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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65075

Chapter 65075 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

When Both Sides are Mistaken: Layperson and Legal Professionals Misconceptions of Canadian Suspects Legal Rights Upon Arrest
, Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology 32(1): 56-65 (2017)

When Do Comprehender Groups Differ? A Moment-by-Moment Analysis of Think-Aloud Protocols of Good and Poor Comprehenders
, Reading Psychology 38(1): 39-70 (2017)

When Do People with OA Consider Themselves as Being Overweight? Results from a Cross-sectional Study
, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 25: S335-S336 (2017)

When Does Economic Growth Improve Life Satisfaction? Multilevel Analysis of the Roles of Social Trust and Income Inequality in 46 Countries, 19812012
, World Development 93: 447-459 (2017)

When Does Globalization Lead to Local Adaptation? The Emergence of Hybrid Islamic Schools in Turkey, 19852007
, American Journal of Sociology 122(6): 1822-1868 (2017)

When Does Public Information Undermine the Efficiency of Reverse Auctions for the Purchase of Ecosystem Services?
, Ecological Economics 134: 212-226 (2017)

When Exposures Go Right: Effective Exposure-Based Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
, Journal of Contemporary PsychoTherapy 47(1): 31-39 (2017)

When God's (not) needed: Spotlight on how belief in divine control influences goal commitment
, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 70: 117-123 (2017)

When Good Lawyers Write Bad History: Unreliable Evidence and the South China Sea Territorial Dispute
, Ocean Development and International Law 48(1): 17-34 (2017)

When Is Participation in Research a Moral Duty?
, Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 45(3): 318-326 (2017)

When Kids Learn to Cook: Findings from the Illinois Junior Chefs Effectiveness Trial
, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 49(7): S3-S4 (2017)

When Local Comes to Town: Governing Local Agriculture in the South Carolina Lowcountry
, Capitalism Nature Socialism 28(2): 64-83 (2017)

When Love Hurts. A Systematic Review on the Effects of Endometriosis Surgical and Pharmacological Treatments on Female Sexual Functioning
, Obstetric and Gynecologic Survey 72(2): 87-88 (2017)

When Parents Disappear behind Bars
, American Journal of Nursing 117(12): 19-20 (2017)

When Patience Leads to Destruction: The Curious Case of Individual Time Preferences and the Adoption of Destructive Fishing Gears
, Ecological Economics 142: 91-103 (2017)

When Policy Hits Practice: Structure, Agency, and Power in South African Water Governance
, Society and Natural Resources 30(4): 521-536 (2017)

When Push Comes to Shove: How Are Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder Coping With Bullying?
, Canadian Journal of School Psychology 32(3-4): 209-227 (2017)

When Richard met CG: reference-point and English copy-raising
, Language and Cognition 9(03): 473-500 (2017)

When Suicide Is at Stake: Some Thoughts on the Therapeutic Space between Therapists and Adolescents
, Journal of Infant Child and Adolescent PsychoTherapy 16(4): 267-278 (2017)

When Supervision Becomes the Only Plan: An Analysis of Long-Term Use of Supervised Access and Exchange Services After Separation and Divorce
, Family Court Review 55(4): 604-617 (2017)

When Theory and Research Collide: Examining Correlates of Signature Strengths Use at Work
, Journal of Happiness Studies 18(2): 527-548 (2017)

When Time Stood Still: Thoughts about Time in Primitive Mental States
, British Journal of PsychoTherapy 33(3): 328-345 (2017)

When Tourists Move In: How Should Urban Planners Respond to Airbnb?
, Journal of the American Planning Association 83(1): 80-92 (2017)

When Will Occur the Crude Oil Bubbles?
, Energy Policy 102: 1-6 (2017)

When Will Telepsychiatry Reach its Tipping Point?
, Psychiatric Services 68(12): 1205-1205 (2017)

When a Dog Has a Pen for a Tail: the Time Course of Creative Object Processing
, Creativity Research Journal 29(1): 37-42 (2017)

When a Look Is Not Enough: No Evidence for Direct Gaze Facilitating Recovery after Social Exclusion
, Social Cognition 35(6): 601-618 (2017)

When a joke represents so much more: the end of PLANET and the rise of planners 2040
, Planning Theory and Practice 18(1): 156-162 (2017)

When an Alibi Is Not Enough: Judgments of Evidence Needed to Lay Charges in a Burglary Case
, Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology 32(2): 94-104 (2017)

When and why do initially high-achieving poor children fall behind?
, Oxford Review of Education 43(1): 88-108 (2017)

When and why high performers feel job dissatisfaction: A resource flow approach
, Social Behavior and Personality An International Journal 45(4): 617-627 (2017)

When and why the second-order and bifactor models are distinguishable
, Intelligence 61: 120-129 (2017)

When anxiety attacks
, British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 45(2): 222-224 (2017)

When are CT angiograms indicated for patients with lower extremity fractures? A review of 275 extremities
, Journal of Emergency Medicine 52(4): 596-597 (2017)

When are Consumers Motivated to Connect with Ethical Brands? The Roles of Guilt and Moral Identity Importance
, Psychology and Marketing 34(6): 597-609 (2017)

When can we stop anticoagulation in patients with cancer-associated thrombosis?
, Blood 130(23): 2484-2490 (2017)

When children are removed from their families
, Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter 33(5): 8-8 (2017)

When climate change predictions are right for the wrong reasons
, Climatic Change 142(1-2): 1-6 (2017)

When constants are no longer constant: The case of inhibition in bioprocesses
, Biochemical Engineering Journal 123: 24-28 (2017)

When couples hearts beat together: Linkages in heart rate variability during conflict predict heightened inflammation throughout the day
, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 66: E20-E21 (2017)

When diglossia meets dyslexia: The effect of diglossia on voweled and unvoweled word reading among native Arabic-speaking dyslexic children
, Reading and Writing 30(5): 1089-1113 (2017)

When distraction benefits memory through semantic similarity
, Journal of Memory and Language 94: 61-74 (2017)

When do acoustic cues matter? Perceived competition and reproductive plasticity over lifespan in a bushcricket
, Animal Behaviour 128: 41-49 (2017)

When do consumers buy the company? Perceptions of interactivity in company-consumer interactions on social networking sites
, Computers in Human Behavior 71: 99-109 (2017)

When do extreme weather events generate attention to climate change?
, Climatic Change 143(1-2): 227-241 (2017)

When do firms enter a repeated partnership? The effect of contract terms and relative partner characteristics
, Management Decision 55(10): 2237-2255 (2017)

When do households invest in solar photovoltaics? An application of prospect theory
, Energy Policy 109: 270-278 (2017)

When do people take action? The importance of peoples observation that nature is changing for pro-environmental behavior within the field of impersonal, environmental risk
, Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences 14(1): 1-18 (2017)

When do you charge your electric vehicle? A stated adaptation approach
, Energy Policy 108: 565-573 (2017)

When does cheating pay? Worker reproductive parasitism in honeybees
, Insectes Sociaux 64(1): 5-17 (2017)

When does individuals willingness to speak out increase on social media? Perceived social support and perceived power/control
, Computers in Human Behavior 74: 120-129 (2017)

When does it pay to cooperate? Strategic information exchange in the harvest of common-pool fishery resources
, Ecological Economics 131: 1-11 (2017)

When does the yield curve contain predictive power? Evidence from a data-rich environment
, International Journal of Forecasting 33(4): 1044-1064 (2017)

When doing nothing may be the best investment action: Pessimistic anticipative power transmission planning
, Applied Energy 200: 383-398 (2017)

When ecosystems and their services are not co-located: oceans and coasts
, Ices Journal of Marine Science 74(6): 1531-1539 (2017)

When evaluation changes An echoic account of appropriation and variability
, Journal of Pragmatics 117: 29-40 (2017)

When farmers learn through dialog with their practices: A proposal for a theory of action for agricultural trajectories
, Journal of Rural Studies 53: 1-13 (2017)

When fear kicks in: predator cues initially do not but eventually do affect insect distribution patterns in a new artificial pond cluster
, Hydrobiologia 790(1): 157-166 (2017)

When feeling poorly at work does not mean acting poorly at work: The moderating role of work-related emotional intelligence
, Motivation and Emotion 41(1): 122-134 (2017)

When foul play seems fair: Exploring the link between just deserts and honesty
, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 142: 451-467 (2017)

When friends exchange negative feedback
, Motivation and Emotion 41(1): 69-83 (2017)

When geography matters. A location-adjusted blue water footprint of commercial beef in South Africa
, Journal of Cleaner Production 151: 494-508 (2017)

When host-plant resistance to a pest leads to higher plant damage
, Journal of Pest Science 90(1): 173-182 (2017)

When households go solar: Determinants of uptake of a Photovoltaic Scheme and policy insights
, Energy Policy 108: 154-162 (2017)

When human beings are like drunk robots: Driverless vehicles, ethics, and the future of transport
, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 80: 206-215 (2017)

When immediate interactive feedback boosts optimization problem solving: A human-in-the-loop approach for solving Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems
, Computers in Human Behavior 73: 110-124 (2017)

When invasion may not be harmful: niche relations in a lizard assemblage
, Biotropica 49(1): 117-129 (2017)

When is high Reynolds number shear flow not turbulent?
, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 824: 1-4 (2017)

When it is unfamiliar to me: Local acceptance of planned nuclear power plants in China in the post-fukushima era
, Energy Policy 100: 113-125 (2017)

When it's good to signal badness: using objective measures of discriminability to test the value of being distinctive
, Animal Behaviour 129: 113-125 (2017)

When large lakes respond fast: A parsimonious model for phosphorus dynamics
, Journal of Great Lakes Research 43(1): 199-204 (2017)

When late second language learners access the meaning of L2 words: Using ERPs to investigate the role of the L1 translation equivalent
, Journal of Neurolinguistics 41: 50-69 (2017)

When markets reset, will we regain? Planning lessons from across the Atlantic Ocean
, Land Use Policy 65: 78-92 (2017)

When morphology and DNA are discordant: Integrated taxonomic studies on the Eisenia fetida/andrei complex from different parts of Iran (Annelida, Clitellata: Megadrili)
, European Journal of Soil Biology 81: 55-63 (2017)

When morphology is not reflected by molecular phylogeny: the case of three orange-billed terns Thalasseus maximus, Thalasseus bergii and Thalasseus bengalensis (Charadriiformes: Laridae)
, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 121(2): 439-445 (2017)

When newbies and veterans play together: The effect of video game content, context and experience on cooperation
, Computers in Human Behavior 68: 556-563 (2017)

When police treat straightforward answers as uncooperative
, Journal of Pragmatics 117: 1-15 (2017)

When pork is not on the menu: Assessing trophic competition between large carnivores and poachers
, Biological Conservation 209: 223-229 (2017)

When reduced working time harms the environment: A panel threshold analysis for EU-15, 19702010
, Journal of Cleaner Production 147: 319-329 (2017)

When relative clause extraposition is the right choice, its easier
, Language and Cognition 9(02): 332-370 (2017)

When riverine dissolved organic matter (DOM) meets labile DOM in coastal waters: changes in bacterial community activity and composition
, Aquatic Sciences 79(1): 27-43 (2017)

When science informed policy
, Biogeochemistry 133(2): 127-128 (2017)

When shes gone: oxytocin reverses partner loss-induced passive stress coping
, European Neuropsychopharmacology 27: S526-S527 (2017)

When should reoperative intervention be considered over endoscopic stenting in patients with post-biliary-enteric strictures?
, Hpb 19: S175-S176 (2017)

When soft waters becomes softer; drivers of critically low levels of Ca in Norwegian lakes
, Limnology and Oceanography 62(1): 289-298 (2017)

When sustainable may not mean just: a critical interpretation of urban water consumption decline in Barcelona
, Local Environment 22(5): 523-535 (2017)

When symbolism overtakes quality: Materialists consumers disregard product quality when faced with luxury brands
, Journal of Economic Psychology 61: 115-123 (2017)

When the Analyst Suffers Illness and Loss
, Psychoanalytic Dialogues 27(2): 237-240 (2017)

When the Light Switches to Green, Proceed With Caution
, Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine 42(1): 121-122 (2017)

When the client cannot pay
, In Practice 39(3): 142-143 (2017)

When the client is away
, In Practice 39(2): 94-95 (2017)

When the drugs don't work: the neurobiology of TRS and implications for new therapies
, European Neuropsychopharmacology 27: S1135-S1136 (2017)

When the earth blisters: Exploring recurrent liquefaction features in the coastal system of Christchurch, New Zealand
, Terra Nova 29(3): 162-172 (2017)

When the liver wanders
, Digestive and Liver Disease 49(4): E246-E247 (2017)

When the oil and fishing industries live side by side
, Marine Policy 75: 108-115 (2017)

When the sharing economy becomes neoliberalism on steroids: Unravelling the controversies
, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 125: 66-76 (2017)

When the sky is the limit on scale: From temporal to multiplicative scaling in process-based technologies
, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 117: 151-159 (2017)

When the sun bursts. The enigma of schizophrenia
, Psychoanalytic PsychoTherapy 31(4): 414-417 (2017)

When time and faults matter: towards a time-dependent probabilistic SHA in Calabria, Italy
, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 15(6): 2497-2524 (2017)

When to Pay? Adjusting the Timing of Payments in PES Design to the Needs of Poor Land-users
, Ecological Economics 138: 168-177 (2017)

When to Start a Second Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Patients with Active Crohns Disease
, Gastroenterology 152(5): S623-S624 (2017)

When to Take Up Roots: The Effects of Morphology Instruction for Middle School and High School English Learners
, Reading Psychology 38(3): 262-288 (2017)

When to leave: the timing of natal dispersal in a large, monogamous rodent, the Eurasian beaver
, Animal Behaviour 123: 375-382 (2017)

When to switch to a hybrid electric vehicle: A replacement optimisation decision
, Journal of Cleaner Production 148: 295-303 (2017)

When transport becomes a destination: deaf spaces and networks on the Mumbai suburban trains
, Journal of Cultural Geography 34(2): 170-193 (2017)

When trust comes easy: Articulatory fluency increases transfers in the trust game
, Journal of Economic Psychology 61: 74-86 (2017)

When would fast reactors become competitive with light water reactors? Methodology and key parameters
, Progress in Nuclear Energy 100: 103-113 (2017)

Where Bits and Bytes Meet Flesh and Blood
, Annals of Emergency Medicine 70(3): A17-A21 (2017 )

Where Chain Governance and Environmental Governance Meet: Interfirm Strategies in the Canned Tuna Global Value Chain
, Economic Geography 93(3): 292-313 (2017)

Where Does It Come From, Where Does It Go? The Benefits of Examining Moral Judgments across a Wide Age Range
, Human Development 60(6): 350-356 (2017)

Where Forest Carbon Meets Its Maker: Forestry-Based Offsetting as the Subsumption of Nature
, Society and Natural Resources 30(7): 829-843 (2017)

Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Evaluating the Dynamics of Parties' Issue Attention in Coalition Governments
, Social Science Quarterly 98(3): 1045-1060 (2017)

Where Is the Critical Empirical Interpersonal Communication Research? A Roadmap for Future Inquiry into Discourse and Power
, Communication Theory 27(1): 1-20 (2017)

Where Payers and Providers Overlap: Navigating the Edge (TH312)
, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 53(2): 320-321 (2017)

Where Salmon, Bears, and People Gather
, Fisheries 42(2): 132-132 (2017)

Where Technology Goes to Die: Representations of Electronic Waste in Global Television News
, Environmental Communication / A Journal of Nature and Culture 11(2): 263-275 (2017)

Where are they? Where will they be? In pursuit of current and future whereabouts of endangered Himalayan musk deer
, Mammalian Biology - Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde 85: 30-36 (2017)

Where can pixel counting area estimates meet user-defined accuracy requirements?
, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 60: 1-10 (2017)

Where can wolves live and how can we live with them?
, Biological Conservation 210: 310-317 (2017)

Where do South-Indian termite mound soils come from?
, Applied Soil Ecology 117-118: 190-195 (2017)

Where do high-impact ideas come from? The interplay between the cumulative knowledge structures and search strategies of researchers
, Management Decision 55(5): 808-825 (2017)

Where do planes fly past overhead? Determining departure and arrival routes from radar traces
, Applied Geography 89: 173-183 (2017)

Where does pelvic nerve injury occur during radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer?
, Gynecologic Oncology 145: 199-200 (2017)

Where gathering firewood matters: Proximity and forest management effects in hedonic pricing models for rural Nepal
, Journal of Forest Economics 27: 28-37 (2017)

Where in the World Is Ronald McDonald? Involving Families in Geographic Fun!
, Geography Teacher 14(4): 164-172 (2017)

Where is all the phosphorus?
, Current Biology 27(21): R1141-R1144 (2017)

Where is ambition in factor models of personality?
, Personality and Individual Differences 106: 26-31 (2017)

Where is my neighborhood? A dynamic individual-based definition of home ranges and implementation of multiple evaluation criteria
, Applied Geography 84: 1-10 (2017)

Where is the State of Israel? Testimonies from IDF Nachal soldiers on Israels territorial integrity
, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 44(1): 130-145 (2017)

Where is the argument for the conceptual slippery slope?
, British Journal of Psychiatry 211(6): 397.1-397 (2017)

Where is the risk? Integrating a spatial distribution model and a risk assessment to identify areas of cetacean interaction with fisheries in the northeast Atlantic
, Ocean and Coastal Management 136: 148-155 (2017)

Where should I lay my eggs? Oviposition choices of a shelter-building moth and the shifting danger of being parasitized
, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 165(1): 1-8 (2017)

Where silence speaks-insights from Third World NGOs
, Critical Perspectives on International Business 13(1): 38-53 (2017)

Where the two shall meet: Exploring the relationship between teacher professional culture and student learning culture
, Journal of Educational Change 18(1): 21-48 (2017)

Where to implement local biotech innovations? A framework for multi-scale socio-economic and environmental impact assessment of Green Bio-Refineries
, Land Use Policy 68: 141-151 (2017)

Where were we while the Pyramid was Collapsing? At a Yoga Class
, Society 54(6): 527-529 (2017)

Whereto land fragmentationland grabbing in Romania? The place of negotiation in reaching winwin community-based solutions
, Land Use Policy 64: 174-185 (2017)

Whether conversion of mangrove forest to rice cropland is environmentally and economically viable?
, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 246: 38-47 (2017)

Whether or not thrombophilic genes polymorphisms are able to forecast the disability after arterial ischemic stroke in young individuals?
, Psychoneuroendocrinology 83: 35-36 (2017)

Whether to include dimethicone in the complex regimen of patients with chronic pancreatitis
, Pancreatology 17(3): S18-S19 (2017)

Whey protein film properties as affected by ultraviolet treatment under alkaline conditions
, International Dairy Journal 73: 84-91 (2017)

Whey protein isolate and flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) gum electrostatic coacervates: Turbidity and rheology
, Food Hydrocolloids 64: 18-27 (2017)

Whey protein-derived peptide sensing by enteroendocrine cells compared with osteoblast-like cells: Role of peptide length and peptide composition, focussing on products of β-lactoglobulin hydrolysis
, International Dairy Journal 72: 55-62 (2017)

Which Benefits Are Mentioned Most Often in Drug Development Publications?
, Current Therapeutic Research 86: 2-8 (2017)

Which Is Better? Linezolid Versus Daptomycin for Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium Bacteremia
, Infectious Disease in Clinical Practice 25(3): 113-115 (2017)

Which PSM Method To Use? Association Between Chosen Ppropensity Score Method And Outcomes Of Retrospective Real-World Treatment Comparisions: Evaluation Of 18 Different PSM Methods
, Value in Health 20(9): A771-A772 (2017)

Which Point-of-Care Tests Would Be Most Beneficial to Add to Clinical Practice?
, Point of Care Journal of Near-Patient Testing and Technology 16(4): 168-172 (2017)

Which Prosthetic Foot to Prescribe?
, Jpo Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics 29(1): 39-43 (2017)

Which School Districts Are Using the Community Eligibility Provision to Offer Free School Meals to All Their Students?
, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 49(7): S13-S14 (2017)

Which Teeth Need Extracting? An Assessment of the Frequency of Amendments to Referrals for Dento-Alveolar Surgery
, British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 55(10): E115-E116 (2017)

Which Therapeutic Method Should be Selected in Non-Viral Hepatitis and Early Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Resection or Ablation? Multi-Center Analysis Using with Propensity Score Matching
, Gastroenterology 152(5): S296-S297 (2017)

Which amphibians should qualify for the ark?
, Animal Conservation 20(2): 120-121 (2017)

Which downscaled rainfall data for climate change impact studies in urban areas? Review of current approaches and trends
, Theoretical and Applied Climatology 127(3-4): 685-699 (2017)

Which factors and processes drive the spatio-temporal dynamics of brackish marshes?Insights from development and parameterisation of a mechanistic vegetation model
, Ecological Modelling 363: 122-136 (2017)

Which factors characterize sustainable behavior of defense forces?
, Journal of Cleaner Production 164: 230-241 (2017)

Which flexible ureteroscopes (digital vs optical) can easily reach the difficult lower pole calyces and have better end-tip deflection?
, European Urology Suppls 16(3): E380-E382 (2017)

Which is Better Between Conventional En Masse Repair Versus Separate Double-Layer Double-Row Repair for the Treatment of Delaminated Rotator Cuff Tears: A Prospective Randomized Study
, Arthroscopy: Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery 33(10): E106-E107 (2017)

Which is More Relevant for Perceived Happiness, Individual-Level or Area-Level Social Capital? A Multilevel Mediation Analysis
, Journal of Happiness Studies 18(3): 765-783 (2017)

Which men with primary metastatic prostate cancer should have cytotoxic agents upfront?
, European Urology Suppls 16(2): 121-122 (2017)

Which one stands longer? 20 years experience in retropubic sub-urethral sling surgery for female stress urinary incontinence: Comparison between autologous fascia and prolene mesh
, European Urology Suppls 16(3): E1489-E1490 (2017)

Which patient and doctor behaviors make a medical consultation more effective from a patient point of view. Results from a European multicentre study in 31 countries
, Journal of Psychosomatic Research 97: 165-166 (2017)

Which plant traits respond to aridity? A critical step to assess functional diversity in Mediterranean drylands
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 239: 176-184 (2017)

Which procedure is better: germectomy or surgical removal of mandibular third molar?
, International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 46: 110-111 (2017)

Which provinces should pay more attention to CO 2 emissions? Using the quantile regression to investigate China's manufacturing industry
, Journal of Cleaner Production 164: 980-993 (2017)

Which root architectural elements contribute the best to anchorage ofPinusspecies? Insights fromin silicoexperiments
, Plant and Soil 411(1-2): 275-291 (2017)

Which smallholders are willing to adopt Acacia mangium under long-term contracts? Evidence from a choice experiment study in Indonesia
, Land Use Policy 65: 211-223 (2017)

Which stent to use for angioplasties of the brachio-cephalic arterial trunk?
, Annals of Vascular Surgery 44: 32-33 (2017)

Which traits influence the frequency of plant species occurrence in urban habitat types?
, Urban Ecosystems 20(1): 65-75 (2017)

Which way to well-being: "More of the same" or "trying something novel"? The association of comfortable and experimental behavior styles to well-being
, Personality and Individual Differences 109: 35-43 (2017)

While deprotonating 1-(4-nitrophenyl)-3-((pyridin-4-yl)methyl)thiourea by tetrabutylammonium fluoride also provides a means for etching of glass
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 464: 108-113 (2017)

Whisker growth from vacuum evaporated submicron Sn thin films
, Surface and Coatings Technology 311: 216-222 (2017)

White Blood Cell Count of the scorpion fish Scorpaena porcusas a biomarker of anthropogenic pollution in the Black Sea coastal waters
, Journal of Ichthyology 57(3): 467-472 (2017)

White Matter Microstructural Variations in Adolescents with Affective Symptoms
, Biological Psychiatry 81(10): S46-S47 (2017)

White blood cell count at first depression diagnosis as predictor for risk of subsequent hospitalization with depression
, Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research 26: 1-6 (2017)

White clover living mulch reduces the need for phosphorus fertilizer application to corn
, European Journal of Agronomy 86: 87-92 (2017)

White flowers finish last: pollen-foraging bumble bees show biased learning in a floral color polymorphism
, Evolutionary Ecology 31(2): 173-191 (2017)

White fungal covering on the wall paintings of the Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe Abbey church crypt: A case study
, International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 122: 29-37 (2017)

White light emissive bipolar ligand and their Eu III complex for white/red light emitting diodes
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 347: 26-40 (2017)

White matter hyperintensities as a new predictor of driving cessation in the elderly
, European Psychiatry 41: S172-S173 (2017)

White matter integrity and its relationship to cognitive-motor integration in females with post-concussion syndrome
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 51(11): A37.1-A37 (2017)

White paper a framework for landmark MH education law
, Mental Health Weekly 27(42): 3-4 (2017)

White space and digital remediation of design practice in architecture: A case study of Frank O. Gehry
, Information and Organization 27(2): 73-86 (2017)

White-beam X-ray diffraction and radiography studies on high-boron-containing borosilicate glass at high pressures
, High Pressure Research 37(2): 233-243 (2017)

White-cheeked Pintail duckling and brood survival across wetland types at Humacao Nature Reserve, Puerto Rico
, Condor 119(2): 308-320 (2017)

White-chinned petrel population estimate, Disappointment Island (Auckland Islands)
, Polar Biology 40(5): 1053-1061 (2017)

White-nose syndrome dehydrates bats
, Journal of Experimental Biology 220(23): 4326-4326 (2017)

White-tailed deer fawn survival, home range, and habitat composition in northwest Louisiana
, Wildlife Society Bulletin 41(3): 499-507 (2017)

Whiteness, Race and South Africas Colonial Project
, Journal of Southern African Studies 43(3): 644-646 (2017)

Whites demonstrate anti-Black associations but do not reinforce them
, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 70: 8-18 (2017)

Whither vacuum tubes?
, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves 31(17): 1769-1770 (2017)

Who (if Anyone) Should be Liable for Injuries from Generic Drugs?
, Journal of Law Economics and Organization 33(3): 541-577 (2017)

Who Are Those Youths Who Consider Themselves as Unpopular?
, Journal of Adolescent Health 60(2): S72-S73 (2017)

Who Are the Global Top 1%?
, World Development 95: 111-126 (2017)

Who Cares When the Caregiver Breaks?
, International Journal of Disability Development and Education 64(1): 104-108 (2017)

Who Is the Green Man?
, Anthropology of Consciousness 28(2): 121-127 (2017)

Who Is the Sufferer and What Is Being Suffered? Subjectivity in Times of Social Malaise
, Psychoanalytic Dialogues 27(6): 635-650 (2017)

Who Let the Dogs IN: Helping our Four Legged Friends Visit at the Bedside (FR434)
, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 53(2): 363-364 (2017)

Who Sees What as Fair? Mapping Individual Differences in Valuation of Reciprocity, Charity, and Impartiality
, Social Justice Research 30(4): 438-449 (2017)

Who Starts the Wave? Let's Not Forget the Role of the Individual
, Psychological Inquiry 28(4): 273-277 (2017)

Who Uses Online Parenting Support? A Cross-Sectional Survey Exploring Australian Parents Internet Use for Parenting
, Journal of Child and Family Studies 26(3): 916-927 (2017)

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Why I Care about Clinical Trials
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Why We Tweet
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Why discrepancies in searching the conservation biology literature matter
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Why do female desert lizards construct burrows to lay eggs?
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Why do kids get into trouble on school days?
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Why do smallholders plant biofuel crops? The politics of consent in Mexico
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Why do they Stay? Examining Contributing Factors to Womens Length of Stay in a Domestic Violence Shelter
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Why do unusual novel foods like insects lack sensory appeal? Investigating the underlying sensory perceptions
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Why do you keep doing that? The biasing effects of mental states on IT continued usage intentions
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Why does the United States lack a global warming policy? The corporate inner circle versus public interest sector elites
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Why does the combination of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and a renewable energy target makes economic sense?
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Why dont psychotherapists laugh? Enjoyment and the consulting room
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Why eat fish? Factors influencing seafood consumer choices in British Columbia, Canada
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Why follow the royal rule?
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Why has he changed so much? Exploring cognitive impairments in prostate cancer survivors on ADT using virtual reality testing
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Why have southern pine beetle outbreaks declined in the southeastern U.S. with the expansion of intensive pine silviculture? A brief review of hypotheses
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Why in the world did they reshore? Examining small to medium-sized manufacturer decisions
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Why input matters: Selection of climate data sets for modelling the potential distribution of a treeline species in the Himalayan region
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Why insurgents kill civilians in capital cities: A disaggregated analysis of mechanisms and trends
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Why international students have been TEF-ed out?
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Why is Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) still used?
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Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing? A Logical Investigation
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Why is algaculture still incipient in Brazil?
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Why is it Not Possible to Predict, Through Tests at Sea Level, Who Will Have AMS?
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Why is steering not the same as braking? The impact of non-driving related tasks on lateral and longitudinal driver interventions during conditionally automated driving
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Why locate manufacturing in a high-cost country? A case study of 35 production location decisions
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Why management decisions involving marine mammals should include animal welfare
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Why management learning matters
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Why mistletoes are more aggregated in disturbed forests? The role of differential host mortality
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Why non-native grasses pose a critical emerging threat to biodiversity conservation, habitat connectivity and agricultural production in multifunctional rural landscapes
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Why orchestral musicians are bound to wear earplugs: About the ineffectiveness of physical measures to reduce sound exposure
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Why people matter in ocean governance: Incorporating human dimensions into large-scale marine protected areas
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Why people stay single: An evolutionary perspective
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Why perovskite solar cells with high efficiency show small IV-curve hysteresis
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Why predation is not a controlling factor of phytoplankton in a Neotropical shallow lake: a morpho-functional perspective
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Why schema-violations are sometimes preferable to schema-consistencies: The role of interest and openness to experience
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Why should Welfare Fit?
, Philosophical Quarterly 67(269): 685-24 (2017)

Why teen MH treatment has to move outside the box - now
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Why the One Cannot Have Parts: Plotinus on Divine Simplicity, Ontological Independence, and Perfect Being Theology
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Why the Poor Support Populism: The Politics of Sincerity in Metro Manila
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Why the population of the northern fur seals ( Callorhinus ursinus ) of Tyuleniy Island does not recover following the harvest ban: Analysis of 56 years of observation data
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Why things happen Developing the critical realist view of causal mechanisms
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Why understanding what matters to the patient matters
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Why was iron lost without significant isotope fractionation during the lateritic process in tropical environments?
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Why was the strengthening of rainfall in summer over the Yangtze River valley in 2016 less pronounced than that in 1998 under similar preceding El Nio events?Role of midlatitude circulation in August
, Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 34(11): 1290-1300 (2017)

Why we need a golden rule for peer review
, Nursing Ethics 24(8): 875-877 (2017)

Why we should develop guidelines and quantitative standards for using genetic data to delimit subspecies for data-poor organisms like cetaceans
, Marine Mammal Science 33: 12-26 (2017)

Why we should stop conflating the superego with the conscience
, Psychoanalysis Culture and Society 22(1): 15-32 (2017)

Why will dominant alternative transportation fuels be liquid fuels, not electricity or hydrogen?
, Energy Policy 108: 712-714 (2017)

Why wood density varies across communities
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Why working conditions are a key issue of sustainability in agriculture? A comparison between agroecological, organic and conventional vegetable systems
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Why, When, and for Whom are Job Resources Beneficial?
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Wide Band Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Stair-Shaped Slot Excitation
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Wide Differences in Mode of Delivery Within Europe
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Wide Field Electromagnetic Method for Shale Gas Exploration in Southern China: A Case Study
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Wide Field-of-View Reflection-Mode Ptychographic Imaging Microscope with Tabletop 12.7 nm High Harmonic Illumination
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Wide Green Dikes: A sustainable adaptation option with benefits for both nature and landscape values?
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Wide Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm for Spaceborne Stripmap Range Sweep SAR Imaging
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Y-a-t-il une corrlation entre le score psychologique ACL-RSI et lvaluation fonctionnelle isocintique et proprioceptive du genou aprs reconstruction du ligament crois antrieur ? tude prospective chez 182 sportifs 6 mois de recul
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