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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65201

Chapter 65201 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hu, X.; Zhang, X.; Gan, H.; Yu, D.; Sun, W.; Shi, Z., 2018:
Horner syndrome as a postoperative complication after minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy: A case report

Topcu-Yilmaz, P.; Kutluk, S.; Onder, F., 2018:
Horner Syndrome as a Rare Complication of Radiofrequency Tonsil Ablation

Sahin, C.B.; Chaudhary, N.; Trobe, J.D., 2017:
Horner Syndrome as the Only Focal Neurologic Manifestation of Hypothalamic Hemorrhage

Musk, G.C.; King, M.; He, B., 2018:
Horner Syndrome in 2 Pigs ( Sus scrofa ) after Vascular Grafting of the Carotid Artery and Jugular Vein

Nannoni, S.; Maeder, P.; Vingerhoets, Fçois.; Michel, P., 2018:
Horner syndrome in ipsilateral lenticulostriate stroke: a novel localization for a classic stroke syndrome

Rodríguez Gómez, C.M.; Rubio Garay, M.; Baldó Padró, X.; Sebastián Quetglás, F., 2017:
Horner syndrome secondary to cephalic paravertebral migration of local anaesthetic

Büntgen, U.; Galván, J.D.; Mysterud, A.; Krusic, P.J.; Hülsmann, L.; Jenny, H.; Senn, J.; Bollmann, K., 2018:
Horn growth variation and hunting selection of the Alpine ibex

Kosumi, H.; Yanagi, T.; Maeda, T.; Sugai, T.; Imafuku, K.; Hata, H.; Shimizu, H., 2018:
Horn-like tumour on the dorsal hand

Anonymous, 2018:
Horns on the Human Subject

Pressel, S.; Renzaglia, K.S.; Dicky Clymo, R.S.; Duckett, J.G., 2018:
Hornwort stomata do not respond actively to exogenous and environmental cues

Anonymous, 2018:
Horrors and Abuses of the Old Madhouses

Cuervo-Arango, J.; Claes, A.N.; Stout, T.A.E., 2018:
Horse embryo diameter is influenced by the embryonic age but not by the type of semen used to inseminate donor mares

Thompson, K.R.; Clarkson, L.; Riley, C.B.; van den Berg, M., 2018:
Horse Husbandry and Preventive Health Practices in Australia: An Online Survey of Horse Guardians

Price, J.B.; da Costa, E.Dantas.; Roque-Torres, G.Delia.; Peyneau, P.Dias.; Godolfim, Lís.Roberto.; Haiter Neto, F.; Almeida, S.Maria., 2018:
Horse or zebra?

Khanmohammadi, M.; Dastjerdi, M.Borzouyan.; Ai, A.; Ahmadi, A.; Godarzi, A.; Rahimi, A.; Ai, J., 2018:
Horseradish peroxidase-catalyzed hydrogelation for biomedical applications

Chen, H-Yi.; Wu, S-Han.; Chen, C-Tsu.; Chen, Y-Ping.; Chang, F-Peng.; Chien, F-Ching.; Mou, C-Yuan., 2018:
Horseradish Peroxidase-Encapsulated Hollow Silica Nanospheres for Intracellular Sensing of Reactive Oxygen Species

Morales Urrea, D.Alberto.; Haure, P.Mónica.; García Einschlag, F.Sebastián.; Contreras, E.Martín., 2018:
Horseradish peroxidase-mediated decolourization of Orange II: modelling hydrogen peroxide utilization efficiency at different pH values

Pavlovic, M.; Rouster, P.; Somosi, Z.; Szilagyi, I., 2018:
Horseradish peroxidase-nanoclay hybrid particles of high functional and colloidal stability

Wolyncewicz, G.E.L.; Palmer, C.S.; Jowett, H.E.; Hutson, J.M.; King, S.K.; Teague, W.J., 2017:
Horse-related injuries in children - unmounted injuries are more severe: A retrospective review

Ki, H.Chul.; Shin, E-Kyoung.; Woo, E.Jin.; Lee, E.; Hong, J.Ha.; Shin, D.Hoon., 2018:
Horse-riding accidents and injuries in historical records of Joseon Dynasty, Korea

Bae, J-Myon., 2018:
Horses as a Potential Reservoir of Lyme Borreliosis in Jeju-do, Korea

Fox, M., 2018:
Horses at the Royal wedding

Anonymous, 2018:
"Horse Sense" in Diagnosis

Ambridge, B., 2018:
Horses for courses: When acceptability judgments are more suitable than structural priming (and vice versa)

Bleve, C.; Bucci, V.; Conighi, M.Luisa.; Battaglino, F.; Costa, L.; Fasoli, L.; Zolpi, E.; Chiarenza, S.Fabio., 2018:
Horseshoe kidney and uretero-pelvic-junction obstruction in a pediatric patient. Laparoscopic vascular hitch: A valid alternative to dismembered pyeloplasty?

Butler-Peres, K.; Scalea, J.R., 2018:
Horseshoe kidney in a deceased organ donor: a rare glimpse at an uncommon finding

Agarwal, S.; Yadav, R.Niwas.; Kumar, M.; Sankhwar, S., 2018:
Horseshoe kidney with unilateral single ectopic ureter

Park, J-Sun.; Shin, J-Han., 2018:
Horseshoe-like Shaped Atrial Septal Defects Confirmed on Three-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography

Ferrari, C.R.; Cooley, J.; Mujahid, N.; Costa, L.R.; Wills, R.W.; Johnson, M.E.; Swiderski, C.E., 2018:
Horses With Pasture Asthma Have Airway Remodeling That Is Characteristic of Human Asthma

Anonymous, 2018:
Horse versus Rabbit Antithymocyte Globulin in Acquired Aplastic Anemia

Ellis, H.; Horsley, V., 2007:
Horsley's wax

Kim, K-Hee.; Park, S-Ae., 2018:
Horticultural therapy program for middle-aged women's depression, anxiety, and self-identify

Gomułka, K.; Radzik-Zając, J.; Zaleska-Dorobisz, U.; Panaszek, B., 2018:
Horton's disease: still an important medical problem in elderly patients: a review and case report

Szklarski, P.C.; Booth, G.S., 2018:
Horton sees a speck: automated testing undone by a fragment

Gareen, I.F.; Hillner, B.E.; Hanna, L.; Makineni, R.; Duan, F.; Shields, A.F.; Subramaniam, R.M.; Siegel, B.A., 2017:
Hospice Admission and Survival After 18 F-Fluoride PET Performed for Evaluation of Osseous Metastatic Disease in the National Oncologic PET Registry

O'Connor, N.R., 2018:
Hospice Among Hemodialysis Patients: Too Little, Too Late to Impact Care Delivery or Costs?

Rousseau, P., 1995:
Hospice and palliative care

Lewis, J., 2017:
Hospice and Palliative Care for Companion Animals: Principles and Practice

Lu, Y.; Gu, Y.; Yu, W., 2018:
Hospice and Palliative Care in China: Development and Challenges

Lehto, R.H.; Heeter, C.; Allbritton, M.; Wiseman, M., 2018:
Hospice and Palliative Care Provider Experiences With Meditation Using Mobile Applications

Fukui, N.; Golabi, P.; Otgonsuren, M.; de Avila, L.; Bush, H.; Younossi, Z.M., 2018:
Hospice care in Medicare patients with primary liver cancer: the impact on resource utilisation and mortality

West, T.D.; Galicia-Castillo, M.C.; Cadieux, C.P.; Parks-Savage, A., 2018:
Hospice Care Needs Study

Gidwani-Marszowski, R.; Kinosian, B.; Scott, W.; Phibbs, C.S.; Intrator, O., 2018:
Hospice Care of Veterans in Medicare Advantage and Traditional Medicare: A Risk-Adjusted Analysis

Polívka, Jřich., 2018:
Hospice - continuing care during patients life

Anonymous, 2000:
Hospice news

Haj-Hamed, M., 2018:
Hospice/Palliative Reflection

Fine, P.G., 2018:
Hospice Underutilization in the U.S.: The Misalignment of Regulatory Policy and Clinical Reality

Schwarze, M.L.; Schueller, K.; Jhagroo, R.Allan., 2018:
Hospice Use and End-of-Life Care for Patients With End-stage Renal Disease: Too Little, Too Late

O'Hare, A.M.; Hailpern, S.M.; Wachterman, M.; Kreuter, W.; Katz, R.; Hall, Y.N.; Montez-Rath, M.; Tamura, M.Kurella.; Daratha, K.B., 2018:
Hospice Use And End-Of-Life Spending Trajectories In Medicare Beneficiaries On Hemodialysis

Anonymous, 1898:
Hospital Abuse

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Abuse and Its Cure

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Abuse and Medical Discontent

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Abuse and the General Practitioner

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Abuse and the Working Class

Saver, C., 2018:
Hospital-academia partnerships steer new nurses to the OR

Snell, E.H., 1910:
Hospital Accommodation for Diphtheria Patients

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Accommodation on Merchant Ships

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Account Keeping and the War: The Allocation of War Expenditure

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Accounts

Stone, J.E., 1923:
Hospital Accounts and Finance: A New System of Accounting Control

Stone, J.E., 1923:
Hospital Accounts and Finance: Getting Value for Money

Stone, J.E., 1922:
Hospital Accounts and Finance: Real Economy and How to Secure It

Nekoei-Moghadam, M.; Amiresmaili, M.; Iranemansh, M.; Iranmanesh, M., 2018:
Hospital accreditation in Iran: A qualitative case study of Kerman hospitals

Bogh, Søren.Bie.; Blom, A.; Raben, D.Caroline.; Braithwaite, J.; Thude, B.; Hollnagel, E.; Plessen, C.von., 2018:
Hospital accreditation: staff experiences and perceptions

Chan, J.K.; Gardner, A.B.; Mann, A.K.; Kapp, D.S., 2018:
Hospital-acquired conditions after surgery for gynecologic cancer - An analysis of 82,304 patients

Rubin, R., 2018:
Hospital-Acquired Conditions Declining

Moon, S-Youn.; Park, K-Ho.; Lee, M.Suk.; Son, J.Seong., 2018:
Hospital-acquired fever in oriental medical hospitals

Velasco, P.; Alcaraz, Aés.J.; Oikonomopoulou, N.; Benito, M.; Moya, R.; Sánchez, Álvaro., 2018:
Hospital-acquired hyponatremia: Does the type of fluid therapy affect children admitted to intensive care?

Zhan, Z.; Lao, M.; Su, F.; Chen, D.; Liang, L.; Yang, X., 2017:
Hospital-acquired infection in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a case-control study in a southern Chinese population

Spiga, R.; Subtil, F.; Grattard, F.; Fascia, P.; Mariat, C.; Auboyer, C.; Lucht, F.; Pozzetto, B.; Berthelot, P., 2017:
Hospital-acquired infections documented by repeated annual prevalence surveys over 15 years

Battaglia, C.C.; Hale, K., 2018:
Hospital-Acquired Infections in Critically Ill Patients With Cancer

Vokes, R.A.; Bearman, G.; Bazzoli, G.J., 2018:
Hospital-Acquired Infections Under Pay-for-Performance Systems: an Administrative Perspective on Management and Change

Malhotra, V.L.; Prakash, K.; Lakshmy, A., 1991:
Hospital-acquired meningococcaemia

Jamil, B.; Gawlik, D.; Syed, M.Ali.; Shah, A.Ali.; Abbasi, S.Ahmad.; Müller, E.; Reißig, A.; Ehricht, R.; Monecke, S., 2017:
Hospital-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from Pakistan: molecular characterisation by microarray technology

Min, J-Young.; Kim, H-Jin.; Yoon, C.; Lee, K.; Yeo, M.; Min, K-Bok., 2018:
Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia among Inpatients via the Emergency Department: A Propensity-Score Matched Analysis

Doubravská, L.; Uvízl, R.; Gabrhelík, Táš.; Klementová, O.; Kolář, M., 2018:
Hospital-acquired pneumonia in the light of current recommendations - is there a space for improving patient care?

Jakubec, P.; Křenková, A.; Kolek, Vítězslav., 2018:
Hospital-acquired pneumonias

Barakat-Johnson, M.; Lai, M.; Barnett, C.; Wand, T.; Lidia Wolak, D.; Chan, C.; Leong, T.; White, K., 2018:
Hospital-acquired pressure injuries: Are they accurately reported? A prospective descriptive study in a large tertiary hospital in Australia

Rondinelli, J.; Zuniga, S.; Kipnis, P.; Kawar, L.Najib.; Liu, V.; Escobar, G.J., 2017:
Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injury: Risk-Adjusted Comparisons in an Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

Robinson, R.; Knight, S., 2018:
Hospital acquisitions: The chief nurse executive perspective

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Administration

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Administration.-Alcohol and Milk Consumption

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Administration.-Alcohol at Provincial Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Administration and Organisation in South Africa

Kershaw, R., 1892:
Hospital Administration: Finance

Matron, A., 1908:
Hospital Administration: Hospital Committees and Overwork

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Administration: II. Admission of Patients

Anonymous, 2018 :
Hospital Administration: III. Finance

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Administration in War-Time

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Administration: Mr. Sturge and the Alcohol Question

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Administration: Provision for Incurables

Foster, G., 1915:
Hospital Administrators at the Base Hospitals in South Africa

Rinne, S.T.; Rinne, T.J.; Olsen, K.; Wiener, R.Soylemez.; Balcezak, T.J.; Dardani, W.; Elwy, R., 2017:
Hospital Administrators' Perspectives on Physician Engagement: A Qualitative Study

Balzano, A.; Carle, F.; Tamburini, C.; Monica, F.; Milazzo, G.; Spolaore, P.; Galadini, M.; Basili, F.; Ricciardiello, L.; Buscarini, E.; Leandro, G., 2018:
Hospital admission for digestive diseases: Gastroenterology units offer a more effective and efficient care

Bohn, B.; Schwandt, A.; Ihle, P.; Icks, A.; Rosenbauer, J.; Karges, B.; Holl, R.W., 2017:
Hospital admission in children and adolescents with or without type 1 diabetes from Germany: An analysis of statutory health insurance data on 12 million subjects

Bernardes, C.; Massano, Jão.; Freitas, A., 2018:
Hospital admissions 2000-2014: A retrospective analysis of 288 096 events in patients with dementia

Bernal-Celestino, Rén.José.; León-Hurtado, D.; Martínez-Leal, R., 2018:
Hospital admissions and morbidity in people with intellectual developmental disorders

Mongkhon, P.; Ashcroft, D.M.; Scholfield, C.Norman.; Kongkaew, C., 2018:
Hospital admissions associated with medication non-adherence: a systematic review of prospective observational studies

Naser, A.Y.; Wang, Q.; Wong, L.Y.L.; Ilomaki, J.; Bell, J.Simon.; Fang, G.; Wong, I.C.K.; Wei, L., 2017:
Hospital Admissions due to Dysglycaemia and Prescriptions of Antidiabetic Medications in England and Wales: An Ecological Study

Haataja, P.; Korhonen, Päivi.; Ojala, R.; Hirvonen, M.; Korppi, M.; Gissler, M.; Luukkaala, T.; Tammela, O., 2017:
Hospital admissions for lower respiratory tract infections in children born moderately/late preterm

Abdalla, T.; Hendrickx, D.; Fathima, P.; Walker, R.; Blyth, C.C.; Carapetis, J.R.; Bowen, A.C.; Moore, H.C., 2017:
Hospital admissions for skin infections among Western Australian children and adolescents from 1996 to 2012

Linton, E.; Langer, A.L.; Glassberg, J., 2018:
Hospital Admissions, Mortality and Comorbidities Among New York State Sickle Cell Patients, 2005-2013

Sundin, P-Ola.; Udumyan, R.; Fall, K.; Montgomery, S., 2018:
Hospital admission with pneumonia and subsequent persistent risk of chronic kidney disease: national cohort study

Cutting, C., 1914:
Hospital Advertising

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Affairs in Ireland: Radical Reforms Called for

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Airships

Kemp, E.S., 1913 :
Hospital Almoners and Insured Patients

Kemp, E.S., 1913:
Hospital Almoners and Saturday Fund Subscribers

Corbella, X.; Barreto, V.; Bassetti, S.; Bivol, M.; Castellino, P.; de Kruijf, E-Jan.; Dentali, F.; Durusu-Tanriöver, M.; Fierbinţeanu-Braticevici, C.; Hanslik, T.; Hojs, R.; Kiňová, Sňa.; Lazebnik, L.; Livčāne, E.; Raspe, M.; Campos, L., 2018:
Hospital ambulatory medicine: A leading strategy for Internal Medicine in Europe

Anonymous, 2018:

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Asvlum Construction

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Asylum Construction

Delaney, J.Ac.; Yin, X.; Fontes, Jão.Daniel.; Wallace, E.R.; Skinner, A.; Wang, N.; Hammill, B.G.; Benjamin, E.J.; Curtis, L.H.; Heckbert, S.R., 2018:
Hospital and clinical care costs associated with atrial fibrillation for Medicare beneficiaries in the Cardiovascular Health Study and the Framingham Heart Study

Suharto, N.; Amin, M.; Rini, D.Puspita.; Romdhoni, A.Chusnu.; Pawanis, P.Zulfayandi.; Hidayat, M.Syamsul., 2018:
Hospital- and Community- Based Surveillance of Zika and Dengue Viruses in Indonesia

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Health Law in the Empire and U.S.A

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Health News

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Home for Incurable Children

Luengo-Fernandez, R.; Howard, D.P.J.; Nichol, K.G.; Dobell, E.; Rothwell, P.M., 2018:
Hospital and Institutionalisation Care Costs after Limb and Visceral Ischaemia Benchmarked Against Stroke: Long-Term Results of a Population Based Cohort Study

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Institutional News

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Other News

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Poor Law Problems

Lecocq, D., 2018:
Hospital and prison care in Ivory Coast

Farber, M.; Cheng, Aé.; Cuff, A., 2007:
Hospital and Private Practice Partnerships: Which Model Is Right for You?

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital and Staff Liability for Negligence

Hattori, Y.; Katayama, M.; Kida, D.; Kaneko, A., 2018:
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale Score Is an Independent Factor Associated With the EuroQoL 5-Dimensional Descriptive System in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yamamoto-Furusho, Jús.K.; Sarmiento-Aguilar, A.; García-Alanis, M.; Gómez-García, L.Enrique.; Toledo-Mauriño, J.; Olivares-Guzmán, L.; Fresán-Orellana, A., 2018:
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS): Validation in Mexican Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Appeals and Hospital Abuse

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Architecture

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Architecture and Construction

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Architecture and Construction: King Edward Memorial Hospital, Ealing

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Architecture and Construction: Malvern Hospital

Pouw, M.A.; Calf, A.H.; van Munster, B.C.; Ter Maaten, J.C.; Smidt, N.; de Rooij, S.E., 2018:
Hospital at Home care for older patients with cognitive impairment: a protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trial

Liao, J.M.; Navathe, A.; Press, M.J., 2018:
Hospital-at-Home Care Programs-Is the Hospital of the Future at Home?

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Barges for the Wounded

Yamaoka, Y.; Tamiya, N.; Watanabe, A.; Miyazono, Y.; Tanaka, R.; Matsuzawa, A.; Sumazaki, R., 2018:
Hospital-based care utilization of children with medical complexity in Japan

Okato, A.; Hashimoto, T.; Tanaka, M.; Tachibana, M.; Machizawa, A.; Okayama, J.; Endo, M.; Senda, M.; Saito, N.; Iyo, M., 2018:
Hospital-based child protection teams that care for parents who abuse or neglect their children recognize the need for multidisciplinary collaborative practice involving perinatal care and mental health professionals: a questionnaire survey conducted in Japan

Kara, A.; Johnson, C.S.; Hui, S.L.; Kashiwagi, D., 2017:
Hospital-Based Clinicians' Perceptions of Geographic Cohorting: Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

Bhoosnurmath, K., 2017:
Hospital-based community eye health programme: A model for elimination of avoidable blindness on a sustainable basis

Rampa, S.; Wilson, F.A.; Wang, H.; Wehbi, N.K.; Smith, L.; Allareddy, V., 2018:
Hospital-Based Emergency Department Visits With Dental Conditions: Impact of the Medicaid Reimbursement Fee for Dental Services in New York State, 2009-2013

Song, J.Young.; Noh, J.Yun.; Lee, J.; Woo, H.Jeong.; Lee, J.Soo.; Wie, S.Heon.; Kim, Y.Keun.; Jeong, H.Won.; Kim, S.Woo.; Lee, S.Hee.; Park, K.Hwa.; Kang, S.Hui.; Kee, S.Yoon.; Kim, T.Hyong.; Choo, E.Ju.; Lee, H.Sol.; Choi, W.Suk.; Cheong, H.Jin.; Kim, W.Joo., 2018:
Hospital-based Influenza Morbidity and Mortality (HIMM) Surveillance for A/H7N9 Influenza Virus Infection in Returning Travelers

Geerligs, L.; Rankin, N.M.; Shepherd, H.L.; Butow, P., 2018:
Hospital-based interventions: a systematic review of staff-reported barriers and facilitators to implementation processes

Lee, M.Wt.; Ali, S.; Patel, D.C., 2018:
Hospital-based phototherapy: What is the cost to our patients?

Kaushal, T.; Satapathy, S.; Chadda, R.Kumar.; Bakhshi, S.; Sagar, R.; Sapra, S., 2018:
Hospital Based Psychosocial Support Program for Children with ALL and their Families: A Comprehensive Triad's Perspective

Bardach, N.S.; Burkhart, Q.; Richardson, L.P.; Roth, C.P.; Murphy, J.Michael.; Parast, L.; Gidengil, C.A.; Marmet, J.; Britto, M.T.; Mangione-Smith, R., 2018:
Hospital-Based Quality Measures for Pediatric Mental Health Care

Hayek, S.A.; Munoz, A.; Dove, J.T.; Hunsinger, M.; Arora, T.; Wild, J.; Shabahang, M.; Blansfield, J., 2018:
Hospital-Based Study of Compliance with NCCN Guidelines and Predictive Factors of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in the Setting of Thin Melanoma Using the National Cancer Database

Fujioka, S.; Fukae, J.; Ogura, H.; Mishima, T.; Yanamoto, S.; Higuchi, M-Aki.; Umemoto, G.; Tsuboi, Y., 2016:
Hospital-based study on emergency admission of patients with Parkinson's disease

Samdan, A.; Ganbold, S.; Guntev, O.; Orosoo, S.; Javzandorj, N.; Gongor, A.; Enkhtuvshin, A.; Demberelsuren, S.; Abdul, W.; Jee, Y.; Grabovac, V.; Kirkwood, C.; Fox, K.; Nyambat, B., 2018:
Hospital-based surveillance for rotavirus diarrhea in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, April 2009 through March 2016

Dicker, R.A., 2016:
Hospital-based violence intervention: an emerging practice based on public health principles

Affinati, S.; Patton, D.; Hansen, L.; Ranney, M.; Christmas, A.Britton.; Violano, P.; Sodhi, A.; Robinson, B.; Crandall, M., 2016:
Hospital-based violence intervention programs targeting adult populations: an Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma evidence-based review

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Benefit and the Insurance Act

Francis, F.W., 1912:
Hospital Benefit for Insured Persons by Pro Rata Payments and Not as Charity

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Book-Keeping and Accounts

Parsons, C.Thackray., 1913:
Hospital Branch of the Poor-Law Medical Service

Fernandes Garcia de Carvalho, N.; Rodrigues Mestrinari, A.C.; Brandão, A.; Souza Jorge, L.; Franco, C.; da Silveira Paro Pedro, H.; de Lucca Oliveira, M.G.; Blaz Trombim, P.E.; Brandão, D.; Ferrazoli, L.; Chimara, E., 2018:
Hospital bronchoscopy-related pseudo-outbreak caused by a circulating Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. massiliense

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Building

Vanderhoek, J.Y., 2018:
Hospital Care for Jews in Nineteenth-century Amsterdam: The Emergence of the First Jewish Hospitals

Lind, J.; Schollin Ask, L.; Juarez, S.; Hjern, A., 2018:
Hospital care for viral gastroenteritis in socio-economic and geographical context in Sweden 2006-2013

Lindgren, A.; Burt, S.; Bragan Turner, E.; Meretoja, A.; Lee, J-Moo.; Hemmen, T.M.; Alberts, M.; Lemmens, R.; Vergouwen, M.DI.; Rinkel, G.Je., 2018:
Hospital case-volume is associated with case-fatality after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Centralisation at Aberdeen

Christiansen, T.; Vrangbæk, K., 2018:
Hospital centralization and performance in Denmark-Ten years on

Lieberman-Cribbin, W.; Galsky, M.; Casey, M.; Liu, B.; Oh, W.; Flores, R.; Taioli, E., 2017:
Hospital Centralization Impacts High-Risk Lung and Bladder Cancer Surgical Patients

Thye, J.; Hübner, U.; Weiß, J-Patrick.; Teuteberg, F.; Hüsers, J.; Liebe, J-David.; Babitsch, B., 2018:
Hospital CEOs Need Health IT Knowledge and Trust in CIOs: Insights from a Qualitative Study

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Chapels and Hospital Sunday

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Chaplains to the Rescue

Horwitz, L.I.; Wang, Y.; Altaf, F.K.; Wang, C.; Lin, Z.; Liu, S.; Grady, J.; Bernheim, S.M.; Desai, N.R.; Venkatesh, A.K.; Herrin, J., 2018:
Hospital Characteristics Associated With Postdischarge Hospital Readmission, Observation, and Emergency Department Utilization

Collier, W., 1887:
Hospital Charity: The Best Means of Preventing Its Abuse

Aggarwal, A.; Bernays, S.; Payne, H.; van der Meulen, J.; Davis, C., 2018:
Hospital Choice in Cancer Care: A Qualitative Study

Ho, K.; Pakes, A., 2018:
Hospital Choices, Hospital Prices, and Financial Incentives to Physicians

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Choirs

Mertz, L., 2018:
Hospital CIO Explains Blockchain Potential: An Interview with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's John Halamka

Wei, M.; Ford, J.; Li, Q.; Jeong, D.; Kwong, A.J.; Nguyen, M.H.; Chang, M.S., 2018:
Hospital Cirrhosis Volume and Readmission in Patients with Cirrhosis in California

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Claims and the Insurance Surplus

Dafforne, H.J., 1912:
Hospital Clerks: Their Duties and Responsibilities

Dafforne, H.J., 1912:
Hospital Clerks: Their Duties and Responsibilities.-II

Trinh, H.T.; Nguyen, H.T.L.; Pham, V.T.T.; Ba, H.L.; Dong, P.T.X.; Cao, T.T.B.; Nguyen, H.T.H.; Brien, J-Anne., 2018:
Hospital clinical pharmacy services in Vietnam

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Clinical Services and the New Age

Jaeger, G., 1888:
Hospital Clothing and Bedding

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Committees and Hospital Secretaries

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Committees, Trained Nurses, and the Public

Tripathi, B.; Arora, S.; Kumar, V.; Thakur, K.; Lahewala, S.; Patel, N.; Dave, M.; Shah, M.; Savani, S.; Sharma, P.; Bandyopadhyay, D.; Shantha, G.Palamaner.Subash.; Egbe, A.; Chatterjee, S.; Patel, N.Kirit.; Gopalan, R.; Figueredo, V.M.; Deshmukh, A., 2018:
Hospital Complications and Causes of 90-Day Readmissions After Implantation of Left Ventricular Assist Devices

Whitham, A., 1911:
Hospital Concerts and Yorkshire Wakes

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Conditions in London Sixty Years Ago

Clawson, J.J.; Gardett, I.; Scott, G.; Fivaz, C.; Barron, T.; Broadbent, M.; Olola, C., 2017:
Hospital-Confirmed Acute Myocardial Infarction: Prehospital Identification Using the Medical Priority Dispatch System

Kirkner, R.Mark., 2018:
Hospital Consolidation: FTC May be a Stick in the Spokes of Hospital Mergers

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Construction

Hall, E.T., 1912:
Hospital Construction Competitions

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Construction in Germany

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Construction: Mechanical Ventilation of Hospital Wards

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Construction: The Rotunda Hospital, Dublin

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Consultants and Panel Practice

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Hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems scores relating to pain following the incorporation of clinical pharmacists into patient education prior to joint replacement surgery

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Hospital contacts with alcohol problems prior to liver cirrhosis or pancreatitis diagnosis

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Contracts and Prices

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Contracts and Prices-II

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Contracts and Prices: III. The Purchase of Drugs

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Contracts and Prices: IV. Surgical Dressings

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Contracts and Prices: VI. Domestic

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Contracts and Prices: V. Surgical Instruments, Wines, and Sundries

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Control and Efficiency

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Convalescent Home, Parkwood, Swanley, Kent

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Hospital Cookery

Clark, A., 1886:
Hospital Co-Operation and Mutual Help

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Co-Operation in Hackney

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Co-Operation in Westminster

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Hospital Co-Operation: What Westminster Is Doing

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Hospital coordination and integration with social care in England: The effect on post-operative length of stay

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Hospital cost analysis of children with preseptal cellulitis

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Hospital Cost and Hospital Statistics

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Hospital Costs Associated with Sepsis Compared with Other Medical Conditions

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Hospital costs estimation by micro and gross-costing approaches

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Hospital Costs for PAD Patients in the Endovascular Era: Has the Taxi's Meter Slowed?

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Hospital Costs: Uncompensated Care Falls to Lowest Level in 25 Years

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Hospital Crests and Badges

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Hospital culture and clinical performance: where next?

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Hospital deaths fall more quickly in England than in Scotland over past 17 years

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Hospital Depression and the Registration of Nurses

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Hospital Deputation to the Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Hospital Diet Enriched With Rapeseed or Sunflower Oils Is Associated With a Decrease in Plasma 16:1n-7 and Some Metabolic Disorders in the Elderly

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Dietetics

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Diets in 1764

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Disaster Physician Privileging

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Hospital Disaster Preparedness in Switzerland Over a Decade: A National Survey

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Hospital Dispensers and the Insurance Act

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Dispute at Torquay

Dyer, C., 2018:
Hospital doctors face unfair disciplinary procedures, says defence organisation

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Doctors under Surveillance

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Doors

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Dresser's Table

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Economics

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Hospital Economics.-V. The Statistical Report of King Edward's Hospital Fund

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Hospital Economies

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Hospital Economy in War-Time

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Hospital Efficiency Measurement Before and After Health Sector Evolution Plan in Southwest of Iran: a DEA-Panel Data Study

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Hospital emergency department visits by ambulance for nontraumatic tooth pain in the USA

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Hospital emergency services in Spain: Differences by autonomous community or by system of organization?

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Hospital Employees and Unemployment Insurance

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Hospital end-of-life care in haematological malignancies

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Hospital Equipment

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Equipment in War-Time

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Hospital evaluation of health literacy and associated outcomes in patients after acute myocardial infarction

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Expenditure

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Expenditure and Efficiency

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Hospital Expenditure and Its Reduction

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Expenditure.-I

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Expenditure.-II

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Expenditure.-The Commissariat

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Expenditure.-The Commissariat.-I

Chiene, J., 1889:
Hospital Experiences Part I

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Extravagance and Expenditure

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Facts and Observations

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Facts and Observations, &c

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Facts for an Interested Public

Garriga García, Mía.; De Las Heras de la Hera, A., 2018:
Hospital feeding and healthy gastronomy

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Festivals and Meetings

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Finance

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Hospital Finance-A Disclaimer

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Finance and Economy

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Finance and Economy.-III

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Finance at Its Best

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Finance in 1917

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Hospital financing of ischaemic stroke: determinants of funding and usefulness of DRG subcategories based on severity of illness

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Fittings

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Floors

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Epilepsy and Paralysis

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Epilepsy and Paralysis: Princess Louise Opens the Completed Building

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Epilepsy at Maida Vale

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Infectious Disease, Newburn, Northumberland

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Sheffield

Nagaoka, H., 2018:
Hospital Formulations for Palliative Medicine

Murray, J., 1904:
Hospital for Sick Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Sick Children at Lisbon

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for the Insane in British Columbia

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Thurso District

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Calcutta

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital for Women, Soho Square

Spark, A.Fred.R., 1887:
Hospital Funds and the Working Classes

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Furniture

Dobson, J., 2017:
Hospital gardens are making a comeback

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Gazettes for July

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital History of Cape Town

Anonymous, 1958:
Hospital-hospice of Gonesse, Seine-et-Oise

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Housekeeping

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Huts

Davis, J.B., 1967:
Hospital indicators

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital in Edinburgh for Sick Children

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Hospital infection control programs: assessment of process and structure indicators

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Hospital infections

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Hospital Information Technology is critical to the success of a point-of-care ultrasound program

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Hospital in Hong Kong

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Hospital interconsultations: A puzzle to put together

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Hospital Investments and Trustees: A Practical View of Depreciation

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Hospital Isolation in Scarlet Fever

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Hospitalist Medicine-Chairs' Perspective of Specialty Status and Training Requirements

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Hospitalists in the ICU: Necessary But Not Sufficient

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Hospitalist Value in an ACO World

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Hospitalization risk in bipolar disorder patients treated with lurasidone versus other atypical antipsychotics

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Hospitalizations, active component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2017

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Hospitalizations and Costs in Primary Prevention ICD Recipients: Who Determines the Outcomes?

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Hospital Laundries

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Hospital Laundries, Metropolitan and Provincial

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Hospital length of stay in patients initiated on direct oral anticoagulants versus warfarin for venous thromboembolism: a real-world single-center study

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Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Letters

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Hospital-Level Care at Home for Acutely Ill Adults: a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

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Hospital-level care coordination strategies associated with better patient experience

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Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Libraries: A Scheme for Centralisation

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Hospital Library

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Life in Jerusalem

Lawrence, P.P.A., 1918:
Hospital Life in Macedonia

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Management

Webster, A.W., 1888:
Hospital Management and Methods of Raising Income

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Hospital Management of Severe Hypertriglyceridemia in Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Managers and Probationer's Contracts

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Managers and the Insurance Act

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Managers in Municipal Office

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Hospital, Maternal and Birth Factors Associated With Hepatitis B Vaccination at Birth: West Virginia, 2015

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Hospital medical doctors perception on palliative home care support team

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Hospital medicine beyond the United States

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Meetings

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Meetings and Developments

Griffiths, A., 1924:
Hospital Men of Mark

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Brigadier-General Brownlow and Mr. Lancaster-Gaye

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Col. A. C. Dawson, C.B.E., and Mr. Frank Inch

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Colonel D. J. Mackintosh and Mr. J. Matheson Johnston

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Lord Armstrong and Mr. S. Dunstan

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Mr. E. W. Morris, C.B.E

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Mr. Frederick Action and Mr. Peter McColl

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Mr. J. Courtney Buchanan, C.B.E

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Mr. Reginald B. Loder and Mr. Carrington S. Risbee

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Mr. Thomas Hayes

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Mr. Wade Deacon, C.B.E., and Captain William Rutter

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Men of Mark: Sir Edward Pearson and Mr. C. M. Power

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Methods at Melbourne

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Hospital mortality and the 'weekend effect'-real or imagined?

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Hospital mortality in older patients in the Brazilian Unified Health System, Southeast region

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Hospital mortality scores are unduly influenced by changes in the number of admissions

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Mortuaries and Dead-Houses: The Scandals of Oblivion

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Music and Christmas Festivities

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Needs and Hospital Appeals

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Needs and Hospital Appeals: Hospitals with 150 Beds and Upwards

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Needs and Invested Funds

Zhang, M.; Zheng, K.; Shen, Y.; Lin, Z.; Li, Z., 2018:
Hospital Networked Medical Equipment Safety Management

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Hospital networks: how to make them work in Belgium? Facilitators and barriers of different governance models

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital News

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Notes

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Hospital nurses' bereavement support for relatives: study report

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Nurses in Asylum Service

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Hospital nurses' information retrieval behaviours in relation to evidence based nursing: a literature review

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Hospital Nursing in War-Time: Disadvantages of Depleted Staffs

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Hospital nursing leadership-led interventions increased genomic awareness and educational intent in Magnet settings

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Hospital Nutrition Assessment Practice 2016 Survey

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Hospital Obscurantism

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Hospital of diagnosis influences the probability of receiving curative treatment for oesophageal and gastric cancer

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Officers' Association

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Officers' Association Visit to Richmond

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Officers' Visit to Southport

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Officials' Pensions

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital of Nantes

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Hospital-onset infections: a patient safety issue

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Hospital-Onset MRSA Bacteremia Rates Are Significantly Correlated With Sociodemographic Factors: A Step Toward Risk Adjustment

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Hospital Out-Patient Reform and Provident Dispensaries

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Hospital Out-Patient Treatment of Infants

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Hospital ownership: a risk factor for nosocomial infection rates?

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Hospital participation in Meaningful Use and racial disparities in readmissions

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Hospital passports require standardisation to improve patient safety and person-centred care for those with intellectual disability

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Hospital pastoral care of people with dementia : A qualitative interview study with professional hospital pastoral carers

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Hospital Patients' Sick Insurance

Daly, R., 2016:
Hospital Payment: CMS Hits 'Pause' on Q10 Reviews, Orders Re-Review

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Penny Fund

Barbash, I.J.; Rak, K.J.; Kuza, C.C.; Kahn, J.M., 2018:
Hospital Perceptions of Medicare's Sepsis Quality Reporting Initiative

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Pharmacists and Food Economy

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Pharmacists and Olive Oil: Official Tests

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Hospital pharmacists' and patients' views about what constitutes effective communication between pharmacists and patients

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Hospital Pharmacists in Europe: Between Warehouse and Prescription Pad?

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Hospital pharmacists' perceived beliefs and responsibilities in indication-based off-label prescribing

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Hospital Pharmacopœias

Doucette, D., 2018:
Hospital Pharmacy's Situational Awareness

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Hospital pharmacy workforce in Brazil

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Hospital-Physician Consolidation Accelerated In The Past Decade In Cardiology, Oncology

Gross, C.N.; Brunner, J.O.; Blobner, M., 2018:
Hospital physicians can't get no long-term satisfaction - an indicator for fairness in preference fulfillment on duty schedules

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Planning in America

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Plans and Their Selection

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Plans and Their Selection: Right and Wrong Methods: A Case in Point

Lorenzi, N., 2018:
Hospital plumbing system advances. Manufactures design smart products to meet sanitary and sustainability needs

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Hospital Policy and Productivity - Evidence from German States

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Policy during the War

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Hospital Policy in America: Problems of the Future

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Porters and Solicitors' Touts

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Practice

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Hospital preparedness and management of patients affected by viral haemorrhagic fever or smallpox at the Lazzaro Spallanzani Institute, Italy

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Presidents and Hospital Indebtedness

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Hospital privileges

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Problems in Canada: Work of 1923

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Problems in India

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Hospital procedure volume does not predict acute kidney injury after coronary artery bypass grafting-a nationwide study

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Progress Abroad

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Progress and Finance

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Progress in 1907

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Progress in Paris.-I

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Progress in Paris.-II

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Progress in Paris.-III

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Promotion: A Wag's Experience

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Prophylaxis: The Prevention of Accidents

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Provision: Its Difficulties and Limitations

Geduld, H.; Hynes, E.J.Calvello.; Wallis, L.A.; Reynolds, T., 2018:
Hospital proximity does not guarantee access to emergency care

Burns, L.R.; Briggs, A.D., 2018:
Hospital purchasing alliances: Ten years after

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Hospital quality reporting and improvement in quality of care for patients with acute myocardial infarction

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Questions Which Press

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Hospital Readmission as a Poor Measure of Quality in Ovarian Cancer Surgery

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Hospital readmission following open, single-stage, elective abdominal wall reconstructions using acellular dermal matrix affects long-term hernia recurrence rate

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Hospital readmission: Older married male patients' experiences of life conditions and critical incidents affecting the course of care, a qualitative study

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Hospital readmissions and the day of the week

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Hospital readmissions, mortality and potentially inappropriate prescribing: a retrospective study of older adults discharged from hospital

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Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program: Intended and Unintended Effects

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Reconstruction and Rebuilding: Cost per Bed for Building Alone

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Records and Medical Research

Johnson, A.M.; Jones, S.B.; Duncan, P.W.; Bushnell, C.D.; Coleman, S.W.; Mettam, L.H.; Kucharska-Newton, A.M.; Sissine, M.E.; Rosamond, W.D., 2018:
Hospital recruitment for a pragmatic cluster-randomized clinical trial: Lessons learned from the COMPASS study

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Hospital referral of detainees during police custody in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cook, T.Alex., 1913:
Hospital Regulations and the Insurance Act

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Relief in Holland

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Reports

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Reports and National Insurance: Newcastle, Sheffield, and West Ham

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Reports-Hospital Elections: Sir. A. Carlisle's Letter-Dissentions in the Surgical Cabinet

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Representation on the King's Fund

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Residents and Economy

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Residents and Hospital Abuse

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Resources in the Eastern War

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Responsibilities-Direct and Indirect

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Revenues Today and Ten Years Ago

White, N., 2018:
Hospital Rooms

Vest, J.R.; Simon, K., 2018:
Hospitals' adoption of intra-system information exchange is negatively associated with inter-system information exchange

Sternkopf, J.; Schultz, C., 2017:
Hospitals' adoption of medical device registers: Evidence from the German Arthroplasty Register

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Hospital safety-net burden does not predict differences in rectal cancer treatment and outcomes

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals Amongst the Ancient Greeks

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and a Coal Strike

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and a Paid Staff

Dunstan, S., 1923:
Hospitals and Approved Societies

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Asylums of the World

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Charitable Aid in New Zealand: A Glance at State Aid in the Colonies

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Country Annexes

Holderness, E.W.E., 1924:
Hospitals and Dangerous Drugs

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Dental Service

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Dispensaries in Burma

Edwards, A.F., 1911:
Hospitals and Flannelette

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and General Practitioners

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Hospital Visitors

Stone, J.E., 1924:
Hospitals and Income Tax

Bosscha, H.P., 1910:
Hospitals and Insurance Systems

Whitney, R.G.E., 1913 :
Hospitals and Insured Patients

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Insured Persons' Fees

Karash, J.A., 2016:
Hospitals and libraries 'go by the books'

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Lifeboats

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Medical Education

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Medical Teaching

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Mental Cases

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Milkmen

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Opportunities

Lowthian, J.A.; Lennox, A.; Curtis, A.; Wilson, G.; Rosewarne, C.; Smit, D.Villiers.; O'Brien, D.; Browning, C.Joy.; Boyd, L.; Smith, C.; Cameron, P.; Dale, J., 2018:
HOspitals and patients WoRking in Unity ( HOW R U? ): telephone peer support to improve older patients' quality of life after emergency department discharge in Melbourne, Australia-a multicentre prospective feasibility study

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Paying Patients

Lückes, E.C.E., 1912:
Hospitals and Paying Pupils: An Absurd Proposal

Thies, C.W., 1915:
Hospitals and Payment for Wounded

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Poor Law Reform

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Rates

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Sick Children

Frankau, F.J., 1915:
Hospitals and Spirit Tax

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and State Aid: Conditions under Which Government Aid Is Given to Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and State Aid.-II: Conditions under which Government Aid is Given to Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and State Aid.-III: Conditions under which Government Aid is Given to Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and State Insurance

Barron, J.J., 1911:
Hospitals and Street Noises

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Suicidal Patients

Lamb, S.R., 1921:
Hospitals and the Approved Societies' Surplus

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Aristocracy of the Poor

Cobbett, W., 1911:
Hospitals and the Bill

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Budget

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Conversion of Consols: Pros and Cons by a Secretary

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Doctrine of "Cy-Pres"

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Drama

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Dust Nuisance

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Duty of Business Firms

Pruckner, G.J.; Schober, T., 2018:
Hospitals and the generic versus brand-name prescription decision in the outpatient sector

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Holiday Season

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Honours List

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Insurance Bill

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Insurance of Patients

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Their Detractors

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Their Expenditure

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Their Milk Supply: An Ideal Method

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Their Special Needs

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Their Work in Mauritius

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Law

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Law in 1910

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Law of Negligence

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Law of Nuisance

Graham, H.Howgrave., 1900:
Hospitals and the Limited Liability Act

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Poets.-II. The Medical Career of Oliver Goldsmith

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Poets.-IV.Crabbe, Akenside, and Armstrong

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Poets.- The Poet Laureate, Henley, and Two Famous Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Poets.-V. Dr. Erasmus Darwin, Scientist, Physician, and Poet

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Poets. VI. Walt Whitman as a Hospital Orderly

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Problem of Reform

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Rates

Hocking, F.A., 1915:
Hospitals and the Spirit Duties

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Spirit Tax

Hocking, F.A., 1915:
Hospitals and the Spirit Tax: Mr. F. A. Hocking's Proposals

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Spirit Tax: The Government Amendment to the Finance Bill

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Spirit Tax: Where the British Medical Association's Case Fails

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the State: Sir William Collins' Paper and the Discussion

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Sunday Fund

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Tax-Payer

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the Treatment of Children under the Insurance Bill

Whitham, A., 1914:
Hospitals and the Truck Act

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the War

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the War: Brighton

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and the War: Work for the Wounded of the Allied Armies

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Unemployment: The King's Fund and the Cabinet Committee

Rowallan, 1913:
Hospitals and Unsold Newspapers: Lord Rowallan's Suggestion

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Vaccine Therapy

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals and Vivisection

Pinilla, Mía.Y.; Abadía, César.E., 2018:
Hospital San Juan de Dios: actor and victim of the public policies in Colombia

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals Are Still Confused About Inpatient vs. Observation

Vize, R., 2018:
Hospitals as anchor institutions: how the NHS can act beyond healthcare to support communities

Hodges, S., 2018:
Hospitals as factories of medical garbage

Saadi, A.; McKee, M., 2018:
Hospitals as places of sanctuary

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals as Training Centres for Nurses

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Saturday

Johnston, C., 1915:
Hospital Saturday, 1915

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Saturday and Street Collections

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Saturday Fund

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Saturday in London

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Saturday, the Truck Act and Workmen's Contributions

Lamadrid-Figueroa, H.; Montoya, A.; Fritz, J.; Ortiz-Panozo, E.; González-Hernández, D.; Suárez-López, L.; Lozano, R., 2018:
Hospitals by day, dispensaries by night: Hourly fluctuations of maternal mortality within Mexican health institutions, 2010-2014

Fry, D.; Smiley, N., 2017:
Hospitals Can Now Factor Socioeconomic Status into Readmissions

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals, Charity, and Organisations

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Schools for Domestics

Giesbrecht, M.; Stajduhar, K.I.; Mollison, A.; Pauly, B.; Reimer-Kirkham, S.; McNeil, R.; Wallace, B.; Dosani, N.; Rose, C., 2018:
Hospitals, clinics, and palliative care units: Place-based experiences of formal healthcare settings by people experiencing structural vulnerability at the end-of-life

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals Closed for Repairs

Olson, S., 2018:
Hospitals Collaborate to Reduce Aspirational Pneumonia

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals Do Not Know Own Outcomes

Torjesen, I., 2018:
Hospitals do not recognise dementia in a third of patients admitted with other conditions

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Secretaries and Their Salaries

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals face challenges from Medicare cost and payment trends

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals for Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals for Consumption

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals for Lady Probationers

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals for Measles-Infected Children

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals for the Mentally Deficient

Johns, E., 1924:
Hospitals for the Middle Classes

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals for the Paralysed

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals from a Statistical Point of View

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals from the Patients' Point of View: Experiences in a Provincial Isolation Hospital

Anonymous, 2018:
"Hospitals from the Patients' Point of View" in a Provincial Hospital's Infectious Block

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals from the Patients' Point of View: Three Weeks in a Pay-Ward

Traynor, K., 2018:
Hospitals get serious about pharmacy technician training

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Ships

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Ships and the Right of Search: The Practical Lesson of the Ophelia Case

Skogøy, Børg.Eva.; Sørgaard, K.; Maybery, D.; Ruud, T.; Stavnes, K.; Kufås, E.; Peck, G.Christensen.; Thorsen, E.; Lindstrøm, J.Christoffer.; Ogden, T., 2018:
Hospitals implementing changes in law to protect children of ill parents: a cross-sectional study

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in Australia

Hawkes, N., 2018 :
Hospitals in England see deficits grow as wage bills rise and earning capacity falls

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in India

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in India: II. The Madras Presidency (1)

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in India: I. The Bengal Presidency (4)

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in India: The Bengal Presidency-(1) Calcutta Medical Institutions

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in India: The Bengal Presidency-(2) Charitable Dispensaries under the Government of Bengal

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in Native Regiments

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in New Zealand

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in Relation to the State, the Public, and the Medical Profession

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in the Arctic

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals in the United States

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sites

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sites in London

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals V. School Clinics

Rahman, M.; Gadbois, E.A.; Tyler, D.A.; Mor, V., 2018:
Hospital-Skilled Nursing Facility Collaboration: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding the Effect of Linkage Strategies

Tran, N.; Morris, G.; Smith, D.I., 2018:
Hospitals Marketing Opioid-Sparing Analgesia to Patients Is in Patients' Best Interests

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals of the North-West: II. Vancouver

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals of the North-West: I. Winnepeg and Medicine Hat

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals of the World: I. Early Hospitals in Europe

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals of the World: III. The Progress of English Nursing

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals of the World: II. The Progress of English Nursing

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals of the World: IV.-Nursing Systems Abroad

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals of To-Day

Ferenc, J., 2018:
Hospitals prepare for possible increase in Zika cases

Weil, A.R., 2018:
Hospitals, Primary Care, And More

Afshari, A.; Mostafavi, F.; Latifi, A.; Ghahnaviyeh, L.Ahmadi.; Pirouzi, M.; Eslami, A.Ali., 2018:
Hospitals reorientation towards health promotion: A qualitative study of barriers to and strategies for implementation of health promotion in hospitals of Isfahan, Iran

Hawkes, N., 2018:
Hospitals' reported £1bn deficit masks true scale of financial woes, say analysts

Ferenc, J., 2018:
Hospitals save resources using ASHE's energy-procurement strategies

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals, Schools, and Boys and Girls

Barlas, S., 2018:
Hospitals Search for IV Opioids: Has the DEA Been Fast and Flexible Enough?

Mitchell, B.G.; Gardner, A.; Stone, P.W.; Hall, L.; Pogorzelska-Maziarz, M., 2018:
Hospital Staffing and Health Care-Associated Infections: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Waldo, F.J., 1912:
Hospital Staffs and Fees at Inquests

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Staffs and Medical Benefit

Hafner, Nša.Dernovšček.; Milek, D.Miklič.; Fikfak, M.Dodič., 2018:
Hospital Staff's Risk of Developing Musculoskeletal Disorders, Especially Low Back Pain

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Stamps and Out-Patients

van Erven, J.A.; van Galen, L.S.; Hettinga-Roest, A.A.; Claessens, E.P.J.; Roos, J.C.; Kramer, M.H.H.; Nanayakkara, P.W.B., 2018:
Hospital standardised mortality ratio: A reliable indicator of quality of care?

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Statistics

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Statistics. II.-A Suggested Remedy for the Present Chaos

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Statistics. I.-Methods of Keeping the Records of Patients

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Statistics: Some Criticisms and Suggestions

Parkinson, T., 1887:
Hospital Statistics: Still More Details Wanted

Iliopoulos, E.; Yousaf, S.; Watters, H.; Khaleel, A., 2018:
Hospital stay and blood transfusion in elderly patients with hip fractures

Sowerby, G., 2014:
Hospital steam: a tiger facing extinction?

Anonymous, 2018 :
Hospitals, Tenders, and Contractors

Burdett, H.C., 1887:
Hospitals, the Sick Poor, and All England

O'Connor, M., 2016:
Hospitals try Zika clinic, school partnerships to minimize risk

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday, 1919

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday and Some Critics

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday and the Queen's Commemoration

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday and the Queen's Jubilee

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday at the Synagogue

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday Collections in London in 1907

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday Fund

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday Fund: Sir Andrew Clark Pleads for the Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday in London

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday Sermons

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday Special Number

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday Special Supplement

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Sunday: Who Were Its Founders and Originators?

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals under 150 Beds

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals under 50 Beds

Rhodes, T.Basil., 1912:
Hospitals under the National Insurance Act

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals unprepared for working time directive

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Support a Public Duty

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Support: Individual and Collective Efforts

Zhu, J.M.; Patel, V.; Shea, J.A.; Neuman, M.D.; Werner, R.M., 2018:
Hospitals Using Bundled Payment Report Reducing Skilled Nursing Facility Use And Improving Care Integration

Potter, G.W., 1893:
Hospital Sweetness and Light

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals with 150 Beds and Upwards

Dexter, F.; Epstein, R.H.; Lubarsky, D.A., 2018:
Hospitals with greater diversities of physiologically complex procedures do not achieve greater surgical growth in a market with stable numbers of such procedures

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospitals with Special Acts of Parliament

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Tablets and Memorials

Chen, Q.; Bagante, F.; Merath, K.; Idrees, J.; Beal, E.W.; Cloyd, J.; Dillhoff, M.; Schmidt, C.; Diaz, A.; White, S.; Pawlik, T.M., 2018:
Hospital Teaching Status and Medicare Expenditures for Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery

van Groningen, J.T.; Eddes, E.H.; Fabry, H.F.J.; van Tilburg, M.W.A.; van Nieuwenhoven, E.J.; Snel, Y.; Marang-van de Mheen, P.J.; de Noo, M.E., 2018:
Hospital Teaching Status and Patients' Outcomes After Colon Cancer Surgery

Patel, M.S.; Fong, Z.Ven.; Wojcik, B.M.; Noorbakhsh, A.; Wilson, S.E.; Chang, D.C., 2018:
Hospital Teaching Status and Readmission after Open Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Todis, B.; McCart, M.; Glang, A., 2018:
Hospital to school transition following traumatic brain injury: A qualitative longitudinal study

O'Connor, Sán.; Hitchens, P.L.; Fortington, L.V., 2018:
Hospital-treated injuries from horse riding in Victoria, Australia: time to refocus on injury prevention?

Siesmaa, E.J.; Clapperton, A.J.; Twomey, D., 2018:
Hospital-Treated Snow Sport Injury in Victoria, Australia: A Summary of 2003-2012

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Treatment as an Additional Benefit

Akyıl, F.Tokgöz.; Hazar, Ağan.; Erdem, İpek.; Öneş, C.Pehlivan.; Yalçınsoy, M.; Irmak, İlim.; Kasapoğlu, U.Sabri., 2015:
Hospital Treatment Costs and Factors Affecting These Costs in Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Treatment for Insured Persons, and Mr. Lloyd George's Bill

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Treatment for Wounded and Pensioned Soldiers

Anderson, K.Tinsley.; Bartz-Kurycki, M.A.; Austin, M.T.; Kawaguchi, A.L.; Kao, L.S.; Lally, K.P.; Tsao, K., 2018:
Hospital type predicts computed tomography use for pediatric appendicitis

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Uncharity

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Unification in Cape Town: The Method of Control

Pyper, K.; Eddleston, M.; Bateman, D.N.; Lupton, D.; Bradberry, S.; Sandilands, E.; Thomas, S.; Thompson, J.P.; Robertson, C., 2018:
Hospital usage of TOXBASE in Great Britain: Temporal trends in accesses 2008 to 2015

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Uses Telehealth to Monitor At-risk Patients On the Navajo Reservation

Chen, H.; Chi, I.; Liu, R., 2018:
Hospital Utilization Among Chinese Older Adults: Patterns and Predictors

Sarvepalli, S.; Garg, S.K.; Sarvepalli, S.S.; Anugwom, C.; Wadhwa, V.; Thota, P.N.; Sanaka, M.R., 2018:
Hospital Utilization in Patients With Gastric Cancer and Factors Affecting In-Hospital Mortality, Length of Stay, and Costs

Spaulding, A.; Hamadi, H.; Martinez, L.; Martin, T.; Purnell, J.M.; Zhao, M., 2018:
Hospital Value-Based Purchasing and Trauma-Certified Hospitals Performance

Spaulding, A.; Edwardson, N.; Zhao, M., 2018:
Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Performance: Do Organizational and Market Characteristics Matter?

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Hospital variability of postoperative sepsis and sepsis-related mortality after elective coronary artery bypass grafting surgery

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Hospital variation and the impact of postoperative complications on the use of perioperative chemo(radio)therapy in resectable gastric cancer. Results from the Dutch Upper GI Cancer Audit

Mathews, R.; Wang, W.; Kaltenbach, L.A.; Thomas, L.; Shah, R.U.; Ali, M.; Peterson, E.D.; Wang, T.Y., 2018:
Hospital Variation in Adherence Rates to Secondary Prevention Medications and the Implications on Quality

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Hospital Variation in Cesarean Delivery: A Multilevel Analysis

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Hospital Variation in Intensive Care Resource Utilization and Mortality in Newly Diagnosed Pediatric Leukemia

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Hospital variation in mortality after emergent bowel resections: The role of failure-to-rescue

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Hospital Variation in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Incidence, Treatment Modalities, Resource Use, and Costs Across Pediatric Hospitals in the United States, 2013 to 2016

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Hospital variation in rates of concurrent fundoplication during gastrostomy enteral access procedures

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Hospital Variation in Renal Replacement Therapy for Sepsis in the United States

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Hospital Variation in Risk-Adjusted Pediatric Sepsis Mortality

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Hospital Variations in Clinical Complications and Patient-reported Outcomes at 2 Years After Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Versus Private Practice

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Hospital volume and outcomes of robot-assisted partial nephrectomy

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Hospital volume and short-term outcomes after cytoreductive nephrectomy

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Hospital-Volume Effects on Perioperative Outcomes in Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Implantation: Analysis of 2,505 Cases

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Hospital volume in ureterorenoscopic stone treatment: 99 operations per year could increase the chance of a better outcome-results of the German prospective multicentre BUSTER project

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Hospital Volume of Immunosuppressed Patients with Sepsis and Sepsis Mortality

Chenevert, A., 2017:
Hospital Waiting Room

Danila, R.N.; Koranteng, N.; Como-Sabetti, K.J.; Robinson, T.J.; Laine, E.S., 2018:
Hospital Water Management Programs for Legionella Prevention, Minnesota, 2017

Pianalto, J., 2018:
Hospital wayfinding bridges digital divide: Mobile solutions and personalized apps move signage to the next level

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Weakness and Hospital Strength: Some Committees Which Fail: Two Amazing Examples

Anonymous, 2018 :
Hospital Weakness and Hospital Strength: When the Voluntary Hospital Triumphs

Silkens, M.E.W.M.; Slootweg, I.A.; Scherpbier, A.J.J.A.; Heineman, M.Jan.; Lombarts, K.M.J.M.H., 2017:
Hospital-wide education committees and high-quality residency training : A qualitative study

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Work Abroad

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Work in East Africa: Kikuyu and Limoru

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Work in East Anglia

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital World

Morley, S., 1886:
Hospital Worthies

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Worthies: John Radcliffe, M.D

Anonymous, 2018:
Hospital Worthies: Messenger Monsey, M.D., F.R.S

Botch, P.S.; Delfosse, E.S., 2018:
Host-Acceptance Behavior of Trissolcus japonicus (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) Reared on the Invasive Halyomorpha halys (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) and Nontarget Species

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Host Age Affects the Development of Southern Catfish Gut Bacterial Community Divergent From That in the Food and Rearing Water

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Host and Aquatic Environment Shape the Amphibian Skin Microbiome but Effects on Downstream Resistance to the Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Are Variable

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Host and Cropping System Shape the Fusarium Population: 3ADON-Producers Are Ubiquitous in Wheat Whereas NIV-Producers Are More Prevalent in Rice

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Host and Environmental Factors Affecting the Intestinal Microbiota in Chickens

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Host and environmental factors influencing 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus' acquisition in Diaphorina citri

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Host- and Helminth-Derived Endocannabinoids That Have Effects on Host Immunity Are Generated during Infection

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Host and parasite thermal ecology jointly determine the effect of climate warming on epidemic dynamics

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Host and Pathway Engineering for Enhanced Lycopene Biosynthesis in Yarrowia lipolytica

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Host- and stage-dependent secretome of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Rhizophagus irregularis

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Host and symbiont genetic contributions to fitness in a Trichogramma-Wolbachia symbiosis

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Host and viral factors associated with serum hepatitis B virus RNA levels among patients in need for treatment

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Host and Viral Factors Influencing Interplay between the Macrophage and HIV-1

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Host and viral genetic diversity can help explain mortality during the 1918-21 influenza pandemic in the Pacific region

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Host and Viral Genetic Variation in HBV-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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Host-associated bacterial community succession during amphibian development

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Host-Associated Bacteriophage Isolation and Preparation for Viral Metagenomics

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Host-associated selection of a P3 mutant of zucchini yellow mosaic virus affects viral infectivity in watermelon

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Host association influences variation at salivary protein genes in the bat ectoparasite Cimex adjunctus

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Host availability affects the interaction between pupal parasitoid Coptera haywardi (Hymenoptera: Diiapridae) and larval-pupal parasitoid Diachasmimorpha longicaudata (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

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Host-bacteria interaction and adhesin study for development of therapeutics

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Host B chromosomes as potential sex ratio distorters of intestinal nematode infrapopulations in the yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis)

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Host biotin is required for liver stage development in malaria parasites

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Host Cell Prediction of Exosomes Using Morphological Features on Solid Surfaces Analyzed by Machine Learning

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Host Cell Protein Profiling in Biopharmaceutical Harvests

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Hostels for Unmarried Mothers

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