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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65065

Chapter 65065 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Abelson, M; Erez, J, 2017:
The onset of modern-like Atlantic meridional overturning circulation at the Eocene-Oligocene transition: Evidence, causes, and possible implications for global cooling

V. V. Smolyaninov,D. V. Gulyaev, 2017:
The ontogeny of the locomotor wave in sevruga fish (Acipenser stellatusPall.)

Cossa, D; Durrieu de Madron, X; Schäfer, Jörg; Lanceleur, L; Guédron, Séphane; Buscail, R; Thomas, B; Castelle, S; Naudin, J-Jacques, 2017:
The open sea as the main source of methylmercury in the water column of the Gulf of Lions (Northwestern Mediterranean margin)

Qin, N; Hao, P Z., 2017:
The operation characteristics of sewage source heat pump system and the analysis of its thermal economic benefits

Chen, L; Yang, Y-xin; Liu, Y; Lin, M; Zhang, C-liang; Niu, S-wei, 2017:
The operational theory and experimental study of scraping-wheel diamond bit

Ünal, E; Gökdoğan, A; Cumhur, İshak, 2017:
The operator method for local fractional linear differential equations

Olsen, A M.; Camp, A L.; Brainerd, E L., 2017:
The opercular mouth-opening mechanism of largemouth bass functions as a 3D four-bar linkage with three degrees of freedom

De keersmaecker, J; Onraet, E; Lepouttre, Némie; Roets, A, 2017:
The opposite effects of actual and self-perceived intelligence on racial prejudice

Ugelow, M S.; Zarzana, K J.; Day, D A.; Jimenez, J L.; Tolbert, M A., 2017:
The optical and chemical properties of discharge generated organic haze using in-situ real-time techniques

Shen, P; Liu, C; Yang, W; Liu, X; Du, J; Liu, Y; Yang, C, 2017:
The optical behavior of amorphous microribbons for hydroxy-naphthol based Schiff bases

Hsu, H-Chi; Lin, Y-Xiu; Chang, C-Wei, 2017:
The optical properties of the silver clusters and their applications in the conformational studies of human telomeric DNA

Díaz, Jé A.; Medina, Jé M., 2017:
The optical transfer function and the Meijer-G function

Cai, P; Gu, X; Yao, M; Zhang, H; Huang, J; Idress, A; Ji, Q; Chen, J; Yang, J, 2017:
The optimal age and radiation dose for Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae) eggs as hosts for mass-reared Fopius arisanus (Sonan) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Mokhtari, H; Ahmadisedigh, H; Ameri, M, 2017:
The optimal design and 4E analysis of double pressure HRSG utilizing steam injection for Damavand power plant

Pappas, S.C.; Wong, F.; Sanyal, A.; Boyer, T.; Jamil, K., 2017:
The optimal dose of concomitant albumin for the treatment of hepatorenal syndrome type 1 - what is it?

Suzuki, S.; Suzuki, H.; Yokokawa, K.; Saitou, T.; Fujikura, M.; Manabe, T.; Iwahara, N.; Matsumura, A.; Matsushita, T.; Hisahara, S.; Kawamata, J.; Shimohama, S., 2017:
The optimal preconditioning for bone marrow transplantation to establish 6-OHDA-lesioned GFP bone marrow chimeric PD model rat

Kung, L-Chieh; Zhong, G-Yu, 2017:
The optimal pricing strategy for two-sided platform delivery in the sharing economy

Shen, L; Tu, Z; Hu, Q; Tao, C; Chen, H, 2017:
The optimization design and parametric study of thermoelectric radiant cooling and heating panel

Zhu, Y; Zhang, J; Huang, D; Geng, N, 2017:
The optimization of crop seeds packaging production planning based on dynamic lot-sizing model

Opriş, O.; Soran, M. L.; Lung, I.; Truşcă, M. R. C.; Szoke-Nagy, T.; Coman, C., 2017:
The optimization of the antibiotics extraction from wastewaters and manure using BoxBehnken experimental design

Ji, D-Mei; Sun, J-Qi; Dui, Y; Ren, J-Xing, 2017:
The optimization of the start-up scheduling for a 320 MW steam turbine

Ibrahim, T k.; Mohammed, M Kamil; Awad, O I.; Rahman, M.M.; Najafi, G.; Basrawi, F; Abd Alla, A N.; Mamat, R, 2017:
The optimum performance of the combined cycle power plant: A comprehensive review

Kang, W; Jiang, J; Lu, Y; Xu, D; Wu, H; Yang, M; Zhou, Q; Tang, X, 2017:
The optimum synergistic effect of amphiphilic polymers and the stabilization mechanism of a crude oil emulsion

Wei, J; Chen, L; Zhang, W; Yang, Y; Li, Z, 2017:
The orangered persistent luminescence of Ba1xCaxS: Yb2+

Takala, T; Hujala, T; Tanskanen, M; Tikkanen, J, 2017:
The order of forest owners' discourses: Hegemonic and marginalised truths about the forest and forest ownership

O’Mahony, B; Lobo, A, 2017:
The organic industry in Australia: Current and future trends

Dostalík, J, 2017:
The organicists: planners, planning, and the environment in Czechoslovakia (19141949)

Ietto-Gillies, G, 2017:
The organizational and geographical boundaries of the firm

Conejero, M Antonio; César, A Da Silva; Batista, A Pereira, 2017:
The organizational arrangement of castor bean family farmers promoted by the Brazilian Biodiesel Program: A competitiveness analysis

Hao, T; Zhou, Z; Nie, Y; Li, S; Liu, H, 2017:
The orientational orders of poly(β-phenethyll-aspartate) in two opposite α-helical form: a molecular dynamic simulation

Wang, Q; Hao, F; Xu, C; Zhu, Y; Sun, Z; Zou, H, 2017:
The origin and charging directions of Neogene biodegraded oils: A geochemical study of large oil fields in the middle of the Shijiutuo Uplift, Bohai Sea, China

Fernandes, N A.; Gleeson, S A.; Magnall, J M.; Creaser, R A.; Martel, E; Fischer, B J.; Sharp, R, 2017:
The origin of Late Devonian (Frasnian) stratiform and stratabound mudstone-hosted barite in the Selwyn Basin, Northwest Territories, Canada

Schilling, M Enrique; Carlson, R Walter; Tassara, Aés; Conceição, R Vieira; Bertotto, G Walter; Vásquez, M; Muñoz, D; Jalowitzki, T; Gervasoni, F; Morata, D, 2017:
The origin of Patagonia revealed by Re-Os systematics of mantle xenoliths

Rey, P.F.; Mondy, L.; Duclaux, G.; Teyssier, C.; Whitney, D.L.; Bocher, M.; Prigent, C., 2017:
The origin of contractional structures in extensional gneiss domes

Bouchaou, L; Warner, N R.; Tagma, T; Hssaisoune, M; Vengosh, A, 2017:
The origin of geothermal waters in Morocco: Multiple isotope tracers for delineating sources of water-rock interactions

Fernandez, N; Duffy, O B.; Hudec, M R.; Jackson, M P.A.; Burg, G; Jackson, C A.-L.; Dooley, T P., 2017:
The origin of salt-encased sediment packages: Observations from the SE Precaspian Basin (Kazakhstan)

Shumlyanskyy, L; Hawkesworth, C; Billström, K; Bogdanova, S; Mytrokhyn, O; Romer, R; Dhuime, B; Claesson, S; Ernst, R; Whitehouse, M; Bilan, O, 2017:
The origin of the Palaeoproterozoic AMCG complexes in the Ukrainian shield: New U-Pb ages and Hf isotopes in zircon

Zhu, W-Guang; Bai, Z-Jie; Zhong, H; Ye, X-Tao; Fan, H-Peng, 2017:
The origin of the c. 1.7 Ga gabbroic intrusion in the Hekou area, SW China: constraints from SIMS UPb zircon geochronology and elemental and Nd isotopic geochemistry

Jacques, P J., 2017:
The origins of coastal ecological decline and the Great Atlantic Oyster Collapse

Sadeghi Bahmani, D.; Hatzinger, M.; Gerber, M.; Lemola, S.; Clough, P.J.; Perren, S.; von Klitzing, K.; von Wyl, A.; Holsboer-Trachsler, E.; Brand, S., 2017:
The origins of mental toughnessinternalizing and externalizing problems at the age of 5 years predict higher mental toughness scores at the age of 14 years

Baracca, A; Bergia, S; Del Santo, F, 2017:
The origins of the research on the foundations of quantum mechanics (and other critical activities) in Italy during the 1970s

Licinio, J; Wong, M-Li; Lerer, B, 2017:
The other genome: Pathways for the Effects of the Microbiome on Metabolism, Behavior, and mental Disorders

Al Riyami, Y.; Al Hashmi, A., 2017:
The outcome of trigger point therapy using bupivicaine injection as a primary treatment for myogenic temporomandibular disorders

Fu, X; Zhang, Y; Tao, K; Li, S, 2017:
The outer diameter detection and experiment of the circular forging using laser scanner

Baranov, G. A.; Gurashvili, V. A.; Djigailo, I. D.; Kazachenko, N. I.; Kosogorov, S. L.; Kretinin, A. Yu.; Kuzmin, V. N.; Marabyan, A. S.; Pavluchenkov, V. F.; Sen, V. I.; Smirnov, S. A.; Tumanov, I. A.; Tkachenko, D. Yu.; Uspensky, N. A.; Shvedyuk, V. Ya., 2017:
The output window of a large-area accelerator with an increased electron-beam current density

Pan, J; Cheng, Y; Zeng, C; Liu, M; Wu, X; Chen, H, 2017:
The ovarian development pattern of pond-reared Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis H. Milne-Edwards, 1853

Lena Carstensen, 2017:
The over-Wise mammoplasty: a modified Wise pattern for large superficial breast tumors

Brisset, E; Guiter, Fédéric; Miramont, Cécile; Troussier, Té; Sabatier, P; Poher, Y; Cartier, R; Arnaud, F; Malet, E; Anthony, E J., 2017:
The overlooked human influence in historic and prehistoric floods in the European Alps

Ramli, Y.; Ambarningrum, M.; Dewati, E.; Elvioza, ; Pandelaki,, 2017:
The overview of retinopathy, cerebral small vessel disease and cognitive impairment in hypertensive patients

Ye, C-ping; Huang, H-jun; Li, X-hong; Li, W-ying; Feng, J, 2017:
The oxygen evolution during pyrolysis of HunlunBuir lignite under different heating modes

Jing, P; Lu, Z; Steiner, A L., 2017:
The ozone-climate penalty in the Midwestern U.S

Carley, D.W.; Prasad, B.; Reid, K.J.; Malkani, R.; Attarian, H.; Abbott, S.M.; Vern, B.; Xie, H.; Yuan, C.; Zee, P., 2017:
The pace (pharmacotherapy of apnea by cannabimimetic enhancement) clinical trial: characteristics of clinical responders to dronabinol treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

Heesterman, A , 2017:
The pace and practicality of decarbonization

Aerts, G; Smits, T, 2017:
The package size effect: How package size affects young childrens consumption of snacks differing in sweetness

Steshenko, E. N.; Nikolaev, A. I.; Bayanova, T. B.; Drogobuzhskaya, S. V.; Chashchin, V. V.; Serov, P. A.; Lyalina, L. M.; Novikov, A. I., 2017:
The paleoproterozoic Kandalaksha Anorthosite Massif: New UPb (IDTIMS) data and geochemical features of zircon

Silva-Cardoso, Iê Mariê de Araújo; de Souza, A Marcos; Scherwinski-Pereira, J Everson, 2017:
The palm tree Syagrus oleracea Mart. (Becc.): A review

Correia, Vânia F.; Riding, J B.; Fernandes, P; Duarte, Lís V.; Pereira, Zélia, 2017:
The palynology of the lower and middle Toarcian (Lower Jurassic) in the northern Lusitanian Basin, western Portugal

Granados, G. M.; McTaggart, A. R.; Barnes, I.; Rodas, C. A.; Roux, J.; Wingfield, M. J., 2017:
The pandemic biotype ofAustropuccinia psidiidiscovered in South America

Cojocaru, V.; Bodnari, M.; Lupuşor, A.; Vovc, V., 2017:
The paradox of changing the sleep architecture in administration of hypnotics

Gee, L K.; Jones, J J.; Fariss, C J.; Burke, M; Fowler, J H., 2017:
The paradox of weak ties in 55 countries

Michor, E L.; Berg, J C., 2017:
The particle charging behavior of ion-exchanged surfactants in apolar media

Zajacz, Zán; Candela, P A.; Piccoli, P M., 2017:
The partitioning of Cu, Au and Mo between liquid and vapor at magmatic temperatures and its implications for the genesis of magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits

Almås, Åsgeir Rossebø; Sævarsson, H Thor; Krogstad, T, 2017:
The partitioning of P in soil determines the fluxes and deliveries of labile P in soil solution

Zhao, L; Xing, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, X, 2017:
The passive thermal management system for electronic device using low-melting-point alloy as phase change material

Colten, C E., 2017:
The past is a foreign country revisited

Zhiming Feng,Fangzhou Li,Yanzhao Yang,Peng Li, 2017:
The past, present, and future of population geography in China: Progress, challenges and opportunities

Margulis, M.; Blaise, P.; Gabrielli, F.; Gruel, A.; Mellier, F.; Gilad, E., 2017:
The path for innovative severe accident neutronics studies in ZPRs. Part I.1 - Analysis of SNEAK-12A experiments for core disruption in LMFBRs

Margulis, M.; Blaise, P.; Mellier, F.; Gilad, E., 2017:
The path for innovative severe accident neutronics studies in ZPRs. part I.2 - Interpretation of SNEAK-12A experiment for core disruption in LMFBRs impact of nuclear data uncertainties on reactivity coefficients

Hajarizadeh, B.; Grebely, J.; Matthews, G.V.; Martinello, M.; Dore, G.J., 2017:
The path towards hepatitis C elimination in Australia following universal access to interferon-free treatments

Motooka, C, 2017:
The patho-mechanism of incarceration of the gravid uterus; the pelvic structure and the placental position. A two-case report and review of literature

Ashtari, F.; Mehdipour, R.; Shaigan Nejad, V., 2017:
The pathologic and diagnostic findings in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain and cervical spine of patients with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder in Isfahan

Lin, D; Liu, Y; Sun, H; Wong, R Kwok Shing; Yeung, S Siu-sze, 2017:
The pathway to English word reading in Chinese ESL children: the role of spelling

Jarrett, J; Jain, M; Roberts, C; Morrison, A, 2017:
The patient experience of elosulfase alfa treatment for MPS IVA (Morquio syndrome type A): beyond traditional measures

Hussein, A.; Siddig, A.; Yassien, F.; Hamad, A.; El-adil, O.; Saad, M.; Malk Aldar, M.; Mubark, B.; Alzain, A., 2017:
The patterns of clinical presentation of epilepsy among adolescent Sudanese epileptic patients

Lis, L. S.; Makarenko, T. I.; Kuntsevich, V. B., 2017:
The peat fund of the Republic of Belarus

Doroschuk, V O.; Makukha, O G., 2017:
The peculiarities of the interphase distribution of amino acids in the cloud point extraction systems

Harrison, D P.; Hinton, M G.; Kohin, S; Armstrong, E M.; Snyder, S; O'Brien, F; Kiefer, D K., 2017:
The pelagic habitat analysis module for ecosystem-based fisheries science and management

Cuadros, F A.; Botelho, N F.; Fuck, R A.; Dantas, E L., 2017:
The peraluminous Aurumina Granite Suite in central Brazil: An example of mantle-continental crust interaction in a Paleoproterozoic cordilleran hinterland setting?

Singh, A S.; Zwickle, A; Bruskotter, J T.; Wilson, R, 2017:
The perceived psychological distance of climate change impacts and its influence on support for adaptation policy

Bryła, P., 2017:
The perception of EU quality signs for origin and organic food products among Polish consumers

Raparelli, E; Bajocco, S; Mugnozza, G Scarascia, 2017:
The perception of biotechnology in agro-forestry: The opinion of undergraduates and researchers

Buscema, P Massimo; Gitto, L; Russo, S; Marcellusi, A; Fiori, F; Maurelli, G; Massini, G; Mennini, F Saverio, 2017:
The perception of corruption in health: AutoCM methods for an international comparison

Setati, C M.; Nkosi, Z Z., 2017:
The perceptions of professional nurses on student mentorship in clinical areas: A study in Polokwane municipality hospitals, Limpopo province

Soetanto, R; Mullins, A; Achour, N, 2017:
The perceptions of social responsibility for community resilience to flooding: the impact of past experience, age, gender and ethnicity

White, T E.; Dalrymple, R L.; Herberstein, M E.; Kemp, D J., 2017:
The perceptual similarity of orb-spider prey lures and flower colours

Chetail, F; Content, A, 2017:
The perceptual structure of printed words: The case of silent E words in French

Surma, M; Piskuła, M; Wiczkowski, Wław; Zieliński, H, 2017:
The perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acids (PFCAs) and perfluoroalkane sulfonates (PFSAs) contamination level in spices

Chang, S; Song, Y; Liu, Y; Hao, S; Tong, S; Jiang, H; Dong, Y; Nan, H, 2017:
The performance analysis of coherent detection based on the optical Costas loop

Jiang, H; Qin, Y; Gadow, S.I.; Li, Y-You, 2017:
The performance and kinetic characterization of the three metabolic reactions in the thermophilic hydrogen and acidic fermentation of cassava residue

Wetzel, C R.; Punt, Aé, 2017:
The performance and trade-offs of alternative harvest control rules to meet management goals for U.S. west coast flatfish stocks

Lindsey, P.A.; Petracca, L.S.; Funston, P.J.; Bauer, H.; Dickman, A.; Everatt, K.; Flyman, M.; Henschel, P.; Hinks, A.E.; Kasiki, S.; Loveridge, A.; Macdonald, D.W.; Mandisodza, R.; Mgoola, W.; Miller, S.M.; Nazerali, S.; Siege, L.; Uiseb, K.; Hunter, L.T.B., 2017:
The performance of African protected areas for lions and their prey

Wang, Z; Zhang, H; Li, S; Wang, J; Zhu, Q; Li, X, 2017:
The performance of Rh/SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 catalysts in methycyclohexane cracking reaction

Amirataee, B; Montaseri, M, 2017:
The performance of SPI and PNPI in analyzing the spatial and temporal trend of dry and wet periods over Iran

Chen, K; Ji, F; Yuan, S; Hao, W; Wang, W; Hu, Z-Hu, 2017:
The performance of activated sludge exposed to arsanilic acid and amprolium hydrochloride in sequencing batch reactors

Rajkovic, A; Smigic, N; Djekic, I; Popovic, D; Tomic, N; Krupezevic, N; Uyttendaele, M; Jacxsens, L, 2017:
The performance of food safety management systems in the raspberries chain

Khiavi, A Khavandi; Mansoori, S, 2017:
The performance of hot mix asphalt in dynamic and static creep tests

Jiangtao, Y; Yichao, W; Kexu, H; Kequan, Y; Jianzhuang, X, 2017:
The performance of near-surface mounted CFRP strengthened RC beam in fire

Huang, H; Zhu, G, 2017:
The performance of radiation cooler for an oscillating fluid flow

Davis, J.; Matovic, D.; Pollard, A., 2017:
The performance of resistance, inductance, and capacitance handheld meters for determining moisture content of low-carbon fuels

Rusu, L; Onea, F, 2017:
The performance of some state-of-the-art wave energy converters in locations with the worldwide highest wave power

Avoyan, E; Tatenhove, J van; Toonen, H, 2017:
The performance of the Black Sea Commission as a collaborative governance regime

Regalado, C M.; Ritter, A, 2017:
The performance of three fog gauges under field conditions and its relationship with meteorological variables in an exposed site in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Jeremiasse, B.; van Spil, W.E.; Lafeber, F.P., 2017:
The performance of urinary collagen type ii c-telopeptide (UCTX-II) in knee osteoarthritis: A meta-analysis

Ganbold, M; Ali, S H., 2017:
The peril and promise of resource nationalism: A case analysis of Mongolia's mining development

Jarvis, S, 2017:
The perils of peer review

Kim, H. Youn, 2017:
The permanent income hypothesis, transitional dynamics, and excess sensitivity of consumption

Kasperbauer, T.J., 2017:
The permissibility of nudging for sustainable energy consumption

Hanania, R, 2017:
The personalities of politicians: A big five survey of American legislators

Fles, E; Lakey, B, 2017:
The personality traits of consensually supportive people

Klein, R J.; Liu, T; Diehl, D; Robinson, M D., 2017:
The personality-related implications of Stroop performance: Stress-contingent self-control in daily life

Bőthe, Báta; Tóth-Király, Ián; Demetrovics, Z; Orosz, Gábor, 2017:
The pervasive role of sex mindset: Beliefs about the malleability of sexual life is linked to higher levels of relationship satisfaction and sexual satisfaction and lower levels of problematic pornography use

Liao, S; Hsu, W, 2017:
The petrology and chronology of NWA 8009 impact melt breccia: Implication for early thermal and impact histories of Vesta

Dai, Y-Fei; Zhou, W-Wei; Meng, J; Du, X-Liang; Sui, Y-Peng; Dai, L; Wang, P-Qian; Huo, H-Ru; Sui, F, 2017:
The pharmacological activities and mechanisms of artemisinin and its derivatives: a systematic review

Zhao, X-Po; Zhang, X-Ping; Sang, S-Hua, 2017:
The phase and density diagrams of the systems MgCl2MgB4O7H2O and KClK2B4O7H2O at 273 K

Dally, T; Weinberg, K, 2017:
The phase-field approach as a tool for experimental validations in fracture mechanics

Schmoller, K M, 2017:
The phenomenology of cell size control

Pautova, L. A.; Kravchishina, M. D.; Silkin, V. A.; Lisitzin, A. P., 2017:
The phenomenon of bloom development of the invasive potentially toxic dinoflagellate Gonyaulax polygramma in deep water areas of the Caspian Sea

Zolotareva, N. V.; Zolotarev, M. P., 2017:
The phenomenon of forest invasion to steppe areas in the Middle Urals and its probable causes

N. L. Dobrinskii, 2017:
The phenomenon of multiyear synchronization of high population number of rodents in remote regions of the Urals

Paul, S; Chang, S-Yu; Sun, C Calvin, 2017:
The phenomenon of tablet flashing Its impact on tableting data analysis and a method to eliminate it

Servián-Morilla, E.; Cabrera-Serrano, M.; Takeuchi, H.; Muelas, N.; Rivas-Infante, E.; Cantero, G.; Mavillard, F.; Vilchez, J.; Paradas, C., 2017:
The phenotype of POGLUT1 mutations: Broad clinical expression and distinctive muscle imaging pattern

Germain, D P.; Brand, E; Cecchi, F; Kempf, J; Laney, D A.; Linhart, Aš; Maródi, László; Nicholls, K; Pieruzzi, F; Shankar, S P.; Waldek, S; Wanner, C; Jovanovic, A, 2017:
The phenotypic characteristics of the p.N215S Fabry disease genotype in male and female patients: a multi-center Fabry Registry study

Gilead, A, 2017:
The philosophical significance of Alan Mackays theoretical discovery of quasicrystals

Li, C; Wang, M; Davis, J A., 2017:
The phonological preparation unit in spoken word production in a second language

Jiang, X; Li, J; Fang, J; Gao, L; Cai, W; Li, X; Xu, A; Ruan, X, 2017:
The photocatalytic performance of g-C3N4 from melamine hydrochloride for dyes degradation with peroxymonosulfate

Dostanić, J; Lončarević, D; Đorđević, V; Ahrenkiel, S. Phillip; Nedeljković, J M., 2017:
The photocatalytic performance of silver halides Silver carbonate heterostructures

Loison, J.C.; Dobrijevic, M.; Hickson, K.M.; Heays, A.N., 2017:
The photochemical fractionation of oxygen isotopologues in Titans atmosphere

Hu, F; Jiang, C; Liu, W; Wang, J; Yin, J; Liu, S Hua, 2017:
The photocyclization-dependent ratiometric fluorescent switch: Synthesis, characterization and properties of some terpyridyl-based dithienylethenes

Chaaban, H; Ioannou, I; Paris, C; Charbonnel, Céline; Ghoul, M, 2017:
The photostability of flavanones, flavonols and flavones and evolution of their antioxidant activity

Egg, M, 2017:
The physical salience of non-fundamental local beables

A. Embrandiri,P. F. Rupani,M. Shahadat…, 2017:
The phytoextraction potential of selected vegetable plants from soil amended with oil palm decanter cake

Gehlawat, A, 2017:
The picture is not yet over!: The end credits song sequence in Bollywood

Laptev, I. A.; Raevskaya, N. M.; Filimonova, N. A.; Sineoky, S. P., 2017:
The piggyBac Transposon as a Tool in Genetic Engineering

Lau, N-Cheung, 2017:
The pioneering works of Professor Duzheng Ye on atmospheric dispersion, Tibetan Plateau meteorology, and airsea interaction

V. T. Trofimov,A. D. Zhigalin,V. A. Bogoslovsky…, 2017:
The place of ecologicalgeophysical studies in the system of urban ecology

Taniguchi, K; Kawai, T; Nakabayashi, K; Sago, H; Okamura, K; Kitawaki, J; Hata, K, 2017 :
The placental epitranscriptome: post-transcriptional m6A modification at 5 UTR may relate fetal growth

Böröczky, Károly J.; Trinh, H T., 2017:
The planar L p -Minkowski problem for 0 < p < 1

A. F. Sazhin,S. A. Mosharov,N. D. Romanova,N. A. Belyaev…, 2017:
The plankton community of the Kara Sea in early spring

Braier, M; Yacobi, H, 2017:
The planned, the unplanned and the hyper-planned: dwelling in contemporary Jerusalem

Janečková, P; Janeček, Štěpán; Klimešová, J; Götzenberger, L; Horník, J; Lepš, J; de Bello, F, 2017:
The plant functional traits that explain species occurrence across fragmented grasslands differ according to patch management, isolation, and wetness

Wrzosek, M; Ruszkiewicz-Michalska, Młgorzata; Sikora, K; Damszel, M; Sierota, Z, 2017:
The plasticity of fungal interactions

Cruz-López, M; Eberhart-Phillips, L J.; Fernández, G; Beamonte-Barrientos, Ré; Székely, Tás; Serrano-Meneses, Mín A.; Küpper, C, 2017:
The plight of a plover: Viability of an important snowy plover population with flexible brood care in Mexico

Arega, N Terefe, 2017:
The plights of Eritrean refugees in the Shimelba Refugee Camp, Ethiopia

Adshead, G, 2017:
The poets voice in the making of mind

Birkhead, T R.; Thompson, J E.; Jackson, D; Biggins, J D., 2017:
The point of a Guillemot's egg

Shiffman, M.L.; Siddiqui, M.S.; Khoury, T.; Gordon, S.C.; Lalazar, G.; Reuben, A.; McCullough, A.J.; Reddy, K.R.; Poordad, F.; Younossi, Z.M.; Vierling, J.M.; Fich, A.; Zuckerman, E.; Ilan, Y.; Sanyal, A.J., 2017:
The point of care 13C-Methacetin Breath Test predicts risk of long-term liver-related death or transplantation in patients with chronic liver disease: a sensitive, noninvasive monitoring tool in clinical hepatology

Medvedev, I P.; Rabinovich, A B.; Kulikov, E A., 2017:
The pole tide/14-month oscillations in the Baltic Sea during the 19th and 20th centuries: Spatial and temporal variations

Agyei, F.K., 2017:
The policy and practice of the Social Responsibility Agreement in Ghana

Li, S-Je; Chang, T-Huan; Chang, S-Li, 2017:
The policy effectiveness of economic instruments for the photovoltaic and wind power development in the European Union

Moragues-Faus, A; Marsden, T, 2017:
The political ecology of food: Carving spaces of possibility in a new research agenda

Loring, P A, 2017:
The political ecology of gear bans in two fisheries: Florida's net ban and Alaska's Salmon wars

Naylor, R L.; Higgins, M M., 2017:
The political economy of biodiesel in an era of low oil prices

Pedersen, R Hundsbæk; Kweka, O, 2017:
The political economy of petroleum investments and land acquisition standards in Africa: The case of Tanzania

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The potential of destruction in art and science

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The potential of food preservation to reduce food waste

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The potential of landscape labelling approaches for integrated landscape management in Europe

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The potential of military training areas for bird conservation in a central European landscape

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The potential of organic solvent nanofiltration processes for oleochemical industry

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The potential of protected areas to halt deforestation in Ecuador

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The potential of the tropical miracle tree Moringa oleifera and its desert relative Moringa peregrina as edible seed-oil and protein crops under Mediterranean conditions

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The power of propagation: when GAC is enough

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The power of respect in (and for) the study of stigma and discrimination

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The power of runoff

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The power of stories: Facilitating social communication in children with limited language abilities

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The power of the dark side: personality, the dark triad, and political ambition

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The power target of a fluid machinery network in a circulating water system

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The practice of tree worship and the territorial production of urban space in the Indian neighbourhood

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The pragmatic marker you know in learner Englishes

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The pragmatics of French (non-)prototypical clefts: Influence of the type of question on naturalness and interpretation

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The pragmatics of manipulation: Exploiting im/politeness theories

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The prediction of the Gieseler characteristics of coal blends

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The predictive power of Google searches in forecasting US unemployment

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The predominant effect of stroke length on velocity profiles at the exit of axisymmetric synthetic jet actuators

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The preferences and prejudices of Australian wine critics

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The preservation potential of environmentally diagnostic sedimentary structures from a coastal sabkha

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The presidential politics of climate discourse: Energy frames, policy, and political tactics from the 2016 Primaries in the United States

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The pressuretemperature stability and composition of sulphate melts

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The prestigious TCT 2017 Award

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The price evolution of wind turbines in China: A study based on the modified multi-factor learning curve

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The price of attack: rethinking damage costs in animal contests

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The priming of word order in second language German

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The problem of Chinese paper reinforcement strip repairs on a set of four hanging calligraphic scrolls

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The problem of determining the weak (periodic) detectability of discrete event systems is PSPACE-complete

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Famous Poisoners in Fiction: V. The Poison Maid

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The problem of retention

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The problem of the divided majority: Preference aggregation under uncertainty

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The problem of the nonlinear diffusive predatorprey model with the same biotic resource

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The processes of inclusion and exclusion

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The production and consumer perception of sparkling wines of different carbonation levels

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The production of contested landscapes: Enclosing the pastoral commons in Niger

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The production of galacturonic acid enriched fractions and their functionality

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The production of gluten-free beer: Degradation of hordeins during malting and brewing and the application of modern process technology focusing on endogenous malt peptidases

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The profile of a criminal offender depicted by HEXACO personality traits

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The prognosis for Ailanthus altissima (Simaroubaceae; tree of heaven) as an invasive species in South Africa; insights from its performance elsewhere in the world

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The prognostic factor in accidental hypothermia

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The researcher in the field some notes on qualitative research in mental health

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The rise (and fall?) of an unwelcome presence

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The rise and fall of countryside management: a historical account

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The role of ATF4 in M2-polarised macrophage infiltration of infantile haemangioma

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The role of Dynamic Energy Budget theory in predictive modeling of stressor impacts on ecological systems

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The role of F0 and duration in the identification of wh-in-situ questions in Persian

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The role of Greater Copenhagen Utility in implementing the city's Cloudburst Management Plan

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The role of Midkine in Children with Dilated Cardiomyopathy

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The role of NGOs in negotiating the use of biodiversity in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction

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The role of a commercial process simulator in computer aided HAZOP approach

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The role of a food policy coalition in influencing a local food environment: an Australian case study

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The role of aciditybasicity in evaporating refractory inclusions in chondrites

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The role of active species in the N 2 and N 2 -H 2 RF afterglows on selective surface nitriding of ALD-grown TiO 2 films

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The role of addressee backchannels and conversational grounding in vicarious word learning in four-year-olds

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The role of affective commitment in the relationship between social support and turnover intention

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The role of airway clearance techniques and inhaled mucolytics following lung transplant: a survey of UK practice

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The role of alkaloids in the feeding behaviour of slugs (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora) as pests of narrow-leafed lupin plants

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The role of anger regulation on perceived stress status and physical health

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The role of bilberry and Alpine lady-fern in soil formation within the Carpathian subalpine spruce forest stands

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The role of biomarkers in screening for ovarian cancer

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The role of body flexibility in stroke enhancements for finite-length undulatory swimmers in viscoelastic fluids

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The role of bubble injection characteristics at incipient fluidization condition on the mixing of particles in a gas-solid fluidized bed at high operating pressures: A CFD-DPM approach

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The role of bulk viscosity on the decay of compressible, homogeneous, isotropic turbulence

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The role of character traits in economic games

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The role of chronotype on Facebook usage aims and attitudes towards Facebook and its features

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The role of climate and tectonics in aggradation and incision of the Indus River in the Ladakh Himalaya during the late Quaternary

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The role of coastal-trapped waves on the 2008 cold disaster in the Taiwan Strait

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The role of collective memory in protracted conflict

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The role of confidence and noncognitive skills for post-baccalaureate academic and labor market outcomes

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The role of cooling horizons in genesis of hydrocarbon deposits

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The role of cormorants, fishing effort and temperature on the catches per unit effort of fisheries in Finnish coastal areas

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The role of culture in long-term care arrangement decisions

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The role of dairy company policies in support of farm green infrastructure in the absence of government stewardship payments

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The role of domestic cats in the admission of injured wildlife at rehabilitation and rescue centers

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The role of droplets on the cavitation erosion damage of TiN coatings produced with cathodic arc physical vapor deposition

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The role of ecto-ATPases of erythrocyte plasma membrane in hemodynamics of fishes

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The role of embryo contact and focal adhesion molecules during maternal recognition of pregnancy in the mare

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The role of endosonography-guided fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) in the preoperative diagnosis of solid pseudopapillary neoplasia (SPN) of the pancreas: A single centre experience

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The role of epiphytic bryophytes in interception, storage, and the regulated release of atmospheric moisture in a tropical montane cloud forest

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The role of geminates in infants' early word production and word-form recognition

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The role of gender and product consumption in the mental representation of industrial and craft beers: An exploratory study with Mexican consumers

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The role of gender in local residents relationships with Gaoligongshan Nature Reserve, Yunnan, China

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The role of global curvature on the structure and propagation of weakly unstable cylindrical detonations

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The role of higher education institutions in regional transition paths towards sustainability

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The role of hydroxyl radicals and calcium ions in the priming of a respiratory burst in neutrophils and the increase in luminol-dependent blood chemiluminescence on exposure to combined magnetic fields with a very weak low-frequency alternating component

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The role of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose structural parameters on the stability of emulsions containing Spirulina biomass

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The role of identity style and locus of control in prediction of self-efficacy among teachers

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The role of imaging in the initial evaluation of cervical cancer

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The role of intentions in facebook usage among educated youth in Pakistan: An extension of the theory of planned behavior

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The role of investment arbitration in water services governance

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The role of land planning policies in supporting housing affordability: The case of the Gaza Strip

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The role of lipophagy in hepatic energy metabolism

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The role of local taboos in the management of marine fisheries resources in Tanzania

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The role of low-temperature (off-axis) alteration of the oceanic crust in the global Li-cycle: Insights from the Troodos ophiolite

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The role of magma mixing in the evolution of the Early Paleozoic calc-alkaline granitoid suites. Eastern magmatic belt, Puna, NW Argentina

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The role of materialism in self-disclosure within close relationships

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The role of medical treatment of locally advanced renal cell carcinoma

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The role of metabolism in the prenatal developmental toxicity (PDT) of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in petroleum substances

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The role of meteorological processes in the description of uncertainty for climate change decision-making

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The role of modifier cations in network cation coordination increases with pressure in aluminosilicate glasses and melts from 1 to 3 GPa

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The role of myoglobin degradation in the formation of zinc protoporphyrin IX in the longissimus lumborum of pork

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The role of navigation system, endoscopy and intraoperative computed tomography scan for the treatment of midface trauma

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The role of negative corona in charged particle dynamics

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The role of neurology specialists in cases of emergency calls by home care patients

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The role of non-covalent interactions in the crystal structure of two new nano coordination polymers of Cd(II) and Hg(II) based on N,N-Bis-pyridin-4-ylmethylene-naphthalene-1,5-diamine ligand

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The role of non-medical and non-surgical interventions

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The role of nurse functional types in seedling recruitment dynamics of alternative states in rangelands

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The role of observations in the inverse analysis of landslide propagation

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The role of online social network chatting for alcohol use in adolescence: Testing three peer-related pathways in a Swedish population-based sample

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The role of outsourcing management process in improving the effectiveness of logistics outsourcing

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The role of oxytocin in human social memory formation

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The role of pH in the vapor hydration at 175 C of the French SON68 glass

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The role of paleohydrochemical factors in groundwater chemistry formation in oil-and-gas-bearing deposits of the northeastern Bolshekhetskaya Megasyneclise

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The role of particle type on suffusion and suffosion

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The role of physical activity in life happiness of Greek drug abusers participating in a treatment program

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The role of physical activity in sarcopenia: does age play a role?

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The role of physical movement in improving the disorder of dopaminergic brain functions

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The role of phytosphingosine-1-phosphate (Phyto-S1P) and its relationships with cytosolic pH and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) during stomatal closure by darkness in broad bean

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The role of pollinators, pests and different yield components for organic and conventional white clover seed yields

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The role of polymorphism 634 G/ (rs 2010963) of VEGF A gene in the development of hypertension and obesity in perimenopausal women

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The role of porosity on the engineering geological properties of 1669 lavas from Mount Etna

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The role of pre-competitive consortia for investigative toxicology A spotlight on the IMI eTOX initiative

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The role of pre-impact topography in impact melt emplacement on terrestrial planets

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The role of primary processing in the supply risks of critical metals

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The role of prosodic structure in the L2 acquisition of Spanish stop lenition

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The role of prosody and voice quality in indirect storytelling speech: A cross-narrator perspective in four European languages

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The role of proximity in problem identification: risk of water scarcity in Texas

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The role of rapid induced resistance of host plant in trophic interactions betweenBetula pendula,Lymantria dispar, andBacillus thuringiensis

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The role of rare copy number variants in depression

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The role of reactive oxygen species in the degradation of lignin derived dissolved organic matter

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The role of religious fundamentalism in college students perceived drinking norms, alcohol consumption, and alcohol-related problems

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The role of restoration in the prevention of a large-scale native species loss: Case study of the invasive emerald ash borer

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The role of rifting in the development of the continental margins of the southwest subbasin, South China Sea: Insights from an OBS experiment

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The role of risk and protective factors in the modification of risk for sexual victimization, sexual risk behaviors, and survival sex among homeless youth: A meta-analysis

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The role of risk and trust attitudes in explaining residential energy demand: Evidence from the United Kingdom

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The role of root decomposition in global mangrove and saltmarsh carbon budgets

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The role of salinity tolerance and competition in the distribution of an endangered desert salt marsh endemic

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The role of schematic support in age-related associative deficits in short-term and long-term memory

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The role of science-policy interface in sustainable urban water transitions: Lessons from Rotterdam

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The role of seagrass meadows, mangrove forests, salt marshes and reed beds as nursery areas and food sources for fishes in estuaries

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The role of seasonality on the diet and household food security of pregnant women living in rural Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study

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The role of sediment supply in large-scale stratigraphic architecture of ancient Gilbert-type deltas (Pliocene Siena-Radicofani Basin, Italy)

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The role of serial ARFI elastography in confirming remission in active autoimmune liver disease: a controlled study with long follow up

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The role of serotonin and reward circuit architecture in oxytocin promoted social cognition: neuroimaging insights

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The role of serum proteins in the stabilization of colloidal LnVO 4 :Eu 3+ (Ln = La, Gd, Y) and CeO 2 nanoparticles

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The role of sexism in voting in the 2016 presidential election

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The role of simulated small-scale ocean variability in inverse computations for ocean acoustic tomography

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The role of small secondary biotopes in a highly fragmented landscape as habitat and connectivity providers for dragonflies (Insecta: Odonata)

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The role of smoking and alcohol behaviour in the management of inflammatory bowel disease

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The role of social capital and labour exchange in the soils of Mediterranean Chile

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The role of social identity and online social capital on psychosocial outcomes in MMO players

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The role of social norms on conservation programmes in shellfish fisheries

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The role of soil chemistry and plant neighbourhoods in structuring fungal communities in three Panamanian rainforests

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The role of soil depth in the evaluation of management-induced effects on soil organic matter

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The role of soil microorganisms in environmental and food security

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The role of soil surface properties on the particle size and carbon selectivity of interrill erosion in agricultural landscapes

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The role of soil volumetric liquid water content during snow gliding processes

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The role of soils in the analysis of potential agricultural production: A case study in Lebanon

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The role of solar activity in observed climate changes in the 20th century

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The role of solar apsidal resonance in the evolution of geostationary transfer orbits

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The role of some elicitors on the management of Roumy Ahmar grapevines downy mildew disease and it's related to inducing growth and yield characters

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The role of soybean production as an underlying driver of deforestation in the South American Chaco

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The role of specialty training in the administration of chemotherapy for women with ovarian cancer

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The role of structure in manipulating PPP accountability

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The role of subepithelial connective tissue graft for reconstruction of interdental papilla: Clinical study

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The role of sulfur in modification of active sites of reforming catalysts

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The role of surface cleaning in high intensity conditioning

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The role of surface elevation in the rehabilitation of abandoned aquaculture ponds to mangrove forests, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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The role of tamarisk in the spatial heterogeneity of soil resources in the northern Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China

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The role of task complexity in valuation errors analysis in a developing real estate market

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The role of taurine in adaptation of visceral systems under psycho-emotional stress in rats

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The role of teacher-related factors in mathematics skills between children attending Estonian-speaking and Russian-speaking schools

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The role of technology, product lifetime, and energy efficiency in climate mitigation: A case study of air conditioners in Japan

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The role of tectonic flow of crustal material in the formation of the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk

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The role of testosterone in the regulation of P-glycoprotein functioning

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The role of the Asian winter monsoon in the rapid propagation of abrupt climate changes during the last deglaciation

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The role of the Baekdudaegan (Korean Peninsula) as a major glacial refugium for plant species: A priority for conservation

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The role of the Mt. Merapi eruption in the 2011 Arctic ozone depletion

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The role of the North American Breeding Bird Survey in conservation

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The role of the Selmar Schonland Herbarium and Makana Botanical Garden in promoting social change towards biodiversity conservation

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The role of the appropriate adult in supporting vulnerable adults in custody: Comparing the perspectives of service users and service providers

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The role of the combined treatment of fluoxetine and metformin in potentiating antidepressant efficacy

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The role of the free moment in the perception of rotational friction

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The role of the male copulatory organs in the colonization of the pelagic by shrimp-like eucarids

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The role of the ovarian horn locus in regulation of spontaneous electric activity of myometrial rhythmogenic areas

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The role of the partner in social support networks in Spain

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The role of the percentage free PSA in the diagnosis of prostate cancer in Blacks: Findings in indigenous West African men using TRUS guided biopsy

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The role of the right hemisphere in the recovery of stroke-related aphasia: A systematic review

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The role of the stress-path and importance of stress history on the flow of water along fractures and faults; an experimental study conducted on kaolinite gouge and Callovo-Oxfordian mudstone

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The role of the tachosil and SIS as grafts after inflatable penile prosthesis implantation and plaque incision: Surgical and functional outcomes in a single center prospective comparative study

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The role of the thermal convection of fluids in the formation of unconformity-type uranium deposits: the Athabasca Basin, Canada

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The role of the tuftsin and Selank peptides in the regulation of primary and plasma homeostasis

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The role of thrombophilia testing in women with adverse pregnancy outcomes

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The role of timing and prototypical causality on how preschoolers fast-map novel verb meanings

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The role of transcription skills and oral language skills in Chinese writing among children in upper elementary grades

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The role of transgenerational effects in adaptation of clonal offspring of white clover (Trifolium repens) to drought and herbivory

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The role of translation in the cross-cultural transferability of corporate codes of conduct

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The role of ultraviolet coloration in intrasexual interactions in a colonial fish

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The role of uncertainty in bedrock depth and hydraulic properties on the stability of a variably-saturated slope

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The role of uncertainty in future costs of key CO2abatement technologies: a sensitivity analysis with a global computable general equilibrium model

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The role of universal language in the early work of Carnap and Tarski

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The role of universities in a network of subsidized R&D collaboration: The case of the biotechnology-industry in Germany

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The role of urban-based agriculture on food security: Kenyan case studies

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The role of utilities in developing low carbon, electric megacities

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The role of valence weighting in impulse control

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The role of values in forensic and correctional rehabilitation

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The role of very fine particle sizes in the reflectance spectroscopy of plagioclase-bearing mixtures: New understanding for the interpretation of the finest sizes of the lunar regolith

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The role of violence between parents on the sexism and well-being of their children / El papel de la violencia entre progenitores en el sexismo y bienestar de los hijos e hijas

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The role of viscosity contrast on plume structure in laboratory modeling of mantle convection

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The role of vocabulary versus knowledge in children’s language learning: a fifty-year perspective / El papel del vocabulario frente al conocimiento en el aprendizaje lingüístico de los niños: una perspectiva de cincuenta años

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The role of volunteers in quality palliative care delivery

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The role of water management and environmental factors on field irrigation requirements and water productivity of rice

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The role of wine and food polyphenols in oral health

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The role of women in seaweed aquaculture in the Western Indian Ocean and South-East Asia

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The role of word recognition, oral reading fluency and listening comprehension in the simple view of reading: a study in an intermediate depth orthography

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The role of non-economic endowments: introduction to the special section on what we know and what we should know about international knowledge sourcing

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The roles of Irx3 and Irx5 in inner ear neurosensory patterning

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The roles of environment, site position, and seasonality in taxonomic and functional organization of chironomid assemblages in a heterogeneous wetland, Kis-Balaton (Hungary)

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The roles of family, neighborhood, and school contextual factors on social work minority students educational aspirations and integration

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The roles of glycogen synthase kinase-3 genes in liver functions

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The roles of networks among innovators in regional innovation: comparative analysis between China and South Korea

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The roles of organic amendments and microbial community in the improvement of soil structure of a Vertisol

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The roles of personality traits and perceived threat in the attitudes of Israelis toward peace with the Palestinians

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The roles of probiotic purple nonsulfur bacteria to control water quality and prevent acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) for enhancement growth with higher survival in white shrimp ( Litopenaeus vannamei ) during cultivation

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The roots of Trumpism

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The rostellum, stigma, style and ovarian transmitting tissue in Pleurothallidinae (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae)

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The rupture force of liquid bridges in two and three particle systems

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The sacrifice ritual and process of individuation: analysis of a model

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The sacroiliac joint: a qualitative assessment of current practice in the United Kingdom

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The safety and efficacy of bleomycin, etoposide and cisplatin (BEP) chemotherapy in patients with malignant ovarian germ cell tumor

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The safety management of urban rail transit based on operation fault log

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The same picture through different lenses: quantifying the effects of two preservation pathways on Green River Formation insects

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The satellite-measured sea surface temperature change in the Gulf of Finland

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The scale problem in tackling diffuse water pollution from agriculture: Insights from the Avon Demonstration Test Catchment programme in England

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The scale-up of continuous biphasic liquid/liquid reactions under super-heating conditions: methodology and reactor design

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The scales of general well-being (SGWB)

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The scaling of straining motions in homogeneous isotropic turbulence

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The scattering of SH waves by a finite crack with a superposition-based diffraction technique

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The scent of your enemy is my friend? The acquisition of large carnivore scent by a smaller carnivore

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The science of prevention: SAMHSA, CADCA and NIAAA

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The science-policy interface in fisheries management: Insights about the influence of organizational structure and culture on information pathways

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The scientific work of John G. VerkadeA retrospect

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The sclerophyllous wetlands on quartzite substrates in South Africa: Floristic description, classification and explanatory environmental factors

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The scope of male rape: A selective review of research, policy and practice

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The screening for depression and neurocognitive disorders in subjects newly diagnosed with HIV

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The search for most cost-effective way of achieving environmental sustainability status in electricity generation: Environmental life cycle cost analysis of energy scenarios

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The search of placental fingerprints in serum samples using raman spectroscopy

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The search of proper oxygen carriers for chemical looping partial oxidation of carbon

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The seasonal and spatial distribution of textured dust storms observed by Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera

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The seasonal effects of manure management and feeding strategies on hydrogen sulphide emissions from stored dairy manure

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The seasonal march of the equatorial Pacific upper-ocean and its El Nio variability

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The seasonal variation of aflatoxin M 1 in milk and dairy products and assessment of dietary intake in Punjab, Pakistan

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The seasonality variation plays an important role for increasing the uncontrolled type 2 diabetes?

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The seaweedPrasiola crispa(Chlorophyta) neutralizes toxic effects ofBothrops jararacussusnake venom

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The secret life of a learned society

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The secreted protein Noggin4 is an activator of the Wnt/PCP-signaling pathway

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The security-threat-community

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The sediment of the Hostivar Reservoir (Prague, Czech Republic) as a memory of 45 years of pollution

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The sediment stratigraphy of a flood event: An example from the Sabie River, South Africa

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The sedimentary and crustal velocity structure of Makarov Basin and adjacent Alpha Ridge

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The sedimentary history of the inner-alpine Inn Valley, Austria: extending the Baumkirchen type section further back in time with new drilling

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The sedimentary organic matter from a Lake Ichkeul core (far northern Tunisia): Rock-Eval and biomarker approach

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The seed-to-seedling transition is limited by ground vegetation and vertebrate herbivores in a selectively logged rainforest

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The seidozerite supergroup of TS-block minerals: nomenclature and classification, with change of the following names: rinkite to rinkite-(Ce), mosandrite to mosandrite-(Ce), hainite to hainite-(Y) and innelite-1T to innelite-1A

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The seismic interactions and spatiotemporal evolution of seismicity following the October 23, 2011 M w 7.1 Van, Eastern Anatolia, earthquake

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The seismogenic fault of the 2010 Efpalion moderate-size seismic sequence (western Corinth gulf, Central Greece)

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The selection of generic or task-related physical employment tests for the Royal Australian Air Force

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The selection of suitable sites for traditional charcoal production: ideas and practice in southern Switzerland

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The selective hydrogenation of rosin to hydroabietic content using Pd/SBA-15 as catalysts

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The self-employment of the industry choices of dispossessed farmers in China

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The self-systems: facilitating personal well-being experiences at school

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The semantic field of risk

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The semiotics of landscape design communication: towards a critical visual research approach in landscape architecture

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The sensory ecology of prey detection in the bat-eared fox (Otocyon megalotis)

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The sequence of open and closed prefixes of a Sturmian word

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The sequencing of gift exchange: A field trial

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