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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65096

Chapter 65096 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Antunes, A; Frasquilho, D; Azeredo-Lopes, S; Neto, D; Silva, M; Cardoso, Gça; Caldas-de-Almeida, Jé Miguel, 2018:
Disability and common mental disorders: Results from the World Mental Health Survey Initiative Portugal

Myezwa, H; Hanass-Hancock, J; Ajidahun, A Tunde; Carpenter, B, 2018:
Disability and health outcomes from a cohort of people on long-term anti-retroviral therapy

Mizunoya, S; Mitra, S; Yamasaki, I, 2018:
Disability and school attendance in 15 low- and middle-income countries

St Guillaume, L; Finlay, E, 2018:
Disabled mobility and the production of impairment: The case of Australia's migration policy framework

Golshahi, K; Aramli, M Sadegh; Nazari, R Mohammad; Habibi, E, 2018:
Disaccharide supplementation of extenders is an effective means of improving the cryopreservation of semen in sturgeon

Searle, S, 2018:
Disambiguation of interferometric DOA estimates in vehicular passive radar

Kawarabayashi, T; Nakamura, T; Seino, Y; Hirohata, M; Mori, F; Wakabayashi, K; Ono, S; Harigaya, Y; Shoji, M, 2018:
Disappearance of MRI imaging signals in a patient with neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease

Wang, T; Shen, B; Wu, H; Hu, J; Xu, H; Shen, M; Xiang, P, 2018:
Disappearance of R/S -methamphetamine and R/S -amphetamine from human scalp hair after discontinuation of methamphetamine abuse

Mertens, K.; Jacobs, L.; Maes, J.; Poesen, J.; Kervyn, M.; Vranken, L., 2018:
Disaster risk reduction among households exposed to landslide hazard: A crucial role for self-efficacy?

Cheng, C; Zhang, L; Thompson, R George, 2018:
Disaster waste clean-up system performance subject to time-dependent disaster waste accumulation

Ray-Bennett, N S., 2018:
Disasters, Deaths, and the Sendai Goal One: Lessons from Odisha, India

Roe, B E.; Phinney, D M.; Simons, C T.; Badiger, A S.; Bender, K E.; Heldman, D R., 2018:
Discard intentions are lower for milk presented in containers without date labels

Iessa, H.; Christensen, K.; Hall, J.A.; Seal, C.J., 2018:
Discharged filtrate movement in food materials under application of electrokinetics

Berman, J Z.; Small, D A., 2018:
Discipline and desire: On the relative importance of willpower and purity in signaling virtue

Rafalow, M H., 2018:
Disciplining Play: Digital Youth Culture as Capital at School

Puertas, A Isabel; Ibarburu, I; Elizaquivel, P; Zuriarrain, A; Berregi, Iñaki; López, P; Prieto, A; Aznar, R; Dueñas, Mía Teresa, 2018:
Disclosing diversity of exopolysaccharide-producing lactobacilli from Spanish natural ciders

Owen, S; Kurka, T; Richardson, D, 2018:
Disclosure of sexual orientation by gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men to healthcare

Takai, K; Drain, A P.; Lawson, D A.; Littlepage, L E.; Karpuj, M; Kessenbrock, K; Le, A; Inoue, K; Weaver, V M.; Werb, Z, 2018:
Discoidin domain receptor 1 (DDR1) ablation promotes tissue fibrosis and hypoxia to induce aggressive basal-like breast cancers

Goulet, J L.; Buta, E; Brennan, M; Heapy, A; Fraenkel, L, 2018:
Discontinuing a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) in patients with knee osteoarthritis: Design and protocol of a placebo-controlled, noninferiority, randomized withdrawal trial

Wohl, M J.A.; Kim, H S.; Salmon, M; Santesso, D; Wildschut, T; Sedikides, C, 2018:
Discontinuity-induced nostalgia improves the odds of a self-reported quit attempt among people living with addiction

Dotti, M-Teresa; Malandrini, A; Lornage, Xère; Mignarri, A; Cantisani, T Anna; Bohm, J; Laporte, J; Malfatti, E, 2018:
Discordant manifestations in Italian brothers with GNE myopathy

Yatabe, M; Kajitani, A; Yasutake, M; Ohta, K, 2018:
Discotic liquid crystals of transition metal complexes, 55: Novel chlorine-substituted phthalocyanine derivatives showing mesomorphism and low HOMO energy level

Bordt, M, 2018:
Discourses in Ecosystem Accounting: A Survey of the Expert Community

Niedziałkowski, K; Komar, E; Pietrzyk-Kaszyńska, A; Olszańska, A; Grodzińska-Jurczak, Młgorzata, 2018:
Discourses on Public Participation in Protected Areas Governance: Application of Q Methodology in Poland

Stilp, C E.; Kiefte, M; Kluender, K R., 2018:
Discovering acoustic structure of novel sounds

Kamble, P; Vavilala, S L., 2018:
Discovering novel enzymes from marine ecosystems: a metagenomic approach

Winterer, M, 2018:
Discovering paths to optimized nanoparticle characteristics

Pearce, A N., 2018:
Discovering the Tiny Warrior Within

Aydogmus, O, 2018:
Discovering the effect of nonlocal payoff calculation on the stabilty of ESS: Spatial patterns of HawkDove game in metapopulations

Beykikhoshk, A; Arandjelović, O; Phung, D; Venkatesh, S, 2018:
Discovering topic structures of a temporally evolving document corpus

Thompson, J L.; Sullo, E; Abate, L E.; Heselden, M; Lyons, K M., 2018:
Discovery Assessment and Improvement at an Academic Health Sciences Library: Health Information @ Himmelfarb Five Years Later

Zhang, X; Liu, Q; Zhang, N; Li, Q–Qian; Liu, Z–Dong; Li, Y–Hong; Gao, L–Mei; Wang, Y–Chun; Deng, H–Bin; Song, D–Qing, 2018:
Discovery and evolution of aloperine derivatives as novel anti-filovirus agents through targeting entry stage

Mao, W-Jing; Guo, S-Bin, 2018:
Discovery and significance of Quaternary aqueously deposited aeolian sandstones in the Sanhu area, Qaidam Basin, China

Low, S; Zhang, X; Ang, K; Yeo, S Jian Darren; Lim, G Joel; Yeoh, L Ying; Liu, Y Lun; Subramaniam, T; Sum, C Fang; Lim, S Chi, 2018:
Discovery and validation of serum creatinine variability as novel biomarker for predicting onset of albuminuria in Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Singh, U.P.; Bhat, H.R., 2018:
Discovery of 1,3,5-triazine-thiazoles (DDTR-502) as potent A2A antagonist/MAO-B inhibitor for the treatment of Parkinsons disease

Wang, Q; Liu, F; Qi, S; Qi, Z; Yan, X-E.; Wang, B; Wang, A; Wang, W; Chen, C; Liu, X; Jiang, Z; Hu, Z; Wang, L; Wang, W; Ren, T; Zhang, S; Yun, C-Hong; Liu, Q; Liu, J, 2018 :
Discovery of 4-(( N -(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl)acrylamido)methyl)- N -(4-methyl-3-((4-(pyridin-3-yl)pyrimidin-2-yl)amino)phenyl)benzamide (CHMFL-PDGFR-159) as a highly selective type II PDGFRα kinase inhibitor for PDGFRα driving chronic eosinophilic leukemia

Zhao, T-Qian; Zhao, Y-Di; Liu, X-Yang; Wang, B; Li, Z-Hua; He, Z-Xu; Zhang, X-Hui; Liang, J-Jia; Ma, L-Ying; Liu, H-Min, 2018:
Discovery of 6-chloro-2-(propylthio)-8,9-dihydro-7H-purines containing a carboxamide moiety as potential selective anti-lung cancer agents

Ju, H; Zhang, J; Sun, Z; Huang, Z; Qi, W; Huang, B; Zhan, P; Liu, X, 2018:
Discovery of C-1 modified oseltamivir derivatives as potent influenza neuraminidase inhibitors

Veal, J.; Mcbride, C.; Lazic, M.; Povero, D.; Ambrus, G.; Santini, A.; Stansfield, R.; Trzoss, L.; Johnson, C.D.; Stafford, J.; Feldstein, A., 2018:
Discovery of Inhibitors of NLRP3 inflammasome assembly for the treatment of NASH and liver fibrosis

Podshivalov, D.; Mandzhieva, Y. B.; Sidorov-Biryukov, D. D.; Timofeev, V. I.; Kuranova, I. P., 2018:
Discovery of Selective Inhibitors of Imidazoleglycerol-Phosphate Dehydratase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Virtual Screening

Lu, M; Liu, T; Jiao, Q; Ji, J; Tao, M; Liu, Y; You, Q; Jiang, Z, 2018:
Discovery of a Keap1-dependent peptide PROTAC to knockdown Tau by ubiquitination-proteasome degradation pathway

Break, M Khaled Bin; Hossan, M Shahadat; Khoo, Y; Qazzaz, M Emad; Al-Hayali, M Z.K.; Chow, S Chuen; Wiart, C; Bradshaw, T D.; Collins, H; Khoo, T-Jin, 2018:
Discovery of a highly active anticancer analogue of cardamonin that acts as an inducer of caspase-dependent apoptosis and modulator of the mTOR pathway

Taguchi, K.; Hamamoto, S.; Tanaka, Y.; Sugino, T.; Unno, R.; Ando, R.; Okada, A.; Kohri, K.; Yasui, T., 2018:
Discovery of a novel gene expression profile of renal papilla including Randalls plaque from calcium phosphate over calcium oxalate stone formers

Moubri, K.; Kleuskens, J.; Van de Crommert, J.; Scholtes, N.; Van Kasteren, T.; Delbecq, S.; Carcy, B.; Précigout, E.; Gorenflot, A.; Schetters, T., 2018:
Discovery of a recombinant Babesia canis supernatant antigen that protects dogs against virulent challenge infection

Chen, L; Jin, Y; Chen, H; Sun, C; Fu, W; Zheng, L; Lu, M; Chen, P; Chen, G; Zhang, Y; Liu, Z; Wang, Y; Song, Z; Liang, G, 2018:
Discovery of caffeic acid phenethyl ester derivatives as novel myeloid differentiation protein 2 inhibitors for treatment of acute lung injury

Huang, Y; Yu, M; Sun, N; Tang, T; Yu, F; Song, X; Xie, Q; Fu, W; Shao, L; Wang, Y, 2018:
Discovery of carbazole carboxamides as novel RORt inverse agonists

Szilágyi, B; Skok, Žiga; Rácz, A; Frlan, R; Ferenczy, Görgy G.; Ilaš, J; Keserű, Görgy M., 2018:
Discovery of d -amino acid oxidase inhibitors based on virtual screening against the lid-open enzyme conformation

Yan, Q; Chen, Y; Tang, B; Xiao, Q; Qu, R; Tong, L; Liu, J; Ding, J; Chen, Y; Ding, N; Tan, W; Xie, H; Li, Y, 2018:
Discovery of novel 2,4-diarylaminopyrimidine derivatives as potent and selective epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors against L858R/T790M resistance mutation

Gurung, A Bahadur; Mayengbam, B; Bhattacharjee, A, 2018:
Discovery of novel drug candidates for inhibition of soluble epoxide hydrolase of arachidonic acid cascade pathway implicated in atherosclerosis

Du, Y; Zhang, Y; Ling, H; Li, Q; Shen, J, 2018:
Discovery of novel high potent and cellular active ADC type PTP1B inhibitors with selectivity over TC-PTP via modification interacting with C site

Lin, Y; Liu, R; Zhao, P; Ye, J; Zheng, Z; Huang, J; Zhang, Y; Gao, Y; Chen, H; Liu, S; Zhou, J; Chen, C; Chen, H, 2018:
Discovery of novel mifepristone derivatives via suppressing KLF5 expression for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer

Wei, H; Mao, F; Ni, S; Chen, F; Li, B; Qiu, X; Hu, L; Wang, M; Zheng, X; Zhu, J; Lan, L; Li, J, 2018 :
Discovery of novel piperonyl derivatives as diapophytoene desaturase inhibitors for the treatment of methicillin-, vancomycin- and linezolid-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections

McIntyre, H. David, 2018:
Discovery, Knowledge, and ActionDiabetes in Pregnancy Across the Translational Spectrum: The 2016 Norbert Freinkel Award Lecture

Yuan, L; Ji, Q C., 2018:
Discovery, identification and mitigation of isobaric sulfate metabolite interference to a phosphate prodrug in LCMS/MS bioanalysis: Critical role of method development in ensuring assay quality

Klümper, F; Theesfeld, I; Herzfeld, T, 2018:
Discrepancies between paper and practice in policy implementation: Tajikistans property rights and customary claims to land and water

Wibetoe, G; Ikdahl, E; Rollefstad, S; Olsen, I C.; Bergsmark, K; Kvien, T K.; Salberg, A; Soldal, D M.; Bakland, G; Lexberg, Åse; Fevang, Børg-Tilde; Gulseth, H Christian; Haugeberg, G; Semb, A Grete, 2018:
Discrepancies in risk age and relative risk estimations of cardiovascular disease in patients with inflammatory joint diseases

Lalić, H, 2018:
Discrepancies in the evaluation of incapacity for work in a patient with epidermolysis bullosa acquisita between public pension fund and occupational medicine expert raise the issue of competencies

Glover, M J.; Jones, E; Masconi, K L.; Sweeting, M J.; Thompson, S G.; Powell, J T.; Ulug, P; Bown, M J., 2018:
Discrete Event Simulation for Decision Modeling in Health Care: Lessons from Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

Modesto-Costa, L; Borges, I, 2018:
Discrete and continuum modeling of solvent effects in a twisted intramolecular charge transfer system: The 4- N , N -dimethylaminobenzonitrile (DMABN) molecule

You, Y; Zhao, Y, 2018:
Discrete element modelling of ellipsoidal particles using super-ellipsoids and multi-spheres: A comparative study

Ariane, M; Kassinos, S; Velaga, S; Alexiadis, A, 2018:
Discrete multi-physics simulations of diffusive and convective mass transfer in boundary layers containing motile cilia in lungs

Ropero, R.F.; Renooij, S.; van der Gaag, L.C., 2018:
Discretizing environmental data for learning Bayesian-network classifiers

Behrens-Chapuis, S; Malewski, T; Suchecka, E; Geiger, M F.; Herder, F; Bogdanowicz, Wław, 2018:
Discriminating European cyprinid specimens by barcode high-resolution melting analysis (Bar-HRM)A cost efficient and faster way for specimen assignment?

Gallagher, C; Balme, M; Clifford, N, 2018:
Discriminating between the roles of late Pleistocene palaeodischarge and geological-topographic inheritance in fluvial longitudinal profile and channel development

Zhong, K; Zheng, F; Xu, X; Qin, C, 2018:
Discriminating the precipitation phase based on different temperature thresholds in the Songhua River Basin, China

Liu, Q; Zhao, N; Zhou, D; Sun, Y; Sun, K; Pan, L; Tu, K, 2018:
Discrimination and growth tracking of fungi contamination in peaches using electronic nose

Pham, H Thanh Tung; Hoang, M Chau; Ha, T Kim Quy; Dang, L Huong; Tran, V On; Nguyen, T Bich Thu; Lee, C Ho; Oh, W Keun, 2018:
Discrimination of different geographic varieties of Gymnema sylvestre , an anti-sweet plant used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Abdalsalam M, E; Yusoff, M Zuki; Mahmoud, D; Malik, A Saeed; Bahloul, M Rida, 2018:
Discrimination of four class simple limb motor imagery movements for braincomputer interface

Hu, L; Ma, S; Yin, C, 2018:
Discrimination of geographical origin and detection of adulteration of kudzu root by fluorescence spectroscopy coupled with multi-way pattern recognition

Fraisse, A; Niveau, F; Hennechart-Collette, C; Coudray-Meunier, C; Martin-Latil, S; Perelle, S, 2018:
Discrimination of infectious and heat-treated norovirus by combining platinum compounds and real-time RT-PCR

Steindler, L A.; Blumstein, D T.; West, R; Moseby, K E.; Letnic, M, 2018:
Discrimination of introduced predators by ontogenetically nave prey scales with duration of shared evolutionary history

Chung, I-Min; Kim, J-Kwang; Lee, K-Jin; Son, N-Young; An, M-Jeong; Lee, J-Hee; An, Y-Ju; Kim, S-Hyun, 2018:
Discrimination of organic milk by stable isotope ratio, vitamin E, and fatty acid profiling combined with multivariate analysis: A case study of monthly and seasonal variation in Korea for 20162017

Pike, T W; Lindholm, A, 2018:
Discrimination of signal carotenoid content using multidimensional chromatic information

Levitas, M P.; Andrews, E; Lurie, I; Marginean, I, 2018:
Discrimination of synthetic cathinones by GCMS and GCMS/MS using cold electron ionization

Wu, X; Zhu, J; Wu, B; Sun, J; Dai, C, 2018:
Discrimination of tea varieties using FTIR spectroscopy and allied Gustafson-Kessel clustering

Pham, T; Talavera, O, 2018:
Discrimination, Social Capital, and Financial Constraints: The Case of Viet Nam

Chen, H; Wang, W; Feng, X; He, R, 2018:
Discriminative and coherent subspace clustering

Liu, M; Zhang, Y, 2018:
Discursive constructions of scientific (Un)certainty about the health risks of China's air pollution: A corpus-assisted discourse study

Perez-Quiros, G, 2018:
Discussion of the paper Deciding between alternative approaches in macroeconomics

Guan, J-an; Liang, D, 2018:
Discussion on the rapid formation mechanism and evolution process of methane hydrate-bearing sediments in Shenhu Area of northern South China Sea

Ukritchon, B; Keawsawasvong, S, 2018:
Discussion on Seismic displacement along a log-spiral failure surface with crack using rock HoekBrown failure criterion

Şen, Zâi, 2018:
Discussion on Modeling karst spring hydrograph recession based on head drop at sinkholes by Guangquan, Li, Nico Goldscheider, Malcom S. Field

Getta, B M.; Devlin, S; Park, J H.; Tallman, M S.; Berman, E, 2018:
Disease characteristics and clinical outcomes in patients aged less than 40 with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Nalysnyk, L; Moon, J; Oak, B; Brooks, A, 2018:
Disease epidemiology and prevalence of neurological manifestations in neuronopathic Gaucher disease: Comprehensive review of the literature

Daus, H; Kislicyn, N; Heuer, S; Backenstrass, M, 2018:
Disease management apps and technical assistance systems for bipolar disorder: Investigating the patients point of view

Calvaruso, V.; Petta, S.; Cacciola, I.; Cabibbo, G.; Cartabellotta, F.; Di Rosolini, A.; Davì, A.; Cannavò, M.; Russello, M.; Distefano, M.; Scifo, G.; Di Lorenzo, F.; Prestileo, T.; La Rocca, L.; Montineri, A.; Fiduli, G.; Digiacomo, A.; Cannizzaro, M.; Madonia, S.; Licata, A.; Malizia, G.; Alaimo, G.; Bertino, G.; Cacopardo, B.; Iacobello, C.; Averna, A.; Guarneri, L.; Scalisi, I.; Mazzola, G.; Mondello, L.; Portelli, V.; Squadrito, G.; Cammà, C.; Raimondo, G.; Craxì, A.; Di Marco, V., 2018:
Disease outcomes after DAA-induced SVR: Data from the resist-HCV cohort

McCarville, J; Ayres, J, 2018:
Disease tolerance: concept and mechanisms

Marrie, R Ann; Montalban, X, 2018:
Disease-modifying therapy in multiple sclerosis: Two guidelines (almost) passing in the night

Moreno-Ramírez, D; Fernández-Orland, A; Ferrándiz, L, 2018:
Diseccin ganglionar en el paciente de edad avanzada con melanoma

Bakhtiari, F; Jacobsen, J Bredahl; Thorsen, B Jellesmark; Lundhede, T Hedemark; Strange, N; Boman, M, 2018:
Disentangling Distance and Country Effects on the Value of Conservation across National Borders

Floyd, S P.; Peoples, B K.; Frimpong, E A., 2018:
Disentangling Reproductive Interactions among Communal Spawning Minnows Using Reproductive Condition and Visual Observations

Henderson, R A.; Meunier, J; Holoubek, N S., 2018:
Disentangling effects of fire, habitat, and climate on an endangered prairie-specialist butterfly

Viera Barreto, J N; Pliscoff, P; Donato, M; Sancho, G, 2018:
Disentangling morphologically similar species of the Andean forest: integrating results from multivariate morphometric analyses, niche modelling and climatic space comparison in Kaunia (Eupatorieae: Asteraceae)

Zajicek, P; Radinger, J; Wolter, C, 2018:
Disentangling multiple pressures on fish assemblages in large rivers

Schulc, M; Košťál, M; Harutyunyan, D; Novák, Ežen, 2018:
Disentangling the 16 O cross section using light water and heavy water benchmark assemblies

Pérez-Romero, Jús Alberto; Idaszkin, Y Lorena; Barcia-Piedras, J-Maria; Duarte, B; Redondo-Gómez, S; Caçador, I; Mateos-Naranjo, E, 2018:
Disentangling the effect of atmospheric CO 2 enrichment on the halophyte Salicornia ramosissima J. Woods physiological performance under optimal and suboptimal saline conditions

Fornaroli, R; Ippolito, A; Tolkkinen, M J.; Mykrä, H; Muotka, T; Balistrieri, L S.; Schmidt, T S., 2018:
Disentangling the effects of low pH and metal mixture toxicity on macroinvertebrate diversity

Godefroy, Vérie; Champel, C; Trinchera, L; Rigal, N, 2018:
Disentangling the effects of parental food restriction on child's risk of overweight

Yang, J; Yu, G; Liu, M; Xie, H; Liu, H, 2018:
Disentangling the impact of cost transparency on cooperation efficiency in exchange partnerships

Petroselli, C; Crocchianti, S; Moroni, B; Castellini, S; Selvaggi, R; Nava, S; Calzolai, G; Lucarelli, F; Cappelletti, D, 2018:
Disentangling the major source areas for an intense aerosol advection in the Central Mediterranean on the basis of Potential Source Contribution Function modeling of chemical and size distribution measurements

de Oliveira, I Reis; Matos-Ragazzo, A Cristina; Zhang, Y; Vasconcelos, N Maia; Velasquez, M Lopes; Reis, D; Ribeiro, M Gonçalves; da Rocha, M Monzani; Rosario, M Conceição; Stallard, P; Cecil, C A.M., 2018:
Disentangling the mental health impact of childhood abuse and neglect: A replication and extension study in a Brazilian sample of high-risk youth

Sposato, L A.; Lopes, R D., 2018:
Disentangling the risk of atrial fibrillation detected after ischemic stroke (AFDAS): A real challenge in clinical practice

Zhang, Y; Liang, X; Hua, G; Li, M; Lin, L, 2018:
Disinfection byproduct precursors in paddy fields under swine manure application: Reactivity, origins and interception

Zhang, C; Xia, X; Li, B; Hung, Y-Con, 2018:
Disinfection efficacy of electrolyzed oxidizing water on brown rice soaking and germination

Park, S; Ko, Y-Seon; Jung, H; Lee, C; Woo, K; Ko, G, 2018:
Disinfection of waterborne viruses using silver nanoparticle-decorated silica hybrid composites in water environments

Kelty, S F.; Julian, R; Bruenisholz, E; Wilson-Wilde, L, 2018:
Dismantling the justice silos: Flowcharting the role and expertise of forensic science, forensic medicine and allied health in adult sexual assault investigations

O’Connor, M J.; Miller, K; Shaddy, R E.; Lin, K Y.; Hanna, B D.; Ravishankar, C; Rossano, J W., 2018:
Disopyramide use in infants and children with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Mendes, Lís F.S.; Basso, L G.M.; Kumagai, P S.; Fonseca-Maldonado, R; Costa-Filho, A J., 2018:
Disorder-to-order transitions in the molten globule-like Golgi Reassembly and Stacking Protein

Nagata, J M.; Garber, A K.; Tabler, J; Murray, S B.; Bibbins-Domingo, K, 2018:
Disordered Eating Behaviors among Overweight/Obese Young Adults and Future Cardiometabolic Risk in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health

Zhu, H; Zhang, Y; Duan, Y; Yu, Y; Xu, C; Xu, X; Li, D; Zhang, J; Xu, J, 2018:
Disordered Nd:CaYAlO 4 crystal lasing at 1069, 1080 and 1363 nm

Sørensen, C S.; Kjaergaard, M, 2018:
Disordered Protein Linkers: Predicting Effective Concentrations using Polymer Physics

Kats, E. E., 2018:
Disorders of System Brain Activity in Children with Motor (Expressive) Alalia

Dutton, R P., 2018:
Disparities in Anesthesia Care

Pulte, D; Jansen, L; Brenner, H, 2018:
Disparities in Colon Cancer Survival by Insurance Type

Montano, G T.; Thoma, B C.; Paglisotti, T; Weiss, P M.; Shultz, M K.; McCauley, H L.; Miller, E; Marshal, M P., 2018:
Disparities in Parental Support and Parental Attachment Between Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Youth: A Meta-Analysis

Stafman, L L.; Maizlin, I I.; Dellinger, M; Gow, K W.; Goldfarb, M; Nuchtern, J G.; Langer, M; Vasudevan, S A.; Doski, J J.; Goldin, A B.; Raval, M; Beierle, E A., 2018:
Disparities in fertility-sparing surgery in adolescent and young women with stage I ovarian dysgerminoma

Park, J Ho; Ro, Y Sun; Shin, S Do; Song, K Jun; Hong, K Jeong; Kong, S Yeon, 2018:
Dispatcher-assisted bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation in rural and urban areas and survival outcomes after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Hoskisson, P A.; van Wezel, G P., 2018:
Dispatches from the land of the morning calm: special issue papers from the 18th International Symposium on the Biology of Actinomycetes

Szlachetko, D L.; Grochocka, E; Dudek, M; Olędrzyńska, N, 2018:
Disperis tomaszii (Orchidaceae, Orchidoideae), a new species from Cameroon

Rech, S; Salmina, S; Borrell Pichs, Y J.; García-Vazquez, E, 2018:
Dispersal of alien invasive species on anthropogenic litter from European mariculture areas

Viljur, M-Liis; Teder, T, 2018:
Disperse or die: Colonisation of transient open habitats in production forests is only weakly dispersal-limited in butterflies

Au-Yeung, A Y. M.; Tam, C-Yung, 2018:
Dispersion Characteristics and Circulation Associated with Boreal Summer Westward-Traveling Mixed RossbyGravity WaveLike Disturbances

Wang, Z; Luo, Z; Yan, Y, 2018:
Dispersion and sedimentation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in freshwater algae and daphnia aquatic culture media in the presence of arsenate

Arcos, J. C.; Méndez, F.; Bautista, E. G.; Bautista, O., 2018:
Dispersion coefficient in an electro-osmotic flow of a viscoelastic fluid through a microchannel with a slowly varying wall zeta potential

Chong, S Yenn; Todd, M D., 2018:
Dispersion curve estimation via a spatial covariance method with ultrasonic wavefield imaging

Peddeti, K; Santhanam, S, 2018:
Dispersion curves for Lamb wave propagation in prestressed plates using a semi-analytical finite element analysis

Tomić, Mš; Dunjić, B; Nikolić, M S.; Maletaškić, J; Pavlović, V B.; Bajat, J; Djonlagić, J, 2018:
Dispersion efficiency of montmorillonites in epoxy nanocomposites using solution intercalation and direct mixing methods

Gorelik, V. S.; Ulitko, V. E., 2018:
Dispersion of Exciton Polaritons in Terbium Nitrate Hexahydrate

Seredkina, A.I.; Kozhevnikov, V.M.; Solovei, O.A., 2018:
Dispersion of group velocities of Rayleigh and Love waves and anisotropic properties of the Asian continent

Xing, Y; Brimblecombe, P, 2018:
Dispersion of traffic derived air pollutants into urban parks

Peng, L; Yang, Z; Li, M; Lin, M; Dong, Z, 2018:
Dispersion properties of CO 2 and polar organic solvents with the same alkyl chain length mixtures using in situ FTIR spectroscopy

Guo, X; Liu, H; Zhang, K; Duan, H, 2018:
Dispersion relations of elastic waves in two-dimensional tessellated piezoelectric phononic crystals

Xu, K; Laugier, P; Minonzio, J-Gabriel, 2018:
Dispersive Radon transform

Lu, D; Seadawy, A R.; Khater, M M.A., 2018:
Dispersive optical soliton solutions of the generalized RadhakrishnanKunduLakshmanan dynamical equation with power law nonlinearity and its applications

Biswas, A; Yildirim, Y; Yasar, E; Zhou, Q; Alshomrani, A Saleh; Moshokoa, S P.; Belic, M, 2018:
Dispersive optical solitons with Schrödinger–Hirota model by trial equation method

Biswas, A; Yildirim, Y; Yasar, E; Zhou, Q; Alshomrani, A Saleh; Moshokoa, S P.; Belic, M, 2018:
Dispersive optical solitons with differential group delay by a couple of integration schemes

Biswas, A; Ekici, M; Sonmezoglu, A; Triki, H; Zhou, Q; Moshokoa, S P.; Belic, M, 2018:
Dispersive optical solitons with differential group delay by extended trial equation method

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Dispersive power of prism and grating in the light of the refined unambiguous angles of incidence, refraction and the unambiguous angle of diffraction

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Displacement of a bubble by acoustic radiation force into a fluidtissue interface

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Displacement prediction of Baijiabao landslide based on empirical mode decomposition and long short-term memory neural network in Three Gorges area, China

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Display of required crossing speed improves pedestrian judgment of crossing possibility at clearance phase

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Disposable Objects: Ethecology, Waste, and Maternal Afterlives

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Disposable electrode obtained by pencil drawing on corrugated fiberboard substrate

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Disposition of β- N -methylamino- l -alanine (L-BMAA), a neurotoxin, in rodents following a single or repeated oral exposure

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Dispositional envy inhibits prosocial behavior in adolescents with high self-esteem

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Dispositional mindfulness moderates the relationship between depression and posttraumatic growth in Chinese adolescents following a tornado

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Dispositional self-compassion impacts immediate and delayed reactions to social evaluation

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Dispossession and disenchantment: The micropolitics of marine conservation in southeastern Tanzania

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Disrespect within medicine for family doctors affects medical students and patients

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Disrupted circuits in mouse models of autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability

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Disrupting the life-cycle of violence in social relations: recommendations for anti-trafficking interventions from an analysis of pathways out of sex work for women in Eastern India

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Disruption of Routine Behaviors Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

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Disruption of Semantic Network in Mild Alzheimers Disease Revealed by Resting-State fMRI

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Disruption of the zinc metabolism in rat ftal brain after prenatal exposure to cadmium

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Disruption of thyroid hormone sulfotransferase activity by brominated flame retardant chemicals in the human choriocarcinoma placenta cell line, BeWo

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Disruptive Fixation: School Reform and the Pitfalls of Techno-Idealism

Alvarez-Laviada, A; Veeraraghavan, R; Braga, V; Gourdie, R; Gorelik, J, 2018:
Dissecting Function and Distribution of Sodium Channels and GAP Junctional Proteins using Super-Resolution Patch-Clamp

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Dissecting spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid collection

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Dissecting the Electrostatics of Nucleic Acids

García, N C.; Tubaro, P L., 2018:
Dissecting the roles of body size and beak morphology in song evolution in the blue cardinalids (Passeriformes: Cardinalidae)

Graystone, R, 2018:
Disseminating Knowledge Through Publication

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Dissipation behaviour, residue distribution and dietary risk assessment of tetraconazole and kresoxim-methyl in greenhouse strawberry via RRLC-QqQ-MS/MS technique

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Dissipation of polyoxyethylene tallow amine (POEA) and glyphosate in an agricultural field and their co-occurrence on streambed sediments

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Dissipation of transmembrane potassium gradient is the main cause of cerebral ischemia-induced depolarization in astrocytes and neurons

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Dissipative Mayers waves in fluid-filled viscoelastic tubes

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Dissipative approach to sliding mode observers design for uncertain mechanical systems

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Dissipative particle dynamics investigation of heat transfer mechanisms in Al 2 O 3 -water nanofluid

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Dissipative particle dynamics simulation of the relaxation behaviour of a triblock copolymer supramolecular network

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Dissociable roles of glucocorticoid and noradrenergic activation on social discounting

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Dissociating absolute and relative reward- and punishment-related electrocortical processing: An event-related potential study

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Dissociation characteristics of water-saturated methane hydrate induced by huff and puff method

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Dissociation of immediate and delayed effects of emotional arousal on episodic memory

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Dissolution and phase transformation processes of hausmannite in acidic aqueous systems under anoxic conditions

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Dissolution and transport of insensitive munitions formulations IMX-101 and IMX-104 in saturated soil columns

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Dissolution mechanisms of chromitite: Understanding the release and fate of chromium in the environment

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Dissolution of a sloping solid surface by turbulent compositional convection

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Dissolved and particulate metal fluxes in an AMD-affected stream under different hydrological conditions: The Odiel River (SW Spain)

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Dissolved fulvic acids from a high arsenic aquifer shuttle electrons to enhance microbial iron reduction

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Dissolved organic carbon fractionation accelerates glacier-melting: A case study in the northern Tibetan Plateau

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Dissolved organic matter reduces CuO nanoparticle toxicity to duckweed in simulated natural systems

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Dissolved organic matter release in overlying water and bacterial community shifts in biofilm during the decomposition of Myriophyllum verticillatum

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Dissolved organic nitrogen distribution in differently fertilized paddy soil profiles: Implications for its potential loss

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Dissoziative Anfälle; Dissociative seizures;

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Distal and proximal predictors of food personality: An exploratory study on food neophilia

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Distal myopathy due to BICD2 mutations

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Distal upper limb kinematics during functional everyday tasks

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Distance and Modern Banks Lending to SMEs: Ethnographic Insights from a Comparison of Regional and Large Banks in Germany

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Distance crossing and alignment in online humanitarian discourse

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Distant supervision for neural relation extraction integrated with word attention and property features

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Distinct and complementary roles of CD4 T cells in protective immunity to influenza virus

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Distinct effect of age, sex, and CMV seropositivity on dendritic cells and monocytes in human blood

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Distinct effects of HIV protease inhibitors and ERAD inhibitors on zygote to ookinete transition of the malaria parasite

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Distinct effects of struvite and biochar amendment on the class 1 integron antibiotic resistance gene cassettes in phyllosphere and rhizosphere

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Distinct gene alterations with a high percentage of myeloperoxidase-positive leukemic blasts in de novo acute myeloid leukemia

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Distinct miRNA profile in prognosis of early CTCL

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Distinct pathological profiles of inmates showcasing cluster B personality traits, mental disorders and substance use regarding violent behaviors

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Distinct properties of a hypoxia specific paralog of single stranded DNA binding (SSB) protein in mycobacteria

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Distinct representation of muscle weakness in QMG and MG-ADL

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Distinct roles of prelimbic and infralimbic proBDNF in extinction of conditioned fear

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Distinctive Desmoplastic 3D Morphology Associated With BRAFV600E in Papillary Thyroid Cancers

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Distinctive Features of the Skull of the Ryukyu Scops Owl from Minami-Daito Island, Revealed by Computed Tomography Scanning

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Distinctive effects of licarin A on lipolysis mediated by PKA and on formation of brown adipocytes from C3H10T1/2 mesenchymal stem cells

Longhurst, R; McLeay, C; Wilson, A; Page, N, 2018:
Distinguished New Zealand Geographer: Associate Professor Lex Chalmers

Hilton, M, 2018:
Distinguished New Zealand Geographer: Professor Patrick Hesp

Binns, T, 2018:
Distinguished Service Award: Anna Susan Michelle Wilson

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Distinguishing between northern salt marsh and western harvest mice

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Distinguishing friends, foes, and freeloaders in giant genomes

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Distinguishing kerogen and oil cracked shale gas using H, C-isotopic fractionation of alkane gases

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Distinguishing languages from dialects: A litmus test using the picture-word interference task

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Distinguishing the Clinical Nurse Specialist From Other Graduate Nursing Roles

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Distinguishing the windthrow and hydrogeological effects of typhoon impact on agricultural lands: an integrative OBIA and PPGIS approach

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Distortions in time perceptions during task switching

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Distress and sleep quality in young amphetamine-type stimulant users with an affective or psychotic illness

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Distributed Cognition on the road: Using EAST to explore future road transportation systems

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Distributed Energy and Microgrids (DEM)

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Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking in networked graphical games

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Distributed and opposing effects of incidental learning in the human brain

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Distributed consensus tracking of a class of asynchronously switched nonlinear multi-agent systems

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Distributed data association in smart camera network via dual decomposition

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Distributed event-triggered scheme for a convex optimization problem in multi-agent systems

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Distributed extremum-seeking control over networks of dynamically coupled unstable dynamic agents

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Distributed leader-following consensus of nonlinear multi-agent systems with nonlinear input dynamics

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Distributed model predictive control for vessel train formations of cooperative multi-vessel systems

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Distributed monitoring system for precision enology of the Tawny Port wine aging process

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Distributed multiple-inputmultiple-output radar waveform and mismatched filter design with expanded mainlobe

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Distributed network for measuring climatic parameters in heterogeneous environments: Application in a greenhouse

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Distributed output regulation of heterogeneous linear multi-agent systems with communication constraints

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Distributed predictor-based stabilization of continuous interconnected systems with input delays

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Distributed time synchronization for networks with random delays and measurement noise

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Distribution Pattern and Influencing Factors for Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) in Mangrove Communities at Dongzhaigang, China

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Distribution Pattern of Serotoninergic Neurons in Trematode Cercariae

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Distribution and metal contamination in the coastal sediments of Dammam Al-Jubail area, Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia

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Distribution and partitioning of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in sediments from the Pearl River Delta and Guiyu, South China

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Distribution and potential ecological risk of 50 phenolic compounds in three rivers in Tianjin, China

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Distribution and predictors of urinary concentrations of phthalate metabolites and phenols among pregnant women in the Healthy Start Study

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Distribution and relative predation risk of nekton reveal complex edge effects within temperate seagrass habitat

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Distribution and risk assessment of banned and other current-use pesticides in surface and groundwaters consumed in an agricultural catchment dominated by cocoa crops in the Ankobra Basin, Ghana

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Distribution and speciation of phosphorus in foreshore sediments of the Thames estuary, UK

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Distribution and speciation of zinc in the gills of rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ) during acute waterborne zinc exposure: Interactions with cadmium or copper

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Distribution and timing of spawning Faroe Plateau cod in relation to warming spring temperatures

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Distribution and transfer of potentially toxic metal(loid)s in Juncus effusus from the indigenous zinc smelting area, northwest region of Guizhou Province, China

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Distribution characteristics, genesis analyses, and research significance of Triassic regional structural fractures in the Ordos Basin, Central China

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Distribution correlations of cadmium to calcium, phosphorus, sodium and chloridion in mangrove Aegiceras corniculatum root tissues

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Distribution dynamics of energy intensity in Chinese cities

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Distribution network monitoring: Interaction between EU legal conditions and state estimation accuracy

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Distribution of ARGs and MGEs among glacial soil, permafrost, and sediment using metagenomic analysis

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Distribution of Escherichia coli , coliphages and enteric viruses in water, epilithic biofilms and sediments of an urban river in Germany

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Distribution of Heme Oxygenases in the Walls of the Arteries of the Pia Mater of the Brain

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Distribution of MCH-containing fibers in the feline brainstem: Relevance for REM sleep regulation

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Distribution of Masu Salmon Oncorhynchus masou (Salmonidae) in Amur River Basin

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Distribution of NADPH-diaphorase reactivity in the central nervous system of the common toad ( Bufo bufo )

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Distribution of Organohalogen Compounds in Surface Water and Sediments of Major River Systems Across South Korea

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Distribution of Smad mRNA and proteins in the rat brain

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Distribution of acetyl groups in acetylated waxy maize starches prepared in aqueous solution with two different alkaline concentrations

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Distribution of anisakid nematodes parasitizing rajiform skates under commercial exploitation in the Southwestern Atlantic

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Distribution of coal and coal combustion related organic pollutants in the environment of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region

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Distribution of environmental tritium in rivers, groundwater, mine water and precipitation in Goa, India

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Distribution of fluorine in the surface dust of Wuda coal base, Inner Mongolia of Northern China

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Distribution of fragrances and PAHs in the surface seawater of the Sicily Channel, Central Mediterranean

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Distribution of heavy metals and metalloid in surface sediments of heavily-mined area for bauxite ore in Pengerang, Malaysia and associated risk assessment

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Distribution of hydrocarbons in seabed sediments derived from tsunami-spilled oil in Kesennuma Bay, Japan

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Distribution of microscopic defects in Al-doped CdZnTe crystal

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Distribution of n-Alkanes in the Products of Electric Dewaxing of Diesel Fuel

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Distribution of nervous necrosis virus (NNV) in infected sevenband grouper, Hyporthodus septemfasciatus by intramuscular injection or immersion challenge

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Distribution of nitrous oxide emissions from managed organic soils under different land uses estimated by the peat C/N ratio to improve national GHG inventories

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Distribution of perfluorinated compounds (PFASs) in the aquatic environment of the industrially polluted Vaal River, South Africa

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Distribution of potentially toxic elements in sediment of the Anning River near the REE and V-Ti magnetite mines in the Panxi Rift, SW China

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Distribution of radiocesium in different density fractions of temperate forest soils in Fukushima

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Distribution of single nucleotide polymorphisms and protein domain architecture of toll-like receptor-2 in Pahari cattle (Indian non-descript indigenous breed)

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Distribution of soil organic carbon and glomalin related soil protein in reclaimed coal mine-land chronosequence under tropical condition

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Distribution of spectral modulation transfer functions in a young, normal-hearing population

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Distribution of the Mosquito Communities (Diptera: Culicidae) in Oviposition Traps Introduced into the Atlantic Forest in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Distribution pattern and salt excretion rate of salt glands in two recretohalophyte species of Limonium (Plumbaginaceae)

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Distribution pattern of persistent organic pollutants in aquatic ecosystem at the Rosetta Nile branch estuary into the Mediterranean Sea, North of Delta, Egypt

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Distribution patterns of macroinvertebrate communities in a Chinese floodgate-regulated river and their relationships with river longitudinal connectivity

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Distribution patterns of the introduced encrusting bryozoan Conopeum chesapeakensis (Osburn 1944; Banta et al. 1995) in an estuarine environment in upper San Francisco Bay

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Distribution system costs associated with the deployment of photovoltaic systems

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Distribution, characteristics, and level of community awareness and use of formal shared use sites in Los Angeles

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Distribution, contents and health risk assessment of metal(loid)s in small-scale farms in the Ecuadorian Amazon: An insight into impacts of oil activities

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Distribution, occurrence, and enrichment of gallium in the Middle Jurassic coals of the Muli Coalfield, Qinghai, China

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Distribution, release and removal behaviors of tetrabromobisphenol A in water-sediment systems under prolonged hydrodynamic disturbances

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Distribution, source identification and health risk assessment of PFASs and two PFOS alternatives in groundwater from non-industrial areas

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Distribution, source, and risk of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in urban and rural soils around the Yellow and Bohai Seas, China

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Distribution, variability, and predictors of urinary bisphenol A levels in 50 North Carolina adults over a six-week monitoring period

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Distributional Weights in Environmental Valuation and Cost-benefit Analysis: Theory and Practice

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Distributional and compositional insight into the polluting materials during sludge combustion: Roles of ash

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Distributional costs of wind energy production in Portugal under the liberalized Iberian market regime

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Distributions and geochemical behaviors of oxyanion-forming trace elements and uranium in the Hövsgöl–Baikal–Yenisei water system of Mongolia and Russia

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Distributions of particulate and dissolved phosphorus in aquatic habitats of Peninsular Malaysia

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Disturbance attenuation and rejection for stochastic Markovian jump system with partially known transition probabilities

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Disturbance estimator based output feedback exponential stabilization for EulerBernoulli beam equation with boundary control

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Disulfiram/copper causes ROS levels alteration, cell cycle inhibition, and apoptosis in acute myeloid leukaemia cell lines with modulation in the expression of related genes

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Diterpene ginkgolides meglumine injection protects against paraquat-induced lung injury and pulmonary fibrosis in rats

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Diterpenoid fingerprints in pine foliage across an environmental and chemotypic matrix: Isoabienol content is a key trait differentiating chemotypes

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Diterpenoid trigonoreidon B isolated from Trigonostemon reidioides alleviates inflammation in models of LPS-stimulated murine macrophages and inflammatory liver injury in mice

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Diterpenoids from the roots of Euphorbia ebracteolata and their inhibitory effects on human carboxylesterase 2

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Dither matrix estimation based on pixel histograms of halftones

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Diuretic therapy in hypertension

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Diurnal Temperature Regime in the Regolith Surface Layer of the Lagado Planitia Region on Phobos: Model Predictions for Different Seasons

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Diurnal and developmental differences in gene expression between adult dispersing and flightless morphs of the wing polymorphic cricket, Gryllus firmus : Implications for life-history evolution

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Diurnal and long-term variation of instability indices over a tropical region in India

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Diurnal and seasonal trends and source apportionment of redox-active metals in Los Angeles using a novel online metal monitor and Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF)

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Diurnal and seasonal variations in surface methane at a tropical coastal station: Role of mesoscale meteorology

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Diurnal and seasonal variations of greenhouse gas emissions from a naturally ventilated dairy barn in a cold region

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Diurnal occurrence of complex febrile seizure and their severity in pediatric patients needing hospitalization

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Diurnal patterns of urination and drinking by grazing ruminants: a development in a mechanistic model of a grazing ruminant, MINDY

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Diurnal rhythm of follicle-stimulating hormone is associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in a Chinese elderly population

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Diurnal space use and nocturnal roost-site selection by male Cerulean Warblers during the breeding season

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Diurnal temperature range in relation to death from stroke in China

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Diurnal tidal currents attributed to free baroclinic coastal-trapped waves on the Pacific shelf off the southeastern coast of Hokkaido, Japan

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Diurnal variations of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) during three sequent winter haze episodes in Beijing, China

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Diurnal variations of the energy intensity and associated greenhouse gas emissions for activated sludge processes

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Divergence in host utilisation by two spider ectoparasitoids within the genus Eriostethus (Ichneumonidae, Pimplinae)

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Divergent Roles for Neutrophils

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Divergent assemblage patterns and driving forces for bacterial and fungal communities along a glacier forefield chronosequence

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Divergent composition and turnover of soil organic nitrogen along a climate gradient in arid and semiarid grasslands

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Divergent effects of levetiracetam and tiagabine against spontaneous seizures in adult rats following neonatal hypoxia

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Divergent patterns of understory forage growth after seismic line exploration: Implications for caribou habitat restoration

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Diverse algicidal bacteria associated with harmful bloom-forming Karenia mikimotoi in estuarine soil and seawater

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Diverse and abundant antibiotic resistance genes from mariculture sites of China's coastline

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Diverse architectures and luminescence properties of three low-dimensional Zn(II)/Cd(II) coordination polymers based on a pyridine-imidazole ligand

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Diverse effects of natural antioxidants on cyclosporin cytotoxicity in rat renal tubular cells

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Diverse functions of protein tyrosine phosphatase in the nervous and immune systems

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Diverse mechanisms drive fluoride enrichment in groundwater in two neighboring sites in northern China

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Diverse sensitivity of winter crops over the growing season to climate and land surface temperature across the rainfed cropland-belt of eastern Australia

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Diverse signalling of the platelet P2Y 1 receptor leads to a dichotomy in platelet function

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Diversification Strategies and Adaptation Deficit: Evidence from Rural Communities in Niger

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Diversification mechanisms in the Andean grasshopper genus Orotettix (Orthoptera: Acrididae): ecological niches and evolutionary history

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Diversifying crop rotation increased metabolic soil diversity and activity of the microbial community

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Diversifying the technological strategies for recovering bioenergy from the two-phase anaerobic digestion of sugarcane vinasse: An integrated techno-economic and environmental approach

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Diversionary Tactics and the EthiopiaEritrea War (19982000)

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Diversionary feeding can reduce red deer habitat selection pressure on vulnerable forest stands, but is not a panacea for red deer damage

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Diversiteit in internetgebruik door Nederlandse ouderen; Diversity in older adults use of the internet;

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Diversity analysis and genetic relationships among local Algerian fig cultivars ( Ficus carica l.) using SSR markers

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Diversity and Abundance Analysis of the Oral and Gastrointestinal Microbiome during Autologous Transplantation for Multiple Myeloma: Interim Results of a Prospective Pilot Study

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Diversity and Species Composition of Amphibians of the Aripo Savannas Scientific Reserve, Trinidad, West Indies

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Diversity and bioprospecting of extremely halophilic archaea isolated from Algerian arid and semi-arid wetland ecosystems for halophilic-active hydrolytic enzymes

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Diversity and community structure of rapids-dwelling fishes of the Xingu River: Implications for conservation amid large-scale hydroelectric development

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Diversity and composition of catches and discards in a recreational charter fishery

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Diversity and functional evolution of the plasminogen activator system

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Diversity and nutrient balances of urban and peri-urban farms in Ethiopia

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Diversity in Judgments: The Role of the Courts in Promoting Biodiversity

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Diversity of Aspergillus section Nigri on the surface of Vitis labrusca and its hybrid grapes

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Diversity of Fish Scales in Late Triassic Deposits of Krasiejw (SW Poland)

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Diversity of Service Systems in Pediatric Surgery for Fetuses, Neonates, Infants, Children, and Adolescents in Europe

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Diversity of aging of the immune system classified in the cotton rat ( Sigmodon hispidus ) model of human infectious diseases

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Diversity of anaerobic arsenite-oxidizing bacteria in low-salt environments analyzed with a newly developed PCR-based method

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Diversity of brain metastases screening and management in non-small cell lung cancer in Europe: Results of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Lung Cancer Group survey

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Diversity of cultivable bacterial endophytes in Paullinia cupana and their potential for plant growth promotion and phytopathogen control

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Diversity of entomopathogenic nematodes and their symbiotic bacteria in south African plantations and indigenous forests

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Diversity of forest soils and bedrock in soil regions of the Central-European highlands (Czech Republic)

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Diversity of historical ancestry and personality traits across 56 cultures

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Diversity of isolated lactic acid bacteria in Ya'an sourdoughs and evaluation of their exopolysaccharide production characteristics

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Diversity of macroinvertebrates positively correlates with diversity of macrophytes in karst ponds

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Diversity of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolated from Austrian ruminants and New World camelids

Golovneva, L B., 2018:
Diversity of palmately lobed leaves in the earlymiddle Albian of eastern Russia

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Diversity of teiid lizards from Gran Chaco and Western Cerrado (Squamata: Teiidae)

Rasko, J E.J.; Preiss, T, 2018:
Diversity of transcripts emanating from protein-coding genes

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Diversity, evolution and taxonomic significance of fruit in Cuscuta (dodder, Convolvulaceae); the evolutionary advantages of indehiscence

Gong, Z; Zhong, P; Yu, Y; Hu, W, 2018:
Diversity-Promoting Deep Structural Metric Learning for Remote Sensing Scene Classification

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Divided attention during encoding causes separate memory traces to be encoded for repeated events

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Divided consumption of late-night-dinner improves glucose excursions in young healthy women: A randomized cross-over clinical trial

Garde, E; Jung-Madsen, S; Ditlevsen, S; Hansen, R G.; Zinglersen, K B.; Heide-Jørgensen, M Peter, 2018:
Diving behavior of the Atlantic walrus in high Arctic Greenland and Canada

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Diving-wave FWI methodology applied to a Colombian Caribbean data set

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Division of labor as an emergent phenomenon of social coordination: The example of playing doubles-pong

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Divorce Decision-Making and the Divine

Brückner, A, 2018:
Diätetik in der Allergologie — Ratgeber-Klassiker erweitert und aktualisiert

Puliatte, A; Ehri, L C., 2018:
Do 2nd and 3rd grade teachers linguistic knowledge and instructional practices predict spelling gains in weaker spellers?

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Do Bufonids Employ Different Anti-Predator Behaviors Than Ranids? Comparison among Three European Anurans

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Do Conditional Cash Transfers Lead to Better Secondary Schools? Evidence from Jamaicas PATH

Suzuki, M; Akasaka, K, 2018:
Do Emotions after Receiving Test Results Predict Review Activities? An Intra-Individual Analysis

Button, E, 2018:
Do End-of-Life Care Pathways Improve Outcomes in Caring for the Dying?

Kuhfuss, L; Subervie, J, 2018:
Do European Agri-environment Measures Help Reduce Herbicide Use? Evidence From Viticulture in France

Wang, D; Wang, X-Lei; Cai, Y; Goldstein, S L.; Yang, T, 2018:
Do Hf isotopes in magmatic zircons represent those of their host rocks?

Bjørnskov, C, 2018:
Do Liberalising Reforms Harm the Environment? Evidence from the Post-Communist Transition

Craig, S L.; Furman, E, 2018:
Do Marginalized Youth Experience Strengths in Strengths-Based Interventions? Unpacking Program Acceptability through Two Interventions for Sexual and Gender Minority Youth

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Do Mature Economies Grow Exponentially?

Cento, M; Scrocca, R; Coppola, M; Rossi, M; Di Giuseppe, R; Battisti, C; Luiselli, L; Amori, G, 2018:
Do McKinnon lists provide reliable data in bird species frequency? A comparison with transect-based data

Bartolini, S; Sarracino, F, 2018:
Do People Care About Future Generations? Derived Preferences from Happiness Data

Kalu, M E.; Abaraogu, U O.; Norman, K E., 2018:
Do Physiotherapy Students Demonstrate Ageist Attitude? A Scoping Review of Literature

Lægreid, O Martin; Povitkina, M, 2018:
Do Political Institutions Moderate the GDP-CO 2 Relationship?

Guyadeen, D, 2018:
Do Practicing Planners Value Plan Quality? Insights From a Survey of Planning Professionals in Ontario, Canada

Ramundo, J; Pike, C; Pittman, J, 2018:
Do Prophylactic Foam Dressings Reduce Heel Pressure Injuries?

Jukes, M C. H.; Zuilkowski, S S.; Grigorenko, E L., 2018:
Do Schooling and Urban Residence Develop Cognitive Skills at the Expense of Social Responsibility? A Study of Adolescents in the Gambia, West Africa

Wang, J; Eitzman, D T., 2018:
Do Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Antidepressant Drugs Promote Atherosclerosis?

LaGamma, E F., 2018:
Do Transfusions Cause Necrotizing Enterocolitis? Evidence and Potential Mechanisms

Martelli, S; Janssens-Maenhout, G; Paruolo, P; Bréchet, T; Strobl, E; Guizzardi, D; Cerutti, A K.; Iancu, A, 2018:
Do Voters Support Local Commitments for Climate Change Mitigation in Italy?

Petrow, G A.; Transue, J E.; Vercellotti, T, 2018:
Do White In-group Processes Matter, Too? White Racial Identity and Support for Black Political Candidates

Poole, J C.; Dobson, K S.; Pusch, D, 2018:
Do adverse childhood experiences predict adult interpersonal difficulties? The role of emotion dysregulation

Gee, L K.; Schreck, M J., 2018:
Do beliefs about peers matter for donation matching? Experiments in the field and laboratory

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Do benefits restrictions limit Medicaid acceptance in addiction treatment? Results from a national study

Menga, E N.; Webb, A J.; Mesfin, A, 2018:
Do bisphosphonates affect fusion rates? How to manage these medications in the perioperative time frame

Börjesson, M; Fung, C Man; Proost, S; Yan, Z, 2018:
Do buses hinder cyclists or is it the other way around? Optimal bus fares, bus stops and cycling tolls

Kaye, L K.; Pennington, C R.; McCann, J J., 2018:
Do casual gaming environments evoke stereotype threat? Examining the effects of explicit priming and avatar gender

Colaço, A.F.; Bramley, R.G.V., 2018:
Do crop sensors promote improved nitrogen management in grain crops?

Pieruccini-Faria, F; Muir-Hunter, S W.; Montero-Odasso, M, 2018:
Do depressive symptoms affect balance in older adults with mild cognitive impairment? Results from the gait and brain study

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Do development projects crowd-out private sector activities? Evidence from contract farming participation in Northern Ghana

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Do different types of assets have differential effects on child education? Evidence from Tanzania

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Do differentiated performance standards help coal? CO 2 policy in the U.S. electricity sector

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Do eco-rating schemes improve the environmental performance of ships?

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Do emotion regulation difficulties explain the association between executive functions and child physical abuse risk?

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Do energy scenarios pay sufficient attention to the environment? Lessons from the UK to support improved policy outcomes

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Do enhanced states exist? Boosting cognitive capacities through an action video-game

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Do facultative symbionts affect fitness of pea aphids in the sexual generation?

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Do female jaguars ( Panthera onca Linnaeus, 1758) deliberately avoid camera traps?

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Do female offenders differ? Comparing the criminal histories of serious violent perpetrators with a control sample

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Do forest decision-makers in Southeastern Norway adapt forest management to climate change?

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Do governing body and CSU nurses on clinical commissioning groups really lead a nursing agenda? Findings from a 2015 Survey of the Commissioning Nurse Leaders' Network Membership

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Do health consultations for people with learning disabilities meet expectations? A narrative literature review

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Do impression management and self-deception distort self-report measures with content of dynamic risk factors in offender samples? A meta-analytic review

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Do in vitro assays in rat primary neurons predict drug-induced seizure liability in humans?

Vernon, G, 2018:
Do insulin injections make you fat?

Saitoh, F; Choh, Y, 2018:
Do intraguild prey protect their eggs from intraguild predators that share their oviposition site?

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Do juvenile developmental and adult body characteristics differ among genotypes at the doublesex locus that controls female-limited Batesian mimicry polymorphism in Papilio memnon ?: A test for the cost of mimicry hypothesis

McKenna, F P., 2018:
Do low levels of confidence suppress the tendency to violate?

Luan, M; Fu, L; Li, H, 2018:
Do maximizers maximize for others? Self-other decision-making differences in maximizing and satisficing

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Do medical marijuana laws reduce addictions and deaths related to pain killers?

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Do melanoma patients with melanoma of unknown primary have better survival than patients with melanoma of known primary?

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Do men and women estimate property values differently?

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Do metaphors in health messages work? Exploring emotional and cognitive factors

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Do modic changes, disc degeneration, translation and angular motion affect facet osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine

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Do national strategies under the UN biodiversity and climate conventions address agricultural commodity consumption as deforestation driver?

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Do neurologists around the world agree when diagnosing epilepsy? Results of an international EpiNet study

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Do not shoot the messenger: ICES advice for an ecosystem approach to fisheries management in the European Union

Bowdish, M E., 2018:
Do not underestimate the tricuspid valve

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Do novel weapons that degrade mycorrhizal mutualisms promote species invasion?

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Do participants with children age 18 and under have suboptimal weight loss?

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Do partisanship and politicization undermine the impact of a scientific consensus message about climate change?

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Do patients who die from an alcohol-related condition drift into areas of greater deprivation? Alcohol-related mortality and health selection theory in Scotland

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Do perceived walking distance to and use of urban blue spaces affect self-reported physical and mental health?

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Do physicians have a duty to share their views on social media?

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Do pictures help tell the story? An experimental test of narrative and emojis in a health text message intervention

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Do recommended doses of glyphosate-based herbicides affect soil invertebrates? Field and laboratory screening tests to risk assessment

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Do responsibly managed logging concessions adequately protect jaguars and other large and medium-sized mammals? Two case studies from Guatemala and Peru

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Do saving promotion interventions increase household savings, consumption, and investments in Sub-Saharan Africa? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Do scores on the Food Craving Inventory and Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire correlate with expected brain regions of interest in people with obesity?

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Do significant others influence college-aged students texting and driving behaviors? Examination of the mediational influence of proximal and distal social influence on distracted driving

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Do socioeconomic inequalities in pain, psychological distress and oral health increase or decrease over the life course? Evidence from Sweden over 43 years of follow-up

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Do spatial patterns of urbanization and land consumption reflect different socioeconomic contexts in Europe?

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Do special economic zones induce developmental spillovers? Evidence from Indias states

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Do state physician health programs encourage referrals that violate the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Glauser, W, 2018:
Do students enter medicine for money and prestige or to be of service?

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Do the Escherichia coli European Union shellfish safety standards predict the presence of Arcobacter spp., a potential zoonotic pathogen?

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Do the rich have stronger willingness to pay for environmental protection? New evidence from a survey in China

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Do the right thing: neural network mechanisms of memory formation, expression and update in Drosophila

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Do they shop to stand out or fit in? The luxury fashion purchase intentions of young adults

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Do tidal stream energy projects offer more value than offshore wind farms? A case study in the United Kingdom

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Do uniform tangential interfacial stresses enhance adhesion?

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Do vulnerable narcissists profit more from Facebook use than grandiose narcissists? An examination of narcissistic Facebook use in the light of self-regulation and social comparison theory

Kim, N; Mountain, T P., 2018:
Do we consider paid sick leave when deciding to get vaccinated?

Cazalis, V; Loreau, M; Henderson, K, 2018 :
Do we have to choose between feeding the human population and conserving nature? Modelling the global dependence of people on ecosystem services

Gupta, P; Migliacci, J C.; Montero, P H.; Zanoni, D Karassawa; Shah, J P.; Patel, S G.; Ganly, I, 2018:
Do we need a different staging system for tongue and gingivobuccal complex squamous cell cancers?

Hasebe, T; Kettenbach, J, 2018:
Do we need a special issue about cutting edges?

Peltier, C.; Mammasse, N.; Visalli, M.; Cordelle, S.; Schlich, P., 2018:
Do we need to replicate in sensory profiling studies?

Zbyryt, A; Bubnicki, J W; Kuijper, D P J; Dehnhard, M; Churski, M; Schmidt, K; Wong, B, 2018:
Do wild ungulates experience higher stress with humans than with large carnivores?

Sugita, M, 2018:
Do windbreaks reduce the water consumption of a crop field?

Gable, T D.; Windels, S K.; Homkes, A T., 2018:
Do wolves hunt freshwater fish in spring as a food source?

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Do women with greater trait body dissatisfaction experience body dissatisfaction states differently? An experience sampling study

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Do worry and its associated cognitive variables alter following CBT treatment in a youth population with Social Anxiety Disorder? Results from a randomized controlled trial

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Doctor shopping of opioid analgesics relative to benzodiazepines: A pharmacoepidemiological study among 11.7 million inhabitants in the French countries

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Doctors disappointed by income sprinkling changes

Conway, K, 2018:
Doctors share responsibility for damaging discourse

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Doctrines and Dimensions of Justice: Their Historical Backgrounds and Ideological Underpinnings

Wilson, A, 2018:
Doctrines vs. Realities in Reservoir Engineering

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Documentation Design: Palliative Care Notes in the EHR Era (FR453)

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Documentation of e-cigarette use and associations with smoking from 2012 to 2015 in an integrated healthcare delivery system

Farag, H A., 2018:
Documenting Clinical Microbiology Impact: Basic Concepts for Designing Clinical Studies and Outcome Research Using Principles of Biostatistics

Farag, H A., 2018:
Documenting Clinical Microbiology Impact: Performing Clinical Research to Document the Value of the Microbiology Laboratory

Stevenson, D E., 2018:
Documenting the reliability of species identifications in the North Pacific Observer Program

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Does Administrative Status Matter for Urban Growth? Evidence from Present and Former County Capitals in East Germany

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Does Bitcoin exhibit the same asymmetric multifractal cross-correlations with crude oil, gold and DJIA as the Euro, Great British Pound and Yen?

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Does Bright Light Therapy Improve Quality of Life For Residents in Long Term Care Facilities?

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Does C 60 fullerene act as a transporter of small aromatic molecules?

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Does China's low-carbon pilot programme really take off? Evidence from land transfer of energy-intensive industry

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Does Collective Action Sequester Carbon? Evidence from the Nepal Community Forestry Program

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Does France have a fuel poverty trap?

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Does Googling lead to statin intolerance?

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Does Government Spending Affect Income Poverty? A Meta-regression Analysis

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Does ITV vaginal procedure ensure dosimetric coverage during IMRT of post-operative gynaecological tumours without instructions concerning rectal filling?

Bertram-Huemmer, V; Kraehnert, K, 2018:
Does Index Insurance Help Households Recover from Disaster? Evidence from IBLI Mongolia

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Does Inquiry Change Learning?: Geography and the C3 Framework

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Does Institutional Quality Matter for Trade? Institutional Conditions in a Sectoral Trade Framework

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Does Intimate Partner Violence Decline as Womens Empowerment Becomes Normative? Perspectives of Bangladeshi Women

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Does It Pay to Participate in Decision-making? Survey Evidence on Land Co-management in Jiangsu Province, China

Michalski, S, 2018:
Does Jonathan Ashley-Smith believe in a transparent method for risk assessment?

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Does Kinesiology tape counter exercise-related impairments of balance in the elderly?

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Does Might Make Right? An Experiment on Assigning Property Rights

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Does OSA Upregulate Cardioprotective Pathways to an Ischemic Insult?

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Does Pain Intensity Matter? The Relation between Coping and Quality of Life in Pediatric Patients with Chronic Pain

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Does Parental Insurance Impact Willingness to Take Prep in Adolescents & Young Adults?

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Does Pokmon Go lead to a more physically active life style?

Metz, R M.; Bledsoe, J. Gary; Moed, B R., 2018:
Does Posterior Fixation of Partially Unstable Open-Book Pelvic Ring Injuries Decrease Symphyseal Plate Failure? A Biomechanical Study

Zhong, Y; Bai, W; Rao, L, 2018:
Does Pulmonary Involvement Play a Role in Right Ventricular Dysfunction of Patients with Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies?

Kitahara, H; McCrorey, M; Patel, B; Nisivaco, S; Balkhy, H H., 2018:
Does Robotic Beating Heart Connector Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass Bridge the Gender Gap in Coronary Bypass Surgery?

Kryukov, V; Moe, A, 2018:
Does Russian unconventional oil have a future?

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Does Sampler Size Affect Southeastern Piedmont Forest Soil Bulk Density Estimation?

Mahrer, N E.; O’Hara, K L.; Sandler, I N.; Wolchik, S A., 2018:
Does Shared Parenting Help or Hurt Children in High-Conflict Divorced Families?

Unger, J M., 2018 :
Does Spliced Arm Vein Bypass Still Have A Role In The Endovascular Era: A Younger Surgeons Experience

Li, W, 2018:
Does Targeted Monetary Policy Matter? A Perspective from China

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Does Total Hip Arthroplasty Reduce the Risk of Secondary Surgery Following the Treatment of Displaced Acetabular Fractures in the Elderly Compared to Open Reduction Internal Fixation? A Pilot Study

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Does Ventral Rectopexy Improve Pelvic Floor Function in the Long Term?

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Does Work-life Balance Affect Pro-environmental Behaviour? Evidence for the UK Using Longitudinal Microdata

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Does a Brief Mindfulness Exercise Improve Outcomes in Upper Extremity Patients? A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Does a Criminal Past Predict Worker Performance? Evidence from One of Americas Largest Employers

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Does abdominal massage improve gastrointestinal functions of intensive care patients with an endotracheal tube?: A randomized clinical trial

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Does additional patella tendon shortening influence the effects of multilevel surgery to correct flexed knee gait in cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trial

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Does alexithymia moderate the relation between stress and general sleep experiences?

Axell, R.; Guzelburc, V.; Duffy, M.; Seth, J.; Pakzad, M.; Hamid, R.; Ockrim, J.; Greenwell, T., 2018:
Does ambulatory urodynamic assessment change the primary clinical diagnosis and/or treatment pathway in patients where conventional urodynamic assessment did not conclusively reproduce their symptoms

Klein, J; Ghasem, A; Huntley, S; Donaldson, N; Keisch, M; Conway, S, 2018:
Does an Algorithmic Approach to Using Brachytherapy and External Beam Radiation Result in Good Function, Local Control Rates, and Low Morbidity in Patients With Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma?

Henry, C Jeyakumar; Ponnalagu, S; Bi, X; Forde, C, 2018:
Does basal metabolic rate drive eating rate?

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Does baseline physical activity level impact on change in knee pain following patient education and supervised exercise therapy? A prospective cohort study of 12,800 participants with knee OA from the Danish GLA:D registry

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Does biological nitrogen fixation modify soybean nitrogen dilution curves?

Žemaitis, P; Žemaitė, I, 2018:
Does butt rot affect the crown condition of Norway spruce trees?

Niu, B; Chen, L; Zhuo, X; Yue, X, 2018:
Does buy-back induce more fashion sub-sourcing? Contract property and performance analysis

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Does carbon-nitrogen ratio affect nitrous oxide emission and spatial distribution in subsurface wastewater infiltration system?

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Does carbonate-associated sulphate record nutrition in lucinid and thyasirid bivalve shells from modern hydrocarbon seeps?

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Does cassava wastewater with a short incubation time affect soil organic carbon, microbial community and enzymatic activities?

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Does chronic ankle instability influence lower extremity muscle activation of females during landing?

Shaik, S; Yeboah, O-Agyeman, 2018:
Does climate influence energy demand? A regional analysis

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Does clinician-reported lipid guideline adoption translate to guideline-adherent care? An evaluation of the Patient and Provider Assessment of Lipid Management (PALM) registry

Bose, A K.; Weiskittel, A; Kuehne, C; Wagner, R G.; Turnblom, E; Burkhart, H E., 2018:
Does commercial thinning improve stand-level growth of the three most commercially important softwood forest types in North America?

Lorenz, O, 2018:
Does commuting matter to subjective well-being?

Newell, M; Looser, J, 2018:
Does context matter? An analysis of training in multicultural assessment, consultation, and intervention between school psychologists in urban and rural contexts

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Does continuous positive airway pressure treatment affect autonomic nervous system in patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea?

Ulucak, R; Apergis, N, 2018:
Does convergence really matter for the environment? An application based on club convergence and on the ecological footprint concept for the EU countries

Kumar, A; Saroj, S; Joshi, P.K.; Takeshima, H, 2018:
Does cooperative membership improve household welfare? Evidence from a panel data analysis of smallholder dairy farmers in Bihar, India

Missikpode, C; Peek-Asa, C; Young, T; Hamann, C, 2018:
Does crash risk increase when emergency vehicles are driving with lights and sirens?

Henry, M.A.; Gasco, L.; Chatzifotis, S.; Piccolo, G., 2018:
Does dietary insect meal affect the fish immune system? The case of mealworm, Tenebrio molitor on European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax

Musolino, D Antonino; Massarutto, A; de Carli, A, 2018:
Does drought always cause economic losses in agriculture? An empirical investigation on the distributive effects of drought events in some areas of Southern Europe

Blackman, A; Goff, L; Rivera Planter, M, 2018:
Does eco-certification stem tropical deforestation? Forest Stewardship Council certification in Mexico

Sarker, S; Lemke, P; Wiltshire, K H., 2018:
Does ecosystem variability explain phytoplankton diversity? Solving an ecological puzzle with long-term data sets

Barracliffe, L.; Yang, Y.; Cameron, J.; Bedi, C.; Humphris, G., 2018:
Does emotional talk vary with fears of cancer recurrence trajectory? A content analysis of interactions between women with breast cancer and their therapeutic radiographers

Adland, R; Cariou, P; Wolff, Fçois-Charles, 2018 :
Does energy efficiency affect ship values in the second-hand market?

Jung, E Mi; Kim, H Soon; Park, H; Ye, S; Lee, D; Ha, E Hee, 2018:
Does exposure to PM 10 decrease age at menarche?

Yule, A M.; Wilens, T E.; Martelon, M; Rosenthal, L; Biederman, J, 2018:
Does exposure to parental substance use disorders increase offspring risk for a substance use disorder? A longitudinal follow-up study into young adulthood

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Does extensive agriculture influence the concentration of trace elements in the aquatic plant Veronica anagallis-aquatica ?

Kausel, E E.; Ventura, S; Vargas, M “Pacha”; Díaz, D; Vicencio, Fán, 2018:
Does facial structure predict academic performance?

Amirtha, R.; Sivakumar, V. J., 2018:
Does family life cycle stage influence e-shopping acceptance by Indian women? An examination using the technology acceptance model

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Does fluoxetine exposure affect hypoxia tolerance in the Gulf toadfish, Opsanus beta ?

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Does forest harvest increase the mercury concentrations in fish? Evidence from Swedish lakes

Hall, M; Bennell, K L.; Beavers, D P.; Wrigley, T V.; DeVita, P; Messier, S P., 2018:
Does frontal knee kinematics predict treatment outcomes? Exploratory analyses from the Intensive Diet and Exercise for Arthritis (IDEA) trial

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Does functional capacity, fall risk awareness and physical activity level predict falls in older adults in different age groups?

Sreejesh, S.; Anusree, M.R.; Ponnam, A, 2018:
Does game rules work as a game changer? Analyzing the effect of rule orientation on brand attention and memory in advergames

Vicente-Molina, M.A.; Fernández-Sainz, A.; Izagirre-Olaizola, J., 2018:
Does gender make a difference in pro-environmental behavior? The case of the Basque Country University students

Midouhas, E; Flouri, E; Papachristou, E; Kokosi, T, 2018:
Does general intelligence moderate the association between inflammation and psychological distress?

Gyawali, B, 2018:
Does global oncology need artificial intelligence?

Chang, C-Ping; Wen, J; Dong, M; Hao, Y, 2018:
Does government ideology affect environmental pollutions? New evidence from instrumental variable quantile regression estimations

Diao, M, 2018:
Does growth follow the rail? The potential impact of high-speed rail on the economic geography of China

Vahidi, S. Hooman; Bozorgmehr, M Reza; Morsali, A; Beyramabadi, S. Ali, 2018:
Does high pressure have any effect on the structure of alpha amylase and its ability to binding to the oligosaccharides having 37 residues? Molecular dynamics study

Mendoza-Lera, C, 2018:
Does homogenisation of stream bed sediment samples influence their respiration?

Church, K D.W.; Grant, J W.A., 2018:
Does increasing habitat complexity favour particular personality types of juvenile Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar ?

Hou, J; Teo, T S.H.; Zhou, F; Lim, M K.; Chen, H, 2018:
Does industrial green transformation successfully facilitate a decrease in carbon intensity in China? An environmental regulation perspective

Ruan, Q Zhao; Cohen, J B.; Baek, Y; Bletsis, P; Celestin, A R.; Epstein, S; Bucknor, A E.M.; Lee, B T., 2018:
Does industry funding mean more publications for subspecialty academic plastic surgeons?

Sacchi, C.; De Carli, P.; Vieno, A.; Piallini, G.; Zoia, S.; Simonelli, A., 2018:
Does infant negative emotionality moderate the effect of maternal depression on motor development?

Randerath, J; Finkel, L; Shigaki, C; Burris, J; Nanda, A; Hwang, P; Frey, S H., 2018:
Does it fit? Impaired affordance perception after stroke

Upton, A; Vane, C H.; Girkin, N; Turner, B L.; Sjögersten, S, 2018:
Does litter input determine carbon storage and peat organic chemistry in tropical peatlands?

Kendall, M C.; Castro-Alves, L J., 2018:
Does local factors alter discharge times after surgery?

Costa-Font, J; Jimenez-Martin, S; Vilaplana, C, 2018:
Does long-term care subsidization reduce hospital admissions and utilization?

Cabana, M D., 2018:
Does longer breastfeeding duration decrease the risk of asthma?

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Does maternal environmental tobacco smoke interact with social-demographics and environmental factors on congenital heart defects?

Dutta, A; Banerjee, S, 2018:
Does microfinance impede sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives among women borrowers? Evidence from rural Bangladesh

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Does misuse lead to a disorder? The misuse of prescription tranquilizer and sedative medications and subsequent substance use disorders in a U.S. longitudinal sample

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Does mood help or hinder executive functions? Reactivity may be the key

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Does motor expertise facilitate amplitude differentiation of lower limb-movements in an asymmetrical bipedal coordination task?

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Does my patient have central or peripheral vestibular disease?

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Does nivolumab for progressed metastatic lung cancer fulfill its promises? An efficacy and safety analysis in 20 general hospitals

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Does nutrition-sensitive aid reduce the prevalence of undernourishment?

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Does parental support enhance the link between restrictions and adolescents' risky driving?

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Does pedicle screw fixation of the subaxial cervical spine provide adequate stabilization in a multilevel vertebral body fracture model? An in vitro biomechanical study

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Does personal distress enhance empathic interaction or block it?

Kaufmann, C; Müller, T; Hefti, A; Boes, S, 2018:
Does personalized information improve health plan choices when individuals are distracted?

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Does photosynthesis provoke formation of shell deformity in wild mytilid mussels infested with green microalgae Coccomyxa ? A conceptual model and research agenda

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Does planning of births affect childhood undernutrition? Evidence from demographic and health surveys of selected South Asian countries

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Does plantMicrobe interaction confer stress tolerance in plants: A review?

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Does postoperative PI-LL mismatching affect surgical outcomes in thoracolumbar kyphosis associated with ankylosing spondylitis patients?

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Does practicing a skill with the expectation of teaching alter motor preparatory cortical dynamics?

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Does precipitation affects soil respiration of tropical semiarid grasslands with different plant cover types?

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Does processing speed exert an influence on the special relationship of fluid and general intelligence?

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Does public opinion affect air quality? Evidence based on the monthly data of 109 prefecture-level cities in China

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Does quality control matter? Surface urban heat island intensity variations estimated by satellite-derived land surface temperature products

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Does reduced psychological distance increase climate engagement? On the limits of localizing climate change

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Does resveratrol retain its antioxidative properties in wine? Redox behaviour of resveratrol in the presence of Cu(II) and tebuconazole

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Does safety information influence consumers preferences for controversial food products?

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Does salinity modify anatomy and biochemistry of Olea europaea L. fruit during ripening?

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Does self-compassion mitigate the relationship between burnout and barriers to compassion? A cross-sectional quantitative study of 799 nurses

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Does sleep facilitate the consolidation of allocentric or egocentric representations of implicitly learned visual-motor sequence learning?

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Does smart city policy lead to sustainability of cities?

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Does smoking alter the mutation profile of human papillomavirusdriven head and neck cancers?

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Does social identity matter in individual alienation? Household-level evidence in post-reform India

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Does sound structure affect word learning? An eye-tracking study of Danish learning toddlers

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Does subsidized MPCI crowds out traditional market-based hail insurance in the Netherlands?

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Does surgery help in reducing stigma associated with drug refractory epilepsy in children?

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Does syntax bias serial order reconstruction of verbal short-term memory?

Cuevas, R; Ntoumanis, N; Fernandez-Bustos, J G.; Bartholomew, K, 2018:
Does teacher evaluation based on student performance predict motivation, well-being, and ill-being?

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Does the Additional Component of Calf Circumference Refine Metabolic Syndrome in Correlating With Cardiovascular Risk?

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Does the Attitude Toward Organ Donation Change as a Function of the Country Where People Emigrate? Study Between Uruguayan Emigrants to the United States and Spain

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Does the allocation of property rights matter in the commons?

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Does the clinical frailty score improve the accuracy of the SOFA score in predicting hospital mortality in elderly critically ill patients? A prospective observational study

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Does the current trade liberalization agenda contribute to greenhouse gas emission mitigation in agriculture?

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Does the efficiency of grazer introduction to restore and preserve the hydraulic performance of infiltration basins depend on the physical and biological characteristics of the infiltration media?

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Does the location of salmon farms contribute to the reduction of poverty in remote coastal areas? An impact assessment using a Chilean case study

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Does the mode of delivery in Cardiac Rehabilitation determine the extent of psychosocial health outcomes?

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Does the origin of cuttings influence yield and phytoextraction potential of willow in a contaminated soil?

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Does the patient activation measure provide a meaningful measure of OA self-management?

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Does the phycotoxin Okadaic acid cause oxidative stress damages and histological alterations to seabream ( Sparus aurata )?

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Does the public's negative perception towards wood in rivers relate to recent impact of flooding experiencing?

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Does the radiographic severity of knee osteoarthritis correlates with the duration of symptoms, pain intensity and medication use?

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Does the service quality of urban public transport enhance sustainable mobility?

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Does the use of melatonin overcome drug resistance in cancer chemotherapy?

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Does the wild-caught Chinese mitten crab megalopae perform better than the hatchery-produced seed during the juvenile culture?

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Does theory matters: Constructing an integrated theoretical framework to describe kidnapping for ransom in Nigeria

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Does trade liberalization reduce child mortality in low- and middle-income countries? A synthetic control analysis of 36 policy experiments, 1963-2005

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Does urinary tract infection alter fetal fibronectin vaginal swab results?

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Does use of a trauma checklist increase discharges from the emergency department?

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Does vaginal estriol make urodynamic changes in women with overactive bladder syndrome and genitourinary syndrome of menopause?

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Does volumetric measurement serve as an imaging biomarker for tumor aggressiveness of ameloblastomas?

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Does waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) predict happiness? Belief about a person's essence matters

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Does wearable device bring distraction closer to drivers? Comparing smartphones and Google Glass

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Does what you study at age 1416 matter for educational transitions post-16?

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Does where you live influence your socio-economic status?

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Dog Pups Attractiveness to Humans Peaks at Weaning Age

Roberts, C, 2018:
Dog consultation survey

Grooms, W; Biddle, D, 2018:
Dogs and Crime

Robles, J S.; DiDomenico, S; Raclaw, J, 2018:
Doing being an ordinary technology and social media user

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Doing more with the same: A reality-check on the ability of local government to implement Integrated Coastal Management for climate change adaptation

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Doing patient-centredness versus achieving public health targets: A critical review of interactional dilemmas in ART adherence support

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Doing what your neighbour does: neighbour proximity, familiarity and postural alignment increase behavioural mimicry

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Doktoranden, Diskussionen, Dozenten eine Empfehlung wert

Shah, A, 2018:
Doll's eyes

Kim, S; Tatar, B, 2018:
Dolphin Liberation in Korea: Is it Beneficial for Conservation?

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Dolutegravir monotherapy in HIV-1-suppressed patients: A feasible regimen in real life

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Dolutegravir with boosted darunavir treatment simplification for the transmitted HIV thymidine analog resistance in Manitoba, Canada

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Domain adaptation with low-rank alignment for weakly supervised hand pose recovery

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Domain swapping between FabGs deciphers the structural determinant for in-solution oligomerization and substrate binding

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Domain-general and domain-specific neural changes underlying visual expertise

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Dome-shaped transition between positive and negative interactions maintains higher persistence and biomass in more complex ecological networks

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Domestic Implementation of the Donor-Conceived Childs Right to Identity in Light of the Requirements of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

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Domestic R&D spillovers and absorptive capacity: Some evidence for US, Europe and Japan

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Domestic mammals facilitate tick-borne pathogen transmission networks in South African wildlife

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Domestic violence, parental substance misuse and the decision to substantiate child maltreatment

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Domestic wastewater management in Greece: Greenhouse gas emissions estimation at country scale

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Dominance by extremely high aggressive behaviors in relation to genetic microstructure in matrilines

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Dominant eigenvalue minimization with trace preserving diagonal perturbation: Subset design problem

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Dominant factor affecting Pb speciation and the leaching risk among land-use types around Pb-Zn mine

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Dominant features in three-dimensional turbulence structure: comparison of non-uniform accelerating and decelerating flows

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Dominant frequency of songs in tropical bird species is higher in sites with high noise pollution

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Domination of the Gut Microbiota with Enterococcus Species Early after Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation is an Important Contributor to the Development of Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease (GHVD) in Mouse and Man

Pelt, E; Bruggink, S, 2018:
Domperidon bij onvoldoende melkproductie

Negrete, L M.; Spalluto, L B., 2018:
Don't be short-sighted: cervical incompetence in a pregnant patient with acute appendicitis

Bhui, K, 2018:
Don't forget to connect with patient experience: conversations on trust, ties and surprise

Knopf, A, 2018:
Don't harm children by shaming them for obesity; stigma doesn't work, says AAP

Maclagan, S J.; Coates, T; Ritchie, E G., 2018:
Don't judge habitat on its novelty: Assessing the value of novel habitats for an endangered mammal in a peri-urban landscape

Mao, D; Niu, Z, 2018:
Donation of richer individual can support cooperation in spatial voluntary prisoner's dilemma game

Souroullas, K; Aspri, M; Papademas, P, 2018:
Donkey milk as a supplement in infant formula: Benefits and technological challenges

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Donor EBV at the time of hematopoietic cell transplantation: Is it time to adopt molecular assays?

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Donor Telomere Length Influences Engraftment and Outcome in Aplastic Anemia Patients Undergoing Matched Related Stem Cell Transplantation

Liu, J; Ouyang, Y; Chen, D; Yao, B; Lin, D; Li, Z; Zang, Y; Liu, H; Fu, X, 2018:
Donor and recipient P450 gene polymorphisms influence individual pharmacological effects of tacrolimus in Chinese liver transplantation patients

Mijić, A, 2018:
Dont Talk About the Elephant: Silence and Ethnic Boundaries in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Girard, V, 2018:
Dont Touch My Road. Evidence from India on Affirmative Action And Everyday Discrimination

Johns, L N.; Jacquet, J, 2018:
Doom and gloom versus optimism: An assessment of ocean-related U.S. science journalism (2001-2015)

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Dopamine D3 receptor blockade rescues hyper-dopamine activity-induced deficit in novel object recognition memory

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Dopamine Pretreatment Protects Offspring Rats from LPS-Induced Hypertension and Kidney Damage by Inhibiting NLRP3 Activation in Kidney

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Dopamine modulates belief updating but not surprise in the midbrain and ventral striatum

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Dopamine transporter imaging predicts motor responsiveness to levodopa challenge in patients with Parkinson's disease: A pilot study of DATSCAN for subthalamic deep brain stimulation

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Dopaminergic activity mediates pups' over male preference of postpartum estrous rats

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Dopaminergic dysregulation and impaired associative learning behavior in zebrafish during chronic dietary exposure to selenium

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Dopaminergic modulation of hemodynamic signal variability and the functional connectome during cognitive performance

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Doping a phosphorescent rhenium complex into a silica matrix: Construction, characterization and oxygen emission sensing behavior

Starostzik, C, 2018:
Doppelte Belastung für Herz und Kreislauf

Sinha, S; Regeena, M Lourde; Sarma, T. V. Chandrasekhar; Hashiguchi, H; Tuckley, K R., 2018:
Doppler Profile Tracing Using MPCF on MU Radar and Sodar: Performance Analysis

Shimada, U; Sawada, M; Yamada, H, 2018:
Doppler Radar Analysis of the Rapid Intensification of Typhoon Goni (2015) after Eyewall Replacement

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Dormancy breaking and germination requirements of seeds of Thalictrum uchiyamae (Ranunculaceae) with underdeveloped embryos

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Dorsal hippocampal cannabinergic and GABAergic systems modulate memory consolidation in passive avoidance task

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Dorsal hippocampal galanin modulates anxiety-like behaviours in rats

Vincent, M Y.; Donner, N C.; Smith, D G.; Lowry, C A.; Jacobson, L, 2018:
Dorsal raph nucleus glucocorticoid receptors inhibit tph2 gene expression in male C57BL/6J mice

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Dosage-dependent reduction of macular pigment optical density in female breast cancer patients receiving tamoxifen adjuvant therapy

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Dose Characteristics of the Ionization Chamber Based on TMS Warm Liquid

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Dose Dependency and a Functional Cutoff for TPO-Antibody Positivity During Pregnancy

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Dose dependent variance in UV-C radiation induced effects on carbon and nitrogen metabolism in the cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum Meg1

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Dose rate effects of gamma irradiation on silicone foam

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Dose uniformity test as quality control of pediatric oral formulations

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Dose- dependent ameliorative effects of quercetin and l -Carnitine against atrazine- induced reproductive toxicity in adult male Albino rats

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Dose-dense weekly chemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer: An updated meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

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Dose-dependency of multiple free radical-scavenging activity of edaravone

Padovan-Hernandez, Y; Knackstedt, L A., 2018:
Dose-dependent reduction in cocaine-induced locomotion by Clozapine-N-Oxide in rats with a history of cocaine self-administration

Mallory, M.; Sood, S.S.; Tennapel, M.J.; Chen, A.M.; Lominska, C.E., 2018:
Dosimetric Impact of Metal Artifacts From Dental Implants and Clinical Implications for Head And Neck IMRT Treatment Planning

Murtaza, G; Mehmood, S; Rasul, S; Murtaza, I; Khan, E Ullah, 2018:
Dosimetric effect of limited aperture multileaf collimator on VMAT plan quality: A study of prostate and head-and-neck cancers

Rangarajan, R, 2018:
Dosimetric evaluation of image based brachytherapy using tandem ovoid and tandem ring applicators

Ahmed, M; Salah, A; Ashour, A; Hafez, H; El-Faramawy, N, 2018:
Dosimetric properties of Cr doped Al 2 O 3 nanophosphors

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Dosimetry of the left anterior descending coronary artery in left breast cancer patients treated with postoperative external radiotherapy

Liu, Z; Zhao, J; Liang, X; Lv, X; Li, Y; Qu, J; Liu, Y, 2018:
Dothiorelone derivatives from an endophyte Diaporthe pseudomangiferaea inhibit the activation of human lung fibroblasts MRC-5 cells

Miranda, M A.; DeAngelis, J P.; Canizares, G H.; Mast, J W., 2018:
Double Oblique Osteotomy

Gualdi, A; Cambiaso-Daniel, J; Gatti, J; Wurzer, P; Sljivich, M; Scherer, S S.; Pietramaggiori, G; Bertossi, D; Botti, C; Botti, G, 2018:
Double Triangular Cartilage Excision Otoplasty

Johnson, C L.; Schwarb, H; Horecka, K M.; McGarry, M D.J.; Hillman, C H.; Kramer, A F.; Cohen, N J.; Barbey, A K., 2018:
Double dissociation of structure-function relationships in memory and fluid intelligence observed with magnetic resonance elastography

Silva, W; Torres-Gatica, Mía Fernanda; Oyarzun-Ampuero, F; Silva-Weiss, A; Robert, P; Cofrades, S; Giménez, Bña, 2018:
Double emulsions as potential fat replacers with gallic acid and quercetin nanoemulsions in the aqueous phases

Zhou, N; Wang, S; Xiao, Y; Li, X, 2018 :
Double light-emitting layer implementing three-color emission: Using DCJTB lightly doping in Alq3 as red-green emitting layer and APEAn1N as blue-green emitting layer

Lefebvre, L S.; Beyer, S G.; Stafford, D M.; Kashef, N S.; Dick, E J.; Sogard, S M.; Field, J C., 2018:
Double or nothing: Plasticity in reproductive output in the chilipepper rockfish ( Sebastes goodei )

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Double positivity for HPV-DNA/p16 ink4a is the biomarker with strongest diagnostic accuracy and prognostic value for human papillomavirus related oropharyngeal cancer patients

Hankeova, S.; Zikmund, T.; Kavkova, M.; Brinek, A.; Lendahl, U.; Kaiser, J.; Bryja, V.; Andersson, E., 2018:
Double resin casting micro computed tomography (DUCT) of biliary and vascular system

Herb, K; Tschaggelar, R; Denninger, G; Jeschke, G, 2018:
Double resonance calibration of g factor standards: Carbon fibers as a high precision standard

Safaei, S; Baradaran, B; Hagh, M Farshdousti; Alivand, M Reza; Talebi, M; Gharibi, T; Solali, S, 2018:
Double sword role of EZH2 in leukemia

Blaauw, M; Christen, J. Andrés; Bennett, K.D.; Reimer, P J., 2018:
Double the dates and go for Bayes Impacts of model choice, dating density and quality on chronologies

Takefuj, Y; Okubo, T, 2018:
Double-ice-plug freezing using liquid nitrogen for water pipe repairs

Dewaide, L; Collon, P; Poulain, Aël; Rochez, Gëtan; Hallet, V, 2018:
Double-peaked breakthrough curves as a consequence of solute transport through underground lakes: a case study of the Furfooz karst system, Belgium; Courbes de restitution double pics comme consquence du transport de solut travers des lacs souterrains: le cas dtude du systme karstique de Furfooz, Belgique; Curvas de avance de doble pico como consecuencia del transporte de soluto a travs de lagos subterrneos: un estudio de caso del sistema de karst Furfooz, Blgica;

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Dr. Mary Harris Thompson, Pioneer Woman Physicia

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Dr. Nancy Lee Burton Esterly 4/14/1935-10/8/2017

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Dr. Naresh Bhat, welcome the President (20172018) of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology

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Dr. Pete Burnard (1965-2015)

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Dr. Russ Stickle

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