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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65133

Chapter 65133 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhemchugova, V. A.; Berbenev, M. O., 2018:
Sedimentation Model of Rocks of the Pokur Formation: Basis for the Prediction of Filtration-Volumetric Characteristics (Upper Cretaceous, West Siberia)

Benn, F.A.; Fawell, P.D.; Halewood, J.; Austin, P.J.; Costine, A.D.; Jones, W.G.; Francis, N.S.; Druett, D.C.; Lester, D., 2018:
Sedimentation and consolidation of different density aggregates formed by polymer-bridging flocculation

Santos, N Brandão Costa; Fagundes, Fávia Marques; de Oliveira Arouca, Fábio; Damasceno, Jão Jorge Ribeiro, 2018:
Sedimentation of solids in drilling fluids used in oil well drilling operations

Pavelić, D; Kovačić, M, 2018:
Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Neogene rift-type North Croatian Basin (Pannonian Basin System, Croatia): A review

Stevens, B. P. J.; Bradley, G. M., 2018:
Sedimentology in metamorphic rocks, the Willyama Supergroup, Broken Hill, Australia

Moxness, L D.; Isbell, J L.; Pauls, K N.; Limarino, C O.; Schencman, J, 2018:
Sedimentology of the mid-Carboniferous fill of the Olta paleovalley, eastern Paganzo Basin, Argentina: Implications for glaciation and controls on diachronous deglaciation in western Gondwana during the late Paleozoic Ice Age

Clark, R A.; Pua, Y-Hao, 2018:
SeeSway A free web-based system for analysing and exploring standing balance data

Sangsupan, H A.; Hibbs, D E.; Withrow-Robinson, B A.; Elliott, S, 2018 :
Seed and microsite limitations of large-seeded, zoochorous trees in tropical forest restoration plantations in northern Thailand

Kirkegaard Nielsen, Søren; Munkholm, L Juhl; Lamandé, M; Nørremark, M; Edwards, G T.C.; Green, O, 2018:
Seed drill depth control system for precision seeding

Decruse, S.W.; Neethu, R.S.; Pradeep, N.S., 2018:
Seed germination and seedling growth promoted by a Ceratobasidiaceae clone in Vanda thwaitesii Hook. f., an endangered orchid species endemic to South Western Ghats, India and Sri Lanka

Mohamed, E; Kasem, A M.M.; Farghali, K A., 2018:
Seed germination of Egyptian Pancratium maritimum under salinity with regard to cytology, antioxidant and reserve mobilization enzymes, and seed anatomy

Azevedo, I Henrique Freitas; Braz, D Monte, 2018:
Seed morphology of Ruellia L. (Acanthaceae) from the Southeastern Brazilian Atlantic rain forest: Taxonomic, phylogenetic, and ecological aspects

Rehman, A; Farooq, M; Naveed, M; Nawaz, A; Shahzad, B, 2018:
Seed priming of Zn with endophytic bacteria improves the productivity and grain biofortification of bread wheat

Türedi, M; Eşen, D; Çetin, B, 2018:
Seed screening of three pine species for glyphosate sensitivity for forest restoration

Yamane, K.; Garcia, R.; Imayoshi, K.; Mabesa-Telosa, R.C.; Banayo, N.P.M.C.; Vergara, G.; Yamauchi, A.; Sta. Cruz, P.; Kato, Y., 2018:
Seed vigour contributes to yield improvement in dry direct-seeded rainfed lowland rice

DiTommaso, A; Stokes, C A.; Cordeau, Séphane; Milbrath, L R.; Whitlow, T H., 2018:
Seed-Dispersal Ability of the Invasive Perennial Vines Vincetoxicum nigrum and Vincetoxicum rossicum

Yue, Y; Kang, Y; Bai, Y; Gu, L; Liu, H; Bao, J; Wang, T; Yuan, P; Zhu, H; Bai, Z; Bao, X, 2018:
Seed-assisted, template-free synthesis of ZSM-5 zeolite from natural aluminosilicate minerals

Uzal, L.C.; Grinblat, G.L.; Namías, R.; Larese, M.G.; Bianchi, J.S.; Morandi, E.N.; Granitto, P.M., 2018:
Seed-per-pod estimation for plant breeding using deep learning

Nishanthan, K.; Sivachandiran, S.; Marambe, B., 2018:
Seedbank dynamics and integrated management of Parthenium hysterophorus in vegetable capsicum

Cao, S; Liu, K; Du, G; Baskin, J M.; Baskin, C C.; Bu, H; Qi, W, 2018:
Seedling emergence of 144 subalpine meadow plants: effects of phylogeny, life cycle type and seed mass

Luoranen, J; Saksa, T; Lappi, J, 2018:
Seedling, planting site and weather factors affecting the success of autumn plantings in Norway spruce and Scots pine seedlings

Harris, S A., 2018:
Seeds: more than meets the eye

Kwok, C; Crone, C; Ardern, Y; Norberg, M M., 2018:
Seeing human when feeling insecure and wanting closeness: A systematic review

van Gelder, J-Louis; Martin, C; van Prooijen, J-Willem; de Vries, R; Marsman, M; Averdijk, M; Reynald, D; Donker, T, 2018:
Seeing is Believing? Comparing Negative Affect, Realism and Presence in Visual Versus Written Guardianship Scenarios

Luo, W; Arhatari, B; Gray, S R.; Xie, M, 2018:
Seeing is believing: Insights from synchrotron infrared mapping for membrane fouling in osmotic membrane bioreactors

Parsons, L; Lawreniuk, S, 2018:
Seeing like the stateless: Documentation and the mobilities of liminal citizenship in Cambodia

Jonason, P K.; Oshio, A; Shimotsukasa, T; Mieda, T; Csathó, Árpád; Sitnikova, M, 2018:
Seeing the world in black or white: The Dark Triad traits and dichotomous thinking

Hathaway, N J; Parobek, C M; Juliano, J J; Bailey, J A, 2018:
SeekDeep: single-base resolution de novo clustering for amplicon deep sequencing

Wu, T; Deng, Z; Zhang, D; Buchanan, P R.; Zha, D; Wang, R, 2018:
Seeking and using intention of health information from doctors in social media: The effect of doctor-consumer interaction

Nickerson, S M., 2018:
Seeking graphic medicine narratives

Barros, S Cerqueira; Silva, M Manuela, 2018:
Seeking the lowest phase transition temperature in a cellulosic system for textile applications

Borchers, M, 2018:
Seelischer Stoßdämpfer für harte Zeiten

Kronberg, I, 2018:
Seeschlangen streifen Schadstoffe mit der schwarzen Haut ab

Mongus, D; Žalik, B, 2018:
Segmentation schema for enhancing land cover identification: A case study using Sentinel 2 data

Qi, J; Zhao, J; Xu, Y; Wang, Y; Han, K, 2018:
Segmented heating carbonization of biomass: Yields, property and estimation of heating value of chars

Ramírez-Aragón, C; Alba-Elías, F; González-Marcos, A; Ordieres-Meré, Jín, 2018:
Segregation in the tank of a rotary tablet press machine using experimental and discrete element methods

Devanthi, P Virgina Partha; El Kadri, H; Bowden, A; Spyropoulos, F; Gkatzionis, K, 2018:
Segregation of Tetragenococcus halophilus and Zygosaccharomyces rouxii using W 1 /O/W 2 double emulsion for use in mixed culture fermentation

Barve, S; Babrekar, H; Bhave, T; Bhoraskar, S.V., 2018:
Segregation of nanoparticles by electrophoretic deposition technique: A mathematical model and its validation

Haerifard, S.; Jarahi, H.; Pourkermani, M.; Almasian, M., 2018:
Seismic Hazard Assessment at EsfaraenBojnurd Railway, NorthEast of Iran

Vallejos, J A.; Estay, R A., 2018:
Seismic Parameters of Mining-Induced Aftershock Sequences for Re-entry Protocol Development

Geary, A, 2018:
Seismic Soundoff

Yuan, S; Liu, J; Wang, S; Wang, T; Shi, P, 2018:
Seismic Waveform Classification and First-Break Picking Using Convolution Neural Networks

Feng, S-Jin; Chang, J-Yun; Chen, H-Xin, 2018:
Seismic analysis of landfill considering the effect of GM-GCL interface within liner

Cao, Y; Jung, H; Song, S, 2018:
Seismic anisotropies of the Songshugou peridotites (Qinling orogen, central China) and their seismic implications

Licciardi, A.; Eken, T.; Taymaz, T.; Piana Agostinetti, N.; Yolsal-Çevikbilen, S., 2018:
Seismic anisotropy in central north Anatolian Fault Zone and its implications on crustal deformation

Qin, C; Chian, S Chen, 2018:
Seismic bearing capacity of non-uniform soil slopes using discretization-based kinematic analysis considering Rayleigh waves

Cinicioglu, O; Erkli, A, 2018:
Seismic bearing capacity of surficial foundations on sloping cohesive ground

Cengiz, C.; Güler, E., 2018:
Seismic behavior of geosynthetic encased columns and ordinary stone columns

Oyguc, R; Toros, C; Abdelnaby, A E., 2018:
Seismic behavior of irregular reinforced-concrete structures under multiple earthquake excitations

Ma, G; Li, H; Hwang, H-Jong, 2018:
Seismic behavior of low-corroded reinforced concrete short columns in an over 20-year building structure

Peresan, A; Gentili, S, 2018:
Seismic clusters analysis in Northeastern Italy by the nearest-neighbor approach

Mazza, F, 2018:
Seismic demand of base-isolated irregular structures subjected to pulse-type earthquakes

Dal Lago, B; Negro, P; Dal Lago, A, 2018:
Seismic design and performance of dry-assembled precast structures with adaptable joints

Guo, J; Germán Rubino, J.; Barbosa, Nás D.; Glubokovskikh, S; Gurevich, B, 2018:
Seismic dispersion and attenuation in saturated porous rocks with aligned fractures of finite thickness: Theory and numerical simulations Part 2: Frequency-dependent anisotropy

Haney, M M; Matoza, R S; Fee, D; Aldridge, D F, 2018:
Seismic equivalents of volcanic jet scaling laws and multipoles in acoustics

Pang, R; Xu, B; Kong, X; Zou, D, 2018:
Seismic fragility for high CFRDs based on deformation and damage index through incremental dynamic analysis

Wang, J-Ting; Zhang, M-Xu; Jin, A-Yun; Zhang, C-Han, 2018:
Seismic fragility of arch dams based on damage analysis

Mohan, K; Rastogi, B.K.; Pancholi, V; Gandhi, D, 2018:
Seismic hazard assessment at micro level in Gandhinagar (the capital of Gujarat, India) considering soil effects

Neidell, N S.; Charuk, J, 2018:
Seismic image undersampling Resolution, visibility, and display

Asim, K M.; Idris, A; Iqbal, T; Martínez-Álvarez, F, 2018:
Seismic indicators based earthquake predictor system using Genetic Programming and AdaBoost classification

Hilterman, F; Nicholson, F; Qi, C, 2018:
Seismic interpretation when short-period internal multiples are present

Mukhopadhyay, B; Sengupta, D, 2018:
Seismic moment release data in earthquake catalogue: Application of Hurst statistics in delineating temporal clustering and seismic vulnerability

Arámbula-Mendoza, Rúl; Reyes-Dávila, G; Vargas-Bracamontes Dulce, M.; González-Amezcua, M; Navarro-Ochoa, C; Martínez-Fierros, A; Ramírez-Vázquez, A, 2018:
Seismic monitoring of effusive-explosive activity and large lava dome collapses during 20132015 at Volcn de Colima, Mexico

Santhoshkumar, G.; Ghosh, P, 2018:
Seismic passive earth pressure on an inclined cantilever retaining wall using method of stress characteristics A new approach

De Risi, R; Bhattacharya, S; Goda, K, 2018:
Seismic performance assessment of monopile-supported offshore wind turbines using unscaled natural earthquake records

Pang, R; Xu, B; Kong, X; Zou, D; Zhou, Y, 2018:
Seismic reliability assessment of earth-rockfill dam slopes considering strain-softening of rockfill based on generalized probability density evolution method

Kim, S; De Santis, L; Hong, J Kuk; Cottlerle, D; Petronio, L; Colizza, E; Kim, Y-Gyun; Kang, S-Goo; Kim, H Jun; Kim, S; Wardell, N; Geletti, R; Bergamasco, A; McKay, R; Jin, Y Keun; Kang, S-Ho, 2018:
Seismic stratigraphy of the Central Basin in northwestern Ross Sea slope and rise, Antarctica: Clues to the late Cenozoic ice-sheet dynamics and bottom-current activity

Clark, R W.; Sager, W W.; Zhang, J, 2018:
Seismic stratigraphy of the Shatsky Rise sediment cap, northwest Pacific, and implications for pelagic sedimentation atop submarine plateaus

Borisov, D.G.; Murdmaa, I.O., 2018:
Seismic stratigraphy of the Upper Quaternary deposits on the northeastern slope of the Cear Rise ( Central Atlantic )

Pepe, F.; Di Donato, V.; Insinga, D.; Molisso, F.; Faraci, C.; Sacchi, M.; Dera, R.; Ferranti, L.; Passaro, S., 2018:
Seismic stratigraphy of upper Quaternary shallow-water contourite drifts in the Gulf of Taranto (Ionian Sea, southern Italy)

Ganesh, R.; Khuntia, S; Sahoo, J Prasad, 2018:
Seismic uplift capacity of shallow strip anchors: A new pseudo-dynamic upper bound limit analysis

El-Taha, Y Charles; May, R, 2018:
Seismic with simultaneous sources: Where does the industry stand?

Salomon, M Lan; Grasemann, B; Plan, L; Gier, S; Schöpfer, M P.J., 2018:
Seismically-triggered soft-sediment deformation structures close to a major strike-slip fault system in the Eastern Alps (Hirlatz cave, Austria)

Obana, K; Nakamura, Y; Fujie, G; Kodaira, S; Kaiho, Y; Yamamoto, Y; Miura, S, 2018:
Seismicity in the source areas of the 1896 and 1933 Sanriku earthquakes and implications for large near-trench earthquake faults

Verdon, J P; Kendall, J-Michael; Butcher, A; Luckett, R; Baptie, B J, 2018:
Seismicity induced by longwall coal mining at the Thoresby Colliery, Nottinghamshire, U.K

Morozov, A. N.; Vaganova, N. V.; Asming, V. E.; Mikhailova, Y. A., 2018:
Seismicity of the North of the Russian Plate: Relocation of Recent Earthquakese

Liu, Y; Smeulders, D; Su, Y; Tang, X, 2018:
Seismoelectric interface electromagnetic wave characteristics for the finite offset Vertical Seismoelectric Profiling configuration: Theoretical modeling and experiment verification

Reynolds, K; Copley, A, 2018:
Seismological constraints on the down-dip shape of normal faults

Pilotto, C; Liu, J-Fen; Walker, D A.; Whitehouse, W P., 2018:
Seizure characteristics and the use of anti-epileptic drugs in children and young people with brain tumours and epileptic seizures: Analysis of regional paediatric cancer service population

Hooper, A; Paracha, R; Maguire, J, 2018:
Seizure-induced activation of the HPA axis increases seizure frequency and comorbid depression-like behaviors

Malkov, A; Ivanov, A I.; Buldakova, S; Waseem, T; Popova, I; Zilberter, M; Zilberter, Y, 2018 :
Seizure-induced reduction in glucose utilization promotes brain hypometabolism during epileptogenesis

Fan, X; Li, Y; Shan, X; You, G; Wu, Z; Li, Z; Qiao, H; Jiang, T, 2018:
Seizures at presentation are correlated with better survival outcomes in adult diffuse glioma: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Wang, Y-Chi; Chuang, C-Cheng; Tu, P-Hsun; Wei, K-Chen; Wu, C-Tsai; Lee, C-Chi; Liu, Z-Hao; Chen, P-Yuan, 2018:
Seizures in surgically resected atypical and malignant meningiomas: Long-term outcome analysis

Forrester, P.J.; Ipsen, J.R., 2018:
Selberg integral theory and MuttalibBorodin ensembles

Gore, E M., 2018:
Select Patients With Limited Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer Should Be Treated Aggressively

Chung, S.S.; Zheng, J.S.; Burket, S.R.; Brooks, B.W., 2018:
Select antibiotics in leachate from closed and active landfills exceed thresholds for antibiotic resistance development

Dediu, A-Horia; Martin-Vide, C, 2018:
Selected Papers of the First International Conference on Algorithms for Computational Biology (AlCoB 2014)

Khairy, M A.; Lohmann, R, 2018:
Selected organohalogenated flame retardants in Egyptian indoor and outdoor environments: Levels, sources and implications for human exposure

Lazar, H L., 2018:
Selected papers from the international coronary congress

Walia, M K.; Dick, W A., 2018:
Selected soil physical properties and aggregate-associated carbon and nitrogen as influenced by gypsum, crop residue, and glucose

Wu, W; Skye, H M.; Domanski, P A., 2018:
Selecting HVAC systems to achieve comfortable and cost-effective residential net-zero energy buildings

Ismagilov, F. R.; Ismagilov, S. G.; Tarasov, N. G.; Ayguzina, V. V., 2018:
Selecting Optimal Dimensions for a High-Temperature Aircraft Starter Generator

Arroyo, P; Molinos-Senante, Mía, 2018:
Selecting appropriate wastewater treatment technologies using a choosing-by-advantages approach

Williams, N M.; Lonsdorf, E V., 2018:
Selecting cost-effective plant mixes to support pollinators

Aramrun, P; Beresford, N A.; Wood, M D., 2018:
Selecting passive dosimetry technologies for measuring the external dose of terrestrial wildlife

Philippou, S; Mastroyiannopoulos, N P.; Makrides, N; Lederer, C W.; Kleanthous, M; Phylactou, L A., 2018:
Selection and Identification of Skeletal-Muscle-Targeted RNA Aptamers

Ding, H; Lv, F; Wu, H; Yan, X, 2018:
Selection and characterization of an improved strain produced by inter-species hybridization between Pyropia sp. from India and Pyropia haitanensis from China

Sun, H; Xie, S; Li, X; Xu, F; Li, Y; Boucher, C E.; Chen, X, 2018:
Selection of Avibacterium paragallinarum Page serovar B strains for an infectious coryza vaccine

Chen, Y; Li, H; Gao, T; Zhang, T; Xu, L; Wang, B; Wang, J; Pei, R, 2018:
Selection of DNA aptamers for the development of light-up biosensor to detect Pb(II)

Vallin, P-Augustin; Marquis-Favre, C; Gille, L-Anne; Ellermeier, W, 2018:
Selection of a sound propagation model for noise annoyance prediction: A perceptual approach

Pei, B; Pang, W; Testik, F Y.; Ravichandran, N; Liu, F, 2018:
Selection of hazard-consistent hurricane scenarios for regional combined hurricane wind and flood loss estimation

Campagnollo, F B.; Margalho, L P.; Kamimura, B A.; Feliciano, M D.; Freire, L; Lopes, Lícia S.; Alvarenga, Vônica O.; Cadavez, V A.P.; Gonzales-Barron, U; Schaffner, D W.; Sant’Ana, A S., 2018:
Selection of indigenous lactic acid bacteria presenting anti-listerial activity, and their role in reducing the maturation period and assuring the safety of traditional Brazilian cheeses

Zhang, H; Zheng, Y; Zhou, D; Long, X, 2018:
Selection of key technology policies for Chinese offshore wind power: A perspective on patent maps

Han, X; Liu, J; Mitra, S; Li, X; Srivastava, P; Guzman, S M.; Chen, X, 2018:
Selection of optimal scales for soil depth prediction on headwater hillslopes: A modeling approach

Jafari, A; Valentin, V, 2018:
Selection of optimization objectives for decision-making in building energy retrofits

Mo, L; Zheng, X; Sun, Y; Yu, L; Luo, X; Xu, X; Qin, X; Gao, Y; Mai, B, 2018:
Selection of passerine birds as bio-sentinel of persistent organic pollutants in terrestrial environment

Xu, R; Zheng, X, 2018:
Selection of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in Octopus minor (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) under acute ammonia stress

Büyüközkan, Gülçin; Feyzioğlu, O; Göçer, F, 2018:
Selection of sustainable urban transportation alternatives using an integrated intuitionistic fuzzy Choquet integral approach

Murmu, S Biswas; Mishra, H Niwas, 2018:
Selection of the best active modified atmosphere packaging with ethylene and moisture scavengers to maintain quality of guava during low-temperature storage

Gupta, S Kumar; Shukla, D P.; Thakur, M, 2018:
Selection of weightages for causative factors used in preparation of landslide susceptibility zonation (LSZ)

Yatsu, T; Kusakabe, T; Kato, K; Inouye, Y; Nemoto, K; Kanno, Y, 2018:
Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, YK11, Up-Regulates Osteoblastic Proliferation and Differentiation in MC3T3-E1 Cells

Zhou, J; Gao, F; Jiao, T; Xing, R; Zhang, L; Zhang, Q; Peng, Q, 2018:
Selective Cu(II) ion removal from wastewater via surface charged self-assembled polystyrene-Schiff base nanocomposites

Stytsenko, V. D.; Mel’nikov, D. P.; Tkachenko, O. P.; Savel’eva, E. V.; Semenov, A. P.; Kustov, L. M., 2018:
Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene and Physicochemical Properties of PdFe/Al2O3 Bimetallic Catalysts

Oh, J; McGarry, D; Peppers, B; Hostoffer, R, 2018:
Selective IgM deficiency associated with adult-onset Still disease

Sun, X; Sun, L; Wei, N; Wang, K, 2018:
Selective Inhibition of Thermosensitive TRPV3 Channel by Natural Coumarin Osthole for Itch Relief

Anggraini, S Ayu; Yoshida, S; Ikeda, H; Miura, N, 2018:
Selective NO 2 detection using YSZ-based amperometric sensor attached with NiFe 2 O 4 (+ Fe 2 O 3 ) sensing electrode

Rouzina, I F.; Bruinsma, R, 2018:
Selective Packaging of HIV-1 RNA by GAG Proteins

Rodriguez-Kovacs, J; Tien, S H.; Plunkett, B A., 2018:
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Use in Pregnancy: Repercussions on the Oblivious Passenger

Shaidarova, L. G.; Gedmina, A. V.; Demina, V. D.; Chelnokova, I. A.; Budnikov, H. C., 2018:
Selective Voltammetric and Flow-Injection Determination of Guanosine and Adenosine at a Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with a Ruthenium Hexachlororuthenate Film

Nellaiappan, S; Kumar, A Senthil, 2018:
Selective amperometric and flow injection analysis of 1,2-dihydroxy benzene isomer in presence of 1,3- and 1,4-dihydroxy benzene isomers using palladium nanoparticles-chitosan modified ITO electrode

Gupta, S, 2018:
Selective and rapid detection of soil fungi using surface modified long period fiber gratings

Pappula, N; Kodali, B; Datla, P Varma, 2018:
Selective and rapid determination of tadalafil and finasteride using solid phase extraction by high performance liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry

Wan, J; Duan, W; Chen, K; Tao, Y; Dang, J; Zeng, K; Ge, Y; Wu, J; Liu, D, 2018:
Selective and sensitive detection of Zn(II) ion using a simple peptide-based sensor

Huang, J; Wu, Y; Cong, J; Luo, J; Liu, X, 2018:
Selective and sensitive glycoprotein detection via a biomimetic electrochemical sensor based on surface molecular imprinting and boronate-modified reduced graphene oxide

Lin, X Hao; Aik, S Xue Ling; Angkasa, J; Le, Q; Chooi, K Sing; Li, S Fong Yau, 2018:
Selective and sensitive sensors based on molecularly imprinted poly(vinylidene fluoride) for determination of pesticides and chemical threat agent simulants

Tsang, T; Atagi, N; Johnson, S P., 2018:
Selective attention to the mouth is associated with expressive language skills in monolingual and bilingual infants

Ling, I; Taha, M; Al-Sharji, N A.; Abou-Zied, O K., 2018:
Selective binding of pyrene in subdomain IB of human serum albumin: Combining energy transfer spectroscopy and molecular modelling to understand protein binding flexibility

Lateef, S A.; Bakare, I A.; Mayoral, A; Sebastian, V; Muraza, O, 2018:
Selective catalytic cracking of n-hexane to olefins over SSZ-54 fabricated by facile and novel dual templating method

Wejkowski, R; Wojnar, Wław, 2018:
Selective catalytic reduction in a rotary air heater (RAH-SCR)

Kraupner, N; Ebmeyer, S; Bengtsson-Palme, J; Fick, J; Kristiansson, E; Flach, C-Fredrik; Larsson, D.G. Joakim, 2018:
Selective concentration for ciprofloxacin resistance in Escherichia coli grown in complex aquatic bacterial biofilms

Intaramas, K; Jonglertjunya, W; Laosiripojana, N; Sakdaronnarong, C, 2018:
Selective conversion of cassava mash to glucose using solid acid catalysts by sequential solid state mixed-milling reaction and thermo-hydrolysis

Gómez-Monedero, B; Pilar Ruiz, M.; Bimbela, F; Faria, J, 2018:
Selective depolymerization of industrial lignin-containing stillage obtained from cellulosic bioethanol processing

Krivetskiy, V.; Efitorov, A.; Arkhipenko, A.; Vladimirova, S.; Rumyantseva, M.; Dolenko, S.; Gaskov, A., 2018:
Selective detection of individual gases and CO/H 2 mixture at low concentrations in air by single semiconductor metal oxide sensors working in dynamic temperature mode

Gungor, O; Kose, M, 2018:
Selective detections of nitroaromatic explosives by monomeric and polymeric Bi(III) complexes

Perez-Marcos, D; Martini, M; Fuentes, C T.; Bellido Rivas, A I.; Haggard, P; Sanchez-Vives, M V., 2018:
Selective distortion of body image by asynchronous visuotactile stimulation

Cruz-Hernandez, A; Agim, Z Sena; Montenegro, P C.; McCabe, G P.; Rochet, J-Christophe; Cannon, J R., 2018:
Selective dopaminergic neurotoxicity of three heterocyclic amine subclasses in primary rat midbrain neurons

Da Silva, B José Martins; Souza-Monteiro, Jé Rogério; Rogez, H; Crespo-López, M Elena; Do Nascimento, J Luiz, M.; Silva, E O., 2018:
Selective effects of Euterpe oleracea (aai) on Leishmania (Leishmania) amazonensis and Leishmania infantum

Asuha, S.; Talintuya, T.; Han, Y.; Zhao, S., 2018:
Selective extraction of aluminum from coal-bearing kaolinite by room-temperature mechanochemical method for the preparation of -Al 2 O 3 powder

Ju, C; Wang, F; Huang, Y; Fang, Y, 2018:
Selective extraction of neutral lipid from wet algae paste and subsequently hydroconversion into renewable jet fuel

Crane, R.A.; Sapsford, D.J., 2018:
Selective formation of copper nanoparticles from acid mine drainage using nanoscale zerovalent iron particles

Paula, J T.; Sousa, I M.O.; Foglio, M A.; Cabral, F A., 2018:
Selective fractionation of extracts of Arrabidaea chica Verlot using supercritical carbon dioxide as antisolvent

Wright, A; Saxena, S; Sheppard, S M.; Hillis, A E., 2018:
Selective impairments in components of affective prosody in neurologically impaired individuals

Abail, Z; Whalen, J K., 2018:
Selective ingestion contributes to the stoichiometric homeostasis in tissues of the endogeic earthworm Aporrectodea turgida

Rea, M; Gripshover, T; Fondufe-Mittendorf, Y, 2018:
Selective inhibition of CTCF binding by iAs directs TET-mediated reprogramming of 5-hydroxymethylation patterns in iAs-transformed cells

Song, D; Fang, G; Mao, S-zhong; Ye, X; Liu, G; Miller, E J.; Greenberg, H; Liu, S Fang, 2018:
Selective inhibition of endothelial NF-B signaling attenuates chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced atherosclerosis in mice

Dale, P; Head, V; Dowling, M R.; Taylor, C W., 2018:
Selective inhibition of histamine-evoked Ca 2+ signals by compartmentalized cAMP in human bronchial airway smooth muscle cells

Baek, S Cheol; Lee, H Woo; Ryu, H Won; Kang, M-Gyun; Park, D; Kim, S Hyun; Cho, M-Lae; Oh, S-Ryang; Kim, H, 2018:
Selective inhibition of monoamine oxidase A by hispidol

Giacomini, A.; Stagni, F.; Emili, M.; Guidi, S.; Salvalai, M.E.; Vidal-Sanchez, V.; Grilli, M.; Martinez-Cuè Pesini, C.; Bartesaghi, R., 2018:
Selective inhibitors of GSK-3β: a suitable therapy for Down syndrome?

Giraldo-Dávila, D; Chacón-Patiño, M L.; Ramirez-Pradilla, J S.; Blanco-Tirado, C; Combariza, M Y., 2018:
Selective ionization by electron-transfer MALDI-MS of vanadyl porphyrins from crude oils

Darvish, K.; Chen, Z.W.; Phan, M.A.L.; Pasang, T., 2018:
Selective laser melting of Co-29Cr-6Mo alloy with laser power 180360 W: Cellular growth, intercellular spacing and the related thermal condition

Wang, X; Liu, J; He, Y; Wang, Y, 2018:
Selective laser melting of ink-printed (SLM-IP) copper (Cu) nanoparticles (NPs) for facile controllable fabrication of super-hydrophobic surface

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Selective laser melting using holographic beam manipulation: influence of polypropylene molecular weight

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Selective leaching of valuable metals from laterite nickel ore with ammonium chloride-hydrochloric acid solution

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Selective logging effects on brown world faecal-detritus pathway in tropical forests: A case study from Amazonia using dung beetles

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Selective modification of kaolinite with vinyltrimethoxysilane for stabilization of Pickering emulsions

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Selective percutaneous muscle lengthening in cerebral palsy: when there is little or no evidence

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Selective permeability of mucus barriers

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Selective poly-aromatics saturation and ring opening during hydroprocessing of light cycle oil over sulfided Ni-Mo/SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 catalyst

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Selective preparation of monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from catalytic cracking of biomass fast pyrolysis vapors over Mo 2 N/HZSM-5 catalyst

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Selective psychological effects of nudging, gamification and rational information in converting commuters from cars to buses: A controlled field experiment

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Selective rear contact for Ga 0.5 In 0.5 P- and GaAs- based solar cells

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Selective recovery of indium from scrap LCD panels using macroporous resins

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Selective removal of methyl orange and Cr anionic contaminants from mixed wastewater by in-situ formation of Zn-Al layered double hydroxides

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Selective removal of sodium and calcium from low-rank coal Process integration, simulation and techno-economic evaluation

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Selective ring opening of decalin on Rh-Pd/SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 bifunctional systems: Catalytic performance and deactivation

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Selective sensitivity of Mueller imaging for tissue scattering over absorption changes in cancer mimicking phantoms

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Selective separation of scandium from iron, aluminium and gold rich wastewater using various amino and non-amino functionalized silica gels A comparative study

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Selective synthesis of higher manganese silicides: a new Mn17Si30 phase, its electronic, transport, and optical properties in comparison with Mn4Si7

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Selective synthesis of polyamines in multipurpose plants

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Selective thermal emission of directionally solidified Al 2 O 3 /Y 3x Er x Al 5 O 12 eutectics: Influence of the microstructure, temperature and erbium content

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Selective transport and retention of organic matter and bacteria shapes initial pedogenesis in artificial soil - A two-layer column study

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Selectively ignoring locations does not modulate contingent involuntary orienting, but selectively attending does

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Selectively targeting prostanoid E (EP) receptor-mediated cell signalling pathways: Implications for lung health and disease

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Selectivity and sensitivity of molybdenum oxide-polycaprolactone nanofiber composites on skin cancer: Preliminary in-vitro and in-vivo implications

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Selectivity of ultrasound-assisted aqueous extraction of valuable compounds from flesh and peel of apple tissues

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Selectivity profiling of NOP, MOP, DOP and KOP receptor antagonists in the rat spinal nerve ligation model of mononeuropathic pain

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Selegiline increases on time without exacerbation of dyskinesia in 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned rats displaying l -Dopa-induced wearing-off and abnormal involuntary movements

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Selenium and sulphur in Athabasca bituminous sands mineral and bitumen fractions

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Selenium and zinc: Two key players against cadmium-induced neuronal toxicity

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Selenium nanoparticles prevents lead acetate-induced hypothyroidism and oxidative damage of thyroid tissues in male rats through modulation of selenoenzymes and suppression of miR-224

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Selenium poisoning of fish by coal ash wastewater in Herrington Lake, Kentucky

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Selenophene based benzodithiophene polymers as potential candidates for optoelectronic applications

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Selenoprotein L-inspired nano-vesicular peroxidase mimics based on amphiphilic diselenides

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Self similarities in desalination dynamics and performance using capacitive deionization

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Self- and other-focused emotional intelligence: Development and validation of the Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale (REIS)

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Self-Action of Intense Millimeter Waves in Waveguides with Integrated P-I-N Structures

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Self-Construals in Situational Context: Disaggregating Behaviours and Intentions Using Sinha et al.s (2002) Decision-Making Scenarios

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Self-Diffusion and Heteroassociation in an AcetoneChloroform Mixture at 298 K

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Self-Evaluated Quality of Life and Functional Outcomes After Microsurgery, Stereotactic Radiation or Observation-Only for Vestibular Schwannoma of the Adult Patient

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Self-Excitation of Autonomous Generators. Part 2. Study of Self-Excitation of an Asynchronous Generator Inclusive of the Starter in the Form of Residual Voltage on Excitation Capacitors

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Self-Management Education and Support

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Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose

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Self-Similar Traffic in G/M/1 Queue Defined by the Weibull Distribution

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Self-absorption of violet radiation in ZnO thin films produced on ZnSe crystal surfaces by isovalent substitution method

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Self-activation of CaO/Ca 3 Al 2 O 6 sorbents by thermally pretreated in CO 2 atmosphere

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Self-adaptive MoS 2 -Pb-Ti film for vacuum and humid air

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Self-affirmation improves self-control over snacking among participants low in eating self-efficacy

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Self-aggregation of bio-surfactants within ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide: A comparative study and potential application in antidepressants drug aggregation

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Self-assembled amphiphilic zein-lactoferrin micelles for tumor targeted co-delivery of rapamycin and wogonin to breast cancer

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Self-assembled curcumin-soluble soybean polysaccharide nanoparticles: Physicochemical properties and in vitro anti-proliferation activity against cancer cells

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Self-assembled monolayers of N-heterocyclic carbene on gold: Stability under ultrasonic circumstance and computational study

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Self-assembled nanoformulation of methylprednisolone succinate with carboxylated block copolymer for local glucocorticoid therapy

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Self-assembled nanoreactors based on peptides and proteins

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Self-assembled polymer nanocomposites for biomedical application

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Self-assembly and photoconductivity of binary porphyrin nanostructures of meso -tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphine and Co(III) meso -tetra(4-pyridyl)porphine chloride

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Self-assembly of a Pd-based molecular bowl as anion receptor featured by multiple C Hanion hydrogen bonds

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Self-assembly of inorganic nanoparticles mediated by host-guest interactions

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Self-assembly of silica nanowires in a microemulsion system and their adsorption capacity

Nadella, V, 2018:

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Self-care among Filipinos in the United States who have hypertension

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Self-care in Heart Failure Hospital Discharge InstructionsDifferences Between Nurse Practitioner and Physician Providers

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Self-cleaning effect in high quality percussion ablating of cooling hole by picosecond ultra-short pulse laser

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Self-cleaning mechanisms in ultrasonic bonding of Al wire

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Self-compassion, physical fitness and climacteric symptoms in oophorectomized BRCA1/2 mutation carriers

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Self-compassionate and apologetic? How and why having compassion toward the self relates to a willingness to apologize

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Self-concealment and perfectionistic self-presentation in concealment of psychache and suicide ideation

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Self-control mediates the relationship between personality trait and impulsivity

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Self-controlled video feedback on tactical skills for soccer teams results in more active involvement of players

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Self-disclosure with Dogs: Dog Owners and Non-dog Owners Willingness to Disclose Emotional Topics

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Self-efficacy vs. action orientation: Comparing and contrasting two determinants of goal setting and goal striving

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Self-esteem and mental health in adolescents with acne vulgaris

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Self-forgiveness, self-exoneration, and self-condemnation: Individual differences associated with three patterns of responding to interpersonal offenses

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Self-harm: from risk management to relational and recovery-oriented care

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Self-indicating, fully active pharmaceutical ingredients nanoparticles (FAPIN) for multimodal imaging guided trimodality cancer therapy

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Self-inflicted gunshot wounds: readmission patterns

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Self-management as a class-wide intervention: An evaluation of the Self & Match system embedded within a dependent group contingency

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Self-monitoring Lifestyle Behavior in Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women

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Self-motile swimmers: Ultrasound driven spherical model

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Self-objectification, weight bias internalization, and binge eating in young women: Testing a mediational model

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Self-organized oscillations of Leidenfrost drops

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Self-organizing maps for indications of airborne polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) and organochlorine pesticide (OCPs) dependence on spatial and meteorological parameters

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Self-other agreement in DSM-5 Section III Dimensional Personality Traits: A study on Italian community individuals

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Self-perceived level of competitiveness, tension, and dependency and lifestyles in the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra cohort study

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Self-presentation in LinkedIn portraits: Common features, gender, and occupational differences

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Self-promotion hypothesis: The impact of self-esteem on selfother discrepancies in decision making under risk

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Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of Ce-doped sphene mineral using CuO as the oxidant

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Self-propagation combustion method for the synthesis of solar active Nano Ferrite for Cr(VI) reduction in aqua system

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Self-reconfiguring MPPT to avoid buck-converter limits in solar photovoltaic systems

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Self-regulation and bedtime procrastination: The role of self-regulation skills and chronotype

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Self-regulation and the specificity of autobiographical memory in offenders

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Fast dissolving drug delivery membrane based on the ultra-thin shell of electrospun core-shell nanofibers

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Self-regulatory correlates of spitefulness

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Self-related Health and Blood Hypercoagulability: A Possible Mechanism for Cardiovascular Risk

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Self-reported health and comfort of school children in 54 classrooms of 21 Dutch school buildings

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Self-reported influenza vaccination rates and attitudes towards vaccination among health care workers: results of a survey in a German university hospital

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Self-reported neglect, amygdala volume, and symptoms of anxiety in adolescent boys

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Self-reported physical activity within and outside the neighborhood: Criterion-related validity of the Neighborhood Physical Activity Questionnaire in German older adults

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Self-reported sleep duration affects tandem gait, but not steady-state gait outcomes among healthy collegiate athletes

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Self-reported violent ideation and its link to interpersonal violence among offenders with mental disorders and general psychiatric patients

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Self-resistance mechanisms to DNA-damaging antitumor antibiotics in actinobacteria

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Self-sampling with HPV mRNA analyses from vagina and urine compared with cervical samples

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Self-sensibilized polymeric prodrug co-delivering MMP-9 shRNA plasmid for combined treatment of tumors

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Self-similar kinematics among efficient slender swimmers

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Self-tracking, governmentality, and Nursing and Midwifery Council's (2016) revalidation policy

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Self-tuning regulator for a tractor with varying speed and hitch forces

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Self-weighted discriminative feature selection via adaptive redundancy minimization

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Sellar plasmacytomas masquerading as pituitary adenomas: A systematic review

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Selling antimicrobials without prescription Far beyond an administrative problem

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Selling violent video game solutions: A look inside the APA's internal notes leading to the creation of the APA's 2005 resolution on violence in video games and interactive media

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Selten, meist symptomarm, aber vielleicht bösartign

Federbusch, M., 2018:
Semaglutid versus Dulaglutid: SUSTAIN 7 Eine Vergleichsstudie bei Patienten mit Diabetes mellitus Typ 2; Semaglutide versus dulaglutide: SUSTAIN 7a head-to-head trial in patients with type 2 diabetes;

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Semantic Constraint Based Target Object Recognition

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Semantic domains of demonstratives and articles: A view of deictic referentiality explored on the paradigm of Croatian demonstratives

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Semen as a source of Mycoplasma bovis mastitis in dairy herds

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Semi volatile organic compounds in the snow of Russian Arctic islands: Archipelago Novaya Zemlya

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Semi-adaptive switching control for infusion of two interacting medications

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Semi-analytic AMR element model

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Semi-analytical discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for the calculation of dispersion properties of guided waves in plates

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Semi-analytical model for the prediction of the Wilson point for homogeneously condensing steam flows

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Semi-analytical solution of three-dimensional steady state thermoelastic contact problem of multilayered material under friction heating

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Semi-analytical solutions for the transient temperature fields induced by a moving heat source in an orthogonal domain

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Semi-analytical solutions to two-dimensional plane strain consolidation for unsaturated soil

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Semi-automatic geometric correction of airborne hyperspectral push-broom images using ground control points and linear features

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Semi-clathrate hydrate process of methane in porous media-mesoporous materials of SBA-15

Zhao, Y; Zhao, J; Liang, W; Gao, Q; Yang, D, 2018:
Semi-clathrate hydrate process of methane in porous media-microporous materials of 5A-type zeolites

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Semi-continuous operation and fouling characteristics of submerged membrane photobioreactor (SMPBR) for tertiary treatment of livestock wastewater

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Semi-crystalline polymethylene- b -poly(acrylic acid) diblock copolymers in selective solutions: Morphological and crystallization evolution dependent on calcium chloride

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Semi-implicit staggered discontinuous Galerkin schemes for axially symmetric viscous compressible flows in elastic tubes

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Semi-mechanistic Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic model of three pegylated rHuEPO and iorEPOCIM in New Zealand rabbits

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Semi-natural habitats boost Drosophila suzukii populations and crop damage in sweet cherry

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Semi-passive in-situ pilot scale bioreactor successfully removed sulfate and metals from mine impacted water under subarctic climatic conditions

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Semi-quantitative measurement of the antimalarial lumefantrine from untreated dried blood spots using LCMS/MS

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Semi-supervised dimension reduction based on hypergraph embedding for hyperspectral images

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Semi-supervised graph-based retargeted least squares regression

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Semiclassical limits of ground states for Hamiltonian elliptic system with gradient term

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Semiclathrate based CO 2 capture from fuel gas mixture at ambient temperature: Effect of concentrations of tetra-n-butylammonium fluoride (TBAF) and kinetic additives

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Semiconducting polymer-based nanoparticles with strong absorbance in NIR-II window for in vivo photothermal therapy and photoacoustic imaging

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Semiconductor laser and optical amplifier modeling

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Seminal plasma and sperm proteome of ring-tailed coatis ( Nasua nasua , Linnaeus, 1766)

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Seminal vesicle invasion on multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging: Correlation with histopathology

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Semiochemistry of the Bruchidae species

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Semiparametric Kernel-Based Regression for Evaluating Interaction Between Pathway Effect and Covariate

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Semipermeable membranes and hypernatremic dehydration in preterms. A randomized-controlled trial

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Semiquantitative Dot Blot with the GRA8 antigen to differentiate the stages of toxoplasmosis infection

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Semisupervised Classification of Polarimetric SAR Image via Superpixel Restrained Deep Neural Network

Zhan, Y; Hu, D; Wang, Y; Yu, X, 2018:
Semisupervised Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Generative Adversarial Networks

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Semisynthesis and biological evaluation of a cotylenin A mimic derived from fusicoccin A

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Senators' focus: Bupe diversion; Kolodny focus: Treatment

Oberhofer, E, 2018:
Senior gestürzt: grundsätzlich ein Kopf-CT?

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Sensation-seeking in women does not affect their preference for Dark Triad male faces

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Sensibility and specificity of laser speckle contrast imaging according to Endo-PAT index in type 1 diabetes

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Sensing the chemical cleavage of fluorescent β-lactams via FRET/exciplex or excimer emission

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Sensitive analysis of steroid estrogens and bisphenol a in small volumes of water using isotope-dilution ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

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Sensitive and interference-free electrochemical determination of Pb(II) in wastewater using porous Ce-Zr oxide nanospheres

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Sensitive and rapid determination of glyphosate, glufosinate, bialaphos and metabolites by UPLCMS/MS using a modified Quick Polar Pesticides Extraction method

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Sensitive and selective determination of caspase-3 based on calixarene functionalized reduction of graphene oxide assisted signal amplification

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Sensitive and simple determination of zwitterionic morphine in human urine based on liquid-liquid micro-extraction coupled with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

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Sensitive arsenic speciation by capillary electrophoresis using UV absorbance detection with on-line sample preconcentration techniques

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Sensitive detection of pyoverdine with an electrochemical sensor based on electrochemically generated graphene functionalized with gold nanoparticles

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Sensitive detection of sulfate in PM 2.5 via gold nanoparticles/poly- l -lysine/graphene composite film based arylsulfatase-inhibition biosensor

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Sensitive determination of 6-mercaptopurine based on the aggregation of phenylalanine-capped gold nanoparticles

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Sensitive determination of cyclopiazonic acid in dry-cured ham using a QuEChERS method and UHPLCMS/MS

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Sensitive determination of hardness and fluoride in ground water by a hybrid nanosensor based on aggregation induced FRET on and off mechanism

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Sensitive determination of uric acid by using graphene quantum dots as a new substrate for immobilisation of uric oxidase

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Sensitive naked eye detection and quantification assay for nitrite by a fluorescence probe in various water resources

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Sensitive optical detection of clinically relevant biomarkers in affordable microfluidic devices: Overcoming substrate diffusion limitations

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Sensitive perfect absorber with monolayer graphene-based multi-layer dielectric grating structure

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Sensitivity analyses for simulating pesticide impacts on honey bee colonies

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Sensitivity analysis and calibration of phenomenological models for seismic analyses

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Sensitivity analysis of fluid properties and operating conditions on flow distribution in non-uniformly heated parallel pipes

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Sensitivity analysis of hydrate dissociation front conditioned to depressurization and wellbore heating

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Sensitivity analysis of influencing factors on glass faade breakage in fire

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Sensitivity analysis of observational nudging methodology to reduce error in wind resource assessment (WRA) in the North Sea

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Sensitivity analysis of temperature changes for determining thermal properties of partially frozen soil with a dual probe heat pulse sensor

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Sensitivity analysis of temporal parameters in a dynamic LCA framework

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Sensitivity analysis of the near-road dispersion model RLINE - An evaluation at Detroit, Michigan

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Sensitivity analysis on the interaction between hydraulic and natural fractures based on an explicitly coupled hydro-geomechanical model in PFC2D

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Sensitivity and resilience of ecosystems to climate variability in the semi-arid to hyper-arid areas of Northern China: a case study in the Heihe River Basin

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Sensitivity and specificity of Frontal Assessment Battery in newly diagnosed and untreated obstructive sleep apnea patients

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Sensitivity and specificity of an in-clinic point-of-care PCR test for the diagnosis of canine leishmaniasis

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Sensitivity and specificity of oral HPV detection for HPV-positive head and neck cancer

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Sensitivity and specificity of the FAMACHA system in growing lambs

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Sensitivity of Arbor Acres broilers and chemoprevention of aflatoxin B 1 -induced liver injury by curcumin, a natural potent inducer of phase-II enzymes and Nrf2

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Sensitivity of Coupled Tropical Pacific Model Biases to Convective Parameterization in CESM1

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Sensitivity of Exploitation Estimates to Tag Loss Estimation Methods in Idaho Sport Fisheries

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Sensitivity of Idealized Moist Baroclinic Waves to Environmental Temperature and Moisture Content

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Sensitivity of PBL parameterizations on PM 10 and ozone simulation using chemical transport model WRF-Chem over a sub-tropical urban airshed in India

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Sensitivity of Rayleigh wave ellipticity and implications for surface wave inversion

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Sensitivity of Regulated Flow Regimes to Climate Change in the Western United States

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Sensitivity of Three Dominant Tree Species from the Upper Boundary of Their Forest Type to Climate Change at Changbai Mountain, Northeastern China

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Sensitivity of WOFOST-based modelling solutions to crop parameters under climate change

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Sensitivity of corneal biomechanical and optical behavior to material parameters using design of experiments method

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Sensitivity of energy system investments to policy regulation changes: Too many, too fast?

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Sensitivity of glaciation in the arid subtropical Andes to changes in temperature, precipitation, and solar radiation

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Sensitivity of indicators matters when using aggregation methods to assess marine environmental status

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Sensitivity of linear systems to input orientation and novelty

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Sensitivity of peak flow to the change of rainfall temporal pattern due to warmer climate

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Sensitivity of short rotation poplar coppice biomass productivity to the throughfall reduction Estimating future drought impacts

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Sensitivity of the simulated Oxygen Minimum Zone to biogeochemical processes at an oligotrophic site in the Arabian Sea

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Sensitivity of tidal characteristics in double inlet systems to momentum dissipation on tidal flats: a perturbation analysis

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Sensitivity study of Radarsat-2 polarimetric SAR to crop height and fractional vegetation cover of corn and wheat

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Sensitivity study of a full-scale industrial spray-injected fluidized bed reactor

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Sensitization of Ho 3+ on the 2.7 m emission of Er 3+ in (Y 0.9 La 0.1 ) 2 O 3 transparent ceramics

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Sensitization of Nd 3+ near infrared emission in Ca 2 PO 4 Cl host

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Sensitization of Pd loading for remarkably enhanced hydrogen sensing performance of 3DOM WO 3

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Sensitization of ZnO nanoparticles by metalfree phthalocyanine

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Sensor-Augmented Pump-Based Customized Mathematical Model for Type 1 Diabetes

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Sensorial and physicochemical analysis of Indian honeys for assessment of quality and floral origins

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Sensorineural hearing loss in patients with vestibular schwannoma relies on the presence of utricular hydrops, as diagnosed with heavily weighted T2 sequences

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Sensory and motor differences in Autism Spectrum Conditions and developmental coordination disorder in children: A cross-syndrome study

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Sensory applications of resonator based metamaterial absorber

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Sensory nerve disturbance in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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Sensory predictions during action support perception of imitative reactions across suprasecond delays

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Sensory processing difficulties in school-age children born very preterm: An exploratory study

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Sensory-motor performance in seven-year-old children born extremely preterm

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Sentence final particles as epistemic modulators in Cantonese conversations: A discourse-pragmatic perspective

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Sentential negation modulates inhibition in a stop-signal task. Evidence from behavioral and ERP data

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Separate Worlds? Explaining the current wave of regional economic polarization

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Separating the wheat from the chaff: Signaling in microfinance loans

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Separation and Lysing Agents Effect Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Recovery Pre-and Post-Cryopreservation

Xu, Y; Wang, D; Zhu, B; Tang, L; Wang, J, 2018:
Separation and characterization of allergenic polymerized impurities from cephalosporin for injection by trap free two-dimensional high performance size exclusion chromatographyreversed phase liquid chromatography coupled with ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Mancio, A.A.; da Mota, S.A.P.; Ferreira, C.C.; Carvalho, T.U.S.; Neto, O.S.; Zamian, J.R.; Araújo, M.E.; Borges, L.E.P.; Machado, N.T., 2018:
Separation and characterization of biofuels in the jet fuel and diesel fuel ranges by fractional distillation of organic liquid products

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Separation efficiency of valuable and critical metals in WEEE mechanical treatments

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Separation of aromatic monomers from oxidatively depolymerized products of lignin by combining Sephadex and silica gel column chromatography

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Separation of different-sized silica nanoparticles using asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation by control of the Debye length of the particles with the addition of electrolyte molecules

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Separation of solutes with an organic solvent nanofiltration cascade: Designs, simulations and systematic study of all configurations

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Separation of sugars and phenolics from the heavy fraction of bio-oil using polymeric resin adsorbents

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Separation of β-Blocker Enantiomers on Silica Modified with Gold Nanoparticles with Immobilized Macrocyclic Antibiotic Vancomicin

Bişgin, A. T.; Sürme, Y.; Uçan, M.; Narin, İ., 2018:
Separation, Preconcentration and Spectrophotometric Determination of Rhodamine B in Industrial, Cosmetic and Water Samples by Cloud Point and Solid Phase Extraction

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Sepax-Processed Umbilical Cord Blood Grafts are Associated with Excellent Clinical Outcomes

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Sepiolite-carbon nanocomposites doped with Pd as improving catalysts for hydrodechlorination processes

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Sepsis in HBV associated decompensated cirrhosis: A comparison between SIRS (Sepsis-1) and qSOFA (Sepsis-3) based criteria

Huber-Lang, M., 2018:
Sepsis nach Polytrauma; Sepsis following multiple trauma;

Deligianni, E; Andreadaki, M; Koutsouris, K; Siden-Kiamos, I, 2018:
Sequence and functional divergence of gametocyte-specific parasitophorous vacuole membrane proteins in Plasmodium parasites

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Sequenced ascorbate-proline-glutathione seed treatment elevates cadmium tolerance in cucumber transplants

Hwang, W, 2018:
Sequential Convolutional Residual Network for Image Recognition

Gao, X; Yan, E-Chuan; Yeh, T-Chyi Jim; Wang, Y-Li; Cai, J-Sen; Hao, Y-Hong, 2018:
Sequential back analysis of spatial distribution of geomechanical properties around an unlined rock cavern

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Sequential combination of multi-source satellite observations for separation of surface deformation associated with serial seismic events

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Sequential concentrations of placental growth factor and haptoglobin, and their relation to oestrone sulphate and progesterone in pregnant Spanish Purebred mare

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Sequential effect of phages and cold nitrogen plasma against Escherichia coli O157:H7 biofilms on different vegetables

Bogusz, A; Oleszczuk, P, 2018:
Sequential extraction of nickel and zinc in sewage sludge- or biochar/sewage sludge-amended soil

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Sequential extraction procedure for the separation of Ni and V species in crude oil and analysis by ETAAS, GCMS, and IR

Zhang, W-An; Shi, L, 2018:
Sequential fusion estimation for clustered sensor networks

Digonnet, A; Barbieux, R; Quiriny, M; Willemse, E; Moreau, M; de Saint Aubain, N; Cappello, M; Bourgeois, P, 2018:
Sequential injection of radioactive nanosized colloids followed by indocyanine green for sentinel lymph node detection in oral squamous cell carcinoma: A proof of concept

Paluch, J; Mesquita, R B.R.; Cerdà, Víctor; Kozak, J; Wieczorek, M; Rangel, Aónio O.S.S., 2018:
Sequential injection system with in-line solid phase extraction and soil mini-column for determination of zinc and copper in soil leachates

Bo, L; Xiong, J; Ma, S, 2018:
Sequential inversion of self-noise using adaptive particle filter in shallow water

Andrade, G R.P.; Cuadros, J; Partiti, C S.M.; Cohen, R; Vidal-Torrado, P, 2018:
Sequential mineral transformation from kaolinite to Fe-illite in two Brazilian mangrove soils

Yu, Q; Jin, X; Zhang, Y, 2018:
Sequential pretreatment for cell disintegration of municipal sludge in a neutral Bio-electro-Fenton system

Andersson, T; Svensson, L-Gunnar, 2018:
Sequential rules for house allocation with price restrictions

Yuan, S; Chen, J; Cai, H; Yuan, W; Wang, Z; Huang, Q; Liu, Y; Wu, X, 2018:
Sequential samples reveal significant variation of mercury isotope ratios during single rainfall events

Yan, G; Xing, Y; Wang, J; Li, Z; Wang, L; Wang, Q; Xu, L; Zhang, Z; Zhang, J; Dong, X; Shan, W; Guo, L; Han, S, 2018:
Sequestration of atmospheric CO 2 in boreal forest carbon pools in northeastern China: Effects of nitrogen deposition

Punjabi, P P, 2018:
Serendipity and margin of safety

Gillick, K; Rooney, K, 2018:
Serial NSE measurement identifies non-survivors following out of hospital cardiac arrest

Arhan, E; Serdaroglu, A; Ozturk, Z; Aydın, K; Hırfanoglu, T, 2018:
Serial changes in the paroxysmal discharges in rolandic epilepsy may predict seizure recurrence: A retrospective 3-year follow-up study

Lenchner, I; Segev, G; Ari, T Ben; Kohen, R; Sirota, R; Bruchim, Y, 2018:
Serial evaluation of serum total reduction power potential by cyclic voltammetry in 30 dogs with gastric dilatation and volvulus- a randomised, controlled (lidocaine vs placebo), clinical trial

Paul, M; Kannaujia, A; Chatterjee, A; Mayilvaganan, S, 2018:
Serial fiber optic bronchoscopy (FOB) to predict the need of tracheostomy in tracheomalacia after thyroidectomy in long standing goiter

Puget, C; Joueidi, Y; Bauville, E; Laviolle, B; Bendavid, C; Lavoué, V; Le Lous, M, 2018:
Serial hCG and progesterone levels to predict early pregnancy outcomes in pregnancies of uncertain viability: A prospective study

Ye, Q; Cheng, J; Guo, W; Xu, J; Li, K; Zhou, J, 2018:
Serial lantern-shaped draft tube enhanced flashing light effect for improving CO 2 fixation with microalgae in a gas-lift circumflux column photobioreactor

Cho, S Jin; Lee, J Hyun; Park, J Eun; Choi, Y Jun; Kim, J Hee; Kim, H Jung; Baek, J Hwan, 2018:
Serial magnetic resonance imaging evaluations of irradiated superior cervical sympathetic ganglia: Not every retropharyngeal enlarging mass is a sign of malignancy

de Jongh, T; Hobma, S, 2018:
Serie therapie van alledaagse klachten: Behandeling van dikke voeten

Lim, S; Han, S, 2018:
Series representations for the rectification of a superhelix

Moser, A; Korstjens, I, 2018:
Series: Practical guidance to qualitative research. Part 3: Sampling, data collection and analysis

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Serine 105 and 120 are important phosphorylation sites for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus N protein function

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Serine peptidase inhibitor Kunitz type 2 (SPINT2) in cancer development and progression

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Serious Maternal Complications in Relation to Severe Preeclampsia

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Sero-prevalence of Bovine Brucellosis and associated risk factors in mbeya region, Southern highlands of Tanzania

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Seroconversion of raccoons following two oral rabies vaccination baiting strategies

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Seroepidemiology of diphtheria and pertussis in Chongqing, China: serology-based evidence of Bordetella pertussis infection

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Serological and molecular evidence of coxiellosis and risk factors in sheep flocks in central-eastern Tunisia

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Serological and molecular investigation for hepatitis E virus (HEV) in captive non-human primates, Italy

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Serological detection of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 4 in grapevine growing areas of India using polyclonal antiserum raised against the recombinant coat protein

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Serological evidence for eight globally important poultry viruses in Trinidad & Tobago

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Serological evidence of Bovine herpesvirus-1, Bovine Viral Diarrhea virus and Schmallenberg v irus infections in relation to reproductive disorders in dairy cattle in Ethiopia

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Seronegative alveolar echinococcosis in a patient with multiple myeloma

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Service/Academic Partnerships: A Call to Action

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Serving the Underserved: The Health and Well-Being of Adolescent and Young Adult Males

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Sesquiterpenoids from the root of Panax Ginseng protect CCl 4 induced acute liver injury by anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative capabilities in mice

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Set-membership approach and Kalman observer based on zonotopes for discrete-time descriptor systems

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Setting of total allowable catches in the 2013 EU common fisheries policy reform: possible impacts

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Setting the stage for the review of the international estimate of short-term intake (IESTI) equation

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Settlement-induced bending moments on pile-founded floodwalls

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Seven C's of Effective Communication

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Seven rules to avoid the tragedy of the commons

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Severe Wound Healing Impairment in a Patient with Dysfibrinogenaemia

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Severe biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in reservoired crude oils from the Miaoxi Depression, Bohai Bay Basin

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Severe coagulopathy after a massasauga rattlesnake bite

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Severe mental illness and firearm access: Is violence really the danger?

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Severely Impaired Control of Bacterial Infections in a Patient With Cystic Fibrosis Defective in Mucosal-Associated Invariant T Cells

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Severity classification of the quality of recovery-15 scoreAn observational study

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Sewage sludge drying method combining pressurized electro-osmotic dewatering with subsequent bio-drying

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Sewage sludge gasification in a bench scale rotary kiln

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Sex Determination Model in Pink Salmon Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Walbaum, 1792) (Salmonidae, Osteichthyes) Controlled by Multi-Copy Genes Located in Sex Chromosomes

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Sex and age modify the relationship between life circumstances and use of a firearm in suicide deaths across 17 U.S. states

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Sex and family history of cardiovascular disease influence heart rate variability during stress among healthy adults

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Sex chromosome contributions to sex differences in multiple sclerosis susceptibility and progression

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Sex determination in date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera L.) by PCR based marker analysis

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Sex differences and the role of acute stress in the open-field tower maze

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Sex differences in 30 facets of the five factor model of personality in the large public ( N =320,128)

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Sex differences in ability tilt in the right tail of cognitive abilities: A 35-year examination

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Sex differences in behavioral and psychological expression of grief during adolescence: A meta-analysis

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Sex differences in behavioral strategies: avoiding interpretational pitfalls

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Sex differences in the formation of atherosclerosis lesion in apoE -/- mice and the effect of 17β-estrodiol on protein S-nitrosylation

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Sex differences in the regulation of social and anxiety-related behaviors: insights from vasopressin and oxytocin brain systems

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Sexolepsie oder Sexsomnie? Die Differenzialdiagnose ist komplex

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Sexsomnie: Schlafstörung mit gravierenden Folgen

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Sexua-romanticised pathways of transmasculine college students in the USA

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Sexual Dysfunction and Hypogonadism in Men With Diabetes

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Sexual Satisfaction, Relationship Satisfaction, and Quality of Life in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes: Evidence from Poland

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Sexual assault

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Sexual attraction and the nonmedical use of opioids and sedative drugs among Chinese adolescents

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Sexual dysfunction among Nigerian women with epilepsy

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Sexual harassment in the workplace: beyond the #MeToo campaign

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Sexual inhibition of female Queensland fruit flies mated by males treated with raspberry ketone supplements as immature adults

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Seymour H. Levitt, MD, 1928-2017

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Shape Parameter Estimator of the Generalized Gaussian Distribution Based on the MoLC

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Shape and fission instabilities of ferrofluids in non-uniform magnetic fields

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Shape and orientation control of moving formation in multi-agent systems without global reference frame

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Shape memory-assisted self-healing polyurethane inspired by a suture technique

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Shape-constrained partial identification of a population mean under unknown probabilities of sample selection

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Shaping neurodevelopment: distinct contributions of cytoskeletal proteins

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Shaping the future of dental education: Caries as a case-study

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Shaping the future of science publishing: The evolution of metrics

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Shared Nuclear Waste Repository: Is It Wanted or Unwanted?

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Shared Passion at the Nexus of Nursing Informatics, Systems, Policy, and Research

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Shared autonomous electric vehicle (SAEV) operations across the Austin, Texas network with charging infrastructure decisions

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Shared parking problem: A novel truthful double auction mechanism approach

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Sharing electricity storage at the community level: An empirical analysis of potential business models and barriers

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Sharing the burden: A neutral approach to socioecological theory

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Sharpening enhancement technique for MR images to enhance the segmentation

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She who understands the fruit fly would do more for economics than Adam Smith: introduction to the special issue

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Shear lift forces on nanocylinders in the free molecule regime

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Shear modulus reduction of saturated sand under large liquefaction-induced deformation in cyclic torsional shear tests

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Shear strength of purple soil bunds under different soil water contents and dry densities: A case study in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China

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Shear wave velocity and soil type microzonation using neural networks and geographic information system

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Shear wave velocity profiles of fill dams

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Shear/rotation competition during the roll-up of acoustically excited shear layers

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Shearlet and contourlet transforms for analysis of electrocardiogram signals

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Shedding light on functional lesion severity Is there a clinically relevant association between coronary anatomy and physiology?

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Shellability and Sphericity of Finite Quasi-arc Complexes

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Sheng Yang He

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Shifting demand and supply over time and space to manage intermittent generation: The economics of electrical storage

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Shifting the Paradigm

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Shifts from methyl chloride sink to source functions within a coastal salt marsh in eastern China: an examination of the effects of biomass burning prohibition policies

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Shipping mode choice in cold chain from a value-based management perspective

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Shipwrecks and man-made coastal structures as indicators of historical shoreline position. An interdisciplinary study in the Sancti Petri sand spit (Bay of Cdiz, SW Spain)

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Shoaling with infected conspecifics does not improve resistance to trematode infection

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Shock After Myocardial Infarction

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Shock dispersal of dilute particle clouds

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Short Expiration Dates May Exacerbate Drug Shortages

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Short process for regenerating Mn-rich cathode material with high voltage from mixed-type spent cathode materials via a facile approach

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Short term electricity demand forecasting using partially linear additive quantile regression with an application to the unit commitment problem

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Short term load forecasting based on phase space reconstruction algorithm and bi-square kernel regression model

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Short-range probabilistic forecasting of convective risks for aviation based on a lagged-average-forecast ensemble approach

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Short-term effects of alternative thinning treatments on the richness, abundance and composition of epixylic bryophytes, lichens, and vascular plants in conifer plantations at microhabitat and stand scales

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Short-term high CO 2 treatment reduces water loss and decay by modulating defense proteins and organic osmolytes in Cardinal table grape after cold storage and shelf-life

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Short-term integration costs of variable renewable energy: Wind curtailment and balancing in Britain and Germany

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Short-term interaction between organic matter from biofuel defatted seed cakes and soil microbiota in two intensive horticulture systems

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Short-term planning of liquefied natural gas deliveries

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Shortening the Half-Life of IgG as a Strategy for Decreasing Alloantibodies

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Should addiction policy organizations take pharmaceutical funding?

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Should doctors talk politics with patients?

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Should videolaryngoscopy be the standard of care for routine tracheal intubation in obese adults?

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Should we call the neighbors? Voluntary deliberation and citizen complaints about oil and gas drilling

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Side Reactions of Coal Tar Pyrolysis Products with Different Reduction States of Iron-Based Oxygen Carriers

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Sientra Shaped and Round Cohesive Gel Implants

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Sifting Through the Embers

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Sifting through the Evidence

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Sign normalised spline adaptive filtering algorithms against impulsive noise

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Signal detection-based satisfaction measure of the holistic product usage experience with and without the double-faced applicability test

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Signal propagation along the axon

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Signal separation from X-ray image sequence using singular value decomposition

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Signaling and Function of Interleukin-2 in T Lymphocytes

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Signaling pathways regulating pituitary functions

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Signaling through a -Opioid - Cannabinoid CB1 Receptor Heteromer, a Novel Analgesic Target

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Signaling to analogical reasoners who can acquire costly information

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Signaling, reputation and spinoffs

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Signalling mechanism(s) of epithelialmesenchymal transition and cancer stem cells in tumour therapeutic resistance

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Signatures of Alfvenic Field-Line Resonance in the Behavior of Preonset Auroral Arcs

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Signatures of Cu (-Au) mineralisation reflected in inorganic and heavy mineral stream sediments at Vähäkurkkio, north-western Finland

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Signatures of chlorinated dioxins and furans along the exposure path The relation between vegetation and soil

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Signatures of multiple processes contributing to fluid reasoning performance

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Signe de Popeye : tnodse vs tnotomie auto-bloquante en T de la longue portion du biceps

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Signed bounded confidence models for opinion dynamics

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Signed countings of types B and D permutations and t , q -Euler numbers

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Significance of Multi-professional, Multi-department, and Multi-hospital Participation for Effective Interprofessional Training for Perioperative Team; ;

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Significance of Pharmacogenomics in Precision Medicine

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Significance of buoyancy in turbulence closure for computational fluid dynamics modelling of ultraviolet disinfection in maturation ponds

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Significance of metallothioneins in differential cadmium accumulation kinetics between two marine fish species

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Significance of novel subcortical low intensity score on transient neurological events after revascularization surgery for moyamoya disease

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Significance of sonority information for voiced/unvoiced decision in speech synthesis

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Significance of systemic immune-inflammation index in the differential diagnosis of high- and low-grade gliomas

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Significance, Errors, Power, and Sample Size

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Significant EU Environmental Cases: 2017