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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65120

Chapter 65120 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Qi, P; Chen, X; Sun, Y; Zhang, D, 2018:
Multivalent glycosylated Cu:CdS quantum dots as a platform for rapid bacterial discrimination and detection

Park, J Soo; Son, D; Lee, Y Kyung; Yun, J Hak; Lee, E Ju, 2018:
Multivariate Relationships between Snowmelt and Plant Distributions in the High Arctic Tundra

Singh, G; Kumar, P; Gupta, V; Tyagi, B.S.; Singh, C; Sharma, A Kumar; Singh, G.P., 2018:
Multivariate approach to identify and characterize bread wheat ( Triticum aestivum ) germplasm for waterlogging tolerance in India

Vastag, Göngyi; Apostolov, S; Matijević, B; Assaleh, F, 2018:
Multivariate assessment of azo dyes' biological activity parameters

Dhanya, M.; Chandrasekar, A., 2018:
Multivariate background error covariances in the assimilation of SAPHIR radiances in the simulation of three tropical cyclones over the Bay of Bengal using the WRF model

Crews, C; Kenny, P S.; O’Flynn, D; Speller, R D., 2018:
Multivariate calibration of energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction data for predicting the composition of pharmaceutical tablets in packaging

Betancourth, J Moreno; Cuellar, M; Ortiz, P I.; Pfaffen, V, 2018:
Multivariate cathodic square wave stripping voltammetry optimization for nitro group compounds determination using antimony film electrodes

Dong, C; Xie, K; Zeng, J; Li, X, 2018:
Multivariate dynamic Tobit models with lagged observed dependent variables: An effectiveness analysis of highway safety laws

Liu, C; Akintayo, A; Jiang, Z; Henze, G P.; Sarkar, S, 2018:
Multivariate exploration of non-intrusive load monitoring via spatiotemporal pattern network

Tian, Y; Sun, L; Tanzeela, N; Liang, D; Gou, X; Guo, Y, 2018:
Multivariate statistical analysis of the quality of apple juice to integrate and simplify juice industrial production technologies

Busico, G; Cuoco, E; Kazakis, N; Colombani, Nò; Mastrocicco, Mòl; Tedesco, D; Voudouris, K, 2018:
Multivariate statistical analysis to characterize/discriminate between anthropogenic and geogenic trace elements occurrence in the Campania Plain, Southern Italy

Bashore, W M.; Grant, C W., 2018:
Multivariate statistical applications for quantifying contribution of seismic data to production prediction in the Wolfcamp, Midland Basin

Xu, X; Li, J; Li, S, 2018:
Multiview Intensity-Based Active Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Carpenter, C, 2018:
Multiwell Deployment of a New Abandonment System

Ben Cheikh, Y; Xuereb, B; Boulangé-Lecomte, Céline; Le Foll, F, 2018:
Multixenobiotic resistance in Mytilus edulis : Molecular and functional characterization of an ABCG2- type transporter in hemocytes and gills

Colussi, L C.; Schiphorst, R; Teinsma, H W. M.; Witvliet, B A.; Fleurke, S R.; Bentum, M J.; van Maanen, E; Griffioen, J, 2018:
Multiyear Trans-Horizon Radio Propagation Measurements at 3.5 GHz

Huang, L; Jin, J; Quan, C; Oskolski, A A., 2018:
Mummified fossil woods of Fagaceae from the upper Oligocene of Guangxi, South China

Orock, A; Logan, S; Deak, F, 2018:
Munc18-1 haploinsufficiency impairs learning and memory by reduced synaptic vesicular release in a model of Ohtahara syndrome

Ramachandra, T.V.; Bharath, H.A.; Kulkarni, G; Han, S Sheng, 2018:
Municipal solid waste: Generation, composition and GHG emissions in Bangalore, India

Chys, M; Demeestere, K; Nopens, I; Audenaert, W T.M.; Van Hulle, S W.H., 2018:
Municipal wastewater effluent characterization and variability analysis in view of an ozone dose control strategy during tertiary treatment: The status in Belgium

Lofrano, G.; Libralato, G.; Casaburi, A.; Siciliano, A.; Iannece, P.; Guida, M.; Pucci, L.; Dentice, E.F.; Carotenuto, M., 2018:
Municipal wastewater spiramycin removal by conventional treatments and heterogeneous photocatalysis

Hsu, C C.; Meeker, S M.; Escobar, S; Brabb, T L.; Paik, J; Park, H; Iritani, B M.; Maggio-Price, L, 2018:
Murine norovirus inhibits B cell development in the bone marrow of STAT1-deficient mice

Porter, N Jean; Li, W-Chang, 2018:
Muscarinic modulation of the Xenopus laevis tadpole spinal mechanosensory pathway

Liu, X; Tian, L; Cui, R; Ruan, H; Li, X, 2018:
Muscarinic receptors in the nucleus accumbens shell play different roles in context-induced or morphine-challenged expression of behavioral sensitization in rats

Naghdi, F; Gholamnezhad, Z; Boskabady, M Hossein; Bakhshesh, M, 2018:
Muscarinic receptors, nitric oxide formation and cyclooxygenase pathway involved in tracheal smooth muscle relaxant effect of hydro-ethanolic extract of Lavandula angustifolia flowers

Bogdanis, G C.; Tsoukos, A; Brown, L E.; Selima, E; Veligekas, P; Spengos, K; Terzis, G, 2018:
Muscle Fiber and Performance Changes after Fast Eccentric Complex Training

Lee, Y; Park, H Kyung; Kim, W Young; Kim, M Chun; Jung, W; Ko, B Sung, 2018:
Muscle Mass Depletion Associated with Poor Outcome of Sepsis in the Emergency Department

Farahpour, N; Jafarnezhadgero, A; Allard, P; Majlesi, M, 2018:
Muscle activity and kinetics of lower limbs during walking in pronated feet individuals with and without low back pain

Deschenes, M R.; Li, S; Adan, M A.; Oh, J J.; Ramsey, H C., 2018:
Muscle fibers and their synapses differentially adapt to aging and endurance training

Gadelha, Aé Bonadias; Neri, S Gonçalves Ricci; Nóbrega, Oávio Toledo; Pereira, Jélia Cristina; Bottaro, M; Fonsêca, A; Lima, R M., 2018:
Muscle quality is associated with dynamic balance, fear of falling, and falls in older women

Akagi, R; Suzuki, M; Kawaguchi, E; Miyamoto, N; Yamada, Y; Ema, R, 2018:
Muscle size-strength relationship including ultrasonographic echo intensity and voluntary activation level of a muscle group

Davoudi, S; Chin, C-Ying; Cooke, M J.; Tam, R Y.; Shoichet, M S.; Gilbert, P M., 2018:
Muscle stem cell intramuscular delivery within hyaluronan methylcellulose improves engraftment efficiency and dispersion

Braz, N Felicidade Tomaz; Rocha, N Pessoa; Vieira, Érica Leandro Marciano; Barbosa, I Guimarães; Gomez, R Santiago; Kakehasi, A Maria; Teixeira, A Lucio, 2018:
Muscle strength and psychiatric symptoms influence health-related quality of life in patients with myasthenia gravis

Sheth, K A.; Iyer, C C.; Wier, C G.; Crum, A E.; Bratasz, A; Kolb, S J.; Clark, B C.; Burghes, A H.M.; Arnold, W. David, 2018:
Muscle strength and size are associated with motor unit connectivity in aged mice

Liu, X Ke; Li, J, 2018:
Muscle weakness related to herpes zoster

James, C; James, D; Nie, V; Schumacher, T; Guest, M; Tessier, J; Marley, J; Bohatko-Naismith, J; Snodgrass, S, 2018:
Musculoskeletal discomfort and use of computers in the university environment

Wu, C-Lin; Chang, C-Ching; Wu, J-Kai; Chiang, M-Hsuan; Yang, C-Huai; Chiang, H-Cheng, 2018:
Mushroom body glycolysis is required for olfactory memory in Drosophila

Uggla, L; Svahn, B-Marie; Wrangsjö, Börn; Gustafsson, B, 2018:
Music Therapy Effect Health Related Quality of Life in Children Undergoing Hsct; A Randomized Clinical Study

Frierson-Campbell, C, 2018:
Music asylums: wellbeing through music in everyday life

Balasubramanian, G; Kanagasabai, A; Mohan, J; Seshadri, N.P. Guhan, 2018:
Music induced emotion using wavelet packet decompositionAn EEG study

Li, S Tze Kwan; Hsiao, J Hui-wen, 2018:
Music reading expertise modulates hemispheric lateralization in English word processing but not in Chinese character processing

Kim, K Jin; Lee, S Nam; Lee, B Hyo, 2018:
Music therapy inhibits morphine-seeking behavior via GABA receptor and attenuates anxiety-like behavior induced by extinction from chronic morphine use

Abrahams, T P.; van Dooren, J C., 2018:
Musical Attention Control Training (MACT) in secure residential youth care: A randomised controlled pilot study

Başkent, D; Fuller, C D.; Galvin, J J.; Schepel, L; Gaudrain, E; Free, R H., 2018:
Musician effect on perception of spectro-temporally degraded speech, vocal emotion, and music in young adolescents

Sorg, T; Best, R, 2018:
Muskelläsion: Exakte Diagnose erlaubt gute Einschätzung des Heilverlaufs

Schultheiss, M.; Schlag, P. M., 2018:
Muskuloskelettale Tumoren; Musculoskeletal tumors;

Faggio, C; Tsarpali, V; Dailianis, S, 2018:
Mussel digestive gland as a model tissue for assessing xenobiotics: An overview

Jiao, Y; Luo, C; Chen, D; Zhang, X; Li, Y; Wang, T; Fu, Y, 2018:
Mussel-inspired polyelectrolyte multilayer for reinforcing the interfacial mechanical stability of plasmonic microstructures

Chiesa, L.M.; Ceriani, F.; Caligara, M.; Di Candia, D.; Malandra, R.; Panseri, S.; Arioli, F., 2018:
Mussels and clams from the italian fish market. is there a human exposition risk to metals and arsenic?

Smith, B R.; Aldridge, D C.; Tanentzap, A J., 2018:
Mussels can both outweigh and interact with the effects of terrestrial to freshwater resource subsidies on littoral benthic communities

Ozseyhan, M E.; Kang, J; Mu, X; Lu, C, 2018:
Mutagenesis of the FAE1 genes significantly changes fatty acid composition in seeds of Camelina sativa

Riedel, T P.; DeMarini, D M.; Zavala, J; Warren, S H.; Corse, E W.; Offenberg, J H.; Kleindienst, T E.; Lewandowski, M, 2018:
Mutagenic atmospheres resulting from the photooxidation of aromatic hydrocarbon and NO x mixtures

Montone, R.; Romanelli, M.G.; Baruzzi, A.; Ferrarini, F.; Liboi, E.; Lievens, P.M.-J., 2018 :
Mutant FGFR3 associated with SADDAN disease causes cytoskeleton disorganization through PLC1/Src-mediated paxillin hyperphosphorylation

Simanovskaya, A. A.; Ivashina, T. V.; Zeifman, Y. S.; Fateeva, T. V.; Krukova, M. V.; Popov, A. N.; Kachalova, G. S.; Rakitina, T. V., 2018:
Mutation L232H Promotes Chromophore Maturation of EGFP-Based Fluorescent Fusion Proteins

Rubino, E; Zhang, M; Mongini, T; Boschi, S; Vercelli, L; Vacca, A; Govone, F; Gai, A; Giordana, M Teresa; Grinberg, M; Rogaeva, E; Rainero, I, 2018:
Mutation analysis of CHCHD2 and CHCHD10 in Italian patients with mitochondrial myopathy

Brennan, S; Laurie, A, 2018:
Mutation of the RPVR Propeptide Motif at C-Terminal of the Aa Chain Is Associated with Decreased Fibrinogen Expression

Wang, R; Shen, N; Ye, J; Han, L; Qiu, W; Zhang, H; Liang, L; Sun, Y; Fan, Y; Wang, L; Wang, Y; Gong, Z; Liu, H; Wang, J; Yan, H; Blau, N; Gu, X; Yu, Y, 2018:
Mutation spectrum of hyperphenylalaninemia candidate genes and the genotype-phenotype correlation in the Chinese population

Xu, J; Xu, J; Ai, Y; Farid, R A.; Tong, L; Yang, D, 2018:
Mutational analysis and dynamic simulation of S-limonene synthase reveal the importance of Y573: Insight into the cyclization mechanism in monoterpene synthases

Ellis, H; Sahm, F; Schrimpf, D; Stupnikov, A; Wadsley, M; Wragg, C; McArt, D; Kurian, K, 2018:
Mutational landscape of primary and recurrent glioblastoma reveals potentially actionable SNVs including WNT pathway variation

Liu, L; Xie, T; Peng, P; Qiu, H; Zhao, J; Fang, J; Patil, S Bhimgonda; Wang, Y; Fang, S; Chu, J; Yuan, S; Zhang, W; Li, X, 2018:
Mutations in the MIT3 gene encoding a caroteniod isomerase lead to increased tiller number in rice

Gelsomino, L.; Panza, S.; Giordano, C.; Barone, I.; Gu, G.; Spina, E.; Catalano, S.; Fuqua, S.; Andò, S., 2018:
Mutations in the estrogen receptor alpha hormone binding domain promote stem cell phenotype through notch activation in breast cancer cell lines

Duwicquet, C; De Toffol, B; Corcia, P; Sasseigne, G; Biberon, J, 2018:
Mutisme akintique et leucoencphalopathie aigu

Chen, Z; Zhang, Y Ping, 2018:
Mutual Coupling Between Submicrostrip Grid Arrays on Electrically Thin Substrate

Boukahil, I; Czuprynski, C J., 2018:
Mutual antagonism between Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida when forming a biofilm on bovine bronchial epithelial cells in vitro

Castaldi, P; Silvetti, M; Manzano, R; Brundu, G; Roggero, P Paolo; Garau, G, 2018:
Mutual effect of Phragmites australis, Arundo donax and immobilization agents on arsenic and trace metals phytostabilization in polluted soils

Koyama, M; Pujala, A, 2018:
Mutual inhibition of lateral inhibition: a network motif for an elementary computation in the brain

Barral-Fraga, L; Martiñá-Prieto, D; Barral, Mía Teresa; Morin, S; Guasch, H, 2018:
Mutual interaction between arsenic and biofilm in a mining impacted river

Levin, E D.; Wells, C; Slade, S; Rezvani, A H., 2018:
Mutually augmenting interactions of dextromethorphan and sazetidine-A for reducing nicotine self-administration in rats

Varady, D P., 2018:
My Career as a Pragmatist

Beauchamp, T L., 2018:
My Path to Bioethics

Scherlag, B J., 2018:
My tribute to Ralph Lazzara, MD

Silva, R R.; Topolinski, S, 2018:
My username is IN! The influence of inward vs. outward wandering usernames on judgments of online seller trustworthiness

Delitto, A E.; Rocha, F; Decker, A M.; Amador, B; Sorenson, H L.; Wallet, S M., 2018:
MyD88-mediated innate sensing by oral epithelial cells controls periodontal inflammation

Liu, J; Meng, Q; Zhang, Y; Xiang, H; Li, Y; Shi, F; Ma, L; Liu, C; Liu, Y; Su, B; Li, Z, 2018:
Mycelial compatibility group and genetic variation of sunflower Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Northeast China

Govarthanan, M.; Mythili, R.; Selvankumar, T.; Kamala-Kannan, S.; Kim, H., 2018:
Myco-phytoremediation of arsenic- and lead-contaminated soils by Helianthus annuus and wood rot fungi, Trichoderma sp. isolated from decayed wood

Kriel, N L.; Gallant, J; van Wyk, Nël; van Helden, P; Sampson, S L.; Warren, R M.; Williams, M J., 2018:
Mycobacterial nucleoid associated proteins: An added dimension in gene regulation

Galiero, A; Leo, S; Garbarino, C; Arrigoni, N; Russo, S; Giacomelli, S; Bianchi, A; Trevisiol, K; Idrizi, I; Daka, G; Fratini, F; Turchi, B; Cerri, D; Ricchi, M, 2018:
Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis isolated from wild red deer ( Cervus elaphus ) in Northern Italy

Wang, X; Wu, Y; Jiao, J; Huang, Q, 2018:
Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection induces IL-10 gene expression by disturbing histone deacetylase 6 and histonedeacetylase 11 equilibrium in macrophages

Adekoya, I; Obadina, A; Adaku, C Chilaka; De Boevre, M; Okoth, S; De Saeger, S; Njobeh, P, 2018:
Mycobiota and co-occurrence of mycotoxins in South African maize-based opaque beer

Asenjo, A; Kusters, J G.; Severs, T T.; Alós, J-Ignacio, 2018:
Mycoplasma genitalium in Spain: prevalence of genital infection and frequency of resistance to macrolides

Liu, C-Yan; Wang, P; Zhang, D-Jian; Zou, Y-Ning; Kuča, K; Wu, Q-Sheng, 2018:
Mycorrhiza-induced change in root hair growth is associated with IAA accumulation and expression of EXPs in trifoliate orange under two P levels

Malik, R J.; Ali, J G.; Bever, J D., 2018:
Mycorrhizal composition influences plant anatomical defense and impacts herbivore growth and survival in a life-stage dependent manner

Stevens, B Maxwell; Propster, J; Wilson, G W. T.; Abraham, A; Ridenour, C; Doughty, C; Johnson, N Collins; Wurzburger, N, 2018:
Mycorrhizal symbioses influence the trophic structure of the Serengeti

Castro, J Cristina; Avincola, A.S.; Endo, E.H.; Silva, M Veronezi; Dias Filho, B.P.; Machinski, M.; Pilau, E Jorge; Abreu Filho, B.A., 2018:
Mycotoxigenic potential of Alternaria alternata isolated from dragon fruit ( Hylocereus undatus Haw.) using UHPLC-Qtof-MS

Nguyen, T T.T.; Kim, J; Jeon, S Jeong; Lee, C Won; Magan, N; Lee, H Burm, 2018:
Mycotoxin production of Alternaria strains isolated from Korean barley grains determined by LC-MS/MS

James, A; Zikankuba, V Lwoga, 2018:
Mycotoxins contamination in maize alarms food safety in sub-Sahara Africa

Ferjani, N.; Litaiem, N.; Jones, M.; Harbaoui, S.; Midassi, O.; Rammeh, S.; Ezzine, N.; Zeglaoui, F., 2018:
Myctomes en Tunisie : tude rtrospective de 41 ans (19762017)

Wang, S-Sha; Zhang, Z; Zhu, T-Bi; Chu, S-Feng; He, W-Bin; Chen, N-Hong, 2018:
Myelin injury in the central nervous system and Alzheimers disease

Janova, H; Arinrad, S; Balmuth, E; Mitjans, M; Hertel, J; Habes, M; Bittner, R; Pan, H; Goebbels, S; Begemann, M; Gerwig, U C.; Langner, Sönke; Werner, H B.; Kittel-Schneider, S; Homuth, G; Davatzikos, C; Völzke, H; West, B L.; Reif, A; Grabe, H Jörgen; Boretius, S; Nave, K-Armin; Ehrenreich, H, 2018:
Myelin-associated catatonia and its treatment by CSF1 receptor inhibition

Schuler, E.; Frank, F.; Hildebrandt, B.; Betz, B.; Strupp, C.; Rudelius, M.; Aul, C.; Schroeder, T.; Gattermann, N.; Haas, R.; Germing, U., 2018:
Myelodysplastic syndromes without peripheral monocytosis but with evidence of marrow monocytosis share clinical and molecular characteristics with CMML

Ostrand-Rosenberg, S, 2018:
Myeloid derived-suppressor cells: their role in cancer and obesity

Peng, S; Sun, X; Wang, X; Wang, H; Shan, Z; Teng, W; Li, C, 2018:
Myeloid related proteins are up-regulated in autoimmune thyroid diseases and activate toll-like receptor 4 and pro-inflammatory cytokines in vitro

Shomali, W; Gotlib, J, 2018:
Myelophthisic marrow involved by breast cancer and acute myeloid leukemia

Gerhart, J; Withers, C; Gerhart, C; Werner, L; Mamalis, N; Bravo-Nuevo, A; Scheinfeld, V; FitzGerald, P; Getts, R; George-Weinstein, M, 2018:
Myo/Nog cells are present in the ciliary processes, on the zonule of Zinn and posterior capsule of the lens following cataract surgery

Raparelli, V.; Elharram, M.; Shimony, A.; Eisenberg, M.J.; Cheema, A.N.; Pilote, L., 2018:
Myocardial Infarction with No Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease: Insights from GENESIS PRAXY cohort

Asthana, N; Mantha, A; Yang, E H.; Suh, W; Aksoy, O; Shemin, R J.; Vorobiof, G; Benharash, P, 2018:
Myocardial functional changes in transfemoral versus transapical aortic valve replacement

Banovic, M; Pusnik-Vrckovnik, M; Nakou, E; Vardas, P, 2018:
Myocardial regeneration therapy in heart failure: Current status and future therapeutic implications in clinical practice

Crupkin, A C.; Iturburu, F G.; Crupkin, M; Menone, M L., 2018:
Myofibrilar functional dysregulation in fish: A new biomarker of damage to pesticides

Postnikova, G. B.; Shekhovtsova, E. A., 2018:
Myoglobin: Oxygen Depot or Oxygen Transporter to Mitochondria? A Novel Mechanism of Myoglobin Deoxygenation in Cells (review)

Paul, P.G.; Mannur, S; Shintre, H; Paul, G; Gulati, G, 2018:
Myomectomy Scar Pregnancy: A Rare Complication of Myomectomy

Rossettini, G; Ristori, D; Testa, M, 2018:
Myositis Ossificans: Delayed Complication of Severe Muscle Contusion

Kostyunina, D. S.; Ivanova, A. D.; Smirnova, O. V., 2018:
Myostatin: Twenty Years Later

Saccol, E M.H.; Jerez-Cepa, I; Ourique, G M.; Pês, T S.; Gressler, L T.; Mourão, R H.V.; Martínez-Rodríguez, G; Mancera, J M.; Baldisserotto, B; Pavanato, M A.; Martos-Sitcha, J A., 2018:
Myrcia sylvatica essential oil mitigates molecular, biochemical and physiological alterations in Rhamdia quelen under different stress events associated to transport

Tan, G; Uson-Lopez, R A.; Rahman, M. Mostafizur; Hosokawa, T; Saito, T; Kurasaki, M, 2018:
Myricetin enhances on apoptosis induced by serum deprivation in PC12 cells mediated by mitochondrial signaling pathway

Yang, L.; JianMin, L.; Yan, C.; Qing, Z.; XiaoYong, R.; Ying, S., 2018:
Myringoplastie avec utilisation de colle au cyanoacrylate et sans comblement doreille moyenne par Gelfoam

Purvis, O. W.; Fernández-Brime, S.; Westberg, M.; Wedin, M., 2018:
Myriospora, a genus newly reported for Antarctica with a worldwide key to the species

Joosten, I B.T.; Hoeijmakers, J G.J., 2018:
Mystery Case: Superior oblique myokymia

Boswood, A, 2018:
Myxomatous mitral valve disease in dogs

Bouvier, R.; Jany, B.; Gozlan, S.; Promelle, V.; Sevestre, H.; Milazzo, S., 2018:
Mtastase irienne dun carcinome prostatique : propos dun cas

Naudina, M; Tremblais, B; Guillevin, C; Fernandez-Maloigne, C; Guillevin, Rémy, 2018:
Mthode de post-traitement des donnes IRM multi-paramtriques des gliomes : premires applications en imagerie peropratoire

Taberner, R., 2018:
Mtricas alternativas: ms all del factor de impacto

Forst, T, 2018:
Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der aktuellen Insulintherapie

Syrbe, S; Kuhrt, H; Gärtner, U; Habermann, G; Wiedemann, P; Bringmann, A; Reichenbach, A, 2018:
Müller glial cells of the primate foveola: An electron microscopical study

Villagarcía, Hán Gonzalo; Castro, Mía Cecilia; Arbelaez, L González; Schinella, G; Massa, Mía Laura; Spinedi, E; Francini, F, 2018:
N -Acetyl- l -Cysteine treatment efficiently prevented pre-diabetes and inflamed-dysmetabolic liver development in hypothalamic obese rats

Yang, L; Duan, Z; Liu, X; Yuan, Y, 2018:
N -acetyl- l -cysteine ameliorates the PM 2.5 -induced oxidative stress by regulating SIRT-1 in rats

Zhang, L; Xu, D; Li, Q; Yang, Y; Xu, H; Wei, Z; Wang, R; Zhang, W; Liu, Y; Geng, Y; Li, S; Gao, X; Yang, F, 2018:
N -acetyl-seryl-aspartyl-lysyl-proline (Ac-SDKP) attenuates silicotic fibrosis by suppressing apoptosis of alveolar type II epithelial cells via mediation of endoplasmic reticulum stress

Costa-Silva, D Guilherme da; Leandro, L Paganotto; Vieira, Pícia de Brum; de Carvalho, N Rodrigues; Lopes, A Rubim; Schimith, L Emanueli; Nunes, M Eugênio Medina; de Mello, R Siqueira; Martins, I Kemmerich; de Paula, A Alves; Cañedo, Aés Delgado; Moreira, Jé Cláudio Fonseca; Posser, T; Franco, J Luis, 2018:
N -acetylcysteine inhibits Mancozeb-induced impairments to the normal development of zebrafish embryos

Maroteaux, F; Vaglieco, B Maria; Mancaruso, E, 2018:
N -heptane ignition delay time with temperature criterion for HCCI combustion

Fan, C-Cheng; Lin, T-Fuh, 2018:
N -nitrosamines in drinking water and beer: Detection and risk assessment

Chen, G; Svirskis, D; Lu, W; Ying, M; Huang, Y; Wen, J, 2018:
N -trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles and CSKSSDYQC peptide: N -trimethyl chitosan conjugates enhance the oral bioavailability of gemcitabine to treat breast cancer

Gu, S; Sun, D; Dai, H; Zhang, Z, 2018:
N 6 -methyladenosine mediates the cellular proliferation and apoptosis via microRNAs in arsenite-transformed cells

Jach-Smith, L C.; Jackson, R D., 2018:
N addition undermines N supplied by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to native perennial grasses

Sun, Z.J.; Danjaji, M.; Kim, Y., 2018:
N values estimation based on photon flux simulation with Geant4 toolkit

Alfei, S; Castellaro, S, 2018:
N,N,N-Tris(tert-butoxycarbonyl)-l-arginine: five isoforms whose obtainment depends on procedure and scrupulous NMR confirmation of their structures

Radix, S; Jordheim, A Doléans; Rocheblave, L; N'Digo, S; Prignon, A-Laure; Commun, C; Michalet, S; Dijoux-Franca, M-Geneviève; Mularoni, Aélique; Walchshofer, N, 2018:
N,N -disubstituted cinnamamide derivatives potentiate ciprofloxacin activity against overexpressing NorA efflux pump Staphylococcus aureus 1199B strains

Luo, X; Zhang, W; Han, Y; Chen, X; Zhu, L; Tang, W; Wang, J; Yue, T; Li, Z, 2018:
N,S co-doped carbon dots based fluorescent on-off-on sensor for determination of ascorbic acid in common fruits

Ramasamy, D Lakshmi; Puhakka, V; Iftekhar, S; Wojtuś, A; Repo, E; Ben Hammouda, S; Iakovleva, E; Sillanpää, M, 2018:
N- and O- ligand doped mesoporous silica-chitosan hybrid beads for the efficient, sustainable and selective recovery of rare earth elements (REE) from acid mine drainage (AMD): Understanding the significance of physical modification and conditioning of the polymer

Nishimura-Danjobara, Y; Oyama, K; Kanemaru, K; Takahashi, K; Yokoigawa, K; Oyama, Y, 2018:
N-(3-oxododecanoyl)- l -homoserine-lactone, a quorum sensing molecule, affects cellular content of nonprotein thiol content in rat lymphocytes: Its relation with intracellular Zn 2+

Habibpour, R; Kashi, E; Vazirib, R, 2018:
N-Doped Hybrid Graphene and Boron Nitride Armchair Nanoribbons As Nonmagnetic Semiconductors with Widely Tunable Electronic Properties

Zhu, C; Tian, G; Luo, G; Kong, Y; Guo, J; Wang, M; Guo, S; Ling, N; Shen, Q, 2018:
N-fertilizer-driven association between the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community and diazotrophic community impacts wheat yield

Ren, T; Dormitorio, T V.; Qiao, M; Huang, T-Shi; Weese, J, 2018:
N-halamine incorporated antimicrobial nonwoven fabrics for use against avian influenza virus

Knopf, A, 2018:
NAATP announces revised code of ethics, complaint process

Knopf, A, 2018:
NAATP annual conference to feature ethics program

Knopf, A, 2018:
NAATP seeks to dissuade consumers from treatment scams

Kumar, R; Tamboli, V; Sharma, R; Sreelakshmi, Y, 2018:
NAC-NOR mutations in tomato Penjar accessions attenuate multiple metabolic processes and prolong the fruit shelf life

Campbell, J; FitzPatrick, D R.; Azam, T; Gibson, N A.; Somerville, L; Joss, S K.; Urquhart, D S., 2018:
NALCN Dysfunction as a Cause of Disordered Respiratory Rhythm With Central Apnea

Canady, V A., 2018:
NAPHS changes name to reflect members, range of BH services

Yadava, O Prakash, 2018:
NBE versus MCIthe slug fest

Hinlopen, C, 2018:

Wang, G; Bao, Y; Gan, W; Geng, J; Xiao, G; Shen, J S., 2018:
NChina16: A stable geodetic reference frame for geological hazard studies in North China

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NDV entry into dendritic cells through macropinocytosis and suppression of T lymphocyte proliferation

Canady, V A., 2018:
NEDA pushes to close eating disorders research, treatment gap

Canady, V A., 2018:
NEDA: More conversation needed regarding eating disorders

Gatti, A.A., 2018:
NEURALSEG: state-of-the-art cartilage segmentation using deep learning analyses of data from the osteoarthritis initiative

Liu, D; Huo, X; Gao, L; Zhang, J; Ni, H; Cao, L, 2018:
NF-B and Nrf2 pathways contribute to the protective effect of Licochalcone A on dextran sulphate sodium-induced ulcerative colitis in mice

Bai, F; Zhou, H; Fu, Z; Xie, J; Hu, Y; Nie, S, 2018:
NF-B-induced WIP1 expression promotes colorectal cancer cell proliferation through mTOR signaling

Lu, W-cheng; Xie, H; Tie, X-xin; Wang, R; Wu, A-hua; Shan, F-ping, 2018:
NFAT-1 hyper-activation by methionine enkephalin (MENK) significantly induces cell apoptosis of rats C6 glioma in vivo and in vitro

Zhang, Y-li; Qiao, S-kai; Wang, R-ying; Guo, X-nan, 2018:
NGAL attenuates renal ischemia/reperfusion injury through autophagy activation and apoptosis inhibition in rats

Sang, Q; Sun, D; Chen, Z; Zhao, W, 2018:
NGF and PI3K/Akt signaling participate in the ventral motor neuronal protection of curcumin in sciatic nerve injury rat models

Indo, Y, 2018:
NGF-dependent neurons and neurobiology of emotions and feelings: Lessons from congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis

Glinkina, Z; Kurtser, M; Visotsky, A; Trotsenko, I, 2018:
NGS aneuploidy screening in embryo cells and miscarriage material

Mykytenko, D; Pylyp, L; Lavrova, K; Spinenko, L; Lamtyeva, V; Zukin, V, 2018:
NGS-analysis of chorionic villi of miscarriages and conforming trophectoderm cells of transferred blastocysts

Zonneveld, M, 2018:
NHG stelt HIS-referentiemodel continu bij

Jack, C R.; Bennett, D A.; Blennow, K; Carrillo, M C.; Dunn, B; Haeberlein, S Budd; Holtzman, D M.; Jagust, W; Jessen, F; Karlawish, J; Liu, E; Molinuevo, J Luis; Montine, T; Phelps, C; Rankin, K P.; Rowe, C C.; Scheltens, P; Siemers, E; Snyder, H M.; Sperling, R; Elliott, C; Masliah, E; Ryan, L; Silverberg, N, 2018:
NIA-AA Research Framework: Toward a biological definition of Alzheimer's disease

Greenberg, S; Greenberg, S.A.; Gilmartin, M.; D'Amico, C.; Sullivan-Marx, E., 2018:
NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) Program: Long Term Care

Knopf, A, 2018:
NIH speakers on pain treatment alternatives, prevention at summit

Howard, J, 2018:
NIOSH remembers James Melius, M.D., Dr.P.H

Ríos-Reina, Río; García-González, D Luis; Callejón, R María; Amigo, Jé Manuel, 2018:
NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics for the typification of Spanish wine vinegars with a protected designation of origin

Dhar, P; Wu, J D, 2018:
NKG2D and its ligands in cancer

Glasner, A; Levi, A; Enk, J; Isaacson, B; Viukov, S; Orlanski, S; Scope, A; Neuman, T; Enk, C D.; Hanna, J H.; Sexl, V; Jonjic, S; Seliger, B; Zitvogel, L; Mandelboim, O, 2018:
NKp46 Receptor-Mediated Interferon- Production by Natural Killer Cells Increases Fibronectin 1 to Alter Tumor Architecture and Control Metastasis

Katzman, A; Alberini, C M, 2018:
NLGN1 and NLGN2 in the prefrontal cortex: their role in memory consolidation and strengthening

Newman-Tancredi, A.; Bardin, L.; Auclair, A.; Colpaert, F.; Depoortère, R.; Varney, M.A., 2018:
NLX-112, a highly selective 5-HT 1A receptor agonist, mediates analgesia and antidepressant-like activity in rats via spinal cord and prefrontal cortex 5-HT 1A receptors, respectively

Okabe-Kado, J; Hagiwara-Watanabe, Y; Niitsu, N; Kasukabe, T; Kaneko, Y, 2018:
NM23 downregulation and lysophosphatidic acid receptor EDG2/ lpa1 upregulation during myeloid differentiation of human leukemia cells

Gao, M; Lengersdorf, D; Stüttgen, M C.; Güntürkün, O, 2018:
NMDA receptors in the avian amygdala and the premotor arcopallium mediate distinct aspects of appetitive extinction learning

Shulga, Y. M.; Vasilyev, S. G.; Lobach, A. S.; Baskakov, S. A.; Shulga, N. Yu.; Volkov, V. I.; Vasilets, V. N., 2018:
NMR Study of the graphiteN,N-dimethylformamide system after ultrasonication

Takashima, T; Ohnuma, T; Fukamizo, T, 2018:
NMR analysis of substrate binding to a two-domain chitinase: Comparison between soluble and insoluble chitins

Farag, M A.; Labib, R M.; Noleto, C; Porzel, A; Wessjohann, L A., 2018:
NMR approach for the authentication of 10 cinnamon spice accessions analyzed via chemometric tools

Tomita, S; Nakamura, T; Okada, S, 2018:
NMR- and GC/MS-based metabolomic characterization of sunki , an unsalted fermented pickle of turnip leaves

Tang, R; Ding, C; Dang, F; Ma, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, T; Wang, X, 2018:
NMR-based metabolic toxicity of low-level Hg exposure to earthworms

Tartaglione, L; Gambuti, A; De Cicco, P; Ercolano, G; Ianaro, A; Taglialatela-Scafati, O; Moio, L; Forino, M, 2018:
NMR-based phytochemical analysis of Vitis vinifera cv Falanghina leaves. Characterization of a previously undescribed biflavonoid with antiproliferative activity

Farley, A. Fay, 2018:
NNES RAs: How ELF RAs inform literacy brokers and English for research publication instructors

Qi, S; Ma, J; Feng, Q; Liu, F; He, J; Shu, H; Jia, B, 2018:
NO 3 sources and circulation in the shallow vadose zone in the edge of Dunhuang Mingsha sand dunes in an extremely arid area of Northwestern China

Oh, J; Lee, E; Noh, D, 2018:
NO Emission of a Non-premixed Oxygen-Enhanced Flame in Burned Gas Entrainment above the Self-Ignition Temperature (BEST) Conditions

Bunman, Y; Do, H-Sam; Zeng, X; Han, Z; Gao, S; Xu, G, 2018:
NO reduction by different tar agents and model compounds in a drop-tube reactor

Friebe, A; Voußen, B; Groneberg, D, 2018:
NO-GC in cells 'off the beaten track'

Stoberock, K.; Larena-Avellaneda, A.; Kölbel, T.; Atlihan, G.; Rohlffs, F.; Behrendt, C. A.; Debus, E. S., 2018:
NOAKs bei arteriellen Rekonstruktionen in der Gefäßmedizin; NOACs for arterial reconstruction in vascular medicine;

Pashenkov, M V.; Dagil, Y A.; Pinegin, B V., 2018:
NOD1 and NOD2: Molecular targets in prevention and treatment of infectious diseases

Chen, H; Xie, B; Ma, J; Chen, Y, 2018:
NOx emission of biodiesel compared to diesel: Higher or lower?

Ramos, A.; Muñoz, J.; Andrés, F.; Armas, O., 2018:
NOx emissions from diesel light duty vehicle tested under NEDC and real-word driving conditions

Papke, R L.; Peng, C; Kumar, A; Stokes, C, 2018:
NS6740, an α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor silent agonist, disrupts hippocampal synaptic plasticity

Bobbio, E.; Isgaard, J.; Swedberg, K.; Hjalmarson, Å.; Caidahl, K.; Karason, K., 2018:
NT-proBNP Levels Are Reduced Following Treatment With Growth Hormone in Chronic Heart Failure Due to Ischemic Heart Disease. A Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial

Wu, G; Wang, W; Liu, Y; Zhuang, K; Cai, T; Wang, Z Fei; Yang, L, 2018:
NY-SAR-35 is involved in apoptosis, cell migration, invasion and epithelial to mesenchymal transition in glioma

Ghoreishi-Haack, N.; Priebe, J.; Aguado, J.; Burgdorf, J.; Cearley, A. Lynch, C.; Moskal, J., 2018:
NYX-2925, a NMDA receptor modulator, shows efficacy in the rat taxol chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy model

Zhu, G; Yang, L; Sun, X; Wang, W; Kong, M; Zhang, G; Ma, M; Yao, Y, 2018:
NaBH 4 assisted scalable graphene production: A bottom-up preparative strategy without external energy input

Shi, M; Zhu, C; Zhang, M; Lu, M; Liu, J, 2018:
NaCa 4 (BO 3 ) 3 : Ce, Dy, Eu phosphors for light emitting diode applications

D’Imperio, M; Montesano, F Fabiano; Renna, M; Leoni, B; Buttaro, D; Parente, A; Serio, F, 2018:
NaCl stress enhances silicon tissue enrichment of hydroponic baby leaf chicory under biofortification process

Centurión, D; de la Cruz, Súl Huerta; Castillo-Santiago, S V.; Becerril-Chacón, Mía Elena; Torres-Pérez, Jé A.; Sánchez-López, A, 2018:
NaHS prejunctionally inhibits the cardioaccelerator sympathetic outflow in pithed rats

Xu, K; Wu, F; Xu, K; Li, Z; Wei, X; Lu, Q; Jiang, T; Wu, F; Xu, X; Xiao, J; Chen, D; Zhang, H, 2018:
NaHS restores mitochondrial function and inhibits autophagy by activating the PI3K/Akt/mTOR signalling pathway to improve functional recovery after traumatic brain injury

Best, N; Best, S; Bocker, B; Aurich, M, 2018:
Nachdruck: Der Bregma-Test (BT) – Ein orientierender Test zur Abschätzung der Störungen der allgemeinen sensomotorischen Fähigkeiten im tiefen stabilisierenden System; The Bregma-Test (BT)—An screening test for estimating the disturbances of general senso-motoric skills in the deep stabilizing system;

Richter, H, 2018:
Nachrichten des Verbandes Biologie, Biowissenschaften & Biomedizin in Deutschland

Blume, J.‑H., 2018:
Nachruf auf Frau Prof. Dr. Maria Zabel; In memory of Prof. Dr. Maria Zabel;

Oster, M.; Keiler, J.; Schulze, M.; Reyer, H.; Wree, A.; Wimmers, K., 2018:
Fast and reliable dissection of porcine parathyroid glands - A protocol for molecular and histological analyses

Pees, A.; Sewing, C.; Vosjan, M.J.W.D.; Tadino, V.; Herscheid, J.D.M.; Windhorst, A.D.; Vugts, D.J., 2018:
Fast and reliable generation of [ 18 F]triflyl fluoride, a gaseous [ 18 F]fluoride source

Koncsos, Gábor; Varga, Zán V.; Baranyai, Tás; Ferdinandy, Péter; Schulz, R; Giricz, Zán; Boengler, K, 2018:
Nagarse treatment of cardiac subsarcolemmal and interfibrillar mitochondria leads to artefacts in mitochondrial protein quantification

Naderi, M; Hosseini, M; Ganjali, M Reza, 2018:
Naked-eye detection of potassium ions in a novel gold nanoparticle aggregation-based aptasensor

Enos, G, 2018:
Naloxone paper regarding opioid abuse and crime generates chorus of protests

Della Pelle, F; Angelini, C; Sergi, M; Del Carlo, M; Pepe, A; Compagnone, D, 2018:
Nano carbon black-based screen printed sensor for carbofuran, isoprocarb, carbaryl and fenobucarb detection: application to grain samples

Wang, Z; Gong, Y; Su, J; Ding, G; Gao, F; Chen, L; Li, H, 2018:
Nano self-aggregation of new benzotriazole-coumarin dyads displaying strengthened emission with huge Stokes shift

Shen, X; Han, K; Ma, L; Gao, M; Xu, X; Luo, J, 2018:
Nano-Ag-forest based surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) of confined acetic acid

Deitz, J I.; Sarwar, A. T. M. Golam; Carnevale, S D.; Grassman, T J.; Myers, R C.; McComb, D W., 2018:
Nano-Cathodoluminescence Measurement of Asymmetric Carrier Trapping and Radiative Recombination in GaN and InGaN Quantum Disks

Liu, P; Fang, X; Cao, H; Gu, M; Kong, J; Deng, A, 2018:
Nano-biotinylated liposome-based immunoassay for the ultrasensitive detection of protein biomarker in urine

Liu, K; Ostadhassan, M; Bubach, B; Dietrich, R; Rasouli, V, 2018:
Nano-dynamic mechanical analysis (nano-DMA) of creep behavior of shales: Bakken case study

Chevalier, Q; El Hadri, H; Petitjean, P; Bouhnik-Le Coz, M; Reynaud, Séphanie; Grassl, B; Gigault, J, 2018:
Nano-litter from cigarette butts: Environmental implications and urgent consideration

Ali, M; Husain, Q; Alam, N; Ahmad, M, 2018:
Nano-peroxidase fabrication on cation exchanger nanocomposite: Augmenting catalytic efficiency and stability for the decolorization and detoxification of Methyl Violet 6B dye

Zhang, Z; Liang, Z Cheng; Zhang, J Hua; Tian, S Li; Le Qu, J; Tang, J Ning; De Liu, S, 2018:
Nano-sized TiO 2 (nTiO 2 ) induces metabolic perturbations in Physarum polycephalum macroplasmodium to counter oxidative stress under dark conditions

Yong, Y-Chun; Wang, Y-Zhai; Zhong, J-Jiang, 2018:
Nano-spectroscopic imaging of proteins with near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM)

Shuai, W; Liu, C; Fang, G; Zhou, D; Gao, J, 2018:
Nano-a-Fe 2 O 3 enhanced photocatalytic degradation of diethyl phthalate ester by citric Acid/UV (300400nm): A mechanism study

Deng, Y-Jie; Feng, L; Zhou, H; Xiao, X; Wang, F-Ping; Liu, X-Peng, 2018:
NanoRNase from Aeropyrum pernix shows nuclease activity on ssDNA and ssRNA

Zare, E Nazarzadeh; Motahari, A; Sillanpää, M, 2018:
Nanoadsorbents based on conducting polymer nanocomposites with main focus on polyaniline and its derivatives for removal of heavy metal ions/dyes: A review

Bertier, L; Hebbrecht, T; Mettepenningen, E; De Wit, N; Zwaenepoel, O; Verhelle, A; Gettemans, J, 2018:
Nanobodies targeting cortactin proline rich, helical and actin binding regions downregulate invadopodium formation and matrix degradation in SCC-61 cancer cells

Li, J; Xu, Z; Wu, W; Jing, Y; Dai, H; Fang, G, 2018:
Nanocellulose/Poly(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate)Interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels for removal of Pb(II) and Cu(II) ions

Sangomla, S; Saifi, M Aslam; Khurana, A; Godugu, C, 2018:
Nanoceria ameliorates doxorubicin induced cardiotoxicity: Possible mitigation via reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation

Drouet, C; Aufray, Mëlenn; Rollin-Martinet, S; Vandecandelaère, N; Grossin, D; Rossignol, F; Champion, E; Navrotsky, A; Rey, C, 2018:
Nanocrystalline apatites: The fundamental role of water

Vinosha, P. Annie; Xavier, B; Anceila, D.; Das, S. Jerome, 2018:
Nanocrystalline ferrite (MFe 2 O 4, M=Ni, Cu, Mn and Sr) photocatalysts synthesized by homogeneous Co-precipitation technique

Kolesnichenko, N. V.; Yashina, O. V.; Ezhova, N. N.; Bondarenko, G. N.; Khadzhiev, S. N., 2018:
Nanodispersed Suspensions of Zeolite Catalysts for Converting Dimethyl Ether into Olefins

Kaci, M.; Belhaffef, A.; Meziane, S.; Dostert, G.; Menu, P.; Velot, É.; Desobry, S.; Arab-Tehrany, E., 2018:
Nanoemulsions and topical creams for the safe and effective delivery of lipophilic antioxidant coenzyme Q10

Moore, A N.; Lopez Silva, T L.; Carrejo, N C.; Origel Marmolejo, C A.; Li, I-Che; Hartgerink, J D., 2018:
Nanofibrous peptide hydrogel elicits angiogenesis and neurogenesis without drugs, proteins, or cells

Hosseini, S.R.; Sheikholeslami, M.; Ghasemian, M.; Ganji, D.D., 2018:
Nanofluid heat transfer analysis in a microchannel heat sink (MCHS) under the effect of magnetic field by means of KKL model

Pezzuoli, D; Cazzulo, A; Angeli, E; Ferrera, F; Firpo, G; Guida, P; Lo Savio, R; Repetto, D; Repetto, L; Valbusa, U, 2018:
Nanofluidic Sensor for Antigen-Antibody Binding Detection

Szczepanski, C R.; Darmanin, T; Godeau, G; Guittard, Fédéric, 2018:
Nanofold-decorated surfaces from the electrodeposition of di-alkyl-cyclopentadithiophenes

Zhukhlistov, A. P.; Novikov, V. M., 2018:
Nanohematite from Ferruginous Quartzites of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly According to Transmission Electron Microscopy Data

Milyaev, I. M.; Ostanin, S. Yu., 2018:
Nanomagnetic Materials for the Rotors of Highspeed and Ultra-Highspeed Electromechanical Energy Converters

Scaini, D; Ballerini, L, 2018:
Nanomaterials at the neural interface

Abdalla, A M.; Hossain, S; Azad, A T.; Petra, P Mohammad, I.; Begum, F; Eriksson, S G.; Azad, A K., 2018:
Nanomaterials for solid oxide fuel cells: A review

Zhao, L; Deng, J; Sun, P; Liu, J; Ji, Y; Nakada, N; Qiao, Z; Tanaka, H; Yang, Y, 2018:
Nanomaterials for treating emerging contaminants in water by adsorption and photocatalysis: Systematic review and bibliometric analysis

Bashkirov, P; Chekashkina, K; Shnyrova, A; Arrasate, P; Kuzmin, P; Frolov, V, 2018:
Nanomechanics of Membrane Fission: Elasticity of the Precursor State

Marcazzan, S; Varoni, E Maria; Blanco, E; Lodi, G; Ferrari, M, 2018:
Nanomedicine, an emerging therapeutic strategy for oral cancer therapy

Mendis, B.G.; Taylor, A.A.; Guennou, M.; Berg, D.M.; Arasimowicz, M.; Ahmed, S.; Deligianni, H.; Dale, P.J., 2018:
Nanometre-scale optical property fluctuations in Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 revealed by low temperature cathodoluminescence

Yamagishi, A; Nakamura, C, 2018:
Nanoneedle Technology for Single-cell Manipulation and Analysis

Koral, C.; Dell’Aglio, M.; Gaudiuso, R.; Alrifai, R.; Torelli, M.; De Giacomo, A., 2018:
Nanoparticle-Enhanced Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for the noninvasive analysis of transparent samples and gemstones

He, X, 2018:
Nanoparticle-mediated intracellular delivery of trehalose

Forcaia, G.; Dal Magro, R.; Albertini, B.; Blasi, P.; Re, F.; Sancini, G., 2018:
Nanoparticles at the neurovascular unit: In vitro and in vivo studies to assess the blood-brain barrier permeability and function

Gahlot, S; Sharma, P P.; Yadav, V; Jha, P K; Kulshrestha, V, 2018:
Nanoporous composite proton exchange membranes: High conductivity and thermal stability

Park, J Hyun; Matsuzawa, S; Inamori, T; Jeung, I-Seuck, 2018:
Nanosatellite constellation deployment using on-board magnetic torquer interaction with space plasma

Tahmasebi, P, 2018:
Nanoscale and multiresolution models for shale samples

Ye, H, 2018:
Nanoscale attraction between calcium-aluminosilicate-hydrate and Mg-Al layered double hydroxides in alkali-activated slag

Fougerouse, D.; Reddy, S.M.; Saxey, D.W.; Erickson, T.M.; Kirkland, C.L.; Rickard, W.D.A.; Seydoux-Guillaume, A.-M.; Clark, C.; Buick, I.S., 2018:
Nanoscale distribution of Pb in monazite revealed by atom probe microscopy

Manzoor, O; Soleja, N; Mohsin, M., 2018:
Nanoscale gizmos the novel fluorescent probes for monitoring protein activity

Zhang, Y; Lebedev, M; Al-Yaseri, A; Yu, H; Xu, X; Sarmadivaleh, M; Barifcani, A; Iglauer, S, 2018:
Nanoscale rock mechanical property changes in heterogeneous coal after water adsorption

Huang, D; Qin, X; Peng, Z; Liu, Y; Gong, X; Zeng, G; Huang, C; Cheng, M; Xue, W; Wang, X; Hu, Z, 2018:
Nanoscale zero-valent iron assisted phytoremediation of Pb in sediment: Impacts on metal accumulation and antioxidative system of Lolium perenne

Boente, C.; Sierra, C.; Martínez-Blanco, D.; Menéndez-Aguado, J.M.; Gallego, J.R., 2018:
Nanoscale zero-valent iron-assisted soil washing for the removal of potentially toxic elements

Yu, D; Ni, H; Wang, L; Wu, M; Yang, X, 2018:
Nanoscale-confined precursor of CuFe 2 O 4 mediated by hyperbranched polyamide as an unusual heterogeneous Fenton catalyst for efficient dye degradation

Xiao, S; Zhou, C; Yang, E; Rajulapati, S R., 2018:
Nanosecond bipolar pulse generators for bioelectrics

Gao, H; Yu, Q; Zhang, S; Wang, T; Sun, P; Lu, H; Liu, F; Yan, X; Liu, F; Liang, X; Gao, Y; Lu, G, 2018:
Nanosheet-assembled NiO microspheres modified by Sn 2+ ions isovalent interstitial doping for xylene gas sensors

Ale, Aía; Bacchetta, C; Rossi, A S.; Galdopórpora, J; Desimone, Mín F.; de la Torre, F R.; Gervasio, S; Cazenave, J, 2018:
Nanosilver toxicity in gills of a neotropical fish: Metal accumulation, oxidative stress, histopathology and other physiological effects

Femminò, S.; Bessone, F.; Caldera, F.; Cavalli, R.; Trotta, F.; Pagliaro, P.; Penna, C., 2018:
Nanosponge-cyclodextrins functionalized with oxygen protects H9C2 cells from hypoxia/reoxygenation injury: Implications from an in vitro model

Okahisa, Y; Kojiro, K; Kiryu, T; Oki, T; Furuta, Y; Hongo, C, 2018:
Nanostructural changes in bamboo cell walls with aging and their possible effects on mechanical properties

Yuan, R; Hu, L; Yu, P; Wang, H; Wang, Z; Fang, J, 2018:
Nanostructured Co 3 O 4 grown on nickel foam: An efficient and readily recyclable 3D catalyst for heterogeneous peroxymonosulfate activation

Sorokin, N. I.; Karimov, D. N.; Sul’yanova, E. A.; Sobolev, B. P., 2018:
Nanostructured Crystals of Fluorite Phases Sr1 xRxF2 + x and Their Ordering: 12. Influence of Structural Ordering on the Fluorine-Ion Conductivity of Sr0.667R0.333F2.333 Alloys (R = Tb or Tm) at Their Annealing

Ganci, F; Lombardo, S; Sunseri, C; Inguanta, R, 2018:
Nanostructured electrodes for hydrogen production in alkaline electrolyzer

Bunt, C R., 2018:
Nanostructured formulations and drug delivery systems

Fresco-Cala, B; Cárdenas, S, 2018:
Nanostructured hybrid monolith with integrated stirring for the extraction of UV-filters from water and urine samples

Khosa, A; Reddi, S; Saha, R N., 2018:
Nanostructured lipid carriers for site-specific drug delivery

Li, R; Shahbazi, A; Wang, L; Zhang, B; Chung, C-Chang; Dayton, D; Yan, Q, 2018:
Nanostructured molybdenum carbide on biochar for CO 2 reforming of CH 4

Chaves, Líse L.; Costa Lima, S A.; Vieira, A C.C.; Barreiros, Lísa; Segundo, M A.; Ferreira, D; Sarmento, B; Reis, S, 2018:
Nanosystems as modulators of intestinal dapsone and clofazimine delivery

Tyagi, P; Subramony, J. Anand, 2018:
Nanotherapeutics in oral and parenteral drug delivery: Key learnings and future outlooks as we think small

Prasad, M; Lambe, U P.; Brar, B; Shah, I; J, M; Ranjan, K; Rao, R; Kumar, S; Mahant, S; Khurana, S Kumar; Iqbal, H M.N.; Dhama, K; Misri, J; Prasad, G, 2018:
Nanotherapeutics: An insight into healthcare and multi-dimensional applications in medical sector of the modern world

Vallinayagam, R.; An, Y; S.Vedharaj, ; Sim, J; Chang, J; Johansson, B, 2018:
Naphtha vs. dieseline The effect of fuel properties on combustion homogeneity in transition from CI combustion towards HCCI

Schnopp, C, 2018:
Narbensalben bei Kindern: ab wann und mit was?

Zeigler-Hill, V; Trombly, D R.C., 2018:
Narcissism and mate value: Is beauty in the eye of the narcissistic beholder?

Smith, M B.; Webster, B D., 2018:
Narcissus the innovator? The relationship between grandiose narcissism, innovation, and adaptability

Khajevand-Khazaei, M-Reza; Ziaee, P; Motevalizadeh, S-Alireza; Rohani, M; Afshin-Majd, S; Baluchnejadmojarad, T; Roghani, M, 2018:
Naringenin ameliorates learning and memory impairment following systemic lipopolysaccharide challenge in the rat

Li, Z; Gao, M; Yang, B; Zhang, H; Wang, K; Liu, Z; Xiao, X; Yang, M, 2018:
Naringin attenuates MLC phosphorylation and NF-B activation to protect sepsis-induced intestinal injury via RhoA/ROCK pathway

Rotimi, S Oladapo; Adelani, I Bababode; Bankole, G Esther; Rotimi, O Anuoluwapo, 2018:
Naringin enhances reverse cholesterol transport in high fat/low streptozocin induced diabetic rats

Rivoira, M.; Rodríguez, V.; Picotto, G.; Battaglino, R.; Tolosa de Talamoni, N., 2018:
Naringin prevents bone loss in a rat model of type 1 Diabetes mellitus

Playdon, Zë, 2018:
Narrative Matters: A confusion of tongues - trans/historical voices

Holligan, B, 2018:
Narratives of Capital versus Narratives of Community: Conservation Covenants and the Private Regulation of Land Use

Stott, A; Priest, H, 2018:
Narratives of recovery in people with coexisting mental health and alcohol misuse difficulties

van Rensburg, Y-Eloise Janse; de Kock, Fçois S.; Derous, E, 2018:
Narrow facets of honesty-humility predict collegiate cheating

Messacar, K, 2018:
Narrow-spectrum, compared with broad-spectrum, antibiotics equally effective with less adverse events

Huang, Y; Liao, G; Li, J; Xu, J, 2018:
Narrowband RFI Suppression for SAR System via Fast Implementation of Joint Sparsity and Low-Rank Property

Donroe, J H.; Tetrault, J M., 2018:
Narrowing the treatment gap in managing opioid use disorder

Xi, J; Wang, Z; Si, X April; Zhou, Y, 2018:
Nasal dilation effects on olfactory deposition in unilateral and bi-directional deliveries: In vitro tests and numerical modeling

Culotta, P A.; Isaac, R; Sarpong, K; Chandy, B; Cruz, A; Donaruma-Kwoh, M, 2018:
Nasal erosion as an uncommon sign of child abuse

Bae, Y, 2018:
Nasalization Amplitude-Timing Characteristics of Speakers With and Without Cleft Palate

Ayad, M; Rabahi, K, 2018:
Nasopharyngeal cancer in children and adolescents in Algeria

Takaishi, K; Kawahito, S; Fujiwara, S; Kitahata, H, 2018:
Nasotracheal intubation through pharyngeal flap after pharyngeal flap construction

Uematsu, Y; Ishihara, T; Hiraoka, Y; Shimose, T; Ohshimo, S, 2018:
Natal origin identification of Pacific bluefin tuna ( Thunnus orientalis ) by vertebral first annulus

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Nationalism and the Betrayed Revolution in Zimbabwe

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Nationwide readmissions after tonsillectomy among pediatric patients - United States

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Native efflux pumps of Escherichia coli responsible for short and medium chain alcohol

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Native language status of the listener modulates the neural integration of speech and iconic gestures in clear and adverse listening conditions

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Native metals, electron bifurcation, and CO 2 reduction in early biochemical evolution

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Natural Disasters and the Importance of Minimizing Subsequent Radiation Therapy Interruptions for Locally Advanced Lung Cancer

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Natural Gas Partially Stratified Lean Combustion: Analysis of the Enhancing Mechanisms into a Constant Volume Combustion Chamber

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Natural Language Processing Approaches to Understand HPV Vaccination Sentiment

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Natural Resource Access Rights and Wrongs: Nontimber Forest Products Gathering in Urban Environments

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Natural Resource Experience Affects Engagement with Emotionally Primed Presentations of Science

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Natural and Environmental Amenities: A Review of Definitions, Measures and Issues

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Natural compounds analysis using liquid and supercritical fluid chromatography hyphenated to mass spectrometry: Evaluation of a new design of atmospheric pressure ionization source

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Natural convection and heat transfer in a valley shaped cavity filled with initially stratified water

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Natural convection heat transfer characteristics of molten salt with internal heat generation

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Natural disasters, social protection, and risk perceptions

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Natural gas as a bridge to hydrogen transportation fuel: Insights from the literature

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Natural killer cell education in human health and disease

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Natural pesticide research

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Natural products berberine and curcumin exhibited better ameliorative effects on rats with non-alcohol fatty liver disease than lovastatin

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Natural products targeting ER stress pathway for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

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Natural resources and environmental justice: Australian perspectives

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Natural saliva as an adjuvant in a secondary caries model based on Streptococcus mutans

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Natural spawning and scaling-up of yellowtail snapper ( Ocyurus chrysurus ): Larval rearing for the mass production of juveniles

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Natural speech algorithm applied to baseline interview data can predict which patients will respond to psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression

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Natural stable isotopic compositions of mercury in aerosols and wet precipitations around a coal-fired power plant in Xiamen, southeast China

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Naturalistic study on the usage of smartphone applications among Finnish drivers

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Naturally occurring triploids in contact zones between diploid/tetraploid Odontophrynus cordobae and O. americanus (Anura, Odontophrynidae)

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Nature as a facilitator for physical activity: Defining relationships between the objective and perceived environment and physical activity among community-dwelling older people

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Nature exposure sufficiency and insufficiency: The benefits of environmental preservation

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Nature of bonding and cooperativity in linear DMSO clusters: A DFT, AIM and NCI analysis

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Nature of the Active Centers of In-, Zr-, and Zn-Aluminosilicates of the ZSM-5 Zeolite Structural Type

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Nature to the natural rescue: Silencing microbial chats

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Navigating Consociationalism's Afterlives: Women, Peace and Security in Post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Navigating social forestry A street-level perspective on National Forest management in the US Pacific Northwest

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Navigating the Fault Lines: Race and Class in Philadelphia's Solidarity Economy

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Navigating the Peer Review Process

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Navigating the participatory processes of renewable energy infrastructure regulation: A local participant perspective on the NSIPs regime in England and Wales

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NdFeB magnet recycling: Dysprosium recovery by non-dispersive solvent extraction employing hollow fibre membrane contactor

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Near ground platform development to simulate UAV aerial spraying and its spraying test under different conditions

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Near infrared chemo-responsive dye intermediaries spectra-based in-situ quantification of volatile organic compounds

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Near infrared computer vision and neuro-fuzzy model-based feeding decision system for fish in aquaculture

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Near infrared spectroscopy for the discrimination between different residues of the wood processing industry in the pellet sector

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Near infrared spectroscopy to quantify the temperature reached in burned soils: Importance of calibration set variability

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Near surface bulk density estimates of NEAs from radar observations and permittivity measurements of powdered geologic material

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Near-Field VLF Electromagnetic Signal Propagation in Multistory Buildings

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Near-Surface and Deep Circulation Coupling in the Western Gulf of Mexico

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Near-field dynamics of high-speed spray dryer coannular two fluid nozzle: Effects of operational conditions and formulations

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Near-field head-related transfer-function measurement and database of human subjects

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Near-field non-radial motion generation from underground chemical explosions in jointed granite

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Near-freezing temperature storage prolongs storage period and improves quality and antioxidant capacity of nectarines

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Near-infrared emitting YVO 4 :Nd 3+ nanoparticles for high sensitive fluorescence thermometry

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Near-infrared fluorescent pyrrolopyrrole cyanine derivatives and colloidal nanoparticles with tunable optical properties for in vivo bioimaging

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Near-infrared fusion via a series of transfers for noise removal

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Near-infrared heat lamp therapeutic effect on paraoxonase 1 and myeloperoxidase as potential biomarkers of redox state changes induced by -irradiation in albino rats

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Near-infrared laboratory spectroscopy of mineral chemistry: A review

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Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) as a tool to monitor exhaust air from poultry operations

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Near-infrared spectroscopy assessment of microvasculature detects difference in lower limb vascular responsiveness in obese compared to lean individuals

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Near-infrared study of open clusters Teutsch 10 and Teutsch 25

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Near-surface clay authigenesis in exhumed fault rock of the Alpine Fault Zone (New Zealand); O-H-Ar isotopic, XRD and chemical analysis of illite and chlorite

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Near-wall dispersion, deposition and transformation of particles in automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment systems

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Near-zero thermal expansion of Zr x Hf 1- x MgMo 3 O 12 in a larger temperature range

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Nearest neighbors based density peaks approach to intrusion detection

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Nebendiagnosen und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Wahl der Immuntherapie

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Nebulization effects on structural stability of bacteriophage PEV 44

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Nebulized lidocaine ameliorates allergic airway inflammation via downregulation of TLR2

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Neck recurrence in clinically node-negative oral cancer: 27-year experience at a single institution

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Necroptosis in development and diseases

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Necrotising otitis externa due to Scopulariopsis brevicaulis in a patient without predisposing factors

Sikora, J L., 2018:
Need an Energy Efficient Casket?

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Need for Cognition Promotes Adaptive Style of Self-Focusing with the Mediation of Effortful Control

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Need of life cycle thinking for effective utilisation of resources based on developed and developing countries: a scenario for future generation

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Need of the Hour: Addressing the Challenges of Multi-Drug-Resistant Health Care-Associated Infections and the Role of the Laboratory in Lowering Infection Rates

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Needed: More Economic Analyses of Management

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Needle ice formation, induced frost heave, and frost creep: A case study through photogrammetry at Stelvio Pass (Italian Central Alps)

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Negative Association Between Sclerostin and INSL3 in Isolated Human Osteocytes and in Klinefelter Syndrome: New Hints for TestisBone Crosstalk

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Negative Cooperativity in the Interaction of Prostaglandin H Synthase-1 with the Competitive Inhibitor Naproxen Can Be Described as the Interaction of a Non-competitive Inhibitor with Heterogeneous Enzyme Preparation

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Negative Impact of Primary Graft Dysfunction Grade 3 within the Initial 72 Hours on Short and Long Term Clinical Outcomes in Standard Criteria Double Lung Transplants: Prospective Evidence from the OCS Lung INSPIRE International Trial Results

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Negative Partisanship: Why Americans Dislike Parties But Behave Like Rabid Partisans

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Negative activation volume of oxygen self-diffusion in forsterite

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Negative attentional bias for positive recovery-related words as a predictor of treatment success among individuals with an alcohol use disorder

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Negative auxiliaries and absent expletives in Texas vernacular English

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Negative body talk measures for Asian, Latina(o), and White women and men: Measurement equivalence and associations with ethnic-racial identity

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Negative correlation between salivary testosterone concentration and preference for sophisticated music in males

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Negative effect of global warming on biological control is mitigated by direct competition between sympatric parasitoids

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Negative electron affinity GaN photocathode with Mg delta-doping

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Negative emotion and trait emotional intelligence in reaction to terrorist attacks

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Negative emotions and behaviour: The role of regulatory emotional self-efficacy

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Negative influence of rafted phases on 750C/750MPa creep in a Ni-based single crystal superalloy with 4% Re addition

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Negative interpretation of social cue in depression: Evidence from reading mind from eyes test

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Negative parental attribution and emotional dysregulation in Chinese early adolescents: Harsh fathering and harsh mothering as potential mediators

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Negative reactions to monitoring: Do they undermine the ability of monitoring to protect adolescents?

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Negative refraction in metamaterials based on dielectric spherical particles

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Negative regulation of BRCA1 by transforming acidic coiled-coil protein 3 (TACC3)

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Negative regulation of lens fiber cell differentiation by RTK antagonists Spry and Spred

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Negative results in computer vision: A perspective

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Negative thermal expansion property of CuMoO 4

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Negatively charged polypeptide-peptide nanoparticles showing efficient drug delivery to the mitochondria

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Neglected environmental health impacts of China's supply-side structural reform

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Neglected tropical diseases: securing sustainability

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Neglected vector-borne zoonoses in Europe: Into the wild

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Negligent and intentional fires in Portugal: Spatial distribution characterization

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Negligible impacts of biomass removal on Douglas-fir growth 29 years after outplanting in the northern Rocky Mountains

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Negotiated Bonds: The Practice of Childfree Pet Parenting

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Negotiated distributed estimation with guaranteed performance for bandwidth-limited situations

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Negotiating a New Social Contract for Work: An Online, Distributed Approach

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Negotiating barriers: prisoner and staff perspectives on mental wellbeing in the open prison setting

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Negotiating home base: Narratives of psychological well-being among female military members

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Negotiating relevance in pre-operative assessments

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Negotiating the complex geographies of friendships overseas: Becoming, being and sharing in student mobility

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Neighborhood characteristics and lifestyle intervention outcomes: Results from the Special Diabetes Program for Indians

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Neighborhood characteristics, bystander automated external defibrillator use, and patient outcomes in public out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

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Neighborhood cohesion, neighborhood disorder, and cardiometabolic risk

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Neighborhood collective efficacy, parental spanking, and subsequent risk of household child protective services involvement

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Neighborhood conditions and trajectories of alcohol use and misuse across the early life course

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Neighborhood crime undermines parenting: Violence in the vicinity of households as a predictor of aggressive discipline

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Neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantage is not associated with wound healing in diabetic foot ulcer patients treated in a multidisciplinary setting

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Neighborhood watch

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Neighbourhood characteristics and urban gardens in the Toledo metropolitan area: staffing and voluntarism, food production, infrastructure, and sustainability practices

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Neighbourhood social and physical environment and general practitioner assessed morbidity

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Neil Brewer and Robyn L. Young: Crime and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Myths and Mechanisms

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Neither femur nor tooth: Petrous bone for identifying archaeological bone samples via forensic approach

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Nekrotisierende Weichteilinfekte; Necrotizing soft tissue infections;

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Nelson Mandela and the Genesis of the ANCs Armed Struggle: Notes on Method

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Nematicidal amide alkaloids from the seeds of Clausena lansium

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Nematode parasites of commercially important fish from the southeast coast of Brazil: Morphological and genetic insight

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Nematodes and microbial community affect the sizes and turnover rates of organic carbon pools in soil aggregates

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Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Associated With Improved Survival in High-Risk Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients Treated With Definitive Concurrent Chemoradiation Therapy

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Neoadjuvant full dose oxaliplatin/capecitabine/radiotherapy for MRI selected very high risk rectal cancers with gross circumferential resection margin (CRM) involvement

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Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic terrane assembly and Wilson cycle in the North China Craton: an overview from the central segment of the Trans-North China Orogen

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Neonatal Adenovirus Infection Complicated by Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Syndrome

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Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia With Amegakaryocytosis, B Lymphopenia, and Villitis

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Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

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Neonatal Neutropenia

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Neonatal and Infant Mortality Risk Associated with Preterm and Small for Gestational Age Births in Tanzania: Individual Level Pooled Analysis Using the Intergrowth Standard

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Neonatal distal femoral physeal injury secondary to mechanical trauma of birth: A case report

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Neonatal erythropoietin mitigates impaired gait, social interaction and diffusion tensor imaging abnormalities in a rat model of prenatal brain injury

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Neonatal exposure to bisphenol A alters the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in female rats

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Neonatal mortality and morbidity in the post-implementation period of a neonatal teaching program in provincial hospitals in Laos

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Neonatal porcine blood derived dendritic cell subsets show activation after TLR2 or TLR9 stimulation

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Neonatal systemic inflammation and the risk of low scores on measures of reading and mathematics achievement at age 10 years among children born extremely preterm

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Neonatal triphenyl phosphate and its metabolite diphenyl phosphate exposure induce sex- and dose-dependent metabolic disruptions in adult mice

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Neonatal whisker trimming in WAG/Rij rat pups causes developmental delay, encourages maternal care and affects exploratory activity in adulthood

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Neonates with congenital Cytomegalovirus and hearing loss identified via the universal newborn hearing screening program

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Neonicotinoids and Other Insect Nicotinic Receptor Competitive Modulators: Progress and Prospects

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Neoplasia in Three Aye-Ayes ( Daubentonia madagascariensis )

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Neoproterozoic Evolution and NajdRelated Transpressive Shear Deformations Along Nugrus Shear Zone, South Eastern Desert, Egypt (Implications from FieldStructural Data and AMSTechnique)

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Neoproterozoic marine carbonates and their paleoceanographic significance

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Neospora caninum bioassay in gerbils using placental tissues from naturally infected goats

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Neostigmine: Not Only for the Operating Room

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Neotectonic Activity from Karewa Sediments, Kashmir Himalaya, India

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Neotectonic Activity from the Upper Reaches of the Arabian Gulf and Possibilities of New Oil Fields

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Nepenthes: State of the art of an inspiring plant for biotechnologists

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Nepetin inhibits IL-1b induced inflammation via NF-B and MAPKs signaling pathways in ARPE-19 cells

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Nephroprotektion durch SGLT-2-Hemmung; Nephroprotection via SGLT2 inhibition;

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Fast and reliable method to estimate losses of single-mode waveguides with an arbitrary 2D trajectory

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Nesfatin-1 and visfatin expression is associated with reduced atherosclerotic disease risk in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Nesfatin-1 functions as a switch for phenotype transformation and proliferation of VSMCs in hypertensive vascular remodeling

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Nesfatin-1 promotes VSMC migration and neointimal hyperplasia by upregulating matrix metalloproteinases and downregulating PPAR

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Nest box design for a changing climate: The value of improved insulation

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Nest material preferences by spotless starlings

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Nest site selection repeatability of green turtles, Chelonia mydas , and consequences for offspring

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Nest-Site Characteristics and Nesting Success of the Chestnut Thrush

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Nest-defense behaviors in fathead minnows after lifecycle exposure to the antidepressant venlafaxine

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Nest-dismantling behavior of yellow-bellied prinia in mainland and island populations

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Nested Newmark model to calculate the post-earthquake profile of slopes

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Nesting Biologies and Mature Larvae of Oxaeine Bees (Apoidea: Andrenidae)

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Net acidity indicates the whole effluent toxicity of pH and dissolved metals in metalliferous saline waters

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Net ankle quasi-stiffness is influenced by walking speed but not age for older adult women

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Net ecosystem exchange of CO 2 and H 2 O fluxes from irrigated grain sorghum and maize in the Texas High Plains

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Net ecosystem productivity and carbon dynamics of the traditionally managed Imperata grasslands of North East India

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Network analysis of empathy items from the interpersonal reactivity index in 1973 young adults

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Network analysis of microRNAs, transcription factors, and target genes involved in axon regeneration; RNA (miRNA) ;

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Network coherence and eigentime identity on a family of weighted fractal networks

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Network density tailored standalone-flexible fluorocarbon elastomer/nanocarbon black chemiresistors for 2-propanone field detection

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Network design and technology management for waste to energy production: An integrated optimization framework under the principles of circular economy

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Network modelling analysis of a depressurization experiment on a North Sea reservoir core sample

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Network perturbation analysis of gene transcriptional profiles reveals protein targets and mechanism of action of drugs and influenza A viral infection

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Network pricing for customer-operated energy storage in distribution networks

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Network similarity and collusion

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Network visualization and problem-solving support: A cognitive fit study

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Network-based modelling and dynamic output feedback control for unmanned marine vehicles in network environments

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Network-based optimization modeling of manhole setting for pipeline transportation

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Network-based practical set consensus of multi-agent systems subject to input saturation

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Network-based robust filtering for Markovian jump systems with incomplete transition probabilities

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Network-based transportation system analysis: A case study in a mountain city

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Network-wide traffic and environmental impacts of acceleration and deceleration among Eco-Driving Vehicles in different road configurations

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Network-wide traffic state estimation using a mixture Gaussian graphical model and graphical lasso

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Network-wise cerebral blood flow redistribution after 20Hz rTMS on left dorso-lateral prefrontal cortex

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Networked relationships in the digital age: messages for social work

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Networking for the environment: The impact of environmental orientation on start-ups networking frequency and network size

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Networks of protein-protein interactions among structural proteins of budded virus of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus

Gebhard, U; Lindner, M; Lude, A; Möller, A; Moormann, A; Retzlaff-Fürst, C; Scheersoi, A; Wilde, M, 2018:
Neue Arbeitsgruppe „Außerschulisches Biologielernen“

Rheude, T; Pellegrini, C; Kasel, A Markus, 2018:
Neue Devices zur Reparatur von Herzklappen

Kreissl, S.; Eichenauer, D. A.; Meissner, J.; Topp, M. S.; Engert, A.; Borchmann, P., 2018:
Neue Entwicklungen in der Therapie des fortgeschrittenen klassischen Hodgkin-Lymphoms; New developments in the treatment of advanced classical Hodgkins lymphoma;

Klein, F, 2018:
Neue Leitlinienempfehlungen zu Essstörungen

Schaible, H.-G.; Radbruch, L., 2018:
Neue Rubrik PAIN CLINICAL UPDATES in Der Schmerz; A new rubric in Der Schmerz: PAIN CLINICAL UPDATES;

Diener, H-Christoph, 2018:
Neue Schlaganfall-Leitlinien der US-amerikanischen Fachgesellschaften

Jecht, M., 2018:
Neue Untergruppen zur Diabeteseinteilung und die Assoziation mit Endpunkten; New diabetes subgroup classifications and the association with outcomes;

von Witzleben, A.; Mellert, K.; Möller, P.; Barth, T. F. E., 2018:
Neue diagnostische und therapeutische Aspekte zu Chordomen; Novel diagnostic and therapeutic aspects on chordomas;

Thaler, T; Attems, M-Sophie; Fuchs, S, 2018:
Neue gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen im Naturgefahrenmanagement: Welche Entwicklungen kommen auf uns zu?; New societal challenges for transformation in natural hazard management: adaptation strategies necessary to manage future developments;

Ermann, M; Pflichthofer, D, 2018:
Neuerungen 2018

Schwarz, T, 2018:
Neueste Erkenntnisse zu Photoprotektoren

Wiesing, U; Birnbacher, D, 2018:
Neufassung des Genfer Gelöbnisses

Quiles Machado, J.A.; Aragón Domínguez, V.; Monsalvo Hernando, M.; Gómez Durán, M., 2018:
Neumonas bacterianas no neumoccicas (II). Infecciones respiratorias por Mycoplasma y Chlamydia. Neumonas vricas

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Neural Circuits Regulating Social Behavior: Highlighting the Causal Contribution of the Lateral Habenula

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Neural cell adhesion molecule-1 may be a new biomarker of coronary artery disease

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Neural circuit dysfunction in mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders

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Neural control of parental behaviors

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Neural correlates of active controlled retrieval development: An exploratory ERP study

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Neural correlates of intimate picture stimuli in females

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Neural correlates of working memory in first episode and recurrent depression: An fMRI study

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Neural coupling between contralesional motor and frontoparietal networks correlates with motor ability in individuals with chronic stroke

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Neural effects of mindfulness-based interventions on patients with major depressive disorder: A systematic review

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Neural encoding of sensory and behavioral complexity in the auditory cortex

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Neural ideals and stimulus space visualization

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Neural measures associated with configural threat acquisition

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Neural modulations of interference control over conscious perception

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Neural network based inspection of voids and karst conduits in hydroelectric power station tunnels using GPR

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Neural network models for predicting perishable food temperatures along the supply chain

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Neural processes of vocal social perception: Dog-human comparative fMRI studies

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Neural representations for newly learned words are modulated by overnight consolidation, reading skill, and age

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Neural stem cells in neuropsychiatric disorders

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Neural substrates of the emotion-word and emotional counting Stroop tasks in healthy and clinical populations: A meta-analysis of functional brain imaging studies

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Neuraminidase as an influenza vaccine antigen: a low hanging fruit, ready for picking to improve vaccine effectiveness

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Neuro-Ophthalmic Literature Review

Bellows, D; Chan, N; Chen, J; Cheng, H-Chen; MacIntosh, P; Vaphiades, M, 2018:
Neuro-ophthalmic literature review

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Neuroanatomical basis of number synaesthesias: A voxel-based morphometry study

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Neuroanatomical morphometric characterization of sex differences in youth using statistical learning

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Neuroanatomical substrate of noise sensitivity

Frost, E A.M., 2018:

Eling, P, 2018:
Neuroanniversary 2018

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Neurobehavioral assessment of rats exposed to pristine polystyrene nanoplastics upon oral exposure

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Neurochemical changes in unilateral cerebral hemisphere during the subacute stage of focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in rats: An ex vivo 1 H magnetic resonance spectroscopy study

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Neurochemical characteristics of calbindin-like immunoreactive coeliac-cranial mesenteric ganglion complex (CCMG) neurons supplying the pre-pyloric region of the porcine stomach

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Neurochemical differences between bipolar disorder type I and II in superior temporal cortices: A proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study

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Neurocircuitry of aggression and aggression seeking behavior: nose poking into brain circuitry controlling aggression

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Neurocognitive and physical functioning in the Seveso Women's Health Study

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Neurocognitive dysfunction in NAFLD occurs early and is associated with hyperammonemia, neurotransmitter defects, astroglial and microglial activation

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Neurocognitive functioning in first-episode Bipolar Disorder: Relationship with functional status

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Neurodegeneration: the first mechanistic therapy and other progress in 2017

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Neurodevelopmental Outcome at 2 Years for Preterm Children Born at 22 to 34 Weeks Gestation in France in 2011

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Neurodevelopmental comorbidities and seizure control 24 months after a first unprovoked seizure in children

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Neurodevelopmental outcomes in newborns with neonatal seizures caused by rotavirus-associated leukoencephalopathy

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Neuroendocrine structures of the small intestine of the capybara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris (Mammalia, Rodentia)

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Neuroendokrine Tumoren aus psychoonkologischer Sicht ein berblick; Neuroendocrine tumors from a psycho-oncological perspective an overview;

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Neurofeedback training protocols based on spectral EEG feature subset and channel selection for performance enhancement of novice visual artists

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Neuroglobin overexpression plays a pivotal role in neuroprotection through mitochondrial raft-like microdomains in neuroblastoma SK-N-BE2 cells

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Neurogranin in the nucleus accumbens regulates NMDA receptor tolerance and motivation for ethanol seeking

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Neuroinflammation following disease modifying therapy in multiple sclerosis: A pilot positron emission tomography study

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Neuroleptic-Associated Hyperprolactinemia: Clinical Manifestations and Effects on Sexual Function

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Neurologic illness in Zambia: A neurointensivist's experience

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Neurological Complications in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus with Different Methods of Insulin Therapy

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Neurological recovery after acute ischemic stroke with obstructive sleep apnea

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Neurological soft signs in bipolar and unipolar disorder: A case-control study

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Neurological soft signs, dissociation and alexithymia in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and healthy subjects

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Neurologische Erkrankungen als Differenzialdiagnose bei Beschwerden in der Becken-Bein-Region; Neurological diseases as differential diagnoses for symptoms in the pelvic region and lower extremities;

Wick, W, 2018:
Neurologische Probleme nicht unterschätzen

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Neuromuscular diseases associated with Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection

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Neuromuscular disorders: 2017, a year to remember

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Neuromuscular variability and spatial accuracy in children and older adults

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Fast and robust adaptation of organs-at-risk delineations from planning scans to match daily anatomy in pre-treatment scans for online-adaptive radiotherapy of abdominal tumors

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Neuromylite optique de Devic sropositive neuro-imagerie normale

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Neuron-specific enolase and S-100b in prolonged targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest: A randomised study

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Neuronal activity in the sagittalis nucleus of the hypothalamus after ovarian steroid hormone manipulation and sexual behavior in female rat

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Neuronal autoantibodies shape symptomatology, cognitive function and brain structure in subjects at ultra-high risk for psychosis

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Neuronal autophagy and intercellular regulation of homeostasis in the brain

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Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis with severe biventricular impairment: a rare genetic disorder with associated myopathy?

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Neuronal death/apoptosis induced by intracellular zinc deficiency associated with changes in amino-acid neurotransmitters and glutamate receptor subtypes

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Neuronal functions of adaptor complexes involved in protein sorting

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Neuronal intranuclear hyaline inclusion disease presenting with childhood-onset night blindness associated with progressive retinal dystrophy

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Neuronal regulation of longevity by staying cool

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Neuronal-specific impairment of heparan sulfate degradation in Drosophila reveals pathogenic mechanisms for Mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIA

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Neuronopathic Gaucher disease; patient association takes the lead to improve awareness and encourage collaborative working

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Neuroparasitology of ParasiteInsect Associations

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Neuropathy of peripheral nerves in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy

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Neuropeptide Y (NPY) or cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART) fiber innervation on central and medial amygdaloid neurons that project to the locus coeruleus and dorsal raphe in the rat

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Neuropeptide Y, stressful life events and personality trait conscientiousness: Preliminary associations from a Swedish longitudinal study

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Neuropeptide Y2 receptors in anteroventral BNST control remote fear memory depending on extinction training

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Neuropharmacological effects of chronic opioid analgesic use on social cognition

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Neurophysiological Markers of Abnormal Development in Children with Mental Disorders

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Neurophysiological and cognitive effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in three girls with Rett Syndrome with chronic language impairments

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Neurophysiological effects in cortico-basal ganglia-thalamic circuits of antidyskinetic treatment with 5-HT 1A receptor biased agonists

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Neurophysiological processes and functional neuroanatomical structures underlying proactive effects of emotional conflicts

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Neuroprotective effect of Da Chuanxiong Formula against cognitive and motor deficits in a rat controlled cortical impact model of traumatic brain injury

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Neuroprotective effect of He-Ying-Qing-Re formula on retinal ganglion cell in diabetic retinopathy

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Neuroprotective effect of a physiological ratio of testosterone and estradiol on corticosterone-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells via Traf6/TAK1 pathway

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Neuroprotective effect of morin on lead acetate- induced apoptosis by preventing cytochrome c translocation via regulation of Bax/Bcl-2 ratio

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Neuroprotective effect of olfactory ensheathing cells co-transfected with Nurr1 and Ngn2 in both in vitro and in vivo models of Parkinson's disease

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Neuroprotective effect of rutin on iron induced oxidative stress and cytotoxicity in PC12 neuronal cells via Bcl-2/Bax/caspase-3 signaling pathways

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Neuroprotective effects of Tongxinluo on focal cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury in rats associated with the activation of the MEK1/2/ERK1/2/p90RSK signaling pathway

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Neuroprotective effects of topiramate and memantine in combination with hypothermia in hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in vitro and in vivo

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Neuroprotective effects of valproic acid on brain ischemia are related to its HDAC and GSK3 inhibitions

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Neuroprotective effects of voluntary running on cognitive dysfunction in an α-synuclein rat model of Parkinson's disease

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Neuroprotective nature of adipokine resistin in the early stages of focal cerebral ischemia in a stroke mouse model

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Neuropsychiatric disorders in idiopathic Parkinsons disease

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Neurostimulant use is associated with improved survival in comatose patients after cardiac arrest regardless of electroencephalographic substrate

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Neurotensin speeds inhibition of dopamine neurons through temporal modulation of GABA A and GABA B receptor-mediated synaptic input

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Neuroticism is linked to microstructural left-right asymmetry of fronto-limbic fibre tracts in adolescents with opposite effects in boys and girls

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Neuroticism, rumination, negative affect, and sleep: Examining between- and within-person associations

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Fast and robust Block-Sparse Bayesian learning for EEG source imaging

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Neurotoxicity Secondary to Bismuth Iodoform Paraffin Paste Packing in an Orbital Exenteration Cavity

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Neurotoxicity of Inhaled Anesthetics in Infant; ;

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Neurotoxicity of carbon monoxide targets caudate-mediated dopaminergic system

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Neurotoxicity of manganese: Indications for future research and public health intervention from the Manganese 2016 conference

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Neurotrophins and cholinergic enzyme regulated by calpain-2: New insights into neuronal apoptosis induced by polybrominated diphenyl ether-153

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Neustrukturierung des Verletzungsartenverfahrens-/Schwerstverletzungsartenverfahrenskatalog; Restructuring of the injury type procedure/severe injury type procedure catalogue;

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Neutral and acid-adapted fatty acid vesicles of conjugated linoleic acid

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Neutral derivatives of Thioflavin T do not exhibit viscosity-dependent fluorescence

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Neutral, charged excitons and biexcitons in strain-free and asymmetric GaAs quantum dots fabricated by local droplet etching

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Neutron Activator Design for 99Mo Production Yield Estimation via Lead and Water Moderators in Transmutations Analysis

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Neutron Activity of Thunderstorm Storm

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Neutron activation analysis for the characterization of seawater uranium adsorbents

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Neutron importance behavior in a VVER-1000 core during reactor operating cycle

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Neutron scattering measurement of water content and chemical composition of alkali-glass powder reacted gel

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Neutron sensitivity of 6 Li-based suspended foil microstrip neutron detectors using Schott Borofloat 33 microstrip electrodes

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Neutron tomography simulation by MAVRIC/Monaco code

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Neutrophil Elastase-Derived Fibrin Degradation Products Indicate Presence of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms and Correlate with Intraluminal Thrombus Volume

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Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and early clinical outcomes in patients with acute ischemic stroke

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Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio kinetics in patients with advanced solid tumours on phase I trials of PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors

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Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio improves outcome prediction of acute intracerebral hemorrhage

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Neutrophil:Lymphocyte ratio: Can we predict complications following hepatic resection for colorectal liver metastasis?

Huang, X; Zhao, J; Su, J; Jia, Z; Shi, X; Wright, A L.; Zhu-Barker, X; Jiang, X, 2018:
Neutrophilic bacteria are responsible for autotrophic ammonia oxidation in an acidic forest soil

Rejeb, H.; Kamoun, H.; Smadhi, H.; Touil, A.; Greb, D.; Akrout, I.; Abdelghaffar, H.; Hassene, H.; Fekih, L.; Megdiche, M.L., 2018:
Neutropnie fbrile chimio-induite dans le cancer bronchopulmonaire

Canady, V A., 2018:
Nevada consumer death in unlicensed home prompts state to propose changes

Ehrich, J; Pettoello-Mantovani, M, 2018 :
Never-Ending Stories, the Loop in PediatricsHow Many Pediatricians Need to be Trained in European Countries to Keep the Pediatric Workforce Stable?

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New 1,3-benzodioxole derivatives: Synthesis, evaluation of in vitro schistosomicidal activity and ultrastructural analysis

Lee, Y-Ting; Wang, M; Kokubo, K; Kang, N-Goo; Wolf, L; Tan, L-Seng; Chen, C-Ti; Chiang, L, 2018:
New 3D-stereoconfigurated cis -tris(fluorenylphenylamino)-benzene with large steric hindrance to minimize stacking in thin-film devices

Canady, V A., 2018:
New APA reporting standards to increase research transparency

Kalina, R; Gladkikh, I; Dmitrenok, P; Chernikov, O; Koshelev, S; Kvetkina, A; Kozlov, S; Kozlovskaya, E; Monastyrnaya, M, 2018:
New APETx-like peptides from sea anemone Heteractis crispa modulate ASIC1a channels

Basova, N. E.; Kormilitsyn, B. N.; Perchenok, A. Yu.; Rozengart, E. V.; Saakov, V. S.; Suvorov, A. A., 2018:
New Acylate and Thioacylate Effectors of Mammalian Cholinesterases Based on Cyclic Ammonium Alcohols Containing Elements of the Anabasine Structure

Faraji, A H; Richardson, R Mark, 2018:
New Antiepileptic Drugs Have Not Improved Treatment Outcomes

Kamijo, T; Matsumoto, K; Onitsuka, T; Imai, A; Iida, Y; Nagaoka, M; Kitani, T, 2018:
New Approach to Prevention of Postoperative Delirium in Patients Undergoing Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Kroon, P C.; Wassenaar, T A.; Barnoud, J; Marrink, S-Jan, 2018:
New Automated and High-throughput Tools for the Martini Forcefield

Canady, V A., 2018:
New CEO of Bazelon brings real-world experience to new role

Piening, B D., 2018:
New Clues to Human Longevity

Giang, P Minh; Otsuka, H, 2018:
New Compounds and Potential Candidates for Drug Discovery from Medicinal Plants of Vietnam

Gabsatarova, I. P.; Baranov, S. V., 2018:
New Data on Aftershocks of the December 7, 1988, Spitak Earthquake

Henry, A.; Bezrukova, E. V.; Teten’kin, A. V.; Kuz’min, M. I., 2018:
New Data on Vegetation and Climate Reconstruction in the Baikal-Patom Highland (Eastern Siberia) in the Last Glacial Maximum and Early Holocene

Khudoley, A. K.; Alexeiev, D. V.; DuFrane, S. A.; Degtyarev, K. E.; Letnikova, E. F., 2018:
New Data on the Age of Detrital Zircons from the Kokdjot Group and Bolshekaroi Formation, Malyi Karatau (Southern Kazakhstan)

Tsukanov, N. V.; Skolotnev, S. G., 2018:
New Data on the Composition of Cretaceous Volcanic Rocks of the Alazeya Plateau, Northeastern Yakutia

Skolotnev, S. G.; Tsukanov, N. V.; Sidorov, E. G., 2018:
New Data on the Composition of Ophiolite Complexes on Karaginskii Island (Eastern Kamchatka)

DeCou, J A.; Sams, S H., 2018:
New Diabetes Medications Raise New Perioperative Concerns for the Anesthesiologist

Ishikawa, H; Imai, T; Naitoh, H, 2018:
New Drive Circuit for Reducing the Switching Current Ripples in Switched Reluctance Motors

McPherson, M Lynn, 2018:
New Drugs and Drug News: The 411 and Implications for Palliative Care (TH364)

Timaeva, O. I.; Kuz’micheva, G. M.; Chihacheva, I. P., 2018:
New Effects in the Poly-N-Vinylcaprolactam/Titanium(IV) Oxides Nanocomposite System and Their Nature

Reiersen, A M., 2018:
New Evidence of Genetic Overlap Between Atypical Sensory Reactivity and Autistic Traits: Implications for Future Research

Knopf, A, 2018:
New FDA guidance will ease access to MAT, new medications

Blatt, M R., 2018:
New Faces behind the Scenes

Lindsay, J; Sandaradura, I; Wong, K; Arthur, C; Stevenson, W; Kerridge, I; Fay, K; Coyle, L; Greenwood, M, 2018:
New Formulation Suba-Itraconazole Prophylaxis in Patients with Haematological Malignancy or Undergoing Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation

Parfenova, T. M., 2018:
New Geochemical Data on the Organic Matter in Rocks of the Lower and Middle Cambrian Kuonamka Complex, the LenaAmga Interfluve Area, Southeastern Siberian Platform

Cooper, R, 2018:
New Honorary Member of BSPP

Michalek, A M., 2018:
New Horizons

Kusase, S; Kurihara, K, 2018:
New Hybrid-Excited Motor Using Armature Windings as Field Flux Source

Thampi, S; Sheth, S; Madu, C; Chionchio, A; Loukas, E, 2018:
New Innovations in Treatment and Monitoring of Heart Failure With Guidelines on the Use of Sacubitril/Valsartan and Ivabradine

Duan, W; Zhiqian, G; Tailiang, F; Miaomiao, M; Yue, C; Yangbing, L; Chenjia, Z, 2018:
New Insight into the Characteristics of Tight Carbonate based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Enos, G, 2018:
New Jersey advocates want expansion of county-based early intervention

Holinstat, M, 2018:
New LINE(s) of Evidence for Genetic Regulation of Platelets

Langley, T E, 2018:
New Lessons for Addressing Article 12

Bober, S; Riehl, T; Henne, S; Brandt, A, 2018:
New Macrostylidae (Isopoda) from the Northwest Pacific Basin described by means of integrative taxonomy with reference to geographical barriers in the abyss

Garg, S K.; Rewers, A H.; Akturk, H. Kaan, 2018:
New Medications for the Treatment of Diabetes

Krzyzanowska-Mittermayer, K; Mattsson, A F; Maiter, D; Feldt-Rasmussen, U; Camacho-Hübner, C; Luger, A; Abs, R, 2018:
New Neoplasm During GH Replacement in Adults With Pituitary Deficiency Following Malignancy: A KIMS Analysis

Shakhovskoy, I. B.; Malikova, D. Y., 2018:
New Occurrences of Flying Fishes Cheilopogon melanurus and C. heterurus (Exocoetidae) in the North Central Atlantic and Eastern Part of the Mediterranean Sea

Melo, M C.; Bernardi, R C.; Schulten, K; Luthey-Schulten, Z, 2018:
New QMMM Interface to NAMD Probes tRNA Charging Mechanism

Connell, N, 2018:
New RCVS junior vice-president elected

Aschenbrenner,, D S., 2018:
New Radiopharmaceutical Approved to Treat Rare Digestive Tract Cancer

Eiseman, C S., 2018:
New Rearing Records for Muscoid Leafminers (Diptera: Anthomyiidae, Scathophagidae) in the United States

Knopf, A, 2018:
New SAMHSA head issues clear guidance on NREPP, opioids: Evidence and MAT

Yin, Z-Wei, 2018:
New Species and Records of Myrmecophilous Pselaphinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from China

Bueno-Soria, Jín; Barba-Alvarez, R, 2018:
New Species and a New Record of Caddisflies (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae) from Chiapas, Mxico

Biakov, A. S., 2018:
New Species of Inoceramus-like Bivalves of the Subfamily Kolymiinae from the Middle Permian of Northeastern Asia

Omelko, M. M.; Omelko, N. V., 2018:
New Species of the Genus Photodotis Meyr. (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) in the Fauna of Laos

Guseinov, T. O.; Kuznetsova, V. E.; Shershov, V. E.; Spitsyn, M. A.; Lapa, S. A.; Zasedatelev, A. S.; Chudinov, A. V., 2018:
New Synthetic Route to CY5-Labeled 2'-Deoxycytidine- 5'-Triphosphates Using Sonogashira Reaction

Shvetsova, N. A.; Makarev, D. I.; Shvetsov, I. A.; Shcherbinin, S. A.; Rybyanets, A. N., 2018:
New Techniques and Designs of Focusing Piezoelectric Transducers for Ultrasonic Diagnostics and Therapy

Aschenbrenner, D S., 2018:
New Treatment for BRCA-Mutated Metastatic Breast Cancer

Stanton, B F., 2018:
New Understanding of Mechanisms and New Hope for Treatments

Pakhnevich, A. V., 2018:
New Upper Devonian Rhynchonellids (Brachiopoda) from Transcaucasia

Canady, V A., 2018:
New York state awards funding to providers in push to reform HC system

Lang, Jörg; Lauer, T; Winsemann, J, 2018:
New age constraints for the Saalian glaciation in northern central Europe: Implications for the extent of ice sheets and related proglacial lake systems

González-Reig, S; Penacho, V; Amorós, D; Castejón-Fernández, N; Blanca, H; Galán, F; Alcaraz, L A., 2018:
New all-in-one protocol for 24-chromosome aneuploidies and monogenic diseases detection by next- generation sequencing: first-year experience

Vogel, L, 2018:
New ammunition in the fight to label unhealthy foods

Liu, J; Tan, M; Hu, Y, 2018:
New analytical formulas to estimate the pullout capacity factor for rectangular plate anchors in NC clay

Shamsi, S; Steller, E; Chen, Y, 2018:
New and known zoonotic nematode larvae within selected fish species from Queensland waters in Australia

Szymanska-Michalak, A; Wawrzyniak, D; Framski, G; Stawinski, J; Barciszewski, J; Kraszewski, A, 2018:
New antiglioma zwitterionic pronucleotides with an FdUMP framework

Hichri, F.; Ben Salah, N.; Omri, A.; Hossan, A.S.M.; Ben Jannet, H., 2018:
New antioxidant C -glycosyl flavone and flavonol derivatives from the Tunisian Achille acretica L

Wang, Y; Li, L; Wang, Y; Zhu, X; Jiang, M; Song, E; Song, Y, 2018:
New application of the commercial sweetener rebaudioside a as a hepatoprotective candidate: Induction of the Nrf2 signaling pathway

MoradiDowlatabad, M; Jamiolahmady, M, 2018:
New approach for predicting multiple fractured horizontal wells performance in tight reservoirs

Freeman, A I.; Surridge, B W.J.; Matthews, M; Stewart, M; Haygarth, P M., 2018:
New approaches to enhance pollutant removal in artificially aerated wastewater treatment systems

Dworacka, M; Chukanova, G; Iskakova, S; Kurmambayev, Y; Wesołowska, A; Frycz, B A.; Jagodziński, Pł P.; Dworacki, G, 2018:
New arguments for beneficial effects of alpha-lipoic acid on the cardiovascular system in the course of type 2 diabetes

Karnišová Potocká, E; Mastihubová, Mária; Čičová, I; Mastihuba, Vír, 2018:
New assay of α-l-rhamnosidase

Altmann, T.; Bergschneider, E.; Heckötter, J.; Birth, K.; Wild, S.; Conforti Andreoni, C.; Dzionek, A., 2018:
New automated and closed electroporation system that yields cross-presenting Mo-DCs with improved functionality

Şahin, Çiğdem; Apostolopoulou, A; Stathatos, E, 2018:
New bipyridine ruthenium dye complexes with amide based ancillary ligands as sensitizers in semitransparent quasi-solid-state dye sensitized solar cells

Koufos, G D.; Mayda, S; Kaya, T, 2018:
New carnivoran remains from the Late Miocene of Turkey

Fajgelj, A, 2018:
New challenges

Wang, J-Feng; Zhou, L-Man; Chen, S-Tian; Yang, B; Liao, S-Rong; Kong, F-Dong; Lin, X-Ping; Wang, F-Zuo; Zhou, X-Feng; Liu, Y-Hong, 2018:
New chlorinated diphenyl ethers and xanthones from a deep-sea-derived fungus Penicillium chrysogenum SCSIO 41001

Kumar, D; Manafian, J; Hawlader, F; Ranjbaran, A, 2018:
New closed form soliton and other solutions of the KunduEckhaus equation via the extended sinh-Gordon equation expansion method

Nomura, T; Hashimoto, Y; Kurushima, J; Hirakawa, H; Tanimoto, K; Zheng, B; Ruan, G; Xue, F; Liu, J; Hisatsune, J; Sugai, M; Tomita, H, 2018:
New colony multiplex PCR assays for the detection and discrimination of vancomycin-resistant enterococcal species

Xie, F; Du, C-Ceng; Dong, J-Liang; Du, J-Qiang; Han, Y-Zhi; Wang, D-Zhi, 2018:
New complexes constructed based on (1 H -tetrazol-5-yl)phenol: Synthesis, structures and properties

Kurzajewska, Młgorzata; Kwiatek, D; Kubicki, M; Brzezinski, Bł; Hnatejko, Z, 2018:
New complexes of 2-(4-pyridyl)-1,3-benzothiazole with metal ions; synthesis, structural and spectral studies

Sayer, A H.; Al-Hussaini, H; Campbell, A N., 2018:
New comprehensive investigation on the feasibility of the gel solar pond, and a comparison with the salinity gradient solar pond

Crépisson, Céline; Blanchard, M; Lazzeri, M; Balan, E; Sanloup, Cèle, 2018:
New constraints on Xe incorporation mechanisms in olivine from first-principles calculations

Kloc, Lš; Sklenička, Václav; Dymáček, P; Plešek, Jří, 2018:
New creep constitutive equation for finite element modelling including transient effects

Enos, G, 2018:
New data contradict GOP claim that Medicaid worsened opioid crisis

Ukritchon, B; Wongtoythong, P; Keawsawasvong, S, 2018:
New design equation for undrained pullout capacity of suction caissons considering combined effects of caisson aspect ratio, adhesion factor at interface, and linearly increasing strength

Wang, S; Fan, J; Ge, J; Wang, Q; Yong, C; You, W, 2018:
New design of external heat-ratio method for measuring low and reverse rates of sap flow in thin stems

Jiang, W; Yue, S; He, S; Chen, C; Liu, S; Jiang, H; Tong, H; Liu, X; Wang, J; Zhang, F; Sun, H; Li, M; Wang, C, 2018:
New design of probe and central-homo primer pairs to improve TaqMan PCR accuracy for HBV detection

Badawy, T; Hamza, M; Ahmad, A; Mansour, M S.; Abdel-Hafez, A-Hafez, H.; Imam, H, 2018:
New developed burner towards stable lean turbulent partially premixed flames

Nerenberg, P S; Head-Gordon, T, 2018:
New developments in force fields for biomolecular simulations

Breda, A.; Territo, A., 2018:
New diagnostic tools for upper urinary tract TCC

Szyszkowska, A; Klasek, A; Pawlędzio, S; Trzybiński, D; Woźniak, K; Zarzyka, I, 2018:
New diols with imidazoquinazoline ring

Kröger, S.; Windholz, L.; Başar, Gü.; Başar, Gö., 2018:
New energy levels of atomic niobium (Nb I) discovered by laser-spectroscopic investigations

Ren, J, 2018:
New energy vehicle in China for sustainable development: Analysis of success factors and strategic implications

Brown, S P.A., 2018:
New estimates of the security costs of U.S. oil consumption

Will, T.M.; Schmädicke, E.; Ling, X.-X.; Li, X.-H.; Li, Q.-L., 2018:
New evidence for an old idea: Geochronological constraints for a paired metamorphic belt in the central European Variscides

Certain, Rël; Dia, A; Aleman, N; Robin, N; Vernet, R; Barusseau, J-Paul; Raynal, O, 2018:
New evidence of relative sea-level stability during the post-6000 Holocene on the Banc d'Arguin (Mauritania)

March, E; McBean, T, 2018:
New evidence shows self-esteem moderates the relationship between narcissism and selfies

Zhang, Z; Brock, G A., 2018:
New evolutionary and ecological advances in deciphering the Cambrian explosion of animal life

Singh, J Prakash; Roy, B Krishna; Jafari, S, 2018:
New family of 4-D hyperchaotic and chaotic systems with quadric surfaces of equilibria

Artuğ, N. Tuğrul; Goker, I; Bolat, Bülent; Osman, O; Orhan, E Kocasoy; Baslo, M. Baris, 2018:
New features for scanned bioelectrical activity of motor unit in health and disease

Ribeiro, C J.A.; Kankanala, J; Shi, K; Kurahashi, K; Kiselev, E; Ravji, A; Pommier, Y; Aihara, H; Wang, Z, 2018:
New fluorescence-based high-throughput screening assay for small molecule inhibitors of tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 2 (TDP2)

Salmivaara, A, 2018:
New governance of labour rights: the perspective of Cambodian garment workers struggles

Roosta, A, 2018:
New group interaction parameters of the UNIFAC model for the solubility of water in fatty acid methyl esters and biodiesel

Bubnov, Y. N.; Spiridonov, Y. Ya.; Kuznetsov, N. Yu., 2018:
New growth regulators of corn based on N-mono- and N,N-bis-3-butenyldichloroacetamides

Anwar, Z M.; Ibrahim, I A.; Kamel, R M.; Abdel-Salam, E T.; El-Asfoury, M H., 2018:
New highly sensitive and selective fluorescent terbium complex for the detection of aluminium ions

Glauser, W, 2018:
New hope for unsanctioned safe injection site

Colombo, V Carolina; Gamietea, I; Loffler, S Grune; Brihuega, B Fel; Beldomenico, P Martin, 2018:
New host species for Leptospira borgpetersenii and Leptospira interrogans serovar Copenhageni