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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65231

Chapter 65231 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Li, R.; Hou, Z.; Zou, H.; Wang, Y.; Liao, X., 2018:
Inactivation kinetics, structural, and morphological modification of mango soluble acid invertase by high pressure processing combined with mild temperatures

Araud, E.; Shisler, J.L.; Nguyen, T.H., 2018:
Inactivation Mechanisms of Human and Animal Rotaviruses by Solar UVA and Visible Light

Avilés-Gaxiola, S.; Chuck-Hernández, C.; Serna Saldívar, S.O., 2017:
Inactivation Methods of Trypsin Inhibitor in Legumes: A Review

Deng, K.; Serment-Moreno, V.; Welti-Chanes, J.; Paredes-Sabja, D.; Fuentes, C.; Wu, X.; Torres, J.Antonio., 2018:
Inactivation model and risk-analysis design for apple juice processing by high-pressure CO 2

Stack, T.M.M.; Li, W.; Johnson, W.H.; Zhang, Y.Jessie.; Whitman, C.P., 2018:
Inactivation of 4-Oxalocrotonate Tautomerase by 5-Halo-2-hydroxy-2,4-pentadienoates

Bilska-Wilkosz, A.; Gorny, M.; Dudek, M.; Nowinski, L.; Bednarski, M.; Iciek, M.; Kowalczyk-Pachel, D.; Sokolowska-Jezewicz, M.; Filipek, B.; Wlodek, L., 2018:
Inactivation of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase by Nitroglycerin in the Presence and Absence of Lipoic Acid and Dihydrolipoic Acid. Implications for the Problem of Differential Effects of Lipoic Acid in Vitro and in Vivo

Moysés-Oliveira, M.; Giannuzzi, G.; Fish, R.J.; Rosenfeld, J.A.; Petit, F.; Soares, M.de.Fatima.; Kulikowski, L.Domenici.; Di-Battista, A.; Zamariolli, Mú.; Xia, F.; Liehr, T.; Kosyakova, N.; Carvalheira, G.; Parker, M.; Seaby, E.G.; Ennis, S.; Gilbert, R.D.; Hagelstrom, R.Tanner.; Cremona, M.L.; Li, W.L.; Malhotra, A.; Chandrasekhar, A.; Perry, D.L.; Taft, R.J.; McCarrier, J.; Basel, D.G.; Andrieux, J.; Stumpp, T.; Antunes, F.; Pereira, G.José.; Neerman-Arbez, M.; Meloni, V.Ayres.; Drummond-, 2017 :
Inactivation of AMMECR1 is associated with growth, bone, and heart alterations

Adaya, L.; Millán, M.; Peña, C.; Jendrossek, D.; Espín, G.; Tinoco-Valencia, R.; Guzmán, J.; Pfeiffer, D.; Segura, D., 2018:
Inactivation of an intracellular poly-3-hydroxybutyrate depolymerase of Azotobacter vinelandii allows to obtain a polymer of uniform high molecular mass

Baron, S.; Leulmi, Z.; Villard, C.; Olaitan, A.Olumuyiwa.; Telke, A.A.; Rolain, J-Marc., 2017:
Inactivation of the arn operon and loss of aminoarabinose on lipopolysaccharide as the cause of susceptibility to colistin in an atypical clinical isolate of proteus vulgaris

Rossiter, H.; Stübiger, G.; Gröger, M.; König, U.; Gruber, F.; Sukseree, S.; Mlitz, V.; Buchberger, M.; Oskolkova, O.; Bochkov, V.; Eckhart, L.; Tschachler, E., 2018:
Inactivation of autophagy leads to changes in sebaceous gland morphology and function

Richter, W.R.; Wood, J.P.; Wendling, M.Q.S.; Rogers, J.V., 2017:
Inactivation of Bacillus anthracis spores to decontaminate subway railcar and related materials via the fogging of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide sporicidal liquids

Leguina, A.Carolina.Del.V.; Nieto, C.; Pajot, Hólito.F.; Bertini, E.V.; Mac Cormack, W.; Castellanos de Figueroa, Lía.I.; Nieto-Peñalver, C.G., 2018:
Inactivation of bacterial quorum sensing signals N-acyl homoserine lactones is widespread in yeasts

Tripathi, S.Jamuna.; Chakraborty, S.; Srikumar, B.N.; Raju, T.R.; Shankaranarayana Rao, B.S., 2018:
Inactivation of Basolateral Amygdala Prevents Stress-Induced Astroglial Loss in the Prefrontal Cortex

Pinweha, P.; Pumirat, P.; Cuccui, J.; Jitprasutwit, N.; Muangsombut, V.; Srinon, V.; Boonyuen, U.; Thiennimitr, P.; Vattanaviboon, P.; Cia, F.; Willcocks, S.; Bancroft, G.J.; Wren, B.W.; Korbsrisate, S., 2018:
Inactivation of bpsl1039-1040 ATP-binding cassette transporter reduces intracellular survival in macrophages, biofilm formation and virulence in the murine model of Burkholderia pseudomallei infection

Dauer, P.; Zhao, X.; Gupta, V.K.; Sharma, N.; Kesh, K.; Gnamlin, P.; Dudeja, V.; Vickers, S.M.; Banerjee, S.; Saluja, A., 2017:
Inactivation of Cancer-Associated-Fibroblasts Disrupts Oncogenic Signaling in Pancreatic Cancer Cells and Promotes Its Regression

Matsumura, A.; Higuchi, J.; Watanabe, Y.; Kato, M.; Aoki, K.; Akabane, S.; Endo, T.; Oka, T., 2017:
Inactivation of cardiolipin synthase triggers changes in mitochondrial morphology

Cubero, F.Javier.; Peng, J.; Liao, L.; Su, H.; Zhao, G.; Eugenio Zoubek, M.; Macías-Rodríguez, R.; Ruiz-Margain, A.; Reißing, J.; Zimmermann, H.W.; Gassler, N.; Luedde, T.; Liedtke, C.; Hatting, M.; Trautwein, C., 2018:
Inactivation of caspase 8 in liver parenchymal cells confers protection against murine obstructive cholestasis

Wu, Y-Mi.; Cieślik, M.; Lonigro, R.J.; Vats, P.; Reimers, M.A.; Cao, X.; Ning, Y.; Wang, L.; Kunju, L.P.; de Sarkar, N.; Heath, E.I.; Chou, J.; Feng, F.Y.; Nelson, P.S.; de Bono, J.S.; Zou, W.; Montgomery, B.; Alva, A.; Robinson, D.R.; Chinnaiyan, A.M., 2018:
Inactivation of CDK12 Delineates a Distinct Immunogenic Class of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Bickert, A.; Kern, P.; van Uelft, M.; Herresthal, S.; Ulas, T.; Gutbrod, K.; Breiden, B.; Degen, J.; Sandhoff, K.; Schultze, J.L.; Dörmann, P.; Hartmann, D.; Bauer, R.; Willecke, K., 2018:
Inactivation of ceramide synthase 2 catalytic activity in mice affects transcription of genes involved in lipid metabolism and cell division

Laughhunn, A.; Huang, Y-Jang.S.; Vanlandingham, D.L.; Lanteri, M.C.; Stassinopoulos, A., 2018:
Inactivation of chikungunya virus in blood components treated with amotosalen/ultraviolet A light or amustaline/glutathione

Pallavicini, G.; Sgrò, F.; Garello, F.; Falcone, M.; Bitonto, V.; Berto, G.E.; Bianchi, F.T.; Gai, M.; Chiotto, A.M.A.; Filippi, M.; Cutrin, J.C.; Ala, U.; Terreno, E.; Turco, E.; Cunto, F.Di., 2018:
Inactivation of Citron Kinase Inhibits Medulloblastoma Progression by Inducing Apoptosis and Cell Senescence

Alzubeidi, Y.S.; Udompijitkul, P.; Talukdar, P.K.; Sarker, M.R., 2018:
Inactivation of Clostridium perfringens spores adhered onto stainless steel surface by agents used in a clean-in-place procedure

Lu, Y.; Zhou, Q.; Han, Q.; Wu, P.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, L.; Weaver, D.T.; Xu, C.; Zhang, B., 2018:
Inactivation of deubiquitinase CYLD enhances therapeutic antibody production in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Dong, J.; Ren, Y.; Zhang, T.; Wang, Z.; Ling, C.C.; Li, G.C.; He, F.; Wang, C.; Wen, B., 2018:
Inactivation of DNA-PK by knockdown DNA-PKcs or NU7441 impairs non-homologous end-joining of radiation-induced double strand break repair

Eickmann, M.; Gravemann, U.; Handke, W.; Tolksdorf, F.; Reichenberg, S.; Müller, T.H.; Seltsam, A., 2018:
Inactivation of Ebola virus and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in platelet concentrates and plasma by ultraviolet C light and methylene blue plus visible light, respectively

Ji, S.Hye.; Ki, S.Hoon.; Ahn, J.Ho.; Shin, J.Ho.; Hong, E.Jeong.; Kim, Y.Ji.; Choi, E.Ha., 2018:
Inactivation of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus on contaminated perilla leaves by Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) plasma treatment

Wang, Z.; Bi, X.; Xiang, R.; Chen, L.; Feng, X.; Zhou, M.; Che, Z., 2018:
Inactivation of Escherichia coli by Ultrasound Combined with Nisin

Kang, D.; Jiang, Y.; Xing, L.; Zhou, G.; Zhang, W., 2017:
Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Bacillus cereus by power ultrasound during the curing processing in brining liquid and beef

Alborzi, S.; Bastarrachea, L.J.; Ding, Q.; Tikekar, R.V., 2018:
Inactivation of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 and Listeria Innocua by Benzoic Acid, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid and Their Combination in Model Wash Water and Simulated Spinach Washing

Guo, M.; Jin, T.Z.; Gurtler, J.B.; Fan, X.; Yadav, M.P., 2018:
Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella and Native Microbiota on Fresh Strawberries by Antimicrobial Washing and Coating

Erickson, M.C.; Liao, J-Yin.; Webb, C.C.; Habteselassie, M.Y.; Cannon, J.L., 2017:
Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella deposited on gloves in a liquid state and subjected to drying conditions

Erickson, M.C.; Liao, J-Yin.; Habteselassie, M.Y.; Cannon, J.L., 2018:
Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella during washing of contaminated gloves in levulinic acid and sodium dodecyl sulfate solutions

Patel, J.; Keelara, S.; Green, J., 2018:
Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella on Fresh Herbs by Plant Essential Oils

Ban, G-Hee.; Kang, D-Hyun., 2018:
Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella typhimurium, and Listeria monocytogenes on cherry tomatoes and oranges by superheated steam

Liu, X.; Li, N.; Zhang, H.; Liu, J.; Zhou, N.; Ran, C.; Chen, X.; Lu, Y.; Wang, X.; Qin, C.; Xiao, J.; Liu, C., 2018:
Inactivation of Fam20b in the neural crest-derived mesenchyme of mouse causes multiple craniofacial defects

Jin, J-Zhen.; Lei, Z.; Lan, Z-Jian.; Mukhopadhyay, P.; Ding, J., 2018:
Inactivation of Fgfr2 gene in mouse secondary palate mesenchymal cells leads to cleft palate

Versoza, M.; Jung, W.; Barabad, M.Loraine.; Lee, Y.; Choi, K.; Park, D., 2018:
Inactivation of filter bound aerosolized MS2 bacteriophages using a non-conductive ultrasound transducer

Theeuwes, W.F.; Gosker, H.R.; Langen, R.C.J.; Pansters, N.A.M.; Schols, A.M.W.J.; Remels, A.H.V., 2018:
Inactivation of glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK-3β) enhances mitochondrial biogenesis during myogenesis

Rowland, M.E.; Jiang, Y.; Beier, F.; Bérubé, N.G., 2018:
Inactivation of hepatic ATRX in Atrx Foxg1cre mice prevents reversal of aging-like phenotypes by thyroxine

Park, S.; Ko, Y-Seon.; Lee, S.Jin.; Lee, C.; Woo, K.; Ko, G., 2018:
Inactivation of influenza A virus via exposure to silver nanoparticle-decorated silica hybrid composites

Kirsch, F.; Luo, Q.; Lu, X.; Hagemann, M., 2018:
Inactivation of invertase enhances sucrose production in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Feng, L.; Zhang, K.; Gao, M.; Shi, C.; Ge, C.; Qu, D.; Zhu, J.; Shi, Y.; Han, J., 2018:
Inactivation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus by Aqueous Ozone

Hu, J.; Lu, K.; Dong, S.; Huang, Q.; Mao, L., 2018:
Inactivation of Laccase by the Attack of As (III) Reaction in Water

Perdana, J.; den Besten, H.M.W.; Aryani, D.C.; Kutahya, O.; Fox, M.B.; Kleerebezem, M.; Boom, R.M.; Schutyser, M.A.I., 2014:
Inactivation of Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 during spray drying and storage assessed with complementary viability determination methods

Murray, K.; Moyer, P.; Wu, F.; Goyette, J.B.; Warriner, K., 2018:
Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes on and within Apples Destined for Caramel Apple Production by Using Sequential Forced Air Ozone Gas Followed by a Continuous Advanced Oxidative Process Treatment

Suvorova, M.A.; Kramskaya, T.A.; Suvorov, A.N.; Kiseleva, E.P., 2018:
Inactivation of M111 Protein Gene Modifies Streptococcus Pyogenes Interactions with Mouse Macrophages In Vitro

Karolak, M.J.; Guay, J.A.; Oxburgh, L., 2018:
Inactivation of MAP3K7 in FOXD1-expressing cells results in loss of mesangial PDGFRΒ and juvenile kidney scarring

Taguchi, K.; Bessho, N.; Hida, M.; Narimatsu, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Kobayashi, T., 2018:
Inactivation of MAPK in epididymal fat and amelioration of triglyceride secretion by injection of GRK2 siRNA in ob/ob mice

Moreno-Andrés, J.; Ambauen, Nëmi.; Vadstein, O.; Hallé, C.; Acevedo-Merino, Aón.; Nebot, E.; Meyn, T., 2018:
Inactivation of marine heterotrophic bacteria in ballast water by an Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Process

Wu, J.; Young, M.; Lewis, A.H.; Martfeld, A.N.; Kalmeta, B.; Grandl, Jörg., 2018:
Inactivation of Mechanically Activated Piezo1 Ion Channels Is Determined by the C-Terminal Extracellular Domain and the Inner Pore Helix

Tian, X.; Yu, Q.; Wu, W.; Dai, R., 2018:
Inactivation of Microorganisms in Foods by Ohmic Heating: A Review

Hindawi, S.I.; Hashem, A.M.; Damanhouri, G.A.; El-Kafrawy, S.A.; Tolah, A.M.; Hassan, A.M.; Azhar, E.I., 2017:
Inactivation of Middle East respiratory syndrome-coronavirus in human plasma using amotosalen and ultraviolet A light

Wang, Y.; Xiao, M.; Tao, C.; Chen, J.; Wang, Z.; Yang, J.; Chen, Z.; Zou, Z.; Liu, A.; Cai, D.; Jiang, Y.; Ding, C.; Li, M.; Bai, X., 2017:
Inactivation of mTORC1 Signaling in Osterix-Expressing Cells Impairs B-cell Differentiation

Brié, A.; Boudaud, N.; Mssihid, A.; Loutreul, J.; Bertrand, I.; Gantzer, C., 2018:
Inactivation of murine norovirus and hepatitis A virus on fresh raspberries by gaseous ozone treatment

Guzman, D.; Carreira, M.B.; Friedman, A.K.; Adachi, M.; Neve, R.L.; Monteggia, L.M.; Han, M-Hu.; Cowan, C.W.; Self, D.W., 2017:
Inactivation of NMDA Receptors in the Ventral Tegmental Area during Cocaine Self-Administration Prevents GluA1 Upregulation but with Paradoxical Increases in Cocaine-Seeking Behavior

Maier, M.B.; Schweiger, T.; Lenz, C.A.; Vogel, R.F., 2018:
Inactivation of non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum type E in low-acid foods and phosphate buffer by heat and pressure

Subramaniam, M.; Liew, S.Ki.; In, L.LA.; Awang, K.; Ahmed, N.; Nagoor, N.Hasima., 2018:
Inactivation of nuclear factor κB by MIP-based drug combinations augments cell death of breast cancer cells

Viena, T.D.; Linley, S.B.; Vertes, R.P., 2018:
Inactivation of nucleus reuniens impairs spatial working memory and behavioral flexibility in the rat

Miller, B.S.; Blumenthal, S.R.; Shalygin, A.; Wright, K.D.; Staruschenko, A.; Imig, J.D.; Sorokin, A., 2018:
Inactivation of p66Shc Decreases Afferent Arteriolar K ATP Channel Activity and Decreases Renal Damage in Diabetic Dahl SS Rats

Rodrigues Alves, L.Bocchini.; Neto, O.Caetano.de.Freitas.; Batista, D.Felipe.Alves.; Barbosa, F.de.Oliveira.; Rubio, M.da.Silva.; de Souza, A.Itajahy.Secundo.; Almeida, A.Maria.de.; Barrow, P.Andrew.; Junior, A.Berchieri., 2018:
Inactivation of phoPQ genes attenuates Salmonella Gallinarum biovar Gallinarum to susceptible chickens

Zhu, N.; Yu, N.; Zhu, Y.; Wei, Y.; Zhang, H.; Sun, A-Dong., 2018:
Inactivation of Pichia rhodanensis in relation to membrane and intracellular compounds due to microchip pulsed electric field (MPEF) treatment

Brayman, A.A.; MacConaghy, B.E.; Wang, Y-Nam.; Chan, K.T.; Monsky, W.L.; Chernikov, V.P.; Buravkov, S.V.; Khokhlova, V.A.; Matula, T.J., 2018:
Inactivation of Planktonic Escherichia coli by Focused 1-MHz Ultrasound Pulses with Shocks: Efficacy and Kinetics Upon Volume Scale-Up

Mukherjee, A.; Gagnon, D.; Wirth, D.F.; Richard, D., 2018:
Inactivation of Plasmepsins 2 and 3 Sensitizes Plasmodium falciparum to the Antimalarial Drug Piperaquine

Whyte, J.J.; Meyer, A.E.; Spate, L.D.; Benne, J.A.; Cecil, R.; Samuel, M.S.; Murphy, C.N.; Prather, R.S.; Geisert, R.D., 2017:
Inactivation of porcine interleukin-1β results in failure of rapid conceptus elongation

Shipman, M.L.; Trask, S.; Bouton, M.E.; Green, J.T., 2018:
Inactivation of prelimbic and infralimbic cortex respectively affects minimally-trained and extensively-trained goal-directed actions

Therkorn, J.; Calderon, L.; Cartledge, B.; Thomas, N.; Majestic, B.; Mainelis, G., 2018:
Inactivation of Pure Bacterial Biofilms by Impaction of Aerosolized Consumer Products Containing Nanoparticulate Metals

Ryabaya, O.O.; Malysheva, A.A.; Khochenkova, Y.A.; Solomko, E.Sh.; Khochenkov, D.A., 2018:
Inactivation of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Overcomes Resistance to Targeted B-RAF Inhibitors in Melanoma Cell Lines

Saunders, T.; Wu, J.; Williams, R.C.; Huang, H.; Ponder, M.A., 2018:
Inactivation of Salmonella and Surrogate Bacteria on Cashews and Macadamia Nuts Exposed to Commercial Propylene Oxide Processing Conditions

Mukhopadhyay, S.; Sokorai, K.; Ukuku, D.O.; Jin, T.; Fan, X.; Olanya, M.; Juneja, V., 2017:
Inactivation of Salmonella in grape tomato stem scars by organic acid wash and chitosan-allyl isothiocyanate coating

Lis, K.Anna.; Boulaaba, A.; Binder, S.; Li, Y.; Kehrenberg, C.; Zimmermann, J.Louise.; Klein, Günter.; Ahlfeld, B., 2018:
Inactivation of Salmonella Typhimurium and Listeria monocytogenes on ham with nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma

Wang, Z.; Liang, W.; Guo, X.; Liu, L., 2018:
Inactivation of Scrippsiella trochoidea cysts by different physical and chemical methods: Application to the treatment of ballast water

Ikoma, Y.; Kusumoto-Yoshida, I.; Yamanaka, A.; Ootsuka, Y.; Kuwaki, T., 2018:
Inactivation of Serotonergic Neurons in the Rostral Medullary Raphé Attenuates Stress-Induced Tachypnea and Tachycardia in Mice

Lee, D.Hyun.; Lee, B.; Park, J.Su.; Lee, Y.Seol.; Kim, J.Hee.; Cho, Y.; Jo, Y.; Kim, H-Seok.; Lee, Y-Ho.; Nam, K.Taek.; Bae, S.Han., 2018:
Inactivation of Sirtuin2 protects mice from acetaminophen-induced liver injury: possible involvement of ER stress and S6K1 activation

Sarkinas, A.; Sakalauskiene, K.; Raisutis, R.; Zeime, J.; Salaseviciene, A.; Puidaite, E.; Mockus, E.; Cernauskas, D., 2018:
Inactivation of some pathogenic bacteria and phytoviruses by ultrasonic treatment

da Cruz Almeida, E.T.; de Medeiros Barbosa, I.; Tavares, J.F.; Barbosa-Filho, Jé.M.; Magnani, M.; de Souza, E.L., 2018:
Inactivation of Spoilage Yeasts by Mentha spicata L. and M . × villosa Huds. Essential Oils in Cashew, Guava, Mango, and Pineapple Juices

Knebel, B.; Hartwig, S.; Jacob, S.; Kettel, U.; Schiller, M.; Passlack, W.; Koellmer, C.; Lehr, S.; Müller-Wieland, D.; Kotzka, J., 2018:
Inactivation of SREBP-1a Phosphorylation Prevents Fatty Liver Disease in Mice: Identification of Related Signaling Pathways by Gene Expression Profiles in Liver and Proteomes of Peroxisomes

Dijksterhuis, J.; Meijer, M.; van Doorn, T.; Samson, R.; Rico-Munoz, E., 2018:
Inactivation of stress-resistant ascospores of Eurotiales by industrial sanitizers

Behnke, V.K.; Stevenson, M.E.; Swain, R.A., 2018:
Inactivation of the cerebellar fastigial nuclei alters social behavior in the rat

van Loon, N.M.; Ottenhoff, R.; Kooijman, S.; Moeton, M.; Scheij, S.; Roscam Abbing, R.L.P.; Gijbels, M.J.J.; Levels, J.H.M.; Sorrentino, V.; Berbée, J.F.P.; Rensen, P.C.N.; Zelcer, N., 2018:
Inactivation of the E3 Ubiquitin Ligase IDOL Attenuates Diet-Induced Obesity and Metabolic Dysfunction in Mice

Ussher, J.R.; Campbell, J.E.; Mulvihill, E.E.; Baggio, L.L.; Bates, H.E.; McLean, B.A.; Gopal, K.; Capozzi, M.; Yusta, B.; Cao, X.; Ali, S.; Kim, M.; Kabir, M.Golam.; Seino, Y.; Suzuki, J.; Drucker, D.J., 2017:
Inactivation of the Glucose-Dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide Receptor Improves Outcomes following Experimental Myocardial Infarction

Kozák, László.; Szilágyi, Zán.; Vágó, B.; Kakuk, Aária.; Tóth, László.; Molnár, Ián.; Pócsi, Ián., 2018:
Inactivation of the indole-diterpene biosynthetic gene cluster of Claviceps paspali by Agrobacterium-mediated gene replacement

Barnes, M.D.; Bethel, C.R.; Alsop, J.; Becka, S.A.; Rutter, J.D.; Papp-Wallace, K.M.; Bonomo, R.A., 2018:
Inactivation of the Pseudomonas-Derived Cephalosporinase-3 (PDC-3) by Relebactam

Buhusi, C.V.; Reyes, M.B.; Gathers, C-Aaron.; Oprisan, S.A.; Buhusi, M., 2018:
Inactivation of the Medial-Prefrontal Cortex Impairs Interval Timing Precision, but Not Timing Accuracy or Scalar Timing in a Peak-Interval Procedure in Rats

Paniagua-Martínez, I.; Mulet, A.; García-Alvarado, M.A.; Benedito, J., 2018:
Inactivation of the microbiota and effect on the quality attributes of pineapple juice using a continuous flow ultrasound-assisted supercritical carbon dioxide system

Li, H-Pai.; Peng, C-Ching.; Wu, C-Ching.; Chen, C-Hsun.; Shih, M-Jhe.; Huang, M-Yuan.; Lai, Y-Ru.; Chen, Y-Li.; Chen, T-Wen.; Tang, P.; Chang, Y-Sun.; Chang, K-Ping.; Hsu, C-Lung., 2018:
Inactivation of the tight junction gene CLDN11 by aberrant hypermethylation modulates tubulins polymerization and promotes cell migration in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Balderas-Hernández, V.E.; Correia, K.; Mahadevan, R., 2018:
Inactivation of the transcription factor mig1 (YGL035C) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae improves tolerance towards monocarboxylic weak acids: acetic, formic and levulinic acid

Sarlitto, M.C.; Foilb, A.R.; Christianson, J.P., 2018:
Inactivation of the Ventrolateral Orbitofrontal Cortex Impairs Flexible Use of Safety Signals

Sementino, E.; Menges, C.W.; Kadariya, Y.; Peri, S.; Xu, J.; Liu, Z.; Wilkes, R.G.; Cai, K.Q.; Rauscher, F.J.; Klein-Szanto, A.J.; Testa, J.R., 2018:
Inactivation of Tp53 and Pten drives rapid development of pleural and peritoneal malignant mesotheliomas

Wang, J.; Sui, M.; Yuan, B.; Li, H.; Lu, H., 2018:
Inactivation of two Mycobacteria by free chlorine: Effectiveness, influencing factors, and mechanisms

Lee, J.Hoon.; Park, S.; Yun, Y.; Choi, W.Hoon.; Kang, M-Ji.; Lee, M.Jae., 2018:
Inactivation of USP14 Perturbs Ubiquitin Homeostasis and Delays the Cell Cycle in Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts and in Fruit Fly Drosophila

Xiao, H.; Li, H.; Zhang, D.; Li, Y.; Sun, S.; Huang, C., 2018:
Inactivation of Venom PLA₂ Alleviates Myonecrosis and Facilitates Muscle Regeneration in Envenomed Mice: A Time Course Observation

Vu, T.T.T.; Alter, T.; Braun, P.G.; Dittrich, A.J.; Huehn, S., 2018:
Inactivation of Vibrio sp. in pure cultures and mussel homogenates using high hydrostatic pressure

da Silva, R.Maria.; Bezerra, M.Alves.; Santos-de-Araújo, A.Darlan.; de Paula Gomes, C.André.Fidelis.; da Silva Souza, Cário.; de Souza Matias, P.Helena.Vanin.Alves.; Dibai-Filho, A.Vieira., 2018:
Inactive individuals with chronic neck pain have changes in range of motion and functional performance of the shoulder

Thivel, D.; Duclos, M., 2018:
Inactive runners or sedentary active individuals?

Cortés, O.L.; Moreno, K.; Alvarado, P.; Povea, C.; Lloyd, M.; Dennis, R., 2018:
Inactivity and Its Associated Factors in Adults Scheduled for Noncardiac Surgery: The PAMP Phase I Study

Haydel, M., 2018:
In acute headache, the Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage rule had 100% sensitivity and 14% specificity

Broman, L.Mikael., 2018:
In acute respiratory distress syndrome, is extracorporeal membrane oxygenation an adjuvant for "everyone"?

Quick, J.A.; Breite, M.D.; Barnes, S.L., 2018:
Inadequacy of Algorithmic Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Diagnosis in Acute Care Surgery

Clausen, J.L.; Georgian, T.; Gardner, K.H.; Douglas, T.A., 2018:
Inadequacy of Conventional Grab Sampling for Remediation Decision-Making for Metal Contamination at Small-Arms Ranges

Fanari, Z.; Mohammed, A.A.; Bathina, J.D.; Hodges, D.T.; Doorey, K.; Gagliano, N.; Garratt, K.N.; Weintraub, W.S.; Doorey, A.J., 2018:
Inadequacy of pulse oximetry in the catheterization laboratory. An exploratory study monitoring respiratory status using arterial blood gases during cardiac catheterization with conscious sedation

Sipowicz, K.; Żuraw, H.; Witusik, A.; Mokros, Łukasz.; Najbert, E.; Pietras, T., 2018:
Inadequacy of the paradigms of special education to subjects with severe and profound grade intellectual disability - the need for pragmatic realism in psychiatry and special pedagogy

Dueweke, A.R.; Marin, M.S.; Sparkman, D.J.; Bridges, A.J., 2018:
Inadequacy of the PHQ-2 depression screener for identifying suicidal primary care patients

Keough, L.Anne.; Krauss, A.; Hudson, J.Q., 2018:
Inadequate antibiotic dosing in patients receiving sustained low efficiency dialysis

Rao, S.Keekana.; Mahulikar, A.; Ibrahim, M.; Shah, A.; Seraji-Bozorgzad, N.; Mohamed, W., 2018:
Inadequate benzodiazepine dosing may result in progression to refractory and non-convulsive status epilepticus

Kilic, K.; Karatas, H.; Dönmez-Demir, B.; Eren-Kocak, E.; Gursoy-Ozdemir, Y.; Can, A.; Petit, J-Marie.; Magistretti, P.J.; Dalkara, T., 2017:
Inadequate brain glycogen or sleep increases spreading depression susceptibility

Guesnet, P.; Tressou, J.; Buaud, B.; Simon, Nëmie.; Pasteau, Séphane., 2018:
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Inadequate Statistical Evaluation

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In adults, benzodiazepines were not linked to increased risk for mortality at 6 mo but were linked at 12 and 48 mo

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In adults with S aureus bacteremia, adding rifampin to standard antibiotic therapy did not improve outcomes

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Inadvertent epidural injection of labetalol during labor

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Inadvertent hypothermia in hip and knee total joint arthroplasty

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Inadvertently Finding Earth Contamination on Mars Should Not Be a Priority for Anyone

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Inadvertent pacemaker lead dislodgement

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Inadvertent parathyroidectomy risk factors in 1,373 thyroidectomies-male gender and presence of lymphadenopathy, but not size of gland, independently increase the risk

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Inadvertent Perioperative Hypothermia Induced by Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery Might Be More Significant Than We Think: Are We Doing Enough to Warm Our Parturients?

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Inadvertent stent placement in the persistent hypoglossal artery: A case for caution

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Inadvertent thermal injury following knee arthroscopic surgery in a pediatric patient

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Inadvertent Traumatic Fracture of Central Venous Catheter during Procurement, Transmitted Through Solid Organ Transplant

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In a Heartbeat: An Assessment of Dynamic Dose Variation to Cardiac Structures Using Dual Source Computed Tomography

Anonymous, 2018:
In a Hospital

Anonymous, 2018:
In a Hospital Mortuary

Anonymous, 2018:
In a Hospital Ward

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Nahuatlea : a new genus of compositae (Gochnatieae) from North America

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Inalambric Biofeedback Devices to Analyze Strength Manifestation in Military Population

Anonymous, 2018:
In and out among the Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
In and out among the Hospitals: Royal Infirmary, Dundee, &c

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In and out of glacial extremes by way of dust-climate feedbacks

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In- and out-of-hospital emergency psychiatry: what is the best approach?

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In and out of the pool: Balancing school and athletics

Anonymous, 2018:
In and out Patients' Payments

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In-and-out technique for intraocular lens scleral fixation

Anonymous, 2018:
In an East Borneo Hospital.-I

Anonymous, 2018:
In an East Borneo Hospital.-II

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In an in-vitro model using human fetal membranes, α-lipoic acid inhibits inflammation induced fetal membrane weakening

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In Another Room on Another Floor

Anonymous, 2018:
In an Urban District Infectious Hospital

Anonymous, 2018:
In a Nutshell

Anonymous, 2017:
In Appreciation

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In asking the right questions, be cautious of confounding by indication

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In at the start: recollections of the early days of critical care in Toronto

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Inaugurating Rationalization: Three Field Studies Find Increased Rationalization When Anticipated Realities Become Current

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Inauguration of the Centro 3R for the promotion of 3Rs principles in teaching and research

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INAVA promotes aggressiveness of papillary thyroid cancer by upregulating MMP9 expression

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In-Bag Morcellation as a Routine for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

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Nbeal2 Deficiency Increases Organ Damage but Does Not Affect Host Defense During Gram-Negative Pneumonia-Derived Sepsis

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In bed with Siri and Google Assistant: a comparison of sexual health advice

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INBIA: a boosting methodology for proteomic network inference

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In Brief

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