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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65156

Chapter 65156 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Liu, Y-Sheng.; Lin, C-Ying.; Chuang, M-Tsung.; Lin, C-Ying.; Tsai, Y-Shan.; Wang, C-Kuo.; Ou, M-Ching., 2018:
Five-year outcome of conventional and drug-eluting transcatheter arterial chemoembolization in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Bird, J.H.; Warner, E.; Corbridge, R., 2018:
Five-year outcome of endoscopic laser cricopharyngeal myotomy: Our experience in ten patients

Kikkas, E.M.; Sillakivi, T.; Suumann, J.; Kirsimägi, Ü.; Tikk, T.; Värk, P.R., 2018:
Five-Year Outcome of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Resolution of Comorbidities, and Risk for Cumulative Nutritional Deficiencies

Jones, Sôn.G.; Pullan, D.Mark.; Kirmani, B.H., 2018:
Five-Year Outcomes after On-Pump and Off-Pump Coronary-Artery Bypass

Chen, Z.; Takehana, K.; Mizowaki, T.; Uto, M.; Ogura, K.; Sakanaka, K.; Arakawa, Y.; Mineharu, Y.; Miyabe, Y.; Mukumoto, N.; Miyamoto, S.; Hiraoka, M., 2018:
Five-year outcomes following hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy delivered in five fractions for acoustic neuromas: the mean cochlear dose may impact hearing preservation

Fanale, M.A.; Horwitz, S.M.; Forero-Torres, A.; Bartlett, N.L.; Advani, R.H.; Pro, B.; Chen, R.W.; Davies, A.; Illidge, T.; Uttarwar, M.; Lee, S-Yuan.; Ren, H.; Kennedy, D.A.; Shustov, A.R., 2018:
Five-year outcomes for frontline brentuximab vedotin with CHP for CD30-expressing peripheral T-cell lymphomas

Sommerer, C.; Duerr, M.; Witzke, O.; Lehner, F.; Arns, W.; Kliem, V.; Ackermann, D.; Guba, M.; Jacobi, J.; Hauser, I.A.; Stahl, R.; Reinke, P.; Rath, T.; Veit, J.; Mehrabi, A.; Porstner, M.; Budde, K.; Mühlfeld, A.; Babel, N.; Schäffner, E.; Hugo, C.; Pressmar, K.; Pietruck, F.; Asbe-Vollkopf, A.; Pisarski, P.; Drognitz, O.; Thaiss, F.; Klempnauer, Jürgen.; Weithofer, P.; Zeier, M.; Huppertz, A.; Hackenberg, R.; Nitschke, M.; Jauch, K-Günter.; Andrassy, J.; Stangl, M.; Thorban, S.; Banas, B., 2018:
Five-year outcomes in kidney transplant patients randomized to everolimus with cyclosporine withdrawal or low-exposure cyclosporine versus standard therapy

Park, J.Young.; Choi, B.Geol.; Rha, S-Woon.; Kang, T.Soo., 2018:
Five-year outcomes in patients with anemia on admission undergoing a coronary intervention for acute myocardial infarction in Koreans: propensity score matching analysis

Burkov, N.N.; Kazantsev, A.N.; Tarasov, R.S.; Anufriev, A.I.; Barbarash, L.S., 2018:
Five-year outcomes of aorto-femoral vascular reconstructions in patients with multifocal atherosclerosis

Kang, K.B.; Karas, F.I.; Rai, R.; Hallak, J.A.; Kang, J.J.; de la Cruz, J.; Cortina, M.S., 2018:
Five year outcomes of Boston type I keratoprosthesis as primary versus secondary penetrating corneal procedure in a matched case control study

Onishi, Y.; Yokoi, T.; Kasahara, K.; Yoshida, T.; Nagaoka, N.; Shinohara, K.; Kaneko, Y.; Suga, M.; Uramoto, K.; Ohno-Tanaka, A.; Ohno-Matsui, K., 2018:
Five-Year Outcomes of Intravitreal Ranibizumab for Choroidal Neovascularization in Patients with Pathologic Myopia

Khidir, N.; El-Matbouly, M.Ahmed.; Sargsyan, D.; Al-Kuwari, M.; Bashah, M.; Gagner, M., 2018:
Five-year Outcomes of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: a Comparison Between Adults and Adolescents

Gross, J.G.; Glassman, A.R.; Liu, D.; Sun, J.K.; Antoszyk, A.N.; Baker, C.W.; Bressler, N.M.; Elman, M.J.; Ferris, F.L.; Gardner, T.W.; Jampol, L.M.; Martin, D.F.; Melia, M.; Stockdale, C.R.; Beck, R.W., 2018:
Five-Year Outcomes of Panretinal Photocoagulation vs Intravitreous Ranibizumab for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Liang, Q.; Wang, Q.; Sun, G.; Ma, W.; Shi, J.; Jin, W.; Shi, S.; Wang, Z., 2018:
Five-year outcomes of posterior affected-vertebrae fixation in lumbar tuberculosis patients

Rha, S.Woon.; Choi, B.Geol.; Baek, M.Jong.; Ryu, Y.Gi.; Li, H.; Choi, S.Yeon.; Byun, J.Kyeong.; Mashaly, A.; Park, Y.; Jang, W.Young.; Kim, W.; Choi, J.Yeon.; Park, E.Jin.; Na, J.Oh.; Choi, C.Ung.; Lim, H.Euy.; Kim, E.Ju.; Park, C.Gyu.; Seo, H.Seog.; Oh, D.Joo., 2018:
Five-Year Outcomes of Successful Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with Drug-Eluting Stents versus Medical Therapy for Chronic Total Occlusions

Sultan, H.; Wykoff, C.C.; Shah, A.R., 2018:
Five-Year Outcomes of Surgically Treated Symptomatic Epiretinal Membranes With and Without Internal Limiting Membrane Peeling

Steingard, S., 2018:
Five Year Outcomes of Tapering Antipsychotic Drug Doses in a Community Mental Health Center

Kar, S.; Feldman, T.; Qasim, A.; Trento, A.; Kapadia, S.; Pedersen, W.; Lim, D.Scott.; Kipperman, R.; Smalling, R.W.; Bajwa, T.; Hermann, H.C.; Hermiller, J.B.; Lasala, J.M.; Reisman, M.; Glower, D.; Mauri, L.; Whitlow, P., 2018:
Five-year outcomes of transcatheter reduction of significant mitral regurgitation in high-surgical-risk patients

Xaplanteris, P.; Fournier, S.; Pijls, N.H.J.; Fearon, W.F.; Barbato, E.; Tonino, P.A.L.; Engstrøm, T.; Kääb, S.; Dambrink, J-Henk.; Rioufol, G.; Toth, G.G.; Piroth, Z.; Witt, N.; Fröbert, O.; Kala, P.; Linke, A.; Jagic, N.; Mates, M.; Mavromatis, K.; Samady, H.; Irimpen, A.; Oldroyd, K.; Campo, G.; Rothenbühler, M.; Jüni, P.; De Bruyne, B.; Jüni, P.; Lonn, U.; Kern, M.J.; Mahmud, E.; Lim;, M.; Windecker, S.; Gersh, B.J.; Pocock, S.J.; Brinton, T.; Lee, D.; Carroll, T.; Daniels, D.; Giacom, 2018:
Five-Year Outcomes with PCI Guided by Fractional Flow Reserve

Komori, M.; Yanagihara, N.; Hyodo, J.; Minoda, R.; Hinohira, Y., 2018:
Five-year postoperative outcomes of modified staged canal wall up tympanoplasty for primary acquired cholesteatoma

Kochi, R.; Yajima, S.; Nanami, T.; Suzuki, T.; Oshima, Y.; Tokura, N.; Takatsuka, J.; Funahashi, K.; Tochigi, N.; Shimada, H., 2018:
Five-year postsurgical monitoring of serum p53 antibody for locally advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Szyluk, K.; Jasiński, A.; Niemiec, P.; Mielnik, M.; Koczy, B., 2017:
Five-year prevalence of recurrent shoulder dislocation in the entire Polish population

Mathur, P.; Hasan, F.; Singh, P.K.; Malhotra, R.; Walia, K.; Chowdhary, A., 2018:
Five-year profile of candidaemia at an Indian trauma centre: High rates of Candida auris blood stream infections

Iacona, R.; Bonomo, V.; Di Piazza, M.; Sansone, A.; Usala, M.; Novo, S.; Pavone, C., 2018:
Five-year prospective study on cardiovascular events, in patients with erectile dysfunction and hypotestosterone

Salehi, M.; Amiri, A.; Thrift, A.G.; Kapral, M.K.; Sposato, L.; Behrouz, Réza.; Fang, J.; Shoeibi, A.; Hashemi, P.; Farzadfard, M.Taghi.; Mokhber, N.; Azarpazhooh, M.Reza., 2018:
Five-Year Recurrence Rate and the Predictors Following Stroke in the Mashhad Stroke Incidence Study: A Population-Based Cohort Study of Stroke in the Middle East

Li, S-Ming.; Lin, C.; Wan, Y.; Cao, K.; Hao, J.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, A.; Wu, J.; Friedman, D.S.; Wang, N., 2018:
Five-year refractive changes in a rural Chinese adult population and its related factors: the Handan Eye Study

Werlinrud, J.C.; Hansen, K.L.; Larsen, Søren.; Lauritsen, J., 2018:
Five-year results after collagenase treatment of Dupuytren disease

Mlyavykh, S.; Ludwig, S.C.; Kepler, C.K.; Anderson, D.Greg., 2018:
Five-year results of a clinical pilot study utilizing a pedicle-lengthening osteotomy for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis

Holmes, F.Ann.; Hellerstedt, B.A.; Pippen, J.E.; Vukelja, S.J.; Collea, R.P.; Kocs, D.M.; Blum, J.L.; McIntyre, K.J.; Barve, M.A.; Brooks, B.D.; Osborne, C.R.; Wang, Y.; Asmar, L.; O'Shaughnessy, J., 2018:
Five-year results of a phase II trial of preoperative 5-fluorouracil, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide followed by docetaxel with capecitabine (wTX) (with trastuzumab in HER2-positive patients) for patients with stage II or III breast cancer

Mallikarjuna, V.J.; Mathew, V.; Ayyar, V.; Bantwal, G.; Ganesh, V.; George, B.; Hemanth, G.N.; Vinotha, P., 2018:
Five-year Retrospective Study on Primary Hyperparathyroidism in South India: Emerging Roles of Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy and Preoperative Localization with Methionine Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography Scan

Singh, A.; Urry, R.J.; Hardcastle, T.C., 2018:
Five year review of open radical nephrectomies at a regional hospital in South Africa: room for improvement

Amarenco, P.; Lavallée, P.C.; Monteiro Tavares, L.; Labreuche, J.; Albers, G.W.; Abboud, H.; Anticoli, S.; Audebert, H.; Bornstein, N.M.; Caplan, L.R.; Correia, M.; Donnan, G.A.; Ferro, Jé.M.; Gongora-Rivera, F.; Heide, W.; Hennerici, M.G.; Kelly, P.J.; Král, M.; Lin, H-Fen.; Molina, C.; Park, J.Moo.; Purroy, F.; Rothwell, P.M.; Segura, T.; Školoudík, D.; Steg, P.Gabriel.; Touboul, P-Jean.; Uchiyama, S.; Vicaut, Éric.; Wang, Y.; Wong, L.K.S.; Ameriso, S.; Gandolfo, C.Nora.; Povedano, G.; S, 2018:
Five-Year Risk of Stroke after TIA or Minor Ischemic Stroke

Honarvar, B.; Lankarani, K.Bagheri.; Kazemi, M.; Shaygani, F.; Sekhavati, E.; Raooufi, A.; Shahraki, H.Raeisi., 2018:
Five Years after Implementation of Urban Family Physician Program in Fars Province of Iran: Are People's Knowledge and Practice Satisfactory?

Wijnands, Jé.Ma.; Zhu, F.; Kingwell, E.; Zhao, Y.; Ekuma, O.; Lu, X.; Evans, C.; Fisk, J.D.; Marrie, R.Ann.; Tremlett, H., 2018:
Five years before multiple sclerosis onset: Phenotyping the prodrome

Park, J-Sung.; Park, D., 2018:
Five-year serial follow-up of muscle MRI in adult onset myotonic dystrophy type 1: A case report

Berry, S.L.; Tierney, K.P.; Elguindi, S.; Mechalakos, J.G., 2018:
Five years' experience with a customized electronic checklist for radiation therapy planning quality assurance in a multicampus institution

Brogårdh-Roth, S.; Månsson, J.; Ridell, K.; Alward, L.; Hellén-Halme, K.; Ekberg, E., 2018:
Five years' follow-up of dental fear and anxiety, experience of dental care and oral health behaviour in Swedish preterm and full-term adolescents

Derbie, A.; Alemu, M., 2018:
Five Years Malaria Trend Analysis in Woreta Health Center, Northwest Ethiopia

Wang, X.; Dai, W-Wei.; Dang, Y-Long.; Hong, Y.; Zhang, C., 2018:
Five Years' Outcomes of Trabeculectomy with Cross-linked Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Implantation for Chinese Glaucoma Patients

Xu, K.; Wang, C.; Yang, X., 2018:
Five-year study of the effects of simulated nitrogen deposition levels and forms on soil nitrous oxide emissions from a temperate forest in northern China

Biggs, M.Antonia.; Gould, H.; Barar, R.E.; Foster, D.G., 2018:
Five-Year Suicidal Ideation Trajectories Among Women Receiving or Being Denied an Abortion

Łochowski, M.; Łochowska, B.; Rębowski, M.; Brzeziński, D.; Cieślik-Wolski, B.; Kozak, Józef., 2018:
Five-year survival analysis and prognostic factors in patients operated on for non-small cell lung cancer with N2 disease

Kyösti, E.; Liisanantti, J.H.; Peltoniemi, O.; Ohtonen, P.; Rautiainen, P.; Kataja, J.; Ala-Kokko, T., 2017:
Five-Year Survival and Causes of Death in Children After Intensive Care-A National Registry Study

Cabral, N.L.; Nagel, V.; Conforto, A.B.; Amaral, C.H.; Venancio, V.G.; Safanelli, J.; Ibiapina, F.; Longo, A.L.; Zetola, V.de.Hiroki.F., 2018:
Five-year survival, disability, and recurrence after first-ever stroke in a middle-income country: A population-based study in Joinvile, Brazil

Naenni, N.; Sahrmann, P.; Schmidlin, P.R.; Attin, T.; Wiedemeier, D.B.; Sapata, V.; Hämmerle, C.H.F.; Jung, R.E., 2018:
Five-Year Survival of Short Single-Tooth Implants (6 mm): A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Ohara, H.; Yamamoto, H., 2018:
Five-Year Survival of Two Patients with Para-Aortic Lymph Node Metastasis Treated with Four FOLFOX6and Four FOLFIRI Courses in Combination with Bevacizumab

Kuo, I.C.; Espinosa, C., 2018:
Five-year trends in adenoviral conjunctivitis in employees of one medical center

Mazzeffi, M.A.; See, J.M.; Williams, B.; Richards, J.; Zimmerman, D.; Galvagno, S.; Fontaine, M.; Tanaka, K., 2018:
Five-year trends in perioperative red blood cell transfusion from index cases in five surgical specialties: 2011 to 2015

Eyles, H.; Jiang, Y.; Blakely, T.; Neal, B.; Crowley, J.; Cleghorn, C.; Ni Mhurchu, C., 2018:
Five year trends in the serve size, energy, and sodium contents of New Zealand fast foods: 2012 to 2016

Wang, L.; Zhao, Y.; Han, X.; Huang, W.; Huang, G.; He, M., 2017:
Five-year visual outcome among people with correctable visual impairment: the Liwan Eye Study

Miyata, M.; Ooto, S.; Yamashiro, K.; Tamura, H.; Hata, M.; Ueda-Arakawa, N.; Yoshikawa, M.; Numa, S.; Tsujikawa, A., 2018:
Five-year visual outcomes after anti-VEGF therapy with or without photodynamic therapy for polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy

Zeng, Y.Fan.; Sang, J., 2018:
Five zinc finger protein 350 single nucleotide polymorphisms and the risks of breast cancer: a meta-analysis

Mecê, P.; Jarosz, J.; Conan, J-Marc.; Petit, C.; Grieve, K.; Paques, M.; Meimon, S., 2018:
Fixational eye movement: a negligible source of dynamic aberration

Danino, M.; Shnerb, N.M., 2018:
Fixation and absorption in a fluctuating environment

Chavan, S.; Schnabel, E.; Saski, C.; Frugoli, J., 2018:
Fixation and Laser Capture Microdissection of Plant Tissue for RNA Extraction and RNASeq Library Preparation

Nicholson, A.M.; Olpe, C.; Hoyle, A.; Thorsen, A-Sofie.; Rus, T.; Colombé, M.; Brunton-Sim, R.; Kemp, R.; Marks, K.; Quirke, P.; Malhotra, S.; Ten Hoopen, R.; Ibrahim, A.; Lindskog, C.; Myers, M.B.; Parsons, B.; Tavaré, S.; Wilkinson, M.; Morrissey, E.; Winton, D.J., 2018:
Fixation and Spread of Somatic Mutations in Adult Human Colonic Epithelium

Ollivier, M.; Bulaïd, Y.; Jacquet, C.; Pesenti, S.; Argenson, J-Noel.; Parratte, S., 2018:
Fixation augmentation using calcium-phosphate bone substitute improves outcomes of complex tibial plateau fractures. A matched, cohort study

Chiang, W-Yu.; Lee, J-Jer.; Chen, Y-Hao.; Chen, C-Hsin.; Chen, Y-Jen.; Wu, P-Chang.; Fang, P-Chiung.; Kuo, H-Kung., 2018:
Fixation behavior in macular dystrophy assessed by microperimetry

Brunetti, R.; Manni, L.; Mastrototaro, F.; Gissi, C.; Gasparini, F., 2018:
Fixation, description and DNA barcode of a neotype for <i>Botryllus schlosseri </i>(Pallas, 1766) (Tunicata, Ascidiacea)

Prytz, E.G.; Norén, C.; Jonson, C-Oscar., 2018:
Fixation Differences in Visual Search of Accident Scenes by Novices and Expert Emergency Responders

Costa, M.; Simone, A.; Vignali, V.; Lantieri, C.; Palena, N., 2018:
Fixation distance and fixation duration to vertical road signs

Amato, G.; Romano, G.; Agrusa, A.; Gordini, L.; Gulotta, E.; Erdas, E.; Calò, P.G., 2018:
Fixation free femoral hernia repair with a 3D dynamic responsive implant. A case series report

Subramanian, P.S., 2018:
Fixation Instability: A New Measure of Neurologic Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis

Kelly, K.R.; Cheng-Patel, C.S.; Jost, R.M.; Wang, Y-Zhong.; Birch, E.E., 2018:
Fixation instability during binocular viewing in anisometropic and strabismic children

Boonard, M.; Sumanont, S.; Arirachakaran, A.; Sikarinkul, E.; Ratanapongpean, P.; Kanchanatawan, W.; Kongtharvonskul, J., 2018:
Fixation method for treatment of unstable distal clavicle fracture: systematic review and network meta-analysis

Kramer, J.D.; Robinson, S.; Hohn, E.; Purviance, C.; Wolf, E.M., 2018:
Fixation methods and implants in shoulder stabilization: A historical perspective

Kuik, K.; De Ruiter, M.H.T.; De Lange, J.; Hoekema, A., 2018:
Fixation methods in sagittal split ramus osteotomy: a systematic review on in vitro biomechanical assessments

Noh, J.Ho.; Song, S.Jun.; Bae, J.Yoon.; Roh, Y.Hak.; Kim, W.; Gyu Yang, B., 2012:
Fixation of a Chondral Fragment of the Knee in an Adult: A Case Report

Shah, K.N.; Sobel, A.D.; Paxton, E.Scott., 2018:
Fixation of a Proximal Humerus Fracture Using a Polyaxial Locking Plate and Endosteal Fibular Strut

Mori, M.; Hori, K.; Akashi, M.; Hori, M.; Sato, Y.; Nishida, M., 1998:
Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen: Synthesis of Heterocycles with Atmospheric Nitrogen as the Nitrogen Source

Dolezel, R.; Walterová, B.; Juhas, S.; Ryska, O.; Juhásová, J.; Vacková, Z.; Krajciova, J.; Král, J.; Martínek, J., 2018:
Fixation of biomaterial to metallic stent and fixation of stents after circular endoscopic dissection in the esophagus on an animal model

Yu, J., 2018:
Fixation of carbon dioxide by a hydrogen-oxidizing bacterium for value-added products

Maru, B.T.; Munasinghe, P.C.; Gilary, H.; Jones, S.W.; Tracy, B.P., 2018:
Fixation of CO2 and CO on a diverse range of carbohydrates using anaerobic, non-photosynthetic mixotrophy

Tharakulphan, S.; Prasetia, R.; Chernchujit, B., 2018:
Fixation of femoral attachment: anterior cruciate ligament avulsion fracture with arthroscopy suture loop technique

Anonymous, 1929:
Fixation of Fractures by Operation

Yang, W.; Chang, P-Yeh.; Yeh, A-Hua.; Ming, Y-Ching.; Chen, J.Chang.; Lai, J-Yao., 2018:
Fixation of lung apex in spontaneous pneumothorax is safe and efficient in decrease recurrences

Kose, O.; Turan, A.; Unal, M.; Acar, B.; Guler, F., 2018:
Fixation of medial malleolar fractures with magnesium bioabsorbable headless compression screws: short-term clinical and radiological outcomes in eleven patients

Kanakaris, N.K.; Obakponovwe, O.; Krkovic, M.; Costa, M.L.; Shaw, D.; Mohanty, K.R.; West, R.M.; Giannoudis, P.V., 2018:
Fixation of periprosthetic or osteoporotic distal femoral fractures with locking plates: a pilot randomised controlled trial

Massoud, E.Ibraheem.Elsayed., 2018:
Fixation of rotationally unstable extracapsular proximal femoral fractures

Chou, J.; Bacle, G.; Ek, E.T.H.; Tham, S.K.Y., 2018:
Fixation of the Fractured Lunate in Kienböck Disease

Matter-Parrat, V.; Severac, F.; Xavier, F.; Facca, S.; Hidalgo Diaz, J.J.; Liverneaux, P., 2018:
Fixation of the nail plate by tension band suture versus 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate gluing for traumatic nail bed injuries reduced without suture: A retrospective study of 27 cases

Fabricant, P.D.; Yen, Y-Meng.; Kramer, D.E.; Kocher, M.S.; Micheli, L.J.; Lawrence, J.Todd.R.; Ganley, T.J.; Heyworth, B.E., 2018:
Fixation of Traumatic Chondral-Only Fragments of the Knee in Pediatric and Adolescent Athletes: A Retrospective Multicenter Report

Lee, Y-Kyun.; Park, C.Ho.; Koo, K-Hoi., 2017:
Fixation of Trochanteric Fragments in Cementless Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty of Unstable Intertrochanteric Fracture: Cerclage Wiring

Calbiyik, M., 2018:
Fixation of unstable distal radius fractures by using expandable Intramedullary nailing system in adult patients

Mei, X.Y.; Gong, Y.Jia.; Safir, O.A.; Gross, A.E.; Kuzyk, P.R., 2018:
Fixation Options Following Greater Trochanteric Osteotomies and Fractures in Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review

Samet, S.; Tarita-Nistor, L.; González, E.G.; Mandelcorn, M.S.; Mandelcorn, E.D.; Steinbach, M.J., 2018:
Fixation parameter test-retest repeatability of the worse eye in central field loss

Czuppon, P.; Traulsen, A., 2018:
Fixation probabilities in populations under demographic fluctuations

Cui, F.; Yuan, B., 2018:
Fixation probability of a beneficial mutation conferring decreased generation time in changing environments

Forsthoefel, D.J.; Ross, K.G.; Newmark, P.A.; Zayas, R.M., 2018:
Fixation, Processing, and Immunofluorescent Labeling of Whole Mount Planarians

Wynn, J.S.; Olsen, R.K.; Binns, M.A.; Buchsbaum, B.R.; Ryan, J.D., 2018:
Fixation reinstatement supports visuospatial memory in older adults

Enns, J.T.; Watson, M.R., 2018:
Fixations are not all created equal: An objection to mindless visual search

Mihara, M.; Hayashi, A.; Fujita, K.; Kakeue, K.; Tamura, R., 2018:
Fixation stability of the upward gaze in patients with myasthenia gravis: an eye-tracker study

Kogo, T.; Muraoka, Y.; Ooto, S.; Suzuma, K.; Murakami, T.; Iida, Y.; Iida-Miwa, Y.; Ghashut, R.; Miyata, M.; Tsujikawa, A., 2018:
Fixation Status After Resolution of Macular Edema Associated with Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion

Kwak, D-Soon.; Shin, J-Hyuk.; Cho, H-Jung.; Chang, H.Guen.; Park, M.Soo.; Kim, I-Sung., 2018:
Fixation Strength of Pedicle and Cortical Lumbar Vertebral Screws after Laminectomy: A Cadaver Study

Christensen, J.; Fischer, B.; Nute, M.; Rizza, R., 2018:
Fixation Strength of Polyetheretherketone Sheath-and-Bullet Device for Soft Tissue Repair in the Foot and Ankle

Sentürk, U.; Perka, C., 2018:
Fixation Techniques in Revision TKA with Poor Bone Conditions. Bone, Cement, Stem, Sleeve, or Cone?

Kang, H.; Li, J.; Chen, X-Xu.; Wang, T.; Liu, S-Chang.; Li, H-Chuan., 2018:
Fixation versus Excision of Osteochondral Fractures after Patellar Dislocations in Adolescent Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Honeder, C.; Liepins, R.; Arnoldner, C.; Šinkovec, H.; Kaider, A.; Vyskocil, E.; Riss, D., 2018:
Fixed and adaptive beamforming improves speech perception in noise in cochlear implant recipients equipped with the MED-EL SONNET audio processor

Antoniou, M.; Jorgensen, A.L.; Kolamunnage-Dona, R., 2017:
Fixed and Adaptive Parallel Subgroup-Specific Design for Survival Outcomes: Power and Sample Size

Nowak, M.; Nowak, L.; Nowak, J.; Chaniecki, P., 2018:
Fixed and temporary keratoprosthesis

Moore, T.B.; Sampathi, B.R.; Zamorano, D.P.; Tynan, M.C.; Scolaro, J.A., 2018:
Fixed angle plate fixation of comminuted patellar fractures

Kia, M.; Warth, L.C.; Lipman, J.D.; Wright, T.M.; Westrich, G.H.; Cross, M.B.; Mayman, D.J.; Pearle, A.D.; Imhauser, C.W., 2017:
Fixed-bearing medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty restores neither the medial pivoting behavior nor the ligament forces of the intact knee in passive flexion

Ozcan, C.; Simsek, M.Emin.; Tahta, M.; Akkaya, M.; Gursoy, S.; Bozkurt, M., 2018:
Fixed-bearing unicompartmental knee arthroplasty tolerates higher variance in tibial implant rotation than mobile-bearing designs

Manna, S.; Saha, P.; Roy, D.; Adhikari, B.; Das, P., 2018:
Fixed bed column study for water defluoridation using neem oil-phenolic resin treated plant bio-sorbent

Barragán-Peña, P.; Macedo-Miranda, M.G.; Olguín, M.T., 2018:
Fixed-bed column system for Cd 2+ uptake from aqueous solution by sodium- and thiourea-modified clinoptilolite-rich tuff

Muliwa, A.M.; Leswifi, T.Y.; Maity, A.; Ochieng, A.; Onyango, M.S., 2018:
Fixed-bed operation for manganese removal from water using chitosan/bentonite/MnO composite beads

Marrone, O.; Cibella, F.; Pépin, J-Louis.; Grote, L.; Verbraecken, J.; Saaresranta, T.; Kvamme, J.A.; Basoglu, O.K.; Lombardi, C.; McNicholas, W.T.; Hedner, J.; Bonsignore, M.R.; Anttalainen, U.; Saaresranta, T.; Barbè, F.; Basoglu, O.K.; Tasbakan, S.; Bielicki, P.; Kumor, M.; Bouloukaki, I.; Schiza, S.; Cibella, F.; Bonsignore, M.R.; Marrone, O.; Escourrou, P.; Roisman, G.; Fietze, I.; Penzel, T.; Hedner, J.; Grote, L.; Kent, B.D.; McNicholas, W.T.; Ryan, S.; Kvamme, J.A.; Lévy, P.; Pépin,, 2018:
Fixed But Not Autoadjusting Positive Airway Pressure Attenuates the Time-dependent Decline in Glomerular Filtration Rate in Patients With OSA

Gopalakrishna, K.Nanjundaiah.; Prajwal, S.; Sriganesh, K.; Reddy, B.Suneel., 2018:
Fixed cervical flexion deformity: Difficult airway

Koller, H.; Hartmann, S., 2018:
Fixed cervical high-grade kyphosis : Chin-on-chest deformity-Treatment plan

Riniker, S., 2018:
Fixed-Charge Atomistic Force Fields for Molecular Dynamics Simulations in the Condensed Phase: An Overview

Polasky, D.A.; Lermyte, F.; Nshanian, M.; Sobott, F.; Andrews, P.C.; Loo, J.A.; Ruotolo, B.T., 2018:
Fixed-Charge Trimethyl Pyrilium Modification for Enabling Enhanced Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Sequencing of Intact Protein Complexes

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Fixing the supply problem

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Flanged Bombardier beetles from Shanghai, China, with description of a new species in the genus Eustra Schmidt-Goebel (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Paussinae)

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Flank and Lumbar Hernia Repair

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Flapless and sutureless intrascleral fixation of posterior chamber intraocular lens for correction of aphakia

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Flavor-First Chef

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Flawed health care system, strong family physicians

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FLECS Technology for High-Throughput Single-Cell Force Biology and Screening

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Fledgling Gaol Birds

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Fleming Memorial Hospital, Newcastle-On-Tyne

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Flexibilities provided by the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

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Flexible 3D carbon nanotubes cuff electrodes as a peripheral nerve interface

Li, J.; Wang, R.; Su, Z.; Zhang, D.; Li, H.; Yan, Y., 2018:
Flexible 3D Fe@VO 2 core-shell mesh: A highly efficient and easy-recycling catalyst for the removal of organic dyes

Choi, M.; Park, Y.Ju.; Sharma, B.K.; Bae, S-Rang.; Kim, S.Young.; Ahn, J-Hyun., 2018:
Flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display enabled by MoS 2 thin-film transistor

Fang, X.; Han, N.; Wong, W.Keung.; Teng, S.; Wu, J.; Xie, S.; Li, X., 2018:
Flexible Affinity Matrix Learning for Unsupervised and Semisupervised Classification

Panattoni, A.; Pohl, R.; Hocek, M., 2018:
Flexible Alkyne-Linked Thymidine Phosphoramidites and Triphosphates for Chemical or Polymerase Synthesis and Fast Postsynthetic DNA Functionalization through Copper-Catalyzed Alkyne-Azide 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition

Sugitani, T.; Posch, M.; Bretz, F.; Koenig, F., 2018:
Flexible alpha allocation strategies for confirmatory adaptive enrichment clinical trials with a prespecified subgroup

Ye, S.; Jiang, L.; Wu, J.; Su, C.; Huang, C.; Liu, X.; Shao, W., 2018:
Flexible Amoxicillin-Grafted Bacterial Cellulose Sponges for Wound Dressing: In Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation

Brückner, L.; Müller, N.; Motzkus, M., 2018:
Flexible and broadly tunable infrared light source based on shaped sub-10-fs pulses for a multimodal microscopy setup

Xu, H.; Lv, Y.; Zeng, H.; Qiu, D.; Chu, Y.; Zhu, Q., 2018:
Flexible and Broad-Spectral Hybrid Optical Modulation Transistor Based on a Polymer-Silver Nanoparticle Blend

Ding, Y.; Yang, J.; Tolle, C.R.; Zhu, Z., 2018:
Flexible and Compressible PEDOT:PSS@Melamine Conductive Sponge Prepared via One-Step Dip Coating as Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor for Human Motion Detection

Wu, K.; Liu, Z.; Lin, H.; Wang, R.; Yin, Q.; Lv, W.; Su, J.; Yuan, N.; Qiu, J.; Ding, J.; Ovalle-Robles, R.; Inoue, K.; Liu, Z., 2018:
Flexible and Compressible Temperature Sensors Based on Hierarchically Buckled Carbon Nanotube/Rubber Bi-Sheath-Core Fibers

Hu, H.; Guo, X.; Hu, D.; Sun, Z.; Yang, X.; Dai, Q., 2018:
Flexible and Electrically Tunable Plasmons in Graphene-Mica Heterostructures

Choudhury, A.; Dey, B.; Mahapatra, S.Sinha.; Kim, D-Won.; Yang, K-Seung.; Yang, D-Joo., 2018:
Flexible and freestanding supercapacitor based on nanostructured poly(m-aminophenol)/carbon nanofiber hybrid mats with high energy and power densities

Gao, P.; Xu, S.; Chen, Z.; Huang, X.; Bao, Z.; Lao, C.; Wu, G.; Mei, Y., 2018:
Flexible and Hierarchically Structured Sulfur Composite Cathode Based on the Carbonized Textile for High-Performance Li-S Batteries

Huang, N.; Drake, H.; Li, J.; Pang, J.; Wang, Y.; Yuan, S.; Wang, Q.; Cai, P.; Qin, J.; Zhou, H-Cai., 2018:
Flexible and Hierarchical Metal-Organic Framework Composites for High-Performance Catalysis

Yao, J.; Yang, G., 2018:
Flexible and High-Performance All-2D Photodetector for Wearable Devices

Hagstrom, A.L.; Lee, H-Lae.; Lee, M-Soo.; Choe, H-Seok.; Jung, J.; Park, B-Geon.; Han, W-Sik.; Ko, J-Soo.; Kim, J-Hong.; Kim, J-Hyuk., 2018:
Flexible and Micropatternable Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion Thin Films for Photonic Device Integration and Anticounterfeiting Applications

Grieve, B.; Lee, J.Baumgartner.; Robinson, W.; Silva, L.G.M.; Pomorin, K.; Thorncraft, G.; Ning, N., 2018 :
Flexible and non-invasive passive integrated transponder (PIT) tagging protocols for tropical freshwater fish species

Thabet, Y.; Walsh, J.; Breitkreutz, J., 2018:
Flexible and precise dosing of enalapril maleate for all paediatric age groups utilizing orodispersible minitablets

Gong, C.; Guo, H.; Zeng, X.; Xu, H.; Zeng, Q.; Zhang, J.; Xie, J., 2018:
Flexible and rigid dicarboxylic acids enable the assembly of achiral and chiral 3D Co(ii) metal-organic frameworks

Singh, D.; Choudhary, A.; Garg, A., 2017:
Flexible and Robust Piezoelectric Polymer Nanocomposites Based Energy Harvesters

Griggs, W.S.; Kim, H.F.; Ghazizadeh, A.; Gabriela Costello, M.; Wall, K.M.; Hikosaka, O., 2017:
Flexible and Stable Value Coding Areas in Caudate Head and Tail Receive Anatomically Distinct Cortical and Subcortical Inputs

Kim, T.; Cho, M.; Yu, K.Jun., 2018:
Flexible and Stretchable Bio-Integrated Electronics Based on Carbon Nanotube and Graphene

Remontet, L.; Uhry, Zé.; Bossard, N.; Iwaz, J.; Belot, Aélien.; Danieli, C.; Charvat, H.; Roche, L., 2018:
Flexible and structured survival model for a simultaneous estimation of non-linear and non-proportional effects and complex interactions between continuous variables: Performance of this multidimensional penalized spline approach in net survival trend analysis

Yang, D.; Liu, D.; Tian, C.; Wang, S.; Li, H., 2018:
Flexible and transparent films consisting of lanthanide complexes for ratiometric luminescence thermometry

Felfel, R.M.; Hossain, K.M.Zakir.; Kabir, S.F.; Liew, S.Y.; Ahmed, I.; Grant, D.M., 2018:
Flexible and transparent films produced from cellulose nanowhisker reinforced agarose

Dong, X.; Xiong, S.; Luo, B.; Ge, R.; Li, Z.; Li, J.; Zhou, Y., 2018:
Flexible and Transparent Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Thermoelectric Modules

Lan, C.; Zhu, D.; Gao, J.; Li, B.; Gao, Z., 2018:
Flexible and tunable terahertz all-dielectric metasurface composed of ceramic spheres embedded in ferroelectric/ elastomer composite

Lan, C.; Zhu, D.; Gao, J.; Li, B.; Gao, Z., 2018:
Flexible and tunable terahertz all-dielectric metasurface composed of ceramic spheres embedded in ferroelectric/elastomer composite: erratum

Silambarasan, K.; Joseph, J., 2018:
Flexible Anion Microbatteries: Towards Construction of a Hybrid Battery-Capacitor Device

Chowdhury, A.U.; Liu, F.; Watson, B.R.; Ashkar, R.; Katsaras, J.; Patrick Collier, C.; Lutterman, D.A.; Ma, Y-Zhong.; Calhoun, T.R.; Doughty, B., 2018:
Flexible approach to vibrational sum-frequency generation using shaped near-infrared light

Boruah, B.Deka.; Maji, A.; Misra, A., 2018:
Flexible Array of Microsupercapacitor for Additive Energy Storage Performance Over a Large Area

Zhou, L.; Liu, Y.; Shi, H.; Yang, X.; Huang, J.; Liu, S.; Chen, Q.; Liu, J.; Wang, K., 2018:
Flexible Assembly of an Enzyme Cascade on a DNA Triangle Prism Nanostructure for the Controlled Biomimetic Generation of Nitric Oxide

Patil, A.M.; Lokhande, A.C.; Shinde, P.A.; Lokhande, C.D., 2018:
Flexible Asymmetric Solid-State Supercapacitors by Highly Efficient 3D Nanostructured α-MnO 2 and h-CuS Electrodes

Bora, A.; Mohan, K.; Doley, S.; Dolui, S.Kumar., 2018:
Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitor Based on Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogels with Wide Working Potential Window

Anonymous, 2018:
Flexible BEMS for Basildon hospital

Julian, M.N.; MacDonnell, D.G.; Gupta, M.C., 2018:
Flexible binary phase photon sieves on polyimide substrates by laser ablation

Yang, B.; Hao, C.; Wen, F.; Wang, B.; Mu, C.; Xiang, J.; Li, L.; Xu, B.; Zhao, Z.; Liu, Z.; Tian, Y., 2017:
Flexible Black-Phosphorus Nanoflake/Carbon Nanotube Composite Paper for High-Performance All-Solid-State Supercapacitors

Plajer, A.J.; Garcia-Rodriguez, R.; Rizzuto, F.J.; Wright, D.S., 2017:
Flexible Bonding of the Phosph(V)azane Dianions [S(E)P(μ-NtBu)] 2 2

Lin, Y-Ting.; Lee, Y-Sheng.; Jeng, M-Jy.; Chen, W-Yu.; Tsao, P-Chen.; Chan, I-Ching.; Soong, W-Jue., 2018:
Flexible bronchoscopic findings and the relationship to repeated extubation failure in critical children

Miller, R.J.; Casal, R.F.; Lazarus, D.R.; Ost, D.E.; Eapen, G.A., 2018:
Flexible Bronchoscopy

Chen, T.; Qiu, L.; Zhong, L.; Tao, Q.; Liu, H.; Chen, L., 2018:
Flexible bronchoscopy in pulmonary diseases in children with congenital cardiovascular abnormalities

Guillon, A.; Nay, M-A.; Kamel, T., 2018:
Flexible bronchoscopy-related safety in patients with severe ARDS

El Kacimi, A.; Pauliac-Vaujour, E.; Eymery, Jël., 2018:
Flexible Capacitive Piezoelectric Sensor with Vertically Aligned Ultralong GaN Wires

Hwang, H-Chan.; Woo, J.Seok.; Park, S-Young., 2018:
Flexible carbonized cellulose/single-walled carbon nanotube films with high conductivity

Wu, R.; Ding, X.; Qi, Y.; Zeng, Q.; Wu, Y-Wei.; Yu, B.; Xu, F-Jian., 2018:
Flexible Cationic Nanoparticles with Photosensitizer Cores for Multifunctional Biomedical Applications

Mayhew, M.B.; Petersen, B.K.; Sales, A.Paula.; Greene, J.D.; Liu, V.X.; Wasson, T.S., 2017:
Flexible, cluster-based analysis of the electronic medical record of sepsis with composite mixture models

Lorenc, E.S.; Sreenivasan, K.K.; Nee, D.E.; Vandenbroucke, A.R.E.; D'Esposito, M., 2018:
Flexible Coding of Visual Working Memory Representations during Distraction

Layton, K.K.S.; Gosliner, T.M.; Wilson, N.G., 2018:
Flexible colour patterns obscure identification and mimicry in Indo-Pacific Chromodoris nudibranchs (Gastropoda: Chromodorididae)

Lee, J.Hoon.; Hwang, J-Young.; Zhu, J.; Hwang, H.Ryeon.; Lee, S.Min.; Cheng, H.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Hwang, S-Won., 2018:
Flexible Conductive Composite Integrated with Personal Earphone for Wireless, Real-Time Monitoring of Electrophysiological Signs

Khalid, M.Waqas.; Ahmed, R.; Yetisen, A.K.; Butt, H., 2018:
Flexible corner cube retroreflector array for temperature and strain sensing

Chen, E.; Xie, H.; Huang, J.; Miu, H.; Shao, G.; Li, Y.; Guo, T.; Xu, S.; Ye, Y., 2018:
Flexible/curved backlight module with quantum-dots microstructure array for liquid crystal displays

Mielke, A.; Preis, A.; Samuni, L.; Gogarten, J.F.; Wittig, R.M.; Crockford, C., 2018:
Flexible decision-making in grooming partner choice in sooty mangabeys and chimpanzees

Kim, J.Hun.; Lee, G.Hui.; Kim, S.; Chung, H.Won.; Lee, J.Hoon.; Lee, S.Min.; Kang, C.Yun.; Lee, S-Hoon., 2018 :
Flexible deep brain neural probe for localized stimulation and detection with metal guide

Desnijder, K.; Hanselaer, P.; Meuret, Y., 2017:
Flexible design method for freeform lenses with an arbitrary lens contour

Rakers, L.; Glorius, F., 2018:
Flexible design of ionic liquids for membrane interactions

Han, H.; Ma, X.; Oyama, K., 2018:
Flexible Detection of Fall Events Using Bidirectional EMG Sensor

Song, K.; Kim, J.; Cho, S.; Kim, N.; Jung, D.; Choo, H.; Lee, J., 2018:
Flexible-Device Injector with a Microflap Array for Subcutaneously Implanting Flexible Medical Electronics

Sahatiya, P.; Kadu, A.; Gupta, H.; Thanga Gomathi, P.; Badhulika, S., 2018:
Flexible, Disposable Cellulose-Paper-Based MoS 2 /Cu 2 S Hybrid for Wireless Environmental Monitoring and Multifunctional Sensing of Chemical Stimuli

Wu, T.; Chen, K.; Zhao, H.; Zhang, W.; Li, Y.; Wei, H., 2018:
Flexible dual-soliton manipulation for coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering spectroscopy

Berg, A.C.; Johnson, K.B.; Straight, C.R.; Reed, R.A.; O'Connor, P.J.; Evans, E.M.; Johnson, M.Ann., 2018:
Flexible Eating Behavior Predicts Greater Weight Loss Following a Diet and Exercise Intervention in Older Women

Chen, X.; DeAngelis, G.C.; Angelaki, D.E., 2018:
Flexible egocentric and allocentric representations of heading signals in parietal cortex

Samuel, S.; Roehr-Brackin, K.; Jelbert, S.; Clayton, N.S., 2018:
Flexible egocentricity: Asymmetric switch costs on a perspective-taking task

Aashish, A.; Sadanandhan, N.Kalloor.; Ganesan, K.Priya.; Saraswathy Hareesh, U.Nair.; Muthusamy, S.; Devaki, S.J., 2018:
Flexible Electrochemical Transducer Platform for Neurotransmitters

Varghese Hansen, R.; Yang, J.; Zheng, L., 2018:
Flexible electrochromic materials based on CNT/PDA hybrids

Zhang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Cui, K.; Ge, S.; Cheng, X.; Yan, M.; Yu, J.; Liu, H., 2018:
Flexible Electronics Based on Micro/Nanostructured Paper

Kawasaki, T.; Kurosaki, Y.; Fukuda, H.; Kinosada, M.; Ishibashi, R.; Handa, A.; Chin, M.; Yamagata, S., 2017:
Flexible endoscopically assisted evacuation of acute and subacute subdural hematoma through a small craniotomy: preliminary results

Corrivetti, F.; Cacciotti, G.; Giacobbo Scavo, C.; Roperto, R.; Mastronardi, L., 2018:
Flexible Endoscopic-Assisted Microsurgical Radical Resection of Intracanalicular Vestibular Schwannomas by a Retrosigmoid Approach: Operative Technique

Allamneni, C.; Ergen, W.; Herndon, S.; Weber, F.; Kyanam Kabir Baig, K., 2018:
Flexible endoscopic management of Zenker's diverticulum

Carrica, Sán.Augusto.; Martinez, H.; Correa, G.Javier.; Yantorno, M.; Tufare, F.; Baldoni, F.Tufare.; Villaverde, A.; Chopita, N., 2016:
Flexible endoscopic treatment for Zenker's diverticulum: preliminary results in a single center experience in a public hospital in Argentina

Soong, W-Jue.; Tsao, P-Chen.; Lee, Y-Sheng.; Yang, C-Feng., 2018:
Flexible endoscopy for pediatric tracheobronchial metallic stent placement, maintenance and long-term outcomes

Möller, D.; Kushnir, S.; Grote, M.; Ismail-Ali, A.; Koopmans, K.R.M.; Calo, F.; Heinrich, S.; Diehl, B.; Schulz, F., 2018:
Flexible enzymatic activation of artificial polyketide extender units by Streptomyces cinnamonensis into the monensin biosynthetic pathway

Su, L.; Lu, X.; Chen, L.; Wang, Y.; Yuan, G.; Liu, J-M., 2018:
Flexible, Fatigue-Free, and Large-Scale Bi 3.25 La 0.75 Ti 3 O 12 Ferroelectric Memories

Jiang, H.; Niu, H.; Yang, X.; Sun, Z.; Li, F.; Wang, Q.; Qu, F., 2018:
Flexible Fe 2 O 3 and V 2 O 5 Nanofibers as Binder-Free Electrodes for High-Performance All-Solid-State Asymmetric Supercapacitors

Gedik, A.Hakan.; Çakır, E.; Topuz, U., 2016:
Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy Through the Laryngeal Mask Airway in a Small Premature Infant

Rosti, M.Edoardo.; Banaei, A.Alizad.; Brandt, L.; Mazzino, A., 2018:
Flexible Fiber Reveals the Two-Point Statistical Properties of Turbulence

Jiang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, L.; Liu, B.; Li, Q.; Zhang, M.; Pang, W., 2018:
Flexible Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters toward Radiofrequency Wireless Communication

Zou, X.; Lu, Q.; Zhong, Y.; Liao, K.; Zhou, W.; Shao, Z., 2018:
Flexible, Flame-Resistant, and Dendrite-Impermeable Gel-Polymer Electrolyte for Li-O 2 /Air Batteries Workable Under Hurdle Conditions

Yin, J.; Zhao, H.; Zhuang, G.; Liang, X.; Hu, X.; Zhu, Y.; Zhang, R.; Fan, X.; Cao, Y., 2018:
Flexible flatfoot of 6-13-year-old children: A cross-sectional study

Alvarado, M.; Navarrete, Èric.; Romero, A.; Ramírez, Jé.Luis.; Llobet, E., 2018:
Flexible Gas Sensors Employing Octahedral Indium Oxide Films

Garg, N.; Sindwani, G.; Suri, A.; Shamim, R.; Pandey, C.Kant., 2018:
Flexible gastroendoscope as a rescue device for an anaesthetist

Lu, G-Wei.; Luís, R.S.; Toda, H.; Cui, J.; Sakamoto, T.; Wang, H.; Ji, Y.; Yamamoto, N., 2018:
Flexible generation of 28 Gbps PAM4 60 GHz/80 GHz radio over fiber signal by injection locking of direct multilevel modulated laser to spacing-tunable two-tone light

Li, S.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, Z.; Yang, L.; Zhang, J.; Wang, M.; Che, R., 2018:
Flexible Graphene-Wrapped Carbon Nanotube/Graphene@MnO 2 3D Multilevel Porous Film for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries

Yang, F.; Mou, F.; Jiang, Y.; Luo, M.; Xu, L.; Ma, H.; Guan, J., 2018:
Flexible Guidance of Microengines by Dynamic Topographical Pathways in Ferrofluids

Kim, D.; Kirakosyan, A.; Lee, J.Woong.; Jeong, J-Ryul.; Choi, J., 2018:
Flexible h-BN foam sheets for multifunctional electronic packaging materials with ultrahigh thermostability

Wang, Z.; Zhang, L.; Liu, J.; Jiang, H.; Li, C., 2018:
Flexible hemispheric microarrays of highly pressure-sensitive sensors based on breath figure method

Akkaladevi, N.; Bunyak, F.; Stalla, D.; White, T.A.; Hazelbauer, G.L., 2017:
Flexible Hinges in Bacterial Chemoreceptors

Wang, H-Tao.; Liu, Y-Nan.; Kang, X-Hui.; Wang, Y-Fan.; Yang, S-Yi.; Bian, S-Wei.; Zhu, Q., 2018:
Flexible hybrid yarn-shaped supercapacitors based on porous nickel cobalt sulfide nanosheet array layers on gold metalized cotton yarns

Lu, Z.; Chen, Z.; Guo, Y.; Ju, Y.; Liu, Y.; Feng, R.; Xiong, C.; Ober, C.K.; Dong, L., 2018:
Flexible Hydrophobic Antifouling Coating with Oriented Nanotopography and Nonleaking Capsaicin

ElAfandy, R.T.; Ebaid, M.; Min, J-Wook.; Zhao, C.; Ng, T.Khee.; Ooi, B.S., 2018:
Flexible InGaN nanowire membranes for enhanced solar water splitting

Guan, N.; Dai, X.; Babichev, A.V.; Julien, Fçois.H.; Tchernycheva, M., 2018:
Flexible inorganic light emitting diodes based on semiconductor nanowires

Liu, T.; Zhao, J.; Xu, W.; Dou, J.; Zhao, X.; Deng, W.; Wei, C.; Xu, W.; Guo, W.; Su, W.; Jie, J.; Cui, Z., 2017:
Flexible integrated diode-transistor logic (DTL) driving circuits based on printed carbon nanotube thin film transistors with low operation voltage

Zhang, J.; Yin, W.; Qiu, Y.; Shen, Y.; Cao, S.; Wang, J., 2018:
Flexible internal fixation with locking plate for distal femoral fractures

Mukhtar, I.A.; Yaghmour, K.M.; Ahmed, A.F.; Ibrahim, T., 2018:
Flexible intramedullary nailing versus nonoperative treatment for paediatric displaced midshaft clavicle fractures

Gao, K.; Yang, F.; Zhou, M.; Pan, Q.; Suganthan, P.Nagaratnam., 2018:
Flexible Job-Shop Rescheduling for New Job Insertion by Using Discrete Jaya Algorithm

Saravanam, P.Kumar.; Manimaran, V., 2017:
Flexible Laryngoscopy in Management of Congenital Stridor

Ha, S.Hoon.; Shin, K.Hang.; Park, H.Won.; Lee, Y.Jung., 2018:
Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries with High Areal Capacity Enabled by Smart Conductive Textiles

Rohner, N.Andrew.; Thomas, S.Napier., 2017:
Flexible Macromolecule versus Rigid Particle Retention in the Injected Skin and Accumulation in Draining Lymph Nodes Are Differentially Influenced by Hydrodynamic Size

Li, M.; Wang, Y.; Chen, A.; Naidu, A.; Napier, B.S.; Li, W.; Rodriguez, C.Lopez.; Crooker, S.A.; Omenetto, F.G., 2018:
Flexible magnetic composites for light-controlled actuation and interfaces

Wang, W.; Yan, Y.; Nie, F.; Yan, S.; Sebe, N., 2018:
Flexible Manifold Learning With Optimal Graph for Image and Video Representation

Jiu-Sheng, L.; Ze-Jiang, Z.; Jian-Quan, Y., 2017:
Flexible manipulation of terahertz wave reflection using polarization insensitive coding metasurfaces

Crosby, P.; Hoyle, N.P.; O'Neill, J.S., 2018:
Flexible Measurement of Bioluminescent Reporters Using an Automated Longitudinal Luciferase Imaging Gas- and Temperature-optimized Recorder (ALLIGATOR)

Vastardis, G.A.; Hadjipavlou, A.G.; Marjan, A.E.; Stojanovic, M.A.; Dial, B.; Kazakos, K.I., 2018:
Flexible memory-alloy instrumentation for unilateral transpedicular kyphoplasty and guided cement augmentation of the thoracic spine

Kim, D.Hyeong.; Wu, C.; Park, D.Hyun.; Kim, W.Kyum.; Seo, H.Woon.; Kim, S.Wook.; Kim, T.Whan., 2018:
Flexible Memristive Devices Based on InP/ZnSe/ZnS Core-Multishell Quantum Dot Nanocomposites

Bu, X-He.; Chen, W.; Lu, S-Liang.; Zhang, R-Hua.; Liao, D-Zheng.; Bu, W-Ming.; Shionoya, M.; Brisse, F.; Ribas, J., 2001:
Flexible meso-Bis(sulfinyl) Ligands as Building Blocks for Copper(II) Coordination Polymers: Cavity Control by Varying the Chain Length of Ligands

Jaenicke, S.; Albaum, S.P.; Blumenkamp, P.; Linke, B.; Stoye, J.; Goesmann, A., 2018:
Flexible metagenome analysis using the MGX framework

Zhang, X.; Zhang, Q.; Yue, D.; Zhang, J.; Wang, J.; Li, B.; Yang, Y.; Cui, Y.; Qian, G., 2018:
Flexible Metal-Organic Framework-Based Mixed-Matrix Membranes: A New Platform for H 2 S Sensors

Qian, Q.; Yan, Y.; Wang, C., 2018:
Flexible metasurface black nickel with stepped nanopillars

Sperry, Z.J.; Na, K.; Parizi, S.S.; Chiel, H.J.; Seymour, J.; Yoon, E.; Bruns, T.M., 2018:
Flexible microelectrode array for interfacing with the surface of neural ganglia

Zhong, M.; Zhang, F.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, J.; Shen, W.; Guo, S., 2018:
Flexible micro-supercapacitors assembled via chemically reduced graphene oxide films assisted by a laser printer

Brandt, S.; Klute, F.David.; Schütz, A.; Marggraf, U.; Drees, C.; Vogel, P.; Vautz, W.; Franzke, J., 2018:
Flexible Microtube Plasma (FμTP) as an Embedded Ionization Source for a Microchip Mass Spectrometer Interface

Gao, S.; Chen, G.; Dall'Agnese, Y.; Wei, Y.; Gao, Z.; Gao, Y., 2018:
Flexible MnS-Carbon Fiber Hybrids for Lithium-Ion and Sodium-Ion Energy Storage

Tan, M.Jin.; Pan, H-Chi.; Tan, H.Ru.; Chai, J.Wei.; Lim, Q.Feng.; Wong, T.It.; Zhou, X.; Hong, Z-Yao.; Liao, L-De.; Kong, K.Voon., 2018:
Flexible Modulation of CO-Release Using Various Nuclearity of Metal Carbonyl Clusters on Graphene Oxide for Stroke Remediation

Liu, Y.C.; Ren, H.T.; Gao, P.F.; Zhang, Y.; Xia, M.G.; Zhang, S.L., 2018:
Flexible modulation of electronic and magnetic properties of zigzag H-MoS 2 nanoribbons by crack defects

Xue, N.; Martinez, I.Delgado.; Sun, J.; Cheng, Y.; Liu, C., 2018:
Flexible multichannel vagus nerve electrode for stimulation and recording for heart failure treatment

Machado, R.J.M.; van den Hout, A., 2018:
Flexible multistate models for interval-censored data: Specification, estimation, and an application to ageing research

Haghanifar, S.; Rodriguez De Vecchis, R.T.; Kim, K-Joong.; Wuenschell, J.; Sharma, S.P.; Lu, P.; Ohodnicki, P.; Leu, P.W., 2018 :
Flexible nanograss with highest combination of transparency and haze for optoelectronic plastic substrates

Myerson, J.W.; Braender, B.; Mcpherson, O.; Glassman, P.M.; Kiseleva, R.Y.; Shuvaev, V.V.; Marcos-Contreras, O.; Grady, M.E.; Lee, H-Su.; Greineder, C.F.; Stan, R.V.; Composto, R.J.; Eckmann, D.M.; Muzykantov, V.R., 2018:
Flexible Nanoparticles Reach Sterically Obscured Endothelial Targets Inaccessible to Rigid Nanoparticles

Park, Y.Min.; Lim, S.Young.; Jeong, S.Woo.; Song, Y.; Bae, N.Ho.; Hong, S.Bok.; Choi, B.Gill.; Lee, S.Jae.; Lee, K.G., 2018:
Flexible nanopillar-based electrochemical sensors for genetic detection of foodborne pathogens

Zhang, X.; Zheng, E.; Esopi, M.R.; Cai, C.; Yu, Q., 2018:
Flexible Narrowband Ultraviolet Photodetectors with Photomultiplication Based on Wide Band Gap Conjugated Polymer and Inorganic Nanoparticles

Huang, C.; Yang, Y.; Fu, J.; Wu, J.; Song, H.; Zhang, X.; Gao, B.; Chu, P.K.; Huo, K., 2018:
Flexible Nb₄N 5 /rGO Electrode for High-Performance Solid State Supercapacitors

Rivlin-Etzion, M.; Grimes, W.N.; Rieke, F., 2018:
Flexible Neural Hardware Supports Dynamic Computations in Retina

Torres-Corzo, J.Gerardo.; Islas-Aguilar, M.Alberto.; Cerecedo-López, C.Daniel., 2018:
Flexible Neuroendoscopic Diagnosis and Management of Ventricular Tumors: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Fu, Y.; Kong, L-An.; Chen, Y.; Wang, J.; Qian, C.; Yuan, Y.; Sun, J.; Gao, Y.; Wan, Q., 2018:
Flexible Neuromorphic Architectures Based on Self-Supported Multiterminal Organic Transistors

Piao, D.; Sypniewski, L.A.; Bailey, C.; Dugat, D.; Burba, D.J.; De Taboada, L., 2018:
Flexible nine-channel photodetector probe facilitated intraspinal multisite transcutaneous photobiomodulation therapy dosimetry in cadaver dogs

Jiang, X.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, Z.; Quan, X., 2018:
Flexible Non-negative Matrix Factorization to Unravel Disease-related Genes

An, H.; Karas, D.; Kim, B-Wook.; Trabia, S.; Moon, J., 2018:
Flexible n-type thermoelectric composite films with enhanced performance through interface engineering and post-treatment

Kim, T.Jin.; Jung, K.Oh.; Fahimian, B.; Pratx, G., 2018:
Flexible optically stimulated luminescence band for 1D in vivo radiation dosimetry

Wu, C-Sian.; Tsai, P-Yu.; Wang, T-Yi.; Lin, E-Li.; Huang, Y-Chang.; Chiang, Y-Wan., 2018:
Flexible or Robust Amorphous Photonic Crystals from Network-Forming Block Copolymers for Sensing Solvent Vapors

Bertrand, Aélie.; Van Keilegom, I.; Legrand, C., 2018:
Flexible parametric approach to classical measurement error variance estimation without auxiliary data

Ratz, T.; Smiseth, P.T., 2018:
Flexible parents: joint effects of handicapping and brood size manipulation on female parental care in Nicrophorus vespilloides

Iglio, R.; Mariani, S.; Robbiano, V.; Strambini, L.; Barillaro, G., 2018:
Flexible Polydimethylsiloxane Foams Decorated with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Enable Unprecedented Detection of Ultralow Strain and Pressure Coupled with a Large Working Range

Zhao, S.; Yan, Y.; Gao, A.; Zhao, S.; Cui, J.; Zhang, G., 2018:
Flexible Polydimethylsilane Nanocomposites Enhanced with a Three-Dimensional Graphene/Carbon Nanotube Bicontinuous Framework for High-Performance Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

Cha, Y.; Kim, H.; Kim, D., 2018:
Flexible Piezoelectric Sensor-Based Gait Recognition

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Flexible scheme to truncate the hierarchy of pure states

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Flexible sigmoidoscopy screening for colorectal cancer

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Flexible working in the NHS

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Flexible working is good for staff and patient care

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Flitwick Water

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Floating kidney

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Floating Liver

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Floating Mass Across the Tricuspid Valve

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Float Like Bacilli, STING Like a B: Type I Interferons in Tuberculosis

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Floors and Walls of Operating-Theatres

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Floors for Hospital Wards

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Floor Surfaces

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Floquet Supersymmetry

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Florence Nightingale, O.M

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Florence Nightingale, O.M.: The Memorial Service at St. Paul's Cathedral

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"Florence Warden" on Sandgate Convalescent Homes

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Florida Blue program focuses on weight loss - and fun - to prevent type 2 diabetes in older adults

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Florida hospital proves an active-shooter plan can save lives

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Florida State University's Institute for Family Violence Studies

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Flour the Grand Panacea for Burns and Scalds

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