In the dark even after a decade! A 10-year analysis of India's National Rural Health Mission: Is family medicine the answer to the shortage of specialist doctor in India?

Pandey, P.; Sharma, S.

Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care 6(2): 204-207


ISSN/ISBN: 2249-4863
PMID: 29302518
Accession: 065251932

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The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) has been successful in reducing maternal, infant, and child mortality rates in India. In addition, it has tremendously improved the infrastructure of India's public health system. It has also placed at least one Accredited Social Health Activist worker in every village of India. However, the NRHM has not been able to overcome the shortage of specialist doctors at Community Health Centre (CHC) level. During 10 years of NRHM, only 81 gynecologists, 34 physicians, and 290 pediatricians have been added at the CHC level. Family medicine specialist can be a viable alternative to these specialist doctors, fill the existing gap, and drastically improve the quality of health care provided at CHC level.