; Baghizadeh, A.; Saei, A.; Kharazmi, S., 2017:
Quantitative analysis of uridine diphosphate glycosyltransferaseUGT85C2,UGT74G1andUGT76G1genes expression inStevia rebaudianaunder different irrigations

Shinya Mizuno,Shigehiko Urawa,Mahito Miyamoto,Makoto Hatakeyama…, 2017:
Quantitative analysis ofIchthyobodo salmonisan ectoparasitic flagellate infecting juvenile chum salmonOncorhynchus ketain hatcheries

Liu, Y; Li, Y; Jiang, W; Chen, M; Yang, J; Li, J, 2017:
Quantitative analysis on removal path of emulsified oil in the reactor of EC

Khorol’skii, V. Ya.; Ershov, A. B.; Efanov, A. V., 2017:
Quantitative and comparative analyses of the reliability of energy arrays

Moradi, S; Limaei, S Mohammadi; Lohmander, P; Khanmohammadi, M, 2017:
Quantitative and financial evaluation of non-timber forest products (case study: Zemkan basin forests, West of Iran)

Dilley, S.E.; McGuire, A.A.; Straughn, J.M.; Leath, C.A.; Scarinci, I.C., 2017:
Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of pediatrician attitudes and barriers to HPV vaccination

Katzer, C; Babul, K; Klatt, M.; Krautz, H.-J., 2017:
Quantitative and qualitative relationship between swirl burner operatingconditions and pulverized coal flame length

Ghosh, A, 2017:
Quantitative approach on erosion hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment: case study of MurigangaSaptamukhi interfluve, Sundarban, India

Seike, M; Kawabata, N; Hasegawa, M, 2017:
Quantitative assessment method for road tunnel fire safety: Development of an evacuation simulation method using CFD-derived smoke behavior

Bagas, L; Xiao, K; Jessell, M; Li, N, 2017:
Quantitative assessment of Chinas mineral resources Part 1

Li, L; Chen, K, 2017:
Quantitative assessment of carbon dioxide emissions in construction projects: A case study in Shenzhen

Deng, Y; Shi, X; Xu, H; Sun, Y; Wu, J; Revil, Aé, 2017:
Quantitative assessment of electrical resistivity tomography for monitoring DNAPLs migration Comparison with high-resolution light transmission visualization in laboratory sandbox

Santos, D S.; Mansur, Kátia L.; Gonçalves, Jéssica B.; Arruda, E R.; Manosso, F C., 2017:
Quantitative assessment of geodiversity and urban growth impacts in Armao dos Bzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Zheng, C; Shen, J; Zhang, Y; Huang, W; Zhu, X; Wu, X; Chen, L; Gao, X; Cen, K, 2017:
Quantitative assessment of industrial VOC emissions in China: Historical trend, spatial distribution, uncertainties, and projection

Zhang, M; Hong, H; Lin, H; Yu, G; Wang, F; Liao, B-Qiang, 2017:
Quantitative assessment of interfacial forces between two rough surfaces and its implications for anti-adhesion membrane fabrication

Rues, S.; Bechtel, K.N.; Rammelsberg, P.; Schwindling, F.S., 2017:
Quantitative assessment of misfits of dental restorations via strain measurement

Grivas, N.; Van Der Roest, R.; Schouten, D.; Cavicchioli, F.; Artibani, W.; Heijmink, S.; Schoots, I.; Van Der Poel, H., 2017:
Quantitative assessment of nerve preservation improves the prediction of membranous urethral length on continence outcome after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy

Serrano, N.L.; Cuadras, D.; de Diego, V.; Martínez-Monseny, A.F.; Velázquez-Fragua, R.; López, L.; Felipe, A.; Miranda, M.C.; Carratala, F.; Couce, M.L.; Gutierrez-Solana, L.G.; Macaya, A.; Muchart, J.; Montero, R.; Artuch, R.; Pérez-Cerdá, C.; Pérez, B.; Itzep, D.; Pérez-Dueñas, B.; Serrano, M., 2017:
Quantitative assessment of the evolution of cerebellar syndrome in children with phosphomannomutase deficiency (PMM2-CDG)

Akmel, D Clément; Aw, S; Montet, D; Assidjo, N; Degni, M Louise; Akaki, D; Moretti, C; Elleingand, E; Brabet, C; Baud, G; Mens, Fédéric; Yao, B; Michel, T; Durand, N; Assin, H; Berthiot, L; Tapé, T, 2017:
Quantitative assessment of the microbiological risk associated with the consumption of attieke in Cte dIvoire

Frossard, V; Verneaux, Vérie; Giraudoux, P, 2017:
Quantitative assessment of the reliability of chironomid remains in paleoecology: effects of count density and sample size

Qiu, L; Liu, X; Hao, Y, 2017:
Quantitative assessment of the role of doubled CO2and associated climate change in the vegetation dynamics and hydrological cycle in the Sino-Mongolia arid and semi-arid region

Marty, B.; Toussaint, M.; Gilles, R.; Carlier, P.; Wahbi, K., 2017:
Quantitative cardiac NMR imaging in a large cohort of patients with Becker muscular dystrophy

Voltolini, M; Taş, N; Wang, S; Brodie, E L.; Ajo-Franklin, J B., 2017:
Quantitative characterization of soil micro-aggregates: New opportunities from sub-micron resolution synchrotron X-ray microtomography

Ren, D; Yu, Z; Zhang, X; Wang, H; Wang, H; Yu, Y, 2017:
Quantitative characterization of the interface between bamboo fiber and polypropylene with pull-out test and nanomechanical imaging

Li, W; Wang, W; Lu, S; Xue, H, 2017:
Quantitative characterization on shale-hosted oil reservoir: A case study of argillaceous dolomite reservoir in the Jianghan Basin

Ivanova, B; Spiteller, M, 2017:
Quantitative collision induced mass spectrometry of substituted piperazines A correlative analysis between theory and experiment

Shi, X; Li, H; Song, Z; Zhang, X; Liu, G, 2017:
Quantitative composition-property relationship of aviation hydrocarbon fuel based on comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with mass spectrometry and flame ionization detector

Ristic, N D.; Djokic, M R.; Konist, A; Van Geem, K M.; Marin, G B., 2017:
Quantitative compositional analysis of Estonian shale oil using comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography

Koffler, S; de Matos Peixoto Kleinert, A; Jaffé, R, 2017:
Quantitative conservation genetics of wild and managed bees

Bartsev, S I.; Pochekutov, A A., 2017:
Quantitative description of vertical organic matter distribution in real soil profiles by means a simple continuous model

Zhang, D; Liu, J; Jiang, C; Liu, A; Xia, B, 2017:
Quantitative detection of formaldehyde and ammonia gas via metal oxide-modified graphene-based sensor array combining with neural network model

Li, L; Liu, D; Wang, K; Mao, H; You, T, 2017:
Quantitative detection of nitrite with N-doped graphene quantum dots decorated N-doped carbon nanofibers composite-based electrochemical sensor

Amaral, J S.; Santos, G; Oliveira, M. Beatriz, P.P.; Mafra, I, 2017:
Quantitative detection of pork meat by EvaGreen real-time PCR to assess the authenticity of processed meat products

A. S. Khaliullina,R. Sh. Khaziev,A. A. Salamatin, 2017:
Quantitative determination of diterpene acids in garden sage leaves

Crisp, J A.; D’Souza, F M. L.; Tweedley, J R.; Partridge, G J.; Moheimani, N R., 2017:
Quantitative determination of ovarian development in penaeid prawns (Decapoda: Penaeidae)

Salazar, Rómulo; Domenek, S; Plessis, Cédric; Ducruet, V, 2017:
Quantitative determination of volatile organic compounds formed during Polylactide processing by MHS-SPME

Watanabe, J, 2017:
Quantitative discrimination of flightlessness in fossil Anatidae from skeletal proportions

Udalov, A. A.; Kondar, D. V.; Miljutina, M. A.; Miljutin, D. M.; Sapojnikov, F. V.; Mokievsky, V. O., 2017:
Quantitative distribution of the meiobenthos in Baidaratskaya Bay (Kara Sea)

Marquardt, K; De Graef, M; Singh, S; Marquardt, H; Rosenthal, A; Koizuimi, S, 2017:
Quantitative electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) data analyses using the dictionary indexing (DI) approach: Overcoming indexing difficulties on geological materials

Shaltout, A A.; Ahmed, S I.; Abayazeed, S D.; El-Taher, A; Abd-Elkader, O H., 2017:
Quantitative elemental analysis and natural radioactivity levels of mud and salt collected from the Dead Sea, Jordan

Wu, J; Pu, G; Ma, Q; Qi, H; Wang, R, 2017:
Quantitative environmental risk assessment for the iron and steel industrial symbiosis network

Dmirtievskii, A. A.; Efremova, N. Yu.; Guseva, D. G., 2017:
Quantitative estimates of the content of the metastable Si-XII, Si-III, and α-Si phases of silicon in the areas of indenter impressions

Xie, J; Jin, X; Lin, Y; Cheng, Y; Yang, X; Bai, Q; Zhou, Y, 2017:
Quantitative estimation and spatial reconstruction of urban and rural construction land in Jiangsu Province, 18201985

Li, W; Adachi, T, 2017:
Quantitative estimation of resource nationalism by binary choice logit model for panel data

Tang, X, 2017:
Quantitative evaluation of CBM reservoir fracturing quality using logging data

Qiu, L.S.; Zhu, X.D.; Lu, S.; He, G.Y.; Xu, K.W., 2017:
Quantitative evaluation of bonding strength for hard coatings by interfacial fatigue strength under cyclic indentation

Roșca, S; Bilașco, Ștefan; Păcurar, I; Colniță, D; Fodorean, I; Vescan, I; Petrea, Dănuț; Păcurar, H, 2017:
Quantitative evaluation of forest favourability using GIS database in a hill area in the Transylvania Depression, Romania

Tanikoshi, T; Otomo, R; Harada, S, 2017:
Quantitative evaluation of mass transfer near the edge of porous media by absorption photometry

Huang, H; Liu, L; Ngadi, M O., 2017:
Quantitative evaluation of pork marbling score along Longissimus thoracis using NIR images of rib end

Shirai, S.; Matsushima, M.; Yabe, I.; Sasaki, H., 2017:
Quantitative evaluation of spinocerebellar degeneration by triaxial accelerometers and 9-Hole peg test

Yan, C; Gang, W; Niu, X; Peng, X; Wang, S, 2017:
Quantitative evaluation of the impact of building load characteristics on energy performance of district cooling systems

Haviland, D B., 2017:
Quantitative force microscopy from a dynamic point of view

Frank, A; Pluess, A R.; Howe, G T.; Sperisen, C; Heiri, C, 2017:
Quantitative genetic differentiation and phenotypic plasticity of European beech in a heterogeneous landscape: Indications for past climate adaptation

Thomas, P.J., 2017:
Quantitative guidance on how best to respond to a big nuclear accident

Li, Y; Chang, X; Yin, W; Sun, T; Song, T, 2017:
Quantitative impact of diagenesis on reservoir quality of the Triassic Chang 6 tight oil sandstones, Zhenjing area, Ordos Basin, China

Lilford, E V., 2017:
Quantitative impacts of royalties on mineral projects

Oliva, Jàs; Messal, M; Wendt, L; Elfstrand, M, 2017:
Quantitative interactions between the biocontrol fungus Phlebiopsis gigantea , the forest pathogen Heterobasidion annosum and the fungal community inhabiting Norway spruce stumps

Zhang, Z; Wright, C S., 2017:
Quantitative interpretations and assessments of a fractured gas hydrate reservoir using three-dimensional seismic and LWD data in Kutei basin, East Kalimantan, offshore Indonesia

Li, Y; Tao, J; Lai, W; Xu, X, 2017:
Quantitative intonation modeling of interrogative sentences for Mandarin speech synthesis

Mesdag, P R.; Quevedo, L, 2017:
Quantitative inversion of azimuthal anisotropy parameters from isotropic techniques

Chen, L; Liu, W; Zeng, J; Ren, P, 2017 :
Quantitative investigation on magnetic capture of single wires in pulsating HGMS

Reshetnikov, Y. S.; Tereshchenko, V. G., 2017:
Quantitative level of research in fish ecology and errors associated with it

Haber-Pohlmeier, S.; Vanderborght, J.; Pohlmeier, A., 2017:
Quantitative mapping of solute accumulation in a soil-root system by magnetic resonance imaging

Huang, W.B.; Salad Hersi, O.; Lu, S.F.; Deng, S.W., 2017:
Quantitative modelling of hydrocarbon expulsion and quality grading of tight oil lacustrine source rocks: Case study of Qingshankou 1 member, central depression, Southern Songliao Basin, China

Li, Y; Leow, S; Fedders, A C.; Sharma, B K.; Guest, J S.; Strathmann, T J., 2017:
Quantitative multiphase model for hydrothermal liquefaction of algal biomass

Merlen, Cécilia; Verriele, M; Crunaire, S; Ricard, V; Kaluzny, P; Locoge, N, 2017:
Quantitative or only qualitative measurements of sulfur compounds in ambient air at ppb level? Uncertainties assessment for active sampling with Tenax TA

M. A. Levitan, 2017:
Quantitative parameters of Pleistocene pelagic sedimentation in the World Ocean: Global trends and regional features

Toraya, H, 2017:
Quantitative phase analysis using observed integrated intensities and chemical composition data of individual crystalline phases: quantification of materials with indefinite chemical compositions

Onuki, Y; Hoshikawa, A; Sato, S; Ishigaki, T; Tomida, T, 2017:
Quantitative phase fraction analysis of steel combined with texture analysis using time-of-flight neutron diffraction

Qu, Y; Wang, L; Li, C; Gao, Y; Kyong Sik, J; Rao, J; Yin, G, 2017 :
Quantitative pinhole on-line electrochemical mass spectrometry study on ethanol electro-oxidation at carbon-supported Pt and Ir-containing catalysts

Koukouvinis, P; Mitroglou, N; Gavaises, M; Lorenzi, M; Santini, M, 2017:
Quantitative predictions of cavitation presence and erosion-prone locations in a high-pressure cavitation test rig

Tu, X.; Wang, Q.; Li, J.; Liu, A., 2017:
Quantitative proteomic analysis of upland cotton stem terminal buds reveals phytohormone-related pathways associated with dwarfism

Krawczyk, D. W.; Witkowski, A.; Moros, M.; Lloyd, J. M.; Høyer, J. L.; Miettinen, A.; Kuijpers, A., 2017:
Quantitative reconstruction of Holocene sea ice and sea surface temperature off West Greenland from the first regional diatom data set

A. N. Tsyganov,K. V. Babeshko,E. Yu. Novenko…, 2017:
Quantitative reconstruction of peatland hydrological regime with fossil testate amoebae communities

Kawahata, H; Ishizaki, Y; Kuroyanagi, A; Suzuki, A; Ohkushi, K-ichi, 2017:
Quantitative reconstruction of temperature at a Jmon site in the Incipient Jmon Period in northern Japan and its implications for the production of early pottery and stone arrowheads

Fischer, D.; Klerman, E.B.; Phillips, A.J.K., 2017:
Quantitative relationships between novel metrics for assessing sleep regularity

Rahmati, M; Hamzehpour, N, 2017:
Quantitative remote sensing of soil electrical conductivity using ETM+ and ground measured data

Chen, Z; Xu, B; Zhang, F; Liu, J, 2017:
Quantitative research on thermodynamic process and efficiency of a LNG heavy-duty engine with high compression ratio and hydrogen enrichment

He, F.; Lin, J. F.; Wang, X. Y.; Li, F. D.; Yu, Z.; Chen, E. F., 2017:
Quantitative risk analysis of the novel H7N9 virus in environments associated with H9 avian influenza virus, Zhejiang province, China

Crotta, M; Georgiev, M; Guitian, J, 2017:
Quantitative risk assessment of Campylobacter in broiler chickens Assessing interventions to reduce the level of contamination at the end of the rearing period

Zhao, J; Huang, H; Li, Y; Jomaas, G; Wang, H; Zhong, M, 2017:
Quantitative risk assessment of continuous liquid spill fires based on spread and burning behaviours

Manyori, C Isaac; Mumba, C; Muma, J B.; Mwale, M Mukuma; Munyeme, M; Bwanga, E Kaase; Häsler, B; Rich, K M.; Skjerve, E, 2017:
Quantitative risk assessment of developing salmonellosis through consumption of beef in Lusaka Province, Zambia

Jiang, S-Hua; Huang, J; Yao, C; Yang, J, 2017:
Quantitative risk assessment of slope failure in 2-D spatially variable soils by limit equilibrium method

Li, X; Chen, G; Zhu, H; Zhang, R, 2017:
Quantitative risk assessment of submarine pipeline instability

Teixeira, L; Cruz, N; Silvany, P; Fonseca, Jé, 2017:
Quantitative seismic interpretation integrated with well-test analysis in turbidite and presalt reservoirs

Grigorev, V. Yu.; Grigoreva, L. D.; Salimov, I. E., 2017:
Quantitative structureinterplanar spacing models based on montmorillonite modified with quaternary alkylammonium salts

Binghua, S; Tingshan, Z, 2017:
Quantitative study of generated shale hydrocarbona case study of lacustrine shale, Yanchang Formation

Liu, J; Zhu, G; Fu, J; Xu, Z; Yao, J; Zhan, Z, 2017 :
Quantitative study on in-cylinder combustion and heat release characteristic parameters of gasoline engine based on single variable sweeping tests

Yoon, S-Young; Park, S; Kim, H-Gi; Park, T-Hee; Kim, S Mi; Hwang, Y-Cheol; Kim, G Young; Ryu, C-Woo; Yoon, T-Young; Jahng, G-Ho, 2017:
Quantitative susceptibility mapping in a diabetes mellitus rat model: Iron accumulation in the brain

Kaddi, C; Baek, R; Jasper, P; Niesner, B; Pappas, J; Tolsma, J; Li, J; Watson, S; Tan, S; Puga, A Cristina; Schuchman, E; Barrett, J S.; Azer, K, 2017:
Quantitative systems pharmacology model of acid sphingomyelinase deficiency and the enzyme replacement therapy olipudase alfa is aninnovative tool for linking pathophysiology and pharmacology

Kim, K-Jin; Park, H-Gyu; Hwang, C-Hwan; Ann, D-Hee; Song, W-Suk; Choi, K-Young; Yang, Y-Hun; Park, S; Kim, Y-Gon, 2017:
Quantitative targeted metabolomics for 15d-deoxy-Δ12, 14-PGJ2(15d-PGJ2) by MALDI-MS

Wang, X; Li, Y; Chen, T; Yan, Q; Ma, L, 2017:
Quantitative thickness prediction of tectonically deformed coal using Extreme Learning Machine and Principal Component Analysis: a case study

Shah, L; Si, H; Wang, S; Zhu, Y; Jiang, H; Cao, J; Ali, A; Ma, C, 2017:
Quantitative trait loci associated to Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat populations containing Annong1124 and Zhoumai27

Parikh, L; Mmbaga, M.T.; Meru, G.; Zhang, G.; Mackasmiel, L.; Wadl, P.A.; Wang, X.; Trigiano, R.N., 2017:
Quantitative trait loci associated with resistance to powdery mildew in Cornus florida

Zhang, P; Qi, A; Zhou, Y; Xia, X; He, Z; Li, Z; Liu, D; Bürstmayr, H., 2017:
Quantitative trait loci mapping of adult-plant resistance to leaf rust in a Fundulea 900 Thatcher wheat cross

Bruno van Ruymbeke,Yuichi Murai,Yuji Tasaka,Yoshihiko Oishi…, 2017:
Quantitative visualization of swirl and cloud bubbles in TaylorCouette flow

Szymański, W, 2017:
Quantity and chemistry of water-extractable organic matter in surface horizons of Arctic soils under different types of tundra vegetation A case study from the Fuglebergsletta coastal plain (SW Spitsbergen)

Bölöni, János; Ódor, Péter; Ádám, Réka; Keeton, W S.; Aszalós, Réka, 2017:
Quantity and dynamics of dead wood in managed and unmanaged dry-mesic oak forests in the Hungarian Carpathians

Dong, X; Li, G; Lin, Q; Zhao, X, 2017:
Quantity and quality changes of biochar aged for 5 years in soil under field conditions

Yang, X; Wang, F; Yang, X; Zhu, F; Chi, B, 2017:
Quantity and shape modification for random-fractal-based 3D concrete meso-simulation

Arbab, A.I., 2017:
Quantized Maxwell's equations

Cho, S; Kim, Y; Kim, M; Kim, J-A.; Kim, K; Park, Y; Han, S; Han, C-Yeol; Kim, J-Hoon; Hwang, J Yeon; Park, J-Young; Kim, E; Yang, H; Park, B, 2017:
Quantized interfacial properties at lead sulfide/Zn 1x Mg x O energy harvesting assembly: Formation of nanocrystal solid solution

Boyarkina, O. V.; Tomilin, O. B.; Yamashkin, S. A., 2017:
Quantum Chemical Study of Regularities of Electrophilic Substitution in the Synthesis of Pyrroloquinolines

Yoneda, H, 2017:
Quantum Optics Research Works in X-ray Free Electron Laser SACLA Facility

Fomin, V N.; Gogol, D B.; Rozhkovoy, I E.; Ponomarev, D L., 2017:
Quantum chemical and thermodynamic calculations of fulvic and humic copper complexes in reactions of malachite and azurite formation

Nikitina, N. A.; Pichugina, D. A.; Kuz’menko, N. E., 2017:
Quantum chemical assessment of the ligand effect on the properties and structure of protected gold clusters

Kavimani, M.; Balachandran, V.; Narayana, B.; Vanasundari, K.; Revathi, B., 2017:
Quantum chemical calculation (RDG) of molecular structural evaluation, Hirshfeld, DSSC and docking studies of 4-nitrophenylacetic acid

Shahab, S; Sheikhi, M; Filippovich, L; Anatol’evich, D Evgenij; Yahyaei, H, 2017:
Quantum chemical modeling of new derivatives of ( E,E )-azomethines: Synthesis, spectroscopic (FT-IR, UV/Vis, polarization) and thermophysical investigations

Shamsiev, R. S.; Danilov, F. O.; Morozova, T. A., 2017:
Quantum chemical modeling of phenylacetylene and styrene adsorption over Pd21 cluster

Kobychev, V. B.; Orel, V. B.; Zankov, D. V.; Vitkovskaya, N. M.; Trofimov, B. A., 2017:
Quantum chemical modeling of superbase-catalyzed reactions of acetophenone and methyl mesityl ketone with acetylene

Minkin, V. I.; Starikova, A. A.; Starikov, A. G., 2017:
Quantum chemical modeling of valence tautomeric adducts of CoII bischelates with pyrene-4,5-diimines

Chuvylkin, N. D.; Subbotin, A. N.; Belov, S. A.; Belen´kii, L. I., 2017:
Quantum chemical studies of azoles

Chuvylkin, N. D.; Subbotin, A. N.; Belen´kii, L. I., 2017:
Quantum chemical studies of azoles 10. Transition states in the routes of electrophilic substitution in 1H-tetrazole via the eliminationaddition mechanism without preliminary formation of N-protonated azolium salts

Shamsiev, R. S.; Danilov, F. O., 2017:
Quantum chemical study of H2 adsorption on Pd21 cluster

Minkin, V. I.; Starikova, A. A.; Starikov, A. G., 2017:
Quantum chemical study of binuclear adducts of cobalt azomethine complexes with pyrene-4,5,9,10-tetraimine

Mamarakhmonov, M. Kh.; Belen´kii, L. I.; Djurayev, A. M.; Chuvylkin, N. D.; Askarov, I. R., 2017:
Quantum chemical study of ferrocene derivatives 1. Arylation reactions with aminobenzoic acids

V. I. Porkhun,Yu. V. Aristova,E. V. Porkhun, 2017:
Quantum chemical study of the rearrangement of phenoxyl-hydroxyphenyl radicals

Zhulyaev, N. S.; Gloriozov, I. P.; Oprunenko, Y. F.; Saillard, J.-Y., 2017:
Quantum chemical study of the structures and dynamic behavior of tricarbonyl complexes of Group 6 metals (Cr, Mo, W) with polyaromatic hydrocarbons using the density functional theory

Kumar, N; Goel, N; Chand Yadav, T; Pruthi, V, 2017:
Quantum chemical, ADMET and molecular docking studies of ferulic acid amide derivatives with a novel anticancer drug target

Sklenářová, H; Voráčová, I; Chocholouš, P; Polášek, M, 2017:
Quantum dots as chemiluminescence enhancers tested by sequential injection technique: Comparison of flow and flow-batch conditions

Jie, G; Lu, Z; Zhao, Y; Wang, X, 2017:
Quantum dots bilayers/Au@Ag-based electrochemiluminescence resonance energy transfer for detection of thrombin by autocatalytic multiple amplification strategy

V. S. Abramov, 2017:
Quantum dots in a fractal multilayer system

Sahai, S; Ikram, A; Rai, S; Shrivastav, R; Dass, S; Satsangi, V R., 2017:
Quantum dots sensitization for photoelectrochemical generation of hydrogen: A review

Duarte, F.J.; Taylor, T.S., 2017:
Quantum entanglement probability amplitudes in multiple propagation channels: An interferometric approach

Dick, R, 2017:
Quantum jumps, superpositions, and the continuous evolution of quantum states

Sichani, A Kh.; Petersen, I R., 2017:
Quantum linear coherent controller synthesis: A linear fractional representation approach

Sevvanthi, S.; Muthu, S.; Raja, M., 2017:
Quantum mechanical, spectroscopic studies and molecular docking analysis on 5,5-diphenylimidazolidine-2,4-dione

Mishchenko, I. N.; Chuev, M. A.; Cherepanov, V. M.; Polikarpov, M. A., 2017:
Quantum model of the magnetic dynamics of single-domain particles for describing their magnetization curves and Mössbauer spectra in a weak magnetic field

Basieva, I; Pothos, E; Trueblood, J; Khrennikov, A; Busemeyer, J, 2017:
Quantum probability updating from zero priors (by-passing Cromwells rule)

Krassovitskiy, P. M.; Pen’kov, F. M., 2017:
Quantum scattering by nonspherical objects

Ballenegger, V.; Wendland, D.; Alastuey, A., 2017:
Quantum screened interactions in moderately dense plasmas and atomic contributions to thermodynamics

Akitsu, T; Nasahara, K Nishida; Hirose, Y; Ijima, O; Kume, A, 2017:
Quantum sensors for accurate and stable long-term photosynthetically active radiation observations

Chen, X; Dai, H-Yi; Liu, B-Yang; Zhang, M, 2017 :
Quantum state reconstruction of an intense polarized optical beam via weak measurement

Subramanian, R; Schultz, A J.; Kofke, D A., 2017:
Quantum virial coefficients of molecular nitrogen

Pekh, P. L.; Silin, A. P., 2017:
Quantum well of a new type based on gapless graphene with different fermi velocities

Altoum, S H.; Othman, H A.; Rguigui, H, 2017:
Quantum white noise Gaussian kernel operators

Tret’yakov, V. F.; Ilolov, A. M.; Talyshinskii, R. M.; Gyul’maliev, A. M.; Khadzhiev, S. N., 2017:
Quantum-chemical and thermodynamic analysis of energy characteristics of main reactions and the initiator hydrogen peroxide in ethanol to divinyl conversion on a ZnO/Al2O3 catalyst

Mohamed, H Sh.; Dahy, A A.; Hassan, G S.; Eid, S-Shehata, M.; Mahfouz, R M., 2017:
Quantum-chemical investigation on 5-fluorouracil anticancer drug

Aldoshin, S M.; Bozhenko, K V.; Utenyshev, A N., 2017:
Quantum-chemical modeling of exchange coupling in the magnetic sublattice of bifunctional compounds containing heterometallic complexes of 3d and 4d metals with oxalate and dithiooxamide ligands

Gerzeliev, I. M.; Shavaleev, D. A.; Gyul’maliev, A. M., 2017:
Quantum-chemical simulation of the benzene alkylation reaction with ethane on H-ZSM-5 catalyst

Golosnaya, M. N.; Pichugina, D. A.; Oleinichenko, A. V.; Kuz’menko, N. E., 2017:
Quantum-chemical study of the effect of ligands on the structure and properties of gold clusters

Kumar, S; Nehra, M; Deep, A; Kedia, D; Dilbaghi, N; Kim, K-Hyun, 2017:
Quantum-sized nanomaterials for solar cell applications

Novgorodova, T A.; Kryukov, V Yu., 2017:
Quarantining behaviour of ants towards infected aphids as an antifungal mechanism in ant-aphid interactions

Choury, Z; Shestakova, T A.; Himrane, H; Touchan, R; Kherchouche, D; Camarero, J. Julio; Voltas, J, 2017:
Quarantining the Sahara desert: growth and water-use efficiency of Aleppo pine in the Algerian Green Barrier

Zhaboedov, A. P.; Nepomnyashchikh, A. I.; Solomein, O. N., 2017:
Quartz concentrates from quartzites of the Eastern Sayan

Dultsev, F N., 2017:
Quartz crystal microbalance in the active mode as a tool to modify sensor surface for higher selectivity and sensitivity

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