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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65163

Chapter 65163 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ganczarek, J.; Hünefeldt, T.; Olivetti Belardinelli, M., 2018:
From "Einfühlung" to empathy: exploring the relationship between aesthetic and interpersonal experience

Adamo, S., 2018:
From Ejtm (European Journal of Translational Myology) to Ejt3M (European Journal of Translational Myology, Mobility, Medicine)

Henderson, R., 2018:
From Electron Crystallography to Single Particle CryoEM (Nobel Lecture)

Flores-Ruiz, H.; Micoulaut, M., 2018:
From elemental tellurium to Ge 2 Sb 2 Te 5 melts: High temperature dynamic and relaxation properties in relationship with the possible fragile to strong transition

Hammarfelt, Börn.; de Rijcke, S.; Wouters, P., 2017:
From Eminent Men to Excellent Universities: University Rankings as Calculative Devices

Luetsch, K., 2018:
From enforcement to advocacy - Developing a Foucauldian perspective of pharmacists' reflections on interactions with complex patients

Popa, Cătălin.Nicolae.; Knitter, D., 2016:
From Environment to Landscape. Reconstructing Environment Perception Using Numerical Data

Altinoz, M.A.; Nalbantoglu, J.; Ozpinar, A.; Emin Ozcan, M.; Del Maestro, R.F.; Elmaci, I., 2018:
From epidemiology and neurodevelopment to antineoplasticity. Medroxyprogesterone reduces human glial tumor growth in vitro and C6 glioma in rat brain in vivo

Altinoz, M.A.; Elmaci, I.; Cengiz, S.; Emekli-Alturfan, E.; Ozpinar, A., 2018:
From epidemiology to treatment: Aspirin's prevention of brain and breast-cancer and cardioprotection may associate with its metabolite gentisic acid

Renzi, C.; Provencal, N.; Bassil, K.C.; Evers, K.; Kihlbom, U.; Radford, E.J.; Koupil, I.; Mueller-Myhsok, B.; Hansson, M.G.; Rutten, B.P.F., 2018:
From Epigenetic Associations to Biological and Psychosocial Explanations in Mental Health

Cadée, F.; Nieuwenhuijze, M.J.; Lagro-Janssen, A.L.M.; de Vries, R., 2018:
From equity to power: Critical Success Factors for Twinning between midwives, a Delphi study

Fahrenfort, J.J.; van Driel, J.; van Gaal, S.; Olivers, C.N.L., 2018:
From ERPs to MVPA Using the Amsterdam Decoding and Modeling Toolbox (ADAM)

Moras, M.; Lefevre, S.D.; Ostuni, M.A., 2018:
From Erythroblasts to Mature Red Blood Cells: Organelle Clearance in Mammals

Lüscher, T.F.; Kjeldsen, S.E.; Mancia, G.; Papademetriou, V., 2017:
From 'essential' hypertension to intensive blood pressure lowering: the pros and cons of lower target values

González-Santos, S.P., 2016:
From esterilología to reproductive biology: The story of the Mexican assisted reproduction business

Bull, J.N.; Scholz, M.S.; Carrascosa, E.; Bieske, E.J., 2017:
From E to Z and back again: reversible photoisomerisation of an isolated charge-tagged azobenzene

Eiberg, J.; van Herzeele, I.; Eiberg, J.; Van Herzeele, I.; Vila, R.; Wahlgreen, C.; Schrimpf, C.; Gallardo Pedrajas, F.; Gentile, F.; Boyle, J.; Black, S.; Zieliński, A.; Zaleski, D., 2018:
From European Training Committee to ESVS Academy: The Start of a New Paradigm in ESVS Education

Krause, G., 2006:
From evaluation to continuous quality assurance of surveillance systems

Muñoz Jiménez, D., 2018:
From evidence-based nursing to healthcare practice: The evaluation of results as an integrating element

Cocker, K.De.; Cardon, G.; Bennie, J.A.; Kolbe-Alexander, T.; Meester, F.De.; Vandelanotte, C., 2018:
From Evidence-Based Research to Practice-Based Evidence: Disseminating a Web-Based Computer-Tailored Workplace Sitting Intervention through a Health Promotion Organisation

Zucchi, E.Miura.; Grangeiro, A.; Ferraz, D.; Pinheiro, T.Félix.; Alencar, T.; Ferguson, L.; Estevam, D.Lotufo.; Munhoz, R., 2018:
From evidence to action: challenges for the Brazilian Unified National Health System in offering pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV to persons with the greatest vulnerability

Rodin, G., 2018:
From evidence to implementation: The global challenge for psychosocial oncology

Chambers, C.T., 2018:
From evidence to influence: dissemination and implementation of scientific knowledge for improved pain research and management

Gholipour, S.; Saliba, M., 2018:
From Exceptional Properties to Stability Challenges of Perovskite Solar Cells

Allard, B., 2018:
From excitation to intracellular Ca 2+ movements in skeletal muscle: Basic aspects and related clinical disorders

Conte, C.; López, A., 2018:
From excluded individuals to rights-endowed citizens: The new approaches to disability

Cruciani, G.; Milani, Nò.; Benedetti, P.; Lepri, S.; Cesarini, L.; Baroni, M.; Spyrakis, F.; Tortorella, S.; Mosconi, E.; Goracci, L., 2017:
From Experiments to a Fast Easy-to-Use Computational Methodology to Predict Human Aldehyde Oxidase Selectivity and Metabolic Reactions

Costello, I., 2018:
From expert to novice

Gweon, H.; Schulz, L., 2018:
From Exploration to Instruction: Children Learn From Exploration and Tailor Their Demonstrations to Observers' Goals and Competence

Chan, K.Ling.; Lo, R.; Ip, P., 2018:
From Exposure to Family Violence During Childhood to Depression in Adulthood: A Path Analysis on the Mediating Effects of Intimate Partner Violence

Eshel, O., 2018:
From Extension to Revolutionary Change in Clinical Psychoanalysis: the Radical Influence of Bion and Winnicott

Akhter, N.; Shehu, A., 2018:
From Extraction of Local Structures of Protein Energy Landscapes to Improved Decoy Selection in Template-Free Protein Structure Prediction

Orben, A.C.; Mutak, A.; Dablander, F.; Hecht, M.; Krawiec, J.M.; Valkovičová, Nália.; Kosīte, D., 2018:
From Face-to-Face to Facebook: Probing the Effects of Passive Consumption on Interpersonal Attraction

Perrenoud, C.; Stiefel, F.; Bourquin, Céline., 2018:
From facts to arguments: A study of the 2014 Swiss controversy over systematic mammography screening

Choquette, E.M.; Rancourt, D.; Kevin Thompson, J., 2018:
From fad to FAD: A theoretical formulation and proposed name change for "drunkorexia" to food and alcohol disturbance (FAD)

Wodak, A., 2018:
From failed global drug prohibition to regulating the drug market

Bhavnani, S.P.; Harzand, A., 2018:
From false-positives to technological Darwinism: controversies in digital health

Puurveen, G.; Baumbusch, J.; Gandhi, P., 2018:
From Family Involvement to Family Inclusion in Nursing Home Settings: A Critical Interpretive Synthesis

Cottingham, M.D.; Fisher, J.A., 2017:
From fantasy to reality: managing biomedical risk emotions in and through fictional media

Bhardwaj, M., 2007:
From farm to pharma: public health challenges of nutrigenomics

Quie, P.G., 2018:
From Fatal to Chronic Granulomatous Diseases of Childhood

Vesel, T.; Beveridge, C., 2018:
From Fear to Confidence: Changing Providers' Attitudes About Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care

Stapelberg, N.J.C.; Pratt, R.; Neumann, D.L.; Shum, D.H.K.; Brandis, S.; Muthukkumarasamy, V.; Stantic, B.; Blumenstein, M.; Headrick, J.P., 2018:
From feedback loop transitions to biomarkers in the psycho-immune-neuroendocrine network: Detecting the critical transition from health to major depression

Titeux, E.; Gilbert, C.; Briand, A.; Cochet-Faivre, Nëlle., 2018:
From Feline Idiopathic Ulcerative Dermatitis to Feline Behavioral Ulcerative Dermatitis: Grooming Repetitive Behaviors Indicators of Poor Welfare in Cats

Cichocka, M.; Bereś, A., 2018:
From fetus to older age: A review of brain metabolic changes across the lifespan

Liso, A.; Capitanio, N.; Gerli, R.; Conese, M., 2018:
From fever to immunity: A new role for IGFBP-6?

van der Sluis, O.; Vermeij, T.; Neggers, J.; Vossen, B.; van Maris, M.; Vanfleteren, J.; Geers, M.; Hoefnagels, J., 2018:
From Fibrils to Toughness: Multi-Scale Mechanics of Fibrillating Interfaces in Stretchable Electronics

Roszkiewicz, J.; Smolewska, Eżbieta., 2018:
From fibrosis to diagnosis: a paediatric case of microscopic polyangiitis and review of the literature

Cancian de Araujo, B.; Schmidt, S.; Schmidt, O.; von Rintelen, T.; Kilmaskossu, A.; Panjaitan, R.; Balke, M., 2018:
From field courses to DNA barcoding data release for West Papua - making specimens and identifications from university courses more sustainable

Seng, J.; Group, C., 2018:
From Fight or Flight, Freeze or Faint, to "Flow": Identifying a Concept to Express a Positive Embodied Outcome of Trauma Recovery

Martín, Aés.Muñoz.; Hidalgo, M.; Alvarez, R.; Arrazubi, V.; Martínez-Galán, J.; Salgado, M.; Macarulla, T.; Carrato, A., 2018:
From First Line to Sequential Treatment in the Management of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

Mauri, C.; Wang, G.; Schulte-Merker, S., 2018:
From fish embryos to human patients: lymphangiogenesis in development and disease

Sadia, M.; Isreb, A.; Abbadi, I.; Isreb, M.; Aziz, D.; Selo, A.; Timmins, P.; Alhnan, M.A., 2018:
From 'fixed dose combinations' to 'a dynamic dose combiner': 3D printed bi-layer antihypertensive tablets

Schoeller, S.F.; Keaveny, E.E., 2018:
From flagellar undulations to collective motion: predicting the dynamics of sperm suspensions

Abril, J.M.; San Miguel, E.G.; Ruiz-Canovas, C.; Casas-Ruiz, M.; Bolívar, J.P., 2018:
From floodplain to aquatic sediments: Radiogeochronological fingerprints in a sediment core from the mining impacted Sancho Reservoir (SW Spain)

Zhou, Q.; Luo, T.; Yang, H.; Liang, C.; Jing, L.; Luo, W., 2017:
From fly ash waste slurry to functional adsorbent for valuable rare earth ion separation: An ingenious combination process involving modification, dewatering and grafting

Nie, X.; Li, L.; Huang, J.; Zhang, P.; Shi, H.; Cheng, G.; Zhang, Y-Qiang., 2018:
From focal pulmonary pure ground-glass opacity nodule detected by low-dose computed tomography into invasive lung adenocarcinoma: A growth pattern analysis in the elderly

Takahashi, K.; Kobayashi, Y.; Fujii, T., 2018:
From Focal Stack to Tensor Light-Field Display

Kim, S.; Castillo, H.D.; Lee, M.; Mortensen, R.D.; Tait, S.L.; Lee, D., 2018:
From Foldable Open Chains to Shape-Persistent Macrocycles: Synthesis, Impact on 2D Ordering, and Stimulated Self-Assembly

Graham-Brown, R.A.C.; Healsmith, M.F., 2018:
From folklore to pharmacy: Putting plants into practice

Richards, J.S., 2018:
From Follicular Development and Ovulation to Ovarian Cancers: An Unexpected Journey

Kreichauf, Ré., 2018:
From forced migration to forced arrival: the campization of refugee accommodation in European cities

Vidaki, A.; Kayser, M., 2018:
From forensic epigenetics to forensic epigenomics: broadening DNA investigative intelligence

Morhardt, A.C., 2018:
From Fossils to Function: Integrative and Taxonomically Inclusive Approaches to Vertebrate Evolutionary Neuroscience

Nathan, N., 2018:
From Foundation to Demolition: The Influence of Perioperative Tranexamic Acid

Moreno, J.D., 2018:
From Frankenstein to Hawking: Which is the Real Face of Science?

Anonymous, 2018:
From Friends across the Sea

Zheng, F.; Pu, Z.; He, E.; Huang, J.; Yu, B.; Li, D.; Li, Z., 2018:
From functional structure to packaging: full-printing fabrication of a microfluidic chip

Rodrigues, Nércia.D.N.; Stavros, V.G., 2018:
From fundamental science to product: a bottom-up approach to sunscreen development

Smith, D.K.; Smith, D.K., 2018:
From fundamental supramolecular chemistry to self-assembled nanomaterials and medicines and back again - how Sam inspired SAMul

Moschos, M.M., 2018:
From Fungus haematodes to Retinoblastoma

Swapna, M.S.; Sankararaman, S., 2018:
From Futile to Fruitful: Diesel Soot as White Light Emitter

Ferguson, L.B.; Harris, R.Adron.; Mayfield, R.Dayne., 2018:
From gene networks to drugs: systems pharmacology approaches for AUD

Shapiro, J.A.; Kaplan, A.R.; Wuest, W.M., 2018:
From General to Specific: Can Pseudomonas Primary Metabolism Be Exploited for Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics?

Berenbaum, S.A.; Beltz, A.M., 2018:
From Genes to Behavior Through Sex Hormones and Socialization: The Example of Gender Development

Kreft, J-Ulrich.; Plugge, C.M.; Prats, C.; Leveau, J.H.J.; Zhang, W.; Hellweger, F.L., 2017:
From Genes to Ecosystems in Microbiology: Modeling Approaches and the Importance of Individuality

Salloum, N.C.; Buchalter, E.Lf.; Chanani, S.; Espejo, G.; Ismail, M.S.; Laine, R.O.; Nageeb, M.; Srivastava, A.Benjamin.; Trapp, N.; Trillo, L.; Vance, E.; Wenzinger, M.; Hartz, S.M.; David, S.P.; Chen, L-Shiun., 2018:
From genes to treatments: a systematic review of the pharmacogenetics in smoking cessation

Sun, X.; Li, P.; Yang, X.; Li, W.; Qiu, X.; Zhu, S., 2017:
From genetics and epigenetics to the future of precision treatment for obesity

Yerebakan, C.; Desai, M., 2018:
From genetics to prognosis

Lawton, J.A.; Prescott, N.A.; Lawton, P.X., 2018:
From gene to structure: Lactobacillus bulgaricus D-lactate dehydrogenase from yogurt as an integrated curriculum model for undergraduate molecular biology and biochemistry laboratory courses

Kaur, P.; Gaikwad, K., 2018:
From Genomes to GENE-omes: Exome Sequencing Concept and Applications in Crop Improvement

Jithesh, P.Veettil.; Scaria, V., 2018:
From genomes to genomic medicine: enabling personalized and precision medicine in the Middle East

Guo, W.; Jelocnik, M.; Li, J.; Sachse, K.; Polkinghorne, A.; Pannekoek, Y.; Kaltenboeck, B.; Gong, J.; You, J.; Wang, C., 2018:
From genomes to genotypes: molecular epidemiological analysis of Chlamydia gallinacea reveals a high level of genetic diversity for this newly emerging chlamydial pathogen

Benn, M.; Nordestgaard, Børge.G., 2018:
From genome-wide association studies to Mendelian randomization: novel opportunities for understanding cardiovascular disease causality, pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment

Hautbergue, T.; Jamin, E.L.; Debrauwer, L.; Puel, O.; Oswald, I.P., 2018:
From genomics to metabolomics, moving toward an integrated strategy for the discovery of fungal secondary metabolites

Redenšek, S.; Dolžan, V.; Kunej, T., 2018:
From Genomics to Omics Landscapes of Parkinson's Disease: Revealing the Molecular Mechanisms

Jakobsen, N.Asger.; Vyas, P., 2018:
From genomics to targeted treatment in haematological malignancies: a focus on acute myeloid leukaemia

Lin, J.; Musunuru, K., 2018:
From Genotype to Phenotype: A Primer on the Functional Follow-up of Genome-Wide Association Studies in Cardiovascular Disease

Seah, M.K.Y.; Messerschmidt, D.M., 2018:
From Germline to Soma: Epigenetic Dynamics in the Mouse Preimplantation Embryo

Briand, D.; Roux, E.; Desconnets, J.Christophe.; Gervet, C.; Barcellos, C., 2018:
From global action against malaria to local issues: state of the art and perspectives of web platforms dealing with malaria information

Felder, G.; Gómez-Navarro, J.José.; Zischg, A.Paul.; Raible, C.C.; Röthlisberger, V.; Bozhinova, D.; Martius, O.; Weingartner, R., 2018:
From global circulation to local flood loss: Coupling models across the scales

Depersin, J.; Barthelemy, M., 2018:
From global scaling to the dynamics of individual cities

Vergunst, R., 2018:
From global-to-local: rural mental health in South Africa

Kaltner, H.; García Caballero, G.; Ludwig, A-Kristin.; Manning, J.C.; Gabius, H-Joachim., 2018:
From glycophenotyping by (plant) lectin histochemistry to defining functionality of glycans by pairing with endogenous lectins

Reuter, D.A.; Kalman, S., 2018:
From 'goal-directed haemodynamic therapy' to 'individualised perioperative haemodynamic management'

Ticini, L.F.; Schütz-Bosbach, S.; Waszak, F., 2018:
From goals to muscles: motor familiarity shapes the representation of action-related sounds in the human motor system

Bruhn, A.L.; Hirsch, S.E., 2018:
From Good Intentions to Great Implementation

Silkens, M.E.W.M.; Chahine, S.; Lombarts, K.M.J.M.H.; Arah, O.A., 2017:
From good to excellent: Improving clinical departments' learning climate in residency training

Hefford, M., 2018:
From good to great: the potential for the Health Care Home model to improve primary health care quality in New Zealand

Jiang, T.; Zhan, S.; Li, S.; Zhu, Z.; He, J.; Lorenzo, J.M.; Barba, F.J., 2018:
From 'green' technologies to 'red' antioxidant compounds extraction of purple corn: a combined ultrasound-ultrafiltration-purification approach

Morris, R.L.; Konlechner, T.M.; Ghisalberti, M.; Swearer, S.E., 2018:
From grey to green: Efficacy of eco-engineering solutions for nature-based coastal defence

Yu, N.; Fang, L.; Luo, Z.; Yuan, Y.; Jiang, X.; Cai, J., 2018:
From Grid Cells to Place Cells:A Gauss Distribution Activation Function Model

Soghigian, J.; Andreadis, T.G.; Livdahl, T.P., 2018:
From ground pools to treeholes: convergent evolution of habitat and phenotype in Aedes mosquitoes

Hedman, K.; Sunnerud, S.; Carlén, A.; Janzon, M.; Nylander, E., 2018:
From guidelines to the sidelines: implementation of cardiovascular preparticipation evaluation in sports clubs is lagging

Shah, S.D.; Cifu, A.S., 2018:
From Guideline to Order Set to Patient Harm

Vaccaro, A.R., 2018:
From Gutenberg to Facebook

Watson, C.J.E.; Jochmans, I., 2018:
From "Gut Feeling" to Objectivity: Machine Preservation of the Liver as a Tool to Assess Organ Viability

Baym, G.; Hatsuda, T.; Kojo, T.; Powell, P.D.; Song, Y.; Takatsuka, T., 2018:
From hadrons to quarks in neutron stars: a review

Röttjers, L.; Faust, K., 2018:
From hairballs to hypotheses-biological insights from microbial networks

Ahmed, Q.A.; Ebrahim, S.; Memish, Z.A., 2018:
From Hajj services to Mass Gathering Medicine: Saudi Arabia formalizes a novel discipline

Ienca, M.; Jotterand, F.; Elger, B.S., 2018:
From Healthcare to Warfare and Reverse: How Should We Regulate Dual-Use Neurotechnology?

Pandey, K.Raj., 2018:
From health for all to universal health coverage: Alma Ata is still relevant

Burki, T., 2018:
From health service to national identity: the NHS at 70

Blaisdell, A.P.; Pottenger, B.C.; Torday, J.S., 2013:
From heart beats to health recipes: The role of fractal physiology in the Ancestral Health movement

Raghava, S.V.; Srivastava, B.K.; Ramshad, K.; Antharjanam, S.; Varghese, B.; Muraleedharan, K.M., 2018:
From helical supramolecular arrays to gel-forming networks: lattice restructuring and aggregation control in peptide-based sulfamides to integrate new functional attributes

Gao, J.; Wang, Z.; Wang, G-Ju.; Gao, N.; Li, J.; Zhang, Y-Fei.; Zhou, J.; Zhang, H-Xin.; Wen, Q.; Jin, H.; Qiao, H-Ling., 2018:
From hepatofibrosis to hepatocarcinogenesis: Higher cytochrome P450 2E1 activity is a potential risk factor

Rogers, C.E.; Rettew, D.C., 2017:
From Here to There: The Journal's Other Pipeline

Ramos Hegwer, L., 2018:
From HFMA's CFO Forum: Finding Value in Healthcare Innovation Centers

Phillips, L., 2016:
From HFMA's Leadership Magazine: Coming Soon to a Health System Near You: Digitized, Democratized Medicine

Phillips, L., 2016 :
From HFMA's Strategic Financial Planning: Planning Physician Hires: A Judicious and Realistic Strategy

LeMaster, E.; Johnston, J., 2018:
From HFMA's Strategic Financial Planning: Schuylkill Health Faces the Future by Changing the Course

Tetro, J.A., 2018:
From hidden outbreaks to epidemic emergencies: the threat associated with neglecting emerging pathogens

Sacks, F.M.; Jensen, M.K., 2018:
From High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol to Measurements of Function: Prospects for the Development of Tests for High-Density Lipoprotein Functionality in Cardiovascular Disease

Singer, R.M.; Gorman, G., 2018:
From high street to main street: revising and utilizing the Richter Scale for Health in an urban center in the US

Qiu, S.; Côté, M., 2018:
From hitchhiker to hijacker: pathogen exploitation of endosomal phosphoinositides

Gao, D-Ding.; Dou, H-Xia.; Su, H-Xia.; Zhang, M-Ming.; Wang, T.; Liu, Q-Feng.; Cai, H-Yan.; Ding, H-Peng.; Yang, Z.; Zhu, W-Liang.; Xu, Y-Chun.; Wang, H-Yao.; Li, Y-Xia., 2018:
From hit to lead: Structure-based discovery of naphthalene-1-sulfonamide derivatives as potent and selective inhibitors of fatty acid binding protein 4

Juma, K.; Reid, M.; Roy, M.; Vorkoper, S.; Temu, T.M.; Levitt, N.S.; Oladepo, O.; Zakus, D.; Yonga, G., 2018:
From HIV prevention to non-communicable disease health promotion efforts in sub-Saharan Africa: A Narrative Review

Michels, M.; Wieser, M., 2017:
From Hohenschönhausen to Guantanamo Bay: Psychology's role in the secret services of the GDR and the United States

Tersigni, A., 2016 :
From Hollywood to Healer to Holistic Nurse Entrepreneur

Ragia, G.; Manolopoulos, V.G., 2018:
From Homer and Hippocrates to modern personalized medicine: is there a role for pharmacoepigenomics in the treatment of alcohol addiction?

Hainstock, T.; Cloutier, D.; Penning, M., 2018:
From home to 'home': Mapping the caregiver journey in the transition from home care into residential care

Lyles, K.V.; Eichenbaum, Z., 2018:
From Host Heme To Iron: The Expanding Spectrum of Heme Degrading Enzymes Used by Pathogenic Bacteria

Kutter, E.; Bryan, D.; Ray, G.; Brewster, E.; Blasdel, B.; Guttman, B., 2018:
From Host to Phage Metabolism: Hot Tales of Phage T4's Takeover of E. coli

Thatje, S.; Marsh, L., 2018:
From hot waters of polar seas: the mysterious life of the male yeti crab

Lucchese, A., 2018:
From HSV infection to erythema multiforme through autoimmune crossreactivity

Wardemann, H.; Murugan, R., 2018:
From human antibody structure and function towards the design of a novel Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein malaria vaccine

Mardente, S.; Mari, E.; Massimi, I.; Tafani, M.; Guerriero, R.; Morsilli, O.; Pulcinelli, F.M.; Bianchi, M.E.; Zicari, A., 2018:
From Human Megakaryocytes to Platelets: Effects of Aspirin on High-Mobility Group Box 1/Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products Axis

Astick, M.; Vanderhaeghen, P., 2018:
From Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Cortical Circuits

Kimber, S.J.; Woolf, A.S., 2018:
From human pluripotent stem cells to functional kidney organoids and models of renal disease

Albuquerque, T.A.F.; Drummond do Val, L.; Doherty, A.; de Magalhães, Jão.Pedro., 2018:
From humans to hydra: patterns of cancer across the tree of life

Isaacs, D., 2018:
From humiliation to humility

Yoshinaga, N.; Liverpool, T.B., 2018:
From hydrodynamic lubrication to many-body interactions in dense suspensions of active swimmers

DeCampli, W.M., 2018:
From hydroelectric power to Fontan assistance: (R)evolution of the turbine

Fröhlich, H.; Balling, R.; Beerenwinkel, N.; Kohlbacher, O.; Kumar, S.; Lengauer, T.; Maathuis, M.H.; Moreau, Y.; Murphy, S.A.; Przytycka, T.M.; Rebhan, M.; Röst, H.; Schuppert, A.; Schwab, M.; Spang, R.; Stekhoven, D.; Sun, J.; Weber, A.; Ziemek, D.; Zupan, B., 2018:
From hype to reality: data science enabling personalized medicine

Longhito, S., 2009:
From Hypocras to Champagne: a review of A Revolution in Taste: The Rise of French Cuisine, 1650-1800, and The Widow Clicquot: The Story of A Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It

Espenel, S.; Garcia, M-Adrien.; Trone, J-Chloé.; Guillaume, E.; Harris, A.; Rehailia-Blanchard, A.; He, M.Yuan.; Ouni, S.; Vallard, A.; Rancoule, Cé.; Ben Mrad, M.; Chauleur, Céline.; De Laroche, G.; Guy, J-Baptiste.; Moreno-Acosta, P.; Magné, N., 2018:
From IB2 to IIIB locally advanced cervical cancers: report of a ten-year experience

Witowski, J.; Sitkowski, M.; Zuzak, T.; Coles-Black, J.; Chuen, J.; Major, P.; Pdziwiatr, Mł., 2018:
From ideas to long-term studies: 3D printing clinical trials review

Vandenbroucke, J.P.; Pearce, N., 2018:
From ideas to studies: how to get ideas and sharpen them into research questions

Wetherall, K.; Cleare, S.; Eschle, S.; Ferguson, E.; O'Connor, D.B.; O'Carroll, R.E.; O'Connor, R.C., 2018:
From ideation to action: Differentiating between those who think about suicide and those who attempt suicide in a national study of young adults

May, A.M.; Victor, S.E., 2018:
From ideation to action: recent advances in understanding suicide capability

Herberz, C.; Steidl, R.; Werner, P.; Hagen, J., 2018:
From idea to standard care-a field report

Berlanga-Taylor, A.J., 2018:
From Identification to Function: Current Strategies to Prioritise and Follow-Up GWAS Results

Scott, D.W., 2017:
From IgG Fusion Proteins to Engineered-Specific Human Regulatory T Cells: A Life of Tolerance

Maródi, László., 2018:
From Ignác Semmelweis to Primary Immunodeficiencies: a Bicentenary Commemoration

Marino, M.Vito.; Shabat, G.; Gulotta, G.; Komorowski, A.Lech., 2018:
From Illusion to Reality: A Brief History of Robotic Surgery

Fouhey, D.; Gupta, A.; Zisserman, A., 2018:
From Images to 3D Shape Attributes

Zygogianni, A.; Protopapa, M.; Kougioumtzopoulou, A.; Simopoulou, F.; Nikoloudi, S.; Kouloulias, V., 2018:
From imaging to biology of glioblastoma: new clinical oncology perspectives to the problem of local recurrence

Chung, C.Y.; Alson, M.D.; Duszak, R.; Degnan, A.J., 2018:
From imaging to reimbursement: what the pediatric radiologist needs to know about health care payers, documentation, coding and billing

Rodet, Aès.; Gallet, C., 2018:
From impasse to alliance, a singular encounter

Zanotto, G.; Cassinadri, E.; Visentin, E.; Sandrini, D.; Bassi, M.; Bozzolin, M.; Rocchetto, E.; Giacopelli, D.; Morando, G., 2018:
From in-clinic to fully remote follow-up model for pacemaker patients: A four-year experience

Warburton, E.M.; Vonhof, M.J., 2018:
From individual heterogeneity to population-level overdispersion: quantifying the relative roles of host exposure and parasite establishment in driving aggregated helminth distributions

Layton, N.; Murphy, C.; Bell, D., 2018:
From individual innovation to global impact: the Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) innovation snapshot as a method for sharing and scaling

Shang, H.; Di, Q.; Ji, M.; Bai, B.; Liu, J.; Chen, W.; Xu, M.; Rong, H.; Liu, J.; Zhang, J., 2018:
From Indium-Doped Ag 2 S to AgInS 2 Nanocrystals: Low-Temperature In Situ Conversion of Colloidal Ag 2 S Nanoparticles and Their NIR Fluorescence

Osiowy, C., 2018:
From infancy and beyond… ensuring a lifetime of hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine-induced immunity

Lee, F.; Lawrence, D.A., 2017:
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From information to participation and self-organization: Visions for European river basin management

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From Information to Simulation: Improving Competency in ECT Training Using High-Fidelity Simulation

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From Initial Description by Wermer to Present-Day MEN1: What have We Learned?

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From initiation to cessation: Turning points and coping resources in the breastfeeding experience of first-time mothers

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From Innate Spatial Biases to Enculturated Spatial Cognition: The Case of Spatial Associations in Number and Other Sequences

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From innovation to market adoption in the operating room: The "CFO as customer"

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From Inpatient to Clinic to Home to Hospice and Back: Using the "Pop Up" Pediatric Palliative Model of Care

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From in silica to in silico: retention thermodynamics at solid-liquid interfaces

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From in silico to in vitro: a trip to reveal flavonoid binding on the Rattus norvegicus Kir6.1 ATP-sensitive inward rectifier potassium channel

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From intelligence analysis to medical education: using structured tools to manage bias

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From interacting intensely with the dead to ignoring them

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From Interferon to Philanthropy Love and Science: A Memoir by Jan VilcekSeven Stories Press, New York, 2016

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From intermediate anisotropic to isotropic friction at large strain rates to account for viscosity thickening in polymer solutions

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From Intervention to Co-constitution: New Directions in Theorizing about Aging and Technology

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From Intramolecular (Circular) in an Isolated Molecule to Intermolecular Hole Delocalization in a Two-Dimensional Solid-State Assembly: The Case of Pillarene

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From intra- to extracellular vesicles: extracellular vesicles in developmental signalling

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From intuition to intervention: developing an intonation-based treatment for autism

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From Invention to Innovation: Bringing Perioperative Physiological Closed-Loop Systems to the Bedside

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From Invention to Innovation: Risk Analysis to Integrate One Health Technology in the Dairy Farm

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From in vivo to in vitro: How the Guatemala STD Experiments Transformed Bodies Into Biospecimens

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From in vivo to in vitro: Major metabolic alterations take place in hepatocytes during and following isolation

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From 'Involuntary Movements' to 'Movement Disorders'

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From Ion Current to Electroosmotic Flow Rectification in Asymmetric Nanopore Membranes

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From ionic to cellular variability in human atrial myocytes: an integrative computational and experimental study

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From Ireland to Northern Ireland: campaigns for abortion law

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From Isolated Anions to Polymer Structures through Linking with I 2 : Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Two Complex Bismuth(III) Iodine Iodides

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From Isolated Ions to Multilayer Functional Materials Using Ion Soft Landing

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From isolation of human ovarian follicles to the artificial ovary: tips and tricks

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From isolation to prosperity: Rediscovering the Carville Leprosarium

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From Isonatric to Isotonic Hemodialysis

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From voice to voices : identifying a plurality of Muslim sources in the news media

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From jamming to collective cell migration through a boundary induced transition

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From Jane Marcet to the Viscount of Vilarinho de São Romão: conversations about chemistry in the nineteenth century

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From John Snow to omics: the long journey of environmental epidemiology

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From Jurisprudence to Mechanics: Jacobi, Reech, and Poincaré on Convention

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From kitchen to classroom: Assessing the impact of cleaner burning biomass-fuelled cookstoves on primary school attendance in Karonga district, northern Malawi

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From Knowledge to Practice Wisdom

Sousa-Uva, M., 2018:
From knowledge to wisdom

van Vugt, F.T.; Ostry, D.J., 2018:
From known to unknown: moving to unvisited locations in a novel sensorimotor map

Anonymous, 2018:
From Kraits to Crates: How Asia Shared Snake Oil with America

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From laboratory to operating room: Innovative use of manual blood cell counting machine for counting follicular grafts

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From laboratory to point of entry: development and implementation of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP)-based genetic identification system to prevent introduction of quarantine insect species

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From laboratory to the field: consistent effects of experience on host location by the fruit fly parasitoid Diachasmimorpha kraussii (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

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From Lab to Life: Cardiac Biomarker Measurement in the Intact Heart by Means of Hyperpolarized 13 C-Carbon CMR

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From lab to market: An integrated bioprocess design approach for new-to-nature biosurfactants produced by Starmerella bombicola

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From lake to estuary, the tale of two waters: a study of aquatic continuum biogeochemistry

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From Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty to Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty in Primary and Reoperative Repairs for Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction in Children

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From Laparoscopic Right Colectomy with Extracorporeal Anastomosis to Robot-Assisted Intracorporeal Anastomosis to Totally Robotic Right Colectomy for Cancer: The Evolution of Robotic Multiquadrant Abdominal Surgery

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From Large-Scale Synthesis to Lighting Device Applications of Ternary I-III-VI Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Inspiring Greener Material Emitters

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From learning to action: the integration of dorsal striatal input and output pathways in instrumental conditioning

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From lesser-known to super vegetables: the growing profile of African traditional leafy vegetables in promoting food security and wellness

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From lexical regularities to axiomatic patterns for the quality assurance of biomedical terminologies and ontologies

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From LiB 3 O 5 to NaRbB 6 O 9 F 2 : Fluorine-Directed Evolution of Structural Chemistry

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From Liguria HIV Web to Liguria Infectious Diseases Network: How a Digital Platform Improved Doctors' Work and Patients' Care

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From linear care plan through concept map to Concepto-Plan: The creation of an innovative and holistic care plan

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From Linear to Angular Isomers: Achieving Tunable Charge Transport in Single-Crystal Indolocarbazoles Through Delicate Synergetic CH/NH⋅⋅⋅π Interactions

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From lipid locus to drug target through human genomics

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From lipoprotein apheresis to proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 inhibitors: Impact on low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and C-reactive protein levels in cardiovascular disease patients

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From literature to academic history:the position and pathway of acupuncture theory research

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From Live Cells to Caenorhabditis elegans : Selective Staining and Quantification of Lipid Structures Using a Fluorescent Hybrid Benzothiadiazole Derivative

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From local collective behavior to global migratory patterns in white storks

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From localization to anomalous diffusion in the dynamics of coupled kicked rotors

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From Localized Scleroderma to Systemic Sclerosis: Coexistence or Possible Evolution

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From local uncertainty to global predictions: Making predictions on fractal basins

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From "Longshot" to "Fantasy": Obligations to Pediatric Patients and Families When Last-Ditch Medical Efforts Fail

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From loss of life to loss of years: a different view on the burden of injury fatalities in Sweden 1972-2014

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From low-dose to no-dose: thin-section magnetic resonance imaging for evaluation of pulmonary nodules

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From low to high pathogenicity-Characterization of H7N7 avian influenza viruses in two epidemiologically linked outbreaks

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From macrophage to osteoclast - How metabolism determines function and activity

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From macro- to microfactors in health: Social science approaches in research on sexually transmitted infections

Chapple, W.A., 1918:
From Major Chapple, M.P., R.A.M.C

Anonymous, 2018:
From Malaysia and Spain: The Liebig Company Peppers the World with Capsaicin

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From manageable to losing control: a grounded theory study of psychosis risk syndrome

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From manual periodontal probing to digital 3-D imaging to endoscopic capillaroscopy: Recent advances in periodontal disease diagnosis

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From manual to robotic video-assisted resection of posterior mediastinal masses

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From Many Hosts, One Accidental Pathogen: The Diverse Protozoan Hosts of Legionella

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From map reading to geometric intuitions

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From Maps to Multi-dimensional Network Mechanisms of Mental Disorders

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From Marine Origin to Therapeutics: The Antitumor Potential of Marine Algae-Derived Compounds

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From MARS to MAGIC: The remarkable journey through time and space of the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation initiative

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From MDGs to SDGs: Implications for Maternal Newborn Health in Africa

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From meaning to money: Translating injury into dollars

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From Mechanical to Chemical: A Case of Diabetes Insipidus Induced by Concussive Brain Injury

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From Medicinal Chemistry to Human Health: Current Approaches to Drug Discovery for Cancer and Neglected Tropical Diseases

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From melody to words: The role of sex hormones in early language development

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From meta-analysis to Cochrane reviews

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From Metal Hydrides to Metal Borohydrides

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From MGUS to Multiple Myeloma, a Paradigm for Clonal Evolution of Premalignant Cells

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From microbial eukaryotes to metazoan vertebrates: Wide spectrum paleo-diversity in sedimentary ancient DNA over the last ~14,500 years

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From Microparticles to Nanowires and Back: Radical Transformations in Plated Li Metal Morphology Revealed via in Situ Scanning Electron Microscopy

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From microscopic to macroscopic sports injuries. Applying the complex dynamic systems approach to sports medicine: a narrative review

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From micro- to macro-structures in multiple sclerosis: what is the added value of diffusion imaging

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From Military to Academic Nursing: Embracing an Untapped Leadership Resource

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From milk to cheese: Evolution of flavor fingerprint of milk, cream, curd, whey, ricotta, scotta, and ripened cheese obtained during summer Alpine pasture

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From 'miserable minority' to the 'fortunate few': the other end of the mild traumatic brain injury spectrum

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From Misfortune to Mortality: Sudden Loss of Wealth and Increased Risk of Death

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From Mn 3 O 4 /MnO core-shell nanoparticles to hollow MnO: evolution of magnetic properties

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From Metal-Organic Frameworks to Single-Atom Fe Implanted N-doped Porous Carbons: Efficient Oxygen Reduction in Both Alkaline and Acidic Media

Ye, L.; Yang, C.; Yu, H., 2017:
From molecular engineering to process engineering: development of high-throughput screening methods in enzyme directed evolution

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From Molecules to Life: Quantifying the Complexity of Chemical and Biological Systems in the Universe

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From Molecules to Markets: Broadening the Focus of Cardiovascular Innovation

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From Molecules to Materials: Engineering New Ionic Liquid Crystals Through Halogen Bonding

Sandner, P., 2018:
From molecules to patients: exploring the therapeutic role of soluble guanylate cyclase stimulators

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From Monodisperse Thienyl- and Furylborane Oligomers to Polymers: Modulating the Optical Properties through the Hetarene Ratio

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From monomeric complexes to double-stranded helicates constructed around trans-TiO 4 N 2 motifs with intramolecular inter-ligand hydrogen-bonding interactions

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From mono- to bivalent: improving theranostic properties of target modules for redirection of UniCAR T cells against EGFR-expressing tumor cells in vitro and in vivo

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From mother to child: Maternal betrayal trauma and risk for maltreatment and psychopathology in the next generation

Nguyen-Hoang, P.; Yeung, R., 2018:
From mother to child: the effects of prenatal maternal passive smoking on academic outcomes in the United States

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From Mouse Models to Human Disease: An Approach for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Calabrese, E.J., 2018:
From Muller to mechanism: How LNT became the default model for cancer risk assessment

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From Multiscale to Mesoscience: Addressing Mesoscales in Mesoregimes of Different Levels

Noel, J-Paul.; Blanke, O.; Serino, A., 2018:
From multisensory integration in peripersonal space to bodily self-consciousness: from statistical regularities to statistical inference

Whittaker, A., 2016:
From 'Mung Ming' to 'Baby Gammy': a local history of assisted reproduction in Thailand

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From Nanostructural Evolution to Dynamic Interplay of Constituents: Perspectives for Perovskite Solar Cells

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From nano- to micrometer scale: the role of microwave-assisted acid and alkali pretreatments in the sugarcane biomass structure

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From Nanowarming to Thermoregulation: New Multiscale Applications of Bioheat Transfer

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From Naproxen Repurposing to Naproxen Analogues and Their Antiviral Activity against Influenza A Virus

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From Narcotic to Normalizer: The Misperception of Methadone Treatment and the Persistence of Prejudice and Bias

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From narrative descriptions to MedDRA: automagically encoding adverse drug reactions

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From Narratives to Numbers: Data Work and Patient-Generated Health Data in Consultations

Morrell, E., 2017:
From Natural to Medicalized: My Experience Moving From an Unmedicated Labor to a C-Section Delivery under General Anesthesia

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From nature to creation: Going around in circles, the art of peptide cyclization

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From Neandertals to modern humans: New data on the Uluzzian

Baas, P.; van de Wiel, B.J.H.; van der Linden, S.J.A.; Bosveld, F.C., 2018:
From Near-Neutral to Strongly Stratified: Adequately Modelling the Clear-Sky Nocturnal Boundary Layer at Cabauw

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From near to eternity: Spin-glass planting, tiling puzzles, and constraint-satisfaction problems

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From Negligence to Perception of Complexities in Adherence to Treatment Process in People with Diabetes: A Grounded Theory Study

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From Neighborhood to Genome: Three Decades of Nutrition-Related Research from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study

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From Nerves to Planes to Muscles: Where Next?

Bauer, E.; Thiele, I., 2018:
From Network Analysis to Functional Metabolic Modeling of the Human Gut Microbiota

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From Other Journals

Furyk, J.; Banks, C., 2018:
From Other Journals

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From patient to inspired caregiver

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From Patient to Provider: The Lived Experience of Pediatric Oncology Survivors Who Work as Pediatric Oncology Nurses

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From Pluripotent Stem to CAR T Cells

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From Population to People (Book)

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From practice to The City: my career change

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From research to practice 1

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Anonymous, 2018:
From Samaritan Fund to Social Service Department

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From signals to stem cells and back again

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From Single Atoms to Nanoparticles: Autocatalysis and Metal Aggregation in Atomic Layer Deposition of Pt on TiO 2 Nanopowder

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From single-case analysis of neonatal deaths toward a further reduction of the neonatal mortality rate

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From Single-Payer to All-Payer: Why Vermont's Reform Efforts Matter to U.S. Nurses and Their Patients

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From single steps to mass migration: the problem of scale in the movement ecology of the Serengeti wildebeest

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From Sir Henry Burdett, K.C.B

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From site-level to regional adaptation planning for tropical commodities: cocoa in West Africa

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From skeletal development to the creation of pluripotent stem cell-derived bone-forming progenitors

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From Skeptic to Vital Partner in Massage Therapy Research: an Interview with Mark Hyman Rapaport, MD

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From Snapshots to Movies: The Association Between Retirement Sequences and Aging Trajectories in Limitations to Perform Activities of Daily Living

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From S,N-Heteroacene to Large Discotic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): Liquid Crystal versus Plastic Crystalline Materials with Tunable Mechanochromic Fluorescence

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From Snow to Hill to ALS: An epidemiological odyssey in search of ALS causation

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From social state to minimal state

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From Social to Individuals: a Parsimonious Path of Multi-level Models for Crowdsourced Preference Aggregation

Wolpert, L., 2018:
From soil mechanics to chick development

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From Solute, Fluidic and Particulate Precursors to Complex Organizations of Matter

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From Solvent-Free to Dilute Electrolytes: Essential Components for a Continuum Theory

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From somatic mutation to early detection: insights from molecular characterization of pancreatic cancer precursor lesions

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From somatostatin to Sandostatin: history and chemistry

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From SOMDA to application - integration strategies in the OR.NET demonstration sites

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From so simple a beginning - what amphioxus can teach us about placode evolution

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From source to sink: Rare-earth elements trace the legacy of sulfuric dredge spoils on estuarine sediments

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From Sour Grapes to Low-Hanging Fruit: A Case Study Demonstrating a Practical Strategy for Natural Language Processing Portability

Caspermeyer, J., 2018:
From Southeast Asia to the Sewers: Study Determines New Geographic Origins of Brown Rats

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From spaceflight to blood doping: Devices for assessing haemoglobin mass and intravascular volumes

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From Sparse Coding Significance to Perceptual Quality: A New Approach for Image Quality Assessment

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From Spatial Metagenomics to Molecular Characterization of Plant Viruses: A Geminivirus Case Study

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From Split-Pool Libraries to Spatially Addressable Microarrays and Its Application to Functional Proteomic Profiling

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From squiggle to basepair: computational approaches for improving nanopore sequencing read accuracy

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From Squirrels to Biological Weapons: The Early History of Tularemia

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From stability to dynamics: understanding molecular mechanisms of regulatory T cells through Foxp3 transcriptional dynamics

Fowler, J., 2018:
From staff nurse to nurse consultant

Fowler, J., 2018:
From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Continuing professional development part 1: Tailoring CPD for you

Fowler, J., 2018:
From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Continuing professional development part 2: What opportunities do you have?

Fowler, J., 2018:
From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Continuing professional development part 3: Assessing your needs

Fowler, J., 2018:
From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Continuing professional development part 4: Problem solving

Fowler, J., 2018:
From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Spiritual care part 10: Shinto

Fowler, J., 2018:
From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Spiritual care part 11: Atheism

Fowler, J., 2018:
From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Spiritual care part 9: Judaism

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From State-controlled to Polycentric Governance in Forest Landscape Restoration: The Case of the Ecological Forest Purchase Program in Yong'an Municipality of China

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From Static Spinal Alignment to Dynamic Body Balance: Utilizing Motion Analysis in Spinal Deformity Surgery

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From Static to Dynamic: Electron Density of HOMO at Biaryl Linkage Controls the Mechanism of Hole Delocalization

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From static to temporal network theory: Applications to functional brain connectivity

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From sticky-hard-sphere to Lennard-Jones-type clusters

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From stiff man syndrome to stiff person spectrum disorders

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From stone-craved genes to Michelangelo: significance and different aspects of gene-environment interaction

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From Stores to Sinks: Structural Mechanisms of Cytosolic Calcium Regulation

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From Strangers in a Foreign Land to Active, Engaged Citizens

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From stroke to neurodegenerative diseases: The multi-target neuroprotective effects of 3-n-butylphthalide and its derivatives

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From Structural Models of Galactose Oxidase to Homogeneous Catalysis: Efficient Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols

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From Structure to Function: A New Approach to Detect Functional Similarity among Proteins Independent from Sequence and Fold Homology

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From Structure to Phenotype: Impact of Collagen Alterations on Human Health

Anonymous, 2018:
From Student to Practitioner

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From Subjective Cognitive Decline to Alzheimer's Disease: The Predictive Role of Neuropsychological Assessment, Personality Traits, and Cognitive Reserve. A 7-Year Follow-Up Study

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From sublexical facilitation to lexical competition: ERP effects of masked neighbor priming

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From Subsistence to Sustenance in Physician-Scientist Training

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From Substrate to Transition State Analogues: The First Potent Inhibitor of Sialyltransferases

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From supernatants to cytokines: a personal view on the early history of IL-1, IL-1Ra, TNF and its inhibitor in rheumatology

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From supramolecular to conventional polymers: polyethylene glycol

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From surviving to thriving: What evidence is needed to move early child-development interventions to scale?

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From suspicion to certainty: adverse drug reactions in our children

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From Symmetry Breaking to Unraveling the Origin of the Chirality of Ligated Au 13 Cu 2 Nanoclusters

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From symptom discovery to treatment - women's pathways to breast cancer care: a cross-sectional study

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From symptom to syndrome using modern software support

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From Synergy to Complexity: The Trend Toward Integrated Value Chain and Landscape Governance

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From Synthesis of Amino Acids and Peptides to Enzymatic Catalysis: A Bottom-Up Approach in Mechanochemistry

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From Syrian Refugee to Dishwasher to Heart Doctor: The Inspirational Story of Hero and Humanitarian Dr. Heval Kelli

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From systems biology to P4 medicine: applications in respiratory medicine

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From systems to biology: A computational analysis of the research articles on systems biology from 1992 to 2013

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From Tactics to Strategy: Creating and Sustaining Social Conditions That Demand and Deliver Effective School Health Programs

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From Talk to Action: The Impact of Public Health Department Accreditation on Workforce Development

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From targeted fascicular biopsy of major nerve to targeted cutaneous nerve biopsy: Implementing clinical anatomy can catalyze a paradigm shift

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From TCDD-mediated toxicity to searches of physiologic AHR functions

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From Tension to Compression: Asymmetric Mechanical Behaviour of Trabecular Bone's Organic Phase

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From testing to diagnostic strategies and dia-prognostic research

Segall, G.M., 2017:
From the ABNM: Improvement in Medical Practice

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From the addiction rehabilitation program to the return to work: results of an employment and social intervention among young adults with substance dependence

Hallberg, M.; Sandstrom, A., 2018:
From the Anti-Nociceptive Substance P Metabolite Substance P (1-7) to Small Peptidomimetics

Zhang, Q., 2018:
From the approving of 3D printing tablet to the innovation of drug delivery systems

Compston, A., 2018:
From the Archives

March, K., 2018:
From the archives: Challenging health disparities

Miller, W.C., 2018:
From the ASTDA: Best Paper by a Young Investigator

Friot, Aèle.; Dekeyzer, B.; Guingand, A.; Guguin, J.; Joly, Aélie.; Vuillier, S., 2018:
From the bacterial CRISPR locus, an adaptative immune system equivalent, to a universal editing tool

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From the basic science of biological effects of ultrashort electrical pulses to medical therapies

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From the battlefield to the bedroom: a multilevel analysis of the links between political conflict and intimate partner violence in Liberia

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From the Bedside to Serving on the Board: Nurses Are Changing the Face of Healthcare

Ganser, A., 2018:
From the black Atlantic to the bleak Pacific: Re-reading "Benito Cereno"

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From the Bottom-Up: Chemotherapy and Gut-Brain Axis Dysregulation

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From the boundaries of normality to the acknowledgement of a new nosological entity

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From the Ca 2+ -activated F 1 F O -ATPase to the mitochondrial permeability transition pore: an overview

Anonymous, 2017:
From the CEO

Anonymous, 2018:
From the CEO

Brock, K.E.; Wolfe, J.; Ullrich, C., 2018:
From the Child's Word to Clinical Intervention: Novel, New, and Innovative Approaches to Symptoms in Pediatric Palliative Care

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From the Clinical Problem to the Basic Research-Co-Culture Models of Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts

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From the day they are born: a qualitative study exploring violence against children with disabilities in West Africa

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From the depths: Heterocaucaseuma deprofundum sp. nov., the world's deepest-occurring millipede (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Anthroleucosomatidae) from caves in the western Caucasus

Malhotra, J., 2018:
From the desk of FOGSI President 2018

Buckley, P.F.; Schulz, S.Charles., 2018:
From the desk of Peter F. Buckley, MD

Caramia, V.; Ghirardini, A.; Di Ciaccio, P.; Vespasiano, F.; Mareri, M.; Nanni Costa, A., 2018:
From the EU Legislation to the Application of the Single European Code: Support to the Implementation

Vaia, N.; Lo Torto, F.; Marcasciano, M.; Casella, D.; Cacace, C.; De Masi, C.; Ricci, F.; Ribuffo, D., 2018:
From the "Fat Capsule" to the "Fat Belt": Limiting Protective Lipofilling on Irradiated Expanders for Breast Reconstruction to Selective Key Areas

Adu-Afarwuah, S., 2018:
From the Field: Improving Fetal and Infant Growth in Vulnerable Populations

Hecker, M.; Mäder, U.; Völker, U., 2018:
From the genome sequence via the proteome to cell physiology - Pathoproteomics and pathophysiology of Staphylococcus aureus

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From the Ground Up: Improving Pregnancy and Birth Experiences Through the Provision of Extraordinary Learning Opportunities in Australia

Valdespino, Ián.A.; López, C.A.; Sierra, A.M.; Ceballos, J., 2018:
From the Guiana Highlands to the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest: four new species of Selaginella (Selaginellaceae - Lycopodiophyta: S . agioneuma , S. magnafornensis , S . ventricosa , and S. zartmanii )

Kusnecov, A.W., 2018:
From the head of a caterpillar: A possible treatment for neuropsychiatric sequelae of autoimmune disease

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From the High Arctic to the Equator: Do Soil Metagenomes Differ According to Our Expectations?

Kuzybaieva, M.P., 2018:
From the History of Class Philanthropy in Moscow: the T.G. Gurieva House of Charity of Poor People

Forsbach, R.; Hofer, H-Georg., 2018:
From the History of the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM) - Part 1: The DGIM in the Nazi era

Anonymous, 2018:
From the Home to the Hospital

Espíndola, V.C.; Tencatt, L.F.C.; Pupo, F.M.; Villa-Verde, L.; Britto, M.R., 2018:
From the inside out: a new species of armoured catfish Corydoras with the description of poorly-explored character sources (Teleostei, Siluriformes, Callichthyidae)

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From the intestinal flora to the microbiome

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From the iron boring scraps to superparamagnetic nanoparticles through an aerobic biological route

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From Their Point of View: Identifying Socio-Behavioral Profiles of Primary School Pupils Based on Peer Group Perception

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From the Lab Bench to the Patient - can Injured Skeletal Tissues Regenerate?

Götze, Aé.; Möllmer, J.; Kohlmann, H., 2018:
From the Laves Phase CaRh 2 to the Perovskite CaRhH 3 -in Situ Investigation of Hydrogenation Intermediates CaRh 2 H x

Yu, C., 2017:
From the literature

Henner, T., 2018:
From the Literature

Ma, J.; Guo, A.; Wang, S.; Man, S.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, S.; Liu, Y., 2018:
From the lung to the knee joint: Toxicity evaluation of carbon black nanoparticles on macrophages and chondrocytes

Ahmed, Q.A.; Memish, Z.A., 2018:
From the "Madding Crowd" to mass gatherings-religion, sport, culture and public health

Creager, M.A., 2017:
From the Masters: What's past is prologue - building a future for vascular medicine

Ribé Buitrón, J.M.; Cleris Collelldemont, M., 2018:
From the medical to the social prescription: A fashion, a formal procedure, or are we going to think about it a little?

Childs, C.E., 2018:
From the Mediterranean Diet to the Microbiome

Heard-Garris, N., 2018:
From the Mouths of Babes: Preschool Racism

Munoz, Fçois.; Huneman, P., 2018:
From the Neutral Theory to a Comprehensive and Multiscale Theory of Ecological Equivalence

Rhodehouse, M.L.; Bell, T.; Smetana, V.; Mudring, A-Verena.; Meyer, G.H., 2018:
From the Nonexistent Polar Intermetallic Pt 3 Pr 4 via Pt 2- x Pr 3 to Pt/Sn/Pr Ternaries

Plastino, A.R.; Curado, E.M.F.; Nobre, F.D.; Tsallis, C., 2018:
From the nonlinear Fokker-Planck equation to the Vlasov description and back: Confined interacting particles with drag

Foster, M.J., 2018:
From the Office of a Systematic Review Consultant

Hax, S.D.; Davis, K.; Stone, B.; Bledsoe, B.; Hodnick, R., 2018:
From the Operating Room to the Streets: A comprehensive review of the most versatile item in your drug box

Harnagea, H.; Lamothe, L.; Couturier, Y.; Esfandiari, S.; Voyer, Ré.; Charbonneau, A.; Emami, E., 2018:
From theoretical concepts to policies and applied programmes: the landscape of integration of oral health in primary care

Mazer, B.L., 2018:
From Theoretical Physics to Atomic Bombs: Learning to Value Medical Epistemology

Falkenbach, D.M.; Balash, J.; Tsoukalas, M.; Stern, S.; Lilienfeld, S.O., 2018:
From theoretical to empirical: Considering reflections of psychopathy across the thin blue line

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From Theory to Application: A Description of Transnationalism in Culturally-Appropriate HIV Interventions of Outreach, Access, and Retention Among Latino/a Populations

Laubmeier, A.N.; Wootton, K.; Banks, J.E.; Bommarco, R.; Curtsdotter, A.; Jonsson, T.; Roslin, T.; Banks, H.T., 2018:
From theory to experimental design-Quantifying a trait-based theory of predator-prey dynamics

Oliveira, S.Nunes.de.; Massaroli, A.; Martini, J.Gue.; Rodrigues, J., 2018:
From theory to practice, operating the clinical simulation in Nursing teaching

Hormann, S.M.; Davis, L.E.; Pogge, E.K., 2017:
The Diuretic Potential of Sacubitril/Valsartan: A Tale of 2 Patients

Gristina, G., 2018:
From the other side of the door

Bangs, R.; Crispino, T., 2018:
From the other side: The patient perspective on cancer clinical trials

Fineman, S.M.; Khan, D.A.; Dinakar, C.; Lang, D.Michael.; Tilles, S.A., 2018:

Lang, D.Michael.; Fineman, S.M.; Khan, D.A.; Tilles, S.A., 2018:
Allergic skin diseases

Fineman, S.M.; Lang, D.Michael.; Oppenheimer, J.J.; Tilles, S.A., 2018:
Recent advances in food allergy prevention and treatment

Dinakar, C.; Fineman, S.M.; Chipps, B.E.; Khan, D.A.; Tilles, S.A., 2018:
Recent advances in our understanding of the environment's role in allergy

Portalés, C.; Casas, S.; Gimeno, Jús.; Fernández, M.; Poza, M., 2018:
From the Paper to the Tablet: On the Design of an AR-Based Tool for the Inspection of Pre-Fab Buildings. Preliminary Results of the SIRAE Project

Ashworth, P., 1995:
From the past to the future

Anonymous, 2018:
From the Patient's Point of View

Anonymous, 2018:
From the Patient's Point of View: A Nurse's Experience as a Patient

Mostovoy, Y.; Demchuk, A.; Konstantynovych, T.; Chichirelo-Konstantynovych, K.; Demchuk, A., 2018:
From the Persistent Epstein-Barr Virus Infection to Angioimmunobastic T-Cell Lymphoma - Dramatic Convergence. Analysis of the Clinical Case

Benga, L.; Sager, M.; Christensen, H., 2018:
From the [Pasteurella] pneumotropica complex to Rodentibacter spp.: an update on [Pasteurella] pneumotropica

Bangerter, A., 1953:
From the practice for the practice

Anonymous, 2018:
From the President

Shrieve, D.C., 2011:
From the President of the International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS)

Lion, Sébastien., 2018:
From the Price equation to the selection gradient in class-structured populations: a quasi-equilibrium route

Fan, H.; Sakamoto, N.; Aoyama, H., 2018:
From the primitive streak to the somitic mesoderm: labeling the early stages of chick embryos using EGFP transfection

Mok, S-Wing.; Nizak, R.; Fu, S-Chuen.; Ho, K-Wai.Kevin.; Qin, L.; Saris, Dël.B.F.; Chan, K-Ming.; Malda, J., 2016:
From the printer: Potential of three-dimensional printing for orthopaedic applications

Hounsou, C.; Baehr, C.; Gasparik, V.; Alili, D.; Belhocine, A.; Rodriguez, Téric.; Dupuis, E.; Roux, T.; Mann, Aé.; Heissler, D.; Pin, J-Philippe.; Durroux, T.; Bonnet, D.; Hibert, M., 2017:
From the Promiscuous Asenapine to Potent Fluorescent Ligands Acting at a Series of Aminergic G-Protein-Coupled Receptors

Hoffmann, A.; Sportelli, V.; Ziller, M.; Spengler, D., 2018:
From the Psychiatrist's Couch to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Bipolar Disease in a Dish

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From therapeutic landscapes to healthy spaces, places and practices: A scoping review

Beck, M.; Mosalaganti, S.; Kosinski, J., 2018:
From the resolution revolution to evolution: structural insights into the evolutionary relationships between vesicle coats and the nuclear pore

Pérez-Fernández, P.; Relaño, A., 2018:
From thermal to excited-state quantum phase transition: The Dicke model

Schenk, H.Jochen.; Espino, S.; Rich-Cavazos, S.M.; Jansen, S., 2018:
From the sap's perspective: The nature of vessel surfaces in angiosperm xylem

Nathanael, D.; Marmaras, N., 2018:
From the seat to the system: Re-designing a tram drivers' workstation combining technical and contextual aspects

Rosenthal, E.L.; de Castro Buffington, S.; Cole, G., 2018:
From the small screen to breast cancer screening: examining the effects of a television storyline on awareness of genetic risk factors

Shive, K.L.; Preisler, H.K.; Welch, K.R.; Safford, H.D.; Butz, R.J.; O'Hara, K.L.; Stephens, S.L., 2018:
From the stand scale to the landscape scale: predicting the spatial patterns of forest regeneration after disturbance

Jacquot de Rouville, H-Pierre.; Kammerer, C.; Rapenne, Génaël., 2018:
From the Synthesis of Nanovehicles to Participation in the First Nanocar Race-View from the French Team

Olsen, M.; Sharp, M.K.; Bossuyt, P.M., 2018:
From the theoretical to the practical: how to evaluate the ethical and scientific justifications of randomized clinical trials

Akwo, E., 2018:
From the top down: How leadership can diminish workplace bullying

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From the Valley of Death to the Crossroads of Opportunity: A Discussion of Evolving Benefit/Risk Evaluation Standards

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From Tundra To Table

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Knutsford, 1918:
From Viscount Knutsford

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From Weekly Journal to Monthly Review

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Frontal and oblique crash tests of HIII 6-year-old child ATD using real-world, observed child passenger postures

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Frontal and scalp expanded skin flap combined with laser hair removal for children congenital facial giant nevi

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Frontal Cortex and the Hierarchical Control of Behavior

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Frontal Cortex Epigenetic Dysregulation During the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease

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Frontal cortex selects representations of the talker's mouth to aid in speech perception

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Frontal Cortical Thickness, Marriage and Life Satisfaction

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Frontal infrared thermography in healthy individuals and chronic migraine patients: Reliability of the method

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Frontalis Muscle Contraction and the Role of Visual Deprivation and Eyelid Proprioception

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Frontalis Muscle Flap Versus Maximal Anterior Levator Resection as First Option for Patients With Severe Congenital Ptosis

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Frontal Lobe Dysfunction in a Depressed Patient Who Survived a Suicide Attempt by Jumping from the Bridge on the Han River

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Frontal Phonological Agraphia and Acalculia with Impaired Verbal Short-Term Memory due to Left Inferior Precentral Gyrus Lesion

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Frontal sinus schwannoma

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Frontier Knowledge and Novel Therapeutic Modalities for Rhinologic Disease

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Frontier of Self and Impact Prediction

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Frontline: a Safe Hospital on the border with Haiti

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Front-line epidemiology

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Front-Line Ownership - Necessary but not Sufficient

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Frontlines: Embarking on a Quest for Quality

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Frontlines: Every Piece Counts in Cybersecurity

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Front-Line Treatment Options for Chronic-Phase Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

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Front of house drug testing by the Loop is essential in reducing future harm

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Front of neck: continued discovery of this anatomy essential for airway management

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Front-of-package nutrition labelling policy: global progress and future directions

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Front-of-package nutrition labels need to be assessed on their nutrition science rigour

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Front of package symbols as a tool to promote healthier food choices in Slovenia: Accompanying explanatory claim can considerably influence the consumer's preferences

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Front-of-pack Nutri-Score labelling in France: an evidence-based policy

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Fronto-orbital reconstruction using polymethyl methacrylate implant

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Fronto-Parietal Subnetworks Flexibility Compensates For Cognitive Decline Due To Mental Fatigue

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Fronto-thalamic Architectures for Cognitive Algorithms

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Front-Presented Looming Sound Selectively Alters the Perceived Size of a Visual Looming Object

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Front propagation and clustering in the stochastic nonlocal Fisher equation

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Front propagation in weakly subcritical pattern-forming systems

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Frostbite: Don't be left out in the cold

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Frostbite vs Burns: Increased Cost of Care and Use of Hospital Resources

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Frosted branch angiitis with penetrating ocular trauma and retained intraocular foreign body

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Frosted Slides Decorated with Silica Nanowires for Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells from Prostate Cancer Patients

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"Frotteuristic Disorder": Etymological and Historical Note

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"Frozen Air" Anesthetics in St. Louis by Columbia Dental Parlors

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"Frozen Apex" Repair of a Dilated Cardiomyopathy

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Frozen blastocyst transfer outcomes in immediate versus delayed subsequent cycles following GnRH agonist or hCG triggers

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Frozen blastocyst transfer reduces incidence of ectopic pregnancy compared with fresh blastocyst transfer: a meta-analysis

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Frozen elephant trunk technique for Kommerell's diverticulum with right-sided aortic arch and aberrant left subclavian artery

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Frozen elephant trunk technique: Ready to get back to the future?

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Frozen in a Moment in Time: The Experiences of Mothers Being Diagnosed With HIV Infection

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Frozen in perpetuity: 'abandoned embryos' in Canada

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Frozen in Time: A History of the Synthesis of Nitrous Oxide and How the Process Remained Unchanged for Over 2 Centuries

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Frozenix J Graft: A new frozen elephant trunk device

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Frozen Microemulsions for MAPLE Immobilization of Lipase

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Frozen Pizza

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Frozen pulp extracts of camu-camu (Myrciaria dubia McVaugh) attenuate the hyperlipidemia and lipid peroxidation of Type 1 diabetic rats

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Frozen Section as a Rapid and Accurate Method for Diagnosing Acute Invasive Fungal Rhinosinusitis

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Frozen Section Diagnostic Pitfalls of Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor with Heterologous Elements

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