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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65079

Chapter 65079 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Alsalhy, Q F.; Al-Ani, F H.; Al-Najar, A E., 2018:
A new Sponge-GAC-Sponge membrane module for submerged membrane bioreactor use in hospital wastewater treatment

Xie, J; Liao, A; Lei, Y, 2018:
A new accelerated alternating minimization method for analysis sparse recovery

Zhang, Z; Han, D; Dezert, J; Yang, Y, 2018:
A new adaptive switching median filter for impulse noise reduction with pre-detection based on evidential reasoning

Zhou, H-Jun; Chang, L-Xian; Zhang, Y-Hui; Wang, L; Kurmoo, M, 2018:
A new alkaline-earth metal borate SrB 3 O 4 (OH) 3 H 2 O with UV cutoff edge below 190 nm

Mohamed, W; Austrell, P-Erik; Dahlblom, O, 2018:
A new and reusable foundation solution for onshore windmills

Ghahri, P; Jamiolahmadi, M; Alatefi, E; Wilkinson, D; Sedighi Dehkordi, F; Hamidi, H, 2018:
A new and simple model for the prediction of horizontal well productivity in gas condensate reservoirs

LaVoie, N; Lee, Y-Ching; Allison, A; Parker, J, 2018:
A new approach for assessing and training drivers speed management

Goopy, J.P.; Onyango, A.A.; Dickhoefer, U.; Butterbach-Bahl, K., 2018:
A new approach for improving emission factors for enteric methane emissions of cattle in smallholder systems of East Africa Results for Nyando, Western Kenya

Giardina, M.; Buffa, P., 2018:
A new approach for modeling dry deposition velocity of particles

Sun, X; Faraone, A; Dai, Q; Guo, S, 2018:
A new approach of quantitatively analyzing water states by neutron scattering in hardened cement paste

Appolloni, L; Sandulli, R; Vetrano, G; Russo, G F., 2018:
A new approach to assess marine opportunity costs and monetary values-in-use for spatial planning and conservation; the case study of Gulf of Naples, Mediterranean Sea, Italy

Sailer, E; Taborda, D M.G.; Zdravković, L, 2018:
A new approach to estimating temperature fields around a group of vertical ground heat exchangers in two-dimensional analyses

Gulbeyaz, O; Bond-Lamberty, B; Akyurek, Z; West, T O, 2018:
A new approach to evaluate the MODIS annual NPP product (MOD17A3) using forest field data from Turkey

Ramajayam, K Kumar; Kumar, A; Kumari, C; Sarangi, S Kumar; Thirugnanam, A., 2018:
A new approach to improve the efficacy of cryosurgery in gel phantoms

Nimvari, M Eshagh; Jouybari, N Fallah; Esmaili, Q, 2018:
A new approach to mitigate intense temperature gradients in ceramic foam solar receivers

Lee, C C.; Sheridan, S C., 2018:
A new approach to modeling temperature-related mortality: Non-linear autoregressive models with exogenous input

Öz, H, 2018:
A new approach to soil solarization: Addition of biochar to the effect of soil temperature and quality and yield parameters of lettuce (Lactuca Sativa L. Duna)

Kasparek, A; Smyk, B, 2018:
A new approach to the old problem: Inner filter effect type I and II in fluorescence

Zhu, D; Zheng, X, 2018:
A new asymmetric twin-scroll turbine with two wastegates for energy improvements in diesel engines

Roberge, P; Lemay, J; Ruel, J; Bégin-Drolet, Aé, 2018:
A new atmospheric icing detector based on thermally heated cylindrical probes for wind turbine applications

Zhu, L; Chen, Y, 2018:
A new blowup criterion for strong solutions to the Cauchy problem of three-dimensional compressible magnetohydrodynamic equations

Gupta, B; Singh, A Kumar, 2018:
A new cartoontexture image decomposition approach with smoothing spline interpolation

Hüner, B; Farsak, M; Telli, E, 2018:
A new catalyst of AlCu@ZnO for hydrogen evolution reaction

Berahmand, K; Bouyer, A; Samadi, N, 2018:
A new centrality measure based on the negative and positive effects of clustering coefficient for identifying influential spreaders in complex networks

Shabestari, P Sadeghi; Panahi, S; Hatef, B; Jafari, S; Sprott, J C., 2018:
A new chaotic model for glucose-insulin regulatory system

André, Rémi; Luciani, X; Moreau, E, 2018:
A new class of block coordinate algorithms for the joint eigenvalue decomposition of complex matrices

Scheffer, I E, 2018:
A new classification and class 1 evidence transform clinical practice in epilepsy

Ozverel, C.S.; Karaboz, I.; Nalbantsoy, A., 2018:
A new combination immunotherapy approach with anti-PD-L1 and HER2/neu loaded dendritic cell vaccine along with saponin adjuvant

Horn, J-Tore; Bitner-Gregersen, E; Krokstad, Jørgen R.; Leira, B J.; Amdahl, Jørgen, 2018:
A new combination of conditional environmental distributions

Ferguson, J; Hannigan, A; Stack, A, 2018:
A new computationally efficient algorithm for record linkage with field dependency and missing data imputation

Li, Q; Hu, Y; Hou, H-Nan; Yang, W-Nan; Hu, S-Li, 2018:
A new coumarin-carbonothioate-based turn-on fluorescent chemodosimeter for selective detection of Hg 2+

Tarca, A L.; Romero, R; Gudicha, D W.; Erez, O; Hernandez-Andrade, E; Yeo, L; Bhatti, G; Pacora, P; Maymon, E; Hassan, S S., 2018:
A new customized fetal growth standard for African American women: the PRB/NICHD Detroit study

Varela-Benavides, I; Peraza-Padilla, W; Cantalapiedra-Navarrete, C; Palomares-Rius, J E.; Castillo, P; Archidona-Yuste, A, 2018:
A new dagger nematode, Xiphinema poasense n. sp. (Nematoda: Longidoridae), from Costa Rica

Janković, B; Marinović-Cincović, M; Janković, M, 2018:
A new data in the kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of non-isothermal decomposition of super-fine kaolin powder

Verwulgen, S; Lacko, Dël; Vleugels, J; Vaes, K; Danckaers, F; De Bruyne, G; Huysmans, T, 2018:
A new data structure and workflow for using 3D anthropometry in the design of wearable products

Zaza, C; Bimonte, S; Faccilongo, N; La Sala, P; Contò, F; Gallo, C, 2018:
A new decision-support system for the historical analysis of integrated pest management activities on olive crops based on climatic data

Xia, X; Liang, Q, 2018:
A new depth-averaged model for flow-like landslides over complex terrains with curvatures and steep slopes

Eren, T; Kok, M Versan, 2018:
A new drilling performance benchmarking: ROP indexing methodology

Li, X; Li, J; Zhu, C; Zhang, X; Chen, J, 2018:
A new electrochemical immunoassay for prion protein based on hybridization chain reaction with hemin/G-quadruplex DNAzyme

Li, J; Yan, X; Li, X; Zhang, X; Chen, J, 2018:
A new electrochemical immunosensor for sensitive detection of prion based on Prussian blue analogue

Iovene, M Rosaria; Martora, F; Bombace, F; Montella, F; Del Vecchio, C; De Rosa, M; D'Oriano, V; Galdiero, M; Vitiello, M, 2018:
A new enrichment diagnostic platform for semen culture

Yazawa, S; Yokobori, T; Kaira, K; Kuwano, H; Asao, T, 2018:
A new enzyme immunoassay for the determination of highly sialylated and fucosylated human α 1 -acid glycoprotein as a biomarker of tumorigenesis

Qingling, L; Shouceng, T; Zhonghou, S; Zhengming, X; Zhaoyu, P, 2018:
A new equation for predicting settling velocity of solid spheres in fiber containing power-law fluids

Yao, Y; Li, Z; Wang, T; Chen, A; Wang, X; Du, M; Jia, G; Li, Y; Li, H; Luo, W; Ma, Y; Tang, Y; Wang, H; Wu, Z; Yan, J; Zhang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhou, G; Piao, S, 2018:
A new estimation of Chinas net ecosystem productivity based on eddy covariance measurements and a model tree ensemble approach

Schiel, K A., 2018:
A new etiologic model for Alzheimers Disease

Note, N; Gheyle, W; den Berghe, H Van; Saey, T; Bourgeois, J; Van Eetvelde, V; Van Meirvenne, M; Stichelbaut, B, 2018:
A new evaluation approach of World War One's devastated front zone: A shell hole density map based on historical aerial photographs and validated by electromagnetic induction field measurements to link the metal shrapnel phenomenon

Soltani, A.; Battikh, T.; Jabri, I.; Lakhoua, N., 2018:
A new expert system based on fuzzy logic and image processing algorithms for early glaucoma diagnosis

Vera, R; Insa, S; Fontàs, Càudia; Anticó, E, 2018:
A new extraction phase based on a polymer inclusion membrane for the detection of chlorpyrifos, diazinon and cyprodinil in natural water samples

Volz, B.; Kapp, K.; Oswald, D.; Wittig, B.; Schmidt, M., 2018:
A new family of potent TLR9 agonists, EnanDIM, which inhibit tumor growth in various syngeneic murine models

Li, J; Yang, Q; Mu, H; Le Blond, S; He, H, 2018:
A new fault detection and fault location method for multi-terminal high voltage direct current of offshore wind farm

Kawakatsu, H, 2018:
A new fifth parameter for transverse isotropy III: reflection and transmission coefficients

Zhang, H; Ma, S; Huang, T; Cong, X; Yang, H; Zhang, F, 2018:
A new finding on pattern self-organization along the route to chaos

Jo, B-Geun; Park, N-June; Jegal, J; Choi, S; Lee, S Woo; Jin, H; Kim, S-Nam; Yang, M Hye, 2018:
A new flavonoid from Stellera chamaejasme L., stechamone, alleviated 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene-induced atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions in a murine model

Bhat, C R., 2018:
A new flexible multiple discretecontinuous extreme value (MDCEV) choice model

Chaiendoo, K; Sooksin, S; Kulchat, S; Promarak, V; Tuntulani, T; Ngeontae, W, 2018:
A new formaldehyde sensor from silver nanoclusters modified Tollens reagent

Foroushani, S; Naylor, D; Wright, J, 2018:
A new formulation for convection problems entailing multiple isothermal boundaries

Nazarimehr, F; Rajagopal, K; Kengne, J; Jafari, S; Pham, V-Thanh, 2018:
A new four-dimensional system containing chaotic or hyper-chaotic attractors with no equilibrium, a line of equilibria and unstable equilibria

Koutsos, T.M.; Chatzistathis, T.; Balampekou, E.I., 2018:
A new framework proposal, towards a common EU agricultural policy, with the best sustainable practices for the re-use of olive mill wastewater

Rydel, M; Stanisławski, Rł, 2018:
A new frequency weighted Fourier-based method for model order reduction

Hincks, S; Kingston, R; Webb, B; Wong, C, 2018:
A new geodemographic classification of commuting flows for England and Wales

Jin, X; Hu, H; Shi, X; Zhou, X; Yang, L; Yin, Y; Zhang, X, 2018:
A new heat transfer model of phase change material based on energy asymmetry

Nunes, H.G.G.; Pombo, J.A.N.; Mariano, S.J.P.S.; Calado, M.R.A.; Felippe de Souza, J.A.M., 2018:
A new high performance method for determining the parameters of PV cells and modules based on guaranteed convergence particle swarm optimization

Ryazanova, T.V.; Eliseikina, M.G.; Semenchenko, A.A., 2018:
A new host for Hematodinium infection among lithodid crabs from the Sea of Okhotsk

Reza Shahdoosti, H; Javaheri, N, 2018:
A new hybrid feature extraction method in a dyadic scheme for classification of hyperspectral data

Lü, H; Shangguan, W-Bin; Yu, D, 2018:
A new hybrid uncertainty analysis method and its application to squeal analysis with random and interval variables

Zhou, H; Jiang, Z; Wei, S, 2018:
A new hydrotalcite-like absorbent FeMnMg-LDH and its adsorption capacity for Pb 2+ ions in water

Zeng, N; You, Y; Xie, L; Zhang, H; Ye, L; Hong, W; Li, Y, 2018:
A new imaged-based quantitative reader for the gold immunochromatographic assay

Kröger, Jörg.; Doppagne, B.; Scheurer, F.; Schull, G., 2018:
Fano Description of Single-Hydrocarbon Fluorescence Excited by a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Dziadek, M; Zagrajczuk, B; Menaszek, E; Cholewa-Kowalska, K, 2018:
A new insight into in vitro behaviour of poly(-caprolactone)/bioactive glass composites in biologically related fluids

Das, S; Chatterjee, S; Pramanik, S; Devi, P Sujatha; Kumar, G Suresh, 2018:
A new insight into the interaction of ZnO with calf thymus DNA through surface defects

Wang, Y; Xia, Y; Li, H; Zhou, P, 2018:
A new integral sliding mode design method for nonlinear stochastic systems

Wu, D; Guo, Z; Liu, N; Zhou, L; Mao, Y; Wan, L; Sun, F; Yuan, W, 2018:
A new intercalated iron sulfide (C 2 H 8 N 2 ) 0.4 Fe 2 S 2 from solvothermal route: Synthesis, structure and tunable magnetism

Zhao, Z; Yan, S; Lian, J; Chang, W; Xue, Y; He, Z; Bi, D; Han, S, 2018:
A new kind of nanohybrid poly(tetradecyl methyl-acrylate)-graphene oxide as pour point depressant to evaluate the cold flow properties and exhaust gas emissions of diesel fuels

Huang, M-Fei; Chen, L-Na; Ning, J-Ya; Wu, W-Li; He, X-Dong; Miao, J-Ying; Zhao, B-Xiang, 2018:
A new lipid droplets-targeted fluorescence probe for specific detection of SO 2 derivatives in living cells

Hu, X; Griffin, M; Yeo, G; Kanse, L; Hodkiewicz, M; Parkes, K, 2018:
A new look at compliance with work procedures: An engagement perspective

Rougier, M; Muller, D; Ric, Fçois; Alexopoulos, T; Batailler, Cédric; Smeding, A; Aubé, B, 2018:
A new look at sensorimotor aspects in approach/avoidance tendencies: The role of visual whole-body movement information

Rossiter, D G.; Bouma, J, 2018:
A new look at soil phenoforms Definition, identification, mapping

Margalit, O; Mamtani, R; Yang, Y-Xiao; Reiss, K A.; Golan, T; Halpern, N; Aderka, D; Giantonio, B; Shacham-Shmueli, E; Boursi, B, 2018:
A new look at the International Duration Evaluation of Adjuvant therapy (IDEA) classificationDefining novel predictive and prognostic markers in stage III colon cancer

Amir, R; Evstigneev, I V., 2018:
A new look at the classical Bertrand duopoly

Aksoy, C. O.; Safak, S.; Uyar, G. G.; Ozacar, V., 2018:
A new mathematical approach for representing the deformation mechanism of rocks under constant load

Xiang, B; Zhang, J, 2018:
A new member of solar heat-reflective pigments: BaTiO 3 and its effect on the cooling properties of ASA (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer)

Zhou, L; Li, H; Ye, S; Tan, H, 2018:
A new method for determination of fluoride ion in commodity tea by ion-exclusion chromatography

Park, D; Markus, M, 2018:
A new method for establishing hydrologic fidelity of snow depth measurements based on snowmeltrunoff hydrographs

Eldakroury, M A.; Chen, N; Frank, M C., 2018:
A new method for locating candidate substrates for multi axis hybrid manufacturing systems

Cao, R; Li, M; Zuo, L; Wang, Z; Lu, Y, 2018:
A new method for parameter estimation of high-order polynomial-phase signals

Pei, C; Zhao, S; Liu, T; Chen, Z, 2018:
A new method for plastic strain measurement with Rayleigh wave polarization

Liu, Y; Jiang, Q; Wang, X; Li, J; Chu, X; Wang, J; Jin, H, 2018:
A new method for preparation of PS-g-PA6 grafted copolymer micelles

Aizawa, T, 2018:
A new method for producing porous polymer materials using carbon dioxide and a piston

Pavlov, T.R.; Staicu, D.; Vlahovic, L.; Konings, R.J.M.; Van Uffelen, P.; Wenman, M.R., 2018:
A new method for the characterization of temperature dependent thermo-physical properties

Likhosherstov, L. M.; Novikova, O. S.; Kolotyrkina, N. G.; Berezin, B. B.; Piskarev, V. E., 2018:
A new method for the synthesis of aldehyde-spacered oligosaccharides by oxidation of l-tartaric acid derivative

Dağdeviren, S; Altunay, N; Sayman, Y; Gürkan, R, 2018 :
A new method of UA_CPE coupled with spectrophotometry for the faster and cost-effective detection of proline in fruit juice, honey, and wine

Li, J; Zhao, J; Li, F, 2018:
A new method of patched-conic for interplanetary orbit

Li, H; Zhou, Y; Li, X; Meng, L; Wang, X; Wu, S; Sodoudi, S, 2018:
A new method to quantify surface urban heat island intensity

Zhao, W; Liu, G; Yang, Q; Zhang, C, 2018:
A new method using a Foley Catheter to locate the diverticulum in laparoscopic repair of uterine cesarean scar defects

Mu, Q.Y.; Ng, C.W.W.; Zhou, C.; Zhou, G.G.D.; Liao, H.J., 2018:
A new model for capturing void ratio-dependent unfrozen water characteristics curves

Diani, S.D. Sara, 2018:
A new model for chronic diseases

Rahman, M Saifur; Miah, S; Giessen, L, 2018:
A new model of development coalition building: USAID achieving legitimate access and dominant information in Bangladeshs forest policy

Tsaturyan, A.; Sahakyan, S.; Muradyan, A.; Oganov, T.; Levonyan, A.; Tsaturyan, A., 2018:
A new modification of tubeless cutaneous ureterostomy following radical cystectomy

Ma, Y; Miao, L; Qin, H; Chen, X; Xiong, X; Han, T; Qin, P; Ji, X; Cai, P, 2018:
A new modular semi-parallel EIT system for medical application

Liu, Z. B.; Fang, K. Z.; Cheng, Y. Z., 2018:
A new multi-layer irrotational Boussinesq-type model for highly nonlinear and dispersive surface waves over a mildly sloping seabed

Boanini, E; Torricelli, P; Bonvicini, F; Cassani, M Cristina; Fini, M; Gentilomi, G Angela; Bigi, A, 2018:
A new multifunctionalized material against multi-drug resistant bacteria and abnormal osteoclast activity

Zhang, G; Zhang, L; Wang, J; Chi, Z; Hu, E, 2018:
A new multiple-time-step three-dimensional discrete element modeling of aerosol acoustic agglomeration

Alda, P; Lounnas, M; Vázquez, A Alejandro; Ayaqui, R; Calvopiña, M; Celi-Erazo, M; Dillon, R T.; Jarne, P; Loker, E S.; Muñiz Pareja, F Caroll; Muzzio-Aroca, J; Nárvaez, A Orlando; Noya, O; Robles, L Martini; Rodríguez-Hidalgo, R; Uribe, N; David, P; Pointier, J-Pierre; Hurtrez-Boussès, S, 2018:
A new multiplex PCR assay to distinguish among three cryptic Galba species, intermediate hosts of Fasciola hepatica

Khan, Y., 2018:
A new necessary condition of soliton solutions for Kawahara equation arising in physics

Abbasi, J; Ghaedi, M; Riazi, M, 2018:
A new numerical approach for investigation of the effects of dynamic capillary pressure in imbibition process

Xiao, Y; Lü, H-Fei; Huang, A-Chi; Deng, J; Shu, C-Min, 2018:
A new numerical method to predict the growth temperature of spontaneous combustion of 1/3 coking coal

Lee, J.W.; Terner, M.; Hong, H.U.; Na, S.H.; Seol, J.B.; Jang, J.H.; Lee, T.-H., 2018:
A new observation of strain-induced grain boundary serration and its underlying mechanism in a Ni20Cr binary model alloy

Zhuang, G; Gao, J; Chen, H; Zhang, Z, 2018:
A new one-step method for physical purification and organic modification of sepiolite

Sauk, T; Föste, H; Augustin, W; Scholl, S, 2018:
A new online-method for the characterization of detached particles while cleaning starch fouling layers

Heveran, C M.; Rauff, A; King, K B.; Carpenter, R. Dana; Ferguson, V L., 2018:
A new open-source tool for measuring 3D osteocyte lacunar geometries from confocal laser scanning microscopy reveals age-related changes to lacunar size and shape in cortical mouse bone

Dietrich, M; Behrens, H; Wilke, M, 2018:
A new optical cell for in situ Raman spectroscopy, and its application to study sulfur-bearing fluids at elevated pressures and temperatures

Gopalan, S-Anand; Gopalan, A-Iyengar; Vinu, A; Lee, K-Pill; Kang, S-Won, 2018:
A new optical-electrical integrated buffer layer design based on gold nanoparticles tethered thiol containing sulfonated polyaniline towards enhancement of solar cell performance

Wang, Z; Abdolmohammadi, H Reza; Alsaadi, F E.; Hayat, T; Pham, V-Thanh, 2018:
A new oscillator with infinite coexisting asymmetric attractors

Sun, X; Sun, B; Zhang, S; Wang, Z; Gao, Y; Li, H, 2018:
A new pattern recognition model for gas kick diagnosis in deepwater drilling

Zheng, J; Yang, X; Lü, Q; Zhao, Y; Deng, J; Ding, Z, 2018:
A new perspective for the directivity of Rock Quality Designation (RQD) and an anisotropy index of jointing degree for rock masses

Xiao, X; Zhang, Y-Qiu, 2018:
A new perspective on the anterior cingulate cortex and affective pain

Ding, Z-Gui; Ding, J-Hai; Zhao, J-Yuan; Chunyu, W-Xun; Li, M-Gang; Gu, S-Jie; Wang, F; Wen, M-Liang, 2018:
A new phenylspirodrimane dimer from the fungus Stachybotrys chartarum

Aghadavoodi, E; Shahgholian, G, 2018:
A new practical feed-forward cascade analyze for close loop identification of combustion control loop system through RANFIS and NARX

Zhou, J; Shen, Z; Liang, Q; Xu, J; Liu, H, 2018:
A new prediction method for the viscosity of the molten coal slag. Part 1: The effect of particle morphology on the suspension viscosity

Zhou, J; Shen, Z; Liang, Q; Xu, J; Liu, H, 2018:
A new prediction method for the viscosity of the molten coal slag. Part 2: The viscosity model of crystalline slag

Dehaghani, A Hossein Saeedi; Karami, B, 2018:
A new predictive thermodynamic framework for phase behavior of gas hydrate

Oliveira, Sérgio Ricardo de Jesus; Soares, A Barbosa, 2018:
A new priority-based dynamic protocol for multiple access control improves data transfer rates in WBANs

Lu, H; Qi, C; Chen, Q; Gan, D; Xue, Z; Hu, Y, 2018:
A new procedure for recycling waste tailings as cemented paste backfill to underground stopes and open pits

Delso, J; Martín, Bén; Ortega, E, 2018:
A new procedure using network analysis and kernel density estimations to evaluate the effect of urban configurations on pedestrian mobility. The case study of Vitoria Gasteiz

Zielinski, A T.; Kourtchev, I; Bortolini, C; Fuller, S J.; Giorio, C; Popoola, O A.M.; Bogialli, S; Tapparo, A; Jones, R L.; Kalberer, M, 2018:
A new processing scheme for ultra-high resolution direct infusion mass spectrometry data

Durand, M; Truck, I, 2018:
A new proposal to deal with hesitant linguistic expressions on preference assessments

Zhang, Y; Huang, Y; Huang, R; Huang, S; Ma, Y; Xu, S; Wang, Z, 2018:
A new puffing model for a droplet of butanol-hexadecane blends

Mikhailovskaya, A A.; Shchelokova, A V.; Dobrykh, D A.; Sushkov, I V.; Slobozhanyuk, A P.; Webb, A, 2018:
A new quadrature annular resonator for 3T MRI based on artificial-dielectrics

te Boveldt, G; Van Raemdonck, K; Macharis, C, 2018:
A new railway tunnel under Brussels? Assessing political feasibility and desirability with competence-based multi criteria analysis

Cai, J; Tang, Y, 2018:
A new randomized Kaczmarz based kernel canonical correlation analysis algorithm with applications to information retrieval

Miao, Y; Li, X; Lee, J; Zhou, Y; Wu, K; Sun, Z; Liu, S, 2018:
A new rate-decline analysis of shale gas reservoirs: Coupling the self-diffusion and surface diffusion characteristics

Zan, J; Fang, X; Zhang, W; Yan, M; Zhang, D, 2018:
A new record of late Pliocene-early Pleistocene aeolian loessred clay deposits from the western Chinese Loess Plateau and its palaeoenvironmental implications

Xiao, L; Li, S; Yang, J; Zhang, Z, 2018:
A new recurrent neural network with noise-tolerance and finite-time convergence for dynamic quadratic minimization

Vu, T-Van; Khosravifard, A; Hematiyan, M.R.; Bui, T Quoc, 2018:
A new refined simple TSDT-based effective meshfree method for analysis of through-thickness FG plates

Gong, I Y.; Yan, A T., 2018:
A new risk stratification tool for women with acute coronary syndrome

Sartipizadeh, H; Vincent, T L., 2018:
A new robust MPC using an approximate convex hull

Ribatti, D, 2018:
A new role of mast cells in arteriogenesis

Ahajjam, S; El Haddad, M; Badir, H, 2018:
A new scalable leader-community detection approach for community detection in social networks

Zhang, H; Lin, H; Wang, Y, 2018:
A new scheme for urban impervious surface classification from SAR images

Liang, J; Fang, X; Lin, Y; Wang, D, 2018:
A new screened microbial consortium OEM2 for lignocellulosic biomass deconstruction and chlorophenols detoxification

Dessirier, Bît; Tsang, C-Fu; Niemi, A, 2018:
A new scripting library for modeling flow and transport in fractured rock with channel networks

Liu, L; Wang, D-Ming; Meng, M-Cen; Huang, P; Xue, J-Zhuang, 2018:
A new seed plant with multi-ovulate cupules from the Upper Devonian of South China

Arena, F; Giani, T; Antonelli, A; Colavecchio, O Lorenza; Pecile, P; Viaggi, B; Favilli, R; Rossolini, G Maria, 2018:
A new selective broth enrichment automated method for detection of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae from rectal swabs

Himoto, K; Horii, T; Syoji, T; Okubo, T; Maekawa, M; Kuroda-Sowa, T, 2018:
A new semiconducting coordination polymer consisting of copper(I)-iodide and 3-pyridinecarboxaldehyde

Shahamirifard, S Alireza; Ghaedi, M; Hajati, S, 2018:
A new silver (I) ions optical sensor based on nanoporous thin films of solgel by rose bengal dye

Calero, J.; Aranda, V.; Montejo-Ráez, A.; Martín-García, J.M., 2018 :
A new soil quality index based on morpho-pedological indicators as a site-specific web service applied to olive groves in the Province of Jaen (South Spain)

Zanolla, D; Perissutti, B; Passerini, N; Chierotti, M R.; Hasa, D; Voinovich, D; Gigli, L; Demitri, N; Geremia, S; Keiser, J; Cerreia Vioglio, P; Albertini, B, 2018:
A new soluble and bioactive polymorph of praziquantel

Singh, S, 2018:
A new species of Aprostocetus Westwood (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), parasitizing mango leaf gall midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae), from India

Wang, H; Dilcher, D L., 2018:
A new species of Donlesia (Ceratophyllaceae) from the Early Cretaceous of Kansas, USA

Kulkarni, M R; Shaik, S; Reddy, Y Ranga; Pai, K, 2018:
A new species of Megadiaptomus Kiefer, 1936 (Copepoda: Calanoida: Diaptomidae) from the Western Ghats of India, with notes on the biogeography and conservation status of the species of the genus

Moncrieff, A E.; Johnson, O; Lane, D F.; Beck, J R.; Angulo, F; Fagan, J, 2018:
A new species of antbird (Passeriformes: Thamnophilidae) from the Cordillera Azul, San Martn, Peru

Skowron Volponi, M Agnieszka; Volponi, P, 2018:
A new species of bee-mimicking clearwing moth (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) from Thailand, with description and video of its behaviour

Loureiro, L O.; Lim, B K.; Engstrom, M D., 2018:
A new species of mastiff bat (Chiroptera, Molossidae, Molossus ) from Guyana and Ecuador

Sha, Z-Li; Lu, B; Wang, C-Sheng; Ren, X-Qiu, 2018:
A new species of the genus Amigdoscalpellum (Cirripedia, Thoracica, Scalpellidae) from deep waters in the western Pacific

Lubke, R.A.; Dold, A.D.; Brink, E.; Avis, A.M.; Wieringa, J.J., 2018:
A new species of tree, Icuria dunensis (Icurri), of undescribed coastal forests in north-eastern Mozambique

Orange, A, 2018:
A new species-level taxonomy for Trapelia (Trapeliaceae, Ostropomycetidae) with special reference to Great Britain and the Falkland Islands

Kang, D; Li, J, 2018:
A new strategy for giant panda protection

Guo, H; Zhang, Z; Yao, Y; Liu, J; Chang, R; Liu, Z; Hao, H; Huang, T; Wen, J; Zhou, T, 2018:
A new strategy for statistical analysis-based fingerprint establishment: Application to quality assessment of Semen sojae praeparatum

Tang, X.; James, L. A.; Johansen, T. E., 2018:
A new streamline model for near-well flow validated with radial flow experiments

Liu, Y; Li, T; Peng, H, 2018:
A new structure of permeable pavement for mitigating urban heat island

Mir-mohammadi, S.L.; Mallah, M.H.; Torkaman, R.; Safdari, J., 2018:
A new study on Uranium (VI) stripping from loaded Alamine 336 using some of alkaline solutions

Zou, M; Kang, S; Niu, J; Lu, H, 2018:
A new technique to estimate regional irrigation water demand and driving factor effects using an improved SWAT model with LMDI factor decomposition in an arid basin

Jin, Y.-L.; Li, X.-Z.; Sellmyer, D.J., 2018:
A new tetragonal phase in CoFeCrGe Heusler alloy

Byrne, M; White, B; McDonald, F, 2018:
A new tool to assess compliance of mental health laws with the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

Yang, X; Liu, F; Cheng, Y, 2018:
A new tree fern stem, Tempskya zhangii sp. nov. (Tempskyaceae) from the Cretaceous of Northeast China

Lyach, R; Čech, M, 2018:
A new trend in Central European recreational fishing: More fishing visits but lower yield and catch

Doi, K; Mizuno, T; Shigematsu, Y; Kobayashi, O; Takezaki, T; Muta, D; Nishi, T, 2018:
A new type of hyperplastic anterior choroidal artery

Liu, C; Zhang, Q; An, N; Wang, J; Zhao, L; Lu, Y, 2018:
A new water-soluble polythiophene derivative as a probe for real-time monitoring adenosine 5-triphosphatase activity in lysosome of living cells

Pigliautile, I; Pisello, A Laura, 2018:
A new wearable monitoring system for investigating pedestrians' environmental conditions: Development of the experimental tool and start-up findings

Tizziani, T; Pereira, M; Venzke, D; Missau, F Cristina; Ruani, A Paula; Montagner, D Fiuza; Pizzolatti, M Geraldo; Micke, G Amadeu; Brighente, Iês Maria Costa, 2018:
A new xanthone as a chemical marker of four Polygala species (Polygalaceae)

Palai, G., 2018:
A new-fangled proposal for 4th optical communication windows using 3-D silicon photonics: Future structure for future application

Tavanandi, H A.; Chandralekha Devi, A.; Raghavarao, K., 2018:
A newer approach for the primary extraction of allophycocyanin with high purity and yield from dry biomass of Arthrospira platensis

Parua, S; Sikari, R; Sinha, S; Das, S; Chakraborty, G; Paul, N D., 2018:
A nickel catalyzed acceptorless dehydrogenative approach to quinolines

Lambrecht, L; Lamert, A; Friederich, W; Möller, T; Boxberg, M S, 2018:
A nodal discontinuous Galerkin approach to 3-D viscoelastic wave propagation in complex geological media

Gan, H, 2018:
A noise-robust semi-supervised dimensionality reduction method for face recognition

Xiang, Q; Liao, B; Xiao, L; Jin, L, 2018:
A noise-tolerant Z-type neural network for time-dependent pseudoinverse matrices

Hughes, P; McBratney, A B.; Huang, J; Minasny, B; Micheli, E; Hempel, J, 2018:
A nomenclature algorithm for a potentially global soil taxonomy

Gong, J; Zhou, W; Xiao, C; Jie, Y; Zhu, S; Zheng, J; Chong, Y; Hu, B, 2018:
A nomogram for predicting prognostic value of inflammatory biomarkers in patients with acute-on-chronic liver failure

Meng, Z-Wu; Lin, X-Quan; Zhu, J-Hai; Han, S-Hua; Chen, Y-Ling, 2018:
A nomogram to predict lymph node metastasis before resection in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Cappellari, M; Zivelonghi, C; Turcato, G; Forlivesi, S; Micheletti, N; Tomelleri, G; Bovi, P; Bonetti, B, 2018:
A nomogram to predict the probability of mortality after first-ever acute manifestations of cerebral small vessel disease

van Vugt, J.; Alferink, L.; Buettner, S.; Gaspersz, M.; Bot, D.; Murad, S.D.; Feshtali, S.; van Ooijen, P.; Polak, W.; Porte, R.; Hoek, B.V.; van den Berg, A.; Metselaar, H.; Ijzermans, J., 2018:
A nomogram with sarcopenia surpasses the MELD score in predicting waiting list mortality in cirrhotic liver transplant patients: a competing risk analysis in a national cohort

Pini, A; Cammi, A; Colombo, L; Tigliole, A Borio, 2018:
A non-equilibrium control oriented model for the pressurizer dynamics

Boghi, A; Brown, L; Sawko, R; Thompson, C P., 2018:
A non-inertial two-phase model of wax transport in a pipeline during pigging operations

Invernizzi, C; Fichera, G Valentina; Licchelli, M; Malagodi, M, 2018:
A non-invasive stratigraphic study by reflection FT-IR spectroscopy and UV-induced fluorescence technique: The case of historical violins

Bhattacharjee, V; Khan, I, 2018:
A non-linear convex cost model for economic dispatch in microgrids

Sayarshad, H R.; Gao, H. Oliver, 2018:
A non-myopic dynamic inventory routing and pricing problem

Mitchell, D, 2018:
A non-rejoinder

Qi, W; Liu, J, 2018:
A non-stationary cost-benefit based bivariate extreme flood estimation approach

Verkh, Y; Rozman, M; Petrovic, M, 2018:
A non-targeted high-resolution mass spectrometry data analysis of dissolved organic matter in wastewater treatment

Zenati, B; Chebbi, A; Badis, A; Eddouaouda, K; Boutoumi, H; El Hattab, M; Hentati, D; Chelbi, M; Sayadi, S; Chamkha, M; Franzetti, A, 2018:
A non-toxic microbial surfactant from Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus SdK644 for crude oil solubilization enhancement

Antunes, P R.S.; Mohammadi, S Abbas; Voss, H, 2018:
A nonlinear eigenvalue optimization problem: Optimal potential functions

Wang, X; Su, Y; Xu, D, 2018:
A nonlinear internal model design for heterogeneous second-order multi-agent systems with unknown leader

Che, H; Wang, J, 2018:
A nonnegative matrix factorization algorithm based on a discrete-time projection neural network

Horrocks, T; Holden, E-Jung; Wedge, D; Wijns, C, 2018:
A nonparametric boundary detection technique applied to 3D inverted surveys of the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE deposit

Wijdicks, E F.M.; Parisi, J E., 2018:
A note of despair

Ryals, B, 2018:
A note on a parameter bound for global stability in the 2D Coupled Ricker equation

Horsley, M C.; Woods, A W., 2018:
A note on analytic solutions for entraining stratified gravity currents

Coclite, G Maria; di Ruvo, L, 2018:
A note on convergence of the solutions of BenjaminBonaMahony type equations

Mohanasubha, R.; Chandrasekar, V.K.; Senthilvelan, M., 2018:
A note on deriving linearizing transformations for a class of second order nonlinear ordinary differential equations

Xu, Z, 2018:
A note on interpreting tidal harmonic constants

Tyworth, J E., 2018:
A note on lead-time paradoxes and a tale of competing prescriptions

Caplan, A J.; Kim, M-Keun, 2018:
A note on mitigating the adverse scale effects associated with daily driving restrictions

Mattock, G, 2018:
A note on the growth and decline of Rigidoporus ulmarius at two sites

Ali, S, 2018:
A note to Aaron

Zeng, S; Chen, F; Li, D; Chen, J; Chen, J, 2018:
A novel 2.5D finite difference scheme for simulations of resistivity logging in anisotropic media

Zhao, S, 2018:
A novel 3D MOF with rich lewis basic sites as a base catalysis toward knoevenagel condensation reaction

Wei, G; Jiang, Y; Wang, F, 2018:
A novel AIEE polymer sensor for detection of Hg 2+ and Ag + in aqueous solution

Hasani, G; Daraei, H; Shahmoradi, B; Gharibi, F; Maleki, A; Yetilmezsoy, K; McKay, G, 2018:
A novel ANN approach for modeling of alternating pulse current electrocoagulation-flotation (APC-ECF) process: Humic acid removal from aqueous media

Xiao, Y; Xu, F; Shen, K; Dong, B; Hu, X; Xiao, T, 2018:
A novel CT reconstruction algorithm for incomplete projection based on information repairment

Li, Y; Jia, Z; Yi, Q; Song, X; Liu, Y; Jia, Y; Wang, L; Song, L, 2018:
A novel GATA-like zinc finger transcription factor involving in hematopoiesis of Eriocheir sinensis

Hasib, A; Ng, M T.; Khan, D; Gault, V A.; Flatt, P R.; Irwin, N, 2018:
A novel GLP-1/xenin hybrid peptide improves glucose homeostasis, circulating lipids and restores GIP sensitivity in high fat fed mice

Habba, M; Ameur, M; Jabrane, Y, 2018 :
A novel Gini index based evaluation criterion for image segmentation

Azizi, M; Seidi, S; Rouhollahi, A, 2018:
A novel N , N -bis(acetylacetone)ethylenediimine functionalized silica-core shell magnetic nanosorbent for manetic dispersive solid phase extraction of copper in cereal and water samples

Xu, W; Liu, W; Zhou, T; Yang, Y; Li, W, 2018:
A novel PBT-based fluorescent probe for hydrazine detection and its application in living cells

Low, K J.; James, M.; Sharples, P.M.; Eaton, M.; Jenkinson, S.; Study, D.D.D.; Smithson, S.F., 2018:
A novel PIGA variant associated with severe X-linked epilepsy and profound developmental delay

Wang, H; Fang, B; Kong, L; Li, X; Feng, Z; Wu, Y; Uvdal, K; Hu, Z, 2018:
A novel Schiff base derivative: Synthesis, two-photon absorption properties and application for bioimaging

Kim, W Sik; Kim, J-Seok; Shin, M-Kyoung; Shin, S Jae, 2018:
A novel Th1-type T-cell immunity-biasing effect of malate dehydrogenase derived from Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis via the activation of dendritic cells

Ruffolo, G; Di Bonaventura, C; Cifelli, P; Roseti, C; Fattouch, J; Morano, A; Limatola, C; Aronica, E; Palma, E; Giallonardo, A Teresa, 2018:
A novel action of lacosamide on GABA A currents sets the ground for a synergic interaction with levetiracetam in treatment of epilepsy

Tan, K; Wang, X; Zhu, J; Hu, J; Li, J, 2018:
A novel active learning approach for the classification of hyperspectral imagery using quasi-Newton multinomial logistic regression

Zhao, Y; Zhao, Y; Zhao, C, 2018:
A novel algebraic solution for moving target localization in multi-transmitter multi-receiver passive radar

Viganò, S; D'Andrea, G; Valle, P Della; Santacroce, R; Margaglione, M; D'Angelo, A, 2018:
A novel allele variant of the SERPINF2 gene responsible for severe plasmin inhibitor (α 2 -antiplasmin) deficiency in an Italian patient

Uslu, Hümeysa; Büyükpınar, Çağdaş; Unutkan, Tğçe; Serbest, H; SAN, N; Turak, F; Bakırdere, S, 2018:
A novel analytical method for sensitive determination of lead: Hydrogen assisted T-shape slotted quartz tube-atom trap-flame atomic absorption spectrometry

Chakraborty, S; Maiti, S; Mandal, C Kumar; Gangopadhyay, S, 2018:
A novel and accurate method for analysis of single-mode dispersion-shifted and dispersion-flattened fiber directional coupler

Qi, Y; Xiu, F; Weng, Q, 2018:
A novel and convenient chemiluminescence sensing of DNA: Nanometer interface effect and DNA action mechanism

He, Y-Lin; Wang, P-Jiang; Zhang, M-Qing; Zhu, Q-Xiong; Xu, Y, 2018:
A novel and effective nonlinear interpolation virtual sample generation method for enhancing energy prediction and analysis on small data problem: A case study of Ethylene industry

Wu, X; Meng, L; Wang, Q; Zhang, W; Wang, Y, 2018:
A novel and facile step-by-step hydrothermal fabrication of peony-like Ni 0.4 Co 0.6 (OH) 2 supported on carbon fiber cloth as flexible electrodes for advanced electrochemical energy storage

Du, Y; Gai, W-mei; Jin, L-zhe, 2018:
A novel and green CO 2 adsorbent developed with high adsorption properties in a coal mine refuge chamber

Doi, S; Iwata, H; Wada, H; Funamizu, T; Shitara, J; Endo, H; Naito, R; Konishi, H; Tsuboi, S; Ogita, M; Dohi, T; Kasai, T; Okazaki, S; Isoda, K; Miyauchi, K; Daida, H, 2018:
A novel and simply calculated nutritional index serves as a useful prognostic indicator in patients with coronary artery disease

Kuo, M-Shiue; Adam, J; Dorvault, N; Robin, Aélique; Friboulet, L; Soria, J-Charles; Olaussen, K A., 2018:
A novel antibody-based approach to detect the functional ERCC1-202 isoform

Zhuang, H; Deng, K; Fan, H; Ma, S, 2018:
A novel approach based on structural information for change detection in SAR images

Hui, G; Wang, Y; Zhang, G; Zhao, Z; Bai, C; Liu, W, 2018:
A novel approach for assessing the neighborhood competition in two different aged forests

Lorenzoni, G; Umihanić, S; Azzolina, D; Manza, E; Brkić, F; Gregori, D, 2018:
A novel approach for comparing patterns of foreign body injuries across countries: A case study comparing European Countries and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cai, X; Wang, C; Chen, Y; Cheng, Z; Shu, R; Zhang, J; Bu, E; Liao, M; Song, Q, 2018:
A novel approach for enhancing hydrogen production from bio-glycerol photoreforming by improving colloidal dispersion stability

Jannati, M; Valadan Zoej, M Javad; Mokhtarzade, M, 2018:
A novel approach for epipolar resampling of cross-track linear pushbroom imagery using orbital parameters model

Alharbi, N, 2018:
A novel approach for noise removal and distinction of EEG recordings

Deschamps, K; Eerdekens, M; Geentjens, J; Santermans, L; Steurs, L; Dingenen, B; Thysen, M; Staes, F, 2018:
A novel approach for the detection and exploration of joint coupling patterns in the lower limb kinetic chain

Ishida, T; Kurihara, J; Viray, F Angelico; Namuco, S Baes; Paringit, E C.; Perez, G Jane; Takahashi, Y; Marciano, J Joseph, 2018:
A novel approach for vegetation classification using UAV-based hyperspectral imaging

Andrews, D; Ives, R; Wassell, E; Fairman, D, 2018:
A novel approach to assess and improve palatability of an inhaled asset using the rat brief access taste aversion assay and an in silico model of salivary flow

Araújo, C V.M.; Griffith, D M.; Vera-Vera, V; Jentzsch, P Vargas; Cervera, L; Nieto-Ariza, B; Salvatierra, D; Erazo, S; Jaramillo, R; Ramos, L A.; Moreira-Santos, M; Ribeiro, R, 2018:
A novel approach to assessing environmental disturbance based on habitat selection by zebra fish as a model organism

Roncero, Mía; Belloch, A; Doron, G, 2018:
A novel approach to challenging OCD related beliefs using a mobile-app: An exploratory study

Pikesley, S K.; Agamboue, P Didier; Bayet, J Pierre; Bibang, J Noel; Bonguno, E Augowet; Boussamba, Fçois; Broderick, A C.; Coyne, M S.; Du Plessis, P; Faure, Fçois Edgard; Fay, J. Michael; Formia, A; Godley, B J.; Kema, J Regis Kema; Mabert, B Didier Koumba; Manfoumbi, J Churley; Asseko, G Mba; Metcalfe, K; Minton, G; Nelms, S; Ngouessono, S; Nzegoue, J; Ogandanga, C; Oliwina, C Karen Kouerey; Otsagha, F; Parnell, R J.; Gnandji, M Schummer; Sounguet, G-Philippe; Wada, M; White, L; Witt, M J., 2018:
A novel approach to estimate the distribution, density and at-sea risks of a centrally-placed mobile marine vertebrate

Rheinberger, C M.; Schläpfer, F; Lobsiger, M, 2018:
A novel approach to estimating the demand value of public safety

Stutter, M; Richards, S, 2018:
A novel approach to evaluating relationships between soil test and runoff P at landscape scales by integrating farmer knowledge on soil drains

Li, Y; Tang, X; Xu, Z; Yan, H, 2018:
A novel approach to phase space reconstruction of single lead ECG for QRS complex detection

Boddice, D; Atkins, P; Rodgers, A; Metje, N; Goncharenko, Y; Chapman, D, 2018:
A novel approach to reduce environmental noise in microgravity measurements using a Scintrex CG5

Smith, L M.; Barrington, M J., 2018:
A novel approach to reversal of respiratory distress following insertion of an interscalene nerve catheter

Ilbahar, E; Karaşan, A; Cebi, S; Kahraman, C, 2018:
A novel approach to risk assessment for occupational health and safety using Pythagorean fuzzy AHP & fuzzy inference system

Wang, M-Hao; Ji, B-Wen; Gu, X-Wei; Guo, Z-Jun; Wang, X-Lin; Yang, B; Li, C-Yu; Liu, J-Quan, 2018:
A novel assembly method for 3-dimensional microelectrode array with micro-drive

Sansone, V; Brañes, M; Romeo, P, 2018:
A novel bimodal approach for treating atrophic bone non-unions with extracorporeal shockwaves and autologous mesenchymal stem cell transplant

Xu, P; Xu, H; Shi, Z, 2018:
A novel bio-electro-Fenton process with FeVO 4 /CF cathode on advanced treatment of coal gasification wastewater

Bao, M; Huo, L; Wu, J; Ge, D; Lv, Z; Chi, C; Liao, Z; Liu, H, 2018:
A novel biomarker for marine environmental pollution of CAT from Mytilus coruscus

Yudoh, K.; Kumai, T.; Yui, N.; Fujiya, H., 2018:
A novel biomaterial for articular cartilage repair generated by self-assembly: a histopathological analysis for cartilage tissue engineering using a self-assembled biomaterial in rabbit knee joints

Pang, S; Orgun, M A.; Yu, Z, 2018:
A novel biomedical image indexing and retrieval system via deep preference learning

Han, Z; Li, J; Han, X; Zhao, X; Ji, X, 2018:
A novel biomimetic catalyst constructed by axial coordination of hemin with PAN fiber for efficient degradation of organic dyes

He, Y; Fan, Z, 2018:
A novel biosensor based on DNA hybridization for ultrasensitive detection of NOS terminator gene sequences

Lahav, Y; Epstein, Y; Kedem, R; Schermann, H, 2018:
A novel body circumferences-based estimation of percentage body fat

Poirier, L A.; Tang, S; Mohan, J; O’Connor, E; Dennis, E; Abdullah, M; Zhou, D; Stryhn, H; St-Hilaire, S; Quijón, P A., 2018:
A novel bycatch reduction device (BRD) and its use in a directed fishery for non-indigenous green crabs ( C. maenas ) in Atlantic Canada

Tang, L; Li, C; Zhao, L; Gao, L; Du, X; Zeng, J; Zhang, J; Zeng, G, 2018:
A novel catalyst CuO-ZrO 2 doped on Cl activated bio-char for Hg 0 removal in a broad temperature range

Zhao, L; Mu, X; Yu, M; Fang, K, 2018:
A novel catalyst for higher alcohol synthesis from syngas: Co Zn supported on Mn Al oxide

Al-Yasiri, M; Park, J, 2018:
A novel cell design of vanadium redox flow batteries for enhancing energy and power performance

Kanbayashi, D; Kurata, T; Takahashi, K; Kase, T; Komano, J, 2018:
A novel cell-based high throughput assay to determine neutralizing antibody titers against circulating strains of rubella virus

Ghaderyan, P; Abbasi, A, 2018:
A novel cepstral-based technique for automatic cognitive load estimation

Xu, D; Zhang, Y; Hsieh, T-Lin; Guo, M; Qin, L; Chung, C; Fan, L-Shih; Tong, A, 2018:
A novel chemical looping partial oxidation process for thermochemical conversion of biomass to syngas

Wang, X; Gao, L; Liu, L; Wang, T; Yin, H; Lü, X, 2018:
A novel closed-circuit circulation system about integrated ethanol-methane fermentation process based on the subcritical water pretreatment of corn stover

Tsoli, S; Vasdekis, S; Tigani, X; Artemiadis, A; Chrousos, G; Darviri, C, 2018:
A novel cognitive behavioral treatment for patients with chronic insomnia: A pilot experimental study

Pei, P-Xiang; Hu, J-Han; Long, C; Ni, P-Wei, 2018:
A novel colorimetric and turn-on fluorimetric chemosensor for selective recognition of CN ions based on asymmetric azine derivatives in aqueous media

Ji, D; Du, Y; Meng, H; Zhang, L; Huang, Z; Hu, Y; Li, J; Yu, F; Li, Z, 2018:
A novel colorimetric strategy for sensitive and rapid sensing of ascorbic acid using cobalt oxyhydroxide nanoflakes and 3,3,5,5-tetramethylbenzidine

Song, J; Wang, J; Lu, H, 2018:
A novel combined model based on advanced optimization algorithm for short-term wind speed forecasting

Yigit, E, 2018:
A novel compressed sensing based quantity measurement method for grain silos

He, T; Nair, S K.; Babu, P; Linga, P; Karimi, I A., 2018:
A novel conceptual design of hydrate based desalination (HyDesal) process by utilizing LNG cold energy

Zhang, Z; Chen, Y; Huang, Z, 2018:
A novel constitutive model for geomaterials in hyperplasticity

Hayek, M N.; Wehr, R; Longo, M; Hutyra, L R.; Wiedemann, K; Munger, J. William; Bonal, D; Saleska, S R.; Fitzjarrald, D R.; Wofsy, S C., 2018:
A novel correction for biases in forest eddy covariance carbon balance

Diarce, G.; Campos-Celador, Á.; Sala, J.M.; García-Romero, A., 2018:
A novel correlation for the direct determination of the discharging time of plate-based latent heat thermal energy storage systems

Yi, T; Ma, F; Jin, C; Huang, Y, 2018:
A novel coupled hydro-pneumatic energy storage system for hybrid mining trucks

Page, B P.; Kumar, A; Mishra, D R., 2018:
A novel cross-satellite based assessment of the spatio-temporal development of a cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom

Zhang, L; Zhang, X; You, G; Yu, Y; Fu, Q, 2018:
A novel dNTP-limited PCR and HRM assay to detect Williams-Beuren syndrome

Ilhan, H Osman; Aydin, N, 2018:
A novel data acquisition and analyzing approach to spermiogram tests

Chen, K; Jiang, J; Zheng, F; Chen, K, 2018:
A novel data-driven approach for residential electricity consumption prediction based on ensemble learning

Ding, Y, 2018:
A novel decompose-ensemble methodology with AIC-ANN approach for crude oil forecasting

Huang, W; Ding, H; Chen, G, 2018:
A novel deep multi-channel residual networks-based metric learning method for moving human localization in video surveillance

Rossi, S.; Mori, M.; Vigani, B.; Bonferoni, M.C.; Sandri, G.; Riva, F.; Caramella, C.; Ferrari, F., 2018:
A novel dressing for the combined delivery of platelet lysate and vancomycin hydrochloride to chronic skin ulcers: Hyaluronic acid particles in alginate matrices

Duan, C; Zhou, C; Dong, L; Zhao, Y; Liu, Q, 2018:
A novel dry beneficiation technology for pyrite recovery from high sulfur gangue

Wang, J; Zhang, L; Bao, L; Zhou, L; Liu, Y; Wu, P, 2018 :
A novel dual-emitting luminescent metal-organic framework for naked-eye and microgram detection of picric acid

Xu, X; Wang, Y; Ji, Y; Xu, Y; Xie, M; Han, H, 2018:
A novel dual-wavelength iterative method for generalized dual-wavelength phase-shifting interferometry with second-order harmonics

Anttila, S; Fleming-Lehtinen, V; Attila, J; Junttila, S; Alasalmi, H; Hällfors, H; Kervinen, M; Koponen, S, 2018:
A novel earth observation based ecological indicator for cyanobacterial blooms

Guo, S; Xiong, R; Wang, K; Sun, F, 2018:
A novel echelon internal heating strategy of cold batteries for all-climate electric vehicles application

Westmacott, K.L.; Crew, A.; Doran, O.; Hart, J.P., 2018:
A novel electroanalytical approach to the measurement of B vitamins in food supplements based on screen-printed carbon sensors

Li, S; Lei, S; Yu, Q; Zou, L; Ye, B, 2018:
A novel electrochemical sensor for detecting hyperin with a nanocomposite of ZrO 2 -SDS-SWCNTs as decoration

Sun, S; Wei, Y; Wang, H; Cao, Y; Deng, B, 2018:
A novel electrochemiluminescence sensor coupled with capillary electrophoresis for simultaneous determination of quinapril hydrochloride and its metabolite quinaprilat hydrochloride in human plasma

Ou, C-Yu; Chien, S-Chi; Syue, Y-Ting; Chen, C-Tao, 2018:
A novel electroosmotic chemical treatment for improving the clay strength throughout the entire region

Samanta, S Kumar; Varghese, S Susan; Krishnan, D; Baidya, M; Nayak, D; Mukherjee, S; Ghosh, S K., 2018:
A novel encystation specific protein kinase regulates chitin synthesis in Entamoeba invadens

Li, Y-chao; Shen, J-guo; Zhao, G-huan; Yao, Q; Li, W-min, 2018:
A novel endogenous badnavirus exists in Alhagi sparsifolia; DNA ;

Ghorbani, B; Shirmohammadi, R; Mehrpooya, M, 2018:
A novel energy efficient LNG/NGL recovery process using absorption and mixed refrigerant refrigeration cycles Economic and exergy analyses

Shahin, A.I.; Amin, K.M.; Sharawi, A A.; Guo, Y, 2018:
A novel enhancement technique for pathological microscopic image using neutrosophic similarity score scaling

Jamshidian, M; Mansouri Zadeh, M; Hadian, M; Moghadasi, R; Mohammadzadeh, O, 2018:
A novel estimation method for capillary pressure curves based on routine core analysis data using artificial neural networks optimized by Cuckoo algorithm A case study

Zhang, F; Li, Y; Shi, Y; Wang, L; Zhou, Q; Huang, X, 2018:
A novel evaluation of the effect of lanthanum exposure on plant populations

Chen, X; Su, Y; Aydin, D; Ding, Y; Zhang, S; Reay, D; Riffat, S, 2018:
A novel evaporative cooling system with a polymer hollow fibre spindle

Hu, Y; Peng, L; Li, X; Yao, X; Lin, H; Chi, T, 2018:
A novel evolution tree for analyzing the global energy consumption structure

Neville, K E.; Bosse, T L.; Klekos, M; Mills, J F.; Weicksel, S E.; Waters, J S.; Tipping, M, 2018:
A novel ex vivo method for measuring whole brain metabolism in model systems

Xiong, Y; An, S; Xu, P; Ding, Y; Li, C; Zhang, Q; Chen, H, 2018:
A novel expander-depending natural gas pressure regulation configuration: Performance analysis

Srivarangkul, P; Yuttithamnon, W; Suroengrit, A; Pankaew, S; Hengphasatporn, K; Rungrotmongkol, T; Phuwapriasirisan, P; Ruxrungtham, K; Boonyasuppayakorn, S, 2018:
A novel flavanone derivative inhibits dengue virus fusion and infectivity

Yin, H; Liu, L; Wang, X; Wang, T; Zhou, Y; Liu, B; Shan, Y; Wang, L; Lü, X, 2018:
A novel flocculant prepared by lignin nanoparticles-gelatin complex from switchgrass for the capture of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

Zhang, X; Wang, Z; Li, Z, 2018:
A novel flue gas heat recovery system based on low-pressure regeneration liquid desiccant cycle

Sie, Y-Wun; Li, C-Lin; Wan, C-Feng; Yan, H; Wu, A-Tai, 2018:
A novel fluorescence sensor for dual sensing of Hg 2+ and Cu 2+ ions

Zhang, Z; Deng, C; Zou, Y; Chen, L, 2018:
A novel fluorescent and colorimetric probe for cascade selective detection of Fe(III) and pyrophosphate based on a click generated cyclic steroidrhodamine conjugate

Hirvonen, J; Sirén, K, 2018:
A novel fully electrified solar heating system with a high renewable fraction - Optimal designs for a high latitude community

Zhou, S; Hu, C; Zhao, G; Liu, L; Sheen, S; Yam, K L., 2018:
A novel gaseous chlorine dioxide generating method utilizing carbon dioxide and moisture respired from tomato for Salmonella inactivation

Hanish, B J.; Hackney Price, J F.; Kaneko, I; Ma, N; van der Vaart, A; Wagner, C E.; Jurutka, P W.; Marshall, P A., 2018:
A novel gene expression analytics-based approach to structure aided design of rexinoids for development as next-generation cancer therapeutics

Ji, Y; Liu, T; Du, Y; Cui, X; Yu, Q; Wang, Z; Zhang, J; Li, Y; Zhu, Q, 2018:
A novel genotype VII Newcastle disease virus vaccine candidate generated by mutation in the L and F genes confers improved protection in chickens

Mosquera Benitez, D; del Corte Valiente, A; Lanzi, P, 2018:
A novel global operational concept in cockpits under peak workload situations

Itoh, K; Nishioka, S-Ichiroh; Kobayashi, I; Matsuzaki, Y; Iino, K; Nadanaka, S; Kasashima-Sumitani, M; Hidaka, T; Tsuji, D; Sezutsu, H; Kitagawaa, H; Yamamoto, K, 2018:
A novel glycotechnology to produce human lysosomal enzymes carrying synthetic N-glycans with terminal mannose 6-phosphate residues and application to enzyme placement therapy for lysosomal diseases

Gao, Z; Zhao, L; He, J; Yu, R, 2018:
A novel green-emitting phosphor of Ce 3+ -activated CaGd 4 F 14 : Synthesis, high efficiency, and thermal stability

Yang, J; Zhao, K; Li, X; Zheng, X, 2018:
A novel ground-based experimental observation method for determining multiband microwave radiative properties of forest litter

Mousavi, H; Rabienataj Darzi, A. Ali; Farhadi, M; Omidi, M, 2018:
A novel heat sink design with interrupted, staggered and capped fins

Liu, X; Gao, P; Hu, M, 2018:
A novel hexanuclear Zn 6 metallacycle as a luminescent sensor for the Fe 3+ ion and CCl 4 molecule

Huang, X; Guo, H, 2018:
A novel highly efficient single-composition tunable white-light-emitting LiCa 3 MgV 3 O 12 :Eu 3+ phosphor

Havyarimana, V; Hanyurwimfura, D; Nsengiyumva, P; Xiao, Z, 2018:
A novel hybrid approach based-SRG model for vehicle position prediction in multi-GPS outage conditions

Damay, Jérémie; Boboescu, I-Zoltan; Duret, X; Lalonde, O; Lavoie, J-Michel, 2018:
A novel hybrid first and second generation hemicellulosic bioethanol production process through steam treatment of dried sorghum biomass

Wang, M; Zhao, L; Du, R; Wang, C; Chen, L; Tian, L; Eugene Stanley, H., 2018:
A novel hybrid method of forecasting crude oil prices using complex network science and artificial intelligence algorithms

Fahim, T E.; Zakariya, A Y.; Rabia, S I., 2018:
A novel hybrid priority discipline for multi-class secondary users in cognitive radio networks

Gumfekar, S P.; Soares, Jão B.P., 2018:
A novel hydrophobically-modified polyelectrolyte for enhanced dewatering of clay suspension

Wang, H; Li, X, 2018:
A novel hyperchaotic system with infinitely many heteroclinic orbits coined

Li, J; Xiang, S; Wang, H; Gong, J; Wen, A, 2018:
A novel image encryption algorithm based on synchronized random bit generated in cascade-coupled chaotic semiconductor ring lasers

Zhang, D; Li, W; Wang, H; Ma, Z, 2018:
A novel immunoprobe composed of reduced graphene oxide-hemin-thionin-Au nanohybrid for ultrasensitive detection of tumor marker

Kawamata, S; Taino, S, 2018:
A novel in situ method for estimation of the carapace length of sheltering spiny lobsters, Panulirus japonicus , via stereo photography

Huang, Y; Liu, W; Ma, Y; Tang, S; Wang, J; Chen, B, 2018:
A novel interface strengthening layer: Nanoscale AuCu super-structure formed during Au80Sn20/Cu rapid solidification soldering process

Chen, L Xiang; Xie, M Na; Zhao, P Pan; Wang, F Xiang; Hu, P; Wang, D Xiang, 2018:
A novel isobaric adiabatic compressed air energy storage (IA-CAES) system on the base of volatile fluid

Sun, D; Gao, D; Xu, P; Guo, Q; Zhu, Z; Cheng, X; Bai, S; Qin, H-Min; Lu, F, 2018:
A novel l -leucine 5-hydroxylase from Nostoc piscinale unravels unexpected sulfoxidation activity toward l -methionine

Medina, H.; Beechook, A.; Fadhila, H.; Aleksandrova, S.; Benjamin, S., 2018:
A novel laminar kinetic energy model for the prediction of pretransitional velocity fluctuations and boundary layer transition

Peng, D; Chen, J; Yu, Y; Jiao, L; Liu, Y, 2018:
A novel laminated OLEDPSP system for measurement on moving surfaces

Yan, X; Sun, J; Gao, L; Zheng, W; Dai, Y; Ruan, X; He, G, 2018:
A novel long-side-chain sulfonated poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) membrane for vanadium redox flow battery

Wu, X; Fan, M; Mclaughlin, J. Fred; Shen, X; Tan, G, 2018:
A novel low-cost method of silica aerogel fabrication using fly ash and trona ore with ambient pressure drying technique

Maji, S.; Kumar, S; Sundararajan, K.; Sankaran, K., 2018:
A novel luminescence method for the estimation of uranyl ions using trimesic acidcadmium complex

Rotbart, A; Moate, P J.; Yao, C Kion; Ou, J Zhen; Kalantar-Zadeh, K, 2018:
A novel mathematical model for the dynamic assessment of gas composition and production in closed or vented fermentation systems

Zhang, H; Xie, J; An, S; Qian, X; Cheng, H; Zhang, F; Li, X, 2018:
A novel measurement of contact angle on cylinder-shaped lignocellulosic fiber for surface wettability evaluation

Chen, Y; Chen, L; Wang, X; Liu, W, 2018:
A novel metal/dielectric combined grating structure incorporating optically thin plasma metals with the properties of controllably polarization and spectral filtering

Li, Y; Wang, Y; Lin, Z; Wang, J; He, Q; Zhou, J, 2018:
A novel methanotrophic co-metabolic system with high soluble methane monooxygenase activity to biodegrade refractory organics in pulping wastewater

Kamathe, R S.; Joshi, K R., 2018:
A novel method based on independent component analysis for brain MR image tissue classification into CSF, WM and GM for atrophy detection in Alzheimers disease

Zhao, L-Tao; Wang, Y; Guo, S-Qiu; Zeng, G-Rong, 2018:
A novel method based on numerical fitting for oil price trend forecasting

Liu, P; Tuo, J; Liu, F; Li, C; Zhang, X, 2018:
A novel method for energy efficiency evaluation to support efficient machine tool selection

Sandilya, V., R Satya; Rai, P.K.; Shekhar, S.; Sangal, S.; Mondal, K., 2018:
A novel method for fabricating multilayered steels

Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Wu, J; Chen, Z, 2018:
A novel method for lithium-ion battery state of energy and state of power estimation based on multi-time-scale filter

Gao, B; Liu, X; Lan, Z; Fu, R, 2018:
A novel method for reconstructing period with single input in NFSR

Zhang, J; Sweedy, A; Gitzhofer, Fçois; Baroud, G, 2018:
A novel method for repeatedly generating speckle patterns used in digital image correlation

Alabresm, A; Chen, Y Pin; Decho, A W.; Lead, J, 2018:
A novel method for the synergistic remediation of oil-water mixtures using nanoparticles and oil-degrading bacteria

Li, J-jing; Lu, H; Tang, X-dong; Zhou, M; Hu, N, 2018:
A novel method of preparation-adsorption desulfurization process for dibenzothiophene over sawdust-derived nickel/activated carbon

Li, X; Yuan, Y; Huang, Y; Liu, H-wei; Bi, Z; Yuan, Y; Yang, P-bin, 2018:
A novel method of simultaneous NH 4 + and NO 3 removal using Fe cycling as a catalyst: Feammox coupled with NAFO

He, A; Chen, G; Chen, J; Peng, J; Srinivasakannan, C.; Ruan, R, 2018:
A novel method of synthesis and investigation on transformation of synthetic rutile powders from Panzhihua sulphate titanium slag using microwave heating

Katki, H A.; Schiffman, M, 2018:
A novel metric that quantifies risk stratification for evaluating diagnostic tests: The example of evaluating cervical-cancer screening tests across populations

Jiang, Y; Liang, P; Huang, X; Ren, Z Jason, 2018:
A novel microbial fuel cell sensor with a gas diffusion biocathode sensing element for water and air quality monitoring

Yang, C-Chih; Wang, W-Chung; Yeh, T-Hsueh; Chen, T-Hsuan; Liu, Y-Liang; Lu, M-Kuei; Lu, C-Song; Tsai, C-Haw, 2018:
A novel missense mutation of the GTP cyclohydrolase 1 gene in a Taiwanese family with dopa-responsive dystonia: A case report

Kong, X; Dong, B; Wang, C; Zhang, N; Song, W; Lin, W, 2018:
A novel mitochondria-targeted fluorescent probe for imaging hydrazine in living cells, tissues and animals

Dutta, P; Dargahi, L; O’Connell, K E.; Bolia, A; Ozkan, B; Sailer, A W.; Dev, K K., 2018:
A novel modelling mechanism of PAEL receptor and GABARAPL2 interaction involved in Parkinsons disease

Fernandes, D.; Silva, J.; Sotiropoulos, I.; Bretin, S., 2018:
A novel modulator of AMPA receptors against Alzheimer's Disease pathology: the first in vivo evidence

Fika, S; Nanas, S; Baltopoulos, G; Charitidou, E; Myrianthefs, P, 2018:
A novel mortality prediction model for the current population in an adult intensive care unit

Park, H Jung; Choi, W Soo; Lee, W Young; Choi, Y; Park, C; Kim, J Hoi; Hong, K Ho; Song, H, 2018:
A novel mouse model of atopic dermatitis that is T helper 2 (Th2)-polarized by an epicutaneous allergen

Choubini, E; Habibi, M; Khorshidi, A; Ghasemi, A; Asadi Karam, M Reza; Bouzari, S, 2018:
A novel multi-peptide subunit vaccine admixed with AddaVax adjuvant produces significant immunogenicity and protection against Proteus mirabilis urinary tract infection in mice model

Liang, Y; Peng, Q; Wang, K; Zhu, P; Wu, C; Rao, C; Chang, J; Li, S; Lu, X, 2018:
A novel mutation in the SLC26A4 gene in a Chinese family with non-syndromic hearing loss and enlarged vestibular aqueduct

Wang, C; Xia, X; Luo, J; Qian, Y, 2018:
A novel near-infrared styryl-BODIPY fluorescent probe for discrimination of GSH and its application in living cells

Wang, Q; Ma, F; Tang, W; Zhao, S; Li, C; Xie, Y, 2018:
A novel nitroethylene-based porphyrin as a NIR fluorescence turn-on probe for biothiols based on the Michael addition reaction

Song, L; Zhang, H; Chen, S, 2018:
A novel non-destructive manner for quantitative determination of plumpness of live Eriocheir sinensis using low-field nuclear magnetic resonance

Sun, T; Niu, Q; Li, Y; Li, T; Hu, T; Wang, E; Liu, H, 2018:
A novel oligothiophene-based colorimetric and fluorescent turn on sensor for highly selective and sensitive detection of cyanide in aqueous media and its practical applications in water and food samples

Ma, R-Na; Wang, L-Lan; Zhang, M; Jia, L-Ping; Zhang, W; Shang, L; Jia, W-Li; Wang, H-Sheng, 2018:
A novel one-step triggered signal-on/off electrochemical sensing platform for lead based on the dual-signal ratiometric output and electrode-bound DNAzyme assembly

Zheng, M; Xiong, X; Zhu, J, 2018:
A novel orthoimage mosaic method using a weighted A algorithm Implementation and evaluation

Chen, T-Huang; Wu, Y-Jun; Hou, J-Nan; Chiang, Y-Hsuan; Cheng, C-Chieh; Sifiyatun, E; Chiu, C-Hsun; Wang, L-Chen; Chen, W-June, 2018:
A novel p53 paralogue mediates antioxidant defense of mosquito cells to survive dengue virus replication

Wu, L; Li, Z; Zhao, C; Liang, D; Peng, Y, 2018:
A novel partial-denitrification strategy for post-anammox to effectively remove nitrogen from landfill leachate

Herrera-Rodriguez, Jé; Meijerhof, T; Niesters, H G.; Stjernholm, G; Hovden, A-Ove; Sørensen, B; Ökvist, M; Sommerfelt, M A.; Huckriede, A, 2018:
A novel peptide-based vaccine candidate with protective efficacy against influenza A in a mouse model

Yang, L; Li, N; Wang, K; Hai, X; Liu, J; Dang, F, 2018:
A novel peptide/Fe 3 O 4 @SiO 2 -Au nanocomposite-based fluorescence biosensor for the highly selective and sensitive detection of prostate-specific antigen

Tran, B Ngoc, N.; Angelo, J P.; Lee, J Heon; Ruan, Q Z.; Laurence, R G.; Choi, H Soo; Lee, B T.; Singhal, D, 2018:
A novel pilot animal model for the surgical prevention of lymphedema: the power of optical imaging

Tabata, A; Deutsch, D; Otsuka, S; Verratti, K; Tomoyasu, T; Nagamune, H; Fischetti, V A., 2018:
A novel plasmid, pSAA0430-08, from Streptococcus anginosus subsp. anginosus strain 0430-08

Ruan, J; Huang, Z; Huang, J; Yuan, Z; Huang, M; Du, C; Zhang, T; Qiu, R, 2018 :
A novel pneumatic separator for separating diode and CD capacitance of waste printed circuit boards

Guan, Y; Cao, W; Guan, H; Lei, X; Wang, X; Tu, Y; Marchetti, A; Kong, X, 2018:
A novel polyalcohol-coated hydroxyapatite for the fast adsorption of organic dyes

Loukas, C-Moritz; Mowlem, M C.; Tsaloglou, M-Nefeli; Green, N G., 2018:
A novel portable filtration system for sampling and concentration of microorganisms: Demonstration on marine microalgae with subsequent quantification using IC-NASBA

Powar, O S.; Chemmangat, K; Figarado, S, 2018:
A novel pre-processing procedure for enhanced feature extraction and characterization of electromyogram signals

Li, K; Han, Y; Wang, T, 2018:
A novel prediction method for down-hole working conditions of the beam pumping unit based on 8-directions chain codes and online sequential extreme learning machine

Sajid, Z; Khan, F; Zhang, Y, 2018:
A novel process economics risk model applied to biodiesel production system

Koohestanian, E; Sadeghi, J; Mohebbi-Kalhori, D; Shahraki, F; Samimi, A, 2018:
A novel process for CO 2 capture from the flue gases to produce urea and ammonia

Cao, L; Luo, G; Tsang, D C.W.; Chen, H; Zhang, S; Chen, J, 2018:
A novel process for obtaining high quality cellulose acetate from green landscaping waste

Liu, C-li; Zheng, S-li; Ma, S-hua; Luo, Y; Ding, J; Wang, X-hui; Zhang, Y, 2018:
A novel process to enrich alumina and prepare silica nanoparticles from high-alumina fly ash

Calvo Olivares, R D.; Rivera, S S.; Núñez Mc Leod, J E., 2018:
A novel qualitative prospective methodology to assess human error during accident sequences

Leng, T; Ma, Y; Chen, G, 2018:
A novel ratiometric fluorescence and colorimetric probe with a large stokes shift for Hg 2+ sensing

Shen, S-Li; Zhang, X-Fan; Ge, Y-Qing; Zhu, Y; Cao, X-Qun, 2018:
A novel ratiometric fluorescent probe for the detection of HOCl based on FRET strategy

Zheng, Y; Shang, Y; Shao, Z; Jian, L, 2018:
A novel real-time scheduling strategy with near-linear complexity for integrating large-scale electric vehicles into smart grid

Peng, Y; Yu, Z; Li, F; Chen, Q; Yin, D; Min, X, 2018:
A novel reduced graphene oxide-based composite membrane prepared via a facile deposition method for multifunctional applications: oil/water separation and cationic dyes removal

Zaremba-Czogalla, M; Hryniewicz-Jankowska, A; Tabola, R; Nienartowicz, M; Stach, K; Wierzbicki, J; Cirocchi, R; Ziolkowski, P; Tabaczar, S; Augoff, K, 2018:
A novel regulatory function of CDKN1A/p21 in TNFα-induced matrix metalloproteinase 9-dependent migration and invasion of triple-negative breast cancer cells

Yao, H; Chen, X; Li, M; Zhang, P; Wang, L, 2018:
A novel reinforcement learning algorithm for virtual network embedding

Williams, A P.; Waters, A M.; Stewart, J E.; Atigadda, V R.; Mroczek-Musulman, E; Muccio, D D.; Grubbs, C J.; Beierle, E A., 2018:
A novel retinoid X receptor agonist, UAB30, inhibits rhabdomyosarcoma cells in vitro

Wang, J; Wang, H; Yang, L; Lv, L; Zhang, Z; Ren, B; Dong, L; Li, N, 2018:
A novel riboregulator switch system of gene expression for enhanced microbial production of succinic acid

Wu, M; Takemoto, M; Luo, H; Xu, J-Jun; Lu, M-Hong; Kameyama, M; Takumi, T; Song, W-Jie, 2018:
A novel role of the antitumor agent tricyclodecan-9-yl-xanthogenate as an open channel blocker of KCNQ1/KCNE1

Baráková, D; Sharma, Ažka; Chropeňová, Mária; Čupr, P, 2018:
A novel screening method to identify air pollution by genotoxic compounds

S., J; A., B Therese; Rangasami, R, 2018:
A novel segmentation of cochlear nerve using region growing algorithm

Li, M; Chen, W; Zhang, T, 2018:
A novel seizure diagnostic model based on kernel density estimation and least squares support vector machine

Sonuç Karaboğa, Münteha Nur; Sezgintürk, M Kemal, 2018:
A novel silanization agent based single used biosensing system: Detection of C-reactive protein as a potential Alzheimers disease blood biomarker

Zarea, H; Kashkooli, F M.; Soltani, M.; Rezaeian, M., 2018:
A novel single and multi-objective optimization approach based on Bees Algorithm Hybrid with Particle Swarm Optimization (BAHPSO): Application to thermal-economic design of plate fin heat exchangers

Zhang, Q; Zhou, D; Zeng, X, 2018:
A novel single-arm-worn 24h heart disease monitor empowered by machine intelligence

Niu, Z; Yan, D; Bressler, S; Mei, L; Feng, Y; Liu, X, 2018:
A novel splicing mutation in SMPX is linked to nonsyndromic progressive hearing loss

Zhang, W; Huang, H; Sun, Z; Zheng, S; Yu, C, 2018:
A novel stellerite-based photocatalytic composite and its enhanced disinfection application

Li, P; Cao, G-Xia; Liu, Q; Guo, Y-Yang; Dong, Y; Li, Z; Wang, G-Li, 2018:
A novel strategy for amplified probing versatile biomolecules through a photoswitchable biocatalytic cascade

Wang, H; Ma, Z, 2018:
A novel strategy for improving amperometric biosensor sensitivity using dual-signal synergistic effect for ultrasensitive detection of matrix metalloproteinase-2

Liang, C; Qiao, J-Qin; Lian, H-Zhen, 2018:
A novel strategy for retention prediction of nucleic acids with their sequence information in ion-pair reversed phase liquid chromatography

Liu, W-Ting; Wang, Y; Zhang, J; Ye, F; Huang, X-Hui; Li, B; He, Q-Yu, 2018:
A novel strategy of integrated microarray analysis identifies CENPA, CDK1 and CDC20 as a cluster of diagnostic biomarkers in lung adenocarcinoma

Gu, J; Yang, Q; Liu, Y, 2018:
A novel strategy towards sustainable and stable nitritation-denitritation in an A-B process for mainstream municipal wastewater treatment

Hu, Y; Shen, H; Yao, Y, 2018:
A novel sun-tracking and target-aiming method to improve the concentration efficiency of solar central receiver systems

Chen, S.T.; Tung, Y.H.; Jiang, J.R., 2018:
A novel surface microtexture array generation approach using a fast-tool-feeding mechanism with elliptical cam drive

Zhou, G-Zhou; Li, A-Fang; Sun, Y-He; Sun, G-Chun, 2018:
A novel synthetic curcumin derivative MHMM-41 induces ROS-mediated apoptosis and migration blocking of human lung cancer cells A549

Peng, L; Zheng, S; Chai, X; Li, L, 2018:
A novel tangent error maximum power point tracking algorithm for photovoltaic system under fast multi-changing solar irradiances

Wang, Z-Qiang; Jiang, Y-Quan; Xu, W; Cai, H-Rong; Zhang, Z; Yin, Z; Zhang, Q, 2018 :
A novel technique for cervical gastro-oesophageal anastomosis during minimally invasive oesophagectomy

Ching, H H.; Spinner, A G.; Reeve, N H.; O-Lee, T.J., 2018:
A novel technique for unilateral supraglottoplasty

Zhu, G; Li, Z; Zhou, F; Wang, C; Xin, S, 2018:
A novel temperature sensitive Sm 3+ doped niobate orange-red phosphor: The synthesis and characteristic luminescent property investigation

Mahmood, A; Hu, J; Tang, A; Chen, F; Wang, X; Zhou, E, 2018:
A novel thiazole based acceptor for fullerene-free organic solar cells

Tremblay, A; Badri, A, 2018:
A novel tool for evaluating occupational health and safety performance in small and medium-sized enterprises: The case of the Quebec forestry/pulp and paper industry

Jia, D; Li, Z; Gao, Y; Feng, Y; Li, W, 2018:
A novel triazine ring compound (MD568) exerts in vivo and in vitro effects on lipid metabolism

Chen, X; Xia, C; Wang, J, 2018:
A novel trust-based community detection algorithm used in social networks

Sun, Y; Liu, X; Yang, X, 2018:
A novel ultrasonic precise bonding with non-constant amplitude control for thermalplastic polymer MEMS

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, ; Udupa, G; Sreedharan, P, 2018:
A novel underactuated multi-fingered soft robotic hand for prosthetic application

Boulaadjoul, S; Zemmouri, H; Bendjama, Z; Drouiche, N, 2018:
A novel use of Moringa oleifera seed powder in enhancing the primary treatment of paper mill effluent

Liang, Y; Wang, K; Peng, Q; Zhu, P; Wu, C; Rao, C; Chang, J; Li, S; Lu, X, 2018:
A novel variant in the CDH23 gene is associated with non-syndromic hearing loss in a Chinese family

Jaafar, N Syahirah Aziz; Sepeai, S; Lim, K-Sing; Zaini, M Khairol Annuar; Ahmad, H; Tan, G Hee, 2018:
A novel waveguide design that produces an elongated laser beam output for soft tissue ablation

shan, J; Zhao, J; Liu, L; Zhang, Y; Wang, X; Wu, F, 2018:
A novel way to rapidly monitor microplastics in soil by hyperspectral imaging technology and chemometrics

Doherty, J.P.; Gourvenec, S.; Gaone, F.M.; Pineda, J.A.; Kelly, R.; O'Loughlin, C.D.; Cassidy, M.J.; Sloan, S.W., 2018:
A novel web based application for storing, managing and sharing geotechnical data, illustrated using the national soft soil field testing facility in Ballina, Australia

Cao, L N.Y.; Pui, D Y.H., 2018:
A novel weighted sum method to measure particle geometric surface area in real-time

Perritt, E.; Dunlop, A., 2018:
A novel wheeze

Zhang, K; Koiwai, K; Kondo, H; Hirono, I, 2018:
A novel white spot syndrome virus-induced gene (MjVIG1) from Marsupenaeus japonicus hemocytes

Caselli, F; De Ninno, A; Reale, R; Businaro, L; Bisegna, P, 2018:
A novel wiring scheme for standard chips enabling high-accuracy impedance cytometry

Hamilton, L; Sieger, D; Ruiz, B Rubio; Unciti-broceta, A, 2018:
A novel zebrafish xenograft model for immunotherapeutic drug screening

Zhang, Z; Zhu, N; Zou, Y; Wu, X; Qu, G; Shi, J, 2018:
A novel, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on the catalysis of AuNCs@BSA-induced signal amplification for the detection of dibutyl phthalate

Fachel, Fávia N.S.; Nemitz, M C.; Medeiros-Neves, B; Veras, K S.; Bassani, Víria L.; Koester, Lícia S.; Henriques, A T.; Teixeira, H F., 2018:
A novel, simplified and stability-indicating high-throughput ultra-fast liquid chromatography method for the determination of rosmarinic acid in nanoemulsions, porcine skin and nasal mucosa

Zacharias, N.; Karavassili, F.; Das, P.; Nicolopoulos, S.; Oikonomou, A.; Galanis, A.; Rauch, E.; Arenal, R.; Portillo, J.; Roque, J.; Casablanca, J.; Margiolaki, I., 2018:
A novelty for cultural heritage material analysis: Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) 3D electron diffraction tomography applied to Roman glass tesserae

Hong, S; Brook, B W., 2018:
A nuclear- to-gas transition in South Korea: Is it environmentally friendly or economically viable?

Al Makky, A; Alaswad, A.; Gibson, D.; Song, S.; Olabi, A.G., 2018:
A numerical and experimental study of a new design of closed dynamic respiration chamber

Khader, M.M.; Saad, K.M., 2018:
A numerical approach for solving the fractional Fisher equation using Chebyshev spectral collocation method

Nili-Ahmadabadi, M; Nematollahi, O; Cho, D Seung; Kim, K Chun, 2018:
A numerical comparison between ideal and dense gas flow structures in the supersonic regime for a cascade of wedge-shaped straight plates

Meng, Q.X.; Wang, H.L.; Xu, W.Y.; Cai, M., 2018:
A numerical homogenization study of the elastic property of a soil-rock mixture using random mesostructure generation

Pasareanu, S M.; Burdisso, R A.; Remillieux, M C., 2018 :
A numerical hybrid model for outdoor sound propagation in complex urban environments

Mehregan, M; Moghiman, M, 2018:
A numerical investigation of preheated diluted oxidizer influence on NO x emission of biogas flameless combustion using Taguchi approach

Zhou, L; Zheng, Z; Zhou, S; Du, X; Yang, Y, 2018:
A numerical investigation on the conjugate heat transfer of thin liquid film of water in closed microcavity

Zhou, D; Tay, K Lin; Tu, Y; Li, J; Yang, W; Zhao, D, 2018:
A numerical investigation on the injection timing of boot injection rate-shapes in a kerosene-diesel engine with a clustered dynamic adaptive chemistry method

Bennett, V C.C.; Mulligan, R P.; Hapke, C J., 2018:
A numerical model investigation of the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on water level variability in Great South Bay, New York

Farokhipour, A.; Hamidpour, E.; Amani, E., 2018:
A numerical study of NOx reduction by water spray injection in gas turbine combustion chambers

Zhou, B; Aboulhasanzadeh, B; Gao, P; Tryggvason, G, 2018:
A numerical study of the phase distribution in oscillatory bubbly flows

Chen, W-Lih; Chen, C-Kuang; Fang, M-Ju; Yang, Y-Ching, 2018:
A numerical study on applying slot-grooved displacer cylinder to a -type medium-temperature-differential stirling engine

Li, Y; Li, H; Guo, H; Wang, H; Yao, M, 2018:
A numerical study on the chemical kinetics process during auto-ignition of n -heptane in a direct injection compression ignition engine

Tappura, K, 2018:
A numerical study on the design trade-offs of a thin-film thermoelectric generator for large-area applications

Zhu, B; Wen, K; Kong, D; Zhu, Z; Wang, L, 2018:
A numerical study on the lateral loading behaviour of offshore tetrapod piled jacket foundations in clay

Seo, Y Min; Ha, M Yeong; Park, S Hyun; Lee, G Hyung; Kim, Y Soo; Park, Y Gap, 2018:
A numerical study on the performance of the thermoelectric module with different heat sink shapes

Aloui, F; Lecamp, L; Lebaudy, P; Burel, F, 2018:
A numerical tool for studying photopolymerization inside thick composites: Influence of optical properties on the conversion profiles for a silica/TEGDMA-BisGMA formulation

Coolbrandt, A; Milisen, K; Wildiers, H; Aertgeerts, B; van Achterberg, T; Van der Elst, E; Dierckx de Casterlé, B, 2018:
A nursing intervention aimed at reducing symptom burden during chemotherapy (CHEMO-SUPPORT): A mixed-methods study of the patient experience

Chang, H Ning; Hou, S Xia; Hao, Z Chuan; Cui, G Hua, 2018:
A one-dimensional Ag(I) coordination polymer as luminescent sensor for detecting Cr 2 O 7 2 and exhibiting highly photodegradation capacities for methylene blue solution

Yang, Y; Chen, M; Tang, X; Yuan, R; Ma, Y, 2018:
A one-dimensional cobalt phosphonate showing field-induced magnetic transition

Freire, L S.; Chamecki, M, 2018:
A one-dimensional stochastic model of turbulence within and above plant canopies

Wang, X; Wang, S; Zhang, Y; Luo, C, 2018:
A one-time pad color image cryptosystem based on SHA-3 and multiple chaotic systems

Hintze, L Jaeger; Messier, V; Lavoie, M-Ève; Brochu, M; Lavoie, J-Marc; Prud'homme, D; Rabasa-Lhoret, Rémi; Doucet, Éric, 2018 :
A one-year resistance training program following weight loss has no significant impact on body composition and energy expenditure in postmenopausal women living with overweight and obesity

Zhang, X; Zhao, Y; Tillo, T; Lin, C, 2018:
A packetization strategy for interactive multiview video streaming over lossy networks

Herrero, J; Castañeda, C, 2018:
A paddy on sodic varved sediment and plant life constraints, NE Spain

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A paper-based SERS test strip for quantitative detection of Mucin-1 in whole blood

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A parallel competitive Particle Swarm Optimization for non-linear first arrival traveltime tomography and uncertainty quantification

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A parallel stability analysis of a trailing vortex wake

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A parametric investigation of vane pressure side cutback film cooling by dual luminophor PSP

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A parametric study of laminar and transitional oblique shock wave reflections

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A part of the team: The changing role of palliative care in congenital heart disease

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A partial deletion within foot-and-mouth disease virus non-structural protein 3A causes clinical attenuation in cattle but does not prevent subclinical infection

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A participatory sustainability assessment for integrated watershed management in urban China

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A particle distribution function approach to the equations of continuum mechanics in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates: Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids

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A particle-size regulated approach to producing high strength gasification-coke by blending a larger proportion of long flame coal

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A patch analysis based repairing method for two dimensional fiber spectrum image

Zhang, Z; Gerke, M; Vosselman, G; Yang, M Ying, 2018:
A patch-based method for the evaluation of dense image matching quality

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A path marginal cost approximation algorithm for system optimal quasi-dynamic traffic assignment

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A path out: Prescription drug abuse, treatment, and suicide

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A pathogenetic role for M1 macrophages in peritoneal dialysis-associated fibrosis

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A pattern recognition approach for detecting and classifying jaw movements in grazing cattle

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A peak-over-threshold search method for global optimization

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A pedometric technique to delimitate soil-specific zones at field scale

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A performance analysis of In-Car Music engagement as an indication of driver distraction and risk

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A performance-based approach to design reinforced-earth retaining walls

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A performance-based subsidy allocation of ferry transportation: A data envelopment approach

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A perishable food supply chain problem considering demand uncertainty and time deadline constraints: Modeling and application to a high-speed railway catering service

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A perishable product shipment consolidation model considering freshness-keeping effort

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A pernicious cycle: Finding the pathways from child maltreatment to adolescent peer victimization

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A pernicious mean corpuscular volume

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A perspective on electrostatics in gas-solid fluidized beds: Challenges and future research needs

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A perturbation-based solution of Burnett equations for gaseous flow in a long microchannel

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A phase I trial of afatinib and bevacizumab in chemo-nave patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer harboring EGFR mutations: Okayama Lung Cancer Study Group Trial 1404

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A phase III randomised study comparing concomitant radiochemotherapy with cisplatin and docetaxel as induction versus consolidation treatment in patients with locally advanced unresectable non-small cell lung cancer

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A phase III study comparing SB3 (a proposed trastuzumab biosimilar) and trastuzumab reference product in HER2-positive early breast cancer treated with neoadjuvant-adjuvant treatment: Final safety, immunogenicity and survival results

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A phenomenological HCCI combustion model in 0D and 3D-CFD

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A phenomenological analysis of eco-evolutionary coupling under dilution

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A phenomenological investigation of altruism from the perspective of counsellors in Scotland

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A phenomenological model of soil evaporative efficiency using surface soil moisture and temperature data

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A phosphoglycolate phosphatase/AUM-dependent link between triacylglycerol turnover and epidermal growth factor signaling

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A phylogenetic study of the genus Wiborgia (Crotalarieae, Fabaceae)

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A physical and numerical investigation of sudden massive roof collapse during longwall coal retreat mining

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A physical insight into electrospray process in cone-jet mode: Role of operating parameters

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A physical model experiment for investigating into temperature redistribution in surrounding rock of permafrost tunnel

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A physician-initiated intervention to increase colorectal cancer screening in Chinese patients

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A pileup of edge dislocations against an inclined bimetallic interface

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A pillar-layer metal-organic framework for efficient adsorption separation of propylene over propane

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A pilot study demonstrating the efficacy of transcutaneous bilirubin meters to quantitatively differentiate contusions from Congenital Dermal Melanocytosis

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A pilot study of a non-invasive oral nitrate stable isotopic method suggests that arginine and citrulline supplementation increases whole-body NO production in Tanzanian children with sickle cell disease

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A pilot study of a smartphone application supporting recovery from drug addiction

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A pilot study of minocycline for the treatment of bipolar depression: Effects on cortical glutathione and oxidative stress in vivo

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A pilot study of the metabolomic profiles of saliva from female orthodontic patients with external apical root resorption

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A pilot study of the role of the claustrum in attention and seizures in rats

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A pilot study on large-scale microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) in Baolige Oilfield

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A pilot study on the application of DNA metabarcoding for non-invasive diet analysis in the Italian hare

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A pilot test of a motivational interviewing social network intervention to reduce substance use among housing first residents

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A pilot trial of l -carnitine in patients with traumatic brain injury: Effects on biomarkers of injury

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A pilot trial of text-delivered peer network counseling to treat young adults with cannabis use disorder

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A place to transform: creating caring spaces by challenging normativity and identity

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A planetary-scale disturbance in a long living three vortex coupled system in Saturn's atmosphere

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A planning tool for evaluating vehicles miles travelled and traffic safety forecasts of growth management scenarios: A case study of Baton Rouge and New Orleans

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A platinum-porphine/poly(perfluoroether) film oxygen tension sensor for noninvasive local monitoring of cellular oxygen metabolism using phosphorescence lifetime imaging

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A plea for variational neuroethology

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A plethora of coexisting strange attractors in a simple jerk system with hyperbolic tangent nonlinearity

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A point of application study to determine the accuracy, precision and reliability of a low-cost balance plate for center of pressure measurement

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A point-of-need enzyme linked aptamer assay for Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection using a smartphone

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A pollution sensitive remanufacturing model with waste items: Triangular dense fuzzy lock set approach

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A polydnavirus-encoded ANK protein has a negative impact on steroidogenesis and development

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A polyethyleneimine-modified attapulgite as a novel solid support in matrix solid-phase dispersion for the extraction of cadmium traces in seafood products

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A polynomial model for the adaptive computation of threshold of gradient modulus in 2D anisotropic diffusion filter

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A polyp from nothing: The extreme regeneration capacity of the Atlantic invasive sun corals Tubastraea coccinea and T. tagusensis (Anthozoa, Scleractinia)

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A porous flow approach to model thermal non-equilibrium applicable to melt migration

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A portable and automatic Xtion-based measurement system for pig body size

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A positive diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome does not give immunity from developing bowel cancer

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A possible new target in lung-cancer cells: The orphan receptor, bombesin receptor subtype-3

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A possible role of FANCM mutations in male breast cancer susceptibility: Results from a multicenter study in Italy

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A potent tilapia secreted granulin peptide enhances the survival of transgenic zebrafish infected by Vibrio vulnificus via modulation of innate immunity

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A potential hot stamping process for microstructure optimization of 22MnB5 steels characterized by asymmetric pre-rolling and one- or two-step pre-heating

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A potential impact of Helicobacter pylori -related galectin-3 in neurodegeneration

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A potential microRNA regulation of immune-related genes in invertebrate haemocytes

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A potential relationship between gut microbes and atrial fibrillation: Trimethylamine N-oxide, a gut microbe-derived metabolite, facilitates the progression of atrial fibrillation

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A potential robust antiviral defense state in the common vampire bat: Expression, induction and molecular characterization of the three interferon-stimulated genes -OAS1, ADAR1 and PKR

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A potential role for Eph receptor signalling during migration of corneal endothelial cells

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A potential role for neuronal connexin 36 in the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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A potpourri of dermatologic writings

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A power consensus algorithm for DC microgrids

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A power generation system with integrated supercritical water gasification of coal and CO 2 capture

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A power-flow emulator approach for resilience assessment of repairable power grids subject to weather-induced failures and data deficiency

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A practical comparison of algorithms for the measurement of multiscale entropy in neural time series data

Santos, M Izabel; Uturbey, W, 2018:
A practical model for energy dispatch in cogeneration plants

Yılmaz, M; Kanıt, R, 2018:
A practical tool for estimating compulsory OHS costs of residential building construction projects in Turkey

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A pragmatic randomized comparative effectiveness trial of transitional care for a socioeconomically diverse population: Design, rationale and baseline characteristics

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A pragmatic regional interdependence approach to primary frozen shoulder: a retrospective case series

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A pre-clinical safety study of PEGylated recombinant human endostatin (M 2 ES) in Sprague Dawley rats

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A preclinical study to model taurine pharmokinetics in the undernourished rat

Yu, C; Wang, Z; Han, W, 2018:
A prediction model for amplitude-frequency characteristics of blast-induced seismic waves

Yu, C; Wang, Z; Han, W, 2018:
A prediction model for frequency spectrum of blast-induced seismic wave in viscoelastic medium

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A predictive approach to benthic marine habitat mapping: Efficacy and management implications

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A predictive model based on multiple coastal anthropogenic pressures explains the degradation status of a marine ecosystem: Implications for management and conservation

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A predictive model for recurrence in patients with glottic cancer implemented in a mobile application for Android

Heidarpour, M; Farhoosh, R, 2018:
A preliminary Rancimat-based kinetic approach of detecting olive oil adulteration

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A preliminary account of the Cucurbitariaceae

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A preliminary analysis of the effects of bisphenol A on the plant root growth via changes in endogenous plant hormones

Kishore Kumar, G.; Nesse Tyssøy, H.; Williams, B P., 2018:
A preliminary comparison of Na lidar and meteor radar zonal winds during geomagnetic quiet and disturbed conditions

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A preliminary exploration of the potential of Eugenia uvalha Cambess juice intake to counter oxidative stress

Ali, I; Shafiullah, G; Urmee, T, 2018:
A preliminary feasibility of roof-mounted solar PV systems in the Maldives

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A preliminary investigation of the effects of one yoga session for service recipients in a behavioral health intensive outpatient program

Pignatiello, G A.; Tsivitse, E; Hickman, R L., 2018:
A preliminary psychometric evaluation of the eight-item cognitive load scale

Alrabie, K.; Saidan, M N., 2018:
A preliminary solar-hydrogen system for Jordan: Impacts assessment and scenarios analysis

Kidd, D; Field, D; McBratney, A; Webb, M, 2018:
A preliminary spatial quantification of the soil security dimensions for Tasmania

Kang, H Joong; Seo, Y Il; Zhang, C Ik, 2018:
A preliminary study on ABC estimation approach for ecosystem-based TAC management

Liu, L; Wu, R; Xia, Y; Wang, J; Xiong, Y; Qu, Y; Long, Q; Sun, L'an; Guo, J, 2018:
A preliminary study on classification and therapeutic strategies for spontaneous perirenal hemorrhage

Krishnakumar, S.; Srinivasalu, S.; Saravanan, P.; Vidyasakar, A.; Magesh, N.S., 2018:
A preliminary study on coastal debris in Nallathanni Island, Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, Southeast coast of India

Lee, H; Jang, H-In; Seo, J, 2018:
A preliminary study on the performance of an awning system with a built-in light shelf

Tran, P-Long; Tran, P Thao; Tran, H Nguyen Khanh; Lee, S; Kim, O; Min, B-Sun; Lee, J-Hyung, 2018:
A prenylated flavonoid, 10-oxomornigrol F, exhibits anti-inflammatory effects by activating the Nrf2/heme oxygenase-1 pathway in macrophage cells

Ye, H; Wang, X; Wu, J; Jiang, Y, 2018:
A priori estimation for spectral shift of atmospheric carbon dioxide satellite measurement

Meyer, A.; Bond, K.; Van Winden, S.; Green, M.; Guitian, J., 2018:
A probabilistic approach to the interpretation of milk antibody results for diagnosis of Johnes disease in dairy cattle

Morshed, M Javad; Hmida, J Ben; Fekih, A, 2018:
A probabilistic multi-objective approach for power flow optimization in hybrid wind-PV-PEV systems

Danielis, R; Giansoldati, M; Rotaris, L, 2018:
A probabilistic total cost of ownership model to evaluate the current and future prospects of electric cars uptake in Italy

Gradeci, K; Labonnote, N; Time, B; Köhler, J, 2018:
A probabilistic-based methodology for predicting mould growth in faade constructions

Marrufo-Curtido, A; Carrascón, V; Bueno, Mónica; Ferreira, V; Escudero, A, 2018:
A procedure for the measurement of Oxygen Consumption Rates (OCRs) in red wines and some observations about the influence of wine initial chemical composition

Myers, G; Wright, S; Blane, S; Pratt, I S.; Pettigrew, S, 2018:
A process and outcome evaluation of an in-class vegetable promotion program

Pan, B; Zhu, Y; Wang, C; Su, S, 2018:
A process neural network model for calculation of heavy oil viscosity in high water cut stage

Joshi, B; Moreira, R G.; Omac, B; Castell-Perez, M. Elena, 2018:
A process to decontaminate sliced fresh cucumber ( Cucumis sativus) using electron beam irradiation

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A process-based framework for soil ecosystem services study and management

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A profile of 70 years of soil research

Dmochowska-Dudek, K; Bednarek-Szczepańska, M, 2018:
A profile of the Polish rural NIMBYist

Yankov, G P., 2018:
A profile-based approach for investigating the values-personality relationship

Lamba, N; Liu, C; Zaidi, H; Broekman, M.L.D.; Simjian, T; Shi, C; Doucette, J; Ren, S; Smith, T R.; Mekary, R A.; Bunevicius, A, 2018:
A prognostic role for Low tri-iodothyronine syndrome in acute stroke patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Humphrey, V, 2018:
A progression through risk management for collectionsground-up to enterprise-wide

Yu, J; He, Y; Ge, Z; Li, H; Xie, W; Wang, S, 2018:
A promising physical method for recovery of LiCoO 2 and graphite from spent lithium-ion batteries: Grinding flotation

Ma, S; Yue, T; Xiao, X; Cheng, H; Zhao, D, 2018:
A proof of concept study of preparing ultra bright silicon quantum dots based on synergistic effect of reductants

Mondal, P; Korenaga, J, 2018:
A propagator matrix method for the RayleighTaylor instability of multiple layers: a case study on crustal delamination in the early Earth

Yu, H Jin Julie, 2018:
A prospective economic assessment of residential PV self-consumption with batteries and its systemic effects: The French case in 2030

Rajanbabu, A; Agarwal, R, 2018:
A prospective evaluation of the sentinel node mapping algorithm in endometrial cancer and correlation of its performance against endometrial cancer risk subtypes

Xiao, Q; Keadle, S K.; Berrigan, D; Matthews, C E., 2018:
A prospective investigation of neighborhood socioeconomic deprivation and physical activity and sedentary behavior in older adults

Lavell, C H.; Webb, H J.; Zimmer-Gembeck, M J.; Farrell, L J., 2018:
A prospective study of adolescents body dysmorphic symptoms: Peer victimization and the direct and protective roles of emotion regulation and mindfulness

Niziurski, J A.; Berntsen, D, 2018:
A prospective study of homesickness in soldiers during military deployment

Parker, M A.; Anthony, J C., 2018:
A prospective study of newly incident cannabis use and cannabis risk perceptions: Results from the United States Monitoring the Future study, 19762013

Duros, Sène; Joueidi, Y; Nyangoh Timoh, K; Boyer, L; Lemeut, P; Tavenard, A; Laviolle, B; Levêque, J; Lavoué, V, 2018:
A prospective study of the frequency of severe pain and predictive factors in women undergoing first-trimester surgical abortion under local anaesthesia

Wang, T Yu; Wu, Y; Wang, T; Li, Y; Zhang, D, 2018:
A prospective study on the association of sleep duration with grip strength among middle-aged and older Chinese

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A prospective validation of the Bova score in normotensive patients with acute pulmonary embolism

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A pyroelectric generator as a self-powered temperature sensor for sustainable thermal energy harvesting from waste heat and human body heat

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A quadratic b-spline based isogeometric analysis of transient wave propagation problems with implicit time integration method

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A qualitative assessment of attitudes about and preferences for extended-release naltrexone, a new pharmacotherapy to treat opioid use disorders in Ukraine

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A qualitative evaluation of Australian palliative care services participation in National Palliative Care Standards self-assessment

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A qualitative evaluation of a physician-delivered pedometer-based step count prescription strategy with insight from participants and treating physicians

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A qualitative examination of the effects of international counter-drug interdictions

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A qualitative exploration of distress associated with episodic breathlessness in advanced lung cancer

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A qualitative exploration of the factors underlying seniors' receptiveness to entomophagy

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A qualitative study of gender differences in the experiences of general surgery trainees

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A qualitative study of nulliparous women's decision making on mode of delivery under China's two-child policy

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A quality assessment of the soil water index by the propagation of ASCAT soil moisture error estimates through an exponential filter

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A quality improvement intervention to reduce emergency department radiography for bronchiolitis

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A quality management review of Scotland's sectoral marine plan for tidal energy

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A quantifiable and automated volume fraction characterization technique for secondary and tertiary precipitates in Ni-based superalloys

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A quantification method for peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) using gas chromatography (GC) with a non-radioactive pulsed discharge detector (PDD)

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A quantitative PCR-based assay reveals that nucleotide excision repair plays a predominant role in the removal of DNA-protein crosslinks from plasmids transfected into mammalian cells

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A quantitative analysis of tumour characteristics in breast cancer patients with extranodal extension in non-sentinel nodes

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A quantitative approach identifies the critical flow characteristics in a natural draft dry cooling tower

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A quantitative longitudinal study to explore factors which influence maternal self-efficacy among Chinese primiparous women during the initial postpartum period

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A quantitative safety risk assessment model for construction site layout planning

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A quasi-cloaking phenomenon to reduce the wave drift force on an array of adjacent floating bodies

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A quasi-experiment examining the impact of educational cartoons on Tanzanian children

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A quasi-homogeneous catalysis and electron transfer chain for biodecolorization of azo dye by immobilized phenazine redox mediator

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Fano Interference between Bulk and Surface States of a Dirac Semimetal Cd_{3}As_{2} Nanowire

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A rADAR defense against RNAi

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A radiographic investigation of cervical spine kinematics when reading a tablet in a reclined trunk position

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A randomised field study evaluating the effectiveness of buccal meloxicam and topical local anaesthetic formulations administered singly or in combination at improving welfare of female Merino lambs undergoing surgical mulesing and hot knife tail docking

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A randomised, double-blind, cross-over trial to evaluate bread, in which gluten has been pre-digested by prolyl endoprotease treatment, in subjects self-reporting benefits of adopting a gluten-free or low-gluten diet

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A randomization-based perspective on analysis of variance: a test statistic robust to treatment effect heterogeneity

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A randomized controlled trial of comprehensive early intervention care in patients with first-episode psychosis in Japan: 1.5-year outcomes from the J-CAP study

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A randomized controlled trial of the ketogenic diet in refractory childhood epilepsy

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A randomized phase II trial of trastuzumab plus capecitabine versus lapatinib plus capecitabine in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer previously treated with trastuzumab and taxanes: WJOG6110B/ELTOP

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A randomized study of four different types of tympanostomy ventilation tubes Full-term follow-up

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A randomized, double blind, controlled, multi center study of Ilaparazole in the treatment of reflux esophagitisPhase III clinical trial

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A randomized, open label trial of methadone continuation versus forced withdrawal in a combined US prison and jail: Findings at 12 months post-release

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A range-restricted recharging station coverage model for drone delivery service planning

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A rank fusion approach based on score distributions for prioritizing relevance assessments in information retrieval evaluation

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A rapid and precise method for the analysis of underivatized amino acids in natural samples using volatile-ion-pairing reverse-phase liquid chromatographyelectrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry

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A rapid and sensitive fluorometric method for determination of aldehyde oxidase activity

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A rapid and simple LCMS/MS method for personalized busulfan dosing in pediatric patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)

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A rapid approach to manufacture superhydrophobic coating on magnesium alloy by one-step method

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A rapid method for sensitive profiling of bioactive triterpene and flavonoid from Astragalus mongholicus and Astragalus membranaceus by ultra-pressure liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry

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A rapid method for the sequential separation of polonium, plutonium, americium and uranium in drinking water

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A rapid quantification method for the screening indicator for β -thalassemia with near-infrared spectroscopy

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A rapid real-time PCR method to differentiate between mottled skate ( Beringraja pulchra ) and other skate and ray species

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A rapid responsive colorimetric and near-infrared fluorescent turn-on probe for imaging exogenous and endogenous peroxynitrite in living cells

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A rapid screening of a recurrent CYP24A1 pathogenic variant opens the way to molecular testing for Idiopathic Infantile Hypercalcemia (IIH)

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A rapid solid-phase extraction combined with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for simultaneous screening of multiple allergens in chocolates

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A rapid technique to determine performance and efficiency of activated carbon water filters

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A rapid, objective and implicit measure of visual quantity discrimination

Evans, C; Hvoslefeide, M; Thomas, R; Kidd, E; Good, M A., 2018:
A rapidly acquired foraging-based working memory task, sensitive to hippocampal lesions, reveals age-dependent and age-independent behavioural changes in a mouse model of amyloid pathology

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A rapidly deployable classification system using visual data for the application of precision weed management

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A rare case of Candida glabrata spondylodiscitis: case report and literature review

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A rare case of post cesarean duodenal perforation diagnosed by laparoscopy

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A rare climbing habit: Functional properties of the leaf-climbing monocot Flagellaria indica (Flagellariaceae)

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A ratiometric electrochemical deoxyribonucleic acid sensing strategy based on self-signal of highly stable reduced graphene oxide-flavin mononucleotide aqueous dispersion modified nanointerface

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A ratiometric fluorescent probe for Zn 2+ based on pyrene-appended naphthalimide-dipicolylamine

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A ratiometric nanoprobe based on silver nanoclusters and carbon dots for the fluorescent detection of biothiols

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A re-appraisal of the proposed rapid MatuyamaBrunhes geomagnetic reversal in the Sulmona Basin, Italy

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A re-evaluation of the agronomic effectiveness of the nitrification inhibitors DCD and DMPP and the urease inhibitor NBPT

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A reaction based one- and two-photon fluorescent probe for selective imaging H 2 O 2 in living cells and tissues

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A reactive force field molecular dynamics simulation of nickel oxidation in supercritical water

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A reagent-assisted method in SERS detection of methyl salicylate

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A real world study on the genetic, cognitive and psychopathological differences of obese patients clustered according to eating behaviours

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A real-time and registration-free framework for dynamic shape instantiation

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A realistic and integrated model for evaluating oil sands development with Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage technology in Canada

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A reanalysis of ozone on Mars from assimilation of SPICAM observations

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A receptor-neuron correlate for the detection of attractive plant volatiles in Helicoverpa assulta (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Klak, C.; Hanáček, P.; Bruyns, P.V., 2018:
A recircumscription of Jacobsenia (Aizoaceae): Re-instating Drosanthemopsis , with two new quartz-endemics from Namaqualand, South Africa and sinking Knersia

Ciarroni, S; Clarke, C R.; Liu, H; Eckshtain-Levi, N; Mazzaglia, A; Balestra, G M.; Vinatzer, B A., 2018:
A recombinant flagellin fragment, which includes the epitopes flg22 and flgII-28, provides a useful tool to study flagellin-triggered immunity

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A reconstructed discontinuous Galerkin method for compressible turbulent flows on 3D curved grids

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A recurrent mutation causing Melnick-Needles syndrome in females confers a severe, lethal phenotype in males

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A recursive framework for expression recognition: from web images to deep models to game dataset

Kim, S Kyung; Gupta, M; Lee, H-il, 2018 :
A recyclable polymeric film for the consecutive colorimetric detection of cysteine and mercury ions in the aqueous solution

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A red fluorescence probe based on naphthalene diimide for selective detection of sulfide by displacement strategy

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A reduced model for the evaporation and decomposition of ureawater solution droplets

Mura, J., 2018:
A reduced model to locate low contrast inclusions in poroelastic media

Ambekar, A; Yoh, J J., 2018:
A reduced order model for prediction of the burning rates of multicomponent pyrotechnic propellants

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A refined method for rapidly determining the relationship between canopy NDVI and the pasture evapotranspiration coefficient

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A refined rat primary neonatal microglial culture method that reduces time, cost and animal use

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A regional high-resolution emission inventory of primary air pollutants in 2012 for Beijing and the surrounding five provinces of North China

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A regional scale investigation on factors controlling the groundwater chemistry of various aquifers in a rapidly urbanized area: A case study of the Pearl River Delta

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A regional scale modeling framework combining biogeochemical model with life cycle and economic analysis for integrated assessment of cropping systems

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A register-based case-control study of health care utilization and costs in binge-eating disorder

Jozdani, S E.; Momeni, M; Johnson, B A.; Sattari, M, 2018:
A regression modelling approach for optimizing segmentation scale parameters to extract buildings of different sizes

Pham, T D.; Yan, H, 2018:
A regularity statistic for images

Wubs, M; Bshary, R; Lehmann, L, 2018:
A reinforcement learning model for grooming up the hierarchy in primates

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A reinforcement sensitivity theory explanation of antisocial behaviour

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A relative contribution of carbon from green tide algae Cladophora glomerata and Ulva intestinalis in the coastal food webs in the Neva Estuary (Baltic Sea)

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A relatively mild phenotype associated with mutation of SCN8A

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A remote sensing data management system for sea area usage management in China

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A remote sensing-based model of tidal marsh aboveground carbon stocks for the conterminous United States

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A representation method based on the probability of collision for safe robot navigation in domestic environments

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A representative overview of the genetic diversity and lipooligosaccharide sialylation in Campylobacter jejuni along the broiler production chain in France and its comparison with human isolates

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A research agenda for the retrofitting of residential buildings in China A case study

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A residual-based shock capturing scheme for the continuous/discontinuous spectral element solution of the 2D shallow water equations

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A resilience framework: Sexual health trajectories of youth with maltreatment histories

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A resource allocation problem to estimate network fundamental diagram in heterogeneous networks: Optimal locating of fixed measurement points and sampling of probe trajectories

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A restricted Linked Stress Release Model (LSRM) for the Corinth gulf (Greece)

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A retrospective analysis of adverse effects of an in vivo fluoroquinolone antibiotic enrofloxacin treatment on oocyte quality in the common marmoset

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A retrospective analysis of paediatric lymphomas at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Soweto, South Africa

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A retrospective assessment of the completeness and timeliness of meningococcal disease notifications in the Republic of Ireland over a 16-year period, 19992015

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A retrospective cohort study investigating risk factors for the failure of Thoroughbred racehorses to return to racing after superficial digital flexor tendon injury

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A retrospective review of phyllodes tumours of the breast: A single institution experience

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A retrospective study of fatty acid composition in Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras) caught at three locations in the Baltic Sea (19732009)

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A retrospective study of human cystic echinococcosis in Basrah province, Iraq

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A retrospective study of the efficacy of ramelteon for insomnia: relevance of dose and timing of administration

Ali, S; Rao, M. B.; Sahly, A Ahmed; Alfageeh, A-Aziz Mohammed Saleh; Bakari, A, 2018:
A retrospective study to investigate the impact of immigration on tuberculosis control program by DOTS strategy in Gazan Province, Saudi Arabia

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A retrospective study: Does cigarette smoking induce cervical disc degeneration?

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A review of EVs charging: From the perspective of energy optimization, optimization approaches, and charging techniques

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A review of FGF signaling in palate development

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A review of accuracy assessment for object-based image analysis: From per-pixel to per-polygon approaches

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A review of air pollution impact on subjective well-being: Survey versus visual psychophysics

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A review of automotive proton exchange membrane fuel cell degradation under start-stop operating condition

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A review of cavity-based trapped vortex, ultra-compact, high-g, inter-turbine combustors

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A review of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors. Hot topics from randomized controlled trials

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A review of energy management strategies for renewable hybrid energy systems with hydrogen backup

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A review of energy simulation tools for the manufacturing sector

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A review of factors affecting analgesic selection in large animals undergoing translational research

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A review of functionalized carbon nanotubes and graphene for heavy metal adsorption from water: Preparation, application, and mechanism

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A review of global maximum power point tracking techniques of photovoltaic system under partial shading conditions

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A review of harmonic elimination techniques in grid connected doubly fed induction generator based wind energy system

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A review of hazardous elements tolerance in a metallophyte model species: Erica andevalensis

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A review of life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of commonly used ex-situ soil treatment technologies

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A review of loop heat pipes for aircraft anti-icing applications

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A review of management theories in the context of quality, environmental and social responsibility voluntary standards

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A review of modified Organic Rankine cycles (ORCs) for internal combustion engine waste heat recovery (ICE-WHR)

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A review of numerical models to predict the atmospheric dispersion of radionuclides

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A review of piezoelectric fans for low energy cooling of power electronics

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A review of pneumatic conveying status, advances and projections

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A review of tef physiology for developing a tef crop model

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A review of the European passenger car regulations Real driving emissions vs local air quality

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A review of the causes, impacts and solutions for electricity supply crises in Brazil

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A review of the geologic sections and the faunal assemblages of Aurelian Mammal Age of Latium (Italy) in the light of a new chronostratigraphic framework

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A review of the hydrothermal carbonization of biomass waste for hydrochar formation: Process conditions, fundamentals, and physicochemical properties

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A review of the literature on the relationships between genetic polymorphisms and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

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A review of the pharmaceutical exposome in aquatic fauna

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A review of the subgenus Epicterodes of Arichanna (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Ennominae), with description of one new species

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A review of the value of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-targeted therapies in breast cancer

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A review of uncertainty characterisation approaches for the optimal design of distributed energy systems

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A review of vitamin D supplementation as disease-modifying therapy

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A review on CT image noise and its denoising

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A review on borehole instability in active shale formations: Interactions, mechanisms and inhibitors

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A review on carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNTFETs) for ultra-low power applications

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A review on design and performance of thermomagnetic devices

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A review on economics of power quality: Impact, assessment and mitigation

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A review on parabolic trough/Fresnel based photovoltaic thermal systems

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A review on phytochemistry and therapeutic uses of Hibiscus sabdariffa L

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A review on sustainable yeast biotechnological processes and applications

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A review on the recent research progress in the compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) for solar energy applications

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A review on the structural styles of deformation during Late Cretaceous and Paleocene tectonic phases in the southern North Sea area

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A review on thermosyphon and its integrated system with vapor compression for free cooling of data centers

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A review on utilization of wood biomass as a sustainable precursor for activated carbon production and application

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A revised method for the field collection and storage of fruit ethylene samples using evacuated vials

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A revisit of common normal method for discrete modelling of non-spherical particles

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A rhinocerotid-dominated megafauna at the MIS6-5 transition: The late Middle Pleistocene Coc Muoi assemblage, Lang Son province, Vietnam

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A right amygdalohippocampectomy: A diagnostic challenge

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A risk-based approach for modeling the strategic behavior of a distribution company in wholesale energy market

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A risk-based model for grassland management using MODIS data: The case of Gannan region, China

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A roadmap for zoonotic tuberculosis: a One Health approach to ending tuberculosis

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A robust and easily reproducible protocol for the determination of size and size distribution of iron sucrose using dynamic light scattering

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A robust and extendable sheath flow interface with minimal dead volume for coupling CE with ESI-MS

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A robust design of maximum power point tracking using Taguchi method for stand-alone PV system

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A robust extreme learning machine for modeling a small-scale turbojet engine

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A robust goodness-of-fit test for generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic models

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A robust method of computing finite difference coefficients based on Vandermonde matrix

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A robust multi-image phase retrieval

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A robust neuro-based adaptive control system design for a surface effect ship with uncertain dynamics and input saturation to cargo transfer at sea

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A robust optimization approach for integrated community energy system in energy and ancillary service markets

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A robust optimization approach for itinerary planning with deadline

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A robust optimization approach for solving problems in conservation planning

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A robust sub-pixel subdivision algorithm for image-type angular displacement measurement

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A robust unsupervised epileptic seizure detection methodology to accelerate large EEG database evaluation

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A role for Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 in the regulation of β-cell autophagy

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A role for small nucleolar RNA host genes in cartilage ageing and osteoarthritis

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A sacrifice greater than lunch

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A safe an easy method for building consensus HIV sequences from 454 massively parallel sequencing data

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A safe screening based framework for support vector regression

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A safe space of rural areas in the context of the occurrence of extreme weather eventsA case study covering a part of the Euroregion Baltic

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A sandwiched electroanalysis method for probing Anthrax DNAs based on glucose-induced gold growth and catalytic coupling of tyramine using gold-mineralized glucose oxidase

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A scalable method for estimating rooftop solar irradiation potential over large regions

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A scalable non-myopic dynamic dial-a-ride and pricing problem for competitive on-demand mobility systems

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A scalable open-source web-analytic framework to improve satellite-based operational water management in developing countries

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A scalable, flexible and transparent GaN based heterojunction piezoelectric nanogenerator for bending, air-flow and vibration energy harvesting

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A scale self-adapting segmentation approach and knowledge transfer for automatically updating land use/cover change databases using high spatial resolution images

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A scaling approach to evaluating the distance exponent of the urban gravity model

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A scoping review of co-morbidity in individuals with disordered gambling

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A seasonal GM(1,1) model for forecasting the electricity consumption of the primary economic sectors

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A seasonal evaluation of the reformulated Gash interception model for semi-arid deciduous oak forest stands

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A second-order continuum theory of fluids

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A seed treatment to prevent shoot apical meristem arrest in Brassica oleracea

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A seismic fault recognition method based on ant colony optimization

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A selective role of striatal dopamine in the timing of anticipatory postural adjustments at gait initiation in patients with Parkinsons disease

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A selective volatilization method for determination of chloride and sulfate in calcium carbonate pharmaceutical raw material and commercial tablets

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A self-adaptive frequency selection common spatial pattern and least squares twin support vector machine for motor imagery electroencephalography recognition

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A self-adaptive projection method for contact problems with the BEM

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A self-completed questionnaire study of attitudes and perceptions of paramedic and prehospital practitioners towards acute seizure care in Northern Ireland

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