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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 65393

Chapter 65393 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lee, P.A.; Greenfield, G.; Pappas, Y., 2018:
Patients' perception of using telehealth for type 2 diabetes management: a phenomenological study

Friberg, I.O.; Mårtensson, L.; Haraldsson, Börje.; Krantz, G.; Määttä, S.; Järbrink, K., 2018:
Patients' Perceptions and Factors Affecting Dialysis Modality Decisions

Zimmermann, M.; Gaenslen, A.; Prahl, K.; Srulijes, K.; Hauser, A-K.; Schulte, C.; Csoti, I.; Berg, D.; Brockmann, K., 2018:
Patient's perception: shorter and more severe prodromal phase in GBA-associated PD

Premji, K.; Ryan, B.L.; Hogg, W.E.; Wodchis, W.P., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of access to primary care: Analysis of the QUALICOPC Patient Experiences Survey

Ladino, L.D.; Benjumea-Cuartas, V.; Diaz-Marin, D.M.; Lopez-Gonzalez, R.; Orozco-Hernandez, J.P.; Bedoya-Rodriguez, P.; Tellez-Zenteno, J.F., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of and attitudes towards epilepsy surgery: mistaken concepts in Colombia

Zare, Z.; Jebraeily, M., 2018:
Patients' Perceptions of Applying Information and Communication Technology Tools in Self-care and Factors Affecting It

Shih, A.F.; Addo-Tabiri, N.O.; Sofair, A.N., 2018:
Patients' Perceptions of Bedside Rounding

Tomee, S.M.; Gebhardt, W.A.; de Vries, J-Paul.Pm.; Hamelinck, V.C.; Hamming, J.F.; Lindeman, J.Hn., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of conservative treatment for a small abdominal aortic aneurysm

Clark, M.; Shuja, A.; Thomas, A.; Steinberg, S.; Geffen, J.; Malespin, M.; de Melo, S.W., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of gastroenterologists' attire in the clinic and endoscopy suite

Tille, F.; Röttger, J.; Gibis, B.; Busse, R.; Kuhlmey, A.; Schnitzer, S., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of health system responsiveness in ambulatory care in Germany

Yang, L.; Liu, C.; Huang, C.; Mukamel, D.B., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of interactions with hospital staff are associated with hospital readmissions: a national survey of 4535 hospitals

Peimani, M.; Nasli-Esfahani, E.; Sadeghi, R., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of patient-provider communication and diabetes care: A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative studies

Forsberg, A.; Vikman, I.; Wälivaara, B-Marie.; Rattray, J.; Engström, Åsa., 2018:
Patients' Perceptions of Perioperative Quality of Care in Relation to Self-rated Health

Siaw, M.Yee.Lee.; Toh, J.Heng.; Lee, J.Yu-Chia., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of pharmacist-managed diabetes services in the ambulatory care and community settings within Singapore

Fan, L-Hua.; Gao, L.; Liu, X.; Zhao, S-Hong.; Mu, H-Tong.; Li, Z.; Shi, L.; Wang, L-Ling.; Jia, X-Li.; Ha, M.; Lou, F-Ge., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of service quality in China: An investigation using the SERVQUAL model

Carrera-Hernández, L.; Aizpitarte-Pejenaute, E.; Zugazagoitia-Ciarrusta, N.; Goñi-Viguria, R., 2018:
Patients' perceptions of sleep in a Critical Care Unit

Chan, E.Angela.; Wong, F.; Cheung, M.Yin.; Lam, W., 2018 :
Patients' perceptions of their experiences with nurse-patient communication in oncology settings: A focused ethnographic study

Jarab, A.; Alefishat, E.; Mukattash, T.; Alzoubi, K.; Pinto, S., 2018:
Patients' perspective of the impact of COPD on quality of life: a focus group study for patients with COPD

Mui, M.; An, V.; Lovell, J.; D'Souza, B.; Woods, R., 2017:
Patients' perspective on bowel resection for inflammatory bowel disease

Radoicic, D.; Zec, V.; Elassuity, W.Ikram.; Azab, M.Abdelmaboud., 2018:
Patient's perspective on direct anterior versus posterior approach total hip arthroplasty

Wolber, P.; Volk, G.F.; Horstmann, L.; Finkensieper, M.; Shabli, S.; Wittekindt, C.; Klussmann, J.P.; Guntinas-Lichius, O.; Beutner, D.; Grosheva, M., 2018:
Patient's perspective on long-term complications after superficial parotidectomy for benign lesions: Prospective analysis of a 2-year follow-up

Ferrer Rosique, J.Ángel.; Canaval Zuleta, Héctor.Julián.; Cacho Acosta, G., 2018:
Patients' perspective on sedation during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Systematic use of sedation or systematic prior information?

Glassey, R.; O'Connor, M.; Ives, A.; Saunders, C.; kConFab Investigators; O'Sullivan, S.; Hardcastle, S.J., 2018:
Patients' perspectives and experiences concerning barriers to accessing information about bilateral prophylactic mastectomy

O'Malley, A.S.; Peikes, D.; Wilson, C.; Gaddes, R.; Peebles, V.; Day, T.J.; Jin, J., 2018:
Patients' perspectives of care management: a qualitative study

Psarou, A.; Cooper, H.; Wilding, J.P.H., 2018:
Patients' Perspectives of Oral and Injectable Type 2 Diabetes Medicines, Their Body Weight and Medicine-Taking Behavior in the UK: A Systematic Review and Meta-Ethnography

Abramsky, H.; Kaur, P.; Robitaille, M.; Taggio, L.; Kosemetzky, P.K.; Foster, H.; Gibson Bmr Pt MSc PhD, B.E.; Bergeron, M.; Jachyra, P., 2018:
Patients' Perspectives on and Experiences of Home Exercise Programmes Delivered with a Mobile Application

Jerofke-Owen, T.; Dahlman, J., 2018:
Patients' perspectives on engaging in their healthcare while hospitalised

Sibelli, A.; Moss-Morris, R.; Chalder, T.; Bishop, F.L.; Windgassen, S.; Everitt, H., 2018:
Patients' perspectives on GP interactions after cognitive behavioural therapy for refractory IBS: a qualitative study in UK primary and secondary care

Tran, V-Thi.; Messou, E.; Mama Djima, M.; Ravaud, P.; Ekouevi, D.K., 2018:
Patients' perspectives on how to decrease the burden of treatment: a qualitative study of HIV care in sub-Saharan Africa

May, T.W.; Berkenfeld, R.; Dennig, D.; Scheid, B.; Hausfeld, H.; Walther, S.; Specht, U., 2018:
Patients' perspectives on management and barriers of regular antiepileptic drug intake

Solomonov, N.; Barber, J.P., 2018:
Patients' perspectives on political self-disclosure, the therapeutic alliance, and the infiltration of politics into the therapy room in the Trump era

Martinez, W.; Wallston, K.A.; Schlundt, D.G.; Hickson, G.B.; Bonnet, K.R.; Trochez, R.J.; Elasy, T.A., 2018:
Patients' perspectives on social and goal-based comparisons regarding their diabetes health status

Casteleijn, F.M.; Zwolsman, S.E.; Kowalik, C.R.; Roovers, J-Paul.P.W.R., 2018:
Patients' perspectives on urethral bulk injection therapy and mid-urethral sling surgery for stress urinary incontinence

Hofmann, P.B., 2018:
Patient's Plea-Look Closer, See Me. Viewing patients as unique individuals affects attitudes and behavior

Kushida, S.; Hiramoto, T.; Yamakawa, Y., 2016:
Patients' practices for taking the initiative in decision-making in outpatient psychiatric consultations

Borda, L.J.; Jaller, J.A.; Kallis, P.J.; MacQuhae, F.E.; Herskovitz, I.; Fox, J.D.; Baquerizo, K.L.; Kirsner, R.S., 2018:
Patients' prediction of their wound healing time

Holmes, E.; Crome, P.; Arora, A., 2018:
Patients' preferences and existential perspective: what to consider and how should patient's expectations be guided?

Brewin, T., 1996:
Patients' preferences and randomised trials

Blinman, P.L.; Davis, I.D.; Martin, A.; Troon, S.; Sengupta, S.; Hovey, E.; Coskinas, X.; Kaplan, R.; Ritchie, A.; Meade, A.; Eisen, T.; Stockler, M.R., 2017:
Patients' preferences for adjuvant sorafenib after resection of renal cell carcinoma in the SORCE trial: what makes it worthwhile?

Ohlow, M-Alexander.; Farah, A.; Kuntze, T.; Lauer, B., 2018:
Patients' preferences for coronary bypass grafting or staged percutaneous coronary intervention in multi-vessel coronary artery disease

Felix, K.; Unrue, E.; Inyang, M.; Cardwell, L.A.; Oussedik, E.; Richardson, I.; Feldman, S.R., 2018:
Patients' preferences for different corticosteroid vehicles are highly variable

Coblijn, U.K.; Lagarde, S.M.; de Raaff, C.A.L.; van Wagensveld, B.A.; Smets, E.M.A., 2018:
Patients' preferences for information in bariatric surgery

Noordman, B.J.; de Bekker-Grob, E.W.; Coene, P.P.L.O.; van der Harst, E.; Lagarde, S.M.; Shapiro, J.; Wijnhoven, B.P.L.; van Lanschot, J.J.B., 2018 :
Patients' preferences for treatment after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for oesophageal cancer

Nishizawa, N.; Hosoda, K.; Moriya, H.; Mieno, H.; Ema, A.; Ushiku, H.; Ishii, S.; Tanaka, T.; Washio, M.; Yokoi, K.; Harada, H.; Watanabe, M.; Yamashita, K., 2018:
Patients' preoperative background causes gastric stasis after laparoscopy-assisted pylorus-preserving gastrectomy

Tilbury, C.; Haanstra, T.M.; Verdegaal, S.H.M.; Nelissen, R.G.H.H.; de Vet, H.C.W.; Vliet Vlieland, T.P.M.; Ostelo, R.W., 2018:
Patients' pre-operative general and specific outcome expectations predict postoperative pain and function after total knee and total hip arthroplasties

Weernink, M.G.M.; Vaanholt, M.C.W.; Groothuis-Oudshoorn, C.G.M.; von Birgelen, C.; IJzerman, M.J.; van Til, J.A., 2018:
Patients' Priorities for Oral Anticoagulation Therapy in Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation: a Multi-criteria Decision Analysis

Mansfield, C.; Masaquel, A.; Sutphin, J.; Weiss, E.; Gutierrez, M.; Wilson, J.; Boeri, M.; Li, J.; Reyes, C., 2018:
Patients' priorities in selecting chronic lymphocytic leukemia treatments

Etzkorn, J.R.; Tuttle, S.D.; Lim, I.; Feit, E.M.; Sobanko, J.F.; Shin, T.M.; Neal, D.E.; Miller, C.J., 2018:
Patients prioritize local recurrence risk over other attributes for surgical treatment of facial melanomas-Results of a stated preference survey and choice-based conjoint analysis

Husain, S.Ali.; Brennan, C.; Michelson, A.; Tsapepas, D.; Patzer, R.E.; Schold, J.D.; Mohan, S., 2018:
Patients prioritize waitlist over posttransplant outcomes when evaluating kidney transplant centers

Humphreys, H., 2018:
Patients, public perceptions and political pressures in the prioritization of surveillance of healthcare-associated infection

Kaya, Sıdıka.; Sain Guven, G.; Aydan, S.; Kar, A.; Teleş, M.; Yıldız, A.; Koca, Gülsüm.Ş.; Kartal, N.; Korku, C.; Ürek, D.; Demir, İpek.Bilgin.; Toka, O., 2018:
Patients' readiness for discharge: Predictors and effects on unplanned readmissions, emergency department visits and death

Vining, R.D.; Salsbury, S.A.; Cooley, W.Carl.; Gosselin, D.; Corber, L.; Goertz, C.M., 2018:
Patients receiving chiropractic care in a neurorehabilitation hospital: a descriptive study

Dombrowski, A.; Heuberger, R., 2018:
Patients receiving dialysis do not have increased energy needs compared with healthy adults

Mulqueeny, D.M.; Taylor, M., 2018:
Patients' recommendations for a patient-centred public antiretroviral therapy programme in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal

Aho, H.; Kauppila, T.; Haanpää, M., 2018:
Patients referred from a multidisciplinary pain clinic to the social worker, their general health, pain condition, treatment and outcome

Aho, H.; Kauppila, T.; Haanpää, M., 2018:
Patients referred from a multidisciplinary pain clinic to the social worker, their socio-demographic profile and the contribution of the social worker to the management of the patients

Schiavolin, S.; Raggi, A.; Scaratti, C.; Leonardi, M.; Cusin, A.; Visintini, S.; Acerbi, F.; Schiariti, M.; Zattra, C.; Broggi, M.; Ferroli, P., 2018:
Patients' reported outcome measures and clinical scales in brain tumor surgery: results from a prospective cohort study

Pompili, C.; Absolom, K.; Velikova, G.; Backhus, L., 2018:
Patients reported outcomes in thoracic surgery

Marble, A.; Høglend, P.; Ulberg, R., 2018:
Patients' Representation of the Therapeutic Dialogue and the Outcome of Therapy

de Burlet, K.J.; Desmond, B.; Harper, S.J.; Larsen, P.D.; Dennett, E.R., 2018:
Patients requiring an acute operation: where are the delays in the process?

Maclure, P.T.; Gluck, S.; Pearce, A.; Finnis, M.E., 2018:
Patients retrieved to intensive care via a dedicated retrieval service do not have increased hospital mortality compared with propensity-matched controls

Bert, G.; Morello, E.; Quadrino, S., 2018:
Patients' rights

Ekmekci, P.Elif., 2018:
Patients' Rights in Cross-border Healthcare (Directive 2011/24/EU) and How It Applies to Turkey as a Negotiating Candidate Country

Wicks, P.; Richards, T.; Denegri, S.; Godlee, F., 2018:
Patients' roles and rights in research

Romain, B.; Gillion, J-F.; Ortega-Deballon, P.; Meyer, N.; Ain, J.-F.; Beck, M.; Barrat, C.; Berney, C.; Berrod, J.-L.; Binot, D.; Boudet, M.-J.; Bousquet, J.; Blazquez, D.; Bonan, A.; Cas, O.; Champault-Fezais, A.; Chastan, P.; Cardin, J.-L.; Chollet, J.-M.; Cossa, J.-P.; Dabrowski, A.; Démaret, S.; Drissi, F.; Durou, J.; Dugue, T.; Faure, J.-P.; Framery, D.; Fromont, G.; Gainant, A.; Gauduchon, L.; Genser, L.; Gillion, J.-F.; Guillaud, A.; Jacquin, C.; Jurczak, F.; Khalil, H.; Lacroix, A.; Le, 2018:
Patient's satisfaction at 2 years after groin hernia repair: any difference according to the technique?

Bawakid, K.; Rashid, O.Abdul.; Mandoura, N.; Usman Shah, H.Bin.; Ahmed, W.Asrar.; Ibrahim, A., 2018:
Patients' satisfaction regarding family physician's consultation in primary healthcare centers of Ministry of Health, Jeddah

Luo, J.Yu.Ning.; Liu, P.Pei.; Wong, M.Chun.Mei., 2018:
Patients' satisfaction with dental care: a qualitative study to develop a satisfaction instrument

Elkahtib, Z., 2018:
Patients' satisfaction with the non-communicable diseases services provided at UNRWA health centres in Gaza governorates: a cross-sectional study

Bulut, O.C.; Wallner, F.; Oladokun, D.; Plinkert, P.K.; Baumann, I.; Hohenberger, R., 2018:
Patients Screening Positive for Body Dysmorphic Disorder Show No Significant Health-Related Quality of Life Gain after Functional Septorhinoplasty at a Tertiary Referral Center

Rich, P., 2018:
Patients seeking more involvement at medical meetings

Kouris, A.; Platsidaki, E.; Christodoulou, C.; Efstathiou, V.; Markantoni, V.; Armyra, K.; Potouridou, I.; Rigopoulos, D.; Kontochristopoulos, G., 2017:
Patients' self-esteem before and after chemical peeling procedure

Palmieri, V.; Palermo, A., 2018:
Patients' self-evaluation of symptoms, signs and compliance to therapy for heart failure surveillance: A pilot study on identification of worsening heart failure

Kubu, C.S.; Frazier, T.; Cooper, S.E.; Machado, A.; Vitek, J.; Ford, P.J., 2018:
Patients' shifting goals for deep brain stimulation and informed consent

Kamal, R.N.; Lindsay, S.E.; Eppler, S.L., 2018:
Patients Should Define Value in Health Care: A Conceptual Framework

Knepil, G.J., 2017:
Patients should now be informed of the benefits of the use of a piezoelectric saw before orthognathic bilateral sagittal split osteotomy

Berkel, A.E.M.; Klaase, J.M.; de Graaff, F.; Brusse-Keizer, M.G.J.; Bongers, B.C.; van Meeteren, N.L.U., 2018:
Patient's Skeletal Muscle Radiation Attenuation and Sarcopenic Obesity are Associated with Postoperative Morbidity after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation and Resection for Rectal Cancer

Gelover, E.; Katherine, C.; Mart, C.; Sun, W.; Kim, Y., 2018:
Patient's specific integration of OAR doses (D2 cc) from EBRT and 3D image-guided brachytherapy for cervical cancer

Langenfeld, A.; Bastiaenen, C.; Sieben, J.; Humphreys, B.Kim.; Swanenburg, J., 2018:
Patient's Subjective Impression of Cervical Range of Motion: A Mixed-methods Approach

Rubin, S.; Franger, S.; Martin, A.; Lorguilloux, Régis.; Kneife, F., 2018:
Patients taking an active role in their care in ambulatory knee replacement surgery

White, J.L.; Greger, K.C.; Lee, S.; Kahoud, R.J.; Li, J.T.; Lohse, C.M.; Campbell, R.L., 2018:
Patients Taking β-Blockers Do Not Require Increased Doses of Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis

Moss, C.; Nelson, K., 2018:
Patient stories about being cared for in the emergency department

Geifman, N.; Lennon, H.; Peek, N., 2018:
Patient Stratification Using Longitudinal Data - Application of Latent Class Mixed Models

Grajek, S.; Michalak, Mł.; Gwizdała, A.; Araszkiewicz, A.; Grygier, M.; Hiczkiewicz, Jław.; Lesiak, M., 2018:
Patients treated with bivalirudin are still at higher risk of stent thrombosis: a comprehensive meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials of bivalirudin and heparin for percutaneous coronary interventions

Curtis, B.R.; Hsu, Y-Michael.S.; Podoltsev, N.; Lacy, J.; Curtis, S.; Samuel, M.S.; Zutavern, K.; DeSimone, R.A.; Bougie, D.W.; Aster, R.H., 2018:
Patients treated with oxaliplatin are at risk for thrombocytopenia caused by multiple drug-dependent antibodies

Tromp, K.; van de Vathorst, S., 2018:
Patients' Trust as Fundament for Research Ethics Boards

Gavigan, T.; Stewart, T.; Matthews, B.; Reinke, C., 2018:
Patients Undergoing Parastomal Hernia Repair Using the Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative: A Prospective Cohort Study

Palmer, J.D.; Patel, T.T.; Eldredge-Hindy, H.; Keith, S.W.; Patel, T.; Malatesta, T.; DiNome, J.; Lowther, A.; Ferguson, L.; Wagenborg, S.; Smyles, J.; Babaria, U.; Stabile, R.; Gressen, E.; Rudoler, S.; Fisher, S.A., 2018:
Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy Are at Risk of Financial Toxicity: A Patient-based Prospective Survey Study

Koh, I.Jun.; Kim, M.Soo.; Sohn, S.; Song, K.Yun.; Choi, N.Yong.; In, Y., 2018:
Patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty using a contemporary patella-friendly implant are unaware of any differences due to patellar resurfacing

Odhiambo, R.; Mars, M., 2018:
Patients' understanding of telemedicine terms required for informed consent when translated into Kiswahili

O'Neill, J.Robert.; Kennedy, E.D.; Save, V.; Langdale-Brown, B.; Wall, L.; Skipworth, R.J.E.; Paterson-Brown, S., 2017:
Patients unfit for neoadjuvant therapy may still undergo resection of locally advanced esophageal or esophagogastric junctional cancer with acceptable oncological results

Jansen-Aaldring, N.; van de Berg, S.; van den Hof, S., 2018:
Patient support during treatment for active tuberculosis and for latent tuberculosis infection: Policies and practices in European low-incidence countries

Iacobucci, G., 2018:
Patients urged to lobby MPs over emergency department crisis

Zorrilla-Vaca, A.; Healy, R.J.; Mirski, M.A., 2018:
Patient, Surgeon, and Anesthesiologist Satisfaction: Who has the Priority?

Parameshwar, J.; Hogg, R.; Rushton, S.; Taylor, R.; Shaw, S.; Mehew, J.; Simon, A.; MacGowan, G.A.; Dalzell, J.R.; Al Attar, N.; Venkateswaran, R.; Lim, H.Sern.; Schueler, S.; Tsui, S.; Banner, N.Robert., 2018:
Patient survival and therapeutic outcome in the UK bridge to transplant left ventricular assist device population

Hovgaard, T.Bechmann.; Horstmann, P.Frederik.; Petersen, M.Mørk.; Sørensen, M.Skovlund., 2018:
Patient survival following joint replacement due to metastatic bone disease - comparison of overall patient and prostheses survival between cohorts treated in two different time-periods

See, E.J.; Hedley, J.; Agar, J.W.M.; Hawley, C.M.; Johnson, D.W.; Kelly, P.J.; Lee, V.W.; Mac, K.; Polkinghorne, K.R.; Rabindranath, K.S.; Sud, K.; Webster, A.C., 2018:
Patient survival on haemodiafiltration and haemodialysis: a cohort study using the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry

Davidson, L.; Netea, M.G.; Kullberg, B.Jan., 2018:
Patient Susceptibility to Candidiasis-A Potential for Adjunctive Immunotherapy

Nguyen, A.D.; Frensham, L.J.; Baysari, M.T.; Carland, J.E.; Day, R.O., 2018:
Patients' use of mobile health applications: what general practitioners think

Bright, P.; Hambly, K., 2018:
Patients Using an Online Forum for Reporting Progress When Engaging With a Six-Week Exercise Program for Knee Conditioning: Feasibility Study

Stevenson, A.; Mihai, R., 2018:
Patients' views about parathyroid transplantation for post-thyroidectomy hypoparathyroidism

Wright, S.; Porteous, M.; Stirling, D.; Lawton, J.; Young, O.; Gourley, C.; Hallowell, N., 2018:
Patients' Views of Treatment-Focused Genetic Testing (TFGT): Some Lessons for the Mainstreaming of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Testing

Dambha-Miller, H.; Silarova, B.; Irving, G.; Kinmonth, A.Louise.; Griffin, S.J., 2017:
Patients' views on interactions with practitioners for type 2 diabetes: a longitudinal qualitative study in primary care over 10 years

Zhou, Z.; Hou, Y.; Lin, J.; Wang, K.; Liu, Q., 2018:
Patients' views toward knee osteoarthritis exercise therapy and factors influencing adherence - a survey in China

Oswald, N.; Hardman, J.; Kerr, A.; Bishay, E.; Steyn, R.; Rajesh, P.; Kalkat, M.; Naidu, B., 2018:
Patients want more information after surgery: a prospective audit of satisfaction with perioperative information in lung cancer surgery

Witten, A.; Clausen, M.B.; Thorborg, K.; Attrup, M.L.; Hölmich, P., 2018:
Patients who are candidates for subacromial decompression have more pronounced range of motion deficits, but do not differ in self-reported shoulder function, strength or pain compared to non-candidates

Lele, A.; Kannan, N.; Vavilala, M.S.; Sharma, D.; Mossa-Basha, M.; Agyem, K.; Mock, C.; Pandey, R.M.; Dash, H.H.; Mahapatra, A.; Gupta, D., 2018:
Patients Who Benefit from Intracranial Pressure Monitoring without Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Dyresen, G., 2017:
Patients who have been subjected to torture are neglected

von Renteln, D.; Bouin, M.; Barkun, A.N.; Weber, A.; Robertson, D.J.; Anderson, J.C.; Pohl, H., 2017:
Patients' willingness to defer resection of diminutive polyps: results of a multicenter survey

Davide, S.H.; Santella, A.J.; Furnari, W.; Leuwaisee, P.; Cortell, M.; Krishnamachari, B., 2018:
Patients' Willingness to Participate in Rapid HIV Testing: A pilot study in three New York City dental hygiene clinics

Nyamuryekung'e, K.K.; Lahti, S.M.; Tuominen, R.J., 2018:
Patients' willingness to pay for dental services in a population with limited restorative services

Sugawara, N.; Maeda, M.; Manome, T.; Nagai, R.; Araki, Y., 2013:
Patients with 47, XXX karyotype who experienced premature ovarian failure (POF): two case reports

Liu, T.; Freijs, C.; Klein, H.J.; Feinbaum, A.; Svee, A.; Lorenzo, A.Rodriguez.; Liss, A.; Acosta, R.; Mani, M., 2018:
Patients with abdominal-based free flap breast reconstruction a decade after surgery: A comprehensive long-term follow-up study

Fang, J.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, F.; Yang, X.; Cui, Y.; Liu, J., 2018:
Patients with acephalic spermatozoa syndrome linked to SUN5 mutations have a favorable pregnancy outcome from ICSI

Deng, Y.; Wang, H.; Zhou, J.; Mou, Y.; Wang, G.; Xiong, X., 2018:
Patients with Acne Vulgaris Have a Distinct Gut Microbiota in Comparison with Healthy Controls

Montone, R.A.; Niccoli, G.; Fracassi, F.; Russo, M.; Gurgoglione, F.; Cammà, G.; Lanza, G.A.; Crea, F., 2017:
Patients with acute myocardial infarction and non-obstructive coronary arteries: safety and prognostic relevance of invasive coronary provocative tests

Serinken, M.; Karcioglu, O., 2018:
Patients with Acute Stroke Presenting Like Conversion Disorder

Tsubosaka, M.; Hayashi, S.; Hashimoto, S.; Takayama, K.; Kuroda, R.; Matsumoto, T., 2018:
Patients with a Dorr type C femoral bone require attention for using a Summit cementless stem: Results of total hip arthroplasty after a minimum follow-up period of 5 years after insertion of a Summit cementless stem

Grotmol, K.Støen.; Lie, H.C.; Loge, J.Håvard.; Aass, N.; Haugen, D.Faksvåg.; Stone, P.C.; Kaasa, S.; Hjermstad, M.Jensen., 2018:
Patients with advanced cancer and depression report a significantly higher symptom burden than non-depressed patients

Printz, C., 2018:
Patients with advanced cancer prefer that physicians do not use computers in the examination room

Chen, W.; Anokhina, V.; Dieudonne, G.; Abramowitz, M.K.; Kashyap, R.; Yan, C.; Wu, T.Tong.; de Mesy Bentley, K.L.; Miller, B.L.; Bushinsky, D.A., 2018 :
Patients with advanced chronic kidney disease and vascular calcification have a large hydrodynamic radius of secondary calciprotein particles

Horiguchi, M.; Uno, H.; Wei, L-Jen., 2018:
Patients With Advanced Melanoma Who Discontinued Treatment With Nivolumab and Ipilimumab as a Result of Adverse Events Lived Significantly Longer Than Patients Who Continued Treatment

Krogh Nielsen, M.; Subhi, Y.; Molbech, C.R.; Falk, M.K.; Singh, A.; Nissen, M.H.; Sørensen, T.L., 2018:
Patients with a fast progression profile in geographic atrophy have increased CD200 expression on circulating monocytes

Lu, Y.; Ferrer-Buitrago, M.; Popovic, M.; Neupane, J.; De Vos, W.H.; Lierman, S.; Van den Abbeel, E.; Van der Jeught, M.; Nikiforaki, D.; De Sutter, P.; Heindryckx, Börn., 2018:
Patients with a high proportion of immature and meiotically resistant oocytes experience defective nuclear oocyte maturation patterns and impaired pregnancy outcomes

Hassan, A.N., 2017:
Patients With Alcohol Use Disorder Co-Occurring With Depression and Anxiety Symptoms: Diagnostic and Treatment Initiation Recommendations

Ranebo, M.C.; Björnsson Hallgren, H.C.; Adolfsson, L.E., 2017:
Patients with a long-standing cuff tear in one shoulder have high rates of contralateral cuff tears: a study of patients with arthroscopically verified cuff tears 22 years ago

Westin, O.; Nilsson Helander, K.; Grävare Silbernagel, K.; Samuelsson, K.; Brorsson, A.; Karlsson, Jón., 2018:
Patients with an Achilles tendon re-rupture have long-term functional deficits and worse patient-reported outcome than primary ruptures

Nees, S.N.; Flyer, J.N.; Chelliah, A.; Dayton, J.D.; Touchette, L.; Kalfa, D.; Chai, P.J.; Bacha, E.A.; Anderson, B.R., 2018:
Patients with anomalous aortic origin of the coronary artery remain at risk after surgical repair

Kobayashi, T.; Iwama, S.; Yasuda, Y.; Okada, N.; Tsunekawa, T.; Onoue, T.; Takagi, H.; Hagiwara, D.; Ito, Y.; Morishita, Y.; Goto, M.; Suga, H.; Banno, R.; Yokota, K.; Hase, T.; Morise, M.; Hashimoto, N.; Ando, M.; Kiyoi, H.; Gotoh, M.; Ando, Y.; Akiyama, M.; Hasegawa, Y.; Arima, H., 2018:
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Patients with atrial fibrillation and coronary events: are we any closer to coming out from the labyrinth of the various antithrombotic strategies?

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Patients with breast cancer who are treated with chemotherapy risk long-term nerve damage

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Patients with cancer at 20% increased risk of suicide, show figures for England

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Patients with cardiac devices should not be excluded from MRI scans, say experts

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Patients With Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices: How True Is the Need for Magnetic Resonance Imaging?

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Patients with Cerebellar Ataxia Do Not Benefit from Limb Weights

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Patients with cerebral palsy are being failed on multiple levels

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Patients with compensated cirrhosis are also at risk of falling

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Patients With Concomitant Intra-articular Lesions at Index Surgery Deteriorate in Their Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score in the Long Term More Than Patients With Isolated Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture: A Study From the Swedish National Anterior Cruciate Ligament Register

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Patients with Concurrent Tuberculosis and Diabetes Have a Pro-Atherogenic Plasma Lipid Profile

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Patients with core antibody positive and surface antigen negative Hepatitis B (anti-HBc+, HBsAg-) on anti-TNF therapy have a low rate of reactivation

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Patients with Dementia have Better Surgical Outcomes in Hospitals with Better-Educated Nurses

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Patients with depression who self-refer for transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment: exploratory qualitative study

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Patients with Desmoplastic Melanoma May Respond to PD-1 Blockade

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Patients with diabetes and foot ulcer present cognitive dysfunction and express fewer needs in terms of educational support

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Patients with diabetes mellitus have better lipid profile results compared to the controls - a retrospective study on a group of patients hospitalized due to pulmonary embolism

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Patients with disorders of sex development and proximal hypospadias are at high risk for reoperation

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Patients with End-stage Oncologic and Nononcologic Disease in Emergency Service of an Urban Tertiary Hospital

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Patients with hippocampal amnesia successfully integrate gesture and speech

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Patients with History of Colonoscopy Are Less Likely to Achieve High Quality Preparation After Implementing Split-Dose Bowel Preparation

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Patients with CD3G mutations reveal a role for human CD3γ in T reg diversity and suppressive function

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Patients with idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia seem to benefit from acupuncture and sham acupuncture, but we are uncertain about whether these benefits are beyond those attained by pharmacologic treatment alone

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Patients with Increased Levels of the Oxidative Stress Biomarker SOD1 Appear to Have Diminished Postoperative Pain After Midline Laparotomy: A Randomised Trial with Special Reference to Postoperative Pain Score (NRS)

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Patients with Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules at Cytology and Cancer at Histology Have a More Favorable Outcome Compared with Patients with Suspicious or Malignant Cytology

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Patients With Infected Total Hip Arthroplasty Undergoing 2-Stage Exchange Arthroplasty Experience Massive Blood Loss

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Patients with influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 admitted to the ICU. Impact of the recommendations of the SEMICYUC

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Patients With Intermittent Claudication and Chronic Widespread Pain Improves in Health-Related Quality of Life After Invasive but Not After Noninvasive Treatment

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Patients with motor conversion disorder use early developmental motor patterns

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Patients with neutral lipid storage disease with myopathy (NLSDM) in Southwestern China

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Patients With Normal Hearing Thresholds but Difficulty Hearing in Noisy Environments: A Study on the Willingness to Try Auditory Training

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Patients with Obesity Caused by Melanocortin-4 Receptor Mutations Can Be Treated with a Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist

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Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Are Over Four Times More Likely to Suffer From Psoriasis Than the General Population

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Patients with osteosarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma might become "cancer refugees" in some Japanese regional cities

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Patients with pancreatic cystic neoplasms can benefit from management of multidisciplinary team: Experience from a Chinese academic center

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Patients with Parkinson disease are prone to functional neurological disorders

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Patients with platelet aggregation inhibitors in the dental office

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Patients with primary localized high-grade sarcomas of the digestive tract excluding GIST : a retrospective study from the French sarcoma group

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Patients with primary restless legs syndrome have higher prevalence of autonomic dysfunction and irritable bowel syndrome

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Patients with psoriasis are frequently using sunbeds

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Patients with psoriasis on a new trajectory: long-term improvement in quality of life with biologics

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Patients with rare diseases: from therapeutic orphans to pioneers of personalized treatments

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Patients with rectal cancer are satisfied with in-hospital communication despite insufficient information regarding treatment alternatives and potential side-effects

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Patients with refractory ascites treated with alfapump® system have better health-related quality of life as compared to those treated with large volume paracentesis: the results of a multicenter randomized controlled study

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Patients with Rheumatic Diseases do not have an Increased Risk of MRSA Carrier Status

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Patients with rheumatoid arthritis who are overweight may be harder to treat

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Patients with right bundle branch block and concomitant delayed left ventricular activation respond to cardiac resynchronization therapy

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Patients with severe wet AMD regain vision after stem cell treatment

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Patients with Unexplained Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion Show Decreased Levels of Microrna-146a-5p in the Deciduae

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Patients with unilateral transfemoral amputation treated with a percutaneous osseointegrated prosthesis

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Patients With Very Mild Dementia May Confuse Objective Cognitive Impairments With Subjective Physical Health of Quality of Life: The Tome City Project in Japan

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Patients Worry About Rationing And Long Lines

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Patient-targeted googling and psychiatric professionals

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Patient-Targeted Googling by New Zealand Mental Health Professionals: A New Field of Ethical Consideration in the Internet Age

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Patient-targeted light sedation in the Intensive Care Unit: are we ready for precision medicine with dexmedetomidine?

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Patient that was pronounced dead lived - 40 years later

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Patient Trust of the Muslim Nurse

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Patient use of blood pressure self-screening facilities in general practice waiting rooms

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Patient value: its nature, measurement, and role in real world evidence studies and outcomes-based reimbursement

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Patient- vs Physician-Reported Implementation of and Compliance to Anti-Osteoporotic Medication One Year after Sustained Fragility Fracture

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Patient Wars

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Patient with a Subarachnoid Headache

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Patient With Ulcerative Colitis and Abdominal Pain

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Patiromer: A Review in Hyperkalaemia

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Patiromer: Can Less Be Better than More?

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▼Patiromer for the management of hyperkalaemia

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Patrick Groenestein (1959-2016): A Patient's Tribute to a Peoples' Cardiologist

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Patrick Keeling

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Patriotism and Nurse-Training Schools: IX. Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh

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Patriotism and Nurse-Training Schools: VII. Training Schools South and West

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Patriotism and Personal Service: How the Giving Public Were Recruited

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Patriotism and the Nurse-Training Schools: I. Examples in Great Britain and Ireland

Anonymous, 2018:
Patriotism and the Nurse-Training Schools: III. A Group of North-Country Hospitals

Anonymous, 2018:
Patriotism and the Nurse-Training Schools: II. The London Hospital

Anonymous, 2018:
Patriotism and the Nurse-Training Schools: IV. Some London Poor-Law Infirmaries

Anonymous, 2018:
Patriotism and the Nurse-Training Schools: VI. Guy's Hospital

Anonymous, 2018:
Patriotism and the Nurse-Training Schools: VII. A Typical Instance of Good Organisation

Anonymous, 2018:
Patriotism and the Nurse-Training Schools: V. Some Provincial Poor-Law Infirmaries

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Patriotism and the Nurse-Training Schools: X. Leicester, Sheffield, Salisbury

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Patriotism of the Nurse-Training Schools: XI. War Work in Glasgow Institutions

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Patrolling the endothelium in sickle cell disease

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PATs and SNATs: Amino Acid Sensors in Disguise

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Pattern dynamics of the reaction-diffusion immune system

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Pattern formation and self-assembly driven by competing interactions

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