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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65193

Chapter 65193 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Spreen, M.I.; Gremmels, H.; Teraa, M.; Sprengers, R.W.; Martens, J.M.; Verhaar, M.C.; Wever, J.J.; de Borst, G.J.; Vos, J.A.; Mali, W.P.Th.M.; van Overhagen, H., 2018:
High and immeasurable ankle-brachial index as predictor of poor amputation-free survival in critical limb ischemia

van Melle, A.L.; Voskes, Y.; de Vet, H.C.W.; van der Meijs, J.; Mulder, C.L.; Widdershoven, G.A.M., 2018:
High and Intensive Care in Psychiatry: Validating the HIC Monitor as a Tool for Assessing the Quality of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units

Portier, I.; Vanhoorelbeke, K.; Verhenne, S.; Pareyn, I.; Vandeputte, N.; Deckmyn, H.; Goldenberg, D.S.; Samal, H.B.; Singh, M.; Ivics, Z.; Izsvák, Z.; De Meyer, S.F., 2017:
High and long-term von Willebrand factor expression after Sleeping Beauty transposon-mediated gene therapy in a mouse model of severe von Willebrand disease

Alomari, E'a.; Ronda, L.; Bruno, S.; Paredi, G.; Marchetti, M.; Bettati, S.; Olivari, D.; Fumagalli, F.; Novelli, D.; Ristagno, G.; Latini, R.; Cooper, C.E.; Reeder, B.J.; Mozzarelli, A., 2018:
High- and low-affinity PEGylated hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers: Differential oxidative stress in a Guinea pig transfusion model

Yerushalmy-Feler, A.; Ben-Tov, A.; Weintraub, Y.; Amir, A.; Galai, T.; Moran-Lev, H.; Cohen, S., 2018:
High and low body mass index may predict severe disease course in children with inflammatory bowel disease

Kulis, M.; Yue, X.; Guo, R.; Zhang, H.; Orgel, K.; Ye, P.; Li, Q.; Liu, Y.; Kim, E.; Burks, A.Wesley.; Vickery, B.P., 2018:
High- and low-dose oral immunotherapy similarly suppress pro-allergic cytokines and basophil activation in young children

Chen, R.; McIntosh, S.; Hemby, S.E.; Sun, H.; Sexton, T.; Martin, T.J.; Childers, S.R., 2018 :
High and low doses of cocaine intake are differentially regulated by dopamine D2 receptors in the ventral tegmental area and the nucleus accumbens

Ui, T.; Obi, Y.; Shimomura, A.; Lefor, A.K.; Fazl Alizadeh, R.; Said, H.; Nguyen, N.T.; Stamos, M.J.; Kalantar-Zadeh, K.; Sata, N.; Ichii, H., 2018:
High and low estimated glomerular filtration rates are associated with adverse outcomes in patients undergoing surgery for gastrointestinal malignancies

Ciarochi, J.A.; Liu, J.; Calhoun, V.; Johnson, H.; Misiura, M.; Bockholt, H.Jeremy.; Espinoza, F.A.; Caprihan, A.; Plis, S.; Turner, J.A.; Paulsen, J.S., 2018:
High and Low Levels of an NTRK2-Driven Genetic Profile Affect Motor- and Cognition-Associated Frontal Gray Matter in Prodromal Huntington's Disease

Grigsby, K.B.; Kovarik, C.M.; Rottinghaus, G.E.; Booth, F.W., 2018:
High and low nightly running behavior associates with nucleus accumbens N-Methyl-d-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) NR1 subunit expression and NMDAR functional differences

Petkovic, G.; Rose-Innes, E.; Bojanic, S.; Leite, M.Isabel.; Wakerley, B.R., 2018:
High and low pressure headaches: a spinal cause

Yoon, C-Yun.; Noh, J.; Lee, J.; Kee, Y.Kyung.; Seo, C.; Lee, M.; Cha, M-Uk.; Kim, H.; Park, S.; Yun, H-Ryong.; Jung, S-Young.; Jhee, J.Hyun.; Han, S.Hyeok.; Yoo, T-Hyun.; Kang, S-Wook.; Park, J.Tak., 2017:
High and low sodium intakes are associated with incident chronic kidney disease in patients with normal renal function and hypertension

Allison, S.J.; Brooke-Wavell, K.; Folland, J., 2018:
High and odd impact exercise training improved physical function and fall risk factors in community-dwelling older men

Meun, C.; Franco, O.H.; Dhana, K.; Jaspers, L.; Muka, T.; Louwers, Y.; Ikram, M.Arfan.; Fauser, B.C.J.M.; Kavousi, M.; Laven, J.S.E., 2018:
High Androgens in Postmenopausal Women and the Risk for Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease: The Rotterdam Study

Hanafi, M.Ariff.; Hashim, S.Nadia.; Chay, S.Yea.; Ebrahimpour, A.; Zarei, M.; Muhammad, K.; Abdul-Hamid, A.; Saari, N., 2018:
High angiotensin-I converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activity of Alcalase-digested green soybean (Glycine max) hydrolysates

Ghazi Sherbaf, F.; Same, K.; Aarabi, M.Hadi., 2018:
High angular resolution diffusion imaging correlates of depression in Parkinson's disease: a connectometry study

Cincotta, S.; He, C.; Neild, A.; Armstrong, J., 2018:
High angular resolution visible light positioning using a quadrant photodiode angular diversity aperture receiver (QADA)

Tchougang Nono, J.; Mistretta, V.; Noirot, I.; Canivet, J.L.; Damas, P., 2018:
High anion gap metabolic acidosis (pyroglutamic acidosis) induced by chronic acetaminophen use

Tian, N.; Yang, Y.; Liu, D.; Liu, X.; Tan, P-Heng.; Zhang, D.; Chang, K.; Li, H.; Zhao, M.; Li, J.Rong.; Tang, X.; Zhang, D.; Zhang, Z.; Xiao, W.; Yan, H.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
High Anisotropy in Tubular Layered Exfoliated KP 15

Cao, X.; Zhi, L.; Jia, Y.; Li, Y.; Cui, X.; Zhao, K.; Ci, L.; Ding, K.; Wei, J., 2018:
High annealing temperature induced rapid grain coarsening for efficient perovskite solar cells

Canale, M.Laura.; Camerini, A.; Magnacca, M.; Del Meglio, J.; Lilli, A.; Donati, S.; Amoroso, D.; Casolo, G., 2018:
High anthracycline cumulative dose without cardiac toxicity: A possible protective role of morphine

Schreiner, D.; Groendahl, B.; Puppe, W.; Off, H.Naraghi.Taghi.; Poplawska, K.; Knuf, M.; Meyer, C.U.; Reischl, A.T.; Gehring, S., 2018:
High antibiotic prescription rates in hospitalized children with human metapneumovirus infection in comparison to RSV infection emphasize the value of point-of-care diagnostics

Zhao, F.; Wang, W.; Lu, W.; Xu, L.; Yang, S.; Cai, X-Min.; Zhou, M.; Lei, M.; Ma, M.; Xu, H-Jun.; Cao, F., 2018:
High anticancer potency on tumor cells of dehydroabietylamine Schiff-base derivatives and a copper(II) complex

Yu, L.; Hou, Y.; Cheng, C.; Schlaich, C.; Noeske, P-Ludwig.Michael.; Wei, Q.; Haag, R., 2017:
High-Antifouling Polymer Brush Coatings on Nonpolar Surfaces via Adsorption-Cross-Linking Strategy

Billeskov, R.; Lindenstrøm, T.; Woodworth, J.; Vilaplana, C.; Cardona, P-Joan.; Cassidy, J.P.; Mortensen, R.; Agger, E.Marie.; Andersen, P., 2018:
High Antigen Dose Is Detrimental to Post-Exposure Vaccine Protection against Tuberculosis

Zhou, W.; Begum, S.; Wang, Z.; Krolla, P.; Wagner, D.; Bräse, S.; Wöll, C.; Tsotsalas, M., 2017:
High Antimicrobial Activity of Metal-Organic Framework-Templated Porphyrin Polymer Thin Films

Moya-Salazar, J.; Terán-Vásquez, A.; Salazar-Hernández, R., 2018:
High-Antimicrobial Resistance to Fluoroquinolones by Campylobacter in Pediatric Patients in a Peruvian Hospital

Sain, M.; Burilovic, V.; Tomicic, M.; Jelicic, I., 2018:
High ANTI-PF4/Heparin Antibodies Titer and Thromboses Due to Infection 9 Months After Cessation of Heparin in Hemodialyzed Patient With Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia

Lanzafame, M.; Piacentini, D.; Lattuada, E.; Rizzardo, S.; Chiesi, S.; Vento, S., 2018:
"High" antiretroviral deintensification, a strategy to avoid drug interactions and unfavourable long-term effects of HAART

Atsebeha, K.Gebremariam.; Chercos, D.Haile., 2018:
High antiretroviral therapy service delivery satisfaction and its' associated factors at Midre-genet hospital; Northwest Tigray, Ethiopia

Leighton, X.; Bera, A.; Eidelman, O.; Eklund, M.; Puthillathu, N.; Pollard, H.B.; Srivastava, M., 2018:
High ANXA7 Potentiates Eucalyptol Toxicity in Hormone-refractory Prostate Cancer

Weger, M.; Sandi, C., 2018:
High anxiety trait: A vulnerable phenotype for stress-induced depression

Desmarais, F.; Bergeron, K-F.; Lacaille, M.; Lemieux, I.; Bergeron, J.; Biron, S.; Rassart, E.; Joanisse, D.R.; Mauriege, P.; Mounier, C., 2018:
High ApoD protein level in the round ligament fat depot of severely obese women is associated with an improved inflammatory profile

Fauteux, D.; Gauthier, G.; Berteaux, D.; Palme, R.; Boonstra, R., 2018:
High Arctic lemmings remain reproductively active under predator-induced elevated stress

Zhou, C.; Lu, J.; Hu, M.; Huang, Z-Hong.; Kang, F.; Lv, R., 2018:
High Areal Capacity Li-Ion Storage of Binder-Free Metal Vanadate/Carbon Hybrid Anode by Ion-Exchange Reaction

Wang, Z.; Guo, H.; Xiu, W.; Wang, J.; Shen, M., 2018:
High arsenic groundwater in the Guide basin, northwestern China: Distribution and genesis mechanisms

Anonymous, 2018:
High Arterial Blood-Pressure

Wang, D.; Yu, H.; Fan, X.; Gu, J.; Ye, S.; Yao, J.; Ni, Q., 2018:
High Aspect Ratio Carboxylated Cellulose Nanofibers Cross-linked to Robust Aerogels for Superabsorption-Flocculants: Paving Way from Nanoscale to Macroscale

Bae, H.Jeong.; Yoo, T.Hee.; Yoon, Y.; Lee, I.Gyu.; Kim, J.Pil.; Cho, B.Jin.; Hwang, W.Sik., 2018:
High-Aspect Ratio β -Ga₂O₃ Nanorods via Hydrothermal Synthesis

Xu, X.; Yuan, H.; Song, R.; Yu, M.; Chung, H.Yin.; Hou, Y.; Shang, Y.; Zhou, H.; Yao, S., 2018:
High aspect ratio induced spontaneous generation of monodisperse picolitre droplets for digital PCR

Ji, S.; Yang, L.; Zhang, C.; Cai, Z.; Hu, Y.; Li, J.; Wu, D.; Chu, J., 2018:
High-aspect-ratio microtubes with variable diameter and uniform wall thickness by compressing Bessel hologram phase depth

Linklater, D.P.; De Volder, M.; Baulin, V.A.; Werner, M.; Jessl, S.; Golozar, M.; Maggini, L.; Rubanov, S.; Hanssen, E.; Juodkazis, S.; Ivanova, E.P., 2018:
High Aspect Ratio Nanostructures Kill Bacteria via Storage and Release of Mechanical Energy

Sun, C.; Shen, M.; Chavez, A.D.; Evans, A.M.; Liu, X.; Harutyunyan, B.; Flanders, N.C.; Hersam, M.C.; Bedzyk, M.J.; Olvera de la Cruz, M.; Dichtel, W.R., 2018:
High aspect ratio nanotubes assembled from macrocyclic iminium salts

Zhou, T.; Gao, W.; Wang, Q.; Umar, A., 2018:
High Aspect Ratio Perforated Co₃O₄ Nanowires Derived from Cobalt-Carbonate-Hydroxide Nanowires with Enhanced Sensing Performance

Osman, M.; Benamrouz, S.; Guyot, K.; Baydoun, M.; Frealle, E.; Chabe, M.; Gantois, N.; Delaire, B.; Goffard, A.; Aoun, A.; Jurdi, N.; Dabboussi, F.; Even, G.; Slomianny, C.; Gosset, P.; Hamze, M.; Creusy, C.; Viscogliosi, E.; Certad, G., 2018:
High association of Cryptosporidium spp. infection with colon adenocarcinoma in Lebanese patients

Rikhtegaran Tehrani, Z.; Azadmanesh, K.; Mostafavi, E.; Gharibzadeh, S.; Soori, S.; Azizi, M.; Khabiri, A., 2017:
High avidity anti-integrase antibodies discriminate recent and non-recent HIV infection: Implications for HIV incidence assay

Zhang, Q.; Yang, X.; Hu, Q.; Bai, K.; Yin, F.; Li, N.; Gang, Y.; Wang, X.; Zeng, S., 2018:
High axial resolution imaging system for large volume tissues using combination of inclined selective plane illumination and mechanical sectioning

Rick, A-Marie.; Domek, G.; Cunningham, M.; Olson, D.; Lamb, M.M.; Jimenez-Zambrano, A.; Heinrichs, G.; Berman, S.; Asturias, E.J., 2018:
High Background Congenital Microcephaly in Rural Guatemala: Implications for Neonatal Congenital Zika Virus Infection Screening

Boyle, M.H.; Paranjpe, M.G.; Creasy, D.M., 2018:
High Background Incidence of Spontaneous Subcapsular Adrenal Gland Hyperplasia of Tg.rasH2 Mice Used in 26-week Carcinogenicity Studies

Liu, A.Y.; De Rosa, S.C.; Guthrie, B.L.; Choi, R.Y.; Kerubo-Bosire, R.; Richardson, B.A.; Kiarie, J.; Farquhar, C.; Lohman-Payne, B., 2018:
High background in ELISpot assays is associated with elevated levels of immune activation in HIV-1-seronegative individuals in Nairobi

Abdelaziz, H.; Zahar, A.; Lausmann, C.; Gehrke, T.; Fickenscher, H.; Suero, E.M.; Gebauer, M.; Citak, M., 2018:
High bacterial contamination rate of electrocautery tips during total hip and knee arthroplasty

Vallabhaneni, H.; Lynch, P.J.; Chen, G.; Park, K.; Liu, Y.; Goehe, R.; Mallon, B.S.; Boehm, M.; Hursh, D.A., 2018:
High Basal Levels of γH2AX in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Are Linked to Replication-Associated DNA Damage and Repair

Cranston, R.D.; Cespedes, M.S.; Paczuski, P.; Yang, M.; Coombs, R.W.; Dragavon, J.; Saah, A.; Godfrey, C.; Webster-Cyriaque, J.Y.; Chiao, E.Y.; Bastow, B.; Wilkin, T., 2018:
High Baseline Anal HPV and Abnormal Anal Cytology in a Phase 3 Trial of the Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine in HIV-infected individuals over 26 years old: ACTG 5298

Cranston, R.D.; Cespedes, M.S.; Paczuski, P.; Yang, M.; Coombs, R.W.; Dragavon, J.; Saah, A.; Godfrey, C.; Webster-Cyriaque, J.Y.; Chiao, E.Y.; Bastow, B.; Wilkin, T., 2018:
High Baseline Anal Human Papillomavirus and Abnormal Anal Cytology in a Phase 3 Trial of the Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Individuals Older Than 26 Years: ACTG 5298

Pan, S.W.; Shen, Z.; Xing, H.; Ruan, Y.; Shao, Y., 2018:
High Baseline CD4 Counts and Antiretroviral Therapy Cessation

Barr, E.L.M.; Barzi, F.; Hughes, J.T.; Jerums, G.; Hoy, W.E.; O'Dea, K.; Jones, G.R.D.; Lawton, P.D.; Brown, A.D.H.; Thomas, M.; Ekinci, E.I.; Sinha, A.; Cass, A.; MacIsaac, R.J.; Maple-Brown, L.J., 2018:
High Baseline Levels of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor 1 Are Associated With Progression of Kidney Disease in Indigenous Australians With Diabetes: The eGFR Follow-up Study

Ida, J.; Kotani, K.; Miyoshi, T.; Nakamura, K.; Kohno, K.; Asonuma, H.; Sakuragi, S.; Doi, M.; Miki, T.; Koyama, Y.; Ito, H., 2018:
High Baseline Lipoprotein(a) Level as a Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Calcification Progression: Sub-analysis of a Prospective Multicenter Trial

Teterycz, Pł.; Jagodzińska-Mucha, P.; Cybulska-Stopa, Bżena.; Mariuk-Jarema, A.; Kozak, K.; Koseła-Paterczyk, H.; Czarnecka, A.M.; Rajczykowski, M.; Dziura, R.; Galus, Łukasz.; Mackiewicz, J.; Świtaj, T.; Klimczak, A.; Falkowski, S.; Suwiński, Rł.; Ziobro, M.; Ługowska, I.; Rutkowski, P., 2018:
High baseline neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio predicts worse outcome in patients with metastatic BRAF-positive melanoma treated with BRAF and MEK inhibitors

Heumann, A.; Heinemann, N.; Hube-Magg, C.; Lang, D.S.; Grupp, K.; Kluth, M.; Minner, S.; Möller-Koop, C.; Graefen, M.; Heinzer, H.; Tsourlakis, M.Christina.; Wilczak, W.; Wittmer, C.; Jacobsen, F.; Huland, H.; Simon, R.; Schlomm, T.; Sauter, G.; Steurer, S.; Lebok, P.; Hinsch, A., 2018:
High BCAR1 expression is associated with early PSA recurrence in ERG negative prostate cancer

Olbers, J.; Gille, A.; Ljungman, P.; Rosenqvist, Mårten.; Östergren, J.; Witt, N., 2018:
High beat-to-beat blood pressure variability in atrial fibrillation compared to sinus rhythm

Savilahti, E.M.; Haravuori, H.; Rytilä-Manninen, M.; Lindberg, N.; Kettunen, K.; Marttunen, M., 2018:
High Beck Depression Inventory 21 scores in adolescents without depression are associated with negative self-image and immature defense style

Hisano, K.; Tanaka, K.; Nagata, C.; Arakawa, M.; Miyake, Y., 2018:
High birthweight is associated with increased prevalence of dental caries in Japanese children

Jeanne, T.L.; Hooker, E.R.; Nguyen, T.; Messer, L.C.; Sacks, R.M.; Andrea, S.B.; Boone-Heinonen, J., 2017:
High birth weight modifies association between adolescent physical activity and cardiometabolic health in women and not men

Johnsson, I.W.; Naessén, T.; Ahlsson, F.; Gustafsson, J., 2018:
High birth weight was associated with increased radial artery intima thickness but not with other investigated cardiovascular risk factors in adulthood

Jung, H.Ju.; Lee, J.Myeong., 2018:
High BIS and low rSO 2 during CPB: seizure?

Zocca, P.; Kok, M.M.; van der Heijden, L.C.; Danse, P.W.; Schotborgh, C.E.; Scholte, M.; Hartmann, M.; Linssen, G.C.M.; Doggen, C.J.M.; von Birgelen, C., 2018:
High Bleeding Risk Patients Treated with Very Thin-Strut Biodegradable Polymer or Thin-Strut Durable Polymer Drug-Eluting Stents in the BIO-RESORT Trial

Zocca, P.; Kok, M.M.; van der Heijden, L.C.; van Houwelingen, K.Gert.; Hartmann, M.; de Man, F.H.A.F.; Stoel, M.G.; Louwerenburg, J.Hans.W.; Knottnerus, I.L.; Linssen, G.C.M.; Doggen, C.J.M.; von Birgelen, C., 2018:
High bleeding risk patients with acute coronary syndromes treated with contemporary drug-eluting stents and Clopidogrel or Ticagrelor: Insights from CHANGE DAPT

Vulcan, A.; Manjer, J.; Ohlsson, B., 2018:
High blood glucose levels are associated with higher risk of colon cancer in men: a cohort study

da Rocha Silva, Júlia.Prestes.; Salles, F.Junqueira.; Leroux, I.Nogueira.; da Silva Ferreira, A.Paula.Sacone.; da Silva, A.Soares.; Assunção, N.Antonio.; Nardocci, A.Cassia.; Sayuri Sato, A.Paula.; Barbosa, F.; Cardoso, M.Regina.Alves.; Olympio, K.Polido.Kaneshiro., 2018:
High blood lead levels are associated with lead concentrations in households and day care centers attended by Brazilian preschool children

Han, Y.; Kim, S.Jung.; Lee, S.Hwan.; Sim, Y.Su.; Ryu, Y.Ju.; Chang, J.Hyun.; Shim, S.Shin.; Kim, Y.; Lee, J.Hwa., 2018:
High blood neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio associated with poor outcomes in miliary tuberculosis

Hamilton, J.G.M., 2011:
High blood pressure

Marfany, Aí.; Sierra, C.; Camafort, M.; Doménech, Mónica.; Coca, A., 2018:
High blood pressure, Alzheimer disease and antihypertensive treatment

Vohr, B.R.; Heyne, R.; Bann, C.; Das, A.; Higgins, R.D.; Hintz, S.R., 2018:
High Blood Pressure at Early School Age Among Extreme Preterms

Anonymous, 2018:
High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy and Development of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

Fuster, V., 2018:
High Blood Pressure Guidelines: Welcomed Advice, But Let's Not Lose the Patient Amid the Numbers

Cazzaniga, W.; Capogrosso, P.; Ventimiglia, E.; Pederzoli, F.; Boeri, L.; Frego, N.; Abbate, C.; Alfano, M.; Viganò, P.; Montorsi, F.; Salonia, A., 2018:
High Blood Pressure Is a Highly Prevalent but Unrecognised Condition in Primary Infertile Men: Results of a Cross-sectional Study

Barrera, L., 2018:
High Blood Pressure prevention and control: from evidence to action

Pérez-Pevida, Bén.; Díaz-Gutiérrez, Jús.; Miras, A.Dimitri.; Silva, C.; Romero, S.; Salvador, J.; Escalada, J.; Frühbeck, G., 2018:
High Body Adiposity Drives Glucose Intolerance and Increases Cardiovascular Risk in Normoglycemic Subjects

Leggio, M.; Lombardi, M.; Caldarone, E.; Mazza, A.; Fusco, A., 2018:
High body mass index, healthy metabolic profile and low visceral adipose tissue: The paradox is to call it obesity again

Hellhammer, K.; Afzal, S.; Tigges, R.; Spieker, M.; Rassaf, T.; Zeus, T.; Westenfeld, R.; Kelm, M.; Horn, P., 2018:
High body mass index is a risk factor for difficult deep sedation in percutaneous mitral valve repair

Palacz, M.; Tremellen, K., 2018:
High Body Mass Index is associated with an expansion of endometrial T Regulatory cell and macrophage populations

Kurnool, S.; Nguyen, N.H.; Proudfoot, J.; Dulai, P.S.; Boland, B.S.; Vande Casteele, N.; Evans, E.; Grunvald, E.L.; Zarrinpar, A.; Sandborn, W.J.; Singh, S., 2018:
High body mass index is associated with increased risk of treatment failure and surgery in biologic-treated patients with ulcerative colitis

Kim, J.; So, W-Young., 2018:
High Body Mass Index Is Associated with the Extent of Muscle Damage after Eccentric Exercise

Santi, A.; Bosch, T.A.; Bantle, A.E.; Alvear, A.; Wang, Q.; Hodges, J.S.; Dengel, D.R.; Chow, L.S., 2018:
High Body Mass Index Masks Body Composition Differences in Physically Active Versus Sedentary Participants

Yao, C.; Yang, H.; Yu, J.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, Y.; Huang, C., 2018:
High Bond Durability of Universal Adhesives on Glass Ceramics Facilitated by Silane Pretreatment

Paccou, J.; Michou, L.; Kolta, S.; Debiais, Fçoise.; Cortet, B.; Guggenbuhl, P., 2018:
High bone mass in adults

De Luna, G.; Ranque, B.; Courbebaisse, M.; Ribeil, J-Antoine.; Khimoud, D.; Dupeux, S.; Silvera, J.; Offredo, L.; Pouchot, J.; Arlet, J-Benoît., 2018:
High bone mineral density in sickle cell disease: Prevalence and characteristics

Kim, B.Hyun.; Jang, J.Sik.; Kwon, Y.Seop.; Kim, J.Hyung.; Kim, I.Joo.; Lee, C.Won., 2018:
High Brachial Ankle Pulse Wave Velocity as a Marker for Predicting Coronary Artery Stenosis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Kolodziej, T.; Shvyd'ko, Y.; Shu, D.; Kearney, S.; Stoupin, S.; Liu, W.; Gog, T.; Walko, D.A.; Wang, J.; Said, A.; Roberts, T.; Goetze, K.; Baldini, M.; Yang, W.; Fister, T.; Blank, V.; Terentyev, S.; Kim, K.Je., 2018 :
High Bragg reflectivity of diamond crystals exposed to multi-kW mm -2 X-ray beams

Taccola, C.; Cartot-Cotton, S.; Valente, D.; Barneoud, P.; Aubert, C.; Boutet, Vérie.; Gallen, F.; Lochus, M.; Nicolic, S.; Dodacki, Aès.; Smirnova, M.; Cisternino, S.; Declèves, X.; Bourasset, F., 2018:
High brain distribution of a new central nervous system drug candidate despite its P-glycoprotein-mediated efflux at the mouse blood-brain barrier

Deen, M.; Hansen, H.D.; Hougaard, A.; Nørgaard, M.; Eiberg, H.; Lehel, S.; Ashina, M.; Knudsen, G.M., 2018:
High brain serotonin levels in migraine between attacks: A 5-HT 4 receptor binding PET study

Li, F.; Xia, Z.; Pan, C.; Gong, Y.; Gu, L.; Liu, Q.; Zhang, J.Z., 2018:
High Br - Content CsPb(Cl y Br 1- y ) 3 Perovskite Nanocrystals with Strong Mn 2+ Emission through Diverse Cation/Anion Exchange Engineering

Huang, X.; Wang, S.; Li, B.; Sun, Q.; Guo, H., 2018:
High-brightness and high-color purity red-emitting Ca 3 Lu(AlO) 3 (BO 3 ) 4 :Eu 3+ phosphors with internal quantum efficiency close to unity for near-ultraviolet-based white-light-emitting diodes

Chen, Z.; Zhang, X.; Dou, Z.; Wei, T.; Liu, Z.; Qi, Y.; Ci, H.; Wang, Y.; Li, Y.; Chang, H.; Yan, J.; Yang, S.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, J.; Gao, P.; Li, J.; Liu, Z., 2018:
High-Brightness Blue Light-Emitting Diodes Enabled by a Directly Grown Graphene Buffer Layer

Sun, F.; Shu, S.; Zhao, Y.; Hou, G.; Lu, H.; Zhang, X.; Wang, L.; Tian, S.; Tong, C.; Wang, L., 2018:
High-brightness diode lasers obtained via off-axis spectral beam combining with selective feedback

Yahia, V.; Taira, T., 2018:
High brightness energetic pulses delivered by compact microchip-MOPA system

Xu, L.; Wu, Y.; Du, Y.; Wang, D.; An, X.; Li, M.; Zhou, T.; Shang, J.; Wang, J.; Liu, Z.; Ou, L.; Zhao, N.; Xiang, R.; Tong, L.; Lin, H.; Gao, Q.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, K.; Tang, C., 2018:
High brightness laser based on Yb:YAG MOPA chain and adaptive optics system at room temperature

Ferri, J.; Corde, S.; Döpp, A.; Lifschitz, A.; Doche, A.; Thaury, C.; Ta Phuoc, K.; Mahieu, B.; Andriyash, I.A.; Malka, V.; Davoine, X., 2018:
High-Brilliance Betatron γ-Ray Source Powered by Laser-Accelerated Electrons

Brigola, A.Gustavo.; Luchesi, B.Moretti.; Alexandre, T.da.Silva.; Inouye, K.; Mioshi, E.; Pavarini, S.Cristina.Iost., 2017:
High burden and frailty: association with poor cognitive performance in older caregivers living in rural areas

Secemsky, E.A.; Rosenfield, K.; Kennedy, K.F.; Jaff, M.; Yeh, R.W., 2018:
High Burden of 30-Day Readmissions After Acute Venous Thromboembolism in the United States

Kuusalo, L.; Puolakka, K.; Kautiainen, H.; Karjalainen, A.; Malmi, T.; Paimela, L.; Leirisalo-Repo, M.; Rantalaiho, V.; Alasaarela, E.; Blåfield, H.; Eklund, K.K.; Hakola, M.; Hannonen, P.; Ilva, K.; Julkunen, H.; Kaipiainen-Seppänen, O.; Kauppi, M.; Kononoff, A.; Krogerus, M-Liisa.; Laiho, K.; Luosujärvi, R.; Luukkainen, R.; Möttönen, T.; Niinisalo, H.; Peltomaa, R.; Pöllänen, J.; Uusitalo, T.; Uutela, T.; Valleala, H.; Vuori, K.; Laasonen, L.; Moilanen, E.; Nieminen, R.; Vuolteenaho, K., 2017:
High burden of adverse events is associated with reduced remission rates in early rheumatoid arthritis

Fukuda, Y.; Homma, T.; Suzuki, S.; Takuma, T.; Tanaka, A.; Yokoe, T.; Ohnishi, T.; Niki, Y.; Sagara, H., 2018:
High burden of Aspergillus fumigatus infection among chronic respiratory diseases

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High burden of birthweight-lowering genetic variants in Africans and Asians

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High Burden of Human Papillomavirus Infection in Madagascar: Comparison With Other Sexually Transmitted Infections

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High Burden of Stroke Risk Factors in Developing Country: the Case Study of Bosnia-Herzegovina

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High Burden of Subclinical Lead Toxicity after Phase Out of Lead from Petroleum in Pakistan

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High cadmium and mercury concentrations in the tissues of the orange-back flying squid, Sthenoteuthis pteropus, from the tropical Eastern Atlantic

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High calcium diet alleviates 5/6 nephrectomy-induced bone deteriorations of lumbar vertebrae in mice

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High calcium, phosphate and calcitriol supplementation leads to an osteocyte-like phenotype in calcified vessels and bone mineralisation defect in uremic rats

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High calcium to phosphorus ratio impairs growth and bone mineralization in Pekin ducklings

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High Calcium Zones at the Poles of Developing Medaka Eggs

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High-calorific bio-hydrogen production under self-generated high-pressure condition

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High-capacitance Ti 3 C 2 T x MXene obtained by etching submicron Ti 3 AlC 2 grains grown in molten salt

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High Capacity and High Efficiency Maple Tree-Biomass-Derived Hard Carbon as an Anode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries

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High-Capacity and High-Rate Discharging of a Coenzyme Q 10 -Catalyzed Li-O 2 Battery

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High-capacity and long-life lithium storage boosted by pseudocapacitance in three-dimensional MnO-Cu-CNT/graphene anodes

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High Capacity and Superior Cyclic Performances of All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries Enabled by a Glass-Ceramics Solo

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High-capacity aqueous zinc batteries using sustainable quinone electrodes

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High-Capacity Cathode Material with High Voltage for Li-Ion Batteries

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High Capacity, Dendrite-Free Growth, and Minimum Volume Change Na Metal Anode

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High Capacity Garnet-Based All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries: Fabrication and 3D-Microstructure Resolved Modeling

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High-capacity ice-recrystallization endpoint assay employing superhydrophobic coatings that is equivalent to the 'splat' assay

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High capacity lithium ion batteries composed of cobalt oxide nanoparticle anodes and Raman spectroscopic analysis of nanoparticle strain dynamics in batteries

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High-Capacity Mg-Organic Batteries Based on Nanostructured Rhodizonate Salts Activated by Mg-Li Dual-Salt Electrolyte

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High capacity of the endoplasmic reticulum to prevent secretion and aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins

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High-capacity protein A affinity chromatography for the fast quantification of antibodies: Two-wavelength detection expands linear range

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High-capacity rechargeable batteries based on deeply cyclable lithium metal anodes

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High-Capacity Redox Polymer Electrodes: Applications in Molecular and Cellular Processing

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High-Capacity Upconversion Wavelength and Lifetime Binary Encoding for Multiplexed Biodetection

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High-Carbohydrate Diets and Food Patterns and Their Associations with Metabolic Disease in the Korean Population

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High Cardiac Troponin I Is Associated With Transesophageal Echocardiographic Risk of Thromboembolism and Ischemic Stroke Events in Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation Patients

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High carriage of adherent invasive E. coli in wildlife and healthy individuals

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High carriage rate of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae among patients admitted for surgery in Tanzanian hospitals with a low rate of endogenous surgical site infections

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High carrier mobility in monolayer CVD-grown MoS 2 through phonon suppression

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High carrier prevalence of combinatorial CYP2C9 and VKORC1 genotypes affecting warfarin dosing

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High Catalytic Activity of Vanadium Complexes in Alkane Oxidations with Hydrogen Peroxide: An Effect of 8-Hydroxyquinoline Derivatives as Noninnocent Ligands

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High Catalytic Efficiency of Nanostructured β-CoMoO₄ in the Reduction of the Ortho-, Meta- and Para-Nitrophenol Isomers

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High catalytic oxidation of As(III) by molecular oxygen over Fe-loaded silicon carbide with MW activation

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High Catalytic Performance of a CeO 2 -Supported Ni Catalyst for Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes, Fabricated via Coordination-Assisted Strategy

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High Catastrophizing in Subjects With Painful Mesh Complications Leads to Worse Outcomes

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High CD44 expression mediates p62-associated NFE2L2/NRF2 activation in breast cancer stem cell-like cells: Implications for cancer stem cell resistance

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High CD4 counts associated with better economic outcomes for HIV-positive adults and their HIV-negative household members in the SEARCH Trial

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High CD8 + and absence of Foxp3 + T lymphocytes infiltration in gallbladder tumors correlate with prolonged patients survival

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High CD90 (THY-1) expression positively correlates with cell transformation and worse prognosis in basal-like breast cancer tumors

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High CDKN2A/p16 and Low FGFR3 Expression Predict Progressive Potential of Stage pT1 Urothelial Bladder Carcinoma

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High CEA levels in a case of resected colorectal cancer: delayed diagnosis of metachronous medullary thyroid cancer

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High-cell-density cultivations to increase MVA virus production

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High Cell Density Perfusion Culture has a Maintained Exoproteome and Metabolome

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High cell density suppresses BMP4-induced differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to produce macroscopic spatial patterning in a unidirectional perfusion culture chamber

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High cellularity and mitotic activity in a primary ovarian fibro-thecomatous tumor of a young patient: a diagnostic and clinical challenge

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High Cervical Ependymoma Resection: 2-Dimensional Operative Video

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High cervical intraspinal enterogenous cyst

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High channel count microphone array accurately and precisely localizes ultrasonic signals from freely-moving mice

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High-charge and multiple-star vortex coronagraphy from stacked vector vortex phase masks

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High chloride channel accessory 1 expression predicts poor prognoses in patients with rectal cancer receiving chemoradiotherapy

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High Cholesterol at the Heart of Phagolysosomal Damage

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High Cholesterol Diet-Induced Changes in Oxysterol and Scavenger Receptor Levels in Heart Tissue

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High cholesterol in lipid rafts reduces the sensitivity to EGFR-TKI therapy in non-small cell lung cancer

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High Circular Polarization of Electroluminescence Achieved via Self-Assembly of a Light-Emitting Chiral Conjugated Polymer into Multidomain Cholesteric Films

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High Circulating Caspase-Cleaved Keratin 18 Fragments (M30) Indicate Short-Term Mortality in Critically Ill Patients

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High circulating CD4 + CD25 hi FOXP3 + T-cell sub-population early after lung transplantation is associated with development of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome

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High circulating levels of LOX-1 are associated with elevated risk of ischemic stroke

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High circulating miR-18a, miR-20a, and miR-92a expression correlates with poor prognosis in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

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High circulating plasma dipeptidyl peptidase- 4 levels in non-obese Asian Indians with type 2 diabetes correlate with fasting insulin and LDL-C levels, triceps skinfolds, total intra-abdominal adipose tissue volume and presence of diabetes: a case-control study

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High circulating proprotein convertase subtilisin/Kexin type 9 concentration associates with cardiovascular risk: A meta-analysis of cohort studies

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High circulation of Hepatitis E virus in pigs and professionals exposed to pigs in Laos

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High circulatory leptin mediated NOX-2-peroxynitrite-miR21 axis activate mesangial cells and promotes renal inflammatory pathology in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

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High Circulatory Phosphate Level Is Associated with Cerebral Small-Vessel Diseases

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A transcription factor network responsive to high CO2/hypoxia is involved in deastringency in persimmon fruit

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High co-expression of the SDF1/CXCR4 axis in hepatocarcinoma cells is regulated by AnnexinA7 in vitro and in vivo

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High coherence plane breaking packaging for superconducting qubits

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High collagen density augments mTOR-dependent cancer stem cells in ERα+ mammary carcinomas, and increases mTOR-independent lung metastases

Gonçalves-Araujo, R.; Rabe, B.; Peeken, I.; Bracher, A., 2018:
High colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) absorption in surface waters of the central-eastern Arctic Ocean: Implications for biogeochemistry and ocean color algorithms

Yang, S.; Lin, Z.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Liu, Z.; Yang, E.; Zhang, J.; Ling, Q., 2018:
High Color Rendering Index White-Light Emission from UV-Driven LEDs Based on Single Luminescent Materials: Two-Dimensional Perovskites (C 6 H 5 C 2 H 4 NH 3 ) 2 PbBr x Cl 4- x

Saver, C., 2018:
High competency levels promote ASC staff and patient satisfaction

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High competing risks minimize real-world utility of adjuvant targeted therapy in renal cell carcinoma: a population-based analysis

Kwon, T-Sung., 2018:
High competition between ant species at intermediate temperatures

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High Complement Factor H-Related (FHR)-3 Levels Are Associated With the Atypical Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome-Risk Allele CFHR3*B

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High complement levels in astrocyte-derived exosomes of Alzheimer disease

Schmit, K.M.; Lobato, M.N.; Lang, S.G.; Wheeler, S.; Kendig, N.E.; Bur, S., 2018:
High Completion Rate for 12 Weekly Doses of Isoniazid and Rifapentine as Treatment for Latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in the Federal Bureau of Prisons

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High Compliance to an Enhanced Recovery Pathway for Patients ≥65 Years Undergoing Major Small and Large Intestinal Surgery Is Associated With Improved Postoperative Outcomes

Weinrich, M.; Bochow, J.; Kutsch, A-Lisa.; Alsfasser, G.; Weiss, C.; Klar, E.; Rau, B.M., 2018:
High compliance with guideline recommendations but low completion rates of adjuvant chemotherapy in resected pancreatic cancer: A cohort study

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High complication rate following dynamic intraligamentary stabilization for primary repair of the anterior cruciate ligament

Lu, Z.; Shen, H.; Shen, Z., 2018:
High-Concentrate Diet-Induced Change of Cellular Metabolism Leads to Decreases of Immunity and Imbalance of Cellular Activities in Rumen Epithelium

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High concentration aqueous magnetic fluids: structure, colloidal stability, magnetic and flow properties

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High-concentration carbamide peroxide can reduce the sensitivity caused by in-office tooth bleaching: a single-blinded randomized controlled trial

Kalra, S., 2018:
High Concentration Insulin

Huang, Y-F.; Hsieh, T-J.; Chen, Y-J.; Chen, H-S.; Kuo, Y-T.; Yang, Y-H., 2018:
High-concentration iodinated contrast media for T1-weighted direct magnetic resonance arthrography

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High Concentration of Calcium Promotes Mineralization in NRK-52E Cells Via Inhibiting the Expression of Matrix Gla Protein

Moghaddam, V.Kazemi.; Yousefi, M.; Khosravi, A.; Yaseri, M.; Mahvi, A.Hossein.; Hadei, M.; Mohammadi, A.Akbar.; Robati, Z.; Mokammel, A., 2018:
High Concentration of Fluoride Can Be Increased Risk of Abortion

Wang, Y.; Qin, Y.; Guo, T.; Tang, C.; Liu, L.; Gao, D., 2018:
High Concentration of Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Protects Primary Astrocytes from Apoptosis

Lu, J.; Sheng, M.; Yao, P.; Ran, C.; Liu, H.; Chen, L.; Liu, R.; Li, B., 2018:
High Concentration of Glucose Increases Reactive Oxygen Species Generation and Apoptosis Induced by Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Pathway in Rabbit Corneal Epithelial Cells

Na, H.Gyun.; Kim, Y-Dae.; Bae, C.Hoon.; Choi, Y.Seok.; Jin, H.Jung.; Shin, K-Cheol.; Song, S-Youn., 2018:
High Concentration of Insulin Induces MUC5AC Expression via Phosphoinositide 3 Kinase/AKT and Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Signaling Pathways in Human Airway Epithelial Cells

Wang, Y.; Yin, S-Wei.; Zhang, N.; Zhao, P., 2018:
High-concentration sevoflurane exposure in mid-gestation induces apoptosis of neural stem cells in rat offspring

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High concentrations of fatty acids and β-hydroxybutyrate impair the growth hormone-mediated hepatic JAK2-STAT5 pathway in clinically ketotic cows

Rondón-Ortiz, A.N.; Lino Cardenas, C.L.; Martínez-Málaga, J.; Gonzales-Urday, A.L.; Gugnani, K.S.; Böhlke, M.; Maher, T.J.; Pino-Figueroa, A.J., 2017:
High Concentrations of Rosiglitazone Reduce mRNA and Protein Levels of LRP1 in HepG2 Cells

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High Concentrations of Sodium Chloride Improve Microbicidal Activity of Ibuprofen against Common Cystic Fibrosis Pathogens

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High concentration solubility and stability of ɛ-poly-l-lysine in an ammonium-based ionic liquid: A suitable media for polypeptide packaging and biomaterial preparation

Bardo-Brouard, P.; Luizard, C.; Valeyrie-Allanore, L.; Goujon, C.; Do, B.; Colin, A.; Wolkenstein, P.; Paul, M., 2018:
High-concentration topical capsaicin in the management of refractory neuropathic pain in patients with neurofibromatosis type 1: a case series

Guarini, A.; De Marinis, F.; Hassan, C.; Manta, R.; De Francesco, V.; Annibale, B.; Zullo, A., 2018:
High concordance between trained nurses and gastroenterologists in evaluating recordings of small bowel video capsule endoscopy (VCE)

Wulandari, L.Putu.Lila.; Kaldor, J.; Januraga, P.Putu., 2018:
High condom use but low HIV testing uptake reported by men who purchase sex in Bali, Indonesia

Proudfoot, A.; Bussiere, D.E.; Lingel, A., 2017:
High-Confidence Protein-Ligand Complex Modeling by NMR-Guided Docking Enables Early Hit Optimization

Moura, D.Lino.; Figueiredo, Aónio., 2018:
High congenital hip dislocation in adults - arthroplasty and functional results

Carle, S.; Pirazzini, M.; Rossetto, O.; Barth, H.; Montecucco, C., 2018:
High Conservation of Tetanus and Botulinum Neurotoxins Cleavage Sites on Human SNARE Proteins Suggests That These Pathogens Exerted Little or No Evolutionary Pressure on Humans

Germann, A.L.; Shin, D.J.; Kuhrau, C.R.; Johnson, A.D.; Evers, A.S.; Akk, G., 2018:
High Constitutive Activity Accounts for the Combination of Enhanced Direct Activation and Reduced Potentiation in Mutated GABA A Receptors

Yasuda, T.; Miyata, Y.; Nakamura, Y.; Sagara, Y.; Matsuo, T.; Ohba, K.; Sakai, H., 2018:
High Consumption of Green Tea Suppresses Urinary Tract Recurrence of Urothelial Cancer via Down-regulation of Human Antigen-R Expression in Never Smokers

Franke, S.I.R.; Molz, Pícia.; Mai, C.; Ellwanger, J.H.; Zenkner, F.F.; Horta, J.A.; Prá, D., 2018:
High consumption of sucrose induces DNA damage in male Wistar rats

Lukša, J.; Vepštaitė-Monstavičė, Iė.; Yurchenko, V.; Serva, S.; Servienė, E., 2018:
High content analysis of sea buckthorn, black chokeberry, red and white currants microbiota - A pilot study

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High-Content Assay Multiplexing for Muscle Toxicity Screening in Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Skeletal Myoblasts

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High-Content Electrophysiological Analysis of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes (hPSC-CMs)

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High content, high-throughput screening for small molecule inducers of NF-κB translocation

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High-content hydrogen water-induced downregulation of miR-136 alleviates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by regulating Nrf2 via targeting MEG3

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High-Content Imaging Approaches to Quantitate Stress-Induced Changes in Nucleolar Morphology

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High-content imaging assays on a miniaturized 3D cell culture platform

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High-Content Imaging Phenotypic Screen for Neurogenesis Using Primary Neural Progenitor Cells

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High-Content Monitoring of Drug Effects in a 3D Spheroid Model

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High Content of Lead Is Associated with the Softness of Drinking Water and Raised Cardiovascular Morbidity: A Review

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High-Content Optical Codes for Protecting Rapid Diagnostic Tests from Counterfeiting

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High-Content Reporter Assays

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High-content screen for modifiers of Niemann-Pick type C disease in patient cells

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High-Content Screening Comparison of Cancer Drug Accumulation and Distribution in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Culture Models of Head and Neck Cancer

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High-Content Screening of a Taiwanese Indigenous Plant Extract Library Identifies Syzygium simile leaf Extract as an Inhibitor of Fatty Acid Uptake

Tong, J.Xin.; Chandramohanadas, R.; Tan, K.Shyong-Wei., 2018:
High-Content Screening of the Medicines for Malaria Venture Pathogen Box for Plasmodium falciparum Digestive Vacuole-Disrupting Molecules Reveals Valuable Starting Points for Drug Discovery

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High-Content Screening of Plankton Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Microfluidics

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High-Content Surface and Total Expression siRNA Kinase Library Screen with VX-809 Treatment Reveals Kinase Targets that Enhance F508del-CFTR Rescue

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High-content tripartite split-GFP cell-based assays to screen for modulators of small GTPase activation

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High-contrast and reversible scattering switching via hybrid metal-dielectric metasurfaces

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High contrast between lumbar nerve roots and surrounding structures using dual echo 3D turbo spin echo additional fusion images

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High-contrast front end based on cascaded XPWG and femtosecond OPA for 10-PW-level Ti:sapphire laser

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High-contrast high-intensity repetitive petawatt laser

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High contrast imaging and flexible photomanipulation for quantitative in vivo multiphoton imaging with polygon scanning microscope

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High-Contrast Imaging of Cholesterol Crystals in Rabbit Arteries Ex Vivo Using LED-Based Polarization Microscopy

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High-Contrast Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy via Mass-Produced Coaxial Zero-Mode Resonators with Sub-10 nm Gaps

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High-contrast optical vortex detection using the Talbot effect

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High-Contrast SEM Imaging of Supported Few-Layer Graphene for Differentiating Distinct Layers and Resolving Fine Features: There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom

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High contributions of sea ice derived carbon in polar bear (Ursus maritimus) tissue

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Highly Controlled Diffusion Drug Release from Ureasil-Poly(ethylene oxide)-Na + -Montmorillonite Hybrid Hydrogel Nanocomposites

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High control rates of proton- and carbon-ion-beam treatment with intensity-modulated active raster scanning in 101 patients with skull base chondrosarcoma at the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center

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High Conversion of Styrene, Ethylene, and Hydrogen to Linear Monoalkylbenzenes

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High Cooperativity in Negative Feedback can Amplify Noisy Gene Expression

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High-coordinate Co II and Fe II compounds constructed from an asymmetric tetradentate ligand show slow magnetic relaxation behavior

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High copper content in vineyard soils promotes modifications in photosynthetic parameters and morphological changes in the root system of 'Red Niagara' plantlets

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High copy number of ovine gammaherpesvirus 2 DNA associated with malignant catarrhal fever-like syndrome in a lamb

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High cord signals on magnetic resonance and other factors predict poor outcomes of cervical spine surgery: A review

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High correlation between skin color based on CIELAB color space, epidermal melanocyte ratio, and melanocyte melanin content

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High correlation of chemical composition with genotype in cryptic species of the liverwort Aneura pinguis

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High correlations between MRI brain volume measurements based on NeuroQuant ® and FreeSurfer

Rubin, R., 2018:
High Cost of Investigating Measles Cases

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High Costs and Caution Yield Slow Start for New Heart Drugs

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High-Cost Sarcoidosis Patients in the United States: Patient Characteristics and Patterns of Health Care Resource Utilization

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High costs of infection: Alphavirus infection reduces digestive function and bone and feather growth in nestling house sparrows (Passer domesticus)

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High CO 2 absorption by diamino protic ionic liquids using azolide anions

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High CO 2 decreases the long-term resilience of the free-living coralline algae Phymatolithon lusitanicum

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High-CO 2 Requirement as a Mechanism for the Containment of Genetically Modified Cyanobacteria

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High-Coulombic-Efficiency Carbon/Li Clusters Composite Anode without Precycling or Prelithiation

Dyer, C., 2017:
High court finds that tribunal treated GP too leniently

Faunce, T.; Siles, B., 2018:
High Court of Australia and HIV/AIDS Disease Criminalisation: Aubrey v The Queen and Zaburoni v The Queen

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High COX-2 expression contributes to a poor prognosis through the inhibition of chemotherapy-induced senescence in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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High C-reactive protein/albumin ratio predicts unfavorable distant metastasis-free survival in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a propensity score-matched analysis

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High cripto-1 and low miR-205 expression levels as prognostic markers in early stage non-small cell lung cancer

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High CRP Levels After Critical Illness are Associated With an Increased Risk of Rehospitalization

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Highly Crystalline Layered VS 2 Nanosheets for All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries with Enhanced Electrochemical Performances

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High Crystalline Prussian White Nanocubes as a Promising Cathode for Sodium-ion Batteries

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High-Crystallinity Urchin-like VS 4 Anode for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Storage

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High crystallization of a multiple cation perovskite absorber for low-temperature stable ZnO solar cells with high-efficiency of over 20

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High CTLA-4 expression correlates with poor prognosis in thymoma patients

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High Cure Rate for Acute Streptococcal Prosthetic Joint Infections Treated With Debridement, Antimicrobials, and Implant Retention in a Specialized Tertiary Care Center

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High Cure Rates With Grazoprevir-Elbasvir With or Without Ribavirin Guided by Genotypic Resistance Testing Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Hepatitis C Virus-coinfected Men Who Have Sex With Men

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High Curie temperature and half-metallicity in an atomically thin main group-based boron phosphide system: long range ferromagnetism

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High Current Density and Low Hysteresis Effect of Planar Perovskite Solar Cells via PCBM-doping and Interfacial Improvement

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High-Cutoff Hemodialysis in Myeloma Cast Nephropathy

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High cut-off membranes in acute kidney injury and continuous renal replacement therapy

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High CXC Chemokine Ligand 16 (CXCL16) Expression Promotes Proliferation and Metastasis of Lung Cancer via Regulating the NF-κB Pathway

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High C-X-C motif chemokine 5 expression is associated with malignant phenotypes of prostate cancer cells via autocrine and paracrine pathways

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High-Cycle, Push-Pull Fatigue Fracture Behavior of High-C, Si-Al-Rich Nanostructured Bainite Steel

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High cyclin A expression, but not Ki67, is associated with early recurrence in desmoid tumors

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High CYP2E1 activity correlates with hepatofibrogenesis induced by nitrosamines

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High cytoplasmic HuR expression is associated with advanced pT stage, high grade and increased microvessel density in urothelial bladder carcinoma

Miller, G.Edward.; Vistnes, J.P.; Rohde, F.; Keenan, P.S., 2018:
High-Deductible Health Plan Enrollment Increased From 2006 To 2016, Employer-Funded Accounts Grew In Largest Firms

Zupko, K., 2018:
High Deductible Health Plans: Take Accounts Receivable Action Now

Yamazaki, K.; Kota, S.; Oikawa, D.; Suzuki, Y., 2018:
High defect stage, contralateral defects, and poor flexibility are negative predictive factors of bone union in pediatric and adolescent athletes with spondylolysis

Hirao, T.; Nitta, J.; Sato, A.; Takahashi, Y.; Goya, M.; Hirao, K., 2018:
High defibrillation threshold with a subcutaneous implantable cardiac defibrillator due to the lead having been positioned in the fat layer

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High-Definition Analysis of Host Protein Stability during Human Cytomegalovirus Infection Reveals Antiviral Factors and Viral Evasion Mechanisms

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High-definition colonoscopy versus Endocuff versus EndoRings versus full-spectrum endoscopy for adenoma detection at colonoscopy: a multicenter randomized trial

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High Definition Confocal Imaging Modalities for the Characterization of Tissue-Engineered Substitutes

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High-definition infrared thermography of ice nucleation and propagation in wheat under natural frost conditions and controlled freezing

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High-Definition Optical Coherence Tomography of the Macula in Deprivational Amblyopia

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High-definition optical coherent tomography findings in acute solar retinopathy - a case series

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High-definition transcranial direct current simulation (HD-tDCS) for persistent auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia

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High-definition transcranial direct current stimulation (HD-tDCS) of left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex affects performance in Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART)

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High definition-transcranial direct current stimulation changes older adults' subjective sleep and corresponding resting-state functional connectivity

Cabibel, V.; Muthalib, M.; Teo, W-Peng.; Perrey, S., 2018:
High-definition transcranial direct-current stimulation of the right M1 further facilitates left M1 excitability during crossed facilitation

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High-Definition Video Recording: Taking Sport Technology to the Operating Room

Yu, R.; Chen, C.; Cao, W.; Liu, H.; Zhou, S.; Song, Y.; Zhu, C., 2018:
High-degree and broad-spectrum resistance mediated by a combination of NIb siRNA and miRNA suppresses replication of necrotic and common strains of potato virus Y

Choi, H.Oh.; Park, H.Woo., 2018:
High degree heart block following suicide attempt by hanging

Konduru, K.; Shurtleff, A.C.; Bavari, S.; Kaplan, G., 2018:
High degree of correlation between Ebola virus BSL-4 neutralization assays and pseudotyped VSV BSL-2 fluorescence reduction neutralization test

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High Degree of Genetic Heterogeneity for Hereditary Cerebellar Ataxias in Australia

Nordström, M.; Strang, P., 2018:
High Degree of Satisfaction With the Support Given by Multidisciplinary Palliative Home Care Teams in the County of Stockholm

Obata, S.; Sato, M.; Akada, K.; Saiki, K., 2018:
High degree reduction and restoration of graphene oxide on SiO 2 at low temperature via remote Cu-assisted plasma treatment

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High dengue virus load differentially modulates human microvascular endothelial barrier function during early infection

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High Densities of Tumor-Associated Plasma Cells Predict Improved Prognosis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Tonauer, C.M.; Seidl-Nigsch, M.; Loerting, T., 2017:
High-density amorphous ice: nucleation of nanosized low-density amorphous ice

Yamamoto, S.; Nishina, N.; Matsui, J.; Miyashita, T.; Mitsuishi, M., 2018:
High-Density and Monolayer-Level Integration of π-Conjugated Units: Amphiphilic Carbazole Homopolymer Langmuir-Blodgett Films

Sjöberg, R.; Andersson, E.; Hellström, C.; Mattsson, C.; Schwenk, J.M.; Nilsson, P.; Ayoglu, B., 2018:
High-Density Antigen Microarrays for the Assessment of Antibody Selectivity and Off-Target Binding

Wójcik, M.; Konarski, Łukasz.; Błaszczyk, R.; Aljabali, P.; Zając, Pław., 2018:
High-density bipolar voltage mapping for substrate-guided ablation of atrial fibrillation

Maury, P.; Duparc, A.; Capellino, S.; Mondoly, P.; Rollin, A., 2016:
High-Density Biventricular Activation Mapping During Intraseptal Ventricular Tachycardia: Successful Ablation Using Bipolar Radiofrequency

Vijay, V.; Raziyeh, B.; Amir, S.; Jelena, D.; Alicia, B.Julia.; Axel, B.; Jan, Müller.; Yihui, C.; Andreas, H., 2017:
High-density CMOS Microelectrode Array System for Impedance Spectroscopy and Imaging of Biological Cells

Yamashita, S.; Hooks, D.A.; Cheniti, G.; Jais, P., 2018:
High-density contact and noninvasive mapping of focal atrial tachycardia: Evidence of dual endocardial exits from an epicardial focus

Motomura, T.; Tabaru, T., 2018:
High-density convergent plasma sputtering device for a liquid metal target using an unheated glass plate

Liu, S.; Ding, H.; Zhang, H.; Chen, R.; Guo, J.; Fu, H., 2018:
High-density deformation nanotwin induced significant improvement in the plasticity of polycrystalline γ-TiAl-based intermetallic alloys

Sikkel, M.B.; Luther, V.; Sau, A.; Guerrero, F.; Ng, F.Siong.; Lim, P.Boon., 2018:
High-Density Electroanatomical Mapping to Identify Point of Epicardial to Endocardial Breakthrough in Perimitral Flutter

Macchi, E.; Cavalieri, M.; Stilli, D.; Musso, E.; Baruffi, S.; Olivetti, G.; Ershler, P.R.; Lux, R.L.; Taccardi, B., 2018:
High-density epicardial mapping during current injection and ventricular activation in rat hearts

Shi, K.; Gu, K.; Shen, Y.; Srivastava, D.; Santiso, E.E.; Gubbins, K.E., 2018:
High-density equation of state for a two-dimensional Lennard-Jones solid

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High-density functional-RNA arrays as a versatile platform for studying RNA-based interactions

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High-density genetic map construction and quantitative trait loci analysis of the stony hard phenotype in peach based on restriction-site associated DNA sequencing

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High-Density Genetic Map Construction and Stem Total Polysaccharide Content-Related QTL Exploration for Chinese Endemic Dendrobium (Orchidaceae)

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High-density genetic mapping of a major QTL for resistance to multiple races of loose smut in a tetraploid wheat cross

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High-density genetic map using whole-genome resequencing for fine mapping and candidate gene discovery for disease resistance in peanut

Liu, Y.; An, C.; Luo, J.; Wang, J., 2018 :
High-density HNIW/TNT cocrystal synthesized using a green chemical method

Herberg, S.; Varghai, D.; Cheng, Y.; Dikina, A.D.; Dang, P.N.; Rolle, M.W.; Alsberg, E., 2018:
High-density human mesenchymal stem cell rings with spatiotemporally-controlled morphogen presentation as building blocks for engineering bone diaphyseal tissue

Liu, Jʼe.; Xie, X.; Xuan, C.; Li, T.; Wang, L.; Teng, L.; Liu, J., 2018:
High-Density Infiltration of V-domain Immunoglobulin Suppressor of T-cell Activation Up-regulated Immune Cells in Human Pancreatic Cancer

De Jaeger, M.; van Hooff, R-Jan.; Goudman, L.; Valenzuela Espinoza, A.; Brouns, R.; Puylaert, M.; Duyvendak, W.; Moens, M., 2018:
High-Density in Spinal Cord stimulation: Virtual Expert Registry (DISCOVER): Study Protocol for a Prospective Observational Trial

Brakmann, S.; Löbermann, S., 2001:
High-Density Labeling of DNA: Preparation and Characterization of the Target Material for Single-Molecule Sequencing

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High discordance in blood and genital tract HIV-1 drug resistance in Indian women failing first-line therapy

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High-Discrimination Factor Nanosensor Based on Tetrahedral DNA Nanostructures and Gold Nanoparticles for Detection of MiRNA-21 in Live Cells

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High Disease Activity May Increase Fear-Avoidance Beliefs in Rheumatoid Arthritis

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High dispersed phyto-phospholipid complex/TPGS 1000 with mesoporous silica to enhance oral bioavailability of tanshinol

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High diversity and low genetic structure of feather mites associated with a phenotypically variable bird host

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High diversity and variability in the bacterial microbiota of the coffee berry borer (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), with emphasis on Wolbachia

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High diversity, high insular endemism and recent origin in the lichen genus Sticta (lichenized Ascomycota, Peltigerales) in Madagascar and the Mascarenes

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High diversity in SCCmec elements among multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus haemolyticus strains originating from paediatric patients; characterization of a new composite island

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High diversity of Blastocystis subtypes isolated from asymptomatic adults living in Chiang Rai, Thailand

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High diversity of blood-associated parasites and bacteria in European wild cats in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A molecular study

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High diversity of genes and plasmids encoding resistance to third-generation cephalosporins and quinolones in clinical Escherichia coli from commercial poultry flocks in Italy

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High diversity of medically important gastrointestinal rodent-borne helminths in Singapore

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High Diversity of Myocyanophage in Various Aquatic Environments Revealed by High-Throughput Sequencing of Major Capsid Protein Gene With a New Set of Primers

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High diversity of potential nitrate-reducing Fe(II)-oxidizing bacteria enriched from activated sludge

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High DNA stability in white blood cells and buffy coat lysates stored at ambient temperature under anoxic and anhydrous atmosphere

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High dosage of methylprednisolone in cluster headache

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High-dose ω-3 Fatty Acid Plus Vitamin D3 Supplementation Affects Clinical Symptoms and Metabolic Status of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

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High-dose acute exposure of paraquat induces injuries of swim bladder, gastrointestinal tract and liver via neutrophil-mediated ROS in zebrafish and their relevance for human health risk assessment

Noorafshan, A.; Hashemi, M.; Karbalay-Doust, S.; Karimi, F., 2018:
High dose Allura Red, rather than the ADI dose, induces structural and behavioral changes in the medial prefrontal cortex of rats and taurine can protect it

Sadeghi, K.; Hamishehkar, H.; Najmeddin, F.; Ahmadi, A.; Hazrati, E.; Honarmand, H.; Mojtahedzadeh, M., 2018:
High-dose amikacin for achieving serum target levels in critically ill elderly patients

Norman, G.; Campeau, J.; Sim, V.L., 2018:
High Dose and Delayed Treatment with Bile Acids Ineffective in RML Prion-Infected Mice

Anonymous, 2018:
High-dose antihistamines for chronic spontaneous urticaria in adults

Lin, J.; Falwell, S.; Greenhalgh, D.; Palmieri, T.; Sen, S., 2018:
High-Dose Ascorbic Acid for Burn Shock Resuscitation May Not Improve Outcomes

Anonymous, 2018:
High-Dose Atorvastatin after Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack

Gavazzoni, M.; Gorga, E.; Derosa, G.; Maffioli, P.; Metra, M.; Raddino, R., 2018:
High-dose atorvastatin versus moderate dose on early vascular protection after ST-elevation myocardial infarction

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High-dose Bendamustine-EAM followed by autologous stem cell rescue results in long-term remission rates in lymphoma patients, without renal toxicity

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High-dose biotin in infants mimics biochemical hyperthyroidism with some commercial assays

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High-dose catecholamine donor support and outcomes after heart transplantation

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High-dose Chemotherapy is Efficacious and Well Tolerated in a Toddler With Aicardi Syndrome and Malignant Sacrococcygeal Teratoma

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High-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell transplantation spares re-irradiation for recurrent intracranial germinoma

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High-dose chemotherapy without whole lung radiation for refractory pulmonary metastases in an infant with stage IV favorable histology Wilms tumor

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High-Dose Chemotherapy with Stem Cell Rescue in Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor: A Single-Institution Experience and Review of the Literature

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High-Dose Cisplatin for Head and Neck Cancer Lives On

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High-Dose Compound Heat Map for 3D-Cultured Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells in a Micropillar and Microwell Chip Platform

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High-dose consumption of NaCl resulted in severe degradation of lipoproteins associated with hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and infertility via impairment of testicular spermatogenesis

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High-dose daptomycin in patients with infective endocarditis or sternal wound infections

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High dose daunorubicin: New standard of care for FLT3 ITD mutant AML

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High-Dose Deferoxamine Treatment Disrupts Intracellular Iron Homeostasis, Reduces Growth, and Induces Apoptosis in Metastatic and Nonmetastatic Breast Cancer Cell Lines

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High-dose Dexamethasone Therapy as the Initial Treatment for Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: Protocol for a Multicenter, Open-label, Single Arm Trial

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High-Dose DHA Has More Profound Effects on LDL-Related Features Than High-Dose EPA: The ComparED Study

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High-Dose Erythropoietin for Asphyxia and Encephalopathy (HEAL): A Randomized Controlled Trial - Background, Aims, and Study Protocol

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High-Dose Ferric Carboxymaltose in Patients With HFrEF Induces Significant Hypophosphatemia

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High-dose fotemustine in temozolomide-pretreated glioblastoma multiforme patients: A phase I/II trial

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High-dose fulvestrant as third-line endocrine therapy for breast cancer metastasis to the left kidney: A case report and literature review

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High-dose Factor XIII administration induces effective hemostasis for trauma-associated coagulopathy (TAC) both in vitro and in rat hemorrhagic shock in vivo models

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High-dose glucocorticoid before hip and knee arthroplasty: To use or not to use-that's the question

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High-dose HOOK effect in urinary DcR2 assay in patients with chronic kidney disease

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High-Dose Human Milk Feedings Decrease Oxidative Stress in Premature Infant

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High dose hypofractionated frameless volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy is a feasible method for treating canine trigeminal nerve sheath tumors

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High-dose influenza vaccine to reduce clinical outcomes in high-risk cardiovascular patients: Rationale and design of the INVESTED trial

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High-dose interleukin 2 in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma with sarcomatoid features

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High-dose intravenous immunoglobulins for the treatment of dermatological autoimmune diseases

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High-dose intravenous immunoglobulins reduce nerve macrophage infiltration and the severity of bortezomib-induced peripheral neurotoxicity in rats

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High-Dose Intravenous Immunoglobulin Treatment of Polyomavirus Nephropathy Developing After T Cell-Mediated Rejection Treatment: A Case Report

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High-dose intravenous methylprednisolone therapy in patients with Graves' orbitopathy is associated with the increased activity of factor VIII

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High-dose ivermectin in malaria and other parasitic diseases: a new step in the development of a neglected drug

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High-dose melphalan and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant in patient with C3 glomerulonephritis associated with monoclonal gammopathy

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High-Dose Metformin Plus Temozolomide Shows Increased Anti-tumor Effects in Glioblastoma In Vitro and In Vivo Compared with Monotherapy

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High-Dose Methotrexate Treatment in a Breastfeeding Mother with Placenta Accreta: A Case Report

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High-Dose Mitotane-Induced Encephalopathy in the Treatment of Adrenocortical Carcinoma

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High Dose of A Conjugated Linoleic Acid Mixture Increases Insulin Resistance in Rats Fed Either A Low Fat or A High Fat Diet

Yamato, E., 2018:
High dose of histone deacetylase inhibitors affects insulin secretory mechanism of pancreatic beta cell line

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High-dose of intravenous immunoglobulin modulates immune tolerance in premature infants

Pawar, M.; Jadhav, S., 2018:
High Dose Ofloxacin-induced Bimodal Hallucinations in a Four Years Old Child

Anonymous, 2018:
High dose of nimustine as an add-on treatment for small cell lung cancer with intracranial metastasis: A case report and literature review: Retraction

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High Dose of Pralidoxime Reverses Paraoxon-Induced Respiratory Toxicity in Mice

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High-dose of vitamin D supplement is associated with reduced susceptibility of monocyte-derived macrophages to dengue virus infection and pro-inflammatory cytokine production: An exploratory study

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High dose of whey protein after resistance exercise promotes 45 S preribosomal RNA synthesis in older men

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High dose oral vitamin C and mesenchymal stem cells aid wound healing in a diabetic mouse model

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High-Dose Perinatal Folic-Acid Supplementation Alters Insulin Sensitivity in Sprague-Dawley Rats and Diminishes the Expression of Adiponectin

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High dose-per-pulse electron beam dosimetry: Commissioning of the Oriatron eRT6 prototype linear accelerator for preclinical use

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High dose phenobarbitone coma in pediatric refractory status epilepticus; a retrospective case record analysis, a proposed protocol and review of literature

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High dose psilocybin is associated with positive subjective effects in healthy volunteers

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High-Dose Radiotherapy as Neoadjuvant Treatment in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

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High dose rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer: A prospective toxicity evaluation of a one day schedule including two 13.5 Gy fractions

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High dose-rate brachytherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer

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High-dose-rate brachytherapy in the treatment of skin Kaposi sarcoma

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High-dose-rate brachytherapy in treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer of head and neck region: preliminary results of a prospective single institution study

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High-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy as monotherapy in one fraction of 20.5 Gy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer: Toxicity and 6-year biochemical results

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High-dose rate intracavitary brachytherapy pretreatment dwell position verification using a transparent applicator

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High dose-rate tandem and ovoid brachytherapy in cervical cancer: dosimetric predictors of adverse events

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High-Dose Rifampin: Shall We Be Bolder?

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High-dose sitagliptin for systemic inhibition of dipeptidylpeptidase-4 to enhance engraftment of single cord umbilical cord blood transplantation

Zaman, S.; Aamir, K.; Hanson, L.Å.; Lange, S., 2018:
High doses of Antisecretory Factor stop diarrhea fast without recurrence for six weeks post treatment

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High Doses of Boron Have No Protective Effect Against Nephrolithiasis or Oxidative Stress in a Rat Model

Ruan, Y.; Wu, C.; Guo, X.; Xu, Z.; Xing, C.; Cao, H.; Zhang, C.; Hu, G.; Liu, P., 2018:
High Doses of Copper and Mercury Changed Cecal Microbiota in Female Mice

Farghaly, H.Sayed.Mohamed.; Ashry, I.El-Sayed.Mohamed.; Hareedy, M.Salem., 2018:
High doses of digoxin increase the myocardial nuclear factor-kB and CaV1.2 channels in healthy mice. A possible mechanism of digitalis toxicity

Wärme, A.; Hadimeri, U.; Hadimeri, H.; Nasic, S.; Stegmayr, B., 2018:
High doses of erythropoietin stimulating agents may be a risk factor for AV-fistula stenosis

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High doses of folic acid in the periconceptional period and risk of low weight for gestational age at birth in a population based cohort study

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High doses of laser phototherapy can increase proliferation in melanoma stromal connective tissue

Li, W.; Chai, Q.; Zhang, H.; Ma, J.; Xu, C.; Dong, J.; Wei, X.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, K., 2018:
High doses of minocycline may induce delayed activation of microglia in aged rats and thus cannot prevent postoperative cognitive dysfunction

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High doses of phytase on growth performance and apparent ileal amino acid digestibility of broilers fed diets with graded concentrations of digestible sulfur amino acids

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High-dose spaced theta-burst TMS as a rapid-acting antidepressant in highly refractory depression

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High-dose steroids as a therapeutic option in the management of spur cell haemolytic anaemia

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High-dose steroid therapy for acute respiratory distress syndrome lacking common risk factors: predictors of outcome

Dong, W.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, X.; Jia, Y., 2018:
High-Dose Tanshinone IIA Suppresses Migration and Proliferation While Promoting Apoptosis of Astrocytoma Cells Via Notch-1 Pathway

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High dose targeted delivery on cancer sites and the importance of short-chain fatty acids for metformin's action: Two crucial aspects of the wonder drug

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High-dose therapy and autologous stem cell transplantation in marginal zone lymphomas: a retrospective study by the EBMT Lymphoma Working Party and FIL-GITMO

Costantini, A., 2018:
High-dose thiamine and essential tremor

Maritaz, C.; Lemare, F.; Laplanche, A.; Demirdjian, S.; Valteau-Couanet, D.; Dufour, C., 2018:
High-dose thiotepa-related neurotoxicity and the role of tramadol in children

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High-dose tigecycline for the treatment of nosocomial carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae bloodstream infections: A retrospective cohort study

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High-dose ulinastatin improves postoperative oxygenation in patients undergoing aortic valve surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass: A retrospective study

Baradhi, K.M.; Aure, R.L.; El-Amm, J-M., 2018:
High-dose Valganciclovir Treatment for Resistant Cytomegalovirus Colitis due to UL97 and UL54 Mutations

Ng, S.C.; Habib, A.S.; Sodha, S.; Carvalho, B.; Sultan, P., 2018:
High-dose versus low-dose local anaesthetic for transversus abdominis plane block post-Caesarean delivery analgesia: a meta-analysis

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High-Dose Versus Low-Dose Pitavastatin in Japanese Patients With Stable Coronary Artery Disease (REAL-CAD): A Randomized Superiority Trial

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High-dose versus standard-dose amoxicillin/clavulanate for clinically-diagnosed acute bacterial sinusitis: A randomized clinical trial

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High-dose vitamin D3 in the treatment of severe acute malnutrition: a multicenter double-blind randomized controlled trial

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High-Dose Vitamin D 3 Administration Is Associated With Increases in Hemoglobin Concentrations in Mechanically Ventilated Critically Ill Adults: A Pilot Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial

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High dose vitamin D supplementation can improve menstrual problems, dysmenorrhea, and premenstrual syndrome in adolescents

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High-dose Vitamin D Supplementation Precipitating Hypercalcemic Crisis in Granulomatous Disorders

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High-dose vs. Low-dose Proton Pump Inhibitors post-endoscopic hemostasis in patients with bleeding peptic ulcer. A meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis

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High-dose zinc oral supplementation after stem cell transplantation causes an increase of TRECs and CD4+ naïve lymphocytes and prevents TTV reactivation

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High DPP-4 Concentrations in Adolescents Are Associated With Low Intact GLP-1

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High Drug Loading and Sub-Quantitative Loading Efficiency of Polymeric Micelles Driven by Donor-Receptor Coordination Interactions

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High drug related mortality rates following prison release: Assessing the acceptance likelihood of a naltrexone injection and related concerns

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High Durability and Waterproofing rGO/SWCNT-Fabric-Based Multifunctional Sensors for Human-Motion Detection

Du, Y-Jia.; Yang, T-Ting.; Gong, D-Dong.; Wang, Y-Cheng.; Sun, X-Yu.; Qin, F.; Dai, G., 2018:
High Dynamic Micro Vibrator with Integrated Optical Displacement Detector for In-Situ Self-Calibration of MEMS Inertial Sensors

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High Dynamic Range Imaging at the Quantum Limit with Single Photon Avalanche Diode-Based Image Sensors

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High dynamic range liquid crystal displays with a mini-LED backlight

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High Dynamic Range (Δn) Two-Stage Photopolymers via Enhanced Solubility of a High Refractive Index Acrylate Writing Monomer

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High-Dynamic-Range Ultrasound: Application for Imaging Tendon Pathology

Degirmenci, A.; Perrin, D.P.; Howe, R.D., 2018:
High dynamic range ultrasound imaging

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High Edge Selectivity of In Situ Electrochemical Pt Deposition on Edge-Rich Layered WS 2 Nanosheets

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High education accelerates cognitive decline in dementia: A brief report from the population-based NEDICES cohort

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High effective adsorption/removal of illegal food dyes from contaminated aqueous solution by Zr-MOFs (UiO-67)

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Highly Effective and Low-Cost MicroRNA Detection with CRISPR-Cas9

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High Effectiveness of the Bivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Against Incident and Persistent HPV Infections up to 6 Years After Vaccination in Young Dutch Women

Trofimov, V.A.; Varentsova, S.A., 2018:
High effective time-dependent THz spectroscopy method for the detection and identification of substances with inhomogeneous surface

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High efficacy of artemether-lumefantrine and dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Muheza and Kigoma Districts, Tanzania

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High efficacy of (Z)-γ-bisabolene from the essential oil of Galinsoga parviflora (Asteraceae) as larvicide and oviposition deterrent against six mosquito vectors

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High efficacy of direct-acting anti-viral agents in hepatitis C virus-infected cirrhotic patients with successfully treated hepatocellular carcinoma

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High efficacy of generic and brand direct acting antivirals in treatment of chronic hepatitis C

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High Efficacy of ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir plus dasabuvir in hepatitis C genotypes 4 and 1-infected patients with severe chronic kidney disease

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High efficacy of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir and impact of baseline resistance-associated substitutions in hepatitis C genotype 3 infection

Deng, W.; Yang, T.; Cao, J.; Zang, E.; Li, L.; Chen, L.; Fang, Z., 2018:
High-efficiency 1064  nm nonplanar ring oscillator Nd:YAG laser with diode pumping at 885  nm

Cole, B.; Goldberg, L.; Hays, A.D., 2018:
High-efficiency 2  μm Tm:YAP laser with a compact mechanical Q-switch

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High efficiency 3D nanofiber sponge for bilirubin removal used in hemoperfusion

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High-efficiency affinity precipitation of multiple industrial mAbs and Fc-fusion proteins from cell culture harvests using Z-ELP-E2 nanocages

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High efficiency all-fiber cylindrical vector beam laser using a long-period fiber grating

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High-Efficiency All-Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells Based on an Organic Molecule Donor with Alkylsilyl-Thienyl Conjugated Side Chains

Ke, C-Yu.; Lu, G-Min.; Sun, W-Juan.; Zhang, X-Li., 2018:
High efficiency and fast separation of active proteins by HIC chromatographic pie with sub-2 μm polymer packings

Shen, P.; Wang, G.; Kang, B.; Guo, W.; Shen, L., 2018:
High-Efficiency and High-Color-Rendering-Index Semitransparent Polymer Solar Cells Induced by Photonic Crystals and Surface Plasmon Resonance

Jung, H.; Kang, S.; Lee, H.; Yu, Y-Jun.; Jeong, J.Ho.; Song, J.; Jeon, Y.; Park, J., 2018:
High Efficiency and Long Lifetime of a Fluorescent Blue-Light Emitter Made of a Pyrene Core and Optimized Side Groups

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High-efficiency and low efficiency roll-off near-infrared fluorescent OLEDs through triplet fusion

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High efficiency and rapid degradation of bisphenol A by the synergy between adsorption and oxidization on the MnO 2 @nano hollow carbon sphere

Huai, Z.; Wang, L.; Sun, Y.; Fan, R.; Huang, S.; Zhao, X.; Li, X.; Fu, G.; Yang, S., 2018 :
High-Efficiency and Stable Organic Solar Cells Enabled by Dual Cathode Buffer Layers

Huang, X.; Liang, J.; Li, B.; Sun, L.; Lin, J., 2018:
High-efficiency and thermally stable far-red-emitting NaLaMgWO 6 :Mn 4+ phosphorsfor indoor plant growth light-emitting diodes

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High-Efficiency and UV-Stable Planar Perovskite Solar Cells Using a Low-Temperature, Solution-Processed Electron-Transport Layer

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High efficiency cabin air filter in vehicles reduces drivers' roadway particulate matter exposures and associated lipid peroxidation

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High Efficiency CeO₂/CNTs Modified Pt/CNTs Catalysts for Electrochemical Oxidation of Methanol

Li, G.; Lee, O.; Rabitz, H., 2018:
High efficiency classification of children with autism spectrum disorder

He, L.; Cui, K.; Song, Y.; Mu, W.; Liu, F., 2018:
High-Efficiency Control of Gray Mold by the Novel SDHI Fungicide Benzovindiflupyr Combined with a Reasonable Application Approach of Dipping Flower

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High-Efficiency Cycloruthenated Sensitizers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

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High-efficiency, deep blue ZnCdS/Cd x Zn 1-x S/ZnS quantum-dot-light-emitting devices with an EQE exceeding 18

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High-efficiency derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines using a culture system with minimized trophoblast cell proliferation

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High-efficiency directional backlight design for an automotive display

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High efficiency dry coating of non-subcoated pellets for sustained drug release formulations using amino methacrylate copolymers

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High efficiency Dual-Cycle Conversion System using Kr-85

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High-efficiency energy transfer in perovskite heterostructures

Aljerf, L., 2018:
High-efficiency extraction of bromocresol purple dye and heavy metals as chromium from industrial effluent by adsorption onto a modified surface of zeolite: Kinetics and equilibrium study

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High-Efficiency Fullerene Solar Cells Enabled by a Spontaneously Formed Mesostructured CuSCN-Nanowire Heterointerface

Nkoulou, R.; Fuchs, T.; Pazhenkottil, A.P.; Wolfrum, M.; Buechel, R.R.; Gaemperli, O.; Kaufmann, P.A., 2018:
High efficiency gamma camera enables ultra-low fixed dose stress/rest myocardial perfusion imaging

Sürün, D.; Schwäble, J.; Tomasovic, A.; Ehling, R.; Stein, S.; Kurrle, N.; von Melchner, H.; Schnütgen, F., 2018:
High Efficiency Gene Correction in Hematopoietic Cells by Donor-Template-Free CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing

Kim, K.Mo.; Heo, D.Rim.; Lee, J.Young.; Seo, C-Seob.; Chung, S-Ku., 2017:
High-efficiency generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from human foreskin fibroblast cells using the Sagunja-tang herbal formula

Feng, C.; Su, H.; Bai, H.; Wang, R.; Liu, Y.; Guo, X.; Liu, C.; Zhang, J.; Yuan, J.; Birchler, J.A.; Han, F., 2018:
High-efficiency genome editing using a dmc1 promoter-controlled CRISPR/Cas9 system in maize

Tong, B.; Wang, H.; Chen, M.; Zhou, S.; Hu, Y.; Zhang, Q.; He, G.; Fu, L.; Shi, H.; Jin, L.; Zhou, H., 2018:
High efficiency green OLEDs based on homoleptic iridium complexes with steric phenylpyridazine ligands

Hong, S.; Lee, J.; Kang, H.; Kim, G.; Kee, S.; Lee, J-Hoon.; Jung, S.; Park, B.; Kim, S.; Back, H.; Yu, K.; Lee, K., 2018:
High-efficiency large-area perovskite photovoltaic modules achieved via electrochemically assembled metal-filamentary nanoelectrodes

Liu, X.; Kuang, W.; Ni, H.; Tao, Z.; Chang, J.; Liu, Q.; Ge, J.; Li, C.; Dai, Q., 2018:
High Efficiency Light-Emitting Transistor with Vertical Metal-Oxide Heterostructure

Liang, Y.; Liu, H.; Wang, F.; Meng, H.; Guo, J.; Li, J.; Wei, Z., 2018:
High-Efficiency, Near-Diffraction Limited, Dielectric Metasurface Lenses Based on Crystalline Titanium Dioxide at Visible Wavelengths

Chang, H.; Quan, X.; Zhong, N.; Zhang, Z.; Lu, C.; Li, G.; Cheng, Z.; Yang, L., 2018:
High-efficiency nutrients reclamation from landfill leachate by microalgae Chlorella vulgaris in membrane photobioreactor for bio-lipid production

Wong, M.S.; Hwang, D.; Alhassan, A.I.; Lee, C.; Ley, R.; Nakamura, S.; DenBaars, S.P., 2018:
High efficiency of III-nitride micro-light-emitting diodes by sidewall passivation using atomic layer deposition

Lee, B.Chul.; Nikoozadeh, A.; Park, K.Kyu.; Khuri-Yakub, B.T., 2018 :
High-Efficiency Output Pressure Performance Using Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers with Substrate-Embedded Springs

Curtis, G.L.; Faour, M.; George, J.; Klika, A.K.; Barsoum, W.K.; Higuera, C.A., 2018:
High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters Do Not Affect Acute Infection Rates During Primary Total Joint Arthroplasty Using Forced Air Warmers

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High-Efficiency PbS Quantum-Dot Solar Cells with Greatly Simplified Fabrication Processing via "Solvent-Curing"

Cao, H.; Wu, J.; Yu, J.; Ma, J., 2018:
High-efficiency polarization-independent wideband multilayer dielectric reflective bullet-alike cross-section fused-silica beam combining grating

Cho, H.; Kim, J.Sung.; Wolf, C.; Kim, Y-Hoon.; Yun, H.Joong.; Jeong, S-Hun.; Sadhanala, A.; Venugopalan, V.; Choi, J.Woo.; Lee, C-Lyoul.; Friend, R.H.; Lee, T-Woo., 2018:
High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Mixed Cations

Park, E.; Seo, J.; Han, H.; Kim, H.; Kim, Y., 2018:
High-Efficiency Polymer:Nonfullerene Solar Cells with Quaterthiophene-Containing Polyimide Interlayers

Peng, L.; Chen, S.; Huang, W., 2017:
High-Efficiency Polymer Solar Cells with Sm/Ca Bilayer Cathode Buffer

Qiu, C.; Wang, J.; Fan, H.; Bai, Y.; Tian, Y.; Xu, X.; Jin, Z., 2018:
High-efficiency production of γ-cyclodextrin using β-cyclodextrin as the donor raw material by cyclodextrin opening reactions using recombinant cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase

Wang, Y.; Chen, Z.; Wu, Z.; Li, Y.; Yang, W.; Li, Y., 2018:
High-Efficiency Production of Graphene by Supercritical CO 2 Exfoliation with Rapid Expansion

Qian, Q.; You, Z.; Ye, L.; Che, J.; Wang, Y.; Wang, S.; Zhong, B., 2018:
High-efficiency production of human serum albumin in the posterior silk glands of transgenic silkworms, Bombyx mori L

Zou, L-Gong.; Chen, J-Wen.; Zheng, D-Lin.; Balamurugan, S.; Li, D-Wei.; Yang, W-Dong.; Liu, J-Sheng.; Li, H-Ye., 2018:
High-efficiency promoter-driven coordinated regulation of multiple metabolic nodes elevates lipid accumulation in the model microalga Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Anonymous, 2017:
High Efficiency Protein Extraction from Adipose Tissues

Montero, Jé.Ignácio.Z.; Monteiro, Aívia.S.C.; Gontijo, E.S.J.; Bueno, C.C.; de Moraes, Méia.A.; Rosa, Aé.H., 2018:
High efficiency removal of As(III) from waters using a new and friendly adsorbent based on sugarcane bagasse and corncob husk Fe-coated biochars

Boboescu, I-Zoltan.; Gélinas, M.; Beigbeder, J-Baptiste.; Lavoie, J-Michel., 2018:
High-efficiency second generation ethanol from the hemicellulosic fraction of softwood chips mixed with construction and demolition residues

Cheng, X.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, H.; Shang, M.; Bi, Y., 2018:
High-efficiency SrTiO 3 /TiO 2 hetero-photoanode for visible-light water splitting by charge transport design and optical absorption management

Maegami, Y.; Cong, G.; Ohno, M.; Okano, M.; Itoh, K.; Nishiyama, N.; Arai, S.; Yamada, K., 2017:
High-efficiency strip-loaded waveguide based silicon Mach-Zehnder modulator with vertical p-n junction phase shifter

Guan, X.; Yang, C.; Qiao, T.; Lin, W.; Zhao, Q.; Tang, G.; Qian, G.; Qian, Q.; Yang, Z.; Xu, S., 2018:
High-efficiency sub-watt in-band-pumped single-frequency DBR Tm 3+ -doped germanate fiber laser at 1950 nm

Zhang, D.; Zhang, K.; Wu, Q.; Ding, X.; Sha, X., 2018 :
High-efficiency surface plasmonic polariton waveguides with enhanced low-frequency performance in microwave frequencies

Wang, J.; Lebedev, O.I.; Lee, K.; Dolyniuk, J-Anna.; Klavins, P.; Bux, S.; Kovnir, K., 2018:
High-efficiency thermoelectric Ba 8 Cu 14 Ge 6 P 26 : bridging the gap between tetrel-based and tetrel-free clathrates

Ahmed, S.G.; Waddington, S.N.; Boza-Morán, M.Gabriela.; Yáñez-Muñoz, R.J., 2018:
High-efficiency transduction of spinal cord motor neurons by intrauterine delivery of integration-deficient lentiviral vectors

Kowalczyk, T.; Gerszberg, A.; Durańska, P.; Biłas, Róża.; Hnatuszko-Konka, K., 2018:
High efficiency transformation of Brassica oleracea var. botrytis plants by Rhizobium rhizogenes

Markham, K.A.; Vazquez, S.; Alper, H.S., 2018:
High-efficiency transformation of Yarrowia lipolytica using electroporation

Zhang, W.; Feng, Y.; Chen, Y.; Li, P.; Zhu, S.; Shen, S., 2018:
High-efficiency treatment of PTA wastewater using a biogas jet assisted anaerobic fluidized bed reactor

Pálfi, Dénes.; Chiovini, Bázs.; Szalay, G.; Kaszás, A.; Turi, G.F.; Katona, G.; Ábrányi-Balogh, Péter.; Szőri, Mán.; Potor, A.; Frigyesi, O.; Lukácsné Haveland, C.; Szadai, Zán.; Madarász, Mós.; Vasanits-Zsigrai, Aó.; Molnár-Perl, I.; Viskolcz, Béla.; Csizmadia, I.G.; Mucsi, Zán.; Rózsa, Bázs., 2018:
High efficiency two-photon uncaging coupled by the correction of spontaneous hydrolysis

Jin, X.; Lee, E.; Luo, J.; Sun, B.; Ramalingam, V.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Zhou, P.; Yu, X., 2018:
High-efficiency ultrafast Tm-doped fiber amplifier based on resonant pumping

Oh, J-Tak.; Moon, Y-Tae.; Kang, D-Sung.; Park, C-Keun.; Han, J-Woong.; Jung, M-Hoon.; Sung, Y-Joon.; Jeong, H-Hee.; Song, J-O.; Seong, T-Yeon., 2018:
High efficiency ultraviolet GaN-based vertical light emitting diodes on 6-inch sapphire substrate using ex-situ sputtered AlN nucleation layer

Guo, Z.; Xu, H.; Guo, K.; Shen, F.; Zhou, H.; Zhou, Q.; Gao, J.; Yin, Z., 2018:
High-Efficiency Visible Transmitting Polarizations Devices Based on the GaN Metasurface

Tang, X.; Liu, X-Yang.; Yuan, Y.; Wang, Y-Jie.; Li, H-Cheng.; Jiang, Z-Quan.; Liao, L-Sheng., 2018:
High-Efficiency White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Integrating Gradient Exciplex Allocation System and Novel D-Spiro-A Materials

Yang, J.; Guo, Y.; Jiang, R.; Qin, F.; Zhang, H.; Lu, W.; Wang, J.; Yu, J.C., 2018:
High-Efficiency "Working-in-Tandem" Nitrogen Photofixation Achieved by Assembling Plasmonic Gold Nanocrystals on Ultrathin Titania Nanosheets

Guo, T.; Lin, Y.; Zhang, W-Jian.; Hong, J-Sheng.; Lin, R-Hui.; Wu, X-Ping.; Li, J.; Lu, C-Hua.; Yang, H-Hao., 2018:
High-efficiency X-ray luminescence in Eu 3+ -activated tungstate nanoprobes for optical imaging through energy transfer sensitization

Reece-Hoyes, J.S.; Walhout, A.J.M., 2018:
High-Efficiency Yeast Transformation

Yan, F.; Kuang, Y.; Ren, B.; Wang, J.; Zhang, D.; Lin, H.; Yang, B.; Zhou, X.; Zhou, H., 2018:
Highly Efficient A·T to G·C Base Editing by Cas9n-Guided tRNA Adenosine Deaminase in Rice

Huang, X.; Wei, D.; Yan, L.; Du, B.; Wei, Q., 2018:
High-efficient biosorption of dye wastewater onto aerobic granular sludge and photocatalytic regeneration of biosorbent by acid TiO 2 hydrosol

Liu, Y.Y.; Zhao, Y.H.; Zhou, Y.; Guo, X.L.; Chen, Z.T.; Zhang, W.J.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, J.; Wang, Z.M.; Sun, L.T.; Zhang, T., 2018:
High-efficient catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol based on reusable Ag nanoparticles/graphene-loading loofah sponge hybrid

Yang, X.; Mu, X.; Nie, Y.; Xu, Y., 2018 :
High efficient co-expression of leucine dehydrogenase and glucose dehydrogenase in Escherichia coli

Liu, Y.; Du, X.; Wang, J.; Yin, Y.; Wang, B.; Zhao, S.; Li, N.; Li, C., 2017:
High efficient detoxification of mustard gas surrogate based on nanofibrous fabric

Xia, L.; Bai, J.; Li, J.; Li, L.; Chen, S.; Xu, Q.; Zhou, B., 2018:
High-efficient energy recovery from organics degradation for neutral wastewater treatment based on radicals catalytic reaction of Fe 2+ /Fe 3+ -EDTA complexes

Xu, K.; He, G.; Qin, J.; Cheng, X.; He, H.; Zhang, D.; Peng, W., 2018:
High-efficient extraction of principal medicinal components from fresh Phellodendron bark (cortex phellodendri)

Shanmugam, S.; Sun, C.; Zeng, X.; Wu, Y-Rui., 2018:
High-efficient production of biobutanol by a novel Clostridium sp. strain WST with uncontrolled pH strategy

Zhuo, Q.; Tang, J.; Sun, J.; Yan, C., 2018:
High Efficient Reduction of Graphene Oxide via Nascent Hydrogen at Room Temperature

Yu, P.; Wang, L.; Xie, Y.; Tian, C.; Sun, F.; Ma, J.; Tong, M.; Zhou, W.; Li, J.; Fu, H., 2018:
High-Efficient, Stable Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution in Acid Media by Amorphous Fe x P Coating Fe 2 N Supported on Reduced Graphene Oxide

Liu, W-Ren., 2018:
High Efficient Vacuum Ultraviolet-Excitable SrSi₂N₂O₂:Eu 2+ Green-Emitting Phosphors Synthesized via Different Pressures

He, S.; Hou, P.; Petropoulos, E.; Feng, Y.; Yu, Y.; Xue, L.; Yang, L., 2018:
High Efficient Visible-Light Photocatalytic Performance of Cu/ZnO/rGO Nanocomposite for Decomposing of Aqueous Ammonia and Treatment of Domestic Wastewater

Ares, P.; Amo-Ochoa, P.; Soler, Jé.M.; Palacios, J.José.; Gómez-Herrero, J.; Zamora, Félix., 2018:
High Electrical Conductivity of Single Metal-Organic Chains

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High electrocatalytic performance inspired by crystalline/amorphous interface in PtPb nanoplate

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High Electrochemical Performance of Nanotube Structured ZnS as Anode Material for Lithium⁻Ion Batteries

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High Electrochemical Performance Phosphorus-Oxide Modified Graphene Electrode for Redox Supercapacitors Prepared by One-Step Electrochemical Exfoliation

Zhou, W-Yi.; Li, S-Shan.; Song, J-Yao.; Jiang, M.; Jiang, T-Jia.; Liu, J-Yun.; Liu, J-Huai.; Huang, X-Jiu., 2018:
High Electrochemical Sensitivity of TiO 2- x Nanosheets and an Electron-Induced Mutual Interference Effect toward Heavy Metal Ions Demonstrated Using X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectra

Öner, I.Halil.; Querebillo, C.Joy.; David, C.; Gernert, U.; Walter, C.; Driess, M.; Leimkühler, S.; Ly, K.Hoang.; Weidinger, I.M., 2018:
High Electromagnetic Field Enhancement of TiO 2 Nanotube Electrodes

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High Electron Mobility and Insights into Temperature-Dependent Scattering Mechanisms in InAsSb Nanowires

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High emergency organ allocation rule in lung transplantation: a simulation study

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High EMP3 expression might independently predict poor overall survival in glioblastoma and its expression is related to DNA methylation

Ning, P.; Lü, S.; Bai, X.; Wu, X.; Gao, C.; Wen, N.; Liu, M., 2018:
High encapsulation and localized delivery of curcumin from an injectable hydrogel

Hong, N.; Comer, J.S., 2018:
High-End Specificity of the Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Problems Scale of the Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1.5-5 in a Sample of Young Children with Disruptive Behavior Disorders

O'Brien, P.T.; Evans, P., 2018:
High-energy astrophysics and the search for sources of gravitational waves

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High-energy brain dynamics during anesthesia-induced unconsciousness

Guo, R.; Luo, H.; Liu, W.; Zhou, X.; Tang, L.; Zhou, K.; Zhang, D., 2018:
High energy density in PVDF nanocomposites using an optimized nanowire array

Messner, M.; Heinrich, A.; Unterrainer, K., 2018:
High-energy diode side-pumped Er:LiYF 4 laser

Köhn, C.; Chanrion, O.; Neubert, T., 2018:
High-Energy Emissions Induced by Air Density Fluctuations of Discharges

Xie, K.; Mao, Y.; Qu, X.; Dai, K.; Jia, Q.; Zhu, Z.; Yan, M., 2018:
High-energy extracorporeal shock wave therapy for nontraumatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head

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High-energy, high-fat lifestyle challenges an Arctic apex predator, the polar bear

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High energy injury is a risk factor for preoperative venous thromboembolism in the patients with hip fractures: A prospective observational study

Liu, T.; Penin, A.A., 2018:
High-Energy Limit of QCD beyond the Sudakov Approximation

Aydın, Y.Ozan.; Fortin, V.; Kraemer, D.; Fraser, A.; Vallée, Réal.; Bernier, M., 2018:
High-energy picosecond pulses from a 2850 nm fiber amplifier

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High energy proton induced radiation damage of rare earth permanent magnet quadrupoles

Said, A.H.; Gog, T.; Wieczorek, M.; Huang, X.; Casa, D.; Kasman, E.; Divan, R.; Kim, J.Ho., 2018:
High-energy-resolution diced spherical quartz analyzers for resonant inelastic X-ray scattering

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High-Energy Resolution Fluorescence Detected X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy: A Powerful New Structural Tool in Environmental Biogeochemistry Sciences

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High-energy single-frequency 167  nm deep-ultraviolet laser

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High-energy, stable single-frequency Ho:YAG ceramic amplifier system

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High-energy thermoelectrically cooled Fe:ZnSe laser tunable over 3.75-4.82  μm

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High-energy trauma patients with pelvic fractures: Management trends in Ontario, Canada

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High-Energy Vacuum Birefringence and Dichroism in an Ultrastrong Laser Field

Peters, C.P.; Evans, E.M.; Cohen, J.D.; Hegeman, A.D., 2018:
High Enrichment [ 13 C]-Labeling of Plants Grown Hydroponically from Seed to Seed in a Controlled 13 C-Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere Enclosure

Abraham, M.; Massebo, F.; Lindtjørn, B., 2018:
High entomological inoculation rate of malaria vectors in area of high coverage of interventions in southwest Ethiopia: Implication for residual malaria transmission

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Higher 5-HT 1A autoreceptor binding as an endophenotype for major depressive disorder identified in high risk offspring - A pilot study

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Higher Absolute Lymphocyte Counts Predict Lower Mortality from Early-Stage Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

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Higher Absorption of Vitamin C from Food than from Supplements by Breastfeeding Mothers at Early Stages of Lactation

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Higher Accuracy of the Lactate Minimum Test Compared to Established Threshold Concepts to Determine Maximal Lactate Steady State in Running

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Higher Acenes by On-Surface Dehydrogenation: From Heptacene to Undecacene

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Higher activation of the interferon-gamma signaling pathway in systemic lupus erythematosus patients with a high type I IFN score: relation to disease activity

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Higher Adducts of C 60 by Tether-Directed Remote Functionalization: X-Ray Crystal Structure and Reactivity of a Chiral Hexakis-Cyclopropanated Fullerene with all Addends Located along an Equatorial Belt

Wang, F.; Jiang, B.; Kanesan, L.; Zhao, Y.; Yan, B., 2018:
Higher admission fasting plasma glucose levels are associated with a poorer short-term neurologic outcome in acute ischemic stroke patients with good collateral circulation

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Higher admission glycaemia independently of diagnosed or unrecognised diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for failed myocardial tissue reperfusion and higher mortality after primary angioplasty

Luna-González, D.V.; Sørensen, M., 2018:
Higher agrobiodiversity is associated with improved dietary diversity, but not child anthropometric status, of Mayan Achí people of Guatemala

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Higher and increased concentration of hs-CRP within normal range can predict the incidence of metabolic syndrome in healthy men

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Higher and Lower Pleasures Revisited: Evidence from Neuroscience

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Higher anthocyanin accumulation associated with higher transcription levels of anthocyanin biosynthesis genes in spinach

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Higher Anti-Cytomegalovirus Immunoglobulin G Concentrations Are Associated With Worse Neurocognitive Performance During Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy

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Higher Aortic Stiffness Is Associated With Lower Global Cerebrovascular Reserve Among Older Humans

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Higher Aortic Stiffness Is Related to Lower Cerebral Blood Flow and Preserved Cerebrovascular Reactivity in Older Adults

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Brief Report: Higher ART Adherence Is Associated With Lower Systemic Inflammation in Treatment-Naive Ugandans Who Achieve Virologic Suppression

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Higher Asymmetry Ratio and Refixation Saccades in Individuals with Motion Sickness

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Higher Autistic Traits Among Criminals, But No Link to Psychopathy: Findings from a High-Security Prison in Portugal

Li, H.; Zhang, L.; Ren, H.; Hu, P., 2018:
Higher baseline viral diversity correlates with lower HBsAg decline following PEGylated interferon-alpha therapy in patients with HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B

Osbrink, W.L.A.; Thomas, D.B.; Goolsby, J.A.; Showler, A.T.; Leal, B., 2018:
Higher Beetle Diversity in Native Vegetation Than in Stands of the Invasive Arundo, Arundo donax L., along the Rio Grande Basin in Texas, USA

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Higher biomolecules yield in phytoplankton under copper exposure

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Higher blood urea nitrogen is associated with increased risk of incident diabetes mellitus

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Higher Blood Vitamin C Levels are Associated with Reduction of Apolipoprotein E E4-related Risks of Cognitive Decline in Women: The Nakajima Study

Jabbar, K.J.; Yin, C.Cameron.; Bueso-Ramos, C.E.; Luthra, R.; Medeiros, L.Jeffrey.; Zuo, Z., 2018:
Higher body mass index is associated with better survival in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes

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Higher body mass index predicts cardiac autonomic dysfunction: A longitudinal study in adolescent type 1 diabetes

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Higher breast cancer prevalence associated with higher socioeconomic status in the South Korean population; Has it resulted from overdiagnosis?

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Higher-Calorie Menu Items Eliminated in Large Chain Restaurants

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Higher carbohydrate intake is associated with increased risk of all-cause and disease-specific mortality in head and neck cancer patients: results from a prospective cohort study

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Higher cardiometabolic risk in idiopathic versus autoimmune type 1 diabetes: a retrospective analysis

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Higher cardiovascular fitness level is associated to better cognitive dual-task performance in Master Athletes: Mediation by cardiac autonomic control

Figved, W.; Svenøy, S.; Röhrl, S.M.; Dahl, J.; Nordsletten, L.; Frihagen, F., 2018:
Higher cartilage wear in unipolar than bipolar hemiarthroplasties of the hip at 2 years: A randomized controlled radiostereometric study in 19 fit elderly patients with femoral neck fractures

Mochalov, S.V.; Tarasova, N.V.; Kudryashova, T.V.; Gaynullina, D.K.; Kalenchuk, V.U.; Borovik, A.S.; Vorotnikov, A.V.; Tarasova, O.S.; Schubert, R., 2018:
Higher Ca 2+ -sensitivity of arterial contraction in 1-week-old rats is due to a greater Rho-kinase activity

Baquy, M.Abdulaha-Al.; Li, J-Yu.; Shi, R-Yong.; Kamran, M.Aqeel.; Xu, R-Kou., 2017:
Higher cation exchange capacity determined lower critical soil pH and higher Al concentration for soybean

Jaiswal, S.Rani.; Bhakuni, P.; Joy, A.; Murli, N.; Rajoreya, A.; Chakrabarti, A.; Chakrabarti, S., 2018:
Higher CD45RA + Regulatory T Cells in the Graft Improves Outcome in Younger Patients Undergoing T Cell-Replete Haploidentical Transplantation: Where Donor Age Matters

Lucas, H., 1921:
Higher Charges for Distant Patients?

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Higher chlorzoxazone clearance in obese children compared with nonobese peers

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Higher Collagen VI Formation Is Associated With All-Cause Mortality in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Microalbuminuria

Silvers-Granelli, H.J.; Bizzini, M.; Arundale, A.; Mandelbaum, B.R.; Snyder-Mackler, L., 2018:
Higher compliance to a neuromuscular injury prevention program improves overall injury rate in male football players

Eloy, G.; Daveau, C.; Kreps, S.; Boudou-Rouquette, P.; Anract, P.; Biau, D., 2018:
Higher complications after previous external beam radiation for extremity soft-tissue sarcoma in the surgical treatment of a local recurrence: a comparative retrospective study of one hundred and three patients

Munjiza, A.; Kostic, M.; Pesic, D.; Gajic, M.; Markovic, I.; Tosevski, D.Lecic., 2018:
Higher concentration of interleukin 6 - A possible link between major depressive disorder and childhood abuse

Andersson-Hall, U.; Gustavsson, C.; Pedersen, A.; Malmodin, D.; Joelsson, L.; Holmäng, A., 2018:
Higher Concentrations of BCAAs and 3-HIB Are Associated with Insulin Resistance in the Transition from Gestational Diabetes to Type 2 Diabetes

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Higher concentrations of osteoprotegerin in type 1 diabetic patients are related to retinopathy: Results from the Poznań Prospective Study

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Higher contact force during radiofrequency ablation leads to a much larger increase in edema as compared to chronic lesion size

Chien, L.; Liu, R.; Girkin, C.; Kwon, M., 2017:
Higher Contrast Requirement for Letter Recognition and Macular RGC+ Layer Thinning in Glaucoma Patients and Older Adults

Djelmis, J.; Ivaniševic, M.; Desoye, G.; van Poppel, M.; Berberovic, E.; Soldo, D.; Oreskovic, S., 2018:
Higher Cord Blood Levels of Fatty Acids in Pregnant Women With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

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Higher Coronary Plaque Burden in Psoriatic Arthritis Is Independent of Metabolic Syndrome and Associated With Underlying Disease Severity

Dussán-Sarria, J.Alberto.; da Silva, N.Regina.Jardim.; Deitos, A.; Stefani, L.Cadore.; Laste, G.; Souza, A.de.; Torres, I.L.S.; Fregni, F.; Caumo, W., 2018:
Higher Cortical Facilitation and Serum BDNF Are Associated with Increased Sensitivity to Heat Pain and Reduced Endogenous Pain Inhibition in Healthy Males

Fuertes-Guirò, F.; Girabent-Farrés, M., 2018:
Higher cost of single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy due to longer operating time. A study of opportunity cost based on meta-analysis

Haehl, F.M.; Hijano, E.; Parrikar, O.; Rabideau, C., 2018:
Higher Curvature Gravity from Entanglement in Conformal Field Theories

Aziz, S.Abdul.; Nelwan, E.Juwita.; Sukrisman, L.; Suhendro, S., 2018:
Higher cut-off serum procalcitonin level for sepsis diagnosis in metastatic solid tumor patients

Gao, J.; Wang, Z.; Wang, G-Ju.; Zhang, H-Xin.; Gao, N.; Wang, J.; Wang, C-E.; Chang, Z.; Fang, Y.; Zhang, Y-Fei.; Zhou, J.; Jin, H.; Qiao, H-Ling., 2018:
Higher CYP2E1 Activity Correlates with Hepatocarcinogenesis Induced by Diethylnitrosamine

Alpuche-Lazcano, S.P.; McCullogh, C.R.; Del Corpo, O.; Rance, E.; Scarborough, R.J.; Mouland, A.J.; Sagan, S.M.; Teixeira, M.M.; Gatignol, A., 2018:
Higher Cytopathic Effects of a Zika Virus Brazilian Isolate from Bahia Compared to a Canadian-Imported Thai Strain

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Higher daily doses of caffeine lowered the incidence of moderate to severe neurodevelopmental disabilities in very low birth weight infants

Mury, P.; Faes, C.; Millon, A.; Mura, M.; Renoux, Céline.; Skinner, S.; Nicaise, V.; Joly, P.; Della Schiava, N.; Lermusiaux, P.; Connes, P.; Pialoux, V., 2018:
Higher Daily Physical Activity Level Is Associated with Lower RBC Aggregation in Carotid Artery Disease Patients at High Risk of Stroke

van Dongen, L.H.; Kiel, D.P.; Soedamah-Muthu, S.S.; Bouxsein, M.L.; Hannan, M.T.; Sahni, S., 2018:
Higher Dairy Food Intake Is Associated With Higher Spine Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT) Bone Measures in the Framingham Study for Men But Not Women

Malhotra, R.; Patel, S.; Ramchand, T.; Al Nimri, O., 2017:
Higher defibrillation threshold in methamphetamine cardiomyopathy patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillator

Prange, A.; Bokhof, B.; Polzer, P.; Tio, J.; Radke, I.; Heidinger, O.; Heindel, W.; Weigel, S., 2018:
Higher Detection Rates of Biologically Aggressive Breast Cancers in Mammography Screening than in the Biennial Interval

Wang, C.; Qiu, R.; Cao, Y.; Ouyang, W-Fu.; Li, H-Bin.; Ling, W-Hua.; Chen, Y-Ming., 2018:
Higher dietary and serum carotenoid levels are associated with lower carotid intima-media thickness in middle-aged and elderly people

Cao, W-Ting.; Zeng, F-Fang.; Li, B-Lin.; Lin, J-Sheng.; Liang, Y-Yong.; Chen, Y-Ming., 2018:
Higher dietary carotenoid intake associated with lower risk of hip fracture in middle-aged and elderly Chinese: A matched case-control study

Karimbeiki, R.; Pourmasoumi, M.; Feizi, A.; Abbasi, B.; Hadi, A.; Rafie, N.; Safavi, S.M., 2018:
Higher dietary diversity score is associated with obesity: a case-control study

García-Gavilán, Jús.Francisco.; Bulló, Mònica.; Camacho-Barcia, L.; Rosique-Esteban, N.; Hernández-Alonso, P.; Basora, J.; Martínez-González, M.Angel.; Estruch, Rón.; Fitó, M.; Salas-Salvadó, J., 2018:
Higher dietary glycemic index and glycemic load values increase the risk of osteoporotic fracture in the PREvención con DIeta MEDiterránea (PREDIMED)-Reus trial

Jorgensen, D.; White, G.E.; Sekikawa, A.; Gianaros, P., 2018:
Higher dietary inflammation is associated with increased odds of depression independent of Framingham Risk Score in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Gant, C.M.; Soedamah-Muthu, S.S.; Binnenmars, S.Heleen.; Bakker, S.J.L.; Navis, G.; Laverman, G.D., 2018:
Higher Dietary Magnesium Intake and Higher Magnesium Status Are Associated with Lower Prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Phillips, S.M., 2018:
Higher Dietary Protein During Weight Loss: Muscle Sparing?

Sotoudeh, G.; Abshirini, M.; Bagheri, F.; Siassi, F.; Koohdani, F.; Aslany, Z., 2018:
Higher dietary total antioxidant capacity is inversely related to prediabetes: A case-control study

Kharin, V.Yu.; Seipt, D.; Rykovanov, S.G., 2018:
Higher-Dimensional Caustics in Nonlinear Compton Scattering

Anonymous, 2018:
Higher Diplomas

Kato, H.; Fisher, P.; Rizk, D., 2018:
Higher diuretic dosing within the first 72 h is predictive of longer length of stay in patients with acute heart failure

Rodríguez-Mortera, R.; Luevano-Contreras, C.; Solorio-Meza, S.; Caccavello, R.; Bains, Y.; Garay-Sevilla, M.Eugenia.; Gugliucci, A., 2018:
Higher D-lactate levels are associated with higher prevalence of small dense low-density lipoprotein in obese adolescents

Crisalli, L.M.; Hinkle, J.T.; Walling, C.C.; Sell, M.; Frey, N.V.; Hexner, E.O.; Loren, A.W.; Luger, S.M.; Stadtmauer, E.A.; Porter, D.L.; Reshef, R., 2018:
Higher Donor Apheresis Blood Volumes Are Associated with Reduced Relapse Risk and Improved Survival in Reduced-Intensity Allogeneic Transplantations with Unrelated Donors

Mausolf, K.; Wilm, P.; Härdtle, W.; Jansen, K.; Schuldt, B.; Sturm, K.; von Oheimb, G.; Hertel, D.; Leuschner, C.; Fichtner, A., 2018:
Higher drought sensitivity of radial growth of European beech in managed than in unmanaged forests

Anonymous, 2018:
Higher Education and Nurses' Needs

Anonymous, 2018:
Higher Education for Women in America

Iguchi, S.; Yamaguchi, N.; Takami, H.; Komatsu, T.; Ookubo, H.; Sekii, H.; Inoue, K.; Okazaki, S.; Okai, I.; Maruyama, S.; Nomura, T.; Sugita, M., 2017:
Higher efficacy of direct hemoperfusion using coated activated-charcoal column for disopyramide poisoning: A case report

Jindal, A.; Vyas, A.Kumar.; Kumar, D.; Kumar, G.; Sharma, M.Kumar.; Sarin, S.Kumar., 2018:
Higher efficacy of pegylated interferon-α2b add-on therapy in hepatitis B envelope antigen-positive chronic hepatitis B patients on tenofovir monotherapy

Kumar, A.; Mishra, P.; Baskaran, K.; Shukla, A.K.; Shasany, A.K.; Sundaresan, V., 2016:
Higher efficiency of ISSR markers over plastid psbA-trnH region in resolving taxonomical status of genus Ocimum L

Issa, S.M.A.; Vitiazeva, V.; Hayes, C.A.; Karlsson, N.G., 2018:
Higher Energy Collisional Dissociation Mass Spectrometry of Sulfated O-Linked Oligosaccharides

Tada, Y.; Yoshizaki, T.; Tanaka, I.; Kanehara, R.; Kato, M.; Hatta, N.; Hida, A.; Kawano, Y., 2018 :
Higher energy intake at dinner decreases parasympathetic activity during nighttime sleep in menstruating women: A randomized controlled trial

Forejt, M.; Brázdová, Z.Derflerová.; Novák, J.; Zlámal, F.; Forbelská, M.; Bienert, P.; Mořkovská, P.; Zavřelová, M.; Pohořalá, A.; Jurášková, Mše.; Salah, N.; Bienertová-Vašků, J., 2018:
Higher Energy Intake Variability as Predisposition to Obesity: Novel Approach Using Interquartile Range

Kawano, A.; Ishikawa, H.; Mutoh, M.; Kubota, H.; Matsuda, K.; Tsuji, H.; Matsumoto, K.; Nomoto, K.; Tanaka, R.; Nakamura, T.; Wakabayashi, K.; Sakai, T., 2018:
Higher enterococcus counts indicate a lower risk of colorectal adenomas: a prospective cohort study

Zaman, M.Uz.; Fatima, N.; Zaman, A.; Zaman, U.; Tahseen, R.; Zaman, S., 2018:
Higher event rate in patients with high-risk Duke Treadmill Score despite normal exercise-gated myocardial perfusion imaging

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Higher exosomal tau, amyloid-beta 42 and IL-10 are associated with mild TBIs and chronic symptoms in military personnel

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Higher Expectations for a Vaccine To Prevent Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection

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Higher expression of A-kinase anchoring-protein 1 predicts poor prognosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma

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Higher expression of FOXOs correlates to better prognosis of bladder cancer

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Higher extrinsic and lower intrinsic connectivity in resting state networks for professional Baduk (Go) players

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Higher Failure of Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy in Infants: The "Distensible" Skull Is the Culprit

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Higher failure rate of two-stage revision for infected knee arthroplasties in significantly compromised (host-C) patients

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Higher fasting plasma glucose is associated with smaller striatal volume and poorer fine motor skills in a longitudinal cohort

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Higher fiber intake is associated with lower blood pressure levels in patients with type 1 diabetes

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Higher Flexibility of Glu-172 Explains the Unusual Stereospecificity of Glyoxalase I

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Higher free triiodothyronine concentration is associated with lower prevalence of microangiopathic complications and better metabolic control in adult euthyroid people with type 1 diabetes

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Higher frequency of hamstring injuries in elite track and field athletes who had a previous injury to the ankle - a 17 years observational cohort study

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Higher Frequency of HIV-1 Drug Resistance and Increased Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Mutations among the HIV-1 Positive Antiretroviral Therapy-Naïve patients Coinfected With Mycobacterium tuberculosis Compared With Only HIV Infection in India

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Higher frequency of upper gastrointestinal symptoms in healthy young Japanese females compared to males and older generations

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Higher Gene Expression of Healing Factors in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Remnant in Acute Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

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Higher Growth Rate of Branch Duct Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms Associates With Worrisome Features

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Higher HbA1c and/or glucose levels alter the association patterns between glycated hemoglobin and fasting glucose levels

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Higher health effects of ambient particles during the warm season: The role of infiltration factors

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Higher Heart Weight in New Zealand Māori and Pacific Islanders

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Higher hydrates of lithium chloride, lithium bromide and lithium iodide

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Higher Improvement in Patient-Reported Outcomes Can Be Achieved After Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion for Clinical and Radiographic Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Classification Type D Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis

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Higher Impulsivity As a Distinctive Trait of Severe Cocaine Addiction among Individuals Treated for Cocaine or Alcohol Use Disorders

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Higher incidence of metachronous advanced neoplasia in patients with synchronous advanced neoplasia and left-sided colorectal resection for colorectal cancer

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Higher incidence of screening-related cancers in the employed population

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Higher Incidence of Sleep Disturbance among Survivors with Musculoskeletal Pain after the Great East Japan Earthquake: A Prospective Study

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Higher incidence of sperm granuloma in the epididymis of C57BL/6N mice

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Higher Incidence Rates of Comorbidities in Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis Compared with the General Population Using U.S. Administrative Claims Data

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Higher Incidence Rates of Hypothyroidism and Late TSH Rise in Preterm Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infants at a Tertiary Care Center

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Higher Income and Integration into the Workforce Are the Main Factors Associated with Quality of Life in Acromegalic Patients in Northeastern Brazil

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Higher Infliximab Levels Are Not Associated With an Increase in Adverse Events in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Higher Intake of Phytochemical-Rich Foods is Inversely Related to Prediabetes: A Case-Control Study

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Higher Intraocular Pressure Levels Associated With Lower Hysteresis In Type 2 Diabetes

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Higher IQ in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: Dodging cognitive obstacles and "masking" impairments

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Higher vs. lower PEEP in ARDS: just one part of the whole

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Higher level of GGT during mid-pregnancy is associated with increased risk of gestational diabetes mellitus

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Higher Level of Obesity Is Associated with Intensive Personal Care Assistance in the Nursing Home

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Higher Levels of a Cytotoxic Protein, Vaginolysin, in Lactobacillus-Deficient Community State Types at the Vaginal Mucosa

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Higher levels of circulating naïve CD8 + CD45RA + cells are associated with lower extent of coronary atherosclerosis and vascular dysfunction

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Higher levels of circulating TIMP-4 in preeclampsia is strongly associated with clinical parameters and microRNA

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Higher levels of kallikrein-8 in female brain may increase the risk for Alzheimer's disease

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Higher levels of progranulin in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with lymphoma and carcinoma with CNS metastasis

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Higher levels of SDMA and not ADMA are associated with poorer survival of trial patients with systemic ANCA-associated vasculitis

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Higher Levels of Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Are Related to Improved Glucose Homeostasis in Women with Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

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Higher levels of thyrotropin in pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes

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Higher levels of trait emotional awareness are associated with more efficient global information integration throughout the brain: a graph-theoretic analysis of resting state functional connectivity

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Higher Longitudinal Milk Intakes Are Associated with Increased Height in a Birth Cohort Followed for 17 Years

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Higher Lung Cancer Incidence in Young Women Than Young Men in the United States

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Higher male prevalence of chromosomal mosaicism detected by amniocentesis

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Higher Mallampati Scores Are Not Associated with More Adverse Events During Pediatric Procedural Sedation and Analgesia

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Higher Mediterranean Diet Quality Scores and Lower Body Mass Index Are Associated with a Less-Oxidized Plasma Glutathione and Cysteine Redox Status in Adults

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Higher Morbidity of Monogenic Inflammatory Bowel Disease Compared to the Adolescent Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Higher Mortality in Patients Undergoing Nighttime Surgical Procedures for Acute Type A Aortic Dissection

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Higher mortality of adults with asthma: A 15-year follow-up of a population-based cohort

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Higher muscle fiber conduction velocity and early rate of torque development in chronically strength trained individuals

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Higher muscle power training volume is not determinant for the magnitude of neuromuscular improvements in elderly women

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Higher n-6:n-3 Fatty Acid Intake Is Associated with Decreased Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in a Racially Diverse Sample of Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Higher National Education

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Higher Network Activity Induced by Tactile Compared to Electrical Stimulation of Leech Mechanoreceptors

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Higher Neural Correlates in Multiple Sclerosis Patients with Neurogenic Overactive Bladder Following Treatment with Intradetrusor Injection of OnabotulinumtoxinA

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Higher non-HDL-cholesterol to HDL-cholesterol ratio linked with increased nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

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Higher O-GlcNAc Levels Are Associated with Defects in Progenitor Proliferation and Premature Neuronal Differentiation during in-Vitro Human Embryonic Cortical Neurogenesis

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Higher-Order Asymptotics and Its Application to Testing the Equality of the Examinee Ability Over Two Sets of Items

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Higher-order cladding mode excitation of femtosecond-laser-inscribed tilted FBGs

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Higher-order clustering in networks

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Higher-order corrections to the effective potential close to the jamming transition in the perceptron model

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Higher-Order Extended Lagrangian Born-Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics for Classical Polarizable Models

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Higher-Order Fermi-Liquid Corrections for an Anderson Impurity Away from Half Filling

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Higher-order fluctuation-dissipation relations in plasma physics: Binary Coulomb systems

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Higher-order frequency locking of an organ pipe: A measurement study based on synchronization theory

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Higher order genomic organization and regulatory compartmentalization for cell cycle control at the G1/S-phase transition

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Higher-order language dysfunctions as a possible neurolinguistic endophenotype for schizophrenia: Evidence from patients and their unaffected first degree relatives

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Higher order longitudinal guided wave modes in axially stressed seven-wire strands

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Higher order multiple births in Nigeria: Experiences, challenges and neonatal outcomes in a private health facility

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Higher-order partial least squares for predicting gene expression levels from chromatin states

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Higher-order risk preferences in social settings

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Higher-order theories of gravity: diagnosis, extraction and reformulation via non-metric extra degrees of freedom-a review

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Higher-order topological insulators

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Higher-Order Topological Insulators and Semimetals on the Breathing Kagome and Pyrochlore Lattices

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Higher Patient Numbers-Stronger Evidence?

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Higher Peak Tacrolimus Concentrations after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Increase the Risk of Endothelial Cell Damage Complications

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Higher Perceived Clinic Capacity to Address Patients' Social Needs Associated with Lower Burnout in Primary Care Providers

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Higher periprosthetic fracture rate associated with use of modern uncemented stems compared to cemented stems in femoral neck fractures

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Higher Plasma Selenium Concentrations Are Associated with Increased Odds of Prevalent Type 2 Diabetes

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Higher ploidy is associated with reduced range breadth in the Potentilleae tribe

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Higher Preoperative Plasma Thrombin Potential in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Aortic Stenosis Compared to Surgery for Stable Coronary Artery Disease

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Higher preoperative sensitivity to pain and pain at rest are associated with worse functional outcome after stemless total shoulder arthroplasty

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Higher Pretransplantation Hemoglobin A1c Is Associated With Greater Risk of Posttransplant Diabetes Mellitus

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Higher Prevalence and Progression Rate of Chronic Kidney Disease in Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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Higher Prevalence of Endometrial Polyps in Infertile Patients with Endometriosis

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Higher Prevalence of "Low T3 Syndrome" in Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Case-Control Study

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Higher prevalence of lymph node metastasis in prostate cancer in patients with diabetes

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Higher Prevalence of Mixed or Solid Pseudotumors in Metal-on-Polyethylene Total Hip Arthroplasty Compared With Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty and Resurfacing Hip Arthroplasty

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Higher prevalence of nasal polyposis among textile workers: an endoscopic based and controlled study

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Higher prevalence of periprosthetic fractures with ceramic on polyethylene hip bearing compared with ceramic on ceramic on the contralateral side: a forty year experience with hip osteonecrosis

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Higher Programmatic Volume in Neonatal Heart Surgery Is Associated With Lower Early Mortality

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Higher Protein Intake Is Not Associated with Decreased Kidney Function in Pre-Diabetic Older Adults Following a One-Year Intervention-A Preview Sub-Study

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Higher pulse pressure and risk for cardiovascular events in patients with essential hypertension: The Campania Salute Network

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Higher Quadriceps Roller Massage Forces Do Not Amplify Range Of-Motion Increases Or Impair Strength And Jump Performance

Anonymous, 2018:
Higher Qualifications for Practitioners

Bernstein, J.M.; Graven, P.; Drago, K.; Dobbertin, K.; Eckstrom, E., 2018:
Higher Quality, Lower Cost with an Innovative Geriatrics Consultation Service

Printz, C., 2018:
Higher radiation doses do not improve survival in men with intermediate-risk disease

Payne, B.L.; Alvarez-Ponce, D., 2018:
Higher Rates of Protein Evolution in the Self-Fertilizing Plant Arabidopsis thaliana than in the Out-Crossers Arabidopsis lyrata and Arabidopsis halleri

Liu, J.; Liu, J.; Li, H.; Liu, L.; Zheng, J.; Huang, Z.; Cao, X.; Xiao, H.; Li, Y., 2018:
Higher Ratio of Abdominal Subcutaneous to Visceral Adipose Tissue Related with Preservation of Islet β -Cell Function in Healthy Individuals

Girotto, S.; Comin, M.; Pizzi, C., 2018:
Higher recall in metagenomic sequence classification exploiting overlapping reads

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Higher Recurrence Rate After Endoscopic Totally Extraperitoneal (TEP) Inguinal Hernia Repair With Ultrapro Lightweight Mesh: 5-Year Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial (TULP-trial)

Zanoni, B.C.; Sibaya, T.; Cairns, C.; Lammert, S.; Haberer, J.E., 2018:
Higher retention and viral suppression with adolescent-focused HIV clinic in South Africa

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Higher retransplantation rate following extended right split-liver transplantation: An analysis from the eurotransplant liver follow-up registry

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Higher Risk of Abdominal Obesity, Elevated Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, and Hypertriglyceridemia, but not of Hypertension, in People Living With Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): Results From the Copenhagen Comorbidity in HIV Infection Study

Huang, W-Cheng.; Kuo, C-Hung.; Wu, J-Ching.; Chen, Y-Chun., 2018:
Higher Risk of Intervertebral Disc Herniation among Neurosurgeons Than Neurologists: 15 Year-Follow-Up of a Physician Cohort

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Higher risk of myocardial injury in chest pain patients with elevated red blood cell distribution width

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Higher Risk of Posttransplant Liver Graft Failure in Male Recipients of Female Donor Grafts Might Not Be Due to Anastomotic Size Disparity

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Higher risk of progressing breast cancer in Kurdish population associated to CDH1 -160 C/A polymorphism

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Higher risk of renal disease in chronic hepatitis C patients: Antiviral therapy survival benefit in patients on hemodialysis

Bastawrous, A.; Baer, C.; Rashidi, L.; Neighorn, C., 2018:
Higher robotic colorectal surgery volume improves outcomes

Anonymous, 2018:
Higher Salaries for Mental Nurses

Shin, H.Young.; Suh, M.; Choi, K.Son.; Hwang, S-Hyun.; Jun, J.Kwan.; Han, D.Soo.; Lee, Y.Kyoung.; Oh, J.Hwan.; Lee, C.Wha.; Lee, D-Hoon., 2018:
Higher satisfaction with an alternative collection device for stool sampling in colorectal cancer screening with fecal immunochemical test: a cross-sectional study

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Higher schizotypy predicts better metabolic profile in unaffected siblings of patients with schizophrenia

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Higher Sclerostin/SOST expression is associated with lower percentage of circulatory blasts and better prognosis in patients with myelofibrosis

Kadkhoda, K.; Gretchen, A., 2018:
Higher Sensitivity of the recom Line Borrelia IgG Immunoblot Kit than of the Standard Lyme IgG Immunoblot Kit According to CDC Testing Criteria

Omar, M.; Petri, M.; Hawi, N.; Krettek, C.; Eberhard, Jörg.; Liodakis, E., 2018:
Higher sensitivity of swab polymerase chain reaction compared with tissue cultures for diagnosing periprosthetic joint infection

Klein, K.; Nickel, G.; Nankya, I.; Kyeyune, F.; Demers, K.; Ndashimye, E.; Kwok, C.; Chen, P-Lien.; Rwambuya, S.; Poon, A.; Munjoma, M.; Chipato, T.; Byamugisha, J.; Mugyenyi, P.; Salata, R.A.; Morrison, C.S.; Arts, E.J., 2018:
Higher sequence diversity in the vaginal tract than in blood at early HIV-1 infection

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Higher serotonin transporter availability in early-onset obsessive-compulsive disorder patients undergoing escitalopram treatment: A [ 11 C]DASB PET study

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Higher serum 25(OH)D level is associated with decreased risk of impairment of glucose homeostasis: data from Southwest China

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Higher serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations are associated with active pulmonary tuberculosis in hospitalised HIV infected patients in a low income tropical setting: a cross sectional study

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Higher Serum Calcium Levels Are Associated with Preclinical Peripheral Arterial Disease among the Apparently Healthy Individuals

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Higher serum carotenoids associated with improvement of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in adults: a prospective study

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Higher serum cholesterol and decreased Parkinson's disease risk: A statin-free cohort study

Gao, X.; Randell, E.; Zhou, H.; Sun, G., 2018:
Higher serum choline and betaine levels are associated with better body composition in male but not female population

Wang, S.; Zhong, H.; Lu, M.; Song, G.; Zhang, X.; Lin, M.; Yang, S.; Qian, M., 2018:
Higher Serum C Reactive Protein Determined C Reactive Protein Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Are Involved in Inherited Depression

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Higher Serum Endocan Level Is Associated with Alzheimer Disease

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Higher Serum Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 Levels and the Risk of Stroke and Its Subtypes: Evidence From a Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies

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Higher Serum Hepatocyte Growth Factor Concentration is Associated with Better Preservation of GFR in Hemodialysis Patients

Trend, S.; Jones, A.P.; Cha, L.; Byrne, S.N.; Geldenhuys, S.; Fabis-Pedrini, M.J.; Carroll, W.M.; Cole, J.M.; Booth, D.R.; Lucas, R.M.; Kermode, A.G.; French, M.A.; Hart, P.H., 2018:
Higher Serum Immunoglobulin G3 Levels May Predict the Development of Multiple Sclerosis in Individuals With Clinically Isolated Syndrome

Kwiatek-Majkusiak, J.; Geremek, M.; Koziorowski, D.; Tomasiuk, R.; Szlufik, S.; Friedman, A., 2018:
Higher serum levels of pro-hepcidin in patients with Parkinson's disease treated with deep brain stimulation

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Higher serum levels of uric acid are associated with a reduced insulin clearance in non-diabetic individuals

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Higher Serum Phosphate-Another Undesirable Effect of Smoking?

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Higher serum uric acid is associated with higher lumbar spine bone mineral density in male health-screening examinees: a cross-sectional study

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Higher serum vitamin D levels are associated with protective serum cytokine profiles in patients with ulcerative colitis

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Higher similarity in beta topography between tasks than subjects

Desai, M.; Davies, O.; Menon-Johansson, A.; Sethi, G.Cindy., 2018:
Higher specialty training in genitourinary medicine: A curriculum competencies-based approach

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Higher spermidine intake is linked to lower mortality: a prospective population-based study

Saver, C., 2018:
Higher staff turnover correlates with volume increase at ASCs

Blue, P.R.; Hu, J.; Zhou, X., 2018:
Higher Status Honesty Is Worth More: The Effect of Social Status on Honesty Evaluation

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Higher step count is associated with greater bone mass and strength in women but not in men

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Higher stroke incidence in the patients with pancreatic cancer: A nation-based cohort study in Taiwan

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Higher susceptibility to osmolality of the medaka (Oryzias latipes) mutants in orthologue genes of mammalian skin transglutaminases

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Higher sympathetic activity as a risk factor for skeletal deterioration in pheochromocytoma

Song, J-Lin.; Li, M.; Yan, L-Nan.; Yang, J-Yin.; Yang, J.; Jiang, L., 2018:
Higher tacrolimus blood concentration is related to increased risk of post-transplantation diabetes mellitus after living donor liver transplantation

Ide, M.; Yaguchi, A.; Sano, M.; Fukatsu, R.; Wada, M., 2018:
Higher Tactile Temporal Resolution as a Basis of Hypersensitivity in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Higher Temperature at Lower Elevation Sites Fails to Promote Acclimation or Adaptation to Heat Stress During Pollen Germination

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Higher than expected clozapine serum level and clozapine/norclozapine ratio due to CYP450 gene polymorphisms

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Higher-than-expected prevalence of non-tuberculous mycobacteria in HIV setting in Botswana: Implications for diagnostic algorithms using Xpert MTB/RIF assay

Zolot, J., 2018:
Higher Than Optimal Nurse Workloads Increase the Odds of Patient Mortality

Spurgeon, D.J., 2018:
Higher than … or lower than ….? Evidence for the validity of the extrapolation of laboratory toxicity test results to predict the effects of chemicals and ionising radiation in the field

Sreeraman Kumar, R.; Thapa, R.; Kim, Y.; Khushalani, N.I.; Sondak, V.K.; Reed, D.R., 2018:
Higher than reported adolescent and young adult clinical trial enrollment during the "Golden Age" of melanoma clinical trials

Cojutti, P.Giorgio.; Barbarino, C.; De Monte, A.; Hope, W.; Pea, F., 2018:
Higher than standard meropenem and linezolid dosages needed for appropriate treatment of an intracerebral hemorrhage patient with augmented renal clearance

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Higher third-generation cephalosporin prescription proportion is associated with lower probability of reducing carbapenem use: a nationwide retrospective study

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Higher Thrombin-Antithrombin III Complex Levels May Indicate Severe Acute Pancreatitis

Quinzi, F.; Bianchetti, A.; Felici, F.; Sbriccoli, P., 2018:
Higher torque and muscle fibre conduction velocity of the Biceps Brachii in karate practitioners during isokinetic contractions

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Higher Total Insulin Dose Has Positive Effect on Corneal Nerve Fibers in DM1 Patients

Ochi, E.; Maruo, M.; Tsuchiya, Y.; Ishii, N.; Miura, K.; Sasaki, K., 2018:
Higher Training Frequency Is Important for Gaining Muscular Strength Under Volume-Matched Training

Sutherland, M.T.; Fishbein, D.H., 2018:
Higher Trait Psychopathy Is Associated with Increased Risky Decision-Making and Less Coincident Insula and Striatal Activity

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Higher Transaminase Levels in the Postoperative Period After Orthotopic Heart Transplantation Are Associated With Worse Survival

Zhang, L-Ping.; Yu, D-Na.; Storey, K.B.; Cheng, H-Yi.; Zhang, J-Yong., 2018:
Higher tRNA gene duplication in mitogenomes of praying mantises (Dictyoptera, Mantodea) and the phylogeny within Mantodea

Orouji Jokar, T.; Fourman, L.T.; Lee, H.; Mentzinger, K.; Fazeli, P.K., 2017:
Higher TSH Levels Within the Normal Range Are Associated With Unexplained Infertility

Tabori-Jensen, S.; Frølich, C.; Hansen, T.B.; Bøvling, Søren.; Homilius, M.; Stilling, M., 2018:
Higher UHMWPE wear-rate in cementless compared with cemented cups with the Saturne® Dual-Mobility acetabular system

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Higher Use of Surgery Confers Superior Survival in Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Higher vaginal pH in Trichomonas vaginalis infection with intermediate Nugent score in reproductive-age women-a hospital-based cross-sectional study in Odisha, India

Nacif, L.Souto.; Paranagua-Vezozzo, D.C.; Matsuda, A.; Alves, V.Avancini.Ferreira.; Carrilho, F.J.; Farias, A.Queiroz.; D'Albuquerque, L.Carneiro.; Andraus, W., 2018:
Higher Values in Liver Elastography and Meld Score Are Mortality Predictors on Liver Transplant Waiting List

Ni, H.; Dai, X.; Leng, X.; Deng, M.; Qin, Y.; Ji, Q.; Xu, C.; Li, J.; Liu, Y., 2018:
Higher variety and quantity of microRNA-139-5p isoforms confer suppressive role in hepatocellular carcinoma

Azupogo, F.; Seidu, J.A.; Issaka, Y.Balma., 2018:
Higher vegetable intake and vegetable variety is associated with a better self-reported health-related quality of life (HR-QoL) in a cross-sectional survey of rural northern Ghanaian women in fertile age

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Higher vegetable protein consumption, assessed by an isoenergetic macronutrient exchange model, is associated with a lower presence of overweight and obesity in the web-based Food4me European study

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Higher versus lower amino acid intake in parenteral nutrition for newborn infants

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Higher versus Lower Dose of Cefotetan or Cefoxitin for Surgical Prophylaxis in Patients Weighing One Hundred Twenty Kilograms or More

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Higher versus standard amikacin single dose in emergency department patients with severe sepsis and septic shock: a randomised controlled trial

Lee, K.Hong.; Kang, B-Kyeong.; Ahn, B.Kyu., 2018:
Higher visceral fat area/subcutaneous fat area ratio measured by computed tomography is associated with recurrence and poor survival in patients with mid and low rectal cancers

Styrkowiec, P.; Chrzanowska, A., 2018:
Higher visuo-Attentional Demands of Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) Lead to A Lower Precision in Pointing Movements

Li, J., 2018:
Higher vitamin D intake could improve sleep and cognitive outcomes in older adults with heart failure

Kyrø, C.; Tjønneland, A.; Overvad, K.; Olsen, A.; Landberg, R., 2018:
Higher Whole-Grain Intake Is Associated with Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes among Middle-Aged Men and Women: The Danish Diet, Cancer, and Health Cohort

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High erythrocyte levels of the n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid are associated with lower risk of subsequent rheumatoid arthritis in a southern European nested case-control study

Dyer, O., 2018:
Highest billing US doctor sentenced to 17 years for Medicare fraud

De Wysiecki, A.M.; Milessi, A.C.; Wiff, R.; Jaureguizar, A.J., 2018:
Highest catch of the vulnerable broadnose sevengill shark Notorynchus cepedianus in the south-west Atlantic

Rosenthal, J.; Lord, A.; Ishida, K.; Torres, J.; Czeisler, B.M.; Lewis, A., 2018:
Highest In-Hospital Glucose Measurements are Associated With Neurological Outcomes After Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Annemans, L.; Packard, C.J.; Briggs, A.; Ray, K.K., 2017:
'Highest risk-highest benefit' strategy: a pragmatic, cost-effective approach to targeting use of PCSK9 inhibitor therapies

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High estrogen exposure may not be detrimental on endometrial receptivity in women with PCOS

Zhang, G.; Zhang, L.; Yang, X.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, J.; Yang, S.; Wang, J.; Hu, K.; Shi, J.; Ke, X.; Fu, L., 2018:
High ETS2 expression predicts poor prognosis in acute myeloid leukemia patients undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

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High EVI1 Expression Predicts Poor Outcomes in Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients with Intermediate Cytogenetic Risk Receiving Chemotherapy

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High excess costs of infections caused by carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacilli in an endemic region

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High Excess Risk of Heart Disease Mortality among Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Male Survivors Exposed Near the Hypocenter

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High Exchange Rate Complexes of 129 Xe with Water-Soluble Pillar[5]arenes for Adjustable Magnetization Transfer MRI

Plate, S.; Emilsson, L.; Söderberg, M.; Brandberg, Y.; Wärnberg, F., 2018:
High experienced continuity in breast cancer care is associated with high health related quality of life

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High exposure compared with standard exposure to metoclopramide associated with a higher risk of parkinsonism: a nationwide population-based cohort study

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High exposure mining occupations are associated with obstructive lung disease, National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 2006-2015

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High-expressed CKS2 is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation through down-regulating PTEN

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High expression and localization of β-catenin and epidermal growth factor receptor identify high risk papillary thyroid carcinoma patients

Niu, H.; Li, F.; Wang, Q.; Ye, Z.; Chen, Q.; Lin, Y., 2018:
High expression level of MMP9 is associated with poor prognosis in patients with clear cell renal carcinoma

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