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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65198

Chapter 65198 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Huser, A.; Mo, M.; Hosseinzadeh, P., 2018:
Hip Surveillance in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Dart, A.H.; Michelson, K.A.; Aronson, P.L.; Garro, A.C.; Lee, T.J.; Glerum, K.M.; Nigrovic, P.A.; Kocher, M.S.; Bachur, R.G.; Nigrovic, L.E., 2018:
Hip Synovial Fluid Cell Counts in Children From a Lyme Disease Endemic Area

Dello Iacono, A.; Seitz, L.B., 2018:
Hip thrust-based PAP effects on sprint performance of soccer players: heavy-loaded versus optimum-power development protocols

Miranda, M.M.; Lowry, W.E., 2018:
Hip to the Game: YAP/TAZ is required for nonmelanoma skin cancers

Saleh, R.Noureldin.M.; Dilg, D.; Abou Zeid, A.A.; Hashad, D.I.; Scambler, P.J.; Chapgier, A.L.A., 2018:
HIRA directly targets the enhancers of selected cardiac transcription factors during in vitro differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells

Kieser, D.C.; Cox, P.J.; Kieser, S.C.J., 2018:
Hirayama disease

McGregor, S.; Joswig, H.; Duggal, N.; Miller, T.A., 2018:
Hirayama Disease: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge

Preethish-Kumar, V.; Polavarapu, K.; Nashi, S.; Bhattacharya, K.; Saini, J.; Vengalil, S.; Pruthi, N.; Bhat, D.I.; Nalini, A., 2018:
Hirayama disease/cervical flexion-induced myelopathy progressing to spastic paraparesis: A report on three cases with literature review

Kapetanakis, S.; Chourmouzi, D.; Terzoudi, A.; Georgiou, N.; Giovannopoulou, E., 2017:
Hirayama disease: diagnostic essentials in neuroimaging

Tsukita, K.; Sakamaki-Tsukita, H., 2018:
Hirayama disease: oblique amyotrophy and characteristic magnetic resonance imaging findings

Russell, R.; Hessling, L.; Moberg, A., 2018:
Hiring a WORKFORCE that works: Right out of the gate and down the road

Potter, D.C.; Ebb, P.L., 2006:
Hiring Employees: Getting the Process Right

Ishikawa, T.; Hasnain, S., 2018:
Hiromichi Kamitsubo (1933-2017)

Jordan, B., 2018:
Hiroshima/Nagasaki survivors and their offspring: results of longterm epidemiological studies

Sieber, W.K., 1978:
Hirschsprung's disease

Alcocer-Sánchez, E.; Pérez Y López, N.; Fernández-Álvarez, J.; Zárate-Osorno, A., 2018:
Hirschsprung's disease as a rare cause of refractory constipation in an adult patient

Kumar, M.; Batra, G.; Maletha, M.; Malhotra, A., 2018:
Hirschsprung's disease in a child with posterior urethral valve: An unwanted association

Škába, R.; Hoch, J.; Jech, Z.; Kynčl, M.; Campr, V., 2018:
Hirschsprungs disease in adults two case reports and review of the literature

Wu, S.; Sun, X.; Yu, Y.; Shen, Y., 2018:
Hirschsprung's Disease-Related Giant Sigmoid Volvulus Complicated by Refractory Hypertension in an Elderly Man

Mercer, W., 1931:
Hirschsprung's Disease. The Report of a Case Treated by Lumbar Ganglionectomy and Ramisectomy

Fu, H.; Jin, L.; Shao, X.; Li, Y.; Chen, F.; Shou, Z.; Tang, X.; Ji, B.; Shou, Q., 2018:
Hirsutella sinensis Inhibits Lewis Lung Cancer via Tumor Microenvironment Effector T Cells in Mice

Huang, Q-Wei.; Zhai, N-Na.; Huang, T.; Li, D-Ming., 2018:
Hirsutine induces apoptosis of human breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells through mitochondrial pathway

Marshbun, P.B.; Carr, B.R., 1995:
Hirsutism and virilization

Zhang, J.; Lan, N., 2018:
Hirudin variants production by genetic engineered microbial factory

Tupikowska, Młgorzata.; Woźniak, Zław.; Wojciechowska-Zdrojowy, M.; Maj, J.; Jankowska-Konsur, A., 2018:
Hirudotherapy - a rare cause of pseudolymphoma

Stoiko, R.R.; Strough, J., 2018:
His and Her Retirement: Effects of Gender and Familial Caregiving Profiles on Retirement Timing

Wilcox, E.; Finlay, W.M.; Edmonds, J., 2018:
His brain is totally different: An analysisof care-staff explanations of aggressive challenging behaviour and the impactof gendered discourses

Jastrzebski, M.; Kukla, P.; Czarnecka, D., 2018:
His bundle capture proximal to the site of bundle branch block: A novel pitfall of the para-Hisian pacing maneuver

Fisch, C.; Zipes, D.P., 1973:
His bundle electrocardiography

Payne, J.; Garlitski, A.C.; Weinstock, J.; Homoud, M.; Madias, C.; Estes, N.A.Mark., 2018:
His bundle pacing

Ali, N.; Keene, D.; Arnold, A.; Shun-Shin, M.; Whinnett, Z.I.; Afzal Sohaib, S.M., 2018:
His Bundle Pacing: A New Frontier in the Treatment of Heart Failure

Ellenbogen, K.A.; Vijayaraman, P., 2015:
His Bundle Pacing: A New Promise in Heart Failure Therapy?

Patel, B.; Garg, J.; Chaudhary, R.; Sablani, N.; Gupta, R.; Shah, M.; Nazir, T.; Bozorgnia, B.; Natale, A., 2018:
His Bundle Pacing: Hemodynamics and Clinical Outcomes

Ezzeddine, F.M.; Dandamudi, G., 2018:
His Bundle Pacing: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Sharma, P.S.; Vijayaraman, P., 2017:
His Bundle Pacing Or Biventricular Pacing For Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy In Heart Failure: Discovering New Methods For An Old Problem

Ellenbogen, K.A.; Padala, S.K., 2018:
His Bundle Pacing: The Holy Grail of Pacing?

Khiste, N.; Ilie, L., 2018:
HISEA: HIerarchical SEed Aligner for PacBio data

Ely, W.; Nora, G.J., 2012:
His Enduring Gift: What Do We Make of the Eucharist and Transubstantiation?

Mbarek, D.; Naccache, S.; Abdallah, M.; Tlili, R.; Ben Ameur, Y.; Boujnah, M.Rachid., 2018:
Hisian extrasystole mimicking second degree atrioventricular block. a case report

Anonymous, 2018:
His Late Majesty as Hospital Patron

Anonymous, 2018:
His Majesty and the Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
His Majesty's Practical Interest in Science

Anonymous, 2018:
His Majesty's Visit. Many Difficulties Overcome

Anonymous, 2018:
His Majesty the Pig: His Paramount Importance in the Great War

Roxo, F.F.; Silva, G.S.C.; Melo, B.F., 2018:
Hisonotus devidei, a new species from the São Francisco basin, Brazil (Siluriformes: Loricariidae)

Zhao, X-Ming.; Li, S., 2017:
HISP: a hybrid intelligent approach for identifying directed signaling pathways

Avalos, D.J.; Mendoza-Ladd, A.; Zuckerman, M.J.; Bashashati, M.; Alvarado, A.; Dwivedi, A.; Damas, O.M., 2018:
Hispanic Americans and Non-Hispanic White Americans Have a Similar Inflammatory Bowel Disease Phenotype: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis

Krok-Schoen, J.L.; Fernandez, K.; Unzeitig, G.W.; Rubio, G.; Paskett, E.D.; Post, D.M., 2018:
Hispanic breast cancer patients' symptom experience and patient-physician communication during chemotherapy

Ludwig-Dehm, S.; Iceland, J., 2018:
Hispanic Concentrated Poverty in Traditional and New Destinations, 2010-2014

Darbinyan, K.; Shastri, A.; Budhathoki, A.; Helbig, D.; Snyder, R.; Pradhan, K.; Saleh-Esa, J.; Kornblum, N.S.; Binder, A.F.; Goel, S.; Janakiram, M.; Derman, O.; Gritsman, K.; Steidl, U.; Braunschweig, I.; Verma, A.; Mantzaris, I., 2018:
Hispanic ethnicity is associated with younger age at presentation but worse survival in acute myeloid leukemia

Ruiz, J.M.; Sbarra, D.; Steffen, P.R., 2018:
Hispanic ethnicity, stress psychophysiology and paradoxical health outcomes: A review with conceptual considerations and a call for research

Velasco-Mondragon, E.; Jimenez, A.; Palladino-Davis, A.G.; Davis, D.; Escamilla-Cejudo, J.A., 2016:
Hispanic health in the USA: a scoping review of the literature

Beltran, S.J., 2018:
Hispanic Hospice Patients' Experiences of End-Stage Restlessness

Roncancio, A.M.; Carmack, C.C.; Garcia-Morales, V.; Cribbs, F.L.; Cano, M.A., 2018:
Hispanic mothers' accounts of vaccinating their adolescent children against HPV: features of the clinic visit

Guo, Y.; Rousseau, J.; Renno, P.; Kehoe, P.; Daviss, M.; Flores, S.; Saunders, K.; Phillips, S.; Chen, I.; Ng, H-Si.; Evangelista, L.S., 2018:
Hispanic Mothers' Experiences with School-Based Emotional Health Curriculum and Perspectives of their Own Mental Health Needs

Damas, O.M.; Estes, D.; Avalos, D.; Quintero, M.A.; Morillo, D.; Caraballo, F.; Lopez, J.; Deshpande, A.R.; Kerman, D.; McCauley, J.L.; Palacio, A.; Abreu, M.T.; Schwartz, S.J., 2018:
Hispanics Coming to the US Adopt US Cultural Behaviors and Eat Less Healthy: Implications for Development of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Garfield, C.F.; Abbott, C.; Rutsohn, J.; Penedo, F., 2018:
Hispanic Young Males' Mental Health From Adolescence Through the Transition to Fatherhood

Park, J.Cheol.; Yoo, H.; Kim, C.Een.; Shim, S-Yup.; Lee, M., 2017:
Hispidulin-7-O-Neohesperidoside from Cirsium japonicum var. ussuriense Attenuates the Production of Inflammatory Mediators in LPS-Induced Raw 264.7 Cells and HT-29 Cells

Wu, F.; Li, S.; Zhang, N.; Huang, W.; Li, X.; Wang, M.; Bai, D.; Han, B., 2018:
Hispidulin alleviates high-glucose-induced podocyte injury by regulating protective autophagy

An, P.; Wu, T.; Yu, H.; Fang, K.; Ren, Z.; Tang, M., 2018:
Hispidulin Protects Against Focal Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Rats

Liu, K.; Gao, H.; Wang, Q.; Wang, L.; Zhang, B.; Han, Z.; Chen, X.; Han, M.; Gao, M., 2018:
Hispidulin suppresses cell growth and metastasis by targeting PIM1 through JAK2/STAT3 signaling in colorectal cancer

Anonymous, 2018:
His Relations with the Teachers, Parents, and Children

Volodina, E.V.; Volodin, I.A.; Chelysheva, E.V.; Frey, R., 2018:
Hiss and snort call types of wild-living giraffes Giraffa camelopardalis: acoustic structure and context

Kaneko, H., 2018:
Histamime Receptor H4 as a New Therapeutic Target for Age-related Macular Degeneration

Winter, M.C.; Kamath, A.M.; Ries, D.R.; Shasby, S.S.; Chen, Y-Tai.; Shasby, D.Michael., 2018:
Histamine alters cadherin-mediated sites of endothelial adhesion

Halpern, B.N., 1958:
Histamine and allergy

DeVries, Z.C.; Santangelo, R.G.; Barbarin, A.M.; Schal, C., 2018:
Histamine as an emergent indoor contaminant: Accumulation and persistence in bed bug infested homes

Selvam, T.; Schwieger, W.; Dathe, W., 2018:
Histamine-binding capacities of different natural zeolites: a comparative study

de la Torre, M.; Gómez-Botrán, Jé.L.; Olivera, Eías.R.; Bermejo, F.; Rodríguez-Morán, Jín.; Luengo, Jé.M., 2018:
Histamine catabolism in Pseudomonas putida U: identification of the genes, catabolic enzymes and regulators

Madejska, A.; Michalski, Mław.; Pawul-Gruba, M.; Osek, J., 2018:
Histamine Content in Rennet Ripening Cheeses During Storage at Different Temperatures and Times

Jang, Y.; Jin, M.; Seo, S.Heui., 2018:
Histamine contributes to severe pneumonia in pigs infected with 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus

Costa, A.; Cristiano, C.; Cassano, T.; Gallelli, C.Anna.; Gaetani, S.; Ghelardini, C.; Blandina, P.; Calignano, A.; Passani, M.Beatrice.; Provensi, G., 2018:
Histamine-deficient mice do not respond to the antidepressant-like effects of oleoylethanolamide

Kárpáti, Aó.; Yoshikawa, T.; Nakamura, T.; Iida, T.; Matsuzawa, T.; Kitano, H.; Harada, R.; Yanai, K., 2018:
Histamine elicits glutamate release from cultured astrocytes

Ji, M-Jin.; Zhang, X-Yang.; Peng, X-Chun.; Zhang, Y-Xun.; Chen, Z.; Yu, L.; Wang, J-Jun.; Zhu, J-Ning., 2018:
Histamine Excites Rat GABAergic Ventral Pallidum Neurons via Co-activation of H1 and H2 Receptors

Zhuang, Q-Xing.; Xu, H-Ting.; Lu, X-Juan.; Li, B.; Yung, W-Ho.; Wang, J-Jun.; Zhu, J-Ning., 2018:
Histamine Excites Striatal Dopamine D1 and D2 Receptor-Expressing Neurons via Postsynaptic H1 and H2 Receptors

Zhou, Y.; Gao, C.; Wang, H.; Liu, L.; Huang, Z.; Fa, X., 2018:
Histamine H1 type receptor antagonist loratadine ameliorates oxidized LDL induced endothelial dysfunction

Szczepanska, K.; Kuder, K.; Kiec-Kononowicz, K., 2017:
Histamine H3 Receptor Ligands in the Group of (Homo)piperazine Derivatives

Abiuso, A.María.Belén.; Varela, Mía.Luisa.; Haro Durand, L.; Besio Moreno, M.; Marcos, A.; Ponzio, R.; Rivarola, M.Aurelio.; Belgorosky, A.; Pignataro, O.Pedro.; Berensztein, E.; Mondillo, C., 2018:
Histamine H4 receptor as a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of Leydig-cell tumours in prepubertal boys

Lin, J-Geng.; Lee, Y-Chen.; Tu, C-Hao.; MacDonald, I.; Chung, H-Yi.; Luo, S-Ting.; Hung, S-Ya.; Chen, Y-Hung., 2018:
Histamine H 1 Receptor Antagonists Facilitate Electroacupuncture Analgesia

Leary, P.J.; Kronmal, R.A.; Bluemke, D.A.; Buttrick, P.M.; Jones, K.L.; Kao, D.P.; Kawut, S.M.; Krieger, E.V.; Lima, J.A.; Minobe, W.; Ralph, D.D.; Tedford, R.J.; Weiss, N.S.; Bristow, M.R., 2017:
Histamine H 2 Receptor Polymorphisms, Myocardial Transcripts, and Heart Failure (from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and Beta-Blocker Effect on Remodeling and Gene Expression Trial)

Ito, T.; Kimura, Y.; Seki, C.; Ichise, M.; Yokokawa, K.; Kawamura, K.; Takahashi, H.; Higuchi, M.; Zhang, M-Rong.; Suhara, T.; Yamada, M., 2018:
Histamine H 3 receptor density is negatively correlated with neural activity related to working memory in humans

Varaschin, R.Koerich.; Osterstock, G.; Ducrot, C.; Leino, S.; Bourque, M-Josée.; Prado, M.A.M.; Prado, V.Ferreira.; Salminen, O.; Rannanpää Née Nuutinen, S.; Trudeau, L-Eric., 2018:
Histamine H 3 Receptors Decrease Dopamine Release in the Ventral Striatum by Reducing the Activity of Striatal Cholinergic Interneurons

Pini, A.; Grange, C.; Veglia, E.; Argenziano, M.; Cavalli, R.; Guasti, D.; Calosi, L.; Ghè, C.; Solarino, R.; Thurmond, R.L.; Camussi, G.; Chazot, P.L.; Rosa, A.Carolina., 2018:
Histamine H 4 receptor antagonism prevents the progression of diabetic nephropathy in male DBA2/J mice

Kay, L.J.; Suvarna, S.Kim.; Peachell, P.T., 2018:
Histamine H 4 receptor mediates chemotaxis of human lung mast cells

Jin, C-Yu.; Wei, H.; Karlstedt, K.; Pertovaara, A., 2018:
Histamine in the locus coeruleus attenuates neuropathic hypersensitivity

Orazov, M.R.; Radzinskiy, V.Y.; Khamoshina, M.B.; Nosenko, E.N.; Tokaeva, E.S.; Barsegyan, L.K.; Zakirova, Y.R., 2017:
Histamine metabolism disorder in pathogenesis of chronic pelvic pain in patients with external genital endometriosis

Chen, Y.; Zhen, W.; Guo, T.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, A.; Rubio, J.P.; Krull, D.; Richardson, J.C.; Lu, H.; Wang, R., 2018:
Histamine Receptor 3 negatively regulates oligodendrocyte differentiation and remyelination

Morioka, E.; Kanda, Y.; Koizumi, H.; Miyamoto, T.; Ikeda, M., 2018:
Histamine Regulates Molecular Clock Oscillations in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells via H 1 Receptors

Apolloni, S.; Fabbrizio, P.; Amadio, S.; Napoli, G.; Verdile, V.; Morello, G.; Iemmolo, R.; Aronica, E.; Cavallaro, S.; Volonté, C., 2017:
Histamine Regulates the Inflammatory Profile of SOD1-G93A Microglia and the Histaminergic System Is Dysregulated in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Tabakawa, Y.; Ohta, T.; Yoshikawa, S.; Robinson, E.J.; Yamaji, K.; Ishiwata, K.; Kawano, Y.; Miyake, K.; Yamanishi, Y.; Ohtsu, H.; Adachi, T.; Watanabe, N.; Kanuka, H.; Karasuyama, H., 2018:
Histamine Released From Skin-Infiltrating Basophils but Not Mast Cells Is Crucial for Acquired Tick Resistance in Mice

Authried, G.; Prasad, S.C.; Rasmussen, E.R.; Bygum, A., 2018:
Histamine-release test in angioedema patients without urticaria - a retrospective cohort study of 404 patients

Kreis, M.E.; Haupt, W.; Kirkup, A.J.; Grundy, D., 2018:
Histamine sensitivity of mesenteric afferent nerves in the rat jejunum

Nguyen, T.D.; Okolo, C.N.; Moody, M.W., 1998:
Histamine stimulates ion transport by dog pancreatic duct epithelial cells through H1receptors

Xu, J.; Zhang, X.; Qian, Q.; Wang, Y.; Dong, H.; Li, N.; Qian, Y.; Jin, W., 2018:
Histamine upregulates the expression of histamine receptors and increases the neuroprotective effect of astrocytes

da Rocha Curvelo, J.A.; Reis de Sá, L.F.; Moraes, D.C.; Soares, R.M.; Ferreira-Pereira, A., 2017:
Histatin-5 induces the reversal of Pdr5p mediated fluconazole resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisae

Torres, P.; Castro, M.; Reyes, M.; Torres, V.A., 2017:
Histatins, wound healing, and cell migration

Anonymous, 2018:

Song, J.; Yang, L.; Nan, D.; He, Q.; Wan, Y.; Guo, H., 2018:
Histidine Alleviates Impairments Induced by Chronic Cerebral Hypoperfusion in Mice

Calera, J.A.; Calderone, R., 1999:
Histidine kinase, two-component signal transduction proteins of Candida albicans and the pathogenesis of candidosis

Nye, D.B.; Preimesberger, M.R.; Majumdar, A.; Lecomte, J.T.J., 2017:
Histidine-Lysine Axial Ligand Switching in a Hemoglobin: A Role for Heme Propionates

Teloh, J.K.; Ansorge, L.; Petersen, M.; Demircioglu, E.; Waack, I.N.; Brauckmann, S.; Jakob, H.; Dohle, D-S., 2018 :
Histidine metabolism after Bretschneider cardioplegia in cardiac surgical patients

Zhou, Y-Hui.; Xu, C-Geng.; Yang, Y-Bei.; Xing, X-Xu.; Liu, X.; Qu, Q-Wei.; Ding, W-Ya.; Bello-Onaghise, G'spower.; Li, Y-Hua., 2018:
Histidine Metabolism and IGPD Play a Key Role in Cefquinome Inhibiting Biofilm Formation of Staphylococcus xylosus

Nishibori, M.; Wake, H.; Morimatsu, H., 2018:
Histidine-rich glycoprotein as an excellent biomarker for sepsis and beyond

Theek, B.; Baues, M.; Gremse, F.; Pola, R.; Pechar, M.; Negwer, I.; Koynov, K.; Weber, B.; Barz, M.; Jahnen-Dechent, W.; Storm, G.; Kiessling, F.; Lammers, T., 2018:
Histidine-rich glycoprotein-induced vascular normalization improves EPR-mediated drug targeting to and into tumors

Zeng, Z.; Zhang, R.; Hong, W.; Cheng, Y.; Wang, H.; Lang, Y.; Ji, Z.; Wu, Y.; Li, W.; Xie, Y.; Cao, Z., 2018:
Histidine-rich Modification of a Scorpion-derived Peptide Improves Bioavailability and Inhibitory Activity against HSV-1

Cherny, V.V.; Morgan, D.; Thomas, S.; Smith, S.M.E.; DeCoursey, T.E., 2018:
Histidine 168 is crucial for ΔpH-dependent gating of the human voltage-gated proton channel, hH V 1

Hecel, A.; Wątły, J.; Rowińska-Żyrek, M.; Świątek-Kozłowska, J.; Kozłowski, H., 2017:
Histidine tracts in human transcription factors: insight into metal ion coordination ability

Pizano, A.; Montes, F.Ramon.; Carreño, M.; Echeverri, D.; Umaña, J.Pablo., 2018:
Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate Solution versus Blood Cardioplegia in Cardiac Surgery: A Propensity-Score Matched Analysis

Díaz Del Arco, C.; Ortega Medina, L.; Fernández Aceñero, M.Jesús., 2018:
Histiocytic and dendritic cell neoplasms: Review of the literature

Alegre, V.A.; Winkelmann, R.K., 1989:
Histiocytic cytophagic panniculitis

Gündüz, A.Kaan.; Temel, E., 2018:
Histiocytic lesions of the orbit: A study of 9 cases

Davson, J., 1983:
Histiocytic medullary reticulosis

Stefanou, M.Ioanna.; Ott, G.; Ziemann, U.; Mengel, A., 2018:
Histiocytic necrotising lymphadenitis identical to Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease in CNS lupus

Fidai, S.S.; Cipriani, N.A.; Ginat, D.T., 2018:
Histiocytic Necrotizing Lymphadenitis Involving the Neck: Radiology-Pathology Correlation

Morishima, T.; Mizutani, Y.; Takahashi, T.; Miyazaki, T.; Seishima, M., 2017:
Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis (Kikuchi's disease) with vasculitis

Kommalapati, A.; Tella, S.Harsha.; Durkin, M.; Go, R.S.; Goyal, G., 2017:
Histiocytic sarcoma: a population-based analysis of incidence, demographic disparities, and long-term outcomes

Sandler, G.; Franklin, A.; Hayes-Jordan, A., 2018:
Histiocytic sarcoma in a child-successful management and long-term survival with cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy

Zhou, J.; Liu, Y.; Wang, W.; Xu, F-Lei., 2018:
Histiocytic sarcoma of the neck: A case report

Fernández-Aceñero, Mª.Jesús.; Pérez Alonso, P.; Díaz Del Arco, C., 2018:
Histiocytic sarcoma with bladder involvement: Case report and literature review

Acosta, F.; Kojima, Y.; Yang, M., 2018:
Histiocytic Sarcoma with p16-Overexpression Presenting as Uterine Cervical Mass

Paek, J.; Ho, J.Dale.; Al-Haseni, A.; McGee, J.; Larson, A.; Bhawan, J., 2018:
Histiocytoid autoimmunity-related neutrophilic dermatosis in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis

Morgado-Carrasco, D.; Moreno-Rivera, N.; Fustà-Novell, X.; García-Herrera, A.; Carrera, C.; Puig, S., 2018:
Histiocytoid Sweet's syndrome during combined therapy with BRAF and MEK inhibitors for metastatic melanoma

Watson, I.T.; Haugh, I.; Gardner, A.R.; Menter, M.Alan., 2018:
Histiocytoid Sweet syndrome successfully treated with etanercept

Luder, C.M.; Nordmann, T.M.; Ramelyte, E.; Mühleisen, B.; Kerl, K.; Guenova, E.; Dummer, R., 2018:
Histiocytosis - cutaneous manifestations of hematopoietic neoplasm and non-neoplastic histiocytic proliferations

Favara, B.E.; McCarthy, R.C.; Mierau, G.W., 1983:
Histiocytosis X

Ricucci, D.; Loghin, S.; Gonçalves, L.S.; Rôças, I.N.; Siqueira, Jé.F., 2018:
Histobacteriologic Conditions of the Apical Root Canal System and Periapical Tissues in Teeth Associated with Sinus Tracts

Lee, B.; Dickson, D.M.; deCamp, A.C.; Ross Colgate, E.; Diehl, S.A.; Uddin, M.Ikhtear.; Sharmin, S.; Islam, S.; Bhuiyan, T.Rahman.; Alam, M.; Nayak, U.; Mychaleckyj, J.C.; Taniuchi, M.; Petri, W.A.; Haque, R.; Qadri, F.; Kirkpatrick, B.D., 2018:
Histo-Blood Group Antigen Phenotype Determines Susceptibility to Genotype-Specific Rotavirus Infections and Impacts Measures of Rotavirus Vaccine Efficacy

Merrill, D.P.; Reife, R.A.; Tiersch, T.R.; Austin, R.S., 1985:
Histochemical and biochemical studies of the hepatopancreas peroxidase of the freshwater crayfish, Cambarus robustus

Sirsat, M.Satyavati.; Vandrewalla, H.Arnavaz.; Khankolkar, V.R., 1963:
Histochemical and Electron Microscopic Study of Epidermal Neoplasms

Molero de Ávila, Mía.Eugenia.; Alarcón, Mía.Victoria.; Uriarte, D.; Mancha, L.Alberto.; Moreno, D.; Francisco-Morcillo, J., 2018:
Histochemical and immunohistochemical analysis of enzymes involved in phenolic metabolism during berry development in Vitis vinifera L

Coelho, W.Marinho.Dourado.; Buzetti, W.Aparecida.Starke.; Bresciani, K.Denise.Saraiva., 2016:
Histochemical and molecular evaluation of the prevalence of Leishmania spp. in hematophagous insects

Curtis, S.K.; Cowden, R.R.; Moore, J.D.; Robertson, J.Leonard., 1983:
Histochemical and ultrastructural features of the epidermis of the land planarian Bipalium adventitium

Boer, H.H.; Kits, K.S., 1990:
Histochemical and ultrastructural study of the alimentary tract of the freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis

Perez-Tomas, R.; Ballesta, J.; Madrid, J.F.; Pastor, L.M.; Hernandez, F., 1990:
Histochemical and ultrastructural study of the digestive tract of the tortoise Testudo graeca (Testudines)

Kishimoto, A.; Kimura, S.; Nio-Kobayashi, J.; Takahashi-Iwanaga, H.; Park, A-Mee.; Iwanaga, T., 2018:
Histochemical characteristics of regressing vessels in the hyaloid vascular system of neonatal mice: Novel implication for vascular atrophy

Liu, H.; Li, D.; Liu, S.; Liu, Z.; Li, M., 2018:
Histochemical evidence of IGF2 mRNA-binding protein 2-mediated regulation of osteoclast function and adhesive ability

Ikeda, Y.; Hasegawa, T.; Yamamoto, T.; de Freitas, P.Henrique.Luiz.; Oda, K.; Yamauchi, A.; Yokoyama, A., 2018:
Histochemical examination on the peri-implant bone with early occlusal loading after the immediate placement into extraction sockets

Fukuoka, N.; Miyata, M.; Hamada, T.; Takeshita, E., 2018:
Histochemical observations and gene expression changes related to internal browning in tuberous roots of sweet potato (Ipomea batatas)

Van Der Plas, A.J.; Voogt, P.A., 1983:
Histochemical observations on the pyloric caeca of Asterias rubens (Echinodermata, asteroidea) in relation to the reproductive cycle

Hara, A.; Abe, T.; Hirao, A.; Sanbe, K.; Ayakawa, H.; Sarantonglaga, B.; Yamaguchi, M.; Sato, A.; Khurchabilig, A.; Ogata, K.; Fukumori, R.; Sugita, S.; Nagao, Y., 2017:
Histochemical properties of bovine and ovine mammary glands during fetal development

Orr, A.R.; Schoneman, T.A., 1986:
Histochemical Study of Enzyme Activity in the Shoot Apical Meristem of Brassica Campestris During Transition to Flowering. Iv. Glucose-6-Phosphatase

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Histopathological Evidence of the Efficacy of Percutaneous Ethanol Injection in the Treatment of Axillary Osmidrosis: A Promising New Procedure

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Histopathological examination of the placenta in twin pregnancies

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Histopathology and Antibodies

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Histopathology of ~10,000 (Yes, That's TEN THOUSAND) Brain Tissue Samples From Epilepsy Surgery

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